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We have a cup of<br />

African Earl Grey with<br />

Ditshego Sedikela<br />

Jolly tasty food ...<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch on a plate!<br />

It’s all touchy<br />

feely on the<br />

decor scene<br />

&<br />


Talking to our<br />

younger readers<br />

(and our coolest<br />

entrepreneur ever)<br />


MARCH <strong>23</strong>



04 <strong>Mar</strong>ch brings brilliant book club reads and a glass of Bright 2021<br />


06 Offbeat and fun finds to alleviate stress<br />

PEOPLE<br />

08 Tea-time chat over Ditshego Sedikela’s love for a good cuppa<br />

10 Producer and serial entrepreneur Liesl Lategan shares<br />

her life path to her thrilling success<br />

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MARCH <strong>23</strong><br />

FOOD & DRINK<br />

12 Good food, health and planet choices<br />

14 Whip up quick, easy and seriously good food<br />


18 Dominating home décor trends and a touch of texture<br />

20 How to prep your garden for Autumn<br />


22 #fruitsquares are a big hit for dynamic dad and son duo<br />

24 Delicately gentle beauty buys perfect for young skin<br />

26 Nutritional health during pregnancy<br />

28 Help for first-time mums<br />

32 The right gear for your next family outing<br />

WIN<br />

28 Gadgets to help you and babe<br />

29 A Rawbiotic Family Hamper worth R600<br />

34 A R10 000 voucher to spend at Thulestore<br />


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12<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch <strong>23</strong> Get It Magazine 03

Book club<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch (already!) and the bookshelves are groaning with<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch (already!) and the bookshelves are groaning with<br />

the weight of brilliant book club reads<br />

Judge Julia Cummins had no obvious<br />

enemies. There was no forced entry<br />

to her apartment, where the bodies<br />

of her and her bodyguard are found<br />

brutally murdered. Her ex and her<br />

teenage son both have strong alibies,<br />

the neighbours heard nothing, and<br />

the killer left behind a strange calling<br />

card. It’s up to FBI agent Amos Decker<br />

to investigate ... kicking off with the<br />

question as to why the judge felt she<br />

needed a bodyguard in the first place.<br />

And while he investigates, he’s also<br />

dealing with personal baggage ... the<br />

suicide of a close friend, the receipt<br />

of a letter concerning a personal,<br />

and possibly life-changing, issue,<br />

and a new partner. Long Shadows is<br />

another superb American detective<br />

tale from David Baldacci. Macmillan,<br />

available at Exclusive Books<br />

Paserene is a small Franschhoek estate with an impressive portfolio of awardwinning<br />

wines in three high-end luxury ranges – The Elements, The Paserene<br />

and The Shiner – each with their own unique features. At this <strong>Mar</strong>ch Book Club<br />

we’re serving Bright 2021 from the Elements range - the drawing of a swing<br />

on the label perfectly representing Paserene’s playful side. The ideal mid-week,<br />

easy-drinking wine, it’s made from 100 per cent Chardonnay grapes, with fresh<br />

citrus-centric aromas, which carry through to the palate, this lighter styled<br />

Chardonnay is lovely on its own or with a light seasonal salad, any type of<br />

poultry dish or with fresh tuna and salmon. Available directly from the Tasting<br />

Lounge at R190 per bottle. Details: paserene.com<br />

04 Get It Magazine <strong>Mar</strong>ch <strong>23</strong>

Kyla Zhao wrote The Fraud Squad at the height of the<br />

pandemic, while studying in California. Set in Singapore, it’s the story<br />

of Samantha, a working-class girl who dreams of having her own<br />

byline in a high-society magazine. Instead, she works at a drab PR<br />

firm and lives vicariously through her socialite co-worker Anya, and<br />

her new friend, Timothy, the disillusioned son of one of Singapore’s<br />

elite families. With the help of both, she infiltrates high society and<br />

her dreams all start to come true. Until the arrival of a reporter on<br />

the prowl for high-society gossip, which could see her exposed! Kyla<br />

started writing in secret, not confident she’d finish the book ... then it<br />

was snapped up in a six-figure deal. Love it! Headline<br />

Susan Lewis’ No Once Saw It Coming starts<br />

off a little slowly ... and with a cast of lessthan-lovable<br />

characters. But around a third<br />

of the way through, it picks up the pace<br />

dramatically ... and if you’re anything like us,<br />

you’ll race through it (mostly to find out if<br />

we were correct about the killer ... which<br />

we have to admit we did see coming!).<br />

Clever twist. HarperCollins • Ex-Special forces<br />

veteran turned vigilante knows he has a<br />

tendancy to seek out, and enjoy, trouble.<br />

And in Ant Middleton’s Red Mist he finds<br />

more than he bargained for as he is drawn<br />

into a turf war when helping out an elderly<br />

man he meets in the bar of a small French<br />

village. Sphere • Salma and Bilal Khatan are<br />

hopeful about their new home in a new<br />

neighbourhood ... just wanting to fit in<br />

and help their son get away from a bad<br />

crowd. But a neighbourly spat turns into a<br />

racial fallout and things rapidly get out of<br />

control. Kia Abdullah’s Those People Next<br />

Door is a really tremendous read with a<br />

great twist. HQ • In Someone Else’s Shoes<br />

by Jojo Moyes we meet Sam, who has<br />

nothing, and Nisha, who has everything.<br />

A mix up of their gym bags see their lives<br />

intertwined, just as they both spiral out<br />

of contol. Female friendship. It’s powerful!<br />

Michael Joseph • The SAS are used to death<br />

during combat. It goes with the turf. But<br />

when one of their own is said to have<br />

committed suicide in Thailand, red flags are<br />

raised. Matt Standing investigates, and ends<br />

up having to use all his SAS jungle skills to<br />

survive what turns out to be his toughest<br />

assignment to date. It’s all fast action and<br />

high tension in Stephen Leather’s Still<br />

Standing. Hodder & Stoughton. All these<br />

titles available at Exclusive Books.<br />

Compiled by: KYM ARGO<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch <strong>23</strong> Get It Magazine 05

Wish list<br />

Save water, walk the dog and kiss a frog!<br />

(and other fun things to do this <strong>Mar</strong>ch)<br />

If your taste is a little offbeat, you’re going to love Shnook ... who describe<br />

themselves as the site which is a safe space to allow your weird tastes to<br />

run wild. Fabulously fun cushions, totes and quirky vinyl stickers ... like<br />

this Queen Frog (for those looking for a fairy tale, there’s<br />

a King Frog too, worth kissing). The I’m a Pansy tote bag<br />

is made from slightly stretchy fabric, to fit everything you<br />

could imagine! Bags R180, stickers from R10 each from<br />

shnookthebrand.com<br />

06 Get It Magazine <strong>Mar</strong>ch <strong>23</strong><br />

Getting your vitamins and minerals<br />

is now as easy as popping a<br />

translucent sticker onto your wrist.<br />

Vitamin patches, also known as<br />

transdermal patches or vitamin<br />

skin patches, are an easy way to<br />

deliver a dose of vitamins, minerals<br />

or even medication, through your<br />

skin and into your bloodstream.<br />

The Patch Brand has options<br />

of Sleep, Immunity, Stress Relief,<br />

Energy and Focus. R<strong>23</strong>0 each from<br />

thebeautybag.co.za and Dis-Chem.

Our dogs are all wagging tails and strutting their stuff on their<br />

daily walks since they’ve been boasting these Clifton 1st<br />

beaded collars and leads from Chommies. Delicately beaded,<br />

but not delicate, they’re brightly coloured, hand beaded by<br />

Zulu beaders (each collar takes more than a day to make,<br />

with leads taking two) and for those of you who like to play<br />

matchy-matchy with your pooch, there are key rings and<br />

bracelet cuffs to complete the walkies ensemble! Find them on<br />

chommies.com, follow on Instagram @chommiescom<br />

The little big solution<br />

to your water needs<br />

Besides being climate friendly and<br />

helping cut costs, water tanks are<br />

becoming almost as important as<br />

inverters, with water outages striking<br />

hard. Harvesting and storing may,<br />

in our future, be essential ... there’s<br />

already an increasing demand from<br />

buyers and renters for off-the-grid<br />

and back-up solutions. But generally<br />

it’s only larger homes that have space<br />

for big tanks, with smaller properties<br />

and townhouses losing out. So ... a<br />

small solution for a big problem. The<br />

new Slimline tanks from JoJo are<br />

ideal for limited spaces. Smallest of<br />

the range is the 1000-litre SuperSlim<br />

tank ... perfect for city living, where<br />

limited space requires a snug fit into<br />

corners and down narrow walkways.<br />

It attaches to a wall to keep it secure<br />

and is supplied with the basics<br />

required for installation. Designed for<br />

ease of use, it has various connection<br />

options to ensure seamless<br />

installation into your setup, can be<br />

installed with some simple DIY, and if<br />

you’re a renter or selling up, you can<br />

remove it and take it with you. Jolly<br />

nifty ... and available in a couple of<br />

colours, too. Details: jojo.co.za<br />

Compiled by : KYM ARGO<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch <strong>23</strong> Get It Magazine 07

