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THE OFFICIAL MAGAZINE OF THE <strong>BRIT</strong> AWARDS <strong>2006</strong><br />











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Contents<br />

05 <strong>BRIT</strong>s sponsor MasterCard reveals its fantastic<br />

<strong>2006</strong> Priceless Music Promotion<br />

06 Last year’s <strong>BRIT</strong>s25 show – the best bits<br />

09 A peek at <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong>s <strong>2006</strong> launch. Let’s party!<br />

13 <strong>The</strong> all important nominees list<br />

40 <strong>BRIT</strong>s fashion – the hits and misses<br />

61 <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong>s’ charities – Where does<br />

all the money go?<br />

66 Where do you keep your <strong>BRIT</strong>?<br />

69 So what is <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> School exactly?<br />

70 Win! One of <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong>s’ celebrity goodie bags,<br />

worth over £4,500!<br />

Nominees<br />

16 KT Tunstall talks fame and fortune<br />

19 <strong>The</strong> Magic Numbers keep it in the family<br />

21 Coldplay Talk about a good year...<br />

23 Tales from toon town <strong>with</strong> Gorillaz<br />

25 Chris Evans <strong>The</strong> host <strong>with</strong> the most<br />

27 Kanye West <strong>The</strong> saviour of hip hop<br />

29 Having a jam <strong>with</strong> this year’s<br />

Outstanding Contributor, Paul Weller<br />

33 Kano Grime and punishment<br />

35 A spoonful of Sugababes<br />

39 Madonna Still going strong<br />

43 Oasis & the nominees for British Live Act<br />

46 Are the Kaiser Chiefs predicting <strong>BRIT</strong>s?<br />

49 Idol chit chat <strong>with</strong> Kelly Clarkson<br />

51 Chilling <strong>with</strong> the Arctic Monkeys<br />

53 James Blunt on a beautiful year<br />

57 Robbie Williams 15 <strong>BRIT</strong>s - and counting<br />

59 It’s been another big year for Will Young<br />

63 Last year’s best Pop Act, McFly<br />

65 Mariah Carey Diva fever<br />

Congratulations to Paul Weller and all this year’s nominees<br />

BPI chairman Peter Jamieson explains why the <strong>BRIT</strong>s is best...<br />

It was just a couple of weeks ago, a<br />

few days after the announcement<br />

of nominations for this year’s<br />

<strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong> at London’s<br />

Riverside Studios (page 9), and I<br />

bumped into a friend of mine.<br />

“You must be relieved,” he said.<br />

“<strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong>s over for another year. But<br />

it seems to have gone well. It was all<br />

over the newspapers.”<br />

“What do you mean?” I said. “That was<br />

only the launch.”<br />

“Well, if that was the launch,” he said, “I can’t imagine<br />

what the show’s going to be like.”<br />

Luckily I was able to tell him that this year’s show will<br />

be bigger and better than anything we’ve seen before.<br />

Already I can confirm that the show will feature the<br />

two biggest-selling artists of 2005 – James Blunt and<br />

Coldplay – and they’ll be joined by a host of top names<br />

including Kelly Clarkson, Kaiser Chiefs, Kanye West and<br />

our Outstanding Contribution award winner Paul Weller.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong> is special in its sheer scale and in its<br />

reputation for showcasing the best music around. But it is<br />

also unique in that the proceeds from the night go to the<br />

music industry’s very own charity, <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> Trust.<br />

Over the years the charity has helped numerous good<br />

causes from Nordoff-Robbins Music <strong>The</strong>rapy to <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong><br />

School for the Performing Arts & Technology, the only nonfee-charging<br />

performing arts school in the UK. Last year<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> Trust made a special donation of £500,000 to<br />

Save <strong>The</strong> Children in order to rehabilitate music education<br />

facilities devastated by the Asian tsunami.<br />

I’d like to thank all those, in particular the artists, who<br />

give their services for free in order to help <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> Trust.<br />

One notable feature of this year’s show is the strength of<br />

the British artists performing. We’re going through a very<br />

strong period for British music and seven of the top ten<br />

best-selling albums last year were by UK artists.<br />

<strong>The</strong> fascinating thing is that this boom in home-grown<br />

talent isn’t just in one type of music: it covers every genre.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re really is something for everyone.<br />

When British artists are in the ascendant as they are<br />

today, it’s good news – not just for contemporary artists,<br />

but for the artists of tomorrow. Current successes help to<br />

provide the investment required for the hits of the future.<br />

For the moment our focus is on bringing the biggest, the<br />

most spectacular and the most entertaining <strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong><br />

yet. All the ingredients are pretty much in place.<br />

l We have a presenter, the inimitable Chris Evans – a<br />

real music fan.<br />

l We have a venue- Earls Court.<br />

l We have a line-up of artists – including a few surprises<br />

still to be announced.<br />

l And we have a sponsor – the extremely supportive<br />

MasterCard.<br />

All we need now is our audience – so don’t forget to tune<br />

in to ITV1 at 8pm on Thursday January 16.<br />

It’s going to be a great show.<br />

Peter Jamieson,<br />

Chairman, <strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong> Organising Committee<br />


National Academy of Recording Arts &<br />

Sciences, Inc.<br />

Logo Treatment<br />

Modern Logo - Reverse<br />

Modern Logo - Primary<br />


• <strong>The</strong> GRAMMY statuette must always include a ®<br />

at the bottom right corner of the image.<br />

• <strong>The</strong> statue must not be covered by any other<br />

object/writing.<br />

• <strong>The</strong> statue must remain as is or may be used in<br />

black & white. No other color variations are<br />

allowed.<br />

• Statue must always have the horn opening facing<br />

left.<br />

• PMS Colors for the gold in the statue<br />

•PMS 872, PMS 873<br />


• <strong>The</strong> GRAMMY modern logos may be used in either<br />

style but the size and placement of the GRAMMY<br />

<strong>with</strong>in the circle must remain the same<br />

• <strong>The</strong> modern logos must always include a ® at the<br />

bottom right corner of the image, outside the circle.<br />

• <strong>The</strong> GRAMMY modern logo may be displayed in<br />

various color options to marry <strong>with</strong> design or display<br />

creativity.<br />

• <strong>The</strong> logo must not be covered by any other<br />

object/writing.<br />

• Logo must always have the horn opening facing<br />

left.<br />

photo: jmenternational.com<br />

Photos: John Marshall/jmenternational.com<br />

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MasterCard, backing <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong>.<br />


American Idiots Green<br />

Day rock Earls Court<br />

Breakthrough Act Keane<br />

hope this isn’t the last time<br />

they’re at the <strong>BRIT</strong>s<br />

WINNERS 2005<br />

<strong>BRIT</strong>s25 - <strong>The</strong> Best Song Award<br />

Robbie Williams Angels<br />

Scissor Sisters opening<br />

the show - singing furry<br />

watermelons not pictured<br />

British Male Solo Artist <strong>The</strong> Streets<br />

British Female Solo Artist Joss Stone<br />

British Urban Act Joss Stone<br />

British Breakthrough Act Keane<br />

MasterCard British Album Keane<br />

Hopes And Fears<br />

British Rock Act Franz Ferdinand<br />

Photos: John Marshall/jmenternational.com<br />

Snoop and Pharrell,<br />

dropping it like it’s hot.<br />

Probably<br />

Lemar and Jamelia steam<br />

up the <strong>BRIT</strong>s stage<br />

British Group Franz Ferdinand<br />

International Breakthrough Act<br />

Scissor Sisters<br />

British Live Act Muse<br />

British Single Will Young Your Game<br />

Pop Act McFly<br />

International Female Solo Artist<br />

Gwen Stefani<br />

International Male Solo Artist Eminem<br />

International Group Scissor Sisters<br />

International Album Scissor Sisters<br />

Scissor Sisters<br />

Outstanding Contribution to music<br />

Sir Bob Geldof<br />

Mike Skinner – before<br />

he went missing<br />

06<br />

Two <strong>BRIT</strong>s and a duet<br />

<strong>with</strong> Robbie? Not a bad<br />

night for Joss Stone<br />

Sir Bob ponders the big<br />

question – what’s better,<br />

a <strong>BRIT</strong> or a knighthood?<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong>s Turn 25<br />

Chris Evans crashes the<br />

Bedingfield’s family party<br />

Franz Ferdinand hope<br />

to walk away <strong>with</strong> some<br />

more <strong>BRIT</strong>S this year<br />

Let’s look back at last year’s party…<br />

Last year’s <strong>Awards</strong> turned out to be<br />

the most sensational, inspirational<br />

<strong>BRIT</strong>s show yet… but don’t take our<br />

word for it - here’s a reminder!<br />

We always knew <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong><br />

<strong>Awards</strong>’ silver jubilee was going to<br />

be special, but it wasn’t until the<br />

red carpet rolled out and the celebs<br />

started to arrive that we realised just<br />

how jaw-dropping it would be.<br />

It was fitting, of course, that<br />

<strong>BRIT</strong>s25 – named to celebrate 25<br />

glittering <strong>Awards</strong> shows – should pay<br />

tribute to the stars who have made<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong>s the biggest night in the<br />

British music calendar.<br />

But standing shoulder to shoulder<br />

<strong>with</strong> some long-time musical legends<br />

were the biggest and brightest chart<br />

stars of 2005.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Scissor Sisters – <strong>with</strong> a little<br />

help from some of Jim Henson’s<br />

incredible creations – opened the<br />

show in style <strong>with</strong> a sparkling version<br />

of their hit Take Your Mama, and the<br />

UK-signed New Yorkers went on to<br />

pick up three awards on the night.<br />

It wouldn’t be <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong>s <strong>with</strong>out<br />

a few inspired duets, and 2005 didn’t<br />

disappoint. While Snoop Dogg<br />

and Pharrell Williams performed a<br />

much anticipated, glamour-soaked<br />

version of their collaboration Drop It<br />

Like It’s Hot, four times nominated<br />

Natasha Bedingfield and brother<br />

Daniel surprised everyone <strong>with</strong> their<br />

first ever public duet. Chaka Khan’s<br />

Ain’t Nobody proved to be the perfect<br />

showcase for their sibling harmonies<br />

– a tough act to follow! Fortunately,<br />

Lemar and Jamelia were more than<br />

up to the task. <strong>The</strong> pair performed<br />

the Robert Palmer classic Addicted to<br />

Love, and boy, was it getting steamy<br />

up there!<br />

With a record number<br />

of gongs to hand out,<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong>s were happy<br />

to hand hosting duties<br />

to a veteran, and Chris<br />

Evans – back for his<br />

third show – managed<br />

to keep things moving<br />

swiftly along.<br />

A delighted Will<br />

Young picked up the<br />

British Single award<br />

for Leave Right<br />

Last year’s British<br />

Single Award – a<br />

victory for Will Power<br />

Now, while Keane celebrated their<br />

first wins – for British Newcomer<br />

and Album – <strong>with</strong> a top notch<br />

performance of Everyone’s Changing.<br />

Muse were the first recipient of<br />

the new Live Act award, while fellow<br />

Live nominee Mike Skinner picked<br />

up the British Male trophy instead.<br />

But after thrilling the crowd <strong>with</strong><br />

a tear-jerking Dry Your Eyes, <strong>The</strong><br />

Streets’ mastermind nipped off<br />

out of the spotlight – and<br />

was nowhere to be found<br />

when actress Naomie<br />

Harris called him up to<br />

collect his award!<br />

Almost as bashful<br />

was Outstanding<br />

Contribution To Music<br />

winner Sir Bob Geldof.<br />

<strong>The</strong> ex-Boomtown Rats<br />

frontman took to the<br />

stage wearing a Make Poverty History<br />

band around his wrist; months<br />

before Live 8 was even announced, it<br />

certainly wasn’t the last time Sir Bob<br />

would be making the news in 2005.<br />

<strong>BRIT</strong>s25 was a very special night<br />

– not only for 2005’s biggest stars,<br />

but for all the great acts from the<br />

last 25 shows. To celebrate, a special<br />

category was created to find the<br />

best song since the awards began.<br />

Robbie Williams, still only 30, has<br />

been winning <strong>BRIT</strong>s for a decade,<br />

and this year he took his total to an<br />

incredible 15. <strong>The</strong> public voted Angels<br />

their favourite song since 1977 and<br />

his performance of the winning tune,<br />

<strong>with</strong> guest vocals by Joss Stone, was<br />

a triumph.<br />

Here’s to another 25 amazing<br />

<strong>BRIT</strong>s shows, from Rob, Sir Bob, and<br />

all the rest.<br />

Bow Selecta! Gwen Stefani<br />

gives it some at <strong>BRIT</strong>s25<br />


Trophy designed by John Marshall and modelled by Robert Glover for <strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong> Ltd.<br />

brits launch<br />

Paula Yates gets the <strong>BRIT</strong>s<br />

rear-ly going, 1994<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong>s<br />

