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<strong>Issue</strong> <strong>99</strong><br />

What's the new 'meta' for March? It would seem that OPEN EDITIONS is all the rage? Curious to know what<br />

the broader community think of this. Alternatively, you have initiatives like DamZine trying something new and<br />

the public has been rallying behind their efforts. The last DamPFP event sold out 117 pfp nft's made by artists<br />

supporting the Damzine project. Huge congrats to the Damzine team! They put in many, many hours to help<br />

promote the Solana community.<br />

SolcityRadio also has a current drive under the theme of 'umbrella'. Auctions run throughout the week<br />

promoting artists and the Solana NFT space. The SolcityRadio team run weekly talk shows as well. Their<br />

commitment is commendable and well worth the follow.<br />

#<strong>SHILL</strong>zine picked up 3 pieces this week from laurence_antony aRTcons9 and deojahnu.<br />

I have been watching OzGeth for some time now, and their art has been growing on me. This week's cover just<br />

looked great. Add to this, the back cover and you have an entry point to OzGeth's work.<br />

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Sometimes controversial. Sometimes exciting. It is presented in these pages so that YOU make your own mind<br />

up.<br />


SolCity Radio is the hub for all those who create and appreciate art,<br />

providing entertainment and educational content while actively<br />

uniting communities under one umbrella.

Dr. Revel<br />

Join Jairo as he sits down for the deep dive with<br />

Dr. Revel an internationally exhibited artist & Co-<br />

Founder of NFT Club Berlin.<br />

Is the NFT Art market oversaturated ?<br />

With the current state of the SOL art market we<br />

broke down the bear & what artists & collectors<br />

can do to push through!


Digital artist and comic creator,<br />

Transitory Mask is bringing his unique<br />

flavor to the Solana 1/1 ecosystem with<br />

signature compositions.

@Always_Oblak<br />

4675 followers<br />

Most things come to an end because<br />

there isn't enough interest in it.<br />

NFTs are no different; so how do<br />

you keep people interested?<br />

@Ryd3rSol<br />

7227followers<br />

Growing up is realizing<br />

that blockchain technology<br />

is the basis for growth

EYES ON<br />

ANON<br />

CyberPunks<br />

Secret Sphinx Society

A Community-Driven NFT Collection with a Vision for the<br />

Future<br />


Take deep dive into the Web3 journey of CYBERPUNKS, as we uncover the not so easy start to what is now a<br />

thriving and ultra cool NFT community. We connected with the co-founder @_Mbya to get the raw, unfiltered<br />

story of how it all got started. Check it out!<br />

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background leading up to your role as<br />

founder of CYBERPUNKS?<br />

Sure thing, for reference this is @_Mbya responding. I only clarify that since we have two owners with<br />

@Scott_Hare being the other. I have been a Web3 enthusiast for a few years now but I had not had<br />

the chance to actually enter the space due to a lack of funds to repeatedly pay gas fee’s on Ethereum.<br />

My first “on-chain” experience was when my wife and I founded Jumu DAO, who’s main goal is to help<br />

bring Web3/Innovative tech education to marginalized and underrepresented communities. We are still<br />

in the process of building this out to its full potential, but we have a handful of very well-connected<br />

members that are helping tremendously.<br />

Before any of my Web3 experience, I worked primarily in Quality Control & Regulatory Affairs for wellknown<br />