Des-tea-ny<br />

Ditshego Sedikela talks about her favourite tea blends with the same<br />

enthusiasm that a star-struck teenager would discuss the finer points of<br />

Harry Styles. Taste her Tlou Tea, and you’ll understand why.<br />

Ditshego’s tips for a perfect cuppa<br />

“We always advise people to choose their tea according to the<br />

mood they’re hoping to cultivate. For example, if you want to<br />

lift and restore, choose an energising blend.” Create your own<br />

morning ritual to get maximum enjoyment out of your drink.<br />

“I can drink tea at any time, whatever the weather, but I find it’s<br />

even more delicious when it’s accompanied by a little treat. A<br />

pastry is ideal,” Ditshego says.<br />

08 Get It Magazine <strong>Mar</strong>ch <strong>23</strong>

Ditshego remembers how, as a child, she was the only tea<br />

drinker in the family – so it was up to her to add tea to the<br />

shopping list and make a teapot for visitors. “I couldn’t wait to<br />

be old enough to boil the kettle by myself!” she remembers.<br />

Even so, she never imagined making a living out of the leaf.<br />

Coming from a line of business people, she saw her future<br />

in the business world, studying economics, philosophy and<br />

politics at UCT so that she could deepen her understanding<br />

of how business affects the economy and vice versa.<br />

“I had a clear plan after graduation,” Ditshego says. “I intended<br />

to work at my first job, at Investec for three years so that<br />

I could get a feel of what it was like to have an employer<br />

and be in business – and from there, I’d hopefully be able<br />

to strike out on my own.” But, although she set up several<br />

side startups, such as a hair product business and an events<br />

management company with her sister, Ditshego’s ultimate<br />

aspiration remained elusive. Three years came and went, and<br />

the biggest change she made was to switch employers.<br />

It was this new position that put her on the road to<br />

becoming a master tea brewer, however, as it involved a lot<br />

of travel to destinations like Asia and<br />

Europe ... countries where the tea culture<br />

was far more evolved than the milk and<br />

sugar-filled mugs South Africans usually<br />

served. Back then, says Ditshego, South<br />

Africa’s tea scene was all about black tea,<br />

rooibos or, if you were very adventurous,<br />

honeybush. “It was heaven to be able<br />

to try all of these different blends. I got<br />

into the habit of buying different teas<br />

every time I went to a new country and<br />

soon, my friends started buying me gifts<br />

of tea every time they went overseas,<br />

too!” Ditshego remembers a girls’ trip to<br />

Hong Kong, where her sister splurged on<br />

shoes while she browsed tea shops. “She<br />

thought I was mad!” Ditshego laughs.<br />

Her fascination with tea shops eventually<br />

led her to the Tea Merchant, a specialist<br />

tea store in Bryanston. Ditshego<br />

spent just as much time talking to the<br />

customers as the sales people, quizzing<br />

them about their favourite blends and discussing their<br />

personal tea rituals. Eventually, she plucked up the courage to<br />

ask for the owners’ details, so that she could ask them about<br />

a potential partnership. After several long talks, in April 2014<br />

she became the proud co-owner of a store in Clearwater Mall.<br />

By the end of the year, she had established something of an<br />

empire, with additional stores in Cresta Shopping Centre,<br />

Dainfern Square, Fourways Mall and Woodlands Boulevard.<br />

But, as much as she loved being part of the group,<br />

Ditshego was slowly developing the dream of creating<br />

her own brand. She got so far as creating a logo and<br />

conceptualising the range – and then Covid-19 hit. This<br />

stumbling block was followed by another when she found<br />

that none of the tea farms she consulted were interested<br />

in producing small batch orders. “But,” she says, “the delay in<br />

launching the brand was a blessing in disguise. Tea tastes<br />

changed so much during the pandemic, and the direction<br />

I’d been focusing on wasn’t quite right.”<br />

I want to personally<br />

introduce the different<br />

blends to customers and<br />

share the story behind<br />

the brand. It’s thrilling<br />

– I really am at my<br />

happiest when educating<br />

people about tea.<br />

She put the business on hold once more the following year<br />

when she gave birth to her third child, and then lost her<br />

father. “I didn’t have the energy to do anything more than<br />

get through the year,” she admits. But, although she was kept<br />

busy with the agro-entrepreneurship business she had set<br />

up, her “tea dream”, as she calls it, never quite left her mind.<br />

“I was still receiving tea as gifts, I was still experimenting<br />

with different spices and herbs when I made my own<br />

blends at home, I was still invited to taste tea menus. It was<br />

still so much a part of my life”. So much so, in fact, that she<br />

immersed herself in a course to become a certified tea<br />

specialist with The World Tea Academy.<br />

It’s not surprising, then, that when a friend introduced<br />

her to a local tea blender, her tea dream was reignited.<br />

She explained her vision of creating a tea that speaks<br />

to today’s wellness culture with the blender, and<br />

worked alongside her to add a mix of spices, herbs and<br />

adaptogens that is completely different from anything<br />

else available on the market.<br />

Having developed a long list of 30 samples, Ditshego<br />

launched the first six Tlou Tea varieties in<br />

November 2022. The range kicks off with<br />

African Earl Grey - a brew that stands<br />

out for its intense aromatic properties<br />

and which contains reishi mushroom<br />

extracts and Serbian Ginseng to create<br />

a zingy pick-me-up. Then there’s<br />

Tropical Green - a sencha green tea<br />

blend with mango and coconut to<br />

remove any hint of bitterness and<br />

create tropical warmth; and rooibos,<br />

with a twist on the classic flavour thanks<br />

to the addition of pear and sage, as well<br />

as astragalus root to enhance the tea’s<br />

wellness properties. Delicious Berries is<br />

the perfect base for a refreshing ice tea,<br />

containing berries and hibiscus. Finally,<br />

Sweet Dreams is the ideal bedtime<br />

drink, with ashwagandha powder,<br />

lavender, spearmint, valerian root, blue<br />

butterpea flower and chamomile to<br />

help you welcome those Zzz’s.<br />

Apart from their delicious flavours and wellness-enhancing<br />

properties, Tlou Teas stand out because every single aspect<br />

– even the packaging and design of the boxes – has been<br />

executed by a team of local female makers. And, with all<br />

leaves contained within a silk pouch, the brand has an<br />

unmissable air of luxury.<br />

So, what’s next for Tlou Tea? “I have several new products<br />

in the pipeline,” Ditshego reveals excitedly. She’s preparing<br />

some winter-warmer blends, as well as Tlou Tea’s kiddies’<br />

range, blended to appeal to children’s palates, which hits<br />

the shelves this month. Three varieties are available in this<br />

range ... to aid digestion, boost immunity and encourage<br />

sleep. Ditshego will also be cultivating a strong presence<br />

at markets, so that shoppers can experience the tea first<br />

hand. “I want to personally introduce the different blends<br />

to customers and share the story behind the brand. It’s<br />

thrilling – I really am at my happiest when educating<br />

people about tea.” Details: tloutea.co.za<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch <strong>23</strong> Get It Magazine 09<br />

Text: Lisa Witepski • Photographer: Nicole Moore. Details: nicolemoorephotography.co.za • Make-up: bk mua.<br />

Details: @bk_makeupartist on Insta. • Location: Caviar corner. Details: @caviar_corner on Insta

