Beauty NZ Magazine Autumn 2023

BeautyNZ magazine is a professional beauty trade magazine published on behalf of the New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty Professionals Inc. The NZARBP is recognised as the premier industry organisation with a 50 year history of supporting members, regulating the industry and promoting a qualified workforce. The non-profit group educates, informs, provides advice and keeps the industry up to date with the latest information through its magazine.

BeautyNZ magazine is a professional beauty trade magazine published on behalf of the New Zealand
Association of Registered Beauty Professionals Inc. The NZARBP is recognised as the premier industry
organisation with a 50 year history of supporting members, regulating the industry and promoting a qualified workforce. The non-profit group educates, informs, provides advice and keeps the
industry up to date with the latest information through its magazine.


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AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong><br />

AUTUMN<br />



WOMEN<br />


NEWS<br />

BEHIND<br />


BEAUTY<br />

NEWS &<br />


TIPS<br />

Niki Loe<br />

Little Miss Sunshine


SYDNEY<br />

28 AUG<br />

<strong>2023</strong> 9AM - 4PM<br />


31 AUG<br />

<strong>2023</strong> 9AM - 4PM<br />

Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour<br />

Naumi Hotel Auckland Airport<br />




with Dr. Matthias Aust<br />

PD. DR. MED. Matthias Aust<br />

Head of Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery<br />

Aust Aesthetik, Munich, Germany<br />



The highly anticipated Medical Microneedling Conference offers unique insights<br />

and valuable teachings into exactly how the parameters of microneedling can<br />

be pushed and flexed to influence unrivalled results.<br />

International keynote speaker Dr. Matthias Aust is a leading researcher &<br />

practitioner in the field of medical microneedling. He specialises in both<br />

aesthetic and surgical microneedling, with his research and findings frequently<br />

published in reputable medical publications.<br />

Seats are limited so register today for our early bird special tickets.<br />

Visit www.microneedlingconference.com<br />

dermaviduals.co.nz/for-clinics<br />

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Environ’s Focus On Filler Treatment, is a<br />

technologically advanced facial protocol<br />

designed to help smooth the look of facial<br />

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youthfulness to the skin’s appearance.<br />

This 30 minute intense treatment is<br />

recommended as a non-invasive alternative or<br />

complementary treatment to Dermal Fillers.<br />

“Environ only seeks to complement what can be<br />

achieved by using Dermal Fillers. Luscious-looking<br />

skin is the mission and this will enhance the beauty<br />

of well-placed Dermal Fillers.”<br />


Set the benchmark of beautiful skin for life.<br />

Become an Environ stockist,<br />

info@psb.net.nz<br />

For more information, contact Dee on<br />

info@beautynz.org.nz<br />

2 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Editor's LETTER<br />



Warren Gilbertson<br />

Graphic Designer,<br />

DP Media<br />

Lisa Potter<br />

Editor, Associate<br />

Publisher<br />




Deidre Morris<br />

DP Media Director,<br />

Publisher<br />

Welcome to the autumn<br />

issue of <strong>Beauty</strong><strong>NZ</strong>.<br />

It’s hard to believe we’re already more than a quarter of the way through <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

While we generally strive to focus on the positive aspects of the industry, the<br />

catastrophic damage and emotional toll many are dealing with in the wake of<br />

Cyclone Gabrielle needs to be acknowledged.<br />


editor@beautynzmagazine.co.nz<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong><strong>NZ</strong> magazine is a professional beauty trade<br />

magazine published on behalf of the New Zealand<br />

Association of Registered <strong>Beauty</strong> Professionals Inc.<br />

The <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP is recognised as the premier industry<br />

organisation with a 50 year history of supporting<br />

members, regulating the industry and the promotion<br />

of a qualified workforce. The non-profit group<br />

educates, informs, provides advice and keeps the<br />

industry up to date with the latest information<br />

through its magazine.<br />

Many friends, family, colleagues and businesses have been dramatically<br />

impacted, and the after effects will continue to ripple through the industry this<br />

year, and beyond.<br />

It’s at times like this that being part of a community is so important; not just<br />

your geographic community, but also the <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP community - a team of<br />

supportive members who understand the demands of the industry and aim to<br />

support with information, education and guidance wherever possible, as well as<br />

a friendly ear when needed.<br />

Continuing with the theme of communities, the upcoming <strong>NZ</strong> Hair & <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Expo is an opportunity to network with like minded professionals, distributors<br />

and businesses, and to come together in a collaborative environment at one of<br />

the few specialised B2B beauty trade events here in New Zealand. Being held<br />

on June 17-18, tickets are available now (and if you head to page 7, you’ll find the<br />

opportunity to enter to win one of FIVE double passes).<br />

We’re pushing out the print date of our winter issue by one<br />

week to ensure that we can bring you<br />

the latest coverage from the Expo, along<br />

with updates on new product releases and<br />

treatments, and a great overview of the<br />

brands and businesses involved. Please<br />

come and say hi if you see us there -<br />

look forward to catching up!<br />

Lisa Potter<br />

DISTRIBUTION: Nationwide to businesses via print<br />

and digital copy<br />

COPYRIGHT: <strong>Beauty</strong><strong>NZ</strong> magazine is subject to<br />

copyright. No part of <strong>Beauty</strong><strong>NZ</strong> may be reproduced<br />

in whole or in part without written permission<br />

from the publisher. Neither opinions expressed by<br />

contributing and in-house writers, nor facts stated in<br />

advertisements, are necessarily those of DP Media,<br />

the editor or staff of <strong>Beauty</strong> <strong>NZ</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>, or the<br />

<strong>NZ</strong> Association of Registered <strong>Beauty</strong> Professionals<br />

Inc. Whilst all efforts are made to ensure accuracy,<br />

no responsibility will be taken by the publishers or<br />

Association for inaccurate information, or for any<br />

consequence of reliance on this information. All<br />

articles and images are covered by copyright.<br />

COMPETITION TERMS & CONDITIONS: <strong>Beauty</strong><strong>NZ</strong><br />

<strong>Magazine</strong> competitions are open to all current<br />

members of the <strong>NZ</strong> Association of Registered <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Professionals. In the event that an ineligible entry is<br />

selected or we are unable to contact a winner within<br />

one week of the prize draw, having made reasonable<br />

attempts to do so, we may deem that winner’s entry<br />

invalid and select a new winner on the same terms<br />

as the original prize selection. Entrants may only<br />

enter once per prize draw. No prize is transferable,<br />

changeable, or redeemable for cash. All decisions<br />

made are final and no correspondence will be<br />

entered into. Good luck!<br />

PRINTING: Ovato <strong>NZ</strong> Limited<br />

ISSN: 1178-5802<br />

WEBSITE: beautynz.org.nz<br />

SHIPPING <strong>NZ</strong>-WIDE<br />


@COSMETOLOGISTS<strong>NZ</strong><br />

4 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


FROM THE<br />




Be in to Win!<br />

8 President’s message<br />

10 Executive Committee<br />

12 Office Report<br />

14 Area Representatives<br />

16 Spotlight On: Toni Davis<br />


20 Little Miss Sunshine: Niki Loe<br />


24 Off & On launches Lip Blush<br />

26 Dermalogica skin training<br />

27 Ink Nurse<br />

30 Antipodes sustainability<br />

32 New QE Health facility opens<br />

33 Two Hundred Doors<br />

anniversary<br />

34 The SeaCleaners<br />

35 Thalgo education event<br />

20<br />


38 What’s New<br />

Industry showcase of new<br />

products<br />


52 Tattoos and sunscreen<br />

56 Cosmetologists <strong>NZ</strong>:<br />

James Turner<br />

58 Kiara Cosmetics:<br />

Annemarie Mason<br />

65 The Basic Blue: Selene Nguyen<br />


62 Formulating a business plan<br />

66 How healthy is your workspace<br />

68 Tips for client retention<br />

70 Sustainablility in the salon<br />

MAKEUP<br />

72 Five Minute Face<br />

73 What’s New<br />

74 New Zealand <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

75 What’s New In Store<br />

58<br />

76 Nutrition and skincare<br />

79 Business assistance<br />

80 Book Corner<br />

82 Tips to nourish yourself<br />

84 Building natural resilience<br />

86 The power of rituals<br />

NAILS<br />

88 Nail Trends<br />

88 What’s New in Nails<br />

TRAINING &<br />


90 Training the next generation<br />

92 Connecting the beauty<br />

industry<br />

94 Upcoming training dates<br />


Embrace your intuition and enter to win this divine set<br />

from the creative minds of New Zealand author Bex<br />

Lipp and Illustrator Craig Phillips, from<br />

wildingbooks.com.<br />

This book provides a beautiful reminder to practise<br />

using your intuition. It is full of ideas to explore further.<br />

(See the full article on page 79).<br />

The Intuition collection includes:<br />

Intuition Book (112 pages) $44.95<br />

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Enter to win the Bundle set (valued at $111.95). To<br />

enter, email your name and contact details to editor@<br />

beautynzmagazine.co.nz with INTUITION in the<br />

subject line. Entries close May 31 <strong>2023</strong>. (Terms and<br />

conditions can be found on page 4)<br />

36 JUARA makes an impression<br />

54 Tan Setting Powder<br />

96 Leanne Radka<br />

52<br />

<strong>NZ</strong> Hair & <strong>Beauty</strong> Expo is returning to Auckland on June<br />

17/18 at the exciting venue of Viaduct Events Centre.<br />

As New Zealand’s only trade-event for the hair, male<br />

grooming and beauty industry in New Zealand that<br />

connects brands face-to-face with buyers; the Expo<br />

offers an Education Arena along with showcasing some<br />

of the latest treatments and newest products.<br />

There is also the valuable opportunity for face-to-face<br />

access to and networking with leading brands and<br />

suppliers.<br />

Tickets are available at nzhairandbeauty.nz<br />

36<br />

54<br />

Enter to win one of FIVE double passes to the event.<br />

To enter, email your name and contact details to<br />

editor@beautynzmagazine.co.nz with WIN <strong>NZ</strong> HAIR &<br />

BEAUTY EXPO in the subject line. Entries close May 31<br />

<strong>2023</strong>. (Terms and conditions can be found on page 4?<br />

6 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Message<br />


Association NEWS<br />

LAUNCHING <strong>2023</strong><br />

Scan QR Code to be one of the first for an exclusive viewing<br />

Kia ora and welcome to our <strong>Autumn</strong> edition for <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

8<br />

It has definitely been an interesting<br />

start to the new year with extreme<br />

weather events affecting New Zealand,<br />

especially the North Island.<br />

On behalf of the Executive Committee,<br />

I extend our heartfelt love and support<br />

to all of you, especially our members,<br />

affected by these recent events.<br />

It has been absolutely unbelievable to<br />

see the immense devastation caused by<br />

Cyclone Gabrielle. There are avenues<br />

for support available to individuals and<br />

businesses affected, so we encourage<br />

you to reach out and utilise these<br />

resources.<br />

Also we are here to offer support and<br />

guidance. Please contact our office if<br />

there is anything we can do to help or<br />

even just for a friendly chat.<br />

BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

At times like this<br />

it is imperative to<br />

support one another<br />

with love and<br />

compassion<br />

At times like this it is imperative to<br />

support one another with love and<br />

compassion. Dee has been doing a<br />

stellar job at reaching out to those<br />

members in the impacted areas,<br />

ensuring our members know we care<br />

about them and their whanau especially<br />

during this difficult time.<br />

It is vital for the success of our<br />

Association that we have Area Reps.<br />

They are our connection to each<br />

another throughout New Zealand.<br />

Currently we have Area Rep positions in<br />

several areas of New Zealand, so if you<br />

are wondering how you can help or get<br />

involved, please enquire about being an<br />

Area Rep for your region.<br />

We would love to have these positions<br />

filled, and it's a wonderful opportunity<br />

to be part of the <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP community<br />

and play an important role within the<br />

Association As an Area Rep you could<br />

liaise with those members and other<br />

therapists adversely affected, offering<br />

them support through these hard<br />

times. Being an Area Rep is a rewarding<br />

way of giving back to our industry while<br />

meeting like-minded people and sharing<br />

knowledge.<br />

Also at the moment, we are in full swing<br />

planning our bi-annual awards. This is<br />

definitely a celebration to look forward<br />

to, with the awards ceremony being<br />

held early next year. It’s encouraging<br />

to have something positive to focus on<br />

such as this exciting event.<br />

Key information and dates are included<br />

in this issue so make sure you get<br />

organised and plan your entries.<br />

Thank you for your continued support<br />

and loyalty to the <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP. We<br />

appreciate each and every one of you,<br />

because without your commitment to<br />

us, we would not be able to provide the<br />

support you require in return.<br />

Kia kaha<br />

Emma<br />

Jovena ® takes on a unique approach to skin regeneration by combining two<br />

patented modalities in a single device. Fractional Plasma ® for minimally invasive<br />

microsurgery and RF Diathermocontraction ® to reach deeper dermal layers and<br />

muscles. Greater ROI with one Aesthetic expandable platform.<br />


rf bquad<br />

®<br />

plasmaroll<br />

®<br />

plasmatip<br />


09 421 0261 | advancedcosmeceuticals.com.au<br />

®<br />

plasmapro<br />

®<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Association NEWS<br />


Committee<br />


Corneotherapy<br />


President and Nail<br />

Technology Manager<br />


Vice President and<br />

Complaints Manager<br />

KIM RYAN<br />

Government Regulations<br />

Manager<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> <strong>NZ</strong> Association Awards:<br />

The Game-Changer for Your <strong>Beauty</strong> Business<br />


Documentation Manager<br />


Cosmetic Tattoo Manager<br />


Area Representative<br />

Manager<br />

Become a member of the<br />

New Zealand Association<br />

of Registered <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Professionals; the<br />

membership organisation<br />

for the beauty industry in<br />

New Zealand.<br />

Dedicated to supporting<br />

members, regulating the<br />

industry and achieving a<br />

highly organised, qualified<br />

and professional workforce,<br />

the Association is a non-profit<br />

organisation.<br />

To become a member and<br />

find out more about member<br />

benefits, call: 021 062 4597 or<br />

email info@beautynz.org.nz<br />

Are you a beauty professional<br />

looking for a way to showcase<br />

your expertise and excellence<br />

in the industry? Look no further<br />

than the <strong>Beauty</strong> <strong>NZ</strong> Association<br />

Awards!<br />

Entries open from June 1 to<br />

October 6, <strong>2023</strong>, so mark your<br />

calendars and get ready to<br />

showcase your skills.<br />

Winning a <strong>Beauty</strong> <strong>NZ</strong><br />

Association Award can be<br />

a game-changer for your<br />

business.<br />

It not only gives industry<br />

recognition amongst your<br />

peers but also enhances your<br />

reputation and sets you apart<br />

from your competition. It<br />

is a stamp of approval that<br />

shows your clients that you<br />

are amongst the best in<br />

the business and can lead<br />

to increased business and<br />

an expanded client base -<br />

ultimately more revenue.<br />

But don't take our word for it:<br />

ear from some winners of the<br />

2021 <strong>Beauty</strong> <strong>NZ</strong> Association<br />

Awards.<br />

"What an absolute moment<br />

of accomplishment and pride<br />

being named <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP Clinic of<br />

the Year 2021."<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> Antix, <strong>NZ</strong> Clinic of the<br />

Year 2021<br />

"The awards process has been<br />

a really positive experience<br />

for both ourselves as business<br />

owners, and our team of<br />

talented beauty therapists."<br />

Renaissance | The Art of <strong>Beauty</strong>,<br />

<strong>NZ</strong> Spa of the Year 2021<br />

"I’m extremely proud to<br />

represent small businesses,<br />

proof that you can be a working<br />

mum, run a professional beauty<br />

clinic from your home, in a<br />

small town in Taranaki and still<br />

be a national success story."<br />

Tegan Frost, <strong>NZ</strong> Therapist of<br />

the Year 2021<br />

Entering the <strong>Beauty</strong> <strong>NZ</strong><br />

Association Awards takes work,<br />

but is well worth the effort. Plus<br />

the Awards Ceremony is a night<br />

to remember and a wonderful<br />

opportunity to network and<br />

be surrounded by supportive<br />

members of the industry.<br />

Join <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP to celebrate the<br />

success of the industry on<br />

February 24 2024 at Tote on<br />

Ascot. (There’s free parking, it’s<br />

handy to the motorway and has<br />

accommodation next door).<br />

Contact Dee on info@<br />

beautynz.org.nz for more<br />

information.<br />

10 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION 11

Association NEWS<br />

OFFICE<br />


Report<br />

Deep Dive Into<br />

Hydration<br />

Spotlight<br />

ON<br />

Tēnā koutou from the Association office.<br />

What a crazy start to the year. The weather has<br />

caused so much damage for so many people<br />

and we are feeling for our members that have<br />

been affected. If we can help in any way please<br />

reach out to us.<br />

will be emailed to you with links<br />

to the plans of weekly, fortnightly or monthly<br />

payments.<br />

We are pleased to inform our members that the<br />

insurance group scheme premium is staying the<br />

same as 2022.<br />



The <strong>NZ</strong> <strong>Beauty</strong> Association Awards event is<br />

planned for late February 2024. You can find<br />

information in this issue around when entries<br />

open and close.<br />

This year, the <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP is introducing a payment<br />

system to help make things easier if you prefer<br />

to pay off your membership and insurance fees.<br />

We are partnering with PAYLEADR. Information<br />

Also did you know you can list job vacancies on<br />

our website? It’s as easy as logging in with your<br />

email/password and filling out the form. There<br />

is no cost to members to use this function.<br />

Hopefully despite the unseasonable weather,<br />

there are still some opportunities to soak up<br />

some Vitamin D - just don’t forget to slap on<br />

that sunscreen.<br />

<strong>NZ</strong>ARPB Office Manager<br />

72 HOURS<br />

PROVEN<br />


SUPPORT*<br />

We have recently welcomed<br />

11 new members, 6 re-joining<br />

members, and 1 student<br />

member.<br />


Nicolette Curtis<br />

Sarah Harmer<br />

Gukhwa Jeon<br />

Kuljit Kaur<br />

Welcome to all of those who have joined.<br />


Katrina Jamieson<br />


Hannah Lawrence<br />


Mannie Hambley<br />

Tracey Keefe<br />

Risa Meldrum<br />

Mandy Perry<br />

Maria Rosete<br />

Dee Clothier<br />

P: 021 062 4597<br />

E: info@beautynz.org.nz<br />

Te Pukenga - Southern Institute<br />

of Technology, Invercargill<br />

Southland Area Rep Toni Davis recently visited a group of<br />

enthusiastic students starting out on their training journey.<br />

Toni talked about the <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP and what it can provide for<br />

students, clinics, staff members, and self-employed clinics.<br />

The group was interested in viewing the power point<br />

presentation and learning some of the history of the Association.<br />

Students were enjoying learning how to tint eyebrows and<br />

eyelashes, learning how to shape out eyebrows and where to<br />

tweeze. They are all very interested in learning the anatomy and<br />

physiology of the body and are looking forward to having client<br />

days to perform their treatments they have learnt.<br />

New Area<br />

Rep:<br />

Dawn<br />

Baxter<br />

Welcome to Dawn Baxter, the new Hawke's Bay Area Rep<br />

for <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP. Dawn is looking forward to representing<br />

Hawke's Bay within the Association, having been in the<br />

industry for more than 30 years. During this time, she has<br />

worked in various roles, including sales and marketing<br />

manager for a skincare company, a business development<br />

manager and also working for AUT as an educator.<br />

Dawn returned to Napier to help set up the <strong>Beauty</strong> School<br />

at Te Pukenga - EIT where she worked as Programme Coordinator<br />

for a number of years. She now owns her own<br />

successful clinic and also contracts to some companies in<br />

a training capacity when needed. Dawn brings a wealth of<br />

knowledge and experience to her role for the region and<br />

is passionate about education and professionalism.<br />

Clinically Proven<br />

Dermatologically<br />

Tested<br />

*Proven via independant clinical study on H.E.O Mask. Tested on 35 participants over 4 weeks.<br />

www.medik8.com.au<br />

100% Vegan<br />

& Cruelty Free<br />

H.E.O ® MASK<br />

+61 8 9409 5433 cs.nz@acskingroup.com<br />

12 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />

@medik8anz<br />

Non-comedogenic<br />


Association NEWS<br />

Spotlight<br />

ON<br />

AREA<br />



Northland<br />

021 455 019<br />

amanda@masteracademy.co.nz<br />


Northland<br />

021 437 558<br />

michaella@masteracademy.co.nz<br />


Waikato<br />

021 817 990<br />

skincraftbeautytherapy@gmail.com<br />


Taranaki<br />

027 282 9668<br />

accounts@urbanbeautyspa.co.nz<br />


Christchurch<br />

027 692 3456<br />

larissa.whitman@ara.ac.nz<br />


Otago<br />

020 4122 4525<br />

shellzbellz13@yahoo.co.nz<br />


Southland<br />

027 362 3244<br />

tonimooloo@gmail.com<br />

14<br />

BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Spotlight<br />

ON ON<br />

Spotlight<br />

Toni Davis<br />

Toni Davis is the Southland Area Rep for the <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP<br />

and is passionate about working in the beauty industry<br />

and playing a role in its growth, through this role.<br />

One of the key drivers for her<br />

enthusiasm for the Area Rep position is<br />

the opportunity to get to know up and<br />

coming students looking to step into<br />

the professional beauty industry, and<br />

discovering what these future leaders<br />

are motivated about.<br />

What your <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP Area Rep role<br />

involves?<br />

Primarily helping salons around<br />

Southland with any information or<br />

problems they have, then taking this<br />

back to the Executive Committee.<br />

Letting students know about the<br />

Association and organising events for<br />

members and non members in the area.<br />

Why being a member of <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP is<br />

important?<br />

It means help is available around<br />

guidelines for health and safety, as well<br />

as legal guidance, information about<br />

jobs and anything beauty related that<br />

you may need additional information or<br />

input about. around.<br />

How many years have you been in the<br />

industry?<br />

I’ve been qualified for seven years and<br />

working in the industry for four years.<br />

I started at Invercargill day spa <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

& Beyond Urban Retreat as a junior<br />

therapist and worked my way to senior<br />

therapist/beauty manager. I’m now at a<br />

smaller salon, Chey <strong>Beauty</strong>, that mainly<br />

specialises in nails, brows and eyelash<br />

extensions, working our way into body<br />

waxing and possibly laser.<br />

What you thought your career path<br />

might be when you were younger?<br />

I wanted to be a hairdresser, but got<br />

more into makeup and skin care. I liked<br />

makeup. I was always learning new<br />

tricks and tips from YouTube, buying<br />

new products etc. I also used to wax my<br />

mum and do our eyebrows from when I<br />

was about of 15.<br />

Some info about your<br />

career path?<br />

I’ve never stopped<br />

training. I am now trained<br />

in dermal needling, laser<br />

hair removal, laser genesis,<br />

removing skin tags, and<br />

am currently training in<br />

lash extensions. I love that<br />

this industry has a path<br />

of continuous learning. I<br />

also learned to manage<br />

a team of about six girls<br />

in the salon and in turn<br />

train them. I’ve learned<br />

how to order products and<br />

tools for the salon, and<br />

around the pricing and<br />

consumption of these.<br />

What is your area of<br />

specialty in this industry<br />

and why you love this<br />

focus?<br />

Nails. I love working with nails<br />

because you can see instantly the<br />

results from the work you have done<br />

for people. You can also be very<br />

creative. I really like doing pedicures<br />

too and helping create toenails for<br />

people with next to no nail or broken<br />

nails so they have the confidence to<br />

wear open toed shoes.<br />

What’s the best piece of skincare<br />

advice you’ve learned?<br />

Hydration doesn’t mean oily.<br />

Hydration is the most important part<br />

of skin care in my eyes as this helps<br />

with aging and oils.<br />

What is your favourite way to<br />

pamper/treat yourself?<br />

Massage. I play a lot of sports also so<br />

being in certain positions all day and<br />

doing sports can really tighten those<br />

muscles up. Massage is the best way<br />

I can relax and feel good for days<br />

afterwards.<br />

What’s one of your guilty pleasures?<br />

Doing nothing. I like to just take time for<br />

myself and have no one around and be<br />

in the moment. Since our jobs require<br />

talking to a lot of different people and<br />

also performing lovely treatments, it’s<br />

nice to just take time away and be with<br />

myself.<br />

What three things relating to self-care/<br />

beauty are always in your handbag?<br />

Perfume, lip plumper and powder.<br />

What’s something about you people<br />

may be surprised to learn?<br />

I love cleaning, everything should be<br />

clean and sparkly.<br />

What’s the most important life or<br />

business lesson you’ve learned this<br />

year?<br />

Don’t take things too seriously. Life goes<br />

on whether you’re involved or not. Take<br />

time for yourself, don't stress about<br />

things you can’t change, and bring your<br />

mind to where your feet are.<br />




Discover the true science of the World’s<br />

Leading LED Phototherapy with the<br />

versatility of a stand-alone or expandable<br />

aesthetic treatment platform.<br />

Optical Lens Array<br />

Technology (OLAT)<br />

830nm with 590nm<br />

photosequencing<br />

Intuitive & Ergonomic<br />

with touch screen<br />

interface design<br />

Healite II Combo 830+633nm<br />

Innovative & High<br />

Powered Low-Level<br />

Light Therapy (LLLT)<br />


Healite II Combo 830+415nm<br />

09 421 0261 | info@lutronicaustralia.com.au | lutronic.com.au<br />

Multiple Wavelengths<br />

830nm/590nm, 633nm<br />

& 415nm<br />

16 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION 17<br />

Scan<br />

to Enquire

Event<br />


<strong>NZ</strong> Hair &<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> Expo<br />

gets its own makeover with a new location<br />

Expo director Shaughan Woodcock<br />

17/18 JUNE <strong>2023</strong><br />



Following an incredible 2022 event, <strong>NZ</strong><br />

Hair & <strong>Beauty</strong> Expo is celebrating its<br />

return (June 17/18) with a new venue.<br />

Viaduct Events Centre has been<br />

returned to its former glory (having<br />

been the base for Emirates Team<br />

New Zealand) and the polished floors,<br />

stunning harbour views and proximity<br />

to a bustling hub of eateries, bars and<br />

hotels will all add to the glamour of<br />

the hair and beauty industries coming<br />

together to share, educate, network and<br />

inspire.<br />

The <strong>NZ</strong> Hair & <strong>Beauty</strong> Expo creates an<br />

environment that supports and fosters<br />

education, deepening relationships<br />

between businesses and their<br />

customers and driving sales not only<br />

during the Expo, but in the months after.<br />

This is New Zealand’s only trade-event<br />

for the hair, male grooming and beauty<br />

industry in New Zealand that connects<br />

brands face-to-face with buyers.<br />

Show director Shaughan Woodcock<br />

says: “Hair and male grooming saw a<br />

large increase in 2022 and with more<br />

work this will continue to grow as well<br />

as continuing to build the beauty, health<br />

and wellbeing components.<br />

“The response to the male grooming<br />

presence at the Expo was so positive<br />

last year that it will continue to grow<br />

in size and scale at this year’s event.<br />

We also saw some interesting insights<br />

including 63% of visitors making<br />

a purchase and 49% intending to<br />

open accounts as a result of their<br />

attendance. We see this event as a<br />

terrific, strategic and streamlined way<br />

to do a lot of business under one roof.<br />

“There is a power in coming together,<br />

sharing knowledge, learnings, insights<br />

There is a power in<br />

coming together,<br />

sharing knowledge,<br />

learnings, insights<br />

and comradery at<br />

the best of times,<br />

and especially<br />

during tough times.<br />

We hope you all get<br />

to experience this<br />

power with <strong>NZ</strong> Hair<br />

& <strong>Beauty</strong> Expo.<br />

and comradery at the best of times,<br />

and especially during tough times.<br />

We hope you all get to experience this<br />

power with <strong>NZ</strong> Hair & <strong>Beauty</strong>. We are<br />

still welcoming new registrations to the<br />

<strong>2023</strong> <strong>NZ</strong> Hair & <strong>Beauty</strong> Expo and tickets<br />

are on sale now.<br />

“The new venue is in the heart of the<br />

bustling Viaduct so it’s the perfect<br />

opportunity to make it a team weekend<br />

to visit the Expo, experience free<br />

education, network and enjoy the<br />

restaurants, bars and cafes in the area.<br />

We will be announcing some great<br />

hotel partnerships shortly too.”<br />

A wide range of brands and businesses<br />

involved include established<br />

and popular exhibitors such as<br />

K-Cosmetics, Prochaine, Little Honey,<br />

Luxe <strong>Beauty</strong>, Enbio, Youth <strong>Beauty</strong>,<br />

House of Camille, DMK Australia &<br />

<strong>NZ</strong>, Brillbird, Magpie <strong>Beauty</strong>, Payleadr,<br />

Designer Nails, Kitomba Salon and Spa<br />

Software and the Premier Institute of<br />

Education.<br />

Enquire about stand availability or<br />

purchase your tickets now; this is an<br />

Expo not to be missed.<br />

nzhairandbeauty.nz<br />

Join the industry at <strong>NZ</strong>’s only<br />

B2B hair and beauty expo<br />

connecting professionals<br />

face-to-face with brands<br />

#NewLook<br />

#NewVenue<br />

#NewUs<br />

18<br />

BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

For more information visit nzhairandbeauty.nz<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Cover<br />

