Annual Report 2010 & 2011 Highlights - Lung Cancer Alliance

Annual Report 2010 & 2011 Highlights - Lung Cancer Alliance

Annual Report



2011 Highlights

Lung Cancer Alliance

is the only national

non-profit organization

dedicated solely to

providing support and

advocacy for people living

with lung cancer and those

at risk for the disease.

Our mission is to lead the

movement to reverse

decades of stigma and

neglect by empowering

patients, elevating

awareness and changing

health policy.

Community Outreach & Support Services

Lung Cancer Information Line A support, information, and referral line for those with

questions and concerns about lung cancer. Free support materials mailed upon request.


Educational Websites A credible source for information about lung cancer, treatments, support

resources, relevant news, and how you can get involved.

For consumer information to help guide those at risk through questions about how to evaluate

risk and what to look for in a screening site.

Give A Scan Contribute directly to research by donating your CT scans. Learn more at:

LungLoveLink An online community linking those touched by lung cancer to support

resources and local events. Members can ask questions, respond to discussions, create

personal profiles and build a network of online friends.

Phone Buddy Program Peer-to-peer telephone support for people with lung cancer and their

family members/ caregivers. Volunteers lend support and share information and

resources. 1-800-298-2436

Clinical Trial Matching Service A pre-screening and referral service that identifies clinical

trial options. Clinical trial specialists find available trials based on the patient’s diagnosis and

treatment history. 1-800-698-0931

CaringBridge Our partnership offers free, personalized websites to connect patients,

families, and friends to share information and support during treatment and recovery.

National Awareness & Advocacy Programs

Advocacy Increase lung cancer research funding and early detection by contacting Congress

today at: Keep connected as a lung cancer

activist by joining our advocacy e-alerts and mailing list with various calls to action throughout

the year. Email us today at

National Shine A Light on Lung Cancer Vigil Help shine a brighter light on lung cancer and

join the movement for change. Share your story and give hope to others in 80+ communities


Team Lung Love participate as a runner or walker in world-class endurance programs across

the country while raising awareness and support for lung cancer.

Learn more at:

Please consider giving back so that we may continue TO HELP OTHERS.


© 2011 Lung Cancer Alliance

LCA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

Message from the President & CEO

Dear Friends,

I have extraordinary life saving news to share with you. On June 29, 2011, the authoritative

and highly respected New England Journal of Medicine published results from the National Lung

ScreeningTrial, a seven year-old study sponsored by the National Cancer Institute firmly

establishing low-dose spiral computed tomography (CT) as the first validated screening test that

can detect lung cancer early and reduce deaths. The study showed mortality rates fell by 20%

among an at risk population when they were screened regularly using low-dose CT compared

with standard chest X-ray. The study followed more than 53,000 current and former smokers

ages 55-74. It was halted early because the reduction in cancer deaths provided an answer to the

study’s main question.

This is a watershed moment in our “war on cancer” as this definitive study puts to rest the

question of whether to screen – or not to screen for lung cancer – an issue we have long

advocated for. CT screening saves lives – and estimates translate the mortality benefit to be over

70,000 lives saved per year. Now – we have early detection for the lung cancer community – as

we do for the breast, colon, prostate and cervical cancer communities – a tool that has

contributed to dramatic improvements in survival rates for these respective cancers.

We are now working to translate this science into public health benefit in a safe, efficient and

equitable way. As this process unfolds, we will be involved every step of the way to ensure that

lung cancer screening is incorporating the latest technological and surgical advancements as well

as refinements of the protocol or algorithim to manage suspicious tumors so that real cancers

are found early – risk is minimized – costs are reduced – and lives are saved!

Moreover this breakthrough gives even greater fuel to our call to address ALL aspects of lung

cancer. We will continue our efforts to seek passage of the Lung Cancer Mortality Reduction Act,

first ever federal legislation initiated by our organization that, in addition to a coordinated and

comprehensive plan to reduce mortality, also calls for the establishment of a pilot screening

program for those at high risk.This legislation will set the stage for national screening standards

and guidelines as well as help fund long needed research that addresses every aspect of the

disease – whether you smoked or not.

In parallel, we will continue to ensure that information and guidance is made readily available

to the lung cancer community. In addition to our community outreach and support services for

patients and their loved ones, I am proud to share that we just launched our newest information

tool – – currently the only website and companion guide

available to share consumer information on screening, risk factors, and where you should go if

you want to be screened.The website was developed with input from leading physicians. With

almost 1 out of every 3 Americans at risk for this disease, the challenge now is to make certain

that the American public knows this resource is available and are talking with their doctors about

the facts and their options.

I cannot underscore enough that this is a watershed moment for the lung cancer community.

We remain even more committed to leveraging this historic change with the science, the national

policy, and the grassroots base to meet our vision of reducing lung cancer’s mortality by 50% by

2020. I am more hopeful than ever – that we will – together – accomplish this goal.

With respect and gratitude,

Laurie Fenton Ambrose



Community & Support Services Program

Providing one-on-one support, information, and referrals to

patients and their loved ones, those at risk and healthcare

professionals through free telephone and online support

services and customized education packets to improve

outcomes and quality of life.


Lung Love Learn Launched series of free educational support brochures

starting with Lung Cancer: Understanding the Diagnosis and Understanding Non-Small

Cell Lung Cancer ensuring that patients upon initial diagnosis know that they are

not alone and there is a place to go to for help, information, support and action.

Established partnership with the American College of Chest Physicians to widen

distribution to physicians and their patients.

Community Outreach Distributed thousands of above educational support

brochures to 1,500 established contacts at hospitals and cancer centers

nationwide to help newly diagnosed patients and their loved ones make

informed decisions.

Toll-Free Information Line 1-800-298-2436 & Information Kits

Responded to on average 750 calls per month and delivered on average 300

customized kits per month to patients and caregivers contacting us monthly by

phone and through online support services.

Lung Love Link Launched as the enhanced and interactive on-line lung cancer

survivor’s community providing a user-friendly forum for survivors, caregivers and

families to share experiences, gather information and lend support with 861

registered users to date.

New Directions Published 5th annual newsletter presenting in patient-friendly

language up to date results from lung cancer clinical trials as viable treatment

options. Distributed to 100,000 constituents and medical professionals

nationwide. The newsletter is the supporting component of our Lung Cancer

Clinical Trials Matching Service (800-698-0931) connecting patients with live

clinical trial navigators to walk them through the entire process creating on

average 50 profiles per month.

Phone Buddy Program Provided new training program and handbook for

peer-to-peer mentoring program for patients and caregivers, increasing

participation and matching on average 30 buddies per month.


• Find out your risk for lung cancer and

what todo

• Request an education packet to learn

about living with lung cancer

• Find out the latest on lung cancer

research, statistics, and treatment



• Connect with another survivor


– A support group

– The LCA Phone Buddy Program

– Joining LungLoveLink, the LCA

online support community

• Create a CaringBridge website to

keep in touch with family and friends

• Talk with a professional


• Host a Shine a Light on Lung Cancer

Vigil in your town

• Contact Congress to change public

health policy

• Join Team Lung Love endurance

training program

• Donate CT and PET scans to further

lung cancer research

Get all this and more by visiting

or by calling the LCA toll-free

information line

1 (800) 298-2436

Shine aLight for




Give A Scan ( Received and uploaded more than 50

patient donated scans and data in an open access website for researchers around

the world.This is the first patient-powered open source database available to

accelerate research. Expanded website as the leading resource for

all things lung cancer with an average of 30,000 unique visitors per month with

more than 96% seeking up to date treatment information and support.

Lung Cancer Awareness Month Facility Toolkits Distributed 300 toolkits

to network of medical facilities focusing initially on those with lung cancer

programs. The toolkits included an educational poster, bumper stickers, and

bookmarks to display in patient waiting areas and distribute to recently

diagnosed families with information on where to go for help, information,

support and action.

2011 Highlights to Date:

Lung Love Learn Published two new additions to the educational series entitled:

Understanding Small Cell Lung Cancer and Coping with Reactions toYour Diagnosis. Launched only consumer website available to

help guide those at risk, how to evaluate risk, questions to ask your doctor and

what to look for in a screening site.The website includes a “downloadable”

pocket guide on screening. Completing re-haul of website to better

respond to the exponential demand for information, referrals and support,

as well as to provide the tools for those interested to get involved, host an

event or volunteer.

Lung Cancer Awareness Month Facility Toolkits Based on last

year’s overwhelming response, increased distribution to 600 toolkits to

medical facility partners nationwide, including a new and improved

educational poster, bookmarks, and opportunities and events to get involved in

the lung cancer movement throughout the year.



National Awareness Program

Shawna Warner doing My Team

Lung Love at Colorado triatholon.

Team Lung Love debut in

Providence, Rhode Island with

LCA New England Chair and

survivor Diane Legg and friends.

Implementing a marketing and communications

strategy that will change the face of lung cancer

and help eliminate stigma.


Team Lung Love Launched nationwide endurance

sports training program focused exclusively on raising awareness and support for

lung cancer. Marathoners, novice runners and walkers of all levels and ages –

including survivors and their loved ones -- participated in official charity team

debuts at the Cox Rhode Races in Providence, Rhode Island; Philadelphia

Marathon and Half Marathon; and the 22nd Annual Freihofer's Community Walk

in Albany, NewYork with more than 100 inaugural team members raising

$124,000 for support, education and advocacy programs.

My Team Lung Love – launched “run anywhere, run anytime” companion

program with more than 70 participants joining established endurance events of

their choosing across the country, raising more than $25,000.

Out of the Shadows:Women & Lung Cancer – presented in

partnership with Brigham and Women’s Hospital at a Capitol Hill

briefing with lung cancer survivors, caregivers, public health leaders,

legislators, their staff and members of the media.The report brings

lung cancer out of the shadows by providing the most current and

comprehensive overview of women’s biggest unmet public health

challenge - lung cancer – with one out of five women diagnosed

today as never-smokers.