personal care companies.<br />

12 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>99</strong>

What inspired you to create CYBER-<br />

PUNKS and what sets it apart from other<br />

similar projects?<br />

I think since we didn’t create Cyber Punks, I<br />

should steer this question into “What inspired<br />

you to “derug” Cyber Punks and what sets it<br />

apart from other similar projects?”. To that, I’ll<br />

answer that our community is 90% what inspired<br />

me. I leave 10% open just because our artist @<br />

dayoffrocks is extremely talented and the art for<br />

the collection deserves credit as well!<br />

Both Firephly and I minted Cyber Punks during<br />

OG & Public phase and were part of the initial<br />

hype the collection received. The project was initially<br />

supposed to be an “NFT Marketing Agency”<br />

that would provide a % of any revenue made from<br />

referrals.<br />

This sounded good in theory, and we had quite<br />

a lot of members who joined primarily for this. I<br />

offered to work free of charge as a Community<br />

Manager because I really saw the potential we<br />

had and wanted to make sure the community was<br />

heard so the project could succeed.<br />

We had very minimal communication with the old<br />

owners, even through DM’s where I tried to get<br />

some more info from them to relay to the community.<br />

Unfortunately, they refused to provide any<br />

budget for community engagement which led to<br />

an extremely upset community.<br />

An announcement came from them showing an<br />

image of what looked like the front “cover” page<br />

of a deck to explain the marketing agency, and<br />

that’s it. They went MIA for several weeks and<br />

were not providing any updates at all.<br />

At that point, Firephly DM’ed the old owners<br />

and proposed a plan to transfer ownership since<br />

we saw that they were clearly slow rugging after<br />

having made 15K $USD+ on the mint revenue.<br />

They agreed and I will explain the process below<br />

for the next question.<br />

Can you walk us through the process of<br />

transitioning from previous ownership to<br />

your leadership at CYBERPUNKS?<br />

The process was a nightmare that took much<br />

longer than it should have. The agreements we had<br />

proposed were as follows; ownership of royalty

wallet, ownership of Discord server, ownership of<br />

Twitter account and any/all log-ins that pertained to<br />

the project.<br />

However, they were not open to giving us access<br />

to Twitter since they were scared that it would<br />

show their IP and reveal where they were. Over the<br />

course of several weeks we finally got ownership of<br />

the royalty wallet and the Discord server.<br />

We created a new Twitter account and started to<br />

build our following from scratch. The old account<br />

had about 2,500 followers and we have nearly double<br />

that already.<br />

What are your goals for the future of CYBER-<br />

PUNKS and how do you plan on achieving<br />

them?<br />

One of our main goals when we took over was to<br />

provide some utility and value to our members.<br />

Here’s a list of everything we’ve added since taking<br />

over:<br />

• Fee-Free Staking (Earn $PNKS)<br />

• Utility Ape Engage-to-Earn (R2E)<br />

• NEXI Labs Tools<br />

• Questing via Time Pixies (Earn additional $PNKS)<br />

• Raffles for $PNKS via Diamond Vaults (Primates<br />

raffle live right now)<br />

• Weekly $PNKS & $BONK claims via Crew3<br />

Our goal now is to finish our next collection<br />

Cyber Nodes. Cyber Nodes is<br />

a gamified mint that we’re building at<br />

full speed to act as an additional utility<br />

that benefits those who are staking<br />

Cyber Punks the most.<br />

This mint will happen every two weeks since part of<br />

the game is a mechanic that includes “Burn Rounds”<br />

where the collection is halved at random every 24<br />

hours for twelve rounds. There are two main winners<br />

at the end of the game who win 20% and 25% (of the<br />

revenue we generate through royalties from secondary<br />

sales) respectively.<br />

To make it fair for everyone we made it so each time<br />

a Cyber Node is burned that person will get $PNKS<br />

as a reward. The amount of $PNKS they get depends<br />

on the rarity of the “Color” attribute. There is a player<br />

dashboard that you’ll be able to access where you can<br />

see your Cyber Nodes, which ones got burned, what<br />

rewards you received and a few other cool features!<br />

We have an amazing company @Kollectiff working on<br />

the technical development for the project and we are<br />

just about wrapped up building the wireframes for the<br />

developer to start working on the website(s). They<br />

have already started working on the coding for the<br />

smart contract(s) that we’ll be using.<br />

The art for the collection(s) is fully done and we<br />

worked with the original artist of Cyber Punks, after<br />

we reconnected with them since we wanted to give<br />

them credit for the art. We also worked with an animation<br />

studio to animate a cool picture our artist made<br />

for the landing page of the player dashboard.<br />

We aim to be fully done with this in about 2 months’<br />

time but we have not released any mint dates yet. We<br />

held a community call a week ago where we showed<br />

our holders the wireframes for the player dashboard<br />

via Discord screen share and the reception was very<br />

good. Everyone is excited and ready while they stake<br />

to save up $PNKS.<br />

14 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>99</strong>

Can you share with us some of the changes and improvements that you have made or plan<br />

to make in regard to community engagement and transparency?<br />

This was the absolute priority for me, as I fully believe that transparency trumps any other value you<br />

can bring to your community. After taking over we started being fully transparent about everything happening<br />

and the plans about moving forward.<br />

This was especially important as the original plan for the “NFT Marketing Agency” was no longer feasible<br />

and we had to shift to a new direction.<br />

We started taking community votes for major decisions regarding the projects and we built from there.<br />

We also instantly created a DAO vault through Realms, where we can hold funds, NFT(s) and other<br />

assets that the community could easily track and would require multiple signatures to move around.<br />

We also grew our Twitter and host giveaways via our account as well as posting daily to remain active/<br />

relevant within the space. We host raffles for our community to use their $PNKS tokens in a cool way<br />

and we also do a multitude of Discord games.<br />

We brought in Utility Ape for our community to feel more engaged on Discord and get rewarded for it.<br />

I’m on Discord every day and I truly make it my goal to provide transparency and keep my community<br />

engaged.<br />

I have over 22,000 messages sent in our Discord server and I have no plans on slowing down until #CyberPunksTakeover!

DeGods and y00ts Are Leaving Solana—<br />

Here’s How It’s Going to Work<br />

DeLabs details the motivations behind the Ethereum and Polygon<br />

moves and exclusively explains the bridging process for Decrypt.<br />

By Andrew Hayward<br />

@ahaywa<br />

DeGods, the most valuable NFT project on Solana, has a history of announcing unexpected twists—<br />

from upgrading its artwork to buying majority control of a BIG3 basketball team, and even recently<br />

putting some of its previously-burned NFTs on Bitcoin.<br />

But the project’s creators delivered one hell of a Christmas surprise: DeGods will leave Solana.<br />

On December 25, DeLabs founder Rohun “Frank” Vora revealed his latest “social experiment,” announcing<br />

that DeGods NFTs would be “bridged” over to Ethereum—the largest and most valuable NFT market,<br />

with projects like the Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks.<br />

Meanwhile, y00ts will be moved over to Polygon, an Ethereum scaling network that’s recently gained<br />

traction with brands like Starbucks, Meta, and Nike. The DUST ecosystem token tied to both projects<br />

will also be bridged to both Ethereum and Polygon.<br />

Few concrete details about the migration have been announced since then, but for the first time, Frank<br />

and Dust Labs CEO Kevin Henrikson exclusively discussed the motivations behind the move with Decrypt<br />

and explained the upcoming process.<br />

Not ‘if,’ but ‘when’<br />

When DeGods launched in late 2021, Solana was near its all-time high price and its NFT scene was<br />

