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home & leisure | ??<br />

<strong>2022</strong><br />

Five building<br />

projects<br />

sure to<br />

inspire you<br />

+ Kitchens<br />

+ Bathrooms<br />

+ Interiors<br />

+ Heating<br />

+ Gardening<br />

+ Food<br />

+ Tiny Homes<br />

+ Decor

From the editor<br />

Christine de Felice<br />

12<br />

57<br />

While winter temperatures might be keeping us inside for much of<br />

the time, at least that gives us the opportunity to enjoy our home<br />

environment – and ponder ways to give it a refresh, or even a major<br />

upgrade. Some of you might even be contemplating having a new<br />

one built.<br />

Whatever the plans, the following pages offer plenty of inspiration.<br />

We profile four recently built properties and one renovated home<br />

and find out how the owners and the building companies worked<br />

together to achieve exceptional and very satisfying results.<br />

We talk to design experts about the latest trends in kitchen and<br />

bathroom design, and a specialist in interior design offers a slew of<br />

ideas on how to make home décor work best, and in a way<br />

that’s personal.<br />

Colour is the base point of any home decorating scheme, and<br />

Resene has all the colours you could wish for, and plenty of creative<br />

ideas on how to use them effectively in every room of the home.<br />

Our feature pages showing new trends in lighting and furniture<br />

will provide more inspiration, too. And getting back to the weather<br />

– our home heating section has valuable information on keeping the<br />

home warm, dry and healthy. Well worth a read!<br />

It might even be a tiny home – we look at this growing trend,<br />

as more New Zealanders opt for a different way to downsize and<br />

reduce their costs while enjoying the benefits of a simpler, more<br />

sustainable lifestyle.<br />

Fortunately, here in Christchurch, there are winter days when we<br />

can get outside and fossick in the garden. And perhaps introduce a<br />

whole new concept to our outdoor spaces, like Mediterranean, for<br />

example. Our landscape section describes the multitude of ways<br />

a Mediterranean-style garden can be brought to life, even in our<br />

Pacific region.<br />

Cooking has become an increasingly popular pastime in New<br />

Zealand over the last couple of years, and we all know why. Our<br />

recipe offers you the chance to extend your repertoire with a<br />

delicious Indian dahl – tasty and warming for wintertime family<br />

meals and packed with nutrition.<br />

So, take some time out to browse through these pages for<br />

inspiration and information. We hope you enjoy it. Keep warm!<br />


Star Media<br />

EDITOR<br />

Christine de Felice<br />


Hilary-Rose Macintosh<br />


Juliet Dickson<br />

juliet.dickson@starmedia.kiwi<br />

Lisa Lynch<br />

lisa.lynch@starmedia.kiwi<br />

Home & Leisure magazine will be given to all those<br />

who visit the Star Media Home & Leisure Show (July 1,<br />

2, & 3, Christchurch Arena) and delivered to selected<br />

businesses around the city. Packed with high-quality<br />

editorial showcasing the latest home innovations – inside<br />

and out – this publication delivers its messages with the<br />

same flair desired by home owners for their havens.<br />

A perfect partner for a highly attended annual event.<br />

Star Media, a division of Allied Press Ltd, is not responsible for any actions taken on the information in these articles. The information and views expressed in this publication are not necessarily the opinion of Allied Press Ltd<br />

or its editorial contributors. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information within this magazine. However, Allied Press Ltd can accept no liability for the accuracy of the information.

home & leisure | 5<br />

Contents<br />

12 Creative decor<br />

24 Bathrooms<br />

37 Indoor plants<br />

39 Landscaping<br />

44 Furniture<br />

52 Kitchens<br />

57 Recipe<br />

58 Taste<br />

62 Interior design<br />

66 Lighting<br />

75 Heating<br />

80 Tiny Homes<br />

6<br />

18<br />

See inside for 5 building projects<br />

6 Build Right Homes<br />

18 Benchmark Homes<br />

<strong>30</strong> Golden Homes<br />

46 Trident Homes<br />

68 Genius Homes<br />

<strong>30</strong> 46<br />

68<br />

Be inspired with thousands<br />

of ideas under one roof!<br />

1 – 3 July <strong>2022</strong><br />

Christchurch Arena<br />


www.starhomeshow.kiwi<br />

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home & leisure | ??<br />

home & leisure | ??<br />

retro<br />

vision<br />

brought to life<br />

An owner’s passion for mid-century<br />

design has seen a bungalow reimagined<br />

to express his personal style.<br />

WORDS<br />

Christine de Felice<br />

PHOTOS<br />

Jamie Armstrong Photography

home & leisure | ?? home & leisure | 9<br />

Four years ago, when Steve Bayley was<br />

looking for a house he could renovate<br />

and infuse with his unique sense of retro<br />

style, he knew he had found what he<br />

wanted in this 1920s’ Bryndwr bungalow.<br />

“I could see the potential,” he says.<br />

“The house had solid bones, I<br />

imagined a new layout, and I also<br />

liked the size of the section, because<br />

I like gardening, and the size of<br />

the garage. The solid brick wall at<br />

the front was another very<br />

appealing feature.”<br />

Steve had some renovating<br />

experience with a previous home, but<br />

he wanted to bring professionals on<br />

board for this more expansive project.<br />

“I came across Build Right at the<br />

Home Show. I saw their stand and<br />

they presented well. Their projects<br />

also aligned with my ideas, and I was<br />

impressed with their approach.”<br />

After being assigned to the job,<br />

Build Right prepared concept plans,<br />

and over the next 12 months, Steve<br />

says, there were regular meetings<br />

and discussions, as the plans were<br />

fine-tuned.<br />

“I wanted to take my time to make<br />

sure it would be how I envisaged<br />

it. My goal was to create a home<br />

environment which expressed my<br />

individuality and my enthusiasm for<br />

mid-century design from the 1950s<br />

and ’60s.”<br />

A deck was added, where the family<br />

can relax and enjoy the morning sun.<br />

Sub-contractors were engaged, work<br />

got underway, and Steve’s satisfaction<br />

with the Build Right approach<br />

was reinforced.<br />

“The foreman, Carl, was so switched<br />

on, and when he was on site, he was<br />

very knowledgeable and very easy to<br />

work with. He really got invested in<br />

the project.”<br />

Steve, his wife, and daughter<br />

remained in the house during the<br />

renovation work, and while this<br />

presented some challenges for the<br />

contractors, Steve says they were very<br />

flexible and worked around the family.<br />

The house had previously been renovated in the<br />

1980s, but this major renovation involved more<br />

extensive changes to both the kitchen/dining area<br />

and bathrooms. For the kitchen/dining and living<br />

areas, where before there were three separate rooms<br />

– kitchen, dining room and adjacent living room –<br />

walls have been removed to create an airy, openplan<br />

space, with Inside-Out designing the layout<br />

and fittings.<br />

The dining area was moved from one side to the<br />

other, the former dining room was converted into<br />

a walk-in scullery and laundry complete with extra<br />

sink, and the kitchen itself took centre stage, with a<br />

large bench top, which faces the living area, creating<br />

a focal point and a place to congregate.<br />

As Steve says: “I wanted the kitchen to be the<br />

heart of the home.”<br />

Appliances include a gas stove top, built-in<br />

extractor, separate electric wall oven and a doubledoor<br />

fridge. The home’s electric water heating was<br />

changed to gas.<br />

While the kitchen is both stylishly contemporary<br />

and functional, the soft timber tones of the<br />

custom-made joinery bring a sense of warmth and<br />

homeliness along with the mid-century ambience<br />

Steve was seeking. Working with the designers, he<br />

chose individual elements such as the brass taps<br />

over the sinks, and the striking wave-design tiles for<br />

the splash-backs.<br />

The addition of new, almost floor-to-ceiling<br />

windows, as suggested by Carl, not only lets in more<br />

light, but also provides a refreshing outlook to the<br />

back garden, which Steve is currently landscaping.<br />

The other key aspect of the renovations was the<br />

upgrading of the main bathroom and the addition<br />

of an en suite in the master bedroom.<br />

To make better use of space, a separate toilet next<br />

to the main bathroom was incorporated into the<br />

bathroom, with space also being taken from part of<br />

the former dining room and scullery.<br />

The resulting new bathroom features elegant<br />

Italian tiles with a marble design, complemented by<br />

the same wave-design tiles as used in the kitchen.<br />

There is a double shower, and taking pride of place,<br />

a stand-alone bath. The timber cabinetry mirrors<br />

the kitchen joinery, again creating warmth while<br />

creating a pleasing contrast to the crispness of<br />

the tiles.<br />

Top: The kitchen has become the focal point of the living space,<br />

with the re-located dining area now offering more space for<br />

famiiy meals.<br />

Above: The walk-in scullery and laundry also has an extra sink.<br />

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home & leisure | ?? home & leisure | 11<br />

Left: Mid-century furniture<br />

enhances the retro-vibe the<br />

owner wanted to create.<br />

Below: Timber and tiles<br />

feature in the stylish en suite.<br />

Site Board<br />

Builder:<br />

Build Right Homes<br />

Land size:<br />

1000sqm<br />

Home size:<br />

180sqm<br />

Consent/build time:<br />

Eight months<br />

Favourite feature:<br />

Kitchen<br />

Hardest decision:<br />

Replacing the piles, due to the extra<br />

time and cost. But worth it.<br />

Would like to have:<br />

Underfloor heating, but not too<br />

bothered about it.<br />

Above: A stand-alone<br />

bath takes pride of place<br />

in the main bathroom.<br />

Top right: Marble-design<br />

tiles add an<br />

elegant touch.<br />

Bottom right: Timber<br />

fittings add warmth, and<br />

contrast to the crispness<br />

of the tiles.<br />

“For all the renovations, and especially<br />

the bathroom, I wanted to balance practical<br />

design with the aesthetics – timeless and<br />

classic. I didn’t want cutting-edge design in<br />

the bathroom as that would be outdated in a<br />

few years,” Steve says.<br />

In addition to the main bathroom, an en<br />

suite in the master bedroom was a ‘must have’.<br />

To accommodate this, a narrow wardrobe<br />

space was extended, plus some space was<br />

cribbed from the old bathroom. Like the<br />

main bathroom, the en suite, with a<br />

double shower and toilet, is fully tiled – a<br />

stylish ablutions space for the master<br />

bedroom’s occupants.<br />

At the back of the house, outdoor living<br />

is catered for with a spacious new deck that<br />

captures the morning sun, while a second<br />

deck is planned for the side of the house to<br />

catch the afternoon rays.<br />

In a home that completely reflects the<br />

owner’s vision, new carpet, a fresh colour<br />

scheme and re-upholstered mid-century<br />

furniture in the living space, add to the effect<br />

of comfort and individual style.<br />

However, overall, it was “the great<br />

craftmanship and attention to detail” as<br />

described by Steve, that are the key reason he<br />

and his family are “absolutely delighted” with<br />

their renovated mid-century-style home.<br />

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challenges create<br />

opportunities for<br />

creative decor<br />

home & leisure | 13<br />

A timber headboard finished in Resene Colorwood Whitewash adds<br />

another layer of visual texture to this space. Wall in Resene Triple<br />

Pearl Lusta, floor and pendant lamp in Resene Eighth Pearl Lusta,<br />

artwork in Resene Half Black White, vases in Resene Triple Bison Hide<br />

and Resene Half Bison Hide, bowl in Resene Grey Olive and chair in<br />

Resene Brown Bramble. Linen from Foxtrot Home, cushion and pink<br />

vase from Città, throw, candle holder and mug from Blackbird Goods.<br />

Lighter than air<br />

Recent events have reminded us of the need<br />

to tune into what’s really important: our own<br />

wellbeing and that of those we care about. This is<br />

materialising into a change of lifestyles and values,<br />

and looking at how we bring this into our homes.<br />

A renewed love of natural materials have made<br />

linen, wood, cane, clay and stone incredibly<br />

desirable for home décor – along with Resene<br />

paint, timber stain colour pairings and low-sheen,<br />

natural-look clear finishes.<br />

Simple, pared-down silhouettes and<br />

Scandinavian influences like whitewashed timbers<br />

in Resene Colorwood Whitewash and minimalist<br />

furnishings that focus on quality and sustainability<br />

are hugely popular.<br />

Own your very own<br />

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The ripple effect created<br />

