Robert Scott Waste Equipment Range

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<strong>Waste</strong> products for<br />

professional use<br />

WASTE<br />



<strong>Robert</strong> <strong>Scott</strong> provides a wide range of cleaning equipment to the UK’s janitorial sectors,<br />

and this now includes an extensive selection of bins and waste equipment, all displayed<br />

neatly in our new leaflet. This covers medical and fire retardant pedal bins to recycling<br />

products, from 10 litres to over 100 litres capacity, and made from recycled plastic to<br />

heavy grade steel.<br />

TABLE OF<br />


Recycling bins<br />

Pedal bins<br />

<strong>Waste</strong> bins<br />

Heavy duty bins<br />

Ashtrays & Litter picking<br />

04<br />

06<br />

08<br />

09<br />

10<br />



60 Litre Recycling Dolly Bin<br />

A quality, efficient and easily managed recycling system which is ideal for use in office environments. Colour coded bins can be used<br />

alone or linked as a set – a bolt mechanism joins wheeled dollies securely together for stability and easy movement.<br />

90 Litre Recycling Wall<br />

Hugger<br />

Slimline recycling container designed to save space – it has a 90<br />

litre capacity but only protrudes 30cm from the wall. Built-in bag<br />

catch and moulded hand grip to save time when emptying. Made<br />

from hardwearing polyethylene. Also available are a range of lids<br />

designed for use with the Wall hugger recycle bin, available in<br />

four colours and a choice of solid, two-holed or slotted lids to suit<br />

different materials.<br />

101691 Recycling Bin Base 90L 27x50x76cm 4<br />

103426 Recycling Bin Base 90L 27x50x76cm 1<br />

101693 Bin Base 90L 51x28x76cm 4<br />

103428 Bin Base 90L 51x28x76cm 1<br />

101727 Recycle Lid (Slot) 29x56x7cm 4<br />

103444 Recycle Lid (Slot) 29x56x7c m 1<br />

101724 Recycle Lid (2 Holes) 29x56x7cm 4<br />

103441 Recycle Lid (2 Holes) 29x56x7cm 1<br />

103429 Flap Lid 53x30x23cm 1<br />

101733 Kit Containing x3 Grey Bins, x3<br />

Dollies, x1 Blue, x1 Red, x1 Yellow Lid<br />

60L 99x48x73cm 1<br />

101728 Bin 60L 32x46x58cm 1<br />

101723 Slotted Lid 33x45cm 1<br />

101734 Holed Lid 33x45cm 1<br />

101732 Single Bin Dolly 1<br />

103641 Recycling Stickers 8x9cm 1<br />

ECO <strong>Waste</strong> Recycling Bin<br />

A budget price solution for your workplace recycling needs, made<br />

from hardwearing polypropylene, with a lift lid design and snaplock<br />

top for easy bag replacement. Available in four colours and<br />

25 or 50 litre options.<br />

101725 25L 20x40x50cm 8<br />

103442 25L 20x40x50cm 1<br />

101726 50L 40x40x50cm 8<br />

103443 50L 40x40x50cm 1<br />

Recycling Stickers<br />

Sheet of six self-adhesive recycle labels to apply to a variety of<br />

recycle bins to aid the segregation of waste. Includes paper,<br />

general, glass, metal and organic waste stickers.<br />

103641 A4 1<br />

4<br />



Steel Pedal Bin<br />

Foot operated pedal bin with removable plastic liner for easy<br />

cleaning. Available in three sizes and a choice of stainless steel or<br />

white powder coated resin finish.<br />

101712 3L 17x17x25cm 6<br />

103435 3L 17x17x25cm 1<br />

101713 12L 25x39x25cm 4<br />

103436 12L 25x39x25cm 1<br />

101714 20L 29x45x29cm 2<br />

103437 20L 29x45x29cm 1<br />

Polypropylene Pedal Bin<br />

A sturdy foot operated bin made from easy-clean hygienic<br />

polypropylene, suitable for almost any environment. The 45 litre<br />

bin is available in six colours, making them ideal for colour coded<br />

use in healthcare, medical, catering and office settings. The larger<br />

87 litre bin is available in grey and yellow only.<br />

101709 45L 41x41x60cm 4<br />

103433 45L 41x41x60cm 1<br />

101711 87L 50x42x81cm 3<br />

103434 87L 50x42x81cm 1<br />