16 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>99</strong>

apidly expanding. By the time it became Solana’s<br />

most valuable large-scale NFT project last summer,<br />

SOL had lost considerable value and the wider NFT<br />

market was in freefall.<br />

In late December, soon after the move was announced,<br />

SOL had fallen about 97% from its peak<br />

price. Frank had previously tweeted about a potential<br />

migration amid Solana’s late-year struggles and<br />

faced considerable backlash from the community.<br />

Even so, rumors persisted as DeLabs continued<br />

fleshing out its actual plans.<br />

Henrikson told Decrypt that Solana was “a great<br />

place” to begin life, given the tooling on the network<br />

and the fact that its NFT community wasn’t as<br />

established as Ethereum’s. But he said that DeLabs<br />

had larger-scale ambitions that the team knew<br />

would likely someday lead the 10,000 NFT profile<br />

picture (PFP) project to the Ethereum ecosystem.<br />

“It wasn’t about ‘if,’ it was just a matter of ‘when’—<br />

and that was even in the earliest days of DeGods,”<br />

he said. “If we’re gonna be the biggest, most popular<br />

NFT collection in the world, you’re gonna have to<br />

be on Ethereum.”<br />

DeGods, which has generated nearly $150 million<br />

worth of trading volume on Solana, will soon enter<br />

the largest market for high-value NFT collections.<br />

Frank reaffirmed his goal of making DeGods the<br />

“number-one luxury NFT in the world.”<br />

Currently, a DeGods NFT on Solana starts at about<br />

$11,500 worth of SOL on the Magic Eden marketplace,<br />

but Yuga Labs’ Bored Ape Yacht Club PFPs<br />

on Ethereum start at 10 times that amount. It’ll be<br />

a new challenge to try and outshine ETH’s heavyweights,<br />

but that’s a big part of the appeal for<br />

DeLabs.<br />

Why Polygon?<br />

As follow-up project y00ts started making waves<br />

last summer, DeLabs received outreach from various<br />

blockchain networks about launching the NFT<br />

collection elsewhere.<br />

It ultimately rolled out on Solana, but DeLabs sought<br />

an eventual destination that could help that collection<br />

reach a broader audience and collaborate with<br />

sizable brands. Henrikson cited last year’s litany of<br />

brand announcements around Polygon, including<br />

NFT initiatives from Reddit, Meta, Starbucks, Draft-<br />

Kings, Disney, and beyond, and described it as an<br />

opportunity.<br />

He told Decrypt that moving to Polygon is “the<br />

fastest way to get connected to these companies<br />

because they’ll be on the same chain.” Frank added<br />

that in addition to consumer brand deals, Polygon<br />

offers access to a growing slate of metaverse game<br />

platforms. Many y00ts visual traits were even left blank<br />

“so brands can imprint their logos on there,” Frank<br />

said.<br />

The project’s artwork was also designed to be broadly<br />

appealing—or “clean enough that I can sell pacifiers<br />

and diapers,” Henrikson explained of potential partnerships<br />

or licensing deals, but also “men’s cologne and<br />

things that are more degen-centric.”<br />

Ultimately, DeLabs accepted a $3 million non-equity<br />

grant from Polygon Labs as part of the agreement to<br />

move y00ts to the network. Frank said that Polygon<br />

was “nowhere near the largest bidder in that regard”<br />

and that DeLabs chose the network for other reasons<br />

but admitted that “it felt dumb to not take” the grant<br />

when so many networks were offering funds.<br />

DeLabs will use the funds to help grow its team and<br />

take some of the public-facing emphasis off of Frank,<br />

he said. Furthermore, DeLabs and Dust Labs will develop<br />

a Polygon NFT launchpad and help incubate new<br />

projects, as Polygon Labs President Ryan Wyatt recently<br />

discussed on Decrypt’s gm podcast. It’s a move to<br />

grow the network’s NFT scene beyond brand apps.<br />

“The most powerful thing in crypto is aligned incentives,”<br />

Frank said. “I personally want to see y00ts<br />

succeed, but part of seeing y00ts succeed is seeing the<br />

rest of the ecosystem succeed.”<br />

How it works<br />

DeLabs has set a March 15 launch target for both the<br />

DeGods and y00ts bridges, but Henrikson told Decrypt<br />

that late March is more realistic. Up until now, it wasn’t<br />

exactly clear how the team planned to have users<br />

move NFTs between chains—particularly on the point<br />

of whether the NFTs could be moved back and forth<br />

between the supported chains.<br />

The bridging process via Wormhole will be an optional<br />

“one-way migration” from Solana to the new chain in<br />

both cases, Henrikson said, through a “burn and mint”<br />

process. Essentially, the Solana version of the PFP will<br />

be destroyed, and an identical version will be minted<br />

on the new chain and sent to the holder’s designated<br />

wallet. There’s no option to undo the migration.<br />

Holders can choose to keep their existing Solana NFT<br />

from either collection, but they will lose access to<br />

ongoing incentives and future benefits around the<br />

projects. For example, the staking rewards offered to<br />

both—the DUST token for DeGods and points for y00ts<br />

holders—will only continue to accrue for NFTs that<br />

have been bridged to Ethereum and Polygon.<br />

“You want to do the burn-and-mint,” Frank said, “and<br />

you want to have some type of incentive for people<br />

to get over there in the first week—so that it’s like a<br />

proper party.”

Henrikson said that Phantom wallet, which supports<br />

Solana and has added Ethereum and Polygon<br />

in beta, is ideal for this kind of transition as it<br />

can all happen in one interface. But the Wormhole<br />

process can work with other wallets, starting with<br />

any other Solana wallet and ending with the new<br />

NFT in the popular Ethereum wallet MetaMask,<br />

for example.<br />

What’s next?<br />

Frank said that DeLabs has purposefully been quiet<br />

about future plans ahead of the shift, but that<br />

the migration will herald the start of its next phase<br />

for both projects. “DeGods Season starts when we<br />

get to ETH, and y00ts Season starts when we get<br />

to Polygon,” he affirmed.<br />

“Let’s not get complacent here. Let’s keep pushing<br />

the boundaries and trying things out that are<br />

new,” he said. “We’re trying to take big swings,<br />

and we are trying to do it in a way that is going<br />

to make it exciting on the upside for people to<br />

participate.”<br />

Moving the projects from Solana to its new respective<br />

networks will also serve as a showcase<br />

for Dust Labs’ software and technology, Henrikson<br />

said, adding that the firm was founded with the<br />

ambition of being “all-chain or multi-chain.”<br />

Dust Labs, which raised $7 million last year, will offer<br />

up its software across multiple chains for other<br />

brands and companies to use. He said that doors<br />

to potential new opportunities are opening up at<br />

a “much faster” rate than ever before, thanks in<br />

part to support from Polygon Labs and interest<br />

from brands that want to help grow the NFT space<br />

on that network.<br />

While the announcement agitated many Solana<br />

die-hards, Frank emphasized that the migration<br />

isn’t meant to be a firm goodbye to the original<br />

home of DeGods and y00ts. Any unredeemed y00t<br />

t00bs NFTs—which holders burn to spawn a y00ts<br />

PFP—will continue to live only on Solana, and<br />

Frank said that DeLabs would consider building<br />

future projects on the chain.<br />

“We have so much love for Solana,” Frank said.<br />

“At times, it can feel very charged on the internet,<br />

but for us, it has nothing to do with that. We are<br />

honestly excited to see the mantle quote-unquote<br />

‘passed off’ from us to another set of builders on<br />

Solana.”<br />

But DeLabs and Dust Labs see their future spanning<br />

multiple chains, and believe that the best<br />

place for DeGods and y00ts to grow is elsewhere.<br />

Frank said he’s never bought into the “Yuga [Labs]<br />

playbook” that many other NFT projects have<br />

tried to copy, and that his plan is to branch out in<br />

search of new conquests and potentially broader<br />


A pragmatic perspective on choosing what chain to build a business on.<br />

0xMert_<br />

Crypto is a weird industry. It’s part tech, part economic theory, and part religion. I’m not quite sure what<br />

makes it so cult-like. People argue for hours about modular blockchains vs. monolithic blockchains, ETH vs.<br />

