South & Canal Winchester Messenger - March 26th, 2023

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<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

<strong>South</strong> & <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

<strong>March</strong> 26 - April 8, <strong>2023</strong> www.columbusmessenger.com Vol. XLIV, No. 3<br />

CW administrator job on hold<br />

By Linda Dillman<br />

Staff Writer<br />

<strong>South</strong>ern Gallery<br />

Barber Salon<br />

Men’s Walk-ins<br />

614-239-1976<br />

3889 Great <strong>South</strong>ern Court<br />

$2.00 OFF FIRST VISIT<br />

with ad<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> City Council put the<br />

brakes on legislation creating a city administrator<br />

position, who would be appointed<br />

by the mayor as outlined in the city charter.<br />

The ordinance made its way out of a<br />

work session before being tabled after its<br />

first reading at council on <strong>March</strong> 20.<br />

Council previously approved tabling a<br />

resolution in the work session outlining the<br />

mayor’s salary with compensation based on<br />

if and when the city administrator’s position<br />

is created.<br />

According to a draft description of the<br />

administrator’s position, the administrator<br />

is responsible for day-to-day city management,<br />

including directing and coordinating<br />

departments. They are also responsible for<br />

multiple city programs and activities in<br />

accordance with city codes, ordinances and<br />

statutory requirements.<br />

Minimum qualifications for the position<br />

include a bachelor’s degree in public<br />

administration or a related field and five to<br />

seven years of relevant experience; or any<br />

combination of education, training and<br />

work experience providing the required<br />

skill sets in order to perform the job as<br />

administrator.<br />

The city requires the administrator to<br />

be familiar with strategic business planning<br />

and operational/organizational analysis;<br />

a knowledge of applicable laws, rules<br />

and regulations related to city departments;<br />

personnel management; customer<br />

service; municipal budgeting and finance<br />

and familiarity of community, capital and<br />

economic development programs.<br />

The city administrator would directly<br />

supervise the law, finance and development<br />

directors; construction services<br />

administrator; and the technology and<br />

human resources coordinators.<br />

Other CW news<br />

•Council also tabled changes to the pay<br />

scale for council members, including the<br />

president and vice president position for<br />

2024. According to the resolution, from<br />

Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, the compensation<br />

for council is $6,790. The president would<br />

receive $7,469 and the vice president<br />

would receive $7,129.<br />

All positions include opt in/out for single<br />

medical/hospital coverage and an option to<br />

pay for dental and vision coverage.<br />

•Council started the legislative process<br />

approving the <strong>2023</strong> street program after<br />

the first reading of a $1.23 million contract<br />

with Decker Construction for work on<br />

Woodsview Drive. The engineer’s estimate<br />

was $1.29 million.<br />

•The first of three readings was also<br />

held for a $3.7 million note/bond financing<br />

package for the municipal building, McGill<br />

Park, and participation in the Ohio Market<br />

Access Program for credit enhancement.<br />

•Public Service Director Matt Peoples<br />

shared information with the council on<br />

plans for the second phase of McGill Park,<br />

See CW, page 2<br />

State wrestling tournament<br />

Neighborhood Realtor<br />

Diane Todd<br />

580 Main St.<br />

Groveport, OH 43125<br />

(614) 570-0803<br />

dianetodd@howardhanna.com<br />

The Marylee Bendig Team<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photos by Pat Donahue<br />

Hamilton Township junior Sienna Sanborn (left) claimed her first win of the Ohio<br />

High School Athletic Association State Wrestling Girls Tournament held <strong>March</strong> 10-<br />

12 at the Jerome Schottenstein Center with a 6-4 victory over Liberty Johnson of<br />

Batavia Clermont Northeastern. Sanborn won four of her six matches and finished<br />

fifth in the state, matching her accomplishment at last year’s tournament. She finished<br />

with a season record of 42-6.<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> freshman Razilee Wisseh (right) did well at the Ohio High School<br />

Athletic Association Girls Wrestling State Tournament, held <strong>March</strong> 10-12 at the<br />

Jerome Schottenstein Center. She competed in the 140 pound class and started<br />

with a victory in her first match, but lost two close matches. She finished her freshman<br />

season with a record of 28-11.<br />

Roger L. Weaver<br />

Dustin J. Weaver<br />

Attorneys at Law<br />

www.weaver-law.com<br />

“A name you know, Experience you can trust”<br />

Office: (614) 834-1750<br />

Facsimile: (614) 834-9480<br />

25 E. Waterloo St.<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong>, Ohio 43110

PAGE 2 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>March</strong> 26, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Obetz City Council<br />

The Obetz Council meets the second and fourth Mondays of<br />

each month at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers at 4175 Alum<br />

Creek Drive, Obetz, to review and pass legislation and hear concerns<br />

from the residents. If the meeting date occurs on a holiday,<br />

the regular meeting is held on the next Tuesday following the holiday.<br />

Call (614) 491-1080.<br />

Lockbourne Council<br />

Lockbourne Village Council meets the second and fourth<br />

Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. at the Lockbourne Municipal<br />

Building, 85 Commerce St., Lockbourne.<br />

Dr. Hobbs<br />

The Gilmore Group<br />

Office: 614-834-HOME (4663)<br />

Cell: 614-774-4416<br />

www.GilmoreGroupHomes.com<br />

3700 Parsons Ave.<br />

Columbus, OH 43207<br />

New Patients & Emergencies Always Welcome<br />

(614) 491-5511<br />

www.ScottAKellyDDS.com<br />

Dr. Kelly<br />


Everyone knows when you are<br />

wearing dentures, or do they?<br />

They probably know only if your<br />

dentures look unnatural or need<br />

refitting. Many of the “tell-tale”<br />

signs of dentures – clicking or slipping,<br />

unpleasant odor or stains –<br />

are actually signs of poor fit or improper<br />

home maintenance. Regular<br />

professional examinations and<br />

following your dentist’s instructions<br />

on home care are essential<br />

steps in assuring a “natural appearance.”<br />

Denture wearers can’t eat normally<br />

or even speak properly, or<br />

can they? While not all denture<br />

wearers can eat everything they<br />

would like, many have very few<br />

restrictions in their diets. So, if you<br />

develop persistent speech or eating<br />

problems at any time, have<br />

your dentist check the fit of your<br />

denture as soon as possible. Good<br />

nutrition is just as important for<br />

mature adults as it is for younger<br />

persons. Properly fitting dentures<br />

actually encourage you to eat a<br />

varied and well-balanced diet that<br />

maximizes your overall health.<br />

Prepared as a public service to<br />

promote better dental health.<br />

From the office of:<br />

SCOTT A. KELLY, D.D.S.<br />

Phone 614-491-5511<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

New cell phone law to begin<br />

By Katelyn Sattler<br />

Staff Writer<br />

Obetz Police Chief Mike Confer said April 4 is the<br />

day the hands-free cell phone law goes into full swing.<br />

“So, if you don’t have your Bluetooth connected to<br />

your car, make sure you get it done,” Confer said at<br />

Obetz City Council’s <strong>March</strong> 13 meeting. “It’s a primary<br />

offense now, so all you have to do is be holding your<br />

phone in your hand while your car is in motion and you<br />

can get pulled over, unless it’s up to your ear. But you<br />

messing with your phone or even holding your phone<br />

and it’s not up to your ear won’t be good.”<br />

According to a press release from Governor Mike<br />

DeWine’s office, under the new law, a driver may still<br />

use their device in specific circumstances, such as<br />

when their vehicle is parked or stopped at a red light.<br />

Drivers are also permitted to swipe their phones to<br />

answer a call and to hold their phones to their ears<br />

during phone conversations. Emergency calls are also<br />

permitted in all circumstances. Law enforcement will<br />

issue warnings to drivers found violating the law for<br />

the first six months following the effective date of April<br />

4. After this six-month grace period, law enforcement<br />

will have the authority to issue citations.<br />

Penalties include a fine of up to $150 for a driver’s<br />

first offense and two points on their license unless a<br />

distracted driving safety course is completed.<br />

Increased penalties can occur if the driver is a repeat<br />

offender.<br />

Confer also stated that in the past month the Obetz<br />

Police had 852 calls for service, patrolled 3,415 miles,<br />

had 45 moving violations, (five of which were speeding),<br />

one felony arrest, cited a semi-truck being in the<br />

neighborhood, 12 offense reports, eight crashes and<br />

one domestic violence incident.<br />

Executive sessions<br />

Obetz City Administrator Rod Davisson addressed<br />

questions regarding closed executive sessions and how<br />

they work.<br />

“With respect to economic development, it’s fairly<br />

simple,” said Davisson. “When you’re dealing with<br />

some of these companies and you’re trying to arrange<br />

for them to come into town, they often don’t want anybody<br />

to know that. So you can have private discussions<br />

CW<br />

Continued from page 1<br />

which includes pickleball courts, additional parking, a<br />

walking path along <strong>Winchester</strong>-Lithopolis Road crossing<br />

over the bridge and tying into a future dog park.<br />

Cost for the additions is $630,000.<br />

•An agreement was reached with Kent Power to<br />

occupy a portion of the unused east side of the municipal<br />

building. A resolution authorized the mayor to<br />

“enter a lease agreement with the <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

Industry and Commerce Corporation” who would then<br />

lease with Kent Power for a two year term.<br />

“They primarily provide services to electric transmission<br />

companies and natural gas pipeline companies,”<br />

said Development Director Lucas Haire.<br />

“They’ve landed a number of large contracts and need<br />

to expand.”<br />

The rent is $15 per square foot for 4,100 square feet,<br />

which is approximately $61,000 per year. The company<br />

anticipates 20 to 25 office and administrative positions<br />

at the site and is responsible for finishing out the<br />

space. The city would be left with 3,700 square feet of<br />

useable space.<br />

•A resolution authorizing the mayor to enter into a<br />

development agreement with Violet Township,<br />

Fairfield County, the Fairfield County Port Authority,<br />

“It’s a primary offense now, so all you have to do<br />

is be holding your phone in your hand while your car<br />

is in motion and you can get pulled over, unless it’s<br />

up to your ear.”<br />

- Mike Confer<br />

Obetz Police chief<br />

about what that looks like. We are dealing with a number<br />

of companies. It’s unfortunate that we have to have<br />

those executive sessions so frequently, but that’s ultimately<br />

how we get those companies to come.”<br />

He said any resulting legislation has to be approved<br />

or rejected in open council.<br />

According to Ohio’s Sunshine Laws, only certain<br />

matters may be discussed in executive session. A board<br />

may only discuss the following six topics in executive<br />

session: the appointment, employment, dismissal, discipline,<br />

promotion, demotion or compensation of an<br />

employee or official, or the investigation of charges or<br />

complaints against an employee, official, licensee or<br />

student, unless the employee, official, licensee or student<br />

requests a public hearing; the purchase of property<br />

for public purposes or the sale of property at competitive<br />

bidding; conferences with the board’s attorney to<br />

discuss matters which are the subject of pending or<br />

imminent court action; preparing for, conducting or<br />

reviewing negotiations or bargaining sessions with<br />

employees; matters required to be kept confidential by<br />

federal law or rules or state statutes; specialized<br />

details of security arrangements. Executive sessions<br />

are for the purpose of deliberations only. No action<br />

may be taken during an executive session.<br />

Zucchinifest update<br />

Mayor Angela Kirk said work on this year’s<br />

Zucchinifest is progressing.<br />

For Sunday night, the opening act is Matt Schuster,<br />

who is Tik-Tok famous with over 500,000 followers.<br />

The main act is one of country music’s biggest stars,<br />

Brantley Gilbert.<br />

Kirk said, “We are still working on our Saturday<br />

night show. We don’t have a Friday night show, yet,<br />

but if we get something that falls into our lap and is<br />

very cheap or free, we’ll let you know.”<br />

Pickerington Local School District and Excel and<br />

declaring an emergency was approved by the council<br />

during their regular session.<br />

The city was asked to become party to the agreement,<br />

contemplating a development within Violet<br />

Township. The township plans to petition for the creation<br />

of or become a part of a joint economic development<br />

district.<br />

•<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> is also working with fellow entities<br />

to coordinate infrastructure agreements in the<br />

U.S. Route 33 and Basil-Western Road.<br />

•<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> City Council meetings are held<br />

on the first and third Monday of every month.<br />

Meetings begin at 7 p.m. The meetings are open to the<br />

public.<br />

Council meets in work session at 6 p.m. prior to<br />

each city council meeting to discuss legislative items<br />

and other issues of the city prior to being included on<br />

a city council agenda. The first work session of the<br />

month focuses on finance/economic development items<br />

and the second monthly work session focuses on service/safety<br />

items. While each work session includes specific<br />

areas of focus, other items may be brought before<br />

council as needed.

