March/April 2023 Alchemical Voice

In this edition, gain some advice on Taking Time Out, Celtic Musings and how you can Manifest using Crystals with Sue Penney, Shaman John Sjovik shares two articles, Memories of Sounds and Who are You. Nasreen Pritchard (winner of our front cover competition) has written an article on Daydreaming. Jeanne Witt's final article on Elemental Magic, sharing her own personal life experience. Julie de Vere Hunt enlightens us with an article on Divine Feminine and The Truth. Our wonderful Angel Therapist Carol Coggan lets us know more messages from the angels. A very important process that we all have to go through in our life 'The Grief Process' - read the deep insights shared by Energy Psychologist Martin Lewis. Richard Pantlin continues with The Mighty River & the Grandmothers. Learn about Archons from Julie Adams. Silvia Siret provides an informative article on Wise Leaders. You can also find courses, retreats and workshops.

In this edition, gain some advice on Taking Time Out, Celtic Musings and how you can Manifest using Crystals with Sue Penney, Shaman John Sjovik shares two articles, Memories of Sounds and Who are You. Nasreen Pritchard (winner of our front cover competition) has written an article on Daydreaming. Jeanne Witt's final article on Elemental Magic, sharing her own personal life experience. Julie de Vere Hunt enlightens us with an article on Divine Feminine and The Truth. Our wonderful Angel Therapist Carol Coggan lets us know more messages from the angels. A very important process that we all have to go through in our life 'The Grief Process' - read the deep insights shared by Energy Psychologist Martin Lewis. Richard Pantlin continues with The Mighty River & the Grandmothers. Learn about Archons from Julie Adams. Silvia Siret provides an informative article on Wise Leaders.
You can also find courses, retreats and workshops.


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<strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2023</strong> - Issue 19<br />

I N A S S O C I A T I O N W I T H L I K E - M I N D E D B U S I N E S S E S<br />




Digital copy FREE<br />

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Memories of Sound<br />

A Shaman's insights<br />




Angelic Messages<br />

and Celtic Musings<br />

THE<br />

GRIEF<br />



| BALANCE<br />

D i g i t a l & p r i n t e d p u b l i c a t i o n - w w w . a l c h e m i c a l v o i c e . c o m

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />

T<br />

H<br />

E<br />

<br />

A<br />

L<br />

C<br />

H<br />

E<br />

M<br />

I<br />

C<br />

A<br />

L<br />

<br />

V<br />

O<br />

I<br />

C<br />

E<br />

<br />

T<br />

E<br />

A<br />

M<br />

Publisher<br />

Chief Editor<br />

Columnist<br />

Marketing Consultant<br />

Jovi Hoonjan<br />

Karam Pentland<br />

John Sjovik<br />

Iain Marshall<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />


A L C H E M I C A L V O I C E<br />

Hello Readers!<br />

I hope you have already been spending the first couple of months working on attracting and<br />

manifesting. I certainly have! It's now time to cultivate your dreams, and start planting the seeds of<br />

your desires!<br />

Life can be described as a winding river meandering along dry land offering interesting twists and<br />

turns as you physically and spiritually grow. No matter how rough and rocky it can get, the river<br />

always finds its way through to the open water. Never give up, always work towards your dreams,<br />

you won't regret it.<br />

Our wise and insightful writers, and advertisers are here to support your journey, so please do get<br />