SOL, or Optimistic Rollups vs ZK Rollups. Interestingly, pretty much no one seems to be arguing about the<br />

fact that barely any crypto products have even the resemblance of product market fit (PMF). The total crypto<br />

market is a few million people at best, and most of those people are generally gambling, running scams, or<br />

speculating on pictures of cartoon apes. No, seriously. That’s almost 100% of this industry. Everyone is busy<br />

repeating optimistic tropes like “we’re so early”, “we’re going to onboard the next billion people”, or “mass<br />

adoption is coming”.<br />

Of course, none of this is true. We are not early, we<br />

can’t even onboard the next million people, and “mass<br />

adoption” is not coming unless something drastically<br />

changes. What’s more, you’ll often see those on Crypto<br />

Twitter (CT) talk about how Ethereum and the EVM<br />

has already “won”. I always chuckle when I see posts<br />

like this. What exactly has EVM won? There are less<br />

daily active users on Ethereum than even 1% of the<br />

users on TikTok. 1%! No one has won — certainly not<br />

in crypto. Yet.<br />

Okay, where am I going with this? This is a post on<br />

choosing Solana after all — how does any of what I<br />

said relate to the title of this post?<br />

It’s quite simple: Solana is the chain for pragmatists<br />

wanting to build real products. Something that crypto<br />

hilariously lacks.<br />

While blockchain researchers and academics go to war<br />

on the intellectual front about modular blockchains,<br />

L2s (even L3s now!), sharding, and ZK rollups to scale<br />

for the “next billion users” — Solana is leveraging<br />

parallelization and hardware that’s available today<br />

to build a decentralized system that handles 5-50x<br />

more transactions than any other chain with 1000x<br />

less fees. All major tech scales with hardware (cars,<br />

laptops, TVs, phones, robots, AI, Cloud), Solana<br />

is no different. The SVM is a 10x improvement<br />

over the EVM due to parallelization alone. While<br />

other ecosystems argue about hypothetical scaling<br />

solutions, Solana is already scaling.<br />

Don’t believe me? Look at some of the only crypto<br />

applications to actually find PMF so far: Phantom,<br />

Magic Eden, Helium, Stepn — all on Solana.<br />

It’s not just about tech either — pragmatism is a core<br />

value in the Solana community. It’s an ethos that<br />

engulfs as soon as you enter the ecosystem. Solana<br />

Spaces, Solana Mobile, Solana Pay, Hacker Houses,<br />

Hackathons (with over 10k participants), Solana<br />

University Incubators, Teleport, Dialect, Hivemapper,<br />

Tiplink, Ottr, Backpack. The community is packed<br />

with those wanting to build real products to solve real<br />

problems.<br />

We need to stop wasting so much time on debating<br />

hypothetical scaling solutions and purity tests. I see<br />

hundreds of arguments about whether Chain X is<br />

“decentralized” or if Chain Y needs better “BD” every<br />

single month. Why is no one arguing about the fact<br />

that we don’t have any real products with PMF? Why<br />

is no one arguing about the fact that there are barely<br />

any real sustainable businesses that aren’t full out<br />

ponzi schemes? It’s as if everyone is running away<br />

from the ugly truth that this industry is essentially<br />

an adult child that refuses to grow up. We worry about<br />

random gas optimizations and bridges and royalties<br />

instead of worrying about building apps that solve<br />

real problems. L2s, ZKs, sharding — these are all<br />

super cool technical solutions and the engineer in me<br />

gets excited to talk about them. But the pragmatist in<br />

me is concerned.<br />

People ask me all the time why I build on Solana.<br />

My answer is simple: because Solana works, now.<br />

There’s nothing else to it. I’m not a Solana maxi, I’m<br />

a “root access to your digital identity and finances”<br />

maxi. I believe firmly that crypto has the potential<br />

to re-imagine how the digital world works. But I<br />

don’t think that potential will remain forever. We’re<br />

in a race against time. Every time we debate about<br />

sharding, or danksharding, or interconnected chains<br />

— we are adding yet another conditional, which when<br />

multiplied, reduces the overall probability of success<br />

for the industry. I want the industry to succeed. For<br />

the industry to succeed, we need to start building<br />

things that work and are useful. We can’t do this on<br />

Ethereum currently, it’s too expensive. We can’t do<br />

this on L2s yet either, they’re too early, centralized,<br />

and unreliable. That’s not to say L2s and ETH won’t<br />

scale in the future. But we can already do it on Solana,<br />

now. Solana simply works. Low fees, elastic compute,<br />

composability, a die-hard community. You don’t need<br />

anything else to start building the future.<br />

Stop the infinite optimism. Stop kicking the ball down<br />

the road. Start building real products that solve real<br />

problems. When you’re ready, Solana will be waiting<br />

for you.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>99</strong><br />


@IamCazper<br />

We are just about ready to reveal the genre for our monetized high wager multiplayer browser game ran on AWS built in<br />

UE5 !! Testing is currently live for a few whales in our community and the feedback we have had… The product we have<br />

is a game changer.<br />

A Quick 8 Week Recap<br />

@TheFoxClubSOL<br />

Over 1000 SOL to our holders<br />

Over 1500 SOL worth of NFTs in our DTM Machines<br />

89-91% Staked on average<br />

15k Volume<br />

80-110 Range Listed for weeks<br />

Limited Apparel drop 40% sold out & all orders have been fulfilled & either in transit or have been delivered thanks to<br />

our direct web2 partner @onyx_branding.<br />

We are officially working with @GhostKidDAO on their apparel drop this year.<br />

20 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>99</strong>

thefoxclub.life<br />

We are running a business & networking with project founders who want to grow this ecosystem. Our alpha has<br />

been in plain sight The homepage https://thefoxclub.life<br />

If you have been with us since the beginning or recently, our main site has had clues since we launched our mint<br />

The $CHITZ Arcade is coming !!! We will be releasing more info in regards to the monetization of the game in the<br />

coming weeks As you can see we are paying attention to detail in every aspect of our business. This is only one<br />

of the few systems we will be providing though..

