March/April 2023 253 Lifestyle Magazine

March/April 2023 253 Lifestyle Magazine

March/April 2023 253 Lifestyle Magazine


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ISSUE NO. 44<br />

MARCH/APRIL <strong>2023</strong><br />

L I F E S T Y L E M A G A Z I N E<br />

Home & Garden<br />









march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 1

AD<br />

2<br />

<strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>

AD<br />

Building Better Solutions for Clients<br />

With 30 years experience serving families in Gig Harbor and Pierce County,<br />

Felicia Soleil provides more constructive alternatives to dissolving a marriage<br />

outside of a courtroom. In addition to her family law practice, she also provides<br />

mediation services, offering legal support, education and case management<br />

- from simple to complex - for separation and divorce, parenting plans, child<br />

support and prenuptial agreements.<br />

Facing a divorce or separation? Felicia focuses on reducing and resolving<br />

conflict, helping you transition by moving on, not just moving out.<br />

Felicia A. Soleil, Attorney at Law and Mediator<br />

<strong>253</strong>.853.6940 • FamilyLawResolutions.com • 6625 Wagner Way, Ste 260B, Gig march/april Harbor, <strong>2023</strong> WA <strong>253</strong> 98335 LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 3



Julie Reed | <strong>253</strong>.363.8832<br />

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MANAGING PARTNER | Kim Russo<br />

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR | Steve Russo<br />

DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS | Rachel Figgins<br />

DIRECTOR OF MARKETING | Allyia Briggs<br />


great things for<br />

a great community<br />

Founded in 1925, Peninsula Light is your member-owned, not-for-profit<br />

electric cooperative, providing reliable power throughout Gig Harbor and<br />

the Key Peninsula. We are dedicated to continually improving the quality<br />

of life in this great community through system reliability, helping you<br />

conserve and use electricity more efficiently and rising to the challenges<br />

of a rapidly changing industry.<br />

Julie Reed, Brett Marlo, Colin Anderson,<br />

Marguerite Cleveland, Allison Pollock-Pugh<br />


Photographers: In-Gear Media pg. 1, 26-29,<br />

Sensei Lānaʻi, A Four Seasons Resort pg. 58-64,<br />

Sensei by Nobu Restaurant pg. 64<br />

Courtesy Photos: Julie Reed, Brett Marlo<br />

Advertising Agency<br />

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4<br />

<strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>

A Northwest Tradition of quality homes designed<br />

and built to reflect your lifestyle<br />

AD<br />


We are a local custom home builder celebrating 25 years of home building servicing the South Puget Sound. Our team and in-house<br />

designer work directly with our custom-home clientele, offering a full-service home-building experience where we guide our clients<br />

from start to finish throughout the entire process, from conceptual design all the way through completion.<br />

www.HCHcustomhomes.com | <strong>253</strong>.446.7645 | erin@highcountryhomes.us<br />

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 5

publisher picks<br />

march/april <strong>2023</strong><br />

Meet Steve Russo, Publisher<br />

Executive Director<br />

steve@like-media.com<br />

A Blessed Season to All<br />

As we close the chapter on the 2022-<strong>2023</strong> winter season—<br />

which brought torrential rain and snowfall across the<br />

county—it is time to officially welcome spring.<br />

With spring comes a time of renewal and preparations for a<br />

glorious summer. In this edition of <strong>253</strong> <strong>Lifestyle</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>,<br />

you’ll find articles that will inspire you when it comes to the<br />

spring season and all that accompanies it, from simple home<br />

improvement projects to gardening for your health, and an<br />

incredible home renovation project focused on green living.<br />

Our feature article highlights what’s trending in home design for<br />

<strong>2023</strong>; it’s sure to inspire your next home project, whether it’s DIY<br />

or a hired professional.<br />

Our travel article takes you to Sensei Lānaʻi, A Four Seasons<br />

Resort in Hawaii.<br />

You’ll also discover some great local events you won’t want<br />

to miss!<br />

Here at Like Media, we continue to take pride in having the<br />

opportunity to share positive and uplifting stories with our<br />

readers. It is truly inspirational to be able to connect with the<br />

people and places that make this place “home.”<br />

Wishing you all a blessed Easter season from all of us at <strong>253</strong><br />

<strong>Lifestyle</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>.<br />

Don’t miss our business pinpoint, featuring Stanford’s Steak<br />

and Ascend Hospitality Group’s commitment to the community<br />

it serves.<br />

10<br />

SIMPLE<br />


Subtle updates make for an<br />

easy refresh<br />

40<br />

HOME<br />

58<br />

Welcoming home design trends that<br />



mix the old and new<br />


A gentle wellness immersion<br />

designed by you<br />

6<br />

Connect with us @<strong>253</strong><strong>Lifestyle</strong> @<strong>253</strong><strong>Lifestyle</strong>Mag | Visit <strong>253</strong><strong>Lifestyle</strong><strong>Magazine</strong>.com and sign up for our E-Newsletter!<br />

<strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>

Delivering the most comprehensive<br />

dentistry available using the latest in<br />

technology and techniques.<br />


OPEN<br />

Cleaning & Prevention<br />

Family & Cosmetic Dentistry<br />

Same-Day Crowns<br />

Root Canal Therapy<br />

Invisalign Clear Braces<br />

Tooth Replacement<br />

Extractions & Preservation<br />

Implant Placement and Restoration<br />

Oral Appliances & Sleep Apnea<br />

Full Sedation Options<br />

Advanced Whitening Technology<br />

State-of-the-Art Equipment in a<br />

Newly Renovated Location<br />

cedarbrookdental.com | <strong>253</strong>.851.1190<br />

Moving to New Location: 5501 Soundview Dr. Gig Harbor<br />

AD<br />

Cameron Warner, DDS<br />

Peter Elton, DMD<br />

Douglas Clarke, DDS<br />


Celebrating 75 years! Enjoy a look at more than seven decades of engineering excellence<br />

with examples of many rare and significant Porsche models.<br />

2702 E D St, Tacoma, WA | AmericasCarMuseum.org | <strong>253</strong>.779.8490<br />

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 7

contents<br />

home & garden<br />

10<br />


Subtle updates make for an<br />

easy refresh<br />

tacoma focus<br />

18<br />


Remodeling with sustainability in mind:<br />

adaptive reuse<br />

q&a<br />

26<br />


Executive Director of LeMay -<br />

America’s Car Museum and VP of<br />

America’s Automotive Trust<br />

health & lifestyle<br />

30<br />


Gardening for your health<br />

18<br />

+ more ...<br />

business pinpoint<br />

36<br />


Ascend Hospitality Group takes<br />

service to the next level at Stanford’s<br />

Steak and beyond<br />

feature<br />

40<br />


Welcoming home design trends that mix<br />

the old and new with the beauty and<br />

warmth of natural materials and bold<br />

optimistic colors<br />

8 <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong><br />







march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 1<br />

march/april <strong>2023</strong><br />

food & entertainment<br />

48<br />


Easter fun in the <strong>253</strong><br />

54<br />

54<br />


discover the meaning of Easter<br />

and some of its traditions<br />

56<br />

RECIPE<br />

Homemade Easter Cinnamon Rolls<br />

travel<br />

58<br />


The Language of Lāna‘i starts at Sensei<br />

Lāna‘i, A Four Seasons Resort: A gentle<br />

wellness immersion designed by you<br />

36<br />

about the cover<br />

ISSUE NO. 44<br />

L I F E S T Y L E M A G A Z I N E<br />

MARCH/APRIL <strong>2023</strong><br />

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Home & Garden<br />

58<br />



Our <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> AND VP OF AMERICA’S AUTOMOTIVE cover TRUST of <strong>253</strong> features Gary<br />

Yamamoto, LeMay - America’s Car Museum’s new<br />

executive director and VP of America’s Automotive<br />

Trust. This position allows him to combine his<br />

talent and passion for business with his love of cars.<br />

Read more about Gary–and LeMay, which recently<br />

celebrated its 10-year anniversary–in our Q&A on<br />

page 26.<br />

Cover photo by In-Gear Media<br />

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 9

simple yet<br />


Subtle updates make for<br />

an easy refresh<br />

As the days continue to get longer and the temperatures slowly warmer, our<br />

urge to spend more time outside grows as well. Spring is a time of renewal,<br />

and for many that often includes decluttering, organizing and freshening<br />

up our homes both inside and out. We have a few precious months to spend outside<br />

before the bite of fall hits again. It’s paramount to enjoy these long warm days, and<br />

there are several small improvements you can do both indoors and out to make this<br />

summer even more enjoyable.<br />

While yard work isn’t the top priority of most homeowners, simplifying your<br />

landscaping will help limit the amount of time you spend weeding, raking, and<br />

hauling lawn debris away in the future. Communities all across the West are asking<br />

residents to conserve water. Droughts in the Southwest have strained watersheds, and<br />

though the Northwest isn’t suffering the same shortages, water conservation is still<br />

top of mind. Keeping a lawn and landscape green can take a tremendous amount of<br />

water, especially in between rainstorms. Replacing your landscaping with droughtresistant<br />

plants and grasses not only decreases your water use, but lowers your water<br />


