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V83 / 822<br />

Back to School<br />


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4 • AUGUST 2022


It’s hard to believe it’s that time of<br />

year for another back to school<br />

magazine to be on our stands.<br />

Our team always looks forward to putting this issue together as<br />

we get to include so many stories about our schools, students,<br />

and educators. We’re proud of the young people on the cover<br />

who represent the Clinton schools so well.<br />

The city of Clinton has three amazing high schools. For this issue,<br />

each high school chose their own story to “educate” our readers<br />

a bit more about the exciting things happening. You will also enjoy<br />

school spirit photos from Clinton High School, Clinton Christian<br />

Academy, Mt. Salus, and Hinds CC.<br />

As a native Clintonian, Anna Nutt needs no introduction. A graduate<br />

of Clinton High School and Mississippi College, she’s a hometown<br />

girl raising her two daughters alongside her husband, Jonathan.<br />

Anna wears many hats, and her newest hat is executive director<br />

of the Clinton Chamber of Commerce. Read more about Anna in<br />

the pages ahead, and her passion for the city of Clinton.<br />

When the school buses return to their routes, it’s a farewell sign<br />

to summer. Schedules, packed lunches, carpools, and life will begin<br />

a new year in another education chapter. The first graders will spot<br />

their nametags on their classroom door, and the seniors will face<br />

the significance of just a few more months until graduation. Time<br />

may rush us through the years, but a valuable education never<br />

leaves us. We at Hometown Magazines are behind you - faculties,<br />

staff, and students. May you have the best year yet!<br />

ON THE COVER Meet these 2022-‘23 seniors on page 56<br />



Tahya Dobbs<br />

CFO<br />

Kevin Dobbs<br />


Mary Ann Kirby<br />


Reader Spotlight 8<br />

Kids Who Care 12<br />

Where Are They Now? 15<br />

Anna Nutt 20<br />

The World of Marty Stuart 24<br />

Superfan Families 32<br />

Clinton Schools 42<br />

2022-23 Senior Q&A 56<br />



Brenda McCall<br />



Caroline Hodges<br />



Alisha Floyd<br />

...see you around town.<br />


Daniel Thomas<br />

3dt<br />

STAFF<br />


Othel Anding<br />



Lexie Ownby<br />

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Hometown CLINTON • 5

6 • AUGUST 2022





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Hometown CLINTON • 7

READER<br />


Shae<br />

PARKER<br />

_____________<br />

Why did you decide to make Clinton<br />

your home?<br />

When my husband, Lee, and I were dating,<br />

I was working in Jackson and he was commuting<br />

from Brandon to Vicksburg for work. We started<br />

looking at houses in Clinton because of the<br />

convenience of its location and quickly realized<br />

all it had to offer. The school district and its<br />

reputation played a large role in our decision,<br />

because we were hoping wherever we settled<br />

we could raise our family there.<br />

How long have you lived in Clinton?<br />

Lee bought our house in March of 2003 and<br />

then I moved to Clinton when we got married<br />

in 2004 - so I have lived here for 18 years<br />

Tell us about your family.<br />

My husband Lee and I met in 2001 and got<br />

married in 2004. Lee has worked for the Army<br />

Corps of Engineers in Vicksburg since 1999.<br />

I have done lots of jobs over the years in retail,<br />

office management, photography, etc., but my<br />

favorite job has been being a mom to our two<br />

boys. Luke just turned 16 and Charlie is 13.<br />

Currently, I homeschool both boys and keep<br />

my 2-year-old nephew during the week. I have<br />

been keeping him in “SheaCare” since he was 4<br />

months old. He is so much fun and keeps us all<br />

busy and entertained.<br />

Luke loves anything that has to do with<br />

computers or engineering, is learning to play<br />

the guitar, and runs cross country as well as<br />

track. Charlie enjoys all things creative and<br />

animating, he also throws discus and shotput<br />

for Victor’s track & field. We are members<br />

of Morrison Heights Baptist Church where<br />

I work with the student ministry and Luke<br />

and Charlie are both a part of it. Both of my<br />

boys are members of Rankin Performing Arts<br />

and enjoy all aspects of musical theatre. They<br />

most recently played Willy Wonka and Charlie<br />

Bucket in RPA’s production of Willy Wonka Jr.<br />

Our whole family loves RPA and what it<br />

teaches us all. My husband helps build sets<br />

and transport things when needed and my<br />

boys and I enjoy helping with anything that<br />

needs to be done!<br />

What is your favorite memory of living<br />

in Clinton?<br />

We love visiting parks and Mississippi College<br />

to take walks, but some of our favorite memories<br />

were during lockdown when we would draw<br />

obstacle courses on our sidewalk or draw<br />

pictures on our fence and we would watch out<br />

the window as people would come walk through<br />

all the obstacles or admire our pictures. It was<br />

fun to see families slowing down and taking<br />

walks and enjoying the little things.<br />

8 • AUGUST 2022

Where are your three favorite places<br />

to eat in Clinton?<br />

Froghead Grill, The Bank, and 303 Jefferson.<br />

What are some fun things to do<br />

in Clinton on the weekends?<br />

We love Indian Lanes bowling alley and going<br />

to the brick street markets that are held every<br />

few months in Clinton that highlight local<br />

vendors and craftsmen. We also love the nature<br />

center and parks in Clinton.<br />

Share some things you enjoy doing<br />

in your spare time.<br />

My two boys keep us very busy and I love being<br />

involved in their activities with their theatre<br />

groups, homeschool groups and friends. Lee and<br />

I enjoy spending time with the boys when we<br />

all have some down time and watching movies<br />

or cooking. We also all enjoy playing games.<br />

What are three things on your bucket<br />

list?<br />

1. To take Luke and Charlie to a “real” concert.<br />

Neither have ever been to a real concert and<br />

want to go. Both of them love classic ‘80s and<br />

‘90s rock, so we have been looking for the<br />

perfect concert to go to.<br />

2. To have a successful garden in my backyard.<br />

We have tried some container gardens with<br />

small vegetables and herbs the last two years,<br />

but I want a real, in the ground garden and<br />

grow fruits and veggies.<br />

3. To go on a 10-day Disney Cruise. Our 4-day<br />

Disney cruise has been my family’s favorite<br />

vacation to date, but it wasn’t long enough!<br />

Who is someone you admire and why?<br />

My mom was the person I admired most on<br />

this earth. She was an amazing mom, wife,<br />

sister, daughter and her favorite was being a<br />

grandmother. She taught me so many things<br />

about life and how to live it to the fullest while<br />

honoring God in all you do. It has been almost<br />

10 years since she passed away unexpectedly,<br />

and I still think of something just about daily<br />

that I would love to share with her or ask her.<br />

Where do you see yourself ten years<br />

from now?<br />

Probably still in Clinton, I don’t think we will<br />

leave unless one of our boys, someday, buys us a<br />

house on the beach! That would be one reason<br />

we would consider leaving our home in Clinton!<br />

My sister and I have always dreamed of one day<br />

having a party planning business, so if we ever<br />

had the opportunity to do that, I think we<br />

would love to do it. I will still be supporting<br />

Lee and Luke and Charlie in whatever they are<br />

doing. I will always be their biggest cheerleader<br />

and prayer warrior in all that they do.<br />

What is your favorite childhood memory?<br />

My favorite childhood memories are trips<br />

with my mom, siblings, aunt, and cousins to my<br />

grandmother’s house on the beach. We lived on<br />

Otter Pops and stayed on the beach building<br />

sandcastles and searching for “butterfly” shells<br />

and sand dollars for hours! We would also go to<br />

the library there and rent old musicals and<br />

watch them over and over. That is where my<br />

love for musicals began that I have passed on<br />

to my boys.<br />

If you could give us one encouraging<br />

quote, what would it be?<br />

Not a quote but my favorite Bible verse is<br />

Exodus 14:14 – “The Lord will fight for you,<br />

you need only to be still.”<br />

What is your favorite thing about<br />

Hometown Magazines?<br />

I love that they highlight local families and<br />

businesses that many people might not know<br />

anything about until seeing them in the<br />

magazine.<br />

Hometown CLINTON • 9

CALL NOW: 601-401-3299<br />

©2022 JEA<br />

10 • AUGUST 2022

12 • AUGUST 2022


Alena TrotterSusan Marquez<br />

Standing straight and tall, Alena Trotter<br />

exudes grace and poise. The rising senior at<br />

Clinton High School answers questions<br />

confidently, and her warm smile puts others at<br />

ease. As the Hinds County representative in<br />

the Distinguished Young Women scholarship<br />

program, Alena has worked on her leadership<br />

skills, talent, scholastics, and community<br />

involvement to prepare for the state level<br />

competition July 14, 15, and 16 in Meridian.<br />

Alena had never heard of the Distinguished<br />

Young Women before her high school counselor<br />

encouraged her to register for the program.<br />

“Six other girls signed up along with me,<br />

however, I am the only one from my city who<br />

is still involved with the program.” Most of the<br />

local programs around the state have a director<br />

and a committee. As Alena and her mother,<br />

Natalia Trotter, discovered, there was no support<br />

for the program in Hinds County. “There used<br />

to be a great support system,” says Natalia.<br />

“Over the years, it has faded away.” Natalia has<br />

reached out to the past director and has gotten<br />

great support. “Distinguished Young Women<br />

is an amazing program for high school girls.<br />

We are determined to build this program back<br />

in Hinds County,” she says.<br />

It is no wonder why Alena’s school counselor<br />

tapped her for the program. “I related to all five<br />

levels of the Be Your Best Self outreach program<br />

so much,” Alena says. “It was only natural that<br />

I made the decision to participate in the<br />

Distinguished Young Women program.”<br />

As the Distinguished Young Woman of Hinds<br />

County, Alena says she hopes to sow seeds for<br />

future participation so that young women can<br />

raise their self-esteem. “I believe this program,<br />

and the Be Your Best Self outreach, can change<br />

lives for the better. I believe every opportunity<br />

teaches us something new. I know for sure if<br />

some of my female friends and family members<br />

were exposed to this program early enough,<br />

they would not have dropped out of school due<br />

to teen pregnancy.”<br />

The five pillars of the program include<br />

being healthy and fit, being involved and being<br />

studious, responsible, and ambitious. Alena<br />

checks all the boxes. She is a member of the<br />

marching band at Clinton High School, and she<br />

plays trumpet in the Morrison Heights Baptist<br />

Church orchestra for two services each Sunday.<br />

Her talent for the competition is a performance<br />

of “Yesterday” by Paul McCartney on the<br />

trumpet. “With so many wars and economic<br />

depression, I want to focus on today instead<br />

of fixating on yesterday’s troubles.”<br />

Alena is a member of the Clinton Chamber<br />

of Commerce’s Youth Leadership Program,<br />

where she will be running for chairwoman this<br />

fall. “I love public speaking, and I would like to<br />

implement a life skills workshop I am calling<br />

“Goal Getter.” It will be six to eight weeks long,<br />

one time a week.” She also volunteers as one of<br />

Canopy’s youth ambassadors. “Because of Covid,<br />

we have been unable to do work in person, so<br />

instead we spread the message of Canopy on<br />

social media. I also volunteered at a 5K run to<br />

benefit the organization.”<br />

A serious writer, Alena’s poem, “What<br />

Times are These” was published in Write for<br />

Mississippi in 2021. The poem was a response to<br />

the prompt, “What gives me courage?” Out of<br />

the 200 poems submitted, only 75 were published.<br />

One of Alena’s favorite quotes is by Winston<br />

Churchill. “Success is not final. Failure is not<br />

futile. It’s the courage to continue that counts.”<br />

Another favorite quote is from her mother,<br />

“God has not given you a spirit of fear. An<br />

attitude of gratitude is what’s going to get you<br />

from point A to Point B, no matter the struggle.”<br />

Alena takes those words to heart. “I believe that<br />

life is not made up from one experience, but<br />

how we handle a series of experiences that will<br />

compile who we ultimately are in life. My vision<br />

is to give hope to those who don’t believe things<br />

are possible for them, even if there is a lot of fear<br />

involved. My mission is to give back to the<br />

community by speaking about the five levels of<br />

the Be Your Best Self outreach to as many<br />

people as possible and actively demonstrating<br />

all levels.”<br />

With an eye towards going into orthopedics<br />

one day, Alena says she will most likely attend<br />

college in-state, where she will major in pre-med.<br />

“I have learned so much from this process,”<br />

says Natalia. “And I have learned so much from<br />

my daughter. She has been passionate about her<br />

involvement. I am so impressed with her, and<br />

with the Distinguished Young Women<br />

program.”<br />

At the state program in Meridian July 16, Alena was<br />

awarded the overall Be Your Best Self award. She also<br />

won a preliminary talent award with three others for<br />

her trumpet solo. There were 34 contestants in this<br />

year’s program.<br />

Hometown CLINTON • 13

Hinds Community College is<br />

committed to moving people<br />

and communities forward<br />

by helping develop their purpose,<br />

passion and profession.<br />

hindscc.edu/success<br />

One College – Six Locations<br />

Countless Career Opportunities!<br />

Discover YOUR pathway forward!<br />



JACKSON-Academic-Technical Center | JACKSON-Nursing/Allied Health Center | RANKIN | RAYMOND | UTICA | VICKSBURG<br />

In compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX, Education Amendments of 1972 of the Higher Education Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and other applicable Federal<br />

and State Acts, Hinds Community College offers equal education and employment opportunities and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability or veteran status in its educational programs and<br />

activities. We recognize our responsibility to provide an open and welcoming environment that fosters a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion for employees and students to collaboratively learn, work and serve our communities. The following<br />

have been designated to handle inquiries regarding these policies:<br />

EEOC Compliance: Marquise Kessee, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion , Box 1100 Raymond MS 39154; Phone: 601-857-3458 or Email: EEOC@hindscc.edu.<br />

Title IX: DeAndre House, Associate Vice President Student Services, Title IX Coordinator , Box 1100 Raymond MS 39154; Phone: 601-857-3353 or Email: TitleIX@hindscc.edu.<br />