Female<br />

(spit)fire<br />

Text: Lisa Witepski • Photo: MEGAN BRETT<br />

“Making ads is like making a minimovie<br />

every couple of weeks. And<br />

I love the pace – you’re working<br />

with people who have all of these<br />

great ideas, and you have to get<br />

them to come together instantly,”<br />

she enthuses. “Most of all, I love the<br />

creatives involved in the process.<br />

They’re clever, funny, sensitive,<br />

unique and smart.”<br />

Liesl’s fascination with creativity isn’t<br />

surprising, given that drama was a<br />

central point of her childhood world.<br />

Her mother was a drama teacher<br />

and owned her own drama school<br />

for some time, and so the stage was<br />

a second home to Liesl. When it<br />

became time to choose her studies,<br />

she was instinctively drawn back<br />

to the arts – “but then I realised I<br />

didn’t want to live like a poor artist!”<br />

she laughs.<br />

And so she chose a career on the<br />

other side of the spectrum – law. “To<br />

be fair, I didn’t have much time to<br />

decide. My mother really didn’t like<br />

the boy I was dating at the time, so<br />

one day she told me that my father<br />

was coming to pick me up and<br />

take me to university in four hours.<br />

It was all very sudden – so I picked<br />

law because I was good at public<br />

speaking and debating and thought<br />

I’d be good at it.”<br />

It soon became clear that Liesl was<br />

not intended to sit behind a desk<br />

all day. “Law required a lot of parrotfashion<br />

learning, and it nearly broke<br />

my soul!” The final straw came when<br />

she was interning at a law firm. Asked<br />

to research precedent for a case that<br />

involved defending family violence,<br />

she refused. “I was told that I just<br />

wasn’t made for the kind of law I<br />

wanted to do – it would destroy me.”<br />

She’s made movies with<br />

the likes of Collin Farrell<br />

and Salma Hayek. But<br />

Liesl Lategan, producer<br />

and serial entrepreneur,<br />

owner of production<br />

company Spitfire and<br />

post-production house<br />

Aces Up, says that it’s far<br />

more thrilling to spend a<br />

day making adverts.<br />

Now with no plans or direction, Liesl<br />

decided to try her hand at au pairing<br />

in Atlanta until she figured out her<br />

path. That’s when she found her<br />

groove: While the kids she worked<br />

with attended school, she filled her<br />

mornings working in admin at a film<br />

company. The work wasn’t especially<br />

exciting – sometimes, she had to<br />

stand in as a powder girl – but in<br />

return, she was able to attend their<br />

weekend film courses for free.<br />

The bug had definitely bit, so when<br />

Liesl returned to South Africa, she<br />

enrolled at the then Natal Tech<br />

to study video tech. “It was really<br />

exciting, because I could return to my<br />

love of performance, but on the other<br />

side of the camera – something I’d<br />

never considered previously.”<br />

Liesl remembers this as one of<br />

the most fulfilling times of her life.<br />

Although she worked incredibly<br />

hard – hard enough to become<br />

one of the top students in the<br />

class while also trying to flesh out<br />

her student budget by working<br />

as a bar tender and spraying male<br />

shoppers with deodorant as part of<br />

brand promotions– she loved her<br />

studies and relished the feeling of<br />

her achievement.<br />

She got her first job on a film soon<br />

after. “It wasn’t often that people<br />

filmed movies in Durban, so when a<br />

production company started filming<br />

in the city, I walked into the office<br />

and handed in my CV – and was hired<br />

on the spot.” From there, her career<br />

trajectory took a steep upward turn.<br />

After moving to Cape Town, Liesl<br />

soon became a regular on film<br />

sets, but she began to feel stifled.<br />

“Cape Town’s film industry felt very<br />

technical, lacking in creativity. I was<br />

just a cog in the wheel, and I wanted<br />

to be part of the entire process.”<br />

She finally found her niche when she<br />

moved to Joburg to work full-time<br />

in producing commercials. “The first<br />

thing I did was go to Carlton Hair and<br />

ask them to cut off my long Cape<br />

Town hippie hair. Instantly, I felt like<br />

I belonged.” She loved her job just<br />

as much, and her passion and work<br />

ethic saw her rise swiftly through the<br />

company ranks. But, just when she<br />

should have started enjoying the<br />

ride, she took against it. “It had started<br />

to feel too easy,” she says. Yet again,<br />

she found herself asking: What next?<br />

And answered her own question by<br />

opening her first company, Aces Up,<br />

specialising in post production. “Even<br />

my mom was surprised that I became<br />

a business owner – it’s not something<br />

you’d expect from a girl whose<br />

nickname was the absent-minded<br />

professor,” Liesl admits.<br />

10 Get It Magazine <strong>Mar</strong>ch <strong>23</strong>

There were no signs of that absentmindedness<br />

as she took on one<br />

challenge after another, first<br />

consulting for various advertising<br />

agencies before joining one as<br />

an inhouse producer. But, what<br />

had started out as a lot of<br />

fun gradually became more<br />

stressful ... with Aces Up still<br />

running, Liesl found herself<br />

increasingly bogged down<br />

by admin. It was time for<br />

another change – and so she<br />

approached AK Kyriacou, a<br />

director whose work she loved,<br />

to start a production company.<br />

Ten years on, Spitfire, the<br />

company she shares with AK (who<br />

has since become her life partner)<br />

is more profitable than ever – and<br />

has become a breeding ground<br />

for young female talent. “My staff<br />

are definitely the best part of my<br />

working day,” Liesl says. “I love their<br />

friendship, but more than that I love<br />

seeing them grow and playing a role<br />

in their development.” Having grown<br />

up with a strong mother, Liesl says<br />

that female empowerment is part of<br />

who she is. “The thought that men<br />

are more capable or deserving is<br />

simply something I have never been<br />

able to understand. We’re mothers<br />

... we’re mentally and emotionally<br />

strong. Empowering others to think<br />

this way isn’t really pre-meditated, I<br />

simply act on instinct.” Driven by this<br />

ethos, she has mentored a former<br />

intern to become a shareholder<br />

in the company, while another<br />

has taken on the mantle of head<br />

of finance at just 26 years old. Still<br />

another has become a director – a<br />

rarity in an industry where most<br />

directors are still white males.<br />

Although she mentors each<br />

employee personally (while also<br />

looking after her three kids), Liesl<br />

still has plans for her next entity:<br />

she’d like to create a black femaleowned<br />

sister company to Spitfire,<br />

specialising in the production of<br />

long-form content.<br />

In spite of these plans, Liesl still<br />

doesn’t see herself as an entrepreneur.<br />

“I wouldn’t be able to sell you a pen if<br />

I tried. I only know how to do things I<br />

love – and I love this.”<br />

Details: www.spitfire.tv, @spitfire.tv<br />

on Instagram<br />

Even my mom was surprised that I became<br />

a business owner – it’s not something you’d<br />

expect from a girl whose nickname was the<br />

absent-minded professor<br />

Liesl’s tips for starting your own business<br />

• Start as you mean to go on.<br />

• Try to have a plan in place. Things will go wrong anyway, but you should have a route<br />

to get you to the end goal regardless.<br />

• Rather be caught out for who you are than who you’re not.<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch <strong>23</strong> Get It Magazine 11

Matthew Evans takes food seriously, saying what you<br />

buy, how you cook and what you eat impacts way<br />

beyond your front door. The Real Food Companion<br />

is a heafty book - more than 550 pages with 200-plus<br />

recipes-the result of Matthew’s four decades as a chef,<br />

food writer, and farmer, and multiple years’ research.<br />

The information is extensive and enlightening - it’s like<br />

having the farmer, butcher, and baker in your kitchen;<br />

the produce-driven recipes are simple, delicious and<br />

unpretentious. And its core mission is teaching readers<br />

how to ethically source, cook and eat real food. And,<br />

says this food activist, if this book’s recipes, insights<br />

and observations influence your choices in even the<br />

smallest way, and if it brings joy to your table at the<br />

same time, his work is done! Murdoch Books, R800<br />

Eating well(ness)<br />

Plant based. It’s the new buzz word, and<br />

it’s not going away. Nor should it. More<br />

and more of us are choosing plant-based<br />

diets and whole foods. Plant-based.<br />

Vegetarian. Vegan. And even those who<br />

are not going all the way, most of us<br />

are cutting down on sugar, embracing<br />

Meat Free Mondays, trying dairy-free<br />

options, and cutting back on alcohol.<br />

And since lowering stress is also high up<br />

on our agenda, we’re all about taking the<br />

easy-healthy way out. No time to cook or<br />

prepare ... no excuse. The new Woolies<br />

Wellness range does it all for you. We’re<br />

talking healthy but delish breakfasts like<br />

Goji Berry and Beetroot Granola, quick<br />

no-cook lunches like Roasted Butternut<br />

and Beetroot Salad, and fast, air-fryerfriendly<br />

dinners like PlantLove crumbed<br />

soya ocean portions. We’re loving the<br />

black quinoa (crunchier and sweeter<br />

than the red and white quinoa, it’s a<br />

high protein-based grain with loads of<br />

fiber and less fat), and the gluten-free<br />

Yellow Lentil Pasta, which we tried with<br />

Creamy Cheese Style Sauce, made with<br />

vegan cheese. There are also you-won’ttaste-it’s-de-alcoholised<br />

wines, and some<br />

fabulous sugar free flavoured sparkling<br />

drinks ... we’re a little obsessed with<br />

the coconut and pineapple one. All at<br />

Woolies stores and online.<br />

12 Get It Magazine <strong>Mar</strong>ch <strong>23</strong>

<strong>Mar</strong>ch on a plate<br />

We’re trying a plant-based diet. We’re pairing red wine<br />

with chicken. And we’re making good food, health and<br />

planet choices. And we’re finding it all jolly tasty!<br />

Spier Good Natured Organic Shiraz<br />

with Greek-style roast chicken salad<br />

If you were under the impression that<br />

red wine can’t play nice with poultry,<br />

the juicy Good Natured Organic<br />

Shiraz 2021 will make you reconsider.<br />

With intense mulberry and sweet<br />

spice leading to a soft, smooth finish,<br />

this certified organic Shiraz is the<br />

perfect partner to this Greek-inspired<br />

chicken salad ... crammed with<br />

roasted vegetables, feta and olives.<br />

The recipe serves four.<br />

You’ll need: 4 medium size chicken<br />

breasts, skin on (bones removed),<br />

olive oil for drizzling (plus extra),<br />

salt and pepper, 250g small mixed<br />

tomatoes (halved), 1 large red<br />

pepper (roughly chopped), about<br />

300g courgettes (sliced into bite-size<br />

chunks), 2 red onions (peeled and<br />

cut into wedges), 2 rounds of feta,<br />

sliced or kept whole, about half a cup<br />

of kalamata olives,a handful of fresh<br />

origanum leaves (or basil or mint), 1<br />

teaspoon dried origanum, some red<br />

wine vinegar, for drizzling (or fresh<br />

lemon juice), a handful of baby salad<br />

leaves (optional).<br />

To make: Preheat the oven to 200°C.<br />

On a large baking tray lined with<br />

baking paper, arrange the chicken<br />

skin side up next to the tomatoes,<br />

peppers, courgettes and red onions.<br />

Drizzle all over with olive oil, then<br />

season generously with salt and<br />

pepper. Roast for about 20 minutes<br />

until the chicken is just cooked<br />

through and the vegetables are<br />

slightly charred, then remove from<br />

the oven and leave to rest. Slice the<br />

chicken and get ready to plate.<br />

On a large platter, arrange the<br />

baby leaves, then top with the<br />

sliced chicken breast, the roasted<br />

vegetables, feta, olives and fresh<br />

origanum. Sprinkle with dried<br />

origanum, drizzle with more olive oil<br />

all over and add a touch of red wine<br />

vinegar, then serve at once (with<br />

some crusty bread on the side).<br />

Serve with Spier Good Natured<br />

Organic Shiraz which you can buy<br />

online from shop.spier.co.za<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch <strong>23</strong> Get It Magazine 13<br />

