Get Out! GAY Magazine – Issue 510

Featuring content from the hottest gay and gay-friendly spots in New York, each (free!) issue of Get Out! highlights the bars, nightclubs, restaurants, spas and other businesses throughout NYC’s metropolitan area that the city’s gay a population is interested in.

Featuring content from the hottest gay and gay-friendly spots in New York, each (free!) issue of Get Out! highlights the bars, nightclubs, restaurants, spas and other businesses throughout NYC’s metropolitan area that the city’s gay a population is interested in.


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The British-born<br />

half of the award<br />

winning duo World<br />

of Wonder (with<br />

Randy Barbato),<br />

Fenton Bailey can<br />

claim co-credit for<br />

Party Monster, The<br />

Eyes of Tammy<br />

Faye (the doc that<br />

was the basis for<br />

the 2021 feature<br />

film), and of<br />

course, RuPaul’s<br />

Drag Race, which<br />

has changed<br />

the game for<br />

drag performers<br />

forever. And now,<br />

the director/<br />

producer is the<br />

author of the<br />

book ScreenAge<strong>–</strong><br />

How TV Shaped<br />

Our Reality From<br />

Tammy Faye To<br />

RuPaul’s Drag Race<br />

(coming March 28),<br />

which chronicles<br />

his fascinating<br />

experiences as the<br />

teller of true tales.<br />

I talked to my old friend Fenton<br />

about this new chapter in his genius.<br />

INTERVIEW >>><br />


INTERVIEW >>><br />

Hi, Fenton. Congrats on the<br />

book! I’m so happy it mentions<br />

our trip to PTL, Tammy Faye’s<br />

(ex) theme park. I remember<br />

patrons pointing at us in horror,<br />

and I thought, “Gurl, imagine<br />

if you saw what we wore out at<br />

night!” lol.<br />

Fenton: Do you remember the<br />

water tower somewhere near there,<br />

in the shape of a peach? I had to<br />

look it up: It’s called the Peachoid<br />

and is in Gaffney, South Carolina.<br />

Anyway, I cannot unsee Albert<br />

mooning the camera with that giant<br />

peach in the background.<br />

Hilarious! Speaking of Tammy<br />

Faye: Last year, Jessica Chastain<br />

won the Oscar for the movie based<br />

on your doc. What did you think<br />

of her performance? (And by the<br />

way, I love what you said in the<br />

book about her Oscar speech.)<br />

Fenton: When she first came to us<br />

about adapting our documentary and<br />

playing Tammy, we weren’t sure she<br />

could pull it off. Neither was she, but<br />

she was so passionate about it that<br />

she literally became her on screen.<br />

And then for Jessica to win on that<br />

night of all nights (when Will Smith<br />

won for Best Actor after assaulting the<br />

host) was almost truly divine.<br />

After that<br />

horrible<br />

moment<br />

encapsulating<br />

Trump’s America,<br />

it was so healing<br />

that she had<br />

the last word,<br />

even if--and<br />

especially if—no<br />

one was really<br />

paying attention<br />

because of the<br />

Will Smith of it<br />

all. Channeling<br />

Tammy Faye,<br />

Jessica spoke<br />

up for queers<br />

like us and by<br />

extension, all<br />

the outsiders<br />

and everyone<br />

who feels<br />

marginalized.<br />


It was beautiful. On a<br />

sadder note, lol, when<br />

you and Randy were the<br />

Pop Tarts (in the ‘80s),<br />

I once made loving fun<br />

of you for not exactly<br />

filling a room. Crickets!<br />

That obviously changed<br />

big time. What has been<br />

the secret to pleasing a<br />

crowd?<br />

Fenton: I had forgotten<br />

all about that. Ha! It was<br />

hosting the House of Cali<br />

in Times Square. I have<br />

never seen such a vast--and<br />

empty—space, right in the<br />

heart of Times Square. The<br />

secret of pleasing a crowd<br />

is television. Although you<br />

can reach a huge audience,<br />

each and every one of them<br />

could be sitting at home<br />

alone. So, it’s very intimate,<br />

very one-on-one. From<br />

Tammy Faye to RuPaul,<br />

from Liberace to Warhol,<br />

the artists of our time<br />

are the ones who speak<br />

television fluently.<br />

You and Randy spotted RuPaul<br />

as an up-and-coming talent and<br />

helped market her to the masses.<br />

Why did you think she had what it<br />

took?<br />

Fenton: Ru always was a star in his own<br />

mind, and we were convinced it was just<br />

a matter of time before the rest of the<br />

world caught up. He was always ready<br />

for his closeup, because when you stay<br />

ready, you don’t have to get ready.<br />

You then guided Ru for a whole new<br />

wave of success with Drag Race,<br />

which is bigger than ever. How has<br />

Ru changed through it all?<br />

Fenton: Ru has remained the same<br />

and, I think, under no illusions about<br />

the illusory nature of stardom. It is pure<br />

drag. So, while reaching for the stars, Ru<br />

has always had both feet planted firmly<br />

on the ground. And so, the truth is, he<br />

hasn’t changed a bit. He has always<br />

been the same thoughtful, insightful<br />

person.<br />

What kind of drag queen would you<br />

never want on the show(s)?<br />

Fenton: We never say never because<br />

every queen is different.<br />

What’s the wildest stunt a drag<br />

queen ever did to get your<br />

attention and try to get cast?<br />

Fenton: Funnily enough, stunts don’t<br />

really work, because being on the show<br />

is more like a marathon. It’s about<br />

being able to go the distance.

