NCSEA Connections Child Support Products & Services Guide 2023

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<strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong><br />

<strong>Products</strong> & <strong>Services</strong> <strong>Guide</strong><br />


<strong>NCSEA</strong> is pleased to present the <strong>2023</strong> edition of <strong>NCSEA</strong><br />

<strong>Connections</strong>: <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> <strong>Products</strong> & <strong>Services</strong> <strong>Guide</strong>. The<br />

private sector has long played a key role in the IV-D program,<br />

providing expertise and services in technology, program<br />

management, payment processing, training and much more.<br />

CONNECTIONS is a wonderful resources for child support<br />

agencies and organizations seeking goods and services to<br />

implement and serve their programs.<br />

Table of Contents<br />

Conduent…………………………………………………….…4<br />

SMI……………………………………………………………....8<br />

Deloitte………………………………………………………..12<br />

CGI……………………………………………………………...16<br />

Stellarware…………………………………………………....20<br />

Maximus………………………….…………………………...24<br />

GreenCourt……….................…………..…..........................28<br />

YoungWilliams......................................................................32<br />

CSG Government Solutions.................................................34<br />

Protech Solutions………………………...............................38<br />

Courtland Consulting...........................................................42<br />

Microsoft...............................................................................46<br />

Fast Enterprises....................................................................50<br />

Kestrel....................................................................................54<br />


Conduent’s commitment<br />

Conduent delivers mission-critical services<br />

and solutions on behalf of businesses<br />

and governments – creating exceptional<br />

outcomes for our clients and the millions<br />

of people who count on them. Since our<br />

first child support partnership in 1991,<br />

we’ve grown along with our clients and<br />

partners, handling billions of dollars and<br />

millions of now constituent interactions.<br />

Each project, each contract, comes with<br />

our personal commitment.<br />

Kim Newsom Bridges<br />

Senior Director<br />

<strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> <strong>Services</strong><br />

Alex Camacho<br />

Account Manager<br />

Robbie Endris<br />

Senior Consultant<br />

Hal Carl<br />

Director<br />

CSES and ExpertPay<br />

Robert Havanki<br />

Account Manager<br />

Zach Steed<br />

Senior Director<br />

Business Development<br />

“<br />

Part of [Conduent’s] overall value is that they can approach problems from multiple perspectives to<br />

allow a much broader range of solutions to be considered. I would encourage you to seriously consider<br />

Conduent for any critical child support system project that you may be looking to undertake to<br />

modernize your program.<br />

- Conduent child support client<br />

“<br />

“<br />

With your support and that of the entire Conduent team, we have faced significant challenges during a<br />

unique time in the history of [our state]. Your team has accomplished this with the tenacity, hard work<br />

and ingenuity that we have come to expect from Conduent. In fact, some have commented on the fact<br />

that they’ve rarely seen a transition with so few challenges.<br />

- Conduent child support client<br />

How thought leadership makes<br />

a difference for families<br />

Perhaps more than ever, child support agencies<br />

must increase efficiency while saving costs. Every<br />

aspect of a child support solution, from data<br />

management to payment processing to customer<br />

care, is shaped by each program’s specific needs.<br />

Conduent invests in our team of experts to ensure<br />

that we are prepared to lead with new ideas and<br />

technology. Our thought leaders help ensure we<br />

deliver smart and effective solutions for children<br />

and families.<br />

Each day our child support team, led by former state<br />

and county IV-D directors with decades of service,<br />

puts forth knowledge and practice to design and<br />

deploy solutions to overcome the most challenging<br />

issues faced by child support programs.<br />

We also disburse billions per year in government<br />

benefits to a wide array of programs, including<br />

payroll to adoption subsidies to electronic benefits<br />

for the Women, Infants and <strong>Child</strong>ren (WIC)<br />

program.<br />

Conduent Government Solutions<br />

<strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> Solutions<br />

The Future of <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong>:<br />

Dealing with the Pandemic and Beyond<br />

We manage SDU contracts for IV-D agencies in 12<br />

states. In 2020 alone we processed nearly 56 million<br />

child support payments totaling $10.7 billion – and<br />

more than $150 billion over the last 10 years.<br />

Experience to rely on<br />

Conduent provides smooth paths to federally<br />

certified child support systems, full-service SDUs<br />

that process some of the highest volumes in the<br />

nation, as well as the country’s #1 online child<br />

support payment platform.<br />

FPO Half Page Photo

Looking toward<br />

the future<br />

Our SDU vision<br />

Our focus on innovation includes the all-electronic<br />

SDU, which helps ensure payments get to the right<br />

families right away.<br />

Next-generation child<br />

support enforcement<br />

systems<br />

$<br />

All disbursements are made<br />

digitally, quickly, and securely to<br />

a wallet or bank account using<br />

enhanced account validation<br />

services to prevent fraud<br />

No matter your path, Conduent can help modernize<br />

and maintain your child support system.<br />

All payments are received<br />

electronically through a variety<br />

of common payment methods<br />

Replatform<br />

System transfer<br />

24/7 customer access<br />

through multiple channels<br />

Maintenance &<br />


How ExpertPay can help<br />

The ExpertPay online payment platform works<br />

in all 50 states and allows payments to be<br />

made online from anywhere. By registering on<br />

ExpertPay.com, individuals and employers can<br />

set up payments using their bank account, credit<br />

card, or their PayPal virtual wallet. Costs vary by<br />

state and payment method – ranging from free<br />

of charge to a convenience fee of 2.95% with a<br />

maximum fee of $60 per payment.<br />

Tens of thousands of retail locations — including<br />

CVS, Wal-Mart, and Kroger — allow individuals to<br />

pay child support with cash through MoneyGram.<br />

Conduent’s ExpertPay solution partners with<br />

MoneyGram to help ensure these payments are<br />

processed quickly and reliably.<br />

Let’s make child support as<br />

easy as click, remit, done.<br />

ExpertPay from Conduent<br />

Learn more<br />

© <strong>2023</strong> Conduent, Inc. All rights reserved. Conduent and Conduent Agile Star are trademarks of Conduent,<br />

Inc. and/or its subsidiaries in the United States and/or other countries. BR 3619

SMI provides customized child support and<br />

accounting solutions that put families first.<br />

SMI-inc.com<br />

Our human services experts deliver<br />

industry leading solutions:<br />

♦ <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> <strong>Services</strong><br />

