July/August 2022 Alchemical Voice

In this edition, we are so happy to publish our first cover competition winner - Amanda Tracey, Goddess Liberation. Amanda's stunning image appears on the cover of Issue 15, Photographer is Ian Wallman and Fabricator is Jonathan Harris. Also in this edition we have Oracle card readings by Oriel Lux, Lammas poem and a ritual by Sue Penney of Soul Verse, Crystals of the month with Sarah Jane Dennis, What is Colour by Liza Nightingale, Orchid and Dandeliion Children by Sarah Emerson, Hundred Monkeys - Hundred Humans by John Sjovik, Monthly Archangels by Carol Coggan, Eden People with Colin Brice, Unusual Phenomenon of Two Crop Circles by Kathy Mingo, Fear: What it is and What can be done about it by John Sjovik, The Mighty River & the Grandmothers part 3 by Richard Pantlin, Surviving in a Confused World by Silvia Siret, Histamine - Friend or Foe by Martin Lewis, Egyptian Mystery School of Akhenaten by Julie de Vere Hunt, vegan recipes and more.

In this edition, we are so happy to publish our first cover competition winner - Amanda Tracey, Goddess Liberation. Amanda's stunning image appears on the cover of Issue 15, Photographer is Ian Wallman and Fabricator is Jonathan Harris. Also in this edition we have Oracle card readings by Oriel Lux, Lammas poem and a ritual by Sue Penney of Soul Verse, Crystals of the month with Sarah Jane Dennis, What is Colour by Liza Nightingale, Orchid and Dandeliion Children by Sarah Emerson, Hundred Monkeys - Hundred Humans by John Sjovik, Monthly Archangels by Carol Coggan, Eden People with Colin Brice, Unusual Phenomenon of Two Crop Circles by Kathy Mingo, Fear: What it is and What can be done about it by John Sjovik, The Mighty River & the Grandmothers part 3 by Richard Pantlin, Surviving in a Confused World by Silvia Siret, Histamine - Friend or Foe by Martin Lewis, Egyptian Mystery School of Akhenaten by Julie de Vere Hunt, vegan recipes and more.

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<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M <strong>July</strong> /<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong> - Issue 15<br />

I N A S S O C I A T I O N W I T H L I K E - M I N D E D B U S I N E S S E S<br />



Digital copy FREE<br />

Hard copy £4.50<br />


Crafts<br />

Home crafts and holistic<br />

spiritual products<br />

Health & Wellbeing<br />

What is Colour?<br />

Fear: What it is and What can be<br />

done about it<br />

Surviving in a Confused World<br />

Histamine - Friend or Foe?<br />

Spiritual development<br />

Celebrating Lammas<br />

<br />

Orchid and Dandelion Children<br />

<br />

Hundred Monkeys - Hundred<br />

Humans<br />

<br />

Your Monthly Archangels<br />

<br />

Unusual Phenomenon of Two<br />

Crop Circles<br />

<br />

The Might River and the<br />

Grandmothers: Part 3<br />

<br />

Egyptian Mystery School of<br />

Akhenaten<br />

Recipes<br />


| BALANCE<br />

D i g i t a l & p r i n t e d p u b l i c a t i o n - w w w . a l c h e m i c a l v o i c e . c o m<br />

Cover competition winner:<br />

Amanda Tracey, Goddess Liberation<br />

Photographer - Ian Wallman<br />

Fabricator - Jonathan Harris

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />

T<br />

H<br />

E<br />

<br />

A<br />

L<br />

C<br />

H<br />

E<br />

M<br />

I<br />

C<br />

A<br />

L<br />

<br />

Special offer!<br />

Annual subscription for printed copies of<br />

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> to claim your<br />

free Meditation Bath Ritual<br />

(see inside back cover for details)<br />

V<br />

O<br />

I<br />

C<br />

E<br />

<br />

T<br />

E<br />

A<br />

M<br />

Publisher<br />

Chief Editor<br />

Marketing Director<br />

Marketing Consultant<br />

Jovi Hoonjan<br />

Karam Pentland<br />

T-Rae Hemmings<br />

Iain Marshall<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />


Sue Penney<br />

LAMMAS<br />

As the sun turns fields to gleaming gold<br />

The corn is milled like days of old<br />

We walk through lazy days of sun<br />

And happiness is easy won<br />

The sky so impossibly blue<br />

We lounge with friends, some old, some new<br />

Nature feeds us from her store<br />

Who could possibly want more<br />

It’s time to reap what we have sown<br />

It’s time to look at what we’ve grown<br />

To meditate on our success<br />

And give to those that have much less<br />

All is easier in the sun<br />

This is time to have much fun<br />

Abandon cares and take a rest<br />

Be thankful for with what you’re blessed<br />

Spend time with loved ones, break your bread<br />

Don’t look back at times of dread<br />

Plan your future, build on now<br />

The universe will show you how<br />

A Soul Verse reading is a message channelled by<br />

Sue in poetry form from spirit. These readings<br />

are totally unique and can be combined with a<br />

healing treatment.<br />

5<br />

Sue Penney<br />

Soul Verse<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />

Sacred Herbal Prescription<br />

A qualified Chinese Herbal Practitioner,<br />

offering remote herbal prescriptions for a<br />

variety of conditions including emotional,<br />

mental and physical issues.<br />

Through Shamanic Journeying, Zaneta is<br />

guided by 'all-knowing ascended masters' to<br />

receive messages that will help you for your<br />

highest good. Together with Zaneta's<br />

knowledge of Chinese Herbal Medicine, a<br />

personalised sacred prescription is created for<br />

you.<br />

Zaneta Swan<br />

+44 (0)7871 450 281<br />

sacredherbsprescription@gmail.com<br />

Reiki & Light Language healing<br />

Sue Caustick<br />

Light language is a celestial, galactic and angelic language channelled through the soul.<br />

Light language during Reiki treatments provides an even deeper effect on the healing.<br />

Clear blockages in your energy fields<br />

Release stress and anxiety<br />

"Such a beautiful gentle treatment. I felt really<br />

comfortable, safe and totally relaxed in Sue's<br />

hands. I am now a regular!"<br />

Based in Fleet, Hampshire<br />

Contact: suecaustick@gmail.com<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />


Sue Penney<br />

As we head into full summer, this is the time of<br />

harvest and plenty. It is the time to reap what we<br />

have sown and tended throughout the year so far.<br />

Lammas rituals usually are catered around baking and<br />

eating bread, whether in the shape of a god or just<br />

baking bread for yourself or your family. It is about<br />

using the plentiful ingredients around you that are<br />

there, provided by nature.<br />

At this time of year, food is usually plentiful. My take<br />

on this would be to get your hands stuck into the<br />

dough, knead out your frustrations pound down the<br />

dough and then when it has risen and you knead for<br />

the second time, think on all the positive things that<br />

you want for the coming months.<br />

You could also make some jam from the fruits that<br />

are plentiful, whether, from strawberries that you<br />

have grown in your garden or even better if you can<br />

go and forage for blackberries later in the summer,<br />

the hedgerows are usually teeming with them.<br />

When you make the jam the stirring is a great way to<br />

impart positive energy into your culinary creation. Be<br />

careful not to leave it and let it burn though, and<br />

remember that jam gives some of the worse burns so<br />

if you do splash some on your skin wash it off<br />

immediately with cold water. It’s better to not get any<br />

on your skin in the first place of course!!<br />

You can give the jam as lovely witchy gifts to your<br />

friends and family, as it will be imbued with your<br />

magic charms of love and goodwill.<br />

Why not bake up a storm of bread, cakes, jam tarts<br />

etc and share it with your loved ones around a lovely<br />

midsummer fire.<br />

Happy Lammas!<br />

7<br />

Sue Penney<br />

Soul Verse<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />


Sarah Jane Dennis<br />

<strong>July</strong><br />

Chrysocolla was named so in 315BC from the Greek “Chrysos” meaning “gold” and “Kolla”<br />

meaning “glue”. Chrysocolla carries the energies of the feminine and is also known as the<br />

“Seeing Stone” used to enhance one’s clairvoyant abilities for seeing past and future events.<br />

Chrysocolla qualities imbue patience, understanding, receptivity, clarity, and peace to name<br />

a few is a very calming stone and helps to alleviate all kinds of monthly menstrual<br />

symptoms, as well as problems with the throat and thyroid, is very supportive through times<br />

of grief and loss, easing the high emotional reactions this brings about, such as anger,<br />

sadness, and disbelief, allowing you to go through the process instilling you with a sense of<br />

self-compassion / acceptance and forgiveness.<br />

Perfect for meditating with, rebalancing all your chakras and realign your connection with<br />

Divine Source.<br />

The channelled message I received…<br />

“ I invite you to come dive deep with me into the energies that can set you free, as I wash away<br />

all the impurities that are holding you back unwillingly, I will bring you a sense of peace and calm,<br />

as we swim through those emotional upsets and harms, trust in me for I shall be that supportive<br />

energy you seek, to cleanse, balance and clear all the debris, and leave you in a place of<br />

acceptance and serenity”<br />

Goddesses/Gods/Angels: Domnu and Venus, Mother Mary, Tzaphkiel, Michael and Haniel<br />

<strong>August</strong><br />

Bumblebee Jasper, also known as Eclipse stone and Fumarolic Jasper. It is a<br />

volcanic combination of anhydrite, Hematite, Sulphur, arsenic, and Manganese<br />

oxides.<br />

If tumbled it should be safe to handle and lay on the clothed body for a healing<br />

session, however, do wash your hands after use and keep it in a little natural bag.<br />

I would not recommend buying this for a child or pet to use. You can also connect<br />

to this crystal by having it on a table in front of you and gazing at it losing<br />

yourself in the beautiful colours and patterns.<br />

This buzzy little crystal carries the energies of the earth’s fire, sun and bees, it is<br />

great to help you re-energize your body and bring you back into focus with<br />

where you are going in life, helping to keep you on track, working towards your<br />

goals and giving you the courage to reach out within your community to ask for<br />

the support you need to achieve this.<br />

Bumblebee Jasper activates the solar plexus chakra, drawing out negativity,<br />

allowing you to clear away old and limiting self-belief patterns, forming a bubble<br />

of protection around this chakra so your precious powerhouse energies are not<br />

drained by anyone else.<br />

The channelled message I received…<br />

“Potent is the energies I hold inside of me, and respect is what you need for me in<br />

order for you to work with me, I will show you where you need to be and awake your<br />

inner fires of creativity, so take a breath and clear your head and trust that feeling in<br />

your gut as this will truly be your guide to successfully living your authentic life.”<br />

Goddesses/Gods/Angels: Aphrodite, Melissa, Demeter, Beyla. God’s: Lugh, Ra,<br />

