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CAT Diaries


Interview: Mr. Vinod Dham


Things Nerds Should Do at a Concert


For most of us, life can perhaps be best described as a series of days coalescing together and enveloping us in a

cocoon of monotony. This state of suspended animation is simply one of the many sacrifices that society demands

of us to place on the altar of stability. What then, makes the prospect of living bearable enough for all of us to tote

the weary load and move forward? Perhaps it has something to do with those rare occasions which enliven the dull

canvases of our lives with vibrant splashes of colour and make life, despite its many upheavals, worth living. It is

hardly a surprise then, that for all of us, no matter where we come from, the idea of celebration is deeply ingrained

in our psyche; from eagerly waiting for our birthdays as children to rejoicing on receiving our first job offers, the

enthusiasm that greets the occasional detour from our humdrum existences remains constant, regardless of age

and circumstance.

Considering the vitality the act of celebration brings into our lives, it is surprising that many of us intentionally create

barriers in the way of our happiness by choosing to ignore the many moments of contentment that life often gifts

us, in favour of those occasions that society deems worthy of being celebrated. When was the last time any of us

rejoiced on seeing the blue skies and abundant flowers that are nature’s bequest to us? Or looked back with great

fondness at an average day spent in the company of friends? Perhaps our wilful blindness to these small gifts stems

from our ill-advised attraction to the glitter of exoticism over the comfort of the familiar. Even the occasions we

do manage to celebrate are often marred by our tendency to seek discontent during the happiest of times; after

a certain age, birthdays are incomplete without ruing our advancing ages and no achievements are celebrated

without nervously looking over our shoulders at those whose accomplishments tower over ours.

It is not difficult to imagine how much easier things would be if we, for once, could view our lives through the oftderided

pair of rose-tinted glasses; the world may scoff at our naiveté but there is something singularly beautiful

about viewing life not as a conquest but as a celebration. And what better time to implement this philosophy than

the season of new beginnings, spring? This fest season, as we let ourselves be swept up by the wave of euphoria

enveloping the campus, let us not forget to pay special attention to the priceless moments of joy and friendship that

are a hallmark of the college experience. It will make the memories all the more sweeter.

Ananya Kapoor

Kapil Sharma


Welcoming the year 2023 with a great deal of ardour, I would like to step back and reflect

on how far we, as the DTU family, have come in the past year. We entered 2022 with a

wave of uncertainty, with the third wave of the pandemic rolling out, and unexpectedly,

the month of February paved our way through to a year full of exuberance. Delhi

Technological University continues to carry forward its legacy through the year, being

ranked the 10th Best Engineering College (Overall) & 9th Best Government Engineering

College in India as per Best Colleges 2022 rankings by Open Media Network Pvt. Ltd.

Keeping the country’s mark on the world map with our excellent research output and

holistic curriculum, we have been ranked 601-800 in the Times Higher Education World

University Rankings 2023.

This semester, we inaugurated the long-awaited Raj Soin Hall, which was marked by

the esteemed presence of the entrepreneur and our beloved alumnus, Mr Raj Soin

himself. A grand welcome was given to the batch of 2026 as they made their way

into the halls of DTU. The orientation was a four-day fiesta marked by the zeal of yet

another generation of talented, scholastically and holistically brilliant minds that are

ready to take on global challenges. It was greeted by renowned professionals from

academia and the industry. The newly inaugurated hall, with a capacity of over 5000,

was also graced by the presence of several alumni as the Homecoming Alumni meet

took us all down memory lane. The Diwali Fest on campus saw a rich profusion of pomp

and show and was accompanied by cultural performances by many a talented student.

The success of these events and many others held within the alluring bounds of DTU is

purely attributed to the determined community of faculty, students, and staff. I would

like to congratulate every member of this family for their concerted efforts and how

they have successfully laid the path for another triumphant year for the institution. In

the coming year, we look forward to exciting accomplishments as we continue to lead

the way as a pioneer of technological education.

Since its inception, DTU Times has been an integral part of the community and has

been successful in publishing editions that continue to captivate its readers into the

world of DTU through its boundless charisma. I heartily congratulate the entire team of

DTU Times for their sincere efforts and dedication.

Prof. Jai Prakash Saini

DTU TIMES | Oct 2022 - Dec 2022 | 3



Webinar on National Innovation Day

Department of Biotechnology, DTU organised a

webinar on National Innovation Day in October, 2022.

The webinar focused on “The Era of Indian Startup”.

Guest speakers included Dr. Vipin Kumar, Director,

National Innovation Foundation, Ahmedabad, Gujrat

and Prof. Abha Rishi, CEO, Atal Incubation Centre-


Problem Solving and Ideation Workshop

Department of Design, DTU organised a workshop

on Problem Solving and Ideation in November, 2022

for third-year students of B.Des. and B.Tech. and firstyear

students of M.Des. Mr. Vipin Yadav, Senior Lead

UX Design and Researcher, Nagarro, Gurugram was the

expert who enlightened the event. Dr. Ravindra Singh,

Asst. Prof., Dept. of Design, DTU was the Coordinator,

and Ms. Taruna Singh, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Design, DTU

and Mr. Neeraj Rathee, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Design, DTU

served as the co-coordinators.

Choose France Tour

The Embassy of France organised a seminar at the

Hyatt Regency Hotel, New Delhi in November, 2022

about higher education opportunities in France for all

pre-final and final-year students.

Two-Week Faculty Development Program

The Department of Electrical Engineering, DTU

organised a two-week “Faculty Development

Program” under AICTE Training and Learning

Academy (ATAL) on “Electric Vehicle Technology:

Challenges and Infrastructure” in December, 2022.

Prof. Madhusudhan Singh, Registrar, DTU, served

as the coordinator along with the co-coordinator,

Dr. Mayank Kumar. The program was conducted

for Assistant & Associate Professors, Ph.D. and Post-

Graduate students, and focused on key aspects

of Electric Vehicle (EV) challenges such as Power

converters, Battery Management Systems (BMS), and

motor controllers.

National Education Day Webinar

The Human Resource Development Centre, DTU

organised a webinar in celebration of National

Education Day in November, 2022. Prof. Sathans

Suhag, Dean(Academic) and Professor, Electrical

Engineering, NIT Kurukshetra, and Prof. B.S. Pabla,

Dean(Academic), Professor, Mechanical Engineering,

NITTTR Chandigarh were the speakers. The webinar

discussed key insights and initiatives on National

Education Policy (NEP) 2020. Prof. Jai Prakash Saini,

Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, DTU served as the chief patron

and Prof. Madhusudhan Singh, Registrar, DTU was the


Workshop on IPR Awareness

The Human Resource Development Centre, DTU

organised an online workshop on “IPR Awareness” in

November, 2022. Shri Arpit Joshi, Examiner of Patents

and Designs, National IP Awareness Mission Officer,

Patent Office, DPIIT Ministry of Commerce & Industry,

New Delhi, was the keynote speaker. Prof. Jai Prakash

Saini, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, DTU, served as the chief

patron, and Prof. Madhusudhan Singh, Registrar, DTU,

was the patron. E-certificates were provided to all

participants by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry,

New Delhi.

My Story: Motivational Session by Successful


Department of Computer Science and Engineering,

DTU in collaboration with IIC-DTU organised a webinar

on My Story: Motivational Session by Successful

Innovators in November 2022. Prof. Jai Prakash Saini,

Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, DTU served as the patron. Dr.

Vinod Kumar, HoD, Dept. of Computer Science and

Engineering was the organiser, and Dr. Rajeev Kumar,

Asst. Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and

Engineering served as the coordinator. Prof. David Megias,

Director, Internet Interdisciplinary Institute, Universitat

Oberta de Catalunya, Spain, and Mr. Shyam Sundar

DTU TIMES | Oct 2022 - Dec 2022 | 4

Policetti, Co-founder, Kreativ Enerzie were the speakers

at the event.