You, me, Randy, Ru and James St.<br />

James were all running around<br />

clubs in a kind of dangerous but<br />

strangely joyous time when it<br />

seemed like “anything goes”.<br />

Do you think nightlife will ever<br />

recapture that--or should it?<br />

Fenton: Yes<strong>–</strong>it was the joy of defiance.<br />

“Those were the days, my friend/We<br />

thought they’d never end.” I think<br />

the resistance continues, though<br />

not necessarily in nightlife. It was a<br />

rare moment when so many things<br />

collided. It’s funny, though, how others<br />

now look back on that time as a golden<br />

era, because it certainly didn’t feel<br />

magical at the time. Though I always<br />

thought you always had the most<br />

glamorous life imaginable.<br />

I still do! Where will the next<br />

multiple pileup of ideas and<br />

oddballs take place?<br />

Fenton: I know that you will be the<br />

first to find it, so promise you’ll call us<br />

right away. Now, more than ever, we<br />

need something to stop the insanity of<br />

George Santos and that nightmarish<br />

bunch of MAGA bigots, phobes and<br />

phonies.<br />

week in pictures >> BY WILSONMODELS / wilsonmodels.blogspot.com<br />







Actor, singer, activist,<br />

producer, and reality<br />

show star, the<br />

effervescently fabulous<br />

Frankie Grande makes<br />

his motion picture debut<br />

in the horribly funny<br />

queer thriller-comedy<br />

flick “Summoning<br />

Sylvia.” He will star<br />

alongside Michael Urie<br />

and Travis Coles. The<br />

film is set to release this<br />

spring.<br />

Just having done off-<br />

Broadway’s hilarious<br />

musical spoof “Titanique<br />

the Musical”, Frankie<br />

Grande is forever<br />

dancing on the rim<br />

of a dazzling volcano<br />

spilling glowing lava of<br />

orange and pink neon<br />

lighting, conquering the<br />

blackness that engulfs<br />

the night. Frankie made<br />

his Broadway debut<br />

in “Mamma Mia!” and<br />

was then in “Rock<br />

of Ages”. He is also<br />

part of Nickelodeon’s<br />

“Henry Danger” and<br />

was acclaimed as a<br />

true reality star on “Big<br />

Brother”.<br />

As an artist and now a film star,<br />

Frankie has a vested interest<br />

in our believing in the flash of<br />

revelation and the inspiration<br />

that animates him and carries<br />

him away to irresistibly<br />

seek his own light. We had a<br />

conversation regarding the<br />

movie and his excitement over<br />

his film debut.<br />



Hi, Frankie. I’m so<br />

excited that you’re a<br />

movie star now.<br />

Me too! It’s so exciting,<br />

and I’m so grateful. I’m<br />

so excited for the world to<br />

see the film and for them<br />

to see me do something<br />

that they’ve never seen<br />

me do before.<br />

What kind of role do<br />

you play?<br />

His name is Nico. I love<br />

him. It’s about a bachelor<br />

party. Gay friends go<br />

up to a haunted house,<br />

because we love haunted<br />

things, and Nico is the<br />

witchiest of them all. He’s<br />

the one that instigates<br />

the séance and the<br />

contacting of spirits from<br />

beyond.<br />

Of course.<br />

Of course. He thinks<br />

he’s a witch, and it’s<br />

really fun. I get to play<br />

someone who is a very<br />

large character, but very<br />

different than who I am<br />

as a person. That was<br />

exciting.<br />

