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<strong>MONDAY</strong><br />

<strong>ARTPOST</strong><br />

<strong>0227</strong>-<strong>2023</strong><br />

ISSN1918-6991<br />

<strong>MONDAY</strong><strong>ARTPOST</strong>.COM<br />

Columns by Artists and Writers<br />

Bob Black / bq / Cem Turgay / Fiona<br />

Smyth / Gary Michael Dault / Holly Lee<br />

/ Kai Chan / Kamelia Pezeshki / Lee Ka-sing<br />

/ Shelley Savor / Tamara Chatterjee / Wilson<br />

Tsang / + A vintage book by Tanizaki<br />

Junichiro: Diary of a Mad Old Man,<br />

with woodcuts by Shiko Munakata<br />

<strong>MONDAY</strong> <strong>ARTPOST</strong> published on Mondays. Columns by Artists and Writers. All Right Reserved. Published since 2002.<br />

An Ocean and Pounds publication. ISSN 1918-6991. email to: mail@oceanpounds.com


City Mirage Snow<br />

http://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/12/cms.html<br />

The Fountain the Shop the Rhythmic Train<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/01/dd202201.html<br />

The Painter The Photographer The Alchemist<br />

http://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/12/ppa.html<br />

The galloping jelly pink horse with pea green<br />

spots<br />

http://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/10/phgs.html<br />

Reality Irreality Augmented Reality<br />

http://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/10/rar.html<br />

The Book The Reader The Keeper<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/09/dd202208.html<br />

Windmills Fields and Marina<br />

http://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/07/wmf.html<br />

Island Peninsula Cape<br />

http://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/05/blog-post.html<br />

The Fence the Garden the Connoisseur<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/05/dd202205.html<br />

Hana Picnic Stones<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/04/dd202204.html<br />

Terrain Little Red Riding Hood Rosetta<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/03/dd202203.htm<br />

Donkey camera and auld lang syne<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/02/dd202202.html<br />

The galloping jelly pink horse with pea green spots/ DOUBLE DOUBLE October edition 2022/<br />

Lee Ka-sing

George & Sam<br />

117 x 46 x 13 cm<br />

cider, bamboo, silk thread, wire, dye<br />

Holly Lee<br />

Nine-Years (2020)<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2020/02/ny.html<br />

Istanbul Postcards (2021)<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2021/07/ip.html<br />

Six Poems (2022)<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/11/6p.html<br />

The Air is like a Butterfly (2021)<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2021/07/tab.html<br />

Gary Michael Dault<br />

DOUBLE DOUBLE Box in a Valise a closecropped<br />

(2020)<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2020/05/ddb-cc.html<br />

DOUBLE DOUBLE Box in a Valise on-site<br />

(2020)<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2020/05/ddb-os.html<br />

Kai Chan<br />

Twenty Twenty An exhibition by Kai Chan<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2021/09/tt.html<br />

2K 4.0 (Kai Chan + Lee Ka-sing)<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/10/2k40.html<br />

Still Life Still A Book of Vessels (2022)<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/09/bv.html<br />

The Book of The Poem (2022)<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/08/bp.html<br />

The Nearby Faraway Small Paintings on<br />

Cardboard (2022)<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/09/small-paintings-on-cardboard.html<br />

Time Machine (2021) photographs by Lee<br />

Ka-sing, Haiku by Gary Michael Dault<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2021/12/tm.html<br />

Swan House (2021)<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/12/swanhouse.html<br />

2K 4.0 / Kai Chan

Branching Out<br />

(5 ½” X 4 ¼” X 1¼”) Fimo, Leaves, Gouache, Acrylic<br />

Calendar Beauty Vintage Calendar posters<br />

from China<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2020/03/cb.html<br />

Libby Hague<br />

Libby Hague Watercolours<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/11/lhw.html<br />

Tomio Nitto<br />

The Diary of Wonders<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2021/10/dw.html<br />