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

CW embraces recycling efforts<br />

By Linda Dillman<br />

Staff Writer<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> residents are embracing recycling<br />

in a big way by keeping boxes, paper, glass, and<br />

plastic containers from bogging down landfills.<br />

“We were regularly hearing from residents that<br />

wished we offered a curbside solution,” said <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> City Events and Communications<br />

Coordinator Hannah Woodruff. “Now that we are offering<br />

it, we’ve heard from several residents that say<br />

they’ve found themselves filling their recycling bin<br />

more than their trash bin each week. When you look at<br />

the numbers, it is clear our residents appreciate and<br />

utilize the service.”<br />

In 2021, <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> residents recycled 575.3<br />

tons of material. In 2022, the number rose to nearly<br />

650.7 tons. Residents are charged one fee - $19.50 per<br />

month - for recycling and trash collection.<br />

The city entered into a contract with Rumpke in<br />

October 2020 for both residential waste and recycling<br />

services. Prior to the contract, the city itself used<br />

Waste Management for waste only. However, there<br />

were resident-led and student-led initiatives in the<br />

community, including a bi-weekly collection at the<br />

high school.<br />

Rumpke operates a “single stream” recycling system.<br />

Residents can recycle all of their items in one bin<br />

instead of sorting them out. Each resident is provided<br />

a 65-gallon recycling cart. If a resident has extra recyclables,<br />

the cart can be exchanged for a 95-gallon cart.<br />

“We have heard a lot of positive feedback from the<br />

community since implementing the program,” said<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Public Service Director Matt<br />

Peoples, who said there are 2,823 residential recycling<br />

containers in use throughout the city. “We have recycling<br />

containers in our offices and encourage staff to<br />

recycle when they can. The most common materials we<br />

recycle are paper and cardboard. We have a large recycle<br />

dumpster at our public works facility that Rumpke<br />

regularly picks up.”<br />

As for hiccups, Peoples said the company reported<br />

there are a few recycling issues seen in all communities<br />

they service, mostly related to unacceptable items<br />

such as clothing, batteries, or other hazardous materials<br />

that make it to the recycling center. Other common<br />

issues include bagging recyclables and not breaking<br />

down cardboard boxes.<br />

“We plan to continue educating residents on the<br />

program to improve our overall recycling efforts while<br />

also continuing our year-over-year growth,” said<br />

Peoples. “During the brief time we’ve contracted with<br />

Rumpke, there have been a lot of changes to the program.<br />

In the last two years they added new acceptable<br />

materials–plastic tubs, and aluminum and plastic<br />

cups.<br />

Peoples said the city tries to provide reminders<br />

about recycling, including acceptable materials and<br />

any schedule changes due to holidays, via social media,<br />

newsletters, and the city’s website.<br />

Residents can sign up to receive alerts from when<br />

the collection schedule changes due to holidays.<br />

Rumpke also sends out an annual notice with “recycling<br />

right” information. For the most up-to-date information,<br />

visit rumpke.com or call 1-800-828-8171.<br />

<strong>March</strong> 26, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 3<br />

Hamilton students at<br />

All-OhioArmed Forces celebration<br />

Hamilton Township High School seniors Hannah Sandlin and<br />

Christopher Miller took part in the All-Ohio U.S. Armed Forces<br />

Career Commitment Celebration on <strong>March</strong> 7 at the National<br />

Veterans Memorial and Museum.<br />

Sandlin signed her commitment to the Army during her junior<br />

year of high school, and Miller signed his commitment to the Navy<br />

this year.<br />

The ceremony honors high school students who committed to<br />

joining the armed forces upon graduating high school this year.<br />

Students were recognized for their commitment to the military<br />

and received thanks from military veterans, active duty, and<br />

reserve members. The veterans, active duty and reserve members,<br />

gave the new members their first salute, promoting intergenerational<br />

relationships between veterans and future service members<br />

and providing an opportunity for new recruits to honor those that<br />

came before them.<br />

Pickleball players unite!<br />

The Lancaster-Fairfield Pickleball Association was established<br />

in January <strong>2023</strong> and currently has a membership of over 50 players<br />

and is growing.<br />

Pickleball has expanded not only in Lancaster and Fairfield<br />

County, but around the world. Soon the Lancaster Parks and<br />

Recreation Department will add eight courts at Olivedale Senior<br />

Center and currently the Fox Family YMCA of Lancaster offers<br />

open play with six pickleball courts at the Rec Plex and provides<br />

a league for all types of pickleball players of all ages. (Check with<br />

the YMCA for days and times.)<br />

For information about the LFPA, please visit its Facebook<br />

page, Lancaster-Fairfield Pickleball Association and print a member<br />

registration form or send an email to<br />


PAGE 4 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>March</strong> 26, <strong>2023</strong><br />

25th Annual<br />

“Best Fish Dinner in Town!”<br />

Baked Cod and Fried Perch<br />


Fridays in Lent: February 24th - <strong>March</strong> 31st, 4:30 - 7:30 PM<br />

Fried Ocean Perch or Baked Cod with choice of two sides:<br />

• Baked Potato • Sweet Potato • Macaroni & Cheese<br />

• French Fries • Cole Slaw • Applesauce<br />

Includes Roll & butter, Homemade Dessert & Free Coffee<br />

ADULTS: $15.00 • SENIORS $14.50;<br />

CHILDREN (10 & UNDER) $7.00 (Free under 3)<br />

Special Family Pricing - $37 (2-Adults & their children)<br />

We Accept Credit Cards<br />

1600 N. Hague Ave. INFO: 614-279-1690<br />

Care<br />

that<br />

comes from<br />

the<br />

Heart<br />

Skilled Nursing Care • Long-Term Care<br />

Short-Term<br />

Rehabilitation<br />

Hospice & Palliative Care • Respite Care<br />

614.834.2500<br />

6725 Thrush Dr., Ca nal <strong>Winchester</strong>, OH 43110<br />

We're more than just a great rate<br />

Bank-issued,<br />

FDIC-insured<br />

CW@AltercareOnline.net<br />

AltercareOnline.com<br />

Gideon Hall<br />

Financial Advisor<br />

6335 <strong>Winchester</strong> Blvd Suite A<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong>, OH 43110<br />

614-382-8133<br />

4.75%<br />

1-year<br />


We are the<br />

BEST community<br />

newspaper!<br />

Need advertising?<br />

Call<br />

614-<br />

272-5422.<br />

Photo courtesy of<br />

Eastland-Fairfield<br />

From<br />

athlete to<br />

intern<br />

> edwardjones.com | Member SIPC<br />

APY*<br />

* Annual Percentage Yield (APY) effective 02/06/<strong>2023</strong>. CDs offered by Edward Jones are bank-issued and FDIC-insured up to $250,000<br />

(principal and interest accrued but not yet paid) per depositor, per insured depository institution, for each account ownership category. Please visit<br />

www.fdic.gov or contact your financial advisor for additional information. Subject to availability and price change. CD values are subject to interest<br />

rate risk such that when interest rates rise, the prices of CDs can decrease. If CDs are sold prior to maturity, the investor can lose principal value.<br />

FDIC insurance does not cover losses in market value. Early withdrawal may not be permitted. Yields quoted are net of all commissions. CDs<br />

require the distribution of interest and do not allow interest to compound. CDs offered through Edward Jones are issued by banks and thrifts<br />

nationwide. All CDs sold by Edward Jones are registered with the Depository Trust Corp. (DTC).<br />

Sophie Coffenberry,<br />

a senior at<br />

Hamilton Township<br />

High School and a<br />

programming &<br />

software development<br />

student at<br />

Eastland Career<br />

Center, has been<br />

involved with the<br />

Groveport Special<br />

Olympics since<br />

2017. She recently<br />

went from active<br />

athlete to intern<br />

thanks to the skills she’s learned in the Eastland-<br />

Fairfield program. Penny Hilty, coordinator of<br />

Groveport Special Olympics, said the organization<br />

is on Facebook, but since the chapter started eight<br />

years ago, she has wanted a website to help spread<br />

awareness and recruit more athletes. When<br />

Coffenberry approached her with the idea, it was an<br />

easy “yes” from Hilty. Coffenberry built the pages.<br />

Coffenberry chose Eastland-Fairfield Career &<br />

Technical Schools so she could get a head start on<br />

her career path. This project gave her a leg up by<br />

helping develop her interpersonal skills and allowing<br />

her to practice the academic principles she’s<br />

learned. “Now when I go to college, I won’t be trying<br />

to learn all new skills but building on the ones I<br />

already know,” she said. “I chose programming &<br />

Thanks for<br />

reading the<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong>!<br />

Dog license renewal season<br />

Franklin County Auditor Michael<br />

Stinziano announced the dog license<br />

renewal period runs through <strong>March</strong> 31.<br />

The renewal period deadline, which is<br />

normally Jan. 31, was extended two<br />

months.<br />

Licenses may be purchased online at<br />

doglicense.franklincountyohio.gov or at the<br />

auditor’s office license counter, 373 S. High<br />

St., 21st floor in downtown Columbus.<br />

The counter is open Monday through<br />

Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.<br />

The office also offers licensing at<br />

expanded locations across the county,<br />

including at pet vaccination clinics, the<br />

Franklin County Dog Shelter, and at other<br />

community events.<br />

Owners can change addresses, download<br />

forms, and update dog information via<br />

the online licensing system.<br />

One-year, three-year and permanent<br />

dog licenses can be purchased without<br />

penalty through <strong>March</strong> 31.<br />

After the deadline, the cost to purchase<br />

a license doubles.<br />

In addition to being required by state<br />

law, dog licensing ensures that any lost dog<br />

is returned quickly to their owners.<br />

License fees help support the Franklin<br />

County Dog Shelter and Adoption Center.<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

software development because I know that computers<br />

are already big in our world and will only get<br />

bigger. I saw that there weren’t many females in the<br />

program and thought I could make a difference.”<br />

This fall, she will attend Columbus State<br />

Community College where she will pursue a degree<br />

in web development and design. With the Groveport<br />

Special Olympics, she’s played volleyball, bowling,<br />

and basketball, and competes in swimming and<br />

track & field. Last year, she was named co-emcee of<br />

the Special Olympics Ohio Summer Games, hosted<br />

by The Ohio State University. She participates in the<br />

Hamilton Township <strong>March</strong>ing Band as a percussionist.<br />

You can see the all-new website at groveportspecialolympics.org.<br />

Special Olympics<br />

The mission of Special Olympics Ohio<br />

and its Groveport and <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

Special Olympics chapter is to provide year<br />

round sports training and competition in a<br />

variety of Olympic type sports for intellectually<br />

disabled individuals.<br />

For information contact Penny and<br />

Cassandra Hilty at groveportspecialolympics@gmail.com<br />

or at (614) 395-<br />

8992 or 395-6640. Donations may be sent<br />

to Groveport Special Olympics, P.O. Box<br />

296, Groveport, OH 43125.<br />

Library School Help Centers<br />

The Columbus Metropolitan Library’s<br />

School Help Centers for grades K-12 are<br />

open and ready to help. These after-school<br />

spaces give your students access to technology,<br />

resources and the library’s catalog of<br />

books and materials.<br />

Visit columbuslibrary.org/school-help<br />

for information. Hours vary by location.<br />

Local library School Help Centers are:<br />

•<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Branch, 115<br />

Franklin St., <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong>. Monday-<br />

Thursday from 3:30-6:30 p.m. and Friday<br />

from 3-6 p.m.<br />

•<strong>South</strong> High Branch, 3540 S. High St.,<br />

Columbus. Monday-Thursday from 3:30-<br />

6:30 p.m. and Friday from 3-6 p.m.

