2023 - Snowbee Prestige Fly and Sea Fishing Tackle

2023 - Snowbee Prestige Fly and Sea Fishing Tackle. (Version 1, March 2023)

2023 - Snowbee Prestige Fly and Sea Fishing Tackle. (Version 1, March 2023)


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<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

Welcome<br />

to the <strong>2023</strong> <strong>Snowbee</strong><br />

catalogue<br />

As many of you will already have<br />

heard, having been at the helm<br />

of <strong>Snowbee</strong> for nearly 39 years, I<br />

have decided it’s time to 'hang-up<br />

my waders' (figuratively speaking!)<br />

<strong>and</strong> to h<strong>and</strong> over to someone<br />

else, to take the <strong>Snowbee</strong> br<strong>and</strong><br />

on to the next level. Having<br />

reached the gr<strong>and</strong> old age of 67,<br />

I thought it high time, that I spent<br />

more time with the gr<strong>and</strong>children<br />

<strong>and</strong> also, finally had time for more<br />

fishing!<br />

We have therefore signed an<br />

agreement, with local company<br />

SM Group (Europe) Ltd, to take<br />

over from 1st January <strong>2023</strong>. SMG<br />

are a far larger company than<br />

us, with far more resources <strong>and</strong><br />

are currently the biggest marine<br />

electronics distributor in the UK.<br />

Their portfolio, includes over 60<br />

br<strong>and</strong>s in the marine, watersports,<br />

fishing <strong>and</strong> leisure sectors,<br />

making them a perfect fit for<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong>, going forward.<br />

Existing, loyal customers need<br />

not worry. The <strong>Snowbee</strong> team<br />

you have been used to dealing<br />

with will still be here, as will I,<br />

for the time being, doing what I<br />

love most – product design <strong>and</strong><br />

development <strong>and</strong> writing this<br />

catalogue!<br />

As we approach our 39th<br />

anniversary of the UK company, I<br />

am extremely proud of what we<br />

have achieved, having built the<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> br<strong>and</strong> from nothing, to<br />

where it is today. As I have often<br />

said, I put this success down to<br />

three things…product, price <strong>and</strong><br />

customer service! As dedicated<br />

fly fishers ourselves, we design<br />

<strong>and</strong> develop products that you,<br />

the modern day fly fisher actually<br />

wants to use <strong>and</strong> not what we<br />

want to sell you <strong>and</strong> our design<br />

philosophy has always been to<br />

develop new products 'up to a<br />

quality <strong>and</strong> not down to a price!'<br />

We have some exciting new<br />

products for <strong>2023</strong>, details of<br />

which can be seen in our main<br />

introduction on pages 4-5 <strong>and</strong><br />

throughout the catalogue.<br />

Towards the end of 2022,<br />

the EFTTEX (European <strong>Fishing</strong><br />

<strong>Tackle</strong> Trade Exhibition) Best New<br />

Product Competition took place<br />

in Budapest, Hungary <strong>and</strong> we<br />

were delighted to come away<br />

with two Firsts <strong>and</strong> one Runnerup<br />

award, in this hotly contested,<br />

international competition!<br />

See full details on pages 4-5.<br />

I am also delighted to<br />

announce, that due to popular<br />

dem<strong>and</strong>, we have re-introduced<br />

some of our previous <strong>Sea</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong><br />

gear, including the Deep Blue<br />

Boat, Jigging & Spinning Rods,<br />

which built up a cult-following<br />

previously, for their superb action,<br />

performance <strong>and</strong> value for<br />

money. See full details on<br />

pages 98-101.<br />

Thank you for choosing<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> products in the past.<br />

We hope you enjoy the new<br />

catalogue <strong>and</strong> we’d love to hear<br />

your feed-back on it. Should you<br />

choose <strong>Snowbee</strong> products during<br />

the coming season <strong>and</strong> beyond,<br />

we are confident you will have as<br />

much fun using them, as we had<br />

designing <strong>and</strong> testing them.<br />

Tight lines from the <strong>Snowbee</strong><br />

Team!<br />

Russell Weston<br />

2<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Float Tubing » Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Accessories<br />

Contents<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Rod Introduction........................................ 6 – 7<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Rods ...............................................................8 – 17<br />

Saltwater <strong>Fly</strong> Rods................................. 9, 13, 15 & 17<br />

Salmon Spey & Switch Rods ......................8, 12 & 15<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Rod, Reel & Line Combi Kits .....................16 – 17<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Reels ............................................................18 – 24<br />

Braided Backing line.................................................24<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Line Introduction............................................25<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Lines .............................................................25 – 34<br />

Saltwater fly fishing......9, 13, 15, 16, 18, 20, 31 & 35<br />

Wader Introduction ....................................36 – 37<br />

Breathable Waders ...........................................38 – 40<br />

Nylon Waders........................................................... 41<br />

Neoprene Waders ............................................42 – 43<br />

PVC Waders.............................................................. 44<br />

Wading Equipment...................................................45<br />

Wading Boots ...................................................46 – 47<br />

Rockhopper & Neoprene Boots..............................47<br />

Clothing Introduction..........................................48<br />

Synthetic Down Jackets............................................49<br />

Breathable/Waterproof Clothing ...........50 – 51 & 53<br />

Fleece Jackets & Gilets.............................................52<br />

Packable Waterproof Jacket....................................53<br />

<strong>Fishing</strong> Shirts .............................................................54<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Vests & Waistcoats.......................................55 – 58<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Vest/Backpacks & Chest-Packs..................59 – 60<br />

Gloves & Socks .........................................................61<br />

Caps & Hats.......................................................62 – 63<br />

Sunglasses & Accessories.................................64 – 68<br />

L<strong>and</strong>ing Nets ....................................................69 – 73<br />

<strong>Fishing</strong> Bags & Luggage .................................74 – 80<br />

Travel Bags.........................................................74 – 75<br />

Boston Sports/Overnight Bags................................76<br />

<strong>Fishing</strong> & Trout Bags......................................... 77 – 78<br />

Travel <strong>Fly</strong> Rod/Reel Cases, Rod Tubes<br />

& Accessory Bags......................................................79<br />

Wet & Dry Sacks & Bass Bags..................................80<br />

Wader Repair & Adhesives.......................................81<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Tying Vices ...................................................82 – 83<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Selections ....................................................84 – 85<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Boxes........................................................... 86 – 89<br />

Fluorocarbon & Nylon Tippet .........................90 – 91<br />

Leader System ..................................................92 – 93<br />

Filleting Knives & Accessories..................................94<br />

Smoker/Cooker & Oak Dust....................................95<br />

Float-Tubing...............................................................96<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Tools & Accessories ...............................97<br />

Deep Blue Boat Rods...............................................98<br />

Deep Blue Jigging Rods..........................................99<br />

Deep Blue Spinning Rods......................................100<br />

<strong>Sea</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Accessories..........................................101<br />

Help & Customer Service<br />

Trade Information............................................ 102-103<br />

Technical Specifications..........................................104<br />

Wader & Rod Care & Rod Guarantee details.......105<br />

Customer Service, Returns & Product Index .......106<br />

Size Charts ...............................................................107<br />

Contact details.........................................................108<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

<strong>2023</strong>…a new chapter for <strong>Snowbee</strong>!<br />

As <strong>Snowbee</strong> enters a new chapter, we can reflect on some 40 years of great experience <strong>and</strong><br />

successful business which has taken the company <strong>and</strong> br<strong>and</strong> to where we are today.<br />

Since the Covid p<strong>and</strong>emic, the dem<strong>and</strong> for time<br />

in the great outdoors has soared to new levels<br />

<strong>and</strong> fishing, especially fly fishing, has seen a<br />

huge increase in interest, with many newcomers<br />

having taken up the sport. As dem<strong>and</strong> continues<br />

to grow, <strong>Snowbee</strong> joining SMG has also<br />

combined to produce a new ‘route to market’<br />

through a much larger organisation, with<br />

more staff <strong>and</strong> further advanced technology,<br />

to secure the future of the br<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> product<br />

development going forward.This year’s product<br />

range is testament to that <strong>and</strong> follows on the<br />

back of the outst<strong>and</strong>ing success with modern<br />

product design <strong>and</strong> materials, the results of<br />

combined years of experience <strong>and</strong> zest for<br />

success through hard work <strong>and</strong> innovation.<br />

The supply chain issues over the past 2 years<br />

are now receding <strong>and</strong> shipping rates are also<br />

stabilising, so there are many products where we<br />

have been able to reduce the price this year!<br />

At the same time we have worked tirelessly<br />

towards producing a comprehensive product<br />

range, featuring all new materials <strong>and</strong> innovative<br />

design concepts, for the new season. With design<br />

for the modern game angler at the forefront of our<br />

efforts, we are happy to experience once again<br />

an increasingly popular dem<strong>and</strong> for fishing <strong>and</strong><br />

the outdoors, as the <strong>Snowbee</strong> br<strong>and</strong> name grows<br />

in reputation for exceptional quality, service <strong>and</strong><br />

reliability. We have some great new products but<br />

continue working to improve some of the ‘old<br />

favourites’ wherever we can, to bring you the very<br />

latest in cutting-edge fly fishing equipment <strong>and</strong><br />

many associated accessories.<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> rods<br />

Of particular note this year is the launch of the<br />

new Spectre-Pro series of ultra-modern fly<br />

rods, which follow on the back of the success we<br />

have seen with the exceptional <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS<br />

Graphene fly rod range. A br<strong>and</strong> new option for<br />

us, in both ranges, is a new 9ft 6in #6wt model,<br />

which in tests is proving a firm favourite.<br />

Having pioneered our flagship <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS<br />

Graphene fly rods since 2019, incorporating<br />

game changing Graphene technology, we<br />

found ourselves with an overwhelming response<br />

from some of the worlds very best anglers,<br />

plus a stream of flattering reviews, awards <strong>and</strong><br />

recommendations. Our feature of the <strong>Prestige</strong><br />

G-XS fly rods continues unabated, <strong>and</strong> that is how<br />

this amazing material produces a performance in<br />

fishing that has far exceeded even our own high<br />

expectations. With this range currently as good<br />

as modern technology can possibly achieve, we<br />

made the great choice in introducing the new<br />

Saltwater rods <strong>and</strong> Double-H<strong>and</strong>ed Switch<br />

& Spey rods, with no expense spared on the<br />

fittings <strong>and</strong> finish.<br />

The exciting news is that at the end of last year, we<br />

won two awards at the EFTTEX Best New Products<br />

Competition: the Best New Saltwater <strong>Fly</strong> Rod, for<br />

our <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS SW 9ft #8 model <strong>and</strong> Best New<br />

Double-H<strong>and</strong>ed <strong>Fly</strong> Rod for our <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS<br />

Switch 11ft #8. These prestigious international<br />

awards are competed for by entries from most of<br />

the top br<strong>and</strong>s worldwide, so to come away with<br />

2 out of the 3 awards in the fly rod section was a<br />

great endorsement of the <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS range.<br />

See pages 8-11 for full details.<br />

We still have the immensely popular Classic fly<br />

rod range, starting from less than £100 <strong>and</strong> starter<br />

outfits to match, plus the Diamond2 <strong>and</strong> new<br />

Spectre-Pro rods, with the amazing <strong>Prestige</strong><br />

G-XS Graphene series that take us up to the<br />

£500 mark <strong>and</strong> beyond.<br />

XS <strong>Fly</strong> Reels<br />

Last year saw our fly reel range extended, with the<br />

return of the infamous XS br<strong>and</strong>. The new<br />

XS <strong>Fly</strong> Reels include two amazing new,<br />

lightweight aluminium bar-stock fly reels, with<br />

powerful drag <strong>and</strong> minimal start up inertia, which<br />

are already finding favour with saltwater fly<br />

fishermen in the tropics, plus salmon fishermen,<br />

closer to home.<br />

In addition to the XS we also introduced a<br />

Cassette version to the <strong>Prestige</strong> Gold fly reels<br />

in both the #5/6 <strong>and</strong> #7/8 models.<br />

See pages 18 <strong>and</strong> 19 for full details.<br />

4<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

If you are thinking of trying the growing pastime of saltwater fly fishing or<br />

taking up the sport or simply upgrading your gear, whatever your budget<br />

or rod you should choose, be sure to take<br />

advantage of our 20% discount offered<br />

across the board on ALL qualifying<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> ‘Perfectly balanced’ fly rod/reel<br />

<strong>and</strong> fly line outfits, when purchased at<br />

the same time. See pages 8-16 for full<br />

details of our extensive fly rod range<br />

(look out for this badge) <strong>and</strong> page 17<br />

for some examples of our Combi <strong>and</strong><br />

‘perfectly balanced’ outfit savings.<br />

Guaranteed<br />

Savings!<br />

Combi Outfits<br />

See p17 for perfectly matched<br />

fly rod, reel & line outfits.<br />

Save 20% on individual item<br />

prices.<br />

XS-Plus, XS <strong>and</strong> Classic <strong>Fly</strong> lines<br />

Throughout 2022, we were in the process of upgrading all our <strong>Snowbee</strong><br />

XS fly lines. Since Covid set in, we were forced to move our entire factory<br />

<strong>and</strong> production facility, after restrictions completely halted production.<br />

‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ is a saying, very true in this case<br />

<strong>and</strong> the production move to a new factory, has proved sensational, as we<br />

are now making, quite simply, the best fly lines we have ever made! An<br />

achievement we would never have thought possible or even necessary,<br />

a couple of years ago. Our new lines, produced on new equipment, are<br />

proving even better than any we have ever produced before. Quite an<br />

achievement after more than 30 years manufacturing fly lines in the UK!<br />

The XS <strong>and</strong> twin-colour XS-Plus fly lines now all incorporate welded loops<br />

for convenience <strong>and</strong> with the latest Nano-coating technology, have proved<br />

to be nothing short of spectacular in the new livery <strong>and</strong> so worth the<br />

changes we made. <strong>Fly</strong> line production is fully up <strong>and</strong> running again now,<br />

with stock back to full levels <strong>and</strong> the wait as we had expected last year, was<br />

absolutely worthwhile! So teamed up with one of our quality fly rods <strong>and</strong><br />

reels, our new fly lines really do offer the perfect ‘balanced outfit’.<br />

See pages 25-34 for full details.<br />

Award winning technical clothing<br />

For XStra warmth in all weathers, the new XStreme quilted jackets, with<br />

their unique polyester insulation filling, are so light <strong>and</strong> snug they can be<br />

worn as an outer garment or underneath an outer shell jacket for extra<br />

thermal insulation on the coldest of days.<br />

In the EFTTEX Best New <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Clothing category we also scooped the<br />

Runner-up award for this ultra-lightweight jacket, which packs down into the<br />

smallest space, but packs a big punch in terms of thermal properties!<br />

See page 49 for details.<br />

Our new XS shirts are similar to our<br />

previous, popular designs but are now<br />

made in a smart new cotton/polyester<br />

blend, suitable for all seasons. In the<br />

two most popular colours, the new<br />

tailoring also provides an improved fit<br />

over previous models. After years of<br />

service, the Geo fly vest has yet to be<br />

surpassed but our new ‘All <strong>Sea</strong>sons’<br />

fly vest comes a very close second<br />

<strong>and</strong> with the waterproof material <strong>and</strong><br />

removable back panel for warm,<br />

dry days, this now represents a<br />

great alternative at a considerable<br />

cost saving.<br />

See pages 49, 54 & 57 for full details.<br />

Waders for all situations<br />

Having been making waders longer than most, our range now includes models<br />

for every purpose & every budget. From the top-of the range <strong>Prestige</strong> STX<br />

breathable waders, through the more affordable Ranger breathables, to the<br />

virtually indestructible Wadermaster nylon range, to the heavy duty Granite<br />

PVC, which offer amazing performance, for the price! Sales <strong>and</strong> consistent,<br />

extreme reliability throughout the past five years, across all our wader ranges,<br />

has really shown that innovative design, coupled with the very latest in reliable,<br />

trustworthy material technology, will always provide the best winning formula.<br />

See pages 36-44 for full details.<br />

Please visit our website www.snowbee.co.uk<br />

Whether you're sat on the river bank, at the office or<br />

at home, the entire <strong>Snowbee</strong> website is now at your<br />

fingertips.<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> Deep Blue <strong>Sea</strong>-<strong>Fishing</strong> Rods make a comeback<br />

At the end of 2018 we decided to get out of the sea fishing market, to concentrate on our core<br />

market of fly fishing. However, we didn’t realise just what a ‘cult following’ we had built up for our<br />

Deep Blue Boat Rods! We were literally inundated with requests to re-introduce these, so in<br />

late 2022, we did just that <strong>and</strong> haven’t looked back! A new factory, using new technology <strong>and</strong><br />

manufacturing techniques, but retaining the same smooth, powerful action, Deep Blue devotees<br />

have come to love! We are following that up for <strong>2023</strong>, with a new range of Deep Blue Jigging <strong>and</strong><br />

Spinning Rods, plus we have re-introduced some of the most popular sea fishing accessories.<br />

See pages 98 - 101 for full details.<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Rods<br />

Why construction <strong>and</strong> materials matter<br />

more than ever – <strong>and</strong> how to choose the<br />

perfect rod for your chosen style of fishing.<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS fly rod<br />

As with any sports equipment, fly rods have<br />

undergone a huge technological change in the<br />

past two decades. They have steadily evolved<br />

from early glass fibre rods, through the early days<br />

of carbon fibre to the highly technical carbon<br />

composites of today, including the very latest<br />

'Graphene resin technology' incorporated into<br />

our new <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS fly rods.<br />

Modern day carbon fibres are quite delicate,<br />

having little tensile strength in their natural state<br />

<strong>and</strong> epoxy resin alone is very brittle, once cured.<br />

However, encapsulating the fibres in an epoxy<br />

resin creates a composite of enormous strength<br />

<strong>and</strong> flexibility, further enhanced today by the<br />

incredible properties of graphene – each essential<br />

requirements for the modern rod designer.<br />

Carbon fibres are first woven into a cloth, or mat,<br />

which is pre-impregnated with epoxy resin, to bond<br />

all the fibres together, giving the finished material<br />

incredible strength once cured. This 'pre-preg' as<br />

it is called, is then wrapped under pressure around<br />

a tapered steel rod, known as a m<strong>and</strong>rel <strong>and</strong> then<br />

baked in an autoclave oven, under high pressure<br />

to ‘cure’ the epoxy resin <strong>and</strong> help force out any tiny<br />

pockets of air. Once set <strong>and</strong> cooled, the finished<br />

carbon fibre 'tube' is removed from the m<strong>and</strong>rel<br />

<strong>and</strong> the work of turning this into a finished fly rod<br />

blank can begin.<br />

The next question is then ground or unground?<br />

When the raw blank is removed from the m<strong>and</strong>rel,<br />

the natural surface weave or ribbing of the carbon<br />

fibres shows through, giving a slightly rough<br />

outer surface. If a gloss finish rod is required, this<br />

is ground off <strong>and</strong> a coloured varnish applied.<br />

However, if a matt finish rod is required, this surface<br />

is left unground, as with our Spectre-Pro range of<br />

rods, providing a performance <strong>and</strong> action, closer to<br />

the original design concept.<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> currently produce four different ranges<br />

of fly rods from the entry-level Classic range,<br />

starting at under £80, to our top of the range<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS models up to £500 <strong>and</strong> more. We<br />

are frequently asked... 'what’s the difference?'<br />

Fundamentally, this comes down to two things:<br />

1) The rod fittings <strong>and</strong> fixtures: Clearly the<br />

basic aluminium alloy reel seat used on the Classic<br />

range is a lot cheaper than the h<strong>and</strong>-made,<br />

lightweight silver/gold hard anodised aluminium<br />

reel seats used on the new <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS<br />

Graphene range, some featuring beautiful maple<br />

burl wood inserts, ensuring every rod is different<br />

<strong>and</strong> quite unique.<br />

2) The quality of the carbon fibre pre-preg<br />

<strong>and</strong> resin used: You will often hear or read<br />

about the 'modulus' of a carbon fibre rod. This<br />

is basically an abbreviation of 'Young's modulus<br />

of elasticity', which measures the resistance of a<br />

material to elastic (recoverable) deformation under<br />

load. A stiff material has a high Young's modulus<br />

Fast tip<br />

action<br />

Medium<br />

middle to tip<br />

Slow through<br />

action<br />

See full terms <strong>and</strong><br />

conditions on page 105<br />

<strong>and</strong> changes its shape only slightly under elastic<br />

loads (e.g. diamond). A flexible material however,<br />

has a low Young's modulus <strong>and</strong> changes its shape<br />

considerably (eg rubber). Clearly a fly rod blank<br />

needs to sit part way between these two extremes<br />

<strong>and</strong> this is where the good modern rod designer<br />

comes into his own.<br />

A higher modulus blank, will have a faster<br />

action, a faster tip 'recovery' (the speed at which<br />

the blank returns to its original shape) <strong>and</strong> will<br />

generally be lighter. High modulus carbons are also<br />

more expensive to produce, so will generally be<br />

used for top-end rods, which will require a tip, or<br />

middle to tip action.<br />

At the other end of the scale, medium modulus<br />

carbon blanks are used for lower grade fly rods,<br />

where price is a consideration <strong>and</strong> a slightly slower,<br />

more forgiving action required.<br />

Most of the <strong>Snowbee</strong> range of fly rods, use a<br />

mix of different carbon fibre pre-pregs, to achieve<br />

the precise action required for that range.<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS Double H<strong>and</strong>ed <strong>Fly</strong> Rods – see p8<br />

Spectre ® Pro Single H<strong>and</strong>ed <strong>Fly</strong> Rods – see p13<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS Saltwater <strong>Fly</strong> Rods – see p9<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS Single H<strong>and</strong>ed <strong>Fly</strong> Rods – see p10-11<br />

Spectre Double H<strong>and</strong>ed <strong>Fly</strong> Rods – see p12<br />

Diamond 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Rods – see p14<br />

Classic Single H<strong>and</strong>ed <strong>Fly</strong> Rods – see p15<br />

Classic Double H<strong>and</strong>ed <strong>Fly</strong> Rods – see p15<br />

6<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

The Classic range uses predominantly, single 24<br />

ton carbon. The Diamond 2 range uses a mix of<br />

30 <strong>and</strong> 36 ton carbon, while on the Spectre ® Pro<br />

range, this is upgraded to a mix of 40 to 46 ton<br />

carbon.<br />

New Spectre ® Pro fly rods<br />

The new style Spectre ® Pro fly rods are a satin<br />

finish silver-grey colour, with distinctive black<br />

whipping finish throughout. They have a high<br />

quality, chrome finished, aluminium reel seat <strong>and</strong><br />

double up-locking rings on all models. The range<br />

also includes our first ever 9ft 6in #6wt, introduced<br />

by popular dem<strong>and</strong> for the Stillwater anglers in<br />

particular, looking to lighten their day-long work<br />

load <strong>and</strong> presentation, but still obtain optimum<br />

presentation, with distance casting still easily<br />

achievable. At a starting price of £285, these<br />

exceptional new rods are poised to take the<br />

stillwater <strong>and</strong> river markets by storm!<br />

All our ‘multi-modulus’ blanks, use our well<br />

proven ‘<strong>Snowbee</strong> Tri-modulus carbon’ technology,<br />

where a subtle blend of different modulus<br />

carbons are used through the blank, to achieve<br />

the precise action we require. The new <strong>Prestige</strong><br />

G-XS Graphene range, uses only 46 ton carbon,<br />

but significantly uses graphene nano resin<br />

throughout, which provides the incredible <strong>and</strong><br />

unique properties these rods have. Graphene is an<br />

amazing new discovery <strong>and</strong> a real game changer<br />

where used, extremely light <strong>and</strong> reputedly 200<br />

times stronger than steel!<br />

Choosing a fly rod<br />

This is very much a personal thing, as one fly rod<br />

will not suit everyone. The first <strong>and</strong> most obvious<br />

consideration is budget – how much you want to<br />

spend on a rod which is often misconstrued by<br />

many fly fisherman. A more expensive rod, doesn’t<br />

necessarily make you a better caster! If your casting<br />

is a bit ‘rusty’ or could do with some ‘polishing up’,<br />

then better to spend less on a rod <strong>and</strong> spend the<br />

difference on some professional casting lessons with<br />

an approved instructor! There are also several<br />

free <strong>and</strong> very useful videos we have put together<br />

which many have now used to help improve<br />

their casting. We cover some of the simple<br />

techniques <strong>and</strong> pitfalls <strong>and</strong> there’s even one<br />

featuring the ‘double haul’. www.snowbee.co.uk<br />

You then need to take into account the type & style<br />

of fly fishing you wish to do. If predominantly small<br />

river work <strong>and</strong> short distances, then a slower action<br />

rod is ideal. We would generally call this a middle,<br />

or ‘through-action’ rod. Larger rivers <strong>and</strong> small<br />

stillwaters, will generally require a slightly longer<br />

rod, with a faster, middle, or middle to tip action.<br />

Large stillwaters <strong>and</strong> reservoirs, where distance<br />

casting is often required, will generally require rods,<br />

with a fast, middle to tip, or tip action. A fast action<br />

rod, will allow the caster to generate the higher line<br />

speed in the air <strong>and</strong> tighter line loops required for<br />

maximum distance casting. Bear in mind however,<br />

that the faster the action of a rod, the more ‘timing<br />

critical’ it becomes to cast <strong>and</strong> therefore requires<br />

more advanced casting skills to get the best from<br />

it. Boat fishing also makes up a lot of the Stillwater<br />

fishing activity. Here a longer rod is advantageous<br />

<strong>and</strong> again, actions are critical. These will generally<br />

have a slower action, as distance casting is not so<br />

necessary, but lighter, more precise presentation is<br />

of greater importance.<br />

Single-h<strong>and</strong>ed fly rods<br />

Follow these general guidelines for your fly rod<br />

length <strong>and</strong> line weight:<br />

Freshwater<br />

• Small rivers <strong>and</strong> streams, for trout<br />

7ft - 9ft #1 - #5 Wt.<br />

• Larger rivers, for trout <strong>and</strong> grayling<br />

9ft -10ft #3 - #6 Wt.<br />

• Medium to large rivers for sea trout <strong>and</strong> light<br />

salmon 9ft -11ft #6 - #8 Wt.<br />

• Small stillwaters for brown trout <strong>and</strong> rainbows<br />

9ft -10ft #5 - #7 Wt.<br />

• Large reservoirs for brown trout <strong>and</strong> rainbows<br />

9ft -10ft #5 - #8 Wt.<br />

Saltwater<br />

• UK saltwater <strong>and</strong> flats bonefish 9ft #7 - #10 Wt.<br />

Also take into account the rod action, as<br />

detailed above, which is an indication of the way<br />

the rod flexes in response to both casting <strong>and</strong><br />

playing a fish. A fast action rod can generate<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS Double-<br />

H<strong>and</strong>ed Salmon Rod<br />

higher line speeds required for extreme distance<br />

casting, allowing a talented caster to have great<br />

line <strong>and</strong> loop control. The faster tip ‘recovery’,<br />

when distance casting, will reduce ‘ripples’ down<br />

the line <strong>and</strong> improve the line’s flight through the air.<br />

Be aware though, as the stiffer tips are less flexible<br />

<strong>and</strong> can, especially with non-stretch lines, ‘bounce’<br />

fish off the hook, so more care is required, when<br />

playing fish.<br />

Less able casters may find it hard to get the<br />

timing of their cast correct, with a fast action rod,<br />

so can be better rewarded with a rod of a more<br />

moderate action. For general small river <strong>and</strong><br />

stillwater trout fishing, it is better to choose a<br />

rod with a middle to tip action, which can be less<br />

dem<strong>and</strong>ing to cast <strong>and</strong> better for roll casting <strong>and</strong><br />

fishing at short range.<br />

Double-h<strong>and</strong>ed fly rods<br />

Very often, newcomers to salmon fishing, assume<br />

that a double h<strong>and</strong>ed rod is always required – it is<br />

not. There are many situations, on smaller rivers,<br />

fishing for sea-trout or grilse, where a single h<strong>and</strong>ed<br />

rod, of say 10ft #7 Wt., is more than adequate.<br />

As you move up to slightly larger rivers however,<br />

you are frequently in between the need for a single<br />

h<strong>and</strong>ed rod, or a full, double h<strong>and</strong>ed Spey rod.<br />

This is exactly why 'Switch Rods' were developed<br />

on the North West coasts of the USA <strong>and</strong> Canada.<br />

A Switch rod is light enough to use single h<strong>and</strong>ed,<br />

but where required, can be used two-h<strong>and</strong>ed, for<br />

greater distance <strong>and</strong> control, or where bankside<br />

vegetation, requires a Spey casting style.<br />

As you move onto larger, more powerful rivers,<br />

double-h<strong>and</strong>ers come into their own. You often<br />

need to lift longer lengths of line, control <strong>and</strong> mend<br />

the line as it crosses the current <strong>and</strong> frequently fish<br />

with larger, heavier lines <strong>and</strong> flies. Over the past few<br />

years, as carbon technology has improved, we have<br />

seen the length of two-h<strong>and</strong>ed salmon rods reduce<br />

however, as greater power can now be achieved,<br />

with shorter, lighter rods <strong>and</strong> shooting head style<br />

fly lines. We therefore now only make the two most<br />

popular traditional models at 13ft #8/9 <strong>and</strong> the<br />

14ft #9/10, which are more than adequate for most<br />

salmon fishing situations.<br />

Again, fly line consideration <strong>and</strong> fishing<br />

location are critical <strong>and</strong> for the travelling angler,<br />

a convenient multi-piece rod, like our 5 & 6-pce<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS <strong>and</strong> the Spectre Switch <strong>and</strong> Salmon<br />

rods, may well be a more convenient option, than<br />

their 4-pce predecessors.<br />

// www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS Double-H<strong>and</strong>ed<br />

Graphene <strong>Fly</strong> Rods<br />

Following the outst<strong>and</strong>ing success of our <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS single h<strong>and</strong>ed fly rods, it was only a<br />

matter of time, before we extended the remarkable pedigree <strong>and</strong> phenomenally advanced<br />

Graphene technology, to a new range of double-h<strong>and</strong>ed <strong>and</strong> saltwater fly rods.<br />

Combining Nano Carbon<br />

technology with the incredible<br />

properties of Graphene has<br />

proved sensational. We have<br />

added satin finished aluminium<br />

reel seats to the new rods,<br />

maintaining remarkable<br />

lightness to the ultra-modern<br />

designs, then anodised them for<br />

corrosion resistance, especially in saltwater.<br />

The modern designs of the cork h<strong>and</strong>les are<br />

fashioned from the very finest quality, super-grade<br />

North American cork available. All butt extensions<br />

<strong>and</strong> lower h<strong>and</strong>les are tipped with a rubber composite cork, for<br />

additional wear <strong>and</strong> protection. The salmon rods are all finished in a<br />

dark, lustrous teal/blue, with a combined self-colour <strong>and</strong> silver whip<br />

finish. There are two large lined stripper rings <strong>and</strong> high-lift snake<br />

rings throughout with each section spot marked for a perfect line up. The 13ft <strong>and</strong><br />

14ft models also have whip markings to 110cm, to help quickly assess the weight<br />

<strong>and</strong> size of bigger fish without the need to remove them from the water.<br />

11’ #8 Double-H<strong>and</strong>ed Switch <strong>Fly</strong> Rod (5-pce)<br />

Designed for double h<strong>and</strong>ed use on lakes <strong>and</strong> rivers, this often referred to ‘Switch’ style rod, exhibits all the power reserves of the <strong>Prestige</strong> Graphene G-XS<br />

range. Still light enough to be cast single h<strong>and</strong>ed, as well as for purposely light double-h<strong>and</strong>ed use. Great on smaller rivers for large trout, sea-trout <strong>and</strong> grilse or<br />

from the boat. These rods are so light <strong>and</strong> versatile, you can use them for almost anything <strong>and</strong> they possess deceptive <strong>and</strong> responsive reserves of casting <strong>and</strong> fish<br />

playing power, typical of the entire <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS range.<br />

13’ #8/9 Double-H<strong>and</strong>ed Salmon <strong>Fly</strong> Rod (6 pce)<br />

Traditional double-h<strong>and</strong>ed rod but in lighter weight than the 14ft model.<br />

Perfect for lighter lines <strong>and</strong> throwing short heads a long, long way <strong>and</strong> all day<br />

if necessary, with effortless <strong>and</strong> utterly deceptive ease. Great for multi-tip <strong>and</strong><br />

multi-density, short-head fly lines especially <strong>and</strong> the popular choice of the<br />

successful, modern day salmon angler.<br />

14’ #9/10 Double-H<strong>and</strong>ed Salmon <strong>Fly</strong> Rod (6 pce)<br />

The daddy in the range, with the prototype having already accounted for<br />

fish over 20lbs in testing of the early samples, across the biggest <strong>and</strong> best<br />

rivers of Scotl<strong>and</strong>. The power <strong>and</strong> recovery, as with all the Graphene rods<br />

is awesome, with the blank flexing all the way through the h<strong>and</strong>le when<br />

required. Suitable for longer head traditional spey lines, but purposely<br />

designed for the most modern of short-head skagit <strong>and</strong> shooting-head fly<br />

lines, to achieve maximum distance <strong>and</strong> extreme depth, with fast sinking<br />

tips <strong>and</strong> heavy flies where required.<br />

See full terms <strong>and</strong><br />

conditions on page 105<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS Double-h<strong>and</strong>ed Switch & Salmon <strong>Fly</strong> Rods<br />

Model Description Length Line Wt. Rod.Wt. Price<br />

10198 <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS Switch <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 11' #8 157g / 5.5oz £639.99 S35557<br />

10199 <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS Salmon <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 13' #8/9 216g / 7.6oz £789.99 S43891<br />

10200 <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS Salmon <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 14' #9/10 242g / 8.5oz £849.99 S47224<br />

8 <strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS SW Graphene Saltwater <strong>Fly</strong> Rods<br />

A select range of high performance, ultra-light weight <strong>and</strong> exceptionally modern fly rods.<br />

Superbly designed <strong>and</strong> ultra-reliable for the most outst<strong>and</strong>ing saltwater fly fishing.<br />

10226 <strong>Prestige</strong><br />

G-XS SW #8<br />

Each rod is finished<br />

in a pearlescent electric<br />

blue, then fitted with two large<br />

SiC lined titanium stripper rings<br />

<strong>and</strong> hard chrome, saltwater resistant<br />

high-lift snakes to an over-sized hayfork tip<br />

ring. The reel seats display a space-age like finish,<br />

achieving the lightest possible weight, from the CNC<br />

machined aluminium design <strong>and</strong> anodised to provide their<br />

characteristic satin sheen <strong>and</strong> corrosion proof finish. The butt<br />

extensions are tipped with a high wearing rubber cork composition <strong>and</strong><br />

there is a small keeper ring for those requiring one. Every rod possesses the<br />

outst<strong>and</strong>ing features now familiar with the entire <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS Graphene<br />

range. Already extensively tested with outst<strong>and</strong>ing results <strong>and</strong> performance,<br />

these new saltwater G-XS rods will help turn dreams into reality for many, as<br />

the lightweight <strong>and</strong> effortlessly powerful <strong>and</strong> accurate construction, accounts<br />

for specimen fish of all species worldwide.<br />

9ft #7wt<br />

A responsive, 9ft casting machine,<br />

designed for accuracy <strong>and</strong> expert<br />

presentation. Ideal for general purpose<br />

saltwater <strong>and</strong> predator fishing for the likes of Bass,<br />

Bonefish <strong>and</strong> Jacks, using smaller flies <strong>and</strong> where<br />

finesse may be required. Still deceptively powerful,<br />

the hidden energy in these rods is awesome, with a<br />

smoothness you would not believe. The new Graphene<br />

construction provides the typical <strong>and</strong> unique tip recovery<br />

<strong>and</strong> performance, unsurpassed by any other material.<br />

Over-sized SiC lined<br />

titanium stripper rings<br />

Hard chrome, saltwater<br />

resistant high-lift snakes<br />

9ft #8wt<br />

Designed for larger predators <strong>and</strong> casting bigger flies. Often the preferred<br />

weight when likely to experience windy conditions <strong>and</strong> bigger fish, as so<br />

often encountered on the coast. More powerful than the #7wt rod but still so<br />

light in the h<strong>and</strong>, making this rod the ideal all-rounder choice for bonefish, permit<br />

<strong>and</strong> pike, plus ideal for the increasingly popular fly fishing for carp. Same butt <strong>and</strong><br />

finish as the #7wt; just a beefier version for use with a heavier line <strong>and</strong> larger flies.<br />

9ft #10wt<br />

The most powerful in the saltwater series, yet still deceptively light <strong>and</strong> easy to<br />

cast. Ideal for presenting large flies with ease <strong>and</strong> at distance where required,<br />

as well as being very capable of taming muscle bound predators in all waters.<br />

Same construction as both the lighter models, except for a slightly longer butt<br />

extension to assist playing larger fish. The perfect choice for permit, tarpon <strong>and</strong><br />

all larger predators.<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS SW Graphene Saltwater <strong>Fly</strong> Rods<br />

Model Length Line Wt. Rod Wt. H<strong>and</strong>le Price<br />

See full terms <strong>and</strong><br />

conditions on page 105<br />

10225 9’ #7 107g / 3.8oz Full Wells £559.99 S31112<br />

10226 9’ #8 110g / 3.9oz Full Wells £559.99 S31112<br />

10227 9’ #10 120g / 4.2oz Full Wells £569.99 S31668<br />

Hard anodised aluminium reel<br />

seat for corrosion resistance<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS<br />

Graphene <strong>Fly</strong> Rods<br />

Over the years, fly rod technology has taken occasional quantum<br />

leaps forward. First the move from split cane to fibreglass; then the<br />

next move to carbon fibre, <strong>and</strong> now, the latest development –<br />

Graphene! This amazing new technology really is a<br />

‘game changer’ <strong>and</strong> propels <strong>Snowbee</strong> to the top of the<br />

leader board, in terms of performance <strong>and</strong> innovation.<br />

Guaranteed<br />

Savings!<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> Combi<br />

Outfits<br />

See p17 for perfectly matched<br />

fly rod, reel & line outfits.<br />

Save 20% on individual item<br />

prices.<br />

Graphene was first discovered <strong>and</strong> isolated in 2010,<br />

by two researchers in the Physics Department of<br />

Manchester University, who went on to be awarded<br />

the Nobel Prize for Physics, for their discovery.<br />

Graphene really is a game-changer. In its raw<br />

form it consists of a two-dimensional, carbon<br />

sheet just one atom thick, yet 200 times stronger<br />

than steel! It is the lightest material on earth <strong>and</strong><br />

at the molecular level, Graphene is one million<br />

times smaller than the diameter of a human hair!<br />

Apart from its strength, another important feature<br />

of Graphene is its flexibility. In fly rod production,<br />

Graphene powder is added to the epoxy resins to<br />

enhance inherent properties such as tensile strength<br />

<strong>and</strong> flexibility.<br />

A few years ago the latest technology was Nano Carbon<br />

rods. The principle was that the smaller, 'round profile' nano<br />

molecules added to the epoxy resin, were able to penetrate<br />

every void within the carbon fibre mat, far better than long-chain<br />

epoxy resin molecules. This innovation to reinforce resins, created a<br />

pre-preg material, with a flexural strength <strong>and</strong> modulus, far higher than that<br />

of conventional resin. This resulted in fly rod blanks that were lighter, crisper<br />

<strong>and</strong> more precise in action than anything previously achievable <strong>and</strong> a blank so<br />

close to 'unbreakable' in normal use as it is possible to achieve.<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS <strong>Fly</strong> Rod<br />

<strong>and</strong> Spectre Reel<br />

This principle has been taken one stage further, with the new Graphene resin<br />

technology, as Graphene atoms are 300 times smaller than the smallest<br />

nanoparticle, resulting in an even denser carbon mat, with virtually no air<br />

pockets, enhanced by the use of autoclave ovens, which ‘bake’ the<br />

blanks under high pressure, to further expel any air pockets.<br />

Full Wells h<strong>and</strong>le with fighting butt<br />

10215 <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Rod – 9' #6<br />

Every rod comes<br />

in matching cotton<br />

drill sleeve <strong>and</strong><br />

lightweight<br />

Cordura tube.<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS<br />

4-pce Travel <strong>Fly</strong> Rods<br />

The lightweight aluminium reel fittings<br />

have a hard anodised silver/gold finish <strong>and</strong><br />

feature stunning maple burl wood inserts.<br />

This beautiful wood displays a range of colours <strong>and</strong><br />

grain patterns, making each rod quite unique <strong>and</strong> individual.<br />

The rich bronze colour of the blanks is complemented by self-colour<br />

whippings with a subtle, single b<strong>and</strong> of bronze whipping.<br />

Features<br />

● 4-piece ultra-lightweight Graphene carbon<br />

blanks ● Fast action with high lift snakes for<br />

extreme distance casting ● New <strong>Snowbee</strong> Graphene,<br />

high-modulus carbon technology ● Deep bronze<br />

finish with matching whippings ● Anodised silver/gold<br />

aluminium reel seat with maple burl wood inserts<br />

● <strong>Snowbee</strong> Original Purchaser Lifetime Guarantee<br />

10<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

10223 <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS 10' #7 <strong>Fly</strong> Rod<br />

Ultra-lightweight River <strong>and</strong> Brook<br />

series: 7'6" #1 <strong>and</strong> 7'#2<br />

When you want to ‘fish light’ it doesn’t get much lighter<br />

than this! Our two new Ultralight models are fitted with the<br />

European style tapered h<strong>and</strong>le, with burl wood collar, allowing<br />

sensitive control, with one finger running up onto the blank,<br />

for the ultimate in bite detection <strong>and</strong> precision casting.<br />

Lightweight River Dry <strong>Fly</strong> & Nymph<br />

series: 9'6" #3, 10' #2, 10' #3 <strong>and</strong> 11' #3<br />

Our river dry fly <strong>and</strong> nymph rods are aimed squarely at the<br />

‘light line’ specialist who has come to appreciate the need for<br />

sensitive control, <strong>and</strong> extreme accuracy with a feel to match,<br />

when ‘fishing light’. Originally developed in Eastern Europe,<br />

the longer, lighter styles of nymph fishing <strong>and</strong> dry fly rods<br />

have become increasingly popular for river fishing <strong>and</strong> the<br />

new Graphene material further enhances this. These rods<br />

lend themselves to effortless <strong>and</strong> untiring Czech <strong>and</strong> French<br />

nymphing techniques <strong>and</strong> the 9' 6" #3 weight model is the<br />

ideal rod for dry fly or dual purpose. These lighter options<br />

are all fitted with the European style tapered h<strong>and</strong>le <strong>and</strong> burl<br />

wood collars.<br />

See full terms <strong>and</strong><br />

conditions on page 105<br />

10210 <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS<br />

7' #2 <strong>Fly</strong> Rod showing<br />

Euro-style h<strong>and</strong>le<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS Graphene <strong>Fly</strong> Rods<br />

River & small Stillwater series:<br />

8' #4, 9' #4, 9' #5, 10' #4 <strong>and</strong> 10' #5<br />

Our river <strong>and</strong> stillwater series covers a wealth of fishing<br />

opportunities….finesse, accuracy <strong>and</strong> balance are all that’s<br />

asked of a good rod <strong>and</strong> these offer all of that <strong>and</strong> more.<br />

The range caters for every application <strong>and</strong> the blanks are<br />

purpose made for power, but with a tip flex in play, sufficient to<br />

soak up all charges so that fish caught, especially on barbless,<br />

are far less likely to come off.<br />

Stillwater, Reservoir & large river series:<br />

9' #6, 9'6"#6, 9'6"#7, 10'#6, 10' #7 <strong>and</strong> 11'#6<br />

The most powerful blanks in the new <strong>Prestige</strong> range. Unleash<br />

the hidden energy in these rods with a smoothness you will<br />

not believe. The new Graphene construction provides a<br />

smoothness unsurpassed by any other material. You will quickly<br />

come to appreciate the unrivalled power <strong>and</strong> control, only<br />

available with this remarkable new Graphene technology.<br />

All designed with progressive tip action <strong>and</strong> sufficient flex to<br />

generate maximum line speed <strong>and</strong> distance, as well as holding<br />

onto hooked fish, with a vastly reduced risk of losing them in play.<br />

Model Description Length Line Wt Rod Wt H<strong>and</strong>le Price<br />

10210 <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 7' #2 60g/2.1oz Euro-Style £469.99 S26112<br />

10211 <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 7' 6" #1 59g/2.1oz Euro-Style £479.99 S26667<br />

10212 <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 8' #4 65g/2.3oz Half Wells £489.99 S27223<br />

10213 <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 9' #4 76g/2.7oz Half Wells £489.99 S27223<br />

10214 <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 9' #5 80g/2.8oz Half Wells £499.99 S27779<br />

10215 <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 9' #6 83g/2.9oz Half Wells £499.99 S27779<br />

10216 <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 9' 6" #3 78g/2.8oz Euro-Style £509.99 S28334<br />

10228 <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS <strong>Fly</strong> Rod NEW 9' 6" #6 104g/3.7oz Full Wells £519.99 S28890<br />

10217 <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 9' 6" #7 105g/3.7oz Full Wells £529.99 S29445<br />

10218 <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 10' #2 78g/2.8oz Euro-Style £539.99 S29944<br />

10219 <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 10' #3 80g/2.8oz Euro-Style £519.99 S28890<br />

10220 <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 10' #4 84g/3.0oz Half Wells £519.99 S28890<br />

10221 <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 10' #5 88g/3.1oz Half Wells £519.99 S28890<br />

10222 <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 10' #6 92g/3.2oz Full Wells £539.99 S29944<br />

10223 <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 10' #7 108g/3.8oz Full Wells £549.99 S30557<br />

10224 <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 11' #3 95g/3.4oz Euro-Style £549.99 S30557<br />

10229 <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS <strong>Fly</strong> Rod NEW 11' #6 112g/3.9oz Full Wells £579.99 S32223<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk 11

<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

Spectre ® Spey & Switch Rods<br />

The Spectre ® Spey & Switch rods simply ooze class, putting other more expensive<br />

rods to shame. Following on from the success of the Spectre ® fly rod single h<strong>and</strong>ed<br />

launch in 2017, the Spey & Switch rods continue to thrive in replacement of the old<br />

<strong>and</strong> award winning Diamond 2 range.<br />

These four models share the same<br />

fine pedigree but now with new<br />

lighter, crisper blanks for even<br />

better casting performance.<br />

For convenience when travelling,<br />

the Salmon Spey rods all feature 6-pce blanks,<br />

while the Switch rods feature 5-pce blanks, so all models pack down<br />

to between 28” <strong>and</strong> 32”. Our Spey <strong>and</strong> Switch rods continue to find favour amongst<br />

salmon fishers worldwide looking for top performance, a quality finish, total reliability<br />

<strong>and</strong> superb value for money… <strong>and</strong> the Spectre ® fly rods provide all of this.<br />

Come complete with quality<br />

cotton drill rod bags <strong>and</strong><br />

Cordura rod tubes.<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> Spectre ® Salmon Spey Rods 6-pce<br />

Model Length Line Wt. Rod.Wt. Price<br />

10022 13' #8/9 236g/8.3oz £359.99 S20000<br />

10023 14' #9/10 273g/9.6oz £379.99 S21112<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> Spectre ® Switch Rods 5-pce<br />

Model Length Line Wt. Rod.Wt. Price<br />

10026 10' 6" #7 176g/6.2oz £289.99 S16111<br />

10027 11' #8 178g/6.3oz £299.99 S16667<br />

10022 Spectre ® Spey 13' #8/9 (6 pce)<br />

10023 Spectre ® Spey 14' #9/10 (6 pce)<br />

These two great all-round light-weight Spey rods both have powerful, progressive actions,<br />

presenting a long line with effortless ease, agility <strong>and</strong> feel, yet light enough to remain<br />

responsive all day long. Match either with the respective traditional or short head profile<br />

Spey lines (see p30), for a most impressive performance. Where room allows, overhead<br />

casting with a short head line for the less experienced angler is also permissible.<br />

10026 Spectre ® Switch 10' 6" #7 (5 pce)<br />

10027 Spectre ® Switch 11' #8 (5 pce)<br />

Two great all-round rods, ideally suited to both smaller<br />

<strong>and</strong> medium rivers, as well as on some stillwaters from<br />

the bank or boat. Crisp, very responsive action provides<br />

effortless casting for distance <strong>and</strong> accuracy, plus the<br />

5-pce blanks make them easily portable. They both<br />

work perfectly with the respective short head 350 or<br />

400 grain Switch lines, or the 20g/24g short head Spey<br />

where a slightly longer head with a short poly-coated<br />

leader option can help suit all conditions.<br />

Perfect for salmon, trout <strong>and</strong> sea trout.<br />

10026 Spectre® Switch 10' 6" #7 (5 pce)<br />

See full terms <strong>and</strong><br />

conditions on page 105<br />

Guaranteed<br />

Savings!<br />

Spectre Combi<br />

Outfits<br />

See p17 for perfectly matched<br />

fly rod, reel & line outfits.<br />

Save 20% on individual item<br />

prices.<br />

Spectre ® Pro <strong>Fly</strong> Rods (shown on p13 opposite)<br />

10026 Spectre ® Switch<br />

10' 6" #7 (5 pce)<br />

Model Description Length Line Wt. Rod Wt. H<strong>and</strong>le Price<br />

10260 Spectre Pro <strong>Fly</strong> Rod NEW 8’6” #5 95g/3.4oz Half Wells £284.99 S15833<br />

10261 Spectre Pro <strong>Fly</strong> Rod NEW 9’ #5 101g/3.6oz Half Wells £289.99 S16111<br />

10262 Spectre Pro <strong>Fly</strong> Rod NEW 9’ #6 103g/3.6oz Half Wells £299.99 S16667<br />

10263 Spectre Pro <strong>Fly</strong> Rod NEW 9’6” #6 117g/4.1oz Full Wells £309.99 S17223<br />

10264 Spectre Pro <strong>Fly</strong> Rod NEW 9’6” #7 117g/4.1oz Full Wells £314.99 S17500<br />

10265 Spectre Pro <strong>Fly</strong> Rod NEW 10’ #5 114g/4oz Half Wells £314.99 S17500<br />

10266 Spectre Pro <strong>Fly</strong> Rod NEW 10’ #6 122g/4.3oz Full Wells £324.99 S18056<br />

10267 Spectre Pro <strong>Fly</strong> Rod NEW 10’ #7 123g/4.3oz Full Wells £334.99 S18612<br />

10268 Spectre Pro <strong>Fly</strong> Rod NEW 9’ #8 117g/4.1oz Full Wells £309.99 S17223<br />

Features<br />

l New, improved Tri-Modulus carbon blanks<br />

l High performance line control l Increased<br />

casting distance <strong>and</strong> accuracy l Top quality<br />

Portuguese cork h<strong>and</strong>les l Quality cotton<br />

drill rod bags l Cordura rod tubes<br />

l 5 <strong>and</strong> 6-pce blanks for travel convenience<br />

l Original Purchaser Lifetime Guarantee<br />

12<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

Spectre ® Pro <strong>Fly</strong> Rods<br />

The amazing Spectre ® <strong>Fly</strong> Rod range, first<br />

launched in 2017, have again been upgraded for<br />

<strong>2023</strong>, to incorporate the very latest thinking<br />

in fly rod design <strong>and</strong> performance.<br />

New for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

The 'holy grail' of fly rod design has always been to achieve that light, effortless feel<br />

that belies the hidden power of the blank, often exhibited by the world’s top br<strong>and</strong>s,<br />

but with a price tag to match. Working closely with our fly rod designers <strong>and</strong> factory,<br />

we have managed to achieve just that, but at a price which seems impossible for<br />

rods of this quality <strong>and</strong> performance!<br />

The all new Spectre ® Pro rods use the very latest carbon fibre technology <strong>and</strong> build on the<br />

past performance of their predecessors. For many years <strong>Snowbee</strong> have used ‘multi-modulus’<br />

carbon technology varying the tensile modulus of the carbon fibre, through the blank,<br />

allowing us to precisely design <strong>and</strong> control the stiffness <strong>and</strong> flex in each section, as well as the<br />

important recovery speed of the tip. Using predominantly 40 ton carbon fibre with a small<br />

amount of 36 ton, we have achieved the precise, crisp, middle-to-tip action we required,<br />

through careful manipulation of the resin formulation <strong>and</strong> carbon fibre scrim.<br />

