Artwork Gallery – Magazine Issue 1. Woman faces

Intro from editor: A year after the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, I decided to open an art platform that would unite artists worldwide! The magazine’s first issue topic – is female voice! We decided to gather talented female artists from Ukraine and show how diverse and exciting their art is! This issue contains 4 interviews of extraordinary women. The heroines of our interviews and the stories of their work and development will inspire you too! These are extraordinary women, and you will see them for yourself! We also highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the works of the 20 selected artists and visit their social media pages. The criteria for selection were the powerful concept of their works, unusual style, and original vision. The issue of “Woman Faces” brought together enough confident artists, as well as young ones, but they have a real spark, and we believe that this is only the beginning, and soon they will be written and talked about all over the world! Interviews: ■ Helen Labartkava-Verdi ■ Jul Lisova ■ Anna Miklashevich ■ Tanbelia Represented artists: Nataliya Bagatskaya, Tanya Bilous, Iryna Bogdanova, Nadezhda Danilova, Myroslava Denysyuk, Mariia Dobrova, Jaz_Pict, Tetiana Kramarenko, Ievgeniia Kupchan, Nataliia Kulikovska, Yevheniia Kurdiukova, Nataliia Shynkarenko, Tania Stupnikova, Olga Synooka, Liliia Topoliuk, Iryna Vlasiuk, Olha Vlasova, Elena Vylusk, Maryna Yandolenko, Zinaida

Intro from editor:
A year after the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, I decided to open an art platform that would unite artists worldwide!

The magazine’s first issue topic – is female voice! We decided to gather talented female artists from Ukraine and show how diverse and exciting their art is! This issue contains 4 interviews of extraordinary women.

The heroines of our interviews and the stories of their work and development will inspire you too! These are extraordinary women, and you will see them for yourself! We also highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the works of the 20 selected artists and visit their social media pages. The criteria for selection were the powerful concept of their works, unusual style, and original vision.

The issue of “Woman Faces” brought together enough confident artists, as well as young ones, but they have a real spark, and we believe that this is only the beginning, and soon they will be written and talked about all over the world!

■ Helen Labartkava-Verdi
■ Jul Lisova
■ Anna Miklashevich
■ Tanbelia

Represented artists:
Nataliya Bagatskaya, Tanya Bilous, Iryna Bogdanova, Nadezhda Danilova, Myroslava Denysyuk, Mariia Dobrova, Jaz_Pict, Tetiana Kramarenko, Ievgeniia Kupchan, Nataliia Kulikovska, Yevheniia Kurdiukova, Nataliia Shynkarenko, Tania Stupnikova, Olga Synooka, Liliia Topoliuk, Iryna Vlasiuk, Olha Vlasova, Elena Vylusk, Maryna Yandolenko, Zinaida


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Contemporary Art Magazine

Nataliya Bagatskaya

Tanya Bilous

Iryna Bogdanova

Nadezhda Danilova

Myroslava Denysyuk

Mariia Dobrova


Tetiana Kramarenko

Ievgeniia Kupchan

Nataliia Kulikovska

Yevheniia Kurdiukova

Helen Labartkava-Verdi

Jul Lisova

Anna Miklashevich

Nataliia Shynkarenko

Tania Stupnikova

Olga Synooka


Liliia Topoliuk

Iryna Vlasiuk

Olha Vlasova

Elena Vylusk

Maryna Yandolenko


Art is a universal visual language that

unites, inspires, and fills the world with

its own meanings!

We aim to connect artists from all

over the world and also show talented

Ukrainian artists here.


Founder & Curator


A year after the beginning of the full-scale invasion of

Ukraine, I decided to open an art platform that would

unite artists worldwide!

I wanted to make an international gallery with a magazine about contemporary

art. And the first project was the international digital exhibition

“Discourse of War”, where artists from different parts of the world told

about war through art.

The magazine’s first issue was published in March, and its topic simply

had to be the female voice! I decided to gather talented female artists

from Ukraine and show how diverse and exciting their art is! This issue

contains 4 interviews of extraordinary women, and one of them, with

her active position, enormous work, and crazy dedication, inspired me to

create this project. I am talking about Anna Miklashevich - you can read

an interview with her here!

The heroines of our interviews and the stories of their work and development

will inspire you too! These are extraordinary women, and you will

see them for yourself! We also highly recommend that you familiarize

yourself with the works of the 20 selected artists and visit their social

media pages. The criteria for selection were the powerful concept of

their works, unusual style, and original vision.

The issue of “Woman Faces” brought together enough confident artists,

as well as young ones, but they have a real spark, and we believe that this

is only the beginning, and soon they will be written and talked about all

over the world!

P.S. I thank my family for supporting me on my creative path and always

believing in my ambitious plans and ideas!







Helen Labartkava-Verdi

Stylе Expert, Image Maker and the founder of the UART.Gallery


Artist and sculptor, who creates art about nature in a wavy line

Anna Miklashevich

Artist, entrepreneur and the founder of the UARTIST 83 art community

Jul Lisova

Ceramist, who increases the beauty of the world and give it to people



Iryna Bogdanova


Ievgeniia Kupchan


Liliia Topoliuk


Mariia Dobrova




Yevheniia Kurdiukova


Olga Synooka


Nataliia Shynkarenko


Nataliya Bagatskaya




Myroslava Denysyuk


Elena Vylusk


Maryna Yandolenko


Tetiana Kramarenko


Nataliia Kulikovska


Iryna Vlasiuk


Nadezhda Danilova


Olha Vlasova


Tanya Bilous


Tania Stupnikova

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Helen Labartkava-Verdi

Stylе Expert and Image Maker for the past 12 years “before the war”,

and the founder of the UART.Gallery art project for the past year.

Ukrainian. Man of the world




04 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

What inspires you and gives you wings?

You know, the search for what people call

“harmony” inspires and gives wings the

most. Every person at different periods of

his life needs something new to realize,

different spheres of life.

And here is this search path - it gives

strength, and when you find what makes

you happy, the wings appear by themselves,

like the support of the universe.

This is all art: photography, drawing, and

the man himself - because he is the highest

work of art and the whole world.

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You mentioned that you have been nurturing the idea of creating a creative and

cultural platform for more than 4 years. How did thoughts about art on canvases

not only appear among activities in the direction of fashion and style? Were you

a collector, or was it one of your passions?