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photos by Sarah Slayman<br />

CW ready to “Play ball!”<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> varsity softball player Kendall Rudd connects<br />

for a hit in a scrimmage against Liberty Union on<br />

<strong>March</strong> 16.<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> pitcher Grace Brinker fires in a fastball<br />

during the <strong>March</strong> 16 scrimmage against Liberty Union.<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong>’s<br />

Grace Markoff runs<br />

to first with an RBI<br />

groundout during<br />

the <strong>March</strong> 16<br />

scrimmage against<br />

Liberty Union with<br />

the teams.<br />

Ranger athletes honored<br />

The following Hamilton Township High School Ranger winter<br />

sports athletes received these Mid-State League honors:<br />

•First team all-league: Jovon McBride - boys basketball;<br />

Michael Brooker - boys bowling; Chase Crawford - boys bowling;<br />

Bryson Short - boys bowling; Emily Welch - girls bowling; Kayla<br />

Groce - cheerleading; Emarie Summerville - cheerleading; Olivia<br />

Taylor - cheerleading;<br />

•Second team all-league: Ziann Payne - girls basketball; Aiden<br />

Jordan - boys bowling; Collin McKenzie - boys bowling; Savannah<br />

Madden - girls bowling; Brooklynn Rader - girls bowling; Lilian<br />

Mills - cheerleading; Bobby Nolen - boys wrestling;<br />

•Honorable mention: Joshua Woods - boys basketball; Alexis<br />

Wooten - girls basketball; Tara Hall - girls bowling; Kieran Shaw<br />

- boys swimming; Carter Ferrell - boys wrestling; Michael Moro -<br />

boys wrestling;<br />

•Academic all-league: Varsity letter winners during winter<br />

season, 3.5 or greater cumulative GPA through most recently<br />

completed grading period: Jovon McBride - boys basketball;<br />

Trenton Renz - boys basketball; Jersey Baker - girls basketball;<br />

Myke-Kila Dean - girls basketball; Lannie Hunt - girls basketball;<br />

Ziann Payne - girls basketball; Alexis Wooten - girls basketball;<br />

Tara Hall - girls bowling; Alexia Conrad - cheerleading; Rylea<br />

DeLong-Tiller - cheerleading; Shawnelle Ward - cheerleading;<br />

Kieran Shaw - boys swimming; Jayden Frazier - boys wrestling;<br />

Jesse Ferrell - boys wrestling; Michael Moro -boys wrestling;<br />

James Rogers - boys wrestling; Tyler Steverding - boys wrestling;<br />

and Hannah Sandlin - girls wrestling.<br />

Trout Fishing Derby<br />

The city of Obetz hosts its annual Fishing Derby at Dixon<br />

Quarry on April 1 from 9 a.m. to noon. All trout caught can be<br />

kept, but all other fish are catch and release. Participants are<br />

expected to bring their own fishing equipment, buckets/coolers,<br />

and bait. Fishers are not permitted to chum the waters with corn<br />

or other bait. Fishers are not permitted to use nets. Fishers may<br />

use non-motorized boats such as kayaks. Judging at Dixon<br />

Quarry Pavilion at noon for longest trout and most trout caught.<br />

All participants must be registered, and waivers signed to be<br />

judged. Register online: https://secure.rec1.com/OH/village-ofobetz-oh/catalog<br />

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<strong>March</strong> 26, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 5<br />


House District Companies<br />

Eye Expansion;<br />

Funds Approved for<br />

Westland Shopping Center<br />

Demolition<br />

Three Grove City companies here in our Ohio<br />

House District are emerging as worldwide leaders<br />

in their respective industries. Collectively raising<br />

over $500 million in venture financing, the<br />

combined companies intend to add well over<br />

1000 jobs to our community over the next couple<br />

years.<br />

Forge Biologics, started in 2020, is establishing itself<br />

as the leader in gene therapy development.<br />

It manufactures therapeutics and pharmaceuticals<br />

to treat rare diseases and conditions. It currently<br />

is installing equipment that will allow it to<br />

manufacture at a capacity unmatched anywhere<br />

in the word. It will triple its employment levels<br />

over the next three years.<br />

Tosoh Ohio, a division of the Japanese parent<br />

company Tosoh, manufacturers the specialty<br />

metals wafers that comprise the computer chips<br />

made by Intel and Samsung. Its manufacturing<br />

process includes precision machining and superpure<br />

common and rare metals like aluminum<br />

(common) and titanium and scandium (both<br />

relatively rare). Because of the success of the<br />

current enterprise and the anticipated Intel facility<br />

in Licking County, the parent company recently<br />

committed the resources to triple its<br />

manufacturing capacity. Local management<br />

already is hiring machinists capable of training to<br />

work with state-of-the-art equipment.<br />

American Nitrile has just opened four additional<br />

lines to manufacture PPE gloves for medical,<br />

research, and industrial applications. Soon it will<br />

open six more lines to bring its capacity to<br />

approximately 3.5 billion gloves annually. With<br />

its modern equipment and cutting-edge<br />

processes, the company is bringing back highpaying<br />

manufacturing jobs to the US—and, most<br />

importantly, here to our community.<br />

All three companies are characterized by forward-thinking,<br />

action-oriented senior managers<br />

who work to create growth opportunities for<br />

their businesses as well as their associates.<br />

The Ohio Department of Development (ODD) has<br />

approved the allocation of $7.2 million for the<br />

demolition of the Westland Shopping Center site.<br />

ODD is assisting communities throughout the<br />

state to prepare sites for future business development.<br />

The 77-acre Westland site is considered<br />

an ideal location for commercial and/or manufacturing<br />

development because of its proximity to<br />

I-270, city utility infrastructure, mass transit lines,<br />

and residential areas with a ready and able workforce.<br />

A fence already has begun to be erected<br />

around the perimeter of the former shopping<br />

center buildings.<br />

(Dave Dobos represents the 10th District in the<br />

Ohio House of Representatives, which consists of<br />

parts of West, <strong>South</strong>west, and <strong>South</strong> Columbus,<br />

Grove City, and Urbancrest. He reports regularly<br />

on his activities in this position and his campaign<br />

has paid for this communication with you.)<br />

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PAGE 6 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>March</strong> 26, <strong>2023</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

columbusmessenger.com<br />

King Tut exhibit comes to Columbus<br />

Obetz Spring Clean-up<br />

Obetz’s annual Spring Clean-up will be<br />

held May 12. Waste Management will<br />

send extra trucks to pick up additional<br />

household waste. Tire disposal will be held<br />

May 12 from 4-6 p.m. and May 13 from 9-<br />

11 a.m. Tire disposal will take place in the<br />

dumpster at the Obetz Street Department<br />

building at 4100 Orchard Lane.<br />

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email southeast@columbusmessenger.com.<br />

eastside<br />

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Rick Palsgrove................................<strong>South</strong> & CW Editor<br />

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By Linda Dillman<br />

Staff Writer<br />

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COSI hosts fantastic display<br />