Team Lung Love debut in

Albany with LCA-NewYork

co-chairs Tiffany Festo-

Tokarchuk, Holly Michaelson

and Phyllis Goldstein (from

left to right).

Washington, DC Mayor Vincent

Gray issues a proclamation

declaring November Lung Cancer

Awareness Month at the DC vigil.

Out of the Shadows: Lung Cancer & Screening – More than 2,600

participants joined the live nationwide webcast hosted at the Kaiser Family

Foundation’s Barbara Jordan Conference Center in Washington, D.C. Panelists

shared the impact of lung cancer on women & men, minority groups and our

military & veterans community, as well as addressed challenges, gaps and

opportunities in public health strategies to reduce lung cancer mortality. The

forum culminated in a unanimous call for the development of

lung cancer screening guidelines that will have the most

profound impact in saving lives today.The forum was hosted in

partnership with Legacy, the Society for Women’s Health

Research, National Council of La Raza, National Hispanic Medical Association,

National Medical Association, National Urban League andVeterans Health

Council. Moderated by Susan Dentzer, Editor in Chief, Health Affairs and former

Health Correspondent at the PBS NewsHour, other panelists included:

Cheryl Healton, Dr. PH, President & CEO, Legacy

James Mulshine, MD,Assoc. Provost Research &VP for Research Rush Univ.

Yolonda Colson, MD, PhD, Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Barbara Campling, MD,Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Christopher Lathan, MD, MS, MPH, Harvard Medical School

National Shine A Light on Lung Cancer Vigil Established November as lung cancer

awareness month with 65 vigils taking place in 33 states. Alliance chapters in

New England, NewYork,Washington, Georgia, and Kentucky/Southern Indiana

served as cornerstone vigils with several hundred participants. Secured media for

almost every vigil as well as several new lung cancer awareness month

proclamations. Vigils were hosted primarily by survivors and took place at

schools, churches, clubs and hospitals allowing medical professionals as well as

local elected leaders the opportunity to directly contribute to the lung cancer

movement.Vigils culminated with the lighting of glow sticks and call to action for

increased research funding and early detection.


National vigil in

Cincinnati, OH.


Issued by Lung Cancer Alliance



7th Edition

Kaleidoscope:A Night of Song, Skating & Survivorship Participated as

the official lung cancer partner for second year in nationally televised event to

educate and advocate for cancer.

National Report Card on Lung Cancer Published and distributed 6th

annual report card to national media, policy leaders and public health agencies

grading progress to reduce lung cancer mortality.

Georgia No More Excuses Run/Walk Hosted 4th annual 5k/1 Mile Fun Run

in Atlanta with over 600 participants raising more than $70,000 for local chapter

efforts. Lead partners included St. Joseph’s Hospital,Wellstar and Emory Winship

Cancer Center.

San Diego Breath of Hope Walk Hosted 3rd annual

walk with more than 800 participants raising $130,000.

Secured stories with local NBC affiliate media sponsor, as

well as radio and print placement. Lead partner included

the University of California San Diego Moores Cancer

Center and San Diego Padres.

LCA California co-chair

crossing finish line at Breath

of Hope Walk.


REPORT CARD on Lung Cancer

Subject Grade Comments

Number of Deaths F Unacceptable. Lung cancer continues to be the leading cause of cancer death, taking

more lives this year than the next four most lethal cancers (colon, breast, prostate and

pancreatic) combined. On average 430 people a day die of lung cancer.


Survival Rate

Early Detection

Diagnosis and


Smoking Stigma

Federal Response

National Network





B -


Tragic. An estimated 221,000 people have been diagnosed with lung cancer in 2011.

Most were diagnosed at such a late stage that they will die in less than a year. The

5-year survival rate for lung cancer is still only 15%, far behind the 5-year survival rates

for breast (89%), prostate (99%) and colon cancer (65%). Significantly these cancers

have widely accepted screening methods. These cancers also receive 5 to 20 times

more research funding in dollars per death than lung cancer. Research funding should

be appropriate to impact.

Life Saving Breakthrough. Scientifically validated and irrefutable evidence is in: Low

Dose CT screening for those at high risk can reduce the number of people dying of lung

cancer by tens of thousands year - which would be the biggest drop, not just in lung

cancer, but in overall cancer mortality - ever. Early detection can now be integrated into

responsible and comprehensive care linking smoking cessation help through to treatment

research. Let’s move swiftly to bring this life-saving benefit into our public health

system safely, equitably and efficiently.

Seeing Improvements. Research into genetic markers of lung cancer, precancerous

conditions, how cancer metastases and recurs, targeted treatments, and innovative ways

to detect lung cancer continue. The approval of Xalkori in 2011 brings great hope to those

with the ALK mutation. The number of lung cancer clinical trials has nearly doubled in the

past few years. Yet bringing research into practice will require many years of work and a

larger commitment of research funding and public-private partnerships. Imaging advances

and the validation of screening can catalyze the field by providing the biological raw

materials necessary for research and speed the delivery of biomedical breakthroughs to

patients and those at risk. It is not imaging or biomedical research. It is both.

Remains High. Although smoking has been implicated in other cancers, lung cancer

remains the only cancer blamed on patients, whether they smoked or not. Public

investment in research on the disease of lung cancer continues to be compromised by

stigma and will continue to compromise effort to bring a more compassionate and

comprehensive approach to addressing lung cancer. Two out of three new patients have

never smoked or had already quit, often decades ago. No one deserves lung cancer –

no one. We must do more to reverse this stigma and neglect.

Showing Continued Progress. In the first session of the 112th Congress the Lung

Cancer Mortality Reduction Act, legislation authorizing a comprehensive lung cancer

program, was re-introduced in both the House of Representatives and the Senate with

bipartisan support and a growing list of co-sponsors. The entire bill was also included as

a priority item in the Health Equity and Accountability Act introduced and co-sponsored

by all members of the Congressional Tri-Caucus. We are also working to secure and

additional $12 million in FY 2012 via the Department of Defense Appropriations legislation

bringing total research funding via this pipeline to date to $60 million.

Landmark Development and Growing. As of November 2011, over 50 major medical

institutions, national public health organizations, veterans service organizations and social

justice advocacy groups have joined together in public support our efforts to make lung

cancer mortality reduction a priority that must be addressed with a multi-agency

coordinated plan of action. Groups are signing up in support even faster than last year.


Breath of Hope



San Diego.

Leann Wilmot finishing strong for

Team “Lung Love” Triumph in honor

of her husband at the Colfax


2011 Highlights To Date:

National Shine A Light on Lung

Cancer Vigil Hosted 82 vigils in 33

states and Washington, DC, as well as

engaged our first global partner, the

Australia Lung Foundation. Efforts continue

to expand this observance in communities

nationally and internationally. The national

vigil website provides user-driven

registration pages to share personal

stories and images of survivorship, honor

loved ones, and provide hope, compassion

and support for all those impacted.

LCA Georgia chair Ed Levitt, with

Kaylee and Rob Morris at the No

More Excuses Run/Walk.

Team Lung Love Accepted as an official

charity with the renowned Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC and the

Rock N’Roll Marathon Series.Teams at Livestrong Austin Marathon, Providence Rhode

Races, and Marine Corps Marathon included more than 120 participants raising

almost $130,000 to date. In 2012,Team

Lung Love will be forming teams in

Nashville, Denver, Providence,

Philadelphia and Washington DC.

‘Hope Warrior Sisters’ with LCA

staffer Nisa, Cincinnati vigil.


Health Policy Program

Capitol Forum attendees in front

of the White House.


Advocating for millions more in public health dollars

for lung cancer research and early detection through a

nationwide grassroots network of volunteer advocates

and targeted policy strategies.


Lung Cancer Mortality Reduction Act (LCMRA) Reintroduced with bipartisan

support in both Houses of Congress (S.754 and H.R. 1392) to develop a

comprehensive plan that addresses all aspects of the disease and establish pilot

CT screening programs at community hospitals, military and

VA centers to develop the most effective, safe, equitable and

cost efficient process with quality standards, dose controls

and integrated health information technology. The Act has

also been designated a priority bill by the Congressional

Black Caucus whose Healthcare Brain Trust awarded us its

advocacy organization of the year award in 2010.The

legislation has taken root in the 112th Congress and in the

best position to date to be established into law. Learn more

and send your message of support to Congress today at:

Historic Coalition Building in Support of the LCMRA Over 60 national

organizations have supported the goals of the legislation, including the

International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer, Society for Thoracic

Surgeons, National Urban League, Society for Women’s Health Research, all the

majorVeterans organizations, NAACP, National Council of La Raza,Abramson

Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania, Brown Cancer Center at the

University of Louisville and Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University, among


LCA Kentucky/Southern Indiana

delegation in action on Capitol


Department of Defense Peer Review Lung Cancer Research

Program Secured $48 million for new research projects.

Partnerships Working with a number of cancer advocacy

organizations, including the Lethal Cancers Coalition, Prevent Cancer

Foundation, Friends of Cancer Research, among others in support of

increased research funding through the National Cancer Institute (NCI)

and other agencies. In addition, working with key military service

support organizations -VFW,AMVETS, ParalyzedVeterans of America,

Disabled AmericanVeterans, Military Officers Association, we were able to have

lung cancer included as a priority item in their annual request to Congress (The

Independent Budget).

Alliance Chapters Established a new chapter in Washington state and

Kentucky/Southern Indiana led by survivors and healthcare professionals.These

chapters join others in California, Georgia, New England, and NewYork who are

now fully operational with advisory boards, signature events, and business plans in

place.The chapters are integral to continue building the national grassroots

movement and securing

“seats at the table” by

actively participating in the

updating of state cancer

plans to ensure that lung

cancer is represented.