Do you get to be<br />

effervescent and fun?<br />

I get to be kind of snarky<br />

and slicing, which is very<br />

interesting for me. I get<br />

to be more like the tip of<br />

the spear, whereas I’m<br />

usually the flag on the<br />

end of the baton. In this<br />

role, I am more like a<br />

weapon, which is really<br />

fun. It’s very different<br />

than who I am, so I guess<br />

that’s the acting part.<br />

That’s why they call it<br />

acting, Frankie.<br />

Exactly. I am trying to<br />

show the world I can do<br />

that.<br />

How did you get the<br />

role? I’m so excited that<br />

you’re doing this.<br />

Thank you. I know you<br />

are, Eileen. You’ve been<br />

so supportive and we’ve<br />

talked about everything.<br />

Since “Big Brother”, I’ve<br />

had kind of an uphill battle<br />

proving to the world again<br />

that I actually am an actor<br />

and was originally trained<br />

as an actor. On that show,<br />

I became so famous<br />

for my personality, so<br />

I started getting roles<br />

based on my personality.<br />

That was it. I’m very<br />

grateful to the directors<br />

Wesley Taylor and Alex<br />

Wyse, who originally cast<br />

me on their TV show<br />

“Indoor Boys.” I think<br />

in the beginning, they<br />

just wanted to see what<br />

Frankie could do. That<br />

was season one, where I<br />

had a little cameo. Then<br />

they wrote me a larger<br />

part in season two and<br />

an even larger part in<br />

season three. Then I won<br />

an award for the best<br />

guest appearance on<br />

a streaming TV show.<br />

They kind of had<br />

faith in me that was<br />

growing from all the<br />

years on the TV show.<br />

When they wrote this<br />

movie, they had me<br />

in mind for the role<br />

and they contacted<br />

me and said that they<br />

really wanted me to<br />

play Nico. I was so<br />

grateful and excited.<br />

This is my first lead<br />

role in a feature film,<br />

and I wouldn’t have<br />

gotten it without those<br />

two boys believing in<br />

me and working with<br />

me over the years.<br />

They have been really<br />


Michael Urie is in it with<br />

you. He’s so nice.<br />

Yes! What an angel.<br />

He’s truly an angel of a<br />

human being. We’ve been<br />

friends for years, and this<br />

is our first time working<br />

together. Ironically, we<br />

had no scenes together,<br />

but I still got to see him on<br />

set and ever since then,<br />

we’ve been even closer.<br />

The other boys are really<br />

great, too. I want to shout<br />

out to co-stars Travis<br />

Coles, Noah Ricketts,<br />

and Troy Iwata--they are<br />

phenomenal. Us four<br />

boys are like the four<br />

horsemen. I was thinking<br />

about the four horsemen<br />

of the apocalypse. They<br />

were all fantastic, and<br />

it was such a delight<br />

working with them. We<br />

are all Broadway trained<br />

actors. The directors are<br />

also Broadway trained as<br />

well. It was really nice to<br />

have that kind of energy<br />

and that kind of focus and<br />

dedication on set from<br />

everyone. Several scenes<br />

we did, when they were<br />

shot, it was like a full<br />

act of a play. We shot it<br />

straight through for like 11<br />

minutes. I’ve never done<br />

anything like that, so we<br />

just treated it like it was<br />

a play, and with very little<br />

rehearsal. We were flying<br />