Yes, the idea for the project was there a long

time ago, but something always got in the

way. What happened next happened. And

when your whole life is reduced from the

open world to the size of a bomb shelter, 17

hours a day, there is no chance to procrastinate.

And I will not say that art is something

new for me. After 8 years of art school, years

of work as a creative director of TV and radio

projects, stylization of fashion campaigns and

shootings for brands, work with private clients

in Ukraine, Italy, and the USA, hundreds of

kilometers covered in museums around the


How did the war give an impetus and make the UART.Gallery project relevant for

the implementation?

As I said before, the war did not leave any

time for reflection. You know, all this horror

that every Ukrainian has experienced, when

your life is destroyed daily, it needs drastic

actions. We sat with my husband in a bomb

shelter in Odessa with all our neighbors,

children, and dogs, and we did not believe

that it really happened. And when “Bucha”

opened a month later... - when hearts froze

from horror and pain, and there were no

more tears because you are the one crying

blood from the photos of the killed civilians, it

became clear that this is the genocide of the

nation, they want to destroy Ukrainians and

everything called Ukrainian. This is how the

UART project was born. I asked my husband:

“Do you think we can? Can we do this project

so that the whole world knows what modern

Ukrainian is and what kind of spirit, strength,

and freedom there is in our artists and their


He immediately answered - “Yes, let’s do it!”.

And we started to write to artists, communicate,

build relationships, make deals (from

the same bomb shelter), and made the first

joint insert with partners in New York at the

end of March of that year. This is where the

really cool story of our art platform began.

The list of exhibitions and the variety of locations are impressive. What, in your

opinion, was achieved during the year of painstaking work, and what are your

plans for the future? Will the course of action change after victory?

You know, our project comes from all the

stages that our country is going through.

Starting with the fact that most people in the

world had no idea that such a country even

existed... And now, when there is no doubt

that this is a unique country with a strong

spirit, incredible warriors, and together with

very original people, young, modern, active,

and intelligent. It was the same with our

project. When we were first asked: what, are

there Ukrainian artists?

We haven’t heard... it can’t be... is this really

what your young people are doing? We

understand that the general art world has

not delved too deeply into pressing issues

recently. When everything is fine with you,

everything is fixed, then the question of life

and death of other nations does not arise

before you because why not. But Ukrainians

shook this art world with their power

and highlighted these issues very brightly.

Picking up and looking for answers is crucial.

06 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

www.artworkgallery.net | Artwork Magazine | 07

And as soon as possible, because there is no

time because rockets fly and every day can

be the last. That is why Ukrainian art is now

being talked about more globally, and people

are starting to pay more attention to it. There

is still a long process ahead, which is also clear

to us. Where will it take us, our team, and our

project? We don’t know exactly how it will be.

The war showed us this. But when you believe,

do, and are passionate about your work, you

can move deaf walls and huge mountains.

This is what we do :)

Are you planning collaborations within the framework of your own projects or

as part of something large-scale? Haven’t you thought about starting your own

painting biennial?

We constantly collaborate because we believe

that this is the future. Our DressX alone is

worth what. Virtual state-of-the-art clothing

designed by our Ukrainian artists can be

bought worldwide in one click and put on

your avatar. It is natural how to fly into the

future, which is already here, nearby, and this

is a time when the country is at war, cities are

being destroyed, businesses are closing, and

we are building an art future.

One of the most recent projects is a selection

of works of art for the anniversary of the

tragedy in Bucha and Mariupol. To convey

real emotions from the events in space at

that time through the works of artists. The

project is a selection of artistic creations of

that time, created just before the anniversary

of the tragedies. This is a web page that opens

our “sensitivity content” to the general public

from abroad through art. Unfortunately,

08 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

Unfortunately, this is almost impossible to

do as an offline exhibition. We see from our

own experience direct rejections because the

artistic events of our time take place with a

very, so to speak, “gentle” content, in contrast

to the reflection of those real emotions that

Ukrainians received during the first months

of the war.

In general, our main forces are directed

towards Europe and America, where we

represent and promote our artists and introduce

people to the modern art of Ukraine.

May this cursed war end with a speedy

victory! Then it will be possible to do great

things in our country. Because there are

such ideas, don’t doubt it!

What would you advise those who want to launch their project?

Believe, listen only to yourself, and do not lose

yourself from the course with other people’s


Also, to cooperate with professionals. And

the most important thing is to be human, to

treat people humanely, and to see the good

because then people will respond in kind.

Honesty should be the foundation of any

project. And when there is no such humanity

and honesty... No matter what you build and

how hard you try, it will all fall apart sooner or


Therefore, develop your projects from the

heart. And they will be the most beautiful and

the most beloved.

The artists and the UART team, and I believe

it, and we know it.

www.artworkgallery.net | Artwork Magazine |


Iryna Bogdanova

The main direction of my work is fabulous and fantastic

stories in a realistic style. I love to invent stories for my

paintings and sometimes it’s hard to figure out what

comes first - the image or the story.

At the same time, all fantastic plots are a reflection of real

life in the seething stream of the river of imagination.


FB irina.bogdanova.9400

www. bogdanovairina.com

Born: Poltava, Ukraine

Brovary, Ukraine

The series I want to talk about is called “Country of Kind Hearts”. I started this fabulous

collection at the beginning of the war - it is dedicated to Ukraine and children. The main

character is a little girl - she is kind, cheerful and brave. The girl has many friends who are

always ready to help her. In turn, the girl also always helps her friends and is ready, if necessary,

to stand up for them.

Almost every picture contains yellow and blue balloons - these are the kind hearts of the

inhabitants of a fairy-tale land, they also help the little girl and accompany her in all her

adventures. I was inspired to create this series by an ardent desire to give myself and the

audience a little happiness and optimism, to inspire faith that everything will be fine, to

heal the wounds of the soul.

10 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

Winged tiger cub

oil on canvas

100x100 cm

Take my heart, oil on canvas 60x80 cm

www.artworkgallery.net | Artwork Magazine |


Liliia Topoliuk

When I wake up, I often feel I have done something wrong.

But why? Trying to become the most successful and high

demands from society does not create joy. So I am interested

in how to find happiness and complete fulfillment.

I choose abstraction, installation, and collage to explore

this question. I use pure and deep colors. It reminds me

that there is a lightness of being and allows enjoying the

harmony of colors and light. In the installations, I use

well-known objects that I modify and combine.