Are Launched!<br />

Date: tuesday, Jan 10th Venue: london’s riverside studios<br />

Chris Evans, returning to host<br />

his fourth <strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong><br />




Madonna Coldplay<br />

Sugababes James Blunt<br />

Gorillaz Kaiser Chiefs<br />

DVD SIDE<br />

Entire album in enhanced audio<br />

plus video selection<br />


Out 6/2/06<br />

Photos: John Marshall/jmenternational.com<br />

<strong>The</strong>re’s a buzz of excitement in the<br />

air as the music world’s great and<br />

good descend on London’s Riverside<br />

Studios.<br />

<strong>The</strong> paparazzi are camped<br />

outside the entrance, a string of<br />

security guards holding back a crowd<br />

of eager fans. Every now and then<br />

some lucky person breaks through<br />

the line, invitation in hand,<br />

and is ushered inside<br />

down the red carpet.<br />

Tonight’s a big<br />

night for the pop<br />

and rock stars.<br />

For the last three<br />

months, votes<br />

have been cast<br />

and counted, and<br />

tonight - the sizzling<br />

<strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong> launch<br />

- is when the nominations<br />

are finally announced to the<br />

world. No wonder everyone’s excited<br />

- careers can be made on nights like<br />

this. Even the press - notoriously<br />

hard to impress, you may have heard,<br />

are having heated debates about<br />

who’s in and who’s out over the<br />

champagne and canapés.<br />

Sara Cox is our host for the<br />

evening and while she’s all glamour<br />

and poise on screen, off camera,<br />

she’s as excited as the rest of us.<br />

We see her deep in conversation<br />

<strong>with</strong> Chris Evans, host of the <strong>Awards</strong><br />

<strong>BRIT</strong>S Chairman<br />

Peter Jamieson<br />

themselves, but the pair break off<br />

their chat to wave to Sean from <strong>The</strong><br />

Magic Numbers, wandering by after<br />

the band’s final rehearsal. Sean grins<br />

as he gets the thumbs up.<br />

In one corner, Peter Jamieson, the<br />

chairman of <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong>s committee,<br />

chats <strong>with</strong> the <strong>BRIT</strong>s’ musical<br />

producer. Imagine you’re a wannabe<br />

rock band, fresh from <strong>The</strong><br />

<strong>BRIT</strong> School, trying to<br />

get heard. Imagine<br />

getting a demo<br />

tape into ANY of<br />

these hands. It<br />

could happen.<br />

Tonight, it feels<br />

like anything could<br />

happen.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re’s an<br />

enormous roar as<br />

tonight’s first act takes<br />

to the stage, and the Kaiser<br />

Chiefs get another huge cheer as<br />

they blast into the opening chords<br />

of Oh My God. Following it <strong>with</strong> a<br />

crowd thrilling romp through Modern<br />

Way, the band certainly look like<br />

they’re enjoying themselves. And<br />

their night’s about to get a whole lot<br />

better. Huddled around a TV monitor<br />

backstage, onlookers see the four<br />

Leeds lads learn what they never<br />

believed would be possible - Kaiser<br />

Chiefs (along <strong>with</strong> James Blunt) lead<br />

the way in the nominations race,<br />

Two time <strong>BRIT</strong> winner<br />

Antony Costa <strong>with</strong> his<br />

girlfriend Adele Silva<br />

This year’s most nominated<br />

British female, KT Tunstall<br />

Left to right: a <strong>BRIT</strong><br />

award, Sara Cox<br />

Dizzee Rascal, one of <strong>2006</strong>’s<br />

Urban Act hopefuls<br />


its launch<br />

<strong>The</strong> Magic Numbers put on<br />

a magical performance<br />

<strong>The</strong>y’ll need to win all five of<br />

their categories, or someone’s<br />

going home empty handed…<br />

having got the nod in five categories.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Magic Numbers, nominated<br />

in the British Breakthrough category,<br />

are next up. <strong>The</strong>y get the whole crowd<br />

joining in <strong>with</strong> breezy renditions of<br />

hits You See Me and Love Me Like You.<br />

Waiting for her own cue at the side of<br />

the stage, we even spot KT Tunstall<br />

warbling along, too.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Scottish singer-songwriter<br />

has bagged three nominations,<br />

including one in the Live Act category<br />

– and by the end of belting versions<br />

of Black Horse And <strong>The</strong> Cherry Tree<br />

and Under <strong>The</strong> Weather everyone in<br />

the room agrees she’s got a good<br />

chance of winning… but will she?<br />

We’ll have to wait and see. <strong>The</strong> big<br />

<strong>BRIT</strong>s questions won’t be answered<br />

until the <strong>Awards</strong> show at London’s<br />

Earls Court on February 15 th .<br />

See you there…<br />


British Female Solo Artist<br />

British Live Act<br />

British Breakthrough Act<br />


Photos: John Marshall/jmenternational.com<br />

“Five nominations?” says Ricky<br />

Wilson, “Oh My God, I Can’t<br />

Believe It!”<br />

It’s not often you get told<br />

you’re one of the five best<br />

females in Britain…<br />

British Group and Rock Act<br />

nominees Hard-Fi pay a visit<br />

Ricky Wilson refuses to hand<br />

over his champagne glass. And<br />

who can blame him?<br />

Sara Cox asks KT Tunstall<br />

where she got her trousers…<br />


nominations <strong>2006</strong><br />

BlACK eyed peAs<br />

<strong>The</strong>y are the reason we’re all here: 46 of the<br />

finest musical acts from Britain and around the<br />

world fighting it out for sixteen, 13inch high,<br />

nickel-plated, brass statuettes.<br />

And <strong>2006</strong> looks like being a good year for the<br />

new boys (and girls), <strong>with</strong> two of the hopefuls<br />

in the Breakthrough Act category, Kaiser Chiefs<br />

and James Blunt, picking up a total of ten<br />

nominations between them. KT Tunstall, another<br />

Breakthrough Act, is up for three awards, the<br />

most of any British female act this year.<br />

FrANz FerdiNANd<br />

Kelly ClArKsoN<br />

<strong>The</strong> Full Nominations list <strong>2006</strong><br />

BriTish MAle solo ArTisT<br />

Antony And <strong>The</strong> Johnsons<br />

ian Brown<br />

James Blunt<br />

robbie Williams<br />

Will young<br />

BriTish FeMAle solo ArTisT<br />

Charlotte Church<br />

Kate Bush<br />

Katie Melua<br />

KT Tunstall<br />

Natasha Bedingfield<br />

BriTish Group<br />

Coldplay<br />

Franz Ferdinand<br />

Gorillaz<br />

hard-Fi<br />

Kaiser Chiefs<br />

MAsTerCArd BriTish AlBuM<br />

Coldplay X & Y<br />

Gorillaz Demon Days<br />

James Blunt Back To Bedlam<br />

Kaiser Chiefs Employment<br />

Kate Bush Aerial<br />

BriTish siNGle<br />

Winner chosen by uK Commercial radio listeners<br />

Coldplay Speed Of Sound<br />

James Blunt You’re Beautiful<br />

shayne Ward That’s My Goal<br />

sugababes Push <strong>The</strong> Button<br />

Tony Christie ft peter Kay (Is This<br />

<strong>The</strong> Way To) Amarillo<br />

BriTish BreAKThrouGh ACT<br />

Winner chosen by radio 1 listeners<br />

Arctic Monkeys<br />

James Blunt<br />

Kaiser Chiefs<br />

KT Tunstall<br />

<strong>The</strong> Magic Numbers<br />

BriTish urBAN ACT<br />

Winner chosen by MTV Base viewers<br />

Craig david<br />

dizzee rascal<br />

Kano<br />

lemar<br />

Ms dynamite<br />

BriTish roCK ACT<br />

Winner chosen by Kerrang! TV viewers<br />

Franz Ferdinand<br />

hard-Fi<br />

Kaiser Chiefs<br />

Kasabian<br />

oasis<br />

BriTish liVe ACT<br />

Winner chosen in association <strong>with</strong> <strong>The</strong> live Music Forum<br />

Coldplay<br />

Kaiser Chiefs<br />

Franz Ferdinand<br />

KT Tunstall<br />

oasis<br />

pop ACT<br />

Winner chosen by Cd:uK viewers, readers of the sun<br />

Bizarre column, o2 and samsung mobile customers<br />

James Blunt<br />

Katie Melua<br />

Kelly Clarkson<br />

Madonna<br />

Westlife<br />

iNTerNATioNAl MAle<br />

solo ArTisT<br />

Beck<br />

Bruce springsteen<br />

Jack Johnson<br />

John legend<br />

Kanye West<br />

iNTerNATioNAl<br />

FeMAle solo ArTisT<br />

Björk<br />

Kelly Clarkson<br />

Madonna<br />

Mariah Carey<br />

Missy elliott<br />

iNTerNATioNAl Group<br />

Arcade Fire<br />

Black eyed peas<br />

Green day<br />

u2<br />

White stripes<br />

iNTerNATioNAl AlBuM<br />

Arcade Fire Funeral<br />

Green day American Idiot<br />

Kanye West Late Registration<br />

Madonna Confessions On A<br />

Dance Floor<br />

u2 How To Dismantle An Atomic<br />

Bomb<br />

iNTerNATioNAl<br />

BreAKThrouGh ACT<br />

Arcade Fire<br />

daniel powter<br />

Jack Johnson<br />

John legend<br />

pussycat dolls<br />

ouTsTANdiNG CoNTriBuTioN<br />

To MusiC<br />

paul Weller<br />


NomiNees<br />

kt tunstall<br />

All <strong>The</strong> Small Things<br />

Photo: John Marshall/jmenternational.com<br />

Nominations<br />

female<br />

solo artist<br />

breakthrough<br />

act<br />

live act<br />

This year KT Tunstall hit the big time <strong>with</strong> an<br />

album of songs about life’s little ups and downs.<br />

KT, what’s the last year been like for you?<br />

A whirlwind! We haven’t stopped and we’ve<br />

accomplished so much. But I’m very excited about<br />

what’s still to come too!<br />

What’s been the inspiration behind your success?<br />

Just to work hard and tell stories. We read<br />

about amazing things that people do all the time. I<br />

decided, you can either read about it or you can get<br />

out there and do amazing things for yourself… so<br />

I’m doing it!<br />

You were brought up in St Andrews but you spent<br />

years in the US, is that right?<br />

Yes, my dad was a physicist and he worked at<br />

the observatory - hence the album title Eye To <strong>The</strong><br />

Telescope. But when I was about four, we moved<br />

to California. A lot of my earliest memories are<br />

from there. I remember lots of flavours and smells.<br />

Especially grape!<br />

And you formed your first band over there too?<br />

Yes, after school in Scotland I had the<br />

qualifications to get into uni but at 17 I was still<br />

too young, so I spent a year at music school<br />

in Connecticut. That’s where I starting writing<br />

properly, and where I had my first band.<br />

And you worked on the folk scene for a while…<br />

I was the quintessential struggling musician,<br />

driving to gigs in an old banger. I was hanging<br />

out <strong>with</strong> a bunch of folk musicians, the Fence<br />

Collective, in Anstruther in Fife. We lived in<br />

cottages <strong>with</strong> open fires, <strong>with</strong> no central heating<br />

