March15th, 2023

Desert Spring cover image courtesy of AA productions. Screwball Sundays is back at historic Camelot! . DDG Newest Queerist Movie Pick LGBTQ+ drama LIKE ME debut feature from writer-director Eyal Kantor.

Desert Spring cover image courtesy of AA productions. Screwball Sundays is back at historic Camelot! . DDG Newest Queerist Movie Pick LGBTQ+ drama LIKE ME debut feature from writer-director Eyal Kantor.


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March16 th , <strong>2023</strong> Serving Cathedral City | Coachella | Desert Hot Springs<br />

Indian Wells | Indio | La Quinta | Palm Desert | Palm Springs | Rancho Mirage<br />


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The term Stay Woke in the context of<br />

awareness of social and political issues<br />

that were affecting African Americans<br />

was reawakened by Black Lives Matter<br />

Using the term Woke. This followed by<br />

white media using the term in support<br />

of the BLM. The term became an<br />

international meme and was added to<br />

the Oxford English Dictionary in 2017.<br />

During the past 4-5 years the term Woke<br />

has been used as an adjective like to be<br />

awake. The passing around of the term<br />

being used in by the Black American folk<br />

singer Lead Belly in the 1938 recording<br />

“Scottsboro Boys” and then to the New<br />

York Times Magazine in a 1962 article<br />

referring to how the term Woke as used<br />

by African American author William<br />

Melvin Kelley as it was being used in<br />

Black slang by whites aware of the<br />

repression of Black people.<br />

Through the 2000s to 2010 Woke was<br />

being used as a term for being awake or<br />

being cheated by a friend. It gradually<br />

evolved into being alert to social or<br />

racial injustice which held as common<br />

usage until the Trump era with right wing<br />

pundits using it as a negative term to<br />

criticize everything from the struggle<br />

for racial injustice, to criticizing LGBTQ<br />

acceptance and awareness, racial<br />

equity, diversity, and inclusion.<br />

Governor DeSantis of Florida has been<br />

in the forefront of using Woke as a<br />

negative term of criticism, banning<br />

books in schools, using governmental<br />

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L E AT H E R & F E T I S H<br />

G E A R L E AT H E R C O<br />

G E A R L E AT H E R<br />

6 5 0 E S U N N Y D U N E S PA L M S P R I N G S 7 6 0 3 2 2 3 3 6 3 G E A R L E AT H E R .C O M<br />

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Mr. Man has announced the winners of their<br />

annual Manatomy Awards, recognizing the<br />

past year’s naked male achievements in film<br />

and TV. Big screen winners this year include<br />

Harry Styles who made his nude debut in<br />

My Policeman and “Best Butt” winner Chris<br />

Hemsworth for his nude scene in Thor:<br />

Love and Thunder. “Best Picture” is<br />

awarded to the Hong Kong film, Apostles,<br />

and Antonio Banderas wins the coveted<br />

“Lifetime Achievement Award” for his<br />

fourteen nude roles spanning three<br />

decades.<br />

Minx wins the “Best TV Show” award and<br />

Dahmer is honored for Evan Peters’ stripdown<br />

scene.<br />

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and other injustices that have taken<br />

place in the context of 200 years of the<br />

history of this country.<br />

DeSantis threatened the Disney<br />

Corporation because of its support<br />

for LGBTQ issues that he would<br />

remove Disney from directing the civil<br />

operations of the Epcot Park, which<br />

he has now done. He is establishing a<br />

dangerous precedent in heavy handed<br />

government control of free will and<br />

everything from how banks lend money<br />

to advanced placement classes in<br />

power to take over liberal colleges<br />

and appointing his own henchmen as<br />

administrators to change the academic<br />

scene to the point of directing which<br />

classes can be taught at colleges. At<br />

record there have been over 50 books<br />

with LGBTQ themes alone that have<br />

been banned in the public schools.<br />

Outlawing the teaching of Black history<br />

and accurate depictions of American<br />

History which discuss racial discrimination<br />

schools He has fired political enemies<br />

who do not agree with his philosophy,<br />

limiting voting rights, consolidating his<br />

power and imposing his will on how<br />

businesses operate. People in the arts,<br />

especially authors, have been in the<br />

forefront of exposing his authoritarian<br />

fight against wokeness as the dangerous<br />

precedent it is setting for democracy<br />

itself.<br />

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This Virtual Gallery has two paintings created from a photo shoot in Denver, Colorado<br />

a few years ago. The model, Kent, was somewhat an exhibitionist he was not modest<br />

about showing his body in the nude. This photo shoot was done in a location on the<br />

west side of Denver in an old railroad yard in the shadow of the Anschutz building.<br />