Kyiv, Ukraine

We are surrounded by many voices: voices of illusory social contacts, virtual friends, blogs,

and news. And in this information flow, the boundaries of one’s self become blurred. It’s

getting harder and harder to understand who you are. Is this persona you create on social

media the real you?

Is it possible to find your voice in all this information noise? You need to “hang up”: remove

yourself from unnecessary social networks, eliminate unnecessary social connections, and

spend more time here and now, in reality, and less in virtuality.

But is it possible in the modern world of globalization, where you exist as long as your

“avatar” exists in social media?

12 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

Hang Up, installation

www.artworkgallery.net | Artwork Magazine |



When the full-scale invasion began, I started to cover the

events taking place in my country with the help of illustrations.



At the present time, I want everyone to be aware of and

appreciate our own. So that we study and know the cultural

achievements and history of Ukraine. They demonstrated

a real, deep, not complacent, not sloppy Ukraine through

creativity to the world.

My series aims to show how talented, strong, and free our women are. How much they

brought to art and brought with their creativity. I fantasized about how my chosen artists

could look like living right now, who they would be, what they loved, what messages they

would convey to the public, and how they could look.

The stylization of the image of each individual artist speaks exactly about the artist’s activity

and creativity. It is expressed in forms, specific elements, composition, and color.

The works were created for the Women and War project by Non-Governmental Organization

“Women Association Sphere“

14 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

Oleksandra Ekster, digital painting

www.artworkgallery.net | Artwork Magazine |


Olga Synooka

War changed my life. Threats to life, missile attacks, bomb

explosions, and power outages for 12 hours are all realities

for Ukrainians.


Poltava, Ukraine

Under such conditions, I continue to be creative! I continue

to draw, participate in exhibitions, and organize masterclasses.

In 2020-2022 series of works “My Poltava” depicts the historical buildings of the native city.

They were built a hundred of years ago. More than 12 architectural monuments were investigated

in the project. I compared the state of buildings at the beginning of the 20th century

and their current state. The goal of series was to draw public attention to the preservation

and restoration of buildings.

Bazhan museum. This is the former estate of the State Duma deputy and honorary justice

of the peace Volodymyr Bolyubash, built in 1912 according to the project of the famous

architect Pavel Alyoshin.

Chapel of the Holy Great Martyr Yuri the Victorious. Architectural monument of local importance.

It was built in 1911-1914. Special ceramics and majolica were made for facing the


16 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

Chapel of the Holy Great Martyr Yuri the Victorious. Paper, liner’s, ink.

Bazhan Museum, 2020, Cardboard, white, black liner, ink.

www.artworkgallery.net | Artwork Magazine |


Nataliya Bagatskaya

No matter how realistic my plots may look, they detach

from the real world, and then within the outlined frames,

the viewer creates their own associations with what they

perceive and their own life. Therefore, what is depicted is

perceived sincerely, possibly with a hint of irony, which is

created by a direct correlation of the image with reality.

My works are merely a reflection of my inner world,

from which the viewers receive constructive models for



Born: Gorodishche,


Kyiv, Ukraine

The series “Life in Avatar” is a series about my life that was, is, or could be.

Each picture from the series is a story, it’s like an episode from a TV series, and it’s like

watching a movie about one person, about his life!

In this series, I use opposites as components of a universal truth.

By arranging disparate elements so, so that they receive an acceptable place where they

originally did not have one, I cause an oscillation between the emotional and aesthetic

qualities of the two eras, and what goes beyond the norm becomes a source of constructive

experience for the general public.

My works are not something dogmatic, but only a reflection of my inner world, from which

everyone can get constructive models for themselves.

18 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

In the Walley, acrylic on canvas 80х60 см

www.artworkgallery.net | Artwork Magazine |




Artist and sculptor who creates art about nature in a wavy line.

The goal is to encourage people to protect nature.

Ilpin village, Rivne region, Ukraine



20 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

Tanbelia, please, tell where did your creative path begin?

My creative path began when I was a child. All

my life, I was constantly making something,

drawing, sculpting, because I really liked it. I

graduated from an art school where I realized

- I wanted to do art professionally. I participated

in exhibitions and festivals and felt like

a fish in the water, feeling that this was my

field. It is nice to feel tired from artistic work.

Graduated from art college and academy in

Lviv. Then I spent several years looking for

my style, material, and plot, and gradually, a

picture began to emerge of where I should

move next and which path I should take.

Of course, you need to constantly work on

yourself and improve.

This issue comes out after a year of full-scale war. Please tell us how the war

affected your creative path? What were your jobs this year?

The war reminded me that this world is

cruel, and you don’t need to be depressed all

the time because, unfortunately, this is this

world’s reality and everyday life. I took myself

and my creativity into my hands, and with a

heavy heart, I continued to work because who

will get better if I cry and get nervous. What

can I say? We all understand how difficult

it is now. There are no words. The war disciplined

me. I try not to put off until tomorrow

what can be done today because you never

know what might happen. This year, I created

several works depicting the consequences of

shelling. This is a complicated topic for me, so

I often do not create works on this topic.

Energy Explosion, 45x40х18 cm, copper, solar battery, light, pvc, 2022 daylight and nightlight

www.artworkgallery.net | Artwork Magazine |


How have the priorities and directions of your art changed? Do you stay true to

yourself and continue to create art in the chosen way?

The priorities have remained the same but

have been divided into two directions: sculptures

and watercolors. Also, the central theme

in creativity - nature - became more defined.

Volumetric works and paintings are like two

halves of me. Yes, I continue to create art in

the chosen way. I constantly experiment and

do not stand still.

How did metal plates, grinding machines, and various machines appear next to

the fragile girl?

Working tools were always with me because

I live in a village, and there are a lot of different

machines, saws, and household premises,

I got used to it, and it is an everyday thing for

me. These are probably some stereotypes

about fragile girls. Either metal or watercolor

is a material for me to create works of art. In the

last 2 years, I really got attached to the metal.

It became a material I have been looking for

for a long time to reproduce my voluminous

ideas. I bought the material, asked my dad

about the main nuances, and for the work.

The Solar Eclipse, 46x46х17 cm, copper, solar battery, light, pvc, 2022 daylight

22 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

www.artworkgallery.net | Artwork Magazine |


24 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

Why did you decide to create a series with copper? Do you like the material’s

color, or are there any properties that allow you to bring ideas to life?

Yes, in fact, I really like the color of copper.