and no money, but loving it! It was a pretty<br />

romantic period of my life.<br />

Do you look back on those days fondly?<br />

Definitely! But it’s not all rose tinted glasses.<br />

It was hard and there were times when I got very<br />

frustrated. I mean, I wanted to be heard as a<br />

musician, and it would’ve been nice to be able to<br />

pay the rent - but it was never about fame or being<br />

a millionaire.<br />

But you’ve sold a million albums!<br />

1.2 million actually! It went double platinum<br />

here a few months ago, plus it’s done over a<br />

hundred thousand in France, which is crazy. <strong>The</strong><br />

way I think of it, ten Glastonburys have bought my<br />

album. It’s amazing - and unfathomable.<br />

Tell us about your theatrical history…<br />

Well, I wanted to be an actress for a long<br />

time. I was in Anne Frank at the Byre <strong>The</strong>atre in St<br />

Andrews! I’d love to get involved in film. But you’re<br />

not going to see me in a blockbuster, I don’t think<br />

I’d be asked! I prefer British films - I like Mike Leigh<br />

and Shane Meadows’ work, and I’m a bit of a Jim<br />

Jarmusch fan, so if he ever needs someone…<br />

You seem like a very private person.<br />

I am. I think because I’m a little bit older, I<br />

knew where I wanted to draw the line <strong>with</strong> that<br />

sort of thing. And I’ve been treated <strong>with</strong> a lot of<br />

respect creatively, so there hasn’t been a whole lot<br />

of prodding and prying.<br />

But people will always want to know where the<br />

songs come from…<br />

<strong>The</strong> first album is very autobiographical. I’m a<br />

big Carole King fan, and I wanted to do what she<br />

did <strong>with</strong> Tapestry - which was sing about her life,<br />

her experiences, her relationships.<br />

You’re 30 now - what are the other benefits of<br />

being older?<br />

I know what I want and I made a better album<br />

because I’m older. If I was going through all this at<br />

twenty-two, I think I would probably have been in<br />

rehab by now!<br />

Do you party hard on tour?<br />

I think you have to! <strong>The</strong>re must be a certain<br />

stage in your career where you are able to get off<br />

stage and go straight to bed… but I’m still far from<br />

that! I always remind myself that this might never<br />

happen again. If we’ve just played to a sell out<br />

show of 2,800 people, let’s get hammered!<br />

Are you working on a second album now?<br />

Yes. <strong>The</strong> good thing is, because I tried to keep<br />

it incredibly simple on the first album, I can branch<br />

out on the second. <strong>The</strong> songs on the first album<br />

all fitted the Eye To <strong>The</strong> Telescope theme - you know,<br />

“I’ve written one<br />

song about plastic<br />

surgery, one about<br />

concrete…”<br />

focussing in on little things and making them big.<br />

And there are songs I really love that didn’t fit<br />

that theme - one about plastic surgery, one about<br />

concrete, and one about an astronaut who gets<br />

lost… he gets pretty p****d off!<br />

What’s next on your masterplan?<br />

Well, the album isn’t out in America yet, so<br />

I’ll be going out there to promote it, and they’ll<br />

be looking to release it sort of February time. I’m<br />

basically going over there to see what the Yanks<br />

make of it.<br />

And of course <strong>with</strong> February comes <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong>s!<br />

Nervous?<br />

I’m not nervous until the moment. <strong>The</strong>n when<br />

you get there there’s all this hooha and you can’t<br />

help getting wrapped up in it. But just being<br />

nominated is a great acknowledgement of your<br />

music. It means a lot.<br />

We’ll see you at the party after!<br />

Of course! I’m hoping to see Joss Stone, too. I<br />

played her shows when things just started taking<br />

off for me so it would be wicked to catch up. And<br />

I’d make a bee-line for Franz Ferdinand and buy<br />

them all a beer. It should be an amazing night…<br />

offical website: www.kttunstall.com<br />

16<br />


NomiNees<br />

Photo: John Marshall/jmenternational.com<br />

Magic nuMbers<br />

Magical History Tour<br />

<strong>The</strong> Magic Numbers<br />

Debut album out now<br />

Includes the hit singles ‘Love Me Like You’, ‘Love’s A Game’, ‘Forever Lost’<br />

and the new single ‘I See You, You See Me’ released 13th February.<br />

www.themagicnumbers.net<br />

Nominations<br />

breakthrough<br />

act<br />

With three hit singles, a top ten<br />

debut album and a host of famous<br />

fans, it’s been a magical year for <strong>The</strong><br />

Magic Numbers.<br />

“When I go to sleep now I have<br />

a little smile,” says <strong>The</strong> Magic<br />

Numbers’ reticent front man, Romeo<br />

Stodart. “Because the success we’re<br />

having is everything I dreamed of. It’s<br />

everything I imagined…” He pauses.<br />

“For years and years and years.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> 27-year-old Trinidadian<br />

arrived in Ealing (via New York) in the<br />

mid 1990s, and almost immediately<br />

began making music <strong>with</strong> neighbour<br />

Sean Gannon (29). When they<br />

were old enough, the guys’ sisters,<br />

Michelle, (22), and Angela, (21),<br />

joined in too.<br />

“<strong>The</strong> girls got involved by<br />

accident really,” says Romeo. “Sean<br />

and I would be at my house working<br />

on music, and we’d call my sister<br />

Michelle down to play bass. When<br />

Angela came round, she, Michelle<br />

and I would sit up to 3am and just<br />

sing. We were always making music.”<br />

When the band played their first<br />

gig as a foursome at London’s Betsy<br />

Trotwood in 2002, everything gelled.<br />

“It was so apparent that we worked<br />

well together. Everything just fell<br />

into place.” Since then, <strong>The</strong> Magic<br />

Numbers have, “grown and grown,<br />

since even before we signed our deal.<br />

Everything just feels right.”<br />

Certainly the band’s sixties<br />

California-inspired melodies and<br />

indie sensibilities have won them<br />

many famous fans. Noel Gallagher<br />

dubbed Love’s A Game ‘a Stax<br />

classic’, while big fans U2 gifted the<br />

’Numbers a tour support slot - and<br />

champagne, too. “Adam Clayton<br />

walked into our dressing room <strong>with</strong><br />

a bottle,” Romeo laughs, “and said<br />

‘this is for you’!”<br />

“One of our greatest honours was<br />

touring <strong>with</strong> Brian Wilson,” beams<br />

Romeo. An obvious influence on the<br />

band, the former Beach Boy even<br />

invited his star-struck protégés to<br />

sing on stage <strong>with</strong> him in Glasgow.<br />

“That was really a dream come true.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> band head to the US for<br />

much of early <strong>2006</strong>. With three UK<br />

back-to-back tours and a slew of<br />

festival appearances under their<br />

belts already, it’s time to spread the<br />

word over there. With all that time on<br />

the road, surely an American jaunt<br />

is the perfect opportunity to finish<br />

the follow up to 2005’s eponymous<br />

debut? “We’re already working on the<br />

second album – it’s more than half<br />

done,” explains Romeo, “but it’s hard<br />

to write when you’re on a tour bus<br />

full of drunken people!”<br />

With quiet moments few and far<br />

between, the band’s brother/sister<br />

bonds have helped see them through<br />

the tough times. As Romeo says,<br />

despite all the positive things, there<br />

is a down side to being in the band.<br />

“You’re giving up your friends or<br />

the chance to have a relationship.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re’s a trade-off there for sure.”<br />

He smiles. “But you share everything,<br />

and our dreams are coming true.”<br />

offical website: www.themagicnumbers.net<br />


Nominated for 4 <strong>BRIT</strong> awards<br />

Best British group,Best British album,<br />

Best British single,Best British live act<br />

To vote for Coldplay go to brits.co.uk<br />


X&Y<br />

<strong>The</strong> album<br />

Out now<br />

j<br />

coldplay.com<br />

Photo: John Marshall/jmenternational.com<br />

coldplay<br />

Taking over<br />

the world<br />

Nominations<br />

grOup<br />

mastercard<br />

album<br />

single<br />

live act<br />

In the beginning, lazy journalists<br />

were happy to tag Coldplay <strong>with</strong> the<br />

Radiohead sound-alike label. <strong>The</strong>se<br />

days, pundits reckon every other new<br />

band is modelled on them.<br />

“I’m not sure where the transition<br />

happened between us sounding like<br />

everyone, and everyone sounding<br />

like us,” ponders Chris Martin. “I<br />

didn’t write any of the songs that are<br />

supposed to sound like Coldplay, and<br />

I didn’t invent the piano.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> fact that Coldplay are seen as<br />

collectively responsible for a pianoled<br />

upsweep in the world’s musical<br />

tastes is testament to the regard in<br />

which the band is held.<br />

Coldplay were formed at<br />

University College London in January<br />

1998. By 2000, they had already<br />

penned a clutch of classic songs.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y played Yellow at <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong>s 2001,<br />

and the same night the band picked<br />

up two awards, for British Album<br />

and Group, on the back of their No.1<br />

debut album, Parachutes.<br />

Coldplay’s second album, A<br />

Rush Of Blood To <strong>The</strong> Head, was<br />

released in September 2002. It sold<br />

a staggering 10.5 million copies, and<br />

again won the band British Album<br />

and Group awards at <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong>s 2003.<br />

After A Rush Of Blood… Coldplay<br />

went off to reinvent - if not the wheel,<br />

then certainly themselves.<br />

Unveiling their long-anticipated<br />

third album, X&Y in June 2005,<br />

Chris Martin was anxious as hell.<br />

“We’re due a backlash, aren’t we?”<br />

he quizzed reporters. “I don’t think<br />

we’re considered cool anywhere!”<br />

<strong>The</strong> awkward frontman is<br />

endearingly hard on himself. “My<br />

insecurity about what we do is real,”<br />

he says, “as is my arrogance. <strong>The</strong><br />

success of A Rush Of Blood… made<br />

us all want to prove ourselves.”<br />

“I just think that life is short and<br />

this opportunity might end at any<br />

point. Even today I’m terrified.”<br />

Martin’s life - from serious<br />

student to Bono-In-Waiting, has<br />

been amazing. “My dreams have<br />

come true on a very pure level,” he<br />

admits. “My whole life is incredible,<br />

as in unbelievable. I wouldn’t wanna<br />

change places <strong>with</strong> any man in<br />

history. Everything in my life has gone<br />

into the most extreme colour - but<br />

it’s also terrifying, because what if it<br />

all goes wrong when it ends?”<br />

Offical website: www.coldplay.com<br />

nOminees<br />


NOmiNees<br />

gorillaz<br />

Monkeying<br />

Around<br />

Clockwise from<br />

top left: Murdoc,<br />

russel, 2D, Noodle<br />








Nominations<br />

grOup<br />

mastercard<br />

album<br />

<strong>The</strong> Gorillaz get all, erm, animated<br />

as they answer <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong>s mag’s<br />

