Welcome to The Club Spring 2023

A Magazine for 55+ Like No Other! Welcome to The Club features timeless articles and anecdotes including many from the archives of Daytripping Magazine. It's online at www.welcometotheclub.ca and is also distributed free in Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario.

A Magazine for 55+ Like No Other!
Welcome to The Club features timeless articles and anecdotes including many from the archives of Daytripping Magazine. It's online at www.welcometotheclub.ca and is also distributed free in Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario.


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...which is better than

being under it!



A ‘’New’ Magazine for PEOPLE who aren’t

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Welcome to ...

THE Club

Welcome to our Spring 2023 issue!

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“It feels so good to help

people. So get out there and

feel good!” - Simon Sinek


Every Monday & Wednesday Morning

9:30am – 10:30am

Wyoming Legion 493 Erie St

Register at the Class

Bring Running Shoes & Water

Questions: 519-845-1353 ext. 301


Diner’s Club!

Social Time. Hot Meal. Informative Presentation.

1st Wednesday of the Month

Brunch at The Strangway - $12

3rd Wednesday of the Month

Lunch at Wellings of Corunna - $17

Please register to attend: 519-845-1353 ext. 301



Working at LEO Means:



2nd Thursday of Each Month

10am - 12pm

Alvinston Estates, Alvinston

Socialize over

healthy snacks and activities!

Please register: 519-845-1353 ext. 301




• Directly supporting your community and the people who live in it

• Connected work environment

• Opportunities for growth

View all opportunities at: www.lambtonelderlyoutreach.org/join-our-team

Making Access to Community Supports & Health Services Easier!

Expanded local services & supports listings

New community navigator option

Inclusive of all ages & stages

Find. Specific supports you need.



Navigators listen

and help find local

resources and

supports based

on the needs

Talk. Call to speak with a Community Navigator. of the caller.

www.agefriendlysarnialambton.ca 519-336-3000

Looking for a meaningful way

to connect to our community?

We could use

your help

in a variety

of client


areas and



at LEO!

Volunteer for:

• Board of Directors

• Friendly Visiting

• Bingo Helpers

• Meals on Wheels

• Transportation

• Diner’s Club

• Forever Fit

• Administration

TO GET INVOLVED: 519-845-1353



How We Can

Help You Live

at Home


Non-Urgent Stretcher Van

Meals on Wheels

Home Maintenance

Personal Care

Home Help

Care Giver Respite Support

Crisis Intervention

Housing Support

The Peer Program

Friendly Visiting

Diners Club

LEO Scored 98% Exemplary Standing

for providing Quality Services

Funded in part by the United Way of Sarnia-Lambton

and Jackpot City, Sarnia

Lambton Elderly Outreach • 1-800-265-0203 • www.lambtonelderlyoutreach.orgb ld l h



What on Earth will we do with bottom borders of a Seniors’ paper?

This FREE magazine is distributed in most of Sarnia-Lambton.

What's Going On?


There are two full pages of events in

this issue of Welcome To The Club, and

that’s very important for a few reasons

that I’d like to elaborate on. However,

I’d like to first ask all the organizers in

the non-profit groups, the Lions Clubs,

Optimists, Rotary, fair boards, etc. in

Sarnia and throughout Lambton County

to send us your events, well in advance,

for free publication.

For many years a wonderful lady

named Leona Allen worked at Tourism

Sarnia-Lambton (TSL) and compiled a

very thorough list of events that residents

and visitors could refer to when they

were searching for something to do. It

wasn’t easy… it was like herding cats

and I saw the expression on Leona’s

face countless times as she struggled

to help people help themselves. We’ve

also published Daytripping Magazine

for over a quarter of a century, and

we routinely contact TSL and similar

marketing organizations in Chatham-

Kent, Windsor-Essex, London, Elgin

County, etc. to build a comprehensive

events list for all of Southwestern

Ontario. It’s a ton of work, but we

feel that it’s important content for our

readers and something that needs to be

done. But to say that it’s become more

difficult over the years would be an


Things began to change when social

media sites (yes, we mean you Facebook)

came on the scene. Organizers could

use these to get the word out to enough

people easily, which was super, but

they often were content with that.

While there was no cost to add it to our

events list or to TSL’s and others, many

organizers stopped taking that extra

step and undoubtedly missed out on

a lot of visitors. It also fractured what

had been a well-established system,

and it has since become very difficult

to nearly impossible to find most of the

events in an area all in one place. Pick

any city you may want to visit and try

to find a variety of events in a certain

timeframe - you’ll see how difficult it’s

become. Google is now the best option

in most cases.

The pandemic really put a nail in

the coffin of the traditional events list,

because events went the way of the

Brontosaurus for a while. There were

none, at all, for a long time (though the

Brontosaurus probably had it worse). I

trust that you remember those boring

days. It became pointless for us or TSL

or anyone else to try to build an events

list when there simply weren’t any, and

we all wondered if things would ever go

back to normal. Where’s a fish fry when

you need one damnit!

The pandemic subsided but the effect

it had lingered on. Let’s face it - most

small town events are spearheaded by

a few volunteers over coffee (maybe

with Baileys) in a community hall

or at someone’s kitchen table, and

those groups couldn’t meet during the

pandemic. Even if they did meet, how

could they be sure that their event

wouldn’t have to be cancelled? Would

there be another lockdown? Some

groups disbanded during that time,

and some events will never come back

because it was the hard work of a few

people that made all the difference.

However, fast forward and “Revenge

Tourism” is the new term for an

explosion in the number of people who

want to travel after being locked up for

so long. A similar term may be needed

for the number of events that you’ll be

able to choose from, now that fears of

pandemic aftershocks have subsided.

And, thanks to my amazing staff, we

can now offer you a pretty impressive

list of events on pages 22-23 to consider

attending. Some are big and some are

small and we don’t have them all by any

means, but it’s a great “re-start.” Now

it’s up to the event organizers reading

this to take that extra step and email

us the basic info we need to help you

succeed. No one likes herding cats!


P.S. For up to date live local

entertainment, check out Facebook/

SarniaRocks or Sarniarocks.com


“The Inheritance”

Mark Moran,


Morris Schwartz is on his deathbed, knows the end is near, is

with his nurse, his wife, his daughter and 2 sons. "So", he says to

them, "Bernie, I want you to take the Beverly Hills houses. Sybil,

take the apartments over in Los Angeles Plaza. Hymie, I want

you to take the offices over in City Center." Sarah, my dear wife,

please take all the residential buildings downtown." The nurse is

just blown away by all this, and as Morris slips away, she says,

"Mrs. Schwartz, your husband must have been such a

hard-working man to have accumulated all this property.”

Sarah replies, "What Property? He has a paper route!"

Welcome to ...

Welcome to ...



THE Club

The Club Features

You’ll find

current and




The Club.

Events 21-22

Discount List 19

Community Resources 27

Giving List (Volunteering) 32

Word Search 26

Postcards from the Past 36

Trivia 42

Recipes 15&24

Crossword 29

Andrea Basra, a, Lambton County Archives, Glen C. Phillips, l



Treftlin, Vivienne ne Mathers, Peter Smith, Mike Keenan, enan


Wark, Marion Clouse, Barb Day, Agnes Burroughs, ro


#local, l


Lou Tasko, Sipkens Nurseries, ries

Nancy McSloy, Gisele Levasseur,


Maxine Miner, Corrina Austin, Therese es


Lecuyer, Doris M.

Johnston, on, Kelly-Lynn Musico, Joan Richardson, Marlene Stead,

Joanne ne

vanDam, Ruth Sharon, Heritage Sarnia-Lambton,


Victoria ia Playhouse Petrolia and all l the Recipe contributors.



Mark a k Moran o a - Publisher, b i e Ad Salesa Carrie Ann Timm - Associate Publisher

Carla MacGregor - Advertising Sales

Rhonda Long - Advertising Sales

Angela Lyon - Graphics & Editing

Carla Mejia - Graphic Design

From the

publishers of






Spring 2023



P.O. Box 430 • Brights Grove, ON •N0N 1C0

519-491-1676 • info@welcometotheclub.ca



To receive eive

The Club in the

mail for $20/year (4 issues),


give us a call to discuss payment.


You can also view each issue online -

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the right to reject, discontinue or omit any advertisment without notice or penalty to either party. No portion of this

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otherwise, and there shall be no liablity for non insertion of any advertisment beyond the amount paid for such advertisment.

Use of Material: submitted articles, letters, and other works or materials may be used, published, distributed and stored by

Moran Advertising, Welcome To The Club, and Daytripping Magazine, in whole or in part, in print or by any other means.

SPRING 2023 Read along the bottom borders for some “advice for a happy life.” P A G E 3

Welcome to ...

THE Club

You must be 55 or over to read this magazine.

foresttravelservice.com 519-786-2319

We’re here to help you

make travelling easier.

18 King Street West, Forest


IN 1977


To find (and post) current events

& community information, please

follow our Facebook page.

Welcome to ...

THE Club

Welcome to ... SPRING 2023

Entertainment since 1917 in the Oldest

Modern Theatre in North America

24 King Street West

FOREST • www.kineto.ca

Your TICKET to First Run Movies,

Concerts, Film Festivals &

Community Events!





• Collecbles • Giware • Kids Toys, Games & Books • Fudge

• Maple Buer Tarts & Baking • Williamson Farms Beef & Pork

• Local Honey • Cheese • Local Cider • Williamson Farms Maple Syrup

Open Tues to Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5 • AFTER EASTER Mon to Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5

14 King Street West, FOREST • 226-520-0144


Exploring the Forest Trails

gardens planted with

native species appealing

By Mary Lou Tasko, Lambton Shores Nature Trails • www.lsntblazers.com

to birds and insects—

dot the trail from start

Forest, the busy little community in anticipation of the opening of the to finish. An original

of 3,000 people, provides a variety of Guelph-Sarnia section of the Grand Tunk whistle post, which

recreational opportunities to residents

and visitors alike. Not only can you enjoy

Railway in 1859. In Lambton County,

the rail line ran from Thedford to Point

directed the engineer to

blow the train’s whistle

a little culture at the Kineto Theatre or Edward, passing through the villages of upon approaching a

Forest Museum, but you can keep active

in a host of ways! Forest offers The

Forest, Aberarder, Perch and Blackwell

(named after Thomas E. Blackwell,

road crossing, has been

refurbished and remains

Shores Recreation Centre, the YMCA, the first general manager of the Grand in place one-quarter

baseball and soccer fields, tennis courts,

pickleball, lawn bowling, golf, disc golf,

parks and three hiking trails.

The Esli Dodge Conservation Area,

just south of town, is home to a beautiful

park that includes an amphitheater,

Trunk Railway).

The train station was named Forest

because the steam locomotives would

stop in this densely forested area for

wood and to draw water from Hickory

Creek. From there, a small community

mile out of town. As

well, railroad crossing

signs, replicas of those

often seen in rural Lambton County, are

installed at a farm field crossing along

the trail.

picnic shelter, tennis courts and access grew and, in 1872, Forest was The well-used Grand Trunk Trail, 4

to the Forest Walkway Trail. This 2.8

km paved multi-use trail, owned and

maintained by the Municipality of

Lambton Shores, winds past a manmade

lake and eventually joins the

Grand Trunk Trail west of the Railroad

Way trailhead. From there, a short walk

incorporated as a village. Forest is now

the largest town in Lambton Shores.

In 1923 the Canadian National

Railway took control of the Grand Trunk

Railway, but by 1952 passenger service

had ended and by 1981 the Forest-

Sarnia section had been

km out and back, is accessible, flat and

just the right distance for a leisurely

walk! If you want to extend the walk,

you can take advantage of the Lagoon

Loop which connects with the Grand

Trunk Trail at Brush Road.

east leads to the Rotary Civic Square abandoned. Although

Forest Trails

where there is a splashpad for hot most of the rail land has

summer days!

returned to farmland, Trailhead

The Grand Trunk Rail Trail, which some parts remain Esli Dodge Cons. Area

begins at the Railroad Way trailhead, is accessible, including

Grand Trunk Trail

(4km Out & Back)

closely tied to the history of Forest. The a 2 km stretch of the

first village lots were surveyed in 1858 original rail bed running

southwest from Forest

Forest Walkway

toward Brush Road.

Trail (2.4 km

Out & Back)

Since 2011 Lambton

Lagoon Loop Forest

Shores Nature Trails

(1km Around) Golf Club

has partnered with

the Municipality of Lambton Shores to The Lagoon Loop follows the

maintain and develop the aptly named perimeter of a former effluent pond

Grand Trunk Trail. The trail has been (sewage lagoon) for the Forest Sewage

widened, chip and dust added, and Treatment Plant. The 1 km trail includes

several benches installed to improve a viewing platform and information

accessibility. Pollinator boxes—raised about how effluent ponds, though

Brush Road


Union St.>

King St



Wa St

George St

Hwy 21

serving a very practical function,

can also benefit the environment by

creating a wetland habitat. Birders are

likely to see a variety of shorebirds,

marshbirds and waterfowl that literally

flock to these lagoons to feast on

abundant insect life.

Lambton Shores Nature Trails, in

collaboration with the Municipality

and Forest Community Foundation,

constructed the impressive trailhead

structure and gardens at 12 Railroad

Way, across the road from the Forest

Station Library and not far from

downtown. Since 2017, it has been an

access point for all three Forest Trails.

Our most recent collaboration will link

the past, present and future: the reconstruction

of the Grand Trunk train

bridge over Hickory Creek, slated to

begin later this year. The restoration

will keep the Grand Trunk Rail history

alive, but also provide a functional

and attractive addition for present and

future trail users.

Lambton Shores Nature Trails

is thankful for our partnerships to

make the trails an integral part of the




If you want your dreams to come true, don’t oversleep.

We’re all getting older, we may as well laugh about it!

Having recently lectured on the perils of

riding a motorcycle, it seems only fair to

touch base with drivers of those 4-wheeled

Mechano sets with the roof on top - a.k.a.

the modern automobile, or my sworn

enemy, my nemesis, the curse of my

highway: The Minivan.

Now I can understand why the modern

household would find this new box on

wheels an advantage for transporting

their 2.3 children, plus Fido and Fluffy to

day-care and/or veterinarian (as they are

interchangeable), but do they have to share

MY road? With the motorcycle, I can at least

manoeuvre around most of them before I

get pelted with whatever spews from their

wheels, their exhaust and their windows,

including but not limited to: stones, soot,

oil, lit cigarettes, used Kleenexes, pop cans,

apple cores, peach pits and even spit! And

then there are the children/pets in the back

seats to watch!

So when the motorcycle is not the

vehicle du jour, and I’m relegated to our

15 year old Chevy, then I have to put up

with that horrible confining van-trap for

seemingly endless periods of stop-light.

At these times of absolute idleness and

darkness, considering the dim amount

of daylight that can pass through those

tinted windows, I can’t help but ponder

the many wondrous aspects of this form of

transportation we have all come to depend

on more than our next breath.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re

driving your car and looking for an address,

you invariably turn down the volume on the

radio? Why do you need a driver’s license

to purchase liquor, when everyone knows

Piece of Mind

By Joan Richardson, London

From Daytripping

Sept.-Oct. 2001

Angle-Parked in a Parallel Universe

you can’t drink and drive? If you’re in a

vehicle travelling the speed of light, what

happens when you turn on the headlights?

Then again, if “R” means Reverse on the

gear shift, why is Forward marked “D”?

Once while driving in Toronto, I read

a huge sign on the expressway that said

“Drive Carefully - Keep Your Eyes on the

Road.” I almost crashed into the car in front

of me while I was reading the billboard.

Another time I witnessed a young lady

deftly applying her makeup while driving

through the city streets. As she was utilizing

the rear view mirror for her handiwork,

she missed a turn off and rapidly slammed

on her brakes. The fellow behind her

screeched to a halt, romantically easing his

car up onto her bumper, but boy was he

miffed! I guess the sudden stop had caused

him to lose his cell phone connection and

drop his cigarette; but he was really upset

that her inattention had caused him to spill

his coffee all over the fax machine next

to him! Some drivers should just drive a

hearse and cut out the middle man.

It is my contention that used cars are

not all what they are jacked up to be; that

car trouble is when the car won’t start

and the payments won’t stop and that old

automobile mufflers never die, they just

get exhausted. Truly, the perfect license

plate for me would have to be “PMS 666.”

Nobody would dare cut me off! Perhaps the

trick to surviving the highway carnage is to

drive just a little slower than your guardian

angel can fly. But for now, I guess we have

to assume that if everything seems to be

coming your way, then you must be in the

wrong lane!

Welcome to ...

THE Club








Forest Physiotherapy

and Rehabilitation

10 Watt Street, et

Forest • 519-786-3336


Do you live in the


The CLUB is

available at all

Lambton County


(while they last)!

There are almost 1300 Ontario Heritage Trust Plaques - over 350 in SW Ontario.


Do you know someone living with dementia?

3 out of 5 people living

with dementia will go

missing at some point, a

frightening experience,

and a dangerous one.

That’s why the Alzheimer

Society of Sarnia-Lambton

is partnering with The

Sarnia Police Services and

OPP to provide an

opportunity for individuals living with dementia to be registered as someone

at risk of going missing. Critical information collected provides searchers with

quick access to key information to assist in locating the individual and

returning them home safely.

Stop & shop in Forest, Ontario!

Check out our downtown - browse our shops,

enoy a meal at one of our fantastic restaurants or

take in a movie at the historic Kineto Theatre!


is easy!

Let’s all do our part to help individuals with

dementia live safely in our community.

Simply call Alzheimer Society Sarnia-Lambton

at 519 332 4444 to learn how.

Make a day of it in Forest!

Keep up to date with event & shopping information

on our website, Facebook & Instagram!

SPRING 2023 Start that project you’ve been meaning to start, and see it through to the end. P A G E 5

Welcome to ...



THE Club



2713 Old Lakeshore Road, Brights Grove

519-869-2794 • skeeterbarlows.com

As reported by

Justine Goulet grew up on the shores

of Lake Huron. Her family had a boat

at Cedar Cove Marina, and in the

summers that is where she spent a

lot of her time. “I would go swimming

and wakeboarding everyday. For me,

the lake is life.” Goulet was also

passionate about art and theatre,

and she knew from a young age

that she would work in the arts. In

2012, she completed her Bachelor

of Fine Arts in Performance

Production at Ryerson University

and apprenticed at Canada’s

National Ballet School in the

wardrobe department. “Then

I moved to Dublin, Ireland

and completed my Masters in

Philosophy of Performance Art

from Trinity College.”

When Goulet returned home,

she continued working in the theatre

industry until she discovered the

art of glass fusing. Bonnie Doone

Glass, in Forest, hired Goulet on as

an apprentice. “They were amazing

mentors and taught me everything

about glass fusing.” After two years,

the business closed and Goulet decided

to establish her own space for creating

custom glass pieces and showcasing

other artists. “The vision was to have a

combined storefront and studio space

so people could see things being made

and speak with the artist. I was also

Photo Credit: Jeff McCoy of Kaoss Studios

Join us by the Lake!

• Authentic Hickory Smoked Ribs

• Genuine Broasted Chicken

• Seafood, Sandwiches, Wraps

Reserve for panoramic views

of Lake Huron from our patio!

• Take Out • Lakeside parks & benches nearby



Lake Life Studio


excited to create larger glass pieces

like vessel sinks, cabinet inserts, and

backsplash panels,” shares Goulet.

Lake Life Studio, located at 3811

Lakeshore Road in Camlachie,

was established in July 2015. The

studio sells pottery, art, jewellery,

decorative items, and apparel, all

with a lake or beach vibe. “We are

not just a shopping experience. You

can explore my studio space and

see what I’m working on. You can

book a glass fusing workshop for

yourself or a group of friends, and

you can meet the different artists

as they drop off their products.”