by the seat of our pants.<br />

But we got it done.<br />

Do you get to die in it or<br />

anything interesting like<br />

that?<br />

Not die, but I really do get<br />

to fight. I get to fight and<br />

I get to flirt. I get to do all<br />

of those things in the film,<br />

which is also new to me.<br />


I don’t know how long<br />

queer horror has been<br />

around, but what’s your<br />

take on it?<br />

LGBTQ+ people have<br />

always been drawn to<br />

horror because it’s very<br />

often about an outcast<br />

or someone who has<br />

been really cut off from<br />

society, whether that’s<br />

the victim or the victor.<br />

It is something that we<br />

can just always relate to,<br />

the characters that are in<br />

horror. And queer horror<br />

has been around for a<br />

long time. “Nightmare<br />

on Elm Street 2” started<br />

it, maybe. That was the<br />

gayest movie ever made,<br />

and it was horror. It’s been<br />

around for a long time and<br />

it’s been appreciated by<br />

the community, so it’s nice<br />

to make an actual queer<br />

horror film, where all the<br />

creatives are queer--the<br />

writers are queer and the<br />

directors are queer and<br />

almost the entire crew<br />

is queer too. It was an<br />

amazing environment. We<br />

filmed this during Pride<br />

of 2021, so we spent<br />

our Pride month making<br />

this film. I think when the<br />

world sees it, it will be a<br />

beautiful representation<br />

of the LGBT+ community<br />

for the entire world to see.<br />

I think it’s a huge step<br />



forward in representation<br />

for the LGBT+ community.<br />

We just need more queer<br />

characters and films. And<br />

gay camp horror is an<br />

absolute thriller. I think<br />

more thriller than horror.<br />

Gay camp horror is an<br />

absolute great genre to<br />

do it.<br />

Well said, and totally.<br />

Horror is fun.<br />

Horror is mine and my<br />

husband’s favorite genre<br />

to watch. We will watch<br />

any horror movie that<br />

is streaming on any<br />

single platform. We are<br />

nuts about it. It is that<br />

adrenaline rush. And<br />

drama doesn’t give you<br />

that. I was really into<br />

horror my whole life.<br />

You’d never know it<br />

from the parts you’ve<br />

played.<br />

Yeah, it’s really a different<br />

side of me, which is very<br />

exciting for me as an<br />

actor. As I said, I’ve been<br />

getting typecast for a very<br />

long time. It was great<br />

having Alex and Wes work<br />

with me on the set<br />

because it took some time<br />

to find the character. It’s<br />

such a departure from<br />

who I normally am and<br />

who I normally play.<br />

Are you nervous?<br />

Yes. Absolutely. It was<br />

my first big feature film,<br />

so there were definitely<br />

nerves. But the nice thing<br />

is, I didn’t have time to<br />

really be nervous. We<br />

shot the whole movie in<br />

less than a month, I think<br />

it was three weeks. So we<br />

barely had rehearsal. We<br />

were just grounding and<br />

put the pedal to the metal.<br />

So, even though I was<br />

nervous, I didn’t really get<br />

a chance to be nervous;<br />

we just had to go.<br />

The “Summoning Sylvia” is<br />

set to release in April in select<br />

theaters and available for rental<br />

and purchase on most major<br />

streaming platforms.