questions…<br />

What do you think of your<br />

competition, i.e. Oasis/ Coldplay/<br />

Kaiser Chiefs/ Franz Ferdinand etc?<br />

Murdoc: Is that just one big<br />

group? <strong>The</strong> only way they could<br />

out-do us is to join forces. Seriously.<br />

Gorillaz stand out like a sore thumb<br />

in that lot.<br />

Do you think the Crazy Frog gives<br />

animated artists a bad name?<br />

Murdoc: Er… Naff. Off.<br />

Could one of Gorillaz’ live shows win<br />

the Turner prize?<br />

Murdoc: Only if I filmed you<br />

watching it and then put it on a loop<br />

for all eternity, so some pompous<br />

art critic can marvel at ‘the self<br />

awareness and ironic self-referencing<br />

that this multi-media thought burp<br />

has instigated’. Turn it off, mate, it’s<br />

all gone wrong.<br />

You always look sharp. Is image still<br />

important for a music career?<br />

Murdoc: As the Clash said, ‘like<br />

trousers, like brain’. Meaning if you<br />

dress like a turd you probably sound<br />

like one and think like one too.<br />

Noodle: One reason behind the<br />

way Gorillaz present themselves as<br />

they do is actually to remove the<br />

ego, the presentation of personality,<br />

from the music. It becomes more<br />

about the work rather than simply<br />

another band presenting their own<br />

personalities…<br />

Murdoc: …who are almost<br />

universally boring, turgid, lifedraining,<br />

soul-sapping morons, <strong>with</strong><br />

nothing other than a fancy haircut<br />

and some kind of grinning baboonlike<br />

face. Who wants to buy into<br />

that? No-one. Anyway the truth is far<br />

less complicated than that rubbish.<br />

We look better than anything else out<br />

there. It’s that simple.<br />

Did the guest stars on your new<br />

album teach you anything new?<br />

Murdoc: Shaun Ryder taught me<br />

a particularly mucky stunt <strong>with</strong> a<br />

shoehorn and an avocado stone. But<br />

it’s a bit ‘post-watershed’. Think –<br />

you’ve got Dennis Hopper, Ike Turner<br />

and Shaun Ryder and me in a room<br />

together. So rack out the Pringles and<br />

dial up Hooters. Why not?<br />

You are role models to our youth.<br />

What message are you sending out?<br />

Russel: Don’t accept inferior<br />

goods. Do what you want <strong>with</strong> your<br />

imagination and…<br />

Murdoc: Don’t fear the reaper.<br />

2D: Ridicule is nothing to be<br />

scared of.<br />

Who’s the plumber in the band?<br />

2D: That’s up to the audience to<br />

decide, there’s no fat in this band.<br />

Murdoc: Apart from the lard-arse<br />

on drums.<br />

Are you making lots of money?<br />

Russel: Gorillaz is a big operation,<br />

but all our cash goes back into the<br />

band. We’re looking to clear our<br />

overdrafts by about 2123. Seriously,<br />

to do what we do takes a team of<br />

two-hundred scientists in lab coats<br />

just to get the chemical balances<br />

of technology, light and sound just<br />

right. One slip and the whole thing’ll<br />

come crashing down. D’you know<br />

how much lab coats cost?<br />

What will <strong>2006</strong> hold in your plans for<br />

world domination?<br />

Noodle: Many things. We’re<br />

rehearsing for an incredible full-scale<br />

live show, which we plan to unveil in<br />

2007. But the…<br />

Murdoc: Look. I’ve gotta go.<br />

I’ve got a couple of warm chicks<br />

waiting for me in my Winnebago.<br />

And if I don’t get back soon Dennis<br />

Rodman’s going to have ’em both.<br />

Offical website: www.gorillaz.com<br />


Kate Bush Aerial<br />

<strong>The</strong> platinum double album<br />

“Kate Bush is the greatest living British artist in song and<br />

this is her masterpiece” Mojo<br />

“Extraordinary, jaw-dropping no less. <strong>The</strong> artistry here is so<br />

dizzying, the ambition and scope so vast... Genius” <strong>The</strong> Observer<br />

www.katebush.com<br />

E<br />

Photo: John Marshall/jmenternational.com<br />

chris evans<br />

OFI Evans!<br />

After a five year break from the<br />

limelight, the ginger one returned<br />

to host <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong> 2005. He<br />

enjoyed it so much, he’s accepted the<br />

challenge again!<br />

“It’s my fourth time, so I should<br />

be getting good at it now,” he laughs.<br />

“Apparently they retire you after your<br />

fourth!”<br />

Far from retiring, Chris Evans’<br />

career has been on the up-and-up<br />

since his <strong>BRIT</strong>s appearance last year.<br />

At the time, he had a lot to prove. “I<br />

was thinking, do they still like me,<br />

can I still do it?” Do it he could, and<br />

once a faultless performance had<br />

silenced his inner critic, Evans had<br />

a taste for the spotlight once more.<br />

And the offers came flooding in.<br />

First up was Radio Aid - a<br />

fundraiser for Tsunami relief<br />

charities, which paved the way for<br />

Chris’ return to the BBC, picking<br />

up the mic on Radio 2’s Saturday<br />

afternoon show and hosting 2005’s<br />

Comic Relief extravaganza. Chris was<br />

soon back on our screens <strong>with</strong> OFI<br />

Sunday, described by Evans as, “a live<br />

end-of-the-week show confirming the<br />

nuttiness of planet earth.”<br />

Even Evans seems surprised at<br />

the speed of his reinstatement. “I’ve<br />

gone from doing nought to doing<br />

everything,” he mutters. “Radio Aid<br />

was a reaction to a request, and so<br />

was <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong>s. Neither of these<br />

things were proactive but I’m very<br />

happy to be involved.”<br />

Despite it being his fourth trip on<br />

the two and a half hour rollercoaster<br />

ride of a <strong>BRIT</strong>s live show, Chris<br />

admits he’ll still be nervous. “But<br />

nerves are only bad for you if you<br />

don’t know what you’re doing,” he<br />

smiles. “Otherwise, you’ll do an even<br />

better job, and give it a little bit of<br />

extra magic.”<br />

<strong>The</strong>re’s a lot of preparation<br />

involved in a show like <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong>s.<br />

Like researching, writing, rehearsing<br />

- and slimming! “My fondest memory<br />

of last year was getting down to 12<br />

stone two so I didn’t look too fat<br />

beside the stars. I’ve still got another<br />

stone to lose this year, so I’d better<br />

get on <strong>with</strong> it!”<br />

Like the rest of us, the host of <strong>The</strong><br />

<strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong> <strong>2006</strong> is getting excited.<br />

“I think it’s going to be excellent!” he<br />

beams. “All the main players should<br />

be there this year and there could be<br />

some fireworks <strong>with</strong> a few old scores<br />

settled - let’s hope so!”<br />

“Coldplay are back, still massive,<br />

they rule the world. Franz Ferdinand,<br />

we’ve got them back of course. Kaiser<br />

Chiefs are brilliant, really original,<br />

and Hard-Fi, so energetic, they’ve<br />

had an amazing year.”<br />

“Thankfully, I don’t choose the<br />

winners,” he grins. “I just host it all!”<br />

brits host<br />


<strong>2006</strong> Brit AWARD Nominations<br />

Nominations<br />

iNterNatiONal<br />

male sOlO<br />

artist<br />

iNterNatiONal<br />

album<br />

Kanye West demands to be heard.<br />

From his infamous, “George Bush<br />

doesn’t care about black people,”<br />

telecast slip in the aftermath of<br />

Hurricane Katrina, to speaking out<br />

against homophobia in hip-hop, he<br />

re-politicised rap music.<br />

Signed to Damon Dash’s Roc-<br />

A-Fella records just three years ago<br />

following a successful stint as a<br />

rap producer, the 28 year old has<br />

already sold five million albums, and<br />

founded his own imprint, G.O.O.D.<br />

Records, where he plays mentor to<br />

rapper Common and <strong>BRIT</strong>s nominee<br />

John Legend. On the back of his<br />

second album Late Registration, he’s<br />

been nominated for eight Grammy<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> and two <strong>BRIT</strong>s… and he<br />

thinks he should win.<br />

“Late Registration is really<br />

important not just because it was<br />

successful this year, but 10 years<br />

from now they’ll look back at what it<br />

did for the game. For it to win would<br />

be the seal of the work. It really<br />

needs that.”<br />

It’s no surprise that <strong>with</strong> all that<br />

success, Kanye West’s self-belief is<br />

at an all-time high. “People say I’m<br />

arrogant, but I’m just confident. You<br />

gotta believe in yourself.”<br />

It was that trademark drive<br />

which saw Chicago’s real-life College<br />

Dropout break into the music biz and<br />

shake up the scene <strong>with</strong> his 2004<br />

debut of the same name.<br />

Even so, his big break was hard to<br />

come by. “I’d leave meetings crying<br />

all the time,” he explains, frustrated<br />

as doors slammed because he<br />

hadn’t the same background as most<br />

wannabe rappers.<br />

“It was a strike against me that I<br />

didn’t wear baggy jeans and jerseys,<br />

that I never hustled, that I never sold<br />

drugs,” he says, “but I had to hustle<br />

in my own way. It was so frustrating<br />

that they didn’t get that.”<br />

One of Time magazine’s ‘People<br />

Who Matter This Year’, West has<br />

made that elusive leap from the rap<br />

world to the mainstream, and there<br />

are echoes of fellow International<br />

Male nominee Bruce Springsteen in<br />

his work. “I’m the regular person,<br />

whatever you’ve been through in the<br />

past week, I’ve a song about that on<br />

my album. I represent the little guy.”<br />

But while ‘little guy’ songs sit<br />

quietly on the album, it’s stunners<br />

like the Jamie Foxx duet Gold Digger<br />

and the Shirley Bassey sampling<br />

Diamonds From Sierra Leone which<br />

grab the attention. Kanye West is ok<br />

<strong>with</strong> that.<br />

He concludes, “In music and<br />

society people tell you to pick a side.<br />

Are you mainstream or underground?<br />

Do you rhyme about nice cars,<br />

or about riding the train? Are you<br />

ignorant or do you know something<br />

about history?”<br />

“I can do all these different<br />

things. It’s like everybody is taking<br />

that fork in the road. <strong>The</strong>y don’t<br />

see the rainbow in the middle. I’m<br />

the prism. And my music comes<br />

out in colours.”<br />

Offical website: www.kanyewest.com<br />

NOmiNees<br />

<strong>The</strong> College Dropout was a masterpiece<br />

and this follow-up is even better<br />

kanYe west<br />

West Side Story<br />

Creative, intelligent, funny and daring<br />

Kanye West thinks he’s God’s gift to hip hop.<br />

He’s right<br />

A straight 5 star classic masterpiece<br />

another masterpiece<br />

Magnificent<br />

Photo: John Marshall/jmenternational.com<br />


nominees<br />

Winner of…<br />

outstanding<br />

contribution<br />

to music<br />

Photo: John Marshall/jmenternational.com<br />

paul weller<br />

In Mod<br />

We Trust<br />

Non-stop for 30 years. That’s one<br />

way of describing the career of Paul<br />

Weller, which is being rewarded<br />

<strong>with</strong> a much-deserved award for<br />

Outstanding Contribution To Music at<br />

this year’s <strong>BRIT</strong>s. Paul Sexton meets<br />

the man of the moment.<br />

When the Modfather performs<br />

live at Earls Court on the big night,<br />

it’ll be a celebration of three decades<br />

of unbroken success at the cutting<br />

edge of UK rock. At 47, he’s making<br />

the charts just as regularly as a solo<br />

artist as he was at 18 <strong>with</strong> <strong>The</strong> Jam,<br />

when the new wave was breaking all<br />

over Britain.<br />

But, proud as he is of his<br />

achievements, he’s usually too busy<br />

to sit and admire them. “I’ve said this<br />

before, but my head’s always in what<br />

I’m doing at the time,” says Weller.<br />

“I’m not one to sit around and reflect<br />

on past glories. I’m more interested<br />

in what I could do tomorrow, or next<br />

week, or next year.<br />

“But it’s very nice to receive these<br />

things, and I think now is as good a<br />

time as any. Next year it’ll be 30 years<br />

since my first record.” Never known<br />

to lack self-confidence, he adds:<br />

“Hopefully we’ll bring a bit of class to<br />

the night!”<br />

So let’s do a bit of reflecting on<br />

Paul’s behalf, not least by pointing<br />

out an amazing statistic. Since the<br />

Jam first hit <strong>with</strong> In <strong>The</strong> City in the<br />

summer of 1977, he’s been a major<br />

presence in the UK charts every single<br />

year apart from 1990 — and we’ll<br />

let him off that one, because that<br />

was during the short period when<br />

his second band, the Style Council,<br />

gave way to the solo career that he’s<br />

pursued ever since.<br />

Nine top ten singles and ten top<br />

ten albums <strong>with</strong> <strong>The</strong> Jam set the bar<br />

incredibly high, but Weller cleared<br />

it <strong>with</strong> the Style Council, scoring<br />

another seven top ten singles and five<br />

top ten albums.<br />

In 1991 it was time to change gear<br />

once again, and Weller set about<br />

establishing his solo voice. Five<br />

more top ten singles and ten top ten<br />

albums — and counting — tell you<br />

that he succeeded. <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong><br />