10 <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong><br />

10 <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 11

ill and, in some cases, can even qualify you<br />

for a regional tax incentive.<br />

There are many kinds of plants, tall and<br />

short decorative grasses, as well as herbs and<br />

ground cover that require much less water<br />

to thrive. When planting, keep things close<br />

together to help shade the soil and protect the<br />

moisture barrier. Also, be sure to cover the<br />

soil with porous rocks, or mulch. Professional<br />

gardeners and landscapers in your area<br />

will also be familiar with native plants to<br />

specific regions and can offer more detailed<br />

recommendations.<br />

If you want to rid yourself of mowing entirely,<br />

you might consider artificial turf. Materials<br />

have come a long way since the spongy<br />

bright green surfaces we most associate with<br />

baseball and soccer fields. Today’s turf is<br />

tailored to many situations depending on<br />

use; everything from durable high traffic to<br />

kids/pets, to decorative gardens. There are<br />

three main materials used: nylon, which feels<br />

most like natural grass but is not as durable;<br />

polypropylene, which is highly durable but<br />

does not have the same natural look as nylon;<br />

or polyethylene, which has a more natural<br />

look and is easier for pet clean-up and light<br />

usage. While more expensive than sod, the<br />

12<br />

<strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>

OPEN<br />

It's not the<br />

good life. It's<br />

the best life!<br />



<br />

<br />

From morning to night, you've<br />

got friends to meet up with,<br />

activities to share and a beautiful<br />

environment around you.<br />

From fine dining, to sunny<br />

courtyard lunches, our chef<br />

prepares meals meant to be<br />

savored.<br />

Choose from a range of active<br />

living options that complement<br />

your personal needs and lifestyle.<br />

<strong>253</strong>.853.3354<br />

Call today to schedule a tour!<br />

We specialize in small spaces & big dreams.<br />

compact design, accessory dwelling units (ADUs), small footprint,<br />

First consultation is complimentary.<br />

<strong>253</strong> 376 7935 - brettmarlo.com - LICENSE # BRET TMD892QP<br />

1016 29th Street NW<br />

Gig Harbor, WA 98335<br />

HarborPlaceRetirement.com<br />

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 13

long-term water and time savings might just outweigh the upfront cost.<br />

While still outside, you might also consider an outdoor dining area.<br />

Those who enjoy their deck already might simply look to add<br />

an updated table and seating or possibly a large sun shade<br />

in order to enjoy the space during all conditions. Putting<br />

in a single-level patio is also not as difficult or as long<br />

of a project as it might seem. Choose whether you<br />

want poured concrete, pavers, or a slightly elevated<br />

deck with either wood or composite materials.<br />

Contractors should be able to finish a job in less<br />

than a week, and with careful planning, the<br />

DIY crowd should be able to do the same over<br />

a couple of weekends.<br />

Inside the home, one of the easiest ways to<br />

brighten and freshen up your look is to put a<br />

new coat of paint on the walls. While color is<br />

always a personal choice, dark and charcoal<br />

grays as well as raspberry reds are a trending<br />

favorite of designers in <strong>2023</strong>. Vintage colors<br />

from the ‘70s to early ‘80s, like mustard<br />

yellows and pale greens, are also becoming<br />

fashionable for those wanting a trendy and<br />

bolder look.<br />

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a cluttered shed<br />

or garage, there are some simple steps you can<br />

take to not only organize but create more space<br />

and peace of mind. Generally speaking, the more<br />

upright and off the ground your items are, the<br />

more space you will have. Metal shelving is<br />

easily installed with a couple of screws<br />

into the stud. You can stack these<br />

high to put less utilized<br />

items like holiday<br />

decorations up<br />

and out of the<br />

14<br />

<strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>


style<br />


Downsizing just got easier! Norpoint<br />

Communities offers spacious cottages, all<br />

with attached garages. Enjoy your private<br />

patio, gas fireplace and ample kitchen<br />

space. Small pets welcome. Landscape<br />

maintenance included. No buy-in or entry<br />

fees. 12-month leases.<br />


www.norpoint.com<br />

University Place<br />

7505 57th St. Ct. W<br />

<strong>253</strong>.565.6151<br />

Olympia<br />

4125 Capital Mall Dr. SW<br />

360.956.9400<br />

NE Tacoma<br />

4301 Norpoint Way NE<br />

<strong>253</strong>.952.8347<br />

Silverdale<br />

1001 Deer Harbor Ln. NW<br />

360.633.1800<br />

North Tacoma<br />

3602 N Narrows Dr.<br />

<strong>253</strong>.879.1000<br />

Gig Harbor<br />

4203 Rosedale St. NW<br />

<strong>253</strong>.530.3334<br />

Puyallup<br />

502 43rd Ave. SE<br />

<strong>253</strong>.445.8000<br />

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 15

way. Vertical tool racks are also an easy way to keep your rakes, shovels and brooms upright, taking up as little<br />

space as possible. You’ll be amazed at how much space you’ll save by putting in a wall-mounted bike rack,<br />

and the tried-and-true peg board is an easy place to store and see small tools. Finally, tuck away kid toys,<br />

decorations, seasonal goods, camping equipment, etc. in large plastic tubs and place them on your shelving.<br />

Just be sure to label each.<br />

While an entire home exterior paint job might be out of the budget, a few simple upgrades can also freshen up<br />

your home’s curbside appearance. Start with a new mailbox, something that speaks to your personality. Next,<br />

try updating your address numbers to something more modern. While you are at it, paint or stain the front<br />

door. Finally, take your porch or garage lights to the next level with LED lighting, which can change colors<br />

dependent on your mood or the season with a simple swipe of your phone.<br />

While there is seemingly always some improvement we can make to our living spaces, summer is not the time<br />

to get bogged down with a month’s long project. Give your home a small refresh this spring, and you’ll be ready<br />