The blanks are left ‘un-ground’ with a natural finish, leaving the original matt lay-up of the<br />

double helical hoop pattern intact, adding strength to the blank, making it far more durable,<br />

whilst still providing the desired enhanced performance. The satin finish, silver/grey blank,<br />

helps eliminate ‘rod flash’, whilst the contrasting black whippings, with subtle silver trim, give<br />

these rods a contemporary finish <strong>and</strong> ‘understated’ look. To keep weight to a minimum, we<br />

have used lightweight machined aluminium reel seats, with carbon fibre inserts <strong>and</strong> a silver<br />

anodised finish. Each rod in the range has a small rubber-cork fighting butt <strong>and</strong> comes in a<br />

quality self-colour cotton drill rod bag, plus matching Cordura covered rod tube.<br />

10268 Spectre ® Pro (Saltwater/Predator) <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 9' #8<br />

With the ever increasing popularity of saltwater bonefish, carp <strong>and</strong> pike fly fishing, the<br />

Saltwater/Predator model is top of the Spectre range. The blanks have steeper tapers<br />

<strong>and</strong> thicker wall profiles to h<strong>and</strong>le the larger, more powerful fish likely to be encountered.<br />

Lightweight machined aluminium reel seat <strong>and</strong> high chrome guides make the Spectre SP<br />

st<strong>and</strong> out.<br />

10260 Spectre ® Pro <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 8'6" #5<br />

10261 Spectre ® Pro <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 9' #5<br />

10262 Spectre® Pro <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 9' #6<br />

The perfect small river or brook rods, equally suitable as compact<br />

small stillwater rods, where a slightly softer action allows a more<br />

delicate presentation when seeking ‘spooky’ fish.<br />

10263 Spectre ® Pro <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 9'6" #6<br />

10264 Spectre ® Pro <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 9'6" #7<br />

10267 Spectre ® Pro <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 10' #7<br />

The ever popular rods of choice for larger rivers, stillwaters <strong>and</strong><br />

reservoirs. All three models have massive reserves of power,<br />

allowing those extra few yards to reach the fish previously<br />

just out of range.<br />

10265 Spectre ® Pro <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 10' #5<br />

10266 Spectre ® Pro <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 10' #6<br />

Two ‘loch style’ rods, the smaller rod being ideal for lighter line<br />

fishing, particularly dry-fly <strong>and</strong> top of the water styles, while the<br />

#6 model is designed for more general loch style fishing for<br />

brown <strong>and</strong> rainbow trout, when a more powerful rod is required.<br />

New for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

10262 Spectre ® Pro <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 9' #6<br />

10267 Spectre ® Pro <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 10' #7<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

See full terms <strong>and</strong><br />

conditions on page 105<br />

Diamond 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Rods<br />

Since 1994 the name Diamond <strong>Fly</strong> has been<br />

synonymous with <strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>and</strong> has built a loyal<br />

following amongst fly fishers.<br />

Our top-selling Diamond 2 range incorporates the very latest thinking in<br />

fly rod design <strong>and</strong> material technology. The rods retain the same crisp,<br />

middle-to-tip action of their predecessors <strong>and</strong> still represent exceptional<br />

value for money for a rod of this quality. Using our well-tried<br />

‘Tri-modulus carbon’ technology produces a blank that is fast <strong>and</strong> light.<br />

These rods compete on performance with the market leaders, but are<br />

infinitely more affordable. Using the finest quality materials we spared<br />

nothing in producing the best looking, best fishing 4-piece fly rods<br />

we could achieve at this price. The range has been designed<br />

with a particular fishing application in mind. In addition to<br />

river, small stillwater <strong>and</strong> reservoir rods, we also have<br />

longer, lower line weight models, appealing to river<br />

fishers who favour the lighter Eastern European <strong>and</strong><br />

Czech nymph styles of fishing.<br />

Finished in a lustrous deep olive colour, with selfcolour<br />

whippings, subtle gold graphics <strong>and</strong> brushed<br />

aluminium reel seats, with olive green burl wood insert<br />

complementing the colour of the blanks. Combine all of<br />

these <strong>and</strong> you have a rod with timeless appeal.<br />

Guaranteed<br />

Savings!<br />

Diamond 2 Combi<br />

Outfits<br />

See p17 for perfectly matched<br />

fly rod, reel & line outfits.<br />

Save 20% on individual item<br />

prices.<br />

10164 Diamond 2<br />

Rod 10' #7<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> Diamond 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Rods 4-pce<br />

Model Description Length Line Rod Wt. H<strong>and</strong>le Price<br />

10153 Diamond 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 8’ #4 88g / 3.1oz Half Wells £179.99 S10000<br />

10154 Diamond 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 9’ #4 97g / 3.4oz Half Wells £189.99 S10556<br />

10155 Diamond 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 9’ #5 99g / 3.5oz Half Wells £194.99 S10833<br />

10156 Diamond 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 9’ #6 110g / 3.9oz Half Wells £194.99 S10833<br />

10159 Diamond 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 9’ 6” #7 120g / 4.2oz Full Wells £199.99 S11111<br />

10161 Diamond 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 10’ #3 106g / 3.7oz Half Wells £199.99 S11111<br />

10162 Diamond 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 10’ #4 108g / 3.8oz Half Wells £199.99 S11111<br />

10164 Diamond 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 10’ #7 129g / 4.5oz Full Wells £214.99 S11945<br />

Every rod<br />

comes with<br />

matching<br />

cotton-drill<br />

rod bag <strong>and</strong> a<br />

strong cordura<br />

covered rod<br />

tube embossed<br />

with our leather<br />

‘fly’ logo.<br />

Features<br />

l Latest in carbon design <strong>and</strong> technology<br />

l Multiple 4 piece blanks l Finished in lustrous<br />

olive green colour l High quality cork h<strong>and</strong>les<br />

l Burl wood insert reel seats l Lightweight,<br />

up-locking, anodised Diamond design reel seat<br />

l SiC lined stripper rings, high-lift snakes <strong>and</strong><br />

oversize tip rings for effortless casting performance<br />

l <strong>Snowbee</strong> Original Purchaser Lifetime Guarantee<br />

14<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

Classic <strong>Fly</strong> Rods<br />

The Classic <strong>Fly</strong> Rod range has proved as popular with customers just starting out in<br />

fly fishing as they have for those just looking for a great rod at an affordable price.<br />

See full terms <strong>and</strong><br />

conditions on page 105<br />

10663-4 Classic <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 9'6" #6-7<br />

6' <strong>and</strong> 7' Classic Brook Rod<br />

These delightful little rods are ideal for fishing ultra-light tactics on small brooks <strong>and</strong> streams.<br />

Match them with our delicate presentation, or Thistledown fly line <strong>and</strong> one of our smaller<br />

reels, for the ultimate micro dry-fly outfit. This range includes ultra-lightweight brook rods,<br />

plus our ever-popular 7' #5-6 model, which makes an ideal Junior Rod, in small h<strong>and</strong>s, but<br />

has been universally adopted by small stream anglers, as its short length <strong>and</strong> higher line<br />

rating, has proved ideal for brook fishing, particularly in windy conditions.<br />

8' 6" <strong>and</strong> 9' Classic Rods<br />

Ideal all-rounders, for rivers or small still-waters, these three models offer effortless casting<br />

for all-day fishing pleasure. Sensitive tips, but with enough power reserves to tame larger fish.<br />

9' 6" <strong>and</strong> 10' Classic Rods<br />

Longer, more powerful rods designed for larger stillwaters <strong>and</strong> reservoirs, where additional<br />

distance is required. The middle to tip action delivers effortless power <strong>and</strong> distance. Also<br />

make ideal single-h<strong>and</strong>ed salmon or grilse rods for the river.<br />

Features<br />

l Fast action blanks generate high line speed for maximum<br />

distance l Lined stripper rings, high lift snake intermediates<br />

<strong>and</strong> oversize hayfork tip rings l A-Grade cork h<strong>and</strong>les, full wells<br />

on #6-#8 wt. rods, cigar on lighter weight l Lightweight black<br />

aluminium reel fitting l Fixed butt extension on #6-8 weight rods<br />

l Finished in a rich hazel colour with matching whippings l Classic<br />

fly rods come with our Original Purchaser Lifetime Guarantee.<br />

10669-4 Classic Saltwater 9' #8<br />

A new 4-pce saltwater model for <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

See rod photo <strong>and</strong> full details, as part of the<br />

10237 <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Kit on p16 overleaf.<br />

New for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

10671 Classic Spey Rod 13' #8-9<br />

Classic Salmon Spey & Switch Rods<br />

The ever popular Classic range saw the addition of Salmon Spey <strong>and</strong> Switch rods in 2020. Providing what the <strong>Snowbee</strong> Classic is famous for – great<br />

performance, coupled with sensational value for money. Crisp, responsive action, with reserves of power, these rods are ideal for the newcomer to<br />

salmon fishing but also gives the travelling angler a reliable multi-piece travel option as an essential backup rod at a sensible price.<br />

10673 Classic Switch Rod 11' #7<br />

Classic <strong>Fly</strong> Rods 4-pce<br />

Model Length Line Wt. H<strong>and</strong>le Rod Wt. Price<br />

10630-4 6’ #2-3 Half Wells 71g/2.5oz £79.99 S4444<br />

10632-4 7’ #3-4 Half Wells 82g/2.9oz £79.99 S4444<br />

10631-4 7’ #5-6 Half Wells 90g/3.2oz £79.99 S4444<br />

10661-4 8’6” #4-5 Half Wells 102g/3.6oz £89.99 S5000<br />

10666-4 9' #4-5 Half Wells 106g/3.7oz £94.99 S5278<br />

10662-4 9’ #5-6 Half Wells 108g/3.8oz £94.99 S5278<br />

10663-4 9’6” #6-7 Full Wells 122g/4.4oz £104.99 S5833<br />

10664-4 10’ #7-8 Full Wells 130g/4.6oz £114.99 S6389<br />

10667-4 10’ #4-5 Half Wells 122g/4.4oz £109.99 S6111<br />

10668-4 10’ #6-7 Full Wells 138g/4.9oz £114.99 S6389<br />

10669-4 9’ NEW #8 Full Wells 116g/4.1oz £104.99 S5833<br />

Classic Salmon Spey Rods 4-pce<br />

10671 13’ #8-9 258g/9.1oz £199.99 S11111<br />

10672 14’ #9-10 286g/10.1oz £219.99 S12222<br />

Classic Switch Rod 4-pce<br />

10673 11’ #7 168g/5.9oz £189.99 S10556<br />

10671 Classic Spey<br />

13' #8/9 (4 pce)<br />

A great all round small to<br />

medium river Spey rod, with a<br />

crisp, responsive action.<br />

Best matched to our shorter<br />

head line profiles like our Short<br />

Spey lines (p30).<br />

10672 Classic Spey 14' #9/10 (4 pce)<br />

Designed for larger rivers where more distance <strong>and</strong> power are needed.<br />

Provides a smooth, progressive action particularly when teamed up<br />

with our Short or Traditional Spey Lines (p30).<br />

10673 Classic Switch 11' #7 (4 pce)<br />

Guaranteed<br />

Savings!<br />

Classic Combi<br />

Outfits<br />

See p17 for perfectly matched<br />

fly rod, reel & line outfits.<br />

Save 20% on individual item<br />

prices.<br />

A great all-round switch rod, suited to both smaller rivers <strong>and</strong><br />

stillwaters but with enough power to h<strong>and</strong>le larger rivers <strong>and</strong> fish.<br />

Perfectly matched with our 350grain #6/7 Classic or <strong>Prestige</strong> Switch<br />

lines for effortless, day-long casting (see pages 30 & 34).<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk 15

<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

Classic <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Kits<br />

The <strong>Snowbee</strong> Classic <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Kits are available in eight popular rod sizes, each one in high<br />

modulus, lightweight graphite, with high-lift snake guides for effortless casting, plus an A-Grade<br />

cork h<strong>and</strong>le. A new lightweight aluminium reel seat <strong>and</strong> a quality cloth rod bag is also included.<br />

Each kit comes complete with a matching <strong>Snowbee</strong> Classic fly reel, <strong>and</strong> a weight forward<br />

profile, Classic floating fly line, providing the ideal components for a perfectly balanced<br />

outfit. Backing <strong>and</strong> fly line are already pre-loaded <strong>and</strong> the tapered leader attached,<br />

so all you have to do is choose a fly, tie it on... <strong>and</strong> go fishing!<br />

10230 Classic <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Kit 7' #4<br />

The perfect outfit for small brooks <strong>and</strong> streams where a<br />

delicate, stealthy approach is essential.<br />

10234 Classic<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Kit 9' #6<br />

10231 Classic Junior <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Kit 7' #6<br />

One of the smallest kits in our range aimed squarely at juniors starting out<br />

in fly fishing. The shorter length <strong>and</strong> lighter weight will not overload small<br />

wrists, while the heavier line weight allows quick loading of the rod at short<br />

distance. This helps teach youngsters what a loading rod feels like.<br />

10232 Classic <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Kit 8' 6" #5<br />

Ideal for rivers or small stillwaters <strong>and</strong> makes a great<br />

starter kit for juniors taking up the sport.<br />

10233 Classic <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Kit 9' #5<br />

The next step up from the smaller models, this combines<br />

for an ideal river or lightweight, small stillwater kit.<br />

10234 Classic <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Kit 9' #6<br />

A good all-round kit equally at home on the river,<br />

small stillwater or lake.<br />

10235 Classic <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong><br />

Kit 9' 6" #7<br />

An ideal larger stillwater,<br />

lake or reservoir kit.<br />

The longer <strong>and</strong> heavier<br />

weight provides lots<br />

of power for that extra<br />

distance often required<br />

on larger waters.<br />

Classic reel <strong>and</strong><br />

floating<br />

fly line<br />

10237 Classic Saltwater &<br />

Predator <strong>Fly</strong> Rod 9' #8<br />

New Lightweight Aluminium Reel <strong>Sea</strong>t<br />

Complete boxed<br />

sets – ready to<br />

start fishing!<br />

See full terms <strong>and</strong><br />

conditions on page 105<br />

10236 Classic <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Kit 10' #7<br />

The perfect rod for larger still waters, or single-h<strong>and</strong>ed salmon <strong>and</strong><br />

sea-trout applications. The crisp middle to tip action provides effortless<br />

distance casting <strong>and</strong> plenty of reserves of power to play larger fish.<br />

Ideal for bank <strong>and</strong> boat fishing.<br />

10237 Classic Saltwater & Predator<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Kit 9' #8<br />

With the increasing popularity of saltwater fly fishing around our shores,<br />

these are designed exclusively with the more powerful saltwater <strong>and</strong><br />

predatory fish in mind. The steeper taper on the rod blank, coupled<br />

with a thicker blank wall, allows these rods to cope with the best of the<br />

powerful fish likely to be encountered! Equally suitable for predatory<br />

fish, like pike, or as a single h<strong>and</strong>ed salmon or sea-trout rod.<br />

10234 Classic <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Kit 9' #6<br />

Classic <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Kits<br />

Model Description Length Line Wt. Price<br />

10230 Classic <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Kit 7' #4 £139.99 S7778<br />

10231 Classic Junior <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Kit 7' #6 £144.99 S8055<br />

10232 Classic <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Kit 8'6" #5 £154.99 S8611<br />

10233 Classic <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Kit 9' #5 £154.99 S8611<br />

10234 Classic <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Kit 9' #6 £154.99 S8611<br />

10235 Classic <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Kit 9'6" #7 £169.99 S9444<br />

10236 Classic <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Kit 10' #7 £174.99 S9722<br />

10237 Classic Saltwater <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Kit 9' #8 £174.99 S9722<br />

16<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> Combi Outf its -<br />

Save 20% with a ‘Perfectly<br />

Balanced’ <strong>Snowbee</strong> outfit!<br />

A complete fly rod, reel <strong>and</strong> line combination – perfectly matched <strong>and</strong> guaranteed value for<br />

money. Our selection of Combi Outfits can be chosen on a ‘mix <strong>and</strong> match’ basis, with each<br />

kit comprising of a fly rod, fly reel <strong>and</strong> one or more fly lines from our range <strong>and</strong> offering a<br />

saving of 20% on the individual item prices. This promotion is only available in the UK.<br />

Guaranteed<br />

Savings!<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> Combi<br />

Outfits<br />

Choose your Rod, Reel <strong>and</strong> <strong>Fly</strong> Line<br />

from the relevant section <strong>and</strong> then<br />

deduct 20% from the total for the<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> Combi Outfit’ price!<br />

1. <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS Graphene Combi Outfit<br />

For the ultimate fly rod, reel <strong>and</strong> line combination which is perfectly matched<br />

<strong>and</strong> balanced. Select from our range of <strong>Prestige</strong> <strong>Fly</strong> Rods on pages 8-11, team<br />

it up with one of our XS, <strong>Prestige</strong> Gold or Spectre <strong>Fly</strong> Reels from pages 18-21<br />

<strong>and</strong> complete the outfit with one of our XS-Plus <strong>Fly</strong> Lines from pages 26-31.<br />

2. Spectre® Pro Combi Outfit<br />

The Spectre ® Pro range offers superb performance without having to spend a<br />

fortune or worry about ‘shelf appeal’! Select any Spectre <strong>Fly</strong> Rod from pages<br />

12-13, match it with an XS, Spectre or Onyx <strong>Fly</strong> Reel from pages 18-23 <strong>and</strong> add<br />

an XS-Plus <strong>Fly</strong> Line from pages 26-31.<br />

Example 1 <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS 8' #4 fly<br />

rod + <strong>Prestige</strong> Gold #3/4 <strong>Fly</strong> Reel<br />

+ XS-Plus Thistledown 2 #2/5 fly line<br />

RRP £734.97 Combi Outfit Price<br />

ONLY £587.98 SAVE £146.99!<br />

Example 2 <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS 10' #7 fly<br />

rod + <strong>Prestige</strong> Gold #7/8 <strong>Fly</strong> Reel<br />

+ Spectre Distance #7 fly line RRP<br />

£814.97 Combi Outfit Price ONLY<br />

£651.98 SAVE £162.99!<br />

Example 1 Spectre ® Pro 10' #7 fly rod<br />

+ Spectre #7/8 Cassette fly reel outfit,<br />

with 3 spare spools + 4 x XS-Plus #7 fly<br />

lines RRP £834.94 Combi Outfit Price<br />

ONLY £667.95 SAVE £166.99!<br />

Example 2 Spectre 14' #9/10 Spey<br />

rod + XS #9/11 fly reel + XS-Plus<br />

Traditional Spey line #9/10 RRP<br />

£749.97 Combi Outfit Price ONLY<br />

£599.98 SAVE £149.99!<br />

3. Diamond 2 Combi Outfit 4. Classic Combi Outfit<br />

For a mid-range outfit combining stunning performance with serious value<br />

for money. Select from our range of Diamond² <strong>Fly</strong> Rods on page 14, team<br />

it up with one of our Spectre or Onyx <strong>Fly</strong> Reels from pages 20-23 <strong>and</strong><br />

complete the outfit with one of our XS <strong>Fly</strong> Lines from pages 32-33.<br />

For those just taking up the sport, or for more experienced anglers looking for<br />

a performance outfit at a budget price. Select from our range of Classic <strong>Fly</strong><br />

Rods on page 15, team it up with one of our Classic 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Reels from page 24<br />

<strong>and</strong> complete the outfit with one of our Classic <strong>Fly</strong> Lines from page 34.<br />

Example 1 Diamond² 9' #4 fly rod +<br />

Spectre #3/4 fly reel + XS floating #4 fly<br />

line RRP £419.97 Combi Outfit Price<br />

ONLY £335.98 SAVE £83.99!<br />

Example 2 Diamond² 10' #7 fly rod<br />

+ Onyx #7/9 Cassette fly reel +<br />

XS-Plus Spectre Distance #7 <strong>Fly</strong> Line<br />

RRP £384.97 Combi Outfit Price<br />

ONLY £307.98 SAVE £76.99!<br />

Example 1 Classic 9' #5/6 fly rod<br />

+ Classic #5/6 reel + Classic #6<br />

Floating Line RRP £167.97<br />

Combi Outfit Price ONLY £134.38<br />

SAVE £33.59!<br />

Example 2 Classic 11' #7 Switch rod<br />

+ Classic #7/8 fly reel + Classic 350gr<br />

Switch line RRP £277.97<br />

Combi Outfit Price ONLY £222.38<br />

SAVE £55.59!<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

XS Salmon <strong>and</strong> Saltwater <strong>Fly</strong> Reels<br />

21 years ago we launched the original XS fly reels; our<br />

first CNC-machined fly reel manufactured to our design<br />

by British <strong>Fly</strong> Reels (BFR) in Falmouth, UK. These<br />

ground-breaking reels won every 'Best New <strong>Fly</strong> Reel'<br />

review two years running. We felt the time was<br />

right to resurrect the 'XS' name for a new, top of<br />

the range fly reel – so here they are!<br />

These new reels started with a simple design concept <strong>and</strong> resulted<br />

in the polished new product of today which moves us into a different<br />

league, in terms of technology <strong>and</strong> performance.<br />

XS fly reel #7/9<br />

back detail<br />

The design brief was for a range of reels, with which the world’s fly fishers could<br />

take on the best that the largest rivers <strong>and</strong> widest oceans could throw at them...<br />

<strong>and</strong> win! These sensational looking reels feature a precision milled CNC body <strong>and</strong><br />

spool to reduce weight to the absolute minimum,<br />

whilst retaining massive strength. The powerful<br />

multi-disc drag system incorporates a combination<br />

of stainless steel, composite <strong>and</strong> carbon fibre discs,<br />

which delivers a silky-smooth drag performance<br />

with near zero start-up inertia. This has taken<br />

the hugely effective design <strong>and</strong> performance<br />

of those original XS reels made at BFR to new<br />

levels, by using modern materials <strong>and</strong> with a<br />

modern finish to match, with added weight<br />

saving <strong>and</strong> performance. A fine-pitch, detented<br />

drag adjustment allows constant minute<br />

increases in drag pressure as required, from<br />

zero to the max with infinite control, plus the<br />

whole drag assembly is then completely sealed<br />

for saltwater use <strong>and</strong> protection by means of<br />

silicone O-rings.<br />

10570 XS <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #7/9<br />

The first choice for the best of saltwater bonefish, jacks, permit <strong>and</strong> smaller<br />

tarpon, or bass <strong>and</strong> pollock closer to home, <strong>and</strong> light enough to be the<br />

perfect partner to the exceptional new Graphene saltwater rods. Also ideal<br />

when matched with the smaller Spey or Switch rods for when using lighter<br />

lines salmon or sea-trout fishing. Diameter: 4”/ 102 mm Weight: 180g (6.3oz)<br />

XS fly reel #7/9<br />

front detail<br />

10571 XS <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #9/11<br />

The #9/11 model has a class-leading line capacity, which will comfortably swallow a long-belly<br />

Spey line with ample backing to spare. Whether your target species is Atlantic or Pacific<br />

salmon on the fastest of rivers, sailfish <strong>and</strong> tuna on the world’s oceans, or monster Tarpon in<br />

tropical mangroves, this powerful reel will cope comfortably with it’s amazing drag system<br />

delivering up to 6.8kg (15lb) of drag. Diameter: 4.4” / 112 mm Weight: 200g (7.1oz)<br />

XS Salmon <strong>and</strong> Saltwater <strong>Fly</strong> Reels<br />

Model Description Backing Capacity Price<br />

10570 XS <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #7/9 WF8F + 200yds 20lb braid £275.99 S15333<br />

10571 XS <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #9/11 #10/11 Spey + 300yds 30lb braid £299.99 S16667<br />

10570-SP XS #7/9 Spare Spool<br />

10571-SP XS #9/11 Spare Spool<br />

£129.99 S7222<br />

£149.99 S8333<br />

Features<br />

l Precision CNC machined from Aerospace grade A6061-T6<br />

aluminium l Milled frame <strong>and</strong> spool for ultra-light weight<br />

l Large arbor design for faster retrieve, more consistent<br />

drag performance <strong>and</strong> minimal line memory l Extra-hard<br />

anodised finish for total saltwater <strong>and</strong> chip resistance<br />

l Multi-disc, sealed, saltwater-resistant centre drag system<br />

l Easy left to right h<strong>and</strong> conversion l One-way roller clutch<br />

bearing plus sealed drag system l All stainless steel internal<br />

parts l Quick release spool for easy change over l Tippet<br />

retaining O-ring on spool counter-balance.<br />

18<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

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<strong>Prestige</strong> Gold <strong>Fly</strong> Reels<br />

10552 <strong>Prestige</strong> Gold <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #3/4<br />

The <strong>Prestige</strong> #3/4 model is the ideal, lightweight<br />

small river reel, offering the perfect balance on rods<br />

of 6-8½ft. Diameter: 2.9” / 74mm Weight: 106g<br />

10553 <strong>Prestige</strong> Gold <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #5/6<br />

The <strong>Prestige</strong> #5/6 is the perfect choice for slightly<br />

larger rivers, with rods of around 9ft, but with<br />

sufficient backing capacity for stillwaters. Also<br />

makes the perfect loch style reel, matched to the<br />

lighter weight rods, now commonly used.<br />

Diameter: 3.4” / 86mm Weight: 136g<br />

To complement our class-leading <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS fly rods the <strong>Prestige</strong> Gold fly reels provide an ultralightweight<br />

reel option for superb balance on today’s lightweight carbon fly rods. Precision CNCmachined<br />

from solid, high grade aircraft aluminium bar stock. The CNC design programming ensures<br />

that the maximum amount of metal is removed, for the lightest weight possible whilst retaining optimum<br />

strength <strong>and</strong> rigidity. These precision reels are fitted with a sealed, multi-disc cork <strong>and</strong> stainless steel<br />

centre drag, which offers powerful drag performance to cope with the hardest<br />

running fish. However, the multi-disc design provides minimal start-up inertia to<br />

prevent break-offs with ‘smash takes’ <strong>and</strong> allows the use of the finest tippets. The<br />

large arbor design allows faster retrieve, more consistent drag performance <strong>and</strong><br />

minimal line memory. Internal parts, such as the main spindle <strong>and</strong> clutch bearing,<br />

are manufactured from stainless steel for corrosion resistance even in salt-water,<br />

while the precision one-way roller clutch bearing provides instant drag control<br />

when that ‘smash take’ catches you by surprise. The hard gold anodised finish<br />

provides superb saltwater <strong>and</strong> chip resistance. The comfortable spool h<strong>and</strong>le<br />

<strong>and</strong> counter weight are machined from aluminium <strong>and</strong> hard<br />

anodised in a contrasting black colour.<br />

Since the introduction of the <strong>Prestige</strong> Gold <strong>Fly</strong> Reels in 2020, we have constantly been asked for a<br />

cassette version, so here they are! All the features of the original reels, but with the convenience of<br />

quick-change Cassette Spools.<br />

10554 <strong>Prestige</strong> Gold <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #7/8<br />

The <strong>Prestige</strong> #7/8 will be the choice of larger<br />

river anglers, fishing <strong>Sea</strong>-Trout or Salmon with<br />

single h<strong>and</strong>ed rods, or larger stillwater & reservoir<br />

anglers, who want a great looking, quality reel,<br />

with a powerful drag & sufficient backing capacity<br />

to h<strong>and</strong>le large fish. Also make the ideal choice for<br />

#7 <strong>and</strong> #8wt Switch rods.<br />

Diameter: 3.7” / 94mm Weight: 144g<br />

Features<br />

l Precision CNC machined from high grade<br />

aluminium bar stock l Ultra lightweight design<br />

for better rod/reel balance l Large arbor<br />

design for faster retrieve, more consistent drag<br />

performance <strong>and</strong> minimal line memory<br />

l Extra hard anodised finish for saltwater <strong>and</strong><br />

chip resistance l Multi-disc cork <strong>and</strong> stainless<br />

steel centre drag system l Easy left to right<br />

h<strong>and</strong> conversion l One-way roller clutch bearing<br />

l Stainless steel main spindle l Easy release<br />

spool l Complete with Neoprene reel case for<br />

protection.<br />

10553C <strong>Prestige</strong> Gold Cassette<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Reel #5/6<br />

A cassette spool version of the original #5/6 model,<br />

but with a cassette spool.<br />

Diameter: 3.4” / 86mm Weight: 145g<br />

10554C <strong>Prestige</strong> Gold Cassette<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Reel #7/8<br />

A cassette spool version of the original #7/8 model,<br />

but with a cassette spool.<br />

Diameter: 3.7” / 94mm Weight: 156g<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> Gold <strong>Fly</strong> Reels<br />

Model Description Backing Capacity Colour Price<br />

10552 <strong>Prestige</strong> Gold <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #3/4 WF4F + 50yds 22lb braid Satin Gold £179.99 S10000<br />

10553 <strong>Prestige</strong> Gold <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #5/6 WF6F + 75yds 22lb braid Satin Gold £189.99 S10556<br />

10554 <strong>Prestige</strong> Gold <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #7/8 WF8F + 100yds 22lb braid Satin Gold £199.99 S11111<br />

10552-SP Spare Spool for <strong>Prestige</strong> #3/4 £79.99 S4444<br />

10553-SP Spare Spool for <strong>Prestige</strong> #5/6 £89.99 S5000<br />

10554-SP Spare Spool for <strong>Prestige</strong> #7/8 £97.99 S5444<br />

10553C <strong>Prestige</strong> Gold Cassette <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #5/6 WF6F + 75yds 22lb braid Satin Gold £194.99 S10833<br />

10553C-3 <strong>Prestige</strong> Gold Cassette <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #5/6 + 3 cassette spools in case £229.99 S12778<br />

10553C-SP Cassette Spool for <strong>Prestige</strong> #5/6 £9.99 S555<br />

10554C <strong>Prestige</strong> Gold Cassette <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #7/8 WF8F + 100yds 22lb braid Satin Gold £204.99 S11389<br />

10554C-3 <strong>Prestige</strong> Gold Cassette <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #7/8 + 3 cassette spools in case £249.99 S13889<br />

10554C-SP Cassette Spool for <strong>Prestige</strong> #7/8 £9.99 S555<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> Gold Cassette<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Reel Kits<br />

For convenience the new Cassette<br />

reels are also available as a kit,<br />

comprising a Cassette reel/spool,<br />

plus 3 further Cassette Spools in a<br />

neat zip-up case.<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

Spectre <strong>Fly</strong> Reels<br />

Our range of Spectre reels are<br />

ultra-lightweight, precision CNC machined<br />

aluminium reels at an amazing price!<br />

Machined from high grade, aircraft aluminium bar stock, the<br />

unique design removes the maximum amount of metal,<br />

whilst retaining optimum strength <strong>and</strong> rigidity, for an<br />

ultra-lightweight <strong>and</strong> better rod/reel balance.<br />

The multi-disc cork <strong>and</strong> stainless steel centre drag,<br />

offers superb performance with minimal start-up<br />

inertia, while the large arbor design allows faster<br />

retrieve, more consistent drag performance <strong>and</strong><br />

minimal line memory. The stainless steel main<br />

spindle coupled with the one-way roller clutch<br />

bearing, provides instant drag control when that<br />

‘smash take’ catches you by surprise.<br />

Multi-disc cork <strong>and</strong><br />

stainless steel centre<br />

drag system<br />

Large arbor design<br />

for faster retrieve,<br />

more consistent drag<br />

performance <strong>and</strong><br />

minimal line memory<br />

The extended range covers all requirements from<br />

the smallest brook fishing up to salmon, sea-trout <strong>and</strong><br />

saltwater. Complete with a neoprene reel case this range<br />

offers unmatched performance <strong>and</strong> great value for money.<br />

10546 Spectre<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Reel #2/3<br />

One-way roller<br />

clutch bearing<br />

Stainless steel main spindle<br />

10546 Spectre <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #2/3<br />

The smallest model in the range, the Spectre<br />

#2/3 makes an ideal companion for the<br />

smallest brook rods, where light<br />

weight is all important. Diameter:<br />

2.7”/68mm Weight: 99g<br />

10547 Spectre<br />

#3/4, Black<br />

10548S Spectre<br />

#5/6, Gunmetal Silver<br />

10547S Spectre #3/4,<br />

Gunmetal Silver<br />

10548 Spectre<br />

#5/6, Black<br />

10547 Spectre<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Reel #3/4<br />

The Spectre #3/4 model<br />

is ideal for small river rods<br />

around 8ft, offering the perfect<br />

balance. Available in Black <strong>and</strong><br />

Gunmetal Silver. Diameter:<br />

2.9”/74mm Weight: 107g<br />

10549S<br />

Spectre #7/8,<br />

Gunmetal Silver<br />

10549 Spectre<br />

#7/8, Black<br />

10548 Spectre <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #5/6<br />

The Spectre #5/6 is the perfect choice<br />

for the angler who fishes slightly<br />

larger rivers, with rods of around 9ft,<br />

but also has sufficient backing capacity<br />

for small stillwaters. Available in<br />

Black <strong>and</strong> Gunmetal Silver.<br />

Diameter: 3.4”/86mm Weight: 137g<br />

10549 Spectre <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #7/8<br />

The choice of larger river anglers fishing<br />

sea-trout or salmon with single h<strong>and</strong>ed rods,<br />

or larger stillwater <strong>and</strong> reservoir anglers wanting a<br />

good looking, quality reel with a powerful drag<br />

<strong>and</strong> sufficient backing capacity to h<strong>and</strong>le large fish.<br />

Available in Black <strong>and</strong> Gunmetal Silver.<br />

Diameter: 3.7”/94mm Weight: 145g<br />

20<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

10551 Spectre #10/11<br />

10550 Spectre #9/10<br />

10550 Spectre <strong>Fly</strong> Reel<br />

#9/10<br />

Our Spectre #9/10 offers the<br />

salmon or saltwater angler a quality<br />

reel with ample backing capacity<br />

<strong>and</strong> enough ‘stopping power’ to<br />

h<strong>and</strong>le anything you may come<br />

across. Diameter: 4.1”/105mm<br />

Weight: 171g<br />

10551 Spectre <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #10/11<br />

The Spectre #10/11 is the perfect choice for<br />

the salmon angler fishing big rivers with big<br />

lines. Capable of holding a full #10/11 Spey<br />

line plus 300yds of backing. Equally suited<br />

to heavy saltwater fishing.<br />

Diameter: 4.5”/115mm Weight: 255g<br />

Spectre Cassette Spool #5/6 <strong>and</strong> #7/8 <strong>Fly</strong> Reels<br />

Our popular #5/6 <strong>and</strong> #7/8 models are available<br />

in a cassette spool version. Built to the same<br />

exacting st<strong>and</strong>ards as the current reels,<br />

but fitted with a precision moulded,<br />

polycarbonate cassette spool. Giving<br />

the same line capacity as the st<strong>and</strong>ard<br />

model, this offers the advantage<br />

of quick-change, inexpensive <strong>and</strong><br />

lightweight cassette spools, so<br />

favoured by competition fishermen.<br />

Purpose-designed so it will ‘retro-fit’<br />

existing Spectre reels. Available as<br />

either individual reels or as reel kits.<br />

Spectre <strong>Fly</strong> Reels<br />

Model Black Model Silver Description Backing Capacity Colour Price<br />

10546 N/A Spectre <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #2/3 WF3F + 30yd 22lb braid Black £174.99 S9722<br />

10546-SP N/A Spare Spool for Spectre #2/3 Black £84.99 S4722<br />

10547 10547S Spectre <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #3/4 WF4F + 50yd 22lb braid Black or Silver £174.99 S9722<br />

10547-SP 10547S-SP Spare Spool for Spectre #3/4 Black or Silver £84.99 S4722<br />

10548 10548S Spectre <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #5/6 WF6F + 75yd 22lb braid Black or Silver £184.99 S10278<br />

10548-SP 10548S-SP Spare Spool for Spectre #5/6 Black or Silver £94.99 S5278<br />

10549 10549S Spectre <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #7/8 WF8F + 100yd 22lb braid Black or Silver £194.99 S10833<br />

10549-SP 10549S-SP Spare Spool for Spectre #7/8 Black or Silver £97.99 S5444<br />

10550 N/A Spectre <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #9/10 Spey #9/10 + 200yd 22lb braid Black £204.99 S11389<br />

10550-SP N/A Spare Spool for Spectre #9/10 Black £109.99 S6111<br />

10551 N/A Spectre <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #10/11 Spey #10/11 + 300yd 30lb braid Black £229.99 S12778<br />

10551-SP N/A Spare Spool for Spectre #10/11 Black £119.99 S6666<br />

Spectre Cassette <strong>Fly</strong> Reels<br />

10549CS Spectre #7/8 Cassette<br />

Diameter: 3.7”/ 94mm Weight: 160g<br />

10548C Spectre #5/6 Cassette<br />

Diameter: 3.4”/ 86mm Weight: 150g<br />

10548C 10548CS Spectre Cassette <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #5/6 WF6F + 75yd 22lb braid Black or Silver £189.99 S10556<br />

10548C-SP 10548C-SP Cassette Spool for Spectre #5/6 Clear £9.99 S555<br />

10548C-3 10548CS-3 Spectre Cassette <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #5/6 + 3 Spare Cassette Spools in Reel Case Black or Silver £229.99 S12778<br />

10549C 10549CS Spectre Cassette <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #7/8 WF8F + 100yd 22lb braid Black or Silver £209.99 S11667<br />

10549C-SP 10549C-SP Cassette Spool for Spectre #7/8 Clear £9.99 S555<br />

10549C-3 10549CS-3 Spectre Cassette <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #7/8 + 3 Spare Cassette Spools in Reel Case Black or Silver £239.99 S13333<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


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Onyx <strong>Fly</strong> Reels<br />

A new dimension in fly reel design <strong>and</strong><br />

technology.<br />

The main reel frame <strong>and</strong> spool are made from lightweight, durable<br />

die-cast aluminium <strong>and</strong> finished on a precision CNC machine, so you<br />

get the best of both worlds – the finish, feel <strong>and</strong> precision of a<br />

CNC machined reel, but at a die-cast price. The large arbor design<br />

gives faster line retrieve, more consistent drag performance <strong>and</strong><br />

minimal line memory. Add to this a multi-disc, centre drag system<br />

<strong>and</strong> you have a fly reel which performs way above its expectations<br />

at this price level. The cork <strong>and</strong> stainless steel drag discs provide a<br />

smooth, powerful drag performance, with minimal start-up inertia<br />

to avoid those ‘smash-takes’.<br />

In a range of sizes from the #3/4<br />

model for the smallest brook<br />

rod, to a powerful #9/11 salmon<br />

model. The #5/7 <strong>and</strong> #7/9 models<br />

come with an easy-change<br />

cassette spool system.<br />

10538S Onyx #5/7<br />

The popular #5/7 model, but<br />

now available in a traditional<br />

spool version, in our new<br />

Gunmetal Silver colour. The<br />

perfect reel for the river, or small<br />

stillwater angler, who doesn’t<br />

require numerous spare spools.<br />

Diameter: 3.5”/88mm<br />

Weight: 157g<br />

10537 Onyx #3/4 – Black<br />

10537 Onyx #3/4<br />

The #3/4 model is an ideal, lightweight small river reel offering<br />

smooth performance <strong>and</strong> good line capacity for its size.<br />

Diameter: 2.9”/74mm Weight: 121g<br />

Features<br />

10537S Onyx #3/4 – Silver<br />

l CNC machine finished, die-cast aluminium frame <strong>and</strong> spool<br />

l Large arbor design l Extra hard paint finish for salt-water <strong>and</strong><br />

chip resistance l Multi-disc cork <strong>and</strong> stainless steel centre drag<br />

system l Easy left to right h<strong>and</strong> conversion l One-way roller<br />

clutch bearing l Stainless steel main spindle l Quick release spool.<br />

10538S Onyx #5/7 – Silver<br />

10538C Onyx <strong>Fly</strong> Reel<br />

#5/7 Cassette – Black<br />

10538C Onyx #5/7 Cassette<br />

The #5/7 model comes in a Cassette Spool form, offering the convenience of<br />

a quick-change cassette system, coupled with the cost saving of multiple spare<br />

spools. The cassette spools are moulded in a flexible polycarbonate which allows<br />

them to flex rather than crack under extreme strain. The generous backing capacity<br />

makes these reels ideal for both river fishing <strong>and</strong> small still waters.<br />

Diameter: 3.5”/88mm Weight: 159g<br />

10538CS Onyx <strong>Fly</strong> Reel<br />

#5/7 Cassette – Silver<br />

22<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

10539C Onyx #7/9 Cassette<br />

The #7/9 model is aimed at the larger still water or reservoir<br />

angler who wants good line capacity, a smooth, powerful<br />

drag <strong>and</strong> the convenience of a ‘quick-change’ Cassette<br />

Spool system. Diameter: 3.7”/95mm Weight: 173g<br />

10539CS Onyx #7/9<br />

Cassette – Silver<br />

10540 Onyx #9/11<br />

The #9/11 model is aimed at the salmon/sea-trout<br />

angler, looking for good line capacity, coupled<br />

with a smooth, powerful drag, capable of taming<br />

hard-running fish. The #9/11 delivers on all counts!<br />

Diameter: 4.3”/108mm Weight: 186g<br />

10540 Onyx #9/11<br />

10539C Onyx #7/9<br />

Cassette – Black<br />

Neoprene reel<br />

case supplied<br />

with individual<br />

reels.<br />

10540 Onyx #9/11<br />

19021 4-reel/<br />

spool case<br />

10537 Onyx #3/4<br />

10538C Onyx #5/7C<br />

10539C-3 Onyx #7/9C, with 3 spare<br />

spools in reel bag<br />

Onyx <strong>Fly</strong> Reels<br />

Model - Black Model - Silver Description Backing Capacity Price<br />

10537 10537S Onyx <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #3/4 WF4F + 50yds 22lb PES £87.99 S4889<br />

N/A 10538S Onyx <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #5/7 WF6F + 75yds 22lb PES £94.99 S5278<br />

10538C 10538CS Onyx <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #5/7 Cassette WF6F + 75yds 22lb PES £94.99 S5278<br />

10538C-3 10538CS-3 Onyx <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #5/7 + 3 spare Cassette Spools in Reel Case £119.99 S6666<br />

10539C 10539CS Onyx <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #7/9 Cassette WF7F + 100yds 22lb PES £104.99 S5833<br />

10539C-3 10539CS-3 Onyx <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #7/9 + 3 spare Cassette Spools in Reel Case £134.99 S7500<br />

10540 N/A Onyx <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #9/11 WF10F + 200yds 22lb PES £119.99 S6666<br />

10537-SP 10537S-SP Spare Spool for Onyx #3/4 £39.99 S2222<br />

N/A 10538S-SP Spare Spool for Onyx #5/7 £39.99 S2222<br />

10538CSP 10538CSP Cassette Spool for Onyx #5/7 £9.99 S555<br />

10539CSP 10539CSP Cassette Spool for Onyx #7/9 £9.99 S555<br />

10540-SP N/A Spare Spool for Onyx #9/11 £49.99 S2777<br />

19021 Separate 4-Reel/Spool Case £17.99 S999<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

Classic 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Reels & Kits<br />

Top quality Disc Drag <strong>Fly</strong> Reels... at an affordable price.<br />

We relaunched the popular Classic 2 range for 2020 in a gunmetal grey colour. These superb reels sum up what<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> is famous for... top quality product at mid range prices. They are precision moulded from glassfibre<br />

reinforced nylon to provide a lightweight, rigid frame which is totally corrosion proof. The large arbor, open<br />

cage design provides fast retrieve <strong>and</strong> minimal line memory off the spool. The rear control, stacked, multi-disc<br />

composite <strong>and</strong> stainless steel drag system has a smooth, sensitive detent to take the drag smoothly from ‘off’, to<br />

‘maximum’ setting <strong>and</strong> provides amazing performance for a reel of this price. Available in a full range<br />

of sizes from the #3/4 for river fishing, through the #5/6 <strong>and</strong> #7/8 for small stillwater <strong>and</strong> reservoirs, right up to the<br />

amazing #9/11 which is exclusive to <strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>and</strong> provides a quality salmon/<br />

sea-trout reel at a class-leading price, with a powerful drag system to match.<br />

A modern 'V' spool design gives added backing capacity to all models.<br />

Guaranteed<br />

Savings!<br />

Classic Combi<br />

Outfits<br />

See p17 for perfectly matched<br />

fly rod, reel & line outfits.<br />

Save 20% on individual item<br />

prices.<br />

10560 Classic 2<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Reel #3/4<br />

10561 Classic 2<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Reel #5/6<br />

10562 Classic 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #7/8 10563 Classic 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #9/11<br />

Classic 2 Reel/Spool Kits<br />

These new kits offer legendary Classic<br />

performance, coupled with great<br />

value for money. Supplied in a neat<br />

divider bag, each kit offers a Classic 2<br />

reel plus two spare spools. Ideal for<br />

the fly fisher just starting out, or the<br />

more experienced, looking for a full<br />

kit without breaking the bank! Couple<br />

these up with our Classic Floating,<br />

Intermediate <strong>and</strong> Fast-Sink lines <strong>and</strong><br />

you have a full outfit ready to go!<br />

Available in #5/6 or #7/8 kits.<br />

Classic 2 fly reel/spool/fly line<br />

combi kits<br />

See p34 for details <strong>and</strong> SAVE 20%<br />

on the outfit!<br />

Classic 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Reels<br />

Model Description Backing Capacity Price<br />

10560 Classic 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #3/4 WF4F + 50yds 22lb braid £39.99 S2222<br />

10561 Classic 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #5/6 WF6F + 75yds 22lb braid £42.99 S2388<br />

10562 Classic 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #7/8 WF8F + 100yds 22lb braid £47.99 S2666<br />

10563 Classic 2 Salmon <strong>Fly</strong> Reel #9/11 #10/11 Spey+200yds 22lb £52.99 S2944<br />

10560SP Spare Spool for Classic 2 #3/4 £15.99 S888<br />

10561SP Spare Spool for Classic 2 #5/6 £16.99 S944<br />

10562SP Spare Spool for Classic 2 #7/8 £18.99 S1055<br />

10563SP Spare Spool for Classic 2 #9/11 £19.99 S1111<br />

10561-KIT Classic 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Reel Kit #5/6 – <strong>Fly</strong> Reel +2 spare spools in bag £84.99 S4722<br />

10562-KIT Classic 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Reel Kit #7/8 – <strong>Fly</strong> Reel +2 spare spools in bag £94.99 S5278<br />

Braided Dacron Backing<br />

Model Breaking Strain Length Colour Price<br />

15950 20lb Trout 100m White or Hi-Viz Yellow £5.99 S333<br />

15951 30lb Salmon 100m White or Hi-Viz Yellow £6.99 S388<br />

15952 20lb Trout 1,250m White or Hi-Viz Yellow £59.99 S3333<br />

15953 30lb Salmon 1,250m White or Hi-Viz Yellow £64.99 S3611<br />

Braided Dacron Backing Line<br />

A top-quality, low diameter backing made from 100% polyester<br />

Dacron fibres. The low diameter <strong>and</strong> near zero stretch, coupled<br />

with the range of sizes <strong>and</strong> colours, make this an ideal backing<br />

line for trout, salmon or saltwater. For longer lengths, our 100m<br />

spools come packed five to a box, joined or we have bulk<br />

1,250m spools. Sizes: 20lb B.S. (trout) & 30lb B.S. (salmon) in<br />

100m spools or 1,250m bulk spools Colours: White or Hi-Viz<br />

Yellow Diameter: 20lb 0.38mm; 30lb 0.43mm<br />

24<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Lines<br />

New technology takes our award winning fly lines to yet higher levels!<br />

Having had to revise <strong>and</strong> move our fly line production, due to the issues<br />

caused worldwide by the Covid p<strong>and</strong>emic, production was seriously<br />

affected for a while <strong>and</strong> forced us to make some essential changes. At<br />

the point of having to make the changes, we also chose to rationalise the<br />

whole range <strong>and</strong> take out a number of lines that were similar in design to<br />

one another. We took out all the older Countdown lines <strong>and</strong> added two of<br />

the most popular size sink-tip lines, with a longer 10ft Buzzer 2 Sink-Tip,<br />

plus a further faster sinking 10ft Sink-tip in the superb casting Spectre<br />

Distance range. An important addition as Sink-Tip fishing has become such<br />

a popular <strong>and</strong> diverse style of fishing today.<br />

We’ve replaced the Neutral Density with a two colour XS Hover Slow<br />

Intermediate, plus extended the XS single colour range, to include two new<br />

sub-surface lines. We’ve also condensed the Salmon <strong>and</strong> Saltwater ranges<br />

<strong>and</strong> have full production on all lines once again. The results have given us a<br />

more compact range across all lines but still providing an ideal choice for every<br />

situation.<br />

New advances in Nano Coating Technology (NCT) have also enabled us to<br />

produce the smoothest, most supple <strong>and</strong> longest lasting fly lines in over 30<br />

years of fly line production. Our 'Nano-Coating' was first introduced in 2015,<br />

<strong>and</strong> took our lines onto a new level. The latest generation of XS <strong>and</strong> XS-Plus<br />

fly lines however, have an even finer finish than we’ve been able to achieve<br />

before, helping them to not only cast better, as they travel silently through the<br />

rod rings <strong>and</strong> cut cleaner through the air, but also more durable, increasing the<br />

life of all our lines still further. The result <strong>and</strong> general feedback so far has been<br />

outst<strong>and</strong>ing, <strong>and</strong> combining our unique, bespoke material <strong>and</strong> design profiles,<br />

have now enhanced even the best lines we have ever produced.<br />

If you thought our previous range of lines were good – just wait until you try these!<br />

XS-Plus <strong>Fly</strong> Lines<br />

Our fly lines are currently broken down into<br />

three main groups with the popular XS-Plus<br />

recognised as our flagship top of the range,<br />

with a wider selection than our st<strong>and</strong>ard XS.<br />

The XS-Plus are all two-colour options, in a<br />

range of weight forward bespoke profiles,<br />

designed specifically for their specialist<br />

applications <strong>and</strong> form the major group of<br />

our <strong>Snowbee</strong> fly lines today. This includes<br />

the Twin Colours, Spectre Distance <strong>and</strong><br />

Thistledown, plus all the Salmon <strong>and</strong><br />

Saltwater XS-Plus fly lines.<br />

Classic <strong>Fly</strong> Lines<br />

The final group of <strong>Snowbee</strong> fly lines<br />

are the Classic series. Each in a weight<br />

forward profile <strong>and</strong> single colour only,<br />

with characteristically shorter heads than<br />

the XS <strong>and</strong> XS-Plus ranges, aimed more<br />

specifically at the budget conscious or<br />

newcomer, just starting out in fly fishing.<br />

XS <strong>Fly</strong> Lines<br />

The XS range use exactly the same materials in production but each of the<br />

XS fly lines are the same st<strong>and</strong>ard length at 90ft <strong>and</strong> a st<strong>and</strong>ard XS profile in<br />

single colour only. Our traditional XS Ivory <strong>and</strong> Hi-Viz floating fly lines, have<br />

formed our core products since their first development over 30 years ago <strong>and</strong><br />

continue to do so, with their characteristic profile <strong>and</strong> instantly recognisable<br />

livery. Added to the XS range late last year, were two sinking options, an<br />

Intermediate (2.5ips) <strong>and</strong> a Fast-Sink (5ips) line, to provide everything needed<br />

for a good day out on the water, searching the depths for those elusive fish!<br />