have recognised his achievements<br />

twice before, rewarding Weller <strong>with</strong><br />

Best British Male Solo Artist in 1995<br />

and again in 1996.<br />

<strong>The</strong> time has flown by, but it was<br />

indeed 30 years ago that an angry<br />


paul weller<br />

NOmiNees<br />

weller’s 80s incarnation,<br />

the Style Council<br />

Photo:Redferns/jmenternational.com<br />

“I like now, I’ve<br />

always liked now,<br />

whenever now<br />

has been”<br />

Mod Gods Foxton, Buckler and<br />

weller at the end of the 70s<br />

Solo weller: still showing<br />

the youngsters how it’s done<br />


<strong>BRIT</strong>ISH URBAN ACT <strong>2006</strong><br />





w<br />

young man from Woking in Surrey<br />

began to get noticed as songwriter<br />

and frontman <strong>with</strong> <strong>The</strong> Jam. Before<br />

the year was out, Weller, Bruce<br />

Foxton and Rick Buckler had played<br />

gigs at the Marquee, the 100 Club,<br />

supported the Sex Pistols and even<br />

been turned down by EMI Records.<br />

But by this time, in 1977, the<br />

Jam were on their way. <strong>The</strong>y signed<br />

<strong>with</strong> Polydor Records and started<br />

creating their own influential sound<br />

that harnessed the energy of<br />

Weller’s favourite groups,<br />

like the Who and the<br />

Kinks, and simultaneously<br />

fuelled the frenetic<br />

energy of the punk<br />

explosion and the mod<br />

revival.<br />

Scroll forward to<br />

last autumn, and<br />

Weller was again<br />

winning rave reviews<br />

across the board for<br />

a new album, As Is<br />

Now, supported by<br />

a huge national and<br />

international tour. Once<br />

again, his fans reminded<br />

him what an impact he’s<br />

made during his lifetime.<br />

“We were out on the<br />

road for three and a half<br />

months last year, and it was<br />

all fantastic. So it’s still relevant,<br />

and if you look at my audience, it’s<br />

a mixture of everyone, from kids, up<br />

to my age and older, probably. It’s<br />

pan-generational. <strong>The</strong> fact that<br />

you’ve got younger people<br />

getting into it all the time<br />

keeps it contemporary. If it<br />

was just people my age,<br />

it’d be something else,<br />

it’d be nostalgia or<br />

something, but it<br />

isn’t like that.<br />

“When I play<br />

something like<br />

A Town Called<br />

Malice or That’s<br />

Entertainment,”<br />

says Weller,<br />

“they stop being<br />

mine, in a sense.<br />

“Fuelling the frenetic energy<br />

of the punk explosion and the<br />

mod revival” <strong>with</strong> <strong>The</strong> Jam<br />

<strong>The</strong>re’s such a reaction to those<br />

songs that they pass into something<br />

else. I couldn’t tell you what it is, I’ve<br />

no idea, but it’s a great feeling.<br />

“I don’t know if you could really<br />

ask for more, because it becomes<br />

a people’s song, like someone’s<br />

taken it out of your hands. It’s like<br />

folk music in its truest sense, that’s<br />

how I like to think of it. Wild Wood is<br />

another tune like that, and From <strong>The</strong><br />

Floorboards Up and Come On/Let’s<br />

Go got a great reaction on the tour.<br />

So there’s still life in the old dog.”<br />

Don’t expect too much sentiment<br />

when the Modfather collects his<br />

trophy. “I’m not big on nostalgia,<br />

despite my love for ’60s music. It’s<br />

more of a buzz for<br />

people around me, my<br />

family and friends.<br />

“I don’t sit around<br />

listening to the old hits,<br />

but every now and again I<br />

catch them on the radio, and<br />

I’ve got a very warm feeling about<br />

those records. I associate them <strong>with</strong><br />

a certain time in my life, it’s like<br />

looking it an old photograph. I was<br />

very young at that time, so I look at<br />

a lot of those records as me growing<br />

up along the way.”<br />

Next for Paul Weller, as ever, it’s<br />

back to the future. “I like now, I’ve<br />

always liked now, whenever now has<br />

been,” he says. “From <strong>The</strong> Floorboards<br />

Up sounds really fresh to me, a really<br />

contemporary record. Without trying<br />

too hard or being too deliberate<br />

about it, it just kind of felt right.<br />

“So that gives me a little bit of<br />

a nod to where it should go in the<br />

future as well. I always like to have<br />

those little signposts along the way.”<br />

Offical website: www.paulweller.com<br />



Nominations<br />

urban act<br />

20-year-old Kane ‘Kano’ Robinson is<br />

the man of the moment. <strong>The</strong> rising<br />

star of London’s vibrant grime scene,<br />

he looks set for a hot future – and<br />

he’s already come a long way.<br />

With two Mobos sitting on the<br />

mantelpiece at his mum’s place,<br />

Kano and his debut album Home<br />

Sweet Home have already spread<br />

from pirate airwaves and grime raves<br />

to Radio 1 and Top Of <strong>The</strong> Pops.<br />

Signed to Mike Skinner’s label, 679<br />

Records, guest spots <strong>with</strong> <strong>The</strong> Streets<br />

and the Mitchell Brothers have<br />

further raised the rapper’s profile.<br />

Brought up in London’s East<br />

Ham, the young Kane excelled at<br />

sport (his mum is a PE teacher) and<br />

looked to be heading for a career in<br />

football. A place in the county team<br />

led to trials for Norwich and Chelsea<br />

– but just as megabucks beckoned<br />

Kano discovered music, and football<br />

could no longer compete. “I couldn’t<br />

be bothered <strong>with</strong> the training,” he<br />

says. “Music, I just did that for fun.”<br />

Kano began by battling <strong>with</strong> his<br />

brother in the playground, but by 16,<br />

the schoolboy was spitting out his<br />

rhymes at underground raves and his<br />

first, home-produced track Boys Love<br />

Girls was already appearing on pirate<br />

radio. An invite to join the respected<br />

N.A.S.T.Y. crew soon followed:<br />

“That’s when it all kicked off.”<br />

“I started off recording in my<br />

bedroom as a a hobby, keeping<br />

the noise down for my mum,” he<br />

remembers, but the hobby got bigger<br />

as the likes of Dizzee Rascal hit<br />

the mainstream. Says Kano, “I was<br />

thinking, doors have been opened<br />

here. Will they stay open for me?”<br />

<strong>The</strong> doors did stay open, but<br />

while the grime scene pushed Kano<br />

forward, ironically its crime-ridden<br />

image now holds him back. “People<br />

make decisions about what you are<br />

like because you are part of that<br />

scene. A lot of radio stations who<br />

used to play records like mine won’t<br />

anymore, because they don’t want to<br />

be associated. It’s hard.”<br />

Hard it may be, but Kano’s<br />

happy <strong>with</strong> his career choice. “I do<br />

think about what I’d be earning if<br />

I’d stuck <strong>with</strong> football,” he admits.<br />

“I’ve friends and family in it that do<br />

alright. But musicians love football,<br />

and footballers would love to do<br />

music. It’s human nature to wonder<br />

what life’s like on the other side.”<br />

“What I do is good. I’m on<br />

album two, I’m going out to Europe,<br />

hopefully America.” He smiles, just<br />

a little. “Anyway, I’m in a Sunday<br />

football side. Played three games,<br />

scored six goals. Y’know, I think we’re<br />

gonna win the league!”<br />

Bet he’d rather win a <strong>BRIT</strong>…<br />

Offical website: www.ka-no.com<br />

nOminees<br />

kano<br />

Grime pays<br />


<strong>BRIT</strong> AWARDS <strong>2006</strong><br />



OUT NOW<br />


Left to right: Keisha<br />

buchanan, Heidi Range,<br />

amelle berrabah<br />

nOminees<br />

sugababes<br />

Two Sugas<br />

Please<br />

Nominations<br />

single<br />

In December 2005, new mum<br />

Mutya Buena announced she was<br />

quitting the band she and Keisha<br />

Buchanan founded when they were<br />

aged just 13.<br />

It’s not the first time the Sugababes<br />

have experienced such a<br />

drastic upheaval. Liverpudlian Heidi<br />

Range was drafted in to replace<br />

original member Siobhan Donaghy,<br />

who walked out of the band in the<br />

middle of a Japanese Tour in 2001.<br />

Just before Mutya’s departure –<br />

and the arrival of the fifth Sugababe,<br />

Amelle Berrabah, was announced,<br />

Keisha and Heidi spoke to <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong>s<br />