Ancient Egyptian culture - with its royalty, treasures, and monumental<br />

structures - is fascinating.<br />

One can experience this rich history with a visit to the<br />

“Tutanhkamun: His Tomb and his Treasures” exhibition at COSI,<br />

333 W Broad St. in Columbus, and imagine oneself at Howard<br />

Carter’s side when he discovered “wonderful things” in the tomb in<br />

1922.<br />

The young King Tut ascended the throne at age nine and a<br />

decade later he was gone. Despite the short duration of his reign,<br />

his legacy to the world, created more than 3,300 years ago,<br />

endures in the artifacts found in the Valley of the Kings on Feb.<br />

16, 1922.<br />

The Tut exhibit, housed in a 15,000 square foot gallery space at<br />

COSI until Sept. 4, started traveling the world a decade ago, but<br />

COSI is its only stop in the United States during the 100-year<br />

anniversary celebration of Carter’s discovery.<br />

A childlike wonder fills visitors when they enter the gallery<br />

space and see a true-to-scale reproduction of the vision that first<br />

greeted Carter when he and his workers broke through a stone<br />

entrance. A feeling of amazement rises when the lights come up on<br />

the golden and alabaster replicas - ones that accompanied a boy as<br />

he grew into a man before he was interred with them for what was<br />

hoped to be eternity under the sands of Egypt.<br />

An adjacent room presents a series of graduated gold shrines<br />

and a quartzite sarcophagus situated like inscribed nesting dolls.<br />

They lead to three coffins of precious metals and stones once<br />

stacked inside the sarcophagus. The walls, like those in the actual<br />

tomb, were embellished with reproductions of depictions of the<br />

netherworld in colors delicately first rendered in the 18th dynasty.<br />

And then there is a replica of the iconic 22 pound solid gold<br />

funerary mask of Tutanhkamun, which was originally adorned<br />

with real lapis lazuli, carnelian, turquoise and obsidian. It was a<br />

work of art handcrafted by modern Egyptian artisans with the<br />

painstaking accuracy of the original.<br />

Turning a corner, artifacts filled the next gallery–there are a<br />

total of 1,000 throughout the full exhibit–such as heirlooms in the<br />

form of tiny gold coffins commemorating Tutankhamun’s infant<br />

daughters, jewelry and breastplates that adorned the king’s<br />

mummy and four alabaster Canopic jars<br />

holding Tut’s embalmed organs.<br />

The jars were interred in a gilded<br />

canopic shrine guarded by four goddesses<br />

articulately dressed in bright gold with<br />

hands outspread. The full size replicas also<br />

include a breathtaking royal seat carved<br />

out of wood and covered in gold and silver<br />

with semi-precious stones and colored glass.<br />

Funerary fans flank the chair–thought to<br />

be a possible throne.<br />

A full scale replica of a state chariot (one<br />

theory proposes Tut died as a result of complications<br />

from a chariot accident) stood<br />

exactly as it was discovered in the tomb,<br />

with broken straps and worn paint. It sat<br />

regally alongside sandals featuring images<br />

of Tut’s vanquished enemies on the soles of<br />

the shoe.<br />

The originals are national treasures,<br />

fragile and are not on display while Egypt<br />

awaits the late <strong>2023</strong> opening of their Grand<br />

Egyptian Museum. However, the replicas<br />

are as exquisite and worth more than one<br />

trip to the exhibit.<br />

Kelli Kinzig, COSI’s senior project manager,<br />

said everything in the exhibit, from<br />

the tiniest piece of jewelry to the golden<br />

Photos courtesy of Shannon Elise Dillman<br />

A replica of the iconic 22 pound solid gold funerary mask of<br />

Tutanhkamun is one of 1,000 artifacts on display at the exhibit,<br />

“Tutanhkamun: His Tomb and his Treasure,” at COSI.<br />

A meticulous reproduction of Tut<br />

on a boat.<br />

shrines, is an exact replica<br />

that allow visitors to get<br />

close without glass cases<br />

hindering the way.<br />

According to Kinzig, the<br />

project was 18 months in<br />

development from an online<br />

survey of possible exhibitions<br />

to opening the doors to<br />

the public on <strong>March</strong> 18.<br />

When asked about<br />

mounting an endeavor like<br />

“Tutankhamun: His Tomb<br />

and His Treasures,” Kinzig<br />

said, “It was a 14-day installation<br />

with 15 people such as<br />

riggers, audio-visual, lighting<br />

techs, artists, and<br />

painters, working on it.”<br />

A crew of experienced<br />

workers travels with the<br />

exhibit, which most recently<br />

appeared in Belgium.<br />

“It’s traveled all over the<br />

world for multiple years,”<br />

said Kinzig. “It’s produced by<br />

Semmel, which is a German<br />

company. It’s the same company<br />

that created and produced<br />

the Marvel exhibition (which ran for six months at COSI in<br />

2021-22). I feel this exhibition is for all ages. I’m sure people will<br />

see something unique.”<br />

General admission combined with timed admission for the<br />

Tutankhamun exhibit is $40 for ages 13 and up; $15 for teachers<br />

with identification; $38 for military and ages 60 and older; $33 for<br />

youth ages 2-12 and free for children under age 2. Reservations<br />

available online at cosi.org/exhibits.

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>March</strong> 26, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 7

PAGE 8 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>March</strong> 26, <strong>2023</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Go fly a kite!<br />

The <strong>March</strong> winds have blown in memories<br />

of decades ago of fun flights of fancy<br />

made of paper and wood - kites!<br />

As a kid, for me the first warm touches of<br />

spring fueled a desire to get outside and take<br />

to the air with these low-tech gems.<br />

In the 1960s, for a few coins you could buy<br />

the perfect kite at Ackerman’s Drugs on<br />

Groveport’s Main Street. That is if the temptations<br />

of the store’s candy shelf, comic book<br />

rack, and hot roasted peanuts did not claim<br />

your coins first.<br />

The kites often featured graphic designs<br />

of rockets, jets, and shooting stars. But even<br />

as a kid I had a historical bent to my brain,<br />

so I rejected the flashy atomic space age<br />

images in favor of a kite featuring a pirate’s<br />

skull and cross bones - the Jolly Roger.<br />

The kites were easy to put together, just<br />

unroll the paper kite from around its cross<br />

poles, run the string through the cross pole<br />

notches, grab a rag or two for the tail (every<br />

respectable garage or shed always had a few<br />

random rags laying around) and you were<br />

ready to go.<br />

One had to find a place to fly a kite away<br />

from the potential danger of power lines and<br />

kite eating trees. I preferred the open spot on<br />

the Groveport Elementary playground where<br />

the two softball diamonds now are (back<br />

when the outfield fences were not there).<br />

True, there used to be a few power lines there<br />

for the lights that once illuminated the big<br />

baseball diamond, but those were easily<br />

avoided because the area was spacious. Plus<br />

it was a good spot to catch the wind.<br />

It often took a few running tries to get the<br />

kite up in the air, but once it did you let the<br />

string out and let it soar. The wind hitting<br />

the airborne paper kite made a crackling<br />

sound that made it seem like the high flying<br />

Editor’s Notebook<br />

Jolly Roger was cackling<br />

at the earthbound<br />

people below.<br />

Once you got the<br />

hang of it, you could<br />

make your kite go in<br />

circles or make it dip.<br />

You were flying it!<br />

Sometimes it was nice<br />

to merely hold the<br />

string and let the wind<br />

buffet the kite and take<br />

it wherever it wanted.<br />

Reeling in the kite<br />

took patience because<br />

the wind put a lot of<br />

Rick<br />

Palsgrove<br />

tension on the string. There was always the<br />

fear the string could snap, but that made flying<br />

the kite more exciting because at any<br />

minute it could free itself and explore the<br />

clouds on its own.<br />

If you successfully landed the kite you<br />

were free to fly it another windy day until by<br />

spring’s end the kite was either in tatters,<br />

had been spirited away by the wind, or eaten<br />

by a wayward trip into a tree.<br />

You can fly a kite any time of the year. All<br />

you need is wind and space. But <strong>March</strong> is<br />

special for being kite flying time. A time<br />

marking that winter is fading and the promise<br />

of spring and summer lie ahead. The high<br />

flying kite was a flag leading the charge to all<br />

the freedom and fun to come in the balmy<br />

days of youth as the sky beckoned, the grass<br />

turned green, and the sun smiled upon us.<br />

Rick Palsgrove is managing editor of the<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> Newspapers.<br />

Legacy of Love 5K<br />

Alex’s Legacy of Love 5K will be held at<br />

the Groveport Recreation Center, 7370<br />

Groveport Road, on April 23 at 2 p.m.<br />

Register at www.thealga.org. This chiptimed<br />

5K features music, finisher medals,<br />

awards, swag<br />

bags, and an<br />

online raffle.<br />

The Virtual 5K<br />

is back this year<br />

as well. Walk or<br />

run at a time<br />

and location of<br />

your convenience<br />

and the<br />


ALGA Team<br />

will deliver or<br />

mail your packet<br />

to you. Alex’s Legacy of Love 5K is a<br />

fundraiser for the Alexandria Leigh<br />

Goodwin Angel Foundation, an organization<br />

committed to creating a positive, loving<br />

world through random acts of kindness.<br />

Created in the memory of Alexandria<br />

“Alex” Goodwin (pictured here), a 2014<br />

graduate of Groveport Madison High<br />

School, who had just finished her sophomore<br />

year at Capital University at the<br />

time of her unexpected passing in 2016. To<br />

date, the foundation has given over $7,000<br />

in scholarships to Groveport Madison<br />

grads and Capital University students,and<br />

thousands more to various organizations<br />

and causes throughout central Ohio. For<br />

information visit www.thealga.org.<br />

Rangers excel<br />

According to Matt Thompson, Hamilton<br />

Township Schools director of athletics, the<br />

following Hamilton Township Ranger athletes<br />

made these accomplishments:<br />

•Sienna Sanborn placed fifth in the<br />

state at the OHSAA State Girls Wrestling<br />

Tournament.<br />

•The Girls Bowling team was named<br />

Mid-State League Champions for the third<br />

year in a row.<br />

•Savannah Madden and Emily Welch<br />

qualified to compete in the Girls District<br />

Bowling Tournament.<br />

•The Boys Bowling team placed second<br />

at the Mid-State League Tournament and<br />

qualified to compete in the District<br />


www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Alum Creek Drive project<br />

Brad Foster, chief deputy of operations<br />

for the Franklin County Engineer’s office,<br />

said a proposed project improving Alum<br />

Creek Drive from State Route 317 to<br />

Groveport Road, has a projected construction<br />

time frame of 2028 to 2029.<br />

The estimated cost is $58.5 million, with<br />

80 percent covered by federal dollars and<br />

the remaining 20 percent from $11.5 million<br />

in local money, including public and<br />

private funds.<br />

Replacing the bridge crossing Big<br />

Walnut Creek and adding additional lanes<br />

to Alum Creek Drive without major interruptions<br />

to traffic are key pieces of the project.<br />

Foster said many of the shipments<br />

heading to the new Intel facility in Licking<br />

County will pass in and out of the<br />

Rickenbacker airport.<br />

“Alum Creek Drive is a major thoroughfare,”<br />

said Foster. “We need all stakeholders<br />

(Columbus, Groveport, Obetz and<br />

Madison and Hamilton townships) on<br />

board.”<br />

Eastland-Fairfield camp<br />

Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical<br />

Schools will host its annual Career<br />

Exploration Summer Camp for local mid-<br />

<strong>March</strong> 26, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 9<br />

dle school students on June 6-7. camp.<br />

Registration is now open to families interested<br />

Early registration is encouraged. There<br />

in participating.<br />

is no cost to register or attend the camp.<br />

Families with middle school students This year’s program lineup will allow students<br />

currently in grades 6-8 and who reside<br />

to explore careers in fields such as<br />

within the Eastland-Fairfield Career & (but limited to) cosmetology, cyber security,<br />

Technical planning district are encouraged construction, architecture, engineering,<br />

to explore the opportunities at the camp, animal health, dentistry, law enforcement,<br />

held at Eastland Career Center, 4465 S. firefighting, computer programming,<br />

Hamilton Road, Groveport.<br />

graphic design, and more.<br />

The camp allows students to sign up for For information or to register, visit<br />

one or two sessions that will give a handson<br />

www.EastlandFairfield.com/SummerCamp<br />

look at career paths through engaging or contact Toby Fischer via email at tfisch-<br />

and fun activities. Last year, more than er@efcts.us or call 614-836-4530, ext. 1506.<br />

300 middle school students attended the

ActiveLifestyles<br />

PAGE 10 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>March</strong> 26, <strong>2023</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

A bi-monthly feature celebrating our community’s senior citizens<br />

Here are some fun ways for seniors to stay active<br />

Physical activity is an important component<br />

of overall health.<br />

Health experts advise that exercise can<br />

increase lean body mass, prevent conditions<br />

like diabetes and cardiovascular disease,<br />

improve balance, and positively affect<br />

mental health/cognition.<br />

Exercise also can foster socialization<br />

with others, helping people overcome boredom<br />

and isolation.<br />

As individuals get older, they may not<br />

be able to participate in all of the activities<br />

they enjoyed as youths, but that doesn’t<br />

mean older adults must resign themselves<br />

to sedentary lifestyles. There are plenty of<br />

entertaining ways to remain physically<br />

active that can accommodate any limitations<br />

a person may have. Explore these<br />

methods for staying active.<br />

Explore senior center offerings<br />

Community senior centers often fill calendars<br />

with a vast array of activities, some<br />

of which can include physical activities.<br />

Hikes, walking tours, dances, and other<br />

activities all serve as entertaining ways to<br />

get out and about while meeting some fitness<br />

goals.<br />

Garden or do yard work<br />

The Office of Disease Prevention and<br />

Health Promotions says adults should get<br />

150 minutes of moderate exercise per week.<br />

Raking leaves, mowing the lawn, digging in<br />

flower beds, trimming bushes, and other<br />

outdoor tasks could help a person meet this<br />

quota in a way that doesn’t seem like exercise<br />

at all.<br />

Play games with grandchildren<br />

Little kids may inspire older adults to be<br />

more active, as it can be difficult to keep up<br />

with those youngsters. Take infants or toddlers<br />

for walks or push them in strollers.<br />

Attach a child seat or towing carriage to a<br />

bicycle and ride around the neighborhood.<br />

Play games that require movement, such<br />

as hide-and-seek or Marco Polo in the pool.<br />

If it’s snowing, have a snowball fight or<br />

make a snowman in the yard.<br />

Take up a new hobby<br />

Find hobbies that incorporate physical<br />

activity. Perhaps learning to salsa dance or<br />

taking Zumba will be fun? Pickleball has<br />

caught on across the nation. The sport is a<br />

mix of tennis, racquetball and badminton<br />

that caters to all ages. Joining a bowling<br />

team is another way to get active and meet<br />

new people.<br />

Physical activity is important at any<br />

age. Seniors can explore fun ways to stay in<br />

shape and be active to reap all the benefits<br />

of exercise.<br />

<br />

Medicare Annual Open Enrollment Period (AEP) is over<br />

<br />

- will I have to pay a penalty if I keep working after I turn 65, and decide to keep my<br />

group plan?<br />

- are there any 5 Star Medicare rated plans in my county, that I can enroll into<br />

throughout the year?<br />

-<br />

review more than 2 or 3 plan options.<br />

- I need help in paying my Rx copays, any assistance available?<br />

Terri Curcio Call today 614-460-0601<br />

-$0 fee or $0 Consultation cost<br />

Medicare Agent Ohio Lic. #43449<br />

-Be confident in your plan selection, keep your doctors, and find the lowest<br />

copays for your medications.<br />

<br />

limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact Medicare.gov or<br />