Collaborating with makers and

clients is the most exciting part

of owning her own business.

“I’ve met so many sweet people.

We work together and help each

other, but we also have wine on

Saturday nights.”

Everything in Lake Life Studio is

handcrafted, with the exception of

the apparel line, though those are

screen printed locally. “The apparel

line began with two styles of shirts

consisting of my hand-drawn designs,

but has expanded to different types of

clothing and accessories for everyone.”

It wasn’t until 2017 that the feather

logo and branding came together.

“A percentage of our apparel sales is

donated to the Lake Huron Centre for

Coastal Conservation and The Clan

Mothers Healing Village. Commitment

to protecting and restoring Lake

Huron’s coastal ecosystem and

supporting Indigenous peoples is

important to me.”

Lake Life Studio also sponsors

and organizes beach clean ups in

collaboration with The Lake Huron

Centre for Coastal Conservation, the

next one is planned for September

2023. Learn more by visiting www.


Feel free to send in photos showcasing Sarnia-Lambton.

TOP 10


Country Songs

1 Jean Shepard A Dear John Letter

2 The Davis Sisters I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know

3 Webb Pierce There Stands The Glass

4 Hank Williams Kaw-Liga

5 Jim Reeves & The Circle O Ranch Boys Mexican Joe

6 Hank Williams Your Cheatin' Heart

7 Hank Thompson No Help Wanted

8 Hank Williams Take These Chains from My Heart

9 Webb Pierce It's Been So Long


10 Hank Thompson Rub-A-Dub-Dub playback.fm


Peter Pan

Billboard Hits

The Robe

From Here to Eternity

1 Percy Faith The Song from Moulin Rouge

(Oscar for Best Picture)

2 Les Paul & Mary Ford Vaya con Dios

House of Wax

3 Patti Page (How Much Is) That Doggie

in the Window?


4 Eddie Fisher I'm Walking Behind You


5 Ames Brothers You, You, You

Prefer Blondes

6 Teresa Brewer Till I Waltz Again with You


7 Les Baxter April in Portugal

How to Marry

8 Perry Como No Other Love

a Millionaire

9 Perry Como Don't Let the Stars Get

The Beast from

in Your Eyes

20,000 Fathoms


10 Frankie Laine I Believe wikipedia.com


Your Local

& Lake




Apparel that Gives Back

Glass Fusing Workshop

30+ Canadian Makers

3811 Lakeshore Road • Camlachie • 519-328-2217

Source: the-numbers.com

Visit website for current hours & info! www.lakelifestudio.com

Welcome to ...




The smallest good deed is better than the grandest intention.

Most articles in here have been written by people like you.

Postural Habits

4622 London Line, Reeces Corners • 519-845-3482

By Kelly-Lynn Musico, Brights Grove • Registered Physiotherapist, Registered Yoga Teacher

Welcome to ...

PICK YOUR OWN • Strawberries • Raspberries

• Apples • Pears • Pumpkins (in season)


FARM STORE with fresh produce,

bakery items, preserves, maple syrup,

honey & more. Stop by soon!



Children Welcome

THE Club

Marcanda Gifts

Tea Room & Boutique

Bed & Breakfast

Gift Shop

& Ladies


4562 London Line

Reeces Corners



The new calendar year brought

opportunity to create new lifestyle

habits and now, as we swing into spring,

let’s keep in mind the importance of

good postural habits.

Good postural habits are important

for overall health and well-being.

As a physiotherapist working in the

community, I see how having years of

poor postural habits can lead to pain

and discomfort, impaired mobility,

impaired balance and ultimately an

increased risk of falls. Investing in

good postural habits now can lead to

continued feeling and moving better in

later years.

Good posture refers to having a

neutral spine, where our muscle groups,

joints, and ligaments are aligned in a

way that reduces stress on them, keeps

our body flexible, reduces fatigue, and

helps maintain our balance. When we

sit, stand, or move with good posture,

this reduces strain on our body and can

prevent or alleviate pain in our neck,

back, and other areas. Conversely,

habitually poor posture; slouched or

rounded shoulders, tight pectoral-chest

muscles and forward head posture

tend to lead to muscle imbalances.

Muscles that are often too tight, too

short, too weak or too strong, can lead

to mobility issues.

Let’s remember, our bodies don’t

do what we want them to do, they do

what we train them to do. And, poor

posture habits only get worse over time,

so it’s important to condition ourselves

for better posture and better health.

So, if you typically spend 45 minutes

staring down at your phone or TV with

a slumped back before straightening up,

only to sink back and slouch back down

into slouch mode a minute later, you

are training your body for slouching.

Likewise, if you train for good posture,

you’ll develop a body that will support

good posture without

thinking about it

all the time.

So, how can

we improve our good postural habit? The

first step is in awareness. It is important

to be aware of our body positioning

throughout the day when we are sitting,

standing, and moving. Aiming to keep

a neutral spine and avoid becoming

hunched. Overtime it will become a

habit to straighten up or to take this as a

clue to stand up and move.

It’s not just a matter of knowing

the correct postures, it’s a matter of

creating a new habit. As with any habit

we must train our mind and muscles

over time. Yet, changing habits can be

difficult so to set ourselves for success,

start small.

Here are some suggestions to start

developing good postural habits:

• Counter bad posture with a simple

exercise. Common postural issues

from extended screen time include

forward head position and rounded

shoulders. So a great place to start

is retraining our body by pulling our

chin back and drawing shoulder

blades down and towards each

other. Pick a time and schedule

this exercise in. Gradually set aside

several times a day.

• Strong core muscles support our

spine. Add one core Yoga or Pilates

exercise into your day.

• Strike a pose. Standing in front of a

mirror to build your awareness of

what correct posture looks and feels

like. The mirror doesn’t lie. Start

with 30 seconds and build up from


• Add gentle reminders with sticky

note messages, “How’s your neck?”

or “Straighten Up” in all the places

you spend the most time and do the

most slouching.

• Technology is a great tool to help

remind us to correct our posture or

get up and moving.

So, as we move toward this next

season, let’s keep in mind

good postural habits.

This awareness is a

step towards change.

To improve our

good posture habits,

it is important to be

aware of our body


throughout the

day, engage

in regular

exercise, and

take frequent breaks. By making these

simple adjustments, we can improve

our posture and enjoy many health

benefits. Creating good posture habits

can lead to Moving Better, Feeling

Better and Living Better as we age.

Move. Feel. Live.


& Kitchen



www.PlymptonPlumbing.com • 4401 London Line, Wyoming

You’ve got a lot riding on those tires!


Auto Centre

You can trust

Wyoming Tirecraft

for personal

small town service.


Cars, Trucks, Performance

Specializing in Farm


We can also do repairs,

oil changes,

brakes, batteries,

seasonal maintenance

and much more.

It’s worth

the trip

to Wyoming!

547 Ontario Street, Wyoming • 519-845-0813 • tirecraft.com

SPRING 2023 The best vitamin for making friends ... B1.

P A G E 7

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If you can’t think

of a word,

say “I forgot the English

word for it.”

That way people will

think you’re bilingual

instead of an idiot.

• Manicures • Pedicures • Waxing

• Cosmetic Injections (Botox & Fillers)

• Electrolysis

a getaway from the everyday

635 Broadway Street



Green County Ebikes


Mobility Scooters

New • Used

Parts • Sales • Service

Financing Available

Ebike &

Mobility Scooter


Also Sundays in Grand Bend

at Pinery Antique Flea Market

638 Broadway Street, Wyoming • 519.333.8313 • www.greencountyebikes.com


9AM - 5PM

The Joys of Aging!

• Having plans sounds like a good idea until you have to put on

clothes and leave the house.

• It's weird being the same age as old people.

• It's probably my age that tricks people into thinking I'm an adult.

• Never sing in the shower! Singing leads to dancing, dancing leads

to slipping and slipping leads to paramedics seeing you naked.

So remember… don't sing!

• I'm at a place in my life where errands are starting to count as going out.

• I'm at that age where my mind still thinks I'm 29, my humour

suggests I'm 12, while my body mostly keeps asking if I'm sure I'm

not dead yet.

• You don't realize how old you are until you sit on the floor and then

try to get back up.

• We all get heavier as we get older, because there's a lot more

information in our heads. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

• My bucket list: Keep breathing.

• Being an adult is the dumbest thing I have ever done (and why some

of us so carefully avoid it.)

• I'm a multitasker. I can listen, ignore and forget all at the same time!

• At my funeral, take the bouquet from my

coffin and throw it into the crowd to see

who is next.

• Retirement To Do List: Wake up.

Nailed it!

• Went to an antique auction and

people were bidding on me.

• I won't say I'm worn out, but I don't

get near the curb on trash day.

• I don't have grey hair, I have

wisdom highlights.

• I came, I saw, I forgot what I was

doing. Retraced my steps. Got

lost on the way back. Now I

have no idea what's going on.



Give more compliments - for anything, to anyone.

Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.

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THE Club


A Greener


One Tree

At A Time




15% OFF

Every Day for

Seniors (65+)

647 Broadway Street, Wyoming

226-307-0694 • suncoastnaturalhealth.ca


SENIORS 10% OFF (65+)

Contact Us: 519-845-0847




569 BROADWAY ST, WYOMING • 519-845-1613

A Dog Called St. Clem by

When I was too small to know what a

blacksmith did besides shoe horses and

fix things, I knew that the patron saint of

blackmiths was St. Clement, and that he

was born on November the 23rd.

Dad, at this time was a blacksmith and

he used to talk to St. Clement when he was

shoeing an obstreperous horse. Later he

named the stray airedale that came to his

shop, Clement, after the saint. We never

called the dog anything but Clem, but Dad

always said Clement - he never shortened

his name. Dad would say Clement the dog

watched over him as much as Clement the

Saint did, but I wouldn’t know, because

Clem always went to work with Dad and

came home with him.

I never saw him actually watch anyone;

he was always sleeping, that is until my

baby sister was learning to walk. At that

time he offered his sturdy body for her

to hang on to, and walked through the

house with her clutching his fur, keeping

her away from anything that she might

bump in to. When she had mastered the

art of walking, Clem went back to his old

sleeping habit.

I remember once, somewhere around

1925, Dad telling Mom about two men

who came into the shop, intent on stealing

his anvil; they probably

thought they could sell it

for junk. Jobs were scarce

in those days, and maybe

they needed the money

it would bring. Dad

tackled the men and

when Clem saw that he needed

help, sprang into action. Dad

said the hackles on Clem’s neck rose like

a porcupine’s quills and the snarl on his

face would have scared a lion. The men

left in a hurry.

I didn’t know what hackles were, but

what a delightful word it was to roll around

on my three year old tongue. I didn’t know

what an anvil was either, but when my

Dad died sixty-five years later and left it to

my husband, it took two very strong men

to lift it. Mainly because it was still bolted

to the hundred pound hardwood stump it

had been attached to for so many years. I

wonder how the would-be thieves planned

on taking it away.

Once I heard my grandmother say,

“What a saint of a dog.” That was the

time some clothing hanging over the fire

guard blazed up and Clem woke us with

his barking. Of course, my older sister

immediately started calling him St. Clem.

623 Broadway St., Wyoming • 519-845-9915 • VillageFireplaceShop.com

Doris M. Johnston • from Daytripping July-Aug 2002

When he dug up Grandma’s rhubarb

plants, Grandma had another name

for him, something not quite as

complimentary. Mom frowned on

us using bad language,so we

weren’t allowed to rename

him Imbecilic Galoot, but

I sang those words over to

myself until the next day when

I forgot them.

When Dad changed jobs a few years

later, he had an awful time convincing

Clem that he was not welcome at his new

place of employment. He followed Dad

whenever he could sneak out the door.

After being brought home several times

and being soundly scolded, he decided

that his job was to guard the street we

lived on. Clem never crossed the road

but went around the block whipping the

tar out of any dog his own size or larger

that was foolish enough to remain where

Clem could see him. He didn’t bother

smaller dogs and he was in awe of cats,

but still Dad got lots of complaints from

the nearby neighbours, which he ignored,

firmly believing that Clem was a Saint as

Grandma had called him.

The only time that Dad was truly cross

with him was when my aunt made donuts

and Clem, with a sixth sense,or or a good

sense of smell trotted over to visit. On

these occasions, Dad had to go over and

bring him back. “If Lizzie would stop

feeding him, Clement wouldn’t go over.”

Dad would grumble.

It was on one of these “donut times”

that St. Clem met his Waterloo. Walking

back home with Dad, his tummy filled

with donuts, he was set upon by a dog six

times his size (that’s what Dad said) and

mauled unmercifully before he could be

rescued. Dad carried the bleeding body

back home, where Mom nursed him back

to health, but St. Clem never recovered.

He had been beaten on his own turf, his

dignity had been hurt beyond recall. He

never patrolled the block again and the

only time he had donuts was when Aunt

Lizzie brought them over to him. His

headquarters were the front steps and

he never moved until Dad came home

at night. Then he would go down to the

sidewalk to greet his master, come into

the house with him, and remain at his side

until nature called and he had to go out for

a few minutes before bedtime.

When he died two years later, still very

much a “homebody,” Dad helped us bury

him, and in his little workshop, made a

marker. The inscription on it alleviated our

grief somewhat. Dad had printed. “Here

lies St. Clem. A good dog.”

663 Broadway Street

Wyoming, ON N0N 1T0




600 0Y Years of fS Service i to oWyo

Wyoming o &Th The Surrounding S o un

i Community!

C i


“Where Good Friends Meet!”

Physician Consults

available through our



Call us for details

Great Local Service


• Compounding Service

• Rapid COVID Tesng

607 Broadway Street, Wyoming 519-845-3341

SPRING 2023 The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. P A G E 9

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1-800-265-7506 • www.cam-ron.ca

Established in 1978,

Lambton Pharmacy continues to

provide caring, professional pharmacy

services to residents of the beautiful

town of Petrolia and Lambton County.



Full Service Pharmacy

Full Service Cosmetic Department

Full Service Home Health Care Dept.

Wednesday is Senior’s Day ~ 20% OFF* for Customers 60+

Beautiful Gift Shop

You can’t buy


but you can

• Fresh Produce

• Fresh Meat

• Party Trays

• Bakery

• Deli



4130 Glenview Rd, Unit 2, Petrolia


Danielle Edgar, B.Sc., PharmD


Monday–Friday 9–6

Saturday 9–12


10% OFF for age 60 and over (must tell cashier)

Doesn’t apply to tobacco, lottery or gift cards

Use our easy




Retirement To Do List:


Nailed it!

• Bulk Food

• Seasonal


• Flower



We’ll bring your groceries to your car!

• Wedding • Birthday

• Baby • Home Decor


4177 Petrolia Line, Petrolia • (519) 882-1840 Mon-Fri 9-6, Sat 9-6, Sun10-5



Author Unknown

BE understanding to your enemies,

BE loyal to your friends.

BE strong enough to face the world each day.

BE weak enough to know you cannot do everything alone.

BE generous to those who need your help.

BE frugal with what you need yourself.

BE wise enough to know that you do not know everything.

BE foolish enough to believe in miracles.

BE willing to share your joys.

BE willing to share the sorrows of others.

BE a leader when you see a path others have missed.

BE a follower when you are shrouded by the mists of uncertainty.

BE the first to congratulate an opponent who succeeds.

BE the last to criticize a colleague who fails.

BE sure where your next step will fall, so that you will not tumble.

BE sure of your final destination, in case you're going the wrong way.

BE loving to those who do not love you, and they may change.

Above all, BE YOURSELF.



Downtown Retirement Living

in a Quaint Victorian Town

4136 Petrolia Line,

Petrolia • 519-882-2211



Call to Book a Tour:

423 Albany Street

Petrolia, ON


Enjoy Friends | Enjoy Independence | Enjoy Life



Keep an open mind when someone starts talking about something you don’t like.

Maybe we should stop it with the elderly jokes. They’re getting old.

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Country Yarns

Everything for

your Kning,


Cross Stch &



- Menon this ad for a 15% discount -

2776 LaSalle Line, PETROLIA • 519-882-8740


Wed.10-5 • Thurs.10-6 • Fri.10-5 • Sat. 10-3



226-738-0665 • WWW.BLACKGOLD.BEER







The Walk is Petrolia’s only luxury

apartment project in the downtown

core. Within walking distance to the

grocery store, hospital, pharmacies and

more, the location is ideal for adopting

Petrolia’s trendy downtown lifestyle. 519-882-3157


So Much to Celebrate at the Victoria Playhouse in 2023!

Following a triumphant 2022, the

Victoria Playhouse Petrolia (VPP) is

gearing up for an even more celebratory

2023 season. With six extraordinary

productions hitting the stage from May

until October, there is something for

every theatre goer to enjoy. 2023 marks

the Golden Jubilee for the VPP, bringing

professional productions to Lambton

County for 50 years. It also marks the

10th season (and 12th year, thanks to

the pandemic) for beloved Co-Artistic

Directors, David Hogan and David

Rogers, along with Resident Musical

Director, Mark Payne.

“We always value the feedback our

patrons provide, and our 2023 season

has been curated with the things they

most love here at the VPP,” Hogan said.

“We are known across the country for

our world-class concerts, and we are

thrilled to bring some VPP favourites

back to the stage this season. In addition,

we have a Canadian musical premiere,

a celebrated Norm Foster comedy and

a breathtaking musical

to close out this

momentous season.”

Kicking off the

season is JESSE’S


running from May

2-21. Patron favourite

Jesse Grandmont leads

a cast of musicians

in this big ol’ country

music jubilee! Country standards and

fiddling gems are sure to have audience

members tapping their toes. Grandmont

looks forward to the 2023 Season getting

underway, saying, “I’m so honoured to

David Rogers and David Hogan

get to host the first show of this historic

season at the VPP. I’m even more excited

to get to do so while playing some of my

favourite country music! It’s going to be

such a blast to welcome our audiences

back to the VPP’s 50th Season with a

show that we know will get everyone

dancing in the aisles!”

Next up is the Canadian premiere

of WHERE THE HEART IS, an original

musical written by Mark Weatherley,

with music by Kale Penny. Starring Alex

Baerg and Leah Grandmont, the story

follows a former musician (Grandmont)

who happens upon a street busker

(Baerg). The characters connect over

their love of music in this inspiring and

heartfelt story about never giving up on

your dreams, on stage June 6-25.

Celebrating noteworthy years in

music history is nothing new for the

VPP’s creative team, and they bring their

unique humour, musical arrangements

and storytelling to YESTERDAY ONCE

MORE; 1973, running July 4-23. This

concert gathers

some of our

country’s top

singers to journey

back to 1973,

through the

year’s memorable

music, including

hits from Elton

John, The Rolling

Stones, Gladys

Knight and more!

Known for his warm-hearted

comedies, Norm Foster’s JONAS &

BARRY IN THE HOME takes the stage

August 8-27. Following the unlikely

friendship between two men living in

a retirement home, this lighthearted

comedy about living life

to its fullest is sure to


By popular demand,

VPP Musical Director

Mark Payne brings the

sequel to his 2018 recordbreaking

sell out (East

Coast Kitchen Party), with



stage September 5-24.

With even more singin’,

steppin’, and kissin’ the

cod than the original, this

musical extravaganza of

East Coast music is sure

to delight audiences.

Mark Payne

For Payne, it is a true joy to share his

heritage again with VPP crowds, saying,

“I couldn’t be more excited about the

sequel to the East Coast Kitchen Party.

It’s going to be an even bigger party

than the first one. There was so much

amazing music I wanted to showcase in

the first one, but we ran out of time, so

if you thought you had fun the first time

out, make sure you come check out ‘the

leftovers’! You don’t want to miss it. I

can’t imagine a better way to celebrate

10 incredible years at the VPP.”