*Source: IQVIA NPA Weekly, 04/19/2019 through 05/28/2021.<br />

CHAD<br />



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H.M.I.S.M.<br />



OF VALOR,<br />


CHARM<br />



SPEAKS<br />


What have been some of the<br />

highlights of this past year for<br />

you?<br />

Emperor Ron: I would have to say<br />

that reigning with my Empress<br />

and spouse Anne Tique has been<br />

a wonderful experience. We have<br />

been together for 29 years.<br />

We have attended many<br />

great events in New York. I<br />

am especially proud of our<br />

community outreach program,<br />

Hearts and Voices, giving us the<br />

much needed community contact<br />

so missing during the pandemic<br />

and the joy that it has brought to<br />

those we entertained.<br />

Why is Night of a Thousand<br />

Gowns such an important<br />

event?<br />

Emperor Ron: It is our<br />

premiere gala. It gives us<br />

the opportunity to celebrate<br />

the accomplishments of this<br />

year’s reign and to honor our<br />

beneficiaries for their support<br />

and hard work in the community.<br />

This year’s beneficiaries are the<br />

Tyler Clementi Foundation and<br />


We will also bestow the Diamond<br />

Award, which is our highest<br />

award for community service,<br />

to Jane Clementi of the Tyler<br />

Clementi Foundation.<br />

What are you looking forward<br />

to at this year’s extravaganza?<br />

Emperor Ron: I think that seeing<br />

everyone together again will be<br />

the highlight of this Night of a<br />

Thousand Gowns. Courts from<br />

all over the United States and<br />

Canada will be in attendance. The<br />

pageantry, the jewels and the<br />

gowns bring something that few<br />

events in New York can boast.<br />

We will be entertained by<br />

international musical artist<br />

Margaret Kelly and New York City<br />

Icon Jahlove Serrano, in addition<br />

to another Broadway performer,<br />

Darius Anthony Harper, and<br />

a local drag group surprise<br />

performance. I am especially<br />

looking forward to thanking<br />

everyone for their hard work and<br />

dedication this past year.<br />

What are some of the<br />

challenges and triumphs you<br />

have encountered this past<br />

year?<br />

Emperor Ron: The most<br />

challenging accomplishment<br />

was to face a new world reality<br />

of post-covid life. We had been<br />

in hibernation for the past two<br />

years and needed to return to<br />

in-person gatherings and social<br />

contact that was missing during<br />

covid. We are slowly but surely<br />

finding our way and rebuilding<br />

our social events, as is every<br />

other charity organization postpandemic.<br />

What does Night of a Thousand<br />

Gowns mean to you?<br />

Emperor Ron: For me, the night<br />

will always remind me of our<br />

founder Jose Sarria, whom we<br />

called Mama. Jose was a tireless<br />

advocate of the LGBTQIA+<br />

community<br />

and a force to<br />

be reckoned<br />

with. Night of<br />

a Thousand<br />

Gowns, while<br />

celebrating our<br />

accomplishments<br />

through the year, is also a<br />

testament to the vision of Jose<strong>–</strong><br />

who was Empress I, the Widow<br />

Norton<strong>–</strong>of helping the community<br />

through service and doing it with<br />

glamor and most importantly,<br />

fun! We are still here and carrying<br />

on the tradition and the legacy<br />

that we represent.<br />

.<br />

What are some of the<br />

accomplishments the Imperial<br />

Court of New York has<br />

celebrated?<br />

Emperor Ron: It has been a year<br />

to be proud of, not an easy<br />

road back, but this year shows<br />

we have the determination and<br />

the resilience to move on and<br />

bring glamor, excitement and<br />

fun. The Imperial Court of New<br />

York has shown our visibility<br />

and support at God’s Love We<br />

Deliver on Thanksgiving Day, the<br />

Bailey House auction/fundraiser,<br />

the Tyler Clementi Upstander<br />

Foundation event, GLWD Aids<br />

Walk, Easter Parade, Queens<br />

Pride, NYC Pride, the Centers<br />

Garden Party, and reconnecting<br />

with our community while doing<br />

monthly meet-and-greets and<br />

resident facilities outreach.<br />