Helios, Jophiel, Tazphkiel and Sandaphon<br />

Sarah Jane Dennis ACHO, RP, ACCRT is Sacred Celebrant and<br />

Ceremonialist, Priestess of the Goddess, Moon Lodge Mumma,<br />

Priestess and Sister of Avalon, Morgen Cybil trained in Crystal<br />

Healing, Angelic Reiki, Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation.<br />

www.crystalhealingbysarahjane.co.uk<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />


Sarah Jane Dennis<br />

Lammas/Lughnasa also known as the first harvest, is the ancient Celtic Cross quarter<br />

festival celebrated on the 1st /2nd of <strong>August</strong> at the height of summer and the beginning<br />

of harvest season. The fields shine with a splendid golden glow as their crops of wheat<br />

and grain drink in the last rays from the Sun God Lugh, before they are to be harvested.<br />

The word Lammas means "loaf or Loaf-mass" the festival when we honour and<br />

celebrate the cutting of the first crops of corn whereby loaves of bread are made and<br />

shared with family and friends to celebrate, the plentiful grain and the foods, we have<br />

made from them to keep our bellies full.<br />

Lughnasad is the Irish name for the Sun God/ King Lugh (also known as John Barleycorn<br />

in England) who has shone his energies down to ripen the grain and sacrifices himself<br />

with it as the corn and grain are cut down to feed the people and seed the fertile land of<br />

Mother Earth as they join again, to return next year in the ever-moving cycle of death<br />

and rebirth.<br />

The energy of Lammas is all about abundance and sharing our successes and it is a good<br />

time of year to share some of your wealth with those less fortunate than yourself, by<br />

donating to a charity or helping a friend, neighbour or family member who has fallen on<br />

hard times. This is also a time to acknowledging the personal benefits of reaping what<br />

we have sown throughout the year, from the seeds of our intentions and ideas for the<br />

year that we planted at Samhain, incubating and dreaming of them through the fallow<br />

period of Yule, birthing them into being at Imbolc, watching them grow at Ostara and<br />

blossom at Beltain, ripening during Litha to then reaching their peak at Lammas.<br />

As we begin to feel the benefits of all our hard work and energies we have<br />

put into our projects, work-life and healing ourselves and others,<br />

throughout the year, we will look over our triumphs and challenges and<br />

what we want to keep working towards and then letting go of that which<br />

no longer serves us celebrating our accomplishments during the season of<br />

Mabon in preparation to see the year out and deciding what new seeds of<br />

intentions we will sow again as the wheel turns and begins again at<br />

Samhain, our new year.<br />

So have fun making a ritual Lammas loaf, adding all your love, prays,<br />

gratitude and good intentions as you knead the dough, then share it with<br />

your beloveds. Have a picnic to show your thanks and gratitude for all the<br />

abundance that has come into your life.<br />

Enjoy the long hot balmy nights before the sun begins to wane and the<br />

darker half of the year draws closer.<br />

Make a Corn Dolly to watch over and protect you and your family<br />

throughout the fallow time of the year, remembering to give her back to<br />

the earth at the very beginnings of spring.<br />

Wishing you all a blessed Lammas and may the Sun God and Goddess of<br />

abundance and unconditional love, pour their rejuvenating golden light<br />

rays and gifts into every cell of your being, to bring you all the healing,<br />

love, and happiness you deserve.<br />

Sarah Jane Dennis ACHO, RP, ACCRT is Sacred Celebrant and<br />

Ceremonialist, Priestess of the Goddess, Moon Lodge Mumma,<br />

Priestess and Sister of Avalon, Morgen Cybil trained in Crystal<br />

Healing, Angelic Reiki, Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation.<br />

www.crystalhealingbysarahjane.co.uk<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />


Thousands of years ago, across the world... the<br />

Goddess was revered. The feminine aspects<br />

within community, within self, within nature<br />

were honoured and celebrated - this was<br />

essential for keeping the balance and<br />

equilibrium within the tribe or village.<br />

During those ancient times, the Womben<br />

were at the centre. For it was through them<br />

that new life entered, was born and where the<br />

old was released to die. They were Birthing<br />

Warriors, Mothers, Bleeding Goddesses,<br />

Grandmothers.<br />


Those who received wisdom through their wombs<br />

as the moon grew full and dark again - illuminating<br />

the cyclic rhythms that they carry within. They<br />

were wild and wise. They were caretakers and<br />

wisdom keepers. They were the first Shamans<br />

("Shamanka") , the Medicine women. They were<br />

Keepers of the Wheel - of Life, Death and Rebirth.<br />

They were the Warriors of the land, the soil, the<br />

seed, with power that they knew how to harness -<br />

not just for themselves but for the collective, who<br />

depended on their psychic wisdom to know how<br />

and when to travel, hunt and settle.<br />

Those Womben would gather together in Circle - to<br />

release, bleed, dance, sing, share. They held one<br />

another as they journeyed through the rites of<br />

passage that every Womban must go through. They<br />

knew how to stand strong - not through violence<br />

but by setting healthy boundaries and speaking<br />

their truth.<br />

The truth is, we all have a Warrior/Heroine within<br />

us. We have all been on the battlefield of life.<br />

Collectively and as individuals.<br />

The energy of this archetype is always with us, it<br />

runs through our blood and penetrates deep into<br />

our bones. Calling out to us to reconnect.<br />

There is a resilience so strong buried deep within<br />

our Wombs sisters (whether you have a physical<br />

womb or an energetic womb space), and there are<br />

going to be times when this world will feel like too<br />

much to bear.<br />

Instead of resisting the pain, or pushing ourselves<br />

until we reach burnout... let's instead gather<br />

together, remember our natural cyclic ways, and<br />

rekindle our connection to the Earth, to our bodies,<br />

to the circle.<br />

We do not need to stand up and fight using the<br />

same flames that have been thrown for centuries.<br />

We can rise into our power from a place of gentle<br />

awareness. Just like the Rose with its soft petals<br />

and sharp thorns, we can be soft in our<br />

vulnerability, whilst also creating healthy<br />

boundaries for ourselves.<br />

No matter what stage of life you are currently in,<br />

remember that you are sovereign. You can be<br />

powerful in every aspect of yourself. For you are a<br />

multifaceted, cyclic being and every stage of your<br />

life is so sacred, for there is wisdom in all of your<br />

life experiences.<br />

Perhaps, one day we'll sit in circle together,<br />

witnessing one another stand in our power as we<br />

share our stories of life on the battlefield.<br />

Amanda Tracey is a Circle Keeper, Ceremonialist<br />

and Earth Based Practitioner, and runs regular<br />

events in and around Oxfordshire, UK.<br />

www.goddessliberation.com<br />

Front cover and professional photos:<br />

Model - @goddessliberation<br />

Photography - @ianwallman<br />

Designer @jonathanharrisdesigner<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />


Liza Nightingale<br />

This is one of my favourite times of the year! The days<br />

are longer and the sun sits high in the sky. We get<br />

more time to be outside and enjoy nature with all it’s<br />

healing light and vibrancy.<br />

With the intensity of the sunlight, we experience<br />

colour in all its glory. Colour is all around us in the<br />

flowers, the deep greens of the leaves on the trees,<br />

the blue of the sky and sea – and not forgetting the<br />

clothes that we wear, the food we eat and the homes<br />

that we live in.<br />

What is ‘colour’? ……… The Universe is a magnetic<br />

field of positive and negative charges which are<br />

constantly vibrating and producing electromagnetic<br />

waves. Each of these has a different wavelength and<br />

speed of vibration; which together form the<br />

electromagnetic spectrum. The radiant energy of pure<br />

white sunlight is a vital factor in nourishing our minds,<br />

and our spirits, and each ‘colour’ vibration has its own<br />

healing qualities.<br />

Red has the longest wavelength we can see and it has<br />

the slowest frequency of vibration. It’s magnetic<br />

energy is warming and stimulating. Violet has the<br />

shortest wavelength and the quickest vibration. It is<br />

cooling and cleansing.<br />

We don’t just ‘see’ colour, we ‘feel’ it deeply too, as<br />

light enters our body through our skin. The vibrational<br />

quality of each colour has an impact on the energies<br />

within our bodies and also affects our moods and<br />

emotions.<br />

The psychology of colour has always fascinated me.<br />

We often use colour references to describe our<br />

emotions and how we are feeling. For example, when<br />

we are feeling a bit low, we may say we are “feeling<br />

blue”, or when we are angry, we “see red”.<br />

The Chakra System within our bodies also has colours<br />

associated to each of the energy centres. Red for our<br />

Root Chakra, through to Violet or clear White for our<br />

higher Chakras.<br />

Being aware of these colour associations to our<br />

chakras can be helpful if we wear or place colours<br />

over these areas to aid in supporting and healing<br />

them.<br />


Wearing a corresponding coloured garment or placing<br />

a piece of fabric over the chakra areas you wish to<br />

focus on, will amplify the vibrational frequency to<br />

boost and rebalance. (I find that having scarves in<br />

different colours is very useful for this purpose). If I<br />

feel that I need to be more grounded and stable in my<br />

very foundations, then I will wear red underwear to<br />

support the Root Chakra at the base of my spine.<br />

Working from the inside out, the colours that we<br />

choose to wear, also support our well-being. The way<br />

that we wear our colours also gives subconscious<br />

messages to those around us.<br />

There is a reason that people in positions of authority,<br />

eg, police officers and judges – wear black and white.<br />

This is the most ‘authoritative’ that you can look.<br />

Whenever there is a big contrast between light and<br />

dark colours, we will always come across more<br />

authoritatively. Sometimes this is useful but when you<br />

are trying to be more friendly and approachable, then<br />

wearing black and white is not a good choice!<br />

By choosing colours that ‘blend and harmonise’ with<br />

our natural colouring, we have a healthy glow and look<br />

less fatigued. The wave-lengths from our most<br />

flattering colours (especially those items worn near<br />

the face), help us to present ourselves with<br />

confidence.<br />


Wrap yourself in colours that flatter and give out the<br />

most positive messages you wish to convey to others.<br />

Equally the colours that we decorate our homes in<br />

need our consideration, as they too affect our<br />

physical, emotional and mental health. Especially when<br />

we are in times of stress, ill-health or low mood, by<br />

carefully choosing the colours that surround us, we<br />

are indirectly caring for ourselves.<br />

Some examples of colours in the home are yellow for<br />

study areas as it aids concentration and stimulates the<br />

brain.<br />

Blues and greens are colours associated with nature<br />

and promote relaxation, calm and space – ideal for<br />

bedrooms and the areas where you wish to de-stress.<br />

Lots to consider! Take a breath and really look at all<br />

the colours around you.<br />

13<br />

Perhaps you will look at them in a slightly different<br />

way and be aware of which colours make you feel<br />

vibrant and alive, and those that are not serving you<br />

so well?<br />

Liza Nightingale<br />

Soul Practitioner<br />

Energy Healer<br />

Spiritual Mentor<br />

www.and-breathe.co.uk<br />

liza@and-breathe.co.uk<br />

Located in Basingstoke

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />

Leading with Love<br />

Rehumanising the Workplace<br />

As we emerge from the pandemic, many have begun to raise deep<br />

questions about their working life. People are seeking meaningful work<br />

where they are valued and respected rather than treated as a cog in a<br />

machine. Increasing numbers of people are seeking greater work-life<br />

balance and are realising that their levels of wellbeing are significantly<br />

affected by the working environment. They want managers and leaders<br />

who are approachable and trustworthy and who can act as mentors and<br />

coaches in the workplace.<br />

This book presents original research based on leaders who were<br />

nominated by their people for leading with love. It shows that leading<br />

with love is something that is practised by leaders who are more<br />

emotionally, morally, and spiritually mature. Leading with love is a sign of<br />