Closing out the 2023 season is

the award winning musical, Lerner

and Loewe’s CAMELOT. This fresh

and exciting take on the legendary

production, starring local favourite

Michael Vanhevel as King Arthur,

features a beloved and glorious score,

including songs such as If Ever I Would

Leave You, What Do the Simple Folk

Do? and, of course, Camelot. Vanhevel

looks forward to bringing

his unique take to the

character, saying, “It’s

no exaggeration to say

the legends of Camelot

are some of the most

celebrated and enduring

stories ever told. The

influence that the

characters and of course,

their triumphs and trials

have had on classic and

modern fantasy literature,

tv, movies and pop culture

really can’t be overstated

and so of course, there’s

an unbelievable amount

of personal excitement

in having the privilege to be the VPP’s

King Arthur. I have to say, that on a

personal note, Camelot was one of the

first musicals I ever saw and no doubt

helped to lead me down my own path

to the stage so getting to revisit the

show as a part of its cast is a beautiful

way for me to come full circle!” Don’t

miss it, running October 10-29.

As the 2023 Summer Season

concludes, there is always much

anticipation for the VPP’s Christmas

productions. Don’t miss STARBRIGHT

CHRISTMAS, on stage November

24-December 10 and THE VPP HOLIDAY

JAMBOREE, playing for three days only,

December 15-17. Tickets are on sale

now by calling the box office at 1-800-

717-7694 or by visiting www.thevpp.ca

Join the VPP for an unforgettable season


SPRING 2023 Don’t hold grudges, they are too heavy a burden.

P A G E 11

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If I Knew

Author Unknown

If I knew it would be the last time

That I'd see you fall asleep,

I would tuck you in more tightly

and pray the Lord, your soul to keep.

If I knew it would be the last time

that I see you walk out the door,

I would give you a hug and kiss

and call you back for one more.

If I knew it would be the last time

I'd hear your voice lifted up in praise,

I would videotape each action and word,

so I could play them back day after day.

If I knew it would be the last time,

I could spare an extra minute

to stop and say "I love you,"

instead of assuming you KNOW I do.

If I knew it would be the last time

I would be there to share your day,

well I'm sure you'll have so many more,

so I can let just this one slip away.

For surely there's always tomorrow

to make up for an oversight,

and we always get a second chance

to make everything right.

There will always be another day

to say "I love you,"

And certainly there's another chance

to say "Anything I can do?"

But just in case I might be wrong,

and today is all I get,

I'd like to say how much I love you

and I hope you never forget.

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone,

young or old alike,

And today may be the last chance

you get to hold your loved one tight.

So if you're waiting for tomorrow,

why not do it today?

For if tomorrow never comes,

you'll surely regret the day.

That you didn't take that extra time

for a smile, a hug, or a kiss

& you were too busy to grant someone,

what turned out to be their one last wish.

So hold your loved ones close today,

and whisper in their ear,

Tell them how much you love them

and that you'll always hold them dear

Take time to say "I'm sorry,"

"Please forgive me," or "It's okay."

And if tomorrow never comes,

you'll have no regret about today.


I Who?

am a kid who lives in Illinois with my

mother, father, brother Buzz, and Buzz's

pet tarantula. When my family decides

to take a Christmas vacation to Paris,

somehow they forget me at home.

Luckily, I am able to outsmart some

bandits who try to rob my house.

I am an actress born in New York on

December 4, 1964. My breakout role in

a film about a floundering attorney

stuck in rural America won me an

Academy Award. I've had many other

film credits, including playing an aunt

to a popular web-slinging superhero.

I am a comic actor born in

Colorado on June 13, 1953. While

attending college, I worked at the

student radio station. I starred in a

popular TV show about a tool

enthusiast and I voiced a character

in a film series about toys.

Answer: Tim Allen

Answer: Marisa Tomei

Answer: Kevin McCallister (Home Alone)



Be cautious - don’t learn safety rules by accident.

As you may have guessed by now, it’s for people 55+


A man who

carries a cat by

the tail learns

something he

can learn in no

other way.

(Mark Twain)



For The Club Spring 2023

CROSSWORD on page 29

563 Front St. N., Sarnia



My mother was born January 1919 in a

small, rural town in Manitoba, she was the

eldest daughter with four other siblings,

all sisters. She met my father in British

Columbia, they married in Manitoba and

moved to Ontario for my father’s work.

Since her father passed away at a

young age, she was expected to help the

family financially. She gave up her dream

of becoming a school teacher, something

all of hers sisters became, and went to

work at Bell in Winnipeg as a switchboard


Though she never became a school

teacher, she was a great teacher and

example to us kids. She would say the

following and much more:

You’re no better than, but just as

good as anyone else.

Be proud of yourself and your


Be kind and be fair.

Every time you step out of this house,

you represent this family, make us


We still quote her from time to time.

She was known to be tough but this

forced us to do a good job, finish what we

started and do it well.

I remember coming home crying

because I was teased at school about my

size/weight and she always seemed to

know what to say to make me feel better

Welcome to ...

Be Ready for Sandal Season

Trendy mani-pedi

colour combos to

try this Spring!

We have the highest

safety protocols in place!

No appointment needed to shop the boutique

Lucky Me

By Gisele Levasseur, Windsor

from Daytripping May-June 2021

and at the same time give me a lesson

about people as well.

She surprised us all when at the age

of 56 years old she proudly displayed

her new driving license. She had been

secretly taking lessons while my dad was

at work and didn’t want to let him know

in case she didn’t pass the first time.

She liked to travel and always wanted

to visit the Yukon, so after my father

passed away she hopped on a Greyhound

bus alone and headed out for a great bus

trip, with one stop in Manitoba to visit her

family. What an adventurer!

She told us she liked to sit right behind

the bus driver so she could see out the

windshield and enjoy the panoramic

view and not miss a thing…curiosity!

THE Club

Tax Season is Coming!

Rely on Certified Professional


Jacqueline Waybrant

to help you out

this year.



When she believed in something,

she was not afraid to show it and would

encourage us to (for example) join a

demonstration to bring a French high

school to our area. Though we did not get

one till we had all finished high school,

I like to think we had a small part in

making it happen (and we actually have

three french high schools now).

One of her favourite pastimes was to

shop in a recycle/resale shop, before it was

the thing to do. She could spend hours

in there and always seemed to find that

perfect outfit to wear. She always made

sure she looked her best when she went

out in public. She was a proud woman!

She had so many talents: she was a

great sewer, loved to play cards (though

she was somewhat of a sore loser), she

did not like to be teased by my dad and

always seemed to be ready for the next

adventure, big or small.

I’ve come to realize, as I reflect on

her life, what an amazing and wonderful

woman she was, what courage and

determination she had to have had to

make her life/our lives work so well, what

she gave up and gave us.

Thanks for everything Maman/Mom! If

only a small part of you has rubbed off

on me, I will consider myself blessed and

contented. What an example you have


SPRING 2023 Don’t lie to anyone about things that matter, and that includes yourself. P A G E 13

Welcome to ...

THE Club

“Big or Small, JohnnyRemax

Sells T hem All”

John A. McCharles, Broker

Re/Max Sarnia Realty Inc. Brokerage



Do you remember being 19? Neither do we!



1804 London Line, Sarnia



Mon–Fri 9 am–6 pm • Sat 8 am–2 pm







and Alkaline


Sarnia • 519-542-1491

Welcome to ... SPRING 2023

Here at Napoli Pizza

we’re not just a food

business, we’re a

family business. Our

specialty is homemade

pizza, pasta and so

much more.

We are dedicated to

providing you with

only the highest

quality ingredients. We make our food the old

fashioned way. With classic Italian dishes, we

offer our customers a warm atmosphere filled

with the same friendly faces and aromas of

freshly made dough, sizzling pizza and delicious

fresh pasta. Whether you’re dining in or

ordering out, we’ve made your food with the

same quality & care we would make for our own

family, so that you can enjoy it with yours!

To Mom:

I’m hungry…

I’m cold…

I’m hot…

Can I have…

I want to watch…

Where are you…?

Can you ask Dad…?

Can you help me…

He hurt me…

She hurt me…

I want to go there…

When are we…?

Why are we…?

Why can’t we?

To Dad:

Where’s Mom?

It felt silky and wonderful in my

friend’s saline pool. I swam a couple of

lengths and then stood around in the

shallow end, chatting. Now, this is an

exercise regimen I could adopt, I mused


“Dundas Community Pool,” the cheery

voice answered. I explained that I had

phoned to inquire about the hours. She

asked what I wanted to do. The obvious

answer would sound impertinent, I chose

to remain silent. She said something

incomprehensible and then, “...or aqua


“Pardon?” I replied. I had a better

chance of understanding the first bit,

now I knew it was something special you

did in the water. She repeated it and I


“Lengths, yes, lengths, of course

lengths is what I’m looking for,” I laughed

as if misunderstandings were innately

hilarious. “Noon to 1. Thank you.”

I arrive 20 minutes early and gust at

the woman typing behind the counter.

“Hi, this is my first time. I’ve never

been here before. Do you have any

information I can have?” She hands

me a small square black and white

photocopy of the pool’s hours. I feel a

little deflated. I had hoped for a glossy

brochure explaining the advantages of

salt over chlorine with a congratulatory

paragraph that said good for me for

making such a fine choice. Perhaps a few

jaunty sketches of the different strokes,

which part of the body they targeted and

how many calories they burned would

have been nice, too. As I flipped the

piece of paper over she may have been

sympathetic to my ebbing exuberance.

She said encouragingly, “We have aqua

fit, too.”

“Oh, I couldn’t do that, I’m not fit

enough,” I shared. “I can’t keep up

with the 70-year-olds in the group. The

exertion makes me feel nauseous.”

“So, you’re going to do lengths,” she

responded. Perhaps I’d leaned over

the counter too far. Determined to be

positive about my new regimen, I loudly

sang out, “Well, we’ll see how I do.” She

directed me to the ladies’ change room.

I headed for the door clearly marked

ladies’ washroom and she called out,

“No, it’s further up on your right, it says

‘change room’ on the door.”

the slow lane. She pointed to a wide area

next to the steps in the shallow end. I

quickly removed my towel and headed

to the steps. A 90-year-old man smiled

as he passed on his way to the fast lane.

I noticed the sign on the steps said I

had to turn around and face the steps

going into the pool. I didn’t like that. It

meant the young male lifeguard on the

other side of the pool would get a view of

me I had kept under a towel until the last

possible moment. Perhaps he couldn’t

see the cellulite from there. I descended

Excitedly I entered and took in quickly and immediately swam a

the empty surroundings. Using the spectacular length with beautiful form…

lockers was a bit of

freestyle with head

a challenge, but the

and face completely

showers were much Slow Lane out of the water

more difficult. I put on

to ensure coif and

my glasses to read the By Vivienne Mathers, Dundas makeup remained

knob. It had arrows,

“hot” and “cold.” I

unaltered. On the

way back I felt a bit

turned it, nothing

tired so I switched

happened, I pulled it,

to breaststroke.

still nothing. I pushed and was blasted in

the face and shoulder with tepid water.

Still no one there? Good. I wrapped the

towel around my lower half and pushed

on the door that would take me into

the pool area. It didn’t open. A bit stiff,

I nuanced, and began pushing, heaving

a shoulder at it, running and jumping

when it occurred to me that the lifeguards

might not actually be ready yet.

I stood facing the door, dripping on the

floor hoping I’d still look wet when they

opened it so I wouldn’t get shouted at.

“Didn’t you shower?!”

“Yes, 15 minutes ago, it’s evaporated.”

The door opened, it was clear the

young female lifeguard wasn’t used to

someone leaping out wanting to chat. I

chased her retreating form and told her

it was my first time and asked which was

I’m proud of my breaststroke, barely a

ripple. I could feel my triceps burning,

good. Part way along I realized that these

lengths were a lot lengthier than my

friend’s pool.

As I reached the wall back where I

started, I was wheezing audibly. I took

a break for a few moments and headed

off again feeling some pressure to do

what this hour called for. I flagged a

little and surmised being tired in deep

water frightened me. I flipped onto my

back and headed for the part of the pool

where I could put my feet down. The

male lifeguard seemed to be watching

me a little too intently, to my mind.

Lascivious beast. I adjusted the front of

my two-piece to ensure my hysterectomy

scar was completely covered and nearly

drowned myself.

Others began arriving. A woman with

no visible body fat, wearing goggles and

about 75 slipped into the medium lane

right beside me. We set off together, her

doing the front crawl where she seemed

to elegantly submerge. I had decided to

do ½ lengths. As I turned at the midway

point she was beside me again on her

return journey. I didn’t even try to beat

her to the wall.

I stopped, began intently reading all the

signage trying to recover my breathing

and glanced at the clock. 12:10. Too soon

to leave really. A young couple arrive, he

does a swift length and she stands around

near the wall. I decide to show them

what I can do. I swim my ½ length and

then without even putting my feet down

I turn and feel a little discomfort in my

back. I fight to stay on top of the water.

About an inch of hair gets wet, which

is unfortunate as it’s the inch I spent so

much time flat ironing this morning. The

lifeguard is still watching me. 12:15. Well,

it was only $3.50, I could leave now. I

swim another 2 half-lengths and ask the

female lifeguard some questions so as

to catch my breath. She keeps glancing

away at the other swimmers, not really

appropriate in polite conversation, but

she’s pleasant enough. 12:20, respectable

I think and I exit the pool wrapping my

towel around me lightning fast and

only dropping it once in my haste to be

unnoticeable. I wave goodbye, only to

the female lifeguard, and as I enter the

change room I notice the woman who

had been standing around in the shallow

end, is showering. Hardly worth it really.

I drive home virtuously. My back is still

a bit stiff though and all I’ve been doing

since, is sitting or napping. I think I’ll go

back next week. I’m determined to keep

up my new fitness level.



Jumping to conclusions can be bad exercise.

Putting the “old” back in “Damn, you’re old!”


Send Us

Your u

Recipes! e c


We’ll be bringing you recipes from Club contributors rs

& from local fundraising cookbooks we’ve collected

over the last quarter of a century. You’re welcome to

send your own recipes, or on behalf of an

organizaon that has a new cookbook, & we can

help promote those cookbooks for free.

These recipes are taken from the 3rd Edion of

“From Our House to Yours” Cookbook by St.

Joseph’s Hospice Sarnia Lambton. Call 519-337-05377 for your copy.

Cinnamon French Toast Tray Bake

Buer for greasing

1 loaf crusty bread

8 eggs

2 c. milk

1/2 c. sugar

1/2 c. heavy/whipping cream

1/2 c. brown sugar

2 Tbsp. vanilla

Stuffed Pepper Casserole

1 lb. ground beef

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 small onion, chopped

2 large green peppers, chopped

1 - 14.5 oz. can diced tomatoes

1 - 8 oz. can tomato sauce

1/2 c. beef broth

Preheat oven to 350°F. In a frying pan, add ground beef, garlic and onion.

Cook unl beef is brown, about 10 minutes. Transfer beef mixture into an

11x8 inch baking dish. Add chopped green peppers, spinach, diced tomatoes,

tomato sauce, beef broth, uncooked rice, Worcestershire sauce, salt and

pepper on top of the beef. Mix to fully combine. Cover with aluminum foil and

bake for 75 minutes or unl rice is so. Take out of the oven, sprinkle

mozzarella cheese on top and bake for 5 minutes. Serve and enjoy!

Southern Pecan Pie

2 c. flour

3/4 tsp. salt

3/4 c. Crisco

4 to 8 Tbsp. ice cold water

3 eggs

By: Paula


1/2 c. flour

1/2 c. brown sugar

1 tsp. cinnamon

1/4 tsp. salt

Pinch nutmeg

1/2 c. cold buer, cut into pieces

Warm maple syrup and berries

for serving

Grease a 9x13 inch pan with buer. Rip the bread into chunks and spread

into pan. Whisk together eggs, milk, cream, both sugars and vanilla; pour

evenly over the bread. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

Mix the flour, sugar, cinnamon, salt and nutmeg together. Mix in the buer

with a fork unl resembles a coarse meal. Set aside.

In the morning, preheat oven to 350°F. Sprinkle the topping over the top of

the bread mixture and bake for 1 hour. Serve with syrup and berries.

1/2 c. chopped spinach

1/2 c. long grain rice (uncooked)

1 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce

1/2 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp. pepper

1 c. shredded mozzarella cheese

2/3 c. brown sugar

1 c. corn syrup

1/3 c. melted buer

1 c. pecan halves

1 tsp. vanilla

By: Chrisne Day

By: Sheila Courtney

For pie crust, sr together flour and salt. Cut shortening into flour mixture

with pastry blender or fork and blend unl mixture resembles lile pieces

the size of breadcrumbs.

Gradually add just enough water, 1 tablespoon at a me, srring with a

fork just unl dough holds together and forms a smooth ball. Divide and

shape into 2 balls. Flaen to 1/2 inch discs. Wrap in plasc wrap. Chill 30

minutes or up to 2 days.

For filling, beat eggs with sugar. Sr in remaining ingredients and pour

unto unbaked pie shell. Bake approximately 50 minutes at 350°F.

Send Your Recipes to info@welcometotheclub.ca

club ca

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Sarnia • 519-383-0688

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Operated Since 1989.

We are known for our

terrific service:

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y Line • 519-627-3335





Kids’ Letters to God

Dear God,

It’s Time To

Get Your



• maintenance

• repairs

• brakes

• batteries

I think the stapler

is one of your

greatest inventions.


Auto Centre

- Ruth

• diagnostics

• oil changes

• and so

much more!

www.tirecraft.comw.ti i

c f

SPRING 2023 Be the friend that walks in when everyone else walks out.

P A G E 15

Welcome to ...

THE Club

Laughter is the best medicine - here’s to your health.

Welcome to ...


Touring Bluewater Health with

President & CAO Paula

Reaume-Zimmer and Deena Little

(Coordinator, Centralized

Scheduling Office) to discuss the

current and future health care

needs of Sarnia-Lambton.

Learning more about fire service

during a tour of Stratford with

Mayor Martin Ritsma and

Perth-Wellington MPP Matthew

Rae as part of my expanded work

at Queen’s Park.

Attending the swearing in of two

new Sarnia Police Service

Officers, Kristen Carter and

Brandon Everett, as the SPS

works to strengthen community

policing and protect our


Discovering more about the

cutting-edge programs at Lambton

College with Dave Machacek,

Dean of Technology and Trades.


MPP – Sarnia-Lambton

Building A Better Sarnia-Lambton

With the arrival of spring, all of us in Sarnia-Lambton are ready to get

out and enjoy the wide range of events and activities happening right here

on our doorsteps. The Club is a great place to start! I encourage you to

flip through the spring edition and mark your calendars so you don’t miss

any of the great things happening across Lambton County.

As I speak to people throughout our area, one of the biggest topics of

conversation, especially for those of us in the 55+ age group, is the future

of public health care.

The government recognizes that too many Ontarians are waiting too

long to get an appointment or surgery, having to travel too far to get care,

and spending too much time trying to navigate the health care system.

That is why the government is putting Ontarians back in charge of their

health care through the release of “Your Health: A Plan for Connected and

Convenient Care.” This plan focuses on providing people with a better,

more convenient health care experience closer to home, while taking

action to reduce wait times and grow the health care workforce across

the province.

The plan lays out a broad series of initiatives under three pillars: The

Right Care in the Right Place, Faster Access to Care, and Hiring More

Health Care Workers. Designed to work together and work for people,

these pillars will deliver connected and convenient care in hospital

emergency rooms, in community settings like pharmacies and doctors’

offices, in long-term care homes, and through care delivered right in your


As initiatives of this plan continue to be implemented, Ontarians will

have even more ways to receive the high-quality public health care they

know and deserve, ensuring fast, easy access to care at every stage of life.