1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all of

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Baking sessions are a beloved family<br />

tradition. But such sessions may not be as<br />

revered by family physicians, as baked<br />

goods are often prepared with ingredients,<br />

like sugar and butter, that aren’t necessarily<br />

sound additions to a person’s diet.<br />

Though baked goods may never rival<br />

Active Lifestyles<br />

<strong>March</strong> 26, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 11<br />

Tips to make baking more healthy<br />


Home safety during<br />

weddings and funerals<br />

Thieves and funerals go together like…wait,<br />

what?<br />

It’s a sad reality that when an obituary runs,<br />

thieves may get to work, targeting homes they<br />

know will be empty while a family is at a funeral.<br />

Saying goodbye to a loved one is hard enough.<br />

This shouldn’t be something you have to think<br />

about, however it is a good idea to take precautions<br />

just in case.<br />

On this topic, Woodway, Texas Assistant<br />

Police Chief Larry Adams reported, “In today’s<br />

world, it is very easy for thieves to find information<br />

online. The same discretion goes for wedding<br />

announcements and posting on social media when<br />

you are going on vacation.”<br />

What can you do to protect your home and<br />

avoid extra stress during an already challenging<br />

time?<br />

•Avoid sharing home details in public<br />

announcements both for the deceased’s address<br />

and anyone hosting calling hours.<br />

•If you have a security system, make sure it’s<br />

on. If you are considering getting one, this would<br />

be a good time.<br />

•Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to stay at the<br />

house during the service.<br />

•Alert local police to the funeral time and ask<br />

them to drive by.<br />

Bottom line - protect yourself during your<br />

time away and don’t make it easy on anyone<br />

who’s up to no good.<br />

Presented by Modlich Monument<br />

Family owned since 1936<br />

Learn more at Modlich-monument.com.<br />

614-276-1439<br />

vegetables in nutritional value, there are<br />

ways for amateur bakers to make these<br />

beloved foods a little more healthy.<br />

• Replace sugar with a fig puree. Figs<br />

are nutrition-rich fruits that serve as significant<br />

sources of calcium, potassium and<br />

iron. WebMD notes that figs also are excellent<br />

sources of fiber. Soaking eight ounces cup of pureed avocados. WebMD warns<br />

of figs in water can soften them before avocados have more water than butter, so<br />

they’re pureed with water.<br />

bakers may want to reduce the temperature<br />

• Much like figs, dates can be pureed<br />

in their ovens by 25 percent and bake<br />

and serve as a sugar substitute. However, the foods a little longer.<br />

WebMD notes that pureed dates will not be • Replace white flour with whole wheat<br />

able to replace all of the sugar in a recipe. flour. Whole wheat flour is not processed,<br />

One cup of pureed pitted dates with one so it retains its nutritional value. Baking<br />

cup of water can replace as much as half of with whole wheat flour may require a<br />

the sugar a recipe calls for.<br />

learning curve and some bakers prefer to<br />

• Replace butter with avocados. Many use a mix of whole-wheat and white flour.<br />

recipes call for a substantial amount of butter.<br />

Baked goods may never pack the most<br />

California Avocados notes that avoca-<br />

nutritious punch, but there are ways for<br />

dos can replace butter at a 1:1 ratio when amateur bakers to make such foods a little<br />

baking. So if a recipe calls for one cup of more healthy.<br />

butter, bakers can replace that with one<br />


I am here to help you with your<br />

Medicare questions<br />

Hello, I’m here to help you Navigate the world<br />

of Medicare.<br />

Let me sit down with you and compare your<br />

plan with Humana’s plans and see what is best for<br />

you. Let’s make sure you are getting everything<br />

that is out there for you to get. Lots of new things<br />

for <strong>2023</strong> across the world of Medicare Advantage,<br />

I am here to help you with this.<br />

There is no obligation for me to come out and<br />

talk with you, give me a call and we will look at<br />

it together.<br />

Thank you for your time,<br />

Cynthia Grotsky<br />

Sales Representative | MarketPOINT<br />

C 614.557.2054|F 513.362.2937<br />

Email cgrotsky@humana.com

PAGE 12 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>March</strong> 26, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Active Lifestyles<br />

arthritis and exercise<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

THURSDAY, JUNE 8 TH @ 12:05 PM<br />

<br />

<br />


<br />

Tickets are $6 RESERVED and $5 BLEACHER SEATING<br />


<br />

Make checks/money orders payable to Columbus Clippers and mail to:<br />

<br />

<br />

Columbus Clippers Aenon: Spencer Harrison<br />

330 <br />

Hunngton Park Lane, Columbus, OH 43215<br />

<br />

Orders can be emailed to sharrison@clippersbaseball.com<br />

For cket quesons, call (614) 462­5250<br />

Ticket orders must be received by the Clippers before June 1st, <strong>2023</strong><br />

<br />

www.clippersbaseball.com<br />

Three types of exercise are most appropriate<br />

and relieve stiffness.<br />

for those who have arthritis:<br />

•Aerobic activities: Activities such as<br />

•Strength training: Strong muscles help walking, bicycle riding, skating and more<br />

support and protect joints affected by are good for the heart. They also moderate<br />

arthritis. Lifting weights can provide this. weight, which in turn puts less strain on<br />

•Range of motion exercises: Dancing, joints, particularly the knees.<br />

tai chi, Pilates, swimming, and other activities<br />

Before beginning an exercise program,<br />

that push the body to stretch and discuss with your doctor what activities<br />

move help maintain normal joint motion might be right for you.<br />


Luxury living at Sugar Maple<br />

Commons in Grove City<br />

Treplus Communities offers active adults a<br />

luxurious lifestyle solution in spacious, luxury<br />

apartments with attached garages, open floor<br />

plans and rich amenities. Every apartment home<br />

incorporates Universal Design elements for<br />

accessibility, along with the right amenities and<br />

services for an active lifestyle.<br />

Our active adult communities are comprised<br />

of one and two-bedroom luxury apartments with<br />

dens in spacious, single-story floor plans. Every<br />

apartment home is well appointed with vaulted<br />

ceilings, powder rooms and luxury finishes<br />

throughout. We are a pet-friendly community and<br />

even have dog parks in select communities.<br />

The community amenities include The<br />

Commons, a resort-quality clubhouse with a Wifi<br />

café, billiards room with your own personal<br />

liquor locker, fire pit, big screen television, and a<br />

well-equipped fitness center. Enjoy 24/7<br />

concierge services and the Wellbeats fitness app<br />

as just a sample of the wonderful amenities.<br />

Experience rich social engagement in daily<br />

events.<br />

The Commons is the gathering place and the<br />

heart of the community. It has luxury touches and<br />

spacious designs to accommodate large and small<br />

get-togethers, making you feel right at home. The<br />

community garden is designed with raised garden<br />

beds to make it easier for residents to cultivate<br />

their favorite flowers, herbs, and vegetables.<br />

Treplus Communities has central Ohio locations<br />

in Dublin, Delaware, Pickerington as well as<br />

in Dayton in Centerville, Ohio. We are currently<br />

pre-leasing new apartments in Grove City at<br />

Sugar Maple Commons. Choose your new apartment<br />

home today by visiting our leasing offices<br />

and completing an application today!<br />

New Community!<br />

Live in a<br />

neighborhood,<br />

belong to a community<br />

of active adults.<br />

Now<br />

Pre-Leasing!<br />

<br />

Take a tour and<br />

mention this ad to<br />

have your application<br />

fe ees waived.<br />


55+ LIVING<br />

614.782.1800<br />

5151 Sugar Ma ple Dr.<br />

Grove City, Ohio 43123

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Active Lifestyles<br />

<strong>March</strong> 26, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 13<br />

<br />

<br />

Franklin County Board of Commissioners: President John O’Grady • Commissioner Kevin L. Boyce, and Commissioner Erica C. Crawley<br />

The Franklin County Board of Commissioners and The Franklin County Office on Aging join with the <strong>Messenger</strong> Newspaper in providing this update on aging issues in Franklin County.<br />

Play Ball! Office on Aging Day with the<br />

Columbus Clippers Scheduled for June 8<br />

For the past 21 years, the Franklin County Office on Aging has partnered<br />

with the Columbus Clippers to host their annual Office on Aging Day at<br />

the award-winning Huntington Park. Office on Aging Day with the<br />

Columbus Clippers provides seniors aged 60 and older a chance to gather<br />

with their family and friends for a fun-filled day at the ballpark through<br />

discounted ticket prices.<br />

This year’s Office on Aging Day with the Columbus Clippers is scheduled<br />

for Thursday, June 8, <strong>2023</strong> at 12:05 p.m. in which the Columbus Clippers<br />

will go head-to-head with the Louisville Bats. Ticket prices for seniors<br />

will be $5.00 for bleacher seating and $6.00 for reserved seating, and the<br />

ticket price also includes a boxed lunch as well as a chance to win a variety<br />

of raffle prizes. Seniors who have a group of 10 or more can also<br />

request free transportation through the Office on Aging by calling (614)<br />

525-8832 by no later than Monday, May 8.<br />

This event also provides seniors the chance to connect with community<br />

organizations that provide resources to older adults. In the past, seniors<br />

have been able to get connected to resources regarding tax preparation,<br />

kinship support, mental health and other valuable services that make<br />

aging in place possible. This year seniors and their families will once<br />

again be able to connect to a variety of resources from community providers<br />

that help support aging in place, including Mid-Ohio Food Collective,<br />

the Franklin County Auditor’s Office, and the Veterans Service Commission<br />

among others. Franklin County’s Health & Human Services mobile<br />

unit will also be in attendance, which includes representatives from the<br />

Office on Aging, Job and Family Services, Justice Policy & Programs, and<br />

Child Support Enforcement Agency. The mobile unit helps residents get<br />

the assistance they need all in one place, including help with food assistance,<br />

Medicaid, rental assistance, employment opportunities, child<br />

support, re-entry support and more.<br />

Lastly, the day will also include pre-ceremonial activities including a<br />

warm welcome from the Franklin County Board of Commissioners’ President,<br />

John O’Grady, as well as a ceremonial first pitch. Past local celebrities<br />

for the first pitch include former 10TV Anchor, Jerry Revish, Professional<br />

Baseball Player, Allan Lee Anderson, and Community Leader and<br />

Civil Rights Activist, Don Elder. This year fans can expect to see the<br />

Office on Aging’s first African American female director, Chanda Wingo,<br />

to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.<br />

Franklin County seniors who are interested in attending the game can<br />

purchase tickets several ways. They can mail the order form found in the<br />

Columbus <strong>Messenger</strong> to:<br />

Columbus Clippers<br />

ATTN: Spencer Harrison<br />

330 Huntington Park Lane<br />

Columbus, OH 43215<br />

Seniors can also order tickets by calling the Columbus Clippers at (614)<br />

462-5250. To request transportation for groups of 10 or more, call the<br />

Office on Aging at (614) 525-8832 by no later than Monday, May 8.