mag about their amazing year.<br />

Chart topping Taller In More Ways<br />

was the band’s first album since<br />

2003, and prior to its release the<br />

girls spent a nervous year out of the<br />

spotlight. Says Keisha, “you do kind<br />

of miss the buzz. I’ve been in the<br />

public eye since I was fourteen, and<br />

suddenly I was walking down the<br />

street and no-one was recognising<br />

me! It was weird.”<br />

Still only twenty, Keisha has<br />

already chalked up an amazing seven<br />

years in the business. But a spell<br />

out of the limelight has obviously<br />

rekindled her love of show business.<br />

“We spent ages working on the<br />

new record, and it’s nice to hide<br />

away, not worrying about what you’re<br />

wearing - and I put on a few junk<br />

food pounds!<br />

“But once the tracks are nearly<br />

finished, you feel really proud. You<br />

can’t wait to get out there to let<br />

everyone hear them. I always get<br />

excited when we have a new record.”<br />

Taller In More Ways was recorded<br />

at an uncharacteristically leisurely<br />

pace. “Because Mutya was pregnant,<br />

the whole vibe was relaxed,” explains<br />

Heidi. “We didn’t have deadlines.”<br />

As well as long-term collaborators<br />

Johnny Rockstar and Cameron<br />

McVey, Sugababes asked Dallas<br />

Austin to take a turn at production<br />

duties. You might imagine the<br />

American uber-producer was drafted<br />

in to help crack the US market, but<br />

Heidi denies this. “If it happens it<br />

happens. But Austin came on board<br />

solely because we wanted this album<br />

to be the best!”<br />

Of course, it was quite a coup to<br />

secure such an in-demand talent.<br />

Says Keisha, “Although Dallas has<br />

produced all the big names, from<br />

Michael Jackson and Madonna to<br />

Christina Aguilera and Pink, we were<br />

the first girl group he’d worked <strong>with</strong><br />

since TLC - and he went to school<br />

<strong>with</strong> them!”<br />

While Mutya leaves the band to<br />

spend time <strong>with</strong> her child, <strong>2006</strong> looks<br />

like being the busiest year yet for<br />

Heidi, Keisha and new girl Amelle. An<br />

Australian tour comes first, <strong>with</strong> the<br />

support slot on Take That’s massive<br />

stadium tour planned for June.<br />

At the moment, life is sweet if<br />

you’re a Sugababe.<br />

Offical website: www.sugababes.com<br />


U2<br />




BEST <strong>BRIT</strong>ISH SINGLE<br />




Nominated for<br />

Best POP ACT<br />

BEST International Female solo artist<br />

Best INTERNATIONAL Album<br />

w<br />

www.madonna.com<br />

madonna<br />

Confessions Of<br />

A Disco Diva<br />

Nominations<br />

pOp act<br />

iNterNatiONal<br />

female<br />

sOlO artist<br />

iNterNatiONal<br />

album<br />

Is there nothing Madonna can’t do?<br />

<strong>The</strong> 47-year-old singer-songwriteractress-author<br />

returned in November<br />

<strong>with</strong> her tenth studio collection,<br />

Confessions On A Dance Floor,<br />

topping the charts in 40 countries.<br />

<strong>The</strong> first single from the CD,<br />

Hung Up, has its roots in Studio<br />

54 era New York. A flashy take on<br />

classic disco, it took its creator back<br />

to her youth, when Ms Ciccone was<br />

a mere fresh-legged young dancer<br />

finding freedom on the dancefloors<br />

of bohemian New York.<br />

“I was like, wow!” says Madonna.<br />

“I didn’t know you could walk into a<br />

club and start dancing all by yourself.<br />

I thought someone had to ask you. I<br />

felt an incredible sense of liberation.”<br />

Now, as she writhes around in<br />

a leotard for the Hung Up video, it<br />

seems she’s found that feeling again.<br />

“With the last album [American<br />

Life] I was in a very thoughtful, angry<br />

mood. I did that already. I don’t need<br />

to be going on about the war in Iraq.<br />

I moved on to another area, and<br />

that’s ‘God, I really feel like dancing<br />

now…’ I just wanted some relief.”<br />

In the two decades since<br />

Madonna’s first international hit,<br />

Holiday, the singer has changed style<br />

like most people change shoes. <strong>The</strong><br />

reason for all these shed skins, of<br />

course, was the music. Madonna has<br />

always experimented <strong>with</strong> her sound,<br />

as at home <strong>with</strong> the Evita score as<br />

she is <strong>with</strong> cutting edge producers<br />

William Orbit, Mirwais, or her most<br />

recent muse, 28-year old Stuart Price.<br />

Says Madonna, “<strong>The</strong> reason I<br />

called the last [live] show Reinvention<br />

is that people have stuck that phrase<br />

on me for years, and I finally decided<br />

to take it and stick it above my head<br />

and put lights around it.<br />

“It was never about consciously<br />

thinking about reinvention, it was<br />

about growing and changing, and<br />

hoping and praying my work reflected<br />

who I was at that time.”<br />

Promotional duties around the<br />

Confessions release included a secret<br />

show in Camden’s Koko club (where<br />

Madonna made her UK debut in<br />

1983) – a pre-emptive poke in the eye<br />

to those who might otherwise mutter,<br />

‘is she too old for this?’<br />

<strong>The</strong> answer: an emphatic ‘no’.<br />

Despite a recent horse-riding<br />

accident, which left her broken,<br />

bruised, and for a while, not quite<br />

as bendy, this lady shows no signs<br />

of slowing down. And why should<br />

she? <strong>The</strong> hits keep coming, and she’ll<br />

always have something new to say.<br />

Madonna shrugs. “I don’t think<br />

about how much longer, I just keep<br />

looking forwards. Onwards and<br />

upwards – that’s always been my<br />

motto. I feel better now than I have in<br />

my entire life.”<br />

NOmiNees<br />

Offical website: www.madonna.com<br />


its fashion<br />

Back In Business<br />

Life after Spice for Emma<br />

Bunton, 2001<br />

Scarlet Woman<br />

Dannii Minogue is the<br />

Lady In Red, 2005<br />

Classic<br />

Undie-Statement<br />

Gwen Stefani and her<br />

harajuku gal pals get<br />

maid-up for TV, 2005<br />

Little And Large<br />

Ru Paul and Kylie size<br />

each other up, 1994<br />

Take That Back!<br />

David Walliams and Matt<br />

Lucas make sure we never<br />

forget Gary and Howard’s<br />

dress sense, 2005<br />

Dressed to impress<br />

Inspirational fashion and<br />

outrageous outfits from music’s<br />

most glamorous show<br />

Hat’s Entertainment<br />

Just one of Jay Kay’s<br />

fabulous hats, 2003<br />

Lily In Pink<br />

Paul O’Grady savages his<br />

critics, 1995<br />

Photo: John Marshall/jmenternational.com<br />

Racey Lace<br />

Paula Yates gets the<br />

<strong>BRIT</strong>s going, 1994<br />

Oh Boy<br />

Did George sew those<br />

sequins himself? 2002<br />

Multicolour Topshop<br />

Pink shows her true<br />

colours, 2003<br />

All White On <strong>The</strong> Night<br />

Cat Deeley goes Grecian, 2004<br />

Ruby Slippers<br />

Kelly Osbourne pays<br />

tribute to her dad, the<br />

real Wizard Of Oz, 2005<br />

Divine Davina<br />

Ms McCall goes back<br />

to the ’50s for 2005<br />

40<br />


BBC RADIO 2.<br />


Nominations<br />

rOck act<br />

live act<br />

2005 saw a resurgent Oasis silence<br />

the critics <strong>with</strong> their acclaimed sixth<br />

album, Don’t Believe <strong>The</strong> Truth,<br />

and huge singles Lyla (No. 1), <strong>The</strong><br />

Importance Of Being Idle (No. 1) and<br />

Let <strong>The</strong>re Be Love (No. 2).<br />

But it was in the live arena (and<br />

indeed, arenas) where Oasis really<br />

triumphed. <strong>The</strong> band have been on<br />

the road almost constantly since<br />

Don’t Believe <strong>The</strong> Truth was released<br />

in May, playing all over the UK and<br />

Europe, in Canada and the US and as<br />

far afield as Australia and Japan.<br />

Despite Liam’s earlier assertion<br />

that, “Americans want grungy people,<br />

stabbing themselves in the head on<br />

stage. <strong>The</strong>y get a bright bunch like us,<br />

<strong>with</strong> deodorant on, they don’t get it,”<br />

Oasis did rather well over the pond<br />

last year. <strong>The</strong>y sold out Madison<br />

Square Garden in under an hour,<br />

performed to their biggest US tour<br />

audience (20,000) in Massachusetts<br />

and played LA’s iconic Hollywood<br />

Bowl for the first time.<br />

Back home, Oasis managed<br />

to accommodate the very small<br />

(playing five, relatively intimate<br />

warm up dates including two nights<br />

at the London Astoria), and the<br />

very big (a stadium tour taking in<br />

Hampden Park and Milton Keynes<br />

Bowl, amongst others). A host of<br />

headlining appearances at festivals<br />

around Europe (including our very<br />

own V extravaganza) were thrown in<br />

for good measure.<br />

But biggest of all, for the band,<br />

at least, were Oasis’ first stadium<br />

gigs in Manchester since the Maine<br />

Road shows back in 1996. A lot had<br />

changed since then – the venue, for<br />

a start, <strong>with</strong> Manchester City’s old<br />

Maine Road replaced by the brand<br />

spanking new 60,000 seat City Of<br />

Manchester Stadium.<br />

Three triumphant nights in front<br />

of their hometown crowd confirmed<br />

Oasis’ place in the pantheon of great<br />

live rock acts, playing, as the NME<br />

pointed out at the time, “an epic<br />

rock’n’roll other bands have just<br />

forgotten how to do.”<br />

This year, Oasis will finally call a<br />

halt to their gruelling tour in March,<br />

at which point Noel plans to take a<br />

break. “I’ll be sick of Liam and Gem<br />

and Andy and everyone, sick of the<br />

songs, sick of singing <strong>The</strong> Importance<br />

Of Being Idle every night and it’ll be<br />

like, ‘Right! I’m off on holiday for six<br />

months.’”<br />

We reckon they’ll have earned it.<br />

Offical website: www.oasisinet.com<br />

British Live Act:<br />

How it works<br />

<strong>The</strong> award for the best live act<br />

was introduced at last year’s<br />

BRiTs. This year, a 16 strong<br />

panel of music promoters,<br />

managers and journalists,<br />

chaired by Feargal sharkey,<br />

were asked to pick their ten<br />

favourite live performances by<br />

British artists last year, and<br />

from that selection (the full list<br />

is online at www.brits.co.uk), a<br />

shortlist of ten acts was drawn<br />

up. <strong>The</strong> judges then voted<br />

to produce this year’s five<br />

nominees. <strong>The</strong> eventual winner<br />

will be chosen by listeners to<br />

Radio 2.<br />

Live Act Nominees:<br />

Coldplay<br />

Franz Ferdinand<br />

Kaiser Chiefs<br />

KT Tunstall<br />

oasis<br />

NOmiNees<br />

bbc.co.uk/radio2<br />

oasis<br />

Live, Forever<br />

Left to right: Noel Gallagher, andy<br />

Bell, Liam Gallagher, Gem archer<br />


Congratulates all our nominated<br />

artists at the <strong>2006</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong><br />


NOmiNees<br />

kaiser chiefs<br />

Oh My God<br />

Photo: John Marshall/jmenternational.com<br />

Left to right: andrew<br />

White, Nick Bains,<br />

ricky Wilson, simon<br />

rix, Nick hodgson<br />

Nominations<br />

grOup<br />

mastercard<br />

album<br />

breakthrOugh<br />

act<br />

rOck act<br />

live act<br />

Ricky Wilson, Kaiser Chiefs singer, rock God, crowd<br />

surfer extraordinaire and candidate for man-of-theyear,<br />

is very keen “not to look like an arse.”<br />

“<strong>The</strong> thing is,” says Ricky, “when I read<br />

interviews <strong>with</strong> myself I wince - I read them <strong>with</strong><br />

half-shut eyes. I imagine the lads, Nick or Peanut<br />

reading it. And I don’t want to come across as the<br />

Big Lead Singer. I’m only one of five.”<br />

Sharing the limelight - and the mantle of<br />

leaders of Britpop (wave 2) are Andrew ‘Whitey’<br />

White (guitars), Simon Rix (bass), Nick ‘Peanut’<br />

Bains (keyboards) and Nick Hodgson (drums).<br />

Hodgson - that’s right, the drummer - writes most<br />

of the songs.<br />

Named after the South African football club<br />

from whom the band’s beloved Leeds United<br />

acquired their talismanic captain, Lucas Radebe,<br />

the Kaiser Chiefs’ own all-star line-up was fixed<br />

when two of Hodgson’s bands merged. <strong>The</strong><br />

original schoolboy squad of Rix, Hodgson and<br />

Bains was boosted by college-years subs Wilson<br />

and White. <strong>The</strong> team found their feet, albeit slowly.<br />

In fact, it took eight years for the Kaiser Chiefs<br />

to be an overnight success. “We may look like a<br />

graceful duck gliding over the top,” Ricky giggles,<br />

“but there’s been a lot of legwork going on<br />

underneath!”<br />

<strong>The</strong> ’Chiefs – then known as Parva – suffered<br />

an early setback when their label, Mantra, folded<br />

just days before the band’s long-dreamed-of<br />

debut album was due to be released. “It’s been<br />

depressing at times,” sighs the singer. But pain<br />

is character forming - or so the saying goes - and<br />

Ricky remains philosophical. “If all this success<br />

had happened eight years ago - or even two years<br />

ago - none of us would have been as ready, or as<br />

determined. It wouldn’t have been this good.”<br />

Marooned up north (“A&R men ignored the<br />

Republic of Leeds”), the band were forced to do<br />

it themselves, and their home-made-in-Nick’sbedroom<br />

version of Oh My God made the charts<br />

at the dizzy heights of No. 66. Eventually signing<br />

to B-Unique, I Predict A Riot reached No. 22 in<br />

November 2004. <strong>The</strong> Kaiser Chiefs had made it.<br />

Life has changed entirely for Ricky Wilson and<br />

his happy band since that first success. <strong>The</strong> outfit’s<br />

debut album, Employment, released in March<br />

2005, peaked at No. 3 but hung around the charts<br />

for months. A year on, Ricky still looks bemused<br />

by the success. “This been the longest year of my<br />

life, and the hardest,” he grins. “Second only to my<br />

GCSEs. But you don’t get gold discs at the end of<br />

your GCSEs…”<br />

“I haven’t stopped working long enough to<br />

think about what we’ve achieved, you know. I only<br />

realise when I look back at what’s in my diary,” he<br />

ponders. “I think being in a band is probably like<br />

having children. Or it’s like sanding the living room<br />

floor. Half way through you think, this is too hard,<br />

I can’t do it. <strong>The</strong>n a year later the exhaustion has<br />

faded, and you’re like, ‘hmm, the bedroom would<br />

look good <strong>with</strong> a sanded floor…’”<br />

With the Kaiser Chiefs’ punishing live schedule<br />

(their nomination in the Live Act category is<br />

testament to the band’s on-stage prowess), it’s no<br />

wonder they’re exhausted. “Touring is, um, hell,”<br />

Ricky mutters. “Look at me – I’m on three bottles<br />

of rescue remedy a day.” He’s grinning as he says it<br />

though. “But we enjoy every show we do. Whether<br />

we’re playing to 500 people in Copenhagen, 5,000<br />

in the UK or 65,000 in Barcelona supporting U2,<br />

it’s always fun.”<br />

For Ricky, sufferer of a nervous condition called<br />

intestinal migraine, big shows like the U2 tour<br />

– or, indeed, opening the Philadelphia leg of Live<br />

8 – can be quite a struggle. “I get really nervous<br />

before going on stage,” he tells us. “I used to<br />

throw up beforehand… but now it manifests itself<br />

in, erm, another way…”<br />

“It’s nice to be nervous though - it adds to the<br />

excitement. I want people to see the fear on my<br />

face - that’s part of the fun,” he giggles. “Maybe<br />

I’m just weird.”<br />

“Another thing, I don’t ever remember much<br />

about any show. I mean, I’ll be standing there<br />

showing off for an hour and a half, but because<br />

I’m nervous, I block it out. It’s like when you ask<br />

someone for really important directions and while<br />

they’re telling you, you’re standing thinking, ooh,<br />

I must remember this… and haven’t you got an<br />

odd nose?”<br />

“I’m a cross between<br />

an indie ninja and,<br />

er… Sting.”<br />

“I’m a finely tuned machine, really.” He<br />

surpresses a giggle. “I’m in a higher state of<br />

consciousness, a cross between an indie ninja and,<br />

er… Sting.”<br />

A haul of five nominations at this year’s <strong>BRIT</strong>s<br />

leaves the year’s biggest band breathless. “I still<br />

can’t believe we’re off to <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong>s,” Ricky admits.<br />