We also have a traditional single colour floating Double Taper line in the XS<br />

range <strong>and</strong> for <strong>2023</strong>, by popular dem<strong>and</strong>, we see a welcome return of the XS<br />

Delicate Presentation line.<br />

Awards season 2017-18<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

XS-Plus Spectre Distance <strong>Fly</strong> Lines<br />

WFSDF XS-Plus<br />

Spectre Distance Floating<br />

WFSDST XS-Plus<br />

Spectre Sink-Tip<br />

WFSDI XS-Plus<br />

Spectre Intermediate<br />

WFSDFS XS-Plus<br />

Spectre Fast-Sink<br />

The XS-Plus Spectre Distance lines have proved nothing short of<br />

sensational, with the design taking into account the casting ability of most<br />

anglers. If you can cast at all, this line will help flatter your performance.<br />

If you can cast well, the Spectre Distance lines will help make your casting<br />

become exceptional. The new Spectre series have a profile that extends<br />

beyond the range of our traditional XS fly lines <strong>and</strong> at 30ft longer are<br />

40 yards in total length, necessary to accommodate their outst<strong>and</strong>ing<br />

performance. Each of the Spectre Distance lines has the same head length<br />

at 47ft. To achieve the benefit of longer casts however, the profiles have<br />

been ‘tweaked’ accordingly, to optimise all casting abilities. The front taper<br />

is 7ft in order to still achieve great turnover, especially at longer range <strong>and</strong><br />

the longer rear taper of 8ft extends the profile over which a good cast can<br />

still be achieved, whether the optimum head length has been precisely<br />

aerialised, or not.<br />

0ft 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120ft<br />

FRONT<br />

TAPER<br />

7ft<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> XS-Plus Spectre Distance<br />

WEIGHT FORWARD PROFILE - LINE LENGTH - 120ft / 40yds / 36.6m<br />

Floating<br />

Sink-Tip<br />

Intermediate<br />

Fast-Sink<br />


32ft<br />

REAR<br />

TAPER<br />

8ft<br />

RUNNING LINE 73ft<br />

The rear taper on the Spectre lines start at a much extended 39ft, nearly<br />

1/3rd longer than the st<strong>and</strong>ard XS. This provides a ‘load point’ much<br />

longer than normal, yet still very manageable. So, where room behind<br />

for a decent back-cast, this helps significantly when distance casting,<br />

without adding bulk to the fly line to achieve the same. <strong>Snowbee</strong> lines are<br />

renowned for being very slim <strong>and</strong> by extending the head length within<br />

manageable levels, this provides perfect rod flex when fully extended,<br />

without increasing wind resistance through bulk. With a longer head<br />

already extended, the cast automatically travels further. <strong>Snowbee</strong>’s slim<br />

running line also then comes into play <strong>and</strong> is why these lines are now 120ft<br />

long rather than the st<strong>and</strong>ard 90ft.<br />

The Spectre series now comprises of four lines with the addition of a new<br />

Sink-Tip version for this ever more popular style of fishing. It has a sinking<br />

10ft tip of similar 2-2.5ips density to the long full head intermediate. The<br />

Floating line will provide long <strong>and</strong> accurate casts when fishing dries, <strong>and</strong><br />

the sink tip can further extend that now to enhance control when fishing<br />

buzzers, damsels <strong>and</strong> washing line for example. The Intermediate, with a<br />

level sink rate on the head of 2-2.5ips provides the ability to fish subsurface,<br />

plus allows great control to more depth if required, in all weathers.<br />

The Fast-Sink line has a sink rate of 5ips <strong>and</strong> provides the ability to reach<br />

drop-offs at long range <strong>and</strong> get down quickly to fish near the bottom, early<br />

season with boobies, or even to explore greater depths<br />

from the boat. All the lines have a Hi-Viz Chartreuse<br />

floating running line that will gradually pull sub-surface,<br />

with the weight of the sinking lines, providing the<br />

perfect direct link to the flies without slack, for best<br />

visibility <strong>and</strong> enhanced take detection.<br />

XS-Plus Spectre Distance <strong>Fly</strong> Lines<br />

Model Description Colours Sink rate/Density Line range Price<br />

WFSDF XS-Plus Spectre Distance Floating Ivory/Chartreuse Floating / Floating WF #5, 6, 7, 8 £64.99 S3611<br />

WFSDST XS-Plus Spectre Distance Sink-Tip Aqua/Ivory/Chartreuse 10ft Tip 2.5 ips / Floating WF #5, 6, 7, 8 £64.99 S3611<br />

WFSDI XS-Plus Spectre Intermediate Aqua/Chartreuse 2-2.5 ips / Floating WF #5, 6, 7, 8 £64.99 S3611<br />

WFSDFS XS-Plus Spectre Fast-Sink Charcoal/Chartreuse 5 ips / Floating WF #5, 6, 7, 8 £64.99 S3611<br />

26<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

XS-Plus Distance <strong>Fly</strong> Lines<br />

When it comes down to reaching fish that have pushed far out<br />

from the shore on a distant drop off, because of bright sun, weed,<br />

shallow water or just fishing pressure, the new Nano Technology<br />

of the XS-Plus fly lines could not be better suited to the distance<br />

profiles <strong>and</strong> construction of these two superb fly lines.<br />

EDF XS-Plus Extreme Distance Floating<br />

(Ivory/Peach WF5-WF8)<br />

This line has the longest head of any <strong>Snowbee</strong> fly line at 60 feet <strong>and</strong> 150ft (50yards) in total<br />

length. With the superb, silky finish of the Ivory coloured head, this line could easily be mistaken<br />

for an XS floating line, until the two-tone transition to the peach running line becomes exposed.<br />

Then, in the h<strong>and</strong>s of a good exponent of the double haul, <strong>and</strong> a <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS Graphene fly rod<br />

for example, the biggest give away of all is when the exceptional distance, that can be effortlessly<br />

achieved, becomes evident as the line disappears towards the horizon! This twin-colour fly line is<br />

truly exceptional <strong>and</strong> is another award winning fly line in the <strong>Snowbee</strong> XS-Plus range. Now with a<br />

#5wt version, this has proved to be one of the ultimate distance casting lines ever made…..<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> XS-Plus Extreme Distance - Floating<br />


- LINE LENGTH 150ft / 50yds / 45.7m<br />

0ft 10 20 30 40 50 60 90 120 150ft<br />

FRONT<br />

TAPER<br />

8ft<br />

LINE BELLY 37ft<br />

REAR<br />

TAPER<br />

15ft<br />

RUNNING LINE 90ft<br />

EDF XS-Plus Extreme Distance<br />

EXDF XS-Plus XS-tra Distance Floating<br />

(Chartreuse/Hi-Viz Orange WF5-WF8)<br />

This very supple line with a short, Hi-Viz Chartreuse head <strong>and</strong> Hi-Viz Orange running line will<br />

deliver a cast at range with very little back cast. Deliberately designed for use in tight spaces, or<br />

simply effortless distance casting even for a modest beginner, the line excels when teamed up<br />

with the correctly weighted fly rod <strong>and</strong> is the most commonly purchased fly line on the <strong>Snowbee</strong><br />

‘balanced outfit’ promotion (see p17).<br />

The XS-Plus XS-tra Distance line uses a shooting-head profile designed for extreme distance casting<br />

with minimal back-cast or false casting. This floating line, has a relatively short head of 40ft, with<br />

a short rear taper for powerful performance, onto a continuous, high visibility <strong>and</strong> fine diameter,<br />

floating running line. With the new Nano-coating, of all the XS-Plus fly lines, this provides the ultimate<br />

‘shootability’ when casting <strong>and</strong> the high visibility helps enhance optimum ‘take’ <strong>and</strong> ‘strike’ detection.<br />

The overall length of the line is 120ft (40 yards), some 30ft longer than the st<strong>and</strong>ard XS <strong>and</strong> most other<br />

conventional fly line profiles, purposely extended to accommodate the range that can be attained. Early<br />

trials saw the loop to backing joint, rattling through the rod rings in no time. This line will help benefit<br />

those of all casting abilities to exceed the performance of traditional profile lines <strong>and</strong> help reach those<br />

fish that were previously just out of casting range, especially when faced with a limited casting space<br />

behind. As the name suggests…XS-tra Distance casting made easy!<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> XS-Plus XS-tra Distance<br />

SHOOTING HEAD PROFILE - LINE LENGTH - 120ft / 40yds / 36.6m<br />

0ft 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120ft<br />





XS-Plus Distance Floating <strong>Fly</strong> Lines<br />

Model Description Colours Line range Price<br />

EDF XS-Plus Extreme Distance Floating Ivory / Peach WF #5, 6, 7, 8 £64.99 S3611<br />

EXDF XS-Plus XS-tra Distance Floating Chartreuse / Orange WF #5, 6, 7, 8 £64.99 S3611<br />

EXDF XS-Plus XS-tra<br />

Distance - Floating<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

XS-Plus <strong>Fly</strong> Lines<br />

All these lines are made to the same exacting profile as the XS fly lines but in instantly recognisable<br />

twin colours, where the density or profile changes. With an extended 'bleed' between colour/<br />

density change, this also means that the sink-tips avoid inherent ‘hinging’ or ‘kick’, so often<br />

associated with some sink-tip fly lines, thus ensuring excellent presentation <strong>and</strong> turnover.<br />

WFFTC XS-Plus Twin Colour Floating<br />

Ivory/Blue WF #3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8<br />

The original <strong>Snowbee</strong> twin colour fly line, first used by casting instructors <strong>and</strong><br />

demonstrators worldwide, to perfect <strong>and</strong> demonstrate their art but now made<br />

using the very latest in nano-coating technology. The best of the <strong>Snowbee</strong><br />

XS st<strong>and</strong>ard fly line designs, combined with a simple colour enhancement, to<br />

assist every fly fisher at perfecting their technique <strong>and</strong> selecting the optimum<br />

loading point to provide the perfect cast every time!<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> XS-Plus Twin Colour Floating<br />

WEIGHT FORWARD PROFILE - LINE LENGTH 90ft / 30yds / 27.4m<br />

0ft 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90<br />

XS-Plus Buzzer Sink-Tip <strong>Fly</strong> Lines<br />

Whether buzzer fishing, nymphing, retrieving small lures or sea trout<br />

fishing after dark, these two lines offer superb control for perfect<br />

casting <strong>and</strong> fly presentation, when wanting to fish in or just beneath<br />

the surface. They offer minimal stretch for ultimate feel, but enough<br />

to prevent bounce off that can result from non-stretch lines. They also<br />

help massively when buzzer fishing, to convert ‘taps’ <strong>and</strong> ‘takes’ to<br />

‘fish-on!’, as the fish can hook themselves with a more direct contact<br />

to the fly <strong>and</strong> the low resistance created from being just beneath the<br />

surface, even before you may have felt them.<br />

FRONT<br />

TAPER<br />

8.5ft<br />

LINE BELLY 23ft<br />

REAR<br />

TAPER<br />

11ft<br />

RUNNING LINE 47.5ft<br />

WFHI XS-Plus ‘Hover’ Slow Intermediate<br />

(sink rate 1-1.5ips) Mustard/Ivory, WF #5, 6, 7 & 8<br />

The super slow, uniform sink rate of this line is designed to ‘hang’ sub-surface,<br />

hence the name. Some slow sinking lines simply sink too quickly <strong>and</strong> fall below<br />

invisible fish feeding just beneath the surface. Sink-tip lines can be an option,<br />

but this fishes slowly <strong>and</strong> evenly throughout its entire head length, offering<br />

exceptional control having first cut through the surface film. It then sinks very<br />

slowly with continuing immense control <strong>and</strong> combines all the benefits of the<br />

Neutral Density <strong>and</strong> Kelly Blue lines before it. The delightful memory-free finish,<br />

low stretch <strong>and</strong> super sensitive core with floating running line, keeps you in perfect<br />

touch <strong>and</strong> feel in all conditions. There is barely a line made today to match it.<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> XS-Plus ‘Hover’ Slow Intermediate (1 -1.5ips)<br />

WEIGHT FORWARD PROFILE - LINE LENGTH 90ft / 30yds / 27.4m<br />

0ft 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90<br />

WFBT1 XS-Plus Buzzer 1 Sink-Tip (1.75 ips)<br />

Olive/Ivory WF #5, 6, 7 & 8<br />

The original Buzzer line with the 3-4ft of olive slow sinking tip. A deadly line<br />

when nymph <strong>and</strong> buzzer fishing, straight line or washing line style, every angler<br />

should carry one. Also increasingly popular at night for sea trout fishing.<br />

WFBT2 XS-Plus Buzzer 2 Sink-Tip (1.75 ips)<br />

Teal Blue/Ivory WF #5, 6, 7 & 8<br />

This is a br<strong>and</strong> new line <strong>and</strong> big brother to the original Buzzer line above. A sinktip<br />

line which exhibits superb casting performance, with a longer 10ft tip, which<br />

will hold longer sub-surface, giving straight line contact with the fly to avoid<br />

missed takes, whilst depth control is achieved through speed of retrieve. Ideal<br />

for serious trout, great in a bigger wave <strong>and</strong> fishing deeper than the original<br />

version <strong>and</strong> casts even better than the original Countdown options it replaces.<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> XS-Plus Buzzer 1 & Buzzer 2 Sink-Tips<br />

WEIGHT FORWARD PROFILE - LINE LENGTH 90ft / 30yds / 27.4m<br />

0ft 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90<br />

Buzzer 1<br />

Buzzer 2<br />

FRONT<br />

TAPER<br />

8.5ft<br />

LINE BELLY 23ft<br />

REAR<br />

TAPER<br />

11ft<br />

RUNNING LINE 47.5ft<br />

FRONT<br />

TAPER<br />

8.5ft<br />

LINE BELLY 23ft<br />

REAR<br />

TAPER<br />

11ft<br />

RUNNING LINE 47.5ft<br />

XS-Plus Twin-Colour <strong>and</strong> Sub-Surface <strong>Fly</strong> Lines<br />

Model Description Colour Sink rate/Density Line range Price<br />

WFFTC XS-Plus Twin Colour Floating Ivory/Blue Floating/Floating WF #3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 £64.99 S3611<br />

WFHI XS-Plus ‘Hover’ Slow Intermediate Mustard/Ivory 1-1.5 ips/Floating WF #5, 6, 7, 8 £64.99 S3611<br />

WFBT1 XS-Plus Buzzer 1 Olive/Ivory 4ft tip 1.75 ips/Floating WF #5, 6, 7, 8 £64.99 S3611<br />

WFBT2 XS-Plus Buzzer 2 Light Blue/Ivory 10ft tip 1.7 ips/Floating WF #5, 6, 7, 8 £64.99 S3611<br />

28<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

XS-Plus Thistledown 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Lines<br />

Our unique, super-fine profile range of lines defy logic... how can<br />

ONE line weight work on a range of rod weights? Believe us, when<br />

we say they do! Try them, for the best ‘thistledown’ presentation<br />

you will ever have experienced!<br />

Underst<strong>and</strong>ing just how it works is another story, because when it states #2-5wt there really is only<br />

one single line that can <strong>and</strong> does function amazingly on all weight rods, whether they be a #2, #3,<br />

#4 or #5wt! 'How?' is the question everybody asks. Well it comes down to simple physics, as the<br />

new <strong>and</strong> refined components of this line combine to give the thinnest, most supple, weight forward<br />

profile possible, that correspondingly weighs very little <strong>and</strong> delivers incredible stealth <strong>and</strong> accuracy<br />

at the same time. The ultra-thin diameter, roughly half that of a conventional fly line, creates minimal<br />

drag when casting. That means the line speed can be maintained throughout the casting action<br />

<strong>and</strong> delivers the fly or flies precisely where required, with the minimum effort possible.<br />

As its drag coefficient is so low, even in a strong cross-wind this line will cut through it<br />

to deliver the fly exactly where intended.<br />

The amazing ‘Thistledown’ was primarily designed for the river <strong>and</strong> light fishing on small<br />

stillwaters but is now a regular companion on almost any application where an angler enjoys<br />

finesse, stealth <strong>and</strong> accuracy. Thistledown is two-tone in colour, Shamrock Olive head with a<br />

Buckskin running line <strong>and</strong> 90ft in total length. The short 34.5ft head has a long, compound<br />

front taper <strong>and</strong> slender running line behind for effortless casting <strong>and</strong> extended presentation,<br />

to attain whatever range is necessary. The ultra-thin profile, combined<br />

with the super-smooth Nano coating helps maintain line speed <strong>and</strong> if<br />

used for nymphing, also provides extreme sensitivity. Both ends are<br />

pre-looped, with micro welded loops (left), to maintain the line’s<br />

outst<strong>and</strong>ing performance, so it is ready to go, straight from the box.<br />

WFTD XS-Plus Thistledown 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Line Floating<br />

Two lines: Both Olive /Buckskin #2-5wt <strong>and</strong> #5–7wt<br />

The original Thistledown fly line, first introduced in 2015 in the #2-5 weight.<br />

Utterly unique <strong>and</strong> still one of our fastest selling lines, as more <strong>and</strong> more anglers<br />

come to appreciate the advantages of using a Thistledown line, which soon<br />

resulted in the development of the stunningly successful #5-7wt option.<br />

Technology has also moved on, with the introduction of an even finer braided<br />

core allowing us to apply a thicker coating, whilst still maintaining the same<br />

overall diameter, providing an even higher floating line than the original models.<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> XS-Plus Thistledown 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Line<br />

12ft 6in compound front taper, 18ft belly, 4ft rear taper, 55ft 6in running line.<br />

TOTAL LINE LENGTH - 90ft /30yds /27.4m<br />

0ft 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90<br />

XS-Plus Thistledown 2 Brook <strong>Fly</strong> Line Floating<br />

One line: Olive /Buckskin #1-4wt<br />

Following the phenomenal success of the original Thistledown line <strong>and</strong> then<br />

the #5-7 model, we were frequently asked for a lighter weight model, for<br />

small rivers <strong>and</strong> brooks. Our #1-4 model, has a shorter, lighter profile than<br />

its big brothers, providing superb, delicate presentation, with the lightest of<br />

rods from a #1 to a #4 wt.<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> XS-Plus Thistledown 2 Brook <strong>Fly</strong> Line<br />

9ft 6in compound front taper, 14ft 6in belly, 3ft 6in rear taper, 47ft 6in running line.<br />

TOTAL LINE LENGTH - 90ft /25yds /22.9m<br />

0ft 10 20 30 40 50 60 90<br />

12ft 6in<br />



18ft BELLY<br />

REAR<br />

TAPER<br />

4ft<br />

RUNNING LINE 55ft 6in<br />

9ft 6in 14ft 6in BELLY<br />



REAR<br />

TAPER<br />

3ft 6in<br />

RUNNING LINE 62ft 6in<br />

“I first used a <strong>Snowbee</strong> XS line many years<br />

ago on the river Teign. It was like nothing<br />

I had used before, soft, supple, totally<br />

memory free <strong>and</strong> effortless to cast the fly<br />

wherever I needed it. I then discovered there<br />

was a whole range of nearly 50 XS lines of<br />

similar superb quality. Suddenly my whole<br />

fly fishing experience became transformed...<br />

now today that technology has moved on<br />

yet again. The new Thistledown <strong>and</strong> its<br />

derivatives are quite extraordinary, marking the introduction of a whole<br />

new era in <strong>Snowbee</strong> fly line technology <strong>and</strong> performance.”<br />

Simon Kidd, <strong>Snowbee</strong> Sales & Marketing Manager & fly fishing international<br />

XS-Plus Thistledown 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Lines<br />

Model Description Density Colour Range Price<br />

WF2/5TD XS-Plus Thistledown² Floating Olive/Buckskin WF #2/5 £64.99 S3611<br />

WF5/7TD XS-Plus Thistledown² Floating Olive/Buckskin WF #5/7 £64.99 S3611<br />

WF1/4TD XS-Plus Thistledown² Brook Line Floating Olive/Buckskin WF #1/4 £64.99 S3611<br />

Awards season 2017-18<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

Salmon <strong>and</strong> <strong>Sea</strong>-Trout <strong>Fly</strong> lines<br />

A small, concise range of salmon <strong>and</strong> sea-trout lines,<br />

designed for the traditional <strong>and</strong> progressive angler alike.<br />

XS-Plus Short Spey Lines<br />

Our Short Spey line profiles have been designed to meet the dem<strong>and</strong>s of the modern<br />

salmon <strong>and</strong> sea-trout angler, fishing with a long or short double h<strong>and</strong>ed rod <strong>and</strong> for use<br />

in highly restricted areas, where the creation of a larger Spey loop is near impossible.<br />

By combining the best of the ‘Sc<strong>and</strong>inavian underh<strong>and</strong>’ style of casting <strong>and</strong> ‘shooting<br />

head’ line technology, these lines have a perfectly smooth transition<br />

to the integral shooting head running line.<br />

SSF XS-Plus Short Spey <strong>Fly</strong> Lines with<br />

Continuous Running Line (Floating)<br />

Light Blue/Dark Blue 24g #7/8, 36g #8/9, 40g #9/10 <strong>and</strong> 44g #10/11 - 44ft head<br />

The short head of these lines loads the rod really quickly for delivery at any range, saves<br />

time <strong>and</strong> shoots like a dream but with the same powerful turnover of a traditional Spey<br />

line. The fast front taper is especially suited to fishing with the <strong>Snowbee</strong> Poly-Coated<br />

Leaders, together providing the perfect presentation for whatever fly may be selected<br />

<strong>and</strong> at whatever depth may be required to seek ‘resting’ or ‘running’ fish.<br />

XS-Plus Short Spey – Floating<br />

SHOOTING HEAD PROFILE (with a continuous rear taper - running line & backing)<br />

0ft 10 20 30 40 50 100 110 120ft<br />

TSF XS-Plus Traditional Spey Lines (Floating)<br />

Ivory/Peach 36g #8/9, 40g #9/10 <strong>and</strong> 44g #10/11 - 62ft head<br />

On large open rivers there is normally plenty of room for Spey casting<br />

<strong>and</strong> the 62ft head of this line has proved the perfect length for the<br />

traditional Spey cast, whether casting your way down<br />

a tree-lined or steep sided river or open fields.<br />

Using a line with too short or too long a head<br />

<strong>and</strong> finding the optimum rod load point<br />

can be crucial so the colour change helps<br />

provide the perfect cast every time. Perfectly<br />

balanced for Spey casting in just about any<br />

river environment <strong>and</strong> the line of choice on<br />

longer, traditional Spey casting rods.<br />

SF XS-Plus <strong>Prestige</strong> Switch <strong>Fly</strong> Line (Floating)<br />

Ivory/ Hi-Viz Orange – 350gr #6/7, 400gr #7/8 <strong>and</strong> 450gr #8/9<br />

These modern day Switch lines are a little like a ‘compressed’ Spey line, with a short,<br />

heavy head (from 28-30ft) in a ‘Skagit’ style shooting head profile. Perfect for use<br />

when salmon fishing with lighter <strong>and</strong> shorter rods of today. The difference being the<br />

bulk of the profile is at the back of the head, providing power to create tight D-loops<br />

<strong>and</strong> compressing weight into the head, where<br />

it’s needed for truly effortless distance with<br />

controlled, accurate presentation. The short,<br />

steep rear taper then graduates smoothly<br />

into the fine diameter continuous running<br />

line to provide maximum shootability with<br />

no join. Switch lines are also ideally fished<br />

with a short <strong>Snowbee</strong> Poly-Coated Leader.<br />

HEAD LENGTH 44ft /13.5m<br />


76ft / 23.4m<br />

TOTAL LINE LENGTH with BACKING 120ft / 40yds / 36.6m<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> Traditional Spey Line LINE LENGTH - 120ft / 40yds / 36.6m<br />

HEAD LENGTH 62ft /19m<br />


58ft /17.8m<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> ‘Switch’ <strong>Fly</strong> Line – Floating<br />


0ft 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120ft<br />


29ft /8.8m to 31ft /9.5m<br />


89ft /27.4m to 94ft /28.9m<br />

TOTAL LINE LENGTH: 120ft / 40yds / 36.9m<br />

RLS Shooting Head Running Line<br />

To match any Shooting Heads, we have a slim <strong>and</strong> slick 1mm diameter, floating running line, in Hi-viz yellow of<br />

40yds in length. This can be trimmed at reel end to fit any reel capacity <strong>and</strong> has a large pre-welded loop the other<br />

end, to allow the reel to be passed through, for quick <strong>and</strong> easy change of heads as <strong>and</strong> whenever necessary.<br />

XS-Plus Salmon <strong>and</strong> <strong>Sea</strong> Trout <strong>Fly</strong> Lines<br />

Model Description Colour Wt. Range/AFTM Guide Price<br />

SSF Short Spey Floating Light Blue / Dark Blue 24g #7/8, 36g #8/9, 40g #9/10, 44g #10/11 £69.99 S3889<br />

TSF Traditional Spey Floating Ivory / Peach 36g #8/9, 40g #9/10, 44g #10/11 £69.99 S3889<br />

SF350 Switch Floating Ivory Hi-Viz Orange 350 grains #6/7 £69.99 S3889<br />

SF400 Switch Floating Ivory Hi-Viz Orange 400 grains #7/8 £69.99 S3889<br />

SF450 Switch Floating Ivory Hi-Viz Orange 450 grains #8/9 £69.99 S3889<br />

RLS Running Line Floating Hi-Viz Yellow £34.99 S1944<br />

Fish the depths by<br />

teaming up the floating<br />

Salmon or Switch lines<br />

with one of our 5ft or<br />

10ft Poly Coated Salmon<br />

Leaders available in five<br />

densities from Floating<br />

through to Super Fast-<br />

Sink. See p93 for details.<br />

30<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

XS-Plus Tropics Saltwater <strong>Fly</strong> Lines<br />

In the past, manufacturers have relied upon a stiff,<br />

monofilament core to prevent their saltwater fly lines<br />

going limp <strong>and</strong> sticky in tropical conditions. By careful<br />

manipulation of our ‘Nano Technology’ coating material<br />

however, we have now developed a harder coating for<br />

these particular lines, which means they still possess all<br />

the Nano-Tec benefits but are also able to withst<strong>and</strong> the<br />

rigours of the saltwater environment, especially in the<br />

searing heat of the tropics <strong>and</strong> on the deck of a skiff,<br />

awaiting the perfect cast. These properties allow these<br />

lines to be equally at home, targeting bass <strong>and</strong> pollack in<br />

our temperate waters.<br />

TSWP-F XS Plus Tropics Saltwater ‘Presentation' Floating<br />

A 120ft floating line with a 41ft head <strong>and</strong> extended tapers front <strong>and</strong> back, designed to aid quick <strong>and</strong> accurate<br />

casting when targeting moving fish, with minimal delay <strong>and</strong> in whatever wind conditions may prevail. The front<br />

taper helps secure a good turnover across a wide range of flies, each with varying weight <strong>and</strong> sizes necessary for<br />

the species being pursued. This line is therefore ideal when ‘sight fishing’ for bonefish, permit or jacks etc. where<br />

a smooth <strong>and</strong> quiet ‘lay-down’ of the fly is so often required. The colour change at the back of the head indicates<br />

the precise, optimum shoot point, which together with the fine running line, makes distance casting effortless<br />

when targeting fish at range.<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> XS-Plus Tropics Saltwater 'Presentation' Line<br />

TOTAL LINE LENGTH - 120ft / 40yds / 36.6m<br />

0ft 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120<br />

FRONT<br />

TAPER<br />

7ft<br />

BELLY 25ft<br />

REAR<br />

TAPER<br />

10ft<br />

RUNNING LINE 78ft<br />

TSWDC-FS XS-Plus Tropics Saltwater 'Depth-Charge' (5-6 ips)<br />

When you need to get down deep <strong>and</strong> fast with either short or long casts, our Tropics ‘Depth-Charge’ delivers on<br />

all counts. The short, shooting head profile <strong>and</strong> fine running line, will punch through a stiff wind effortlessly, whilst<br />

the 5-6 ips fast-sink head will get your fly down fast, to the ‘strike zone’. The colour change at the back of the head,<br />

notifies the precise 'shoot point' making distance casting effortless <strong>and</strong> the 90ft of running line is easily drawn<br />

through the rings, extending the cast to a long range 120ft with minimum effort <strong>and</strong><br />

needing only the short 30ft head out of the tip ring to be able to do so!<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> XS-Plus Tropics Saltwater 'Depth-Charge' Fast-Sink Line (5-6ips)<br />

TOTAL LINE LENGTH - 120ft / 40yds / 36.6m<br />

0ft 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120<br />

BELLY 18ft<br />

FRONT<br />

TAPER 5ft<br />

REAR<br />

TAPER 7ft<br />

RUNNING LINE 90ft<br />

XS-Plus Tropics Saltwater Bonefish Line<br />

The noble Bonefish, has to be the No.1 target species for the serious<br />

distant water fly fisherman. Notoriously 'spooky' in gin-clear waters, good,<br />

accurate, delicate presentation is essential to lure this wily predator into<br />

what is often a ‘smash take’ followed by the infamous screaming run that<br />

tests your line, reel <strong>and</strong> rod to the limit! This is where our well-proven XS<br />

profile comes into play, providing the perfect line profile to deliver what’s<br />

required. Our new Bonefish line is made with a S<strong>and</strong> Cream head to blend<br />

in with its surroundings <strong>and</strong> a sky blue running line, to give the angler a<br />

good sense of where the fish is heading.<br />

New for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> Tropics Saltwater Bonefish Line – Floating<br />

WEIGHT FORWARD PROFILE - LINE LENGTH 120ft / 40yds / 36.3m<br />

0ft 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120<br />

BELLY 23ft<br />

FRONT<br />

TAPER 8.5ft<br />

REAR<br />

TAPER 11ft<br />

RUNNING LINE 77.5ft<br />

XS-Plus Tropics Saltwater <strong>Fly</strong> Lines<br />

Model Description Colour Sink rate Wt range Price<br />

TSWP-F XS Plus Tropics Saltwater ‘Presentation’ Light Blue/Aqua Floating WF #7, 8, 9, 10 £69.99 S3889<br />

TSWDC-FS XS-Plus Tropics Saltwater ‘Depth-Charge’ Graphite/Aqua 5-6ips WF #7, 8, 9, 10 £69.99 S3889<br />

TSWB-F XS Plus Tropics Saltwater Bonefish NEW S<strong>and</strong> Cream/Sky Blue Floating WF #7, 8 £69.99 S3889<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> XS <strong>Fly</strong> Lines<br />

Designed by us over 30 years ago <strong>and</strong> still reputedly<br />

the best traditional fly line on the market today.<br />

The secret behind the legendary performance of the <strong>Snowbee</strong> XS <strong>Fly</strong> Lines has been the unique<br />

coating formula <strong>and</strong> profile, in conjunction with the classic low-stretch core, producing the most<br />

supple <strong>and</strong> memory free performance the line is renowned for. Many have tried <strong>and</strong> failed to<br />

replicate this formula, but there is still only one ‘original’ <strong>Snowbee</strong> XS fly line.<br />

Over the years there have been minor changes in production <strong>and</strong> our Nano-Technology is a winning<br />

formula across the range with its unmistakeable profile <strong>and</strong> suppleness. In using this new technology, we<br />

have refined the original formula <strong>and</strong> manufacturing techniques to enhance the already superb, supple,<br />

memory-free performance so loved by fly fishers worldwide. For many years the <strong>Snowbee</strong> XS Ivory<br />

Floating has been our top selling line, <strong>and</strong> reputation has it as still the best-selling floating line in the UK.<br />

If you don’t already know why… just try one <strong>and</strong> you will soon find out!<br />

WFF XS <strong>and</strong> WFHV XS Floating<br />

WFF Ivory – WF3-WF8 / WFHV Hi-Viz Orange – WF5-WF8<br />

The long-time flagship fly line in the <strong>Snowbee</strong> range, the original ‘<strong>Prestige</strong>’! Without doubt one<br />

of the best floating fly lines available today. The unique combination of ultra-low friction coating,<br />

superbly balanced profile <strong>and</strong> outst<strong>and</strong>ing shootability makes this fly line the line of choice to<br />

enhance the performance of the world’s best fly rods. Available in original Ivory or Hi-Viz Orange.<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> XS Floating<br />

WEIGHT FORWARD PROFILE - LINE LENGTH 90ft / 30yds / 27.4m<br />

WFF XS Floating Ivory <strong>and</strong> WFHV Hi-Viz Orange<br />

0ft 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100ft<br />

DTF XS Double Taper Floating<br />

Ivory DT3-DT8<br />

Incorporating all the superb properties of the original <strong>Snowbee</strong><br />

XS Weight Forward Floating line, but in a double taper profile.<br />

One for the traditional angler where gentle taper <strong>and</strong> fly<br />

presentation is still everything <strong>and</strong> great for delicate spider <strong>and</strong><br />

dry fly fishing in particular.<br />

FRONT<br />

TAPER<br />

8.5ft<br />

LINE BELLY 23ft<br />

REAR<br />

TAPER<br />

11ft<br />

RUNNING LINE 47.5ft<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> XS - Double Taper Floating<br />

DOUBLE TAPER PROFILE - LINE LENGTH 90ft / 30yds / 27.4m<br />

DTF XS Double Taper Floating<br />

0ft 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100ft<br />

FRONT<br />

TAPER<br />

13ft<br />

LINE BELLY 64ft<br />

REAR<br />

TAPER<br />

13ft<br />

Making a comeback for <strong>2023</strong>,<br />

due to popular dem<strong>and</strong>,<br />

particularly from International<br />

Competition <strong>Fly</strong> fishers<br />

worldwide!<br />

DPF XS Delicate Presentation Floating WF0-WF5<br />

As the name suggests, this line was originally designed for ‘Thistle Down’ presentation of both dry flies<br />

<strong>and</strong> small nymphs, particularly to ‘spooky’ fish, on rivers <strong>and</strong> small still waters. The Continuous Rear Taper<br />

(CRT) profile has surprised many, as the unique design roll-casts effortlessly, while the extended front<br />

taper provides the ultimate delicate presentation.<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> XS - Delicate Presentation - Floating WF0-WF5<br />

WEIGHT FORWARD / CRT PROFILE - LINE LENGTH 75ft / 25yds / 22.9m<br />

0ft 10 20 30 40 50 60 70<br />

New for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

FRONT TAPER 16ft<br />

LINE BELLY 16ft<br />

REAR TAPER 43ft<br />

DPF XS Delicate<br />

Presentation Floating<br />

XS <strong>Fly</strong> Lines – Ivory Floating, Hi-Viz <strong>and</strong> Double Taper & Delicate Presentation<br />

Model Description Density Colour Range Price<br />

WFF XS Floating Floating Ivory WF #3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 £54.99 S3055<br />

WFHV XS Hi-Viz Floating Floating Hi-Viz Orange WF #5, 6, 7, 8 £54.99 S3055<br />

DTF XS Double Taper Floating Ivory DT #3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 £54.99 S3055<br />

DPF XS Delicate Presentation NEW Floating Pale Olive WF #0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 £54.99 S3055<br />

32<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

XS Sub-Surface <strong>Fly</strong> Lines<br />

Exactly the same design <strong>and</strong> profile as the 90ft XS floating lines these both cast<br />

superbly, with each performing according to their density make up.<br />

Great for moderate distances with every cast on any matching weight of fly rod <strong>and</strong><br />

built to the same exacting st<strong>and</strong>ards as all the ‘XS’ Nano fly lines BUT providing a<br />

cost saving as only in single colour <strong>and</strong> of st<strong>and</strong>ard 90ft format.<br />

WFI XS Intermediate (Sink rate 2.5ips) Aqua – WF5-WF8<br />

Combining the original Kelly Blue <strong>and</strong> Clear Intermediate into one fly line has produced a fly<br />

line of effortless, slick casting ability, being exactly the same as the traditional XS floating in profile.<br />

Distance <strong>and</strong> presentation are therefore guaranteed, at a sink rate ideal to reliably search the water from<br />

the surface down, especially with lures, damsels <strong>and</strong> other mobile patterns. A hugely versatile line, great<br />

for loch style fishing from the boat or accurately exploring all holding spots from the bank, without the<br />

need for a massive clear back-cast when space is tight. Great in the wind too in a neutral Aqua shade, to<br />

hunt beneath the surface <strong>and</strong> find fish cruising or holding lower down but not necessarily on the bottom.<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> XS Intermediate<br />

WEIGHT FORWARD PROFILE - LINE LENGTH 90ft / 30yds / 27.4m<br />

0ft 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90<br />

WFI XS Intermediate<br />

FRONT<br />

TAPER<br />

8.5ft<br />

LINE BELLY 23ft<br />

REAR<br />

TAPER<br />

11ft<br />

RUNNING LINE 47.5ft<br />

WFFS XS Fast Sink (Sink Rate 5ips) Charcoal WF5-WF8<br />

The very slim, hardly discernible weight forward profile of this uniform fast sinking line, enables excellent<br />

distance to be achieved easily when needing to get range <strong>and</strong> depth to present flies in the target zone. Low<br />

stretch core also enables excellent sensitivity but does not exhibit the issue of other fast sinking lines that can<br />

be non-stretch <strong>and</strong> have a tendency to ‘bounce’ fish off especially when fishing barbless. The slick, Nano-<br />

Tec coating is deceptively smooth <strong>and</strong> provides a great line for ‘fishing the hang’ or boobies, effortlessly<br />

controlled close along the bottom, or achieving quick depth in a big blow without a long <strong>and</strong> difficult cast!<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> XS Fast Sink<br />

WEIGHT FORWARD PROFILE - LINE LENGTH 90ft / 30yds / 27.4m<br />

0ft 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90<br />

FRONT<br />

TAPER<br />

8.5ft<br />

LINE BELLY 23ft<br />

REAR<br />

TAPER<br />

11ft<br />

RUNNING LINE 47.5ft<br />

WFFS XS Fast-Sink<br />

XS <strong>Fly</strong> Lines – Intermediate <strong>and</strong> Fast Sink<br />

Model Description Density Colour Line range Price<br />

WFI XS Intermediate 2.5 ips Aqua WF #5, 6, 7, 8 £54.99 S3055<br />

WFFS XS Fast Sink 5 ips Charcoal WF #5, 6, 7, 8 £54.99 S3055<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

Classic <strong>Fly</strong> Lines <strong>and</strong> Classic Kits<br />

For many years <strong>Snowbee</strong> has produced some of the best quality fly lines on the world market.<br />

Our range includes a small, economy priced range of Classic lines, aimed at the budget conscious<br />

angler, or beginners to the sport.<br />

The <strong>Snowbee</strong> Classic fly lines have a great profile <strong>and</strong> construction from a company with the greatest pedigree in fly line production. Most have a slightly<br />

shorter head <strong>and</strong> steeper tapers than the traditional weight forward XS fly lines, designed to assist the newcomer with essential timing <strong>and</strong> turnover.<br />

Easy to cast, these lines offer good, reliable performance <strong>and</strong> make an exceptional entry level, or Combi Outfit Line.<br />

Classic Trout All WF profile: available in 30 yard (90ft) trout line options:<br />

WFCF FLOATING - pale yellow (WF4 - WF8)<br />

WFCI INTERMEDIATE - (1.75-2.25 ips) - mid-blue (WF5 - WF8)<br />

WFCFS FAST-SINK - dark green/grey (WF5 - WF8) in the same popular weight forward tapers as the<br />

other two, these lines are a joy to cast <strong>and</strong> get down to the fish fast with a sink rate of 4-4.5 ips.<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> Classic <strong>Fly</strong> Lines<br />

Model Description Colour Density Line weights Price<br />

WFCF Classic – Floating Pale Yellow Floating WF #4, 5, 6, 7, 8 £29.99 S1666<br />

WFCI Classic – Intermediate Mid Blue 1.75 - 2.25 ips WF #5, 6, 7, 8 £29.99 S1666<br />

WFCFS Classic – Fast-Sink Dark Green 4 - 4.5 ips WF #5, 6, 7, 8 £29.99 S1666<br />

CSWF Classic Switch – Floating Ivory Floating 350 & 400 grain £39.99 S2222<br />

Classic 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Reel/Spool / <strong>Fly</strong> Line Combi Kits<br />

Classic 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Reel/Spool/<strong>Fly</strong> Line Combi Kits<br />

Our popular new starter kit teams up one of our new Classic 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Reel/<br />

Spool Kits from p24, with each of the three Classic fly lines in floating,<br />

intermediate <strong>and</strong> fast-sink densities. Covering the full range of options,<br />

whatever the weather, or whatever depth the fish are, from bank or boat<br />

there’s a line to reach<br />

them. And best of all,<br />

when you purchase the<br />

complete kit, starting<br />

at under £140, there<br />

is a saving of 20% on<br />

the full RRP of the reel<br />

<strong>and</strong> lines separately.<br />

Model Description Line weights Price Save 20%<br />

10561-KIT+3 Classic 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Reel Kit #5/6 – <strong>Fly</strong> Reel + 2 spare<br />

spools + Classic Floating, Int & F-Sink <strong>Fly</strong> Lines WF#5 or WF#6 £174.96 £139.97 S7776<br />

10562-KIT+3 Classic 2 <strong>Fly</strong> Reel Kit #7/8 – <strong>Fly</strong> Reel + 2 spare<br />

spools + Classic Floating, Int & F-Sink <strong>Fly</strong> Lines WF#7 or WF#8 £184.96 £147.97 S8220<br />

CSWF Classic Switch <strong>Fly</strong> Lines<br />

Ivory 350 grain #7 & 400 grain #8<br />

For the budget conscious angler, at last by popular<br />

dem<strong>and</strong> a Classic Switch line in exactly the same<br />

profile as the popular XS-Plus <strong>Prestige</strong> Switch, but<br />

in a 105ft/35yd overall length, single Ivory colour<br />

<strong>and</strong> just two line weight options. This new line will<br />

manage <strong>and</strong> turnover small or larger flies <strong>and</strong> is<br />

ideal on small to medium sized rivers. Add one<br />

of our 5ft Poly-Coated leaders (p93), in a range of<br />

densities for the perfect presentation, whatever the<br />

water level.<br />

Model Description<br />

SLSK Line Slick<br />

A silicone-based fly line lubricant<br />

which reduces friction <strong>and</strong><br />

resistance through the rings,<br />

allowing faster line speed at all<br />

times. Helps protect fly lines from<br />

damage <strong>and</strong> harmful effects of<br />

chemicals. For<br />

floating lines only.<br />

SFLD <strong>Fly</strong> Line<br />

Degreaser<br />

Based on an industrial product<br />

used to remove greasy film<br />

on sheet metal. It removes all<br />

traces of silicone or grease,<br />

allowing the fly line to cut<br />

quickly through surface film.<br />

For sub-surface lines only.<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Line Cleaning Treatments<br />

Price<br />

SLSK Line Slick £4.99 S277<br />

SFLD <strong>Fly</strong> Line Degreaser £4.99 S277<br />

34<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

Saltwater <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Accessories<br />

Folds flat<br />

against your<br />

body when<br />

not in use.<br />

19382 Line Tray<br />

The best line tray design on the<br />

market. Mesh base with fold down base<br />

board, holds the tray open, prevents water<br />

filling the tray from below <strong>and</strong> tangling<br />

the line when deep wading or saltwater<br />

flyfishing. Velcro pocket inside.<br />

19443 /4 Saltwater <strong>Fly</strong> Wallets<br />

Our <strong>Fly</strong> Wallets offer the serious saltwater fly fisherman huge storage<br />

capacity for large saltwater flies. Each wallet holds 12 self-seal bags,<br />

each capable of holding 10-20 large saltwater flies. That’s over 200<br />

flies, enough for an entire trip, in just one wallet! Imagine how many<br />

conventional fly boxes you would need for that! These sets of bags<br />

are removable, so you can keep spare sets, pre-filled with flies for<br />

different species. On the front of the wallets is a mesh pocket for<br />

tools, leaders etc. There is a belt loop to<br />

carry on the waist, or a clip to attach<br />

to any convenient D-ring.<br />

Perfect for fly-tying<br />

materials too.<br />

19385 Stripping Basket<br />

Line Spikes<br />

An optional extra for our Stripping Basket<br />

is this set of 10 plastic spikes, which fit into<br />

the top of the turrets. Not only do they<br />

stop water slopping up the turrets <strong>and</strong><br />

filling the basket, but their soft, flexible<br />

construction helps tame fly line coils when<br />

shooting <strong>and</strong> reduces tangles. These will fit all<br />

br<strong>and</strong>s of Stripping Basket of this same design.<br />

19381 Stripping<br />

Basket<br />

A hard plastic Stripping<br />

Basket so popular with<br />

saltwater <strong>and</strong> reservoir<br />

anglers. Lightweight,<br />

with adjustable waist belt<br />

<strong>and</strong> neck support strap.<br />

Tapered line control turrets<br />

in the base, to prevent fly<br />

lines tangling.<br />

19449 Rig / Trace Wallet<br />

As you’d expect from <strong>Snowbee</strong>, our rig/trace wallet is a bit different!<br />

Twelve heavy duty, clear trace pouches in two sets of six, held in place<br />

with a neat Velcro spine. Easily removable <strong>and</strong> extra sets can be added<br />

or removed, so you can keep different rigs in each set <strong>and</strong> only take<br />

what you need. Size: 10” x 7” Colour: Royal Blue / Black<br />

19443 Saltwater <strong>Fly</strong><br />

Wallet – Large<br />

19444 Saltwater<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Wallet – Small<br />

13240 Sun Gloves with Stripping Fingers<br />

Extreme sun protection, reinforced palm <strong>and</strong> extended stripping<br />

fingers. High density microfibre <strong>and</strong> Lycra back provides 50+ UPF.<br />

Synthetic suede leather palm has double reinforcing patches.<br />

Sizes: S/M <strong>and</strong> L/XL<br />

Colour: Stone/Grey<br />

Sold in pairs<br />

Model Description Size Price<br />

19382 Line Tray £32.99 S1833<br />

19444 Saltwater <strong>Fly</strong> Wallet – Small 8” x 5” x 2” £19.99 S1111<br />

19443 Saltwater <strong>Fly</strong> Wallet – Large 9½”x 6” x 2” £21.99 S1222<br />

19444-B Set of 6 insert bags – Small £4.99 S277<br />

19443-B Set of 6 insert bags – Large £5.99 S333<br />

13240 Sun Gloves with Stripping Fingers S/M, L/XL £23.99 S1333<br />

19381 Stripping Basket £64.99 S3611<br />

19385 Plastic Spikes for Stripping Basket – Set of 10 £4.99 S277<br />

19449 Rig / Trace Wallet £15.99 S888<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> Waders – it’s all about reliability<br />

Back in 1984, <strong>Snowbee</strong> introduced the very first<br />

lightweight PVC/Nylon waders to the UK market,<br />

<strong>and</strong> what a revelation that proved to be.<br />

Until <strong>Snowbee</strong>’s intervention we had all been ‘clumping’ around in heavy<br />

rubber waders. Remember how they had the habit of cracking <strong>and</strong> perishing,<br />

causing leaks after one season? But the new lightweight <strong>Snowbee</strong> waders<br />

changed all that, <strong>and</strong> we advertised them with the slogan ‘No more second<br />

season leaks’. We have been setting the st<strong>and</strong>ard in wader design <strong>and</strong><br />

innovation ever since. As the pioneers of modern day wading comfort, after<br />

36 years, we still remain number one in wader design <strong>and</strong> technology. It’s<br />

something we are justly proud of, <strong>and</strong> the development continues to this day.<br />

Breathable comfort <strong>and</strong> ultimate reliability<br />

At the end of the day, all any angler wants out of a pair of waders is to<br />

be comfortable <strong>and</strong> more importantly remain dry! How hard can that<br />

be? Well actually, very hard. Which is why, over the years, every br<strong>and</strong><br />

of breathable wader has had its problems, due to the technological<br />

challenges of making a wader thin enough to be breathable yet hardy<br />

enough to withst<strong>and</strong> the most common cause of leaks – fine thorn <strong>and</strong><br />

gorse punctures. These two opposites have challenged wader designers<br />

since the early days of breathables over 20 years ago.<br />

In 2018 we finally solved this dilemma, with the introduction of our<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> STX range. This range used a performance material,<br />

retaining our famous Soft-Touch (ST) outer finish, but on a totally new<br />

groundbreaking fabric. And it didn’t stop there. We looked at the main<br />

causes of wader leaks – over stressed seams <strong>and</strong> puncture damage, <strong>and</strong><br />

we solved both. By improving both the cut <strong>and</strong> size range available,<br />

we now have a wader to fit just about every size <strong>and</strong> shape <strong>and</strong> which<br />

provides wading comfort without stressing the seams.<br />

See opposite for details.<br />

To solve the problems of puncture damage we reinforced both the fronts<br />

of the legs <strong>and</strong> the rear seat area with a second layer of breathable<br />

fabric, providing a class-leading six layers in the most vulnerable areas,<br />

where you need it most.<br />

And the proof we succeeded? After five season's sales the <strong>Prestige</strong> STX<br />

proved to be our most reliable breathable wader ever!<br />

Total warmth, coupled with total reliability<br />

As the first company to introduce sub £100 neoprene waders to the UK<br />

market, over 20 years ago, we have learned a thing or two about their<br />

design in that time. While other br<strong>and</strong>s sacrificed material <strong>and</strong> build<br />

quality in chasing down the price, <strong>Snowbee</strong> took another route. Working<br />

with one of the top neoprene wader factories in Asia <strong>and</strong> using only<br />

quality materials, we developed a range of top quality neoprene<br />

waders at a realistic price. Not as cheap as some, but while those<br />

br<strong>and</strong>s suffered with notorious unreliability, our Classic Neoprenes<br />

have proved, over the past five years, to not only be the most reliable<br />

11192 <strong>Prestige</strong> STX<br />

Stockingfoot Waders<br />

11290 210D<br />

Wadermaster Waders<br />

neoprene waders we have ever made, but our most reliable<br />

waders ever! Quite an achievement for a material which has quite<br />

a chequered history with some manufacturers, due to the use of<br />

inferior grades of ‘neoprene’.<br />

How to store your <strong>Snowbee</strong> waders<br />

All <strong>Snowbee</strong> waders are made from synthetic materials,<br />

which are not susceptible to cracking or perishing, like the<br />

old rubber waders were. The sun will degrade synthetic<br />

materials, so it is recommended that waders are stored<br />

out of direct sunlight.<br />

Creasing does not adversely affect the performance<br />

of waders, but does look unsightly, so the best way of<br />

avoiding this is to hang the waders upside-down in a<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> Wader Rack. After use in saltwater, or brackish<br />

water, the waders <strong>and</strong> felt soles should always be hosed<br />

down with fresh water.<br />

It is important to dry your waders thoroughly, inside as<br />

well as out. If not, mould can develop which can cause<br />

damage to the breathable membrane resulting eventually<br />

in a leak.<br />

For those who don’t want to breathe…<br />

Not every anglers needs, or wants, to pay the premium for<br />

breathable waders. For those who just want total reliability <strong>and</strong><br />

rugged performance in the harshest conditions, our famous<br />

210D Nylon Wadermaster is a ‘go-anywhere’ wader which will<br />

find favour with anglers looking for strength, performance <strong>and</strong><br />

long-life reliability.<br />

In addition, our Granite PVC models have again proved to be<br />

totally reliable, with near zero return rates in the four years since<br />

their launch. They really are superb value for money.<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> now has the widest choice of wader models, materials<br />

