Spring Inside NIRMA Issue 2023

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<strong>Inside</strong><br />

Leading the way in Nuclear Information and Records Management<br />

magazine<br />

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Wolf Creek Generating Station:<br />

Traveling the Road of<br />

Continuous Improvement<br />

Microfilm Scanner Equipment<br />

Trade-In<br />

nextScan<br />

SIGET: Focus on Artificial Intelligence<br />

Bob Larrivee, <strong>NIRMA</strong> Director of Technical Programs<br />

Industry News:<br />

⬧ NASA’s Artemis to take nuclear power to the moon<br />

⬧ State Nuclear Policy Action is Booming<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> # 16, <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2023</strong>


6<br />

8<br />

16<br />

Microfilm Scanner Equipment Trade-In<br />

By Matt Anderson, Vice President of Marketing, nextScan<br />

Wolf Creek Generating Station: Traveling the Road of Continuous<br />

Improvement<br />

By Neal Miller, Devereaux Consulting / <strong>NIRMA</strong> Publication Specialist<br />

SIGET: Focused on Artificial Intelligence<br />

By Bob Larrivee, <strong>NIRMA</strong>’s Director of Technical Programs<br />

10<br />

Chronicles of NIM: A Retrospective on Information Management in Nuclear Power<br />

Remembering Steve Matson<br />

By Eugene Yang, KISMET Consulting, Inc.<br />

12<br />

12<br />

13<br />

14<br />

17<br />

In Memoriam of Susan Hunn<br />

NRC Finalizes Regulatory <strong>Issue</strong><br />

Summary (RIS)<br />

By Margie Janney, CRM/NS/FED<br />

Introducing the New <strong>NIRMA</strong> Logo<br />

<strong>NIRMA</strong> and ICRM: Partners in<br />

Excellence<br />

By Deborah Robbins, Chair of ICRM<br />

Mentoring Committee<br />

Announcing New Technical Advisor to<br />

the <strong>NIRMA</strong> Board<br />

Photo courtesy Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation<br />

On the Cover: Wolf Creek Generating Station in<br />

Kansas has been safely providing clean, reliable<br />

energy to the citizens of Kansas and Missouri since<br />

1985. Learn how their Document Services<br />

Department’s partnership with <strong>NIRMA</strong> has helped<br />

keep them “Traveling the Road of Continuous<br />

Improvement” as they strive to be among the<br />

industry’s best.<br />

2 <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2023</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong>.org <strong>Inside</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong>

in every issue<br />




PDBU NEWS—18<br />

M&MBU NEWS—19<br />

RIMBU NEWS—20<br />


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D<br />

uring the recent Winter<br />

Board Meeting, we<br />

reflected on the current<br />

state of <strong>NIRMA</strong>. It is<br />

good. After several years of<br />

uncertainty from COVID, we can<br />

report that <strong>NIRMA</strong> is growing its<br />

membership and is currently<br />

financially stable. This reality<br />

enables the Board to focus on the<br />

future which is essential. We have<br />

been able to shore up some areas of<br />

opportunity and now can set the<br />

stage for <strong>NIRMA</strong> to again thrive.<br />

This past year we launched a<br />

shift in <strong>NIRMA</strong> direction, more<br />

future-focused toward emerging<br />

technologies and the challenges we<br />

now face as information managers. We<br />

have updated the <strong>NIRMA</strong> Strategic<br />

Plan with this goal through the<br />

SIGET (Special Interest Group on<br />

Emerging Technologies). At the<br />

Symposium, we were able to expand<br />

attendance from the nuclear power<br />

producers, Navy nuclear fuel<br />

services, NRC, various solution<br />

providers, and renewed participation<br />

from the DOE and national<br />

laboratories such as Idaho National<br />

Laboratory (INL) and Sandia.<br />

International attendance from the<br />

United Arab Emirates and Canada<br />

brought unique perspectives to<br />

expand our horizons.<br />

We are thankful for the growth<br />

and engagement of the <strong>NIRMA</strong><br />

Business Units under strong coleaders.<br />

This is where the real value<br />

of <strong>NIRMA</strong> is found through great<br />

volunteers! <strong>NIRMA</strong> has always<br />

produced internationally respected<br />

guidance documents (TG's, ANSI/<br />

<strong>NIRMA</strong> standard, position papers)<br />

and we are poised to continue that<br />

mission with engaged participation.<br />

We have strengthened our<br />

endorsement of professional<br />

certification to <strong>NIRMA</strong> membership<br />

and intend to expand the<br />

participation particularly for the<br />

unique Nuclear Specialist<br />

designation. <strong>NIRMA</strong> continues a<br />

strong relationship with the Institute<br />

of Certified Records Managers<br />

(ICRM) for training opportunities,<br />

as well as first-hand mentors<br />

attending the Symposium who have<br />

gone through the exam process.<br />

Other initiatives are in motion to<br />

simply give <strong>NIRMA</strong> a fresh look.<br />

These include:<br />

• New <strong>NIRMA</strong> logo - winner<br />

recently unveiled with rollout inprogress<br />

• SharePoint upgrade completed<br />

for Members-only site to a<br />

secure modern version<br />

• Designate a theme for this year<br />

in <strong>NIRMA</strong> of "Educate –<br />

Collaborate – Innovate"<br />

• Subtle image and title changes to<br />

Board articles in the eMagazine<br />

• Branding for a consistent<br />

"<strong>NIRMA</strong> 23 Symposium" title<br />

<strong>2023</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong> Board of Directors<br />

(L-R): Bob Larrivee (Dir. of Tech. Programs), Sheila<br />

Pearcy (Dir. of Infrastructure), Tammy Cutts<br />

(Treasurer), Janice Hoerber (President), Bruce Walters<br />

(Vice-President) and (inset) Kathi Cole (Secretary)<br />

It is a delicate balance of old and<br />

new. <strong>NIRMA</strong> has such a rich<br />

history of service, achievements, and<br />

respect in the nuclear industry. It is<br />

in our hands to ensure <strong>NIRMA</strong> is<br />

set for success in the future and with<br />

your support, we have no doubt it<br />

will continue to serve its<br />

constituents proudly!<br />

Thank you!<br />

4 <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2023</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong>.org <strong>Inside</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong>