90 Litre Polaris Pedal Bin<br />

A larger, durable and hygienic polypropylene pedal bin with colour<br />

coded lid for waste segregation. Includes an air freshener holder<br />

inside and 2 hooks to secure bin bags. Two rear wheels and large<br />

handle for easy maneuverability.<br />

101710 90L 52x48x91cm 1<br />

30 Litre Soft Close Pedal Bin<br />

With a stainless steel square design, the bin features a soft close<br />

lid, removable inner lining, non-slip plastic base, a handy grip for<br />

lifting, and is suitable for general and domestic use.<br />

104676 30L 68x34x28cm 1<br />

Enclosed Fire Retardant Pedal Bin<br />

A sturdy, fully enclosed fire retardant and foot operated pedal<br />

bin, which is manufactured in the UK. It is available in three sizes,<br />

seven lid colours, and with the option of a silent closing lid. The<br />

black, orange and white lids are coated with anti-microbial paint.<br />

The black lid models are available as standard and there is a five<br />

week lead time for all other colours and the silent closing option.<br />

104220 18L 34x21x64cm 1<br />

104230 Silent close 18L 34x21x64cm 1<br />

104221 36L 42x37x54cm 1<br />

104231 Silent close 36L 42x37x54cm 1<br />

104218 65L 42x37x80cm 1<br />

104229 Silent close 65L 42x37x80cm 1<br />

92 Litre Frame Sack Holder<br />

A high quality frame for holding refuse sacks, available with colour<br />

coded lids for easy waste separation and identification. Features<br />

hygienic foot operated opening, safety strap to hold 92L sacks<br />

securely, and powder coated frame finish, which is easy to keep<br />

clean.<br />

101706 92L 43x39x82cm 1<br />

Sack Holder With Wheels & Handle<br />

A steel sack holder with wheels and handle for easy mobility.<br />

Available in white only and in two sizes.<br />

104336 Standard 60L 53x34x85cm 1<br />

104324 Large 92L 53x45x90cm 1<br />

6<br />




21 Litre Plastic Storage Bin<br />

A hardwearing polypropylene bin and lid, 21 litre capacity in three<br />

colour options, perfect for use in schools, nurseries and other<br />

settings.<br />

101740 21L 34x34x42cm 5<br />

103582 21L 34x34x42cm 1<br />

38 Litre Swing Bin<br />

A 38 litre brushed steel swing bin with removable galvanised metal<br />

liner and epoxy black base.<br />

104753 38L 57x30x30cm 1<br />

12 Litre Rectangular Plastic <strong>Waste</strong> Basket<br />

Plastic 12 litre waste basket with lipped edge, suitable for a wide<br />

range of environments. Easy to clean, can be used with or without<br />

refuse bag.<br />

101747 12L 29x21x31cm 12<br />

25 Litre Swing Bin<br />

Everyday swing-top bin made from tough, easy clean<br />

polypropylene. Can be used with or without refuse sack in a wide<br />

range of environments. Lift off lid for easy emptying.<br />

101738 25L 34x27x53cm 8<br />

90 Litre Eco Litter Bin<br />

A litter bin, hooded lid and plastic liner made in the UK out of<br />

100% recycled hardwearing polyethylene. The bin is suitable for<br />

both indoor and outdoor use and requires minimal maintenance.<br />

A ground fixing kit is sold separately.<br />

104966 Eco Litter Bin 90L 45x45x100cm 1<br />

104967 Fixing Kit 1 1<br />

50 Litre Lift Top Bin<br />

Everyday lift-top bin made from tough, easy clean polypropylene<br />

for waste separation. Can be used with or without refuse sack in a<br />

wide range of environments.<br />

101700 50L 41x31x64cm 10<br />

50 Litre Swing Bin White & Colour Lid<br />

Everyday swing-top bin made from tough, easy clean<br />

polypropylene, with tops in five colours for waste separation.<br />

Can be used with or without refuse sack in a wide range of<br />

environments. Lift off lid for easy emptying.<br />

101735 50L 39x31x62cm 6<br />

103446 50L 39x31x62cm 1<br />

90 Litre Black Storage Dustbin<br />