<strong>and</strong> sizes on the market. From basic PVC waders, through<br />

to tough Nylon waders; from basic, lightweight Ranger<br />

breathables, through to our class-leading <strong>Prestige</strong> STX models<br />

<strong>and</strong> great value Classic neoprenes, we can provide a wader of<br />

choice, design <strong>and</strong> style for every angler <strong>and</strong> every purpose.<br />

36<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

Wader size is all-important<br />

Following these instructions should prolong the life of your waders <strong>and</strong> will<br />

explain why some anglers get years out of their waders <strong>and</strong> some get a lot less.<br />

Fitting waders<br />

Having manufactured every type of waders for nearly<br />

40 years, we have seen just about every fault, issue or<br />

problem there is to see. And you might be surprised to<br />

hear that in more cases than not, it is not the waders at<br />

fault, but often the wearer or the tackle shop salesman.<br />

Apart from the obvious puncture damage, the most common<br />

leakage points we see time <strong>and</strong> again for all waders are<br />

the ankle (where the boot or sock joins the upper material),<br />

at the knees, at the crotch, or the seams. Very often these<br />

problems are not due to manufacturing faults, but are more<br />

likely due to the wrong size of waders being chosen.<br />

Simple rules to ensure you get<br />

the correct size of waders<br />

l When trying on waders in a tackle shop, try to wear similar<br />

clothes to those you wear when fishing for a realistic fit.<br />

l Try the waders in a number of different positions, such as<br />

those you would realistically have to get into whilst fishing.<br />

l Kneel down in them as if unhooking a fish (3). Sit down in<br />

them, like you will in the hut or on the back of the car whilst<br />

pulling on your boots. Make sure you can get your foot up<br />

onto a chair (2), like stepping out of the river <strong>and</strong> onto the<br />

bank. Then finally kneel down on the floor, sit on your heels<br />

<strong>and</strong> lean your body forward, as this represents the ‘longest’<br />

position your waders will ever be in.<br />

If doing any of these manoeuvres you feel the waders pull<br />

tight at the knees, thighs, or around your backside, then the<br />

waders do not fit you properly <strong>and</strong> you need a larger size.<br />

Any restrictions in movement put strain on the seams<br />

<strong>and</strong> the stitching in them. The weight of an adult sitting,<br />

or crouching down in waders that are too small, can put<br />

enormous strain on the seams, to the point of leakage.<br />

Microscopic pin-hole punctures can easily be caused by<br />

brushing against a gorse bush, or more commonly by<br />

st<strong>and</strong>ing on the wader fabric whilst getting changed. Try<br />

to avoid this by sitting sideways on your car seat or on the<br />

tail gate, to put waders on <strong>and</strong> off. Another frequent cause<br />

of damage to the ankle seam is through st<strong>and</strong>ing on one<br />

sock toe with the other foot, in order to pull the waders<br />

off (see right). Don’t do it! Always try to sit down <strong>and</strong> pull<br />

each sock off in turn, gripping the waders at the back of<br />

the ankle <strong>and</strong> pulling the sock off. If you do puncture your<br />

waders on barbed wire, gorse or with a fly, get it repaired<br />

quickly, as dampness inside can lead to mould, which can<br />

cause further damage to the breathable membrane<br />

making matters worse!<br />

Above: DO NOT pull your wader<br />

socks off by st<strong>and</strong>ing on one toe,<br />

with the other foot <strong>and</strong> pulling.<br />

This will over-stress the ankle seam<br />

<strong>and</strong> likely lead to the stitching<br />

tearing, resulting in a leak!<br />

Below: This is the CORRECT way<br />

to remove wader socks. Sit down,<br />

or lean against the car or a tree,<br />

grip the sock at the BACK of the<br />

ankle <strong>and</strong> pull each sock off in turn.<br />

1 1<br />

This photo shows a correctly sized pair<br />

of waders. There is room in the body<br />

<strong>and</strong> the legs are long enough, so they do not<br />

pull tight, when crouching, kneeling or sitting.<br />

2<br />

Put one foot up on a chair, to replicate<br />

the action of stepping up, onto the bank.<br />

You should be able to do this without any<br />

‘tight-spots’. If not – you need a bigger size.<br />

2<br />

Try kneeling, as if you were un-hooking<br />

3 3<br />

a fish. If the body or crotch seam feel<br />

‘tight’, you need a bigger body size. If the<br />

legs pull tight at the front or back of the<br />

ankle seam, you need a longer leg size.<br />

Sizes: We cover the widest size range on the<br />

market today, with boot sizes available from<br />

4 to 13, plus our popular ‘Fuller Body’ (FB) <strong>and</strong><br />

NEW Extra Fuller Body (XFB) sizes <strong>and</strong>, in the new<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> STX Breathables, Short, Long <strong>and</strong> King<br />

fitting options.<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> STX Breathable Waders<br />

The award-winning <strong>Prestige</strong> STX range were completely redesigned<br />

in 2018. They now incorporate all the best design features of the ST,<br />

but with many design improvements.<br />

Guaranteed<br />

Savings!<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> STX<br />

Wading Outfits<br />

Buy any pair of <strong>Prestige</strong> STX<br />

Stockingfoot Waders <strong>and</strong> get<br />

any wading boots ½ price!<br />

See p46-47. (UK only)<br />

Following the redesign of the top-selling <strong>Prestige</strong> range, <strong>Snowbee</strong><br />

remained in their rightful position… as No.1 in waders! The <strong>Prestige</strong><br />

STX Breathable range competes with very best on the market, irrespective of price.<br />

Material: We have retained our popular Soft-Touch (ST) material so liked by anglers. What sets this apart<br />

from other breathable wader materials is the outer layer, which has a 'peach-skin' finish. Not only does<br />

this look <strong>and</strong> feel superb, but the finish makes it totally flexible, rustle-free <strong>and</strong> silent.<br />

We have incorporated this into a new, unique 3-layer material, which takes breathable wader<br />

technology onto a completely new level. This top quality breathable material is a blend of 24% nylon,<br />

59% polyester <strong>and</strong> 17% polyurethane to provide strength <strong>and</strong> durability. The outer material has a DWR<br />

(Durable Water Repellent) treatment, rated at L10/80 – meaning it retains 80% of its DWR performance,<br />

even after washing 10 times! The inner laminate utilises our highly reliable Vapour-Tec® breathable<br />

membrane, for superior performance, providing a breathability of 4,000g/m 2 /24hrs <strong>and</strong> a hydrostatic<br />

water pressure resistance (waterproofness) of 15,000mm.<br />

Design: The STX range utilises our well proven cutting style <strong>and</strong> extensive trials of the prototype<br />

waders have shown these to be the best fitting, most comfortable waders we have ever made. We have<br />

combined all our previous ‘St<strong>and</strong>ard’, ‘FB’ <strong>and</strong> ‘Short’ size fittings into just one size chart for convenience.<br />

Chest <strong>and</strong> h<strong>and</strong>warmer pockets<br />

Wading belt <strong>and</strong> seat pad<br />

Over the years, we have learnt that the majority of breathable wader leaks are caused by puncture<br />

damage. Needle sharp gorse or thorns can cause pin-pricks in breathable material, invisible to the<br />

naked eye, but so frustrating when you enter the water. To help avoid this, our current models feature<br />

a second layer of material where you need it most – down the front of the legs, from above the knee to<br />

the sock or boot join <strong>and</strong> on the seat of the waders. This additional layer takes the overall thickness up<br />

to a class-leading 6-layers, but by utilising two separate layers, they still retain their high breathability –<br />

unlike 5-layer materials which have very limited breathability.<br />

The twin front pockets are fitted with top quality, waterproof YKK pocket zips, to provide fly box,<br />

leader or accessory pockets, as waterproof as it’s possible to get. Behind these are generously-sized<br />

h<strong>and</strong>-warmer pockets for those cold spring <strong>and</strong> autumn days.<br />

11192 <strong>Prestige</strong> STX Stockingfoot Waders<br />

Our Stockingfoot model features 4mm, 3-panel neoprene<br />

socks using our new cutting design, making them the best<br />

fitting, most comfortable we have ever worn. In addition to the<br />

high-density sole panel, which prevents heel compression<br />

leaks, this cutting-style tapers the ankles, to remove excess<br />

material, which can otherwise crease up inside your<br />

wading boots. The 3-panel design ensures all the seams<br />

run around <strong>and</strong> not under your foot, for a more moulded<br />

fit <strong>and</strong> added comfort. The integral gravel guards have<br />

front lacing hooks <strong>and</strong> rubberised elastication around<br />

the bottom, to prevent them riding up when walking.<br />

This model offers the very best value for money of any<br />

breathable wader on the market.<br />

Size: XS, S, M, MS, ML, MK, L, LS, LL, LK, XL, XLS, XLK, XXL.<br />

Colour: Grey Olive<br />

11192 <strong>Prestige</strong> STX<br />

Stockingfoot Waders<br />

Available in a full range of sizes – St<strong>and</strong>ard, Short (S), Long (L) or King (K),<br />

to offer a size to fit most anglers (see full size chart on page 107).<br />

38<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

11194-09 <strong>Prestige</strong> STX Bootfoot Waders<br />

The same upper as our Stockingfoot model, but fitted with<br />

a heavy-duty, neoprene lined PVC boot, with a studded felt sole<br />

for total grip in all conditions, whether in the river or on the bank.<br />

11194 Studded Felt-soles<br />

Size: Available in St<strong>and</strong>ard <strong>and</strong> King sizes: 6, 7, 8, 8K, 9, 9K, 10,<br />

10K, 11, 11K, 12, 12K, 13 (see full size chart on p107).<br />

Colour: Grey Olive<br />

11192-ZIP <strong>Prestige</strong> STX Zip-Front<br />

Stockingfoot Waders<br />

Later this year, we will see a further upgrade to the<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> STX design, which will also include the<br />

addition of a Zip-Front model. You can’t appreciate the<br />

convenience of a<br />

Zip-front until you’ve<br />

tried it, making the<br />

necessary 'pit-stop'<br />

far easier!<br />

New for<br />

summer<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> STX Breathable Waders<br />

Model Description Price<br />

11192 <strong>Prestige</strong> STX Stockingfoot Waders £299.99 S16667<br />

11192-ZIP <strong>Prestige</strong> STX Zip-Front Stockingfoot Waders NEW £399.99 S22223<br />

11194-09 <strong>Prestige</strong> STX Bootfoot Waders £339.99 S18889<br />

11194-09<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> STX<br />

Bootfoot Waders<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

Ranger 2 Breathable Waders<br />

Our Ranger 2 Breathable Waders were completely re-designed<br />

two years ago, but still offer superb performance, coupled with<br />

light weight <strong>and</strong> outst<strong>and</strong>ing value for money!<br />

The new Ranger 2 Wader range uses a quality 70D x 500D Taslon nylon<br />

material, laminated to our reliable, high performance Vapour-Tec breathable<br />

membrane, with an inner Tricot laminated lining for additional strength.<br />

11171 Ranger 2 Breathable Stockingfoot Chest Waders<br />

The stockingfoot chest model features 4mm Neoprene socks <strong>and</strong> built-in<br />

gravel guards with lacing clips. The fully adjustable webbing braces feature<br />

a rear elasticated section for comfort when bending down, <strong>and</strong> the brace<br />

clips are reversed so you cannot get them crossed, plus they can be clipped<br />

together so the waders can be rolled down into a waist wader if required.<br />

Stockingfoot S, M, M-FB, M-XFB, L, L-FB, L-XFB, XL, XL-FB, XL-XFB, XXL<br />

Bootfoot 6 – 13 in st<strong>and</strong>ard sizes, plus 8FB –12FB.<br />

Colour Stone See full size chart on p107.<br />

Features<br />

l Nylon outer material with a DWR<br />

(Durable Water Repellent) coating<br />

l Vapour-Tec ® laminated breathable<br />

membrane l Hydrostatic Water<br />

Pressure resistance (W/P): 10,000mm<br />

H 2<br />

O l Breathability: Moisture Vapour<br />

Transfer (MVT): 4,000g/m 2 /24hrs l External<br />

front h<strong>and</strong>warmer pocket l Outer zipped chest<br />

pocket l Internal, waterproof flap pocket l Adjustable webbing<br />

braces, with quick release buckles l Elasticated chest draw cord,<br />

with toggle-lok adjusters l Adjustable webbing wading belt<br />

11171 Ranger<br />

Breathable<br />

Stockingfoot<br />

Chest Waders<br />

11182-01 Ranger<br />

Breathable<br />

Bootfoot<br />

Chest Waders<br />

11182-01 Ranger 2 Breathable Bootfoot<br />

Chest Waders<br />

The bootfoot model uses our well-proven, deep-tread PVC moulded<br />

boot, with a cleated sole <strong>and</strong> heel giving a sure-grip on grass, mud,<br />

gravel, s<strong>and</strong> or rocks, making them ideal for all styles of fishing.<br />

Ranger 2 Breathable Waders<br />

Model Description Size Price<br />

11171 Ranger Breathable Stockingfoot Chest Waders S, M, L, XL, XXL £229.99 S12778<br />

2<br />

11171FB Ranger Breathable Stockingfoot Chest Waders – FB M-FB, L-FB, XL-FB £239.99 S13333<br />

2<br />

11171XFB Ranger Breathable Stockingfoot Chest Waders – XFB M-XFB, L-XFB, XL-XFB £269.99 S15000<br />

2<br />

11182-01 Ranger Breathable Bootfoot Chest Waders 6 -13 £229.99 S12778<br />

2<br />

11182FB-01 Ranger Breathable Bootfoot Chest Waders – FB 8 -12 £239.99 S13333<br />

Deep cleated<br />

soles on the<br />

bootfoot model.<br />

Guaranteed<br />

Savings!<br />

Ranger<br />

Wading Outfit<br />

Buy any pair of Ranger<br />

Stockingfoot Waders <strong>and</strong> get<br />

any wading boots ½ price!<br />

See p46-47. (UK only)<br />

40<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

210D Nylon Wadermaster Waders<br />

Mention the name <strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>and</strong> most people would associate it with QUALITY<br />

WADERS… <strong>and</strong> quite rightly so. Waders is where it all began. We were the first<br />

company to introduce lightweight PVC waders to the UK fly fishing market <strong>and</strong> since<br />

those early days almost 40 years ago, the range has steadily grown <strong>and</strong> improved.<br />

Two years ago we combined two of our best-ever wader models<br />

<strong>and</strong> materials. Our super heavy-duty Wadermaster model has<br />

been available in various forms for over 25 years, during which<br />

time, it has been the wader of choice for anyone wanting<br />

the ultimate ‘bullet-proof’ wader, including fish farmers,<br />

river-keepers, fire brigades, water authorities <strong>and</strong> the<br />

Environment Agency. So we re-introduced our popular<br />

210 Denier Nylon material – a top seller for over 15 years,<br />

but in the original Wadermaster design.<br />

They’re not breathable, but what they are is lightweight,<br />

incredibly tough, durable <strong>and</strong> hardwearing. They deflect thorns<br />

<strong>and</strong> gorse like no other material <strong>and</strong> if you want a pair of waders<br />

that is going to last… this is it.<br />

The 210D nylon material, which is light, flexible <strong>and</strong> super-tough,<br />

has a soft, laminated PVC lining, to ensure it remains 100%<br />

waterproof <strong>and</strong> provides all-day comfort.<br />

Fully adjustable elasticated braces,<br />

with quick release buckles<br />

3-in-1 front patch pocket on chest,<br />

with h<strong>and</strong>-warmer pocket behind.<br />

Adjustable, elasticated webbing waist<br />

belt with D-rings for accessories<br />

11290 210D Nylon Chest Waders<br />

‘American Style’ full cut, with seams up the outside of<br />

the legs <strong>and</strong> a single front-to-back crotch seam to avoid<br />

chaffing. 3-in-1 front patch pocket on chest, with h<strong>and</strong>warmer<br />

pocket behind, main zipped compartment, plus<br />

two mesh front pockets. Additional internal, zipped,<br />

waterproof pocket for mobile or car keys. Adjustable,<br />

elasticated braces, with quick release plastic buckles.<br />

Opposed buckles allow waders<br />

to be rolled down into a<br />

waist wader. Adjustable,<br />

elasticated webbing<br />

waist belt for comfort<br />

<strong>and</strong> safety, with two<br />

D-rings for accessories.<br />

Elasticated drawstring<br />

around chest for a<br />

snug fit.<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Heavy duty, moulded 2-tone PVC<br />

boots, heat welded to the upper<br />

to ensure they remain watertight<br />

Deep cleated sole for extra grip<br />

Sizes: 4-13 in st<strong>and</strong>ard sizes <strong>and</strong> 8FB -12FB in FB sizes.<br />

Our FB (Fuller Body) sizes are approximately 15% larger than<br />

the st<strong>and</strong>ard sizes – see size chart on page 107.<br />

Colour: Khaki<br />

210D Nylon Wadermaster Waders<br />

Model Description Size Price<br />

11290-01 Chest - Cleated Sole 4 - 13 £119.99 S6666<br />

11290-01FB Chest - Cleated Sole 8 - 12 FB £129.99 S7222<br />

11291-01 Thigh - Cleated Sole 5 - 13 £79.99 S4444<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

11291 210D Nylon<br />

Thigh Waders<br />

11291 210D Nylon Thigh Waders<br />

Elasticated webbing belt straps with<br />

adjustable buckles for comfort.<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

Classic Neoprene Waders<br />

After six years on the market, the quality Classic Neoprene<br />

Waders have proved to be our most reliable waders – ever!<br />

A quality wader aimed at anglers looking for performance,<br />

coupled with great value for money.<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Manufactured from a quality 4mm, double lined SCR<br />

(Styrene Chloroprene Rubber) grade composite<br />

neoprene for flexibility <strong>and</strong> wearer comfort, these<br />

waders still offer <strong>Snowbee</strong> quality, but at down to<br />

earth prices. Since their introduction, the Classic<br />

Neoprene Waders have proved to be the most reliable<br />

neoprene waders we have ever made, with returns of<br />

less than 0.5%!<br />

All Bootfoot models feature a new, wide fitting PVC boot<br />

with full neoprene lining for additional warmth. The double<br />

layer, neoprene kneepads use a unique screen printed<br />

PU pattern, to offer additional protection from punctures<br />

when kneeling.<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

12302.01 4mm<br />

Classic Neoprene<br />

Thigh Waders<br />

Opposing clips on the braces allow the<br />

waders to be rolled-down to waist level <strong>and</strong><br />

the braces clipped together to form a belt.<br />

12092.01 4mm Neoprene Chest<br />

Waders – Cleated Sole<br />

l High back style with integral neoprene brace straps, for<br />

additional warmth across the shoulders <strong>and</strong> top of back<br />

l Adjustable elasticated braces, with quick release clips<br />

l Reversed braces clips, so chest waders can be converted<br />

to a waist wader l Front pouch pocket l Double Neoprene<br />

knee pad, with screen-printed PU pattern for added wear<br />

<strong>and</strong> puncture resistance.<br />

Size: 6–13, FB: 8–12<br />

Colour: Light Olive<br />

Chest model converts<br />

to a Waist Wader with<br />

‘Roll-down’ facility.<br />

Classic Neoprene<br />

Waders Cleated Sole<br />

12092.01 4mm<br />

Neoprene Chest<br />

Waders – Cleated Sole<br />

12302.01 4mm Neoprene Thigh Waders<br />

The ideal wader for reservoir fishing or where extra warmth<br />

is required. The 4mm Neoprene provides total insulation<br />

when st<strong>and</strong>ing in cold water for long periods. Fitted with<br />

adjustable belt straps with quick release buckles.<br />

42<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

High back style with integral neoprene<br />

brace straps for additional warmth<br />

across the shoulders <strong>and</strong> top of back.<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Guaranteed<br />

Savings!<br />

Special offer!<br />

Buy any pair of Classic<br />

Neoprene Waders <strong>and</strong> get a<br />

FREE Wader Carry Bag<br />

worth £12.99!<br />

12092-NB<br />

Wader Carry Bag<br />

This tough polyester wader carry bag, has a full<br />

two-way zip around the top for easy access, a<br />

sturdy carry h<strong>and</strong>le <strong>and</strong> a mesh panel right around<br />

the top, to help waders dry naturally.<br />

Screen printed double<br />

neoprene PU knee pads.<br />

12092.09 4mm Neoprene<br />

Chest Waders – Studded Felt-Sole<br />

All the features of the cleated sole model, but in a<br />

new full felt-sole fitted with sharp, hardened alloy<br />

studs, for the ultimate grip on slippery rocks.<br />

Classic Neoprene<br />

Waders Studded<br />

Felt Sole<br />

12092.09 4mm Neoprene Chest<br />

Waders – Studded Felt-Sole<br />

Classic Neoprene Waders<br />

12091 4mm Neoprene<br />

Stockingfoot<br />

Chest Waders<br />

Model Description Size Price<br />

12092.01 Cleated Sole Chest Waders 6 – 13 £154.99 S8611<br />

12092FB.01 Cleated Sole Chest Waders – FB 8 – 12 £164.99 S9166<br />

12092.09 Studded Felt-Sole Chest Waders 6 – 13 £174.99 S9722<br />

12092FB.09 Studded Felt-Sole Chest Waders – FB 8 – 12 £184.99 S10278<br />

12302.01 Cleated Sole Thigh Waders 6 – 13 £104.99 S5833<br />

12091 Stockingfoot Chest Waders S, M, L, XL, XXL £149.99 S8333<br />

12092-NB Wader Carry Bag 17” x 14”x 8” £12.99 S722<br />

12091 4mm Neoprene<br />

Stockingfoot Chest Waders<br />

A new Stockingfoot version of the chest model,<br />

but fitted with a 4mm, 3-panel neoprene<br />

sock <strong>and</strong> neoprene gravel<br />

guard. The ideal option for<br />

the angler looking for the<br />

flexibility of separate<br />

wading boots.<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

Over the past four seasons, the Granite PVC waders have proved to be totally reliable, with near<br />

zero returns! An amazing feat, bearing in mind how many we sell of these quality waders!<br />

Manufactured from durable, hard-wearing, reinforced PVC laminate, which despite being as tough as it gets, is<br />

also extremely soft, light <strong>and</strong> flexible for added comfort. The outer PVC layer is laminated to a tough, woven<br />

nylon inner lining, making the material super-strong <strong>and</strong> almost rip-proof, whilst remaining light weight.<br />

Granite waders use a unique seam welding technology where seams are fused together<br />

with an integral tape, using a new Sonic Welding process. This leaves the finished<br />

seams immensely strong, <strong>and</strong> almost completely flush, avoiding seam-chafe.<br />

Above left: New elasticated braces with rear Duraflex buckle.<br />

Right: Elasticated waist belt <strong>and</strong> flat-profile sonic-weld seams.<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Extra sizes<br />

The ever-popular Granite range includes a<br />

size 4 in both thigh <strong>and</strong> chest models for<br />

ladies <strong>and</strong> juniors, plus new Fuller Body (FB)<br />

sizes in the chest model, providing an<br />

additional 6-8” on the chest measurement<br />

for the larger frame.<br />

11073.01 Granite<br />

PVC Thigh Waders<br />

11072-01 PVC Chest Waders<br />

The crossed braces design features our new <strong>Snowbee</strong> logo<br />

elasticated material with a Duraflex rear buckle to hold the<br />

braces together <strong>and</strong> prevent them slipping off your shoulders.<br />

Also supplied is an elasticated waist belt, for added safety<br />

when deep wading. Both models are fitted with our heavyduty,<br />

PVC boots with a deep tread, cleated sole for a sure grip<br />

in most conditions.<br />

11073.01 PVC Thigh Waders<br />

Ideal for shallow wading, bank fishing with a ¾ length jacket,<br />

launching boats, or just cleaning out the garden pond.<br />

Size: 4-13 <strong>and</strong> 8FB-12FB in the Chest model<br />

Colour: Olive Green<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

11072-01 Granite<br />

PVC Chest Waders<br />

Granite PVC Waders<br />

Model Description Size Price<br />

11073-01 Granite PVC Thigh Waders 4-13 £54.99 S3055<br />

11072-01 Granite PVC Chest Waders 4-13 £74.99 S4166<br />

11072FB-01 Granite PVC Chest Waders - FB 8FB-12FB £84.99 S4722<br />

44<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

Wading Equipment<br />

19440 <strong>Prestige</strong> Folding Wading Staff<br />

Our popular, lightweight aluminium wading staff was improved for<br />

2020. The slim profile tubular shaft offers reduced water resistance,<br />

whilst wading, but we have changed the colour to a matt green for<br />

this year, to avoid any 'flash' that might spook fish. The 4-section<br />

design locks firmly in place <strong>and</strong> tensions with a sliding collar, so<br />

the staff cannot collapse even if you catch the rubber cap between<br />

rocks. Remove the 'silent wading' rubber cap <strong>and</strong> you have a<br />

hardened steel tip for extra grip <strong>and</strong> it comes with an optional screw<br />

on ‘tip-cup’ to spread the load in soft s<strong>and</strong>, mud or snow. Ergonomic<br />

rubber h<strong>and</strong>le grip, with adjustable wrist strap <strong>and</strong> detachable,<br />

elasticated lanyard. Packs down into a neat, neoprene belt pouch.<br />

Length folded 15”, length extended 55”. Weight: 340g/12oz<br />

19440 <strong>Prestige</strong><br />

Folding Wading Staff<br />

19098 Heavy-duty Wading Staff Zinger<br />

Our heavy-duty zinger has a strong retractor spring <strong>and</strong> can<br />

be used with large l<strong>and</strong>ing nets as well as wading staffs. An<br />

aluminium carabiner clip to attach to D-Rings, while the 70cm<br />

long, plastic-covered wire cord has a split-ring attachment, so<br />

a wading staff or l<strong>and</strong>ing net is always attached to you.<br />

13051 Neoprene Gravel Guard<br />

3mm double-lined Neoprene. Heavy-duty zip, plus<br />

Velcro flap fastening. Worn over the top of wading<br />

boots to prevent gravel <strong>and</strong> s<strong>and</strong> entering the boots.<br />

Size: One size fits all<br />

Colour: Mid Green<br />

19059 Tungsten Wader Studs<br />

Super-hard, screw-in Wader Studs, with a 4-point Tungsten<br />

Carbide tip for the ultimate grip on slippery rocks <strong>and</strong><br />

pebbles. The grade 304 stainless steel screw has high<br />

corrosion resistance, while the Tungsten Carbide head<br />

is 30% harder than the highest grade of hardened steel.<br />

Easily screwed in to boots or waders, with the Stud Tool<br />

provided. Pack of 20.<br />

19060 Screw-In Wader Studs<br />

Super hard, zinc plated steel studs, give additional grip to<br />

felt or cleated sole waders. Our model has a deeper head<br />

for extra grip <strong>and</strong> longer wear-life. Easily screwed in with our<br />

optional Stud Socket or a Phillips screwdriver. Pack of 40.<br />

19060-S Wader Stud socket<br />

A simple socket for fitting our Wader Studs.<br />

19060 Screw-In<br />

Wader Studs<br />

19422 Telescopic<br />

Wading Staff with<br />

Depth Markers<br />

19388 Telescopic Wading Staff<br />

A tough, anodised<br />

aluminium wading<br />

staff. Telescopes<br />

down from 63” to<br />

34”. Twist <strong>and</strong> Lock<br />

mechanism locks<br />

at required length.<br />

Weighted foot with<br />

rubber grip.<br />

Weight:<br />

20oz.<br />

19422 Telescopic Wading<br />

Staff with Depth Markers<br />

An updated version of our original model,<br />

but marked with depth markers up to 140cm.<br />

Useful for when you need to know if the next<br />

step could be out of your depth. Also allows<br />

quick <strong>and</strong> easy measurement of catch &<br />

release salmon.<br />

19388 Telescopic<br />

Wading Staff<br />

19379 Lumbar<br />

Support Wading Belt<br />

Suffer from an aching back after a full day’s fishing? Our Lumbar<br />

Support Belt is the answer. The 2” wide webbing belt has a quick<br />

release plastic clip <strong>and</strong> buckles, allowing adjustment from 34” to 51”.<br />

The rear lumbar pad has 1” thick contoured neoprene inside a nylon<br />

cover, to provide pressure <strong>and</strong> support where it’s needed.<br />

SSC <strong>Snowbee</strong> Suncure Wader Repair<br />

A revolutionary material EXCLUSIVE to <strong>Snowbee</strong> that transforms<br />

wader repair! A flexible, clear repair material cured by UV light.<br />

Suncure is totally cured in 15 seconds (in high UV conditions) to five<br />

minutes (in low UV conditions). With <strong>Snowbee</strong> Suncure a lost day’s<br />

fishing due to damaged or leaking waders is a thing of the past!<br />

Model Description Price<br />

19440 <strong>Prestige</strong> Folding Wading Staff £69.99 S3889<br />

19098 Heavy-duty Wading Staff Zinger £18.99 S1055<br />

13051 Neoprene Gravel Guard £27.99 S1555<br />

19388 Telescopic Wading Staff £35.99 S1999<br />

19422 Telescopic Wading Staff with Depth Markers £44.99 S2499<br />

19059 Tungsten Carbide Screw-in Wader Studs £27.99 S1555<br />

19060 Screw-In Wader Studs £7.99 S444<br />

19060-S Wader Stud Socket £2.99 S166<br />

19379 Lumbar Support Wading Belt £24.99 S1388<br />

SSC <strong>Snowbee</strong> Suncure Wader Repair £10.99 S611<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

Stream-Trek Wading Boots<br />

New for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

13080 Stream-Trek Wading Boots<br />

Our range features everything the serious angler would hope to find in a top-quality<br />

wading boot. The rugged construction combines a 1200D nylon material with a PU<br />

synthetic nubuck to provide maximum support <strong>and</strong> protection. The reinforced rush<br />

rubber toe cap <strong>and</strong> heel provide additional support, <strong>and</strong> helps protect the uppers to<br />

avoid chafe on rocks. Strong, metal lacing eyes throughout, with quick-lace hook eyes<br />

at the top, for faster lacing.<br />

Available in two sole options: Our popular XS-tra Grip Rubber sole with new, grade 304<br />

stainless steel screw-in studs, or our all-new Studded Felt-Sole. This new sole has an<br />

integrated felt-sole <strong>and</strong> heel with the same stainless steel screw-in studs. Both soles now<br />

having removable studs, means fishermen likely to be fishing from boats during the day, can<br />

remove the studs, with the h<strong>and</strong>y stud socket provided, to avoid damaging the boat.<br />

13080-04 Stream-Trek<br />

Wading Boots<br />

Screw-in Wader Studs can be replaced<br />

easily when worn down. See page 45.<br />

XS-tra Grip Rubber Sole Mk.2<br />

This innovative sole features a deep tread pattern,<br />

moulded in a high-grip rubber compound. The sole pattern<br />

incorporates circular turrets to take screw-in studs. These<br />

give the studs extra support <strong>and</strong> allow studs to be replaced<br />

easily when worn down.<br />

Sizes: 7-13 Colour: 2-Tone Sage<br />

XS-tra Grip weight: 1520g/53oz per pair<br />

Studded Felt weight: 1300g/46oz per pair<br />

Wading boot sizes: When wearing with Stockingfoot waders<br />

fitted with a Neoprene sock, always order a wading boot size at<br />

least one <strong>and</strong> a half sizes up on normal shoe size.<br />

19047 Wading Boot Felt-Sole Kit<br />

Specifically designed for replacing<br />

felt-soles on waders or wading boots.<br />

The one-piece feltsole is oversized<br />

to fit any boot up to size 14.<br />

Simply cut down to fit smaller<br />

sizes. includes adhesive,<br />

replacement felt-soles <strong>and</strong><br />

full instructions.<br />

One size fits all.<br />

13080-07 Stream-Trek<br />

Wading Boots<br />

Stream-Trek Wading Boots<br />

Model Description Size Price<br />

13080-04 XS-tra Grip Rubber Sole with Studs NEW 7–13 £179.99 S10000<br />

13080-07 Studded Felt Sole NEW 7–13 £179.99 S10000<br />

19047 Wading Boot Felt-Sole Kit £49.99 S2777<br />

13076-L Boot Laces (68”) Black/Grey £4.49 S249<br />

13078-L Boot Laces (68”) 2-Tone Tan £4.49 S249<br />

13076-L Boot Laces<br />

Tough replacement laces for our<br />

wading boots <strong>and</strong> being long laces,<br />

suitable for hiking boots too.<br />

Colour: Black/Grey Length: 68”<br />

13078-L Boot Laces<br />

Colour: 2-Tone Tan Length: 68”<br />

46<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

Rockhopper Boots &<br />

Neoprene Wading Boots<br />

With the huge increase in rock-fishing for bass, pollack<br />

<strong>and</strong> wrasse, our range of Rockhopper boots will<br />

give you the edge!<br />

13081-05 Rockhopper Boots<br />

A h<strong>and</strong> laminated rubber boot, bonded to a Neoprene lining <strong>and</strong><br />

upper, for the ultimate in warmth <strong>and</strong> comfort. Add our famous<br />

‘Spike-Sole’ <strong>and</strong> you have the ultimate boot for any occasion<br />

where deep wading is not required. Our Spike Sole consists of<br />

hardened steel spikes, set between deep rubber ‘cleats’ so they are<br />

able to ‘flex’, which is what gives them their outst<strong>and</strong>ing grip.<br />

We haven’t yet found a surface this sole will not grip on – even ice!<br />

Sizes: 6-11<br />

Colour: Grey trim <strong>and</strong> red lining<br />

13167-05 Rockhopper<br />

Neoprene Wading Boots<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

13081-05<br />

Rockhopper Boots<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

13167-05 Rockhopper Spike-Sole Wading Boots<br />

Our Rockhopper Wading Boots originated in Japan for rock fishing,<br />

where good grip is essential. Fitted with our unique Spike Sole, these<br />

boots offer the ultimate grip on any surface – particularly weed covered<br />

rocks, where other soles fail. The flexible, hardened steel spikes cut<br />

down through the weed, to grip the rock below <strong>and</strong> will even grip in icy<br />

conditions. Neoprene uppers with a side zip closure they are equally<br />

suitable for ‘wet wading’ in the summer months or overseas.<br />

Sizes: 6 -12<br />

Colour: Black/Green<br />

Model Description Size Price<br />

13081-05 Rockhopper Boots 6 –11 £119.99 S6666<br />

13167-05 Rockhopper Spike-Sole Wading Boots 6 –12 £84.99 S4722<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> Technical Clothing<br />

The challenge for any technical clothing designer <strong>and</strong> material technologist, is to produce<br />

garments that keep you warm <strong>and</strong> dry in the winter, plus cool <strong>and</strong> dry in the summer.<br />

Our UK team, backed up by the resources of dedicated clothing designers <strong>and</strong> material<br />

technologists at the <strong>Snowbee</strong> head office design studio in Taiwan, have years of experience<br />

in this field, which is reflected in the quality <strong>and</strong> performance of our technical apparel, utilising<br />

the very latest in material <strong>and</strong> design technology.<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> clothing has received numerous awards<br />

over the years, <strong>and</strong> again last year, continuing<br />

to encourage us to develop the ranges further.<br />

Renowned for producing top quality products at<br />

great value prices, <strong>and</strong> as anglers ourselves, we<br />

appreciate how important good clothing is to an<br />

excellent day’s fishing regardless of weather.<br />

The new XStreme Quilted Thermal Jackets,<br />

which achieved notable recognition in awards<br />

<strong>and</strong> endorsement afforded to them in 2022, offer<br />

unrivalled performance for the price in terms of<br />

thermal quality <strong>and</strong> durable construction for use in<br />

all cold <strong>and</strong> adverse weather conditions. See p49.<br />

Of further particular success this past year, with<br />

numerous endorsements <strong>and</strong> excellent dem<strong>and</strong><br />

since their first introduction, the new All <strong>Sea</strong>sons<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Vests (right) have proved an excellent<br />

addition to our clothing range. These are styled<br />

for today’s modern angler <strong>and</strong> like the chest <strong>and</strong><br />

backpacks, as well as our traditional fly vests, this<br />

garment is suitable for all weathers <strong>and</strong> designed<br />

with much thought to have everything just where<br />

needed. The price is competitive <strong>and</strong> having<br />

already earned great acclaim, affords the modern<br />

day angler with a great all-weather vest option, in<br />

a full range of sizes. See p57.<br />

We have also updated our <strong>Fishing</strong> Shirt range,<br />

with the new XS based on our popular ‘Solaris’<br />

design, but in a blended poly-cotton material,<br />

more suited to all the seasons of our temperate<br />

climate. These shirts offer superb performance<br />

<strong>and</strong> practicality in all weathers <strong>and</strong> will look smart<br />

<strong>and</strong> tidy even at the end of a hard day’s fishing.<br />

Available in a choice of Blue or Light Sage <strong>and</strong> in<br />

a full range of sizes. See p54.<br />

Our <strong>Fishing</strong> Caps offer a comprehensive<br />

choice with the <strong>Prestige</strong> Stonewashed Caps<br />

(below), <strong>and</strong> Wide Brim Hats remaining popular<br />

favourites. All the hats offer a range of smart<br />

colours <strong>and</strong> stylish finish with embroidered<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> logo <strong>and</strong> fit all sizes. See p62-63.<br />

Embroidery service<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> have been making fishing shirts <strong>and</strong><br />

fleeces for many years <strong>and</strong> in recent times we've<br />

seen an increase in dem<strong>and</strong> from clubs, fishing<br />

teams, associations <strong>and</strong> retail shops, all looking<br />

for a bespoke team or corporate identity. Always<br />

keen to optimise our customer service, we<br />

started offering an embroidery service some<br />

years ago. This we now extend to all our clothing<br />

<strong>and</strong> even some of our bags, caps <strong>and</strong> Slimline fly<br />

box kits, to help provide reliable product with an<br />

instantly identifiable <strong>and</strong> bespoke logo for every<br />

member to wear <strong>and</strong> display with pride.<br />

It can take up to 28 days to action when busy,<br />

but turnaround time is generally quicker. Pricing<br />

is very competitive <strong>and</strong> discounts may apply for<br />

volume. Most logos <strong>and</strong> insignia can be fulfilled<br />

up to about 90mm. A small charge for new stitch<br />

design <strong>and</strong> templates will apply, plus a small<br />

set-up charge for each new print run.<br />

Please call the sales office on 01752 334933 or<br />

email flyfish@snowbee.co.uk with any enquiries.<br />

48<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> XStreme Thermal Jacket<br />

Our XStreme Thermal Jacket is ultra-lightweight, packs down into the<br />

smallest space, but packs a big punch in terms of thermal properties!<br />

Finished in an attractive olive green outer nylon shell, the filling is<br />

a synthetic Polyball polyester, with a fill weight of a class-leading<br />

425g. The issue with most thermal jackets, whether down or<br />

synthetic filling, is that they lose much of their insulation properties,<br />

once the filling gets wet. To help avoid this the 380T nylon outer<br />

shell is treated with a 'Matt Ciring finish'. This is a technique used on<br />

textiles for this type of use, which involves treating the finished cloth<br />

with a heat <strong>and</strong> pressure process, which makes the outer surface<br />

waterproof, but gives it a matt finish <strong>and</strong> a soft feel.<br />

In addition to this, the outer surface is then treated with a DWR<br />

(Durable Water Repellent) coating, so light rain will bead-up <strong>and</strong> run<br />

off the surface. Although not designed as a ‘waterproof garment’,<br />

this not only helps keep you dry if caught out by an unexpected<br />

shower, but more importantly, keeps the polyester filling dry,<br />

so it retains its thermal properties.<br />

New for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Our new jacket makes an ideal outer-layer on crisp, dry days, or<br />

a perfect thermal mid-layer, under an outer breathable shell, to<br />

keep you toasty warm even on the coldest days. Team it up with<br />

our amazing Mini-Pack Jacket on p53 for the perfect, flexible<br />

combination.<br />

For additional comfort <strong>and</strong> warmth, the high collar is lined with a<br />

self-colour, knitted <strong>and</strong> elasticated collar lining <strong>and</strong> the bottom<br />

hem <strong>and</strong> cuffs, are bound with a self-colour, elasticated piping,<br />

for a warm, snug fit on even the coldest days.<br />

The full-length front 2-way zip has an internal cover-flap to keep<br />

the wind out. There are 2 large, side zipped pockets, plus 2 deep<br />

‘pouch’ pockets inside, one of them with an additional secure<br />

zipped pocket for mobile, wallet, car keys etc.<br />

Weighing in at just 455g (size M), our new jacket packs down into<br />

the smallest of spaces, making it ideal for travel, or to stuff in a kitbag<br />

when out fishing for the day.<br />

Material: 100% Nylon outer shell <strong>and</strong> lining, 100% polyester filling<br />

Colour: Olive Green<br />

Sizes: S 36/38” M 38/40” L 42/44” XL 46/48” XXL 50/52”<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> XStreme Thermal Jacket<br />

Model Description Price<br />

11929 XStreme Thermal Jacket<br />

Our jacket makes an ideal<br />

outer-layer on crisp, dry days<br />

or a perfect thermal mid-layer<br />

under an outer breathable shell,<br />

to keep you toasty warm<br />

even on the coldest days.<br />

11929 XStreme Thermal Jacket NEW £129.99 S7222<br />

Jacket with collar open<br />

High collar with knitted lining<br />

Two large side zipped pockets<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk 49

<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> 2 Breathable Clothing<br />

Our popular range of <strong>Prestige</strong> Breathable clothing has been a best seller since its<br />

original launch in 2012. In 2018 the range was upgraded using new materials, new<br />

designs <strong>and</strong> new cutting patterns. The resulting <strong>Prestige</strong> 2 range is quite simply the<br />

best breathable clothing we’ve ever made.<br />

For 26 years anglers have relied on our top quality Vapour-Tec ® breathable material,<br />

renowned for its performance <strong>and</strong> total reliability. Our <strong>Prestige</strong> 2 range uses our reliable,<br />

quality, breathable material in a range of waterproofs, styled for the modern day angler.<br />

3-panel integral<br />

hood concealed<br />

inside the collar<br />

Tough nylon<br />

front zip<br />

Double front storm flaps with stud<br />

fastening <strong>and</strong> inner rain ‘gutter'<br />

Articulated elbows<br />

for comfort <strong>and</strong><br />

ease of movement<br />

11183 <strong>Prestige</strong> 2 Breathable Wading Jacket<br />

11183 <strong>Prestige</strong> 2 Breathable Wading Jacket<br />

The <strong>Prestige</strong> 2 Wading Jacket is 2” longer than many on the market, so it can also be worn in a boat,<br />

with the over-trousers. The 3-panel integral hood is fully adjustable <strong>and</strong> can be rolled away into<br />

the collar when not required. Tough nylon front zip, with our 'trademark' double front storm flaps<br />

with stud fastening <strong>and</strong> inner rain ‘gutter’. The two rain-proof zip pockets under the storm flap, but<br />

outside the main zip, allow quick access <strong>and</strong> are ideal for mobiles, car keys etc. Large zipped rear<br />

pocket. Strong D-Ring on back for l<strong>and</strong>ing nets etc. Articulated elbows for comfort <strong>and</strong> ease of<br />

movement. Adjustable waterproof Neoprene cuff with Velcro adjuster straps. Adjustable elasticated<br />

waist draw cord. Two large front bellows pockets will swallow the largest of fly boxes <strong>and</strong><br />

there are h<strong>and</strong>-warmer pockets behind them for relaxed comfort.<br />

Large zipped rear pocket.<br />

Rain-proof zip pockets.<br />

Sizes: S 36/38” M 38/40” L 42/44”<br />

XL 46/48” XXL 50/52”<br />

Colour: Dark Moss Green<br />

50<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

Fully adjustable<br />

elasticated braces<br />

11184 <strong>Prestige</strong> 2<br />

Breathable<br />

¾ <strong>Fishing</strong> Jacket<br />

Quick release<br />

clips<br />

Zipped thigh<br />

pocket. Bellows<br />

cargo pocket,<br />

opposite side<br />

11184 <strong>Prestige</strong> 2 Breathable ¾ <strong>Fishing</strong> Jacket<br />

Re-introduced by popular dem<strong>and</strong>, our ¾ length <strong>Fishing</strong> Jacket has simple, clean lines which will<br />

appeal not only to anglers, but to shooters <strong>and</strong> all country sports enthusiasts. The ¾ length makes it<br />

ideal for use over thigh waders, while the chest <strong>and</strong> shoulder area is left clear, to appeal to shooters.<br />

There are two good sized, fleece-lined h<strong>and</strong> warmer pockets, with storm flaps over the openings<br />

<strong>and</strong> below these are two generously-sized bellows design pockets, large enough to take fly boxes<br />

or cartridges, as required. For the shooters, there are pocket tab retainers inside the h<strong>and</strong> warmer<br />

pockets to hold these open. A 2-way front zip is protected by a double storm flap <strong>and</strong> there are two<br />

rain-proof zip pockets under the storm flap, but outside the main zip allowing quick access, ideal<br />

for mobiles, car keys etc. The sleeves feature an adjustable, waterproof inner cuff, the same as the<br />

Wading Jacket, but with an outer cuff over the top of it, to give this jacket a more traditional look.<br />

An internal, adjustable draw-cord around the waist, provides a snug fit, to keep out draughts.<br />

The adjustable, integral hood rolls up into the collar, when not required.<br />

Sizes: S 36/38” M 38/40” L 42/44” XL 46/48” XXL 50/52”<br />

Colour: Dark Moss Green<br />

11185 <strong>Prestige</strong> 2 Breathable Over Trousers<br />

Our <strong>Prestige</strong> 2 Over-trousers are a more 'fitted' style than previous<br />

designs, with a high waist <strong>and</strong> a high back with adjustable braces,<br />

making them ideal for boat, as well as reservoir fishing. The full length<br />

front fly is a feature that will be appreciated by any angler who has<br />

fished all day in the rain. An<br />

inner waterproof gusset, ensures<br />

this remains waterproof, even<br />

when sitting in a boat. 600-denier<br />

nylon reinforced knee <strong>and</strong> seat<br />

pads for extra wear, articulated knees<br />

for freedom of movement <strong>and</strong> zipped,<br />

waterproof ankle gussets for easy on/<br />

off over boots or shoes. Fully adjustable<br />

elasticated braces with quick release<br />

clips. Velcro adjustable side gussets<br />

offering up to 12” of adjustment on the<br />

waist, to cover a large range of sizes.<br />

Zipped, waterproof ankle gussets.<br />

Size: S 30/32” M 32/34” L 36/38”<br />

XL 40/42” XXL 44/46”<br />

Colour: Dark Moss Green<br />

Velcro adjustable<br />

side gussets<br />

11185 <strong>Prestige</strong> 2<br />

Breathable Over Trousers<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> 2 Breathable Clothing<br />

Model Description Sizes Price<br />

11183<br />

2<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> Wading Jacket S, M, L, XL, XXL £199.99 S11111<br />

11184 <strong>Prestige</strong><br />

2<br />

¾ <strong>Fishing</strong> Jacket S, M, L, XL, XXL £219.99 S12222<br />

11185 <strong>Prestige</strong><br />

2<br />

Over Trousers S, M, L, XL, XXL £199.99 S11111<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

Dartmoor Fleece Jacket & Gilet<br />

Our Dartmoor fleece jacket <strong>and</strong> gilet combine a stylish<br />

design with the very latest fleece material technology,<br />

to provide an impressive performance<br />

in even the harshest conditions!<br />

Our Dartmoor range has its roots firmly in the harsh, rugged<br />

l<strong>and</strong>scape of Devon’s Dartmoor. Rising to over 2,000 feet above sea<br />

level, the exposed granite hilltops, known as tors, offer little protection<br />

in harsh winter weather. In these conditions you need good quality<br />

thermal clothing just to survive, let alone keep warm!<br />

That’s where our new Dartmoor range comes in.<br />

Made with the very latest 300g double-brushed, anti-pill, double<br />

Polar fleece making it super-soft <strong>and</strong> super warm. This fabric exhibits<br />

many of wool's qualities but weighs a fraction of the lightest available<br />

woollens. It is hydrophobic, holding less than 1% of its weight in<br />

water, so retains much of its insulating quality even when wet. It<br />

is machine washable, dries quickly <strong>and</strong> makes a great alternative<br />

for those who are allergic or sensitive to wool. Polyester fleece is<br />

extremely warm because of its structure. The pile surface provides<br />

space for air pockets between the threads, <strong>and</strong> this goes for both<br />

sides of the fabric. Because it is moisture-resistant, it can keep<br />

wearers warm even under extreme weather conditions, whilst still<br />

breathable, to keep you dry when things warm up.<br />

Our range features two stylish garments:<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

11927 Dartmoor Fleece Jacket<br />

11927 Dartmoor Fleece Jacket<br />

A stylish new jacket design featuring a<br />

high collar <strong>and</strong> inner storm flap under the front<br />

zip to keep out draughts. The two zipped side<br />

pockets have pocket flaps reinforced with faux<br />

leather for additional style <strong>and</strong> wear protection.<br />

On the left chest is a further zipped pocket for<br />

a mobile phone or wallet.<br />

11928 Dartmoor Fleece Gilet<br />

Front pocket<br />

In a similar style <strong>and</strong> with similar features to<br />

the new jacket, but in a sleeveless gilet design.<br />

On this model, the side pocket flaps, the<br />

armholes, plus the neck <strong>and</strong> front zip hems are<br />

all reinforced with faux leather for additional<br />

style <strong>and</strong> wear protection. Both models<br />

feature quality YKK zips throughout, with<br />

self-colour embroidered logos on the front <strong>and</strong><br />

our <strong>Snowbee</strong> leather tab logo on the back.<br />

Dartmoor Fleece Jacket <strong>and</strong> Gilet<br />

Model Description Sizes Price<br />

11928 Dartmoor<br />

Fleece Gilet<br />

11927 Dartmoor Fleece Jacket S, M, L, XL, XXL £79.99 S4444<br />

11928 Dartmoor Fleece Gilet S, M, L, XL, XXL £69.99 S3889<br />

Leather tab<br />

Sizes: S 36/38” M 38/40” L-42/44” XL-46/48” XXL-50/52”<br />

Colour: Dark Loden Green<br />

52<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

Mini-Pack Waterproof Jacket<br />

Mini-pack from <strong>Snowbee</strong>… does just what it says<br />

on the tin! The smallest, lightest waterproof<br />

jacket you’re likely to come across!<br />

11188 Mini-Pack Waterproof Jacket<br />

We’ve all been caught out by the weather when we wished<br />

we’d taken a waterproof! Our Mini-Pack Waterproof Jacket<br />

solves the problem. Packing down into a stuff-bag measuring<br />

an amazing 8” x 4” <strong>and</strong> weighing just 388g, the Mini-Pack still<br />

‘packs a mighty punch’ in terms of specification! Manufactured<br />

from a quality rip-stop nylon outer shell, treated with a DWR<br />

finish, laminated to a high performance Vapour-Tec breathable<br />

membrane. W/P: 10,000 mm H 2<br />

O, MVT: 3,000 g/m 2 /24hrs, with<br />

a laminated Tricot inner layer, for additional strength.<br />

Fitted with two flush chest pockets with water-resistant zips <strong>and</strong><br />

bellows gussets across the bottom, allowing them to exp<strong>and</strong><br />

when larger fly boxes are stored. Behind these are h<strong>and</strong>-warmer<br />

pockets for those cold days, when a bit of protection against the<br />

elements is appreciated.<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

11188 Mini-Pack<br />

Waterproof Jacket<br />

The main front zip is a water-resistant style for added protection, while<br />

the high collar features a roll-away storage for the fully adjustable 3-panel<br />

hood, which has a stiffened peak. The cuffs are our waterproof Neoprene<br />

design, to keep out the elements <strong>and</strong> have flush fitting Velcro adjusters<br />

that cannot catch on fly lines. On the back <strong>and</strong> shoulders are thin beads of<br />

trim, in reflective material, for additional safety in the dark.<br />

Sizes: S 36/38” M 38/40” L 42/44” XL 46/48” XXL 50/52”<br />

Colour: Dark Slate Green<br />

Mini-Pack cuffs<br />

Mini-Pack elasticated adjusters Mini-Pack front pocket Mini-Pack from rear<br />

Our new ultra-lightweight, packable<br />

waterproof jacket really can be taken<br />

wherever you go… just in case!<br />

Mini-Pack Stuff-Sack<br />

Mini-Pack Waterproof Jacket<br />

Model Description Sizes Price<br />

11188 Mini-Pack Waterproof Jacket S, M, L, XL, XXL £119.99 S6666<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> XS <strong>Fishing</strong> Shirts<br />

