HIM Magazine No.15 (English)

Wow, what a fat thing! A saying that we not only hear when our guys, like this time Diego Barros (Mr. 25-centimetres!), take off their covers, but also when our readers hold the new HIM MAGAZINE in their hands. In addition to Diego's third leg, this time we're pursuing our general fascination for cocks and groping our way through the lustful darkness of a darkroom. In addition, we will tell you why eroticism takes place primarily in the head and also tell you about an extreme fetish session (700 lashes!). We also report in detail about the unique fetish festival DARKLANDS and talk to sex workers about their job! So, when are you ready for a really fat thing?

Wow, what a fat thing! A saying that we not only hear when our guys, like this time Diego Barros (Mr. 25-centimetres!), take off their covers, but also when our readers hold the new HIM MAGAZINE in their hands. In addition to Diego's third leg, this time we're pursuing our general fascination for cocks and groping our way through the lustful darkness of a darkroom. In addition, we will tell you why eroticism takes place primarily in the head and also tell you about an extreme fetish session (700 lashes!). We also report in detail about the unique fetish festival DARKLANDS and talk to sex workers about their job! So, when are you ready for a really fat thing?


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Our longing for cocks<br />

10<br />


The safe space full of possibilities<br />

16 20<br />

DARKLANDS 2023<br />

Fetish yourself, Boy!<br />

Master of eroticism:<br />

Michael<br />

Woodcock breaks<br />

new ground<br />

24 30 36<br />


700 strokes full of pure lust<br />


The connection<br />

between drugs,<br />

sex and gay guys<br />

From meat<br />

renunciation to<br />

fetish lust

Lifestyle<br />


5<br />

Lifestyle<br />

The eternal<br />

search for a<br />

DICK<br />

Why is there such a<br />

fascination with a male<br />

cock? Why do we desire it,<br />

more than anything else in<br />

the world? Why is it that all<br />

our seeking, all our longing,<br />

all our devotion is always<br />

directed towards having a<br />

magnificent cock in front<br />

of us or feeling pleasure<br />

with our own magnificent<br />

specimen?<br />

This is an ode, a hymn to the male cock, a<br />

completely subjective feeling about this<br />

piece of meat as it lies warm in our hands.<br />

About how it feels to stroke its skin, to<br />

feel the thick veins pumping blood up<br />

to the bulging tip of the glans, until the<br />

foreskin slowly pushes back, finally presenting<br />

the kingdom of our desires in all<br />

its grandeur and perfection. But perhaps<br />

we should start somewhere else entirely,<br />

because as is so often the case, a large part<br />

of the true pleasure, of these fireworks in<br />

our heads, can escape us if we sex-hungry,<br />

cock-hungry, skip the first passages all too<br />

quickly. Sometimes, of course, we need<br />

raw, wild desire that can be over in just a<br />

few minutes. But in the depths of passion,<br />

in that area of our desire and our sensation,<br />

which lets us completely disappear<br />

from this world for a time, we come so<br />

certainly not.

Lifestyle<br />

6<br />

And isn‘t that actually the most beautiful thing about everything?<br />

This loss of control, sometimes only for small moments in<br />

everyday life, in the subway, on the bus, while shopping, in the<br />

middle of the street? It comes over us unexpectedly, takes hold of<br />

us, and we let it happen again every time, as if we were suffering<br />

from Stockholm syndrome. But we like being victims, surrendering<br />

to the kidnappers, letting them do whatever they want to<br />

do with us. In a clocked world, in which second hands indicate<br />

the goose step of mankind, this loss of control in our head, this<br />

disappearance towards our pure animal self is the greatest form<br />

of freedom. For a moment, that cock appears before our gaze<br />

once again, the cock of the strange man. We trace its contours in<br />

our minds, how the rim of the glans gently stands out before it<br />

merges into the shaft.<br />

We are hunters. Raiders of the Lost Ark. Hunters of the cock.<br />

And we like to hunt in that urban wilderness of the big city,<br />

when men look for a place close to each other in the subway,<br />

when legs spread and bulges lecherously emerge from tight<br />

jeans. When we glide over the shapes of a pair of pants with a<br />

fleeting glance, and the guy in the supermarket is already undressing<br />

in our mind‘s eye, kneeling greedily, ready to pray, just<br />

like the boys in the churches do. Our cross of worship is just as<br />

hard, only it pulsates and lives, and it doesn‘t need nails to float<br />

in the air either. Just a little attention and the most natural thing<br />

in the world begins, an erection. At the same time a miracle and<br />

a marvel, thousands of nerves throbbing in fractions of seconds<br />

sending an express train from our brain to our bulging balls,<br />

back and forth all the time, traveling all the time, loaded with<br />

our lust and desire, wrapped in thirsty looks, first touches and<br />

for the time being still tender waves of ecstasy. We know what<br />

will follow and yet each time it is new, each time different, each<br />

time very individual and very special. One wave chases the next,<br />

they trump each other, grow together in our head, fill us completely,<br />

until the fire of desire finally burns at our own dick tip and<br />

the flesh twitches animalistically, beyond our control.

7<br />

Lifestyle<br />

Only a slight twitch, a<br />

movement resulting from<br />

the stranger‘s careless<br />

step, lets us sink further<br />

into the darkness of our<br />

imagination, in which we<br />

hide from that reality which<br />

has as little to do with our<br />

throbbing heart as apples<br />

have to do with killer<br />


Lifestyle 8<br />

Then, another time, when we actually<br />

approach a cock and its owner, our<br />

journey can continue. We run our fingers<br />

along the bump that appears in his crotch.<br />

Tentatively at first, almost like an uninitiated<br />

virgin, then we grip tighter. Feel the<br />

weight, feel the automatic counter-movement<br />

of his piston nestling in our palm,<br />

wanting to be taken and touched. And<br />

then, once again, the miracle of nature<br />

happens, the miracle of growing. It can be<br />

both of supreme pleasure to simply feel,<br />

through the fabric of his pants, the life<br />

being pumped into the shaft with every<br />

heartbeat, or to witness, face to face, so<br />

to speak, quite directly, how this sexual<br />

organ swells a few centimeters before our<br />

eyes only to become thicker, plumper and<br />

firmer by the second. True connoisseurs<br />

understand why a flaccid cock is so wonderful<br />

- it doesn‘t offer any ready answers<br />

yet, only possibilities, limitless possibilities.<br />

There is hardly a better feeling than to feel<br />

another man‘s lust growing, before our<br />

eyes, in our hands, with the help of our<br />

hungry tongues or in a firm lustful ass.<br />

A cock may be enjoyed with<br />

all our senses.<br />

We can bury our nose deep into it and<br />

with every breath disappear deeper and<br />

deeper into these clouds of scent of pure<br />

masculinity. We can taste him, slowly<br />

wandering up with our tongues to the<br />

moist tip - where else can we absorb the<br />

animalistic beast in a man better than<br />

here? We feel the weight of this male<br />

monster, how it becomes heavier and<br />

heavier, the skin tightens more and more,<br />

leaving less and less room for speculation.<br />

Our eyes can become witnesses of this<br />

birth, this origin of all life, all our lust, all<br />

that lets us be really human. When the<br />

bulging cock along with its full testicles<br />

slaps against our face for the first time, we<br />

can hear how much power lives inside it.<br />

And we want more. Punishment, caress,<br />

chastisement or pure lack of will - a stiff<br />

cock can be everything at the same time<br />

and much more.<br />

The penetration inside us then ignites a<br />

very special fire in both men, that everlasting<br />

glow that has been with us since<br />

the first lightning strike on earth and has<br />

never completely faded away.