This material is quite soft and plastic, and it

is pleasant to work with. It is easy for me to

find an approach to it and implement ideas

into life. I associate copper with warmth and


How do you get your ideas, and where do you get your inspiration now? It happens

that there is an idea, you start implementing it, and it comes out, or is it a transformation

through practice and trials?

Ideas for work appear when, for example, I go

to the store, prepare food, at night when I go

to bed, or after seeing some everyday thing,

associations begin, which I then consider

as pictures in my head. Sometimes I just sit

down and think about the design of sculptures

or themes for paintings and go through

everything that comes to mind and choose

only what I think is good. Inspiration for me is

always nature. Even just walking through the

garden or under the trees already makes me

think about works. Most of my ideas work out

as I want them to, but I think it’s just practice.

I probably threw away and destroyed more

works than I created. Talent is the least important.

The main thing is desire and perseverance.

Sunset over the fence and ipomoea flowers,

47x43х14 cm, copper, solar battery, light, 2022


Be patient, don’t expect everything to come

right away, be hardworking, create for

pleasure, find that niche that brings you a

thrill, lots of practice, and listen to other

people’s opinions but do as you see fit.

www.artworkgallery.net | Artwork Magazine |


Myroslava Denysyuk

I mastered the craft of shooting references to my works and

oil painting. This is a hobby that has turned into a full-time

job. I successfully combine family and creativity. My works

are in private collections in Ukraine and abroad.


Kyiv, Ukraine

I want to show the world the beauty of faded flowers and

encourage people of all ages and levels of education to be


This series of paintings is called “Personality Types“, where everyone recognizes themselves

by the description! So meet - Extrovert, Introvert, Ambivert, and Melancholia!

Currently, the central concept of my work is faded flowers on a black background.

Sometimes it shocks. Sometimes, it is not perceived because it breaks out of the conventional

imagination of blooming fields or a fragrant bouquet in a vase.

26 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

Ambivert, oil painting

www.artworkgallery.net | Artwork Magazine |


Maryna Yandolenko

Do you like summer as much as I do?

I often spend my summers in the mountains, which are

fragrant and full of green herbs, incredible butterflies, and

rich in color flowers. Where there are “Vuzhi”- mountain

snakes, lizards, birds, and animals. My summer is rich

with many incredible encounters, coffee with my painter

friends, books, colors, picturesque landscapes, painting in

nature, and many new pictures. From journey to journey, I

carry the summer home with me.


Born: Odesa, Ukraine

Cologne, Deutschland

The series “Lancelot of the Lake. Dreams“ was created where Lancelot wandered along the

water and spoke to the guardian of the water...

It is evening. He sees Camelot - The great castle of the king and his friend, Arthur and he ponders

when it is the right time to set out in search of the holy grail. One can hear Avalon’s voice and song

in the mist. And the white island appears when you call its name. And you drive in white boats...

And Morgan le Fay collects apples. Heat. Silence. Ripe yellow apples lie on the ground.

You walk Merlin’s path, along the forest, to collect herbs and grasses. Stonehenge - huge

stones imbued with the magic of Merlin, were brought from Ireland.

Incredible Memories! I paint past summers on linen with lot of colours.

28 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

Dream 8. Stray lights. Oil on canvas 60x80 cm, 2019

Dream 13. Night Camelot. Oil on canvas 60x65 cm, 2019

www.artworkgallery.net | Artwork Magazine |


Nataliia Kulikovska

In its various manifestations, nature is always the source

of my artistic pursuits. I have been exploring various

styles and techniques for many years, and nature in all

its manifestations is always at the center of my attention.

As I mature and change personally, my artistic perception

of nature and reality also transforms and finds new

manifestations of reflection. My artistic goal is to manifest

this essence through my vision and embodiments of art,

to evoke deep feelings and emotions in the process of

creation and contemplation by the viewer.


Odesa, Ukraine

The series “Odesa shores”. In Ukrainian, the name is “O’береги” which is an interesting play

of words that means both “shores” and “amulets”. I was inspired to create this series by the

bright nature of the Odesa coast. Frequent walks along the slopes by the sea give many

subjects for embodiment in painting.

With the beginning of a full-scale invasion, access to these places became impossible, so my

memories and their transformation took on a special quintessence against the background

of the awareness of the fragility of each day, which could turn out to be the last. There has

been a transformation in my perception of reality and myself in this reality. Each artwork

explores myself in this transformation through a new perception of seemingly familiar

natural landscapes. The acute desire to feel again all the variety of shades smells and sounds

was embodied in each canvas.

30 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

Summer, Acrylic on canvas 80x60 cm

www.artworkgallery.net | Artwork Magazine |


Nadezhda Danilova

I love flowers. Especially poppies. I devote most of my artistic

life to painting flowers. When drawing a picture, I never

think over the details in advance, only the general concept.

But the detailing and maximum fullness are already in the

process. In the idea of ​decorative painting of flowers lies

change and repetition as a universal law of nature.

Born: Horlivka, Ukraine

Kharkiv, Ukraine

A series of paintings are united by the common name “Lace of summer”, in which flowers

are the key points. One way or another, they are all part of summer: hot, sultry, colorful, just

like any flower. All components of the paintings are some part of a flower or plant stem, its

leaf. They always display or are part of my national color.

32 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

Summer in the village, acrylic on canvas 25x35 cm

Poppy field

acrylic on canvas

40x40 cm

www.artworkgallery.net | Artwork Magazine |


Tanya Bilous

Painting is somewhat inner search for answers on a certain

topic. I see art as a tool to elaborate emotions and heal

human matters. My paintings are abstracts, floral and

landscapes depicting my inner flow. My paintings are influenced

by the surroundings, my inner emotions and states

as well as my travels.


FB tatibiart

Born: Ivano-Frankivsk,


Varnamo, Sweden

I believe that art is an outer expression of artist innermost

experience. My main concept is to transmit my experience

in the most understanding and accepting way.

Everything that we have ever seen, experienced, heard or felt stays with us forever. We

might not remember it, but our subconscious does. Sometimes our memories take us to

beautiful and happy moments, sometimes - to the most painful and horrible ones.

The series paintings “Landscapes?” started in Sweden, during my art residency in Varnamo.