Our new XS fishing shirts are equally suitable fishing the flats for bonefish as fishing the local<br />

reservoir. Made from a tough, poly-cotton material, they are quick drying, but also retain their<br />

smart appearance for that 'trophy fish' photo!<br />

Having tried all the 'high performance', 'technical' materials over the<br />

years, we came to the conclusion, that overall, you can’t beat the<br />

tried <strong>and</strong> tested polycotton material, for cool comfort in pretty much<br />

all conditions. A shirt which keeps you cool in the summer, offers<br />

good sun protection, whilst still retaining its smart appearance,<br />

even at the end of a long, hard day’s fishing!<br />

Utilising the same design as our popular ‘Solaris’ range, but in a<br />

material more suited to our temperate climate. Our soft, poly-cotton<br />

material uses a blend of fibres created to provide the advantages<br />

of both cotton <strong>and</strong> the poly fibres, into one fabric. Namely tear <strong>and</strong><br />

crease-resistance, meaning less ironing, with good wicking properties,<br />

when things get hot! The material also breathes to keep you cool in the<br />

summer months, while the top half of the shirt is lined front <strong>and</strong> back<br />

with a fine polyester mesh, covered by external vent flaps, which allow<br />

free air passage to prevent the outer material sticking to the skin.<br />

There are two large front bellows pockets for fly boxes, a sunglasses<br />

holder button-hole on the chest <strong>and</strong> the sleeves features Swiss Cuff<br />

tabs <strong>and</strong> buttons to hold the sleeves in place, when rolled up for<br />

casting. The concealed button-down collars prevent that annoying<br />

collar-flap, when fishing in a breeze. These stylish shirts come in the two<br />

most popular colours – Sky Blue <strong>and</strong> a light Stone/Sage Green.<br />

Material: 65% Polyester, 35% cotton<br />

Colours: Light Sage or Sky Blue<br />

Sizes: S 36/38” M 38/40” L 40/42” XL 42/44” XXL 44/46” XXXL 46/48”<br />

Rear vent flap<br />

Embroidery service<br />

We offer an embroidery<br />

service for our shirts, fleeces<br />

<strong>and</strong> caps, for associations,<br />

clubs, fishing teams <strong>and</strong><br />

retail shop staff. Please see<br />

the full details on p48.<br />

11810-S XS <strong>Fishing</strong> Shirt<br />

– Light Sage<br />

11810-B XS <strong>Fishing</strong> Shirt<br />

– Sky Blue<br />

Swiss cuff loops<br />

Button-down collar<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> XS <strong>Fishing</strong> Shirts<br />

Model Description Price<br />

11810-S XS <strong>Fishing</strong> Shirt – Light Sage £69.99 S3889<br />

11810-B XS <strong>Fishing</strong> Shirt – Sky Blue £69.99 S3889<br />

54<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> Long <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Waistcoat<br />

Our original English style Long <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Waistcoat but with a modern twist.<br />

Over the past 10 to 15 years we have all adopted the American style mid-length fly vests<br />

which double as bank or wading vests. As we are constantly asked by bank anglers for<br />

a long style waistcoat, we have based ours on an original model from many years<br />

ago, but updated with new materials, pocket designs <strong>and</strong> modern<br />

features. Ideal for the reservoir or bank angler.<br />

11624 <strong>Prestige</strong> Long<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Waistcoat<br />

Made from a hard-wearing polyester cotton<br />

with a brushed outer surface. The shoulders<br />

are re-enforced with matching corduroy, which<br />

helps spread the load. Velcro epaulettes lock<br />

fishing bag straps in place, so they don’t slide<br />

off while walking. For extra warmth there is a<br />

thick, brushed cotton check lining <strong>and</strong> all the<br />

perimeter hems are re-enforced with leatherette<br />

trim for extra wear. An inside waist adjuster<br />

cord with toggle-loks ensures a snug fit.<br />

Sizes: S 36/38” M 38/40” L 42/44”<br />

XL 46/48” XXL 50/52” XXXL 52/54"<br />

Colour: Olive Green<br />

Features<br />

l Thirteen front flaps, pouch <strong>and</strong><br />

zipped pockets – ample storage for<br />

fly boxes, leader material, floatants,<br />

sinkants <strong>and</strong> accessories, plus<br />

concealed ethafoam fly holder<br />

l Three secure pockets inside<br />

l Large zipped pocket <strong>and</strong> a priest<br />

pocket on the back l Front rod loop<br />

<strong>and</strong> Velcro tab, plus one rear <strong>and</strong><br />

two front D-rings for l<strong>and</strong>ing<br />

nets, zingers <strong>and</strong> accessories<br />

l Front zip <strong>and</strong> stud fastener<br />

Large zipped pocket on the back<br />

Priest pocket, just where you<br />

need it on the right hip.<br />

A total of 13 front flap, pouch <strong>and</strong> zipped pockets, provide ample storage for<br />

fly boxes, leader material, floatants, sinkants <strong>and</strong> accessories, plus concealed<br />

ethafoam fly holder.<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> Long <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Waistcoat<br />

Model Description Sizes Price<br />

11624 <strong>Prestige</strong> Long Waistcoat S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL £119.99 S6666<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

Geo <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Vest<br />

11619 Geo <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Vest<br />

l Concealed coil retractors on front of vest<br />

l 2 internal 100% waterproof pockets l Further<br />

internal zipped <strong>and</strong> mesh pockets l Internal priest<br />

pocket l Microfibre sunglass cleaning cloth l Two<br />

front <strong>and</strong> two side D-rings l Front rod loop <strong>and</strong><br />

Velcro tag l Velcro removable fly drying ripple foam.<br />

Knitted, self-colour<br />

collar for comfort<br />

Zinger<br />

Breathable foam padding<br />

across the shoulders<br />

DWR Coating<br />

The vest material is treated with<br />

a DWR (Durable Water Repellent)<br />

finish. This chemical treatment<br />

forces water to bead up <strong>and</strong> roll<br />

off the surface of the fabric, which<br />

enhances the water-resistant<br />

properties <strong>and</strong> keeps the fabric<br />

light, by not soaking up water.<br />

This super durable application will<br />

retain its properties even after<br />

repeated use <strong>and</strong> washings.<br />

Size: S 36/38” M 38/40” L 42/44”<br />

XL 46/48” XXL 50/52”<br />

Colour: Sage Green<br />

See p107 for actual chest measurements.<br />

4 main box-design outer<br />

pockets plus 5 additional<br />

front accessory pockets for<br />

floatants, sinkants etc<br />

Concealed coil retractors<br />

on front of vest<br />

Quick-pull Aztec pattern<br />

material tabs on zips.<br />

2 front zip pockets<br />

for extra storage<br />

Geo <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Vest<br />

Model Description Colour Sizes Price<br />

11619 Geo <strong>Fly</strong> Vest Sage Green S, M, L, XL, XXL £119.99 S6666<br />

Full length zip one<br />

side for large items,<br />

short zip on the left h<strong>and</strong><br />

side allows a water bottle<br />

or spare spool to be<br />

easily retrieved.<br />

56<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

All-<strong>Sea</strong>sons <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Vest<br />

As the name suggests, this new vest is designed to cover all<br />

seasons <strong>and</strong> weather conditions, so one vest does it all!<br />

Made from a tough, rip-proof polyester material which has a PU lining, making it waterproof, but also quick-drying,<br />

should it get soaked! It offers good wind resistance, making it ideal for autumn, winter <strong>and</strong> spring use, but also has<br />

a zip-off back panel, revealing a mesh back, making it ideal for the summer months also. Our new vest offers quality,<br />

style <strong>and</strong> above all functionality, all rolled into one!<br />

11617 All-<strong>Sea</strong>sons <strong>Fly</strong> Vest<br />

l Waterproof, quick drying, polyester material<br />

l Quilted shoulder panels to spread the load<br />

l 3 main front box-design outer zipped pockets<br />

to hold all your fly boxes<br />

l 6 additional front accessory pockets for<br />

floatants, sinkants, leaders, tippet spools etc<br />

l 2 front vertical zip pockets for extra storage<br />

l Large internal mesh pocket for licence, keys etc<br />

l Large rear zipped pocket for waterproof etc<br />

l Rear panel zips off to reveal mesh back for<br />

summer use, with integral zipped pocket for<br />

water-bottle, waterproof etc<br />

l Rear, plus 2 side l<strong>and</strong>ing net D-rings<br />

l Front rod loop <strong>and</strong> velcro tag<br />

Top shoulder elastic<br />

looped-straps to hold<br />

fly floatant <strong>and</strong> sinkant<br />

bottles<br />

Chrome-plated snaphook<br />

for zinger, snips,<br />

scissors, forceps etc<br />

Size: S 36/38” M 38/40” L 42/44”<br />

XL 46/48” XXL 50/52”<br />

Colour: Olive Green<br />

Rear mesh panel pocket<br />

Internal mesh pocket<br />

Quality YKK zips used throughout, with reversed<br />

covers for additional water resistance to pockets<br />

Rear panel zipped off to reveal<br />

mesh back<br />

All-<strong>Sea</strong>sons <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Vest<br />

Model Description Sizes Colour Price<br />

Rear panel in place<br />

11617 All-<strong>Sea</strong>sons <strong>Fly</strong> Vest S, M, L, XL, XXL Olive Green £84.99 S4722<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

Superlight & Classic <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Vests<br />

11614 Superlight<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Vest<br />

Made from a lightweight 100% nylon Taslon material, these<br />

vests are so light you won’t know you are wearing them!<br />

11614 Superlight <strong>Fly</strong> Vest<br />

l 100% waterproof Nylon Taslon material l Elasticated collar <strong>and</strong> mesh inner<br />

lining for comfort l 4 main box-design outer pockets to swallow the largest<br />

of fly boxes l Additional small pockets on the front of these for accessories<br />

l Two front zip pockets for extra storage l Large rear pouch pocket l Front<br />

zip closure l Rear net D-ring l Covered pocket zips for better rain protection<br />

l Zip pull-tabs to all pocket zips l Faux sheepskin fly patch to top pocket<br />

l Coil retractor with quick release clip l 3 elasticated holders for bottles of<br />

flydressings l 2 additional front D-rings l Front rod loop <strong>and</strong> Velcro tag<br />

l Weighs just 298g/10.6oz.<br />

100% waterproof Taslon<br />

material will help keep the<br />

pocket contents dry.<br />

Size: S 36/38”, M 38/40”,<br />

L 42/44”, XL 46/48”, XXL 50/52”<br />

Colour: Sage Green/Grey<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

11621 Classic <strong>Fly</strong> Vest<br />

A top quality, bank length fly-fishing waistcoat.<br />

Constructed in 100% Tussor nylon, this ultra-lightweight<br />

fabric is super fast drying <strong>and</strong> comfortable.<br />

Size: S 36/38” M 38/40” L 42/44” XL 46/48” XXL 50/52”<br />

Junior S 32/34” M 34/36” L 36/38”<br />

Colour: Olive Green<br />

Also available<br />

in junior sizes.<br />

Features<br />

l 4 front zip pockets, 6 Velcro flap pockets, 2 tippet pockets l Rod loop <strong>and</strong> tab<br />

plus front <strong>and</strong> rear D-rings l Large rear zipped pocket for waterproofs<br />

l 5 internal pockets includes glasses pocket <strong>and</strong> zipped pocket<br />

l Rear mesh lining to keep you cool.<br />

Superlight <strong>and</strong> Classic <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Vests<br />

Model Description Colour Sizes Price<br />

11614 Superlight <strong>Fly</strong> Vest Sage Green/Grey S,M,L,XL,XXL £64.99 S3611<br />

11621 Classic <strong>Fly</strong> Vest Olive Green S,M,L,XL,XXL £72.99 S4055<br />

11621-JNR Junior Classic <strong>Fly</strong> Vest Olive Green S,M,L £59.99 S3333<br />

11621 Classic <strong>Fly</strong> Vest<br />

58<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

Ultralite Chest-Pack<br />

Rear D-Ring for<br />

l<strong>and</strong>ing net<br />

Our Chest-Pack is designed for the roving<br />

angler who likes to travel light!<br />

There are times when roving a river bank or moorl<strong>and</strong> reservoir, when<br />

you don’t want all the paraphernalia associated with a traditional fly vest<br />

or back-pack. When you just want to travel light with the bare essentials<br />

for a day’s fishing, that’s where our Ultralite Chest-Pack is ideal.<br />

11628 Ultralite Chest-Pack<br />

Constructed from a tough 840D rip-stop polyester fabric, for strength <strong>and</strong><br />

light-weight, with a PU rear coating, making the material 100% waterproof. It<br />

features two, large fly-box pockets, with further internal flap pockets for leaders <strong>and</strong><br />

accessories. In front of these are two smaller zipped pockets for small fly boxes,<br />

tippet spools <strong>and</strong> accessories. On the front of these are a zipped mesh pocket one<br />

side, for leaders, floatants, sinkants etc <strong>and</strong> a convenient, fold-down, ripple-foam<br />

fly-patch on the other.<br />

Down either side of the main pockets, are two external coil retractors, with neat<br />

covers, for forceps <strong>and</strong> snips. These can drop neatly into the looped side<br />

clip attachments, to prevent them swinging around <strong>and</strong> catching fly<br />

lines. The main shoulder straps feature two elasticated loops one side<br />

for floatants <strong>and</strong> sinkants <strong>and</strong> on the other side a novel tippet spool<br />

holder, which can hold up to 4 or 5 small tippet spools.<br />

The two main chest compartments zip together in the centre <strong>and</strong> also<br />

have an elasticated centre strap, to allow more freedom of movement<br />

on hot days. The entire shoulder straps <strong>and</strong> pocket assembly have<br />

an air-mesh rear lining, to help keep you cool on hot days <strong>and</strong> the<br />

elasticated side straps are fully adjustable, meaning one size fits all.<br />

Coil retractor<br />

each side<br />

There is a strong rear D-ring for a l<strong>and</strong>ing net, two side<br />

D-rings for further accessories <strong>and</strong> a rod loop <strong>and</strong><br />

Velcro shoulder strap, to hold your rod, whilst changing<br />

flies or leaders. All zips are 'reversed' featuring cover<br />

shields, to help keep the pockets water-resistant.<br />

Weighing in at just 370g/13oz, you really don’t know<br />

you’re wearing this innovative pack.<br />

Size: One-size fits all<br />

Colour: 2-Tone Sage Green<br />

4 main fly box pockets Front fly-patch pocket<br />

Ultralite Chest-Pack<br />

Model Description<br />

Price<br />

11628 Ultralite Chest-Pack £64.99 S3611<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Vest / Backpack<br />

Our popular <strong>Fly</strong>-Vest/Backpack comes<br />

with the addition of a rear rod-tube<br />

pouch allowing the rambling fly-fisher<br />

to carry a spare rod, or to keep their<br />

rod safely packed if they have a long<br />

walk to their fishing.<br />

Padded air-mesh back<br />

& shoulder straps<br />

Adjustable shoulder<br />

<strong>and</strong> side straps<br />

Rod loop <strong>and</strong><br />

Velcro tab<br />

Side mesh pockets<br />

for tippet spools<br />

Large box<br />

design pockets<br />

for fly boxes<br />

Smaller box<br />

design pockets<br />

Concealed coil retractors<br />

11625 Rear backpack<br />

showing new<br />

Rod Tube holder.<br />

11625 <strong>Fly</strong> Vest / Backpack<br />

Constructed using a tough 840D rip-stop<br />

polyester material for strength <strong>and</strong> light weight,<br />

with a PU rear coating, making the material<br />

100% waterproof. The front section incorporates<br />

all the features you would expect on a modern<br />

vest, including two large box design pockets for<br />

fly boxes, with smaller ones in front of them.<br />

Four zipped internal pockets <strong>and</strong> two side mesh<br />

pockets for tippet spools etc. There are two concealed coil<br />

retractors with tube pockets below to drop forceps <strong>and</strong> snips into,<br />

stopping them swinging about. Numerous elasticated loops plus<br />

a rod loop <strong>and</strong> Velcro tab. Inside there are four mesh pockets for<br />

leaders <strong>and</strong> accessories. The rear backpack offers ample storage<br />

for the roving angler – the large main compartment can be more<br />

than doubled in size by means of a zipped, bellows exp<strong>and</strong>er<br />

panel <strong>and</strong> inside has a secure clip for car keys etc plus a rear<br />

pocket if you want to add a hydration pack. The smaller outer<br />

pocket has further inner <strong>and</strong> outer mesh pouch pockets.<br />

Across the bottom is a further mesh/nylon pocket for a water<br />

bottle <strong>and</strong> there are ample D-Rings for l<strong>and</strong>ing nets etc.<br />

Now with an added rear rod-tube carry pouch.<br />

The padded air-mesh back <strong>and</strong> shoulder straps keep you<br />

cool <strong>and</strong> support heavy loads effortlessly. Adjustable shoulder<br />

<strong>and</strong> side straps means one-size fits all.<br />

Size: One-size fits all<br />

Colour: 2-Tone Sage Green<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Vest / Backpack<br />

Model Description Colour Price<br />

11625 <strong>Fly</strong> Vest/Backpack 2-Tone Sage Green £119.99 S6666<br />

60<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Float Tubing » Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Accessories<br />

Gloves & Socks<br />

13122 Neoprene Gloves<br />

A sturdy pair of neoprene gloves, made in a soft 2.5mm<br />

Neoprene to keep you warm on the coldest days.<br />

Material panels run down each side of the gloves<br />

<strong>and</strong> between the fingers to provide added<br />

flexibility <strong>and</strong> comfort. The back of the<br />

gloves has a jersey knit lining, whilst<br />

the palms <strong>and</strong> fingers use a<br />

patterned rubber for extra<br />

grip. Thumb, index <strong>and</strong><br />

middle fingers have<br />

‘flip-up’ tips, with Velcro<br />

pads to hold them<br />

back – allows knot tying<br />

without taking the gloves<br />

off. Velcro adjustable<br />

wrist cuff.<br />

Size: S, M, L, XL<br />

Colour: Dark Green with Black palm<br />

13122 Neoprene<br />

Gloves<br />

13124 SFT Neoprene Gloves<br />

Unlike traditional neoprene where the seams are butt glued <strong>and</strong> blind<br />

stitched, with our <strong>Sea</strong>mless Fusion Technology (SFT) the seams are<br />

welded <strong>and</strong> then an ultra-thin, highly elastic tape applied. The result is<br />

a 100% waterproof, seamless product. The neoprene used is a 4-way<br />

high-stretch, 100% CR neoprene, but only 1mm thick, so for the first time<br />

you can have a neoprene fishing glove, which is a tight fit <strong>and</strong> ultra-thin,<br />

allowing you to feel everything <strong>and</strong> remain 100% dry. Silicone, screen<br />

printed palm <strong>and</strong> finger panels for superb grip <strong>and</strong> feel, even when wet.<br />

13141 Lightweight Neoprene Gloves<br />

A lightweight neoprene glove with a nylon Jersey knit palm<br />

with rubberised ‘dots’ pattern for extra grip. The thin palm<br />

material allows the gloves to be worn whilst fishing<br />

or shooting, while the Neoprene back gives added<br />

warmth, where it’s needed. The tips of the<br />

thumb <strong>and</strong> index finger are left exposed<br />

to allow tying of knots, or loading,<br />

without removing the gloves.<br />

Size: S, M, L, XL<br />

Colour: Dark Green/Black<br />

13141 Lightweight<br />

Neoprene Gloves<br />

Tips of the thumb <strong>and</strong><br />

index finger are exposed to<br />

allow tying of knots without<br />

removing the gloves.<br />

13275 Knitted CoolMax ®<br />

Technical Boot Socks<br />

We all make do with any old socks inside boots<br />

<strong>and</strong> waders <strong>and</strong> often pay the price of blisters <strong>and</strong><br />

sore feet! This is usually caused by chafe or excess<br />

perspiration. Our new knitted mid-length boot socks<br />

are purpose designed to prevent this.<br />

Made from CoolMax ® yarn, this innovative blend of<br />

wool, cotton, polyester, elastane <strong>and</strong> nylon with soft<br />

padded sole <strong>and</strong> heel, provides maximum support <strong>and</strong><br />

comfort. The ‘climate regulating’ CoolMax ® yarn wicks<br />

moisture away from the skin, to help keep feet drier<br />

<strong>and</strong> cooler, all day long which helps prevent blisters.<br />

13275 Knitted CoolMax ®<br />

Technical Boot Socks<br />

Sizes: M 6-8½ (EU 40-43), L 9-13 (EU 43-47)<br />

Colour: 2-Tone Loden Green<br />

13124 SFT Neoprene Gloves<br />

Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL<br />

Colour: Mid Olive / Black<br />

Gloves <strong>and</strong> Socks<br />

Model Description Colour Price<br />

13122 Neoprene Gloves Dark Green/Black £16.99 S944<br />

13141 Lightweight Neoprene Gloves Dark Green/Black £14.99 S833<br />

13124 SFT Neoprene Gloves Mid Olive/Black £49.99 S2777<br />

13275-M CoolMax® Technical Boot Socks 2-Tone Loden Green £9.99 S555<br />

13275-L CoolMax® Technical Boot Socks 2-Tone Loden Green £9.99 S555<br />

13042 Fleece Lined Neoprene Socks Dark Green £17.99 S999<br />

13042 Fleece-lined<br />

Neoprene Socks<br />

Our fleece-lined neoprene socks offer<br />

added warmth inside boots or waders,<br />

but at just 3.5mm don’t add too much<br />

bulk. They come in a higher length for<br />

added warmth <strong>and</strong> comfort, <strong>and</strong> are<br />

fitted with a split seam at the<br />

top for wider calves.<br />

Sizes: S 5-7, M 7-8,<br />

L 9-10, XL 11-13.<br />

Colour:<br />

Dark Green<br />

13042<br />

Fleece Lined<br />

Neoprene Socks<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

<strong>Fishing</strong> Caps, Hats & Accessories<br />

13259 <strong>Prestige</strong> Stonewashed Caps<br />

Our new <strong>Prestige</strong> Stonewashed Caps, return to the<br />

popular 6-panel baseball cap design, to provide<br />

the best fit & comfort. Manufactured from a soft,<br />

stonewashed cotton material <strong>and</strong> available in a smart<br />

new range of colours – Burgundy, Denim <strong>and</strong> Khaki, all<br />

with a heavily embroidered, self-colour <strong>Snowbee</strong> logo.<br />

Size adjustment by a quality rear buckle <strong>and</strong> strap<br />

arrangement, so one size fits all. These new caps simply<br />

ooze quality <strong>and</strong> will st<strong>and</strong> out from the crowd!<br />

Size: One size fits all<br />

Colour: Burgundy, Denim, Khaki<br />

13259 <strong>Prestige</strong><br />

Stonewashed Caps<br />

13250 Waterproof/<br />

Reduced for<br />

Breathable <strong>Fishing</strong> Cap <strong>2023</strong><br />

A new twist on an old theme! Our<br />

premium cap is manufactured from a 100% nylon<br />

fabric with our Vapour-Tec ® fully waterproof/<br />

breathable membrane, to keep you cool <strong>and</strong><br />

comfortable in all weathers.<br />

All inside seams are heat taped to ensure<br />

you keep dry even in the heaviest rain.<br />

Finished in an attractive Taupe colour<br />

with contrasting embossed, embroidered logo.<br />

With a breathability of 4,000 g/m 2 /24hrs <strong>and</strong> hydrostatic<br />

pressure (waterproofness) of 8,000 mm, this is guaranteed to<br />

keep you cool <strong>and</strong> dry in the most adverse weather conditions.<br />

13250 Waterproof/<br />

Breathable Cap<br />

13251 Folding Cap<br />

A totally unique, innovative folding cap.<br />

Baseball style caps are an extremely<br />

popular item for fly fishing, but are<br />

not the easiest item to store or carry,<br />

when not being worn.<br />

Our Folding Cap is made from<br />

100% polyester micro-check<br />

material with a water<br />

repellent finish. The peak<br />

has a tri-fold facility, so the<br />

whole cap can be folded flat<br />

to fit in a pocket.<br />

13251 Folding Cap<br />

13256 5-Panel <strong>Fishing</strong> Caps<br />

Soft, brushed cotton material in a modern,<br />

5-panel design, with a rear Velcro adjuster strap<br />

<strong>and</strong> contrasting <strong>Snowbee</strong> logo. The vibrant<br />

pink coloured cap has proved popular with<br />

lady fishers <strong>and</strong> st<strong>and</strong>s out from the crowd!<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Size: One size fits all Colour: Pink<br />

Tri-fold facility,<br />

so the whole cap<br />

can be folded flat.<br />

Size: One size fits all<br />

Colour: Slate Grey<br />

19442 Cap Strap<br />

To avoid losing your favourite cap, this ingenious coiled<br />

lanyard simply clips onto the cap at one end <strong>and</strong> the collar of<br />

your shirt or jacket at the other. The quick release<br />

plastic clips give a firm grip on any material.<br />

Length: 13” Colour: Grey<br />

62<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

13257 Wide Brim Ranger Hat<br />

Our Wide Brimmed Ranger Hat offers protection to the ears <strong>and</strong> back of the neck<br />

in a stylish <strong>and</strong> practical way <strong>and</strong> is treated with an anti-UV agent for maximum<br />

protection. Made from a tough 10oz cotton duck material, which breathes<br />

naturally for summer coolness. Treated with DuPont Teflon for water resistance.<br />

Complete with an adjustable chin-strap, which can be tucked<br />

away inside the hat with a neat Velcro strap. There is a second<br />

Velcro pocket inside the hat crown for fishing licence etc.<br />

Colour: Stone (with dark olive under brim)<br />

or Dark Olive<br />

13257-G Olive Hat<br />

13257-S Stone Hat<br />

Treated with an<br />

anti-UV agent for<br />

maximum protection<br />

offering protection to<br />

the ears <strong>and</strong> back of<br />

the neck in a stylish<br />

<strong>and</strong> practical way.<br />

How to measure for hat size<br />

To measure your size, use a tape measure<br />

<strong>and</strong> measure the circumference of your<br />

head, loosely, running the tape just above<br />

the ears <strong>and</strong> approximately 1” above the<br />

eyebrows. Then refer to the chart below for<br />

your correct size.<br />

Ultra-Violet Protection Factor<br />

When we sent the material sample to the SGS Laboratory for<br />

testing, it went off the scale! It came back with an ‘actual’ UPF<br />

(Ultra-Violet Protection Factor) of 2569 allowing just 0.03% of<br />

UVA <strong>and</strong> 0.04% of UVB to pass through! Unfortunately, the official<br />

rating system only goes up to a factor 50+… the equivalent of<br />

wearing factor 50 sunscreen, so we had to settle for this!<br />

13257 Wide Brim Ranger Hat sizes<br />

S M L XL XXL<br />

Diameter inches 6¾”– 6 7 /8” 7”– 7 1 /8” 7¼”– 7 3 /8” 7½”– 7 5 /8” 7¾”– 7 7 /8”<br />

Circumference cm 53.8 – 54.8cm 55.8 – 56.85cm 57.8 – 58.8cm 59.8 – 60.8cm 61.8 – 62.8cm<br />

Hat sizes are given in INCHES which is the ‘head diameter’.<br />

<strong>Fishing</strong> Caps, Hats <strong>and</strong> Accessories<br />

Model Description Colour Price<br />

18063 Cap-Peak Clip-on Magnifier<br />

Glasses or no glasses, this innovative device provides +2.5<br />

magnification for changing flies in any light conditions <strong>and</strong><br />

dealing with fine tippets <strong>and</strong> knots. When not required it flips<br />

up under the peak of a cap, virtually undetectable.<br />

13259-B <strong>Prestige</strong> Stonewashed Cap Burgundy £29.99 S1666<br />

13259-D <strong>Prestige</strong> Stonewashed Cap Denim £29.99 S1666<br />

13259-K <strong>Prestige</strong> Stonewashed Cap Khaki £29.99 S1666<br />

13250 Waterproof/Breathable Cap Taupe £29.99 S1666<br />

13251 Folding Cap Slate Grey £16.99 S944<br />

13256P 5-Panel <strong>Fishing</strong> Cap Pink £12.99 S722<br />

19442 Cap Strap Grey £7.99 S444<br />

13257 Wide Brim Ranger Hat Stone or Olive £39.99 S2222<br />

18063 Cap-Peak Clip-on Magnifier £14.99 S833<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

Spectre Sunglasses<br />

Combining traditional, retro styles with modern wrap-arounds <strong>and</strong> using<br />

the latest, state-of-the-art lens technology, our new flagship Spectre range<br />

offers a sunglass for every possible purpose at class leading prices!<br />

When we set about designing the new Spectre range of sunglasses,<br />

we knew we had to come up with something different to meet the<br />

dem<strong>and</strong>s of modern day anglers. It’s no longer just about<br />

eye protection – you need to look <strong>and</strong> feel good in your<br />

shades <strong>and</strong> if you feel good…. you catch more fish!<br />

All models are made with lightweight polycarbonate frames,<br />

fitted with the latest 1mm TAC (Tri-Acetate Cellulose) lenses<br />

which offer outst<strong>and</strong>ing, distortion-free, optical clarity.<br />

The polarising filters offer superb glare elimination allowing<br />

you to spot fish better <strong>and</strong> follow their movements.<br />

The st<strong>and</strong>ard models are available in a lens choice of either<br />

Smoke Grey – best for bright light conditions, Amber – best<br />

for lower-light conditions or Yellow – ideal for evening <strong>and</strong><br />

night fishing or under tree cover, due to their ‘light gathering’<br />

properties. in addition, we added two new lens finishes in<br />

2020; one in Electric Blue Mirror finish <strong>and</strong> one in<br />

Green/Yellow Mirror finish – both perfect for bright light<br />

conditions, such as those encountered when flats fishing,<br />

but equally suitable on the reservoir on bright days.<br />

Available in a range of frame <strong>and</strong> lens combinations to suit<br />

all tastes <strong>and</strong> fishing requirements. The range features either<br />

satin black frames with grey/black graphite pattern frame arms<br />

with subtle red trim, or gloss finish tortoiseshell frames.<br />

All models come complete with a quality, hard protective case<br />

(below), a micro-fibre cleaning pouch <strong>and</strong> come in a smart<br />

presentation box.<br />

18041-1 Spectre Retro<br />

Full Frame – black/grey check<br />

frame, smoke lens<br />

18041-2 Spectre Retro Full Frame –<br />

tortoiseshell frame, amber lens<br />

18041-1M Spectre Retro<br />

Full Frame – black/grey check<br />

frame, blue mirror lens<br />

18041-2M Spectre Retro<br />

Full Frame – black/grey check<br />

frame, yellow/green mirror lens<br />

18041 Spectre Retro Sunglasses<br />

A stylish new range, the retro frame design, offers<br />

an understated, cool look, while the latest lens<br />

technology offers a performance to compete with<br />

the best. Weight: 25g.<br />

Spectre Sunglasses<br />

Model Description Frame Colour Lens Colour Price<br />

All <strong>Snowbee</strong> sunglasses exceed<br />

American <strong>and</strong> European<br />

st<strong>and</strong>ards for eye protection (BS<br />

EN ISO 12312-1-2013+A1:2015).<br />

The UV400 lenses filter out 100%<br />

of harmful UVA & UVB radiation<br />

for total eye protection.<br />

The polarising filter selectively<br />

absorbs 99% of reflected glare<br />

to allow better light contrast <strong>and</strong><br />

more accurate colour definition<br />

for enhanced fish spotting.<br />

18041-1 Spectre Retro Full Frame Black/Grey Check Smoke £39.99 S2222<br />

18041-2 Spectre Retro Full Frame Tortoiseshell Amber £39.99 S2222<br />

18041-1M Spectre Retro Full Frame Black/Grey Check Blue mirror £45.99 S2555<br />

18041-2M Spectre Retro Full Frame Black/Grey Check Yellow/Green mirror £45.99 S2555<br />

18043-1 Spectre Wrap Full Frame Black Smoke £39.99 S2222<br />

18043-2 Spectre Wrap Full Frame Tortoiseshell Amber £39.99 S2222<br />

18043-4 Spectre Wrap Full Frame Tortoiseshell Yellow £39.99 S2222<br />

18043-1M Spectre Wrap Full Frame Black Blue mirror £45.99 S2555<br />

18043-2M Spectre Wrap Full Frame Black Yellow/Green mirror £45.99 S2555<br />

18044-1 Spectre Magnifier Unpolarised Black Smoke £34.99 S1944<br />

18044-2 Spectre Magnifier Unpolarised Tortoiseshell Amber £34.99 S1944<br />

18043-4U Spectre 'Dry <strong>Fly</strong>' Unpolarised Black Yellow £29.99 S1666<br />

64<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Float Tubing » Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Accessories<br />

18043-2 Spectre Wrap Full Frame<br />

– tortoiseshell frame, amber lens<br />

18043 Spectre Wrap<br />

Full Frame Sunglasses<br />

For those who prefer a full frame design, whilst retaining<br />

the close-fitting, wrap-around style, our new range are the<br />

answer. A stylish, sophisticated design, but retaining the<br />

close fit <strong>and</strong> wide frame arms, to help eliminate virtually all<br />

peripheral light. This range also includes the popular yellow<br />

lens, perfect for low light conditions. Weight: 45g.<br />

18043-1 Spectre Wrap Full Frame<br />

– black frame, smoke lens<br />

18043-4 Spectre Wrap Full Frame –<br />

tortoiseshell frame, yellow lens<br />

18043-2M Spectre Wrap Full Frame –<br />

black frame, yellow/green mirror lens<br />

18043-1M Spectre Wrap Full Frame –<br />

black frame, blue mirror lens<br />

18044-1 Spectre Magnifier Unpolarised –<br />

black frame, smoke lens<br />

18044 Spectre Magnifier Unpolarised<br />

Like many of us who require reading glasses for close-up work, the hassle<br />

this involves when changing flies, or leaders, will be well known to you!<br />

Our new, innovative design features lightweight nylon frames with quality<br />

polycarbonate lenses. Laminated to the bottom of the lenses are small<br />

+2.5 magnifier lenses. These are small enough to be unobtrusive in normal<br />

use, but glance down, as you do when changing leaders or flies <strong>and</strong> the +2.5 magnification brings<br />

everything into sharp focus. These are un-polarised, due to the magnifying lenses preventing this, but<br />

provide great sun <strong>and</strong> glare protection, just the same. Available in black frame with smoke lenses <strong>and</strong><br />

tortoiseshell frame with amber lenses, both fitted with rubber nose pads <strong>and</strong> rubber frame tip-arms, for<br />

grip. Come with a hard protective case <strong>and</strong> micro-fibre cleaning pouch.<br />

Weight: 26g.<br />

18044-2 Spectre Magnifier Unpolarised –<br />

tortoiseshell frame, amber lens<br />

18043-4U Spectre 'Dry-<strong>Fly</strong>' Sunglasses<br />

Our Spectre 'Dry-<strong>Fly</strong>' specialist sunglasses feature lightweight polycarbonate frames <strong>and</strong><br />

2mm polycarbonate, yellow, non-polarised lenses for the ultimate fly <strong>and</strong> bite detection.<br />

When dry fly fishing, the solid fly silhouette st<strong>and</strong>s out against the glare of the water, while<br />

the yellow lens tint takes the sting out of the brightness of the<br />

sunlight. If this glare is removed by a polarising lens, the dry fly<br />

melts into the background colour of the water, making it harder<br />

to see. This specialist un-polarised sunglass is perfect for dry-fly<br />

18043-4U Spectre 'Dry <strong>Fly</strong>' fishing, giving you greater clarity to keep your fly in sight at all<br />

Unpolarised – black frame,<br />

times, reducing missed takes. Weight: 50g.<br />

yellow lens<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> Sports Sunglasses<br />

Our range features lightweight polycarbonate frames with TAC (Tri-Acetate<br />

Cellulose) lenses. This new material offers superb polarisation coupled<br />

with outst<strong>and</strong>ing distortion free, optical clarity. A hard lens coating also<br />

provides scratch resistance. The lenses are available in a choice of either<br />

Smoke Green – best for bright light conditions, Amber – best for<br />

lower-light conditions or Yellow – ideal for evening <strong>and</strong> night fishing<br />

or under tree cover, due to their light gathering properties.<br />

18005-1<strong>Prestige</strong> Gamefisher<br />

Matt Black/Smoke Green<br />

A sleek design, with a closefitting,<br />

wrap-around style.<br />

18005 <strong>Prestige</strong> Gamefisher Sunglasses<br />

A stylish new range, combining a simple, sleek design, with<br />

a close-fitting, wrap-around style. Lightweight nylon frames<br />

fit snugly to the face <strong>and</strong> wrap-around the sides, with wide<br />

frame arms to block peripheral light. Frame/Lens colour:<br />

Matt Black/Smoke Green lens, Gloss Tortoiseshell/Amber<br />

lens or Gloss Tortoiseshell/Yellow lens. Weight: 24g<br />

18005-2 <strong>Prestige</strong> Gamefisher<br />

Tortoiseshell/Amber<br />

18005-4 <strong>Prestige</strong> Gamefisher<br />

Tortoiseshell/Yellow<br />

Comes complete with...<br />

a quality, hard protective case, with swivelclip,<br />

to attach to D-ring or belt-loop, a neck<br />

lanyard <strong>and</strong> a microfibre cleaning cloth.<br />

18006 <strong>Prestige</strong> Streamf isher<br />

Sunglasses<br />

A classic design with sleek, contoured frame arms.<br />

Fitted with rubberised frame arm tips <strong>and</strong> nose pads,<br />

for improved comfort <strong>and</strong> grip. The stylish, close-fitting,<br />

wrap-around frame prevents peripheral light entering,<br />

for enhanced fish spotting.<br />

Frame/Lens colour: Gloss Black frames with Smoke<br />

Green, Amber or Yellow lenses. Weight: 18.5g.<br />

18007-1 <strong>Prestige</strong><br />

’Over-Specs’ Matt<br />

Black/Smoke Green<br />

18006-1 <strong>Prestige</strong> Streamfisher<br />

Gloss Black/Smoke Green<br />

18007-2 <strong>Prestige</strong> ‘Over-Specs’<br />

Matt Black/Amber<br />

18007 <strong>Prestige</strong> Over-Specs<br />

Designed for the angler who wears spectacles, these over-sized<br />

sunglasses fit neatly right over your existing glasses. The deep<br />

top frame ensures they sit clear of your glasses <strong>and</strong> together<br />

with the side lenses, prevent any top or peripheral light entering.<br />

Frame/Lens colour: Matt Black frames with either Smoke Green<br />

or Amber lenses. Weight: 37g.<br />



Above: Trout visible with <strong>and</strong> without polarised lenses.<br />

18006-2 <strong>Prestige</strong> Streamfisher<br />

Gloss Black/Amber<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> Sports Sunglasses<br />

18006-4 <strong>Prestige</strong> Streamfisher<br />

Gloss Black/Yellow<br />

Model Description Frame/Lens Colour Price<br />

18005-1 <strong>Prestige</strong> Gamefisher Matt Black/Smoke Green £25.99 S1444<br />

18005-2 <strong>Prestige</strong> Gamefisher Tortoiseshell/Amber £25.99 S1444<br />

18005-4 <strong>Prestige</strong> Gamefisher Tortoiseshell/Yellow £25.99 S1444<br />

18006-1 <strong>Prestige</strong> Streamfisher Gloss Black/Smoke Green £25.99 S1444<br />

18006-2 <strong>Prestige</strong> Streamfisher Gloss Black/Amber £25.99 S1444<br />

18006-4 <strong>Prestige</strong> Streamfisher Gloss Black/Yellow £25.99 S1444<br />

18007-1 <strong>Prestige</strong> Over-Specs Matt Black/Smoke Green £29.99 S1666<br />

18007-2 <strong>Prestige</strong> Over-Specs Matt Black/Amber £29.99 S1666<br />

66<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Float Tubing » Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Accessories<br />

Classic Sunglasses<br />

A range of affordable sunglasses, offering what <strong>Snowbee</strong> is famous for – great quality<br />

<strong>and</strong> performance, coupled with outst<strong>and</strong>ing value for money.<br />

With the Classic range, we’ve stripped away<br />

all unnecessary extras to allow us to offer top<br />

quality sunglasses at unbelievable prices!<br />

A basic range comprising four models,<br />

with a choice of traditional Retro<br />

frames, plus Open <strong>and</strong> Full-Frame<br />

wrap-arounds in different styles, so<br />

there is a model to suit every taste.<br />

Despite their competitive prices, the<br />

Classic range are made with lightweight<br />

polycarbonate frames fitted with the<br />

latest 1mm TAC (Tri-Acetate Cellulose)<br />

lenses, which offer outst<strong>and</strong>ing, distortion-free, optical clarity.<br />

The polarising filters offer superb glare elimination, allowing<br />

you to spot fish better <strong>and</strong> follow their movements.<br />

Supplied in a simple, micro-fibre cleaning pouch for protection.<br />

All models are available in either Gloss Black frames with Smoke<br />

lenses, or Gloss Brown frames with Amber lenses. Model 18111<br />

also has a Mirror lens option.<br />

18032-2 Classic Open Frame -<br />

Brown frame, Amber lens<br />

18031-2 Classic Retro -<br />

Brown frame, Amber lens<br />

18031 Classic Retro Sunglasses<br />

The Classic Retro models, offer a traditional style<br />

with a choice of frame <strong>and</strong> lens colours. Weight: 30g<br />

18032 Classic Open Frame Sunglasses<br />

The modern design of these close-fitting wrap-around sunglasses,<br />

coupled with the swept-back, sports lenses, offers the ultimate<br />

protection from peripheral light. Weight: 30g<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

18031-1 Classic Retro -<br />

Black frame, Smoke lens<br />

18032-1 Classic Open Frame -<br />

Black frame, Smoke lens<br />

18111 Classic Sports Sunglasses<br />

The Classic Sports range is the ultimate Wrap-Around<br />

style <strong>and</strong> as close a fit as it’s possible to be. Coupled with<br />

the full-frame design, these models cut out virtually all<br />

peripheral light. This range also includes a Mirror Lens<br />

option, ideal for really bright light conditions.<br />

Neck lanyard included. Weight: 25g<br />

18033 Classic Full Frame Sunglasses<br />

A Full Frame design, which still retains the close-fitting, wrap around style,<br />

to help eliminate virtually all peripheral light. Weight: 25g.<br />

All Classic models come with a micro-fibre cleaning pouch (below).<br />

18033-2 Classic Full Frame -<br />

Brown frame, Amber lens<br />

18111-2 Classic Sports -<br />

Black frame, Amber lens<br />

18033-1 Classic Full Frame -<br />

Black frame, Smoke lens<br />

18111-1 Classic Sports -<br />

Black frame, Smoke lens<br />

18111-3 Classic Sports -<br />

Black frame, Mirror lens<br />

Classic Sunglasses<br />

Model Description Frame Lens Price<br />

18031-1 Classic Retro Gloss Black Smoke £15.99 S888<br />

18031-2 Classic Retro Gloss Brown Amber £15.99 S888<br />

18032-1 Classic Open Frame Gloss Black Smoke £14.99 S833<br />

18032-2 Classic Open Frame Gloss Brown Amber £14.99 S833<br />

18033-1 Classic Full Frame Gloss Black Smoke £15.99 S888<br />

18033-2 Classic Full Frame Gloss Brown Amber £15.99 S888<br />

18111-1 Classic Sports Matt Black Smoke £15.99 S888<br />

18111-2 Classic Sports Matt Black Amber £15.99 S888<br />

18111-3 Classic Sports Matt Black Smoke Mirror £15.99 S888<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

Sunglasses Accessories<br />

18063 Cap-Peak<br />

Clip-on Magnifiers<br />

18010 Clip-on Magnifiers<br />

Designed for the angler who only requires glasses for close-up<br />

work, the Clip-on Magnifiers will fit any sunglasses <strong>and</strong> come<br />

in the popular +2.5 magnification. A simple flip-up mechanism<br />

allows them to be flipped-up, under a cap peak, when not in use,<br />

where they are unobtrusive <strong>and</strong> virtually undetectable... out of<br />

the way until you need them.<br />

18010 Clip-on Magnifiers<br />

18009 Clip-on Sunglasses<br />

A more conventional design using a st<strong>and</strong>ard clip-on <strong>and</strong> flip-up mechanism.<br />

Available in a large lens size <strong>and</strong> in Smoke Green or Amber lens tint.<br />

When not required<br />

it simply flips under<br />

the peak!<br />

18063 Cap-Peak<br />

Clip-on Magnifiers<br />

Glasses or no glasses, this<br />

innovative device provides +2.5<br />

magnification for changing<br />

flies in any light conditions <strong>and</strong><br />

dealing with fine tippets <strong>and</strong><br />

knots. When not required it flips<br />

up under the peak of a cap,<br />

virtually undetectable.<br />

180091-L<br />

19432 Silicone Eyewear Retainer<br />

Two silicone rubber end tubes push onto almost any style of<br />

sunglass <strong>and</strong> grip firmly. Attached to these are twin stainless<br />

wires coated with silicone, <strong>and</strong> joined by two rubberised sliders,<br />

so the Retainer can be adjusted to fit any head size. Providing a<br />

firm fit behind the head, this ingenious accessory is suitable for<br />

any active sport where you need to keep sunglasses in place,<br />

<strong>and</strong> for any type of eyewear.<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

180092-L<br />

19434 Sunglass Neck Lanyard<br />

A simple lanyard design consisting of a braided cord, with two<br />

silicone rubber tubes on the end, which push easily onto any<br />

glasses <strong>and</strong> grip firmly. A rubber adjuster block can be slid up<br />

or down the lanyard to lock it in position. Never lose a pair of<br />

sunglasses again!<br />

Sunglasses Accessories<br />

Easy to clip on <strong>and</strong><br />

flip up when not in use.<br />

Model Description Size Lens Colour Price<br />

18010 Clip-on Magnifiers Clear £14.99 S833<br />

180091-L Clip-on Sunglasses L Smoke £17.99 S999<br />

180092-L Clip-on Sunglasses L Amber £17.99 S999<br />

18063 Cap-Peak Clip-on Magnifiers Clear £14.99 S833<br />

19432 Silicone Eyewear Retainer £4.99 S277<br />

19434 Sunglass Neck Lanyard £4.99 S277<br />

68<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Float Tubing » Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Accessories<br />

Ranger Folding Head L<strong>and</strong>ing Nets<br />

A range of quality l<strong>and</strong>ing nets, with a size to match<br />

most fishing styles <strong>and</strong> at a great price!<br />

Our range of Ranger Folding Head L<strong>and</strong>ing Nets comprises of three models<br />

to suit most fishing requirements. All share the same solid aluminium hinge<br />

mechanism, which combines light weight with rugged strength <strong>and</strong> a simple,<br />

efficient locking operation. Simply flick the net head open <strong>and</strong> a springloaded,<br />

sliding nylon collar locates every time into the hinge block,<br />

providing a rigid, reliable net frame.<br />

The tubular aluminium h<strong>and</strong>les have strong, nylon belt/D-ring clips, plus non-slip<br />

foam grips. The lightweight, tubular aluminium frames support the knotless, rubber<br />

coated mesh bag, making these one of the most practical ranges<br />

of nets we’ve ever made.<br />

15131 Ranger<br />

Folding Head River<br />

Net – closed<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

15131 Ranger<br />

Folding Head<br />

River Net<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Folding<br />

mechanism<br />

& belt clip<br />

15132-3 Ranger<br />

Folding L<strong>and</strong>ing<br />

Net – extended<br />

15131 Ranger Folding<br />

Head River Net<br />

A great little net for river<br />

fishermen, when extended<br />

reach is not a necessity.<br />

This ultra-lightweight net<br />

will clip easily to a belt or<br />

rear D-ring, so can be<br />

un-clipped <strong>and</strong><br />

deployed with<br />

one h<strong>and</strong>.<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

15132/15133 Ranger Bank & Boat Nets<br />

Two larger nets which are ideal for general river<br />

or stillwater fishing. The medium size makes<br />

a perfect small stillwater or river bank net,<br />

while the larger model doubles up as a river<br />

sea-trout net, or a perfect stillwater bank/<br />

boat net, with its larger size capable of<br />

h<strong>and</strong>ling most sizes of fish you are likely<br />

to encounter.<br />

Both models have simple ‘twist-lock’<br />

telescopic h<strong>and</strong>les, which can be<br />

locked in any position, while the<br />

larger model features twin, non-slip<br />

foam h<strong>and</strong>le grips <strong>and</strong> an extra-long<br />

telescopic h<strong>and</strong>le for boat fishing.<br />

15133 Ranger<br />

Folding L<strong>and</strong>ing<br />

Net<br />

15132 Ranger<br />

Folding L<strong>and</strong>ing<br />

Net<br />

Ranger Folding Head L<strong>and</strong>ing Nets<br />

Model Frame size Max length Folded Net depth Weight Price<br />

15131 18” x 15” 37” 20” 14” 385g £39.99 S2222<br />

15132 19” x 16½” 64½“ 26½” 15” 490g £44.99 S2499<br />

15133 24” x 18½” 80” 32” 24” 660g £54.99 S3055<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

Folding Game, Salmon, <strong>Sea</strong>-Trout & Pike Nets<br />

15171 Folding Game Net with Rubber-Mesh<br />

Our folding game net works on the 'keep it simple' principle – the<br />

folding mechanism is totally fool-proof - nothing can go wrong!<br />

Constructed from lightweight, tubular aluminium, the entire net<br />

weighs just 590g/20.8oz. The large 23”x 19” teardrop frame has a<br />

20” deep, 16mm rubber-coated mesh to prevent hooks tangling<br />

<strong>and</strong> avoid that unpleasant fish smell during storage. The h<strong>and</strong>le has<br />

a foam grip plus a stainless steel clip to attach to a belt or D-ring,<br />

allowing 'out of the way’ storage whilst fishing,<br />

but readily to h<strong>and</strong> when required. Makes<br />

an ideal sea-trout, salmon or reservoir<br />

trout net. Length overall 55”.<br />

Simple folding<br />

mechanism<br />

Easy as 1, 2, 3... a simple<br />

‘flick & twist’ action opens<br />

<strong>and</strong> deploys the net.<br />

1. 2.<br />

3.<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

15171 Folding<br />

Game Net closed<br />

The perfect<br />

salmon or large<br />

predator net.<br />

Folding Game & Salmon Net<br />

Model Length Folded Frame Net Depth Price<br />

15171 55” 32” 23” x 19” 20” £49.99 S2777<br />

15172 70” 42” 27” x 23” 28” £59.99 S3333<br />

15171-NET Replacement Rubber Mesh for 15171 net £14.99 S833<br />

15172-NET Replacement Rubber Mesh for 15172 net £15.99 S888<br />

15172 Folding<br />

Salmon/Pike<br />

L<strong>and</strong>ing Net with<br />

Rubber-Mesh<br />

Two years ago we launched the<br />

smaller Folding Game Net. It soon<br />

became our top-selling l<strong>and</strong>ing net<br />

as anglers worldwide came to appreciate<br />

the simplicity of design. Soon after launch<br />

however, we started receiving requests<br />

from salmon <strong>and</strong> pike anglers for a larger<br />

model – so here it is! Working on exactly<br />

the same principle as its smaller brother<br />

– just scaled up, this model makes the<br />

perfect salmon or large predator net.<br />

The entire net weighs in at just 915g/32oz.<br />

The large 27”x 23” teardrop frame has a<br />

28” deep, 18mm rubber-coated mesh.<br />

Twin foam grips on the h<strong>and</strong>le, plus a<br />

stainless belt clip, the extended h<strong>and</strong>le<br />

provides an overall length of 70” for<br />

greater reach from both bank <strong>and</strong> boat.<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