9 Lifestyle<br />

We feel how the cock gradually fills the<br />

space inside us, explores and enlivens our<br />

mouth or our ass, more than that, creates<br />

new space where none was before. It<br />

opens secret gates to a magnificent hall inside<br />

ourselves, a whole castle of pleasure,<br />

corridors and corridors as different as our<br />

desires; winding paths to explore as well<br />

as wide paths that nevertheless want to<br />

be trodden and experienced anew every<br />

time. This animal lust is the key within us<br />

to true happiness, so that a man‘s cock can<br />

become our savior in need. A barque in<br />

the night that carries us as much through<br />

the hellfires of the day as through the darkness<br />

of the deepest passion. Not only are<br />

we safe here, we know the reward that<br />

awaits us. Every time. Pure life as it flows<br />

out through him, flows or is eruptively<br />

flung out, as if this cock wanted to repopulate<br />

the whole world with its seed. He<br />

could. So much magic, so much magic is<br />

in him. So much power. All the life flows<br />

into us, unites with our origin and we...<br />

we truly become one. With us. With the<br />

other man and his cock. With the animal<br />

origin of our existence. Your male cock is<br />

able to do all that - it is the true redeemer,<br />

the true creator, the greatest pleasure and<br />

constant desire of our life. Everything else<br />

is only accessories. Decorations in our life.<br />

And we open our eyes drunk with love,<br />

taste, feel, hear, gasp, touch, heartbeat in<br />

our head, everything at the same time,<br />

everything unreal, everything more real<br />

than ever before, all colors shine, we glow<br />

within us, everything sinks into us, hurricanes<br />

in the smallest space, gigantic land<br />

masses shift and we go back to the resting<br />

starting point. Then we smile with spermstained<br />

lips and look out for the next cock.<br />

Look for the bone, dear friends, look for it<br />

as long as you can. (mw)<br />

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Lifestyle 10<br />

Safe place, boundless lust<br />

or last refuge?<br />

IN THE<br />

DARK<br />

Opinions differ on the word<br />

“darkroom” - reactions among<br />

friends could hardly be more<br />

different. For some, most of<br />

whom have never visited such a<br />

place of darkness until now, the<br />

darkroom is a mixture of wicked<br />

atrium of hell on the direct way<br />

to all the venereal diseases of<br />

the world coupled with lustful<br />

fantasies that flash before their<br />

inner eye for a split second. But<br />

they do not allow themselves to<br />

give in to them. If one inquires<br />

more concretely, a greedy<br />

curiosity often hides behind it,<br />

what really happens in the dark<br />

rooms among all the strange men.<br />

For others, it is a place beyond<br />

social boundaries and norms,<br />

where we are thrown back on our<br />

animalistic lust and can forget<br />

everything else for a moment, the<br />

everyday life, the stress, all the<br />

worries, needs and fears.<br />

Opinions differ on the word “darkroom”<br />

- reactions among friends could hardly<br />

be more different. For some, most of<br />

whom have never visited such a place<br />

of darkness until now, the darkroom is a<br />

mixture of wicked atrium of hell on the<br />

direct way to all the venereal diseases of<br />

the world coupled with lustful fantasies<br />

that flash before their inner eye for a split<br />

second. But they do not allow themselves<br />

to give in to them. If one inquires more<br />

concretely, a greedy curiosity often hides<br />

behind it, what really happens in the dark<br />

rooms among all the strange men. For others,<br />

it is a place beyond social boundaries<br />

and norms, where we are thrown back on<br />

our animalistic lust and can forget everything<br />

else for a moment, the everyday life,<br />

the stress, all the worries, needs and fears.<br />

Still others sense many dangers in the<br />

darkroom, as director Rosa von Praunheim,<br />

for example, also addressed in his<br />

eponymous film drama when he tells<br />

of the true case that shook the Berlin<br />

gay community in 2012. At that time, a<br />

gay man administered knockout drops<br />

to other guys, including in darkrooms -<br />

three men died as a result. And indeed, a<br />

darkroom can also pose a certain danger,<br />

because neither are the other men known<br />

to you, nor do you know what exactly<br />

awaits you in the dark. But why does the<br />

dark room nevertheless not lose its fascination<br />

until today?

11<br />

Lifestyle<br />

If you don‘t want to completely brush aside<br />

the issue of your own safety, you can<br />

take certain precautions - for example,<br />

never go alone into a darkroom or simply<br />

not take any substances that are offered to<br />

you there in the semi-darkness. Of course,<br />

this still won‘t protect you from one STI<br />

or another, so the most you can do is take<br />

certain precautions, for example with<br />

preventive measures such as PrEP. There<br />

is no such thing as 100 percent safety,<br />

but neither is there any such thing if you<br />

arrange to have sex within your own four<br />

walls and sterilize the fitted sheet beforehand.<br />

Anyone who is sexually active<br />

always exposes themselves to a certain<br />

degree of risk.<br />

However, one question is which sexual<br />

practices are performed in the darkroom.<br />

There are, of course, guys who lie in a<br />

sling and let everything happen to them,<br />

come who or what may. One question,<br />

however, is the degree of darkness itself<br />

- there are darkrooms that allow the eyes<br />

to explore the essentials, especially when<br />

constructions like a sex swing or other<br />

toys are on site - this requires at least a<br />

certain basic light, preferably in shades<br />

of blue or red. However, if we talk about<br />

the “real” darkrooms, those ones, in which<br />

we actually see almost nothing at all, the<br />

way men have sex with each other also<br />

changes immediately. Of course, there are<br />

men who let other guys take them while<br />

leaning against the wall, but by far the<br />

most common activities are blowjobs and<br />

mutual exploration and masturbation.<br />

Both sex variants where the risk for STDs<br />

decreases, although of course it does not<br />

disappear completely.<br />

But for some, it is precisely this danger<br />

that constitutes a further attraction - to<br />

the animalistic and rudimentary recollection<br />

of flesh, cock, desire, lust and<br />

sex, there joins like an invisible veil a fog<br />

of danger, which as a very special kick<br />

drives the sexual experience and ecstasy<br />

further and leads us into partly undreamed-of<br />

regions of our selves. Again, and<br />

again it also happens that in those rooms<br />

one meets ignorantly men who beyond<br />

this place of darkness would say of themselves<br />

that they are strictly heterosexual.<br />

Why do they still find their way into the<br />

darkroom, knowing that other men are<br />

waiting for them there? The darkroom<br />

functions here as a place of limbo, beyond<br />

reality, beyond the morality that many<br />

have imposed on themselves or have<br />

had imposed on them. A refuge between<br />

anonymity and sexual security.

Lifestyle 12<br />

Here, pure animalistic lust is the sole<br />

ruler of the dark realm, all the civilized<br />

etiquette we have thrown on ourselves<br />

falls away - this has at least as appealing<br />

an effect on gays as it does on supposedly<br />

consistently heterosexual men.<br />

Moreover, there is no need to explain oneself<br />

at all. You‘re here, you get your dick<br />

out, and the journey begins. No one has to<br />

explain themselves and answer another<br />

person‘s questions or even try to convince<br />

themselves that they‘re not gay, even<br />

though they‘re just holding another man‘s<br />

hard piston in their hand and playing<br />

with his stiff nipples. In the most primal<br />

sense, this is nothing less than absolute<br />

freedom - only lust sets the scene, there<br />

are no limits and no prohibitions beyond<br />

your own imagination. If something<br />

doesn‘t work for you, you turn away, back<br />

into the darkness, looking for new bodies.<br />

Heterosexual men don‘t have to explain<br />

themselves, not to themselves, but also<br />

not to others. Maybe it‘s like that mystical<br />

place in the middle of the American<br />

desert, Las Vegas, that city about which<br />

they say what happens there stays there -<br />

darkrooms function in a very similar way.<br />

“<br />

In the darkroom I became a voyeur, a voyeur of sounds. I<br />

love how the moans, murmurs and soft, whispered words<br />

travel through the room. A command like “Suck my dick, you<br />

bitch!“ spreads in circles further and further and strange<br />

men a few meters away perceive the words as their very<br />

own invitation, continue in turn with the man at their<br />

side. Here we are all just meat and horniness, we fire each<br />

other with our noises, words and animalistic sounds. When<br />

one of the guys approaches his own climax, he shouts it<br />

out joyfully, there is no stopping, no limits, no awkward<br />

moment. We are performers in our own porno, each driving<br />

his very own movie in his head. There is no director, no rules,<br />

everything is allowed, everything increases more and more<br />

in the intoxication of the senses beyond our eyes. Once fully<br />

engaged in it, you‘ll find it hard not to smile at the supposedly<br />

normal world beyond these narrow walls.<br />

Daniel (35)<br />

The darkroom usually always holds<br />

another promise as well - the unconditional<br />

satisfaction of one‘s own lust. Neither<br />

do heterosexual guys have to invite their<br />

dream girl to dinner a few times before<br />

the first form of intimacy is allowed to<br />

emerge, nor do gay guys require long<br />

speeches, endless chat conversations and<br />

sometimes grueling detailed questions in<br />

gay dating apps before maybe, maybe not,<br />

a meeting in real life can take place. The<br />

darkroom is an infinitely honest space because<br />

the lights are turned down, and in<br />

the process, in the midst of darkness, the<br />

cone of interest is focused only on pure<br />

lust, only on the simplest and best form of<br />

satisfaction. Here, everyone becomes an<br />

equal object of lust, whether old or young,<br />

whether slim or fat, whether disabled or<br />

not, whether wearing glasses or beard,<br />

whether Asian or European, whether<br />

black or white, whether circumcised or<br />

not...Goodbye Body-Shaming, Welcome<br />

Safe Space. Come, dear friend, be as you

13<br />

Lifestyle<br />

are and with your step into the darkness<br />

also shed any stigma that constricts and<br />

oppresses you beyond these walls.<br />

Another aspect to this special pleasure<br />

experience is the simple fact that we are<br />

largely deprived of one of our senses, the<br />

eyes. What many relationship counselors<br />

almost always advise as a special form<br />

of reacquaintance between couples - the<br />

slow exploration of the other person‘s<br />

body with the help of blindfolds - almost<br />

always and inevitably takes place in a<br />

darkroom. Sometimes fast and impetuous,<br />

then again slow and curious. Fingertips<br />

explore bodies, travel over bulges, slide<br />

into warm valleys, grab, grasp, feel and<br />

grope.<br />

☛<br />

THE <strong>HIM</strong> DARKROOM MOVIE TIP:<br />


ROOM<br />

16-year-old Sequin loves anonymous<br />

sex and becomes increasingly<br />

addicted to the Blue Room, a lustful<br />

darkroom full of desire, until he falls<br />

under the spell of a beguiling stranger.<br />

More at salzgeber.de<br />

“<br />

I was in Amsterdam for the first time and had heard<br />

about this mysterious darkroom. Twisted and hidden<br />

between the ends of two streets beyond the canals,<br />

it took a while to find the little bar. Inside, a daddy in<br />

a leather outfit stood behind the counter, otherwise<br />

the bar was seemingly empty. He smiled and with<br />

a nod of his head pointed to a wooden staircase<br />

leading down to the basement. With soft knees, I<br />

stepped down and a new world revealed itself<br />

to me. Small and larger corridors, arranged in<br />

squares, display areas that disappeared into<br />

the darkness, cubicles that allowed a brief<br />

glimpse of stiff cocks and lustful pairs of<br />

eyes in the gloom. A murmur rippled from<br />

one end of the darkness to the other. My<br />

cock immediately became rock hard<br />

and with each step further and deeper<br />

down this rabbit hole, I stripped away<br />

everything that had ever weighed<br />

me down and gripped me internally.<br />

Then I let myself fall completely into<br />

this intoxication of lust and sex.<br />

Since then, I‘ve known there‘s<br />

reality out there and then<br />

there‘s the real world, hidden<br />

in dark basements next to<br />

canals where the water<br />

shimmers just as darkly<br />

with lust.<br />

Mike (41)