In closing, I hope you and your family have a very happy spring and

embrace the opportunity to experience everything that Sarnia-Lambton

has to offer. Enjoy life to the fullest!

Thanking Annabelle Rayson and

her mom Stephanie Lobsinger,

who continue to coordinate the

Sarnia Shoebox Project in support

of women impacted by



805 Christina St. North, Suite 102

Point Edward, ON N7V 1X6

Learning more about the

important work that Paramedics

do to support our public health

care system during a meeting at

Queen’s Park with members of the

Ontario Paramedic Association.

Contact Bob Bailey

Tel.: 519-337-0051

Fax: 519-337-3246

Working with the team at

Pathways Health Centre for

Children to provide critical

upgrades in support of

thousands of young people

in our community.

Meeting with Sarnia Site

Director Brian Lucas and the

team at INEOS Styrolution to

learn more about their

operations and how they’re

supporting a cleaner future.

E-mail: bob.baileyco@pc.ola.org

Website: bobbaileympp.com



Smile as much as you can - it’s the ultimate anti-depressant.

It’s the advertising that makes this magazine possible, and free!

Welcome to ...

THE Club

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Sales Representave

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Office: 519-542-9999


Happy Mother’s Day

Author Unknown • from Daytripping May-June 2008

WONDER – what the real estate market is up to?

WONDER – what your house is worth?

WONDER – is this a good time to buy?

Stop wondering and call us!

sarnia realty Inc., Brokerage*

*Indepentently owned and operated


Sales Representave

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laurie.l@bell.net • laurielaurin.com

This is for the mothers who have sat

up all night with sick toddlers in their

arms, wiping up barf laced with Oscar

Mayer wieners and cherry Kool-Aid

saying, “It’s okay honey, Mommy’s


Who have sat in rocking chairs for

hours on end soothing crying babies

who can’t be comforted.

This is for all the mothers who show

up at work with spit-up in their hair and

milk stains on their blouses and diapers

in their purse.

For all the mothers who run carpools

and make cookies and sew Halloween

costumes. And all the mothers who


This is for the mothers who gave

birth to babies they’ll never see. And

the mothers who took those babies and

gave them homes.

This is for the mothers whose

priceless art collections are hanging on

their refrigerator doors.

And for all the mothers who froze

their buns on metal bleachers at football

or soccer games instead of watching

from the warmth of their cars, so that

when their kids asked, “Did you see me,

Mom?” they could say, “Of course, I

wouldn’t have missed it for the world,”

and mean it.

This is for all the mothers who yell at

their kids in the grocery store and swat

them in despair when they stomp their

feet and scream for icecream before

dinner. And for all the mothers who

count to ten instead, but realize how

child abuse happens.

This is for all the mothers who sat

down with their children and explained

all about making babies. And for all the

(grand) mothers who wanted to, but just

couldn’t find the words.

This is for all the mothers who go

hungry, so their children can eat.

For all the mothers who read

“Goodnight, Moon” twice a night for a

year. And then read it again. “Just one

more time.”

This is for all the mothers who taught

their children to tie their shoelaces

before they started school. And for all the

mothers who opted for Velcro instead.

This is for all the mothers who teach

their sons to cook and their daughters to

sink a jump shot.

This is for every mother whose head

turns automatically when a little voice

calls “Mom?” in a crowd, even though

they know their own offspring are at

home -- or even away at college.

This is for all the mothers who sent

their kids to school with stomach aches

assuring them they’d be just FINE once

they got there, only to get calls from the

school nurse an hour later asking them

to please pick them up. Right away.

This is for mothers whose children

have gone astray, who can’t find the

words to reach them.

This is for all the step-mothers who

raised another woman’s child or children,

and gave their time, attention, and love...

sometimes totally unappreciated.

For all the mothers who bite their lips

until they bleed when their 14 year olds

dye their hair green.

For all the mothers of the victims of

violence, and the mothers of those who

committed the offence.

For the mothers of the survivors of a

crisis, and the mothers who sat in front

of their TVs in horror, hugging their

child who just came home from school,


This is for all the mothers who taught

their children to be peaceful, and now

pray they come home safely from a war.

What makes a good Mother anyway?

Is it patience? Compassion? Broad hips?

The ability to nurse a baby, cook

dinner, and sew a button on a shirt, all

at the same time?

Or is it in her heart?

Is it the ache you feel when you watch

your son or daughter disappear down

the street, walking to school alone for

the very first time?

The jolt that takes you from sleep

to dread, from bed to crib at 2 A.M. to

put your hand on the back of a sleeping

baby? The panic, years later, that comes

again at 2 A.M. when you just want to

hear their key in the door and know they

are safe again in your home? Or the

need to flee from wherever you are and

hug your child when you hear news of a

fire, a car accident, a child dying?

The emotions of motherhood are

universal and so our thoughts are for

young mothers stumbling through

diaper changes and sleep deprivation...

And mature mothers learning to let go.

For working mothers and stay-athome


Single mothers and married mothers.

Mothers with money, mothers without.

This is for you all. For all of us. Hang in

there. In the end we can only do the best

we can. Tell them every day that we love

them. And pray.


Wisdom of...

Nelson Mandela

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can

use to change the world.

A good head and a good heart are always a formidable


If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that

goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that

goes to his heart.

After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are

many more hills to climb.

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul

than the way in which it treats its children.

We must use time wisely and forever realize that the

time is always ripe to do right.

Money won’t create success, the freedom to make it


There is nothing like returning to a place that remains

unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have


Courageous people do not fear forgiving, for the sake of


SPRING 2023 Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes a day.

P A G E 17

Welcome to ...

The phrase “Don’t leave any

money on the table” apparently

comes from the game of poker. Very

popular now. You can watch it live, or

play online. Who would have thought

a game once relegated to backrooms

and basements would have such

prominence. The phrase applies to

those players that do not play with

intelligence. You are “leaving money

on the table,” by not knowing what

you are doing. By not knowing the

rules, odds, your opponents, you are

“leaving money on the table.” When

playing this game that involves betting

real cash on the cards in your hand

you should play with intelligence.

Now let’s apply that understanding

to federal and provincial programs

designed to help all qualifying tax

payers. I know, I know…there are

too many programs for me to get my

head around, and yes, I would agree

that these levels of government do

not make it easy. That is until now!

We are going to explore the Canada

Revenue Agency Benefits Finder.

All you have to do is follow these

easy steps, and by taking a few

minutes (it took me less then five),

you will have a list of programs and

THE Club

A Path to Wellness—

Don’t Leave Any Money on the Table

Getting to Know What Federal and

Provincial Financial Assistance is Available

By Chris Treftlin, Shine at Home, Sarnia

benefits that you can then explore in

more detail.


1. Either on the Canada Revenue

Agency (CRA) website, or in

your favourite search engine

type “CRA Benefits Finder.”




2. Click “Get Started.”

3. Answer the set of

questions such as your

province, age, marital


4. When the site asks

you “Would you like

to provide a little more

information?” Say “yes.”

5. Answer the rest and

wait for the result.

So, here is where the magic

happens. A list populates of

This magazine comes with a free, built-in, old fashioned fly swatter!

federal and provincial programs and

tax credits that you may be eligible

for based on the answers you gave.

I filled out the Benefits Finder for

a fictional 82-year-old widower with

moderate income, and guess what

came back? A list too long for this

article, so I will focus on just one:

Ontario Seniors Care at Home Tax Credit

“Find out if you are eligible for a tax

credit to help low- to moderate-income

seniors with eligible medical expenses,

including expenses that support aging

at home such as hearing aids, hospital

beds, and attendant care.”

The site challenges you to take

advantage of the opportunity to help

offset many things that individuals

need as the age at home, or age in

place. The site lists examples of

eligible expenses:

• attendant care (certification


• care of a provincially authorized

medical practitioner (e.g.,

nurse, occupational therapist)

• dental, vision and hearing care

(for example, glasses, dentures,

hearing aids)

• walking aids (for example,

walkers, canes

• wheelchairs and electric


• bathroom aids (for example,

grab bars, grips, rails

• diapers and disposable briefs

• hospital beds

• oxygen and assisted breathing


• renovation or construction that

improves a person’s mobility,

access or functioning within

the home because of severe

and prolonged impairment

The site also goes deeper and gives

an alphabetized list of expenses that

are covered, and it is exhaustive.

Now there is some work involved

to get to all of the

potential benefits

and tax credits you

can get. As always,

I encourage the

assistance of a tax

preparer that is well

versed in seniors tax


Poker is a game;

filing taxes is not. I

think, in fact I know,

that my readers are

too smart to leave

any money on the


Welcome to ... SPRING 2023

Established in 2010, Shine at Home serves seniors who wish

to live in full independence. Since our earliest beginnings we

have learned that with just a little help, people can remain

in their homes for many years safe and free in the

knowledge that a dedicated team is there for them.

Seniors’ Home Independence Network

Life is Better When

You’re Home

Seniors live at home -


comfortably & happily.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, life is always better

when you’re home. There’s a deep comfort that comes

from being in familiar surroundings, sleeping in your own

bed, and living under a roof that belongs to you.



and Care

Call today and find out

how Shine at Home

can help you:


"All the staff go out of their

way to make life easier for our

Mom when we aren't able to

be there everyday! We

definitely recommend Shine at

Home to others looking for

excellent care for their elderly


Heather – Daughter of Client

"The lady who does my

housekeeping is so nice and

efficient and always fits in

special requests"

Ruth Ann - Client




Buy a DVR/PVR so that your life doesn’t revolve around the TV schedule.

Many of the articles are from the archives of Daytripping Magazine.

Welcome to ...


A list i of o local discountsi

s or offers that a t

benefit n

efi t

people ple e over e acertain a a i



Welcome to ...

THE Club




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You may also need to ask in order to get the discount. t Thanks for understanding.


Get It

Done Right

The First



• Faucet Installation

• Leak Repairs

• Clogged Drains

• Camera Inspection

• Toilet Replacement

& Installation

• Sump Pump

• Frozen Pipes

• Sewer & Waterline


Ask for your

Seniors Discount

Family i


Owned e d

& Operated

p and a d Proudly Serving

Lambton b

t n County u Since 1991

345 Ontario Street, Unit B

SARNIA • 519-337-1545


Give us a call with

your plumbing questions

or for a free estimate!

SPRING 2023 Try to live life with energy, enthusiasm and empathy.

P A G E 19

Welcome to ...

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We’re living life to the fullest (until about 9 pm).


New Patients


Corunna Pharmasave

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• Pharmacist available 24/7 for our paents

• FREE Delivery • FREE Compliance Packs

• $2.00 Co-Pay waived on elegible ODB Prescripons

• 10% discount on otc items every Tuesday & Friday



SARNIA: 206 Maxwell St, 519-337-3215 • CORUNNA: 409 Lyndoch St, 519-862-2020 • GLENCOE: 235 A Main St, 519-287-3225

The Perils

& Pitfalls

of Moving

People of a certain age may have

already purged, downsized and decluttered

and if lucky, settled nicely in

senior housing of their choice. Knowing

our home would be sold and moving

inevitable, I started getting ready early

by trying to get someone in the family to

take Grandma’s dishes which had been

passed on to me. For many decades the

family met for all the holidays, like Easter,

Thanksgiving, Christmas and other

occasions, first at our grandparents’

house in Corunna and later Alvinston.

The meals were served on fine china,

‘Myott Staffordshire’ from England. For

some reason the dinner plates were

on the small side which explained

why the men in the family went back

for seconds and thirds of turkey with

all the fixings! Surely someone would

step up and keep the memories alive.

My brother reminded me again of the

small-sized dinner plates as he gave a


Nadine Wark,


resounding, “No, we don’t want them!”

In fact, it was like an echo with many

saying the same thing, “No, we don’t

want them!” So off Grandma’s dishes

went to the thrift shop where I have yet

to go and see if they are waiting on a

shelf for the right buyer.

Next up was my two china cabinets

which I had to get down to one, so

I started with my beloved cups and

saucers which numbered close to 70.

There was a story belonging to every

set and with my photographic memory,

time stood still and I was back at

the point of purchase or receiving a

gift. Forget the nostalgia and get online

for the buy and sell websites.

(incidentally, I was on four of these for

months!) Someone did take most of my

collection, after a family member took

several which meant they would stay in

the family! One small victory!

Next up was the crystal and silver-

Welcome to ... plated cutlery plus all kinds

of knick-knacks. There were

no takers for these either.

Today’s generation show

little interest in the treasures

we once held dear to our


Then it was on to

downsizing two book

shelves to one, plus selling over

half the furniture which could not go to

the condo. I was dizzy with people online

and coming and going, just looking

or actually purchasing, and of course,

some ‘wheeling and dealing.’

My niece came to help me purge

clothing and set up kitchen cupboards.

Anxiety set in when I saw two huge

piles of clothing she was making…

one for toss-outs, the other for thinkabouts.

The keepers stayed in the

closet. “You’ve got to think minimal,

you need to become a minimalist,” she

insisted. That word creeps me out; I

like being a Maximalist, it has worked

well for me and I have been around

much longer than my niece. She burst

out laughing at some of my clothing

choices, including a jacket which, I had

to admit, resembled a garbage bag (a

$5.00 find at a thrift shop). But, you

know, she really was right. I did feel a

sense of relief and freedom as the toss-

Owen R. Wyrzykowski


Barristers and Solicitors

Whether you are buying or selling real estate,

or need to update your estate planning,

we provide personal service to help you

through the legal process.


out pile grew bigger. The old saying

“less is more” rings true.

The move from a large home to a

condo actually happened a few days

before COVID hit full-force. There were

professional movers on actual moving

day, but as the women all know, there

is plenty of packing and organizing to

be done well before moving day! I did

get some help from a couple of friends,

also my nephew. However, my sister

was my “right-hand man” and we did a

lot of heavy slugging. A fond memory I

have of her is holding on to a floor lamp

and shade, trying to steer it to her car

trunk, while being blown and tossed

by a heavy wind off Sarnia Bay! The

scene was repeated trying to get it to

the downtown thrift shop on Christina


It was suggested to me that even

after the move, the purging would still

be going on, which is true. Even on

moving day, the movers took back to

the moving van, two end tables and a

small easy-boy chair. Also, I have made

many additional trips to the thrift shop.

Here is some advice regarding

purging, downsizing, decluttering and

getting ready for a move. If you are over

70, or maybe even 60, don’t do it unless

you absolutely have to. Or, start at about

age 50…it may save your sanity!

Owen R. Wyrzykowski




722 Lite Street, Point Edward

• Real Estate Purchases & Sales

• Mortgages & Credit Lines

• Wills & Powers of Aorney

• Estate Planning & Administraon

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Welcome to ...

The Downfall

They sat it was an act of God, a

freak of nature, a weather phenomena

unusual for the season, but all in all it

was enough to bring her down. We

had kept her groomed, pruned and

in good shape for all these years,

sometimes adorning her with

coloured lights and flowers.

Now she lay at our feet, a

shadow of her former self.

She had been a

welcome haven on hot

sultry days when her

branches would spread

providing soothing relief

from the daunting sun.

Her boughs held nests

of fledgling birds as they

made their first attempt at

flight. The wind would whistle

through her leaves calming you with

their subtle sounds. And she made a

dramatic backdrop at Halloween with

the moon shining through her bare

branches. BUT NO MORE!

The elements had claimed her. An

ice storm blew in unexpectedly for

the time of year and rained down its

freezing pellets, coating her entirely

THE Club

by Marlene Stead

from Daytripping July-Aug 2003

with a glacial gown which weighed

her down, causing her to split in half,

leaving a huge ten foot stump in the

ground and her top part flayed out in

all directions. It was a sad but beautiful

sight. Lustrously, she gleamed with the

sunlight streaming through

her. It was almost magical

as the red cardinals,

bluejays and the stray

yellow canary flitted

through her shiny

branches. Perhaps,

they were paying her

a final tribute for the

many years that she

had provided them safe


Sadly for her, the days

warmed and the imagery ended. Now

she appeared straggly and unkempt.

In dire need to be tided up and put

away. Soon saws, chains and ropes

appeared to pull down and cut up

what had been a faithful thirty foot

maple tree. Now she was only a pile

of sawdust and logs, destined for a

winter’s fireplace. Perhaps the final

tribute to her glory.

SPRING 2023 Make time for regular meditation, prayer, yoga, or massages.

P A G E 21

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daily ongoing Weekly adult activities at Strangway Centre, Sarnia sarnia.ca/play 519-332-0656

daily ongoing Euchre - Watford Legion 9am except Sun 519-876-2351

daily ongoing Adult Programming at Lambton County Library www.lclibrary.libnet.info/events

Mon-Fri ongoing Walk with Warwick, ELCC Watford www.warwicktownship.ca

Mon ongoing NLCHC Coffee Time - 10am Elders Lodge, Kettle Pt (1st & 3rd) www.nlchc.com

Mon Mar-Apr Low Impact Exercise - Camlachie Comm. Ctr 10am 519-786-4545 ext. 235

Mon Mar-Apr Low Impact Exercise - Thedford Legacy Ctr 9:30am 519-786-4545 ext. 235

Mon ongoing Low Impact Exercise - LHCRC 1281 Exmouth 9:30am 519-344-3017 ext. 237

Mon ongoing Open Play Adult Pickleball, ELCC Watford 7pm warwicktownship.ca

Mon ongoing Cribbage - RCNA Sarnia 7pm www.facebook.com

Mon ongoing Darts - Watford Legion 7pm 519-876-2360

Mon til mid-June Forever Fit with LEO, Wyoming Legion, 9:30am www.leohelps.ca

Mon ongoing Fun Darts 12:45, Cards 7pm Pt Franks Seniors, Pt Franks Community Centre

Mon ongoing Fun Darts - Watford Legion 7pm 519-876-2351

Mon ongoing Fun Darts - Grand Bend Legion 7pm 519-238-2120

Mon ongoing Euchre - Wyoming Legion 7pm 519-845-0072

Mon ongoing Pepper 1pm Cornhole, 6:30pm Corunna Legion 519-862-1240

Mon ongoing Senior Cards Alvinston Legion 1:30pm 519-898-2100

Tues Mar-Apr Low Impact Exercise - The Shores Rec Ctr 8:30am 519-786-4545 ext. 235

Tues ongoing Low Impact Exercise - Brigden Fairgrounds 9:30am 519-344-3017 ext. 237

Tues ongoing Low Impact Exercise - SEMC 707 Talfourd 9:30am 519-344-3017 ext. 237

Tues ongoing Petrolia Toastmasters Club Meeting 7-8 pm, Lions Hall www.facebook.com

Tues ongoing Euchre Night - Wyoming Legion 7pm www.facebook.com

Tues ongoing Adult Pick Up Basketball, ELCC Watford 7pm warwicktownship.ca

Tues ongoing Euchre - Watford Legion 7pm 519-876-2360

Tues ongoing Euchre -Pt Franks Seniors, Pt Franks Community Centre1pm

Tues ongoing Pub Darts - Corunna Legion 7:30pm 519-862-1240

Wed Mar-Apr Low Impact Exercise - Camlachie Comm. Ctr 10am 519-786-4545 ext. 235

Wed Mar-Apr Low Impact Exercise - Thedford Legacy Ctr 9:30am 519-786-4545 ext. 235