14 • AUGUST 2022

Lauren von Foregger<br />

Where<br />

AreThey<br />

Now? Amia<br />

Edwards<br />

Amia Edwards was born in<br />

Bolton, Mississippi, on a street called<br />

Success Drive. Now, as an accomplished<br />

full-time actress and founder of a non-profit,<br />

Edwards is giving back to the community<br />

that helped her<br />

become who<br />

she is today.<br />

Hometown CLINTON • 15

Edwards is a product, start to finish,<br />

of the Clinton Public School District.<br />

“As a young child, I was always attracted to the<br />

arts and public speaking,” Edwards said. “I did a<br />

lot of church plays and speeches, and I had natural<br />

talent for that. I was always interested in being in<br />

front of a camera. But Mr. Anthony Thaxton’s<br />

program called Arrow Vision, in junior high school,<br />

is really what pushed me to test the waters when it<br />

came to getting in front of an audience.”<br />

Edwards was a bit of a self-described loner in<br />

middle school. But one day, Thaxton approached<br />

her in the cafeteria and told her she would make a<br />

great news anchor. “He asked me if I could show<br />

up early the next morning to try it, and I was there<br />

before anyone else. It was just me and the custodians<br />

until he arrived. I was hooked after that day.”<br />

Edwards was the anchor for Arrow Vision<br />

every Friday of her eighth-grade year. She thought<br />

she wanted a career as a news anchor and enrolled<br />

in the cooperative education program with Mrs.<br />

Barbie Ferguson. She also joined the DECA club<br />

and did public speaking with the group. One day,<br />

Mrs. Ferguson let her students know local news<br />

anchor Mellissa Pace of WLBT was coming to<br />

Clinton High School to speak for career day.<br />

Edwards introduced herself and Pace invited her<br />

to come see the studio. Edwards quickly became<br />

an associate producer there, and later, during her<br />

years as a student at Jackson State University, she<br />

became a full-time producer for the station.<br />

16 • AUGUST 2022

After college, Edwards moved to<br />

Birmingham, Alabama, to briefly work<br />

for a news station before moving back<br />

home and procuring her real estate license.<br />

Edwards knew, though, that something<br />

was missing from her life.<br />

“I was running from my real dream<br />

of becoming an actor,” she said. “I thought<br />

there was no place for me in Hollywood,<br />

and I never thought I could be successful.<br />

But I made a promise to myself that I<br />

would stop running, and I went to the<br />

very next audition I found.”<br />

Edwards auditioned for J. Lee’s “Karma”<br />

and was awarded the part on the spot.<br />

The rest, she says, is history. Edwards says<br />

she has had a wonderful career so far,<br />

performing in the Hallmark film “Every<br />

Time a Bell Rings,” and the 2021 film<br />

“Card Counter.” She’s done numerous<br />

plays and productions, and even wrote,<br />

produced, and performed her own short<br />

film, “Got a Light,” which won awards in<br />

several U.S. states, along with Germany<br />

and Korea.<br />

More recently, she’s been busy founding<br />

her non-profit, the Amiable Arts Foundation.<br />

The organization seeks to prepare<br />

students for vocation, college and careers<br />

in film, theatre, and performing arts. 3.2.1<br />

Action! is a part of the foundation, a<br />

program dedicated to teaching students<br />

about the writing, production, editing and<br />

marketing of their own films. The students<br />

showcase their productions at an annual<br />

film festival in Jackson. The ultimate goal<br />

of the Amiable Arts Foundation is to<br />

prepare students to enter into higher<br />

education or any career field within<br />

performing arts with the tools, resources,<br />

connections and confidence they need to<br />

succeed.<br />

“I really wanted to offer a place for<br />

parents and students to not only learn<br />

about performance arts, film, and theatre,<br />

but also to learn how to start a career,” said<br />

Edwards. “This is my calling – this is the<br />

way I want to give back to my community.<br />

I want to nurture these gifted artists and<br />

give them everything they need to succeed.”<br />

With a curriculum comprised of scriptwriting<br />

workshops, stage and screenmakeup<br />

application, and casting calls,<br />

Edwards has worked tirelessly to give these<br />

aspiring creatives a taste of what the industry<br />

has to offer. Through her accumulated<br />

relationships in the entertainment<br />

industry, Edwards has brought in several<br />

high-profile industry professionals to<br />

share their knowledge and experience<br />

with 3.2.1. Action! students.<br />

Ultimately, Edwards would like to open<br />

a full performing arts center in Jackson,<br />

where students would have access to everything<br />

from refurbished instruments to free<br />

lessons to visual art creation. This summer,<br />

the Foundation will be offering a program<br />

where students can learn to write, produce,<br />

and edit their own music videos. It will also<br />

serve as an outlet for students to express<br />

their feelings about current issues they<br />

may face in their homes or in their city.<br />

“What keeps me motivated are the<br />

smiles of these kids,” Edwards said. “I don’t<br />

have any kids, but after this program I’ve<br />

got at least 60. To know that I am adding<br />

just a little glimmer of hope, that I am<br />

providing something positive for them to<br />

be a part of—that keeps me motivated.”<br />

To learn more about<br />

3.2.1 Action! or the Amiable<br />

Arts Foundation, visit<br />

amiableproductions.com<br />

and on Facebook at<br />

@amiableartsfoundation.<br />

Hometown CLINTON • 17

18 • AUGUST 2022





745 Clinton Parkway<br />

Clinton, MS 39056<br />

601-987-8223<br />

M-F, 8am - 5pm<br />

Hometown CLINTON • 19

Sarah Rein<br />



Anna<br />

Nutt<br />

“There are two ways<br />

of getting home; and one<br />

of them is to stay there.<br />

The other is to walk<br />

‘round the whole world<br />

‘til we come back to the<br />

same place.”<br />

In this celebrated quote, G.W.Chesterton is<br />

referencing a person who might express doubts<br />

about Christianity only to work their way<br />

through those and return to faith. But, to her<br />

credit, Anna Nutt seems to have figured out<br />

that the same principle holds true for her quite<br />

literally. Anna has lived in Clinton her whole<br />

life, attended Clinton’s public schools and<br />

Mississippi College, married a hometown guy,<br />

and is now creating a similarly cozy life for her<br />

own family - and never seems to have even<br />

considered leaving. “Clinton has such a warm<br />

hometown feel. It’s large enough that I am<br />

regularly meeting new people but still has all<br />

the charm of a small town.”<br />

Anna’s father owns a law firm in Clinton,<br />

and she fondly remembers watching him during<br />

her childhood as he poured himself into his<br />

work and their community. While that might<br />

lead some to think that Anna was inspired to<br />

become a business owner herself one day, she is<br />

quick to dismiss that idea. “Honestly, I had no<br />

idea what I wanted to do. If you’d told me that<br />

I would end up with my own store…I couldn’t<br />

have pictured that.” In fact, the way Anna talks<br />

about it, the whole thing practically fell into<br />

her lap.<br />

Her modest story is clearly glossing over a<br />

great deal of hard work and natural aptitude.<br />

She was working at her father’s firm after<br />

college in 2012 when her husband, Jonathan,<br />

recognized that her love of shopping and the<br />

rising popularity of social commerce might be<br />

a perfect fit. In social commerce, the merchant<br />

is able to sell directly to buyers online via social<br />

media. Anna gave it a try in her spare time and<br />

the response was overwhelming. Her online<br />

boutique, dubbed James & Leigh after her and her<br />

husband’s middle names, led to the establishment<br />

of a brick-and-mortar store in Old Towne<br />

that was a Clinton staple for eight years.<br />

Anna and Jonathan, who also has a very<br />

full-time position at Mississippi College,<br />

poured all their extra time and energy into<br />

their small business. “There is so much work<br />

required to get a store off the ground and make<br />

sure it’s successful. You’re never not thinking<br />

about the store - making sure shifts are covered,<br />

selecting new merchandise, going over the<br />

financials. I remember when we first started,<br />

we couldn’t afford to pay my sister cash so we<br />

would let her pick out clothes instead.”<br />

James and Leigh’s storefront was open<br />

until 2021. During that time, the Nutt family<br />

grew with the addition of two daughters and<br />

Anna’s “third child,” as she referred to her store,<br />

was taking up more of her time than she was<br />

comfortable with. “It was hard because the girls<br />

and Jonathan would have the traditional<br />

Saturday and Sunday weekend and I would have<br />

the store on my mind or I’d have to go in and<br />

work.”<br />

During COVID, the store went back to<br />

online sales and Anna, like so many people in the<br />

last couple of years, got a chance to reevaluate.<br />

“It was such a hard, uncertain time for small<br />

20 • AUGUST 2022

“Anna is not only<br />

one of the hardest<br />

working people<br />

I’ve ever met,<br />

she’s also one of<br />

the most caring.”<br />

businesses. Fortunately, I had a great customer<br />

base and my sales stayed pretty steady.”<br />

Anna was considering James and Leigh’s<br />

future when she decided, almost on a whim, to<br />

apply for the position of executive director of<br />

the Clinton Chamber of Commerce. “Had I<br />

been in my regular store routine, busy all day<br />

long, I might not have ever applied. But I was<br />

at home, with time to think.” And what she<br />

found herself repeatedly thinking was that it<br />

might be time for a new chapter for her family.<br />

James & Leigh is now back to its roots as a<br />

fully online boutique, and Anna is enjoying her<br />

new role as the executive director of Clinton’s<br />

Chamber of Commerce - very much still<br />

woven into the fabric of Clinton business. Her<br />

background makes her intimately familiar with<br />

the challenges facing business owners and her<br />

personality has brought fresh energy to the<br />

Chamber’s role. Nathan Cummins, Clinton’s<br />

Chamber board president agrees; “As a small<br />

business owner herself, Anna knows the ins<br />

and outs of operating a successful business and<br />

how the Chamber can be a value-add to the<br />

businesses in the community. She is a native<br />

Clintonian, which is important in understanding<br />

our city and its residents as well as how<br />

both new and old businesses can service it.<br />

Additionally, she brings a new perspective and<br />

energy that will help the Chamber grow.”<br />

Already, the office has been visibly<br />

revitalized with new paint and decor. It’s<br />

meant to be a manifestation of the refreshed,<br />

modern Chamber of Commerce that Anna<br />

envisions. “We want to begin hosting new<br />

types of events that business owners will really<br />

look forward to. There is nothing wrong with<br />

lunch and a speaker, but we hope to plan some<br />

less conventional experiences as well.”<br />

And what is the message Anna hopes<br />

to spread as a voice to Clinton’s business<br />

community? “That there is room for everyone.<br />

We want your ideas and livelihoods to flourish.<br />

Clinton is big enough to support more than<br />

one clothing store because we have a variety of<br />

demographics and styles represented here. We<br />

want to encourage a business community that<br />

is less focused on competition and more<br />

focused on encouraging each other.”<br />

It’s a sentiment that is clearly informed by<br />

Anna’s own character. David Parker, one of her<br />

oldest friends, puts it this way, “Anna is not<br />

only one of the hardest working people I’ve<br />

ever met, she’s also one of the most caring. I’ve<br />

always admired her ability to do everything at<br />

once. She manages to run a business, help with<br />

Clinton events, invest in her family and friends,<br />

and now - the Chamber too. She can do it all<br />

and make it look easy. Truly, no one could give<br />

back to Clinton more joyfully than Anna.<br />

I’m excited to see the city flourish under her<br />

leadership.”<br />

Hometown CLINTON • 21

Wishing Students<br />

a Happy & Healthy<br />

Return Back to<br />

School!<br />

703 Clinton Parkway, Suite B, Clinton<br />

P: 601-708-4205<br />

Clinic Director: Matt Thomas, PT<br />

For more information, or to schedule, visit myelitept.com<br />

Elite Physical Therapy is proud to provide<br />

athletic training services to Arrow Athletes!<br />

22 • AUGUST 2022

a community<br />

UNITED in<br />

SPIRIT<br />

XAVIER<br />

BLACK<br />

Xavier Black hopes to become a Foreign Service Officer<br />

one day and thanks to his dedication to his course work<br />

in International Studies and French, he’s well on his way.<br />

On campus, he’s surrounded by classmates who share his<br />

interests and his peer mentor is always just a text away.<br />

Come see<br />

for yourself.<br />

Scan the QR code to schedule your visit.<br />

From a warm smile on the morning walk to class, to a jubilant<br />

“Hotty Toddy!” during a football game, students at Ole<br />

Miss will find a welcoming, safe community constantly in<br />

motion. We invite you to visit our campus and experience our<br />

community that is united in spirit, passion, and purpose.<br />

Hometown CLINTON • 23

24 • AUGUST 2022

Country Music’s Legacy<br />

in Mississippi<br />

When people think of classic country music, they think of the 60s and 70s and the likes<br />

of country greats Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Merle Haggard, and Hank Williams.<br />

This year is the time to discover the golden age of country music<br />

through the eyes of someone who lived it. Grammy-winning musician<br />

Marty Stuart has partnered with the Mississippi Department of Archives<br />

and History to tell the story of country music with emphasis on its lasting<br />

role within Mississippi. The World of Marty Stuart exhibit covers his life and<br />

legacy of preserving country music’s stories, photographs, instruments,<br />

costumes, and more.<br />

In his hometown of Philadelphia, Mississippi, Stuart began playing<br />

music at a young age. He first joined The Sullivans, a family bluegrass<br />

gospel group based in Alabama, and played guitar and mandolin with<br />

them until he eventually met bluegrass musician Roland White, who<br />

invited Stuart to back Lester Flatt’s band. After touring, Stuart recorded<br />

his first solo album, With a Little Help from My Friends, and went on to<br />

perform with various artists like Vassar Clements and Doc Watson<br />

before joining Johnny Cash’s band in 1980. Over time, Stuart collected<br />

memorabilia from shows played by fellow musicians, many of whom were<br />

friends and mentors of Stuart. His ultimate passion to preserve the legacy<br />

of country music strengthened as he continued to produce solo albums.<br />

Stuart later returned to his hometown of Philadelphia and began to<br />

cultivate his large collection of memorabilia. Hundreds of these priceless<br />

artifacts are currently housed at the Two Mississippi Museums in Jackson<br />

as part of The World of Marty Stuart exhibit, which launched in May.<br />

The exhibit features pieces of the golden age of country music including<br />

Stuart’s first guitar; original manuscripts from Hank Williams; guitars of<br />

Merle Haggard and Pops Staples; and costumes worn by Porter Wagoner,<br />

Dolly Parton, and Johnny Cash, including Cash’s “Walk the Line”<br />

performance suit. Stuart and MDAH have curated a timeless exhibit,<br />

which includes personal pieces from his childhood.<br />

Hometown CLINTON • 25

This is just the tip of the iceberg. In reality, Stuart has over<br />

twenty thousand pieces of country music nostalgia, which will<br />

one day settle in the future home of Marty Stuart’s Congress of<br />

Country Music in Philadelphia. This Congress will be a celebration of<br />

country music and a culmination of the musician’s lifelong goals.<br />

As a young boy, Stuart first experienced rhythm and blues at<br />

the Busy Bee Café, now the Busy Bee Suites in Philadelphia.<br />

Virgil Griffin and Rhythm Kings frequently played there, and<br />

now the group’s original bass drumhead can be enjoyed by guests<br />

at the Two Mississippi Museums. Eagle-eyed visitors will<br />

recognize the namesake for Stuart’s second solo album from 1982.<br />

A school essay also hangs in the halls of the exhibit. A young<br />

Stuart was asked by his teacher, “What do you want to be when<br />

you grow up?” to which Stuart wrote, “a musician.” Now his<br />

answer has come full circle.<br />

The World of Marty Stuart will be open to the public at the Two<br />

Mississippi Museums through December and has a slew of events<br />

on the calendar for this fall. On September 1st, a “Country Music<br />

Trivia Night” will be held to celebrate the exhibit. Cost of entry is<br />

$12 (cash only) per person and will include food, beer, and wine.<br />

The first-place team will win a cash prize. A few weeks later,<br />

women country performers from Mississippi will gather for<br />

“Women in Country Music: Songs and Conversation” on<br />

September 15th. The musicians will share their musical inspirations<br />

and favorite artists and perform a few songs for guests.<br />

On October 20th, the Two Mississippi Museums will host<br />

Manuel Cuevas, the “Rhinestone Rembrandt,” celebrity fashion<br />

designer, for a “Country Music Fashion Show.” Cuevas began<br />

sewing at age seven and is responsible for hundreds of modern<br />

country music outfits including those worn by Marty Stuart,<br />

Johnny Cash, Porter Wagoner, and more. Manuel will discuss<br />

pieces on display in The World of Marty Stuart exhibit as well as<br />

additional pieces from his private collection. Visitors can be a part<br />

of preserving country music by attending these nostalgic events.<br />

More details can be found at worldofmartystuart.mdah.ms.gov.<br />

Coinciding with the opening of the exhibit was the publication<br />

of Stuart’s memoir, The World of Marty Stuart. The book covers his<br />

life with photographs and artifact reproductions straight from his<br />

collection. It was published by MDAH and distributed by the<br />

University Press of Mississippi. The World of Marty Stuart is<br />

brought to you by the title sponsor, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of<br />

