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CE Magazine<br />

The Birds have said enough of winter!<br />


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From Pete’s Desk<br />

St. Patrick’s has come to the stage and it is PARTY TIME! We<br />

all get dressed and go out to eat and drink beer, Irish beer that<br />

is, to be happy and swap jokes. The snowfall across the<br />

continent along with rain have been disastrous across the land.<br />

If you are okay cooking then invite your neighbors and have an<br />

Irish feed.<br />

We roamed all o<strong>ver</strong> the internet and we got a ni<strong>ce</strong> medium<br />

<strong>magazine</strong>, so, if you can fire up the grill and get things going if<br />

the kitchen is out of servi<strong>ce</strong>.<br />

So, if you’ve questions on your computer, <strong>ce</strong>ll phone or language<br />

problems then email us at computerease@juno.com and we will<br />

look into it.<br />

Yours and the staff!<br />


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Outside Sour<strong>ce</strong>s On This Month <strong>issue</strong><br />

Santa Claus / Lisa Milbrand<br />

5<br />

Michigan City, In<br />

Vol 5 March <strong>2023</strong> <strong>issue</strong> 3<br />

5 Hey Pete! St. Patrick’s Day Fine Motor<br />

Activities<br />

11 Biz Cards board!! Hey its free<br />


13 9 Destinations Around the World That Go<br />

All Out for St. Patrick’s Day<br />

19 St. Patrick's Day Recipes<br />

22 For more Wallpaper of St Patrick<br />

and<br />


ELFS Books & Magazines<br />

225 Rudolf lanes<br />

North Pole<br />

Vol 5 Mach <strong>2023</strong> <strong>issue</strong> 3<br />


Have fun with your kids in making your own St. Patrick Motor<br />

Activities!<br />

St. Patrick’s Day Fine Motor Activities<br />

Leave a Comment / School Ideas / By Chanda<br />

3760 shares<br />

It’s just about March and that means St. Patrick’s Day isn’t too far<br />

away! Are you ready with fun fine motor activities? It’s an easy theme to<br />

incorporate with rainbows, leprechauns and gold! At Pink Oatmeal, we’ve<br />

been doing some fun activities already! Check out all of our St. Patrick’s<br />

Day fine motor activities!<br />


St. Patrick’s Day Fine Motor Rainbow Cotton Tip Painting<br />

Rainbow painting can be done with a cotton tip or with a clothes pin<br />

holding a marshmallow!<br />


St. Patrick’s Day Fine Motor – Leprechaun Beard<br />

Cut the leprechaun beard and add his fa<strong>ce</strong>. A fun St. Patrick’s Day<br />

scissors activity! Use yarn to make your beard. We like to add the google<br />

eyes and my preschooler colored his leprechaun hat.<br />


St. Patrick’s Day Fine Motor – Shamrock Clip Cards<br />

Match the correct shamrock with a clip. A simple and fun way to work on<br />

fine motor! There are 12 different clip cards to use.<br />

St. Patrick’s Day Tracing<br />

St. Patrick’s Day fine motor activities aren’t complete without tracing<br />

some of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day symbols.<br />


St. Patrick’s Day Pre-Writing<br />

Use manipulatives or work on writing skills with these fun St. Patrick’s<br />

Day fine motor activities pre-writing strips. Some of our favorite<br />

manipulatives for St. Patrick’s Day – fruit loops, skittles, and pennies!<br />

There are 24 different pre-writing strips in the fine motor packet.<br />



https://www.pinkoatmeal.com/st-patricks-day-finemotor-activities/<br />




By Nomar Shaw<br />

https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/<strong>ce</strong>le<br />

brations/article/st-patricks-day<br />

https://www.ireland.com/en-us/things-todo/themes/culture/st-patricks-day/<br />

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDS<br />

c1th6QUE<br />

Amazon<br />


9 Destinations Around the World That Go<br />

All Out for St. Patrick’s Day<br />

Ireland isn’t the only pla<strong>ce</strong> that gets its green on—pack your bags (with<br />

leprechaun gear) for these global destinations, too.<br />

Sydney’s famous opera house gets festive for St. Paddy’s. Photo by Kimberly Vardeman/Flickr<br />

The luck of the Irish isn’t solely confined to its homeland. While <strong>ce</strong>lebrating St.<br />

