West Newsmagazine 3-22-23

Local news, local politics and community events for West St. Louis County Missouri.

Local news, local politics and community events for West St. Louis County Missouri.


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Vol. 28 No. 6 • March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />

westnewsmagazine.com<br />

20<strong>23</strong><br />



PLUS: 20<strong>23</strong> ELECTION PREVIEW ■<br />





Silicon Valley Bank – More<br />

government, less reality<br />

President Ronald Reagan once said,<br />

“The nine most terrifying words in the<br />

English language are ‘I’m from the government,<br />

and I’m here to help.’”<br />

Shock waves are rippling through the<br />

country after the announcement of the<br />

second largest bank failure in the country’s<br />

history last week – Silicon Valley Bank<br />

(SVB).<br />

This just 15 years after the largest bank<br />

failure in the country’s history – Washington<br />

Mutual.<br />

Research shows that the great collapse in<br />

2008, one casualty of which was Washington<br />

Mutual, was one more example of the<br />

damage done by excessive government.<br />

Then, standards for issuing mortgages<br />

deteriorated as a result of pressure from<br />

government entities Fannie Mae, Freddie<br />

Mac and the Department of Housing and<br />

Urban Development on lenders to meet<br />

affordable housing goals. More and more<br />

substandard loans were issued, all taking<br />

place under the illusion of government<br />

protection, until the house of cards came<br />

down.<br />

After the total collapse, originating in<br />

government policy designed to allegedly<br />

make our lives better, the Dodd-Frank Act<br />

was passed, now with some 8,000 pages<br />

of regulations to supposedly strengthen<br />

America’s financial system.<br />

Time and again, a crisis caused by government<br />

is supposedly solved by creating<br />

even more government.<br />

So now, with the Dodd-Frank Act in<br />

place, passed under the pretense of “solving”<br />

the problems of instability in our<br />

financial system, here we are again.<br />

I make no claims as any kind of expert<br />

in finance. But reading through articles<br />

by those who are, the amazing story that<br />

emerges behind SVB is its violation of<br />

principles that any undergraduate student<br />

in business learns. That is, banks make a<br />

profit by lending, investing at higher rates<br />

of interest than they pay on deposits.<br />

So, managing interest rate risk is finance<br />

101. Yet mismanagement of risk – the bank<br />

ignoring huge problems they would have<br />

if interest rates increased – is what brought<br />

it down.<br />

How can it be that people who are allegedly<br />

smart do things that are incredibly<br />

stupid?<br />

I attribute it to a detachment from reality.<br />

Detachment from reality is a direct symptom<br />

of a lot of government and politicization<br />

of our lives.<br />

After the 2008 crisis, there were major<br />

government bailouts. This builds into the<br />

mentality of a culture that if you are big<br />

enough, government will not let you fail.<br />

And if you believe government will not<br />

let you fail, that government is your friend,<br />

you tend to do stupid, irresponsible things.<br />

On top of this, when government passes<br />

laws like Dodd-Frank, it builds an attitude<br />

in the culture that the problem has been<br />

solved. In this case, that the regulatory<br />

system was put in place under which banks<br />

won’t fail.<br />

As our culture becomes more deeply<br />

mired in a sense that our lives get better<br />

with more government and politics, more<br />

and more business people become detached<br />

from reality.<br />

In this case, over recent years, “woke”<br />

culture has become rooted more and more<br />

deeply in business, particularly high-tech<br />

companies, a major customer base of Silicon<br />

Valley Bank.<br />

Woke and ESG investment guidelines<br />

– environmental, social and governance –<br />

seems to have captured more attention at<br />

Silicon Valley Bank than the risk management<br />

essential to running their business.<br />

The proxy statement of the bank, writes<br />

Wall Street Journal columnist Andy Kessler,<br />

notes that the board is “45% women”<br />

and there is “1 Black ... 1 LGBTQ+ ... and<br />

2 Veterans.”<br />

Republican presidential candidate Vivek<br />

Ramaswamy notes that SVB announced in<br />

20<strong>22</strong> committing $5 billion in “sustainable<br />

finance and carbon neutral operations to<br />

support a healthier planet.”<br />

Worth adding to the picture is that the<br />

interest rate increases that SVB did not<br />

anticipate resulted from the inflation generated<br />

by trillions of dollars of government<br />

spending during COVID.<br />

Now, fellow citizens, hold on to your<br />

wallets as our government bails out SVB,<br />

despite Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen<br />

saying it won’t happen.<br />

The only good news is it increases prospects<br />

for a Republican victory in 2024.<br />

• • •<br />

Star Parker is president of the Center for<br />

Urban Renewal and Education and host of<br />

the weekly television show “Cure America<br />

with Star Parker.”<br />

© 20<strong>23</strong> Creators.com<br />

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VOTE ON APRIL 4 th<br />


Join conservative-minded voters<br />

like me who will advocate for:<br />

A focus on raising<br />

test scores and<br />

academic excellence.<br />

Creating a unified district<br />

that does not divide<br />

students by<br />

race or identity.<br />

Protecting children<br />

from sexually explicit<br />

materials that do not<br />

align with our values.<br />

March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />




Three year term<br />

Vote For THREE<br />









Dunn4Rockwood.com • Trisha4Rockwood.com • Richard4Rockwood.com<br />

Paid for by David Gregory, 1145 Greystone Manor Pkwy, Chesterfield, MO 63005<br />



I OPINION I 3<br />

VOTE<br />

#2, #4, #5<br />

for Rockwood BOE<br />

Directors<br />








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4 I OPINION I<br />

March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />





What happened to<br />

journalism?<br />

To the Editor:<br />

Regardless of party, why would anyone<br />

not want to have the truth out there for<br />

everyone to see?<br />

When Watergate happened, journalists<br />

were all over it and like a dog with a bone,<br />

would not let it go. Fast forward to today,<br />

Benghazi, Russia Gate, Hunter’s laptop,<br />

China virus, January 6th. All the mainstream<br />

media would be saying is the coordinated<br />

set of talking points along with<br />

politicians as well. It did not matter which<br />

news outlet you got the news from. Word<br />

for word they were all in lockstep.<br />

Now when information comes out showing<br />

that the government lied and did some<br />

covering, the politicians and media are<br />

screaming out to get it shut down. What<br />

that has shown is, they were all lying.<br />

None of them can now be trusted. They<br />

have lost all credibility and they did it to<br />

themselves. I would say that it’s a bad day<br />

for journalism, but really, it’s even a worse<br />

day for the American people.<br />

Wayne Hartmann<br />

Regarding ‘Government’s<br />

dirty secret’<br />

To the Editor:<br />

I wanted to recognize a new and welcome<br />

editorial voice in <strong>West</strong> <strong>Newsmagazine</strong>,<br />

John Stossel. His commentary about<br />

the overclassification of documents is<br />

shared on most sides of the political spectrum.<br />

It is a bureaucratic disease which<br />

may not have a cure, but I like his sense of<br />

the absurd. I’d like to hear more from him.<br />

I only disagree about treating all document<br />

thefts the same. It is clear that Donald<br />

Trump took highly classified material, just<br />

from the news photograph of the documents<br />

laid out on the floor. John Brennan,<br />

former CIA director, spoke at the Speakers<br />

Series in the fall and told us some of the<br />

documents were highly classified merely<br />

by the colors and banners displayed at the<br />

top. Unless President Joe Biden and former<br />

Vice-President Mike Pence also took such<br />

documents, it is a false equivalence to<br />

make all document theft the same.<br />

Still, I like the contribution of Mr. Stossel<br />

to <strong>West</strong> <strong>Newsmagazine</strong> of March 8.<br />

William D. Tucker<br />

Regarding gun control<br />

To the Editor:<br />

Recently, President Joe Biden signed an<br />

executive order pushing back at background<br />

checks for those purchasing guns legally in<br />

America. What he wants, in his words, is to<br />

get more gun control using the enforcement<br />

agencies who control these checks.<br />

This is not about guns; it is about crime<br />

and criminals. The nationwide crisis of big<br />

city prosecutors letting criminals back on<br />

the street only hours after committing a<br />

violent crime, is the issue. The gun order<br />

that Biden has signed, most likely it is<br />

unconstitutional, does not take in consideration<br />

that the majority of gun sales are<br />

done by law abiding citizens and the background<br />

checks that they fill out are more<br />

than thorough. If you would look at one,<br />

it has more information that is checked<br />

than possibly applying for a credit card.<br />

And waiting at the gun shop for numerous<br />

minutes while these answers are confirmed<br />

is part of the process; even though the left<br />

draws a picture of “grab and go” when a<br />

gun is purchased.<br />

Biden knows that there will be congressional<br />

push-back in regard to the order,<br />

but he still stated, “In the meantime, my<br />

administration will continue to do all<br />

that we can, within existing authority, to<br />

make our communities safer.” All hyperbole,<br />

and you can file his statements under<br />

“campaign slogans.”<br />

Maybe the president should be more<br />

of a father and get his son under control.<br />

Hunter, allegedly checked the “No” box<br />

when asked whether he was a “user of<br />

illegal drugs, stimulants, or any other controlled<br />

substance?”<br />

His drug use and alcohol abuse has been<br />

detailed in numerous news reports. And<br />

the sad part is that his wife tossed his gun<br />

in a dumpster near a local high school and<br />

when this was reported, the authorities<br />

failed to find it. Another gun on the loose<br />

for criminals to use in a crime.<br />

To speak out against any type of gun<br />

ownership and his son behaving like a<br />

street thug, shows you the reprehensible<br />

behavior of the Biden family and administration.<br />

Michael Sargent<br />

Regarding reason and<br />

democracy<br />

To the Editor:<br />

When we identify so strongly with one<br />

group or political party, we self-censure<br />

contrary thoughts to avoid discomfort and/<br />

or being ostracized. In other words, we<br />

give up thinking for ourselves. Thinking is<br />

a fundamental trait of a mature adult, yet<br />

so frequently sacrificed. I have yet to see<br />

symbols of support for both Black Lives<br />

Matter and Blue Lives Matter on the same<br />

car or yard. Are we animals incapable of<br />

making distinctions? Are we wolves just<br />

following the pack?<br />

The other insidious aspect of this tribal<br />

mentality is what all failed states seem to<br />

share: locals who cannot rule themselves<br />

given their flaws; namely, arrogance,<br />

hatred and hypocrisy. When we won’t compromise<br />

and despise those who think differently,<br />

we unwittingly admit we cannot<br />

rule ourselves and ultimately, acquiesce to<br />

autocracy and all the corruption, abuse and<br />

failure that stems from it.<br />

Steve Bowman<br />

Regarding the READ Act<br />

To the Editor:<br />

I look forward to seeing the results of the<br />

<strong>West</strong> <strong>Newsmagazine</strong> Teacher of the Year<br />

contest. (“Do You Know an A+ Teacher?”<br />

March 15) As a parent of <strong>West</strong> County<br />

students, my children were blessed to have<br />

many qualified and caring teachers looking<br />

after their education. Sadly, that’s not the<br />

case for millions of kids around the world<br />

At all education levels, the most marginalized<br />

children in poverty face the greatest<br />

barriers to accessing quality education.<br />

Before the pandemic, 57% of children in<br />

low- and middle-income countries didn’t<br />

have access to the schooling they needed<br />

to gain basic literacy skills. The pandemic,<br />

global conflict and climate emergencies<br />

deepened these learning gaps.<br />

In 2017, the READ Act passed with the<br />

support of Congresswoman Ann Wagner,<br />

enabling the U.S. to increase leadership<br />

in supporting access to quality education<br />

worldwide. Now Congress has a chance<br />

to continue this leadership for another five<br />

years through the READ Act Reauthorization<br />

Act of 20<strong>23</strong> (H.R. 681, S.41).<br />

I urge Representatives Ann Wagner and<br />

Cori Bush to co-sponsor this important<br />

legislation. The READ Act made a difference<br />

in the lives of millions of young<br />

people, and its reauthorization will allow<br />

that to continue.<br />

Cynthia Levin<br />

Election-related Letters<br />

The upcoming General Election has generated<br />

many letters from readers passionate<br />

about ballot issues. The paper’s policy<br />

on fairness is to run one letter in support of<br />

an issue and one letter as a rebuttal in print<br />

prior to the election. However, given that<br />

so many letters have been submitted, all<br />

election-related letters to the editor will be<br />

put online under the opinion tab of westnewsmagazine.com.<br />

We invite you to read<br />

them there.<br />

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March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />



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April 7 • 5-8 PM<br />

Baseball’s time is seamless and<br />

invisible, a bubble within which players<br />

move at exactly the same pace<br />

and rhythms as all their predecessors.<br />

This is the way the game was played<br />

in our youth and in our fathers’ youth,<br />

and even back then – back in the<br />

country days – there must have been<br />

the same feeling that time could be<br />

stopped. Since baseball time is measured<br />

only in outs, all you have to do<br />

is succeed utterly; keep hitting, keep<br />

the rally alive, and you have defeated<br />

time. You remain forever young.<br />

– Roger Angell<br />

This year, for the first time ever,<br />

there is a clock in Major League Baseball.<br />

They call it a pitch clock. 30 seconds<br />

between batters. 15 seconds between<br />

pitches with no runners on base, 20<br />

seconds with runners on. Batters must<br />

be in the box within 8 seconds.<br />

All this to speed up the pace of play.<br />

Last season, games lasted just over<br />

three hours. The MLB hopes to shave<br />

that down to two and a half. Everything<br />

moves faster now. Everything<br />

must be measured. There are numbers<br />

to hit, contracts to keep, and a new<br />

generation of faster, faster, fasterpaced<br />

things.<br />

Nothing lasts forever, they say.<br />

The one constant through all<br />

the years, Ray, has been baseball.<br />

America has rolled by like an army<br />

of steamrollers. It has been erased<br />

like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased<br />

again. But baseball has marked the<br />

time. This field, this game; it’s a part<br />

of our past, Ray. It reminds us of all<br />

that once was good, and that could be<br />

again. Oh … people will come, Ray.<br />

People will most definitely come.<br />

– Terrence Mann, Field of Dreams<br />

Change is the other constant, of<br />

course. There is a designated hitter<br />

in the National League now. The<br />

sacrifice bunt is a thing of the past,<br />

much less the hit and run. The .300<br />

hitter is rare as an albino whale. It’s<br />

exit velocity and launch angle, spin<br />

rate and fielding independent earned<br />

run averages. Measure, quantify,<br />

rinse, repeat.<br />

It breaks your heart. It is designed<br />

to break your heart. The game begins<br />

in the spring when everything else<br />

begins again, and it blossoms in the<br />

summer, filling the afternoons and<br />

evenings, and then as soon as the chill<br />

rains come, it stops and leaves you to<br />

face the fall alone.<br />

– A. Bartlett Giamatti<br />

Baseball is the most romantic<br />

sport. It is written about by our novelists<br />

and poets. It is immortalized on<br />

tombstones. There is nothing romantic<br />

about a pitch clock. It is the baby<br />

crying from the nursery amid a stolen<br />

kiss on the sofa. It is a cold shower.<br />

There was a beauty here bigger than<br />

the hurtling beauty of basketball, a<br />

beauty refined from country pastures,<br />

a game of solitariness, of waiting,<br />

waiting for the pitcher to complete his<br />

gaze toward first base and throw his<br />

lightning, a game whose very taste, of<br />

spit and dust and grass and sweat and<br />

leather and sun, was America.<br />

– John Updike<br />

But the nature of baseball, like the<br />

nature of America, is to endure. It<br />

survived Astroturf and steroids, sign<br />

stealing and the Black Sox. A pitch<br />

clock can quicken the game, but it<br />

cannot destroy it. Baseball is timeless.<br />

In our sundown perambulations, of<br />

late, through the outer parts of Brooklyn,<br />

we have observed several parties<br />

of youngsters playing “base,” a certain<br />

game of ball … Let us go forth<br />

awhile, and get better air in our lungs.<br />

Let us leave our close rooms … the<br />

game of ball is glorious.<br />

– Walt Whitman<br />

Follow us on<br />

f o u n d r y a r t c e n t r e . o r g<br />

S a i n t C h a r l e s , M O



March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />


I 7<br />



A 1% tax on out-of-state sellers<br />

“If I buy something ... for $100, I will pay an additional tax of $1”<br />








“Proposition U is a 1% tax only on<br />

out-of-state vendors. If I buy something<br />

from an out-of-state vendor online for<br />

$100, I will pay an additional tax of $1.<br />

That $1 will go entirely to Chesterfield;<br />

it is not ‘pooled’ with other cities.<br />

Our small local retailers, who add so much<br />

character to Chesterfield, will be able<br />

to compete fairly.”<br />

“Chesterfield provides top services. The<br />

Chesterfield Police Department earns<br />

international awards for excellence.<br />

The Public Works Department achieves<br />

overnight miracles clearing snow from<br />

our streets. Our beautiful parks and<br />

recreational opportunities combine<br />

to make this a wonderful place to live.<br />

If a 1% tax on out-of-state vendors keeps<br />

our city special, it’s a bargain.”<br />

Years ago, voters approved a 1% retail<br />

sales tax, but a loophole allowed an<br />

exemption for out-of-state vendors.<br />

Let’s vote to require out-of-state online<br />

and catalog vendors to collect<br />

the same 1% tax that Chesterfield’s<br />

local retailers collect.<br />


Chesterfield Residents, Let’s Support Our Local Retailers!<br />


Paid for by Citizens for Chesterfield’s Future, Gerald Right, Treasurer.<br />

We can fix this disparity by voting!<br />


8 I NEWS I<br />

March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />





Trusted Resident<br />

AND Councilmember<br />

Dr. Wahl IS the RIGHT Choice for Chesterfield.<br />

Vote Tuesday, April 4th<br />

Paid for by Vote for Aaron Wahl | Treasurer Kevin Desrosiers<br />

NEWS<br />

BRIEFS<br />


Public invited to meeting<br />

discussing city operations<br />

The public is invited to attend a Chamber<br />

Understanding City Operations (CUCO)<br />

event sponsored by the Chesterfield<br />

Regional Chamber of Commerce that will<br />

provide an update and discussion of current<br />

activities within Chesterfield Regional<br />

Tax Increment Financing District; including<br />

development agreements, public projects<br />

and status of the future redevelopment<br />

of Chesterfield Mall.<br />

(File photo)<br />

The session is from 7:30-9 a.m. on<br />

Thursday, March 30 at Chesterfield City<br />

Hall, Conference Room 101.<br />

The session will also include a discussion<br />

and explanation of Chesterfield’s<br />

Proposition U ballot measure. Other<br />

notable development projects that will be<br />

discussed, include The District, Billy G’s,<br />

Perfect Game and Gateway Studios.<br />


Artists sought to create<br />

Venable tribute<br />

The city of Creve Coeur is interested in<br />

commissioning an artist or artist team to<br />

create a site-specific commemorative artwork<br />

for Dr. H. Phillip Venable Memorial<br />

Park that engages visitors in the Venable<br />

family’s story.<br />

The park rises from the legacy of racial<br />

residential segregation. Rededicated in<br />

2021, the park was developed in the late<br />

1950s after the Venable’s property was<br />

taken by eminent domain when they<br />

refused to sell it to their white neighbors,<br />

and later the city of Creve Coeur.<br />

The commemorative artwork is to reflect<br />

on this history and seed deeper commitments<br />

to human and civil rights. The total<br />

art budget is $<strong>22</strong>5,000. Up to three finalists<br />

will be selected to develop concept proposals.<br />

The deadline for submission is April 19.<br />

Artists seeking consideration should read<br />

the project details and submission guidelines<br />

online at crevecoeurmo.gov before<br />

visiting the online application portal.<br />

Prospective applicants can also attend a<br />

virtual Pre-Application Workshop at 4 p.m.<br />

on Thursday, March 30. City staff and consultants<br />

will talk about the opportunity and<br />

walk through the application process. The<br />

workshop is optional.<br />

Advanced registration for the workshop<br />

is required at crevecoeurmo.gov; search<br />

“Venable Park Commemorative Artwork.”<br />

Voting is open for Favorite<br />

Restaurant award<br />

The Creve Coeur Economic Development<br />

Committee is seeking citizen input<br />

for its annual Favorite Restaurant award.<br />

To be eligible to win the Favorite Restaurant<br />

Award, the restaurant must receive the<br />

most votes by the April 14 deadline, be<br />

open at the time voting occurs, and have a<br />

current business license with the city.<br />

Residents can access contest voting at<br />

crevecoeurmo.gov; search “Favorite Restaurant.”<br />

Residents may vote up to once per day<br />

before 5 p.m. on April 14.<br />

In addition to Favorite Restaurant, the<br />

Creve Coeur Business Awards include<br />

Heart of the Community, Most Innovative<br />

Business and Green Business. Winners will<br />

be announced at an award ceremony in the<br />

spring.<br />

EUREKA<br />

MoDOT to close one lane<br />

of I-44 near state park<br />

Drivers who use eastbound I-44 traveling<br />

near Route 66 State Park should<br />

consider alternate routes or be prepared<br />

for higher levels of congestion as crews<br />

close one eastbound lane around-the-clock<br />

beginning next week.<br />

At 8 p.m. Monday, March 20, crews will<br />

close one eastbound lane on the interstate<br />

over the Meramec River near the Route 66<br />

State Park around-the-clock for continuing<br />

bridge rehabilitation work over the river.<br />

This lane will remain closed through<br />

December.<br />

“This work is to continue replacing joints<br />

on the bridge, as well as other routine<br />

preventative maintenance. We understand<br />

the impacts this work has, and encourage<br />

people to avoid the corridor, if possible,<br />

during morning and evening rush period.<br />

We encourage people who regularly use<br />

this corridor, if they can, to telecommute,<br />

adjust their travel hours or use alternate<br />

routes to travel east during the work,” said<br />

Ryan Pearcy, MoDOT area engineer for<br />

southwest St. Louis County.<br />

Crews will also close two westbound<br />

lanes overnight Tuesday, March 21;<br />

Wednesday, March <strong>22</strong>; and Thursday,<br />

March <strong>23</strong> between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. the<br />

following morning.<br />


Massey-Skaggs recognized<br />

for 35 years of service<br />

Manchester Court Administrator Colleen<br />

Massey-Skaggs was honored at the March<br />

7 Board of Aldermen meeting for her 5<br />

years of service to the city. Mayor Michael<br />

Clement presented Massey-Skaggs with a<br />

proclamation while her husband and five<br />

children looked on.<br />

Massey-Skaggs has been an active<br />

member of the Missouri Association<br />

for Court Administration (MACA) and<br />

the Metropolitan St. Louis Association<br />

for Court Administration (MSLACA)<br />

since 1994, serving in a variety of leadership<br />

positions. She became a certified<br />

court administrator in May 2001 and an<br />

advanced certified court administrator 20<br />

years later. She has been a member of the<br />

National Association for Court Management<br />

since 2019 and graduated from the<br />

Missouri Court Management Institute in<br />

May 20<strong>22</strong>.<br />


Police lieutenant<br />

graduates FBI<br />

Town & Country<br />

Police Lt. Danny Wilkey<br />

has graduated from the<br />

285th Session of the<br />

prestigious FBI National<br />

Academy in Quantico,<br />

Virginia. Police Chief<br />

Wilkey<br />

James Cavins attended<br />

the ceremony with Wilkey’s wife, Kristin,<br />

and his daughters, Mallory and McKenna.<br />

Wilkey graduated with over 250 other<br />

law enforcement commanders representing<br />

40 states and 28 countries and received<br />

his diploma from FBI Director Christopher<br />

Wray.<br />

Over the last 10 weeks, Wilkey successfully<br />

completed graduate-level programs<br />

covering criminal law, behavioral and<br />

forensic sciences, leadership development,<br />

management and public communications<br />

and relations.<br />


Potential traffic issue<br />

for college expansion<br />

Although the expansion at the Wildwood<br />

St. Louis Community College does not<br />

require review by the Planning and Zoning<br />

Commission, the Department of Planning<br />

gave an update on the project at its March<br />

6 meeting.<br />

Phase 2 of the campus is currently



underway and will include a new<br />

140,000-square-foot building designed to<br />

house health sciences and science, technology,<br />

engineering and mathematics courses.<br />

The new building will be located southwest<br />

of the existing structure that has been<br />

in place since 2006. It has been reviewed<br />

by Wildwood’s Architectural Review<br />

Board with respect to its design, colors,<br />

and materials.<br />

Joe Vujnich, director of planning and<br />

parks, said one item that has been under<br />

discussion between the city and the college<br />

is the single access point, which is currently<br />

on New College Avenue at Hwy. 109.<br />

A second access point was discussed<br />

with the original building’s construction<br />

but was delayed until Phase 2. However,<br />

an agreement was reached between five<br />

property owners to construct Generations<br />

Drive at New College Avenue.<br />

The current access point is limited to<br />

right-out turns only, and with the topography<br />

and amount of traffic, makes it dangerous<br />

at times, Vujnich said.<br />

City staff believes having access to Manchester<br />

Road is critical.<br />

“There is no other way out of that area for<br />

people to leave or emergency vehicles to<br />

arrive,” he said. “That second access point<br />

to Manchester Road would be in everyone’s<br />

best interest.”<br />

A traffic study completed for Phase 2<br />

showed that a secondary access would not<br />

be needed until Phase 3. However, it did<br />

identify a number of needed changes to the<br />

signal set at New College and Hwy. 109.<br />

Those changes have been reviewed by the<br />

Missouri Department of Transportation,<br />

Vujnich said.<br />

He also noted that the original traffic<br />

study done in Phase 1 indicated there<br />

would be 10,000 students at the campus<br />

and it has not reached that level yet. Enrollment<br />

under Phase 2 is expected to be less<br />

than half of that.<br />

Pickleball courts coming<br />

to Community Park<br />

Wildwood is the latest city to get in on<br />

the pickleball action.<br />

Last year the Planning and Parks Committee<br />

discussed the development of a<br />

hardcourt area in one of the city’s parks.<br />

Community Park on Pond Grover Parkway<br />

was chosen, specifically at the southern tip<br />

of the Great Meadow.<br />

Terraspec designed the layout and bid<br />

specifications were submitted.<br />

A total of three bids were received for<br />

construction of the hardcourt area, with the<br />

one for $392,348 from Ideal Landscaping<br />

chosen, coming in just below the $400,000<br />

budgeted amount.<br />

In addition to four pickleball courts,<br />

there will be a tennis court, which can be<br />

converted into two half-courts for basketball.<br />

The development will include additional<br />

parking, access and walkways. It<br />

will be enclosed by black fencing, making<br />

it aesthetically consistent with other structures<br />

and amenities in the park, said Joe<br />

Vujnich, director of planning and parks.<br />

Restroom facilities are located in the<br />

nearby pavilion.<br />

The city council approved moving forward<br />

with the construction bid at the work<br />

session March 13. Only council member<br />

Teresa Clark (Ward 1) voted in opposition,<br />

believing there are not enough contingency<br />

funds included for potential change<br />

orders.<br />


I-270 bridge to close this<br />

weekend for repairs<br />

Drivers who use I-64 and I-270 may<br />

want to consider alternate routes (Route<br />

141, Lindbergh Boulevard or Spoede<br />

Road) and allow extra time March 24-27 as<br />

the Missouri Department of Transportation<br />

will close a ramp at the interchange for the<br />

weekend.<br />

Crews will close the ramp from eastbound<br />

I-64 to northbound I-270 starting at<br />

9 p.m. March 24 for bridge maintenance<br />

work, weather permitting. The ramp will<br />

March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />


I NEWS I 9<br />

reopen by 5 a.m. Monday, March 27.<br />

This is the first of two weekend ramp closures<br />

for this ramp – the second is currently<br />

projected to run March 31-April 3.<br />

Sweet dreams...<br />

We have a bed for you at<br />

P<br />

P<br />

P<br />








EXPERTS IN DEMENTIA CARE • gardenviewcarecenter.com<br />

P<br />

P<br />

P<br />

I-270/I-64 bridge<br />

(Source: MoDOT)<br />

Chesterfield • 636-537-3333 | Dougherty Ferry • 636-861-0500 | O’Fallon • 636-240-2840