g<br />

reetings everyone. In less than six months, we<br />

will be gathering again for the <strong>2023</strong> Nuclear<br />

Information Management Symposium (August<br />

7-9), now referred to as <strong>NIRMA</strong> 23<br />

SYMPOSIUM, to be held at the JW Marriott Resort<br />

and Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada.<br />

The <strong>NIRMA</strong> Board decided at the Winter Board<br />

meeting to adopt the name <strong>NIRMA</strong> 23<br />

SYMPOSIUM as a new and exciting way to refer to<br />

our annual gathering. Symposium registration<br />

fees, which includes the 2024 membership fee, did<br />

not change from last year’s pricing.<br />

<strong>NIRMA</strong> 23 Symposium<br />

Exhibitor Hall just as we have had in past years. Last<br />

year, you may recall that we had 11 exhibitors<br />

participate and with your input, we may have more this<br />

year. And we are inviting the first five registered<br />

exhibitors, who did not participate last year, to give a<br />

scheduled 15-minute stand-alone Vendor Spotlight<br />

session about their company and product/service on<br />

Monday and Tuesday. And as is routine, we will host a<br />

Networking Reception with them at the end of the day<br />

on Tuesday. If you are an exhibitor and want this<br />

opportunity, please contact Sarah at nirma@nirma.org<br />

to register.<br />

We continue to look for companies to sponsor<br />

events such as meals or after-hour receptions. Your<br />

company will be recognized on our website and at the<br />

symposium.<br />

The Call for Papers has been published in a special<br />

edition of our monthly email in January and is also<br />

available on our website at nirma.org/annualsymposium<br />

under the SPEAK tab. I encourage you to<br />

register as a Speaker for a discount, share your<br />

experiences, and educate the rest of us. As we<br />

witnessed in 2022, we have a lot of knowledgeable<br />

members in <strong>NIRMA</strong>, with some new folks coming<br />

from as far as the United Arab Emirates. As a speaker,<br />

you will have an audience who will appreciate you<br />

taking that leap of faith. Give being a teacher and a<br />

learner a try this year. A list of possible topics is<br />

included in the Call for Papers. Case Studies are<br />

fantastic because they are actual experiences that<br />

colleagues are sharing, whether a project or process<br />

went quite well or horribly wrong. We can always learn<br />

from each of our successes and failures. Please share<br />

yours.<br />

We plan to continue offering a Fundamentals track<br />

for newbies, advanced tracks for the seasoned vets, and<br />

breaks for short networking opportunities, all in order<br />

to incorporate what you have come to expect<br />

educationally at the symposium.<br />

We have invited nearly two dozen of our exhibitor<br />

contacts to attend the Symposium and will have an<br />

For planning purposes, know that Business Unit<br />

meetings, including a Special Interest Group on<br />

Emerging Technologies (SIGET) working group, will<br />

be all day Thursday, August 10 th . Regulations and<br />

Information Management Business Unit (RIMBU) will<br />

likely continue on Friday morning, August 11 th . Please<br />

schedule your trip to Las Vegas to include an extra day<br />

(plus) to attend these important meetings.<br />

On the <strong>NIRMA</strong> website under the Annual<br />

Symposium tab are links to register for the Symposium,<br />

to Speak, to Sponsor, and to reserve your hotel room.<br />

The JW Marriott offers a limited number of rooms at<br />

the discounted Symposium rate, so you might want to<br />

reserve your room soon.<br />

The Board is also working on a pre-Symposium<br />

Sunday Outing, so you may want to arrive in time to<br />

join in.<br />

Last year was a spirited event, as colleagues got to<br />

reconnect after a couple years away, plus we had 35<br />

first-timer attendees who jumped right into it. We are<br />

working to improve upon the experience and to offer<br />

more opportunities for our attendees, exhibitors, and<br />

sponsors for <strong>NIRMA</strong> 23 Symposium. You really will<br />

want to join us. The entire Board plans to be there in<br />

August and we can’t wait to greet you.<br />

Back to Content | <strong>Inside</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong>.org <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2023</strong> 5

Microfilm Scanner<br />

Equipment Trade-In<br />

By Matt Anderson,<br />

Vice President of Marketing<br />

I<br />

s old and outdated technology<br />

slowing down the retrieval of<br />

your microfilm files? Does<br />

your microfilm equipment still<br />

operate on FireWire or even older<br />

technology? If you answered yes to<br />

either of these questions, your<br />

organization is working in a bygone<br />

technological era. Now is the time to<br />

update to an all new ViewScan 4<br />

microfilm scanner.<br />

Modern Equipment<br />

With today’s advancements in<br />

technology, using microfilm and<br />

microfiche has never been easier.<br />

Long gone are the days of a drawer<br />

filled with different lenses for each<br />

reduction ratio. We no longer<br />

bounce the light path over multiple<br />

mirrors to project onto a screen.<br />

Today, our digital image sensors<br />

focus the information off only one<br />

mirror, producing a crisp and clear<br />

image on the monitor instantly. This<br />

is achievable through the incredible<br />

processing power of modern PCs<br />

and USB3.0 SuperSpeed<br />

connections. These modern<br />

improvements allow the user to<br />

experience real-time live images<br />

without pixilation or image lag.<br />

PerfectView Software<br />

ST Imaging’s PerfectView<br />

software is revolutionizing the way<br />

people view and use their microfilm<br />

files. The simple, straightforward,<br />

minimal layout provides users only<br />

the tools they need in that moment.<br />

This intuitive design streamlines the<br />

process of retrieving, saving, and<br />

sharing files stored on microfilm.<br />

Built into PerfectView is<br />

PerfectFocus technology. Never<br />

focus your images again, as the<br />

ViewScan 4 has been mathematically<br />

calibrated to provide perfectly<br />

focused images automatically.<br />

Turn-Key Solution<br />

The ViewScan 4, PerfectView<br />

software, and an on-board Windows<br />

11 Mini PC with 500GB of storage<br />

delivers a turn-key solution for<br />

future access of your microfilm<br />

archives. Add a monitor, connect<br />

the cables, plug in the power, and<br />

you are scanning within minutes.<br />

The Windows 11 Mini PC will be<br />

imaged with PerfectView software<br />

and licensed to your organization.<br />

Only ST Imaging delivers a turnkey,<br />

out-of-the-box, microfilm scanning<br />

solution.<br />

Security<br />

In 2021 cybercrime was an<br />

estimated $623.7 million illicit<br />

business in the United States. Old<br />

PCs running obsolete operating<br />

systems pose a significant security<br />

risk. Beyond support being phased<br />

out on old hardware, that hardware<br />

Now, through this<br />

year’s <strong>NIRMA</strong><br />

Symposium, trade-in<br />

that old and outdated<br />

microfilm equipment<br />

for a modern<br />

ViewScan 4 and<br />

receive an 18mp<br />

camera upgrade and<br />

PerfectView software<br />

at no cost!<br />

can’t access new security features<br />

making the system vulnerable. In<br />

addition, old hardware has known<br />

vulnerabilities which hackers can<br />

exploit. These are only a few of the<br />

security risks your organization faces<br />

in continuing to work on outdated<br />

equipment.<br />

Trade-In Offer<br />

Now, through this year’s <strong>NIRMA</strong><br />

Symposium, trade-in that old and<br />

outdated microfilm equipment for a<br />

modern ViewScan 4 and receive an<br />

18mp camera upgrade and<br />

PerfectView software at no cost!<br />

Contact ST Imaging for more<br />

information.<br />

sales@stimaging.com<br />

847-501-3344<br />

6 <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2023</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong>.org Back to Content | <strong>Inside</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong>

Microfilm Scanner on FireWire?<br />

TM<br />

Upgrade to a new ViewScan 4<br />

TM<br />

Trade-In<br />

Still laboring on an outdated,<br />

outmoded, old microfilm scanner?<br />

Upgrade to a ViewScan 4 with an<br />

18MP camera, PerfectView Software<br />

and new Windows 11 On-Board Mini PC!<br />

Upgrade ANY* FireWire<br />

or USB microfilm scanner<br />

from any manufacturer!<br />

ViewScan 4 Edge<br />

18MP Camera<br />

On-Board Windows 11 Mini PC<br />

PerfectView Software<br />

Easy to use, simple color-coded software<br />

Image Ribbon, Annotation, Auto-Browse<br />

PerfectFocus - Images always in focus!<br />

Three-Year Factory Warranty<br />

ViewScan 4 Trade-In<br />

ViewScan 4 $5,695<br />

18MP Camera $3,395<br />

Mini-PC $1,145<br />

PerfectView<br />

________________<br />

SW $1,455<br />

Total $11,680<br />

$6,840<br />

*Cannot be combined with any other offer. No substitutions.<br />

Trade-in of any ST200, ST200X, ViewScan, ViewScan II, or ViewScan III, regardless of condition; or any functioning, equivalent microfilm<br />

reader/printer product. Limit one trade-in per customer. Please contact ST Imaging for larger quantities. Offer Expires July 31, <strong>2023</strong>