Wed ongoing Forever Fit with LEO, Wyoming Legion, 9:30am www.leohelps.ca

Wed ongoing Euchre - Petrolia Legion 7pm www.facebook.com

Wed ongoing LEO Diners Club, Strangway (1st Wed monthly) www.leohelps.ca

Wed ongoing LEO Diners Club, Corunna (3rd Wed monthly) www.leohelps.ca

Wed ongoing Meat Bingo, Wyoming Lions Club (1st Wed monthly) www.facebook.com

Wed ongoing Euchre - RCNA Sarnia 7pm www.facebook.com

Wed ongoing Bingo - Petrolia Lions Club (2nd Wed monthly) 519-882-8728

Wed ongoing Open Play Adult Pickleball, ELCC Watford 9:30am warwicktownship.ca

Wed ongoing Caring Quilters of Lambton Shores Pt Franks Comm Centre 10-2

Wed ongoing Pickleball - Pt Franks Seniors, Pt Franks Community Centre7pm

Wed ongoing Euchre - Arkona Seniors Club Arkona Seniors Hall, 7pm

Wed ongoing Darts - Forest Legion 7pm 519-786-5357

Wed ongoing Euchre - Courtright Senior Centre 1pm

Wed ongoing Euchre - Florence Oddfellows @ Oakdale Hall 7:30pm 519-359-9935

Thurs Mar-Apr Low Impact Exercise - The Shores Rec Ctr 8:30am 519-786-4545 ext. 235

Thurs ongoing Low Impact Exercise - SEMC 707 Talfourd 9:30am 519-344-3017 ext. 237

Thurs ongoing Low Impact Exercise - Mooretown Complex 9:30am 519-344-3017 ext. 237

Thurs til Apr 28 Meat Raffle, BG Optimists - Skeeter’s, Brights Grove www.facebook.com

Thurs ongoing Meat Raffle - Petrolia Optimists Club, Crabby Joe’s www.facebook.com

Thurs ongoing Adult Rec. Volleyball League, ELCC Watford 7pm warwickrecvball@gmail.com

Thurs ongoing Pepper - Petrolia Legion 1pm www.facebook.com

Thurs ongoing Fun Darts - Petrolia Legion 7pm www.facebook.com

Thurs til May Shuffleboard Forest Legion - Ladies 10am, Mixed 1pm www.forestlegion.ca

Thurs ongoing Peer Social Club, Alvinston (2nd Thursday) www.leohelps.ca

Thurs ongoing Sarnia Night - downtown, local music & art (3rd Thurs) www.sarnianight.com



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Thurs ongoing Euchre 2pm - League Darts 8pm Grand Bend Legion 519-238-2120

Thurs ongoing Cribbage - Corunna Legion 1pm 519-862-1240

Thurs ongoing Pool League - Alvinston Legion 7pm 519-898-2100

Fri ongoing Pickleball - Pt Franks Seniors, Pt Franks Community Centre 7pm

Fri ongoing Card Party - St. Phillip’s Hall Petrolia 7pm $5 519-882-4840

Fri ongoing Karaoke - Grand Bend Legion 7pm 519-238-2120

Fri Mar-Apr Low Impact Exercise - Camlachie Comm. Ctr 10am 519-786-4545 ext. 235

Fri Mar-Apr Low Impact Exercise - Thedford Legacy Ctr 9:30am 519-786-4545 ext. 235

Fri ongoing Low Impact Exercise - LHCRC 1281 Exmouth 9:30am 519-344-3017 ext. 237

Fri ongoing NLCHC Coffee Time - 9:30 am Crozier Hall Forest www.nlchc.com

Fri ongoing NLCHC Coffee Time - 9am Orchard View Apt, Arkona www.nlchc.com

Fri ongoing Meat Raffle, 50/50 - Watford Legion 519-876-2360

Fri ongoing Open Play Adult Pickleball, ELCC Watford 7pm warwicktownship.ca

Fri (1st) Sarnia First Friday - downtown multi-cultural walkabout www.Facebook.com

Fri ongoing Bridge 1pm, Fun Darts 7pm - Corunna Legion 519-862-1240

Fri ongoing Open Pool Night - Brigden Legion 7pm 519-864-1395

Fri ongoing Pepper - Courtright Senior Centre 7pm

Fri ongoing Dart League - Alvinston Legion 7:30pm 519-898-2100

Fri April/May Card Party - Sombra Community Hall 1pm 519-490-4643

Sat ongoing Meat Raffle - Wyoming Legion 4pm www.facebook.com

Sat ongoing Meat Raffle - Forest Legion 4pm www.forestlegion.ca

Sat ends May 13 Lunch - Petrolia Legion Noon www.facebook.com

Sat ends May 13 Meat Raffle - Petrolia Legion 2pm www.facebook.com


ongoing online Nnigiiwemin/We are going home exhibit (virtual) www.heritagemuseum.ca

ongoing online Lambton Agricultural Hall of Fame (virtual) www.heritagemuseum.ca

ongoing online Lambton at War (virtual) www.heritagemuseum.ca

ongoing online Shine: Spotlight on Women of Lambton www.heritagemuseum.ca

ongoing online The Farmerettes (virtual) www.heritagemuseum.ca

til Apr 14 Lamb Shores Lambton Heritage Museum - Return of the Swans www.heritagemuseum.ca

til Apr 22 B Grove Call Out for Colour! – A Juried Exhibition www.galleryinthegrove.com

Apr 29-Jun 3 B Grove Fast Forward: Senior High School Student Exhibition www.galleryinthegrove.com

Jun 10-Jul 8 B Grove Ron Broda and Taylor Broda www.galleryinthegrove.com

MARCH 2023

13-15 Forest Kineto Film Festival: The Swearing Jar www.kineto.ca

14 online Lambton Branch Ontario Ancestors Zoom Meeting 6:30pm lambton.ogs.on.ca

15 Petrolia Petrolia Legion - Country & Soft Rock Jamboree 519-882-1557 or see Facebook

16 Sarnia RCNA Sarnia - Cribbage 1pm www.facebook.com

17 Petrolia St. Paul’s United Church - St. Patrick’s Day Dinner 6-8pm 519-383-9085

17 Petrolia Petrolia Legion - St. Patrick’s Beef Stew Dinner 519-882-1557 or see Facebook

17 Petrolia Card Party - St. Phillip’s Hall 7pm 519-882-4840

17-19 Petrolia St. Paddy’s Pot ‘O Gold Fundraiser www.thevpp.ca

18 - 19 Alvinston Maple Syrup Fest - A.W.Campbell Conservation Area, 10-3 daily 519-245-3710

18 Petrolia Petrolia Legion - St. Patrick’s Day (Plus One) Party 519-882-1557 or see Facebook

18 Oil Springs Oil Springs Legion - Meat Raffle, 4pm 519-834-2537

18 Brigden Brigden Legion - Trivia 7pm 519-864-1395

18 - 19 Point Edward Bluewater Anglers - Hatchery Open House www.bluewateranglers.com

18 Corunna Mel Wilkinson Mem. Mixed Dart Tournament Legion 519-862-1240

18 Alvinston Pool Tournament Alvinston Legion 519-898-2100

18 Brigden Trivia Brigden Legion 7pm 519-864-1395

19 Petrolia Petrolia Legion - Breakfast 519-882-1557 or see Facebook

19 Warwick Warwick Firemen’s Assoc. 40th Annual Breakfast www.facebook.com

19 Sarnia cinéSARNIA - “Emily” Sarnia Pub Library 2pm www.cinesarnia.com

20 Sarnia cinéSARNIA - “Emily” Sarnia Pub Library 7:30pm www.cinesarnia.com

20 Port Franks LSNT - Habitat Stewardship Presentation foppcoordinator@gmail.com

22 Sarnia Sarnia Humane Society Pawstafest - Dante Club www.sarniahumanesociety.com

22 Alvinston L.A. Lunch Alvinston Legion 11:30-1 519-898-2100

23 Thedford Jam Session at Legion - Lunch Music/dancing 1-4 519-464-3323

23 Camlachie Huron Shores Optimists Gift Card Bingo, 6:30 519-384-8110

23 Sarnia Sean McCann Sings the Great Big Songbook 8pm www.imperialtheatre.net

24 Sarnia Classic Albums Live: U2 - Joshua Tree www.imperialtheatre.net

24 Wyoming Starlight Rebekah Lodge Lunch/Cards, 12pm, Oddfellows Hall 519-845-3146

24 Petrolia Card Party St.Phillip’s Hall 7pm 519-882-4840



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25 Port Lambton Sombra Optimists - Euchre Tournament 519-358-3188 or see Facebook

25 Forest Forest Legion - Trivia Night www.facebook.com

25 Alvinston Alvinston Maple Syrup Festival 9am-2pm See Alvinston Firefighters Assoc on FB

25 Forest Trivia Night - Forest Legion www.faceboook.com

25 Alvinston Fundraiser Meat Raffle Alvinston Legion 3:30pm 519-898-2100

25 Sarnia ISO250: Great Lakes Auditorium 7:30pm www.theiso.org

26 Brigden Ag Society Annual Beef Dinner at Fairgrounds 4:30-6:30pm www.facebook.com

27 online Lambton Branch Ontario Ancestors Chat 2-3:30pm lambton.ogs.on.ca

30 Sarnia RCNA Sarnia - Cribbage 1-4pm www.facebook.com

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2 Sarnia RCNA Sarnia - Cribbage 1pm www.facebook.com

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2 Sarnia Tim Hummell and the Bluewater Big Band www.imperialtheatre.net

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9 Sarnia RCNA Sarnia - Euchre 1pm www.facebook.com

12 Alvinston L.A. Lunch Alvinston Legion 11:30-1 519-898-2100

12 Sarnia Joe Trio - - Sarnia Concert Association www.imperialtheatre.net

13 Sarnia Jesse Grandmont and Friends: Swing into Spring www.imperialtheatre.net

14 Petrolia Card Party - St. Phillip’s Hall 7pm 519-882-4840

14 Wyoming Wyoming Legion - Rumblefish 8pm www.facebook.com

15 Alvinston Pool Tournament Alvinston Legion 519-898-2100

15 Sarnia Bayou County the Music of CCR & John Fogerty www.imperialtheatre.net

15 Corunna Euchre Tournament Corunna Legion 519-862-1240

16 Sarnia RCNA Sarnia - Cribbage 1pm www.facebook.com

16 Sarnia RCNA Sarnia - Music by Borderlite 7pm www.facebook.com

16 Petrolia Petrolia Legion - Breakfast 519-882-1557 or see Facebook

17-19 Forest Kineto Film Festival: The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry www.kineto.ca

19 Petrolia Country & Soft Rock Jamboree at Legion 519-882-1557 or see Facebook

Country & Soft Rock MUSIC JAMBOREE

at The Royal Canadian Legion

4129 Glenview Road, Petrolia


3rd WEDNESDAY Every Month

MARCH 2023 Cont’d

April 19 • May 17 • June 21

Lunch from 12 to 1 pm for $10.00

Music 1 pm to 4 pm by donation

19 Reeces Corners Marcanda Gifts Tea Room - Spring into Fashion Show - Reserve tkts 519-845-3133

22 Alvinston Chili Cookoff 2pm Elimination Draw 3pm Legion 519-898-2100

23 Sarnia RCNA Sarnia - Music by Vic & Kim 7pm www.facebook.com

23 Sarnia RCNA Sarnia - Euchre 1pm www.facebook.com

26 Alvinston L.A. Lunch Alvinston Legion 11:30-1 519-898-2100

28-May7 Point Edward Bluewater Anglers - 47th Annual Salmon Derby www.bluewateranglers.com

28-29 Petrolia Town Wide Yard Sales 519-882-2350

28 Sarnia ISO V&V: Great Lakes Auditorium 7:30pm www.theiso.org

29 Sarnia The Big Brother Big Sisters Spring Show & Sale, AMSS 519-336-0460

29 Alvinston Fundraiser Meat Raffle Alvinston Legion 3:30pm 519-898-2100

30 Petrolia Petrolia Legion - Time for Tea Party 519-882-1557 or see Facebook

30 Sarnia RCNA Sarnia - Cribbage 1pm www.facebook.com

30 Sarnia RCNA Sarnia - Music by Roads Travelled 7pm www.facebook.com

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Apr28-7 Pt Edward Bluewater Anglers - 47th Annual Salmon Derby www.bluewateranglers.com

2-21 Petrolia “Jesse’s Country Jubilee” Jesse Grandmont & Friends www.thevpp.ca

5-13 Sarnia Theatre Sarnia presents “Tarzan” www.imperialtheatre.net

6 Forest Mother’s Day Craft Sale Fair Grounds, 10am-3pm www.facebook.com

6 Petrolia Petrolia Legion - Turkey Dinner 519-882-1557 or see Facebook

6 Sarnia Kentucky Derby Cocktail Party 226-932-0599

6 Wyoming Wyoming Legion Ladies Aux. Vendors Show 9am - 2pm www.facebook.com

7 Sarnia RCNA Sarnia - Euchre 1pm www.facebook.com

7 Sarnia RCNA Sarnia - Music by Cecil & Joyce 7pm www.facebook.com

9 Wyoming Model Lodge of Oddfellows Lunch/Cards, 12pm 519-845-3146

12 Wyoming Model Lodge of Oddfellows Lunch/Cards, 12pm 519-845-3146

13 Pt Edward Town Wide Yard Sales 519-337-3021

13 Petrolia Optimist Craft & Gift Show at the Market 519-330-1802

13 Sarnia Dunlop United Church Spring Craft & Plant Sale dunlopspringsale@gmail.com

13-14 Lambton Shores Arts, Eats & Beats Studio Tour - 10am-5pm www.artseatsandbeatstour.ca

14 Sarnia RCNA Sarnia - Cribbage 1pm www.facebook.com

14 Sarnia RCNA Sarnia - Music by Borderlite 7pm www.facebook.com

17 Petrolia Petrolia Legion - Country & Soft Rock Jamboree 519-882-1557 or see Facebook

17 Sarnia Buzz Brass - Sarnia Concert Association www.imperialtheatre.net

20 Wyoming Community Spirit Picnic in the Park, 11am - 3pm PlymptonWyomingEvents FB

21 Petrolia Petrolia Legion - Breakfast 519-882-1557 or see Facebook

21 Sarnia RCNA Sarnia - Music by Joan Spalding 7pm www.facebook.com

21 Sarnia RCNA Sarnia - Cribbage 1pm www.facebook.com

23 Wyoming Starlight Rebekah Lodge Lunch/Cards, 12pm 519-845-3146

25-28 Forest Lambton Film and Food Festival, Kineto Theatre www.kineto.ca

26 Wyoming Starlight Rebekah Lodge Lunch/Cards, 12pm 519-845-3146

27 Forest Town Wide Yard Sales 1-800-265-0316

27 Sarnia Race to Erase - in support of local charities sarnia2023.racetoerase.com

27 Sarnia A Celtic Evening - The Sarnia School of Irish Dance www.imperialtheatre.net

28 Sarnia RCNA Sarnia - Cribbage 1pm www.facebook.com

28 Sarnia RCNA Sarnia - Music by Roads Travelled 7pm www.facebook.com

JUNE 2023

2-3 Pt Edward Sarnia Quilters Guild Quilt Show, Pt Edward Arena www.sarniaquiltersguild.org

Sarnia Quilters Guild presents

Water Under the Bridge QUILT SHOW

Admission $10 • FREE Parking


JUNE 2 & 3, 2023

Friday 10-6


Point Edward Arena,

210 Monk St, PT EDWARD

• Boutique • Vendors • Food & Refreshments • Mini Quilt Draw • Door Prizes & More!

3 Oil Springs Town Wide Yard Sales 519-834-2929

3 Camlachie Community Spirit Picnic in the Park 11am - 3pm PlymptonWyomingEvents FB

4 Sarnia Bluewater Chordsmen - Annual Show, 2pm www.facebook.com

6-25 Petrolia “Where the Heart Is” at VPP www.thevpp.ca

10 Petrolia Petrolia Legion - BBQ 519-882-1557 or see Facebook

16-18 Sarnia Sarnia Kinsmen Ribfest, Centennial Pk www.Facebook.com

16-18 Alvinston Alvinston Pro Rodeo www.alvinstonprorodeo.com

17 Petrolia Antique & Unique Sale at Petrolia Discovery www.petroliadiscovery.com

17 Wyoming Town Wide Yard Sales 519-845-3939

18 Petrolia Petrolia Legion - Breakfast 519-882-1557 or see Facebook

21 Petrolia Petrolia Legion - Country & Soft Rock Jamboree 519-882-1557 or see Facebook

22-24 Sarnia Bluewater Borderfest - Centennial Park www.bluewaterborderfest.ca

23-25 Watford 150th Anniversary Celebrations www.facebook.com

24 Brights Grove BG Optimists - Canada Day in the Grove www.facebook.com

JULY 2023

4-23 Petrolia “Yesterday Once More: 1973” www.thevpp.ca

21-22 Pt Edward Revelree Music Festival - Canatara Park www.revelreemusicfestival.com

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2378 Jane St, Brigden • 519-864-1211 • 519-864-4048 • Open Mon-Fri 9-6

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TYWC will create

8 oz. cream cheese

cooked crisp-tender

a private spa

3 oz. blue cheese

3/4 cup melted butter

experience for

1 egg

you to remember! Mix cream cheese, blue cheese and egg. Cut crusts off bread and roll flat

Events held Saturdays or Sundays Only.

A private school was faced with a unique problem. 12 year old

girls were leaving lipstick lip prints all over the bathroom mirrors.

Every night the custodian would remove them and the

next day the girls would put them back. Finally the

principal decided that something had to be done. She

called all the girls to the bathroom and met them there

with the custodian. She explained that all these lip prints were

causing a major problem for the custodian who had to clean the

mirrors every night. To demonstrate how difficult it had been to

clean the mirrors, she asked the custodian to show the girls

how much effort was required. He took out a

long-handled squeegee, dipped it in the toilet, and

cleaned the mirror with it. Since then, there have

been no lip prints on the mirrors.

Asparagus s

r ag





1 large, very fresh loaf of sandwich bread

with rolling pin. Spread each slice of bread with cheese mixture. Place 1

asparagus spear on each slice of bread and roll up. Dip each roll in melted

butter. Place rolls on cookie sheet and freeze (very important!). When ready to

serve, cut each roll into thirds and bake on greased cookie sheet for 15 to 20

minutes in a pre-heated 400 degree oven.

Asparagus s Lasagna


4 lbs. asparagus

1/3 cup butter

1/2 cup all-purpose flour

5 cups milk

8 oz. cream cheese, cubed

1 tsp. grated lemon rind

1 tbsp. lemon juice

Bend asparagus until stalks snap at natural breaking point, reserve bases

for another use. Cut asparagus into 1-inch pieces. In large pot of boiling

water, cook for 3 mins. Drain and refresh under cold running water, drain

again. Reserve 1 1/2 cups of asparagus tips, set aside. In saucepan, melt

butter over medium heat. Gradually whisk in flour and cook, whisking for 1

min. Whisk in milk, bring to boil, whisking. Reduce heat to medium-low;

cook, stirring for 10 mins. or until thickened. Remove from heat. Stir in cream

cheese, lemon rind and juice, salt, pepper and nutmeg until cheese is melted.

Meanwhile, in large pot of boiling salted water, cook noodles for

about 10 mins. or just until tender.

Arrange 3 noodles in 13x9 inch baking dish. Spread with 1 cup of

the sauce, then one quarter of the asparagus, then one quarter of

the mozzarella. Repeat layers 3 more time, then top with final layer

of noodles and sauce. Sprinkle Parmesan over top. Place pan on

baking sheet; bake in 375 degree oven for 35 to 40 min. or until

bubbly and top is light golden. Sprinkle reserved asparagus over

top. Bake for 5 minutes or until asparagus is heated through. Let

stand for 10 mins. Makes 8 servings.

Cream of Asparagus

1/2 cup chopped onion

1 tbsp. cooking oil

2 cans or 2 1/2 cups chicken broth

2 1/2 lbs. fresh asparagus, trimmed

and cut into 1-inch pieces

1/4 tsp. dried tarragon

1/4 cup butter or margarine

1/4 cup all-purpose flour

1/2 tsp. salt

Fresh or frozen asparagus,

1 1/2 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. pepper

1/4 tsp. nutmeg

15 lasagna noodles (about 3/4 of a lb.)

