March/April 2022 Alchemical Voice

Magazine to support Spiritual Development, Health & Wellbeing and Holistic Crafts. In this publication, you will hear about Family Constellation healing by Silvia Siret, which Archangels are around to support you by Carol Coggan, join the Eden People with their events, Rubicon Point for Humanity by Kathy Mingo, Reiki Seichem Symbols by Tammy Sadasivan, insights from a shaman, John Sjovik, detoxing with homeopathy by Vinciane Ollington, breast health care with Martin Lewis. Hear about how a medium works when on stage with Glen Charles and Abraham, Soul Verse shares some channelled poetry, crystals of the month by Sarah Jane Dennis as well as Ostara festivities, and there are plenty more things.

Magazine to support Spiritual Development, Health & Wellbeing and Holistic Crafts. In this publication, you will hear about Family Constellation healing by Silvia Siret, which Archangels are around to support you by Carol Coggan, join the Eden People with their events, Rubicon Point for Humanity by Kathy Mingo, Reiki Seichem Symbols by Tammy Sadasivan, insights from a shaman, John Sjovik, detoxing with homeopathy by Vinciane Ollington, breast health care with Martin Lewis. Hear about how a medium works when on stage with Glen Charles and Abraham, Soul Verse shares some channelled poetry, crystals of the month by Sarah Jane Dennis as well as Ostara festivities, and there are plenty more things.

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<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong> - Issue 13<br />

I N A S S O C I A T I O N W I T H L I K E - M I N D E D B U S I N E S S E S<br />



Digital copy £2.99<br />

Hard copy £6.99<br />


Featuring<br />

Family Constellation<br />

healing with Silvia Siret<br />

Wellbeing<br />

Breast Health Advice<br />

Harmonising life with<br />

Homeopathy<br />

Yoga for Motivation and<br />

Inspiration<br />

Articles<br />

A Medium shares<br />

his experience of<br />

being on the stage<br />

<br />

Rubicon Point for<br />

Humanity, Apathy!<br />

<br />

Learn about<br />

Reiki Seichem<br />

Symbols<br />

<br />

Shamanic<br />

connections with<br />

the Ancients<br />

<br />

Enjoying the<br />

Festival of Ostara<br />

<br />

Read about Kuan<br />

Yin - Goddess of<br />

Compassion<br />


| BALANCE<br />

D i g i t a l & p r i n t e d p u b l i c a t i o n - w w w . a l c h e m i c a l v o i c e . c o m

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />

T<br />

H<br />

E<br />

<br />

A<br />

L<br />

C<br />

H<br />

E<br />

M<br />

I<br />

C<br />

A<br />

L<br />

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V<br />

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A<br />

M<br />

Publisher<br />

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Marketing Consultant<br />

Advertising<br />

Jovi Hoonjan<br />

Karam Pentland<br />

T-Rae Hemmings<br />

Iain Marshall<br />

Sue Caustick<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />

Oracle Card<br />

by Oriel Lux<br />

Struggle<br />

There is always a wish for a struggle-free path,<br />

one that is smooth sailing and without anxiety<br />

or worry. The struggle card reminds us though,<br />

that not everything we encounter need be seen<br />

as a struggle.<br />

Instead, most situations give us an opportunity<br />

for learning – in all things, there is room for<br />

reflection and deeper understandings.<br />

In this card, the fish is battling upstream,<br />

against the current of the river. Yet, above the<br />

fish is the star – shining brightly. This card<br />

reminds you that even when things feel hard,<br />

and you are struggling to keep moving, keep<br />

sight of your dreams and wishes. It is your grit<br />

and determination that enables you to use<br />

these struggles in a meaningful way, to<br />

empower you, develop you and help get you<br />

where you want to be. In many ways then, a<br />

struggle is only a struggle, if you see it that<br />

way.<br />

w o n d e r f u l l y a c c u r a t e p s y c h i c r e a d i n g s b y<br />

O r i e l L u x<br />

£ 1 0 F O R 2 Q U E S T I O N S<br />

Send 2 questions by email to Oriel and<br />

receive spiritual guidance and support<br />

oriellux@outlook.com<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />

Soul Verse Poem<br />

by Sue Penney<br />


Now look said the hare as he jumped through the night<br />

With the moon on his back as he took to his flight<br />

If you follow me now you can dance with me still<br />

The time to begin is now yours to fulfil<br />

<br />

It won't be much longer ’til the light starts to morn<br />

If you dance with me now you'll be in from the dawn<br />

You have still much to learn if you'll follow my ways<br />

You have much to teach those emerging from haze<br />

<br />

The moonlight cast shadows of just what would be<br />

That soon all the rest of the world was to see<br />

We haven't got long now to learn the hares dance<br />

As mankind does start to wake from its trance<br />

<br />

Mankind will need other hares to dance with<br />

This is the lesson the midnight hare gives<br />

You must learn quickly to be ready to go<br />

And show those now emerging what they must know.<br />

<br />

A Soul Verse reading is a message channelled by Sue in poetry<br />

form from spirit.<br />

These readings are totally unique and can be combined with a<br />

healing treatment.<br />

5<br />

Sue Penney<br />

Soul Verse<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />

Sacred Herbal Prescription<br />

A qualified Chinese Herbal Practitioner,<br />

offering remote herbal prescriptions for a<br />

variety of conditions including emotional,<br />

mental and physical issues.<br />

Through Shamanic Journeying, Zaneta is<br />

guided by 'all-knowing ascended masters' to<br />

receive messages that will help you for your<br />

highest good. Together with Zaneta's<br />

knowledge of Chinese Herbal Medicine, a<br />

personalised sacred prescription is created for<br />

you.<br />

Zaneta Swan<br />

+44 (0)7871 450 281<br />

sacredherbsprescription@gmail.com<br />

Reiki & Light Language healing<br />

Sue Caustick<br />

Light language is a celestial, galactic and angelic language channelled through the soul.<br />

Light language during Reiki treatments provides an even deeper effect on the healing.<br />

Clear blockages in your energy fields<br />

Release stress and anxiety<br />

"Such a beautiful gentle treatment. I felt really comfortable, safe<br />

and totally relaxed in Sue's hands. I am now a regular!"<br />

Based in Fleet, Hampshire<br />

Contact: suecaustick@gmail.com<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />

Ritual for Spring - Bring it in!<br />

This is the perfect time to think about starting new things<br />

that need energy and time. It is the time to plant seeds and<br />

watch them grow. The earth is starting to warm after the<br />

dark days of winter and with the lengthening days we are<br />

filled with renewed energy and motivation.<br />

If you want to start working on a new project or set some<br />

goals that will take time to achieve then choose a new<br />

moon in early to mid-spring. You will need the following:<br />

A green candle (choose one that can burn down safely<br />

over a shortish amount of time, such as a green<br />

tealight)<br />

Two pieces of paper<br />

A pen or pencil<br />

A piece of string or ribbon<br />

For this ritual, you need to spend a little time thinking<br />

about what exactly it is that you wish to achieve.<br />

Then write it down as if you have actually achieved it,<br />

thinking about how you will feel, what it will look like, the<br />

sounds associated with it.<br />

Get the picture clear in your mind and look at it through<br />

your own eyes feeling the excitement of achieving your<br />

goal.<br />

On the pieces of paper write down two copies of your goal in the present<br />

tense, i.e. I have written my first book and it has achieved great success,<br />

or I have started my new job and I am loving it.<br />

Roll up one of the pieces of paper with the string or ribbon and take the<br />

second piece and the candle outside.<br />

Bury one of the pieces of paper in the earth (a pot will do if you do not<br />

have a garden or go to a wood or park if you do not have a potted plant).<br />

Light the candle and burn the second piece of paper whilst saying these<br />

words:<br />

To the earth and to the sky<br />

I send my wishes deep and high<br />

Hear my words and thoughts of need<br />

And have them become true indeed<br />

Before this year has breathed its last<br />

Into reality they’ve passed.<br />

I know that you do hear and see<br />

So I ask you mote it be<br />

Leave the candle to burn down entirely in a safe place and watch your<br />

dreams grow into reality.<br />

Remember though, magic can only go so far, you need to also take action<br />

towards achieving your dreams and goals.<br />

7<br />

Sue Penney<br />

Soul Verse<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />

Crystal selections for you!<br />

<strong>March</strong><br />

Chrysoprase emanates the soothing vibrations of peace and<br />

serenity, excellent for balancing the heart chakra and grounding in<br />

the energies of calmness and acceptance. It also helps when<br />

working on issues related to anger towards others or yourself as<br />

Chrysoprase helps to dissipate feelings of animosity, guilt or shame<br />

so you can see things for what they are and deal with or work<br />

through them in a calm and amicable manner, bringing in positive<br />

and empowering energies, self-love and self-belief.<br />

This crystal is perfect for working during the spring energies of the<br />

year. Its combination of greens and browns work in synergy to<br />

bring in the elements of earth and the new life that is begging to<br />

burst up from within her, just like our own awakening bodies, we<br />

begin to birth and start to make things real. Chrysoprase is also said<br />

to assist the body with detoxification. This crystal supports you<br />

during meditation and connects you to the energies of Mother<br />

Earth and the elemental kingdoms of the fairies, gnomes, and<br />

nature spirits.<br />

The channelled message<br />

“I am here to support you unconditionally, to nurture your emotions<br />

and set you free, for when you ask, I shall help you see, all the love and<br />

clarity that resides in thee and transform any anger into serenity, place<br />

me upon your heart for calmness and healing I shall impart. Keep me<br />

near when you need support or when looking for the fairy folk.”<br />

The Goddesses and Angels strongly connected to this crystal are:<br />

Gods: Venus, Artha, Gaia, The Green Man, Cernunnos,<br />

Archangels: Sandalphon, Uriel, Raphael<br />

<strong>April</strong><br />

Yellow topaz is also known as gold or imperial Topaz and has a vibrant<br />

zinging energy, bubbling with a warm lifeforce glow of optimism,<br />

happiness, hope and abundance. In ancient times Topaz was worn in<br />

the belief that it protected you from evil and having an accident to even<br />

giving you the power of invisibility if in danger.<br />

Yellow Topaz works well on the stomach, intestines and solar plexus<br />

chakra supporting one’s journey of self-realisation. It aids with boosting<br />

self-confidence and helps to regulate the nervous systems and clear the<br />

meridians and energy lines within the body. Yellow topaz also vibrates<br />

the energy of the sun and as the days are now getting longer, the sun<br />

warms Mother Earth, promoting growth from deep within her body.<br />

Yellow topaz can awaken your creativity and the parts of your<br />

emotional body that have been feeling despondent, lifting your mood,<br />

relieving depression. It helps to bring in light to re-ignite the feeling of<br />