10 DDG is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.

Most of the photo shoot was in the outdoor location, it was Kent’s suggestion to look<br />

at the inside of an abandoned multistory building which had been some type of an<br />

industrial production building initially. On the third floor in front of large windows<br />

overlooking the railroad yard Kent walked precariously on the ledge in front of the<br />

windows. The photos taken from these poses inspired the two paintings in this Gallery.<br />

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online @ ddg.gay<br />

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Romantic and relaxing or fun and frisky. At the<br />

Triangle Inn Palm Springs, the choice is yours.<br />

Historic Palm Springs Resort is a feast for all your<br />

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hospitality. triangle-inn.com<br />

Gear Leather and Fetish 760-322-3363<br />

We carry only the finest quality leather and fetish<br />

goods, gym wear, toys and furnishings, all designed<br />

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650 E. Sunny Dunes<br />

Off Ramp Leathers 760-778-2798<br />

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fetish/BSDM gear.<br />

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Family DeAnza Desert Sun Resort<br />

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Free tech tips for Seniors<br />

Every 2 seconds, another person becomes<br />

a victim of identity theft. Select a top-rated<br />

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protected no matter what.<br />


Red’s Hauling. We remove trash and<br />

unwanted items. Garage clean outs.<br />

Red 760-288-6956<br />

SOCAL Nude beaches which are also<br />

called “free beach”, or “clothingoptional”.<br />

Blacks Beach Nude Beach in San Diego<br />

is located just north of La Jolla Shores<br />

and beneath the Torrey Pines bluffs.<br />

Pirate’s Cove, Avila Beach<br />

Corona Del Mar is one of California’s<br />

best nude beaches.<br />

Transgender Community Transcc.Org<br />

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760-424-8014.<br />

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26620 Saddle Dr.<br />

Idyllwild, CA 92549<br />

(951) 659-2696<br />

Located less than a<br />

mile south of downtown<br />

Idyllwild, Bluebird<br />

Cottage Inn offers cozy<br />

economical rooms, to<br />

independent cabins.<br />

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Bloom in the Desert Ministries UCC<br />

Zoom Mass every Saturday at 4:30.<br />

Call or 442-282-8389 or visit stgilesaltadena.org for more details.<br />

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Thursday nights VILLAGEFEST takes place<br />

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Borrego Health (Stonewall Medical<br />

Center) Cathedral City 760-507-3310<br />

Veterans Records https://vetrecs.<br />

archives.gov/VeteranRequest/home.<br />

html for vet or family or with written<br />

authorization.<br />

Lgbt community center<br />

760-416-7790 thecenterps.org<br />

American cancer society<br />

800-227-2345<br />

Coachella Valley sexual assault<br />

(760) 568-9071<br />

Desert Legal aid: 760-832-9770<br />

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desert-stonewall.org<br />

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SPRING CONCERT <strong>2023</strong><br />

THE<br />

SKY’S<br />







SUNDAY, MARCH 26 AT 2 PM<br />

D E A N Mc D O W E L L | A R T I S T IC DI R E C TOR<br />

TICKETS $30<br />




Desert Winds<br />

Jazz Band<br />


OR 760.776.2700<br />

Desert Winds Freedom Band<br />

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Tom, a high school senior, is forced by his<br />