Mississippi, as well as by AT&T and Visit Mississippi. It runs<br />

through December 31, 2022, with regular exhibit hours:<br />

Tuesday - Saturday, 9am - 5pm and Sunday, 11am - 5pm<br />

For more information, visit mdah.ms.gov.<br />

26 • AUGUST 2022

“What do you want to be<br />

when you grow up?”<br />

... “a musician.”<br />

Hometown CLINTON • 27

SALUTE<br />

to First Responders<br />

Why did you decide to be a first responder?<br />

I wanted to help protect and care for my community. Growing up<br />

as the oldest in a large family I have been looking out for others for<br />

what feels like my whole life. It started out with me looking out for<br />

my siblings and their friends when I was a young man and then for<br />

my wife, children, and fellow Marines when I was older. Having a<br />

servant’s attitude instilled as a child, coupled with my capabilities<br />

with weapons and fighting, thanks to the Marines, made the choice<br />

seem like a good fit.<br />

How long have you been with the Clinton Police Department?<br />

I have been a police officer for the city of Clinton since 2009 after<br />

graduating from Mississippi Law Enforcement Training Academy<br />

(MLEOTA) in July of that year.<br />

Tell us about your family.<br />

I am the oldest of ten children. I have three adult children from my<br />

first marriage and a lovely wife and stepdaughter who have recently<br />

immigrated to Mississippi from Honduras. My adult children are all<br />

graduates from the Clinton School District from K-12 and I expect<br />

my stepdaughter will be as well.<br />

School Resource Officer<br />

Sergeant<br />

Michael<br />

EVEN<br />


What is the toughest thing you have experienced in your job?<br />

The toughest things I have experienced are loss of life and various<br />

tragedies I have responded to in the course of my time as a police<br />

officer. Being present for someone’s last breath after a traffic accident,<br />

notifying next of kin and responding to homes where families have<br />

just had the worst day of their lives is a deeply saddening experience.<br />

The sense of hopelessness at being unable to “fix” the situation is the<br />

most difficult feeling ever.<br />

Share some things you enjoy doing in your spare time.<br />

I enjoy woodworking and furniture repair in my shop, spearfishing,<br />

hunting, fresh and saltwater fishing, competitive long-range shooting,<br />

and traveling.<br />

What are three things on your bucket list?<br />

Spearfishing a bluefin tuna, getting SCUBA certified, and going<br />

skydiving.<br />

Rodric McClain got out of the car to take a photo<br />

of his best friend, Tia Denise Cook of Jackson.<br />

28 • AUGUST 2022

Who is someone you admire and why?<br />

My grandfather. He was a great father, grandfather, Marine,<br />

engineer, and gardener. He was the battalion commander of the<br />

unit I joined after his retirement. He fought in WWII and Korea,<br />

he took good care of his family, and retired to work in his shop<br />

and cultivate a huge garden that fed half the neighborhood.<br />

If you could give one piece of advice to a young person,<br />

what would it be?<br />

Listen first, speak later. Listen to all the facts, gather as much<br />

information as possible and then speak or act. Responding with<br />

only partial information makes one appear ignorant. Taking<br />

action without all the information can lead you in the wrong<br />

direction.<br />

What is your favorite thing about the City of Clinton?<br />

It is home. It is a great community for families with a great<br />

school district. The school district is the reason I moved here.<br />

The community and feeling of being at home kept me here.<br />

I can go to work, go shopping and find pretty much everything<br />

I need without leaving.<br />

Hometown CLINTON • 29

30 • AUGUST 2022

32 • AUGUST 2022

Andrews<br />

the<br />

Tell us about your family.<br />

Clint (43), Emily (38), Anna Carol (9), and Gabe (7). Our family is a big outdoors family.<br />

We love hunting, fishing, and camping. We are very active in the Morrison Heights Baptist<br />

Church. Clint serves as a deacon, and Emily helps with the women’s ministry. Anna Carol<br />

dances with Exalt Dance and Cheer in Clinton and has been on their competition dance<br />

team for a year. She also loves singing, piano, and baking. Gabe is a big-time baseball<br />

player who plays travel ball and is always anxious to hold an “Andrews Family Wiffle Ball<br />

Tournament” in the yard.<br />

How did you meet and how long have you been married?<br />

Clint and I met on a blind date in October of 2008. The very first question I asked Clint<br />

was, “Do you like Mississippi State or Ole Miss?” When he answered Mississippi State<br />

I said, “Proceed!” Ha! We were married August 28, 2010, and cut our honeymoon short<br />

by one day so we could make it back in time to watch the first Mississippi State football<br />

game that year with our family and friends.<br />

What brings you the greatest joy as a parent?<br />

Watching our kids excel in the things they love. When Gabe makes a great play in<br />

baseball or gets a good hit, the smile on his face makes all the practices and hot days<br />

worth it. Watching Anna Carol glow as she dances across the stage brings her mama to<br />

tears. We love watching them grow in their faith at our church and watching them serve<br />

others through service projects and in their own lives.<br />

What are some of your favorite things about Clinton?<br />

We love Clinton schools; they are the main reason we chose to live in Clinton. We love<br />

going downtown to the brick streets for yummy popsicles or petit fours from Meme’s<br />

Bakery. We love community events like the flea markets, the Caterpillar Parade, farmers<br />

market and the big Christmas parade. Our children enjoy all the different kids’<br />

playgrounds available in different areas around Clinton.<br />

What drives you to have the job that you have?<br />

Clint has always loved the outdoors, so he works in the forestry industry with Red River<br />

Specialties. He works with landowners and farmers to help control overgrowth and<br />

unwanted vegetation. Emily works as a protocol specialist for the U.S. Army Engineer<br />

Research and Development Center in Vicksburg. She loves people and this job gives<br />

her the opportunity to show true southern hospitality to visitors and her teammates.<br />

What do you love about your team/school?<br />

Mississippi State has been a part of our family since Emily’s Papaw graduated from there<br />

in 1961. He even gave her his university class ring. We have many engineers in our family<br />

and a long-running history of family working for the Corps of Engineers. Mississippi State<br />

is the best engineering school, so naturally it’s where all our family has gone to earn their<br />

degrees. Besides that, the sense of family among Mississippi State is the absolute best.<br />

The fans treat each other, and even opposing teams, with respect and hospitality. Going<br />

to home baseball games, seeing cookouts in the left field lounge, going to home football<br />

games, walking among those tailgating and being able to stop at so many friends’ tents<br />

to eat and hang out is what Mississippi State is all about.<br />


What’s your favorite thing to do as a family?<br />

Gabe - Fishing and hunting with my dad and Pop (and sometimes mama).<br />

Anna Carol - Going camping! I love sleeping in our camper and spending time<br />

around a campfire and making s’mores.<br />


Artichoke Dip<br />

• 8 oz. cream cheese<br />

• A dollop of sour cream<br />

• ¼ cup of mayonnaise<br />

• ¼ cup chopped spinach (either<br />

fresh cooked, or frozen, thawed)<br />

• 2 cans artichoke hearts (in water,<br />

not marinated), drained and roughly<br />

chopped<br />

• Garlic salt and chili powder to taste<br />

• ½ cup shredded mozzarella cheese<br />

• A handful of shredded mozzarella<br />

cheese for the top<br />

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Warm<br />

the cream cheese in the microwave<br />

for 2 minutes on 50% heat to soften it.<br />

Pre-microwaving the cream cheese will<br />

help you mix it with the other ingredients,<br />

so I recommend not skipping this step.<br />

Mix all ingredients in a baking dish.<br />

Be generous with the chili powder!<br />

The cream cheese and sour cream will<br />

act to “cool” the dip, so you can sprinkle<br />

away with the chili! Bake 30-45 minutes<br />

until heated through. Sprinkle on a bit<br />

more mozzarella, then broil until the<br />

cheese is browned.<br />

Hometown CLINTON • 33

34 • AUGUST 2022

Comleys<br />

the<br />

Tell us about your family.<br />

We are Rusty and Ali Comley. We have two children: Kyleigh (23) and Briggs (22).<br />

Both our children were born in Hanau, Germany, due to Rusty being in the Army.<br />

We made Clinton our home in 2003 after moving from Fort Rucker, Alabama. Rusty<br />

attended MC Law and is currently an attorney at Watkins and Eager. I’ve spent that last<br />

nineteen years in Clinton Public Schools. We, as a family, enjoy traveling, game nights,<br />

cooking, and watching the Ole Miss Rebels.<br />

How did you meet, and how long have you been married.<br />

We met at Chastain Junior High in Jackson. Soon after, Rusty moved to California,<br />

but we kept in touch. In Rusty’s freshman year at UC Santa Barbara, he visited me at<br />

Ole Miss and transferred a year later. We have been married for 25 years.<br />

What do you love about your college team?<br />

We have so many reasons to love Ole Miss. My mother worked for Ole Miss (UMMC<br />

School of Nursing), which allowed my siblings and me to attend college with no college<br />

loans, along with an Ole Miss Rebelette scholarship. Rusty was in Ole Miss Army ROTC<br />

on a full scholarship. Both of our children also had academic scholarships that allowed<br />

them to graduate from Ole Miss with no college debt. We will forever be grateful for our<br />