Inter/Intra Institutional IDEA Competition

Department of Electronics and Communication, DTU

in collaboration with IIC-DTU and DTU-IIF conducted

an Inter/Intra Institutional IDEA Competition in

November 2022. Prof. Jai Prakash Saini, Hon’ble Vice

Chancellor, DTU served as the chief patron, and Prof. O.P.

Verma, HoD, Dept. of Electronics and Communication

Engineering, DTU was the patron. Dr. Sachin Taran,

Asst. Professor, Dept. of Electronics and Communication

Engineering, DTU and Dr. Anukul Pandey, Asst. Professor,

Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering,

DTU were the coordinators for the event. The ideas

were first submitted on Google form by participants

which were then shortlisted for a final presentation

offline. Cash prizes were given to the three best ideas.

India- Australia Academic Interaction on Water

Management Practices

An interactive and insightful lecture by Dr. Harpreet

Singh Kandra was organised by the Department

of Environmental Engineering in December, 2022

to understand the water management practices in

India and Australia. The session started with a formal

welcome of the guests by Prof. A.K. Haritash, HoD,

Dept. of Environmental Engineering. Presentations

and demonstrations were given by Dr. Harpreet, Dr.

Rajeev Kumar Mishra, Asst. Professor and expert in air

pollution, and Ms. Sonam Taneja, in their respective

fields of expertise. Dr. Harpreet Singh Kandra and his

students from Federation University, Australia, paid a

visit to different laboratories of the department. Nearly

40 members attended the session, including faculty

members, foreign students, Ph. D. scholars, along

with M. Tech and B. Tech students of the Environment

Department, DTU.

National Pollution Control Day Seminar

The Department of Environmental Engineering,

DTU organised a seminar to celebrate the “National

Pollution Control Day” in December, 2022 at Pragyan

Hall, Administration Building. Dr. Neeraj Sharma, Chief

Scientist, Transport Planning and Environmental Division,

and Professor, ACSIR-CRRI (Faculty of Engineering and

Sciences) and Dr. Shiv Pratap Raghuvanshi, Scientist,

National Mission for Clean Ganga, Ministry of Jal Shakti

graced the seminar with their wise words. Prof. Jai

Prakash Saini, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, DTU served

as the chief patron and Prof. Madhusudhan Singh,

Registrar, DTU was the patron. The grand success of

the seminar was also attributed to the presence of

Prof. Anil Haritash, HoD, the Dept. of Environmental

Engineering, DTU and Dr. Geeta Singh, Professor, Dept.

of Environmental Engineering, DTU.

DTU TIMES | Oct 2022 - Dec 2022 | 5

DST-STUTI Training Program

The Department of Applied Physics, DTU, under the

esteemed guidance of Prof. Jai Prakash Saini, Hon’ble

Vice Chancellor, DTU, and Prof. Madhusudhan Singh,

Registrar, DTU, in collaboration with the Department

of Science and Technology, Government of India,

represented by Dr. Pratishtha Pandey, Head (Research

& Development) Infrastructure, DST and Jamia Hamdard,

Delhi, Project Management Unit - DST, headed by

Prof. Mohammad Afshar Alam, Vice Chancellor, Jamia

Hamdard, organised a Training Program on “Synthesis

Methods and Characterisations of Materials and

Biomolecules” in November, 2022 at Pragyan Hall,

DTU. The week-long program saw an enthused

mass of attendees deeply interested in innovations in

environmental engineering.

Women’s Health & Hygiene Awareness Program

Department of Environmental Engineering, DTU in

collaboration with the Equal Opportunity Cell(EOC),

DTU organised an awareness program on “Women’s

Health and Hygiene” in November, 2022. The program

focused on the benefit of female students, faculty

members, and staff of the University. Dr. Nidhi Gha,

Gynecologist and a renowned medical professional was

the guest speaker who graced the occasion.


TEDxDTU hosted the annual TEDx event in October,

2022 in the B.R. auditorium, DTU. The event, which

was conducted after a gap of 3 years, had the theme

“Tat Tvam Asi” which translates to “Thou Art That.”

This Sanskrit expression, often quoted in Hinduism,

manifests as the relationship between the individual

and the Absolute. The speaker lineup comprised Mr.

Ravi Teja, CEO and Chairman of Robosoft Technologies &

official member of Forbes Technology Council, Mr. Ankur

Warikoo, Entrepreneur, YouTuber, content creator, investor,

CEO of Groupon India, Mr. Vipul Dhankher AKA VILEN

Songwriter, & Music Director, Mr. Kaushal Raj Chauhan,

Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Lotus Petal

Foundation, Mr. Yashodhar Gulati, Founder and CEO

of digital media news platform –The Tatva, Ms. Charvi

Jain, Psychologist and Mental health advocate. The

conference was well-received, with the speakers

discussing their perspectives on life. Warikoo spoke

about his journey and how he became an entrepreneur

and an author. He quoted, “Make sure all your choices

that you make in life come from a point of awareness and

not ignorance.” Vilen moved the audience by discussing

how he came out of his mental trauma and realised

himself as an artist. Ravi Teja expressed the importance

of the real meaning of one’s life. Charvi discussed the

myriad ways to achieve a sound and healthy state of

mind and advocated for mental health. The event was

a celebration of ideas, as influential speakers from

diverse backgrounds presented their TED Talks to

inspire the audience.

Inauguration of the Raj Soin Hall and the Diamond,

Golden, and Silver Jubilee Homecoming Meet 2022

The success of a university can be measured by

the benevolence and contribution of its alumni.

It is by their generosity that the university

leaps forward in terms of development while

setting the bar high for generations to come.

An edifice that stands adorning the campus of

DTU, the Raj Soin Hall was inaugurated during

the Diamond, Golden, and Silver Jubilee

Homecoming Meet on October 28, 2022.

Raj Soin Hall, a multipurpose facility located

near the Department of Design, could only be

brought into existence because of the kind

contributions of Dr. Raj Soin, CEO, Soin LLC,

distinguished alumnus of the Class of 1969,

who served as the Guest of Honour at the

inauguration ceremony of the Raj Soin Hall

and Homecoming Meet 2022. The day was

also graced by the presence of Prof. Yogesh

Singh, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, University of

Delhi, Mr. Vinod Dham, ‘Father of the Pentium

Chip’ and distinguished alumnus (class of 1971),

and Mr. Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Chairman and

CEO, PayTM, distinguished alumnus (class of

1998). The august ceremony began with the

lighting of the lamp and a floral welcome of

the guests. The other honourable dignitaries

present were Dr. Muktesh Chander, President,

DCE-DTU Alumni Association, and Shri Karnal

Singh, IPS, Former Chief of Enforcement

Directorate. This was followed by a welcome

address by Prof. Rajesh Rohilla, Dean,

Alumni Affairs, DTU. The guests celebrating

their Jubilees addressed the audience with

memorable speeches replete with anecdotes

from their college days, making the ceremony

all the more memorable as an air of nostalgia

enveloped the occasion. The Guest of Honour,

Mr. Vinod Dham, revisited his days at DCE and

recounted fond memories. All the guests were

honoured with tokens of appreciation by Prof.

Jai Prakash Saini, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor,

DTU, during the felicitation ceremony. As a

concluding gesture, the Diamond, Golden,

and Silver Jubilee Homecoming Meet 2022

publication was presented to the esteemed

guests as a memoir of alumni journeys

throughout the years.

DTU TIMES | Oct 2022 - Dec 2022 | 7


The Orientation Cum Induction Program for the

new entrants joining DTU in 2022 was conducted

over a span of four days from November 7 to

November 11, 2022 at the newly established Raj

Soin Hall. After two years of virtual programmes,

the university finally came out of the shadow of

the pandemic and conducted the Orientation in

offline mode. The event was attended by enthused

freshers and their overjoyed parents.

The event started off with a wave of ardour as

Prof. Rajeshwari Pandey, Dean Academics

(UG), DTU, delivered a welcome address to the

audience. Enlightening addresses delivered by

Prof. J.P. Saini, Vice Chancellor, DTU, and Prof.