Wolf Creek Generating<br />

Station: Traveling the Road<br />

of Continuous<br />

Improvement<br />

By Neal Miller,<br />

Devereaux Consulting / <strong>NIRMA</strong> Publication<br />

Specialist<br />

Support from <strong>NIRMA</strong> Helps Keep<br />

Wolf Creek Document Services<br />

Department Right on Track<br />

L<br />

ike all nuclear organizations,<br />

the Document Services<br />

department at Wolf Creek<br />

Generating Station strives to<br />

be among the industry’s best.<br />

Continuous Improvement is a<br />

“Being a <strong>NIRMA</strong> member<br />

has empowered myself and<br />

other Wolf Creek Document<br />

Services members to be part<br />

of the teams that develop and<br />

improve <strong>NIRMA</strong> Technical<br />

Guidelines, position papers,<br />

and white papers.”<br />

Rhonda Redding<br />

moving target and to stay on an<br />

upwards trajectory, it requires not<br />

only hard work but also guidance<br />

and support. That’s what makes<br />

Wolf Creek’s involvement with<br />

<strong>NIRMA</strong> so important.<br />

“Since joining in 2019, we have<br />

gotten tremendous support from<br />

<strong>NIRMA</strong>,” said Wolf Creek’s<br />

Document Services Supervisor<br />

Rhonda Redding. “This has allowed<br />

us to stay ahead of the curve in the<br />

areas of quality records programs,<br />

regulatory<br />

compliance<br />

activities,<br />

electronic<br />

records<br />

initiatives,<br />

document<br />

management technologies, and<br />

knowledge management issues.”<br />

Wolf Creek has also benefitted<br />

from the technical sessions offered<br />

at <strong>NIRMA</strong>’s annual symposiums as<br />

well as peer-to-peer coaching<br />

opportunities and benchmarking.<br />

‘Being a <strong>NIRMA</strong> member has<br />

empowered myself and other Wolf<br />

Creek Document Services members<br />

to be part of the teams that develop<br />

and improve <strong>NIRMA</strong> Technical<br />

Guidelines, position papers, and<br />

white papers,” Redding said.<br />

“Working on these teams expands<br />

our knowledge of nuclear regulatory<br />

requirements for records and<br />

information management, while<br />

gaining advice from industry<br />

operating experience.”<br />

9 <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2023</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong>.org Back to Content | <strong>Inside</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong>

Wolf Creek’s Document Services organization and the KISMET team.<br />

(Front row L-R): Eugene Yang (KISMET), Rhonda Redding (Wolf Creek), Laura Schultz (Wolf Creek), and Linda<br />

Kaminski (Wolf Creek).<br />

(Back row L-R): Jo Ann Chovan (KISMET), Toni Johnson (KISMET), Jolene (Wolf Creek), Sandy Miller (KISMET), and<br />

Jessica Cole (Wolf Creek).<br />

Not pictured: Kayla Snovelle (Wolf Creek), Tim Rohland (KISMET), and Ed Gonzalez (KISMET).<br />

Wolf Creek’s relationship with<br />

<strong>NIRMA</strong> also led the station to the<br />

consultant supporting its new<br />

Electronic Document Management<br />

Tina Gilbert, Wolf Creek’s Document<br />

Services.<br />

System (EDMS) project, KISMET<br />

Consulting, Inc.<br />

“KISMET (which is led by<br />

former <strong>NIRMA</strong> President and<br />

Lifetime Member Eugene Yang) is<br />

among the industry’s leading<br />

document services support<br />

organizations with expertise in this<br />

area,” Redding said. “We are very<br />

fortunate to have been able to hire<br />

them.” KISMET has been assisting<br />

Wolf Creek with requirements<br />

development for the new EDMS,<br />

testing, data migration from their<br />

current EDMS (Curator) to the<br />

Alfresco cloud-based solution, plant<br />

staff training, and much more.<br />

In the three years since joining<br />

<strong>NIRMA</strong>, Redding has used the<br />

opportunity to not only learn but<br />

also for professional development. In<br />

August 2021 she was named the codirector<br />

of <strong>NIRMA</strong>’s Regulations<br />

and Information Management<br />

Business Unit (RIMBU) committee<br />

(see page 20). RIMBU provides<br />

<strong>NIRMA</strong> members the opportunity to<br />

learn about regulatory impacts, stay<br />

abreast of emerging issues, and<br />

develop industry guidance. This<br />

committee also fosters sharing and<br />

comparing knowledge and best<br />

practices on documents, information,<br />

and records management programs<br />

through the use of existing and<br />

emerging information technologies.<br />

Back to Content | <strong>Inside</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong>.org <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2023</strong> 9

By Eugene Y. Yang,<br />

Principal Consultant<br />

KISMET Consulting, Inc.<br />

In this edition of my column, I’ll be departing from my usual discussions on<br />

information management to remember a colleague and friend, Steve Matson.<br />

T<br />

he nuclear power industry has been going strong<br />

for the past sixty-five years. It’s been so<br />

resilient, bouncing back with more vigor after<br />

Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima.<br />

During that time, we’ve seen emergent designs, new<br />

technologies, “holes in the ground,” construction,<br />

startup, operations, decommissioning, and plant sites<br />

returned to a “green field.” The consistent theme in<br />

this “circle of life” has been the dedicated people – the<br />

visionaries, the scientists, engineers, operators,<br />

administrative staff, and crafts that keep our nuclear<br />

plants going, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.<br />

Some of these dedicated staff devote their whole<br />

lives to nuclear – not only in doing a job, but a<br />

vocation; some, in turn, give back to the next<br />

generation. As <strong>NIRMA</strong> moves into its 47 th year of<br />

supporting the information management needs of the<br />

nuclear power industry, we have, sadly, lost another<br />

member who dedicated himself to furthering our<br />

Association.<br />

Steven Creg Matson passed away on Saturday,<br />

December 17, 2022 in Phoenix, AZ.<br />

After a stint in the Navy submarine program, Steve’s<br />

next “billet” was to the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating<br />

Station (PVNGS) of Arizona Public Service. He was<br />

employed initially as an instrumentation and control<br />

engineer, where he supported process improvements<br />

and the station’s design configuration management<br />

program. Even then, Steve showed a penchant for<br />

giving back to the industry by being a contributor to<br />

both INPO and EPRI in developing guidance in the<br />

engineering change process.<br />

Where we<br />

got to know<br />

Steve was when<br />

he transitioned<br />

to being a<br />

Business/<br />

Technical<br />

Consultant to<br />

the PVNGS’<br />

records<br />

management program. He was instrumental in guiding<br />

the station in its implementation of digital signatures<br />

and using PDF<br />

as the station’s<br />

sustainable<br />

electronic<br />

record format.<br />

As he was<br />

doing that<br />

work, he<br />

immersed<br />

himself in the<br />

regulatory and<br />

10 <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2023</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong>.org Back to Content | <strong>Inside</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong>