in touch.<br />

Jovi Hoonjan<br />

Publisher<br />

W H A T ' S I N S I D E<br />

Taking Time Out<br />

Sue Penney<br />

<br />

Celtic Musings<br />

Sue Penney<br />

<br />

Memories of Sound<br />

John Sjovik<br />

<br />

Daydreaming<br />

Nasreen Pritchard<br />

<br />

Manifesting with<br />

Crystals<br />

Sue Penney<br />

5<br />

6<br />

9<br />

10<br />

18<br />

Elemental Magic<br />

Jeanne Witt<br />

<br />

Divine Feminine<br />

Julie de Vere Hunt<br />

<br />

The Truth<br />

Julie de Vere Hunt<br />

<br />

Message from the<br />

Angels<br />

Carol Coggan<br />

<br />

Who are you<br />

John Sjovik<br />

22<br />

24<br />

28<br />

30<br />

36<br />

The Grief Process<br />

Martin Lewis 42<br />

<br />

The Mighty River & the<br />

Grandmothers:<br />

Part 7<br />

Richard Pantlin 42<br />

<br />

Archons<br />

Julie Adams 46<br />

<br />

Wise Leaders<br />

Silvia Siret 54<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />

Poetry that is wonderfully insightful and full of<br />

healing to anyone reading them.<br />

Available on Amazon<br />

www.soulverse.co.uk<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M<br />


OUT<br />

Sue Penney<br />

In these times of mobile phones, emails, social media and<br />

the like, could the feeling of permanent availability actually<br />

harm us?<br />

Do you find it difficult to 'switch off'? Do you feel guilty<br />

for not getting back to people instantly or for limiting your<br />

availability? Does saying the word “No” fill you with<br />

anxiety or dread? Does it sometimes feel as if everyone<br />

wants a piece of you until you feel drained and exhausted?<br />

Feeling like this for a sustained period of time will fuel<br />

overwhelm and eventually lead to burnout.<br />

Remember that you are a<br />

human being and not a machine<br />

Just because someone else feels that their problem or<br />

need is urgent consider whether their issue is urgent to<br />

you at this moment in time before you leap into action?<br />

You deserve to be able to switch off and take time out and<br />

away from the constant demand on your time and energy.<br />

Whether work or family demands, everyone needs to have<br />

downtime, me time, where they unplug themselves from<br />

the chaos of this modern-day world to re-charge and heal<br />

themselves. Just because something is urgent to someone<br />

else, they also need to respect that unless you get your<br />

rest and relaxation you may not be there to sort out their<br />

next problem or issue. Remember that being kind and<br />

treating others as you would like to be treated also applies<br />

to how you treat yourself. So be kind to yourself.<br />

Here are some ideas for ‘me-time’:<br />

have a scented bubble bath<br />

go for a walk,<br />

listen to some music, or<br />

read a book,<br />

and do not feel guilty for giving something to yourself.<br />

By giving yourself this time, you are honouring yourself<br />

and allowing your body and mind to rest to become the<br />

very best version of yourself so that you are in a better<br />

position to take your place back in the chaotic modern<br />

world that we seem to have created.<br />

Sue Penney<br />

Soul Verse<br />

www.soulverse.co.uk<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />


Sue Penney<br />

This year Ostara is celebrated on 20th <strong>March</strong>. Spring is<br />

a time to set things in motion, to plan for the future. We<br />

sow in spring to reap later in the year. It is a time of<br />

fertility and new beginnings. Lambs are born and birds<br />

are building their nests and laying their eggs.<br />

Without looking after ourselves, by eating<br />

properly, getting enough rest and exercise<br />

we will end up being unable to carry out the<br />

duties and tasks that we are driven to<br />

undertake.<br />

Ostara is a sun festival. It is a time to honour the<br />

renewed warmth of the sun and the increased light that<br />

longer days bring us. It is also a celebration that the<br />

earth is awakening again. The themes of this festival are<br />

based on renewal, rebirth, and balance.<br />

Is your life balanced or does this need to be realigned?<br />

With our busy lives we often lose sight of what is<br />

actually important to us and the balance can swing in<br />

favour of duty and tasks rather than what feeds our<br />

souls.<br />

So, stop.<br />

1. If you just have five minutes take some<br />

time to list some of the things that you<br />

want to do, just for you.<br />

2. Get up and make yourself a drink.<br />

Keeping hydrated will help keep your<br />

head clear too. Your brain needs water.<br />

3. If you have 10 minutes, then why not do<br />

a short meditation if you have a quiet<br />

place to do this or wear some<br />

headphones. If there is no noise-free<br />

private space, take some time out to do<br />

some colouring in of a mandala. You can<br />

buy adult colouring books or even print<br />

images off the internet. This is<br />

wonderfully relaxing.<br />

4. Tidy your workspace. It is amazing just<br />

how much difference it makes working in<br />

a tidy space. Cleaning is always a great<br />

occupation for stilling your mind too.<br />

5. If you have 15 minutes, go for a walk,<br />

even if it is just around the block. The<br />

change of scenery and fresh air will help<br />

to switch off your mind for a while.<br />

6. If you have half an hour or longer, run<br />

yourself a bath, just simply relax with<br />

your eyes closed. You could make it a<br />

special ritual, by lighting a lovely candle<br />

or two, lighting an incense stick, setting<br />

an intention to renew your energy and<br />

perhaps even listening to a meditation.<br />


Seed Magic<br />

Planting seeds is a lovely way to celebrate the earths<br />

abundance and fertility. Watching the little seedlings<br />

grow is rewarding too. You can also incorporate your<br />

own personalised seed magic as you do so.<br />

Remember, just visualising on its own will<br />

not make your goal happen. You have to take<br />

action towards achieving your goal too.<br />

1. Before you plant your seeds, hold them in your hand<br />

and think clearly about a goal that you want to<br />

achieve this year. Visualise it clearly in your mind<br />

looking at it through your own eyes as if you had<br />

already achieved it. Say it out loud in the positive<br />

present tense, as if you had achieved it already. For<br />

example: I am so happy that I have my new job<br />

earning £x a year.<br />

2. Plant the seeds carefully, visualising the flowers<br />

growing as you make the steps towards achieving<br />

your goal. For example, filling out the job application,<br />

attending the interview, getting the letter offering<br />

you the job etc.<br />

3. Whenever you water the seeds, imagine yourself<br />

achieving your goal.<br />

4. By the time your flowers are fully grown you should<br />

have achieved your goal.<br />

Sue Penney<br />

Soul Verse<br />

www.soulverse.co.uk<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />

Next course starts on<br />

21st May <strong>2023</strong><br />

This 3-week course (4-hrs a week) based near Basingstoke is<br />

open to anyone who is keen to learn about the shamanic way of<br />

healing<br />

<br />

We will cover<br />

~ shamanic journeying ~<br />

~ connecting to your power animals and guides ~<br />

~ shamanic healing ~<br />

~ remote healing ~<br />

~ sacred prescriptions ~<br />

~ soul retrieval ~<br />

https://www.love2meditate.com/theshamanicway.html<br />



John Sjovik<br />

A friend of mine was born in 1928. She grew up in a<br />

seaside town on the south coast of Sweden. She often<br />

tells me about memories from her childhood in the<br />

1930s. One particular memory is related to sound.<br />

At the time, there was traditional fishing of eel in the<br />

waters along the coastline. The fishermen would drive<br />

wooden poles into the shallow seabed near the beach<br />

and fix platforms to them. Fishermen would stand on<br />

the platforms and shine a light to attract eels and then<br />

use a fish-fork to stab them and pull them up. In later<br />

years, that fishing method was deemed unethical and<br />

was duly banned. However, in the 1930s the tradition<br />

was still very much alive and the steady sound of the<br />

wooden poles being pounded into the seabed travelled<br />

wide and far. My friend clearly remembers the boom,<br />

boom, boom noise that advised her young ears that eel<br />

fishing was about to begin. It meant that the weather<br />

was expected to be calm for the next few days since<br />

that fishing method could not be practised in rough<br />

winds. That particular sound is not only archaic but<br />

completely extinct since 1954, when that fishing<br />

practice was banned. It will soon be completely<br />

forgotten when my friend’s life comes to an end and she<br />

and other people of her generation will no longer be<br />

around to tell us about it.<br />

As for me, I have a very dear and iconic<br />

memory from the 1960s. At the time,<br />

Gothenburg was still an important port, with<br />

lots of cargo ships arriving with goods from<br />

all over the world. By the turn of each year,<br />

there were always ships staying in port for a<br />

few days. On New Year’s Eve, many of those<br />

ships would sound their fog horns when the<br />

clock struck midnight and a new year was<br />

born. My father always opened the window<br />

in our living room and we stood together,<br />

listening to the wall of sound from a great<br />

number of powerful foghorns celebrating the<br />

arrival of the New Year.<br />

There is energy in memories. There is energy<br />

in sound. I fully believe that the sound of eel<br />

fishing lingers by the south coast and the<br />

echo of ships’ fog horns still echo in<br />

Gothenburg. You just need to know how to<br />

listen. A memory of a sound that you loved<br />

and cherished can be very soothing. You can<br />

use it as a trigger to bring back a feeling of<br />

joy from happy times in the past. When my<br />

elderly friend tells me about the sound of<br />

preparation for fishing eel, she always smiles.<br />

Every New Year, I think of the fog horns<br />

sounding all over Gothenburg more than fifty<br />

years ago and my father telling me about his<br />

adventures at sea as a young sailor.<br />

Do you have any memories of sound? Think<br />

about it.<br />

John Sjovik<br />

Shaman Healer<br />

www.shamaqi.com<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />


Nasreen Pritchard<br />

Bring back the daydreamer!<br />

I often think of the young me, who daydreamed on the bus to<br />

and from school. Who loved the GCSE Art room for its time<br />

warp effect that lent its hand to creativity. Oh, the hours spent,<br />

lovingly lost in an A3 art book.<br />

I remember the girl who long before she began a Meditation<br />

journey, simply closed her eyes, and just wandered…<br />

Of course, there is a lot to be seen when we close our eyes. It<br />

can be WONDERfull!<br />

I am still that girl really. I often dream awake.<br />

Nowadays it may look a little different. Its sitting in the garden<br />

with the sun on my face. It’s my walk to work or just lying on the<br />

sofa staring at the ceiling with the dog by my side.<br />

Daydream,<br />

imagine, and<br />

reflect. It’s the<br />

source of infinite<br />

creativity.<br />

~ Deepak Chopra<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />

I am not talking about reliving events or getting trapped in a<br />

worry loop. If this happens then we should bring ourselves back<br />

to a positive image and feel into that.<br />

It is also not to ‘get away’ from things. If anything, it is to<br />

connect us to ourselves more and maybe to what we’d like our<br />

reality to look and feel like.<br />

True Daydreaming is a gift. An opportunity for Insight.<br />

Visualization is<br />

daydreaming<br />

with a purpose.<br />

~ Bo Bennett<br />

After all, what is a Vision Board without a Daydream first…<br />

If we can imagine it, see it in our minds eye and maybe feel it<br />

there too… then surely, as we well know, we can manifest our<br />

dreams into reality.<br />

We are often encouraged to start our day with gratitude or<br />

some self-reflection time and journaling. It sets a ‘tone’ for the<br />

day. Well, what if we could ‘dream’ the day into being? What if<br />

every day had a little vision board of its own. It doesn’t have to<br />

be huge or anything grand. Just a flavour maybe. This isn’t to<br />

say that everything will go as planned or that there won’t be<br />

some challenges. But it makes sense to invite Intention and<br />

vision into our day.<br />

To Imagine our day ahead.<br />

Logic will get you<br />

from A to B.<br />

Imagination will<br />

take you<br />

everywhere.<br />

~ Albert Einstein<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />

Of course, Daydreaming has had a bad rep. It is rare that<br />

‘daydreamer’ is used in a positive context… BUT the science is<br />

out!!<br />

Daydreams can be a form of self-discovery. Helping us think<br />

positively, build self-esteem, understand conflict, and help with<br />

communication and healthy relationships.<br />

Studies have found that Daydreaming has multiple positive<br />

effects on our life.<br />

Nothing happens<br />

unless first a<br />

dream.<br />

~ Carl Sandburg<br />

Lowers stress levels and contributes to better sleep patterns<br />

Improves working memory and Increases creativity AND<br />

productivity.<br />

Opens up space for our ‘Aha’ moments<br />

And most beautifully, Increases empathy and our capacity<br />

for compassion and love.<br />

….Imagine just spending a short time daydreaming to put<br />

ourselves in someone else’s shoes, giving ourselves opportunity<br />

to feel connection and more understanding for others.<br />

Daydreaming can be the source of a new idea. An answer you<br />

were looking for. A poem. A release. A realisation.<br />

Nasreen Pritchard<br />

Movement & Meditation Coach<br />

Based in Farnham<br />

www.flowwithnasreen.co.uk<br />

Flowwithnasreen@gmail.com<br />

07803264457<br />

Before words, before visual representation, before the next<br />

music score… there is a daydream.<br />

A space.<br />

A beautiful space where something can grow.<br />

An explorative state of mind where we are free and safe to<br />

Imagine.<br />

An elegant practice that connects us to our very own soul and to<br />

each other.<br />

So, what do you say?<br />

Can we bring back the Daydreamer…<br />

I am and I hope you will too.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />

Sacred Herbal Prescription<br />

A qualified Chinese Herbal Practitioner,<br />

offering remote herbal prescriptions for a<br />

variety of conditions including emotional,<br />

mental and physical issues.<br />

Through Shamanic Journeying, Zaneta is<br />

guided by 'all-knowing ascended masters' to<br />

receive messages that will help you for your<br />

highest good. Together with Zaneta's<br />

knowledge of Chinese Herbal Medicine, a<br />

personalised sacred prescription is created for<br />

you.<br />

Zaneta Swan<br />

+44 (0)7871 450 281<br />

sacredherbsprescription@gmail.com<br />

Reiki & Light Language healing<br />

Sue Caustick<br />

Light language is a celestial, galactic and angelic language channelled through the soul.<br />

Light language during Reiki treatments provides an even deeper effect on the healing.<br />

Clear blockages in your energy fields<br />

Release stress and anxiety<br />

"Such a beautiful gentle treatment. I felt really<br />

comfortable, safe and totally relaxed in Sue's<br />

hands. I am now a regular!"<br />

Based in Farnborough, Hampshire<br />

Contact: suecaustick@gmail.com<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />

w o n d e r f u l l y a c c u r a t e p s y c h i c r e a d i n g s b y<br />

O r i e l L u x<br />

P s y c h i c r e a d i n g s f o r<br />

h e a l i n g a n d s u p p o r t<br />

contact<br />

oriellux@outlook.com<br />

4<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />



Kinesiology and Shamanic techniques and tools to help<br />

release stress and gain inner wisdom and power<br />

Emotional Stress Release (ESR)<br />

Body Pendulum Divination<br />

Emotional Balancing<br />

Alarm Point Testing<br />

Meridians and their Emotions<br />

Affirmations for Balance<br />

Shaman Drumming Meditations<br />

Movement and Music Balancing<br />

Mandala Activation<br />

Past Life Trauma Healing<br />

Sigil Coding for Transformation<br />

Empowerment Rituals<br />

Location:<br />

Lady Rose Hall<br />

Laverstoke Lane<br />

Laverstoke, Whitchurch<br />

Hampshire<br />

RG287NY<br />

Cost: £475 per person<br />

To book<br />

www.love2meditate.com/<br />

holistic_stress_management.html<br />

Martin Lewis<br />

West Berkshire Kinesiology<br />

kinesiology@hotmail.co.uk<br />

www.appliedmetaphysics.co.uk<br />

Jovi Hoonjan<br />

Love 2 Meditate/Shamanic Joy UK<br />

jovi@love2meditate.com<br />

www.love2meditate.com<br />

Stress Release Made Easy

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />


Love 2 Meditate<br />


This meditation journey is set at 730 LoC (Levels of<br />

Consciousness) the frequency of Enlightenment.<br />

From the Balance series of meditations, this is a<br />

beautiful gentle journey that helps you to enjoy<br />

and connect with the four elements that Mother<br />

Earth is: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. It is also<br />

important to acknowledge the work and energy of<br />

our earth Bees. Bees relate to community and<br />

personal power.<br />

Connecting to these elements and Bees will help<br />

you to connect to Mother Earth, who will help you<br />

with grounding, stabilising and balancing.<br />

To purchase:<br />

www.love2meditate.com/meditations.html<br />

jovi@love2meditate.com<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />

Hi Readers<br />

My name is Emma and I started this beautiful spiritual journey<br />

when I was studying massage in Australia back in 2008. That<br />

bought me right up to where I am now working as a remedial<br />

massage therapist.<br />

I also offer Reiki, Indian head massage, pregnancy massage and<br />

Manual Lymphatic Drainage. I am also very much into crystals,<br />

Shamanic journey work and sacred geometry.<br />

You can find me at Durham House Chiropractic Clinic in both<br />

Fleet, Hampshire and Farnham, Surrey.<br />

You can also book directly on the website. Hope to see you<br />

soon.<br />

Emma Childs<br />

Fleet Clinic: 01252 622050<br />

Farnham Clinic: 01252 725669<br />

http://www.durhamhousechiropractic.co.uk/m/index.htm<br />

Would you like to<br />

receive a<br />

beautifully printed<br />

copy to keep on<br />

your coffee table<br />

so that friends and<br />

family can also be<br />

influenced by ritual<br />

healing.<br />

Scan the QR code<br />

15 17

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />



Sue Penney<br />

Spring the time of fertility and growth – the best time to work on<br />

achieving your goals and manifesting the things that you want in<br />

your life.<br />


There are lots of different types of crystals that we can use to help<br />

us manifest the things that we desire, depending upon what it is that<br />

we are looking to bring forth into our lives. Here is a quick guide to<br />

help you to choose the right crystal and some ways of using crystals<br />

to aid with manifestation.<br />

LOVE<br />

Rose quartz – it has to be, doesn’t it? The gentle, beautiful energy of<br />

this pretty pink stone radiates pure love and helps to calm your heart<br />

and soul. Whether you are looking to attract love into your life or<br />

simply needing help with self-love. This beautiful crystal will never<br />

fail to assist, its love is completely unconditional.<br />

Pink Topaz – this is the crystal you need to attract your soulmate. It<br />

promotes better listening and understanding and encourages<br />

unconditional love and friendship.<br />

Rhodonite – this is the stone for compassion. It clears away the old<br />

emotional baggage from the past and nurtures the soul. It is<br />

grounding and balancing and activates the heart.<br />


Issue 19<br />

HEALTH<br />

Quartz - The universal master healer, clear<br />

quartz is the only crystal that can be<br />

programmed to act in the way of any<br />

other stone that you may require but do<br />

not have. It will also send its healing<br />

energy to the source of the ailment and<br />

where it is needed most.<br />


Green Adventure – Known as the stone<br />

of opportunity, this crystal will work for<br />

you making you aware of steps you can<br />

take to achieve your goals that you have<br />

otherwise missed. It soothes your energy,<br />

transcending stress to a place of calm<br />

helping you to see, act and think more<br />

clearly.<br />

Pyrite – This crystal is a fabulous<br />

protection stone, but it is also ideal for<br />

manifesting abundance, helping to attract<br />

wealth into your world. It also helps to<br />

break through your self-limiting beliefs to<br />

assist you in being able to take the<br />

necessary steps towards achieving your<br />

goals.<br />



Intention-setting – hold the crystal in<br />

your hand while you focus on having<br />

achieved your goal. Close your eyes and<br />

feel the shape and weight of the crystal as<br />

you do so.<br />

Wearing them – once you have help the<br />

crystal whilst setting your intent, you can<br />

then wear the crystal on your person, put<br />

it in a small bag around your neck, put it in<br />

your pocket or, ladies, you can wear it in<br />

your bra.<br />

Placing them in your home – put the<br />

crystal where you will see it every day,<br />

next to your bed, or by the kettle. Perhaps<br />

you could place it on a window sill or<br />

place it under your pillow.

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />

Meditating with them – One step up from using them to<br />

set your intent, you can hold the crystal in your hand<br />

whilst doing a meditation. This will help to acquaint<br />

yourself more deeply with the crystal and incorporate<br />

more of its energy into your own body.<br />

Using them in rituals – Most of the rituals that I do, and<br />

have written about in this magazine, incorporate one or<br />

more crystals. I find that choosing the crystal with the<br />

right energy enhances any ritual that I am doing 10-fold.<br />

Cleanse your crystals - It really is so important to<br />

cleanse the crystals that you are using regularly. They<br />

absorb all of the nasty negative energies that are floating<br />

around in our lives. Cleansing your crystals will remove<br />

any blocked or negative energy and should be done<br />

regularly to ensure that they are at their most pure and<br />

effective.<br />

You can cleanse your crystals by any of the following<br />

methods. Just pick the one that calls to you. It will be the<br />

right one.<br />

run under fresh water<br />

use sound healing tools like tingsha, bells, or a<br />

singing bowl<br />

place in sunlight or moonlight<br />

smudge with incense, sage, or palo santo<br />

place in a bowl of salt<br />

bury in the earth<br />

Sue Penney<br />

Soul Verse<br />

www.soulverse.co.uk<br />


Issue 19

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />


Jeanne Witt<br />

I remember when I was about six, I stayed in the middle of<br />

the countryside surrounded by corn fields in my aunt's old<br />

cottage, so old we had to pump water from the well in the<br />

front garden! On one of my summer visits, my aunt took me<br />

to the next hamlet to see a male witch, to remove warts,<br />

that covered both my hands. I have never forgotten it, but<br />

now I use magic, of a kind, with my work. It started with<br />

using tissues, to transfer the healing energy into which<br />

could be placed into my son's trainers to remove his<br />

verrucas, which worked when all else failed! These tissues<br />

could also be placed under pillows for healing during the<br />

night and inside pet's bedding, My healing was developing<br />

with my guides stronger and stronger.<br />

We were lucky to have a holiday home in a remote and<br />

lovely part of Somerset. It was by the sea, with a natural<br />

waterfall cascading onto the beach, surrounded by wild,<br />

natural, ancient woodland. As lovely as it was, for me it<br />

became, not so lovely! The spirit of the Grey Lady, from the<br />

big house nearby, was following me everywhere. I had<br />

constant nightmares of being hunted down by groups of<br />

people from the ancient harbour around the next bay, with<br />

burning torches, accusing me of witchcraft. I started to see<br />

several of my past lives as a witch, living in Somerset. This<br />

all hung over me, even when I returned home and went<br />

back to work, it was like a very dark shadow that was<br />

growing darker and darker, the more I stayed in Somerset.<br />

Again in Somerset, taps turned on by themselves, and the<br />

smoke alarm would start by itself if I sat underneath it, but<br />

this time I understood it was me. After what had happened<br />

in my home I understood more about myself, and what my<br />

energy attracted.<br />

One evening in 2009, whilst walking our dogs in the woods<br />

in Somerset, I saw a beautiful small green light by a row of<br />

three big old oak trees. As I looked, it was a small being, a<br />

green cloaked man holding a staff. He was so clear, but<br />

again, my husband saw nothing. This time however, I<br />

trusted what I could see. Once home, I wrote to Jenny<br />

Smedley, the angel expert from the magazine Soul & Spirit,<br />

about my experience. To my delight, my email with an<br />

answer, was published! Her advice, and future events with<br />

my healing, was correct.<br />


Since my elemental vision in 2009, my healing completely changed. I started to receive the essence<br />

of tree parts in my hands for the relevant ailments, or conditions, that a client had come to see me<br />

about. All the details matched and were correct when I researched afterwards. What was<br />

happening? I wasn't sure at that time.<br />

Next, the water element came flowing into my life. I had spent many hours alone on the beach in all<br />

seasons, sitting by the waterfall and just being at one with this natural beach. After a weekend away<br />

in November, I started to paint pictures, one after the other, until I stopped at twenty two! They<br />

were all female, some had fish around them, and as I looked into their eyes, I was told they were<br />

mermaids.<br />

It's such an incredible story I experienced with the water elementals, (my blog has all the details).<br />

During their presence, I trained as a crystal therapist and learnt about Reiki, the ancient art of<br />

seashell healing, and more. I'd worked in a school for years and trained as a child counsellor using<br />

the arts. I found the shells and water element particularly successful with autistic children.<br />

I became deeply involved in nature and nature spirits, and I felt very strongly that I had worked this<br />

way before, especially since 2009. I learnt about Wicca but developed my own way of connecting.<br />

My Indian guide "Running Wolf", became stronger and stronger. I have seen fairies in the house, tiny<br />

lights and orbs fluttering with stunning deep purple and blue colours. I sometimes see past life<br />

traumas and events. One of which where a limb, a leg, floated in to be reconnected with my client at<br />

the time.<br />

Now, finally some thirteen years later, (my favourite number) working with the trees, I fully<br />

understand the reason for the bedroom full of dried tree leaves. They were Alder tree leaves, which<br />

once dried were used to be placed inside bedding, to help sufferers with arthritis and painful feet.<br />