STORY<br />

Little Miss Sunshine<br />

Inspiring others around how self-joy can be the<br />

greatest superpower is all in a day’s work for Niki<br />

Loe. The nutritionist, naturopath and movement<br />

specialist sprinkles positivity in her wake and<br />

thrives on empowering others to discover what<br />

makes them happy.<br />

Based in Auckland, Niki works one-on-one with<br />

clients, as well as regularly hosting classes and<br />

wellness programmes, along with her self-designed<br />

Flow School and Glow classes.<br />

At the heart of everything she does, however, is an<br />

innate desire to inspire others to love themselves<br />

more, and to bring more joy into their lives.<br />

Those are no small goals, but they are<br />

intertwined in every facet of Niki,<br />

both personally and professionally.<br />

Her boundless enthusiasm is<br />

infectious, authentically and in an<br />

encouraging way. It’s hard not to start<br />

to tap into your own well of positivity<br />

in reaction to even a quick chat with her.<br />

After two decades of teaching<br />

movement, Niki had to rebuild her<br />

own body after four (yes, four!) hip<br />

surgeries.<br />

“I know what it feels like to have lost all<br />

sense of self. And I know how hard the<br />

overcoming can be,” she says.<br />

“By overcoming my own health<br />

battles - including a recent diagnosis<br />

of endometriosis - I have never been<br />

more driven to help others find their<br />

health freedom too. “<br />

Paying It Forward<br />

Having spent extensive time working<br />

with busy professionals, Niki has<br />

clear ideas around helping women<br />

(and men) deal with the stress that<br />

comes with working in a profession<br />

like the beauty industry, where ‘selfenergy’,<br />

compassion and listening<br />

skills are required, sometimes leaving<br />

the provider fatigued, physically and<br />

emotionally.<br />

“The overarching theme is overcoming<br />

stress and bringing more joy into<br />

your workplace and into your life. And<br />

as with everything, it all starts with<br />

LOVE!” she says.<br />

“Just recently I was asked ‘What’s<br />

one or two things you’d like everyone<br />

to do more of?’ and it was a good<br />

opportunity to really think about this.<br />

“From a holistic health perspective,<br />

I could talk about the importance of<br />

movement, nutrition, sleep, stress<br />

management practices, etc. However,<br />

these are the things we talk about the<br />

most already, we regularly read about<br />

these topics and hear about them<br />

in podcasts. And they are all really<br />

important health factors, but after 20+<br />

years of working with humans, what<br />

my heart really wanted to say in that<br />

moment was this:<br />

Cover<br />

STORY<br />

I would like<br />

humans to believe<br />

in themselves more<br />

and love themselves<br />

more. For all that<br />

they are, just as they<br />

are, and all that they<br />

dream of becoming.<br />

"I would like humans to believe in<br />

themselves more and love themselves<br />

more. For all that they are, just as<br />

they are, and all that they dream of<br />

becoming. Because when we learn to<br />

believe in ourselves more, and love<br />

ourselves more, it influences all of<br />

those other things. It influences the<br />

way we show up for ourselves, and for<br />

our lives.<br />

“Start with kindness, gentleness, love<br />

and grace for yourself, the kind you<br />

give so generously to everyone else<br />

in your busy, daily lives. Just start<br />

there. This is the stuff that makes the<br />

greatest impact on how you devour<br />

your life with great joy.”<br />

Lifelong goals<br />

Having started teaching group fitness aged<br />

just 15, something about the energy and joy<br />

of working with a class struck a deep chord<br />

and Niki knew she would work with humans<br />

for the rest of her life.<br />

She was right about her future focus,<br />

and has gone on to build an impressive<br />

repertoire of skills which allow her to offer a<br />

wide variety of tools to people at all stages<br />

of their life journey. Included amongst<br />

this is a Bachelor of Naturopathy, herbal<br />

medicine and nutrition.<br />

Along the way of exploring her own<br />

life, Niki has also learned first-hand the<br />

importance of resilience.<br />

20 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Cover<br />

STORY<br />

Industry<br />

NOW AVAILABLE IN NEWS <strong>NZ</strong><br />

Niki Loe’s Love Bites for self-care<br />

• Move your body every day. So often<br />

we tell ourselves that we need a<br />

whole hour to go to the gym for<br />

exercise to count. So when we don't<br />

have that hour, we miss out on doing<br />

any movement at all. Rewrite the<br />

rules and just move. Even if it's just<br />

a 5 minute jam session to Beyonce<br />

in your kitchen. Did you know that<br />

every time your muscles contract,<br />

they release myokines, a protein<br />

that scientists call ‘hope molecules’.<br />

Hope molecules produce an effect<br />

on the brain that help alleviate worry<br />

and stress, lessens symptoms of<br />

depression and anxiety, and offer<br />

more energy to your body and your<br />

brain. Consistent doses of hope<br />

molecules, even just 5 minutes per<br />

day, can make us more resilient to<br />

stress and more receptive to joy<br />

• Revel in gratitude. Did you know<br />

that it is biochemically impossible<br />

to feel both stressed and grateful<br />

all at the same time, even if just for<br />

that one grateful moment? Isn't that<br />

beautiful? I personally love ‘The five<br />

minute journal’ and I carry a gratitude<br />

rock with me in my handbag. Every<br />

time I stumble across it when I am<br />

looking for something, it makes me<br />

smile and nudges me to slow down<br />

and feel grateful for the beautiful<br />

things in my life.<br />

• Drink lots of water and eat your<br />

vegetables. There’s good reason<br />

you see and hear this advice again<br />

and again. You cannot outsmart<br />

being human. Your beautiful body,<br />

and the trillions of cells that make<br />

you who you are, need a rich blend<br />

of nutrients and hydration to give<br />

you energy, focus, strength and joy.<br />

There is no way around that.<br />

• Make time for non-negotiable ‘me<br />

moments’ in your day. While we<br />

cannot slow down the world around<br />

us, we can schedule practices into<br />

our day that help us to slow down<br />

the world inside of us. Your ‘me<br />

moment’ must be especially yours.<br />

This will look different for everybody.<br />

It can be as simple as a long, deep,<br />

delicious breath to pause and just be,<br />

or a yoga class, a mini meditation, a<br />

chapter of your book, or technology<br />

free time to devour a delicious<br />

morning coffee.<br />

• Don't be afraid to ask for help. At<br />

work, at home, and for your health.<br />

Let yourself feel held and<br />

supported in the way you<br />

hold and support those<br />

in your life.<br />

• LOVE your body. Your body is your<br />

home. Make your home your happy<br />

place.<br />

• Affirm your mindset. When I am<br />

busy or feeling overwhelmed, I find<br />

it really powerful to affirm to myself<br />

‘busy but blessed’. This enables us to<br />

create our own reality and to anchor<br />

ourselves in calm and gratitude.<br />

• Nurture your relationships at work<br />

with playfulness and connection.<br />

When workmates become friends,<br />

and clients become fabulous humans<br />

you can share a laugh with, going to<br />

work becomes pretty special. There’s<br />

nothing like sharing a morning coffee<br />

run, healthy treats and cheeky banter<br />

to reduce stress and uplevel joy on a<br />

busy day!<br />

Nikiloe.com<br />





A revolution in needle-free biorevitalisation that<br />

stimulates the skin’s natural restorative processes like<br />

never before.<br />

The 3-step approach combines an innovative, patentpending<br />

formulation applied in-clinic, with a home<br />

care protocol to deliver immediate and progressive<br />

results with minimal downtime.<br />

The skin is visibly firmer, brighter and smoother from<br />

the very first treatment.<br />

Before<br />

After 3 sessions<br />

All ages | All areas | All skin types | All year-round<br />

+61 8 9409 5433<br />

cs.nz@acskingroup.com<br />

@wiqoanz<br />

wiqo.com.au<br />

22<br />

BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

New Lip Blush service at<br />

Off & On<br />

Hydro-Jelly<br />

Masks<br />

Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

OFF & ON has added to its semipermanent<br />

makeup offering with the<br />

addition of a new Lip Blush service.<br />

This innovative new cosmetic tattooing<br />

treatment has a focus on subtle, naturallooking<br />

results.<br />

Lip Blush looks to enhance natural<br />

lip colour and help achieve a more<br />

symmetrical, balanced look for lips. It<br />

can also be used to help cover up scars<br />

or pigmentation.<br />

Unlike traditional tattooing, Lip Blush is<br />

semi-permanent and works by placing<br />

pigment on the top layer of the skin. This<br />

allows clients to enjoy the benefits of a<br />

subtle lip tint that can be adjusted over<br />

time to suit individual preferences.<br />

"We are thrilled to introduce Lip Blush<br />

as part of our semi-permanent makeup<br />

range," says Hannah Pickering, OFF &<br />

ON’s ON National Trainer.<br />

“Our clients have been asking for a<br />

natural-looking lip enhancement solution<br />

and Lip Blush delivers just that. The<br />

results are gorgeous and are tailored to<br />

enhance the symmetry and balance of<br />

your natural lips, eventually fading to<br />

create a beautiful sheer colour that allows<br />

you to see your natural lips below.<br />

“OFF & ON's Lip Blush treatment is<br />

performed by skilled and experienced<br />

technicians using only the highest quality,<br />

medical-grade pigments. Each treatment<br />

is tailored to the client's unique skin tone<br />

and desired outcome.”<br />

Ground Breaking<br />

Skincare for<br />

Eczema<br />

Psoriasis<br />

Acne<br />

Self-Heating<br />

Aromatherapy<br />

Eye Masks<br />

NEW Products<br />

E V E R Y T H I N G Y O U NEED<br />

P R O D U C T S<br />

T E C H N O L O G Y<br />

T R A I N I N G<br />



Youth <strong>Beauty</strong> has been<br />

providing results driven<br />

products, from trusted<br />

brands, at competitive<br />

prices to the<br />

New Zealand <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Industry since 2006.<br />

From internal to<br />

external health<br />

products, we do it all<br />

Providing sought-after<br />

modern and traditional<br />

technology, we offer a<br />

wide portfolio of all<br />

industry technology to<br />

give you the point of<br />

difference.<br />

Supported with training,<br />

marketing and<br />

committed to<br />

your success<br />

A truly trusted, reliable,<br />

and industry-recognised<br />

partner to you and your<br />

business – a company<br />

you can depend upon.<br />

We supply industry-wide<br />

training sessions<br />

throughout the year,<br />

across the entire country<br />

After careful consideration your Association has aligned themselves with Maurice Trapp<br />

Group to provide our members, with a discounted group scheme for your insurance.<br />

For further details please contact Dee directly on 021 062 4597<br />

www.beautynz.org.nz<br />

24<br />

BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

www.youthbeauty.co.nz<br />

High Performance<br />

Top Quality<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


NEWS<br />

Industry<br />

Dermalogica training for<br />

treating melanin-rich skin<br />

Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

As a brand Dermalogica encourages<br />

inclusivity and diversity, alongside<br />

aiming to strengthen industry<br />

knowledge and bridge the gap in<br />

professional education.<br />

Dermalogica has designed Treating<br />

Melanin-Rich Skin, a course for<br />

skin therapists and future industry<br />

professionals to strengthen<br />

their foundational knowledge of<br />

understanding and treating<br />

melanin-rich skin.<br />

This education resource is free and is<br />

available now at<br />

www.TreatingMelaninRichSkin.com.<br />

“Textbooks primarily feature lighter<br />

skin tones on models and in medical<br />

illustrations, and classes often omit how<br />

skin conditions present in darker skin<br />

tone variation,” says Caroline Parker,<br />

Head of Education for Dermalogica<br />

New Zealand.<br />

“This can cause a learning gap that can<br />

lead to inequalities in care, from the<br />

initial client consultation through skin<br />

analysis and treatment.”<br />

“Melanin-rich skin tones, specifically<br />

those categorised as Fitzpatrick levels<br />

IV-VI, have been under-represented in<br />

the professional skin care industry’s<br />

training curricula. New Zealand is a<br />

place of great diversity, and this new<br />

online course provides fundamental<br />

This knowledge<br />

will assist<br />

therapists in their<br />

work with Māori,<br />

Pacific, Indian<br />

and African<br />

clients.<br />

knowledge for the skin care service<br />

professional when addressing diverse<br />

skin tones.<br />

Future Thinking<br />

Caroline explains that Dermalogica<br />

was born from the idea that industry<br />

education could and should do more<br />

to set skin therapists up for success.<br />

“As the leaders in skin treatment<br />

education, we’re driven by our<br />

purpose to elevate the industry<br />

through advanced education and<br />

skill development, and that includes<br />

ensuring that every skin professional<br />

is confident treating every skin tone.”<br />

Three Modules<br />

The free course is comprised of<br />

three self-led modules. Module one<br />

focuses on cultural intelligence (CQ)<br />

to strengthen communication and<br />

improve the client experience.<br />

The second module delves into the<br />

science of melanin and melaninrich<br />

skin structure, exploring how<br />

it affects skin conditions such as<br />

ageing, hyperpigmentation, breakouts,<br />

sensitivity, and more. Students will learn<br />

how to unlock effective skin treatments<br />

for these skin conditions and types<br />

of ingredients to use and avoid when<br />

treating melanin-rich skin.<br />

The third module addresses advanced<br />

skin services, focusing on chemical<br />

peels, microneedling, nanoinfusion,<br />

dermaplaning, and LED.<br />

The curriculum details precautions and<br />

contraindications that may be present<br />

with melanin-rich skin, guiding the<br />

professional on how to perform each of<br />

these services successfully.<br />

“Understanding the complexities of<br />

melanin-rich skin is both a science and<br />

an art,” explains course consultant and<br />

board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Alexis<br />

Stephens. “This is a much-needed<br />

course and a massive step in the right<br />

direction in bridging the gap in skin<br />

exclusivity.”<br />

The course, found at www.<br />

TreatingMelaninRichSkin.com, is<br />

open to the professional skin care<br />

industry, and currently offered in seven<br />

languages: English, German, Spanish,<br />

Italian, Vietnamese, French, and<br />

Mandarin. A certificate of completion is<br />

available post the course to print out or<br />

share digitally.<br />

Jason Taylor grew up<br />

surrounded by the artistic flair of<br />

tattoo culture. Immersing himself in it<br />

through friends who lived at his parents’<br />

house (who went on to become wellrespected<br />

Australian tattoo industry figures),<br />

Jason first picked up a tattoo machine aged 17, but<br />

soon discovered he did not have the artistic capabilities of<br />

his companions.<br />

Having always respected the tight knit tattoo community<br />

and regarded them as an extension of his family, Jason<br />

noticed a gap in the market for post-tattoo care.<br />

At the time, the go-to tattoo aftercare cream was<br />

often antiseptic nappy rash cream, but Jason<br />

wanted to create a natural and purpose made<br />

for tattoo aftercare and maintenance.<br />

Having spent years in research and<br />

development, in 2015 Ink Nurse<br />

was born. Operating as a side project<br />

from Jason’s one-bedroom apartment,<br />

demand rapidly grew, including his first<br />

major order from a French company that<br />

required upsizing the business to meet<br />

demand. What began as a personal passion<br />

selling tubs via Instagram DM’s quickly evolved<br />

into a massive business venture.<br />

Jason turned to his best-friend and now business<br />

partner, Benjamin Garsia. Joining forces, the pair worked<br />

14 hours a day packing and posting orders, keeping their<br />

local Australia Post busy who awarded them with an<br />

Outstanding Business Award.<br />

Benjamin Garsia and Jason Taylor, Ink Nurse<br />

Over the years, Ink Nurse took<br />

another growth turn that neither<br />

Jason or Benji saw coming, as<br />

reviews and testimonies flooded in<br />

from people around the world using Ink<br />

Nurse for daily skincare and relief from skin<br />

irritations such as eczema and psoriasis.<br />

Ink Nurse unintendedly expanded from being a<br />

cult, niche underground product within the tattoo<br />

industry and made its way to all people, inked or not.<br />

The non-comedogenic formula is ideal for all skin types,<br />

including those prone to sensitivities and contains no<br />

parabens, petroleum, synthetic colours or fragrances.<br />

Nourishing<br />

natural ingredients<br />

include shea butter,<br />

avocado oil, roseship oil and<br />

chamomile extract.<br />

Ink Nurse Multi-Purpose Remedy Cream is<br />

designed to soothe and calm skin, while<br />

supporting skin recovery. It also<br />

works to reduce trans-epidermal<br />

water loss and sooth<br />

skin trauma associated<br />

with fresh tattoos,<br />

including genetic and<br />

environmental irritations.<br />

It can be used on the face<br />

and body for daily hydration<br />

and nourishment, and helps<br />

provide antimicrobial and<br />

antibacterial support<br />

against rashes and<br />

bites.<br />

As demand for the Australian-made super<br />

remedy cream continues to grow, it’s now available<br />

in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide at ink-nurse.com.<br />