The Imperial Court System<br />

motto says it better than I ever<br />

could:<br />

From the Heart,<br />

through the Court,<br />

for the Community,<br />

The Golden Ursus<br />

Emperor of Valor,<br />

Virtue, and Charm<br />

Emperor XIII and<br />




H.M.I.S.M.<br />

A Message<br />

from the<br />

Golden Gotham<br />

Glamazon<br />

Empress of Grace<br />

and Gratitude,<br />

Empress XIII,<br />

XXIII, and XXXVI,<br />

Anne Tique, the<br />

Ageless<br />


What can we expect this year<br />

at Night of A Thousand Gowns<br />

and what are you looking most<br />

forward to?<br />

You can expect a beautiful new<br />

venue, for one thing. Sony<br />

Hall will be hosting this year’s<br />

Night of a Thousand Gowns<br />

on April 1st, 2023. We have an<br />

amazing entertainment lineup,<br />

which includes Broadway artists,<br />

local activists and performing<br />

artists, and local, legendary drag<br />

group artists, along with all the<br />

Imperial Court Systems crowns<br />

and gowns you can muster<br />

from across the United States,<br />

Canada, and Mexico.<br />

What has been your own<br />

personal year’s highlight?<br />

My personal year’s highlights<br />

have been a few. Besides<br />

reigning with my Emperor<br />

and real life husband of 29<br />

years, Ron, we have traveled<br />

extensively, representing our<br />

New York City chapter, and have<br />

made so many new friendships<br />

and rekindled old ones.

We have performed for<br />

residents in residential home<br />

facilities as part of our <strong>Out</strong>reach<br />

programs and added the royal<br />

glamor to God’s Love We<br />

Deliver (GLWD) on Thanksgiving<br />

Day as volunteers picked up<br />

meals to deliver to homebound<br />

people and gave away<br />

scholarships to LGBTQIA youth<br />

at the Center’s Garden Party.<br />

How and why did you become<br />

involved with The Imperial<br />

Court of New York?<br />

I became involved<br />

with the Imperial<br />

Court of New York<br />

in 1989 when a<br />

member invited<br />

me to an event. It<br />

happened to be<br />

the GMHC AIDS<br />

Walk. Dressed as<br />

cheerleaders, the<br />

court cheered on<br />

the walkers who<br />

were so excited<br />

to see them and<br />

posed for pictures.<br />

I attended many<br />

events after that<br />

and joined because<br />

I believed in the mission of<br />

the ICNY and the services we<br />

provided by raising money for<br />

AIDS services and education<br />

that were desperately needed<br />

during that time. Since then,<br />

I have been elected Empress<br />

twice and selected as Empress<br />

currently.<br />

Who will Night of A Thousand<br />

Gowns be benefitting this<br />

year?<br />

This year’s beneficiaries for<br />

Night of a Thousand Gowns are<br />

the Tyler Clementi Foundation<br />

and PFLAG NYC. Also, our<br />

Diamond Award recipient this<br />

year is Jane Clementi of the<br />

Tyler Clementi Foundation.<br />

Have you chosen an outfit<br />

yet?<br />

I have chosen a few gowns. Our<br />

continued theme colors for the<br />

reign have been gold and black,<br />

so you can expect to see that all<br />

that glitters is gold.<br />

Why is this the most<br />

glamorous night of the year?<br />

This is the most glamorous<br />

night of the year<br />

because this is the<br />

culmination of a year<br />

of hard work and<br />

visibility, shared with<br />

everyone. Think of it<br />

as our Oscars, when<br />

you get to dress<br />

up in your finest<br />

showy outfits with<br />

crowns and tiaras<br />

to match, walk a<br />

red carpet, be seen<br />

and photographed,<br />

and enjoy a night of<br />

entertainment, all<br />

in support of your<br />

peers and charity.<br />

From the Heart, Through the<br />

Court, for the Community<br />

HMISM<br />

The Golden Gotham Glamazon<br />

Empress of Grace and<br />

Gratitude<br />

Empress XIII, XXIII, and XXXVI<br />

Anne Tique the Ageless

ISSUE #<strong>510</strong><br />


GRANDE<br />

Photography by<br />

Maxwell Poth<br />

NIGHT OF A<br />


GOWNS<br />

Photography by<br />

Steven Menendez<br />











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The GLAM Awards have historically focused on nightlife, year in and<br />