father to find a new home in two weeks and<br />

finds himself in a demanding relationship<br />

with a fashion photographer who is older<br />

than him, while secretly being in love with<br />

his close friend Gilad. The film stars Yoav<br />

Keren, Mendi Barsheshet, Gal Amitai, and<br />

Danny Geva.<br />

March 7, <strong>2023</strong> (Philadelphia, PA) – Breaking<br />

Glass Pictures is proud to announce the<br />

release of the LGBTQ+ drama LIKE ME,<br />

the debut feature from writer-director Eyal<br />

Kantor. LIKE ME arrives on VOD, digital<br />

platforms including iTunes, Google Play,<br />

Vudu, and local cable & satellite providers<br />

today, and on DVD on March 21.<br />

LIKE ME world premiered at the 2022 Guadalajara<br />

International Film Festival, where it<br />

played in Premio Maguey Competition, and<br />

went on to play AMOR Festival Santiago del<br />

Chile, OutSouth Queer Film Festival, Outshine<br />

Film Festival- Fort Lauderdale, and Tel<br />

Aviv International LGBT Film Festival.<br />


Founded in 2009 by industry veterans Rich<br />

Wolff and Richard Ross, Breaking Glass<br />

Pictures is a film distribution and media<br />

company that focuses on releasing unique<br />

and visionary independent films, inclusive of<br />

all genres, from around the world. In addition<br />

to theatrical, DVD, digital, and Video-on-Demand<br />

releases in North America,<br />

Breaking Glass functions as an international<br />

sales agent in all film markets, a producer<br />

of compelling independent cinema, facilitates<br />

festival, theatrical, and special event<br />

bookings, and offers a full-service marketing<br />

team (marketing strategy, artwork and trailer<br />

creation, PR, social media) to independent<br />

filmmakers. www.bgpics.com<br />

Writer-director Eyal Kantor<br />

Turn of the 21 st century. One of the most important<br />

themes of this century is the breaking<br />

down of the subject. The metaphysical<br />

breakdown/disassembly. We are in an era<br />

in which many solidities are gone; solidities<br />

22 DDG is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.<br />

continued on page 23

of institutions, of faith in the state, scientific<br />

truths, arts and so on. We are living in a<br />

century of revolution, and the subject is no<br />

different. The movie deals with the breakdown/disassembly<br />

of the subject. In the<br />

book “The Y generation” by sociologists Oz<br />

Almog & Tamar Almog, they describe humans<br />

as numb, childish, dependent, indifferent,<br />

and trapped in an Instagram bubble<br />

which provides an engineered point of view<br />

on life, though not life itself.<br />

The movie attempts to bring the truth behind<br />

Instagram, but what is truth in a post-truth<br />

era?<br />

A question that challenges Descartes, who<br />

wanted to find a justified base for each scientific<br />

investigation, and for that he wanted<br />

to find the basis of absolute knowledge from<br />

which he could begin.<br />

and now? What has technology done to us?<br />

Social networks? What is the price they take<br />

from us? From friendships? Relationships?<br />

Intimacy?<br />

The protagonist of my film is based on a<br />

character I have known well for a few years<br />

now. I have followed them during the development<br />

of the script and watched how<br />

it grows and changes in front of my eyes. I<br />

have collected real and actual stories of my<br />

students: situations, experiences, images,<br />

scents, and colors, and have tried to express<br />

them in this piece.<br />

Every time I thought I have reached a breakthrough,<br />

I hit a dead end. The aspiration to<br />

tell the story of a whole generation living in<br />

models, photos, and videos, in the stories<br />

they tell us on the one hand and in grave<br />

loneliness on the other, was hard to express<br />

accurately. To tell a story in a reality that<br />

changes almost daily, when the political<br />

reality is insane, when the truth practically<br />

loses all sense of importance, was almost<br />

impossible for me.<br />

As a teacher for cinema arts and a creator<br />

of more than 30 years, who has come<br />

across countless astonishing and insane<br />

stories, strange and crazy people, living in<br />

and acquainted with the world of the teenagers<br />

studying with me, I wanted to tell the story<br />

of this generation. I have more than once<br />

asked what is the difference between then<br />

continued on page 25<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />


Wilhelm von Gloeden (1856-1931)<br />

Image suitable for framing. 5x8<br />

24 DDG is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.

On the film:<br />

The movie deals with the postmodern situation. The main characteristic in this world, to be<br />

actively nothing, used to be strong selfhood. Questions of loyalty, integrity – now we have<br />

nothing of that left. No identity.<br />

Activization of the nothingness through mobility between nothing and nothing, between<br />

identities, between genders, between loves, between views on the world. Tom, the protagonist<br />

of the film, is in love with his best friend but cannot confess this love. He is conducting<br />

a relationship, perhaps of love, perhaps of abuse with an older man and is craving for<br />

the fatherly love viciously taken away from him. He wants to be himself, but he can’t, and<br />

he will tell anybody what they want to hear just in order to receive some love in return. He<br />

begins his journey as several reflections of himself. We shall not see him completely, only<br />

parts of him. He will finish his journey when his face is exposed and injured, but whole. Tom<br />

will be physical, existing, present, wounded, whole.<br />

Trailer (YouTube): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NW5Yb4vqifY<br />