26 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


NEWS<br />

Industry<br />

Making waves towards<br />

positive ocean changes<br />

Medik8’s announcement of its first<br />

charitable partnership with PADI AWARE<br />

Foundation, is a full circle moment. The<br />

partnership was inspired by Medik8<br />

founder, Elliot Isaacs - an ocean lover and<br />

PADI Master Scuba Diver.<br />

PADI AWARE Foundation supports ocean<br />

protection projects and initiatives across<br />

the globe, and this promising union falls<br />

neatly under Medik8’s Social Investment<br />

pillar, as part of its wider sustainability<br />

strategy.<br />

Beautiful skin for life.<br />

Beautiful planet forever.<br />

“Working with grassroots organisations<br />

who understand exactly what is needed<br />

on the ground will mean we can<br />

generate the greatest positive impact on<br />

our shared planet,” says Medik8 Head of<br />

Sustainability Alexandra Florea.<br />

The partnership with PADI AWARE<br />

Foundation was a natural choice, with<br />

both parties on a shared mission to drive<br />

local action for global ocean conservation<br />

through a comprehensive, sciencebacked<br />

and results-driven approach.<br />

The ocean plays a hugely important<br />

role in carbon sequestration and<br />

climate regulation, as well as fostering<br />

biodiversity and supporting coastal<br />

communities.<br />

Medik8 is proud to have partnered with<br />

PADI Aware Foundation to support its<br />

amazing work caring for our precious<br />

oceans.<br />

Medik8 is set to sponsor four of PADI<br />

AWARE Foundation’s Community<br />

Grant Recipients to help restore and<br />

protect the planet’s most productive<br />

ecosystem and help tackle some of the<br />

biggest issues facing the ocean today.<br />

The first project will be Kosamare<br />

Seagrass Restoration in Kefalonia,<br />

Greece.<br />

This hands-on initiative seeks<br />

to engage the local community<br />

to monitor and restore seagrass<br />

(Posidonia) meadows in the<br />

Mediterranean Sea. Now in the second<br />

We chose PADI<br />

AWARE Foundation<br />

as our first charitable<br />

partner because, like<br />

us, they put science at<br />

the heart of everything<br />

they do to bring about<br />

positive results.<br />

of three phases, the project is taking<br />

place in four different bays off the coast<br />

of Kefalonia.<br />

The next three global initiatives will be<br />

announced soon.<br />

Having launched its updated<br />

sustainability blueprint at the end of<br />

2022, Medik8 pledged to invest to<br />

positively contribute to society through<br />

supporting charitable causes, with the<br />

ultimate goal of ensuring an even greater<br />

impact on its other core sustainability<br />

pillars: Climate Action, Waste Reduction<br />

and Ethical Business.<br />

Learn more about the Medik8<br />

sustainability mission at<br />

medik8.com.au/eco.html<br />

@medik8anz #SaveTheOcean<br />

Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

28<br />

28 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

Setting new<br />

sustainability<br />

standards<br />

The recent launch of Antipodes Lime<br />

Caviar Collagen-Rich Firming Cream<br />

marks the brand’s most sustainable<br />

product to date, in an already<br />

impressive line-up of products.<br />

The collagen-rich formulation is of<br />

100% natural-origin, certified by<br />

BioGro Organic, and the brand’s first<br />

release to feature 100% plastic-free<br />

packaging – resulting in a circular model<br />

of production, consumption, and waste<br />

management.<br />

Lime Caviar Collagen-Rich Firming<br />

Cream is the first Antipodes product<br />

to feature a plastic-free lid, following<br />

extensive research into eco-friendly<br />

alternatives.<br />

The new-generation aluminium<br />

solution means the New Zealand brand<br />

has achieved a much-lauded closedloop<br />

process, with 100% biodegradable<br />

ingredients and100% plastic-free,<br />

recyclable packaging, resulting in a<br />

circular economy.<br />

“A sleek aluminium lid with an invisible<br />

thread has been developed for Lime<br />

Caviar in collaboration with a long-time<br />

supplier, marking a huge step towards<br />

reaching our goal of 100% plastic-free<br />

across our entire skincare range,” says<br />

Antipodes founder Elizabeth Barbalich.<br />

Lime Caviar’s core packaging – glass<br />

and aluminium – comes from two<br />

of the most abundant materials on<br />

the planet: glass is made from sand;<br />

aluminium is made from the earth<br />

mineral bauxite.<br />

Both glass and aluminium are infinitely<br />

recyclable, able to be continually<br />

reused with no loss of quality. In fact,<br />

75% of all aluminium ever produced is<br />

still in use today. But Antipodes isn’t<br />

stopping there. Research is ongoing<br />

into packaging alternatives made from<br />

plant waste – by-products from the<br />

manufacture of its plant-based skincare<br />

– to reduce waste even further.<br />

A Full Circle Moment<br />

Eighteen years on from the launch<br />

of the Scientific Green <strong>Beauty</strong> brand,<br />

Lime Caviar embodies Antipodes’<br />

sustainability ethos, from forest to face.<br />

Its organic ingredients, its scientifically<br />

validated results, and its 100%<br />

plastic-free packaging are a tribute to<br />

everything the business stands for.<br />

The launch comes as Antipodes<br />

finalises its B Corp certification,<br />

the highest standard for socially<br />

responsible businesses, following<br />

a rigorous assessment of its<br />

environmental and social impact,<br />

governance, and transparency.<br />

Skin Focus<br />

Lime Caviar Collagen-Rich Firming<br />

Cream takes aim at premature ageing.<br />

The daily cream targets the three<br />

signs of ageing by supporting skin’s<br />

collagen production, smoothing wrinkle<br />

appearance, and plumping skin for a<br />

healthy, youthful glow.<br />

Developing a high-performance organic<br />

product is technically difficult, but<br />

Antipodes has earned global attention<br />

as an innovator of premium natural<br />

skincare for 18 years.<br />

Scientific Efficacy<br />

The New Zealand brand is one of few<br />

internationally which strives to create<br />

100% natural-origin formulations,<br />

that also achieve the all-important<br />

scientific efficacy.<br />

The high-tech approach involves<br />

testing formulations in-vitro on<br />

human fibroblast cells. Lime Caviar<br />

was shown to stimulate Type 1 collagen<br />

production by 65% – which means<br />

the product is scientifically proven<br />

to support the skin’s natural collagen<br />

function.<br />

Collagen is one of the key building<br />

blocks of skin, essential to keeping it<br />

plumped, supple, and line-free. For<br />

healthy skin at every age, collagen<br />

support is a must.<br />

In Lime Caviar Collagen-Rich Firming<br />

Cream, nature-derived wrinklesmoothing<br />

agent Sepilift DPHP<br />

supports and strengthens skin’s natural<br />

collagen function. Lime caviar extract,<br />

from hand-picked limes, is rich in<br />

AHAs to promote fresh, radiant skin<br />

tone, whilst lipid-rich avocado oil<br />

smooths the appearance of fine lines<br />

for a firmer, bouncier complexion.<br />


<strong>NZ</strong> FIRST FOR<br />

Emma Lewisham, the luxuriously<br />

natural, science-based skincare brand,<br />

has launched exclusively on Goop by<br />

Gwyneth Paltrow.<br />

The pairing marks another impressive<br />

step in for Emma Lewisham, as the<br />

first-ever New Zealand beauty brand<br />

to launch on Goop , setting a new and<br />

exciting benchmark for both.<br />

“We’re proud to be Goop’s first New<br />

Zealand brand launch in the company’s<br />

history. Since our brand’s inception,<br />

we’ve set out to create a new vision of<br />

beauty through product innovation and<br />

sustainability within the industry.” says<br />

founder Emma Lewisham.<br />

“Our launch across Goop will help<br />

Emma Lewisham reach new audiences<br />

globally. We’re so thrilled to embark on<br />

this new journey with Goop.”<br />

Emma Lewisham has flipped the<br />

traditional approach to formulating on<br />

its head by focusing on the physiology<br />

of the skin, determining how multiple<br />

Emma Lewisham<br />

ingredient combinations can work in<br />

synergy with each other to deliver<br />

superior results.<br />

Developed by scientists and<br />

physiologists with over 100 years of<br />

combined experience, its formulas<br />

are engineered with<br />

up to 30 meticulously<br />

chosen ingredients<br />

that are individually<br />

efficacious but work in<br />

combination to amplify<br />

each other to provide<br />

next-generation results.<br />

A true pioneer in the<br />

circular beauty industry,<br />

the entire range is<br />

refillable and reusable<br />

through the Emma<br />

Lewisham <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Circle.<br />

In September 2021,<br />

Emma Lewisham<br />

Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

was named the world’s first certified<br />

carbon-positive beauty brand under<br />

Toitū Envirocare’s Climate Positive<br />

Certification. The brand’s industry<br />

leading sustainability achievement<br />

garnered a personal endorsement from<br />

ethologist and environmentalist Dr Jane<br />

Goodall. Emma Lewisham achieved B<br />

Corp status in February 2022.<br />

30 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION 31

Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

Multi-million dollar<br />

QE Health facility opens<br />

Industry<br />

30 years at the heart<br />

of the New Zealand<br />

beauty industry<br />

Two Hundred Doors, a purpose-led New Zealand<br />

company with a passion for the skin care industry has<br />

proudly celebrated its 30 year anniversary.<br />

NEWS<br />

It has been many years in the making,<br />

but the opening of QE Health's new<br />

health and wellness facility marks a<br />

significant milestone for New Zealand's<br />

centre for clinical health and wellness.<br />

Among other things, the $19M purposebuilt<br />

health and wellness facility in<br />

Rotorua strengthens health and wellness<br />

options for Kiwis.<br />

The 3000sqm facility signals an exciting<br />

new era for the organisation, which<br />

boasts a fascinating 80 year history.<br />

“Our new health and wellness facility<br />

enables us to take our unique, clinically<br />

integrated approach to health and<br />

wellness to the next level,” says Chief<br />

Executive, Dr Aaron Randell.<br />

“One of our aims is to provide additional<br />

health and wellness options for more<br />

Kiwis – an aspect which is becoming<br />

increasingly important as our population<br />

increases and ages,” he says.<br />

Dr Randell says as the health reforms<br />

progress, he’s hoping more New<br />

Zealanders will be able to take utilise<br />

the range of complementary holistic<br />

therapies available at QE Health, many<br />

of which are not offered anywhere<br />

else in Aotearoa due to QE’s access to<br />

Rotorua’s unique mineral waters and<br />

mud resources.<br />

QE Health’s services are currently<br />

available privately, as well as publicly<br />

through contracts with Te Whatu Ora<br />

and ACC.<br />

The new facility is also perfectly poised<br />

to meet the expanding international<br />

health tourism market, with a positive<br />

flow-on effect on the Rotorua economy<br />

and potential job creation.<br />

Rehabilitation &<br />

Specialist Focus<br />

Health sector leader and Chief Executive<br />

of Dementia New Zealand, Cathy<br />

Cooney, says the QE Health team<br />

provides an exceptionally high level of<br />

service and the new facility is an asset<br />

locally and nationally.<br />

“What stands out to me is the<br />

impeccable quality of the multidisciplinary<br />

team at QE Health - they<br />

are absolute specialists, particularly<br />

in rehabilitation, rheumatology and<br />

musculoskeletal conditions in New<br />

Zealand,” she says.<br />

She says QE Health is completely geared<br />

towards supporting more people to take<br />

care of their own health and wellness at<br />

all ages and stages.<br />

“The team supports people to lead<br />

fulfilling and independent lives by<br />

keeping them as well as possible and<br />

that is a hugely valuable outcome for us<br />

all,” she says.<br />

QE Health’s former building was<br />

originally built as a convalescence<br />

hospital in 1942 and was only ever<br />

intended as a temporary facility to help<br />

rehabilitate injured soldiers after WWII.<br />

Since then, the site has supported<br />

hundreds of thousands patients on their<br />

path to wellness.<br />

The new facility provides visitors with<br />

a purpose built orthotics workshop,<br />

Pilates studio, hydrotherapy and<br />

geothermal pools, a 24-hour gym, and<br />

13 comfortable and modern rooms<br />

for in-patient use. It has been funded<br />

through a series of predominantly<br />

loans and some grants from Kānoa,<br />

the Government’s Regional Economic<br />

Development & Investment Unit,<br />

Rotorua Trust, and Rotorua Lakes<br />

Council.<br />

The QE Health facility in Rotorua is an<br />

exciting concept around health and<br />

wellness.<br />

Kiwi’s have had access to Dermalogica,<br />

the number one used professional skin<br />

care brand globally, since 1993; thanks to<br />

Two Hundred Doors.<br />

More recently, the business has<br />

expanded, launching Skintopia; five<br />

results-driven skin centres across<br />

Auckland and Wellington; as well<br />

as adding The <strong>Beauty</strong> Chef and Bio-<br />

Therapeutic brands to its distribution list.<br />

With skin care in her blood, Natasha<br />

Bourke is now at the helm of the<br />

business as owner and CEO, having<br />

purchased it off her parents, Jane and<br />

Brendan, in 2018.<br />

“A significant birthday like this offers us<br />

the chance to stop and reflect back on<br />

the journey so far, and everything we<br />

have achieved,” says Natasha.<br />

“I’m so fortunate to have had such<br />

amazing role models in both of my<br />

parents, leading the beauty industry<br />

right from the beginning. Mum (Jane)<br />

has always believed in leading with heart,<br />

and empowering other female business<br />

owners to achieve their goals, which still<br />

holds true in the business today.”<br />

Two Hundred Doors has grown and<br />

moved its roots from Palmerston North<br />

to an Auckland-based warehouse,<br />

education facilities and head office, and<br />

now employs 25 women – with a further<br />

19 across its Skintopia locations.<br />

Pioneering the industry, under Natasha’s<br />

rein; dermalogica.co.nz was launched,<br />

along with a flagship store in Albany. The<br />

business was rebranded to Two Hundred<br />

Doors, and The <strong>Beauty</strong> Chef and Bio-<br />

Therapeutic added to the distribution<br />

wing.<br />

More recently, the Skintopia concept<br />

was realised, with two skin centres in<br />

Wellington and three in Auckland. Plus,<br />

a business scholarship, EmpowHER,<br />

launched in partnership with Saben and<br />

The Icehouse, to accelerate five Kiwi<br />

female businesses forward.<br />

“By opening Skintopia, it’s given us a lot<br />

of insights into how to run a successful<br />

skin care business, giving us a deeper<br />

The last three years<br />

of unprecedented<br />

events have certainly<br />

been tough to<br />

navigate for the<br />

industry – we’ve<br />

all had to look at<br />

our business plans<br />

and adapt so we’ve<br />

remained relevant in<br />

today’s market.<br />

understanding of how we can support<br />

our wholesale customers now and in the<br />

future,” adds Natasha.<br />

“I’m really proud of one of the ways we<br />

supported our wholesale customers<br />

during Covid. When their doors were<br />

closed, thanks to our Dermalogica<br />

website ‘support local’ initiative, they<br />

were able to earn the same commission<br />

from product sales that they would have<br />

received in-store.”<br />

In an industry first, the Dermalogica.<br />

co.nz website offers consumers the<br />

ability to select their local Dermalogica<br />

skin centre when finalising payment,<br />

and by doing so, the skin centre makes<br />

the same commission they would have<br />

made if they sold the product in-store.<br />

As thirty candles are blown out, the<br />

future looks bright for Two Hundred<br />

Doors.<br />

32 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

Let the sea<br />

empower<br />

your beauty<br />

Thalgo International<br />

Education Event<br />

To celebrate the launch of the new<br />

Thalgo Silicium Lift Face Fitness inspired<br />

facial treatment and home care range,<br />

Ken and Rosemary Currie, and the<br />

Thalgo <strong>NZ</strong> crew, joined international<br />

guests Joanne Cochrane and Nawael<br />

Marechal from Thalgo France, along with<br />

Thalgo family who traveled from around<br />

New Zealand to enjoy the event.<br />

Held at the members lounge of the<br />

Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron<br />

in Auckland, with views of Watemata<br />

Harbour, those who attended enjoyed a<br />

demonstration of the new Silicium Lift<br />

Firming Facial Treatment.<br />

Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

Thalgo was born of the oceans and has always been involved in<br />

protecting the environment and the ocean depths. The globally<br />

respected brand was created by a visionary Doctor of Pharmacy with<br />

a passion for marine algae and natural ingredients.<br />

As a world pioneer in marine cosmetics<br />

since 1964, Thalgo searches the world’s<br />

oceans for the most effective marine<br />

molecules, using over 230 active marine<br />

ingredients from marine origin, including<br />

eight patents.<br />

With a deep respect for the ocean,<br />

Thalgo is gearing into action alongside<br />

Yvan Bourgnon’s organisation, The<br />

SeaCleaners, to help clean up the oceans<br />

and reduce plastic waste, acting on three<br />

levels:<br />

• Cleaning up plastic from the oceans<br />

The Manta project: A boat to collect<br />

and recycle plastic macro-waste that<br />

will sail the most polluted seas and<br />

oceans in the world.<br />

• Cleaning up coastlines<br />

11 rivers responsible for 90% of<br />

plastic pollution of the oceans. It is<br />

necessary to act upstream of the<br />

oceans, rolling out large-scale waste<br />

collections on river shores and marine<br />

coastlines worldwide.<br />

with his brother and parents, when he<br />

was eight years old.<br />

“At the time, there wasn’t all this rubbish.<br />

Thirty-five years later, I sailed for two<br />

months surrounded by plastic along<br />

the coast of Indonesia, Sri Lanka and<br />

the Maldives. It’s my generation that<br />

has polluted the oceans,“ says Yvan<br />

Bourgnon<br />

The ‘gladiator of the seas’ stopped<br />

dozens of times a day to clear the debris<br />

blocking the boat.<br />

He thought about the meaning of his<br />

life.<br />

When he set foot on land, the<br />

SeaCleaners project along with his boat<br />

christened ‘Manta’ to collect plastic from<br />

the water was already beginning to take<br />

shape.<br />

Higher (60m), longer (55m) and wider<br />

(25m) than the Arc de Triomphe in Paris,<br />

the Manta is aptly named after a ray<br />

whose measurements and abilities defy<br />

the laws of nature. This giant of the seas<br />

is also pushing back the limits of physics<br />

with 300 collection days planned per<br />

year, a goal of three tons/hour of plastic<br />

collected and a storage capacity of 200<br />

m3.<br />

Thanks to the support of sponsors such<br />

as Thalgo, the boat’s construction began<br />

in 2022 and its launch on the hunt for<br />

plastic waste is scheduled for 2024.<br />

Thalgo: a lifetime partnership with the<br />

ocean<br />

Just as the sea revitalises body and<br />

mind, Thalgo has always combined<br />

efficacy and wellbeing. Offering a<br />

beautifully and thoughtfully curated<br />

selection of face, body and suncare<br />

products, as well as body, spa and global<br />

premium treatments, Thalgo harnesses<br />

the minerals, elements. vitamins and<br />

other active molecules from the ocean.<br />

Invest in the Complete Treatment System<br />

Reduce Recyclable Waste<br />

Stock 4 Treatment Products only<br />

• Reducing plastic consumption<br />

Plastic concerns everyone! Thalgo<br />

and The SeaCleaners are gearing into<br />

action among the general public to<br />

change everyday habits and reduce<br />

plastic waste.<br />

Yvan Bourgnon and The SeaCleaners<br />

The 49-year-old explorer fell in love<br />

with the sea at a young age, on his first<br />

round-the-world trip lasting three years<br />

Purity | Hydration | Radiance | Wrinkles |<br />

Plumping Effect | Lifting Effect<br />

Even the Complexion | Eye Contour Area<br />

Sound-vibrations<br />

Ultrasound<br />

Radiofrequency + Microprobe<br />

E-FINGERS microcurrent technology<br />

Designed and manufactured in France<br />

Exclusive Distributor for Thalgo in New Zealand<br />

09 362 0882 | info@infinisea.co.nz | www.infinisea.nz<br />

Thalgo i<strong>Beauty</strong> Pro HP <strong>Beauty</strong><strong>NZ</strong>.indd 1<br />

24/01/<strong>2023</strong> 1:25:09 PM<br />

34 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

Juvenate ReSculpt<br />

Body Treatment<br />

Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

Respecting and<br />

sharing cultures<br />

Recently, the founder of JUARA<br />

Skincare, Metta Murdaya visited New<br />

Zealand to oversee the launch of her<br />

award-winning luxury clean skin and<br />

body care brand in the country.<br />

The brand has just signed a deal to<br />

have its range stocked at Rotorua’s<br />

historic and world-famous Polynesian<br />

Spa, known for its indulgent wellness<br />

experiences.<br />

Not only will the brand be sold on shelf<br />

in the spa, some key products will also<br />

be incorporated into the spa treatment<br />

menu.<br />

Metta spent her trip meeting with local<br />

retailers and media and was even able<br />

to spend a couple of days in Rotorua,<br />

exploring the local culture and enjoying<br />

Polynesian Spa’s famous hydrotherapy<br />

spa treatment.<br />

Founded in New York in 2006, JUARA<br />

is formulated using the finest highly<br />

active botanical ingredients based<br />

on ancient beauty and wellness<br />

rituals. The range includes natural<br />

moisturisers, body oils, toners, serums,<br />

eye creams and enzyme scrubs.<br />

A luxurious range based on eastern<br />

botanical remedies and western<br />

science, JUARA is inspired by Jamu,<br />

Indonesia's ancient herbal medicine<br />

practice.<br />

JUARA brings together herbal tradition<br />

and botanical science to create an<br />

enticing range of skin and body care<br />

products that aim to support the health<br />

and wellbeing of people. In the process<br />

JUARA also supports the wellbeing of<br />

the planet and animals with all products<br />

100% vegetarian, and PETA certified as<br />

cruelty free.<br />

The launch of Juvenate Cosmedical<br />

Skincare’s ReSculpt Body Treatment<br />

marks an exciting addition to the<br />

Juvenate clinic-only line-up of<br />

meticulously formulated products.<br />

The ReSculpt launch is Juvenate’s first<br />

treatment specially created to target<br />

body skin concerns, from cellulite and<br />

stretch marks to loose or wrinkled skin<br />

and scars.<br />

ReSculpt goes beyond barrier repair,<br />

and targets the energy mechanisms<br />

of skin cells; offering regenerative<br />

solutions that correct underlying<br />

damage.<br />

The principal is based on Skin<br />

Regenerative Therapy, and aims<br />

to repair cellular damage of skin<br />

at the level at which it occurs by<br />

reconstructing and protecting the skin’s<br />

cellular functions.<br />

The synergy of unique actives cleverly<br />

combines to tighten skin, reduce<br />

cellulite, and reshape body contours.<br />

Lavishly textured, this intense<br />

moisturiser replenishes lipid layers,<br />

giving elasticity and vitality back to dry<br />

and crepey skins. ReSculpt is rapidly<br />

attracting a cult following among<br />

those keen to experience the intensive<br />

actives, with delivery systems that<br />

help ReSculpt go deeper into the lower<br />

layers of the skin.<br />

This allows for repair of the skin from<br />

the deepest levels, which, in turn, helps<br />

create noticeable differences to body<br />

skin concerns.<br />

As well as powerfully hydrating skin, the<br />

super moisturising formulation fights<br />

inflammatory conditions while soothing<br />

and softening skin. It also helps to<br />

promote the formation of collagen,<br />

enabling a renewed skin appearance<br />

and improving visible skin texture and<br />

tone.<br />

ReSculpt provides the skin with<br />

protection and optimises the<br />

environment for skin cell health.<br />

Juvenate is a niche skincare range,<br />

with products specifically formulated<br />

to restore, repair, and enhance the<br />

skin. Tailored to New Zealand's harsh<br />

and unique climate, all Juvenate<br />

pharmaceutically graded, cosmedical,<br />

and cosmeceutical ingredients have<br />

been rigorously tested to ensure that<br />

their efficacy is at its optimum level.<br />

Juvenate utilises a unique combination<br />

of delivery systems to ensure that its<br />

products are going to get to where<br />

your skin needs them, at a rapid rate,<br />

ensuring results are quick and also<br />

long-lasting.<br />

Metta Murdaya at the Polynesian Spa<br />

36 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION 37

What’s New<br />

Meet some of the newest<br />

beauty and skincare<br />

products on the market<br />

DermaFix Mandelic<br />

Retexturising Wipes<br />

Aspect Cleansing<br />

Micellar Water<br />

The much-loved Aspect Cleaning<br />

Micellar Water is back, with a<br />

gorgeous little twist. The original<br />

formula has the addition of soothing<br />

Allantoin extract as well as the Aspect<br />

signature blend, to support and<br />

invigorate skin. This multi-functional<br />

micellar water is designed to help<br />

remove build-up of daily debris, while<br />

the oil-free solution is also ideal for<br />

stubborn eye makeup and gentle<br />

enough for use on false eyelashes.<br />

aspectskincare.com<br />

What’s New<br />

Exfoliating wipes that offer a tripleaction<br />

treatment on a variety of skin<br />

concerns, including acne, ageing,<br />

hyperpigmentation and skin tone<br />

management. These little miracle<br />

workers are packed with powerful<br />

actives and infused with the versatile<br />

Mandelic Acid that has been at the<br />

core of the DermaFIX MD range<br />

brand since its inception.The ultimate<br />

3-in-1 solution to leave skin feeling<br />

rejuvenated and looking flawless.<br />

houseofcamille.co.nz<br />

ManukaRx Skin Brightening<br />

Vitamin C Serum<br />

Enriched with the famous<br />

ManukaRx restorative mānuka oil<br />

and highly potent kakadu plum,<br />

this new serum is the first in<br />

the ManukaRx Skin Brightening<br />

Collection and aims to re-energise<br />

dull-skin. The key ingredients have<br />

synergistic properties, working<br />

in tandem to provide skin with<br />

a concentrated dose of natural<br />

Vitamin C to visibly brighten,<br />

smooth and minimise discoloration<br />

and dark spots.<br />

Manukarx.co.nz<br />

La Mav Ayurvedic<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> Powder<br />

A multi-tasking formula designed<br />

to fight the signs of ageing,<br />

support digestive health and<br />

overall wellness, using a blend<br />

of powerful antioxidants and<br />

Ayurvedic ingredients known for<br />

anti-inflammatory and adaptogenic<br />

benefits.<br />

Lamav.com<br />

Fusion Meso Niacinamide<br />

5.0 Serum<br />

A new Fusion Meso serum based on<br />

highly-concentrated Niacinamide<br />

(Vitamin B3). Designed to reduce redness,<br />

inflammation, pigmentation, acne and<br />

help improve skin texture. Niacinamide<br />

is one of the most widely studied topical<br />

skincare ingredients with numerous<br />

peer-reviewed studies revealing many<br />

skin benefits, including clinically proven<br />

efficacy to brighten skin, reduce acne and<br />

blemishes, improve the skin barrier and<br />

rebalance the skin’s microbiome.<br />

cosmetologists.co.nz<br />

jane iredale<br />

PureBronze Matte<br />

Bronzer Refill<br />

Add warmth and depth to skin<br />

with jane iredale’s rich, blendable<br />

shimmer-free bronzing powder, to<br />

bronze and contour for a natural<br />

sun-kissed look year-round. Available<br />

in three single-colour PureBronze<br />

Matte shades, the creamy formula<br />

pairs with the jane iredale refillable<br />

compact for less waste.<br />

psb.net.nz<br />

kaia naturals the sweat powder<br />

A sweat-absorbing solution that won’t make a mess or<br />

irritate your skin: kaia naturals the sweat powder, cleverly<br />

dispensed through a portable, refillable brush, instantly<br />

absorbs sweat and adds a layer of deodorizing protection.<br />

Inspired by the chalk that rock climbers and gymnasts<br />

use to maintain their grip, kaia’s proprietary formula,<br />

Thessalite 6, combines high-performance and skin-friendly<br />

ingredients, including magnesium carbonate, rice starch,<br />

zinc oxide and apple cider vinegar.<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong>care.co.nz<br />

38 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


What’s New<br />

Sothys Hydra4 Hydrating Youth range<br />

Combining two Sothys patented<br />

active ingredients, as well as<br />

high and low molecular weight<br />

hyaluronic acid. These products<br />

work on multiple levels to help<br />

regulate and restore moisture levels<br />

in the skin. Skin immediately feels<br />

more soft and plump.<br />

info@dsc.nz<br />

Dermalogica Dynamic<br />

Skin Retinol Serum<br />

This high-dose, fast-acting 3.5% retinoid complex<br />

features an advanced retinoid blend and booster<br />

technology to help transform the appearance of skin<br />

without compromising skin health. The innovative<br />

multi-retinoid serum is designed to address four signs<br />

of skin ageing; helping reverse the appearance of<br />

wrinkles, retexturise skin, minimise the appearance of<br />

pores, and even skin tone.<br />

Dermalogica.co.nz<br />

What’s New<br />

JSHEALTH Vitamins Hair<br />

Powered by vitamins, born from science, this vitaminpowered<br />

haircare range has been created to elevate<br />

the health and lustre of hair, whilst nourishing the<br />

scalp with high-performance ingredients found<br />

in nature. Using advanced formulations and a<br />

conditioning nutrient delivery system to infuse<br />

hair with the highest quality vitamins and botanical<br />

actives, it’s a world of natural haircare reimagined<br />

through the lens of innovative science.<br />

Jshealthvitamins.com<br />

Medik8 H.E.O. Mask<br />

A two-step overnight mask that takes a fundamentally scientific<br />

approach to long-lasting moisturisation, H.E.O. Mask is clinically proven<br />

to deliver hydration and improve skin barrier function for up to 72<br />

hours after use.* The appearance of dryness, dullness and fine lines<br />

and wrinkles are improved, so you can awaken to visibly plumper and<br />

glowing skin. (*Proven via independent clinical study on H.E.O. Mask,<br />

tested on 35 participants over 4 weeks)<br />

Medik8.com<br />

MenoMe 40+ and 55+<br />

The next generation of serums<br />

Herbal support for women in<br />

perimenopause (MenoMe 40+) and<br />

post-menopause (MenoMe 55+).<br />

These natural herbal formulations have<br />

been scientifically researched and are<br />

presented in a vege capsule. MenoMe<br />

is a New Zealand company, by women<br />

for women, dedicated to menopause<br />

support.<br />

Supercharge your skin with Dr Le.Winns new Serum<br />

Series. Hydrate, Renew and Glow are the three advanced<br />

concentrate lightweight serums designed to target some<br />

of the most common skincare concerns: hydration, skin<br />

cell renewal and skin radiance. Each of these omnipotent<br />

formulations each feature an extraordinary, high performing<br />

skincare ingredient (Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol and Vitamin C).<br />

Drlewinns.co.nz<br />

bswnz.co.nz<br />

40<br />

40 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


What’s New<br />

Mesoestetic bodyshock<br />

professional treatment<br />

The new bodyshock range is an innovative line of<br />

solutions endorsed by proven results, to treat the<br />

concerns of the body in a personalised way: cellulite,<br />

localised fat, flaccidity and stretch marks. The products<br />

can be combined, which allows for a fully personalised<br />

protocol, combining cutting-edge technology in active<br />

ingredients with massaging motion.<br />

Skin Club Regime<br />

A regime of medical grade skincare from Skin Club<br />

Cosmetics Doctors, the ‘Botox in a Bottle’ regime aims to<br />

provide a 5-step process to help achieve a post treatment<br />

glow. The carefully curated range focuses on a science<br />

meets nature approach, by harnessing the power of<br />

natural ingredients that have been scientifically backed.<br />

The five-step regime includes a Vitamin C Morning Serum,<br />

Vitamin A Night Serum, Vitamin B Eye Serum, Antioxidant<br />

Moisturiser and AHA Deep Clean Exfoliator.<br />

skinclub.com.au<br />

What’s New<br />

Advancedcosmeceuticals.com.au<br />

TheraVines Circula-Vac Facial Cupping<br />

Thalgo Marine Shot Masks<br />

Joining the popular Thalgo Marine Shot Mask family is Express Purity and<br />

SOS Comfort. Express Purity Shot Mask is enriched with marine zinc, and<br />

works to rebalance and purify skin and help refine the appearance for a<br />

visibly fresher complexion. SOS Comfort Shot Mask is imbued with Cold<br />

Cream Marine, a pharmaceutical formula reworked in a marine version<br />

based on nourishing algae oil and protective algae wax. Designed to<br />

assist in soothing and nourishing skin; like a repairing ‘bandage’, this<br />

mask helps comfort and soften the epidermis. Infinisea.nz<br />

PCA SKIN Pigment Gel Pro<br />

An intensive dark spot<br />

corrective that has been<br />

dermatologically tested and<br />

is hydroquinone-free. Suitable<br />

for all skin types, Pigment Gel<br />

Pro’s breakthrough formula is<br />

powered by the proprietary<br />

SynerPro Complex, which uses<br />

multiple modes of action to help<br />

visibly reduce the appearance<br />

of hyperpigmentation such as<br />

photodamage and melasma.<br />

It also helps combat the<br />

appearance of new dark spots,<br />

leaving the skin looking more<br />

even, brighter, and radiant.<br />

Advancedskin.co.nz<br />

RevitaLash The Clean Routine Collection<br />

The Clean Routine Collection delivers the brand’s best-selling<br />

Lash or Brow Conditioner (ophthalmologist developed), along<br />

with Micellar Water Lash Wash and a set of limited-edition<br />

reusable cotton rounds. There’s no excuse for not starting and<br />

ending your day with a beautifully clean face, whilst treating<br />

your lash and brows to some conditioning love. Refresh.<br />

Revitalise. Repeat.<br />

Revitalash.co.nz<br />

The perfect addition to a home care routine and in-salon facial<br />

treatment, TheraVines Circula-Vac Facial Cupping can be added to a<br />

TheraVine Facial instead of lymphatic draining. Frequent treatments<br />

can help boost collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine<br />

lines and wrinkles and improve skin suppleness, while aiding in the<br />

reduction of pore size, puffiness and dark circles. To ensure extra slip<br />

it is advised to be used with either TheraVines Pinotage Face Oils or<br />

suitable specialist serums. Theravine.co.nz<br />

Dermalogica Micellar Prebiotic<br />

PreCleanse<br />

This innovative formula attracts and dissolves<br />

make-up and impurities with gentle micelles,<br />

whilst nourishing with microbiome-balancing<br />

prebiotics, preparing skin for the second step<br />

of cleansing. Combining the power of micellar<br />

technology with a unique prebiotic blend that<br />

helps strengthen skin’s barrier, along with oat<br />

milk, to deliver lasting conditioning benefits so<br />

skin continues to feel soft and nourished long<br />

after you precleanse.<br />

Dermalogica.co.nz<br />

RefectoCil<br />

Intense Browns<br />

The new RefectoCil Intense Brow(n)s<br />

professional tinting system ushers in a<br />

fresh era of brow and lash definition. This<br />

peroxide-free innovative product not only<br />

tints brows and lashes for up to six weeks,<br />

but also achieves an intense and semipermanent<br />

skin stain. Certified vegan and<br />

cruelty free, the patented lash and brow<br />

tinting system is based on plant ingredients<br />

and comes in four smudge and waterproof<br />

customisable shades of brown.<br />

cosmetologists.co.nz<br />

42 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


44 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />

44<br />

What’s New<br />

RAAIE Sun Milk Drops<br />

Three years in the making, this tinted SPF50+ sunscreen by<br />

award-winning New Zealand brand, RAAIE, is a lightweight and<br />

silky 100% mineral sunscreen. The science-backed botanical<br />

formula offers immediate protection (no more waiting 15-20<br />

minutes) and helps shield against UVA and UVB rays. The soft<br />

peachy tint is colour correcting so works to even skin tones and<br />

create an illuminating glow under makeup. Raaie.co.nz<br />

Thalgo Cocooning Skin Care Rituals<br />

WHISH <strong>Beauty</strong> Blue Matcha<br />

Hyaluronic Body Boost<br />

A targeted moisturising treatment for the<br />

face and body, with powerful antioxidants<br />

that help reduce the appearance of fine<br />

lines and wrinkles. Ideal to mix with daily<br />

moisturiser for an amazing anti-aging boost.<br />

Designed to help promote collagen, reduce<br />

the appearance of redness and smooth<br />

fine lines and wrinkles. Made with naturally<br />

sourced and organic materials.<br />

Sisterhood.co.nz<br />

Wrap skin in textures the senses will love, with face, body and hand rituals for<br />

cocooning self-care during the cooler months ahead. The new Thalgo Cocooning<br />

Face Ritual helps replenish lipids and repair and soothe all skin types, especially<br />

dry or sensitive skin. The Coffret includes: Nutri-Soothing Cream (a lush creamy<br />

balm, enriched with cold cream marine working to offer 24 hour comfort) and<br />

free gift of a full size Deeply Nourishing Mask (highly restorative, creamy textured<br />

10-minute mask enriched with cold cream marine to help repair and relieve the<br />