My husband, at that time, was just diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis at such a young age, and<br />

he does now suffer from painful feet! The leaves were a gift from the earth's elementals, for me to<br />

heal my husband.<br />

I have learned to work with my house, instead of against it, and I have been healing here for nearly<br />

thirty years now!!<br />

It's latest gift for me this year was ectoplasm on one of the walls, which again helped me. I have<br />

started to see really bright colourful auras when walking our dog..... my journey continues, and I feel<br />

my spiritual journey is not over yet. Not for me, in this HOUSE!<br />

Jeanne's spiritual training includes: SNU trained Spiritual Healer, Reiki<br />

Master Teacher, Shamanic Reiki, Crystal Therapist, M.M.A.N.F Master in<br />

Mantic Arts New Age Foundation, Two articles Spirit & Destiny magazine<br />

<br />

Based in Farnborough.<br />

jeannedewitt@sky.com<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />


Julie de Vere Hunt<br />

Why is Mary Magdalene an<br />

Ambassador to the Divine<br />

Feminine?<br />

The Divine Feminine is an energy that<br />

has been with us since ancient times.<br />

Human consciousness is basically<br />

divided into the ‘masculine’ and the<br />

‘feminine’ sides – we need both to<br />

achieve our highest potential.<br />

The Feminine represents the<br />

connection to the part of our<br />

consciousness responsible for nurture,<br />

intuition, and empathy, irrespective of<br />

gender.<br />

It is the aspect of the self associated<br />

with creation, intuition, community,<br />

sensuality, and collaboration.<br />

The Masculine brings insight,<br />

understanding, awareness, direction<br />

attaining goals, and carrying out the<br />

Divine plan. The Divine aspect is a<br />

connection with a higher source, or<br />

God, through your heart.<br />

We have recently moved from the Age<br />

of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. The<br />

Age of Aquarius is associated with<br />

democracy, freedom, humanitarianism,<br />

idealism and philanthropy.<br />

More specifically, the age of equality<br />

between the Masculine and the<br />

Feminine.<br />

The Age of Aquarius is causing great<br />

turmoil around us as everything<br />

associated with Piscean values is<br />

unravelling; governments, corporations,<br />

and even personal relationships. The<br />

world appears chaotic...<br />

Fortunately, we are not alone... We are<br />

being assisted by ascended masters and<br />

mistresses...<br />

We need to reclaim the<br />

Divine Feminine within us<br />

both for our own spirituality<br />

and for the well-being of our<br />

planet.<br />

Many times before the world has been<br />

through an ecological crisis, and<br />

Mother Earth carries within her the<br />

memories and wisdom we need.<br />

But we need to listen..<br />

It is a state of awareness that is<br />

connected to the wisdom of the heart,<br />

to natural and divine laws, and to a<br />

loving, harmonious, and peaceful life.<br />


But how can we<br />

do this in our<br />

everyday lives?<br />

<br />

Feel your feelings<br />

To fully access Divine Feminine<br />

energy we need to fully feel and<br />

release our feelings without<br />

judgement. Our instinct is to run<br />

away from painful feelings - but they<br />

tend to follow you!<br />

Trust your intuition<br />

Intuition is a gift of the Divine<br />

Feminine. Intuitive impulses come<br />

from the heart, not the mind. They<br />

are often accompanied by signs and<br />

synchronicities in the outside world,<br />

so keep all six senses open to<br />

receive!<br />

Listen to your body<br />

The body knows before the mind<br />

what and who is toxic for you.<br />

Listen to your inner voice<br />

Creating regular times of quiet and<br />

meditation activates Divine Feminine<br />

energy. Our technological advances<br />

have encouraged us to seek answers<br />

from the outside – google, YouTube<br />

etc. We need to go back inside.<br />

Be positive, active and creative<br />

Neuroscience has shown that what we<br />

focus on grows. Focus on the positive<br />

aspects of your life and those of your<br />

colleagues, friends, and family. You will<br />

be amazed how it changes<br />

relationships.<br />

If we change our internal landscape the<br />

outer one will change also.. Synergistic<br />

efforts of the individual will change<br />

collective consciousness.<br />

So what does this have to do<br />

with Mary Magdalene?<br />

Mary Magdalene exemplifies the<br />

Divine Feminine and has been called to<br />

assist us to support this process, the<br />

merging of the opposites, the Divine<br />

Feminine (receiver of Divine<br />

inspiration) alongside the Divine<br />

Masculine (acting out the Divine plan in<br />

the world).<br />

According to the Gnostic gospel, The<br />

Dialogue of the Saviour, Yeshua called<br />

Mary Magdalene ‘The Woman who<br />

knew the All’.<br />

After Yeshua was crucified, she was<br />

steadfast in her faith and comforted<br />

the Apostles. Her spiritual connection<br />

with Yeshua continued beyond his<br />

‘death’, she started an egalitarian<br />

community where she wrote down his<br />

teachings.<br />

She dedicated the rest of her life to<br />

teaching ‘The Way of the Heart’, first in<br />

Egypt and then France.<br />

She has waited almost 2000 years for<br />

us to be sufficiently spiritually evolved<br />

to be able to receive Yeshua’s<br />

teachings.<br />

Now is the time to recognise this<br />

woman for what she was – a true<br />

ambassador to the Divine Feminine.<br />

Julie de Vere Hunt<br />

www.marymagdaleneslegacy.com<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />

Energy healing using crystals<br />

and Reiki<br />

Meryl McArthur<br />

Crystal Cave Healing<br />

Winchester<br />

www.facebook.com/CrystalCaveWinchester<br />


Martin Lewis, West Berkshire Kinesiology<br />

'Variations on a Theme' is 22mins long piece<br />

of music that works on your 11th chakra -<br />

Pathwork to the Soul.<br />

The eleventh chakra is your ability to<br />

acquire advanced spiritual skills (travel<br />

beyond the limits of time and space,<br />

teleportation, bi-location, instantaneous<br />

precipitation of thoughts and telekinesis).<br />

The eleventh chakra is the spiritual library<br />

of the individual, containing all that he or<br />

she will need to operate as a divine human<br />

being. Work on this chakra is much like a<br />

librarian in a library, putting things in order<br />

but not changing anything that is found.<br />

www.love2meditate.com/consiousness-music<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />


balancing vibrational energies<br />

Helping you to<br />

release the past<br />

change belief systems<br />

feel more complete<br />

bring yourself into alignment<br />

We visit past lives that could be the<br />

source of a current issue.<br />

We clear emotional and physical pains<br />

carried over from many lifetimes.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />


Julie de Vere Hunt<br />

You may be wondering how I got involved with the<br />

Andromedeans?<br />

Trust me, I wasn’t looking for them…<br />

They came into my life when I started writing about Mary<br />

Magdalene in 2018.<br />

A series of synchronistic events led me to research and<br />

write three books on Mary Magdalene (see<br />

www.marymagdaleneslegacy.com )<br />

I was seeking the Universal Truth and in the process<br />

working on my HSD.<br />

A Kinesiologist has tested the Level of Truth of ‘Mary<br />

Magdalene’s Legacy’ and ‘Mary Magdalene’s Final Legacy’<br />

on Hawkin’s scale and they both score +700.<br />

Well, the Andromedeans didn’t like this at all… Fortunately,<br />

I saw the Kinesiologist regularly, who was able to rebalance<br />

me and protect me with symbols, affirmations, crystals,<br />

mudras, acupressure and nutritional support.<br />

I have kept notes on all my sessions over the last five years<br />

and there really is a book behind the three books! If the<br />

series of events hadn’t actually happened to me I would<br />

struggle to believe it! So I can understand a reader’s<br />

scepticism.<br />

I discovered the Gnostics when I was researching the first<br />

book, ‘Apostle to Mary Magdalene’ and I have been<br />

studying them for the last three years. They are available to<br />

read free online at www.gnosis.org.<br />

An earthenware jar containing 13 papyrus books bound in<br />

leather was discovered in the Egyptian desert by three Arab<br />

peasants in 1945.<br />

Written in Coptic (ancient Egyptian) they would<br />

become known as the codices of the Nag<br />

Hammadi Library, a collection of early Christian<br />

and Gnostic texts.<br />

The Nag Hammadi texts, and others like them,<br />

were denounced as heresy by orthodox<br />

Christians in the middle of the second century.<br />

Possession of such books was made a criminal<br />

offence and copies of such books were burned<br />

and destroyed. It is thought the Nag Hammadi<br />

texts were buried by monks from a nearby<br />

monastery in the 4th century.<br />

These texts range from secret gospels, poems<br />

and descriptions of the origin of the universe, to<br />

myths, magic and instructions for mystical<br />

practice.<br />


The most well-known texts are the<br />

Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Philip,<br />

and the Secret Book of John.<br />

There are frequent references to Mary<br />

Magdalene; in the Dialogue of the<br />

Saviour Jesus calls Mary “the woman<br />

who knew the All.”<br />

<br />

Saviour Jesus calls<br />

Mary “the woman<br />

who knew the All.”<br />

<br />

The Gospel of Mary was found earlier<br />

than and therefore not part of the Nag<br />

Hammadi Library, discovered in 1896<br />

near Achmim.<br />

In this text Mary Magdalene is<br />

portrayed as an enlightened spiritual<br />

leader who was the embodiment of<br />

Wisdom and the Sacred Feminine, as<br />

well as a conduit for the secret<br />

teachings of Jesus. Sadly, only eight<br />

pages of the ‘Gospel of Mary’ have<br />

survived, as pages 1-6 and 11-14 are<br />

missing, but we still see a very different<br />

picture of Mary Magdalene than than<br />

portrayed by the New Testament.<br />

It represents a radical interpretation of<br />

Yeshua’s teachings as a path to inner<br />

spiritual knowledge and challenges our<br />

romantic view of harmony within the first<br />

Christian groups.<br />

More significantly, we see Mary<br />

Magdalene not as a weeping submissive<br />

woman, but a strong, stable spiritual<br />

leader who, because of her understanding<br />

was privy to Yeshua’s teachings. As the<br />

first six pages are missing, the gospel<br />

opens in the middle of a post- resurrection<br />

appearance by Yeshua (referred to as the<br />

Saviour) to his disciples in which he<br />

answers their questions and offers a<br />

farewell discourse before commissioning<br />

them to go out to preach the gospel of the<br />

kingdom.<br />

But the disciples do not go out joyfully to<br />

preach the gospel; instead controversy<br />

erupts. All the disciples except Mary have<br />

failed to understand the Saviour’s<br />

teachings. Inner peace is nowhere to be<br />

found – they are distraught and frightened<br />

that preaching the gospel may result in<br />

them suffering the same agonizing fate.<br />

Mary steps in and comforts them and Peter<br />

asks Mary to recount teaching unknown to<br />

them that she had received in a vision. She<br />

agrees and tells them about the rise of the<br />

soul past the powers of Darkness, Ignorance,<br />

Desire and Wrath, who seek to keep the<br />

soul trapped in the world and ignorant of its<br />

true spiritual nature.<br />

When she is finished, she stands in silence,<br />

imitating the soul at rest. But the peace is<br />

disturbed by Andrew questioning the<br />

‘strangeness’ of her teaching. Peter<br />

challenges whether Yeshua would give<br />

private instruction to a woman, thus<br />

showing he actually preferred her to the<br />

other disciples.<br />

Mary begins to cry at Peter’s accusation.<br />

Levi comes quickly to her defence,<br />

reminding Peter he is a notorious hot-head<br />

and now he was treating Mary as the enemy.<br />

He admonishes them instead to do as the<br />

Saviour instructed them and go out to<br />

preach the gospel. The story ends here but<br />

the controversy is far from over. Andrew<br />

and Peter have not understood the Saviour’s<br />

teaching and are offended by Yeshua’s<br />

apparent preference of a woman over them.<br />

The Kinesiologist tested me in<br />

his clinic and it appears that<br />

Peter (and his brother James)<br />

were Andromedeans – this<br />

explains his problem with<br />

Mary Magdalene. Remember<br />

the A’s have been around<br />

since 9,000 BC so it is hardly<br />

surprising!<br />

Peter becomes the head of the<br />

Orthodox Church as Bishop of<br />

Rome. But it was the Romans<br />

who changed the face of<br />

Christianity – one man had a<br />

particular influence at the<br />

Council of Nicea in 325 –<br />

Emperor Constantine. Guess<br />

what? – all Romans were<br />

Andromedeans.<br />

The Andromedeans want to<br />

suppress the divine feminine;<br />

Peter founded the church and<br />

it became patriarchal.<br />

https://andromedaeffect.<br />

uk/2022/07/26/94/<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />


Transformational Life Coach<br />


In asking the Angels what they want me to write. I was guided to draw these cards from the Angels of<br />

Abundance deck of oracle cards.<br />

God is your Source<br />

Whether you call Source, God, Infinite intelligence, the<br />

Universe – this highlights that everything is supplied by the<br />

Infinite. There is no lack, but plenty for all to share.<br />

When you worry about where your income is to come from,<br />

you are blocking your flow of abundance. Focus on the Infinite.<br />

Tell God whatever is worrying you and hand it over. You can<br />

ask Archangel Sandalphon to help here as he is the Archangel<br />

who takes our prayers/requests to God. Remember all prayers<br />

are answered.<br />

. . . This leads to the next card<br />

Gratitude List<br />

Feeling gratitude for what you already have helps you keep<br />

centred in your heart rather than the worries of your mind. If<br />

you are worrying the negative energies will attract more<br />

problems.<br />

By focusing on the positives in your life, the Universe will take<br />

note and you will attract more of what you are grateful for.<br />

Perhaps you could create a gratitude list daily, or name five<br />

things you are most grateful for as you go to sleep. It is all<br />

positive energy.<br />


It is Safe for you to Receive<br />

Are you keeping your heart open and allowing yourself to<br />

receive? If you are focused on your worries, then you are<br />

blocking yourself from the flow of abundance. Once you have<br />

asked/prayed then know your prayers will be answered. Do<br />

not worry about the “how“, leave that to God.<br />

There are many ways that God can answer our prayers for<br />

the best for everyone involved. So often we assume as<br />

humans, we know best but obviously do not see the whole<br />

picture.<br />

This card suggests “let go and let God“ and so we signal our<br />

trust in our Divine Creator. We will be open to receive and<br />

showered with bountiful gifts and blessings.<br />

Deservingness<br />

This is a reminder that you “deserve“ abundance in your life.<br />

The Angels want you to know that you are a unique child of<br />

God and will be provided for. The Universe and Angels do<br />

not provide us with wealth to just hoard in our bank<br />

accounts, but to use to support ourselves while we work on<br />

our life purpose. Many people feel trapped in employment<br />

they do not enjoy.<br />

This card enables you to affirm you deserve to receive<br />

abundance, as you will use it for yourself and the greater<br />

good.<br />

Affirm to yourself that you are worthy of the same goodness<br />

and opportunities as everyone else, and this releases the<br />

feelings of undeservingness. Acknowledging the abundance<br />

you have will realign your energy to receive blessings in your<br />

current situation (this works with the gratitude list).<br />

So if you put all these together, know that the Infinite is<br />

your Source, and ask Source for help. Focus on what you are<br />

grateful for and you will attract more of the same. Be ready<br />

to receive it, in whatever form and know that you are<br />

worthy to receive it.<br />


In four affirmations:<br />

I trust Source<br />

I am Grateful<br />

I Receive with thanks<br />

I am Worthy and Deserve abundance<br />

Your Angels, Archangels are always with you, giving you loving<br />

guidance.<br />

If you want further help/support in transforming your thinking/life<br />

then contact me. Love and blessings from the Angels.<br />

www.carolcoggan.co.uk<br />

hello@carolcoggan.co.uk<br />

+44 (0)781 806 5514<br />

Based in Guildford, Surrey<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />


Love 2 Meditate<br />


Music by Energy Psychologist Martin Lewis, guided words by Shamanic Alchemist Jovi Hoonjan<br />

The Sleep Planetarium has an Attractor Frequency of 733 LoC (Levels of Consciousness) which is<br />

equivalent to Enlightenment and works on relaxing the 'hypothalamic fight or flight emotions'<br />

which are related to fear and rage.<br />

Our meditation works on stage 3 of your sleep process when your brain slows down to delta<br />

waves. Stage 3 normally only lasts 20% of your whole sleep time and it is when the restoration<br />

and rebuilding occur.<br />

To purchase:<br />

www.love2meditate.com/meditations.html<br />

jovi@love2meditate.com<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />


Based in Guildford & S.W. Surrey, we have over 20<br />

years’ experience of supporting peoples’ wellbeing<br />

for body, mind & spirit; and we are here to enhance<br />

and support this. We are a not-for-profit<br />

community group.<br />

Below is information on our activities, contact us to<br />

join our mailing list so you can get priority access to<br />

book into sessions.<br />

Get in touch<br />

info@edenpeople.org.uk<br />

www.edenpeople.org.uk<br />

https://linktr.ee/EdenPeople<br />

FB: @eden.people.uk<br />

Twitter: @edenpeople<br />

Body Blessing & Positive Postures Sessions<br />

This is a physical, spiritual, and emotional activity that<br />

connects body, mind and spirit. It centres on who we<br />

are, how we are and where we are in the present<br />

moment. Spoken positive words about & over areas of<br />

the physical body encourage the participant to<br />

understand their uniqueness and the importance of<br />

their body.<br />

As we move or create a stance or position during the<br />

session the person connects inwardly (spiritually &<br />

emotionally) to the outward physical; and this can<br />

bring about new thought or feeling from the<br />

participant regarding themselves, others and the<br />

world.<br />

Designed to support your mental health, physical<br />

health, spirituality, wellbeing and positive thinking<br />

towards self, others and the planet<br />


LifeWalks Sessions<br />

This is a physical, spiritual, and emotional walking activity that<br />

connects body, mind and spirit. As we engage with the<br />

‘outdoor space’ around us we can sense, learn, receive, and<br />

understand more about ourselves, the world around us<br />

physically, spiritually, and emotionally. It centres on who we<br />

are, how we are and where we are in the present moment.<br />

As we walk, talk, think, rest, breathe during the session the<br />

person connects inwardly (spiritually & emotionally) to the<br />

outward physical; and this can bring about new thought or<br />

feeling from the participant regarding themselves, others and<br />

the world.<br />

Designed to support your mental health, physical health,<br />

spirituality, wellbeing and positive thinking towards self,<br />

others, and the planet<br />

Life Peace Meditation Sessions<br />

These meditation sessions are shaped to<br />

help participants rest, relax, and find new<br />

depths of peace for the mind, body and<br />

spirit.Good for those who may have<br />

anxiety, restlessness, negative feelings,<br />

lack of motivation or self-worth.<br />

Differing Meditational activities focus on<br />

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imagination, use of the senses and tactile<br />

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<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />


John Sjovik<br />

With water dripping from my chin, I raised my<br />

newly washed face from the sink and met my<br />

own reflection in the bathroom mirror. I heard<br />

myself ask the question “Who on Earth are you,<br />

John?”<br />

Disregarding the cheesy style of that<br />

introduction, this is actually an important<br />

question.<br />

“Who are you?” is a question whose answer can<br />

be pursued on many levels. If you repeat it to<br />

yourself time and time again, you have to dig<br />

ever deeper within your subconscious and even<br />

unconscious. Your answers will shift from the<br />

physical to the metaphysical, from the common<br />

to the esoteric. Who you are is much more<br />

profound than what meets the eye and what<br />

first (or even second) impression you give.<br />

There are many theories and studies about The<br />

Ego, the Id, and other variations of “who you<br />

are”. If you do a search on those concepts you<br />

will find theories by such icons as Sigmund<br />

Freud and Carl Jung. Eastern religions and<br />

philosophies talk about Ego and even Ego Death.<br />

The idea of who you are, how you relate to<br />

other people, and indeed how you relate to<br />

yourself has fascinated people since the<br />

beginning of time.<br />

Different roles<br />

I have always been intrigued by the different roles we play. Imagine being in a job interview and you are<br />

asked to talk a little about yourself. Then imagine being on a date and you are asked the same thing. The<br />

answers you give will be completely different. Or at least I hope so! Yet, they relate to the one and same<br />

individual.<br />

We are our bodies, our minds, our egos, our dreams and wishes. We are the aspects of our spirits, the<br />

shadows we cast on a wall. We are the creator of footsteps, yet we often walk in those made by others.<br />


We are parents and grandparents. We are husbands, wives and partners. We are children, siblings<br />

and cousins. We are friends, team-mates and colleagues. And we are just ourselves. Yet, that last<br />

role is often forgotten even though it may well be the most important of all.<br />

