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APRIL <strong>2023</strong><br />















Contents<br />

APRIL <strong>2023</strong><br />


After decades of violent<br />

extremism, when will it<br />

end?<br />


04<br />

06<br />

08<br />


CONGO<br />



12<br />



A teenager’s heroic<br />

journey after ADF<br />

capture and captivity.<br />

OUR MISSION: Since 1996, ICC has served the global<br />

persecuted church through a three-pronged approach of<br />

advocacy, awareness, and assistance. ICC exists to bandage<br />

the wounds of persecuted Christians and to build the church<br />

in the toughest parts of the world.<br />

ICC Projects Made Possible by Supporters<br />

Your Source for <strong>Persecution</strong> News<br />

14<br />



Region provides an oasis<br />

of safety but overwhelms<br />

resources.<br />


Orphaned children rest near the<br />

entrance of their orphanage in<br />

the Democratic Republic of the<br />

Congo. Their parents were killed<br />

by ADF rebels. Read more on p.18.<br />

Photo: International Christian Concern<br />

18<br />



ICC steps in to<br />

supply orphans with<br />

necessities.<br />




EPHESIANS 6:16<br />

@persecuted @persecutionnews @internationalchristianconcern International Christian Concern<br />

DONATIONS: International Christian Concern (ICC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) (all<br />

donations tax-deductible). ICC makes every effort to honor donor wishes in regards to<br />

their gifts. Occasionally, a situation will arise where a project is no longer viable. ICC<br />

will redirect those donated funds to one of our other funds that is most similar to the<br />

donor’s original wishes.<br />

A Wave of Love in a Sea of Orphans<br />

This past year, some of our staff ventured to the<br />

war-torn, out-of-control Democratic Republic<br />

of Congo.<br />

What they saw on the ground was worse than what<br />

we imagined. And the trip proved more dangerous<br />

than I am comfortable with.<br />

Our team met with Christian victims of the brutal<br />

Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a ruthless Islamist<br />

rebel group that is the epitome of evil. ADF forces<br />

tear through villages and leave carnage and a lifetime<br />

of trauma for survivors. We do not sugarcoat<br />

things for our Western comfort. Children described<br />

how their parents were killed in front of them. Babies<br />

found still clinging to their dead mothers. A sea<br />

of orphans.<br />

What breaks the Lord’s heart must shred ours, too.<br />

I often describe International Christian Concern<br />

(ICC) as the Special Forces of persecution ministry,<br />

as we get into areas where other organizations do<br />

not go. We make contacts, interview survivors, rescue<br />

who we can, and slowly rebuild because of your<br />

love and support. This trip, however, proved more<br />

dangerous for our staff – but the Lord protected and<br />

supplied and opened and closed doors.<br />

We have a responsibility to tell the world what’s<br />

taking place in the Congo. It’s ugly, brutal stuff. At<br />

the same time, we give praise to Jesus as we see<br />

lives changed, widows starting over, and a glimmer<br />

of hope because of our faithful donors. We share<br />

those successes in the pages that follow. Real survivors<br />

who have experienced unimaginable horrors.<br />

Together, we wrap our loving arms around them.<br />

Remind them that we are here. They are our brothers<br />

and sisters. And see how the Lord puts the pieces<br />

back together now and for eternity. We also pray<br />

for the oppressors.<br />

Like you, we want to rescue everyone. We pray that<br />

the Lord leads us to those we can help, and we can<br />

wisely use the resources that He faithfully provides.<br />

To serve and grow the body of Christ.<br />

Please know how much you mean to them and us.<br />

God bless you and your faithfulness.<br />

JEFF<br />

Jeff King, President<br />

International Christian Concern<br />

Author: The Last Words of the Martyrs and<br />

Islam Uncensored<br />

© Copyright <strong>2023</strong> ICC, Washington, D.C., USA. All rights reserved.<br />