Compiled by : KYM ARGO

Oh joy. Who doesn’t love a pancake.<br />

And if it’s you ... well, we simply can’t<br />

be friends. Move swiftly along. In Sue<br />

Quinn’s Seriously Good Pancakes<br />

you’ll find them for breakfast, brunch,<br />

lunch, dinner and dessert, with<br />

recipes for everything from Chinese<br />

Pancakes with Duck and Hoisin Sauce<br />

to Buckwheat Galettes and Italian<br />

Farinata, from Spicy Mexican Hotcakes<br />

with Smoky Corn Salad to Chocolate<br />

and Berry-stuffed Pikelets. More than<br />

70 recipes, with delicious photos, plus<br />

a guide to basic pancake types, this<br />

really is the ultimate cookbook for<br />

pancake addicts, students and foodies<br />

alike. It’s pancakes. And it’s seriously<br />

good. Hardie Grant, R270<br />

Let’s<br />

cook<br />

Compiled by : KYM ARGO<br />

Those recipe videos you can’t stop<br />

watching? Caught Creating Ltd made<br />

those. And now, they’re blessing you<br />

with the Caught Snackin’ cookbook.<br />

They’ve covered all bases .. from<br />

boujee brunches to quick lunches,<br />

Friday-night fakeaways to desserts<br />

that will make you TikTok famous.<br />

They say their dishes are created<br />

firstly for deliciousness and secondly<br />

for ease. Whether you’re going all-in<br />

cooking for a crowd or cotching on<br />

the sofa with a bowl full of comfort<br />

food, there are more than 100 recipes<br />

with big flavours and zero stress.<br />

And you don’t need mad chefileeni<br />

equipment or Gordon Ramsay<br />

tekz, just this book and good vibes.<br />

Octopus, R475<br />

A cookbook that makes recipes faster,<br />

easier, tastier and simpler through<br />

cooking in one pot, pan or tray. The<br />

second title in Rosie Reynold’s The<br />

Shortcut Cook series, All in One<br />

shows you how to cook the food and<br />

flavours that you love, but without<br />

being tied to the oven or sink for<br />

hours longer than you want to be.<br />

Think dishes like Spiced Potatoes with<br />

Cracked Eggs, No-fuss Chicken Kiev<br />

with Crunchy Roast Potatoes, Beef<br />

Stew with Cheesy Dumplings, Easy<br />

Peasy Spaghetti Bolognese, Gooey<br />

Lemon Bars, Big Batch Chocolate Chip<br />

Cookies, and more, all made in one<br />

pan. Hardie Grant, R355<br />

Eating well should be one of life’s<br />

pleasures but, for many people, this is<br />

not the case. Struggles with weight,<br />

nutrition-related health issues and<br />

low self-esteem can result in food<br />

being condemned as an enemy’<br />

to be conquered at all cost. Nicci<br />

Robertson understands, and she<br />

uses her personal experience to<br />

guide you towards improved health<br />

and well-being by taking a different<br />

approach to nutrition. In Thrive -<br />

Healthy recipes that Break the Diet<br />

Rules, she explains how to exchange<br />

bad habits for better ones, recognise<br />

and eliminate stress factors that can<br />

contribute to lifestyle diseases, and<br />

understand the role that proteins,<br />

carbs, fats, fibre and water play in<br />

keeping us healthy. There are more<br />

than 80 mouth-watering familyfriendly<br />

recipes that are packed with<br />

flavour and nutritionally balanced.<br />

Whether your goal is weight-loss or<br />

improved health, Nicci’s recipes will<br />

have you rethinking the concept of<br />

diet food and heading for the kitchen<br />

with enthusiasm! Penguin, R380<br />

14 Get It Magazine <strong>Mar</strong>ch <strong>23</strong>


Let’s toast to<br />

AVOS<br />

A celebration of the trendy and healthy avo<br />

Over the years, foodies and consumers have been ‘adding an avo’ to<br />

their meals. This year avos tick many of the boxes on the Everyday<br />

Health Top 10 Healthy Food Trends list for 20<strong>23</strong> as well!<br />

One of the listed trends, ‘plants in more places’, encourages new<br />

ways to eat fruits and vegetables. It cites an ‘upswing in the<br />

creative use of vegetables and fruits as people strive to hit that<br />

five-a-day recommendation. For example - using avocado in the<br />

place of butter’.<br />

Other trends in the report, where the avo is right at home, include:<br />

‘more plant-based options’, ‘mood-boosting foods’ and ‘food<br />

for your gut’. ‘More plant-based options’ speaks to the growing<br />

trend of people consciously choosing to eat less meat. As a result,<br />

interest in meat alternatives and interesting fruit and veg options<br />

is increasing across the globe. This is where avos come into their<br />

own as an incredibly versatile fruit.<br />

‘Mood-boosting foods’ refers to feel-good foods that help ward<br />

against depression and support brain health. Foods higher in good<br />

fats may lower the risk of depression and anxiety and considering<br />

one avocado contains 13g of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids,<br />

there’s definitely a spot for them in that category!<br />

New research has also shown that eating avos may benefit healthy<br />

gut flora. This puts avos on the list as one of the good guys when it<br />

comes to the ‘food for your gut’ trend as well. As you can see, there<br />

are plenty reasons to ‘add an avo’ to your meals this year!<br />

Avocado Halves,<br />

White Bean and<br />

Sundried Tomato Salad<br />

Serves 4, preparation time: 20 minutes<br />

Ingredients:<br />

2 large ripe avocados, 30 ml (2 tbsp)<br />

avocado or olive oil, 125 ml (½ cup) spring<br />

onions (chopped), 30 ml (2 tbsp) salted<br />

capers (rinsed), Fresh basil leaves, to taste,<br />

120 g / 250 ml (1 cup) pitted green olives<br />

(finely chopped), 2 cloves garlic (grated),<br />

60 ml (¼ cup) red wine vinegar, 1 chilli,<br />

diced (optional), 410 g can white beans<br />

(drained), 120 g / 250 ml (1 cup) marinated<br />

sundried tomato (chopped), 200 g cherry<br />

tomatoes (rinsed), Microgreens to garnish<br />

Method:<br />

1. Cut the avocados in half and<br />

remove the stones.<br />

2. Place the oil, spring onions,<br />

capers, basil, olives, garlic,<br />

vinegar and chilli into a<br />

bowl and mix to combine.<br />

3. Mix the remaining<br />

ingredients in a separate<br />

bowl, and spoon into<br />

the avocado halves,<br />

drizzle with the<br />

olive mixture.<br />

4. Serve with<br />

crusty bread.<br />

For more info and recipes, visit avocado.co.za , like us on Facebook @iloveavocadoSA and follow us on Instagram @iloveavossa


Last year we eased back into normalcy. And these trends dominated<br />

when it came to home décor ... ones that will continue to grow throughout 20<strong>23</strong><br />