♦ Payment Processing<br />

♦ <strong>Child</strong> Welfare Financial<br />

<strong>Services</strong><br />

♦ Document Management<br />

♦ Customer Service<br />

♦ smiONE TM Visa ® Prepaid<br />

Debit Card <strong>Services</strong><br />

©<strong>2023</strong> Systems & Methods, Inc., All Rights Reserved

The SMI Difference DIfference<br />

99.99%<br />

companywide<br />

payment<br />

processing<br />

accuracy rate<br />

44M<br />

payments<br />

disbursed totaling<br />

$8.5B<br />

67M<br />

transactions<br />

processed totaling<br />

$12.8B<br />

2M<br />

smiONE<br />

cardholders in 12<br />

states and 13 tribes<br />

30M<br />

IVR calls handled<br />

24<br />

Years’<br />

SDU experience<br />

17<br />

Years’<br />

debit card<br />

experience<br />

(All data from 2022)<br />

“When your reputation rests<br />

with the success of your<br />

partner, you need one that will<br />

go the extra mile to ensure the<br />

success of everyone. SMI goes<br />

that extra mile.”<br />

“The partnership we developed with<br />

SMI several years ago continues to be<br />

a remarkable experience. We chose<br />

SMI because we simply could not find<br />

any other provider that offered all of<br />

the state-of-the-art tools we needed in<br />

one package to improve our small<br />

operation. We value their attention to<br />

detail and appreciate their creative<br />

approach to problem solving. We<br />

applaud their unwavering dedication<br />

and support to the thriving success of<br />

our operation.”<br />

“Since switching to smiONE, our whole<br />

payment process has improved, from<br />

the speed in which we are able to get<br />

payments out to our clients, to the<br />

improvement in our customer service.<br />

Making the change to smiONE was<br />

one of the best business decisions we<br />

made. SMI is always looking for ways<br />

to improve their services, while<br />

continually helping us improve ours.”<br />

“One of the advantages of working<br />

with a smaller company, especially a<br />

family operated business, is the<br />

responsiveness and access you have<br />

to all levels of management. Once you<br />

are a client of SMI, your SDU is treated<br />

as the top priority - with responses to<br />

e-mails or phone calls occurring in<br />

hours, not days, and problems, in most<br />

situations, resolved before you know<br />

that they've occurred.”<br />

“From day one, the entire SMI team<br />

has been invested in the success of<br />

our child support program, making<br />

sure we’re delivering the best possible<br />

SDU and Payment Card services<br />

available. SMI’s cost-effective solutions<br />

for child support payment processing<br />

and disbursements are timely and<br />

accurate. SMI is transparent and<br />

accountable, and they work hard to<br />

ensure the continuity of outstanding<br />

services.”<br />

“SMI is never status quo; they’re<br />

always reaching for a higher level of<br />

service.” ■

Improving Financial Health for Cardholders Through<br />

Education, Gamification, and Rewards<br />

In 2021, SMI acquired<br />

PayPerks®, an award-winning<br />

educational platform that uses<br />

interactive online games and<br />

cash rewards to enhance<br />

financial literacy.<br />

PayPerks is available exclusively<br />

through the smiONE Card,<br />

which proudly serves two<br />

million cardholders across the<br />

country.<br />

SMI recently partnered with<br />

Visa® Consulting & Analytics to<br />

conduct a research study into<br />

smiONE cardholders and the<br />

likelihood of them adopting<br />

PayPerks.<br />

Half of smiONE cardholders are “underbanked,” i.e.,<br />

frequent users of non-traditional banking services such<br />

as paying fees to cash a check, taking out a payday loan,<br />

or buying pre-paid debit cards.<br />

4 in 5 have a checking account, about half have a savings<br />

account and/or credit card:<br />

Most are employed with a median income of $38,000.<br />

36% say they are unable or barely able to make ends<br />

meet; few have enough savings to withstand a financial<br />

emergency:<br />

Checking<br />

Account<br />

82%<br />

Savings<br />

Account<br />

Credit<br />

Card<br />

53% 51%<br />

Mortgage/<br />

Home Loan<br />

Personal<br />

Invest<br />

Acct<br />

Not able to meet day-to-day<br />

expenses<br />

10% 10%<br />

18%<br />

12%<br />

Barely able to meet day-to-day<br />

expenses<br />

26% 26%<br />

Meet expenses, not prepared<br />

for a large, unexpected cost<br />

Comfortable savings, not yet<br />

investing for the future<br />

Investing for future, on track<br />

for long-term financial goals<br />

47% 47%<br />

11% 11%<br />

6% 6%<br />

Nearly all use smiONE on a regular basis, most often for<br />

everyday purchases.<br />

4 in 5 users are satisfied or very satisfied with their<br />

smiONE Card.<br />

Moreover,<br />

cardholders –<br />

especially the<br />

Underbanked –<br />

have favorable<br />

opinions of SMI.<br />

% agreement<br />

Provides very good<br />

customer service<br />

Is a brand I trust<br />

Wants customers to<br />

meet financial goals<br />

Understands my/my<br />

family’s needs<br />

Is a credible source of<br />

financial advice<br />

• Total<br />

49<br />

52<br />

51<br />

61<br />

53<br />

• Underbanked<br />

65<br />

57<br />

58<br />

66<br />

70<br />


Top financial goals are the necessities: covering<br />

expenses, establishing an emergency fund, not<br />

having to worry about money every day.<br />

Secondary goals are the basics: improving credit<br />

score, saving money.<br />

Higher-order goals like paying off debt and investing<br />

are further out on the horizon.<br />

PayPerks is considered relevant and a good fit with the<br />

smiONE Card; most are open to enrollment.<br />

3 in 4 say<br />

they would<br />

use their SMI<br />

Card more<br />

often if it were<br />

to offer<br />

financial<br />

education<br />

along with<br />

savings and<br />

budgeting<br />

tools through<br />

PayPerks.<br />

Expectations<br />

for PayPerks<br />

are high:<br />

% agree/strongly agree PayPerks…<br />

Would provide info relevant to<br />

my needs<br />

Would be a fun way to<br />

manage finances<br />

Would make it easier to save<br />

Would help me meet financial<br />

goals<br />

Would help me manage my<br />

finances better<br />

Would help improve my<br />

overall financial situation<br />

62<br />

58<br />

55<br />

53<br />

52<br />


Empowering payors with<br />

advanced payment technology<br />

SMART® Pay is a one-stop shop for making and receiving child support payments. Now managed<br />

directly by SMI, SMART Pay offers a variety of payment options through our website and mobile<br />

platform, as well as new, convenient methods like text message and cash retail payments.<br />

The full suite of SMART Pay payment options is available to all current and future state and local<br />

agency partners.<br />

EFT/EDI<br />

Bank Draft<br />

Electronic Check<br />

Cash<br />

Check<br />

Credit/Debit Card<br />

Mobile Payment Methods<br />

Text to Pay<br />

SMART Pay Website<br />

SMART Pay Mobile<br />

Website<br />

SMART Pay Cash Retail<br />

Payments<br />

Money Order<br />

IVR<br />

Mail<br />

Pay by Text<br />

SMI’s Pay by Text feature allows<br />

obligors to receive text<br />

message payment reminders<br />

and make one-time or recurring<br />

payments by responding to text<br />

message prompts. The obligor<br />

may opt in or out of the Pay by<br />

Text feature and schedule, edit<br />

frequency of, or cancel text<br />

payment prompts through the<br />

SMART Pay website. Remitters<br />

who choose the Pay by Text<br />

option will be subject to a<br />

convenience fee, which is a<br />

percentage of the child support<br />

payment amount.<br />

Cash Retail Payments<br />

SMI is also pleased to provide<br />

the SMART Pay cash retail<br />

payment option, which offers an<br />

easy-to-use, convenient, and<br />

secure way for cash-preferred<br />

obligors to make payments by<br />

leveraging our digital and<br />

physical barcode technology to<br />

make cash payments at over<br />

75,000 participating stores<br />

nationwide. SMI will also<br />

continue to process cash<br />

payments submitted through<br />

other retailer platforms, such as<br />

PayNearMe, TouchPay, or<br />

MoneyGram. ■

<strong>Child</strong> support solutions<br />

Powering positive impact for families through engagement<br />

For over 35 years, we have teamed effectively with numerous child support agencies<br />

to design, implement, and maintain effective child support solutions including<br />

modern large-scale, federally certified child support systems.<br />

Deloitte’s <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> <strong>Services</strong> and Solution Portfolio includes:<br />

• Implementation of Modern Low Code<br />

Platform-based, Cloud Solutions<br />

• Transfer and DDI of Certified<br />

State Systems<br />

• Automated code refactoring<br />

• Business Process Reengineering<br />

• Intelligent Process Automation (AI)<br />

• Modern customer service modules<br />

• Organizational Change Management<br />

• System replacement<br />

• Human Centered Design and User<br />

Experience Improvement<br />

Learn more >

Since March 2020<br />

Improving <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> Customer and Employee Engagement<br />

In today’s environment, developing solutions and strategies to help<br />

parents owing support, parents receiving support, children, and<br />

workers has become increasingly important. Deloitte can help you to:<br />

Social Listening & Sentiment Analysis<br />

<strong>Support</strong> leadership to evaluate social<br />

sentiments and contact center feedback<br />

loops to develop appropriate outbound<br />

c<strong>amp</strong>aigns and communications.<br />

Create Responsive<br />

Customer Service<br />

Using Human Centered<br />

Design principles, evaluate<br />

and optimize contact<br />

center operations,<br />

including load balancing,<br />

IVR and operational<br />

efficiencies, and network<br />

IVR queue traffic.<br />

Expand Self-Service<br />

Expand self service<br />

capabilities and digital<br />

presence. Enable selfservice<br />

to provide workload<br />

relief for agency staff as<br />

well as call center staff.<br />

Enhance user experience<br />

through virtual assistants<br />

and chat/voice bots<br />

providing inline help<br />

wherever necessary.<br />

Evaluate Staff Capacity<br />

Identify staffing issues including<br />

how to prioritize work, how to<br />

connect with co-workers to support<br />

decision making, and handling<br />

referrals from other agencies to<br />

increase capacity for customer<br />

engagement.<br />

Enable Customer Centric<br />

Operations and Processes<br />

Creating opportunities and<br />

strategies to facilitate virtual court<br />

hearings and customer preparation,<br />

electronic notarization and transfer<br />

of documents between customers,<br />

the agency, and the courts, and<br />

simple document imaging solutions.

<strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong>'s Integration Imperative<br />

Improving outcomes for families<br />

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, child support programs were reevaluating<br />

how they deliver services and what services to deliver, in part due to declining<br />

caseloads resulting from fewer Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)<br />

program referrals. The pandemic has served to propel those conversations<br />

even further.<br />

An increasing number of child support programs are now evaluating what services<br />

they deliver and how to do so with a focus on:<br />

• Evaluating the human experience<br />

• Experimenting with more holistic approaches<br />

• Using “big hairy audacious goals” to help bring stakeholders to the table

Elevating the Human Experience<br />

What is it like for the client to interact with multiple human<br />

services programs? The client may have to respond to a<br />

series of lengthy, repetitive, and often intrusive questions<br />

for each program. Not only can this wear out the client,<br />

but it can also serve to re-traumatize them each time. At<br />

other times, the siloed program delivery causes direct<br />

conflict, such as when a child support hearing is scheduled<br />

at the same time as a TANF work requirement.<br />

Some child support programs today are working to make<br />

interactions with agencies less exhausting and frustrating,<br />

and helping agencies connect with clients on a more<br />

human level. By transforming case management using<br />

processes such as intra-agency “warm-handoffs” and<br />

innovations in technology, they hope to create a more<br />

overall positive human experience.<br />

Experimenting with More<br />

Holistic Approaches<br />

To help achieve the deeper goals of keeping children out<br />

of poverty and strengthening families, many child support<br />

programs are setting their sights beyond collection,<br />

adding job and life skills training programs. Others are<br />

moving to more family-centered, multi-generational<br />

approaches.<br />

Some states are participating in the Families Forward<br />

demonstration project, which offers targeted skill-building<br />

activities to help low income non-custodial and custodial<br />

parents qualify for better-paying, high-demand jobs in<br />

their labor market. The ultimate goal of the project is to<br />

identify successful employment approaches that can be<br />

integrated into child support programs around the<br />

country.<br />

Using “big hairy audacious goals” to help<br />

bring stakeholders to the table<br />

Big hairy audacious goals (BHAGs for short) are a powerful<br />

mechanism for stimulating progress towards an ambitious<br />

target. As child support agencies reevaluate service<br />

delivery, and how to integrate with other public assistance<br />

programs, they should consider factoring in a number of<br />

variables – while aiming for big goals – to push the<br />

conversation.<br />

Read the full report ><br />

Get in touch<br />

www.deloitte.com/us/child-support<br />

Margot Bean<br />

mbean@deloitte.com<br />

+1.518.951.4021<br />

Savita Raghunathan<br />

sraghunathan@deloitte.com<br />

+1.512.226.4611<br />

As used in this document, “Deloitte” means Deloitte Consulting<br />

LLP, a subsidiary of Deloitte LLP. Please see www.deloitte.com/<br />

us/about for a detailed description of the legal structure. Certain<br />

services may not be available to attest clients under the rules and<br />

regulations of public accounting.<br />

Copyright © <strong>2023</strong> Deloitte Development LLC. All rights reserved.

