In our first issue we introduce you to the faces behind small businesses in South Africa. Read what they have to say about their journey to being successful.

In our first issue we introduce you to the faces behind small businesses in South Africa. Read what they have to say about their journey to being successful.


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Bath time

bliss with





The voice

for furry





Content Management & Marketing

Vanessa Bentley


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Associate Editor

Marketing & Advertising

Wendy Bezuidenhout


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Pivotl Magazine is published

online as a digital magazine



Photo by Wendy Bezuidenhout

Jacques Germishuys of Utsuri Sushi


Issue 1 - 2023


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new magazine, Pivotl. After almost a

decade of working together on various projects, we are finally able to fulfil our

dream of spreading good news, positivity, and happy thoughts.

Pivotl is a unique amalgamation of success stories, heartfelt tales, and stories of


As South Africans, we understand the importance of resilience and finding ways to

make things work, even in tough times.

We want to share your story, as we believe that people connect with people. Let's get

to know each other and build a community of like-minded individuals.

We aim to cater to everyone with this magazine, offering a diverse range of content

from business-success articles to heartwarming and informative stories about animals.

We can't wait for you to join us on this exciting journey of positivity and inspiration.

Vanessa & Wendy






From passion to plate

Join us as we sit down with Jacques to

learn more about his journey as a small

business owner and the secret to Utsuri

Sushi's success.

Happy Tails Magazine

keeps on wagging

Meet life-long animal lover Diane Ivings,

founder of Happy Tails Magazine - a

South African website sharing heartwarming

stories and expert know-how to

improve the lives of animals

We’ll turn your Oh No into

an O-Yes!

O-Yes Properties

Bath Time Bliss

Meet the owner of “Just Chilling”, a small

business creating unique bath products

18 Thereabouts

Snapped at some of the local market

days around Johannesburg






The right space

Tips for creating a small functional

home office

From failure to success

How pivoting can save your business

On the shelf

This month’s book store finds

Pawsitively perfect

How to keep Your dog healthy and


Purrfectly prepared

We’re adopting a kitten… What now?

Issue 1 - 2023 3


From passion

to plate

Step into the warm atmosphere of Utsuri Sushi, a small owner-managed

restaurant in Annlin, Pretoria, and you'll immediately feel the passion and

dedication that has gone into creating this unique establishment. From the

wood panelling to the wooden counter-top, everything has been lovingly

inspired and created by owner Jacques Germishuys himself. But it's not just

the ambience that sets Utsuri Sushi apart – it's the unwavering

commitment to quality and sustainability that shines through in every

aspect of the business. Utsuri Sushi has something for everyone, and the

personal touches will make you feel right at home. Join us as we sit down

with Jacques to learn more about his journey as a small business owner

and the secret to Utsuri Sushi's success.


Issue 1 - 2023


At Utsuri Sushi, the

main focus is on

delivering the best

quality product

every time

Nestled in the suburb of

Annlin in Pretoria, Gauteng

is Utsuri Sushi, a small

owner-managed restaurant that

is a testament to one man's

passion for food and dream of

owning his own bespoke

restaurant. Jacques Germishuys,

the owner of Utsuri Sushi, is a

man whose warm personality

and contagious enthusiasm can

be felt as soon as you step into

the restaurant. Jacques's love for

food and cooking has been the

driving force behind his desire to

create a unique sushi experience

for his customers.

Starting a business is never an

easy task, and Jacques faced his

fair share of challenges when

starting Utsuri Sushi. One of the

biggest challenges he faced was

finding funding to get the

restaurant up and running.

Another challenge was finding

the right staff to match the vision

he had for the business. However,

with determination and hard

work, Jacques was able to

overcome these challenges and

make his dream a reality.

What sets Utsuri Sushi apart

from other sushi restaurants is

their focus on quality over

quantity. Jacques is a firm believer

in specialising in one thing and

doing it exceptionally well.

At Utsuri Sushi, the main focus is

on delivering the best quality

product every time. Jacques has

ensured that Utsuri Sushi is the

number one choice when it comes

to authentic Japanese sushi, with

a wide variety of vegetarian and

vegan options also available.

To ensure they only provide the

best, Jacques trained under an

authentic Japanese Master Sushi

Chef in Johannesburg.

Running a small business can

be challenging, and it requires a

lot of hard work and dedication.

Jacques stays motivated and

focused on his goals with the

support of his loving wife, who

encourages him to dream big

and take the necessary leaps of

faith. Jacques has learned that

hard work pays off and putting in

the hours is the key to success.