Before we get wrapped up in the<br />

go, go, go of living, we should take<br />

some time to pause and reflect on<br />

some of the design and décor trends<br />

that shaped last year, trends that will<br />

strongly influence our décor decisions<br />

this year. After two and a half years of<br />

being masked up and locked down,<br />

2022 was the year of easing back into<br />

normalcy. We unmasked, and started<br />

to venture back to the office, shops<br />

and schools and even gathered again<br />

with family and friends. Despite things<br />

being business as usual, we are only<br />

now beginning to properly understand<br />

the real impact that the pandemic<br />

has had on our psyche and in turn,<br />

our design and décor choices. Interior<br />

designer, behaviour specialist, and<br />

owner of a design studio, Kim Williams<br />

explains how many of the design and<br />

décor trends have been influenced by<br />

our most recent experiences.<br />

Health and healing<br />

There has been a huge emphasis on mental health and wellness, with our<br />

homes acting as a tranquil sanctuary to escape from the chaos and confusion<br />

of the outside world. Our living space can have a dramatic impact on our wellbeing<br />

and energy, promoting a desire for not just peace and privacy but also<br />

grounding, healing, and spirituality. There has been a strong move towards warm<br />

and natural palettes that are soothing but also mystical and engaging, with the<br />

addition of comforting fabrics and textures to add layers of interest. We have also<br />

seen a lot of deepened healing – which focuses on balancing masculine and<br />

feminine tones to ensure that the interior space is meditatively balanced and<br />

promotes healing for all.<br />

Less is more<br />

After having had to wear masks for so long, it made sense that we had a greater<br />

desire to be heard and seen during 2022. And although we saw a greater emphasis<br />

on the embracing of different voices, cultures, and individual interests when it<br />

comes to décor choices, it is important to note that the minimalist movement is<br />

still very much in vogue. Less is always more, as is the yearning to shop for locally<br />

sourced materials, such as rattan, wood, stone, and weaves. Glass objects and<br />

translucent furniture also help reflect light and engage the eye.<br />

Looking ahead<br />

This is going to be the year for exploring depth, especially when it comes to<br />

deepened healing. These trends will continue, but with greater consideration of<br />

the impact they have on us and our surroundings. And after being cocooned<br />

in a grey world for so long, we should also look forward to the return of bright<br />

colours as the world bursts back to life.<br />

Details: kimwilliams.co.za or Facebook and Instagram @kim_williams_design.<br />

18 Get It Magazine <strong>Mar</strong>ch <strong>23</strong><br />

The value of zoning<br />

Lots of us are still working from home this year, which has crafted a new<br />

appreciation for space, the privilege of having it and a deeper desire to connect<br />

better with it. Larger families especially require separate living areas to work and<br />

recharge, as well as a communal place to energise and socialise, and a dedicated<br />

corner to play. This dilemma has forced designers to look at zoning areas off<br />

to create better fluidity, energy, and balance. Both commercial and residential<br />

property owners are investing in ways to make their spaces flow and work better,<br />

not just because it creates a better user experience but because it is likely to<br />

increase property values.<br />

The return of the dining room<br />

A separate dining room that flows off either the living or kitchen area has made<br />

a huge comeback. During the pandemic, the dinner table was the centre of<br />

the home ... doubling up as a classroom, office desk and even a place for family<br />

entertainment. Now, it is a vehicle to bring loved ones together, especially during<br />

the summer entertaining season - a space that facilitates easy conversation and<br />

connection around a delicious meal. Well-designed dining rooms can create an<br />

ambiance and atmosphere that are both casual and formal depending on the<br />

occasion. The most engaging tables are rectangular or round with comfortable,<br />

simple-to-clean seating and enough space for easy movement. Lighting is<br />

functional, with elevated table scaping used to ramp up the mood and feel.<br />

Reconnecting<br />

with nature<br />

Our desire for sustainability and<br />

eco-conscious design has been<br />

huge and will probably continue<br />

well into 20<strong>23</strong>. It has been amazing<br />

to witness the massive move<br />

towards recycling and repurposing.<br />

A lot of the younger generation,<br />

especially, have been bringing old<br />

memories from past generations to<br />

life by adding their own stamp and<br />

aesthetic to create beautiful quilts<br />

and wall hangings, for example.<br />

Being conscious of our planet is<br />

not just about opting for greener<br />

materials in our décor choices but<br />

also bringing mindfulness into<br />

the entire design process. In these<br />

warmer summer months, the trend<br />

of opening the indoor and outdoor<br />

space is more apparent. Not only<br />

does this provide a wonderful<br />

connection to nature but it also<br />

extends our living space, adds more<br />

natural light, and allows for fresh air<br />

and the sounds of flowing water to<br />

breeze through the entire home.

TOUCHY<br />

FEELY<br />

It’s all about texture ...<br />

Natural,<br />

authentic and<br />

breathtakingly<br />

unique, this organic teak<br />

cheeseboard is part of range of<br />

really standout options to add to<br />

your kitchenware collection. Crafted<br />

out of natural hand-finished teak,<br />

there are also round plates and<br />

bowls. R495 from<br />

weylandts.co.za<br />

Made using<br />

porcelain with a<br />

matte finish, this snow<br />

cylindrical vase has a<br />

modern corrugated texture<br />

that adds a sculptural element<br />

to home décor. R899 from<br />

Country Road at Woolworths.<br />

Add texture to the dining room<br />

table with this exceptionally<br />

stylish range of artisanal glassware,<br />

mouth-blown in Thailand so<br />

each piece is one-of-a-kind. The<br />

Crestone tumblers are R795 for a<br />

set of six from weylandts.co.za<br />

A quiet nook<br />

for relaxing and<br />

reflection, with<br />

textured décor and<br />

homeware pieces<br />

from Woolworths<br />

Compiled by : KYM ARGO<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch <strong>23</strong> Get It Magazine 19

Colourful<br />

&calm<br />

We’re making sure our gardens look lovely and lively<br />

while prepping for seasonal change<br />

&calm<br />


We’re planting … Calibrachoa<br />

‘Midnight Kiss’ for its vivid trumpet-shaped blooms that live up to its<br />

name: Glowing deep purple diffusing into a dark centre overlaid by<br />

a bright yellow star. This neat, round plant grows 25 to 30cm high<br />

and wide and looks gorgeous in hanging baskets and containers as<br />

well as a garden groundcover. Plants are self-cleaning so they stay<br />

neat and tidy. Plenty of morning sun and some afternoon shade is<br />

recommended. Plant in fertile well-composted soil that drains well, yet<br />

remains moist. Feed once a month. The flowers attract nectar-seeking<br />

birds, bees and butterflies. Details: ballstraathof.co.za<br />

20 Get It Magazine <strong>Mar</strong>ch <strong>23</strong>

Herb of the month<br />

Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) is a calming herb that’s<br />

also a delicious dessert herb, used for flavouring icecreams<br />

and sorbet or added to fruit dishes and drinks. It<br />

has a gentle lemon-mint fragrance and flavour that makes<br />

a delicious tea, for sipping after dinner as a digestive or for<br />

winding down after a busy day.<br />

Lemon balm can be sown in summer through to autumn<br />

and grows in sun or partial shade. The compact plants<br />

(30 to 40cm high) are also suitable for window boxes<br />

and pots. It grows in ordinary garden soil, enriched with<br />

spadefuls of compost or in good quality potting soil.<br />

Feed pots monthly with a liquid fertiliser like <strong>Mar</strong>garet<br />

Roberts Organic Supercharger. Space plants 30cm apart<br />

and pick the leaves in the afternoon when its essential<br />

oils are the strongest. Regular picking will produce a<br />

bushier, leafier plant. It flowers in summer,<br />

producing small white blossoms<br />

with sweet nectar that attracts<br />

the bees, hence its scientific<br />

name. Melissa is Greek for<br />

honeybee. Water it well<br />

during hot, dry weather.<br />

Details: kirchhoffs.co.za<br />

Did you know that<br />

Melissa officinalis is a dog-friendly<br />

herb? A mild infusion in their drinking<br />

water helps dogs with digestive problems<br />

and helps to calm those with separation<br />

anxiety. It even reduces flatulence. Note: If<br />

used for medicinal purposes check with<br />

a reputable source for recipes<br />

and dosage.<br />

Garden tasks for <strong>Mar</strong>ch<br />

• Start sowing autumn and winter veggies.<br />

• This is the ideal month to sow sweet peas in well-prepared<br />

trenches 50cm deep. Those sown now will flower in June.<br />

• Other winter flowers that grow easily from seed are alyssum,<br />

African daisies (aka Namaqualand daisies), Bokbaaivygies<br />

(mesembryanthemums), Linaria, poppies, snapdragons,<br />

Virginian stocks, and indigenous winter colour mixes.<br />

• Fertilise shrubs with 5:1:5 or 8:1:5 to strengthen them for<br />

winter. Water camellias and azaleas regularly to encourage<br />

the development of spring buds.<br />

• Keep your lawn green during winter by fertilising now with<br />

Ludwig’s Vigorosa and water regularly.<br />

Indoor plant of the month<br />

Philodendron ‘Prince of Orange’ is a beautiful multicoloured<br />

hybrid from South America. The new leaves<br />

emerge as golden orange, mature to copper and finally turn<br />

green, with the three colours always present on the plant.<br />

It is relatively slow growing and compact (up to 60cm<br />

high) which makes it perfect for smaller spaces. To make<br />

the most of its colours, position it to receive plenty<br />

of bright, indirect light. It can also take some filtered<br />

morning sun. Like all philodendron, ‘Prince of Orange’<br />

likes moist but not wet soil. Water only after the top<br />

3cm of soil has dried. Feed once a month with a liquid<br />

fertiliser to encourage large leaves. Rotate every now<br />

for a balanced plant. Details: lvgplant.co.za<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch <strong>23</strong> Get It Magazine 21

Tween<br />

entrepreneur<br />

When a boy wants an iPhone and his dad says sure -<br />

but you earn the money to buy it yourself ... well, a boy makes a plan!<br />

W<br />

hen 12-year-old Cai Tudor-Jones told his dad he wanted an new iPhone, he<br />

was told he had to buy it himself. And so he did.<br />

There were, admittedly, a few false starts. He’s a very friendly and<br />

approachable boy, and has no fear of approaching others, traits which made<br />

him excellent at selling raffle tickets for school fund raisers. So idea number<br />

one – a raffle. But without a real prize. Dad Dylan stepped in and explained the<br />

meaning of fraud. His second and third ideas - becoming a barman or a waiter<br />