Madhusudan Singh, Registrar, DTU, further

captivated the audience through their sheer detail

and energy. What followed was the screening of

a documentary on DTU, which meant to convey,

in a nutshell, the long way that DTU has come

since its inception. The session proceeded as

the Guest of Honour, Shri Karnal Singh, Former

Chief of Enforcement Directorate, and the Chief

Guest, Prof. D. S. Chauhan, Former Professor, IIT,

BHU, addressed the students and shared their

invaluable lessons on this prestigious occasion.

Following this, DTU Times, the Official Newsletter

of DTU, was released, which was well received by

the audience. The ceremony was concluded by a

Vote of Thanks by Prof. Priya Mahajan, Associate

Dean Academics (UG), DTU. A session on “Your

Wings - Your Career” was presented by Dr.

Rajeev Mehajan, Scientist ‘G’ & Advisor, SERB. This

was followed by a campus tour to familiarise the

freshmen with the lanes of DTU.

Day 2 saw the gracious presence of Sh. Neeraj

Vasandani, Superintending Engineer, Central

Public Works Department, Prof. Manas K Mandal,

Visiting Professor at IIT Kharagpur, Dr. Gaurav

Gupta, MD, Psychiatry from PGIMER, Chandigarh,

and Sh. Sanjay Upreti, IRAS, 1990 Batch, Financial

Advisor, Border Security Force (BSF). The eager

crowd of students were also addressed by Prof.

Pravir Kumar, Dean, International Affairs, DTU,

Prof. Pragati Kumar, Dean, Industrial Research

Development, DTU, Prof. S. Indu, Dean Student

Welfare, DTU, and Prof. Rajesh Rohilla, Head, T&P

Department, DTU.

Day 3 began on a high note as Prof. Rajiv

Chaudhary, Dean Discipline, DTU, and Prof.

Dinesh Kumar Vishwakarma, Chief Warden, DTU,

addressed the audience through their gracious

words. Various speakers, including distinguished

DTU alumni shared their experience of being a part

of this extraordinary institution including Sh. Vinit

Tyagi, Alumnus, Class of 1995, Sh. Alok Bansal,

Alumnus, Class of 1992, Sh. Indranil Chowdhary,

MD, Telecom Services, and Sh. Darpan Jain, IAS

and Joint Secretary, Department of Commerce,

followed by HG. Amogh Lila Das, esteemed cofaculty

at IIM Ahmedabad, who gave an inspiring

session on Distraction Management. An address

by Sh. Ranjan Mukherjee, Commissioner for

PwD, Govt. of NCT of Delhi informed the students

about various welfare schemes devised by

the government. The event was concluded by

a thought-provoking motivational talk by Sh.

Virendra Kalra, Senior Manager, Canara Bank,

followed by Meditation & Health centred session

by Dr. Rahul Mehrotra, Director & Head, Non-

Invasive Cardiology, Max Super Speciality Hospital,

New Delhi.

Day 4 further acquainted students with the

diverse range of activities taking place here at

DTU. The dawn of the program was marked by a

seminar on Cyber Security by Sh. Dinesh Kumar

Yadav, Additional Superintendent of Police.

Shortly after, Prof. Priya Mahajan, Associate Dean,

Academics (UG), delivered an articulate address.

The diversity and acceptance at DTU was further

showcased by a Technical Talk by Sh. Prateek

Kishore, Director, TBRL, a session on “Your Dost”,

DTU’s initiative to promote better mental health,

and a Startup Session by Prof. Girish Kumar, CEO,

DTU-IIF. The orientation program concluded with

a group picture clicked at the iconic OAT.

DTU TIMES | Oct 2022 - Dec 2022 | 8

Believing in magical beginnings, Cultural Council, DTU organised “Aarambh’22” to extend a warm welcome

to the freshers of the batch of 2022 on December 16 and December 17, 2022. The two days were filled with a

plethora of exciting events along with themed outfits including Cosplay for day one and Western Formals for

the second day. A point system was also implemented for different games, which would eventually decide the

‘Batch of the Year’.

Day one started off with an afternoon packed with mini-games such as Saanp Seedhi, Tug of War, Dialogue

Baazi, and Squid Game. Everyone revelled in the fest as the day unfolded a series of incredulous events. The

groovy beats of Ndee Kundu and Amanraj Gill coupled with thrilling performances by the various college

societies captivated every soul in the room. An electrifying performance by Fotty Seven capped off an amazing


Day two began with many creative games like Meme making (an Online competition), Sidemen Tinder, Paper

Folding Dance, Treasure Hunt, and Lazer tag. This was followed by society performances and the much-awaited

annual contest, “Mr. and Ms. Freshers”. As the setting sun greeted the night sky, the OAT was jam-packed for

a mesmerising performance by the indie-pop band “Dream Note”. The two-day extravaganza was successfully

concluded with a heartfelt performance by Raghav Chaitanya.



Awards, Honours & Conferences

Prof. S. Indu, Dean, Student Welfare

• Member, Selection Committee, Inter-University

Accelerator Centre

• Organiser, 16 th IEEE International Conference on Service

Operations and Logistics

Prof. Pravir Kumar, Dean, International Affairs

• Presenter, ‘Computational Analysis of Natural

Compounds as Cyclin-Dependent Kinase-5 Inhibitors

for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease’, IEEE Global

Conference on Computing, Power and Communication

Technologies, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

• Speaker, ‘Ubiquitin proteasome system and various PTMs

in neuronal disorders’, Synergistic Training program

Utilizing the Scientific and Technological Infrastructure

Program, Department of Toxicology, Jamia Hamdard

• Speaker, ‘Consequences of altered level of cell cycle

proteins in post mitotic divided neurons and muscles’,

International Brain Research Organisation and Asia

Pacific Regional Committee School on ‘Understanding

Pathophysiology of Pain and Cognition using Animal

Experiments’, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad

• Speaker, ‘Progression and drugs treatment for the reversal

of neurodegenerative disorders: Synthesis Methods

and Characterizations of Materials and Biomolecules’,

Synergistic Training program Utilizing the Scientific and

Technological Infrastructure Program, Department of

Applied Physics, Delhi Technological University

• Speaker, ‘Glimpses of Cell Culture Work: Standard

Operating Procedures and Limitations’, Synergistic

Training program Utilizing the Scientific and

Technological Infrastructure Program, Department of

Toxicology, School of Advanced Sciences, VIT, Vellore

Prof. Aditya Kaushik, Dept. of Applied Mathematics

• Attendee, ‘Faculty Development Programme on

Vocational Education’, National Education Policy

Prof. Bharat Bhushan, Dept. of Electrical Engineering

• Awardee, National Lifetime Achievement Award 2022,

Avishkar Foundation, Solapur

Prof. Jai Gopal Sharma, Dept. of Biotechnology

• Participant, ‘Orientation of teachers on the newly

developed textbook of Biotechnology for higher

secondary stage’, Department of Education in Science and

Mathematics, National Institute of Education, National

Council of Educational Research and Training, New Delhi

• Distinguished Lecturer, ‘Sustainable Development Goals:

A Tough Road Ahead’, University Grants Commission -

Human Resource Development Centre, Jodhpur

Prof. Seema Singh, Dept. of Humanities

• Speaker, ‘No COP OUT’, Pan India Campaign for

Children Rights, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

• Panellist, ‘Gender Perspectives on Achieving SDG-5’,

World Federation of Engineering Organisations

• Country Lead, ‘Gender Barrier Perceptions in Science &

Engineering’, Association of Korean Woman Scientists &

Engineers, International Network of Women Engineers

and Scientists

• Presenter, ‘Asia Pacific Nation Network 2022 Meeting’,

International Women in Science, Engineering, and

Technology Conference, Penang, Malaysia

Dr. Shilpa Pal, Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Civil Engineering

• Expert Speaker, ‘Damage detection using SHM’, 2 nd

International Conference on Construction Engineering,

Damascus, Syria

Dr. Virender Ranga, Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Information


• Declared amongst the World’s Top 2% Scientists, Stanford

University, California, United States of America

• Attendee, 10 th International Conference on Advancements

in Engineering and Technology’, Bhai Gurdas Institute of

Engineering & Technology, Sangrur, Punjab

Dr. Dhirendra Kumar, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Applied


• Session Chair, ‘Congress on Smart Computing

Technologies’, South Asian University Center for Research

and Innovative Learning, New Delhi

DTU TIMES | Oct 2022 - Dec 2022 | 12

• Attendee, ‘Emerging Research Trends in Computational

Intelligence Techniques to address Challenges in

Biomedical Data and Imaging’, IEEE CIS Summer School,

National Institute of Technology, Arunachal Pradesh

• Attendee, ‘Cyber Security: Managing Risk in the

Information Age’, Information Security Education and

Awareness-II Sponsored Short Term Course, Dr. B. R.

Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar,


Dr. Geeta Singh, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Environmental


• Co-ordinator, ‘National Pollution Control Day’,

Department of Environmental Engineering, Delhi

Technological University

• Co-ordinator, ‘Women’s Health & Hygiene’, Department

of Environmental Engineering, Equal Opportunity Cell,

Delhi Technological University

Ms. Indu Singh, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Computer Science

and Engineering

• Reviewer, Computers in Biology and Medicine

• Reviewer, Computers and Electrical Engineering

Mr. M. Ganesh, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Electronics and

Communication Engineering

• ‘A novel V-shaped slotted single, dual band frequency

reconfigurable antenna for C band / 5G applications’,

IEEE Silchar Subsection Conference, National Institute

of Technology, Silchar, Assam

Dr. Manjeet Kumar, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Electronics and

Communication Engineering

• ‘Hardware Requirements of Different Wavelet Filter

Bank Architectures for ECG Signal Denoising’,

IEEE International Conference on Interdisciplinary

Approaches in Technology and Management for Social

Innovation, Atal Bihari Vajpayee-Indian Institute of

Information Technology and Management, Gwalior

• ‘Underwater Image Restoration Using White Balance

and Retinex Algorithm’, IEEE International Conference

on Interdisciplinary Approaches in Technology

and Management for Social Innovation, Atal Bihari

Vajpayee-Indian Institute of Information Technology and

Management, Gwalior

• ‘Single DXCCTA Based Charge Controlled Floating

Incremental/Decremental Memristor Emulator’, 8th

International Conference on Signal Processing and

Communication, Department of Electronics and

Communication Engineering, Jaypee Institute of

Information Technology, Noida

• ‘A Grounded Flux Controlled Incremental/Decremental

Memristor Emulator’, 5th International Conference on

Multimedia, Signal Processing and Communication

Technologies, Department of Electronics Engineering,

Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh

• ‘Fourier Analysis based Respiration Rate Estimation

Using Courrputed Photoplethysmogram Signal’, 5th

International Conference on Multimedia, Signal

Processing and Communication Technologies,

Department of Electronics Engineering, Aligarh Muslim

University, Aligarh

Dr. Prashant Giridhar Shambharkar, Asst. Prof., Dept. of

Computer Science and Engineering

• Organiser, International Seminar to take global initiative

towards Enhancing Research and Collaboration in Data

Science and Artificial Intelligence


Prof. S. Indu, Dean, Student Welfare

• ‘Pedestrian Intention Prediction for Autonomous

Vehicles: A Comprehensive Survey’, Neurocomputing

• ‘Augmentation in performance and security of WSNs for

IoT applications using feature selection and classification

techniques’, Alexandria Engineering Journal

• ‘Distributed Network of Adaptive and Self-Reconfigurable

Active Vision Systems’, Symmetry

Prof. Pravir Kumar, Dean, International Affairs

• ‘Artificial intelligence and machine learning in precision

medicine: A paradigm shift in big data analysis’, Progress

in Molecular Biology and Translational Science

• ‘Cross talk mechanism of disturbed sleep patterns in

neurological and psychological disorders’, Neuroscience

and Biobehavioral Reviews

• ‘Quantum Dots: the Cutting-Edge Nanotheranostics in

Brain Cancer Management’, Journal of Controlled Release

• ‘Deciphering the molecular mechanism and crosstalk

between Parkinson’s disease and breast cancer

through multi-omics and drug repurposing approach’,


Prof. Ram Singh, Associate Dean, Student Welfare

• ‘Synthesis and Anti-cancer applications of Benzimidazole

derivatives–Recent Studies,’ Anti-Cancer Agents in

Medicinal Chemistry

• ‘Hydroxychloroquine: Chemistry and Medicinal

Applications’, HeteroCycles

DTU TIMES | Oct 2022 - Dec 2022 | 13

Prof. Aditya Kaushik, Dept. of Applied Mathematics

• ‘A uniformly convergent defect correction method for

parabolic singular perturbation problems with a large

delay’, Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing

• ‘A higher-order hybrid spline difference method on

adaptive mesh for solving singularly perturbed parabolic

reaction–diffusion problems with robin-boundary

conditions’, Numerical Methods for Partial Differential


Prof. Bharat Bhushan, Dept. of Electrical Engineering

• ‘Chaotic State of Matter Search with elite opposition

based learning: A new hybrid metaheuristic algorithm’,

Optimal Control Applications and Methods

• ‘Reinforcement Learning-Based Model-Free Controller

for Feedback Stabilization of Robotic Systems’, IEEE

Transactions on Neural Network and Learning Systems

Prof. Jai Gopal Sharma, Dept. of Biotechnology

• ‘Biodegradation of micro sized nylon 6, 6 using

Brevibacillus brevis, a soil isolate for cleaner ecosystem’,

Journal of Cleaner Production

Dr. Shilpa Pal, Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Civil Engineering

• ‘Finite Element Analysis and Parametric Study of

Concrete Beams Under Impact Loading’, Lecture Notes

in Civil Engineering, 3 rd International Conference on

Structural Engineering and Construction Management

• ‘Analysis of Blended Concrete Cubes under Impact

loading using ANSYS’, IOP Conference Series: Earth and

Environmental Science, 2 nd International Conference on

Sustainable Energy, Environment and Green Technologies

• ‘Investigation on Geopolymer Concrete Reinforced with

Steel and Hybrid Fibre’, Lecture Notes in Mechanical

Engineering, Advances in Manufacturing Technology and


Dr. Virender Ranga, Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Information


• ‘IQR-based Approach for DDoS Detection and Mitigation

in SDN’, Defence Technology

• ‘An intellectual intrusion detection system using Hybrid

Hunger Games Search and Remora Optimization

Algorithm for IoT wireless networks’, Knowledge-Based


Mr. Anurag Goel, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Computer Science

and Engineering

• ‘Market-free characterisation of full-length

transcriptomes of single live circulating tumour cells’,

Genome Research

DTU TIMES | Oct 2022 - Dec 2022 | 14

Dr. Dhirendra Kumar, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Applied


• ‘A noise robust kernel fuzzy clustering based on picture

fuzzy sets and KL divergence measure for MRI image

segmentation’, Journal of Applied Intelligence

Dr. Geeta Singh, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Environmental


• ‘Development of Water Management Strategies for an

urban river reach: A case study of the river Yamuna,

Delhi, India’, Arabian Journal of Geosciences

Ms. Indu Singh, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Computer Science

and Engineering

• ‘Ensemble of Hybrid CNN Models for Brain Tumor

Classification’, 2 nd IEEE International Conference on

Intelligent Technologies

• ‘Intrusion Detection System for Databases: A Hybrid

Metaheuristic Clustering and Closed Sequential Pattern

Mining Approach’, 8th IEEE International Conference on

Advanced Computing and Communication Systems

Dr. Manjeet Kumar, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Electronics and