discomfort sensations of dry skin).<br />

Infinisea.nz<br />

A great hair and beauty salon will inspire you to feel<br />

confident about yourself, and Colour Me Safe wants the<br />

experience to also be wonderful, but most importantly<br />

safe! Therefore, we have developed a patch test kit that<br />

includes all the essentials needed to patch-test your<br />

clients, or even offer delivery services to their homes. We<br />

offer a clip-in design test sachet with measuring tools<br />

included to fill an accurate measurement of the colour tint<br />

and the developer (as per the manufacturer's guidelines)<br />

which can be easily mixed and directly applied all in one<br />

packaging! During testing, we offer a stencil band that<br />

wraps around the client's arms to keep the application<br />

clean and only stain a small area of the skin as instructed<br />

by the manufacturers.<br />

Educational materials regarding how to manage in<br />

case of a reaction and how to interpret the results are all<br />

part of what we offer! It is all mess-free and allows the<br />

salon to conduct a more accurate patch test. Our online<br />

service is available to all salons registered with Colour Me<br />

Safe, allowing your clients to upload their test results<br />

from home or at the salon, and you will be notified of the<br />

results so you can ensure they are safe to colour, and you<br />

will keep a record of the patch testing. Colour Me Safe's<br />

mission is to make patch testing a standard practice in<br />

hair and beauty salons worldwide. Introducing our service<br />

to every beauty salon will lead to a new standard of best<br />

practice in the industry and will be a major game changer!<br />

www.colourmesafe.co.nz<br />

We custom-build patch test kits<br />

to meet your salon's needs!<br />

Over the course of my long career as a business<br />

owner, industry assessor, and advocate for the hair<br />

and beauty industry, Colour Me Safe has been one<br />

of my most ambitious projects. In our industry, we<br />

have many creative, passionate, and business-savvy<br />

individuals, but we have yet to formulate a<br />

standardized health and safety standard. In order<br />

to start the process of adopting a new standard of<br />

care, I hope to reduce allergies among hair and<br />

beauty professionals and raise awareness about<br />

patch testing.<br />


Treatment<br />



The plasma causes micro-thermal<br />

injury to the tissue which improves<br />

the collagen fibers and stimulates the<br />

formation of new collagen (especially<br />

collagen type III) in the dermis.<br />

Lutronic<br />

Healing Therapy<br />

Treatment<br />


Jovena ®<br />

Jovena launching in <strong>2023</strong>, takes a<br />

unique approach to skin regeneration<br />

by combining two patented modalities<br />

in a single device. Fractional Plasma for<br />

minimally invasive microsurgery and RF<br />

Diathermocontraction to reach deeper<br />

dermal layers and muscles.<br />

What differentiates<br />

Jovena from other skin<br />

resurfacing treatments?<br />

Jovena’s Fractional Plasma technology<br />

is well-known for its safety and efficacy,<br />

which allows patients to be treated<br />

quickly, with the advantage of having<br />

less downtime than surgery, as well as<br />

being less aggressive than other skin<br />

resurfacing devices.<br />

Fractional Plasma comes from the<br />

experience of Plasmage, the leading<br />

tool in more than 50 countries<br />

for microsurgery and periorbital<br />

rejuvenation.<br />

Skin resurfacing with Jovena allows<br />

you to eliminate or correct skin<br />

imperfections in a gentle and superficial<br />

way. Unlike other systems, such as<br />

lasers, it can be used on any skin type<br />

regardless of skin color.<br />

The great limit of skin resurfacing<br />

devices is delicate areas like the neck<br />

and décolleté. Thanks to Jovena, you<br />

can treat those areas safely and quickly.<br />

How does Fractional Plasma and RF<br />

diathermocontration work? What are<br />

the benefits when combined?<br />

Fractional Plasma is the newest<br />

innovation in skin resurfacing<br />

treatments. Brera® Medical<br />

Technologies developed this method<br />

that uses excited gas to create plasma<br />

energy. With Jovena, Fractional Plasma<br />

targets the superficial layers of the<br />

skin and promotes micro-retraction. In<br />

practice, the new, patented technology<br />

means faster treatment times, and<br />

50 percent less downtime after a<br />

treatment, and the treatment can be<br />

used anywhere on the body.<br />

Diathermocontraction is the<br />

rejuvenation of muscles. Brera's<br />

patented technology is based on<br />

radiofrequency with an exclusive,<br />

patented modulation that allows<br />

endogenous heating (diathermy) while<br />

inducing massive muscle contractions.<br />

The muscular contractions generated<br />

by RF Diathermic Pulse are combined<br />

with the thermic action produced by<br />

the RF Diathermy output creating the<br />

FACESTIM treatment, which promotes<br />

skin tightening, firming and toning.<br />

Jovena creates various possibilities<br />

for multiple skin conditions in all skin<br />

types thanks to the synergy of these<br />

well-known patented technologies. The<br />

combination achieves neo-collagenesis<br />

and skin resurfacing through selective<br />

heating and also restores and<br />

rejuvenates the muscles through deep<br />

RF diathermocontraction.<br />

Jovena is the first device that targets<br />

simultaneously muscles, dermis<br />

and epidermis achieving a full face<br />

harmonisation.<br />

What advantages does<br />

Jovena provide to clinics?<br />

And to patients?<br />

Jovena offers multi-layer treatment<br />

options for full skin regeneration by<br />

combining Brera's new technologies<br />

for skin resurfacing, décolletagé,<br />

revitalisation, muscle toning, and<br />

minimally invasive micro-surgery.<br />

The all-in-one device allows anti-aging<br />

professionals to provide superior<br />

results for patients in less time and with<br />

shorter recovery periods.<br />

Combining more than one non-invasive<br />

technique allows also tailoring specific<br />

treatment protocols to every patient<br />

with shorter downtime and no pain,<br />

minimising the side effects while<br />

optimising the results. The goal is to<br />

achieve a better patient experience<br />

with less pain.<br />

With Jovena’s Fractional Plasma, larger<br />

areas can be treated in a controlled,<br />

quick, and efficient way, reducing the<br />

time of the session and downtime.<br />

With Jovena’s FACESTIM treatment,<br />

the patient can enjoy a facial workout<br />

of the muscles while preserving<br />

the outstanding comfort during the<br />

treatment session, making this a great<br />

tool for clinics to perform treatments all<br />

year long.<br />

It is the first time that a device can<br />

generate heat simultaneously with<br />

deep muscle contractions, until now all<br />

the techniques were mainly focused on<br />

the dermis and epidermis.<br />

For years, Brera Medical understood<br />

that the muscles are the basis of<br />

the body, and that their stimulation<br />

brings healthier tissue and better facial<br />

harmonization.<br />

For more information on Jovena, visit<br />

advancedcosmeceuticals.com.au<br />

Healite II LLLT Engineering<br />

When it comes to skin rejuvenation,<br />

Lutronic Healite II healing therapy<br />

delivers an array of exciting options<br />

across a diverse range of treatment<br />

options, using incident light to<br />

photomodulate cellular function and<br />

help subside active acne, as well as<br />

improve healing times and relieve<br />

pain.<br />

The true science of LED Phototherapy<br />

sees Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT)<br />

deliver ideal wavelengths which are<br />

powerful enough to penetrate deep<br />

where needed. With the ability to<br />

work at a subcellular, cellular and<br />

tissue level, this can work alone or as<br />

an adjunctive therapy, and be used to<br />

treat multiple indications.<br />

Low Level Light Therapy<br />

Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) with<br />

Healite II is the therapeutic use of light<br />

emitting diode (LED) light to enhance<br />

the body’s natural cellular recovery.<br />

Improving healing times, relieving pain,<br />

subsiding actrive acne and promoting<br />

skin rejuvenation are among the<br />

treatment focus areas covered. This<br />

pain free and non-invasive treatment<br />

delivers concentrated energy deep<br />

into the tissues, affecting the body<br />

at a cellular level. LLLT is painless,<br />

non-invasive, risk free and safe and<br />

effective for all skin types.<br />

How Healite II works<br />

The deep penetrating LED lights are<br />

soothing, targeting deep into skin cells<br />

to heighten their internal functions,<br />

photo-simulate dermal blood flow and<br />

induce faster healing, decrease pain,<br />

reduce acne and more.<br />

Offering an adjustable head for<br />

large coverage or focused intensity,<br />

the flexible arm can adjust to your<br />

treatment area.<br />

Optical Lens Array Technology (OLAT)<br />

uses collimation optics which harnesses<br />

and delivers the healing energy of 1800<br />

new generation LEDs. This achieves<br />

concentrated therapeutic photon<br />

intensities in the cells and organelles of<br />

the target tissue, thus maximising the<br />

therapeutic outcome. OLAT improves<br />

the efficiency and enhances the efficacy<br />

of LED phototherapy.<br />

Photo-Sequencing<br />

Technology (PST)<br />

Treatment starts with pre-emptive microlow<br />

level light therapy (μ-LLLT) with<br />

590nm for 60 seconds followed by the<br />

continuous delivery of 830nm in order to<br />

pre-condition epidermis and enhance the<br />

dermal tissue interaction by 830nm.<br />

Backed by clinical efficacy and clinical<br />

studies, Lutronic Healite II is a highperformance<br />

LED (Light Emitting Diode),<br />

LLLT (Low-Level Light Therapy) system<br />

designed to enhance aesthetic treatment<br />

results and reduce the associated patient<br />

downtime.<br />

For more information visit<br />

lutronicaustralia.com<br />

46<br />

46 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Treatment<br />



Fall in Love with<br />

We all have an awareness of the damage that sun can cause<br />

to skin, especially during the summer months. As we move<br />

into autumn, it's the perfect time to offer your clients some<br />

post-summer IPL or laser treatments that will help undo that<br />

damage, and leave them feeling confident and beautiful.<br />

Whether your clients are dealing with pigmentation, sunspots,<br />

fine lines, or dehydrated skin, these next-level treatments are<br />

the perfect solution. And the best part? There's little to no<br />

downtime required, so clients can get back to their busy lives<br />

without missing a beat.<br />

2. LUMINA®| ResurFACE Fractional Laser<br />

Give your clients the ultimate anti-aging treatment with<br />

the Lyntons LUMINA®| ResurFACE Fractional Laser. This<br />

gold standard in laser technology allows clients to achieve<br />

a smooth and youthful appearance by stimulating natural<br />

renewal of collagen, giving natural-looking results with little to<br />

no downtime.<br />

1. illumiFacial®<br />

Enhance your client’s natural ‘filter’ and brighten their skin with<br />

an illumiFacial® treatment which can stimulate collagen, reduce<br />

general redness, rid thread veins, clear sunspots and sun<br />

damage. All resulting in fresh, illuminated and flawless-looking<br />

‘airbrushed’ skin.<br />

This amazing facial combines a unique Tri-Fruit Acid Peel and<br />

a medical-grade Lynton IPL treatment in one. Post-peel, your<br />

client’s skin will be at its optimum condition for the application<br />

of the award-winning Lynton Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)<br />

treatment.<br />

The illumiFacial® is perfect if your clients are looking for that<br />

flawless #FilterFree look. This effect will continue to provide<br />

further enhancements long after their initial treatment, helping<br />

the skin feel and look its best.<br />

Fractional laser works by passing through the top layer of<br />

skin like light through glass, reaching into the dermis below<br />

to create hundreds of thousands of microscopically small<br />

holes that are invisible to the human eye. This stimulates the<br />

body’s wound-healing response, stimulating new collagen<br />

production and the replacement of damaged skin with new<br />

healthier, tighter skin.<br />

LUMINA®| ResurFACE Fractional Laser is a highly effective and<br />

safe treatment, suitable for all skin types, so everyone can<br />

enjoy the benefits for this amazing treatment. Not only does<br />

this rejuvenation treatment target specific skin concerns, but<br />

is also the perfect healthy skin maintenance treatment.<br />

Of course, as with any skincare treatment, it's important<br />

to have ongoing support and training to be able to provide<br />

your clients with the best possible treatments. House of<br />

Camille has teamed up with the best in the business; <strong>NZ</strong><br />

Laser Training and is offering a complete training and support<br />

package with all Lynton Laser and IPL Systems.<br />

If you’re searching for advanced technology for your clinic that<br />

not only delivers exceptional results but a significant return<br />

on investment, contact the House of Camille Team to discuss<br />

incorporating Lynton Laser & IPL systems into your business.<br />

sales@houseofcamille.co.nz or 0800 406 416.<br />

www.houseofcamille.co.nz<br />

0800 406 416<br />

48 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

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Brand PROFILE<br />

The power<br />

of<br />

WiQo ONE Lifting &<br />

Brightening Programme<br />

A revolution in needle-free<br />

biorevitalisation, WiQo’s state-of-the-art<br />

lifting and brightening programme helps<br />

stimulate the skin’s natural revitalisation<br />

processes for visibly firmer, brighter and<br />

smoother skin.<br />

WiQo ONE takes a multi-layer approach<br />

to skin treatments, combining its<br />

exclusive, patent-pending formulation<br />

applied in-clinic, with a complementary<br />

home care protocol to deliver immediate<br />

and progressive results with minimal<br />

downtime.<br />

Suitable for all ages and skin types, WiQo<br />

ONE can be used year-round on both the<br />

face and body.<br />

The unique formulation ensures the<br />

treatment is non-aggressive on the<br />

epidermal layers, so no frosting is<br />

caused. Due to the efficacy in helping<br />

activate the skin’s own revitalisation<br />

processes, WiQo One is an ideal primer<br />

for other aesthetic treatments. Used in<br />

combination with procedures such as<br />

mesotherapy, fillers, threads, physical<br />

stimulation devices, PRP, etc it acts in<br />

synergy, enhancing the results of the<br />

ensuing treatment.<br />

WiQo<br />

This 3-step approach combines an<br />

exclusive, patent-pending formulation<br />

applied in-clinic with a complementary<br />

home care protocol to deliver immediate<br />

and progressive results with minimal<br />

downtime.<br />

WiQo ONE 3-Step<br />

Programme<br />

Step One: Activate Stimulation<br />

In-clinic treatment that helps boost the<br />

skin’s natural deep revitalisation process.<br />

This exclusive and innovative product is<br />

applied topically with a specific massage<br />

technique, providing an immediate lifting<br />

and brightening action on the skin. The<br />

weekly treatment, applied with a specific<br />

application technique to optimise<br />

percutaneous absorption, provides<br />

prolonged results after a full course of<br />

five sessions.<br />

Step Two: Nourish & Protect<br />

The WiQo Nourishing and Moisturising<br />

Face Cream for Dry Skin is applied<br />

liberally to the treated area to prevent<br />

dryness and help soothe the appearance<br />

of temporary redness.<br />

Step Three: Continue Stimulation<br />

The home treatment protocol combines<br />

WiQo Nourishing and Moisturising Face<br />

Cream with WiQo Smoothing Face Fluid,<br />

which contains low pH glycolic acid in<br />

a formula that is well tolerated by the<br />

skin. It works by lowering the pH of the<br />

skin causing it to perform a “natural<br />

exercise” to bring it back to its natural<br />

physiological state. By stimulating the<br />

skin on a daily basis, the restorative<br />

process that began in clinic is continued,<br />

optimising results.<br />

WiQo Cosmeceuticals<br />

WiQo Cosmeceuticals is a specific<br />

home care line designed to<br />

complement WiQo One and other<br />

biorevitalisation treatments to help<br />

maintain the results. Clinically tested,<br />

the range protects and nourishes the<br />

skin, helping reduce visible signs of<br />

ageing.<br />

Products in the WiQo Cosmeceuticals<br />

line have been developed with the<br />

most advanced scientific research,<br />

under the guidance of dermatologists,<br />

to meet skin’s main needs: protection,<br />

prevention and stimulation.<br />

1. Protection from damage caused<br />

by UV radiation, weather, drying, air<br />

pollution and TEWL.<br />

2. Prevention by supplying skin with<br />

nutrients to help restore and maintain<br />

the hydrolipidic film.<br />

3. Stimulation of skin to help it<br />

rejuvenate, maintaining it in optimal<br />

condition, while helping reduce the<br />

appearance of wrinkles and sagging.<br />

WiQo Cosmeceuticals offer high<br />

quality and highly effective products<br />

to meet these three needs. The<br />

application of WiQo’s stimulating<br />

products helps lower the skin’s natural<br />

pH of around 5.5, causing it to perform<br />

a kind of ‘gymnastics’ to bring it back<br />

to its physiological values. As the skin<br />

never gets used to this process, daily<br />

application of these products helps<br />

keep the skin ‘active’ and is suitable for<br />

all skin types and ages.<br />

The range includes WiQo Smoothing<br />

Face Fluid, WiQo Nourishing<br />

and Moisturising Face Cream For<br />

Dry Skin, WiQo Nourishing and<br />

Moisturising Face Cream For Normal<br />

or Combination Skin, WiQo Firming<br />

Anti-Drying Body Cream, WiQo ICP<br />

Cream.<br />

wiqo.com.au<br />



It can be performed by both<br />

aesthetic and medical practitioners<br />

and is a versatile solution with<br />

multiple applications to suit your<br />

clinic's needs.<br />

The most common usage is with<br />

Turtlepin III, a medical grade multi<br />

pin solution delivery device, which<br />

allows The Pink Solution to be<br />

gently stamped on the skin.<br />

This is then followed by the Natural<br />

RX Post Procedure Mask, which<br />

infuses rich hydrating properties to<br />

soothe and calm the skin.<br />

The Pink Treatment helps keep<br />

skin healthy; helping slow down<br />

the ageing process, improve<br />

skin elasticity, encourage skin<br />

regeneration and repair, and<br />

improve tone and texture.<br />

Boasting 56 active ingredients,<br />

The Pink Solution consists of 14<br />

neuropeptides, various growth<br />

factors, 17 essential amino acids,<br />

stem cell culture extract, and 10<br />

types of multivitamins.<br />

For closest stockist or product<br />

information please contact<br />

Pink@youthbeauty.co.nz<br />

Treatment<br />


The Pink Treatment is a professional beauty facial<br />

treatment that harnesses the power of 56 active<br />

ingredients in a potent cocktail serum for the<br />

overall improvement and revitalisation of skin.<br />

50<br />

50 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Ask the Expert<br />

Ask the Expert<br />



What should I know about<br />

sunscreen for Tattoos?<br />

How do I keep my tattoo looking<br />

its best? What should I know about<br />

sunscreen for Tattoos?<br />

A tattoo is art that goes on your body<br />

and like any piece of art, it must be<br />

protected from certain elements.<br />

Unfortunately, one of the biggest<br />

culprits of ruining tattoo ink is the<br />

sun. The sun emits UV rays which can<br />

damage your tattoo.<br />

A new tattoo is an open wound and<br />

exposing it to UV rays can lead to<br />

swelling, blisters, redness, itchiness,<br />

and peeling of the skin. On the other<br />

hand, tattoos can also fade when<br />

exposed to sunlight. This is why you<br />

need to protect them with the help of<br />

sunscreen.<br />

Invest in a good sunscreen product<br />

to protect not only your tattoo but<br />

yourself from skin cancer and multiple<br />

skin problems.<br />

So, what are the best sunscreens for<br />

tattoos? We discuss the best types<br />

of sunscreen you should use for your<br />

tattoos and how you can protect them<br />

from the sun.<br />

How do I protect my<br />

tattoo from the sun?<br />

How you protect your tattoo from the<br />

sun depends on its healing stage. If<br />

it’s very fresh, you should cover it with<br />

bandages and wear loose clothing to<br />

protect it from direct sunlight until it has<br />

fully healed.<br />

However, it would be best never to<br />

expose a fresh tattoo to direct sunlight<br />

because sunburn slows the healing<br />

process. Moreover, second-degree, and<br />

third-degree sunburn can cause severe<br />

blisters leading to permanent scarring<br />

on the tattooed skin.<br />

If you have a fully healed tattoo, it is<br />

okay to expose it to sunlight. However,<br />

it is always a good idea to protect your<br />

tattoos with sunscreen to prevent ink<br />

loss.<br />

Why is it important to<br />

protect your tattoo from<br />

the sun?<br />

Exposing your tattoo to the harmful<br />

rays of the sun can have several adverse<br />

effects on your tattoo. The sun emits<br />

UVA and UVB rays.<br />

UVA rays infiltrate the skin and can<br />

cause a long-lasting effect on the<br />

tattoo. Constant sun exposure to these<br />

rays causes the skin to age faster,<br />

leading to saggy skin, wrinkles, and<br />

fading tattoos.<br />

On the other hand, UVB rays do not<br />

penetrate as deep as the UVA rays<br />

because the ozone layer absorbs them.<br />

However, as the ozone layer is depleting<br />

fast, you are more vulnerable to UVB<br />

rays. Both UVA and UVB rays directly<br />

damage the skin barrier and destroy cell<br />

DNA, leading to different types of skin<br />

cancer.<br />

Since after getting a tattoo, your skin<br />

barrier is temporarily damaged, your<br />

skin is at high risk of getting affected by<br />

UV rays.<br />

What happens if you get a<br />

sunburn on your tattoo?<br />

Depending on the type of ink used<br />

for your tattoo, prolonged exposure<br />

to sunlight can damage your tattoo<br />

permanently. In addition, sunburnt<br />

tattoos can cause several complications<br />

if they are not taken care of.<br />

All types of tattoo ink fade from sun<br />

exposure. However, some inks fade<br />

more quickly than others. For example,<br />

light-colored inks tend to fade faster<br />

than dark-colored inks. White pastel ink<br />

is regarded to fade the fastest, but black<br />

and grey ink can also fade over time if<br />

not adequately protected. Furthermore,<br />

sunburn on old tattoos causes them to<br />

change, scarring your skin permanently.<br />

This is why tattoo aftercare is essential.<br />

Can you put sunscreen on<br />

a new tattoo?<br />

The answer is a resounding NO! New<br />

tattoos should not be exposed to<br />

sunlight until they are fully healed, and<br />

tattoo experts say that putting some<br />

sunscreens on new tattoos can do more<br />

harm than good. Since the top layer<br />

of your skin is wounded by tattooing,<br />

chemicals in some sunscreens can<br />

enter the lower layers of the skin and<br />

cause reactions.<br />

Moreover, freshly tattooed skin needs<br />

oxygen and air to heal, which can be<br />

prevented due by a chemical sunscreen<br />

barrier. So the intelligent decision is to<br />

keep sunscreen and sun rays away from<br />

your new tattoo.<br />

When can you put<br />

sunscreen on a new tattoo?<br />

Experts advise waiting 4 to 6 weeks<br />

before applying any sunscreen on your<br />

tattoo. This time is given for the tattoo<br />

to heal fully, so that the epidermis<br />

recovers to protect the much more<br />

sensitive dermis layer of the skin. Once<br />

the tattoo is fully healed, you should<br />

apply the sunscreen 30 minutes before<br />

going out in the sun.<br />

What is the ideal<br />

SPF rating for tattoo<br />

protection?<br />

Now that we know the effects of the<br />

sun on your tattoo, the million-dollar<br />

question is, ‘what type of sunscreen do<br />

you need’? There are seemingly endless<br />

choices, but the most major one is the<br />

SPF.<br />

Depending on your skin’s type, you<br />

should opt for a sunscreen with SPF<br />

30 or SPF 50. However, if you have<br />

sensitive skin, the best option is to use a<br />

sunscreen that doesn’t irritate your skin.<br />

SPF 30 and SPF 50 are nearly identical in<br />

sun protection: SPF 30 will protect your<br />

skin from 96.7% of UVB rays and SPF<br />

50 sunscreen provides 98% protection<br />

from the sun. As long as you are wearing<br />

SPF 30 you’ll be safe in the sun.<br />

Ensure that you get sunscreen with<br />

broad-spectrum SPF to keep both UVA<br />

and UVB rays away from your tattoo.<br />

Brush On Block offers several mineral<br />

sunscreen products to protect your skin<br />

and tattoo.<br />

What kind of sunscreen is<br />

BEST for tattoos?<br />

Although all sunscreens serve the same<br />

purpose, certain types of sunscreens<br />

are better than others. You can choose<br />

from mineral and chemical sunscreens.<br />

However, the best sunscreen to protect<br />

your skin and your tattoo is mineral<br />

sunscreens. These do not penetrate<br />

your skin and enter your bloodstream as<br />

they only sit on top of your skin to offer<br />

sun protection so people with tattoos<br />

should opt for sunscreens with natural<br />

ingredients and minerals such as zinc<br />

oxide, titanium dioxide.<br />

It would be best if you bought a paraben,<br />

PABA, phthalates, and oxybenzonefree<br />

product. We have taken all this into<br />

account when developing our Brush on<br />

Block sunscreen formulas.<br />

What’s the verdict on<br />

tattoo sun protection?<br />

Sunscreen is good! Yes, there are certain<br />

instances where you shouldn’t use<br />

sunscreen on your tattoo, but overall,<br />

if you want to protect your tattoo and<br />

keep it from getting damaged by sun<br />

exposure, you need to use sunscreen.<br />

If you are looking for a sunscreen to<br />

protect your tattoo and skin, check<br />

out Brush On Block mineral sunscreen<br />

products. The brand has a range of<br />

sunscreen powders and lotions to<br />

choose from and the Brush On Block<br />

products are made of minerals that do<br />

not penetrate the skin and are safe and<br />

healthy for you and the environment.<br />

They are also hypoallergenic and<br />

fragrance-free and contain antioxidants.<br />

Additionally, the sun protection factor<br />

allows you to stay safe from UVA and<br />

UVB rays, keeping your tattoo looking<br />

brand new after a long day in the sun.<br />

Information provided by<br />

houseofcamille.co.nz<br />

52<br />

BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Ask an Expert<br />

Should I use setting<br />

powder after a spray tan?<br />

Ask an Expert<br />

What is a setting powder anyway?<br />

Tan setting powders are specially<br />

formulated powders designed to be<br />

used after a spray tan to help set the<br />

colour and prevent it from transferring<br />

onto clothing or other surfaces. These<br />

setting powders typically contain<br />

ingredients such as talc, cornstarch,<br />

and mica, which help absorb excess<br />

moisture and oil on the skin, and provide<br />

a smooth, matte finish.<br />

These days we recommend avoiding<br />

talc-based products 1 . This makes it<br />

important to check the formula of the<br />

setting powder you are using. As an<br />

example, Azure Tan Drying Powder is<br />

made with Kaolin, Moroccan Lava<br />

Clay and Mica. These ingredients are<br />

noncomedogenic and aren’t on the<br />

‘naughty’ list (unlike talc).<br />

After a spray tan, it’s important to avoid<br />

getting skin wet or sweating for at least<br />

eight hours, to allow the colour to fully<br />

develop.<br />

However, even after the recommended<br />

development time, the colour can still<br />

be prone to rubbing off or transferring<br />

onto clothing or furniture. Using a tan<br />

setting powder can help to minimise this<br />

risk by creating a protective barrier over<br />

the skin.<br />

In addition to helping to set the colour<br />

and prevent transfer, tan setting<br />

powders can also help reduce any shine<br />

or stickiness that may occur after a spray<br />

tan. This can be especially beneficial for<br />

those with oily or combination skin, as<br />

the powder can help control excess oil<br />

and give a more matte finish.<br />

It’s important to note that not all<br />

powders are suitable for use after<br />

a spray tan. Regular face powders<br />

or setting powders may contain<br />

ingredients that can react with the DHA<br />

(dihydroxyacetone) in the spray tan<br />

solution and cause it to turn orange<br />

or uneven. To ensure the best results,<br />

it’s recommended to use a powder<br />

specifically formulated for use after a<br />

spray tan.<br />

We don’t recommend slathering-up<br />

with cornstarch alone. We like Glowdry<br />

(a simple, non-nonsense formula with<br />

four ingredients) and Azure Tan Drying<br />

Powder (our number one pick due to its<br />

added skincare benefits).<br />

How to use a setting<br />

powder with your sunless<br />

clients?<br />

It’s worth noting most modern pro-mist<br />

solutions contain a drying agent such as<br />

alcohol. They will all dry on their own…<br />

eventually. So naturally, setting powder<br />

should be seen as a luxury rather than<br />

a necessity. Some salons charge a little<br />

extra for this step (after all, extra product<br />

is being used). You may like to consider<br />

adding a ‘Deluxe Tan’ to your menu or<br />

simply incorporating setting powder in<br />

your pricing.<br />

with the application before applying<br />

the setting powder<br />

• Shake a small amount of setting<br />

powder into the lid to ensure an even<br />

application<br />

• Using a large, fluffy brush (we like<br />

the Tanbuki), lightly dust the powder<br />

over the entire body, focusing on<br />

areas that are prone to creasing or<br />

rubbing (inner elbows, back of knees<br />

and underarms)<br />

• After applying the powder, gently<br />

buff any excess<br />

• Advise your client to avoid getting<br />

their skin wet or sweating for 1-4<br />

hours after the application to allow<br />

the colour to fully develop. Just<br />

because we’ve applied a setting<br />

powder doesn’t<br />

mean aftercare can<br />

be neglected!<br />

When all is ‘set’ and done – less<br />

tackiness equals less rub off. Less rub off<br />

produces happier clients with streak-free<br />

tans. It’s simply a win for business. So, to<br />

answer the original question: Yes! Why<br />

would you not use a setting powder?<br />

1 IARC. Agents classified by the IARC<br />

Monographs, Volumes 1-112, 2015. Available<br />

online: http://monographs.iarc.fr/ENG/<br />

Classification/ClassificationsAlphaOrder.pdf.<br />

Accessed March 3, <strong>2023</strong>.(The International<br />

Agency for Research on Cancer lists talc<br />

containing asbestos as a human carcinogen<br />

while perineal use of talc is classified as possibly<br />

carcinogenic. Due to the nature of a setting<br />

powder being used on the entire body, we don’t<br />

recommend talc-based setting powder formulas)<br />

Information provided by<br />

cosmetologists.co.nz<br />

Tips for Professional<br />

Spray Tan providers<br />

If you are a professional spray tanner,<br />

here are some general steps to follow<br />

when using a spray tan setting powder<br />

with clients:<br />

• After completing the spray tan<br />

application, ensure you are happy<br />

It’s important to note<br />

that the amount of<br />

powder you use may<br />

vary depending on<br />

the client’s skin type<br />

and the type of spray<br />

tan solution used.<br />

With proper use of<br />

a spray tan setting<br />

powder, you can help<br />

your clients banish<br />

tackiness.<br />

54 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Behind<br />


James Turner:<br />

Cosmetologists <strong>NZ</strong><br />

Sometimes the most unlikely experiences can set our lives on a<br />

completely unexpected career path. Such was the case for James<br />

Turner, ex-salon owner and managing director of Cosmetologists<br />

<strong>NZ</strong>, the New Zealand distributor for some of the world’s leading<br />

beauty brands.<br />

James is renowned for his absolute<br />

passion for the beauty industry,<br />

along with championing professional<br />

products he truly believes in, and<br />

nurturing a team of fellow enthusiasts<br />

and experts around him.<br />

Having opened his own salon in 2013,<br />

James stepped deeper into the industry<br />

when he purchased Cosmetologists in<br />

2018, focusing on distribution, training<br />

and support. His impeccable attention<br />

to detail and focus on the people side<br />

of every aspect of business has<br />

ensured steady growth and solid<br />

partnerships with salons around<br />

New Zealand.<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong><strong>NZ</strong> finds out more:<br />