(did we mention he’s very sociable - if not yet old enough to get behind the bar)<br />

were shot down too.<br />

“He then went online to look for ideas of how kids can make money on the<br />

internet,” says Dylan. “I could see he was not going to give up ... so that’s when I<br />

stepped in to guide him.”<br />

Dylan suggested Cai chat to gran Denny Jones, who for years has made delicious fruit squares for<br />

her family and friends. Would she share her recipe? Of course. And so #fruitesquares was launched.<br />

Cai designed the logo, he and dad hit the kitchen, and the two set off with their first batch to<br />

test the market. Their first stop was Vice Coffee & Elixirs in Craighall Park, where the date, cherries,<br />

raisins and almond-loaded squares were a massive hit, with the owner agreeing to buy the first<br />

batch. “Or at least what was left of it after we ate the first row in the tray,” says Dylan. “We made no<br />

profit from this batch”.<br />

With lessons learnt - make bigger batches so you can buy ingredients in bulk at better pricing, and<br />

don’t eat the profits - Cai was off. And cooking!<br />

Within five months #fruitsquares were stocked in The Whippet and 4th Ave Coffee Roasters, Fresh<br />

Earth came on board January and you’ll find them at the lovely Pronto this month when The<br />

Colony renos are complete.<br />

Over the school hols, Cai and Dylan had a stand at a Christmas <strong>Mar</strong>ket ... massive success, so they’re<br />

now looking at Bryanston Organic <strong>Mar</strong>ket and the Linden <strong>Mar</strong>ket, with hopefully more to follow.<br />

And when he’s not in class at De La Salle Holy Cross College, he’s busy with direct sales at markets<br />

and promotions at the stores where the #fruitsqares are sold, and on most Friday nights, Cai can be<br />

found at the Pirates Rugby Club, where he is a member, selling his sweet treats.<br />

And now he has his iPhone (he wasted no time there, making sure he’d made enough money<br />

to buy one before Christmas), is there any slowing down? Not a chance. His best friend<br />

emigrated last year so now he’s working towards paying for a flight to go and visit him in<br />

Einthoven in the Netherlands.<br />

And next? The dad-and-son team are working on a website (www.fruitsquares.co.za) which will<br />

open soon and from where they’ll take direct batch orders.<br />

Details: Follow the dynamic duo on Instagram @fruit.squares<br />

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You’ll find these delish date, cherry, almond and<br />

raisin #fruitsquares, for around R40 each, at<br />

Vice Coffee & Elixirs Rothesay Ave, Craighall<br />

The Whippet 7th Street, Linden<br />

4th Ave Coffee Roasters 4th Ave, Parkhurst<br />

Pronto The Colony Shopping Centre<br />

Fresh Earth @ freshearth.co.za<br />

Bryanston Organic <strong>Mar</strong>ket<br />

Cullross Road, Bryanston<br />

Linden <strong>Mar</strong>ket Thomas Bowler St, Franklin<br />

Roosevelt Park, Randburg<br />

Follow the dynamic duo on<br />

Instagram @fruit.squares<br />

Text: KYM ARGO • Photos: MEGAN BRETT. Location: The Whippet. Details: thewhippetcoffee.com<br />

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Clean. Kind. Ethical. We’re all over<br />

Eco Diva, a local, brand that’s<br />

all 100% natural plant-based<br />

ingredients. If you’re prone to<br />

breakouts, try the Acne Mini<br />

Solution Set - a 30-day starter<br />

kit that targets acne, breakouts<br />

and scarring through plant-based<br />

skin superfood formulations<br />

designed to balance skin pH and<br />

hormones. The set includes a<br />

natural face wash, an exfoliant skin<br />

polish, an hydrating masque, their<br />

Liquid Vitamin Hydra Mist, and<br />

The Ultimate Face Cream. R895<br />

from ecodiva.co.za<br />

Gentle on your skin and kind to the environment.<br />

Win win. This Earthsap Tea Tree Face Wash is gentle<br />

and has pure natural tea tree which kills bacteria and<br />

helps to control breakouts, so a great choice for acneprone<br />

or oily skin. Follow with Earthsap Tea Tree Face<br />

Toner, which has real tea tree and aloe oils to nourish<br />

and protect, without drying out your skin, plus it’s been<br />

enriched with vitamin E to combat free radical damage<br />

and slow the signs of ageing. R94 each from Wellness<br />

Warehouse, health shops, faithful-to-nature.co.za, and<br />

selected Spars and Pick n Pays.<br />

The Sh’zen Natural Essence range<br />

is perfect for teen skins. Try the<br />

Purifying Cleansing Wash foaming<br />

cleanser with a natural antibacterial<br />

action (R349), the Skin Life Oil,<br />

with 100 per cent natural plant and<br />

essentials oils works to purify, repair,<br />

restore and rebalance skin - use<br />

whenever skin needs extra comfort<br />

(R465), and Natural Essence Clearing<br />

Lotion spot-control treatment which<br />

works fast and is exceptional for acneprone<br />

teenagers, drying up spots and<br />

helping prevent further eruptions.<br />

(R249). For stockists visit shzen.co.za<br />

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Teen beauty<br />

Apply a<br />

small tab<br />

of RITES<br />

Sweet<br />

Sidekick<br />

sugar lip<br />

scrub for<br />

smooth lips.<br />

R80 from<br />

rites.co.za<br />

Happi Eau De Parfum<br />

- a clean sparkling<br />

fragrance, delicately<br />

fragranced with the<br />

floral notes of lilies,<br />

peonies, violet leaves<br />

and patchouli.<br />

R539. For stockists<br />

visit shzen.co.za<br />

Keep one of these Gatineau<br />

Clear & Perfect SOS<br />

Spot Sticks in your bag.<br />

A self-sterilising rollerball<br />

applicator, it’s soothing antiinflammatory<br />

formula can be<br />

applied throughout the day<br />

to reduce redness, tighten<br />

pores and limit shine. R470<br />

from orleanscosmetics.co.za<br />

For Insta selfies and party confidence,<br />

try applying your foundation with this<br />

Bubble Makeup Sponge. Used wet,<br />

it’s mega soft and mimics skin pores to<br />

give you a natural, airbrushed look ... no<br />

special skills or IG filters required.<br />

R370 from Woolworths.co.za<br />

Girls just wanna have fun.<br />

Missguided Babe Heat<br />

fragrance has just launched ...<br />

and you’re going to love it!<br />

R699, only from Foschini<br />

Compiled by: KYM ARGO<br />

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Nutrition for mums-to-be<br />