10 I<br />

March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />


Candidates running for municipal seats in<br />

the April 4 Election were asked to answer<br />

the following questions: 1. What qualifies<br />

you for this office? 2. What are your priorities<br />

if elected? 3. What else would you<br />

like our readers to know about you before<br />

heading to the polls? Candidates are listed<br />

in ballot order. Incumbents have an asterisk.<br />


BALLWIN • Mayor • Board of Aldermen<br />

Mayor • Tim Pogue*<br />

Ward 1 • Mike Utt*<br />

Ward 2 • Mark R. Stallmann*<br />

1. I have been providing effective conservative<br />

leadership to our city as a member<br />

of the Board of Aldermen. We have<br />

accomplished so much for our community,<br />

including state of the art facilities, park improvements<br />

as well as street and sidewalk<br />

improvements while maintaining Ballwin’s<br />

debt free status. I believe I am best<br />

suited to provide experienced leadership as<br />

we look to our future.<br />

2. My priorities are: Conservative management<br />

of our resident’s tax dollars and<br />

making sure that Ballwin residents continue<br />

to pay no real estate or personal property<br />

taxes. Supporting our courageous police officers<br />

who keep Ballwin safe. Continued investment<br />

in our streets, sidewalks and parks.<br />

3. I am a dedicated public servant who<br />

will always work for the best interests of<br />

our community. I am always available for<br />

ideas, suggestions or questions from residents<br />

of Ballwin. I am dedicated to helping<br />

to insure that Ballwin remains a great<br />

place to live, work and raise our families.<br />

Ward 2 • Mike Scott<br />

1. Former small business owner with<br />

skills in managing and oversight of operations.<br />

Ballwin employs union and<br />

non-union personnel, I’ve been both<br />

and managed both. I am an independent<br />

thinker that understands the value of the<br />

“give and take” aspect of politics and<br />

the need to find the common ground on<br />

which to reach a consensus. I am a 30-<br />

year resident<br />

2. My priorities are: Improve communication.<br />

Residents should be kept better<br />

apprised on proposed commercial projects<br />

and infrastructure changes. Rezoning and<br />

exemption requests must prioritize with<br />

the respect of citizens as primary. Safety.<br />

Keep Ballwin a safe and tranquil place to<br />

live and work.<br />

Stewardship. Ensure we spend our tax<br />

dollars wisely on everything.<br />

3. This is my first run for public office, but<br />

certainly not my first run at life’s experiences.<br />

As a retired airline captain, and current<br />

part-time corporate pilot instructor and FAA<br />

pilot designated examiner, I’ve successfully<br />

worked with and managed people in various<br />

work environments. My degree from Kettering<br />

University (formerly General Motors<br />

Institute) is a bachelor’s of industrial administration.<br />

From factories to airways, I’ve<br />

walked the walk. I will listen to the requests<br />

and concerns you have. Win, lose or draw,<br />

you’ll receive a straightforward response<br />

from me on what can or cannot be accomplished<br />

regarding your request or concern.<br />

Your part will be to talk to me.<br />

Ward 3 • Mark Weaver<br />

1. My biggest life accomplishment so far<br />

has been creating my locksmithing company<br />

in 2000. I now have been in business<br />

for <strong>22</strong> years. After raising my family and<br />

enjoying the community for many years, I<br />

appreciate having an opportunity to give<br />

back. Since 2009 I’ve been a commissioner<br />

of the Ballwin Planning and Zoning<br />

Committee,which includes the past five<br />

years of holding the chairmanship. Ballwin<br />

has many attributes, and I’d like to be a part<br />

of preserving this for future generations.<br />

2. If elected to this position, my goals<br />

focus around keeping Ballwin a soughtafter<br />

place in which to live and work. For<br />

me it is important to maintain a great relationship<br />

with our courageous Ballwin<br />

Police Department so that our community<br />

remains a leader in safety. Also of importance<br />

is to maintain and preserve Ballwin’s<br />

amenities including our beautiful parks,<br />

green spaces, golf course, aquatic facilities<br />

and, of course, our leaf removal program.<br />

3. I’m a family man who has been married<br />

for 24 years. My wife and I have four<br />

children, three of whom have recently<br />

graduated from Parkway <strong>West</strong>, and also<br />

have four grandchildren. I’m an active<br />

member of Christ, Prince of Peace Parish.<br />

I’m a third-degree knight in the Knights of<br />

Columbus; during the spring, you’ll find<br />

me cooking fish for our Friday fish fry. I<br />

have always enjoyed coaching kids sports<br />

teams and started with 4-year-olds in CYC<br />

sports. I also had a team at Ballwin Athletic<br />

Association for many years and ended<br />

by coaching an American Legion baseball<br />

team for 10 years.<br />

Ward 3 • Natasha Detwiler<br />

1. As a long-time Ballwin resident with<br />

degrees in public policy administration<br />

and parks, recreation, and tourism, with<br />

20-plus years working in the public and<br />

private sectors, I am uniquely qualified to<br />

be alderwoman. I’m a mother of three kids<br />

in school and an active member of the Ballwin<br />

and Parkway communities. Working<br />

for a large corporation has made me effective<br />

at collaboration, communication and<br />

decision making. I have learned to welcome<br />

and value different ideas, perspectives<br />

and individuals of all backgrounds.<br />

I’m eager to serve the community, and I<br />

will bring integrity, candor, new ideas and<br />

enthusiasm to the board.<br />

2. I’m proud that Ballwin is a great place<br />

to live and raise a family. We have a fantastic<br />

police department and excellent city<br />

services. I want to make Ballwin an even<br />

better place to live. I don’t want to continue<br />

to meet expectations, I want to exceed<br />

them. I will work to increase community<br />

engagement opportunities while strengthening<br />

communication with residents. I will<br />

support our parks, green spaces, efforts to<br />

beautify our city and fix our streets. I will<br />

be a responsible steward of Ballwin’s tax<br />

dollars and I will protect and maintain our<br />

zero property tax rate.<br />

3. Women are underrepresented in government<br />

leadership. Ballwin is a perfect<br />

example of that. If elected, I will become<br />

the only woman on the board, and the first<br />

alderwoman in just under seven years. I<br />

feel strongly that Ballwin would benefit<br />

from a woman’s voice at the table. Boards<br />

serve their communities better when they<br />

are made up of people that reflect the population<br />

they represent. I also believe in creating<br />

a welcoming community where everyone<br />

feels like they belong.<br />

Ward 4 • Ross Bullington*<br />



Meet the candidates in municipal and school board elections<br />

CHESTERFIELD • City Council<br />

Ward 1 • Barbara McGuinness*<br />

Ward 2 • Aaron Wahl*<br />

1. I am successfully completing my first<br />

term as City Council member for Ward 2<br />

in Chesterfield. During this term we paid<br />

off city hall’s mortgage, we came in under<br />

budget and we accelerated the city’s debt<br />

payoff in the tune of millions while giving<br />

our police officers and city employees raises<br />

to help them get through historically high<br />

inflation. I have a proven history of volunteerism<br />

and I have been a successful small<br />

business owner for 10 years in Chesterfield.<br />

I am a two-term past president of Highcroft<br />

Elementary PSO and a three-term past district<br />

president for the Missouri Chiropractic<br />

Physicians Association.<br />

2. My priorities are to be fiscally responsible,<br />

put neighborhoods first and work to<br />

redevelop the mall properly. Our budget<br />

will stay conservative and in the black, continue<br />

to accelerate our debt payoff, pay our<br />

police and city employees competitive living<br />

wages, put more money into our streets<br />

and sidewalk maintenance, and maintain<br />

our wonderful parks and trails. I will keep<br />

apartments out of our single family neighborhoods,<br />

continue to respond quickly to<br />

our resident’s questions and concerns, and<br />

make sure the mall redevelopment is an asset<br />

that keeps our residents in mind and is<br />

of the highest quality.<br />

3. It is my purpose to serve the people<br />

and I do so with a big heart. I promise to<br />

continue working hard to be your voice<br />

with the city, local businesses, and developers.<br />

The city of Chesterfield is a complex<br />

social structure that requires understanding<br />

the balance of resident needs,<br />

developer wants, and what is right. I have<br />

developed the skills necessary to manage<br />

this balance through my years as an<br />

elected official, business owner, and community<br />

servant. I appreciate the opportunity<br />

I have been given the last two years<br />

and, with your vote, will be grateful to<br />

continue serving.<br />

Ward 2 • Patricia Tocco<br />

1. My career began as a certified public<br />

accountant for 15 years, then as a corporate<br />

senior officer in financial services companies<br />

for 24 years. It concluded with owning<br />

a small business and doing consulting<br />

for start-up companies. My expertise<br />

in accounting and finance and my high<br />

level of integrity will be invaluable in all<br />

council discussions and all future votes<br />

as a council member. These qualifications<br />

demonstrate that I am the right person for<br />

City Council. Voters can be confident I will<br />

represent them well by spending their tax<br />

dollars prudently.<br />

2. My priority as a City Council member<br />

will be to ensure that the council demonstrates<br />

fiscal responsibility and shows<br />

transparency in all decisions involving tax<br />

revenues. It is imperative that it considers<br />

the needs of residents, school districts and<br />

other taxing districts over that of developers<br />

or other special interests. I support economic<br />

growth that benefits all constituents<br />

fairly and reflects the desires of the community.<br />

The city council’s priority should<br />

be to keep taxes low while serving the<br />

community well and maintaining the city’s<br />

solid financial position.<br />

3. My commitment to you as an experienced<br />

business professional and fiscal<br />

conservative is to perform proper due diligence<br />

before voting on any matter brought<br />

to the City Council. Decisions should always<br />

be based on sound assumptions and<br />

supported by relevant data analysis. I can<br />

also use my extensive work experience to<br />

foster collaboration in all city council deliberations.<br />

If elected by you, I promise to<br />

become an integral part of achieving Chesterfield’s<br />

vision to be an outstanding community.<br />

This is my total focus and reason<br />

why I am running for city council.<br />

Ward 3 • Dan Hurt*<br />

Ward 4 • Gary Budoor*<br />

Ward 4 • Frances R. Siddons – removed<br />

per court order<br />

CLARKSON VALLEY • Mayor • Board<br />

of Aldermen<br />

Mayor • Sue McNamara<br />

1. I have served on the Kehrs Mill Estates<br />


Save Our Schools<br />

from NEA ideology<br />

The NEA is a labor union whose goal is to accumulate political power and indoctrinate our children.<br />

The NEA creates division among our students, parents, teachers and administrators to divert us<br />

from the fact Rockwood students are learning less today than they did 10 years ago.<br />

Rockwood School District is failing our students and families<br />

Proficiency in 3rd Grade Math<br />

is down 21.1% since 2016<br />

Algebra II proficiency is down 69%<br />

since 2017, only <strong>23</strong>.8% are proficient<br />

Seventh Grade Language Arts<br />

proficiency is down 21.3% since 2017<br />

High School Language Arts proficiency<br />

is down 25.8% since 2016<br />

Data Source; DESE, Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education<br />

5th Grade Science Proficiency<br />

is down 17.5 % since 2013<br />

Biology Proficiency is down 36.2%<br />

since 2015<br />

These resolutions have nothing to do with educating our children. They create blame and distrust<br />

“Educators must acknowledge<br />

… white supremacy/invisible<br />

benefits of white privilege”<br />

“The (NEA) believes …<br />

descendants of enslaved<br />

Africans in the U.S. have the<br />

right to reparations”<br />

“The (NEA) … all transgender<br />

students have access<br />

to the bathroom or<br />

locker of their choice”<br />

“… pronouns are of utmost<br />

importance … discrimination<br />

…when pronouns<br />

are disregarded”<br />

- NEA Resolution I-54, July 20<strong>22</strong> - NEA Resolution I-61, July 20<strong>22</strong> - NEA Resolution C-12, July 20<strong>22</strong> - NEA Resolution I-58, July 20<strong>22</strong><br />

Elect “real” reformers, we can trust, who aren’t endorsed by the NEA<br />

Thomas Dunn<br />

Tom is the father of three daughters in Rockwood.<br />

He previously served three years on the RSD board. He<br />

will secure Rockwood’s future by focusing on safety, academic<br />

achievement, facility maintenance, and responsible fiscal<br />

management. “Let’s bring the Rockwood community<br />

together so we can focus on what is most important ...<br />

the education of our children.”<br />

Dunn4Rockwood.com<br />

Paid for by Freedom Principle MO, Missouri First PAC, Allen McDonell, Treasurer<br />

Trisha Katzfey<br />

Trisha and David live in Eureka and have three children in<br />

Rockwood. Trisha has served <strong>23</strong> years in the Missouri National<br />

Guard, and works full time as a Senior Human Resource NCO<br />

in MOGUARD. She just finished a tour as a Military Police<br />

First Sergeant. David is in the MOGUARD too. “My life has<br />

been dedicated to serving our country and state, and now<br />

I want to serve where it matters most, our children.”<br />

Trisha4rockwood.com<br />

Richard Wierzba<br />

Richard is the father of three sons in Rockwood.<br />

He’s a successful businessman who promises to get<br />

Rockwood back on track to achieve academic excellence.<br />

“Rockwood’s proficiency charts show we’ve been in general<br />

decline over the last decade. I will work to turn that around.<br />

I have seen firsthand how school board decisions<br />

impact students and families.”<br />

richard4rockwood.com<br />

Support our kids<br />

Get politics out of our classrooms, Vote April 4th

12 I NEWS I<br />

March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />




Rockwood School Board Director receives harassing postcards in mail<br />


On Jan. 28, Rockwood School Board<br />

Director Izzy Imig reported to Wildwood<br />

police that she received a postcard at her<br />

home that was said to have contained<br />

“harassing verbiage.” Adrian Washington,<br />

public information officer for St. Louis<br />

County Police, confirmed that officers from<br />

the City of Wildwood Precinct responded<br />

to a call for service for harassment and<br />

were presented with a postcard addressed<br />

to the victim containing harassing verbiage.<br />

Imig told <strong>West</strong> <strong>Newsmagazine</strong> that she<br />

was shocked to receive threats in the mail<br />

to her home address.<br />

“I’ve gotten a lot of online harassment on<br />

social media since I ran for school board,”<br />

Imig said. “But receiving it at my home is<br />

where I draw the line. Terrorizing my family<br />

is unacceptable. I have three children now<br />

who are afraid of anything at this point.”<br />

Imig is a Wildwood resident and lives in<br />

a subdivision where the homes are spread<br />

apart on multiple acres. She said it’s her<br />

13-year-old daughter’s job to collect the<br />

mail every day. That day her daughter<br />

came running back to the house, visibly<br />

upset, she said.<br />

“I thought she was getting attacked by<br />

foxes,” Imig said. “She was crying and<br />

saying, ‘Mommy, somebody’s trying to<br />

hurt you.’”<br />

The piece of mail was a postcard, so her<br />

daughter had read what it said. Imig said<br />

the postcard was handwritten and had a<br />

picture of American poet Carl Sandburg<br />

and writing telling her she should read his<br />

poems. Imig said the first line<br />

said, “Izzy, is this where you<br />

IZ?” According to Imig, the<br />

postcard went on to say that<br />

they found two addresses for<br />

her and then referenced the<br />

war in Iraq, which is where<br />

Imig is from.<br />

“Then it says, ‘Your country<br />

was liberated by a diverse U.S.<br />

military,” Imig said. “And<br />

now my private parts belong<br />

Izzy Imig<br />

to Sadaam Hussein. My husband said they<br />

were basically saying that I should have<br />

been killed by the Iraqi military.”<br />

However, in contrast to what was<br />

reported by other sources, no death threats<br />

were made on the postcard, according to<br />

Washington.<br />

“There was aggressive language advising<br />

her to resign from the school board,”<br />

Washington said.<br />

Imig said she notified Rockwood officials<br />

of what happened and that their<br />

response was appreciated. She said the<br />

district offered her security and Superintendent<br />

Dr. Curtis Cain checked in on her<br />

and her family several times.<br />

Imig said she was going to keep this situation<br />

to herself, but then she said she received<br />

a second postcard in the mail<br />

two weeks after the first one.<br />

Imig said she is talking to the<br />

FBI about the second postcard.<br />

Washington noted that the<br />

Wildwood precinct was not<br />

made aware of a second piece<br />

of mail. He said the FBI is not<br />

involved in the initial investigation.<br />

In October 20<strong>22</strong>, Imig made<br />

a motion and won a vote at a<br />

Board of Education meeting to cut funding<br />

for three programs in Rockwood aimed at<br />

empowering students of color. Imig later<br />

explained she wanted to see if Rockwood<br />

could hire a full-time employee to be available<br />

to students all school year, rather than<br />

just the length of the eight to 10 sessions for<br />

which the organizations were contracted.<br />

“My political views have nothing to do<br />

with my position as a board member,” Imig<br />

said. “I wanted to see how (the programs)<br />

have helped students before. Why do we<br />

still have problems? If we are spending that<br />

kind of money we need to have someone<br />

here, in-house, available to the students.<br />

What are the students doing outside of the<br />

eight to 10 sessions during the rest of the<br />

school year?”<br />

Mary LaPak, communications director<br />

for Rockwood, released the following<br />

statement in regard to the postcard received<br />

by Imig:<br />

“Threats of any kind in Rockwood are<br />

inappropriate and inexcusable and will<br />

not be tolerated. Rockwood takes threats<br />

of any kind very seriously and we have<br />

processes in place to quickly address<br />

them. In the case of board members who<br />

receive threats, district leadership, board<br />

leadership, district security and law<br />

enforcement are all immediately involved<br />

to ensure the board member is protected<br />

both physically and emotionally. Additional<br />

security measures are offered and<br />

provided by the district as warranted. We<br />

will always cooperate fully with any local,<br />

state or federal agencies in their investigation<br />

and if and when any charges are filed,<br />

we will support our employees or board<br />

members in doing so.”<br />


Sudoku brought to you by BrookingPark<br />

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Wildwood adopts new regulations<br />

regarding solar panel requests<br />

March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />



I NEWS I 13<br />

Integrated solar panel (at left); Standard roof-mounted solar panel (at right)<br />

(Source: GAF Energy)<br />


The city of Wildwood has approved new<br />

regulations for roof-mounted solar panels<br />

that allow some leeway for those facing an<br />

adjoining or adjacent street.<br />

A number of public hearings were held<br />

regarding front-facing solar panels, with<br />

those speaking both in favor and in opposition.<br />

The main concerns cited were aesthetics<br />

and decreasing home values.<br />

To limit the visual impact solar energy systems<br />

cause, the changes prohibit mounted<br />

systems from being placed on front-facing<br />

roofs, unless they are totally screened from<br />

public view. However, integrated systems<br />

can be located anywhere on the roof. With<br />

an integrated system, external mounting<br />

hardware is not required, leading to a more<br />

visually appealing product. In addition, a<br />

combination integrated system on the frontfacing<br />

panels and a mounted system on nonfront<br />

facing roofs is allowed.<br />

“I think it gives a great deal of flexibility<br />

and offsets some of the potential charges<br />

or costs associated with integrated systems<br />

alone,” said Joe Vujnich, director of planning<br />

and parks.<br />

City attorney John Young added that the<br />

new regulations actually broaden the scope<br />

of solar systems allowed.<br />

“Compared to some of the neighboring<br />

LOCAL<br />

TREE<br />


communities ... what is being proposed<br />

today is actually less restrictive than other<br />

cities in the St. Louis and St. Charles areas”<br />

he said.<br />

Young added that the integrated systems<br />

are less intrusive, provide less glare<br />

and would continue to preserve property<br />

values. He noted that in regard to environmental<br />

impacts, the regulations will add<br />

a new permitting process for the removal<br />

and disposal of solar system components,<br />

so they will be compliant with federal<br />

regulations.<br />

Mayor Jim Bowlin called the decision a<br />

“cutting edge” approach for the city.<br />

In the past, requests for front-facing<br />

solar panels on roofs went through a<br />

CUP (conditional use permit) process<br />

that required a public hearing and the<br />

submission of a preliminary development<br />

plan. Those requests went before<br />

the Planning and Zoning Commission<br />

(P&Z), and were subsequently reviewed<br />

by the city council.<br />

The new zoning section dedicated to<br />

solar energy system regulations removes<br />

solar panel installations from the CUP process<br />

and instead vests permitting authority<br />

directly with the department of planning.<br />

P&Z approved the new zoning code at<br />

the March 6 meeting, with chair David<br />

Beattie dissenting.<br />


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14 I NEWS I<br />

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March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />




Mason Pointe seeks to change its<br />

footprint in Town & Country<br />

JOIN US<br />


Mason Pointe rendering<br />

(Source: Lawrence Group)<br />

MARCH 30 TH - APRIL 2 ND<br />


Come join us at our Spring Open House and discover an<br />

elegant array of fine furniture, home accessories, seasonal<br />

decor and more! Get 20% off of the entire store.*<br />

*Discount excludes all Mackenzie-Child’s, previous purchases, markdowns,<br />

gift certificates, shipping fees and design fees.<br />

Upcoming Events<br />

Mondays & Mimosas - Last Monday of Each Month<br />

Mother’s Day Happy Hour - May 10 th from 3 - 7 pm<br />



16935 MANCHESTER RD WILDWOOD, MO. 63040<br />

PHONE: 636.458.8033 MON-SAT 10A - 5P & SUN 12P - 4P<br />



TFHSTL<br />


Mason Pointe, a Lutheran Senior Services<br />

(LSS) assisted living and memory<br />

care facility in Town & Country, is requesting<br />

permission to tear down an existing<br />

two-story building in order to build a new<br />

three-story independent living building<br />

on its site located at 13190 S. Outer Forty<br />

Road. The expansion would accommodate<br />

underground parking and 75 independent<br />

living apartments on the floors above.<br />

LSS is also proposing to move the existing<br />

loop access road 80 feet to the south<br />

to accommodate the new building. A new<br />

three-level retaining wall would be built to<br />

accommodate moving the access road.<br />

A public hearing to discuss zoning<br />

amendments relating to the project is<br />

scheduled for Monday, March 27 at 7 p.m.<br />

at Town & Country City Hall.<br />

The new building will reduce the total<br />

number of residential units on the property<br />

by 54 units. It also will reduce the number<br />

of skilled nursing beds in the center, shifting<br />

more toward independent and assisted<br />

living scenarios.<br />

At the public hearing at last month’s<br />

Planning and Zoning (P&Z) meeting, Drew<br />

Redman, executive director of Mason<br />

Pointe, said the reduction in skilled nursing<br />

units and increase in independent living is<br />

due to shifts in the market.<br />

“Mason Pointe has a very large care<br />

center, small assisted living and now 156<br />

independent living apartments,” Redman<br />

said. “In our community we have over 130<br />

households currently on our waitlist wanting<br />

to move into the independent living.<br />

The assisted living is a similar story. We<br />

currently have a waitlist and it has remained<br />

full going back as far as 2019. A significant<br />

portion of our footprint is skilled nursing.”<br />

Redman said the new plans will also<br />

allow Mason Pointe to offer dedicated<br />

assisted living memory care units, which<br />

do not exist today on the campus. The proposed<br />

building would sit on the site of the<br />

facility’s assisted living building. Redman<br />

said the minimum age to live in the independent<br />

living apartments is 62.<br />

Some residents at the P&Z meeting<br />

expressed concern about the increased<br />

number of apartments, as Town & Country<br />

is typically against approving large apartment<br />

complexes. The concern was that if<br />

LSS closed Mason Pointe the independent<br />

living units could be converted to apartments<br />

open to the general public.<br />

Maryanne Wallace, executive director of<br />

marketing and communications for LSS,<br />

said LSS does not have any plans to walk<br />

away from serving seniors. She also said<br />

the company met with residents more than<br />

once and changed its original plans based<br />

on what residents wanted.<br />

“It’s not solely an expansion,” Wallace<br />

said. “We are renovating and repurposing<br />

existing spaces. It comes down to the<br />

fact that seniors’ needs and desires have<br />

changed. They want to age in place in<br />

assisted living or independent living. We<br />

are updating our care settings to appeal and<br />

meet the demand of seniors.”<br />

Longtime Town & Country resident Jim<br />

Newell and other neighbors also expressed<br />

concerns at the public hearing about<br />

increased traffic due to the expansion and<br />

the number of trees being removed to<br />

accommodate the renovation.<br />

“We chose to live here because of the<br />

large lots and green spaces,” Newell said.<br />

“We don’t want high capacity residential<br />

buildings. We don’t need any more nursing<br />

homes.”<br />

Lutheran Senior Services is a nonprofit,<br />

faith-based organization that provides care<br />

to seniors in multiple senior living communities<br />

in Missouri and Illinois. They have<br />

owned the location in Town & Country<br />

since 2016.

NO<br />

MEANS<br />

NO<br />

Mayor Nation and the Chesterfield City Council play fast and loose with our money. One day, they tell us<br />

the city is going broke, and that we must pass a new sales tax on Internet purchases. Fact: Chesterfield’s<br />

revenue has grown by 16.5%, and its expenses have grown by 17% in two years.<br />

City of Chesterfield Budget Numbers<br />

Fiscal<br />

Year<br />

2021<br />

20<strong>23</strong><br />

Budgeted<br />

Revenue<br />

$38 MM*<br />

$44.3 MM**<br />

Budgeted<br />

Expenses<br />

$38.75 MM*<br />

$45.34 MM**<br />

*Page 38, 2021 City of Chesterfield Annual Budget<br />

**Page 38, 20<strong>23</strong> City of Chesterfield Annual Budget<br />

The next day, Mayor Nation and his Council gave away $353 million in Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) to<br />

Staenberg Group. Parkway School District estimates the TIF will cost them $<strong>22</strong>0 million, and Dillard’s has<br />

filed a lawsuit against the City of Chesterfield alleging “collusion” between the city and the developers.<br />

Prop U is a new Chesterfield tax that punishes everyone who shops on the Internet for products they<br />

can’t find in local stores. It’s a money grab, and the City Council is spending up to $15,000 of taxpayer<br />

money to “educate” you about this new sales tax. And, they spent $7,500 to “educate” you last year.<br />

So much for fiscal responsibility. Tell the out-of-touch, tax-and-spend Mayor and Chesterfield City Council<br />

a new sales tax is wrong-headed. Fiscal responsibility is the best way to manage Chesterfield’s finances.<br />