What your role as<br />

Cosmetologists <strong>NZ</strong><br />

Managing Director<br />

involves?<br />

We are a supplier of beauty, body and<br />

skincare products. I like to say ‘we bring<br />

you the best from around the world’,<br />

which is almost a cliche, but we really<br />

do source brands from all corners and<br />

we’ve literally been around the globe to<br />

find them. Also important is our postgrad<br />

training - we’ve worked with<br />

thousands of New Zealand<br />

salons, spas and beauty<br />

professionals since<br />

conception. I oversee<br />

day to day operations,<br />

marketing,<br />

new product<br />

development,<br />

coffee-making<br />

and everything in<br />

between.<br />

I’m privileged to<br />

work with beauty<br />

professionals across New<br />

Zealand and the world.<br />

We import and distribute our<br />

brands Tuel, Berodin, DermaplanePro,<br />

Azure Tan in New Zealand, as well<br />

as providing all the other items like<br />

tints and consumables. Personally, I<br />

focus on marketing, brand-building<br />

and operations at Cosmetologists. I<br />

have personal relationships with the<br />

people making these products, so part<br />

of my role is sharing the story behind<br />

each brand. Chances are, if I sell you<br />

something, I’ve had a coffee (or wine)<br />

with the person behind it.<br />

Background on how you<br />

first got involved in the<br />

industry?<br />

I was working as a lighting operator<br />

for a stage show and they (somewhat<br />

stereotypically) assumed I knew how<br />

to do stage makeup too! One night I<br />

was roped in to fill in as assistant MUA.<br />

I managed to do an ok job, enjoyed<br />

it, and the rest is history! I went and<br />

trained, before eventually opening my<br />

own salon in 2013. My approach was<br />

more glam and rock ’n’ roll and my gosh,<br />

did we quickly become a destination<br />

in our area. We expanded our services<br />

and clientele rapidly. I learnt a lot of the<br />

business aspect ‘on the job’, having the<br />

privilege to work with some amazingly<br />

talented beauty therapists. At our<br />

height I had five full-time staff and<br />

was able to leave the salon a few days<br />

a week and work on IT projects. That<br />

kind of financial stability and balance<br />

many salon owners today struggle to<br />

achieve. Back then, in true humble-Kiwi<br />

fashion, I would have said business<br />

was doing ‘ok’. Looking back today, we<br />

were killing it! When the opportunity<br />

came to buy Cosmetologists in 2018 (a<br />

company I had worked with previously)<br />

I took it. That journey led me to sell my<br />

salon after seven years and focus on<br />

wholesale.<br />

Do you have any formal<br />

qualifications?<br />

What are other career<br />

paths you have followed?<br />

I’ve been a lighting designer and web<br />

developer (I still retain a handful of<br />

clients) and IT consultant.<br />

Where you now live and<br />

an insight into your<br />

lifestyle?<br />

I live in Hunua with my partner, several<br />

hundred house plants and our dog<br />

Ruby. Basically, we’re in the middle<br />

of nowhere - the kind of location<br />

where you need a 4x4 to get down<br />

the driveway and there’s no need for<br />

curtains because the neighbours are all<br />

paddocks away.<br />

My home life is a stark contrast to the<br />

well-manicured beauty industry. As I<br />

type this, I’m watching a cow attempt to<br />

chew on a flax bush and there’s a tractor<br />

parked in the driveway.<br />

Behind<br />

focus<br />


What keeps you inspired<br />

about the beauty industry?<br />

The industry moves so fast. New<br />

ingredients, trends and regulations,<br />

along with new science keeps us on our<br />

toes. <strong>Beauty</strong> requires innovation and<br />

forward thinking. My biggest inspiration<br />

comes from my overseas counterparts<br />

and we have a mutual respect for each<br />

others skillsets. I’m fortunate to also<br />

work with some amazing humans in our<br />

own office. My trainers are relentless in<br />

finding new, improved and ‘better’ ways<br />

to do things. My team bring dedication<br />

and passion to our workplace. Coming<br />

to work each day is never a chore (until<br />

the coffee runs out).<br />

What products/<br />

treatments are you loving<br />

right now and why:<br />

We have a skin booster called Intensify<br />

based on Niacinamide (B3). One of the<br />

trendier ingredients of late, I challenged<br />

myself to work with it more this year.<br />

At the rate I’m going, you may need to<br />

look out for my next book, “100 Ways<br />

with Niacinamide”! I am adding this<br />

to almost everything at the moment -<br />

cleansers, masks, body creams.<br />

There’s also a new brow tinting system<br />

I can’t talk about yet - I have prototypes<br />

from my manufacturer - I’m obsessed.<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> products you can’t<br />

live without and why?<br />

My Tuel Deep Pore Cleansing Duo,<br />

Blemish Control Gel and Power Peel. I<br />

owe the best skin of my life to this trio.<br />

(Possibly also botox. But Shhh!)<br />

Cosmetologists is a member of the<br />

<strong>NZ</strong>ARBP.<br />

I also try and get out of the office and<br />

visit customers/suppliers/our partner<br />

schools in between espresso and<br />

meetings.<br />

Makeup & <strong>Beauty</strong> and soon to be<br />

Cosmetic Chemistry (whenever I find<br />

time to finish that one).<br />

56 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


58<br />

Behind<br />


Annemarie Mason:<br />

Annemarie Mason is rarely one to shy<br />

away from a challenge. The hardworking<br />

business owner has proudly<br />

grown Kiara Cosmetics from a onewoman<br />

band to a thriving business with<br />

an equally dedicated team working with<br />

salons around New Zealand.<br />

Kiara Cosmetics is the New Zealand<br />

distributor of RevitaLash Cosmetics;<br />

a highly respected brand worldwide.<br />

Alongside this Annemarie and her team<br />

are involved in many fundraising and<br />

support events on behalf of RevitaLash<br />

and Kiara Cosmetics.<br />

“At the heart of Kiara Cosmetics are<br />

three main values that we live by:<br />

Togetherness, Raising the Bar, and<br />

Sharing The Love.<br />

“One of the many ways my team lives<br />

these values is our annual Eat Drink Pink<br />

Fundraiser, bringing our community<br />

together to raise money for Pinc and<br />

Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Foundation.<br />

“This is a charity very dear to my heart<br />

personally as well as professionally,<br />

having witnessed first-hand the<br />

phenomenal difference their programs<br />

make to everyone who attends.”<br />

Based in Auckland with her partner and<br />

2-year-old daughter Kaia, Annemarie’s<br />

home is surrounded by native bush and<br />

offers the space for a family home, as<br />

well as space to run her business.<br />

“When Kiara Cosmetics first launched,<br />

I handled everything from managing<br />

accounts to providing customer service,<br />

maintaining the website, and marketing<br />

with old-school paint (which my team<br />

still tease me about!) racing home from<br />

meetings to pick and pack orders and<br />

dropping them off to the post office<br />

daily.<br />

“As demand grew, I knew I needed to<br />

expand my team to keep up. Although<br />

the thought of hiring a team terrified<br />

me, it turned out to be the best decision<br />

I could have made.<br />

“We now have an incredible team of six<br />

individuals who are as passionate about<br />

providing the best possible customer<br />

experience as I am. I’m immensely proud<br />

of our growth over the years and the<br />

ability to now give back year on year.<br />

Kiara Cosmetics<br />

Being named a finalist<br />

twice for Best Emerging<br />

Business at the Westpac<br />

Business Awards in 2019<br />

and 2021 is a testament<br />

to the dedication and<br />

hard work of our team.<br />

We look forward to<br />

continuing to evolve<br />

and make a positive<br />

impact in the beauty<br />

industry.<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong><strong>NZ</strong> finds out more:<br />

Q.What sets RevitaLash apart?<br />

A. RevitaLash Cosmetics was<br />

developed by an ophthalmologist,<br />

Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff, who was<br />

inspired to create the product as<br />

a gift for his wife, Gayle to restore<br />

her lashes back to health after<br />

her battle with breast cancer. As a<br />

physician-led brand, all RevitaLash<br />

Cosmetics products are safe and<br />

thoughtfully made. Philanthropy<br />

is in the DNA of what they do.<br />

RevitaLash Cosmetics honours<br />

the courage and strength of our<br />

co-founder, Gayle Brinkenhoff,<br />

and that of women everywhere,<br />

by supporting Breast Cancer<br />

awareness, research and<br />

education initiatives year-round,<br />

not just in October.<br />

Q.Why you are passionate about<br />

this industry?<br />

A. I love that our industry has the<br />

power to boost people's selfconfidence<br />

by helping them not<br />

only look but also feel their best.<br />

Q.Products worth raving about and<br />

why?<br />

A. To help with my skin issues<br />

last year one of my staff<br />

recommended I try Advanced<br />

Nutrition Program Skin Accumax.<br />

Previously, I relied on an oral<br />

contraceptive pill to control<br />

my acne, which only masked<br />

underlying issues and caused<br />

huge breakouts whenever I<br />

stopped taking it. After taking<br />

Skin Accumax, I was able to<br />

stop taking the pill and did not<br />

experience ANY breakouts. Skin<br />

Accumax has been life-changing<br />

for me and I highly recommend it<br />

to anyone who is struggling with<br />

acne.<br />

jane iredale Mineral Makeup is<br />

an absolute fave. I love that it<br />

provides SPF cover and also<br />

allows your skin to breathe while<br />

looking flawless.<br />

From the RevitaLash Cosmetics<br />

range: RevitaLash Cosmetics<br />

Double Ended Volume Set<br />

(Primer & Mascara) because<br />

it’s packed with peptides and<br />

vitamins to nourish lashes, the<br />

gel formula is really the best<br />

mascara ever. I’m also obsessed<br />

with our underdogs that don’t get<br />

enough recognition: RevitaLash<br />

Cosmetics Thickening Shampoo<br />

and Thickening Conditioner -<br />

absolute game changers for thin<br />

hair. My hair never used to hold<br />

a curl prior to using these two<br />

phenomenal products. I’ve used<br />

them for years now and I will<br />

never change.<br />

Q.What you thought you would<br />

do a career when you were at<br />

school?<br />

A. I always had an interest in<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> Therapy but never really<br />

considered it as a career. When<br />

I was 18 I was helping out as a<br />

training model while doctors<br />

and nurses were being trained<br />

in IPL. I had a face full of freckles<br />

and acne and I was listening to<br />

the trainer explain that it could<br />

help remove pigmentation and<br />

scarring and it really intrigued<br />

me. After the training I was super<br />

inspired and a year later started<br />

my year-long course at Elite<br />

International School of <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

and Spa Therapies in Albany.<br />

Q.How do you treat/pamper<br />

yourself?<br />

A. Since becoming a mum I have a<br />

new appreciation for a long, hot<br />

bubble bath with a few drops of<br />

lavender or a Lush twilight bath<br />

bomb, a DIY facial at home using<br />

an Esthemax Collagen Sheet<br />

Mask and settling down with a<br />

good book. I also love a good<br />

deep tissue or hot stone massage<br />

but it’s very rare I will book one in<br />

for myself.<br />

58 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION 59<br />

Behind<br />


Q.Your go-to products for skincare?<br />

A. The only cleanser I’ll ever use on<br />

my lash extensions is RevitaLash<br />

Cosmetics Micellar Water Lash<br />

Wash! For my face I use the<br />

mesoesthetics skincare range. I<br />

had a Cosmelan peel a couple of<br />

months ago and I’ve been loving<br />

the aftercare products.<br />

Q.Your go to makeup look for every<br />

day and products?<br />

A. Lockdown really did simplify my<br />

makeup routine. For an everyday<br />

look I use jane iredale pressed<br />

base and blush, RevitaLash<br />

Cosmetics mascara, brow gel and<br />

brow pencil, and a little Hurraw<br />

Tinted Lip Balm to finish.<br />

Q.Something people might be<br />

surprised to know about you?<br />

A. Sadly, I have no hidden talents<br />

to share but I do love a little<br />

adrenaline rush; I’ve skydived,<br />

jumped off the Sky Tower,<br />

abseiled over 100m into Waitomo<br />

Caves and hold the record in<br />

my relationship for catching the<br />

biggest snapper.<br />

Kiara Cosmetics is a member of the<br />


Women<br />


Women<br />


Reflexology:<br />

Karen Philipsen Brown<br />

There’s a sense of joy that unconsciously accompanies Karen Philipsen Brown through life. The professional reflexologist<br />

(and president of Reflexology New Zealand) brings decades of experience to her reflexology role and is set on helping<br />

people put their best foot forward (literally) in life.<br />

As a second generation reflexologist, Karen follows in her mum’s footsteps (Cobi Philipsen), who was a Dutch woman living<br />

in Scotland, and highly sought after for her reflexology skills with everyone from locals to premier athletes.<br />

While Karen’s original passion was sparked purely through the opportunity to connect with and help others on their walk<br />

through life, these days she is based in the Waikato where she runs her own business, Healing Ways, with a focus around<br />

reflexology, but also massage and encouraging people to embrace happiness and freedom (courses offered include dance as<br />

movement medicine and laughter yoga).<br />

Q. A.<br />

Q.<br />

A.<br />

What is reflexology?<br />

Reflexology is a hands on therapy<br />

with the principal understanding<br />

that there are reflex points on the<br />

feet, hands and ears that relate to<br />

all organs, glands and parts of the<br />

body. By the application of pressure<br />

to these reflexes using gentle<br />

thumb/finger movements the<br />

body’s function may be influenced.<br />

What<br />

Q. initially sparked your interest<br />

in reflexology and why?<br />

Q. A.<br />

I have always been interested in<br />

complementary therapies and<br />

prevention rather than cure. My first<br />

stop if my body needed attention<br />

was a naturopath. In the early<br />

80’s my mum became a part time<br />

reflexologist and later full time. She<br />

achieved some amazing results<br />

and all walks of life came to see<br />

her from afar from Premier League<br />

Footballers to the wee wifey next<br />

door. I loved how so many people<br />

sought my mum out – she was a<br />

legend in her own right in the 80’s<br />

and 90’s.<br />

What made you decide to pursue it<br />

as a career?<br />

Seeing how well people responded<br />

to hands on touch therapies. So<br />

many individuals are looking for<br />

more than a quick fix to cover<br />

symptoms, and want to really get<br />

to the bottom of why they are<br />

ailing or are stressed. Watching<br />

people become healthier, make<br />

better choices and achieve more life<br />

balance really lights me up. I am my<br />

client’s cheerleader, answer buddy<br />

and coach, with hands on soothing<br />

alongside..<br />

Q.<br />

A.<br />

Q. Where did you train?<br />

Q.<br />

A.<br />

Q. A.<br />

I trained with the Bailey School of<br />

Reflexology in the UK and became<br />

a member of the British Reflexology<br />

Association, almost 25 years ago. I<br />

am also qualified in massage, reiki<br />

and aura soma (colour therapy).<br />

Why do you think associations<br />

like Reflexology New Zealand are<br />

important?<br />

Reflexology New Zealand is the<br />

only governing body for reflexology<br />

in the country. It gives clients the<br />

reassurance that by choosing a<br />

professional R<strong>NZ</strong> reflexologist they<br />

are working with a properly trained<br />

and insured therapist. There is also a<br />

lot of importance placed on continual<br />

professional development within the<br />

organisation, which includes giving<br />

and receiving reflexology treatments<br />

with other reflexologists.<br />

Reflexology <strong>NZ</strong> is the National<br />

Reflexology Association for<br />

Professional Reflexologists in New<br />

Zealand and operates as a non-profit,<br />

non-political, professional body to<br />

support its members.<br />

When a practitioner applies for<br />

professional membership, their<br />

qualifications are examined and<br />

accreditation certificates iissued<br />

when they meet the education<br />

standards.<br />

What aspect of reflexology do you<br />

enjoy the most?<br />

I just love that every part of the<br />

foot, hands or ears or face relate<br />

to all parts of the body and you<br />

can often feel when something is<br />

Q. A.<br />

Q. A.<br />

Q. A.<br />

not in homeostasis (balance). It is<br />

also possible to work with different<br />

systems and feel imbalance in the<br />

feet that corresponds to systems<br />

within the body such as respiratory or<br />

cardiovascular. .<br />

What are three things you wish<br />

everyone knew about reflexology?<br />

All feet are welcome from day<br />

0 to age 120. It is a wonderful<br />

treatment for all. No feet are ugly<br />

– they represent a story of your life<br />

and health. Getting a Reflexology<br />

Treatment is like getting a Warrant of<br />

Fitness – it checks out most areas of<br />

your life and imbalances that present<br />

at that time. It should be noted that<br />

reflexologists cannot and must not<br />

diagnose any condition presenting.<br />

Some ways reflexology can help<br />

which people may not realise?<br />

Ear Points. You can continue doing<br />

self-help by pressing pain points in<br />

the ears, working your hands and if<br />

you can reach them, your feet.<br />

Why self-care is more important<br />

than ever post-Covid?<br />

Waiting times are longer in healthcare<br />

both at GP’s and for hospital care.<br />

This leaves people more vulnerable<br />

which can play on their mental<br />

health. By taking some action,<br />

whether it is reflexology or other<br />

natural therapy as a ‘not instead of’,<br />

but as something whilst you are<br />

waiting, may help ease discomfort,<br />

stress and anxiety.<br />

It really is up to individuals to be<br />

preventative as best they can, look<br />

after their diet, stay hydrated keep<br />

active and breathe properly. Much of<br />

what I recommend to my clients is<br />

to breathe, drink water and exercise<br />

(walk). All relatively free and thus<br />

many of it never seems to gain<br />

priority.<br />

REFLEXOLOGY.<strong>NZ</strong><br />

HEALINGWAYS.CO.<strong>NZ</strong><br />

60<br />

60 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Business<br />

BITES<br />

Business BITES<br />

Formulating a<br />

Business Plan<br />

Business Plans are like road maps; it<br />

is possible to travel without one, but<br />

it will only increase the likelihood of<br />

getting lost along the way.<br />

Rather than putting yourself in<br />

the position where you have to<br />

stop or circle back and start over,<br />

entrepreneurs often use business plans<br />

to help guide them.<br />

This is because having a business<br />

plan will help the salon owner to see<br />

the bigger picture, plan ahead, make<br />

important decisions, and improve the<br />

overall likelihood of success.<br />

The Importance of a<br />

Business Plan<br />

A well-written business plan is an<br />

important tool because it gives the<br />

business owner the ability to lay out<br />

their goals and track their progress<br />

as the business continues to grow.<br />

Formulating a business plan should be<br />

the first thing done when starting a<br />

new business and is always necessary<br />

for attracting investors.<br />

The primary importance of a business<br />

plan is to help the business owner make<br />

better decisions, as it can determine<br />

the answer to some of the most critical<br />

business decisions ahead of time.<br />

The practise of writing the business<br />

plan annually helps the salon owner<br />

to articulate their vision in realistic<br />

terms and better determine if there are<br />

any gaps in the strategy for business<br />

growth.<br />

The discipline of writing and updating<br />

your salon business plan is also to<br />

avoid making big and costly mistakes,<br />

as every section of a business plan can<br />

help spot some of those potentially<br />

critical mistakes before they arise.<br />

Many salon businesses are created out<br />

of passion and while passion can be a<br />

great motivator, it is not a guarantee<br />

of long-term success. Planning how to<br />

turn that vision into a successful salon<br />

business is an important step between<br />

concept and reality. Your business plan<br />

can help to confirm that your idea also<br />

makes business sense.<br />

By<br />

Brenda James<br />

Liz McKeon is a beauty business<br />

expert who has helped<br />

thousands of business owners<br />

maximise their profits. Liz is the<br />

Founder of the International<br />

Salon Business School, an<br />

internationally renowned Salon<br />

Expert, bestselling author,<br />

speaker, salon coach and<br />

trainer and recently received<br />

the perpetual All Stars Thought<br />

Leader Award in Empowering<br />

Female Entrepreneurs.<br />

Lizmckeon.com<br />

Your business plan can help to keep you<br />

accountable to your long-term vision<br />

and strategy. Sharing your vision also<br />

helps to ensure that all staff members<br />

are aligned with what you are doing and<br />

share the same understanding of your<br />

salon objectives.<br />

Having a business plan in place allows<br />

you to easily share relevant sections<br />

with those you rely on to support the<br />

salon, such as external professionals<br />

like your accountant, marketing<br />

freelancers and mentors.<br />

If you need to secure outside financing,<br />

such as from a bank or are ever<br />

considering selling your salon in the<br />

future, you have to be able to prove<br />

that your business is viable in the longrun:<br />

your business plan is the most<br />

effective way of demonstrating this.<br />

BITES 63<br />

Entrepreneurship is a risky business,<br />

but that risk becomes significantly<br />

more manageable once tested against<br />

a well crafted business plan. Having<br />

to draw up revenue and expense<br />

projections, devising operational plans<br />

and understanding your market can all<br />

help reduce the risk factors of being a<br />

small business owner.<br />

Approach your business plan as a living,<br />

breathing document. Ideally, create a<br />

master business plan, that is kept up to<br />

date, based on your salon’s activity. You<br />

can then tailor that plan to a specific<br />

request of need without having to<br />

recreate from scratch again.<br />

Once you have a grasp on the “why”<br />

behind business plans, you can<br />

confidently move forward with creating<br />

your own.<br />

Executive Summary<br />

The one universal aspect for every<br />

plan is the inclusion of an executive<br />

summary, which is your document’s<br />

introduction to the reader, so be sure it<br />

is well-constructed.<br />

Start out with a compelling summary.<br />

Service and Product<br />

Information<br />

In this section, details what your<br />

salon does, including the services<br />

you provide and the products for sale.<br />

Include details about how your salon is<br />

a benefit to clients, your unique selling<br />

proposition and what is your company’s<br />

market advantage.<br />

Market and Sales Plan<br />

Within your business plan, you<br />

should convey a grasp of your target<br />

demographics and how to reach them.<br />

Include key points such as, how to<br />

price your services, how to promote to<br />

clients, how you plan to keep clients<br />

and grow your market share.<br />

Financials<br />

The best financial plans will include the<br />

following tasks:<br />

• Financial forecast<br />

• Income statement<br />

• Balance Sheet<br />

• Cash flow statement<br />

• Capital expense expectations<br />

• Current monetary health of your<br />

business and what future success<br />

may look like<br />

The more comprehensive your financial<br />

data, the better.<br />

Writing a business plan can go a long<br />

way in help you better understand<br />

your competition and the market place<br />

you are operating in, demonstrating<br />

customer trends, potential business<br />

disruptions and other insights that<br />

aren’t always plainly visible.<br />

Business Overview<br />

The second section includes the<br />

background and history of your<br />

salon. If your business has a mission<br />

statement, include it in this section.<br />

62<br />

BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Business BITES<br />

Salon/Organisational<br />

Team<br />

Your team is an extension of your<br />

company bio. The goal is to clearly<br />

define your company’s hierarchy and<br />

the key players at the top.<br />

Include details about your salon’s<br />

management style.<br />

These may consist of the following:<br />

• Contracts of legal documents<br />

• References<br />

• Permits of licenses<br />

• Product images<br />

• Organisational charts<br />

The Basic Blue<br />

Behind<br />



Company culture is a useful section<br />

in today’s business climate. Placing<br />

importance on this in your business<br />

plan will set your document apart from<br />

others.<br />

This is also a good section to detail any<br />

personnel plans or upcoming changes.<br />

Appendix<br />

In creating a comprehensive, plan,<br />

you may need to include supporting<br />

documentation. The appendix helps<br />

organise requested information that<br />

didn’t fit within your primary document.<br />

• Detailed financial reports<br />

Funding Request<br />

For start-ups, or established salons,<br />

seeking investment, you will need<br />

to include a dedicated section that<br />

outlines the request. Specify the type<br />

of funding, how you will use the funds<br />

and over what timeframe.<br />

Whether starting off, or securing<br />

funding, clarifying your goals or getting<br />

your team on the same page, business<br />

plans are invaluable for providing a<br />

pathway to salon success.<br />

Develop a plan that serves you, your<br />

salons and its future growth. Keep it up<br />

to date and focused on the elements<br />

vital to your success, including where<br />

you’ve been, where you want your<br />

business to go and how you plan to get<br />

there.<br />

Finally, a great business plan doesn’t<br />

need to be expertly written to be<br />

effective, but is should be written so<br />

you can expertly execute it.<br />

New Zealand registered nurse Selene<br />

Nguyen left her birth country of<br />

Vietnam aged 16 to complete her<br />

secondary school studies in New<br />

Zealand. After working two jobs to put<br />

herself through University and pursue<br />

her nursing career, she has worked in<br />

healthcare for almost a decade.<br />

While her hardworking hands care for<br />

and support people every day as part of<br />

her role in the aged care sector, frequent<br />

washing and sanitising caused her hands<br />

to become dry, chapped and irritated (a<br />

common concern with those working in<br />

the industry).<br />

Although there are a number of<br />

products available to help, many are<br />

heavy greasy formulations which can<br />

leave hands slippery, making it hard<br />

to perform parts of the job which<br />

require delicate precision. After trying<br />

everything she could (literally) get her<br />

hands on, Selene set about creating her<br />

own product, looking for something<br />

naturally derived and fragrance free,<br />

which could also provide the relief and<br />

care needed for hard working hands.<br />

The journey led to explorations of<br />

New Zealand native ingredients, which<br />

Selene has always been fascinated<br />

by, particularly for medicinal uses.<br />

The result is The Basic Blue Harakeke<br />

Soothing Hand Lotion.<br />

Light-weight, fast-absorbing, ultrahydrating<br />

and non-greasy, this fragrancefree<br />

formula provides intense hydration<br />

and nourishment to keep hands soft.<br />

Made from all-natural ingredients here<br />

in New Zealand, the vegan, fragrancefree<br />

formulation is ideal for sensitive<br />

skin and everyday use.<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong><strong>NZ</strong> finds out more from founder<br />

Selene Nguyen:<br />

What were some of the greatest<br />

challenges/hurdles along the way?<br />

Great things don’t happen overnight.<br />

It took around two years (and a lot<br />

of learning) to develop and perfect<br />

the product. My background in<br />

healthcare meant I already had some<br />

of the knowledge and skills I needed.<br />

However, I wanted to get this right, so<br />

I also enrolled in study and graduated<br />

with a Diploma in Natural Skincare<br />

Formulation.<br />

Even from a business perspective, I had<br />

a lot to learn; from creating packaging<br />

labels to putting together my website,<br />

there was a steep learning curve. This<br />

entire process took time and dedication<br />

but coming away with a product that I<br />

can truly stand by has been more than<br />

worth it.<br />

What prompted you to explore<br />

Harakeke Leaf as a key ingredient?<br />

As someone who understands the<br />

impact that chemicals can have on the<br />

skin, I was drawn to safe and effective<br />

natural alternatives. The harakeke plant<br />

encapsulates a beautiful message in<br />

Te Ao Maori that speaks to the role<br />

we all play in nurturing and caring for<br />

future generations. The idea that our<br />

future success depends on how we care<br />

for ourselves today is a message that<br />

resonated with me and it’s something I<br />

wanted The Basic Blue to encapsulate.<br />

The Basic Blue Soothing<br />

Harakeke Hand Lotion comes in a<br />

convenient 80ml bottle designed to<br />

be used on the go and is proudly New<br />

Zealand owned and operated.<br />

Thebasicblue.com<br />

64<br />

BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Business BITES<br />

Let there be light<br />

Business BITES<br />

How healthy is your<br />

workspace?<br />

A healthy workspace is an essential key to productivity, creating quality work and keeping<br />

employees both happy and motivated. It’s also a key part of the value proposition you offer<br />

as an employer, with ‘wellness’ being a very sought after quality with job seekers.<br />

A healthy workspace doesn’t necessarily mean sterile and germ<br />

free, but is more an incorporation of health and safety, diversity,<br />

vibe and functionality.<br />

According to the World Health Organization a healthy workplace<br />

is an office that would address physical and psychosocial risks,<br />

and would also promote and support healthy behaviours. A<br />

healthy workplace is basically a space where collaboration, health<br />

safety and wellbeing of employees is promoted.<br />

Start with simple changes<br />

With health and wellness in the workplace being a hot topic<br />

for employers at present, workplaces around the globe are<br />

diversifying work spaces away from traditional formats. For<br />

example, you may have heard of Google offices around the world<br />

where they have slides and poles to get between levels, and a<br />

raft of extra spaces for employees to enjoy.<br />

For most of us, that’s a lofty dream that isn’t a reality we’re likely<br />

to encounter; however, there are some great features that are<br />

worth taking note of. Some of these include open plan office<br />

spaces or break out areas to encourage collaboration, a library<br />

or an aquarium in a quiet space and a workout area to encourage<br />

healthier employees.<br />

Natural light is essential to a healthy<br />

workspace too, but if natural light is<br />

limited, schedule regular intervals to<br />

go outside and get some fresh air. This<br />

doubles up with allowing employees to<br />

get active at work by offering up spaces<br />

where people can have a stretch or take<br />

a break.<br />

If you're lucky enough to have an<br />

outdoor area in your workspace then<br />

use this to advantage too. It should be<br />

made to feel welcoming to encourage<br />

usage. This can be a great collaboration<br />

space where meetings are taken<br />

outdoors, allowing employees to soak<br />

up some vitamin D while they are at it.<br />

Nowadays, we are also more socially<br />

aware of our carbon footprint.<br />

Working for a company that is<br />

conscious of its own carbon footprint is<br />

an important factor to many.<br />

Simple changes here can help with the<br />

psychosocial factor of a healthy office;<br />

for example providing a space for bike<br />

parking can encourage employees to<br />

bike to work, reducing their CO2 and<br />

leaving them with more in their pockets<br />

(especially with the price of fuel and<br />

parking these days).<br />

Other environmental practices include<br />

minimising waste, switching to low<br />

Promotion of<br />

employee’s<br />

health is essential<br />

to the success<br />

of a healthier<br />

workspace<br />

carbon lighting, or the use of laptops<br />

over desktop computers as these are<br />

80% more energy efficient.<br />

Taking a firm approach to sustainability<br />

aligns with employees values and offers<br />

a great company morale; helping deliver<br />

healthy outcomes for people and the<br />

planet.<br />

Companies that promote healthier<br />

workspace also tend to have a better<br />

retention of staff, and overall happier<br />

employees are more productive<br />

employees.<br />

Improving your workspace to promote<br />

health and wellness won’t only be of<br />

benefit to your people, but also to the<br />

overall productivity, reputation and<br />

success of your business.<br />

By<br />

Kellie Hamlett<br />

Talent ID director and HR<br />

recruitment specialist.<br />

Talent ID are recruitment<br />

specialists, who can support<br />

with professional, hassle-free<br />

recruitment and human resource<br />

solutions. Find out more at<br />

talentid.co.nz or discuss directly<br />

by calling 0800 850080 or<br />

emailing kellie@talentid.co.nz<br />

TALENTID.CO.<strong>NZ</strong><br />

I’m not suggesting that you try to keep up with Google, but<br />

simple changes to the work environment can offer staff<br />

diverse spaces to work from and enjoy, to enhance their work<br />

life experience. Overall happier staff lead to better and more<br />

productive outcomes.<br />

Think outside the square<br />

66<br />

A healthy workplace<br />

is basically a space<br />

where collaboration,<br />

health safety<br />

and wellbeing<br />

of employees is<br />

promoted<br />

BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

At work, we can spend upwards of seven hours per day in<br />

the same spot, sitting or standing. We end up doing a lot of<br />

repetitive tasks and engaging in repetitive movements that may<br />

cause ergonomic injuries.<br />

Don't be afraid to think outside the square when considering<br />

making changes for a better work environment. Plants, artwork<br />

or floor mats can be simple contributors that can enhance the<br />

feel of a space.<br />

Obviously providing good furniture, the right tools to work with<br />

and ergonomic keyboards are a great idea and a good start.<br />

Encouraging movement is also key – this can be along the lines<br />

of providing pictures of stretching exercises that can be done<br />

while standing, and simply encouraging people to move around.<br />

Moving from desk or workspace to a different area can help.<br />

Promotion of employee’s health is essential to the success of a<br />

healthier workspace.<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Business BITES<br />