70<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Float Tubing » Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Accessories<br />

Rubber-Mesh L<strong>and</strong>ing Nets<br />

& Magnetic Net Releases<br />

Our top-selling 3-in-1 H<strong>and</strong> Trout Net <strong>and</strong><br />

Boat & Bank L<strong>and</strong>ing Net both use the latest generation of rubber<br />

mesh. The fine, hexagonal mesh has a rubber coating, which<br />

prevents it from absorbing water, so not only does it prevent the<br />

net from smelling of fish, but it completely dries, with just one<br />

shake. The rubber coating also prevents hook barbs catching in<br />

the mesh, which can be so annoying when you net a fish.<br />

15112 3-in-1<br />

H<strong>and</strong> Trout Net<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

15112 3-in-1 H<strong>and</strong> Trout L<strong>and</strong>ing Net<br />

The D-section aluminium frame is ultra lightweight<br />

yet offers amazing strength <strong>and</strong> rigidity. Attached is a<br />

hexagonal Rubber-Mesh knotless net which has a flat<br />

bottom panel for the fish to lie in – ideal for catch &<br />

release as this design minimises scale damage. The net<br />

comes with two telescopic aluminium h<strong>and</strong>les. The shorter<br />

model is only 12” (30cm) when closed, providing an ideal river Rubber-Mesh<br />

knotless net<br />

‘scoop’ net, particularly for competition fishing. It telescopes out to<br />

18” (46cm) for additional reach <strong>and</strong> fits within international competition rules<br />

for overall length. The second telescopic h<strong>and</strong>le extends from a closed length<br />

of 25” (64cm) to a fully extended length of 45” (115cm), providing an ideal river bank<br />

or small stillwater net. Both h<strong>and</strong>les are fitted with high-density foam grips.<br />

Frame size: 17.5” x 20” (45 x 51cm)<br />

We have Rubber Mesh<br />

replacement nets available<br />

separately. Not only will this allow<br />

existing owners of our l<strong>and</strong>ing nets<br />

to upgrade to Rubber-Mesh, but they<br />

will also fit most other makes of net.<br />

15112-NET Rubber-Mesh Net – to fit<br />

net frames up to 60” circumference.<br />

15113-NET Rubber-Mesh Net – to fit<br />

net frames up to 74” circumference.<br />

15113 Boat <strong>and</strong> Bank L<strong>and</strong>ing Net<br />

A popular design for the boat angler. The teardrop shaped frame has a flat<br />

front section, to slide quickly under the fish to minimise fish lost at the net.<br />

The D-section aluminium is lightweight but remarkably rigid <strong>and</strong> strong,<br />

which together with the die-cast Y-piece, joins the frame to the h<strong>and</strong>le.<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Features<br />

l Brass screw joint allows head to be removed<br />

when travelling l Telescopic h<strong>and</strong>le with<br />

twist-lock mechanism l Twin foam<br />

grips for comfort l H<strong>and</strong>le length<br />

can be set at any desired position<br />

l Elasticated lanyard with clip to<br />

attach to the boat l Makes an<br />

ideal salmon /sea-trout net, when<br />

a fixed frame is required<br />

l Green anodised frame to avoid<br />

spooking the fish l Hexagonal<br />

knotless rubber-mesh.<br />

19089 L<strong>and</strong>ing Net Lanyard<br />

A simple lanyard <strong>and</strong> split ring that allows<br />

you to attach your h<strong>and</strong> l<strong>and</strong>ing net to a<br />

magnetic net release, by the frame rather<br />

than the h<strong>and</strong>le, so the net h<strong>and</strong>le points<br />

down to the side exactly where you need it.<br />

Size: Head 20” x 27” (51 x 69cm).<br />

Telescopic h<strong>and</strong>le: 29” (74cm) to 53” (135cm)<br />

15113 Boat <strong>and</strong><br />

Bank L<strong>and</strong>ing Net<br />

Rubber-Mesh L<strong>and</strong>ing Nets <strong>and</strong> Magnetic Net Releases<br />

Model Description Price<br />

15112 3-in-1 H<strong>and</strong> Trout Net £55.99 S3111<br />

15113 Boat <strong>and</strong> Bank L<strong>and</strong>ing Net £55.99 S3111<br />

15112-NET Replacement Rubber-Mesh Net £18.99 S1055<br />

15113-NET Replacement Rubber-Mesh Net £25.99 S1444<br />

19089 L<strong>and</strong>ing Net Lanyard £3.49 S194<br />

19078 Heavy Duty Magnetic Net Release – 4kg £19.99 S1111<br />

19078 Magnetic Net Release<br />

This large Magnetic Net Release has an impressive magnet strength<br />

of 4kg, so is ideal for larger sea-trout or even smaller salmon nets.<br />

It comes with split rings for attachment <strong>and</strong> an elasticated cord to<br />

keep you connected.<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

Telescopic/Folding L<strong>and</strong>ing Nets<br />

The top-selling folding l<strong>and</strong>ing net offers a size range for<br />

all types of fishing. The smallest model makes an ideal<br />

river trout net, whilst the 15200 model will h<strong>and</strong>le the<br />

largest rainbow any stillwater has to offer.<br />

EVA soft-grip h<strong>and</strong>le<br />

Saltwater-resistant<br />

anodised aluminium<br />

Unique 'twist &<br />

lock' mechanism<br />

Quality die-cast<br />

aluminium frame hinge<br />

Stainless steel<br />

belt clip<br />

Glassfibre frame<br />

arms<br />

Detachable<br />

rubber tube<br />

allows easy net<br />

replacement<br />

Knotless nylon mesh<br />

Genuine one-h<strong>and</strong><br />

operation allows you<br />

to deploy net whilst<br />

playing a fish.<br />

Glass fibre frame<br />

arms <strong>and</strong> moulded<br />

frame ends<br />

Unclip net from belt clip Flip net open Place foot on rubber<br />

tube <strong>and</strong> adjust h<strong>and</strong>le<br />

L<strong>and</strong> fish single-h<strong>and</strong>ed<br />

Telescopic/Folding Range<br />

Model Length Folded Frame Net Price<br />

15000 43” 18” 14” x 16” 22” £39.99 S2222<br />

15010 51” 22” 16” x 18” 28” £42.99 S2388<br />

15020 59” 24” 18” x 20” 28” £44.99 S2499<br />

15030 70” 29” 20” x 22” 36” £52.99 S2944<br />

15190 70” 29” 21” x 22” 36” £55.99 S3111<br />

15200 79” 31” 24” x 25” 36” £59.99 S3333<br />

72<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

Rubber-Mesh H<strong>and</strong> Trout Nets<br />

A unique range featuring the latest USA-style, moulded<br />

synthetic rubber mesh for minimal scale<br />

damage when fishing ‘catch & release’.<br />

15115 Rubber-Mesh<br />

H<strong>and</strong> Trout Net – Small<br />

Rubber-Mesh H<strong>and</strong> Trout Nets<br />

The lightweight, tubular aluminium frame, offers<br />

strength <strong>and</strong> rigidity <strong>and</strong> this is fixed to a moulded<br />

nylon Y-piece, attached to the lightweight ABS<br />

plastic h<strong>and</strong>le, with a non-slip, moulded finish. Into<br />

the end of the h<strong>and</strong>le is fitted a strong magnetic<br />

release, which is in turn fitted to a moulded ring<br />

<strong>and</strong> aluminium carabiner, for convenient <strong>and</strong><br />

quick release, when required. The 'rubber mesh'<br />

is a synthetic rubber, made from the latest, clear,<br />

moulded PVC, which is soft, lightweight <strong>and</strong> clear in<br />

the water, so as not to spook fish. Graduated mesh<br />

size to reduce water resistance.<br />

15117 Rubber-Mesh<br />

H<strong>and</strong> Trout Net – Large<br />

15116 Rubber-Mesh<br />

H<strong>and</strong> Trout Net – Medium<br />

Rubber-mesh net<br />

Available in a range of 3 popular sizes. The smallest is perfect for small stream & brook trout. The middle<br />

size is a great ‘all-round’ net, whilst the largest will h<strong>and</strong>le big brown trout, plus sea-trout & grilse.<br />

15071/15172 Rubber-Mesh Wooden Frame H<strong>and</strong> Trout Nets<br />

Made from laminated Red Meranti wood for strength <strong>and</strong> light weight. Available in two frame sizes<br />

to cover all requirements, from small wild brown trout in moorl<strong>and</strong> streams, up to larger stocked<br />

brownies <strong>and</strong> grayling in the larger rivers. Both models are fitted with a fine 6mm rubber-coated<br />

mesh to avoid scale damage for catch <strong>and</strong> release, <strong>and</strong> also avoids unpleasant odour <strong>and</strong> hooks<br />

15072<br />

Wooden<br />

Frame H<strong>and</strong><br />

Trout net<br />

catching in the mesh. Fitted with a<br />

h<strong>and</strong>le eye to which an elasticated<br />

lanyard <strong>and</strong> clip is attached.<br />

Magnet Net Release,<br />

built into the h<strong>and</strong>le<br />

15071<br />

Wooden<br />

Frame H<strong>and</strong><br />

Trout net<br />

15090 Aluminium<br />

Frame H<strong>and</strong> Trout Net<br />

Our black aluminium h<strong>and</strong> net features<br />

an ingenious ‘Bungee’ through the<br />

tubular frame, allowing netting of the<br />

fish without unclipping the net from your<br />

belt. ¾” knotless nylon net.<br />

15090<br />

Rubber-Mesh H<strong>and</strong> Trout Nets<br />

Model Description Frame Size Length overall Net depth Weight Price<br />

15115 Rubber-Mesh H<strong>and</strong> Trout Net – Small 15”x 12” (38 x 30cm) 25”/63cm 10”/26cm 305g/10.7oz £35.99 S1999<br />

15116 Rubber-Mesh H<strong>and</strong> Trout Net – Medium 17”x 14” (43 x 35cm) 27”/68cm 11”/28cm 350g/12.3oz £39.99 S2222<br />

15117 Rubber-Mesh H<strong>and</strong> Trout Net – Large 22”x 17” (56 x 44cm) 31”/79cm 12”/30cm 435g/15.3oz £44.99 S2499<br />

15115-NET Spare Rubber-Mesh for 15115 net 13–15mm mesh to fit nets up to 42“/107cm circumference £11.99 S666<br />

15116-NET Spare Rubber-Mesh for 15116 net 15–20mm mesh to fit nets up to 52“/132cm circumference £15.99 S889<br />

15117-NET Spare Rubber-Mesh for 15117 net 17–22mm mesh to fit nets up to 66“/168cm circumference £21.99 S1222<br />

Wooden Frame H<strong>and</strong> Trout Nets<br />

Model Size Net Depth Weight Price<br />

15071 22” overall length, hoop size 14” x 9” (35x23cm) 10” 217g/7.6oz £49.99 S2777<br />

15072 25”overall length, hoop size 18” x 13” (46x33cm) 13” 242g/8.5oz £49.99 S2777<br />

Aluminium Frame H<strong>and</strong> Trout Net<br />

Model Size Price<br />

15090 20” overall length, hoop size 15” x 11” £22.99 S1277<br />

Knotless Mesh Nets<br />

15000.1 Knotless Net - Small £8.99 S499<br />

for nets up to 48” circumference (15000 + H<strong>and</strong> Trout Nets)<br />

15010.1 Knotless Net - Medium £10.99 S611<br />

for nets up to 68" circumference (15010 to 15190, <strong>and</strong> 15121)<br />

15030.1 Knotless Net - Large £13.99 S777<br />

for nets up to 84" circumference (15200 <strong>and</strong> 15070)<br />

15120.1 Knotless Net - X-Large £14.99 S833<br />

for salmon nets up to 94” circumference (15120)<br />

All l<strong>and</strong>ing nets should<br />

use knotless net to<br />

prevent scale damage.<br />

Replacement Nets<br />

Knotless Nets With the increase in catch <strong>and</strong> release, all l<strong>and</strong>ing nets should<br />

use knotless net to prevent scale damage. A range of three sizes of high quality<br />

replacement nets in dark green, ¾” mesh knotless nylon.<br />

Replacement Salmon Nets The heavier gauge twine used in these nets is suitable<br />

for the largest of salmon while the larger 1½” mesh size gives less resistance in fast<br />

flowing rivers. Will fit any style net, including Gye Nets, up to 30” diameter.<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

XS Travel Luggage<br />

This single, innovative bag will hold all you need for a two week fishing trip.<br />

The base compartment is designed to take travel rods up to 10' 4-pce or 16' 6-pce Salmon rods, plus a pair<br />

of wading boots, stockingfoot waders, reels, fly boxes <strong>and</strong> vest or wading jacket. The upper compartments<br />

have ample room for dry clothing, shoes etc. The best bit is that all this gear is safely concealed <strong>and</strong><br />

the XS doesn’t look like a ‘fishing bag’ to rouse the interest of unscrupulous baggage h<strong>and</strong>lers.<br />

Our XS model incorporates two lockable end compartments, but with flexible, over-sized<br />

nylon liners. This innovative design, allows the entire length of the bag to be used as the top<br />

compartment at the start of the trip, by pushing these flexible liners into the ends of the<br />

bag. Dirty clothing can be stored in these end compartments <strong>and</strong> the liners slowly<br />

extended into the main compartment area, keeping clean <strong>and</strong> dirty gear separated.<br />

Large, square<br />

opening flap entry to<br />

main compartment<br />

for easy loading<br />

Webbing carry h<strong>and</strong>les<br />

with Velcro ‘h<strong>and</strong>le-wrap’<br />

for added comfort<br />

Pull-out h<strong>and</strong>le<br />

for easy transportation<br />

<strong>and</strong> greater stability.<br />

16447 XS Travel Bag<br />

Our original XS Travel Bags travelled to just about<br />

every fishing destination around the world <strong>and</strong><br />

withstood the rigours of international travel <strong>and</strong><br />

rough baggage h<strong>and</strong>ling. When designing<br />

this model, we incorporated all the<br />

favourite features, plus a host of new<br />

innovations,to provide a new, more<br />

flexible range of bags, to cover<br />

all travel requirements.<br />

Separate, ‘flexible liner’<br />

end compartments, to<br />

keep dirty clothes/gear<br />

separated from clean<br />

2-way lockable zips on all the main<br />

compartments for added security<br />

Tough rubber base<br />

skids to prevent chafe<br />

Base compartment<br />

reinforced with a 6mm<br />

thick impact resistant<br />

frame, to protect contents<br />

Tough rollerwheel<br />

system<br />

Features<br />

l St<strong>and</strong>-up on end for<br />

convenience l Upper opens on a<br />

clamshell principle from the base with<br />

a 2-way zip closure l Waterproof base to<br />

main compartment to separate wet gear in<br />

the base from dry gear in the upper<br />

l Internal zipped mesh pockets to main<br />

<strong>and</strong> base compartments for accessories<br />

l 2 zipped side document pockets<br />

l Adjustable ‘cinch straps’ to prevent<br />

contents moving in transit l Weighs in at<br />

a class-leading 4.5kg to maximise gear<br />

<strong>and</strong> luggage capacity.<br />

Size overall: 37” x 13.5” x 14” high<br />

Base compartment (internal): 36” x 13” x 5” – Volume 40 litres<br />

Main compartment (internal): 26.5” x 13” x 7.5” – Volume 43 litres<br />

End compartments (internal): 6” x 13” x 7.5” (X2) – Volume 19 litres<br />

Overall volume: 102 litres Weight: 4.5kg<br />

Waterproof base of main compartment separates<br />

wet gear in the base from dry gear in the upper.<br />

74<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

16448 XS ‘Stowaway’ Travel Case<br />

To complement our XS Travel Bag, we have developed the XS<br />

’Stowaway’ Travel Case. Fitting neatly into the base compartment<br />

of the Travel Bag, this makes the perfect<br />

addition to your travel luggage,<br />

providing a ‘day case’ to take<br />

with you once you reach your<br />

destination, with enough<br />

room for travel fly rods, reels,<br />

fly boxes <strong>and</strong> accessories.<br />

Don’t just view this innovative<br />

bag as an accessory to the<br />

Travel Bag. Before it even<br />

arrived, we had numerous<br />

pre-orders, from reservoir<br />

fisherman who agree this will<br />

make the ideal stillwater day-bag.<br />

One bag to carry all your rods, reels,<br />

fly-boxes, tippet <strong>and</strong> accessories. Store it under the<br />

cross thwarts in a boat for easy <strong>and</strong> instant access.<br />

It also makes an ideal competition companion.<br />

16448 XS ‘Stowaway’<br />

Travel Case<br />

16448 XS ‘Stowaway’<br />

Travel Case inside the<br />

Travel Bag<br />

Size overall: 36.5” x 10.2” x 5” high<br />

Base compartment (internal): 35.5” x 9.5” x 4.5”<br />

Volume: 25 litres Weight: 2.5kg<br />

Features<br />

l Carry h<strong>and</strong>le, plus adjustable, removable<br />

shoulder strap l Sides of bag reinforced with<br />

a 6mm thick impact resistant frame, to protect<br />

contents l Tough rubber base skids to prevent<br />

chafe l 2-way lockable zip closure for security l<br />

Inner Velcro compatible liner, so internal dividers<br />

can be arranged as required l 3 zipped external<br />

pockets <strong>and</strong> 3 clear-view internal pockets for<br />

leaders etc l Weighs in at a class-leading 2.5kg<br />

to maximise gear <strong>and</strong> luggage capacity.<br />

Guaranteed<br />

Savings!<br />

Travel luggage deal<br />

*Offer applies to UK only.<br />

Buy the XS Travel Bag &<br />

XS Stowaway Travel Case together<br />

as a set <strong>and</strong> save over 10%*<br />

XS Travel Luggage<br />

Model Description Price<br />

16447 XS Travel Bag £189.99 S10556<br />

16448 XS ‘Stowaway’ Travel Case £99.99 S5555<br />

16447/8 XS Travel Bag + ‘Stowaway’ Travel Case £259.99 S14445<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> Boston Bags<br />

These retro-styled bags make the ideal sports or overnight bag.<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> originally manufactured these bags, over 20 years ago as part of their<br />

popular golf range. Our MD has personally been using them for all that time,<br />

with the black model as a sports bag <strong>and</strong> the 2-tone model as an overnight bag.<br />

Having used them regularly for over 20 years, his original bags are still going strong –<br />

testament to the quality of both the materials <strong>and</strong> construction of these unique, premium<br />

quality bags. With the increasing popularity of retro-styled bags, we felt it was time to<br />

re-introduce them. Both models feature a large, zipped main compartment, with<br />

comfortable grip h<strong>and</strong>les. Below this is a clamshell-design, zipped lower<br />

compartment ideal for sports shoes, trainers, wash bag etc.<br />

GB28BA01-BK Boston Overnight/<br />

Sports Bag<br />

Manufactured in a soft, supple, black fauxleather<br />

material, with a natural ‘grain effect’<br />

surface, you would be hard pushed to<br />

tell this from genuine leather – but at a<br />

fraction of the cost <strong>and</strong> weight!<br />

This model makes an ideal sports bag<br />

for all kinds of sports; an equally<br />

good gym bag or a perfect overnight<br />

bag for those extended fishing trips.<br />

The main compartment also has an<br />

internal flap pocket for accessories.<br />

Main compartment:<br />

17” (43cm) long x 9” (23cm) wide x 10” (26cm) high<br />

Bottom compartment:<br />

17” (43cm) long x 9” (23cm) wide x 3” (8cm) high<br />

Overall: 17” (43cm) long x 9” (23cm) wide x 13” (33cm) high<br />

Colour: Black<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Both bags feature bronze effect 2-way<br />

zips, with hard plastic protector feet<br />

on the base, plus our traditional,<br />

embroidered <strong>Snowbee</strong> crest <strong>and</strong> a<br />

quality metal <strong>Snowbee</strong> logo badge on<br />

the 2-tone model, for a truly 'retro' look.<br />

GB28BA02-TN/OG Boston Overnight/Sports Bag<br />

This model is slightly larger <strong>and</strong> is manufactured in a quality, heavy duty<br />

polyester material, in light olive green, with the base compartment, trim<br />

<strong>and</strong> h<strong>and</strong>les in soft, tan faux-leather material, with a natural ‘grain effect’<br />

surface. There is an outside pouch pocket behind the front trim of the bag,<br />

useful for tucking away tickets, mobile phone, or anything you might need<br />

in a hurry.<br />

Main compartment: 20” (51cm) long x 11” (28cm) wide x 10” (26cm) high<br />

Bottom compartment: 20” (51cm) long x 11” (28cm) wide x 3.5” (9cm) high<br />

Overall: 17” (43cm) long x 9” (23cm) wide x 13” (33cm) high<br />

Colour: 2-Tone Tan/Olive Green<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Boston Overnight/Sports Bag<br />

Model Description Price<br />

GB28BA01-BK Boston Overnight/Sports Bag £64.99 S3611<br />

GB28BA02-TN/OG Boston Overnight/Sports Bag £64.99 S3611<br />

76<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> XS Bank & Boat Bags<br />

The <strong>Snowbee</strong> XS Bank <strong>and</strong> Boat Bags lead the<br />

field, offering hobby <strong>and</strong> competition anglers<br />

simply the best available.<br />

Our range, relaunched in 2018, retains all the innovative design<br />

features of earlier models, plus more. Made from our tough 600D<br />

polyester material with a PVC laminated backing to ensure the material<br />

is 100% waterproof. A one-piece moulded base ensures they remain<br />

dry, even if sitting in water.<br />

The four removable Velcro dividers to the main compartment<br />

can be arranged to provide anything from one, to five separate<br />

compartments, for total flexibility <strong>and</strong> providing adequate<br />

storage for all your fishing needs. Plus there is space<br />

above the dividers for large fly boxes. Remove all the<br />

dividers to give just one enormous compartment.<br />

These bags also make superb travel or overnight<br />

luggage.<br />

Reversed zips to<br />

keep rain out<br />

Aztec embroidered<br />

zip pull-tabs<br />

Front box pocket, with full<br />

length front zipped compartment<br />

Removable, adjustable<br />

shoulder strap<br />

Foam padded carry h<strong>and</strong>le<br />

Main flap cover,<br />

with zipped mesh<br />

pockets under lid<br />

Large main<br />

compartment, with<br />

adjustable Velcro<br />

dividers<br />

Sides of bags stiffened<br />

for extra support<br />

2 end box pockets<br />

with zipped mesh<br />

outer pockets<br />

Priest pocket<br />

Front Velcro pads,<br />

to hold lid shut<br />

One-piece, moulded<br />

waterproof base<br />

Olive Green/Black<br />

Overall Main Compartment Weight<br />

Medium: 19” x 12.5” x 12” high 14” x 10” x 12” high 1.55kg<br />

Large: 24” x 16.5” x 14” high 18” x 14” x 14” high 2.14kg<br />

16216 XS Bank/Boat<br />

Bag – Large<br />

16215 XS Bank/<br />

Boat Bag – Medium<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> XS Bank & Boat Bags<br />

Model Description Price<br />

16215 XS Bank & Boat Bag – Medium £87.99 S4889<br />

16216 XS Bank & Boat Bag – Large £99.99 S5555<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk 77

<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

Trout & Accessory Bags<br />

A range of travel <strong>and</strong> accessory cases<br />

for protection <strong>and</strong> convenience.<br />

16220 <strong>Prestige</strong> Trout<br />

Bag – Small<br />

16210 <strong>Prestige</strong><br />

Trout Bag – Large<br />

16294 <strong>Snowbee</strong> Slingbag<br />

Offering the roving fly <strong>and</strong> lure fisherman the convenience of a rucksack<br />

without the movement restrictions imposed by twin shoulder straps.<br />

The Slingbag sits comfortably on your back supported by one diagonal<br />

shoulder strap. It leaves your casting arm completely unrestricted, <strong>and</strong><br />

when you want to access the bag, you don’t have to take it off. Simply<br />

unclip the side strap, sliding the bag<br />

around to the front. The pockets are<br />

cleverly designed to now be facing<br />

upwards for easy access.<br />

Overall size: 42 x 24 x 18cm<br />

Main compartment: 28 x 24 x 13cm<br />

Colour: Olive Green/Black<br />

Classic Trout Bags<br />

16210 <strong>Prestige</strong> Trout Bag – Large<br />

Traditional style trout bag with a large interior compartment<br />

<strong>and</strong> removable, washable inner liner. On the front are two<br />

large bellows pockets with press-stud flap<br />

closures. Olive green/black.<br />

16220 <strong>Prestige</strong> Trout Bag – Small<br />

Large interior with a stiffened base <strong>and</strong> 2 rear pockets. 2 front pouch<br />

pockets, plus 3 small accessory pockets with Velcro flaps. Side flap pocket<br />

with Velcro closure one side <strong>and</strong> priest pocket the other. Olive green/black.<br />

l 600D nylon material with laminated PVC backing l Practical designs<br />

with pockets where you need them l Zipped main compartments plus<br />

cover flaps for rain protection l Quick release plastic clips on main flap<br />

l Adjustable webbing shoulder straps l Light olive/black<br />

l 16203 Large has an elasticated mesh pocket each end for water bottle, flask<br />

or accessories l 16202 Medium has a front full<br />

width, elasticated mesh ‘game pocket’.<br />

16201 Classic<br />

Trout Bag – Small<br />

16203 Classic<br />

Trout Bag – Large<br />

16202 Classic<br />

Trout Bag – Medium<br />

Trout <strong>and</strong> Accessory Bags<br />

Model Description Overall size Price<br />

16220 <strong>Prestige</strong> Trout Bag – S 11” x 7” x 10” high £32.99 S1833<br />

16210 <strong>Prestige</strong> Trout Bag – L 15” x 5” x 13” high £34.99 S1944<br />

16201 Classic Trout Bag – S 11” x 6” x 10” high £18.99 S1055<br />

16202 Classic Trout Bag – M 13” x 5” x 10” high £19.99 S1111<br />

16203 Classic Trout Bag – L 16” x 6” x 13” high £24.99 S1388<br />

16294 Slingbag £72.99 S4055<br />

19380 Leader Wallet £10.49 S583<br />

19380B Leader Wallet Insert Bags £2.49 S138<br />

19022 Neoprene Reel Bag Small £6.99 S388<br />

19023 Neoprene Reel Bag Medium £6.99 S388<br />

19024 Neoprene Reel Bag Large £6.99 S388<br />

Neoprene Reel Bags<br />

Offering protection to your reels at a great price!<br />

The Velcro flap can be closed in place, even with<br />

the reel attached to a rod, offering protection<br />

when travelling. Comes in 3 sizes: Small – for reels<br />

up to 3” diameter, Medium – for reels up to 3.75”<br />

diameter, Large – for reels up 4.5” diameter.<br />

19380 Leader Wallet<br />

A folding wallet containing a set of 10 heavy-duty,<br />

clear minigrip bags, to hold all your different<br />

leaders. The polybags are removable <strong>and</strong> available<br />

separately, so different sets of leaders can be stored<br />

in each bag <strong>and</strong> placed in the wallet when required.<br />

Two open-top mesh pockets allow licences <strong>and</strong><br />

other accessories to be stored safely.<br />

78<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

16200 Chest Wader Bag<br />

Our ingenious Chest Wader Bag is a must for any fishing trip, as it will ‘swallow’ chest waders, boots, clothing<br />

<strong>and</strong> tackle. A mesh panel in the lid allows damp waders to dry naturally. On the side, is a roll-out, waterproof<br />

changing mat so you can step out of your waders onto a dry surface, avoiding soggy socks or punctures.<br />

The adjustable shoulder strap has reversed clips, so that it can be used as a Wading Belt. A nylon divider flap<br />

inside the bag separates muddy wading boots from your clothing.<br />

Size: 16"x 16" x 7" Dark Olive.<br />

16206 Reel Brief<br />

Flexible storage to protect your fly reels. Made from hardwearing,<br />

lightweight 840D Rip-Stop polyester material in an<br />

attractive 2-tone sage green. The stiffened lid, base <strong>and</strong> sides<br />

offer additional protection, while the 2-way zip allows easy<br />

access. The inside is lined with Velcro compatible lining, so the<br />

8 internal dividers can be arranged in any permutation. Holds<br />

up to 10 large salmon or saltwater fly reels/spare spools/<br />

accessories. Padded carry h<strong>and</strong>le, plus adjustable shoulder<br />

strap. Size: 37 x 27 x 16cm.<br />

16200 Chest<br />

Wader Bag open<br />

XS Travel <strong>Fly</strong> Rod/Reel Cases<br />

Offering the travelling angler convenience <strong>and</strong> protection for their fly rods<br />

<strong>and</strong> reels. In single <strong>and</strong> double tube models, both are 35” long to take 10' 6"<br />

4-pce rods <strong>and</strong> even an 11' at a squeeze! Tough PVC tubes are covered with<br />

a heavy-duty polyester Cordura material with fleece lined inner dividers to<br />

separate <strong>and</strong> protect the blank sections. Padded, zipped reel compartments<br />

allow the rods to be stored with fly reels attached for ease when travelling,<br />

<strong>and</strong> the double tube has a 2-way, lockable zip for security.<br />

16450 XS Travel <strong>Fly</strong> Rod/<br />

Reel Case – Double<br />

19005 Neoprene Spool Tenders /<br />

Rod Straps<br />

Simple Neoprene straps which wrap around your spare<br />

spools <strong>and</strong> reels to keep leaders <strong>and</strong> fly lines in place<br />

<strong>and</strong> prevent tangling. The Velcro compatible outer lining<br />

allows them to close at any point, so they will fit any spool<br />

size, with a neat pull tab to remove. Size: 12”x ¾”<br />

Model Description Price<br />

16449 XS Travel <strong>Fly</strong> Rod/<br />

Reel Case – Single<br />

16200 Chest Wader Bag £49.99 S2777<br />

16206 Reel Brief £37.99 S2111<br />

19005 Spool Tenders/Rod Straps 12”x ¾” £5.99 S333<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> XS Travel <strong>Fly</strong> Rod/Reel Cases<br />

Model Size Dimensions Weight Price<br />

16449 Single 63mm x 880mm 740g £44.99 S2499<br />

16450 Double 2 x 63mm x 880mm 1380g £74.99 S4166<br />

10122 Travel Rod Tube<br />

Polyester Oxford Covered Rod Tubes<br />

In a range of lengths <strong>and</strong> diameters our Rod Tubes offer protection for all<br />

types of rods, from 2-pce fly rods to 4-pce salmon <strong>and</strong> spinning rods.<br />

l Crush-proof inner PVC tube l Nylon inner lining with foam end pads<br />

l Quality polyester ‘Oxford’ cloth outer in dark olive green l Plastic end-caps for<br />

added protection l <strong>Snowbee</strong> logo embroidery l The 7.5cm tube diameters will<br />

take salmon <strong>and</strong> spinning rods or 2-3 trout rods nose to tail.<br />

Rod Tubes<br />

Model Length/diameter For rod lengths Price<br />

10105 80cm x 6cm up to 9' 4-pce £26.99 S1499<br />

10108 100cm x 6cm 9' 3-pce £29.99 S1666<br />

10109 110cm x 6cm 10' 3-pce £29.99 S1666<br />

10110 80cm x 7.5cm 9' 4-pce £31.99 S1777<br />

10111 116cm x 7.5cm 14' 4-pce £37.99 S2111<br />

10122 83cm x 11cm up to 6 x 9’6” 4-pce £39.99 S2222<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk 79

<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

Wet & Dry-Sacks, Bass Bags <strong>and</strong> Accessories<br />

19428-M/L Rubber-Mesh Bass Bags<br />

The popular range follows our well proven design but is made from ‘Rubber Mesh’. This fine,<br />

hexagonal mesh has a rubber coating, so not only does it prevent the net from retaining a fish<br />

smell, but it also completely dries, with just one shake. The strong webbing carrying h<strong>and</strong>les<br />

continue right under the net bag, for additional strength <strong>and</strong> there is a zip top to retain the<br />

fish. Keep the catch fresh during the day’s fishing by pegging it in the water, or using our<br />

innovative Bass Bag Lanyard, when boat fishing.<br />

19428-M Medium 20” x 18” 19428-L Large 24” x 20”<br />

19429/30 Wet-Sacks<br />

We all have the same problem, or what to do with a slimy, dripping<br />

bag of fish at the end of the day! The new, improved designs use a<br />

heavy-duty 500g/m 2 laminated PVC/Nylon/PVC material, which is<br />

100% waterproof. All seams are heat-welded <strong>and</strong> the top zips are<br />

water-resistant, making these new bags as watertight as it’s possible to<br />

be! The smaller size is ideal for a bass-bag full of fish, while the larger<br />

model will swallow boots, waders <strong>and</strong> l<strong>and</strong>ing nets. Just drop your<br />

bass bag of fish, or wet waders, l<strong>and</strong>ing net or clothing into the<br />

Wet Sack, zip it up <strong>and</strong> keep the car clean <strong>and</strong> dry on the way home!<br />

Features strong, reinforced nylon webbing carry h<strong>and</strong>les.<br />

Sizes: 19430 Small 21”x 24” 19429 Large 24”x 31”<br />

Colour: Dark Olive<br />

19435 Bass Bag Lanyard<br />

We all drop the h<strong>and</strong>les of our bass bags over the<br />

rowlock, which means getting up each time you<br />

l<strong>and</strong> a fish, to put them in the bag. With our lanyard<br />

simply pass the end of it under the boat thwart, pass<br />

the clip end through the loop <strong>and</strong> adjust the length<br />

so the hook is just over the boat’s gunwhale. Clip<br />

on your bass bag, which is now right in front of you,<br />

within easy reach.<br />

19427 Dry-Sacks<br />

Using the same tough material as our Wet-Sacks, our Dry-Sacks are<br />

designed for the opposite purpose – rather than keeping the wet in, these<br />

keep the wet out! All three models feature a stiffened, reinforced top<br />

b<strong>and</strong>, which can be rolled down <strong>and</strong> clipped together to provide a 100%<br />

waterproof, airtight bag. Fitted with D-rings each side<br />

onto which are clipped adjustable carry-straps – a<br />

single shoulder strap on the small model & twin straps<br />

on the medium <strong>and</strong> large, so they can be worn as a<br />

rucksack. Colour: Dark Olive<br />

19427-10 Small: 10 litre. 8"diam x 15" high. 230g<br />

19427-30 Medium: 30 litre. 10"diam x 19" high. 390g<br />

19427-60 Large: 60 litre. 12"diam x 21" high. 495g<br />

Wet & Dry-Sacks, Bass Bags & Accessories<br />

Model Description Price<br />

19428-M Rubber-Mesh Bass Bag - Medium £13.99 S777<br />

19428-L Rubber-Mesh Bass Bag - Large £15.99 S888<br />

19435 Bass Bag Lanyard £5.99 S333<br />

19430 Wet-Sack - Small £19.99 S1111<br />

19429 Wet-Sack - Large £24.99 S1388<br />

19427-10 Dry-Sack - Small £10.99 S611<br />

19427-30 Dry-Sack - Medium £16.99 S944<br />

19427-60 Dry-Sack - Large £31.99 S1777<br />

19427X3 Dry-Sack - all 3 models £47.99 S2666<br />

80<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

Wader Repair & Adhesives<br />

Our range of Stormsure products covers every possible type of<br />

wader, boot <strong>and</strong> clothing repair or adhesive application.<br />

SST Stormsure Adhesive<br />

The original adhesive <strong>and</strong> sealant for<br />

all types of repair in waders, boots <strong>and</strong><br />

just about anything else you can think<br />

of. Over the years we have used this for<br />

just about every type of repair you can<br />

imagine! If you step on your fly line <strong>and</strong><br />

take a ‘nick’ out of it, you can repair it with Stormsure.<br />

Use it for any type of wader or clothing repair including cuts,<br />

punctures or seam leaks. Will also repair punctures on float tubes etc. We even use this to re-stick<br />

felt soles that have come loose <strong>and</strong> found it to be the most effective adhesive for this. In fact, we<br />

have yet to find a sealing or gluing application that can’t be covered by Stormsure!<br />

Available in either 1 x 15g, or 3 x 5g tubes for those smaller jobs. Now supplied with a pair of plastic<br />

gloves for convenience. A useful tip is to store it in the freezer once opened, to extend its life.<br />

SST-BWR Stormsure Boot,<br />

Shoe & Wader Repair Kit<br />

A convenient repair kit for all types of<br />

waders or boots. Kit contains 2 x 75mm<br />

Tuff patches, a 5ml tube of Stormsure<br />

adhesive, protective gloves <strong>and</strong><br />

instructions. Suitable for just about<br />

all repair applications.<br />

Stormsure Tuff-Tape Kits<br />

Stormsure Tuff-Tape is one of those products that<br />

once you try it, you don’t know how you ever did<br />

without it! The kits consist of a selection of shapes<br />

<strong>and</strong> sizes of tough, self-adhesive, clear PVC<br />

patches, providing quick <strong>and</strong> easy repair<br />

to waders, jackets, boots etc. Sticks to just<br />

about anything, even when wet! This means<br />

that if you accidentally cut or puncture your<br />

waders, you can apply a Tuff-Tape patch, even<br />

to wet waders, to get you back fishing, until<br />

you can make a more permanent repair using<br />

Stormsure adhesive.<br />

SST-TT6 Stormsure<br />

Tuff-Tape Kit (6 patches)<br />

Kit contains 4 x 2cm <strong>and</strong> 1 x 5cm<br />

diameter patches, plus 1 x 8.4 x 2.8cm<br />

rectangular patch.<br />

SST-TT12 Stormsure<br />

Tuff-Tape Kit (12 patches)<br />

The same as the 6-Patch Kit, but with<br />

a larger selection of patches for longer<br />

tears or seam leaks.<br />

2 x 7.8 x 4.5cm, 2 x 16.5 x 2.2cm,<br />

2 x 4.5 x 4.5cm, 4 x 2 x 4cm,<br />

1 x 9.2 x 2.5cm <strong>and</strong> 1 x 9.2 x 4cm<br />

patches.<br />

Wader Repair <strong>and</strong> Adhesives<br />

SST-SP250 Stormsure<br />

Stormproof DWR Spray<br />

This water based, air-dry proofer <strong>and</strong> reproofing<br />

spray is easy <strong>and</strong> quick to use <strong>and</strong><br />

requires no ‘pre or post treatment’. Just clean<br />

the fabric of any dirt or mud, apply <strong>and</strong> allow<br />

to dry. Turns any fabric waterproof by applying<br />

a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating to<br />

the surface. Ideal for re-proofing any garment,<br />

waders, tent, bivvy or umbrella which has<br />

To increase water repelling<br />

properties, gently heat or<br />

warm during drying with a<br />

hairdryer.<br />

Model Description Price<br />

SST-15 Stormsure Clear Adhesive 1 x 15g £9.99 S555<br />

SST-3/5 Stormsure Clear Adhesive 3 x 5g £9.99 S555<br />

SST-BWR Stormsure Boot & Wader Repair Kit £8.99 S499<br />

SST-TT6 Stormsure Tuff-Tape Kit - 6 patches £5.99 S333<br />

SST-TT12 Stormsure Tuff-Tape Kit - 12 patches £9.99 S555<br />

SST-SP250 Stormsure Stormproof DWR Spray 250ml £11.99 S666<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> Vice<br />

Our <strong>Prestige</strong> vice sets new st<strong>and</strong>ards in quality, function <strong>and</strong> value for money!<br />

19068 <strong>Prestige</strong> Vices<br />

CNC machined from 6061 grade aircraft aluminium,<br />

the in-line 360° rotating head allows for easy fly<br />

inspection <strong>and</strong> trimming. This facility can be locked<br />

by means of the main head screw.<br />

The high-carbon steel jaws are hardened to Rockwell C<br />

58-60 <strong>and</strong> can hold any size of hook firmly, right up to<br />

size 6/0 saltwater hooks. Operated by a simple ‘oneoperation’<br />

cam-lever, for quick, easy hook placement.<br />

The ‘tilt’ angle of the head is fully adjustable <strong>and</strong> a<br />

material spring is supplied as st<strong>and</strong>ard. Available in a<br />

Clamp <strong>and</strong> Pedestal version, with either base available<br />

separately as an optional extra. Supplied in a neat, zipup<br />

case, with elasticated straps for all the components,<br />

plus tools in the lid <strong>and</strong> there is room for both bases,<br />

should you choose to buy both.<br />

The in-line rotating<br />

head allows for<br />

easy fly inspection<br />

<strong>and</strong> trimming.<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Comes complete with a zip-up case, with<br />

elasticated straps for all the components.<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Prestige</strong> Vice<br />

Model Description Price<br />

19068 <strong>Prestige</strong> Clamp Vice with Case £79.99 S4444<br />

19069 <strong>Prestige</strong> Pedestal Vice with Case £99.99 S5555<br />

19068-CB Clamp Base for <strong>Prestige</strong> Vice £19.99 S1111<br />

19069-PB Pedestal Base for <strong>Prestige</strong> Vice £34.99 S1944<br />

All vices come with a purpose<br />

designed carrying bag, allen key<br />

adjuster tools, full instructions <strong>and</strong><br />

a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.<br />

Replacement jaws are available separately.<br />

82<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

<strong>Fly</strong>-Mate Vices<br />

Quality vices for everyone from newcomers<br />

to fly-tying to advanced tiers.<br />

19064 <strong>Fly</strong>-Mate Vices<br />

The Danish design of this premium range of <strong>Fly</strong> Tying Vices is second-to-none,<br />

representing excellent value for money when you compare the quality <strong>and</strong> features<br />

with other vices on the market. Superbly engineered from high quality steel <strong>and</strong> aircraft<br />

aluminium, the jaws are made from specially hardened, high alloy tool steel.<br />

The <strong>Fly</strong>-Mate Vices feature a rotational facility which, combined with the cranked jaws shaft,<br />

ensures that, when rotated, the shank of the hook turns around its own axis. Parallel clamping of<br />

the hook, by means of the 2 jaw clamp screws, ensures secure grip of any hook size from #24 to<br />

8/0. The jaws come with a 5 year warranty.<br />

19066 <strong>Fly</strong>-Mate Pedestal<br />

Vice St<strong>and</strong>ard<br />

19067 <strong>Fly</strong>-Mate<br />

Pedestal Vice with<br />

Ball Joint<br />

Optional extra for<br />

<strong>Fly</strong>-mate Vices<br />

Available in desk Clamp<br />

style or Pedestal models, an<br />

optional extra is a patented<br />

ball joint on the vice shaft.<br />

This gives movement<br />

in all planes, which<br />

coupled with the<br />

360° rotation facility<br />

allows viewing<br />

of the fly from<br />

all angles during<br />

tying. This facility<br />

can be particularly<br />

useful when tying<br />

very small dry flies or<br />

when using Epoxy resin for<br />

Buzzers or Saltwater flies. The<br />

ball joint allows unlimited<br />

movement, so the Epoxy can<br />

be accurately ‘run’ into the<br />

required shape, while it sets.<br />

19064 <strong>Fly</strong>-Mate<br />

Clamp Vice St<strong>and</strong>ard<br />

19065 <strong>Fly</strong>-Mate Clamp<br />

Vice with Ball Joint<br />

14759 <strong>Fly</strong> Tying Display Set<br />

Our new <strong>Fly</strong> Tying Display Set provides the ideal accessory for the serious fly<br />

tier. Consisting of a double-sided, clear ABS plastic box with foam liners both<br />

sides. One side has a slit-foam with slots for up to 115 flies, while the other<br />

side holds 10, colour-coded fly hook <strong>and</strong> hackle pliers. There are round holes<br />

on both sides, into which the hackle pliers sit, making the ideal fly drying <strong>and</strong><br />

display set. Size: 13 x 12.5 x 2.3cm<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fly</strong>-Mate Vices<br />

14759 <strong>Fly</strong> Tying Display Set Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Model Description Price<br />

19064 <strong>Fly</strong>-Mate Clamp Vice – St<strong>and</strong>ard £64.99 S3611<br />

19065 <strong>Fly</strong>-Mate Clamp Vice – with Ball Joint £73.99 S4111<br />

19066 <strong>Fly</strong>-Mate Pedestal Vice – St<strong>and</strong>ard £79.99 S4444<br />

19067 <strong>Fly</strong>-Mate Pedestal Vice – with Ball Joint £94.99 S5278<br />

14759 <strong>Fly</strong> Tying Display Set £12.99 S722<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk 83

<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Selections<br />

A unique <strong>and</strong> exclusive choice of fly selections, largely<br />

designed <strong>and</strong> compiled from the most popular modern day<br />

patterns by our own Simon Kidd, in conjunction with World<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Champion Iain Barr, plus a couple of traditional<br />

fresh <strong>and</strong> saltwater patterns from Russ Symons. Throughout<br />

the range we have incorporated the very latest materials <strong>and</strong><br />

colour options available today <strong>and</strong> also covered more fly fishing<br />

applications than ever before, including a superb new range of<br />

classic barbless flies. Each selection contains flies chosen exclusively<br />

for a wide variety of waters <strong>and</strong> tested by some of the top anglers<br />

in fly fishing. You can fish these patterns with complete confidence<br />

knowing that they both look good <strong>and</strong> will catch fish!<br />

SF100<br />

SF102<br />

Stillwater Nymphs, Lures <strong>and</strong> Dries<br />

These flies range from the natural style, with optimum presentation in mind,<br />

to the extremely simple <strong>and</strong> wildly successful modern <strong>and</strong> often simple flies of<br />

today. Plenty of choice for large <strong>and</strong> small stillwaters, with some great,<br />

‘must-have’ patterns for the new season.<br />

Who wouldn’t be without a lethal snake pattern today, where permitted,<br />

plus a great additional choice of Electric Damsels <strong>and</strong> the best of weighted,<br />

mobile marabou lures? Whether nymph <strong>and</strong> lure fishing, early season buzzer,<br />

or highly visual dries, there are plenty of magnificent ‘7’s to choose from. For<br />

floating or subsurface there are lots of thoroughly effective patterns <strong>and</strong> all<br />

on only the best of hooks either Barbed or Barbless, as listed. For a choice<br />

of flies never to leave home without,<br />

you need look no further! Most of the<br />

Stillwater patterns are un-weighted but<br />

some have added weight for optimum<br />

movement <strong>and</strong> depth control but all<br />

SF126 Quill Buzzers<br />

possess that extra ‘X Factor’ to bring<br />

success when delivered properly.<br />

SF103 SF104 SF105 SF106<br />

SF107<br />

SF108<br />

SF110<br />

SF113<br />

SF115 SF116 SF118 SF120<br />

SF122 SF123 SF124 SF125<br />

SF126 SF127 SF128<br />

SF129 SF130 SF131 SF132 SF135<br />

River Flies<br />

A compact assortment of prime river selections in both dry<br />

<strong>and</strong> nymph option <strong>and</strong> assortment of sizes, weights <strong>and</strong><br />

designs. Each card includes some of the best competition<br />

patterns available <strong>and</strong> designed for trout <strong>and</strong> grayling in<br />

particular. Many represent natural insect <strong>and</strong> river fauna in<br />

the various stages of life cycle, including some tied using<br />

the increasingly popular style of jig hooks for better <strong>and</strong><br />

more snag-free presentation.<br />

SF200 SF201 SF202<br />

SF201 Mayflies<br />

SF202 River<br />

Nymphs<br />

84<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

NEW<br />

NEW<br />

NEW<br />

NEW<br />

NEW<br />

NEW<br />

SF138<br />

Sugar C<strong>and</strong>ies<br />

SF136 Red Hot Dries<br />

SF136<br />

SF137<br />

SF138<br />

SF139<br />

SF140<br />

SF141<br />

SF206<br />

New Barbless Flies<br />

7 carded selections of the best new barbless patterns on the market today. Perfect for quick <strong>and</strong> easy release but tied on great hooks,<br />

that won’t let you down <strong>and</strong> will quickly become favourites for sure. Ideal for competitions <strong>and</strong> proper, efficient catch <strong>and</strong> release.<br />

<strong>Sea</strong> Trout, Salmon <strong>and</strong> Surf<br />

These selections offer a range of popular designs in a choice of effective<br />

patterns, in a mix of drab <strong>and</strong> striking effective colours to stimulate the wiliest<br />

of big, wild fish. The salmon singles are tied on a selection of traditional black<br />

<strong>and</strong> modern nickel silver hooks. The sea trout patterns need no introduction<br />

being simple, popular traditional patterns with a card containing stinger <strong>and</strong><br />

wake flies, which, when testing, accounted for some great fishing <strong>and</strong> all have<br />

a unique habit of going savagely ‘bump’ in the night!<br />

Saltwater / Predator<br />

Our Saltwater/Predator selections offer the predator <strong>and</strong><br />

destination fisher a great range of creations to tempt any<br />

predatory fish from jacks <strong>and</strong> snappers to hard fighting bass, pollack<br />

<strong>and</strong> pike; some of the hardest, most aggressive fighting fish there are.<br />

Be ready to ‘hang-on’ though as our predator patterns, tied from modern<br />

synthetics for light casting, might just be about to catch a toothy critter<br />

more than you bargained for!<br />

SF300 SF301 SF304 SF305<br />

SF400<br />

SF401<br />

Stillwater & General Selections<br />

Model Description No. of flies Price<br />

SF100 Buzzers 7 £8.99 S499<br />

SF102 Diawl Bachs 7 £8.99 S499<br />

SF103 Crunchers 7 £8.99 S499<br />

SF104 Hare’s Ears 7 £8.99 S499<br />

SF105 Gold Head Nymphs 7 £8.99 S499<br />

SF106 Pheasant Tails 7 £8.99 S499<br />

SF107 Montanas (Weighted) 7 £9.99 S555<br />

SF108 Essential Damsels 7 £9.99 S555<br />

SF110 Irish Lough Wets 7 £9.99 S555<br />

SF113 Boobies 7 £9.99 S555<br />

SF115 Gold Head Daddies 7 £9.99 S555<br />

SF116 Dry Daddies 7 £9.99 S555<br />

SF118 Black Magic Dries 7 £9.99 S555<br />

SF120 Fry Frenzy 7 £9.99 S555<br />

SF122 Small Water Favourites 7 £9.99 S555<br />

SF123 Mini FAB's & Blobs 7 £9.99 S555<br />

SF124 Infallible (Reservoir) Buzzers 7 £9.99 S555<br />

SF125 Muskin Buzzers 7 £8.99 S499<br />

SF126 Quill Buzzers 7 £8.99 S499<br />

SF127 CDC Owls 7 £9.99 S555<br />

SF128 Midas Magicians 7 £9.99 S555<br />

SF129 Cats <strong>and</strong> Dogs 7 £9.99 S555<br />

SF130 Electric Damsels 7 £9.99 S555<br />

SF131 Snake Eyes 4 £9.99 S555<br />

SF132 Snake Eye Boobies 4 £9.99 S555<br />

SF135 Deadly Damsels 6 £9.99 S555<br />

River Selection - Barbed<br />

SF200 River Dries 7 £9.99 S555<br />

SF201 Mayflies 6 £9.99 S555<br />

SF202 River Nymphs 6 £9.99 S555<br />

New Barbless Flies<br />

SF136 Red Hot Dries 7 £9.99 S555<br />

SF137 Deadly Foam Daddies 7 £9.99 S555<br />

SF138 Sugar C<strong>and</strong>ies 7 £9.99 S555<br />

SF139 Magnificent Seven 7 £9.99 S555<br />

SF140 7 Deadly Damsels 7 £9.99 S555<br />

SF141 Secret 7 Nymphs 7 £9.99 S555<br />

SF206 Barbless Jigs 5 £9.99 S555<br />

<strong>Sea</strong> Trout, Salmon & Surf<br />

SF300 <strong>Sea</strong> Trout Hunter 5 £9.99 S555<br />

SF301 Night Raider <strong>Sea</strong> Trout 7 £9.99 S555<br />

SF304 Salmon Flame Singles 6 £11.99 S666<br />

Saltwater/Predator<br />

SF305 Bass Hunters 5 £10.99 S611<br />

SF400 Bait Fish Specials 4 £9.99 S555<br />

SF401 Surf Deceivers 6 £11.99 S666<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> ‘Ogden’s’ <strong>Fly</strong> Floatant <strong>and</strong><br />