Fiona Smyth<br />

CHEEZ 456<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/05/c456.html<br />

Shelley Savor<br />

Mushrooms and Clouds but no Mushroom<br />

Clouds<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/09/mcmc.html<br />

Mushrooms and Clouds but no Mushroom Clouds/ Shelley Savor

Lee Ka-sing<br />

CODA (2020)<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/12/coda.html<br />

Diary of a Sunflower, Book Two (2022)<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/12/ds.html<br />

Eighty Two Photographs (2021)<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2021/10/82p.html<br />

Time Machine (2021)<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2021/12/tm.html<br />

Songs from the Acid-free Paper Box (2022)<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/10/sa.html<br />

Songs from the Acid-free Paper Box<br />

Museum edition (2022)<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/10/sab.html<br />

“That Afternoon” on Mubi, a dialogue: Tsai<br />

Ming Liang and Lee Kang-Sheng (2022)<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/11/ta.html<br />

The Travelogue of a Bitter Melon (2022)<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/11/tbm.html<br />

Swan House (2021)<br />

https://books.oceanpounds.com/2022/12/swanhouse.html<br />

“Journeys of Leung Ping Kwan” (<strong>2023</strong>)<br />

http://books.oceanpounds.com/<strong>2023</strong>/01/pk.html<br />

Time Machine/ Lee Ka-sing

<strong>ARTPOST</strong> contributors<br />

Cem Turgay lives and works as a photographer in<br />

Turkey.<br />

Fiona Smyth is a painter, illustrator, cartoonist and<br />

instructor in OCAD University's Illustration Program.<br />

For more than three decades, Smyth has made a name<br />

for herself in the local Toronto comic scene as well as<br />

internationally.<br />

http://fiona-smyth.blogspot.com<br />

Take-Me from the Archival Bin Program<br />

This is an art-give-away program for <strong>MONDAY</strong> <strong>ARTPOST</strong> readers and our PATREON members.<br />

Exhibition prints, work prints, test prints kept on file, from our previous Gallery, Studio or Print Program. You<br />

only have to pay a small flat fee for shipping and handling (US$18.00). Delivery will be via mail system only<br />

(anywhere). More about this program - https://oceanpounds.com/pages/takeme<br />

Gary Michael Dault lives in Canada and is noted for<br />

his art critics and writings. He paints and writes poetry<br />

extensively. In 2022, OCEAN POUNDS published two<br />

of his art notebooks in facsimile editions.<br />

Holly Lee lives in Toronto, where she continues to<br />

produce visual and literal work.<br />

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holly_Lee<br />

Kai Chan immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong in<br />

the sixties. He’s a notable multi-disciplinary artist who<br />

has exhibited widely in Canada and abroad.<br />

www.kaichan.art<br />

Kamelia Pezeshki is a photographer living in Toronto.<br />

She continues to use film and alternative processes to<br />

make photographs.<br />

www.kamelia-pezeshki.com<br />

Ken Lee is a poet and an architectural designer based<br />

in Toronto. He has been composing poetry in Chinese,<br />

and is only recently starting to experiment with writing<br />

English poetry under the pen name, “bq”.<br />

Lee Ka-sing, founder of OCEAN POUNDS, lives in<br />

Toronto. He writes with images, recent work mostly<br />

photographs in sequence, some of them were presented<br />

in the format of a book.<br />

www.leekasing.com<br />

Robert Black, born in California, is an award-winning<br />

poet and photographer currently based in Toronto.<br />

His work often deals with themes related to language,<br />

transformation, and disappearance.<br />

Shelley Savor lives in Toronto. She paints and draws<br />

with passion, focusing her theme on city life and urban<br />

living experiences.<br />

Tamara Chatterjee is a Toronto photographer who<br />

travels extensively to many parts of the world.<br />

Wilson Tsang is both a visual artist and a musician<br />

from Hong Kong. To date, he has published two art<br />

books for children and four indie music albums.<br />

Yam Lau, born in British Hong Kong, is an artist and<br />

writer based in Toronto; he is currently an Associate<br />

Professor at York University. Lau’s creative work<br />

explores new expressions and qualities of space,<br />

time and the image. He is represented by Christie<br />

Contemporary.<br />

Every lot is one-off. (LOT <strong>2023</strong>-<strong>0227</strong>) 140mm x 190mm, archival inkjet print. Use this link to make payment at<br />