year out. For over two decades, industry folks, patrons and partygoers<br />

would vote on category favorites such as “Best Bar”, “Best DJ” and<br />

“Entertainer of the Year”. However, this year’s 24th annual Glam<br />

awards added a brand new, exciting and long-awaited category with<br />

an open vote making it more inclusive to day drinkers and brunch<br />

connoisseurs everywhere: Best Drag Brunch in New York City.<br />

The people have spoken. Fresco’s Cantina/Fresco’s Grand Cantina<br />

made history as the first winners of this brand new category. There’s<br />

no wonder that Fresco’s would win this title. When the city was on<br />

lockdown, they got creative! Their innovative thinking kept drag<br />

queens working and customers fed, hydrated and entertained with the<br />

launch of “Drag-Livery”.<br />

Here is a little background…Fresco’s Cantina<br />

and Fresco’s Grand Cantina are both located<br />

in Astoria and are BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, familyfriendly,<br />

safe and inclusive husband and<br />

husband owned businesses. Brian Martinez<br />

and husband Adrian Suero first brought Drag<br />

Brunch to the<br />

OG Fresco’s<br />

location in<br />

January 2018<br />

shortly after<br />

opening in May 2017, in order to bring<br />

something new to Astoria so people<br />

wouldn’t have to go into Manhattan<br />

for a good Drag Brunch. What started<br />

as a month trial in January of 2018<br />

and was sold out every week soon<br />

became THE BRUNCH to be at,<br />

hosted by Gloria Swansong and Ms.<br />

Golden Delicious until March 2020,<br />

when the pandemic hit.

Although tragedy hit Fresco’s Cantina, as it did everywhere else,<br />

Fresco’s was determined to find a way, and this is when brunch there<br />

shifted gears. In May 2020, they launched both “Viva Le Brunch” and<br />

“Drag-Livery”, a service with a group of drag queens on call, delivering<br />

food and drinks while providing entertainment<br />

and reconnecting with our most vulnerable<br />

and isolated people. These queens would<br />

perform splits and dips, lip synced their<br />

hearts out and gave it all on NYC sidewalks,<br />

parks, rooftops, alleyways and wherever they<br />

could safely be socially distant while in full<br />

drag, creating memorable and unforgettable<br />

experiences during a rough time. This<br />

program later launched simultaneously with<br />

performances also at the outdoor dining<br />

storefront.<br />

When indoor dining was finally once again<br />

possible, Fresco’s Brunch was reborn yet again. Now hosted by<br />

Hibiscus and Catrina LoveLace and rebranded as “Chimosas with<br />

Mimosas”, it has the hosts spilling the tea while drinking a lot of<br />

Mimosas and giving all patrons the comic relief, looks and moves we all<br />

crave on a Sunday afternoon. AMEN!!<br />

In February 2022, Fresco’s expanded to a second, much bigger (but<br />

still welcoming and cozy) location, Fresco’s Grand Cantina, and all the<br />

shows moved there, including “Chimosas with Mimosas”. The queens<br />

now have more space to strut their stuff and parade from the front of the<br />

bar to the “El Jardin” area.<br />

Brunch at Fresco’s Grand Cantina is pretty<br />

much sold out every week, but don’t worry.<br />

In May 2022, brunch at the OG Fresco’s was<br />

rebranded as “Menage a Brunch”, hosted<br />

by the amazing Essence and Roque, who<br />

are Hibiscus and Catrina’s drag daughters.<br />

So, while mommas are at the Grand<br />

location, spilling the tea, the daughters are<br />

being naughty at the OG location. I have<br />

experienced both, and both are amazing-<br />

-you have to check them out. Go see for<br />

yourself why Fresco’s has the BEST DRAG<br />

BRUNCH in NYC!!<br />


week in pictures >> BY WILSONMODELS / wilsonmodels.blogspot.com<br />


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