We are running a business & networking with project founders who want to grow this ecosystem. Our alpha has been in<br />

plain sight The homepage https://thefoxclub.life<br />

If you have been with us since the beginning or recently, our main site has had clues since we launched our mint.<br />

Pick & Win Machine<br />

@CyronicaNFT & our in house dev team are ready to begin sharing details next week with We will be generate perpetuity<br />

royalties by providing it to other projects. Each spin will generate profits from a tx fee benefitting the Fox Club broken<br />

down.<br />

We appreciate the support from our entire community and the real builders in this space. The systems @JellyCoNFT @<br />

CarlosOMFG @LibertySquareHQ @IMSOnft_Chris @Block9_NFT are building will be setting the stage before the next<br />

bull run.<br />

What we’ve been building is an organic community & the numbers speak for itself. If we have provided this much in<br />

8 weeks in a bear market… You can easily see what we’ll be providing in a bull market and on #nfts #solana #nftgame<br />



Eckso Any

Eckso Any


Eckso Any


JuntDoe Goose
























TheBreakdownRep<br />

@thedogecapital/ Recognizing an OG Solana project, their sustainable business model, and NEW products for<br />

the #SOL ecosystem. Doge Capital continues to build.<br />

What is @thedogecapital?<br />

Best described as a Web3 software company their SaaS model has attracted 50+ partners, driving sustainable<br />

business for their Dubai-based entity. They’ve built staking, raffles, auctions, & verification systems. They even<br />

built a betting platform!<br />

Secondary<br />

Over the last week or so, listings are down, volume is up, holders are accumulating, and FP is bull-flagging just<br />

under 5 SOL resistance. With Solana NFT traders returning to OG projects, this one seems ready to double - for<br />

good reason.<br />

60 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>99</strong>


Dogeswap is a new development allowing Web3 projects to collateralize project tokens against NFTs. This helps improve<br />

price efficiency while also creating profit opportunities as the platform highlights arbitrage for holders. https://twitter.<br />


Quote Tweet<br />

@thedogecapital<br />

Let’s Talk Future Implications of DOGESWAP / We created the DOGESWAP pool model to close a systemic hole<br />

in Web3 project economies by directly linking a project NFT with the underlying project token. In this thread,<br />

we touch on HOW we hope this model improves the ecosystem<br />

Doge Academy The team is also working on another large development with long-standing project @Divine-<br />

DogsNFT. Doge Academy will be an interactive library of resources for degens to strengthen investment knowledge<br />

& onboard new members.<br />

As Solana traders look to return to OG projects, Doge Capital holders have a lot to look forward to for yet another<br />

year as the team joins @frakt_hq & @ElixirNFT in judging an upcoming Hackathon. The team also provides<br />

monthly financial reports to share transparency w/ holders.<br />

62 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>99</strong>

Complete Guide<br />

Today, we will discuss four methods of earning yield from your SOL tokens.<br />

gumshoe<br />

At the time of writing, the Solana market cap is $8.04 billion with a 24-hour volume of $479 million.<br />

The price of SOL is $21.23 and market dominance is 0.79%. The Total Crypto Market Cap is $1.03T,<br />

down 3.89%. The NFT transaction volume surpassed 500,177 SOL, closing in on $10.6M in the last 7<br />

days.<br />

Solana can process thousands of transactions per second, significantly faster than many other popular<br />

blockchains. This allows for fast and efficient processing of transactions, making it attractive for developers<br />

and users who want to avoid high gas fees associated with other blockchains.<br />

Solana enables developers to build complex and sophisticated decentralised applications, which is why<br />

the network appears to be speed-running the rest of the industry both in the DeFi and the NFT sector, as<br />

we’ve seen with the NFT Marketplace wars around the zero royalty meta.<br />

How NFT DeFi can Offset Solana’s Inflationary Mechanics<br />

Solana, like many other cryptocurrencies, has an inflation rate. Solana’s annual inflation rate is currently<br />

~6.5% and will decrease by 15% every year. It will eventually stop at a fixed rate of 1.5%.<br />

In 2022, the Solana token circulating supply increased by 20%. This is a result of token unlocks and staking<br />

rewards. Today we are going to show you six different ways in which you can put your Solana tokens<br />

to work.<br />

Disclaimer: None of the following practices are financial advice. The purpose of this newsletter is to educate.<br />

Always do your own research.<br />

Staking involves holding tokens in a wallet to help secure the network and validate transactions. In return,<br />

stakers receive rewards in the form of additional tokens.<br />

As a user, you can stake your $SOL tokens in a validator node, to help secure the network, or in DeFi protocols.<br />

64 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>99</strong>

Solana is a delegated proof-of-stake network, meaning you can stake your SOL tokens, or ‘delegate’<br />

them to validators who are responsible for processing transactions, running the network and<br />

keeping it secure. For doing this, validators earn rewards in a similar fashion to how one might<br />

understand Bitcoin mining.

ination of staking and MEV rewards.<br />

• 6.16% APY<br />

• 502,727 SOL of Total TVL<br />

Solana DeFi platforms allow users to lend their tokens to borrowers who require them for various<br />

purposes.<br />

Lenders earn interest on their loans, while borrowers gain access to cryptocurrency without having<br />

to buy it themselves. In 2022, Solana saw the birth of a new narrative merging NFT with DeFi.<br />

NFT DeFi added several new use cases to the ecosystem and created new ways of generating yield<br />

with $SOL, such as NFT-collateralised loans.<br />

Sharky<br />

Sharky is the biggest NFT DeFi platform on Solana, with over 3.5 million SOL in Total Loan Volume.<br />

FRAKT<br />

Although FRAKT has a lower APY %, many people would argue it is theoretically safer due to its<br />

liquidation mechanism.<br />

Liquidated NFTs which haven’t been repaid during their 12H Grace Period will automatically<br />

become eligible for the liquidation raffles in which Frakts stakers and Gnomies holders can participate.<br />

66 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>99</strong>

Atadia<br />

Atadia has developed the ability to offer instant, zero-collateral loans without the need for KYC. They use<br />

a machine learning credit scoring model trained on $300,000 worth of zero-collateral loans from Lending<br />

Lab to guide their underwriting criteria. Currently, their default rate on a volume basis is around 3-4%.<br />

Note: Currently, Atadia’s Lending Lab only allows borrowing.<br />

Citrus (FFF)<br />

Famous Fox Federation recently launched its own peer-to-peer Lending platform. Citrus lending mechanics<br />

are similar to Sharky, however, loan duration time and APY % are generally smaller.<br />

Be Careful<br />

Recently, there was a liquidation cascade event which caused a major downtrend in several NFT collections.<br />