STAFF<br />

Publisher Jeff King<br />

Permission to reproduce all or part of this publication is granted<br />

MEMBER<br />

Editor Mike Anderson<br />

provided attribution is given to ICC as the source.<br />

Designer Hannah Campbell<br />

2 <strong>Persecution</strong> | APRIL <strong>2023</strong><br />


Your Hands and Feet<br />


Intan’s Story<br />


I was born and raised in Aceh, the city<br />

with the most significant percentage of<br />

the Muslim population in Indonesia. I once<br />

worked for a paper company in East Aceh.<br />

I worked in paper smelting – recycling old/<br />

used paper into newspaper.<br />

When I worked, I liked to read the writing<br />

on old paper. I accidentally took a piece of<br />

paper with the words, “All power in heaven<br />

and on earth has been given to me.” I was<br />

curious about this article and kept this<br />

paper in my wallet.<br />

After work, I showed the mosque’s imams<br />

a paper about “humans who have power<br />

in heaven and on earth.” But they replied,<br />


“There is no need to study because it is not<br />

Islamic teachings, and if there is a person,<br />

it is Muhammad.” When I heard it, I was<br />

even more curious because the Quran does<br />

not write about Muhammad as a powerful<br />

human being other than Allah himself.<br />

One day I went to a church to ask about<br />

it, but the pastors said, “We can’t tell you<br />

that because we have different ideologies.”<br />

I understand that because they were afraid<br />

that I would betray the church or scold<br />

them.<br />

One day, I got a job at a timber company.<br />

One of my coworkers was a Christian. When<br />

I talked to him, I remembered the writing<br />

Photo: Umar Ben / Unsplash<br />

I got a few years ago. I asked about the<br />

“man in power.” He gave me a small Bible. I<br />

started reading and then found out that the<br />

person speaking was JESUS, who wrote in<br />

the book of Matthew 28:18. I was amazed.<br />

How come? I wanted to study Christianity.<br />

I returned to Aceh. I spoke to my fiancé to<br />

learn about Jesus, but he disagreed, and<br />

we ended up breaking up.<br />

I started studying the Christian faith with<br />

a pastor. He is a priest who comes from<br />

Aceh. After six months of study, I was then<br />

baptized. I met a Christian man, and then<br />

I got married.<br />

When I embraced my new religion, my<br />

family cut ties with me due to pressure<br />

from the whole family. My friend once took<br />

me to the forest and then tied me up. My<br />

captors interrogated me and forced me to<br />

say two sentences of the creed and recite<br />

the Quran. I then read the Quran in Arabic,<br />

and when they saw that I could read the<br />

Quran, they finally let me go.<br />

I entered a theology school to learn<br />

more about Christianity. Now I serve the<br />

Christian community and disciple them to<br />

become evangelists to Muslims in Aceh.<br />

Currently, we live in Medan, at my<br />

husband’s sister’s house, because I can<br />

no longer live in Aceh. We need a housing<br />

unit for shelter and a temporary shelter for<br />

Acehnese people who believe in the Lord<br />

Jesus but have experienced expulsion and<br />

persecution from their families in Aceh.<br />


ICC provided the couple with a place to<br />

live as well as space for other persecuted<br />

Christians looking for temporary housing.<br />

“My family and I are very grateful and<br />

happy for ICC. We will never forget this act<br />

of kindness, as we have been struggling<br />

for a long time to pay rent. ICC has been<br />

a source of hope and blessing for us. God<br />

sent his servant from ICC so we could rent<br />

a house. Thank you. ICC has become an<br />

extension of God’s hand for us.”<br />

4<br />

<strong>Persecution</strong> | APRIL <strong>2023</strong><br />


ICC Newsroom<br />



Christian Families<br />

Denied Rations<br />

from Indian<br />