“I feel like we slipped through the net!” Still in<br />

shock, he pauses. “I can’t believe the stuff people<br />

let me do these days…”<br />

So, Ricky, what’s the plan if the Kaiser Chiefs<br />

win, then?<br />

“We’d go back to Leeds, hire an open-topped<br />

bus, and do a ticker tape tour of the city centre.<br />

All the grannies would wave.” A concerned look<br />

passes across his face. “But where would we put<br />

it? It’s not something we could share. I can’t have<br />

it, or I’d be the Big Lead Singer. So it would have<br />

to be melted down into five mini <strong>BRIT</strong>s, like the<br />

special Oscar they made for the seven dwarves.”<br />

“Or,” – and he’s back to being excited – “we’ll<br />

have to make a brilliant second album, come back<br />

next year, and win some more!”<br />

Offical website: www.kaiserchiefs.co.uk<br />

46<br />


Nominations<br />

pop act<br />

nominees<br />

international<br />

female solo<br />

artist<br />

kelly clarkson<br />

Idol Chit Chat<br />

offical<br />

Kelly Clarkson, winner of the first<br />

American Idol, hasn’t seen the<br />

show’s grumpy judge Simon Cowell,<br />

“in, like, years!”<br />

<strong>The</strong> two may well come face<br />

to face at this year’s <strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong>,<br />

however. “Oh, I hope I do see him,”<br />

grins Kelly. “He was never nasty to<br />

me!” Simon’s still the same acidtongued<br />

misery he always was. But<br />

Kelly? Well, Kelly’s changed.<br />

<strong>The</strong> 24 year old Texan Idol arrived<br />

in the UK in 2002 in the wake of her<br />

first US mega-hit, A Moment Like<br />

This. While no-one could fault her<br />

show-stopping voice, as a nation, the<br />

British were pretty much Idol-ed out.<br />

Kelly’s first single blew into the charts<br />

at No. 6, but when the follow-up<br />

limped in at No. 35 it looked like her<br />

star had already fallen.<br />

In the US, however, her TV show<br />

roots proved no barrier to longevity.<br />

“I’m very thankful for American Idol,<br />

it’s how I got here,” Kelly explains.<br />

“And you know, Alanis Morissette<br />

is still around, but she made her<br />

name on Starsearch. And all those<br />

people from <strong>The</strong> Mickey Mouse Club,<br />

Christina Aguilera, Britney, Justin<br />

Timberlake – it doesn’t matter<br />

what route you take to get into the<br />

business, ’cos you grow and change<br />

once you get there. You can never be<br />

pigeonholed by other people. You can<br />

only pigeonhole yourself.”<br />

In her second album, Breakaway<br />

(Nov 2004), the big soulful ballads<br />

gave way to a rockier sound. “I think<br />

the first couple of years in any new<br />

job is pretty hard,” she explains.<br />

“With Breakaway, I just kind of<br />

let those feelings out. <strong>The</strong> album<br />

became more personal and more on<br />

the rock side. This album, the last<br />

album, the next one… they’re all me.<br />

I’m just growing up inside.”<br />

Reinvented, tracks like Since U<br />

Been Gone got Kelly back into the UK<br />

top ten, and Breakaway to No. 3. At<br />

last, she was as big in Britain as the<br />

rest of the world.<br />

Once the <strong>BRIT</strong>s is over (“I don’t<br />

expect to win, I’m just thankful that<br />

people are digging the songs!”)<br />

Kelly’s off on a tour of the UK and<br />

Europe. “I can’t wait. We’re gonna<br />

try out some new songs – some<br />

acoustic stuff, some that sound more<br />

like Queens Of <strong>The</strong> Stone Age!”<br />

One thing’s for sure though. “I’m<br />

packing cold weather clothes,” she<br />

giggles, “winters in Texas are nothing<br />

like you guys get over there.”<br />

website: www.kellyclarksonweb.com<br />


NOmiNees<br />

artic monkeys<br />

Year of the monkey<br />

Left to right: matt<br />

Helder, andy nicholson,<br />

alex turner, Jamie cooke<br />

SUPPORTING NEW <strong>BRIT</strong>ISH MUSIC<br />



Nominations<br />

breakthrOugh<br />

act<br />

<strong>The</strong> rise and rise of the Arctic<br />

Monkeys has been the stuff of<br />

rock’n’roll folklore.<br />

Unknown as 2005 kicked in, the<br />

Sheffield four piece face this year <strong>with</strong><br />

the expectations of the rock world on<br />

their shoulders.<br />

“If I say phenomenon,” says<br />

Arctic Monkeys front man Alex<br />

Turner, “it sounds like I’m right up<br />

my own arse. But we’d be daft to act<br />

like we didn’t realise how incredible<br />

the last year’s been.”<br />

A blizzard of hype and excitement<br />

propelled the band’s major-label<br />

debut, I Bet You Look Good On<br />

<strong>The</strong> Dancefloor straight to No. 1,<br />

announcing <strong>with</strong> a cocky swagger<br />

that the Arctic Monkeys had arrived.<br />

In fact, it’s just three short years<br />

since Alex Turner and Jamie ‘Cookie’<br />

Cooke - now all of 19 - got their first<br />

guitars, sat down, and started to<br />

play. “I never dreamed I’d be in a<br />

band or owt like that. It just sort of...<br />

happened!” says Alex. “But as soon<br />

as we did form a band, it was all I<br />

ever thought about, ever!”<br />

Mates Andy Nicholson (bass)<br />

and Matt Helders (drums) joined the<br />

line up, and soon the tangle-haired<br />

gonna-be’s were well on their way.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Arctic Monkeys moniker is<br />

something Alex, according to Andy,<br />

“scribbled on a schoolbook when he<br />

was 15,” but the singer’s other writing<br />

– the ’Monkey’s lyrics – was less<br />

public. “I never told anyone because I<br />

didn’t want to have the piss took out<br />

of me!” he admits.<br />

“<strong>The</strong> lyrics are kinda like <strong>The</strong><br />

Streets,” explains Andy, “’cos the<br />

songs are about everyday life. But<br />

musically we’re more like Oasis.<br />

Guitars <strong>with</strong> distortion, but <strong>with</strong> a<br />

beat behind it you can dance to.”<br />

Whatever the fusion, the<br />

experiment worked. From the very<br />

first gigs it was clear Arctic Monkeys<br />

had something special. Audiences<br />

adored them, crowd-surfing their<br />

way to a sweat-sticky nirvana before<br />

rushing to the foyer to buy the<br />

band’s self-produced CDs. A&R<br />

men watched the kids party, then<br />

pounced. Amazingly, Domino records<br />

only did the deal in July 2005.<br />

Before the traditional path to<br />

success could be cleared, however,<br />

technology took over. Tracks from<br />

the self-made CDs appeared on the<br />

net. Through notice boards and<br />

forums, the downloading masses<br />

fuelled the hype. By the time the<br />

limited edition taster, Fake Tales Of<br />

San Fransisco and then I Bet You Look<br />

Good On <strong>The</strong> Dancefloor came out,<br />

Arctic Monkeys internet fanbase was<br />

huge… and hungry.<br />

But the band are dealing <strong>with</strong> the<br />

weight of expectation. Alex reckons<br />

it’s important to remember one vital<br />

thing. “As a band we’re just starting,<br />

really,” he says. “As good as we know<br />

the record is, it’s been built up to be<br />

such a thing that if it doesn’t cure<br />

cancer or solve inner city poverty it’ll<br />

be a disaster! But, y’know, people get<br />

carried away, don’t they?”<br />

Or do they? Maybe it’s time we<br />

started believing the hype.<br />

Offical website: www.arcticmonkeys.com<br />




<strong>2006</strong>: FIVE <strong>BRIT</strong> AWARD NOMINATIONS.<br />


nominees<br />

Nominations<br />

male<br />

solo artist<br />

mastercard<br />

album<br />

single<br />

breakthrough<br />

act<br />

pop act<br />

BEST <strong>BRIT</strong>ISH MALE SOLO ARTIST<br />

MASTERCARD BEST <strong>BRIT</strong>ISH ALBUM<br />

BEST <strong>BRIT</strong>ISH SINGLE<br />

BEST <strong>BRIT</strong>ISH BREAKTHROUGH ACT<br />

BEST <strong>BRIT</strong>ISH POP ACT<br />



feat. BBC Concert film, all the videos<br />

and a stunning live concert recording<br />

www.jamesblunt.com<br />

www.atlanticrecords.co.uk<br />

james blunt<br />

What a<br />

beautiful<br />

year<br />

<strong>The</strong> award for best British Email goes<br />

to… James Blunt. He may be away<br />

on tour, but the ex-soldier-turnedsongsmith<br />

still found time to chat to<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong>s magazine – via the miracle<br />

of the world wide interweb…<br />

Which <strong>BRIT</strong> would you most like<br />

to win and where would you keep it?<br />

I’ll take any award I can get, to be<br />

honest… and all the awards I’ve got<br />

so far I keep in the loo, along <strong>with</strong><br />

some old school pictures and stuff.<br />

When you’re performing on the<br />

big night, who would you most like to<br />

be watching you?<br />

My Mum – then she might finally<br />

believe I have a real job.<br />

How do you feel moments before<br />

- and after - a big live performance?<br />

Pretty chilled beforehand and in<br />

need of several drinks straight after.<br />

What’s your favourite<br />

performance from <strong>BRIT</strong>s history?<br />

Didn’t Madge walk out of a<br />

giant f***y once? That must have<br />

been quite a sight. [Well, it was Geri<br />

Halliwell actually - and yes, it was]<br />

What other artists have you been<br />

impressed by in 2005?<br />

<strong>The</strong> Killers and Gorillaz. <strong>The</strong>y’ve<br />

put out a couple of great albums<br />

- and they rhyme.<br />

What was the biggest high point<br />

the last year?<br />

Playing the Pyramid Stage on the<br />

Sunday at Glastonbury. Amazing.<br />


HARD-Fi<br />


james blunt<br />

NOmiNees<br />

“I met Bono in a bar.<br />

He told me to have<br />

another drink”<br />

<strong>BRIT</strong> AWARD NOMINATED<br />

BEST <strong>BRIT</strong>ISH GROUP, BEST <strong>BRIT</strong>ISH ROCK ACT<br />