2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese

1/3 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese

If you have a

small family,

this recipe

is easy to

cut in half.

1/4 tsp. white pepper

3 cups half and half cream

1 1/2 tsp. lemon juice

Shredded Swiss cheese (optional)

In a large saucepan over medium heat, saute onion in oil until tender. Add

broth, asparagus and tarragon; simmer until asparagus is tender, about 8-10

minutes. In a blender or food processor, puree the asparagus, a third at a time;

set aside. In a Dutch oven or soup kettle, melt better; stir in flour, salt and

pepper. Cook and stir for 2 mins. or until golden. Gradually add cream. Stir in

the pureed asparagus and lemon juice; heat through. Garnish with cheese if

desired. Makes 8 servings (about 2 quarts).

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In Your Easter Bonnet

By Nancy McSloy, London • from Daytripping March-April 2016

For us, Easter and spring go hand

in hand—a time of new beginnings.

Flowers bloom, leaves are budding and

the grass becomes greener. Days are

longer and sunnier, temperatures rise,

and of course “April Showers” come


Easter is one of

the most important

religious holidays

of the Christian

ing, celebrated

at the end of the

Lenten season,

beginning on Ash

Wednesday and

end on Easter Sunday. Holy Week, the

last week of the Lenten season begins

with Palm Sunday which takes its

name from Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem

where the crowds laid palms at his feet.

Holy Thursday commemorates the

Last Supper which was held the night

before the crucifixion. Good Friday is

the anniversary of the crucifixion and

Easter Sunday the anniversary of Jesus’

resurrection from the dead.

In AD 325, the Easter Rule was issued,

stating that Easter will be celebrated on

the first Sunday that occurs after the first

full moon on or after the vernal equinox.

Therefore, Easter must be celebrated on

a Sunday between the

dates of March 22 and

April 25.

There are many

traditions related to

Easter. One superstition

said to wear something

new on Easter. A new

garment worn on

Easter would bring

good luck through the

coming year. The birds

would punish those

who wore old attire by

dropping “decorations”

on them from the air.

The Easter Parade grew

from this belief. The

Of all the symbols associated

with Easter, the egg, the

symbol of fertility and new

life, is the most identifiable.

grand event provided a chance to be seen

wearing the latest fashions and fads. The

elegant ritual showed displays of wealth

and taste. Irving Berlin summed this

up in his song, “In your Easter Bonnet,

with all the frills upon it, you’ll be the

grandest lady in the

Easter Parade.”

Of all the symbols

associated with

Easter, the egg, the

symbol of fertility

and new life, is the

most identifiable.

The custom of

using eggs has been

associated with Easter for centuries.

Originally, Easter eggs were painted

bright colours to symbolize spring.

Different cultures have developed their

own ways of decorating eggs. Crimson

eggs are exchanged in Greece to honour

the blood of Christ. Ukrainian Pysanky

is an ancient form of Ukrainian folk art.

Intricate designs are painted on the

egg, a small hole drilled in the top and

bottom of the egg and the yolk blown


The Easter Bunny has its origin in

pre-Christian lore. The rabbit was the

most fertile animal known and served

as a symbol of new life during the

spring season.

As for Hot Cross

Buns, some say that

they date back to the

twelfth century when

an Anglican monk was

said to have placed the

sign of the cross on the

buns, to honour Good


These are just a few of

the many traditions. To

everyone, however you

celebrate the season,

have a joyous Easter

and enjoy the wonderful

new beginnings of


We want your

photos, stories

& anecdotes



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5 things

to quit

right now

1) Trying to please


2) Fearing change

3) Living in the past

4) Putting yourself down

5) Overthinking

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Lessons From Lucy

or What I Learned

From My Cat

By Peter Smith, Brights Grove

It seems the world is divided into two

irreconcilable camps, those who enjoy

the company of cats and those who

do not. Being a confirmed member of

the former camp, I have always lived in

their presence and the house had never

been without a cat except for the brief

periods between the passing of one

and the arrival of another. However, as

the years had progressed, the number

of cats in our lives had increased to

the point where family expectations

required a minimum of three. And so

following the tragic loss of one, I had

Helping Hand WORD SEARCH

declared it my right to select our next

companion from the Humane Society.

On the 10 minute drive to make

my selection, I pondered the question

of how to decide from so many needy

candidates and from somewhere deep

inside came the words “take the one

that no one else will ever want.” And

so it was that on entering the Adoption

Room I was faced with a wall of cages

in front and another on either side.

Knowing that the cutest, most adoptable

cats would be placed at eye level on the

wall opposite the door, I pointed to a

cage at floor level and behind the door

and asked to be shown its occupant.

Out came, what I can only describe as

a pale, orange, furry football on pencil

thin legs, with a short, skinny tail, and

buggy eyes, one of which was running

and had dried in a crust down the side

of her nose. Her data card described her

as, “about 10 years old, morbidly obese,

and the mother of two other cats also

available for adoption, the past guardian

Find these words hidden vertically, horizontally, diagonally and backwards. of whom had entered the palliative care

ward of the local hospital.” Despite their

offerings of more visually attractive

alternatives and a brief moment of self

doubt, I took the plunge and signed the

adoption papers. Her name was Lucy.

My eventual arrival home with Lucy

was met with shocked disbelief. “What

had I done? Didn’t they have anything

better?” There were mutterings of never

letter me go there unaccompanied

again, but there was no turning back.

Lucy left the travel crate in the hall and

stepped out with the self-assurance of

one who has no doubt of their elevated

position in the world. Despite the

intimidating stares of the two large male

cats who also shared the house, she

took stock of her new surroundings and

immediately made herself at home. She

simply assumed her right to the most

comfortable chair and to first place at

the food bowl. Lesson One: When you find

yourself in unfamiliar and intimidating

surroundings, step out like you own the

place. Be bold.

While in the Adoption Room I had

briefly seen Lucy’s two daughters,

cuddled together for comfort in their

cage, but looking sick and forlorn. So I

was dismayed to see their picture in the


Don’t waste time, it’s the one thing you can’t recycle.



local paper a few days later under the

heading “Pet of the Week.” I know what

that usually means, and it isn’t good.

The result was inevitable; by the time

we picked them up they were not only

traumatized and depressed but also

had serious infections. Fortunately, with

lots of TLC we were able to nurse and

coax them back to mental and physical

health, and so a three cat household

became a five cat household.

With five cats in the house now,

competition for the warmest sleeping

spots, for food or treats and for human

contact was getting more competitive.

Where a less confident cat may have let

the other, larger cats intimidate her—

not Lucy. Utterly convinced that she

had an unassailable right to her share,

if not more of whatever was going,

she was always at the front of the line,

and complained the loudest at any

supposed indignity. Lesson Two: Stand

up for yourself, and never let anyone put

you down.

Despite trying various feeding

strategies we could never get Lucy

to lose an ounce of weight, and so to

the casual visitor she was nothing

more than a fat, lazy, grumpy and

visually unattractive orange fur-ball that

consistently occupied the best spot on

the couch and refused to move. Perhaps

it was because of my frequent defences

of her demeanor or her looks, or perhaps

it was because she somehow knew that

I had saved her, that the bond between

us grew. She would always seek out

my lap in the evening even if it meant

displacing the existing occupant, or

alternatively just sitting on top of them.

At night she would often sleep on my

pillow and purr loudly at the touch of

my hand. Lesson Three: Beauty is purely

subjective and superficial, it’s heart that

counts. Purr loudly and the world will

purr with you.

The years have passed and today

Lucy is 17 years old, and stone deaf. As

I write this we know that she is dying of

cancer. She has finally lost the weight we

sought to help her lose before, but she

is doing so in that way that you know

isn’t good. She is no longer first at the

food bowl, but still makes a respectable

second or third. I know her time is not

long and I wonder if she feels it too, but

if she does, it doesn’t show. She can still

purr louder than any cat I’ve known,

and always enjoys human company.

Lesson Four: Make the most of every day,

they are all precious.

Lucy has lived every day to the fullest,

and while I may not wish to emulate her

more selfish attributes I have to admire

her zest for life. When the time comes,

I will miss her.

“What we have before us are some

Breathtaking Opportunities disguised as

Insoluble Problems.” John Gardner

Our next issue will come out around the beginning of June 2023.

Funeral Carriages

Front Street, Sarnia, circa 1910

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Death is an unescapable fact of life. In contrast to our rather clinical approach to the

subject, Victorians and Edwardians confronted the issue in a more open manner. They

did so because death took greater prominence in their lives, since people generally

died younger and child mortality rates were much higher in their day.

To overcome their grief, our ancestors often undertook a curiously public ritual. First

of all, the family of the deceased had memorial cards, usually bordered with thick

black lines, circulated to friends and family. According to custom, recipients lovingly

preserved these cards in family photograph albums or scrapbooks.

At wakes, visitations, and funerals, the dearly departed was often on view in an

open coffin. In a similar vein, caskets could also have viewing windows built right

into them. Even more macabre to our modern-day sensibilities, photographs of

the dead body were sometimes given away

as an added gesture of remembrance. Funeral

processions were also quite public in that coffins

were generally displayed in open-air or, as the

above scene illustrates, glass-encased hearses.

Family, friends, acquaintances, and, upon the

death of a politician or celebrity, public officials

accompanied the body to the cemetery.

Courtesy of Glen C. Phillips -

Lambton: An Illustrated History of the County ©1999










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Blood Pressure

When you age, circumstances can

unexpectedly affect your best laid

plans much like poet Robbie Burns

with his mouse. A few years back, we

were https://amzn.to/2KBdPWQ

set to visit France for an entire

month. We booked our flight and

secured accommodations in Cannes on

the French Riviera. Visions of young,

coquettish Brigitte Bardot flooded

my brain, accompanied by scores of

topless French bathing beauties, and

where did I leave my camera?

Shortly before leaving, I visited a

walk-in clinic because my doctor for

the past 45 years had reduced his

workload to three days per week prior

to imminent retirement. The walkin

doctor dutifully took my blood

pressure, and my reading zoomed off

the charts. He muttered something

about Vesuvius, and suggested that I

promptly return the next day.

Your blood pressure is recorded as

two numbers. Systolic blood pressure

(the first number) indicates how much

pressure your blood exerts against

your artery walls when the heart beats.

Diastolic blood pressure (the second

number) indicates how much pressure

your blood exerts against your artery

walls while the heart is resting between

beats. Typically, more attention is

given to systolic blood pressure as a

major risk factor for cardiovascular

disease for people over 50. It rises

steadily with age due to the increasing

stiffness of large arteries, long-term

buildup of plaque and an increased

incidence of cardiac and vascular

disease. However, either an elevated

systolic or an elevated diastolic blood

pressure reading may be used to make

a diagnosis of high blood pressure.

My results were discouraging.

My insurance company was also

discouraging. If I ventured to France

and encountered a medical problem

with my heart, I was not covered.

According to their stringent rules, I

had to wait precisely three months

to be fully covered if I ventured

even out of our province. Alas, the

much anticipated trip to France was


I have since arrived at the conclusion

that insurance companies control the

world. Soon after seeing a specialist

and taking a stress test (which I

passed), I was prescribed new meds,

but had a reaction to one drug, and

guess what? Yup, the three-month

insurance period now applied to the

new meds. Any change of medication,

and they force one to wait another 90

days before travelling anywhere. It’s a

wonder that they allowed me to visit

the bathroom without a note from

our old doctor whose writing is so

bad that the chaps who deciphered

Egyptian hieroglyphics would have

serious trouble figuring out his scroll.

Suffice to say that I’m now on meds,

which have brought my blood pressure

down to normal numbers, often hitting

the perfect score of 120 over 80! My

spouse and I have a small machine that

we keep handy on our kitchen table,

and this wonderful appliance provides

accurate blood pressure readings at


I often say to her, “Let’s have

some fun tonight; let’s take our blood

pressure readings right after watching

the Blue Jays play the Yankees.” And

when we have guests over, we ask them

if they would like a complimentary

reading from this superb apparatus.

It’s part of our social package along

with handshakes and hugs. I keep a

notebook on the table, and record my

daily readings much like a navigator

might plot the course of his vessel.

Accordingly, one might peruse my

blood pressure notebook and easily

predict on which days I watched the

Blue Jays. So many strikeouts. Gees!

And pitching. Gees! After they won the

World Series twice, they were frugal

with their money despite huge crowds.

Now, they seem to be improving with

their young star athletes.

In three months, one beneficial

result (other than being alive) has

evolved from my dreary situation.

I can wear most of my trousers that

had formerly languished deep inside

the closet, patiently waiting for me to

drop a few pounds. I dropped twenty.

Have you ever lifted a twenty pound

weight? Not so light, is it? Well, that

was the extra baggage that I was about

to transport to France!

We have embraced a strict salt-free

diet, try to eat fish three times per

week, and avoid carbs associated with

a decadent diet. I am also trying to

exercise regularly. Both of my parents

died of cardiovascular diseases in their

60s, which I have long passed, so that’s

a good sign—the fact that I’m still here

at an advanced age! Yes, parents are

amazing; mine haunt me even when

they are long gone.

The bottom line and my advice to

fellow seniors is this: do not waste

time; drag your sweet ass to your

neighborhood drugstore, and use their

free blood pressure machine to take

a reading. Before you self-test, try to

relax. One suggestion before the test—

do not think about Brigitte Bardot or

the Toronto Maple Leafs or the Blue


Listen to Mike’s podcasts (humour,

travel and poetry) at: The Retirement

Coach: http://theretirementcoach.

libsyn.com/ His book, ‘Don’t Ever Quit

- a Journal of Coping with Crisis &

Nourishing Spirit,’ is available in print

& electronic format at Amazon: https://


Listen to Mike’s podcasts (humour, travel and poetry) at: The Retirement Coach:

http://theretirementcoach.libsyn.com/ His book, ‘Don’t Ever Quit - a Journal of Coping

with Crisis & Nourishing Spirit,’ is available in print & electronic format at Amazon:

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May Mornings

The early morning sunshine peeps

in my bedroom window. I leap out of

bed and turn up the calendar leaf to a

brand new month. May.

I open

the door to

be greeted

by a chorus

from the birds

choir. They, too, are

rejoicing in the sweet

warm air. I watch them as

they gather, having a treasure hunt

under the hedge back of my flower

bed. Chirping, pushing, trying to get

the best bits collected there over the

long winter.

Noisy, bossy black birds, with their

glossy feathers and beady black eyes

are trying to scare the others away.

They’ve found some fancy shining

bits of toffee wrappers

dropped by a careless


I hear the cheerful

whistle from a pair of

cardinals as they flash in

among the cedar boughs,

searching for a secluded

by Maxine Miner

from Daytripping May-June 2010

nesting spot I hope. Here and there

fat robins pick among stocks of last

years blooms, they enjoy a few tasty

grubs and search for the proverbial

early worms.

A flock of busy finches are having a

picnic with seeds that had dropped out

of the feeder as it swung in the wind. I

glance back towards my garden spot,

a flash of bright blue tell me the blue

jays are busy with cleaning up a few

left over sunflower heads.

Then from the woodlot comes the

loud “caw caw” of the crows, returning

to nest again in their favourite tall tree.

Suddenly all is quiet. My faithful

antique persian comes strolling in

the laneway. Seeing me there with

the door open she makes a fast entry

into the house. Those bundles

of feathers don’t interest her

in the least, she knows her

favourite brand of food will be

awaiting her in her dish.

I close the door and the bird

choir starts again in full volume.

I must shake a leg and get at the

thousand and one things awaiting me.

It’s May.


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Welcome to ... SPRING 2023

Most people look forward to spring,

after long winters of hefty heating bills,

early morning routines of scraping frosty

windshields, and the mopping up of

endless muddy puddles of water collecting

around the boots in the entranceway. We

eagerly anticipate the appearance of

daffodil sprouts, and the first fat robin,

and the longer, sunny days. But what I

look forward to with all the longing of

my winter-weary heart is the first bright

morning when I can take my laundry

basket out to the clothesline.

My mother hung her wash in all

seasons. In the sixties, she still used her

wringer washer. I can clearly recall her

feeding the sopping pieces of wet clothing

through the wringer while I watched my

shirts and pants and socks come out as

flat as pieces of paper on the other side.

Even in winter, she took her basket out

to the line, and later, when she brought

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Balance Training,

Funconal Strength.

Falls Prevenon, and more!

the clothes in, each item was

as stiff as a board. I remember

the cold, crisp smell that filled

the kitchen as she ironed every

piece of laundry, trying to thaw it

out and get it dry enough to put

into the drawers. Mom didn’t enjoy

trudging through the snow to the

clothesline, but it was a joy to her

in the warmer weather. She took

great delight in tucking us in at

night, under sheets that had spent

a sunny spring afternoon snapping

in the wind out on the clothesline.

The smell of the sheets was intoxicating;

a couple of deep inhalations and we

were borne blithely off to dreamland. In

the black and white photographs of us

kids playing outside in the summer, the

Helpful Hints

• Take your banana bunch

apart when you buy

them. They ripen

faster if they stay

connected at the stem.

• Store your opened chunks of

cheese in aluminum foil. It will stay

fresh much longer and not mold.

• Peppers with 3 bumps on the

bottom are sweeter and better for

eating in salads. Peppers with 4

bumps on the bottom are firmer

and better for cooking.

• To get rid of fruit flies, take a small

glass, fill it to ½” with apple cider

vinegar and 2 drops of dish washing

liquid; mix well. You will find those

flies drawn to the cup and gone


by Corrina Austin, St.Thomas

from Daytripping July-Aug 2003

laden clothesline is always in the

background, towels and pants and

shirts splayed out in the breeze like

banners. When Mom wasn’t watching,

we loved to play and hide amongst the

sheets, pretending they were caravan

tents, or the billowing sails of

tall ships.

My clothesline waits for me

now, out in the back yard. The

empty lines tremble in the

chill wind, and the crusted

snow is piled up around the

centre pole. When the first day of

spring comes, I will lug out all the clothes

that I washed the night before, and as the

sun rises, I will reach for my clothespins.

There is something so peaceful about

being alone at the clothesline in the

early morning, listening to the birds and

murmuring to the neighbourhood cats

that meander into the yard for a quiet

visit. Hanging clothes on the line is good

therapy. As I peg the towels together, and

the socks in their pairs, it is really my

own thoughts I am arranging in flowing,

ordered rows. Later on in the hectic day,

when I am at work, I will pause and think

of my family’s laundry, trailing languidly

on the wind, and I will look forward to

coming home and gathering it off the

line, warm and dry and sweet-smelling.

No one ever bothers me when I am out at

the clothesline. Maybe that’s because they

can’t see me out there, playing behind

the sheets.

Publisher’s Note: Well written Corrina

- the clothesline must be the most simple,

affordable, environmentally friendly aspect

of life that much of the current and future

generations will never experience.


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immediately to a

recipe if you want a

light garlicky taste, or at the

end if you want a stronger garlic


• Hate foggy windshields? Buy a

chalkboard eraser and keep it in the

glove box of your car. When the

wondows fog, rub with the eraser!

Works better than a cloth!



• Use hair conditioner to shave your

legs. It’s cheaper than shaving cream

and leaves your legs really smooth.





Contact Kelly-Lynn at 519.312.6122

or mwphysioyoga@outlook.com

• Heat up leftover pizza in a

non-stick skillet on top of the stove.

Set heat to med-low

and heat till warm. It

keeps the crust crispy.

No soggy microwave




Don’t take your life too seriously - no one else does.

Please tell our advertisers that you saw their ad in this magazine!