Hardwearing polypropylene bin with clasp handles to secure lid<br />

minimising odours and spillages. Ideal for storage and disposal of<br />

larger waste amounts.<br />

101688 90L 38x38x68cm 5<br />

8<br />



Litter Picker Pincer<br />

A short trigger-action litter picker ideal for children, or can be used<br />

to remove items from toilets or urinals. Versatile grabber claws<br />

can be rotated 90 degrees to easily reach tricky areas, Perfect for<br />

smaller items like cigarettes, glass, needles or other hazardous<br />

items.<br />

105006 50cm 25<br />

Free Standing Stainless Steel Ashtray<br />

Sturdy stainless steel ashtray, weather resistant and suitable for<br />

use in smoking areas. Designed to quickly extinguish cigarette<br />

butts, with a weighted base which can be fixed to the ground for<br />

extra security. Lift-out container for fast, easy emptying. Lockable<br />

(keys supplied).<br />

101675 18x13x81cm 1<br />

Square Wall Mounted Ashtray<br />

Wall-mounted ash container for smoking or entrance areas, which<br />

encourages the tidy disposal of cigarettes to cut down unsightly<br />

littering. Made from weatherproof stainless steel with a lockable<br />

container. Comes complete with wall fittings.<br />

101677 26x29x11cm 1<br />

Streetmaster Pro Litter Picker<br />

High quality litter picker with ergonomically designed trigger action<br />

hand grip. Versatile grabber claws can be adjusted through 90º to<br />

easily reach tricky areas, and have soft ends for accurate collection<br />

of smaller items like glass, needles or other hazardous items. Also<br />

available with an extra-long shaft, which is ideal for litter picking in<br />

streams and prickly bushes.<br />

101497 80cm 5 101483 180cm 1<br />

Jaw Nipper Litter Picker<br />

A uniquely designed picker with a 360 degree swivel head, and<br />

three claws with suckered ends to easily grab and hold larger<br />

objects. It has an ergonomically designed trigger hand grip, and<br />

open and close locking system.<br />

101496 95cm 5<br />

Litter Picker Jaws<br />

A good quality and lightweight aluminium litter picker with a<br />

trigger action, comfortable hand grip and grooved jaw which<br />

makes it ideal for picking up litter, bottles, cans and more<br />

awkwardly shaped waste and rubbish.<br />

105009 85cm 5<br />

Contract Litter Picker<br />

Good value basic litter picker with ergonomically designed<br />

squeeze-action hand grip. Shaped claws for non-slip grabbing of<br />

litter.<br />

101491 85cm 20<br />

Handihoop Bag Opener<br />

A lightweight and sturdy hoop to hold a refuse sack securely open,<br />

making litter picking faster and easier. Features an ergonomically<br />

designed hand grip for comfortable use and fits any standard bin<br />

bag.<br />

104283 40x40x5cm 1<br />

<strong>Range</strong>r MAX Litter Picker<br />

Extra strong tongs made from aluminium, with chunky reflective<br />

grippers for extra safety when working in bad visibility. Angled,<br />

moulded squeeze grip for easy one-handed operation.<br />

101492 88cm 5<br />

Extra Sure Mechanical Gripper Litter Picker<br />

A high quality litter picker with shaped, claws to securely grab<br />

and hold tricky or hazardous items like glass and needles, as well<br />

as general waste. Easy one-handed operation, sturdy aluminium<br />

shaft and impact resistant head and grip. Also available with extralong<br />

handle.<br />

101482 100cm 2 101484 200cm 1<br />

Household Shovel<br />

A handy steel shovel that can be used for all purposes.<br />

101528 46x23cm 10<br />

10<br />


<strong>Robert</strong> <strong>Scott</strong> & Sons Ltd<br />

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T: 01457 819400<br />

E: info@robert-scott.co.uk<br />

robert-scott.co.uk<br />

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