Struggling to retain your clients?<br />

Here’s how to keep them<br />

coming back<br />

Stay connected with your<br />

clients<br />

A lot of people are wary of sending<br />

emails to their customers, worrying<br />

that they might seem too admin-heavy,<br />

or take up too much time in an already<br />

busy day. However, email marketing is<br />

one of the most powerful ways to stay<br />

connected with clients, or bring back old<br />

clients who haven't visited in a while.<br />

Your software should allow you to<br />

generate specific lists of clients to send<br />

emails and text messages to at the click<br />

of a button. Examples include:<br />

automatically send to your clients based<br />

on parameters like:<br />

• 3 weeks after a client has visited but<br />

hasn’t rebooked, so you can remind<br />

them to book in to maintain the best<br />

results.<br />

• 6 months after a client purchases a<br />

specific product, so you can prompt<br />

them to buy a replacement before<br />

they run out.<br />

• 1 week before a client’s birthday to<br />

offer them a small gift or free makeup<br />

application if they’re going out to<br />

celebrate.<br />

Business BITES<br />

By<br />

Kamrin Hira<br />

We work in a highly competitive industry<br />

where our clients have an abundance<br />

of salons to choose from, so it’s more<br />

important than ever to ensure your clients<br />

keep coming back.<br />

One of the most important key<br />

performance indicators (KPIs) for a<br />

salon, spa or clinic to be tracking is<br />

your client retention rate, because loyal<br />

clients who visit regularly are far more<br />

valuable than clients who only visit<br />

once.<br />

If you’ve been struggling to retain your<br />

clients, here are some tips that will help.<br />

Rethink your client<br />

journey<br />

Your client journey encompasses<br />

everything a client may experience<br />

while visiting your spa or clinic. This is<br />

important because understanding your<br />

client journey can help identify parts<br />

that aren’t so good, which could be the<br />

reason your clients aren’t returning.<br />

First, look at your online client<br />

experience and ask yourself these three<br />

questions:<br />

Secondly, do you make it easy for your<br />

clients to make an appointment with<br />

you? People increasingly want to book<br />

online rather than pick up the phone,<br />

so ensuring you have the ability to take<br />

online bookings will help encourage<br />

return visits.<br />

Your spa or clinic software should allow<br />

you to customise your online booking<br />

site with logos and colours to keep your<br />

online presence consistent. Consistent<br />

branding looks professional and helps<br />

you build a recognisable brand.<br />

Then, take a look at your in-salon<br />

experience. It might be hard to be<br />

subjective, so enlist the help of a friend<br />

as a ‘secret shopper’; get them to walk<br />

into the business and see any areas that<br />

may need improvement.<br />

It could be something as simple as<br />

adding quiet spa music and tea in the<br />

waiting area to turn it into a relaxing<br />

space, or changing light bulbs in the<br />

treatment rooms to warm lights to feel<br />

cosy and relaxing. These little things<br />

can help your beauty salon, spa or clinic<br />

stand out from your competitors and<br />

make it an inviting place to return to.<br />

Offer incentives to return<br />

One reason you may be experiencing<br />

less rebookings is that clients don’t have<br />

any incentive or reason to return. To<br />

encourage clients to return, you could<br />

offer a small incentive, such as free<br />

sample products, exclusive discounts<br />

on their next service, or refer-a-friend<br />

cards. These are all great ways to give<br />

your clients a reason to come back.<br />

Another option is to create a loyalty<br />

program. Your business management<br />

software should allow you to easily<br />

create a loyalty program, so clients can<br />

earn points and redeem them on gifts<br />

and discounts for future visits.<br />

• When a staff member is going on<br />

holiday, send a message to clients<br />

who visited them in the last six<br />

months at least twice, to inform<br />

them that they’ll be away and to book<br />

in before they leave.<br />

• If you’re introducing a new facial, pull<br />

a list of clients who have had facials<br />

before and send them an email<br />

outlining the benefits of the new<br />

one, along with a link directly to that<br />

services booking page.<br />

You can even set up messages to<br />

These automatic messages are great<br />

because they only take a few minutes to<br />

set up and then work in the background<br />

so you don’t need to spend anymore<br />

admin time on them!<br />

So there you have it – a few tips and<br />

tricks to help improve the retention rate<br />

at your beauty business. If you want to<br />

keep your clients coming back regularly,<br />

take the time to look at your client<br />

experience from start to finish so you<br />

can make it as smooth and memorable<br />

as possible and watch your client<br />

retention rate grow!<br />

“<br />

Kamrin Hira is a marketer<br />

at Kitomba Salon and Spa<br />

Software. Kitomba has an<br />

impressive and reputable<br />

focus around the business of<br />

hair and beauty, and for two<br />

decades has continued to<br />

develop and support industry<br />

specific software features,<br />

backed up by free support.<br />





but I find that keeping in touch with them<br />

regularly keeps them connected to my<br />

business.<br />

I create fortnightly newsletters for my<br />

clients with Kitomba, and I find that we<br />

always get replies and people coming<br />

back that we haven’t seen in a while.<br />

Samantha Jones<br />

Ms Monaco Hair Society<br />

”<br />

• Do you have social media accounts, a<br />

website and an online booking site?<br />

• Are they all linked to each other so<br />

potential customers can find you<br />

easily?<br />

• Do they look consistent? (e.g. using<br />

the same colours, fonts and logos<br />

that you use in-salon).<br />

www.kitomba.com<br />

Talk to us: 0800 161 101<br />



68 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Sustainability<br />

Sustainability<br />

A Guide To<br />

Sustainability<br />

In The<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> Salon<br />

So, recycling in the beauty industry is<br />

important for a number of reasons.<br />

By making sustainable swaps, and<br />

partnering with like-minded brands,<br />

businesses can significantly reduce their<br />

waste and environmental impact.<br />

We can help make this process<br />

even easier through the Sustainable<br />

Salons program. By participating in<br />

the program, beauty businesses are<br />

not only doing their part to protect<br />

the environment, but they are<br />

saving money and building a positive<br />

reputation in their local community at<br />

the same time.<br />

Recycling in the beauty industry is essential for a number of reasons.<br />

Not only does it help to reduce waste, but it also helps conserve<br />

natural resources and protect the environment.<br />

In addition, recycling can benefit<br />

businesses by reducing costs and<br />

increasing efficiency. At Sustainable<br />

Salons, we help to promote<br />

sustainability in the industry by<br />

partnering with salons and clinics to<br />

collect their valuable resources for<br />

repurposing.<br />

One of the significant ways beauty<br />

salons can reduce waste is by making<br />

sustainable swaps for common<br />

disposables.<br />

This could include shifting to lash<br />

and brow combs, waxing mats, and<br />

microfibre towels which can be washed<br />

and reused, rather than discarded after<br />

one use.<br />

Many brands are now also offering<br />

sustainable options, such as skincare<br />

made from plant-based ingredients,<br />

bottled in recycled packaging.<br />

By making the switch, businesses can<br />

help reduce their environmental impact<br />

and support the use of sustainable<br />

materials.<br />

Juve Skincare Studio + Medi Spa in<br />

Gisborne are the first beauty business in<br />

Tairāwhiti to join our Sustainable Salons<br />

program.<br />

They can now recycle valuable<br />

materials including sharps, paper<br />

product packaging, plastics, glass<br />

skincare bottles and more. Juve had<br />

By<br />

Sunny Coombes<br />

Sunny Coombes first entered<br />

the world of hair as a hairdressing<br />

stylist, working with leading<br />

New Zealand hair salons over<br />

the past 20 years.<br />

Extending her knowledge of the<br />

industry, Sunny worked in the<br />

education and sales sectors for<br />

high-end leading colour<br />

and haircare brands all over<br />

New Zealand, connecting her<br />

with salons and industry peers.<br />

Sunny took a short break from<br />

the industry, delving into other<br />

professional experiences, only to<br />

realise that her passion for the<br />

hair and feel-good industry was<br />

where she wanted to devote her<br />

time.<br />

Sunny wanted to come back<br />

to the industry in a new way,<br />

an exciting way, and one with<br />

purpose. So, using her interest in<br />

hair, and her sales and education<br />

knowledge, Sunny combined<br />

these skills and her enthusiasm<br />

for sustainability into her role as<br />

Sustainable Salons national sales<br />

manager for New Zealand.<br />

been looking for a way to assist the<br />

beauty industry as a whole, while also<br />

supporting the local community.<br />

They found the concept of the<br />

Sustainable Salons program, the<br />

business model, community<br />

involvement and position in the circular<br />

economy appealed to them and their<br />

business.<br />

“Sustainability is not just about<br />

being 'green'; it encompasses the<br />

economy, humanity, society, and<br />

the environment. The Juve team<br />

is excited to support these four<br />

areas and make a meaningful<br />

contribution to lasting positive<br />

change. We have always wanted<br />

to provide the best products,<br />

services and practices for<br />

our team and clients, and the<br />

Sustainable Salons partnership<br />

reflects our commitment.”<br />

Sally Wright, Juve Director<br />

Through the program, waste is diverted<br />

from landfill, and then collected and<br />

processed by Sustainable Salons. The<br />

collected materials are then turned into<br />

new products such as coasters, plant<br />

pots, and even furniture.<br />

“The issue of salon waste that<br />

goes into landfills is resolved<br />

by repurposing it into another<br />

product. The profits support the<br />

employment of differently-abled<br />

people, and Kiwi Harvest feeds<br />

hungry communities.”<br />

Sally Wright, Juve Director<br />

Contact Sustainable Salons to find out<br />

how your business can join the network<br />

of salons working to make sustainability<br />

a reality, one beauty treatment at a<br />

time.<br />

Sustainablesalons.org<br />

Paper packaging is sold to recyclers<br />

with 100% of the proceeds donated to<br />

KiwiHarvest. These initiatives not only<br />

help reduce waste but also support<br />

the environment and give back to the<br />

community.<br />

70 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Makeup & <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Five Minute Face<br />

As our lifestyles continue to get increasingly busy, an efficent beauty and<br />

makeup routine becomes both appealing and necessary.<br />

Makeup & <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Put your best look forward<br />

Embrace some of the newest makeup products on the market, for flawless looking<br />

skin and accentuating your natural features<br />

La Mav Organic BB Cream<br />

jane iredale Skincare Makeup System is<br />

designed to help create a natural, longwear<br />

look, quickly and easily.<br />

It’s three easy steps that anybody can<br />

do to create a flawless skin every day.<br />

Step 1. Prep (with primer)<br />

Step 2. Perfect (with foundation)<br />

Step 3. Set (with hydration)<br />

These three products work<br />

synergistically to create smooth, lasting<br />

coverage that looks and feels like skin,<br />

and contain nurturing ingredients that<br />

support the health of the skin at the<br />

same time.<br />

New Zealand jane iredale makeup<br />

artist Sha O’Sullivan recently added<br />

another two steps to the jane iredale<br />

Skincare Makeup System to create the<br />

#FiveMinuteFace for time-pressured<br />

people to be able to complete a<br />

fabulous, flawless makeup in just five<br />

minutes.<br />

Those five steps are: Prep (primer),<br />

Perfect (foundation), Set (hydration),<br />

Colour, Complete. It’s that easy – 5<br />

Steps, 5 Minutes.<br />

The multi-task Glow Time Blush Sticks<br />

can be used for eyes, lips and cheeks.<br />

Enjoy a flawless natural finish with this colour-adapting, skin<br />

balancing formula that corrects and treats blemishes, whilst<br />

also offering effective, buildable and long-lasting coverage.<br />

This organic BB cream also helps visibly moisturise<br />

and plump, while delivering a radiant complexion. The<br />

lightweight formula is silky smooth to use and contains<br />

natural sunscreen and age-defying bio-actives.<br />

Lamav.com<br />

Karen Murrell Confidence Collection<br />

Welcome in autumn with four elegant new shades of chocolate<br />

brown, mocha, caramel and nude. Designed to flatter all complexions<br />

and work with all makeup styles, the four shades are extremely<br />

versatile, subtle, on trend and as with all Karen Murrell natural<br />

lipsticks, nourish and moisturise lips whilst enhancing natural beauty.<br />

Karenmurrell.co.nz<br />

jane iredale<br />

PureBronze Shimmer Bronzer Refills<br />

Step 1. Prep: Smooth Affair Mattifying Primer<br />

Step 2. Perfect: PurePressed Base - Riviera<br />

Step 3. Set: POMMISST Hydration Spray<br />

Step 4: Colour:<br />

Brows: Dark Brown PureBrow Precision Brow Pencil<br />

Mascara: Beyond Lash Black Ink<br />

Eyelid: Glow Time Bronzer Stick, Blaze<br />

Contour: Glow Time Bronzer Stick, Scorch<br />

Cheeks: Glow Time Blush Stick, Ember<br />

Step 5. Complete:<br />

Lips: Aubergine Lip pencil, Glow Time Blush Stick Ember<br />

Step 1. Prep: Smooth Affair Illuminating Glow Primer<br />

Step 2. Perfect: HydroPure Tinted Serum (medium dark)<br />

Step 3. Set: Lavender Hydration Spray<br />

Step 4: Colour:<br />

Brows: PureBrow Neutral Blonde Brow Shaper<br />

Lashes: Mascara Beyond Lash Black Ink<br />

Eyelid: Glow Time Blush Stick, After Glow<br />

Contour: Glow Time Bronzer Stick, Sizzle<br />

Cheeks: Glow Time Blush Stick, After Glow<br />

Cheeks: Peaches&Cream Shimmer Bronzer (optional)<br />

Step 5: Complete:<br />

Lips: PureBronze Peach Lip pencil, Glow Time After Glow Blush<br />

Stick, Spiced Peach HydroPure Lip Gloss<br />

Delivering makeup and skincare in one<br />

delightful package, the new jane iredale<br />

PureBronze Shimmer Bronzer refills<br />

offer palettes of four blendable shades<br />

that can be mixed and matched, or<br />

used individually as bronzer, highlighter,<br />

blush and shadow. New to the collection<br />

of Moonglow, Peaches & Cream and<br />

Rose Dawn, is Copper Dusk (four<br />

shades of copper shimmer). As well<br />

as offering versatile makeup benefits,<br />

the formulation also includes skincare<br />

benefits with pine bark extract to help<br />

calm and soothe skin, and pomegranate<br />

seed oil delivering antioxidant protection.<br />

psb.net.nz<br />

Aleph Essentials Edit<br />

Curtis Collection By<br />

Victoria Eyelashes<br />

Proving to be a sellout success, this<br />

collection of natural fluttery lashes,<br />

designed to enhance and define the eyes is<br />

available from a Natural Glam look through<br />

to Glam Queen and Drama Queen.<br />

Sisterhoodbeauty.co.nz<br />

Try clean, multi-use makeup with skincare benefits with this Aleph Essentials Edit<br />

Starter bundle. Build a flawless, easily adaptable base for any makeup look, from<br />

just three versatile products and two professional grade tools. Prep skin with<br />

Serum/Primer before applying Concealer/Foundation OR blend both together to<br />

dial coverage up or down: concealer, foundation or sheer veil. Mix in universally<br />

flattering Radiance Balm Moon for glowy skin, or add subtle highlights on brow<br />

bones, cheeks and lips. Alephbeauty.com<br />

72<br />

BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION 73

What's New<br />


We love to celebrate and champion<br />

New Zealand beauty and innovation,<br />

across all facets of the industry.<br />

NEW: KAEĀ Skincare<br />

Delivering a new generation of<br />

powerful, performance-led botanical<br />

skincare, KAEĀ is crafted in small<br />

batches from premium New Zealand<br />

botanical ingredients.<br />

Founder Suzan Craig has dedicated<br />

20 years of her career to sustainability<br />

and ecosystem restoration, starting<br />

with the transformation of Tahi, an<br />

800-acre plot in Northland, with rare<br />

birds and ecosystems, wetlands and<br />

native forests. (It is also where Tahi’s<br />

award-winning UMF 15+ Mānuka<br />

honey is created).<br />

KAEĀ Skincare formulations blend<br />

traditional plant wisdom with Tahi’s<br />

biodiversity-positive honey to create<br />

clinically-proven bioactive products<br />

that treat the skin holistically.<br />

Responsibly harvested, these biocompatible<br />

oils and balms absorb with<br />

ease for enhanced efficacy.<br />

Restoring more than skin, the carbon<br />

negative business is leading the way in<br />

global beauty through biodiversity.<br />

“KAEĀ is more than skincare; it’s a legacy<br />

to the land,” says Suzan Craig, who<br />

explains KAEĀ’s guiding principle is<br />

to put sustainability and quality ‘at<br />

the heart of everything we do’.<br />

The collection of four powerful<br />

products has been created<br />

to be both minimal and<br />

multipurpose, with each<br />

product designed to adapt<br />

to a personal routine.<br />

The collection is made up<br />

of: the cleanser (multi-active<br />

gel balm); the vitaliser<br />

(multi-omega face oil); the<br />

rejuvenator (multi-nutrient<br />

face balm); the rescuer<br />

(multi-essential SOS balm).<br />

Kaeaskincare.com<br />

NEW: MATER <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

A carefully curated collection of<br />

bespoke formulations, offering a<br />

perfect balance of botanicals and<br />

actives, MATER <strong>Beauty</strong> is dedicated to<br />

the creation of skincare that delivers<br />

on its promises, as well as prioritising<br />

minimum effort for maximum results.<br />

Founder Petra Škorić is a selfconfessed<br />

skincare fanatic, and is<br />

adamant that MATER <strong>Beauty</strong> use<br />

only premium, scientifically proven<br />

ingredients.<br />

“What I have left out matters too,<br />

so there are no artificial colours,<br />

fragrances, or cheap ingredients to<br />

'pad out' the formulations,” she says.<br />

Launching with two face serums which<br />

are designed to work synergistically<br />

together as an entire post-cleansing<br />

routine: MATER <strong>Beauty</strong> I Woke Up Like<br />

This Beyond-hydration Perfecting<br />

Serum and MATER <strong>Beauty</strong> You Are My<br />

Sunshine Supercharged Glow Drops (a<br />

magnificent blend of 15 luxury oils).<br />

“To pack the most goodness into them,<br />

one is water based and the other oil<br />

based as healthy skin needs both water<br />

and oil to look and feel its best.”<br />

The plant-derived scents in MATER<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> products are subtly elegant,<br />

encouraging a moment to pause and<br />

take a calming breath (let’s be honest,<br />

we could all do with incorporating this<br />

into our daily routine).<br />

At the same time, silken blends of<br />

premium ingredients deliver hydration<br />

to encourage plump and glowing (never<br />

greasy) skin.<br />

mater.beauty<br />

Keeping up with the newest releases on TikTok<br />

and social media, as well as in store, is handy<br />

for knowing what the consumer is following.<br />

We take a look at some of the newest brands to<br />

have found their way onto our radar.<br />

Contour Cube<br />

This ice facial tool has been taking<br />

TikTok by storm (over 70M views),<br />

capturing the imagination of many<br />

for delivering a touch of home<br />

cryotherapy in a handy travelfriendly<br />

‘cube’.<br />

Fans are freezing not just water<br />

for soothing coolness, but also<br />

adding a touch of their favourite<br />

serum, green tea, coconut milk and<br />

cucumber water.<br />

Skin Proud<br />

The GenZ Skin Proud brand is<br />

UK-based but soaring to success<br />

in New Zealand, largely led by its<br />

complete transparency around<br />

products that are 100% vegan and<br />

PETA-approved cruelty free.<br />

The formulas are designed to be<br />

an introduction into a skincare<br />

regimen (targeted for 18-25 years<br />

old) as well as serving as an add-on<br />

for current regimens (targeted for<br />

25-35 years old).<br />

Formulated with natural extracts<br />

As well as facial icing and helping<br />

reduce puffiness, the Contour Cube<br />

is being used to help reduce postgym<br />

redness, sore muscles and<br />

even as sweet relief to hot flushes<br />

during pregnancy or menopause.<br />

It’s also proven popular for lip filler<br />

aftercare - offering instant coolness<br />

without cold fingers and slippery ice<br />

cubes!<br />

Contourcube.com<br />

Mary Grace Crystal Hair Remover<br />

Like every beauty product online,<br />

there are mixed reviews about<br />

crystal hair removers in general.<br />

To be fair when we first first<br />

spotted this item on TikTok, it was<br />

accompanied with a quick shrugoff<br />

as ‘just another TikTok beauty<br />

mislead’. Having since personally<br />

tried the Mary Grace Crystal (we<br />

gave it a quick ‘at-desk’ test drive<br />

with minimal expectations), the<br />

outcome warranted a double take.<br />

such as pomegranate, raspberry,<br />

coconut oil and rose water as well<br />

as proven scientific ingredients<br />

including hyaluronic acid, Vitamin<br />

C, niacinamide, and AHAs, each<br />

product has a clever day (sun)<br />

and night (moon) marking on<br />

the packaging to make it easy to<br />

understand what time to apply.<br />

Plus there’s a strict no-photo<br />

shopping policy across Skin Proud<br />

marketing.<br />

Iamproud.com<br />

What's New<br />


Absolutely zero pain or effort;<br />

we simply rubbed the crystal in<br />

a circular motion and voila - hair<br />

gone. To be fair our leg hair is<br />

relatively light at the best of times<br />

but the Crystal Hair Remover<br />

worked a treat. Not only that, but<br />

it also offers a gentle exfoliate and<br />

left skin ready to moisturise for a<br />

super smooth finish.<br />

Perfect to use for an on-the-go<br />

groom.<br />

74<br />

BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Wellbeing<br />

Wellbeing advice<br />

for skin care<br />

Other factors are involved in this cycle<br />

as well. Sex hormone imbalances,<br />

particularly a surge in androgen levels<br />

(male sex hormones that occur in boys<br />

and girls for the first time at puberty)<br />

increase the production of sebum,<br />

which tends to mean more blocked<br />

pores and infections and, in turn, creates<br />

pustules—and the acne cycle continues<br />

until a step in this process is disrupted.<br />

Usually this means addressing sex<br />

hormones (due to their triggering<br />

of excess sebum production) via<br />

improving digestive system function,<br />

dietary changes, correcting nutritional<br />

deficiencies, as well as hormone<br />

clearance from the body, which is<br />

primarily the job of the liver.<br />

One of the best ways to support ovarian<br />

health is with key nutrients—they<br />

are literally fuel that powers them. In<br />

particular, focus on optimal intakes of<br />

zinc, iodine, selenium and iron, and<br />

vitamin D from sunshine.<br />

Wellbeing<br />

Despite our best efforts to employ a ‘too-manysteps’<br />

skin care routine, avoid touching our face<br />

or not fall asleep in our makeup, many of us<br />

still experience pimples as adults. And it feels a<br />

little, well, unfair.<br />

While the odd pimple here and there<br />

is manageable, when we start to<br />

experience breakouts or acne as adults,<br />

we can be left feeling clueless about<br />

what to do. While lotions and potions<br />

can help, we really need to dive a little<br />

deeper.<br />

Breakouts involve more than<br />

just the skin—they reflect our<br />

internal processes. One reason pimples<br />

occur is when the sebaceous glands<br />

become overactive and a collection of<br />

sebum blocks hair follicles and pores.<br />

Newly born skin cells migrate outward<br />

from the lower levels of skin and if the<br />

hair follicles and pores are blocked<br />

with sebum, the new cells trying to<br />

make their way to the surface can get<br />

bogged.<br />

The science of skin<br />

The outermost layer of skin is brand new<br />

every 28 to 35 days. The epidermis (the<br />

top layer of skin) is made of dead skin<br />

cells that were born at the bottom of the<br />

second layer of skin, called the dermis.<br />

Sebum (an oily, waxy matter) helps form<br />

the acid mantle on the surface of the<br />

epidermis, a film to help protect bacteria<br />

and viruses from penetrating the surface<br />

and getting down into the pores.<br />

You want the skin to work as the<br />

magnificent organ it is, rather than<br />

disrupt it, so a first great step to<br />

supporting better skin is not damaging<br />

the acid mantle with what you use to<br />

wash your face.<br />

By<br />

Dr Libby Weaver<br />

Dr Libby PhD is a nutritional<br />

biochemist, international<br />

speaker, 13 times bestselling<br />

author and founder of the Bio<br />

Blends plant-based supplement<br />

range. Her practical and<br />

supportive online courses have<br />

helped tens of thousands of<br />

women around the world find<br />

freedom from their health<br />

challenges.<br />


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash<br />

The Liver Load<br />

Poor digestion adds a load to the<br />

liver and kidneys. When digestion<br />

isn’t functioning optimally, the liver<br />

and kidneys aren’t able to filter the<br />

higher levels of hormones in the blood<br />

efficiently.<br />

These processes must improve to<br />

prevent the hormones stimulating<br />

additional sebum production. To<br />

prevent the skin having to highlight<br />

our elimination challenges, start by<br />

supporting your liver. The best way to<br />

do this is by reducing the number of<br />

problematic substances heading its<br />

way, while simultaneously increasing<br />

your intake of liver loving nutrients such<br />

as those found in brassica vegetables.<br />

When it comes to the pecking order<br />

of receiving nutrients, sadly our skin<br />

doesn’t sit at the top. If there is a limited<br />

supply of nutrients available, the body<br />

will typically prioritise sending these to<br />

crucial internal processes—such as the<br />

lining of your blood vessels—over the<br />

clarity of your skin. And that’s because<br />

the body’s number one job is to keep<br />

us alive. Yet this doesn’t help us so<br />

much when our skin isn’t happy. When<br />

we notice breakouts, this can be our<br />

body’s way of telling us it needs more<br />

nutrients, and in particular antioxidants<br />

and zinc.<br />

Antioxidants are found primarily in<br />

fruits and vegetables, and many of<br />

us aren’t eating enough of these. To<br />

support your skin, aim to increase your<br />

intake of brightly coloured vegetables,<br />

particularly those purple in colour. Zinc<br />

is also crucial for healthy skin (as well<br />

as sex hormone balance) and this is<br />

found in oysters, red meat and eggs,<br />

and there’s a small amount in sunflower<br />

seeds. You may like to consider taking<br />

a break from all dairy products for a<br />

minimum of three months to see if<br />

this makes a difference. Water too, is<br />

incredibly important for detoxification,<br />

as well as the hydration of our skin so<br />

make water your main drink and avoid<br />

soft drinks entirely.<br />

Supplementation may be of benefit to<br />

amp up your nutrient intake and support<br />

the key pathways involved in healthy<br />

skin, particularly zinc. Medicinal liver<br />

herbs support the efficient clearance<br />

of sex hormones from the body, while<br />

other herbal medicines can help the<br />

pituitary communicate more effectively<br />

with the ovaries if your monthly cycle<br />

causes you chaos. Remember, if you’re<br />

frustrated by the skin you see in the<br />

mirror, try to see it as feedback from<br />

your body that it needs more support,<br />

do your best to get to the heart of what<br />

this is really about, while offering it more<br />

nutritious foods and antioxidants.<br />

76<br />

BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Wellbeing<br />

Wellbeing<br />


For many years potatoes were feared due to their carbohydrate content, but really, they need<br />

to be celebrated for the many vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients which they contain. If you<br />

wish, add some chopped tomatoes and olives to this salad to make it more of a vegetarian<br />

version of a salad nicoise.<br />


6 medium floury potatoes, skins on, quartered<br />

Business<br />

assistance<br />

and grants<br />

1 teaspoon fresh rosemary leaves, finely<br />

chopped<br />

½ bunch of parsley, finely chopped<br />

olive oil to coat potatoes<br />

200g green beans<br />

3 boiled eggs, halved lengthways<br />

¼ cup raw almonds, soaked overnight, then<br />

rinsed well<br />

salt and pepper<br />

The Government is providing $25 million in recovery support to<br />

businesses in seven regions affected by Cyclone Gabrielle and<br />

January floods in the North Island.<br />

The grants are to help affected businesses keep operating and<br />

position them for a successful recovery, as well as helping maintain<br />

cashflow. Eligible businesses can apply for a grant of up to $40,000.<br />

---------------------<br />


That old adage of an apple a day keeps the doctor away could easily be replaced by a serving of<br />

broccoli a day keeps the doctor away! The brassica family of vegetables includes cabbage, Brussel<br />

sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower. Besides adding flavour to meals these vegetables are packed<br />

with antioxidants, which may help lower the risk of cancer and coronary heart disease as well as<br />

supporting healthy estrogen metabolism.<br />


broccoli, heads and stems roughly chopped<br />

1 cauliflower, heads and stems roughly<br />

chopped<br />

2 tablespoons of coconut oil<br />

1 onion<br />

2 stalks of celery, chopped finely<br />

4 cups of homemade vegetable stock<br />

1 tin of coconut milk<br />

1 handful of parsley, chopped<br />

1 handful of mint, chopped<br />

Sea salt to taste<br />

Dressing<br />

2 bunches basil<br />

juice of 1 lemon<br />

1 clove garlic<br />

¼ cup olive oil<br />

1 tablespoon maple syrup<br />

salt and pepper<br />

METHOD<br />

Boil the potatoes until tender. Remove from<br />

the heat and drain. Transfer to a bowl and add<br />

the chopped herbs. Season well with salt and<br />

pepper, then drizzle the potatoes with a little<br />

olive oil to coat.<br />

METHOD<br />

In a large saucepan melt coconut oil and cook<br />

onion and celery on a low heat until soft and<br />

translucent.<br />

Add chopped broccoli and cauliflower including<br />

the stems. Bring to the boil with the vegetable<br />

broth then reduce heat and cook for a further 15<br />

minutes.<br />

Add sea salt, chopped herbs and stir in coconut<br />

milk.<br />

Blend in a food processor or blender until smooth<br />

and pour back into the saucepan for reheating if<br />

needed<br />

Recipes from The Real Food Kitchen cookbook by Dr Libby Weaver and Cynthia Louise.<br />