I firmly believe that losing focus on yourself, not paying attention to the human being you inhabit or<br />

setting aside time just for you can cause loneliness, depression and even illness. It is not about being a<br />

narcissist but to acknowledge that you have value in your own right. Your value is not depending on<br />

your job title, the family you belong to or what friends you have.<br />


Yet, unless you live on a deserted island, you<br />

will belong to some kind of community,<br />

surrounded by other people, your family,<br />

neighbours and strangers. There will be a set of<br />

rules and regulations, of habits and expected<br />

behaviour. As a consequence, people will have<br />

an opinion of you, of who you are.<br />

In some personality tests, there are often<br />

versions of these two questions: 'How do you<br />

see yourself?' and 'How do you think other<br />

people see you?' The perception of the self is<br />

of great interest and importance to many<br />

people, particularly in Western society.<br />

The understanding of who you are is partly an<br />

aspect of culture. Many years ago, I moved<br />

overseas for work.<br />

Shortly after arrival, I joined a workshop on<br />

Cultural Awareness.<br />

I was amazed by the difference between my<br />

own cultural background and the one I was<br />

going to live in the coming years, especially<br />

concerning the relation between the self and the<br />

group.<br />

The understanding of who you are and indeed<br />

the answer to the question in the title of this<br />

article can vary quite considerably from one<br />

cultural setting to another. It is important to<br />

understand that, especially when you spend time<br />

with people who are steeped in cultures<br />

different from your own.<br />

In some cultures, the individual is placed in the<br />

centre and all other people and groups are<br />

around that focal point. In other cultures, the<br />

positions can be quite different, with family,<br />

tribe or community in the centre and the<br />

individual on the outside. The multicultural<br />

aspect of the global community is an advantage<br />

but can also be a challenge. It requires humility,<br />

respect and understanding.

You as a verb<br />

Try different emphasis on the words. There is a<br />

difference between 'WHO are you?', 'who ARE<br />

you?' and 'who are YOU?' Play with those three<br />

different versions and see what answers come<br />

to you.<br />

The question 'who ARE you?' is especially<br />

interesting. 'Are' is a verb, with the infinitive<br />

'be', 'to be'. A verb indicates motion. So the<br />

question 'who ARE you?' suggests a focus on<br />

you as a movement rather than as a being. The<br />

focus shifts from the stillness of a body to the<br />

action of a being, from the stationary to the<br />

moving. There is a transitory aspect to you.<br />

From one moment to the next, you do not<br />

remain the same person. Your senses<br />

constantly process impressions and your<br />

understanding of the world changes from one<br />

moment to the next. Everything is energy and<br />

there is a continuously ongoing energetic<br />

exchange between you and your surroundings,<br />

the planet, and even with the Cosmos.<br />

Even the cells of your physical body change.<br />

They develop as well as regress with every<br />

breath you take. Life is never completely still.<br />

Neither are you.<br />

It is said that the cells in your body have<br />

completely replaced themselves every seven<br />

years and there is a new version of you. Does<br />

that warrant a repetition of the question “who<br />

are you”? If the definition of You is reduced to<br />

your body, then yes, maybe it does.<br />

What about your soul? In many religious and<br />

spiritual teachings, the human soul is said to go<br />

through a process of development and<br />

refinement. Part of that process may be<br />

incarnations, where you learn from each life you<br />

live and from the periods in between, when you<br />

are pure soul or essence.<br />

Finding the answer<br />

So who are you then? I mean, apart from bone,<br />

muscle and tissue?<br />


In 1957, Ingmar Bergman directed the<br />

masterpiece “The Seventh Seal”. There is a<br />

scene in that film where a knight looks at his<br />

hand and speaks these words: “This is my hand.<br />

I can move it, blood is pulsating in it. The Sun is<br />

still standing high in the sky and I, Antonius Block,<br />

am playing chess with Death”<br />

That is a powerful statement by the knight, not<br />

only of being alive but also of being someone<br />

strong and resourceful enough to be able to<br />

play chess with Death, with his own life in the<br />

balance. It is a statement of who he, Antonius<br />

Block, is in that moment.<br />

Fortunately, you do not have to enter into a<br />

game of chess with Death, in order to feel alive<br />

and to sense who you are.<br />

As I see it, true insight is best attained by not<br />

deliberately seeking it. Challenging issues are<br />

often best resolved by approaching them in a<br />

roundabout way rather than straight on.<br />

40<br />

An image can be better appreciated by directing<br />

your relaxed gaze next to it. Answers will come<br />

to you only if you avoid seeking them. And<br />

remember that a good question is always better<br />

than an answer, regardless of how good the<br />

answer may sound.<br />

A good way to gain insight and awareness is to<br />

visit nature. You may feel drawn to the sea, a<br />

lake or a forest. Go to where you feel is home<br />

for you. Wet your feet, touch a tree, smell the<br />

ground. Allow nature to embrace you and speak<br />

to you. Open yourself to the wisdom of the<br />

place in that moment and allow time for you to<br />

just be without thinking or analyzing too much.<br />

Gradually you will become aware of a feeling of<br />

calm. Your heartbeat will relax. Your senses will<br />

be more acute. Time will slow down. If you avoid<br />

listening too keenly, your inner ear will begin to<br />

pick up the whisper of nature speaking to you.<br />

There will be a moment of true self awareness<br />

when you will feel who you are and how you<br />

relate to Mother Earth and the great mystery of<br />

existence. Hold on to that moment and preserve<br />

it in your heart.

Gradually you will become aware of a feeling of calm. Your heartbeat will relax. Your senses will be<br />

more acute. Time will slow down. If you avoid listening too keenly, your inner ear will begin to pick<br />

up the whisper of nature speaking to you. There will be a moment of true self awareness when you<br />

will feel who you are and how you relate to Mother Earth and the great mystery of existence. Hold<br />

on to that moment and preserve it in your heart.<br />

The YOU who are you<br />

Continues your journey through the great mystery<br />

As you traverse the ever undulating web of the ancient Norns<br />

Take a sip from the well of Urd and climb the mighty Yggdrasil<br />

Fate, Future and Present all intertwine and when least you know it,<br />

One will have changed places with another<br />

The YOU who are you<br />

Will remain who you are<br />

As the past meets the future<br />

And the mirror reflects your shadow<br />

Cast off that which is of the moment<br />

Sieve off the grime to find that of golden<br />

Create your own alchemy<br />

And return to the YOU<br />

The YOU who you are<br />

Is not of the moment<br />

Look beyond the shore<br />

And discover the ocean<br />

John Sjovik<br />

Shaman Healer<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />


Martin Lewis<br />

The grief process can be shown as a diagrammatical<br />

representation of a persons orientation when loss is<br />

experienced. When a person is in the grief process,<br />

and is unable (or unwilling) to move through it, this<br />

process is often used to explain ‘where one is stuck’<br />

in their healing journey.<br />

Human beings tend to see loss and therefore death<br />

as ‘an end’ of something, when in fact it is not.<br />

We tend to oscillate between loss orientated<br />

behaviour and restoration orientated behaviour, as<br />

we try to come to terms with the loss. For some this<br />

can be a lifelong issue, unless it is attended to.<br />

This oscillation can be seen (for example) in the<br />

medical profession where human life is ranked<br />

above anything else and huge sums of money are<br />

spent trying to prolong it.<br />

There is no acceptance of loss, no ‘letting go’, just<br />

the enormous amount of effort expended to<br />

suspend the inevitable. It is this influence that<br />

creates grief, and the other relevant feelings that<br />

accompany it.<br />

This influence can affect a persons attitude<br />

towards themselves (and others) and their own<br />

psychological function.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />

In spiritual terms death and loss do not exist, and as a<br />

result therefore grief is not required, as there is<br />

nothing to grieve about.<br />

The consciousness music journey called SnowFall<br />

contains ‘resonant frequencies - specifically 73.42Hz<br />

(note D2)’ that helps align you with Universal Truth -<br />

in this case that we are spiritual beings having a<br />

human experience.<br />

73.42 Hz empowers the Svadhishthana, the Sacral<br />

Chakra - literally the ‘dwelling place of the Self’.<br />

When the Sacral Chakra is imbalanced, it can make<br />

you feel emotionally and physically weak. Depression,<br />

being overly sensitive, and anxiety can all be signs of<br />

disturbed energy in this chakra. The fear of losing<br />

control in a relationship, and compulsive or obsessive<br />

behaviour is a sign of an unbalanced Sacral Chakra.<br />

It also affects the connection to physical things -<br />

which it is why it is so important to balance this<br />

chakra when loss is experienced. This energy assists<br />

in letting go, accepting change, and the acceptance<br />

of transformation in life.<br />

The sacral chakra benefits also from the colour<br />

orange, the colour of governance and acceptance of<br />

your own power, and this induces creativity and<br />

stimulates movement towards a healthier outcome.<br />

​This is not about denying that grief is not felt. It is to<br />

help align with Universal Truth, and supersede<br />

oscillatory behaviour, so you can move through the<br />

grief process with the knowledge and understanding<br />

that is needed to resolve the trauma and enable<br />

letting go.<br />


To purchase:<br />

https://www.love2meditate.com<br />

/store/p99/snowfall.html<br />


www.appliedmetaphysics.co.uk<br />

kinesiology@hotmail.co.uk<br />

+44 (0)7968 740550<br />

Newbury, Berkshire

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />


In the coming editions of <strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> we will<br />

cover the following chapters of the full story for our<br />

present times from tens of thousands of years ago<br />

Part 1: Walking (May/June 2022)<br />

Part 2: The mighty river (May/June 2022)<br />

Part 3: “The gods are playing with us” (July/August 2022)<br />

Part 4: Our Medicine Man speaks (Sept/Oct 2022)<br />

Part 5: The Eagle calls (Nov/Dec 2022)<br />

Part 6: “For the sakes of our children’s children’s children” (Jan/Feb <strong>2023</strong>)<br />

Part 7: The sticks for the Grandmothers (this edition)<br />

Part 8: Gogogama speaks<br />


These stories originated in a past life experience<br />

Kwekwe is an inspired leader and time spirit. He is leading us, his people, along the coast to where<br />

he believes the Sun God will be turning to our left when rising out of the sea instead of to our right.<br />