In the ever-changing world of

business, it is essential to adapt to

new technology and market

trends. Jacques has partnered

with a local start-up company

based in the Western Cape,

which has helped Utsuri Sushi

create a loyalty program that they

believe their customers deserve.

The loyalty program is entirely

digital, meaning everything is

cloud-based, and they can do

Photo by Wendy Bezuidenhout

Issue 1 - 2023 5


away with unnecessary printing,

saving the planet and their

customers' time.

As a small business owner,

Jacques admits that balancing

personal and professional life can

be challenging. He has had to put

everything into the shop and

sacrifices personal time to ensure

the success of the business.

One of Jacques's proudest

moments was making his first

sale, even if it was just a 500ml

Coca-Cola cooldrink. Seeing the

printer print out the receipt with

the company's logo on it for the

first time was a feeling he will

never forget. Building and

maintaining relationships with

customers and clients is crucial for

any small business, and Jacques

has made it his personal goal to

get to know every single customer

that walks into the shop.

Social media platforms and

word-of-mouth have been the

most effective marketing

strategies for Utsuri Sushi.


Issue 1 - 2023


Photos by Wendy Bezuidenhout


Utsuri Sushi Chefs, Jacques and


Utsuri Signature Dishes

Here’s a taste of some of the signature

dishes on offer

Jacques's vision for the future is

to expand the Utsuri reach and

open their next store in 2023.

For other entrepreneurs just

starting out, Jacques advises

holding steadfast and staying

committed to the vision. Dealing

with setbacks and failures is part

of the journey, and Jacques has

learned to put his head down

and do the job himself to

overcome them.

At Utsuri Sushi, they don't

follow industry trends but push

to perfect, develop, and create

their own signature meals. They

add a pinch of Utsuri magic in

every product they create and

have tried to move away from

single-use plastic items, with all

their packaging being

biodegradable. Jacques's vision

is for Utsuri Sushi to be the best

sushi spot in Gauteng, and his

passion for food and dedication

to quality ensures that this

vision is not far from becoming

a reality.

Ki Utsuri Roll

Tempura prawn California Roll topped

with crab meat, spicy mayo and chives

Biltong Delight

Biltong, avocado and cream cheese

fashion sandwich topped with biltong

dust and teriyaki sauce

Philadelphia Roll

Cream cheese and avocado California

Roll topped with smoked salmon, spicy

mayo, teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds

Tempura Salmon Roll

Salmon California Roll topped with

tempura prawn and sweet chilli mayo

Issue 1 - 2023 7


Photo by Wendy Bezuidenhout

Tatenda Matava, Sushi Chef at

Utsuri Sushi who is known for her

big smile, hard work, and

creativity in creating new sushi

dishes. She was born and raised

in Harare, Zimbabwe, and moved

to South Africa in search of

better opportunities when she

couldn't find a job in her field in

her home country. Although

Tatenda holds a degree in

Sociology, she struggled to find

employment in her field after

moving to South Africa.

Tatenda started working at

Moishes Butchery, where she

assisted Sushi Chefs with

cooking rice and making sushi

salads. She then decided to learn

how to make sushi herself, and

she's been perfecting her skills

for the past six years. She trained

under an authentic Japanese

Master Sushi Chef in

Johannesburg, which has helped

her develop her skills to the

highest level. Working alongside

Jacques, she enjoys creating

new dishes and sauces,

experimenting with different

flavours and ingredients to

provide customers with a unique

and delicious experience.

Tatenda's hard work and

dedication to her craft have paid

off in the form of beautifully

crafted sushi that impress both

seasoned sushi lovers and firsttime

clients alike. Her creativity

and commitment to

improvement make her a

standout sushi chef. n





Main Photography by

Figure of 8 Photography



Issue 1 - 2023


Issue 1 - 2023 9


Happy Tails


keeps on wagging

Text by Jenni Davies

Alove for animals is all around us,

and this proudly South African

website shares their heartwarming

stories in order to improve the

lives of our furry, feathered, and scaled


Life-long animal lover Diane Ivings

launched Happy Tails Magazine in 2015

as a glossy printed magazine designed

to share Southern African animal stories

and to shine a light on the many animal

lovers who make a difference, as well as

provide an accessible source for useful

expert animal know-how.