PAGE 14 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>March</strong> 26, <strong>2023</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Hamilton Township prepares for baseball season<br />

Hamilton Township’s James Hennan beat the tag when he re-thought his idea to head<br />

for second base and headed back to first.<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photos by Pat Donahue<br />

The Hamilton Township Rangers varsity baseball team played their first scrimmage on<br />

<strong>March</strong> 16 that resulted in a 7-6 win for the Rangers over Bishop Hartley. Ranger Kaden<br />

Kiser was the first of seven pitchers to take the mound against Bishop Hartley and he<br />

also had three hits. Hamilton Township will get their regular season under way against<br />

Lakewood at home on <strong>March</strong> 25.<br />

DestinationOutlets.com<br />

800-213-9083<br />

8000 Factory Shops Blvd.<br />

Jeffersonville, OH 43128<br />



Hamilton Township’s Trent Renz connected for a hit during the <strong>March</strong> 16 scrimmage<br />

against Bishop Hartley.

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>March</strong> 26, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 15<br />

Library celebrates its 150th birthday<br />

By Linda Dillman<br />

Staff Writer<br />

Little did the organizers of the first<br />

Columbus Public Library–housed in a<br />

single room in city hall in 1873–know<br />

their efforts would blossom into the<br />

multi-branch, multi-programming<br />

Columbus Metropolitan Library<br />

(CML) system of today.<br />

On <strong>March</strong> 4, CML celebrated its<br />

150th birthday from the Main Library<br />

to the Hilltop, <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong>, and<br />

beyond.<br />

The architecturally rich Main<br />

Library, located at 96 S. Grant Avenue<br />

in Columbus, was built in 1907<br />

through a $200,000 gift from Andrew<br />

Carnegie and expanded throughout<br />

the years, evolving into the modern<br />

complex of today with a newly renovated<br />

east plaza opened last year.<br />

In 1928, the Columbus City Council<br />

appropriated $30,000 for the library to<br />

build its first branches–Hilltop,<br />

Parsons, Linden, and Clintonville. The <strong>South</strong> High branch opened<br />

in 1992, followed by <strong>South</strong>east in 2000 and <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> in<br />

2016.<br />

“Our Hilltop branch just reopened in 2021 after a major transformation,”<br />

said CML Library Media Specialist Ben Zenitsky.<br />

Today there are 22 branches, with the newest one in Gahanna<br />

opening on <strong>March</strong> 4.<br />

In 1950, bookmobile services started throughout the central<br />

Ohio area and the Martin Luther King branch was the first in the<br />

nation in 1968 to be named after the civil rights leader.<br />

Computers were first put into service in 1977 and First Lady<br />

Barbara Bush helped dedicate a Main Library expansion in 1991.<br />

The library system stopped charging fines for overdue books<br />

and materials in 2017 to remove access barriers.<br />

“We’re planning to build a new standalone library branch at<br />

123 Groveport Road,” said Zenitsky. “We held a virtual community<br />

meeting with <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> residents on Jan. 10 to get a<br />

better sense of what they’d like to see in their new branch. Now<br />

we’re working closely with the architects to design a 21st century<br />

library tailor-made for <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> — one we’re confident<br />

CW Library Branch<br />

The <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Branch of the<br />

Columbus Metropolitan Library, 115<br />

Franklin St., is located in the rear portion<br />

of the former school at 100 Washington St.<br />

For information visit www.columbuslibrary.org<br />

or call 614-645-2275.<br />

<strong>South</strong>east Library<br />

The <strong>South</strong>east Branch of the Columbus<br />

Metropolitan Library is located at 3980 S.<br />

Hamilton Road, Groveport. For information<br />

visit www.columbuslibrary.org or call<br />

614-645-2275.<br />

<strong>South</strong> High Library<br />

<strong>South</strong> High Branch of the Columbus<br />

Metropolitan Library is located at 3540 S.<br />

High St., Columbus. For information visit<br />

www.columbuslibrary.org.<br />

Wagnalls Memorial Library<br />

Wagnalls Memorial Library is located<br />

at 150 E. Columbus St., Lithopolis. Call<br />

(614) 837-4765 or visit www.wagnalls.org.<br />

will serve its residents for decades to<br />

come. We hope to cut the ribbon in<br />

2025.”<br />

The 150 year celebration did not<br />

begin and end on <strong>March</strong> 4.<br />

It continues throughout the year at<br />

the Main Library and all its branches,<br />

along with Partner Days with free or<br />

discounted admission to events, museums<br />

and musical events.<br />

The Sesquicentennial Passport program<br />

enables customers of all ages to<br />

pick up a booklet at any CML location<br />

and complete activities around the city<br />

to earn stamps and prizes.<br />

A new Columbus Book Festival<br />

takes place at the Main Library and<br />

Topiary Park July 15-16 and features<br />

national and local authors, vendors<br />

and programs.<br />

Photo courtesy of the Columbus Metropolitan Library<br />

CML also offers a Culture Pass program<br />

where cardholders can check out<br />

The Columbus Metropolitan Library’s 150th birthday<br />

celebration featured a birthday “cake” made of<br />

passes for admission to Columbus<br />

books.<br />

Clippers Sunday games, Museum of<br />

Art, Ballet Met, Columbus Children’s<br />

Theatre, Symphony Masterworks performances, Franklin Park<br />

Conservatory, Ohio History Center and Ohio Village, and the<br />

National Veterans Memorial and Museum.<br />

The library provides K-12 students with free homework help<br />

through a live chat feature on its website, columbuslibrary.org.<br />

CML staff members are available to directly respond to students’<br />

questions and refer them to many free resources.<br />

The digital service is available Monday through Friday from 9<br />

a.m. through 4 p.m.<br />

“From our humble beginnings in one room to the profound gift<br />

from Andrew Carnegie to build the main library, from civic support<br />

that formed our first branches to community support that<br />

builds 21st century libraries, we owe much of our present to the<br />

work of so many in our past,” said CML CEO Patrick Losinski.<br />

“Today we stand on the shoulders of dedicated staff and community<br />

members who have come before us–trailblazers who have<br />

forged pathways for us to become the library we are today, and the<br />

library we aspire to be in the future.”<br />

FOR SALE<br />

Columbus <strong>Messenger</strong> is cleaning out<br />

back room of items no longer need:<br />

28 ft. Extension Ladder<br />

new $475, like new condition,rarely used $350,<br />

350 lb. capacity<br />

10 ft. Aluminum Step Ladder 280 lb. capacity, new $310,<br />

like new condition rarely used - $190<br />

Floor Machine, includes: all pads plus unopened Betco wax,<br />

very lightly used machine - $395<br />

Call 614-272-5422 to view and/or purchase<br />

Women’s<br />

History Month<br />

We must acknowledge Women’s History<br />

Month in ways that are meaningful. I believe<br />

it is important to acknowledge the most important<br />

way brave women impact our lives.<br />

There would be no history worth mentioning<br />

without the determination of a woman to<br />

bring life to term and provide the care necessary<br />

for us all to be born and create our own<br />

destiny. I cannot allow <strong>March</strong> to go by without<br />

sharing information regarding new legislation<br />

I support that will impact maternal<br />

health and infant mortality. This past Wednesday,<br />

in a press conference, I announced<br />

my support for Doula services to be covered<br />

by Medicaid.<br />

A Doula is a trained, nonmedical professional<br />

who provides continuous physical, emotional,<br />

and informational support to pregnant<br />

expectant mothers. Expanding<br />

Medicaid to include this equitable solution<br />

will reduce the infant mortality rate and<br />

make it affordable for low-income families to<br />

receive the best possible care throughout<br />

their pregnancy and thereafter. This bill is a<br />

bi-partisan effort that addresses infant mortality<br />

and maternal health. I believe we must<br />

develop common-sense solutions that make<br />

Ohio a safe place to give birth. Ohio is currently<br />

above the national average goal (6.0 or<br />

fewer deaths per 1,000 live births), being 6.7<br />

per 1000 live births in 2020. The data has<br />

shown tremendous success for Doulas, which<br />

is why all moms deserve access to the best<br />

maternal care.<br />

As a mother, I am encouraged by this effort<br />

that keeps women and children safe.<br />

Women’s History Month is a beautiful time to<br />

acknowledge that we still have work to do to<br />

ensure women have everything needed to<br />

impact our futures. Results matter, so let's<br />

work together. Subscribe and follow me on<br />

social media for updates.<br />

Paid Advertisement

PAGE 16 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>March</strong> 26, <strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

<strong>South</strong> & <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

ONLY $65.00<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

BEST COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER in <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

FREE<br />

Pick-Up At These Locations:<br />

Walgreen’s - Gender & <strong>Winchester</strong> Blvd.<br />

BP Gas Station - Gender Rd. & Freeway<br />

Aldi - Gender Rd. & Freeway (behind BP Station)<br />

Kroger - <strong>Winchester</strong> Square<br />

The Wigwam Restaurant - 4 <strong>South</strong> High St.<br />

Marie Scramblers - 6402 <strong>Winchester</strong> Blvd.<br />

Shade on the <strong>Canal</strong> - 19 <strong>South</strong> High St.<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Library - 115 Franklin St.<br />

CW City Hall and Community Center – 45 E. Waterloo St.<br />

Harvest Moon - 7 N. High St.<br />

Rex Barber Shop - 1 W. Waterloo<br />

Sunoco Gas Station - 501 W. Waterloo St.<br />

Panzera - 685 W. Waterloo St.<br />

Save & Smoke - 6211 <strong>Winchester</strong> Blvd.<br />

Firestone - 38 W. Waterloo St.<br />

Waffle House - 5755 Gender Rd.<br />

Kroger - 3588 Gender Rd.<br />

Speedway - 6399 Refugee Rd.<br />

READ US ONLINE: www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

<strong>South</strong><br />


FREE<br />

At These<br />

Locations:<br />

Ponderosa Steak House - 3875 S. High St.<br />

Turkey Hill - 3900 S. High St.<br />

Dollar Tree - 3754 S. High St.<br />

Speedway Gas Stattion - 3860 S. High St.<br />

Columbus Library - High St. & Highview<br />

CVS Pharmacy - High St. & Williams Rd.<br />

Walgreen’s - High St. & Williams Rd.<br />

Kelly’s Market - 3453 Parsons Ave.<br />

K & M Market - 4305 Andy Groom Blvd.<br />

Stoney’s Market - 3517 Lockbourne Rd.<br />

Kroger - S. High St.<br />

READ US ONLINE: www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Obetz Easter Egg Hunt<br />