usiness requirements for recordkeeping – for both<br />

quality assurance and non-quality assurance records.<br />

Steve was a “go-to” contributor to our Association’s<br />

technical guidance – whether that would be white<br />

papers, position papers, or technical guidelines. In the<br />

Regulations and Information Management Business<br />

Unit (RIMBU), we would typically have “interesting,<br />

exhaustive, and always educational” discussions on<br />

process and technology in the capture, storage, and<br />

retrieval of electronic records. Steve would be our guy<br />

on what standards and regulations we really needed to<br />

look at. The man’s mind was like a trap! He could not<br />

only provide regulatory or standards citation off the top<br />

of his head, but also give us the “Cliff Notes” version<br />

of the important stuff to know“ (“contained therein” –<br />

a favorite Steve-ism). Steve also took on leadership<br />

responsibilities in committee work and being a Board<br />

member.<br />

His crowning achievement was to add our electronic<br />

records guidance into nuclear standards space by<br />

initiating a liaison with ASME’s NQA-1 Committee; he<br />

was able to gain a seat at the table of the Programs<br />

Management Process (PMP) Subcommittee. Steve’s<br />

idea was that, in the past, <strong>NIRMA</strong> had some difficulty<br />

having its guidance recognized by the NRC. By placing<br />

<strong>NIRMA</strong>’s guidance into NQA-1, as new versions were<br />

developed, the NRC would review the guidance as part<br />

of their periodic review of nuclear standards. For this<br />

effort, the Association honored Steve with the Hans<br />

Ebner Memorial Award in 2016.<br />

(Bill Clover was able to continue what Steve started<br />

and worked with the PMP Subcommittee so that the<br />

first NQA-1 revision that contains <strong>NIRMA</strong> electronic<br />

records guidance is NQA-1-2017.)<br />

Steve’s giving nature was also displayed in how he<br />

mentored colleagues and younger staff. Outside of<br />

work, Steve was equally generous with his time in<br />

mentoring boys and girls on technical subjects, working<br />

on cars, fixing computers, and enjoying his love for the<br />

outdoors as he was frequently camping, hiking, and<br />

hunting.<br />

Steve – you were a great colleague, debater, mentor,<br />

resource … and friend. We will miss you, brother.<br />

Note: The Hans Ebner Memorial Award is given to the<br />

individual who, in a particular year, moved <strong>NIRMA</strong>, and<br />

the nuclear industry, forward in the area of information<br />

management. Hans Ebner was a past President and Board<br />

member of the Association; he worked at DTE Energy’s<br />

Fermi Nuclear Generating Station and, later, as a<br />

contractor to the Department of Energy. He was<br />

instrumental in getting the Association standing with<br />

ANSI. He was a bigger-than-life, bear of a man, and gave<br />

back to many of us by being a wonderful mentor to utility<br />

and federal personnel. He took me, a young engineer, under<br />

his wing in 1987 and gave me the confidence to pursue my<br />

career in nuclear power, information management, and<br />

leadership in <strong>NIRMA</strong>.<br />

Eugene has been a member of <strong>NIRMA</strong> for<br />

over 35 years, and served as President from<br />

1999-2001. At the time he joined, <strong>NIRMA</strong><br />

had only been in existence for 11 years. He<br />

would love to hear about stories and anecdotes<br />

from others, so please email him at<br />

eugene.yang@kismetconsulting.com.<br />

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Memorial to<br />

Susan Hunn<br />

e have lost another great <strong>NIRMA</strong> colleague,<br />

W<br />

Susan Hunn, who passed away February 3,<br />

<strong>2023</strong>. We fondly remember Susan and her<br />

significant contributions to the organization.<br />

She served as <strong>NIRMA</strong> President in 1996 following her<br />

previous roles of Secretary and Vice President. Susan<br />

was dedicated to promoting <strong>NIRMA</strong>’s forwardthinking<br />

attitude and was instrumental in evolving<br />

<strong>NIRMA</strong>’s Strategic Plan. She would serve in whatever<br />

capacity was asked of her. In acknowledgement of her<br />

efforts, she was recognized as a <strong>NIRMA</strong> Lifetime<br />

Member in 2000.<br />

Susan had a successful career at Southern California<br />

Edison for 37 years as a certified records manager<br />

(CRM). She had gained real world experience on<br />

records management issues with the shutdown and<br />

decommissioning of San Onofre Unit 1. While a<br />

member of the original <strong>NIRMA</strong> Regulations<br />

Committee, Susan shared her experience in supporting<br />

the first guidance document that <strong>NIRMA</strong> produced for<br />

decommissioning records.<br />

Her giving and<br />

gracious attitude<br />

was who Susan<br />

was. She doted on<br />

her husband,<br />

Fred, and their<br />

children,<br />

participated in<br />

school and<br />

community<br />

activities, and was<br />

an avid fan of<br />

hockey. She<br />

absolutely loved<br />

dogs and actively<br />

participated in Pet<br />

Project<br />

Foundation.<br />

Susan gave so much to <strong>NIRMA</strong>, to her family,<br />

friends, and colleagues, and we will miss her!<br />

NRC Finalizes<br />

Regulatory issue<br />

summary (ris)<br />

By Margie Janney, CRM/NS/FED<br />

o<br />

n December 16, 2022, the NRC finalized the<br />

Regulatory <strong>Issue</strong> Summary (RIS) entitled,<br />

“NRC Plans to Establish Controlled<br />

Unclassified Information-Sharing Agreements<br />

with Non-Executive-Branch Entities,” to inform<br />

NRC licensees of the NRC’s expectations to handle<br />

controlled unclassified information (CUI) they receive<br />

from the NRC consistent with the CUI Rule<br />

requirements, while the NRC continues to engage in<br />

establishing CUI written agreements with them. You<br />

can find the RIS on NRC’s CUI public<br />

website, https://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/<br />

cui.html. The RIS is referenced in the last paragraph<br />

on the page. It’s also linked under the “NRC CUI<br />

Resources”.<br />

12 <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2023</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong>.org Back to Content | <strong>Inside</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong>


<strong>NIRMA</strong> LOGO<br />

t<br />

he time has come to unveil the winning<br />

<strong>NIRMA</strong> Logo! The <strong>NIRMA</strong> Board asked for<br />

new forward-looking designs and nine were<br />

submitted. In January, the <strong>NIRMA</strong> membership voted<br />

with over 70% participation to determine the future<br />

logo.<br />

And the winner is….<br />

and want to thank all who took the time to submit a<br />

design!<br />

The rollout of the new logo is starting now but will<br />

take some time and coordination. The <strong>NIRMA</strong><br />

Secretary, Kathi Cole, is overseeing the effort and will<br />

track the list of documents and web locations for the<br />

<strong>NIRMA</strong> logo changeout.<br />

Congratulations to <strong>NIRMA</strong> member, Shaikhah<br />

Rashed Alabdouli, from the Nawah Energy Company,<br />

the operating subsidiary of Emirates Nuclear Energy<br />

Corporation (ENEC) based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab<br />

Emirates (UAE), for the winning logo design! Shaikhah<br />

was a first-time attendee at the 2022 <strong>NIRMA</strong><br />

Symposium. We sincerely appreciate her creative effort<br />

<strong>NIRMA</strong> has a rich history, now in its 47 th year,<br />

providing guidance to commercial and DOE facilities<br />

for quality records programs, regulatory compliance<br />

activities, electronic records initiatives, and information<br />

management technologies. With a fresh new look,<br />

<strong>NIRMA</strong> will continue to serve and develop the highest<br />

level of guidance for an exciting future in the nuclear<br />

power industry!<br />

Tammy Cutts, <strong>NIRMA</strong> Treasurer<br />

<strong>NIRMA</strong>’s Financial Holdings<br />

as of February 15, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Checking Account $44,822.23<br />

Investment Account $94,420.76<br />

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Institute of Certified<br />

Records Managers<br />

<strong>NIRMA</strong> and ICRM:<br />

Partners in Excellence<br />

T<br />

his year’s <strong>NIRMA</strong> Annual Symposium will<br />

feature outstanding sessions that provide<br />

current and timely education to professionals in<br />

the Nuclear Energy Industry.<br />

<strong>NIRMA</strong> also has a professional alliance with the<br />

Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM)<br />

whereby <strong>NIRMA</strong> creates and the ICRM administers<br />

advanced certification and recognition through the<br />

Nuclear Information and Records Specialist (NS)<br />

certification. This certification is conferred on Certified<br />

Records Managers (CRM) and Certified Records<br />

Analysts (CRA) who meet the additional NS<br />

qualifications and pass the certification exam. This<br />

mutually beneficial relationship is almost as old as the<br />

institutions themselves.<br />

The ICRM was incorporated in 1975 to provide<br />

standards by which individuals involved in records and<br />

information management could be “measured,<br />

accredited and recognized according to criteria of<br />

experience and capability”. They partner with<br />

organizations whose core mission is to advance the field<br />

through education, advocacy, and professional<br />

development opportunities.<br />

In 1976, <strong>NIRMA</strong> was founded as the nuclear<br />

industry’s leader in information and records<br />

management. The mission of <strong>NIRMA</strong> is to provide<br />

guidance to those in the Nuclear Energy Industry for<br />

managing the information and records generated in this<br />

highly regulated environment. Aligning with the ICRM<br />

helps provide the resources and support needed for<br />

continuing education and professional development of<br />

<strong>NIRMA</strong> members.<br />

ICRM Certification<br />

The ICRM has two primary certifications, the CRM<br />

and the CRA, the<br />

latter was<br />

established in<br />

2017. These<br />

certifications<br />

provide a strong<br />

foundation of the<br />

knowledge and<br />

skills needed in the<br />

Records and<br />

Information<br />

Governance<br />

profession. There<br />

are six exam parts<br />

to pass for the<br />

CRM, including<br />

five 100-question<br />

By Deborah Robbins<br />

Chair of the ICRM Mentoring<br />

Committee<br />

multiple choice tests (Parts 1-5) and a written exam<br />

(Part 6) to become certified. To receive the CRA<br />

designation, an individual must pass Exam Parts 2-4.<br />

In 1990, the ICRM and <strong>NIRMA</strong> came<br />

together to develop an advanced<br />

certification for the Nuclear Industry.<br />

The concept was to develop an<br />

industry specific examination module.<br />

Nuclear Information and<br />

Records Specialist (NS)<br />

Certification<br />

In 1990, the ICRM and <strong>NIRMA</strong> came together to<br />

develop an advanced certification for the Nuclear<br />

14 <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2023</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong>.org Back to Content | <strong>Inside</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong>