I observed the calmness of the lakes here, the eternity of the green forests, long bright

sunsets, the serenity of the river while having my long walks. However, all I could see was

Ukraine. No matter where I went, no matter how long I was walking, everything reminded

me of my home landscapes. Those dear landscapes which became flooded by blood and

tears. Those landscapes which no longer smell of sunflowers and wheat, but gunpowder,

smoke and corps. Those landscapes which are no longer blue and yellow, but turned into

black and red.

34 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

Blast, oil painting

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Anna Miklashevich

Ukrainian artist, art entrepreneur,

founder of the UARTIST 83 community, vegan, and marathoner.

Born: Dnipro, Ukraine

Now: Ljubljana, Slovenia



36 36 | | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

Anna, tell us about your art. What are your works about?

My work as an artist is an adventure in self-discovery.

Painting has become one of the ways

of talking to oneself, studying oneself, and

synchronizing with the world.

In recent years, the key topic I have focused

on in everything I do, including paintings, is

the life and role of women in modern society.

If I do not experience inequality, it does not

mean there is no inequality. But do I really not

feel her? Therefore, the discrimination, stereotypes,

and even self-deprecation of women

themselves fall into my list of reflections and


Over the past year, migration and adaptation

in a new territory have come into my field of

vision since the beginning of the great war.

What does a person who has been forced or

even voluntarily moved to a country where he

will never be his own feelings? How to remain

your own, at least for yourself? This pile of

questions is still waiting for me next to the


Be an artist. Despite everything.

Be an artist as steadfastly, like you could

change the world.

At what exact moment did your hobby grow into something more, and you realize

that this art can be a job? When did day X come, and did you feel like an artist?

I have felt like an artist for as long as I can

remember, that is, a person who constantly

creates something, writes, invents, and

draws. I never had a “normal” job. Even when

I worked in companies, my work was about

“inventing and creating” or organizing those

who “invent and create”. My creative career

began 20 years ago. Since then, creativity has

fed me, so I simply do not have the right to

treat it as something not serious and humiliate

it with non-recognition.

Anna, how did you combine the path of an artist, a painting teacher, and, later,

become an art mentor for others?

This is a natural state for me. However,

occasionally I try to observe asceticism and

do only one thing. This way, I check whether

other projects are exciting and necessary.

And every time, I return to my usual style of

work. The only difference is that my team

has grown over time, and I have learned to

delegate certain tasks, but the work is still

quite specific, and I have to delve into the

details occasionally. But I never burn out from

activities, which indicates that I am doing my

own thing. Sometimes I’m in chaos, or I don’t

have time to recover. But I know how to deal

with it. For the first time in years, I burned

out after a year of a great war, but it was from

grief and tears, for which it was impossible to


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You are very active, and your activities go beyond the studio. In your life, there are

marathons, gardening... Please tell me what inspires you and restores your inner


If you compare a person’s energy level with

an electric car, then I have a good understanding

of the characteristics of my battery.

I know its capacity, how to increase its power,

and how to give energy to almost 0 reserves.

I can’t create in economy mode. That’s why I

have very well-developed recovery skills and a

sense of when to recharge. The war affected

this because we had never seen so much grief

and tears, which greatly affected my energy.

In addition, I had tasks that I had yet to invest

so much energy into. Therefore, for 2022, we

had to rethink the recovery methods. Veganism

is the primary energy source, but it’s a

nice bonus from this lifestyle because I didn’t

choose it for myself. Of the constant mandatory

practices: regular physical activity, being

alone with oneself, introspection, and fixing

what supports inner harmony and what

poisons it (and, of course, the use of specific

measures to fix it). From periodic - asceticism

in food (such as, for example, fasting). If

we talk about a hobby, it is city gardening - a

garden in the city that I go to by bicycle.

You are moved to Slovenia, where you live last 7 years... How did this move affect

your art career?

Everything has changed, and in fact, it is

necessary to sit down and remember because

there was so much work on updating the

project and myself that the year passed like

several. It is essential to understand that

another country requires years for adaptation.

It’s like transplanting an adult tree. It is

shocking if you look at the divorce statistics

of people who moved with their families.

Psychologists attribute this to the fact that

not everyone can withstand such stress. In

addition, a person changes by himself because

at least one more language is added, then

the financial burden increases many times.

What can we say about the art project?

Someday I will probably write a book

about it, but to answer briefly, the themes

of discrimination, challenges faced by

migrants, and the power of a woman’s

voice as an equal individual have been

added to my art.

38 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

www.artworkgallery.net Artwork | Magazine | 39 | 39

40 40 | | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

The full-scale war also affected the lives of many Ukrainians living abroad. How

has the full-scale invasion of 2022 affected your work and your activities?

All projects received shocks. And this “earthquake”

continues, so it’s too early to draw

conclusions. The President gave a good

analogy when he said that he is now in the

middle of a fast-moving road, and his task

is to avoid cars - as soon as one passes, the

threat of another arises. All Ukrainians

probably live in this state. But even against the

background of destroyed plans and projects,

from the force of upheavals and experiences,

if superpowers are applied, something really

powerful can be created, such as the UARTIST

83 community.

What is your community about?

I created Uartist 83 as an art community on Telegram in the first weeks of 2022 when the war


Then there was the first international exhibition,

which collected the works of 27 female

artists. The project had several goals, but one

of them was to provide an opportunity for

Ukrainian artists (perhaps for the first time)

to exhibit abroad... Then I created a YouTube

channel and later Instagram.

UARTIST 83 is an art community of artists,

photographers, sculptors, art entrepreneurs,

and everyone interested in creativity, art,

career, business, and social projects in the art


The goal of the community is to support and

unite Ukrainian artists at home and abroad.

We defend Ukraine together!

Still in Ukraine?, group exhibition by APIS

Institute with ZRC SAZU (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Look for mentors, learn to be grateful,

and work on thinking so that you first think

about what you can be helpful or interesting,

and only then what a person can give you

because playing one goal never leads to

creating something significant.

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Ievgeniia Kupchan

Conceptual artist.Ievgeniia was born in 1992 in Luhansk,

Ukraine. She has been working in the “literary reportage”

genre since 2021.


Born: Luhansk, Ukraine

Kyiv, Ukraine

The artist creates subjective multimedia projects, which

she considers a post-performance of free expression of

personality and physicality. The goal of the project is aimed

at research and formation of body perception culture.

“The way they are now” - these are literary reportages about the relationship

of Ukrainians with their bodies during the full-scale invasion. The materials

consist of digital photos and text interviews. The post-performance is dedicated

to re-awareness of the body value during the constant threat of death threat.