Nation and his council have a spending problem not a revenue problem.<br />

Tell Nation and the Council you’re keeping your money.<br />


LOCAL<br />

UUSE TAX<br />

Vote NO<br />

Again<br />

April 4th

16 I<br />

March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />



ELECTION PREVIEW, from page 10<br />

home owners association board, as well as<br />

our first HOA and have been a member of<br />

the Clarkson Valley Board of Aldermen for<br />

the last five years. I enjoyed a 20-plus year<br />

career with Anheuser-Busch, managing the<br />

advertising accounts and related budgets for<br />

the SeaWorld Parks. During this period, I<br />

raised two children while my husband was<br />

often deployed as a pilot in the U.S. Air<br />

Force and Missouri Air National Guard.<br />

2. Clarkson Valley is one of the safest<br />

cities in St. Louis County. I would like to<br />

focus on this by forming a trustee/resident<br />

panel to address any concerns that may result<br />

from the increased crime from other areas.<br />

I would also like to install “Flock cameras,”<br />

which can help to identify vehicles<br />

entering/exiting, in and around Clarkson<br />

Valley. We continue to encourage in-person<br />

attendance by the residents at our township<br />

meetings and I hope to improve communications<br />

transparently and accessibly with<br />

new technology, which would make all future<br />

meetings more available using online<br />

and/or on streaming platforms. As a board,<br />

we are careful and deliberate stewards of<br />

our Resident’s money, endeavoring to treat<br />

all our neighborhoods as equitably as possible.<br />

I am also exploring other options that<br />

might be available to aid in funding local<br />

improvements.<br />

3. Our council works well together;<br />

while we differ in opinions, we do so professionally<br />

and in a collaborative manner,<br />

to arrive at viable solutions. My husband<br />

and I are St. Louis natives and have lived<br />

in Kehrs Mill Estates for 36 years. Our<br />

children attended Visitation and Chaminade,<br />

and graduated from Marquette High<br />

school. We are a military family. My father,<br />

husband and son proudly represent 75<br />

years of voluntary military service in the<br />

Army, Air Force and Marines. I understand<br />

the value of service. I am passionate about<br />

my commitment to the city of Clarkson<br />

Valley and maintaining the spirit and character<br />

that initially attracted us. I have the<br />

passion to serve and experience to do so.<br />

It would be an honor and my privilege to<br />

serve as Clarkson Valley’s next mayor.<br />

Mayor • Lin Midyett<br />

1. I have lived in Clarkson Valley for<br />

nearly 30 years. During this time, I have<br />

been involved in community service for almost<br />

the entire time, beginning on my subdivision’s<br />

home owners association. I was<br />

on the board for approximately 15 years,<br />

the last five of which, I served as president.<br />

In 2010, I was elected to Clarkson Valley’s<br />

City Council and have served continuously<br />

since. Presently, I am president of the<br />

council. In addition, I serve on the council’s<br />

investment committee and chair of the<br />

ARPA funds committee. My educational<br />

background includes a master’s in business<br />

administration. I have held executive<br />



leadership positions for most of my career.<br />

2. My top priority is to maintain a strong<br />

public safety program in Clarkson Valley.<br />

Nothing has more importance than the<br />

safety of our citizens and our environment.<br />

A second priority is to provide a sound fiscal<br />

program. With our low tax rates, we<br />

must continue to monitor our expenditures<br />

wisely while providing the services<br />

required of the city. A final priority is to assure<br />

that the ARPA funds are distributed as<br />

fairly and equitably as possible to benefit<br />

the most Clarkson Valley residents while<br />

complying with federal guidelines.<br />

3. My wife, Lynne, and I have lived in<br />

Clarkson Valley for almost 30 years. We<br />

have two adult daughters, Andrea and<br />

Katherine, both of whom are Marquette<br />

High graduates. We have been blessed with<br />

five granddaughters. Three are in the Rockwood<br />

District and two are in the Webster<br />

Groves system. If elected, I aim to engage<br />

the community for specific improvements,<br />

such as working with the state to build<br />

sidewalks along Clarkson Road and, with<br />

St. Louis County, along a stretch of Kehrs<br />

Mill Road. Both are certainly needed. It<br />

would be an honor to serve as Clarkson<br />

Valley’s mayor.<br />

Mayor • Brad Johnson<br />

1. I have been a resident of St. Louis for<br />

29 years. Retired from a successful career<br />

in business and civic interests where I held<br />

senior management positions in both. My<br />

work as a corporate director at Sigma-Aldrich<br />

taught me leadership, business and<br />

organizational skills that I bring to city<br />

government. My positions with the Boy<br />

Scouts of America (Scoutmaster, District<br />

Commissioner) taught me ethical, communication<br />

and team building skills as<br />

well. I have served as president and trustee<br />

of a home owners association for 24 years<br />

where I learned the importance of elected<br />

officials representing their residents.<br />

2. My priorities are: Not to let $500,000<br />

federal ARPA funds that are sitting idle, go<br />

to waste but rather use them on projects to<br />

benefit city residents and businesses. Develop<br />

a partnership between the city and<br />

the subdivisions to identify ideas and projects<br />

to keep Clarkson Valley great. Request<br />

the aldermen, who make all city decisions,<br />

forge stronger relationships with the residents<br />

and businesses in their wards. Establish<br />

two-way, on-going communication<br />

with all residents so that everyone is aware<br />

of what the city is doing. Forge stronger<br />

ties with St. Louis County and state government<br />

to ensure the city has access to all<br />

services and funding available.<br />

3. Clarkson Valley is one of the best cities<br />

in Missouri and I believe that the role of<br />

our mayor is to serve and support the residents<br />

and businesses … not to control or<br />

manage them. That requires regular communication,<br />

transparency, an open mind<br />

to new ideas, urgency and integrity. If you



believe, as I do, that it is time for a mayor<br />

focussed on the people, vote for Brad Johnson<br />

in April.<br />

Ward 1 • Andrew R. Low<br />

1. My experience in government budgeting,<br />

technology and procurement make me<br />

an ideal candidate for this position. I currently<br />

serve on the Clarkson Valley Planning<br />

and Zoning Commission and am prepared<br />

for the increased involvement associated<br />

with alderman. I am committed to the betterment<br />

of Clarkson Valley and its residents.<br />

2. First, I will increase transparency and<br />

communication with residents about city<br />

plans, regulations, changes, and approval<br />

processes. This includes the creation of<br />

a social media presence for the city and<br />

helping clarify the difference between city<br />

and home owner association responsibilities.<br />

Second, I will explore opportunities to<br />

introduce new technology to city systems<br />

such as an updated website and public<br />

share drive for documents. Third, I will<br />

introduce a systematic approach to budgeting<br />

and procurements to maximize value<br />

to residents for all city purchases, including<br />

the disbursement of currently unused<br />

federal funds.<br />

3. I live in Kehrs Mill Estates with my<br />

wife and two children. We consciously selected<br />

Clarkson Valley as the place to raise<br />

our family after finding our forever home. I<br />

am a registered professional engineer, local<br />

real estate investor, enthusiastic little league<br />

March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />


coach and current member of the Clarkson<br />

Valley Planning and Zoning Commission.<br />

Ward 1 • John F. Orbe<br />

1. I have been vice president of the Kehrs<br />

Mill Estates Board since 2020. I am vice<br />

president of Government Education Medical<br />

sector of U.S. Theater, which includes<br />

engagements with state and local governments<br />

across the United States.<br />

2. My priorities are: Ensuring and advocating<br />

best investments in solutions for<br />

Clarkson Valley. Elevating the value of our<br />

properties and their curb appeal. Levering<br />

federal, state and county programs to the<br />

benefit of Clarkson Valley residents.<br />

3. I have been a Clarkson Valley resident<br />

since 2003 and am a graduate of St. Louis<br />

University.<br />

Ward 2 • Honora Schiller*<br />

1. I have been a Clarkson Valley alderman<br />

for over 20 years. I have served on<br />

Planning and Zoning Commission since<br />

2012. I have also served as the president<br />

of the Board of Aldermen. I have a deep<br />

understanding of our ordinances. I have a<br />

Bachelor’s of Science degree and credits<br />

toward an MBA. I was a laboratory manager<br />

for 13 years.<br />

2. My top three priorities if elected are:<br />

Keep costs down so there is no increase in<br />

taxes. Maintain high levels of city services<br />

including police protection and trash pickup.<br />

Assure any new ordinances have a positive<br />

effect on property values and quality of life.<br />

3. My husband and I have lived in Clarkson<br />

Valley for 40 years and raised our<br />

three sons here. Our sons graduated from<br />

Marquette High. I know the importance of<br />

keeping residents informed and listening to<br />

their concerns.<br />

Ward 2 • Christine Hoffman – Candidate<br />

did not reply by deadline.<br />

CREVE COEUR • City Council<br />

Ward 1 • Mark Manlin*<br />

Ward 2 • Tim Carney*<br />

Ward 3 • David Z. Hoffman*<br />

Ward 4 • Joseph Martinich*<br />

DES PERES • Board of Aldermen<br />

Ward 1 • James H. Osherow Jr.*<br />

Ward 2 • Jim Kleinschmidt*<br />

Ward 3 • Sean P. Concagh*<br />

ELLISVILLE • City Council<br />

District 1 • Marilyn Niebling<br />

1. I moved to Ellisville in 2014 having<br />

worked here many years prior. I became interested<br />

in city government and have rarely<br />

missed a Planning and Zoning (P&Z)<br />

Commission or City Council meeting in<br />

the last four to five years. In 2019 I was appointed<br />

to the P&Z where I currently serve.<br />

I believe I have shown that I care, I listen,<br />

and as a former librarian, can and will do<br />

the research to make informed, thoughtful<br />

decisions on matters affecting Ellisville’s<br />

citizens.<br />

2. I would work to build on Ellisville’s<br />

strengths by encouraging responsible development<br />

while maintaining a safe community<br />

with a neighborhood feel. I’d also<br />

work to promote a culture of community<br />

support for small businesses and to improve<br />

the range and quality of our city’s<br />

already fine amenities and services. Additionally<br />

I’d work to find new ways to<br />

promote resident involvement in city processes<br />

and programs.<br />

3. Over the years I have demonstrated<br />

a service-oriented approach to my community,<br />

whether it be as a home owners<br />

association board member, a volunteer at<br />

church, in my city, or professionally as a<br />

social worker and then librarian. If elected<br />

I pledge to continue my service to the city<br />

of Ellisville and “do the work” to faithfully<br />

represent District 1.<br />

District 1 • Emily Laboube<br />

1. As a long time resident of Ellisville, I<br />

am invested in my community and have<br />

taken on many volunteer opportunities, including<br />

serving on the Ellisville Park Board.<br />

In my professional career, I am charged with<br />

taking the concerns and input of families in<br />

my district and finding unique solutions and<br />

opportunities. I will use that same skill set to<br />

serve on the council.<br />

2. My priorities are: To make sure the<br />

voices of district one are heard when de-<br />

See ELECTION PREVIEW, page 44<br />

3 MODELS<br />


The Element,<br />

Comfort Cruiser<br />

and Avenue<br />

$1,995<br />

plus tax<br />



$2,995<br />

plus tax<br />

Pedego Interceptor<br />

RIDE<br />




ASSIST<br />

Test ride in a<br />

welcoming environment<br />

before you purchase.<br />


www.PedegoStLouis.com<br />

801 South Holmes<br />

St. Louis 631<strong>22</strong><br />

314.698.2433<br />


18 I<br />

March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />


The Education<br />

Report — —<br />

School board basics<br />




The April 4 municipal elections are<br />

quickly approaching and with school<br />

boards facing hot button topics over the<br />

last few years, voters are becoming more<br />

divided on issues. Some say this particular<br />

election is more important than ever,<br />

but why and how much do voters really<br />

know about the role of a school board? For<br />

instance, how much power does a school<br />

board director have; and what are a director’s<br />

responsibilities?<br />

Here’s a look at school board basics.<br />

Non-Partisan<br />

When someone files to run for a school<br />

board seat, they do not declare a political<br />

party affiliation, explained Phyllis Barks,<br />

associate executive director for leadership<br />

development at the Missouri School Board<br />

Association (MSBA), a nonprofit resource<br />

for public school boards.<br />

“They are a nonpartisan election process,”<br />

Barks said. “Historically that has been<br />

intentional to not politicize the benefit of<br />

the seat. The focus is on student well-being<br />

and education.”<br />

Barks leads MSBA training sessions for<br />

new school board directors. In addition to<br />

board member training, MSBA provides<br />

comprehensive policy support, legal assistance<br />

and superintendent search guidance<br />

among other services.<br />

Responsibilities & Policies<br />

According to the MSBA, the basic<br />

responsibilities of board members are:<br />

• To establish the goals and vision of the<br />

district with input from the community,<br />

and evaluate the results. • To develop and<br />

approve rules and policies to help students<br />

succeed. • To hire, supervise and evaluate<br />

the superintendent, who is the only<br />

employee that reports to the board. • To<br />

approve the budget proposed by the superintendent<br />

that ensures funding supports<br />

district goals. • To share district information<br />

with local legislators and the community<br />

to secure resources for student success.<br />

Districts are governed by state laws and<br />

regulations through policies that are set by<br />

the school board. It is up to the superintendent<br />

and district administration to implement<br />

the policy as they see fit. According<br />

to Barks, the school board is a collective<br />

authority.<br />

“For it to cause action it requires a<br />

quorum of the board to make a decision,”<br />

Barks said. “Members are acting on behalf<br />

of the citizens who elected (them) to make<br />

decisions for the district. Governance leadership<br />

is the view of what’s best for all of<br />

our students to help direct the district; then<br />

we hire the people with the expertise to<br />

figure out how to get that work done.”<br />

She said it’s important for a board to<br />

monitor how they are doing in relation<br />

to the goals of their district, but without<br />

micromanaging school administrators,<br />

principals and teachers.<br />

“It’s hard to keep that big picture view<br />

of the entire district if you are engaged<br />

in the day-to-day operations,” Barks said.<br />

“If they’re not having the big picture view,<br />

who is?”<br />

Dr. Keith Kinder, school board director<br />

in Rockwood since 2011, said it’s important<br />

to let teachers and administrators do<br />

their jobs.<br />

“We don’t walk in and say, ‘Here teach<br />

this curriculum,’” Kinder said. “Our job<br />

is to make sure the director of curriculum<br />

hires the right people (to design the curriculum).<br />

She’s the one with the degree in<br />

curriculum. Our job is not to go around and<br />

tell people to, ‘Do this, don’t do that.’ Our<br />

job is to help them to do their best in their<br />

job.”<br />

Kinder is a former teacher and principal<br />

in Rockwood and currently works at<br />

Maryville University training teachers.<br />

The school board is only responsible for<br />

hiring the district superintendent. It then<br />

trusts the superintendent to carry out the<br />

district’s vision, mission and goals.<br />

“Principals and teachers are in the buildings<br />

and classrooms,” Barks said. “Each of<br />

them play an important role in leadership<br />

in their particular focus. As we talk about<br />

staying in our lane, it helps us do our job<br />

more effectively if you’re focused on your<br />

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March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />


I 19<br />

“As a small business owner and community advocate with<br />

previous experience as a Fire District Director, I have the<br />

knowledge and expertise to provide transparent leadership<br />

and the good governance that our residents deserve.”<br />


Fire Chief (ret.) Cary Spiegel<br />

Monarch Board of Directors: Jean Millner • Robin Harris • Rick Gans<br />

Learn more at<br />

graceharvey4monarch.com<br />


Paid for by Grace Harvey for Monarch, Treasurer Katherine Marmulstein

20 I SCHOOLS I<br />

March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />




Parkway students step their way to<br />

top honors in national competition<br />

You may be surprised to hear<br />

that intense exercise is highly<br />

recommended for a progressive<br />

disorder such as Parkinson's<br />

Disease (PD). In fact, research<br />

has shown that this is the<br />

approach that is most successful.<br />

Whether exercising in a group<br />

setting, with a physical therapist,<br />

or on your own, people with PD<br />

have some unique needs that<br />

must be taken into consideration.<br />

The following guidelines should<br />

be strongly focused on and<br />

prioritized when designing your<br />

workout:<br />

High Effort Workouts<br />

Complex Movements<br />

Big Movements<br />

Whole Body Exercises<br />

Upright Posture<br />

Intense workouts may sound<br />

challenging for people with PD.<br />

Since PD is a progressive<br />

condition, meaning it gets worse<br />

the longer you have it, you're not<br />

only fighting back against the<br />

normal aging process, but PD as<br />

well. Intense exercise allows you<br />

to stay active and independent. If<br />

you want to learn more about<br />

how to manage the symptoms of<br />

PD, we've put together this FREE<br />

Guide<br />



READ<br />



To show how PD specific<br />

exercise is truly one of the best<br />

things you can do to manage<br />

your symptoms and slow down<br />

the progression of the disease.<br />

Inside you'll learn:<br />

The primary and secondary<br />

symptoms of PD.<br />

How exercise manages all<br />

of your Parkinson's<br />

symptoms.<br />

The most important things<br />

to get in your exercise<br />

routine.<br />

The top recommendations<br />

for managing PD long-term.<br />

AND much more!<br />

This guide is available to you<br />

absolutely FREE of charge! To<br />

claim your copy, simply call our<br />

office at (314) 939-1377 or go<br />

online to our website at<br />

www.housefitstl.com/parkinsons<br />

-journey to download the guide<br />

directly to your computer.<br />

A Free 1-on-1 assessment with<br />

one of our PD experts can help<br />

you on this journey if you're not<br />

sure where to begin.<br />

3809 Lemay Ferry Rd.<br />

Saint Louis, MO 63125<br />

(314) 939-1377<br />

info@housefitstl.com<br />

HouseFit www.housefitstl.com<br />

Parkway Step team at the recent STEPMETHEUS competition in Lakeland, Florida.<br />

(Photo provided)<br />


The Parkway Step Team took home first<br />

place in the high school division while<br />

the middle school team took third in their<br />

respective division at the recent STEP-<br />

METHEUS competition in Lakeland,<br />

Florida.<br />

“This was unchartered territory,” Parkway<br />

step team director Gina Covington-<br />

James said of the national competition<br />

where the team faced almost 30 competitors.<br />

“The South is very serious (about<br />

step) and very competitive.”<br />

Stepping is a form of complex, synchronized,<br />

percussive dance rooted in fraternity<br />

and sorority culture at historically black<br />

colleges and universities.<br />

According to Covington-James, teams<br />

have one shot to perform their best in a routine<br />

at the competition. They were judged<br />

on intro, appearance, energy, precision,<br />

team synchronicity, formations, transitions,<br />

complexity, vocal clarity, originality and<br />

outro (conclusion).<br />

Covington-James, who is also a business<br />

and technology teacher, served as assistant<br />

director of the step team from 2009-20<strong>22</strong><br />

until she became the director. However,<br />

step teams have been a part of Parkway<br />

longer than her involvement.<br />

“Parkway had step teams in the early<br />

2000s on and off,” Covington-James<br />

explained. Parkway South High brought<br />

them back, and building manager BJ James,<br />

who happens to be Covington-James’ husband,<br />

was asked to serve as the sponsor.<br />

“It’s hard to get a sponsor and they don’t<br />

stick so they came to him,” she said.<br />

She said that the two of them started<br />

attending the kids’ step shows and after<br />

about the third one she told him she thought<br />

it was something he should do. He asked<br />

for her help, and she agreed.<br />

In 2014, Parkway started the district high<br />

school step team. The following year they<br />

added the district middle school team. “We<br />

take kids from all five high schools and all<br />

five middle schools,” she said.<br />

They are still rebuilding from COVID,<br />

but they currently have 37 kids on the high<br />

school team and 25 on the middle school<br />

team. The team’s retention rate is good, as<br />

many kids have been on the team 3-7 years.<br />

The traveling competitive team practices<br />

on Saturdays and some Sunday’s from<br />

September through April.<br />

Team members must try out, just like the<br />

cheer or dance teams at schools. Students<br />

learn a step, chant, poem and a routine that<br />

they must perform before a panel of judges.<br />

“The poem is a motto that we live by,” she<br />

explained. “Every time they think they can<br />

give up we make them say it.”<br />

Tryouts for next year are coming up on<br />

March 29-April 2 at Northeast Middle.<br />

Information on tryouts and an application<br />

can be found at bit.ly/tryouts<strong>23</strong>. She says<br />

they would like to have more boys on the<br />

team, as well as more diversity. “It’s not<br />

just for kids of color,” she said.<br />

Covington-James also invites everyone<br />

to come to their next competition on April<br />

<strong>22</strong> at Parkway <strong>West</strong>. She said there will be<br />

high school, middle school and elementary<br />

school teams from Illinois, Kentucky and<br />

South Carolina, as well as some new local<br />



MARCH <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />

CARDINALS PREVIEW 20<strong>23</strong> 21<br />


CARDINALS PREVIEW 20<strong>23</strong><br />


How do you replace history? The 20<strong>22</strong><br />

Cardinals rode an amazing second half<br />

surge – led by feel good final seasons from<br />

first ballot Hall of Famers Yadier Molina<br />

and Albert Pujols – to 93 wins and a division<br />

championship. The final homestand<br />

where Pujols and Molina were feted and<br />

festooned will live forever in the memory<br />

of Redbirds fans.<br />

Well, the memories will last forever.<br />

The feel-good part ended about the time<br />

shortstop Dansby Swanson signed with<br />

the Cubs.<br />

Truth is, the Cardinals didn’t do very<br />

much this offseason. They filled their biggest<br />

need with the best available option,<br />

signing catcher Willson Contreras. Then,<br />

the front office went to Ballpark Village<br />

and drank Budweiser.<br />

Truth is, in our opinion, the Cardinals<br />

were very, very smart to not do much this<br />

offseason. The market for shortstops, outfielders<br />

and starting pitchers was bloated<br />

and top heavy. Instead, the Redbirds enter<br />

20<strong>23</strong> with a level of roster flexibility that<br />

they haven’t had in quite some time. Their<br />

three superstar infielders (Contreras, Paul<br />

Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado) have<br />

all been paid. Jack Flaherty either will or<br />

won’t earn a new contract. Miles Mikolas<br />

will probably earn a new contract, albeit a<br />

relatively modest one. The entire outfield<br />

is in a “prove it” situation. The prospect<br />

pool remains intact.<br />

They even have the feel-good part taken<br />

care of. This is Adam Wainwright’s final<br />

year. He will have the whole of the season<br />

to be feted and festooned just like Yadi and<br />

Albert were.<br />

How do you replace history? With more<br />

history. Man, it’s good to be a Cardinals fan.<br />

PROVE IT<br />

The entire projected starting outfield for<br />

the Cardinals has something to prove. Can<br />

they return to form (Tyler O’Neil)? Can<br />

they be more than pretty good (Dylan Carlson)?<br />

Can they break out (Jordan Walker<br />

and Lars Nootbar)? It is a great advantage<br />

to have four highly motivated potential<br />

stars for three spots, plus the DH position.<br />

Make no mistake about it, each one of<br />

those names is a potential star. O’Neill<br />

mashed 34 home runs in 2021, then battled<br />

injuries all last season. No word on<br />

whether those injuries were caused by the<br />

muscular left fielder lifting semi-trucks<br />

in his spare time, but Tyler revamped his<br />

offseason workout program in an effort to<br />

stay healthy this year.<br />

Carlson battled injuries last year as well.<br />

He also battled to find a groove against<br />

right-handed pitchers. Dylan hit just .207<br />

and slugged a paltry .339 against righties<br />

last year, while teeing off on lefties. If he<br />

can merely return to his 2021 numbers<br />

against RHP (.243/.411), then Carlson<br />

becomes a superstar.<br />

The Cardinals haven’t had a prospect<br />

like Jordan Walker in quite some time. The<br />

20-year-old physical specimen enters 20<strong>23</strong><br />

as one of the top five prospects in all of<br />

baseball. He is by no means a lock to make<br />

the opening day roster, but when he does<br />

join the big club he could lock up an outfield<br />

spot for the next 10 years. Walker hit<br />

.306 with 19 homers at AA Springfield last<br />

year. He sure looks ready to break out.<br />

Throw last year’s breakout performer<br />

Lars Nootbar into this mix as well.<br />

Advanced metrics love Nootbar. He gets<br />

on base. He hits for power. He is an adequate<br />

but not great outfielder. Nootbar is<br />

likely to make his biggest contribution at<br />

DH this year and will have to share time<br />

there with Nolan Gorman and Walker. If<br />

Noot(!) Can get 100 more at bats this<br />

year, he is also capable of turning into<br />

a star.<br />

PROVEN<br />

It’s pretty hard to say anything new<br />

about Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado.<br />

These two are perfect Cardinals.<br />

They are champions. They do everything<br />

right, every day, every time. They are hardworking<br />

and humble.<br />

While it’s an impossible comparison to<br />

live up to, these two are the best pair of<br />

Cards corner infielders since Scott Rolen<br />

and Albert Pujols. Arenado just played<br />

in his 10th season and showed signs not<br />

of decline, but improvement. He struck<br />

out fewer times than he ever has in a full<br />

season, while still depositing 30 balls into<br />

the cheap seats.<br />

Now, he did post the third worst fielding<br />

(Lou Countryman photo)<br />

percentage of his career. Of course, that<br />

was still good enough to earn him his 10th<br />

Gold Glove.<br />

In regards to Goldschmidt, we can say,<br />

well, the exact same things. Goldy posted<br />

the second highest OPS of his career last<br />

year. He did not win a Gold Glove, but he<br />

did take home the National League MVP<br />

so we can probably let that slide.<br />

The new guy, Willson Contreras, is<br />

another pro’s pro. The trouble Contreras<br />

will have is that he is replacing the ultimate<br />

pro’s pro in Yadier Molina. While<br />

this will not be easy, Redbird fans need<br />

to wipe their memory clean of Yadi and<br />

give Contreras a fair shot to win the hearts<br />

and minds of Cardinal Nation. We know<br />

for sure that Contreras will hit better<br />

and catch worse than Molina. Those are<br />

givens. Contreras boasts significant offensive<br />

pop from the catcher position, which<br />

is a nice luxury.<br />

Here is what else we know: Contreras<br />

is not the “pitcher whisperer” that Molina<br />

was. To be clear, no other catcher in the<br />

world is either. Molina was a special presence<br />

to the pitching staffs he worked with,<br />

and that can never be replaced. Defensively,<br />

Contreras is average. He is working<br />

with a veteran pitching staff and a proven<br />

See CARDINALS PREVIEW, page 39<br />

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<strong>22</strong> MARCH <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />


CARDINALS PREVIEW 20<strong>23</strong><br />

It’s Spring at Timberwinds Nursery<br />

NEW ERA<br />

Contreras settles<br />

in behind plate<br />


New Plants Arriving Daily<br />

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Experience<br />

the Difference<br />


Willson Contreras knows he has big<br />

cleats to fill.<br />

For the first time in nearly two decades,<br />

there will be a new catcher hunkering down<br />

behind home plate for the St. Louis Cardinals.<br />

The position has been masterfully<br />

manned by fan favorite Yadier Molina,<br />

who retired in November.<br />

In the offseason, free agent Contreras<br />

signed a five-year contract with the Cardinals.<br />

The contract is worth a guaranteed<br />

$87.5 million.<br />

Contreras, 30, received a no-trade clause<br />

in the deal. He is the highest paid freeagent<br />

player ever signed by the Cardinals<br />

who was not previously with the team.<br />

“I came here to help this team any way<br />

to win games,” Contreras said in a press<br />

conference announcing his signing.<br />

President of Baseball Operations John<br />

Mozeliak said Contreras fills a big need for<br />

St. Louis.<br />

“Willson is a proven All-Star performer<br />

who is driven to win each and every day,”<br />

Mozeliak said. “The Cardinals have had a<br />

lengthy history of standout catchers, and<br />

we feel that Willson is someone who is<br />

capable of adding his name to that distinguished<br />

list in the years to come.”<br />

Contreras played his first seven big<br />

league seasons, and four postseasons (30<br />

Willson Contreras<br />

games) with the Chicago Cubs. He has<br />

appeared in 734 games, batting .256 with<br />

117 home runs, 365 RBI and an on-base<br />

percentage of .349, ranking third among<br />

all primary catchers in on-base percentage<br />

since arriving in the Major Leagues in<br />

2016. Defensively, he ranks second among<br />

all active Major League catchers with 25<br />

pickoffs and has the most since 2016.<br />

A native of Puerto Caballo, Venezuela,<br />

Contreras helped win a World Series in<br />

2016. He was named as the starting catcher<br />

for the National League All-Star team in<br />

2018, 2019 and 20<strong>22</strong>.<br />

He joins the Cardinals coming off of a<br />

solid season in which he belted <strong>22</strong> home<br />

runs and drove in 55 runs.<br />

“First things first: No one could ever<br />

replace Yadier Molina. We all know that,”<br />

Contreras said. “It’s impossible. Actually,<br />

if there’s some word that means even more<br />

than the word impossible … that’s what it<br />

is. Yadier Molina is a legend.”<br />

Cardinals Nation agrees.<br />

See CONTRERAS, page 40<br />

“Every one of the team members here is<br />

so sweet, courteous, and professional. Personally<br />

I have terrible anxiety with dental visits, but my<br />

visit here was so incredible I would recommend<br />

this team to everyone I know. It was the most<br />

welcoming, comfortable, and gentle experience<br />

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$99 not valid for patients with gum disease.<br />

Dr. Kimberly Simonds & Associates<br />

14649 Manchester Road | Ballwin<br />

636-<strong>22</strong>7-2552<br />

Major League Baseball’s new rules<br />

So you don’t get confused this<br />

season, there are some new rules you<br />

need to be aware of that will change<br />

the game from how it’s been played.<br />

First, there will be a pitch timer.<br />

The basics of this is to create a crisper<br />

pace of play. A 30-second timer will<br />

be used between batters. Then, a<br />

15-second timer will be used between<br />

each pitch with the bases empty and a<br />

20-second timer will be used between<br />

each pitch with runners on base.<br />

The dreaded shift is no more. When<br />

a pitch is thrown, the defensive team<br />

must have a minimum of four players<br />

within the outer boundary of<br />

the infield, with at least two infielders<br />

completely on either side of<br />

second base. The penalty will be an<br />

automatic ball. The rule is aimed at<br />

showcasing the athleticism of middle<br />

infielders and restoring more traditional<br />

outcomes on balls in play.<br />

The bases this season will be 18<br />

inches on each side instead of the<br />

traditional 15 inches per side. This<br />

will allow players more room to<br />

operate around the bases to reduce<br />

the risk of injury (there was a 13%<br />

decline in injuries near the bases in<br />

the Minor Leagues last year). This<br />

could also encourage runners to<br />

be more aggressive on stolen-base<br />

attempts. The expectation is that the<br />

enlarged bases, by shortening the<br />

distance from first to second and<br />

second to third by 4½ inches, will<br />

also reduce injuries.










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DES PERES BRANCH | 11697 Manchester Road | Des Peres, MO 63131 | 314-626-6788<br />

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*A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. Fees could reduce earnings on the account.<br />

* Rates subject to change. Rates accurate as of March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong>.<br />

**APY = Annual Percentage Yield

24 MARCH <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />


CARDINALS PREVIEW 20<strong>23</strong><br />


MVP Paul Goldschmidt looking to repeat stellar career year<br />


St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Paul<br />

Goldschmidt enjoyed his finest season in<br />

the major leagues in 20<strong>22</strong> and is looking to<br />

make 20<strong>23</strong> just as productive.<br />

At long last, Goldschmidt captured his<br />

first National League MVP Award. He<br />

twice (2013 and 2015) was a runner-up and<br />

a top-six finisher five times for the prestigious<br />

award.<br />

“I’m always driven,” Goldschmidt said.<br />

“You know what you have to do and you<br />

always want to do your best. I always prepare<br />

for next year and to get better.”<br />

He had a career year in 20<strong>22</strong> that was<br />

capped by being named the MVP. Don’t<br />

think that thought will go to his head.<br />

“It hasn’t changed me,” Goldschmidt<br />

said. “It was awesome. It was amazing.<br />

I’m thankful for it. If I hadn’t of won, it’s<br />

not like my life would have been a disappointment.<br />

It was great. It was a great year.”<br />

He is the 18th MVP the Cardinals have<br />

had in their storied history. Goldschmidt<br />

is the first Cardinal to win the award since<br />

Albert Pujols won it back-to-back in 2008<br />

and 2009.<br />

“Two things keep coming to mind, “<br />

Goldschmidt said. “... if you try to get<br />

better every day, over a long period of time,<br />

amazing things can happen, things no one<br />

else thought possible. Winning the MVP is<br />

beyond my wildest dreams.<br />

“The second thing that keeps coming to<br />

mind is how much God has blessed me and<br />

surrounded me by such amazing people.<br />

For me, it starts with my family, my parents,<br />

my wife, her family, a lot of people<br />

in this room. I have coaches going back<br />

to Little League who<br />

probably don’t know<br />

what effect they’ve<br />

had on me.<br />

“The coolest thing<br />

about this award is<br />

all the text messages<br />

and calls I got, I was<br />

able to text them back<br />

and say you don’t<br />

know the impact you<br />

had on my career. It<br />

wouldn’t have been<br />

possible without you. People have done<br />

great things for me, and hopefully we can<br />

do that for other people.”<br />

Goldschmidt, 35, made a serious run at<br />

the NL Triple Crown last year. He led the<br />

Paul Goldschmidt<br />

(Lou Countryman photo)<br />

NL with a .578 slugging percentage and<br />

a .981 OPS. He finished in the top five in<br />

most of the significant offensive categories,<br />

with 35 home runs, 115 runs batted in and<br />

a .317 batting average.<br />

The statistics showed he played well.<br />

What they don’t show is how much he<br />

enjoyed himself.<br />

“It was probably the most fun year I had<br />

as well,” Goldschmidt said. “Those are<br />

two different things – your best year and<br />

your most fun. For those to line up is very<br />

special. Hopefully, there’s an even better<br />

year, more fun year, and definitely a more<br />

fun ending. That’s the goal.”<br />

The MVP honor capped off a big year<br />

of awards for Goldschmidt. He also was<br />

the winner of the NL’s Hank Aaron, Silver<br />

Slugger, MLBPA’s Most Outstanding<br />

Player and the MLB Retired Players Association’s<br />

Heart & Hustle awards.<br />

“20<strong>22</strong> was a special year for a lot of<br />

players,” said Cardinals pitcher Jack Flaherty.<br />

“Albert chasing 700, the year Nolan<br />

(Arenado) put together, the year the team<br />

had, but Goldy was the standout. He led us<br />

from the start, and we wouldn’t have been<br />

in the position we were in if not for him.<br />

He also should have won the Gold Glove at<br />

first base. It was special. The MVP is what<br />

everybody wanted, but this one shows<br />

players absolutely agreed that he was the<br />

best player in the National League for the<br />

See GOLDSCHMIDT, page 26<br />






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Jordan Walker: Top prospect<br />

For 20-year-old Jordan Walker,<br />

spring training has been all about<br />

showing Cardinals skipper Oli<br />

Marmol that he has what it takes to<br />

jump from AA ball to the Big Leagues.<br />

The 6-foot-5, <strong>22</strong>0-pound Walker<br />

had a big year for<br />

Double-A Springfield<br />

in 20<strong>22</strong>. He hit .304<br />

with 19 home runs, <strong>22</strong><br />

steals, 68 RBI and 100<br />

runs in 119 games. He<br />

then played well in the<br />

Arizona Fall League.<br />

Walker made his professional<br />

debut in 2021.<br />

Playing in Class-A and<br />

High-A, he excelled. In 82 games<br />

between those two levels, he hit 14<br />

home runs and stole 14 bases, leading<br />

to an excellent .317.<br />

“I’m ready to get going,” Walker<br />

said. “I’m ready to try to make the<br />

team.”<br />

In early March, Marmol told John<br />

Denton of MLB.com, “I don’t know<br />

what the tipping point is, but he’s continuing<br />

to show he’s capable,” Marmol<br />

said. “We went into this camp saying<br />

GOLDSCHMIDT, from page 24<br />


there is going to be real competition<br />

and that’s what he is making this – a<br />

real competition. He’s come in ready,<br />

and I’m enjoying watching it.”<br />

At that point he had 12 hits that<br />

included two doubles and three home<br />

runs. Good numbers<br />

but with still a good<br />

deal of camp ahead of<br />

him.<br />

Prior to the start of<br />

spring training, Walker<br />

had caught the eye of<br />

Cardinals chairman Bill<br />

DeWitt Jr., who classified<br />

him as “a great<br />

Jordan Walker<br />

prospect, in every way.”<br />

“I’ve checked in with those who<br />

have seen him and worked with him,<br />

and the first thing I say is, ‘He looks<br />

like a pretty good player.’ And they<br />

say, ‘He’s a great kid.’ He checks<br />

all the boxes, DeWitt said. “He is<br />

admired by his teammates. He’s a<br />

winner. Big talent. It’s very exciting<br />

to have a player like that. At 20 years<br />

old, he’s knocking on the door of the<br />

big leagues.”<br />

– Warren Mayes<br />

entire year. It was nothing short of phenomenal.”<br />

Veteran pitcher Adam Wainwright agreed<br />

that Goldschmidt is an example for others<br />

to emulate.<br />

“Goldy might have started somewhere<br />

else but it seems like he’s always been a<br />

Cardinal. He just seems like the perfect<br />

Cardinal in every way, shape, or form,”<br />

Wainwright said.<br />

Arenado and Goldschmidt are good<br />

friends. Arenado, who finished third in<br />

the MVP balloting, quipped about Goldschdmidt<br />

robbing him of some RBIs last<br />

season.<br />

“He was unbelievable,” Arenado said.<br />

“I’ve said he took all the RBIs. I could have<br />

had 120 if he wasn’t hitting in front of me.<br />

He’s unbelievable – he really is. He’s like<br />

Albert (Pujols). He had an Albert season.<br />

He’s a great father, great friend, the smartest<br />

player I’ve been around. It’s fun hitting<br />

behind him. Except for the RBIs. He is one<br />

of my best friends.”<br />

Goldschmidt said the two players are<br />

good for each other.<br />

“We talk almost before every at-bat,”<br />

Goldschmidt said of Arenado. “I don’t win<br />

this award if it’s not for Nolan. I talk to him<br />

so much ... I vent to him, and I ask questions<br />

of him. He pushes me, he motivates<br />

me, and we’re there for each other.”<br />

The Cardinals season in 20<strong>22</strong> ended on a<br />

sour note. St. Louis was bounced from the<br />

playoffs by Philadelphia in two games.<br />

“It’s just a weird game,” Goldschmidt<br />

said. “You never know what’s going to<br />

happen.”<br />

It was not a good series for Goldschmidt.<br />

He went hitless in seven at-bats and struck<br />

out four times in the Cardinals’ Wild Card<br />

Series loss to the Phillies.<br />

Goldschmidt has not forgotten.<br />

“It was a disappointing end of the year.<br />

After we lost in the playoffs, I was pretty<br />

down for a few days, but fortunately time<br />

heals all wounds,” Goldschmidt said.<br />

“Eventually, I said, ‘That was a pretty dang<br />

good year.’<br />

“I didn’t play well in the playoffs, and<br />

that stings and I use it for motivation. A<br />

day, two or three days after (the postseason<br />

exit), I was already focused on trying to<br />

improve and get ready for next year.”<br />

He knows what the objective for this<br />

year is, too.<br />

“The tradition has been set here. There<br />

are expectations of greatness and of championships.<br />

You feel it every day. You want<br />

that expectation that good is not good<br />

enough. You want to be great. The expectation<br />

of greatness is something I love.”