Lifestyle 14<br />

“<br />

Scantily clad only in a towel, I stepped outside the door - a<br />

steam sauna and a darkroom at the same time. Off to the<br />

side, two meters away, two men sat on plastic chairs and<br />

eyed lecherously who all stepped through the glass door.<br />

I mustered up all my courage, stripped off the towel and<br />

went inside. For the first few seconds I saw nothing and a<br />

low murmur sounded through my ears. Then, with time, my<br />

eyes got used to the darkness, I could sparsely perceive the<br />

first contours and moving shadows. Courageously, I took a<br />

few steps inside, while it became darker and darker around<br />

me. The steam clouded my senses, then I already felt the first<br />

hands on my body. A few fingers grazed my full balls, a few<br />

others played with the tip of my glans, making my cock get<br />

harder and harder. A third hand caressed my ass cheeks,<br />

playing with the curves that transitioned to my back, while<br />

another hand played and squeezed harder and harder on<br />

my nipples. Up until this point I had not been one for pain<br />

or unknown dates, but here it was as if everything I used to<br />

be was suddenly forgotten. It was not long before I squirted<br />

a large portion of cum for the first time in the middle of the<br />

dark room. The idea that my cum somewhere abruptly just<br />

slapped on other guys‘ bodies amplified the rush in my head<br />

immeasurably, while the hands didn‘t stop playing with me.<br />

Markus (24)<br />

A group for<br />

every kink.<br />

Do you want to meet guys of your<br />

special kink? Welcome to the clubs!<br />

“Clubs“ are topic-based<br />

group chats from our community.<br />

Browse through the complete list of<br />

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New<br />

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now!<br />

Tasting and hearing the lust and masculinity<br />

of an equally lustful counterpart. The<br />

boundlessness of the dark allows for an<br />

infinite horizon that we cannot see, but<br />

can feel within us. The darkroom creates<br />

a space - within ourselves. Thrown back<br />

to the animal lust, which sometimes<br />

hungry like a predator on the prowl at<br />

night in a hurry or other times wants to<br />

be enjoyed with a lot of peace and time.<br />

And this sexual pleasure does not end in<br />

togetherness either, the darkness creates<br />

enough space for all men to find each other,<br />

explore each other, hands, all over the<br />

skin. While our fingers glide over other<br />

people‘s bodies, holding, pressing, jerking<br />

and playing, countless other fingers wander<br />

lustfully over us and from second to<br />

second more and more men merge with<br />

each other. A moan rises, hovers for a moment<br />

like a curious smokescreen over the<br />

scenery and then lays very gently over all<br />

the sweating and panting bodies that play<br />

naked with their lust, become one, are<br />

one, forget everything, feel everything,<br />

know everything - and perhaps only in<br />

this way come closest to what we so carelessly<br />

call infinity. Beyond time, beyond<br />

all norms and rules. Free.<br />

The image of the darkroom, meanwhile,<br />

will certainly always remain a wicked<br />

one, and maybe that‘s just as well - where<br />

would we end up if everyone understood<br />

where they experience absolute freedom<br />

in their minds, a boundless sexual wave<br />

of pleasure? So, you‘d better stay away,<br />

dear ignorant people, condemn us and<br />

keep turning up your noses. For some the<br />

boundless freedom is simply not made,<br />

some need the narrow walls of their<br />

world, in order not to have to feel truly.<br />

For all those who are interested, meanwhile,<br />

be welcome, friends, and get ready<br />

for a universe in which you can experience<br />

a journey on the billions of electrical<br />

pathways of your own synapses in the<br />

brain that will take you all 13.8 billion<br />

years back to the Big Bang. (ms)<br />

Sneaker<br />

+1259<br />



festival opens its doors<br />

IN THE<br />



This month, Christmas, Easter<br />

and your own birthday<br />

will once again coincide in<br />

one week for all fetish fans<br />

from all over the world, namely<br />

when the European fetish<br />

festival DARKLANDS<br />

opens its doors in Antwerp.<br />

In many ways, the meeting<br />

of fetish enthusiasts in Belgium<br />

is unique, but above<br />

all, the warm welcome culture<br />

immediately appeals to<br />

you - there is enough room<br />

here for every fetish, for all<br />

people and their different<br />

desires. There are no prejudices,<br />

DARKLANDS is a<br />

gigantic safe space for all<br />

people who are interested<br />

or enjoy fetish. Of course,<br />

<strong>HIM</strong> MAGAZINE will also<br />

be there on site. Beforehand,<br />

Jacques Smet from the<br />

DARKLANDS organizing<br />

team told us a little more<br />

about this special festival.<br />

Would you like to tell our readers a little bit<br />

about the history of DARKLANDS?<br />

Our festival has been around since 2011, it actually<br />

started very small at the Leather Pride<br />

Festival in Belgium and then grew more and<br />

more every year. Since 2016 our festival is<br />

called DARKLANDS and now every year<br />

around 15,000 people from over 35 countries<br />

worldwide visit our festival.<br />

In your really cool trailer online, you declare<br />

yourselves and the visitors to be the<br />

last rebels in the galaxy. What makes you<br />

rebels?<br />

We are definitely rebels! Why? Simply<br />

because we want to normalize the fetish. We<br />

want to show and enforce in the gay community<br />

but also in society and the cultural scene<br />

in general that fetish is simply normal in the<br />

best sense. In addition, we want to show that<br />

fetish is more diverse and varied than many<br />

people probably believe. It's really important<br />

to get this knowledge out into the world.<br />

There are no boundaries at<br />

DARKLANDS. What kind<br />

of attitude should the<br />

DARKLANDS guests<br />

come with?<br />

As you rightly say,<br />

there are no limits<br />

with us. The most<br />

important thing<br />

is mutual respect.<br />

We ask all our visitors<br />

to respect each<br />

other. If you come<br />

to us as a guest with<br />

this attitude, you will<br />

definitely have the<br />

best time of your life!