Patrick’s Day in the Emerald Isle is <strong>ce</strong>rtainly an experien<strong>ce</strong> worth pursuing, you<br />

may be surprised by these other destinations that go gloriously green for the<br />

festivities, too. Check out which pla<strong>ce</strong>s around the world channel a little extra<br />

Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day—each with its own cultural twists.<br />

1. Montserrat<br />

A 17th-<strong>ce</strong>ntury Irish Catholic settlement formed deep cultural roots in this<br />

Caribbean island known as ―the other Emerald Isle‖—for this reason, the country’s<br />

St. Patrick’s Day <strong>ce</strong>lebrations still pack a surprisingly large punch. It’s one of the<br />

few pla<strong>ce</strong>s in the world besides Ireland where the day has been declared a public<br />

holiday, so expect its festivities to take the (pot o’) gold. Montserrat’s 10-day<br />


festival (March 10–19 in <strong>2023</strong>) also commemorates the country’s first slave<br />

rebellion and involves a street parade, lecture series, and se<strong>ver</strong>al fetes—plus a<br />

shamrock-shaped stamp on your passport to boot.<br />

2. Sydney, Australia<br />

For the Southern Hemisphere’s largest St. Patrick’s Day <strong>ce</strong>lebration, head to the<br />

Land Down Under. In Sydney, the areas of Circular Quay and the Rocks will host<br />

this year’s festivities, which are organized around family-fun events and a parade.<br />

The area will transform into an Irish village featuring local food vendors, craft<br />

stalls, and live musical performan<strong>ce</strong>s. The <strong>2023</strong> parade kicks off on Argyle Street at<br />

9:30 a.m. First Fleet Park on Sunday, March 19, and culminates in First Fleet Park<br />

under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Be sure to look across the water at the Sydney<br />

Opera House: It’s lit green for the holiday.<br />


3. Chicago, Illinois<br />

For more than 50 years, the Windy City has <strong>ce</strong>lebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a<br />

colorful tradition: by coloring the Chicago Ri<strong>ver</strong> bright green. On the Saturday<br />

before St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago, thousands of spectators gather along the ri<strong>ver</strong><br />

in the morning to watch an environmentally-safe dye change the ri<strong>ver</strong>’s hues for a<br />

few hours. Then, even larger crowds gather for the city’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade<br />

(this year’s iteration took pla<strong>ce</strong> on March 11, <strong>2023</strong>), which features troops of Irish<br />

step dan<strong>ce</strong>rs and bagpipers traveling up Columbus Drive starting at around noon.<br />

4. Montreal, Canada<br />

North America’s most European city has been channeling Ireland on St. Paddy’s<br />

Day for ages. The long-standing parade in Montreal has <strong>march</strong>ed on the holiday<br />

e<strong>ver</strong>y year sin<strong>ce</strong> 1824, sans a single can<strong>ce</strong>llation before 2020. Marching bands,<br />

bagpipes, floats, local residents, and even a massive St. Patrick himself commit to<br />

three hours of annual festivities, snow or shine. This year, the 198th Montreal St.<br />

Patrick’s Day Parade will take pla<strong>ce</strong> on Sainte-Catherine Street in the downtown<br />

area starting at 12 p.m. on March 19. C’est la vie canadienne!<br />

5. New York City<br />

Parade fanatic? Manhattan’s mayhem is the St. Paddy’s pla<strong>ce</strong> for you. In addition to<br />

the Empire State Building turning green for the occasion, the Big Apple goes big<br />

with the holiday’s largest parade in the world: the affair attracting some 2 million<br />

attendees that features about 150,000 dan<strong>ce</strong>rs, musicians, and more. Cooler still?<br />

This New York City tradition has been in pla<strong>ce</strong> sin<strong>ce</strong> 1762, making its run longer<br />

than the United States has been a country. This year, the parade starts at 11 a.m. on<br />

Friday, March 17, and can be viewed along Fifth Avenue between 44th Street and<br />

79th Street.<br />


Tokyo’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade tra<strong>ver</strong>ses the Omotesando shopping district. Photo by Toru Watanabe/Flickr<br />

6. Tokyo, Japan<br />

Tokyo knows how to throw a photogenic costume-filled street party, and the city’s<br />

St. Patrick’s Day <strong>ce</strong>lebrations are no ex<strong>ce</strong>ption. For its 28th year in Japan’s capital,<br />

the Irish-themed parade took pla<strong>ce</strong> on March 12, <strong>2023</strong>, in the Omotesando district<br />