Tippet & <strong>Fly</strong> Sinkant<br />

For <strong>2023</strong>, we are introducing what have been widely<br />

described as the 'best fly floatant & sinkant on the<br />

market!' Manufactured for us by the Ogden family in<br />

Lancashire, these two new products are truly exceptional.<br />

The Dry <strong>Fly</strong> Floatant is an inert, silicone based, nontoxic,<br />

hydrophobic formulation, with a high viscosity for<br />

easy application. A single application prevents hackles<br />

getting waterlogged <strong>and</strong> keeps dries floating high, with low surface slick.<br />

The ingredients for the new Sinkant are derived from natural plant-based<br />

resources. When applied to sub-surface flies <strong>and</strong> tippets it will help them cut<br />

though the surface tension in difficult, flat calm conditions.<br />

Model Description Price<br />

SFF <strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fly</strong> Floatant – 15ml bottle £6.99 S388<br />

STFS <strong>Snowbee</strong> Tippet & <strong>Fly</strong> Sinkant – 15ml bottle £6.99 S388<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk 85

<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

‘Easy-Vue’ Waterproof & Centre Leaf <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes<br />

Tough body mouldings provide strength <strong>and</strong><br />

crack resistance, while the double hinges allow<br />

the lids to fold to 180 o for easier access.<br />

The double-sided design maximises storage<br />

capacity for the space used <strong>and</strong> has a silicon<br />

rubber seal all around to keep your valuable<br />

flies dry. All our boxes feature a white<br />

back-card onto which the ethafoam liners<br />

are mounted, so flies show up more clearly<br />

for easier fly selection.<br />

Quick <strong>and</strong> easy fly<br />

selection at a glance with our<br />

transparent ABS lids.<br />

14743 ‘Easy-Vue’<br />

Waterproof <strong>Fly</strong> Box - Large<br />

14742 ‘Easy-Vue’<br />

Waterproof <strong>Fly</strong> Box - Medium<br />

14741/2/3 ‘Easy-Vue’<br />

Waterproof <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes<br />

Our ‘Easy-Vue’ range provides flexible fly storage<br />

in a range of sizes for all requirements. Fitted with<br />

Micro-slit, high density ethafoam liners, which hold<br />

all sizes of flies easily <strong>and</strong> securely with ample depth<br />

under the lids for all sizes of flies.<br />

Transparent ABS lids allow the<br />

contents to be seen at a glance<br />

for quick, easy fly selection.<br />

14741 ‘Easy-Vue’<br />

Waterproof <strong>Fly</strong> Box - Small<br />

The small model comes with a neck lanyard, making it ideal<br />

for the roving or river angler who likes to travel light, <strong>and</strong><br />

holds an impressive 136 flies – ideal for small river dries<br />

<strong>and</strong> nymphs. The medium <strong>and</strong> large size boxes hold up to<br />

220 <strong>and</strong> 288 flies respectively, making them ideal for the<br />

stillwater or reservoir angler.<br />

14738/9 ‘Easy-Vue’<br />

Competition <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes<br />

In 2015 we extended the popular<br />

‘Easy-Vue’ range with the addition of<br />

two larger, double-sided Competition<br />

models. Aimed squarely at the<br />

competition fly fisher or serious fly<br />

tier, who wants large capacity, in one<br />

box, easily accessible. Both models<br />

are fitted with our popular slit-foam<br />

design in light grey with white<br />

background, which coupled with<br />

the clear lids, allows for clear, quick<br />

fly identification. The smaller model<br />

has 9 rows of fly foam each side<br />

<strong>and</strong> holds up to 562 flies. The larger<br />

model has 11 rows of fly foam each<br />

side <strong>and</strong> holds up to 708 flies.<br />

14738 ‘Easy-Vue’<br />

Competition <strong>Fly</strong> Box, Medium<br />

14739 ‘Easy-Vue’<br />

Competition <strong>Fly</strong> Box, Large<br />

'Easy Vue' Waterproof & Competition <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes<br />

Model Description Size Price<br />

14741 ‘Easy-Vue’ Waterproof <strong>Fly</strong> Box – S 3.8” x 2.8” x 1.4” £12.99 S722<br />

14742 ‘Easy-Vue’ Waterproof <strong>Fly</strong> Box – M 4.9” x 3.6” x 1.4” £15.99 S888<br />

14743 ‘Easy-Vue’ Waterproof <strong>Fly</strong> Box – L 6.1” x 4.2” x 1.7” £16.99 S944<br />

14738 ‘Easy-Vue’ Competition <strong>Fly</strong> Box – M 9” x 6.5” x 1.75” £35.99 S1999<br />

14739 ‘Easy-Vue’ Competition <strong>Fly</strong> Box – L 11.75” x 8.5” x 2.3” £45.99 S2555<br />

86<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

14730 ‘Easy-Vue’ Silicone-Foam <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes<br />

Our Hi-Grip Silicone foam is now available in a double-sided<br />

version in the 'Easy-Vue' range. This high-density silicone foam<br />

provides the ultimate grip for all flies <strong>and</strong> will not damage with<br />

repeated hook insertion <strong>and</strong> removal.<br />

Available in Small, Medium <strong>and</strong> Large sizes.<br />

14757 ‘Easy-Vue’ Silicone Foam <strong>Fly</strong> Box - Large<br />

14730 ‘Easy-Vue’ Silicone Foam <strong>Fly</strong> Box - Small<br />

14731 ‘Easy-Vue’ Silicone Foam <strong>Fly</strong> Box - Medium<br />

14762 Waterproof Salmon/Saltwater/Lure Box<br />

This innovative fly/lure box covers a multitude of uses. Moulded in tough, crackproof<br />

ABS plastic, with a clear lid for easy fly identification. Single-sided to allow it to<br />

accommodate deep flies, it is fitted with a long-slit ethafoam base making it ideal for<br />

large salmon, pike <strong>and</strong> saltwater flies, but equally suitable for small spinners such as<br />

‘<strong>Fly</strong>ing-C’s’ or Mepps. There are 11 rows of 4 x 1” slots, providing plenty of storage space.<br />

A simple spring latch mechanism holds the lid securely when closed. Weight: 97g/3½ oz.<br />

14762 Waterproof<br />

Salmon/Saltwater/<br />

Lure Box<br />

Ideal for large salmon, pike<br />

<strong>and</strong> saltwater flies, but equally<br />

suitable for small spinners such<br />

as ‘<strong>Fly</strong>ing-C’s’ or Mepps.<br />

14744 Centre Leaf<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Box, Large<br />

14745 Centre<br />

Leaf <strong>Fly</strong> Box, X-Large<br />

14744/5 Centre Leaf <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes<br />

Our waterproof Centre Leaf <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes really do maximise<br />

available storage space. The removable centre swing-leaf,<br />

hinges to give easy access to both sides, providing<br />

4-sided fly storage in one box. The centre leaves are<br />

available separately, so you can keep leaves<br />

pre-loaded with your favourite flies <strong>and</strong> swap<br />

over the ones you want for that day’s fishing.<br />

If you want to store large salmon or saltwater<br />

flies, simply remove the centre leaf<br />

completely <strong>and</strong> you have a very deep<br />

box, capable of storing the largest of<br />

flies. The Large model can store up to 576 flies,<br />

while the X-Large can take a whopping 936 flies!<br />

'Easy Vue' Silicone <strong>and</strong> Centre-Leaf <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes<br />

Model Description Size Price<br />

14730 ‘Easy-Vue’ Silicone Foam <strong>Fly</strong> Box - S 4.2” x 3.0” x 1.5” £13.99 S777<br />

14731 ‘Easy-Vue’ Silicone Foam <strong>Fly</strong> Box - M 5.0” x 4.1” x 1.8” £14.99 S833<br />

14757 ‘Easy-Vue’ Silicone Foam <strong>Fly</strong> Box - L 5.9” x 4.0” x 1.9” £16.99 S944<br />

14762 Salmon/Saltwater/Lure Box 6.2” x 3.4” x 1” £11.99 S666<br />

14744 Centre-Leaf Waterproof <strong>Fly</strong> Box – L 6.7” x 4.3” x 1.8” £18.99 S1055<br />

14744-L Centre-Leaf for 14744 Price reduced for <strong>2023</strong> £4.99 S277<br />

14745 Centre-Leaf Waterproof <strong>Fly</strong> Box – XL 7.7” x 4.2” x 1.7” £20.99 S1166<br />

14745-L Centre-Leaf for 14745 Price reduced for <strong>2023</strong> £4.99 S277<br />

14748 Waterproof Tube <strong>Fly</strong> Box 6.1” x 3.9” x 1.7” £14.99 S833<br />

14748 Tube<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Box<br />

14748 Tube <strong>Fly</strong> Box<br />

Based on our waterproof body moulding, but featuring<br />

open compartments both sides to hold a full range of tube<br />

flies, trebles <strong>and</strong> Waddington Shanks etc in one neat box.<br />

l Seven compartments one side, including two<br />

full length compartments for long tube flies<br />

l Nine smaller compartments the other side.<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk 87

<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

Slimline <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes & Accessories<br />

14755/6 Slimline Silicone-foam <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes<br />

Slimline design fly boxes, made from tough ABS plastic, with a clear lid for<br />

quick <strong>and</strong> easy fly identification. Fitted with the latest high-density silicone<br />

foam, which gives a constant, firm grip, with no “stretching” over time <strong>and</strong> will<br />

not damage with repeated hook insertion <strong>and</strong> removal. The unique, staggered<br />

foam slits hold all dry flies <strong>and</strong> nymphs firmly <strong>and</strong> the slim profile is ideal to slip<br />

into a shirt or vest pocket when ‘fishing light’.<br />

Available in two sizes.<br />

14756 Slimline<br />

Silicone-foam <strong>Fly</strong><br />

Box – Large<br />

14754 Slimline Uni <strong>Fly</strong> Box<br />

A new concept in fly boxes for the angler who<br />

likes to travel light, with just ONE fly box.<br />

A Slimline fly box which has 2 magnetic<br />

compartments at the top for dry flies, <strong>and</strong> below<br />

this 5 rows of slit foam to hold nymphs <strong>and</strong> lures.<br />

14755 Slimline Silicone-foam <strong>Fly</strong> Box – Small<br />

14754 Slimline Uni <strong>Fly</strong> Box<br />

14763/14764 Slimline Competition <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes<br />

An addition to our popular Slimline range, is our new Competition <strong>Fly</strong> Box. Made in a<br />

tough, unbreakable ABS plastic, like the other models in the range, with a crystal clear<br />

polycarbonate lid for easy fly identification. Available in two versions. The nymph <strong>and</strong> buzzer<br />

box is fitted with high density Silicone foam, offering a firm grip on any size fly <strong>and</strong> with<br />

sufficient room to hold up to 192 flies. For hackled dry <strong>and</strong> wet flies, we have a traditional<br />

high-density slit-ethafoam lining, with a white back-board for easy fly identification.<br />

This version will hold up to 306 flies.<br />

14763 Slimline Silicone<br />

Competition <strong>Fly</strong> Box<br />

14764 Slimline Slit-foam<br />

Competition <strong>Fly</strong> Box<br />

14750 Slimline <strong>Fly</strong> Box<br />

Our ultra-slim profile fly boxes take up the minimum of space <strong>and</strong> slip easily into any shirt<br />

or vest pocket, making them ideal for the roving bank or river angler. Made from a tough,<br />

flexible, crack-proof ABS for durability, which is also transparent on the lid for quick, easy fly<br />

selection. The high density, pre-slit ethafoam liners hold flies firmly <strong>and</strong> neatly in position<br />

<strong>and</strong> although these are not a new idea, what makes <strong>Snowbee</strong>’s boxes different, is the ‘cutouts’<br />

between the rows, allowing even large, hackled dry flies to be stored without crushing<br />

the hackles. The ethafoam liners are mounted on white coloured back-cards so flies are<br />

more visible for easier fly selection. Each box has 9 rows of hook-slots holding up to an<br />

impressive 234 flies securely. Size: 184mm x 98mm x 13mm Weight: Just 80g/2.9oz<br />

19096 <strong>Fly</strong> & Leader Keeper Patch<br />

A simple but essential accessory to keep<br />

your spare leaders & flies in one place <strong>and</strong><br />

ready to h<strong>and</strong>. An ethafoam Keeper Patch<br />

with 22 slits for flies, plus 10 fine slits<br />

down each side, to securely hold<br />

wound on leaders, ready for use.<br />

Fitted with a simple clip at the top,<br />

to attach to a vest pocket flap, but<br />

also comes with a plastic covered<br />

wire cord, to attach to a D-Ring.<br />

Slimline <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes & Accessories<br />

Model Description Size Price<br />

14755 Slimline Silicone-foam <strong>Fly</strong> Box – S 5.4” x 3.8” x 0.63” £13.99 S777<br />

14756 Slimline Silicone-foam <strong>Fly</strong> Box – L 7.4” x 4” x 0.67” £15.99 S888<br />

14754 Slimline Uni <strong>Fly</strong> Box 7.4” x 4” x 0.67” £11.99 S666<br />

14763 Slimline Silicone Competition <strong>Fly</strong> Box 9.1” x 5.1” x 1” £20.99 S1166<br />

14764 Slimline Slit-foam Competition <strong>Fly</strong> Box 9.1” x 5.1” x 1” £17.99 S999<br />

19096 <strong>Fly</strong> & Leader Keeper Patch 3.9” x 2.6” £6.99 S388<br />

14750 Slimline <strong>Fly</strong> Box £9.99 S555<br />

14750-KIT Slimline <strong>Fly</strong> Box Kit £64.99 S3611<br />

14750-BAG Divider Bag sold separately £15.99 S888<br />

14750 Slimline <strong>Fly</strong> Box<br />

14750-KIT<br />

Slimline <strong>Fly</strong> Box Kit<br />

14750-KIT Slimline <strong>Fly</strong> Box Kit<br />

Designed with the serious fly tier or fly fisher in<br />

mind,this innovative kit consists of five of our<br />

Slimline <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes, neatly stored in a zip-closed<br />

divider bag. Between them the five Slimline <strong>Fly</strong><br />

Boxes will hold up to an amazing 1,170 flies in a<br />

carry bag of just 20 x 12 x 8cm (8 x 4.75 x 3.15”)<br />

– enough for the keenest fly fisherman or fly tier!<br />

88<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

Classic <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes, Multi-Box & Clamshell Box<br />

Classic <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes – a range of basic fly boxes offering practicality <strong>and</strong> superb value for money.<br />

14760 Classic <strong>Fly</strong> Box<br />

A simple, double-sided clamshell design, with an outer shell<br />

moulded in crack-proof polypropylene. Lined with highdensity<br />

slit-ethafoam, with a white backboard, for better fly<br />

identification. Holds up to 235 flies securely. Weighs in at just<br />

63g/2¼oz. <strong>and</strong> fitted with two lugs on the front, so you can<br />

attach it to a neck lanyard, if required.<br />

14761-T Set of<br />

5 <strong>Fly</strong> Threaders<br />

for 14761<br />

14761 Classic<br />

Dry-<strong>Fly</strong> Box<br />

14760 Classic<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Box<br />

14761 Classic Dry-<strong>Fly</strong> Box<br />

Based on the same design as the st<strong>and</strong>ard box, but with<br />

5 x fine wire fly-threaders, for dry flies <strong>and</strong> small midge<br />

patterns. Holds up to 235 flies securely, with spare flythreaders<br />

available separately. Weighs just 70g/2½oz.<br />

Also fitted with twin lugs, for a neck lanyard.<br />

14760/14761<br />

Classic <strong>Fly</strong>/Dry-<strong>Fly</strong><br />

Box - closed<br />

14749 <strong>Snowbee</strong> Multi-Box<br />

A superb quality, small Multi-Box ideal for storing dry flies <strong>and</strong> nymphs. Solidly built<br />

in ABS plastic with a heavy-duty hinge that is not going to break half way through the<br />

first season! Double-sided, with a waterproof gasket all around, making it buoyant if<br />

dropped. 4 spring loaded lids covering a total of 14 compartments. Undoubtedly the<br />

best small multi-box we’ve seen <strong>and</strong> as the MD couldn’t break it after a full season’s<br />

use, it goes in the catalogue! Size: 4” x 3.25” x 1.25” Colour: Olive Green<br />

14691 Clamshell<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Box - closed<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

14749 Multi-Box - closed<br />

14749 Multi-Box - open<br />

14691 Clamshell<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Box - open<br />

14691 Clamshell <strong>Fly</strong> Box with Centre Leaf<br />

This clamshell design has a simple clip closure plus a folding<br />

centre leaf to double the holding capacity to an impressive 372<br />

flies. This centre leaf has a rigid core, so it will not flex like some<br />

models, causing the flies to dislodge. A rubber gasket around the<br />

rim makes this fly box 100% waterproof.<br />

Size: 5¼”x 3½”x 1 3 /8”<br />

Classic <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes, Multi-Box & Clamshell Box<br />

Model Description Price<br />

14760 Classic <strong>Fly</strong> Box 124mm x 92mm x 30mm £6.99 S388<br />

14761 Classic Dry <strong>Fly</strong> Box 124mm x 92mm x 30mm £8.99 S499<br />

14761-T Set of 5 <strong>Fly</strong> Threaders for 14761 £4.99 S277<br />

14749 Multi-Box £12.99 S722<br />

14691 Clamshell <strong>Fly</strong> Box with centre leaf £9.99 S555<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk 89

<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

XS-Plus Gold Leader <strong>and</strong> Tippet Material<br />

A breed of tippet materials, incorporating the very latest in material<br />

<strong>and</strong> extrusion technologies, to create lines as good as anything on<br />

the market… <strong>and</strong> better than most!<br />

XS-Plus Gold Super-Fluorocarbon<br />

As strong <strong>and</strong> smooth as the best nylon Co-Polymers, our 'Gold St<strong>and</strong>ard' Super-Fluorocarbon represents the<br />

latest development in fluorocarbon line technology. Utilising the latest thinking in material technology, the PVDF<br />

copolymer is mainly used in critical applications requiring a high degree of purity <strong>and</strong> excellent mechanical<br />

properties. Combined with a new ‘state-of-the-art’ extrusion process, our new XS-Plus Gold can reach the tenacity<br />

<strong>and</strong> strength of a high quality nylon copolymer, yet offers all the advantages of a 100% fluorocarbon line.<br />

Features<br />

l 100% premium quality Japanese fluorocarbon<br />

l Low refractive index provides total clarity<br />

in water for minimal visibility in all light <strong>and</strong><br />

water conditions l Super-high knot strength<br />

to diameter ratio l Silky smooth finish allows<br />

wetted knots to pull up smoothly with minimal<br />

knot-burn l Excellent abrasion resistance <strong>and</strong><br />

low memory l Super strong formula makes<br />

this line very supple for superior presentation<br />

l Low stretch <strong>and</strong> water absorption for the<br />

ultimate in consistent performance.<br />

XS-Plus Gold Super-Copolymer<br />

Our XS-Plus Gold Super Copolymer is the number one choice<br />

for the most dem<strong>and</strong>ing angler. This latest development in line<br />

technology is one of the most high-tech products on the market today,<br />

thanks to a new ‘state-of-the-art’ extrusion process coupled with a very<br />

expensive raw material – no expense has been spared to create the ultimate<br />

tippet line. XS-Plus Gold, provides maximum strength, without sacrificing the<br />

other features dem<strong>and</strong>ed by today’s discerning fly fisherman.<br />

Features<br />

l High knot strength l Controlled stretch l High <strong>and</strong> consistent tensile<br />

strength in water l Excellent impact strength to help avoid those smash<br />

takes l Super smooth finish l Low memory provides high resistance to<br />

kinking l Excellent abrasion resistance for long term durability.<br />

What is amazing about this line, notwithst<strong>and</strong>ing its super-high knot strength,<br />

is its limited stretch factor of 22–24% elongation which dramatically improves<br />

bite detection, whilst allowing sufficient stretch to avoid shaking fish off when<br />

using barbless hooks. For convenience, both our XS-Plus Gold lines come on<br />

smaller spools. These super-narrow, 50m spools will join together if required<br />

<strong>and</strong> at just 65mm diameter, fit easily into any fly vest pocket or tippet spool<br />

holder. Each line weight is colour-coded with an elasticated retainer, which<br />

not only gives you quick <strong>and</strong> easy line identification, but also holds the line in<br />

place <strong>and</strong> stops that annoying un-spooling!<br />

Clip-together spools<br />

with colour-coded line<br />

retainers.<br />

XS-Plus Gold Super-Fluorocarbon Line – Clear – 50m spools<br />

Model Diam. B.S.Test X-rating Price<br />

15780 0.16mm 5.5lbs / 2.49kg 5X £10.99 S611<br />

15781 0.18mm 6.5lbs / 2.95kg 4X £11.99 S666<br />

15782 0.20mm 7.5lbs / 3.4kg 3X £12.99 S722<br />

15783 0.22mm 8.5lbs / 3.86kg 2X £13.99 S777<br />

15784 0.24mm 10.5lbs / 4.76kg 1X £14.99 S833<br />

XS-Plus Gold Super-Copolymer – Clear – 50m spools<br />

Model Diam. B.S.Test X-rating Price<br />

15790 0.09mm 2.1lbs / 0.9kg 8X £6.49 S361<br />

15791 0.11mm 3.2lbs / 1.4kg 7.5X £6.49 S361<br />

15792 0.12mm 3.7lbs / 1.6kg 7X £6.49 S361<br />

15793 0.15mm 5lbs / 2.3kg 6X £6.49 S361<br />

15794 0.17mm 6.5lbs / 2.8kg 5X £6.49 S361<br />

90<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

XS Leader <strong>and</strong> Tippet Material<br />

Outst<strong>and</strong>ing diameter to strength ratios, high knot strength<br />

<strong>and</strong> a smoothness you can instantly identify with.<br />

Our XS leader <strong>and</strong> tippet materials have become firm<br />

favourites with fly fishermen, over the years, steadily<br />

building a reputation for strength, performance <strong>and</strong><br />

reliability, coupled with great value for money!<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> XS Fluorocarbon - Clear<br />

A superb, 100% Japanese Fluorocarbon, manufactured<br />

using the very latest technology, producing a leader<br />

material of extreme quality <strong>and</strong> smoothness. Exhibiting<br />

all the benefits of modern day fluorocarbons,<br />

dem<strong>and</strong>ed by today’s progressive fly fisher.<br />

15930 <strong>Snowbee</strong> XS<br />

Fluorocarbon - Clear<br />

Features<br />

l Premium quality 100%<br />

Fluorocarbon l Low stretch <strong>and</strong><br />

water absorption for the ultimate<br />

in consistent performance l High<br />

knot strength to diameter ratio l<br />

Super fine <strong>and</strong> low refractive index<br />

for truly minimal visibility in all<br />

light <strong>and</strong> water conditions l Silky<br />

smooth with superb knot strength<br />

l Excellent abrasion resistance<br />

<strong>and</strong> low memory l Strong yet very<br />

supple for superior presentation.<br />

XS Copolymer Nylon - Clear<br />

A ‘double-strength’ Copolymer Nylon,<br />

which is completely clear, has low stretch<br />

<strong>and</strong> superior in-line <strong>and</strong> knot strength for<br />

excellent presentation <strong>and</strong> fish holding<br />

performance. Exhibits great suppleness<br />

<strong>and</strong> low memory this product is ideal<br />

for the dry fly angler, looking for<br />

strength <strong>and</strong> good presentation.<br />

Features<br />

l Ultra low diameter l High knot<br />

strength l Super supple, with low<br />

memory for excellent presentation<br />

l Colourless for low surface visibility<br />

l Low stretch for maximum impact resistance.<br />

15910 XS Copolymer<br />

Nylon - Clear<br />

XS Fluorocarbon Line – Clear – I00m spools<br />

Model Diameter B.S. Test X-rating Price<br />

15930 0.15mm 3.5lbs / 1.6kg 6X £14.99 S833<br />

15931 0.17mm 5lbs / 2.3kg 5X £15.99 S888<br />

15932 0.19mm 6lbs / 2.7kg 4X £17.99 S999<br />

15933 0.21mm 7lbs / 3.2kg 3X £20.99 S1166<br />

15934 0.23mm 8lbs / 3.6kg 2X £21.99 S1222<br />

15935 0.25mm 10lbs / 4.5kg 1X £23.99 S1333<br />

15936 0.28mm 12lbs / 5.5kg 0X £23.99 S1333<br />

15937 0.35mm 15lbs / 6.8kg 02X £24.99 S1388<br />

XS Copolymer Nylon – Clear – I00m spools<br />

Model Diameter B.S. Test X-rating Price<br />

15910 0.12mm 2.5lbs / 1.1kg 7X £5.99 S333<br />

15911 0.14mm 3.5lbs / 1.6kg 6X £5.99 S333<br />

15912 0.16mm 5lbs / 2.3kg 5X £5.99 S333<br />

15913 0.18mm 6lbs / 2.7kg 4X £6.49 S361<br />

15914 0.20mm 7lbs / 3.2kg 3X £6.49 S361<br />

15915 0.22mm 8lbs / 3.6kg 2X £6.99 S388<br />

15916 0.24mm 10lbs / 4.5kg 1X £6.99 S388<br />

15917 0.26mm 12lbs / 5.5kg 0X £6.99 S388<br />

15918 0.30mm 15lbs / 6.8kg 02X £6.99 S388<br />

XS ‘Spectre’ Copolymer Nylon – Camo – 50m spools<br />

Model Diameter B.S. Test X-rating Price<br />

15921 0.12mm 2.5lbs / 1.1kg 7X £6.49 S361<br />

15922 0.14mm 3.5lbs / 1.6kg 6X £6.49 S361<br />

15923 0.16mm 5lbs / 2.3kg 5X £6.49 S361<br />

15924 0.18mm 6lbs / 2.7kg 4X £6.49 S361<br />

XS ‘Spectre’ Copolymer Nylon - Camo<br />

An extension to the clear XS range, this line has been processed with finesse in mind,<br />

for the truly serious game angler. The line has been treated to add natural green <strong>and</strong><br />

brown colours, to blend effortlessly with its environment. The knot <strong>and</strong> break strength<br />

exceeds all expectations <strong>and</strong> the stretch <strong>and</strong> suppleness provide a unique product.<br />

Whether fishing fine dry fly tippets, or LRF off the shore, this material could provide<br />

the best solution yet for unmatched tippet performance <strong>and</strong> stealth, coupled with<br />

the ultimate in presentation. Last year we introduced new packaging for this premium<br />

product. New, thin profile spools to easily fit vest or jacket pockets, which also interlock<br />

if required. Each line weight is colour-coded with an elasticated retainer, which not<br />

only allows quick <strong>and</strong> easy line identification, but<br />

also holds the line in place <strong>and</strong> stops annoying<br />

un-spooling!<br />

Features<br />

l Ultra soft <strong>and</strong> supple for drag free presentation l Medium stretch for sensitivity<br />

<strong>and</strong> superb knot strength, combining to give the maximum ‘break off’ resistance<br />

l Camo coloured to break down profile <strong>and</strong> provide ultra stealthy presentation<br />

l High abrasion resistance l Low memory <strong>and</strong> amazing strength for the ultimate<br />

leader/tippet performance.<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk 91

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Leader System<br />

The <strong>Snowbee</strong> Leader System is the result of many years<br />

development, steadily tweaking the range to provide the<br />

perfect leader for every fishing situation.<br />

Knotted, Tapered French Leaders<br />

A range of specialist <strong>and</strong> h<strong>and</strong>-tied, knotted<br />

tapered leaders for the specialist river fisher with<br />

perfect ‘turnover’, delicate presentation <strong>and</strong><br />

precision casting. Available in two models,<br />

both tied using top quality copolymer,<br />

including camo coloured mono for extra<br />

stealth <strong>and</strong> elasticity, when using ultrafine<br />

tippets <strong>and</strong> extensions.<br />

ML Monofilament Leaders - Clear<br />

Top quality 9ft Tapered Monofilament Leaders, using<br />

our super strong, copolymer nylon material ready to<br />

attach a fly <strong>and</strong> start fishing or extend with a further<br />

length of extra tippet attached for the ultimate<br />

presentation.<br />

KFL-12 12ft French style<br />

Knotted tapered, short<br />

‘Indicator’ leader<br />

– Nymph/Dry fly, interchangeable<br />

A pre-looped 6-section, 12ft 6ins leader,<br />

tapering from a 0.55mm butt end, to a<br />

clear 0.15 (approx. 4.1lb BS) tip. The first 4<br />

sections use a high-stretch, camo coloured<br />

nylon, for extra ‘give’ when needing to<br />

fish light tippets. At the end is a perfection<br />

loop, to which a short 15cm 5th section of<br />

hi-viz orange 'indicator' is attached.To the<br />

end of this is the final 6th section tippet of<br />

clear 0.15mm 4.1lb mono, <strong>and</strong> both can be<br />

easily changed or added to as required.<br />

KFL-12<br />

KFL-16<br />

KFL-16 16ft French style<br />

Knotted tapered leader<br />

– Nymph/Duo/Dry fly<br />

A pre-looped 6-section, 16ft leader, tapering from<br />

a butt end of 0.55mm, down to 0.10 (approx.<br />

2.4lb BS) clear mono at the tip. The first 4 sections<br />

use a high elasticity, camo finished nylon for<br />

maximum stretch, with a perfection loop end, to<br />

which the final 2 tip sections are attached in clear<br />

mono down to 2.4lbs.<br />

ML Monofilament Leaders - Camo<br />

These 9ft leaders start with the new high stretch ‘Camo’<br />

coloured section, tapering to a clear tip. Designed<br />

purposely for dry fly <strong>and</strong> light nymph fishing, providing<br />

maximum stretch to absorb the harshest of takes on the<br />

finest of stealthy light tippets.<br />

Model Length X-Rating Tip Diameter B.S Price<br />

Knotted, Tapered French Leaders<br />

KFL-12 12ft 5X 0.15mm 4.1lb £4.99 S277<br />

KFL-16 16ft 7X 0.10mm 2.4lb £4.99 S277<br />

Monofilament Leaders – Clear<br />

ML9-2X 9ft 2X 0.23mm 10lb £2.99 S166<br />

ML9-3X 9ft 3X 0.20mm 8lb £2.99 S166<br />

ML9-4X 9ft 4X 0.18mm 6lb £2.99 S166<br />

ML9-5X 9ft 5X 0.15mm 4.1lb £2.99 S166<br />

ML9-6X 9ft 6X 0.13mm 3.2lb £2.99 S166<br />

ML9-7X 9ft 7X 0.10mm 2.4lb £2.99 S166<br />

Monofilament Leaders – Camo<br />

ML9-4X-CAMO 9ft 4X 0.18mm 6lb £2.99 S166<br />

ML9-5X-CAMO 9ft 5X 0.15mm 4.1lb £2.99 S166<br />

ML9-6X-CAMO 9ft 6X 0.13mm 3.2lb £2.99 S166<br />

ML9-7X-CAMO 9ft 7X 0.10mm 2.4lb £2.99 S166<br />

ML Knotted Droppered Leaders<br />

A range of knotted, tapered leaders with tied<br />

droppers. Ideal for lure, nymph or wet fly fishing, for<br />

trout, grayling, sea trout <strong>and</strong> all styles of fly fishing.<br />

With a stepped taper, these leaders turn over teams of<br />

flies neatly every time.<br />

Monofilament Knotted Leaders with Droppers<br />

ML12-5X-1-DROP 12ft 5X 1 Dropper @ 9ft 4.1lb £2.99 S166<br />

ML15-4X-1-DROP 15ft 4X 1 Dropper @ 10ft 6lb £2.99 S166<br />

ML15-3X-1-DROP 15ft 3X 1 Dropper @ 10ft 8lb £2.99 S166<br />

ML18-4X-2-DROP 18ft 4X 2 Droppers @ 10ft & 14ft 6lb £3.49 S194<br />

ML18-3X-2-DROP 18ft 3X 2 Droppers @ 10ft & 14ft 8lb £3.49 S194<br />

Heavy Butt Salmon <strong>and</strong> Saltwater Leaders<br />

MLSS10/2X 10ft 2X 0.31mm 10lb £3.49 S194<br />

MLSS10/1X 10ft 1X 0.34mm 12lb £3.49 S194<br />

MLSS10/-1X 10ft -1X 0.38mm 16lb £3.49 S194<br />

MLSS10/-4X 10ft -4X 0.43mm 20lb £3.49 S194<br />

MLSS Heavy Butt Salmon <strong>and</strong><br />

Saltwater Leaders<br />

These specialist 10ft monofilament leaders have a<br />

heavier butt section to minimise hinge point, when<br />

turning over large flies.<br />

92<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

MLC-T4 MLC-S3 MLC-J3<br />

MLSHJ-S<br />

MLC Micro-Loop Connectors<br />

A new range of Micro-Loops allowing quick <strong>and</strong> easy<br />

attachment to fly lines. Made from a double layer of<br />

premium non-fraying braided monofilament nylon,<br />

with a thin wall <strong>and</strong> silicone sleeve to lock them in place.<br />

Available in 3 sizes:<br />

MLC-T4 Trout – approx. 20lb BS – pack of 4<br />

MLC-S3 Salmon – approx. 30lb BS – pack of 3<br />

MLC-J3 Jumbo – approx. 50lb BS – pack of 3<br />

LC3-HV<br />

MLSHJ-S Micro-Loop Shooting<br />

Head Junction Kit<br />

A quick <strong>and</strong> easy way to rig <strong>and</strong> change<br />

Shooting Heads or Multi-Tips. The kit contains 2<br />

Micro-Loop Connectors plus one 4” long Loop<br />

Connector so the whole head can be easily<br />

passed through for 'loop to loop' connections.<br />

MLSHJ-S Salmon – approx. 30lb BS<br />

LC3<br />

LC3-L<br />

LC3-S<br />

LC3 Loop Connectors<br />

The simple way to attach leaders to fly-lines.<br />

Pack contains 3 finished loops with silicone<br />

tubing, ready to attach direct to your fly-line.<br />

Our design features un-glued splices,<br />

which makes them softer <strong>and</strong> more pliable,<br />

avoiding those stiff glued sections, which<br />

cause hinge-points. Simply add as much or as<br />

little glue as you wish, to secure the loop.<br />

Poly-Coated Leaders<br />

Our range of Poly-Coated Leaders represents three years of development work to ensure we got it just right. Available in the required modern lengths of 5ft<br />

<strong>and</strong> 10ft in trout <strong>and</strong> salmon models. The trout models are extruded onto 0.40mm (15lb BS) clear monofilament core, while the salmon models use 0.55mm<br />

(30lb BS). Both have neat welded loops on the butt end to allow simple ‘loop to loop’ connection to your fly line, with an 8” un-coated monofilament tip, with<br />

a Perfection Loop tied in the end, which can be cut off if not required.<br />

The thermoplastic polymer coating has a precision taper <strong>and</strong> a silkysmooth<br />

finish, to ensure a controlled turnover <strong>and</strong> presentation. The five<br />

Poly-Coated Leaders – Trout: 0.40mm core – rated at 15lb<br />

Model Length Density Colour Sink Rate Price<br />

different densities available allow accurate presentation of your fly at any<br />

PCL5T-F 5ft Floating Clear 0.0 i.p.s £6.99 S388 chosen depth.<br />

PCL5T-I 5ft Intermediate Clear/Green 1.5 i.p.s £6.99 S388<br />

PCL5T-SS 5ft Slow-Sink Grey 2.5 i.p.s £6.99 S388<br />

PCL5T-FS 5ft Fast-Sink Brown 4.0 i.p.s £6.99 S388<br />

PCL5T-XFS 5ft X-Fast-Sink Black 5.0 i.p.s £6.99 S388<br />

PCL10T-F 10ft Floating Clear 0.0 i.p.s £8.99 S499<br />

PCL10T-I 10ft Intermediate Clear/Green 1.5 i.p.s £8.99 S499<br />

PCL10T-SS 10ft Slow-Sink Grey 2.5 i.p.s £8.99 S499<br />

PCL10T-FS 10ft Fast-Sink Brown 4.0 i.p.s £8.99 S499<br />

PCL10T-XFS 10ft X-Fast-Sink Black 5.0 i.p.s £8.99 S499<br />

Poly-Coated Leaders – Salmon: 0.55mm core – rated at 30lb<br />

PCL5S-F 5ft Floating Clear 0.0 i.p.s £6.99 S388<br />

PCL5S-I 5ft Intermediate Clear/Green 1.5 i.p.s £6.99 S388<br />

PCL5S-SS 5ft Slow-Sink Grey 2.5 i.p.s £6.99 S388<br />

PCL5S-FS 5ft Fast-Sink Brown 4.0 i.p.s £6.99 S388<br />

PCL5S-XFS 5ft X-Fast-Sink Black 5.0 i.p.s £6.99 S388<br />

PCL10S-F 10ft Floating Clear 0.0 i.p.s £8.99 S499<br />

PCL10S-I 10ft Intermediate Clear/Green 1.5 i.p.s £8.99 S499<br />

PCL10S-SS 10ft Slow-Sink Grey 2.5 i.p.s £8.99 S499<br />

PCL10S-FS 10ft Fast-Sink Brown 4.0 i.p.s £8.99 S499<br />

PCL10S-XFS 10ft X-Fast-Sink Black 5.0 i.p.s £8.99 S499<br />

Micro-Loop Connectors<br />

MLC-T4 Trout x 4 20lb £4.49 S249<br />

MLC-S3 Salmon x 3 30lb £4.49 S249<br />

MLC-J3 Jumbo x 3 50lb £2.99 S166<br />

MLSHJ-S Shooting Head Junction Kit 30lb £2.99 S166<br />

Loop Connectors<br />

LC3 Clear £3.49 S194<br />

LC3-L Clear Lightweight £3.49 S194<br />

LC3-HV Hi-Viz £3.49 S194<br />

LC3-S Salmon Clear £3.49 S194<br />

Braided Leaders<br />

BL-F 5ft Floating 18-20lb £4.99 S277<br />

BL-I 5ft Intermediate 18-20lb £4.99 S277<br />

BL-SS 5ft Slow Sink 18-20lb £4.99 S277<br />

BL-FS 5ft Fast Sink 18-20lb £4.99 S277<br />

PCL5T-F<br />

PCL5T-FS<br />

PCL10S-I<br />

PCL5T-XFS<br />

BL-F, BL-I, BL-SS, BL-FS<br />

PCL10S-SS<br />

Welded loops allow<br />

simple ‘loop to loop’<br />

connection to your<br />

fly line.<br />

BL Braided Leaders<br />

A superb range of gently tapered Braided Leaders, providing excellent<br />

turnover <strong>and</strong> delicate presentation. Finished with a neat loop at both<br />

ends. Available in: B.S. 18-20lb.<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk 93

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Filleting Knives & Accessories<br />

19312 Knife & Hook Sharpener<br />

A quality Knife Sharpener designed to cover all<br />

your sharpening requirements. Rugged moulded<br />

construction, with finger ‘grips’ on h<strong>and</strong>le <strong>and</strong><br />

a rubber base pad, to hold sharpener in place,<br />

during use. There are twin Tungsten Carbide<br />

sharpening blades, for all knives, plus a grooved,<br />

stainless carbide hook sharpener on the end.<br />

19317 7” <strong>Prestige</strong><br />

filleting knife<br />

Our knives<br />

offer superior<br />

performance<br />

<strong>and</strong> great value<br />

for money.<br />

19310 7” Filleting Knife<br />

19310 7” Filleting Knife<br />

An innovative new filleting knife, with a quality 4116 grade German<br />

stainless steel blade, treated with hard, Chartreuse surface coating.<br />

On the back of the blade is a fish scaler, plus a safety blade.<br />

The PP plastic sheath, has a knife h<strong>and</strong>le lock for safety <strong>and</strong><br />

an ingenious cut-out, allowing you to cut braid or mono,<br />

using the rear ‘safety blade’ without removing the sheath.<br />

A rugged PP plastic h<strong>and</strong>le with TPR Rubber section<br />

for extra grip, even when wet.<br />

19317 7” <strong>Prestige</strong> Filleting Knife<br />

7” one-piece forged stainless steel blade, bolster<br />

<strong>and</strong> tang for extra strength. Genuine pakka wood<br />

h<strong>and</strong>le <strong>and</strong> leather sheath.<br />

13241 Filleting Glove<br />

Our quality filleting glove solves the problem<br />

of dealing with slippery fish with a sharp filleting<br />

knife. Made from a cut-resistant stainless steel<br />

core, wrapped with an interwoven polyester <strong>and</strong><br />

vinyl material, it provides a firm grip on any fish<br />

or meat. Stain <strong>and</strong> moisture resistant, they are<br />

dishwasher <strong>and</strong> washing machine-safe.<br />

Wear on left or right h<strong>and</strong>.<br />

S/M or L/XL<br />

Filleting Knives <strong>and</strong> Accessories<br />

Model Description Price<br />

19310 7” Stainless Steel Filleting Knife £16.99 S944<br />

19312 Knife/Hook Sharpener £5.49 S305<br />

19317 7” <strong>Prestige</strong> Filleting Knife £25.99 S1444<br />

13241 Filleting Glove – S/M <strong>and</strong> L/XL £10.99 S611<br />

94<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

Smoker Cooker<br />

Smoking has been a traditional way of preserving food, stretching back thous<strong>and</strong>s<br />

of years, where our ancestors discovered that hanging meats <strong>and</strong> fish up close to<br />

a fire, extended the time they remained fresh. Over the centuries, the smoking<br />

technique has been refined <strong>and</strong> we now have two basic smoking methods; Cold<br />

Smoking, as used for salmon, where the food is only smoked but not cooked; <strong>and</strong><br />

Hot Smoking where the cooking <strong>and</strong> smoking process take place together.<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> has been making its famous Smoker Cooker for over 30 years <strong>and</strong> in all<br />

that time, little has changed in this superb design, as we got it just right, from the<br />

start! Manufactured from corrosion-resistant grade 430 stainless steel to provide many<br />

years of smoking service. The 18/0 material, has a high nickel content, making it hard,<br />

tough <strong>and</strong> stain-resistant. The base uses a black, electroforming process, for a tough,<br />

corrosion-resistant finish. Many have attempted to copy our original design but beware<br />

of cheaper imitations, which use inferior grade materials <strong>and</strong> are not truly ‘stainless’.<br />

19011 Smoker Cooker<br />

Generously sized, the Smoker Cooker is constructed in stainless steel for easy cleaning<br />

<strong>and</strong> long life. It will take four or five small trout, or two large fish, headed <strong>and</strong> tailed.<br />

Comes with st<strong>and</strong>, two fuel pans<br />

with heat adjustment, cooking<br />

pan, lid with adjustable smoke<br />

vent, drip tray <strong>and</strong> grill. Packs<br />

away neatly for convenient<br />

storage. Quick <strong>and</strong> efficient hot<br />

smoking of fish, meats, poultry<br />

etc, cooks AND smokes in one<br />

process, so smoked fish is ready<br />

in as little as 15 minutes.<br />

Uses methylated spirit fuel<br />

(not supplied).<br />

Size: 16½”x 10½”x 4½”<br />

Wood dusts for smoking<br />

Top quality, kiln dried English wood dusts – 100% natural <strong>and</strong> sustainably<br />

sourced, ensuring you get the best smoke flavour, every time. Suitable for<br />

both Hot <strong>and</strong> Cold Smokers. Packed in re-sealable 250g bags – sufficient<br />

for 4 or 5 full smokings. The smoker dust is finer than chippings <strong>and</strong><br />

burns slowly giving even more flavour. Try these on the barbecue to add<br />

a rich smokey flavour to all outdoor cooking. See our website at:<br />

www.snowbee.co.uk/fly-fishing/accessories-float-tubing/#smoker for<br />

tips on how to make your Smoking <strong>and</strong> BBQ experience more enjoyable.<br />

19010-D English Oak Smoker Dust<br />

The original smoker dust has always been the mainstay of home <strong>and</strong><br />

commercial smoking, of almost all foods, from meats to fish. Can be<br />

mixed with other wood dusts to vary the flavours, <strong>and</strong> works particularly<br />

well with apple to add flavour to meat products, such as sausages etc.<br />

19010-D-AL Alder Smoker Dust<br />

A particular favourite in the Pacific Northwest of America, where it is widely used<br />

for smoking salmon. This mild wood is the smoking dust of choice when a delicate,<br />

smoky flavour is required, hence perfect for salmon, sea-trout <strong>and</strong> most fish.<br />

19010-D-AP Apple Smoker Dust<br />

This fruitwood has a more complex, sweeter flavour than alder, but is still quite<br />

mild. Excellent for game, fish <strong>and</strong> poultry. Apple wood also works well when<br />

soaked in water then sprinkled over BBQ coals when grilling chicken or steaks.<br />

19010-D-HK Hickory Smoker Dust<br />

Hickory is a classic hardwood that provides a great depth of spicy flavour, without being<br />

harsh. A popular choice on the BBQ <strong>and</strong> perfect when using BBQ sauce on pork ribs, etc.<br />

19010-D-WH Whisky Oak Smoker Dust<br />

A new ‘twist’ on the traditional oak smoke dust - our popular Oak Smoker Dust is<br />

infused with scotch whisky! This combination provides the timeless classic aroma of<br />

whisky, with the wonderful flavour of English oak. The perfect choice for smoking all<br />

meats, plus cheese <strong>and</strong> vegetables.<br />

Smoker Cooker <strong>and</strong> Wood Dusts<br />

Model Description Price<br />

19011 Smoker Cooker £79.99 S4444<br />

19011-B Replacement Burners x 2 £6.99 S388<br />

19010-D English Oak Smoker Dust £4.99 S277<br />

19010-D-AL Alder Smoker Dust £6.49 S361<br />

19010-D-AP Apple Smoker Dust £6.49 S361<br />

19010-D-HK Hickory Smoker Dust £6.49 S361<br />

19010-D-WH Whisky Oak Smoker Dust £6.99 S388<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk 95

<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

Classic Float Tube Kit<br />

19450 Classic Float Tube Kit<br />

Incorporating the latest thinking in Float Tube design, the twin-tube ‘V-Boat’<br />

style has the tubes swept up to form a bow, providing less resistance <strong>and</strong> far<br />

easier passage through the water, whilst maintaining great stability. Weighing<br />

in at just 4.5kg (10lb), our Float Tube can be easily ‘back-packed’ with the<br />

shoulder straps provided for effortless hiking up to hill lochs <strong>and</strong> reservoirs.<br />

We are confident we have the best float<br />

tubes on the market. Winning design <strong>and</strong><br />

amazing value for money.<br />

Colour: Olive Green<br />

Inflated size: 140cm x 107cm.<br />

Maximum recommended user weight: 18 stone (115kg)<br />

Weight: Float tube 4.5kg (10lb). Complete kit 6.5kg (14lb)<br />

Backrest storage pocket<br />

with fluorescent safety panel<br />

Improved ‘double-line’<br />

welding of the bladders,<br />

to prevent leaks<br />

19450 Classic<br />

Float Tube<br />

Inflatable seat <strong>and</strong><br />

back-rest cushions, for<br />

comfort <strong>and</strong> security<br />

What’s in the kit?<br />

Our Classic Float Tube comes as a<br />

complete kit – float tube, flippers,<br />

dual-action pump <strong>and</strong> sturdy carry bag<br />

for storage <strong>and</strong> transport. Items also<br />

available separately.<br />

Two accessory<br />

D-Rings each side<br />

Carry h<strong>and</strong>le<br />

at bow.<br />

Twin durable welded<br />

PVC bladders with top<br />

quality one-way valves<br />

Two large zipped side pockets for<br />

storage, with internal dividers<br />

19450 Classic Float Tube<br />

l Tough 600D nylon top panels l Black bottom panels so as<br />

not to spook the fish l Quick-release stabiliser bar across<br />

the front, with quick-release retainer strap to front of seat<br />

l Packs down smaller for storage <strong>and</strong> transportation<br />

l Mesh bow storage area for ‘wet storage’ l Mesh line tray<br />

with quick-release Velcro attachments for easy exit l Fish<br />

measure scale on line tray l Velcro rod storage tabs on<br />

each side <strong>and</strong> across rear of tubes for safe storage of spare<br />

rods l Adjustable <strong>and</strong> removable backpacking straps.<br />

Float Tube<br />

Model Description Price<br />

19450 Classic Float Tube Kit £289.99 S16111<br />

19462 <strong>Prestige</strong> Float Tube Fins £48.99 S2722<br />

Replacement Bladders<br />

19450-LB Classic Float Tube – Left Bladder £39.99 S2222<br />

19450-RB Classic Float Tube – Right Bladder £39.99 S2222<br />

19450-BB Classic Float Tube – Backrest Bladder £13.99 S777<br />

19450-SB Classic Float Tube – <strong>Sea</strong>t Bladder £16.99 S944<br />

19462 <strong>Prestige</strong> Float Tube Fins<br />

Our new, improved <strong>and</strong> purpose designed, lightweight<br />

flippers can be used with any float tube. This design features<br />

an extra-wide, moulded heel support, which allows them to<br />

be worn over any wading boot. Two quick-release webbing<br />

straps, hold the boots firmly into the heel support, while<br />

a further webbing straps clips around the ankle for added<br />

security. The large, flexible fins allow effortless propulsion of<br />

the tube. One size fits all.<br />

Quick-release, adjustable<br />

webbing straps.<br />

19462 <strong>Prestige</strong> Float<br />

Tube Fins<br />

96<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Accessories<br />

19074 <strong>Prestige</strong><br />

Aluminium Priest<br />

A unique new design made from cast<br />

aluminium, with a weighted head <strong>and</strong><br />

anodised to a rich metallic olive green<br />

colour, with the <strong>Snowbee</strong> logo. Rubber<br />

h<strong>and</strong>le for grip. Plus wrist lanyard.<br />

19091 <strong>Prestige</strong> Zinger<br />

A top quality Zinger with a satin finish alloy case.<br />

Fitted with an 18” plastic covered wire cord <strong>and</strong> a stainless<br />

steel accessory clip. Attached with a sturdy safety pin.<br />

19436 Stainless Snips<br />

A quality pair of stainless steel<br />

snips, equipped with an eye needle <strong>and</strong> a knot-tying tool, which<br />

will double as a simple disgorger. Ultra sharp blades will cut<br />

cleanly through any size leader material. The flat-ground cutting<br />

edge means these snips can be re-sharpened on a stone.<br />

NKFS No-Knot Fas-Snaps<br />

These ingenious links allow quick <strong>and</strong> easy<br />

changes of fly or lure, without the constant<br />

need for tying knots. Simply tie one onto<br />

the tip or dropper <strong>and</strong> change flies very<br />

easily. Particularly suitable for droppers, as<br />

you don’t ‘shorten-up’ the dropper every<br />

time you change a fly. Equally suitable in<br />

the larger size for quick change of plugs or<br />

lures when spinning. Packs of 5.<br />

Medium – for fly sizes 18 – 12 (black finish).<br />

Large – for fly sizes 12 – 8 (black finish).<br />

X-Large – for large saltwater flies plus all sizes<br />

of lures or plugs (nickel finish).<br />

19437 <strong>Fishing</strong> Clippers<br />

Stainless steel construction with a<br />

razor-sharp cutting edge. The larger 'thumb<br />

bar' makes for easy use, even with gloves on.<br />

Comes with a line-pick <strong>and</strong> cutting knife.<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