Be aware of the risks of NFT-Lending platforms. If the collateral suffers a major price drop and the<br />

borrower does not pay back, you will have lost money on your loans.<br />

Yield farming allows users to earn rewards or interest by providing liquidity to decentralised protocols<br />

through staking, lending or providing liquidity.<br />

Although yield farming can be an extra source of income, it also carries significant risks, such as price<br />

volatility, smart contract vulnerabilities and liquidity risks.<br />

Orca<br />

Being the largest DEX on Solana, Orca requires a large amount of liquidity. This is obtained through pools.<br />

While browsing the Liquidity tab, users can choose to provide liquidity to a diversified amount of trading

pairs.<br />

Automated market makers (AMMs) are a type of algorithm that facilitates trading on decentralized exchanges<br />

(DEXs). They are designed to provide liquidity to the market by continuously buying and selling<br />

assets based on pre-determined rules.<br />

Hadeswap<br />

Hadeswap has several features, including 0% platform fees (subject to governance decisions using the<br />

$HADES token), 0% royalty fees by default (with an option to pay them), and progressive selling/buying<br />

of NFTs. Additionally, users can earn SOL while using the platform.<br />

Elixir<br />

Elixir is an ecosystem focused on NFT utility that includes an app powered by automated market maker<br />

(AMM) pools. The app offers various features, including instant selling, NFT exchanging, borrowing, earning<br />

passive income, and long/shorting. These features enable users to participate in NFT financialization<br />

and generate returns through various means. The Elixir ecosystem includes other core products in addition<br />

to the app.<br />

In conclusion, there are many ways to put your SOL to work beyond just buying and holding them. From<br />

trading and staking to lending and yield farming, the opportunities are plentiful.<br />

