Preneur World March 2023

The luxury lifestyle magazine for those with the Preneur MIndset. In this issue: Shania Twain, Florence Pugh, Helen Glover MBE, Active Affluent for full-on outdoor enthusiasts, Luxury Hotels in Dubai and further afield, Minipreneur Fashion, Toys & Books, Techtastic Treats, Fabulous Fizz, Ask The Expert and much more.

The luxury lifestyle magazine for those with the Preneur MIndset. In this issue: Shania Twain, Florence Pugh, Helen Glover MBE, Active Affluent for full-on outdoor enthusiasts, Luxury Hotels in Dubai and further afield, Minipreneur Fashion, Toys & Books, Techtastic Treats, Fabulous Fizz, Ask The Expert and much more.


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ITV’s Starstruck: Shania Twain<br />

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Also in this issue: Florence Pugh,<br />

Paul Olima & Helen Glover MBE


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Florence<br />

Pugh<br />

Raph_PH / CC by 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons<br />

I want to be<br />

part of a film<br />

community that<br />

is supportive of<br />

women and allows<br />

them to tell their<br />

stories<br />

Celebr<br />

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Florence Pugh has become one of the most sought<br />

after actresses in Hollywood. We look at how she’s<br />

making waves both on and off the silver screen<br />

ity<br />


Florence Pugh is quickly making a name<br />

for herself as one of the most sought-after<br />

actresses in Hollywood thanks to her<br />

exceptional talent and versatility. With<br />

her ability to bring depth, intensity, and<br />

authenticity to every role she plays, Pugh<br />

has become known for her outstanding<br />

performances and fearless approach to<br />

acting.<br />

Born and raised in the UK, Pugh got her<br />

start in the performing arts at a young<br />

age, training in ballet and contemporary<br />

dance. However, it was her talent for acting<br />

that soon caught the attention of casting<br />

directors. In 2016, she made her big-screen<br />

debut in the indie film “The Falling,” which<br />

earned her critical acclaim and a BIFA<br />

nomination for Best Actress.<br />

Since then, Pugh has gone on to star in a<br />

number of notable productions, including<br />

the critically acclaimed “Lady Macbeth,”<br />

“Midsommar,” and the award-winning<br />

“Little Women.” Her powerful and nuanced<br />

performances have impressed audiences<br />

and earned her accolades and recognition<br />

from the film industry.<br />

In “Lady Macbeth,” Pugh gave a raw<br />

and powerful performance as a young<br />

woman trapped in a loveless marriage,<br />

who finds herself taking matters into her<br />

own hands when she begins an affair with<br />

a young worker on her husband’s estate.<br />

The role required Pugh to embody a range<br />

of emotions, from anger and defiance to<br />

tenderness and vulnerability, and she did so<br />

with remarkable finesse.<br />

In “Midsommar,” Pugh gave a stand-out<br />

performance as a young woman who joins<br />

her boyfriend on a trip to a remote Swedish<br />

commune, where she becomes embroiled<br />

in a series of bizarre and frightening<br />

rituals. The role required Pugh to bring a<br />

level of vulnerability and intensity to her<br />

performance, and she did so with aplomb,<br />

delivering one of the best performances of<br />

the film.<br />

In “Little Women,” Pugh brought her<br />

signature intensity and depth to the role<br />

of Amy <strong>March</strong>, the youngest sister in<br />

the <strong>March</strong> family. The film explores the<br />

lives of four sisters growing up in the late<br />

19th century, and Pugh’s performance<br />

as the determined and fiery Amy was a<br />

standout. With her commanding presence<br />

and her ability to bring both strength and<br />

vulnerability to the role, Pugh once again<br />

proved that she is one of the most talented<br />

actresses of her generation.<br />

A key theme that emerges in Pugh’s work<br />

is the exploration of female strength and<br />

vulnerability. In her 2020 interview with<br />

Harper’s Bazaar, she said: “Vulnerability<br />

is the biggest strength you can have as an<br />

actor.”<br />

One of the things that sets Pugh apart from<br />

her peers is her fearless approach to acting.<br />

She is not afraid to tackle challenging<br />

and complex roles, and she brings a level<br />

of intensity and authenticity to every<br />

performance. Whether she is playing a<br />

young woman navigating the challenges of<br />

growing up, a determined and fiery young<br />

woman, a vengeful wife, or a broken and<br />

vulnerable character, Pugh brings a level of<br />

depth and nuance to her performances that<br />

is truly remarkable.<br />

In her 2021 interview with Rolling Stone,<br />

Pugh said: “I’ve never been someone who’s<br />

just in it for the ride. I’ve always wanted<br />

to do things that I believe in, that have a<br />

message, that make people think a little bit<br />

more.” This demonstrated how passionate<br />

she is about creating meaningful and<br />

impactful work in her career.<br />

In 2022, Pugh starred in two more films,<br />

The Wonder and Don’t Worry Darling.<br />

Pugh’s performance in “Don’t Worry<br />

Darling” showcased her range as an<br />

actress and her ability to tackle complex<br />

and challenging roles. The film’s director,<br />

Olivia Wilde, praised Pugh’s talent and<br />

commitment to the role, stating that she<br />

was one of the most gifted actors of her<br />

generation. The film was a departure from<br />

Pugh’s previous work, and showcased her<br />

versatility and her ability to bring depth<br />

and nuance to even the most seemingly<br />

straightforward of characters.<br />

In The Wonder, Pugh played a nurse sent to<br />

investigate a supernatural miracle, and her<br />

performance was noted as the prime asset<br />

of the film with Pugh receiving a BIFA<br />


nomination for the role and being praised at the<br />

79th Venice International Film Festival. Pugh also<br />

starred in the film “The French Dispatch”, directed<br />

by Wes Anderson, and also appeared in the Marvel<br />

Cinematic Universe as the character Yelena Belova<br />

in the film “Black Widow”.<br />

Her roles to date show that Pugh is always looking<br />

to take risks and stretch herself. In her 2020<br />

interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she said:<br />

“I never want to play it safe, I always want to<br />

challenge myself and try new things.”<br />

Off screen, Pugh is just as captivating. A fan of<br />

fashion house Valentino, she is known for her<br />

effortless style and bold fashion choices, often<br />

appearing in stunning ensembles on red carpets<br />

and in photoshoots. Her natural beauty and warm<br />

smile make her a favourite among photographers,<br />

and her magnetic personality has earned her a loyal<br />

following on social media.<br />

Pugh is not only known for her work in the film<br />

industry but also for her commitment to various<br />

charitable causes. She is a great supporter of<br />

mental health initiatives. She told The Guardian in<br />

2019 that: “It’s important to remember that mental<br />

health is just as important as physical health, and<br />

it should be treated with the same level of care and<br />

attention.” In her interview with Variety in 2020,<br />

she went further by saying: “I think it’s really<br />

important to get people talking about [mental<br />

health], and to try and break down the stigmas.”<br />

Pugh is an advocate for equality and women’s<br />

rights. In her 2019 interview with The Guardian,<br />

she said: “I want to be part of a film community<br />

that is supportive of women and allows them to tell<br />

their stories.”.<br />

Pugh also supports the <strong>World</strong> Health Organization<br />

as she expressed to her followers on Instagram in<br />

2021: “I believe it is our responsibility to support<br />

organizations like the WHO, who are working<br />

tirelessly to protect the health and well-being of<br />

people around the world.”.<br />

For her upcoming projects coming to UK screens<br />

in <strong>2023</strong>, Pugh has produced and starred in A Good<br />

Person, a comedy-drama written and directed<br />

by Zach Braff and co-starring Morgan Freeman,<br />

Molly Shannon, Celeste O’Connor, Zoe Lister-<br />

Jones, and Chinaza Uche. Pugh is also set to star in<br />

Christopher Nolan’s biopic Oppenheimer, playing<br />

Communist Party USA member Jean Tatlock. She<br />

will also play Princess Irulan in the sequel to the<br />

2021 science fiction film Dune: Part Two.<br />

With her recent successes and exciting new projects,<br />

Florence Pugh is poised to continue her rise as one<br />

of the industry’s most sought-after talents.<br />

A Good Person hits UK cinemas in <strong>March</strong> <strong>2023</strong>,<br />

ahead of premiering on Sky Cinema and NOW.<br />

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With Jack Lowden in Fighting with my Family<br />

(Sky Cinema)<br />

A Good Person<br />

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Lady Macbeth<br />

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With Timothee Chalamet in Little Women<br />

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With Harry Styles in Don’t Worry Darling<br />

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expert<br />

advice<br />

How To Protect<br />

Your Boundaries<br />

Before You Burnout<br />


As a Chartered Psychologist and<br />

Associate Fellow of the British<br />

Psychological Society, Jess<br />

Baker is passionate about helping<br />

people to be their best version of<br />

themselves. She specializes in<br />

working with women, helping<br />

them to overcome self-doubt<br />

and achieve their ideal selves.<br />

With over ten years of consulting<br />

experience, they have designed<br />

and delivered programs for a<br />

wide range of organizations<br />

across both the private and public<br />

sectors.<br />

Jess Baker and Rod Vincent are<br />

Chartered Psychologists and<br />

the authors of The Super-Helper<br />

Syndrome: A Survival Guide<br />

for Compassionate People (Flint<br />

Books, available in hardback<br />

£18.99 and ebook)<br />

www.jessbaker.co.uk/shsbookclub<br />

You must<br />

acknowledge that<br />

you have a duty to<br />

care for yourself. If<br />

you don’t, who will?<br />

Are you the one everyone else<br />

turns to when they need help:<br />

the competent, dependable fixer<br />

of other people’s problems? Do<br />

you help others in all aspects of<br />

your life – playing counsellor<br />

to your friends, mentor to your<br />

colleagues, mediating family<br />

arguments, rescuing neighbours<br />

in distress? Perhaps you are one<br />

of the million ‘sandwich carers’<br />

in the UK, looking after ageing<br />

parents as well as raising a<br />

family?<br />

If this is you, then you’re one<br />

of the people serving up a lot of<br />

compassion and everyone else<br />

is enjoying the meal. But if you<br />

struggle to give yourself the same<br />

level of compassion that you give<br />

to others, it can be a sign that you<br />

are experiencing Super-Helper<br />

Syndrome: a compulsion to help,<br />

even to the detriment of your own<br />

wellbeing. Another sign is feeling<br />

exhausted as a result of all the<br />

helping you are doing. Or perhaps<br />

secretly resenting how little<br />

you get in return. If you behave<br />

as if you want nothing back,<br />

you’re likely to get nothing back:<br />

your relationships can become<br />

imbalanced.<br />

So what are the solutions to<br />

all this? One thing you can do<br />

is to learn to reinforce your<br />

boundaries.<br />

THE 3 FOR 1 RULE<br />

If someone repeatedly comes<br />

to you for help, but gives you<br />

little in return, try the 3 for 1<br />

rule. After you’ve helped them<br />

three times but they haven’t<br />

helped you, stop offering help<br />

until things are rebalanced. You<br />

don’t need to tell them about this<br />

and risk falling out over it. You<br />

could just wait, while you remind<br />

yourself that friendships require<br />

balance – mutual give and take.<br />


One way to protect conscious<br />

boundaries is to tell people about<br />

them. But often you haven’t<br />

deliberately thought them<br />

through. Imagine waiting for<br />

a train when a stranger stands<br />

too close to you on the platform.<br />

Unconscious boundaries are the<br />

sort that only trip and set off<br />

alarms when they are breached.<br />

You experience a sense of<br />

unease, vulnerability, wrongness.<br />

You don’t like someone else’s<br />

behaviour towards you. Learn to<br />

tune into your boundaries alarm<br />

system. Learn to trust it and<br />

respond to it. Step away from that<br />

stranger.<br />


You don’t have to feel guilty<br />

when you say no, but for some of<br />

us that’s not easy. Here are some<br />

other ways to push back:<br />

Redirect the request: “Maybe<br />

Pippa could store it for you; she<br />

has a cellar.”<br />

Delay your response: “I’ll have to<br />

check my diary, then get back to<br />

you.”<br />

Buy time: “I can’t do that this<br />

week, but if you still need me,<br />

ask me next Sunday.”<br />

Negotiate: “I can’t write out all<br />

the invitations, but I could stuff<br />

the envelopes.”<br />

If you’re really going to protect<br />

your boundaries, you must<br />

acknowledge that you have a duty<br />

to care for yourself too. If you<br />

don’t do this, who will?<br />

8 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

The Beauty Edit<br />

For A Beautiful Complexion<br />

This luxurious mask features four LED colours. The red light works<br />

to minimise the appearance of fine lines, while the purple light<br />

seeks to firm the look of skin. Yellow to lessen the appearance of<br />

uneven tone, supported by blue light to promote a clarified finish.<br />

£150 from lookfantastic.com<br />

For Silky Soft Feet<br />

Indulge in velvety smooth feet with the easy-to-use VacuPedi<br />

callus remover by Silk’n. Experience effortless and pristine<br />

skin perfection with its revolutionary rotating grinding discs<br />

and integrated vacuum system. Bid farewell to rough, dull<br />

skin, with this sophisticated and mess-free solution.<br />

£69 from lookfantastic.com<br />

For Bouncy Curls<br />

Transform your tresses into captivating, long-lasting curls with<br />

Remington PROluxe Heated Rollers. With the innovative Dual Heat<br />

Technology, your curls will be locked in with luxurious volume and<br />

bounce that lasts all day. The technology intelligently heats both the<br />

rollers and clips to produce perfectly formed curls from head to toe.<br />

Get ready in a flash with rollers that heat up in just 90 seconds, and<br />

curls that set in just 5 minutes.<br />

£59.99 from Argos, Amazon, Boots and Very<br />

For Feminine Fragrance<br />

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Blush Eau de Parfum is a fresh<br />

and floral explosion of contrasts that forms a powdery<br />

expression of femininity. Housed in a blush-pink stiletto, it<br />

is sensual and strong, romantic and empowered with notes of<br />

Vanilla, Peony, Ylang Ylang and upcycled rosewater.<br />

£66 instore and online at www.theperfumeshop.com

Spring Into Beauty<br />

© Subbotina Anna / Adobe Stock<br />

1. STYLPRO Spin & Squeeze 2in1 Makeup Brush and Sponge Cleaner - £39.99 from Amazon | 2. BPerfect<br />

x Ekin Su Fearless Face & Eye Palette - £29.95 from bperfectcosmetics.com | 3. Optimal Skin Nutrients<br />

Mist - £26 from LookFantastic, Coggles & espaskincare.com | 4. Illamasqua Infinite Raven Lengthening<br />

Mascara - £20 from LookFantastic, TheHut & illamasqua.com | 5. Limitless Lengthening Mascara in Black<br />

or Brown - £19 from LookFantastic, TheHut & eyeko.co.uk | 6. BPerfect x Ekin Su Radiant Glow Luxurious<br />

Skin Enhancer - £16.95 from bperfectcosmetics.com | 7. Pout Perfection Lip Essentials Gift Set - £9 from<br />

w7makeup.co.uk | 8. Let’s Party With Vickaboo Pressed Pigment Palette - £8.95 from w7makeup.co.uk | 9. Lift<br />

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w7makeup.co.uk | 11. More Lashes Lengthening Mascara - £4.50 from w7makeup.co.uk | 12. The Naturtint<br />

Curly range starts from £15.99 and is available from Amazon<br />

10 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

1<br />

2<br />

3<br />

4 5<br />

6<br />

7 8<br />

9<br />

10 11<br />

12<br />


Beauty Bliss<br />

1<br />

OSKIA<br />

These Super-R Retinoid Sleep Serum Capsules are a<br />

super charged evening Retinol Serum treatment containing<br />

OSKIA’s advanced Super-Nutrient Retinoid Complex (with<br />

0.5% Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate HPR, Vitamins C, E<br />

& Pro-Vitamin D3) with high concentrations of cellular<br />

nutrients, plus botanical actives and key anti-oxidants to<br />

help maintain a firm, plump, youthful, clear and healthylooking<br />

complexion.<br />

£75 from oskiaskincare.com<br />

2<br />

Christophe Robin<br />

This rich, velvety colour revival mask nourishes and<br />

enhances the beauty of hair’s natural shade or refresh colourtreated<br />

and highlighted hair between treatments. It glazes strands<br />

in a unique blend of iridescent pigments and Florentina Iris<br />

to help neutralise brassiness and yellow tones, revitalising the<br />

brightness of blonde hair.<br />

£39 at LookFantastic, Coggles and christopherobin.co.uk<br />

3<br />

MONPURE London<br />

This Ultralight Healthy Hair Oil nourishes hair and enhances<br />

shine without weighing the hair down. It delivers hydration to<br />

the strands, cultivates hair health and protects from heat damage.<br />

Powered by a strengthening cocktail of castor oil, vegan keratin,<br />

wheat germ oil and Q10, a potent antioxidant, this multitasking oil<br />

seals in resilient amounts of moisture that prevent breakage. Boosts<br />

elasticity with a silky smooth, conditioning feel.<br />

£58 at monpure.com, Amazon Luxury, Cult Beauty and Planet Woo<br />

4<br />

RoC<br />

Discover an overnight dose of vitamin C proven to reduce<br />

dark spots and improve skin radiance while you sleep with this<br />

RoC Multi Correxion Revive + Glow Capsules. Made with<br />

their highest dose of 20% pure vitamin C, 100% of women had<br />

a visible reduction in dark spots in just 4 weeks. Each potent<br />

dose is clinically proven to resurface skin overnight, reducing<br />

discoloration, improving radiance and reducing lines over time.<br />

Skin discolorations fade while anti-ageing results continue to get<br />

better.<br />

£35.99 at Sephora.co.uk<br />

12 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Unshakeable Confidence<br />