Government<br />

Christians on Alert in Tanzania<br />

The U.S. Embassy in Tanzania issued<br />

a security alert to all Westerners<br />

and the public on Jan. 25, following<br />

intelligence of a possible terrorist<br />

attack. Reports indicate that Tanzania<br />

has been infiltrated by the Islamic State<br />

(IS) jihadists due to its proximity to the<br />

Muslim-dominated province of Cabo<br />

Delgado in northern Mozambique. A<br />

local church leader has asked believers<br />

to be alert and prayerful, and not take<br />

the security warning lightly.<br />

Ten Christian families in Bara Chomri<br />

village in Madhya Pradesh were<br />

denied government incentives by<br />

the village administration because<br />

they were Christians.. According<br />

to local sources, these Christians<br />

have been under duress and abuse<br />

by radical Hindu nationalists since<br />

they embraced their faith four<br />

years ago.<br />


Rising From the Rubble<br />

By now, all of us have heard of the deadly<br />

earthquakes in southern Turkey and<br />

northern Syria. As widespread relief<br />

efforts continue, International Christian<br />

Concern (ICC) is partnering to bring relief<br />

to persecuted Christians living in the area.<br />

In tragedies like this, Christians can<br />

be a witness for Christ as they serve<br />

their communities. They demonstrate<br />

the example of Christ’s love with their<br />

neighbors, even with their persecutors,<br />

who are all suffering through this shared<br />

catastrophe.<br />

Would you join us in praying for our<br />

suffering brothers and sisters in the region?<br />

Lord, you hear the cries of the many<br />

who are suffering from the devastating<br />

earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. We pray<br />

collectively for those who know You, those<br />

who desire to know You, and those who<br />

do not know You. We pray for the tens of<br />

thousands who have died who didn’t know<br />

Christ, and we pray for those who did. We<br />

pray for the families who have lost loved<br />

ones and those who don’t know if their<br />

loved ones are alive or dead.<br />

In an area where Christians are heavily<br />

persecuted, we pray for our brothers and<br />

sisters to be a light to their neighbors and<br />

those who have previously persecuted<br />

them. We pray our brothers and sisters<br />

show the compassion and love of Christ to<br />

stir their persecutors’ hearts to desire to<br />

know You. We pray for the strength of our<br />

brothers and sisters and for them to seek<br />

refuge in You.<br />

We pray for all searching for warm shelter<br />

in a cold, wet winter. We pray that you<br />

open doors and provide resources such as<br />

food, shelter, and blankets. We pray for<br />

healing and restoration in an area that has<br />

been the victim of a decades-long war and<br />

already had limited infrastructure.<br />

Lord, please guide our organization to use<br />

its resources wisely to aid our suffering<br />

brothers and sisters in this heavily<br />

persecuted area. Amen.<br />

Three Christians Killed by Government<br />

Forces in Ethiopia<br />

Three churchgoers were killed in<br />

Ethiopia after attackers opened fire on a<br />

church in the city of Shashimani, in the<br />

populous Oromia state. The assailants<br />

were government special forces who<br />

perpetrated the attack amid the growing<br />

tension within the Ethiopian Orthodox<br />

Tewahedo Church, according to local<br />

church sources.<br />

To find out how you can help and donate, please visit: www.persecution.org/earthquake-relief or scan the QR Code.<br />

6 <strong>Persecution</strong> | APRIL <strong>2023</strong><br />


Crisis in the Congo<br />

When Will It End?<br />

After decades of violent extremism, the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF)<br />

terror group formally affiliated itself with Islamic State in 2019. It must<br />