Tips on meeting babe’s - and your - nutritional health<br />

Does what you eat in pregnancy<br />

really matter?<br />

There’s nothing quite like pregnancy<br />

to focus your attention on your<br />

health and well-being. Most momsto-be<br />

naturally have questions and<br />

concerns about their nutrition so that<br />

they meet the needs of their growing<br />

baby. Of course, you also want to<br />

maintain a strong and healthy body<br />

that is well-prepared for birth and the<br />

rigours of new motherhood.<br />

Healthy eating during your pregnancy<br />

helps to ensure a healthy pregnancy<br />

weight and helps your baby develop<br />

normally and have a birth weight<br />

of at least 2.5kg. Pregnancy is not<br />

the time to be experimenting with<br />

diet fads or taking nutrition advice<br />

from non-experts. Rediscover Dairy<br />

dietitian <strong>Mar</strong>etha Vermaak says: “For<br />

your baby to be born healthy, growth<br />

and development need to happen<br />

on quite a strict schedule during<br />

each of the trimesters and therefore<br />

these timeframes are called critical<br />

periods. If certain nutrients are in<br />

short supply during these critical<br />

periods, development or growth<br />

may be disrupted. Having a healthy,<br />

nutrient-dense diet even before you<br />

fall pregnant will give you and your<br />

baby a good start.”<br />

No, you don’t need to eat for two! This<br />

adage is often interpreted as eating<br />

double, but your energy needs during<br />

pregnancy actually increase very<br />

little. In the first trimester you have no<br />

increased energy needs. In the second<br />

trimester, you need approximately<br />

1470 extra kilojoules, and in the third<br />

trimester, that increases to only 1890<br />

extra kilojoules. However, kilojoule<br />

counting is not an exact science, and<br />

it’s too hard to accurately maintain<br />

on a daily basis. <strong>Mar</strong>etha says it<br />

can be helpful instead to monitor<br />

your weight gain and increase or<br />

decrease your energy intake relative<br />

to that. “However, the best approach<br />

is to focus on your nutrient intake,<br />

understanding the role of nutrients in<br />


a healthy pregnancy and making sure<br />

that the nutritional quality of your<br />

food is good.”<br />

From conception to birth, your baby’s<br />

cells will divide rapidly, highlighting<br />

the importance of having the right<br />

fuel to support these processes. Here<br />

are six star-nutrients to focus on:<br />

• Protein - During pregnancy your<br />

protein needs to increase by 50 per<br />

cent to support the development of<br />

your growing baby’s body. However,<br />

most people exceed the daily<br />

recommendation for protein (0.8g/kg/<br />

day) and so increasing your protein<br />

intake is not likely to be necessary.<br />

What you can do is focus on the<br />

quality of the protein you consume.<br />

Choose a variety of animal and plantbased<br />

proteins and opt for minimallyprocessed<br />

foods. Some examples of<br />

good protein choices include milk<br />

and other dairy products such as<br />

maas, yoghurt and cheese, fatty fish<br />

such as sardines, pilchards or cooked<br />

seafood, as well as meat and poultry,<br />

eggs, legumes, nuts and seeds.<br />

• Folate - This is a B-vitamin that is<br />

critical for DNA synthesis and cell<br />

division. Not having enough folate<br />

can lead to neural tube defects in<br />

your growing baby. This nutrient<br />

is so important that all women of<br />

childbearing age are advised to<br />

consume it in adequate amounts.<br />

Foods rich in folate include dark-green<br />

leafy vegetables, fruits and grains as<br />

well as nuts, legumes, seafood, eggs,<br />

dairy products, meat and poultry.<br />

• Iron - Additional iron is important<br />

for mum, because during pregnancy<br />

blood volume increases, which means<br />

that there are more red blood cells<br />

with each needing iron to function.<br />

Additional iron is also stored by your<br />

baby, especially in the final weeks of<br />

gestation. Many women enter their<br />

pregnancies with low iron stores<br />

26 Get It Magazine <strong>Mar</strong>ch <strong>23</strong>


and so the risk for iron deficiency<br />

anaemia increases as the pregnancy<br />

progresses. Good sources of iron are<br />

red meat and eggs. Eating vegetables<br />

and fruit high in vitamin C together<br />

with iron-rich foods will improve the<br />

absorption of iron.<br />

Tip: As milk and dairy inhibit the<br />

absorption of iron, it is best to have<br />

iron-rich foods - or a supplement<br />

- during the day rather than with<br />

breakfast, which usually contains milk<br />

or dairy products.<br />

• Zinc – This is an important mineral<br />

for cell division and immune function,<br />

but women generally do not get<br />

enough of this nutrient every day.<br />

Animal foods such as meat, seafood<br />

and dairy products, and also plantbased<br />

foods such as legumes, nuts<br />

and seeds are good sources of zinc.<br />

• Omega-3 fatty acids - Brain and eye<br />

development rely on adequate levels<br />

of omega-3 fatty acids. Protein-rich<br />

foods such as fatty fish, nuts and<br />

seeds are good sources of omega 3<br />

fats too.<br />

• Calcium – Pregnancy boosts your<br />

body’s ability to absorb and store<br />

calcium. Consuming about 1200mg<br />

of calcium a day during pregnancy is<br />

important not only for forming your<br />

baby’s bones and teeth but also for<br />

maintaining your own bone health.<br />

Milk and dairy products such as maas,<br />

yoghurt and cheese are great sources<br />

of calcium that is easily absorbed<br />

by the body. Three to four servings<br />

of dairy a day are recommended to<br />

help you reach your required calcium<br />

intake. Fish usually eaten with their<br />

bones, such as tinned sardines, can<br />

also be a valuable source of calcium.<br />

One extra micronutrient ... one<br />

nutrient that we have not touched<br />

on is iodine which plays a role in the<br />

production of thyroid hormones.<br />

Thyroid hormones impact on<br />

maternal energy, metabolism and<br />

support the growth and development<br />

of the baby in the first trimester.<br />

In addition, it is a vital nutrient<br />

for proper brain development,<br />

potentially affecting neurocognitive<br />

outcomes of children later in their<br />

lives. During pregnancy, thyroid<br />

hormone production increases by 50<br />

per cent, which means you need to<br />

make iodine-rich foods part of your<br />

diet. In South Africa, many people<br />

meet their iodine needs by using<br />

iodised salt. However, as eating a lot<br />

of salt is generally not recommended,<br />

especially for those with high blood<br />

pressure, it is best not to rely on<br />

iodised salt as your only source of<br />

iodine. Milk and dairy products can<br />

contribute greatly to iodine intake.<br />

What else may be missing? Fibre!<br />

A high-fibre diet not only offers<br />

many health benefits, but it can also<br />

help to reduce constipation during<br />

pregnancy. Many women experience<br />

constipation during pregnancy<br />

because higher progesterone levels<br />

cause the muscles of the digestive<br />

system to relax. However, if you focus<br />

on including legumes, nuts and seeds<br />

Nutrient-dense smoothie bowl<br />

in your protein arsenal, you will get<br />

good sources of both insoluble and<br />

soluble fibre. You should also choose<br />

whole grains such as whole wheat<br />

bread, high-fibre cereals and oats,<br />

and eat a variety of vegetables and<br />

fruit every day to add enough fibre to<br />

your diet.<br />

A small change that makes a big<br />

nutritional difference. <strong>Mar</strong>etha says:<br />

“Changing your diet can be difficult,<br />

so it is best to aim for small changes<br />

that make a big nutritional difference.<br />

Improving the quality of your protein<br />

intake during pregnancy can have<br />

a dramatic impact on your nutrient<br />

intake, especially when it comes to<br />

nutrients that are critical for proper<br />

growth and development.”<br />

Here’s a quick and easy, nutrient-dense smoothie bowl recipe that helps you<br />

meet many of the optimal nutrition requirements during your pregnancy.<br />

You’ll need: 2 handfuls baby spinach, 3/4 of an apple, 1/2-inch piece fresh ginger,<br />

1/2 frozen mango, 200ml plain full cream yoghurt, toasted nuts, seeds, raisins,<br />

small dollops of full cream yoghurt and cinnamon for toppings.<br />

To make: In a high-powered blender add the spinach, apple, ginger, frozen<br />

mango and full cream yoghurt. Blend until nice and smooth. You can add a<br />

small amount of water just to get it going. Pour into a bowl and garnish the top<br />

with anything that takes your fancy, like toasted nuts, seeds, and raisins as well<br />

as a couple of small dollops of full cream yoghurt. Then add a small dusting<br />

of cinnamon.<br />

Good to note: This 350ml smoothie bowl achieves 35 per cent of the daily<br />

recommended protein intake, 61.5 per cent of the daily recommended iodine<br />

intake and almost 40 per cent daily recommended calcium intake, for pregnant<br />

women. For more recipes and inspiration, visit rediscoverdairy.co.za.<br />

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Hey babe ...<br />

Help for new mums<br />

A new babe. Congrats. Such an exciting time. But for firsttime<br />

mums, often a little daunting. It’s a personal journey<br />

... to breastfeed or to share the feeding process with a<br />

partner, or a combination of the two. To offer a soother or<br />

not. So many decisions as you figure out the best way of<br />

doing things for you and your baby. Whichever you decide,<br />

there’s a gadget to help ... here are some of the best on the<br />

baby shelves.<br />

This Philips Avent Electric Breast Pump mimics a baby’s<br />

natural feeding movement for pumping that is simple, fast<br />

and gentle. Research shows that babies use a peristaltic<br />

movement, which is a special, wave-like tongue motion,<br />

to help release milk quickly when breastfeeding, a motion<br />

replicated by this pump, which uses a combination of<br />

suction and unique nipple stimulation to mimic a suckling<br />

motion, initiating milk let down for a comfortable and<br />

quicker milk flow. Loads of great features,<br />

including a personalised experience<br />

and memory function, one size soft<br />

and adaptive silicone cushion<br />

and express without<br />

leaning forward.<br />

R3900.<br />

When it’s<br />

time for<br />

baby’s next<br />

feed, the<br />

Phillips<br />

Avent Bottle<br />

Warmer<br />

gently warms<br />

their milk or<br />

food in three<br />

minutes,<br />

gradually and<br />

continuously to prevent hotspots. The easy to operate<br />

warmer also has a handy defrost setting (safer than<br />

defrosting in a microwave and more convenient than using<br />

water). R1580.50<br />

Sterilising. Bottles. Dummies. Toys. New mums are obsessed.<br />

So say hello to the Philips Avent Advanced Electric<br />

Sterilizer, with which you can sterilise up to six feeding<br />

bottles with accessories in just 10 minutes. It’s slim but<br />

roomy, fast and efficient, and kills 99.9 per cent of germs<br />

(phew .... sigh of relief from mum). It’s also easy to clean, is<br />

designed to reduce the chance of unpleasant odours and<br />

stays sterile for 24 hours. R3020.20<br />

Each to his own, but we’re firm believers in soothes. The<br />

Philips Avent Ultra Air collection has extra-large holes<br />

to keep skin dry. Its lightweight shield is designed for<br />

maximum airflow. It’s easy to find in the dark, respects the<br />

shape of palate, teeth, and gums, comes in fashionable<br />

colours and you can sterilse and store it in one handy<br />

case. For babes up to 18 months, R180.95 to R<strong>23</strong>2.60 for a<br />

two-pack.<br />

Fancy winning your fave gadget on the page? Pop over<br />

to @get_it_joburg_north on Instagram, find the post and<br />

follow the prompts!<br />

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The importance of gut health<br />