Diana Robertson is a member of Toastmasters International<br />

which provides communication & leadership skills<br />

Based on lessons from<br />

my personal experience,<br />

let me share four<br />

actionable ways to<br />

build your Unshakeable<br />

Confidence.<br />




Ask yourself the question:<br />

“What am I already good at?” Awareness of what<br />

you have already been successfully doing in your<br />

life is the first and most important step you can take<br />

towards building your confidence. Answers may<br />

range from being a talented musician to being a<br />

good parent or friend. Scribble down any ideas that<br />

come to mind because everything you are good at is<br />

valuable.<br />

What this will highlight is that confidence is not<br />

absolute – because no individual on this planet is<br />

fully confident about everything in their life. All<br />

of us feel confident about particular aspects we<br />

know we are good at. And each of us struggles with<br />

specific areas that need improvement. Yet, when we<br />

face our pain points, rather than offering constructive<br />

solutions, our minds may find that there is something<br />

wrong with our entire being.<br />

Keep track of what you’re good at and avoid<br />

identifying your overall confidence with the areas<br />

you feel the least certain about. Remember that noone<br />

is good at everything, whilst developing new<br />

skills and gaining new knowledge is entirely under<br />

your control.<br />



Changing your thoughts is easier said than done.<br />

However, our thought patterns are no different to the<br />

muscles in our bodies. Both can be trained.<br />

A great way to begin reprogramming your mind is<br />

to repeat encouraging affirmations or statements<br />

before facing challenging situations. To find what<br />

particular affirmation will work best for you, go with<br />

the opposite of your negative thought. For example, if<br />

you think “I’m terrified of being called out to share<br />

my opinion on a work Zoom call”, you can replace<br />

that statement with “I’m so excited to share my<br />

opinion on the call!”.<br />

Give yourself time to practise your affirmations<br />

properly so that they sink in. If a certain affirmation<br />

doesn’t work for you, improvise. What’s important<br />

is to create and repeat affirmations which make you<br />

feel better about yourself.<br />


If affirmations don’t appeal, there is a more analytical<br />

approach which I learned from my performance<br />

coaches. By answering the following questions, you<br />

will find out the fears that are hidden behind your<br />

lack of confidence and learn how to transform your<br />

destructive thought patterns into constructive ones.<br />

Jot down, record, or simply answer:<br />

1. How can I describe the exact negative thoughts on<br />

this particular subject in only one sentence?<br />

2. Is this thought 100% true? Is it factual or is it<br />

simply my assumption?<br />

3. What proves that this negative thought is partially<br />

or completely false?<br />

4. If the event that I most fear actually happened,<br />

how would it genuinely affect my life? What would I<br />

do (realistically and without exaggeration)?<br />

5. If my best friend had this exact same thought, what<br />

would I tell them?<br />

These questions have helped me through very<br />

difficult times. I hope they will be useful to you too.<br />


Sometimes, when we take on difficult projects<br />

we’ve never done before, they don’t exactly go to<br />

plan. In these situations, it’s easy to forget that a<br />

single unsuccessful event means little. True success<br />

is achieved through taking small, consistent steps<br />

towards your goal. So, if you’ve just failed at<br />

something, remember; the key to becoming better<br />

at anything is to keep your focus on your progress<br />

over longer periods rather than ruminating about the<br />

setbacks along the way.<br />

Why is this shift of focus so important? Because with<br />

this approach, you are attaching a number of small<br />

successful experiences to your journey, thus enabling<br />

you to notice your improvements. This results in<br />

building new neural pathways responsible for the<br />

positive events in the struggle area and transforming<br />

it into a normal area. This is a part of the habit<br />

formation process that Charles Duhigg talks about in<br />

his book The Power of Habit.<br />

Regardless of what happens along your journey,<br />

your job is to always interpret your attempts as steps<br />

towards your success.<br />


hair &<br />

beauty<br />

Greyvolution: The<br />

Hair Trend That’s<br />

Here To Stay<br />

Inanch Emir<br />

Award-winning hair stylist<br />

Inanch Emir launched Inanch<br />

London in Fitzrovia in 2005. With<br />

over twenty years of experience,<br />

Inanch has become recognised<br />

as one of London’s most trusted<br />

hairdressers. Inanch has extensive<br />

experience and talent with hair<br />

extensions and has played a<br />

significant role in developing<br />

the ‘natural look’, favoured by<br />

London’s professional stylists,<br />

VIPs, actresses and models. She<br />

has acquired a number of loyal<br />

clientele who travel across the<br />

world for Inanch to apply their<br />

hair extensions in the Fitzrovia<br />

flagship salon.<br />

The Louis Vuitton London<br />

City guide lists her salon as the<br />

destination place for the most<br />

natural looking extensions in<br />

London.<br />

The woman<br />

that weaves magic<br />

into my hair<br />

Stacey Duguid, Elle Magazine<br />

14 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com<br />

Hair and beauty experts are<br />

always first to spot the latest<br />

trends and styles in the world of<br />

hair, but a trend that shows no<br />

sign of dying down after taking<br />

the beauty industry by storm is<br />

the “greyvolution”. This positive<br />

hair colour trend is all about<br />

embracing your natural greys and<br />

turning them into a stylish and<br />

modern look that’s both edgy and<br />

sophisticated.<br />

Gone are the days when greys<br />

were considered a sign of ageing<br />

and were hidden away with dyes<br />

and touch-ups. Today, more and<br />

more people are embracing their<br />

natural greys, and turning them<br />

into a statement look that can<br />

be stylish as well as confident.<br />

The greyvolution trend is about<br />

celebrating your natural beauty<br />

and individuality, and wearing<br />

your greys with pride.<br />

Just because you may not have<br />

been born with natural greys<br />

doesn’t mean that you can’t be a<br />

part of the greyvolution.<br />

There are a variety of hair<br />

dyes and professional colour<br />

treatments available that can help<br />

you achieve the right shade of<br />

grey for you, whether it’s a light<br />

silver or a dark charcoal. This<br />

trend is all about finding the<br />

perfect shade that complements<br />

your skin tone and personal style.<br />

One of the leading salons in<br />

London to offer greyvolution<br />

professional colour treatments is<br />

Inanch London where top stylist<br />

Hasan is on hand to offer ladies a<br />

reassuring and safe entry into the<br />

world of greys.<br />

One of the best things about the<br />

greyvolution trend is that it’s<br />

about giving women of a certain<br />

age the low-maintenance hair<br />

colour that’s perfect for their busy<br />

and full lifestyles, women who<br />

don’t have the time or the desire<br />

to spend hours in the salon.<br />

Grey hair requires very little<br />

maintenance, as it’s not as prone<br />

to fading or changing colour as<br />

other hair shades. This means<br />

that you can spend more time<br />

enjoying life and less time<br />

worrying about your hair.<br />

So if you’re looking to embrace<br />

your natural greys in a way<br />

that is both stylish and lowmaintenance,<br />

look no further than<br />

the greyvolution. Even if you<br />

currently don’t have any natural<br />

greys, you can still achieve the<br />

perfect shade of silver at the<br />

hands of hair experts like Hasan<br />

at Inanch London.<br />

What we love about the<br />

greyvolution trend is that it<br />

is all about embracing your<br />

individuality and celebrating your<br />

natural beauty.<br />

The greyvolution hair colour<br />

trend is here to stay, and it’s the<br />

perfect way to embrace your<br />

natural greys and turn them into<br />

a stylish and modern look that’s<br />

both modern and sophisticated.<br />

So if you’re looking for a lowmaintenance<br />

hair colour that<br />

celebrates you as an individual,<br />

the greyvolution trend is the<br />

perfect choice for you.<br />

Take the leap and join the<br />

greyvolution today!<br />


220 Great Portland Street,<br />

London W1W 5QP<br />

+44 (0)20 7383 7607<br />



I recently had the pleasure of visiting Hasan Uzun, a<br />

talented hairdresser at Inanch London who specialises<br />

in balayage. Hasan took me on a journey from<br />

my natural brown hair with an abundance of grey<br />

sparkle at the roots and mid-lengths to a stunning<br />

salt-and-pepper grey all over. From start to finish, the<br />

experience was incredible, and I am getting loads of<br />

compliments on the result.<br />

Hasan talked me through the entire process, including<br />

the pros and cons of going for such a drastic colour<br />

change. He explained that while grey hair can be<br />

incredibly striking and fashionable, it’s essential to<br />

be aware that the tips may stay blonde and not lighten<br />

to platinum, so when toned to grey one must keep<br />

on top of any brassiness that may show. Also, it is<br />

important to note that the colour may not take as well<br />

to previously coloured or damaged hair.<br />

However, Hasan was quick to reassure me that he had<br />

plenty of tips and tricks up his sleeve to ensure my<br />

hair stayed as healthy as possible and wouldn’t break<br />

although it would obviously become drier and slightly<br />

thinner in strand thickness.<br />

Throughout the process, Hasan was a delight to<br />

talk to and he explained every step of the journey<br />

carefully. He was careful to check my hair’s condition<br />

regularly and ensured that it remained healthy and<br />

shiny throughout, emphasising to only bleach it once<br />

and to never overbleach it. Hasan also made sure to<br />

take the<br />

time to<br />

explain<br />

how to<br />

care for my<br />

new colour<br />

properly such<br />

as using purple<br />

and blue shampoos,<br />

conditioners, and masks<br />

to prolong the colour’s life and<br />

keep any brassiness at bay.<br />

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my experience<br />

with Hasan. His expertise, friendly manner, and<br />

attention to detail made the whole process a breeze.<br />

My hair will need toning regularly at home or in<br />

a salon, so Greyvolution isn’t for those who want<br />

minimal fuss. I was however aware this was still<br />

transitional for me and has definitely bridged the gap<br />

between long grey roots and going completely grey<br />

without having to wait.<br />

If you’re looking for a talented hairdresser who will<br />

take the time to ensure that you end up with the<br />

perfect colour, I couldn’t recommend Hasan Uzun at<br />

Inanch London more highly.<br />

See some other amazing transformations done by<br />

Inanch London on Instagram at @inanchlondon or<br />

see Hasan’s creations at @hairbyhasanuzun<br />


Shania Twain<br />

I would say I’m<br />

an inspired judge.<br />

I’m inspired by the<br />

personalities of the<br />

talent and their life<br />

stories really move<br />

me<br />

© Vincent Dolman for ITV<br />

Intervi<br />

16 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

ITV’s Starstruck returns to the screen in <strong>2023</strong> and<br />

sees the Queen of Country Pop, Shania Twain<br />

joining the panel of judges for this season<br />

Starstruck returned to our screen this<br />

February with the Queen of Country Pop,<br />

Shania Twain joining the panel of judges<br />

for this season.<br />

The Canadian Grammy winning singersongwriter<br />

joined the Saturday night<br />

entertainment format, which sees members<br />

of the public transformed into music icons.<br />

Shania sits on the show’s judging panel<br />

alongside returning stars Adam Lambert,<br />

Beverley Knight and Jason Manford. Olly<br />

Murs once again hosts the show.<br />

Starstruck launched on ITV in February<br />

2022, with a consolidated 4.7 million<br />

tuning into its first episode, making the<br />

show one of the biggest new entertainment<br />

commissions of the year.<br />

In each episode, viewers watch contestants<br />

undergo the ultimate ‘superstar experience’,<br />

shedding their normal personas to become<br />

global icons, all courtesy of an elite<br />

team of glam and stylists overseeing an<br />

extraordinary on screen transformation.<br />

Series one featured performers<br />

impersonating stars including Harry Styles,<br />

Barbra Streisand, Elton John and Cher.<br />

Here’s what Shania had to say about the<br />

new show.<br />

P<br />

ew<br />

P<br />

What kind of judge would you say you<br />

are?<br />

I would say I’m an inspired judge - I’m<br />

S inspired by the personalities of the<br />

talent and their life stories really move<br />

me. I’m always considering how inspired<br />

I am, that’s really where I’m coming from<br />

when I’m giving them any commentary or<br />

any feedback.<br />

Have you been inspired by the<br />

contestants you’ve seen so far?<br />

Very much so! For example, there is<br />

S a singer who is a janitor at a school<br />

and he sings to his mop - this inspires<br />

me to the fullest! This is the spirit of the<br />

show in my opinion so my responses all<br />

come from that inspiration and less so from<br />

a competitive sense of who is technically<br />

better. I’m definitely looking more at how<br />

I’m moved. Paul the janitor is the essence of<br />

why I’m enjoying it so much.<br />

Last series, three contestants<br />

P impersonated the host Olly Murs. How<br />

would you feel if this series had Team<br />

Shania?<br />

We did have Team Shania! It was so<br />

S exciting. I was really flattered - it was<br />

like a career highlight. And especially<br />

to have three women who have day jobs<br />

and they are obviously fans - they put their<br />

heart and soul into doing the best Shania<br />

they could do. It was entirely flattering and<br />

I was really touched.<br />

P<br />

Have you been surprised by the level<br />

of talent you’ve seen so far?<br />

I’m so impressed! There have been a<br />

S lot of really great vocalists and there<br />

have been some great impersonations<br />

as well - there are two sides to the coin in<br />

this show. They are taking on the persona<br />

of a particular artist so their mannerisms<br />

and the way they deliver the character of<br />

the artist is part of the performance. I’ve<br />

been pleasantly surprised over and over<br />

again.<br />

P<br />

Do you enjoy coming to the UK? If so,<br />

are there any British traits you pick up?<br />

I love being in the UK - it’s very much<br />

S a sister culture for me coming from<br />

Canada. It doesn’t feel foreign in many<br />

ways. I would drink tea in Canada! There is<br />

a much more relaxed sense of humour. We<br />

swear more in Canada so I curb that a little<br />

bit when I’m over here! I always feel very at<br />

home when I’m here.<br />

P<br />

What do the contestants have to do<br />

to impress you when they take to the<br />

stage?<br />

The thing that impresses me the most<br />

S about any of the contestants is when<br />

they can maintain their composure.<br />

It’s petrifying and they’re not professionals.<br />

When they really keep it together vocally<br />

and they’re not distracted by being<br />

overwhelmed then that’s impressive.<br />

Nobody’s perfect and even as professionals<br />

we hit bad notes and we don’t always hold<br />

a note the way we want. If you can get up<br />

there and own it then you’ve already won<br />

over the audience and they’re on your side<br />

right away.<br />


P<br />

Have the rest of the judges and Olly Murs been<br />

welcoming? Do you feel like you have bonded<br />

with everyone?<br />

The panel and Olly are all so great - I love them!<br />

S I wasn’t worried about it but you never know<br />

with personalities but everyone is so lovely.<br />

They’re very welcoming, complementary and there<br />

is such a great mutual respect among all of us - a real<br />

immediate camaraderie.<br />

The panel has the ultimate say on who goes<br />

P through to the finale. Have you all agreed on the<br />

winner or have there been any disagreements on<br />

who should go through?<br />

We don’t always agree. We have different criteria<br />

S on what we think are the most impressive<br />

elements. Again, I’m coming from the<br />

inspirational side of things and I’m not necessarily<br />

judging on sheer vocal prowess - I’m more objective<br />

in that sense.<br />

P<br />

If you were a contestant on Starstruck, who<br />

would you like to transform into?<br />

I could probably try Pat Benatar. I like to rock<br />

S and she’s such a fierce woman. It brings me back<br />

to my teens and thinking of being starstruck. If I<br />

would have met Pat Benetar when I was a teenager, I<br />

would have been speechless.<br />

P<br />

How did you find performing with the other<br />

judges and Olly?<br />

We had so much fun! I’d love to do more of that<br />

S because they’re all so talented. The energy was<br />

high and those moments are highlights for us as<br />

a team. We’re up there and we’re joining in the spirit<br />

of the performance.<br />

P<br />

Have there been any standout moments from<br />

making the show?<br />

Adam’s wardrobe - he is so stunning! I look<br />

S forward to that every day. Jason has this<br />

fabulous humour and I enjoy having a laugh<br />

and bantering back and forth with him. Beverley is<br />

just very sisterly and warm. I look forward to that<br />

camaraderie we have. As far the music goes, just<br />

bring on the hits - I’m always looking forward to the<br />

hits. I live for music so I’m just the biggest fan in the<br />

audience.<br />

Applications are open for the third series of the<br />

hit ITV singing competition, Starstruck, which is<br />

expected to go ahead later this year. Closing date<br />

for applications is midnight on Thursday 15th<br />

June <strong>2023</strong>. To get started with your application,<br />

please visit www.starstrucktv.com<br />

Watch Starstruck Series 2 on Saturdays at<br />

8.30pm on ITV1.<br />

“It’s one off the bucket list to<br />

meet Shania and be in her<br />

company - someone that I’ve<br />

admired from afar for so many<br />

years.” says Olly Murs<br />

© Vincent Dolman for ITV<br />

“It feels like a real<br />

privilege to get behind<br />

this incredible woman<br />

and get to know her.<br />

She’s just so generous<br />

and fun and we’ve got<br />

on really well.” says<br />

Jason Manford about<br />

Shania<br />

18 PRENEUR WORL! www.preneur-world.com<br />

“It’s a joy for us to have someone<br />

who is so iconic and so revered<br />

as an artist, as a songwriter,<br />

as a singer on our show.” says<br />

Beverley Knight about Shania

Ask The<br />

Expert<br />

Charlie Morley is the UK’s<br />

leading lucid dreaming teacher<br />

and also one of the UK’s sleep<br />

experts who has worked with<br />

veterans to help them overcome<br />

sleep disturbances. His research<br />

and approach can be found in his<br />

latest Hay House book, Wake<br />

Up to Sleep. He also offers this<br />

as a course to both veterans and<br />

civilians with sleep disorders.<br />

Charlie is a best-selling Hay<br />

House author of four groundbreaking<br />

books on lucid<br />

dreaming, sleep & mindfulness.<br />

For the past 15 years he’s been<br />

running immersive sleep &<br />

dream retreats across the globe<br />

and he’s presented his work at<br />

both Oxford and Cambridge<br />

Universities as well as the<br />

Ministry of Defence. Charlie<br />

also offers a wide range of<br />

workshops, retreats and online<br />

courses. Check out his website<br />

or social channels as he runs<br />

various workshops in London<br />

and sometimes free in-person<br />

events. He also hosts a monthly<br />

FREE Drop-In / Meet Up (an<br />

online Dream Circle).<br />

To find out more, please visit<br />

www.charliemorley.com<br />

Guide To Lucid Dreams<br />

Charlie Morley is the UK’s leading lucid dreaming<br />

teacher and a best-selling Hay House author<br />

A lucid dream is a dream in which<br />

you are aware you are dreaming,<br />

and you’re able to direct and<br />

influence the dream at will. It’s<br />

something that has been practised<br />

by various traditions, cultures,<br />

religions for centuries. Humans<br />

have been doing this since eternity<br />

began yet it’s only been in recent<br />

decades that we’ve realised that<br />

you can actually do some pretty<br />

powerful inner growth work<br />

within lucid dreams.<br />

Rather excitingly, lucid dreaming<br />

is something that can be learnt,<br />

even if you’re not currently<br />

recalling many of your dreams.<br />

Here in the West it was first<br />

recognised scientifically by a<br />

Dutch psychiatrist named Frederik<br />

van Eeden who came up with the<br />

term for lucid dreams in 1913.<br />

Though it was in the 1970s that<br />

lucid dreaming really exploded<br />

and various studies validated and<br />

delved deeper into the field.<br />



During lucid dreams, neural<br />

pathways in the brain can be<br />

strengthened and created, just<br />

as they can while we’re awake.<br />

This means that dreamers who<br />

consciously engage in certain<br />

practices within their lucid<br />

dreams, such as sport, acts of<br />

kindness or engaging with joy,<br />

are creating and strengthening the<br />

pathways associated with those<br />

practices, making them easier to<br />

do in the waking state.<br />

One of the easiest ways to explore<br />

our unconscious is through our<br />

dreams. Lucid dreaming takes this<br />

exploration a step further because<br />

as hypnotherapy expert Valerie<br />

Austin once told me, it allows us<br />

‘access to this data straight from<br />

the unconscious without it being<br />

edited by our rational, conscious<br />

mind’. Our true capacity is just<br />

waiting to be revealed to us, and<br />

when we start to do mind-training<br />

work such as meditation, selfhypnosis,<br />

energy work and, of<br />

course, lucid dreaming, we being<br />

to get an idea of just how deep the<br />

iceberg goes.<br />


Keep a dream diary. The more<br />

you’re able to recall your dreams,<br />

even just fragments, the easier<br />

it will be for you to have a lucid<br />

dream. That’s because through<br />

keeping a dream diary you’ll<br />

become more familiar with the<br />

dream state, therefore, the next<br />

time you’re dreaming you might<br />

recognise that it’s a dream and<br />

wake up in the dream!<br />

Try to stay mindfully aware during<br />

the hypnogogic (the state you<br />

enter just before you fall asleep)<br />

you may then enter straight into a<br />

lucid dream if you remain mindful<br />

as you fall asleep.<br />

Try some reality checks during the<br />

day. Every time something surreal,<br />

unusual or uncanny happens in the<br />

day, ask yourself: Am I dreaming?<br />

If you get into this habit you’re<br />

more likely to ask yourself that<br />

same question within an actual<br />

dream, just before you become<br />

lucid.<br />

If you think you’re dreaming, ‘test<br />

the dream’ to see if it’s real. Try<br />

switching on a light at the wall.<br />

Your brain won’t be able to make<br />

the light appear as quickly (or in<br />

the same way) as a real-life light<br />

switch.<br />

Look at your hands, look away,<br />

and then look back at your<br />

hands. When you look back at<br />

your hands, they will be blurry<br />

or misshapen because the mind<br />

can’t replicate the same image in<br />

succession<br />

Try to read text or your mobile<br />

phone screen in a dream. You’ll<br />

find the words are eligible, jump<br />

around or are difficult to read.<br />


Ask The<br />

Expert<br />

Jasmine Eskenzi is the Founder<br />

of The Zensory, a cutting-edge<br />

immersive app, designed to<br />

boost mood and mindset using<br />

multi-sensory experiences.<br />

Backed by +200 research<br />

papers and world-leading<br />

professors, The Zensory offers<br />

curated music, binaural beats,<br />

naturescapes, touchpads, scents<br />

and more to super boost focus<br />

and relaxation in order to help<br />

people thrive and combat<br />

overwhelm in our busy modern<br />

lives. Jasmine has also cofounded<br />

Health Tech Hive, a<br />

community to connect, educate<br />

and empower female innovators<br />

in global health tech and has<br />

also released award-winning<br />

women’s health research and<br />

launched events alongside<br />

companies such as Google<br />

and NHSx. Jasmine formerly<br />

worked with NHSx and the All<br />

Party Parliamentary Group for<br />

Longevity in the UK and she is<br />

also the podcast host of ‘Play<br />

Positivity’, sharing wisdom from<br />

leading positive psychologists<br />

and is a published musician and<br />

songwriter aiming to use music<br />

to improve mental health and<br />

wellbeing.<br />

Smell Your Worries Away<br />

Jasmine Eskenzi, founder of The Zensory,<br />

shares five beautiful scents to help combat stress<br />

Many consider the practice<br />

of aromatherapy to work as a<br />

natural remedy for stress relief.<br />

Essential oils can often be found<br />

in diffusers, candles and wax<br />

melts. Additionally, another easy<br />

way to harness your sense of<br />

smell can be achieved through<br />

paying attention to scents that<br />

are naturally occurring in our<br />

environment. For example,<br />

focusing on the aroma of your<br />

first cup of herbal tea in your day<br />

can help you to feel more relaxed.<br />

To help you along your journey<br />

of discovering the power of your<br />

sense of smell, below are five<br />

stress-busting scents that are<br />

proven to make you feel more<br />

relaxed:<br />


The distinct citrus aroma of<br />

bergamot can reduce stress and<br />

mental fatigue. Sourced from<br />

the peel of a citrus fruit known<br />

as Citrus bergamia, bergamot<br />

essential oils have anxiolytic<br />

(anxiety-reducing) properties that<br />

can have an enlivening effect on<br />

your mood.<br />


There’s a reason why many reach<br />

for chamomile tea when they’re<br />

wanting to unwind, but just<br />

being around the smell of it can<br />

have powerful relaxant effects!<br />

If you’re in need of a scent for<br />

relaxation, to combat feelings of<br />

anxiousness, irritability or anger,<br />

chamomile can help.<br />


The warm, resinous, and earthy<br />

aroma of frankincense can have<br />

anti-anxiety and depressionreducing<br />

abilities. A recent<br />

study found that the compounds<br />

within frankincense can activate<br />

ion channels to the brain which<br />

alleviates feelings of anxiety<br />

or depression. Obtained from<br />

trees of the genus Boswellia, the<br />

aromatic resin of Frankincense<br />

is often used in incense and<br />

perfumes, as well as candles.<br />

Frankincense is also an ideal<br />

scent for those who practise<br />

meditation and purification and<br />

can reduce heart rate and high<br />

blood pressure.<br />


The delicate and sweet smell<br />

of lavender has gained global<br />

popularity for its easily<br />

recognisable and versatile scent.<br />

If you’re feeling stressed or<br />

anxious, the floral aroma of<br />

lavender can help you to relax and<br />

put your mind in a state of ease<br />

and contentment. Lavender oil is<br />

commonly used for sleep support<br />

but research has shown that it can<br />

also help reduce headache pain as<br />

well as improving mood, anxiety,<br />

and depression. This is because<br />

lavender can calm the nervous<br />

system, lift your mood, and<br />

even lower blood pressure. The<br />

sky’s the limit for how to utilise<br />

lavender essential oils because the<br />

scent is so strong and can be used<br />

in baths, distilled water to create<br />

room spray and massage oil.<br />


The sweet, rich, and syrupy scent<br />

of vanilla is famously known for<br />

its relaxing properties. In fact,<br />

during an experiment, people who<br />

smelled vanilla whilst carrying<br />

out a stress test, were reported to<br />

have a more stable heart rate and<br />

better blood pressure readings,<br />

than in comparison to those<br />

who took the stress test in an<br />

unscented room. According to<br />

research studies, vanilla oil has<br />

numerous antioxidant properties,<br />

which can help repair cells and<br />

lead to better heart health among<br />

other benefits for your skin.<br />

Additionally, vanilla extract<br />

when mixed with warm water<br />

can provide an aesthetic effect<br />

to the throat and help alleviate<br />

respiratory conditions.<br />

20 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Wild Beauty from<br />

Rhug Estate<br />


Purifying Body Wash with<br />

Bergamot and Nettle is a gently<br />

foaming body wash that helps<br />

detox the skin.<br />

£28 from Sephora UK<br />

Vintner’s Daughter<br />


Active Botanical Serum is a<br />

luxurious face oil formulated with 22<br />

nutrient-rich botanicals.<br />

£185 from Space NK, Net-A-Porter,<br />

Cult Beauty, Browns, Farfetch and<br />

Liberty London<br />

Gas Bijoux<br />


Ensoleille Moi is an elegant<br />

and refined Eau de Parfum<br />

with notes of Bergamot, Ylang<br />

Ylang, Coconut & White Musk.<br />

It represents the desire for warm<br />

sand, far away destinations, the<br />

feel of a sensual poem, an ode to<br />

the reflections of the sea and to<br />

the blue sky.<br />

£83 from Sephora, Debenhams<br />

and Aromorfia<br />

That’so<br />


Face Up Beauty Filter instantly<br />

provides skin with a flawless,<br />

filtered finish that lasts all day.<br />

£38 at www.thatsoskincare.com<br />

Scent Sensations<br />

Here is a selection of lovely<br />

scented products featuring<br />

Bergamot, Vanilla, Lavender,<br />

Camomile and Frankincense<br />

That’so<br />


All In One Face Mousse SPF50<br />

can be used under makeup or<br />

on top of makeup to ensure the<br />

skin is protected from the sun’s<br />

harmful rays.<br />

£30 at www.thatsoskincare.com<br />

Batiste<br />


Naturally Green Tea &<br />

Chamomile Dry Shampoo<br />

is a detox experience for<br />

your hair, offering a light<br />

and comforting formula<br />

and invisible finish to the<br />

hair.<br />

£4.25 from Boots<br />

Made By Coopers<br />


Sleepy Head room and pillow<br />

spray was awarded a ‘Sleep<br />

category winner’ in 2021.<br />

£17.50 from madebycoopers.com<br />

Natural Herb Remedies<br />


Calm Botanical Mist helps to create an<br />

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Breaking the taboos around<br />