Industry. The concept was to develop an industry<br />

specific examination module. The result of this<br />

relationship is the NS certification. This certification<br />

process is guided by the ICRM Exam Development<br />

Committee and the <strong>NIRMA</strong> Professional Certification<br />

Committee. <strong>NIRMA</strong> develops exam content and the<br />

ICRM administers the online testing process.<br />

In 2018, the <strong>NIRMA</strong> board voted to permit nuclear<br />

CRAs to sit for the Nuclear Information and Records<br />

Specialist examination to earn the Certified Records<br />

Analyst/Nuclear Information and Records Specialist<br />

(CRA/NS) certification. Prior to 2018, only CRMs were<br />

allowed to sit for the NS certification. Currently, any<br />

CRM or CRA <strong>NIRMA</strong> member in good standing, who<br />

has the requisite amount of nuclear records and<br />

information management (RIM) experience, can apply<br />

to sit for the NS exam.<br />

To assist individuals in their effort to obtain the<br />

CRA/CRM and the NS certifications, the ICRM has<br />

created a mentoring program that matches candidates to<br />

mentors who are already CRMs.<br />

A committee was established to<br />

enhance this area by providing<br />

resources for candidates studying for<br />

the exam, as well as creating a Mentor<br />

Program for all exam parts.<br />

What is the ICRM Mentoring<br />

Program?<br />

The Mentoring Program underwent a significant<br />

change in 2019. Historically mentors had been available<br />

for Exam Part 6 (the written exam), but there were no<br />

resources for individuals for Exam Parts 1-5.<br />

A committee was established to enhance this area by<br />

providing resources for candidates studying for the<br />

exam, as well as creating a Mentor Program for all exam<br />

parts. This program is guided by the ICRM Mentoring<br />

Committee and there is no cost associated with<br />

participating in the program. Mentors assist candidates<br />

by:<br />

• Sharing familiarity with ICRM Exam processes and<br />

procedures.<br />

• Sharing successes and challenges in RIM in<br />

alignment with the CRM exam outline and key<br />

knowledge areas.<br />

• Providing information on resources available to<br />

assist in preparing for exams.<br />

• Assisting in determining mentee’s areas of strength<br />

and weaknesses.<br />

• Providing guidance, feedback, and discussion on the<br />

annotated outlines and practice questions.<br />

• Discussing test-taking strategies.<br />

• Cheering candidates on and celebrating their<br />

successes!<br />

For information about upcoming workshops and<br />

exam resources, including how to apply as a candidate,<br />

visit Applying for The Examination | Institute of<br />

Certified Records Managers (icrm.org). If you are<br />

already a candidate and would like more information<br />

about the Mentoring Program, please check out the<br />

information found at Exam Preparation Resources |<br />

Institute of Certified Records Managers (icrm.org).<br />

About the Author<br />

Deborah Robbins is the Chair of the ICRM Mentoring<br />

Committee and works as a contractor for the<br />

Department of Energy, Office of Legacy Management<br />

program under the auspices of TFE, Inc.<br />

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siget:<br />

Focused on artificial<br />

intelligence<br />

By Bob Larrivee<br />

<strong>NIRMA</strong>’s Director of Technical Programs<br />

<strong>2023</strong> is a very<br />

exciting year for<br />

<strong>NIRMA</strong>!<br />

I<br />

n 2022, The <strong>NIRMA</strong> Board<br />

announced the formation of<br />

a Special Interest Group on<br />

Emerging Technologies<br />

(SIGET). I am pleased to announce<br />

that SIGET is now part of<br />

Regulations and Information<br />

Management Business Unit<br />

(RIMBU) and will be Co-chaired by<br />

Ron Hedges and Stephen<br />

Fleshman.<br />

I am pleased to<br />

announce that the<br />

first area of focus<br />

for SIGET is a<br />

very hot topic.<br />

I am also pleased to announce<br />

that the first area of focus for<br />

SIGET is a very hot topic now<br />

across every business and in<br />

particular, the nuclear industry. The<br />

technology is artificial intelligence<br />

(AI), a technology with a great<br />

amount of publicity, both good and<br />

not so good in that it scares many<br />

people, while at the same time, it is<br />

proven to be of great benefit in<br />

automating business processes,<br />

enhancing the curation process, and<br />

even making some decisions based<br />

on preset criteria.<br />

As we move forward in <strong>2023</strong>, you<br />

will see webinars, sessions at the<br />

symposium, even a white paper<br />

related to AI in nuclear. It is the role<br />

of SIGET to investigate emerging<br />

technologies like AI, identify if and<br />

where the technology is being used<br />

in nuclear operations, evaluate<br />

applications of this technology, and<br />

create informative materials that will<br />

bring greater awareness to the<br />

<strong>NIRMA</strong> membership. At the same<br />

time, white papers generated by<br />

SIGET, working with RIMBU, these<br />

white papers can become the<br />

foundation for more detailed<br />

positioning papers, technical guides,<br />

and even educational sessions by<br />

teaming with Professional<br />

Development Business Unit<br />

(PDBU).<br />

Soon, you will see articles from<br />

me, Ron, and Stephen that provide a<br />

glimpse of the future, and some<br />

considerations that as an<br />

Information Professional, you may<br />

want to consider in relation to your<br />

information and process<br />

management efforts.<br />

If you are interested in becoming<br />

a part of SIGET, you can reach out<br />

to me, Ron, or Stephen and we will<br />

gladly work with you to become part<br />

of the team.<br />

Not a <strong>NIRMA</strong><br />

Member?<br />

Click here and<br />

join TODAY!<br />

16 <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2023</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong>.org Back to Content | <strong>Inside</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong>


ADVISOR TO THE <strong>NIRMA</strong> BOARD<br />

T<br />

he <strong>NIRMA</strong> Board welcomes a new volunteer, Dan<br />

Cassity, to the role of Technical Advisor to the Board.<br />

Dan introduces himself as follows:<br />

“After working at Ameren for 7 years, I'm currently the<br />

Lead Information Manager and Senior Product Owner for<br />

Enterprise Content Management. We manage a large assortment<br />

of Microsoft 365 products and we provide Information<br />

Architecture services to help co-workers transform business<br />

processes. Prior to joining Ameren, I was a Senior Human<br />

Resources & Readiness Manager in the United States Air Force.<br />

I retired after 20 years of Active Duty service. I spend my free<br />

time with my family and my hobbies include graphic design,<br />

illustration, and writing."<br />

Dan is quickly getting familiar with <strong>NIRMA</strong> and assisted Sarah with the SharePoint upgrade, formatting the new<br />

logo, and more! We appreciate his volunteer time and support for <strong>NIRMA</strong>.<br />

Thank you Chris!<br />

e sincerely thank Chris Boudreaux for his past<br />

W<br />

service to <strong>NIRMA</strong> in the role of "Technical<br />

Advisor to the Board". There is a lot of "tech"<br />

behind the scenes of <strong>NIRMA</strong> including its<br />

website, online store, webinars, eMagazines, and Sharepoint<br />

site. Chris was the first to serve in this newly created role in<br />

August 2018 while also serving as the RIMBU director with<br />

<strong>NIRMA</strong>. He provided excellent support and<br />

recommendations to the Board over the years. While Chris<br />

is stepping out of this role, he continues his busy "day job"<br />

in Cyber/Technology with STP Nuclear.<br />

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Professional Development<br />