MARCH <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />

CARDINALS PREVIEW 20<strong>23</strong> 27<br />


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CARDINALS PREVIEW 20<strong>23</strong><br />

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One last hurrah<br />

Wainwright takes the bump one last season<br />


Veteran right-hander Adam Wainwright<br />

has pitched for the St. Louis<br />

Cardinals since 2005. “This is it. I’ll<br />

just say it,” Wainwright said. “This<br />

is it.<br />

“It’s been a good run. Let’s finish<br />

it on a high note. I just think it was<br />

meant to be for me to come back for<br />

one more year. Looking back on it<br />

now, it just seemed like everything<br />

that happened led me to coming<br />

back one more year.”<br />

Over his 17-year career with the<br />

Cardinals, Wainwright has fashioned<br />

a 195-117 record with a 3.38<br />

ERA. He has a 2,147 to 695 strikeout<br />

to walk ratio. He is a three-time<br />

All Star, a two-time Gold Glove<br />

winner and a member of St. Louis’<br />

2006 World Series winning team.<br />

He was hurt and missed the 2011<br />

championship run after having<br />

Tommy John surgery.<br />

There’s a reason Wainwright did<br />

not join longtime teammates Albert<br />

Pujols and Yadier Molina as they<br />

headed into retirement after 20<strong>22</strong>, even<br />

though he did give it some thought. Ultimately,<br />

he said he was “very OK with not<br />

announcing that so Albert and Yadi could<br />

get that limelight.”<br />

“I felt like they needed that,” he said.<br />

“They deserved that. They deserved it more<br />

than I did. I’m great with being a secondary<br />

or complementary part of that.<br />

“They’ve meant so much to this organization<br />

and to this city and to our championships,<br />

I felt these guys were first ballot Hall<br />

of Famers. Whether I go out this year and<br />

win 25 games or the Cy Young and sneak<br />

into some sort of (Hall of Fame) ballot in<br />

my 10th year, I’m not a first ballot Hall of<br />

Famer, right? I may never and I understand<br />

that. But those guys are.”<br />

The Cardinals season ended on somewhat<br />

of a sour note, being eliminated by<br />

the Philadelphia Phillies in the wild-card<br />

round of the playoffs. Wainwright did not<br />

pitch during either game in part because he<br />

had struggled with his delivery late in the<br />

season.<br />

He finished 11-12 with a 3.71 ERA in 32<br />

starts, his first losing season in which he<br />

made at least 20 starts. He threw 190 2/3<br />

innings. He won just twice over his final<br />

six starts and had a 7.<strong>22</strong> ERA while dealing<br />

with what he called a “dead arm.”<br />

Wainwright had some timing issues in his<br />

pitching motion down the stretch. He surrendered<br />

<strong>23</strong> runs across his final six starts<br />

in September and October. That dismal end<br />

Adam Wainwright<br />

(Lou Countryman photo)<br />

has motivated him.<br />

“I think sometimes, failure is what drives<br />

you more than success. I failed in September,”<br />

Wainwright said. “I didn’t pitch like<br />

I should have or could have and that drove<br />

me crazy. I don’t want that to happen again.<br />

I want to stay on top so I can be good.”<br />

President of Baseball Operations<br />

John Mozeliak likes hearing that type of<br />

determination.<br />

“We all know how competitive he is, we<br />

know how special he is in that clubhouse<br />

and what he means to this organization,”<br />

Mozeliak said. “We’re just glad we could<br />

get it done. We’re super excited that he’s<br />

coming back. He and I started talking about<br />

this in early September, and obviously the<br />

September didn’t go as he wanted it to, but<br />

we really do feel like there’s something left<br />

in that tank.”<br />

“I do tend to think the way the season<br />

ended led even more to me coming back,”<br />

Wainwright said, “because I just didn’t like<br />

that. I don’t like going out like that. I wasn’t<br />

performing like I know I should have been<br />

performing. Wasn’t helping the team like I<br />

knew I should have been helping the team.<br />

We didn’t win. I love my teammates.”<br />

Manager Oliver Marmol understands<br />

Wainwright’s motivation.<br />

“When you’ve played as long as Waino<br />

has played, those things are frustrating,”<br />

Marmol said. “You figure a way to redeem<br />

See WAINWRIGHT, page 36


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Cardinals Notebook<br />


Mozeliak receives<br />

contract extension<br />

President of Baseball Operations John<br />

Mozeliak signed a contract extension<br />

through the 2025 season for the St. Louis<br />

Cardinals.<br />

Mozeliak, 54, is the longest tenured<br />

head of baseball operations in the National<br />

League and has helped guide the team to<br />

15-consecutive winning seasons, matching<br />

the franchise record.<br />

“When you think about winning seasons,<br />

that’s nice, but we’ve never had to tear it<br />

down, go through a couple of painful years<br />

and then hope for the best,” Mozeliak said.<br />

“When you are trying to appease a fanbase<br />

that shows up in such numbers of 3 million<br />

and more, I think they’re grateful of<br />

the type of product we roll out there. We<br />

understand that the ultimate goal is to be<br />

the last man standing, but with the journey<br />

to get there, we take a lot of pride in winning<br />

years.”<br />

Cardinals Chairman Bill DeWitt Jr. likes<br />

the job Mozeliak has done.<br />

“Mo has created an environment and a<br />

leadership with our front office that has<br />

ensured – at least from my viewpoint –<br />

continued success for the future,” DeWitt<br />

Jr. said. “He has great people working<br />

under him, and he’s done a terrific job on<br />

all fronts.”<br />

Cardinals broadcaster<br />

returns home<br />

Holy cow! The new play-by-play<br />

announcer for Cardinals baseball on Bally<br />

Sports Midwest is a graduate of Parkway<br />

<strong>West</strong> High.<br />

Chip Caray replaces Dan McLaughlin,<br />

who resigned after being arrested a third<br />

time for drunk driving.<br />

His Hall of<br />

Fame grandfather,<br />

Harry,<br />

became a legend<br />

in the booth. He<br />

was the voice<br />

of the Cardinals<br />

for many<br />

seasons before<br />

ending his<br />

career calling<br />

games for the Chip Caray<br />

Chicago Cubs.<br />

Holy cow! became his catch phrase.<br />

Chip has spent the last 20 seasons as the<br />

voice of the Atlanta Braves. Before that, he<br />

called games for the Seattle Mariners and<br />

Chicago Cubs. He’s also announced games<br />

nationally on FOX and TBS.<br />

“I’m grateful and excited to come home<br />

and call games for the team that made me<br />

fall in love with baseball as a kid in St.<br />

Louis County,” Chip said. “As a visiting<br />

broadcaster, I have always admired the<br />

passion, knowledge and loyalty of Cardinals<br />

fans, both here in St. Louis and across<br />

the country. The honor of continuing the<br />

legacy of my grandfather, Harry, my dad,<br />

Skip, and so many other great Cardinal<br />

broadcasters past and present, is the stuff<br />

dreams are made of. It’s great to be home!”<br />

The late Skip Caray had a long career<br />

as a radio and television play-by-play<br />

announcer for the Atlanta Braves. He<br />

passed away in 2008.<br />

“Chip brings a wealth of experience to<br />

the booth and has a great feel for the history<br />

and tradition of the franchise,” Cardinals<br />

President Bill DeWitt III said.<br />

McEwing takes over the bench<br />

Joe McEwing will be the bench coach for<br />

the Cardinals in 20<strong>23</strong>.<br />

See NOTEBOOK, page 34<br />



The Fraternal<br />

Order of<br />

Police Officers<br />

of Eastern<br />

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MARCH <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />

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CARDINALS PREVIEW 20<strong>23</strong><br />


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Jack Flaherty: Happy and ready to pitch<br />

All eyes will be on Jack Flaherty<br />

this season.<br />

The 27-year-old Flaherty is seeking<br />

a fresh start after battling injuries in<br />

2021 and 20<strong>22</strong>. Can the right-hander<br />

regain what he showed in 2019 when<br />

he finished fourth in the Cy Young<br />

voting?<br />

The pandemic season<br />

of 2020 produced little.<br />

In 2021, a left oblique<br />

injury and then a shoulder<br />

strain sidelined<br />

him after a promising<br />

start to the season. Flaherty<br />

was limited to 36<br />

innings with the Cardinals<br />

last season after he<br />

Flaherty<br />

experienced a slight tear in his right<br />

shoulder found in spring training.<br />

Over those three seasons, Flaherty<br />

pitched only 154 2/3 innings with a<br />

3.90 ERA. He had nine starts in 2020;<br />

COVID sidelined him for four weeks<br />

in the truncated season. He made just<br />

15 starts in 2021 because of injuries.<br />

He had only eight starts last summer<br />

after spending two long stints on the<br />

Injured List.<br />

However, Flaherty believes he will<br />

rebound in 20<strong>23</strong>. He’s also in the last<br />

year of his contract and will be a free<br />

agent after the season.<br />

“You have to be confident in who<br />

you are and what you can do,” Flaherty<br />

said. “The second you start<br />

looking around and being worried<br />

about what somebody else is doing,<br />

you can put yourself in a bad spot.”<br />

John Mozeliak, president<br />

of baseball operations,<br />

believes Flaherty<br />

will not put himself in a<br />

bad spot.<br />

“My confidence in<br />

Jack is at an all-time<br />

high,” Mozeliak said.<br />

“He’s had a really good<br />

offseason. His preparation<br />

has been very strategic<br />

and he’s in a good spot. I think<br />

he understands the importance of this<br />

year.”<br />

In 2019, he went 11-8 but was<br />

impressive in the second half of that<br />

season. After the All-Star break, his<br />

ERA was 0.91. He was 4-3 in the<br />

shortened 2020 campaign. He was<br />

9-2 in 2021. This year, he’s happy and<br />

ready to pitch.<br />

“Physically, mentally, it’s like, OK,<br />

yeah, this is going to be fun,” Flaherty<br />

said. “I just enjoy things a lot more.”<br />

– Warren Mayes<br />

...your home transformed.<br />

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Mostly, imagine a unique expression<br />

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636.<strong>22</strong>7.5188 • WWW.DUENKECABINET.COM<br />

NOTEBOOK, from page 30<br />

Former St. Louis standout Matt Holliday<br />

had agreed to the job but resigned the position<br />

shortly after taking it. McEwing was<br />

happy to step up and the club is happy to<br />

have him.<br />

“We are excited to have Joe<br />

join us, and with his experience<br />

and history with the<br />

Cardinals, this makes for an<br />

ideal fit,” said John Mozeliak,<br />

president of baseball<br />

operations. “Matt is a loss,<br />

but we are thrilled to be able<br />

to hire Joe, especially in this<br />

time of year.”<br />

McEwing, 50, comes to St.<br />

Louis after spending 15 years<br />

coaching with the White Sox<br />

organization, most recently<br />

McEwing<br />

as the third base coach from 2021-<strong>22</strong>, also<br />

serving as the bench coach from 2017-20<br />

under manager Rick Renteria.<br />

Originally selected by Cardinals in the<br />

28th round of the 1992 First-Year Player<br />

Draft, McEwing made his Major League<br />

debut with the Cardinals in 1998 and<br />

played two seasons before a spring training<br />

trade in 2000 sent him to the New York<br />

Mets for pitcher Jesse Orosco. He placed<br />

fifth in the National League Rookie of the<br />

Year voting in 1999.<br />

McEwing finished his nine-year playing<br />

career with the Mets,<br />

Kansas City Royals and<br />

Houston Astros compiling<br />

a career batting average<br />

of .251 with 25 home<br />

runs, 158 RBI, while playing<br />

every position on the<br />

field except catcher and<br />

pitcher. Following his official<br />

retirement from playing<br />

professional baseball<br />

in 2008, he was hired as<br />

the hitting coach for the<br />

Charlotte Knights, Triple-A<br />

affiliate of the White Sox.<br />

McEwing was promoted to the White Sox<br />

coaching staff as the third base coach, where<br />

he served from 2012-16. During his term as<br />

bench coach, McEwing filled in as manager<br />

for 11 games and was 6-5 in those contests.


MARCH <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />

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CARDINALS PREVIEW 20<strong>23</strong><br />



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WAINWRIGHT, from page 28<br />

it. He’s never going to be OK with how his<br />

season ended. He’s an ultra competitor.”<br />

He’s also a mentor.<br />

“He’s been just an unbelievable friend for<br />

me, from Day 1, since I’ve been called up,”<br />

pitcher Jack Flaherty said. “That dude is an<br />

unbelievable person, like somebody I’ve<br />

been so lucky to be around and have as a<br />

teammate and friend.<br />

“I can’t thank him enough for being there,<br />

literally from Day 1, and helping me to get<br />

to this point, (and) continuing to have my<br />

back ... I’m looking forward to this year.”<br />

Wainwright heads into this season needing<br />

five wins to reach 200 for his career. He<br />

is 15 behind Hall of Famer Jesse Haines for<br />

the second-most wins in franchise history.<br />

Hall of Famer Bob Gibson, of course, is<br />

the leader with 251 of them.<br />

“I don’t set numerical goals. I’d like to<br />

have up to 40 starts,” Wainwright said.<br />

“I’d like to try and win them all. I haven’t<br />

done that yet. I haven’t even seen it done,<br />

which might be a cool reason to do it.<br />

Jesse is at 210. That seems like a good<br />

round number to pass. Two hundred is not<br />

a good one for me. That’s only five wins.<br />

It’s not a benchmark. I’m excited about<br />

doing it though. Hopefully, we get a lot<br />

more than that.”<br />

Wanio’s career began when he was overlooked<br />

in a deal that sent J.D. Drew to<br />

Atlanta on Dec. 13, 2003. He was a Double-<br />

A pitcher, originally drafted by the Atlanta<br />

Braves. The Braves subsequently traded<br />

him to the Cardinals as part of a five-player<br />

trade that also sent Ray King and Jason<br />

Marquis to St. Louis in exchange for Drew<br />

and catcher Eli Marrero.<br />

The trade worked out well for St. Louis.<br />

Wainwright has only ever pitched for<br />

the Cardinals in the majors. His 390 starts<br />

are the third-most in franchise history, 11<br />

behind second-place Bob Forsch. With the<br />

oft-injured Drew a year away from free<br />

agency, the Cardinals flipped the former<br />

first-rounder to the Braves for Atlanta’s top<br />

pitching prospect.<br />

Wainwright made his debut in 2005,<br />

helped lead the Cards to a World Series<br />

championship in 2006 and went on to be<br />

a top-three Cy Young Award finisher four<br />

times. Drew played one season in Atlanta.<br />

Wainwright has missed about three<br />

seasons with injuries ranging from a torn<br />

left Achilles tendon to having to undergo<br />

Tommy John surgery.<br />

He said he believes he has fixed what<br />

went wrong for him down the stretch last<br />

season. He said he’s worked hard in the<br />

offseason and he has just one request:<br />

“Just let me go out and pitch,” Wainwright<br />

said, without all the “last season<br />

hoopla.”<br />



UP TO $1,000 BACK<br />





EVENT<br />

5773 <strong>West</strong>wood Drive | St. Charles<br />

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38 MARCH <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />


CARDINALS PREVIEW 20<strong>23</strong><br />


All the details on 20<strong>23</strong>’s Theme Nights<br />

Each season the Cardinals offer fans<br />

with shared interests the opportunity to<br />

celebrate both the team and a unique host<br />

of themes – with some very special giveaways<br />

offered exclusively to theme ticket<br />

holders. In order to receive access to those<br />

items and exclusive game-day activities,<br />

fans must purchase a Theme Ticket.<br />

Some Theme Nights (or days) may also<br />

include some ballpark-wide entertainment,<br />

which can be enjoyed by all fans.<br />

April 3: Peanuts Night – With the purchase<br />

of a special Theme Ticket, Ticket<br />

holders take home an exclusive Cardinalsthemed<br />

Schroeder bobblehead.<br />

April 4: College Night I – For just $20,<br />

get a ticket to the game and a Cardinals<br />

sweatshirt!<br />

April 13: Class of 20<strong>23</strong> Night – For just<br />

$20, Ticket holders get a ticket to the game<br />

and take home an exclusive Class of 20<strong>23</strong><br />

T-shirt to celebrate graduates of all ages.<br />

April 14: Friends Night – Take home a<br />

“Friends” blanket. Enjoy a pregame concert<br />

by Proud Larry on the Budweiser Stage and a<br />

photo opportunity on the Central Perk couch.<br />

April 15: African American Heritage<br />

Day – Take home an exclusive Cardinals<br />

T-shirt, designed by artist Brock Seals.<br />

Enjoy a pre-game heritage celebration<br />

in Budweiser Terrace. Presented by Your<br />

Quality Ford Dealers.<br />

April 16: Donate Life Day – Receive<br />

an exclusive Cardinals cap supporting<br />

organ and tissue donation. A portion of<br />

each ticket will be donated to support Mid-<br />

America Transplant.<br />

April 17: College Night II – For just<br />

$20, get a ticket to the game and a Cardinals<br />

sweatshirt!<br />

April 18: Daniel Descalso: Budweiser<br />

Bash – Receive a limited-edition bobblehead<br />

of Daniel Descalso. VIP ticket holders<br />

get access to an exclusive pregame<br />

autograph session.<br />

April 19: Béisbol in the Classroom –<br />

Join the Cardenales Spanish Broadcasters,<br />

Bengie Molina and Polo Ascencio, to learn<br />

Beisbol terms en Español.<br />

April 19: Weather Day – Experience<br />

eye-popping experiments, learn safety<br />

maneuvers and have fun with Fredbird!<br />

May 3 & 4: Nurses Appreciation Night<br />

& Day – Ticket holders receive a nursesthemed<br />

Cardinals 40 oz. tumbler and a<br />

coupon for one complimentary drink.<br />

May 3: Scout Night I – Scouts and their<br />

guests can enjoy a $12 ticket price. Each<br />

Scout ticket includes a special Scout patch!<br />

May 5: Boy Band Night – A special<br />

pregame performance by The Boy Band.<br />

Ticket holders receive an exclusive Cardinals<br />

Boy Band T-shirt.<br />

May 7: Sesame Street Day – Ticket<br />

holders can select either a unique Elmo<br />

bobblehead or a Cookie Monster plush.<br />

May 15: Cancer Awareness Night<br />

– Ticket holders can choose a Cardinals<br />

Cancer Awareness cap, representing one<br />

of the 11 most common types of cancers. A<br />

portion of each ticket sold will be donated<br />

back to cancer research.<br />

May 16: Mental Health Awareness<br />

Night – Receive a Cardinals Mental Health<br />

Awareness cap. A portion of each ticket<br />

sold will be donated to NAMI St. Louis.<br />

May 17: Illini Night – Receive an Illinithemed<br />

Cardinals cap.<br />

May 18: Scout Night II – Scouts and their<br />

guests can enjoy a $12 ticket price. Each<br />

Scout ticket includes a special Scout patch!<br />

May 18: Mike Matheny/Budweiser<br />

Bash – Ticket holders receive a limitededition<br />

bobblehead of that game’s featured<br />

player. VIP ticket holders gain access to an<br />

exclusive pregame autograph session.<br />

May 19: Grateful Dead Night – Ticket<br />

holders receive a Grateful Dead short<br />

sleeve all-over print shirt, featuring our<br />

Star Wars Night<br />

(Lou Countryman photo)<br />

favorite bird and bears. A portion of each<br />

ticket purchased will be donated to The<br />

Rex Foundation.<br />

May 21: SEMO Day – Ticket holders<br />

take home a SEMO-themed Cardinals cap.<br />

May 29: Shakespeare Day – Ticket holders<br />

take home a Shakespeare-themed Cardinals<br />

T-shirt. Special performances by the<br />

actors from Shakespeare Festival St. Louis.<br />

May 30: World Wide Technology<br />

Raceway Night – Ticket holders receive a<br />

racing-inspired Ryan Helsley bobblehead<br />

and a ticket to the NASCAR Craftsman<br />

Truck Series 200 on June 3.<br />

Your Friendly<br />

Neighborhood Bankers<br />

Call us today for the personal service you deserve!<br />

Brenda Bader Tucker<br />

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636.346.8545<br />

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314.628.1879<br />

Jeremy Candler<br />

Community Development<br />

314.628.1859<br />

June Terry<br />

Relationship Banker<br />

314.628.1864<br />

PNB<br />



BANK<br />

143<strong>23</strong> S. Outer Forty Rd., Suite 100 N.<br />

Town & Country<br />

www.peoplesnationalbank.com<br />

Member @<br />



CARDINALS PREVIEW, from page 21<br />

coaching staff. The lack of Molina’s magical<br />

powers will definitely be noticed this<br />

season, but it will not be debilitating.<br />


The biggest change to the Cardinals on<br />

field product may come from off the field.<br />

In his second year, manager Oliver Marmol<br />

has made significant changes to his staff.<br />

Gone is pitching coach Mike Maddux.<br />

He is replaced by relative newcomer Dusty<br />

Blake, who joined the club in 2021 as a<br />

pitching strategist.<br />

Also gone is hitting coach Jeff Albert,<br />

to be replaced by Turner Ward. Ward is a<br />

longtime MLB hitting coach, having previously<br />

held the position with Cincinnati,<br />

Los Angeles and Arizona.<br />

Redbird Nation was very excited to welcome<br />

Matt Holliday as bench coach, but<br />

then he abruptly resigned to spend time<br />

with his family. The team quickly pivoted<br />

to another former player, Joe McEwing, to<br />

fill the role.<br />

It is difficult to predict what impact these<br />

new coaches will have in 20<strong>23</strong> except to<br />

say this: Marmol showed a steady hand<br />

in his first year as manager. Presumably,<br />

these are his choices and very much his<br />

staff now. Oli has earned our faith in these<br />

choices, but heavy is the head that wears<br />

the StL logo.<br />

Here is the reality of the Cardinals heading<br />

into the 20<strong>23</strong> season. In the last three<br />

full seasons, the team has won 93, 90 and<br />

91 games. The consistency is laudable, but<br />

also extends into disappointing October<br />

finishes. It is entirely reasonable to predict<br />

the 20<strong>23</strong> club will have at least the same<br />

success, but due to the roster flexibility<br />

inherent in their plan, they also have the<br />

ability to add the key pieces to make a<br />

deeper playoff run.<br />

It should be a very fun 20<strong>23</strong>.<br />


Starting Pitchers<br />

Adam Wainwright<br />

Miles Mikolas<br />

Jack Flaherty<br />

Steven Matz<br />

Jordan Montgomery<br />

Bullpen<br />

Ryan Helsley<br />

Giovanny Gallegos<br />

Jordan Hicks<br />

Dakota Hudson<br />

Andre Pallante<br />

Zack Thompson<br />

Genesis Cabrera<br />

Connor Thomas<br />

Starting Infield<br />

Willson Contreras, C<br />

Paul Goldschmidt, 1B<br />

Brendan Donovan, 2B<br />

Nolan Arenado, 3B<br />

Tommy Edman, SS<br />

Starting Outfield<br />

Tyler O’Neill, LF<br />

Dylan Carlson, CF<br />

Jordan Walker, RF<br />

Designated Hitter<br />

Lars Nootbar<br />

Bench<br />

Andrew Knizner<br />

Paul DeJong<br />

Juan Yepez<br />

Nolan Gorman<br />

MARCH <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />

CARDINALS PREVIEW 20<strong>23</strong> 39<br />


LOVE<br />

St. Louis<br />

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westnewsmagazine.com<br />

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40 MARCH <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />


CARDINALS PREVIEW 20<strong>23</strong><br />


CONTRERAS, from page <strong>22</strong><br />

Molina spent 19 seasons in the majors,<br />

all with the Cardinals. He was a 10-time<br />

All-Star, nine-time Gold Glove winner. He<br />

helped lead the Cardinals to win two World<br />

Series championships. He’ll garner plenty<br />

of Hall of Fame support once eligible.<br />

“I made the best decision. I know I came<br />

here to succeed Yadier Molina, the greatest<br />

catcher of the last two decades,” Contreras<br />

said. “And, for me, it’s an honor to be wearing<br />

this uniform and be behind the plate.<br />

He’s not someone you ever replace, and<br />

I’m definitely not looking to do that. But I<br />

do want to say that one of the biggest reasons<br />

why I’m so excited to be joining the St.<br />

Louis Cardinals is because it is going to be a<br />

huge honor to try to carry on the tradition of<br />

excellence that Yadi established during his<br />

19-year career in the big leagues.”<br />

General Manager Mike Girsch said,<br />

“Replacing Yadi is sort of unfair to ask of<br />

anyone, both on the field and off and in our<br />

community and in the lore of Cardinals baseball,”<br />

Girsch said. “Part of what we were<br />

trying to figure out is not just who could perform<br />

the best but who had the right attitude,<br />

the right approach to step into those shoes.”<br />

Contreras is the one to fill those shoes.<br />

He represents an upgrade over Molina’s<br />

recent production at the plate. Molina hit<br />

.214 in his final season with St. Louis. Last<br />

season, Contreras hit .243. He has averaged<br />

.241 at the plate in the past three seasons.<br />

“I try to be as perfect as I can because<br />

I know a lot of players are looking up to<br />

me, or anyone on the team that is in the<br />

big leagues,” Contreras said. “Even though<br />

perfection doesn’t exist, I try to do my best<br />

job on the field and pass on the experience<br />

that I have so far.”<br />

He went early to Jupiter, Florida, before<br />

spring training began to work with the<br />

pitching staff.<br />

“It’s really important for me to get to<br />

know the guys, get to know what they like<br />

to do, what they’re working on,” Contreras<br />

said. “What we need to get better at and<br />

create that relationship that is going to lead<br />

us to have a good year.”<br />

Veteran Adam Wainwright made baseball<br />

history last season with Molina for having<br />

the most starts as batterymates. The two<br />

cornerstones of the Cardinals set the major<br />

league baseball record for their 328 starts<br />


as a battery. The two passed Detroit Tigers<br />

greats Mickey Lolich and Bill Freehan to<br />

eclipse a batterymates mark that had stood<br />

for 47 years.<br />

Now, Wainwright is ready to throw to<br />

someone else.<br />

“I’m excited Contreras is a Cardinal,” the<br />

42-year-old hurler said. “I’m looking forward<br />

to playing catch with Willy this year.”<br />

Contreras knows most of the Cardinals<br />

“This organization is built to win and its<br />

record shows that. I’m excited for what<br />

my next chapter is.”<br />

– Willson Contreras<br />

pitching staff, of course, from hitting<br />

against them when he was with the Cubs.<br />

The three-time All-Star took 297 at-bats<br />

against Cardinals pitchers over his career,<br />

which is second behind the Brewers for the<br />

most he’s had against a single opponent in<br />

his career. In those opportunities, Contreras<br />

batted .249 with an .809 OPS and 15<br />

home runs.<br />

“One thing is facing them and one thing<br />

is catching them,” Contreras said. “For me,<br />

it’s about details. What little details they<br />

like because every pitcher is different and<br />

every pitcher has little details that they like<br />

to see from a catcher.”<br />

Contreras opted not to play for Team<br />

Venezuela during this spring’s World Baseball<br />

Classic. He felt it was more important<br />

to work with his new team.<br />

“For me, it was not an easy decision,”<br />

Contreras said. “But I know my responsibilities.<br />

I know the dream of every baseball<br />

player is to play in the World Baseball<br />

Classic, but we all know that the situation<br />

with my ankle was something that I finished<br />

last year with, and I don’t want to risk<br />

my body in something that won’t help the<br />

(Cardinals) at all.” (In September, Contreras<br />

was moved to the injured list with a left<br />

ankle sprain.)<br />

Contreras believes the Cardinals will be<br />

a playoff team again in 20<strong>23</strong>.<br />

“This is a (Cardinals) team that’s built to<br />

win,” he said. The team had three players<br />

in Paul Goldschmidt, Nolan Arenado and<br />

Ryan Helsley on the NL All-Star roster<br />

with him in 20<strong>22</strong>. “They’re built to win<br />

now, and they’re built to win in the future,<br />

too. It’s a team that’s consistent and this<br />

roster is filled with amazing players –<br />

Arenado, Goldschmidt, (Tommy) Edman,<br />

(Nolan) Gorman, all those pitchers.<br />

“I could go on and on. It’s just super<br />

exciting to me. I can’t wait to get to spend<br />

time and get to know them and start working<br />

toward a world championship.”<br />

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Certified Physician Assistant<br />




Heavy athletics will take center<br />

stage at St. Louis Scottish Games<br />

March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />


I 41<br />


After a four-year hiatus, the St. Louis<br />

Scottish Games and Cultural Festival is<br />

back – scheduled for May 6 at Schroeder<br />

Park in Manchester.<br />

The festival will feature all things Scottish<br />

– dancing, bag pipes, kilts, food, music,<br />

children’s games and at the center of the<br />

festival, the much-heralded heavy athletics<br />

competitions.<br />

“The heavy athletics are featured as the<br />

main event in all the games across the<br />

country,” said Neal Morrison, a member of<br />

the St. Louis Scottish Games Board. “That<br />

and Scottish Highland dancing are probably<br />

two of the most well-known cultural<br />

events.”<br />

Heavy athletics originated hundreds of<br />

years ago in the Scottish Highlands – the<br />

northernmost, mountainous region of Scotland,<br />

Morrison said. The tradition continues<br />

in Scotland and in countries around<br />

the world which have a large population of<br />

people of Scottish descent. In the U.S., that<br />

is about 25 million people.<br />

“In Scotland, all the games honor what<br />

our ancestors did,” Morrison said. “Those<br />

who could do are honored.”<br />

Heavy athletics consist of demonstrations<br />

of brute strength by the throwing of<br />

heavy objects. Scheduled in the games this<br />

year are the caber toss, weight for distance,<br />

sheaf toss, weight for height, stone put and<br />

the hammer throw competitions.<br />

The caber toss is considered the centerpiece<br />

of the competitions. The caber is a<br />

tapered log approximately 16-20 feet long,<br />

weighing 60 to 140 pounds. The athlete<br />

lifts the caber and cups his hands under the<br />

end while cradling it against his shoulder.<br />

Once the caber is balanced, the contestant<br />

runs for the toss, then throws the beam up<br />

to flip it over and get it to fall forward.<br />

Morrison said the sport is not just for<br />

distance but also for accuracy.<br />

“The goal is to get it to land in a 12<br />

o’clock position in line with the face of the<br />

clock and if it does, it’s called timed correctly<br />

and it improves the score in relation<br />

to distance,” he said. “It’s pretty amazing!”<br />

The stone put competition is similar<br />

to today’s shot put, but instead of a steel<br />

ball, each competitor uses a stone that is<br />

approximately 16 to 28 pounds. The stone<br />

is put (or thrown) from the front of the<br />

shoulder using one hand only. Competitors<br />

can take a 7.5-foot run for the throw in the<br />

“open stone” competition.<br />

“For me, the most exciting game is the<br />

hammer throw,” Morrison said. “It’s not<br />

like a hammer we think of. It’s normally a<br />

<strong>22</strong> lb. weight at the end of a staff. You’ve<br />

Hammer throw<br />

(Source: St. Louis Scottish Games)<br />

got to be large and strong and able to twirl<br />

that thing and control your body and the<br />

weight of the hammer and then throw it for<br />

distance.”<br />

He said the appeal of the games is simply<br />

“the sheer awe of what these men can do.”<br />

But men are not the only contestants.<br />

Each of the events also has a women’s<br />

competition.<br />

“There are six events and women participate<br />

in all of them, although women use<br />

different weighted stones, hammers and<br />

cabers,” he said. “Athletes come from all<br />

over the country. There are quite a few<br />

from here. They train here and live here.<br />

But athletes do travel from city to city for<br />

their games.”<br />

So far, about 50 athletes have registered<br />

for the games in St. Louis.<br />

This year, as it has in the past, Logan<br />

University is the official sponsor of the<br />

heavy athletics competitions.<br />

It is because of the nature of events,<br />

their dependence of physical strength and<br />

Logan University’s focus on chiropractic<br />

medicine, Morrison said. Logan will be<br />

there with a tent and staff to help the athletes<br />

prepare for the competition so they<br />

won’t get injured. When the competitions<br />

are over, the athletes will be rated to determine<br />

the heavy athletics winner of the day.<br />

That person will receive a trophy and their<br />

name for the 20<strong>23</strong> games will be added to<br />

the trophy Logan has at the college.<br />

Morrison said with the games reopening,<br />

new people involved and a new location,<br />

this year’s Scottish games are shaping up<br />

brilliantly.<br />

“It’s fun. We have new people with new<br />

ideas. There’s a big excitement factor.<br />

We’ve all loved this event, and there’s a<br />

good energy around the whole thing this<br />

year,” he said.<br />

Visit stlouis-scottishgames.com for tickets<br />

and additional details.<br />

64th<br />

Anniversary<br />

Easter<br />

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S<br />

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Babler State Park<br />

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Non-Denominational Christian Service.<br />