OCEAN POUNDS for the shipping and handling (US$18.00) https://oceanpounds.com/products/<strong>2023</strong>-<strong>0227</strong>

Leaving Taichung<br />

Station<br />

Bob Black<br />

winter: i<br />

our bodies together as they pull against the weathered air, as they creak and pivot and bend toward<br />

small openings of warmth and shuttle because they and we shall disappear and to remember that<br />

caged or set lose, our bodies the carriage of our hearts, the lantern glass upon which our thoughts<br />

and ruminations and divestments radiate, our spirit writ large and wilding against the skin and<br />

bone barriers. Our bodies together an ache-laughed temple not because they or we are beautiful<br />

but because in their forlorn trappings all and every part of us, together, is magnified there, all that<br />

is contained within us, heliography and rhyme pressed hard and knocking against our disappearing<br />

time, sung out and spreading. Our winter bodies together. Cadence, whelp, tongue-touch and rhyme.<br />

when the winter softens I hunger you<br />

when the winter softens, and sound and trickling light swifts beneath the crackling trees growing<br />

restless in their defrosting, their thawed hearts reaching seaward and netting our hopes and oneiric<br />

chatting. My ruggedized heart brushed clean, awaiting the tone of your toes scribbling in the sand.<br />

Wavering and light scrolled and<br />

when the winter softens, the trees, stretch wide beneath the licking sky, dropped light between the<br />

snow<br />

dropped white between the falling bronchial arteries<br />

life vaping upon white, snow scribbled air breaking open past the dunes, a traveler, you away<br />

westward and green and I am coming, in adream, the algebra from me to you<br />

when the winter softens language burling, an interlocking warms the winter<br />

if not us then who, there alone<br />

when the winter softens, you

Greenwood<br />

Kai Chan<br />

After “My Brother’s Book” by Maurice Sendak<br />

24 x 31 x 8 cm, wood, masonite, wire, paper, acrylic paint


Lee Ka-sing<br />

Leong Ka Tai 梁 家 泰 (1984), the last day of 陳 泗 記 . Photograph in the picture - 8x10 gelatin silver print<br />

(opposite page) Leong Ka Tai 梁 家 泰 (circa 1981), 4x5 gelatin silver print, from Holly’s contact print file<br />

“Pictures of Friends, Artists and People I Know” series.<br />

Archives from https://archive.leekasing.com and https://c.leekasing.com

From the Notebooks<br />

(2010-<strong>2023</strong>)<br />

Gary Michael Dault<br />

From the Notebooks, 2010-<strong>2023</strong><br />

Number 167: Rabbit with Deluge (circa 1979)<br />

At my age you lose people. It’s inevitable. Apples keep<br />

falling from the withering Tree of Life. It’s normal, natural and<br />

no less painful for all that. Almost all the artists I once knew<br />

and loved have now died. The most recent of these losses was<br />

that of my friend, painter and musician Mendelson Joe (Birrell<br />

Josef Mendelson) who died on February7, <strong>2023</strong>. I used to buy his<br />

paintings whenever I could. I wrote enthusiastic articles about his<br />

work. I also wrote an introduction to his book Joe’s Politicians in<br />

2008 , a collection of gloriously vulgar paintings featuring<br />

all-too-explicit depictions of Joe’s least favourite public figures as<br />

literal assholes.<br />

Joe loved to make postcards of his paintings. I have a big<br />

collection of them. The one reproduced here was originally<br />

titled “Mendelson Meets Rabbit,” but for reasons I can no longer<br />

remember, I rather perversely sluiced the scene, sometime later,<br />

with a lot of white paint, providing a tsunami-like inundation<br />

about to engulf Joe’s poor little bunny. Joe was suddenly gone from<br />

the painting. Now, his being actually gone, the pure white rabbit<br />

has been transformed, for me, into a radiant, sacrificial figure<br />

emblematic of M. Joe himself. Joe being blindingly pure of heart.


