Travel Guide - Pfalz-Touristik

Travel Guide - Pfalz-Touristik

Forest border in the

Palatinate Forest Nature Reserve


Forest Nature


Vacationland Palatinate

The people of the Palatinate have their quirks: for example, they have

invented their own axis of the Earth; they have built themselves the largest wine

barrel in the world, only to open a restaurant inside. They have both the largest

continuous stretch of vineyards and forestland in Germany and many things more

that they are quite proud of without being conceited about it. Here, there is plenty

of what people of the third millennium miss elsewhere: sunshine in the

sky and in the heart, picture-perfect landscapes, good food, and a

congenial atmosphere at the many festivals

Palatinate Tourism

celebrated here. Between the vineyards,


the fruit orchards, and the vegetable Pfalz.Touristik e.V.

fields, Palatinate chefs create delicacies Postfach 100416

67404 Neustadt/Wstr.

to which the moniker “local cuisine”

Tel. +49 (0) 6321 39160

does not begin to do proper justice. In Fax +49 (0) 6321 391619

addition, the region between the

Rhine and the Saar rivers serves

up a healthy portion of living history and culture from all

categories. What there is to discover and where is the object

of this travel guide – whether you are cycling, hiking, or

driving; whether you prefer culture, recreation, or athletic

challenges. Divided into the four major tourist areas of the Palatinate,

this guide provides you with 150 excursion tips for your

vacation. With 75 Palatinate museums; two dozen particularly

noteworthy fortresses, castles, and churches; 16 adventure parks,

8 golf courses, and 30 other attractions from a corn labyrinth to the

Cuckoo Train, there should be something there for every

taste. Enjoy and have fun!

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