School Cleaning Collections by Robert Scott

A selection of cleaning products handpicked for schools.

A selection of cleaning products handpicked for schools.


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<strong>by</strong> <strong>Robert</strong> <strong>Scott</strong>

Classroom cleaning collection<br />

PY Exel ® Mop, Exel ® Handle &<br />

Recycled Great British Bucket 1<br />

Highly absorbent mop and bucket for<br />

washroom and small areas. PY Exel ® Mop: 102266 |<br />

Exel ® Handle: 103171 | Recycled Great British Bucket:<br />

104888<br />

Contract Microfibre Cloth<br />

A good, all round cloth which offers great<br />

value for money.<br />

101137<br />

Handy Roll<br />

A great value, lightweight and semidisposable<br />

all-purpose cleaning wipe on a roll,<br />

which is perforated to provide good absorbency<br />

and dirt collection.<br />

104628<br />

1<br />

Hi Absorb Microfibre Cloth<br />

Hi-absorb is a heavyweight microfibre cloth.<br />

It is effective at surface cleaning and is<br />

especially suited to high gloss surfaces.<br />

103986<br />

Microspeedy Mop System<br />

The Microspeedy kit is a professional quality,<br />

complete flat mopping system which enables<br />

easier, faster and more effective cleaning, especially<br />

in high traffic environments.<br />

101284<br />

Pro-mist Mop System<br />

An innovative microfibre flat mop kit, which<br />

combines the new ergonomic Pro-mist spray<br />

handle and microfibre pads for effective, rapid<br />

response floor cleaning without the need for<br />

buckets or constant wringing out.<br />

Antibacterial kit: 104281<br />

Magic Erase-all Sponge<br />

A multi-surface cleaning sponge which<br />

quickly removes stubborn marks from most<br />

surfaces without the need for chemicals, just wet<br />

and wipe.<br />

102428<br />

Flexi Tool<br />

A handheld tool which bends into shape<br />

to clean the trickiest places. The microfibre<br />

sleeve attracts and holds dust, and can be used dry<br />

for dusting or damp for tougher cleaning tasks.<br />

103368, 100684, 104700, 104181<br />

90L Recycling Wall Hugger<br />

Slimline recycling container designed to save<br />

space – it has a 90 litre capacity but only<br />

protrudes 30cm from the wall.<br />

101693, 101727, 101724, 103641<br />

robert-scott.co.uk 2

Corridor cleaning collection<br />

Jolly Trolley<br />

A compact cart made from hardwearing<br />

plastic, designed for use in confined areas.<br />

101272, 101274, 104384<br />

1<br />

Floor Pads<br />

(Erase All, Flexis ® , Standard)<br />

A range of specialist floor pads for regular and<br />

deep cleaning including KGS Flexis designed to be<br />

used without chemicals.<br />

Sweeper Mop Kits 40/60/80cm<br />

Dust control sweepers with aluminium<br />

handles, frame and acrylic sweeper heads.<br />

Mop heads are available in a range of sizes for<br />

efficient and effective dust control.<br />

1<br />

Octopus Scrub Pad System<br />

A flexible scrubbing tool which is ideal for<br />

cleaning both floors and skirting. It is made<br />

from tough plastic, with a swivel head for reaching<br />

corners. Choice of four grades of abrasive pads.<br />

Washable Brushware<br />

Polypropylene broom head with soft or stiff<br />

bristles. Washable to ensure better hygiene,<br />

made from 20% recycled plastic and fully colour<br />

coded.<br />

Lob<strong>by</strong> Dustpan & Brush<br />

Good value dustpan and brush set for everyday<br />

litter and dust clearing. Dustpan has rubber lip to<br />

keep it flush to the floor, and swing-up action to<br />

collect debris efficiently.<br />

101051<br />

Kentucky Mop, Hygiene Handle<br />

& Buffalo Bucket<br />

An absorbent kentucky mop for larger floor<br />

areas. Available in various weights and colour<br />

coded. Kentucky Mops: 104133, 100869, 100947 |<br />

Hygiene Handle: 103132 | Buffalo Bucket: 101253<br />

Standard Safety Floor Sign<br />

A great value double sided A-frame sign to<br />

warn against potential hazards from wet floor<br />

surfaces during and after cleaning or spillages.<br />

104867<br />

Duop Reach <strong>Cleaning</strong> Kit<br />

Duop Reach is a versatile, extendable<br />

cleaning tool which features a unique<br />

ergonomic ball and socket joint, making cleaning<br />

easy and strain-free for the user.<br />

104094<br />

robert-scott.co.uk 3

Catering cleaning collection<br />

Catering Trolley<br />

A wheeled trolley with three shelves made 1<br />

from tough, easy-clean plastic, ideal for<br />

storing and transporting ingredients and prepared<br />

food.<br />

101259<br />

Exel ® Hygiemix Mop, Hygiene<br />

Handle & Buffalo Bucket<br />

Exel Hygiemix 340g, handle and bucket for<br />