CGI Transcend for<br />

<strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong><br />

<strong>Child</strong> support programs need effective,<br />

adaptable, and intuitive systems that allow<br />

initiatives to serve children and families<br />

exceptionally. As a result, states are looking to<br />

invest in technology that provides more flexibility,<br />

analytics, and integration capacities – as well as<br />

lower development and maintenance costs.<br />

For child support professionals, CGI Transcend for <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong>’s future-gen<br />

technology allows for an enhanced user experience that includes workflow and<br />

predictive support of actions to make work more productive and cost-efficient.<br />

New technology may also include capabilities that help parents engage with<br />

applications like electronic calendars, virtual meetings, integrated online forms<br />

and documents, electronic signatures, and chat/text/email communication.<br />

CGI Transcend for <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> leverages a modern platform and deep industry expertise<br />

to deliver a solution that puts families first. Our platform not only empowers parents to<br />

pay and receive support with robust data access and a friendly user experience – but also<br />

supports the workforce with data-driven insights, simplified operations, and platform<br />

adaptability. When child support programs and infrastructure run smoothly, caseworkers<br />

have more time to focus on what matters most: getting financial support to children by<br />

serving families holistically.<br />


CGI Transcend for <strong>Child</strong><br />

<strong>Support</strong>: Core Capabilities<br />

Connect parents and families to vital child support program elements<br />

through a straightforward user experience and real-time critical case<br />

data, making participation easier and more transparent.<br />

Enable caseworker activities by developing smartly driven prompts using case,<br />

program, and policy data. Automate extraneous data entry on cases to allow<br />

caseworkers more time to assess situations and remedies (instead of generating<br />

documentation and repetitive case entries). Engage robotic technologies and<br />

artificial intelligence (AI) to further automate and streamline processes.<br />

Leverage child support system capabilities to simplify and streamline configurations,<br />

including validation, reconciliation, data entry, and case support processes.<br />

Utilize our deep child support and human-centered design expertise to deliver a<br />

solution that assists parents in understanding the process, qualifying families for<br />

additional services (such as SNAP and <strong>Child</strong> Care), and real-in-time payment status.<br />

Integrate mobile payment providers to increase compliance with financial obligations.<br />

Offer flexibility to meet the needs of families including in-kind payment options,<br />

thresholds for enforcement tools, and a la carte enforcement possibilities.

CGI Transcend for <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong>: Benefits<br />

With our engaging and modern user interface, parents can access and make<br />

payments from any device. A variety of easy payment options help remove barriers<br />

to payment order compliance.<br />

We bring data governance, data quality, and master data management tools and<br />

experience. With automation, caseworkers can free up time previously spent on<br />

manual practices and make data-driven decisions on cases.<br />

Our solution is configurable and flexible to meet your business needs. We<br />

understand that laws, policies, and federal requirements change and have<br />

developed a system that will serve your program today and in the future.<br />

Our future-gen platform avoids a costly and time-consuming installation and onpremises<br />

configuration, saving an agency time and money today. After<br />

implementation, state IT professionals can maintain or change the configurations,<br />

resulting in lower maintenance and operation costs.<br />

CGI’s Public Sector Practice<br />

CGI has built deep public sector domain expertise, process knowledge, and best<br />

practices through over 40 years of delivering technology and consulting services for<br />

state and local government. We understand the unique needs of government and have<br />

a proven track record of helping agencies across the U.S. improve citizen services and<br />

increase efficiency through successful digital transformation programs.<br />


Why CGI for<br />

<strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong>?<br />

children serviced through cases in CGIsupported<br />

<strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> states<br />

collected in those states per year<br />

global satisfaction score<br />

Decades of successful system project delivery<br />

Deep state and local government domain experience<br />

Certified platform development and solution architect experts<br />

Nationally renowned child support subject matter experts dedicated to improving<br />

government human services programs to better serve children and families<br />

Full suite of solutions for our projects, including human-centered design, culture and<br />

change management, business process services, AI, and robotic process automation<br />

CGI’s <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> Experts<br />

Laura Roth brings over 25 years of experience in <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> programs, and she leads product<br />

design for CGI’s <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> solution. In addition, Laura serves as an active member of multiple<br />

national <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> Associations, providing support, guidance, and leadership to policy and<br />

program members. Reach her at laura.roth@cgi.com for more information.<br />

Diane Potts is a past President and current Director of the National <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> Enforcement<br />

Association, and leads the <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> practice for CGI. Diane brings over 25 years in child support<br />

program improvement across 10 states and counties – including 6 years as Illinois Deputy Attorney<br />

General for <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong>. Email Diane at diane.potts@cgi.com to learn more.

Leveraging<br />

DATA<br />

FOR<br />

CHANGE<br />

In <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong><br />

Collections<br />

State government agencies recognize the<br />

importance of collecting and managing<br />

electronic data to maximize child support<br />

collections.<br />

<strong>Child</strong> support is a crucial source of income for<br />

single parents and their children, and state<br />

agencies are responsible for ensuring that<br />

noncustodial parents are paying their fair share.<br />

However, enforcing child support orders can be a<br />

complex and time-consuming process, with many<br />

noncustodial parents failing to make timely<br />

payments or avoiding their responsibilities<br />

altogether.<br />

One of the biggest challenges in enforcing child<br />

support orders is tracking down noncustodial<br />

parents who have moved or changed jobs. Without<br />

accurate and up-to-date employment information<br />

on these individuals, and the appropriate<br />

infrastructure to collect and maintain the<br />

information, it can be difficult for state agencies to<br />

consistently enforce court orders.<br />

Another challenge agencies confront in enforcing<br />

child support orders is tracking down the location<br />

of the noncustodial parent for legal process.<br />

Instead, we recommend focusing on locating<br />

noncustodial assets such as insurance<br />

settlements, bank account or life insurance<br />

proceeds, via electronic data matching, followed by<br />

an electronic legal process, to secure the asset(s).<br />

An ancillary benefit of this data matching is that it<br />

often results in securing valid, verified addresses<br />

for noncustodial parents.<br />

With the help of Stellarware’s <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong><br />

solutions, state government agencies can be<br />

better equipped to enforce child support orders<br />

and ensure that single parents and their children<br />

receive the financial support they deserve.<br />

Highlighted within are high-level solution<br />

overviews of Stellarware’s <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> and New<br />

Hire service portals, all of which may be custom<br />

tailored to match existing workflows while<br />

maintaining cost-effective, turn-key<br />


Stellarware<br />



Our <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> / New Hire Reporting Portal is a completely secure,<br />

one-stop-shop, electronic platform that facilitates two-way communication<br />

(e.g., between state agencies and employers), document issuance/pickup,<br />

and is supported by rigorous quality assurance and unparalleled customer<br />

service. (Note that agencies may select any combination of the modules<br />

outlined below to ensure all needs are met.)<br />

















(standard modules shown above)

Stellarware<br />


Cost<br />

Savings<br />

Transformative<br />

Seamless<br />

Integration<br />

Superior<br />

Results<br />

Save time and<br />

money with<br />

protected<br />

document<br />

issuance, tracking,<br />

and delivery (e.g.<br />

IWO, Lien).<br />

Transform your<br />

processes with the<br />

portal’s advanced<br />

functions, such as<br />

secure, two-way<br />

communication.<br />

Complement your<br />

existing system or<br />

use the portal as<br />

its own Internetbased<br />

solution.<br />

Enjoy quick turn<br />

arounds combined<br />

with the highest<br />

caliber of quality<br />

assurance.<br />


LUMP SUM PAYMENTS: Designed to expedite and streamline the process of<br />

intercepting lump sum payments from employers [or income payers] to employees on<br />

behalf of state agencies for past-due support.<br />


print files, our New Hire team identifies employers receiving paper IWOs and converts<br />

these employers to receive electronic IWOs, delivered via the New Hire Reporting<br />

portal.<br />

NATIONAL MEDICAL SUPPORT NOTICE (NMSN): Activation of this module enables<br />

Stellarware to send and receive electronic NMSNs to employers using this platform.<br />

The module offers processing both electronically and via USPS mail and makes it<br />

possible for employers to complete and/or respond to NMSNs electronically.<br />

VERIFICATION OF EMPLOYMENT (VOE) & TERMINATIONS: Allows employers to verify<br />

employment and report terminations or layoffs online, reducing the issuance of<br />

unnecessary IWOs and increasing the identification of obligors for<br />

research/enforcement.<br />


Secretary of State offices and third-party payroll administrators across the country,<br />

Stellarware has the technology and expertise to ensure your employer records are kept<br />

clean and up to date.