Transforming Happy Tails

In 2016, Diane decided to transform

Happy Tails Magazine from a printed

magazine to a dynamic, paperless and

highly entertaining website,

www.happytailsmagazine.co.za. The

online presence means that dozens of

inspiring and informative South African

animal-related articles, which are

uploaded almost daily, can be enjoyed by

people all over the world. Run by a “tiny

but mighty” team of South African animal

lovers, writers, designers and talented

photographers, the website is edited by

Diane herself, and driven by their 22,400

follower-strong Facebook page.

Diane, whose background is in

magazine editing and publishing, says,

“There is often so much negativity out

there. People tend to doom scroll

through social media, seeing horror

stories and sadness, feeling powerless or

confused as to what they can do or how

to start helping. Many are put off

adopting one of the thousands of

animals because of negative press or are

simply unsure of how to go about it. I

saw a need for something enriching and


Diane and Sheba

Image credit: James Robinson


Issue 1 - 2023


motivating to fill the gap. With Happy

Tails, I wanted to show that there are

hundreds of amazing animal welfare

organisations in our country, working

tirelessly to create change for the

animals and their people. To improve the

profile of rescues (as animal welfares and

adopted pets are often referred to)

through entertaining and uplifting

stories, so that people know the great

work they do and are inspired to support

them, be it through volunteering or

donating, or by fostering or adopting a

pet. I also wanted to use the platform to

advocate for responsible animal care by

sharing useful, trustworthy information.

Ultimately, we wanted to bring joy into

people’s lives with positive stories about

animals. That is our guiding light and

what we hope to keep doing.”

“It’s very important to me that people

see these happily-ever-afters, that they

experience a different side of animal

welfare, and that they discover the

beauty of shelter animals and the love

they can bring.” This is something Diane

knows all too well, considering that her

Cape Town cottage is home to a pair of

cheeky budgies, two laid-back cats, and

a joyful big, brown mutt – all rescues.

“They’re excellent co-workers and they

keep us inspired!”

From its humble beginnings, Happy

Tails Magazine has become immensely

popular, with the website welcoming

new visitors every month. “The feedback

we get is that these stories make

people’s day and cheer them up at

stressful times,” says Diane when asked

about Happy Tails’ success. “People are

tired of bad news – they want to know

that good things happen and, moreover,

that they can be part of the change.”

Inside the cover

What kinds of animals can be found on

Happy Tails’ virtual pages? “As many as

possible,” laughs Diane. “We aim to

include registered, reputable animal

welfares from all over the country which

care for any species of animals. So, if

you’re into dogs and cats, or birds, horses,

or wildlife, there’s something for you. Our

advertisers, who are from all industries,

not just pet products, are carefully

selected as they have to align with our

positive stance on animal welfare.”

Issue 1 - 2023 11


The star attraction on the website is, of

course, the “Happy Tales” section, which

is overflowing with wonderful stories of

animals whose lives were transformed

for the better. Some of them can be a

little sad, but, with the emphasis on

positivity, the end goal is always to share

the happy part of the tale. You’re sure to

shed a good few happy tears. The

fascinating “MuttMix” section is where

readers who have checked their mixedbreed

dogs’ DNA share the often

astounding results. Informative health

and behavioural features are written by

veterinarians, animal behaviourists and

trainers, journalists, and experienced

animal welfare staff and volunteers. If

you’re looking for an animal welfare

organisation to support, there’s an entire

section devoted to them, and readers are

encouraged to contribute their own

photos and stories of their adopted pets

for the “Look at me NOW!” section.

There’s even a “Made With Love” section

to showcase advertisers’ products and

items marketed by animal welfare

organisations to fund their work so you

can find great products for a great cause.

And, if you want to know more about

Diane’s crazy animal-filled life, hover over

to DD’s Days, where she shares her

often-hilarious accounts of daily life with

her menagerie.

Diane says that, “Happy Tails is a 24-

hour dedication, a true labour of love.

The calls for animal help come in after

hours and on weekends, from advice

needed about injured wildlife or how to

groom a bunny, to help needed to report

animal abuse, how to surrender a pet or

help a stray, and our most favourite: how

to adopt a pet.”

Want to come aboard?

Happy Tails relies solely on advertising

and sponsorship to bring people the

quality content they enjoy so much.

Diane emphasises that, “All advertisers,

not only pet products or brands – anyone

with empathy to animal welfare in SA

and who wants to appeal to those who

care – are welcome to advertise with us.

Our dream for the future is to one day be

able to give back even more to the

animals in other ways than highlighting

their stories and the people who help

them. With enough support from

supporters and advertisers, we’ll be able

to accomplish this goal too. We’re

looking forward to having you join us in

our mission to change animals’ lives.” n




Issue 1 - 2023


At Pivotl Magazine, we truly believe in the power of personal connections.