hair loss and restoration<br />

By Dr Furqan Raja of Harley Street’s The Private Clinic<br />

It’s no secret that hair loss is a huge issue for men,<br />

indeed there are believed to be over 6.5 million<br />

male hair loss sufferers in the UK alone. It’s so<br />

commonplace that entire industries are devoted<br />

to helping men deal with it. But hair loss can be a<br />

complex topic to talk about and many men still feel<br />

embarrassed or self-conscious about it, consequently,<br />

it remains very much of a taboo subject.<br />

Sadly this taboo prevents so many people from<br />

speaking out about the issue and stops them from<br />

seeking assistance.<br />

I am working hard to break taboos around this and<br />

to make people aware of the huge positive impact<br />

hair restoration can have for men of varying ages.<br />

The physical and psychological impact of this type of<br />

surgery should not be underestimated.<br />


There are a number of factors that can cause hair<br />

loss. Typically we lose between 50-100 hairs a day<br />

however there are a number of things that can cause<br />

someone to lose more hair than this including;<br />

genetics, hormone changes, medication, age and<br />

certain medical conditions. Lifestyle factors such as<br />

poor nutrition, stress and/or alcohol consumption can<br />

also be factors.<br />

There has also been a surge in hair loss concerns<br />

since the pandemic.<br />

I’ve certainly seen an increase in people enquiring<br />

about hair restoration treatment as a result of postcovid<br />

hair loss. Even if your hair loss isn’t a result<br />

of Covid, research suggests a hair loss rate of 40%<br />

for men beginning at age 35 and growing to a 70%<br />

loss rate aged 80. The majority of the population will<br />

warrant professional services to help them restore<br />

their hair at some point.<br />

The fact that the issue of hair loss is so far-reaching<br />

emphasises the importance of breaking the taboos<br />

around it so that men don’t feel ashamed to not only<br />

discuss it, but also to seek support and treatment.<br />

Fortunately, there are a number of things that can be<br />

done to reduce hair loss and encourage a healthy head<br />

of hair.<br />

1<br />


Whilst alcohol itself hasn’t been directly<br />

linked to hair loss it can lead to dehydration<br />

which can also dry out hair follicles. Over prolonged<br />

periods of time this can also raise the acid levels in<br />

your body and affect protein absorption. Together<br />

this can have a negative impact on the hair follicles<br />

and hair health resulting in hair thinning and loss.<br />

Reducing alcohol intake can help to support healthy<br />

hair growth. If you drink alcohol ensure you avoid<br />

dehydration by interspersing alcoholic drinks with<br />

plenty of water.<br />

2<br />


An autoimmune condition such as alopecia<br />

areata stops the body from recognising<br />

its own hair follicles and attacks them. Sometimes<br />

people with alopecia areata do see their hair grow<br />

back. In this particular condition hair usually falls<br />

in “clumps” and may respond well to treatment.<br />

Other medical conditions such as thyroid disorders<br />

also result in hair loss but this can cause a type of<br />

loss that causes all of the hair on the scalp to thin.<br />

Typical male and female pattern baldness follow<br />

a recognisable “pattern” of loss and this may help<br />

differentiate from an obvious underlying cause. We<br />

always look to treat any underlying conditions, where<br />

resistant we may be able to achieve good results<br />

with non-surgical treatment such as PRP or plateletrich<br />

plasma injections or ultimately hair restoration<br />

surgery.<br />

3<br />


Health and nutrition is an important factor in<br />

healthy hair growth. Many of us are lacking<br />

in essential vitamins and minerals because we<br />

don’t get enough of them in our diet and so vitamin<br />

supplements can be a good way of ensuring you’re<br />

getting the necessary micronutrients that are essential<br />

for hair growth.<br />

Vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies are often<br />

unnoticed and can have a gradually worsening<br />

impact on hair loss. Vitamin A helps skin glands<br />

make an oily substance called sebum. Sebum<br />

moisturises the scalp and helps keep hair healthy.<br />

Similarly, Vitamin D, which is commonly deficient,<br />

is linked to sunshine exposure. Research shows that a<br />

lack of vitamin D in your body can lead to hair loss.<br />

When there isn’t enough vitamin D in your system,<br />

such as during the winter months or when people are<br />

unable to seek sunshine abroad, hair growth may be<br />

stunted. A good supplement will contain a balance of<br />

essential vitamins and minerals required for healthy<br />

hair.<br />

4<br />


To ensure there’s enough Biotin within your<br />

diet try to include sweet potatoes, carrots,<br />

22 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

pumpkins, spinach and kale into your diet as they<br />

are all high in beta-carotene which is turned into<br />

vitamin A. You can get B-vitamins from many foods,<br />

including whole grains, almonds, meat, fish, seafood<br />

and dark, leafy greens. For vitamin D consume fish,<br />

seafood and egg yolks.<br />

5<br />


PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy works<br />

by taking a small amount of blood and<br />

separating it in a centrifuge. The platelet rich plasma<br />

contains stem cells and growth factors which are<br />

separated from your blood and injected into the scalp.<br />

The growth factors then stimulate the activity of the<br />

hair follicles and promote hair growth.<br />

It takes a matter of minutes to take blood and<br />

then around 10 minutes to spin it in the centrifuge<br />

to separate it. Afterwards, there’s no significant<br />

downtime or scarring and from six weeks most of<br />

my patients will start to notice a response, usually<br />

describing thicker and better quality hair.<br />

6<br />


Stress can have a significant impact on a<br />

patient’s overall health and in turn a person’s<br />

hair. Stress raises androgen levels which can be<br />

linked to hair loss. Stress can also give rise to a<br />

number of other issues such as scalp problems (i.e.<br />

dandruff) and change in eating habits which in turn<br />

can impact the hair.<br />

Try to eat a balanced diet and eat regularly. Foods<br />

that release their energy slowly like complex<br />

carbohydrates help avoid sudden crashes. Eating<br />

a diet rich in green leafy vegetables, wholegrains,<br />

legumes, nuts and seeds will help you achieve daily<br />

levels of the B Vitamins, Zinc and Magnesium that<br />

have been shown to help control anxiety and stress.<br />

Exercise and meditation as well as adequate sleep is<br />

vital to reducing stress. See a doctor if you’re finding<br />

it difficult to cope.<br />

7<br />


Hair restoration surgery can be an extremely<br />

effective option for people experiencing<br />

hair thinning and bald patches. It involves minimal<br />

discomfort, once the local anaesthetic has been<br />

administered it is generally pain-free. The procedure<br />

that I perform at The Private Clinic is usually<br />

performed in one day and you are able to go home<br />

straight after. The average age of the patient that I<br />

see for a hair transplant is 35.5 years and 98% of my<br />

patients report that their hair transplant surgery has<br />

significantly improved their confidence and selfesteem.<br />


Specialist Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr Furqan Raja<br />

is one of the leading Hair<br />

Transplant Surgeons in the<br />

UK. Working from the<br />

esteemed The Private<br />

Clinic in London’s Harley<br />

Street as well as clinics<br />

in Manchester and<br />

Leeds, Dr Raja is a<br />

highly respected hair and<br />

scalp expert who is<br />

renowned for providing<br />

discreet and minimally<br />

visible procedures.<br />

Dr Furqan Raja<br />


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your vitamin A journey and/or you are prone to sensitivity. At an<br />

active level of 0.2% hydroxypinacolone retinoate (HPR), fine lines,<br />

dark marks and breakouts will appear visibly reduced.<br />

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With five cutting heads and dual track blades, the Remington Ultimate<br />

Series RX7 Head Shaver means that the days of repeatedly going over<br />

the same area are an issue of the past.<br />

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Ou r Top Pi c k s<br />

1<br />

3<br />

2<br />


Spring Into Wellness<br />

Weight loss can be a challenging<br />

journey but with OPTIFAST you<br />

can enjoy a nutritionally designed<br />

range of meal replacement<br />

products from Nestle Health<br />

Science which has over 40 years’<br />

experience across the globe and<br />

over 120 publications and studies<br />

to support its efficacy and safety.<br />

We tried out the OPTIFAST<br />

6-Week Plan to see if it lived up<br />

to its claims. It’s important to<br />

note that weight loss results may<br />

vary from person to person and<br />

it’s always best to consult with<br />

a healthcare professional before<br />

starting any weight loss program.<br />


The shakes and soups are all made<br />

in less than 2 minutes in a shaker<br />

whilst the bars are an even quicker<br />

go-to option making the diet plan<br />

easy to follow and stick to even<br />

when I was out and about.<br />


There are a variety of meal<br />

replacement options so things<br />

don’t get boring. In addition<br />

to high protein shakes in three<br />

flavours, there are three flavours<br />

of bars and three flavours of soup<br />

as well as two flavours of a meal<br />

replacement in a dessert style.<br />

Such variety helped me to stick to<br />

the plan, as I didn’t feel like I was<br />

eating the same thing every day.<br />


The shakes and bars are rich<br />

in high-quality protein with 24<br />

essential vitamins and minerals<br />

and a good source of fibre.<br />

OPTIFAST meal replacement<br />

products have been scientifically<br />

designed to be a healthy way to<br />

help you lose weight hassle-free.<br />

TASTE<br />

All the OPTIFAST meal<br />

replacement products taste great<br />

especially all of the shakes and<br />

bars. The consistency and mouth<br />

feel were pleasant and enjoyable.<br />


The first three days required some<br />

adjusting from previous unhealthy<br />

habits but after this time, I found<br />

following the Plan was a lot easier.<br />


Holistic support is available on<br />

the OPTIFAST blog with tasty<br />

recipes, nutrition advice, and<br />

lifestyle tips. There is also<br />

@optifastuk on Instagram and<br />

the closed Facebook group, where<br />

those following an OPTIFAST<br />

weight loss plan can share tips,<br />

advice, and support.<br />


For the first 3 weeks, I replaced<br />

my daily meals with 3 OPTIFAST<br />

products. Over the remaining 3<br />

weeks, I gradually reintroduced<br />

low-calorie conventional foods<br />

from a specific Food & Beverages<br />

List, so I then used a mix of<br />

OPTIFAST meal replacements<br />

and low-calorie healthy foods.<br />

By week 6, I was consuming one<br />

OPTIFAST shake a day and eating<br />

2 low-calorie meals of non-starchy<br />

vegetables and lean protein with a<br />

total calorie intake of 1,500 kcals.<br />

I drank 2 litres of zero-calorie<br />

drinks every day.<br />


Light exercise and walking are<br />

recommended for 30 minutes<br />

daily for the first 5 weeks of the<br />

plan and I avoided strenuous<br />

activities like jogging. In week 6,<br />

regular light exercise and walking<br />

are recommended of between 30<br />

to 60 minutes daily.<br />


After 6 weeks on the Plan, I had<br />

lost over 20 pounds going from<br />

17st 8lbs to 16st 2lbs.<br />


The plan may not be the best<br />

option for those who want to<br />

only eat balanced low-calorie<br />

meals cooked from scratch as it<br />

relies heavily on processed meal<br />

replacement products. However<br />

a recipe book is included which<br />

helps guide you on preparing<br />

healthy meals in your own<br />

kitchen. I had a great experience<br />

following the OPTIFAST<br />

6-Week Plan and would highly<br />

recommend it to anyone looking<br />

for a convenient and effective<br />

way to jumpstart their weight loss<br />

journey.<br />

The OPTIFAST 6-Week Plan costs<br />

£247 and is available from<br />

www.optifast.co.uk<br />

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Skinny Protein® helps you<br />

pack on lean muscle and strip<br />

away fat.<br />

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Vegan COMPLETE d-eat provides the<br />

body with all the essential nutrients and<br />

at the same time, has just 200 calories<br />

£57.16 at www.ringana.com<br />


Vanilla Nourishing Protein<br />

Powder helps support muscle<br />

recovery, alleviates bloating and<br />

enhances energy levels.<br />

From £29 at www.welleco.co.uk<br />


Make this your best year yet with<br />

this Personalised Create Your<br />

Future Life Planner.<br />

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BEURER<br />

The HK 123 Nordic<br />

heat pad heats up to<br />

its highest setting in<br />

less than 10 minutes<br />

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Vegan Diet Blend is a highprotein<br />

shake that helps you feel<br />

fuller for longer.<br />

£20.49 from www.myvegan.com<br />


Keep your daily life organised with this<br />

stylish and functional Filofax A5 Garden<br />

Organiser Dusk.<br />

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STOOV<br />

Turn that thermostat down with the cordless Big Hug that<br />

warms you from top to toe. Wireless technology has never<br />

been more ideal so you can have a big hug, any time of day!<br />

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Paul Olima<br />

Photo credit: BBC/Wall to Wall/Kieron McCarron<br />

Mental<br />

endurance is<br />

everything.<br />

Mentally you have<br />

to go through<br />

some darkness to<br />

get through the<br />

other side<br />

Intervi<br />

26 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

BBC’s Go Hard or Go Home is an adrenalinfuelled<br />

challenge reality series where eight Brits<br />

face the toughest 28 days of their lives<br />

ew<br />

In the new adrenalin-fuelled challenge<br />

reality series Go Hard or Go Home, eight<br />

people who feel lost in life (the Trainees)<br />

pair up with eight fitness pros (the<br />

Warriors) to compete in epic challenges<br />

designed to push their minds and bodies to<br />

the absolute limit. The Warriors have all<br />

used sports and fitness to overcome demons<br />

in their own lives, and now they’re ready<br />

to put their reputations on the line to prove<br />

they can do the same for their trainee too.<br />

To transform the trainees’ minds and<br />

bodies, each Warrior has to push their<br />

Trainee through a hardcore 28-day regime,<br />

along the way battling it out alongside them<br />

in a series of spectacular challenges. As the<br />

days pass, the Trainees get stronger and the<br />

challenges get tougher - but not all the pairs<br />

will make it to the end of the month, as<br />

only the strongest can stay on the island.<br />

This is edge of your seat stuff with the<br />

brave Trainees pushed physically as<br />

they take on brutal challenges, create<br />

relationships which are tested to their limits<br />

and undergo incredible transformations.<br />

Led by Paul Olima AKA Coach, the<br />

Warriors are athlete & psychologist,<br />

Adele Nicoll; power athlete & shotput and<br />

bobsleigh champion, Ashley Cain; former<br />

international rugby player, Heather Fisher;<br />

MMA fighter, Leah McCourt; Muay Thai<br />

fighter & personal trainer, Nesrine Dally;<br />

Olympic, <strong>World</strong> and Commonwealth<br />

gymnast, Nile Wilson; celebrity personal<br />

trainer, Tyrone Brennand and lead fitness<br />

instructor, Waz Ashayer. Here’s what Paul<br />

Olima had to say about the new show.<br />

P<br />

P<br />

P<br />

What made you want to take part in<br />

the show?<br />

It was an amazing concept, I wanted to<br />

see the trainees push through all they<br />

could.<br />

What would you say makes a good<br />

leader?<br />

Somebody that can lead by example,<br />

P somebody who is a leader for the<br />

whole group and someone who cares<br />

about the group.<br />

P<br />

What was it like to see the progress of<br />

the trainees throughout the show?<br />

That was the best bit about the show.<br />

P From start to finish, every single one<br />

of the trainees, from who they were at<br />

the start of the show to who they were at<br />

the end of the show, they all transformed<br />

and it was great to see. They all had to go<br />

through some dark times but after they got<br />

through that first little bit they all got well<br />

stronger, it was a joy to see.<br />

Health and fitness is an important part<br />

P of your life, what can you tell us about<br />

the part mental endurance also plays in<br />

a challenge like this?<br />

Mental endurance is everything<br />

P to something like this. I consider<br />

myself physically able to endure stuff.<br />

Mentally you have to go through some<br />

darkness to get through the other side<br />

because everybody on the show would not<br />

be fit enough to get through so everybody<br />

had to push through parts where their body<br />

was giving up. Some people mentally were<br />

ready for that and some people weren’t.<br />

P<br />

What piece of advice did you keep<br />

feeling like you needed to instil in the<br />

contestants as the show went on?<br />

I just told them to stick with it and<br />

P keep on going and doing what you<br />

have to do. They weren’t going to be<br />

there forever, they only had 28 days but<br />

they had 28 days of graft so they had to just<br />

take every day as it comes.<br />

For anyone watching the series that<br />

P doesn’t know how they can start and<br />

turn their lives around, what advice<br />

would you give them?<br />

If you can’t get out the house, the<br />

P advice I’d give you is it’s all baby<br />

steps. Get out the house and sit on a<br />

bench for 5 minutes. If you want to go to<br />

the gym but don’t have the confidence to<br />

go, you don’t have to do the full workout,<br />

just go to the gym and sit in the hall and<br />

watch people go into the gym, that’s a step<br />

further than you were and then you just<br />

progress yourself. You can do five minutes<br />

in the gym and that’s way better than what<br />

you did the day before. So it’s all about<br />

taking that first step.<br />

Watch Go Hard or Go Home on BBC Three<br />

this <strong>March</strong>.<br />


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Next Generation Hiking Boots<br />

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Boasting Polartec® Wind Pro®<br />