hope and joy for you to move creatively forward into the season of<br />

spring feeling refreshed and ready to start work cultivating all the<br />

projects you have been planning. This crystal is also good to support<br />

someone in giving up an addiction, on both physical and emotional<br />

levels<br />

The channelled message<br />

"I come to enliven your body, to lighten the dark spaces<br />

and illuminate your soul.<br />

Draw upon my energies warm and strong as I hug you<br />

and nurture your waking form.<br />

All worries, sadness and grief will dissolve in my golden ray of joy,<br />

for now, you have connected with me a protective ally,<br />

I shall be, reawaken your creativity."<br />

The Goddesses, Gods and Angels strongly connected to this crystal are:<br />

Gods: Artha, Ostara, Ēostre, Persephone. God: Angus /Aonghus,<br />

Archangels: Jophiel and Haniel<br />

Sarah Jane Dennis ACHO, RP, ACCRT is Sacred Celebrant and<br />

Ceremonialist, Priestess of the Goddess, Moon Lodge Mumma,<br />

Priestess and Sister of Avalon, Morgen Cybil trained in Crystal<br />

Healing, Angelic Reiki, Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation.<br />

www.crystalhealingbysarahjane.co.uk<br />


Festival of Ostara - Spring Equinox<br />

As the wheels of the year turn again, we now enter the new and<br />

fresh energies of spring equinox or Ostara, named after the<br />

Germanic Goddess, Eostre/Ostara the Goddess of light, who was<br />

sometimes depicted with the head and shoulders of a hare. The<br />

hare is sacred to the Goddess. Ostara is sometimes shown as a<br />

spring maiden carrying a basket of eggs - this is where the idea of<br />

the Easter bunny was appropriated.<br />

Eggs symbolise the perfect balance of male and female, new life or<br />

even the cosmic egg of the universe and all life. This is the first day<br />

of spring, the point between the year where light and dark are<br />

equal, bringing with it the energies of fertility, creativity, and<br />

rebirth. The God of Light known as the Oak King is victorious over<br />

his rival the Holly King God of the darkness, and the young Sun<br />

God begins to shine longer than the darkness of the night and the<br />

air starts to warm. The land comes back to life and the trees are<br />

now in bud, plants begin to shoot up from the fertile earth and<br />

grow. The daffodils and springtime flowers come into bloom and<br />

the animals come out of hibernation - the cycle of life begins again.<br />

It is said that the Christian celebration of Easter evolved from<br />

Eostre as in the Easter bunny. Incidentally, the name of the female<br />

hormone estrogen is derived from the name of Goddess Eostre.<br />

Also known as Vernal Equinox or Spring Equinox, the precise time<br />

it falls this year will be 15:32 on Sunday, 20 <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong>. in<br />

Northern Hemisphere and will be Autumn Equinox or Madron,<br />

Mabon in the Southern hemisphere. The word equinox is derived<br />

from the Latin word “Aequas (equal) nox (night) meaning “equal<br />

night”. The equinoxes are the only times of the year that the sun<br />

rises in the east and sets in the west. The festival of Eostre was<br />

traditionally held on the first full moon of the Equinox.<br />

A good activity for this season is decorating hard-boiled eggs with<br />

affirmations or symbols that have a special meaning to you. Spend<br />

some time doing a ritual - visualise what you want as if it has<br />

already happened and energise it with all the positivity and success<br />

it brings. When finished ceremonially shell the egg, eating the<br />

contents and burying the shell into the earth to sow your intentions<br />

ready to fertilize and grow. A vegan option would be to use a<br />

recycled cardboard egg, following the same steps and burying it<br />

once your visualising process has taken place.<br />

Another empowering activity is either physically or ethereally<br />

walking a labyrinth, letting go of that which no longer serves you<br />

and inviting in your dreams and wishes, saying YES to all of them.<br />

Make seasonal cakes and bread to share with family and friends<br />

and enjoy getting back out in nature again.<br />

See below a link to workshops that include rituals, guided<br />

ceremonies and meditations.<br />

This season brings in the energy of balance and excitement making<br />

you feel fizzy and bubbly... Increase your intuition and sensitivity so<br />

you can see the magic around you. Bring in new and wonderful<br />

fresh beginnings, full of inspiration, positivity, fertility, and<br />

creativity. Ostara is about awakening the energetic fire in your<br />

belly, drawing on the loving guidance of the Goddess and God of<br />

this season and having the courage to take back your power and<br />

stand strong, to rise up and bring to life the projects you have<br />

seeded and dreamed about up till now. Learn to grow personally<br />

from the lessons and challenges the rest of the year may bring with<br />

confidence, grace, and heart centred love.<br />

www.collegeofpsychicstudies.co.uk<br />

/workshops/energywork/harnessing-the-energies-ofthe-spring-equinox/<br />

Contact Sarah Jane Dennis for<br />

workshops and healing<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />


Love 2 Meditate<br />

<br />


This meditation journey is about learning to accept yourself completely.<br />

<br />

A Shaman joins you and reconnects you to your soul essence - the pure divine connection you had<br />

before you were born. It's about reuniting yourself to your true self and enjoying the shamanic<br />

experience, drumming and singing.<br />

Cost £15<br />

<br />

To purchase:<br />

www.love2meditate.com/meditations.html<br />

<br />

jovi@love2meditate.com<br />

Subscribe for printed copies of <strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong><br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />

Manifest<br />

your<br />

desires<br />

and send<br />

healing<br />

with our<br />

Crystal<br />

Grids<br />

Crystal grids<br />

www.love2meditate.com/store/p86/crystal_grid<br />

Bespoke Crystal Chairs<br />

The story of the Dragon chair (shown in the photos)<br />

This chair was commissioned by a wonderful family in Hampshire. The<br />

wood used to create it used to be bannisters at a sports centre which<br />

were then utilised as a fireplace surround in a kitchen 15 years ago and<br />

again used to create this lovely chair. Reuse and Recycle!<br />

We felt a beautiful dragon theme would work well for this family.<br />

Dragon energy is gentle and highly empowering. The crystals used<br />

were Amethyst, Opal, Ghost Eye Imperial Jasper, Dragon Vein Agate<br />

Blue, Aventurine Quartz, Yellow Jade, Agate Orange, Kambaba Jasper,<br />

Dragon Blood Jasper, Dragon Vein Agate Dark Blue.<br />

All the crystals with our intentions were infused into the chair as it was<br />

being created. This chair excudes calmness, peace, spiritual expansion,<br />

protection, emotional and physical balance, courage and strength.<br />

​Well "the proof is in the pudding" as they say. As soon as the chair was<br />

in place, next to the fireplace, the family's Bengali cat was immediately<br />

drawn to the big energy field around it. Cats are spiritual beings and<br />

are drawn to higher realms and vibrations. They connect to people and<br />

items that match their own energy.<br />

Discuss your requirements with Simon.<br />

Contact: woody_wot_knot@yahoo.co.uk<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />

Louise Marie Otter, Spiritual Medium<br />

I’m an international spiritual medium of over 22<br />

years, a holistic therapist & wellness practitioner<br />

based in Port Solent Portsmouth.<br />

Spring is in the air. The natural world is waking up<br />

to new possibilities & opportunities.<br />

How about awaking your spiritual side with a<br />

reading to bring you clarity, inspiration, guidance &<br />

spring into a new vision of what could be!<br />

Website: www.soulriver.co.uk<br />

Facebook: soulriverdragonfly<br />

Instagram: louisemariesoulriver<br />

Email: louisemarie@soulriver.co.uk<br />

+44 (0)7711 016280<br />

Or maybe get your family & friends together &<br />

book a Reading Party!<br />

Please visit my website for more details.<br />

Both in person & virtual appointments are available.<br />

Would you like to<br />

receive a<br />

beautifully printed<br />

copy to keep on<br />

your coffee table<br />

so that friends and<br />

family can also be<br />

influenced by ritual<br />

healing.<br />

Scan the QR code<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />


in Basingstoke and Fleet<br />

Jovi Hoonjan | Shamanic Joy UK<br />

Get back on track !<br />

Helping you to<br />

release the past<br />

change belief systems<br />

feel more complete<br />

bring yourself into alignment<br />

We visit past lives that could be the source of a<br />

current issue.<br />

We clear emotional and physical pains carried<br />

over from many lifetimes.<br />

jovi@love2meditate.com<br />

www.shamanicjoy.co.uk<br />

Subscribe for printed copies of <strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong><br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />

Do you know who Kuan Yin is?<br />

Kuan Yin (also spelled as<br />

Quan Yin or Guan Yin) is<br />

a Goddess in Chinese<br />

mythology and is known<br />

as the Goddess of<br />

Compassion.<br />

In Sanskrit, she is called<br />

'Padma Pani' which<br />

translated means 'the<br />

one who holds the<br />

lotus'.<br />


In Chinese mythology, Kuan<br />

Yin is a Goddess who has<br />

dedicated her life to bring<br />

enlightenment to all. She<br />

made a vow to bring mercy<br />

and compassion to<br />

humankind.<br />

She is normally found sitting<br />

or standing on a lotus<br />

flower, holding a willow<br />

branch and a water jar.<br />

The lotus flower symbolises<br />

purity, enlightenment and<br />

self-regeneration.<br />

The willow branch signifies<br />

fertility and new life.<br />

The jar of water represents<br />

divine nectar of life used as<br />

a blessing.<br />

Hold Kuan Yin in your<br />

prayers to ask for her help<br />

and support.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />


Glen Charles & Abraham<br />

Where do you even start with an article about being a Medium.<br />

As I write I’m hoping that my guide will come in and make a grand entrance<br />

as he normally does, he is just as proud of me as I am of him and we are<br />

constantly learning from each other.<br />

I close my eyes, discourage my thoughts, breathe in deeply and relax. I<br />

open a space in my mind and open my third eye. I then begin my challenge<br />

to make sure the amazing energy I feel is my guide. In my mind’s eye, I hold<br />

aloft my shiny sword of truth, thick and heavy, the steel shining in the light.<br />

I then begin my Challenge of the energy!<br />

I boldly say in my open space “Are you ready to work for the good of God<br />

and of the Father, also the good of mankind and humanity. I wait for a firm<br />

yes or no - a 'yes' is a positive energy, they will take my sword and step<br />

forward. I then ask for their signature. My Guide Abraham steps to my left<br />

as it is my weaker side and I feel his Green Emerald ring hand on my<br />

shoulder. He is my support and teacher to allow the energy of others to<br />

come through that I may be a MEDIUM using my body and voice as a<br />

grounded point for the beautiful energy that comes through that wish to<br />

speak to loved ones that have passed to the other realm.<br />

I can hear you asking, “What if the energy says no or is silent?” I then say<br />