Ole Miss educations, and the lifelong friends we met there. One of our favorite things to<br />

do is watch Ole Miss sports. If ever you are at the Grove, you will see us at our longtime<br />

family spot, across from the pharmacy building under the tent that says “Allen Family and<br />

Friends.” Hotty Toddy!<br />

What brings you the greatest joy as a parent?<br />

Seeing our children happy and reaching the goals they set for themselves.<br />

What are some of your favorite things about Clinton?<br />

The small-town feel, the diversity, and the school system. It is a great place to raise a<br />

family. We feel very lucky that we ended up in Clinton.<br />

What accomplishments make you proud during your time<br />

living in Clinton?<br />

We were involved in Clinton Soccer Association where Rusty was the president. We<br />

were also involved in Brilla soccer for many years. I’ve taught for nineteen years at<br />

Clinton Junior High, Clinton High School, and the Career Center. Both Kyleigh and<br />

Briggs graduated from Clinton High School where they both played soccer, were<br />

singer/dancers in Attache’, and Kyleigh was a cheerleader. Briggs went on to play<br />

soccer at Northwest Community College and then transferred to Ole Miss.<br />

What motivates you to have the job that you have?<br />

I love being involved with the students in Clinton. I feel very blessed to have had the<br />

opportunity to work with great teachers, administrators, and students. My favorite thing<br />

about teaching in Clinton is watching my students learn, grow up, and helping them to<br />

become productive young adults. I also hope to help students have a love of mathematics.<br />

I treasure all the students I had the pleasure of teaching over the years.<br />

What’s your favorite thing to do as a family?<br />

Kyleigh – Traveling and visiting new places.<br />

Briggs – I enjoy eating together and playing board games.<br />


Hotty Toddy<br />

Spinach Artichoke<br />

Dip<br />

• 1 onion (finely chopped)<br />

• 6 cloves fresh garlic (diced)<br />

• 1 large container of fresh spinach<br />

(roughly chopped)<br />

• 2 cans quartered artichoke hearts<br />

(drained)<br />

• 1 jar Bertolli Alfredo sauce<br />

• 1 lemon (seeds removed)<br />

• 1 bag shredded Italian cheese<br />

• 1 bag shredded Parmesan cheese<br />

• 4-5 Tbsp. Tapatio hot sauce<br />

• Salt and pepper, to taste<br />

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. In a large<br />

skillet, sauté onion, garlic, and spinach.<br />

Add the quartered artichoke hearts for<br />

the last minute or two. Put skillet contents<br />

in a bowl and pour in Alfredo sauce.<br />

Squeeze in one whole lemon. Add cheese,<br />

Tapatio sauce, and salt and pepper. Stir<br />

together well and pour into a 3-inch-deep<br />

baking dish coated with non-stick cooking<br />

spray. Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes,<br />

or until bubbling all over. Serve with your<br />

favorite tortilla chips.<br />

Hometown CLINTON • 35

36 • AUGUST 2022

Golden Eagle Logo is not available for use on all<br />

munications materials. Beyond the Department of<br />

etics, use of this logo is limited to gameday-related<br />

otions, promotional items for student recruitment<br />

oses, and Student Affairs.<br />

ission to use this logo on any communications<br />

erials, advertisements, social media graphics<br />

romotional items must be granted by both<br />

hern Miss Athletics and the Office of University<br />

munications.<br />

Barhams<br />

the<br />

Tell us about your family.<br />

Benjie, 57 - Pam, 55 - Benjamin, 28 - Brennan, 26 - Barrett, 23<br />

How did you meet and how long have you been<br />

married?<br />

Pam and I met at Southern Miss on a “blind date” set up by fraternity and<br />

sorority friends in 1986. We’ve been together since and married 33 years.<br />

What are some of your favorite things about Clinton?<br />

We lived in Hattiesburg from 1989 ‘til 2002, when a career move brought<br />

us to the Jackson Metro/Clinton. We were attracted to Clinton by friends,<br />

school system, college town atmosphere, and church family, among other<br />

things. We enjoy the chamber and main street activities, the many<br />

family-oriented events throughout the year, well run government body,<br />

safe environment, and history of Clinton.<br />

What brings you the greatest joy as a parent?<br />

As parents, our greatest joy is witnessing our children growing up,<br />

succeeding in their endeavors, being happy in their relationships,<br />

careers, and lives in general.<br />

What drives you to have the job that you have?<br />

Pam and I have had the opportunity to enjoy jobs in our time living in<br />

Clinton and they have all provided different things that have introduced<br />

us to lifelong friends, helped us make a difference in others’ lives, and<br />

provided us professional growth. Our motivation has always been to<br />

provide for our family, enjoy the fruits of our labor, and see what a positive<br />

difference we can make in others’ lives.<br />

What do you love about your team/school?<br />

I grew up a Southern Miss fan, so “it’s in the blood.” Pam inherited the<br />

black & gold love as a student. Our children grew up Golden Eagles<br />

attending events and games with friends and family. Southern Miss<br />

is an institution that started in 1910 as Mississippi Normal College grew<br />

to Mississippi Southern College, and finally to the Univ. of Southern<br />

Mississippi. She has endured many obstacles and in spite, has grown<br />

into a one of the Gulf South’s premier research institutions. It boasts one<br />

of the best K-12 educational, business, nursing, polymer engineering,<br />

ocean engineering, computer engineering, and construction engineering<br />

schools in the nation. It has the 3rd best family military support programs<br />

in the country. As a recent, July 2022, new member of the Sunbelt<br />

Conference, our athletes compete for championships in 17 D-1 sports.<br />

Southern Miss is in a vibrant, growing region of Mississippi, but it also<br />

has an intimate feeling on both the Hattiesburg and Gulf Coast campuses.<br />

There is a sense of pride, loyalty, and tradition at Southern Miss that we<br />

experience and that makes it a special place for students, alumni,<br />

faculty, and staff.<br />


Tailgate Dip<br />

• 1 can refried beans<br />

• 8 oz. cream cheese<br />

• 1 can turkey chili<br />

• Diced jalapeños<br />

• Grated sharp cheddar cheese<br />

Layer all ingredients except cheddar and<br />

microwave 2-3 minutes. Sprinkle cheese on top<br />

and serve with tortilla chips.<br />

Hometown CLINTON • 37

38 • AUGUST 2022

Jordans<br />

the<br />

Tell us about your family.<br />

Derrick, Sr. 47 - working out, watching football.<br />

Shivon, 44 - listening to music, shopping, watching football<br />

Derrick II, 21 - working out, running track, watching movies and football<br />

Daylen, 6 - watching YouTube, swimming, watching football<br />

We are a blended family of four that consist of two boys. Our oldest<br />

is a recent college graduate of William Carey University and the<br />

youngest is preparing for 1st grade in the Clinton Public School District.<br />

We are state employees in the public service area. We are active in the<br />

community and attend Agape Fellowship Church.<br />

How did you meet and how long have you been<br />

married?<br />

We originally met at JSU and reconnected when we both worked<br />

for the police department. We have been married for six years.<br />

What brings you the greatest joy as a parent?<br />

Being able to provide for our children and show them what a successful<br />

family structure looks like—along with seeing them succeed and<br />

accomplish their goals as productive citizens.<br />

What are some of your favorite things about<br />

Clinton?<br />

Clinton is a great place to raise a family with great schools, great<br />

neighbors, and a great community setting.<br />

What accomplishments make you proud during<br />

your time living in Clinton?<br />

Seeing our son graduate from Clinton High School and college and<br />

buying our first new home together.<br />

What drives you to have the job that you have?<br />

Derrick, Sr. - As the newly appointed assistant chief of Capitol Police,<br />

my passion for safe communities drives me. I’m motivated to provided<br />

service that all citizens can feel safe in their communities.<br />

Shivon - As a team member with the Mississippi Department of Education,<br />

I am motivated to provide technical assistance to all school districts in<br />

Mississippi to maintain a safe school environment.<br />

What do you love about your team/school?<br />

THEE I LOVE, we love the academics and culture of Jackson State<br />

University. The rich history of our football team is like none other. We<br />

have the best band in college football. We are overjoyed with current<br />

attention that we are receiving. We are truly a family at JSU.<br />


What’s your favorite thing to do as a family?<br />

Derrick II - Spending time together, watching movies, and football.<br />

Daylen - I like going on vacation and having fun at football games.<br />


Southern Fried Catfish<br />

• 4 catfish fillets, a little over a pound, total<br />

• 1 cup buttermilk<br />

• 1½ cups oil - vegetable, canola, or peanut<br />

• 2 cups cornmeal yellow (not self-rising)<br />

• 1 tsp. salt<br />

• 1 Tbsp. cayenne pepper<br />

• Lemon pepper seasoning, to taste<br />

Pat fillets with paper towel. Place in a large baking dish<br />

or plastic storage bag and pour in buttermilk. Coat well<br />

and allow to sit 10 minutes in the refrigerator. In a large<br />

bowl, add cornmeal, salt, cayenne, and lemon pepper;<br />

stir with fork until blended. Using a cast-iron or heavy<br />

bottom skillet, heat oil over medium heat. While oil is<br />

heating, take a fillet directly from the buttermilk and<br />

place it in the cornmeal. Pat the cornmeal on the fillet,<br />

coating it twice. When oil is around 350 degrees,<br />

begin cooking in batches of two fillets. Do not move<br />

until they’ve cooked for 2½ - 3 minutes. After 2½ - 3<br />

minutes, use tongs and flip the fish over and cook an<br />

additional 3 minutes. Use a thermometer to measure<br />

internal temperature – it is done when the internal<br />

temperature reaches 145 degrees. Remove from oil<br />

and place on a paper towel. Plate fillets and serve<br />

with lemon and tartar sauce.<br />

Hometown CLINTON • 39

40 • AUGUST 2022

Turmans<br />

the<br />

Tell us about your family.<br />

Grady (50) enjoys fishing, hunting, and spending time with his loved ones.<br />

In his spare time, he sells real estate with NuWay Realty MS and cheers on<br />

the Choctaws at Mississippi College sporting events.<br />

Missa (50) loves to fish with Grady and spend time with family and friends.<br />