by recent challenges has<br />

been hugely disruptive for<br />

decorating and design trends.<br />

On the plus side, this has opened up more opportunities for<br />

creativity. Home decorators are creating clever and colourful<br />

solutions that are unique to their personal wants and needs,<br />

rather than being dominated by trends.<br />

Resene has rounded up on-trend paint and decorating ideas<br />

to help provide inspiration for everything from quick room<br />

refreshes to new builds.<br />


Back wall in Resene Zumthor with shelf<br />

wall in Resene Blue Bark and floor stained<br />

in Resene Colorwood Dark Ebony. Linen<br />

and robe from Penney & Bennett, artwork<br />

by Sofia Lind from Slow Store, bedside<br />

table from Danske Móbler, carafe set<br />

from Sunday Homestore, ottoman from<br />

Republic Home.<br />

The new neutrals<br />

After two decades of cool, flat greys and whites reigning as the<br />

preferred neutrals, there has been a shift towards warmer and<br />

more complex options. Character neutrals, which feature more<br />

depth in their subtle undertones, are all the rage. Stone greys,<br />

biscuit beiges, blush suedes, steeped whites, olive taupe, slate<br />

greys and complex pewters like Resene Cobblestone, Resene<br />

Anglaise, Resene Calico, Resene Tea, Resene Cargo, Resene<br />

Silver Chalice and Resene Blue Bark represent the new<br />

neutrals that are trending today.<br />

Immensely flexible thanks to their rich and intricate<br />

undertones, each one of these hues makes a solid base for those<br />

who like to regularly change up their accent décor. Simply<br />

layer them with warmer-toned accessories like Resene Fire<br />

and Resene Americano in the cooler months and crisper tones<br />

like Resene Quarter Frozen and Resene Zumthor when the<br />

mercury rises to regulate the ‘visual temperature’ of your home.<br />

Down to earth<br />

The decade-long obsession with motifs, colours, materials and silhouettes<br />

popular in the ’80s has waned and made way for 1970s’ influences. This is<br />

playing out through colours, but also with textures through earthy, handmade<br />

artisanal elements like pottery, macrame and dried floral arrangements.<br />

When it comes to colours, look to browns from suede to espresso like<br />

Resene Dusty Road and Resene Felix, rich adobe terracotta like Resene<br />

Sante Fe and Resene Tuscany, avocado greens like Resene Avocado and<br />

Resene Lichen and biscuit beiges like Resene Double Biscotti and Resene<br />

Half Akaroa to bring today’s tones to your walls, flooring and furniture.<br />

The word terracotta is borrowed from Italian and translates to ‘baked earth’,<br />

so it doesn’t get much toastier or earthier than these clay-coloured hues. It’s<br />

the oxidisation of the iron-rich soils used to create the porous pottery that<br />

shares the moniker, that you can thank for the colour, which is undeniably<br />

warming when used in quantities both large and small.<br />

Tap into a Tuscan vibe with walls and ceilings in popular varieties like<br />

Resene Wild West, Resene Crail, Resene Korma or Resene Sante Fe paired<br />

with warm off-white flooring in Resene Blank Canvas.<br />

Or invert the palette with walls in Resene Eighth Pearl Lusta and<br />

painted ‘terracotta tile’ flooring in Resene Tuscany with painted ‘grout’ in<br />

Resene Raven.<br />

Channel the warmth of the Mediterranean with a<br />

subtly mottled paint effect in earthy hues. Wall<br />

and large vase in Resene Wild West with Resene<br />

FX Paint Effects medium coloured with Resene<br />

Sante Fe, floor in Resene Blank Canvas, table and<br />

daybed base in Resene Korma, arch in Resene<br />

Wild West, plant pot in Resene Sand, pendant<br />

lamp in Resene Alabaster, artwork in Resene<br />

Nero. Rug, cushions and glass from Città, bag<br />

from Blackbird Goods.<br />

home & leisure | 15<br />

Garden<br />

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We are committed to<br />

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<strong>2022</strong><br />

Home Builders

home & leisure | 16<br />

SMIL69842505 81197<br />

Resene<br />

Energy Yellow<br />

Pohutukawa<br />

Brown comes back around<br />

KEN201 KEN504 519846_640<br />

Not since the 1990s – and, before that, the 1970s – has<br />

brown been as big a deal as it is right now. Hues like<br />

Resene Leather, Resene Dusty Road, Resene Brown Sugar<br />

and Resene Brown Pod are skyrocketing in popularity,<br />

likely for their ability to simultaneously ground and warm<br />

the spaces that they’re used in – both highly desirable<br />

qualities to bring into a busy, contemporary home.<br />

But unlike the one-dimensional browns of the ’90s,<br />

these variations are richer and more complex with spirited<br />

undertones that love to be layered with one another or<br />

blended with greys, beiges and taupe, such as Resene<br />

Mondo, Resene Half Akaroa and Resene Half Nomad.<br />

Resene<br />

Quarter<br />

IUM202<br />

90570<br />

Back wall in Resene Quarter Linen, right wall in<br />

Resene Leather, skirting board in Resene Coral and<br />

floor stained in Resene Colorwood Dark Ebony. Stool<br />

and white vases from Domo, artwork from Mood<br />

Store, dark vase from Republic Home.<br />

Sentinel<br />

5<strong>30</strong>902<br />

Resene<br />

Bubble<br />

White<br />

36503-2<br />

Get the best of both worlds...<br />

Bring out the very best in your next project!<br />

Choose from Resene’s huge range of designer<br />

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colours from The Range fashion colours fandeck.<br />

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home & leisure | ??<br />

home & leisure | ??<br />

fairway to<br />

happiness<br />

With views over a golf course,<br />

this couple’s home layout was<br />

personalised to meet their desires.<br />

WORDS<br />

Jane Thompson<br />

PHOTOS<br />

Mick Stephenson

home & leisure | ?? home & leisure | 21<br />

When Scottish couple Sam and Audrey Watts<br />

decided to move down to Canterbury from Mapua,<br />

Nelson, they were in the market for a new build, and<br />

location-wise, they liked the look of Pegasus Town.<br />

However, to make sure it was the right<br />

place for them, for a year they rented a<br />

home there. Over that time, they visited<br />

several show homes and builders before<br />

finally deciding to go with Benchmark.<br />

They had built previously, so knew what<br />

they wanted in a building company.<br />

Sam explains: “We were looking for<br />

builders who were competent. How<br />

they present themselves is important.<br />

Benchmark has welcoming offices and<br />

premises, and the show homes are<br />

well presented.<br />

“But it wasn’t just about competence,”<br />

he says. “When we started to speak<br />

to Benchmark it was the people that<br />

impressed us – they are a really energetic<br />

bunch of people. We liked their<br />

whole vibe.”<br />

A Pegasus section with a perfect<br />

view of the golf course was the chosen<br />

location, and once the decision was<br />

made, the goal was to have the home<br />

completed in six months, so Sam and<br />

Audrey could be in by Christmas. It was<br />

a tight deadline, but Benchmark was<br />

able to meet it, with the couple happily<br />

celebrating the completion, and the<br />

festive season, surrounded by<br />

cardboard boxes.<br />

Large windows in the living areas<br />

provide expansive views of the<br />

golf course.<br />

“From the get-go the enthusiasm and the speed that<br />

Richard Evans, [Benchmark Homes director] and his<br />

team turned around drawings and ideas was unsurpassed. I<br />

haven’t experienced that with any of the other builders we<br />

have built with,” Audrey says.<br />

In fact, the process had started after the couple had looked<br />

through a Benchmark show home in Lincoln and liked<br />

what they saw.<br />

“Richard personalised the layout for us from that. Our<br />

criteria was for two distinctly separate areas for entertaining<br />

with a central kitchen ‘hub’ and that the bedrooms and the<br />

master suite had to be away from the noisier living areas.<br />

All the main rooms also had to face the view.”<br />

One of the things they had learned from previous houses<br />

was that having large, north-west-facing windows wasn’t<br />

always ideal.<br />

“We found we had to close the curtains and blinds all the<br />

time during the day,” Audrey says, “so with the two living<br />

areas with this house, we have got glimpses everywhere so<br />

you can still see everything that is going on, and it works<br />

really well for the sun.”<br />

Being part of the process was also important to the couple,<br />

with Audrey enjoying visiting kitchen and bathroom design<br />

studios to see what the trends were and what she liked.<br />

“A good builder will give you a selection. Benchmark<br />

was really approachable and accessible and they answered<br />

our queries in good time. The time I had with an interior<br />

designer from McKenzie & Willis was useful too.”<br />

For Sam, the technical side of the building work also met<br />

his high standards.<br />

“The electrics was another thing that we were particularly<br />

pleased with, as well as the painting work. This is the first<br />

house we have had where it used full LED lighting. It is<br />

really quite difficult to judge what you need, but nothing<br />

was too much trouble, and the electricians specifically<br />

designed a lighting system for the rooms.<br />

“We also have a central hub for the audio/visual system<br />

and internet, together with an automated projection screen<br />

and a ducted heating system. These all work absolutely<br />

perfectly. You need that expertise.”<br />

Top: Audrey visited bathroom studios to see<br />

what she would like for the bathroom designs.<br />

Middle: Audrey worked with the designers at<br />

McKenzie & Willis to create the beautiful interiors.<br />

Bottom: Facing on to the golf course, the master<br />

bedroom offers stunning views.<br />

Sat 29 & Sun <strong>30</strong> Oct | Christchurch Arena<br />

Earlybird<br />

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home & leisure | ?? home & leisure | 23<br />

Site Board<br />

Builder:<br />

Benchmark Homes<br />

Land size:<br />

2502sqm<br />

Consent/build time:<br />

Working drawings and consent<br />

process 4 months, build 7 months<br />

Favourite feature:<br />

Kitchen<br />

Home size:<br />

<strong>30</strong>1sqm<br />

Above: The deck<br />

provides plenty of<br />

space for outdoor<br />

entertaining.<br />

Top right: Water<br />

creates a boundary<br />

between the house<br />

and the course.<br />

Bottom right: The<br />

dining area forms part<br />

of the home's hub.<br />

Audrey and Sam were overseas during a part<br />

of the build but were able to follow progress on<br />

Benchmark’s online Buildertrend programme,<br />

which included regularly uploaded photos.<br />

‘We really liked the Buildertrend programme.<br />

It allowed us to monitor all aspects of the project<br />

while we were away and it was a big factor in us<br />

deciding on Benchmark,” Audrey says.<br />

“We could check on our selections, see<br />

where everything was and track our payments<br />

through it all. It was an amazing piece of<br />

software that I hadn’t seen before. It clearly<br />

shows you the timeline of everything that is<br />

happening, and you can go back and look at<br />

things and chart the progress. It was a big<br />

advantage of using Benchmark in my mind.”<br />

Reflecting on their new home, Audrey and<br />

Sam say there is nothing they would change.<br />

“It suits us down to the ground,” Audrey says.<br />

“We have a large group of friends here, there<br />

is always a lot going on. With lots of facilities<br />

within walking distance, it’s like being on<br />

holiday all the time.”<br />

IT’S TIME TO<br />


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BEFORE<br />

AFTER<br />

BEFORE<br />

AFTER<br />

The couple also enjoy entertaining, whatever<br />

the season.<br />

“In the summer we open the doors to the<br />

deck right out and we also have the covered<br />

veranda area outside if shade is needed.”<br />

A convenient IT’S feature of TIME the large property TO<br />

is that it can be condensed into smaller,<br />

frequently REJUVENATE<br />

used living areas on one side of the<br />

house. The windows feature reflective glass,<br />

+PROTECT<br />

IT’S TIME TO<br />

offering privacy from golfers on the 18th hole,<br />

and there • is Faded a water Aluminium boundary between Joinery the •<br />

house • Garage and the Doors course. +PROTECT<br />

• Automotive & Marine •<br />

Sam had also • Recolouring figured out that being beside<br />

• Faded Aluminium & Recoat Joinery • •<br />

the 18th meant that it would usually be midmorning<br />

BEFORE before AFTER the first people would BEFORE be going<br />

AFTER<br />

• Garage Doors • Automotive & Marine •<br />

• Recolouring & Recoat •<br />

past the house, and of course it is very quiet<br />

at night.<br />



“Now we have been in it through summer<br />

and winter, we know it has worked really well,”<br />

Audrey says.<br />

“It is a warm house in the winter, and it<br />

is cool in the summer. It fits the brief of<br />


everything we wanted.”<br />

BEFORE<br />

BEFORE<br />

BEFORE<br />

AFTER<br />

BEFORE<br />

AFTER<br />

BEFORE<br />

AFTER<br />

BEFORE<br />

AFTER<br />

AFTER<br />

AFTER<br />


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Hardest decision:<br />

Whether to have access to the master<br />

bedroom off the hallway or living room<br />

Would like to have:<br />

Underfloor heating, but not too<br />

bothered about it

Bathroom<br />

bliss<br />

What are the current trends in bathroom design<br />

and how have they changed over the last one to<br />

two years?<br />

We are seeing slightly more complex colour or tonal<br />

pairings and well-considered layouts. Tile layouts<br />

are also about using more than one tile, mixing sizes<br />

and scale. There is also a shift to luxurious and larger<br />

showers and, in some cases, removing baths to allow<br />

for this.<br />

Are tiles still prominent?<br />

Yes. Tiles are serviceable and the variance in price<br />

means they can cater to all budgets. The variance also<br />

in size, proportion and shapes means they are a great<br />

go-to for bathrooms.<br />

Raised basins have been a feature over recent years,<br />

so are these still popular?<br />

Raised basins will always be a timeless option.<br />

On trend, currently, is a more organic and slightly<br />

irregular shape for a natural, artisan/handcrafted feel.<br />

What’s new that will bring another<br />

level of style and function to that most<br />

personal of spaces in our home – the<br />

bathroom? Georgia Langridge of Modi<br />

Design talks us through the latest trends.