Over the past decade, probiotics<br />

have become one of the fastest<br />

growing sectors of the natural health<br />

market. But why do we actually<br />

need them? And what benefits do<br />

they have for children? The team<br />

from Rawbiotics, one of SA’s leading<br />

liquid probiotic range of products<br />

who provide fermented, non-freezedried<br />

probiotics to families, explains<br />

why a healthy gut is arguably the<br />

most important factor in your child’s<br />

overall health.<br />

The bacteria in your bowels<br />

outnumber the cells in your body<br />

by 10 to one. This gut flora has<br />

incredible power over the immune<br />

system, meaning that the health<br />

of the body is largely tied into the<br />

health of the gut. Beneficial bacteria<br />

are responsible for the body’s ability<br />

to use the nutrition in food. They are<br />

responsible for the production of<br />

vitamins and fatty acids. They stop the<br />

build-up of disease-causing bacteria<br />

and harmful yeasts - such as Candida.<br />

And they produce natural antibiotics.<br />

In fact, one could say that no matter<br />

how good your diet is, or no matter<br />

what supplements you take, the<br />

ability of your body to use them is<br />

firstly dependent on the health of the<br />

bacteria in your gut.<br />

When it comes to your children,<br />

beneficial bacteria are vital in the<br />

formative years of the body, ensuring<br />

good nutrition, immunity and<br />

growth. But another vital (and often<br />

overlooked) factor is that the gut<br />

plays a major role in one’s emotions,<br />

concentration and judgement…so<br />

much so that it has been nicknamed<br />

the second brain. Emotional stress,<br />

poor concentration, poor sleeping<br />

habits and general unhappiness<br />

are all factors which can very often<br />

be linked to bacterial imbalances in<br />

the digestive tract, and which can<br />

often be resolved through fixing<br />

that imbalance.<br />

When choosing a probiotic for your<br />

children there are two general types<br />

of probiotic. Liquid (live fermented)<br />

probiotics are produced using a wide<br />

range of beneficial bacteria that are<br />

grown together, and compete among<br />

each other, to form the final product.<br />

They are the most natural form of<br />

bacteria since the conditions in which<br />

they are grown mirror the conditions<br />

inside the human body. Encapsulated<br />

(freeze-dried) probiotics are much<br />

easier to produce and store, however,<br />

and so make up most of the probiotic<br />

market. Encapsulated probiotics<br />

will also typically have high counts<br />

of Colony Forming Units (CFU’s) to<br />

ensure that enough bacteria reach<br />

the gut to be effective. With liquid<br />

probiotics, however, very high counts<br />

of CFU’s are usually not needed as<br />

the microbes have been grown in<br />

conditions similar to those in the<br />

body and are not killed off on their<br />

way through to the gut.<br />

Whichever you prefer, the fact remains<br />

that ensuring a balanced digestive<br />

tract, along with a good diets, are the<br />

first steps in ensuring that you have<br />

healthy and happy children.<br />

Details: www.rawbiotics.co.za<br />

WIN ... To win a Rawbiotic Family<br />

Hamper worth R600, pop over to<br />

GetItJoburg<strong>North</strong> on Instagram or<br />

Facebook before 25 <strong>Mar</strong>ch.<br />

With a selection of herbal extracts specially chosen for children to promote good<br />

health and growth - including peppermint, lemon balm, elderberry and<br />

chamomile - Kids Balance is a daily probiotic that provides natural bacteria<br />

needed for children’s health and growth. These essential bacteria improve the<br />

body’s ability to use nutrition, assisting with healthy growth and increasing the<br />

body’s ability to create natural vitamins and antibiotics. R93 from rawbiotics.co.za<br />

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If you love all things nature-inspired, Summer is the best time to get your family involved<br />

in your downtime activities – from hikes, to cycling adventures and running trails.<br />

When planning your next outdoor<br />

activity with the family, the most<br />

important thing is to be organised<br />

and prepared, plus have the right gear<br />

to make things efficient and easy on<br />

the day. It won’t be long before you<br />

realise that bringing your kids along is<br />

one of the best ways to enjoy quality<br />

time together and explore the beauty<br />

of the outdoors.<br />

Thule has a range of premium<br />

products that allow you and your<br />

family to fully immerse yourselves in<br />

your favourite outdoor activity.<br />

Here’s a roundup of must-have gear<br />

for your next adventure:<br />

For the cyclists…<br />

Exploring the great outdoors on two<br />

wheels is fast becoming a popular<br />

choice among families, and whether<br />

you’re planning on taking in a coastline<br />

or cycling along the Garden Route,<br />

bike trailers and bike seats open up<br />

the possibilities for pedal powered<br />

adventures with the family.<br />

The smart, intuitive and award-winning<br />

designs of the Thule rear child bike<br />

seats and front-mounted baby bike<br />

seats include features like quick and<br />

secure mounting and dismounting –<br />

and will give you and your precious<br />

passenger a safe, easy, and enjoyable<br />

ride. As your child grows, you can also<br />

conveniently adjust the foot straps and<br />

foot rests.<br />

Thule bike trailers are perfect for family<br />

commutes or fun weekend bike trips,<br />

the Thule Courier even switches from a<br />

child bike trailer to a bike cargo trailer, or<br />

a dog bike trailer with an optional kit.<br />

Top Tip: Before you start cycling with<br />

your little one in a bike seat or trailer<br />

practise without them. Make sure you<br />

are confident on your bike, and get<br />

some miles under your belt.<br />

Details: thulestore.co.za<br />

For the hikers…<br />

If you prefer hiking, an innovative child carrier backpack that at once gives your<br />

little one a great view and a comfortable and secure ride is a must.<br />

The adjustable Thule Sapling Child Carrier features an ergonomic seat and<br />

distributes the child’s weight, while the back panel and hip belt are quick and easy<br />

to adjust and effortlessly transitions between parents – a lifesaver on longer hikes.<br />

Top Tip: For added peace of mind, you might want to consider a child carrier that<br />

comes with a mirror and allows you to keep an eye on your precious cargo, as well<br />

as a rain cover to ensure that your little one stays dry.<br />

For the trail runners…<br />

Running with your kids can be rewarding and challenging all in one. From<br />

adjusting to the new routine of changing your stride to figuring out how to hold<br />

the handlebar efficiently, to adding some weight as you push the pace uphill,<br />

there are lots of things to consider when beginning to jog with your child.<br />

Thule’s Urban Glide is high performance all-terrain jogging stroller with a sleek,<br />

lightweight design that is all about comfort for you and your little one. The front<br />

wheel swivels for easy manoeuverability, plus locks into place for jogging for<br />

increased stability, when moving at a fast pace.<br />

Top Tips: When it comes to buying your jogging stroller, safety is first. Don’t settle<br />

for anything less than the highest standards when it comes to design, flexibility,<br />

safety and quality. Look for features such as a 5-point safety harness and an<br />

integrated hand brake.<br />

Pack lots of water and snacks! A water bottle is a must for any bike ride. Even if<br />

riding in a bike trailer isn’t physically active, kids still need plenty of fluids to stay<br />

cool and to replace the water they lose through sweating.<br />

30 Get It Magazine <strong>Mar</strong>ch <strong>23</strong>







BEFORE<br />

AFTER<br />

Experts in Anti-Ageing<br />

Practitioners of Electrolysis<br />

& Lesion Removal<br />

011 783 0270 / 071 860 6973 114, 11th Street, Parkmore<br />


Welcome to Designer Smiles Inc, we are one of the leading practices in<br />

Johannesburg doing beautiful Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry. Our focus is on<br />

the latest technology in Smile Design using sophisticated scanning and design<br />

software from Europe, yes you can actually “TEST DRIVE” your new Smile<br />

before you buy it. Whether you need a single implant or a full mouth restoration.<br />

We offer STATE OF ART Guided Surgery for your peace of mind. All of this<br />

is handled by highly skilled and master clinicians at the clinic. Our staff are<br />

trained to make you feel welcome and your best interest is their core focus. Our<br />

technology gets RID of the old “gagging” impressions, which everyone hates!<br />

General/Family and Specialized Dental work is undertaken at our practice<br />

including Periodontal surgery, Crowns, Veneers, Metal Free Dentistry, Zirconia/<br />

Ceramic Implants & Invisalign. Other services including conscious Sedation<br />

undertaken by qualified Anesthetists.<br />

177 Jan Smuts Avenue Lumley House, Rosebank<br />

20A Kloof Road Sarlan Park Cnr The Parade, Bedfordview<br />

011 615 9352 | 011 326 0938<br />

Designersmilesinc @designersmilesinc<br />



When babe needs the very best (and let’s be honest, when doesn’t she!) it’s best<br />

you give it! From city-slicker strollers to high-performance jogging options,<br />

child carrier backpacks to baby bike seats, along with everything-you-need<br />

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Experience a world of wilderness and wildlife, matched with a deep commitment to Zulu culture and environmental<br />

conservation. Thanda means ‘Love’ in the language of the Zulu people, and Thanda Safari lives this ethos in the management<br />

of its 14 000-hectare reserve, its three unique properties and its community partnerships. Enjoy an authentic African safari<br />

at this Big Five private game reserve, located amongst the breathtaking, rolling hills of Zululand in KwaZulu Natal.<br />

Plan your stay with us: +27 (0)32 586 0149<br />

reservations@thanda.co.za | www.thandasafari.co.za

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