Stellarware<br />


The <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> Lien Network (CSLN), hosted by the State of<br />

Rhode Island, is an established, successful consortium providing<br />

states with an essential child support collection resource through<br />

its fully integrated, customizable, web-based intercept program.<br />

CSLN, in existence since 1999, matches millions of delinquent obligors to a national<br />

registry of pending personal injury and workers’ compensation claims on a daily basis.<br />

CSLN recognizes the value of your state’s staff time, which is why our customer service<br />

representatives verify the status of claims and all appropriate contact information before<br />

alerting child support agency members of open, active claims ready for lien documents.<br />

Our unparalleled quality assurance (QA) process ensures an unmatched level of qualified<br />

claims. CSLN, with its proven track record of success, is the most efficient & cost-effective<br />

way to augment agencies’ child support resources, partnering with our network of 2,000+<br />

insurers and 30 U.S. child support agencies to automate lien delivery with over 90% of<br />

forms transmitted electronically. To date, CSLN has collected over $2.2B in support.<br />

Watch a one-minute video highlighting the benefits of CSLN by clicking here.<br />


Did you know?<br />

The Medicaid Recovery Network (MRN) is modeled<br />

after and shares the same architectural foundation<br />

as CSLN.<br />

MRN, a NASPO ValuePoint supplier partner, is a platform that matches Medicaid recipients<br />

with insurance claims for personal injury and workers’ compensation. Top-notch quality<br />

assurance activities are performed on each match allowing states to streamline and issue<br />

lien documents to insurers in a fraction of the time.<br />

Watch a one-minute video highlighting the benefits of MRN by clicking here.<br />

To learn more about Stellarware and how its products and services can support your<br />

agency while securely maximizing collections, contact Erika French, Director, by phone at<br />

(781) 347-3633 or via email at efrench@stellarware.com.

Transformative<br />

connections.<br />

Empowering success.<br />

At Maximus, we are dedicated to helping<br />

agencies create a better life for children and<br />

families. Together with our state and local<br />

government partners, we work with the whole<br />

family to help them overcome barriers, access<br />

supports, and achieve economic mobility.<br />

From delivering child support and employment<br />

services to connecting families with resources<br />

and healthcare, we serve as a bridge between<br />

families and the services they need to thrive.<br />

Annual highlights<br />

$238M<br />

in collections<br />

33M<br />

new hire reports<br />

processed<br />

653K<br />

children served<br />

95.7K<br />

paternities<br />


How we help<br />

We work with both parents to ensure children<br />

receive the financial and emotional support<br />

they need and deserve to thrive. With<br />

expertise across the full spectrum of child<br />

support services, we deliver best practices<br />

and innovations that empower our clients’<br />

programs to achieve their ambitious goals. Just<br />

as importantly, our staff is as knowledgeable<br />

as they are compassionate – reassuring parents<br />

that we are on their side and here to help. We<br />

also partner with employers to ensure they<br />

comply with their child support reporting<br />

obligations – expediting the collection of<br />

support so important to children and families.<br />

What we do<br />

We understand that the child support process<br />

can be daunting to parents. That’s why we<br />

work hard to make it as easy to understand<br />

and navigate as possible. We provide a<br />

combination of personalized and self-service<br />

options, employing technology and virtual<br />

platforms to communicate with parents in the<br />

ways they prefer. Our work with employers<br />

involves educating and guiding them through<br />

the new hire reporting process, as well as how<br />

to respond to income withholding and medical<br />

support orders.<br />

Delivering expertise across the full<br />

spectrum of child support services<br />

Comprehensive operations<br />

management<br />

Maximus can operate your agency’s program<br />

on your behalf, delivering a customized solution<br />

that includes paternity establishment, locate,<br />

support order entry, order modification, and<br />

collections. Our professionals work in close<br />

partnership with all stakeholders to optimize<br />

your ability to meet program goals and achieve<br />

better outcomes, including improvement on the<br />

federal performance measures.<br />

Mobile app for parents<br />

Forget office visits and phone calls — the<br />

Maximus <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> Mobile App takes<br />

customer service to a whole new level.<br />

Parents benefit from a convenient option that’s<br />

available 24/7 and provides a contact-free,<br />

virtual experience for added security in today’s<br />

uncertain environment. With the tap of a<br />

button, they can send and receive documents<br />

securely, get notified about payments, and<br />

track order modifications.<br />

Why we’re unique<br />

Our decades of experience translate to<br />

unmatched operational efficiencies, enhanced<br />

program performance, and the ability to<br />

provide families with the highest level of<br />

service. And because we operate other types<br />

of health and human services programs,<br />

we are uniquely positioned to connect<br />

parents to additional vital services they may<br />

need, including education and employment<br />

assistance as well as healthcare.

Voluntary paternity acknowledgment<br />

Voluntary acknowledgment of paternity is a<br />

critical first step in securing a support order and<br />

beginning collections. We design and operate<br />

innovative paternity programs that connect<br />

hospitals, community organizations, and parents<br />

– helping states achieve the 90-percent federal<br />

paternity establishment goal, maximize federal<br />

incentives, and engage both parents in their<br />

children’s lives.<br />

Employer services and portal<br />

We make it easier than ever for employers<br />

to comply with child support reporting<br />

requirements, combining innovative behavioral<br />

engagement techniques with modern<br />

technology to encourage prompt and continual<br />

compliance. Our employer services provide<br />

comprehensive support for state new hire<br />

reporting programs as well as eIWO and eNMSN<br />

processing. Additionally, our one-stop solution<br />

to online reporting – the Maximus Employer<br />

<strong>Services</strong> Portal – offers 24/7 access, secure data<br />

entry, immediate feedback, and chat.<br />

Review and adjustment of<br />

support orders<br />

Noncustodial parents are more likely to pay<br />

their support obligations in full and on time<br />

when the ordered amount is determined by<br />

their actual earnings and ability to pay. Our<br />

new virtual modification process (vMOD)<br />

expedites the review and modification process<br />

for parents who have experienced a change<br />

in their employment status – allowing them to<br />

request modifications through your agency’s<br />

call center or website.<br />

Customer service contact centers<br />

Maximus has operated child support contact<br />

centers for over 17 years, successfully<br />

implementing virtual models as well. By<br />

handling routine customer inquiries via phone,<br />

email, and chat, we free up caseworkers to<br />

address complex program tasks.<br />

Case initiation<br />

We work with our customers to obtain required<br />

documentation and determine the appropriate<br />

action for each case, ensuring all cases are valid<br />

and constructed correctly. Caseworkers take<br />

the appropriate next action with a sense of<br />

urgency in accordance with state and federal<br />

time frames.<br />

Mail processing<br />

Our mailroom team receives, processes, and<br />

provides data entry services for all incoming<br />

mail on behalf of state agencies.<br />

<strong>Child</strong> support system modernization<br />

The pandemic highlighted the unavoidable<br />

truth that technology is critical to program<br />

success – and outdated technology can<br />

significantly impede program impact. Maximus<br />

understands that modernizing child support<br />

systems represents a significant undertaking,<br />

and we have the expertise to guide you through<br />

the entire process. From initial planning through<br />

system implementation, our team of seasoned<br />

professionals stands ready to help.<br />

Employment and training<br />

services for parents<br />

In addition to providing child support services,<br />

Maximus has over 30 years of experience<br />

operating innovative, highly effective<br />

employment and training programs. Our<br />

services for parents include barrier removal and<br />

resource coordination as well as career planning,<br />

job placement, retention, and advancement.<br />

We also partner with employers to match them<br />

with our job seekers in both paid and work–<br />

experience environments. We are committed to<br />

helping parents achieve self-sufficiency so they<br />

can support their families with pride.<br />

To discover how we help children and<br />

families thrive, contact us today!

Transformative<br />

connections.<br />

Empowering<br />

success.<br />

Helping agencies create a better life for children and families<br />

• Comprehensive operations management<br />

• Employer services and portal<br />

– New hire, IWO, and NMSN reporting<br />

– Science-based employer engagement<br />

• Paternity acknowledgment<br />

• Convenient, user-friendly mobile app for parents<br />

• Customer service contact centers<br />

• Review and adjustment of support orders<br />

• Case initiation<br />

• Mail processing<br />

• <strong>Child</strong> support system modernization<br />

• Employment and training services for parents<br />

Discover how we help children and families thrive – contact us today!<br />

maximus.com<br />


Innovation<br />

with Purpose<br />

Performance.<br />

That’s what serving families is all about.<br />

How well we perform our work determines how<br />

well we serve families.<br />

Technology CANNOT replace your experience or<br />

your compassion.<br />

Technology CAN save you time, reduce your<br />

challenges, and boost your performance.<br />

GovLink is the first of its kind Agency Performance<br />

Platform and you will love what GovLink can do<br />

for you.<br />

GovLink will improve your agency’s performance<br />

overnight. Let the technology do the heavy lifting<br />

while you focus on helping families. Think of GovLink<br />

as the most helpful assistant you can imagine.<br />

GovLink allows child support agencies to gain<br />

control over the workday, even those not yet able<br />

to eFile. By having more control over the work<br />

and less stress surrounding tedious and timeconsuming<br />

tasks, agency staff can focus on what<br />

called them to this work in the first place... serving<br />

families.<br />

“The Division of <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> <strong>Services</strong> partnered<br />