home & leisure | 26<br />

home & leisure | 27<br />

What about his and hers basins?<br />

A lot of homes are being designed with his<br />

and hers basins; that being said, I don’t think<br />

it should come at the sacrifice of practical<br />

benchtop storage. Weigh up if both basins<br />

will be utilised at the same time, and how<br />

often, and how many, products you use on<br />

your vanity.<br />

In an en suite you may like his and hers<br />

basins, whereas in a main bathroom used by<br />

the rest of the family you may find one basin<br />

with maximum benchtop space is preferable.<br />

Are there any new developments<br />

in showers?<br />

Technological developments/advancements<br />

in showers would be water coming through<br />

the ceiling without a RainCan.<br />

What about colour trends?<br />

A naturalist palette is what we are<br />

increasingly seeing (and loving), tonal<br />

progressions of warm timbers and beige/<br />

caramel-based stone and tiles.<br />

Bathroom flooring – any new trends there?<br />

For practicality, large format tiles in a lappato or matt (not<br />

glossy) finish are being used.<br />

In large, luxurious bathrooms, we are seeing two flooring<br />

options – the shower floor is the same as the walls and different<br />

from the rest of the floor, for example, mosaic tiles used on the<br />

shower walls and floor.<br />

How much does the bathroom design need to tie in with other<br />

aspects of a home's decor and style?<br />

The whole home needs consistency, whether it is a tonal<br />

progression subtly shifting throughout the house or a common<br />

thread that is used, i.e. the same timber.<br />

EST<br />

2011<br />




we can help with<br />

Eco Wastewater<br />

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Harvesting Systems<br />

Phone: 03 323 8541<br />

www.activeflow.co.nz<br />


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Saving<br />

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Efficient<br />

• Noise<br />

Reducing<br />

• Stylish<br />

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- Build Quotes<br />

- Consent Drawings<br />

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home & leisure | 28<br />

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Magnetic therapy?<br />

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Magnetic therapy<br />

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“I wear it, because it works”<br />

Vic Rieter, NZ Motorcross Champion<br />

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W www.zenteq.co.nz<br />

Can an existing bathroom and/or en suite be modernised<br />

without costing too much, and if so how can that be done?<br />

Bathrooms are tricky. All fixtures are relatively permanent,<br />

so it's not like replacing a few cushions or pieces of furniture,<br />

as trades are involved. If the layout is good, you could update<br />

the vanity/ basin and mirror. If you are replacing tiles, you<br />

are looking at a full bathroom renovation.<br />

Apart from the obvious, is there one thing that every<br />

bathroom should have?<br />

A well-considered shower niche within easy reach. If it is a<br />

shelf that protrudes, ensure it can’t injure the shower user.<br />

Have a good focal point – typically the vanity, and place<br />

the toilet out of view.<br />

Have you<br />

considered<br />

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Stand 118<br />

New regulations coming soon!<br />

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We can guide you through a subdivision<br />

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nzlivinghomes.co.nz<br />

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Phoebe<br />

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right colour combinations. She<br />

is definitely the person to talk<br />

to about the latest trends and<br />

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Jimmy<br />

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With his background in the<br />

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the ordinary, Jimmy will work<br />

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Find out why we have such happy custoMers<br />

Unit 2 / 99 Sawyers Arms Rd<br />

03 365 4666 or 0800 836 587<br />


home & leisure | ??<br />

home & leisure | ??<br />

a very happy<br />

homecoming<br />

A smaller home, but one that still had<br />

space to enjoy. That was the wish, and<br />

it was easily granted with a stylish<br />

property in Halswell.<br />

WORDS<br />

Christine de Felice<br />

PHOTOS<br />

Karen Casey

home & leisure | ?? home & leisure | 33<br />

For this homeowner and her family,<br />

Halswell had been home for <strong>30</strong> years, so<br />

when the time came for her to sell her<br />

property and downsize, her preference<br />

was to stay in the area, and to move into<br />

a brand-new home.<br />

“I looked at a few plans with different<br />

building companies, but a lot of them<br />

were too small, because, while I was<br />

wanting to downsize, I still wanted<br />

space,” she explains.<br />

“I came from four bedrooms and<br />

large living and I didn’t want to go<br />

into a box. I wanted space, but I was<br />

definitely downsizing.”<br />

After considering various options, the<br />

decision was made to go with Golden<br />

Homes. In addition to their designs,<br />

she says, a key reason was structural.<br />

“I liked that they use steel framing<br />

rather than timber – it’s safer. I did<br />

look at other companies, but I kept<br />

coming back to Golden Homes<br />

because of the steel structure.”<br />

After talking to the company’s<br />

design consultant Michelle Anderson,<br />

the owner initially signed up for a<br />

house and land package, but then her<br />

lawyer advised against it.<br />

“He said it could be up to 12 months<br />

or even two years before I could move<br />

in, so I got out of the contract. Then<br />

The splashback tiles behind the stovetop<br />

add a point of interest to the crisp<br />

black-and-white colour scheme.<br />

Michelle contacted me again and said<br />

she had just the house for me and<br />

wanted to show me.<br />

“I will never forget the day,<br />

October 1st, 2021. Michelle texted me<br />

to wear some old boots because<br />

it was still a building site in<br />

progress without any landscaping. It<br />

had been raining and it was muddy. I<br />

loved it from the first moment,<br />

and I could see myself living<br />

there with all my own furniture.<br />

It was perfect!”<br />

Located on a corner site in the Country Downs<br />

sub-division, the house she fell in love with has<br />

three double bedrooms, an en suite and a main<br />

bathroom – both featuring stylish black tap fittings,<br />

black heated towel rails, and extensive tiled areas,<br />

open-plan kitchen/dining/living area, and a separate<br />

lounge – all the space she wanted, in a home from<br />

the Bespoke Range by Golden Homes, designed by<br />

Dean McGuigan.<br />

Having two living areas and a dedicated dining<br />

space is something this new owner especially enjoys,<br />

with the feature wall slats in a timber veneer, which<br />

create an attractive divide between the dining space<br />

and lounge, being one of her favourite<br />

design points.<br />

The kitchen offers plenty of workspace and has<br />

a separate butler’s pantry, a striking light fitting<br />

above the bench, while behind the stove-top, the<br />

splashback tiles in Porcelanosa Lexington Cognac<br />

complement the wall slats.<br />

A cathedral ceiling in the living area adds<br />

height and character to the room, and in the main<br />

bedroom a raised, recessed ceiling, or trayed ceiling,<br />

again gives a sense of extra height.<br />

In terms of the décor, designed by Golden<br />

Homes, the home also perfectly matches the<br />

owner’s style – crisp, sophisticated black and<br />

white. So, all her furniture and accessories from<br />

her previous home fitted right in, enabling her to<br />

create an environment in her new abode that’s both<br />

contemporary and elegant.<br />

The all-important indoor-outdoor flow is well<br />

catered for with doors opening onto three decks<br />

– outside the living area, the lounge and the main<br />

bedroom. One of the decks will house the barbecue,<br />

while a selection of pots adds an interesting<br />

focal point.<br />

The spacious double garage, with internal access,<br />

accommodates the laundry, as well as having a<br />

convenient corner for a home office.<br />

Top: Wallpaper and shelving create an eye-catching feature<br />

leading into the open-plan area.<br />

Above: The main bathroom includes a bath and shower.<br />

www.bioptron.com<br />

Pain Relief<br />

• Arthritis<br />

• Back & Neck Pain<br />

• Soft Tissue Injuries<br />

Wound Healing<br />

• Leg Ulcers<br />

• Pressure Sores<br />

• Burns<br />

www.zepternz.co.nz<br />

Easy & fast to use in the comfort of your home<br />

Skin Problems<br />

• Psoriasis<br />

• Dermatitis<br />

• Eczema<br />



For a complimentary treatment at the Home & Leisure Show, see<br />

Bioptron specialist, Fern McCall (mob. 0274 599 763)<br />



HOME<br />


88 Gasson St, Sydenham | 03 379 3740 | www.homeplus.co.nz<br />

Measured, made<br />

and installed by our<br />

team of experts.<br />

5 year warranty.<br />


home & leisure | ?? home & leisure | 35<br />

Left: With its black-andwhite<br />

decor, the main<br />

bedroom is a picture<br />

of elegance.<br />

Below left: The cathedral<br />

ceiling adds height and<br />

character to the living area<br />

adjacent to the kitchen.<br />

Site Board<br />

Builder:<br />

Golden Homes<br />

Land size:<br />

451sqm<br />

Home size:<br />

180.2sqm<br />

Consent/build time:<br />

Six months<br />

Favourite feature:<br />

Kitchen<br />

Hardest decision:<br />

Finding the right home – this was it.<br />

Would like to have:<br />

Nothing<br />

Above: The well designed<br />

open-plan layout includes<br />

a dining area facing<br />

the kitchen.<br />

Top right: Black tapware<br />

adds to the stylish look of<br />

the bathrooms.<br />

Bottom right: The timber<br />

veneer wall slats create an<br />

attractive divide between<br />

the dining and one of the<br />

living areas.<br />

Come to the Nutrimetics<br />

stand to purchase your<br />

celebration Show bag and<br />

reconnect or discover the<br />

wonderful world of natural<br />

cruelty free beauty.<br />

While the landscaping had been completed<br />

when the owner moved in, she decided to<br />

replace the lawn with artificial grass, so no<br />

lawns to mow.<br />

“Best thing I ever did!”<br />

Plantings along the fence line will<br />

eventually grow up to give more privacy.<br />

The orientation of the brick and cedar-clad<br />

house ensures all-day sun, a definite bonus,<br />

plus the owner also enjoys living on a corner,<br />

where she can see people coming and going.<br />

The team at Golden Homes made the<br />

process of getting into her new home<br />

straightforward and stress-free, she says.<br />

50th Birthday<br />

Celebrate NZ Owned & NZ Made<br />

“Michelle was so efficient. She took me<br />

through everything and always got back to<br />

me. She went out of her way to make it all<br />

work for me. She was an absolute treat.<br />

“The construction manager, Simon Osikai<br />

was very good to work with too, very efficient.<br />

He was there the day I moved in and sorted<br />

out the last few details.”<br />

Even though it wasn’t yet completed, from<br />

the moment she first walked in the front<br />

door, this very happy owner knew this was<br />

the house for her, and she loves living there.<br />

“It was just the feel of the house – it ticked<br />

every box for me.”<br />

027 418 8722<br />

027 418 8722 0800 23 26 24<br />

0800 23 26 info@centralvacuums.co.nz<br />

24<br />

info@centralvacuums.co.nz<br />

centralvacuums.co.nz<br />

A cleaner, healthier<br />

home begins here.<br />

Experience the quality and<br />

convenience of an in-built<br />

central vacuum system.<br />



Phone: 027 418 8722<br />

0800 23 26 24<br />

info@centralvacuums.co.nz | centralvacuums.co.nz<br />

The lifestyle you deserve.<br />

At Burlington, style, class and fun are guaranteed.<br />

The village offers independent houses, intermediate care options,<br />

resthome/hospital level care and dementia care in a separate specialised<br />

facility. An extensive activities schedule is available for all residents which<br />