Communication Engineering

• ‘DCT Interpolation Based Design of Two-Dimensional

FIR Fractional Order Digital Differentiator’,

Multidimensional Systems and Signal Processing

• ‘STSR: Spectro-Temporal Super-Resolution Analysis

of a Reference Signal Less Photoplethysmogram for

Heart Rate Estimation During Physical Activity’, IEEE

Transactions on Instrumentation & Measurement

• ‘Multilevel Classification and Detection of Cardiac

Arrhythmias with High-Resolution Superlet Transform

and Deep Convolution Neural Network’, IEEE

Transactions on Instrumentation & Measurement

• ‘A Novel Approach for Real-Time ECG Signal Denoising

Using Fourier Decomposition Method’, Research on

Biomedical Engineering

• ‘High Performance and Power Efficient Electrocardiogram

Detectors’, Energy Systems in Electrical Engineering

• ‘Green Electronics for Future Communication Systems’,

Green Communication Technologies for Future Networks:

Energy-Efficient Perspectives

Dr. Mukhtiyar Singh, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Applied Physics

• ‘Tuning of Thermoelectric performance of CrSe2 material

using dimension engineering’, Journal of Physics and

Chemistry of Solids

• ‘Carrier concentration mediated enhancement in

thermoelectric performance of various polymorphs of

hafnium oxide: a plausible material for high temperature

thermoelectric energy harvesting application’, Journal of

Physics D: Applied Physics


BioSoc leaps forward

Biosoc conducted an industrial visit to

Milkyway Mushroom Spawn (Tronica city)

in September 2022 to witness the incredible

mushroom spawn seeds on display and learn

from the top-notch laboratories.

BioSoc also organised an offline talk session on

Translational Bioinformatics by Dr. Sandeep

Kumar Dhanda, a bioinformatics research

scientist at St. Jude Children’s Research

Hospital with over a decade of experience

in the field. The event’s main aim was to

highlight bioinformatics’ importance and

career prospects by gaining insights into daily


NSS revisits the roots


NSS DTU organised a rural camp, Parangat

2022, in Achrol village in the Jaipur district of

Rajasthan in December 2022 for its volunteers

to understand the various aspects of rural

life. The volunteers interacted with the board

members of Vatsalya NGO. They appreciated

the routine followed by residents on the

campus and involved themselves in a myriad

of development activities such as painting,

landscaping, nukkad-natak, visits to local

schools, team meal preparation, etc. Even

Vatsalya members enjoyed themselves while

guiding the young volunteers. The journey

concluded with memories of bonding.

Pratibimb exhibits excellence

The film’s wing of the society made a short

film on the theme of Corruption Free India

in collaboration with the Indian Renewable

Energy Development Agency, which was

screened for Vigilance Awareness Week 2022.

Within the same collaboration, the street wing

of the society performed a play at the DTU

Diwali Mela. The street wing also performed for

Extension and Outreach Development of DTU

at Badhwala village for Vigilance Awareness

Week 2022.

The street wing secured 3rd position in the

Street Play Prelim Competition organised by

IIT Kharagpur. The film’s wing secured 2nd

position with their film, ‘SH_T’, in the Short

Filmmaking Competition at Waves organised

by BITS Goa. Aryan Moon from the stage wing

secured a position in the top 3 in the Monologue

Prelim of IIT Kharagpur. Umesha Kanojia of

the stage wing also secured a place in the top

3 in the Stand-Up Act Prelim of IIT Kharagpur.

The stage wing also performed its play at the

esteemed Create Theatre Festival.


DTU TIMES | Oct 2022 - Dec 2022 | 15

Rotaract Club of DTU Regency

celebrates Diwali

The Rotaract Club of DTU Regency organised

its flagship fundraiser event, Diwali Mela, to

celebrate the festival of lights. They collaborated

with several NGOs and helped them sell their

products by setting up free stalls. They also

provided free coupons to 90 underprivileged

students to enjoy the Mela. With several

competitions, food and game booths and

cultural performances, the event was successful

and saw a footfall of 25000+ students from over

50+ colleges. The funds raised through the

sales were donated to CanSupport. The event’s

highlight was sky-lantern lighting at the end of

the evening. University professors and officials

graced the occasion from IREDA. The club also

provisioned for letterhead exchanges between

the other visiting clubs.

Sahitya bags a bunch

Sahitya, the Literary and Debating Society

participated in the Malaysia United Asian

Debating Championship 2022. A team

comprising Ashutosh Bahuguna, Pranjal

Singla and V. Sayiram were the Partial Double

Octa-Finalists and Sudiksha Aggarwal chaired

Partial Double Octa-Finals.

V. Sayiram participated at Premchand

Memorial Debate 2022 in a cross team and was

the Semi-Finalist at the tournament. Shashwat

Dash and Vansh Chadha were the 4th and 2nd

best judges respectively at the Open Grand

Finals of the tournament.

At Trivium XIII 2022, Angad Singh Chawla

and Vansh Chadha went in a cross team. They

were declared the Open Champions at the

tournament with Angad and Vansh being the

3rd and 2nd best speakers respectively at the


The team comprising Pratham Dikshit and

Vansh Chadha were declared the champions

and the team comprising Angad Singh Chawla

and Shashwat Dash were declared runners-up

at Stephen’s ProAm Debate 2022.

Himan Nayak judged the Open Grand Finals

and was declared as the Best Judge at SRCC

Pre-ABP 2022.

Team Defianz Racing - DTUSDC

races ahead

Team Defianz Racing conducted the Formula

Bharat Roadshow in November within DTU,

which students attended across the Delhi NCR

circuit with extraordinary vigour and passion.

The participants had an opportunity to network

with members from other formula student

teams and with volunteer staff, such as reviewers

and judges from Formula Bharat itself. There

were also several insightful and interactive

sessions on the rulebook clarifications, business

plan events, and a design event held at the


Team Defianz Racing

DTU TIMES | Oct 2022 - Dec 2022 | 16


» DEPTH participated in the Annual Sports Conclave, winning 130 medals

amongst various undergraduate to faculty level winners.

» Indian Game Theory Society organised a slew of Stratathons at Ramanujan

College, Shri Venkateshwara College, and Hindu College in November 2022.

» The Girls’ Basketball Team participated and won the bronze medal at Udghosh

2022, the annual sports fest of IIT Kanpur.

» Madhurima bagged the 1st position in Avalanche, the solo singing competition

of University College of Medical Sciences.

» The team of Kunal Dugar, Nishtha Jain and Ishi Thakur from DTU Consulting

Group secured 2nd position in Ideathon organised by Bennett University.

» UAS-DTU organised the event AUVSI-SUAS 2022. The team also won 3rd prize in

the technical design category amongst 75 international teams.