with GreenCourt, to implement new technology<br />

that creates efficiency, greater transparency and<br />

enables us to better serve families.”<br />


GovLink statistics in the last year for one state:<br />

52,964<br />


180,674<br />



Our partner states are improving overall performance by repurposing<br />

the hours GovLink saves to other areas of need in the program.<br />

28,247<br />




Solving Problems with<br />

Thoughtful People and<br />

Innovative Technology<br />

GovLink provides powerful new capabilities,<br />

including integration with the child support<br />

and court systems, collaborative workflows that<br />

overcomes the challenges of remote working, and<br />

role-based editing and approval tools, all of which<br />

is tracked through continuous status updates.<br />

GovLink streamlines and automates the<br />

document composing, compiling and eFiling<br />

process, resulting in significant time savings and<br />

improved processes with more control by the<br />

worker. A Supervisor has the ability to oversee the<br />

process and make reassignments when needed<br />

due to backlogs, absences, or staff shortages.<br />

GreenCourt’s <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> partners are saving<br />

time through GovLink’s:<br />

• Dashboards and Workflow Automation<br />

• Document Creation and Management<br />

• Notifications - Email, in-APP Alerts,<br />

Reporting<br />

• Electronic Delivery To and From the Court<br />

“We have chosen GreenCourt’s state-of-the-art<br />

GovLink solution as a major component of the<br />

future of child support services in our wonderful<br />

state. The GreenCourt Team holds the same level<br />

of commitment to customer service, effective<br />

communication, and excellence as we do.”<br />


“GreenCourt’s approach is simple: Ask good<br />

questions, listen carefully and deliver more than<br />

promised. Whatever the challenge, GreenCourt<br />

will find a way to help us succeed.”<br />

PAST PRESIDENT | Council of Superior Court Clerks of Georgia<br />

“I am glad GreenCourt exists. I really appreciate<br />

the real-time assistance. The online help is<br />

extremely efficient. GreenCourt’s software is very<br />

user-friendly, and I highly recommend it.”<br />


GovLink’s Flexibility<br />

Gives You the Power<br />

to Fill Gaps and Save<br />

Time NOW<br />

GovLink:<br />

More than Just eFiling<br />

Take Advantage of Existing Information:<br />

Connects Systems to Eliminate Redundant Work<br />

Better than Email and Sticky Notes:<br />

Tracked and Traced Workflow<br />

Control Who Gets to do What:<br />

Edit, Redact, Generate, Manage, Approve, Sign<br />

Know Before Someone Asks:<br />

Email, Text, or in-App Notifications, Reporting<br />

Absolutely Own Every Court Day:<br />

Build the Docket, Prepare Everyone, Use in Court<br />

Imagine a Courier Who Gets It:<br />

Electronic Delivery to and from the Court<br />

<strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> System<br />

Court Case Management/<br />

Electronic Filing Manager

Imagine What Your<br />

Team Can Accomplish<br />

with More Time<br />



Your performance determines how well families<br />

are served. Technology CANNOT replace your<br />

experience and passion. GovLink can save time,<br />

reduce challenges, and boost performance.<br />

GovLink will allow you to get more work done<br />

without working longer hours:<br />

Gain control of the workday<br />

Invest less time and effort in processing legal<br />

documents<br />

Step-up to smarter workflow, document<br />

generation and management<br />

Enjoy fewer rejections and faster returns<br />

GreenCourt’s <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> partners are not imagining greater performance, they are experiencing it.<br />

Absolutely Own<br />

Every Work Day!<br />

Use GovLink, the first of its kind Agency Performance<br />

Platform, to automate workflow, generate and<br />

manage documents, reduce errors, and allow<br />

management to monitor every step of the process.<br />

GreenCourt values and appreciates the passion and<br />

dedication of the child support community. When<br />

our partners succeed, GreenCourt succeeds!<br />

Learn More<br />

www.greencourt.com<br />

or contact us at info@greencourt.com<br />

or 770-834-3453.

CSG is at the Forefront of <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> IT Modernization<br />

CSG Government Solutions is a national leader in child support IT system modernization<br />

bringing experience from projects in 12 states, including:<br />

Nevada: PMO and OCM for NVKIDS <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> System<br />

CSG provides PMO and OCM services ensuring the project is managed according to the approved<br />

scope, schedule, and budget, staff are informed and prepared for changes in their work, and the<br />

new system meets state and federal requirements.<br />

Illinois: QA <strong>Services</strong> for <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> System Project<br />

CSG provides QA services including document reviews, security assessments, and subject matter<br />

expertise – ensuring the new system meets the needs of the child support program and receives<br />

federal certification.<br />

Virginia: Streamlined Feasibility Study and DDI Readiness for the <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> System<br />

CSG provides Planning, PMO, and OCM services guiding the development of the feasibility study<br />

and IAPD, supporting procurement activities, and ensuring the child support program and IT<br />

department are prepared for the system modernization project.<br />

Texas: IV&V for the <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> System Modernization Project<br />

CSG provides IV&V services with a forward-looking perspective helping to identify risks early,<br />

providing recommendations for project improvement, and supporting a jump start on the federal<br />

certification process.<br />


Your trusted advisor in child support<br />

program modernization.<br />

<strong>Support</strong>ing You Across the System Development Life Cycle<br />

Strategy<br />

by CSG℠<br />

CSG helps you craft high-impact program modernization strategies and<br />

implementation plans.<br />

PMO<br />

by CSG℠<br />

CSG brings you all the expertise and experience you need to establish<br />

and operate a “full-service” Project Management Office.<br />

OCM<br />

by CSG℠<br />

Our OCM methodology operates on the principle that people are the<br />

key to realizing the benefits of program modernization.<br />

QA<br />

by CSG℠<br />

CSG deploys highly experienced teams and innovative methods and<br />

tools to assure that complex programs achieve your program objectives.<br />

IV&V<br />

by CSG℠<br />

CSG serves as your “eyes and ears” into the inner workings of your<br />

program modernization effort.<br />

“<br />

The<br />

CSG Client Testimonials<br />

CSG Client Testimonial<br />

CSG team is creative in their approach to OCM, understand and adapt to our<br />

environment, identify effective resistance management strategies, and are key to the<br />

success we have experienced.<br />

Cathy Kaplan, <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> Director, Nevada Division of Welfare and <strong>Support</strong>ive <strong>Services</strong><br />

CSG staffed a highly qualified team providing forward-looking quality assurance<br />

reviews for our project. The CSG team’s emphasis on communication, coordination,<br />

and collaboration has proved valuable as we move forward.<br />

Karen Coleman, <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> System Project Executive, Oregon Division of <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong>“<br />


Sharing Lessons Learned and Best Practices<br />

CSG applies our expertise and experience from our projects across the country to<br />

support our clients in applying industry best practices and lessons learned. Following<br />

are two recent interviews that Governing published with our child support experts.<br />

Navigating Changes in the <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong><br />

Modernization Landscape<br />

Landis Rossi, CSG’s national <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong><br />

Practice Lead, discusses how child support system<br />

modernization projects are impacted by changes<br />

in the technology landscape. This Q&A discusses<br />

new solution offerings in the market and the<br />

impact of OCSE’s streamlined feasibility study.<br />

Click here to download.<br />

Protecting Your Customers’ Sensitive Data<br />

from Cybersecurity Threats<br />

Dale Posont, a <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> Client Executive at<br />

CSG, shares insights into how agencies can establish<br />

a strong cybersecurity posture to prevent attacks.<br />

The Q&A offers recommendations to state agencies<br />

as they launch new IT projects to proactively protect<br />

themselves from threats. Click here to download.<br />


The CSG Advantage<br />

Since 1997, CSG Government Solutions has applied our<br />

expertise, innovation, and results-oriented mindset to<br />

the most complex program modernization projects of<br />

over 200 government and other organizations across 47<br />

states and territories. We provide a range of management<br />

and IT consulting services for our government partners,<br />

including feasibility studies, project management office,<br />

quality assurance, organizational change management,<br />

and IV&V support.<br />

Our work is characterized by The CSG Way, an environment<br />

that emphasizes common understanding, teamwork,<br />

communication, clarity of roles and responsibilities, and<br />

consistent high-quality work. Our people are trained in<br />

The CSG Way and always conduct our work according to<br />

its guiding principles and specific processes.<br />

The CSG team brings thorough knowledge of child support<br />

policy, business processes, and IT systems, including extensive<br />

modernization experience. Our team members have worked<br />

on every major child support system modernization project<br />

across the country in the last 10 years.<br />

We work with our clients in a spirit of partnership and<br />

collaboration to deliver results.<br />

For more information about CSG, contact <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> Practice Lead<br />

Landis Rossi at lrossi@csgdelivers.com<br />

Named by Forbes as one of America’s Best Management Consulting Firms<br />

five years in a row (2018 - 2022), we help maximize the impact<br />

on the children and families you serve.<br />


protech<br />

Solutions Inc.<br />

What We Do<br />

We do child support! No one knows child support<br />

like we do, thanks to our 25+ years experience<br />

in the industry. We have a strong history of<br />

successfully certified systems and we are<br />

globally recognized in the industry through our<br />

international child support system. With Protech,<br />

you get more than a vendor. You get a reliable<br />

partner committed to making your system the best<br />

it can be.<br />

$20B+<br />

in payments<br />

processed<br />

15+<br />

states with<br />

5m+ cases managed<br />

25+<br />

years of<br />

experience<br />

We are Unique<br />

Welcome to the Future<br />

Vision for the future is part of our core company<br />

fabric, which is why over 50% of our company is<br />

dedicated to R&D and innovation.<br />

Community Oriented<br />

We believe in your efforts to assist both parents in<br />

their efforts to financially support their children.<br />

For this reason, we built Good Grid, a social service<br />

platform built specifically to serve those struggling to<br />

connect with the resources they need.<br />

On Time, On Budget, Every Time<br />

Our loyalty is evidenced by precedence. We strive to<br />

meet or beat our clients’ schedules and budgets - and<br />

we have never failed to do so. Success after success,<br />

we live up to these standards.<br />

A Toolkit for Every Need<br />

Our product is designed with you in mind, whether<br />

it’s AI chat features, in-built payment processing,<br />

extensive case analytics, secure video conferencing, or<br />

streamlined task management.<br />

Our System<br />

The fundamentals for an excellent child support system haven’t changed, but the<br />

technologies have evolved and expectations of the customer have grown. At Protech, we’ve<br />

advanced our systems from mainframe technologies to web-based systems that leverage<br />

new intuitive platform solutions, and cloud hosting opportunities.