The Obetz Easter Egg Hunt featuring<br />

40,000 eggs will be held April 8 from 10:30<br />

a.m. to noon at Fortress Obetz, 2015<br />

Recreation Trail in Obetz.<br />

CW Easter Egg Hunt<br />

Hop into <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> on April 8 at<br />

10 a.m. (rain or shine) for the <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> Community Easter Egg Hunt<br />

at McGill Park, 6725 Lithopolis-<br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> Road. Visit with the Easter<br />

Bunny, enjoy the new playground, and join<br />

your friends for a fun egg hunt.<br />

Children up to age 10 are invited to participate.<br />

There will be over 10,000 colorful<br />

eggs, with special prize eggs in each age<br />

category. Age groups are: under 3 years, 3-<br />

6 years, and 7-10 years. Bring your own<br />

bag to collect eggs/candy.<br />

Families are encouraged to arrive early.<br />

When the parking lot is full, the entrance<br />

will be closed to vehicular traffic. The park<br />

can also be accessed via foot or bike along<br />

Walnut Creek Trail.<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Human Services, in<br />

cooperation with the city of <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong>, will host the free familyfriendly<br />

event.<br />

Backyard Conservation<br />

Workshop in CW<br />

A free conservation workshop is scheduled<br />

for April 22 from 10—11:30 a.m. at the<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Community Center, 45<br />

E. Waterloo St. The workshop is offered in<br />

partnership with Franklin Soil and Water<br />

Conservation District as part of their<br />

Community Backyards program.<br />

The Community Backyards program is<br />

an educational rebate program for<br />

Franklin County residents. Residents<br />

learn about rainwater, water pollution,<br />

stormwater runoff and its detrimental<br />

impacts on local water quality, erosion,<br />

and flooding. Residents learn what they<br />

can do to help protect waterways starting<br />

in their own backyard.<br />

Those who attend the free workshop<br />

will learn backyard conservation practices<br />

including rain barrels, rain gardens,<br />

native plants, and composting, and may be<br />

eligible to receive a $50 rebate voucher<br />

(dependent on homeowners’ location and<br />

while supplies last) on the purchase of an<br />

approved conservation product.<br />

Registration is free but required. For<br />

information or to register, visit canalwinchesterohio.gov<br />

or contact Hannah<br />

Woodruff at 614-834-9915.<br />

Art display<br />

As part of a new partnership with the<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Art Guild, local artists<br />

will display their work in the lobby of<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> City Hall and the <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> Community Center, 45 E.<br />

Waterloo St. The galleries will be open for<br />

viewing during regular business hours,<br />

Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Contact<br />

information for each artist is available for<br />

those interested in purchasing a piece.

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

There’s magic in this film<br />

I do not often watch animated movies,<br />

but when I do I tell myself afterward that I<br />

should watch more animated movies.<br />

Dedra<br />

Cordle<br />

The Reel Deal<br />

Not only do I find<br />

the art design pleasing<br />

to the eye, but they<br />

almost always feature a<br />

story with an uplifting<br />

message that I need to<br />

hear — or that I need<br />

to remember.<br />

Because I do not<br />

usually heed my own<br />

advice, I often neglect<br />

my vow to watch more<br />

animated movies when I have the chance<br />

and I frequently pass over the opportunity<br />

to review them in favor of a live-action<br />

(read: more adult, allegedly) option. But I<br />

have to admit that out of all of the new theatrical<br />

releases that were presented to me<br />

this weekend, there was just something<br />

about “The Magician’s Elephant” that I<br />

could not say no to.<br />

As someone whose interaction with children<br />

is limited to work assignments at<br />

libraries and schools, I had not heard of the<br />

beloved 2009 novel by Kate DiCamillo on<br />

which this film is based, but the promotional<br />

trailers attached to the material<br />

made it look warm and inviting for people<br />

of all ages — even the ones without little<br />

humans running around the house.<br />

Although the tale within and the way it<br />

is written and depicted on screen by scribe<br />

Martin Hynes and director Wendy Rogers<br />

is quite simple, the movie as a whole is<br />

enchantingly endearing and one cannot<br />

help but fall under its spell of sweetness.<br />

The film is set in a vaguely European<br />

town called Baltese where the aftermath of<br />

a recent war has brought despair and stagnation<br />

to a community and a people that<br />

was once lively and robust and full of<br />

promise and hope. Then one day, a young<br />

orphan boy by the name of Peter (voiced by<br />

Noah Jupe) finds a mysterious tent in the<br />

middle of the town square with a sign<br />

Dr. Bender Scholarship<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> City Council<br />

announced two $1,000 scholarships will be<br />

awarded in honor of the late Dr. John<br />

Bender, s former council member for 17<br />

years.<br />

Graduating seniors can review eligibility<br />

requirements and submit applications<br />

online at www.canalwinchesterohio.gov.<br />

Applications are also available in the<br />

guidance offices at <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> High<br />

School and Bloom-Carroll High School.<br />

Completed applications and materials are<br />

due by 4:30 p.m. on <strong>March</strong> 31.<br />

Recipients of the Dr. John Bender scholarship<br />

will be recognized at the April 17<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> City Council meeting.<br />

attached that says it will give an honest<br />

answer to a hard question for anyone who<br />

dares to ask. When Peter enters the tent,<br />

he finds a fortune teller (voiced by Natasia<br />

Demetriou, who also narrates the story)<br />

who speaks in riddles, but tells him that<br />

the sister he thought to be dead is still<br />

alive. In order to find her, she says, all he<br />

has to do is “follow the elephant and she<br />

will lead you there.”<br />

Since Baltese is a town without a zoo —<br />

it doesn’t even have sunshine thanks to<br />

strange and ominous clouds that hang<br />

overhead — Peter is not sure where exactly<br />

to begin looking for this mythical elephant<br />

but he recognizes that he has started to<br />

feel something he had not felt in quite<br />

some time; pure, unadulterated hope.<br />

As Peter’s guardian, a strict former soldier<br />

named Vilna (Mandy Patinkin), tries<br />

to dissuade his charge from living with<br />

such a dangerous emotion, a terrible magician<br />

(voiced by Benedict Wong) performing<br />

across town accidentally conjures an elephant<br />

out of thin air. This disturbance in<br />

the force, if you will, not only takes Peter<br />

on an adventure filled with once-thought<br />

impossible tasks to find his long lost sister,<br />

but it also inspires the people living in the<br />

town to start shedding the hollowness that<br />

has been inside of them since the start of<br />

the war.<br />

Although the movie can sometimes feel<br />

a bit overbaked with sentimentality, there<br />

is more mature content within the tale —<br />

mostly revolving around the elephant<br />

which had been pulled from its herd in a<br />

faraway land — it manages to balance out<br />

the saccharine message that sometimes<br />

tries to overtake “The Magician’s<br />

Elephant.”<br />

With a rich visual design that is brought<br />

to life with dynamic and varied human<br />

characters and animals, “The Magician’s<br />

Elephant” is a warm and engaging movie<br />

about trying to believe in the impossible<br />

and being brave enough to take a step forward<br />

to find something that brings you<br />

happiness.<br />

Grade: B+<br />

Dedra Cordle is a <strong>Messenger</strong> staff writer<br />

and columnist.<br />

Fish fry at church<br />

St. Margaret of Cortona Church, 1600 N.<br />

Hague Avenue, Columbus, holds a fish fry<br />

every Friday through <strong>March</strong> 31 from 4:30-<br />

7:30 p.m. Cost is $15 for adults with<br />

reduced rates for seniors, families, and kids.<br />

Hamilton school board<br />

Hamilton Local Board of Education<br />

meetings are held at 6 p.m. on Mondays<br />

(unless otherwise noted) at the Hamilton<br />

Local Education Center, 775 Rathmell<br />

Road, Columbus. For information on meeting<br />

dates visit www.hamiltonlocal.k12.oh.us.<br />

Board meeting dates for <strong>2023</strong>: April 10,<br />

May 8, June 26, Aug. 7, Sept. 11, Oct. 9,<br />

Nov. 13, and Dec. 11.<br />

<strong>March</strong> 26, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 17<br />


Deadlines: Grove City, Groveport & All editions - Mondays at Noon.<br />

West, <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong>, <strong>South</strong> & Madison editions -Tuesdays at 5 p.m.<br />

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Craft Shows<br />


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miliion) & Grove City<br />

Police (2.5 million) for<br />

bodily harm & abuse of<br />

power. Free to join. 614-<br />

778-3864<br />

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Grant Hospital for<br />

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y<br />

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LOVE DOGS?<br />

LOVE THE<br />



We are looking for animal lovers to work part<br />

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(job code_9645)<br />

to work in Bellefontaine, OH<br />

(multiple locations).<br />

Send resume to:<br />

Lynnsi Barnett hrd@maryrutan.org,<br />

Mary Rutan Hospital.<br />

Must ref. job code listed above.<br />

Employment<br />


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with your name, address and phone number. Nonprofit organizations are welcome to<br />

submit requests for donations of items.<br />

Send information to The Columbus <strong>Messenger</strong>, Attention: Come and Get It, 3500<br />

Sullivant Ave., Columbus, OH43204. Deadline is Mondays at NOON for following<br />

Sunday’s publication. <strong>Messenger</strong> Newspapers is not responsible for any complications<br />

that may occur. Please contact us when items are gone. 272-5422<br />

Come & Get It!<br />

xFocus on Rentals<br />






IT!<br />

Call The <strong>Messenger</strong><br />

For More Info and Rates<br />

614-272-5422<br />


DIRECTV Stream -<br />

Carries the Most Local<br />

MLB Games! CHOICE<br />

Package, $89.99/mo for<br />

12 months. Stream on 20<br />

devices in your home at<br />

once. HBOMax included<br />

for 3 mos (w/CHOICE<br />

Package or higher.) No<br />

annual contract, no hidden<br />

fees! Some restrictions<br />

apply. Call IVS 1-866-629-<br />

6086<br />

Rentals<br />



LUNG CANCER? You<br />

may quliafy for a<br />

substantial cash award -<br />

even with smoking history.<br />

NO obligation! We’ve<br />

recovered millions. Let us<br />

help!! Call 24/7, 1-888-<br />

650-9135<br />

Elminate gutter cleaning<br />

forever! LeafFilter, the most<br />

advanced debris-blockiing<br />

gutter protection. Schedule<br />

Free LeafFilter Estimate<br />

today. 20% off Entire<br />

Purchase. 10% Senior &<br />

Military Discounts. Call 1-<br />

833-610-1936<br />


Prepare for power outages<br />

today with a GENERAC<br />

home standby generator.<br />

$0 Money Down + Low<br />

Monthly Payment Options.<br />

Request a FREEQuote--<br />

Call now before the next<br />

power outage. 1-855-465-<br />

7624<br />

Attention oxygen therapy<br />

users! Inogen One G4 is<br />

capable of full 24/7 oxygen<br />

delivery. Only 2.8<br />

pounds. Free info kit.<br />

Call 877-929-9587<br />

Thinking about installing<br />

a new shower? American<br />

Standard makes it<br />

easy. FREE design consulation.<br />

Enjoy your<br />

shower again! Call 1-<br />

833-769-0995 today to<br />

see how you can save<br />

$1,000 on installation, or<br />

visit www.newshowerdeal.com/mac<br />

Protect your home w/home<br />

security monitored by<br />

ADT. Starting at $27.99/<br />

mo. Get free equipment<br />

bundle including keypad,<br />

motion sensor, wireless<br />

door & windows sensors.<br />

833-719-1073<br />

DISH TV $64.99 FOR 190<br />

Channels + $14.95 High<br />

Speed Internet. Free Installation,<br />

Smart HD DVR<br />

Included, Free Voice Remote.<br />

Some restrictions<br />

apply. Promo expires<br />

1/31/24. 1-866-479-1516<br />



USERS! 50 Generic pills<br />

SPECIAL $99.00. 100%<br />

guaranteed. 24/7 CALL<br />

NOW! 888-445-5928<br />

Hablamos Espanol<br />


$10K-$125K+ Get Fresh<br />

Start or Forgiveness.<br />

Call 1-877-705-1472<br />

Monday through Friday<br />

7am-5pm PST<br />




HFI, LLC<br />

(<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong>, OH)<br />

The role will oversee<br />

quoting all the raw<br />

materials to build certain<br />

component. Provide parts,<br />

equipment and materials by<br />

developing sources of<br />

supply and monitoring<br />

supplier performance,<br />

verifying receipt of items,<br />

authorizing payment and<br />

managing and controlling<br />

inventory. Please mail<br />

resumes to Josh Orlandi,<br />

HFI, LLC, 59 Gender Rd,<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong>, OH<br />