includes cabarets, gala nights, outings and travel club trips... Not to mention<br />

daily exercise classes, films and games!<br />

Find out more at www.burlingtonvillage.co.nz, or call us on 03 383 0333.<br />

171 Prestons Road, Redwood.<br />

A subsidiary of

home & leisure | 37<br />

breathe life<br />

into your home<br />

Not only do houseplants make us feel relaxed<br />

and happier, but they also naturally clean the air<br />

of toxins and refresh oxygen levels. Indoor plants<br />

give life to otherwise simple rooms with their wide<br />

variety of shapes, sizes textures and colours—they<br />

are a fantastic way to decorate any room.<br />

Peace Lily<br />

Classic indoor plant,<br />

perfect in most areas of<br />

the home. Renowned for<br />

their clean air properties<br />

that remove toxins from<br />

the air. Feed regularly with<br />

general indoor fertiliser<br />

and water as needed.<br />

Philodendron<br />

Brasil<br />

With every<br />

leaf unique, it's<br />

hard to stick to<br />

owning only one<br />

Philodendron<br />

Brasil. Also called<br />

a variegated<br />

heartleaf<br />

Philodendron.<br />

Cacti<br />

Although cacti are<br />

known for their love of<br />

sunlight, many thrive as<br />

indoor plants. Add one<br />

to your windowsill or<br />

living space for some<br />

unique decor.<br />

Snake Plant<br />

This Sansevieria has beautiful<br />

green and yellow leaves often<br />

referred to as the Mother-In-<br />

Laws Tongue. Snake plants are<br />

very drought tolerant and can<br />

survive months without water,<br />

especially in winter.<br />

Lucky<br />

Bamboo<br />

An important part<br />

of feng shui, these<br />

easy-care plants<br />

are said to bring<br />

good luck and<br />

fortune, especially<br />

if given as gifts.<br />

Tradescantia Zebrina<br />

Tradescantia zebrina is a<br />

houseplant that can be grown in<br />

a hanging basket to show off its<br />

long beautiful purple trailing vines<br />

or kept contained and compact in<br />

a pot. Very versatile, and very hard<br />

to kill.

home & leisure | ??<br />

POOL & SPA<br />

Home & Leisure Show <strong>Special</strong>s<br />


Hanmer Spa Pool<br />

• 2 Full Loungers and 3 Spacious Seats<br />

• 21<strong>30</strong> x 21<strong>30</strong> x 900mm • 48 Jets<br />

• LED Multicolour Lights<br />

• Available in Stirling White and<br />

Midnight Canyon Black<br />

$9,490<br />

$<br />

8,990<br />

Get a High Quality Spa with<br />

Local Support and Knowledge<br />

from our Trusted Partners!<br />

mediterranean<br />

magic<br />

All Spas Sold at the Home Show come with Free Wifi Addon, Free Chemical Kit & Free Delivery<br />

$8,990<br />

$<br />

7,990<br />

$6,990<br />

$<br />

6,490<br />

$7,490<br />

$<br />

6,790<br />

$8,990<br />

$<br />

7,990<br />

Selwyn<br />

• 3-4 Seater • 45 Jets<br />

• 2140x1550x850mm<br />

Akaroa<br />

• 4 Seater • 15 Jets<br />

• 1800x1800x800mm<br />

Kaiteri<br />

• 2 Seater • 23 Jets<br />

• 19<strong>30</strong>x15<strong>30</strong>x760mm<br />

Rakaia<br />

• 5 Seater • 33 Jets<br />

• 2000x2000x900mm<br />

WORDS<br />

Diana Noonan<br />

Kiwi Gardener<br />


Salt Capable<br />

Whitsunday Rectangle<br />

20x12 6.2 x 3.8 x 1.37m Rectangle<br />

RRP $12,500 NOW $8,990<br />

24x12 7.4 x 3.8 x 1.37m Rectangle<br />

RRP $14,800 NOW $9,900<br />


28x12 8.6 x 3.8 x 1.37m Rectangle<br />

RRP $15,<strong>30</strong>0 NOW $10,990!! - 1 ONLY!!<br />

32x12 9.8 x 3.8 x 1.37m Rectangle<br />

RRP $16,<strong>30</strong>0 NOW $12,990<br />




Swim at 28c ALL season<br />

Low running costs<br />

Quiet operation<br />

Pool Package includes, Quality 1HP Pump and Filter and Maintenance Kit<br />

Pool Land Christchurch Delivery Options Arranged Nationwide<br />

28 Moorhouse Ave, Christchurch 03 365 6414<br />

www.poolland.co.nz<br />

Salt Capable<br />

Whitsunday<br />

16x12 4.9 x 3.8 x 1.37m<br />

RRP $8,490 NOW $5,990<br />

24x12 7.4 x 3.8 x 1.37m<br />

RRP $10,200 NOW $7,490<br />

27x15 8.2 x 4.5 x 1.37m<br />

RRP $10,700 NOW $7,990<br />

<strong>30</strong>x15 9.3 x 4.5 x 1.37m<br />

RRP $12,200 NOW $8,990<br />

SPECIAL OFFERS on Heat Pumps<br />

9kwt Standard $2,995<br />

13kwt Inverter RRP $5,995 NOW $5,495<br />

17kwt Inverter RRP $6,995 NOW $5,995<br />

21kwt Inverter RRP $7,995 NOW $6,995<br />

South Seas<br />

23x15 7.0 x 4.5 x 1.2m<br />

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38x15 11.7m x 4.5m x 1.2m<br />

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<strong>30</strong>x15 Deep End 9.3 x 4.5 x 1.2-1.8m<br />

RRP $12,700 NOW $9,200<br />

38x15 Deep End 11.7m x 4.5m x 1.2-1.8m<br />

RRP $13,700 NOW $9,900<br />

Pool Land have been proudly importing and selling Swimming Pool Heat Pumps for the last 15 years.<br />

We are proud to offer the Aqua-inverter HP - the most silent heat pump ever. By adjusting compressor speed hertz by hertz,<br />

and fan speed round by round it matches pool temperature intelligently with optimal efficiency. Our inverter model heat<br />

pumps offer you massive savings each month over the cost of running the standard models. For the best advice regarding<br />

which heat pump would be best for you, give Pool Land a call to discuss your swimming pool set up.<br />

pool-land@xtra.co.nz<br />

Zodiac Robotic<br />

Pool Cleaners<br />

Free nationwide delivery<br />

on Robotic Pool Cleaners<br />

Starting from $1499<br />

Spend less time cleaning<br />

your pool and more time<br />

enjoying it!<br />

Salt Capable<br />

Whitsunday Deep End<br />

20x12 Deep End 6.2x3.8 x 1.37-1.9m<br />

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23x15 Deep End 7.0x4.5 x 1.37-1.9m<br />

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24x12 Deep End 7.4x3.8 x 1.37-1.9m<br />

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38x15 Deep End 11.76 x 4.5 x 1.37-1.9m<br />

RRP $15,500 NOW $11,990<br />





P: 021 067 3256<br />

E: scott@strathclyde.co.nz<br />

www.strathclyde.co.nz<br />

Winter is the perfect season to give<br />

your garden a makeover. There’s time<br />

to consult, design, assemble materials,<br />

and even begin work. By the time<br />

spring rolls around, you are well on<br />

your way to getting the look you want.<br />

One of the simplest styles to aim for is the Mediterranean garden. While it can be<br />

designed to fit any-sized property, it is also well suited to small-scale plots. Best of<br />

all, it’s one of the least expensive, lowest-maintenance garden designs on the books.<br />

And with its low-water requirements, it’s environmentally friendly as well.<br />



FROM THE<br />


home & leisure | ?? home & leisure | 41<br />

Romantic but functional<br />

A Mediterranean garden is a romantic garden, yet it is<br />

also a functional, social space. Within it, shady courtyards<br />

provide relief from the heat, and a place where families<br />

and friends can gather formally to dine, or informally to<br />

gossip or sip a coffee.<br />

Although the Mediterranean garden is synonymous<br />

with Spain, Italy, southern France and Greece, it always<br />

presents as having developed organically from the land<br />

immediately around it: dry hills with rocky outcrops,<br />

aromatic herb fields, wild alliums and almonds, and<br />

gnarled olives. In autumn and winter, native cyclamen<br />

grows from between cracks, and in spring the land bursts<br />

into life with flowering bulbs – tulips, muscari and<br />

anemone. Lavender bushes provide heady perfume but are<br />

also used in soap and to provide medicinal oil.<br />

A single potted<br />

citrus spells<br />

Mediterranean heat.<br />

Organic<br />

Although the Mediterranean garden has evolved<br />

from its own wild spaces, it is also carefully tended.<br />

Functional, food-bearing plants such as bay, citrus, quince,<br />

pomegranate, loquat and Medlar occupy nooks or pots,<br />

and are watered deeply over summer. Clipped hedges<br />

provide shelter from hot winds, and shade is provided by<br />

crumbling walls refreshed with a lick of white-wash, or<br />

rustic arbours threaded through with colourful climbing<br />

plants such as Bougainvillea and grape.<br />

Infrastructure<br />

Heat creates a need for water – delivered naturally in the<br />

form of lapping azure-blue ocean, or created with a small,<br />

cool pond, or a central well decked out with a battered<br />

pail. Discarded vessels from an earlier age, such as retired<br />

terracotta oil pots, wine barrels, an outdoor stone oven,<br />

or a wooden animal trough, are commonly found in a<br />

Mediterranean garden, as well as generations of worn<br />

furniture, encrusted with layers of thick oil paint.<br />

Vintage oil jars and a colourful, shady pergola are hallmarks of the Mediterranean garden.<br />

Paths<br />

A Mediterranean garden has its origins in a simple peasant<br />

economy, which is why recycled and natural materials form<br />

the basis of its paths. Crazy paving is made from broken<br />

brick, pieces of concrete, or flat rocks, randomly laid, with<br />

the cracks between filled with aromatic herbs such as<br />

thyme, oregano and chamomile. Broken seashells or gravel<br />

chip will also suffice, and where cost is not an issue, and<br />

more formality is desired, pea gravel can be substituted.<br />

Formal edging is not required, as low-growing plants will<br />

soften the look. Plants which are ideal for this purpose<br />

include prostrate rockrose (Cistus salviifolius ‘Prostratus’),<br />

low-growing catmint (Nepeta remosa ‘Walkers Low’), and<br />

Prostrate sage (Salvia officinalis).<br />

Socialising<br />

It’s simply not a Mediterranean garden without a place<br />

to socialise. Incorporate your deck into your garden<br />

by planting around it, or create a level, hard surface<br />

from pebbles, grit or crazy paving. Go Greek by giving<br />

vintage wooden chairs a lick of colourful oil-based paint<br />

(the less perfect the job, the better), and provide a small<br />

wooden table that has been given the same treatment.<br />

Bright, and mismatched colours are perfect for painting<br />

furniture, so don’t be afraid to head straight to your<br />

recycling centre for tins of leftover paint. To get the<br />

French Mediterranean look, choose wrought iron chairs<br />

and table (or a small, glass-surfaced table will do the<br />

trick). Position your furniture under a shady tree.<br />

Maximise your outdoor living<br />

As outdoor living specialists, Zones aim to enhance the things you love to do outside. Whether it’s<br />

cooking or dining outside with friends and family, playing backyard cricket with the kids, reading a<br />

book in the sun, or pottering around the garden, we can design and build a landscape to suit.<br />


Come and see us on Stand 22-24 to talk about how we can transform your outdoor living area.<br />