Some of her favorite pastimes include supporting the teams her children<br />

coach and rooting for the Choctaws.<br />

Son Grady Jr. (29) is an assistant baseball coach and teacher at Clinton High<br />

School. His wife, Abbey, is a registered nurse at Caring Hands, PPEC.<br />

They have blessed us with a precious grandson, Rhodes.<br />

Daughter Darby Dunn (24) is a teacher and head varsity volleyball coach<br />

at Lassiter High School in Marietta, Georgia. Her husband Tripp is a project<br />

manager for a landscape architect and engineering firm.<br />

How did you meet and how long have you been married?<br />

We first met in the 9th grade at Sumner Hill High School. We were Clinton<br />

High School sweethearts, Go Arrows! Grady and I have been married for<br />

thirty years.<br />

What brings you the greatest joy as a parent?<br />

Bringing our children up in a Christian home and community like Clinton has<br />

molded them into the young, ambitious, and loving adults they are today.<br />

The greatest joy as parents is watching our children pursue their goals in<br />

life while remembering their core values.<br />

What are some of your favorite things about Clinton?<br />

Our favorite things include the family-oriented community with a small-town<br />

feel. We love the pride of the Clinton school system and the long-standing<br />

history of Mississippi College. The values and traditions of these schools are<br />

part of what makes Clinton home.<br />

What accomplishments make you proud during your<br />

time living in Clinton?<br />

Our greatest accomplishments will always be raising our children. We are<br />

proud that our children graduated from Clinton High School and earned<br />

degrees from Mississippi College!<br />


Fiesta Dip<br />

• 3 tsp. dried parsley<br />

• 1½ tsp. ground cumin<br />

• 3 tsp. dried minced onion<br />

• ½ tsp. salt<br />

• 1½ tsp. dried chives<br />

• 1 cup sour cream or yogurt<br />

• 3 tsp. chili powder<br />

• 1 cup mayonnaise<br />

Combine ingredients and refrigerate 2-4 hours<br />

before serving with Fritos or Tortilla Chips.<br />

What drives you to have the job that you have?<br />

Mississippi College athletics is a second home for our family! We both<br />

work in the athletic department at Mississippi College. Grady is head of<br />

transportation/athletic grounds/special events (13 years), and I am the<br />

administrative support supervisor (20 years). Athletics has always been<br />

a part of our lives - playing sports in our younger years, watching our<br />

children play sports, and now our children both coach sports teams.<br />

What do you love about your team/school?<br />

The Choctaw Family is what we love most about Mississippi College.<br />

The memories, the support, and the growth we have been a part of have<br />

created a special place in our hearts for Mississippi College athletics.<br />


Hometown CLINTON • 41

42 • AUGUST 2022

Warriors Football<br />


August 12 7:00 pm Home Delta Street<br />

August 19 7:00 pm Home Central Holmes<br />

August 26 7:00 pm Away Amite School Center<br />

September 2 7:00 pm Home ACCS<br />

September 9 7:00 pm Home Carroll Academy<br />

September 16 7:00 pm Away Benton Academy<br />

September 23 7:00 pm Away Riverfield Academy<br />

September 30 7:00 pm Home St. Aloysius<br />

October 7 7:00 pm Away Canton Academy<br />

October 14 7:00 pm Away Tri-County Academy<br />

Hometown CLINTON • 43

Coach Steve Tuttle Ms. Alisha Love Dr. Phillip Broome<br />

44 • AUGUST 2022

Faith-Focused and<br />

Family-Driven<br />

Poppy Williams<br />

Founded and opened in 2008, Clinton Christian Academy’s<br />

mission is to educate every student for lifelong success and to enrich<br />

them with Christian purpose. The school board, administrators, faculty,<br />

and staff members, supported by the parents, work together to create<br />

a Christian learning atmosphere within a physically, spiritually, and<br />

emotionally safe environment.<br />

Clinton Christian Academy is located at 101 West Northside Drive<br />

in Clinton, and it’s a campus filled with happy, smiling faces – from the<br />

administration all the way down to the students themselves.<br />

“Our family-friendly atmosphere, close-knit teachers, and our love<br />

for the Lord and our students make us stand out,” said Alisha Love,<br />

who has been a kindergarten teacher at Clinton Christian Academy<br />

since the school first opened its doors in 2008. “I love my job and my<br />

coworkers. We are one big family who takes care of each other. If one<br />

of us is successful, then we are all successful!”<br />

As an independent, co-educational, self-governing, interdenominational,<br />

non-profit, college preparatory, Christian day school for<br />

students in grades K4 through grade 12, Clinton Christian Academy<br />

believes that the integration of faith - as found in the Word of God<br />

- and learning are essential for excellence in education. The administration,<br />

faculty, and staff on campus at CCA are committed to fostering<br />

excellent learning for all of the students, and this attitude ripples<br />

throughout the school.<br />

In today’s world, choosing where and how to invest in a child’s<br />

school experience is one of the most important, and hardest, decisions<br />

a parent has to make. Clinton Christian Academy’s objective is to<br />

expand the heart, mind, and character of each of their students by<br />

providing academic and personal challenges in an environment rich<br />

with support and encouragement from a distinctly Christian perspective.<br />

Coach Steve Tuttle teaches geometry, Algebra II, and pre-calculus/<br />

trig at CCA, as well as being the head JV football coach and assistant<br />

varsity football coach. He will begin his second year of teaching and<br />

coaching at Clinton Christian Academy this August and said that the<br />

family-atmosphere prevalent around the campus of CCA is infectious.<br />

“The family atmosphere that we have here, and the fact that it is a<br />

smaller school, means all the teachers and coaches know all the<br />

students, and it makes it easier to build a relationship with our students<br />

and instill Christian values in the lessons that we teach.”<br />

Whether students at Clinton Christian Academy choose to start<br />

in 4K or transfer into the school in any grade following, one thing is<br />

certain – they, and their families, can expect a quality academic<br />

education centered on faith.<br />

“Here we believe that students can achieve success in everything<br />

that they do, and we think they can achieve it from a Christian perspective,”<br />

said Coach Tuttle. “In addition to academics, we teach our<br />

students that if they apply themselves and keep God first, they can<br />

accomplish anything they want to accomplish.”<br />

Ms. Love echoed Coach Tuttle’s statement when she said, “I love<br />

teaching my students about God and His great love for us!”<br />

Clinton Christian Academy is SACS and MAIS accredited and<br />

has been awarded the AA accreditation status by the Mississippi<br />

Association of Independent Schools, which is the highest level<br />

attainable. With a 12:1 student-to-teacher ratio, students can get the<br />

individualized attention they need to adequately grow and thrive in<br />

all areas – academically, spiritually, physically and mentally.<br />

“All of us at Clinton Christian Academy are optimistic about the<br />

future of our school and are committed to providing for spiritual<br />

growth and a quality education with support services to the students<br />

and families we serve,” said Dr. Phillip Broome, Clinton Christian<br />

Academy headmaster. “You’ll find that Clinton Christian Academy<br />

is a place where you never meet a stranger.”<br />

For more information about Clinton Christian Academy,<br />

visit www.ccawarriors.ms or call 601-910-5990.<br />

Hometown CLINTON • 45

46 • AUGUST 2022<br />

PHOTOS Robert Chapman

Arrows Football<br />


September 2 7:00 pm Away NWR<br />

September 9 7:00 pm Home Brandon<br />

September 23 7:00 pm Away Germantown<br />

September 30 7:00 pm Home Starkville<br />

October 7 7:00 pm Away Madison Central<br />

October 14 7:00 pm Away Oxford<br />

October 21 7:00 pm Home Grenada<br />

October 28 7:00 pm Away Tupelo<br />

November 3 7:00 pm Home Murrah<br />

Hometown CLINTON • 47

48 • AUGUST 2022

Max Lyall,<br />


Robert Chapman<br />

Max Lyall may be Clinton Attaché Show<br />

Choir’s new director, but he is no stranger to<br />

Clinton. A 1994 graduate of Clinton High<br />

and former member of Attaché as well as the<br />

Arrow Band, Lyall has roots in the community<br />

that run to the late 1950s.<br />

Lyall’s grandfather, Dr. Jack Lyall, moved his<br />

family to Clinton where he chaired Mississippi<br />

College’s music department from 1957 until<br />

1983. “My parents still live a block from the old<br />

Eastside school building that’s currently the<br />

district’s central office building,” Lyall said.<br />

With his passion for music nourished<br />

through the Clinton Public School District,<br />

Lyall went on to study the art form in depth<br />

in college. “I studied percussion, piano,<br />

guitar, and voice, which has given me a<br />

unique skillset with teaching, writing and<br />

arranging,” he said.<br />

He’s spent the past dozen years as the<br />

director of choral activities at Madison Central<br />

High School, directing and overseeing multiple<br />

choirs, show choirs and ensembles. When he saw that former directors<br />

David and Mary Fehr were transitioning into their new roles as executive<br />

directors of show choirs, Lyall felt the time was right for him to<br />

come home and steer the national award-winning show choir towards<br />

the future of show choir excellence.<br />

“To say the experience has been surreal would be about right,” he<br />

said. “I have kids in the group whose parents were in Attaché with me.”<br />

Lyall said the move to become Attaché’s director comes with its<br />

share of expectations, but as an alumnus, he understands why those<br />

expectations are present.<br />

“There’s a pretty big learning curve for<br />

an organization of this scope. After dealing<br />

with the pieces that made up Madison’s<br />

program, I understand just how many things<br />

I don’t know about the day-to-day operations<br />

and logistics of Attaché that I’ll need to get<br />

up to speed on,” he said. “Luckily I have the<br />

Fehrs to help with the transition who have<br />

already been so great through this whole<br />

process.”<br />

He values his relationship with the Fehrs<br />

and says they’re all on the same page for<br />

moving Attaché forward. “We all want the<br />

same thing, and that’s for these students<br />

to learn and perform at the highest level.<br />

We want them to experience what so many<br />

people, including myself, have experienced<br />

before. We want them to learn what it is to<br />

reap the benefits of hard work.”<br />

Lyall said over the years his strongest<br />

inspiration has been his wife, Carie, an<br />

educator herself. “Carie is my rock,” he said.<br />

“I can’t calculate how important her words of wisdom have been to<br />

my career. She’s my biggest cheerleader and the most encouraging<br />

person I know. I love her more than anything and can’t imagine<br />

doing any of this without her support.”<br />

With Attaché having a strong tradition that spans more than<br />

three decades, Lyall said he plans to continue the tradition of<br />

excellence that is synonymous with Attaché.<br />

“I’m sure there will be a different feel or tone to some of the design<br />

elements or song choices, but I’m not looking to make some kind<br />

of statement or move us into the ‘Lyall Era,’” he said. “I simply want<br />

Attaché to be Attaché.”<br />

Hometown CLINTON • 49

50 • AUGUST 2022

Hometown CLINTON • 51

52 • AUGUST 2022

Christ-Centered<br />

Academic Excellence:<br />

Preparing Students for Life<br />

Mary Kathryn Whittle<br />

Mt. Salus Christian School is excited to provide both engaging and<br />

hands-on educational experiences to our students in the classroom<br />

which enrich their education. In addition to academics, Mt. Salus<br />

students enjoy STEM, art, and athletics, as well as opportunities to<br />

participate in a number of leadership and service projects. Teachers<br />

encourage and support their students as they desire to see them<br />

grow academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Additionally,<br />