19097 Line Winder with vacuum suction base<br />

Not a new idea, but our new Line Winder features a vacuum base with<br />

a strong suction lever, so it will grip firmly to any flat surface. Suitable for<br />

loading ALL types of line or backing line onto fly, multiplier or spinning<br />

reels. The extra-long aluminium stem will hold all sizes of line spool,<br />

including bulk spools while the tapered aluminium cones hold spools<br />

securely <strong>and</strong> prevent ‘spool wobble’, whilst loading. Double spring<br />

tension allows adjustment to the line tension as you wind lines onto reel.<br />

19050 Boot Rack<br />

The simple solution to the problem of<br />

storing <strong>and</strong> drying waders or wellies;<br />

correct storage will also extend the<br />

life of your waders. Stores two pairs<br />

19078 Magnetic Net Release<br />

Our heavy-duty Magnetic Net Release has a magnet<br />

strength of an impressive 4kg, so is ideal for larger seatrout<br />

or even smaller salmon nets. It comes with<br />

split rings for attachment <strong>and</strong> an elasticated<br />

cord to keep you connected.<br />

19061 S-Hook Double Carabiner Clip<br />

Use these clips as the ultimate wader gravel guard clip – far<br />

better than a lacing hook <strong>and</strong> guaranteed never to come<br />

undone. Use the clips to attach accessories to fly vest or<br />

wading jacket D-rings. Made from high strength spring alloy<br />

steel, with a hard, black outer finish electrically applied to<br />

ensure corrosion resistance. Packs of 2. Size: 1½” x 5 /8”<br />

at a time.<br />

Rugged<br />

polypropylene<br />

construction.<br />

Screws to<br />

garage or tackle<br />

room wall with<br />

screws provided.<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

19126 Rod St<strong>and</strong><br />

A neat, compact Rod St<strong>and</strong> to store <strong>and</strong><br />

protect all your valuable fly, spinning or sea<br />

rods. Made in a durable plastic with <strong>Snowbee</strong><br />

logos. Flat-packed for transport, but easily<br />

assembled. Will hold 8 rods each side.<br />

Size: 35” x 17½” x 8” Weight: 2.5kg<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Accessories<br />

Model Description Price<br />

19438 <strong>Fishing</strong> Forceps<br />

Drop forged stainless steel forceps, finished<br />

in an anti-rust nickel finish. Non-slip flexible<br />

paint-dipped h<strong>and</strong>les with adjustable<br />

locking bar. Available in 6.5" <strong>and</strong> 8.5“.<br />

19439 Braid Line Scissors<br />

Stainless steel construction, with serrated cutting<br />

edge, to grip <strong>and</strong> hold even fine braid or any type of line,<br />

for easy non-slip cutting. Soft moulded grips. Length 5.5“.<br />

19074 <strong>Prestige</strong> Aluminium Priest £19.99 S1111<br />

19091 <strong>Prestige</strong> Zinger £8.99 S499<br />

19436 Stainless Snips £5.99 S333<br />

NKFS-MB No-Knot Fas-Snaps – Medium black £2.49 S138<br />

NKFS-LB No-Knot Fas-Snaps – Large black £2.49 S138<br />

NKFS-XLN No-Knot Fas-Snaps – X-Large nickel £2.49 S138<br />

19437 <strong>Fishing</strong> Clippers £6.99 S388<br />

19438-6.5 <strong>Fishing</strong> Forceps – 6.5” £12.99 S722<br />

19438-8.5 <strong>Fishing</strong> Forceps – 8.5” £12.99 S722<br />

19439 Braid Line Scissors £5.99 S333<br />

19097 Line Winder with vacuum suction base £12.99 S722<br />

19078 Heavy Duty Magnetic Net Release – 4kg £19.99 S1111<br />

19061 S-Hook Double Carabiner Clip £2.99 S166<br />

19050 Boot Rack £19.99 S1111<br />

19126 Rod St<strong>and</strong> £31.99 S1777<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk 97

<strong>Sea</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Rods<br />

Deep Blue 2 Boat Rods<br />

Since their introduction over 14 years ago, the Deep Blue Boat Rods have built a<br />

‘cult following’, amongst discerning boat anglers, looking for the best money can<br />

buy. Make no mistake, the Deep Blue range was developed over a period of two<br />

years testing to meet the dem<strong>and</strong>s of UK boat anglers looking for perfection.<br />

Over the years, they have been steadily upgraded, but fans of the original<br />

Deep Blue range need not worry, as the latest Deep Blue 2 models, have an<br />

even lighter, crisper action than their predecessors!<br />

All Deep Blue 2 Rods come in a quality,<br />

heavy duty cotton drill rod bag.<br />

Finished in the same lustrous deep blue, with subtle cross-whippings <strong>and</strong><br />

decals <strong>and</strong> using lightweight graphite reel seats <strong>and</strong> chrome-plated stainless<br />

steel rings to prevent corrosion. Accurately rated to IGFA line classes <strong>and</strong><br />

at 7ft 7ins they offer the ideal length for the serious boat angler<br />

<strong>and</strong> include a model to suit all fishing situations.<br />

10201 Deep Blue 2 8lb (4kg) class<br />

An ultra-sensitive inshore rod, ideal for bass, plaice, brill etc.<br />

Teamed up with the smallest multiplier reel, this is undoubtedly<br />

the best lightweight outfit available.<br />

10209 Deep Blue 2 8lb (4kg) class 'S-Flex'<br />

Based on the st<strong>and</strong>ard 8lb Class model, but with an ultra-soft<br />

Korean S-Glass tip section, for supreme sensitivity. The perfect<br />

rod for plaice or bream fishing, or livebait fishing for bass <strong>and</strong><br />

other species.<br />

10202 Deep Blue 2 12lb (6kg) class<br />

The 12lb is the perfect choice for the inshore angler fishing reefs<br />

<strong>and</strong> inshore drop-offs, but with enough grunt for reef pollack etc.<br />

10205 Deep Blue 2 12lb (6kg) class S-Flex<br />

Based on the st<strong>and</strong>ard 12lb Class model, but with the same<br />

ultra-sensitive tip as the 8lb 'S-Class' model. Ideal for heavier bait<br />

fishing for turbot or black bream <strong>and</strong> ideal for livebait fishing.<br />

10203 Deep Blue 2 20lb (10kg) class<br />

Without doubt the best ‘all-rounder’ in the range. The 20lb Deep Blue 2<br />

offers the seasoned boat angler the best of both worlds. Sensitive<br />

enough to fish inshore for bass etc, but with enough reserves of power<br />

to tame the hardest fighting wreck pollack.<br />

10204 Deep Blue 2 30lb (15kg) class<br />

The 30lb model is for the serious boat angler who predominantly<br />

fishes wrecks. It is a very powerful rod <strong>and</strong> the only rod we use for our<br />

blue shark trips. More than enough power to haul monster conger <strong>and</strong><br />

ling out of deep-water wrecks.<br />

Model Description<br />

Butt fitting Price<br />

10201 7' 7" IGFA 8lb Class Butt cap £144.99 S8055<br />

10209 7' 7" IGFA 8lb Class ‘S-Flex’ Butt cap £144.99 S8055<br />

10202 7' 7" IGFA 12lb Class Butt cap £144.99 S8055<br />

10205 7' 7" IGFA 12lb Class ‘S-Flex’ Butt cap £144.99 S8055<br />

10203 7' 7" IGFA 20lb Class Gimbal £154.99 S8611<br />

10204 7' 7" IGFA 30lb Class Gimbal £154.99 S8611<br />

98<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Sea</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

<strong>Sea</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Rods<br />

Deep Blue Jigging Rods<br />

Following on from the Japanese ‘Speed Jigging’ craze, the new method of<br />

‘Slow Jigging’ is proving far more popular <strong>and</strong> successful for our UK species.<br />

New for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Similar in basic principle, but rather than working the jig fast, in a cyclical<br />

‘crank & jig’ motion, Slow Jigging involves working the jigs close to the<br />

bottom in a more relaxed fashion, allowing the lighter, wider jigs to rise<br />

<strong>and</strong> ‘flutter’ back down, which most predatory fish find irresistible.<br />

As one the pioneers of Speed Jigging in the UK, we have been using this<br />

‘Slow Jigging’ technique on our own test boat Deep Blue 3 for the past<br />

10 years <strong>and</strong> it has proved to be a highly effective method for cod <strong>and</strong><br />

other bottom dwelling species.<br />

The new Deep Blue Jigging Rods are ultra-lightweight for all day fishing<br />

comfort but use high modulus carbon for a fast, powerful action, to<br />

impart maximum movement to the jigs. The graphite reel seat <strong>and</strong><br />

low-rider style guides are equally at home using either a conventional<br />

multiplier reel or turn the rod up the other way <strong>and</strong> team it up with one<br />

of the new generation fixed spool Jigging reels.<br />

At 6ft 6ins they are the ideal length for Jigging – long enough to ‘work’<br />

the jig effectively, but short enough to apply pressure to set the hook,<br />

when the inevitable ‘smash takes’ occur.<br />

Our new range includes 3 models; an ultra-lightweight jigging rod, rated for<br />

lines of 8 – 15lbs <strong>and</strong> jigs of 30-100g, a medium weight rod, rated for lines<br />

of 15-25lbs <strong>and</strong> jigs of 70-120g <strong>and</strong> a heavyweight model, rated for lines of<br />

20-35lbs <strong>and</strong> jigs of 130-200g. These three models cover all requirements<br />

from ultra-lightweight, shallow water reef fishing, through jigging for Bass<br />

on inshore wrecks, when they shoal-up in the autumn, to wreck fishing, in<br />

deeper water, where heavier jigs are needed, to get down fast. This concise<br />

range offers a model suitable for both shallow water slow jigging <strong>and</strong> deep<br />

water speed jigging.<br />

Deep Blue – take on the best the oceans have to<br />

offer… <strong>and</strong> win!<br />

The 3-pce blanks, break down to a<br />

convenient 30” for travelling <strong>and</strong> are<br />

finished in our signature, lustrous Deep<br />

Blue colour, with subtle self-colour<br />

whippings <strong>and</strong> silver trim.<br />

The high density foam grips offer all<br />

day comfort <strong>and</strong> warmth, for winter fishing. The rods come in a cotton drill<br />

rod bag. Lightweight, stainless steel guides, with a chrome finish, to make<br />

them salt-water resistant. All models come complete with a quality cotton<br />

drill rod bag.<br />

There is certainly more to speed jigging than meets the eye; do it wrong<br />

<strong>and</strong> you may as well use conventional methods, but do it right <strong>and</strong> it can,<br />

without doubt, be the most deadly, effective <strong>and</strong> exciting fishing method,<br />

for a vast array of species – pollack, cod, ling, whiting <strong>and</strong> even bass!<br />

Aboard our own test vessel, Deep Blue 3 , for the past 10 years we have<br />

fished jigs almost to the exclusion of every other fishing method <strong>and</strong><br />

proved time <strong>and</strong> time again, that it will out-fish most other methods,<br />

including long flowing traces with artificial S<strong>and</strong>eels or<br />

Shads. For full details on this exciting fishing method,<br />

visit our website at www.snowbee.co.uk<br />

See full terms <strong>and</strong><br />

conditions on page 105<br />

Deep Blue Jigging Rods<br />

Model Description Length Lure Wt. Line rating Rod Wt. Price<br />

10250 <strong>Snowbee</strong> Deep Blue Jigging Rod 6'6'' 30-100g PE 0.8-1.5 159g/5.6oz £134.99 S7500<br />

10251 <strong>Snowbee</strong> Deep Blue Jigging Rod 6'6'' 70-120g PE 1.5-2.5 164g/5.8oz £134.99 S7500<br />

10252 <strong>Snowbee</strong> Deep Blue Jigging Rod 6'6'' 130-200g PE 2.0-3.5 170g/6.0oz £134.99 S7500<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk 99

<strong>Sea</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Rods<br />

Deep Blue Spinning Rods<br />

The perfect combination of the latest thinking in rod design coupled with <strong>Snowbee</strong> technology to<br />

bring you a new range of Lure spinning rods at the cutting edge of modern lure fishing design.<br />

With a strong pedigree from our previous Raptor <strong>and</strong> Kuroshio models, we have combined the best of both <strong>and</strong> the result is the<br />

stunning new range of Deep Blue Spinning Rods. This new high-tech range offers superb performance across a range of rods for<br />

all styles of lure fishing. There is an ultra-lightweight LRF model, designed for lures in the 2-15g range, designed for the ultimate<br />

flexibility <strong>and</strong> sensitivity when fishing light. Ideal for micro soft lure fishing, but with enough backbone when a powerful wrasse<br />

snatches your lure <strong>and</strong> heads for the kelp!<br />

The other four models in the range come in the most popular 8ft & 9ft lengths <strong>and</strong> in<br />

both 10-30g <strong>and</strong> 20-50g lure weights, to offer a size <strong>and</strong> weight for all styles of lure<br />

See full terms <strong>and</strong><br />

conditions on page 105<br />

fishing, whether spinning, fishing plugs or soft baits. All models feature high-tech,<br />

4-pce blanks, making transporting rods so much easier, but sacrificing none of the<br />

action, through innovative use of different grades of carbon throughout the blank. The h<strong>and</strong>le <strong>and</strong> reel-seat<br />

configuration uses the latest Japanese design <strong>and</strong> the entire rod is finished in our signature, lustrous Deep<br />

Blue colour with subtle self-colour whippings <strong>and</strong> silver trim. Lightweight, stainless steel guides, with a chrome<br />

finish to make them salt-water resistant. All models come complete with a quality cotton drill rod bag.<br />

New for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

10256 Deep Blue Spinning Rod 8'<br />

Deep Blue Spinning Rods<br />

Model Description Length Lure Wt. Rod Wt. Price<br />

10255 <strong>Snowbee</strong> Deep Blue Spinning Rod 7'3'' 2-15g 159g/5.6oz £134.99 S7500<br />

10256 <strong>Snowbee</strong> Deep Blue Spinning Rod 8' 10-30g 164g/5.8oz £149.99 S8333<br />

10257 <strong>Snowbee</strong> Deep Blue Spinning Rod 8' 20-50g 170g/6.0oz £154.99 S8611<br />

10258 <strong>Snowbee</strong> Deep Blue Spinning Rod 9' 10-30g 164g/5.8oz £157.99 S8778<br />

10259 <strong>Snowbee</strong> Deep Blue Spinning Rod 9' 20-50g 170g/6.0oz £159.99 S8889<br />

100<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

<strong>Sea</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Accessories<br />

<strong>Sea</strong> Angling Accessories<br />

Stinger<br />

Skad Lures<br />

In the 10 years since their launch Stinger Skads have revolutionised<br />

lure fishing with regular reports of them out fishing all previous market<br />

leaders! Both the S<strong>and</strong>eel <strong>and</strong> Shad lure patterns have their limitations<br />

depending on what the fish are feeding on, so the Skad lure is a hybrid of<br />

the two – cunningly imitating both, so effective when fish are feeding on<br />

either s<strong>and</strong>eel, or small baitfish, such as pout, mackerel or herring.<br />

The high grade, natural scent PVC material provides a highly durable<br />

lure that will not tear apart the first time a fish hits it. The highly elastic<br />

tail is able to 'stretch' when fish are 'biting shy', rather than snap-off<br />

as has been the case with some lures. This new material is also crystal<br />

clear, unlike many of our competitors, whose lures use an opaque material.<br />

The advantage of this clarity is a clear light reflection off the outer surface,<br />

coupled with an enticing holographic shimmer, off the internal lead-weight<br />

foil wrap – a combination which any predatory fish finds irresistible.<br />

The combination of moulded tail 'slots', plus an oversized 'paddle' tail,<br />

not only creates an exaggerated tail action, even at very low speeds,<br />

but also sets up additional undersea noise – a proven fish attractor.<br />

Over-size, ultra-sharp hooks ensure fish stay hooked, plus large,<br />

holographic eyes are a known 'trigger point' for any predatory fish.<br />

The Skad can be fished on a traditional long flowing trace <strong>and</strong> boom<br />

over reef or wrecks for species such as pollack, cod <strong>and</strong> ling, or used<br />

as a casting lure for inshore species such as bass, pollack, mackerel.<br />

Colours: Pearl Oyster (PO), Day-Glo Pink/Clear Glitter (PCG),<br />

White/Clear Glitter (WCG), Sardine Pearl (SP), Rhubarb & Custard (RC),<br />

Sardine/Clear Glitter (SCG), S<strong>and</strong>eel Holo (SH).<br />

Plus NEW: Dark Red Glitter (DRG), Black Glitter (BG).<br />

Model Description Length Weight Price<br />

17580 Skad Lures – Pack of 3 12cm 18.5g £6.99 S388<br />

17581 Skad Lures – Pack of 3 15cm 28g £7.99 S444<br />

17582 Skad Magnum Lures – Pack of 2 20cm 45g £8.99 S499<br />

Pearl Oyster (PO)<br />

Day-Glo Pink/Clear Glitter (PCG)<br />

White/Clear Glitter (WCG)<br />

Sardine Pearl (SP)<br />

NEW Dark Red Glitter (DRG)<br />

15296 Aluminium Boat Net<br />

Our popular, all-aluminium boat net, has been<br />

re-introduced! The heavy duty extruded aluminium<br />

h<strong>and</strong>le, slides through a solid aluminium frame-link,<br />

attached to a tubular aluminium net frame.<br />

Fitted with heavy duty Polyethylene netting,<br />

this super-rugged net won’t let you down<br />

when it matters.<br />

Frame size 23” x 26”. Overall length 75”.<br />

Frame slides down h<strong>and</strong>le to a compact<br />

48” for stowage.<br />

Rhubarb & Custard (RC)<br />

Sardine/Clear Glitter (SCG)<br />

S<strong>and</strong>eel Holo (SH)<br />

NEW Black Glitter (BG)<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

14151 Small Lure Box<br />

19449 Rig / Trace Wallet<br />

As you’d expect from <strong>Snowbee</strong>, our Rig/Trace wallet is a bit different!<br />

12 heavy duty, clear trace-pouches in 2 sets of 6, held in place with a neat<br />

Velcro spine. Easily removed as required, so you can keep different rigs in each<br />

set <strong>and</strong> only take what you need. Colour: Royal Blue/Black Size: 10” x 7”<br />

14152 Large Lure Box<br />

Lure Boxes<br />

Reduced for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Our unique Lure boxes solve the problem of tangled ‘plug’ trebles! The 'boat<br />

shaped' profile to the individual compartments, allows one arm of the trebles<br />

to sit down in the 'keel slot' allowing the lure to sit comfortably in the 'V'<br />

formed by the other two arms. Simple, but highly effective. The double sided<br />

design also features clear lids for quick identification, plus drain / ventilation<br />

holes, so lures can be washed down after use in saltwater <strong>and</strong> left to dry in the<br />

box with adequate ventilation to prevent corrosion. Available in 2 sizes:<br />

14151 Small: 20 x 15 x 4.5cm (10 lures)<br />

14152 Large: 27 x 18 x 5cm (14 lures)<br />

Model Description Price<br />

14151 Lure Box – Small £9.99 S555<br />

14152 Lure Box – Large £11.99 S666<br />

15296 Aluminium Boat Net £54.99 S3055<br />

19449 Rig / Trace Wallet £15.99 S889<br />

14749 Multi-Box £12.99 S722<br />

14749 <strong>Snowbee</strong> Multi-Box<br />

A superb quality, small Multi-Box, ideal for storing all you swivels, links, beads<br />

etc. Solidly built in ABS plastic with a heavy duty hinge that is not going to<br />

break half way through the first season! Double sided, with a waterproof gasket<br />

all around, making it buoyant, if dropped. 4 spring loaded lids, covering a total<br />

of 14 compartments. Undoubtedly the best small Multi-Box we’ve seen.<br />

Size: 4” x 3.25” x 1.25”<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk 101

Trade Enquiries - <strong>Snowbee</strong> joins SMG<br />

SMG welcomes <strong>Snowbee</strong> dealers.<br />

From the 1 January <strong>2023</strong>, SMG took over the UK <strong>and</strong> European sales,<br />

marketing, distribution <strong>and</strong> management of the <strong>Snowbee</strong> br<strong>and</strong>. As a<br />

British company celebrating 50 years of trading in 2022, at SMG we<br />

look forward to working with you to build your <strong>Snowbee</strong> sales whilst<br />

also offering you new opportunities from our extensive br<strong>and</strong> portfolio.<br />

We will continue to host regular training sessions, on all our br<strong>and</strong>s<br />

including <strong>Snowbee</strong>, as well as meet you at events such as BFFI, South<br />

Coast Boat Show, Southampton Boat Show, <strong>Sea</strong>work <strong>and</strong> BoatLife.<br />

From our Portsmouth showroom, the Raymarine Smartfish<br />

ambassador boat continues to be available for you <strong>and</strong> your<br />

customers <strong>and</strong> we are looking forwards to the new Furuno boat<br />

joining our fleet this year.<br />

The existing <strong>Snowbee</strong> staff, <strong>and</strong> all at SMG, are here to support you<br />

grow your business, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.<br />

Ray Badminton - Managing Director<br />

Value Added Distribution<br />

51 years marine<br />

electronics expertise<br />

Personalised equipment<br />

packages to meet requirements<br />

Hassle free returns<br />

Marketing &<br />

website support<br />

In-depth pre-sales<br />

technical advice<br />

Extensive stock with<br />

next day delivery<br />

Exceptional after sales support<br />

& customer service<br />

Full ISO 9001, JOSCAR<br />

& UKAS accreditation<br />

Ambassador boats<br />

All of our ambassador boats are available for use by our dealers to demonstrate the capability of the<br />

electronics equipment provided by SMG. The boats are used regularly for training <strong>and</strong> shows.<br />

SmartFish<br />

SmartFish 25 is an aluminium hulled<br />

performance fishing vessel, equipped<br />

with the latest Raymarine <strong>and</strong> Fusion<br />

electronics. Based in Portsmouth.<br />

BlueShift<br />

BlueShift is a Finnmaster Pilot 7 used<br />

primarily for fishing <strong>and</strong> sporting the<br />

latest Railblaza <strong>and</strong> Garmin equipment.<br />

Sakana<br />

The new edition to our ambassador boats<br />

will be kitted out with the latest Furuno<br />

equipment, as well as Zipwake, Exposure,<br />

Scanstrut <strong>and</strong> others. Based in Torquay.<br />

102<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Trade Enquiries - <strong>Snowbee</strong> joins SMG<br />

ThrustMe was created with the main goal of developing electrical<br />

products to make the participation of sports <strong>and</strong> outdoor activities<br />

more safe, accessible <strong>and</strong> fun. The Kicker (right), has a 4.7kg<br />

outboard motor with built-in battery that is perfectly suited for a<br />

short range propulsion system with no fuss or noise.<br />

What sets RAILBLAZA apart from its competition is the simplicity of their StarPort TM mount, the ease with<br />

which it can be fit, <strong>and</strong> the diverse range of situations it’s used in. Super strong, all RAILBLAZA parts are<br />

made from high quality, UV stabilized, engineering polymers, stainless steel <strong>and</strong> anodised aluminium.<br />

For extra strength, the polymers used are fiberglass reinforced.<br />

StarPort TM can be surface mounted <strong>and</strong> remain low profile, or the profile<br />

can be reduced further with minimal rear intrusion. Accessories include<br />

rod <strong>and</strong> fishfinder holders, spooler stations <strong>and</strong> bait tables.<br />

A br<strong>and</strong> where no introductions are needed. Garmin<br />

is well known for their products in the marine sector<br />

<strong>and</strong> have brought to the market a range of navigation,<br />

safety <strong>and</strong> fishfinder products suitable for all budgets,<br />

the Garmin Striker (right) models being perfect for the<br />

inshore, offshore or freshwater fisherman.<br />

Rebelcell focus is on everyone who needs portable energy outside. From angling, marine <strong>and</strong><br />

electric boating to camping <strong>and</strong> hiking. Whether you need to power your trolling engine or<br />

depth sounder, charge your phone, cool your drinks or need to light up the campsite.<br />

For the fishing enthusiast, the Outdoorbox (left) is a<br />

flexible power solution that will add to your enjoyment<br />

out on the water or whilst sat next to a lake or river.<br />

Icom’s h<strong>and</strong>held marine VHF radios (right) are among the most reliable<br />

<strong>and</strong> waterproof in the market. Perfect as a safety or communication<br />

radio when fishing from kayak, SIB/RIB or motorboat.<br />

Raymarine develops technology that helps pinpoint proven fishing spots on lakes, rivers<br />

<strong>and</strong> reservoirs <strong>and</strong> is always a welcome addition to any angler's on-the-water repertoire.<br />

Raymarine's line-up of freshwater fishing electronics includes easy-to-use fish finders,<br />

RealVision 3D sonar, <strong>and</strong> charting software that<br />

will help you reel in your next catch.<br />

Utoka produces the ultimate cooler (right) for outdoor<br />

adventures ranging from 20L <strong>and</strong> topping out at 120L.<br />

Available in multiple colours, the camo design fits<br />

perfectly into any fisherman’s kit list.<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk 103

<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

Technical Specifications<br />

Vapour-Tec® - How it all works<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> Vapour-Tec® is a true outdoor fabric. The key to<br />

its enhanced performance <strong>and</strong> unmatched comfort is in the<br />

advanced TPU microporous laminate. TPU is a Hydrophilic<br />

membrane, the structure of which allows moisture to be<br />

wicked away from the body <strong>and</strong> transferred through the fabric<br />

to the outside in the evaporated state. The micro-pores in<br />

the TPU laminate are large enough to allow moisture vapour<br />

(perspiration) out, but far too small to allow water molecules in,<br />

making the fabric totally waterproof. This breathable membrane<br />

is laminated to a tough outer shell, combining softness with<br />

strength <strong>and</strong> wind-resistance.<br />

As you warm up inside the garment, the air inside becomes hot <strong>and</strong> humid, relative to that outside. This<br />

raises the vapour pressure inside which forces moisture, in the form of perspiration <strong>and</strong> condensation,<br />

through the PU Breathable membrane, leaving you cool <strong>and</strong> dry all day long.<br />

11194-09 <strong>Prestige</strong><br />

STX Bootfoot<br />

Waders<br />

Vapour-Tec® - allows moisture to be wicked away from the body<br />

quickly <strong>and</strong> effectively, to leave you cool, dry <strong>and</strong> comfortable.<br />

Breathable Waders<br />

Before you buy, the MOST important factor to consider is<br />

the material specification. Not all breathable materials are<br />

the same. The performance of breathable materials, is<br />

measured in two ways.<br />

1. Breathability – measured in grams of moisture<br />

which can pass through the material per m 2 per 24hrs.<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> Breathable Wader material can transfer up<br />

to an impressive 4,000g/m 2 /24hrs, on all models.<br />

2. Waterproofness – measured as the hydrostatic<br />

water pressure the material can withst<strong>and</strong> – given as<br />

the ‘head’ of water, in mm. Many manufacturers use<br />

inferior materials, with a hydrostatic pressure rating<br />

of less than 5,000mm. <strong>Snowbee</strong> use only the best<br />

materials available, able to withst<strong>and</strong> a hydrostatic<br />

pressure of up to 15,000mm.<br />

Breathable Jackets & Trousers<br />

The same applies to our Jackets & Trousers. Most<br />

manufacturers use material with a hydrostatic<br />

pressure rating of only 3,000mm. Our <strong>Prestige</strong> 2<br />

Breathable clothing range uses a breathable material<br />

with an impressive hydrostatic pressure rating of<br />

8,000mm <strong>and</strong> a breathability of 4,000 g/m 2 /24 hrs.<br />

11183 <strong>Prestige</strong> 2 Breathable<br />

Wading Jacket<br />

Material technical specifications<br />

Breathable Clothing <strong>Prestige</strong> 2 Breathable Mini-Pack<br />

Clothing<br />

Waterproof Jacket<br />

Model 11183/ 11184/ 11185 11188<br />

Outer Material: 100% nylon 100% nylon<br />

Inner Lining: 100% polyester 100% tricot<br />

Breathable Vapour-Tec ® Vapour-Tec ®<br />

Membrane laminated TPU laminated TPU<br />

Breathability:<br />

2<br />

4,000g/m /24 hrs<br />

2<br />

3,000 g/m /24 hrs<br />

Hydrostatic Water<br />

Pressure Resistance: 8,000 mm H 0 10,000 mm H 0<br />

2<br />

2<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> use only<br />

the best materials<br />

available. Our waders<br />

are able to withst<strong>and</strong><br />

a hydrostatic pressure<br />

of up to 15,000mm.<br />

Breathable Waders <strong>Prestige</strong> STX Ranger Waders<br />

Model 11192/11194 11171/ 11182<br />

Outer Material: 59% polyester, 24% nylon, 17% polyurethane 100% nylon<br />

Breathable Membrane: Vapour-Tec ® laminated TPU Vapour-Tec ® laminated TPU<br />

Outer Breathability:<br />

2<br />

4,000g/m /24hrs<br />

2<br />

4,000g/m /24hrs<br />

Hydrostatic Water 15,000mm H 20 10,000mm H 20<br />

Pressure Resistance:<br />

104<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

Product care <strong>and</strong> Original Purchaser<br />

Lifetime Guarantee<br />

Wader sole choice<br />

We produce a range of soles, each<br />

designed for a specific purpose:<br />

l The Cleated sole, is most suitable for<br />

general use on s<strong>and</strong>, mud, shingle etc.<br />

l The Combi-Sole incorporates a<br />

felt-sole <strong>and</strong> deep cleated heel.<br />

l This is unique <strong>and</strong> the heavy-duty<br />

Studded full Felt-Sole<br />

heel digs in on wet grass or muddy<br />

banks, whilst the felt-sole gives unsurpassed grip on rocks etc in the fastest of<br />

rivers. Trials have shown that there is no loss of grip in the river by not having<br />

a felt-heel, if unsure of your footing, you naturally transfer the<br />

weight to the balls of your feet – where you need <strong>and</strong> find the grip!<br />

l Introduced in 2018 was our studded full Felt-Sole on the <strong>Prestige</strong> STX<br />

Breathable <strong>and</strong> the Classic Neoprene waders. 16 pairs of hardened alloy studs,<br />

coupled with felt-soles, provide sure grip on any slippery surface.<br />

l For additional grip our Screw-in Studs may be added to the heels<br />

of Felt-Sole or Cleated sole waders.<br />

Wader care<br />

All <strong>Snowbee</strong> waders are made from synthetic<br />

materials, which are not susceptible to cracking<br />

or perishing, like the old rubber waders were. The<br />

sun will however degrade synthetic materials, so it<br />

is recommended that waders are stored out of direct<br />

sunlight. Creasing, whilst unsightly, does not adversely<br />

affect the performance of waders <strong>and</strong> the best way<br />

of avoiding this is to hang the waders upside down in a<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> Wader Rack – see page 97. After use in saltwater or brackish<br />

water, the waders should always be washed down with fresh water, <strong>and</strong><br />

felt soles should always be hosed off well with fresh water after every<br />

fishing trip, to remove mud deposits. Without this, the soles will become<br />

hard, wear faster, be less effective <strong>and</strong> can cause the soles to become<br />

rigid <strong>and</strong> peel off.<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> rod breakages <strong>and</strong> rod care<br />

Whilst all <strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fly</strong> Rods are covered by our Original Purchaser<br />

Lifetime Guarantee, carbon fibre is brittle <strong>and</strong> rod breakages can<br />

occasionally occur resulting in additional cost <strong>and</strong> inconvenience<br />

for the owner. Contrary to popular belief however, modern carbon<br />

fibre rods rarely break as a result of poor manufacture during<br />

the natural flexing forces of fly casting <strong>and</strong> playing fish. Rods are<br />

generally ‘broken’ for one reason or another <strong>and</strong> often whilst casting<br />

or playing a fish, when the rod can become ‘over-flexed’ or hit with<br />

a fly for example, which can cause microscopic fractures, leading<br />

to breakages, then or shortly after. Car doors <strong>and</strong> feet are also a<br />

common factor, so to avoid rod breakage we therefore offer the<br />

following advice:<br />

Never<br />

l Lift fish out of the water with the rod – always use a net<br />

l Use a fly line more than one line weight above the rod’s rating<br />

l Jerk the rod or use the tip to pull flies free from rocks or trees<br />

l Support the weight of the rod by the tip section<br />

l Pull line through the rod tip, while holding the rod h<strong>and</strong>le<br />

l Walk with the rod tip facing forward<br />

l Lean a rod against an open car door or boot – it is sure to fall or<br />

someone close the door on it!<br />

l Place a rod on the ground – either you or someone else is sure to<br />

st<strong>and</strong> on it<br />

Always<br />

l When netting a fish, exercise extreme care not to over-compress<br />

the tip of the rod – a common cause of rod breakages.<br />

l When assembling the rod take extra care when threading fly line<br />

or leader through the rings.<br />

l Transport <strong>and</strong> store the rod in a safe place <strong>and</strong> in its rod tube.<br />

l Try to avoid rod impact damage: especially when using<br />

goldheads or any weighted flies that can be travelling in excess of<br />

80mph. Hitting the rod blank will easily cause stress fractures<br />

l Check that the sections are properly aligned <strong>and</strong> securely<br />

pressed together at all times. Applying a little c<strong>and</strong>le wax to new<br />

joints can help prevent them coming apart during casting<br />

Double h<strong>and</strong>ed ‘Spey’ rods<br />

Spey-casting involves a circular casting motion that can cause rod<br />

joints to work loose. We strongly recommend taping the joints prior<br />

to use therefore, to help prevent this.<br />

Original Purchaser Lifetime Guarantee<br />

For peace of mind, <strong>Snowbee</strong> f ly rods come with an<br />

Original Purchaser Lifetime Guarantee.<br />

This guarantee is limited to the Original Purchaser<br />

<strong>and</strong> is not transferable to future owners. In order<br />

to implement this guarantee, details of the<br />

purchase <strong>and</strong> the purchaser must be registered<br />

with <strong>Snowbee</strong> (UK) Limited, or appointed agent<br />

in the country of purchase, within 30 days of<br />

purchase. Failure to register your purchase will<br />

invalidate the guarantee<br />

If, during the lifetime of the original purchaser,<br />

the rod should break or fail, for whatever<br />

reason, simply return the rod, together with<br />

the appropriate h<strong>and</strong>ling <strong>and</strong> postage fee*<br />

plus your original invoice, sales receipt, or<br />

proof of purchase to <strong>Snowbee</strong> (UK) Ltd, or their<br />

appointed agent outside the UK. If this is within<br />

the first 12 months from the date of purchase<br />

<strong>and</strong> only if, in the opinion of <strong>Snowbee</strong> (UK) Ltd,<br />

or their appointed agent, the failure is due to a<br />

manufacturing fault or material defect, our normal<br />

manufacturer’s 1 year guarantee will apply <strong>and</strong><br />

the rod or section, would normally be replaced<br />

free of charge, with the relevant h<strong>and</strong>ling/postage<br />

fee then returned.<br />

Should the rod in question be discontinued,<br />

it will normally be replaced with a new model<br />

up to a similar value, or there is the option to<br />

‘trade up’ to a rod of a higher value, by paying<br />

the h<strong>and</strong>ling/ postage fee, plus the difference<br />

in value between the two models. Please note<br />

however, that in the case of discontinued models,<br />

if purchased at a discount, in a clearance sale for<br />

example, the maximum value covered by this<br />

guarantee is the price paid <strong>and</strong> not the original<br />

RRP.<br />

In all cases, if the customer is unable to<br />

provide an acceptable proof of purchase,<br />

showing the price paid for the rod, then the<br />

maximum warranty value applicable, will be our<br />

last sale price for that particular model.<br />

* The h<strong>and</strong>ling <strong>and</strong> return postage fee for<br />

different rod models is: £20 for all Classic fly rods,<br />

£35 for Classic Double-h<strong>and</strong>ed, Spectre RMX,<br />

Spectre Double-h<strong>and</strong>ed <strong>and</strong> Diamond 2 fly rods,<br />

£45 for <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS Single H<strong>and</strong>ed fly Rods <strong>and</strong><br />

£60 for <strong>Prestige</strong> G-XS Double-h<strong>and</strong>ed fly rods.<br />

This applies to the UK only.<br />

For overseas customers please contact the<br />

appointed <strong>Snowbee</strong> agent or contact <strong>Snowbee</strong><br />

UK Ltd direct for a postage quote. This guarantee<br />

is in addition to your statutory rights. <strong>Snowbee</strong><br />

(UK) Ltd, reserves the right to amend the<br />

h<strong>and</strong>ling/postage fee in line with inflation.<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />


<strong>Fly</strong> Rods » Reels » <strong>Fly</strong> Lines » Wading » Clothing » Sunglasses » Bags » Nets<br />

Customer Service<br />

Customer Service Policy<br />

We pride ourselves on our exceptional Customer Service. We are delighted to hear<br />

from customers <strong>and</strong> should you require any help, advice or technical information<br />

on any <strong>Snowbee</strong> products, please telephone, fax or e-mail us on the numbers<br />

given on the back cover. Alternatively, you might like to log on to our website:<br />

www.snowbee.co.uk where we have a page solely dedicated to<br />

Frequently Asked Questions.<br />

The <strong>Snowbee</strong> Team includes both fresh <strong>and</strong> saltwater fly fishermen <strong>and</strong> experts on all<br />

product lines. They will be able to answer any query you may have.<br />

Whilst it is always a pleasure to hear from satisfied customers, we also welcome any<br />

comments, suggestions or criticism. It is only through customer feedback that we can<br />

continue to improve our product range.<br />

Returns Policy<br />

All <strong>Snowbee</strong> products are covered by our 12 month warranty. During this period, if any<br />

manufacturing or material fault develops, the item will be replaced, or repaired (at our<br />

discretion) without question.<br />

Please note however, that particularly in the case of waders <strong>and</strong> footwear, this warranty<br />

does not cover accidental damage, punctures, fair wear <strong>and</strong> tear or seam damage<br />

caused by incorrect choice of size. The <strong>Snowbee</strong> Warranty does not include the<br />

commercial use of any item.<br />

In the unlikely event that a problem develops on a <strong>Snowbee</strong> product, you should<br />

first contact the retailer who supplied the goods. Should it be necessary to return the<br />

goods to us for inspection, a receipt or proof of purchase must be enclosed. We regret<br />

that we are unable to deal with any returns without such proof of purchase.<br />

Please note that under EU Health <strong>and</strong> Safety regulations, our staff are not permitted to<br />

h<strong>and</strong>le dirty or wet items of clothing or footwear.<br />

To avoid disappointment, delays <strong>and</strong> additional costs, please ensure that any items<br />

returned are in a clean, dry condition.<br />

Prolong the life of your <strong>Snowbee</strong><br />

waders <strong>and</strong> clothing<br />

l Avoid contamination by grease, or any oil based fluids.<br />

These will severely reduce the integrity of the fabric. In the<br />

event of contamination rinse the garment immediately in<br />

lukewarm soapy water <strong>and</strong> rinse thoroughly.<br />

l Avoid sharp objects which may cause punctures to the<br />

material.<br />

l Waders should be rinsed with fresh water after use,<br />

paying particular attention to felt soles on boots.<br />

l Hang waders by the boots, in a <strong>Snowbee</strong> Wader-Rack<br />

to allow drying out.<br />

If you find it necessary to wash breathable clothing then<br />

a gentle non-biological detergent should be used. The<br />

garment may be re-proofed by using our new DWR<br />

reproofing product – Stormsure Stormproof DWR Spray –<br />

see page 81 for details.<br />

Age Restricted Product<br />

Customers are reminded that legislation prohibits the sale or hire of specific products<br />

to persons under certain ages <strong>and</strong> proof of age must always be ascertained. This<br />

includes our Filleting Knives on page 94, which could be classified as 'offensive<br />

weapons', which we are only permitted to supply by mail-order with a credit card<br />

payment in the name of the purchaser, to prove they are over 18. This does not<br />

preclude the sale of solvents for the purpose of their normal intended use.<br />

Index<br />

Accessories................................................35, 45 & 97<br />

Adhesives.........................................................45 & 81<br />

Bags & Wallets..................................... 23, 35 & 74-80<br />

Bass Bags..................................................................80<br />

Boots................................................................... 46-47<br />

Braided Backing ......................................................24<br />

Breathable Clothing.................................. 49-51 & 53<br />

Caps & Hats........................................................ 62-63<br />

Chest-Packs..............................................................59<br />

Clothing.............................................................. 49-63<br />

Combi Outfits..................................................... 16-17<br />

Contact details..................................................... 108<br />

Filleting Knives & Accessories..................................94<br />

Flies .................................................................... 84-85<br />

Float Tubing..............................................................96<br />

Flourocarbon ..................................................... 90-91<br />

Fleece Jackets..........................................................52<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Boxes............................................................. 86-89<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Dressings ............................................................85<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Lines ............................................................. 25-34<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Reels ............................................................. 18-24<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Rods ............................................................... 6-17<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> Vests & Waistcoats ....................................... 55-60<br />

Gloves..............................................................35 & 61<br />

Guarantee details ................................... 105 & 106<br />

Ladies/Juniors............................... 39-41, 44, 53 & 58<br />

L<strong>and</strong>ing Nets...................................................... 69-73<br />

Leaders .............................................................. 92-93<br />

Line Dressings ..........................................................34<br />

Line Trays..................................................................35<br />

Luggage.............................................................. 74-80<br />

Magnetic Net Releases...................................71 & 97<br />

Monofilament..................................................... 90-91<br />

Nets..................................................................... 69-73<br />

Over-Trousers............................................................51<br />

Poly Coated Leaders ...............................................93<br />

Priests........................................................................97<br />

Reel Cases & Bags..................................... 23 & 78-79<br />

Repair Kits ................................................. 45-46 & 81<br />

Returns Policy...................................................... 106<br />

Rockhopper Boots....................................................47<br />

Rod Tubes & Cases.........................................75 & 79<br />

Salmon <strong>Fly</strong> Lines..............................................30 & 34<br />

Saltwater <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong>.......9, 13, 15-18, 20-21, 31 & 35<br />

<strong>Sea</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Rods & Accessories...................... 98-101<br />

Shirts.........................................................................54<br />

Size Charts ........................................................... 107<br />

Smokers & Oak Dust................................................95<br />

Socks.........................................................................61<br />

Sunglasses & Magnifiers.................................... 63-68<br />

Sun/Stripping Gloves...............................................35<br />

Technical specifications....................................... 104<br />

Thermal Clothing.......................................49, 52 & 61<br />

Tippets ............................................................... 90-91<br />

Travel Bags................................................. 74-76 & 80<br />

Vices.................................................................... 82-83<br />

Waders ..............................................................36-44<br />

- Breathable....................................................... 38-40<br />

- Nylon.....................................................................41<br />

- Neoprene........................................................ 42-43<br />

- PVC........................................................................44<br />

Wading Accessories & Repair................... 45-47 & 81<br />

Wading Boots .................................................... 46-47<br />

Wading Equipment............................................ 45-47<br />

Waterproof Clothing ................................ 50-51 & 53<br />

Zingers ............................................................45 & 97<br />

106<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> <strong>2023</strong> // +44 (0) 1752 334933

Flies & <strong>Fly</strong> Tying » <strong>Fly</strong> Boxes » Tippet & Leaders » Float Tubing » Accessories<br />

Size Charts<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong> already offers the largest range of wader sizes in the UK, with shoe sizes from 5 to 15 covered.<br />

Included in the range are many models in Junior/Ladies sizes <strong>and</strong> Fuller Body (FB) sizes, which are approx<br />

15% larger than st<strong>and</strong>ard models. Note: Order STOCKINGFOOT models by size S, M, L etc<br />

<strong>and</strong> BOOTFOOT models by boot size 6, 7, 8, 9 etc.<br />

Inseam <strong>and</strong><br />

Outseam<br />

measurements<br />

are to the<br />

bottom of<br />

the heel.<br />

Chest<br />

Hip<br />

GRANITE PVC CHEST WADERS Model 11072 p44<br />

Boot size 4 & 5 6 7 8 8FB 9 9FB 10 10FB 11 11FB 12 12FB 13<br />

Chest/Waist 48" 50" 50" 53" 59" 53" 59" 53" 60" 54" 60" 54" 62" 54"<br />

Thigh 27.6" 29.1" 29.1" 29.5" 35" 29.5" 35" 30.3" 36" 30.7" 36" 30.7" 37" 31.5"<br />

Inseam 34" 34" 34" 35" 36" 35" 36" 35" 37.5" 35" 37.5" 35" 38.5" 35"<br />

Outseam 52" 53" 53" 54" 57" 54" 57" 54" 58.5" 54" 58.5" 55" 59.5" 55"<br />

Outseam<br />

Inseam<br />


Boot size 5 6 7 8 8FB 9 9FB 10 10FB 11 11FB 12 12FB 13 14 &15<br />

Chest/Waist 44” 45” 45” 46” 54” 47” 55” 48” 55” 49” 56” 50” 57” 50” 50”<br />

Thigh 26” 27” 28” 29” 32” 29.5” 33” 30” 34” 30.5” 35” 31” 35” 32” 32”<br />

Inseam 32” 32” 34” 36” 36” 36” 36” 36.5” 36.5” 36.5” 36.5” 37” 37” 37” 37”<br />

Outseam 49” 50” 51” 53” 54” 53” 54” 54” 55” 54” 55” 55” 56” 55” 55”<br />

RANGER BREATHABLE STOCKINGFOOT & BOOTFOOT CHEST WADERS Models 11171 <strong>and</strong> 11182 p40<br />

Stockingfoot 11171 S M M-FB M-XFB L L-FB L-XFB XL XL-FB XL-XFB XXL<br />

To fit shoe size 5-7 8-9 8-9 8-9 9-10 9-10 9-10 11-12 11-12 11-12 11-12<br />

Bootfoot 11182 6 & 7 8 8-FB N/A 9 & 10 9FB & 10FB N/A 11 11-FB & 12-FB N/A 12<br />

Chest 44” 46” 50” 58" 48” 52” 66" 50” 54” 69" 52”<br />

Hip 46” 48” 52” 61" 50” 54” 69" 52” 56” 72" 54”<br />

Inseam 33” 34” 33” 36" 35” 34” 37" 36” 35” 38" 37”<br />

Outseam 51” 53” 53” 57" 55” 55” 59" 57” 57” 60" 59”<br />


Boot size 6 7 8 8-K 9 9-K 10 10K 11 11-K 12 12-K 13<br />

Actual Chest 43” 46” 46” 50” 48” 58” 48” 58” 52” 60” 52” 60” 56”<br />

Inseam 34” 36” 36” 36” 37” 37” 37” 37” 38” 38” 38” 38” 39”<br />

Outseam 52” 57” 57” 57” 59” 59” 59” 59” 60” 60” 60” 60” 61”<br />


Stockingfoot XS S M M-S M-L M-FB/K L L-S L-L L-FB/K XL XL-S XL-FB/K XXL<br />

To fit shoe size 5-6 6-7 8-10 8-10 8-10 8-10 9-11 9-11 9-11 9-11 10-12 10-12 10-12 11-13<br />

To fit Chest size 32-34” 35-37” 38-40” 38-40” 38-40” 42-44” 40-42” 40-42” 40-42” 48-52” 44-46” 44-46” 50-54” 48-50”<br />

Actual Chest 40” 43” 46” 46” 46” 50" 48” 48” 48" 58" 52” 52” 60" 56”<br />

Inseam 32” 34” 36” 32” 38” 36" 37” 33” 39" 37" 38” 34” 38" 39”<br />

Outseam 50” 52” 57” 53” 57” 57" 59” 55” 61" 59" 60” 56” 60" 61”<br />


Boot size 5 6 7 8 8FB 9 9FB 10 10FB 11 11FB 12 12FB 13<br />

Actual Chest 38” 38” 40” 42” 48” 44” 50” 45” 51” 46” 52” 47” 53” 48”<br />

Hip 40” 40” 42” 44” 50” 46” 52” 47” 53” 48” 54” 49” 55” 50”<br />

Inseam 31” 31” 32” 34” 34” 35” 35” 36” 36” 37” 37” 38” 38” 38”<br />

Outseam 51” 51” 53” 55” 56” 57” 58” 58” 59” 59” 60” 60” 61” 60”<br />


Wader size S M L XL XXL<br />

Sock Size 5-7 8-10 9-11 10-12 11-13<br />

Actual Chest 38” 42” 45” 46” 48”<br />

Hip 40” 44” 47” 48” 50”<br />

Inseam 31” 34” 36” 37” 38”<br />

Outseam 51” 55” 58” 59” 60”<br />

JACKETS p49-53<br />

S M L XL XXL<br />

To fit chest 36/38” 38/40” 42/44” 46/48” 50/52”<br />

Actual Measurements<br />

2<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> Wading Jacket 48” 50” 52” 54” 56”<br />

2<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> ¾ <strong>Fishing</strong> Jacket 50” 53” 56” 58” 60”<br />

XStreme Thermal Jacket 46.5” 48” 50” 53” 55”<br />

Dartmoor Fleece Jacket 42” 45” 47” 50" 54"<br />

Dartmoor Fleece Gilet 42” 45” 47” 50" 54"<br />

Mini-Pack Waterproof Jacket 44” 46” 48” 50” 52”<br />


To fit waist 30/32” 32/34” 36/38” 40/42” 44/46”<br />

2<br />

<strong>Prestige</strong> Over Trousers* 44” 46” 48” 50” 52”<br />

*actual waist size with up to 12” of adjustment<br />


To fit chest 36/38” 38/40” 40/42” 42/44” 44/46” 46/48”<br />

Actual chest measurement 45.5” 46.5” 48” 50” 51” 53”<br />

Collar 14” 15” 16” 17” 18” 19”<br />

FLY VESTS p55-58 S M L XL XXL XXXL**<br />

To fit chest 36/38” 38/40” 42/44” 46/48” 50/52” 52/54”<br />

Actual chest measurement 46” 48” 50” 52” 54” 56"<br />


To fit chest 32/34” 34/36” 36/38”<br />

Actual chest measurement 36” 38” 40”<br />

NB **Size XXXL only available in models 11810 <strong>and</strong> 11624.<br />

All prices SRP inc VAT // www.snowbee.co.uk<br />



GROUP<br />

Established 1978<br />

European Office...<br />

<strong>Snowbee</strong><br />

Drakes Court<br />

Langage Business Park<br />

Plymouth<br />

PL7 5JY, UK<br />

Tel: +44 (0) 1752 334933<br />

Email: sales@snowbee.co.uk<br />

Web: www.snowbee.co.uk<br />

Our thanks to...<br />

• Russell Symons for product <strong>and</strong> scenic photography – russ@reelfoto.com<br />

• Keely Docherty-Lee for catalogue design keelydl@icloud.com<br />

• Ceri Jones for many of this year’s stunning photos – https://castingwithcerijones.com<br />

• Mark Underhill of Wimbleball Lake Trout Fishery – www.wimbleballflyfishery.co.uk<br />

• Dil Singh of South West Lakes Trust – www.swlakestrust.org.uk<br />