0800 <strong>30</strong>1 020<br />

www.zones.co.nz<br />

• Strong • Durable • Clean • Affordable • Less Maintenance<br />

021 912 826<br />

sales@paragonfencing.co.nz<br />

www.paragongfencing.co.nz<br />

913 Shands Road,<br />

Prebbleton<br />

The original same day lawn,<br />

natural turf and artificial,<br />

for any size project,<br />

landscaping, and irrigation<br />

A beautiful, healthy,<br />

lush lawn in a<br />

matter of hours<br />

Call now 349 6980 www.readylawn.co.nz info@readylawn.co.nz

home & leisure | 42<br />

Natural materials make<br />

the best paths.<br />

Climate control<br />

A Mediterranean climate is characterised by hot, dry summers and<br />

mild, wet winters. This is perfectly in keeping with many of the<br />

warmer regions of our own country, but if that climatic description<br />

doesn’t sound like your neck of the woods, you can always look for<br />

ways to improvise.<br />

A pergola, with a canopy of dense, hardy vines (such as clematis,<br />

winter jasmine or climbing hydrangea), all suited to a damper,<br />

cooler climate, can help. Both the structure and the plants will keep<br />

the soil under and immediately around them dry over the winter<br />

months. Within the protection of the pergola, it will be possible<br />

to grow more tender climbers for colour (think: perennial sweet<br />

pea or an ornamental grape such as Vitis coignetiae). If a pergola is<br />

not within your budget, choose hedging plants that can be wellclipped.<br />

They will create a dry microclimate around their feet.<br />

Citrus also brings colour to a Mediterranean garden. It can grow<br />

in-ground to fill a shrub-sized space or be kept small and clipped<br />

when planted in a pot. Although a citrus will bear colourful fruit in<br />

winter, in warmer climes, in summer it will put on a show for those<br />

who live in cooler parts of the country. Potted citrus in cold regions<br />

will need to be wrapped and/or moved into a greenhouse against<br />

the winter weather.<br />

Lavenders, the hallmark of the Mediterranean garden, are low<br />

maintenance (give them a clip after flowering, and a harder one<br />

again in spring). If you live in a warm, humid climate, Stoechas<br />

are the lavenders to go for. English lavender will perform better in<br />

colder climates, but the real enemy is the wet. Don’t let this deter<br />

you, though – plant in pots of free-draining soil and move these<br />

indoors or under eves in the wettest months.<br />

Get the full package for<br />

new home reno’s with Smiths.<br />

We’ll design, build and install your dream kitchen. Kit it out with top of the line<br />

appliances at commercial pricing, from brands we stand behind. And once the<br />

kitchens’ done, you can move on to the bedroom or the lounge - with our great<br />

range of beds, TVs, lounge suites and more.<br />


Luxury artificial grass<br />

that’s better than<br />

the real thing<br />

SmartGrass is a new type of artificial grass that<br />

is realistic, durable and environmentally friendly.<br />

For a lawn that looks better than real grass, find<br />

our team on Stand #133 at The Star Home Show.<br />

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Why Smiths?<br />

Luxury artificial grass<br />

that’s better than<br />

the real thing<br />

SmartGrass is a new type of artificial grass that<br />

is realistic, durable and environmentally friendly.<br />

For a lawn that looks better than real grass, find<br />

our team on Stand #133 at The Star Home Show.<br />

We’re well<br />

established.<br />

We’ve been around<br />

for 103 years so we<br />

know a thing or two<br />

about service.<br />

100% NZ owned<br />

and operated.<br />

It’s about Kiwis<br />

supporting Kiwis.<br />

We sell leading<br />

brands.<br />

We only ever sell<br />

products and brands<br />

we stand behind.<br />

We’re customer<br />

focused.<br />

We’re committed<br />

to helping our<br />

customers, through<br />

the entire process.<br />

We have the<br />

best team.<br />

Our people are our<br />

greatest asset. They’re<br />

what separates us from<br />

our competition.<br />

0800 887 369 smartgrass.co.nz<br />

Email: info@shadesmartnz.com | Website: www.shadesmartnz.com

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nice and<br />

neutral<br />

Dipped<br />

Vase<br />

Freedom<br />

Furniture<br />

Cooper & Co Banana<br />

Leaf A2 Framed Print<br />

Spotlight<br />

Ponsonby Throw<br />

Freedom Furniture<br />

Profile Vase<br />

Green - Large<br />

A&C Homestore<br />

Duo<br />

Bookcase<br />

Harvey<br />

Norman<br />

Cove Dining Table<br />

Freedom Furniture<br />

Vogue<br />

3 Seater<br />

Smiths City<br />

Caro Coffee Table<br />

Smiths City<br />

Pippa Nera<br />

Coffee Machine<br />

Caffé Italiano<br />

Sage Green 12 Piece<br />

Dinner Set<br />

Kmart<br />

Bari Buffet<br />

Harvey Norman<br />

Linen Cushions<br />

Adairs<br />

Retro<br />

Fabric<br />

Occasional<br />

Chair<br />

Freedom<br />


home & leisure | ??<br />

home & leisure | ??<br />

a home<br />

where she belongs<br />

Julie Gullick knew that her ‘felt sense’<br />

had led her to the right place when<br />

she found her section, and the builder,<br />

for her new home in Woodend.<br />

WORDS<br />

Christine de Felice<br />

PHOTOS<br />

Karen Casey

home & leisure | ?? home & leisure | 49<br />

Six years ago, a business opportunity<br />

saw Julie Gullick and her family move<br />

to Christchurch from Southland, where<br />

she had lived for most of her life.<br />

“Mark gave me the confidence to<br />

work with them to bring my ideas to<br />

fruition. We discussed what I needed<br />

for my living environment, and that<br />

was a design for the present, and for<br />

the future. Really just a one-bedroom<br />

home with a wing catering for guests<br />

and family. I wanted the capacity to<br />

have a dual-purpose bedroom and<br />

Air B&B – I was looking for a way to<br />

make an income when I retired.”<br />

For Julie, the key requirements were<br />

privacy, with the living area located<br />

away from the street, open-plan living<br />

space, a good-sized garage and plenty<br />

of storage. One thing she didn’t want<br />

was wasted space.<br />

And the building company that<br />

would provide all that had to be what<br />

Julie describes as “relational”.<br />

“I also wanted guarantees, with<br />

national backing, and a fixed price,<br />

and I didn’t want to be just another<br />

number. Trident Homes were offering<br />

all that, and they made me feel so<br />

valued as a client. They offered plans,<br />

but there was flexibility, allowing<br />

things to be changed and tweaked.”<br />

In fact, it was Julie herself who<br />

devised the overall plan for her home<br />

with guidance from Trident. This<br />

resulted in the bespoke design, which<br />

she says also features ‘up-spec’d’ fittings<br />

and includes an open-plan kitchen/<br />

living/dining space, three bedrooms –<br />

one with an adjoining kitchenette, two<br />

bathrooms, three toilets and an extralarge<br />

double garage.<br />

For the colour scheme, Julie worked<br />

with Trident Homes’ colour consultant<br />

Lynley Hansen from By Design<br />

Interiors. Throughout the living areas<br />

and two of the bedrooms, Wattyl<br />

Magnesium was the choice, and for<br />

her bedroom, the moody, dark -Silent<br />

Silhouette by Wattyl, with a feature<br />

wall in a striking floral wallpaper,<br />

white ceiling and white trim.<br />

“I had Lynley’s guidance, but she<br />

gave me the space to make my own<br />

choices. It was also important for me<br />

to keep the chemical load down, so<br />

the paint I chose is low VOC [volatile<br />

organic chemicals]. It’s durable, and<br />

friendly to the environment<br />

and humans.”<br />

Above: The barn door opening from<br />

the living area to the hallway is one of<br />

Julie's favourite features.<br />

Below left: The spacious open-plan<br />

layout was a key requirement.<br />

Below right: The kitchen offers plenty<br />

of storage space.<br />

Then, following a change in her<br />

personal circumstances, Julie started<br />

looking for a new area in which to live,<br />

somewhere she would feel part of<br />

the community.<br />

“I wanted to find a place like Winton,<br />

where I had come from, a place where<br />

people look out for each other.”<br />

Initially, Julie started looking at areas<br />

south of the city, and for her, the whole<br />

experience was based on intuition.<br />

“The land position, the design of the<br />

house, the building company I would<br />

choose, all of that would come about<br />

through a ‘felt sense’,” Julie says.<br />

In her search south, Julie found what<br />

she describes as a “beautiful area with a<br />

lovely section”, but it didn’t feel right.<br />

“It seemed I wasn’t meant to live<br />

south of Christchurch, so I drove<br />

north to see what was there and that’s<br />

where I found what I was looking<br />

for. Ravenswood felt right, from a<br />

community, and from a price point of<br />

view for purchasing the land.<br />

“I found the perfect section in<br />

Ravenswood, so then I needed<br />

to find the right building company.<br />

In my search, I was methodical and<br />

dedicated. I visited show homes and<br />

met some lovely people from<br />

building companies.<br />

“I was looking for a company that<br />

wasn’t too big, one that made me feel<br />

valued as a customer and that I could<br />

relate to. When I met Mark Smith<br />

from Trident Homes at their show<br />

home in Ravenswood it felt like a good<br />

fit, but I wanted to connect with the<br />

company, so I called them and was able<br />

to speak directly to the franchise owner<br />

Pete Nisbet, who was very helpful.<br />

“I felt excited, so I looked at some<br />

of their plans, but I was quite specific<br />

about what I wanted,” Julie says.<br />

NEW!<br />

VELVET<br />


Free towel with Velvet<br />

Flannel sheet sets<br />

New! Velvet Flannel is the higher quality<br />

cousin to flannelette and offers the ultimate<br />

in luxurious winter warmth. Feel them at<br />

Stand 143 and receive a free towel with any<br />

full set purchased at the show. T&Cs apply*.<br />


STAND 143<br />

thehotelsheet.co.nz<br />

Lynley Hansen<br />

*Free towel offer only available at the show with full bedding sets, not available with half sets. Towel must be taken at the<br />

show, only while stocks last. Not available with any other offer, code, promo, sale or clearance item.