DTU TIMES | Oct 2022 - Dec 2022 | 17




Harsh Pipil, Ph.D., ENE, 4 th Year

Shivani Yadav, Ph.D., ENE, 4 th Year

Sonam Taneja, Ph.D., ENE, 3 rd Year

‘Soil–Water Interactions and Arsenic

Enrichment in Groundwater’,

Hydrogeochemistry of Aquatic Ecosystems

Harshit Chawla, Ph.D., ENE, 3 rd Year

Mallika Vashist, Ph.D., ENE, 2 nd Year

‘Carbonate Chemistry, Carbon Cycle, and

Its Sequestration in Aquatic System’,

Hydrogeochemistry of Aquatic Ecosystems

Majed Ibrahim Issa Al-Sari, Ph.D., ENE, 3 rd


‘Managing the Organic Municipal Waste

in Palestine: Linking Policy, Practice and

Stakeholders’ Attitude Towards Composting’,

Journal of the Air & Waste Management


Barkha Singh, Ph.D., ECE, 2 nd Year

‘Quantum Computing based Image

Representation with IBM QISKIT liberaries’,

International Conference on Recent Advances

in Computer Science and Engineering, Jamia

Millia Islamia, New Delhi

Mallika Vashist, Ph.D., ENE, 2 nd Year

‘Potential of Individual Leaf Traits and Leaf-

Associated Microorganisms in Removal of

Particulate Matter’, International Conference

on Trends & Recent Advances in Civil

Engineering, Amity University, Noida

Arkajyoti Chakraborty, B.Tech., EP, 4 th Year

Pankaj Gupta, B.Tech., EP, 4 th Year

‘An Emotion-Guided Approach to Domain

Adaptive Fake News Detection Using

Adversarial Learning’, 37 th Association for

the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence

Conference on Artificial Intelligence,

Washington, United States of America

Pankaj Gupta, B.Tech., EP, 4 th Year

‘Transformer-Based Named Entity

Recognition for French Using Adversarial

Adaptation to Similar Domain Corpora’,

37th Association for the Advancement of

Artificial Intelligence Conference on Artificial

Intelligence, Washington, United States of


Manasvi Goyal, B.Tech., PIE, 4 th Year

‘The Awkward World of Python and C++’,

Advanced Computing and Analysis

Techniques for Physics Research, Bari, Italy

Saksham Checker, B. Tech., EP, 3 rd Year

‘Fake News Detection System Using Featured-

Based Optimized MSVM Classification’, IEEE


Tayyab Khan, B. Tech., PIE, 3 rd Year

‘Comprehensive review on latest advances

on rechargeable batteries’, Journal of Energy




Aradhya Saxena, M.B.A., 4 th Year

Finalist, Global Student Entrepreneur Awards,

Entrepreneurs’ Organisation, Jaipur

DTU TIMES | Oct 2022 - Dec 2022 | 18

Ayush Jain, B.Des., 2 nd Year

Winner, The Inventor Challenge, Colors


Ishi Thakur, B.Tech., BT, 3 rd Year

Kunal Dugar, B.Tech., BT, 3 rd Year

Nishtha Jain, B.Tech., BT, 3 rd Year

Runners-up, Ideathon, Bennett University,

Greater Noida

Aastha Singh, B.Tech., ENE, 3 rd Year

MITACS Globalink Research Internship,

Université du Québec à Montréal, Montréal,


S. Meerashree, B.Tech., ENE, 3 rd Year

MITACS Globalink Research Internship,

University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Baibhav Kumar, B.Tech., ME, 3 rd Year

Winner, India and South Asia Region finals,

Speak Out for Engineering 2022, Institution of

Mechanical Engineers, Goa




Manasvi Goyal, B.Tech., PIE, 4 th Year

Summer Research Scholarship Programme,

University of Auckland, New Zealand

Riddhim Sehgal, B.Tech., CHE, 3 rd Year

MITACS Globalink Research Internship,

Université INRS, Montréal, Canada

DTU TIMES | Oct 2022 - Dec 2022 | 19

DTU TIMES | Oct 2022 - Dec 2022 | 22

DTU TIMES | Oct 2022 - Dec 2022 | 23

DTU Times interviewed Dr. Raj Soin, CEO, Soin LLC and distinguished alumnus of the

1969 batch of Mechanical Engineering who was the Guest of Honour at the Inauguration

Ceremony of the newly constructed Raj Soin Hall & the Homecoming Alumni Meet 2022.

Dr. Raj Soin

CEO, Soin LLC and Distinguished Alumnus

(class of 1969)

How was your time at DCE?

College is a place where you really start to become

what you are. This is because prior to that you are

still being moulded and affected by parents but

in college you are completely independent. I wish

I had spent more time studying but I didn’t. One of

the things I realised was how much I liked studying.

In our education system there is a lot of cramming

and contrary to reality, you are expected to remember

everything and perform every task.

How do you think India can move towards a more

concept-oriented system of education?

It is slowly trying to. In my observation, education

here seems to be a source of pressure. Education is

extremely significant in high school because it builds

the basics. Exposure in college is very different and

the biggest thing to master in life is how to deal with

people. You can keep learning but not be able to apply

it. So college is the time where you learn how to learn.

What prompted your shift to finance and business?

My interest was in motivating people, so I switched

to industrial engineering, which had a lot more to do

with statistics, psychology and management. I can

walk into a room, talk to 5 people, lay out a dream and

make sure they follow through with it, which is just

motivating people.

Since you’ve been into Venture Capital, a highly

competitive space, what is your take on the Indian

Startup Ecosystem and any piece of advice for

budding entrepreneurs?

I think it’s getting a lot of traction right now. In this

instance, I have suggested that professors work with

alumni to assist them with financing, as they are in

a better position to guide them. There is no dearth

of ideas, but problems arise when Venture Capitalists

are unable to identify the needs of the country. This is

where the role of entrepreneurs comes in.

Do you think Indian universities should also form

alumni associations that periodically contribute to

their institutions?

I’m a strong advocate of alumni associations funding

programmes and infrastructure developments at

universities and have spoken to people about the

same. Alumni organisations should represent the

campus, be managed by the campus and not by

external organisations. A certain pride is associated

with being an institution’s alumni, and it is important

that alumni have the opportunity to contribute to

similar initiatives since we ourselves feel we owe the

institution a debt of gratitude.

In your opinion, what is the motivation behind funding

the dreams of entrepreneurs and what is your thesis

for identifying successful companies?

You get about a hundred ideas a month and only

consider a handful of them for further evaluation. You

can cull the number down further to just one while

having a strong understanding of that sector. At the

founder’s level, they need to be extremely convinced

and passionate about their idea. Your belief needs to

be very strong because Venture Capitalists are not

just investing in a concept but also in the ability of the

team to actually make something happen.

What advice would you give to the students of DTU?

Enjoy your time. One talent you must have is the

ability to communicate. You may have the most

brilliant idea but if you cannot present it effectively,

you can’t make progress. This applies in all spheres

of professional life. So, take time and become a very

proficient communicator.

DTU TIMES | Oct 2022 - Dec 2022 | 27

Mr. Vinod Dham

DTU TIMES | Oct 2022 - Dec 2022 | 29

The night is lit, spirits are

pumped, and the entire

campus blooms with

exuberance with the onset of

an enthralling fest.

Peer into an unending abyss

of creativity, expression, and

emotion, powerful enough to

engulf one and transcend them

to a surreal space. Awestruck

and mesmerized, the crowd

drowns itself in tuneful music.

An ecstatic celebration

of artistic wonder

embraces the starry

eyed crowd in an

intoxicating reverie,

leaving all with a night

to cherish.






Anant Vohra (3rd yr ME)

Arein Gupta (3rd yr EP)

Manvir Singh (4th yr Bdes)

Priyanshi Anand (3rd yr SE)

Shanal Bhele (4th yr ME)

Designed By Nishant Sharma

Illustration by Saurabh Sharma, 3rd Year, B.Des.



& other Allegories

Ananya Rath, 3rd Year, B.Des.

Livsnjutare | (n) A Swedish word meaning, “enjoyer

of life”

If you are reading this, congratulations! You’re a

human. And if you are a human, there is no denying

that you, too, have atleast one dream. Now, I am

no one to say that this dream of yours is any lesser

or more significant than Mr. Martin Luther King Jr’s

dream. However, given that you are here, standing

in DTU as a part of a crowd that walked into this

place already as the creme de la creme of millions,

chances are, you have, what most would consider

big dreams.

An internship at the top recruiting tech company?

Placement at an MBB? An ivy-league admit? Or

maybe you are still figuring it out.

I am not going to lie—it is a daunting journey

ahead. And the bad part is, you won’t always have

a map. But the good part is, that the World is a

big place, and if you are resilient enough, life finds

a way. In college (and, extension, life), there is no

one way to get what you want. It is a process with

many milestones, opportunities, exits, and options

along the way.

So if it’s a long, confusing, tiring journey ahead, why

not celebrate every little thing that brings you joy?

I promise you won’t lose sight of your destination

if you stop and enjoy a cup of chai along the way.

After all, what are you, if not an intricate mosaic of

all the things, people, and experiences that have

left an indelible mark on your life? So choose to

make it a happy mosaic. One with millions of little

colorful pieces, making it a vibrant, extraordinary,

memorable mosaic. Most importantly, make

sure it is a mosaic YOU love, your magnum opus

celebrating a life so drunk on moments of euphoria

and ecstasy that you experienced. Oh! *whispers*

and to hell with what the World thinks.