“Step away you are not of the light respect my aura (beacon) and love.<br />

Thank You."<br />

There is never any evil or negative energy but... some energy can be a bit<br />

mischievous not the sort I wish to work with anyway!<br />

The energy of our souls merge as one, entwine and dance together hand in<br />

hand. I get different feelings, body emotions, symbols and pictures. I begin<br />

to feel the characteristics of the passed person, on occasions I get words.<br />

Then my work has begun, my guide is there to support and give spirit’s<br />

message as is, I must trust what is given, is to be given. I also need to find<br />

the receiver for the messenger that has come through. Sometimes it’s<br />

about elimination within a crowd of people from a stage, other times I feel<br />

or see a light switch on over a person in the audience and that is where I<br />

am supposed to be.<br />

The Mediumship platform is only one tool in the box, one to one readings<br />

and also use of the Tarot. When I use tarot then it is a gift exchange system<br />

from spirit through me to you, all I ask is to give what you can afford, if you<br />

can only afford £1 then that’s a fair exchange if you can give more then<br />

do... a vegan cake, that’s a fair-trade, I love homemade Cake!<br />

My journey began when I was 38, I felt deep down there was more to life<br />

that I had yet to learn. A yearning from within, a feeling of higher purpose.<br />

Through personal tarot readings, spiritual circles I began my journey as a<br />

“fledgling” on platform with other mediums that would help lift and direct<br />

the energy. I was touring all around the counties, I loved the high, it<br />

became addictive like a drug, I realised then that I had an amazing supplier!<br />

I am but a humble servant of the father waiting to help.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />

Here is a poem inspired by spirit and written by me. Enjoy reading it as I had writing it!<br />

<br />

The Medium<br />

<br />

I feel him stand before me, a man 5ft 9, he's going grey, a little stocky<br />

the message not clear, the picture quite blocky.<br />

He holds out his hands so hard and worn, dry and old,<br />

A man of labour in mines so cold.<br />

He stands there proud, but his face shows strife<br />

Through his hardships of growth through modern life.<br />

A family man that could show no love,<br />

So difficult his emotions, cut into his layer so deep, kept all inside, no one could see!<br />

How do I see this as I stand, emotion and anger from a man so grand!<br />

I must show he's feeling in any way I can, through my voice and gestures with my hands<br />

He shouts his name, I cannot hear, my nerves and butterflies soon appear.<br />

I begin to sweat I feel on the spot, I begin to shake, "I've gone to pot"<br />

Out I look to an audience sombre, I stop and think I begin to ponder.<br />

This gallant man, a message bringing to, the news of his passing to a favoured few.<br />

He seems to fade, his energy thin, a breath I take I step back in.<br />

I begin to focus feel his vibe, the symbols appear, in my mind’s eye.<br />

He shows me a flower, an anniversary near, an emotion sets in I feel a tear.<br />

A sad moment I hear him cry, the day he had to say goodbye!<br />

A family loved, loved ones special, only communication is my vessel.<br />

A dad to two beautiful girls, a vision he shows of their soft bright curls.<br />

Times remembered, of days gone by, of woodland walks and apple pie,<br />

of scrumping and being on their bikes, while he holds the seat running behind.<br />

The sound of laughter screams of delight, the sun so high the vision so bright.<br />

I look out again to the people once more, a sniff, a cough, I need to be sure.<br />

Amongst the crowd she shines, a beacon of light, the silver cord that draws her tight!<br />

She looks, she smiles, she confirms, the memories that now have been returned.<br />

This man she once knew as dad has appeared again in mind, not sad.<br />

To learn that one day they will meet again, on a plane and land not far away.<br />

An overwhelming feeling comes; I almost fear my job is done.<br />

I close my eyes and link back in; I'll ask a question and allow him in.<br />

I allow the power to consume me; I feel spirits energy running through me.<br />

A current so strong the flow so deep, they’ve turned the dial, up goes the heat!<br />

Our souls explode with an ignited spark; energy grows wild with tremendous speed, spreading fast around my feet!<br />

The feelings rise, engulf my body; too late to distinguish<br />

It's out of control we are united together in our souls.<br />

The electric air crackles, the energy high, I'm as light as a feather, my soul it doth rise.<br />

It looks down to the ground and admires the view, an angel it sees, and I think it was you.<br />

Tears erupt, happiness, and smiles<br />

it’s come back down and disappears for a while.<br />

He said his piece and it's now been confirmed<br />

I see his face and see him turn<br />

Then he's gone “poof" as if by magic.<br />

He's passing no more, seems quite as tragic!<br />

I step from the stage to an open applause;<br />

I'm hoping the message, the message was yours!!<br />

Glen Charles<br />

www.holisticmediumship.org<br />

glencharles@holisticmediumship.org<br />

+44 (0)7511 862 543<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />



<br />

Jovi Hoonjan | Shamanic Joy UK<br />

This 5-week course takes you on a journey to get to know who you really are and<br />

connect with it! Contact jovi@love2meditate.com to enrol.<br />

<br />

<br />

We will cover<br />

Moving on from heavy belief systems<br />

Learning to be free from energetic cords<br />

Shadow work and archetypes to find your hidden power<br />

Guided meditation with movement and music<br />

Interpreting dream messages<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />


Carol Coggan<br />

I have mentioned Angelic prescriptions previously,<br />

whereby you place yourself in the centre of four<br />

Archangels when faced with a particular issue. For<br />

instance, Archangel Michael at the back right for<br />

protection, he has your back. Archangel Raphael back left<br />

for health. Archangel Gabriel front left for motivation, as<br />

you move forward and Archangel Uriel front right for<br />

inspiration and support. This is just an example of asking<br />

the Archangels for help and support for the day or if you<br />

have a project to tackle.<br />

Remember also your Guardian Angel, who is with you at<br />

all times, and you have access to all the other Angels, in<br />

fact, you are surrounded by an army if you choose to work<br />

with them.<br />

In the last issue I talked of you having a vision for the<br />

New Year, and by writing this vision down, you are telling<br />

the Universe and the Angels, this is what you would love,<br />

and this is what you want to manifest. We are now in<br />

<strong>March</strong> and <strong>April</strong> you can consider which Angels you have<br />

been working with and what part of your vision/dream is<br />

manifesting. You can also ask one specific Archangel to<br />

work with you for the month alongside the other Angels<br />

and this will tie in with your vision/dream.<br />

<strong>March</strong> is the time of spring/new growth/the equinox on<br />

the 21st, so I will specifically be asking Archangel Raphael<br />

to work with me and focus on my full healthfulness. This<br />

is health in all areas, spiritually, mentally, physically and<br />

emotionally. By focusing on full healthfulness in these<br />

areas,<br />

I will not think of any ill-health, as I wish to manifest full<br />

health. As you work with Archangel Raphael thank him for<br />

the full health you have and behave “as if“. This, at times<br />

you may find hard especially if you are in pain, but focus<br />

on what you would do if you are pain-free: run upstairs,<br />

go for a walk or sleep well?<br />

You decide and by taking the emphasis away from the<br />

pain you will be focusing on the life you wish to live. (I<br />

should say on health matters, I am not advocating ignoring<br />

your doctor's advice or not following any medication etc. I<br />

look on it and am very thankful that the Universe has<br />

given us doctors and often Archangel Raphael will provide<br />

healing through them, but we can help too in our thinking<br />

and outlook).<br />

<strong>April</strong> is the time of spring and further new growth. It is<br />

also my birthday month and there are the Easter holidays.<br />

I will be specifically asking Archangel Jophiel to work with<br />

me. Her name is “the beauty of God” and she enables us<br />

to see the beauty in everything. She also helps clear<br />

clutter so will help you have the incentive for spring<br />

cleaning. By seeing the beauty in everything, and thanking<br />

Archangel Jophiel for all of this, there is no space for<br />

judgement, resentment or any other negative energy. This<br />

will increase your positive energy along with working with<br />

the other Archangels and Angels and this way you can<br />

manifest your dreams/vision.<br />

What are you hoping to manifest in spring <strong>2022</strong>? and<br />

which Archangel will you be asking to work with you?<br />

Remember you have an army at hand.<br />

www.carolcoggan.co.uk<br />

hello@carolcoggan.co.uk<br />

+44 (0)781 806 5514<br />

Dream Builder Life Coach<br />

to help design your dream<br />


As an Angel Therapist, Dream Builder Life Coach and<br />

channel, I support you in working with your Angels to<br />

achieve the life you would love to live.<br />

<br />

I offer Angel Card readings, workshops, therapy<br />

sessions all to enhance your transformation.<br />

<br />

You are a spiritual being having a human experience.<br />

<br />

Location: Guildford, Surrey<br />

Remote sessions available<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />


Based in Guildford & S.W. Surrey, we have over<br />

20 years’ experience of supporting peoples’<br />

wellbeing for body, mind & spirit; and we are<br />

here to enhance and support this. We are a notfor-profit<br />

community group.<br />

Below is information on our activities, contact<br />

us to join our mailing list so you can get priority<br />

access to book into sessions.<br />

Get in touch<br />

info@edenpeople.org.uk<br />

www.edenpeople.org.uk<br />

https://linktr.ee/EdenPeople<br />

FB: @eden.people.uk<br />

Twitter: @edenpeople<br />

Body Blessing & Positive Postures Sessions<br />

This is a physical, spiritual, and emotional activity that<br />

connects body, mind and spirit. It centres on who we are,<br />

how we are and where we are in the present moment.<br />

Spoken positive words about & over areas of the physical<br />

body encourage the participant to understand their<br />

uniqueness and the importance of their body.<br />

As we move or create a stance or position during the<br />

session the person connects inwardly (spiritually &<br />

emotionally) to the outward physical; and this can bring<br />

about new thought or feeling from the participant<br />

regarding themselves, others and the world.<br />

Designed to support your mental health, physical health,<br />

spirituality, wellbeing and positive thinking towards self,<br />

others and the planet<br />


LifeWalks Sessions<br />

This is a physical, spiritual, and emotional walking<br />

activity that connects body, mind and spirit. As we<br />

engage with the ‘outdoor space’ around us we can<br />

sense, learn, receive, and understand more about<br />

ourselves, the world around us physically, spiritually,<br />

and emotionally. It centres on who we are, how we<br />

are and where we are in the present moment.<br />

As we walk, talk, think, rest, breathe during the<br />

session the person connects inwardly (spiritually &<br />

emotionally) to the outward physical; and this can<br />

bring about new thought or feeling from the<br />

participant regarding themselves, others and the<br />

world.<br />

Designed to support your mental health, physical<br />

health, spirituality, wellbeing and positive thinking<br />

towards self, others, and the planet<br />

Life Peace Meditation Sessions<br />

These meditation sessions are shaped to help<br />

participants rest, relax, and find new depths of<br />

peace for the mind, body and spirit.Good for those<br />

who may have anxiety, restlessness, negative<br />

feelings, lack of motivation or self-worth.<br />

Differing Meditational activities focus on creativity,<br />

the natural world, breathing, imagination, use of the<br />

senses and tactile interaction.<br />

Designed to support your mental health, physical<br />

health, spirituality, wellbeing and positive thinking<br />

towards self, others, and the planet<br />

M A N Y C O M M U N I T Y A C T I V I T I E S<br />

J O I N U S !<br />

SpiritSpace: Online monthly gathering via zoom.<br />

Creative expression, Encounter Rooms for Inner<br />

Healing, Heart & Destiny Insight, Ruach Cards<br />

and much more: more on this via:<br />

https://linktr.ee/inspiritspace<br />

Dream Station: Dream Interpretation - email us<br />

your dreams for interpretation<br />

Insight, Destiny & Encouragement: Opening life in<br />

the fullest<br />

Healing: Hands-on or hands off and distance healing<br />

Blessing: Positive input for you<br />

Card readings: Ruach and Jesus Deck Card readings<br />

Booking is required for all events<br />

Cost: Free or donation<br />

Email: edenpeople@edenpeople.org.uk<br />

Text: +44 (0)7866247919<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />

The Rubicon Point for Humanity-<br />

Apathy to action<br />

by Kathy Mingo<br />

As we peer onto the cavernous abyss that has<br />

been this convoluted life for the last few years, we<br />

are being asked not only to hold the light but to<br />

also expand our knowledge of the light and what<br />

it means not only for us, but for the consciousness<br />

collective.<br />

As we alchemise from one frequency to a much<br />

higher one we are reminded that we do not stand<br />

alone on our path, but we are conjoined with our<br />

guides, the angelic realms and also the quantum<br />

galactic energies as well. We will be working in a<br />

harmonic resonance that will propel humanity<br />

towards a more unified existence, old dogmatic<br />

ego beliefs will start to be devoid and, in its stead,<br />

a gentler framework for humanity to move out of<br />

the apathetic state it is in at the moment and in to<br />

action.<br />

No more hand-holding but self-governance and<br />

divine sovereignty.<br />

To move into higher super consciousness, we<br />

have to accept our grievances from the past, the<br />

societal need for perfection, the gilded cage and<br />

the kudos placed on success that is purely deemed<br />

from financial gains, and move towards neutrality<br />

and compassion.<br />

These requests from higher light seen at times an<br />

impossible ask, but slowly and surely as we adopt<br />

a gentler, kinder expression the discordant can<br />

become orchestral. The higher dimensional light<br />

has held us in their reverence since time in<br />

memorial, we fixate on time being linear, instead<br />

of spherical, there is no true time, just the illusion<br />

that we have time. That illusion means we<br />

procrastinate, we put off those things that are<br />

hard and do not, perhaps, prioritise those things<br />

that have true meaning.<br />

Apathy has ruled supreme, and joy has been<br />

diminished, it is time to reclaim our sovereign light<br />

and light that fuse on hope. We can cocreate a<br />

hopeful future for the next generation to help<br />

them take forward a new legacy for life.<br />

Life and living is the most precious commodity<br />

that we share, and though this neutrality will be<br />

hard to navigate, lets take this journey together<br />

into the proper brave new world and forge our<br />

Atlantis rising.<br />

Einstein said, “Reality is an illusion, albeit a very<br />

persistent one”.<br />

As the global narrative collapses around its matrix<br />

program, we as a human race are being asked to<br />

become a humane race<br />

Forgive those you cannot forgive<br />

Show love to those that have wounded<br />

Accept those whose narrative deviates from<br />

your own.<br />

Kathy has only ever been found via word of mouth, and her waiting list is over a year long.<br />

Kathy is an accomplished Aura Medium, Clairvoyant, Meditation Tutor - she specialises in Past Life Regression through<br />

shamanic healing and practices Metatronic Healing. Despite her phenomenal abilities, Kathy is one of the most down to<br />

earth and humble people you will meet. If she is not at home surrounded by her cats, you will find her hunting for Crop<br />

Circles or searching for ghosts and eating cake.<br />

kathymingo_aura<br />

www.kathymingo.com<br />

kathymingo<br />

kathymingo@blueyonder.co.uk<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />

Leading with Love<br />

Rehumanising the Workplace<br />

As we emerge from the pandemic, many have begun to raise deep<br />

questions about their working life. People are seeking meaningful work<br />

where they are valued and respected rather than treated as a cog in a<br />

machine. Increasing numbers of people are seeking greater work-life<br />

balance and are realising that their levels of wellbeing are significantly<br />

affected by the working environment. They want managers and leaders<br />

who are approachable and trustworthy and who can act as mentors and<br />

coaches in the workplace.<br />

This book presents original research based on leaders who were<br />

nominated by their people for leading with love. It shows that leading<br />

with love is something that is practised by leaders who are more<br />

emotionally, morally, and spiritually mature. Leading with love is a sign of<br />

psychological maturity, whilst leading with fear is a sign of hindered<br />

emotional and spiritual development. Fusing the research with ancient<br />

spiritual wisdom, as well as the latest findings in developmental and<br />

transpersonal psychology, the book presents a simple framework to help<br />

leaders develop their psychological maturity and offers practices that<br />

will enable them to lead with love.<br />

Dr Karen Blakeley<br />

www.karenblakeley.com<br />

www.karenblakeley.com/leading-with-love-rehumanising-the-workplace<br />


<br />

Jovi Hoonjan, Shamanic Joy UK<br />

<br />

This course is perfect for those who are keen to<br />

develop their psychic and spiritual connection.<br />

<br />

<br />

Attend a group practical classes once a week<br />

(Basingstoke)<br />

<br />

Optional weekly one-to-one online development<br />

meetings<br />

<br />

Listen to specific online Love 2 Meditate<br />

meditations<br />

<br />

<br />

This course will cover meditations, divination<br />

tools, spiritual healing, protection techniques,<br />

and psychometry.<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

This course will run throughout <strong>2022</strong> with groups of 2 - 4<br />

people. Dates will be agreed with attendees<br />

jovi@love2meditate.com<br />


Subscribe for printed copies of <strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong>