(a five-minute walk from Harajuku Station). And for two days the ―I Love Ireland<br />

Festival‖ annually comes to Yoyogi Park. This <strong>ce</strong>lebration is a couple of days of<br />

food, drinking, and o<strong>ver</strong>all fun at Asia’s largest Irish festival.<br />

7. London, England<br />

Just a stone’s throw away from the Emerald Isle itself, London doesn’t shy away<br />

from St. Patrick’s Day festivities. The annual parade—this year on March 12—<br />

kicks off from Hyde Park Corner, in the heart of the city. After passing some of<br />


London’s most iconic landmarks, the party continues at Trafalgar Square, where an<br />

hours-long entertainment festival hosts live performan<strong>ce</strong>s by well-known musical<br />

acts. Of course, more rambunctious revelers will enjoy special events at various<br />

Irish pubs surrounding the square. The London Eye turns into eye candy as well,<br />

illuminated with a shamrock hue.<br />

8. Boston, Massachusetts<br />

Boston is largely regarded as one of the most Irish cities in the United<br />

States, which becomes especially evident e<strong>ver</strong>y year in March. Check out<br />

the spirited St. Patrick’s Day Parade in South Boston on March 19, which<br />

attracts more than 1 million spectators annually. From March 16 through<br />

March 19, you can also enjoy a live performan<strong>ce</strong> by local Celtic punkrock<br />

band the Dropkick Murphys at the House of Blues or the MGM<br />

Music Hall at Fenway. The Boston band puts on a weekend of special St.<br />

Patrick’s Day con<strong>ce</strong>rts e<strong>ver</strong>y year—prepare to get your world<br />

(sham)rocked.<br />


9. Munich, Germany<br />

Germany is another country worth visiting for the holiday. Munich shuts down<br />

Leopold Street (Leopoldstrasse) for its St. Patrick’s parade, making way for a green<br />

sea of floats and performers bursting with general Bavarian merriment. After a preparade<br />

affair (involving music and dan<strong>ce</strong>rs) on Saturday and the parade on Sunday,<br />

a street food festival is held in Odeonsplatz, offering international food served to<br />

the sounds of live Celtic music performan<strong>ce</strong>s. Guinness steins are encouraged.<br />

What more then click on<br />

https://www.afar.com/<strong>magazine</strong>/awesome-st-patricksday-<strong>ce</strong>lebrations-around-the-world<br />


Recipes Holidays and Events Recipes<br />

St. Patrick's Day Recipes<br />

Irish-American corned beef and cabbage, soda bread, Irish stew, and Guinness®<br />

stout. Find a traditional recipe—or something fun—for your March 17 <strong>ce</strong>lebration.<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

St. Patrick's Day Side Dishes St. Patrick's Day Desserts St. Patrick's<br />

Day Breakfast and Brunch<br />

St. Patrick's Day Appetizers St. Patrick's Day Main Dishes Irish<br />

Soda Bread<br />

Guinness® Recipes Corned Beef Corned Beef and Cabbage Irish<br />

Stew<br />

Join the Hooley!<br />


Nana Dot's Irish Soda Bread<br />

This was my mom's mother's recipe (my Nana Dot) and has been passed down for<br />

generations, direct from Ireland. If you like soda bread, this is awesome!<br />

Recipe by JerzPixe<br />


Prep Time: 15 mins -- Cook Time: 30 mins -- Total Time: 45 mins<br />

Servings: 24 -- Yield: 2 loaves<br />

Ingredients<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

2 ½ cups all-purpose flour<br />

1 ½ teaspoons baking soda<br />

1 tablespoon baking powder<br />

½ teaspoon salt<br />

3 tablespoons white sugar<br />

½ cup butter, cut into pie<strong>ce</strong>s<br />

1 cup raisins<br />

½ cup currants<br />

2 teaspoons caraway seed (Optional)<br />

¾ cup milk<br />

3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar<br />

For more recopies click on MORE!<br />


For more Wallpaper of<br />

St Patrick<br />



From my family and staff to your family,<br />

Pea<strong>ce</strong> dwell in your home.<br />

From:<br />

Peter Nadal, Pam Kennoy, Rodrigo Esperanza, Nomar<br />

Shaw, Diane G and Big Poppa<br />

And<br />

The Nanomites<br />


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