be stopped.<br />

Allied, democratic—what is not to like?<br />

The ADF may sound like a commendable<br />

organization, but the reality is it cares<br />

nothing for democracy or freedom. In fact,<br />

it is an Islamist extremist group that has long<br />

caused mass devastation and destruction in<br />

the Christian-majority, eastern Democratic<br />

Republic of the Congo (DRC), where it<br />

routinely conducts mass murder, extortion,<br />

and destruction of property.<br />

Many claim the group is only Islamic in name,<br />

but they have strengthened their ties with<br />

the Islamic State (IS) in recent years and<br />

increasingly use the language of extremist<br />

Islamic ideology.<br />

In 2020, just a year after ADF officially became<br />

an IS affiliate, ADF leader Musa Baluku shared<br />

in a propaganda video asserting that the ADF<br />

had dissolved and was fully incorporated into<br />

the Islamic State conglomerate. Though many<br />

believe the relationship between ADF and IS<br />

is looser than Baluku’s words would suggest.<br />

While the international community<br />

recognizes the extreme danger posed by<br />

ADF, it does not seem to fully consider the<br />

religious component of the ADF movement.<br />

In searching for long-term solutions to the<br />

terror group, the world must address not just<br />

the economic roots of the insurgency but also<br />

the ideological ones. It is vital that the world<br />

first recognize the persecution happening and<br />

address it accordingly.<br />

To learn more about the<br />

ADF, scan the QR code<br />

with your mobile device to<br />

download our Persecutor<br />

of the Year report, or visit:<br />

www.persecution.org/poy.<br />

FORMS OF<br />





& PROPERTY<br />


RIGHTS<br />

DIRECT<br />


MARTYRDOM: ADF has killed<br />

dozens of individuals in Christian<br />

areas, including pastors.<br />


PROPERTY: ADF’s modus<br />

operandi is to attack and destroy<br />

communities it has chosen to<br />

victimize. The ADF is known<br />

to burn down churches in<br />

communities it visits.<br />



notorious for kidnapping children<br />

to serve as child soldiers or suicide<br />

bombers. This practice has drawn<br />

international condemnation.<br />

1995 1995<br />

2015<br />

2020<br />


EVENTS<br />

ADF formed in eastern DRC to<br />

overthrow the Ugandan government.<br />

1997-2012<br />

ADF is beaten back to remote parts<br />

of DRC but develops deep economic<br />

roots.<br />

2013<br />

ADF resumes its violent attacks with<br />

a campaign against the Congolese<br />

military.<br />

2015<br />

ADF leader Jamil Mukulu flees<br />

to Tanzania but is arrested and<br />

extradited to Uganda.<br />

2019<br />

Under the new leadership of<br />

Musa Baluku, ADF forges official<br />

ties with Islamic State.<br />

2021<br />

The United States designates<br />

ADF as a terror group.<br />

~ 1,000 FIGHTERS<br />