Our local cover

photographer is

George Rosema

Cover of the CLUB

George says photography is "great for this

old guy to get out of the house and go

walking and hiking." He feels that by

capturing a special moment in time, you can

always remember it in crisp detail. Although

he admits not having a good memory, he

can tell you where he was for every picture

he has taken.

His advice to anyone wanting to take up photography is to make sure you jump

on the opportunity to travel, even if you only go a couple of hours away. In

addition to many Sarnia-Lambton locations, he has traveled to Alberta, Nova

Scotia and Newfoundland and Algonquin Park (about 10 times) and will

continue to take his photography skills wherever the road takes him.

See more of George’s photography at www.pbase.com/grosema


2nd Graders Answer Questions About Their Moms

“What kind of little girl was your Mom?”

1) My Mom has always been my Mom and none

of that other stuff.

2) I don’t know because I wasn’t there, but my guess

would be pretty bossy.

3) They say she used to be nice.

Welcome to ...

Sexy. Sassy. Spectacular.

For a good time,

call Lola's Lounge!


Downtown at 110 CHRISTINA ST.

SARNIA 519.336.8088

The Holland


By Lambton County Archives

In 1947, the late H.F. Holland

reached out to the community to

source and collect photographs of

former teams and sporting events to

be displayed in exhibition

at the new Sarnia Arena.

Mr. Holland was turned

down for the display as it

was deemed ‘impractical’

however he continued to

gather materials with the aid

and encouragement of local

commercial photographer

Douglas Paisley, who rephotographed

the old

pictures so that the originals

could be returned to their


The collection grew to

include people, buildings,

historical events, and sport teams

dating back as far as the mid 1800‘s

in Sarnia. For some of these original

images, this may be the only

remaining documentation of them.

The first public exhibition of the

collection was held in the office of

the Sarnia Gazette in 1951. This

stimulated public interest and the flow

of material. Thus, at the time of Mr.

Holland’s death in 1960, the collection

had grown to some 450 images and a

complete set had been purchased by

the Archives of Ontario.

Mr. Paisley continued the collection

until 1971 when the 2,300 pictures

were purchased by the Sarnia Public

Library and Art Gallery, with funds

provided by the Southwest Region

Library System. The collection was

later transferred by Sarnia Library to

the Lambton County Archives where

it currently resides. These photos can

either be accessed in person by visiting

the archives or can be searched via

the online collection which is available

THE Club




850 Colborne Street @ Exmouth Street

Northgate Plaza, Sarnia • 519-336-3838

through the Lambton County Archives


Some of the original images have

resurfaced over the years including

this image of Scott’s Bros. Bread

Manufacturers from the early 1900s.

This image recently arrived at the

Lambton County Archives as part of

a donation. In this photo, the only

person identified is the man with the

black derby hat standing behind the

fence. This is early Sarnia historian,

Frank Thomas. The image below, one

we have yet to locate the original, is

the south side of Lochiel St., showing

J.S. Thom Block. Major John S. Thom’s

first studio in Sarnia was in the Clark

block, opposite the Belchamber Hotel.

On Jan 26th, 1883, he bought the

McClellan property on the southwest

corner of Christina and Lochiel

Streets, and moved his studio there.

When the building was destroyed by

fire, Mr. Thom then built the present

brick building, with studios on the

second floor. This is now the Judith &

Normin Alix Art Gallery.

SPRING 2023 You don’t have to win every argument, agree to disagree sometimes. P A G E 31

Welcome to ...

THE Club

Welcome to ...

The Giving List


Lend a hand to a local organization... see the list below for ideas.

Lambton County Library:

Books By Mail

By Andrea Basra, Public Services Coordinator

Adult Programs and Outreach, Lambton County Library

Do you have difficulty accessing

transportation to get to a library?

Mobility challenges? To better serve all

Lambton County residents, the Books

by Mail service can bring the library

directly to your door. This service is

provided free of charge to patrons who

qualify for the service and can be used

on an indefinite or temporary basis.

Reserve items using the online

catalogue on the library website or by

calling any library location. Items will

be mailed via Canada Post and

will include a pre-paid, preaddressed

envelope. Return

items using this envelope, seal

it, and put the package into any


Almost any item in the

library catalogue can be

borrowed using the Books by

Mail service. Due to Canada

Post restrictions, there may

be some items that cannot

Many of us s have e time e to

give, consider n d

being i


volunteer! Here’s a list of

opportunities p


ies to give back


to our community.


be borrowed due to their

weight or electronic

components. You can

reserve items by using the

online catalogue, the Iguana

app, or by calling any

library location. Accessible

borrowers can borrow up

to 50 items at one time and have an

extended loan period. And if items are

held up in the mail, that is no problem:

Lambton County Library is fine-free!

To register for the service and receive

the Accessible Borrower registration

forms through the mail, call 519-845-

0809 ext. 5220 for more information.

The Accessible Borrower form can

also be downloaded from the library

website www.lclibrary.ca, completed,

and returned to any library location.

Welcome to ...


Call 519-491-1676 or email info@welcometotheclub.ca to add an organization to our list.











These listings ings

are for reference f



only. o l

y Please contact t

the organization o g



on for details.
















Sarnia Lambton Rebound Program & Special Event Volunteers, Cinderella Project Volunteer Committee 519-344-2841 ext. 101

Victorian Order of Nurses Visitor, Footcare Clinic Assistant, Bingo, Adult Day Program, In-Home Exercise 519-542-2310 ext. 4267

LC Long-Term Care Living Various opportunities from Coffee Program to organist/pianist to dining companions lambtoncares.ca/volunteer

Lambton Elderly Outreach Reception, Transportation, Friendly Visiting, Meals on Wheels, Diner’s Club, Forever Fitness 519-845-1353

Alzheimer Society of S-L Program, Event and Bingo Volunteers 519-332-4444

Habitat for Humanity Handyman Assistant, Build Volunteer, ReStore: Sales Floor Support, Cashier 519-339-7957

St. Joseph’s Hospice S-L Residence Reception, Volunteers for Kitchen, Grocery Shopping, Direct Support, and more 519-337-0537 stjosephshospice.ca

Literacy Lambton Volunteer opportunities in the Adult or Family Literacy Programs, Special Events, and more literacylambton.org/volunteer/

Noelle’s Gift to Children Bingo & Event Volunteers: online registration at www.noellesgift.ca under volunteer tab www.noellesgift.ca

Bluewater Health Patient Care Assistant, Help Program, Reception 519-464-4400 ext. 5406


Sarnia Humane Society


Several volunteer opportunities. Needed items: non-clumping cat litter, horse bedding pellets,

towels and small fleece blankets, and more. Visit website for full list.



River City Vineyard Donation of food, extra clothing, valuables, and small household items to foodbank and shelter 519-383-8463(VINE)

Petrolia Food Bank Monetary and food donations to food bank (please check expiry dates) 519-882-3950

Inn of the Good Shepherd

Women’s Interval Home

Needed items: Clothing, linens & bedding, small kitchen appliances, dishes & cutlery, cereal,

school snacks, juice boxes, sugar, coffee. Volunteer opportunities available.

New unused items only will be accepted to shelter: hygiene items, clothing, gift cards, etc.

Please email kyla@womensintervalhome.com to schedule a time for item drop off.


Petrolia Comm. Refrigerator Any type of food items, personal items and monetary donations 519-882-1390


Willing Hands Yarn Club Donations of yarn used for scarves, hats, blankets, etc. distributed locally and nationally. 519-336-8088 biskit@sympatico.ca



Make peace with your past so that it won’t spoil the present.

Sometimes, no news really is good news.

Welcome to ...

THE Club

van Goozen Music


For yourself, your kids

or grandkids!

Welcome to ...

THE Club

We donate $25 for each reprinted

Daytripping Magazine article.

$2650 donated since Jan. 2021


United Way of Sarnia-Lambton

Sure Signs of


Courtesy of Sipkens Nurseries

Sure signs of spring are here a little

earlier than usual, but don’t get too

far ahead of the season. Snowdrops

are showing their pure white flowers,

LEO Tundra Swans are making their return,

Forest and our Kineto songbirds Theatre are beginning their

Heritage morning St. wake Clairup call. Days getting

Sarnia longer, Blessings Mister Sun is giving the morning

routine natural light again. Yes, hope

Canatara Log Cabin Restoration

springs eternal.


Dark days of December


and January

Lambton are behind Shores us, spring Nature is not Trails too far away,

nuSarnia but first the Foundation dreaded time change.

Lambton What are Wildlife you looking Inc. forward to this

United spring? Way Is it of a Sarnia-Lambton

refreshed landscape to

add curb appeal to your home? Are you

finally getting to that tree you should

have planted 20 years ago?

Now is a great time to do some

research, speak to a few professionals

and make some firm plans. Since

we don’t have to wait for frost and

snowpack to melt this year, we will

have opportunity to plant as early as

the soils transitions from mud.


Women’s Interval Home


River City Vineyard

Victim I Services








Humane Society ~ Milton Berle

Inn of the Good Shepherd

Lawrence House

Kiwanis Animal Farm



Noelle’s Gift

Mike Weir Foundation

Gallery in the Grove


Theatre Sarnia

Lambton Young Theatre Players

A Year Round Garden Centre, Gi Shop & Bouque!

Extraordinary selecon

of Plants & Unique

Decoraons & Poery

for enhancing your indoor

& outdoor living spaces.

Take Exit 15 off Hwy 402




lots to do


in the garden as

there is every spring, but don’t get

Strangway Centre

too far ahead of yourself. Refrain

from doing various your city spring options cleanup until

things warm various to avoid trails damaging frozen

plants or Halkovich ones that Outdoor have not Learning shown Centre

themselves. Parents When for making Parksyour spring

cleanup Petrolia complete, Discovery consider keeping

some habitat in your garden ‘untamed’

for wildlife. Even if it is a small pile of

plant stems or branches and a couple

Lambton Shores Nature Trails

bird feeders, small changes can make a

large difference. donation by e-transfer to

In the lsntlindaa@gmail.com

meantime—the weather

always does (separate some sort note of for wild security Ontario answer)

blend of sunshine, snow and freezing

rain when you can’t garden—find

some respite in a beautiful outdoor

space, park, garden, walking path, or

garden centre.

OPEN Monday to Saturday

Lake Huron














STORE & STUDIO • 519-344-2319

115 Mitton Street South, Sarnia

3261 London Line (Rd. R . 22)

East of SARNIA




63,000 sq of GREENHOUSE

Proud Member of...



Spring Gardening Checklist:

❏ Seek advice from a professional

and friends to make good plans for

spring landscaping changes you

hope to make.

❏ Plant that tree you should have

years ago (in the right place).

❏ Look into vertical gardening if you

are limited on outdoor space.

❏ Plan a habitat space for wildlife in

your garden.

❏ Improve the soil in veggie beds and

containers with new soil, peat moss,

compost and natural fertilizer.

❏ Keep on top of weeds in a garden

bed by starting clean and consider

adding a layer of mulch/ straw to

keep weeds at bay.

❏ Transplant seedlings and/or sow

seeds into the garden based on the

instructions on the seed packet,

good advice from friends or from

your favourite garden centre.

❏ Feed your plants regularly for a

great yield—you only get out what

your put in. Great organic options

include hen manure & kelp meal.

❏ Plant cold-loving veggies early April

(onions, radish, snow peas and

perennial herbs).

❏ In mid-April to May, plant potatoes,

broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.

❏ Plant tender veggies after the frostfree

date (usually after Victoria

Day) such as tomatoes, peppers,

cucumber and melons.

❏ Water vegetables and fruit regularly

for continued growth.

❏ In June, start to reap the rewards by

picking early crops like leafy greens,

radishes, and strawberries.

The Sunroom Co.

• Sunrooms 3 - 3½

and 4 season rooms

• Windows

• Entry Doors

• Additions

• Patio/Carport Enclosures


Owned &


For more details visit:



SPRING 2023 Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important. P A G E 33

Welcome to ...

Do you have one of those husbands

who loses something almost every day

of the year? I know I do and it is both

funny and stimulating to watch the steps

happening. They have this magical talent

of making things disappear to sometimes

or never to be found again. A magician—I

think not.

“Honey where did you put my new

socks? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t

seem to find them.” First off, I did not

put away his new socks because he said

he would take care of that job. Oh good, I

thought. If he puts them where he can find

them, he won’t lose them. Right? Wrong.

Most husbands hunt for things like a

packrat looking for grubs. Dig, dig, dig and

repeat. If only when they were digging

they stopped to consider what they are

bypassing, they might find what they are

actually looking for. Hence, the socks are

located near the top of the pile, just a little

THE Club


70 Duke Street



Magician Maybe

to the right of where you are focusing your

search. As I said, he is a so-so magician.

“I know I left that 3/8 wrench right

here when I went for parts. Did you move

it or put it back?” I’ve learned the hard

way never to put away his tools until he

actually expresses the feeling

that that is a wrap and we can

move onto something else. It’s

not that he doesn’t have at least

three other 3/8 wrenches hanging

in plain sight on the hook that

says 3/8 but he always wants the same

one to finish the job he started. Maybe

superstition like the hockey players and

their stinky socks. Who knows? Eventually

the wrench is located right where he left it

on the fender of the vehicle. Tools do not

Great Selection

of Fashionable

Everyday Eyewear!

Stop In & See

The Difference

An Independent,

Locally Owned Business

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Walk in or

book a




60 might be the new 40, but 9 pm is the new midnight.


Reasonable Prices


Decks, Sheds, Repairs...

(Excludes plumbing/electrical)


I’ll get it done for you.

10% OFF with mention of this ad

By Agnes Burroughs, Dorchester

from Daytripping

Fall/Winter 2022-23

grow legs and walk away, but you would

think so at times. Funny when he finds

it you hear a quiet little rebuke,”So that’s

where you’ve been hiding.”

There are numbered drawers for every

known piece of ‘stuff’ in the shed. There

are signs and numbers for all the

tools lining the walls—and still

things magically move and are

placed in the most unlikely spots.

He’s very organized... maybe too

organized. “I know I put it some

place special so I would remember when I

came back to get it. I just can’t remember

where that special place was.” He tries to

recall what he was doing when he was

finding a spot to put something, so he can

recall where he might have located said

Promote your

business or

events in ...

Welcome to ...





Call Don at


part. This could have been four months

ago, so good luck with that thought


I must remark though, that there

are hundreds of parts for very specific

jobs that are unique to certain jobs, and

no others will work. The snow blower

is used only in the winter and has very

specific spools that fit over the metal bars

on the ends of the tractor arms to make

them secure. I say leave them with that

particular item, but no, they must come

into the shed and be placed somewhere

special which eight months from now will

be impossible to locate. Oh well, the fun

part is it keeps us perpetually in motion

looking for one thing, and finding others

we were looking for a month ago.

There is not enough paper to cover all

the things we have lost over the years, but

it sure has been fun losing, finding and

losing again year after year.

Welcome to ...


• Fashionable designer frames

at compeve prices

• Durable, high quality brands

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With Beth’s 30 years of

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just the right pair

from her great selecon

of eyewear including

sunglasses & contact lenses!

147 N. Mion St., Sarnia • 519-337-4060 • TheEyeGuySarnia.com

THANK YOU to all the wonderful, local businesses

that have made this free magazine possible!

Mark Moran 519-491-1676


Carla MacGregor 519-464-3230


For Lambton Shores area advertising, contact Rhonda Long

519-657-1869 • rhonda@welcometotheclub.ca



Don’t compare your life to others’ - everyone has different issues.

You’re not getting older, you’re just becoming a classic!

Welcome to ...

THE Club


Beautiful Smiles

~ Are you unhappy with the way

your Dentures make you look or feel?

~ Are your Dentures loose? ~ Sore spots?

~ Not eating the foods you love?

~ Are they over five years old?


Since 1972, our family has made thousands of

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Call today for your free consultation.




Call to book your free consultation.


1200 Lambton Mall Road, Sarnia



By Therese Lecuyer

from Daytripping Sept-Oct 2015

One of the good things about getting

older (and there are things) is that with

time, we see what really matters and

what doesn’t at all. One important

thing I’ve learned is the importance of

a friend. If I live to be 100 and that is all

I’ve learned from life, I’ll consider myself

blessed. Friends may be people you see

once a year or every day.

People that I have grown up with from

a very young age are very dear to me. We

carry a history with us that few people

can boast about... like feeding the pigs,

being chased by our unfriendly rooster,

playing in my playhouse—the outhouse!

We’ve seen each other grow up, find

jobs, get married, raise families and have

grandbabies. I attended a wedding last

weekend of one such

friend. As I watched her

daughter on her wedding

day, it brought back a lot

of memories of her mom

and I growing up.

Along with the happy

times, like weddings and

the birth of babies, we’ve

also been witness to the struggles of aged

parents and the death of each other’s

loved ones. Having a friend means there

is always someone there in good times

and bad.

The day my daughter was married

they were there, when I became a

granny for the first, second and third

time… they were there. The day I was

diagnosed with cancer and the day my

breasts were removed they were there.

The days of my chemo, the life support

and near death… they have always been

there. Having a dear friend means you

are never alone through good days and


God has blessed me with many friends

I would consider my angels. If you are

lucky enough to find such a person hang

on to her or him and thank God they

are there on your journey through life.

Everything seems a little sweeter when

a friend is near by.

A friend is someone you have chosen

to be by your side. You

probably have a lot in

common and in some cases

even look alike!

Whether you’re lucky

enough to have a long-time

friend or a new friend you

have just met, hang on

tight… you are truly blessed!

Drop us a line… we’d love to know what you think!


Comments from Our Readers

Great article on the music scene in our area. We certainly have a lot of

talented musicians, many with long careers playing locally and beyond

Sarnia/Lambton. ~ Barry Loxton

Just a note to say I didn’t know that you were paid if your work was

printed in The Club so I was quite surprised with the cheque. Thanks!

I would like to see more people write in about their varied life experiences,

as I am always interested in hearing about all the different aspects of

living in this great world of ours.

The Daytripper, and now The Club, have also had many of their poems

and quizzes, etc. recycled as I am an inveterate “clipper,” and they are

pasted into one of my many scrapbooks for future use to liven up

meetings and add some fun, laughter and information.

So thanks again for both magazines and good luck in the future!

~ Dorothy J. Johnson

Send your thoughts ts to info@welcometotheclub.ca





or comment ment

on our Facebook ok page

SPRING 2023 What other people think of you is really none of your business.

P A G E 35

Welcome to ...

THE Club

If this brings back good memories, send us some of your own.

Welcome to ...




SARNIA POSTCARDS from the Dave Burwell’s Postcard Collecon

F. Filia & Associates Ltd.

2-565 Murphy Road, Sarnia

519-332-5400 I franco_filia@cooperators.ca

Franco Filia


Sponsored o o By:

B y

Chrisna Street, Sarnia

Lambton County Buildings, Chrisna Street, Sarnia

Sarnia-Lambton Tourist Informaon Centre

The Ferry, Sarnia, Canada to Port Huron, U.S.A.

Sarnia Tunnel Depot

Imperial Oil Co. Sarnia

Sarnia Yacht Club

Fell in Love


Been Married


Gone on a Blind Date ___

Skipped School


Watched Someone Give Birth ___

Ridden in an Ambulance ___

Been to Hawaii


Been to Europe


Been to Washington D.C. ___

Been to Florida


Been to Mexico


Been to Rome


Been to New York City ___

Seen the Grand Canyon ___

Flown in a helicopter ___

Flown in a plane


Been on a cruise


Served on a jury


Danced in the rain


Run for Public Office ___

Saved a Life




Been to a Tropical Wedding

Played/Sang in a Band

Sang Karaoke

Been Front Row at a Concert

Become a Parent

Gone Bungee Jumping

Seen the Northern Lights

Been Downhill Skiing

Ice Skated on a Lake/River

Driven a Motorcycle

Jumped out of a Plane

Been to a Drive-in Movie













Total Yes:

___ /63

Been to all 10 Provinces

Been to all 3 Territories

Ridden an Elephant

Ridden a Horse

Held a Large Snake

Portaged with a Canoe

Been Parasailing

White Water Rafted

Been on TV










Been in the Newspaper

Seen A Live NHL Game

Seen A Live MLB Game

Seen A Live NFL Game

Seen A Live NBA Game

Stayed in the Hospital

Donated Blood

Gotten a Piercing

Gotten a Tattoo

Driven a Stick Shift

Been Scuba Diving

Been Snorkeling

Got a Speeding Ticket

Broken a Bone

Gotten Stitches

Driven a Race Car

Taken A Long Trip Alone

Touched the Atlantic Ocean

Touched the Pacific Ocean

Touched the Arctic Ocean

Touched the Indian Ocean
























However good or bad a situation, it WILL change.