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year-round as a warm mid-layer,<br />

or as an outer layer in cold, dry<br />

conditions. Available to pre-order<br />

for early April delivery.<br />

£265 from www.jottnar.com<br />

Fleecy Does It<br />

The Zale Full Zip Hooded Jacket<br />

is an insulating fleece hoody that<br />

offers outstanding warmth with<br />

full-length centre-front zip,<br />

zipped handwarmer pockets<br />

and grown-on hood with<br />

elasticated binding to face.<br />

£100 from www.craghoppers.com<br />

Boots Made For Exploring<br />

Part of Chatham’s country collection, these Chartwell hiking boots<br />

are crafted from 100% waterproof premium nubuck leather in rich<br />

dark brown with a seven-eyelet, mid-cut style. The comfortable<br />

padded cuff, back tab, sympatex waterproof<br />

‘bootie’ lining and a two-density rubber<br />

sole are all stand-out features. Hikers<br />

will appreciate the sole spring poron<br />

performance cushioning which is<br />

anti-bacterial and offers<br />

maximum comfort and<br />

shock absorption.<br />

£110 from chatham.co.uk<br />

Travel Trousers<br />

The NosiLife<br />

Adventure Trouser<br />

are streamlined travel<br />

trousers engineered for<br />

effortless hot-climate<br />

travel. As well as the<br />

NosiLife anti-insect<br />

bite technology, the<br />

trousers also feature<br />

UPF40+ protection and<br />

anti-odour patches for<br />

trusted performance in<br />

hot-climate conditions.<br />

£90 from<br />

www.craghoppers.com<br />

Adventure-Ready Sandals<br />

You’ll be set for any adventure with KEEN’s Newport<br />

H2 Sandals for men which feature a quick drying lining,<br />

EVA insole with luxurious arch support for all day<br />

comfort and super cushioned EVA midsole. A secure<br />

fit lace capture system and non-marking rubber outsole<br />

will keep you grounded wherever your wanderings take<br />

you.<br />

£99.99 from www.keenfootwear.com<br />



From tech to take your laptop to the next level to the best<br />

electric scooter, here are our tech favourites this season<br />

TRUST<br />


This Trust Teza 4K Ultra HD Webcam has a 4K<br />

lens that captures the best of you, with an image<br />

that is sharp and clear, excellent depth perception<br />

and accurate colours. It also has dual microphones<br />

that pick up sound from multiple directions up to 5<br />

metres – meaning everyone’s voice is heard, even<br />

in group meetings. The autofocus, 74° field of view<br />

and automatic white balance provide optimal quality<br />

imagery. The Teza comes with a tripod, USB-A to<br />

USB-C adapter, and attachable privacy shutter.<br />

£119.99 from Amazon<br />

UGREEN<br />


Facilitating a complete expansion of the capabilities of your<br />

laptop, this Docking Station is perfect for those who wish to<br />

download content from other devices, such as cameras, when<br />

your laptop does not already possess the ports to do so. With<br />

1x USB A 3.2 Gen 2 port and 1x USB-C 3.2 port with Flash<br />

Transmission speed up to 10Gbps, and 2x USB 3.0 ports, the<br />

Docking Station will meet most data transferring needs. The PD<br />

3.0 port provides a maximum of 100W to pass-through charge<br />

laptops while in use, allowing the Docking Station to be used<br />

free from any worries of your laptop running out of battery.<br />

£329.99 from Amazon<br />

JOBY<br />


This Beamo Studio Deluxe Lighting Kit is a one-stop lighting solution<br />

for your home video studio including a key light and a colour background<br />

light. Create engaging content with the easy-on-eyes Beamo Studio<br />

Key Light. Built-in Soft-Lens light diffusion ensures you will get the<br />

best image quality for your talking head videos. 10 brightness levels and<br />

3 colour temperatures can be controlled by the supplied cable remote<br />

which also magnetically attaches to the base of the table stand. The<br />

multi-angle, 10 brightness levels and 12 colours adjustable Beamo<br />

Studio Background Light gives a professional look to your content.<br />

£89.95 from joby.com<br />

32 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com



Vocaster One Studio Pack provides everything you need to capture<br />

high-quality voice recordings, quickly and easily. The bundle includes<br />

the Vocaster One interface; Focusrite’s Vocaster DM1 dynamic<br />

microphone with built-in grille and pop filter that makes you sound<br />

like you’re in the studio; HP60v closed-back studio headphones that let<br />

you hear your voice in perfect detail. The kit can also utilise Bluetooth<br />

to record directly from phone calls (ideal for remote interviewees)<br />

and comes with a whole suite of free software too, so you can start<br />

recording, editing, and sharing your content without delay.<br />

£199 from Amazon<br />



The STM Goods ChargeTree Swing takes<br />

up minimal space but is able to charge<br />

your phone, AirPods and Apple Watch all<br />

at once. It features an innovative design<br />

that will fit in on any desk or table. The<br />

swing arm for the Apple Watch allows the<br />

face to be visible in nightstand mode whilst<br />

charging and can be swung away for even<br />

more space saving when it is not in use.<br />

£69.95 from Amazon<br />



Height adjustable with the ability to hold an iPad in infinite positions<br />

and angles, the 2nd Gen HoverBar Duo by Twelve South comes with<br />

a weighted desktop base as well as an adjustable shelf clamp to suit<br />

every iPad setup. Easy to use, it has a QuickSwitch Tab so users can<br />

go from the desktop base to shelf clamp in a matter of seconds. Ideal<br />

for both personal and business use, it elevates the iPad camera to eye<br />

level, users can have more natural conversations on video calls.<br />

£79.99 from Amazon and Apple<br />



Designed by Yamazaki Homewares in Japan, this elegant monitor stand<br />

is available in either a white or black powder coated steel finish. The<br />

high quality desktop monitor stand comes with the benefit of a series of<br />

storage cubbies to help clear the clutter from your desktop. By raising<br />

your monitor off the desk, the stand creates additional space below to<br />

tuck your keyboard away, store paperwork or even hide cable clutter.<br />

£52 from www.aplaceforeverything.co.uk

Helen<br />

Glover<br />

I want to help<br />

inspire other<br />

parents to chase their<br />

dreams, bring the<br />

kids along for the<br />

journey, and being<br />

the best version of<br />

yourself is also being<br />

the best parent you<br />

can be<br />

Intervi<br />

34 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Double Olympic champion Helen Glover MBE<br />

talks about rowing, her proudest achievements<br />

and the Save Our Outdoors campaign<br />

ew<br />

How did you first become interested<br />

P in rowing and how did you start your<br />

journey towards becoming an Olympic<br />

athlete?<br />

It all started when I was 21. I was<br />

H training to become a PE teacher at the<br />

time and had a lifelong love of sport.<br />

It was 4 years before the London Olympics<br />

and I started rowing after applying to a<br />

Talent ID scheme called sporting giants<br />

which was looking for people with the<br />

potential to be good at various sports<br />

including rowing. I was tested for my<br />

strength and endurance and first got in a<br />

boat 4 years before the London Olympics.<br />

P<br />

What are some of your proudest<br />

achievements in your rowing career<br />

and in life in general so far?<br />

My proudest achievements are my<br />

H children, they are still little (3, 3 and<br />

4). Within sports I’d say the biggest<br />

achievements have been what I’ve managed<br />

to achieve with my teammates.<br />

Winning 2 Olympic titles with Heather<br />

Stanning and <strong>World</strong> and European titles<br />

with Polly Swann will always be so special<br />

as having people on the journey with me<br />

has been a really important part.<br />

P<br />

How do you handle the pressure of<br />

competition and the possibility of<br />

failure?<br />

I try to remind myself of the training<br />

H I’ve put in to get there. And I listen to<br />

my coaches and the people who know<br />

me best like my mum and my husband.<br />

P<br />

How do you think your personality<br />

traits have contributed to your success<br />

in rowing?<br />

I think I’m naturally competitive but<br />

H also feel really lucky to get to do this.<br />

I love being in the outdoors, in the<br />

elements, and I never forget how fortunate I<br />

am to be doing something I love.<br />

P<br />

H<br />

What steps do you take to try and<br />

reduce your own carbon footprint and<br />

help combat climate change?<br />

Working on the Cotswold Outdoor<br />

Save Our Outdoors campaign, I’ve<br />

learnt a lot about the small steps<br />

we can take to protect the outdoors we<br />

treasure so much here in the UK. Simple<br />

things such as sticking to paved paths or<br />

tracks can help counter footpath erosion,<br />

which takes years to restore. Making sure<br />

you’re buying the right kit the first time<br />

not only helps your wallet, but the planet<br />

too. When it comes to walking shoes or<br />

rucksacks, getting them fitted by experts,<br />

such as those found in-store at Cotswold<br />

Outdoor, can make a huge difference. It’s<br />

also important to look after the kit you<br />

already have - if it’s damaged don’t just<br />

throw it away, have it mended if possible,<br />

through services like Cotswold Outdoor’s<br />

Repair and Care. If it’s beyond repair,<br />

use recycling schemes, like the Recycle<br />

My Gear scheme at Cotswold Outdoor, to<br />

prevent it ending up in landfill.<br />

Do you think it is important for<br />

P athletes, and people in the public eye<br />

more generally, to use their platforms<br />

to raise awareness about important issues<br />

such as climate change?<br />

I do, which is why I’m so proud to be<br />

H part of Cotswold Outdoor’s Save Our<br />

Outdoors campaign. Hopefully I can<br />

use my platform to make a difference -<br />

letting your readers know the small steps<br />

they can take to play their part in making<br />

sure the outdoor places we love are here to<br />

last.<br />

Do you think it is possible for<br />

P individuals to make a significant<br />

difference in the fight against<br />

climate change, or do you think it requires<br />

collective action on a larger scale?<br />

I think it’s important to act both<br />

H as an individual and a collective<br />

group to tackle climate change. The<br />

responsibility certainly shouldn’t be placed<br />

on the shoulders of just one person, but if<br />

everyone starts to take action we can gain<br />

momentum to ensure we protect the planet.<br />

P<br />

How do you think the issue of climate<br />

change will affect the future of rowing<br />

and other outdoor sports?<br />

Research by Cotswold Outdoor found<br />

H that 42% of people in the UK worry<br />

about climate change at least once a<br />

week. That’s something I can relate to. The<br />


last few years have seen a rise in both flooding and<br />

droughts across the UK. While I’m not an expert on<br />

these environmental issues, I think it’s safe to say this<br />

will affect rowing as well as other outdoor activities<br />

I love.<br />

P<br />

Do you have any advice for people who are<br />

passionate about environmental issues and want<br />

to get involved in trying to make a difference?<br />

Cotswold Outdoor wants to encourage everyone<br />

H to play their part in protecting the planet so we<br />

can all continue to enjoy the outdoor spaces<br />

we love, which is why they’ve launched the Save<br />

Our Outdoors campaign. They have worked with an<br />

environmental expert to offer advice on how to enjoy<br />

outdoor spaces responsibly, like if there is no paved<br />

path, you should avoid bare and muddy areas, as soil<br />

loss by foot erosion takes years to restore.<br />

P<br />

Name one person (not including family) who<br />

has had a significant influence on your personal<br />

development?<br />

My coach Robin has had such a huge impact<br />

H on my career (I attribute most of my success<br />

to him!) but has also made me understand that<br />

it’s important to enjoy the journey as well as the<br />

outcome.<br />

P<br />

What is your approach to self-reflection and how<br />

do you use it to improve yourself?<br />

Understanding yourself is a huge part of being<br />

H an elite athlete. I have to be able to predict how I<br />

might react to situations like the feeling of being<br />

on the start line or being exhausted at training.<br />

And then most importantly it’s crucial to know what<br />

tools or self talk to use to make sure I’m in the best<br />

place mentally that I can be.<br />

P<br />

If you could have dinner with any three people,<br />

dead or alive, who would you choose and why?<br />

Jesse Owens - a sporting legend, I love chatting<br />

H to other sportspeople. James Acaster - I find<br />

everything he says hilarious. Wangari Maathai<br />

- an environmentalist and peace activist. Reminding<br />

me what the lessons I want to instil in my children<br />

are.<br />

P<br />

If you could go back in time and give yourself<br />

one piece of advice, what would it be and why?<br />

Nurture friendships well. Life gets so busy and<br />

H full of distractions. I would remind myself that<br />

the odd message or phone call to a friend is<br />

important.<br />

P<br />

How do you think your experiences as an<br />

Olympic athlete can inspire and motivate others?<br />

I feel like often people put Olympic athletes<br />

H up on pedestals. I certainly did when I was<br />

younger! But I want to show that Olympic<br />

athletes have totally normal daily struggles, can<br />

find motivation hard, and can feel anxious and selfconscious<br />

in the gym. My role as a mum is the most<br />

important in my life and I want to help inspire other<br />

parents to chase their dreams, bring the kids along<br />

for the journey, and being the best version of yourself<br />

is also being the best parent you can be.<br />

You can find out more about the Save Our Outdoors<br />

campaign at www.cotswoldoutdoor.com/news.html<br />

Photo credit: Izzy Cooper<br />

for British Rowing<br />

Helen says, “I’m so proud to be part<br />

of Cotswold Outdoor’s Save Our<br />

Outdoors campaign”<br />

36 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Introducing Chores To Toddlers<br />

Lovevery, the global brand that<br />

hopes to make every parent feel<br />

confident, has a range of stage<br />

and age based products to support<br />

play and development, for children<br />

aged 0-4yrs, all offering exactly<br />

what a child needs at each stage.<br />

Lovevery’s mission is to give<br />

families a support system for<br />

a brighter future through their<br />

stage-based early learning system.<br />

The brand is best-known for its<br />

subscription Play Kits program,<br />

which delivers award-winning<br />

play essentials and resources for<br />

parents designed by experts for<br />

a child’s developing brain. The<br />

new 3YO Play Kits help parents<br />

navigate new phases with their<br />

three-year-old by equipping them<br />

with crucial social and emotional<br />

skills. Here are Lovevery’s tips on<br />

introducing and engaging toddlers<br />

with everyday household chores.<br />

Allowing children to perform<br />

everyday tasks themselves builds<br />

independence, confidence, and<br />

resilience. It also takes some extra<br />

time.<br />

When we let our children push the<br />

lift or washing machine buttons,<br />

pour their water, and wash their<br />

hands, they’re practising how to<br />

operate in their own little world.<br />

In Montessori terms, this is called<br />

“Practical Life”.<br />

When your toddler starts to show<br />

more interest in doing things for<br />

themselves or “helping” you with<br />

household tasks, this is a great<br />

time to introduce practical life<br />

activities.<br />

Here are some household<br />

suggestions that are just right for<br />

your toddler:<br />


As soon as your child can walk<br />

and reach the dinner table, they<br />

can start trying some basic tablesetting<br />

tasks. For example, you<br />

can start by putting them in charge<br />

of napkins or spoons. Hand your<br />

little one a few at a time and give<br />

them a concrete directive of where<br />

to put it. For instance: “Put the<br />

spoon next to the plate.”<br />


Invite your child to help you with<br />

household cleaning whenever<br />

they’re interested. To encourage<br />

them, you can ask if they would<br />

like to help with a specific task,<br />

for instance: “Would you like to<br />

clean a spot on this window?”<br />

If you have a glass door, low<br />

windows, or a full-length mirror,<br />

encourage your child to use their<br />

own small spray bottle to wet the<br />

glass. Narrate what they are doing<br />

by using action words like spray,<br />

mist, and squirt.<br />


By 24 months, many toddlers<br />

have the motor coordination (as<br />

well as the interest) to put items<br />

where they belong. To set your<br />

toddler up for success, keep a<br />

designated place for them to return<br />

certain items—a basket for blocks,<br />

another for stuffed animals, and a<br />

rack for books. A quick tip - if you<br />

label each basket with a picture of<br />

what belongs inside, this will help<br />

your toddler with this task.<br />


Laundry is a universal, neverending<br />

task, which makes it a<br />

great opportunity for your child<br />

to help. Young children love to<br />

open and close machine doors, put<br />

clothes in the washer or pull them<br />

out of the dryer, help you pour<br />

the soap (hand over hand), and<br />

twist knobs and push buttons on<br />

the machine. Sometime between<br />

19 and 24 months, many children<br />

begin to match items of the same<br />

type. Choose contrasting socks<br />

and lay them out in front of your<br />

child—maybe two large ones and<br />

two small ones, ideally of different<br />

colours—and say, “can you find<br />

the socks that go together?”<br />

Lovevery Play Kits start from<br />

£80 and are available from<br />

www.lovevery.co.uk<br />


Kiddo Luxe<br />

Little Green Radicals<br />

From One To Another Summer Rainbow<br />

Striped Knitted Jumper (£38) is the<br />

perfect cosy layer for breezy beach days or<br />

summer nights around the campfire.<br />

Soft Red Twill Turn Up Sunshine Shorts<br />

(£28) come with turn-ups which can be<br />

lengthened as they grow, plus an adjustable<br />

waist, so they’ll last that bit longer.<br />

Blue & Red Checkered<br />

Reversible Pull On Trousers<br />

(£34) provide two styles in<br />

one so can be worn with lots<br />

of different outfits and come<br />

with turn-ups to last little ones<br />

even longer.<br />

Red Checkered Button Through<br />

Pyjama Short Set (£35) is<br />

inspired by traditional nightwear<br />

and is made from soft, organic<br />

cotton that will keep kids comfy<br />

all through the night.<br />

All items are made from 100%<br />

Organic & Fairtrade Cotton<br />

and are available at<br />

www.littlegreenradicals.com<br />

BeSafe<br />

The BeSafe iZi Flex Fix i-size is a high<br />

back booster seat for children 100-150<br />

cm tall (Approx 4 year - 12 years). It<br />

combines excellent safety features,<br />

high standards of comfort with flexible<br />

solutions to enable easy adjustments and<br />

installation. The BeSafe iZi Flex FIX<br />

i-Size is equipped with three layers of<br />

side impact protection and a headrest<br />

specifically shaped for the highest<br />

safety and comfort. Best of all, the<br />

seat perfectly adjusts to your family’s<br />

growing needs. It enables you to fit up<br />

to three people in one row by simply<br />

detaching the SIP bumpers facing the<br />

inside of the car. More space – just as<br />

safe!<br />

The BeSafe iZi Flex Fix i-size is<br />

available in 7 colours priced from £219<br />

to £269 at www.pramworld.co.uk<br />

For more information about BeSafe and<br />

to view the whole collection, visit<br />

www.BeSafe.com<br />

38 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Choixce: Members Only<br />