That's why we are passionate about sharing the stories of the people driving

businesses forward.

If you are a small business owner or provide a business service and would

like to be featured in Pivotl Magazine, we would love to hear from you. All we

ask is that you are willing to complete a questionnaire and have a chat with

us to ensure we capture the essence of your story. Additionally, if possible,

please provide us with photos of yourself and your workspace, as well as

images of your products or services in action.


Vanessa Bentley


061 496 9498



Wendy Bezuidenhout


082 963 7441

Issue 1 - 2023 13



We’ll turn

your Oh

No into an


When it comes to selling

or renting out your

property, the process

can be complex and

overwhelming. This is why you

need a knowledgeable and caring

real estate agent who can guide

you through the process and

ensure that your investment is

well-managed. Charmaine van der

Westhuizen, a real estate agent

based in Fontainebleau, Randburg,

and working for O-Yes Properties,

is the perfect person for the job.

As a local resident for many

years, Charmaine has a good

knowledge of the local property

market. She is knowledgeable,

truly cares about her clients, and

is dedicated to delivering

exceptional service to them. At O-

Yes Properties, they understand

the importance of your

investment and will always strive

to exceed your expectations.

Whether you're looking to rent

out your investment property or

sell your home, O-Yes Properties

has the expertise to guide you

through the process. Their

property management services

include handling monthly

expenses, maintenance, and

tenant complaints, so you can

relax and enjoy the peace of

mind that comes with a wellmanaged


When it comes to selling your

property, O-Yes Properties' team of

professionals will ensure that every

step of the process is handled with

care and professionalism. From

screening buyers to marketing

your home with stunning photos

and videos, they will work tirelessly

to get you the best possible price

for your property.

At O-Yes Properties, they

understand the market, the

players, and all of the variables

involved in a real estate

transaction. They want to make

sure you feel supported and that

you have a trusted adviser by

your side. They have all the tools

to ensure that they give you

accurate and informative

information to ensure the right

marketing plan is conducted.

Their services include property

sales, property rentals, rental

management, buying, and

renting. Whether you're a firsttime

home buyer, a seasoned

investor, or a homeowner looking

to sell or rent out your property,

O-Yes Properties is the best

company to help you achieve

your goals.

Charmaine says, “As the trusted

Property Practitioner for my

clients, I understand that selling

and/or buying a home is complex

and deeply personal. There is also

a lot at stake financially and

personally. The perspective on

the process and the responsibility

felt towards my clients drives me

to truly be an expert at my job.”

O-Yes Properties has a top

rating on HelloPeter for over two

years, which is a testament to

their commitment to excellence.

They are dedicated to delivering

exceptional service to their clients

and ensuring that they have a

stress-free and successful


So, if you're looking to sell or

rent out your property in

Randburg, Fontainebleau,

Malanshof, or Randpark Ridge,

Charmaine will be able to help

you achieve your goals. With

Charmaine as your real estate

agent, you can be assured of

knowledgeable, caring, and

professional service every step of

the way.

Trust O-Yes Properties to help

you manage and maximise your

investment. n


Issue 1 - 2023


Your Resident



We know the market,we know the

area,we know the locals,who

better to choose as your Property

Practitioner of choice.

Why Choose Us

As the trusted Property Practitioner for

my clients, I understand that selling

and/or buying a home is complex and

deeply personal. There is also a lot at

stake financially and personally. The

perspective on the process and the

responsibility felt towards my clients

drives me to truly be an expert at my job.

Megan Genga

Dedicated Agent

We understand the market,

the players, and all of the

variables involved in a real

estate transaction. We want to

make sure you feel supported

and that you have a trusted

advisor by your side.

24/7 Customer Care

We are dedicated to serve

and assist in the transaction

that changes your life forever.

Charmaine has been a pleasure to work with,

from the onset Charmaine has maintained

contact and kept us informed. When we were

uncertain or needed matters to be reviewed

Charmaine was ever willing to assist. Thank

you Charmaine for all your hard work and

dedication during this process.

Marketing & Research

We have all the tools to ensure that

we give you accurate and informative

information to ensure the right

marketing plan is conducted.