Wilson Tsang<br />

the Actionist

Open/Endedness<br />

bq 不 清<br />

斯 滕 迪 格 月 曆<br />


像 簷 口 , 它 們<br />

懂 得 只 朝 一 個 方 向<br />

邁 進 :<br />

橫 的 和 重 複 的<br />

他 們 不 放 棄<br />

Like cornices, they<br />

Know to advance only<br />

In one direction:<br />

Horizontal and repetitive.<br />

They are no quitters.<br />

風 吹 碰 它 , 往 下<br />

便 著 涼 了<br />

而 我 們 凍 僵 了 的 腳<br />

Wind hits it and comes<br />

Down with a cold.<br />

And our feet are frozen<br />

像 外 邊 一 個 個 雪 人<br />

最 終 消 失 於 這 片<br />

冬 霧 之 中 , 它 是 一 個<br />

不 黑 暗 的 時 代<br />

相 反 那 裡 過 分 光 亮 與 巨 大 以 致<br />

眼 睛 都 緊 緊 閉 上 了<br />

Like snowmen at the front<br />

Only to vanish into this<br />

Winter fog, an era<br />

That isn’t dark<br />

But is too bright and big, where<br />

Eyes tightly shut.

The Photograph<br />

coordinated by<br />

Kamelia Pezeshki<br />

Still life by Kamelia Pezeshki

CHEEZ<br />

Fiona Smyth

Travelling Palm<br />

Snapshots<br />

Tamara Chatterjee<br />

USA (September, 2016) – I exited the subway<br />

on my way to the ICP to immerse myself in<br />

the galleries. I spent the majority of the day<br />

wandering in and out of some phenomenal<br />

spaces. Eventually, ending up in a cafe,<br />

geeking out on camera talk and world events<br />

with an interesting character from overseas.<br />

Before getting back on and getting lost in the<br />

famed tangle of subway lines.

Caffeine Reveries<br />

Shelley Savor<br />

They’re Chopping Down Trees

https://oceanpounds.com New at Poetry section -<br />

New Look. More Content<br />


Poem a Week<br />

Gary Michael Dault<br />

Bone Ladder<br />

(For Vera Frenkel)<br />

his bone ladder<br />

creaked against the wall<br />

he aged with every step<br />

by the top rung<br />

he was a tattered flag<br />

tossing damp rags<br />

back to some invisible<br />


ProTesT<br />

Cem Turgay


Holly Lee<br />

London Fashion Week <strong>2023</strong> (scroll down for video 3:03)<br />

https://www.britishfashioncouncil.co.uk/London-Fashion-Week<br />

London Fashion Week: The styles and stars in pictures<br />

https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-64717317<br />

London Fashion Week <strong>2023</strong>: All the Best Runway Looks (by Kevin Huynh and Alexander Fisher)<br />


A vintage book by<br />

Tanizaki Junichiro:<br />

Diary of a Mad Old<br />

Man, with woodcuts by<br />

Shiko Munakata<br />

(Lee Ka-sing)

Under the management of Ocean and Pounds<br />

Since 2008, INDEXG B&B have served curators, artists,<br />

art-admirers, collectors and professionals from different<br />

cities visiting and working in Toronto.<br />

INDEXG B&B<br />

48 Gladstone Avenue, Toronto<br />

Booking:<br />

mail@indexgbb.com<br />


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