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42 I SPORTS I<br />

March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />




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(40-10) won by a 3-1 decision over Nicholas<br />

Chambers, of Holt. In the fifth-place<br />

match at 120, Whitfield’s Jasua Amen (36-<br />

11) lost to Belton’s Jaden Lambert by a 5-1<br />

decision.<br />

De Smet Jesuit Spartans claim victory at the Mid-States Challenge Cup.<br />

SPORTS<br />

BRIEFS<br />


High school girls wrestling<br />

Marquette senior Ali Haiser set some<br />

firsts in girls wrestling for the Mustangs.<br />

She became the first champion in school<br />

history for the girls program, defeating Oak<br />

Park junior Nevaeh Wardlow by fall in 1<br />

minute, 25 seconds at 170 pounds in the<br />

Class 2 state tournament at Mizzou Arena<br />

in Columbia.<br />

Haiser also finished her season undefeated<br />

at 44-0 to be the first Marquette girl<br />

to do that.<br />

“She ended her season flawless. She is<br />

an absolute animal,” coach Sean Torgoley<br />

said. “Ali has a special gift and we wanted<br />

to maximize her abilities to show the world<br />

what she can do. She did just that. At the<br />

beginning of the year she wasn’t sure if<br />

she was going to compete (due to a previous<br />

injury her junior year). Look at what<br />

she’s accomplished now – undefeated state<br />

champion, the first in Marquette history,<br />

and she did it all wrestling up a weight<br />

class. She is an amazing wrestler in every<br />

aspect of what it takes to be great in this<br />

sport.”<br />

It was a banner year overall for Torgoley<br />

and his program. Seven Mustangs qualified<br />

for state. That’s the most ever to do that.<br />

Marquette finished second in the team<br />

standings with 105 points. Lebanon won<br />

with 135.5 points.<br />

Alyssa Washington (39-12) finished<br />

second at <strong>23</strong>5 pounds. She lost by fall in<br />

1:27 to Willard’s Catherine Dutton.<br />

At 155 pounds, senior Rebecca Strong<br />

(44-3) lost a 7-0 decision to Fort Osage’s<br />

Haley Ward, to whom she lost twice in the<br />

regular season.<br />

Senior captain Maddy Barton (42-5)<br />

won third place at 130 pounds with a 3-1<br />

decision over Chase Kiel, of Staley.<br />

Torgoley said all four of the state placing<br />

seniors plan to wrestle at the next level.<br />

High school boys wrestling<br />

The state championship streak has ended<br />

for the Whitfield Warriors, who finished<br />

second this winter in the Class 3 state tournament<br />

held at Mizzou Arena in Columbia.<br />

Hillsboro took first with 179.5 points.<br />

The Warriors were second with 144.5<br />

points.<br />

Whitfield won state from 2016 through<br />

20<strong>22</strong>. The last two state titles came in Class<br />

(Photo provided)<br />

3 while the others were in Class 1. Overall,<br />

the Warriors have won 11 state championships.<br />

“Well, we took second. Honestly, I look<br />

at it like we could have done better and<br />

we could have done worse,” coach Charlie<br />

Scherertz said. “We’re not hanging our hat.<br />

We’re not going anywhere.”<br />

Scherertz noted he had several young<br />

matmen this year on the squad. There is no<br />

substitute for experience.<br />

“It was a mixed bag. When it came time<br />

to crunch time at state, we had to depend<br />

on kids who had not been in deep water<br />

before. We were asking a lot of some freshmen<br />

and sophomores. I had three super<br />

sophomores and they ended up third, fifth<br />

and sixth. It could have been second, first<br />

and first. It’s asking an awful lot in those<br />

circumstances.”<br />

There were three state champions this<br />

time in addition to senior AJ Rallo ending<br />

his career as a four-time champion.<br />

Porter Matecki (41-2) took first at 126<br />

pounds. It was his third state title. He beat<br />

Hillsboro’s Alexander 4-1. Matecki also<br />

won at 106 as a freshman and at 120 last<br />

year. At 150, senior Noah Bourke (43-6)<br />

won a 3-2 decision Alexander Hutchcraft,<br />

of Smithville. Freshman Jackson Bassett<br />

(40-6) lost to Carter Wallis, of Hillsboro,<br />

by an 11-3 major decision at 106. In the<br />

third-place match, at 132, Caleb Carter<br />

Mid-States Challenge Cup<br />

The De Smet Jesuit Spartans are back on<br />

top of the high school hockey world.<br />

De Smet won the Mid-States Club<br />

Hockey Association’s Challenge Cup, 2-1<br />

in overtime to dethrone St. Louis University<br />

High.<br />

Senior Mitch Geiser scored both goals<br />

for De Smet. He had the lone goal in a 1-0<br />

elimination-game victory against Kirkwood<br />

to reach the title game.<br />

Geiser was chosen as the MVP in the title<br />

game. He scored a team-best five goals and<br />

two assists in eight postseason games. He<br />

put De Smet ahead 1-0 with a power-play<br />

goal in the second period. Then he scored<br />

the game-winning goal at 1 minute, 39 seconds<br />

into overtime to give the Spartans the<br />

victory.<br />

The championship was the 15th Challenge<br />

Cup title in the program history. It<br />

was the first championship for the Spartans<br />

since 2010.<br />

Mid-States Wickenheiser Cup<br />

For the second consecutive winter, the<br />

Lafayette Lancers finished second in the<br />

Wickenheiser Cup championship game.<br />

The Lancers dropped a 2-1 decision to<br />

Fort Zumwalt <strong>West</strong> in the Mid-States Club<br />

Hockey Association’s game played at the<br />

Centene Community Ice Center. It was the<br />

first Wickenheiser Cup title for the Jaguars.<br />

Aidan Duepner scored the game-winning<br />

goal with just over 6 minutes to play in the<br />

game. Duepner went on to be named the<br />

Most Valuable Player in the game.<br />

Kyle Kraft scored the lone goal for<br />

Lafayette. It came in the second period to<br />

tie the game.<br />

Lancers goalie Konner Canova played<br />

well, recording 32 saves.<br />

Last winter, the Lancers fell 2-1 to Priory<br />

in the championship game. Lafayette won<br />

its only Wickenheiser Cup championship<br />

in 2019 with a 4-2 victory over Duchesne.