Additional chapters are

under consideration in

Colorado, Florida,Tennessee

and Pennsylvania.

Advocates storming the Hill under

the dome.


LCA New England sharing their

stories on Capitol Hill.


2011 Accomplishments To Date:

Lung Cancer Mortality Reduction Act (LCMRA) Secured more than 50

Senate and House member co-sponsors for the legislation in the first three

months of its re-introduction.

Department of Defense Peer Review Lung Cancer Research Program:

Additional $10 million pending final congressional approval for 2012.

Capitol Forum Hosted 4th annual advocacy training and “storm the Hill” day

in Washington, D.C, with 70 participants representing 27 states. Participants

received hands on legislative, media and “message” training to effectively share

their stories with their congressional leaders and staff to educate about the

disease and secure additional public health research dollars. This largest forum

to date included survivors, caregivers and family

members who were trained over a 3-day period and

participated in over 100 congressional meetings

resulting in Senate and House co-sponsorships of

the LCMRA at a record pace.

Hollywood, Florida vigil.

Alliance Chapters:

New England Secured seat on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Cancer Plan.

For the first time ever, lung cancer early detection will be addressed in the

updated cancer plan. Hosted 5th annual Shine A Light on Lung CancerVigil –

where the national effort was launched – with more than 500 participants.

Georgia The annual No More Excuses Run/Walk raised over

$80,000 with more than 600 participants. Secured both Georgia

Senators as

co-sponsors of the LCMRA.

NewYork Hosted 2nd Annual Shine a Light with over 80

people in attendance. Secured both Senators as co-sponsors of

the LCMRA.

Washington Hosted 1st annual Shine a Light on Lung Cancer

Vigil with over 100 people.

Kentucky/Southern Indiana Hosted 1st annual Shine a Light on Lung Cancer

Vigil with 300 in attendance. Established partnership with University of Louisville

to advance shared priorities to improve outcomes for the lung cancer community.

Hollywood, FL Vigil Hosted 2nd annual Shine a Light on Lung CancerVigil

with more than 50 participants. Secured both Senators as Co-spondors of the



2010 Lung Love Life Community

Outreach Network

21st Century Oncology, Cancer Resource Center, Casa Grande, AZ

Abington Memorial Hospital, Rosenfeld Cancer Center, Abington, PA

Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Advocate Christ Medical Center, Oak Lawn, IL

Akron General Medical Center, Akron General McDowell Cancer Center, Akron, OH

Alamance Regional Medical Center, Alamance Cancer Center, Burlington, NC

Alaska Regional Hospital, Anchorage, AK

Albany Medical Center, Albany, NY

Alegent Health Immanuel Medical Center, Immanuel Cancer Center, Omaha, NE

Alexian Brothers Medical Center, Cancer Institute, Elk Grove, IL

Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Medical Oncology and Hematology, Oakland, CA

Altru Cancer Center, Grand Forks, ND

Anderson Regional Cancer Center, Meridian, MS

Army Corp of Engineers, Jacksonville, FL

Athens Regional Medical Center, Athens, GA

Atlanta Medical Center, Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Pulmonary Group, Atlanta, GA

Atlanticare Regional Medical Center, Egg Harbor, NJ

Aurora BayCare Medical Center, Green Bay,WI

Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center, Cancer Center, Milwaukee,WI

Avera McKennan Hospital, Avera Cancer Institute, Sioux Falls, SD

Avera Sacred Heart Cancer Center,Yankton, SD

Baptist Hospital East, Cancer Care Center, Louisville, KY

Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital, Siteman Cancer Center, St Louis, MO

Baton Rouge General Medical Center, Pennington Cancer Center, Baton Rouge, LA

Bay Area Hospital, Coos Bay, OR

Bayhealth Medical Center - Kent General Hospital, Dover, DE

Baystate Franklin Medical Center

Oncology Program, Greenfield, MA

Beaumont Cancer Institute, Royal Oak, MI

Beebe Medical Center, Tunnell Cancer Center, Lewes, DE

Benefis Health System, Sletten Cancer Institute, Great Falls, MT

Berkshire Hematology Oncology, Pittsfield, MA

Berkshire Hematology Oncology, Eileen Barrett Cancer Center, North Adams, MA

Beth Israel Medical Center, New York, NY

Beverly Hospital, Beverly, MA

Bon Secours St. Francis, Cancer Institute, Midlothian,VA

Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA

Bozeman Deaconess Cancer Center, Bozeman, MT

Bridgeport Hospital, Norma F. Pfriem Cancer Institute, Bridgeport, CT

Brockton Hospital, Signature Health Care, Brockton, MA

Cabell Huntington Hospital, Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center, Huntington,WV

California Cancer Center, Fresno, CA

Cancer Center of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA

Cancer Connection, Austin, TX

Cancer Institute of New Jersey, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, New Brunswick, NJ

Cancer Services of Greater Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge, LA

Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana, Fort Wayne, IN

Cancer Therapy & Research Center, San Antonio, TX

Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Southwestern Regional Medical Center, Inc., Tulsa, OK

Cape Cod Hospital, Davenport-Mugar Cancer Center, Hyannis, MA

Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, Bangor, ME

Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center, Loyola University, Maywood, IL


Lung Cancer Alliance continues to reach out to hospitals and

cancer centers across the country to ensure that patients and

their families, as well as those at high risk know that they are

not alone and that we are here to help with free one-on one

support, information and referral services.

Carle Cancer Center - Carle Clinic Association, Urbana, IL

CarolinaEast Medical Center, Pollocksville, NC

Carolinas Medical Center, Blumenthal Cancer Center, Charlotte, NC

Carolinas Medical Center-NorthEast , Concord, NC

Carson Tahoe Cancer Resource Center, Carson City, NV

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Samuel Oschin Cancer Center , Los Angeles, CA

Center for Cancer Care at Oakwood, Dearborn, MI

Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, Irvine, CA

Charlotte Regional Medical Center, Punta Gorda, FL

CHRISTUS St. Frances Cabrini Hospital, Cabrini Center for Cancer Care, Alexandria, LA

CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital, Regional Cancer Center, Lake Charles, LA

Church of Christ at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

City of Hope, Duarte, CA

Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center, Fairviw Hospital, Cleveland, OH

Cleveland Clinic, The Taussig Cancer Institute, Cleveland, OH

Coborn Cancer Center, St. Cloud, MN

Coliseum Cancer Center, Macon, GA

Columbus Regional Hospital, The Cancer Center, Columbus, IN

Commonwealth Hematology-Oncology P.C., Quincy, MA

Consultants in Blood Disorders and Cancer, PSC, Louisville, KY

Cooley Dickinson Hospital, Northampton, MA

Cooper Cancer Institute, Lung Cancer Center,Voorhees, NJ

Crozer-Chester Medical Center, Crozer Regional Cancer Center, Upland, PA

CT- Manchester- Manchester Housing Authority Hall, Manchester, CT

Dana Farber Cancer Center at Southshore Hospital, South Weymouth, MA

Dana Farber/Brigham and Woman's Cancer Center, Milford, MA

Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center, Boston, MA

Danbury Hospital, The Praxair Cancer Center, Danbury, CT

Dartmouth Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center, Lebanon, NH

Dartmouth Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center - North, St Johnsbury,VT

Dartmouth Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center - Notre Dame Pavilion, Manchester, NH

David Grant Medical Center, Travis Air Force Base, CA

Decatur General Oncology Center, Decatur, AL

Delaware County Memorial Hospital, Drexel Hill, PA

DeKalb Medical Cancer Center, Decatur, GA

Desert Regional Medical Center, Palm Springs, CA

Doctors Hospital, Augusta, GA

Dublin Hematology Oncology Care, Dublin, GA

Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC

East Jefferson General Hospital, Metairie, LA

Eastern Maine Medical Center, Lafayette Family Cancer Center, Brewer, ME

Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial VA Hospital, Bedford, MA

Elliot Hospital, Regional Cancer Center, Manchester, NH

Ellis Fischel Cancer Center, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO

Emerson Hospital, Bethke Cancer Center at Emerson Hospital, Concord, MA

Evanston Hospital, Kellogg Cancer Center, Evanston, IL

Everett Clinic, Everett,WA

Fairview Southdale Hospital, Edina, MN

Fletcher Allen Health Care - Vermont Cancer Center, Burlington,VT

Florida Cancer Specialists, Port Charolotte, FL

Florida Hospital Cancer Institute, Orlando, FL

Forrest General Hospital, Forrest General Cancer Center, Hattiesburg, MS

Forsyth Regional Cancer Center,Winston-Salem, NC

Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA

Fox Chase Virtua Health Cancer Program, Gibbsboro, NJ

Franklin Square Hospital Center, Baltimore, MD

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle,WA

Fremont-Rideout Cancer Center, Marysville, CA

Gaylord Hospital,Wallingford, CT

Geisinger Health System, Geisinger Cancer Institute, Danville, PA

George Washington Hospital,Washington, DC

Georgetown University Hospital,Washington, DC

Gifford Medical Center, Randolph,VT

Glenbrook Hospital, Kellogg Cancer Center, Glenview, IL

Glens Falls Hospital, The C.R.Wood Cancer Center, Glens Falls, NY

Good Samaritan Hospital, The Samaritan Cancer Center, Dayton, OH

Good Samaritan Medical Center, Brockton, MA

Grace Hill Neighborhood Health Center, St. Louis, MO

Grant Medical Center, Grant Cancer Care, Columbus, OH

Great Plains Regional Medical Center, Callahan Cancer Center, North Platte, NE

Greater Baltimore Cancer Center, Baltimore, MD

Greenwich Hospital, Bendheim Cancer Center, Greenwich, CT

Griffin Hospital, The Center for Cancer Care, Derby, CT

Hackensack University Medical Center, John Theurer Cancer Center, Hackensack, NJ

Harold Leever Regional Cancer Center,Waterbury, CT

Harrison Medical Center, Bremerton,WA

Hartford Hospital Cancer Program, Helen & Harry Gray Cancer Center, Hartford, CT

Hattiesburg Clinic, Hattiesburg, MS

Hawaii Medical Center – East, Honolulu, HI

Haven of Hope, The Zangmeister Center, Columbus, OH

Helen F Graham Cancer Center, Christiana Care Health Services, Newark, DE

Henrico Doctor’s Hospital - Forest Campus, Richmond,VA

High Desert Medical Group, Lancaster, CA

Highlands Oncology Group, Fayetteville, AR

Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center, Iowa City, IA

Hollings Cancer Center, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC

Holston Valley Medical Center, Kingsport, TN

Holy Cross Hospital, Silver Spring, MD

Holy Family Hospital, Methuen, MA

Hospital of Saint Raphael, McGivney Cancer Center, New Haven, CT

Howard University Hospital,Washington, DC

Huntington Hospital, Don Monti Cancer Center at Huntington Hospital, Huntington, NY