for an even more enjoyable summer.<br />

16<br />

<strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 17



Remodeling with sustainability in mind:<br />

adaptive reuse<br />

18<br />

<strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>

I<br />

know. Blah blah blah, another article on sustainability.<br />

Even though I live and work as a green builder every<br />

day, the term sometimes wears me out too. So why even<br />

mention it? It’s tough not to have a conversation these<br />

days without acknowledging what we want our lives to look<br />

like as we age.<br />

were lucky enough to find the right spot: a smallish home<br />

at 1,200 square feet, with an 800-square-foot unfinished<br />

basement. The house, built in the 1940s, was a rental for<br />

decades and desperately needed some love. At first sight, we<br />

knew we could create accessible intergenerational living on<br />

the main floor and a small rental in the basement.<br />

Recently, my family’s living situation abruptly ended.<br />

Optimistically, I looked at it as an opportunity for change.<br />

Moving to a new city to create a new home felt like the right<br />

move. My girls, now teenagers, were tired of living tiny<br />

(less than 200 square feet). Their latest request, “I want a<br />

door with a bedroom behind it!” Well, I suppose it seemed<br />

a reasonable enough request after living tiny for five years,<br />

their rooms “lofts.”<br />

We looked for a property in our desired destination,<br />

Tacoma, that could be easily altered to meet our goals. We<br />

As to expect in any remodel, there will be unwanted surprises<br />

that will increase the project timeline and cost more than<br />

your original budget. We did not come out unscathed, even<br />

with all our planning and experience. I can safely say now<br />

that we are nearing the end of this remodel, each stage of<br />

building unfolded a new challenge. You name it, it likely<br />

happened. I felt I was playing a part in one of my all-time<br />

favorite movies, The Money Pit.<br />

Our project provided more than the typical number of<br />

surprises. During deconstruction, we found out that our<br />

by BRETT MARLO<br />

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 19

When searching for materials,<br />

seriously consider used or<br />

blemished items. By either<br />

trimming, mending, painting or<br />

sealing them as needed, your<br />

home will become one of a kind.<br />

While sometimes this process<br />

may be time consuming, the end<br />

products are richer both in form<br />

and story.<br />

home did not have any drywall or insulation, the<br />

sheathing of the house was merely quarter-inch<br />

plywood, buried tanks were in our way of the<br />

new basement entry, and the attic was home to<br />

generations of decaying squirrels.<br />

Despite all of the remodeling challenges, we love<br />

our Grit City home. Sharing our experiences,<br />

some photos (a sneak peek) and employing the<br />

Rs as a framework, we hope to help guide you in<br />

achieving your dream remodel. Here are tips on<br />

how you can meet your goals and vision while<br />

weaving sustainability through your project.<br />

Reimagine. Consider how much of the existing<br />

structure can be reused. Reorganize the layout<br />

to meet remodel goals that minimize expansion.<br />

We intentionally designed our home to be<br />

intergenerational with two typical bedrooms,<br />

two accessible bedrooms, one fully accessible<br />

bathroom, one typical bathroom, and a basement<br />

ADU (accessory dwelling unit). By creating an<br />

exterior entrance for a studio basement rental<br />

unit, we are now able to provide an affordable<br />

city rental and help reduce our out-of-pocket<br />

monthly overhead.<br />

20<br />

<strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>




Replace your drafty windows with<br />

beautiful, modern & energy-efficient windows.<br />

Offering Roofing, Siding, Windows,<br />

Sunrooms, Patio Covers & Window Walls,<br />

with warranties you can trust & easy<br />

financing.<br />

Visit amprobuilders.net!<br />

“We hop to it!”<br />

Schedule a free consultation:<strong>253</strong>.208.7151<br />

Satisfaction guaranteed - Manufacturer backed - Factory warranty<br />

AD<br />


Celebrate<br />


Have Smoker. Will Travel.<br />

From an office party to an at-home celebration, or just a family<br />

dinner, we can help with your next event large or small.<br />

<strong>253</strong>.313.5656<br />

Learn more & check out our catering menu at TEXASBBQ2U.COM<br />

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 21


that fit your<br />

intentions.<br />

Reject. Buying materials that create unhealthy<br />

indoor air quality will not achieve the quality of life<br />

you are investing in the remodel. Reject unhealthy<br />

materials. We opted for healthier materials and<br />

refused to buy from sources that have questionable<br />

business practices.<br />

Rethink. Traditional ways of doing things may not<br />

be the best way to meet your goals. Design for the<br />

future. Consider aging in place or universal design,<br />

installing future blocking for handrails, conduit for<br />

future solar or designing for disassembly. When<br />

desired products are not available, costs are high<br />

or trends are overplayed, consider making changes.<br />

We chose yellow cedar instead of red cedar, which<br />

ultimately led to a uniquely warm exterior and<br />

saved on costs.<br />

Reduce. Designing multifunctional spaces and<br />

creating storage along circulation zones reduces the<br />

need for the amount of materials and labor needed;<br />

helping you stay within budget. You can also<br />

reduce creating new materials when you purchase<br />

reclaimed goods. We purchased wood doors<br />

constructed from reclaimed fir, and their look and<br />

feel was a much better outcome than we would have<br />

achieved otherwise.<br />

Reuse. Save money by reselling or donating to<br />

second-use stores or community organizations.<br />

We were able to give another life to windows,<br />

doors, sinks, toilets, lighting and hardware by<br />

sharing them. We earned credit toward salvaged<br />

items we reused on our project. The dirt excavated<br />

for the basement entry went to good use in a<br />

friend’s backyard. We even made new friends by<br />

offering neighbors bricks from the deconstructed<br />

chimney stack.<br />

22<br />

<strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong><br />

Repair, Remake, Repurpose. When searching for<br />

materials, seriously consider used or blemished

YOUR<br />



Featuring float therapy, red light therapy,<br />

BEMER & infrared sauna. Book a single session or<br />

get access to all four treatments for one low<br />

price with our month-to-month options!<br />

Urbanfloat.com/universityplace | <strong>253</strong>.533.7300 | 3633 Market Place West, Suite 5, University Place, WA<br />

Housekeeping for your Head<br />

Sunrise Couples Therapy offers specialized care for individuals,<br />

couples in intimate relationships, & families in crisis.<br />

"Real People Creating Real Change"<br />

Miles Hall - LMFT, MHP, CHt<br />

Principle Client Advocate<br />

Safe Affordable Talk Therapy<br />

In-Office or Online Sessions<br />

SFT - Insurance Accepted<br />

833.723.3825 | sct@safetalkspace.com<br />

SunriseCouplesTherapy.com | SunriseFamilyTherapy.com<br />

TEXT "SAFE" TO<br />

<strong>253</strong>.367.3060<br />


march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 23

items. By either trimming, mending, painting or sealing them as needed, your home will become one of a kind. While sometimes this process may<br />

be time consuming, the end products are richer both in form and story. We salvaged blemished products such as wood doors and countertops.<br />

We also collected old cedar fencing from local residents by searching through online posts. The grayed fencing became the cladding for our<br />

exterior porches, fencing and shed siding.<br />

Recycle. Before deconstructing, consider where you intend parts of your project to go and organize your jobsite accordingly. Label waste bins to<br />

separate construction waste from reusable items. For the remaining items not reused, we employed a mixed waste construction waste dumpster<br />

and were able to recycle the bulk of our deconstruction waste.<br />

Remember. Last but not least, any project is more rewarding when there’s time to be thoughtful. Take time to find inspiring designs that fit your<br />

intentions. Seek out craftspeople, both local and regional. Remember to remain flexible when challenges arise; there’s no such thing as a remodel<br />

without those, and fresh solutions often make the project even better than you first imagined!<br />

Most importantly, remember that laughter gets you through this journey. The ups and downs will become the best parts of the story you will<br />

remember and tell. Before you know it, the project will be complete, and you will be enjoying your newly created space; proud of how you<br />

handled your journey.<br />

24<br />

<strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>

FREE roofing<br />


WINDOWS estimates! WITH<br />


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beautiful, modern & energy-efficient windows.<br />