17 Fetish<br />

“<br />

It’s no surprise that DARKLANDS is<br />

the annual highlight of our fetish life.<br />

We’re proud of what DARKLANDS<br />

has achieved since it first began. It’s not<br />

just about partying – the social side is<br />

equally important. And the fact that it<br />

attracts people from all over the world<br />

makes it very interesting to be there.<br />

Many fetishes are still fighting for diversity<br />

and inclusivity. DARKLANDS<br />

recognized this early and has adopted<br />

many subcultures into its programm.<br />

Mr. Leather International & Mr. Leather<br />

Europe Gael & Andy<br />

“<br />

For me, DARKLANDS is the event<br />

where I improved and found my<br />

confidence for life in the international<br />

fetish family. Ever since I first went to<br />

DARKLANDS, I’ve noticed that this<br />

event unites fetish people from all over<br />

the world. Personally, I’ve never been a<br />

heavy darkroom visitor, but I’ve been<br />

able to express my pup play on DAR-<br />

KLANDS both sexually and non-sexually,<br />

and I think that’s an issue of our<br />

time. It’s your fetish and you should be<br />

proud of it. DARKLANDS helps a lot of<br />

people to develop this self-confidence,<br />

because you suddenly walk through the<br />

public in gear because it seems normal<br />

for everyone. Everyone can be as they<br />

want to be and I think that’s something<br />

we have to relearn, especially after<br />

the Corona Pandemic. DARKLANDS<br />

can help us with this! Tolerance and<br />

acceptance should no longer be hollow<br />

phrases. We Are Fetish!<br />

Puppy Europe 2022 Thaly<br />

“<br />

DARKLANDS is a little bit of a magical<br />

place; because it’s pretty much the<br />

Disneyland of kink. Whenever people<br />

ask me about it, I make sure to encourage<br />

them to attend, and whether it’s your<br />

first ever kink event or your 100th, it’s<br />

worth visiting. Community is the most<br />

important part to me. I’ve found a whole<br />

queer family because of attending<br />

and competing at DARKLANDS.<br />

Mr. Superhero Fetish Europe 2022<br />


Fetish 18<br />

We really strongly believe in this. We just<br />

celebrate love and so we are really just<br />

surrounded by love. We are very diverse<br />

and respect all types of fetishes, from<br />

leather to rubber to pups to bondage to<br />

skins and much more. After all, there are<br />

so many of them! To our visitors I would<br />

advise: Just be yourself! Be open to new<br />

experiences and accept all the different<br />

impressions you can experience. In all<br />

these years our guests have always been<br />

inspired by this, that's why we simply<br />

never needed security, there were never<br />

any incidents or fights between our<br />

visitors.<br />

Many fetishes are still struggling for<br />

diversity and inclusivity. DARKLANDS<br />

brings all fetishes together in one big<br />

event. You also say that you have come a<br />

long way, but there is still a lot to do.<br />

Yes, there really is still some work to do!<br />

We experience that we always have to be<br />

open for new fetish types. For example,<br />

new this year is ABDL, a fetish around<br />

Age and Adult Baby Play (Editor's note:<br />

You can find more online in the February<br />

issue of <strong>HIM</strong> MAGAZINE at www.himmagazine.de).<br />

We have designed DAR-<br />

KLANDS as a safe space for all fetishes.<br />

We welcome all fetish types and will<br />

continue to try to offer them a safe place<br />

here with us where they can meet and<br />

exchange with like-minded people. So, it's<br />

really quite simple: if there are followers<br />

of a new fetish, let's talk about it and we'll<br />

see how we can create a Safe Space for<br />

you in DARKLANDS.<br />

“<br />

We’ve gone through so much collectively over the decades: from Aids, to<br />

learning to live with HIV, (made easier with the advent of PrEP), learning<br />

now to live with Covid, and more recently we are living with Monkeypox<br />

which affects our community statistically more than others. And still,<br />

through everything, our community is bright, vibrant and strong, filled with<br />

beautiful kinky souls and hearts, and people who have a wish to make the<br />

world a better place. No matter the distance in miles between us or the diversity<br />

of our people, we are one community and one people. I look forward<br />

to hugging friends old and new back in Antwerp once more.<br />

International Mr. Bootblack 2022 Alistair<br />

Puppy Thaly says that DARKLANDS has contributed significantly<br />

to strengthening his self-confidence - to stand by himself<br />

and his fetish. How can we perhaps give people in general a<br />

little more self-confidence to live out their fetish lustfully and<br />

free of shame?<br />

That's a good question! I would say, care less about what other<br />

people think of you. Instead, focus on what you think of yourself<br />

and what you really want. In the minds of many fetish enthusiasts,<br />

there are often still these self-defeating questions floating<br />

around about what other people might think of you. No! Stop it!<br />

Ask yourself only what YOU want! DARKLANDS is the perfect<br />

place to show you that you can be whoever you want to be. No<br />

one will ever judge you here. You also have the freedom to discover<br />

what you're made of when it comes to fetish.<br />

The international superhero fetish competition is sure to be a<br />

lot of fun. Hand on heart, does anyone stand a chance against<br />

Spiderman? I mean, who can shoot a white sticky liquid like<br />

cum out of their wrists?<br />

No, absolutely right, I don't think there's anyone else who can<br />

cum as much as Spiderman! On the other hand, superheroes<br />

come and go, so maybe we'll all be surprised after all? You never<br />

know one hundred percent! Maybe in a few years there will be<br />

a superhero that fascinates us much more than Spiderman does<br />

today - but currently Spiderman is simply the best!<br />

Jacques, thank you very much for the interview! (ms)

19 Fetish<br />

☛<br />


“<br />

The rubber community is one of the<br />

greatest in the world. In my travels<br />

I’ve learned that we often take these<br />

events and our home communities<br />

for granted, but these communities<br />

don’t just happen–they’re built. Our<br />

community is built on every hug,<br />

every kiss, and every backroom<br />

experience. We have to create the<br />

community we want, and we can’t<br />

forget how fragile a community<br />

can be. The rubber community has<br />

truly changed my life, and I hope<br />

it does the same for you! Enjoy<br />

DARKLANDS, and may it be truly<br />

unforgettable.<br />

International Mr. Rubber 2022 Joe<br />

More at: darklands.be<br />


March 07-14, 2023<br />

Waagnatie Expo, Rijnkaai 150<br />

2000 Antwerp, Belgium<br />

Fetish clothing is desired during the day<br />

program and mandatory during the night<br />

parties on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.<br />

You can find the respective DRESSCODE<br />

online at darklands.be or you are welcome<br />

to ask directly on site. Generally, the<br />

minimum requirement is a simple pair of<br />

jeans and a dark t-shirt, optionally from a<br />

fetish brand. Most visitors show up in fetish<br />

all day, gladly in a fetish mix of their<br />

own design. After all, creativity leads to<br />

new trends!<br />


At the DARKLANDS Festival the next<br />

Mister Leather Belgium will be elected.<br />

There will also be master classes on<br />

various fetish topics, a separate area for<br />

JustFor.Fans performers who want to film<br />

on location and an exciting exhibition<br />

by Jan Scheirs, one of Antwerp‘s leading<br />

painters, who drew a series of sketches<br />

during last year‘s festival, which he will<br />

now present to the audience. Also, on<br />

site are mostly many well-known porn<br />

stars, in live shows will heat us up among<br />

others Frankye T, John Rodriguez, Justin<br />

Jett, Eddy or even Riley Mitchel. There<br />

will also be other sexy live shows like<br />

the poppy Showtunes and the X-Awards<br />

will honor those people, companies and<br />

organizations that have contributed to<br />

the development and flourishing of the<br />

worldwide gay fetish scene. And what<br />

else? You can expect a Bootblack Europe<br />

contest, open to all genders and sexual<br />

orientations, and also the truly fantastic<br />

Super Hero Fetish contest. After last<br />

year‘s proclamation of the Spiderverse,<br />

this year‘s DARKLANDS features the<br />

Multi-fetish-verse. DARKLANDS brings<br />

a new generation of heroes to the stage<br />

in rubber, leather, sportswear or straight<br />

up pups. At the festival itself there are<br />

four big main parties (Mayhem, Fusion,<br />

Rage and Fury) plus many special parties<br />

and several playrooms for all fetishes. In<br />

addition, events like the Horse Fair The<br />

Boots, Skins & Punks Nighter, the European<br />

Puppy & Handler Contest 2023,<br />

the Worldfetish Show Contest Live and a<br />

comprehensive accompanying program<br />

- in short, every fetish lover will find here<br />

something that is guaranteed to excite<br />

him. A special tip for pups is Camp K9:<br />

with a huge ball pool, a mosh area and<br />

lots of toys, pups, handlers and friends<br />

can really join in the fun and pup out!<br />

Pictures @ arjanspannenburg.nl

Lifestyle 20<br />

The master of eroticism:<br />

Michael Woodcock breaks new ground<br />




A picture is worth a thousand words - we all know the saying,<br />

but sometimes it might be the other way around? After all, as the<br />

saying goes, a single word is mightier than a sword? Words or<br />

swords, one person who is a master of words and can make the<br />

swords in our pants swing and the synapses in our heads explode<br />

is Michael Woodcock.