EDUCATION REPORT, from page 18<br />

own work.”<br />

Dr. Curtis Cain, superintendent of Rockwood<br />

and former superintendent of the<br />

Wentzville School District, said the job of<br />

a superintendent is much like the CEO of a<br />

company. He said he feels that he and the<br />

board really are a team of eight.<br />

“My job is to work with the seven elected<br />

members of the board of education,” Cain<br />

said. “And that’s all of them regardless of<br />

makeup, composition or orientation. We<br />

are a team of eight, seven of which have a<br />

vote, and people are looking for examples<br />

and evidence of not only communication,<br />

but that there’s synergy across all eight.<br />

It doesn’t mean that we’re always on the<br />

same page, but it does mean that, generally<br />

speaking, we have arrows that are pointing<br />

in a very similar direction.”<br />

Teamwork is important. While one board<br />

member might have an idea for a certain<br />

policy, it won’t happen without a majority<br />

of support from the rest of the board. Even<br />

then, there could be state laws in place that<br />

might not allow certain policies, or that<br />

mandate regulations that all public schools<br />

must follow. Decisions have to be consistent<br />

with state laws and board policies,<br />

which are the governing framework for a<br />

school district.<br />

According to MSBA, “Policies are<br />

GOALS<br />

The board<br />

establishes the<br />

goals and vision<br />

of the district,<br />

with input from<br />

the community,<br />

and evaluates<br />

the results.<br />

Responsibilities of a school board<br />

values or principles adopted by the board<br />

that establish the framework for what is to<br />

be done. Policies provide general guidance<br />

for the district and are based on the philosophy<br />

of the school district. Policies include<br />

topics subject to direct board governance<br />

as well as those concerning the board’s<br />

own operation.”<br />

Some policies are tied to funding like<br />

nutrition standards. Certain nutrition standards<br />

must be met by public schools in<br />

order for them to receive federal funding<br />

for free and reduced lunches. Therefore, if<br />



POLICY<br />

The board<br />

develops and<br />

approves rules<br />

to help schools<br />

operate for<br />

student success.<br />

March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />



The only employee<br />

the board supervises<br />

and evaluates. Dayto-day<br />

school<br />

operations are<br />

delegated to this<br />

position.<br />


a school board candidate suggests bringing<br />

back cupcakes and birthday parties to<br />

schools, that measure likely won’t succeed<br />

because the board probably won’t want to<br />

jeopardize the district’s federal funding.<br />

“We can’t go outside of policy and rule<br />

and do something because we would be<br />

in trouble,” Kinder said. “A lot of times it<br />

depends on what the state legislature thinks<br />

and makes a rule. We follow the law.”<br />

Working Together<br />

Kelli Hopkins, associate executive<br />


BUDGET<br />

Approves<br />

the budget<br />

proposed by the<br />

Superintendent<br />

and ensures<br />

funding supports<br />

district goals.<br />


Shares district<br />

information with<br />

local legislators<br />

and the<br />

community to<br />

secure resources<br />

for student<br />

success.<br />

(Source: Missouri School Board Association)<br />

director for board services for MSBA, said<br />

the school board-superintendent relationship<br />

is almost like a family. They may not<br />

always agree, but they still get along.<br />

“If you want to be successful as an individual<br />

you’re going to have to build some<br />

support,” Hopkins said. “You have to sell<br />

your idea to the other board members. You<br />

can’t as one person get anything done. If<br />

anyone wants to make change it needs to<br />

be a team effort. Our standard advice is<br />

See EDUCATION REPORT, page 57<br />

ELECT<br />

Patricia<br />

TOCCO<br />

Your Voice on City Council<br />

A new perspective is needed on Chesterfield City Council.<br />

Patricia Tocco will represent you!<br />

Faith Based Childcare<br />

No Enrollment Fee<br />

Now Accepting<br />

Infants to<br />

4 year olds<br />

CALL FOR A TOUR! 636-300-9000<br />



Pat is an experienced business professional with expertise in<br />

accounting and finance. As a former CPA, corporate<br />

senior officer, and business owner PAT WILL:<br />

Consider the needs of residents and schools over those<br />

of developers before making decisions on TIFs<br />

Promote fiscal responsibility and transparency in all<br />

decisions involving tax revenues<br />

Support economic development projects that reflect<br />

the community’s desires and needs<br />


for Patricia Tocco for Chesterfield<br />

City Council, Ward 2<br />

Patricia Ann Tocco<br />

Paid for by Friends of Pat Tocco, Kate Sickles, Treasurer

44 I<br />

March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />


ELECTION PREVIEW, from page 17<br />

cisions are made that impact the community.<br />

To ensure that Ellisville is seen as an<br />

attractive investment to businesses and<br />

home-owners. To protect property values<br />

of current home-owners by carefully vetting<br />

future businesses.<br />

3. I will make myself available to the<br />

residents of district one and will bring your<br />

voices and concerns to the table.<br />

District 2 • Mick Cahill<br />

District 3 • Amy Hildebrand<br />

1. I chose to buy my first home in Ellisville<br />

because of all the city has to offer families,<br />

its community, and businesses. Fifteen<br />

years later I am on my second home and I<br />

still love our city. Professionally, it is my<br />

job to understand strategy, issues and goals.<br />

I work with individuals, leaders and stakeholders<br />

to find win-win solutions. Seeking<br />

to understand, as well as understanding the<br />

issues of everyone involved, is a must. In<br />

my profession, or as a room mom, a board<br />

member, or in the support of charities, I<br />

learn and serve. All my roles have prepared<br />

me to serve the city of Ellisville.<br />

2. My priorities are to listen, learn and<br />

help. It’s a very simple but effective plan.<br />

Listen to the community – residents and<br />

businesses. Discover and learn what is<br />

needed. Help the city of Ellisville thrive<br />

today, tomorrow and for years to come.<br />

3. Ellisville is the place I chose for my<br />

family to live. My family has been a part<br />

of this community for decades, working<br />

and serving the community. It would be<br />

an honor for me to serve Ellisville as the<br />

council member for Ward 3 and carry on<br />

the legacy of service.<br />

District 3 • Minden M. Schoknecht Bowling<br />

1. I have lived in Ellisville for five years<br />

and look forward to bringing a young perspective<br />

to the council.<br />

2. My priorities are: To bring a fresh perspective<br />

to the council. Take an active role<br />

in keeping the city looking forward. Keep<br />

the current work of the council, staff, police<br />

and public works for Ellisville going strong.<br />

3. I offer a young mom’s perspective for<br />

the city of Ellisville. I have two kids that attend<br />

Ellisville Elementary and I want the city<br />

to be a safe, fun place for me to raise them.<br />

EUREKA • Mayor • Board of Aldermen<br />

Mayor • Sean Flower*<br />

Ward 1 • Wes Sir*<br />

Ward 2 • Carleen Murray*<br />

Ward 3 • Maria Ascrizzi*<br />

MANCHESTER • Board of Aldermen<br />

Ward 1 • John H. Dodge*<br />

Ward 2 • Megan D. Huether<br />

Ward 3 • Richard Baumann*<br />

1. I have been serving as alderman since<br />

2015. I have served or currently serving<br />

on the Board of Adjustment and audit and<br />


finance, small business, playground and<br />

homecoming committees. I’m the first alderman<br />

in Manchester to earn the Missouri<br />

Municipal League certification and the<br />

only Manchester alderman to earn chancellor’s<br />

certificates in economic development<br />

and planning and zoning. By attending the<br />

Missouri Municipal League conferences,<br />

I was able to find federal grants totaling<br />

$975,000 to help redo our playground in<br />

Schroeder Park. I brought the beer festival<br />

to Manchester which is the most profitable<br />

park program and it raises money for a<br />

Manchester nonprofit Lafayette Industries.<br />

2. My top three priorities are: Continue to<br />

support the annexation plan that will bring<br />

new residents and additional revenue to<br />

Manchester. Continue to address resident<br />

concerns quickly and efficiently. I will also<br />

continue to attend neighborhood meetings<br />

and continue to make myself available to<br />

all residents. I will always support policies<br />

for fiscal responsibility while maintaining<br />

and improving services and programming<br />

available to Manchester residents.<br />

3. I am a candidate that is open and willing<br />

to listen to all Manchester residents. I<br />

will always make my decisions based on<br />

what is best for all Manchester residents.<br />

I will continue to work hand in hand with<br />

city staff, police and other elected officials.<br />

I respectfully ask for your vote on April 4<br />

to continue working for Manchester in a<br />

positive and productive direction.<br />

Ward 3 • Paul Listenberger<br />

1. My qualifications to hold office, I have<br />

a master’s degree in business, leadership<br />

skills and a commitment to public service.<br />

I have a deep understanding of the issues<br />

facing us as constituents, a clear vision for<br />

the future, and the ability to work collaboratively<br />

with others to achieve our goals.<br />

I have managed and owned restaurants for<br />

over 35 years.<br />

2. My priorities are: Strengthening the<br />

economy and creating jobs by promoting<br />

innovation, entrepreneurship and investment<br />

in infrastructure. Ensuring that tax<br />

reductions are done in a fair and balanced<br />

way, and do not undermine the city’s ability<br />

to provide essential services or invest in<br />

critical infrastructure. Creating a vibrant<br />

and diverse economy that provides wellpaying<br />

jobs and opportunities; a thriving<br />

cultural and artistic scene that celebrates<br />

the city’s history, diversity and creativity;<br />

a sustainable and resilient city that prioritizes<br />

environmental stewardship, public<br />

health and social justice; a safe and connected<br />

community where people feel supported<br />

and connected to each other and<br />

local government.<br />

3. I do not favor any political candidate,<br />

party or ideology. My goal is to provide<br />

accurate and helpful information to assist<br />

individuals in making informed decisions<br />

and to promote critical thinking and rational<br />

discourse on a wide range of topics.<br />

TOWN & COUNTRY Board of Aldermen<br />

Ward 1 • Ben Schwoerer<br />

Ward 2 • Holly Even*<br />

Ward 3 • Joe Kinsella<br />

Ward 4 • Jeffrey Parrotte*<br />

TWIN OAKS • Mayor • Aldermen-at-large<br />

Mayor • Russ Fortune<br />

Alderman • Dennis Whitmore*<br />

Alderman • Lisa Eisenhauer*<br />

VALLEY PARK • Board of Aldermen<br />

Ward 1 • Stephanie Reynolds*<br />

Ward 2 • Randy Bowen*<br />

Ward 3 • Eddie Walker*<br />

Ward 4 • Elijah Braswell<br />

Ward 4 • Thomas (Tommy) Rauls Jr. – Disqualified<br />

per Missouri Ethics Commission<br />



WILDWOOD • City Council<br />

Ward 1• Larry Brost*<br />

Ward 2 • Lauren Edens*<br />

Ward 3 • Tracey Nyhan*<br />

Ward 4 • Katie Dodwell*<br />

Ward 5 • Ed Marshall<br />

1. I will add experience to the City Council<br />

as former mayor and council member<br />

Ward 2. I served as the chair of the Charter<br />

Review Commission in 2018 and a<br />

member of the Community Outreach Task<br />

Force, 2020-2021.<br />

2. My priorities are: Represent the needs<br />

of Ward 5 as they relate to the progress of<br />

the entire city. Promote efficient local government,<br />

listening to all sides of the issue<br />

before us, representing Ward 5 residents<br />

without any hidden agendas. Balance the<br />

needs of a growing city, both residential<br />

and commercial without doing damage to<br />

the environment.<br />

3. You deserve an experienced representative<br />

with a proven track record. Moving<br />

our city forward requires understanding<br />

how we got to where we are currently.<br />

Ward 5 • Dan Glowski<br />

1. I was involved in public service with<br />

the city of Brentwood for 25 years before<br />

moving to Wildwood in 2020. My experience<br />

there included eight years as alderman<br />

and 12 years as a member of the<br />

Planning and Zoning Commission. I also<br />

provided legal services to the city of Brentwood<br />

as an associate in the law firm of the<br />

Brentwood city attorney, and served on<br />

the Brentwood Board of Adjustment, TIF<br />

Commission, Redevelopment Corporation,<br />

Manchester Road Improvement Committee<br />

and the Parks and Recreation Advisory<br />

Committee. Since becoming a resident of<br />

Wildwood, I have served on the Wildwood<br />

Community Outreach Task Force and the<br />

Wildwood Redistricting Committee.<br />

2. I will work to see that any future<br />

developments preserve as much of the<br />

natural beauty of the area as possible. I<br />

would also like to see increased efforts to<br />

remove invasive plants and to plant native<br />

species to restore and enhance the natural<br />

beauty of all areas of the city. I would<br />

like to explore the options available to the<br />

city to promote and encourage the full<br />

occupancy of Wildwood Town Center.<br />

Our goal should be to help Town Center<br />

achieve its full potential as a convenient<br />

destination for Wildwood residents for<br />

shopping, dining and services. Although<br />

normal background traffic noise is to be<br />

expected, I would like to explore what options<br />

the city has to discourage the use of<br />

highways 100 and 109 as raceways, and to<br />

reduce the noise pollution from vehicles<br />

lacking adequate mufflers. Wildwood is<br />

not a “mufflers optional” community and<br />

should not be the place to go to test the<br />

limits of performance vehicles.<br />

3. I love Wildwood and would like to be<br />

able to contribute my skills and experience<br />

for the betterment of the community.<br />

Ward 6 • Robert A. Jakcsy*<br />

Ward 7 • James Vanek – Candidate did<br />

not reply by deadline.<br />

Ward 7 • Nathan Hopper* – Candidate<br />

did not reply by deadline.<br />

Ward 8 • Joe Garritano*<br />

WINCHESTER Board of Aldermen<br />

Ward 1 • Joyce Davis*<br />

Ward 2 • Tony Deluca*<br />


Candidates running for seats on boards of<br />

education in the April 4 Election were asked<br />

to answer the following questions: 1. What<br />

qualifies you for this office? 2. What are<br />

your priorities if elected? 3. How involved<br />

should school districts be in decisions related<br />

to protecting students’ mental and physical<br />

health? What would you change? 4. How<br />

much should parents be allowed to influence<br />

what is being taught inside a classroom? Candidates<br />

are listed in ballot order. Incumbents<br />

have an asterisk after their name.<br />

PARKWAY • Board of Education<br />

Jeff Todd*<br />

1. My reasons for seeking reelection are<br />

simple: To continue giving back to the<br />

school district from which I earned such a<br />

great education. My last six years on the<br />

board have been a challenging yet rewarding<br />

experience in many ways. I have grown<br />

to understand and appreciate the level of<br />

compassion and commitment by those educating<br />

our students, and the collaborative<br />

work that is involved in running the district.<br />

I plan to continue serving as a board member<br />

because I have a strong desire to continue<br />

serving my community.<br />

2. We must continue to improve the safety<br />

and security of our schools. Students<br />

and teachers cannot be successful if they<br />

don’t feel safe, and that extends beyond<br />

physical safety to include a welcoming<br />

school environment, without fear of bul-<br />


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46 I<br />

March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />


ELECTION PREVIEW, from page 44<br />

lying or retaliation. Remaining current is<br />

necessary to continually graduate students<br />

who are ready for the world. Investment in<br />

technology and expanding learning in creative<br />

and collaborative ways will help us to<br />

remain current. Ensuring students and staff<br />

have the necessary tools to succeed in the<br />

classroom is vital.<br />

3. The mental and physical health of<br />

students and staff is a critical component<br />

of their success. Schools have a duty to<br />

foster a safe and welcoming environment<br />

in which to learn and teach. We must continue<br />

to carry out recommendations from<br />

the mental health task force, and build on<br />

what our character education has already<br />

accomplished, in order to continuously improve<br />

our school culture.<br />

4. Parkway has a robust curricular review<br />

program that includes participation<br />

from a variety of stakeholders. Parents<br />

should absolutely remain a part of that process<br />

in the review and evaluation of new<br />

and changing curriculum. Having input<br />

from a diverse group of individuals helps<br />

ensure we have a factual curriculum that is<br />

meaningful and impactful to the broadest<br />

class of students. When consensus on curriculum<br />

is reached, Parkway’s teachers can<br />

deliver it with the confidence of our community<br />

behind them.<br />

Ryan Kerr<br />

1. What inspired me to run for the Parkway<br />

Board of Education is to ensure my<br />

children and every child in the district has<br />

the most equitable, non-biased, and obtainable<br />

education for kindergarten through<br />

high school. My wife graduated from Parkway<br />

South and my mother-in-law taught<br />

for Parkway and the Special School District<br />

for almost 40 years. We bought our<br />

home in 2012 with the sole intention of<br />

having our future children in the Parkway<br />

district. These are responsible life decisions<br />

we made with the same expectations<br />

of decision-making by the district. Nutritional<br />

deficiency. Mental health. Academic<br />

proficiency. Fiscal responsibility.<br />

2. Plummeting academic proficiency<br />

scores highlight a lack of critical thinking<br />

being executed, bullying and harassment,<br />

and nutritional deficiencies, especially in<br />

already marginalized communities. The<br />

use of evidence-based education and curriculum<br />

is a high priority for me, especially<br />

within the realm of diversity and inclusion.<br />

Teaching historical and modern culture associated<br />

with different races is far more effective<br />

via data than concepts like critical<br />

race theory or forced diversity, equity and<br />

inclusion workshops, which show a stagnate<br />

or negative response to such concepts<br />

via academic research studies.<br />

3. School districts should be engaged<br />

in the curriculum education of children<br />

as the number one priority. Staff should<br />


be responsibly trained to identify mental<br />

health cues and refer any identified cues<br />

to a school counselor. The role of public<br />

schools is to identify health issues and engage<br />

parents accordingly, not to be healthcare<br />

providers. We need a much higher<br />

level of transparency between districts<br />

(schools) and parents to maintain proper<br />

homeostasis for both mental and physical<br />

health. We need concrete, discernible action<br />

plans of discipline for all violent actions<br />

including self-defense with accountability<br />

for administrative deviation from<br />

guidelines for equity.<br />

4. Parents shouldn’t have to influence<br />

what is being taught in classrooms. The<br />

question having to be asked simply demonstrates<br />

how far districts have strayed<br />

from providing an education that simply<br />

prepares children for secondary education<br />

or to enter the workforce. In my opinion,<br />

we do a very poor job of counseling kids<br />

on prospective college majors leading to<br />

high debt and low career pay. We need to<br />

be teaching children how to think and not<br />

what to think to achieve high levels of critical<br />

thinking which, by data, have been diminished<br />

over the past decade.<br />

Kathy Guerra<br />

1. I am running for Parkway School Board<br />

director because of the unique counselor relationship<br />

I have with my student-patients.<br />

Currently in private counseling practice<br />

with adolescent patients, I am hearing much<br />

more about confusion, division, and aggression<br />

in the schools than previous years. As<br />

a former high school teacher and guidance<br />

counselor, I believe we need to reevaluate<br />

the current curriculum and change its direction.<br />

My goal is to get politics out of schools,<br />

stick to the basics and bring Parkway back<br />

to academic excellence!<br />

2. We need to ensure transparency and<br />

trust between school board, parents and<br />

teachers. As a mom of seven, I believe parents<br />

have preeminence over their children.<br />

We need to stop the current social emotional<br />

learning inhibiting the ability of students<br />

to engage, along with any divisive race theory.<br />

We need an effective reading program,<br />

and increased opportunities for career and<br />

technology education. Some students may<br />

need more oversight, but most do not. For<br />

all of our children, let’s make our school<br />

environment a place of refuge for learning<br />

in peace, not a place of confusion and aggression.<br />

Let’s get back to learning, so that<br />

our kids can get back to succeeding!<br />

3. Protecting students mental and physical<br />

health is a parental domain. The schools can<br />

help only when parents are informed and<br />

trust the school counseling process. Marginalized<br />

students sometimes need more<br />

community involvement, rightfully so. The<br />

vast majority of parents simply desire success<br />

for their children. For the percentage of<br />

students who face troubling family circumstances,<br />

these students must be helped and<br />

protected but we must not negate the rights<br />

of the majority of parents because of some<br />

who require more oversight. As to changes,<br />

I would definitely see to it that parents are<br />

informed of any mental or physical issue<br />

that may occur with their child.<br />

4. Transparency builds trust, and trust<br />

encourages positive working relationships<br />

between families and schools. Working together<br />

with our devoted teachers, ultimately,<br />

parents have ownership of what is being<br />

taught in the classroom. Parental involvement<br />

in curriculum is the key to student<br />

success! Historically school management<br />

and curriculum were set by each community<br />

ensuring a more intimate parental connection<br />

with student curriculum and what<br />

and how their children would be taught. We<br />

need to get back to responsible community<br />

school management for both curriculum<br />

and acceptable ideology. The community<br />

and the school should be open and transparent<br />

enough to allow a bridging of ideas.<br />

Deborah A. “Debbie” Hopper – Candidate<br />

did not reply by deadline.<br />

Mark Ivancic<br />

1. Our generation will be transitioning to<br />

the next generation who will lead regarding<br />

society, culture and the future. Education<br />

is one of the larger influences that will<br />

affect how that generation will think and<br />

act. Involvement in the Parkway School<br />

Board is one way to have an effect on the<br />

next generation.<br />

2. As a Parkway board member I would<br />

evaluate and work toward policies that<br />

maintain academic leadership that would<br />

be fiscally responsible with our tax dollars<br />

and provide opportunities for parental participation.<br />

3. Providing academic development cannot<br />

occur without the students having stable<br />

mental and physical health. All opportunities<br />

to assure the well being of students should<br />

be explored and protocols developed by the<br />

school district and parents collaboratively.<br />

4. Classroom curriculum should be collaborative<br />

and transparent between the<br />

educators and the parents. The amounts of<br />

collaboration will vary dependent on the<br />

situation. One rule shouldn’t fit all.<br />

Tiffany Mapp Franklin<br />

1. I care deeply about the Parkway School<br />

District. Starting as a parent volunteer in<br />

the classroom and progressing to PTO president,<br />

I have been involved within our district<br />

for 12 years. Having recently been appointed<br />

to the school board in June, I have a<br />

greater sense of all of the work our teachers<br />

and administrators do to keep our district<br />

running successfully. I am committed to ensuring<br />

a safe and inclusive environment for<br />

all children in Parkway to thrive.<br />

2. I am an advocate for mental wellness,<br />

diversity, equity and inclusion, and safe<br />

schools. When we keep these things at the<br />

forefront of our schools, we create an academic<br />

environment where kids can learn<br />



and grow.<br />

3. There is a saying that it takes a village<br />

to raise a child. In our society, schools<br />

are part of that village. Children are in<br />

school more hours of the day than they<br />

are at home. Schools must care about the<br />

whole child, which includes their mental<br />

and physical health. Healthy bodies and<br />

healthy minds are a key factor in learning.<br />

4. Parents should be involved in their<br />

children’s education. It has been my experience<br />

that teachers are extremely receptive<br />

and supportive of parents who<br />

want to partner with them to ensure their<br />

child’s success. Every year my three<br />

children’s schools hold a curriculum<br />

night that I attend. There, I learn and<br />

give input directly to my kids’ teachers.<br />

I am also a proponent of public schools.<br />

Public schools’ role is to educate all children<br />

so that they can thrive in a changing<br />

global world.<br />

Matt Ehlen<br />

1. Part of what made me decide to run for<br />

school board was that when I was growing<br />

up in the Parkway School District I<br />

thought it was a very good school district.<br />

Once I had kids going to Parkway, I found<br />

out that it really wasn’t any better than any<br />

other school in the state. I think too many<br />

politics are being played in school and we<br />

have lost the focus on a good education.<br />

Common things, such as spelling and civics,<br />

need to return to the classroom and the<br />

political agendas need to leave.<br />

2. My priorities would be to increase the<br />

proficiency scores and possibly do away<br />

with Common Core. There are too many<br />

standards trying to be taught to instead of<br />

focusing on the important ones like the basics.<br />

I’m not sure how I would do it but I<br />

would also get the parents involved more<br />

in their child’s education. It has been my<br />

experience that too many things are going<br />

on inside the schools that the parents are<br />

not aware of and not informed of.<br />

3. I don’t think it is the schools responsibility<br />

to be involved with these things. The<br />

school should be there to teach and the parents<br />

should be in charge of the mental and<br />

physical health. The problem is when the<br />

parents aren’t involved or just don’t care. If<br />

the school doesn’t do it, who is? In my opinion<br />

it is a tough situation with no easy answer.<br />

4. I believe it should be up to the parents<br />

to decide what is taught within reason.<br />

The parents are in charge of their children,<br />

not the schools or legislatures and the parents<br />

are the ones who pay the taxes so the<br />

school can exist and give jobs to the teachers<br />

and administrators. Without the parents,<br />

there would be no schools.<br />

ROCKWOOD • Board of Education<br />

Lynne Midyett<br />

1. My passion for the Rockwood School<br />

District is as strong as ever. The past few<br />

years were challenging, but my commit-



ment to Rockwood never wavered. I stayed<br />

the course and am ready to dig in, reenergize<br />

and move forward. I will provide<br />

strong and steady stewardship for Rockwood.<br />

I have over 31 years of experience<br />

in education from the classroom to the superintendent’s<br />

cabinet. I believe in Rockwood’s<br />

strength and understand the components<br />

necessary to do whatever it takes<br />

to ensure all students realize their potential.<br />

2. As a board of education director, I will<br />

provide leadership for learning through effective<br />

governance and continued service.<br />

My top priorities are academic excellence<br />

in a safe and caring learning environment,<br />

retention and recruitment of top talent and<br />

stellar strategic planning that engages our<br />

students, families and community. Fiscal responsibility<br />

is always an underlying priority.<br />

A school board that functions as a team is<br />

imperative. I will seek to understand differing<br />

points of view to achieve consensus.<br />

3. Students learn most effectively when<br />

they feel safe and have a sense of belonging.<br />

A top priority of any school district is<br />

ensuring the health and safety of students.<br />

District buildings must be updated and well<br />

maintained. It is vital that comprehensive<br />

safety plans are routinely reviewed and<br />

evaluated for opportunities of improvement.<br />

For students who are experiencing<br />

mental health challenges, Rockwood can<br />

foster a sense of safety and promote better<br />

academic and behavioral outcomes by providing<br />

access to high quality mental health<br />

services. This includes partnerships, communication,<br />

and transparency.<br />

4. It is the collective responsibility of<br />

parents, educational leaders and the board<br />

of education to determine what is taught<br />

in classrooms. Rockwood’s approach to<br />

curriculum development and approval includes<br />

parent input throughout the process.<br />

Additionally, parents are invited to serve on<br />

Rockwood’s strategic planning committees<br />

to set direction, goals, and accountability<br />

measures for the district. At the building<br />

level, parent voice is needed for the school<br />

improvement process and plan. Most importantly,<br />

parent-teacher communication at<br />

the classroom level is essential for student<br />

learning. I encourage all parents to collaborate<br />

with the teaching and building staff<br />

to share how their child learns best.<br />

Thomas Dunn<br />

1. As a previous board director (2019-<br />

20<strong>22</strong>), I really enjoyed learning about all of<br />

the departments, policies and components of<br />

running one of the largest districts in the state<br />

of Missouri. I feel it is important to be a voice<br />

for parents and the community as well as a<br />

board member who can ask good questions<br />

and challenge status quo. I also want to be a<br />

resource to connect parents and students who<br />

need specific help with finding and understanding<br />

district policies and programs.<br />

2. My goals are as follows: Continue to<br />

use common sense, logic and compromise<br />

March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />


for decisions brought before the board.<br />

Help teachers and students by providing<br />

them with the tools needed to achieve academic<br />

success (standardized testing results<br />

is one metric, but to also elevate the students<br />

that are having difficulties). Bring all<br />

schools and facilities to parity across the<br />

district and ensure safety in all buildings.<br />

Maintain responsible fiscal management<br />

and asset oversight.<br />

3. Academics and educating students<br />

is the main priority of the school district.<br />

However, since COVID, the populace has<br />

seen an increase in the need for mental and<br />

physical health. Students have a hard time<br />

learning if they are experiencing issues inside<br />

or outside of the school day. Districts<br />

should leave counseling to mental health<br />

professionals; however, teachers and staff<br />

can do their part by conducting weekly<br />

wellness checks with their students by asking<br />

how their day is going. If teachers see<br />

a pattern of concern, the parents and social<br />

worker should be notified to explore<br />

the situation further. In regard to physical<br />

health, all students should participate in<br />

physical education activities during their<br />

school years. Healthy body, healthy mind.<br />

4. The school district, teachers and parents<br />

should be working together on what<br />

is most important: educating the children.<br />

Rockwood’s curriculum committees are<br />

formed by administration and invited representative<br />

parents to decide what classes<br />

and material will be taught. I believe that<br />

successful curriculum development is a<br />

partnership between all stakeholders, including<br />

parents. Parents should be able to<br />

access materials that are put in front of students,<br />

but we should be hiring top educators<br />

and administrators who have the ultimate<br />

responsibility to prepare lesson plans that<br />

adhere to agreed upon curriculum.<br />

Karen (Kary) Bachert<br />

1. After living, teaching and volunteering<br />

in Rockwood my entire life, I want to continue<br />

to give back to my community. I am<br />

hoping to change the narrative, have some<br />

courageous conversations with stakeholders<br />

and move our district forward in a positive<br />

direction. We have a lot to be proud of<br />

in Rockwood and must unite as a community<br />

to help our students continue to thrive.<br />

2. We need to create a culture within our<br />

district where students, staff and administration<br />

feel supported among our community.<br />

I will continue to support the 4-E<br />

training and work with Dr. Cain and the<br />

law enforcement professionals to strengthen<br />

our current safety and security plan. We<br />

need to address how we structure our finances<br />

to maintain our facilities in a fiscally<br />

responsible manner. We are experiencing<br />

staffing shortages among our support<br />

staff, and we need to get ahead of the anticipated<br />

teacher shortage that is forecasted<br />

See ELECTION PREVIEW, page 52<br />


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Cases of norovirus, an extremely contagious gastrointestinal illness,<br />

are currently spiking across the U.S.<br />

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HEALTH<br />



Norovirus infections spiking<br />

in Midwest, nationwide<br />

The rate of norovirus infections in the<br />

U.S. – particularly in the Midwest and<br />

South regions – has reached a 12-month<br />

high, according to recent data from the<br />

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.<br />

Its statistics show that about 18% of<br />

samples now being tested come back positive<br />

for the virus.<br />

Often labeled the “stomach flu,” norovirus<br />

isn’t actually the flu at all … it is a<br />

highly contagious gastrointestinal virus<br />

that usually causes diarrhea, vomiting,<br />

nausea and stomach pain. Fever and body<br />

aches are other possible symptoms. All of<br />

the above come on quickly and intensely<br />

after an incubation period of as little as 12<br />

hours.<br />

In addition to person-to-person transmission,<br />

norovirus is also the nation’s leading<br />

cause of foodborne illness. Food can get<br />

contaminated if fruits or vegetables are<br />

grown or washed with contaminated water.<br />

Raw oysters also can become infected with<br />

norovirus if they are harvested from water<br />

contaminated with it.<br />

While the illness usually passes in a few<br />

days, one infected family member often<br />

means the whole household will soon feel<br />

its miserable effects. Just a tiny amount<br />

of the virus can transmit it, so it is easily<br />

passed via hands, contaminated surfaces,<br />

food and water. The virus can also become<br />

airborne when a sick person flushes the<br />

toilet.<br />

There’s no treatment available for norovirus,<br />

other than rest and increased fluid<br />

intake to prevent dehydration. Even after<br />

a person feels better, he or she can continue<br />

to transmit the virus to others for<br />

two weeks or even longer, according to<br />

the CDC – so a lack of symptoms does not<br />

mean the virus is no longer present in the<br />

home.<br />

Considering that it’s so infectious, easily<br />

transmissible and long-lasting, the best<br />

way to fight norovirus and prevent its<br />

spread is by following strict cleaning protocols<br />

when someone in the family is sick,<br />

the CDC advises.<br />

While many other viruses are susceptible<br />

to alcohol-based products like hand sanitizer,<br />

they are not effective against norovirus.<br />

Proper disinfection includes cleaning<br />

and rinsing of potentially contaminated<br />

surfaces using detergent and hot water<br />

along with bleach or another U.S. Environmental<br />

Protection Agency-registered<br />

disinfectant.<br />

Once they get into a home, norovirus<br />

particles can persist on surfaces for days,<br />

so frequent hand-washing and surface disinfection<br />

are key. This should include hightouch<br />

items such as utensils, light switches,<br />

door handles and phones.<br />

On average, around 21 million Americans<br />

suffer through a bout with norovirus<br />

every year, most often during the cooler<br />

months from late fall to early spring.<br />

Nearly 110,000 norovirus-related hospitalizations<br />

and 900 deaths occur annually,<br />

mostly among people over age 65.<br />

Local researchers link COVID,<br />

new gastrointestinal disorders<br />

A recent study led by researchers at<br />

Washington University School of Medicine<br />

in St. Louis has found that people infected<br />

with COVID-19 are developing gastrointestinal<br />

(GI) disorders at a much higher<br />

rate for up to a full year afterward.<br />

These disorders are wide-ranging and can<br />

include liver problems, acute pancreatitis,<br />

irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux, and<br />

ulcers in the lining of the stomach or upper<br />

intestine. Following infection, people are<br />

also more likely to have long-term generalized<br />

GI problems like constipation, diarrhea,<br />

abdominal or stomach pain, bloating<br />

and vomiting.<br />

“Gastrointestinal problems were among<br />

the first that were reported by the patient<br />

community,” said senior author Ziyad<br />

Al-Aly, M.D., a Washington University<br />

epidemiologist who has been studying the<br />

long-term effects of COVID-19 infection<br />

throughout the body. “It is increasingly<br />

clear that the GI tract serves as a reservoir<br />

for the virus.”<br />

Al-Aly and his team analyzed U.S.<br />

Department of Veterans Affairs data from<br />

about 154,000 adults who had tested positive<br />

for COVID-19 between March 2020<br />

and mid-January of 2021, mainly before<br />

vaccines became available. They compared<br />

gastrointestinal outcomes in that group<br />

with those of two other large groups totaling<br />

more than 11 million people not previously<br />

infected with the virus.<br />

Overall, GI disorders were 36% more<br />

likely in people with past COVID-19<br />

regardless of how mild their cases had<br />

been, compared with those who had never<br />

been infected. Compared with patients in<br />

the control groups, people who had had<br />

COVID-19 were at a 62% increased risk of<br />

developing ulcers in the lining of the stomach<br />

or small intestine; a 35% higher risk<br />

of acid reflux disease; and a 46% increased<br />

risk of acute pancreatitis.<br />

The study shows how damaging COVID-<br />

19 can be to virtually any system in the<br />

body, Al-Aly said. The new findings, published<br />

in Nature Communications, build on<br />

his team’s prior research detailing its lingering<br />

negative effects on the brain, heart,<br />

kidneys and other organs, which now total<br />

about 80 adverse health outcomes associated<br />

with long COVID.<br />

Survey suggests some parents<br />

jump the gun with fever meds<br />

It’s always a worry for parents when<br />

their young child is sick with a fever; all<br />

they want is for their child to feel better.<br />

But a new University of Michigan survey<br />

shows that some may give their kids feverreducing<br />

medications too quickly, when it<br />

isn’t necessary – and could even interfere<br />

with a child’s recovery by doing so.<br />

In the most recent C.S. Mott Children’s<br />

Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health,<br />

one in three parents surveyed said they<br />

would give their child fever-reducing meds<br />

for a temperature below 100.4°F, which is<br />

not recommended by healthcare providers.<br />

At the same time, a majority also said they<br />

understand that a low-grade fever can actually<br />

be beneficial in fighting illness.<br />

“Some parents may immediately rush to<br />

give their kids medicine but it’s often better<br />

to let the fever run its course. Lowering a<br />

child’s temperature doesn’t typically help<br />

cure their illness any faster. In fact, a lowgrade<br />

fever helps fight off the infection,”<br />

said poll co-director and pediatrician Susan<br />

Woolford, M.D. “There’s also the risk of<br />

giving too much medication when it’s not<br />

needed, which can have side effects.”<br />

About two thirds of the parents polled<br />

said they’re “very confident” that they<br />

know whether their child needs medication<br />

to reduce a fever. Half said they would<br />

give medicine for a fever between 100.4<br />

and 101.9 degrees, and a quarter said they<br />

would likely give another dose before the<br />

previous one has worn off to prevent the<br />

fever from returning.



March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />


I HEALTH I 49<br />

“Often parents worry about their child<br />

having a fever, and want to do all they can<br />

to reduce their temperature. However, they<br />

may not be aware that in general the main<br />

reason to treat a fever is just to keep their<br />

child comfortable,” Woolford said.<br />

She added that fever-reducing medications<br />

also can mask symptoms such as pain,<br />

which may delay getting a proper diagnosis<br />

and treatment for the child when needed.<br />

The final report was based on about 1,400<br />

survey responses from parents of children<br />

ages 12 and under, who participated in the<br />

national poll between August and September<br />

of 20<strong>22</strong>.<br />

On the calendar<br />

BJC presents a Family and Friends<br />

CPR virtual course on Tuesday, March 28<br />

from 6:30-8:30 p.m. This two-hour virtual<br />

class, offered via Teams Meeting, uses the<br />

American Heart Association curriculum to<br />

teach hands-on CPR skills including adult<br />

hands-only CPR; infant/child CPR with<br />

breaths; introduction to adult/child AED<br />

use; and relief of choking in an adult, child<br />

or infant. Each participating household<br />

will receive a CPR kit prior to the course<br />

date with infant and adult-size mannequins,<br />

class materials and a DVD for ongoing<br />

reference and practice (course does not<br />

include certification upon completion).<br />

The cost is $50.<br />

• • •<br />

BJC St. Louis Children’s Hospital sponsors<br />

a Babysitting 101 virtual class on<br />

Wednesday, March 29 from 6-8:30 p.m.<br />

This interactive class, offered virtually<br />

through Teams Meeting, is a great introduction<br />

to the basics of babysitting and<br />

is recommended for ages 10 and above.<br />

A workbook, first-aid kit, babysitter skills<br />

assessment and backpack will be delivered<br />

to each participant’s home prior to class.<br />

The cost is $25 per child. Please note that<br />

the child is the registrant; parents may sit<br />

in on the class at no additional cost. Register<br />

online at bjc.org/babysitting-class.<br />

• • •<br />

St. Luke’s Hospital sponsors Starting<br />

the Conversation: Raising Mentally Fit<br />

Kids on Thursday, March 30 from 6-7 p.m.<br />

at the Chesterfield Family YMCA, 16464<br />

Burkhardt Place in Chesterfield. You know<br />

all about your child’s physical health, but<br />

how well do you know your child’s emotional<br />

and mental health? At this free event,<br />

you’ll hear real-life experiences from<br />

parents and caregivers; learn how to help<br />

your child talk about changing emotions<br />

and challenging circumstances; and visit<br />

with local service providers. This event is<br />

produced in partnership with the Gateway<br />

Region YMCA. Visit stlukes-stl.com to<br />

register.<br />

• • •<br />

BJC offers a virtual Bariatric Surgery<br />

information session on Monday, April 3<br />

from 5:30-6:30 p.m., live via Zoom. Join a<br />

Washington University bariatric physician<br />

to learn about several surgical treatment<br />

options for weight loss available at Barnes-<br />

Jewish Hospital and Barnes-Jewish <strong>West</strong><br />

County Hospital. There is no cost to participate.<br />

To register for a session or learn<br />

more, call (314) 542-9378 or visit Barnes-<br />

Jewish<strong>West</strong>County.org/Medical-Services/<br />

Bariatrics/Bariatric-Surgery-Information-<br />

Sessions.<br />

• • •<br />

St. Luke’s Hospital offers virtual information<br />

sessions, Transform Your Life,<br />

Restore Your Health with MyNewSelf<br />

Bariatrics, on Tuesday, April 4 and<br />

Thursday, April 20 from 6-6:30 p.m. Join<br />

a St. Luke’s bariatric surgeon for this free<br />

informational seminar to learn more about<br />

options to help you achieve and maintain<br />

a healthy weight. Register to attend at<br />

stlukes-stl.com; for more information, call<br />

(314) 966-9639.<br />

• • •<br />

St. Luke’s Hospital presents Vitamin<br />

ZZZ: Steps to Sounder Sleep on Wednesday,<br />

April 5 from 6:30-8 p.m. at the Desloge<br />

Outpatient Center, 121 St. Luke’s<br />

Center Drive in Chesterfield, in Conference<br />

Room 3 of Building A. Are you one of<br />

approximately 60 million Americans who<br />

have a chronic sleep issue? Learn more<br />

about strategies for sleeping better more<br />

often in this free class. Register online at<br />

stlukes-stl.com.<br />

• • •<br />

St. Luke’s Hospital hosts April Showers:<br />

Mom & Baby Expo on Tuesday, April<br />

18 from 5-8 p.m. at the St. Luke’s Hospital<br />

Institute for Health Education, <strong>23</strong>2<br />

S. Woods Mill Road in Chesterfield. This<br />

free in-person event for new and expecting<br />

parents is designed to help parents in pregnancy<br />

planning through the transition to<br />

parenthood. It features vendor booths; an<br />

Ask the Expert panel; a presentation about<br />

St. Luke’s maternity and perinatal sevices;<br />

an optional tour of St. Luke’s Birth Care<br />

Suites; and attendance prizes including an<br />

infant stroller/travel system. Register for<br />

the event online at stlukes-stl.com.<br />

• • •<br />

BJC St. Louis Children’s Hospital presents<br />

a Staying Home Alone virtual class<br />

on Monday, April 24 from 6:30-8 p.m. This<br />

class will help prepare the parent(s), child<br />

and family for times when the child will<br />

be home alone. Parents and children attend<br />

together to ensure a child’s readiness<br />

– physically, mentally, socially and emotionally<br />

– to stay at home alone. A family<br />

workbook, emergency cards, family fire<br />

escape plan, parent checklist for assessing<br />

readiness and first aid kit are included. The<br />

registration fee is $25 per family. To register,<br />

call (314) 454-5437 or visit bjc.org/<br />

home-alone-class.<br />


WE BUY<br />

HOUSES<br />

AS IS<br />

FREE In-Home<br />

Consultation<br />


And always “As Is”<br />

No costs • No Fees • No commissions<br />

No inspection hassles • Highest cash offers<br />

100% Contingent FREE offers<br />

Mike Robinson<br />

314.283.0867<br />

Robang Properties, LLC<br />

P.O. Box 410486 • St. Louis , MO 63141<br />


Community Events for Older Adults<br />

CLASSES Free = (F)<br />

n ALL ABOUT EAGLES • Wednesday, April 19 • 10-11 a.m. •<br />

Chesterfield Community Center • $10 • Registration required.<br />

n BASKET MAKING • Tuesday, April 18 • 9-11 a.m. • Chesterfield<br />

Community Center • Footed bow basket. • Cost is $30, cash-only,<br />

paid at class. • Registration required.<br />

n CARD MAKING • Monthly on first Thursdays • 10 a.m.-noon •<br />

Chesterfield Community Center • Cost is $10, cash-only, paid on<br />

date of class. • Registration required.<br />

n DIABETES ALERT DAY (F) • Tuesday, March 28 • 10-11:30<br />

a.m. • Chesterfield Community Center • St. Luke’s Hospital offers<br />

glucose screenings, risk assessments and education.<br />

n GEOCACHING (F) • Thursday, April 13 • 5:30-6:30 p.m. • Learn<br />

how to get started in geocaching. • Chesterfield Community Center<br />

• Registration required.<br />

n HERITAGE MUSEUM ART & HISTORY (F) • Tuesday, April<br />

11 • 10-11:30 a.m. • Learn about early Chesterfield settlers such<br />

as James McKay, Jospeh Conway, Frederick and Nancy Bates,<br />

Ezekiel Rogers, Isaac Woods and others. • Registration required.<br />

n SENIOR PAINTING (F) • Fridays • 9:30-11 a.m. • Schroeder<br />

Park Building • Drop-in classes. • All abilities.<br />

n SENIOR PANEL DISCUSSION (F) • Tuesday, April 4: “Estate<br />

Planning Matters” • 10-11:30 a.m. • Chesterfield Community Center<br />

• Discussion on advance directives and other estate planning tools<br />

as well as ongoing financial and tax planning.<br />

n SPRING HIKING (F) • Wednesday, March 29 • 5:30-6:30 p.m.<br />

• Learn about trip planning, clothing, footwear, basic route finding •<br />

Registration required.<br />


n 50-PLUS & FIT • Mondays, 8-8:45 a.m. or 10:20-11:05 a.m.<br />

or 11:20 a.m.-12:05 p.m. • Wednesdays, 11-11:45 a.m. • Fridays,<br />

10:20-11:05 a.m. and 11:20 a.m.-12:05 p.m. • The Pointe • Drop-in<br />

classes. • Class size: 28 • Free with Pointe membership; drop-in<br />

fee for all others.<br />

n CLASSIC SILVER SNEAKERS • Tuesdays, Wednesdays<br />

& Fridays at 9-9:45 a.m. and Wednesdays at 10-10:45 a.m. •<br />

The Pointe • Drop-in classes. • Class size: 30 • Free with Pointe<br />

membership; drop-in fee for all others.<br />

n DISC GOLF (F) • Daily • 6 a.m.-10 p.m. • Bluebird Park<br />

n DISC GOLF (F) • Daily • 8 a.m.-8 p.m. • Schroeder Park<br />

n FIT 4 ALL • Tuesdays, 11-11:45 p.m. • The Pointe at Ballwin<br />

Commons • Drop-in classes. • Class size: 28 • Free with Pointe<br />

membership; A UNIQUE drop-in fee for all APPROACH<br />

others.<br />


The My husband Ideal and I had Alternative previous experience with to Institutional Care<br />

his mother residing in a large scale community<br />

for Those With Dementia!<br />

and I was determined to find a better<br />

solution Our residential for my mother. homes At Family are built<br />

Partners Home, my mother receives<br />

specifically for the specialized needs<br />

wonderful care from a tight knit team<br />

of of those professionals with dementia that understands<br />

promote<br />

safety, her individual comfort, needs and engagement<br />

desires.<br />

with – Paula a family R., Daughter feel. of Resident<br />

n PICKLEBALL (F) • Daily • 6 a.m.-10 p.m. • Bluebird Park<br />

n PICKLEBALL (F) • Daily • 8 a.m.-9 p.m. • Schroeder Park<br />

n PICKLEBALL • The Pointe. Call for details.<br />

n TENNIS (F) • Open Play • Daily • 8 a.m.-9 p.m. • Schroeder Park<br />

n TENNIS (F) • Open Play • Daily • 6 a.m.-10 p.m. • Bluebird Park<br />

n ADULT TENNIS • Tuesdays & Thursdays, April 11-May 4 • 7 p.m. •<br />

Bluebird Park • Registration required. • $95 residents; $100 all others<br />

n WATER AEROBICS • Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. • Mondays,<br />

Wednesdays & Fridays, 9:30 a.m. • Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6:45<br />

p.m. • Drop-in classes (Class size: 28) • The Pointe • Platinum free;<br />

residents $7; all others $9<br />

n ABLT [Water Aerobics] • Tuesdays & Thursdays • 9:30 a.m.<br />

• Drop-in classes • Class size: 28 • The Pointe • Platinum free;<br />

residents $7; all others $9<br />

n JOINTS IN MOTION [Water Aerobics] • Mondays, Wednesdays<br />

& Fridays • 10:30 a.m. • Drop-in classes • Class size: 28 • The<br />

Pointe • Platinum free; residents $7; all others $9<br />

n CHAIR YOGA • Tuesdays • 1:30-2:30 p.m. • Residents free; all<br />

others $5 per class • Registration required, but can be made online<br />

up to one day prior to class.<br />

n SILVER SNEAKERS YOGA • Wednesdays • 10:10-10:50 a.m. •<br />

This class is suitable for nearly every fitness level. • No registration<br />

needed. • Free with Pointe membership; drop-in fee for all others.<br />

n YOGA SLOW FLOW • Fridays • 11 a.m.-noon • Residents free;<br />

all others $5 per class • Registration is required, but can be made<br />

online up to one day prior to class.<br />

n ZUMBA GOLD • Thursdays • 11:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m. • Get<br />

groovin’ at your own pace! • No registration needed • Free with<br />

Pointe membership; drop-in fee for all others.<br />

SOCIAL<br />

n BINGO • Wednesdays, April 12 & 26 • 11:15 a.m.-1:15 p.m. •<br />

Chesterfield Community Center • RSVP required, space is limited.<br />

• $5 per person, includes lunch.<br />

n LUNCH & BINGO • Wednesdays, April 5 & 19 • 11:30 a.m.-1:30<br />

p.m. • The Pointe • Registration required. • $8 per person, per date.<br />

n MORNING BINGO • Thursdays, April 6 & 20 • 9-10:30 a.m. •<br />

Schroeder Park Building • $2 per person/per day.<br />

n BRIDGE • Mondays, April 3 & 17 • Open play 1-3 p.m. •<br />

Schroeder Park Building • $1 per date<br />

n BRIDGE CLUB (F) • Tuesdays through April • 10:30 a.m.-12:30<br />

p.m. • Not a beginning bridge forum. • The Pointe<br />

n COMMUNITY BRIDGE (F) • Every Friday • 10 a.m.-noon •<br />



n Ballwin To register, call (636) <strong>22</strong>7-8950 or visit<br />

ballwin.mo.us • Ballwin Golf Course, 333 Holloway<br />

Road • The Pointe, 1 Ballwin Commons Circle<br />

n Chesterfield To register, call (636) 812-9500 or<br />

email olderadults@chesterfield.mo.us • Community<br />

Center, <strong>23</strong>7 Chesterfield Mall, second floor by Macy's •<br />

Chesterfield Valley Athletic Complex, 17925 N. Outer 40<br />

• Central Park, 16365 Lydia Hill Drive<br />

n Ellisville To register, call (636) <strong>22</strong>7-7508 or visit<br />

ellisville.recdesk.com • Bluebird Park, <strong>22</strong>5 Kiefer<br />

Creek Road<br />

n Manchester To register, call (636) 391-6326, ext<br />

401 or 402, or visit manchestermo.gov • Schroeder<br />

Park Building, 359 Old Meramec Station Road<br />

n Wildwood To register, call (636) 458-0440 or<br />

visit wildwoodmo.recdesk.com • Wildwood City Hall,<br />

16860 Main St.<br />

Chesterfield Community Center • Play is for intermediate or better.<br />

n BOOK CLUB • Tuesday, April 18 • “The Pull of the Stars” by<br />

Emma Donoghue • 11 a.m.-noon • Schroeder Park Building<br />

n CINEMA DAY • Tuesday, April 18: “A League of their Own” •<br />

1-2:30 p.m. • Chesterfield Community Center • $2 per person. •<br />

Popcorn and water provided. • Registration required.<br />

n LOAP • Second and fourth Mondays through May • 10 a.m.-1<br />

p.m. • Ballwin Golf Course • $2 per person • Entertainment, speakers,<br />

bingo, socializing, dessert and drinks provided. Participants should<br />

bring a sack lunch. • Please email shardesty@manchestermo.gov<br />

to be put on the list to receive information about upcoming day trips.<br />

n MAH JONGG • Mondays,April 3 & 17 • Open play 1-3 p.m. •<br />

Schroeder Park Building • $1 per date<br />

n MAHJONG CLUB (F) • Tuesdays through April • 1-3 p.m. • The<br />

Pointe at Ballwin Commons<br />

n MAHJONG MONDAYS (F) • Weekly • 10 a.m. • Chesterfield<br />

Community Center • Participants are welcome to bring their own sets.<br />


n ARBOR DAY SEEDLING GIVEAWAY • Saturday, April <strong>22</strong> • 10<br />

a.m.-’til the seedlings run out • Schroeder Park • Free<br />

n ELECTRONICS RECYCLING • Thursday, April 6 • Noon-5 p.m.<br />

• Bluebird Park • There is a fee for certain items. For details about<br />

what Adonis can collect, visit ellisville.mo.us.<br />

It feels like home. It is a home.<br />

• Only 8-12 residents<br />

• Private Rooms<br />

• Best Caregiver to resident ratio 1:4<br />

• Around the clock professional care<br />

• Chef Prepared and managed meals<br />

Manchester, MO • Call Jonna at 314.686.4468 • www.FamilyPartnersHome.com


Be Swimming in your new pool by Memorial Day 20<strong>23</strong>!<br />

Fiberglass Pools<br />

aquapoolpros.net<br />

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Aqua Pool Pros ... Your Exclusive Fiber Pool & Spa Dealer<br />

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Call 314-<strong>22</strong>2-9600<br />

Text 314-4<strong>22</strong>-9707<br />

stlouisbasementfinishing.net<br />

3-D Design<br />

Service Available!