In this project, the artist shifts the focus of reflection from the fact that LIFE IS ART, to THE

WAY IT IS ART during the war. How Ukrainians overcome all obstacles for which no one has

ever prepared them. What are they like at the time of war. Work on the project will continue

until victory.

42 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

The way they are now project

www.artworkgallery.net | Artwork Magazine |


Mariia Dobrova

Before the war, she worked in the style of abstract expressionism,

the impasto technique. The canvases were radiant,

inspired, deep, voluminous “alive”.


Dnipro, Ukraine

Now I want to talk about life, strength, the thirst for fulfillment

and freedom, about the woman of our time. A woman

is unpredictable, a free element, strong, and at the same

time, gentle. She is water, a boundless, deep ocean...

The “Unbreakable. Free. Ocean” project is dedicated to a woman who chooses

to be herself, not afraid to reveal her talents and feelings. She is a CREATOR.

A woman is the embodiment of love, strength, and freedom.

She chooses how to shine, how her energy will show love or protect her borders. To be

realized in children or society, so that she does not do everything from love, not sacrificial,

but active, transforming love that comes from the very depths and boundless soul.

The courage to be yourself is her privilege, her gift, given to her from birth. She

knows no bounds, like the paint that spills from the canvas onto the body or clothes.

To touch her depths.. maybe ... by looking into her monkey eyes.

44 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

Unbreakable. Free. Ocean project

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Yevheniia Kurdiukova

As an artist, I research the relationship between the

body and emotions, physicality, and self-acceptance.


Kyiv, Ukraine

Women are a key element of my creativity. In my works,

they appear as representatives of all genders, as my work

is aimed at revealing the topic of the representation of

women in art, as well as drawing attention to the issue of

the connotation of art made by women.

The “Invisible” series (2022) is an appeal to one’s inner self. This is what we

have and what will remain with us forever. This is also about the real us.

In everyday life, we rarely think about what we have lost or could get back during our

lifetime. Lost opportunities, lost feelings, lost things, lost people, homes, goals, and plans.

This issue is felt very acutely right now after the start of a full-scale war in Ukraine. When

I was in forced emigration, I felt what it was like to not have relatives near me, not to have

important things, wear someone else’s clothes, sleep in someone else’s bed, and not have

a plan for tomorrow. It changed the awareness of the importance of many things. After all,

the most important things in life are not things. Wherever we are, the main thing we have

is ourselves. It’s us!

46 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

Whether the outer is a reflection of

the inner - is a question that will be

answered by anything but straightforwardness.


oil painting

50x60 cm

Invisible connections, oil painting 120х90 cm

www.artworkgallery.net | Artwork Magazine |


Nataliia Shynkarenko

Chessboards provide an opportunity to explore the coexistence

of squares and other forms, the contrasts of black

and white in life. And also, this is an incredible texture of

wood on which oil paint is applied. In addition, each old

chessboard is a unique “canvas”, with its own history and

energy, to which I give a second life; it is a three-dimensional

structure with a ready-made design because such

wooden chessboards always have a frame around the

perimeter. They are easy to fold and transport.


Lviv, Ukraine

The image of a Ukrainian woman in the world is often associated with a bright outfit and a

wreath of colored flowers with bright ribbons. This image was deliberately created by Russian

propaganda for years. In fact, Ukrainian women’s headdresses are very diverse and stylish!

Each of them was a kind of business card not only of the woman’s status but also of the region

where she lived. That is why I wanted to depict Ukrainian women - married and unmarried, in

a turban, a headscarf, a ceremonial wreath… I could list the names for a long time, since each

region of Ukraine had some peculiarity regarding women’s jewelry. And since I work with

wooden chessboards, the stylization of these hats is geometric, like cells on a chessboard.

48 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

Kapeliushynnia, oil on wooden chessboard 58x29 cm

www.artworkgallery.net | Artwork Magazine |



The artist is well known for her multifaceted philosophical

works - videos, installations, performances, picturesque

paintings, and ornaments, in which she thoroughly

explores the topic of true folk life and creativity in the

realities of the 21st century.


FB zinaida.art

www. zinaida.art

Kyiv, Ukraine

Her work is focused on the peculiarities of femininity and

traditional culture, the diversity of authenticity and modernity,

the transformation of the ancient into the modern,

and the integration of sacred and mystical themes.

Without Women a work by ZINAIDA on purity in the nature of energy transformation.

Everywhere one looks, you can see practical traditions in action with sheep-breeding

mentality among the masses coming through the depth of the modern world attributes.

They are almost unaffected by time – they sustained the waves of scientific and technological

achievements and exist going their own way and invisible to most of us for many


Somewhere in the mountain meadow, for almost five months — from early May to late

September — men are left alone in the nature. Together with their cattle they live in the

mountains. Much like monks, the men live in the bosom of nature alone without women.

50 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

According to the overall artistic theme, the work named Without Women consists of two

exhibition sections: a space with a video and an installation The Milk of Life.

Invisible threads connect everything, connect the production of cheese with the

episode of the world creation. There is no differentiation between high and low planes

of existence, ordinary and metaphysical — a matrix of dramatic world formation is visible

through each routine household activity.

Without Women project, photo

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Jul Lisova

Taming the clay. By increasing the beauty of the world, I give it to people.

I stylize the surrounding reality and bring my personal meanings

and feelings of individual nuances into it.

Born: Kyiv, Ukraine

Now: Devon, UK


Etsy: Lisovaceramics

52 52 | | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

Julia, what exactly led you to a creative career? Have you had a passion for

something creative since childhood?

I am still determining where it came from,

but I always knew I would do something

creative, come up with something, and create

something. This is probably the only thing

I have never had a doubt about in my life).

Dad always supported and took an interest

in my creative activities, encouraged my new

hobbies and initiatives. And my mother was

also never against my choice of university or

future profession.

My first interaction with clay was when I

studied at the university, in the faculty of

environmental design. We had a subject called

“plastic anatomy” - this is a science about the

forms and structure of the human body, the

sculpture of its plasticity. I remember doing

very well and regretted that we only had this

discipline for a year. But I never even thought

about pottery/sculpture/ceramics.

When did ceramics appear in your life and did you realize it was Destiny?

In 2010 I visited the museum of Trypil culture

in the Kyiv region. When I went to the 3rd

hall... something clicked in me. That was

the first time I saw the ancient ceramics of

the Tryplian culture from the excavations...