psychological maturity, whilst leading with fear is a sign of hindered<br />

emotional and spiritual development. Fusing the research with ancient<br />

spiritual wisdom, as well as the latest findings in developmental and<br />

transpersonal psychology, the book presents a simple framework to help<br />

leaders develop their psychological maturity and offers practices that<br />

will enable them to lead with love.<br />

Dr Karen Blakeley<br />

www.karenblakeley.com<br />

www.karenblakeley.com/leading-with-love-rehumanising-the-workplace<br />


Jovi Hoonjan, Shamanic Joy UK<br />

This course is perfect for those who are keen to<br />

develop their psychic and spiritual connection.<br />

Attend a 2-hr group practical class once a week in<br />

Basingstoke.<br />

Take advantage of an optional weekly one-to-one<br />

online development meeting.<br />

Online Love 2 Meditate meditations downloaded for<br />

home practice.<br />

This course will cover meditations, divination<br />

tools, spiritual healing, protection techniques,<br />

and psychometry.<br />

Running throughout <strong>2022</strong> with groups of 2 - 4 people. Dates<br />

agreed with attendees<br />

jovi@love2meditate.com<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />


Love 2 Meditate<br />


In this meditation, very<br />

powerful healing is given<br />

to you by a female<br />

Shaman. The shaman is a<br />

wise old medicine healer<br />

who will perform a<br />

ceremony to help with<br />

your balancing. This may<br />

involve something or<br />

someone you need to let<br />

go of, something you need<br />

to bring into your life or<br />

receiving insight to<br />

solutions available to you.<br />

This meditation ritual<br />

performed by the Shaman<br />

is transformational, all you<br />

need to do is surrender to<br />

her power. This journey is<br />

based on an actual<br />

shamanic healing - with<br />

spirit guidance, your life<br />

will be enhanced mentally,<br />

spiritually, emotionally and<br />

physically.<br />

To purchase:<br />

www.love2meditate.com/meditations.html<br />

jovi@love2meditate.com<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />



Sarah Emerson<br />

Have you ever wondered if your child is<br />

predisposed to sensitivity or resilience? Or have<br />

you wondered why you feel more sensitive to the<br />

world around you than others?<br />

Dr. Thomas Bryce - professor of paediatrics &<br />

psychiatry at the University of California - has<br />

spent decades researching children’s responses to<br />

stressors in their environment, and believes there<br />

are two broad groups - which have been given the<br />

descriptive metaphors of dandelion and orchid<br />

children.<br />

The idea is that some children are like dandelions -<br />

they can thrive anywhere and are pretty hardy.<br />

Those described as orchid children are more<br />

susceptible to the impact of their environment. It’s<br />

the combination of nature & nurture - orchid<br />

children are neurologically more predisposed to<br />

find the world overwhelming & stressful - but the<br />

good news is that how we nurture them can make<br />

all the difference.<br />

Orchid children are the sensitive ones amongst us.<br />

They can either really thrive or really struggle,<br />

depending on their environment. They can be shy,<br />

find change tricky, and are sensitive to the impact<br />

of the environment around them - this might be<br />

noise, busy-ness, or stress. Dandelion children are<br />

more naturally resilient, and cope with stress more<br />

easily. They form the majority of children, while it’s<br />

thought around 1 in 5 children are orchid children.<br />


When parents realise they have a sensitive child,<br />

they often want to know how can they can help<br />

their child adjust to the world. It’s an important<br />

question because whereas dandelion children<br />

seem to have a natural resilience to stress, for<br />

more sensitive children, the environment and the<br />

way they are responded to makes big a difference.<br />

Dr. Bryce’s research found that with the right<br />

nurture, orchid children can truly thrive.<br />

Here are some tips for supporting a sensitive<br />

child…<br />

Accept them for who they are - we can’t<br />

change who they are and if we try to “toughen<br />

them up” we risk actually damaging their wellbeing<br />

and making them less likely to handle<br />

life’s stresses. If we focus on providing an<br />

environment that helps them to feel confident<br />

in who they naturally are, they can learn to use<br />

their sensitivity in a way that works for them,<br />

not against them.<br />

Focus on connection & empathy - they thrive<br />

on it and need it to feel nurtured and soothed.<br />

As with all children, when they experience<br />

empathy and nurture, they will learn about<br />

compassion for others, and about selfcompassion<br />

too.<br />

Help them to learn about emotions, how to<br />

express themselves & how to self-regulate.<br />

This will help them when they are<br />

overwhelmed by other people’s emotions or<br />

by their own.<br />

Help them to know what their environment<br />

can do for them - it will be important for them<br />

to understand when a smell or noise has<br />

caused them to feel overwhelmed, and for<br />

them to know what changes they can make to<br />

their environment to help.<br />

Enable them to live in & understand their own<br />

window of tolerance. We need to help them<br />

feel brave enough to step out of their comfort<br />

zone so they can develop their confidence<br />

while recognising when a situation or<br />

environment is overwhelming and knowing<br />

how to manage this.<br />

Sarah Emerson, Cocoro provides parent support and educational<br />

consultancy, and offers an online store for toys, books and<br />

resources to support children’s emotional well-being.<br />

www.wearecocoro.co.uk<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />



John Sjovik<br />

A few years ago, I visited Glastonbury. I had lunch in a café<br />

called Hundred Monkeys. I did some research on the name<br />

of the café and realised that there is a lot to that concept,<br />

especially in an extended meaning.<br />

There is a theory that when the population of a group<br />

exceeds a certain number of individuals, any new<br />

knowledge or change of behaviour in that group will<br />

influence other groups to acquire the same skill or habit.<br />

In the early 1950s, scientists studied the behaviour of<br />

macaque monkeys on an island in Japan. One group of the<br />

monkeys started to wash their food. The new behaviour<br />

spread within the group by monkeys watching what others<br />

did and then picking up the same habit. Then something<br />

remarkable happened. When the number of individuals in<br />

the group who had learned the new behaviour exceeded a<br />

certain quantity, the behaviour quickly spread to groups of<br />

macaques on nearby islands. The point is that this spread<br />

of knowledge happened without any physical contact<br />

between the groups of monkeys. How can this be<br />

explained? Was it merely coincidence? Or maybe some kind<br />

of unconscious connection? Does Carl Jung's theory of the<br />

collective unconscious apply also to animals and not only to<br />

humans?<br />

I should add that the Hundred Monkeys theory is debated,<br />

as you would expect it to be. However, it does trigger some<br />

interesting thoughts on the dissemination of new ideas,<br />

behaviour and even values. The more people who educate<br />

themselves, the easier it will be for even more people to<br />

follow. That way, we will evolve and improve as a species.<br />

What is even more intriguing is if the Hundred Monkeys<br />

theory is applied to prayer and meditation. If we do<br />

ceremony for peace and love, and we do it with sincere<br />

intention, then maybe we can influence other people to feel<br />

love and compassion in their hearts. We do not even have<br />

to meet them, our passion will travel from mind to mind,<br />

from heart to heart, from our unconscious to that of others.<br />

So let us join in a Hundred People effort to disseminate<br />

love and respect among our fellow humans throughout the<br />

world.<br />

By the way, I do recommend the cafe in Glastonbury.<br />

John Sjovik<br />

18<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />


Love 2 Meditate and Martin Lewis<br />

<br />


Dance to this guided meditation at<br />

home...<br />

Spirit Dance is a wonderful exploration<br />

and investigation of oneself!<br />

Learn about who you truly are, accept<br />

yourself and move into who you want to<br />

be - feel whole and complete again and<br />

be The Powerful You!<br />

This moving meditation is 1-hr long and<br />

takes you on a journey through your 8<br />

chakras, to help you to realign and<br />

balance each one, so you can ultimately<br />

bring in your missing soul parts.<br />

In the shamanic communities it is<br />

believed that any time anyone goes<br />

through a traumatic experience, a part of<br />

their soul leaves them. Spirit Dance helps<br />

you to call them back.<br />

Movement and music helps to get the<br />

energy flowing and enables practical<br />

application of the kinesiological process.<br />

<br />

To purchase:<br />

www.love2meditate.com/store/p92/spirit-dance-moving-meditation<br />

<br />

jovi@love2meditate.com<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />

Louise Marie Otter, Spiritual Medium<br />

I’m an international spiritual medium of over 22 years,<br />

a holistic therapist & wellness practitioner based in<br />

Port Solent Portsmouth.<br />

It’s Summertime! While you are enjoying your<br />

staycations & Summer weekends, why not book into<br />

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healing.<br />

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<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />


in Basingstoke<br />

Jovi Hoonjan | Shamanic Joy UK<br />

Helping you to<br />

release the past<br />

change belief systems<br />

feel more complete<br />

bring yourself into alignment<br />

We visit past lives that could be the source of a<br />

current issue.<br />

We clear emotional and physical pains carried over<br />

from many lifetimes.<br />

jovi@love2meditate.com<br />

www.shamanicjoy.co.uk<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />


Jovi Hoonjan | Shamanic Joy UK<br />

This 6-week course is open to anyone who is keen to learn about the<br />

shamanic way of healing. Once a week you attend a 2-hr group session.<br />

<br />

<br />

We will delve deeper into the shaman's world and cover:<br />

shamanic journeying<br />

connecting to your power animals and guides<br />

shamanic healing<br />

remote healing<br />

sacred prescriptions<br />

soul retrieval<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />



Carol Coggan<br />

We saw in June, at the summer equinox, the longest<br />

day. It is also the start of the summer months -<br />

being June, <strong>July</strong> and <strong>August</strong>.<br />

<strong>July</strong> for me is a month of flowers, an abundance of<br />

fruit and vegetables everywhere. We still have the<br />

lovely long days, and the sunshine, this all helps<br />

maintain our energy levels. I have before mentioned<br />

energy indirectly, as we benefit from the seasons,<br />

but more specifically think about your energy levels<br />

daily. Consider a continuum/gauge between 0 to 10.<br />

How are you feeling? What are your energy levels?<br />

if we can maintain positive energy levels, then we<br />

can manifest more of what we want. What we think<br />

about, affects what our feelings are and this all<br />

affects our behaviour.<br />

The summer months enable us to get out more, and<br />

benefit from the beauty around us. For me it is<br />

roses, whilst not going into the language of flowers,<br />

I do know that roses symbolise love. As we look<br />

around in <strong>July</strong>, we have the sunshine, the flowers<br />

and abundance, all reminding us that we are loved<br />

by the Universe. As we look at all around us, then<br />

our thinking becomes more positive, we feel better,<br />

and we are more energised to act/behave in the<br />

direction of our vision.<br />

I am going to ask Archangel Uriel to be with me<br />

specifically this month. His aura is pale yellow/gold<br />

and his name means the “Light of God”. He is often<br />

known as the intellectual Archangel, as he will give<br />

you information, ideas and thoughts on any topic.<br />

He is the “ideas“ Archangel, and he will transform<br />

my ideas and enable me to raise my thoughts to<br />

ones of positive energy. He will guide me on the<br />

path that I should take.<br />

We move into <strong>August</strong>, what does <strong>August</strong> mean for<br />