Huntington Hospital Cancer Center, Pasadena, CA

Huntsville Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Institute, Huntsville, AL

Indiana University, Simon Cancer Center, Indianapolis, IN

Ingalls Memorial Hospital, Comprehensive Cancer Program, Harvey, IL

Ingham Regional Medical Center, Breslin Cancer Center, Lansing, MI

Innovis Health Cancer Center, Fargo, ND

INOVA - Fairfax, Falls Church,VA

Ireland Cancer Center at Firelands Regional Medical Center, Cleveland, OH

James Graham Brown Cancer Center, Louisville, KY

Jane Phillips Medical Center, Bartlesville, OK

Jewish Hospital, Louisville, KY

John F. Kennedy Medical Center, The Regional Cancer Center, Sewell, NJ

John Muir Cancer Institute, Concord Campus, Concord, CA

Johns Hopkins, Bayview Medical Center, Baltimore, MD

Johns Hopkins, Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, Baltimore, MD

Josephine Ford Cancer Center, Detroit, MI

Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women & Children, Aiea, HI

Karmanos Cancer Institute, Detroit, MI

Kettering Medical Center Network, Kettering, OH

Kootenai Medical Center, Kootenai Cancer Center, Coeur d'Alene, ID

Lahey Clinic, Sophia Gordon Cancer Center, Burlington, MA

Landmark Medical Center,Woonsocket, RI

Lankenau Hospital / Main Line Health System,Wynnewood, PA

Lawrence & Memorial Hospital, The Community Cancer Center, New London, CT

Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital, Portland, OR

Loma Linda University Medical Center, Loma Linda University Cancer Institute, Loma Linda, CA

Long Island Jewish Hospital, Manhasset, NY

Long Island Jewish Medical Center, Division of Hematology/Oncology, New Hyde Park, NY

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, Feist-Weiller Cancer Center, Shreveport, LA

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Orlando, Orlando, FL

MaineGeneral Medical Center, Harold Alfond Center for Cancer Care, Augusta, ME

Manchester VA Medical Center, Manchester, NH

Marlborough Hospital, Marlborough, MA

Markey Cancer Center, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, Baton Rouge, LA

Mary Washington Hospital, Fredericksburg,VA

Masonic Cancer Center, Minneapolis, MN

Mass General/North Shore Cancer Center, Danvers, MA

Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

Massachusetts General Hospital-Cancer Resource Room, Boston, MA

MatSu Regional Health Center, Palmer, AK

Mayo Clinic - Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL

Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, Rochester, MN

McLEOD Regional Medical Center, Florence, SC

MCCM - Cancer Care Center of York County, Sanford, ME

MCCM - Maine Center for Cancer Medicine - Biddeford Office, Biddeford, ME

MCCM - Maine Center for Cancer Medicine - Brunswick Office, Brunswick, ME

MCCM - Maine Center for Cancer Medicine - Scarborough Office, Scarborough, ME

McKay-Dee Hospital, Ogden, UT

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

Medical City Dallas Hospital, Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center, Dallas, TX

Medical Oncology & Hematology, PC,Woodbridge, CT

Meinhold Family Practice, Alpharetta, GA

Memorial Health Care System, H. Clay Evans Johnson Cancer Center, Chattanooga, TN

Memorial Healthcare System - West, Memorial Cancer Institute, Pembroke Pines, FL

Memorial Healthcare System, Memorial Cancer Institute, Hollywood, FL

Memorial Hospital - Gulfport, Memorial Cancer Center, Gulfport, MS

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY

Mercy Health Center, Oklahoma City, OK

Mercy Hospital Medical Center, Chicago, IL

Mercy Hospital of Portland, Portland, ME

Mercy Medical Center, Canton, OH

Mercy Medical Center,Williston, ND

Mercy Medical Center - Mercy Cancer Center, Mason City, IA

Mercy Medical Center - Mercy Regional Cancer Center, Cedar Rapids, IA

Mercy Medical Center, Sr. Caritas Cancer Center, Springfield, MA

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2010 Lung Love Life

Community Outreach Network

continued from previous page

Methodist Dallas Medical Center, Dallas, TX

Ocean Medical Center, Brick, NJ

Jersey Shore Medical Center, Cancer Program, Neptune, NJ

Middlesex Hospital Cancer Center, Middletown, CT

Miriam Hospital, Providence, RI

Mission Hospital, Asheville, NC

Mission Hospital Regional Medical Center, Mission Cancer Care Center, Mission Viejo, CA

Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute, Tampa, FL

Monmouth Medical Center, The Cancer Center at Monmouth, Long Branch, NJ

Moores UCSD Medical Center, La Jolla, CA

Morton Plant Mease, Powell Cancer Center, Clearwater, FL

Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY

Mount Sinai Medical Center, Mount Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center, Miami Beach, FL

Multicare Regional Cancer Center, Takoma,WA

Muskogee Regional Medical Center, Muskogee, OK

Nashoba Valley Medical Center, Ayer, MA

Naval Medical Center

Hematology/Oncology, Portsmouth,VA

Nebraska Methodist Hospital, Omaha, NE

New London Cancer Center,Waterford, CT

New York Methodist Hospital, Brooklyn, NY

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Cancer Programs, New York, NY

New York University Clinical Cancer Center, New York, NY

Newport Hospital, Newport, RI

North Florida Regional Medical Center, Cancer Center, Gainesville, FL

North Mississippi Medical Center Cancer Center, Tupelo, MS

Northeast Alabama Regional Medical Center, Anniston, AL

Northeast Louisiana Cancer Institute, Monroe, LA

North Texas Lung & Sleep Clinic, Fort Worth, TX

Norton Cancer Institute, Louisville, KY

Norton Hospital, Medical Towers South, Louisville, KY

Norton Suburban Hospital, Louisville, KY

Norwalk Hospital,Whittingham Cancer Center, Norwalk, CT

Oak Forest Hospital of Cook County, Oak Forest, IL

Ocala Community Cancer Center, Ocala, FL

Oceanside Medical, Belfast, ME

Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute,

Columbus, OH

Olathe Medical Center, Olathe, KS

Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital, Ashland-Bellefonte Cancer Center, Ashland, KY

Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, Baton Rouge, LA

Payson Center for Cancer Care at Concord Hospital, Concord, NH

Penobscot Bay Medical Center, Rockport, ME

Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, Cancer Care Center, Pomona, CA

Presbyterian Healthcare Services, Cancer Center at Presbyterian, Albuquerque, NM

Presbyterian Hospital - Charlotte, Presbyterian Cancer Center, Charlotte, NC

Presbyterian Pulmonary & Critical Care, Charlotte, NC

Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center, Denver, CO

Providence Cancer Center, Anchorage, AK

Providence Holy Cross Regional Cancer Center, Santa Clarita, CA

Providence Hospital,Washington, DC

Providence Hospital, Daphne, AL


Providence Medford Medical Center, Medford, OR

Puget Sound Cancer Center, Edmonds,WA

Quincy Medical Center, Quincy, MA

Rapid City Regional Hospital, John T.Vucurevich Cancer Care Institute, Rapid City, SD

Renown Regional Medical Center, Reno, NV

Respiratory Disease Clinic, Paducah, KY

Reston Hospital Center, Thoracic Oncology Program, Reston,VA

Rhode Island Hospital, The Comprehensive Cancer Center, Providence, RI

Riverside Cancer Care Center, Newport News,VA

Riverside Methodist Hospital, Riverside Cancer Services, Columbus, OH

Riverview Medical Center, Booker Cancer Center, Red Bank, NJ

Robert E. Bush Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms, Twentynine Palms, CA

Rochester General Hospital, Lipson Cancer Center, Rochester, NY

Roger Williams Medical Center, Providence, RI

Roosevelt Hospital, New York, NY

Roper Hospital, Roper St. Francis Cancer Center, Charleston, SC

Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY

Rutland Regional Medical Center, Community Cancer Center, Rutland,VT

Saint Francis Hospital, Tulsa, OK

Saint Francis Medical Center, Cancer Institute, Cape Giradeau, MO

Saint Joseph Hospital, Chicago, IL

Saint Joseph Mercy Health System, Ann Arbor, MI

Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center, Cancer Institute, Mishawaka, IN

Salem Hospital, Salem, OR

Sanford MeritCare, Roger Maris Cancer Center, Fargo, ND

Sarah Cannon - Williamson Medical Center, Fraklin, TN

Sarah Cannon Cancer Center - Parkridge Medical Center, Chattanooga, TN

Saratoga Hospital, Mollie Wilmot Radiation Oncology Center, Saratoga Springs, NY

Scripps Green Hospital and Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, CA