Business Unit (PDBU) News<br />

Lou Rofrano, PDBU Director<br />

Being your best!<br />

inter is slowly drawing to a<br />

W<br />

close and spring is fast<br />

approaching. We are<br />

through the frenzy of the<br />

winter holidays and even the Super<br />

Bowl is in the rearview mirror.<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> is the season of renewal, a<br />

time when the warm sun and<br />

additional daylight awakens the<br />

beauty that has laid dormant during<br />

the winter months.<br />

It has always struck me that it is<br />

the same for most people. In the<br />

spring we all seem to become a little<br />

more optimistic and energized. Even<br />

if you love winter sports and the<br />

gorgeous vistas that winter can<br />

provide, most people welcome the<br />

changes that spring brings and are<br />

affected by the change in season. It<br />

is the perfect time to capitalize on<br />

those energies to improve both<br />

personally and professionally.<br />

Here then are some spring time<br />

strategies for professional and<br />

personal development you may find<br />

useful.<br />

Personal<br />

• Stop scrolling and put down the<br />

phone. Smart phones today<br />

consume a tremendous amount<br />

of time and energy. Who among<br />

us has not lost time to these<br />

devices that for some become an<br />

addiction? If you can remember<br />

a time when your phone was on<br />

the wall and when you left home<br />

you could enjoy the serenity of<br />

not being in contact. Find the<br />

time to put down the phone and<br />

enjoy some quality time with<br />

yourself or someone important.<br />

• Focus on something you have<br />

wanted to do just for you and do<br />

it. Remember that you work at<br />

least five days a week and you<br />

should never feel bad about<br />

saying “this day away from the<br />

office is mine!”<br />

• Take the time to learn a new skill<br />

that will make life easier or more<br />

fun. It might be something small<br />

such as one of those useful<br />

“hacks” that make you smile.<br />

• With so many people working<br />

from home it is easy to get stuck<br />

in that office chair. Remember to<br />

get up and move. Take a walk<br />

over lunch and enjoy the fresh<br />

air. You will come back to the<br />

office energized and your<br />

creativity recharged.<br />

Professional<br />

• Likely you are looking at some<br />

challenging objectives for the<br />

first and second quarter. Make a<br />

list of the micro-steps you need<br />

to take to achieve each goal on<br />

time. Large objectives can seem<br />

over whelming when looked at<br />

with a macro view. Cut the job<br />

into manageable pieces and<br />

achieve more with less stress.<br />

• Select and participate in one<br />

event that develops a key skill set<br />

that will make you more<br />

successful. Plenty of resources<br />

are available on-line for every<br />

imaginable business skill. Often<br />

they are boiled down into<br />

useable summaries that speed<br />

adult learning.<br />

• Connect and network with other<br />

professionals on LinkedIn and<br />

start conversations with those<br />

contacts. Learn and share within<br />

the Records Management Global<br />

Community.<br />

• Start preparing to get your<br />

records management credentials,<br />

such as Certified Records<br />

Manager or Certified Records<br />

Analyst. Did you know we have<br />

ICRM leadership on the <strong>NIRMA</strong><br />

team? Start a conversation.<br />

• Burned bridges are costly. If you<br />

have a professional relationship<br />

that has frayed over time but<br />

both parties would benefit by<br />

repairing that connection, then<br />

take positive steps to reconnect.<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> is a great time to renew<br />

and reflect.<br />

• Commit to enlarge your presence<br />

within the <strong>NIRMA</strong> community.<br />

There is lots of work to go<br />

around and your help could<br />

make the difference to all the<br />

other members. Sign up to<br />

18 <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2023</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong>.org Back to Content | <strong>Inside</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong>


(M&M) Business Unit News<br />

G<br />

reetings and a Happy <strong>2023</strong> from the<br />

Membership & Marketing Business Unit<br />

(M&MBU). For those of you that are not<br />

aware, we are the folks working hard to<br />

educate the many about the <strong>NIRMA</strong> mission and<br />

ultimately get more folks to join <strong>NIRMA</strong>, become more<br />

involved, and ensure that everyone is getting the most<br />

value from their membership. We welcome input and<br />

new ideas and would love to hear from other members!<br />

As we look forward to <strong>2023</strong>, we on the M&MBU<br />

Unit are constantly looking for ways to expand the<br />

outreach of <strong>NIRMA</strong> to all parties involved in Nuclear<br />

Records and Information Management. One area we<br />

are putting efforts into is trying to expand our outreach<br />

to more international audiences. We have a small<br />

international presence today and believe that we can<br />

expand further with this community. Currently, the<br />

international community is developing more new<br />

reactors and plants than the US and we hope to drive<br />

some new membership from them. We have begun<br />

reaching out to our colleagues overseas as well as<br />

vendors and customers to our north in Canada. If you<br />

have any suggestions about how to increase outreach to<br />

these folks or others, please let us know.<br />

Have you been enjoying the monthly member<br />

webinars from <strong>NIRMA</strong>? We hope so and if you were<br />

not aware, this is another area that the M&MBU helps<br />

to plan and facilitate. We have an exciting lineup of<br />

topics and speakers coming up in the next few months<br />

that we hope you will take advantage of and that you<br />

have been getting value from the topics and presenters<br />

so far. We always welcome new topics and ideas for<br />

Devin Cote, M&MBU Director<br />

future events. Do you have a great vendor or<br />

technology that you work with or a solution you would<br />

like to share? Let us know!<br />

As you are all hopefully aware by now, the <strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>NIRMA</strong> Symposium is scheduled for August 7-9<br />