Choixce is a revolutionary new way of shopping. The<br />

personal styling fashion website caters for men and<br />

children (up to aged 18), where they are handpicked<br />

a selection of designer clothes by a personal stylist<br />

at 70% off the RRP and with a guaranteed value of<br />

between £200 and £500 of RRP in the box from high<br />

street and luxury brands.<br />

We love that Choixce is a members-only service,<br />

which ensures that each customer receives a<br />

personalised shopping experience. After shopping<br />

just four boxes, customers are invited to become a<br />

Gold Member and get 80% off their fifth curated<br />

box of items plus this top tier membership gives<br />

customers access to luxury brands and first dibs on<br />

new stock. For gold members who abuse the system<br />

and do not pay fairly (i.e. just a nominal fee), their<br />

membership is quickly revoked.<br />

We recently had the pleasure of trying out Choixce,<br />

and we have to say that we were very impressed with<br />

the fab fashion on offer and overall service.<br />

The process was incredibly easy and convenient.<br />

After registering a profile on Choixce’s intuitive<br />

website, the parent was able to discuss their child’s<br />

preferences and personal requirements with Lorna,<br />

Choixce’s Head Stylist, via WhatsApp. Alternatively<br />

if you prefer, you can talk to your designated stylist<br />

via email, live chat or phone. Lorna handpicked some<br />

stylish items from the impressive selection available<br />

at her fingertips which included a Mauro Grifoni<br />

waistcoat and smart navy blazer, red trousers and<br />

beautiful checked shirt all from Hackett. In no time<br />

at all, the personalised outfit for the child arrived.<br />

With free delivery, the deposit is a flat rate of £20<br />

which is then credited against what you decide to<br />

keep with items delivered straight to your door for<br />

your child to try them on at home with you only<br />

paying for what you keep.<br />

For items which aren’t quite right, simply pop them<br />

back in the box within 14 days and return for free.<br />

For the items you want to keep, you can log in to your<br />

account and pay for the items.<br />

We also appreciate that Choixce has a Pre-Loved<br />

arm, which encourages customers to send back in<br />

their box clothes they no longer wear. The Choixce<br />

stylists then work with local registered charities to<br />

send these clothes out to those less advantaged, which<br />

is a wonderful initiative that also helps reduce waste.<br />

Overall, we would highly recommend Choixce<br />

to anyone looking for a personalised shopping<br />

experience for their child’s wardrobe to get some<br />

of the best designer clothes whilst saving time and<br />

money.<br />

Find out more at choixce.com<br />


Minipreneur Style<br />

Raise your child’s game in the fashion<br />

stakes with these cool clothes<br />


Appealing to parentpreneurs<br />

looking for fun designs that capture<br />

the essence of childhood whilst<br />

still being incredibly high-quality<br />

and practical, Muddy Puddles is a<br />

must for any minipreneur needing<br />

sustainable outdoor wear.<br />

We love the UV protection<br />

swimwear which comes with<br />

UPF50+ sun protection as standard<br />

for extra peace of mind. The full<br />

collection includes separates, rash<br />

vests, girls bottoms and shorts,<br />

surf swimsuits and boys’ shorts<br />

(18 months – 12 years) as well as<br />

all-in-ones for younger children<br />

(six months to six years). Matching<br />

sunhats with wide brims and chin<br />

straps are also available to complete<br />

the look.<br />

Discover the Happy Planet collection<br />

at www.muddypuddles.com<br />

MORI<br />

MORI have released a<br />

nostalgic The Very Hungry<br />

Caterpillar collection which<br />

we totally adore! Made from<br />

the softest organic cotton<br />

and bamboo, the collection<br />

includes day and sleep wear<br />

for newborns up to ages 5-6y,<br />

with prices starting at just<br />

£34.50 or the pyjamas (above)<br />

and £20 for a long sleeved<br />

T-shirt (right). You can view<br />

the full collection at<br />

www.babymori.com.<br />


Award-winning designer<br />

Rachel Riley has collaborated<br />

with premium Merino Wool<br />

brand Smalls to create a<br />

capsule collection of cosy baby<br />

and kidswear. Made from soft,<br />

eczema healing Merino wool,<br />

from traceable and ethical<br />

sources, we love the Baseball<br />

Long Sleeve Top (£47) teamed<br />

with matching Trousers (£65)<br />

in French Navy.<br />

Available from<br />

www.rachelriley.co.uk<br />

JOULES<br />

This Finn 1/2 Zip Sweatshirt<br />

has a cosy funnel neck for<br />

snuggling into, a quarter zip<br />

fastening and ribbed hem and<br />

cuffs. As for the fit it is relaxed<br />

through the body so can be<br />

layered easily over t-shirts and<br />

has raglan sleeves for a casual<br />

feel. It’s adorned in stripes and<br />

is finished with a branded hare<br />

to the chest.<br />

£26.95 from www.joules.com<br />

40 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com


100% waterproof &<br />

breathable, the awardwinning<br />

Outdoors Rain<br />

Jacket and Outdoors<br />

Dungaree Set (£57) plenty<br />

of room for layering<br />

underneath.<br />

The Great British Bobble<br />

(£27) is ethically made<br />

in the UK using soft &<br />

sustainable merino wool.<br />

Only available from<br />

wetwednesdays.co.uk<br />


Perfect for the local pool or on holiday,<br />

these Patterned Kids Boardshorts (£15.99)<br />

are made in a nylon-elastane blend with an<br />

adjustable drawstring, cargo pockets and a<br />

fun, bright print.<br />

The 2-pair Bermuda Junior<br />

Aqua Shoes (£15.99) are designed in soft<br />

neoprene with a breathable top mesh panel.<br />

Easy to slip on and off, aqua shoes protect feet<br />

from standing on sharp objects or hostile sea<br />

creatures for confidence in the water.<br />

Buy them at www.mountainwarehouse.com<br />


The 2-Pack Kids’ Space Digger<br />

Jersey Pyjamas includes one longsleeved<br />

pair featuring an all-over<br />

tractor print and one short-sleeved<br />

set with tractor applique and coordinating<br />

striped trousers. Rib cuffs<br />

prevent the bottoms from riding up,<br />

keeping little legs cosy, while the<br />

gently elasticated waistband is comfy<br />

on growing waists.<br />

£29 from www.jojomamanbebe.co.uk<br />


A modern twist on classic prints is<br />

a fun way to add interest to your<br />

child’s wardrobe while keeping it<br />

versatile. By adding vibrant<br />

construction vehicle appliqués<br />

to a classic Breton top, the<br />

Indigo Construction Vehicles<br />

Appliqué Top is transformed<br />

into something extra special.<br />

£16 available from<br />

www.jojomamanbebe.co.uk<br />


This Paw Patrol interactive watch with printed<br />

soft silicone strap features a touchscreen<br />

dial with 10 watch faces, 3 wallpapers, selfie<br />

photo/video camera, games, fitness tracker,<br />

alarm/stopwatch/timer, voice recorder and<br />

calculator. It has a rechargeable battery and<br />

USB cable for charging and data transfer.<br />

£39.99 from www.robertdyas.co.uk<br />


Energy (£47) is a character leather<br />

chelsea boot with a contemporary<br />

grippy sole with flex grooves<br />

to aid natural movement. Feet<br />

stay comfortable with leather<br />

linings to absorb moisture and<br />

there is a handy inside zip<br />

fastening with elastic side<br />

panel. Available in sizes<br />

S6-S12.5 width F.<br />

Enigma (£45) comes in multiwidth,<br />

whole and half size<br />

fittings to ensure the perfect<br />

fit for growing feet. Double<br />

riptape fastening allow<br />

for easy adjustment<br />

and a precision fit.<br />

Available in Sizes<br />

S6-S12.5 and<br />

width F & G.<br />

College (£58) is a sleek stylish slipon<br />

school shoe with a sculptured<br />

heel for comfort and support.<br />

The mature shape will appeal to<br />

primary age boys wanting to look<br />

their best. Available in sizes<br />

L2-L5.5 width F & G.<br />

All available from<br />


Minipreneur Style<br />

Rachel Riley<br />

Rachel Riley’s Navy Piped<br />

Pique Shirt (£49) is made<br />

from premium piqué<br />

cotton and trimmed with<br />

contrasting navy piping<br />

detail, for a smart look<br />

perfect for special occasions.<br />

The shirt is also available<br />

with a red or blue trim, and<br />

comes in baby sizes too.<br />

Rachel Riley’s versatile<br />

Classic Tailored Shorts<br />

(£49) in crisp cotton, can be paired<br />

with a smart shirt and look great with<br />

a T-shirt or hoodie for a more casual<br />

look. Available in beige, navy and<br />

blue colourways, they feature side and<br />

back pockets, with waist adjusters for<br />

comfort.<br />

Both of the above are available from<br />

www.rachelriley.co.uk<br />

Deichmann<br />

Clarks Junior Boy Black<br />

Leather Twin Strap School<br />

Shoes (£39.99) is the perfect<br />

style for smart little chaps in the<br />

classroom.<br />

Jack Wolfskin Boys Blue Lace-<br />

Up Low Hiker (£34.99) is a<br />

multifunctional shoe sure to be<br />

loved by small adventurers.<br />

Both from www.deichmann.com<br />

Chelsea Peers<br />

Whether you dress<br />

your minipreneur in<br />

the delightful Mini<br />

Peers Kids’ Organic<br />

Cotton Green Giraffe<br />

Print T-shirt (£15) and<br />

Leggings (£20) or take<br />

twinning to a new<br />

level with the Kids’<br />

Red Modal Button<br />

Up Long Pyjama Set<br />

(£38), bedtime just<br />

got snazzier thanks to<br />

Chelsea Peers.<br />

Available online at<br />

chelseapeersnyc.com<br />

Joules<br />

These Bradley Jersey Denim<br />

Slim Jeans are slim fitting<br />

through the leg with a turn up<br />

hem, so there’s a little extra<br />

growing room. They have the<br />

traditional five pocket styling,<br />

a functional fly fastening, an<br />

elasticated waistband and belt<br />

loops. Better yet, they come<br />

in a versatile denim wash and<br />

have been made using an Eco<br />

Wash technique that uses less<br />

water, energy and chemicals<br />

than traditional washing<br />

methods.<br />

£24.95 from www.joules.com<br />

Very<br />

Boys Three Piece Denim<br />

Shirt T-Shirt and Jean Set<br />

(£19.50) from V by Very is the<br />

perfect set to smarten up their<br />

wardrobe.<br />

Boys Embroidered Dino Jog<br />

Set (£13) from Mini V by Very<br />

features a colourful dino print.<br />

Boys Multi Stripe Knitted<br />

Jumper (£10) from Mini V by<br />

Very is perfect for little chaps.<br />

All from Very.co.uk<br />

42 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Bobo Choses<br />

We love the playful “Waves All<br />

Over” design from the SS23<br />

collection at Bobo Choses.<br />

The t-shirt (€38) is soft and<br />

comfortable, perfect for everyday<br />

wear, while the trousers (€72) and<br />

shorts (€44) add a touch of fun to<br />

your child’s summer wardrobe.<br />

Best of all, the clothes are unisex<br />

and are available online from<br />

www.bobochoses.co.uk<br />

Polarn O. Pyret<br />

Made from soft brush-back cotton, this<br />

fun vehicle print kid’s sweatshirt is<br />

extra cosy for games at the park, plus,<br />

the rib-knit hem and cuffs lock in the<br />

snugness - so there’s no need to stop<br />

play. Wear with matching leggings for<br />

the perfectly coordinated look.<br />

£28 from www.polarnopyret.co.uk<br />

Polarn O. Pyret<br />

For bold pieces that will give your outfit a boost, go for this vehicle<br />

print kid’s hoodie. Made in soft brushed back organic cotton this<br />

kid’s hoodie will keep chilly weather at bay. The versatile style has<br />

a removable hoodie giving you two ways to wear it while the bold<br />

vehicle print makes it stand out from the crowd.<br />

£40 from www.polarnopyret.co.uk<br />

Bobux<br />

Built on a foundation of family values and a<br />

heritage of Kiwi innovation, Bobux firmly believes<br />

the world would be a better place if kids’ shoes<br />

were both healthy and awesome looking. <strong>World</strong>leading<br />

research with respected podiatrists and<br />

development driven lasts, ensures that fit, foot<br />

health, comfort and performance is paramount with<br />

all Bobux’s shoes. Bobux’s shoes are with children<br />

through every stage of their foot development and<br />

its mission is to make the best shoes in the world<br />

for growing feet. Some of our favourite styles this<br />

season include Grass Court trainer (from £45),<br />

Tidal sandal (from £42) and Summit sandal (from<br />

£42). Available from www.bobux.co.uk<br />

Polarn O. Pyret<br />

This Block Stripe Kids Top<br />

(above, £22) is made in soft<br />

yet hardwearing organic<br />

cotton and is designed to last<br />

many kids, many seasons<br />

whereas the Organic Cotton<br />

Kids T-Shirt (below, £12) is<br />

distinctive, durable and made<br />

to last in a choice of designs<br />

to suit girls and boys.<br />

Both available from<br />


The Storytime Ritual<br />

Dave Woods - children’s author and co-founder of the personalised BE<br />

Books stories - talks about the importance of storytime for parents<br />

and how to create moments with your children that will last a lifetime.<br />

Storytime is a child’s first experience of space travel.<br />

Their first taste of underwater exploration. Their<br />

first encounter with a monster. It’s where they learn<br />

to hone their emotions. Excitement. Fear. Laughter.<br />

Curiosity. All woven together while they sit, wideeyed<br />

and breathless, as tale after tale unfolds before<br />

them. New worlds of knowledge and experience<br />

painted with unforgettable strokes onto the blank<br />

canvasses of their hungry young minds.<br />

The Storytime Ritual. As timeless as it is<br />

spontaneous. As nerve-jangling as it is reassuring.<br />

It creates thoughtful windows of serenity<br />

in our relentless, screen-obsessed<br />

lives. And builds a priceless bond<br />

between parent and child.<br />

On one hand, it’s a forum<br />

to tell thrilling adventures<br />

and instil a lifelong love of<br />

reading, on the other it’s a<br />

platform to gently touch on<br />

a child’s real-life concerns<br />

when they’re relaxed and<br />

accessible. Are you afraid<br />

of monsters? … or anything<br />

else? … anyone at school?<br />

… (a discreet way in to raise<br />

the difficult subject of bullying,<br />

perhaps?). It can offer a way of<br />

bridging those two distant worlds of<br />

home and school.<br />

My Belgian wife and I read all the tried and<br />

trusted classics to our three young children. She in<br />

French, me in English. Lots of morality tales – like<br />

Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories – which were/are<br />

a particular family favourite. But every Storytime<br />

Ritual is unique to every family.<br />

In our household, if our kids were well behaved<br />

(which was rare) they’d get one of The ‘Woods’<br />

Stories, as they came to be known. (Woods is our<br />

family surname, insert your own name if you want to<br />

try this on your own offspring.)<br />

The Woods Stories, to this very day, are still talked<br />

about by my three children (now 23, 21 and 19).<br />

These were special stories, where the children<br />

themselves were heroes in their own bedtime stories.<br />

Yes, the tales took a little pre-planning, but they were<br />

unforgettable moments of escape for them. And for<br />

me as a father!<br />

A Woods Story always started with a journey to some<br />

fantastic new location: an exotic island / a distant<br />

mountaintop / a dense jungle / an underground cave<br />

– you get the idea. Or we might time-travel back to<br />

the age of dinosaurs (a favourite) / the time of knights<br />

and dragons / the Wild West / some far corner of the<br />

universe in a rocket, and so on. And, in order for the<br />

tale to be told, my three children had to be properly<br />

prepared: pyjamas on, teeth cleaned and<br />

perched in a neat row in mummy and<br />

daddy’s bed.<br />

Then, before the actual Woods<br />

Story could start, the children<br />

had to ‘journey’ to the place<br />

where the story would<br />

begin.<br />

To do this, they had to<br />

go to that fabled land of<br />

scintillating suspense<br />

and excitement – under<br />

the covers. That was where<br />

they would be transported.<br />

In every sense. And there, in<br />

the darkness, safe and warm, I’d<br />

begin telling the story and they’d<br />

start imagining it across the pages<br />

of their minds. Just like the ancient art of<br />

storytelling that arose across many cultures, without<br />

a single book in sight.<br />

True storytelling relies on the intimacy between the<br />

teller and their audience. Weaving tales around their<br />

specific needs and that particular location. Making<br />

the potential for each story, for any family, to be as<br />

unique as a child’s own fingerprint.<br />

Our Woods Stories were characterised by elements<br />

of interaction. Whilst penning this article, I asked<br />

my middle child, Daphne, what sprang to mind when<br />

she thought back to those stories. “It was a bit like<br />

4D cinema,” she said, her eyes glowing. (She’s a<br />

veteran of Universal Studios and other experiential<br />

theme parks, so has the lingo off pat.) “You used to<br />

flick water at us in the dark to create the sensation<br />

44 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

of being at sea in a big storm!” (Just a cup of water,<br />

hidden under the bed before story time, with a few<br />

flicked drops across their closed eyes, which brought<br />

to life the dramatic ocean voyage that I’d already<br />

planned they would undertake in that particular tale.)<br />

“And I remember the lightning flashing over our<br />

ship!” (Created by switching off the bedroom light,<br />

then flickering it on and off rapidly with booming<br />

sound effects to create the accompanying donner to<br />

the blitzen. Cheap, but very effective.)<br />

In every different Woods Story, each child would<br />

always have their own little backpack. And in those<br />

three backpacks were key elements they would need<br />

to either save them or help them progress as they<br />

continued their quest. It might be a torch. A dog.<br />

A magic wand. A can of beans. A length of rope.<br />

But it was always vital. (And always pre-planned.)<br />

Three children. Three backpacks. Three empowering<br />

moments in each Woods Story. A simple narrative<br />

device that kept them engaged throughout.<br />

Why let your children just ‘listen’ to a story when<br />

they can actually ‘be’ the story?<br />

They also had their own superpowers based on their<br />

own personalities, like strong reading skills, or keen<br />

eyesight or problem-solving abilities or just doing<br />

something silly, which let them exert their own<br />

personal influence on the direction of the tale. And,<br />

importantly, gave them a sense of control.<br />

The more you put into your storytelling, the more you<br />

get out of it. Both your children, and you as a parent.<br />

Can’t make up your own stories? There’s still a<br />

happy ending – just start adding simple ‘experiential’<br />

moments to any story you read them. You’ll quickly<br />

become a master storyteller – spontaneous and<br />

inventive. Like rustling curtains if a monster is<br />

lurking outside, or adding sound effects to action<br />

scenes, or reading in different characters’ voices, or<br />

plunging the bedroom into darkness (get ready for<br />

screams of delight!) then continuing to tell the story<br />

in the inky blackness to fire their imaginations.<br />

I believe the Storytime Ritual should be more than<br />

just a snatched, dutiful moment at the end of a busy<br />

working day (although I stress this is better than<br />

nothing and at times, I’ve had to do the same thing<br />

myself). Whenever and wherever possible though, it<br />

should be seen as the invaluable family-empowering<br />

opportunity it really is. Something to be enhanced.<br />

Personalised. Maximised. A just-a-few-fleeting-yearsin-a-lifetime<br />

experience for you and your children.<br />

One to be celebrated.<br />

The Storytime Ritual is a rite of passage for every<br />

child. Where, with a little extra effort, you can create<br />

moments that will last forever. Memories that will<br />

inform your little heroes as they, in the dim, distant<br />

future, become storytellers to children of their own.<br />


Dave Woods is a children’s author and co-founder of<br />

the personalised BE Books stories, which are a new<br />

series of mini morality tales based on different reallife<br />

values. Dave envisaged a collection of books that<br />

could bridge the gap between the classroom and home<br />

– tales for time poor parents that would empower<br />

them to open up meaningful conversations with their<br />

children about real life issues. Dave co-authored<br />

the books and is co-founder of Be Held - a new<br />

publishing platform dedicated to supporting parents,<br />

inspiring children and empowering families through<br />

a series of thought-provoking books.<br />

To find out more about BE Books, please visit<br />

beheld.com<br />

Dave Woods & James Butterworth, Co- Founders of Be Held<br />


Kiddotainment<br />

Toys & Games<br />

For Minipreneurs<br />



These Maths Home Learning<br />

Sets from Edx Education<br />

help kiddos learn important<br />

early mathematical concepts,<br />

developing skills in<br />

counting, addition, sorting,<br />

classifying, identifying<br />

geometric shapes and<br />

objects, problem solving and<br />

reasoning.<br />

Maths Home Learning Set<br />

for 5-6 Years is £21.99 and<br />

Maths Home Learning Set<br />

for 6-7 Years is £27.99 from<br />

www.shopedx.co.uk<br />


This kiddo-friendly croquet set will be a hit<br />

with children and parents alike. The beautifully<br />

crafted set features 6 spring-themed animal<br />

arches and is perfect for developing hand-eye<br />

coordination. Kiddos can simply grab a mallet<br />

and one of the balls to have endless fun hitting it<br />

through the arches. Ideal for parents looking for<br />

fun activities to keep their kiddos entertained.<br />

£28 from www.jojomamanbebe.co.uk<br />


This attractive sea-themed number floor mat helps kiddos<br />

practise number concepts up to 120 and develops a variety<br />

of primary maths skills, including Addition and Subtraction,<br />

Multiplication, Doubling, Place Value, Counting and<br />

Number Patterns. The large maths floor mat will keep<br />

primary children engaged<br />

when developing their maths<br />

skills and offers a number of<br />

different game play options.<br />

The box includes 64 square<br />

frames, 64 square marker cards,<br />

four T-shaped frames, two<br />

inflatable number cubes and<br />

one inflatable number cube for<br />

+1-, -10, +1 and -1.<br />

£32.50 available from<br />

learningresources.co.uk<br />



This bumper maths kit from Edx Education supports 5-6 year old<br />

kiddos at home with learning early mathematical concepts using fun<br />

and hands on activities to learn geometry and problem solving skills<br />

through play. Includes a colour activity booklet, 25 double-sided<br />

activity cards and 5 different types of tactile maths items, including<br />

1 Geoboard with 20 elastic bands, 50 Junior Geostix®, 60 Attribute<br />

Blocks, 1 Attribute Block Spinner and 2 Sorting Circles.<br />

£38.99 from www.shopedx.co.uk<br />


This is the perfect game for any<br />

children’s parties or family<br />

fun evenings. Kiddos will<br />

love the Janod Magnetic<br />

Dart Game! With<br />

friendly monsters<br />

to cheer you<br />

on, little ones are<br />

encouraged to aim<br />

at the target with the<br />

magnetised arrows, a<br />

safe and fun way of<br />

developing dexterity<br />

and concentration.<br />

Suitable from 4 years<br />

+, the grown-ups will<br />

want to get stuck<br />

in with this spooky<br />

game too!<br />

£19.99 from Yes Bebe<br />

46 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com


With the 120-piece Dizzy Fun Land Motorised<br />

Building Set kiddos can spend whole days at the<br />

amusement park. Includes a handheld motor,<br />

carousel, Ferris wheel, bumper cars, roller coaster,<br />

play figures and enough colourful, spinning gears to<br />

make everything come to life. The motorised<br />

set encourages creativity and mechanical<br />

reasoning. It also helps build<br />

motor skills in children.<br />

£66.95 available from<br />

learningresources.co.uk<br />

TONIES<br />

tonies®, the leading children’s<br />

storytelling audio system, turns<br />

listening, and in turn learning,<br />

into an exciting experience for<br />

kiddos of all ages. Some of<br />

our favourite Tonies right now<br />

include classics like Toy Story and<br />

Winnie-the-Pooh as well as more<br />

modern adventures with the Paw<br />

Patrol pups like Chase and Rubble.<br />

Tonies are £14.99 each and the<br />

Toniebox Starter Set is £79.95<br />

from tonies.com<br />


This action-packed tabletop tennis rally game is<br />

inspired by the world of Super Mario. Kiddos must<br />

slide their characters left and right to receive the ball<br />

and hit the button at the right time to serve and return!<br />

The scoreboard helps keep track of the match in true<br />

tennis style and see who can defeat their opponent<br />

to become the Rally Tennis champion! Comes with<br />

collectible Mario and Luigi figures that can be used<br />

interchangeably with other Super Mario games that<br />

are part of the Epoch<br />

Games Link System. No<br />

batteries required and<br />

suitable from<br />

age 5+.<br />

£29.99 from<br />

very.co.uk<br />



A recreation of the classic<br />

arcade game featuring fan<br />

favourite Mario characters!<br />

Whichever player has the<br />

most coins at the end wins.<br />

Suitable for solo play or 2<br />

players and there are two<br />

ways to play. Best suited<br />

for kiddos aged 4 years<br />

and over.<br />

£29.99 from<br />

Amazon<br />


TOMY’s brand-new Pop Up Super Mario toy is<br />

expected to be one of the most successful pop-up<br />

games yet when it launches this Spring.<br />

With three ways to play, Pop Up Super Mario is<br />

simple to play and easy for kiddos to pick up. In<br />

Classic play, Mario is in his pipe, and you must help<br />

him get out. Each player takes turns sliding paddles<br />

into the pipe. When the correct slot is picked…POP!<br />

Mario will bounce out of his pipe and that player wins<br />

the game. Nobody knows which slot will make him<br />

pop up next – it’s different every time!<br />

For a longer game, try Coin Collection. In this<br />

version, the paddles are mixed up and placed coin<br />

side down. Each player chooses a new paddle at the<br />

start of their turn. The player that helps Mario pop out<br />

counts the number of coins on that paddle and gets<br />

that added to their score. Keep playing. Each paddle<br />

has a different number of coins, and the player with<br />

the most coins at the end wins!<br />

£19.99 from<br />


Kiddotainment<br />


This colourful 30-piece shaped jigsaw features a busy<br />

construction site scene with lots to talk about and<br />

discover. The chunky pieces are great for little hands.<br />

This jigsaw is perfect for kids who love big construction,<br />

featuring a digger, tipper and cement mixer along with<br />

lots of quirky characters<br />

and funny events<br />

happening in the scene<br />

to spot and discuss.<br />

A poster and learning<br />

guide encourages<br />

discussion.<br />

£11.25 from<br />

www.orchardtoys.com<br />


A fun introduction to understanding 2, 5 and 10<br />

times tables, this educational game<br />

introduces kids to<br />

multiplication, it also<br />

gives parents the tools<br />

to help teach their child.<br />

Once children have<br />

become familiar with the<br />

concept of multiplication<br />

they can play<br />

the flippin’<br />

fun pancake<br />

themed<br />

game to put<br />

their new<br />

skills to the<br />

test!<br />

£9.50 from<br />

www.orchardtoys.com<br />


This exciting, prehistoric game has kids finding all<br />

the bones to build their very own 3D T-Rex dinosaur.<br />

Players take turns to hook matching coloured dinosaur<br />

bones onto their dinosaur body. The winner is the first to<br />

dig up all the bones to<br />

complete their<br />

dinosaur. Great fun,<br />

quality and colourful<br />

pieces, teacher tested<br />

and perfect for helping<br />

young children develop<br />

colour matching,<br />

memory and dexterity<br />

skills.<br />

£12 from<br />

www.orchardtoys.com<br />


SmartCar Mini is a fun, compact, 3D-puzzle<br />

including a total of 72 challenges (24 inside the<br />

challenge booklet and 48 challenges available to<br />

download). All from easy to expert level. Kiddos<br />

build the car by placing all of the blocks in the<br />

chassis. The position of the blocks must match the<br />

colour clues shown in the challenge.<br />

£9.99 from<br />

smarttoysandgames.co.uk<br />


Kiddos will have fabulous fun building their Flip Bot and<br />

launching the turbo motors to make it flip and spin. With<br />

a double safety system, GeoSmart offers unsurpassed<br />

safety and durability, for endless playing pleasure!<br />

£44.99 from smarttoysandgames.co.uk<br />


The sequel to TOMY’s classic game of Screwball<br />

Scramble tests coordination and skill on a topsyturvy<br />

journey through a table-top maze full of<br />

new surprises. Suitable for independent play or<br />

competition against friends and family. There is<br />

some light assembly necessary and it attaches to the<br />

Original Screwball<br />

Scramble (sold<br />

separately) to form<br />

one giant maze. No<br />

batteries required!<br />

£19.99 from Smyths<br />

48 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com


GOLF<br />

Simple social<br />

games never<br />

fail to please<br />

kiddos, which<br />

makes this<br />

Farm Mini<br />

Golf Set a<br />

no-brainer<br />

for parents<br />

who need<br />

fun activities to fill their toddler’s day. Beautifully<br />

crafted and painted to create 6 farm themed<br />

obstacles for you to hit the balls under, over<br />

and through, the set is both fun and useful for<br />

developing hand-eye co-ordination. Simply pick up<br />

a club and one of the included balls and hit it for<br />

endless fun!<br />

£45 from www.jojomamanbebe.co.uk<br />


Kiddos will love to join Pirate Pete in the exciting<br />

game of Pile Up Pirates. Speed is key as whoever<br />

stacks the most pirates wins but one false move can<br />

bring the tower tumbling down<br />

for the loser. The rotating<br />

base adds an extra layer<br />

of excitement and<br />

can be twisted to<br />

adjust the difficulty<br />

so kiddos can begin<br />

on the easier setting<br />

before making it<br />

more challenging as<br />

they develop higher<br />

accuracy and grow<br />

their coordination<br />

skills.<br />

£11.99 from Hamleys,<br />

Amazon and Argos<br />


This fast paced kiddo board game has players follow<br />

the path around the board, landing on spaces and<br />

setting off all kinds of calamitous<br />

traps! Tripped by the marble,<br />

monkeys around the track will<br />

try to stop the explorers with<br />

booby-trapped spaces: a see-saw,<br />

a snake pit, a rickety bridge and<br />

more. Suitable for 2 to 4 players<br />

with no batteries required.<br />

£22.99 from<br />

Amazon, Argos,<br />

JLP, Very,<br />

Smyths, The<br />

Entertainer,<br />

The Range<br />

and WHSmith<br />


Easy to learn and quick to set up and play, Mad<br />

Tea Party features all your favourite friends from<br />

Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. The tilting tea party<br />