Sebastian River Medical Center, Sebastian, FL

Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, Rockville, MD

Shands Jacksonville, University of Florida Shands Cancer Center, Jacksonville, FL

Sharon Hospital Cancer Care, Sharon, CT

Sibley Memorial Hospital,Washington, DC

Sinai Hospital, Alvin and Lois Lapidus Cancer Institute, Baltimore, MD

Sisters of Charity Hospital, Community Hospital Cancer Program, Buffalo, NY

Skagit Valley Hospital Regional Cancer Care Center, Mount Vernon,WA

Skyline Medical, Sarah Cannon Cancer Center, Nashville, TN

South County Hospital Cancer Registry,Wakefield, RI

South Nassau Communities Hospital, South Nassau's Cancer Center, Lynnbrook, NY

South Shore Hospital, South Weymouth, MA

Southeast Alabama Medical Center, Dothan, AL

Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center, McComb, MS

Southwest Regional Cancer Center,Vancouver,WA

Southwestern Vermont Regional Cancer Center, Bennington,VT

Spartanburg Regional Medical Center, Gibbs Cancer Center, Spartanburg, SC

Spectrum Health, Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion, Grand Rapids, MI

SSM St. Joseph, SSM Cancer Care, Saint Charles, MO

St Joseph's Hospital, Scottsdale, AZ

St Joseph's Mercy Cancer Center, Hot Springs, AR

St. Agnes Cancer Center, Baltimore, MD

St. Alexius Medical Center, Bismarck, ND

Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center, Boise, ID

St. Anthony Hospital, Frank C. Love Cancer Institute, Oklahoma City, OK

St. Anthony's Hospital, The Jane Thompson Russell Cancer Care Center, Gig Harbor,WA

St. Bernards Ben E. Owens Cancer Treatment Center, Jonesboro, AR

St. Catherine Hospital, The Cancer Center, Garden City, KS

St. Francis Hospital & Health Centers, St. Francis Cancer Care Center, Beech Grove, IN

St. Francis Medical Center, St. Francis Regional Cancer Center, Trenton, NJ

St. John's Hospital, Comprehensive Cancer Program, Springfield, MO

St. John's Mercy Medical Center, David C. Pratt Cancer Center, St. Louis, MO

St. Joseph Hospital of Orange, The Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment, Orange, CA

St. Joseph Hospital, Oncology Center, Nashua, NH

St. Joseph Medical Center, Tacoma,WA

St. Joseph Regional Cancer Center, Lewiston, ID

St. Luke's Hospital & Health Network, St. Luke's Cancer Center, Bethlehem, PA

St. Mary Mercy Hospital, Our Lady of Hope Cancer Center, Livonia, MI

St. Mary's, The Lacks Cancer Center, Grand Rapids, MI

Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center, Cancer Center, Reno, NV

St. Nicholas Hospital Cancer Services, Sheboygan,WI

St. Peter's Hospital, Cancer Care Center, Albany, NY

Stamford Hospital, Bennett Cancer Center, Stamford, CT

Stanford Cancer Center (SCC), Stanford, CA

Straub Clinic & Hospital, Honolulu, HI

Stat Care Pulmonary, Knoxville, TN

Steeplechase Cancer Center, Somerset Medical Center, Somerville, NJ

Stony Brook University Hospital, Stony Brook University Cancer Center, Stony Brook, NY

Suburban Hospital, Bethesda, MD

SUNY Upstate Medical University, University Hospital, East Syracuse, NY

Swedish Cancer Institute, Thoracic Surgery Group, Seattle,WA

SwedishAmerican Health System, Regional Cancer Center, Rockford, IL

Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare's Cancer Center, Tallahassee, FL

Tanner Medical Center, Roy Richards Sr. Cancer Center, Carrollton, GA

Texas Institute of Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine, Tomball, TX

The Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

The Center for Cancer Care at Exeter Hospital, Exeter, NH

The Charlotte Hungerford Hospital Center for Cancer Care, Torrington, CT

The Lutheran Church of The Good Shepherd, Roosevelt, NY

The Regional Cancer Center, Erie, PA

The Wellness Community - Delmarva, Salisbury, MD

The Wellness Community - Wilmington, DE,Wilmington, DE

The Wellness Community-Northern Jersey Shore, Eatontown, NJ

Thompson Cancer Survival Center, Covenant Health System, Knoxville, TN

Torrance Memorial Medical Center, Cancer Center, Torrance, CA

Tri-Cities Cancer Center, Kennewick,WA

Trinity CancerCare Center, Minot, ND

Truman Medical Center, Kansas City, MO

Tulane Cancer Center, New Orleans, LA

U of MD Greenebaum Cancer Center, Baltimore, MD

UC Davis Cancer Center, Sacramento, CA

UM Physicians - Radiation Therapy,Wyoming, MN

Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore, MD

University Hospital, Ireland Cancer Center, Cleveland, OH

University of Alabama at Birmingham Comprehensive Cancer Center (UAB), Birmingham, AL

University of Arkansas, Little Rock, AR

University of Chicago, Cancer Research Center, Chicago, IL

University of Colorado Cancer Center (UCCC), Aurora, CO

University of Kansas Hospital, Kansas City, KS

University of Nevada, University Health System - Oncology, Reno, NV

University of North Carolina, Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, Chapel Hill, NC

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, OK

University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, Pittsburgh, PA

University of Rochester Medical Center, James Wilmot Cancer Center, Rochester, NY

University of Wisconsin Paul P. Carbone Comprehensive Cancer Center, Madison,WI

UNMC Eppley Cancer Center, Omaha, NE

USC/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, Los Angeles, CA

VA Albany Medical Center: Samuel S. Stratton, Albany, NY

VA Bath Medical Center, Bath, NY

VA Boston Health Care System, Jamaica Plain, MA

VA Buffalo Medical Center, Buffalo, NY

VA Canandaigua Medical Center, Canandaigua, NY

VA Charlie Norwood Medical Center, Augusta, GA

VA Connecticut Health Care System Newington Campus, Newington, CT

VA James J. Peters Medical Center, Bronx, NY

VA Medical Center - Huntington, Huntington,WV

VA Medical Center - Lake City, Gainesville, FL

VA Medical Center - Little Rock, Little Rock, AR

VA Medical Center - Martinsburg, Martinsburg,WV

VA Medical Center - Salem, Salem,VA

VA Medical Center - West Palm Beach,West Palm Beach, FL

VA Medical Center Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY

VA Medical Center East Orange, East Orange, NJ

VA Medical Center - Fort Wayne, IN

VA Medical Center Manhattan, New York, NY

VA Medical Center Providence, Providence, RI

VA Medical Center- Richmond, Richmond,VA

VA Syracuse Medical Center, Syracuse, NY

VA Wilmington Medical Center,Wilmington, DE

VCU Massey Cancer Center, Emporia,VA

Virginia Hospital Center, Arlington,VA

Wake Forest University Comprehensive Cancer Center,Winston-Salem, NC

Wake Radiology Oncology Services, Cary, NC

Waldo County General Hospital, Belfast, ME

Walter Reed Medical Center,Washington, DC

Washington Adventist Hospital, Takoma Park, MD

Washington Hospital Center,Washington, DC

Waukesha Memorial Hospital, Regional Cancer Center,Waukesha,WI

Wellspan Health,York Cancer Center,York, PA

WellStar Health System,WellStar Cancer Program, Marietta, GA

Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, Seacoast Cancer Center, Dover, NH

Wesley Medical Center,Wichita, KS

West Georgia Health System, Enoch Callaway Cancer Clinic, LaGrange, GA

West Virginia University, Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center, Morgantown,WV

White Plains Hospital Center, Dickstein Cancer Treatment Center,White Plains, NY

Willamette Valley Cancer Institute and Research Center, Eugene, OR

Yale Cancer Center,Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT

York Hospital, Oncology Treatment Center,York, ME


2010 Tributes

Thank you to all the families and friends that made

generous gifts to the following individual tributes in

honor or in memory of loved ones.