68 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>99</strong>

1. @Claynosaurz<br />

2. @theolafnft<br />

3. @THELILYNFT<br />

4. @RUNDEADNFT<br />

5. @ElixirNFT<br />

1. @Claynosaurz<br />

2.@y00tsNFT<br />

3. @okaybears<br />

4. @BlocksmithLabs<br />

5. ABC



Angel 41


Clint Fulkerson

Clint Fulkerson

Cool Puppet










One of the major benefits we often times<br />

hear in the space is the ability to connect<br />

with individuals from all over the world. We<br />

are increasingly getting exposed to new ways<br />

to view the world, unique ways of<br />

interpreting our society and most<br />

importantly to cultures as varied as we can<br />

imagine.<br />

With so much happening all the time, it can<br />

be a challenge to get to learn about the raw<br />

talents from all over the globe.<br />

However it was thanks to this increased<br />

connectivity that I was first able to connect<br />

to 23-year-old Tehran-based artist Sam<br />

Vosoughi (otherwise known as SV) a few<br />

months back though Twitter. Founder of an<br />

art crew called Shahr Crew, Sam is an<br />

independent artist who’s work reflects a<br />

signature blend of Pop Art and Street Art.<br />

Rich in commentary, culture and critical<br />

thought, SV’s body of work seamlessly draws<br />

from both classical-historical art periods and<br />

modern techniques that paint a vivid picture<br />

of his unique approach to art and life.<br />

“Being an artist & graphic designer…<br />

it’s like a gateway for me, to be able to<br />

both fulfill my passion for being a<br />

creative and also to share my thoughts<br />

and feelings about what’s going on in<br />

life…” – Sam Vosoughi<br />

Portrait of artist Sam Vosoughi<br />

(@svofshahr), otherwise known<br />

as SV.<br />

”Off The Hood” by Sam SV, from his<br />

2022 Renaissance series on Exchange.Art<br />


In my efforts to keep highlighting<br />

as many artists as I can with<br />

SolCityRadio, I sat down this past<br />

week with Sam Vosoughi, to discuss<br />

his mission, inspirations and goals as<br />

an artist. A revealing conversation —<br />

which you can read below — that<br />

highlights Sam’s genuine desire to<br />

help spark a change in our world<br />

through art.<br />

Sam, who are you? What do you<br />

do? And, why do you do it?<br />

Hello I’m Sam Vosoughi,<br />

artistically I go by the nickname SV<br />

and I’m a 23-year-old independent<br />

visual artist from Tehran, Iran.<br />

I started my career when I was 14<br />

by designing an album cover for one<br />

of my musician friends, a year before<br />

I went on to study graphic design.<br />

”Ordinary Day” by Sam SV, minted on<br />

FormFunction, December 2022.<br />

I’ve continued designing cover arts to<br />

this day and also creating artworks for<br />

myself, mostly digital. I’ve also been in the<br />

NFT space for almost 2 years now.<br />

Being an artist and graphic designer is<br />

not only my main job but it’s like a<br />

gateway for me, being able to both fulfill<br />

my passion for being a creative and also to<br />

share my thoughts and feelings about<br />

what’s going on in life, both personal and<br />

public.<br />

What inspired you to create in the first<br />

place?<br />

”Is This Art?!” by Sam SV, minted on<br />

FormFunction, January 2023.<br />

Lots of things, naming myself a Pop<br />

Art/Street artist I have to keep my eyes<br />

open. I’m also founder of art crew called<br />

“Shahr Crew” — Shahr in Farsi means city.<br />

The reason I named it this is because the<br />

main source of inspiration for me is the<br />

city.<br />


I took things from the city, visualized it<br />

in my way and I gave it back to the city<br />

trying to respond to or share my thoughts<br />

about things I see every day in my city.<br />

Things like consumerism, youth problems,<br />

movements going on and also some more<br />

personal concepts like love, friendship,<br />

etc.<br />

I notice you try to bring a lot of<br />

conversation through your art, why? What<br />

themes and subjects are important to<br />

you?<br />

Exactly. I don’t want my artworks to be<br />

just a normal fine art piece. I want the<br />

people who see my pieces to get<br />

something from it. It can be done by using<br />

a quote or a message I put or write in the<br />

pieces themselves.<br />

I saw many people, specially people my<br />

own age, struggling with various things so I<br />

wanted to somehow show my sympathy<br />

to them by writing a message on the piece.<br />

How important is culture to what you<br />

do?<br />

Culture is the thing I must keep an eye<br />

on. Coming from Iran, although our young<br />

generation has a very modern lifestyle —<br />

and because of that our parents too — but<br />

we are quite a traditional country. A lot of<br />

things are still considered taboo and<br />

those things cause some problems for us<br />

sometimes.<br />

Not just my country though, I’ve also<br />

gotten commissions for cover arts<br />

throughout my career from musicians<br />

from other countries. So I had to keep in<br />

mind what audiences I’m designing for.<br />

Living where you live, what are some of<br />

the challenges that come to a creative?<br />

They’re quite a few things actually,<br />

because of that tradition issue I<br />

mentioned. Lots of people still think<br />

people with bad grades in school went to<br />

study art and begin their career as a<br />

creative. Things have gotten better in the<br />

last decade, but unfortunately I saw a lot<br />

of lost talent and dreams because their<br />

parents wanted them to be doctors or<br />

engineers. Thankfully not for me, as my<br />

parents work in the fashion industry.<br />

Another big problem comes from the<br />

government, the limitations they put. For<br />

example, you’re not allowed to showcase<br />

everything you want in your exhibition, or<br />

even worse, post whatever you want on<br />

your social media accounts. They’re kind<br />

of afraid of the influence creatives can<br />

have on the community.<br />

On the other hand, there are many iconic<br />

things in our culture like cigarettes, cars,<br />

sodas and events that inspire me to create<br />

Pop Art style pieces.<br />

”Dream Big” by Sam SV, from his AbStreet<br />

series on FormFunction, February 2023.<br />


What are some of your goals and<br />

intentions when creating work?<br />

The main one is to leave a message.<br />

Whether it’s sharing my though and<br />

expressing my personal feelings or it’s a<br />

thing I feel like I had to say to specific<br />

groups of audiences.<br />

Do you feel a sense of responsibility as<br />

an artist to express the issues you see in<br />

life through art?<br />

Personally, yes. It’s not a must for every<br />

artist, but in my opinion artists are partactivists<br />

in this post modern era. Unlike<br />

the past where artists would sit in their<br />

studio and only paint a still life or express<br />

personal feelings, artists today should<br />

respond to what’s going on in the world<br />

right now. But again, it’s my personal<br />

opinion.<br />

How have your experiences of recent<br />

years changed how you approach<br />

creating and see the world?<br />

I wouldn’t call it a change, more like a<br />

development. As I studied art and design<br />

through the years, I’ve gotten to know<br />

more artists, how they do work and what<br />

was their mindset. It affects mine<br />

definitely, both with my techniques of<br />

creating and also how to look at the world.<br />

That’s why I insist every artist to always<br />

read the art history. It opens new doors<br />

for you and you will learn a lot from that.<br />

What kind of impact are you looking to<br />

leave behind through your work?<br />

A big dream is to be named as one of<br />

the greatest, but as I mentioned, I want to<br />

be someone who got something to say.<br />

Something that people can relate to, feel<br />

good when they look into and if I’m lucky<br />

enough it will spark a change in someone.<br />

That’s it.<br />

Sam truly embodies that spirit which<br />

great art movements are built upon — a<br />

fighting spirit that hopes to help progress<br />

our society forward. Whether it’s his<br />

focused intent on responding to our<br />

times, his desire to inspire others or his<br />

willingness to support those around him —<br />

whether at a protest or the timeline — ,<br />

Sam Vosoughi is the perfect example of<br />

the human quality this digital art<br />

movement contains.<br />

”Fear” by Sam SV, from his 3 piece<br />

Immortalized series on Exchange.Art, 2022.<br />

To support or engage with Sam Vosoughi you<br />

can find him on twitter<br />

To view his art on a variety of<br />

platforms click<br />





































Genopets - 2024<br />

Metaverse Explorer<br />

STAR ATLAS #163 Foundation Room Pictures<br />

132 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>99</strong>

suppvalen<br />

Have NFTs moved in correlation with the stocks market since 2023 started? Yes. Here’s why:<br />

2023 started positively with January, where stocks and bonds experienced their strongest January gains in years. S&P500<br />

rose 6.2%, and Nasdaq closed Jan with a 10.7% gain, the highest January gains since 2001. And Bitcoin reached $25k.<br />

NFT sales volume correlated with a significant huge spike and several top collections achieving new ATHs (like @De-<br />

GodsNFT in SOL terms, @pudgypenguins, @Claynosaurz, etc). We saw high end sales for collections like BAYC and Azuki.<br />

The BONK airdrop; the Blur incentives, etc.<br />

Quote Tweet<br />

@suppvalen<br />

January 2nd 2023: DeGods reaches a 635 SOL floor ATH. : @solsniperxyz<br />

ETH NFTs had a very nice start on January with $780M USD in volume according to @cryptoslamio’s updated data.

SOL NFTs also ended January with $158M USD, the biggest volume amount since September 2022 when y00ts minted.<br />


After Feb 21st US stocks fell, NFTs sales vol also decreases for both chains. ETH NFTs did a positive $49M volume day<br />

on Feb 21st, but decreased a very significant amount till Feb ended. Also notice that it ends in a decrease of buyers and<br />

sellers.<br />

CryptoSlam!<br />

ETH bluechips show a decrease on Feb 22nd, a day after the stocks fall, then a short spike on Feb 23rd, and ends February<br />

28th with a slow attempt to recover again.<br />

NFTGo<br />

The overall mkcap USD chart of ETH NFTs follows the same path as the bluechips, ending Feb 28th with $22.80B, a<br />

$170M mkcap loss since Feb 21st. Data: @nftgoio<br />

// What about the Bluechips on SOL? Surprisingly, the bluechip SOL chart in the last 30 days looks extremely similar to<br />

ETHs bluechips chart. There’s a decrease on Feb 22nd, a spike on Feb 23rd, a continuous decrease besides a few spikes<br />

and finally ends bearish on Feb 28th.

SolanaFloor - NFT Analytics & News<br />

But, the sales volume of NFTs on SOL DID decrease on March 7th and has been trending down (so far), as data by @<br />

cryptoslamio shows. Total floor value of SOL NFTs actually had a positive recovery on March 7th from previous fall, but<br />

it’s been trending down since.

CryptoSlam! and SolanaFloor - NFT Analytics & News<br />

For ETH NFTs, March 7th sales volume was lower than past days and continued to decrease since, but it’s looking very<br />

positive today! However, the marketcap value of ETH NFTs had a positive spike on March 7th but has been decreasing<br />

since then, according to @nftgoio.<br />


CryptoSlam!<br />

There have been several instances where crypto decreased and NFTs were increasing in 2022, or where macro factors<br />

didn’t affect NFTs… However I’ve noticed a similar correlation with stocks this year. Will it continue?<br />

// A little complicated to understand? No worries! Here are 6 key points of this research about the correlation of price<br />

movements between NFTs and stocks performance in 2023:

@bojmats<br />

Let’s talk about @MonetSAC from @StonedApeCrew & @JellyCoNFT. Here’s what you need to know:<br />

Monet is an innovative community raffle platform for NFTs and Whitelist spots created by @StonedApeCrew.<br />

So how is Monet different than other raffle platforms? Monet is social-first, they are about connecting people<br />

and communities.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>99</strong><br />


This is why you can connect your discord (& twitter) to Monet and based on discord roles you will be able to see the<br />

communities you are part of.<br />

When hosting a raffle, you can choose to feature the raffle on a community page for more reach. These raffles will also<br />

be posted in the projects discord. By doing this the community will earn some revenue share on the raffles featured on<br />

their page!