21<br />

Lifestyle<br />

The German-Canadian lived and worked<br />

in the USA for a long time before he returned<br />

to his old home on the west coast of<br />

Canada. There he met a sexy Berlin guy<br />

a few years ago and decided to explore<br />

his German roots more closely. Along the<br />

way, Woodcock began writing under various<br />

pseudonyms - essays, short stories,<br />

poems and bitingly nasty commentaries<br />

for the gay community. Since the beginning<br />

of his career, the gay daddy has written<br />

for over sixty international<br />

media outlets,<br />

published several books,<br />

and has also always<br />

championed the rights<br />

of the gay community.<br />

Now that the first gray<br />

hairs are sprouting at<br />

his temples, he wants to<br />

concentrate fully on his passion, writing<br />

gay stories and essays. In doing so, it<br />

becomes apparent that Woodcock not<br />

only has a lot to say, but does it really very<br />

well in a very appealing, polished choice<br />

of words. Michael Woodcock writes the<br />

way Tom of Finland drew. And so, in his<br />

bilingual articles, Woodcock not only enlightens<br />

us about gay life itself and gives<br />

advice around the best gay sex, but also<br />

takes us into our own fantasies, where<br />

mostly boys and daddies cavort and have<br />

a hell of a lot of fun together.<br />

Michael, you are starting out as an online<br />

author these days. So far, your stories<br />

have mainly appeared in international<br />

print magazines for gay men. What fascinates<br />

you about publishing your stories<br />

digitally now?<br />

It‘s faster and easier in many ways and<br />

the contact with my fans is much more<br />

direct. I have to admit that I haven‘t been<br />

very much into the digital world so far,<br />

I‘m the kind of person who likes to have<br />

things right in front of my nose - and that<br />

applies to texts as much as it does to dicks<br />

and sexy boy asses. However, more and<br />

more of my friends in Canada are only<br />

reading digitally via eBooks or online portals,<br />

and I kept getting told that I should<br />

do the same. The nice thing about this is<br />

that I can also respond directly to fans‘<br />

requests. I‘ve been happy to be inspired<br />

by other guys‘ experiences from time to<br />

time - now it‘s more direct and so a fan‘s<br />

fantasy can quickly become a hot story<br />

with my fingers.<br />

“When sex is really good, the<br />

most important part of it<br />

takes place in your brain. So,<br />

we should allow ourselves to<br />

experience better sex!”<br />

It‘s a question of quality and one‘s own<br />

standards. Of course, I find sexy films on<br />

Twitter appealing in between, but it‘s like<br />

eating a cheeseburger. It can be really<br />

tasty in between, but every day it gets<br />

terribly boring at some point. If you can<br />

read an erotic story, on the other hand,<br />

it opens a door to your own imagination<br />

and to this limitless field of possibilities.<br />

Movies especially in the erotic field<br />

show you a finished story, the vision of a<br />

director and his team.<br />

The motto is: Eat or die.<br />

Either it turns you on<br />

or it doesn‘t. A text, on<br />

the other hand, leaves<br />

you room to enrich<br />

your erotic experience<br />

in the way that is most<br />

beautiful and horny<br />

for you personally. We should not forget<br />

one aspect; sex is always a matter of the<br />

head. And when sex is really good, the<br />

most important part of it takes place in<br />

your brain. So, we should allow ourselves<br />

to experience better sex and enrich<br />

ourselves, so that our erotic fantasy and<br />

also one or the other, perhaps perceived<br />

as perverted desire does not wither and<br />

go in. Those who understand sex only as a<br />

visual experience have, on the one hand,<br />

understood quite little about sex and, on<br />

the other hand, are simply missing out on<br />

the best.<br />

“<br />

If you only think of sex as a visual<br />

experience, you have pretty<br />

little understanding of sex for<br />

one thing, and you‘re simply<br />

missing out on the best part.<br />

You want your readers to be more immersed<br />

in their own pleasure. We want<br />

something similar for our <strong>HIM</strong> readers.<br />

Can you tell us more about that?<br />

It‘s about intimacy, it‘s about the feeling<br />

that arises inside you and that makes you<br />

forget time and space. Many gay men experience<br />

this at its best in the few seconds<br />

when orgasm flows through their bodies<br />

in waves. That‘s great, but now imagine<br />

that this ecstatic feeling can last not a<br />

few seconds or minutes, but maybe even<br />

hours. Wouldn‘t that be absolute crazy?<br />

I try to take my readers there with my<br />

stories. On the one hand through more or<br />

less fictional stories, but on the other hand<br />

also through essays that let us dive more<br />

into the essence of our sexuality, into our<br />

deepest desire. I create a safe space in the<br />

minds of my readers that gives room for<br />

every lustful idea, every secret feeling<br />

and every erotic journey. Whoever can<br />

do that, whoever learns that, will experience<br />

sex in a completely new and much<br />

more intense way. So, the only question<br />

is whether you are already satisfied with<br />

the quick kick for the rest of your life, or<br />

whether perhaps for the first time in your<br />

life you really want to experience sexual<br />

ecstasy that goes beyond any known<br />

notion and that puts pure pleasure at<br />

the center - free of all the prejudices and<br />

moral boundaries that we like to impose<br />

on ourselves or have imposed on us<br />

elsewhere.<br />

Aren‘t erotic stories and essays for gay<br />

men a bit old school in times of Twitter<br />

and endless porn online?

Lifestyle 22<br />

You just said your stories are more or less<br />

fictional. Let me ask the famous question:<br />

How close are your stories to reality,<br />

how much is invented?<br />

I can‘t give you a percentage breakdown<br />

right now, but a lot of aspects in my stories<br />

come from reality in one way or another.<br />

Sometimes I have taken over certain<br />

parts directly, often I allow myself to embed<br />

experiences in a new setting. Often,<br />

it‘s about the feeling of lust, eroticism, the<br />

tingling in our loins, the twitching of our<br />

cocks, in short, about a world of sensation<br />

and that can really be best described if<br />

you‘ve been immersed in it yourself.<br />

You are currently working on a new<br />

book about the special attraction between<br />

a daddy and a boy - we are very<br />

excited about it. Do you also have a<br />

preference for boys in your private life<br />

or what type of man do you prefer?<br />

I‘m not set in my ways. Yes, I find boys<br />

quite sexy, but only a certain kind of boys<br />

who have retained a form of innocence.<br />

During my visits to Berlin, for example,<br />

but also to San Francisco, I often met<br />

young guys who had already experienced<br />

and sexually acted out every perversion<br />

in their early twenties, but were already<br />

dead inside. There was no real passion<br />

anymore, no true lust. These guys could<br />

bounce around on your cock for hours<br />

in all positions, screaming “Daddy, give it<br />

to me!“, but they were just not more than<br />

depressed zombies playing a boring porn<br />

movie over and over again. I felt very<br />

sorry for these guys because they lost the<br />

essence of sex - and that‘s what sex has<br />

to do with in your own head. I love boys<br />

and guys, old and young, who have kept<br />

the fire in them, whether they‘ve had sex<br />

with hundreds of guys or just a handful<br />

of it. When I see that flame in their eyes,<br />

perceive the pure form of intimacy in<br />

their looks or touches, or already hear this<br />

in a single soft, breathed sound, it‘s more<br />

erotic than any perfectly formed body.<br />

“<br />

Imagine that ecstatic feeling of orgasm<br />

lasting not a few seconds or minutes,<br />

but maybe hours. Wouldn‘t that be absolute<br />

crazy?<br />

Maybe through your stories the boys can<br />

learn again what true intimacy can be?<br />

I would wish it on you. After all, I love to<br />

give tips and help on how to improve sex.<br />

I‘ve been very fortunate in my life to have<br />

met some really exciting icons in the gay<br />

community. I don´t say names now, but<br />

I remember spending an evening with a<br />

famous gay painter. We had both smoked<br />

a joint, sat in front of a small pool and a<br />

couple of guys were swimming naked in<br />

it. And he told me that he had experienced<br />

so many great things, great trips and<br />

successes, good food, delicious wine, but<br />

nothing, really nothing ever came close to<br />

the intensity of really great sex. I can only<br />

agree with him one hundred percent.<br />

You also work as an erotic photographer<br />

for some magazines and take very explicit<br />

pictures of men, often in the wild.<br />

Is that also a way for you to get back to<br />

that intensity?<br />

Absolutely. I love nature. Sex in nature.<br />

Getting your dicks out somewhere in the<br />

wild, kissing, feeling the wind between<br />

your legs. A cold shiver that runs down<br />

your upper arms and can become an<br />

ecstatic fire inside you. And I love the<br />

primitiveness of nature. The older I get,<br />

the less I care about things like a person‘s<br />

status, outward appearance, clothing, or<br />

otherwise consumer goods. There is a<br />

deep sadness buried in men who define<br />

themselves by an inanimate thing, who<br />

think a gold watch, a cool pair of shoes,<br />

or an expensive car define them or make<br />

them more interesting. The opposite is<br />

true. The more we adorn ourselves, the<br />

more we abandon our animal selves. But<br />

only there, close to this natural anima-<br />

“<br />

I create a safe space in the minds of my<br />

readers that gives room for any lustful<br />

idea, any secret sensation, any erotic<br />

journey. Whoever can do that, whoever<br />

learns that, will experience sex in a completely<br />

new and much more intense way.<br />

listic throb deep inside ourselves, we<br />

find true pleasure, we discover our very<br />

essence and in the end happiness and<br />

satisfaction. Nothing is more erotic than<br />

that! A man who can stand naked in front<br />

of you, with all his quirks and seemingly<br />

imperfect idiosyncrasies, and who<br />

radiates outwardly because he has found<br />

himself within, is the most beautiful thing<br />

in the world.<br />

Michael, thank you for the interview.<br />

(ms)<br />

https://linktr.ee/mwoodcock<br />


HARD<br />

& HEAVY<br />

Discover Our<br />

Hard & Heavy<br />

Range At:<br />


Fetish 24<br />

700<br />

STROKES !?<br />

How a sub goes<br />

to his limits<br />

“Challenge Accepted!” - with the acceptance of this challenge,<br />

a very special evening with very special “gentlemen”<br />

started in the Gentle Lounge. 700 blows with percussion<br />

tools of my choice, I had accepted this very special task,<br />

my challenger was Tripp Evans. Tripp already knew that<br />

I am very sadistic and had already had to take blows himself<br />

in his time as a wrestler again and again. But as we<br />

know, there is usually a lot of show involved - quite different<br />

with BDSM. Tripp was almost completely inexperienced<br />

in this sexual game. Would he really be able to withstand<br />

700 blows from me?