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“We hop to it!”<br />

“We hop to it!”<br />



march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 25

Q&A WITH<br />

Gary Yamamoto<br />




26 <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>

happy spring<br />


Spring is in full swing, and it’s time to enjoy<br />

the light and fresh taste of our teas! Try our<br />

floral and fruity springtime blends.<br />

618 REGENTS BLVD, FIRCREST | <strong>253</strong>.820.8998 | MIMISTEAS.COM<br />

AD<br />

Services:<br />

ChiropraCtiC<br />

Massage therapy<br />

aCupunCture<br />

spinal DeCoMpression<br />

<strong>253</strong>.396.1000<br />

601 s. pine st., taCoMa, Wa<br />

TheHealthConnection-Tacoma.com<br />

206.783.6000<br />

5429 russell ave. nW. ste. 300, seattle, Wa<br />

Divinespine.net<br />

Experience. Life. Better .<br />

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 27








28<br />

<strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>

Gary Yamamoto is the new executive<br />

director of LeMay - America’s Car<br />

Museum. He moved to Washington at the age<br />

of 9, graduated from Issaquah High School and<br />

attended the University of Washington. He has<br />

called the state home ever since. This job is a<br />

dream come true for him, combining his talents<br />

with running companies and museums with his<br />

love for cars. The unique combination provided<br />

the perfect opportunity and a great next step in<br />

his career.<br />

Yamamoto does not have a car collection of his<br />

own but has always been a “car nut.” It started<br />

when his father was a “Futures Car Designer”<br />

for Ford back in the late ‘60s through the early<br />

‘70s. Ever since he got his driver’s license, cars<br />

have played an important role in his life. He<br />

likes to say, “Cars are my hobby, an expensive<br />

hobby.” Yamamoto has always been interested<br />

in cars, especially those with new and unique<br />

features. New technologies also intrigue him,<br />

prompting new car purchases every three to<br />

four years. Unfortunately, the rise of electronic<br />

features ruined his hobby of working on his<br />

own cars.<br />

LeMay - America’s Car Museum recently<br />

celebrated its 10th anniversary. It was<br />

recognized by MSN as one of the 10 Best<br />

Automotive Museums worldwide and one of<br />

USA Today’s 10 Best Museums in Seattle. The<br />

ACM collection contains 250 automobiles and<br />

another 100 on loan from private collections.<br />

Unlike many museums, the ACM opens its<br />

storage galleries of vehicles not on active display<br />

so visitors can see the majority of the collection.<br />

Stop in for a visit to see the latest exhibit, “75<br />

years of Porsche.”<br />

Q. LeMay - America’s Car Museum just<br />

celebrated its 10-year anniversary. As the new<br />

executive director, what is your vision for the<br />

next 10 years?<br />

A. I am really excited about the next 10 years.<br />

We have a great team here at the museum.<br />

We want to continue to provide a welcoming<br />

place for community members to come and<br />

experience our incredible collection of cars.<br />

We also want to create a more immersive<br />

experience for our visitors and guests. We will<br />

be adding more storytelling about our cars,<br />

sharing interesting information such as what<br />

was going on in the era in which the car came<br />

from, the innovation the car had if applicable,<br />

interesting information about people who<br />

either donated the car or share someone else’s<br />

story that they had about a similar car. We<br />

want to create a more immersive experience<br />

by adding more interactive components and<br />

features. We hope these enhancements engage<br />

our guests and create more dialog between each<br />

other and with our staff and volunteers as they<br />

experience our museum.<br />

Q. You have a new exhibit on display, “Porsche<br />

at 75.” What is unique about this exhibit? And<br />

why are you most excited about having it at<br />

ACM as part of the collection/display?<br />

A. The “Porsche at 75” exhibit celebrates the<br />

75th anniversary of this iconic automobile<br />

company and showcases its amazing lineup<br />

of cars—to be able to present this exhibit<br />

right here at America’s Car Museum is an<br />

opportunity of a lifetime. Guests will see,<br />

firsthand, how Porsche has influenced the<br />

evolution of the automobile, pushed the limits<br />

on the technological advancements in cars,<br />

and set the bar for performance and handling<br />

that we see in cars today. Overall, there will<br />

be more than 20 beautiful Porsches featured<br />

throughout the year that the exhibit will be in<br />

the museum. This will truly be a one-of-a-kind<br />

collection of Porsches—from a Porsche 356<br />

(which was regarded as the first road-certified<br />

Porsche model built) to a Porsche 908 race car<br />

to a <strong>2023</strong> GT4RS. And these are only a few of<br />

the incredible cars people will see. What makes<br />

this exhibit even more special is that several of<br />

the cars showcased in the exhibit are from local<br />

collectors right here in the Pacific Northwest.<br />

Q. Can you share with our readers<br />

the importance of volunteers to the<br />

museum’s success?<br />

A. Our volunteers are extremely important to<br />

our museum. We couldn’t do it without them.<br />

We are very fortunate to have a special group of<br />

volunteers—some are car collectors themselves<br />

or have grown up loving cars and others just<br />

love being around cars. The level of knowledge<br />

and interest in automobiles that each volunteer<br />

has varies, but each one adds a unique value to<br />

the experience that guests have when they come<br />

to visit the museum. And we are always looking<br />

for more great volunteers from our community,<br />

so if any of your readers are interested, they<br />

should definitely reach out to us.<br />

Q. What is your favorite vehicle in the<br />

collection and why?<br />

A. That is tough because there are so many<br />

amazing cars in our collections—from old<br />

Model Ts to even a brand new <strong>2023</strong> Corvette.<br />

If I could only pick one favorite, though, it<br />

would be the 1948 Tucker. The technological<br />

uniqueness combined with the smooth lines<br />

and shape of the car, along with its beautiful<br />

sparkling blue color, makes this car totally<br />

amazing to me. This car even has a helicopter<br />

engine, suicide doors, and three headlights!<br />

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 29

How Does Your<br />

Gardening for your health<br />

30 <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong><br />

30 <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>

Garden Grow?<br />


march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 31

G<br />

ardening is an investment in your well-being.<br />

Vegetables, flowers, mushrooms, orchards or<br />

trees … whatever is planted well will thrive.<br />

And if it thrives, you thrive. The benefits of gardening are<br />

numerous: from an increased sense of wellness to healthy<br />

levels of vitamin D. The effort of gardening counts as<br />

exercise and the product of gardening often leads to an<br />

interest in eating healthier. No doubt about it, when you<br />

get outside to plant, you harvest health. Also, planting a<br />

garden is just beautiful. The scent of the apple blossoms<br />

carried on the wind acts as aromatherapy. The sight of<br />

green growing things encourages life under the ground<br />

and above it, from worms to bees and butterflies. It’s no<br />

wonder why we flock to forests, lakes and outdoor spaces<br />

at all times of the year. Gardening makes those outdoor<br />

spaces accessible just outside our door. Here are a few<br />

ways your garden can promote your everyday health.<br />

First, ask yourself, “How does my garden grow?” Yes,<br />

it’s a children’s nursery rhyme, but it’s also a good rule<br />

of thumb when planning out your garden. You want the<br />

health benefits of your garden to last throughout the year,<br />

so it’s important to consider which plants will bring you<br />

the most joy. If you want the garden to benefit you every<br />

day, year-around, you have to plant a garden that you find<br />

sustainable. For some this means planting plants that seed<br />

themselves. Examples of such plants include potatoes,<br />

onions, anything in the mint family, evergreens, and a<br />

huge variety of flowers. Self-seeding plants require very<br />

little tilling and maintenance, and practically thrive on<br />

their own.<br />

Some gardens are made up of well-organized “weeds”<br />

(by far the easiest sort of garden to grow), which are<br />

exceptionally hardy in addition to being self-seeding.<br />

When growing exceptionally boisterous plants, you might<br />

consider planting in pots or plots. Examples include<br />

anything in the dandelion family, mints, many herbs,<br />

clover, sunchokes, and different grasses. Many of the herbs<br />

and berries harvested for health benefits in the forests and<br />

fields are considered “weeds.”<br />

Another very practical approach to gardening for your<br />

health means planting things that you enjoy eating, perhaps<br />

things that you don’t always find fresh in the grocery store.<br />

There’s no reason to become completely reliant upon your<br />

garden, although it is nice to peruse the garden for dinner<br />

rather than take a trip to the grocery store. However, the<br />

more vegetables and fruits you plant, the more you will<br />

find yourself branching out and enjoying things that you<br />

didn’t know you liked. This often has to do with the very<br />

real taste difference between fresh garden produce and<br />

grocery store finds: Fresh is just better.<br />

32<br />

<strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>


360.394.7702 | kimcoplumbing.com<br />

NOW OPEN<br />

Over 300 loose leaf teas, herbals and wellness blends. Ask us<br />

about our Fun & Interactive Tea Blending Classes.<br />

We are a family run locally owned business that has been serving the<br />

Pacific Northwest for over a decade!<br />

We look forward to being part<br />

of your healthcare team.<br />

Please use this coupon for 20% off your purchase of loose leaf tea or<br />

herbal blends. We can’t wait to meet you!<br />

We are located in Olympic Square across from Harbor Greens<br />

5229 Olympic Drive, Suite B, Gig Harbor, WA 98335<br />

<strong>253</strong>.432.4008 | everythingtea.net<br />



2018<br />

WINNER<br />



2021<br />

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 33

“<br />

Investing in a<br />

garden is investing<br />

in your home and<br />

your health.<br />

”<br />

A vegetable garden is accessible, and it opens up doors to<br />

produce and delicious foods that we might have not previously<br />

had. This encourages us to make healthier choices. An example<br />

would be the tomato. It’s relatively easy to grow (make sure<br />

you plant the roots deep), and its fruit is extremely abundant.<br />

When harvest time comes, you will have basket after basket<br />

of tomatoes that are good enough to eat plain, no adornment<br />

necessary. The excess can be turned into sauce or salsa to be<br />

enjoyed all year. Another example is the sugar snap pea, which<br />

during the spring months is so abundant that you could gather<br />

a basket daily from five plants. It’s also delicious without any<br />

adornment or seasoning and full of protein, making them<br />

a favorite for children on the go. Abundance will spawn<br />

creativity, and before you know it your plate is full of nutrientdense<br />

goodies. The more you have, the more you consume.<br />

When talking about produce, this is a great thing!<br />

Aside from gardening sustainably, and gardening for food,<br />

the garden can also be a place of mental health. Many of the<br />

benefits that you go out of your way to enjoy, and actively<br />

spend money on, can be achieved simply through the garden.<br />

The garden can be a place of privacy and rest, much like a mini<br />

retreat. For this reason, you might want to plant according to<br />

season, with something to enjoy in spring, summer, fall and<br />

winter. For example, tulips and crocus will pop up every year<br />

during spring, roses in summer and fall, and witch hazel in<br />

winter.<br />

It’s not important that the garden always be “practical” to be<br />

a place of health. Growing a sense of well-being and safety<br />

is not to be scoffed at, as the state of our mind contributes<br />

considerably to our physical health. You might be inclined to<br />

plant roses for their scent, mint because of its relaxing smell<br />

in the bath, lavender because you like to cut the flowers for<br />

the dinner table, or dahlias for their burst of color. There are<br />

flowers that attract butterflies or hummingbirds, and plants<br />

that simply provide greenery. There are a variety of trees that<br />

do nothing for your plate but everything for lazy summer days<br />

in your hammock. Whatever the reason, investing in a garden<br />

is investing in your home and your health. And that is an<br />

investment worth making.<br />

34<br />

<strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>

Healthy Tip<br />


Utilizing your home amenities to keep you fit<br />

You don’t have to go far to get a workout in.<br />

Gyms are great but most certainly not a<br />

necessity. And those of us with busy lives,<br />

work, kids, and all that comes with life,<br />

taking time to leave our homes to go work out is not<br />

always an option—or at least not a priority.<br />

What if you could find ways to squeeze in quick mini<br />

workouts right in the comfort of your own home? Just<br />

utilizing a few amenities that can be found right where<br />

you are can do the trick, and you don’t need to block<br />

out a long period of time to get the job done.<br />

Does your home have stairs? Walk, jog or run up and<br />

down your stairs 20 times every hour. It will get you up<br />

and moving and elevate your heart rate. Plus, aiming to<br />

get those 10,000 steps in? If you have 10 stairs, going up<br />

and down them 20 times equals 400 steps!<br />

Dining room chairs or bar stools work great to assist in<br />

different lunges, squats and lower body stretches.<br />

Do you have a few chores that need to be done? Pull<br />

out the vacuum or mop, and instead of vacuuming<br />

or mopping at a slow pace, speed it up a bit—you can<br />

definitely work up a sweat. Washing your windows,<br />

wiping down the walls or dusting (using a cloth instead<br />

of a duster) works your arms.<br />

A yoga mat is a great investment and can be used in<br />

any space. Just a few minutes of sit-ups, push-ups,<br />

stretches, or fine tuning your favorite yoga positions,<br />

is a great way to break up your day and focus on<br />

your health.<br />

There’s no excuse when it comes to setting a few<br />

minutes aside, several times a day, to focus on you.<br />

35<br />

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 35

pinpoint<br />


Elevating the Communities<br />

They Serve<br />

Ascend Hospitality Group takes service to the next level<br />

at Stanford’s Steak and beyond<br />


Stanford’s Steak, part of Ascend Hospitality Group (AHG)—a Black- and femaleled<br />

independent restaurant group based in Bellevue, Washington—opened in<br />

Tacoma in November of 2021. Housed in the historic Waddell Building, which<br />

was commissioned and built in 1892, it is a space Stanford’s Steak strives to revive<br />

and honor—both the building’s and Tacoma’s heritage. “For AHG, community and<br />

service matter, so who better to protect a historical site than us?!” smiles Elaina<br />

Morris, CEO and president of Ascend Hospitality Group.<br />

Guests are truly in for an unmatched dining experience when choosing to take a seat<br />

at this polished-casual contemporary steakhouse and lounge, where wood and brick<br />

meets modern design, and is complemented by the soft emerald velvet furniture and<br />

gold-accented finishes. At Stanford’s Steak, the restaurant provides a high-end feel<br />

without the fine-dining prices.<br />

The menu features hand-trimmed premium cuts, creative share plates, a sommeliercurated<br />

wine list and inventive cocktails. They proudly serve USDA Certified 1855<br />

Black Angus Beef in a variety of cuts, like the showstopping 30-ounce bone-in<br />

Tomahawk rib-eye, baseball-cut top sirloin and filet mignon. In addition, Stanford’s<br />

Steak continues to honor the culinary bones of the original and tenured Stanford’s<br />

brand and its hallmarks like the Pepper Bacon Mac & Cheese, Iconic Cheese Bread<br />

and the shining star—the Rock-Salted Roasted Prime Rib.<br />

Both the wine list and draft beer selection focuses on Washington and Oregon<br />

producers, and the cocktail menu features house specialties like the Huckleberry<br />

Raindrop, Hemingway, and twists on classics like the Lavender Cosmo and<br />

American Mule.<br />

“At AHG, our purpose is to create an environment where our people, our community<br />

and our guests feel valued, with the goal of making the hospitality industry hospitable<br />

again,” notes Elaina. “We bring people together through culinary experiences that<br />

raise the bar and improve the standards of the hospitality industry. We strive to offer<br />

what hasn’t been done before and elevate what has.”<br />

AHG is a collection of concepts ranging from fine dining to quick serve and is proud<br />

to employ more than 800 people in Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Utah.<br />