students gather weekly at chapel to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ<br />

taught (and sung).<br />

Mt. Salus Christian School was founded with the mission to partner<br />

with parents to provide quality, Christ-centered education. The way<br />

in which Mt. Salus strives to fulfill this mission of Christ-centered<br />

education that is multi-faceted and not achieved by just putting<br />

students in a Bible class or having them memorize a Bible verse.<br />

Our desire is to provide students with a solid foundation and environment<br />

in which they are presented with the good news of Jesus Christ.<br />

The foundational framework, through which we provide a Christian<br />

worldview education, is guided by God’s Word. Christian worldview<br />

education means that every aspect is filtered through the lens of<br />

Scripture (the infallible Word of God) to discover and learn about the<br />

world God has created and our place in it.<br />

Additionally, our Christian worldview informs how we engage<br />

literature, math, science, technology, art, and athletics, as well as how<br />

we live in relationship with one another, in light of the truth of God’s<br />

Word, the Bible.<br />

Christian Worldview In The Classroom: What does God have to<br />

do with math? What does it mean to be human? How does one’s<br />

perspective impact his or her view of events? What is beauty?<br />

How does this author’s perspective shape this story or song?<br />

What does the Bible say in light of … ?<br />

The reality is every single person has a worldview–a way in which<br />

he or she sees the world, filters all of life, and operates out of it. There<br />