25<br />

Fetish<br />

The place of this very special event was<br />

the Gentle Lounge at Club sinberlin, a regular<br />

event of the gay-BDSM.club. In this<br />

special setting, participants have the opportunity<br />

to give consent to active abuse,<br />

participate in activities such as CMNM<br />

(“Clothed Male Nude Male”, a type of play<br />

where one man is clothed and the other<br />

is naked) or be auctioned off directly at a<br />

small market. A lot can happen at Gentle<br />

Lounge - the guests knew this, Tripp didn‘t<br />

yet. It was no surprise that the audience<br />

stayed quiet, they had a rough idea of<br />

what could happen. This little muscle boy<br />

was getting involved in something that<br />

many other guys would categorically say<br />

no to - a very hard thing to do, even in the<br />

BDSM world. Respect or stupidity? After<br />

all, if Tripp lost, he would be offered as<br />

merchandise on the Gentle Lounge to the<br />

other guests as well.<br />

After Tripp accepted the challenge, he<br />

first had to take off his shirt and also his<br />

singlet, which he wore underneath, was<br />

taken off his shoulders. He was tied up<br />

into the bondage frame in the spread-eagle<br />

position, a posture in which a person<br />

stretches his arms and legs out wide. (The<br />

position is named in reference to an eagle<br />

whose wings are spread). Perfect to whip<br />

from behind, but just as accessible from<br />

the front! I looked him in the eye and asked<br />

him “Ready for some good punches?”<br />

and so we started with a few simple<br />

things that he already knew well as a<br />

wrestler. This was followed by a back slap<br />

and I immediately had his full attention.<br />

The spectators were excited and off they<br />

went with a soft flogger whip on their<br />

backs... to warm up. Tripp took it easy. A<br />

few twitches when I pulled harder, but no<br />

real effort for him. Not even when the first<br />

slaps landed on his ass. But the previous<br />

steps only served to stimulate the blood<br />

flow. Another flogger followed. Less cock,<br />

but a little harder. A lot harder when you<br />

pull the whip through. But before that<br />

really got going, the singlet was first pulled<br />

even lower, so that Tripp‘s sexy bubble<br />

butt was better shown off naked.

Fetish 26<br />

The blows pelted down on his wide cross<br />

and fat, tight butt cheeks, which were<br />

almost vertical against his slim waist and<br />

laughed round and full at me. And when<br />

the buttocks twitched too little, I hit -<br />

instead of alternating - then only on one<br />

side and there always on the same spot.<br />

Tripp felt how the impact hurt more with<br />

each blow and he started to twist his body<br />

in an excited and sexy way, hoping to<br />

avoid the blows. A game to the delight of<br />

both parties in the BDSM fetish.<br />

“Okay, probably still too much freedom of<br />

movement,” I thought to myself and tied<br />

him more strictly in the frame! “Let‘s try<br />

something harder now,” I whispered to<br />

him. The rubber riding crop came next.<br />

Not too long and with a flat broad tip, so<br />

that one could aim well also at sensitive<br />

places. Once pulled through with a little<br />

more force and you could leave a nice<br />

imprint. And that on the already warmly<br />

played and well reddened ass as well as<br />

on the cross. The rose flogger followed,<br />

softer but with more weight creating a<br />

deeper feeling. Tripp stirred well and tried<br />

to dodge as far as he could, but again. In<br />

doing so, however, he still had a certain<br />

calmness. In between I asked if everything<br />

was okay - he confirmed it and<br />

explained, all no problem. He‘s definitely a<br />

masochist who enjoys it.<br />

“You asshole, keep going!”<br />

Just under 250 strokes had me and Tripp<br />

so after some time already through, with<br />

each stroke he twitched and moaned<br />

lustfully. I asked for the number and he<br />

knew it correctly. So, how about some<br />

variety now? So why not work the front<br />

for a change? Yes, I‘m a sadist and that‘s a<br />

good thing. The breast was my first target<br />

and here specifically the nipples. First<br />

gently, then firmly reach in and yes, there<br />

it was: He looked me challengingly in the<br />

eyes and I could just read how he screamed<br />

inside “You asshole, keep going!”. And<br />

he didn‘t have to tell me that twice. But<br />

his fat well-trained chest itself was also<br />

my target and with a firm grip around the<br />

muscle, I sank my fingertips into the flesh<br />

at the edge of the muscle tissue. A very<br />

horny and slightly to hard painful thing.<br />

And there they were again, the challenging looks. “You asshole,<br />

keep going!”<br />

I took the crop and let it patter on the already strained nipples<br />

and pecs, so that I could already create a high feeling in him with<br />

little intensity. He looked at me challengingly, a cheeky mixture<br />

between begging and hatred. And on it went, this time between<br />

the legs. Yes, on the genitals, but also on the inner thighs. He<br />

tried to pinch them together so I couldn‘t get there, but I had<br />

done a good job of restraint and he had no chance. Then before I<br />

went back to his back, I quickly tied his cock and balls together,<br />

made him go up on his toes a bit, and then attached the other<br />

end of the rope to a hook above him. Every time he would now<br />

twitch, he would also pull his own balls at the same time. A great<br />

construction. After this small, but not unimportant excursion to<br />

his front, we continued at the back. Since the front was counted,<br />

we had already reached a little over 300 strokes - a few more<br />

strokes with the crop and we were already celebrating half-time,<br />

350 strokes! It was time for the nasty stuff.

27<br />

Fetish<br />

A bullwhip for<br />

more speed<br />

The bull whip and the rod were still on<br />

the schedule and yes, I wanted to give him<br />

a realistic chance, which is why I didn‘t<br />

get them out until now. The bull whip is<br />

not the hardest of the two, but the very<br />

fine, targeted and punctual pain is already<br />

very crass. Combined with the loud bang,<br />

which makes a lot of difference especially<br />

psychologically, it‘s a pretty impressive<br />

combination. And yes, his twitching<br />

spoke for itself. I asked again in between if<br />

everything was okay and if he could still<br />

continue. No problems, he said. Over 50<br />

more strokes went down on him until he<br />

then slowly showed less and less reaction.<br />

A certain routine began and if Tripp could<br />

do anything, it was to take it all. I could<br />

tell he had good headspace here, and he<br />

could probably take the next 300 punches<br />

with ease. But I wouldn‘t make it that easy<br />

for him, I thought to myself.<br />

I switched to the rod that was really<br />

nasty. At the same time, I knew that I<br />

would have to work primarily on his<br />

psyche and wear him down in order to<br />

break his extraordinary mental strength.<br />

I already knew this phenomenon from<br />

some other martial artists I had played<br />

with once before. These often have such<br />

reflective awareness, especially in terms<br />

of pain, that they are really hard to crack.<br />

But I knew what I was getting myself into,<br />

and I knew Tripp from another session<br />

where I had tested out some initial aspects<br />

with him before we had arranged today‘s<br />

demonstration. So on with the game.<br />

A monotonous rhythm is wonderfully<br />

grueling, especially when it goes to the<br />

same place over and over again. The sub<br />

still feels the last beat dying away and<br />

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Fetish 28<br />

With it I had cut myself however into<br />

the own flesh, because my spectator<br />

confirmed Tripp with its indication each<br />

time. We were already at 220 strokes and<br />

were heading unerringly towards 200,<br />

although I had planned to bring him to his<br />

personal limits at 250 at the latest.<br />

“Let‘s make it a little more demanding<br />

and I‘ll count myself!”, I said. Sure, I could<br />

have cheated here, but no, I‘m tough<br />

but fair. Well, or let‘s put it this way, I<br />

can be unfair without having to give<br />

false information. I switched back to the<br />

lighter but much faster riding crop. With<br />

it I could strike very purposefully and<br />

in almost any fast rhythm. And just as<br />

a monotonous rhythm can be grueling,<br />

an unpredictable one can have a similar<br />

effect. Especially when you have to count<br />

along with the beats, and some of them<br />

happen so quickly one after the other that<br />

you can‘t really grasp them at all. Add to<br />

that the different places on the body. And<br />

so, I finally managed to get Tripp to slowly<br />

get into trouble.<br />

Wrong! Fuck!<br />

already knows that the next one will follow soon. This rhythm<br />

can bring him to despair, because he can‘t prevent it and every<br />

blow gets harder. The ass hurts, the previous blows can still all<br />

be felt, there is always one that hurts more than the previous<br />

one and it will be followed by the next one, which will also hurt<br />

more and then another one and so on. With Tripp, however, I<br />

had to proceed differently. He managed not to lose sight of the<br />

big picture. Only 250 more strokes and he would have made it.<br />

His thoughts were like this or something similar. And the only<br />

way I could break this thought was to make the 250 more strokes<br />

an infinitely large mountain, a “Never Ending Story”.<br />

“We‘re at 250 now, you count along backwards and when I ask<br />

you, you tell me the correct number. If you‘re wrong, we start<br />

over at 250”, I explained to him. Of course, I would count down<br />

further myself, but he wasn‘t supposed to know that. It should<br />

wear him down psychologically. At the same time, I chose a spectator<br />

who would also count this for control purposes. So, I could<br />

concentrate more on the reactions of the sub.<br />

The first time it came out at 164, after a<br />

few rhythmic and then almost impossible<br />

to grasp and unpredictable arhythmic<br />

beats. “Wrong! We start with 220 again!”,<br />

I said and he just moaned “Fuck!” And<br />

then I had him! From that moment on<br />

he couldn‘t call a result correctly, he was<br />

broken! We made several attempts and<br />

each time he had to start counting again<br />

at 220. In my internal count, however, he<br />

was already down to just shy of 80 open<br />

strokes and I knew that if he didn‘t give<br />

up right now, I‘d probably have to admit<br />

defeat and he wouldn‘t be available to<br />

all the guests afterwards, which is what<br />

I really wanted. “You give up?” I shouted<br />

and he replied “No!”. Twenty more very<br />

hard blows followed. “Number?” - “I don‘t<br />

know!” - “220 again and harder!” With<br />

actually only 46 strokes left, he finally<br />

gave up, because he assumed that he<br />

would never manage to count down the<br />

strokes correctly and because he perhaps<br />

also assumed that I would cheat. But he<br />

was definitely not at the real performance<br />

limit yet! I untied him and took him in my<br />

arms for the time being. He had done a<br />

great job and I was very proud of him. But<br />

the deal stood and it was also a reward<br />

for him. So, after the intimate hug he got<br />

a collar put on and was put on a leash for<br />

the guests to use. A few minutes later he<br />

already got a full load from the first three<br />

guys. He was tied up, fucked and passed<br />

around between the different guests and<br />

as a boy-toy he had to be at everyone‘s<br />

disposal. (db)