In the end, you are not who you aspire to be.

Still, you can always let your little dreams and

achievements, and joys calcify into a beautiful life

that you would’ve truly celebrated and enjoyed


DTU TIMES | Oct 2022 - Dec 2022 | 32



Saujanya Sood, 3rd Year, IT

I fade in.

I am greeted by a mail this morning, from a

professor I have been meaning to work under for

months now, telling me he is willing to offer me

a project under him. My heart skips a beat. I call

my mother, my sister, and my friends, exclaiming,

barely catching my own breath. Within a week, I

have it all figured out - tickets booked, suitcases

packed, university hotspots researched — I am

psyched as ever. Oh, all the people I will meet,

the things I will learn. I am on a train, going to

a different city all on my own, and yet, I feel like

I am running. I look outside — and I look back,

my life has been a celebration in preparation for

a rather larger celebration in the last week.

I fade out.

Here I am, a couple of weeks later, going home

with a heart and a phone full of memories, and

all my brain is asking me now is, “Now what?”

Everything in the last three weeks has been

like the train I am currently in. But now what?

Where is my dopamine rush? Why am I suddenly

uncomfortable? Why don’t I feel like I am home

when I am not running? Running to a new city, to

a new environment, to work, to party? I become

a square wave, constantly on an adrenaline high

but seeking short-term dopamine highs, again,

and again, and again, somehow never finding a

shore to rest on.

Is this how it is supposed to be? Unsettling as it is,

I am living in the after-the-party’s-over zone and it

forces me to rethink the act of seeking celebration

and wondering whether such happiness really

is the aim I mean to chase in life. We define

landmarks in our lives, festivals, birthdays and

achievements, selectively celebrating sand-dunes

that are bound to shift, and throw us in the

process, into a valley as we try to hold on to the


Would we be better off if what we were seeking

was a plateau? Is a plateauing brain a happier


Illustration by Preeti Das, 3rd Year, COE; Designed by Mehak Singhal, 3rd Year, B.Des.

DTU TIMES | Oct 2022 - Dec 2022 | 33

Illustration by Sarthak Sharma, 3 rd Year, B.Des.

The Diary of Pinocchio

(Based on the story by Carlo Collodi)

“Once upon a time, there was a piece of wood, not

an expensive piece of wood, a common block of

firewood.” My name is Pinocchio, I am an ordinary

piece of wood. As a leaf quivers, as a bird sets sail;

as a mother sings, as this story begins - I remain

ordinary, I remain masked. I am indifferent and mute;

still and all, tender and impassioned. I am impatient,

maybe ungrateful, impulsive, and naive. I like the

mellow springs, I like the chilly nights. I am a little

warm, enmeshed in strings​- mute with a hundred

poems, unveiled with assumed emotions.

“Lies, my boy, are known in a moment. There are two

kinds of lies, lies with short legs and lies with long

noses. Yours, just now, happen to have long noses.”

After every lie was another lie; and a truth behind

each. I refused to accept the roses, the sunflowers,

the lilies; I refused to share the sunshine. “Good boys

always tell the truth.” “I am Pinocchio, and I always tell

lies.” I have been dishonest. I have been belligerent,

and gluttonous, I know. But I have also walked past

being barely human.“To-morrow I cease to be a

puppet, and I become a boy like you and all the

other boys.” Rummaging through the paraphernalia

of my strings, I have always promised to prune

them. I always fit into the shapes carved by others,

colouring myself into their lines, and committing

myself to a seamless marathon of fitting in. One for

the laugh and two for the show, I begin my race. But

how do I win when I want to lose this race?

I have danced my way through some beautiful days,

forgetting when I’d trip and bumble and shamble. “I

met some really nice people, Jiminy. They helped

me and they didn’t even have to.” “Well, that’s what

friends do.” Today, I celebrate my individuality - my

peculiarity. I celebrate my flawed story with cheers,

woo hoo, huzzah! And I write this to the friends

and the toasts and celebrations, for the moments

unforgettable, and to what has made me human - I

am Pinocchio, I’ve got no strings to hold me down.

And, to the celebration of truthful friendships - it is

you why I have no wretched mask today, why I have

uncovered my vulnerabilities and strengths, soaking

emotions into my heart. I now feel the sentiments of

humans being puppeteered by situations, and my

heart beats enunciated, like a marionette in a high

wind - I feel belongingness. I celebrate that today I

have a human heart encased in a rock-solid piece

of wood. I celebrate when I look out at the world,

which is always so unusually sparkling, when I feel a

sense of eeriness, just like a common human. I feel

the wind, I adore its modesty, and fear the wrath. My

name is Pinnochio, and I am a real boy.

Rishika Sinha, 3rd Year, ENE

Manvi Nilaya, 3rd Year, ENE

ANti - hero

The vivid

surrealism of

our childhood

is what made it

special. I’m not

talking about



and a Mad

Hatter, but surely

the orange


and long hours in

the sun. It was a

wonderland of joy

and imagination

and everything

felt like it came

straight out of

Carroll’s head.

We didn’t have

the Cheshire Cat by our shoulders faintly

whispering to us, but we had our heroes as our

guiding spirits. Simple, ordinary humans with

extraordinary personalities. A teacher, a sibling,

some public figure or maybe a neighbour.

We looked at them with awe and adulation.

And while we had a warped view of the world,

limited by both our age and experience, we

were sure these humans were perfect. Majestic,

like a tiger, without any vulnerability. Someone

who inspired us to see the world in a different


Strong. Compassionate. Resilient. We emulated

all the things that we wished to be. And found

our own identities in the process of gaining

their appreciation. Completely charmed and

enamoured by

our heroes, we

would often look

up to them in

moments of


But once we

came out of our

rabbit holes to

transform into


we started

to see the

cracks in their

armours. Our



lessened, and


perhaps, by the ageing process.

With every pound gained, and every hair lost

or turned grey, another layer chipped away.

We started to see them much like who they

were instead of beguiling ourselves with who

we wished them to be. Maybe because it

was punctuated by our sense of connection

with them, or maybe because we didn’t quite

understand the full spectrum that life has to

offer us. But while our perspective on people

has evolved to realise their imperfections, we

still have the choice to admire them regardless.

There may not be an archetypal hero in our

world, but we can celebrate our anti-heroes

just the same, with affection and gratitude.

Ishita Mehta, 3rd Year, SE

DTU TIMES | Oct 2022 - Dec 2022 | 35


- Ritwij Kashyap, 2 nd Year, IT -


Illustration by Tejasv Mohan, 4 th Year, B.Des.

Waking up to the all too familiar alarm and peering at the phone screen through a

wink, only to discover the blessed notification of that 8 AM class being cancelled. At

that moment, the blanket feels warmer, the bed feels cosier, and no matter how shortlived,

that feeling of total bliss seems unmatched.

Our lives are full of such little bundles of joy scattered across our quotidian quests. The

subconscious celebration of these cherishable moments is one of the most beautiful

ways of paying homage to the virtues of the human spirit. These moments may seem

insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but our innate elation is evidence that we

do not live in the grand scheme of things after all.

There are moments of obvious joy. I say obvious because there is usually a societal

consensus on the celebration of such events. Birthdays, weddings, festivals - you get

the idea. Now, sipping on that perfect cup of tea while basking in the sun may pale

in comparison to the glamour of a party for some people. However, the joy that I

derive from moments where there is no expectation of it distinguishes these nuggets

of happiness from the moments of obvious joy.

At a time when happiness has become increasingly scarce, finding beauty and

significance in the ordinary moments of life and recognizing that they can be just as

meaningful as grand or extraordinary events is a boon to humankind. In the quest

for true bliss, we tend to venture far and wide in the hope of coming across the secret

to happiness, all the while neglecting the pieces of the puzzle we encounter on the


I believe these unexpected moments of gratification are what inherently drives us and compels us to look forward to things. Perhaps

what compelled me to write this was the subconscious expectation of the unexpected, the joy I can now experience, having finished



- Aditya Singh Mann, 3 rd Year, ECE -

When Louis Armstring sang, “What A Wonderful World”, life indeed seemed better. When

David Gilmore’s chords made time stand still, the deepest dormant emotions jolted. When

Adele hit a high note, eyes closed and the head lifted.