+27 74 703 9034



Issue 1 - 2023 15


Bath Time


Meet Jenny Blom, a woman who

decided to embark on a new

adventure after officially retiring

in 2022. With her passion for luxury baths

and smells, Jenny started her own

business, “Just Chilling,” which

specialises in creating unique bath

products with a beach and sea chill

theme. Based in Johannesburg, Jenny

runs her business from home and

distributes her products online and by

word of mouth.

Starting a new business always has its

challenges, and for Jenny, the biggest

challenge was sourcing raw and bulk

materials. However, she overcame this

obstacle by experimenting with various

essential oils, salts, and butters until she

found the perfect mixture for her

products. What sets “Just Chilling” apart

from others in the industry is the fact

that all of Jenny's products are

handmade using the best quality


For Jenny, staying motivated and

focused is not an issue as she loves

experimenting with beauty products,

and being retired gives her the time to

do so. When asked about the skills and

experience that have been most

valuable in running her business, Jenny

shared that her love for luxury baths and

smells was the only experience she had

to start with.

As a small business owner, Jenny has

adapted her business to changes in her

industry, such as new technology or

market trends, by creating a range of

mixes that are unique and made by

hand. To balance her personal and

professional life, Jenny takes advantage

of her retirement and does a lot of

travelling, drawing inspiration from

nature itself.

Jenny’s proudest moments as a

business owner include finding success

with locally researched and

manufactured diet capsules and

personal protective equipment (PPE)

products during the pandemic.

Maintaining relationships with

customers and clients has been an easy

feat for Jenny due to her long career in

fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG)


Issue 1 - 2023




+27 81 002 9041

and friendships she’s maintained over

the years. She markets her business on

all online platforms and sells on Takealot.

When asked about her goals for the

future, Jenny shared that she plans to

develop a comprehensive range of ladies

beauty products and experiment with

essential oils. She advises other

entrepreneurs who are just starting out

to follow their dreams and put their

ideas into practice no matter what their

age is. Jenny believes that setbacks and

failures are part of the learning process,

and she’s currently learning to find a

suitable bulk supplier for her

products and keep her packaging

and bottling unique.

As a mom who raised two

children while working two jobs,

Jenny hopes her business will

help moms relax and indulge in a

bit of “me” time with “Just

Chilling” products. To stay current

with industry trends and continue

learning and growing as a business

owner, Jenny does a lot of window

shopping and buys products to test

and improve on with her brand.

Jenny’s story is one of passion,

experimentation, and dedication to

creating a unique product.

Her advice to follow your dreams and

put your ideas into practice is something

that can inspire and motivate any

entrepreneur, no matter what stage

they're at in their business journey. “Just

Chilling” is an example of how one

person’s passion and creativity can lead

to a successful and fulfilling small

business. n

Issue 1 - 2023 17


Spotted at the SPCA Randburg Market


Issue 1 - 2023

Spotted at the SPCA Randburg Market


Issue 1 - 2023 19


Out and about at Tin Road Craft & Farmer’s Market


Issue 1 - 2023


The right space

Tips for creating a small functional home office

Working from home has

become the norm for

many people in recent

years, and having a designated

workspace is crucial for

maintaining productivity and

avoiding distractions. Here are

some tips for creating a small,

functional home office:

Choose a quiet and

isolated space: To minimise

distractions, select a quiet

room or area of your home

that is away from the main

living areas. A spare room or

even a quiet dining room

corner can work as long as it

provides privacy and

minimal noise.

Invest in a comfortable

chair: A comfortable chair is

essential for a productive

workspace. Look for one that

provides good support,

adjustable height, and

enough padding to keep

you comfortable throughout

the day.

Utilise vertical space: If you

have limited floor space,

utilise vertical space by

adding shelves, wall

organisers, or a bookcase.

This will help keep your

desk clear and organised,

freeing up valuable floor


Get a good desk: A desk

should be functional,

comfortable, and have

enough space for your

computer, monitor, keyboard,

and other necessary items. If

you have limited space,

consider a compact desk

with a small footprint or a

wall-mounted option.

Minimise clutter: A cluttered

workspace can be a major

distraction. Take the time to

organise your desk, keeping

only the essentials within

reach. Store papers, books,

and other items in labelled

folders, drawers, or boxes to

keep your workspace clean

and tidy.

Consider lighting: Good

lighting is essential for a

comfortable and productive

workspace. If possible, place

your desk near a window to

take advantage of natural

light, and consider adding a

task lamp to provide

additional light as needed.

Personalise your space:

Adding personal touches to

your workspace can help you

feel more comfortable and

motivated. Consider adding a

plant, picture frames, or a

calendar to your desk.