In Honor Of

Cathy Abrams


Shirley Amstutz

Susan Appleby

Michael Axelrod

Ellen Badras

Sandra Baily

Claire Barker

Sally Barmakian

Ilene Barth

Kate Barth

Anne Batti

David Beasley

Francis Biglin

Mollie Bishop

Barry Blumberg

Lilly Bokun

Denise Bouchard - Donalin

Norman L. Boudreau

Allyson Bowers

John F. Bright

Rebecca Broden

Colleen Brown

Terri Brown

Rudy Bruner

Jessica Bryant

Bill Bryant

Sally Burroughs

Malcolm Cardy

Ellen Cartaino

Robert Cassou

Myung Chang

Erin Cheney

Enid Codron

Kay Cofrancesco

Brenda Cohen

James Collins

Loretta Compton

Lenore Conkin

Erin Connerty

Marion F. Crawford

Eileen Crawfort

Lillian G. Cunningham

Bob Curry

Billy Cutts

Carol Dames


Alice F. Davis

William Dawe

Manola de Rivero

Yolanda Debianchi

Theresa DellaVecchia

Shirley, Howard and David


Bonnie DeLuca

Barbara Densen

Ardith Dentzer

Fernando DeSelgas

Frank Digange

Dawne Discoll

Robert Draba

Judy Duffy

Dorothy Duquette

Krissy Edginton

Sylvia Edmonds

Sammy Ellis

Maria Enriquez

Jim Ferrin

John Fidler

Ellie Fierman

Rosalind Fineman

Mabel Franchino

Carol Franker

Carl Fransen

Irene Gargiulo

Martha A. Gladis

Pamela Golden

Tara Goldstein

Caren Gorenberg

Kris Green

Marian Hall

Scott and Sandy Halstead

Kathleen Harthorn

Betsy Hausman

Suzanne Hecimovich

Mary Hendrix

Bill Hillard

Sharon Hines

Roy Hiott

Karin Holzer

Betty Hudson

Linda Hummer - Mahrdt

Justin Irving

Lynn Iseler

Tony Itzie

Hannah B. Jacobs

Jody Jones

Thelma Jurgrau

Jim Juszczyk

Arlene Kaiser

MaryV. Kalemkerian

Judy Kaye

Steve Kelley

Robyn Kettering

Suzuye Kiyama

Jeane Klee

Ronni Kleinman

August Knape

Sheryl Kohl

Chris Konzelmen

Cindy Kramer Highfill

Michael and Jonathan Kratz

Greg Kritsky

Teri Krug

Alma Landini

Frank Landini

Don Laughery

Cindy Lawrence

Chrissy Lee

Sondra Levenson

Katie Leverett

Diane Levinson

Jacquie and Norm Levy

Staci Libowsky

Analee Lilore

Frederick Lotzkar

Marilyn Lyons

Linda Mahrdt

Claire A. Marjorie

Edwina Marks

Clair Martin

Liz Martocci

Joan Mason

Ann McAleer

Eric McCall

Winfred McDonald

Allison McHale

Robert D. McIntyre

USA Field Hockey National

Team Members

Stacy Mendelson

Steven Miller

Rosalinda Miller

Miller/Stewart Wedding

John E. Moore

Robb Morris

Paul Morris

Noreen Morturano

Ernie Narez

Esmirno Narvaez

Sandra Neal

Cris Neloms

Lesley Nurse

Kathy O'Brien

Jean O'Connor

Lesley Oransky

Belinda Osuna

Michael G. Oxley

Harris Palmer

Anne Palmieri

Kathy Parker

Rose Pasternack

Dave Pasternack

Laura Pastor

John Pepper

Nicholas Pettinelli

Carter Phillips

Barbara Plasker

Thereasa Polet

David Pratt

Allen Price

James Raggett

John Reeves

Adie Rinehardt

Mary Anne Rios

Elinor Roche

Mervin Rockwell

Ray Rupido

Linda Sacco

Virginia Sellke

Sally Shiver

Ben Shiver

Doreen Shreve

Ellen Siff

Darren Sloop

Gary Smuckler

Lisa Sparling

Gary Stahlman

Muriel Starr

Laura Steiner

Steven and Helaine Wills

Michael Stevens

Annette Stevenson

Dave and Debbie Grover

Lisa Suss

Tim Swarthout

Denise Tanaka

Team Oma

Ronald L.Thomas

Nancy Thompson

Clyde Tillung

Joseph Tutino

Hannah Unkrick

Roberta Unwin

Alekhine Uy


Shawna Warner

Hope Janet Warren

Team Weezie

Dr. and Mrs.Weinberger

Steve and Barbara Weiner

Carrie Weslowski

Donna Whitmore

Lincoln and Betty Widmaye

Kristin Williams

Cliff Woodfill

David Zainali

We make every attempt to maintain accurate

records on all our tributes and generous supporters.