52 I<br />

March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />


ELECTION PREVIEW, from page 47<br />

by thinking outside of the box on how we<br />

attract and retain our employees.<br />

3. School districts should work collaboratively<br />

with parents to protect students’<br />

mental and physical health. If a student<br />

does not feel safe or their needs are not being<br />

met, then they will not be successful<br />

in school. I would continue to bolster the<br />

mental health programs offered by Rockwood<br />

and encourage our district to investigate<br />

ways we can partner with health and<br />

wellness agencies in our community to<br />

provide resources and support to our students,<br />

staff and families.<br />

4. Parent involvement is integral to the success<br />

of students. It is important for parents<br />

to communicate with their students’ teachers,<br />

and attend parent/teacher conferences<br />

and curriculum nights to understand the<br />

curriculum and the structure of classrooms.<br />

Rockwood allows parent input regarding curriculum<br />

from the early stages of curriculum<br />

writing via a survey of all stakeholders, to<br />

final adoption via a parent advisory committee.<br />

When it comes to the day-to-day management<br />

of lesson plans in a classroom, we<br />

have highly trained and qualified teachers in<br />

our district who consistently implement the<br />

curriculum and state standards.<br />

Trisha Katzfey<br />

1. Service is my calling, I have been<br />

serving our country for <strong>23</strong> years in the military<br />

and now I am running to serve where<br />

it matters most: our children. The hope and<br />

promise I see in my own kids has inspired<br />

me to step up and be an advocate and positive<br />

role model for all of our kids.<br />

2. My goals are furthering a world class<br />

education for our kids, not social engineering.<br />

A “Parents First” approach when kids<br />

face challenges, controversy and/or conflict.<br />

Rewarding our professional educators<br />

with better work conditions and higher pay.<br />

3. It’s the parent’s job to protect their<br />

kids. It’s the school’s job to inform parents<br />

of potential problems. I would love to see<br />

more motivational speakers in schools to<br />

get our kids pumped up. We all need a little<br />

push to be at our best.<br />

4. Choosing curriculum materials and education<br />

policy takes many months and years<br />

of planning. There are public input opportunities<br />

at the federal, state, and local level<br />

for parents to have a voice in what their kids<br />

are being taught. The best way for parents<br />

to influence is by being involved inside the<br />

schools by volunteering, coming to conferences,<br />

and attending school events.<br />

Richard Wierzba<br />

1. As a small business owner for 28 years,<br />

I’m seeing the product of our schools in the<br />

real world. I have young graduates working<br />

for me that are not prepared for the responsibilities<br />

of the job or life. I want to help<br />

change that by emphasizing academics in<br />

our schools rather than political ideology.<br />

State data shows kids are doing worse now<br />

on standardized tests than a decade ago.<br />

The emphasis on race and gender identity<br />

is putting too much on our teachers and<br />

causing overreach into areas parents want<br />

to handle. We need a different approach.<br />

2. We need to get back to focusing on<br />

academic excellence and work to unify<br />

our community. We do this by showing<br />

students that an emphasis on hard work at<br />

school will help them reach their full potential.<br />

Rather than injecting divisive politics<br />

into their school day, we should prioritize<br />

helping them to raise standardized test<br />

scores, develop their skills and pursue their<br />

Golf Guide<br />

Coming April 5<br />

Call 636.591.0010 to advertise<br />


interests. We also need more transparency<br />

so parents and taxpayers will fully trust<br />

and support the district’s efforts to do this.<br />

We should look at programs in our schools,<br />

evaluate them objectively and refocus our<br />

resources where needed.<br />

3. It’s great that we have attentive teachers<br />

who notice and let us know if something’s<br />

not quite right with our kids. Beyond<br />

that, schools shouldn’t be involved in<br />

student mental health. We aren’t experts in<br />

that area and we could inadvertently make<br />

mistakes. Class time shouldn’t be used for<br />

mental health discussions or social justice<br />

activism. Academics are suffering enough<br />

after Covid, and schools already offer surveys<br />

on these topics. Parents should opt in<br />

for those surveys, instead of having to opt<br />

out. Rockwood should have an armed officer<br />

at each building and have zero tolerance<br />

for bullying and harassment.<br />

4. Our amazing teachers are the experts<br />

in the subjects they teach. On subject-specific<br />

concepts (multiplication, grammar,<br />

arts, etc.), we should defer to them and<br />

respect them for the incredibly important<br />

work they are doing. Parents shouldn’t<br />

influence anything in the classroom unless<br />

there’s overreach outside of academics.<br />

Identity politics (race, privilege, gender,<br />

etc.) that can contradict family values<br />

shouldn’t be in lesson content and class<br />

discussions. Our teachers are a big influence<br />

(rightly so) and our students shouldn’t<br />

know teachers’ views on politics or controversial<br />

issues. It’s important that kids learn<br />

how to think instead of what to think.<br />

Robert “Bob” Cadigan<br />

1. <strong>West</strong> Point taught me the value of service.<br />

Supporting the Rockwood School District<br />

through Board of Education membership<br />

provides all board members an opportunity<br />

to participate in and contribute to the development<br />

of our most valuable resource, our<br />

kids. As a board member, I will be a responsible<br />

advocate for students, parents, teachers<br />

and administrators striving to do what’s best<br />

for students and our community.<br />

2. I think parents need to know more<br />

about what is in the curriculum and have<br />

input into changes if they feel appropriate.<br />

The key is transparency. To me, teacher retention<br />

is key to promoting academic excellence.<br />

Like most schools in the world,<br />

test scores suffered during COVID. I’d<br />

like to see what we can do to improve our<br />

academic performance. With the failure<br />

of Proposition P last year, Rockwood will<br />

need to make some financial choices over<br />

the next few years. I have vast experience<br />

in budgets and finance and I’d like to help.<br />

3. Students are in school to learn. Yet, every<br />

study will tell you a student who has<br />

emotional or physical challenges that are<br />

not being address is not in a decent state to<br />

learn. We must address the whole student<br />

so they can reach their full potential. That<br />

is why we have meal programs, counseling<br />



programs and health programs to address<br />

the whole student.<br />

4. I think parents need to know more<br />

about what is in the curriculum and have<br />

input into changes where they feel appropriate.<br />

While we still must follow federal<br />

and state guidelines, parental involvement<br />

is important. The key is transparency from<br />

the administration and teachers and engagement<br />

from the parents.<br />

VALLEY PARK • Board of Education<br />

Lisa Finder – Candidate did not reply by<br />

deadline.<br />

Nicole Martinez – Candidate did not reply<br />

by deadline.<br />

Aaron Christopher Bean<br />

1. I was called upon by members of the<br />

community.<br />

2. If elected I will represent the conservative<br />

values of Valley Park. I will always<br />

vote against social emotional learning, critical<br />

race theory and diversity, equity and<br />

inclusion. I want to stop the Marxification<br />

of education.<br />

3. Schools should not be responsible for<br />

mental health. I will alway vote against social<br />

emotional learning. Physical education<br />

should work to keep children away from<br />

obesity.<br />

4. Informed parents must be able to influence<br />

curriculum through participation<br />

with the school board. Informed parents<br />

should have a say-so on what is taught.<br />

Richard Schmitt – Candidate did not reply<br />

by deadline.<br />

Rebecca “Becky” Menley – Candidate<br />

did not reply by deadline.<br />


Gregory Haug<br />

1. I spent four years on the Webster<br />

Groves City Council; 16 years as a<br />

Shrewsbury police officer, and have served<br />

on professional and civic boards and commissions.<br />

2. My priorities are to bring transparency,<br />

move meeting times to 6 p.m. and<br />

live-stream public meetings.<br />

3. I married Lisa 30 years ago and am the<br />

father of Matt, <strong>23</strong>, and Maddie, 21. I am a<br />

small business owner and a 16-year career<br />

police officer.<br />

Grace Harvey<br />

1. My experience in business for more<br />

than 20 years, in addition to having previously<br />

served as a board director allows<br />

me to step right in from Day 1 to assist in<br />

budgeting, human resources, training/ development<br />

and community engagement. I<br />

have been attending weekly meetings since<br />

filing and am prepared to operate the district<br />

according to the statues and ballots<br />

approved.<br />

2. My priorities are education, transparency<br />

and fiscal responsibility.<br />

3. Not answered.

March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />


Step into a new experience with bonsai from Timberwinds<br />




Look closely at the bonsai plants<br />

featured at Timberwinds Nursery and<br />

you may find one calling you. Their<br />

greenhouse is filled with plants pruned<br />

and planted to reveal the big picture in<br />

a small pot.<br />

Bonsai is a specialty of the nursery<br />

and the scenic plantings remind people<br />

of outdoor places they have been.<br />

“A lot of people are drawn to forests<br />

or group plantings because we’ve all<br />

been hiking or somewhere wooded. It<br />

resonates with people. It places you<br />

there. It’s an emotional connection,”<br />

said Michael Curran, of Timberwinds.<br />

“Bonsai began as a Chinese art. The<br />

word bonsai actually means ‘tray’ and<br />

‘tree.’ The tradition started with these<br />

shallow ceramic trays where they cultivated<br />

trees, grew trees in those containers,”<br />

Michael said.<br />

The idea behind bonsai is “to replicate<br />

nature on a smaller scale,” he said.<br />

Although the art was started in China, it<br />

also caught on in Japan where the Japanese<br />

advanced the craft.<br />

“We like to say ‘it originated in China<br />

and was perfected by Japan,’” Michael<br />

said.<br />

Replicating nature on a smaller scale,<br />

however, is more than simply planting a<br />

tree in a pot, he said.<br />

“We’re trying to make that tree look like<br />

it would in nature,” Michael said. “Bonsai<br />

tells a story of hardship. Hardship is a factor<br />

with Mother Nature. When trees grow on a<br />

mountain, they face high winds, snow. Their<br />

branches are weighed down. They show<br />

that nature is both cruel and kind.”<br />

The bonsai artist cares for the tree, which<br />

could become a normal sized tree, but is<br />

kept small and manicured in the pot.<br />

“We’re not stunting the tree, we regularly<br />

water and fertilize it. We’re growing that<br />

tree, but we’re trimming it back, cutting it<br />

back in the root system and the branches.<br />

Those cuts stimulate new, healthy growth,”<br />

Michael said. “We let it grow as much as<br />

it can in a confined space. Even the leaves<br />

reduce in size naturally. There are more<br />

leaves, but they are smaller. A dead branch<br />

shows the struggle and hardship, but it is<br />

perfect because it shows the struggle of<br />

nature. The Japanese have a saying Wabi<br />

Sabi. It means perfectly imperfect.”<br />

In order to replicate a tree in nature,<br />

however, one more factor comes into play<br />

– time. Time is part of the art, Michael said.<br />

“You can never make a young tree look<br />

old. It takes time. It’s something you need<br />

to invest time in. Like older people, older<br />

trees have character,” he said.<br />

“My takeaway from bonsai is that we<br />

learn from our mistakes. I might cut<br />

the wrong branch, but it may grow back.<br />

Bonsai is never finished ever. You may<br />

work on a tree for 10 maybe 15 years and<br />

get it into show-quality ready. It could win<br />

‘Best Tree in Exhibition,’ but that tree is<br />

growing, it’s still changing. The planter<br />

becomes the artist and the tree becomes<br />

the art – living art. It’s not finished, until<br />

it perishes.”<br />

Michael is a member of the Bonsai Society<br />

of Greater St. Louis.<br />

“It’s really an interesting community.<br />

They give advice and tell you all the tips,<br />

tricks and techniques,” he said. “What I<br />

love most about the club is that a person<br />

working on an $8,000 tree is willing to stop<br />

what they are doing and show someone<br />

with an acorn the best way to grow it.”<br />

People are willing to help each other,<br />

whether that is with watering or advice.<br />

There is a camaraderie in the club, he says.<br />

Timberwinds can help too – whether you<br />

Lorem ipsum<br />

are a beginner, an experienced planter, or<br />

just want to own your own bonsai.<br />

“We have pots, soil and plants, so that<br />

you can do it yourself or take home bonsai<br />

plants that are retail ready,” Michael said.<br />

Michael Curran<br />

“This year is the first year we have imported<br />

trees from Japan.” .<br />

He encourages the curious, however, to<br />

try it for themselves.<br />

“If you are looking for a peaceful and<br />

enjoyable hobby, it’s more fun if you learn<br />

and do it yourself. It’s a life experience. It’s<br />

enriching and teaches patience. It can be a<br />

life-long hobby,” he said.<br />

Timberwinds Nursery<br />

www.timberwindsnursery.com<br />

54 Clarkson Road, Ellisville<br />

(636) <strong>22</strong>7-0095<br />

Manchester<br />

1266 Old Orchard Center<br />

314-627-2499<br />

Festus<br />

1<strong>22</strong>85 Highway 67 South<br />

314-627-2599<br />

Ellisville<br />

15396 Manchester Rd Rd<br />

314-627-2699<br />

House Springs<br />

3 Walters Walter’s Place<br />

(Coming 314-627-2566<br />

summer 2021)<br />

Open to the public for CBD<br />

Medical marijuana for certified patients<br />

Learn how to obtain your medical card<br />


54 I BUSINESS I<br />

NOW<br />

HIRING<br />

We are hiring experienced<br />

early childhood teachers.<br />

We start at $16.00/ hour.<br />

Full time. Only open M-F<br />

from 6:00am-6:00pm.<br />

No nights or weekends.<br />

Family owned business.<br />

50% off healthcare coverage.<br />

Ages 6 weeks through<br />

12 years.<br />

1<strong>23</strong>0 Dougherty Ferry Road<br />

in <strong>West</strong> St. Louis County<br />

(636) <strong>22</strong>5-4800<br />

www.lakesidechildrensacademy.com<br />

Get your Kids tickets<br />

at Moolah.org/circus<br />

Proceeds are for the benefit of Moolah Temple.<br />

Payments are not deductible as charitable contributions.<br />

March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />


Priorities:<br />

St Louis Tradition since 1942<br />

NO city real estate or personal<br />

property taxes<br />

Continuing Ballwin’s low taxes<br />

and outstanding services<br />

Record investments in our streets,<br />

sidewalks, and parks<br />

Support our courageous Ballwin<br />

police officers who keep our<br />

neighborhoods safe<br />

Experience:<br />

Alderman, Ward 2, City of Ballwin<br />

Married to Karen, Father of Matthew<br />

Ballwin Resident<br />

20+ Years<br />

Member, Lord of Life<br />

Lutheran Church<br />

Managing Partner,<br />

Stallmann &<br />

Associates<br />

VOTE<br />

APRIL 4 TH<br />

RE-ELECT<br />


314-324-9707 • Mark@MarkStallmann.com<br />

www.AldermanMark.com AldermanMark<br />

Paid for by Friends of Mark Stallmann, Karen Stallmann - Treasurer<br />


8 Great Shows<br />

March <strong>23</strong>rd - March 26th<br />

LOCAL<br />

EVENTS<br />


The New Jewish Theatre presents “Every<br />

Brilliant Thing” at 6 p.m. on Thursday,<br />

March 16 through Sunday, April 2 at the J’s<br />

Wool Studio Theatre, 2 Millstone Campus<br />

Drive in Creve Coeur. Tickets start at $27<br />

and are available at newjewishtheatre.org<br />

or by calling (314) 442-3283.<br />

• • •<br />

Pray to Love: The Annecy, France,<br />

Nun Series Art Exhibit is on display<br />

Sunday, March 26 through Friday, March<br />

31 at the Visitation Academy, 3020 N.<br />

Ballas Road in Des Peres featuring artist<br />

Anne Goetze. A community mass will be<br />

held at 10 a.m. on opening day. For details,<br />

visit visitationacademy.org and search<br />

“Pray to Love.”<br />

• • •<br />

Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka Kids is at<br />

4 p.m. on Thursday, May 4 and at 7 p.m.<br />

on Friday, May 5 at Visitation Academy in<br />

Des Peres. Look for tickets to be on sale<br />

soon at visitationacademy.org. Search<br />

“visual and performing arts events.”<br />


Eureka Masons Breakfast is from<br />

6:30-11 a.m. on the first Saturday of each<br />

month at the Masonic Lodge, 616 Stockell<br />

Drive in Eureka. Adults are $11 and<br />

children are $5. Ages 5 and under are free.<br />

Proceeds benefit Eureka High Scholarships<br />

and Shriners Hospital.<br />

• • •<br />

Performing for Life is at 2 p.m. and 7<br />

p.m. on Saturday, April 15 at the Chesterfield<br />

Family YMCA, featuring an all adult<br />

variety show with dancing, singing, and<br />

juggling. Tickets are $15 at the door. For<br />

details, call (636) 391-5678 or email dancingthrulife@att.net.<br />

• • •<br />

Rock N Roll Bingo is from 7-10 p.m.<br />

(doors open at 6 p.m.) on Friday, April 21 at<br />

the Ballwin Golf Course. Song clips replace<br />

traditional letters and numbers on the bingo<br />

card. Beer and soda provided. A cash bar<br />

will be available. Bring your own snacks.<br />

Cost is $160 for a table of 8; $25 for individuals.<br />

Registration is open through April<br />

19. For details, visit ballwin.mo.us.<br />

• • •<br />

American Red Cross Blood Drive is<br />

from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. on Thursday, April<br />

27 at the Manchester Justice Center, 200<br />

Highlands Blvd. Drive. To schedule an<br />

appointment, visit redcrossblood.org and<br />

search “63011.”<br />




Town & Country Concert Series is<br />

from 6-9 p.m. every third Friday of the<br />

month beginning Friday, April 21 and<br />

continuing through September at the Town<br />

Square in Town and Country. For details,<br />

visit town-and-country.org.<br />

• • •<br />

Midwest Fiber Festival is from 9<br />

a.m.-5 p.m. on Saturday, April 29 and<br />

from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. on Sunday, April 30 at<br />

STLCC Meramec, 11333 Big Bend Road<br />

in St. Louis, featuring hand-dyed yarn,<br />

raw fleece, fabric, sewing notions, looms<br />

and more. Visit midwestfiberfest.com for<br />

details. Free event.<br />

• • •<br />

Wildwood Plein Air Art Event is from<br />

7 a.m.-4 p.m. on Saturday, May 6 at Wildwood<br />

City Hall. Artwork will be completed<br />

outdoors on location. Artists and photographers<br />

will capture a special location which<br />

will be revealed the day of the event. Fee<br />

is $40 for pre-registered participants prior<br />

to May 6 and $50 on the day of the event.<br />

Fee is $10 for students, (18 years old and<br />

younger) prior to May 6 and $20 for students<br />

on the day of the event. For details,<br />

visit cityofwildwood.com or call (636)<br />

458-0440.<br />

• • •<br />

St. Louis Scottish Games is from 9:15<br />

a.m.-8 p.m. on Saturday, May 6 at Schroeder<br />

Park in Manchester. Celebrate Scottish<br />

tradition and culture. Includes the<br />

iconic caber toss, Highland dancing, Scottish<br />

clan gatherings, bag-piping, sheepdog<br />

demonstrations and more. Tickets are $25<br />

for adults ages 18 and over, $10 for youth<br />

ages 13-17 and children ages 12 and under<br />

are free. Adult tickets are $20 if purchased<br />

before midnight, April 21. For details, visit<br />

stlouis-scottishgames.com/tickets.<br />


Upcycled Garden Markers & Seed<br />

Savers is at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, March<br />

29 at the Manchester Parks building. Discover<br />

new ways to reuse old items for<br />

garden markers. Cost is $25 for residents;<br />

$32.50 for non-residents. All ages welcome.<br />

For details, visit manchestermo.gov/<br />

parks.<br />

• • •<br />

Arbor Day Celebration is from 10 a.m.-<br />

noon on Saturday, April 1 at Legion Park,<br />

333 Bald Hill Road in Eureka. Limit one<br />

tree per family. Free with a non-perishable<br />

food item. Rain date is Saturday, April 9.<br />

For details, visit eureka.mo.us.<br />

• • •<br />

Earth Day Maker’s Mart & Arbor<br />

Day Festival is from 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m. on<br />

See EVENTS, page 58




Dr. Matthew Cline D.D.S. says there<br />

is an exciting revolution going on in<br />

the field of dentistry, and he is glad his<br />

practice is a part of it.<br />

“It’s not the dentistry your grandparents<br />

knew. It’s a completely new world.<br />

Technology is omnipresent<br />

in dentistry just like it is<br />

everywhere else. Dentistry<br />

has gone digital,” he said.<br />

Utilizing digital cameras,<br />

computers, 3D X-ray and<br />

milling machines, dentists<br />

can now shorten the time<br />

patients spend in the chair,<br />

reduce the number of trips<br />

Dr. Matthew<br />

to the dentist, shorten healing<br />

time, reduce pain and<br />

Cline D.D.S.<br />

make their own work more accurate for<br />

healthier and more attractive smiles for<br />

their patients.<br />

The improvements begin right with<br />

the first exam, Dr. Cline said.<br />

“We can show people what their teeth<br />

look like immediately on a computer<br />

screen, so we can illustrate areas that need<br />

attention or track areas of concern from<br />

a six-month visit to the next visit to see<br />

how things have gotten better or worse,”<br />

he said. “I can actually lay the new<br />

image over the last image and show<br />

them the difference, whether their<br />

teeth have worn down, gums have<br />

receded or teeth have moved and<br />

become more crowded,” he said.<br />

By getting an accurate view of problems<br />

as they advance, patients can make choices<br />

for treatment that avoid more serious issues<br />

in the future, Cline said.<br />

“Otherwise, in 10 years it will be much<br />

harder to treat, cost more money to treat<br />

or take much longer to treat,” he said. “It’s<br />

always better to treat something when its a<br />

new and smaller problem.”<br />

When work is required, digital images<br />

become the foundation for the blueprint of<br />

March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />


At Cline Dental Group, dentistry has gone digital<br />

(ClineDental photo)<br />

improvements to come.<br />

Take for example, teeth straightening<br />

with Invisalign. The technology is so<br />

advanced that patients can see in advance<br />

what their teeth will look like when they<br />

are straight.<br />

“We can give them a preview,” Cline said.<br />

The time it takes to straighten someone’s<br />

teeth also can be reduced dramatically<br />

because digital is so accurate, he said.<br />

“Because we are planning so precisely<br />

it doesn’t take as long, so most people<br />

can straighten their teeth in as little as six<br />

months,” he said.<br />

When it comes to implants, digital x-rays<br />

and digital impressions used to plan surgeries<br />

can not only give previews of a<br />

patient’s future smile, but help patients<br />

avoid complications.<br />

“We can see exactly where the structures<br />

are that we need to avoid – arteries, nerves,<br />

veins, and sinuses,” he said.<br />

It is even possible to give someone a new<br />

smile in a day.<br />

“Some people have to lose all their teeth,<br />

and they can have all their teeth replaced<br />

in a day,” he said. “With proper planning,<br />

they can leave here looking fantastic.”<br />

Crowns, too, have become a simpler and<br />

less time consuming process.<br />

“If someone breaks a tooth and needs a<br />


crown, I can get the tooth ready, scan it with<br />

my digital impression machine and make<br />

the crown while they wait. Patients don’t<br />

have to come back two weeks later or wear<br />

a temporary crown,” Dr. Cline said. “They<br />

can be done within an hour and a half.”<br />

And the field of dentistry is not finished<br />

changing.<br />

Dr. Cline’s office is using some of the<br />

latest technology – making dentures with<br />

a 3D printer which uses stronger material<br />

and cuts the number of patient visits in half.<br />

Cline Dental is moving forward as dentistry<br />

advances. It’s just one more way they<br />

provide the best care for their patients, Dr.<br />

Cline said.<br />

“We are a unique practice. We care for<br />

our patients as family. We take responsibility<br />

for our patients, to keep them in good<br />

health and help them avoid problems in the<br />

future. We are not an assembly line. We<br />

get to know our patients and form relationships.<br />

They are our friends.”<br />

The Cline Dental Group invites you to visit<br />

its practice and experience the difference.<br />

Dr. Matthew P. Cline D.D.S.<br />

14560 Manchester Road, Ste. 25 • Ballwin<br />

(636) <strong>23</strong>0-8081 • ClineDentalGroup.com<br />


HURRY!<br />

Nomination Deadline:<br />

Teacher of the Year<br />

Monday, April 3rd<br />

Des Peres • Chesterfield<br />

Creve Coeur • Ballwin<br />

Manchester • Ellisville<br />

Valley Park • Eureka<br />

Visit our website, westnewsmagazine.com, and nominate your candidate for<br />

<strong>West</strong> <strong>Newsmagazine</strong>'s "Teacher of the Year."<br />

In 200 words or less explain why your teacher should win<br />

this year's Excellence in Education Award.<br />

Nominations are limited to public or private Preschools, Elementary Schools,<br />

High Schools and Colleges that are within <strong>West</strong> <strong>Newsmagazine</strong>’s mailing area.<br />

Go to www.westnewsmagazine.com to nominate your teacher! er!<br />

Win a New iPad<br />

for your teacher<br />

Just tell us why your teacher<br />

deserves to win<br />

<strong>West</strong> <strong>Newsmagazine</strong>’s<br />

“Teacher of the Year”<br />

Excellence In<br />

Education Award!

56 I<br />

March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />





The Perfect Solution for the Outdated Kitchen<br />

3444 N. Lindbergh • St. Louis, MO 63074<br />

314-739-1730<br />

20% OFF<br />

Complete Kitchen<br />

Cabinet Refacing<br />

Expires 4/30/<strong>23</strong><br />

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March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />



EDUCATION REPORT, from page 43<br />

you make your point, argue your point and<br />

vote. Then whatever happens, you have to<br />

support it. You may not like it, but that’s<br />

the way it is.”<br />

Cain said that just like the students of<br />

Rockwood, the board members also are<br />

expressing their different points of view<br />

and different sets of background knowledge,<br />

but they keep working towards a<br />

common goal..<br />

“Any sport, you name it,” Cain said. “I<br />

can assure you there’s somebody who’s<br />

had a different feeling about the behavior<br />

or the priority of someone else on the team,<br />

but you’re still a team. So how do you continue<br />

to make it work?<br />

“We have a clear understanding of the<br />

mission, the vision and values of the<br />

school district. We have an understanding<br />

of what the strategic plan, in our case The<br />

Way Forward, happens to be. We use these<br />

tools, as well as board policy, to affect the<br />

change and set the direction that is needed<br />

for the school district to continue to shine<br />

and move forward.”<br />

Taking a Vote<br />

Kinder thought back to the days of<br />

COVID and mask mandates.<br />

“We as a district made the decision that<br />

everyone is going to wear masks (in fall<br />

2020),” Kinder said. “As a board and district<br />

we slowly moved away from that. But<br />

looking at the numbers: Did we satisfy<br />

every patron? I think we satisfied a third;<br />

no way we were going to satisfy another<br />

third; and the last third didn’t really pay<br />

attention because they don’t have kids<br />

in the school. In one day I got over 300<br />

emails. That was few and far between.<br />

“We make decisions as a board that not<br />

everybody likes. It’s just not going to<br />

happen where everyone is happy.”<br />

While some recent votes have been<br />

split on Rockwood’s board, Kinder said if<br />

you’re around long enough, you will see<br />

split boards move into more unanimous<br />

boards and then back again.<br />

Doing the Work<br />

Cain said being a board member may not<br />

be the job that many people assume it is.<br />

Preparation and time behind the scenes<br />

leading up to board meetings is a commitment.<br />

Meeting packets are made available<br />

five days before a school board meeting for<br />

directors to review and ask questions.<br />

“There’s a tremendous amount of effort<br />

that our board members engage in, not just<br />

on the stage,” Cain said. “That’s not even<br />

an accurate reflection. There are hours that<br />

board members are spending in preparation<br />

for board meetings, but also acting as an<br />

extension of the district in terms of being<br />

the voice of the district. They’re hearing<br />

what parents and community members’<br />

thoughts are. But in many ways they act<br />

almost as ambassadors for the school district<br />

as well, and I think that gets lost.<br />

“They are not just thinking of any one<br />

quadrant. And as I’ve come to say multiple<br />

times, the quadrants are real in Rockwood.<br />

But it’s not about any one quadrant. It’s<br />

about a representation of 150.6 square<br />

miles of the district. That’s a very, very<br />

different perspective to think from. It’s not<br />

just thinking about your child’s classroom<br />

in one elementary school. It’s the totality of<br />

this district.”<br />

School board positions are voluntary;<br />

board members do not get paid for their<br />

time.<br />

COUPON<br />

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4.19.<strong>23</strong><br />

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961 Brittany Pkwy Dr. • Manchester<br />

150 Four SeaSonS Center<br />

CheSterField<br />

(Just west of Olive & 141)<br />

314-878-1474<br />

55 Fenton Plaza<br />

Fenton<br />

(Old Hwy. 30 & Hwy. 141)<br />

636-305-1474<br />

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58 I EVENTS I<br />

March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />




LIKE<br />

US<br />

ON<br />

Facebook.com/westnewsmagazine<br />

Come one, come all to a fun-filled<br />

afternoon of Egg Hunting, Snacks<br />

& meeting local businesses!<br />



April 2 • 2-4PM<br />

Living Word Church<br />

17315 Manchester Road<br />

Wildwood, MO 63038<br />


Hunt Times -<br />

2:00 Preschoolers<br />

2:15 K-2 grade<br />

2:30 3-5th grade<br />

2:45 Middle School kids<br />

3:00 Latecomers<br />

3:30 PRIZES!<br />

*Please register your child. You will receive<br />

a wristband for specific age-based hunt time.<br />


Wildwood Business Association<br />


Elle Salon • <strong>West</strong> <strong>Newsmagazine</strong><br />

Silver Spoon Ice Cream & Sweets<br />

Passiglia Landscape, Nursery & Garden Center<br />

Tracy Lich | Coldwell Banker Realty-Gundaker<br />

Jenny Goskie | Farmers Insurance<br />

Morgan Olivier | Compass Realty Group<br />

LaSalle Retreat Center • Baby & Me, LLC<br />

Kim Jones | BHHS Alliance Real Estate<br />

Rockwood Eyecare • Wildwood Pub and Grill<br />

Living Word Church<br />

EVENTS, from page 54<br />

Saturday, April <strong>22</strong> at Schroeder Park, 359<br />

Old Meramec Station Road in Manchester,.<br />

Handmade art and crafts, music and<br />

the planting of the Community Tree are<br />

featured. Free event. For details, visit manchestermo.gov<br />

and search “Maker’s Mart.”<br />

• • •<br />

Gnome & Fairy Festival is from 11<br />

a.m.-1 p.m. on Saturday, April <strong>22</strong> at Kircher<br />

Park, 25 Williams Road in Eureka. Activities<br />

will include a scavenger hunt, a gnome<br />

craft, and flower potting. There will be live<br />

music and food trucks. Free with a nonperishable<br />

food item. Rain Date is Saturday,<br />

April 29. For details, visit eureka.mo.us.<br />

• • •<br />

Earth Day is from 9-11 a.m. on Saturday,<br />

April 29 at Central Park, 16365 Lydia<br />

Hill Drive in Chesterfield. Outside recycling<br />

only. Free trees and wildflower seed<br />

giveaway for butterflies and pollinators.<br />

St. Louis Compost will be giving away 3<br />

yards of compost per family on a first come<br />

first serve basis. Bags and containers must<br />

be provided. For details, visit chesterfield.<br />

mo.us/earth-day.html.<br />

• • •<br />

Pollinator Fair Days & Plant Sale are<br />

from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. on Saturday, April<br />

29 and Sunday, April 30 at the Sophia M.<br />

Sachs Butterfly House in Chesterfield. Play<br />

games, make crafts, and meet experts to<br />

learn about how nature’s smallest animals<br />

help gardens in a big way. For details, visit<br />

missouribotanicalgarden.org.<br />

• • •<br />

Arbor Day Art Contest & Celebration<br />

is from 1-3 p.m. on Sunday, April 30 at<br />

Millennium Park, 2 Barnes <strong>West</strong> Drive in<br />

Creve Coeur. The celebration will include<br />

a plant giveaway, activities for kids, educational<br />

displays, tree planting demonstration,<br />

and a live performance by Babaloo Music<br />

& Fun. For details, call (314) 872-2511 or<br />

email, jrueschhoff@crevecoeurmo.gov.<br />

• • •<br />

Arbor Day Ceremony is at 1:30 p.m. on<br />

Friday, April 28 at the Bussmann Shelter in<br />

Bluebird Park in Ellisville. Attendees will<br />

receive a free seedling from the Department<br />

of Conservation. For details, visit<br />

ellisville.mo.us; search “Arbor Day.”<br />

• • •<br />

City of Winchester Mega Event is from<br />

8 a.m.-11 a.m. on Saturday, April 29 at City<br />

Hall and includes free electronic recycling,<br />

document shredding, Arbor Day tree and<br />

shrub giveaway and a non-perishable food<br />

drive. For details, call (636) 391-0600.<br />


& FISH FRIES<br />

For a complete list of Easter Events and<br />

Fish Fries, visit westnewsmagazine.com.<br />


The Lucky Leprechaun Hunt is at 10<br />

a.m. on Saturday, March 11 at Bluebird<br />

Park, <strong>22</strong>5 Kiefer Creek Road in Ellisville.<br />

For children 9 and under. $6 per child.<br />

Register at ellisville.recdesk.com.<br />

• • •<br />

Spring Egg Hunt is from 9 a.m.-noon<br />

See EVENTS, page 60<br />


www.barronmirror.com<br />

636-<strong>23</strong>0-6300<br />

125 Chesterfield Industrial Blvd.<br />

Chesterfield, MO 63005<br />

Proud to Support the Shriners<br />

• Shower Doors<br />

• Glass Walls<br />

• Glass Handrails<br />

• Mirrored Walls<br />

• Custom Mirrors<br />

• Antique Mirrors<br />

See the Moolah Shrine Circus March <strong>23</strong>-26<br />

Don’t miss the opportunity to give<br />

the family a weekend of fun with tickets<br />

to the Moolah Shrine Circus at the<br />

Family Arena!<br />

The Moolah Circus has been entertaining<br />

St. Louis families since 1942.<br />

Now it’s your family’s turn to experience<br />

all the sights and sounds a<br />

circus has to offer and make those<br />

special memories that children keep<br />

always.<br />

See the Wheel of Steel, the Quick<br />

Change Act, amazing acrobats and T.J.<br />

Howell and his unicycle madness. Be<br />

amazed at the gravity-defying trapeze<br />

artists as they fly through the air and<br />

hear the laughter of your children as<br />

they watch those crazy clowns.<br />

As always military and first responders<br />

and their families get in free. And<br />

just so children get a circus smile, get<br />

a free child’s ticket with each adult<br />

general admission ticket purchased.<br />

(Source: Moolah Shriners)<br />

The Moolah Shrine Circus kicks<br />

it off on Thursday night at 7 p.m. at<br />

the Family Arena, 2002 Arena Pkwy.<br />

in St. Charles. The rest of the show<br />

dates and times are as follows: Friday,<br />

March 24 at 10:30 a.m. and 7:30<br />

p.m.; Saturday, March 25 at 10 a.m.,<br />

2:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. and Sunday<br />

March 26 at 1 and 6 p.m. Tickets are<br />

available at moolah.org. Just click on<br />

the Moolah Shrine Circus tab. It is the<br />

perfect family fun for all ages!