“Team matters” is a core goal at AHG, and for the Stanford’s family of brands (which<br />

includes Stanford’s Steak, their legacy steakhouse Stanford’s with locations in North<br />

36 36 <strong>253</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE MAGAZINE march/april march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 37

Seattle and two outside Portland, Oregon, as well as<br />

AHG’s newest concept—AQUA TERRA Steak + Sushi<br />

in Salt Lake City), their culinary teams are a blend of<br />

almost 100 years of culinary talent pulled from across<br />

the company. Chef Scott Letourneau is the corporate<br />

executive chef for the Stanford’s family of brands, with<br />

much of the menu at Stanford’s Steak a reflection of his<br />

vision and talent.<br />

With a commitment to elevating the local communities<br />

they serve, Ascend Hospitality Group launched AHG<br />

Cares—the philanthropic arm of their company in<br />

2021. “Through AHG Cares, we are able to hone our<br />

philanthropic efforts through various programs and<br />

collaborations,” shares Elaina.<br />

Within that, Stanford’s Steak recently launched a<br />

Community Cocktail program, in which $1 from each<br />

Community Cocktail sold is donated to a featured<br />

nonprofit partner. For the inaugural cocktail, now<br />

available, bartender Anna Benford created the vivacious<br />

Earl Grey Blues, benefiting downtown Tacoma’s Rainbow<br />

Center and its education program.<br />

While AHG’s main philanthropic focus is on education,<br />

and typically centered on youth, the company is also an<br />

advocate of equity and diversity. “By partnering with<br />

Stanford’s Steak neighborhood partner, Rainbow Center<br />

and its Education Program (RainbowCntr.org/educate),<br />

we are able to support understanding, awareness and<br />

inclusivity for all,” Elaina says. “As we come into our<br />

second year at Stanford’s Steak, it’s important to our<br />

team and to our restaurant to more fully connect with<br />

the Tacoma community and found the Rainbow Center<br />

to be the perfect inaugural beneficiary for this program.”<br />

Through Stanford’s Steak and AHG Cares, the company<br />

is working with city officials, city influencers, local<br />

nonprofits, Travel Tacoma, and more, to “broaden their<br />

understanding of how Stanford’s Steak can best show up<br />

for Tacoma,” Elaina adds.<br />

She goes on to share that this spring, they plan to<br />

reinvigorate the community through those partnerships<br />

but also by supporting both local brands and local<br />

artists, inside and outside of the restaurant. AHG Cares<br />

is actively working with local community partners to<br />

identify other nonprofits needing support, particularly<br />

those in education and youth services.<br />

“Within our community, it’s about showing up—when<br />

we open a restaurant, we do so with our mission, our<br />

purpose and our passions,” affirms Elaina. “We are there<br />

to do more than just serve food. We are there to serve<br />

the community.”<br />




<strong>253</strong>.352.0030<br />


38<br />

<strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>

Digital<br />


We are a strategic media agency for all businesses. We are committed to getting<br />

you not only ranking on online search engines but generating traffic to your<br />

website to increase your overall sales.<br />

start ranking today<br />

d like-media.com<br />

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 39

HOME<br />

DESIGN<br />

TRENDS<br />

Nod to Nature<br />






40 <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong><br />

40 <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>

The prospect of design updates<br />

often brings visions of the family<br />

and friends you’ll host and the<br />

memories you’ll make in your<br />

new space.<br />

E<br />

ach spring, new flower buds<br />

emerge from the long-dormant<br />

earth, basking the world in color<br />

and sparking feelings of renewal, change<br />

and fresh starts. Spring is nature’s gentle<br />

way of shaking us awake after a period of<br />

hibernation—inspiring and energizing us<br />

with longer days and more sunlight. While<br />

some opt for traditional spring cleaning,<br />

others embrace the nudge offered by the<br />

season change and choose to rejuvenate<br />

their living spaces.<br />

The prospect of design updates often brings<br />

visions of the family and friends you’ll<br />

host and the memories you’ll make in your<br />

new space. As you start researching design<br />

trends, it’s easy to get lost down the neverending<br />

Pinterest rabbit hole. The countless<br />

options and opinions can quickly become<br />

overwhelming, causing major decision<br />

paralysis. You want your space to feel like<br />

it belongs in this decade (or century), but<br />

trends can be fleeting, and any significant<br />

changes need to withstand the test of time.<br />

Your home is a personal space—it should be<br />

a calm and comforting place that considers<br />

your lifestyle and reflects what you like.<br />

Connecting with the earth and bringing a<br />

feeling of groundedness into your home is<br />

reflected in the home design trends this year.<br />

People are seeking stability and peace within<br />

their homes, reaching for warm neutrals<br />

with pops of rich colors, natural materials<br />

and versatile pieces that make you feel safe,<br />

comfortable and inspired.<br />

A place we often start when considering a<br />

home redesign is colors—and not just paint.<br />

Wallpaper with bold patterns and textures<br />

add visual interest to a myriad of surfaces<br />

throughout the house. Colors affect our<br />

mood, emotions and energy level, making<br />

them an important factor in aesthetic and<br />

overall vibe.<br />

While neutrals have a timeless appeal,<br />

people are ditching the cool white and gray<br />

colors for creamy earth tones that give off<br />

a homey feeling and warmer brown shades<br />

that anchor the space and make us feel more<br />

grounded. Sherwin Williams’ announced<br />

their color of the year as Redend Point<br />

(SW 9081)), a romantic warm neutral that<br />

embodies all things cozy and tranquil.<br />

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 41









THE HOUSE.<br />

42<br />

<strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>

Healthy, Glowing,<br />

Fashionable?<br />

Get the skin to match.<br />

Artistic Plastic Surgery Center’s Medical Esthetician can help.<br />

Microneedling starting at $300 | PRP from $400<br />

Facial Rejuvination | SkinPen Microneedling | PRP | Acne/Acne Scar Treatments<br />

Smooth Beam Laser Treatment | Rosacea | Spider Vein Treatment | Laser Hair Removal<br />

Vbeam Laser Therapy | Radio Frequency Skin Tightening | Obagi ® Blue Peel<br />

PCA Chemical Peels | Waxing Services<br />

Skin Medica ® , Obagi NuDerm ® , Epionce ® , Jan Marini ®<br />

Self.<br />

Made.<br />

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new<br />


Board Certified Plastic Surgeon<br />

<strong>253</strong>.756.0933<br />

Office of Khash A. Dehghan, MD, PHD, FACS<br />

3515 S. 15th St., Suite 101, Tacoma, WA | ArtisticPlasticSurgery.com<br />

3515 S. 15th St., Suite 101, Tacoma, WA<br />

ArtisticPlasticSurgery.com<br />

Call for a consultation: <strong>253</strong>.756.0933<br />

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 43



Paired with creamier neutrals are bold colors that elicit a desired emotion from the space. Soothing greens, deep<br />

blues and rich berry hues are taking center stage in <strong>2023</strong>. Benjamin Moore chose a vibrant red-orange called<br />

Raspberry Blush (2008-30) as their color of the year for <strong>2023</strong>—this bold and refreshing hue energizes a room for<br />

maximum impact. Mossy and deep shades of green are almost considered neutral for their versatility—used to<br />

upgrade furniture and décor or make a bold wall color while balancing a room.<br />

Bringing natural elements into your home means embracing the inconsistencies, imperfections and unique<br />

beauty in raw, natural materials. Cookie-cutter design pieces from big-box stores made from synthetic materials<br />

are being replaced with a newfound (or renewed) appreciation for durable, long-lasting organic materials.<br />

Meaningfully investing in a few masterfully crafted pieces built for longevity is being more highly valued as<br />

people want a story or connection to the items they keep in their homes.<br />

One of the most beautiful and often underappreciated design materials is front and center: natural wood.<br />

Furniture and design elements crafted from light- or mid-toned woods that lovingly embrace the natural artistry<br />

of high-contrast grains add warmth and texture to a room. Think 1960’s and 1970’s rich mahogany end tables or<br />

dark oak shelving. Even natural wood cabinets are making a comeback, mingling with natural stone to create a<br />

mixed material kitchen. Integrate other wood touches with wooden-legged chairs, swap out picture frames for<br />

wood versions, or display that one-of-a-kind wood carving you found in your grandma’s basement.<br />