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />


WITH THE<br />


A thin shadow moved across the paper as a scribbling<br />

sound announced the progress of the writing.<br />

He loved to write with pencils. The scent of the graphite<br />

brought back some of the few memories he had from his<br />

childhood. The hexagonal shape reminded him of<br />

honeycomb. When he sharpened a pencil, the thin flaky<br />

shavings of the wood was like waves on the ocean,<br />

undulating and twisting as they unwound from the<br />

sharpener and gracefully descended towards the floor in a<br />

lullaby motion.<br />

He remembered the notes his father would write. He<br />

typically used a badly sharpened stump of a pencil, the<br />

end of it roughly cut with a pen knife to a pointed shape.<br />

b y J o h n S j o v i k<br />

The writing soon collapsed into an unintelligible set of<br />

smudgy blots on the paper. Yet it carried the distinctive<br />

old fashioned style of his father’s handwriting and he<br />

loved it for that very reason.<br />

Writing had never come easy to him. It was a struggle; a<br />

battle that seemed ancient. Somehow he felt connected<br />

to times long forgotten, to ancestors long vanished, to<br />

places that no longer existed.<br />


He thought of caves he had visited, with writing on the<br />

walls. They were images of animals, hunters, gods, the<br />

night sky, the outline of a hand... For him, that was<br />

writing, even though words were never used, neither<br />

grammar nor the creation of sentences. It was writing, all<br />

the same, telling a story, negotiating anxiety, dealing with<br />

fears. It was a message to the spirits, to the heavens and<br />

the stars. He remembered a visit to such a cave. He had<br />

lifted his left hand to match it to the outline of an ancient<br />

hand, drawn on the rough cave wall some 10.000 years<br />

ago. By that simple act, he connected with his ancestors.<br />

He became a carrier of a tradition from Neolithic time. He<br />

became a messenger.<br />

He continued writing, now with regained confidence. He<br />

was painting with words, using graphite on paper when<br />

his predecessor painted with images, using soot on rock.<br />

He loved to create the shape of the characters of the<br />

alphabet. The jolly roundness of B, the sharp edges of K,<br />

the boldness of O and the close affinity of E and F. The<br />

shapes of characters brought nuances to the flavour of<br />

words. That way, he was not just writing words with<br />

intellectual content, he was also creating images when<br />

shaping the building blocks of words.<br />

Memories are really a kaleidoscope of feelings, emotions,<br />

thoughts and reincarnations of impressions on the senses<br />

as experienced at the time. When thinking back, he once<br />

again heard sounds, he felt texture and shape, he tasted<br />

sweetness and bitterness, he saw light and shadow and<br />

he smelled the wetness of asphalt on a rainy afternoon.<br />

He tried to envisage how he moulded and shaped those<br />

memories into the lines and curves that his pencil created<br />

on the sheet in front of him.<br />

The marriage of graphite and paper<br />

The renditions of memories through words<br />

The attempt at re-creating distant impressions on<br />

the senses<br />

Alas<br />

How futile is that?<br />

By closing his eyes and stopping for a moment...<br />

By pausing the flow in his mind...<br />

By letting go of the pencil and abandoning the<br />

paper...<br />

He dropped into Spirit and made connections<br />

beyond time<br />

Then became now and distance was nulled<br />

Once again<br />

Once again<br />

John Sjovik<br />

27<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />

FAMILY<br />


A ground-breaking approach<br />

If you want to free yourself from negative<br />

patterns, behaviours and emotions, a family<br />

constellation can illuminate how you have<br />

unconsciously inherited them from your<br />

family system.<br />

Maybe, you feel that you are not living<br />

your life to your full potential; or you<br />

have a sense of being held back.<br />

You may have been feeling weighed<br />

down by persisting emotions of anger,<br />

anxiety, shame, low moods, guilt or<br />

mental health issues.<br />

You might keep experiencing unhelpful<br />

patterns, like relationship troubles,<br />

financial hardship, professional struggles,<br />

addiction, or self-sabotage.<br />

Most certainly, you will have learned a lot<br />

from books, events, and therapy; but you<br />

may still have not been able to break free.<br />

What if some of your issues came from<br />

something much deeper, namely from<br />

unresolved trauma from your family system<br />

that you have picked up subconsciously out<br />

of a very powerful love and loyalty to them?<br />

In family constellations we see that most<br />

issues are rooted in unresolved trauma or<br />

unprocessed emotions which one doesn't<br />

necessarily know about, passed down across<br />

generations. Once the hidden dynamics and<br />

family entanglements behind our issue(s) are<br />

seen from a completely different<br />

perspective, they are transformed; for us,<br />

our offspring, and future generations.<br />

Family Constellations is a powerful tool to<br />

create healing within your relationships in<br />

your family and friendships; with yourself;<br />

money; at work; and to transform your<br />

wellbeing by releasing you from the<br />

entanglements that are holding you back.<br />

What is this work based on?<br />

The so called 'Orders of Love' – established<br />

by the German psychotherapist and poet<br />

Bert Hellinger (1925 – 2019) – are operating<br />

in every family system. They are affecting us<br />

today in ways that most of us are not even<br />

aware of because they are working in our<br />

subconscious. They are:<br />

1. Acknowledging what is (was) –<br />

Acceptance helps to stop being in denial.<br />

2. Belonging & place – Everyone in the<br />

family system belongs and has a rightful<br />

place.<br />

3. Timeline – The order of birth (older has<br />

priority over younger); age is honourable.<br />

4. Exchange – Giving and receiving need a<br />

balance; and, parents give - children<br />

receive.<br />


A family constellation shifts the inner image<br />

we have been carrying of what happened to<br />

us to a new, empowering image that settles<br />

in our soul and creates transformation in our<br />

lives, instantly and over time. In group<br />

Family Constellations everyone in the space<br />

receives insights and shifts, whether setting<br />

up one’s own constellation, participating as a<br />

representative in others’ constellations or<br />

observing the process passively.<br />

A family constellation shifts the inner image<br />

we have been carrying of what happened to<br />

us to a new, empowering image that settles<br />

in our soul and creates transformation in our<br />

lives, instantly and over time. In group<br />

Family Constellations everyone in the space<br />

receives insights and shifts, whether setting<br />

up one’s own constellation, participating as a<br />

representative in others’ constellations or<br />

observing the process passively.<br />

Possible benefits of Family Constellations<br />

Releasing the blockages that are holding<br />

you back<br />

Freeing you, your children, and their<br />

offspring from generational burdens<br />

Transforming your relationship with<br />

money and abundance<br />

Increasing your empathy, love and<br />

compassion for yourself and others<br />

Developing the strength and wisdom to<br />

deal with death and loss in life<br />

Creating positive shifts in your<br />

relationships (parents, partner, children,<br />

colleagues, friends, etc.)<br />

Opening yourself to life and feeling more<br />

energy and vitality<br />

Developing inner peace with your past<br />

and who you are today<br />

Acquiring clarity in who you really are<br />

and what you want in life<br />

Transforming your family story into a<br />

story of success<br />

Aligning your mind, body, and soul<br />

Clearing the impact of transgenerational<br />

trauma in your life<br />

Gaining the strength and drive to pursue<br />

your goals<br />

Silvia Siret, trauma informed Holistic Life<br />

Coach and Family Constellations Facilitator,<br />

born 1966, has been holding space for<br />

individuals and groups since 2000, first in<br />

Germany, her birth country, and since 2005<br />

in England. She sees herself as a shape<br />

shifter who helps those who feel ready to<br />

create positive change. She offers her work<br />

online internationally and in person in<br />

Oxfordshire and wherever she is invited.<br />

www.silviasiret.com<br />

silvia.siret@gmail.com<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />


Vinciane Ollington MSC, LCH, MARH, Registered Homeopath<br />

Homeopathy will help whatever your age and level of health.<br />

Moreover, as it is complementary, it will help even if you are<br />

taking allopathic medication.<br />

However, people today are so toxic that I quite often find that<br />

homeopathy is only helping at a superficial level if the toxic root<br />

cause of ill health is not found and addressed first.<br />

Ton Jansen a Dutch homeopath created the Homeopathic Detox<br />

Therapy (HDT) in 1993. HDT, also called Re-balancing therapy or<br />

Harmonising Homeopathy is a new way to approach health<br />

problems. It is aimed at the detoxifying and recuperative process<br />

of the body at a cellular level. The treatment is mild and can offer<br />

a quick and lasting recovery. Ton has cured thousands of patients<br />

with this method of healing. I attended his seminars and have<br />

been using his system with confidence since July 2018. A detailed<br />

timeline of illness and medication will help to see what could be<br />

at the root of current ill-health, e.g. allopathic medication,<br />

synthetic hormones, hormonal disruptors such as bisphenol A in<br />

plastics, vaccines, antibiotics, heavy metals, narcotics, lingering<br />

virus (Epstein-Barr Virus) and more…<br />

The aim of HDT is to remove any lasting side effects, or even<br />

subtle imprints, left within your system from conventional<br />

medication and/or toxins. Sometimes this treatment is for<br />

medications/toxins you have received recently, sometimes from<br />

many years ago. It is quite likely that you are unaware of the<br />

effects left by the medication and these may have become just a<br />

background to you feeling not completely well or they could be<br />

contributing to your current symptoms.<br />

The homeopathic remedies used for HDT are made from the<br />

substance that could have caused the problem to be cured. The<br />

first principle of homeopathic prescribing is to treat “like with<br />

like”, i.e. a substance that can cause a discomfort in a healthy<br />

person can be prescribed in homeopathic potency when a similar<br />

discomfort is observed in a sick person. With HDT we treat the<br />

“same with the same”, i.e. a chemical that creates side effects in a<br />

person will be prescribed in homeopathic potency to stop these<br />

side effects. This is called “isopathy” and is part of homeopathic<br />

prescribing. Contraceptive hormones, allopathic medication,<br />

heavy metals, vaccines and more are diluted and potentised to<br />

make them into the homeopathic remedies prescribed in HDT.<br />

Do not be alarmed by the word “detox”. The detoxification word<br />

can bring to mind all sorts of harsh and difficult ways of<br />

eliminating from the body. This is not the case with these courses<br />

of homeopathic remedies. The aim is to bring a gentle<br />

improvement in your health and to rebalance what has been out<br />

of balance.<br />

A standard homeopathic detox course endeavours to detox one<br />

or 2 causes of ill health in a matter of 8 to 16 weeks. It consists of<br />

different homeopathic pills to be taken on specific days of each<br />

week and in ascending potencies in order to detox at deeper and<br />

deeper levels.<br />

You can stop and start your HDT treatment if you want a break<br />

from it (holiday, illnesses…) as the body will remember the imprint<br />

of what has been achieved before the interruption and will carry<br />

on detoxing at the level it was when you took a pause.<br />

Complete Homeopathy practice is located in the centre of Ripley<br />

where Vinciane sees most of her patients but she can also see<br />

them at the Surrey Holistic in Godalming, or online via Zoom.<br />

vincianeollington@yahoo.co.uk | +44 (0)1483 224330

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />


Jan is a gifted and professionally recognised<br />

healer, spiritual counsellor and psychic,<br />

working with clients to help them find the<br />

root cause of their physical condition which<br />

is normally an emotional issue buried deep<br />

inside.<br />

£40/hour<br />

Location: Three Mile Cross, Berkshire<br />

Distance healing available<br />

Jan Reid<br />

Be Good to Yourselves<br />

www.begoodtoyourselves.com<br />

email@begoodtoyourselves.com<br />

+44 (0)776 993 6500<br />


Qualified Counsellor / Psychotherapist based in<br />

Farnborough, Hampshire specialising in adults<br />

and children on the autism spectrum, emotional<br />

and psychological trauma, bereavement and/or<br />

work-related issues.<br />

Working to understand your needs, support<br />

your journey to enable you to make any<br />

necessary changes in your life.<br />

Sessions are held face-to-face in Farnborough,<br />

video or telephone calls.<br />

Covid secure measures practised.<br />

Kate Stewart MBACP O.A. Dip. (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)<br />

www.brightmindstherapy.co.uk<br />

brightmindstherapy78@gmail.com<br />

+44 (0)7403 377903<br />

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<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />


