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chapter 28 - ATI Testing

chapter 28 - ATI Testing

chapter 28 - ATI

VITAMINS, MINERALS, AND SUPPLEMENTS chapter 28 UNIT 6 MEDICATIONS AFFECTING THE GASTROINTESTINAL SYSTEM AND NUTRITION Chapter 28 Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements Purpose Overview ● Various vitamins and minerals described in this section affect production of RBCs and help prevent various types of anemia. ● Potassium and magnesium regulate body fluid volume. Supplements of these substances prevent multiple serious conditions. ● Categories of medications include: ◯ Vitamins, including vitamin B 12 and folic acid ◯ Iron supplements ◯ Potassium and magnesium supplements ◯ Various herbal supplements MEDICATION CLASSIFICATION: IRON PREPARATIONS ● Select Prototype Medications: ◯ Oral – Ferrous sulfate (Feosol) ◯ Parenteral – Iron dextran (INFeD) ● Other Medications: ◯ Oral – Ferrous gluconate (Fergon), ferrous fumarate (Ferro-Sequels) ◯ Parenteral – Iron sucrose (Venofer), sodium-ferric gluconate complex (SFGC) (Ferrlecit) ● Expected Pharmacological Action ◯ Iron preparations provide iron needed for RBC development and oxygen transport to cells. During times of increased growth (in growing children or during pregnancy) or when RBCs are in high demand (after blood loss), the need for iron may be greatly increased. Iron is poorly absorbed by the body, so clients must ingest relatively large amounts of oral iron to increase Hgb and Hct levels. 342 PN PHARMACOLOGY FOR NURSING

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