We reached a wide, mighty river with many small islands. We could not even see the other side of<br />

the estuary and decided to make camp. A group of elders designated one island with glee-glee trees<br />

and scrum-scum bushes as our sacred meeting place.<br />

Our medicine man Oo-oo-warawara has told the elders how animal spirits showed him that the tribe<br />

must climb high rocks upstream to find a crossing before a forest fire engulfs their side of the river.<br />

The strong men will carry the children up the rocks. They will not be able to carry all the old<br />

grandmothers and grandfathers.<br />

I, Ririjojo, am organizing the tribe to depart. I have come to discuss with grandmother Gogogama<br />

what must be done and what that means for the grandmothers and the grandfathers.<br />


I am looking at the ground.<br />

When I look up, Gogogama is looking upon me, clear-eyed and loving.<br />

“Please tell the other grandmothers to come here with me, to this our sacred island. I will welcome them.”<br />

She staggers to her feet and raises herself to her full height, spindly arms by her side.<br />

“Go now, Ririjojo, and make haste. You have been chosen today to do this work for our tribe. You will do it<br />

well. For the spirits of our ancestors, for the spirits that we will become and for our children’s children’s<br />

children. Ashay!”<br />

“Ashay.” I reply.<br />


Her words give me strength.<br />

Strength enough to hold the sadnesses that are coming.<br />

I start for the other islands to speak with all the old<br />

grandmothers and the grandfathers.<br />

And then I spot Oo-oo-warawara. He is pushing a line<br />

of small sticks into the sand of the beach of this, the<br />

sacred island that he has guarded, all along the far side<br />

from the mainland.<br />

I go up to him with a question on my face.<br />

“Good morning, brother. Yes, I have slept safe thank you.”<br />

He sees that my question face remains.<br />

“Nnghe, nnghe,” he moans and spits out some fragments<br />

of leaf.<br />

“These sticks are for the water.<br />

I dreamed last night about the rainy season.<br />

I saw the river rising.<br />

These sticks are to keep out the rising floods that I saw<br />

coming.<br />

For our sacred island.<br />

And for the grandmothers.”<br />

His voice trails off.<br />

I leave him to his work.<br />

What will happen to Gogogama and the other<br />

grandmothers and the grandfathers?<br />

Find out what happens in the concluding part “Gogogama<br />

speaks” in May/June edition of <strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong>!<br />

Richard Pantlin is the founder of CareStellations, constellations coaching<br />

with an African twist at a price you can afford.<br />

His CareStellations approach is infused with many years experience of a<br />

variety of healing modalities as well as 14 years of working with traditional<br />

healers in Zimbabwe.<br />

He has had a long career in commercial organisations, social care, and the<br />

NHS including running his own business.<br />

Rich is offering Holistic Business and Life coaching - particularly to small and<br />

medium-sized business owner / directors.<br />

rich@richardpantlin.com | www.richardpantlin.com

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />


Julie Adams<br />

Archon/Andromedean/Humanity Drama<br />

Triangle<br />

Humanity appears to be in a type of ‘drama triangle’ with<br />

Andromedeans and Archons with each ‘player’ acting out<br />

different roles with one another. Humanity is the only<br />

player who doesn’t know the rules…<br />

The Drama Triangle is a psycho-social state, first proposed<br />

by Stephen Karpman, which models the connection<br />

between personal responsibility and power in conflicts, and<br />

the destructive and shifting roles people play. He defined<br />

three roles in conflict: Victim, Rescuer and Persecutor.<br />

Karpman placed these three roles on an inverted triangle<br />

and referred to them as the ‘three faces of drama’.<br />

The Victim<br />

The victim’s stance is ‘Poor me’. The victim feels<br />

victimized, oppressed, helpless, hopeless,<br />

powerless, ashamed, unable to make decisions,<br />

solve problems, take pleasure in life, or achieve<br />

insight. The victim, if not being persecuted, will<br />

seek out a Persecutor and also a Rescuer who<br />

will save the day but also perpetuate the<br />

Victim’s powerlessness.<br />

The Rescuer<br />

The Rescuer’s approach is ‘Let me help you’. A<br />

classic enabler, the Rescuer feels guilty if they<br />

don’t go to the rescue; however their rescuing<br />

keeps the Victim dependent on them. Rescuers<br />

need to be needed. Therapists of all types are<br />

classic rescuers. When they focus their energy<br />

on someone else, it enables them to ignore their<br />

own anxiety and issues.<br />

Persecutor<br />

Rescuer<br />

The rescue role is also pivotal because their<br />

actual primary interest is really an avoidance of<br />

their own problems disguised as concern for the<br />

victim’s needs.<br />

Victim<br />

The Persecutor<br />

Persecutors insist ‘It’s all your fault.’ The<br />

Persecutor is controlling, blaming, critical,<br />

oppressive, angry, authoritarian, rigid, and<br />

superior. Narcissists are classic persecutors.<br />

They cannot be seen to be at fault, and will stop<br />

at nothing to foist guilt on the victim.<br />

These positions are not usually fixed and this<br />

model of psychotherapy is used in clinics<br />

throughout the world.<br />


However, in our scenario it appears Humanity is being kept<br />

in the Victim’s role, whilst the Andromedeans and Archons<br />

play out the Rescuer/Persecutor roles, with the Archons<br />

and Andromedeans involved in a power play over humanity.<br />

Archons manipulate humanity using our ‘leaders’, who tell<br />

us what to do and how to behave. They work through<br />

telepathy and suggestion, attempting to hinder our Higher<br />

Self Development (HSD). Their most successful technique is<br />

to use religious ideology as a form of control.<br />

<br />

Yaldabaoth – Yaweh Sebaoth – Jehovah<br />

According to the Gnostics, Judeo-Christian Salvationism is<br />

an Archon ploy. The chief of the Archons, Lord Archon or<br />

Demiurge is known as Yaldabaoth (pronounced Yal-da-buyoth).<br />

He is frequently depicted as having the face of a lion<br />

and the body of a serpent with a ‘fiery’ nature.<br />

In the Old Testament the name Yahweh Sebaoth occurs<br />

276 times as the title of the ‘father god’ of the Hebrews. It<br />

appears that Yaldabaoth is simply a variant of Jehovah.<br />

When Gnostics expressed their views on the identity of<br />

Jehovah to devout Jews, and to Christians who also revered<br />

the Jewish ‘father god’, they were not well received!<br />

Corruption and Evil<br />

Jacques Lacarriere, a French writer, studied Hindu<br />

philosophy and was a prominent critic, journalist and<br />

essayist. He suggested that Gnostics recognized,<br />

‘The fundamentally corrupt character of all human enterprises<br />

and institutions: time, history, powers, states, religions, races<br />

and nations.’<br />

The Gnostics believed the Archons exploit our tendency to<br />

let our mistakes go uncorrected. But when human error<br />

goes uncorrected it can turn into evil and work against the<br />

universal plan of life.<br />

Lacarriere also suggested that corruption occurs due to<br />

these uncorrected errors;<br />

‘The errors we make go uncorrected and go beyond the scale of<br />

correction. All power is a source of alienation…all institutions,<br />

laws religions, churches and powers are nothing but a sham,<br />

the perpetuation of an age-old deception.’<br />


We are living in an Archon ‘alien-nation’, kept apart from<br />

the true God (our higher self). The task we face is to<br />

reconnect through spiritual enlightenment.<br />

The gnostic text The Secret Book of John describes an<br />

Archon as ‘a dragon with a lion’s head and eyes flashing light<br />

bolts’.<br />

Other gnostic texts say Archons can take two forms;<br />

embryonic (Greys of modern UFO lore) or drakonic, a<br />

reptilian type, which can possess the bodies of human<br />

beings.<br />

The Serpent Power<br />

To Gnostics, the lion-headed serpent crowned with solar<br />

rays was not only the image of the Lord Archon, but also of<br />

the source of spiritual power that allows human beings to<br />

resist that entity. The lion-serpent image was represented<br />

on Gnostic amulets to ward off Archonic influence.<br />

Gnostics regards the serpent as a spiritual ally to humanity.<br />

In the Gnostic version of the Garden of Eden, Kundalini<br />

was the ‘messenger of salvation’.<br />

In Asian mysticism and Yoga, this reptile is known as<br />

Kundalini, the serpent power. Gnostics who practised<br />

Kundalini yoga were called Ophites, from the Greek ophis,<br />

which means ‘snake’. The Ophites were condemned by<br />

early Christians as pagan ‘snake-worshippers!’<br />

Arousal of Kundalini produces ecstasy, triggers super<br />

consciousness, opens the ‘occult’ faculties, and releases<br />

waves of healing energy that flush physiological and<br />

hormonal secretions through the body.<br />

Arousal of Kundalini produces orgasm, the sudden<br />

discharge of accumulated sexual excitement, experienced<br />

by human males and females. Orgasms are controlled by<br />

the involuntary or autonomic nervous system, and are<br />

often associated with other involuntary actions, including<br />

muscular spasms in multiple areas of the body, and the<br />

sensation of euphoria.<br />

In effect, they held Kundalini, the sexual-spiritual energy<br />

locked in the body structure, to be the main instrument of<br />

defence against the Archons.<br />

The ‘protection of the Light’ comes through activated<br />

Kundalini, often described as a lightning-like tide of<br />

electrified light that pours through the body.