Music is just another apparatus to haul into a dimension only known to an individual away

from the clang of the world that we all share. It’s like the sweet few seconds right after the

splash when you dive into a pool completely feeling yourself and the sketchy fast moving

thoughts halt guising as if it was until eternity before returning to the surface.

It is here, in this alternative reality that makes your head sway and body groove. If there

are a thousand genres then there are a million more ways to unravel them because each

melody attunes differently to various intonations since songs are tickets to a universe in your

subconscious continuously being built by experiences and memories and aestheticised by

perceptions wherein your creative self can unboundedly hover around, foray into a multitude

of possibilities, dream, imagine and take comfort while basking in abundant emotions.

This space is yours to the hilt, celebrate and dance like nobody’s watching, cry as if it were a

loyal friend you share profound sorrows with, abscond from the noise of existence and take

refuge for it is your safe place. The belongingness here is comforting that stays put to the

utmost degree of companionship.

Illustration by Shreeya Shrivastav, 4 th Yr, B.Des.

From the facade of it, the life flourishing beneath cold and dry frozen lakes isn’t apparent but there subsists commotion, complexity

and discomposure. Similarly, the rollercoaster of emotions steering from our sound of music within, making us go astray from the

actualities of life, doesn’t manifest outside comprehensively making only us aware of it. The assortment of fantasies experienced as

a main character in our la la land are far and wide but solely ours. Music can bring out a smile or leave you teary eyed, discerning

abstractions of love, solitude, nostalgia, remembrance, immortality and regret amongst countless others.

A Fireside Chat With Myself

Abhimanyu Dayal, 2 nd Year, SE

Designed by Vaibhav Srivastava, 4 th Year, EE


“Tea or coffee?”

“Would one be safe assuming you have milk?”

“Interesting choice. Was that a Tarantino reference?”

“You know me well. A glass of warm milk would be

sufficient, thank you.”

I placed the glass in his hand and sat down opposite

him, a cup of tea in mine. The fire crackled comfortably,

loosening winter’s icy grip. I looked into his cold brown

eyes, identical to mine, studying me as I did him.

“I’ll be honest, I was somewhat surprised to get your

invitation. To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“We’ve known each other for over twenty years, lived

together even, and yet we have never talked, just the

two of us. There’s always been others present, and

they’ve always been the topic of conversation. I want to

talk to you, about you, just this once.”

“That’s fair. Let me start simple, then — how are you?”

“That’s the wrong question. Some days I’m happy, some

days I’m not. In college, every day’s a new emotion. Better question would be, are you satisfied?”

He sighed deeply. “My expectations for life, sometimes it feels like I can never meet them, like I’m holding out

for absolute perfection — the perfect grade, the perfect job, and I can’t be satisfied until that impossible

standard is met. Is that crazy?”

“You didn’t answer the question.”

“No, I’m not satisfied with what I have, I want more. Always. Is it crazy?”

“Yes, it’s insane. Expectations need to end somewhere, else you’re just running into oblivion.”

“If you know that, then why do you do it? Why do you beat yourself up by setting impossible standards?”

“I’m worried, scared, that the world would chew me up if I’m not the best. It feels like a war, and nothing

short of absolute perfection can get me through it.”

“Do you think your fears are justified? Are you actually as expendable as you think you are?”

“There are people who care about me, and to them I’m not. But there are far more people who don’t. To

them, my grades, my skills and abilities, that’s what defines my worth.”

“How about me? What is my worth to you?”

“Do I care about you? I don’t know. I care about your happiness, but I accept that I have to sacrifice that

sometimes. Is that caring? Sacrificing your happiness so you can grow?”

“Isn’t there a limit? How much happiness can you deny yourself? Or conversely, how much growth can you deny

yourself? I can never reach a balance, where I can stop feeling guilty.”

“Quite paradoxical.”

Illustration by Shreeya Shrivastav, 4 th Year, B.Des.

It went silent. I could tell he was scared to continue, same as me. We sipped, quietly, taking in the warmth

of the fire, even as our skins prickled with goosebumps.

“What now?” It escaped me.

“Life goes on. Things will shift and change, and we’ll change with it.”

“Will we?”


DTU TIMES | Oct 2022 - Dec 2022 | 37

7 Things Us Nerds Should Do At A Concert

By Riya Singh, 3rd Year, MCE

I think there are always some things we never do because we think they’re below us. Concerts, EDM, and party outfits were all those

things for me. But a few weeks ago, I attended a concert from center stage with a bunch of strangers, and that made me realize how

much - okay, seriously, HOW MUCH - I have been missing out on. As someone who proudly claims to be a 70s kid mentally, I will always

love Frank Sinatra and Kishore Kumar more than dhupchik-dhupchik music. Still, letting myself go for once and enjoying everything

like those typical “GenZ kids” do felt liberating, almost magical. So here, I strictly instruct you to follow my concert guidelines and

have the most fun you can. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the artist or if you don’t have the right people or the right clothes - just

go ahead and have a wild, wild time.

Dress up!

Do you want to know a secret? Nobody is looking at you at a concert. Everyone is too busy waiting for the artist

to arrive or trying to find space to stand straight and not trip and fall over a stranger. So use this opportunity.

Take out that dress, that co-ord set that you thought you could never wear. For once, give yourself the freedom

to look too feminine, promiscuous, or tacky—no one’s watching, go all out with your wardrobe!

Go closer to the stage!

I took a risk with writing this point. Please don’t go break the barricades, scare off the artist, and get beaten

up by security. In case you do, please don’t quote me as your muse. Some people prefer standing behind

since there’s more dancing space. But for me, a non-dancer, I like being as close to the stage because of

the lights. I absolutely love how even with my eyes closed, I can just jump to the flickers of concert lights,

not to mention, when you look up, the whole sky is filled with confetti. It’s the most beautiful sight in

a fest!

Shut up and bounce!

You probably don’t dance. But I know you want to. Even when you don’t know the song, even

when everyone around you is dancing - because you’re too shy. So am I. And here I want you to

remember the secret I mentioned in Point 1 - nobody’s watching. So do your silly little moves

with pride!

Click a selfie with a stranger

Okay, you probably will photobomb someone’s picture at least once. If you can’t move

elsewhere to avoid coming into someone else’s picture, you might as well pose for it—say


Learn a dance move.

Yes, you can get away with just jumping and flailing your arms in the air. But if you’re feeling

a little comfortable, challenge yourself to a dance move! Hint: Just look around and find a good

dancer to copy. Hint pt. 2: Please don’t creep someone out by staring for too long.

Get a glitter tattoo!

It’s not a fest until everything, and everyone sparkles! Find the glitter tattoo stall and get a crazy (no,

don’t try to be sophisticated here) tattoo that you never thought you would get! If you’re not catching

everyone’s eye, what are you here for?

Yell that song at the top of your lungs

We all have a song we’re too embarrassed to know all lyrics of. It’s at least true for someone like

me who brags having an acquired taste in music. But you are in DTU, we’re a melting

pot of musical

tastes which might start with Prateek Kuhad or Dream Note, but it always ends with Jatta Ka Chhora.

What do you have to be ashamed of?


Prof. S. Indu

Dean, Student Welfare

Prof. Rajeshwari Pandey

Dean, Academics (UG)

Dr. Yashna Sharma

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Electronics

& Communication Engineering

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Assistant Professor, Dept. of



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Mehta, Pranjal Srivastava, Ritwij Kashyap,

Suvani Rohatgi


Mehak Singhal, Preeti Das, Sarthak

Sharma, Shreeya Shrivastava

Associate Photographers

Anant Vohra, Arein Gupta

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Harshana Pillai, Saurabh Sharma


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