Please let us know if there are any errors or

omissions with these lists by contacting us

at 202/742-1421 or

2010 Tributes

In Memory Of

Rosemary Abram

Eugene Adams

Jenny Adams

Pamela Adler - Golden

Wendy F.Alpert

Tina Ambrosi

Gil Amiaga

Patricia Anslinger

Honey Appleson

Cynthia Ardell

Miriam Arfin

James Armento

Jean Armus

Eileen Augustine

Peggy Augustine

Aunts Nina and Clara


LucyAnn Axelson

Charlotte Bachmann

Irene Baggarozy

Sandra Baily

Ginger L. Bair

Claire Barker

Thomas Barry

Paul Bart

Shirley A. Bartell

Herbert Barts

Rachel Bascietto

Brian D. Bates

Donna L. Bell

Leon Bellafiore

Ray Belle

Ann Belmonte

Bruce Benson

Stanley Benson

Barry Bentzel

Ralph Bershefsky

Paul Berthelot

Helena Bibeau

Nancy Bielinski

Ash A. Bill

Toni Binstock

Rhoda Bloom

Barry Blumberg

Susan Bolten

Roslyn Bonizzi

Elizabeth Bonner Perkins

Bernie Bookbinder

James W. Bradley

Sandra Bradley

Jess M. Bray

Carol L. Bridgewater

Doris Brindley

Steven Brower

Claude Brown

Bill Bryant

Norton Buffalo

Diane Burke

Clark Burnham

John R. Butler

Josephine Cammarano

Jim Campbell

Vincent Candurra

Lorraine Cardinali-


Sue C. Carlson

Tubby Carlson

Hallie Carmen

Alice Castonguay

Robert Cerven

Bruno Ceschini

Emilia Ceschini

Natalie Chesler

Reba Chonofsky

Sheila M. Clanton

Willy Clarvit

Eleanor Clayton

Charles Cloud

Robert W. Cohan

Fred Cohen

Taly Cohen

Yackov Jacob Cohen Khan

Cecile Coleman

Alfred Coleman

Marvin B. Collin

Irving Collins

Jerry Colombo

David Conley

Paul Connelly

Margery Connelly

John Connerty

Jane Connor

Beatriz Cortez

Richard J. Costabile

Helen Coy

Jack Cralle

Lana Creamons

Francis Cucurollo

Harold Curry

Bob Curry

Billy Cutts

Vicky D'Angelo

Ken Daniel

John C. Datuin

Tom Davin

Edward Davis

Celia DeAngelis

Ray Debrauwere

Paul DeLorenzo

Peter Delpozzo

Leilani Denn

Ardith Dentzer

Mary Diehm

Frank Digange

Sam Diskin

Rita DiStefano

Armida Dixon

Kathy Doan

Eugene Dolphin

Enrico Donati

Emily Doria

Eileen Doucette

Bud Dougal

Judy Duffy

Raymond Dundas

Judith P. Durgin

Robert Edelstein

Sylvia Edmonds

Daniel Eisenberg

Diane Ekmekjian

Anita Ellis

Treva A. Ernest

Carmine Esposito

Steven Feigenbaum

Joseph M. Fennimore

Vincent Ferguson

Jim Ferrin

Sharon R. Festo

Doug Findlay

Kenneth Finis

Kay Fiorello

Richard Fitzpatrick

Evelyn Flickinger

Frederick B. Fox

Henry Fragasse

Robert Franco

Joseph Frascino

Diane A. Fraser

Judy Freidt

Fances Freund

Judy Friedt

James Fulp

Betty Furtado

Victor Gagnon

Mary Garner

Mary Geddes

Annette George

Eva M. Gerdts

George Gershon

Dave Ghiglio

Livia Gilchrest

Robert Girard

Bob A. Glen

Patricia Glover

Eloise Godsey

Pamela Golden

Jeanne Goldfarb

Ronnie Goldfinger

Samuel Goldstein

Fran Goodfriend

Pat Grable

Karen Greyson

Clifford Grider

Tom Griffith

Helen Griffith

Michael Grillo

Kelly Ann Grimsley

Marilyn Grolean

Glen Groover

Laura J. Grosshans

Rick Guarini

Kathleen Gubbims

Richard M. Hairston

Beth Ann Hall

Paul Haller

Donald M. Halperin

Nassar Hanna

Avis Hanson

James Harrison

Arielle Hart

Terry Hartig

Todd Hartle

Kay Hawkins

Laurence E. Hebeler

Ed Hechtman

Joseph Hellmann

Florine Hendrix

Manuel Henriques

Glenda Henzey

David Hernandey

Delores M. Hernandez -


Marie L. Heughan

Ellen C. Hicks

Cindy Highfield

Bill Hillard

Donna Hofmann

Karin Holzer

Nancy Houston

William Hudson

Price Hudson

Gwen Huff

Margaret A. Huffman

Joseph Italiaander

Laurie Jill

June Johnson

Patricia Johnson

John P. Johnson

Andrew E. Jontow

Jim Juszczyk

Arlene Kaiser

John Kane

Miriam Kasis

Beatrice Katz

Sadie Kaufman

Nancy Kaufman

Judy Kaye

Albert P. Kelly

Dawn Kelton

Kim Smith and Norbert


Stephanie Kimble

Mike Kirby

Kathleen Kiser

Joe Knapp

Kenneth Knox

Christine Koh

Arthur Koines

Laura Kornblau

Jan L. Kovacic

Jessica Kraitzick

Gordon Kratz

William F. Kremer

Kathleen Krueger

Richard Kuhn

Judi Kurchack

Maria C. La Rosa

Charles LaFontaine

Bruce and Mary Lamar

Arthur W. Lampe

Frank Landini

Bill Lane

Arthur LaSalle

Steve Lawless

Kriss Lawless-Damon

Cindy Lawrence

Cynthia Lawrence

Jan Lazarus

Robert Q. Lee

Mary Leivers

Merton Levin

Doug Levine

Mark Levinson

Mary Ellen Levy

Lee Lichtenberg

Jim Lile

Mickey Litman

Betty W. Little

Edward Lobdell

Vivian Lopez

Frederick Lotzkar

Gordon Loveland

Betty Lustenberger

Larry Lynch

Marilyn Lyons

Alison MacDougal

Kenneth Mack

Barbara Mahaffey

James Mahon

Joseph T. Mahone

Phillis Manley

Maura Mannion

Emma Mansley

James R. Marino

Claire A. Marjorie

David Markowitz

Thomas Marmiani

Phyllis M. Marshall

Chris Martin

Natalia Martinez

Liz Martocci

Rebecca Maxewell

Carol Mazzella

Louis Mazzeo

Maggie McCaffery

Eric McCall

Richard McClelland

John McCloskey

Robert D. McIntyre

Phyllis McNally

Stan McNeish

Donald McSweeney

George Mehling

Betty Meixner

Cynthia Mele

Tom Melusky

Shirley Meredith

Edward Merrill

Richard Merriman

Dan W. Meyers

Pearl L. Miller

Diane Minowitz

Nancy Mitchner

Sara Monopoli

Pat Montgomery

Maria Moralas

Dick Morel

Anne Morelli

Paul Morris

Noreen Morturano

Margaret Moynahan

Ali Muhammad Daneshvar

Cecilia Murawski

Donald Murphy

Judy Mursch

Hugh W. Nabors

SusieV. Nagpal

Ernie Narez

Audrey Neifert

John Newlander

Hisako Nilson

Barb Norrell

Carol North

Warren Nottleson

Bob Nygren

Karen O'Neil

Veronica O'Malley

Edgar Olivo

Dai On Tam

Elaine Ornstein

Margaret Ortega

Robert Ouellette

Steve Ow

Bernadette Palermo

Pamela Golden and Cindy


Jack W. Panabaker

Donato Parente

William W. Parker

Karen Parles

Judy Pearse

Lori Perkins

Pamela S. Perkins Brady

Karen G. Peterson

Jean Petkus

Margret H. Pierce

Daniel Pierce

Barbara Plasker

Stiene Poncar

Iris Porterfield

Gene Przyhocki

Eleanor Pugliese

Audrey Quinn

Rob Ramsel

Sharada Rao

Asha Rao

Bruce Rasmussen

Donna Reed

Arthur Reese

John Reeves

Suzanne Renaud

Joseph M. Reusser

Pat Riordan

Al and Shirley Robbins

Lois Roberman

Nelva Robinette

Robb Robinson

David Rorwick

Risa Rosengard

Marilyn Rosenthal

Robert Rosher

Marilyn Ross

Anita Rothenberg

Donna Royan

Dorothy Roycroft Gettier

Gabriel Ruberto

Clara Rubin

Pamella Ruggie

Jeff Ruthven

Carol Salyes

Ellen Samia

Frances H. Samuels

Jeanne Sandston

Lisa Sandy

Jim Sandy

Theresa Sangermano

Joseph Saraniti

Cynthia Saraniti-Upson

Leopold Sauve

Lillian Scheel

Florence Schimmel

Ronald Schuck

Marianne Schumacher

Mary Kathryn T. Schweitzer

Paul Sefcheck

Flavian Sellers

Ronald Sellke

Anurupa Sengupta

John D. Shadburn

Gerald Shaia

Lydia M. Shanahan

Scott R. Shelton

Colleen Shullick

Armand Siegal

Richard C. Siegel

Evelyn Silverman

Mary Bleeker Simmons

Richard Simonides

John Sipics

Rosalie Skinner

Elsie Sligh

Larry Sloan

Cathy Smecker

Leon Smith

Lucinda Smith

Paul Smith

Richard E. Smith

Cindy M. Smith

Gary Smuckler

Richard Sodergren

Robert Sohne

Andrew Solleder

Elaine Soloman

Tita Sonia

Margie Sontilla

David Souza

Dave Sparling

Richard Specht

Jerry Spector

Rueven Spiegel

Louis Sposato

Richard Sprinkle

Janice M. Squeglia

Joan Stadtlander

Nana Starr

Andrea Steinger

Ida Stern

Roy Strong

David Strudthoff

Dana Suher

Peter Sullivan

Anne Sullivan

Tim Swarthout

Robert B. Swezey

Linda Sue Talbert

Sam Tanzman

Tim Tarrant

Jack Tennis

Edward Tessein

Tina Thiele

Zahir Thobani

John C.Thomas

Barry Thomas

Russell Thomas

Jan Elizabeth Pollard


Barbara Thompson

Clyde Tillung

Raymond Townsend

Carole Trafton

Grudmilla Trautman

Francis Trojans

Gloria Trumbo


Francine Turner

Manuel Tusbis

Hannah L. Unkrich



Thurman C.Vaughn


Jean Waggett

Jennifer Wagner

Jim Wagner

Patricia Walton Mahaffey

Charlene Ward

Belinda Ward

Alice Watson

Wayne Hobbs and Daniel


Winifred Webb

Jim Weigand

Rhea Weinstein

Joy J.Wemyss

Kathleen Werbeck

George Wesolowski

Barbara West

Ralph Whatley

Sheila Ann Wheatley

Bob Wheeler

Erma White

Debbie Wiessbrod

Frank S.Wilcox

Jack Willis

Lil Willis

Lillian Wilpers

William Wilpers

Janet Wolf

Ming C.Wong

Mark Woodcock

Michael Woodfill

Wilson B.Worick



Raymond Zajac

Grace Zimmer

Joe Zizwarek


2010 Contributors

Thank you to all our generous donors who make it possible

for us to continue improving outcomes for all those touched

by lung cancer, while advocating for life-saving change.

$1,000 – $4,999

A.C. Israel Foundation Inc

Alan Ardell

Alpha Delta Pi - Epsilon Pi


Anne Meixner

Artz Dewhirst and Wheeler,


AZ Jeans Day Tickets

Bardeen-Greytak Family


Baron & Budd

Bloomfield Hills School District

Carol Booker

Charlie Harb

Clarient, Inc.


Denise Jeffries

Diane Brandolini

Dr. Christian Adonizio

Dr. Jamie Parles

Emory University

Every Breath Counts

Forest Oil Corp

Friends Of Mel Foundation, Inc.

Hairphenalia Beauty Salon

Horizons Dance Center

International Closeouts

J&J Drainage Products Co

Jane Marks

Joy of Life

Karl Schwenkmeyer

Key Bank Foundation

Las Flores Apiaries Inc

Lisa Matranga

Long Island Gulls Amateur


Lt. Gen. and Mrs. Robert M.

Shea USMC (Ret.)

Marian Barker

Marin Community Foundation

Merck Partnership For Giving


Mr. and Mrs.Adam Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Reynolds

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Delong

Mr. and Mrs. James Cordon

Mr. and Mrs. John Fiske

Mr. and Mrs. John Granzella

Mr. and Mrs. John Rittenhouse

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Flaherty

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brookman

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Lane

Mr.Arnold Heimler

Mr. & Mrs. Gregg C. Gibson

Mr. Jerry Feldman

Mr. Keith Steiner

Mr. Mark Aseltine

Mr. Philip Darrow

Mr. Randolph A. Frank Jr.

Mr. Richard Miller

Mr. Roman Perez-Soler

Mr. Stewart Welch

Mr.Warren Feldman

Mrs. Diane T Sipics

Ms. Dorothy H. Baldini

Ms. Joan McKay

Ms. Lorraine Julian

Ms. Maria Patterson

Ms. Phyllis Krause

Palomar Group

Pershing, LLC.

PNC Financial

Robert Jurgrau

Robert McKeracher

Ruggie Wealth Management

Sam’s Club

San Diego Chargers

Secretary and Mrs. NormanY.


Stephen Lax

Susan Dentzer

Susan McCall

Admiral T. Joseph Lopez


The Bar Method of Summit,


The Ed andYvonne Parish


The Kandell Fund

Uniting Against Lung Cancer



Ken Wheatley

$5,000 – $9,999



Bank Of America


Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Erica Ross

Greg Kimmel

Jane Reese-Coulbourne

Kaiser Permanete

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Duff, Jr.

Mr. David A. Freshwater

Mr. Richard D. Simmons

Mr.William Glavin Jr.

Ms.Adrienne Halper

Leigh Ann Maynard

Partners Healthcare System

The Honorable Amory

Houghton and Mrs.

Priscilla Dewey Houghton

The San Diego Foundation

Zora McDonald

$10,000 – $24,999

Abraxis BioScience

Annette Calewski

Bayer HealthCare

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company


Crescent Heights

Eli Lilly & Co.

EMD Serono Inc.


Mary Stricker & Family

Sony Electronics, Inc.

The Honorable

Michael G. Oxley

UC-San Diego Moores Cancer


$25,000 – $49,999

Bare Escentuals

Novartis Pharmaceuticals


Sanofi Aventis

$50,000 – $99,999

Amgen USA

Boehringer Ingelheim

Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


OSI Pharmaceuticals


Tidewater Striders

$100,000 +

American Legacy Foundation


Georgia Institute For Lung

Cancer Research


We make every attempt to

maintain accurate records on

all our tributes and generous

supporters. Please let us know

if there are any errors or

omissions with these lists

by contacting us at

202/742-1421 or

2010 Statement of Functional Expenses

Revenue 2010 Total

Contributions and Grants $ 2,003,881 85.4%

Special Events $ 331,629 14.1%

Interest Income $ 9,788 0.4%

Donated Goods and Services $ 1,405 0.1%

Total Revenue and Support


Program Services

$ 2,346,703 100%

Public Awareness $ 638,629 29.8%

Community & Support Services $ 582,629 27.2%

Advocacy $ 472,161 22.0%

Management and General $ 166,768 7.8%

Fundraising $ 281,397 13.1%

Total Expenses $ 2,141,584 100.0%

Change in Net Assets $ 205,119

Net Assets, Beginning ofYear $ 1,155,875

Net Assets, End ofYear $ 1,360,994

A complete copy of the audited report is available at


& General


Public Awareness






Community &

Support Services



Board of Directors

“Our lung cancer support

group found LCA on the web.

We wanted to be part of

something, to put our site on

the map, so we did the "Shine

the Light Vigil". Soon after, we

were invited to Washington

DC for their 4th Annual

Conference. Little did we

know that we would be part

of a movement to promote

"The Lung Cancer Mortality

Reduction Act". LCA has

given us hope that something

will be done to increase

awareness and decrease

mortality rates for lung

cancer.We are thankful for

all of the people that work for

LCA, for giving us the

inspiration and knowledge we

need to keep fighting for

better treatment plans and

funding for research, for early

detection. Lung cancer should

not be the leading cause of

cancer deaths.”