Martin Lewis, Kinesiologist<br />

Quite ironically, what may cause the most unhealthy<br />

restriction of the breasts is not found within the breast tissue<br />

but outside of them. Bras have been found to severely<br />

constrict lymphatic flow in the breasts and impede blood<br />

circulation. Indeed, because of this, bras may just be the single<br />

most important external factor behind the dysfunction of<br />

breast tissue. It is not just a coincidence that breast cancer<br />

rates are highly correlated to the bra’s cultural popularity (an<br />

invention solely promoted by fashion in the 1930s). They offer<br />

no real medical benefit, and even when they were first<br />

promoted, some health professionals spoke out against bras<br />

because of the possible restricting effects it has on the<br />

lymphatic network.<br />

Recent research seems to justify their concerns. A medical<br />

anthropologist, Sidney Singer, performed a very simple<br />

experiment, comparing the incidence of breast cancer in Fiji<br />

within two groups of women: those that wore bras and those<br />

that didn’t. Diet, lifestyle and environment were the same for<br />

both groups. Interestingly, it was discovered that those who<br />

wore bras had the same rate of breast cancer as women living<br />

in the United States, whereas those that went bras-less<br />

experienced little, if any, breast cancer at all. Later, it was also<br />

learned that wearing a bra some 12-14 hours a day actually<br />

increased the production of prolactin, a hormone that acts to<br />

decrease overall blood circulation in the breast.<br />

So, the facts are becoming clear. The constricting properties of<br />

a bra not only make it difficult for safe and healthy lymphatic<br />

flow but also decreases overall blood circulation. When both<br />

lymphatic and blood flow are unduly restricted, cellular debris,<br />

impurities, toxins, environmental pollutants, and pathogens<br />

cannot be safely excreted from the breast.<br />

This leaves a kind of ‘systemic garbage’ that the breasts are left<br />

to ‘stew in’ which, if left too long, could cause infectious<br />

blockages.<br />

If you think about it, it makes all the sense in the world! When<br />

bras are not worn, the breasts are allowed to move<br />

independently with the body, creating a natural and efficient<br />

‘pumping action’ that acts to drain the lymphatic network of the<br />

breasts regularly and easily. Unfortunately, bras restrict such<br />

independent movement of the breasts. Obviously, anything we<br />

can do to re-introduce or accelerate the body’s lymphatic<br />

drainage of the breasts, removing the toxins and carcinogenic<br />

compounds from within the breast tissue, will thus lower the<br />

risk of these compounds causing any problems.<br />

Unfortunately, the American Cancer Society state that: [in<br />

relation to] “underwire bras, internet rumours, and at least one<br />

book have suggested that bras can cause breast cancer by<br />

obstructing lymph flow. There is no scientific or clinical basis<br />

for this claim”.<br />


Looking to Breast Health for Answers<br />

While most observations have been highly selective in looking<br />

only for some outside, external agent as the cause, some<br />

research has been directed to looking at the breast tissues<br />

themselves and what may be going wrong inside them to<br />

allow dysfunction to occur. The fact is, it’s unlikely that it’s<br />

any one factor alone. It’s more probable that many elements -<br />

both external and internal are involved, not least the<br />

psychological impact of stress on aspects of caring and<br />

nurturing others - one of the most invasive stresses that is<br />

rarely held up for inspection!<br />

So, what to do?<br />

Bras are likely here to stay, despite their restrictive nature, so<br />

we need to look at ways of getting around these drawbacks,<br />

and help accelerate drainage of the lymphatic network.<br />

Choose the right bra<br />

Most importantly, if a bra is absolutely necessary or preferred,<br />

wear one that is not too restrictive or constricting and does not<br />

contain any wiring.<br />

It should offer support but not entirely interfere with the allnatural<br />

movement of your breasts when walking or moving.<br />

The more free your breasts are to move independently from the<br />

body, the more pumping action will naturally take place, and<br />

that means the more drainage that will naturally occur.<br />

Removing your bra when sleeping will allow the blood to<br />

circulate and lymphatic drainage to flow normally at night.<br />

Promote the release of "good" hormones<br />

Regularly stimulate the nipples by gently rubbing and<br />

squeezing them for a few minutes. This action will naturally<br />

release the hormone oxytocin within the breast tissue.<br />

Remember, wearing a restrictive bra causes the release of the<br />

hormone prolactin which acts to reduce the circulation of<br />

fluids within the breast (something you don’t want)!<br />

Oxytocin is a hormone which will naturally and safely reverse<br />

these effects, especially helping to release any build-up of<br />

fluids and toxins within the breast glands.<br />

Natural Lymphatic Drainage May Help Reduce the Risk of<br />

Breast dis-ease<br />

Your body’s largest lymphatic network stretches from the<br />

breasts to an area just under each arm. This area contains a<br />

network of filtering devices and pathogen storage areas<br />

which act to cleanse the breast and blood of cellular debris<br />

and toxins, and safely hold viruses, bacteria and other<br />

pathogens for destruction and removal by the body’s immune<br />

system.<br />

Such a filtering network is essential to a healthy body. Like<br />

plugged-up plumbing, if the network becomes blocked or<br />

constricted, lumps, cysts and infections can develop which, if<br />

not corrected can create a worsening situation.<br />

Ensuring that the lymphatic network within the breast<br />

remains unconstricted is of critical importance.<br />

It’s reasonable to conclude that restriction of the lymphatic<br />

network and circulation within the breasts could greatly<br />

increase one’s risk of developing breast dis-ease, as it allows the<br />

build-up of carcinogenic compounds without the appropriate<br />

lymphatic drainage. As stated previously, when the lymphatic<br />

network cannot be drained, the body’s garbage cannot be<br />

removed, so poisoning the breast tissue and allowing<br />

dysfunction to ensue. Therefore, anything which is found to<br />

restrict lymphatic flow within the breast is a contraindication of<br />

breast health and should be avoided.<br />

Finding the means to enhance lymphatic drainage could just be<br />

the safest, easiest and most effective way to reduce the risk of<br />

breast dis-ease, and perhaps even prevent it from ever<br />

occurring.<br />

Encourage lymphatic flow<br />

Get into the preventive habit of massaging each breast nightly,<br />

or at least 3 times weekly. Holding each breast gently, begin<br />

squeezing and releasing a small portion of the breast, in a sort<br />

of gentle pumping action, rhythmically working your way up<br />

from the base of the breast to the underarm, always towards<br />

and into the underarm, following the natural direction of<br />

lymphatic flow. Massage each breast in this manner for at least<br />

5 minutes at a time. This action of massage is most important,<br />

as it acts to accelerate lymphatic drainage of the breast tissue,<br />

pushing and pumping the lymphatic vessels clear of debris and<br />

unwanted materials.<br />


Be aware of the fact that as you massage each breast, toxins<br />

will be pumped back through the lymphatic network, actually<br />

returning back into your body’s circulation, allowing the body<br />

now to naturally excrete these toxins, or render them<br />

harmless. If your breasts have been storing toxins for some<br />

time, don’t be surprised if suddenly within the first few days<br />

or weeks of massaging, you begin to experience some form of<br />

reaction to the amount of toxins now being released. There is<br />

anecdotal reports of women experiencing mild to medium<br />

cases of hives, sinus pain and headaches, some cramping, etc.<br />

So, don’t be alarmed.<br />

This is actually a rather good sign that the toxins are finally<br />

being released from the breast tissue. Remember, toxins are<br />

not friendly chemicals. In sufficient numbers, they can cause<br />

allergenic reactions.<br />

If you are an individual that is sensitive to these problems,<br />

simply cut back on the amount of initial massaging you do,<br />

allowing the body to slowly get rid of your toxins, reducing<br />

the reactiveness of these chemicals in your body simply by<br />

reducing the amount of toxins the body has to deal with at<br />

one time. You may also wish to try a number of nutritional<br />

products which will help remove the toxins being released in<br />

the body, such as Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B6 which<br />