29<br />

Fetish<br />

NOTE<br />

The session with Tripp had been<br />

discussed in detail in advance, coordinated<br />

with his interests and stop<br />

words had also been agreed upon.<br />

In the final discussion, Tripp stated<br />

that he found the session very awesome<br />

and would probably want to<br />

go further in a next round. Impact<br />

play in particular, but also the other<br />

types of play mentioned, are risky<br />

and should not be practiced without<br />

adequate training and experience.<br />

Impact play in particular can cause<br />

serious harm and even death. This<br />

article is not intended to be a guide<br />

to play, nor does it claim to educate<br />

about the dangers. What risks and<br />

dangers there are, how to minimize<br />

them and how to set up a cool<br />

impact play session, you can learn<br />

in special courses, for example, from<br />

our author Dan.<br />

Author Dan Apus<br />

Monoceros is a<br />

coach for nonmonogamous<br />

relationships and<br />

kinks, works as a<br />

bondage trainer<br />

and roping artist,<br />

and hosts the<br />

events of www.<br />

gay-BDSM.clubs<br />

Tripp Evans is<br />

an underground<br />

wrestler who, as a<br />

small macho man,<br />

likes to be defeated<br />

in a test of<br />

strength and then<br />

punished accordingly.<br />

Who more<br />

of him there is on<br />

Twitter<br />

@TrippEvans3<br />

Pictures @ Talisin<br />


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Lifestyle 30<br />


CHEMSEX?<br />

The connection<br />

between<br />

drugs, sex and<br />

gay guys

31<br />

Lifestyle<br />

The topic of sex and drugs has been a hot<br />

topic in the gay community for many years,<br />

and depending on one‘s views, the<br />

media either criminalizes the sex-positive<br />

community in one sweep or calls for drugs<br />

to be legalized under state control in order<br />

to get a better grip on adulterated substances<br />

and overdoses.<br />

For years, the German Aids Federation has<br />

been campaigning for a different approach<br />

to the issue of drugs - so far mostly in vain.<br />

The situation is similar in many other<br />

European countries. However, starting<br />

this month, consumers in Berlin, as previously<br />

in Austria and Switzerland, will for<br />

the first time be able to have illegal drugs<br />

tested by experts for dosage and possible<br />

impurities - so-called Drug-Checking is<br />

intended to help minimize the number<br />

of (often fatal) overdoses. Canada, on the<br />

other hand, is currently taking a different<br />

approach - in the province of British<br />

Columbia, possession of up to two grams of<br />

hard drugs is to remain unpunished in the<br />

future. With this model project, politicians<br />

hope to get a grip on the drug crisis.<br />

A research team from the Netherlands<br />

has now set itself the task of illuminating<br />

the initial situation from a different angle<br />

and wanted to know: Why do gay men<br />

occasionally or regularly resort to illegal<br />

substances in the first place? It must be<br />

clearly stated that the majority of those<br />

men turn to cannabis or erection-sustaining<br />

substances as well as stimulants such<br />

as poppers. Only then do substances such<br />

as GHB/GBL, mephedrone, MDMA and,<br />

to a lesser extent, cocaine and ketamine<br />

come into play. By means of intravenous<br />

injections, so-called slamming, crystal<br />

methamphetamine (also known as crystal<br />

meth, Tina and Ice) is also used in chemsex.<br />

Overall, about 15 percent of gay and<br />

bisexual men (EMIS survey) from Europe<br />

recently reported having had chemsex,<br />

and about ten percent practice it regularly.<br />

“<br />

Many slammers get addicted to this<br />

ritual. The powerful rush you crave<br />

or see emerging in the other person.<br />

After a slam, your voice drops a few<br />

octaves and you adopt a different<br />

posture. There's something animalistic<br />

about that, I find that erotic. Also,<br />

when I watch slam videos, I get a kick<br />

from the effect of the rush, the moment<br />

when the drug flows through<br />

the bloodstream. Others enjoy the<br />

rush right after the slam. (44 years)

Lifestyle 32<br />

As it turned out, there are several reasons<br />

why gay guys repeatedly resort to it: an<br />

intense high, a higher sense of pleasure,<br />

a stronger sense of belonging and the<br />

reduction of sexual inhibitions are the<br />

four most frequently cited motives. In the<br />

view of many health experts, the study<br />

comes just at the right time, because drug<br />

use in the gay community is on the rise<br />

again, which is why the EU drug strategy<br />

2021-2025 recently explicitly included<br />

LGBTQ people for the first time.<br />

Research director Thijs Albers wanted<br />

to delve deeper into the subject matter<br />

and therefore, together with colleagues<br />

at Utrecht University, devoted his study<br />

entitled “Meth, Sex, Health and Pleasure”<br />

to the topics of chemsex, the gay community<br />

and slamming.<br />

To this end, the team of experts interviewed<br />

gay and bisexual men between the<br />

ages of 22 and 75 - including both singles<br />

and couples, men from the countryside as<br />

well as from the big city. The goal is clear:<br />

to be able to offer better adequate support<br />

and to improve prevention measures.<br />

Put simply, the better you understand<br />

chemsex friends, the more likely you are<br />

to be able to meet them at eye level and<br />

offer help when needed. No coercion, no<br />

paternalism, but direct contact and an<br />

understanding of possible motives.<br />

“Since I stopped using, I'm still in contact<br />

with friends from my user network.<br />

That's a problem. Building a new circle<br />

of friends. When I heard someone say at<br />

a meeting that they used to do chemsex<br />

too, I immediately thought, yeah, let's<br />

exchange numbers, then maybe we can<br />

help each other, or it was my addiction<br />

thought, there you go. (30 years)<br />

“<br />

I am afraid that I will lose my contacts. Looking for other<br />

activities, it‘s not easy to build a new circle of friends. I know<br />

people who use it from time to time, and then I would have to<br />

stop seeing them too, even though we have a friendship, and I<br />

think that‘s pretty hard. (61 years)