Leveraging our past experience to<br />

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What We Offer<br />

Outcome Driven Customer Centric Leveraged Technologies<br />

Track My Cases<br />

Self Service Portals<br />

Platform Solutions<br />

The Track My Cases feature is built to<br />

help users prioritize case action, identify<br />

problem areas in caseload, and run<br />

reports based off predetermined data sets<br />

or customized queries.<br />

Our client and case worker portals are<br />

crafted with the user in mind. They’re<br />

powered by intelligent chat features, video<br />

conferencing capabilities, and a dedicated<br />

mobile app.<br />

Our system can incorporate platformbased<br />

and low-code solutions such as<br />

those provided by Salesforce or MS<br />

Dynamics while leveraging our core<br />

features like financials and enforcement.<br />

Analytics<br />

Our product is built to enhance your<br />

ability to segment cases, apply behavioral<br />

economics, test and evaluate new<br />

programs, and improve performance<br />

measures.<br />

Multi-Channel<br />

Communication<br />

We allow you to communicate with your<br />

clients in the manner THEY choose,<br />

whether it’s mail, email, text, or voice, our<br />

solution gives the power to choose.<br />

Cloud Hosting<br />

As the first company to move an entire<br />

<strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> System to the Cloud, we can<br />

help you make the most of your State’s<br />

Cloud services.<br />

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"<br />

Good Grid & <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong><br />

Here at Protech, we pride ourselves on our innovative, awardwinning,<br />

& effective CSE solutions. Recognized both nationally<br />

and internationally, we are proud to offer our comprehensive<br />

social services toolset–Good Grid, where performance &<br />

innovation meet social impact & collaboration.<br />

We started to see that although our CSE<br />

technology was effective as a tool for collecting<br />

child support, our mission was far greater than<br />

that – we wanted to truly impact the lives of the<br />

families & children we were affecting.<br />

1 in 5<br />

<strong>Child</strong>ren Nationally<br />

are served by <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong>.<br />

Good Grid can positively impact<br />

these children by providing<br />

transparency and guidance for<br />

families during the process of<br />

securing community-based<br />

services.<br />

20%<br />

of Incarcerated People<br />

nationally have child support<br />

orders. Good Grid can help<br />

those coming out of prison with<br />

their reentry process and finding<br />

stable employment so that they<br />

can make their payments.<br />

We set out to create a tool that would allow CSE<br />

professionals to engage with their clients in a way that<br />

promotes accountability, transparency, and a move towards<br />

self-sufficiency, allowing them to maintain client engagement<br />

in a meaningful, sustainable way without increasing the<br />

workload for already overloaded staff.<br />

41%<br />

of Low-Income Parents’<br />

household resources<br />

are represented by <strong>Child</strong><br />

<strong>Support</strong>, if they receive it. Good<br />

Grid can connect these parents<br />

with support services to help<br />

them meet their children’s<br />

needs.<br />

Evidence from child support initiatives has shown that wrapping<br />

families with services is an effective way to increase collections<br />

and bring stability to families, but we knew most of our clients<br />

didn’t have the staff necessary to do this, which is why we built<br />

the Good Grid. - Satish Garimalla CEO | Protech Solutions<br />

www.protechsolutions.com | info@protechsolutions.com | 803-530-6807

How it Works<br />

Good Grid is a one-stop engagement tool that utilizes your current system to connect all users<br />

and service providers through a collaborative workspace.<br />

Good Grid’s easily-accessible system empowers CSE caseworkers to:<br />

Engage the Parents<br />

Good Grid enables caseworkers to support the parents’ advancement towards<br />

self-sufficiency by engaging them on the system through a mobile, desktop, or<br />

tablet device.<br />

Wrap the Family with <strong>Services</strong><br />

Both parents can benefit from Good Grid’s collaborative case management<br />

system. The whole family is served through directed, cooperative services from<br />

various community partners.<br />

Promote Accountability<br />

Through Good Grid, parents are active participants in their cases and have the<br />

agency to find, request and track services, which increases transparency, creates<br />

trackable evidence for Parent Accountability Courts and Fatherhood programs,<br />

and helps measure individual and organizational outcomes through reporting<br />

features.<br />

Learn More<br />

I'm interested!<br />

What are the next steps?<br />

Contact us to schedule an organizational<br />

assessment<br />

Together, we will identify your<br />

organization’s strengths and challenges.<br />

We will determine the best starting point for<br />

Good Grid in your agency.<br />

We are here to help, no mater how big or<br />

small you want to start!<br />

www.protechsolutions.com | info@protechsolutions.com | 803-530-6807

Courtland Consulting brings over 30 years of experience in child support<br />

system implementation, training, and support services to each client. We are a<br />

Michigan-based, leading provider of innovative technology solutions to state and<br />

local governments that yield extraordinary results for both our clients and those<br />

that depend on our clients. Our fundamental goal is to put people first to<br />

strengthen modern families and make child support more accessible and<br />

user friendly. Our team is highly sought after for our expertise and user-first<br />

mentality to provide a smooth and comprehensive project, every single time.<br />

We have worked with multiple states since our inception in 1990, including<br />

Michigan, New Jersey, Delaware, South Carolina, and Nevada; and look forward<br />

to providing the same quality service to more in the near future.

WHY<br />


Since our inception, Courtland has successfully led training<br />

and implementation efforts on 5 statewide child support<br />

system replacement projects. Every contract has been<br />

completed on schedule and within budget. Each project<br />

resulted in a successful federal certification of their new child<br />

support system. Our focus has always been on the success of<br />

end-users of these new systems through our engaging and<br />

comprehensive training and support services. Preparing<br />

end-users for the functionality that comes with new systems<br />

and identifying areas that will have the most impact on those<br />

end-users is a primary concern. Our project management,<br />

training, site support, and help desk expertise set us apart.<br />


As technology continues to evolve in an<br />

everchanging world, project management strategy<br />

should similarly make strides to adapt and deliver<br />

results. Each Courtland project is led by a<br />

certified and dedicated PMP who is well-versed<br />

in utilizing the PMI PMBOK principles and can<br />

apply them to meet your standards and exceed<br />

your expectations. Our newly certified project<br />

managers have the benefit of learning from our<br />

experienced project managers, who have been<br />

involved in multiple state projects and have been<br />

exposed to many different project methodologies.<br />


Our training team is on the job well before the<br />

training schedule has even been laid out.<br />

We work with system developers early on to<br />

create helpful, easy to understand materials that<br />

help with knowledge retention.<br />

Their thought process begins with analyzing what our training delivery plan is and creating<br />

a comprehensive set of training materials based on the audience and delivery methods.<br />

Materials include screenshots of each screen a case worker will come across in their role.<br />

The creation of these documents, along with an interactive LMS, help to reinforce learning,<br />

for both twenty-year veterans and new hires. Whether our training sessions are inperson<br />

or remote, we guarantee a fun and informative experience for all involved.


Site <strong>Support</strong> is a critical component to supporting the end-user after go-live. Change<br />

can be tough. The need to support families does not stop, so assisting the end-user<br />

as they navigate their initial live interactions to reinforce all that was learned in the<br />

training environment keeps the stress of change on both the end-user and their<br />

clients at a minimum. Courtland collaborates with project stakeholders to decide the<br />

right amount of site support for each site. Even the most thorough note takers might<br />

need help early on in system adoption. That is why we provide each site with<br />

knowledgeable and positive support personnel. It is Site <strong>Support</strong>’s job to not only<br />

help case managers with specific questions, but to kindle excitement and<br />

optimism about the new system.<br />

Theodore G. Mermigos, Jr.<br />

IV-D Division Director, Delaware<br />

We did not understand until Go-Live and months later what an<br />

AWESOME team we had in the Courtland team.<br />

The professionalism, knowledge, and patience they exerted during<br />

a very trying time was amazing. There are no words to express<br />

just how important it is to have a team that TRULY enjoys what<br />

they do and shares their knowledge without missing a beat.<br />

Courtland went well beyond the call of duty with tireless<br />

assistance and feedback.<br />

Janet Irvine<br />

Richland County, South Carolina<br />


As a help desk team, Courtland is the vital link between users and<br />

system vendors when implementing a new system. As a help desk<br />

support team, we notify the vendor of any system errors as well as<br />

help the end-users work through issues and understand the new<br />

processes. We provide knowledgeable and friendly support, so<br />

users can successfully carry out the new system processes.<br />

Courtland Consulting team members showed kindness, empathy, support and professionalism at all<br />

times. They built positive working relationships with the majority of DAFS employees, to include<br />

line staff, leads, supervisors, managers, the Deputy Director and the Assistant District Attorney.<br />

The knowledge sharing and troubleshooting regarding NVKIDS would have been an impossible<br />

task without site support. We would not have been successful without your team coordinating,<br />

Courtland resources are deeply knowledgeable in every aspect of <strong>Child</strong><br />