QR<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />


Free live music starts at 7:30 p.m. every Friday and Saturday<br />

night. Beer and fun drink specials that are often themed to the<br />

bands that are performing are offered weekly.<br />

Guests must be 18 years or older to rock out.<br />




10, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Feb. 28, <strong>2023</strong> – INDIO, CA – The Rock Yard concert series at<br />

Fantasy Springs Resort Casino returns to the famed outdoor<br />

stage for the <strong>2023</strong> season with a stellar line-up of the country’s<br />

best tribute acts and cover bands.<br />

The FREE concert series kicks off on Friday, March 10 with<br />

Journey tribute band, Don’t Stop Believing and cover band<br />

Almost Famous opening the show.<br />

In keeping with tradition, the ‘Rock Yard on Steroids’ edition<br />

features the return of Danny Seraphine and CTA of Chicago fame<br />

on April 7 and rockers Puddle of Mudd later in the season. Other<br />

notable acts will be announced in the coming weeks.<br />

The Rock Yard outdoor venue features a recently expanded stage<br />

in an amphitheater-style setting where music revelers can enjoy<br />

exciting concerts with state-of-the-art sound systems. This<br />

season features tributes to iconic rock bands such as Van Halen,<br />

Journey, AC/DC, and Metallica along with fan favorites like the<br />

Beastie Boys, Duran Duran, and Depeche Mode.<br />

LINE UP:<br />

MAR 10 - Don’t Stop Believing (Journey tribute) w/ Almost<br />

Famous<br />

MAR 11 - Grand Royale (Beastie Boys tribute)w/ Brobots<br />

MAR 17 - Hollywood U2 (U2 tribute) w/ Know Illusion<br />

MAR 18 - Damage Inc. (Metallica tribute) w/ Rock Stallion<br />

MAR 24 - The Who Generation (The Who tribute) w/ Dick the<br />

Citizen<br />

MAR 25 - Which One’s Pink (Pink Floyd tribute) w/ Steel Rod<br />

MAR 31 - Arena & INXS’D (Duran Duran & INXS tributes) w/<br />

and Steel Rod<br />

APR 1 - Strangelove (Depeche Mode tribute) w/ Pandora’s<br />

Rock<br />

APR 7 - Danny Seraphine – CTA w/ Anthem Road<br />

APR 8 - Atomic Punks (Van Halen tribute) w/ Saints of Las<br />

Vegas<br />

APR 14 - Turn the Page (Bob Seger tribute) w/ Lifetime<br />

Rockers<br />

APR 15 - Bonfire (AC/DC tribute) w/ Electric Ash<br />

APR 21 - Fortunate Son (CCR/John Fogerty tribute) w/ The<br />

Refills<br />

APR 22 - Mick Adams and The Stones (Rolling Stones tribute)<br />

w/ Triple 7<br />

APR 28 - Twisted Gypsy (Fleetwood Mac tribute) w/ Titans of<br />

Rock<br />

APR 29 - Motley Inc. (Motley Crue tribute) w/ Almost<br />

Famous<br />

Additional dates will be added soon!<br />

For more information, contact Fantasy Springs Resort Casino at<br />

(800) 827-2946 and online at www.FantasySpringsResort.com<br />

26 DDG is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.

ADDICTED &<br />



L E AT H E R & F E T I S H<br />

G E A R L E AT H E R C O<br />

G E A R L E AT H E R<br />

6 5 0 E S U N N Y D U N E S PA L M S P R I N G S 7 6 0 3 2 2 3 3 6 3 G E A R L E AT H E R .C O M<br />

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