you? As a child, <strong>August</strong> seemed to be long hot<br />

summers, off school and enjoying myself. As we<br />

grow older we tend to see the past with rose<br />

coloured glasses - were the summers really long and<br />

hot? Not really. I remember them as holiday times, a<br />

time for fun. It is important that we do not lose this<br />

as an adult. What can you do for fun in your life?<br />

Keep considering your energy continuum, and<br />

maintaining high positive energy. If you want to<br />

change your energy/feeling from low to higher then<br />

pause, take time out and see an image of a positive<br />

time. It may be looking at a picture, your garden, a<br />

flower, anything to interrupt your low energy<br />

thinking. Then think about when you last had fun?<br />

and more importantly, what are you going to do to<br />

bring more fun into your life.<br />

I will ask a range of Archangels to help me with this.<br />

I have Archangel Uriel for positive ideas. I will ask<br />

Archangel Jophiel for her positivity and to see<br />

beauty in everything. I will ask Archangel Gabriel for<br />

fun. Archangel Gabriel works with children and<br />

encourages us not only to nurture children but also<br />

our inner child. It is our inner child that wants to<br />

have fun. I know in <strong>August</strong> I have booked a friend's<br />

cottage, by the sea. Friends will come and visit and<br />

we will all have fun.<br />

Whatever Archangel you choose to work with, they<br />

are all there for you, along with your Guardian<br />

Angel(s). If you are “stuck”, fearful and low energy<br />

then don’t hesitate to drop me an email, and with<br />

the help of the Archangels and your Guardian<br />

Angels we will move you forward.<br />

www.carolcoggan.co.uk<br />

hello@carolcoggan.co.uk<br />

+44 (0)781 806 5514<br />

Dream Builder Life Coach<br />

to help design your dream<br />


As an Angel Therapist, Dream Builder Life Coach and<br />

channel, I support you in working with your Angels to<br />

achieve the life you would love to live.<br />

<br />

I offer Angel Card readings, workshops, therapy<br />

sessions all to enhance your transformation.<br />

<br />

You are a spiritual being having a human experience.<br />

<br />

Location: Guildford, Surrey<br />

Remote sessions available<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />


Based in Guildford & S.W. Surrey, we have over 20<br />

years’ experience of supporting peoples’ wellbeing<br />

for body, mind & spirit; and we are here to enhance<br />

and support this. We are a not-for-profit<br />

community group.<br />

Below is information on our activities, contact us to<br />

join our mailing list so you can get priority access to<br />

book into sessions.<br />

Get in touch<br />

info@edenpeople.org.uk<br />

www.edenpeople.org.uk<br />

https://linktr.ee/EdenPeople<br />

FB: @eden.people.uk<br />

Twitter: @edenpeople<br />

Body Blessing & Positive Postures Sessions<br />

This is a physical, spiritual, and emotional activity that<br />

connects body, mind and spirit. It centres on who we<br />

are, how we are and where we are in the present<br />

moment. Spoken positive words about & over areas of<br />

the physical body encourage the participant to<br />

understand their uniqueness and the importance of<br />

their body.<br />

As we move or create a stance or position during the<br />

session the person connects inwardly (spiritually &<br />

emotionally) to the outward physical; and this can<br />

bring about new thought or feeling from the<br />

participant regarding themselves, others and the<br />

world.<br />

Designed to support your mental health, physical<br />

health, spirituality, wellbeing and positive thinking<br />

towards self, others and the planet<br />


LifeWalks Sessions<br />

This is a physical, spiritual, and emotional walking<br />

activity that connects body, mind and spirit. As we<br />

engage with the ‘outdoor space’ around us we can<br />

sense, learn, receive, and understand more about<br />

ourselves, the world around us physically, spiritually,<br />

and emotionally. It centres on who we are, how we<br />

are and where we are in the present moment.<br />

As we walk, talk, think, rest, breathe during the<br />

session the person connects inwardly (spiritually &<br />

emotionally) to the outward physical; and this can<br />

bring about new thought or feeling from the<br />

participant regarding themselves, others and the<br />

world.<br />

Designed to support your mental health, physical<br />

health, spirituality, wellbeing and positive thinking<br />

towards self, others, and the planet<br />

Life Peace Meditation Sessions<br />

These meditation sessions are shaped to help<br />

participants rest, relax, and find new depths of<br />

peace for the mind, body and spirit.Good for those<br />

who may have anxiety, restlessness, negative<br />

feelings, lack of motivation or self-worth.<br />

Differing Meditational activities focus on creativity,<br />

the natural world, breathing, imagination, use of the<br />

senses and tactile interaction.<br />

Designed to support your mental health, physical<br />

health, spirituality, wellbeing and positive thinking<br />

towards self, others, and the planet<br />

M A N Y C O M M U N I T Y A C T I V I T I E S<br />

J O I N U S !<br />

SpiritSpace: Online monthly gathering via zoom.<br />

Creative expression, Encounter Rooms for Inner<br />

Healing, Heart & Destiny Insight, Ruach Cards and<br />

much more: more on this via:<br />

https://linktr.ee/inspiritspace<br />

Dream Station: Dream Interpretation - email us your<br />

dreams for interpretation<br />

Insight, Destiny & Encouragement: Opening life in<br />

the fullest<br />

Healing: Hands-on or hands off and distance healing<br />

Blessing: Positive input for you<br />

Card readings: Ruach and Jesus Deck Card readings<br />

<strong>July</strong> & <strong>August</strong> events<br />

Sunday 17th <strong>July</strong><br />

Burpham Wellbeing event Guildford<br />

Saturday 23rd <strong>July</strong><br />

Jubilee Wellbeing event Aldershot<br />

Wednesday 27th <strong>July</strong> to Monday 1st <strong>August</strong><br />

Sun & Moon Festival nr Guildford<br />

Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th <strong>July</strong><br />

Picnic & Pop Music Festival Aldershot<br />

Please check our website for details on all events, sign<br />

up to our e-news letter and follow us on social media.<br />

Booking is required for all events<br />

Cost: Free or donation<br />

Email: edenpeople@edenpeople.org.uk<br />

Text: +44 (0)7866247919<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />



Kathy Mingo<br />

Crop circles have been appearing all over the<br />

world for many, many years. The most active place<br />

for these to occur are the wheat fields in Wiltshire<br />

near the sacred sites of Stonehenge, Avebury<br />

stone circle and Silbury hill. Thousands of crop<br />

circles, or formations as they are also called, have<br />

appeared in Wiltshire and I have dedicated most<br />

of my summer two week holiday to chasing these<br />

formations. I am a crop circle veteran now and<br />

though I still get a strong feeling when going into a<br />

circle, it is more about the majesty and purity of<br />

the Wiltshire landscape that keeps the Crop Circle<br />

phenomenon alive. Strange things happen in the<br />

circles and there is no doubt that something else<br />

drives the energy in these beautiful wheat designs.<br />

When you enter a crop circle the energy shifts, the<br />

wheat is not cut as some believe, but actually<br />

flattened or sometimes interwoven. The true<br />

impact of the design can only be seen from above.<br />

Orbs and BOLS (Balls of light) have been<br />

witnessed by many in glyphs and to see a military<br />

helicopter in pursuit of these is also not<br />

uncommon.<br />

This is a huge topic to cover in this article. If you<br />

want more information there are many sites that<br />

cover this extensive field and you can see on<br />

YouTube many drone pilots who video the<br />

formations.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />

How they are made is a bone of contention in the<br />

CC world. Theories from alien craft, earth energies<br />

to they are all manmade float about in forums and<br />

chatrooms across the globe.<br />

Personally, how they are made is not important, as<br />

we miss the point of the interaction with etheric<br />

energy if we fixate on the application of them.<br />

Manmade or not, there is a paranormal attachment<br />

to this phenomenon which this article will<br />

highlight.<br />

I wanted to share with you all a wonderful event<br />

that happened in synchronicity and manifestation<br />

in 2013.<br />

The following account is written by a scientist<br />

from Australia, who is interested in crop circles<br />

and how they occur. I believe a symbiosis between<br />

observer and maker happens, whether they are<br />

manmade or not. The report is real, and we believe<br />

that we manifested a formation through thought<br />

and request alone, only you can decide for<br />

yourselves. There have been many reports of<br />

groups of people "ordering" by thought and desire<br />

certain geometric shapes that have ended up as<br />

crop formations within the next few weeks. Are<br />

we conversing with consciousness, or are we<br />

telepathically tuning in to human circle makers'<br />

designs?<br />

The unusual provenance of two crop pictures on<br />

<strong>August</strong> 1, 2013 at Milk Hill, or on <strong>August</strong> 6, 2013<br />

at Monument Hill: could there be any psychic<br />

crop artist-to-human interactions?<br />

On the night of <strong>July</strong> 31, 2013, four interested<br />

individuals (Kathy Mingo, Dee Canton, Brian<br />

Lester and Stephanie Lester) decided to try and<br />

“manifest” a new crop formation for the following<br />

morning.<br />

They went at 8 PM to a small hill which lies close<br />

to Monument Hill (Etchilhampton) near Devizes,<br />

then asked psychically until 10 pm for either of<br />

two images that had been Channelled to Kathy,<br />

to appear in the field below, on the following<br />

morning: They asked for the formation directly<br />

opposite where they were sitting. A Channelling<br />

occurred that evening and they were told about<br />

TRUTH, and to use the symbol channelled to<br />

Kathy a year ago called the truth symbol. (see<br />

photo below)<br />

On the next morning of <strong>August</strong> 1, 2013, Kathy<br />

and Dee returned to the same field and were<br />

disappointed to find that nothing had appeared<br />

there. Yet 10 km away on top of Milk Hill, a<br />

beautiful “star” image had appeared in the crops,<br />

with a shape like both two images which they<br />

manifested. (This formation was not there the day<br />

before). Five days later the morning of <strong>August</strong> 6,<br />

2013, something else strange happened. In the<br />

same field location where they had requested a<br />

“star” crop picture, below where all of them had<br />

been sitting on the night of <strong>July</strong> 31 (marked with<br />

a heavy black arrow below), another new and<br />

spectacular crop picture appeared near<br />

Monument Hill: Kathy informs me that the first of<br />

two symbols requested by her group (with two<br />

overlapping V-shapes) means “truth”. That is<br />

something in short supply for the year 2013. If<br />

the crop artists have really given us some “truth”<br />

(indeed they wrote in 2002, “we oppose<br />

deception”), it would be wonderful indeed.<br />

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)<br />

Kathy has only ever been found via word of mouth, and her waiting list is over a year long.<br />