table adds a level of difficulty, or play without for<br />

accessible play or younger players (very young<br />

kiddos can simply play it as a stacking game);<br />

suitable for ages 5 and up, and for 2-10 players, Mad<br />

Tea Party is a perfect family game.<br />

£15 from The Entertainer and Amazon<br />


Using this microscope, young biologists can zoom<br />

in on flowers, animals, food, minerals and more<br />

using eight double-sided smart slides that activate<br />

amazing BBC videos and images.<br />

Kiddos can discover answers to curious questions<br />

like: How do leaves changes colours? What do plant<br />

cells look like? What is sand made of anyway?<br />

They can make their own discoveries by finding<br />

things around the house and getting a closer look<br />

using the reusable slides or large sample tray.<br />

Children will be amazed by<br />

what they can see with up<br />

to 200x magnification<br />

on this real microscope<br />

and they can capture<br />

and save the on-screen<br />

images.<br />

£79.99 available from<br />

www.leapfrog.com<br />


Kiddotainment<br />

TAPTAP®<br />

TapTap® Smart Fidget is the small but mighty<br />

miniature gamer that syncs play and learning to<br />

make fidgeting both beneficial and fun. Palmsized<br />

and programmed with five high-touch, hightech<br />

games that target memory, focus, hand/eye<br />

coordination, critical thinking, and fine motor skills,<br />

TapTap® Smart Fidget will<br />

keep fingers nimble and minds<br />

sharp. TapTap® Smart Fidget<br />

offers on-the-go brain-training<br />

and fidget-style fun that will<br />

keep kiddos aged five-plus<br />

entertained for hours. It’s the<br />

ultimate travel boredom buster!<br />

£9.99 from Smyths Toys<br />


Paint away the mess-free way with Paint Pop<br />

Paint Sticks. They offer the perfect introduction<br />

to painting and doodling. They’re bright,<br />

colourful and create no mess, offering a happy<br />

experience for all! They dry quickly, often in<br />

under a minute, reducing the risk of smudges<br />

and transfer. Plus, the smooth, glide-on paint<br />

works without needing water or brushes,<br />

making for easy clean up.<br />

With their chunky shape,<br />

Paint Pop Paint Sticks are<br />

ideal for little hands – and<br />

they’re so easy to use, with<br />

their twist and paint action.<br />

Simply take off the cap,<br />

twist the tube to push the<br />

paint upwards and paint!<br />

From £4.99 at Smyths Toys<br />

ENGINO<br />

Creative Engineering Maker Junior’s 10 Models<br />

Set offers kiddos hours of creative play building<br />

10 engineering toy models including an elephant, a<br />

giraffe, a spaceship and many more. Improves handeye<br />

coordination and spatial thinking using easy-tohandle<br />

blocks, rods<br />

and connectors.<br />

Combining print &<br />

online instructions,<br />

it can be stored<br />

easily in its plastic<br />

tub when done.<br />

Compatible with<br />

other Engino products and<br />

made from environmentally<br />

friendly toxin-free plastic.<br />

£29.99 from Amazon<br />


Part of the City Life series, this high quality toy<br />

ambulance playset has the realistic functions of a<br />

modern ambulance with side and rear doors to open as<br />

well as light and sound module on the roof and a host<br />

of detailed medical accessories to encourage kiddos<br />

aged 4 and up to imaginative role play as paramedics<br />

helping the injured construction worker. Assembly is<br />

child’s play thanks to the enclosed printed building<br />

instructions with pictures. With<br />

this awesome ambulance<br />

playset kiddos can develop<br />

important skills and selfconfidence.<br />

£49.99 available from<br />

www.playmobil.co.uk<br />

ENGINO<br />

The Motorised Models 30-in-1 Adventure Set<br />

helps kiddos practice critical STEM skills like<br />

how to think and build in 3D space and how to<br />

find creative solutions to real-world engineering<br />

problems through<br />

real life and VR.<br />

Kiddos can<br />

take their first<br />

steps in creative<br />

engineering<br />

building up to 30<br />

different awesome<br />

models set into<br />

motion with a 3v<br />

motor.<br />

£75 from Amazon<br />

50 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Minipreneur’s<br />

Book Corner<br />

You can't judge a book by its cover<br />

so here are our recommendations<br />

from the UK's leading publishers<br />

There’s Nothing<br />

Faster than a Cheetah<br />

by Tom Nicholl and<br />

Ross Collins<br />

We absolutely adore this laughout-loud<br />

wonderfully wacky<br />

picture book packed with<br />

vehicles and animals. It features<br />

a bouncy, read-aloud story from Tom Nicoll<br />

and hilarious illustrations from the awardwinning<br />

Ross Collins.<br />

£7.99 published by Macmillan<br />

The Kiss<br />

by Eoin McLaughlin and Polly<br />

Dunbar<br />

A delightful bedtime story that celebrates blended<br />

families and kindred spirits. Tiger and Crocodile<br />

are both looking for a goodnight kiss in this clever flip-book story.<br />

£7.99 published by Faber<br />

Imagine Eating Lemons<br />

by Jason Rhodes & Richard<br />

Dearing<br />

A child’s introduction to mindfulness where<br />

Chester Chestnut learns about his anxious thoughts and<br />

feelings, where they come from and how to control them.<br />

£7.99 published by Graffeg<br />

Blue<br />

by Sarah Christou<br />

A friendly, gentle story to help young children<br />

navigate big emotions by showing them that feeling<br />

blue doesn’t have to be scary or kept a secret.<br />

£7.99 published by Faber<br />

Dig, Dig, Digger<br />

by Morag Hood<br />

With bright colours and a witty text from the<br />

award-winning Morag Hood, young children<br />

and adults will love reading this book together.<br />

£12.99 published by Macmillan<br />

Winnie the<br />

Pooh and Me<br />

by Jeanne Willis and<br />

Mark Burgess<br />

A brand new story from<br />

everyone’s favourite honeyloving<br />

bear and more beloved<br />

classic characters<br />

– the perfect gift for<br />

children who want to<br />

take another journey<br />

into the enchanting<br />

and nostalgic world<br />

of Winnie the Pooh.<br />

£12.99 published by<br />

Macmillan<br />

The Versatile<br />

Reptile<br />

by Nicola Davies &<br />

Abbie Cameron<br />

This book is a brilliant way to<br />

introduce children to reptiles’<br />

versatility and reduce the fear<br />

of reptiles. Written by awardwinning<br />

children’s book author<br />

and zoologist<br />

Nicola Davies.<br />

£7.99 published<br />

by Graffeg<br />


First Questions and<br />

Answers: Why Am I Afraid?<br />

by Katie Daynes & Christine Pym<br />

This book is perfect for children who have ever felt<br />

anxious or afraid, or who want to help a friend. A cast<br />

of characterful frogs go through a range of relatable<br />

scenarios from not wanting to be alone<br />

to being afraid of the dark. The beautiful<br />

illustrations, friendly text and interactive<br />

flaps help children learn more about<br />

their own feelings.<br />

£9.99 published by Usborne<br />

Mental Maths<br />

by Tom Mumbray<br />

This lift-the-flap book illustrated by<br />

Benedetta Giaufret and Enrica Rusina makes<br />

mental arithmetic a breeze with clever tips,<br />

tricks and techniques. There<br />

are lots of practice puzzles and<br />

questions with lift the flaps to<br />

reveal the answers and a maths<br />

maze game at the end. The book<br />

is a fun way for 5-8 year olds to<br />

learn essential maths skills.<br />

£10.99 published by Usborne<br />

Easter Things To Make And Do<br />

by Kate Nolan<br />

This big, bright book is full of simple yet charming<br />

craft ideas. From blossom pictures & butterflies to<br />

bunnies & chicks, there are all kinds of things for kids<br />

to have fun making, using everyday materials.<br />

£6.99 published by Usborne<br />

English For Everyone<br />

Junior 5 words a day<br />

This beautifully illustrated dictionary is an essential<br />

vocabulary builder for young children learning<br />

English as a foreign language that teaches and tests<br />

five new words each day, for five days a week, over<br />

one year adding up to 1000 English words.<br />

£14.99 published by DK<br />

Look I’m An Engineer<br />

This playful preschool activity book for kids will<br />

unleash your child’s curiosity and creativity as<br />

they play their way through 15 super fun STEM<br />

projects. Every project features bright photography<br />

and charming illustrations, which support the easyto-follow<br />

instructions. Perfect for ages 3 to 6 Years.<br />

£7.99 published by DK<br />

1000 words STEM<br />

This fascinating STEM education book is packed<br />

with bright, detailed illustrations and easy-to-read<br />

terms. Every picture-packed page is full of scientific<br />

concepts such as sound, light, senses, and machines,<br />

with words for each image. It’s perfect for children<br />

aged 5 to 7 years.<br />

£9.99 published by DK<br />

Questions &<br />

Answers About<br />

Money<br />

by Lara Bryan<br />

With fun illustrations by Marie-<br />

Eve Tremblay, this lift-the-flap<br />

book is filled with answers to<br />

important money<br />

questions like “Where<br />

does money come<br />

from?”. The book<br />

has been written in<br />

consultation with<br />

money management<br />

expert Bobby Seagull.<br />

£10.99 published by<br />

Usborne<br />

First Maths<br />

Glossary<br />

Key maths vocabulary and<br />

concepts for young children<br />

are simply explained in this<br />

friendly and informative<br />

reference book. Clear,<br />

accessible pictures and<br />

diagrams support this first<br />

introduction to numbers,<br />

calculating, measuring,<br />

geometry, and data-collecting,<br />

making basic maths<br />

skills easier to<br />

understand.<br />

£9.99 published by DK<br />

52 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

The Very Best Hug<br />

by Smriti Halls & Alison Brown<br />

This is a charming celebration of every kind of<br />

hug, filled with gorgeous and funny illustrations by<br />

the much-loved Alison Brown and a delightful rhyming text by Smriti<br />

Halls, bestselling author of I’m Sticking with You. From bear hugs to<br />

koala cuddles, this book is the perfect gift for anyone who loves hugs!<br />

£6.99 published by Bloomsbury Children's Books<br />

The Happy Tank<br />

by John Magee<br />

In just a few weeks, the Kindness Coach, John Magee,<br />

can set your children up with happy habits that will<br />

stay with them for life. The Happy Tank is the perfect<br />

resource to use with children aged 7+ to boost their<br />

happiness, wellbeing and confidence at home and at school.<br />

£7.99 published by Bloomsbury Education<br />

The Bedtime Book of<br />

Impossible Questions<br />

by Isabel Thomas and Aaron<br />

Cushley<br />

Covering all areas of childlike curiosity, this<br />

beautifully illustrated volume of answers to<br />

those all-important questions is stuffed full of<br />

exactly the sort of fascinating facts you always<br />

wanted to know like how many stars are in the night sky, why<br />

don’t animals wear clothes and do plants have feelings!<br />

£12.99 published by Bloomsbury Children's Books<br />

Kobe Ketchup and the Food<br />

Bank Adventure<br />

by Madelaine Black and Shirley Waismann<br />

This new children’s book is an uplifting story of a little boy called<br />

Jay and some magical condiments coming to life. Published in<br />

support of Bankuet, the UK’s first online food bank donation<br />

platform and number one supplier to food banks, it’s a timely tale<br />

that teaches children, and grown-ups, about need, giving, receiving<br />

and how we can all make a difference.<br />

The book explores a key issue, encouraging readers<br />

to think about children who might be going hungry,<br />

in a fun and relatable story.<br />

£8.99 published by Purple Mash Publishing<br />

Perfectly<br />

Norman<br />

by Tom Percival<br />

This new board book from the Big<br />

Bright Feelings series comes with<br />

an important lesson<br />

for children to be open<br />

and honest about the<br />

things that make them<br />

wonderfully different.<br />

£7.99 published by<br />

Bloomsbury Children's<br />

Books<br />

The Wild Life of<br />

Animals<br />

by Mike Barfield and<br />

Paula Bossio<br />

A colourful and comical tour<br />

through the animal kingdom<br />

from award-winning author Mike<br />

Barfield and quirky<br />

cartoonist and illustrator<br />

Paula Bossio. Filled<br />

with stories about some<br />

of the world’s most<br />

interesting animals.<br />

£10.99 published by<br />

Buster Books<br />

Travel Games<br />

on the Go<br />

illustrated by Jorge<br />

Santillan<br />

Packed full of colourful travelthemed<br />

games and activities,<br />

this book is guaranteed to keep<br />

kids entertained on even the<br />

longest of journeys. Readers can<br />

put their brain-power to the test<br />

with mind-bending<br />

mazes, spot the<br />

difference games,<br />

dot-to-dots, sudoku<br />

puzzles and much<br />

more.<br />

£7.99 published by<br />

Buster Books<br />


Shona Hirons<br />

How To Avoid Loneliness<br />

When Working From Home<br />

Shona Hirons, an award-winning global Resilience<br />

and Burnout Coach, explains some different ways to<br />

avoid being lonely when choosing to work from home<br />

Having worked from home for the past four years,<br />

I understand that loneliness is the biggest challenge<br />

when you are working from home.<br />

Until I’d developed some coping strategies to beat the<br />

feeling of loneliness, I found myself working more<br />

hours, but also noticed that my productivity was less.<br />

Over the past couple of years whilst working as a<br />

Resilience Coach all over the world, I’ve noticed that<br />

the global pandemic has impacted the way we work<br />

and feel.<br />

There is now a digital intensity to our jobs, which<br />

most of us have not experienced before. In our<br />

traditional workplace setting, we would have natural<br />

breaks and opportunities to step away from our desks<br />

throughout the day.<br />

Most people would work in open plan settings, so<br />

there would be water cooler chats, coffee breaks,<br />

being able to tap your colleague on the shoulder and<br />

ask if you could run something past them, or a walk<br />

to the shop to pick up a sandwich.<br />

Although working remotely does come with many<br />

benefits, getting the balance right can be tricky. Here<br />

are some suggestions on how to get the balance right<br />

as a worker and employer.<br />


This could be in a coffee shop or a library. Surround<br />

yourself with others. You may not speak to anyone,<br />

but you’ll feel connected and less lonely. On Fridays,<br />

I have a Zoom-free day and plan projects and catch<br />

up on admin. This is the perfect day for me to work<br />

somewhere else. I also find I am much more creative.<br />


This can be a great way to have something to look<br />

forward to when you finish work for the day. It can<br />

also help to separate work from your home life.<br />


If you have a dog, this can be a great way to force<br />

you to take those important breaks and get out and<br />

meet people. Even a short walk can lift you up,<br />

increase your energy and make you more productive.<br />

You could also do a “Fake Commute” at the start and<br />

end of your working day to set those boundaries. This<br />

gets you into the right mindset of leaving the house<br />

to come back to the office at the start of the day, and<br />

leaving the office to come back home at the end of<br />

the day.<br />


Being on video calls all day is draining. In between<br />

each call, stick some tunes on. I put the radio on and<br />

find that I work far better and don’t feel like I’m on<br />

my own.<br />


You could provide employees with a monthly budget<br />

to work out of a coffee shop, or a budget to make<br />

their home workspace an enjoyable place to work.<br />

Some employers offer an office space to use once or<br />

twice per week.<br />


Some of the companies I work with have introduced a<br />

15-minute meeting on a Monday to inspire positivity<br />

into the team at the start of the week. No work is<br />

discussed and it is a good way to get to know your<br />

colleagues more personally.<br />


Building in an events budget to bring all remote<br />

workers together helps to build relationships, improve<br />

morale and you get to know your colleagues better.<br />

This is likely to cost less than staff turnover, or<br />

unproductive staff.<br />


Increases in sick days, lower productivity, negativity<br />

and disconnection are all signs that something isn’t<br />

right. Be compassionate, listen and show you care.<br />

Discuss ways to avoid feeling lonely.<br />


This is likely to cost a lot less than presenteeism,<br />

absenteeism and staff turnover. The human element<br />

of Resilience Coaching is far more effective than just<br />

providing courses and online tools.<br />

A recent study by Calm People revealed the true<br />

costs of investing in Resilience Coaching, compared<br />

to the costs on businesses who do not invest. For<br />

example, the UK government’s Thrive at Work<br />

report demonstrated a £4.20 return on investment for<br />

every £1 spent. However, many companies are still<br />

reluctant to invest, despite burnout looking to be the<br />

next global pandemic. The Harvard Business Review<br />

declared it as one of the “most pressing topics facing<br />

business today.”<br />

54 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Domestic Delights<br />

Freeze Up<br />

Indulge in the rich, creamy taste of homemade ice cream with<br />

the Ice Cream & Gelato Professional from Cuisinart. With its<br />

instant freeze bowl, you can make your own frozen desserts in<br />

as little as 40 minutes, without the need for pre-freezing.<br />

Elevate your dessert game with two specialist mixing paddles,<br />

included in the package. The ice cream paddle adds more air<br />

during mixing for a lighter, airier texture, while the gelato<br />

paddle produces denser, silkier gelato and sorbet. The options<br />

are endless!<br />

After churning, you can enjoy your dessert right away as<br />

soft serve or let the machine keep it frozen for an additional<br />

10 minutes whilst you transfer to the freezer for a firmer<br />

consistency. With the Ice Cream & Gelato Professional, the<br />

days of settling for store-bought ice cream are long gone.<br />

£300 from www.cuisinart.co.uk<br />

Cook Up<br />

The GreenPan Slow Cooker prepares food over a longer<br />

period at lower temperatures and is cheaper to run<br />

than an oven. The average energy cost of a slow cooker<br />

annually is £59, compared to £316 for a conventional<br />

oven, according to household energy specialist Utilita.<br />

The Slow Cooker is perfect for busy weekdays and<br />

family dinners of stews, casseroles, curries and lots<br />

more. You don’t need to add oil as the ingredients won’t<br />

stick thanks to the healthy, PFAS-free, Thermolon<br />

ceramic non-stick coating that is specially designed for<br />

the higher heat requirements of electrical appliances.<br />

£199 from John Lewis & Partners<br />

Perk Up<br />

The Lakeland 3-in-1 Espresso Maker is a great choice<br />

for any coffee lover. The multi-brew system allows<br />

for the use of ground coffee, ESE pods, and NX and<br />

Nespresso capsules, making it perfect for a quick<br />

caffeine fix or a lazy weekend brew. The simple control<br />

panel and steam wand make it easy to extract single<br />

or double shots of espresso, make coffee shop-style<br />

cappuccinos, or produce perfectly frothed milk for hot<br />

chocolate. The Thermobloc heating system and 20-<br />

bar pressure pump ensure a perfect brew every time.<br />

Additionally, the machine features a 1.2 litre removable<br />

water tank, cup warming plate, and automatic power off<br />

function.<br />

£159.99 from www.lakeland.co.uk<br />



Get Grating<br />

Microplane is the pioneer of photoetched<br />

graters, none more famous<br />

than the iconic, long-lasting, rasplike<br />

Premium Classic Zester, created<br />

over 25 years ago. The Microplane®<br />

Premium Classic Zester is a cult<br />

classic and is now available in a<br />

design and colour to suit every taste –<br />

no matter how wild or exotic!<br />

The latest limited series of handles<br />

come in a variety of funky designs<br />

to suit every taste including Black<br />

Marble, Skull, Ombre, Tropical and<br />

Safari design. Each design adds a<br />

unique touch to the kitchen and makes<br />

grating more fun. The zester is perfect<br />

for grating lemon and orange zest,<br />

ginger, garlic, hard cheeses, and more.<br />

The Microplane Premium Classic<br />

Zester is a must-have for any kitchen.<br />

£24.95 from hartsofstur.com<br />

Get Saucy<br />

Tracklements<br />

Special Edition Wild<br />

Garlic Sauce is a<br />

versatile condiment<br />

that can be used in<br />

many different ways.<br />

It’s a perfect balance<br />

of wild garlic, honey,<br />

and mustard and pairs well with<br />

pork tenderloin, hot smoked trout,<br />

or pan-fried Pollock. Additionally, it<br />

pairs well with steak, chicken, roasted<br />

vegetables, omelettes, scrambled eggs,<br />

and tortillas. It can also be mixed with<br />

mayonnaise or crème fraiche for a dip<br />

or in a potato salad.<br />

£3.75 from tracklements.co.uk<br />

Get Grinding<br />

The KitchenAid Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer has a durable<br />