33<br />

Lifestyle<br />

“<br />

I was regularly abroad for work and<br />

be<br />

in my free time I could date and do<br />

drugs. That‘s how I met my current<br />

partner in 2009. We had sex under<br />

the influence of Tina and immediately<br />

felt connected. Our subsequent contact<br />

developed into a mutual infatuation.<br />

(49 years)<br />

It also turned out that there are both<br />

individual and social factors that motivate<br />

people to slam. Many participants<br />

described the intoxication and pleasure<br />

that occurs after injection, as well as the<br />

dissolution of boundaries that enables<br />

sexual exploration, as the most important<br />

aspects for slamming. Over and<br />

over, words like “intense”, “awesome”,<br />

“overwhelming” and “perfect” were used<br />

to describe the feelings after slamming.<br />

It is understandable that chemsex can so<br />

quickly become an addiction. In addition,<br />

the study also shows that through the use<br />

of such substances for many men gradually<br />

all inhibitions fall away, they are more<br />

open to different sexual practices or even<br />

special sexual practices such as fisting can<br />

“<br />

Through a dating app, I got in touch with a man who lived<br />

around the corner from me. We met, had sex, and used another<br />

guy for an entire weekend. When I got kicked out of my<br />

room the following week, I moved in with him. We became<br />

roommates and fuck buddies and went to sex parties together.<br />

(25 years)<br />

implemented more easily. Some even<br />

mentioned how slamming can change<br />

their perception of a sexual act itself. In<br />

addition, however, the aforementioned,<br />

social factors then play an increasingly<br />

important role, especially since slammers<br />

can meet online more easily through dating<br />

apps. Some participants emphasized<br />

the role of online spaces in finding other<br />

men who slam. According to them, the<br />

Internet enabled men to find other men<br />

with similar interests. The code words<br />

used (for example, Party and Play, PnP,<br />

Tina, T, High and Horny, HnH) and emojis<br />

(candy, clouds, and ice cubes) helped them<br />

find chemsex and slam partners more<br />

quickly and easily.<br />

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Lifestyle 34<br />

However, the connections and networks<br />

that develop over the shared interest<br />

in sexualized drug use or, in particular,<br />

slamming, are no longer only sexual in<br />

nature - in fact, friendships also form that<br />

can make stopping drugs be interpreted<br />

as a betrayal of the friendship itself. In<br />

addition, many study participants confirmed<br />

that under such a drug influence it<br />

is increasingly difficult to assess whether<br />

there is really consent about various<br />

sexual practices during sex. For study<br />

leader Albers, it is clear that strategies and<br />

programs aimed at reducing the harms associated<br />

with substance use must draw on<br />

the experiences of users if they are to be<br />

successful in the long term. Therefore, he<br />

said, it is immensely important to listen to<br />

„<br />

the interviewees, not to promote chemsex,<br />

but to understand the mechanisms<br />

that are used as personal motivation to<br />

start or even to continue using. This is the<br />

only way for some to question themselves<br />

and their consumption and for others to<br />

perhaps clearly speak out against illegal<br />

substances directly in advance, because<br />

they can better understand, assess and<br />

evaluate for themselves the reasoning<br />

behind it as well as the social pressure of<br />

a group or a sexual partner. In short, we<br />

should listen to chemsex men - for our<br />

health and for a better coexistence. <strong>HIM</strong><br />

MAGAZINE therefore gives space to the<br />

voices of chemsex users here - all interviews<br />

are taken from the study “Meth,<br />

Sex, Health and Pleasure” by Utrecht<br />

University. (jh)<br />

A slam session is also a social activity<br />

and creates connection. In this way deep<br />

conversations can happen; you talk<br />

about each other‘s happiness and sometimes<br />

about the pain of life. In this way,<br />

you build a friendship. (56 years)<br />

If you need help or advice, contact in confidence<br />

the specialized offices for gay men at (also<br />

in <strong>English</strong> language) German Aids Federation<br />

(Aidshilfe) telephone advice line:<br />

0180/33 1 94 11<br />

www.aidshilfe.de/beratung<br />

Chat directly with experts at<br />


Alles für den Mann!

Fetish 36<br />

A few years ago, I thought I was<br />

doing great because I had decided<br />

to become a vegetarian. I kept that<br />

up for a decade, too. In that decade,<br />

people also suddenly appeared who<br />

were apparently even more awesome,<br />

and it was all so new: the vegans.<br />

If I‘m honest, I smiled at them<br />

a bit at the beginning and then had<br />

to realize that this way of life is not<br />

a marginal phenomenon. For me it<br />

was out of the question, I just loved<br />

eggs, cream and so one too much.<br />

What vegetarians and vegans have<br />

in common is the physical well-being<br />

of living beings. After ten years I<br />

found myself back in a normal life,<br />

but an awareness of animal products<br />

and how they are produced<br />

remained.<br />

How do you get leather<br />

lust and animal love<br />

under one leather hat?<br />





37 Fetish<br />

Norbert Benike works as a photographer<br />

and debuted in 2022 as a fetish fashion<br />

designer. His style: punk meets rock<br />

meets 80s! He loves it sometimes loud<br />

and colorful, then again quiet and black<br />

and white - and the fetish may not be<br />

missing. Even away from his creative<br />

work, he is a real one-of-a-kind. Why? He<br />

was actually born in Berlin and not only<br />

moved there.<br />

www.nberotic.com<br />

Instagram @nberotic_photographie<br />

Today I buy certain products with different<br />

eyes and with a different conscience.<br />

For example, I have decided for myself<br />

that I largely do without leather shoes, if<br />

possible, if there is a sexy “vegan“ variant<br />

or alternative. Alone already certain<br />

production ways, which are disputed for<br />

cheap articles, are a blow in the face of<br />

the animals or, better to say, a blow in the<br />

muzzle. Let‘s leave aside this slandering<br />

debate, since it is about the animal in general.<br />

Everyone knows that a cow is slaughtered,<br />

so the skin remains. But would the<br />

skin also remain if nobody ate meat?<br />

Now there are many friends and lovers<br />

of leather in the fetish scene and we are<br />

really talking about a lot of friends and<br />

lovers here. And these then also cover<br />

themselves - of course - with countless<br />

articles, regardless of the price. I don‘t<br />

even want to go into the processing,<br />

which is certainly in some cases also<br />

very questionable. Okay, I have to admit<br />

that a man in a leather chaps or leather<br />

pants or a leather jockstrap also gives me<br />

an exciting tingle. But then comes up - I<br />

don‘t know why - this thought that living<br />

beings had to let your life for it. And so, I<br />

have been looking for several years, what<br />

alternatives there are in the fetish scene,<br />

or I as a designer, what I can offer myself,<br />

so that the love life possibly gets an<br />

animal-friendly kick. For example, I have<br />

integrated a strap-on dildo made of fake<br />

crocodile leather into my collection.<br />

The US label Slickitup.com offers, among<br />

other things, chaps in leather look, which<br />

not only look very hot, but also have a<br />

very pleasant wearing comfort. I mean,<br />

just try yourself to stay in a leather chaps<br />

relaxed cross-legged between the legs<br />

of another man! Another option, yes, an<br />

absolutely great alternative to leather<br />

- because it simply looks good too - is<br />

neoprene. This grip, this suppleness on<br />

the body, this practicality when it comes<br />

to care, make this material already almost<br />

unbeatable good. I suspect that in the<br />

future we can expect to see many entirely<br />

new high-tech materials that will quickly<br />

arouse our curiosity and encourage us to<br />

try them out.<br />

I‘m a self-confessed fan of harnesses<br />

because they not only look sexy, but<br />

they actually have a use. How nice it is<br />

when you have a wild stallion under you<br />

that likes to go completely wild, but you<br />

always have him under control thanks to<br />

the reins of the harness. Or you can hold<br />

onto it during a lube orgy so you don‘t<br />

slide down involuntarily. So, what to do as<br />

a self-confessed harness fan and animal<br />

lover? How happy I was when, during<br />

my forays through the fabric displays<br />

of numerous markets and stores, I came<br />

across a very special material: Webbing!<br />

Preferably in cotton. A very grateful material<br />

and for me very modern and easy<br />

to work with. Besides black, of course,<br />

also in numerous other colors to have. To<br />

the eye-catcher they become then by the<br />

closures and connections.<br />

In the end, it‘s like this: Of course, I know<br />

that I will not save the world, and that<br />

nevertheless many animals will find their<br />

last station in boots, for example. But<br />

maybe I will manage to make sure that<br />

the next time I buy a leather article, at<br />

least it will be of high quality, so that the<br />

animal can be glad to have been processed<br />

at least in a high-class leather vest. I<br />

would like to close this topic with a still<br />

open question: Are vegans allowed to<br />

swallow sperm? (nb)

Lifestyle 38<br />

The wonderfully<br />

funny world of<br />

Daniel-Ryan Spaulding<br />

“HARDER!” IS NOT<br />


When was the last time you had a good<br />

laugh? Preferably at yourself or at the crazy<br />

idiosyncrasies of our gay community?<br />

Can‘t you even remember? I felt the same<br />

way until I fortunately became aware of<br />

Daniel-Ryan Spaulding last year. As an<br />

incredibly funny satire of an obviously<br />

gay newscaster, he became known to a<br />

larger audience in Germany with a short<br />

scene in Jan Böhmermann‘s show ZDF-<br />

Magazin-Royale, but the simply crazy<br />

funny comedian has much more to offer<br />

and is definitely funnier than Böhmermann<br />

ever was. With his iconic short<br />

films on Instagram, he already provided<br />

amusement during the lockdowns. As a<br />

Canadian in Berlin, he made fun of all the<br />

craziness of the capital‘s gay community,<br />

always affectionate and yet bitterly funny.<br />

In one video, for example, he threw<br />

himself in the dust in front of the sex club<br />

Berghain and whined played, what he<br />

should do as a gay man at all, where the<br />

club had to close in the meantime due to<br />

the lockdown. So Berlin!<br />

Another special feature distinguishes<br />

Spaulding: He can make people laugh all<br />

over the world and proves humor really<br />

knows no boundaries. He is currently<br />

spending his days in Brazil, fulfilling a<br />

personal dream. His German fans don‘t<br />

have to be sad, though, because the man<br />

with the mischievous smile will certainly<br />

be delighting his fans live in Berlin again<br />

soon - until that time comes, you can<br />

watch his standup special “So Berlin!” online.<br />

In it, the “nice boy from Vancouver”<br />

doesn‘t mince words and is just as happy<br />

to talk about gay sex as he is about strange<br />

safe spaces, bareback with strangers or<br />

the question of why there are vampire<br />

whores in Berlin. Berlin is and remains<br />

a special place for Spaulding, the city<br />

has made him a human wreck, he says<br />

with a wink, before he explains quite<br />

realistically: “To say you like someone is<br />

already emotional abuse in Berlin!” Along<br />

the way, he shows unsuspecting women<br />

in the sex club how to give a really good<br />

blow job, heroically transforming himself<br />

into the “Rosa Parks of all cocksuckers,” so<br />

to speak. And Spaulding also has a tip for<br />

us gay guys: “Harder!” is definitely not a<br />

good safe word for hardcore sex. Thanks,<br />

Daniel! (ms)<br />


Directly at:<br />

danielryanspaulding.com<br />

Instagram: @danielryanspaulding

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