helps the body naturally counter the effects of histamine (and<br />

hence, the allergic reaction) build-up the toxins may have<br />

initiated.<br />

Stay away from pollutants and toxins as much as possible<br />

Avoid eating vegetables which have been grown with pesticides,<br />

and meats which have been raised with hormones and<br />

antibiotics. Low-strength antibiotics used in farm bred cattle,<br />

chicken and fish feed, lowers the effectiveness of your immune<br />

system, and can allow infections to worsen within the lymphatic<br />

network of the breast tissue. The pesticides and hormones in<br />

animal/fish feeds will greatly interfere with your endocrine<br />

system, introducing uncommon (non-human) oestrogen into<br />

your system which may prove carcinogenic when stored within<br />

the tissues of the breasts.<br />

If at all possible, try to abstain from synthetic oestrogens<br />

contained in some hormone replacement therapies, especially<br />

those which are derived from the urine of horses. These contain<br />

non-human oestrogens which have been linked with the risk of<br />

breast dis-ease in women. Non-plant based Hormone<br />

Replacement Therapy increases the risk of breast and other<br />

cancers in women, and further, that the risks of cancer increase<br />

the longer a women stays on the HRT.<br />

If a hormone replacement strategy is needed, use phytoestrogens<br />

which are plant based, completely safe and carry with<br />

it the added benefit of keeping the breasts healthy and actually<br />

increase anti-angiogenetic (tumor reducing) activities.<br />

Supplement with an all natural product<br />

Elderberry is a powerful anti-viral which will help to enhance<br />

the immune system activity so as to fight against any<br />

lymphatic infections occurring within the breasts. Foods that<br />

will also naturally help cleanse and flush the lymphatic system<br />

are raw (to slightly steamed) cabbage, broccoli and<br />

cauliflower, as well as squash. Garlic is also helpful as a<br />

powerful natural anti-oxidant and antibacterial, and best<br />

eaten raw!<br />

Also, the use of whole grains, fruits & vegetables, red and<br />

purple berries, and flaxseed contain wonderful substances<br />

called phyto-estrogens which are known to be anticarcinogenic.<br />

Include these regularly and amply within your<br />

diet. Indeed, a number of studies within the last decade have<br />

demonstrated that a diet high in phyto-estrogens have been<br />

strongly associated with a substantial reduction in the risk of<br />

breast cancer. You may also supplement with standardised,<br />

all-natural phyto-estrogens to ensure adequate phytoestrogen<br />

intake.<br />

Stop using antiperspirants and switch to natural deodorants<br />

Antiperspirants generally use chemicals which cause the<br />

underlying lymph node in the underarm to become<br />

constricted and subsequently block lymphatic drainage.<br />


Try abstaining from caffeine, theo-phylines and theobromines<br />

Naturally occurring substances found in coffee, tea, cola and<br />

chocolate, which are well known to stimulate overproduction<br />

of cellular products such as fibrous tissue and cyst fluid.<br />

Women who abstain from these products have generally less<br />

problems with cysts, especially during PMS. Also, make sure<br />

that your intestinal bacterial flora are constantly being<br />

renewed as this has been shown to prevent the re-synthesis<br />

of toxic oestrogen compounds, especially if you are a meat<br />

eater.<br />

And make sure that your bowel movements are regular and<br />

normal as a link between cellular abnormalities in breast fluid<br />

and the frequency of bowel movement has been found.<br />

Women having fewer than 3 bowel movements per week<br />

experience 4.5 times more fibrocystic breast disease than<br />

women who have at least one movement per day. Again<br />

removing toxins from the body is imperative in keeping the<br />

system clean. When the "plumbing" is backed-up, even breast<br />

tissue suffers.<br />

A study out of Sweden and Harvard, adds to the growing<br />

evidence that eating monounsaturated fats, the kind of fats<br />

found in olive and canola oils, may significantly reduce the<br />

risk of breast cancer. In a study consisting of 60,000 women,<br />

those women who ingested about 10 grams of<br />

monounsaturated fats daily (3/4 of tablespoon) cut their risk<br />

of breast cancer in half.<br />

The bottom line is: use and eat olive oil and canola oil. You can<br />

fry with them too, sparingly, and, use butter instead of<br />

margarine in all your cooking and eating needs, and even some<br />

lard (a saturated fat), which is safer than using margarine and<br />

refined cooking oils. Be sure you’re eating twice the amount of<br />

unsaturated to saturated fats in your diet (roughly twice the<br />

amount of olive/canola oil to butter), and make sure your daily<br />

fat intake is only 30% of your calories per day. If you’re worried<br />

about relying solely on your diet for your EFA intake, try<br />

supplementing with Salmon Oil, which contains essential fatty<br />

acids (EFA’s), that are indispensable for good health.<br />

Finally, be sure to share this preventative information with<br />

every female you know. Knowing these simple preventative<br />

procedures goes a long way in reducing the stress and anxiety<br />

caused by the fear of cancer onset. Breast cancer could be just<br />

this easy to prevent. Of course, please continue to follow the<br />

advice of your physician, and report to him/her about any lump<br />

or pain which remains within the breast for more than a month.<br />

Don’t wait to do something about your health right now,<br />

especially when it’s so easy!<br />

Edited by Martin Lewis - Registered Kinesiopractic (RK-UK).<br />

Original source of information - InnerLife Wellness Centre, St<br />

Michael, Barbados.<br />

These results were similar to previous studies that looked<br />

specifically at olive oil, the main source of monounsaturated<br />

fat in Mediterranean diets. The study suggests that a balance<br />

intake of fats which include mono and polyunsaturated fats,<br />

as well as sources of saturated fats (in a ratio of 2:1), are<br />

essential to good health. Other recent studies also suggest<br />

that it is a good idea to keep away from hydrogenated fats<br />

(margarine and refined cooking and salad oils) as much as<br />

possible, since they generally contain the dangerous and toxic<br />

‘trans’ form of fatty acid, which are known to be a major<br />

cause of heart disease and cancer. The good news is that<br />

butter is really “in” again, being a needed saturated fat, and<br />

much safer than margarine, and tastes better too. But<br />

regardless of the source of fats, 1 gram of fat still contains 9<br />

calories, and studies suggest that the heavier you are, the<br />

higher the risk of breast cancer, especially after menopause.<br />


www.appliedmetaphysics.co.uk<br />

kinesiology@hotmail.co.uk<br />

+44 (0)7968 740550<br />

Newbury, Berkshire<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />

E X C E R P T F R O M<br />


written by Julie de Vere Hunt<br />

Chapter V<br />

T H E E S S E N E S , L A K E M A R E O T I S<br />

Out of cloud covered history came the<br />

Essenes. Their ethics and morals were<br />

respected above all people. Their word<br />

was their bond. They ascribed all things<br />

to God. They were frugal, virtuous,<br />

believed in immortality and spiritual<br />

evolution through an individual’s<br />

conscious and unconscious efforts.<br />

The Qumran Essene monastic community<br />

was formed around 200 BC. The Essenes<br />

inexplicably deserted the community<br />

around 31 BC, barely leaving a footprint<br />

in the desert. They returned in the year<br />

6, increasing their numbers and<br />

extending the assembly halls and<br />

baptismal pools.<br />

Around 200 years before the birth of<br />

Yeshua, the leader of the community,<br />

known as the ‘Teacher of Righteousness’,<br />

or the ‘One’, had a vision: an Angel told<br />

him that a great Avatar, the Messiah,<br />

would come to Earth through the<br />

Essenes.<br />

But for this to occur, they must follow<br />

certain disciplines in order to create a<br />

physical body capable of withstanding<br />

the powerful vibrations of the Christ<br />

Spirit, as well as a group energy powerful<br />

enough to open an "energy vortex" or<br />

"doorway" into this space-time dimension<br />

through which the Christ would enter.<br />

The Essene communities were the<br />

doorway, Yeshua was the Avatar.<br />

Yeshua grew up with Mary and Joseph at<br />

the Mount Carmel family community in<br />

Palestine. When he reached 18, he spent<br />

a year at Qumran in preparation for his<br />

ministry.<br />

The Angels also warned the Essenes of<br />

the imminent siege and downfall of<br />

Jerusalem which would take pIace in 70.<br />

Everything of value; writings, gold,<br />

treasure, was taken out of the city and<br />

hidden in the desert.<br />

In 68, the Qumran community once again<br />

disbanded. But not before their writings<br />

had been safely buried in the surrounding<br />

caves for future generations to discover,<br />

at a time when they would be safe and<br />

humanity was ready to receive them.<br />

The Essenes were founded by Enoch and<br />

reintroduced by Moses when he came<br />

down from Mount Sinai with two tablets<br />

of stone. Moses was the giver of the Law,<br />

the One Law.<br />

The Law governs all that takes place in<br />

the universe, and all other universes, all<br />

activity, all creation, mental or physical.<br />

The Law creates life and it creates<br />

thought. The sum total of life on all the<br />

planets in the universe was termed the<br />

cosmic ocean of life. And the sum total of<br />

currents of thought in the universe was<br />

called the cosmic ocean of thought. The<br />

cosmic ocean of life and cosmic ocean of<br />

thought form a dynamic unity of which<br />

man is an inseparable part.<br />


Every human being is an individualised<br />

part of the unity. This unity is the Law,<br />

the Eternal Light. Moses saw the Law<br />

broken everywhere. Despite Egypt’s<br />

great military and political might, there<br />

was no law of equality. Misery and<br />

slavery existed everywhere; rich and<br />

poor alike suffered from oppression,<br />

epidemics, and plagues.<br />

Moses observed that ignorance of the<br />

Law, of the laws of nature, was<br />

responsible for all evils, and that the<br />

rulers and the ruled were equally to<br />

blame.<br />

Moses concluded that everything created<br />

as a result of deviation from the Law<br />

destroyed itself and in time disappeared.<br />

Only the Law was eternal.<br />

The abstract idea of the Law was<br />

incorporated into the symbol of a tree,<br />

called the Tree of Life. It portrayed man<br />

as a unit of energy, with thoughts and<br />

emotions constantly communing with the<br />

totalities of energies in the universe.<br />

The Essenes added to the Tree<br />

Angelology - the Science of the Angels.<br />

The angels were the forces in the<br />

universe. The Essenes petitioned the<br />

assistance of these angelic Ones in all<br />

aspects of everyday life.<br />

The Essenes recognized only the positive<br />

and constructive forces in the universe.<br />

The Essene Tree of Life represented<br />

fourteen positive forces; seven heavenly<br />

or cosmic forces and seven earthly<br />

forces. The centre branch represents<br />

God, the centre root Mother Nature. The<br />

roots represented earthly forces and<br />

powers, the seven branches represented<br />

cosmic powers.<br />

Man, in the centre of the Tree, was<br />

surrounded by the heavenly angels above<br />

and the earthly angels below. Contact<br />

with the angelic forces was the very<br />

essence of their daily life. They knew it<br />

took conscious effort to contact them.<br />

The Essenes had the deep wisdom to<br />

understand that these forces were<br />

sources of energy, knowledge and<br />

harmony, and to put himself into<br />

harmony with the Heavenly Father and<br />

Earthly Mother was man’s most<br />

important activity in life.<br />

The Essenes believed that through raising<br />

their consciousness and teaching the<br />

minority who understood and obeyed the<br />

Law, mankind would one day come to<br />

know peace with humanity.<br />

To achieve peace in the world was the<br />

ultimate collective aim of all Essene<br />

communities, including Lake Mareotis.<br />

£24.99<br />

Julie de Vere Hunt<br />

www.marymagdaleneslegacy.com<br />


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Spirit Dance is a wonderful exploration<br />

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<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />

Mudras<br />


Sit quietly in meditation using these mudras for 5 minutes or more<br />

Prana mudra is the 'Mudra of Life' - this mudra<br />

helpes to increase life vitality, it improves vision<br />

and helps with overall wellness to bring a<br />

renewed energised self.<br />

Apana mudra (right) - if you are struggling with digestive<br />

issues, try this mudra. 'Apana' in Sanskrit means 'outwardmoving<br />

energy'. In other words this mudra helps to<br />

cleanse your body, removing toxins and helping to<br />

regulate bowel movement.<br />

Fire<br />

Air<br />

Space<br />

Earth<br />

Water<br />

Abhaya Hridhiya mudra (left). A complicated looking<br />

mudra but worth a go. This mudra gives you power of<br />

strength, increases self-belief and rides over fear and<br />

anxiety. Take on this mudra position if you feel<br />

particularly stressed and out of balance.<br />

When you try this mudra for the first time, you will feel<br />

uncomfortable as it provides a real stretch in the forearms<br />

as you straighten your fingers. When you place your<br />

hands in front of your heart, it should help alleviate the<br />

stress.<br />

MUDRAS<br />




<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />

Empowering Meditation in<br />

Thunderbolt Pose<br />

A meditation to help you connect with your<br />

higher intuition and request guidance from<br />

divine.<br />

Either with your eyes open or closed, visualise<br />

a golden/white light coming down from above<br />

and entering your body through your crown<br />

chakra (just above your head).<br />

See this light spiralling down through and<br />

around your body, until it meets Mother Earth.<br />

Breathe into this connection and invite your<br />

energies to align with this light.<br />

As you inhale, you empower the golden white<br />

light, igniting and fuelling it, making it brighter<br />

and brighter.<br />

<br />

On your exhale allow all tension to leave your<br />

body, mind, spirit and soul. Cleanse and purify<br />

your whole self.<br />

Continue to do this for a few minutes until you<br />

feel you have made a strong connection.<br />

Then, ask Divine and Mother Earth for<br />

guidance to bring peace within your whole<br />

self. Allow messages to come to you.<br />

And now, ask for guidance so you are able to<br />

make the best decisions for your highest good.<br />

You can create an affirmation and continue to<br />

say it for the next few minutes. In time, you<br />

could extend the length of time you remain in<br />

this meditative state and ask specific<br />

questions.<br />

Perhaps you want to try one of the hand<br />

mudra's discussed a few pages earlier?<br />

Make sure you remain comfortable in your<br />

position.<br />


organs to work more<br />

your<br />

efficiently.<br />

your posture.<br />

Improves<br />

strength and power in the<br />

Increases<br />

part of your body.<br />

lower<br />

sciatica.<br />

Eases<br />

stress and tension.<br />

Relieves<br />

and refreshes.<br />

Rejuvenates<br />

depression.<br />

Eases<br />

energy and lifts your<br />

Increases<br />

So much power in<br />

Mountain pose<br />

Tadasana<br />

Everyone can do this pose, there are no contraindications.<br />

Tadasana is Sanskrit for 'Mountain'. It helps to strengthen<br />

your divine and earthly connections and brings in<br />

empowerment.<br />

Mountain Pose<br />

Mountain Pose<br />

Mountain Pose<br />

Benefits<br />

space within the body for<br />

Creates<br />

mood.<br />

<br />

1. Stand with feet together, big toes, knees and inner<br />

thighs touching, and keep a very slight gap between your<br />

heels.<br />

2. Distribute your weight evenly throughout both feet, and<br />

now lift your toes slightly off your mat. When you do<br />

this, focus on placing your weight on the sides of your<br />

heels, feet and the ball of your feet.<br />

3. Visualise a straight line through the middle of your body,<br />

helping to keep your posture straight. Tip: if you are<br />

finding it difficult to keep a straight posture, stand next<br />

to a wall - this will help you.<br />

4. Next, rotate your inner thighs outwards. Ensure your<br />

knees are not locked, keep them soft.<br />

5. Continuing to imagine the line through the centre of<br />

your body, visualise it going through your pubic bone<br />

helping you to bring your tailbone downwards towards<br />

Mother Earth. Ensure you do not arch your back. Pull<br />

your belly button inwards and upwards, lengthen your<br />

spine.<br />

6. Shoulders should be drawn downwards. Relax your<br />

forearms and hands. You can either keep your arms<br />

close to your body or slightly away from your body.<br />

7. Keep your chin parallel to the ground. Relax your face.<br />

The crown of your head reaching towards the universe.<br />

8. If you are an expert at this, close your eyes to go inwards<br />

and reach up with your arms. Do not arch your back<br />

especially if you struggle with back problems.<br />

9. .... and breathe ....