followed by the Business Unit meetings on August 10-<br />

11. We are still aways away, but it’s not too early to<br />

start planning and getting your approvals to attend this<br />

year’s symposium in person. If you are like most of us<br />

and need to provide some justification for attending the<br />

symposium, we have your back! In the works is a<br />

sample of a justification that you can tweak and modify<br />

with your management for the event. We hope to have<br />

this compiled and distributed soon.<br />

We are always looking for new partners and vendors<br />

that can contribute to <strong>NIRMA</strong>’s mission and set our<br />

members up for success. If you have any vendors or<br />

partners that you work with, please check with them to<br />

see if they would be interested in participating with<br />

<strong>NIRMA</strong> or joining us at the Symposium. If there’s a<br />

company or technology making your life easier and<br />

solving your information challenges, we would love to<br />

hear about them and try to get them more involved.<br />

Finally, for those that are interested in joining our<br />

meetings and adding value to the mission, we meet on<br />

the first Wednesday of the month at 1PM ET. Please<br />

reach out to Devin Cote @<br />

devin.cote@microfocus.com for the invite or for<br />

additional information.<br />

Thank you!<br />

present at one of the monthly webinars. Don’t hide<br />

your light that can shine on others and reflect<br />

positively on you.<br />

• Finally, lock in your travel dates and get registered<br />

for this year’s <strong>NIRMA</strong> Symposium. We are excited<br />

about some of the plans that are already in motion.<br />

Learn and lead at this great annual event.<br />

Make it a great spring and find some time to be your<br />

best!<br />

Don’t forget we welcome one and all on our Monthly<br />

PDBU conference call held on the 3 rd Friday of every<br />

month at 9:00 Central. Contact Lou Rofrano,<br />

Lou@AMSStoeandShred.com or Gil Brueckner,<br />

Gil.Brueckner@ge.com to find out how to join us.<br />

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nextscan<br />

industry's leading 3-in-<br />

r:2owerful r.iigr.i r:2roductior.1<br />

Microfiche<br />

I<br />



FlexScan digitizes thousands of records in minutes!<br />

The Benefits of In-house Conversion are Clear:<br />

• A Low-Cost Alternative for High-Volume Film Conversionwith Fast and<br />

Professional Results.<br />

• Significantly Reduce Labor Costs. Increase Accessibility and<br />

Operational Efficiency with All Digital Record Retrieval.<br />

• Prevent Data Breaches and Maintain Confidentiality. Use Trusted Staff<br />

for Conversion of Proprietary Data.<br />

• Eliminate Risk of Data Loss. Preserve Critical Records that are Doomed<br />

to Degradation (Vinegar Syndrome).<br />

• Maximize Space and Save Money by Eliminating your Storage<br />

Footprint.<br />

Call us for a FREE Demo & Consultation! 208.514.4000<br />

208.514.4000 sales@nextscan.com www.nextscan.com Follow Us: 0 0 frD

Regulations and Information<br />

Management Business Unit<br />

(RIMBU) News<br />

By Jordan Locke<br />

T<br />

Current Business<br />

he RIMBU team is preparing for our annual<br />

spring meeting on March 7th and 8th. This<br />

year, we are traveling to Richland, Washington<br />

where one of our team members has<br />

organized a tour of the Hanford site! We will be<br />

conducting several brainstorming sessions to focus on<br />

SIGET, RIM Beyond Design Basis, and continuing<br />

our efforts on our technical guidelines (TG)<br />

consolidation project, and benchmarking. We will<br />

have several presenters who will share information on<br />

industry foundation class (IFC) for 3D Models, the<br />

upcoming plans for TG consolidation, Electronic<br />

Signature Q&A, and many others.<br />

Status of RIMBU Action Items<br />

RIMBU has several action items we are working<br />

on. In November of last year, the RIMBU team voted<br />

to reaffirm TG-11, TG-15 and TG-21 and lastly a<br />

revision to TG-16 is in the works. In addition to the<br />

TG reaffirmation/revisions, we are conducting a<br />

comprehensive benchmark on the current state of<br />

RM across our industry. If you have not received the<br />

link to participate in the <strong>NIRMA</strong>/RIMBU survey,<br />

please reach out to our <strong>NIRMA</strong> administrator.<br />

(nirma@nirma.org).<br />

Join RIMBU and Get Involved!<br />

RIMBU provides many opportunities for individuals<br />

to increase their working knowledge of industry<br />

standards, conduct benchmarking, gain experience, and<br />

influence the standard industry guidance utilized by their<br />

RM teams. If you are interested in joining, please reach<br />

out to our Business Unit Director, Stephanie Price at<br />

sjprice@southernco.com or our Co-Director, Rhonda<br />

Redding at Rhonda.redding@evergy.com.<br />

20 <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2023</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong>.org Back to Content | <strong>Inside</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong>

NASA's Artemis to<br />

take nuclear power<br />

to the moon<br />

By Paul Day<br />

The Artemis I project’s uncrewed Orion spacecraft,<br />

which flew further than any spacecraft built for humans,<br />

is just the first of increasingly complex missions aimed<br />

at turning the moon into an outpost with a long-term<br />

human presence and as a steppingstone to Mars and<br />

further space exploration.<br />

But, in order for a human inhabited moon base to<br />

function on the lunar surface, where temperatures swing<br />

between -233C at night and 123C during the day, a<br />

reliable, constant power source is needed, and part of<br />

that power source will be nuclear, NASA has said.<br />

“We’re investing in what is characterized as an Earth/<br />

moon economy by developing a capability for a<br />

sustained human presence on the surface of the moon.<br />

There are some basic needs that accompany this, and<br />

high-powered infrastructure is one of them,” says<br />

Anthony Calomino, nuclear technologies portfolio<br />

manager for NASA’s Space Technology Mission<br />

Directorate.<br />

NASA and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)<br />

announced earlier this year they have selected three<br />

concept proposals for Phase One design of a fission<br />

surface power (FSP) system which, initially, would<br />

provide at least 40 kW of power, enough to run 30<br />

households for ten years.<br />

Those include designs from Lockheed Martin, partnered<br />

with BWXT and Creare, Westinghouse with Aerojet<br />

Rocketdyne, and IX, a joint venture between Intuitive<br />

Machines and X-Energy and partnered with Maxar and<br />

Boeing.<br />

The plan is to build a system that is scalable to a higher<br />

power without having a wholesale new design on the<br />

Artist's concept of new fission power system<br />

on the lunar surface. (Source: NASA)<br />

reactor or the power conversion systems. Capacity<br />

needs to be scalable to hundreds of kilowatts and,<br />

eventually, megawatts, something which fission power<br />

systems are uniquely suited to do, Calomino says.<br />

Phase Two will include a tested flight system that will<br />

transport a demonstration to the lunar surface by the<br />

end of this decade.<br />

Keep it light<br />

The main challenge for any system headed for the moon<br />

is that it must be jettisoned out of the Earth’s<br />

atmosphere as efficiently and economically as possible,<br />

and that means keeping the system’s mass at a<br />

minimum.<br />

“Mass is always the biggest concern for any space<br />

hardware, because it has to leave Earth, so the lighter<br />

you make it the better that capability can be in terms of<br />

servicing an operation in space,” Calomino says.<br />

“In terms of size and mass, kilowatts per kilogram, and<br />

just the logistics of getting<br />

this capability right, it has to<br />

be designed to be built on<br />

earth, then we have<br />

Continued on page 23.<br />

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Solving Life Obsolescence a Key Part of the<br />

Puzzle for Nuclear Life Extensions<br />

By Paul Day<br />

Operators must be able to swap out<br />

old parts for new to keep a reactor<br />

running, but when like-for-like is<br />

unavailable, OEMs are faced with<br />

the challenge of finding an<br />

alternative while avoiding making<br />

any major changes.<br />

“There’s a rule of thumb that if a<br />

plant has to do a design change, it’ll<br />

cost anywhere from $300,000-<br />

$500,000 just in engineering,<br />

licensing changes, drawing changes,<br />

and that doesn’t include the cost of<br />

the required equipment … so we try,<br />

wherever possible, to keep our<br />

clients from doing a design change,”<br />

says Vice President of Westinghouse<br />

Parts Business in its Operating Plant<br />

Services unit Craig Irish.<br />

However, design changes and other<br />

innovative solutions such as additive<br />

manufacturing will be needed as an<br />

increasing number of nuclear power<br />

plant operators extend their plants’<br />

lives from the original 40 years to 60<br />

years or further.<br />

Life extensions<br />

Many of the world’s nuclear power<br />

plants having been built in the latter<br />

part of the last century and<br />

applications for long-term operations<br />

(LTOs) are becoming increasingly<br />

common.<br />

As of the end of 2020, over 100<br />

nuclear reactors worldwide were<br />

operating beyond their initial 40-<br />

year licensed periods, with more<br />

than 30% of the nuclear fleet<br />

operating under LTO conditions,<br />

the OECD-NEA says.<br />

In the United States, where<br />

nuclear power has supplied 20%<br />

of electricity and is currently<br />

running 93 reactors with two new<br />

units under construction, the<br />

average age of the fleet is 41 years<br />

including three reactors that started<br />

operation 52 years ago, according<br />

to the Department of Energy<br />

(DOE).<br />

Nine U.S. reactors have active<br />

applications with the Nuclear<br />

Regulatory Commission (NRC) to<br />

extend their lives and 10 reactors<br />

have publicly announced plans to<br />

extend their licenses to 80 years.<br />

“Under current license basis 92<br />

percent of operating reactors would<br />

shut down by 2050 and 74 percent<br />

would shut down by 2050 with<br />

anticipated license renewals.<br />

However, if 54 reactors extended<br />

operation to 80 years, only 20<br />

percent of operating reactors would<br />

shut down by 2050,” the DOE said<br />

in its 2022 report on nuclear energy<br />

supply chains.<br />

U.S. Nuclear Power Reactor<br />

License Expirations by Year<br />

Westinghouse's 3D-printed thimble<br />

plug (Source: Westinghouse)<br />

Source: U.S. Department of Energy<br />

Obsolescence challenge<br />

The challenge, say OEMs, is keeping<br />

a supply chain running and up to<br />

date for complex, always-on<br />

machines that were built with<br />

Reagan-era (or earlier) technology.<br />

According to Westinghouse, a<br />

leading global parts manufacturer for<br />

power stations, approximately 35%<br />

of installed equipment in the nuclear<br />

industry is obsolete.<br />

In fact, with construction times for<br />

some plants approaching ten years,<br />

many of the parts can be obsolete<br />

before the plant has even started<br />

generating power, according to<br />

Westinghouse’s Irish.<br />

The high cost of design changes<br />

means that many operators, working<br />

with a plant that went online in the<br />

Continued on page 23.<br />

22 <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2023</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong>.org Back to Content | <strong>Inside</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong>