are endless competing worldviews that bombard our students each<br />

and every day as they navigate a world that rejects truth and preaches<br />

a message of self (discovery, happiness, indulgence, etc.) that is<br />

directly counter to the truth of God’s Word. Christian worldview<br />

(education) does not compartmentalize Christianity, but on the<br />

contrary—informs every aspect of life.<br />

As we partner with families, providing a Christian worldview<br />

education means we strive to teach students to think critically and<br />

creatively and to equip them to thrive wherever God calls them.<br />

Mt. Salus Christian School is preparing students for life, not just<br />

graduation.<br />

It is a great privilege to partner with families in the journey of<br />

preparing and equipping students for life. We believe that providing<br />

students with the foundation of a strong Christian worldview equips<br />

them to be successful wherever God calls them.<br />

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he<br />

will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6<br />

Hometown CLINTON • 53

54 • AUGUST 2022

Hinds Eagles<br />


September 1 6:30 pm Home Northeast<br />

September 8 6:30 pm Home Northwest<br />

September 15 6:30 pm Away East Central<br />

September 22 7:00 pm Home Pearl River<br />

September 29 6:30 pm Home Jones<br />

October 6 6:30 pm Away Southwest Mississippi<br />

October 13 6:30 pm Away Itawamba<br />

October 20 6:30 pm Home Gulf Coast<br />

October 27 6:30 pm Away Copiah-Lincoln<br />

Hometown CLINTON • 55

CLASS<br />

23<br />

OF<br />

Of all the things<br />

you’re learning,<br />

what will be<br />

most helpful<br />

after graduation?<br />

56 • AUGUST 2022

MADDIE Bruner<br />

CCA / Softball<br />

One of the most beneficial things<br />

I am learning now is how to embrace<br />

change and keeping my priorities straight,<br />

because life is always changing. The bad<br />

will not always remain bad, and we<br />

have the power to change anything.<br />

Hayden THOMAS<br />

Clinton / Soccer<br />

Clinton High School has taught me that<br />

hard work pays off in the classroom<br />

and on the field. I am developing<br />

a work ethic that will help me<br />

succeed in all aspects of my life.<br />

Drew MARTIN<br />

CCA / Baseball<br />

The most helpful thing for me<br />

is going to be my faith. Sure, I could be<br />

successful in whatever I end up doing<br />

but I can take zero credit for the gifts<br />

and talents that God has given me.<br />

Accepting and showing Jesus’ love<br />

and fully leaning on him is the most<br />

useful thing I could ever think of.<br />

ARROWS<br />

Baleigh Turner<br />

Clinton / Cheer<br />

Being a cheerleader and learning to work<br />

with others is setting me up for success.<br />

There will always be someone that I may<br />

have to collaborate with. So, practicing this<br />

skill now will prepare me for the future.<br />

Hometown CLINTON • 57

OliviaMcGraw<br />

Mt.Salus / Basketball<br />

In the past years of learning, my Bible class<br />

has been the most helpful for my adulthood.<br />

It has given me the knowledge on how to<br />

treat, love, and communicate with my peers.<br />

eagles<br />

Griffin<br />

Berch<br />

Clinton / Football<br />

Something that I have learned playing<br />

football is that you won’t always win.<br />

You will get hit with adversity in life, but<br />

it’s how you push through it that counts.<br />

That’s something Coach Morgan<br />

always tells us, and I know it will<br />

stick with me through adulthood.<br />

William<br />

PAGUE<br />

CCA / Archery<br />

Subjects like science and math have helped<br />

me to better understand the world around<br />

me and how it works. Because of what<br />

I learned in my science classes, I was able<br />

to grow a bountiful garden this summer.<br />

Additionally, my math courses have taught<br />

me how to do minor repairs and build a<br />

bed frame from scratch. I am interested<br />

in going into the medical field, and I know<br />

what I have learned in these classes<br />

will help me get there.<br />

58 • AUGUST 2022

Kameryn Arnold<br />

Clinton / Show Choir<br />

The best things I’m learning<br />

that will be helpful in the future is to<br />

be a hard worker, and be determined.<br />

It’s about being successful in life<br />

no matter what challenges I face.<br />

ARROWS<br />

William JOHNSON<br />

Clinton / Show Choir<br />

The most helpful thing I’m learning is how<br />

to work with people and leadership. Whether<br />

it’s in the classroom, Attaché rehearsal, on<br />

the court, or on the field, having to listen to<br />

others and work as a team is very important.<br />

And in the real world I will need to use those<br />

skills in anything I decide to be.<br />

Kyle JOHNSON<br />

Mt. Salus / Basketball<br />

I’ve learnedleadership. Mt. Salus instills<br />

having faith in God, respecting one another,<br />

and being a leader. Leadership is instilled<br />

in every student through classes,<br />

extracurriculars, and clubs. Being the<br />

only senior on the team this year, it is very<br />

important to me that I set a good example<br />

for the younger team members by being<br />

humble and keeping God first.<br />

Hometown CLINTON • 59

Apple Pie Overnight Oats<br />

• ⅔ cup milk<br />

• ½ cup old-fashioned rolled oats<br />

• ½ cup diced apple<br />

• ¼ cup chopped pecans, walnuts,<br />

or almonds<br />

• ¼ tsp. cinnamon<br />

• ⅛ tsp. nutmeg<br />

• 1 Tbsp. maple syrup or honey<br />

In a 12-ounce jar, combine all<br />

ingredients and stir until<br />

well combined. Seal and<br />

refrigerate overnight<br />

or at least 6 hours.<br />

Basic Smoothie<br />

• 8 oz. milk<br />

• 4 oz. low fat or fruit<br />

flavored yogurt<br />

• 1 cup fruit- fresh, canned, or<br />

frozen berries, banana, papaya,<br />

melons, peaches, pineapple–<br />

whatever fruit you like.<br />

Blend everything together in a<br />

blender. If desired, add fresh<br />

spinach, flax seeds, oats, vanilla,<br />

honey, chocolate syrup, sugar free<br />

coffee syrups, peanut butter.<br />

Makes 1-20 serving.<br />

Rustic Tomato & Cheese<br />

Tart<br />

• 1 medium red onion, thinly sliced<br />

• 1 Tbsp. olive oil<br />

• 1 Tbsp. butter<br />

• ½ tsp. Italian seasoning<br />

• 3 ripe tomatoes, sliced ¼ inch<br />

thick<br />

• 3 oz. cheddar cheese, shredded<br />

• 3 oz. provolone cheese, shredded<br />

• 1 Tbsp. Dijon mustard<br />

• ½ Tbsp. salt<br />

• 1 tsp. black pepper<br />

• 1 ready-made refrigerated<br />

pie crust<br />

• 1 egg slightly beaten<br />

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Heat a<br />

medium sauté pan with olive oil and<br />

butter. Add red onion, season with<br />

Italian seasoning and a little salt<br />

and pepper. Cook until slightly<br />

caramelized, stirring occasionally.<br />

While onions are cooking, place<br />

sliced tomatoes in a single layer on<br />

several folded paper towels, sprinkle<br />

with remaining salt. Let stand for<br />

approximately 10 minutes. Once<br />

onions are cooked, remove from<br />

heat, and let cool.<br />

Unroll pie crust and place on a<br />

nonstick baking sheet. Spread with<br />

Dijon mustard leaving about a<br />

one-inch border on the crust.<br />

Sprinkle half the cheddar and half<br />

the provolone cheese on crust then<br />

top with half the cooked onions.<br />

Repeat with next layer keeping the<br />

one-inch border all the way around<br />

the pie dough. Arrange tomato slices<br />

in overlapping pattern on top of<br />

onion and cheese. Fold edges of<br />

dough toward center; tucking and<br />

pressing to seal (dough will only<br />

partially cover tomatoes). Brush<br />

folded edge with beaten egg. Place<br />

in oven and bake for 35 minutes or<br />

until crust is golden brown. Notes:<br />

Much like a tomato pie. Makes 6-8<br />

servings.<br />

60 • AUGUST 2022

Ricotta Peach Tart<br />

• 1 cup ricotta cheese<br />

• 2 eggs divided<br />

• 1 tsp. vanilla extract<br />

• 1 Tbsp. lemon zest<br />

• 2 Tbsp. honey<br />

• 3-4 ripe peaches cored and sliced,<br />

or plums or nectarines<br />

• 1 sheet puff pastry thawed<br />

according to package instructions<br />

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Line a<br />

large-rimmed baking sheet with<br />

parchment paper. In a medium mixed<br />

bowl combined ricotta, egg and next<br />

three ingredients. Set aside. Roll out<br />

puff pastry onto the prepared baking<br />

sheet. Use a paring knife to score a<br />

line around the perimeter of the<br />

pastry, about 1 inch from the edge.<br />

Spoon the cheese mixture over the<br />

dough inside the scored edges,<br />

spreading out to an even layer. Place<br />

the sliced peaches in vertical rows,<br />

overlapping just slightly until the<br />

entire tart is filled. Brush edges with<br />

egg wash. Bake for 25 minutes, or<br />

until crust is golden and edges are<br />

puffed up. Makes 8 servings.<br />