‘Nymphion’ is a code word for the ambient cell of<br />

psychophysical protection generated by high levels of<br />

Kundalini.<br />

In biology, a nymph state is the ‘immature form’, which<br />

undergoes gradual metamorphosis before reaching its adult<br />

stage. A form of HSD…<br />

<br />

However, ‘nymphomaniac’ like behaviour is often frowned<br />

upon by society (particularly the Church), labelled by the<br />

medical profession as ‘hyper sexuality’.<br />

So, orgasm connects you with your true God – your true<br />

divine self, and a ‘nymphomaniac’ is just striving to reunite<br />

with his or her higher self!<br />

1. ‘Wikipedia contributors. (2020, February 13). Karpman<br />

drama triangle. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.<br />

Retrieved 09:53, <strong>March</strong> 9, 2020, from<br />

https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?<br />

title=Karpman_drama_triangle&oldid=940677459<br />

2. The Secret Book of John – The Gnostic Gospel<br />

Annotated & Explained by Stevan Davies p.63<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />


Shamanic Circle<br />

25th June <strong>2023</strong> 12:00-4:00 pm<br />

<br />


Using meditation and shamanic<br />

tools and techniques to<br />

manifest what you want for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Jovi Hoonjan<br />

https://www.love2meditate.com/store/p83/shamaniccircles.html<br />

Balance & Breathe<br />

24 Northfield Road<br />

Church Crookham<br />

GU52 6BD<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />


Jan is a gifted and professionally recognised<br />

healer, spiritual counsellor and psychic,<br />

working with clients to help them find the<br />

root cause of their physical condition which<br />

is normally an emotional issue buried deep<br />

inside.<br />

£40/hour<br />

Location: Dorset<br />

Distance healing available<br />

Jan Reid<br />

Be Good to Yourselves<br />

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Spiritual healing with intuitive insights<br />

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<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />

Anne Randall<br />

Spirit & Psychic Artist<br />

What does <strong>2023</strong> bring for you?<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />

Anne is a spirit / psychic artist and<br />

accredited working medium. These are<br />

some of her latest portraits of spirit guides<br />

and loved ones in spirit.<br />

Contact Anne<br />

forgetmenotjoan@hotmail.co.uk<br />

TEL: 07505312931<br />

www.annerandallspiritartistandmedium.com<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />


Silvia Siret<br />

How to become a wise leader<br />

Becoming a wise leader involves developing a range of personal and professional qualities that<br />

allow you to effectively guide and inspire others. Some key qualities of wise leaders include<br />

emotional intelligence, empathy, strong communication skills, and self-awareness.<br />

To develop these qualities, there are several steps you can take:<br />

Focus on developing your emotional intelligence.<br />

This involves being aware of your own emotions<br />

and how they can affect your behavior, as well<br />

as being attuned to the emotions of others. To<br />

improve your emotional intelligence, you can try<br />

practicing mindfulness or seeking out training or<br />

coaching programs.<br />

Practice empathy. Empathy is the ability to<br />

understand and see things from someone else's<br />

perspective, even if you don't agree with them. It<br />

is an important quality for building trust and<br />

fostering strong relationships. To develop<br />

empathy, try putting yourself in someone else's<br />

shoes and actively listening to their perspective.<br />

Improve your communication skills. Wise leaders<br />

are able to clearly and concisely convey<br />

information and ideas, as well as actively listen<br />

to others and value their input. To improve your<br />

communication skills, try actively listening to<br />

others, being open to feedback, and finding ways<br />

to clearly articulate your ideas<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />

Silvia Siret<br />

Cultivate self-awareness. Selfawareness<br />

involves being aware<br />

of your own strengths and<br />

limitations, as well as being open<br />

to learning and personal growth.<br />

To develop self-awareness, try<br />

engaging in self-reflection and<br />

seeking out opportunities for<br />

learning and growth.<br />

Seek out opportunities for<br />

personal and professional<br />

development. This may involve<br />

seeking out mentors or role<br />

models, attending leadership<br />

training programs, or engaging in<br />

ongoing self-reflection and<br />

learning.<br />

Silvia Siret, traumainformed<br />

Systemic Change<br />

Consultant, born 1966, has<br />

been holding space for<br />

individuals and groups<br />

since 2000, first in<br />

Germany, her birth country,<br />

and since 2005 in<br />

Oxfordshire, England. She<br />

sees herself as a shape<br />

shifter who helps those who<br />

feel ready to create<br />

positive change. She offers<br />

her work online<br />

internationally, in person,<br />

and also wherever she is<br />

invited<br />

www.silviasiret.com<br />

silvia.siret@gmail.com<br />

Identify and articulate your<br />

values and purpose. Wise leaders<br />

have a clear sense of purpose and<br />

values that guide their actions<br />

and inspire others to work<br />

towards a common goal. To<br />

identify your values and purpose,<br />

try considering what is most<br />

important to you and what you<br />

are most passionate about.<br />

Take on leadership roles and<br />

responsibilities. To become a wise<br />

leader, it's important to have<br />

opportunities to practice and<br />

develop your leadership skills.<br />

This may involve taking on<br />

leadership roles in your<br />

community or workplace.<br />

By following these steps and continuously striving to improve, you can<br />

become a wise leader who is respected, trusted, and effective in<br />

guiding and inspiring others.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />

"Pulling out all stops in her debut work<br />

of fiction, Sue Penney’s Hidden in the<br />

Mist is a ghostly tale par excellence.<br />

Aware of her own personal<br />

supernatural abilities since the age of<br />

three, the author draws on real-life<br />

events she experienced as a child to<br />

give Hidden in the Mist an authenticity<br />

and scare factor that plays with your<br />

mind from the outset. Adding further<br />

to its spooky credentials, the front<br />

cover is illustrated with an image of<br />

the actual house in which the author<br />

first experienced the paranormal.<br />

Worthy of a solid ten out of ten for its<br />

accomplished plot, pace and the fear it<br />

evokes, Hidden in the Mist is most<br />

definitely one to read with the lights<br />

on full."<br />

Hidden in the Mist book now available www.soulverse.co.uk<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />



mamishaart@gmail.com<br />

We channel art<br />

through Spirits of<br />

Vision and Essence,<br />

they show us the true<br />

spiritual essence of<br />

others.<br />

"The Shaman Seer -<br />

There is a true<br />

ancestral connection<br />

with the strength of<br />

dragon energy plus<br />

the wisdom and<br />

guidance from<br />

ascended masters."<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />

Shungite, black<br />

tourmaline and lava<br />

stone bracelet<br />

<br />

£30<br />

S u e ' s B e a u t i f u l Y o u<br />

Email: suecaustick@gmail.com<br />

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/suecaustick<br />

<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />

Shungite, ocean jasper<br />

with tigers eye skull<br />

<br />

£50<br />

S u e ' s B e a u t i f u l Y o u<br />

Email: suecaustick@gmail.com<br />

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/suecaustick<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />

Shungite and faceted amethyst<br />

<br />

£45<br />

S u e ' s B e a u t i f u l Y o u<br />

Email: suecaustick@gmail.com<br />

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/suecaustick<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />

Shungite is a very powerful grounding stone .<br />

A natural mineral found in Russia in the region of<br />

Karelia. Shungite will protect and shield you from<br />

electromagnetic frequencies.<br />

<br />

A wonderful healing stone that will boost your<br />

energy, detoxifies and purifies the body and mind.<br />

The high vibration of Shungite helps to bring your<br />

spiritual body down to the physical plane.<br />

S u e ' s B e a u t i f u l Y o u<br />

Email: suecaustick@gmail.com<br />

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/suecaustick<br />

<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />

Meditation Bath Rituals<br />

Relaxation<br />

Immunity<br />

Invigorating<br />

Uplifting<br />

*Special offer:<br />

Subscribe annually to receive a<br />

printed copy of <strong>Alchemical</strong><br />

<strong>Voice</strong> and claim your free<br />

Meditation Bath Ritual<br />

Included in each ritual<br />

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Herbal bath bags<br />

Aromatherapy roller ball<br />

Infused crystal<br />

Incense stick & holder<br />

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<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />

Life behind<br />

the mask<br />

A compelling story of a young mother, happy in<br />

her first marital home, running her successful<br />

dance school. Everything changed one fateful<br />

night; following a severe car accident, her<br />

husband developed paranoid schizophrenia. A<br />

year of desperation, misery attempted murder, a<br />

shooting and a suicide followed.<br />

A second husband with rage issues, led to<br />

physical abuse of her son and a life of fear.<br />

Follow her fight to protect her children and<br />

explore the horrors they faced growing up.<br />

Years remaining silent for fear of reprisal and<br />

the guilt carried from seeing the effect it had on<br />

her children.<br />

Another near fatal car accident and the<br />

unexplained miracle rescue. An illness that<br />

drained her body, stole her career and left her<br />

bedridden. This is one woman’s battle against<br />

insurmountable odds. The will to survive,<br />

protect, overcome years of torment, fear and<br />

oppression and the day she discovered the<br />

strength within, to fight back and step out from<br />


I spent most of my working life as a professional dance instructor, designing and<br />

producing theatrical shows for children. When a severe back injury resulting from a car<br />

crash forced me into early retirement, I started looking for new ways to be creative and<br />

find a new outlet in life to express myself. Writing filled this void and allowed me to<br />

clarify, accept and eventually script what has happened to me over the years, which<br />

makes for a compelling and at times, difficult read.<br />

For a very long time I tried to come to terms with what I have been through and how it<br />

has affected both me and my family. Having finished this book, I am now able to look<br />

back and reflect on my life in a way I never thought possible. The sheer number and<br />

variety of traumas I have experienced is almost incomprehensible and the horrors of<br />

some of the situations are a lot to take on-board. These have shaped me into the<br />

woman I am today.<br />

Within the book you will experience my life in its rawest form including a suicide, a<br />

ruined career, a lengthy lawsuit, a terrible marriage, an abusive husband, terrified<br />

children, a debilitating illness, broken families, dreams shattered, hope, fear, and<br />

impossible choices. Only when you are at your lowest, when you feel that life has taken<br />

too much from you, do you look deep inside yourself and make a choice. This story is my<br />

choice.<br />

Available from Amazon, Waterstones, WH Smith or<br />

Pegasus Elliott Mackenzie Publishers

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />



To purchase a hard copy of this or previous editions,<br />

click on the QR code<br />

Published by Jovi Hoonjan, Love 2 Meditate<br />

www.alchemicalvoice.com<br />



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