American Legion #496 - American Legion Post 496

American Legion #496 - American Legion Post 496

Jim Larson Kitchen Chairman

Hello everyone,

The kitchen crew has

been staying busy with

the events that have been

at the Post lately.

On December 3rd, Dennis

Radcliffe, Carolyn

Gissel and myself put on

a lunch for some Gold

Star Wives. We fixed barbecued

marinated chicken

Taco Salads for the

Tammy Sollazzo Editor/Webmaster

Happy New Year to everyone!

Have you

checked out the website

lately? Did you see the

video that was done of

our Veteran’s day festivities?

Lakewood City

liked it so much that they

linked it to their city-wide

website! Woohoo! I

hope that we can put

many more of these types

of video’s on the website—what

a great way to

get our information to the


Our legion family contin-

wives. We also fixed

grilled cheese sandwiches

& quesadillas for the

kids that came with them.

All seemed to enjoy and

appreciate the

efforts that were

there for them.

ues to grow, as does the

amount of newsletters

that need to be printed.

Please, if you have an

email address, send it to

me. If you state that you

ONLY want the newsletter

sent to it, I will honor

that request. The weekly

emails and job postings

will never show up in your

in box (at least not from

me!). So, please, help

keep our costs down and

send your email to me for

newsletter use. I’d really

appreciate it, that would

also help with returned

newsletters for those who

don’t alert us to change of

address. Happy reading!

Thank you!

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