March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />


The Satchmo’s Experience: Exceptional specials, live music, creole cuisine and more<br />




Ask Ben Brown why he and business<br />

partner Shane Mahoney opened Satchmo’s<br />

Bar & Grill in Woodchase Plaza and<br />

he’ll tell you that they wanted a “casual,<br />

sporty place where people could come<br />

and relax, while also having food and<br />

drink that would exceed expectations.”<br />

Consider that a double win.<br />

“It’s our take on a gastropub,” Brown<br />

said, “which is a little more upscale in<br />

terms of our made-from-scratch menu,<br />

which features American food with a<br />

creole, southern twist. But it’s still a<br />

sports bar where you can catch a game<br />

on one of our many TVs or listen to live<br />

music on the weekends while enjoying<br />

burgers, pizza and wings.”<br />

In another win for guests, Satchmo’s<br />

offers specials every week night from 6<br />

p.m. until the kitchen closes. Admittedly,<br />

its biggest draw is on Wednesday.<br />

“Wednesday is Steak Night and it’s a<br />

great deal,” Brown explained. “You get<br />

Satchmo’s Bar & Grill<br />

a succulent, hand-cut sirloin steak and<br />

baked potato for $10.95. Then on Thursday,<br />

it’s Burger Mania. You can get a<br />

burger and fries for just $6.95.”<br />

Satchmo’s also offers a drink special<br />

every night. It’s worth noting that its<br />

signature cocktails are made from freshsqueezed<br />

juices.<br />

While Satchmo’s sports bar vibe is<br />

readily apparent, you have to look a little<br />

deeper to see its tribute to its namesake,<br />

the immortal Louis Armstrong.<br />

“The Satchmo’s name was there before<br />

we bought the restaurant but we wanted to<br />

fully embrace it” Brown said. “We wanted<br />

to give guests the ‘Satchmo’s Experience,’<br />

so we specialize in things like our Shrimp<br />

‘N Grits, Jambalaya, Gator Bites. There’s<br />

even a Gator, Crawfish & Shrimp Étouffée<br />

on the menu.”<br />

Guests also can add gator to a housemade<br />

Gumbo that is loaded with shrimp,<br />

Andouille sausage, bacon and crawfish in<br />

an traditional roux and served with white<br />

rice.<br />

13375 Olive Blvd. • Chesterfield • (314) 878-3886 • satchmosgrill.com<br />

Kitchen Hours: 11 a.m.-10 p.m., Monday-Saturday; 10 a.m.-10 p.m. on Sundays. Open for drinks until<br />

11 p.m. on Sundays; midnight on Mondays and Tuesdays; 1 a.m. on Wednesday through Saturday.<br />

“Our food, our music and<br />

even our specials appeal<br />

to a wide range of guests,”<br />

Brown said. “We have something<br />

for everyone, including<br />

Family Night on Mondays.<br />

It’s great to see people<br />

coming in week after week,<br />

year after year. We have<br />

some guests who have been<br />

Satchmo’s patrons since<br />

even before Shane and I took<br />

it over in August 2013.”<br />

Dessert is not a traditional<br />

sports bar item, but at Satchmo’s<br />

guests can indulge in<br />

home-made Key Lime Pie,<br />

Gooey Butter Cake or Donuts tossed in<br />

cinnamon sugar and served with chocolate<br />

ganache.<br />

“We set the bar high when we opened the<br />

restaurant and we always want to exceed<br />

expectations,” Brown said. “We love what<br />

we do here and we hope that’s reflected<br />

to the guests that come through our doors<br />

every day.”<br />

Through Lent, guests<br />

who are opting for seafood<br />

but want something less<br />

traditional, can find plenty<br />

to choose at Satchmo’s,<br />

Satchmo’s Steak Night is a guest favorite for good<br />

reason – exceptional quality and an exceptional price.<br />

(Source: Satchmo’s Bar & Grill)<br />

including the daily Fresh Catch and<br />

Satchmo’s own Shock Top Fish & Chips<br />

– six pieces of cod dipped in beer batter<br />

and fried to a golden brown. Two types<br />

of seafood tacos – Shrimp & Avocado<br />

Tacos and Baja Style Fish Tacos – along<br />

with a Gator Po’Boy and Lobster Stuffed<br />

Toasted Ravioli are also on the menu.<br />

Brown suggests following Satchmo’s<br />

on social media – Facebook, Twitter and<br />

Instagram – to stay up-to-date with what’s<br />

new on the menu. But one word of warning,<br />

the photos you’ll encounter there are<br />

going to make you seriously hungry.<br />

Lenten Lunch & Dinner Specials<br />

• Clam Chowder<br />

• Lobster Rangoon<br />

• Frog Legs<br />

• BBQ Salmon<br />

•<br />

165 Lamp & Lantern Village<br />

Town & Country<br />

636-207-0501<br />

*all fish subject to availability<br />

• Grilled/Blackened Tilapia<br />

• Tendersweet Fried Clams<br />

• Yellowstone Fillets<br />

• Coconut Shrimp<br />

• Walleye<br />

Carryout<br />

Children’s Menu<br />

Happy Hour Daily<br />

Party Room Available<br />

at Big Bend Location<br />

www.lazyyellow.com<br />

• AlmondFish<br />

• PretzelFish<br />

• NorthernFish<br />

• PecanFish<br />

• Crab Cakes<br />

631 Big Bend Rd.<br />

Manchester<br />

636-207-1689<br />

gooD FrienDS.<br />

great FooD.<br />

colD DrinkS.<br />

Daily lunch & Dinner SpecialS<br />

288 lamp & lantern Village - upper leVel<br />

636-256-7201<br />

Bring this coupon in for a<br />


w/any in-store purchase<br />


815 Meramec<br />

Station Road<br />

(1 block South of Old Hwy. 141 & Big Bend)<br />

(636) <strong>22</strong>5-8737<br />



SPRING<br />

HOURS:<br />

Chocolate Malt<br />

2<br />

3 4 5 6<br />

7 8<br />

Red Velvet<br />

Salted<br />

Cherry<br />

Butter<br />

Chocolate Cookie Cake Batter Black Cherry Caramel Pecan Chocolate Chip Pecan Lite<br />

Mint Chip<br />

EASTER! 9<br />

10 11 12 13<br />

14 15<br />

Cookie Dough<br />

Blueberry<br />

Cheesecake<br />

Yellow<br />

Cake Batter Dreamsicle Georgia Peach Strawberry<br />

Peanut Butter<br />

Brownie Bite<br />

16<br />

17 18 19 20<br />

21 <strong>22</strong><br />

Chocolate<br />

Toffee<br />

White<br />

Cheesecake Crunch Lite Banana<br />

Chocolate Almond Espresso Brownie Batter Lemon<br />

<strong>23</strong><br />

Chocolate<br />

24 25<br />

26 27 28 29<br />

Reese's<br />

Chocolate Chip Key Lime Pie Pistachio Nut Coffee Toffee Blackberry Lite Clown Car<br />

Butterfinger<br />

30<br />

Monday thru Thursday 11:30AM til10PM<br />

Friday and Saturday 11:30AM til11PM<br />

1<br />

16962 Manchester Rd • Wildwood<br />

636.4<strong>22</strong>.1505<br />

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www.FantasticCakesSTL.com<br />

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60 I EVENTS I<br />

March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />




EVENTS, from page 58<br />

on Saturday, April 1 at Fairway Elementary,<br />

480 Old Fairway Drive in Wildwood.<br />

Kids can hunt for thousands of eggs, jump<br />

like jelly beans on giant inflatables, and<br />

enjoy the day’s festivities. Free. For details,<br />

email stacy@cityofwildwood.com.<br />

• • •<br />

Art Lab is from 9:30-11 a.m. on Saturday,<br />

April 1 and May 13 at The Paul<br />

Schroeder Park Building, 359 Old Meramec<br />

Station Road in Manchester. This is<br />

a “studio” setting where young artists are<br />

allowed to explore different mediums. For<br />

ages 8-12. $20 for residents; $26 for nonresidents<br />

per class. To register, visit manchestermo.gov/parks.<br />

• • •<br />

Creative Corner is from 10-11 a.m.<br />

on Thursday, April 6 at The Timbers of<br />

Eureka Rec Center, 1 Coffey Park Lane.<br />

Messy fun with science, exploration, sensory<br />

skills and snacks for children ages 2-5<br />

accompanied by an adult. Cost is $10 for<br />

residents; $12 for non-residents. To register,<br />

visit eureka.mo.us.<br />

• • •<br />

Kids Klub is from 10-11 a.m. on<br />

Wednesday, April 12 at the Eureka Community<br />

Center, 333 Bald Hill Road. For children<br />

ages 6 months–5 years accompanied<br />

by an adult. The cost is $9 for residents;<br />

$10 for non-residents. Pre-registration is<br />

recommended at eureka.mo.us.<br />

• • •<br />

Animal Encounter is from noon-1 p.m.<br />

on Wednesday, April 12 at the Wildwood<br />

Community Park. Play, pet and feed animals<br />

in the petting zoo. Children must be<br />

accompanied by an adult. $5 per child. For<br />

details, visit cityofwildwood.com.<br />

• • •<br />

Route 66 Outdoor Movie Night will<br />

feature the movie “Cars” at 7:30 p.m.<br />

(movie starts at 8 p.m.) on Friday, April 14<br />

at the corner of Taylor Avenue and Main<br />

Street at Wildwood’s Town Center. For<br />

details, visit cityofwildwood.com and<br />

search “Route 66 Month 20<strong>23</strong>.”<br />

• • •<br />

Parent/Child Lego Night is from 6-7:30<br />

p.m. on Thursday, April 20 at the Manchester<br />

Parks Building 359 Old Meramec Station<br />

Road. There will be time to build, games,<br />

snacks and more. Cost is $<strong>22</strong> for resident<br />

pair; $27 for non-resident pair and $10/$12<br />

for each additional child. Event sells out<br />

quickly. Visit manchester.gov/parks.<br />

SPORTS<br />

Manchester Rainbow Run 5K is at 8<br />

a.m. on Saturday, March 25 at Schroeder<br />

Park, 359 Old Meramec Station Road.<br />

Race fee is $30 plus $3.63 sign-up fee<br />

for ages 5-18. Price increases to $35 after<br />

March 24. For family group pricing and to<br />

register, visit runsignup.com and search<br />

“ManchesterParks5KWalkRun.”<br />

• • •<br />

History of Baseball in St. Louis Class<br />

is from 1-3 p.m. on Wednesday, March 29<br />

at the Schroeder Park Building, 359 Old<br />

Meramec Station Road in Manchester,<br />

featuring local Cardinals and St. Louis<br />

baseball historian, Brian Flaspohler. For<br />

ages 18 and over. Cost is $42 for residents;<br />

$54.60 for non-residents. For details, visit<br />

manchestermo.gov.<br />

• • •<br />

Chesterfield Regional Chamber Blossom<br />

Bolt Run/Walk is at 8 a.m. on Saturday,<br />

April 8 at the corner of Long Road<br />

and Edison Avenue in Chesterfield. The 5K<br />

and 10K courses are out and back flat trails.<br />

There will be a Sprout Sprint for ages 10<br />

and under. To register, visit chesterfieldmochamber.com/events.<br />


Bunco Nights are from 5:30-7 p.m. on<br />

Tuesday, March 28 at the Chesterfield<br />

Community Center in the Chesterfield<br />

Mall. Price includes Bunco and light<br />

refreshments. Participants may bring food<br />

and drinks. March theme is green. Registration<br />

is $20 per person. To register, visit<br />

chesterfield.mo.us and search “Bunco.”<br />

Art Fair returns to Queeny Park<br />

Mark your calendar for the juried art<br />

show that promises to bring talented<br />

artists and their works from all over<br />

the country March 31-April 2.<br />

As sponsors of one of longest-running<br />

art fairs in the bi-state region, the<br />

Greater St. Louis Artists organization<br />

has 44 years of experience bringing<br />

creative people together to show and<br />

sell their fine art and crafts at Queeny<br />

Park.<br />

Paintings, prints, ceramics, textiles,<br />

photographs, jewelry and much more<br />

are featured.<br />

Fair-goers will have the opportunity<br />

to see and purchase original works<br />

directly from the artists who create<br />

them.<br />

The event is held at Greensfelder<br />

Recreation Complex in Queeny Park.<br />

Hours are: Friday, 5-9 p.m.; Saturday<br />

10 a.m.-6 p.m. and Sunday 11<br />

a.m.-4 p.m.<br />

• • •<br />

The Route 66 Scavenger Hunt will go<br />

for the entire month of April, with clues<br />

posted on April 1. Participants will receive<br />

raffle tickets for exciting prizes, based on<br />

how many clues are successfully solved.<br />

For details, visit cityofwildwood.com/<br />

route66month20<strong>23</strong>.<br />

• • •<br />

WFCG Garden Spring Clean is from<br />

9-11 a.m. on Saturday, April 15 at the Wildwood<br />

Farms Community Garden. Help<br />

make the gardens ready for spring. Wheelbarrows,<br />

scoop shovels, pitchforks and hard<br />

rakes for mulch spreading are needed. For<br />

details, visit cityofwildwood.com.<br />

• • •<br />

The Ballwin-Chesterfield Branch of<br />

the American Association of University<br />

Women presents Joell Aguirre, municipal<br />

manager with Republic Services at 10:30<br />

a.m. on Thursday, April 13 at the Ballwin<br />

Linda Abernathy painting<br />

(Source: The Art Fair at Queeny Park)<br />

In addition to the art show, there<br />

will be a wine and cheese tasting, children’s<br />

activities, live music and drawings<br />

for Art Dollars that can be used at<br />

any artist’s booth.<br />

Admission is $6. Youth and children<br />

18 years old and younger are free.<br />

Proceeds from admissions support<br />

scholarships for full-time art majors<br />

from the bi-state region. In 2018, the<br />

organization provided $10,000 in college<br />

scholarships.<br />

Golf Course and Event Center. Visit ballwin-chesterfield.com<br />

for details.<br />

• • •<br />

Stargazers Night is from 7:30-9 p.m.<br />

on Tuesday, April 25 at Fussner Field,<br />

910 Hazel Falls Drive in Manchester.<br />

Volunteers from the St. Louis Astronomical<br />

Society will be on site to answer<br />

questions. Free event. Bathrooms will<br />

not be available. Visit manchestermo.gov<br />

for details.<br />

• • •<br />

Cinco De Mayo Wine and Paint Party<br />

is from 6-8 p.m. on Thursday, May 4 at the<br />

Ballwin Golf Course. This is an amateur<br />

painting and canvas step-by-step instructional<br />

class to create an acrylic painting on<br />

a 16x20 stretched canvas. Bring a favorite<br />

wine/beer and snacks. Registration is $50<br />

for residents; $55 for non-residents. Supplies<br />

and instruction provided. Pre-registration<br />

is required at ballwin.mo.us.




March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />


I 61<br />

<strong>West</strong> County<br />



Kitchen Lighting Upgrades<br />

• Recessed Lighting • Pendant Lighting<br />

• Under Cabinet Lighting • All Residential Electrical<br />

• Exterior/Security Lighting •Flat Screen/Surround Sound<br />

• Panel Upgrades/Basement Wiring<br />

314.836.6400<br />

“Let Us Shine the Perfect Light on Your Investment.”<br />



Build and Repair Decks & Fences,<br />

All Painting, Wallpaper Removal,<br />

Powerwash/Stain Decks, Finish Basements,<br />

Remodeling, Kitchens, Baths<br />

Senior Discounts • Military Discounts<br />

First responders must show ID<br />

Call Today • 636-466-3956<br />

GunnFamilyConstruction@gmail.com<br />

When you<br />

want it<br />

done right...<br />

Check our<br />

ads first.<br />

636.591.0010<br />

H NEST<br />


Furniture • Appliances • Electronics<br />

Big TV’s • Fences • Decks • Trampolines • Swing Sets<br />

Above Ground Pools • Sheds • Railroad Ties • Pianos<br />

Exercise Equipment • Hot Tubs • Books • Paint<br />

Pool Tables • Garage/Basement Clean Out<br />

Remodeling Debris • Estate Cleanout<br />

$<br />

25 OFF<br />

Any Pick-Up<br />

Expires 4/<strong>22</strong>/<strong>23</strong><br />

cannot be combined with other offers<br />

Call TODAY and we’ll HAUL IT AWAY<br />

(314) 312-1077<br />

Locally Owned & Operated<br />

www.honestjunk.com<br />

Driveways, Patios, Pool Decks, Garage Floors,<br />

Retaining Walls, Stamped and Colored Concrete<br />

Insured For Your Protection<br />

Showers Rebuilt & Bathrooms Remodeled<br />

“Water Damaged Showers a Specialty”<br />

Tub to Stall Shower Conversions • Grab Bars/High Toilets/Personal Showers<br />

Floors/Vanities/Barrier Free Showers<br />

636.394.0315<br />

• Deck Construction • Deck Staining<br />

• Deck Repairs • Staircases<br />

• Deck Upgrades • Hand Rail<br />

30+ YEARS<br />


www.tileandbathservice.com • Senior Discounts Available<br />

38 Years Experience • At this Location 30 Years • 14770 Clayton Road • 63011 • Visit Our Showroom<br />

• Fully Insured<br />

• Warranty<br />

• No Money Up Front<br />

County House Washing<br />

& Painting<br />

WEST<br />

A+<br />

RATED<br />

Power Washing • Painting • Staining<br />



Mike Lynch 636.394.0013<br />






GENERAL CONTRACTOR | All Types Of Home Improvements<br />

Insurance Specialist, Fully Insured | A+ BBB Rating, 30 Years Experience<br />


314-282-1991 | www.CovenantContractingSTL.com<br />

Licensed & Insured<br />


• Wood<br />

• Vinyl<br />

• Composite<br />

• Aluminum<br />

• Refacing<br />

• New Decks<br />

• Deck Repairs<br />

• IPE (Hardwood)<br />

Rlinkconstruction@yahoo.com<br />

314.607.8953<br />

FIND US ON<br />



Residential and Commercial<br />

• Sealing (Prevents pitting)<br />

• Caulking (Keep out the weeds)<br />

• Power Washing (Fresh & clean)<br />

• Crack Filling (Keeps moisture out)<br />

• Fence Washing<br />


Call Jerry Loosmore Jr. at 636-399-6193<br />



Ceiling Fans • Wholehouse Fans<br />

Gable Vent Fans • Recessed Lighting<br />

Specializing in installation for two story homes<br />

with no wiring on first floor.<br />

When Handyman Quality Just Won't Do.<br />

(314) 510-6400<br />




• NO Spraying or Rolling Mess!<br />

• NO Money Down!<br />

314-852-5467<br />

(Because neatness counts) • FULLY INSURED • REFERENCES<br />

40+ Years!<br />

www.deckstainingbybrushonly.com<br />


636-938-ROOF (7663)<br />

Like us on Facebook<br />

Locally Owned & Operated by Rick Hinkson<br />


Patios • Driveways • Sidewalks<br />

Textured Finishes also available<br />

Licensed & Insured<br />

Rlinkconstruction@yahoo.com<br />


62 I<br />

March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />





Locally Owned & Operated by Tim Hallahan<br />

Serving <strong>West</strong> County for 25+ Years<br />

636.458.6400<br />

timjhallahan@gmail.com<br />

westwoodpaintinginc.com<br />


Dri veways • Patios • Sidewalks Porches • Steps • Garage Floors<br />

Repair Wor k • Exposed Aggregate • Custom Patterns & Colors<br />

Family Owned • Insured<br />

Serving <strong>West</strong> County Since 1963 314-849-7520<br />

FREE Estimates<br />

& MORE<br />

Bi-State Concrete<br />

Specializing in Residential Tear Out & Replacement • Professional Workmanship<br />



Driveways | Patios | Sidewalks | Porches | Steps<br />

Garage Floors | Repair Work | Exposed Aggregate<br />

Stamped | Concrete<br />

Specializing in Residential Tear Out & Replacement<br />

Professional Workmanship<br />

Family Owned | Insured<br />

314-606-8141<br />



Siding • Soffit • Fascia & Repairs<br />

Best Quality & Prices Since 1988!<br />

314-968-7848<br />

www.stlroofing.com<br />


“Finally, An<br />

Affordable<br />

Mole Service”<br />

MOLES<br />

Don’t Live With Moles... My Customers Don’t!<br />

Average Yard Has 1-2 Moles • Litters Are Born March - July<br />

Local and Neighborhood References<br />

No Poisons • No Chemicals • Child & Pet Safe Traps<br />

Less Expensive • More Reliable • More Effective • Fast Results<br />

Call J.D. At 636-<strong>23</strong>3-4484<br />

Our Home Page professionals will help you<br />





March <strong>22</strong>, 20<strong>23</strong><br />



I 63<br />


Outside Service Attendant<br />

$12/Hour<br />

Looking to fill our outside team,<br />

flexible hours, golf privileges,<br />

meals on duty, and more!<br />

Call (636) <strong>22</strong>7-9962<br />

or email<br />

briano@meabrk.org<br />

for more information.<br />

Rockwood School District<br />

Hiring For Position of:<br />

Food Service<br />

Our Child Nutrition Assistants<br />

work school days only<br />

Part time or Full time,<br />

No experience needed.<br />

Starting Pay $13 Hourly.<br />

Seven Paid Holidays,<br />

Retirement through PEERS,<br />

Perfect Attendance Days<br />

Manager positions available<br />

with full benefits.<br />

www.rsdmo.org<br />

or call 636-733-3253<br />

Rockwood School District<br />

Hiring For Positions of:<br />

-Plumbing Maintenance<br />

Technician-<br />

- 40 hrs/week<br />

- 12 months/year<br />

- Competitive Salary<br />

Full Benefit Package includes:<br />

- Retirement through the Public<br />

Educational Employee<br />

Retirement<br />

System (PEERS) of Missouri<br />

- Paid Medical, Dental<br />

& Vision Insurance<br />

- Flexible Spending Accounts<br />

- Life Insurance<br />

- Long-Term Disability<br />

- Employee Assistance Program<br />

- Sick Leave Compensation<br />

- Vacation Compensation<br />

- 12 Paid Holidays<br />

Apply at:<br />

https://rockwood.ted.<br />

peopleadmin.com/hire/index<br />

or call (636) 733-3270<br />

EEOC<br />

Rockwood School District<br />

Hiring For Position of:<br />

HVAC Maintenance Technician<br />

- 40 hrs/week<br />

- 12 months/year<br />

- Competitive Salary<br />

Full Benefit Package includes:<br />

- Retirement through the Public<br />

Educational Employee Retirement<br />

System (PEERS) of Missouri<br />

- Paid Medical, Dental<br />

& Vision Insurance<br />

- Flexible Spending Accounts<br />

- Life Insurance<br />

- Long-Term Disability<br />

- Employee Assistance Program<br />

- Sick Leave Compensation<br />

- Vacation Compensation<br />

- 11 Paid Holidays<br />

Apply at:<br />

https://rockwood.ted.<br />

peopleadmin.com/hire/index<br />

or call (636) 733-3270<br />

EEOC<br />



Private Home Health<br />

24 hr. Affordable<br />

Home Healthcare Service.<br />

Referencces Available.<br />

Call 314-620-3550<br />

or email<br />

trossiecares@gmail.com<br />



Rotted wood, Painting, Tile,<br />

Drywall, Floors, Electrical,<br />

Carpentry, Plumbing,<br />

Power Washing. Insured.<br />


Tom Streckfuss 314-910-7458<br />

sbacontractingllc@gmail.com<br />


Kitchen Remodeling,<br />

Wainscoting, Cabinets,<br />

Crown Molding, Trim, Framing,<br />

Basement Finishing, Custom<br />

Decks, Doors, Windows.<br />

Free estimates!<br />

Anything inside & out!<br />

Call Joe 636-699-8316<br />

Total Bathroom Remodeling<br />

Cabinetry•Plumbing•Electrical<br />

30 Years Experience<br />



Clean-Up • Mowing • Mulching<br />

Planting • Aeration • Sod Install<br />

Leaf Removal • Paver Patios<br />

Trimming & Edging<br />

Stone & Brick<br />

Retaining Walls • Drainage Work<br />


636-293-2863<br />

moraleslandscape@hotmail.com<br />


-Complete Outdoor Service-<br />

Aeration • Pre-Emergent<br />

Commercial • Residential<br />

Reasonable Rates<br />

Experienced & Insured<br />

FREE Estimates<br />

United Lawn Services<br />

Call Today (314) 660-9080<br />

curtis@unitedlawnservices.com<br />

www.unitedlawnservices.com<br />

• MULCHING •<br />

-Spring Clean-Ups-<br />

Preparing/Cleaning Beds<br />

Preen • Leaf Removal<br />

Bush/Shrub Trimming<br />

Aeration • Seeding<br />

Fertilizing • Dethatching<br />

-Now Offering Junk Removal-<br />



636-432-3451<br />






CALL OR TEXT NOW 636.214.7211<br />



Call Now For Free Mulching<br />

and Lawn Mowing Estimate<br />

314-749-3947<br />

Retaining Walls • Patios • Pruning<br />

Chainsaw Work • Seasonal<br />

Clean-up • Honeysuckle Removal<br />

Friendly service with attention to detail<br />

Call Tom 636.938.9874<br />

www.mienerlandscaping.com<br />





Free Estimates<br />

314-280-2779<br />

poloslawn@aol.com<br />

Best Landscaping Values<br />

in Town!<br />

-Mizzou Crew-<br />

Mulch, Shrub Trimming,<br />

Yard Cleanups,<br />

Power Washing,<br />

Moles, Small Walls<br />

& Paver Patios.<br />

Hauling Services,<br />

Demolition,<br />

Handyman Services<br />

& Rough Carpentry<br />

Call/Text Jeff<br />

314-520-5<strong>22</strong>2<br />

or www.MizzouCrew.com<br />


Moving / Estate Sale<br />

April 6-7, 7:00am-?<br />

15725 Cotting Court<br />

Chesterfield 63017<br />



Interior and<br />

exterior painting<br />

Deck staining<br />

- Insured & Free Estimates -<br />

Dickspainting.com<br />

314-707-3094<br />





INTERIOR SPECIAL 20<strong>23</strong><br />

$75 Per Avg. Rm Size<br />

(12’x12’ Walls 3 Room Minimum)<br />


(636) 577-8960<br />

Exterior Painting!<br />




Good Prices! Basement<br />

bathrooms, small repairs & code<br />

violations repaired. Fast Service.<br />

Certified, licensed plumber - MBC<br />

Plumbing - Call or text anytime:<br />

314-409-5051<br />



Bonded & Insured<br />

Available for all your<br />

plumbing needs.<br />

No job is too small.<br />


35 Years Experience.<br />

Senior Discounts<br />

24 hours service!<br />

314-808-4611<br />




10% OFF<br />

Early booking before<br />

March 15th<br />

All Smiles Pressure Washing, LLC<br />

636-279-0056<br />



ALL CASH - AS-IS<br />

I have been buying and selling<br />

for over 30 years.<br />

$ No obligation. $<br />

No commission.<br />

No fixing up.<br />

It doesn’t cost to find out<br />

how much you can get.<br />

Must ask for<br />

Lyndon Anderson<br />

314-496-58<strong>22</strong><br />

Berkshire Hathaway<br />

Select Prop.<br />

Office: 636-394-2424<br />

Call 636-591-0010<br />

to get your message out<br />

LOUD & CLEAR!<br />



Tree and Stump Removal.<br />

Trimming and Deadwooding.<br />

Free Estimates.<br />

636-475-3661<br />

www.cole-tree-service.biz<br />


Tree trimming, removal, deadwooding,<br />

pruning and stump<br />

grinding. Certified arborist.<br />

Fully Insured • Free Estimates<br />

A+ BBB • A+ Angie's List<br />

Serving the Area Since 2004<br />

314-971-6993 or 636-<strong>23</strong>4-6672<br />




Cracks, sub-pump systems,<br />

structural & concrete repairs.<br />

Exterior drainage correction.<br />

Serving Missouri for 15 years.<br />

Finally, a contractor<br />

who is honest &<br />

leaves the job site clean.<br />

Lifetime Warranties.<br />

Free Estimate<br />

636-281-6982<br />



- CEREMONIES -<br />

• Marriage Ceremonies<br />

• Vow Renewals<br />

• Baptisms<br />

• Pastoral Visits<br />

• Graveside Visits<br />

Full Service Ministry<br />

(314) 703-7456<br />



You never know what you might find.<br />

From a new car to a new home to a new job,<br />



LET US<br />

SING<br />

SUNDAY,<br />

APRIL 9TH<br />


8:15a – MODERN SERVICE<br />

9:30a – MODERN SERVICE<br />


129 Woods Mill Rd., Manchester, MO 63011 | 636.394.7506<br />

Manchester United Methodist Church is located near the intersection of Hwy. 141 & Manchester Rd.<br />

Worship in-person or online weekly on Saturdays at 4p or Sundays at 9 & 11a.<br />



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