Let’s grow old together. You go first.

Welcome to ...

THE Club

Evolution Geneology

A little girl asked her mother, “How did the

human race appear?” The mother answered,

“God made Adam and Eve and they had

children and so was all mankind made.”

Two days later the girl asked her father the same

question. The father answered, “Many years ago there

were monkeys from which the human race evolved.”

Since 2004

Alaska Glacier Discovery Cruise

May 11 - 20, 2023

Enjoy a 7 day Cruise with ports of call in

Juneau, Skagway, Ketchican and day of scenic

cruising in Glacier Bay. All the details are taken

care of including transfers, Toronto-Vancouver -

airfare return, coach from SW Ontario, two

nights in downtown Vancouver & more.

June 7 - 13, 2023

Discover the beauty, history & culture of the

Cape Cod area. Enjoy Martha’s Vineyard,

Provincetown, the Cape’s majestic sand dunes

& much more. A stay and a harbour cruise in

historic Boston enhances your experience.

Four dinners and all breakfasts included.

The confused girl returned to her mother and said, “Mom, how is

it possible that you told me the human race was created by God,

and Dad said they developed from monkeys?” The mother

answered, “Well dear... it is very simple. I told you about my side

of the family and your father told you about his.”

The Wellness Corner

by Marion Clouse • from Daytripping Jan-Feb 2005

We often think of forgiveness as

something that someone who has

done us wrong must ask of US. On the

contrary, forgiveness is a gift you give

to yourself. Many of us create rules

inside our head for how people should

behave; when people break the rules,

we resent them. We grow up believing

that we can punish others by refusing

to forgive them, “If I don’t forgive you,

you suffer.” Actually, it’s the other way

around. By refusing to forgive others, it’s

you that suffers. To not forgive others

is like taking the poison and expecting

them to die! YOU get the knot in your

stomach; YOU are the one to lose sleep.

We all live our lives the best way we

know how. We make a lot of mistakes

along the way, sometimes we act on

misinformation, sometimes we do

stupid things, yet we are still doing it

the best way we know. Blaming others

gets us nowhere. If something is done,

it is done. Griping about it changes

nothing. People do what they do from

knowing what they know. Whether you

make them the guilty ones makes no

difference – except that it ruins your

life. Things are the way they are. If a

hurricane floods your basement, do you

say: “I’ll never forgive the weather?” If

a seagull poops on your head, do you

resent the seagull? Then why resent

people? We are no more meant to

control people than we are meant to

control rainstorms and seagulls.

Choice is always present in forgiveness.

You do not have to forget. Forgive

and forget is a myth. You may never

forget, but you can CHOOSE to forgive.

Refusing to forgive by holding on to

the anger, resentment and a sense

of betrayal can make your own life

miserable. If you refuse to forgive your

brother-in-law for not inviting you to his

Christmas party, you suffer. He doesn’t

get the ulcers, he doesn’t lose the sleep,


he isn’t upset, he doesn’t get the nasty

taste in his mouth. You do.

To withhold forgiveness is to choose

to continue to remain the victim.

Remember, you always have choice.

The hurts won’t heal until you forgive.

Healthy relationships are not possible

without forgiveness! You cannot have

a loving and rewarding relationship

with anyone else, much less yourself if

you continue to hold on to things that

happened in the past. Regardless of the

situation, making peace with past love

partners, your parents, your children,

your boss or anyone who you think may

have “done you wrong” is the only way

to improve your chances of a “healthy”

relationship with yourself or anyone

else. Forgiveness means choosing to

let go, to move one, and to favour the


Six steps to forgiving.

1. Choose one person you need to


2. List your feelings and the cause of

your anger.

3. Empathize by trying to understand

the other person’s views, and by

understanding that you, too, are capable

of hurting others.

4. Reflect and imagine how forgiveness

would change the situation.

5. Discuss your thoughts and feelings

with a trusted person.

6. Consider whether reconciliation is

desirable or possible.

When we do choose to forgive, a

marvelous principle comes into

operation. As we change, others change.

As we alter our attitude toward others,

they begin to alter their behaviour.

Somehow, the moment we choose to

change the way we see things, others

respond to our changed expectations.

Forgiveness is a creative act that changes

us from prisoners of the past to liberated

people at peace with our memories.

All coach & cruise tours depart from Sarnia & London

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Each rooster sings on its


Each Tuesday

has its Sunday.

One talks about the fair

according to how one fares.

The best scribe makes a blot.

Time cures all.

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Author Unknown

Oh give me patience

when little hands

Tug at me with ceaseless,

small demands.

Oh give me gentle lips

and smiling eyes

And keep my lips

from hasty, harsh replies.

Let not confusion,

weariness and noise

Obscure my vision

from my life's fleeting joys,

That when in years to come

my house is still

No bitter memories

its rooms may fill.


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Greed bursts the sack.

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Faith moves mountains.

The best word is the one unsaid.

The worst hen is the one that clucks the most.

Blood boils without fire.

You can only be really certain

of what is already in your belly.

The lion is not as fierce as it is made out to be.

Curiosity killed the cat.

Too many cooks spoil the broth.

Dirty clothes are washed at home.

The eagle doesn´t waste time hunting flies.



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Get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful.

Retirement To-Do List: Wake up! Nailed it!

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As I stood staring at the black rotary

phone at the antique store, it brought

back a flood of memories. How could

an item I used in my lifetime be an

antique already?

I was born in 1962. It would be hard

for kids today to believe, but we grew up

in the sixties without computers, i-pods,

digital cameras and cell phones.

It was a simpler life back then.

We had one phone in our house, the

classic black rotary phone. Households

could go on a “party line.” This was

when you shared your phone line with

another family. You did not know who

was on your party line, but often when

you picked up the phone, you could

hear people having a conversation.

My mother warned us if the party line

“was on”, you discreetly hung up the

phone and waited. This could be very

annoying, if you had long-winded

people on your party line. It was also

very annoying when you were talking

and the party line people kept picking

up the receiver and putting it down. The

telephone has come a long way since

then, with call waiting, call display, etc.

There were no compact disks in the

60’s. Even cassette tapes and eight

tracks had not come on the scene yet.

It was vinyl records in those days. They

came in three sizes, 45’s, 78’s and LP

albums. My sister had a small record

player and as a preschooler, I would

sneak into her room when she was at

school to play cool tunes, such as “I

Can’t Get No Satisfaction” by the Rolling

Stones, “I’m a Believer” by the Monkees

(who by the way had their own TV show

from 1966-1968) and “Purple People

Eater” (can’t remember who sang that

gem). I had only played 45’s, so when

I received an album with Christmas

songs on it, I didn’t realize there were

more than two songs on an album. I

Antique Collection

Brings Recollection

by Barb Day, Paris • from Daytripping July-Aug 2009

would always listen to the first song on

each side over and over again. One day,

I didn’t get to the record player in time

before the second song started playing.

You can imagine my surprise!

We had a simple black and white

television set. There was no remote

control; you actually had to get up to

change the channel. I remember my

family gathering around the TV to watch

the first man walk on the moon. That

was an exciting time in history. It was

also a very exciting time for my family

w hen we purchased our first coloured

television set. There were so many good

shows on TV, such as “Bewitched”,

“I Dream of Jeannie”, “Green Acres”,

“The Beverly Hillbillies”, “I Love

Lucy”, etc. My favourite cartoons were

“The Flintstones” and “The Jetsons.”

Wouldn’t George Jetson be proud, how

far electronic gadgets have advanced in

the last 40 years!

We did not have digital cameras. Our

family had a box camera, which looked

exactly like its name, a rectangular

black box. The film was taken to a store

to be developed and the photographs

were black and white.

My Aunt Sarah had a portable

typewriter and allowed me to use it when

we visited. You really had to press down

hard on those keys to get it to print. When

you pressed a key, a long silver arm with

the letter engraved on its end would hit the

typewriter ribbon, imprinting the letter

on the paper. To make copies, a piece of

carbon paper was placed between two

sheets of paper.

Gameboy, Nintendo, X-box and

Playstation were unheard of. If you

wanted to play games you went to the

arcade to play pinball. Arcades became

even more popular when they added

video games, such as PacMan.

If you wanted to “google” information

for a school project, you “googled” in

books at the local library. There were no

computers at the library. You would look

through index cards to find out where

the books you needed were located.

Kids spent hours playing in the snow,

building snowmen, snow forts and

igloos. Children played outside all year

round, in all weather. Every kid had a

bike and used it. Families generally only

had one vehicle and regular gas was

approximately $0.30 a gallon. Kids were

brought up to be independent when

it came to transportation and if you

wanted to go somewhere you walked

or rode your bike. As TV was limited to

basic channels, kids spent more time

reading books or playing board games.

Comic books were also popular.

We only ate junk food when we were

lucky enough to have a nickel or dime

to go to the corner store for candy. My

favourites were Pink Elephant Popcorn,

Cracker Jacks, Double Bubble gum (that

included a tiny comic strip) and licorice

pipes. You could act way cool with

Popeye cigarettes.

My mother was a stay-at-home mom.

She often made homemade bread from

scratch. There’s nothing like the aroma

of a fresh loaf of bread coming from

the oven and we smothered the warm

bread with butter.

Clothes were washed in a wringer

washer and then hung on the clothes line

to dry. Some of the fashions that were

“in” were hot pants, ponchos and pedal

pushers. Pedal pushers were the original

capri pants. They also resurfaced in the

80’s and were called clamdiggers. You

know you’re getting up there in age

when an article of clothing has come

into fashion three times. Also popular

were mini and maxi skirts. Footwear

fashion included mukluks, moon shoes,

go-go boots and platform shoes. You

wore thongs on your feet, they weren’t

underwear then!

When I reminisce about my

childhood, it amazes me how things

have changed. If our grandparents could

see the technology we have available in

this day and age, they would truly be

astounded. I can only image what life

will be like 40 years from now.

You’ve wanted

one of these for

40 Years!






430 Exmouth Street, Sarnia



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Run Through the Rain

“What?” Mom asked.

“Let’s run through the rain!” She talking to Daddy about his cancer, you


said, ‘If we can get through this, we can

“No, honey. We’ll wait until it slows get through anything!”

down a bit,” Mom replied.

The entire crowd stopped dead silent. I

This young child waited about another swear you couldn’t hear anything but the

minute and repeated: “Mom let’s run rain. We all stood silently. No one came or

through the rain.”

left in the next few minutes. Mom paused

“We’ll get soaked if we do,” Mom said. and thought for a moment about what she

“No, we won’t, Mom. That’s not what would say. Now some would laugh it off

you said this morning,” the young girl said and scold her for being silly. Some might

as she tugged at her Mom’s arm.

even ignore what was said. But this was a

“This morning? When did I say we could moment of affirmation in a young child’s

run through the rain and not get wet?” life. A time when innocent trust can be


She had been shopping with her Mom

at the mall. She must have been 6 years

old, this beautiful red haired, freckle-faced

image of innocence. It was pouring. The

kind of rain that gushes over the top of

gutters, so much in a hurry to hit the Earth

it has no time to flow down the spout.

We all stood there under the awning just

outside the mall doors. We waited, some

patiently, others irritated because nature

messed up their hurried day.

I’m always mesmerized by rainfall. I get

lost in the sound and sight of the heavens

washing away the dirt and dust of the

world. Memories of running, splashing

carefree as a child came pouring in as

a welcome reprieve from the worries of

my day.

Her voice was so sweet as it broke the

hypnotic trance we were all caught in.

“Mom, let’s run through the rain,” she




“Don’t you remember? When you were

nurtured so that it will bloom into faith.

“Honey, you are absolutely right. Let’s

run through the rain. If we get wet, well

maybe we just needed washing,” Mom

said. Then off they ran. We all stood

watching, smiling and laughing as they

darted past the cars and yes, through the

puddles. They held their shopping bags

over their heads just in case. They got


But they were followed by a few who

screamed and laughed like children all the

way to their cars. And yes, I did. I ran. I

got wet. I needed washing.

Circumstances or people can take away

your material possessions, they can take

away your money, and they can take

away your health. But no one can ever

take away your spirit. So, don’t forget to

make time and take the opportunities to

make memories everyday - run through

the rain!



No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.

My Bucket List: Keep breathing!


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Tammy Maure

My Old Trowel

We’ve worked hard in the gardens,

That old-rusted-trowel and I.

The handle’s worn and broken,

Now we’ll have to say goodbye.

We’ve spent hours in the garden,

Time together, handle in hand.

To replace this trusty trowel of mine,

is like, replacing an old friend.

There’s another in the garden shed,

All shiny, clean and new.

I’ve used it very little,

So, our memories are few.

That old trowel and I have memories,

Planting flowers, planting seeds.

Digging worms and moving things,

Mixing soils, digging weeds.

But, my old trowel is broken,

Of no more use to me.

I’ll have to use the new one,

Yet, in my mind I’ll see;

That dear-old-trowel, a-diggin’,

moving soil, mulch and such.

I look forward to the future when,

My new trowel means as much.

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The mystery and lore of the Edmund

Fitzgerald has become part of our

culture. The glory and tragedy of the onetime

queen of the lakes only highlights

the danger and sadness that is part of

our shipping heritage. The exact number

of shipwrecks on the lakes is unknown.

The Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum

approximates 6,000 ships and 30,000

lives lost during the history of Great

Lakes shipping, while historian and

mariner Mark Thompson estimated that

the total number of wrecks is likely more

than 25,000.

The St Clair River is one of the busiest

waterways in the world. It is also a focal

point of tourism and recreation from

its start at Lake Huron in Sarnia/Point

Edward, south to the wonders of its delta

at the St. Clair Flats. It is hard to imagine

that the St. Clair River has been part of

this shipwreck history. However, since

LaSalle first traversed her length in 1679

there have been hundreds of shipwrecks

and disasters along the beautiful blue

water of our greatest resource.

One of the well-known is the Monarch,

a 63 foot steam powered tug which lies

in about 55 feet of water about 200 feet

just south of the Bluewater Bridge. Its life

came to an end July 6, 1934 when, while

towing the freighter C.F. Bielman towards

Lake Huron, the Beilman swung out of

By Joanne vanDam

from Daytripping May-June 2021

control flipping the Monarch onto her

starboard side then dragging the stern

down to the river bottom. Today she is a

popular scuba diving destination.

On May 31, 1906 the steamer Erin

was up bound in the fog on the St. Clair

towing the schooner Danforth. About

a mile below Courtright she was run

into by the steamer John B. Cowle. Cut

in two, she sunk

immediately with

the loss of five of

her crew members.

Rescue efforts

were provided by

local fishermen

as the damaged

Cowle, unaware

of the severity of

the accident, had

to contend with her own damage. The

last deceased crew member was found

floating in the river near Sombra almost

two weeks later. Mrs. Herbert from

Cleveland, was one of the Erin’s cooks,

who was sleeping at the time of the crash

and never had a chance to save herself.

Half of the wreck lies in American waters

From The Sampler, Heritage Sarnia-Lambton

and the other half in Canadian.

On August 6, 1887 at the Wolf

and Davidson shipyard in Milwaukee

Wisconsin, over 3,000 people turned out

to experience the launching of the new

285 foot wood steamer, William H. Wolf,

named for the owner of the company.

She had a beam of 41 feet and depth

of 24 feet.

The William H. Wolf steamer.

The side launch of

the vessel created

a tremendous wave

which resulted in the

death of two men

who had come to

witness the launch

of what was then the

largest vessel ever

built on the Great

Lakes. The tragedy

at the birth of the

vessel’s Great Lakes career was to eerily

mirror her death some 34 years later.

The Wolf performed yeoman but

ordinary service during her career. It

was not until October 21, 1921 that she

again found tragic notoriety. The Wolf

left Port Huron, Michigan early morning

down bound, empty for Detroit. While

underway, fire was discovered in the

forward hold and gained fast and

furious headway because of the wind

and forward motion of the ship. The

alarm was sounded and the ship was

steered for the beach on the Canadian

side running aground at Fawn Island.

With the fire burning out of control,

the members of the 22 man crew were

ordered to abandon ship by Captain

Thomas Hanson. Unfortunately, two

crewmen, Wheelsman Tony Smith and

First Mate Edward Henry, who had been

directing the abandon ship manoeuver,

perished in the fire. Meanwhile the ship

burned to the water line. Survivors were

taken to the Colonial Hotel in Marine

City, Michigan and cared for there.

The carcass of the Wolf lay beached

for four years until in 1925 she was

floated off her death bed and towed to

a spot south of Fawn Island near present

day Riverview School where she was

dynamited and settled to her final resting

spot on the bottom of the St. Clair.

Today the broken bow is located in

shallow water, while the stern is at the

bottom of the drop-off in approximately

60 feet of water. You can still find the

engine, boiler, and four-bladed propeller

at the site. She is a popular scuba diving

and fishing spot and is easily visible

from a pleasure boat.

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“Your Feet Will Be In Good Hands”

I came, I saw... I forgot what I was doing. Retraced my steps and got lost.

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My young grandson

called the other day

to wish me a Happy

Birthday. We talked for a while

and eventually he asked me

how old I was, and I told him I

was 62.

He was quiet for a

moment, and then he asked,

"Did you start at 1?" Perfectly

logical question I thought.

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After Hours

questions from

Annual Trivia Night

“The Daytripper” has a team entered every year, but we have yet to win.

Answers Below

1. What is the second leading cause of death among children under

five in the world?

2. Which one of these planets rotates clockwise?

a] Uranus b] Mercury c] Venus d] Pluto

3. Which two letters are worth ten points in Scrabble?

4. Which two South American countries does the Patagonia Region


5. In what year were women first allowed to participate in the modern

Olympic games?

a] 1896, Athens b] 1900, Paris

c] 1912, Stockholm d] 1924, Paris

6. What is a nebuchadnezzar?

a] A large wine bottle holding the equivalent of 20 standard 750 ml


b] A king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire

7. In Islam, what does Bismallah mean?

a] In the name of Allah b] In Allah’s light

c] Lord of the Worlds d] Praise be to Allah

8. On average, what do you do 15 times a day?

a] Burp b] Laugh c] Break wind d] Lick your lips

9. The car in the Knightrider series was call KITT. What does this

acronym stand for?

10. The first Super Bowl (1967) was played between which two teams?

11. How hot is lightning?

a] 1,000°F b] 50,000°F c] 70,000°F

12. A fylfot is the heraldic name for what symbol?

a] Fleur de lis b] Phoenix

c] Lion d] Swastika


1. Diarrhea, it kills more children than malaria, AIDS, and measles combined;

2. Venus; 3. Q and Z; 4. Chile and Argentina; 5. 1900, Paris; 6. Trick question - Both!;

7. In the name of Allah; 8. Laugh; 9. Knight Industries Two Thousand;

10. The Green Bay Packers and The Kansas City Chiefs. Packers won 35-10;

11. 50,000°F (five times hotter than the surface of the sun); 12. Swastika.



Every night when you go to bed, think of at least one thing to be grateful for.

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