<strong>Support</strong>. Courtland has experts in federal certification requirements whose<br />

experience in implementing those federal requirements in multiple states<br />

became invaluable in Delaware. Their training developers are experts in<br />

adult learning methodologies and the latest technology.<br />

teaching and advocating for us.<br />

Nevada <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong><br />



Projects are the vehicle to make changes in an organization.<br />

Each project we have been a part of has given us more knowledge<br />

and experience to navigate organizational change management. This<br />

is a key element to be able to meet state program budgetary<br />

constraints, unplanned changes, and unexpected issues and find<br />

solutions. The unique needs of each stakeholder on a project can be<br />

met through effective communication, training, and preparedness.<br />


Many of Courtland’s customized innovations have been adopted by our<br />


clients and competitors and have become standard offerings in the<br />

statewide child support system rollouts we see today. Our training and<br />

implementation solution is built on a foundation of three decades of child<br />

Courtland is committed to learning the details of how different states<br />

support their unique child support program. Every state must comply with<br />

federal certification requirements, but each state may have their own<br />

interpretation and execution of those requirements. Courtland understands<br />

this and works with each state to determine the best option for them.<br />

support end-user training and support best practices.<br />


As part of our corporate culture of volunteerism, our resources serve on<br />

several executive committees as directors, committee chairs, sponsors,<br />

speakers, and facilitators. We are committed to sharing our knowledge<br />

and expertise to support the child support community. <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong><br />

associations include: <strong>NCSEA</strong>, ERICSA, WICSEC, NCCSD, NTCSA,<br />

NATCSD, MFSC, and others.<br />

We provide experienced staff who are knowledgeable, passionate, and care about<br />

the overall mission of child support: serving children and families. Helping staff<br />

members and leadership embrace change and utilize new technology is our<br />

commitment. Through our troubleshooting, user advocation, and knowledge sharing<br />

we partner with your team to make families’ lives better.<br />

Contact Us Today<br />

(517) 371-7810 | www.courtlandconsulting.com<br />

Steven Trudell | President | (517) 908-3941 | TrudellS@courtlandconsulting.com<br />

Sharon Pizzuti | Executive Director | (517) 908-3943 | PizzutiS@courtlandconsulting.com<br />

Chad Trudell | Executive Director | (517) 908-3947 | TrudellC@courtlandconsulting.com

<strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> Digital Transformation<br />

In 2021, the child support program<br />

collected 32.7 billion dollars*<br />

13.2<br />

million children served annually<br />

(1 in 5 in the U.S.)<br />

66%<br />

of child support is collected through<br />

income withholding*<br />

96%<br />

of child support collected goes<br />

directly to families*<br />

Outcomes<br />

Empower caseworkers with modern solutions<br />

Enable your agency to quickly modify system capabilities to align with policy or<br />

agency needs.<br />

Leverage analytics to improve decision making<br />

Enables child support agencies to preserve and control their digital data by providing<br />

analytical tools to unlock data required to increase collections on behalf of the family.<br />


<strong>Child</strong> support agency needs have evolved significantly<br />

over time. With budgetary pressures, increased caseload,<br />

and high expectations on customer service, child support<br />

agencies have found a need to quickly modernize their<br />

solutions. With Microsoft technology, agencies can:<br />

• Streamline their operations—with integrated business<br />

processes, child support cases can be automated<br />

and simplified.<br />

• Foster collaboration—interested parties across the case<br />

can remain informed and empowered with information—<br />

reduce maintenance and operations costs. The use of the<br />

Microsoft platform can enable reduced time for systems<br />

changes and lower operational cost.<br />

• Provide unparalleled security—with the common security<br />

model and FedR<strong>amp</strong> certification, the Microsoft platform<br />

gives an unparalleled focus on security for agency needs.<br />

Capabilities<br />

Automated Workflows<br />

Leverage the platform to develop complex business process automation driven by<br />

business rules that are triggered by incidents or events.<br />

Workload Management<br />

Monitor, track, and automate workload associated with specific functions such as locate,<br />

establish, and enforce.<br />

Manages High-Volume Transactions<br />

Validate and eliminate the duplicate verifications via a “Most Trusted Source” to<br />

either automatically update the case record or put in pending status awaiting worker<br />

action or validation.

Microsoft <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> Modernization Options<br />

Lift and Shift to Azure Government Cloud:<br />

<strong>Child</strong> support agencies can migrate their on-site <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> Enforcement (CSE)<br />

infrastructure to run on the cloud with Azure. This provides overall improvement in<br />

stability, performance, security, and allows agencies to be equipped with disaster<br />

recovery capabilities.<br />

Platform System Replacement:<br />

Microsoft’s low code platform approach can be effective for any child support agency,<br />

whether the goal is a complete replacement or incremental modernization.<br />

Microsoft<br />

Platformbased<br />

CSE Solution<br />

Provides child support<br />

agencies with the tools<br />

needed to meet and<br />

overcome future challenges<br />

and changes.<br />

PEOPLE<br />

Judges Magistrates Employers Providers Parents Guardians<br />


Agency Staff Administrators<br />

Chat Portal Web Social Email Phone Video<br />

Case<br />

Initiation<br />

Locate<br />


Auditing Audit Trail Analytics<br />


Establishment Case Financial<br />

Enforcement Fatherhood<br />

Initiative<br />

Reporting<br />


Security<br />

& Privacy<br />

Case<br />

Management<br />

Knowledge<br />

Management<br />

Workflow<br />

Scheduling<br />

Timelines<br />

Dashboards<br />

Payment<br />

Processing<br />

Allocation &<br />

Distribution<br />

Adjustments<br />

Reporting<br />

Document<br />

Generation<br />

Data Quality<br />

Integration<br />

Reports<br />

Unreimbursed<br />

Public Assistance<br />

Financial<br />

Audit Trails<br />

Interoperability<br />

With Other Systems<br />

Microsoft’s <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> Solution meets families where they are:<br />

• Increase ease to make and track payments<br />

• <strong>Support</strong>s and engages all involved parties<br />

• Automates child support orders<br />

• Smart case and task assignments<br />

• Enables tools to monitor performance<br />

• Provides for court collaborations<br />

• Includes built-in financials

California <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> <strong>Services</strong> Customer Story:<br />

Organizations have rapidly transitioned to intensify digital integration following<br />

COVID-19. And with the transition to digital adoption also came a rise of cyber<br />

threats. As a state organization, the existing cyber infrastructure at the California <strong>Child</strong><br />

<strong>Support</strong> <strong>Services</strong> (DCSS) had impeded timely remediation of business continuity and<br />

was vulnerable to security threats. To meet changing business needs, DCSS engaged<br />

Microsoft Industry Solutions to help tackle several challenges associated with their<br />

legacy <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> Enforcement (CSE) system. Through transition to a cloud-based<br />

infrastructure, DCSS is now better able to meet their mission to enhance the well-being of<br />

children by providing payment services to Californian families faster than ever before.<br />

What started out as a shared vision, turned into the successful<br />

migration of the DCSS <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> Enforcement (CSE) System to<br />

the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud. The key to our success was<br />

the highly collaborative team who focused on building a long-term<br />

partnership, using their diverse skills to overcome unexpected challenges<br />

and achieve business goals.<br />

—Catherine Lanzaro<br />

Chief Information Officer<br />

California Health and Human <strong>Services</strong><br />

Department of <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong> <strong>Services</strong><br />

Read the full customer story at https://aka.ms/DCSS<br />

We’re here to help. Contact us<br />

to learn more.<br />

Anna Corley<br />

Anna.Corley@Microsoft.com<br />

Ty Abrams<br />

Tyabrams@Microsoft.com<br />

Ruthie Seale<br />




When parents can access<br />

child support services from any<br />

device, common obstacles like<br />

transportation issues or work<br />

<br />

For child support agencies seeking a more<br />

holistic approach, a self-service portal and<br />

virtual appointment options give<br />

customers easier access to programs—and<br />

more time to spend with their families.<br />

“<strong>Child</strong> support cases can be incredibly<br />

stressful,” says Melissa Shefshick, a former<br />

division director at a child support agency<br />

who now provides client support at FAST.<br />

“I get it—I’m a busy mom myself.<br />

Communication lapses can easily happen,<br />

but online tools bridge the gaps for child<br />

support cases.”<br />

“FastCSE changes how parents interact<br />

with child support agencies,” says Dexter,<br />

former child support director. “Our online<br />

access and modern tools make the process<br />

so much more convenient and accessible.”<br />

“It’s not unusual for parents to call a child<br />

support agency at 8 p.m. because they<br />

need to provide proof of payments for a<br />

court hearing the next morning,” Shefshick<br />

recalls. “Or they need a virtual<br />

appointment because they don’t want to<br />

leave their sick child alone.”<br />

Virtual appointment capabilities and 24/7<br />

account access give parents all the<br />

information they need right from their<br />

kitchen table.<br />

“Parents can check their kids’ grades<br />

online; why not let them track their child<br />

support payments online?” Shefshick says.<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Case information and<br />

account management<br />

Payment enrollment and tracking<br />

Appointment scheduling<br />

Automated chat assistance<br />

Secure document and<br />

information upload<br />

Virtual appointments<br />

These new tools are a welcome change for<br />

industry veterans like Chad Dexter, who<br />

brings 31 years of child support experience<br />

to his current role at FAST.