The thought crossed my mind that all these

dates back more than 5 thousand years ago

- someone created this giant jug from clay

and painted it with sacred signs. Someone

invested energy and symbolism to these, and

after so many thousands of years, I stand and

look at it already in the 21st century, feeling

the same energy, and despite the fragility

of the clay jar - it continues its life here and

now. It’s incredible. All this impressed me so

much!Then there was something magical, it

was a private museum, and the man who gave

us a tour took out from under the glass with

whole jars 3 pieces-fragments of the same

jars, on which even the drawing was visible. I

don’t remember what he said, but it was like

a prophecy or a sign, something like “take it

for inspiration.” When I remember this story,

I feel ants and something so warm inside. I

keep those pieces in the workshop. They are

there as amulets of ancestors.

How long did you “sculpt on the table” and give your work to friends before you

started doing business and opening your own store? At first, were there local sales

or did you immediately decide to go international and open a store on Etsy?

In 2013, the understanding came to try to

sculpt something. But it was difficult because

my daughter was only 1 year old, and there

was zero information about the creation of

ceramics on the Internet then. My acquaintance

suggested a small workshop and got

basic skills. In the first year, all skills were

developed through experience - most of

what I created ended up in the trash. I started

posting my first successful works on the

social network. People then caught on very

quickly and constantly asked if I could repeat

or create something for them as well? I was

embarrassed, and for a long time, I did not

stand how to correctly estimate the value of

products, so it was easier to give gifts. I still do

it all the time)) In 2014 opened an Instagram

page and got the first large order for a private

clinic. Then there were local sales without any

ads, “word of mouth” worked best. Etsy start

selling something in 2016 and orders began

to be sent further than to countries near the


www.artworkgallery.net | Artwork Magazine |


You are a very bright, pleasant person with incredible energy!

What was the way to accept yourself and confidently follow your own course?

Thank you very much!

It was different, especially in adolescence -

comparing oneself with others, and dissatisfaction

and, on the contrary, a feeling of

superpower in oneself and some peculiarity.

Around 20, I started reading Castaneda, Osho,

and Zelanda. In particular, Osho’s philosophy

and teachings changed me from the inside,

and my attitude toward myself, my body, and

life changed. Suddenly everything became

easier than it seemed to me before.

A few years later, I got into a motorcycle

accident. It was my personal war, the struggle

for life, the loss of a dear person, the loss of that

life, and all the skills, habits, actions, and interests

I used to have in my life before that. Losing

a large part of my body and many physical

injuries that I will live with for the rest of my life...

Then, at 23, my life was divided into Before

and After. Everything has changed; My body,

environment, preferences, interests, and life

have become more conscious. It was easy to

go cuckoo and fall into depression, apathy,

and destructive states. But I had the opposite

- a great renewal, as if I had just been born,

filled with energy, strength, unshakable faith,

and positive thinking. It was as if I discovered

an inner source of support in myself and

simply rejoiced in life NOW without looking

back. But most importantly, I experienced

many emotional and spiritual changes then.

It was a personal quantum leap of my soul.

The invaluable experience of transformation.

I am infinitely grateful for it!

This experience brought me to where I

am NOW, to the perception of myself and

my unique experience, exclusively with a

feeling of gratitude in my heart, as a part of

life in this incarnation.

www.artworkgallery.net Artwork | Magazine | 55 | 55

As a mother I am very inspired by women who pursue creative careers and do

not look for reasons why it does not work out. How do you manage to maintain a

balance between motherhood and work?

I didn’t find the same balance between

motherhood and work. Because when I’m in

my workshop, it’s as if time doesn’t exist, I can

forget everything in the world. But I remember

waiting 2.5 years for my daughter to go

to kindergarten to start working full-time. So

the kindergarten + my husband’s support

and help in raising our child allowed me to

start the business that inspires me the most.

When parents are always freelance, like us, for

example, working at home, the child grows

up happier because he is with his parents

24/7 with sufficient attention and without

total control. I feel joy and happiness when I

think about how good it is that my daughter

has a happy childhood.

Where did you meet at the beginning of the war? And at what point did you

decide to settle abroad?

We were at home, in our house in the forest

near Kyiv. I had no idea at all what politicians

and American intelligence were saying. What

is the real threat? I hardly ever read the news.

Then in February, I was waiting for spring. For

me, it is always a symbol of the new. I started

a big, exciting cooperation project with a

well-known Ukrainian brand. I bought 120 kg

of clay (probably a treasure now), new glazes,

and other materials just for this project.

In March 2022, there were enemy tanks in our

forest, there were fierce battles, some neighbors

had a hospital for the wounded at home,

56 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

others had a temporary base of the armed

forces at home through the fence... Our home

is located 10 km from Irpen, a town near the

same bridge that was blown up to prevent

the Rashists from entering Kyiv. We left the

house with all the things after 4 days when

the windows were already shaking from the

explosions, and you didn’t understand what

was happening and what to expect.

For me, it was the most significant stress in

my life. I really didn’t want to die a second

time. Between the explosions, we left for

western Ukraine with our parents, 2 cats, and

a dog. We spent about 2 weeks there. Reflecting

and looking at the situation, we decided

to go further. Britain became the 10th country

on our not-easy, but at the same time, as if

perfectly prepared space path.

You are in the UK now. Was it difficult to get together and start building a business

from “scratch”? It’s not easy for ceramists... How did you cope with it?

When I realized we would leave, I went

into the workspace and began to tape the

windows, then put the finished products

from the shelves into boxes. I looked around

and did not understand what to take? There

was only one question in my head - is there

anything more important than life itself in this

world? They all seemed unimportant... That’s

why I took almost nothing with me. When

we ended up in the UK, after a few weeks, I

started to get interested in local shops with

materials for ceramicists. There was an exciting

story: my new friend Alice came across a

site while looking for shops for ceramicists,

it turned out that they also have a physical

store with a vast selection of everything, and

it is the closest to us. She opened the site and

on the main page, the first thing she saw...

my photo at work! Imagine her surprise, but I

was even more surprised. Then I remembered

this photo is from the stocks... But what is the

probability of choosing exactly my photo for

site + coming to live in the UK, in the county

where they are located))) After I bought all the

basic materials, I returned to my work for the

first time. And agreed on several firings with

two craftsmen. This is how the first products

made in the UK appeared. To continue making

ceramics, we moved to another region. There

we met a girl we knew, a ceramicist from

Ukraine, and one family shared their hangar

space with a stove with us. So it made it possible

to become a “star seller” on Etsy again and

not stop doing what you love)

Then, the cashier manager recognized me

and said: “you must be HERE”

What advice would you give to young artists?