44<br />

<strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 45


The desire to feel more grounded and connected with the earth<br />

means a shift from sterile white kitchens to natural materials,<br />

whimsical colors, patterns and textures. Natural stone slabs for<br />

kitchen countertops and backsplashes paired with dynamic colored<br />

cabinets and warm wood accents are inviting and functional to an<br />

area where families often congregate. While quartz remains a more<br />

economical choice, colorful marbles, soapstone and limestone with<br />

exaggerated, contrasting veining will become more prominent.<br />

Not looking to do a complete overhaul? Swapping out your<br />

backsplash, painting your island a vibrant hue, or even installing<br />

a warm walnut butcher-block island makes a huge difference and<br />

doesn’t require construction.<br />

After all the change and chaos of the past several years, there’s a<br />

general desire to reconnect with the things that really matter.<br />

Mixing vintage pieces into your contemporary space elicits a sense<br />

of nostalgic comfort and further personalizes your space. Adding<br />

meaningful objects such as heirloom pieces or sentimental items<br />

add character and depth to the space. Who doesn’t love a story<br />

about the antique table your great uncle brought all the way from<br />

Armenia? Pieces like these are part of your story and bring a sense<br />

of history into your home.<br />

look by thoughtfully picking out individual pieces that you love.<br />

Peruse an antique store for treasures, and refurbish them to make<br />

them your own. Or display unique trinkets, vases or sculptures<br />

found while traveling. Vintage furniture, heirloom accessories and<br />

one-of-a-kind, personalized pieces mix beautifully with modern<br />

styles and are more sustainable than short-term, disposable items.<br />

Combining antiques with a new, modern design can spark beloved<br />

memories while honoring a bygone era and adding timeless<br />

elegance to your space.<br />

The architectural design and environment surrounding your<br />

home can also help inspire your design. A French country interior<br />

can feel out of place in a modern contemporary home, and a<br />

mid-century modern style can feel conflicted in a coastal beach<br />

house. Additionally, homes with ample shade from surrounding<br />

evergreen trees may select light-reflecting colors to brighten the<br />

interior. A home basking in warm, golden sunlight may need cool<br />

colors to balance the bright warmth.<br />

While these home design trends are things to consider, they<br />

shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Your home should be a place<br />

where you feel relaxed and content; somewhere that reflects who<br />

you are and what you love.<br />

Even if you don’t have familial heirloom items, you can create the<br />

46<br />

<strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>

Walk on to something<br />


PARTY CO.<br />

luxury<br />

bounce houses<br />

Carpet • Laminate • Vinyl • Tile • Stone • Hardwood<br />



2022<br />

WINNER<br />

Financing available<br />

Throwing a party soon? We<br />

do all of the entertaining for<br />

you! Reserve your<br />

rental today.<br />

f www.facebook.com/CSFLOORS<br />

www.csfloors.net | <strong>253</strong>.853.5833<br />

8803 SR 16 NW, Gig Harbor, WA<br />


ToTheMoonPartyCo.com<br />

<strong>253</strong>.234.5589 | Ge<br />

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 47


of events<br />

march/april<br />

april<br />

EASTER FUN IN THE <strong>253</strong><br />

pg. 50<br />

COE Intro<br />


INTRO<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

48 48<br />

<strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>



AT<br />

Saturday, may 6th, <strong>2023</strong> | 6pm – 8pm<br />

Pavilion Plaza at Uptown Gig Harbor<br />

Hosted by the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation and Uptown Gig Harbor, The Community Table is an “Evening Against Hunger.” The special dinner under the stars<br />

will raise critical funds for local programs working to ensure families’ essential food needs are met. Hunger is a significant issue in our community. About 1 in 4<br />

children and 1 in 7 adults, primarily seniors, across our community struggle with food insecurity.<br />

Don your white and black for an amazing locally sourced gourmet dinner prepared by Chef Erik Smith, of the Green.House<br />

Restaurant, and Chef Lora Smythe-DuBois, of Lora’s Le Garmache Catering, with contemporary soul sounds from Tara Anne Chugh<br />

to help raise funds to directly support area organizations working to eliminate hunger and its impacts on children and families in<br />

our community.<br />

Every dollar raised through The Community Table dinner equals about 5 pounds of food that will help stock the shelves of our local<br />

food banks for nearly 6 months.<br />

TICKETS: $250 per person. Sponsor a table of 8 for $2,000 (includes two bottles of Olalla Vineyard wine). STRICTLY LIMITED TO 100.<br />

PURCHASE TICKETS HERE gghf.info/communitytable<br />

Each ticket includes an amazing three-course gourmet dinner, live music, a locally crafted ceramic water glass to take home, and your donation to THE COMMUNITY TABLE FUND!<br />

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 49


SPRUNG<br />

Easter fun in the <strong>253</strong><br />


The Easter Bunny will be making his way throughout the <strong>253</strong>,<br />

and families have a variety of options on where to take the<br />

kids, baskets in hand, to hunt for those prized Easter eggs—<br />

or do a drive-through!<br />

COE<br />


highlight<br />

To kick off the month of <strong>April</strong> and the Easter season, Chambers<br />

Creek Regional Park is the place to be for their Easter-inspired<br />

drive-through event. Parents can have one less thing to worry about<br />

by purchasing a Bunny Bundle for Easter! These Easter-themed<br />

baskets include 15 filled eggs, crafts, and other fun activities the<br />

kiddos are sure to enjoy. Drive out to Chambers Creek Regional<br />

Park down to Central Meadows between 10am and 1pm on <strong>April</strong><br />

1 and pick up one of these Bunny Bundle baskets as gifts for the<br />

kids or to create your own egg hunt at home. Geared for youth ages<br />

4 and older, Bunny Bundles are priced $10 per basket per child.<br />

Pre-purchase online (PierceCountyWA.gov/7592/Bunny-Bundles)<br />

through <strong>March</strong> 27, as there will be no drive-through sales at<br />

the event.<br />

Sunrise Village in Puyallup will once again host their Easter Egg<br />

Hunt Event the day before Easter—<strong>April</strong> 8. From 3 to 5pm, join<br />

them for not only an egg hunt (for children 6 and younger) but<br />

a scavenger hunt for kids 6 through 12. Plus there will be face<br />

painting, balloon twisters, pictures with the Easter Bunny and<br />

more! This free community event is sure to make your child’s<br />

Easter weekend just that much more memorable. Don’t miss the<br />

fun! To read all the details about this year’s event, be sure to visit<br />

MySunriseVillage.com/easter-egg-hunt.<br />

Other events that same day include an Easter Egg Hunt hosted<br />

at Light of Christ Community Garden (2400 SW 344 Street) in<br />

Federal Way. Enjoy a Bunny Trail scavenger hunt, tractor rides,<br />

treats and Easter Bunny photos from 10am to noon Saturday, <strong>April</strong><br />

8. The scavenger hunt is open to all ages, while the Easter egg hunt<br />

is geared for young children.<br />

Each year, the Nichols Community Center (690 9th Avenue) on Fox<br />

Island hosts its Easter Egg Hunt the Saturday before Easter. As the<br />

hunt nears, be sure to visit FoxIslandWA.net/events.asp#yearly.<br />

Holy Cross Catholic Church (5510 North 44th Street) in Tacoma<br />

invites families for an egg hunt to begin at 10:30am for all ages<br />

through 18. Meet at the Parish Hall, where children will return after<br />

the egg hunt to trade their eggs for candy.<br />

Take a drive and head to Gig Harbor, where bunny sightings,<br />

Easter egg hunts and activities abound around the harbor. KeyPen<br />

Parks Easter Egg Hunt at Gateway Park kicks off at 9:30am. Be<br />

sure to grab your Easter basket and arrive a few minutes early, as<br />

supplies go quickly. Everyone should meet at the Uptown water<br />

fountain at 10am to hunt for eggs and a chance to visit with the<br />

Easter Bunny. From 10am to 2pm, head to Sehmel Homestead Park,<br />

where PenMet Parks will be hosting their Spring Egg Hunt, with<br />

Easter Bunny photo ops, activities and more. Registration may be<br />

required. Reserve your spot at PenMetParks.org.<br />

Spring has sprung and Easter has arrived! Don’t miss<br />

the celebrations!<br />


13-16<br />

11 4<br />

20-23<br />

50 <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>



TO THRIVE.<br />

100%<br />

of the proceeds from our cafés and<br />

coffee support The Coffee Oasis youth<br />

programs—offering supportive housing,<br />

counseling, job training, mentorship,<br />

and more to youth experiencing<br />

homelessness.<br />

Your gift will provide hurting and homeless<br />

youth with a safe place to go in Tacoma.<br />

Give Hope an<br />

address for<br />

Tacoma<br />

youth<br />

Creating a Safe Place for Youth in Tacoma:<br />

The Loft Youth Shelter<br />

Restoring communities through<br />

compassionate youth programs and<br />

coffee businesses.<br />


Bremerton Cafe and Roastery<br />

Poulsbo Cafe<br />

Kingston Cafe<br />

Port Orchard Cafe<br />


Visit a Cafe<br />

Volunteer<br />

Join Our Events<br />

Contact Us<br />

TheCoffeeOasis.com<br />



Join the ride. Make a difference.<br />

JUNE 17, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Registration NOW OPEN.<br />



sandpoint<br />

Living Local<br />



FAMILY<br />

Clif and Carol<br />

Warren<br />

Bob and Carolyn<br />

Gumerman<br />

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 51

MARCH<br />

11<br />

St. Paddy’s Day Run Tacoma<br />

Tacoma City Marathon Association is excited to announce this year’s St. Paddy’s Day Run Tacoma. Featuring a<br />

half marathon, 10k and 5k, the event is scheduled for Saturday, <strong>March</strong> 11. The half marathon kicks off at 8am,<br />

followed by the 10k at 8:30am and 5k at 9am. Start and finish location is 815 Pacific Avenue in downtown Tacoma<br />

for all three races. For details, including registration, course information and maps, and race-day schedule, visit<br />

TCMAEvents.com/st-paddys-day-run-tacoma.<br />

MARCH<br />

21<br />

MARCH<br />

25<br />

APRIL<br />

1<br />

4 APRIL<br />

Women in Leadership<br />

On <strong>March</strong> 21, the 13th annual Women in Leadership event will makes its way to the Environmental Services<br />

Building (64th Street West) in University Place. Promising to be an amazing evening of inspiration and<br />

encouragement, a selection of women from Washington state will be awarded for their outstanding leadership in<br />

the community. You wont want to miss this evening as these women tell their stories and respond to questions<br />

regarding their path to leadership including challenges, sacrifices and successes. To register for the event, visit<br />

Tacoma.JL.org and click on <strong>2023</strong> Women in Leadership event.<br />