Preheat the oven to 180°C. Line a large shallow<br />

ovenproof dish with baking paper. Arrange the<br />

potatoes in a single layer and bake for 35–45<br />

minutes until golden brown.<br />

Place the dressing ingredients in a high-speed<br />

blender and process for 5 seconds until the<br />

mixture is well incorporated but still has some<br />

texture.<br />

In a bowl combine the potatoes, uncooked<br />

green beans, eggs and almonds. Gently toss<br />

through the dressing. Serve immediately.<br />

Who can apply:<br />

You must meet some criteria, including<br />

being in one of the seven regions, along<br />

with how some criteria around how you<br />

have been affected. You can apply if you<br />

are self-employed, a sole trader, or an<br />

employer - no matter how many people<br />

you employ.<br />

Location criteria:<br />

If your business is primarily in one<br />

of the areas where there was a local<br />

State of Emergency declared and you<br />

were affected by Cyclone Gabrielle or<br />

January flooding. Local partners who<br />

will allocate the grants may set further<br />

criteria. Check before you apply.<br />

The eligible regions are:<br />

• Northland<br />

• Auckland<br />

• Bay of Plenty<br />

• Coromandel<br />

• Tairāwhiti<br />

• Hawke’s Bay<br />

• Tararua<br />

Qualifying criteria:<br />

• You’re facing significant cashflow<br />

issues due to continued challenges<br />

with customer access, ability to<br />

source stock, supply chain issues,<br />

inability to operate as usual due to<br />

the physical damage to equipment<br />

or premises, or delays in insurance<br />

assessment and repairs.<br />

• Your business is otherwise viable<br />

both before and after the flooding.<br />

• You are not receiving any funding<br />

from the Ministry for Primary<br />

Industries recovery fund.<br />

• You commit to acting in line with<br />

employment law and with due regard<br />

to your employees.<br />

Regional Business<br />

Partner Network<br />

Advice and support is also available<br />

through the Regional Business Partner<br />

Network. Offering advisors to help<br />

cyclone-affected businesses, the<br />

RBP Network aims to help support<br />

businesses, and help them recover and<br />

grow. There is no entry criteria, and it's<br />

free to join.<br />

It's up to each individual how they<br />

wish to use the network, and which<br />

services they want to access – there are<br />

no minimum requirements. So there’s<br />

nothing to lose by taking that first step.<br />

Once registered, RBP Network will<br />

match you with a local growth advisor,<br />

who will help take a birds-eye look at<br />

your whole business.<br />

Catering for New Zealand’s small-tomedium<br />

business owners, the Regional<br />

Business Partner Network is a gateway<br />

that connects businesses with the right<br />

advice, people and resources.<br />

“Perhaps you’re facing some challenges<br />

and would like some help to work<br />

through them. Or maybe your business<br />

is tracking well, and you’re keen to grow<br />

to the next level.”<br />

Funded by the New Zealand<br />

government, the RBP Network consists<br />

of 14 regional growth agencies<br />

Working together,<br />

we can help you<br />

strengthen and grow<br />

your business in many<br />

different ways.<br />

throughout the country. This means<br />

you’ll get support from people who live<br />

and work in your region.<br />

The aim of the RBP Network is to<br />

connect business owners with a local<br />

team of people who are resourced and<br />

ready to help.<br />

When you join the network, you’ll be<br />

put in touch with other New Zealand<br />

organisations that support businesses<br />

like yours.<br />

The goal is to help businesses access<br />

the full spectrum of resources, tools,<br />

advice and support that's available.<br />

Many of these are free of charge.<br />

What's more, you won't have to<br />

navigate this by yourself. A dedicated<br />

growth advisor will point you in the right<br />

direction and offer support along the<br />

way. You may also be eligible for funding<br />

that helps you access specific training<br />

and advice that would benefit your<br />

business.<br />

For more information visit<br />

business.govt.nz and<br />

regionalbusinesspartners.co.nz<br />

78 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />

78<br />





intuition<br />

Wellbeing<br />

There’s rarely a better time to cosy up with a new read than across the<br />

autumn months. We’ve put together some of our recent favourites.<br />

Reviewed by Karen Philipsen Brown<br />

There’s something powerful about<br />

trusting your intuition, although<br />

personal focus and awareness around<br />

this can tend to ebb and flow. For<br />

many, when it comes to making<br />

important decisions in business or<br />

personal life, intuition can be the<br />

deciding factor – that ‘gut feel’ that<br />

you pay attention to – and with good<br />

reason.<br />

Madly, Deeply The Alan<br />

The C* Word (Confidence)<br />

by Mel Schilling<br />

RRP $36.99<br />

New Zealand author Bex Lipp is no<br />

stranger to sharing messaging and<br />

wisdom around resilience, mental<br />

health and gratitude, with seven<br />

children’s books created through the<br />

business she and co-founder Craig<br />

Phillips started, Wildling Books.<br />

How to Kill a Client by<br />

Joanna Jenkins<br />

RRP $36.99<br />

Do you have a difficult client? The guy you<br />

schmooze, yet everyone hates? The cruel man that<br />

saved his worst for women? Joanna Jenkins has<br />

penned a capitalistic thriller involving a man that<br />

many would seek revenge against. Once started,<br />

it’s a hard to set down book as it delves into the<br />

world of law and all its facades. Fast paced, with<br />

twists and turns aplenty to keep you riveted.<br />

Becky, by Sarah May<br />

RRP $37.99<br />

A career and society climber, the unforgettable<br />

heroine Becky schemes and manipulates her<br />

way into the land of the rich, tabloid millionaires,<br />

royalty and aristocrats. Set in 90’s London where<br />

favours and fortunes are traded amongst high<br />

society, this is a fun romp which hooks you from<br />

the beginning, as Becky and her determination<br />

to leave a dead-end town sees her push herself<br />

through the Mercury newspaper. It’s a viciously<br />

funny, darkly entertaining read.<br />

Be Your Best Self by<br />

Rebekah Ballagh<br />

RRP $32.99<br />

A fascinating journey of discovery guided by<br />

Rebekah Ballagh, a qualified counsellor, trainer<br />

and speaker. Identifying key themes that hold<br />

many people back, she covers topics from your<br />

inner critic and procrastination to boundaries<br />

and self-love. Offering easy to follow strategies,<br />

Be Your Best Self is a visual delight which<br />

can be read cover to cover, or flicked through<br />

for precious nuggets. Plenty of wonderful,<br />

lighthearted tools to enjoy, with real ‘aha<br />

moments’ along the way.<br />

The C Word method is essentially a roadmap<br />

taking you from a place of fear, with stages<br />

directing you to stand in your own light. Mel<br />

Schilling is a specialist in human behaviour and<br />

performance, and was one of the Marriage at First<br />

sight coaches. She brilliantly focusses on four<br />

progressive stages; Fear Mastery, Smart Courage,<br />

Deep Confidence and Fluid Competence (where<br />

you are genuinely confident). The C word takes<br />

you through well laid out step by step chapters<br />

with exercises, challenges and journaling prompts<br />

for you to dive deep into your thoughts and<br />

behaviours.<br />

The Organised Cook by<br />

Amelia Freer<br />

RRP $55<br />

The ultimate read covering food from store,<br />

cupboard, to plate and beyond. Nutritional<br />

therapist Amelia Freer demonstrates that<br />

healthy eating doesn’t need to be complicated,<br />

time consuming or expensive. Step by step<br />

guides and encouragement, with deliciously<br />

unexpected recipes like the addictive Black Bean<br />

Burger, One Pot Green Dahl and Chicken, Leek<br />

and Mushroom Pie.<br />

With a passion around bringing<br />

awareness to the mental health of<br />

children, and helping provide children,<br />

parents and teachers with some tools<br />

and conversation openers around the<br />

emotions many children may struggle<br />

to cope with, her latest book offering is<br />

focused around encouraging adults to<br />

embrace their intuition.<br />

“Our intuition is our inner compass,<br />

there to gently guide us along our path,”<br />

she says. “Intuition is our own personal<br />

superpower.”<br />

“Intuition is our ability to access<br />

knowledge from within us. Often when<br />

no one knows the ‘right’ thing to do,<br />

your inner compass ensures you steer<br />

your course in a certain way.”<br />

The Intuition range (book, oracle card<br />

set and notebook) is designed to create<br />

space to uncover the wisdom that is<br />

held within, and to reconnect and allow<br />

that to speak.<br />

“So many of us have become<br />

disconnected from ourselves and<br />

the world around us, and Intuition<br />

is designed to give us the tools and<br />

exercises to foster this reconnecting.<br />

“It saddens me to see so many people<br />

who have lost the ability to be guided<br />

by their intuition or even to be able to<br />

access it at all,” says Bex.<br />

“As a young child I had a strong<br />

connection with my intuition, but like so<br />

many of us, over the years I lost touch<br />

with it and no longer felt confident to<br />

use it. Instead, I listened to what I was<br />

told to do, what to like, and who I was<br />

by everyone else in my life.<br />

“The more I listened to external voices,<br />

the less I was able to hear myself, and<br />

the more I become lost.”<br />

The project took almost a year for the<br />

Wildling Books team to create – with<br />

writer Bex and Illustrator Craig Phillips<br />

working together to create the Intuition<br />

book, oracle cards and notebook.<br />

Intuition Book:<br />

For those interested in increasing<br />

the strength and connection with<br />

their intuition, Intuition is a beautiful<br />

reminder to start practising using your<br />

intuition, with ideas to explore and tools<br />

to help connect with yourself and your<br />

thoughts.<br />

Intuition Oracle Card Set:<br />

The beautifully designed Oracle Card<br />

Set is designed to be used daily. You do<br />

not need to be a 'card reader' to enjoy<br />

these cards, simply pull a card from the<br />

deck and reference the Booklet to learn<br />

more about the card and message you<br />

have received.<br />

Intuition Notebook:<br />

Note down your dreams, thoughts<br />

and ideas in this glorious notebook<br />

designed to help bring it all together.<br />

Available from wildingbooks.com<br />

80 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Wellbeing<br />

Wellbeing<br />


EATING<br />

FOR BUSY<br />

TIMES<br />

Juggling a busy workday with the other<br />

demands of life can mean you miss out<br />

when it comes to ensuring good nutrition<br />

across your working day. Nutritionist<br />

Danijela Armitage offers some quick<br />

tips around helping support health and<br />

wellbeing in the workplace.<br />

Tips<br />

<strong>NZ</strong> Registered Nutritionist Danijela<br />

Armitage of Nourish and Tempt is the<br />

voice and content creator behind digital<br />

platform Nourish and Tempt, where she<br />

shares nutritionally considered, delicious<br />

meal ideas.<br />

Passionate about bridging the gap<br />

between the nutrition and culinary<br />

world, Danijela loves encouraging people<br />

to try something new in the kitchen. She<br />

has also released an e-book ‘Plan Prep<br />

Eat – the ultimate quick guide to Meal<br />

Planning and Prep’ and shares some<br />

tips to for smarter thinking around food,<br />

when life is busy and time is minimal:<br />

Time scarcity can have a big impact on<br />

our food habits, seeing us cook less,<br />

eating on the go, and consuming more<br />

convenience foods.<br />

Instead of a nutritious brekkie, we might<br />

grab those sweet treats at the staff<br />

meeting as we ran out of time to eat<br />

earlier. Or we have a hurried deskbound<br />

lunch, grabbing whatever we can find at<br />

the cafeteria.<br />

“There is nothing wrong with life looking<br />

like this sometimes - our health and<br />

wellbeing is influenced by what we<br />

do most of the time, not some of the<br />

time. But, with a little mindful planning<br />

and some smart tips, we can support<br />

ourselves nutritionally when we’re<br />

pressed for time, and as an extra bonus –<br />

it usually saves a lot of money too.<br />

Here’s five tips to help get your habits<br />

back on track:<br />

• Meal plan. Meal planning is where<br />

we think about what we'd like to<br />

eat ahead of the week and do a<br />

supermarket shop to get our kitchen<br />

organised. With a plan of action, we<br />

know exactly what to buy and prep,<br />

and ingredients are ready-to-go – this<br />

can be a lifesaver on day’s we don’t<br />

have the capacity to think about food.<br />

• Stock up on nutritious kitchen<br />

convenience products. Ready-toeat<br />

or convenience food items can<br />

cut down food prep significantly,<br />

streamlining how we work in the<br />

kitchen. My favourites include<br />

microwavable quick oat sachets,<br />

instant rice, canned fish and beans,<br />

premade soups, prewashed salad<br />

greens, pre-marinated meats,<br />

premade sauces and spice pastes, precut<br />

fruit and veg, or pre-cooked deli<br />

chicken – all wholesome and nutritious<br />

options with the added benefit of<br />

convenience and ease.<br />

• Cook once, eat many times. If you're<br />

food prepping, maximise this by<br />

doubling or tripling the recipe.<br />

It’ll require a little more upfront<br />

investment in time and clean up, but<br />

it will save oodles of hours ahead.<br />

Make use of your freezer for long term<br />

storage of food. Future you will be so<br />

grateful to have a nutritious heat-andeat<br />

meal available. Curries, soups and<br />

stews freeze beautifully, and great for<br />

the chillier months ahead.<br />

• Choose the 'better' option. If you're<br />

in a situation where you can't dictate<br />

the food environment, aim to pick<br />

the better option from the bunch. At<br />

a bakery, this might be opting for a<br />

whole-grain chicken sandwich instead<br />

of a creamed bun. At the petrol<br />

station, maybe it’s nuts or a muesli<br />

bar instead of bagged lollies for a<br />

snack.<br />

• Stash snacks. When you shop, load<br />

up on your favourite shelf-stable<br />

nutritious snacks. Then, keep them<br />

accessible - at work, in your handbag,<br />

your home, wherever. Try bags of<br />

nuts, wholesome muesli bars, natural<br />

popcorn, jerky, bliss balls or roasted<br />

chickpeas.<br />

Danijela Armitage’s ‘Plan, Prep, Eat’ Is<br />

designed to help create a meal planning<br />

and prep routine that works for you.<br />

The 50+ page digital download brings<br />

together tips and tricks to reignite (or<br />

refresh) how you meal plan and prep.<br />

The E-book is available for purchase ($16)<br />

online at www.nourishandtempt.com<br />



These stuffed dates are total hedonism in a bite and make a perfect snack for a busy work day.<br />

Medjool dates are famed for their caramel-like taste, and soft and chewy inner texture.<br />

They can be found in the chilled produce section of the supermarket.<br />


Per date<br />

1 medjool date<br />

1 tsp nut butter (peanut or almond butter)<br />

1 dark chocolate square<br />

A small pinch of flaky sea salt<br />

METHOD<br />

Slice open the middle of each date lengthways. Gently pull apart to open and remove the inner<br />

pit if needed, discarding the pit. Spoon nut butter into the crevice. Chop the dark chocolate<br />

square and add overtop the nut butter. Sprinkle over the pinch of salt.<br />


With chunks of avocado, zesty lime and fresh<br />

herbs, these fritters are a step beyond the classic<br />

and are a seriously tasty lunch treat.<br />


2 cups corn kernels, frozen or from a can<br />

2 eggs<br />

2 spring onions, sliced finely<br />

1 small lime, zest and juice<br />

¼ cup coriander leaves, finely chopped<br />

½ tsp chili flakes<br />

½ cup flour<br />

½ tsp baking powder<br />

Salt and pepper, to season<br />

1 avocado<br />

METHOD<br />

Defrost corn kernels if needed, patting dry with a<br />

paper towel to remove any excess moisture.<br />

Blend together eggs and one cup of the corn<br />

kernels. Add the blended egg and corn puree to<br />

a mixing bowl. Add chili flakes, spring onions,<br />

lime zest and coriander. Fold together. Season<br />

well with salt and pepper.<br />

Sift in the flour and baking powder. Remove<br />

avocado skin and pip and discard. Dice avocado<br />

flesh into small chunks. Add avocado and<br />

remaining corn kernels to the mixing bowl. Fold<br />

through.<br />

Drizzle oil into a fry pan and heat over medium<br />

heat. Once hot, and in batches, spoon heaped<br />

tablespoons of the mixture into the pan. Gently<br />

flatten each with the back of the spoon and<br />

shape into a circle.<br />

Fry for five minutes each side or until golden.<br />

Check around the 4 minute mark to make sure<br />

they're not looking too crisp – if so, turn down<br />

the heat. When flipped to the second side,<br />

press down on each fritter with fish slice to help<br />

flatten. Add oil in between batches.<br />

Serve with lime juice squeezed over top.<br />

82<br />

BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Wellbeing<br />

Building<br />

Natural Resilience<br />

The next hormone we want to<br />

stimulate is Oxytocin. Oxytocin is<br />

our feel-good drug. It immediately<br />

counters the stress hormone Cortisol.<br />

Cortisol helps our body instantly<br />

respond to stress, but we don’t want<br />

it hanging around once the immediate<br />

threat is over.<br />

We get Oxytocin from physical touch,<br />

hugging a friend, from petting our<br />

furry friends, and importantly, we also<br />

get it from helping others. For those<br />

of us who are outside the regions,<br />

helping those affected will bring down<br />

our stress levels. Whether its money,<br />

supplies or your time – know that<br />

when you step in to help, you will start<br />

feeling better and less anxious.<br />

Wellbeing<br />

Our brain is preprogrammed with this<br />

list as its priorities:<br />

• Stay Alive<br />

• Stay Safe<br />

• Stay Connected<br />

Human connection is the next thing we<br />

all need in a crisis. Family, friends and<br />

even strangers. Human connection is<br />

also vital in warding off those feelings<br />

of depression; please call your friend,<br />

listen to what they are going through<br />

– you don’t need to be a therapist or a<br />

counsellor, just be another human and<br />

listen. We will need more and more of<br />

this as the recovery rolls on over the<br />

months ahead.<br />

I often say the true skill you need<br />

more than any other in order to run<br />

your own business is knowing how<br />

to hold your breath for just one<br />

more minute, in order to leap from<br />

milestone to milestone and deal with<br />

everything from contracts and staff to<br />

deadlines and more deadlines.<br />

You need to have nerve to run a<br />

business, and you have to know how<br />

to hold on. You also need to have<br />

faith that if you do all the right things,<br />

eventually it will be okay.<br />

As business owners, we have to<br />

develop incredible resilience, coping<br />

skills that allow us to bounce back time<br />

after time from disappointment, and<br />

yet still thrive and enjoy the ride of<br />

being an entrepreneur.<br />

But day-to-day life in New Zealand now<br />

feels like we all need that same set of<br />

skills; knowing how to hold our breath<br />

for one more minute, getting through<br />

the days one at a time, knowing how to<br />

bounce back and still love being a Kiwi.<br />

As we look at the devastation in the<br />

Hawkes Bay and the aftermath of the<br />

floods in Auckland; our resilience is<br />

being tested, stretched and forced to<br />

grow on a daily basis.<br />

For those in the regions, losing<br />

everything and starting over is a<br />

daunting, unwelcome task which<br />

brings a whole foray of emotions that<br />

need to be dealt with.<br />

And for those watching from other<br />

parts of the country and feeling the call<br />

to help our fellow kiwis but yet being<br />

powerless to actually help is frustrating<br />

and it impacts our mental health too.<br />

So what can you do, when you feel<br />

helpless and how do we build our<br />

natural resilience?<br />

The key is to focus on the naturally<br />

occurring hormones we can create in<br />

our bodies.<br />

It starts with how we cope with stress.<br />

Stress occurs in our life when our<br />

expectations don’t meet reality. For<br />

example if you put a toner on your<br />

hair, and some chemical magic turns it<br />

green when you were expecting a nice<br />

ash blonde – that’s stressful.<br />

Our expectation was that there was<br />

going to be a bad storm. The reality<br />

was destruction beyond anything<br />

we could have imagined. That<br />

gap between a bad storm and the<br />

aftermath is where the stress occurs,<br />

and the further and further apart<br />

expectation and reality are – the<br />

more and more stressful something<br />

becomes.<br />

We can’t change the reality, but we<br />

can change our expectations over the<br />

events that are on the horizon now,<br />

and that proactively manages our<br />

stress levels.<br />

We are expecting the government<br />

to step up, we are expecting the<br />

insurance companies to lean in, we are<br />

expecting the banks to have grace and<br />

By<br />

Helen Cartwright<br />

A therapist, business mentor<br />

and coach, Helen is on a<br />

mission to help women harness<br />

the power of their minds and<br />

make their dreams come true.<br />

HELENCARTWRIGHT.CO.<strong>NZ</strong><br />

dignity in dealing with customers in the<br />

regions and we are expecting all Kiwis<br />

to unite and support each other – and<br />

we are so good at that as a nation.<br />

Set realistic expectations<br />

In order to avoid more stress, we<br />

need to make sure our expectations<br />

are realistic. The bank might give you<br />

an interest free overdraft, they might<br />

wipe your fees for a month or three,<br />

but they aren’t going to wipe out your<br />

debt, or forgive your loans. You need to<br />

be realistic about your expectations.<br />

The key to managing stress in a crisis<br />

– is a combination of just knowing<br />

how to hold your breath for one more<br />

minute so you can get through, but<br />

also breaking your plan down until<br />

you have a list of tasks you need to<br />

complete. And then making sure those<br />

tasks are realistic, so that expectation<br />

meets reality and you don’t cause<br />

yourself more stress.<br />

As soon as you have a plan, your stress<br />

will start to subside. The more your<br />

break that plan down into steps which<br />

are realistic for you to achieve, the<br />

more your brain will jump onboard and<br />

start to feed you dopamine every time<br />

you complete something.<br />

Dopamine is one of our brains natural<br />

ways to feel good, it will lift your mood<br />

and give you the motivation to carry on<br />

and hold on for one more minute.<br />

And finally gratitude. It may sound<br />

like a crazy thing to ask you to focus<br />

on when some people have lost<br />

everything, but if you can just find<br />

something to be grateful for every day,<br />

it can shift your thinking patterns away<br />

from stress and negative emotions and<br />

focus you on what you do have.<br />

Getting through this crisis requires<br />

somewhat similar skills to running a<br />

business; you have to know how to<br />

hold on, you have to use all the tricks<br />

in the book to reduce stress make<br />

yourself feel good, and you have to<br />

have faith that if you do all the right<br />

things, eventually it will be okay.<br />

84 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Wellbeing<br />

The power of ritual in the<br />

wake of disaster<br />

That was the depth of what was going<br />

on in Hawkes Bay for the first weeks. It<br />

was in this time I realised there was<br />

a ‘system or stages’ to disasters. The<br />

language, the energy of the people and<br />

the road to restoration.<br />

Believe it or not there are four stages<br />

to a disaster and once I studied them, I<br />

realised it was completely true, as we as<br />

a region (and me personally) were living<br />

what I was reading.<br />

frequently and be aware of it. WHY?<br />

Because the region is all going through a<br />

very similar situation with each other and<br />

if you don’t know how to reset yourself<br />

well, you could find yourself drained<br />

of emotional residue to your already<br />

vulnerable self.<br />

For eons humans have been told things<br />

like meditation, yoga, eating healthy,<br />

keeping the body moving, etc are what<br />

we need to thrive.<br />

By<br />

Keri McKenzie<br />

Wellbeing<br />

Being based in Hawkes Bay and experiencing the<br />

region shattered with destruction in the wake of<br />

Cyclone Gabrielle, I also saw the emotional, physical,<br />

spiritual and social toll on people in the region.<br />

The four stages are:<br />

Stage 1: Heroic (1-2 weeks) where it's all<br />

about survival<br />

Stage 2: Honeymoon (1-2 months)<br />

where help, media and systems arrive<br />

Stage 3: Disillusionment (2-36 months)<br />

where help, media and systems leave<br />

and you are on your own to figure it all<br />

out<br />

Stage 4: Restoration - the time of<br />

rebuilding and restoring normality<br />

Right now, in the most part the region<br />

is heading into Stage 3. This is where<br />

you need to really bring some tools<br />

for health and wellbeing. Fight and<br />

Flight hormones are over, the help is<br />

gone, you're dealing with lost income,<br />

insurance companies and the red<br />

tape. You can see where the name<br />

‘disillusionment’ comes from. It can<br />

throw you into a bit of a pickle.<br />

BUT there's a way to give respect, reset<br />

and change the way we interact with<br />

this stage and not buy into the ‘negative’<br />

emotive side to it.<br />

This is the time when you learn deeply<br />

about your priorities and what's<br />

important. It’s also a time where you<br />

have the opportunity to get to know<br />

how to react and operate in a way that<br />

is supportive to your own emotional<br />

wellbeing, as it can be quite a long road<br />

if you don’t.<br />

The tools you have built over your<br />

lifetime come in thick and hard. You<br />

not only apply them to your routine,<br />

but you have to implement them more<br />

If you’re struggling to figure out what a<br />

‘Tool is in you Toolbox’ is, a tip is to write<br />

a list of what I like to call ‘Life Hacks’ and<br />

‘Quick Hitters’.<br />

Life Hacks are the things that spark joy<br />

within, that make you smile and happy.<br />

Quick Hitters are the tools you have<br />

when you need to reset quickly. Imagine<br />

someone rings you and is abusive, or<br />

someone at work gets under your skin;<br />

how do you reset quick?<br />

The ultimate goal of being a human at<br />

any age or stage of life is to be happy. So<br />

why not spend some time writing these<br />

things down like in the table below.<br />

There are also columns for Physical,<br />

Spiritual, Mental and Social and each of<br />

our five senses – this gives you a picture<br />

of how well rounded the tools are that<br />

you have on hand, and gives aspiration<br />

to explore all parts of ourselves.<br />

This table is amazing to do within your<br />

family group or between friends. If you<br />

read them aloud to each other, this<br />

is when you can learn new tools and<br />

implement them.<br />

This table is so powerful – keep it handy<br />

so you look at it frequently. Each tool<br />

gives a pocket of joy and what do lots of<br />

pockets of joy add up to? A happier life.<br />

It seems simple, but the simplest things<br />

in life are usually what bring us the<br />

most joy. Think of watching the sun set<br />

with friends and family around a fire at<br />

Keri is co-founder of LUXWORKS<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> and passionate about<br />

support people around all things<br />

beauty, health and wellbeing.<br />

luxworks.co.nz<br />

the beach? Not complicated but even<br />

thinking about it brings a feeling of<br />

contentment.<br />

Under the umbrella of LUXWORKS<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong>, I was already holding ‘Tools for<br />

your Toolbox’ Workshops with children<br />

and adults. Now more than ever is when<br />

these tools will become your best ally.<br />

LUXWORKS <strong>Beauty</strong> is Hawkes Bay<br />

owned and operated, with three sides<br />

to the business: Clean and conscious<br />

skincare, wellness space sprays and<br />

events in the health and wellbeing space.<br />

Speaking on behalf of my community,<br />

something we’d love people to know<br />

is that we welcome the rest of New<br />

Zealand to come back to the Hawkes Bay<br />

to enjoy our wine, cycle trails, shopping<br />

and restaurants. For the most part we<br />

are fully operating and more than ever<br />

we need your support to get us thriving<br />

again.<br />

Never personally have I lived through an event that cracked open emotions like this. People's eyes were different, the hugs<br />

were deeper, their hearts were open and they were vulnerable. It didn’t stop with the people directly affected by losing lives,<br />

homes or businesses. EVERYONE in the region had/has trauma.<br />

This piece isn't about the doom and gloom of Cyclone Gabrielle – it's quite the opposite. It teaches us the Power of Ritual,<br />

implementing our wellbeing tools and noticing the change when we do.<br />

In the first week or two post-cyclone, when asked how they were, the first words spoken were consistently: ‘I’m grateful.’<br />