By following these tips, you can

create a small but functional

workspace that is free from

distractions, allowing you to work

more efficiently and comfortably

from home. n

Issue 1 - 2023 21



failure to


How pivoting can save your business

Running a business is never easy,

and many entrepreneurs face the

daunting challenge of deciding

whether to continue on their current

path or pivot to a new direction. Pivoting

can be a risky move, but it can also lead

to tremendous success if done correctly.

In this article, we'll explore what it means

for a business to pivot, why it's

important, and share inspiring examples

of entrepreneurs who successfully

pivoted their careers.

What is business pivoting?

Business pivoting refers to the process of

making a significant change in a

company's strategy or direction in

response to market changes or internal

issues. This can include changes to the

product or service offering, the target

market, or even the business model itself.

Pivoting is often necessary for

businesses that face declining sales,

fierce competition, or a shift in

consumer demand. By pivoting,

businesses can stay relevant, adapt to

changing circumstances, and position

themselves for growth.

Why is pivoting important?

Pivoting is important because it can save

a struggling business from failure. In

fact, some of the most successful

companies today are those that pivoted

early on in their development. By

pivoting, businesses can:


Issue 1 - 2023


• Meet changing customer needs:

Pivoting can help businesses stay

relevant and meet the changing

needs of their customers.

• Adapt to new markets: Pivoting can

help businesses enter new markets

or target new customer segments.

• Discover new opportunities:

Pivoting can help businesses identify

new opportunities for growth and


Examples of successful

business pivots

Many successful entrepreneurs have

had to pivot their careers in order to

achieve success. Here are a few inspiring


J.K. Rowling – Before she became a

bestselling author, J.K. Rowling

worked as a researcher and bilingual

secretary. After being fired from her

job, she decided to pursue her passion

for writing and pivoted her career. She

wrote the first Harry Potter book while

on welfare, and the rest is history.

Steve Jobs – Steve Jobs is known for

co-founding Apple, but before that,

he was working as a video game

designer. After being fired from

Apple in 1985, Jobs went on to found

NeXT, a computer company that was

eventually acquired by Apple. Jobs

then returned to Apple and helped

turn it into the tech giant it is today.

Angela Duckworth – Angela

Duckworth was working as a

management consultant when she

became interested in the concept of

"grit," or perseverance and passion

for long-term goals. She eventually

pivoted her career and became a

psychologist, studying the science of

grit and its impact on success.

Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia –

Before co-founding Airbnb with

Nathan Blecharczyk, Chesky and

Gebbia originally founded a startup

called “AirBed and Breakfast”, which

offered travellers an air mattress to

sleep on in exchange for a fee.

However, when the concept didn't

take off, Chesky, Gebbia and

Blecharczyk, pivoted the idea and

founded Airbnb, a platform that

allows people to rent out their

homes to travellers. Today, Airbnb is a

global hospitality company valued at

over $100 billion.

Pivoting can be a scary and difficult

decision for anyone, but it can also be the

key to success. By recognising the need

for change and taking bold steps to pivot,

entrepreneurs can save their businesses

from failure and achieve long-term

success. As J.K. Rowling once said,

“Failure is so important. We speak about

success all the time. It is the ability to

resist failure or use failure that often leads

to greater success.” n

Issue 1 - 2023 23


On the shelf

You're Not Broke, You're Pre-Rich


‘I wrote this book because I believe

the road to financial freedom is a

journey everyone can embark on. I

wrote this book with you in mind.

You, who perhaps have never been

taught anything about how money

works. You, who have been too

intimidated to pick up and read a

book about personal finance

because you were too scared of the

jargon. You, who want to

#getyourmoneyright. I had you in

mind when I wrote this book.’ –

Mapalo Makhu

If you are a millennial who is trying

to figure out how money works, this

book is for you. With simple, relatable

and sometimes amusing stories

about how to manage money on a

day-to-day basis, you will learn how to

change your mindset about money,

get out of debt and stay debt-free,

invest your money and, ultimately, live

your best life.

You’re Not Broke, You’re Pre-Rich

will help you, the young professional,

to think differently about money,

while covering pertinent topics like

black tax, savings, budgeting,

emergency funds and financial

scams, as well as estate and

retirement planning (and why you

should care right now!). It is the best

class you never attended… in a book!

Never Waste a Good Crisis


Never Waste a Good Crisis was born in the wake of Covid-19. However, the book

elaborates on many other challenges that leaders in corporate South Africa

have had to deal with – including deeply personal ones. Is leadership an art?