Kathy is an accomplished Aura Medium, Clairvoyant, Meditation Tutor - she specialises in Past Life<br />

Regression through shamanic healing and practices Metatronic Healing. Despite her phenomenal abilities,<br />

Kathy is one of the most down to earth and humble people you will meet. If she is not at home surrounded<br />

by her cats, you will find her hunting for Crop Circles or searching for ghosts and eating cake.<br />

kathymingo_aura<br />

www.kathymingo.com<br />

kathymingo<br />

kathymingo@blueyonder.co.uk<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />

'Path to where...' photo by John Sjovik<br />

Protective armour<br />

FEAR: WHAT<br />

IT IS AND<br />

WHAT CAN<br />

BE DONE<br />

ABOUT IT<br />

J o h n S j o v i k<br />

S h a m a n H e a l e r<br />

28<br />

When I was a boy in Sweden, I was fascinated by the<br />

American Wild West. Someone had managed to find<br />

a copy of RED RYDER – Ranch Comics, with a story<br />

called “Fear hid the secret of ‘THE EMPTY FORT’!”<br />

This particular issue was from 1958 and the cover of<br />

the comic book showed a cowboy, struggling through<br />

a sandstorm on his way towards a mysterious fort. He<br />

was walking, holding a Winchester rifle in one hand<br />

and holding up his other hand in an attempt to cover<br />

his face from the blistering storm. You could see a<br />

combination of fear and determination on his face.<br />

The image of the cowboy made a powerful impression<br />

on me. I was ten years old and life was riddled with<br />

insecurity, confusion and anxiety. There was tension<br />

in my home and school was nothing but a disaster<br />

zone. In moments when I needed strength, I would<br />

pick up the comic book and look at the cowboy.<br />

Somehow he must have lost his horse and there were<br />

no other people in the picture. He was all alone in a<br />

hostile environment, yet managed somehow to find<br />

the strength and courage to keep moving, without<br />

looking back or trying to hide. I wanted to emulate<br />

his resolve. In my imagination, I would pull on my<br />

riding boots, strap a gun belt around my waist, put on<br />

my hat and grab the Winchester. This outfit became<br />

my armour to protect me from everything that I<br />

feared.<br />

Maybe it was fear that made me put on that imaginary<br />

armour? You cannot walk through life wearing<br />

armour all the time. But there are periods, where<br />

some sort of protection is necessary to make it<br />

through the day. Fear and worry can be catalysts for<br />

you to protect yourself. In that sense, fear is<br />

necessary for survival.

Thoughts on fear and the control of it<br />

In this text, I express my own thoughts and experience.<br />

My words are not based on research in books and<br />

studies. So please do not see this article as a result of a<br />

scientific study.<br />

There is a lot written about the subject of Fear. This<br />

article does not aim to be a compilation of ideas and<br />

theories from multiple sources. Psychology,<br />

behavioural therapy, Reiki, shamanism, hypnotism and<br />

many more all have their own approaches and methods<br />

for providing explanations and for helping people deal<br />

with fear.<br />

We can also find a semantic difference – a gradual shift<br />

– between fear, worry, concern, anxiety and similar<br />

concepts. The linguistics alone would provide enough<br />

material for a separate article.<br />

My text is highly personal. It draws on my own<br />

experience and is based on my own interpretations of<br />

fear, from a spiritual point of view. And it is about my<br />

own thoughts on how to deal with fear, how to contain<br />

it and how to find ways to not allow it to overwhelm<br />

you and define your life.<br />

If you were completely fearless, you probably would<br />

not have survived for very long in an indigenous<br />

society. Fear compels you to think twice, to reconsider<br />

a situation and then take due action.<br />

Regrettably, fear can also paralyze you, like the<br />

proverbial rabbit trapped in the glare of the full beam<br />

of the approaching car. You need to educate yourself<br />

about your personal reactions to fear, emotional,<br />

mental and physical. You need to make fear into, if not<br />

your friend, at least your partner. Build a relationship<br />

with it and realize that fear can be of great help to you,<br />

not just as a protection (fight or flight) but also as an<br />

instrument to assist you in making informed choices.<br />

Keep in mind that everything is energy. That includes<br />

thoughts and feelings. As I see it, energy has a neutral<br />

charge. It is what you do with it that matters. If you<br />

view fear as energy, you can use it to make you<br />

stronger, more resilient, more determined and focused.<br />

Someone said that you cannot feel fear for the past<br />

(“Fear is forward. No one is afraid of yesterday.”) That<br />

may be true to some extent, but that certainly does not<br />

mean that you can not be affected by feelings you had<br />

in the past. Keep in mind that worry is something we<br />

create. To some extent, it is a choice. Fear on the other<br />

hand is a beast. It attacks us and we need to find ways<br />

to control it. In a normal situation - as if there are<br />

normal situations – fear is a reaction to an immediate<br />

danger. Fear will “stiffen the sinews and summon up<br />

the blood” to reminisce Shakespeare and Henry V.<br />

Such a reaction may be purposeful just before a battle.<br />

It could be quite damaging in regular life.<br />


The poet Khalil Gibran wrote these words on fear:<br />

It is said that before entering the sea<br />

a river trembles with fear.<br />

She looks back at the path she has traveled,<br />

from the peaks of the mountains,<br />

the long winding road crossing forests and villages.<br />

And in front of her,<br />

she sees an ocean so vast,<br />

that to enter<br />

there seems nothing more than to disappear forever.<br />

But there is no other way.<br />

The river can not go back.<br />

Nobody can go back.<br />

To go back is impossible in existence.<br />

The river needs to take the risk<br />

of entering the ocean<br />

because only then will fear disappear,<br />

because that’s where the river will know<br />

it’s not about disappearing into the ocean,<br />

but of becoming the ocean.<br />

We all need to overcome our fear of Fear, and learn how<br />

to control it or we might never be able to reach the<br />

ocean.<br />

Memories can trigger fear<br />

Let us suppose that a fire-breathing dragon is running<br />

towards you at a full ferocious speed. You will<br />

undoubtedly experience fear. Fear is in the now, it is a<br />

momentary feeling triggered by an instant threat. An<br />

interesting question is how you will feel a few weeks later<br />

when you think about the situation and try to remember<br />

it? Will you feel fear again or maybe get feelings of a<br />

lesser degree of intensity?<br />

Memories of past events can sometimes trigger a<br />

renewed sense of fear. Suppose an event in the past<br />

created fear. Is it possible that something from that time<br />

stayed in your memory as a potential “trigger”?<br />

When the trigger is activated, you will once again feel<br />

fear. This is a form of conditioning. A sound, a colour, an<br />

object, a place or even a situation can bring back a sense<br />

of fear. The trigger or memory can be hidden deep within<br />

yourself, resting in your unconscious. You may not be<br />

aware of it. Then, when the trigger is activated and you<br />

are struck by fear, you may be quite confused about your<br />

feelings.<br />

Logically, there is nothing fearsome there, yet you<br />

suddenly have that feeling.<br />


This can be quite detrimental but it can also be a good<br />

thing because it could make the healing process easier.<br />

As I mentioned previously, I found my situation in<br />

school quite scary. My stress subsided on Fridays and I<br />

felt anxiety during the weekend but not fear. Sunday<br />

night was always bad because it meant the end of the<br />

weekend and Monday next morning. My family always<br />

watched a show on television on Sunday nights. It was<br />

a café style family program and very laid back. My<br />

mum and dad loved it. I hated it because it was time for<br />

bed after the show ended and then only mere hours<br />

until Monday. The show had its own theme song and<br />

for many years, simply hearing it would immediately<br />

bring back the feeling of Monday fear within me.<br />

There are film reels from the time of World War 1 that<br />

show soldiers in hospitals receiving treatment for shell<br />

shock or PTSD, as the modern term is. I particularly<br />

think of a soldier who was shown an officers cap by a<br />

nurse standing next to him. Instantaneously, the poor<br />

man began to shake uncontrollably and quite violently.<br />

The sight of the officer's cap triggered a memory of<br />

being ordered to leave the relative safety of the trench<br />

and “go over the top” to attack the enemy only to face<br />

machine gun fire and witness his friends being shot to<br />

pieces in the mayhem and madness of war. The sound<br />

of the officer’s whistle could have the same effect.<br />

Imagine many years later, if this man was invited to<br />

see a football game and he heard the referee blow the<br />

whistle...<br />

Memories of fear from past events can possibly result<br />

in the paralysing notion of “what if”? Suppose the<br />

memory lies dormant, in the unconscious? Let us go<br />

one step more and think about “memories” of fear<br />

from past lives? What if something bad happened to<br />

you in a previous incarnation? Could that trigger a<br />

sense of fear in your present life? Maybe this could<br />

explain a feeling of terrible unease that some people<br />

feel in a certain situation or even with certain items?<br />

Suppose you were murdered by someone stabbing you<br />

with a bread knife in a past life. That could explain an<br />

otherwise inexplicable fear of bread knives.<br />

A very interesting question is if fear can be caused by<br />

other peoples’ experiences and memories? Would it be<br />

possible for someone to experience a seemingly<br />

inexplicable fear as a consequence of a dramatic event<br />

that happened to somebody else, somebody you do<br />

not know or who is not even part of your own<br />

demographic, cultural and regional background?<br />

Such trauma could enter the collective unconscious<br />

and affect other people. In such a case, fear could be<br />

similar to an ancestral curse or even a collective curse<br />

that affects the whole community. Some examples are<br />

fear of snakes and wolves, fear of darkness and fear of<br />

open spaces.<br />


How to treat fear<br />

It is important to approach the many aspects of fear<br />

with an open mind and free from any preconceived<br />

ideas. For a treatment to be successful, we need to<br />

consider the root cause of fear and not just the<br />

symptoms.<br />

Allow time for the treatment and healing process. The<br />

root cause or causes could date back to your ancestors<br />

or to one of your previous incarnations; it could be a<br />

past life experience. Your sense of fear might well be<br />

caused by an event unknown to you and now hidden<br />

within your unconscious mind. There could be an<br />

unbalance in the collective unconscious of the group<br />

you belong to, be it cultural, geographical or defined in<br />

some other way. Or the fear you sense can trace back<br />

to something that happened in your childhood or later<br />

in life. Whatever the root cause is, it needs to be<br />

addressed properly and with a sense of compassion.<br />

It is vital that fear is treated by someone who has the<br />

right experience and skills for such work. Do not try it<br />

on your own. Meditation and similar methods can<br />

certainly make you calmer. However, make sure you<br />

select the right type of meditation. There are a lot of<br />

free meditations available online. I have found that<br />

some of them could actually serve to bring down your<br />

consciousness levels so you end up feeling like you<br />

need more help from the very meditations that are<br />

'hurting you'. The guided meditations I recommend are<br />

those that have been kinesiologically tested and hold<br />

high levels of consciousness. Do some research and<br />

look for someone who is experienced and offers<br />

meditations that have been tested and show proven<br />

results. As usual, I strongly advise the reader to check<br />

the listings in <strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> Magazine for a<br />