Believe in yourself and your natural creativity,

and trust the space. The most effective support

is always within you, so don’t give up when it’s

hard. And if comparisons arise in your head,

compare yourself only with yourself yesterday.

No matter how unusual the path you choose

- the main thing is that it is sewn from the

heart, then space will help you on this path.

www.artworkgallery.net | Artwork Magazine |


Elena Vylusk

Still life is an unusual image of ordinary objects in a different

environment, an image of one’s vision of ordinary life.

Animals are insecurity and, at the same time, their a prominent

role in our life.


Born: Donetsk, Ukraine

Kharkiv, Ukraine

My painting is more of an illustration, my vision of the

situation, and my fantasy.

Most of all I am attracted by the objects that surround us in everyday life, I did not ignore

my attention and animals, without which our life wouldn’t be so exciting, I like to put my

characters in an unusual environment for them so that the viewer can see their story in my


58 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

Play for me, oil canvas 40x60 cm, 2022

www.artworkgallery.net | Artwork Magazine |


Tetiana Kramarenko

All my art is born from lines of random scrawl. Doodles are

a symbol of everyday chaos. And everyone in this chaos

(as well as in the scrawl) sees his own. Someone sees only

chaos in chaos, someone sees problems, and someone

finds solutions.



Born: Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine

Kolonshchyna, Ukraine

Everything depends not on chaos, but on us. From what

we are looking for and what we are ready to find. After all,

there are always many opportunities hidden in the chaos.

And our task is to use them.

My art project is about how to find possibilities in chaos in any condition. The war in Ukraine

brought a lot of chaos into the lives of Ukrainians. Every second the situation around us

changes. Therefore, Ukrainians should act faster and faster. They must find an opportunity

to continue to live, to continue to work, to continue to raise and teach children, and to

continue to bring victory closer in difficult and unpredictable conditions. And at the same

time, it is important not to lose yourself.

Scrawlgraphy is a great brain exerciser. And while conducting workshops during the war, I

noticed that scrawlgraphy works not only as art therapy but also helps to quickly and easily

find the best solutions in the most difficult conditions.

60 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

Born of scrawl, scrawlgrapher

www.artworkgallery.net | Artwork Magazine |


Iryna Vlasiuk

I am interested in issues of aesthetics and perception in

the frame.


Kyiv, Ukraine

My work focus is the interaction between a person and the

external environment, contact between people, feeling

oneself in space, and the connection between the spiritual

and the physical.

DIVING, 2022-2023

The horrors of the war taking place in Ukraine, loss of stability, sense of security,

and uncertain prospects for the future. Sometimes it remains only to delve

deep into one’s subconscious to find inner support despite external uncertainty.

Feel the bottom to push off, rise to the top and swim further.

62 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

Diving, digital photo

www.artworkgallery.net | Artwork Magazine |


Olha Vlasova

Acrylic and watercolor painter based in Ukraine. My works

are about love, passion, inner feelings, and nostalgia. Studying

at the Academy of Decorative Applied Arts influenced

my vision of beauty.


Lviv, Ukraine

I try to make paintings look textile, woven, and a little bit

tangled. I’m keen on ornaments, making them alive and

pulsating. Bright saturated shades took me prisoner, and

I’m really happy every moment when I see this unbelievable

glow of pure color.

The series “Past in nowadays” paintings were painted after the war started. I reconsidered

my entire previous life and felt nostalgic for my childhood in the village. It has been under

occupation since 2014, and the grandparents died long ago. With great warmth, I remember

how I looked at the strange ornaments on the carpet on the wall before I went to sleep

and imagined amazing stories from those spots. A grandmother wore a bright kerchief

only when she went to the fair once a week. And a scary fable that in a poppy field, you can

fall asleep for ages. I’m already an adult, but these memories are with me forever. They are

also woven into paintings about present experiences. The flowers of the Ukrainian garden,

strange ornaments, and colorful shades are now part of my self-identification and boundless

love for everything native.

64 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net

Poppy field, acrilic on board 40x50 cm

www.artworkgallery.net | Artwork Magazine |


Tania Stupnikova

One world has never been enough for me.

As a child, I looked for another reality in books. I loved

traveling to other planets and meeting different creatures.

I loved imagining that it is quite possible to get into

some other one from our ordinary world. And I looked

for hints in the surrounding reality that here they are

– these beautiful creatures, and here they are – wonderful

opportunities to get to another place. I saw these

doors, sometimes just like pockets in the folds of reality.

So my creative task is to show other people my worlds, at

least through the windows created by my paintings.


FB Stupnikova.art

www. stupnikova.art

Born: Kyiv, Ukraine

Košice, Slovakia

“Through the Looking Glass: Exploring Other Worlds with Fantastic Realism”

In this series of works, I invite the viewer to see the fantastic in the everyday, using the

technique of fantastic realism to transport the audience to other worlds. I draw inspiration

from classic works of science fiction and fantasy and seek to create a sense of wonder and

possibility through my art.

In each piece, I present a window to another world, glimpsed through the lens of the

mundane. A city street becomes a portal to an alien metropolis, a forest clearing reveals

a hidden fairy kingdom, and a humble office transforms into a realm of extraterrestrial

intrigue. By blending the familiar with the fantastical, I seek to create works inviting viewers

to question what they know about reality and explore new possibilities.

66 | Artwork Magazine | www.artworkgallery.net


Acrylic on canvas

55x55 cm

Waystation, acrylic on canvas 70x100 cm

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Nadezhda Danilova

Myroslava Denysyuk

Mariia Dobrova


Tetiana Kramarenko

Ievgeniia Kupchan

Nataliia Kulikovska

Yevheniia Kurdiukova

Helen Labartkava-Verdi

Jul Lisova

Anna Miklashevich

Nataliia Shynkarenko

Tania Stupnikova

Olga Synooka


Liliia Topoliuk

Iryna Vlasiuk

Olha Vlasova

Elena Vylusk

Maryna Yandolenko


All right reserved | Copyright 2023 | Front cover artist Olha Vlasova

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