– Medical professional

Laurie Fenton Ambrose

President & CEO

Washington, D.C.

Adrienne R. Halper


Former Managing Director of

Private Equity Funds

NewYork, NY

John M. Duff, Jr.

Chair,Audit Committee

Co-founder & Managing Director,

Duff Ackerman & Goodrich, LLC

Washington, DC

Gregg Gibson

Co-Managing Partner, Investor Groups

San Anselmo, CA

Cheryl Healton, Dr. PH

President & CEO

American Legacy Foundation

Washington, DC

Priscilla Dewey Houghton

Three-time lung cancer survivor

Arts Advocate

Cohasset, MA

T. Joseph Lopez

Chairman of the Board

Admiral USN Retired


Secretary NormanY. Mineta

Vice Chairman, Hill & Knowlton

Washington, DC

Deborah Morosini, MD

Principal Pathologist,AstraZeneca

Sister of the late Dana Reeve

Weston, MA

James Mulshine, MD

Associate Provost for Research and

Vice President for Research

Rush University

Chicago, IL

The Honorable Michael G. Oxley

Former Congressman and Chairman of

the House Financial Services Committee

Washington, DC

James Parles, MD

General Pediatrician at Smithtown

Pediatric Group

Setauket, NY

Honorary Board

Jane Reese-Coulbourne

Executive Director, Reagan-Udall



The Honorable Chuck Hagel

Former U.S. Senator, Co-Chair of the

President’s Intelligence Advisory Board

Professor of Foreign Policy at

Georgetown University and the

University of Nebraska

Washington, DC & Omaha, NE

J. Steven Hart, Esq.

President & CEO

Williams & Jensen

Washington, DC

The Honorable Clay Shaw

Former US Congressman


Medical & Scientific

Advisory Board

Lung Cancer Alliance offers

top notch and comprehensive

patient support programs

as well as works

tirelessly for all of us affected

by the disease by

fighting to secure the funding

from the federal government

necessary to make an

impact on its devastation.

This is particularly critical

since so many other types of

cancer are more highly prioritized

by the public even

though lung cancer is more

deadly than any other.”

– Otis

Rick Avila

Director of Medical Applications

Kitware, Inc.

Clifton Park, NY

Sheila Bates, C.M.S.W.

Manager, Office of Patient and Community


Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center


David M. Burns, M.D.

Professor of Medicine

University of California Medical School

at San Diego

San Diego, CA

Barbara Campling, M.D., F.R.C.P.C.

Division of Hematology-Oncology

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Department of Medicine

PhiladelphiaVA Medical Center

Philadelphia, PA

Kenneth H. Cowan, M.D., Ph.D

Director, Eppley Institute for Cancer

Research, University of Nebraska Medical


Omaha, NE

Frederic W. Grannis Jr., MD

Department of Thoracic Surgery

City of Hope National Medical Center

Duarte, CA

Claudia Ingrid Henschke, Ph.D., M.D.

Professor of Radiology

Cornell University Weill Medical College

Founder, Principal Investigator

International Early Lung Cancer Action

Program (I-ELCAP)

NewYork, NY

Fred R. Hirsch, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor of Medicine and Pathology

University of Colorado Cancer Center

Aurora, CO

Jimmie C. Holland, M.D.

Chair in Psychiatric Oncology

Attending Psychiatrist

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral


Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

NewYork, NY

David M. Jablons, M.D.

Professor of Surgery

Chief, General Thoracic Surgery

University of California at San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

David H. Johnson, M.D.

Cornelius A. Craig Professor of Medicine

Chief, Division of Hematology/Oncology

Deputy Director,Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer




Medical & Scientific Advisory Board continued

“I am a 42 year old woman

living with Stage IV lung

cancer. Lung Cancer

Alliance is a strong and vital

organization in the fight

against this historically

neglected disease. They

keep their eye on the ball

and fight for the dollar...they

look to level the playing field

for federal funding as

compared to many other

diseases and medical

conditions that have

benefitted from far greater

funding even though

dramatically less fatal.They

provide very personalized,

high quality patient support

programs.And the staff of

the organization are bright,

committed, passionate



– S. Haney

Christopher S. Lathan, M.D., M.S.,


Center for Outcomes and Policy Research

Instructor of Medicine

Harvard Medical School

Boston, MA

M. Blair Marshall, M.D.

Chief, Division of Thoracic Surgery

Associate Professor of Surgery

Georgetown University Hospital

Washington, DC

York E. Miller, M.D.

Thomas L. Petty Endowed Chair of Lung


Professor of Medicine

Division of Pulmonary Sciences and

Critical Care Medicine

Leader,Tobacco Related Malignancy


University of Colorado Comprehensive

Cancer Center

Assistant Chief, Pulmonary Section

DenverVeterans Affairs Medical Center

Denver, CO

Harvey Pass, M.D.

Professor and Chief for Division of

Thoracic Surgery and Oncology

NYU School of Medicine and

Comprehensive Cancer Center

NewYork, NY

William N. Rom, M.D., M.P.H

Sol and Judith Bergstein Professor of

Medicine and Environmental Medicine

Director, Division of Pulmonary and

Critical Care Medicine

Program Director, Clinical Research


NYU School of Medicine

NewYork, NY

Michael Vincent Smith, M.D.

Medical Director of Oncology

Vice-Chairman, Department of Surgery

Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery

Atlanta Medical Center

Atlanta, GA

Andrew Turrisi, M.D.

Professor and Chair, Department of

Radiation Oncology

Karmanos Cancer Center,Wayne State


Radiation Oncologist in Chief, Detroit

Medical Center

Detroit, MI

Mark D.Thornquist, Ph.D.

Senior Staff Scientist in Public Health

Sciences Division

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center


Donna Wilson, R.N., M.S.N., R.R.T.

Clinical Nurse Specialist/Fitness


Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Integrated Medicine Center

Ways of Giving

“My wife, Sheila, passed

away in September 2009 and

Lung Cancer Alliance was

instrumental in providing an

outlet for me to channel my

need to "do something."

So I turned my attention to

raising money to assist in

their mission - awareness

building, and legislative

advocacy.The level of care

for lung cancer patients

needs to be on parity with

the other cancers (breast,

prostate, colon) that get far

more funding, even though

their death rates are far less

than lung cancer patients.”

– Ken W.

As the only national non-profit organization dedicated solely to providing support

and advocacy for those living with or at risk for lung cancer, we rely on your

generous donations. Support from you — patients, survivors, family members,

friends, healthcare providers, foundations, organizations and businesses — makes

it possible for us to sustain our unique empowerment programs while leveraging

multiple millions in public health dollars for first-ever lung cancer research and

early detection programs.

You can make secure on line donations or explore other ways of giving by visiting

our website:

You may mail your donation to:

Lung Cancer Alliance

P.O. Box 418372

Boston, MA 02241-8372


Please consider joining us for the National Shine A Light on Lung CancerVigil

(,Team Lung Love

( or other events across the country by going to our

website events page. Sign up today and join the lung cancer movement bringing

positive change for all those touched by lung cancer!

We are one of the most effective and efficient non-profit organizations as

validated by Charity Navigator’s highest 4-star rating and ranked #11 among the

country’s leading cancer charities on Philanthropedia.


Current LCA Staff

Lung Cancer Alliance

Washington, DC

LCA Washington, D.C.

888 16th Street N.W., Suite 150

Washington, D.C. 20006


Laurie Fenton Ambrose

President and CEO

lfenton@lungcanceralliance .org

Kay Cofrancesco

Director of Advocacy Relations

Emily Eyres

Director of Development & COO

Lanni Boyd

Development Assistant

Nisa Natrakul

Manager of Advocacy Relations

Amy Pearson

Associate Director of Community

& Support Services

Maureen Rigney

Director of Community &

Support Services


Sheila Ross

Special Counsel

Miguel Velez

Manager of Community &

Support Services

Edythe Whidden

Director of Administration & Finance

Current LCA Chapters

LCA California

Mike Stevens

Co-chair California

LCA Georgia

Ed and Linda Levitt

Co-chairs Georgia

LCA Kentucky/Southern Indiana

Nancy Alvey


Colette McCoy


Goetz Kloecker, MD


LCA Massachusetts

Diane Legg

Co-chair Massachusetts

Rich Monopoli

Co-chair Massachusetts

LCA NewYork

Phyllis Goldstein

Co-Chair NewYork

Tiffany Festo-Tokarchuk

Co-chair NewYork

Holly Michealson

Co-chair NewYork

LCA Washington

Cecilia Izzo

Co-chair Washington

Elizabeth Robinson

Co-chair Washington

"My father lost his fight with lung cancer earlier this year

and I support your efforts to comfort those affected by

this deadly disease.Thank you for all you do to touch the

lives of so many."

— Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)

"It wasn't until my lung cancer diagnosis that I became aware

of the tremendous stigma and challenge facing this community,

particularly in the areas of public health and policy.As a

non-smoker, a lung cancer diagnosis was the farthest thing

from my mind. I want to help LCA reverse decades of neglect

and misunderstanding, so that people living with the disease

and those who may be diagnosed in the future can have better


— Former Ohio Congressman Michael G. Oxley

and LCA Board member

“One of my priorities since taking the helm of the National

Urban League’s Policy institute was to sharpen our focus

on health disparities -- and that is what the Lung Cancer

Mortality Act does for our community. For that reason we

are pleased to stand with so many other social justice leaders

and national organizations calling for a more compassionate

and comprehensive approach to addressing lung cancer.”

— Chanelle Hardy,

Senior Vice President and Executive Director of the

National Urban League Policy Institute.

888 16th Street NW

Suite 150

Washington DC 20006



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