Can you learn it? Can anyone be a leader? Carié Maas asks twenty seasoned

leaders what their leadership philosophies are, and their opinions vary as widely

as the industries they come from. The lessons they share from their journeys up

the corporate ladder will inspire, encourage and challenge the reader.

If you have any book recommendations please send them to info@pivotl.co.za


Issue 1 - 2023


Flip Thinking: The Life-changing Art of

Transforming Problems into Opportunities


Flip your mindset from problemfocused

'yes but' thinking into an

opportunistic 'yes and' mentality

using the Dutch art of flip thinking.

“Transformative... Flip Thinking

beautifully illustrates how a person

who can turn a negative into a

positive can never be defeated” - Greg

McKeown, podcaster and bestselling

author of Essentialism and Effortless

Imagine this: you've got a great

idea, and all you hear are the yes-buts.

"Yes, but that's been tried before, and

it didn't work." "Yes, but shouldn't we

just let it sit for a while?" "Yes, but

what if it doesn't work..."

Stop saying "yes, but..." to life, and to

start saying "yes, and..."

This international bestseller

introduces the power of flip thinking

to transform stuck-in-the-mud,

pessimistic 'yes, but' thinking into an

inventive, curious 'yes, and' mindset.

Berthold Gunster presents his

fifteen flip thinking strategies that

will transform your thinking away

from limitations and threats and

towards possibilities and

opportunities. From disrupting (turn

all the rules upside down), to

flaunting (play up what you want to

hide), and importing (get the enemy

on board) to amplifying (focus on

what works, and do more of that)

Gunster's strategies and stories will

have you approaching even the most

challenging problems, at work, home

and at play, in a whole new way.

Simply Zola's Seven Colours


Zola Nene is back with a third book, this time celebrating the

diverse cultural heritage of South Africans through the wonderful

tradition of sharing meals. In Simply Seven Colours, Zola gives

praise to the uniquely South African seven-colour (or severalcolour)

concept with a selection of more simply delicious recipes

that tap into the heart of our food nostalgia, with a focus on going

back to basics.

The idea of Simply Seven Colours is for you to create your own

unique seven-colour menu, by picking recipes from different

chapters or ‘colours’. From green, yellow, orange, brown, white, red, a

rainbow of colours and, of course, desserts to round off your sevencolour

meal, this book is sure to bring you more simply delicious joy.

Available from the following online stores

takealot.com Exclusive Books Wordsworth Books Graffiti Books Loot

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How to keep Your dog healthy and happy

As dog owners, we all want our furry

friends to live long, happy, and

healthy lives. While there are no

guarantees, there are steps you can take

to help ensure that your dog is getting

the best possible care. Here are some tips

to help your dog live their best life.

Regular vet check-ups

Regular check-ups with a vet are crucial

for keeping your dog healthy. Even if

your dog appears to be in good health,

it's important to schedule yearly visits to

ensure they are up to date on their

vaccinations, and to check for any

underlying health conditions that may

not be immediately visible. Additionally,

routine blood work can detect early

signs of diseases that may not present

with obvious symptoms. Your

veterinarian can also recommend a

schedule for parasite prevention based

on your dog's needs.

Proper nutrition

The food your dog eats plays a

significant role in their overall health and

longevity. A well-balanced diet that

meets your dog's nutritional needs is

crucial for their well-being. Feeding your

dog high-quality food will provide them

with the essential nutrients they need to

maintain good health, energy, and a

healthy weight. Make sure to provide

them with a well-rounded diet that

meets their individual needs based on

their age, breed, and activity level. Avoid

feeding them table scraps or foods that

are toxic to dogs, such as chocolate,

grapes, and onions, as they can cause

serious health issues.

Regular exercise

Just like humans, dogs need regular

exercise to maintain good health.

Exercise helps your dog maintain a


Issue 1 - 2023


healthy weight, strengthens their heart,

and improves their mental health.

Regular walks, runs, or playtime can help

prevent obesity-related health issues,

such as diabetes, arthritis, and heart

disease. Keep in mind that different

breeds have different exercise

requirements, so it's important to tailor

your dog's exercise routine to their

individual needs.

Oral hygiene

Good oral hygiene is essential to

maintaining your dog's overall health.

Regular dental care can prevent dental

disease, which is a common health issue

in dogs. Regularly brushing your dog's

teeth can remove plaque and prevent

the buildup of harmful bacteria that can

cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Provide them with dental chews or toys

to help clean their teeth, and avoid

giving them human food that can

contribute to tooth decay.