As a member of the Hague Agreement,<br />

New Zealand’s child support program<br />

has a lot in common with programs in<br />

the U.S. When the nation decided to<br />

replace its old child support system, the<br />

agency knew who to trust: Fast<br />

Enterprises had already successfully<br />

modernized operations for Inland<br />

Revenue (IR), the national agency that<br />

collects more than 80% of the country’s<br />

revenue. IR chose FastCSE to administer<br />

child support for the nation of<br />

5.1 million+ people—roughly the same<br />

size as Colorado, Louisiana, or Wisconsin.<br />

child support assessments without<br />

interrupting services.<br />

With FastCSE, IR gained many new<br />

capabilities, including integrated<br />

<br />

employers, which gives the agency access<br />

to income reports within three days of a<br />

<br />

enables faster correction of potential<br />

issues, better deductions for social policy<br />

programs, and more accurate income tax<br />

assessments at the end of the year.<br />

IR processes 1,000 new child support<br />

applications every month. During the<br />

modernization, FAST migrated 2.8 million<br />

<br />

It’s more adaptable and<br />

quicker to change.”<br />

IR <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong><br />

Product Owner<br />

“FAST’s knowledge and<br />

fantastic solution really made<br />

the journey quite seamless.”<br />

IR Deputy Commissioner<br />

of Transformation

Since 1998, Fast Enterprises has transformed the way<br />

government agencies serve their communities, providing<br />

software that enables superior customer experiences,<br />

<br />

More than 85 governments worldwide use FAST<br />

solutions to administer programs for <strong>Child</strong> <strong>Support</strong>,<br />

Unemployment Insurance, Motor Vehicle and Driver<br />

Licensing, and Tax and Revenue. Every project has been

When it comes to managing your payments,<br />

we know what’s at stake.<br />

kestrelsolutions.com<br />


<strong>NCSEA</strong>’s Corporate Partnership program provides your<br />

company year-round visibility with members and industry<br />

leaders, and unique exposure at all events through<br />

customized sponsorship and activation opportunities.<br />

Corporate Partnerships are designed and customized for<br />

each partner to meet mutually beneficial and strategic<br />

business goals. Each <strong>NCSEA</strong> Corporate Partnership package<br />

is designed to deliver to our partners extensive promotional rights and benefits, as<br />

well as build and maintain relevant relationships with decision-makers in the child<br />

support community at the federal and state levels.<br />

<strong>NCSEA</strong> appreciates and values the continued support of our Corporate Partners as<br />

they hold a key role in human services. Contact <strong>NCSEA</strong> for information on this<br />

valuable <strong>NCSEA</strong> program.<br />

Are you taking advantage of your full <strong>NCSEA</strong> benefits?<br />

<strong>NCSEA</strong> provides member benefits to all full time staff of State, Tribal, and<br />

County agencies, Corporate Partner firms, non-profit organizations and<br />

government agencies. Employees of these organizations enjoy access to<br />

members-only resources and information, free Web-Talks live and on-demand<br />

and discounted conference fees, among other valuable advantages of<br />

membership. Read more about what is available in the member benefits<br />



Our <strong>Services</strong><br />

Q<br />

Read More »<br />

At lnformatix, we are your partner and we deliver solutions that are based on your needs, from targeted change to longer term business transformations<br />

0<br />

Payment Processing<br />

RAPID'M, a trusted and proven solution for payment<br />

processing, is the first SOU ...<br />

0<br />

FIDM/Data Match<br />

lnformatix is the country's leading provider for<br />

Financial Institution Data Match (FIDM) services ....<br />

<br />

V<br />

Consulting<br />

Synonymous to quality and commitment, lnformatix<br />

is ready to assist you on any ...<br />





Why lnformatix? It can be summed up in these few words: Innovation, Integrity, Quality, and Transparency.<br />

Innovation: We do not stand still with just what we know. We understand that with technology, what is cutting edge today may be obsolete tomorrow. We challenge<br />

ourselves to be innovative, to think outside the box. We constantly stretch ourselves in technology, techniques, and processes in order to benefit our customers to<br />

achieve their goals.<br />

Integrity: We are committed to our customers and we honor our words. When you partner with us, you can trust that we will go the extra mile to get the job done.<br />

Quality: We pride ourselves with our work, our software, and our solutions. Our quality assurance measures have resulted in nearly 99.9999% accuracy rate for<br />

payment identification.<br />

Transparency: We value corporate honesty and hide nothing from our partners. We work hard to earn and keep our partner's respect and trust. When something goes<br />

wrong, we will be the first to let you know and will work tirelessly with you until a solution is reached.<br />

We believe that the best way to grow our business is through trust. It is through these principles: Innovation, Integrity, Quality, and Transparency, that lnformatix<br />

enjoys an excellent reputation throughout the country as a trusted solutions provider.<br />

Here are some facts about lnformatix by the numbers:<br />

Years in business<br />

Number state SOU's past and present<br />

Accuracy in payment Processing<br />

Number of security breaches<br />

Amount of child support payments processed in 2019<br />

Number of FIOM state agencies<br />

Number of Financial Institutions participating in lnformatix FIOM<br />

Number of states served by lnformatix Professional Consulting Group since 2005<br />

Number of projects served by lnformatix Professional Consulting Group since 2005<br />

35+<br />

12<br />

99.99%<br />

0<br />

$23 billion<br />

57<br />

12,500<br />

7<br />


The lnformatix RAPID solution is a state of the art payment processing system that can be configured for any type of payment<br />

collections, including child support payment for State Disbursement Units (SOU). RAPID serves as a central processing hub that<br />

pulls all project components together. From paper to electronic collections, RAPID is the engine that effectively and accurately<br />

processes, tracks, and records collections received from payors. The current release of RAPID solution is operating in<br />

eight State Disbursement Units (SDUs) across the country. Our patented solution provides clients with the speed, accuracy,<br />

streamlined processing, and security necessary in today's ever-evolving payment processing environment.<br />

RAPID integrates hardware, the latest technology, and an image-based workflow software to provide a fast and accurate system for<br />

payment processing. Its flexible architecture lends itself to multiple deployment options: on premise, on cloud, or hybrid.<br />

RAPID offers proven secure and complete transaction processing, from mail opening to document imaging, payment receipt, validation and reconciliation, suspense<br />

management, to customer service, and data reporting. The figure below provides a high-level view of our RAPID technology solution that depicts how RAPID can<br />

meet your specific payment processing needs.<br />

Capture and loading of payments<br />

Payment processing, receipt extract<br />

and correspondence processing<br />

RAPID Image archive of payments,<br />

iOocStore<br />

correspondence and documents<br />

,;;:: = ==================.<br />

Customer service, incident management,<br />

outreach and reporting<br />

Dashboards, reporting, data analytics<br />

and quality assurance<br />

Modem platform for developing foreign<br />

system interfaces.<br />

• ============""""'- Employer and participant child support<br />

payment information, FAQs and forms<br />

=<br />

Electronic payments using multiple<br />

hannels and methods<br />

IL_<br />

f" Disbursement of electronic and paper<br />

payments, monthly statements and coupons<br />

RAPID Capture - mailroom component leveraging OPEX single-stage mail-open/image-capture product for converting physical paper into digital envelopes for RAPID <br />

Collections to process.<br />

RAPID Collections - automates the data capture process for all paper-based, electronic funds transfer (EFT) and international EFT/EDI payments, while reducing the<br />

time spent posting and researching payments. The solution is powered by Intelligent Remittance Recognition (IRR), a patented lnformatix business rules engine for<br />

data recognition and decision making.<br />

RAPID iDocStore - archives all (checks, remittances, invoices, correspondence and envelopes (including electronic payments)) scanned images to a repository where<br />

they are indexed and made searchable through robust search capabilities.<br />

RAPID CRM -provides a unified, omnichannel (agent, IVR, email, web, messaging, social media) customer service experience integrating interactive voice response,<br />

customer service calls, and email requests.<br />

RAPID Analytics & Reporting- provides transparency into the operation. It includes standard reports, dynamic dashboards for at-a-glance, real time and history<br />

statistics, and analytics tools for savvy users to perform data analysis and decision making.<br />

RAPID Data Interchange - sophisticated and comprehensive platform for building interfaces to foreign systems and for handling the secure exchange of data<br />

between RAPID and those other systems. It is also capable of 1nteroperating securely with systems that communicate and expose services via Web Service API,<br />

messaging middleware or Enterprise Server Bus.<br />

RAPID Web - public facing web portal that allows participants and employers the ability to perform online self-service actions.<br />

RAPID iPayOnline - web payment application available to custodial parties, non-custodial parents and employers to make child support payments by ACH Debit<br />

(eCheck), credit and debit cards via Web and mobile devices.<br />

RAPID Disbursement - encompasses the entire disbursement process from receipt of the disbursement instructions from the CSE system to the disbursement of<br />

paper and electronic payments.<br />

Our customer service team is a key component to our payment processing operations. With each implementation, our trained customer service team works alongside<br />

the operational team to provide both live agent support and IVR support. We understand and uphold our "Customer First'' culture, constantly striving to provide<br />

courteous and accurate responses to customer inquiries.<br />

In March 2018, lnformatix became the first company in the nat1on to host an SOU operation fully in the cloud with the implementation of RAPID at a production site.<br />

RAPID was deployed in a FedRAMP compliant, government cloud platform, leveraging Amazon Web <strong>Services</strong> (AWS). AWS is DoD SRG, FedRAMP, PCI DSS Level 1 and<br />

SOC 1, 2 and 3 certified. Moreover, it is HIPAA, HITECH and IRS 1075 compliant. The latest AWS SOC reports are downloadable here: https://aws.amazon.com<br />


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