So Using Monet for your raffles means more reach for your Raffle and.. More revenue for your project! Which is one of<br />

the reasons SAC created Monet. To support creators after they stopped receiving royalties.<br />

Quote Tweet<br />

@StonedApeCrew<br />

Community created raffles! Open to everyone. Create your own raffle as a holder of a verified project to share revenue.<br />

Support your favourite projects with rev share to be featured on their community page for extra reach and<br />

engagement on your raffle https://twitter.com/StonedApeCrew/status/1606393369890013185…<br />

Now that you know what Monet is, let’s talk about how @JellycoNFT is involved. Jelly has invested in Monet and is partnering<br />

up with SAC to take Monet to the next level.<br />

Together, they will be working to turn Monet into the No1 social hub on Solana, expanding into auctions, IRL items, social<br />

tools, and so much more!

JellyCo. Will earn a share of the profits & fees collected in $JELLY. And has the chance increase ownership of the platform<br />

in the future.<br />

Can’t wait to see how @StonedApeCrew & @JellyCoNFT will turn @MonetSAC in the biggest social Hub on Solana. Mega<br />

Bullish on both projects.

@BlockFramez<br />

A detailed overview of my body of work as it currently stands and a little background info on myself as an artist.<br />

I’ve been a professional artist for about 15 years. I quit my job as a manager at a Los Angeles music studio a few yrs ago<br />

and migrated to Web3 a little over a year ago. I’m also a music composer for tv and film and freelance videographer.<br />

Here is a rundown of some of my work. This isn’t my full body of work but just the series I’m currently focused on now.<br />

DARKNESS WATCHES, my first sold out series which consisted of 7 Acts which were later consolidated into a single<br />

series ACT I. ACTII was minted recently and available on Exchange. ACT III is in production and will be a short film. I<br />

have very long term goals for this series.<br />

exchange.art<br />

DARKNESS WATCHES: ACT II | Exchange Art<br />

Neon Nights, a series of moody Neon light themed street photography (sold out). Act II is currently in the works and<br />

should be launched soon https://exchange.art/series/Neon%20Nights…<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>99</strong><br />


Streetframez, a series of urban street photography primarily focused on Downtown Los Angeles, my favorite place on the<br />

planet. (Sold out). Act II is currently in the works and will be launched shortly after Neon Nights Act II.<br />

exchange.art<br />

Streetframez | Exchange Art<br />

The Arcade, a series of nostalgic 1980’s retro arcade games and retro vibes consisting of both still images as well as video<br />

pieces. (Sold out) Will announce when Act II goes into production.<br />

formfunction.xyz<br />

The Arcade | Formfunction - NFT Marketplace

Memories in Motion: A series of short films from my roadtrips on the California Coastline with a vintage vibe. One piece<br />

remains in this series. Act II scheduled for production later this year.<br />

formfunction.xyz<br />

Memories in Motion | Formfunction - NFT Marketplace

A San Diego Vibe, a series of 4K aerial footage + music score of the many beautiful beaches in San Diego county. Series<br />

consists of 3 pieces. Plans to develop this series further will be announced later this year.<br />

formfunction.xyz<br />

A San Diego Vibe | Formfunction - NFT Marketplace<br />

Drivelapse, a 5 pieces series of moving Timelapse’s through beautiful California landscapes. Act II is in production and<br />

will be announced once Act I has been sold out.<br />

formfunction.xyz<br />

Drivelapse | Formfunction - NFT Marketplace

Moodscapes, Breathtaking atmospheric landscapes + an ambient orchestral music bed. MOODSCAPES is a series of<br />

six 4K resolution audio/visual pieces created as a refuge from human constructs. Preserving nature for eternity on the<br />

blockchain.<br />

formfunction.xyz<br />

MOODSCAPES | Formfunction - NFT Marketplace<br />

Got a lot of walls: An ongoing continuously updated series of wall photography. Yes you read that correctly, wall photography.<br />

One of my more popular series.<br />

formfunction.xyz<br />

Got a lot of Walls | Formfunction - NFT Marketplace


The art of writing and poetry is normally described as a “lost art”...would you<br />

agree? Maybe it’s more of an overlooked art, what do you think? The practice of<br />

writing, creatively, journaling, to do lists, emails, love letters, blogs, artist<br />

biographies, etc is an important aspect of the artist’s life. How many times have<br />

you written things in the previous list and wished you could write just a little<br />

better? By using our hands with a utensil to write, this simple physical act can lead<br />

to other processes in our creative flow. So, let’s not overlook the art of writing!<br />

Let’s practice a bit together and watch how our artistic endeavors unfold as we<br />

become better writers. Getting ideas out of our heads and on to paper is the first<br />

step in making those ideas into reality.<br />

To write a poem is simple, don’t overthink it! Just do it.<br />

Step 1: Grab a notebook or your notes app and choose a topic. I’m feeling silly today<br />

so I’m choosing candy bars.<br />

Step 2: After choosing your topic fill in the blanks with some information. Here’s mine<br />

on the topic: Candy bars are sweet, sometimes sticky. Candy bars are never<br />

enough. Candy bars make you sick if you eat too many.<br />

Step 3: All good things must come to an end, bring the poem to a close by making a<br />

grandiose or mundane statement. Let’s see what I can do: Too much of a good<br />

thing can make anything bad, I guess candy bars are no different.<br />

Step 4: Put Steps 1-3 all together!<br />

Bonus: Use creative wording to express ideas, use grammar and word spacing to<br />

make your poem unique.<br />



THE POEM<br />

What do you think? Poems can be funny and<br />

lighthearted and not scary to write at all! Who<br />

knows, maybe you will be inspired after writing<br />

yours. I’d love to hear what topics you come up<br />

with! Feel free to send me your poems<br />

I can’t wait to read them,<br />

until next time!<br />


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