8 <strong>Persecution</strong> | APRIL <strong>2023</strong><br />


ICC staff fly to their next village while visiting DRC.<br />

The treacherous drive involved many checkpoints and<br />

game plans if ICC staff were ambushed by terrorists.<br />

An orphanage ICC traveled to and later provided<br />

assistance due to the orphan crisis in the DRC.<br />

One of the places ICC works is the Democratic Republic of the<br />

Congo (DRC), and most Westerners could not point to it on a<br />

map.<br />

It is unfortunately an extremely dangerous place; it is war-torn and<br />

radical, armed Islamic terrorists, including the terrorist group the<br />

ADF, have been trying to take over for years now.<br />

The sea of victims from these terrorist attacks never seems to end.<br />

We have been working quietly in the country for the last couple of<br />

years, taking trips with our Africa-based staff, surveying the land,<br />

and evaluating victims’ needs. We have asked ourselves: can we be<br />

an effective helping hand? Can we work behind that curtain that is<br />

so dangerous to get in?<br />

Most recently, one of our U.S.-based staff met with our Africa-based<br />

staff and traveled to the DRC. It was an extremely harrowing trip,<br />

involving multiple cars and plane rides, police escorts, and numerous<br />

exit strategies if we were targeted and attacked by terrorists.<br />

There’s no way we could help all the refugees that came in. We<br />

heard stories of Islamic terrorists who would meet with the pastor<br />

of a church and threaten to attack Sunday worship if the church did<br />

not hand over money. And it’s happening all the time.<br />

These same terrorists will also invade Christian villages around the<br />

DRC, shooting indiscriminately to kill everyone. From that, an orphan<br />

crisis emerges. Every orphanage we went to was overwhelming. We<br />

visited one orphanage that had a capacity of 100, and there were<br />

more than 300 orphaned children crammed there, with no place<br />

else to live and no one to care for them.<br />

This is the work we do together: it’s life and death work; it’s God’s<br />

work, and it’s a work of mercy. And these are the stories of those<br />

whom we have rescued and shown God’s love to.<br />

10 <strong>Persecution</strong> | APRIL <strong>2023</strong><br />





It was a hot June day in the war-torn region of eastern<br />

DRC. I sat across from 18-year-old Matthew and listened<br />

as he calmly narrated his story through an interpreter.<br />

His younger sister, nine-year-old Sarah, sat to his right. She<br />

stared ahead blankly as he spoke.<br />

Just one month earlier, the two siblings were forced to<br />

watch as Islamic Terrorists brutally butchered both of their<br />

parents.<br />

“When they were shooting people, they were speaking<br />

Arabic, yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’…,” Matthew spoke matterof-factly.<br />