43110 ref job #AT219181<br />


is hiring Caregivers<br />

to provide in home<br />

care for Seniors.<br />

We offer<br />

competitive pay and a<br />

week of paid vacaton.<br />

Shift and hours<br />

can be flexible.<br />

614-849-0200<br />

Kings Kids Daycare<br />

in Grove City is hiring Fun,<br />

Loving Teachers for PT &<br />

FT shifts. Please email<br />

sarragc@outlook.com or<br />

call 614-539-0349<br />

PETS<br />

AKC German Shepherd<br />

puppies. Call for details<br />

614-405-4796<br />



Call anytime 614-774-6797<br />

Want to Buy Ham Radio<br />

Equipment. Paying Cash<br />

740-751-8626<br />


WANTED<br />

Victrolas, Watches,<br />

Clocks, Bookcases<br />

Antiques, Furn.<br />

Jeff 614-262-0676<br />

or 614-783-2629<br />

We Buy Junk Cars &<br />

Trucks. Highest Prices<br />

Paid. 614-395-8775<br />

MISC.<br />

FOR SALE<br />

Baldwin Acrosonic Piano,<br />

ex cond - $1200. Call if<br />

interested 614-360-7615.<br />

2 Nail Guns - call for price<br />

Stereo - works good - $50<br />

740-973-3206<br />



HP 901 Color Cartridges (3);<br />

HP 901XL and 901 Color<br />

Multi Pack (1);<br />

HP 901XL Black(1).<br />

$10.00 each.<br />

Columbus <strong>Messenger</strong>,<br />

3500 Sullivant Ave.<br />

Call Office 614-272-5422<br />

4/2 A/M<br />

<strong>March</strong> 26, <strong>2023</strong> - CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 19<br />

xClassified Services<br />



Sealcoating & Services LLC<br />

Quality Materials Used<br />


Driveway Seal & Repair!<br />

Top Seal Cracks!<br />

Residential & Commercial<br />

Mulching, Edging & Clean-ups<br />

“Ask for whatever you need.”<br />

BBB Accredited-Fully Insured<br />

Call or text for Free Est.<br />

614-649-1200<br />


CARPET<br />

Gray Saxony<br />

270 sq.ft. w/6 lb Pad<br />

$398.00<br />

Other Carpet AvailableA<br />

Phone or text Ray<br />

740-927-3504<br />

Delivery & Inst. avail.<br />


Looking for Mrs. Clean?<br />

For excellent cleaning serv<br />

at reas. rates w/great refs,<br />

dependable. 10% Seniorr<br />

Disc. Also does Painting. Free<br />

Est. Gwen 614-226-5229<br />


AJ’s Concrete,<br />

Masonry<br />

Good Work - Fair Prices<br />

Block Foundations<br />

Driveways • Sidewalks<br />

Colored/Stamped Concrete<br />

Bonded-Ins. • Free Ests.<br />

614-419-9932<br />



Small Concrete Jobs<br />

& Excavation<br />

41 Yrs. Exp.<br />

(614) 207-5430<br />

Owner is On The Job!<br />



Quality Concrete Work<br />

Lt. Hauling & Room Add.,<br />

Driveways & Excavation<br />

Stamp Patios,<br />

Bsmt. Wall Restoration<br />

36 Yrs Exp - Lic & Ins.<br />

Free Ests. 614-871-3834<br />


4/16<br />

A/M<br />

DRYW<br />

YWALL &<br />


Textured Ceilings<br />

Popcorn Ceiling Removal<br />

Call Randy<br />

614-551-6963<br />

Residential/Commercial - BIA<br />


Dave’s Gutter Serv.<br />

Cleaned, Repaired, Installed,<br />

Gutter Covers & Drains.<br />

614-875-9361/614-205-9057<br />

4/2 S/gp<br />

4/7 A<br />

3/5 A&M<br />



614-276-1958<br />

A-1 QUALITY<br />


We Load. Starting at $145<br />

614-596-9504<br />



• Junk Removal<br />

• Demolition<br />

• Hoarding<br />

614-352-0442<br />

10% OFF FOR<br />



HVAC & A/C<br />

Fast Service - Licensed<br />

614-633-9694<br />

HOME<br />


C&JHandyman<br />

Services LLC<br />

Minor Plumbing & Electric<br />

Install Hot Water Tanks,<br />

Dishwashers & Disposals<br />

All Interior Remodels<br />

Also Fencing &<br />

Interior/Exterior Painting<br />

Free Est. ~ 18 Yrs. Exp.<br />

CDC/EPA Approved Guidelines<br />

614-284-2100<br />



Siding-Windows-<br />

Doors-Roofing-Soffit-<br />

Fascia-Gutters-Trim<br />

Earn FREE Seamless<br />

Gutters with Siding Over<br />

1000 Sq. Ft.<br />

FREE Shutters with<br />

Soffit & Trim<br />

EPA Certified<br />

Member of BBB<br />

Financing Available<br />

Over 20 yrs exp. • Free Est.<br />

Licensed-Bonded-Insured<br />

Owner & Operator<br />

James 614-419-7500<br />

SINCE 1973<br />

Phil Bolon Contr.<br />

Windows & Siding<br />

Decks, Kitchens, Baths<br />

Room Additions,<br />

Flooring, Roofing<br />

Bsmt Waterproofing<br />

Deal With Small Non-Pressure Co.<br />

47 Yrs. Exp. - Refs. Avail.<br />

Lic.-Bond-Ins.<br />

4/16<br />

A/M<br />

Free Est. - Financing Avail.<br />

Member BBB Of Cent. OH<br />

O.C.I.E.B. ID #24273<br />

614-419-3977<br />

or 614-863-9912<br />

4/30 a/m<br />

3/5 A<br />

4/2 A<br />

HOME<br />


CandC<br />

Handyman Services LLC<br />

614-378-7469<br />

Int./Ext. Remodels,<br />

Water Heaters,<br />

Plumbing, Fence,<br />

Sidewalks, Decks,<br />

Int./Ext. Paintng<br />

& Electrical Work<br />

HOME<br />


Retired - 42 Yrs Exp.<br />

Siding Repairs,<br />

Gutters - New, Cleaned,<br />

Screened & Repaired;<br />

Shower Bars,<br />

Hand Rails, etc;<br />

Deck & Fence Repair.<br />

Call Joe - 614-778-1460<br />


614-235-1819<br />

HOME<br />


MultiCraft Const.<br />

& Handyman Services<br />

All Types Handyman Services:<br />

Decks, Fences<br />

Kitchen/Baths<br />

Window/doors installed<br />

Interior Painting<br />

Drywall Repairs<br />

All Types of Flooring<br />

Call/Text 614-774-2923<br />

multicraftconstruction@gmail.com<br />

Charlies Handyman<br />

Service<br />

Over 40 yrs. exp.<br />

Plumbing & Hot Water Tanks<br />

Doors & Locks<br />

Kitchen/Bath Remodels<br />

Dishwasher Installs<br />

Roofmg & Siding<br />

Porches & Decks<br />

614-319-6010<br />



614-833-6913<br />

www.mcgovernlandscape.com/<br />



FOR YOU<br />

Summer, Spring,<br />

Winter or Fall<br />

WE DO IT ALL!!!!<br />

Lawn Cuts, Edging,<br />

Trees & Shrubs, Garden,<br />

Mulching, Hauling,<br />

Garden Pond &<br />

Home Maint.<br />

Free Ests. Low Rates<br />

$20 & Up<br />

Kevin - 614-905-3117<br />


A-1 QUALITY<br />


Family Owned<br />

Bed & Yard Maint.<br />

Weeding, Mulching, etc.<br />

Hedge/Shrub Trimming<br />

614-596-9504<br />

Insured - Free Est.<br />



614-732-7852<br />

Classified Services<br />

3/19A<br />

2/19 A<br />


MYERS<br />


Licensed Expert Plumbing<br />

New Const. & Fast Repairs<br />

Water * Sewer * Gas<br />

614-633-9694<br />

All About Drains & Plumb.<br />

Will snake any small drain<br />

$145. 614-778-2584<br />

CHRIS’<br />


“Plumbing & Drain Professional<br />

That You Can Count On”<br />

24 Hrs., 7 Days/Week<br />

No Overtime Charges<br />

24 Yrs. Exp. in Plumbing &<br />

Drain Cleaning Field<br />

Call For A Free Phone Estimate<br />

$100.00 For Any Small Drain<br />

614-622-4482<br />

30% OFF with AD<br />

POOL/SPA<br />


K&L Spa Cleaning<br />

Hot Tub Cleaning and<br />

Weekly Maintenance<br />

Keith 614-316-9809<br />



at Reasonable Rates<br />

Gwen 614-226-5229<br />


Any house wash $149+tax<br />

Single deck $69+tax<br />

2 Tier deck $99+tax<br />

Best Wash in Town<br />

Over 45,000 washes<br />

Ashley 614-771-3892<br />

ABURTO<br />


•Homes •Roofs •Gutters<br />

•Driveways •Sidewalks<br />

•Parking Lots<br />

Quality • Free Estimates<br />

Competitive Prices<br />

614-927-8968<br />



&REPAIRS<br />

30 yrs exp. Lifetime Cols<br />

Resident. Reas. Rates.<br />

Dennis Robinson<br />

614-330-3087, 732-3100<br />


REPAIR<br />

REPAIR all makes 24 hr.<br />

service. Clean, oil, adjust<br />

in your home. $49.95 all<br />

work gtd. 614-890-5296<br />


A-1 QUALITY<br />


Family Owned<br />

614-596-9504<br />

Insured - Free Est.<br />

Warren Brewer Tree Service<br />

• Tree Removal<br />

• Tree Trimming<br />

• Stump Grinding<br />

1/8<br />

A&M<br />

• Bucket Truck Services<br />

Best Prices • Same Day Service<br />

614-878-2568<br />

4/16 A&M<br />

4/2 A

PAGE 20 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>March</strong> 26, <strong>2023</strong><br />


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