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt<br />

Bars<br />

• ¼ cup raw almonds<br />

• 8 whole graham crackers<br />

• ½ cup creamy peanut butter<br />

• 2 Tbsp. butter<br />

• 16 oz. plain Greek yogurt<br />

• ½ cup fat-free sweetened<br />

condensed milk<br />

• 1½ cups fresh strawberries,<br />

chopped or can use blueberries<br />

or peaches<br />

Line an 8-x-8-inch baking pan with<br />

parchment paper so it comes up a<br />

couple inches above the rim. This will<br />

make it easy to remove from the pan.<br />

Place almonds and graham crackers<br />

in food processor and pulse until<br />

finely ground. In microwave-safe<br />

bowl, melt butter and peanut butter<br />

in microwave for approximately 30<br />

seconds. Stir to combine. Add crumb<br />

mixture, stirring until well combined.<br />

Pour mixture into pan, patting down<br />

evenly and firmly to create the crust.<br />

Place in freezer to set for about 30<br />

minutes.<br />

Clean strawberries and remove stems.<br />

Cut into bite-size pieces. Combine<br />

yogurt and sweetened condensed<br />

milk, stir until well combined. Gently<br />

fold in strawberries. Pour yogurt<br />

mixture in to crust, spreading evenly.<br />

Cover with plastic wrap and place in<br />

freezer for eight hours. Allow to sit at<br />

room temperature for approximately<br />

10-15 minutes. Cut into 16 squares<br />

with a sharp knife.<br />

As a registered dietitian, I’ve always stressed the importance of a balanced diet.<br />

I work for The Dairy Alliance to educate and promote one of the most nutritious<br />

foods–milk. Studies show that after elementary school, our tweens and adults<br />

very seldom consume enough milk or dairy. Dairy foods, such as milk, yogurt,<br />

and cheese, provide much of the calcium, potassium, and vitamin D that is often<br />

missing in our diet as we grow and become adults. The absence of these nutrients<br />

increases the risk for developing osteoporosis and heart disease as well as other<br />

health concerns.<br />

Milk gives you the best value for your dollars spent in the supermarket. For less<br />

than 25 cents per serving, milk provides eight grams of protein, along with other<br />

essential nutrients needed. Plus, for the athletes, chocolate milk is rated as the best<br />

recovery beverage in sports.<br />

We all need three servings of dairy foods every day. Some ways to add this into<br />

your diet are:<br />

• Make grits/oatmeal with milk in the morning<br />

• Have overnight oats in the fridge for a breakfast on the go<br />

• Use plain or Greek yogurt as a protein-packed base for dips instead of mayonnaise<br />

• Make playful salad “kabobs” alternating fresh vegetables with cubes of your<br />

favorite cheese for the kids<br />

• Have an afternoon snack of a fruit smoothie full of yogurt, milk, and fruit<br />

• Keep cheese sticks in your fridge for a healthy and delicious snack<br />

• Freeze yogurt tubes for a creamy summer treat<br />

• For those with a sensitivity to lactose, use lactose-free milk. Most individuals<br />

can still enjoy yogurt and hard, natural cheeses, such as cheddar and Swiss,<br />

which have little or no lactose.<br />

For other dairy delicious recipes visit www.thedairyalliance.com<br />

– Donna Speed<br />

Hometown CLINTON • 61

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62 • AUGUST 2022<br />


Hometown CLINTON • 63

The CHALKBOARD Clinton Schools<br />

Clinton High<br />

Class of 2022 graduates 335 students<br />

Clinton High School’s graduating class of 2022 closed out<br />

their senior year under the lights of Arrow Field. This year’s<br />

senior class of 335 saw 104 seniors accept scholarships<br />

to 28 different colleges and universities, with a total of<br />

$4.3 million in scholarships awarded to the class of 2022.<br />

Abhay Cheruku served as this year’s valedictorian and<br />

Abigail Vargheese as salutatorian.<br />

Others listed in the academic top ten were, in ascending<br />

order, Julia Moller, Tabitha Hewitt-Rafferty, Jared Miller,<br />

Amber Amis, Gracie Roberts, Mallory Morris, Anna Grace<br />

Brister and Nathan Heard.<br />

With the weather cooperating perfectly on a Friday night,<br />

the CHS Class of 2022 celebrated together to close out their<br />

time as high school students.<br />

CHS Class of 2022 by the numbers:<br />

• 18 seniors scored 30 or higher on the ACT<br />

• 2 seniors scored a perfect 36 on the ACT<br />

• 4 seniors were named National Merit Finalists<br />

• 12 seniors were members of the Phi Theta Kappa,<br />

Beta Psi Upsilon chapter<br />

• 3 seniors were named STAR Students<br />

• Abigail Vargheese was named Mississippi’s<br />

TOP ALL STAR Student<br />

• 89 seniors were members of the National Honor Society<br />

• 60 seniors earned the President’s Award for Educational<br />

Excellence<br />

• 27 student athletes signed letters of intent to 14 different<br />

schools.<br />

• Kimani Hamilton was named MS Gatorade Player of the<br />

Year for boys’ basketball<br />

• 3 MHSAA 6A championships, boys’ basketball, boys’ track<br />

and field and girls’ track and field<br />

• 16 seniors earned band scholarships to 6 different schools<br />

Clinton Public School District’s Superintendent Dr. Andy<br />

Schoggin applauded the graduating class of 2022.<br />

“These students have demonstrated resilience and<br />

perseverance throughout their high school experience,”<br />

Dr. Schoggin said. “Through all the uncertainties and<br />

challenges, they chose to press on and pursue excellence.<br />

They have represented our district with pride and class,<br />

and I expect they will continue to do so in whatever<br />

endeavors they choose.”<br />

64 • AUGUST 2022

Hometown CLINTON • 65

TheTime COIN<br />

Camille Anding<br />

I remember the first-grade teacher with a<br />

rocking chair in the corner of her classroom.<br />

We must have still been lap-babies, because I remember everyone getting a consoling rock<br />

in the lap of that teacher who knew the separation from our mothers bordered on traumatic.<br />

She taught me a lot about empathy.<br />

I remember the student in elementary school who I was drawn to and wanted a childhood<br />

friendship. She taught me what “fickle” meant when I realized her friendship ran hot and cold.<br />

It was a difficult lesson to learn.<br />

I remember seeing other elementary students at lunch time open their brown paper lunch<br />

sacks and pull-out food I never dreamed of finding in my lunch bag. One lunch that’s still etched<br />

in my memory was a cold, fried egg sandwiched in a leftover biscuit. I still remember watching<br />

the girl chomp into the biscuit as I nearly gagged seeing the bright yellow yolk squirt out of<br />

the biscuit and down her chin. She taught me thanksgiving.<br />

I remember a sixth-grade teacher that definitely had her favorites, and it was a blessed day<br />

when I determined that I was one of them. She was a no-nonsense teacher and gave lots of<br />

homework that she expected to be turned in daily. The woman got my attention the first week.<br />

She demonstrated what happened from skipping homework or talking without permission<br />

with the aid of her wooden paddle that looked like a boat oar to me! That teacher taught me<br />

a blend of fear and respect.<br />

I remember a math teacher that taught me to think and find the answers to “why.” I knew he<br />

wasn’t making an envious salary and that he drove the school bus before and after his full day<br />

in the classroom, but he modeled for me the love of teaching and the fulfillment of seeing his<br />

students comprehend and excel. He taught me the beauty of sacrifice and dedication.<br />

I remember the clatter of electric typewriters in high school and the fun our teacher made the<br />

class time. She trained me in a tool that I would never outgrow and would consistently use over<br />

the years. I never imagined that the clatter of the typewriter keys would turn to the clicking of<br />

computer keys. She taught me the joy of learning.<br />

I remember riding the school bus with no seat belts and few restrictions. Our driver covered<br />

a lot of miles in that yellow, overgrown transport and never complained about the frosty rides in<br />

the winter and the stifling trips in the early fall. He was adept at watching the road while seeing any<br />

bully cross known boundaries in the back of the bus. He taught me about patience and endurance<br />

while performing a necessary but thankless job.<br />

I remember a lot about my school days—the variety of teachers that leave impressions on<br />

our lives along with a storehouse of experiences, most of which are antiquated. I consider the<br />

difficulties of the changing times and the obstacles facing those dedicated teachers in today’s<br />

classrooms. Lord, strengthen them with wisdom and unwavering perseverance so that their<br />

students will have wonderful remembrances.<br />

66 • AUGUST 2022

Hometown CLINTON • 67

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