“The rebels were Muslim (extremists), cutting<br />

some on their heads and others on the neck. When they<br />

killed somebody, they said, ‘We praise Allah.’”<br />

The rebels, Matthew later told me, were members of<br />

the ADF, the largest rebel group in the conflict-ridden<br />

DRC. Though many claim that the group is only Islamic<br />

in name, they have in recent years been increasing their<br />

relationship with the IS and in 2021 were designated as an<br />

affiliate of ISIS.<br />

For Matthew, the motive behind ADF’s destruction led to a<br />

day that would change his life forever.<br />

On May 13, 2022, Matthew, Sarah, and their three other<br />

siblings were home with their parents when dozens of<br />

ADF fighters ambushed their village. While the children<br />

fled into the bushes, the fighters caught and killed their<br />

parents. Hours later, the terrorists found the group of<br />

siblings and took them, along with 20 other villagers, as<br />

hostages.<br />

“They took us into the hills. We traveled for three days,<br />

and they told me they were taking us to the very big camp<br />

where everything would be explained,” said Matthew.<br />

He added that his captors were forcing several of the<br />

hostages to become Muslims. Their goal, he was told, was<br />

to Islamize all of the Congo and spread Islam throughout<br />

East Africa.<br />

“If you say, ‘Yes I will become a Muslim,’ they will take you<br />

outside for training to become a rebel. If you refuse, then<br />

they will kill you. For me, I escaped before having to make<br />

my decision.”<br />

Three days after their abduction, soldiers of the Congolese<br />

national army stormed the ADF hideout. Matthew and<br />

Sarah were among the few Christians rescued that day.<br />

Later, the two would find out that their three siblings also<br />

escaped and were in a town a few hours away. The five<br />

brothers and sisters are now hoping to reunite and live<br />

together as a family once again. Through your generous<br />

donations, ICC is working to make this dream a reality.<br />

Please pray for Matthew, Sarah, and the rest of their<br />

family, that the Lord brings them healing and gives them<br />

the hope only He can provide. Please also continue to pray<br />

for the healing of those traumatized by violence in the<br />

DRC, and for the Lord to comfort those who are grieving<br />

the loss of loved ones, as well as for the love of Jesus to<br />

redeem the souls of those who persecute the church.<br />

Photo of Matthew who was held captive by ADF rebels<br />

for three days.<br />

12 <strong>Persecution</strong> | APRIL <strong>2023</strong><br />


Solace for<br />

Christians in Bunia<br />



Komanda is a town of palm trees and lush<br />

green vegetation, wide, hard-packed dirt<br />

roads, and tin-roofed structures. To 70-yearold<br />

Kobisi and her five grandchildren, it was home<br />

– until the day the ADF arrived.<br />

The violent Islamic rebels invaded, speaking<br />

a language Kobisi could not understand. She<br />

implored God for protection and fled into the<br />

forest.<br />

Tragically, her story is not unique.<br />

Kobisi survived that day, but already a widow<br />

and now separated from her family and unable<br />

to return home, she did what hundreds of<br />

thousands of others have done: made her way<br />

to Bunia, a city that has become a refuge for an<br />

estimated two hundred thousand victims of ADF<br />

attacks. With a total population estimated to be<br />

1.3 million, Bunia hosts four camps for internally<br />

displaced people (IDP).<br />

Yet Bunia and the surrounding region, overflowing<br />

with destitute people and an infrastructure<br />

woefully unable to accommodate the escalating<br />

population, is no oasis of ease. In one camp less<br />

than 30 miles from the city, the UN reported<br />

an estimated 1,300 people to every toilet –<br />

and sewage freely flowing in areas of dense<br />

population.<br />

Thankfully for Kobisi, it was in Bunia that she was<br />

able to reunite with her five grandchildren.<br />

However, challenges abounded – the greatest<br />

being finding food. Kobisi sought out odd jobs<br />

to earn a little money to buy food, yet this was<br />

desperately inadequate to provide for all the<br />

needs of her grandchildren.<br />

Like so many others, Kobisi needed aid in getting<br />

established and becoming financially selfsufficient<br />

as she rebuilt her life. She became one<br />

of the many refugees in Bunia that ICC has come<br />

14 <strong>Persecution</strong> | APRIL <strong>2023</strong><br />


TOP ROW: Kobisi works in her home garden.<br />

OPPOSITE BOTTOM RIGHT: Tibasima’s wife after she was<br />

reunited with her husband, separated by ADF militants.<br />

LEFT, MIDDLE AND BOTTOM: Solange shows off a dress<br />

she made with her new sewing machine.<br />

alongside to lighten the burden.<br />

ICC helped Kobisi generate income and offered her<br />