practitioner near you. For example, Love 2 Meditate<br />

offers a range of online meditations that have been<br />

tested by a Kinesiologist to have high levels of<br />

consciousness.<br />

Do not hesitate to ask for help.<br />

A recurring sense of fear can be quite debilitating and<br />

eventually cause illness. There are many possible<br />

approaches and healing modalities. Find a practitioner<br />

who you feel comfortable with. A sense of rapport<br />

between the two of you is more important than the<br />

method the practitioner uses in the healing work. If<br />

your practitioner realizes that you need medical care<br />

from your local GP or from NHS, then he /she will tell<br />

you that.<br />

John Sjovik<br />

32<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />

...rewind, renew & rewire retreat<br />

The New Forest, Hampshire<br />

30th Sept - 2nd Oct <strong>2022</strong><br />

What to expect<br />

Rewind in the heart and soul of the<br />

New Forest connecting to nature<br />

and enjoying group workshops.<br />

Renew your mind, body, spirit and<br />

soul with the combined group<br />

consciousness.<br />

Rewire your whole system so you<br />

feel refreshed and uplifted.<br />

What's included<br />

Stunning walks<br />

Qigong<br />

Past life regression<br />

Sound therapy<br />

Meditations<br />

For more information<br />

www.love2meditate/retreats<br />

A wonderful women's retreat to empower the divine feminine<br />

<br />

J O V I H O O N J A N | J A N R E I D<br />



<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />


Jan is a gifted and professionally recognised<br />

healer, spiritual counsellor and psychic,<br />

working with clients to help them find the<br />

root cause of their physical condition which<br />

is normally an emotional issue buried deep<br />

inside.<br />

£40/hour<br />

Location: Three Mile Cross, Berkshire<br />

Distance healing available<br />

Jan Reid<br />

Be Good to Yourselves<br />

www.begoodtoyourselves.com<br />

email@begoodtoyourselves.com<br />

+44 (0)776 993 6500<br />

<br />

Reiki Seichem healing and intuitive psychic readings<br />

tameshka@hotmail.com<br />

<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />


In the coming editions of <strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> we will<br />

cover the following chapters of the full story for our<br />

present times from tens of thousands of years ago<br />

Part 1: Walking (May/June edition)<br />

Part 2: The mighty river (May/June edition)<br />

Part 3: “The gods are playing with us” (this edition)<br />

Part 4: Our Medicine Man speaks<br />

Part 5: The Eagle calls<br />

Part 6: “For the sakes of our children’s children’s children”<br />

Part 7: The sticks for the Grandmothers<br />

Part 8: Gogogama speaks<br />

These stories originated in a past life experience<br />

PART 1 & 2 SUMMARY<br />

Kwekwe is an inspired leader and time spirit. He is leading us, his<br />

people, along the coast to where he believes the Sun God will be<br />

turning to our left when rising out of the sea instead of to our<br />

right.<br />

We have reached a wide, mighty river with many small islands. We<br />

cannot even see the other side of the estuary and decide to make<br />

camp. A group of elders has designated one island with glee-glee<br />

trees and scrum-scum bushes as our sacred meeting place. Our<br />

medicine man Oo-oo-warawara stays there.<br />


When I arrive, Kwekwe is talking animatedly about how we<br />

must all cross the mighty river because here the Sun God is too<br />

fierce during the day and in his vision the Sun God is lower in<br />

the sky and casts shadows back towards the land from which<br />

we came – even at midday. He tells this story:<br />

“Today, I was walking with our strongest three hunters by the<br />

edge of the mighty stream on the farthest long island. Nqunqu<br />

saw a fallen tree float onto the beach and jumped up and down.<br />

He said the tree was sent by the Forest God to help us. And his<br />

father’s spirit reminded him of how he climbed trees to look for<br />

pray animals when he was a boy. His father told him how he<br />

could look for a way across the river with this tree.<br />

“So Nqunqu climbed onto the log. Then he pushed it into the<br />

river directly away from the beach where we were standing.<br />

When he could no longer walk on the bottom, he lay on the<br />

tree and pushed the water with his hands.<br />


“We saw him heading towards the middle of the river and we<br />

were clapping and ululating our thanks to the Forest God for<br />

giving us this way of crossing. Then suddenly the tree with<br />

Nqunqu on top was swept away to our right towards the big<br />

sea. We saw him fall off and we all held our breath and kept<br />

our spirits close and ready to reach out to our brother. Then<br />

we saw his head come up again and he was holding the tree<br />

and pushing fast against the water, trying to get back to us.<br />

The current was too strong, and we ran the length of long<br />

island trying to keep up with him in the water. He was getting<br />

closer to the beach.<br />

“We were about to give up as we got to the end of our island<br />

and my two brothers started wailing. Then I spotted that there<br />

was another island further into the stream. I prayed to the<br />

water spirits and then saw how Nqunqu’s log had slowed. It<br />

caught on a sandy strip that was sticking out from the main<br />

island and, in the distance, I saw Nqunqu stagger up out of the<br />

water and drop onto the dry land, letting the log continue its<br />

journey out to sea.<br />

“’Oh, how the gods are playing with us’, I said to the other two,<br />

wailing and laughing now.<br />

“We nearly drowned ourselves getting to that other island and<br />

had to half carry Nqunqu all the way back to his shelter and his<br />

woman.<br />

“Still, respected elders, I am telling you this story, because<br />

maybe, maybe the Forest God was giving us a sign that we can<br />

still use. Maybe two men on one tree will be strong enough to<br />

push the water and cross this river and find our way to our<br />

destiny.”<br />

There is silence…<br />

… until the oldest man speaks:<br />

“And what about the children?<br />

“What about our two women who are with child?<br />

“And,” a tone of quiet, old anger begins to arise at the<br />

impatience of Kwekwe, “and what about us older men and<br />

women who are too weak to push the water….?”<br />

There is silence again.<br />

And then a few murmurs of assent from the older men and<br />

women.<br />

Kwekwe’s face grows hot and he keeps his peace.<br />

Richard Pantlin is the founder of CareStellations,<br />

constellations coaching with an African twist at a<br />

price you can afford.<br />

37<br />

Richard works 4 days a week as an NHS manager in<br />

addition to his private spiritual healing practice. His<br />

CareStellations approach is infused with many years<br />

experience of a variety of healing modalities as well as<br />

14 years of working with traditional healers in<br />

Zimbabwe.<br />

rich@richardpantlin.com | www.richardpantlin.com

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />

The Reluctant Medium<br />

A Medium's journey<br />

A touching, true story of one woman's journey to suppress her<br />

mediumship and psychic abilities so as to conform to her upbringing and<br />

the World. As a child, Jane would fear the dark as she would clearly see<br />

spirits and the afterlife. She learnt, to the best of her ability, how to<br />

suppress her gifts until she met a healer, who unbeknown to her was<br />

about to open up Pandora's box and life would never be the same again.<br />

A terrifying and horrific time, where spirits were contacting Jane, day<br />

and night, eager to communicate through her. Petrified by the intensity<br />

of the spirit world, Jane had to seek help and learn quickly how to<br />

control her heightened gifts and was led to Eddie, literally her earth<br />

angel, who treated her with tough love, and guidance, and told her to<br />

pull herself together.<br />

A fascinating read of events that will make you shudder with<br />

goosebumps, giggle, laugh aloud and reduce you, at times, to tears. Jane<br />

in time would learn through determination, healing and acceptance to<br />

truly embrace her true self. An interesting incite into a mediums world,<br />

where two worlds become one.<br />

https://inloveandlight.co.uk<br />


Martin Lewis, West Berkshire Kinesiology<br />

'Variations on a Theme' is 22mins<br />

long and works on your 11th chakra<br />

- Pathwork to the Soul.<br />

The eleventh chakra is your ability<br />

to acquire advanced spiritual skills<br />

(travel beyond the limits of time<br />

and space, teleportation, bilocation,<br />

instantaneous<br />

precipitation of thoughts and<br />

telekinesis).<br />

The eleventh chakra is the spiritual<br />

library of the individual, containing<br />

all that he or she will need to<br />

operate as a divine human being.<br />

Work on this chakra is much like a<br />

librarian in a library, putting things<br />

in order but not changing anything<br />

that is found.<br />

www.love2meditate.com/consiousness-music<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />

Susan always knew<br />

she could sense<br />

things that she<br />

couldn't see, so<br />

when her husband<br />

James starts to act<br />

stragnely is there<br />

more to his<br />

behaviour than<br />

meets the eye?<br />

With echoes of the<br />

past still clinging<br />

persistently to her<br />

home, will Susan be<br />

able to save her<br />

family from the<br />

malevolence which<br />

threatens to engulf<br />

them all?<br />

Hidden in the Mist book now available www.soulverse.co.uk<br />

sue@soulverse.co.uk<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />


WORLD<br />

Silvia Siret<br />

What to write in a time of division, upheaval,<br />

separation, anxiety, strong opposing positions in<br />

science, spirituality, common sense, or any other<br />

themes floating about in our consciousness?<br />

This time I found it very difficult to even decide what<br />

to write about, what stance to hold or to understand<br />

what the readers of this magazine might want to<br />

read. At first, I thought I would address people<br />

supporters with the topic of ‘post-traumatic stress<br />

disorder’. It felt important to offer some education on<br />

this complex and difficult subject because I know that<br />

many don’t have this basic training, which would help<br />

them to be even better listeners. I know it helped me<br />

a lot in my practice to be trauma-informed. It also<br />

helped me to understand myself so much better. But<br />

you know what, you can read it all up in amazing<br />

books, like the one by Gabor Maté, my favourite in<br />

this field, called “When the Body Says No”; or you<br />

can get in touch with me if you want to understand<br />

how trauma ripples out into your system. Admittedly,<br />

my planned essay about PTSD was meant to impress<br />

you. But when I think back at what I have enjoyed<br />

reading in the past, it was vulnerable writing, and<br />

hearing about real experiences. So, I decided to give<br />

you a bit of my own process within these challenging<br />

times, and how my own unresolved stuff has been<br />

coming up for me.<br />

My years from 2004 to 2020 were good ones, with<br />

ups and downs, but good ones. I thought I had it<br />

sussed, the happiness thing. But when Covid-19 hit<br />

humanity, all my unresolved trauma came to the<br />

forefront. Boom! I started to go downhill, mentally<br />

(overthinking), and physically (not moving). Being<br />

extroverted and loving social connection, I felt<br />

overwhelmed with the lockdowns and having to be in<br />

a small space with my partner 24/7; and I was deeply<br />

missing my children.<br />

I looked for guidance on social media and news<br />

channels. Some friends and our children held extreme<br />

positions about the mandates; and any attempt to<br />

talk about things ended in unfruitful, often hurtful<br />

discussions. Polarisation had entered my family<br />

system. Or was it just that it showed, because of us<br />

all being challenged to the core? My mind kept telling<br />

me, “Silvia, you are not good enough. You are a<br />

loser”, and “you don’t know what is right or wrong, so<br />

simply shut up”.<br />

I am in my mid-fifties, a mother of two grown-up<br />

women; a bonus mother to three adult children from<br />

my partner’s former relationship; and grandmother to<br />

an 21-month-old girl. I’ve been feeling the<br />

generational stretch, and that of a patch-work family,<br />

coming from very different backgrounds.<br />

Before I started my self-development journey, my life<br />

was a mess. I was a mess. I had been in several<br />

mentally abusive relationships, and my childhood was<br />

difficult, to say the least. Working on my childhood<br />

trauma resolved a lot for me and brought what I call<br />

‘order’ into my life. My current partner of 18 years is<br />

my friend, lover and rock, and our offspring have all<br />

turned out pretty amazing.<br />

Funnily enough, that is also what I heard several<br />

times in various ways from some friends and family. I<br />

lost a few friendships over differences in opinions, I<br />

fell out and reconciled with some, I lost faith in<br />

humanity, and I even lost hope several times, since.<br />

What has rocked me the most, is my position as a<br />

mother. In that role, I am supposed to hold it all<br />

together, be wise, be positive, be informed, and have<br />

a lot of strength so that the children can all rub<br />

themselves on me in order to feel they are in control.<br />

You hear the sarcasm, I’m sure. It has been an uphill<br />

journey, and I felt I was falling into deep valleys of<br />

hopelessness. I have been feeling emotionally<br />

drained, exhausted, and unable to give any more. I<br />

even let a client down. I felt undone, in pieces.<br />


I wonder if any of this resonates with you. It has been<br />

very difficult to hold it all together within me and<br />

within the family and friendships. But the worst is<br />

what I feel when I read or hear the news. Any time I<br />

want to know what is going on in the world, I end up<br />

feeling more stressed and less hopeful for humanity<br />

to survive. As a mother and grandmother, this<br />

troubles me deeply. I want to leave Pacha Mama for<br />

my offspring in a way that they can enjoy and feel<br />

nourished by her.<br />

What can I do to contribute to<br />

Love, Peace, and Growth?<br />

To be honest with you, I am constantly sitting with<br />

this question, as the world seems to keep changing<br />

fast. I think one thing that helps is looking inside in<br />

meditation in order to find my own balance –<br />

basically, lots of self-care. The other thing is to be<br />

mindful of where I am needed. I have also found that<br />

reaching out to a friend can be better than any<br />

therapy. And to remember, it is, after all, the age of<br />

Aquarius, the time for community and technology.<br />

This shows in every aspect of my life. I was very<br />

grateful to have my phone and communication apps<br />

to stay in touch with people. Using social media to<br />

connect and uplift is helpful; looking for the truth in<br />

those places is definitely not. Building community is<br />

what I keep doing. My friend reminded me that I am a<br />

lightworker and that I am also entitled to be held and<br />

listened to now and then. Bless my close friends.<br />

So here it is, my latest contribution to the <strong>Alchemical</strong><br />

<strong>Voice</strong>. I am no hero. I am just another human being<br />

who is thrown by the overload of information,<br />

choices, opposing stances, and the ever-growing<br />

financial pressures. I have just decided to stay away<br />

from any kind of news; to engage in social media only<br />

to shout out to the world how great I am as a<br />

therapist; and to focus my energy on real, human,<br />

physical connection, and communion. The best way I<br />

know to create beautiful relationships is to hold<br />

space for others, while I keep working on my<br />

unresolved trauma; to not react, but to respond; to<br />

be authentic while staying kind at all times, and to<br />

simply keep teaching my mind to love myself just the<br />

way I am.<br />

Silvia Siret, trauma informed Holistic Life Coach<br />

and Family Constellations Facilitator, born 1966,<br />

has been holding space for individuals and groups<br />

since 2000, first in Germany, her birth country, and<br />

since 2005 in England. She sees herself as a shape<br />

shifter who helps those who feel ready to create<br />

positive change. She offers her work online<br />

internationally and in person in Oxfordshire and<br />

wherever she is invited.<br />

www.silviasiret.com<br />

silvia.siret@gmail.com<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />


Martin Lewis, Kinesiologist<br />

Histamine has long been thought of by many as a<br />

bit of a pest (especially those that suffer from<br />

‘hay-fever’)! It is broken down (metabolised) by<br />

the precursor histidine, a basic amino acid sourced<br />

from the proteins we consume. Although<br />

technically it is not a hormone, it is released into<br />

some synapses, and also into the bloodstream<br />

where it acts like one.<br />

In reality, histamine (like any other hormone in the<br />

body) is there to help enable the body to function.<br />

If you rely on an anti-histamine during the spring<br />

and summer months, then in actuality there is<br />

something going on in the body that requires<br />

more attention than just taking a drug.<br />

Fundamentally Histamine warns you of an ‘attack’<br />

by something irritating, and enables the mucus<br />

membranes to over-produce mucus, leading to<br />

sneezing and coughing, a runny or blocked nose<br />

and itchy, red or watery eyes.<br />

However, it can also be triggered by the foods you<br />

eat, and (more interestingly) the company you keep!<br />

A 20-year study of 4,000 binge eaters pin-pointed<br />

the most ‘addictive foods’: sugar, fat, flour, wheat,<br />

artificial sweeteners, and caffeine — all foods that<br />

are high in histamine! So why would anyone eat<br />

foods that are ‘bad’ for them?<br />

Studies show that binge eaters, alcoholics, and drug<br />

addicts all suffer from a decrease in the number<br />

and sensitivity of dopamine D2 receptors. This<br />

creates anxiety and the feeling that you have lost<br />

control (of whatever situation you are facing).<br />

The researchers came to the conclusion that<br />

addiction to food and other substances is an effort<br />

to increase the feel-good brain chemical dopamine.<br />

It’s literally a hunger for happiness, a desire to<br />

sparkle and ultimately to feel that you have regained<br />

what has been lost.<br />

Histamine is responsible for the ‘allergic reaction’<br />

that you get with classic ‘hay-fever’.<br />


Your body will react if you have a histamine<br />

sensitivity connected to eating beans. I would<br />

recommend avoiding soy and red beans and<br />

seeing how you tolerate other varieties.<br />

If you eat animal protein, you’ll need to stay away<br />

from aged, smoked, or leftover meats; shellfish;<br />

and cheese because of their high histamine<br />

content. Instead, you can increase your lowhistamine<br />

protein by eating a lot of kale, broccoli,<br />

brown rice, and macadamias. Do monitor your<br />

intake of kale, though, as some people have<br />

allergic reactions because it is a histamine<br />

liberator.<br />

Here are some of the foods and beverages high in<br />

histamine or which trigger histamine production<br />

(histamine liberators or DAO blockers):<br />

Look up where you will find a list of food and<br />

further information:<br />

www.mastzellaktivierung.info/downloads/foodlist<br />

/21_FoodList_EN_alphabetic_withCateg.pdf<br />


Not only is broccoli low in histamine, but it also<br />

delivers a lot of health benefits. Studies show<br />

that broccoli:<br />

Is an anti-inflammatory agent, which lowers<br />

inflammation in the body<br />

Has anticarcinogenic properties to lower your<br />

risk of developing cancer<br />

Is relatively high in protein<br />

Can slow down osteoporosis and help with<br />

arthritis<br />

Supports your immune system<br />

Helps with eye health<br />

Improves kidney function<br />

Protects and heals the heart<br />

Is high in dietary fibre<br />

Pea sprouts, pea seedlings, and pea-sprout<br />

powder are a natural vegan source of nutritional<br />

DAO. Although peas are moderately high in<br />

histamine, some people can tolerate them without<br />

symptoms. If you can do so, they are an excellent<br />

low- fat source of protein (8 grams per cup).<br />

In the absence of a medical condition, those who<br />

suffer from histamine symptoms are dealing with<br />

a histamine overload: i.e. too much drama, too<br />

much alcohol, and too many fermented foods!<br />


www.appliedmetaphysics.co.uk<br />

kinesiology@hotmail.co.uk<br />

+44 (0)7968 740550<br />

Newbury, Berkshire<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />



<br />

Julie de Vere Hunt<br />

Akhenaten was the first pharaoh of Egypt and<br />

ruled for just 17 seventeen years from 1351-<br />

1344 BC. Before Akhenaten there were only<br />

kings, not pharaohs. Pharaoh means ‘that which<br />

you shall become’.<br />

Akhenaten’s main aim was to break up all the<br />

occult religions and bring the Egyptian people<br />

back to a single religion where they believed in<br />

only one God.<br />

The people worshipped statues, so Akhenaten<br />

had to give them something to worship, so he<br />

gave them the image of the Sun as God.<br />

Akhenaten told the people that the breath of<br />

life, the prana field, came from the Sun. He also<br />

said “In this new religion there will be no more<br />

untruthfulness – we are going to change our art<br />

so it reflects the total truth.”<br />

So during the 18th Dynasty the artists were<br />

instructed to sculpt or paint things just as they<br />

saw it, like a photograph.<br />

Apart from for ceremonial purposes, they were<br />

not allowed to wear clothes, as wearing clothes<br />

was hiding, obscuring the truth.<br />

Akhenaten was over 14 feet tall! He had a long<br />

skinny neck, skinny hands, a high waist, wide<br />

thighs and skinny legs. He married Nefertiti,<br />

who was just 10 foot tall! They had six<br />

daughters. Akhenaten also had a lesser royal<br />

wife called Kiya, who would become the<br />

mother of Tutankhamen.<br />

Akhenaten and his father Amenhotep III ruled<br />

the country together and built a city called Tel<br />

el Amarna from white stones. Akhenaten laid a<br />

stone there which says ‘this is the centre of the<br />

country’. Satellite images confirm this today..<br />

Amenhotep III resigned whilst still alive and<br />

gave the country to Akhenaten.<br />

In ‘Mary Magdalene’s Legacy’, Akhenaten<br />

founded a mystery school – the Egyptian<br />

Mystery School of Akhenaten, the Law of One.<br />

The symbol was the Right eye of Horus. He<br />

brought students from the Left Eye of Horus<br />

(feminine side) Mystery School, graduates who<br />

were +45 years old, into the Right Eye of Horus<br />

Mystery School.<br />

He taught them for 12 years, after which he had just 5 years to<br />

teach them immortality.<br />

When you become immortal, your memory remains intact and<br />

you are conscious from then on. It means you stay in your body<br />

as long as you want (unless you are murdered), when you want<br />

to leave, you leave. This is the Egyptian definition of eternal life<br />

– continuous unbroken memory.<br />

Almost 300 people, nearly all women achieved immortality.<br />

They joined the Tat Brotherhood and later migrated to Masada,<br />

Israel and formed the Essene Brotherhood.<br />

Akhenaten knew he did not have long – the military and the<br />

priests plotted an elaborate scheme to dispose of him, but he<br />

was not concerned because his students would get into the<br />

Akashic Records and be a memory in our DNA.<br />


According to Judith Tarr’s book ‘Pillar of Fire’, Akhenaten’s inner circle<br />

faked his death, substituting a slave for Akhenaten’s body, and smuggled<br />

Akhenaten out of Egypt where he went to live in the Sinai desert.<br />

There he became known as a prophet called Mosha aka Moses. After<br />

several decades, he had a vision in the mountains of a burning bush – he<br />

heard a voice impelling him to free the people of Israel who were slaves in<br />