metal design that provides faster grinding of beef, chicken and pork for<br />

even the most challenging ingredients. The fine, medium, and coarse<br />

grinding plates and two sausage stuffer tubes make it easy to create<br />

a variety of fresh, inventive foods. The unit can be pre-chilled in the<br />

refrigerator or freezer to maintain a cold grinding temperature, giving<br />

you a clean grind when preparing meat. It offers convenient storage<br />

as it is packed and organized inside its own storage case. In the box<br />

you will find the metal food grinder, food tray, fine grinding plate,<br />

medium grinding plate, coarse grinding plate, sausage stuffer tubes,<br />

sausage stuffer plate, food pusher and cleaning brush.<br />

£159 from kitchenaid.co.uk<br />

Get Baking<br />

Elevate your kitchen game with<br />

this versatile and stylish set of<br />

four 10cm Mini Casseroles from<br />

the Foundry range by Barbary<br />

& Oak. Each mini casserole is<br />

crafted from durable stoneware<br />

and designed to hold a single<br />

serving of your favourite<br />

comforting dishes, from creamy<br />

bacon mac and cheese to<br />

aromatic curries and, of course,<br />

classic casseroles. The stoneware<br />

construction ensures even heat<br />

distribution and longer heat<br />

retention compared to aluminum<br />

or stainless steel cookware. Not<br />

only does this set offer versatility<br />

in the kitchen, but it also provides<br />

an attractive presentation for<br />

your dishes. The domed lids lock<br />

in heat and moisture for a more<br />

efficient cooking process and the<br />

enamel interior provides easy<br />

food release and quick cleaning.<br />

The mini casseroles are oven safe<br />

up to 220°C, making them perfect<br />

for crumbles and cobblers, and<br />

they are also microwave safe.<br />

£37.99 available from<br />

www.barbaryandoak.co.uk<br />

56 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Get Waffle Making<br />

The VonShef Dual Round Waffle Maker<br />

is a versatile and compact appliance that is<br />

perfect for breakfast, lunch, and brunch. It<br />

can make two golden waffles in the same<br />

amount of time it takes to boil a kettle.<br />

The brushed steel finish makes it a stylish<br />

addition to any kitchen countertop and<br />

makes a great gift for any food lover. The<br />

deep, non-stick plates of the waffle maker<br />

ensure that the waffles come out thick<br />

and fluffy every time. Cleaning is also<br />

made easy as you just need to wait for the<br />

waffle maker to cool before wiping away<br />

any residue with a damp cloth. Overall, the<br />

VonShef Dual Round Waffle Maker is a<br />

great addition to any kitchen.<br />

£34.99 from www.vonhaus.com<br />

The Art of<br />

Culinary<br />

Empowerment<br />

Our Seven Must-Have Kitchen<br />

Essentials for You & Your Home<br />

Get Sautéing<br />

The ProCook Professional Granite 28cm sauté pan<br />

is a versatile and essential addition to any kitchen.<br />

Forged from a single piece of aluminium, it distributes<br />

heat quickly and evenly, eliminating hotspots. It<br />

features a stainless-steel base for induction cooking<br />

and ergonomic handles for comfort. The granite effect<br />

surface is durable and features a premium, PFOAfree<br />

non-stick coating. It comes with a glass lid, is<br />

dishwasher safe and suitable for most hob types, and<br />

can be used in the oven up to 260C.<br />

£64 from www.procook.co.uk<br />

Get Milling<br />

Get ready to fall in love with freshly ground spices<br />

again with the FinaMill patented electric Pepper<br />

Mill & Spice Grinder. It is a brilliantly easy way to<br />

grind spices, regardless of whole spice shape, size,<br />

and hardness. Simply fill a grinding pod with your<br />

favourite spice, attach it to the FinaMill and grind<br />

away. You can operate the FinaMill with just one<br />

hand—perfect for multitasking cooks and people<br />

with limited mobility. FinaMill grinding pods double<br />

as storage for all your spices and can be swapped in<br />

with just a couple clicks.<br />

£49.95 from finamill.co.uk<br />


How To Make Your Kitchen<br />

Electricals Really Work For You<br />

Marcus Lux, Head of GASTROBACK®<br />

UK, Export & Business Development<br />

Marcus Lux is Head of UK, Export & Business<br />

Development at German premium household electricals<br />

manufacturer GASTROBACK®. The brand has been<br />

in the UK for just three years but has over 30 years’<br />

experience selling quality products around the world. As<br />

an innovative premium brand, GASTROBACK® aspires<br />

to set trends and a lifestyle focused around design, high<br />

quality materials, professional performance and safety.<br />

If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen electricals,<br />

here are some helpful points to look at to make sure<br />

you really get the most out of them.<br />


We all enjoy a good cup of coffee – or speciality tea –<br />

when we’re out on the high street but how many of us<br />

have been disappointed that we can’t recreate that at<br />

home? Investing in good quality appliances which let<br />

you tailor-make your brew are key. So coffee makers<br />

that offer a memory function and customisation for<br />

instance or a product that brews teas at just the right<br />

temperature.<br />

Speciality teas are increasingly popular and to get the<br />

best flavour, the teas need to be brewed at different<br />

temperatures. That is not something that you can<br />

achieve with a standard kettle alone, so you need a<br />

product where you can select different temperatures.<br />

BE THE BOSS!<br />

It isn’t just coffee machines which can offer a<br />

customisation function on so you get that perfect<br />

cup of coffee every time. Look for items like bread<br />

makers which let you follow your own program rather<br />

than a pre-set, have a gluten-free option if that’s<br />

important to you or where you can add ingredients<br />

during the program (this is useful for anyone with<br />

allergies).<br />


As well as ease-of-use, programmability and<br />

customisation, to really get the most out of your<br />

kitchen equipment you should look at what is on offer<br />

over and above the core function. This is particularly<br />

useful with more specialist products like tea makers<br />

for instance. Look for one that lets you just boil water<br />

or that includes an accessory to turn it into a mini<br />

cooker! Great for small batch cooking and steaming<br />

or for heating up baby food.<br />

It seems everyone has gone crazy over air fryers! But<br />

why not try a model that offers other functions as<br />

well like pizza oven, rotisserie and dehydrator?<br />


We probably all want a little less clutter in our lives<br />

and that is particularly true on kitchen surfaces.<br />

If you have invested in those good quality kitchen<br />

electricals then you want to be using them regularly.<br />

But to make it easy on the eye, opt for compact<br />

products that will take up a smaller amount of surface<br />

on your worktop.<br />


The golden rule. Choose products which offer you<br />

value for money and are going to do the job. So good<br />

quality products which are versatile and easy-to-use,<br />

robust and durable. Look for products that carry at<br />

least a two-year guarantee and that will stand the test<br />

of time in terms of design.<br />


With around 90 products, the GASTROBACK®<br />

portfolio covers most small domestic appliance<br />

categories including espresso machines, fryers,<br />

contact grills, breadmakers, waffle maker, stand<br />

mixers, raclette/fondue and even an air purifier!<br />

Find out more at www.gastroback.co.uk<br />

58 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

As k The Ex p e r t<br />

1 2<br />

Here are four GASTROBACK®<br />

kitchen electricals to raise your<br />

food & drink game at home.<br />



The Design Automatic Bread<br />

Maker (£129.90) has 18 programs<br />

for bread (including gluten-free<br />

and rice bread), jam, yoghurt,<br />

dough, cake and ice cream. It<br />

features an automatic ingredients<br />

tray for nuts, seeds, fruits or<br />

chocolate chips and a program so<br />

you can follow your own recipes.<br />

It will bake 500g, 750g and 1kg<br />

size loaves and types include<br />

whole-grain, white, French, sweet<br />

and fruit breads.<br />

2. DESIGN TEA & MORE<br />


To get the best flavour out of<br />

speciality teas, they need to be<br />

brewed at different temperatures,<br />

something you can’t get with a<br />

standard kettle. The Design Tea<br />

& More Advanced tea maker<br />

(£139.90) has 11 brewing programs<br />

for different teas and also a<br />

separate Schott glass simmering<br />

basket for the preparation of meals<br />

and even baby food.<br />

3. 5-IN-1 DESIGN AIR FRYER &<br />


The 5-in-1 Design Air Fryer<br />

& Pizza Oven (£229.90) is a<br />

brilliantly-versatile piece of<br />

equipment, but takes up minimal<br />

space on the worktop. In fact it is<br />

five products in one – air fryer,<br />

pizza oven, mini oven, rotating<br />

grill spit and dehydrator! But<br />

that hasn’t compromised on its<br />

performance, so the air fryer<br />

function for instance will air fry in<br />

record time and the pizza function<br />

makes pizza in around eight and<br />

a half minutes! There are four<br />

programmes: toasting, defrosting,<br />

pizza baking and French fries.<br />



With the Design Espresso<br />

Advanced Barista (£549.90)<br />

you can recreate a great-tasting<br />

coffee just like in a coffee shop.<br />

It features 15 bar pressure and<br />

a thermo-block heating system<br />

which offers warm-up in 1.5<br />

minutes. Suitable for freshlyground<br />

coffee beans, coffee<br />

powder or ESE pods and offering<br />

speciality coffee like espresso,<br />

latte macchiato or cappuccino.<br />

The integrated hot water function<br />

also means you can use it for<br />

Americano, café crème and tea.<br />

These amazing appliances and<br />

many more are available to<br />

purchase from gastroback.co.uk<br />

3<br />

4<br />



Say hello to our selection of the best champagnes<br />

& sparkling wines from places you love and<br />

some places you have yet to discover<br />

Taittinger Prestige Rose NV<br />

Champagne Taittinger presents a paradigm rosé, boasting a<br />

refined salmon pink hue with aromas of wild strawberries with a<br />

subtle hint of spice. Ideal as an aperitif and delicious with light,<br />

fruity desserts such as Peach Melba or Passionfruit Panna Cotta.<br />

£55.65 from Sainsburys , Majestic, Tesco, Ocado, John Lewis,<br />

Drinx.com, Champagne King, www.champagnedirect.co.uk and<br />

www.thechampagnecompany.com<br />

Fi z<br />

Pommery Brut Rosé<br />

Delicate pale pink with slightly salmon tones, this fine and fruity<br />

champagne is distinguished by its fleshy note while remaining<br />

lively, fresh and highly subtle. Its colour comes from Pinot Noir<br />

grapes. The champagne is stored in a cellar for three years to<br />

develop the distinctive properties of Pommery Rosé.<br />

£49.99 from Ocado, Majestic and Waitrose<br />

Pommery Brut Royal<br />

Lively and cheerful, this wine is fresh, light-hearted, delicate and<br />

generous in taste. Very aromatic, with notes of yellow, fleshy apple,<br />

ripe citrus and a touch of brioche, vanilla and almond. With a focus on<br />

elegance and length the wine offers a clean palate at the end without<br />

any dryness. Everything is in harmony and never tires the palate. The<br />

wine is pale yellow with slight green reflections.<br />

£40 from Waitrose, Ocado, Sainsbury’s and Majestic<br />

Denbies Cubitt Blanc de Noirs 2014<br />

This award-winning English sparkling wine has a delicate copper<br />

colour and fruit aromas of strawberry and cocoa. Enhanced by the use<br />

of barrel matured dosage and six years of bottle ageing, the complex<br />

fruit flavours combined with a chalkiness give this wine breadth and<br />

body whilst retaining freshness.<br />

£34.95 from www.denbies.co.uk<br />

60 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

z<br />

Chapel Down English Rosé NV<br />

This delicate rosé sparkling wine has aromas of redcurrant, strawberry<br />

and rosehip. A delicate rose petal pink, the fine and persistent bubbles<br />

within pair wonderfully with light canapés such as charcuterie boards.<br />

£29 from Ocado<br />

Graham Beck Blanc de Blancs 2017<br />

This prime example of a South African Cap Classique is a bright lime<br />

green colour with rich aromas of fresh limes, green apples, pears and<br />

lemon zest on the nose.<br />

£24 from Majestic, Handford Wines, North and South Wines, Simply<br />

Wines Direct and Frontier Fine Wines<br />

Tesco Finest Premier Cru Brut<br />

Made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes with extra long ageing in<br />

bottle. This extra maturation makes for elegant flavours of citrus, green<br />

apple & brioche with a fine mousse. Serve with canapes or fish & chips.<br />

£23 from Tesco<br />

Tesco Finest English Sparkling Wine<br />

This refreshing sparkling wine is produced in the traditional method by<br />

the award winning Balfour Winery. It is a dry, crisp wine with apple<br />

and citrus flavours balanced by delicate brioche notes.<br />

£21 from Tesco<br />

Amy X Liquid Diamond<br />

Liquid Diamond has teamed up with TOWIE star and TV personality<br />

Amy Childs to launch her own Prosecco. Amy says, “This Prosecco is<br />

just like me - glamorous and beautiful inside and out.”<br />

From £19 at Amazon and liquiddiamondwine.com<br />

Cune Cava Brut<br />

This classic example of Spain’s signature sparkling from the CVNE<br />

winery is elegant and creamy with notes of ripe apple and freshly<br />

toasted bread. It presents a splendid bargain for connoisseurs seeking<br />

top-notch effervescence without the cost associated with Champagne.<br />

£16.99 from Majestic<br />

Mionetto Prosecco Brut NV<br />

This high-quality Prosecco from one of the oldest Prosecco producers<br />

has a bouquet redolent of Golden Delicious apple, white peach and<br />

honey. It is crisp and refreshing with just a hint of sweetness, making<br />

it a perfect tipple for raising a toast.<br />

£11 from Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and slurp.co.uk<br />

Vilarnau 0% Sparkling Rosé<br />

Vilarnau is a boutique cava winery near Barcelona. Their veganfriendly<br />

elegant alcohol-free sparkling rosé wine has delicate<br />

strawberry & raspberry notes. The finish is long & refreshing.<br />

£8 from Amazon<br />


Sips & Serves<br />

From wine hampers to ready-to-drink<br />

cocktails, check out these tasty tipples!<br />

Hampers.com<br />

Wine lovers will delight at the diverse<br />

wines featured inside this Luxury<br />

Six Bottle Wine Selection. From<br />

the crisp Chablis Dampt Freres, the<br />

perfect partner for chicken or fish, to<br />

the soft and fruity Tohu Marlborough<br />

Pinot Noir, which is the perfect<br />

accompaniment for a steak or roast<br />

beef, this enticing selection of highquality<br />

wines will make the perfect<br />

addition to any collection.<br />

The selection includes a bottle of<br />

Autreau Champagne, a blend of 33%<br />

Pinot Noir from the Marne Valley and<br />

67% Pinot Meunier from the Côte des<br />

Bars. The other wines include Finca<br />

Amalia Rioja, Chateau Haut Bellevue<br />

St Emilion 2016 and Tohu Awatere<br />

Valley Sauvignon Blanc.<br />

The wines are presented in a stylish<br />

high-quality Wicker Basket making<br />

this the perfect gift for friends and<br />

family or an indulgent treat for you.<br />

The Luxury Six Bottle Wine Selection<br />

is £169 from www.hampers.com<br />

Shwen Shwen<br />

The Shwen Shwen range of juices are traditional<br />

Sierra Leonean drinks which can be enjoyed poured<br />

over ice, added to cocktails or topped up with<br />

prosecco. The range includes Mango Sunshine<br />

(Mango lemonade); Nomoli (Traditional ginger beer);<br />

Passionately Bissap (Hibiscus & strawberry juice);<br />

Spiced Bissap (Ginger & hibiscus juice); Purple Haze<br />

(Lavender & coconut water drink); and Tombe (Sweet<br />

and sour tamarind juice).<br />

Each bottle costs £3.50 and the full range is available<br />

to buy from shwenshwen.com/shop/<br />

62 PRENEUR WORL! www.preneur-world.com<br />

Monkey Shoulder<br />

Perfect for cocktail lovers, this Monkey<br />

Shoulder gift set features the original Blended<br />

Malt Scotch Whisky, which features a smooth<br />

blend of Speyside single malts that produce a<br />

complex array of delicious flavours.<br />

Made for mixing, this triple malt is catching<br />

the attention of the country’s leading<br />

bartenders for<br />

its smooth and<br />

rich qualities,<br />

making it ideal<br />

for creating<br />

whisky cocktails<br />

such as an Old<br />

Fashioned,<br />

Pina Coladas,<br />

Espresso<br />

Martinis and<br />

more as well as<br />

drinking in the<br />

more traditional<br />

way.<br />

£31.37 from<br />


Carefully crafted to recreate the sophisticated<br />

flavours of cocktails, Savyll Non-Alcoholic<br />

Cocktails cost from £10 at www.savyll.com,<br />

Harrods, Wholefoods, Ocado and Amazon<br />

Soho Street Cocktails are crafted with a ‘taste-first’<br />

approach and come in 1.5L recyclable pouches<br />

that hold 10 cocktail serves and stay fresh for up<br />

to 6 weeks after opening. You can purchase their<br />

pouches for £28.99 at sohostreetcocktails.com<br />

Guaranteed to captivate straight from the<br />

can and transport you somewhere truly<br />

exotic, Angels Dare Cocktails cost from £5 at<br />

angelsdarecocktails.co.uk<br />

ADRIATICO Amaretto source all its ingredients<br />

locally in Italy. It is the only vegan-certified<br />

amaretto in the world. Roasted Amaretto and<br />

Bianco Amaretto are £28.99 each from Amazon,<br />

Harvey Nichols, The Whisky Exchange, Master<br />

of Malt, The Drinks Shop and Eataly<br />


The Mandrake<br />

This multi-award-winning luxury hotel located in<br />

the heart of London’s Fitzrovia boasts the South<br />

American-inspired restaurant, YOPO<br />

The Mandrake is a multi-awardwinning<br />

luxury lifestyle property<br />

located in the heart of London’s<br />

Fitzrovia. Every aspect of the hotel<br />

has been carefully curated and<br />

designed to offer guests a unique,<br />

immersive, and truly unforgettable<br />

experience. With the culture and<br />

nightlife of Soho and the West<br />

End on its doorstep, and the<br />

shopping of Oxford Street only a<br />

stone’s throw away, The Mandrake<br />

is the perfect base from which<br />

to explore all that London has to<br />

offer.<br />

The hotel’s location, amenities,<br />

and world-class restaurant make it<br />

a must-visit destination for those<br />

looking for a truly unforgettable<br />

experience in the capital.<br />

The hotel features 33 luxurious<br />

bedrooms, including three<br />

opulent suites and an awardwinning<br />

penthouse. All of the<br />

bedrooms have been designed<br />

with comfort in mind, featuring a<br />

provocative use of colour, texture,<br />

and original works of art. The<br />

hotel’s destination bars, Waeska<br />

and Jurema, offer ethnobotanical<br />

cocktails that are unlike any others<br />

found in the city.<br />

The Mandrake’s renowned<br />

fusion of art, culture, and design<br />

brings a varied curation of artists,<br />

performers, exhibitions and events<br />

through its doors, turning the hotel<br />

into an ever-changing backdrop<br />

for new talent to shine.<br />

One of the hotel’s highlights is<br />

YOPO, the hotel’s restaurant<br />

led by Executive Chef George<br />

Scott-Toft. YOPO serves a South<br />

American-inspired feast of culture<br />

and cuisine that will transport you<br />

to a different place and time.<br />

Scott-Toft draws inspiration<br />

for his menus from Europeaninfluenced<br />

South American cuisine<br />

and his travels through Argentina,<br />

Chile, and Peru.<br />

The menu features indigenous,<br />

seasonal, and Amazonian<br />

ingredients, as well as lowintervention<br />

Argentinian wines<br />

and traditional dishes evolved<br />

over generations. Expect exciting<br />

dishes like Crab, Fennel and<br />

Caviar Brioche, Grilled Octopus<br />

with Potato and Hot Smoked<br />

Paprika Pot, and Wild Seabass and<br />

citrus.<br />

The restaurant also boasts a<br />

multi-sensory atmosphere, with<br />

intriguing cultural and creative<br />

design elements and artwork<br />

throughout the space. YOPO<br />

is open for breakfast, lunch<br />

and dinner, and the lounge is<br />

open all day with a light snack<br />

menu. Guests can also indulge<br />

in a spiritual Shamanic Brunch<br />

exclusively available on Sundays.<br />

Read our in-depth review of<br />

YOPO on preneur-world.com<br />

20-21 Newman Street W1T 1PG<br />

+44 (0)203 146 7770<br />

www.themandrake.com<br />

64 PRENEUR WORL! www.preneur-world.com

Mirroring the adventurous culinary<br />

offering, diners can expect a multisensory<br />

experience once entering<br />

YOPO’s jungle. On entering the<br />

restaurant, the visually arresting<br />

‘Showgirl’, the grandiose ostrich by<br />

Enrique Gomez de Molina, takes centre<br />

stage enhancing the dining experience.<br />


Caesars Palace Dubai<br />

This luxury beachside escape features<br />

celebrity chef-helmed restaurants, five<br />

outdoor pools & two energetic beach<br />

clubs in a relaxed and refined setting<br />

Caesars Palace Dubai is located<br />

on Bluewaters Island, a lifestyle<br />

destination brimming with shops<br />

and restaurants, and home to<br />

Ain Dubai, the world’s largest<br />

observation wheel.<br />

Guests can stroll around the<br />

island, take a short walk over the<br />

connecting bridge to Jumeirah<br />

Beach Residences and Dubai<br />

Marina or delve further and<br />

explore the many iconic sights of<br />

the city, just 20-minutes by car<br />

from Downtown and 30-minutes<br />

from Dubai International Airport.<br />

Expertly catering to the unique<br />

desires of each individual guest,<br />

Caesars Palace Dubai features<br />

a collection of diverse dining<br />

destinations, a Japanese-inspired<br />

relaxing Qua Spa and a calendar<br />

brimming with lively events and<br />

entertainment, complemented by<br />

outstanding levels of service.<br />

Guests can relax in style courtesy<br />

of the resort’s spacious rooms<br />

and suites, all featuring private<br />

balconies and views of the azure<br />

sea, Ain Dubai or the resort.<br />

Much of the décor takes cues<br />

from Japanese minimalism,<br />

incorporating playful Romanesque<br />

touches and varying textures to<br />

provide a sense of warmth, while<br />

bathrooms are stocked with the<br />

finest amenities. Two- and threebedroom<br />

Presidential Suites<br />

provide added luxuries such as<br />

expansive private terraces with<br />

dining, outdoor Jacuzzi and more,<br />

while the showstopping Royal<br />

Suite offers a grand living room<br />

and extended outdoor terrace with<br />

unobstructed sea views. For longer<br />

stays, the Residences feature up to<br />

four bedrooms with fully equipped<br />

kitchens and spacious living areas.<br />

Each of the resort’s bars and<br />

restaurants provides a unique<br />

experience, offering expertly<br />

prepared cuisine available<br />

at a number of individually<br />

conceptualised destinations, with<br />

outdoor terraces allowing guests<br />

to dine while enjoying the reliably<br />

warm weather of Dubai.<br />

Highlights include Gordon<br />

Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen, where<br />

a British-American menu is<br />

combined with culinary theatre<br />

and fun-filled challenges. Guests<br />

can enjoy signature dishes<br />

including Beef Wellington with<br />

Potato Purée, plus Saturday<br />

brunches and Sunday roasts.<br />

Celebrated global TV personality<br />

and Asia’s most notorious chef,<br />

Alvin Leung brings his creative<br />

twist on classic Chinese and<br />

Asian dishes to the Middle East at<br />

Demon Duck, with dishes such as<br />

14-day-aged Slow Roasted Demon<br />

Duck served with a touch of<br />

tableside theatre and accompanied<br />

by a menu of cocktails inspired by<br />

Hong Kong’s electrifying nightlife<br />

and iconic districts.<br />

A lively destination for after<br />

dinner drinks, Havana Social<br />

Club pays homage to 1920s Cuba,<br />

with an extensive list of Cuban<br />

cocktails and spirits served to the<br />

soundtrack of vibrant Latin beats.<br />

Each Wednesday, the dance floor<br />

comes alive with complimentary,<br />

66 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Luxury Lifestyle in Dubai<br />