VIVID: A Fundraiser for Arts Access & Education<br />

Get your tickets today for VIVID: A Fundraiser for Arts Access & Education. The evening of fundraising,<br />

inspiration and joy will take place on Saturday, <strong>March</strong> 25, at the Tacoma Armory. From the moment you enter,<br />

VIVID will engage guests with surprises, delights and moments of unexpected whimsy. Guests will dine on<br />

a delicious three-course meal, connect with friends old and new, groove to the sounds of Tacoma Arts Live<br />

musicians, bid on enticing items and adventures, raise your paddle to ensure the arts education our children need<br />

and the exhilarating performances you love are available and accessible to all. To find out more and purchase<br />

your tickets, priced $175 per person, visit TacomaArts Live.org.<br />

90th Annual Daffodil Parade<br />

The Daffodil Festival is celebrating “90 Years Around the Sun,” as <strong>2023</strong> marks its 90th year! The highlight of<br />

the event? The Daffodil Parade, which will take place <strong>April</strong> 1. This is a wonderful event for communities to<br />

come together on a beautiful spring day, as this traditional multi-city parade event celebrates Pierce county, its<br />

traditions and people. The parade will be making its way through Tacoma at 10:15am, followed by Puyallup at<br />

12:45pm, Sumner at 2:30pm and Orting at 5pm. Those families and businesses who would like to participate in<br />

the parade can contact parade@thedaffodilfestival.org or call <strong>253</strong>.254.6371. For additional information about<br />

The Daffodil Festival and Parade, visit TheDaffodilFestival.org.<br />

Tacoma Rainiers Home Opener<br />

The Home Opener for the Tacoma Rainiers is set for Tuesday, <strong>April</strong> 4, against the Reno Aces, their PCL West<br />

Division rival! Get your tickets today for the opportunity for a fun night out cheering on our Rainiers! The home<br />

schedule for the Rainiers will feature 75 home games this season, so there are ample opportunities to grab tickets<br />

to one of the games. The most up-to-date news and notes about the Tacoma Rainiers and Cheney Stadium can be<br />

found at WeRTacoma.com or by following the Rainiers on Twitter (@RainiersLand), Instagram (@tacomarainiers)<br />

and liking the team on Facebook.<br />

APRIL<br />

13-16<br />

20-23<br />

Spring Fair: Washington State Fair at Puyallup<br />

The Spring fair is Washington state’s biggest celebration of the season! Join friends, family and the community<br />

at this year’s fair, held over two weekends, <strong>April</strong> 13 through 16 and 20 through 23, at the Puyallup Fairgrounds.<br />

You won’t want to miss the chance to enjoy all of your fair favorites like great entertainment, delicious fair food,<br />

wild rides, adorable animals, and so much more! Additional details and ticket information can be found online<br />

at TheFair.com/spring-fair.<br />

52<br />

* Please note, as of press time, these events were still scheduled to take place as planned. As there is always the possibility that event schedules may<br />

change or events cancelled completely, be sure to visit event websites to stay up to date with current information.<br />

<strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>

A MUST read<br />


Local Police officer tells the inside tales of life on the<br />

streets of Tacoma during his career in law enforcement<br />

TALES OF A<br />





Read this epic journey of "real life" as a police officer<br />

in the epicenter of Tacoma<br />

* Describing the journey of the Tacoma streets back in<br />

the day<br />

* Insight into both the humor and the tragedy of life as<br />

a cop<br />

* A candid and personal glimpse of what life was like<br />

in dealing with criminals<br />

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 53

EASTER<br />





54 <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong><br />

54 <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>

As the arrival of Easter Sunday approaches on <strong>April</strong> 9 this year,<br />

people all over the world are gearing up for one of the most<br />

exciting celebrations of the year! This Christian holiday is<br />

observed in almost 95 countries, with around 80 percent of the population<br />

participating in the festivities.<br />

Get ready for a feast for the senses as Easter Sunday comes alive with<br />

vibrant colors, mouthwatering foods, and joyful traditions! From the<br />

lively Easter egg hunts to the joyous visits with the Easter Bunny, this<br />

holiday is full of delightful surprises and heartwarming moments.<br />

For centuries, Easter Sunday has been celebrated as a tribute to the<br />

resurrection of Jesus Christ. And as time has passed, numerous traditions<br />

have emerged to mark this event, each with its own unique flare. Whether<br />

you’re gathering with family or friends, there’s no doubt that the spirit of<br />

Easter will fill the air, bringing people together with love, hope, and joy.<br />

So, mark your calendars and join in the fun as we honor this sacred<br />

holiday in our own special way. Let’s make this year’s Easter Sunday a day<br />

to remember!<br />

Sunrise Easter Service<br />

One long-standing tradition is the sunrise Easter service, which dates<br />

back to 1732 when the Moravian Church held the first service at dawn in<br />

Germany. This practice honors the moment when Mary discovered Jesus’<br />

tomb was empty early in the morning.<br />

Ham/Lamb<br />

Although the choice of what to serve for Easter dinner might come down<br />

to taste preference, the menu holds great significance for some. In early<br />

Jewish history, lambs were sacrificed as offerings to God and served<br />

regularly as part of the Passover feast. Then, when Jesus died during<br />

Passover, he represented the ultimate sacrifice for sin, the “lamb of God,”<br />

so the animal evolved into a meaningful symbol for Christians. Many<br />

Orthodox Christians still follow the Jewish Orthodox customs of not<br />

eating any pork, so lamb takes center stage at their Easter meal.<br />

The Easter Bunny and Easter Baskets<br />

The Easter Bunny and Easter baskets are also popular Easter traditions<br />

that have evolved over time. The Easter Bunny is believed to have<br />

originated from ancient spring and fertility celebrations, while Easter<br />

baskets may have originated with Middle Eastern farmers bringing<br />

baskets of seedlings to be blessed for a successful harvest.<br />

Hot Cross Buns<br />

These festive rolls have their origins in ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece,<br />