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Site Board<br />

Builder:<br />

Trident Homes<br />

Land size:<br />

549sqm<br />

Home size:<br />

172sqm<br />

Above: The main<br />

bathroom features<br />

a fully tiled shower<br />

and a bath.<br />

Top right: Leading<br />

from the hallway,<br />

the kitchenette<br />

adjoining one of<br />

the bedrooms<br />

provides for<br />

guests, family and<br />

potential Air B&B<br />

accommodation.<br />

Right: An eyecatching<br />

feature of<br />

the kitchen is the<br />

brick splash-back.<br />

For the carpet, she chose one from the Belgotex<br />

Empire range, in ash, while the vinyl in the<br />

kitchen and bathrooms is a plank design in the<br />

colour Supremo Sutherland.<br />

The home’s exterior cladding is Clad’X plaster<br />

system, as recommended by Trident Homes,<br />

with a feature gable.<br />

With fresh, ventilated air being a nonnegotiable<br />

for Julie, she had a Moisture Master<br />

ventilation system installed, and this is just one<br />

of several special features she particularly enjoys<br />

in her new home.<br />

“I love the vaulted ceiling in the living area –<br />

it gives the illusion of more space, it definitely<br />

lets in more light, and it’s a point of interest in<br />

the room. I’m also thrilled with the barn door<br />

between the living area and the hall and the<br />

brick splash-back in the kitchen.<br />

“The storage is amazing,” Julie adds, “and that<br />

was important for me.”<br />

It includes a large cupboard in the living area<br />

and the garage, and storage space in the roof.<br />

Two sets of stacker doors open out from the<br />

living area to concrete patios, providing indooroutdoor<br />

flow, while an outside hot tap is handy<br />

for cleaning up after gardening. Julie has already<br />

established a vegetable and herb garden, the<br />

well-tended lawn looks lush, and she is planning<br />

to plant fruit trees, flowers and shrubs.<br />

In talking about her new home, Julie constantly<br />

refers to the “relational” aspect of her experience<br />

with the Trident Homes team, which made her<br />

feel valued.<br />

“Greg Lyons, the project manager, was<br />

just brilliant – I formed a good relationship<br />

with him, and there was a great team of subcontractors.<br />

Through Greg, I was able to have<br />

site access whenever I wanted to go and see how<br />

they were progressing. And Pete Nisbet was<br />

available if, and when, I had any questions. He<br />

said I could contact him any time I wanted to<br />

know anything. That’s something I don’t think<br />

you would get with a larger company.”<br />

Relaxing in her light, airy living space, Julie<br />

enjoys the outlook of trees and sky beyond<br />

her boundary.<br />

“I love feeling close to<br />

nature. I have that here.<br />

This house gives me<br />

everything I was looking<br />

for and I am very<br />

happy with how it all<br />

came together.”<br />

Designed for living. Built for life.<br />

Consent/build time:<br />

Six months<br />

Favourite feature:<br />

The way the house works – the<br />

indoor/outdoor flow<br />

Hardest decision:<br />

Choosing SDN carpet over wool<br />

or hard floor. Making sure the right<br />

decision was made with the space, i.e.,<br />

that there was enough space<br />

Would like to have:<br />

Nothing else<br />

Bringing all the<br />

lenders to you.<br />

With access to over 20 bank and non-bank<br />

lenders, we’ll have something to suit you.<br />

See what it’s like<br />

to love Flossing<br />

For fresher breath<br />

and healthier gums.<br />

www.aquapick.co.nz<br />

Love your Glass!<br />

Easy clean<br />

solutions for<br />

- Showers<br />

- Balustrades<br />

- Exterior glass<br />

- Automotive - Marine<br />

- New or used glass<br />

The worlds only<br />

TRUE permanent<br />

Glass protection<br />

0800 66 72 78 www.diamondfusion.co.nz<br />

There are many things to consider when building a new house<br />

and Trident Homes makes it easy with many years of real<br />

building experience and a fully Trade Qualified workforce.<br />

Our Custom made Home designs and innovative Home plans<br />

are also affordable for our customers – but it doesn’t come at<br />

the expense of quality.<br />

We pride ourselves as being Home Builders throughout<br />

New Zealand who specialise in building innovative modern<br />

homes with customers’ thoughts in mind.<br />

®<br />

®<br />

Ph. 03 Ph. 349 03 349 0020 0020 / / 03 03 375 9020 9020<br />

www.tridenthomes.nz<br />

Contact us on<br />

®<br />

0800 1 AGILE (0800 1 24453)<br />

teamagile@loanmarket.co.nz<br />

loanmarketagile.com<br />


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what’s cookin’ in the<br />

kitchen?<br />

What are the current trends in kitchen<br />

design in terms of colour schemes, and<br />

materials for cabinetry and bench surfaces?<br />

Timber, timber and more timber! Here and<br />

overseas, customer demand for timber and<br />

‘timber-look’ kitchens is on the rise. Be it a<br />

white kitchen with timber accents, or a timber<br />

kitchen with accents of black or pops of colour,<br />

the addition of timber into the kitchen is<br />

going to be with us for some time.<br />

While the engineered stones for benchtops<br />

are still super popular, the rise of the porcelain<br />

surface is hot on its tail. And why wouldn’t it<br />

be, with features like stain and heat resistance.<br />

It’s the perfect surface for a busy kitchen.<br />

How has the open-plan concept developed<br />

over recent years and what are its advantages?<br />

The open-plan kitchen/dining space was<br />

adopted in the mid-’80s and will be a part of<br />

Kiwi homes for the foreseeable. The kitchen<br />

is no longer just the place for the cook, it’s the<br />

hub of the home and is now, more than ever, a<br />

multi-purpose space. Homework, entertaining<br />

and even a work-space (thanks Covid…)<br />

Nicky Claridge of NC Design talks<br />

to Home & Leisure about the latest<br />

developments in kitchen design. And<br />

there are plenty of tasty ideas, both<br />

for new builds and renovations,<br />

as she reveals.<br />

PHOTOS<br />

Courtesy NC Design

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Any new developments in appliances?<br />

The technology of the latest appliances is vast,<br />

with ovens and cooktops that are being built for<br />

the domestic sector kitted out with functions the<br />

most decerning chef would envy. The key design<br />

feature that is very popular today is the ability to<br />

integrate some of the appliances into the kitchen<br />

joinery, so they become ‘hidden’.<br />

What about lighting?<br />

What are the different options?<br />

Lighting in the kitchen is more than just providing<br />

good ‘task’ light for the chef, it’s the mood lighting<br />

for the party, or accent lighting when the main<br />

room lights are off. My tip is to make sure the task<br />

lamps and accent lamps are switched separately<br />

so they can be operated independently from<br />

each other.<br />

Tell us about tapware trends – what's new?<br />

The kitchen tap is the hardest-working tap in<br />

the house by far, so it’s the one faucet that you<br />

shouldn’t grab as a bargain. Depending on your<br />

location, the quality of the tap-juice can be a little<br />

hard to swallow….. so the addition of a water filter<br />

can make all the difference to the taste.<br />

Storage is an important aspect of<br />

kitchen design, so are there any new<br />

ideas for that?<br />

More storage will always be near the<br />

top of a client’s wish-list, and so it<br />

should be. Kitchen real estate isn’t<br />

cheap, and wasted space is even more<br />

expensive, so the addition of ‘innerdrawers’<br />

to a pantry, with the longest<br />

‘full-extension’ runners you can have,<br />

is the best way to gain access to<br />

and make use of those<br />

hard-to-reach spaces.<br />

How can an existing kitchen be<br />

upgraded without spending<br />

too much?<br />

Updating a tired kitchen on a budget<br />

is tricky, but not impossible. Simple<br />

things like changing the handles or<br />

replacing the sink, tap or splash-back<br />

can often be enough to give it a new<br />

lease of life. Changing the benchtop<br />

is often a good way to reinvigorate a<br />

space but can be problematic if tiles<br />

are involved. If the cabinet colour is<br />

what you want to change, then a refacing<br />

specialist is your best bet.<br />

<strong>Special</strong>ists in Aluminium and<br />

Timber Retro-fit Double Glazing<br />

Chris Burrows | 022-106 0276 | chrisburrows.norwexbiz.nz<br />

Veronika & Rhys | 022-621 8044 | veronikarhysllewellyn.norwexbiz.nz<br />

Canterbury Owned<br />

& Operated<br />

Take advantage of our<br />

Home SHow diScountS<br />

COnTaCT us TOday<br />

FOR yOuR FREE nO<br />

ObligaTiOn quOTE<br />

THE<br />



The Experts in Complete Bathroom<br />


www.bathroomfitoutcompany.co.nz • Ph: 03 323 9955 • enquiries@bathroomfitoutcompany.co.nz<br />

0800 COMFORT | 03 420 2664<br />

sales@comfortglaze.co.nz<br />


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Ease and Comfort at the<br />

Touch of a Button<br />

Buying a new bed is an important decision and not one that should be rushed.<br />

These days there are so many options, it can be hard to decide on just one.<br />

An adjustable bed is a great solution. With an adjustable bed you can move<br />

the bed to your desired sleeping position and there’s added benefits such<br />

as being able to raise your head to read. When you buy an adjustable bed,<br />

you’re buying a bed that can be altered to exactly what you want.<br />

Features and Benefits<br />

• Being able to adjust your bed can<br />

help with health issues such as poor<br />

circulation, heart burn and breathing<br />

problems.<br />

• If you and your partner prefer to<br />

sleep in different positions, you can<br />

choose a split model.<br />

With a split bed base, each side of<br />

the bed can be independently moved<br />

- one person can have the bed laid<br />

flat to sleep while the other can lift<br />

the back up and read in bed at the<br />

same time.<br />

• Another advantage of a split bed<br />

is that you and your partner can each<br />

select the mattress comfort you<br />

desire – even if one person prefers<br />

super firm and the other likes their<br />

mattress soft, there’s no compromise<br />

needed.<br />

• The base can be paired with different<br />

customisable headboard styles to suit<br />

your bedroom décor. Select from<br />

upholstered headboards or beautifully<br />

crafted timber designs.<br />

As well as having movement features,<br />

upgraded models have additional<br />

functions such as vibrating massage<br />

settings, speakers, Bluetooth capability<br />

and under bed lighting.<br />

You deserve a rejuvenating, restful<br />

sleep every night, so head into your<br />

local Harvey Norman and let our sleep<br />

experts help find the perfect bed for<br />

you - an adjustable bed might be just<br />

what you’re looking for.<br />

Harvey Norman Bedding: 250 Moorhouse Ave, Sydenham, Christchurch<br />

Ph: 0800 464 278 harveynorman.co.nz<br />

This Easy Indian Red<br />

Lentil Dahl is a musttry<br />

if you’re looking for a<br />

flavorful curry, soup, or stew<br />

recipe. It’s delicious, healthy<br />

and one of the best lentil<br />

dishes to warm you up in<br />

winter or for cold weather.<br />

Recipe and photo:<br />

Bianca Zapatka<br />

biancazaptaka<br />

www.biancazapatka.com<br />

Red Lentil Dahl<br />

Ingredients<br />

For the Dahl<br />

1-2 tbsp coconut oil or other neutral oil for frying<br />

2 onions chopped<br />

4 garlic cloves minced<br />

2 tsp ginger minced (or more to taste)<br />

1 tsp turmeric<br />

1 tsp coriander<br />

1 tsp cumin<br />

1 tsp red paprika powder<br />

1 tsp garam masala or other curry powder to taste<br />

1 ⅔ cups (<strong>30</strong>0 g) red lentils<br />

3 ¼ cups (780 ml) vegetable broth<br />

1 cup (240 ml) coconut milk<br />

1 cup (240 ml) strained tomatoes or chopped tomatoes<br />

salt and pepper to taste<br />

2 tsp coconut sugar or to taste<br />

2-3 tbsp lime or lemon juice or to taste<br />

To serve (optional)<br />

4-6 tbsp non-dairy yogurt<br />

fresh parsley or coriander<br />

sesame seeds<br />

rice cooked<br />

Instructions<br />

• Heat the coconut oil in a skillet or saucepan. Add the chopped<br />

onions, and sauté for 2-3 minutes until translucent. Then add the<br />

garlic and ginger sauté for another minute until fragrant. Lastly,<br />

add the spices, and sauté for a few seconds to unfold flavors.<br />

• Place the lentils in a fine-mashed sieve and rinse with cold running<br />

water. Then add them to the onion mixture in the skillet. Pour in<br />

the vegetable broth, stir to combine, and bring to a simmer. Cook<br />

covered for 8-10 minutes, or until the lentils have absorbed most of<br />

the liquid.<br />

• Add the coconut milk and strained tomatoes and simmer another<br />

5-10 minutes, or until the lentils are tender. (If the sauce is too<br />

thick, add a little more broth or coconut milk, until the desired<br />

consistency is reached). Season with salt, pepper, coconut sugar,<br />

and lime juice to taste.<br />

• Garnish your dahl with a swirl of non-dairy yogurt, fresh chopped<br />

parsley or coriander, and sesame seeds or other toppings you like.<br />

Serve over rice or with homemade vegan naan or aloo paratha or<br />

use it as a filling for your favorite hearty pancake, crêpes, or tortilla<br />

recipe. Enjoy!

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home & leisure | 59<br />

taste lane<br />

Follow the foodies to Taste Lane at<br />

the Home & Leisure Show for delicious<br />

flavours from these specialist food and<br />

beverage producers and importers.<br />

Straight 8 Estate<br />

Straight 8 Estate is located in the<br />

heart of the Canterbury Plains in<br />

Burnham. The vineyard is over <strong>30</strong><br />

years old and we aim to produce a<br />

range of ‘Seriously Drinkable Wines’<br />

from our single-vineyard block. Our<br />

cellar door is open seven days a week<br />

from 9am to 6.<strong>30</strong>pm. Casual, wine<br />

tasting daily – we look forward to<br />

seeing you. Cheers James & Mary.<br />

straight8estate.co.nz<br />

Skazka Deli<br />

Skazka Deli was established in 2003 and quickly became the favourite<br />

spot for European and Kiwi foodies alike. You will find all the ingredients<br />

for traditional festive celebrations and essential treats here - black caviar,<br />

colourful jars of pickles, salted herring, cheese, smoked meats and sausages,<br />

speck, cakes, chocolates and sweets.<br />

Discover intercontinental delicacies in our shop or buy on-line. It's a joy<br />

