Diptych Diary 2014 Pages

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<strong>Diptych</strong> <strong>Diary</strong> <strong>2014</strong>

<strong>Diptych</strong> <strong>Diary</strong> <strong>2014</strong>

Rose in black

Faces merging into the window of a running bus


The message says “Now it is available for sale”

The wind, the tree and poets zero

Zebra in front of a large window

A study of Ai Weiwei’s public installation in the city. It might be said, however, that the artwork<br />

had a relation to the buildings in Toronto downtown

Panorama of art

The language of speaking and imagination

Two small plants near the power plant and top view of a spiral tower

Small tree, big tree

Old machine and a handful of negative circles

A study of the street scene through a large window decorated with big lobster and fish

The sea, the land, mountain and sky

Photographing an American flag with a large antique camera

Shadow casted onto the wall that has many uniform small holes

The tunnel and a tiny creature with many small legs

Poet versus novelist

Change your scenery by means of high voltage that needs a constant current source and a<br />


Ways for measuring the sky

Light beam being projected onto the wall and moving like a dancer on stage

Three large flowers next to a performing tree

The anti-romantic and a large light blub in late afternoon

The gate looks like a pair of scissors cutting through the blue sky

Look closed at the water rising from Andy Warhol’s head

Air bubble, bacteria and the reflection of a pool of moving water

Everywhere is anywhere

A well written book on Chinese classical poetry stands up from the table by itself

The owl and his black and white daydream

Portrait of a lamp post in two cities

The critic, the heart, the circle, the star and others

The bird with a long neck looking at artworks on the opposite wall inside a gallery

A drawing of Andrew’s camera looking out to the street during the magic hour

Poetry: Who needs it? The landscape seeing through a telescope

Two palm trees as seen from a different angle

Diamond on the street

Mr. Butterfly and the guitar-playing lady

A border of thinking: about the art of transforming a book into liquid solutions

This man standing in front of the over-bridge, looks like he was coming from Wim Wenders’<br />


Transformation of a black circle

Good night, good morning

Riding towards the digital sea with a analog bike photograph

A piece of rectangular lyric and its admirer outside the large window

Tree and the forest spirit

The disappearance of a city

If light bulbs are running horses

Facts, fakes, fragments related to the sketch of two small circles

A moment before dusk in summer time

Torso of a horse and a humble tree with many decent memories

Book of unknown and the new chapter of an untold story about chair

When trees become characters on a stage

Art, won’t be silenced

A ladder climbed up to the second floor when he was making a keynote on brain

An open cinema

A very Canadian question: No lion in winter

Fantasy of a tuxedo cat

Lightning strike in a sunny afternoon

Pink book opened wide to the sky like a metal butterfly

Last summer

Holly Reading a Poem written by Leung Ping Kwan

A mini novel about blue mountain and the silver moon

Malgorzata’s cow was found, an early morning, walking inside a gallery somewhere at the<br />

downtown Toronto

ROM. On our way to return the dvd MUSIC ROOM, a film by Satyajit Ray

News and clouds

Running script: horse and boy by Irina Schestakowich, Lee and Wong by Nobuyoshi Araki

A story in two reads

Mr. Solo

Afternoon at the beach, in front of a portable backdrop

Viewed from my window, a philosophical study on manipulation, in two consecutive moments

The gate and the open-end

“a silver coin of light mooning the beginning of the day” (B. Black), images picked up from a<br />

trip to Kai’s exhibition

This book, has a duo novellas, reads best in two different room temperatures

Rounding the corner and about to depart

Cat chatting with the little cow inside Andrew’s sketch book

The (not so) tiger’s vocal exercise

A romantic yesterday (with floral photograph by Patrick, object by Zunzi)

Bottle of water and long leaf plant in pot

Photographs by Lee Ka-sing<br />

<strong>Diptych</strong> <strong>Diary</strong> series<br />

mixed media: pigment inkjet on paper, acrylic medium<br />

5.5x11 inch, signed on front and verso, unique<br />

all rights reserved

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