expert-led Salsa classes.<br />

Guests can also enjoy Amalfi<br />

Coast-inspired cuisine at Venus<br />

Ristorante, relaxed international<br />

buffet dining at Bacchanal,<br />

premium authentic sushi and<br />

wagyu beef at TakaHisa, and<br />

marvel at the Dubai sunset over<br />

cocktails at The Sunset Terrace<br />

at newly launched café-bar, The<br />

Lounge.<br />

Caesars Palace Dubai’s five<br />

temperature-controlled pools<br />

invite guests to relax and unwind,<br />

soaking up the sun in private<br />

cabanas and on plush sunbeds.<br />

Situated on 1.7km of pristine<br />

coastline, the resort also features<br />

a 500m private beach with<br />

unobstructed, panoramic views of<br />

the Arabian Gulf.<br />

Beverly Hills-esque Neptune<br />

Pool & Beach exudes playful<br />

sophistication, with sunbeds lining<br />

the golden sand offering stunning<br />

sea and Ain Dubai views. Relax<br />

in style, cool off in the welcoming<br />

pool and dine on a menu of freshly<br />

prepared sushi, organic salads and<br />

gourmet sandwiches.<br />

Inspired by the sun-kissed Amalfi<br />

Coast, adults-only Venus Beach<br />

Club enjoys a prime position<br />

on the coastline surrounded by<br />

panoramic vistas of endless sky<br />

and sea, with lively beats setting<br />

the mood for days spent sipping on<br />

Italian spritz, lounging in private<br />

cabanas or cooling off in the<br />

pristine pool.<br />

Guests can rejuvenate, relax<br />

and rebalance at Qua Spa, the<br />

luxurious wellness sanctuary at<br />

Caesars Palace Dubai. Signature<br />

treatments include an age-defying<br />

Arabian Gold facial, rejuvenating<br />

Shiatsu Massage and the Five<br />

Elements Massage, combining<br />

customised essential oil infusions<br />

with highly skilled therapeutic<br />

techniques. Beverly Hills Vitamin<br />

Therapy offers custom-blended<br />

in-room vitamin drips, ideal for<br />

reinvigorating mind and body after<br />

a long flight or days spent basking<br />

in the sun. Perfect holiday hair is<br />

available for all guests courtesy<br />

of Chaps & Co. Barbershop and<br />

LaLoge.<br />

For more information or to<br />

book, please visit<br />

www.caesars.com/dubai<br />


Thanda Island: The Luxury<br />

Island That Gives Back<br />

Nestled within the Shungimbili Island Marine Reserve, just off the coast of<br />

Tanzania, Thanda Island is the world’s only exclusive-use island in a marine<br />

reserve and one of the most exclusive and luxurious estates in the world<br />

A tropical hideaway surrounded<br />

by pristine nature, Thanda Island<br />

is a place where time slows and<br />

the connection between humans<br />

and nature is re-ignited. Thanda<br />

is the world’s only exclusive-use<br />

island in a marine reserve and<br />

is dedicated to safeguarding the<br />

surrounding environment by<br />

protecting the vulnerable coral<br />

reefs and local marine wildlife<br />

with concerted conservation<br />

programmes. Meaning ‘love’ in<br />

the Zulu language, this soulful<br />

destination creates shared value<br />

for the environment and the<br />

community.<br />

Working hard to fulfil its promise,<br />

Thanda Island does this in several<br />

different ways.<br />




Thanda island works hard to<br />

support local NGO Ropes of<br />

Hope, a coral reef restoration<br />

programme that will restore<br />

coral reefs within the Mafian<br />

archipelago and Shungimibili<br />

Marine Reserve.<br />

Through partnership with<br />

local NGO Ropes of Hope,<br />

Thanda helps educate the local<br />

community on the importance of<br />

reef conservation and employs<br />

community members from Mafia<br />

and its surrounding island to<br />

restore their reefs.<br />

Thanda employs a full-time<br />

Marine Biologist, Rianne Laan,<br />

who monitors the conservation<br />

projects’ progress, in particular,<br />

the rehabilitation of the<br />

Shungimbili coral reef, where<br />

young coral is grown until it’s<br />

ready to be incorporated into<br />

the reef to stimulate its<br />

recovery.<br />

Guests willing to learn more a<br />

about the marine life can book<br />

excursions with Rianne where<br />

even the gear is eco-friendly - the<br />

new rash vests by Ocean<br />

R are made from recycled<br />

plastic waste from the ocean<br />

- and each shirt is equivalent<br />

to approximately 12 plastic<br />

bottles, and sun cream from<br />

Healing Earth is reef-safe.<br />

Thanda encourages guests to<br />

take part in the Whale Shark<br />

Citizen Science Programme,<br />

which allows the community<br />

to be involved in collecting<br />

identification data on whale<br />

sharks via images.<br />

Thanda also supports the<br />

Marine Park Rangers - who patrol<br />

and protect the Shungimbili<br />

Marine Reserve from illegal<br />

fishing.<br />


An Island designed with<br />

sustainability in mind,<br />

Thanda strives to maintain<br />

high sustainability levels<br />

with its energy, water,<br />

recycling and food usage,<br />

whilst ensuring luxury<br />

and quality service is still<br />

delivered.<br />

The new solar plant is large<br />

enough to cater for all of the<br />

Island’s power needs on most<br />

given days.<br />

Grey water is recycled to<br />

water the Island’s expanding<br />

68 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

garden and rainwater is harvested<br />

in storage tanks too. Water on<br />

the island is naturally depurated<br />

by two desalination plants whilst<br />

organic waste is composted and<br />

re-fed into the gardens.<br />

All waste is collected on the<br />

Island and transported by a local<br />

entrepreneur on Mafia Island<br />

where it is then recycled at a<br />

recycler’s plant in Dar es Salaam.<br />

In addition, 200 new coconut trees<br />

have been planted to preserve the<br />

vegetation whilst food is sourced<br />

locally where possible, and fish is<br />

caught sustainably by the trusted<br />

fishermen on Mafia Island.<br />



Deeply committed to making<br />

a meaningful difference and<br />

investing in local communities,<br />

Thanda Island promotes<br />

educational programmes, and<br />

economic upliftment programmes<br />

to actively contribute to a brighter<br />

future for neighbour island<br />

Mafia’s youngest generation.<br />

Thanda’s owners’ charity Star for<br />

Life – already operating in South<br />

Africa, Namibia and Sweden –<br />

has recently partnered with Mafia<br />

Island’s government to implement<br />

their educational method in some<br />

local schools and has helped over<br />

450,000 school learners over the<br />

years, operating in four countries<br />

with a staff of over 115 people.<br />

The Star for Life programme<br />

seeks to empower young people<br />

with the attitudes and emotional<br />

skills they need to focus on their<br />

school education and to make wise<br />

choices outside of school<br />

Thanda works with local<br />

communities to offer sporting<br />

activities to contribute to a<br />

brighter future for Mafia’s<br />

youngest generation, including the<br />

much-loved game of football in<br />

addition to providing sponsorships<br />

for community initiatives such as<br />

the purchase of medical supplies<br />

for the local hospital and schools.<br />


In addition to upliftment, Thanda<br />

Island strives to give local<br />

communities more opportunities<br />

and skills to progress their careers<br />

and particularly encourages<br />

women to go into business which<br />

is not always an option in their<br />

cultures.<br />

A destination like no other,<br />

Thanda Island offers an immersive<br />

journey through the rich Swahili<br />

and Arabian culture, wonderful<br />

nature and warm humanity of<br />

East Africa when at the same time<br />

providing all elements of a luxury,<br />

a once-in-a-lifetime vacation that<br />

leaves a beautiful mark on your<br />

soul, beckoning you to return.<br />

For further information or to<br />

book, please visit<br />

www.thandaisland.com<br />


Restaurants<br />

Bar + Block<br />

With 20 locations up and down<br />

the country from Glasgow to<br />

Portsmouth, Bar + Block offers<br />

meat lovers a modern all-day dining<br />

steakhouse and cocktail bar on their<br />

doorstep with an extensive range<br />

of hand-cut 30-day-aged steaks,<br />

handmade burgers and grazing plates<br />

alongside creative cocktails and craft<br />

brews.<br />

Bar + Block is the perfect dining<br />

destination for carnivores who will<br />

be satisfied with an ever-changing<br />

selection of quality steaks prepared<br />

for you by expert chefs on-site. All<br />

Bar + Block’s steaks, from rump to<br />

ribeye, fillet to sirloin, are selected<br />

from British and Irish Angus breeds<br />

renowned for their taste, tenderness<br />

and the unique marbling that runs<br />

throughout each cut. Every steak<br />

is matured for at least 30 days and<br />

hand-cut to size, matching your<br />

appetite.<br />

As well as steaks, Bar + Block is big<br />

on burgers with every patty handground,<br />

freshly prepared on-site and<br />

cooked to order. Also on the menu is<br />

a range of grills, salads, sensational<br />

sides and sharing grazing plates.<br />

To find your nearest Bar + Block,<br />

please visit www.barandblock.co.uk<br />

Visit<br />

preneur-world.com<br />

for our latest<br />

restaurant<br />

reviews<br />

London is said to<br />

be the Food Capital<br />

of the <strong>World</strong>, which<br />

isn’t a surprise<br />

considering these<br />

fabulous dining<br />

destinations and<br />

exciting eateries<br />

70 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Macellaio<br />

Macellaio is an Italian steakhouse,<br />

owned by Roberto Costa use<br />

only the best and most authentic<br />

ingredients who has recently<br />

welcomed Italian famed chef,<br />

Lello Favuzzi, who has introduced<br />

a brand-new menu across all six<br />

Macellaio sites across London.<br />

The menu uses only the finest<br />

Italian produce, including ethical<br />

beef and a range of vegetarian<br />

staples. Menu highlights include<br />

Tuna Tartare with avocado, spicy<br />

mango and crispy Carasau bread<br />

and the Fassona beef carpaccio.<br />

Pasta lovers with love the authentic<br />

pastas, including Trofie with<br />

Genovese pestoand Burrata and<br />

Ricotta Tortelli. We think you can’t<br />

go wrong with a classic such as<br />

Rump Steak & sweet pepper salad.<br />

For more information, please<br />

visit macellaiorc.com<br />

M Restaurants<br />

M Restaurants keeps things unique.<br />

This year for Valentines they<br />

created a wow with a Doggy Speed<br />

Dating Event. Dog owners were<br />

invited to make a connection that<br />

lasts fur-ever with M Victoria’s<br />

unique Doggy Speed Dating event<br />

They could “vet” potential matches<br />

whilst assessing whether their<br />

pooch is compatible with their<br />

prospective date. 10-minute speed<br />

dating sessions led to some great<br />

matching fun and dogs a definitely<br />

made for great icebreakers. Tickets<br />

were just £16 and include entry<br />

to the event alongside two drinks<br />

each plus, a tasty treat for your<br />

loyal companion. So check out their<br />

website for some other fabulous<br />

events, if you want something a<br />

little bit different along side some<br />

scrumptious food.<br />

For more information, please<br />

visit mrestaurants.co.uk/<br />

Honest Burgers<br />

There’s a burger to suit every taste<br />

and lifestyle at Honest Burgers from<br />

committed carnivores to virtuous vegans.<br />

All of the beef burgers at Honest Burgers<br />

feature their trademark homemade<br />

British beef patty. This sees the beef<br />

chopped rather than minced, holding in<br />

the flavour and keeping the meat coarse<br />

and tender so it cuts like butter.<br />

Vegans will love the La Vie Bacon Plant<br />

comprising of a Beyond Meat burger, La<br />

Vie bacon, Applewood Vegan cheese,<br />

shoestring fries, vegan bacon ketchup,<br />

chipotle vegan mayo, rocket and pickles.<br />

If you order an Honest burger – any<br />

burger – it comes with rosemary salted<br />

chips or seasonal coleslaw or dressed<br />

green salad.<br />

Honest Burgers have 43 restaurants up<br />

and down the country with 35 across<br />

London itself so you’re sure to find one<br />

close to your neighbourhood.<br />

To find your nearest Honest Burgers<br />

restaurant, please visit<br />

www.honestburgers.com<br />


Restaurants<br />

Park Chinois<br />

Park Chinois, London’s most opulent Asian restaurant<br />

and home to the best Dim Sum in Mayfair have<br />

recently launched their Set Weekday Lunch Menu.<br />

Available every weekday from 12pm until 3pm in<br />

Salon de Chine, Executive Chef Che Liang Lee’s<br />

concise set menu places his most celebrated dishes<br />

centre stage, offering two courses for £45 per person<br />

and three courses for £50 per person including a<br />

complimentary cocktail.<br />

Promising no ordinary lunch, diners will be able<br />

to choose from a selection of their signature Dim<br />

Sum to start including the Ibérico Siew Long Bao,<br />

Seasonal Black Truffle, Scampi Shumai with Tobiko<br />

Caviar & Chicken or Morel Mushroom.<br />

To follow, there is a choice between larger plates<br />

of Grilled Black Cod with Chilli Jam Dressing,<br />

Wagyu Beef Bavette with Mushrooms & Sweet<br />

Basil and Hakka Paneer & Seasonal Peppers, each<br />

accompanied by a choice of side dish.<br />

For those with a sweet tooth, there is a Cocoa<br />

Brownie with Banana Mousse & Salted Caramel Ice<br />

Cream or Tapioca Pudding with Poached Rhubarb,<br />

Hibiscus, Strawberry and Candy Ginger.<br />

Guests will also have a choice of cocktail shaken to<br />

order by the experienced bar team; the Moulin Rouge<br />

with Haku Japanese Vodka, lavender-infused honey,<br />

rhubarb, raspberry & citrus, or refreshing Shanghai<br />

Soleil with pineapple, apple, raspberry, mint & honey.<br />

Ideal for both time-pressed professionals seeking a<br />

power lunch in style, or for those who are looking to<br />

spend a luxurious afternoon nestled into the velvet<br />

banquettes of Salon de Chine, the Set Weekday Lunch<br />

Menu is perfect for those in search of something<br />

beyond the standard lunch ‘al-desko’.<br />

Park Chinois is one of Mayfair’s iconic restaurants<br />

serving the finest Chinese and Southeast Asian<br />

cuisine. Designed by renowned French designer,<br />

Jacques Garcia, the restaurant is known for its lavish<br />

interiors, seductive atmosphere, superb cuisine and<br />

flamboyant entertainment.<br />

The restaurant offers two distinctive dining<br />

experiences in Salon de Chine and Club Chinois.<br />

Salon de Chine is the epitome of intimate dining with<br />

extraordinary Chinese food served in a plush dining<br />

room with sultry live jazz. Whilst Club Chinois<br />

transports you to the golden age of Shanghai, serving<br />

up an indulgent menu filled with exquisite signature<br />

dishes and live specialist acts..<br />

17 Berkeley St, London W1J 8EA<br />

020 3327 8888 | parkchinois.com<br />

72 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Poke House<br />

As Europe’s biggest poke bowl brand, Poke House is all<br />

about choice and providing their guests with the ultimate<br />

bespoke, Cali-inspired experience. Using its customers<br />

most loved ingredients, including bases such as fresh kale<br />

and tricolour quinoa, over 15 vegetable options, seven<br />

proteins and a selection of sauces and toppings, there are<br />

more than 1 million ‘make-your-own’, customisable bowl<br />

combinations guests can make, giving them a wealth of<br />

balanced options to choose from.<br />

Customers can choose whether to create their own poke<br />

– the most popular option – or select a House Specials.<br />

Sunny Salmon is the top seller and most iconic, a mouthwatering<br />

combination of juicy salmon, crispy edamame<br />

and avocado. Others are Spicy Tuna, Chicken, White Fish<br />

and Vegan.<br />

For more information, please visit<br />

poke-house.com<br />

Roll Baby<br />

The team behind the popular Farm Girl,<br />

bring a fun, fresh and vibrant offering to the<br />

lunch scene. They are launching two new<br />

sites in Paddington and Westfield in Spring<br />

<strong>2023</strong>. You’ll be able to enjoy a selection of<br />

fresh rice paper summer rolls filled with<br />

vegetables, fish or meat, they make the<br />

perfect lunch on the go. Pastries, coffee and<br />

cold beverage will also be available to go.<br />

For more information, please visit<br />

rollbaby.co.uk<br />

Hachi<br />

For those looking for their Sunday morning<br />

bakery run, head to Hachi in Blenheim<br />

Crescent for Japanese baked goods and<br />

pastries. Using traditional baking methods<br />

and premium ingredients to create much<br />

loved products like Shokupan. The<br />

minimalist cafe is a welcomed oasis in the<br />

midst of bustling Notting Hill. Just opened<br />

this February, it is definitely one to put on<br />

your food heaven list.<br />

For more information, please visit<br />

@hachibakerylondon<br />

Ding Dong Dim Sum<br />

Dim sum has been a popular choice for foodies<br />

everywhere. But what happens when you’re craving<br />

dim sum but don’t have the time or energy to go out<br />

and enjoy it? That’s where Ding Dong Dim Sum<br />

comes in.<br />

Ding Dong Dim Sum is a premium delivery service<br />

that specialises in bringing the finest dim sum right<br />

to your doorstep. Their menu includes a range of<br />

options to choose from, including the Dim Sum For<br />

Two and their Dim Sum for Four collection, which<br />

is a perfect choice for a casual lunch or an intimate<br />

dinner. The collection features a selection of classic<br />

and contemporary dim sum dishes, all expertly<br />

crafted with the freshest ingredients and bold<br />

flavours.<br />

What sets Ding Dong Dim Sum apart from other<br />

dim sum delivery services is their attention to<br />

detail. Their standard boxes come complete with a<br />

biodegradable steamer, chopsticks, sticky rice, and a<br />

carrot slaw kit, ensuring that you have everything you<br />

need to make the perfect dim sum feast. And if you’re<br />

feeling extra hungry, they offer a ton of extras to add<br />

on as you wish.<br />

The delivery process is seamless, with fast and<br />

convenient delivery on the day you nominate. If<br />

you’re not home, they will leave your dim sum box in<br />

a safe place and the packaging will keep everything<br />

frozen until you get home that evening. And the<br />

best part? Enjoying a delicious dim sum meal in the<br />

comfort of your own home has never been easier.<br />

Simply follow the instructions provided in the box<br />

(or download them online) and you’ll have a dim sum<br />

meal ready in just 30 minutes.<br />

At Ding Dong Dim Sum, with their focus on quality<br />

and convenience, they’ve made it possible to enjoy<br />

a delicious dim sum meal without ever leaving your<br />

home. So, whether you’re a die-hard dim sum fan or<br />

just looking to try something new, Ding Dong Dim<br />

Sum is the perfect choice because they are more<br />

than just a delivery service. They are a celebration of<br />

the rich history and tradition of dim sum. and have<br />

wonderfully created a truly unique experience that is<br />

sure to leave you smiling and satisfied. So, go ahead,<br />

stack it, steam it, eat it and enjoy!<br />

For more information, please visit<br />

www.dingdongdimsum.com<br />



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