‘I'm grateful for being alive, I'm grateful for petrol, I'm grateful for water.’<br />

86 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Nail Industry<br />

Nail TRENDS<br />

The French is back and better than<br />

ever. The artistic flare being added to<br />

the classic French has been inspiring<br />

and pleasing to watch unfold, and<br />

goes to show that you can start with a<br />

classic and make it your own.<br />

Ombres are another beautiful design<br />

that are being modernised. Think<br />

chrome ombre - these are absolutely<br />

stunning, and if you need to brush up<br />

on some blending nail art skills, this<br />

look is perfect. These are well worth<br />

the practice time. You can even layer<br />

an ombre up with flakes or glitter for a<br />

more dimensional look.<br />

Glazed Donut or Milky nails are<br />

continuing to trend thanks to J Lo who<br />

always reps a stunning manicure by<br />

her MAN-icurist Tom Bachik. Both are a<br />

super easy design to achieve; you just<br />

need a good pearl chrome.<br />

Chrome and Metallics are predicted to<br />

trend in <strong>2023</strong> and boy there are some<br />

gorgeous chrome colours on the market<br />

these days. Whether it is from a pot or<br />

pen, chrome nails are always a hit.<br />

Matte nails will never go out of fashion,<br />

but it does spark a great debate. Matte<br />

vs a Shine finish.<br />

What is popular in your salon, and have<br />

you even got a Matte Topcoat for that<br />

option? Most brands will have one and<br />

it is not an expensive item to have on<br />

hand to earn you a little extra.<br />

With trends coming and going on<br />

the nail art scene, it really is a smart<br />

investment to take a class with a<br />

qualified educator in your town to get<br />

up to speed and perfect your nail art<br />

skills.<br />

We are always learning and must keep<br />

up with the forever changing products<br />

coming into our industry. Plus, nail art<br />

classes are FUN! Of all the classes I<br />

teach, I still love and get so excited to<br />

teach nail art.<br />

Add some nail art to your offerings and<br />

stand out from other salons. Nail art<br />

By<br />

Melissa Smith<br />

Melissa Smith is passionate<br />

about nail art. The founder<br />

of Miss Bliss Nails & <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

sources and distributes quality<br />

professional beauty products,<br />

as well as educating around<br />

New Zealand.<br />

MISSBLISS.CO.<strong>NZ</strong><br />

allows you to be creative and even start<br />

your own trend. You just never know<br />

who will pick it up.<br />

Understanding<br />

Pigments<br />

Cosmetic tattooing, particularly<br />

eyebrows, is becoming even more<br />

popular than waxing when it comes to<br />

beauty therapy and personal grooming<br />

services.<br />

Understanding the skin, the skin healing<br />

cascade and pigments is essential in<br />

achieving the desired result for both<br />

client and technicians. There are some<br />

tests you can do on your pigments, as a<br />

technician, to ensure these results.<br />

The placement of pigment must be as<br />

close to the epidermis as possible to be<br />

seen in its correct colour and shape. Too<br />

deep implantation will make the colour<br />

look like blue through the skin.<br />

Understanding pigment formulations<br />

and its colour specification will ensure a<br />

good healed result. Colour basics include<br />

the knowledge that brown pigment is<br />

developed using a mixture of black, red<br />

By<br />

Michaella Messenger<br />

Pigment comparisons<br />

and yellow. Red and yellow are weaker<br />

than black, this is why when implanted<br />

too deep they cannot be seen through<br />

the skin, as they don’t have the strength<br />

to travel through the opaqueness of the<br />

epidermis.<br />

Cosmetic<br />

TATTOO<br />

The dermis is a water environment,<br />

thus where healed hairstrokes or healed<br />

pixilation for ombre brows is a desired<br />

result, the pigments used must be<br />

hydrophobic, ie away from water.<br />

To check this, the technician can place<br />

a small amount of pigment in a glass of<br />

water and observe the response.<br />

Where the pigment remains whole and<br />

in its entirety, it equals a hydrophobic<br />

pigment. This type of pigment will heal<br />

where placed in the dermis and won’t<br />

bloom or migrate.<br />

Where the pigment dissolves in the<br />

water glass; the pigment is water<br />

soluble and not suitable for microblading<br />

hairstrokes or achieving pixelations of<br />

pigment in the healed results, as it will<br />

bloom and migrate developing into a<br />

block of colour.<br />

Check your pigments today to make<br />

sure that you have the right pigment to<br />

perform the right job, as not all pigments<br />

are the same:one is not like the other.<br />

masteracademy.co.nz<br />

Nailing It<br />

(Some of our fave products)<br />



Treat your nails to some year round<br />

love, with this ultra-hydrating and<br />

nourishing nail and cuticle mask.<br />

Made from 76% of naturally sourced<br />

ingredients including antioxidants,<br />

organic white tea, fermented rice,<br />

kefir, sake, lily, vitamin E and sweet<br />

almond oil, it helps prevent dryness,<br />

cracking and peeling.<br />

Nz.kesterblack.com<br />

DADI OIL<br />

Nail and skin treatments that are<br />

95% certified organic, formulated<br />

using a combination of high-purity<br />

ingredients.<br />

Designed to absorb quickly and help<br />

prevent nail brittleness as well as<br />

moisturise skin.<br />

professionalsalonbrands.co.nz<br />


Take your gel nails to the next level with the versatile reflective chrome finish which can be<br />

used to create multiple looks. Featuring an all in one pigment and pen applicator which means<br />

applying a chrome nail look takes only seconds. Available in six shades. missbliss.co.nz<br />

We educate in Microblading,<br />

Cosmetic Tattooing, Plasma Pen,<br />

Microneedling, Tattoo Removal<br />

and <strong>NZ</strong>QA Electrolysis hair and<br />

red vein removal.<br />

Distributors of Phi products, all cosmetic<br />

and advanced skin treatment needs.<br />

P: 021 834 444<br />

E: students@masteracademy.co.nz<br />

www.masteracademy.co.nz<br />

47 Cameron Street, Whangarei<br />

Registered<br />

Private Training<br />

Establishment<br />

with <strong>NZ</strong>QA<br />

88<br />

BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />



&<br />


Training the next<br />



&<br />


tan tents, whatever was required for<br />

our apprentices to be able to learn,”<br />

explains Sam.<br />

Going forward, Sam wants to see other<br />

clinics take the leap and train their own<br />

staff.<br />

“As a qualified beauty therapist,<br />

you’ve got the skills and knowledge<br />

to teach and pass on to future beauty<br />

professionals,” says Sam.<br />

“Take the plunge, don’t be scared, and<br />

ask for help when you need it.”<br />

Sometimes it just takes a random<br />

moment to set upon a completely<br />

unexpected career path.<br />

Such was the case for Sam Wilson. One<br />

day during a daycare run, Sam spotted<br />

a woman with beautiful makeup,<br />

perfect hair, and a polished uniform.<br />

The two began talking, and Sam found<br />

out that the woman owned her own<br />

beauty clinic. After speaking for a while<br />

about the industry, Sam decided to<br />

take the leap and begin studying to<br />

become a beauty therapist.<br />

Coming from a military background,<br />

Sam had little knowledge about the<br />

beauty industry.<br />

“I was a real tomboy; I didn’t even know<br />

what cleanser was!”<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> therapy proved to be the career<br />

path Sam didn’t even know she was<br />

looking for. She particularly loves being<br />

hands-on with her clients and seeing<br />

how much they appreciate what she is<br />

doing for them.<br />

Teegan with client.<br />

“My favourite thing about being a<br />

beauty therapist is making people look<br />

and feel good, and helping people’s<br />

self-esteem,” says Sam.<br />

“My clients have told me their<br />

treatments are life changing, and in<br />

turn their confidence has grown – I love<br />

that especially.”<br />

Sam Wilson made the<br />

move from a military<br />

background to a<br />

career in the beauty<br />

industry. Her journey<br />

has seen her progress<br />

from being ‘a total<br />

tomboy who barely<br />

knew what a cleanser<br />

was’, to becoming the<br />

National Training<br />

Manager for The<br />

Cosmetic Clinic.<br />

Steady Progression<br />

After completing her studies, Sam<br />

worked as a beauty therapist, and as a<br />

tutor at a beauty school.<br />

In 2020, Sam became a franchisee<br />

partner of The Cosmetic Clinic and<br />

opened her own clinic in West City,<br />

Auckland.<br />

Sam Wilson<br />

Sam is also the National Training<br />

Manager for The Cosmetic Clinic and<br />

has over 15 years of training experience<br />

in the beauty industry. She has a strong<br />

focus on ensuring beauty therapists are<br />

taught the correct treatment protocols,<br />

and that all clients receive the highest<br />

levels of care.<br />

When Sam became a business owner,<br />

inspiring budding beauty therapists<br />

was something she didn’t want to give<br />

up.<br />

“I was missing educating people. I<br />

wanted to continue to empower future<br />

beauty therapists,” says Sam.<br />

With the need to fill a staff gap in her<br />

clinic, Sam began looking into taking on<br />

a beauty therapy apprentice with HITO.<br />

HITO offer apprenticeships and<br />

on-job training qualifications in New<br />

Zealand’s beauty, hairdressing, and<br />

barbering industries. HITO partner<br />

with business owners to support<br />

trainers and apprentices throughout<br />

the qualification journey, and work<br />

with <strong>NZ</strong>QA, Workforce Development<br />

Councils and industry partners<br />

to ensure their qualifications are<br />

nationally recognised and relevant to<br />

career and business success. HITO is a<br />

member of the <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP.<br />

“With the current staff shortage,<br />

taking on an apprentice means you<br />

get to train them to be exactly as you<br />

need them to be,” says Sam. “With an<br />

apprentice, we know from day one,<br />

Teegan Hazlewood and Sam Wilson, The Cosmetic Clinic WestCity<br />

we’re moulding them to be the best<br />

therapist for our clinic. It’s a huge<br />

benefit for us.”<br />

Although The Cosmetic Clinic doesn’t<br />

offer a full range of traditional beauty<br />

therapy services, Sam took steps to<br />

make her clinic a suitable learning<br />

environment for HITO apprentices<br />

HITO, your apprenticeship<br />

and training partner<br />

About us<br />

HITO offer apprenticeships and on-job training<br />

qualifications in hairdressing, barbering, and<br />

beauty therapy.<br />

HITO partner with business owners to support trainers<br />

and apprentices throughout the qualification journey,<br />

and we work to ensure our qualifications are nationally<br />

recognized and relevant for career and business success.<br />

HITO is part of Te Pūkenga – New Zealand Institute<br />

of Skills and Technology (Te Pūkenga).<br />

Apprenticeship benefits<br />

Earn while<br />

you learn<br />

Become<br />

100% qualified<br />

Gain on-the-job<br />

experience<br />

studying towards the New Zealand<br />

Certificate in <strong>Beauty</strong> Therapy (Level 4).<br />

“We were lucky that we had a spare<br />

room in our clinic that wasn’t being<br />

used, so we converted it into a beauty<br />

therapy room. We set it up with all the<br />

additional equipment for services we<br />

don’t offer; buying wax pots, spray<br />

Join a global<br />

community<br />

www.hito.org.nz | (04) 499 1180 | support@hito.org.nz<br />

From qualified beauty therapist to HITO STA<br />

Hi, I’m Susannah, the Sales and<br />

Training advisor for the Bay of<br />

Plenty and Hawke’s Bay regions.<br />

I am a qualified beauty therapist,<br />

completing my qualification<br />

through an apprenticeship with<br />

HITO.<br />

In December 2022, Sam’s first<br />

apprentice, Teegan Hazlewood<br />

completed her apprenticeship. After<br />

two years of training in the clinic,<br />

Teegan qualified with the New Zealand<br />

Certificate in <strong>Beauty</strong> Therapy (Level 4).<br />

“Sam is such a supportive person.<br />

Knowing that Sam, as my trainer,<br />

genuinely wanted me to succeed and<br />

grow and do the best I could, made it<br />

a whole lot easier to get through the<br />

tough times in my apprenticeship,”<br />

says Teegan. “I’m very grateful to have<br />

had Sam as my mentor and guide.”<br />

I started with HITO in 2021, and I really enjoy working<br />

with apprentices and seeing them through to becoming<br />

fully qualified. I live in beautiful Taupo with my husband<br />

and three sons. In the weekends, you will find me on<br />

the sideline watching kids’ rugby, spending time with<br />

my family and friends, and enjoying our beautiful lake.<br />



100% <strong>NZ</strong> QUALIFIED<br />

P R O F E S S<br />

I O N A L<br />

100% <strong>NZ</strong> QUALIFIED<br />

Actual Size<br />

P R O F E S S<br />

I O N A L<br />

90 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />



&<br />


Get connected to the<br />

beauty industry in<br />

New Zealand<br />

There are a number of paths to choose when it comes to training as a beauty<br />

professional. Wherever you opt to train and pursue your career, the importance<br />

of being backed by a professional association, surrounded by a supportive team<br />

of people in the same industry, and having a network of knowledge to pool from,<br />

should also be part of this journey.<br />


&<br />


<strong>NZ</strong> Association of<br />

Registered <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Professionals<br />

The New Zealand Association of<br />

Registered <strong>Beauty</strong> Professionals is the<br />

membership organisation for the beauty<br />

industry in New Zealand. The non-profit<br />

organisation is dedicated to supporting<br />

its members, regulating the industry<br />

and achieving a highly qualified and<br />

professional workforce.<br />

<strong>NZ</strong>ARBP members have industry<br />

verified qualifications, are fully insured<br />

and follow strict health and hygiene<br />

guidelines to safeguard consumers,<br />

and the future of the industry. This<br />

offers reassurance for the beauty<br />

professional, the team they work<br />

with, and the clients they provide their<br />

services to.<br />

Become A Member<br />

You are invited to join The New<br />

Zealand Association of Registered<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> Professionals, the membership<br />

organisation for the beauty industry in<br />

<strong>NZ</strong>. As a member, you get recognition<br />

as a qualified, registered beauty<br />

professional, access to resources,<br />

exclusive benefits from partner<br />

companies and additional special offers<br />

and opportunities throughout the year.<br />

Code Of Ethics<br />

Amongst the aims of the <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP<br />

is to ensure that members are<br />

supported with strong channels of<br />

communication; to broaden awareness<br />

of the latest developments in the<br />

beauty industry through a range of<br />

relevant platforms; and to advocate<br />

professionalism of members by<br />

adherence to Health and Hygiene<br />

Guidelines, and a Code of Ethics.<br />

With a vision to build a strong united<br />

community of like-minded beauty<br />

professionals, the <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP actively<br />

promotes an industry culture around<br />

core values of integrity, respect,<br />

innovation, service and aspiration.<br />

A legacy of growth<br />

The New Zealand Association of<br />

Registered <strong>Beauty</strong> Professionals was<br />

formed in 1968 by a group of passionate<br />

beauty professionals looking to create<br />

a support group in the industry and<br />

develop consistent standards for all<br />

beauty professionals across New<br />

Zealand.<br />

In 1970 the Association became an<br />

Incorporated Society. Fast forward 50<br />

years, and the Association still has<br />

the same goals and desires, with the<br />

priority to encourage a highly qualified,<br />

safe and supportive industry.<br />

Membership<br />

The <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP offers a variety of<br />

memberships to suit and support<br />

members in their different roles within<br />

the industry.<br />

These memberships include:<br />

Association Member, Affiliate Member,<br />

Clinic Staff Member, Distributor<br />

Member, School Member, Tutor/Trainer<br />

Member and Student Member.<br />

Training To Become A<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> Therapist<br />

The <strong>NZ</strong> <strong>Beauty</strong> Association maintains<br />

a comprehensive list of beauty school<br />

members around New Zealand, that<br />

hold a range of beauty therapy training<br />

to help those interested achieve<br />

professional qualifications. Depending<br />

on the beauty training you undertake,<br />

you can achieve a certificate or diploma.<br />

Employment<br />

Opportunities<br />

The <strong>NZ</strong> <strong>Beauty</strong> Association hosts a list<br />

of vacant beauty therapist positions<br />

throughout New Zealand. It also<br />

offers a platform for businesses to<br />

advertise for staff, whilst offering all<br />

involved the opportunity to know<br />

that high standards in the workplace<br />

are adhered to, along with ethical<br />

treatment of clients, as members of the<br />

<strong>NZ</strong> Association of Registered <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Professionals.<br />

Health, Hygiene and<br />

Safety Standards<br />

The Association strives to continually<br />

encourage consistently high<br />

professional and ethical standards;<br />

protecting the public, clients, staff, and<br />

the future of our industry.<br />

The Health, Hygiene & Safety<br />

Standards are based upon<br />

internationally accepted best practice<br />

taken from allied and medical fields.<br />

As new research and evidence is<br />

continually developing together<br />

with advances in beauty care, these<br />

guidelines will continue to evolve to<br />

ensure we remain at the forefront of<br />

safe, hygienic practice.<br />

Contributions from qualified beauty<br />

professionals are essential to maintain<br />

continued relevance of these guidelines<br />

to the industry and as such are invited<br />

for consideration in future editions. The<br />

recommendations for best practice<br />

in these guidelines are included to<br />

encourage higher standards of hygienic<br />

and safe practices.<br />

For more information about<br />

membership or to join the <strong>NZ</strong><br />

Association of Registered <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Professionals, visit beautynz.org.nz or<br />

phone 021 062 4597<br />

92<br />

92 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />



&<br />



Lola Lee Training<br />


April 7: Lola Lee Basic Gel Course<br />

April 10-13: Lola Lee Pro Nail Training<br />

Course (10am-3.30pm)<br />

June 9: Lola Lee Basic Gel Course<br />

(9.30am-4pm)<br />

June 12-15: Lola Lee Pro Nail Training<br />

Course (10am-3.30pm)<br />


April 10: Lola Lee Basic Gel Course<br />

(9.30am-4pm)<br />

April 24: Lola Lee Nail Art Course<br />

(9.30am-4pm)<br />

May 8: Lola Lee Basic Gel Course<br />

(9.30am-4pm)<br />

May 22: Lola Lee Acrylic Course<br />

(9.30am-4pm)<br />

June 27: Lola Lee Dura Gel Course<br />

(9.30am-4pm)<br />

For more information contact<br />

belush.co.nz<br />

Cosmetologists<br />

Training<br />

Cosmetologists offer ongoing training<br />

around Dermaplaning, Micro-Needling<br />

and Spray Tanning, as well as Advanced<br />

Waxing and TUEL Skincare.<br />


Dermaplaning, sometimes called<br />

epidermal levelling, is a safe procedure<br />

for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding<br />

the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz)<br />

of the face. Cosmetologists offer<br />

DermaplanePro <strong>NZ</strong> training – the global<br />

leader in dermaplaning certification<br />

classes, tools, supplies and support.<br />

The course is split into two parts. Part 1<br />

is completed online and covers theory<br />

(complete any time prior to your inperson<br />

class). Part 2 is the in-person<br />

class where the majority of the day is<br />

spent working on models.<br />


Microneedling offers many benefits<br />

for skincare professionals looking to<br />

include additional, results-driven (and<br />

also profitable) services for clients.<br />

This class covers both theory and<br />

practical application of microneedling.<br />

Participants can see, feel and perform a<br />

dermal needling treatment on the day.<br />


Learn the theory behind spray tans as<br />

well as practical skills. This is a hands<br />

on training class tanning real people,<br />

giving participants as much practice as<br />

possible.<br />


April 3: Berodin Waxing Workshop<br />

April 17: DermaplanePro Training<br />

May 8: Azure Tan Spray Tan Training<br />

May 15: DermaplanePro Training<br />

May 29-30: Tuel Skincare 2-Day Training<br />

July 10: DermaplanePro Training<br />

July 17: Dermal Needling Training<br />

July 24: Azure Tan Spray Tan Training<br />

July 31: Berodin Waxing Workshop<br />

www.youthbeauty.co.nz<br />

Hydro-Jelly<br />

Masks<br />

Ground Breaking<br />

Skincare for<br />

Eczema<br />

Psoriasis<br />

Acne<br />

Master Academy<br />

Training:<br />

April 21: <strong>NZ</strong>QA Eyeliner & Lip Cosmetic<br />

Tattooing Technique online start. May<br />

1-2: Live Workshop (4 months online)<br />

April 24: <strong>NZ</strong>QA Eyebrow Machine<br />

Cosmetic Tattooing Technique online<br />

start. May 3-4: Live workshop (4<br />

months online)<br />

April 28: <strong>NZ</strong>QA Manual Microblading<br />

and Machine Shading Cosmetic<br />

Tattooing Technique. May 8-9: Live<br />

workshop (4 months online)<br />

Youth <strong>Beauty</strong> has been<br />

providing results driven<br />

products, from trusted<br />

brands, at competitive<br />

prices to the<br />

New Zealand <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Industry since 2006.<br />

From internal to<br />

external health<br />

products, we do it all<br />

For more information,<br />

masteracademy.co.nz<br />

P R O D U C T S<br />

Self-Heating<br />

Aromatherapy<br />

Eye Masks<br />

E V E<br />

Youth<br />

R Y<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong><br />

T H<br />

offers<br />

I N G<br />

top of<br />

Ythe Oline<br />

U NEED<br />

training and has trained hundreds of<br />

therapists around New Zealand and<br />

Australia. Upcoming dates and training<br />

include:<br />

T E C H N O L O G Y<br />

Providing sought-after<br />

modern and traditional<br />

technology, we offer a<br />

wide portfolio of all<br />

industry technology to<br />

give you the point of<br />

difference.<br />

April 18: Bay of Plenty Technology<br />

Roadshow<br />

April 24: Dermal Needling, Wellington<br />

May 16: Palmerston North Technology<br />

Roadshow<br />

Supported with training,<br />

marketing and<br />

committed to<br />

your success<br />

June 12-13: Dermal Needling, Mesowave<br />

and Fractional RF training, Otago<br />

June 27: Waikato Technology Roadshow<br />

August 1: Hawke's Bay Technology<br />

Roadshow<br />

High Performance<br />

Top Quality<br />

August 15: Auckland Technology<br />

Roadshow<br />

Environ & Jane Iredale<br />

Education<br />

Training courses for all levels, from new<br />

graduates to advanced skin therapists.<br />

PSB remains committed to harnessing<br />

the most innovative industry<br />

developments and upholding standards<br />

of excellence in both education and<br />

products.<br />

In <strong>2023</strong>, Environ educators and jane<br />

iredale makeup experts will present<br />

the latest, most updated educational<br />

programs, which include: Introductory<br />

Trainings, Masterclasses, new training<br />

material and product launches.<br />

For Quarter 2 <strong>2023</strong> trainings, please<br />

NEW Products contact info@psb.net.nz for more<br />

details.<br />

T R A I N I N G<br />

A truly trusted, reliable,<br />

and industry-recognised<br />

partner to you and your<br />

business – a company<br />

you can depend upon.<br />

We supply industry-wide<br />

training sessions<br />

throughout the year,<br />

across the entire country<br />

Miss Bliss Training<br />

<strong>2023</strong> sees a brand-new revamped Gel<br />

Polish Beginner Course being rolled<br />

out by Miss Bliss Education. Now more<br />

than ever it’s so important to have<br />

thorough, high-quality training with<br />

all you must know when entering the<br />

industry. Extended now over two days<br />

we have added more to help set you up<br />

for success.<br />

For more information. missbliss.co.nz<br />

or melissa@missbliss.co.nz<br />


&<br />


OBSERV 520x & 320<br />

demonstrations:<br />

These visits are designed for clinics<br />

purchasing or upgrading an OBSERV<br />

and are an opportunity to complete<br />

due diligence on OBSERV for future<br />

purchase throughout <strong>2023</strong>. Upcoming<br />

dates include: .<br />

April 5-6<br />

May 1-3<br />

May 4-5; 8-9<br />

May 23<br />

May 24<br />

May 25-26<br />

June 13-16<br />

June 20-22<br />

July 25-26<br />

August 15-16<br />

For more information or to book,<br />

contact observ.co.nz or<br />

enquiries@observ.co.nz<br />


May 22: Dermal Needling Training<br />

August 14: DermaplanePro Workshop<br />

Sept 18: Dermal Needling Training<br />

Nov 6-7: Tuel Skincare 2-Day Training<br />

August 29: Christchurch Technology<br />

Roadshow<br />

September 12: Dunedin Technology<br />

Roadshow<br />

For more information,<br />

cosmetologists.co.nz<br />

For more information, contact<br />

training@youthbeauty.co.nz<br />

94 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


THE<br />

Last<br />

WORD<br />

LEANNE<br />

RADKA<br />

Leanne Radka boasts a wealth of<br />

experience in the beauty industry<br />

spanning 25 years. These days her<br />

passion is focused around holistic<br />

beauty and eco-conscious brands.<br />

You’re unique.<br />

Your insurance advice<br />

should be too.<br />

Having founded Sisterhood <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

10 years ago, the business remains<br />

dedicated to partnering with companies<br />

that lead the way with green initiatives<br />

and which are committed to thoughtful<br />

natural beauty.<br />

Having started as an agency before<br />

growing into a distributor, Sisterhood<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> is passionate about nurturing<br />

strong relationships, both with its clients<br />

as well as with the brands it represents.<br />

“I always visit the founders in person<br />

which stands us in good stead for<br />

a long-term respectful relationship.<br />

That personal connection makes for a<br />

wonderful business relationship.“<br />

Working with brands Victoria Curtis<br />

Cosmetics, Rawceuticals, Byron Bay<br />

Bronze, Fur, Whish <strong>Beauty</strong>, Oh Yeahh<br />

Lip Balms and My Sunshine Suncare;<br />

Leanne takes enormous pride and care<br />

in the partnerships she forms.<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong><strong>NZ</strong> finds out more:<br />

What sparked you to create<br />

Q. Sisterhood <strong>Beauty</strong>?<br />

The beauty industry started<br />

A. making noises about the negative<br />

impact of parabens and there<br />

was a movement towards holistic<br />

beauty which really resonated<br />

with me, and so my journey<br />

began.<br />

Q. Who inspires you in general?<br />

My colleagues and the<br />

A. companies I work with. It’s<br />

always great to share ideas and<br />

lift people up. Rather than look at<br />

people as competition, there is<br />

room for everyone.<br />

There are two people I hold a lot<br />

of respect for and look up too:<br />

Annemarie from Kiara Cosmetics,<br />

as she has done an incredible job<br />

building her successful business<br />

and working tirelessly on her<br />

charity fundraiser Eat Drink<br />

Pink. We feel each other’s pain<br />

when the US dollar drops and<br />

love to say hi via IG; it’s about<br />

lifting each other up. The other<br />

businessperson I particularly<br />

admire is Emma Peters, founder<br />

of Aleph <strong>Beauty</strong>. I’ve known<br />

Emma for many years, and<br />

it has been wonderful to see<br />

the success of her vision of<br />

manufacturing a clean, clear and<br />

conscious natural and vegan<br />

makeup range.<br />

Q.How do you finish your day?<br />

I try not to work at night but<br />

A. more often than not I do; it’s a<br />

hard habit to break! However, I<br />

have a partner who loves to cook<br />

so I often continue working while<br />

he cooks a Michelin star dinner! I<br />

am sure he was a chef in another<br />

lifetime.<br />

What beauty products you can’t<br />

Q. live without?<br />

Rawceuticals Clean (oil cleanser)<br />

A. leaves my skin balanced and<br />

hydrated with a glow, and<br />

Victoria Curtis CC Cream. If I was<br />

stranded on a desert Island (take<br />

me there please) it would be the<br />

CC Cream and my family I would<br />

take.<br />

What is your business advice for<br />

Q. <strong>2023</strong>?<br />

Hold on tight. It’s going to be<br />

A. another wild ride, but we will get<br />

through it together.<br />

Getting the right insurance solutions<br />

for your business can be complicated.<br />

Our Hair and <strong>Beauty</strong> Plus package is<br />

designed for you.<br />



John Barnfield<br />

Senior Commercial Broker<br />

P: 021 449 096<br />

E: john.barnfield@rothbury.co.nz<br />

What keeps you inspired about<br />

Q. the beauty industry?<br />

The fact it is constantly evolving,<br />

A. I love change and being<br />

challenged. I always look forward,<br />

never behind or beside me. I<br />

liken it to running races I used to<br />

compete in years ago - if I wasted<br />

time looking around, that would<br />

just slow me down and put me off<br />

course.<br />

Q.What products/treatments are<br />

you loving right now and why?<br />

I cannot live without my<br />

A. Rawceuticals Skincare routine<br />

day and night. It’s simple and<br />

quick but very effective. I also<br />

have bi -monthly treatments in<br />

clinic with the Exceed Pen which<br />

is just the best micro needling<br />

skin treatment for me.<br />


Favourite destination: New York<br />

Favourite book: Eleanor Oliphant is<br />

Completely Fine<br />

Favourite Instagram/podcast: Sexy<br />

Ageing<br />

Fave movie: A Star is Born.<br />

96 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

97<br />






TUELSKINCARE.CO.<strong>NZ</strong>/PRO<br />

100% VEGAN<br />



Available from Cosmetologists <strong>NZ</strong><br />

www.cosmetologists.co.nz | orders@cosmetologists.co.nz

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