large floor areas.<br />

Exel ® Hygiemix Mop: 103008 | Hygiene Handle: 103132<br />

| Buffalo Bucket: 101253<br />

Washable Broom Soft 30cm<br />

Polypropylene broom head with soft<br />

bristles, suitable for both indoor and outdoor<br />

sweeping. Suitable for use with Hygiene handles.<br />

104947<br />

1<br />

90 Litre Black Storage Dustbin<br />

Hardwearing polypropylene dustbin with<br />

clasp handles to secure lid minimising odours<br />

and spillages.<br />

101688<br />

Bleached Dishcloth<br />

A circular-knitted traditional dishcloth which<br />

is strong and absorbent, perfect for general<br />

cleaning.<br />

100089<br />

Caterers Scourer<br />

A heavy-duty quality scouring pad designed<br />

to easily remove tougher dirt, suitable for use<br />

in catering and general cleaning.<br />

102446<br />

Galvanised Scourer 40g<br />

A circular scourer made from fine metal<br />

mesh. Ideal for cleaning burnt-on stains from<br />

grills, barbeques and metal pans.<br />

102589<br />

Magic Erase-all Sponge<br />

A multi-surface cleaning sponge which<br />

quickly removes stubborn marks from most<br />

surfaces without the need for chemicals.<br />

102428<br />

Basics Sponge Scourer<br />

Sponge scouring pad ideal for easy removal<br />

of stubborn dirt, and for general cleaning and<br />

wiping.<br />

102426<br />

robert-scott.co.uk 4

Washroom cleaning collection<br />

Big White Mops T1D<br />

Highly absorbent mop and bucket for 1<br />

washroom and small areas. Big White Mop T1D:<br />

102211 | Hygiene Handle: 103132 | Recycled Great<br />

British Bucket: 104888<br />

Caddy Clean Scrubbing Machine<br />

Caddy Clean is a versatile, lightweight<br />

scrubbing machine which can be used on<br />

almost any surface, making it a popular choice with<br />

professionals.<br />

104235<br />

Duop Reach Kit<br />

Duop Reach is a microfibre pad, extendable<br />

cleaning tool which features a unique<br />

ergonomic ball and socket joint, making cleaning<br />

easy and strain-free.<br />

104094<br />

1<br />

Velette Wipes<br />

A heavyweight wipe with great absorbency<br />

and an antibacterial agent that inhibits<br />

bacterial growth and odours on the wipe.<br />

100245<br />

Loowy Set<br />

Revolutionary way to clean toilets, replacing<br />

the old fashioned and dirty toilet brush with a<br />

silicone, antibacterial and water repellent waveform<br />

blade for cleanliness right up to the edge.<br />

104508<br />

Contract Toilet Brush & Holder<br />

A cost-effective toilet brush and holder<br />

in white, made from bleach resistant<br />

polypropylene.<br />

102963<br />

Kleenmist starter kit<br />

Fragrance kit which is ideal for odour control<br />

in washrooms, changing rooms, offices or<br />

reception areas.<br />

100030<br />

Gel Urinal Screen<br />

Anti-splash scented urinal screen that<br />

eliminates unpleasant odours for up to 30-<br />

days. It is made from an antibacterial material, and<br />

it is flexible enough to fit most urinals.<br />

104748<br />

BSG AirCare<br />

BSG AirCare air and surface purifier is a<br />

chemical-free way to destroy odours and<br />

germs. It can be used in a range of areas including<br />

washrooms.<br />

104972, 104973, 104974<br />

robert-scott.co.uk 5

External cleaning collection<br />

Litterpicker Pro<br />

A good quality aluminium gripper with trigger<br />

action hand grip. Curved claw makes it ideal<br />

for picking up bottles, cans and more awkwardly<br />

shaped waste.<br />

101490<br />

1<br />

Handi Hoop<br />

A lightweight and sturdy hoop to hold a<br />

refuse sack securely open, making litter<br />

picking faster and easier.<br />

104283<br />

90L Eco Litter Bin<br />

A litter bin, hooded lid and plastic liner made<br />

in the UK out of 100% recycled hardwearing<br />

polyethylene.<br />

104966<br />

1<br />

Vilcart All-terrain Trolley<br />

The Vilcart trolley is designed for outdoor<br />

use with rugged back wheels and a<br />

waterproof cover to protect its contents from<br />

getting wet.<br />

104350<br />

Professional Window <strong>Cleaning</strong><br />

Kit<br />

A core range of window cleaning tools<br />

designed for commercial and residential sectors.<br />

104897<br />

Wooden Brushware<br />

FSC ® certified sturdy wooden brushware<br />

with a choice of soft coco fibre or stiff bassine<br />

bristles for all heavy duty sweeping jobs.<br />

Floor Scraper Kit<br />

A good quality scraper with a deeper blade,<br />

which easily removes stubborn dirt, gum or<br />

mud from floors.<br />

104224<br />

robert-scott.co.uk 6

obert-scott.co.uk<br />

© 2023 <strong>Robert</strong> <strong>Scott</strong> & Sons Ltd.

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