household essentials, for which she was profoundly<br />

grateful. “This is something I never imagined would<br />

happen to my family or me,” she said, “I thank God and<br />

ICC for the assistance that I call ‘Manna from Heaven,’<br />

and with this, I know our lives will never be the same<br />

again!”<br />

Solange is another woman who has settled in Bunia<br />

and found hope and opportunity through ICC’s help,<br />

but the path that led her there was one of horrific pain<br />

and sorrow:<br />

“Around 7 p.m., eight ADF [rebels] broke into our house…<br />

They tied us up and took us with them. My husband<br />

had been carrying a lot of the ADF’s vandalized luggage,<br />

and when he said he was tired, he was beheaded on<br />

the spot. They also killed my son and my sister-in-law<br />

in our presence, leaving her nine-month-old baby. They<br />

left the bodies on the road.”<br />

The nightmare continued when the ADF separated<br />

Solange from her other family members, took her to a<br />

different camp, tied her up, injured her, and raped her.<br />

She escaped after 51 days.<br />

She made her way to Bunia, and a host family took her<br />

in, but she had no money to pay for the medical care she<br />

needed, and her health prevented her from doing manual<br />

labor. Solange needed a way to support herself on a longterm<br />

basis, so ICC provided her with a sewing machine and<br />

fabric, house rent and home furnishings, clothing and food,<br />

and funds to receive medical care.<br />

As God works through ICC to reach those who have been<br />

forcibly relocated to Bunia, the trauma of the past can begin<br />

to fade.<br />


“Your assistance is beyond my imagination! Right now, we<br />

no longer remember what we lost, and we know for the<br />

time we are here in Bunia, we have a family! I am not afraid<br />

of anything.<br />

“We have nothing to give you in return, but we just give you<br />

God and all the blessings in Deuteronomy 28.”<br />

These are the appreciative words of Tibasima, a Christian,<br />

a husband, a father, and a Bible school student who lost<br />

everything he and his family had in an ADF attack in June<br />

2022.<br />

In the chaos, his wife and two of his children fled to Uganda,<br />

while Tibasima and their four other children hid in the forest<br />

for two months until he went to Bunia and his children<br />

remained in the forest.<br />

Tibasima was in agony knowing his children were at the<br />

mercy of the brutal ADF fighters. He stayed connected but<br />

had no money to bring them to the relative safety of Bunia.<br />

ICC became aware of the family’s plight and reunited them,<br />

supplying them with food, clothing, and household basics<br />

like mattresses and utensils.<br />

“We now have food to eat; we sleep well, and I have an<br />

income-generating activity that will help me and my family,”<br />

Tibasima’s wife said. “You have wiped away my tears!”<br />

Manna from Heaven. Wiping away tears. Assistance beyond<br />

imagination. Despite all they have lost, these are the phrases<br />

of relief, comfort, and hope that resound from persecuted<br />

believers who have persevered through tragedy and are<br />

praising the Lord from Bunia.<br />

16 <strong>Persecution</strong> | APRIL <strong>2023</strong><br />


Orphaned in<br />

ADF Carnage<br />



Over and over the workers dug their shovels into the eastern Congo<br />

ground, removing the dirt one shovelful at a time. Backbreaking<br />

work, they spent a week digging four 15x15 ft holes in a small plot of<br />

land the local chief had given for an important project – a venture that will<br />

change the trajectory of life for more than 200 children.<br />

But not just any children. These children, ranging in age from four months<br />

to 21 years, have been orphaned by the ADF militants who stormed their<br />

Christian villages and homes and murdered their parents and siblings… and<br />

destroyed everything they owned. These 200 children have been rescued<br />

from the front lines of war and are now living at Compassion Orphanage<br />

in Butembo.<br />

Recently, in just a matter of months, seven more babies were found in the<br />

arms of their dead mothers when people went looking for survivors after<br />

yet another ADF attack. The rescuers brought these babies to Compassion<br />

Orphanage as well.<br />

Yet the children’s home is operating in dire destitution–overcrowded and<br />

stretched far beyond its capacity to provide for the basic survival needs<br />

of so many children, let alone supply them with all they need to flourish<br />

physically, emotionally, and spiritually in the wake of gut-wrenching<br />

atrocities.<br />

Compassion has been operating for 30 years and is led by Dorcas Kiharami<br />

and her husband Pastor Immanuel Kiharami. Occupying a small plot of<br />

land, there is no room to expand, and the needs are urgent – children<br />

are starving and sick. They are getting sick from a lack of clean water, and<br />