Egypt. He went to plead to the pharaoh and after seven plagues he was<br />

allowed to lead these people out of Egypt.<br />

Just as Moses did in the Old Testament and the same Moses who came<br />

down from Mount Sinai with two tablets of stone. Moses was the giver of<br />

the Law, the One Law, which became the foundation of the Essenes.<br />

Martin Lewis and I tested the level of truth of ‘Pillar of Fire’ and it was over<br />

800 on Hawkin’s scale of consciousness (+700 is enlightenment, so the<br />

Universal Truth).<br />

After Akhenaten’s ‘death’ Tel El Amarna was dismantled brick by brick and<br />

dispersed over the country to ensure there was no trace. His enemies did<br />

not want the people to know that Akhenaten and Nefertiti had ever<br />

existed.<br />

The site of Akhetaten, the city he built and<br />

designed for the worship of Aten, at Tel El<br />

Amarna, was lost from history until the 19th<br />

century when archaeologists discovered some<br />

artefacts buried deep under the ground including<br />

this bust of Nefertiti.<br />

Truth is stranger than fiction…<br />

£24.99<br />

Julie de Vere Hunt<br />

www.marymagdaleneslegacy.com<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />


Ingredients<br />

Vine tomatoes<br />

Cucumber<br />

Red onion<br />

Red or yellow pepper<br />

Fresh herbs (parsley, mint, basil and/or coriander)<br />

Zest of one lime (or lemon) and the juice<br />

Virgin olive oil<br />

Salt and pepper<br />

Steps<br />

1. This is such a simple and easy salad, let's face it -<br />

it's too hot to cook! Just finely cut all the<br />

ingredients you want to put into the salad.<br />

2. Toss everything into a large bowl.<br />

3. Add the olive oil, salt and pepper, lime juice and<br />

zest.<br />

4. Garnish with all the fresh herbs you like.<br />

5. Serve with fresh crusty gluten-free bread.<br />

Normally this salad is eaten with kebab chicken. You<br />

could have a vegan alternative.<br />

So many superstores offer different varieties of meat<br />

substitutes nowadays. You could have tofu or<br />

mushrooms.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />

Ingredients<br />

1 kg carrots<br />

Half a cucumber<br />

113g flaked almond<br />

1 tsp salt<br />

0.5 tsp fine brown sugar<br />

1 tsp ground cinnamon<br />

1 tsp ground ginger<br />

1 tbsp fresh orange juice<br />

2 tbsp olive oil or walnut oil<br />

A spring onion<br />

Handful of dill (optional)<br />


Steps<br />

1. Finely grate the carrots using a grater or food<br />

processor.<br />

2. Cut the cucumber into small pieces.<br />

3. Mix together the ground cinnamon, ground ginger,<br />

salt and brown sugar.<br />

4. Pour the mix on top of carrots.<br />

5. Add the flaked almonds and the fresh orange juice<br />

6. Add the olive or walnut oil.<br />

7. Toss the salad.<br />

8. Garnish with dill and chopped spring onions.<br />

If you like your salads to be very sweet, add a handful<br />

of raisins to the mix.<br />

Add some chillies to make the salad hot and spicy...<br />

Have fun and create your own version of the<br />

Morrocan Salad.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />

S u e ' s B e a u t i f u l Y o u<br />

I hope you enjoy my handmade healing crystal bracelets. I use goodquality<br />

crystal beads and put my heart and soul into making the<br />

perfect bracelet for you. These pieces are infused with Reiki symbols.<br />

Email: suecaustick@gmail.com<br />

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/suecaustick<br />

A stunning protection necklace with clear quartz<br />

point pendant in silver.<br />

Crystals used are Howlite, amethyst, tigers eye ,<br />

black tourmaline, citrine ,pyrite and hematite.<br />

Measuring 33inches long.<br />

£120.00<br />

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to get 10% off your purchase.<br />

Only redeemable once<br />


Beautiful garden quartz pendant, joined with the serene green prehnite, labradorite, aura quartz<br />

nuggets and flourite chips. Perfect for sunny days. 28 inches long. £70<br />

Pretty crystal charm bracelets. Black onyx, aura quartz, clear quartz drops, crackled quartz and<br />

hematite. Amethyst, opalite, crackled quartz, rose quartz, green aventurine, citrine and healers gold<br />

point. Healers gold discs, Amethyst, citrine, healers gold point. £45 / each<br />

48 49

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />

This gorgeous bracelet comprises<br />

of 4mm faceted Blue Apatite<br />

beads in a beautiful ombre. The<br />

bracelet has an extender chain<br />

which makes it adjustable from<br />

approximately 6-7.5in, so will fit<br />

most wrists. Sterling Silver. £28<br />

W W W . E T S Y . C O M / S H O P / Z A R O L I<br />

Beautiful bracelet with smooth blue<br />

Sapphire rondelles, interspersed with<br />

micro-faceted Sapphires for a subtle<br />

sparkle and sterling silver beads. An<br />

extender chain makes this bracelet<br />

extendable from approximately 6.5<br />

to 7.5 inches, making it adjustable to<br />

fit most wrists. £40<br />

This beautiful mala incorporates<br />

faceted Amethyst beads thread onto<br />

double stranded knotting thread,<br />

making it strong and durable. Faceted<br />

Citrine beads have been beaded on<br />

to each side of the marker beads to<br />

add to the beauty of this mala. A<br />

rough Amethyst Guru Bead and a<br />

personalised initial finishes the mala<br />

perfectly. £50<br />


W W W . E T S Y . C O M / S H O P / Z A R O L I<br />

Beautiful bracelet with smooth<br />

blue Sapphire rondelles,<br />

interspersed with micro-faceted<br />

Sapphires for a subtle sparkle and<br />

sterling silver beads. An extender<br />

chain makes this bracelet<br />

extendable from approximately<br />

6.5 to 7.5 inches, making it<br />

adjustable to fit most wrists. £28<br />

Bracelet with beautiful multicolour<br />

Tiger's Eye in 6mm round beads. These<br />

beads have gorgeous colour tones of<br />

Blue, Teal and Purple. Sterling silver<br />

beads add a beautiful finish. An<br />

extender chain makes this bracelet<br />

extendable from approximately 6.5 to<br />

7.5 inches, and therefore will fit most<br />

wrists. £28<br />

Exclusively for our <strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> readers,<br />

use code ZAROLI20 for 20% off when you<br />

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W W W . E T S Y . C O M / S H O P / Z A R O L I<br />

C U S T O M E R S E R V I C E S @ Z A R O L I . C O . U K<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />



mamishaart@gmail.com<br />

We channel art<br />

through Spirits of<br />

Vision and Essence,<br />

they show us the true<br />

spiritual essence of<br />

others.<br />

We channelled the<br />

two paintings below<br />

for Jovi Hoonjan,<br />

Publisher of<br />

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong>.<br />

"The Shaman Seer -<br />

There is a true<br />

ancestral<br />

connection with the<br />

strength of dragon<br />

energy plus the<br />

wisdom and<br />

guidance from<br />

ascended masters."<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />

Meditation Bath Rituals<br />

Relaxation<br />

Immunity<br />

Invigorating<br />

Uplifting<br />

*Special offer:<br />

Subscribe annually to receive a<br />

printed copy of <strong>Alchemical</strong><br />

<strong>Voice</strong> and claim your free<br />

Meditation Bath Ritual<br />

Included in each ritual<br />

Online meditation<br />

Herbal bath bags<br />

Aromatherapy roller ball<br />

Infused crystal<br />

Incense stick & holder<br />

*Offer available while stocks last<br />

We are unable to offer a choice as to which ritual you receive<br />

www.love2meditate.com/store/p74/bath-rituals<br />


THE<br />

DRAGON<br />


CHAIR<br />

Dragon chair brings in<br />

gentle empowerment.<br />

<br />

The crystals were<br />

shamanically blessed.<br />

<br />

Crystals used: Amethyst,<br />

Opal, Ghost Eye Imperial<br />

Jasper, Dragon Vein<br />

Agate Blue, Aventurine<br />

Quartz, Yellow Jade,<br />

Agate Orange, Kambaba<br />

Jasper, Dragon Blood<br />

Jasper, Dragon Vein<br />

Agate Dark Blue.<br />

Contact Simon to discuss your<br />

requirements.<br />

woody_wot_knot@yahoo.co.uk<br />


Free online Shamanic Meditation<br />

with Love 2 Meditate<br />

<br />

<br />

Flying with Eagle<br />

<br />

Raise your consciousness levels by listening to this meditation.<br />

Flying with Eagle has been tested by a Kinesiologist and the 'Levels of<br />

Consciousness' (728) equal to enlightenment.<br />

"I loved the gentle beat of the drum in the background,<br />

like a stabilising heartbeat! Your chosen words of wisdom<br />

and beautiful natural imagery were lovely taking me on a<br />

clear and much-needed healing journey. The additional<br />

notes are totally fab, the recommendations for crystal and<br />

aromatherapy are particularly up my street<br />

www.love2meditate.com/free.html<br />

<br />

jovi@love2meditate.com<br />

​You have created some truly fantastic resources and<br />

should be super proud!! The website looks beautiful too.<br />

For a technophobe like me, the images of nature are a big<br />

help!"<br />

Subscribe for printed copies of <strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong><br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 15<br />



To purchase a hard copy of this or previous editions,<br />

click on the QR code<br />

Published by Jovi Hoonjan, <strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong><br />

www.alchemicalvoice.com<br />



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