sharing Eastern European culinary tradition with you! skazka.co.nz<br />

Aoraki Liquorice<br />

Liquorice lovers will be licking their<br />

lips at Aoraki’s extensive range of<br />

tempting sweet treats, all made in<br />

New Zealand. Naturally they have<br />

everyone’s faves like Liquorice<br />

Allsorts, Irish Moss, and Raspberry<br />

and Liquorice Bites. More of a fudge<br />

fan? The Chocolate, Russian and<br />

Irish Cream combination pottles<br />

are very popular. The clear pottles<br />

are fully recyclable and Aoraki also<br />

caters to gluten-free and workplace<br />

customers. Based in Christchurch.<br />

aorakiliquorice.co.nz<br />

Cannonhill Gourmet<br />

We are a local food manufacturer that produces<br />

a range of small-batch, handcrafted mayonnaise,<br />

hummus, relishes, and more recently a range of<br />

puddings. Our aim is to provide a classic-based<br />

range with a modern twist, focusing on quality and<br />

flavour. We believe in providing our customers with<br />

products to inspire their culinary confidence and<br />

imagination. We are available in most supermarkets<br />

and specialty stores. cannonhillgourmet.co.nz<br />

Euro Liquor<br />

Euro Liquor is an Auckland-based online<br />

liquor store. Here you can find European<br />

beer, vodka, brandy, whiskey, specialty<br />

liqueurs, and wines. We work with premium<br />

brands focused on delivering high-quality<br />

drinking experiences to our discerning<br />

customers. Our products are from many<br />

European countries such as Norway,<br />

Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland etc.<br />

Apart from traditional flavours, we have<br />

Low Carb, Gluten Free, Low-Alc and Non-<br />

Alc beverages. Something cool for everyone!<br />

euroliquor.co.nz<br />

Fudge Cottage<br />

For decades, The Fudge Cottage at Christchurch’s<br />

historic Arts Centre has been handcrafting the<br />

finest artisan fudge from a traditional family recipe.<br />

Fresh New Zealand milk and cream are combined<br />

with carefully selected natural ingredients to create<br />

confections that bring a smile to the lips of young and<br />

old alike. With a wide range of products, flavours, and<br />

delightful giftware, you’ll find something for everyone<br />

at The Fudge Cottage.<br />


home & leisure | 60<br />

p<br />

Dakshina<br />

Dakshina seasonings and curry mixes are made<br />

from all-natural ingredients and are carefully<br />

crafted by hand. By combining these with<br />

ingredients you can easily source locally you can<br />

bring the tastes of India to your home. Give it<br />

a try some time to spice up your mealtime and<br />

enjoy the undeniable aroma that comes from<br />

making a dish that smells, looks, and tastes like it<br />

came straight out of India. dakshina.co.nz<br />

Brandhouse<br />

Make sure you stop by the stand and<br />

have a taste of some top shelf products<br />

from Brandhouse, a Christchurch<br />

based beverage company. You might<br />

even find your new favourite beer,<br />

wine or spirit. brandhouse.co.nz<br />

Visit our stand at the<br />

Home & Leisure for<br />


Show<br />

SPEciAL<br />

• Easy to operate<br />

• Large capacity<br />

• Easily customised<br />

• Aesthetically pleasing<br />

• Doubles as an outdoor table<br />

www.smokeandspice.co.nz<br />

Ph: 021 396 000

home & leisure | ?? home & leisure | 63<br />

the inside<br />

story<br />

What are the current trends in interior design in terms of<br />

style, e.g. minimalist, rustic/country, sleek/contemporary,<br />

organic/natural?<br />

The recent lockdowns have highlighted the need for our<br />

homes to not only function well but also make us feel good<br />

and there is a lot of discussion in the industry about what<br />

comfort means to different individuals.<br />

We are noticing a demand for more natural fibres and<br />

colours. Bringing elements of nature into our homes can be<br />

soothing, therefore trends in soft furnishings and wallpaper<br />

include using anything inspired by nature or that incorporate<br />

natural materials. We are seeing lots of botanical prints and<br />

colours like ochre, grey with either a strong blue or brown<br />

undertone, green of every shade and a move back to warm<br />

tones in wall and floor coverings. Texture is being used in<br />

upholstery fabrics with rounded shapes in furniture designs.<br />

Buying quality is definitely trending; generally people are<br />

becoming more aware of the impact their purchases have<br />

on the environment, so buying better quality is important<br />

to get the longest life out of our furniture and furnishings.<br />

Style trends are becoming less important, instead clients are<br />

focusing on what make them happy and won’t date too easily,<br />

then creating a unique style that suits their individual needs.<br />

It’s so important to inject your personal<br />

tastes into the spaces you reside in, so that<br />

feeling of ‘home’ is there the second you<br />

walk in the door. And the style that achieves<br />

that feeling is different for everyone, says<br />

Treena Swift of Swift Designs.<br />

She talks to Home & Leisure about making<br />

your interior design work for you.<br />

Leaders In<br />

Electrical Services<br />

Christchurch<br />

Canterbury<br />

Call John McDonald<br />

027 333 3768<br />

www.jme.co.nz<br />


home & leisure | ?? home & leisure | 65<br />

When considering an interior<br />

design for a room, what should<br />

you start with?<br />

Start with the floor and work your<br />

way up. Think of your space in layers<br />

and add as many layers as you can<br />

afford – the more you add, the more<br />

aesthetically pleasing and welcoming<br />

it will feel. Examples of layers in<br />

a living room are – flooring, rugs,<br />

side and coffee tables, sofa or chairs,<br />

cushions, throws, lighting, window<br />

treatments, paint colours, wallpaper,<br />

art or family photos, décor such as<br />

dried flowers, vases, candles, books;<br />

and lastly plants. Check that all<br />

items co-ordinate with the flooring<br />

selection, and with each other, to<br />

create the overall style you love.<br />

What would you recommend as a<br />

focal point in a living space?<br />

A fire always offers a warm focal point<br />

in the living room. If you don’t have<br />

the infrastructure needed, i.e. plumbed<br />

gas or a flue, the latest electric fires<br />

are an easy addition for retro-fitting.<br />

They look very much like a gas fire. A<br />

large art work or a feature wallpaper<br />

can also have a dramatic impact if the<br />

space for a fire isn’t available.<br />

How can accessories like throws and<br />

cushions be used to best effect?<br />

Use accessories to repeat the colour<br />

from artworks or rugs within the<br />

space. When you repeat a material,<br />

colour or theme, it makes it look<br />

intentional (even if it wasn’t). Select<br />

quality feather cushion inners; this<br />

allows you to change the covers<br />

seasonally or annually to completely<br />

transform the overall appearance of<br />

the room without the large expense.<br />

How can a room be updated on a budget?<br />

First, create the plan of what you need, be specific about the<br />

style and size of each piece and only buy those items! If your<br />

budget is tight, shop around online and in stores. Facebook<br />

Marketplace and Trade Me can be the source of bargains<br />

and often items provide an opportunity to up-cycle to make<br />

it your own. Auction houses, antique stores and thrift stores<br />

can sometimes have just the thing you need for a fraction of<br />

the cost.<br />

Contact an interior designer and be honest about your<br />

budget and what you need to achieve with it. They have<br />

access to discontinued fabrics and know where and how to<br />

source items for less (or more). Paint can be used to great<br />

effect and is inexpensive.<br />

Or if there are no budget limits, where should the money<br />

be spent?<br />

Spending money on materials and finishes that increase<br />

the asset’s value is always a great plan. But, whatever your<br />

budget, buy the best quality you can afford and take your<br />

time – the best interiors come about over years of enjoyment<br />

and reflect the homeowner’s life and loves.<br />

0508 4 CLASSIC<br />


829 Colombo Street | Phone 379 0600 | www.accentlighting.co.nz

home & leisure | 66<br />

lighting<br />

the way<br />

Natural<br />

Timber<br />

Pendant<br />

Lighting Plus<br />

Quarzo L12-L<br />

by Italamp<br />

Accent Lighting<br />

Sands Table<br />

Lamp<br />

Harvey Norman<br />

Sixties<br />

Accent Lighting<br />

Lund<br />

Floor<br />

Lamp<br />

Lighting<br />

Plus<br />

Ball Pendants<br />

Accent Lighting<br />

TR37<br />

Accent Lighting

home & leisure | ??<br />

home & leisure | ??<br />

a rural<br />

hideaway<br />

Away from the pressures of<br />

work in a tourist hotspot, a<br />

comfortable holiday home<br />

provides a welcome escape.<br />

WORDS<br />

Christine de Felice<br />

PHOTOS<br />

Courtesy Genius Homes

home & leisure | ?? home & leisure | 71<br />

After purchasing a 10,000sqm rural<br />

flat site in the Maniototo, an Otago<br />

couple were considering whether to<br />

design and build themselves or look<br />

for a company that would take care<br />

of the full project.<br />

"Having previously built our own<br />

homes over the years, we were<br />

looking at the least stressful, and<br />

easily managed remotely,” the<br />

husband explains.<br />

“We live in Queenstown and<br />

were building a holiday house two<br />

hours away. We both have busy<br />

jobs. We wanted the most seamless<br />

construction process within a budget.”<br />

Their online research brought up<br />

several building companies offering a<br />

one-stop package, among which was<br />

Genius Homes.<br />

“Their website presented some smart<br />

designs that seemed to be well priced,”<br />

he says.<br />

“One of these was the option of<br />

a complete ‘off-site build’ with a<br />

transportable option, and that seemed<br />

to fit our situation perfectly. The<br />

website was easy to look through, their<br />

designs offered what we were looking<br />

for and when we made initial contact<br />

to discuss options, they responded to<br />

us in a timely manner.”<br />

The sales agent met the couple at<br />

their home, where they discussed the<br />

brief and the design they had in mind.<br />

“The agent showed us the likely<br />

benefits of another design that would<br />

require less changes to meet our brief,<br />

so was cost effective. In chatting to<br />

him he was attentive and responded<br />

quickly to questions. We found that<br />

Genius as a team have a solid variety<br />

of members from sales to design, to<br />

project management and that gave us<br />

the confidence to choose Genius for<br />

this remote-build project.”<br />

He also notes that when choosing<br />

what they would have for their new<br />

holiday home, Genius made the whole<br />

decision-making process easy.<br />

Sliding doors provide the indoor/outdoor flow the couple wanted.<br />

“We received all the samples for colour<br />

choices, laminates, kitchen design,<br />

plumbing and electrical options all<br />

packaged and delivered to us to have<br />

for a week to make our selections. The<br />

process was fun, and then it was all<br />

brought together with their design<br />

consultant, who was able to finalise<br />

anything with her knowledge of their<br />

brand, their previous builds and similar<br />

projects to keep things cost effective.<br />

“We made a few changes that were<br />

an option on the standard design.<br />

These were all drawn up and provided<br />

to us for approval prior to any final<br />

decision. Their project manager met<br />

with us on site, and then kept us up to<br />

date with progress.”<br />

The Covid situation meant the start<br />

date for the project was delayed by a<br />

few months, but when the project got<br />

underway, the timeline was met as<br />

per the agreement. The couple were<br />

encouraged to visit the factory once<br />

the house build began and were shown<br />

a recently completed house in the<br />

same design.<br />

“This gave us the confidence<br />

with the choices we had made. The<br />

project manager assisted us with<br />

recommended choices and ensured<br />

these were followed through.”<br />

The design chosen was Benmore.<br />

“The house design was a good sqm<br />

for our large rural site,” the owner says.<br />

“The three bedrooms and two<br />

bathrooms was in our brief and the<br />

kitchen/dining/living space was a good<br />

size for our needs. Overall, the design<br />

was a good fit for the rural setting.<br />

“We opted for the upgrade of cedar<br />

weatherboards on the front of the<br />

house, which we feel makes the house<br />

really ‘pop’ against the remaining iron<br />

cladding. Because of our location<br />

in Central Otago with its extreme<br />

temperature variances, we decided to<br />

remove the decking from the project<br />

and complete this ourselves.<br />

“We chose and constructed the deck<br />

in a composite finish, which has less<br />

movement than timber in the harsh<br />

conditions and extreme weather<br />

variances. And we have increased the<br />

size of the standard deck to allow for<br />

even greater outdoor living area.”<br />

Many people don’t know exactly what<br />

insurance provision they have in place for<br />

protecting their lives, lifestyle and business<br />

See us for better sitting, lifting,<br />

driving, forward leaning, carrying,<br />

walking and back health.<br />

Site 170<br />

People are often paying too much for a non-competitive product,<br />

paying for the wrong cover or don’t know what is available for their<br />

particular needs.<br />

Our business philosophy is “to find out what a client needs and<br />

explain the solution in plain language—and to keep explaining<br />

throughout a regular review process”. We<br />

focus on helping clients through every step—<br />

the application, review process and claim.<br />


home & leisure | ?? home & leisure | 73<br />

Site Board<br />

Builder:<br />

Genius Homes<br />

Land size:<br />

8085sqm<br />

Home size:<br />

150sqm<br />

Consent/build time:<br />

From contract signing to move in just under one year.<br />

Favourite feature:<br />

Everything, from the master bedroom/walk<br />

in wardrobe/en suite to the open-plan living/<br />

dining/kitchen and extensive decking.<br />

Hardest decision:<br />

The process was simple and decisions<br />

easy. Being able to visit several completed<br />

‘Benmores’ helped confirm the decision.<br />

Above: The red<br />

splash-back and<br />

appliances carry<br />

the theme from<br />

the red front door.<br />

For the couple, the key aspects they wanted in<br />

the home were an open living space and plenty<br />

of indoor/outdoor flow. The Benmore provides<br />

that with two of the bedrooms having sliding<br />

doors to the deck area while from the front entry<br />

to the living/dining/kitchen pod there are several<br />

wide opening doors and sliders to allow for easy<br />

indoor/outdoor flow. They also opted for some<br />

special features, including the raking ceiling<br />

upgrade in the living area.<br />

“This has given the feeling of great height and<br />

space in that part of the house. We chose slideout<br />

pantry cupboards for greater storage, given<br />

this is a holiday house. This allows us to store a<br />

greater amount of food etc. for visits.<br />

“We also increased the size of the bathroom<br />

vanities. The bathrooms are a really good size<br />

and the larger vanities fit well in the space and<br />

give greater storage also.<br />

“We opted for a red front door, which makes<br />

the entry really stand out on the site. It’s created<br />

a nice feature against the backdrop of the black<br />

iron cladding. We have carried the red theme<br />

into the kitchen with the glass splashback and<br />

some red appliances for the bench.<br />

“We went with Genius because of the<br />

remoteness of the site and our desire for a<br />

smooth, seamless build and the reality was that<br />

all our expectations were exceeded. All the<br />

Genius team were great to work with, especially<br />

the assigned project manager, and we are thrilled<br />

with the final result.<br />

“Last long weekend we had a full house of<br />

guests, and a busy social time, and this proved<br />

the design and our selections/options were ‘spot<br />

on’. We could not be happier.”<br />

Would like to have:<br />

Everything is perfect, we wouldn’t change anything.<br />

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To Hide a Hose in your<br />