they have nowhere to sleep. They needed food, medicine, safe water, and<br />

mattresses.<br />

In 2022, ICC gave the orphanage emergency aid funds to help provide for<br />

some of the most pressing needs, which included food, medicine, safe<br />

water, and mattresses. However, given the ongoing nature of the conflict<br />

and the long-term care the children need, something more sustainable had<br />

to be done.<br />

18 <strong>Persecution</strong> | APRIL <strong>2023</strong><br />


the orphaned children will learn fish breeding, and<br />

income from the fish farm will be used to purchase<br />

a field where the children can learn other farming<br />

and agriculture skills, enabling them to sustain<br />

themselves in the future.<br />

Acknowledging the financial assistance received for<br />

this project, Dorcas said, “This is a demonstration<br />

of your great and deep concern for the orphaned<br />

kids at the orphanage. You have responded<br />

positively to James’ [divine] declaration that ‘Pure<br />

and undefiled religion before God and the Father<br />

consists in visiting orphans and widows in their<br />

affliction’ (1:27).”<br />

While not all the hardships these orphaned children<br />

have faced and continue to face will be alleviated<br />

with the fish farm, having nourishing food and a<br />

new source of funds to provide for their needs will<br />

play a profound role in bringing healing to their<br />

bodies and souls.<br />

Considering the small plot of land the chief<br />

had given, a wise strategy for how to best<br />

utilize the space was key. In conjunction with<br />

the Kiharamis, ICC decided to construct and<br />

launch a fish farm there. This dual-purpose<br />

project would provide the orphanage with<br />

an ongoing source of food and generate<br />

income.<br />

ICC’s partners in Butembo collaborated<br />

with Dorcas to get the farm up and running<br />

– about a six-month process – and it is<br />

expected that the orphanage will begin<br />

reaping the benefits of the farm this spring.<br />

Dorcas brims with gratefulness as she<br />

outlines all that will be achievable because<br />

of the fish farms.<br />

Children will have adequate food. Selling fish<br />

eggs will allow caretakers to address specific<br />

needs such as purchasing formula for<br />

children under three years old. In addition,<br />

20 <strong>Persecution</strong> | APRIL <strong>2023</strong><br />


A Heroine Has Fallen<br />



Dorothy Mbasa, a heroine, has fallen. Such were the words proclaimed by the Christian community in her<br />

village in the northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, at Dorothy’s funeral in November 2022.<br />

Dorothy, 87, survived a terrorist attack carried out by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) Islamist rebel group<br />

on Oct. 7, 2020. Eight Christians were killed in the attack, and several others were injured. While running away in<br />

the night together with her family and other villagers, she was hit in the back by a bullet from the attackers that<br />

incapacitated her. In the morning, she was taken to a nearby hospital, where she ended up staying for six months.<br />

Efforts to help her to walk again were unsuccessful.<br />

Two years later, Dorothy succumbed to the spinal injury that had caused her a lot of pain. Her son confirmed her<br />

passing and commemorated her as “A woman of faith who remained steadfast in Christ until her last breath.”<br />

Last year, ICC learned about Mama Dorothy’s condition. She was unable to stand or sit, spending all her time lying<br />

on the bed, and she was only helped out of the house when it was necessary. Her son, a pastor at a nearby church,<br />

shared about his mother’s situation,<br />

“My mother has not been able to walk or sit unaided since the attack. She was also shocked and traumatized, and<br />

there were times when she didn’t talk to anyone for a day or two. She needs a person all the time because her<br />

lower body was paralyzed by the gunshot in her backbone.”<br />

ICC provided Dorothy with a wheelchair, clothing, and food items. For a long time, she was able to get out of bed<br />

and sit outside in the sun.<br />

She told an ICC staff member, “My heart is overflowing with joy this day, for, after two years, I am now able to<br />

move around and meet my friends here and go to the market to buy whatever I need. I was tired of staying in the<br />

house, sitting all day in my bed. My family was also tired of carrying me every time I needed to wake up and go<br />

out. Now I can push myself to go to the sun if I need to sit out, and I can go to the house when it begins to rain. I<br />

am independent once again, although I cannot walk like I used to do.”<br />

A mother who raised a family of eight in the ways of the Lord, and a woman who exemplified faith in Christ and<br />

prayer, was put to rest on Nov. 23, 2022, after battling back pain and trauma caused by the ruthless ADF terrorist<br />

group allied with the Islamic State (IS). Dorothy’s last words are an encouragement only to the suffering believers<br />

in her village but also to the Democratic Republic of Congo as a whole.<br />

She said, “I have lived all my days in Congo. I have seen plenty, stability, and prosperity in this great nation, but<br />

I have also seen poverty, death, displacement, and desperation in our people. A country that used to feed and<br />

protect its people has turned into a war zone, and Christians have been the most affected.”<br />

Dorothy continued, “The hope that kept me going for all these years is because of trusting the King of kings who<br />

remains faithful even when nations rage. My prayer is that Congo shall be saved from the hand of the terrorist and<br />

the bloodthirst of the rebels.”<br />

“I have lived all my days in Congo. I have<br />

seen plenty, stability, and prosperity in<br />

this great nation, but I have also seen<br />

poverty, death, displacement, and<br />

desperation in our people. A country that<br />

used to feed and protect its people has<br />

turned into a war zone, and Christians<br />

have been the most affected.”<br />


22 <strong>Persecution</strong> | APRIL <strong>2023</strong><br />


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