and shoulders.<br />

spine<br />

strength in your ankles and<br />

Provides<br />

area.<br />

abdominal<br />

focus and clarity.<br />

Enhances<br />

you to go within.<br />

Helps<br />

balance.<br />

Promotes<br />

Tree Pose to deepen your<br />

focus and balance<br />

Vrksasana<br />

From Mountain Pose to Tree Pose helps you to go within<br />

and bring clarity and focus. Avoid this pose if you suffer<br />

with dizziness, headaches and low blood pressure.<br />

Tree Pose Tree Pose Tree Pose<br />

Benefits<br />

a stretch within your thighs,<br />

Creates<br />

<br />

1. Stand in Mountain Pose and visualise roots growing out<br />

from your ankles and into the ground, just like a tree, the<br />

roots dig deep into Mother Earth. These roots are<br />

anchoring you into a strong sturdy position.<br />

2. Take a breath in and move your weight into your left<br />

foot. Ensure you are distributing all your weight evenly<br />

in your left foot (toes should be relaxed).<br />

3. Bend the right knee and draw it into your chest. Reach<br />

down and hold your inner ankle and place your foot to<br />

your inner left thigh (image on left). If you can't keep the<br />

foot so high on your thigh, place it below your knee - do<br />

not place it on your knee.<br />

4. Gently press your inner left thigh against the right foot<br />

and also push your right foot towards the left thigh.<br />

5. You may rest your hands on your hips or bring them to a<br />

prayer position.<br />

6. Feel yourself lengthen your tailbone towards Mother<br />

Earth.<br />

7. Pull your belly button in and upwards.<br />

8. Keep visualising roots holding you firmly grounded and<br />

strong. Helping you to maintain a good balance.<br />

9. Visualise an energy line going from the roots, in a<br />

straight line through the centre of your body and up<br />

towards the universe through your crown chakra.<br />

10. Soften your gaze.<br />

11. If you feel drawn to it, you can reach your arms up above<br />

your head, keeping them shoulder-distance apart and<br />

reaching up or placing your hands together in prayer<br />

position.<br />

12. After a few minutes, you can lower your right leg and<br />

then repeat on the other side.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />

Artichoke Risotto<br />

Artichokes originally come from the Mediterranean and<br />

are known as unbloomed flowers. As well as peas,<br />

artichokes are one of the oldest vegetables to man.<br />

Artichokes are seasonal in the UK now, so let us make use<br />

of locally grown vegetables.<br />

Artichokes are low in carbohydrates and fat and high in<br />

fibre. As well as being a good source of antioxidants they<br />

are full of vitamins C and K, phosphorus, and magnesium.<br />

They have been known to increase the friendly bacteria in<br />

your gut to improve digestive health.<br />

Ingredients<br />

1 tbsp olive oil<br />

1 red onion (finely diced)<br />

salt and pepper (for seasoning)<br />

2 sweet red peppers (chopped)<br />

1 tsp chilli flakes (or less depending on your taste)<br />

300g brown rice (washed)<br />

1ltr of vegetable stock (have a little extra just in case)<br />

300g artichoke hearts (steamed for 20 mins and drained)<br />

Bunch of parsley and coriander (finely chopped)<br />

Steps<br />

1. Heat the olive oil and cook the onions until soft and<br />

transparent. Season with salt and pepper and then<br />

add the red peppers. Cook until soft.<br />

2. Add the chillis and stir in the rice. Increase the heat<br />

and add 2 cups of stock and bring to a boil. Simmer<br />

for 45 mins, adding the remaining stock a little at a<br />

time. Cook until the rice has absorbed all the stock.<br />

3. Gently stir in all the artichokes and turn off the heat<br />

once they are warmed through. Season as required.<br />

Cover the pan with a lid and allow the pot to stand<br />

for 10 mins before serving - this helps all the flavours<br />

to come together.<br />

4. Once plated, add the parsley and coriander.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />

Who doesn't like hummus!!!<br />

Spinach is seasonal at the moment so let's use it in this<br />

lovely tangy lemony hummus. Spinach is really great if<br />

you are a practising vegan. It is packed with Vitamins C, K,<br />

A, B6, B12 and E.<br />

Add a couple of handfuls of spinach to your sweet or<br />

savoury smoothies, to help with cleansing your body and<br />

skin!<br />

Pine nuts are seeds extracted from pine cones. They are<br />

high in protein, fibre, and contain vitamins E and K,<br />

copper, iron and magnesium - just to name a few.<br />

Spinach Hummus<br />

Ingredients<br />

150g cooked chickpeas (tinned works well)<br />

100g baby spinach<br />

2 cloves of garlic<br />

1 large lemon (zest and juice)<br />

1 tbsp tahini<br />

60 ml extra virgin olive oil<br />

salt and pepper<br />

Handful of pine nuts<br />

Steps<br />

1. For approx 1-minute blend chickpeas, spinach, garlic,<br />

lemon juice, lemon zest and tahini.<br />

2. Slowly drizzle the oil whilst the processor is on high.<br />

3. If you want a thinner consistency, add a few<br />

tablespoons of water until you get the perfect<br />

texture.<br />

4. In a dry pan, toast the pine nuts until they turn light<br />

brown.<br />

5. Transfer the hummus into a bowl and sprinkle the<br />

pine nuts over the top. If you wish to, you can drizzle<br />

a little bit of extra virgin olive oil over it too.<br />

6. Serve with gluten-free toasted sour bread.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />

Blood Orange, Walnut & Beetroot Salad<br />

Locally available beetroot contains Folate (Vit B9),<br />

manganese, potassium, iron and vitamin C.<br />

Blood oranges are low in calories and high in fibre,<br />

vitamin C and antioxidants, supporting your immune<br />

system.<br />

Walnuts contain healthy fats and antioxidants. Walnuts<br />

may contribute to keeping a healthy heart and are known<br />

as food for the brain.<br />

Watercress is extremely high in antioxidants and contains<br />

many vitamins and minerals to support a healthy body.<br />

Ingredients<br />

2 beetroots (medium-sized, peeled)<br />

1 tbsp virgin olive oil<br />

salt and pepper<br />

30g walnuts (chopped roughly)<br />

2 blood oranges<br />

80g watercress (washed and dried)<br />

80g baby rocket (washed and dried)<br />

Small handful of washed fresh mint<br />

Dressing: 4tbsp extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, and fresh<br />

lemon juice.<br />

Steps<br />

1. Preheat the oven (200degC/400degF/Gas 6). Chop<br />

the beetroots into thin wedges. Add the olive oil and<br />

season well. Roast for up to 30 mins (turn once) until<br />

they are soft and a little brown on the edges. Allow to<br />

cool.<br />

2. In a dry pan, add the walnuts and cook for 3-4 mins,<br />

stirring constantly. Leave to cool.<br />

3. Peel the oranges, remove the white pith and segment<br />

them or slice. Rescue any juices that come out.<br />

4. For the dressing, add the olive oil, juice of one lemon<br />

and season.<br />

5. Add all the ingredients to a large bowl, sprinkle some<br />

mint over the top and pour over the dressing.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />

Rhubarb & Blueberry Soft Sorbet<br />

Time for a dessert!<br />

Rhubarb is a good source of antioxidants, vitamin K and<br />

fibre. Easily grown in the UK and flourishing from late<br />

<strong>March</strong> to August.<br />

Chia means 'strength' in the ancient Mayan language.<br />

They are rich in fibre, antioxidants, minerals and omega-3<br />

fatty acids - great for your body and your brain!<br />

There is no sugar added to this recipe, it is quite tangy,<br />

providing a nice sweet alternative.<br />

However, if you do need a blast of sweetness, then add<br />

1tbsp of honey, sourced locally, to the processor.<br />

Ingredients<br />

1 large lemon (juice)<br />

130g blueberries (washed)<br />

450g rhubarb (chopped)<br />

4 tbsp of chia seeds<br />

Handful of mint<br />

Steps<br />

1. Soak the chia seeds in a cup of water and leave. They<br />

will become very jelly-like after a few minutes of<br />

soaking.<br />

2. In a pan add approx 150ml of water, the lemon juice.<br />

After approx 5 mins, add the chopped rhubarb and<br />

cook for approx 10 mins until nice and soft. Then<br />

remove from the heat and allow it to cool.<br />

3. Once cooled, transfer the mixture into a blender and<br />

add the blueberries and chia seeds. Blend and pulse<br />

for less than a minute.<br />

4. Add the mint and pulse for a few more seconds.<br />

5. Transfer into a container to freeze.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />

S u e ' s B e a u t i f u l Y o u<br />

I hope you enjoy my handmade healing crystal bracelets. I use good-quality<br />

crystal beads and put my heart and soul into making the perfect bracelet for<br />

you. These pieces are infused with Reiki symbols. suecaustick@gmail.com<br />

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/suecaustick<br />

Beautiful calming<br />

Kyanite , giving you<br />

inner peace, tranquility<br />

and harmony.<br />

Helping to release built<br />

up emotional stress,<br />

dissolving them and<br />

allowing energy flow.<br />

Very helpful for sleep<br />

disorders.<br />

Silver or gold wire<br />

wrapped kyanite<br />

pendants infused with<br />

reiki symbols £28<br />

P&P not included<br />

Pretty kyanite bracelet<br />

with fresh water pearls<br />

and blue lace agate and<br />

lapis lazuli.<br />

The wearer will feel the<br />

benefit from calming<br />

qualities from kyanite and<br />

blue lace agate and lapiz<br />

gently healing the throat<br />

chakra .<br />

Infused with reiki<br />

symbols.<br />

Bracelet £22<br />

P&P not included<br />

48 50

Pretty rose quartz<br />

and citrine pendant<br />

on silk cord .<br />

£15<br />

Unusual sea shell,<br />

to complement<br />

fresh water pearl<br />

and aquamarine.<br />

£10<br />

Golden healer, ametrine<br />

and amethyst pendant<br />

on silk cord .<br />

£15<br />

Howlite, aquamarine and<br />

clear quartz drop<br />

pendant on silk cord.<br />

£15<br />

Pretty rose quartz and<br />

citrine pendant on silk<br />

cord.<br />

£15<br />

Pretty sunstone and<br />

aquamarine bracelet.<br />

Bringing warm and calm<br />

to the wearer.<br />

£30<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />



mamishaart@gmail.com<br />

We channel art through Spirits of Vision and Essence, they show us<br />

the true spiritual essence of others.<br />

<br />

We channelled the two paintings below for Jovi Hoonjan, Publisher<br />

of <strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong>.<br />

"The Shaman Seer - There is a true ancestral<br />

connection with the strength of dragon energy<br />

plus the wisdom and guidance from ascended<br />

masters."<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />

Soy Candles<br />

Our soy candles are infused with high intentions<br />

and sacred geometric power symbols<br />

£14.99<br />

Dragons Blood<br />

When you burn this candle you will<br />

feel the warmth of love touch your<br />

heart. You will feel dragon's breath<br />

flow around you bringing in powerful<br />

protection. This candle will make,<br />

anyone around it, feel that they are<br />

cared for and looked after -<br />

everything will be ok.<br />

www.love2meditate.com/soyacandles.html<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />


Channelled poems<br />

Unusual & unique messages for all<br />

Volume One<br />

Volume Two<br />

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Spell Jars for setting higher intentions<br />

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<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />

Meditation Bath Rituals<br />

Relaxation<br />

Immunity<br />

Invigorating<br />

Uplifting<br />

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<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 13<br />



To purchase a hard copy of this or previous editions,<br />

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Published by Jovi Hoonjan, <strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong><br />

www.alchemicalvoice.com<br />



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