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pull out the hose from<br />

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Hide a Hose<br />

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insulation<br />

for new<br />

Homes anD<br />

rentals<br />

Multiple Function Home Ventilation Systems<br />

cosy homes<br />

are healthy homes<br />

While the effects of climate change<br />

are becoming all too apparent in<br />

New Zealand and around the world<br />

– retreating glaciers, more frequent<br />

flooding and severe weather events,<br />

record summer temperatures – as we<br />

know too, Christchurch can be a chilly<br />

place in winter. Therefore, it is vital that<br />

we keep our homes warm and dry. This<br />

will not only promote good health for<br />

the family but also a sense of comfort<br />

and well-being.<br />

Through positive pressure home ventilation<br />

we create homes that are drier, easier to<br />

heat and with a much improved air quality.<br />

We achieve that with advanced levels of<br />

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home & leisure | ?? home & leisure | 77<br />

Christchurch City Council’s Eco Design Advisor Julie<br />

Villard notes that whatever heating system you use to<br />

keep your home cosy, insulation is the fundamental<br />

requirement, and it will also make your heating system<br />

more cost-effective.<br />

Insulation materials on the market include natural<br />

products such as glass and wool and manufactured<br />

products such as polyester and foil.<br />

For those designing and building a new home,<br />

decisions on insulation will be made at this point.<br />

Insulation is most commonly placed in the ceiling and<br />

under the floor; however, as Julie also notes, insulating<br />

the walls as well will provide maximum benefit.<br />

Of course, for existing homes insulation can be<br />

retrofitted to noticeably improve heat retention.<br />

Next, choosing a heating system<br />

Firstly, this will depend on what type of heat you prefer<br />

– convection or radiation. Convection heating, which<br />

heats the air, is provided with a heat pump, convector,<br />

fan heater, pellet fire (fan) or convector-radiator.<br />

Radiation heating, which heats surfaces, is provided<br />

by the sun, a wood burner, radiator, panel heater or<br />

underfloor heating.<br />

The second factor in choosing the best heating system<br />

for your home is how your house retains heat. What is<br />

its thermal mass and is it airtight? Keep in mind new,<br />

permanent material homes function differently from<br />

older, weatherboard structures.<br />

Thirdly, do you want the heating system to operate<br />

with minimal input, or do you prefer to control it?<br />

A dry home stays warmer<br />

“To heat your home easily and keep it<br />

warm and cosy you need to make sure<br />

it’s dry,” Julie advises.<br />

“Dry air is easier to heat, damp air is<br />

hard to heat, because you have to heat<br />

the air, plus the water in the air.”<br />

Dry: relative humidity between 40 per<br />

cent and 60 per cent – not more, not<br />

less. (Measure with an indoor weatherstation<br />

or hygrometer.)<br />

Warm: temperature above 14 degrees<br />

minimum at any time (if your house<br />

is reasonably insulated) – ideally 16<br />

degrees in the bedroom, 20 degrees in<br />

the living spaces.<br />

Good habits to keep your house dry:<br />

• Use the range hood every day, for five minutes, even if you are not<br />

cooking (to create a draft) or leave it on for an extra five minutes on low<br />

after cooking. (Cooking pasta releases five litres of moisture in the air, so<br />

make sure this is removed.)<br />

• Open your bedroom windows for five minutes in the morning, to allow<br />

the moisture you expired during the night to get out, also the CO2, and<br />

let dry, fresh air come in. Five minutes is enough – if a window is open<br />

for longer than that, you will not be ventilating anymore, just losing heat.<br />

• Heat the bathroom with a fan heater before taking a shower. Warm air<br />

will hold more moisture, and then it will be taken out by the<br />

extractor fan.<br />

• Keep the bathroom door closed after your shower to allow the extractor<br />

fan to do its job. Otherwise, the moisture will go into your house, and<br />

condensate on your window the next morning.<br />

• Or install a ventilation system that does all of the above for you.<br />

WALL<br />




Something for everyone<br />

Available in all good bookstores and supermarkets, or subscribe and save up to 50% off the rrp<br />

For the motoring<br />

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Find us at the Home &<br />

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insulmax.co.nz<br />

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HRV AirSense is a New Zealand<br />

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is scientifically proven to<br />

reduce moisture 1 , and helps<br />

prevent mould.<br />

hrv.co.nz | 0800 478 123<br />

1<br />

Based on a scientific study of 15 New Zealand homes conducted by Unitec<br />

Institute of Technology (Auckland) on behalf of HRV during winter and spring 2021.<br />

Results may vary depending on design and geographic location of a home.<br />


home & leisure | 78<br />

Very Important Point<br />

Do not dry clothes inside, or if you do, open a window or use a<br />

dehumidifier at the same time to allow moisture to get out or<br />

to condensate in the machine. Wet clothes getting dry is not a<br />

magic trick, the water doesn’t disappear, it just changes form. You<br />

can’t see it, but it is there, in the air.<br />

Two more tips from Julie:<br />

• “Some people think leaving a window open all day is<br />

ventilating the house. Well, for the first 20 minutes maybe, after<br />

that definitely not. The only thing happening is you are letting<br />

the heat out.” (Low 2 of the thermal dynamics principles.)<br />

• A cheaper way to heat bedrooms is with a small device such<br />

as a panel heater or small radiator used in conjunction with a<br />

Heatermate – an inexpensive thermostat and timer obtainable<br />

from any hardware store. “Remember, electricity is cheaper at<br />

night.”<br />

Free services<br />

For new homes, the Christchurch City Council’s Eco Design<br />

Advisor Julie Villard is available to provide a free, two-hour<br />

consultation at your home, building site or architect’s office. For<br />

information contact Julie Villard by phone, (03) 941 8999 or<br />

email eco-advisor@ccc.govt.nz.<br />

For existing homes Environment Canterbury offers A Home<br />

Performance Assessment to check how energy-efficient your<br />

home is, with impartial advice on making improvements to your<br />

home heating, insulation and ventilation.<br />

These assessments are free of charge for Christchurch ratepayers<br />

while subsidies last.<br />

Building or renovating?<br />

Protect your investment from mould and condensation with a<br />

DVS Home Ventilation System, and keep your home dry and happy-as.<br />

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DVS_Home&LeisureShow_197x135.indd 1<br />

23/07/20 9:51 AM

home & leisure | 81<br />

a different way to<br />

downsize<br />

Small-scale homes are a new feature of<br />

the housing landscape – and they are<br />

becoming increasingly popular.<br />

There is a new trend in the housing<br />

market, one that is becoming evident<br />

right across New Zealand, and it’s tiny<br />

homes. The trend has been prompted<br />

by several factors, among which are the<br />

spiralling cost of building or buying<br />

a traditional house, and the growing<br />

realisation that living more sustainably<br />

is becoming a necessity rather than<br />

a choice.<br />

Covid-induced lockdowns were also<br />

the catalyst for simpler ways of living.<br />

During those times the idea of a pareddown<br />

lifestyle became increasingly<br />

appealing to New Zealanders, and the<br />

tiny house concept represents that.<br />

WORDS<br />

Christine de Felice<br />

PHOTOS<br />

Courtesy Cosy Homes<br />

The Cosy Home display at the 2021<br />

Home & Leisure Show.<br />

Alana Moody of Canterbury-based<br />

company Cosy Homes says they have<br />

experienced an upsurge in demand<br />

since the lockdowns, with buyers<br />

coming from all sectors of the market,<br />

including singles, young couples,<br />

empty-nester retirees, holiday home<br />

purchasers, and the farming sector.<br />

The interior of a Cosy<br />

Home – compact, yet<br />

very comfortable.<br />

Modern kitchens are<br />

a feature of Cosy<br />

Homes’designs.<br />

And from further afield, too – Cosy Homes has recently<br />

delivered a home to the Chatham Islands.<br />

“For us,” says Alana, “we are now seeing a wide range of<br />

needs for tiny homes across all demographics who now<br />

want to move into one of our homes to reduce mortgage<br />

costs and enjoy a better lifestyle.”<br />

Cosy Homes range in size from 38sqm to 60sqm and<br />

are available with wheels or without wheels, which means<br />

there are different things to consider before deciding.<br />

Homes without wheels require building consent from<br />

the local council, whereas a home on wheels does not<br />

need council permission, providing it complies with the<br />

regulations for a dwelling or minor dwelling in the local<br />

district plan.<br />

Whatever type a buyer wants, finding land on which to<br />

put the tiny home presents a challenge, however, so this<br />

needs to be sorted out first.<br />

As Alana explains: “Many existing dwellings or sections<br />

are able to have a minor dwelling easily located on the<br />

same property, but the local district plan needs to be<br />

checked for zoning and local regulations.”<br />

For tiny homes requiring building consent, Alana says,<br />

the land has to have a geotech report done to confirm if<br />

it is suitable, and what further ground works needs to be<br />

undertaken to support the Cosy Home.<br />

• Foldup<br />

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Contact Peter 0274 937 025<br />

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Warranty<br />

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• LED front/rear lights<br />

• 36v<br />

• Range approx 50km<br />

• Weight 25kg<br />

Contact Peter 0274 937 025<br />

www.ezirider.nz<br />

Stand<br />

E13<br />

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Your insurance<br />

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Affordable, transportable,<br />

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Mega Tiny Homes<br />

Contact us now to book a site visit!<br />

Subscriptions 0800 77 77 10<br />

kiwigardenermagazine.co.nz<br />

All inquiries call Dean on 03 390 9889 or 021 369 601<br />

www.logansmythe.co.nz | dean@logansmythe.co.nz<br />

Email: sales@cosyhomes.co.nz<br />

Phone or text: 020 4133 7474<br />


home & leisure | 82<br />



Bound for the Chatham<br />

Islands – a Cosy Home being<br />

loaded at Timaru Port.<br />

For the home’s plumbing, the structures can be connected<br />

via a hose fitting or connected into the mains water system,<br />

depending on whether it is a permanent structure or<br />

moveable. For moveable homes, all connections must be<br />

easily removed. The sewer can be run into an existing septic<br />

tank or sewer system using a flexible hose.<br />

The electricity supply is provided either with 32amp plug,<br />

or hardwired into the mains on site, again depending on<br />

whether it is a permanent or moveable structure.<br />

Cosy Homes range in price from $100,000 to $150,000,<br />

depending on size; however, buyers don’t have the same<br />

access to mortgage finance as when purchasing a<br />

normal home.<br />

“Banks are not willing to lend funds where there is no<br />

land or building consent,” Alana says.<br />

“But there are other lenders who will provide finance at a<br />

higher interest rate than a bank, which is still a great option<br />

as they are not expensive and can be paid off quickly.<br />

“On the other hand, because Cosy Homes complies<br />

with the Building Code and can get building consent, we<br />

do have a relationship with a bank, who will lend on our<br />

homes at the current interest rates when there is land, even<br />

when the home is being built off site.”<br />

HUGE<br />


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Canterbury<br />

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Plantation bamboo<br />

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NZ’s Bamboo <strong>Special</strong>ists |Flooring | Decking |Panels<br />

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100 Moorhouse Avenue<br />

www.bedpost.co.nz • 03 421 6997

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