Continued from page 21.<br />

to get that hardware to wherever it is we want to use it,<br />

and these are relatively small, compact systems that are<br />

well suited to that.”<br />

For a 40-50 kW system, the reactor itself would be<br />

around the size of a small trash can, though once the<br />

systems are built around that including electronics,<br />

controls, and safety components, that grows to the size<br />

of a refrigerator.<br />

Add to that the power conversion system, such as<br />

radiators, the entire system grows to a medium-sized<br />

shipping container.<br />

Such a system could be transported in one or two<br />

payloads, or one launch vehicle.<br />

Infographic<br />

showing the evolution<br />

of lunar activities<br />

on the surface and<br />

in orbit:<br />

Article reprinted with permission of<br />

Reuters. Read full article here.<br />

Continued from page 22.<br />

1970’s, would work hard to keep it looking the same by<br />

the time it is set for decommissioning in 2030, he says.<br />

This was especially challenging when dealing with<br />

instrumentation and control (I&C) parts which may<br />

have worked with dials and levers when the plant was<br />

built but now in many cases can be digitalized.<br />

“They try like hell to keep plants exactly the same, with<br />

the same technology, the same parts, though obviously<br />

that’s not realistic, so operators have to introduce digital<br />

products where it makes sense,” he says.<br />

Internationally, part of the challenge is many of the parts<br />

produced for the nuclear industry face varying<br />

specifications depending on the regulator they are<br />

working under, restricting an already tight market to<br />

national boundaries.<br />

Such differences will become even more pronounced<br />

with the introduction of a new generation of reactors<br />

expected to begin commercial operations within the<br />

next decade, with more than 70 SMR designs under<br />

development in 18 countries.<br />

A common approach<br />

To meet the challenge, the nuclear industry must work<br />

along similar, if not identical, international guidelines.<br />

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and<br />

the OECD-NEA Nuclear Harmonization and<br />

Standardization Initiative (NHSI) was launched in 2022<br />

to bring together policymakers, regulators, designers,<br />

vendors, and operators to<br />

develop common regulatory<br />

and industrial approaches<br />

that view nuclear as<br />

a global fleet.<br />

Article reprinted with permission of<br />

Reuters. Read full article here.<br />

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It’s only February, and so far this<br />

year, NEI is tracking more than 100<br />

bills related to nuclear energy.<br />

Building on the historic momentum<br />

seen in legislatures across the<br />

country last year, <strong>2023</strong> is proving to<br />

be just as significant as policymakers<br />

continue to turn to nuclear energy as<br />

the solution to energy woes.<br />

From Alaska to Maine, and just<br />

about everywhere in between,<br />

conversations on the importance of<br />

reliable, carbon-free energy are<br />

taking place in state houses.<br />

2022 was an unprecedented year for<br />

nuclear policy in the U.S. with 19<br />

states considering legislation and 12<br />

states enacting policies to support<br />

existing and new nuclear generation.<br />

Although we are just weeks into<br />

<strong>2023</strong>, here are the biggest legislative<br />

trends we are already seeing in state<br />

capitals:<br />

1. Advanced reactors<br />

What does the next generation<br />

of nuclear reactors look like?<br />

Just ask Virginia! Late last year,<br />

Governor Youngkin announced<br />

his moonshot intention to<br />

deploy a small modular reactor<br />

(SMR) in the Commonwealth<br />

within a decade. The General<br />

Assembly is actively considering<br />

multiple pieces of legislation that<br />

would help make this moonshot<br />

a reality. We are also seeing<br />

efforts to support advanced<br />

reactors in Washington, Indiana,<br />

Nebraska, Minnesota, New<br />

York, Oklahoma, Connecticut,<br />

South Dakota, West Virginia,<br />

Illinois, Oregon, and Maine.<br />

2. Moratorium repeals<br />

Last year, we saw West Virginia<br />

and Connecticut move to repeal<br />

their antiquated laws prohibiting<br />

the construction of nuclear<br />

facilities. This year, measures<br />

have been introduced in<br />

California, Oregon, Minnesota,<br />

and Illinois repealing each state’s<br />

nuclear moratorium.<br />

3. Workforce development<br />

NEI surveyed its member<br />

utilities and found that nearly<br />

300 gigawatts of small modular<br />

reactors would be needed by<br />

2050. This enormous demand<br />

requires a pipeline of trained and<br />

qualified workers—who will<br />

enjoy high-paying, long-lasting<br />

jobs. We’re seeing efforts in<br />

Washington, Virginia, West<br />

Virginia, South Carolina, and<br />

Nebraska to proactively develop<br />

the institutions necessary to train<br />

the next generation of the<br />

nuclear workforce.<br />

4. Clean energy standards<br />

What is the nation’s largest form<br />

of clean, carbon-free<br />

energy? States know the answer<br />

and are defining nuclear in<br />

standards and policies.<br />

Lawmakers in Missouri, Virginia,<br />

Continued on page 25.<br />

24 <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2023</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong>.org Back to Content | <strong>Inside</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong>

Save the Dates<br />

August 7-9, <strong>2023</strong> – Symposium<br />

August 10-11, <strong>2023</strong> – Business Unit Meetings<br />

JW Marriott Resort & Spa<br />

221 N. Rampart Blvd. Las Vegas, Nevada<br />

Continued from page 24.<br />

New Hampshire, Connecticut,<br />

Massachusetts, Colorado, New<br />

Mexico, Tennessee, Idaho, and<br />

Arizona are moving to recognize<br />

nuclear as a fundamental and<br />

reliable clean source of<br />

energy. Minnesota moved<br />

quickly and just signed into law a<br />

clean energy standard, which<br />

includes nuclear, to meet their<br />

100% carbon-free goal by 2040.<br />

5. Studying Nuclear Energy<br />

States with and without nuclear<br />

assets are looking to learn more<br />

about advanced nuclear<br />

technology. New Hampshire,<br />

Michigan, Maryland, Montana,<br />

and Nebraska have led the<br />

charge with commissioning<br />

feasibility studies. This year<br />

South Dakota has already passed<br />

their SMR study bill, while<br />

Colorado, Oklahoma,<br />

Minnesota, and New York are<br />

exploring study options.<br />

Nebraska and Minnesota are<br />

particularly interested in<br />

hydrogen production from<br />

nuclear energy.<br />

6. Governors on deck<br />

Governors are talking nuclear in<br />

their State of the State<br />

Addresses. Tennessee’s<br />

Governor Lee just proposed a<br />

$50 million Nuclear Fast Track<br />

fund to recruit companies that<br />

will specifically establish a<br />

nuclear development and<br />

manufacturing ecosystem in the<br />

state. Wyoming’s Governor<br />

Gordon, Alaska’s Governor<br />

Dunleavy, and Virginia’s<br />

Governor Youngkin also touted<br />

nuclear projects in their<br />

addresses.<br />

As you can see, <strong>2023</strong> is shaping up<br />

to be an exciting year for the nuclear<br />

industry. As policymakers face<br />

concerns about maintaining a reliable<br />

electric grid, meeting carbon<br />

emission goals, and lowering<br />

electricity prices, they are turning to<br />

nuclear energy as the solution.<br />

Looking to learn more about<br />

historical legislative and regulatory<br />

success around nuclear energy?<br />

Visit NEI’s report on state<br />

legislation and regulations and<br />

read NCSL’s recent report on<br />

nuclear policy in the states.<br />

Looking to see what policy actions<br />

can be taken to reduce barriers to<br />

advanced nuclear deployment?<br />

Visit NEI’s report on policy options<br />

for states.<br />

Also, please share “What Every<br />

Governor Needs to Know About<br />

Nuclear” and “What Every<br />

Legislator Needs to Know About<br />

Nuclear” with your networks<br />

of state policymakers.<br />

Article reprinted with permission of<br />

NEI. Read full article here.<br />

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<strong>Inside</strong> <strong>NIRMA</strong> Magazine is<br />

published three times annually.<br />

Click here to view past issues.

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