Regular grooming is an important part

of your dog's health care routine.

Brushing your dog's coat regularly can

prevent skin infections, matting, and

other health issues. It's also important

to keep their nails trimmed to prevent

painful ingrown nails. Grooming can

also help you spot any lumps, bumps,

or skin irritations that may require

veterinary attention.

Socialisation and mental


Dogs are social animals and require

mental stimulation to maintain good

mental health. Socialisation and mental

stimulation can prevent boredom,

anxiety, and depression. Make sure to

provide your dog with opportunities to

interact with other dogs, people, and

animals. Engage them in playtime and

provide them with toys that challenge

their minds.

Anti-poison kits

In the event of your dog ingesting

poison, administering an anti-poison kit

should give you enough time to get your

dog to the vet for treatment. Contact

your local SPCA or vet for more

information on these kits

By following these tips and keeping up

with your dog's overall health, you can

ensure that they have the longest,

healthiest life possible. Remember, every

dog is unique, and their needs may differ

based on breed, age, and individual

health issues, so be sure to talk to your

vet about your dog's specific needs. With

proper care, love, and attention, your dog

can live their best life by your side. n

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We’re adopting a kitten… What now?

Adopting a kitten is a

significant decision that

requires careful

consideration and planning.

Bringing a new feline friend into

your home is an exciting

experience, but it also comes

with several responsibilities and

challenges. In this article, we will

explore what you need to buy

and what to expect when

adopting a kitten.

What you need to buy

Before you adopt a kitten, it's

essential to make sure you have

everything your new furry friend

needs to be healthy, happy, and

comfortable. Here are some

essential things you need to


Food and Water Bowls:

Choose durable, non-toxic,

and easy to clean bowls that

are the right size for your


Litter Box and Litter: Provide

a litter box that is large

enough for your kitten to

move around in comfortably.

Choose a litter that is

unscented and easy to scoop.

Bed: Provide a comfortable

and cosy bed for your kitten

to sleep in.

Toys: Kittens love to play, so

it's essential to provide them

with toys that are safe, nontoxic,

and engaging.

Scratching Post: A

scratching post is essential for

your kitten's physical and

mental well-being. It will help

keep their claws healthy and

provide them with a place to


Grooming Supplies: Your

kitten will need regular

grooming, so make sure to

buy a brush or comb and

suitable nail clippers.

Challenges and

expectations of being a

cat owner

Being a cat owner comes with

several challenges and

expectations. Here are a few

things to keep in mind:

Time and Attention: Kittens

need plenty of attention and

socialisation. They require

daily playtime and interaction

with their owners.

Health Care: Regular vet

visits are essential to keep

your kitten healthy.

Vaccinations, deworming,

and flea/tick prevention are

crucial to their well-being.

Litter Box Training: Litter box

training can be a challenge

for some kittens. It's essential

to be patient and consistent

during the training process.

Scratching: Kittens love to

scratch, and they will do it on

anything they can find.

Providing them with a

scratching post will help keep

your furniture safe.

Feeding: Feeding your kitten

the right food and the right

amount is essential for their

health. Talk to your vet about

what type of food is best for

your kitten and how much

you should feed them.

Adopting a kitten can be a truly

gratifying experience. By ensuring

that your new furry companion is

provided with all the essential

requirements and staying mindful

of the challenges and

responsibilities that come with

being a cat parent, you can look

forward to many delightful years

of cherished memories and

faithful companionship with your

adorable feline friend. n


Issue 1 - 2023


About us:

We are a non-profit, no-kill cat wellfare

organisation. We have been operating

since 2000. We do not receive any

government funding and rely on the

generosity of animal lovers throughout

Gauteng for support and donations. We

work tirelessly through a network of

volunteers and fosters to improve the

lives of hundreds of unwanted and

abandoned cats and kittens by finding

them loving homes.

How to get


We need foster parents! People who can

provide a loving environment for kittens to

grow up and thrive in. All you need is a spare

room, transport and lots of love to give these

babies. We provide food and cover medical

costs that are needed to foster,

We also accept donations to help look after

all these angels.

You can donate

through an EFT into the following account:

Account name: Kitty Shelter

Bank: FNB

Account number: 6274 2088 900

Branch: Melrose Arch

POP: info@kittyshelter.co.za

How to contact us:




To visit us at the shelter, email

merien@kittyshelter.co.za to make an

appointment (by appointment only)

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