where they were considered symbols of honor for their goddesses.<br />

Eventually, they gained popularity during Easter in England, where<br />

bakers were restricted from selling spiced breads except on special<br />

occasions such as the Friday before Easter.<br />

Hot cross buns, baked on Good Friday, were believed by many English<br />

people to never grow moldy and were therefore kept as good luck charms.<br />

They accompanied sailors on voyages and were buried in piles of grain to<br />

prevent rodents. Today, these buns mainly serve as a representation of the<br />

Christian symbol of the cross.<br />

Egg Tapping Game<br />

The Easter tradition of egg tapping, also known as egg fighting, egg<br />

knocking, egg pacqueing, egg boxing, egg picking or egg jarping, involves<br />

two people tapping the pointed ends of eggs together until one cracks,<br />

with the winner being the person who cracks the most eggs. This game<br />

originated in Medieval Poland and is still played in many parts of the<br />

world today. In Louisiana, the town of Marksville holds an annual official<br />

egg-tapping competition with stringent rules and regulations, and<br />

winners must demonstrate that their eggs are real by cracking and eating<br />

them at the end of the event.<br />

Whether you choose to commemorate the holiday with traditions that<br />

are centuries-old or create your own new traditions, there are many ways<br />

to make this Easter Sunday a memorable one.<br />

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 55

56 <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong><br />

56 <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>


EASTER<br />

cinnamon rolls<br />


For the Dough<br />

• 4 cups all-purpose flour<br />

• 1/3 cup granulated sugar<br />

• 1 packet (2 1/4 tsp.) Rapid Rise Instant Yeast<br />

• 1 tsp. salt<br />

• 1 1/2 cups milk<br />

• 6 tbsp. butter<br />

• 1 egg, room temperature<br />

For the Cinnamon Sugar Filling<br />

• 1/4 cup butter, room temperature<br />

• 2/3 cup light brown sugar<br />

• 1 tbsp. ground cinnamon<br />

• Pinch of salt<br />

For the Cream Cheese Frosting<br />

• 4 oz. cream cheese, room temperature<br />

• 1/2 cup unsalted butter, room temperature<br />

• 3 cups powdered sugar<br />

• 2 - 3 tbsp. milk<br />

• 1 tsp. vanilla extract<br />

• Pinch of salt<br />

METHOD:<br />

• Mix 2 cups flour, yeast, salt and sugar in a bowl.<br />

• Warm milk and butter in microwave, then let cool.<br />

• Add milk mixture and egg to flour mixture.<br />

• Beat ingredients on low speed until combined, then<br />

add 1 more cup of flour gradually.<br />

• Add remaining flour until dough forms a ball.<br />

• Knead dough on floured surface for 10 minutes.<br />

• Transfer dough to oiled bowl, cover, and let rise for<br />

1 hour.<br />

• While dough rises, mix sugar, cinnamon and salt<br />

for filling.<br />

• Roll dough into a rectangle on floured surface.<br />

• Spread butter and sugar mixture on dough.<br />

• Roll dough tightly and cut into 12 rolls. Place in<br />

pan, cover, and let rise for 1 hour.<br />

• Bake rolls at 350°F for 30 minutes.<br />

• Make cream cheese frosting by whisking together<br />

cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar, milk, salt and<br />

vanilla extract until light and fluffy and spread on<br />

cooled rolls.<br />

• Enjoy warm cinnamon rolls with frosting.<br />

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 57

The Language of Lāna‘i starts at<br />

SENSEI<br />

LĀNA‘I,<br />

A Four Seasons Resort<br />

58 <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong><br />

58 <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>

A gentle wellness immersion designed by you<br />

by JULIE REED<br />

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 59

LĀNA’I,<br />

HAWAII<br />

60<br />

Nestled in a secluded island of Hawaii, Sensei Lāna‘i, A Four<br />

Seasons Resort’s adult wellness retreat combines the beauty<br />

of nature with the expertise of highly trained practitioners in the<br />

areas of nutrition, mindfulness and exercise physiology—all in a<br />

luxuriously styled state-of-the-art resort tailored for your every need.<br />

Welcome to the most exquisite and tranquil surrounding, a style of<br />

vacationing that offers a richer and more fulfilling experience. The<br />

Resort’s mantra is move, nourish and rest, the Sensei Way, to live in<br />

abundance and health. Your personally curated experience includes<br />

an array of activities and support from passionate and highly trained<br />

teams that offer private sessions as well as small group activities and<br />

a plethora of relaxing spa services. If adventure is on the agenda and<br />

the need for a little adrenaline, the exhilarating island excursions are<br />

for you! The sailing trip on the catamaran should be on top of the<br />

list of to-dos!<br />

<strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong><br />

A new way of vacationing is upon us, and Sensei Lāna‘i does it to<br />

perfection. A place to gain knowledge of oneself, an invitation to the<br />

world’s purities combined with a wellness retreat for the soul. Set<br />

your own pace and customize your itinerary to help guide you to a<br />

path of a healthier you.<br />

You will be taken care of from every aspect including your<br />

thoughtfully appointed room, the dining experience, to your planned<br />

itinerary. Everything is procured to make your time most valuable.<br />

Empower yourself with data-based findings to make greater strides<br />

with your health goals.<br />

Walk the gardens and inhale the peacefulness, explore the menu<br />

of spa experiences, and delight in the structure of the resort that is<br />

designed to let the light stream in, bringing you a sense of calm and<br />

renewed spirit.

Julie Reed<br />


Contact MeToday<br />

Julie@like-media.com<br />

<strong>253</strong>.363.8832<br />

Creative Marketing Made Simple!<br />

<strong>253</strong><strong>Lifestyle</strong><strong>Magazine</strong>.com<br />

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 61

DO<br />

Arrive red-carpet style via private plane from Honolulu to Lāna‘i. Concierge<br />

transfers from Honolulu’s Daniel K. Inouye International Airport to Lāna‘i is<br />

included with your reservation at Sensei Lāna‘i. Four Seasons’ staff members will<br />

accompany you every step of the way, beginning with a 35-minute flight to Lāna‘i<br />

on Lāna‘i Air, then transporting you to the resort—about a 10-minute drive from<br />

the airport.<br />

A retreat that fills the senses and a getaway where dreams become a reality, your<br />

lavish stay at Sensei Lāna‘i, A Four Seasons Resort starts with a welcome upon<br />

arrival that puts you in relaxation mode from the start. You won’t help but notice<br />

the Cook pines lining your path to the resort, purposely planted to give you a sense<br />

of belonging.<br />

Make sure you take advantage of the wellness team of practitioners to learn new<br />

techniques for a better you! Tailor-made fitness with Biomarkers, nutritionists and<br />

meditation sessions are all at your fingertips! You will receive your itinerary for<br />

your carefully planned stay. Do as little or as much as you desire!<br />

Allow the personalized experiences menu to help guide you to a path of well-being<br />

and a journey that deepens your connection to your health goals and intentions.<br />

Your balanced itinerary should include a wide variety: Choose a spa treatment,<br />

one of the fun on-site activities that interests you, an excursion, and a visit with<br />

the health practitioner team members. Personally, you will see that co-founder<br />

Dr. David Agus has given his expert touch on helping people discover ways to<br />

a healthier existence. The techniques and information that were shared with me<br />

about my own health were astonishing! Access these keys to a better way of life.<br />

Explore the plentiful avocations on this expansive property that culminates land,<br />

water and sky with hues of blues you have never seen. Some of my favorites: Wander<br />

amidst the onsen garden pathways with beautiful streams and small bridgeways,<br />

and soak in one of the 10 private tubs tucked into the garden hideaways. A favorite<br />

discovery! Definitely observe the outdoor art collection and unique sculpture<br />

displays. Swim laps or take a leisurely dip in the larger pool with an oasis of tropical<br />

plants and trees that surround the pool deck. Having a quiet moment poolside<br />

isn’t a bad choice either. Lounge chairs are conveniently tucked away to give you<br />

privacy. To the Spa! Private massage hales are separate buildings for just you and<br />

feature 1,000 square feet of bliss to extend your spa treatment. Enjoy a soaking<br />

tub, rain shower, sauna, outside pools and streams after your massage. Top of the<br />

list: Reflexology and Lomi Lomi. Amazing health benefits and de-stress activators.<br />

Retreat for the Yogi ~ Restorative Aerial Yoga was another favorite; you may also<br />

enjoy morning meditation and Sensei Yoga Flow.<br />

If you’re looking for adventure, there’s the fun and freeing zip line, where you’ll<br />

ride high amongst the trees and take in the view! Challenge your mind and body<br />

with the ropes course while honing in on teamwork and problem-solving skills.<br />

This is a super unique course designed on a moat. Welcome the day with a hike on<br />

the Koloiki Ridge and bask in the beauty on this 4.9-mile journey to panoramic<br />

views of Maui and Moloka`i. You’ll feel invigorated and appreciate the gifts of<br />

movement and mother nature. If horses are your passion, check out the equestrian<br />

experience. Riding or viewing these beautiful animals in the green pasture during<br />

sunrise can be quite an experience as well as a magical photographer moment.<br />

62<br />

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OPEN<br />

Welcome to the most exquisite and tranquil<br />

surrounding, a style of vacationing that offers<br />

a richer and more fulfilling experience.<br />

march/april <strong>2023</strong> <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 63

Sensei Lāna‘i, A Four Seasons Resort is bountiful with native plants and<br />

grounds filled with surprises in every nook of this stunning property<br />

oasis. The intricate, colorful pathways to all the different amenities<br />

are perfectly designed to make every walk to your next destination<br />

an experience in itself. You may find yourself aimlessly walking to see<br />

where each curve will take you!<br />

The expansive lobby is filled with artwork, perfectly placed<br />

curated statues, lighting to match every mood of the day, and fully<br />

demonstrates the essence of a welcoming spirit. The Japanese-inspired<br />

and architecturally designed space will lovingly bestow on you with<br />

open arms. The passion behind this impeccable landmark matches the<br />

passion of its people.<br />

Surround yourself with comfort and serenity. All of the accommodations<br />

are decorated with natural, monochromatic tones that soothe the soul.<br />

Quality of sleep is an important feature that has not been untended.<br />

The beds, dimmable light fixtures and motorized blinds add to the<br />

luxury! Your sanctuary with private balcony awaits!<br />

Nourish the soul at Sensei by Nobu restaurant, with its ever-changing<br />

curated collection of fresh ingredients delivered by nature. The dining<br />

space, surrounded by a glass pavilion inside and a koi pond outside,<br />

exudes both culture and design that matches the exquisite cuisine.<br />

World-renowned Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa, in collaboration with<br />

Dr. Agus, have created pairings that inspire your palette and deliver<br />

optimal nourishment benefits. First night, go for the sampler—an allout<br />

masterful flavor and savoir-faire.<br />

Discover the Resort bar. This indoor-outdoor concept’s open and<br />

welcoming space is the spot for a casual walk-in either after a restorative<br />

yoga session to grab a quick snack or a relaxing hangout to unwind at<br />

the end of the day. Bring your libations outside if you desire to lounge<br />

on the comfortable furniture and enjoy the landscape.<br />

A Destination That is Unmatched ...<br />

To encapsulate this resort in one article is a difficult task. The attention to the details from beginning to end is really what makes<br />

this place so special. Every effort is made to find the best people in the industry on every level to make your stay something from<br />

out of this world. Of course, no doubt the land, sea and air, combined with the accommodations, will take hold of you, but the<br />

passionate people really are what makes this resort so incredible. The focus will be on you, and they will become an amazing part<br />

of your wellness journey. You will dream of a return as soon as you step foot off of the plantation.<br />

Reserve your stay at Sensei; luxury adventure in tranquility with a wellness mindset in a place less traveled.<br />

64<br />

Sensei Lāna‘i, A Four Seasons Resort - FourSeasons.com/Sensei<br />

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66 <strong>253</strong> LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE march/april <strong>2023</strong>

Serving Olympic and Kitsap Peninsula Since 1974<br />



72 MONTHS<br />

equal payments zero<br />

interest on approval of<br />

credit on qualifying<br />

equipment.<br />

AD<br />

CALL OUR GIG HARBOR LOCATION (<strong>253</strong>) 525-4053<br />

ActivePure Technology is scientifically proven to reduce SARS-CoV-2 novel coronavirus on<br />

surfaces. ActivePure Technology was tested on live SARS-CoV-2 virus, not proxy or<br />

surrogate strains.<br />

The ActivePure Technology disinfection system is the safest, fastest and most powerful surface<br />

and air-purification technology available that minimizes recontamination and cross<br />

contamination in real time without the use of chemicals or ozone.<br />

activepure technology<br />

demonstrates a<br />

99.98% Surface<br />

kill rate<br />

of sars-cov-2 virus<br />

within 7 hours<br />

Ventilation is an important factor in preventing the<br />

virus that causes COVID-19 from spreading<br />

indoors. Contact us for a consultation with a<br />

heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)<br />

professional.<br />

3316 56th St. NW Ste. 103<br />

Gig Harbor, WA 98335<br />

LIC# AIRFL*1206DG<br />


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Please Deliver By <strong>March</strong> 3, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Local Postal Customer<br />


U.S. POSTAGE<br />

PAID<br />

Post Falls, ID<br />

PERMIT NO. 32<br />

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