NME<br />

Q<br />

WORD<br />


THE SUN<br />

ZOO<br />




HARD-Fi.COM<br />

At what point did you think ‘this<br />

is it - I’ve made it?’<br />

When she said, “do you want to<br />

come in for coffee?”<br />

Very funny. Have any big celebs<br />

given you some good advice?<br />

Elton John has been a great<br />

supporter. He told me to just enjoy<br />

it. I also met Bono in a bar and was<br />

inspired by his compassion. He told<br />

me to have another drink.<br />

Who do you think are your fans?<br />

My parents are stalking me.<br />

What has been the most<br />

memorable reaction from old friends?<br />

One friend called me from<br />

Afghanistan to complain that even<br />

out there in the middle of nowhere,<br />

he couldn’t escape me.<br />

How are you enjoying the female<br />

attention? Have you been<br />

proposed to?<br />

It’s very nice, thank you. I’ve<br />

married as many as possible.<br />

What’s the hardest thing to cope<br />

<strong>with</strong> about success?<br />

Tabloid gossip – often in papers<br />

who call themselves ‘real’ papers. It<br />

doesn’t matter if it’s just about me,<br />

but if it involves other people, then it<br />

has real consequences. It’s very ugly<br />

and other countries don’t accept it.<br />

What’s the most exhausted<br />

you’ve been after a long day’s promo?<br />

Promo is all about flying to a new<br />

place, sitting in a hotel room and<br />

doing 30 interviews where you’re<br />

asked the same thing as you were<br />

asked in yesterday’s 30 interviews.<br />

It gets harder if you didn’t get to<br />

bed the night before and you’ve<br />

got an almighty hangover, but after<br />

a couple of days of that, you start<br />

hallucinating. Which is both cool,<br />

and free.<br />

Which part of your plans for<br />

<strong>2006</strong> are you most excited about?<br />

I’m on tour for eight months and<br />

then I’m going into the studio to<br />

start work on my second album. I’m<br />

excited about both those things.<br />

Thanks James.<br />

No problem.<br />

Offical website: www.jamesblunt.com<br />


Nominations<br />

male<br />

solo artist<br />

NomiNees<br />

“put your records on”<br />

the new single<br />

released february 20th<br />

“corinne bailey rae”<br />

the debut album<br />

released march 6th<br />

on tour in march and april<br />

www.corinnebaileyrae.com<br />

E<br />

SHAPESHIFTERS_<strong>BRIT</strong> AD FINAL 17/1/06 10:18 Page 1<br />

Shapeshifters Sound Advice<br />

Released 20th March<br />

Available on CD and double 12" LP Featuring the <strong>BRIT</strong> nominated,<br />

#1 single "Lola's <strong>The</strong>me", the top-10 hit "Back to Basics"<br />

plus their brand new single "Incredible"<br />

robbie williams<br />

Mr <strong>BRIT</strong><br />

He’s won awards at nine of the last<br />

15 <strong>BRIT</strong> shows. He’s picked up 15<br />

statuettes, while his closest rival,<br />

Annie Lennox has a mere eight<br />

decorating her mantelpiece.<br />

Four of Robbie’s awards came<br />

<strong>with</strong> his old band Take That, back in<br />

the news again 10 years after splitting<br />

up. <strong>The</strong>y invited Robbie to join them<br />

on their enormous arena tour later<br />

this year, but the answer was a polite<br />

but firm ‘no thanks’. After all, when<br />

you’ve just sold out yet another world<br />

tour and scored your seventh number<br />

one album, why bother?<br />

And in Intensive Care, his first full<br />

album <strong>with</strong> new songwrtiting partner<br />

Steven Duffy, Robbie may just have<br />

produced his best batch of songs yet.<br />

Duffy, founding member of Duran<br />

Duran and a veteran of 27 years in<br />

the music business describes Rob as,<br />

“the most amazingly gifted writer of<br />

music… he’s a musical genius.”<br />

Still not convinced? Here’s a<br />

couple of Robbie’s recent records:<br />

He’s Britain’s biggest selling<br />

act of the 21 st century, having sold<br />

6.3million albums since 2000. And<br />

Robbie’s in the Guinness Book Of<br />

Records for selling 1.6 million tickets<br />

for his <strong>2006</strong> world tour in one day.<br />

No wonder he claimed Michael<br />

Jackson’s ‘King Of Pop’ title for<br />

himself at his album launch last year.<br />

He’s a healthier, happier chap<br />

nowadays, too. “I am surprised about<br />

what the public thinks of me. <strong>The</strong>y<br />

say again and again that I am a highly<br />

depressive guy who can hardly get<br />

out of bed for the next day. Bulls**t.”<br />

In fact, Robbie’s as happy as he’s<br />

been in a long time. Having relocated<br />

permanently to California, he can<br />

walk unnoticed down the street, meet<br />

girls who don’t even know who he<br />

is, and, most importantly, avoid the<br />

prying eyes of the British press.<br />

Instead of the drink and drugs of<br />

his past, he spends his time playing<br />

football on his own five a-side pitch<br />

<strong>with</strong> friends and other ex-pat celebs.<br />

So <strong>with</strong> the happy home life, the<br />

15 <strong>BRIT</strong>s, the record breaking tour,<br />

and the wall full of gold and platinum<br />

discs – what’s left?<br />

Longevity, perhaps. Robbie posed<br />

the question only recently: “<strong>The</strong>re’s<br />

a lack of loyalty surrounding stars<br />

recently. I mean, who is going to stick<br />

around like Mick Jagger or Bono?”<br />

Funnily enough, Ozzy Ozbourne’s<br />

been asking the same question:<br />

“Who are going to be the legends<br />

of the future?” Helpfully, he also<br />

answered it for us. “Robbie Williams<br />

is the only good one left…”<br />

] www.positivarecords.com<br />

57<br />

offical website: www.robbiewilliams.com

NOmiNees<br />

will young<br />

Will Power<br />

Jam-packed <strong>with</strong><br />

Brit Award winning music<br />

sainsburys.co.uk<br />

Nominations<br />

male sOlO<br />

artist<br />

With a third album and first feature<br />

film under his belt, Will Young’s kept<br />

himself busy. So where’s he been?<br />

Hey Will! You disappeared for a long<br />

time after Leave Right Now topped<br />

the chart. What were you doing?<br />

First thing I did was, I had some<br />

time off! I went to South Africa and<br />

travelled around Zimbabwe, Zambia<br />

and Malawi. It was wonderful. I’ve<br />

been before and I keep going back. It<br />

gives me such perspective.<br />

You’d been so busy up ’til then…<br />

Yeah, I filmed Mrs Henderson<br />

Presents and then completed a big<br />

tour. It was crazy. Travelling was<br />

a good way to clear my head. It<br />

worked… and I came back just in<br />

time for <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong>s, in fact!<br />

You won Best Single for Your Game,<br />

of course. Any hot tips for this year?<br />

I can only choose from what I<br />

know, and my favourite album of last<br />

year was Antony And <strong>The</strong> Johnsons. I<br />

think KT Tunstall’s great, and I really<br />

enjoyed the Hard-Fi album too.<br />

And after <strong>BRIT</strong>s25 you began work on<br />

the new album?<br />

I never really stopped writing<br />

so it’s hard for me to say when it<br />

all kicked in. But a lot of the new<br />

songs reflect how I felt when I was<br />

promoting that last album.<br />

What was your mood like back then?<br />

<strong>The</strong>re was a time when I wasn’t<br />

very happy, and the songs reflect<br />

that. I think musically, this album<br />

is more upbeat than the last one,<br />

but the lyrics are more melancholy.<br />

That’s a side of me that people don’t<br />

really get to see.<br />

After Mrs Henderson Presents, you<br />

continued to act…<br />

I caught the bug! We did a Dual<br />

Disc format for the new album,<br />

so there are video sketches to<br />

accompany all the songs. It was a<br />

chance to dress up and have some<br />

fun. In the sketch for my new single,<br />

All Time Love, I’m a World War 2 pilot,<br />

in another I’m a Bollywood director. I<br />

like things that challenge what people<br />

think of me, and I love to ham it up!<br />

Do you think you will always mix<br />

music and acting?<br />

I’d like to. I like to surprise<br />

people, otherwise they put you in<br />

a bracket. <strong>The</strong>y say, ‘there’s Jamie<br />

Cullum, he does jazz’ or ‘there’s<br />

Robbie Williams, he’s an angsty pop<br />

star’. I think those guys have more to<br />

them than that, and I do too.<br />

Do you get sick of being compared to<br />

Robbie all the time?<br />

Not at all. I remember seeing him<br />

driving along in a car four years ago,<br />

and I remember thinking, ‘wouldn’t it<br />

be great if Robbie knew who I was?’<br />

He does now, and it’s great to be in<br />

the best male category <strong>with</strong> him.<br />

And you’re happy now?<br />

Absolutely! <strong>The</strong>re’s nothing better<br />

than doing a job that you 100% enjoy<br />

and which leaves you 100% fulfilled.<br />

You know, if I didn’t enjoy it, I’d stop!<br />

Offical website: www.will-youngonline.com<br />



Official OCC figures confirm Katie as the biggest selling female artist<br />

in the UK for 2 years running, 2004 & 2005<br />

Dig Deeper<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong> <strong>2006</strong> is a charity<br />

event. Here’s where the money goes…<br />

<strong>BRIT</strong>s chairman Peter<br />

Jamieson and <strong>BRIT</strong>s nominee<br />

KT Tunstall <strong>with</strong> a cheque<br />

for the amount raised by last<br />

year’s awards<br />

THE <strong>BRIT</strong> TRUST CHARITY PAGE<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong> is the most glamorous event<br />

in the music industry calendar - but while the<br />

stars collect the coveted awards, the record industry<br />

charity <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> Trust collects something<br />

even more precious - money! This year, like all<br />

<strong>BRIT</strong>s years, every penny of profit made by the<br />

show and related events will go straight to good<br />

causes. In fact, <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> Trust has so far raised<br />

£13m for charity, <strong>with</strong> <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong> raising<br />

a whopping £7.5m of that total. <strong>The</strong> glamour<br />

and glitz involved may look decadent, but really,<br />

it’s not – every sequin has been sewn in a very<br />

good cause. Here’s how it works…<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> Trust is the music industry’s own<br />

charitable organisation. Set up in 1989, <strong>The</strong><br />

Trust is part of the BPI, the body that represents<br />

the record industry in Britain. It aims to raise as<br />

much charity cash as possible through musical<br />

events like <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong>s. It then distributes the<br />

money raised to very deserving causes.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> Trust aims to use the medium of<br />

music to educate and enrich the lives of people<br />

no matter what their age, race, disability or social<br />

standing. It gives money to charitable organisations<br />

that reflect this ethos, often through work<br />

<strong>with</strong> young people and the disadvantaged. As well<br />

as directing a great many awards to small grass<br />

roots projects, <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> Trust is committed to<br />

supporting two longstanding and very deserving<br />

organisations – <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> School and Nordoff-<br />

Robbins Music <strong>The</strong>rapy.<br />

Just the ticket<br />

As well as the show’s proceeds going to <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong><br />

Trust, the organisers allocate six pairs of balcony<br />

tickets to charities who apply to <strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong><br />

Ltd. <strong>The</strong> tickets are auctioned at charity dinners<br />

across the UK and raise thousands for worthy<br />

causes. This year’s tickets have been given to:<br />

Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, North<br />

London Hospice, Sir Steve Redgrave Golden<br />

Charity Ball, Willow Foundation and the Royal<br />

Marsden Breast Cancer charity dinner.<br />

and congratulations Katie on your two well deserved <strong>BRIT</strong> nominations in the catagories of<br />

Best Pop Act<br />

Best Female Artist<br />


from Mike & all at Dramatico<br />

www.katiemelua.com<br />

Photo: John Marshall/jmenternational.com<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> School<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> School is unique in the UK,<br />

allowing talented students, regardless of their<br />

financial situation, to study toward their chosen<br />

career in the performing arts. This is thanks to its<br />

non-fee paying, charitable status.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Croydon based school delivers equality<br />

of opportunity to prospective students, so far<br />

allowing over 5,000 talented 14 to 19 year olds<br />

to study in an atmosphere that encourages academic<br />

achievement and vocational study.<br />

Students specialise in one of seven areas<br />

– music, dance, musical theatre, technical<br />

theatre, media or art and design. However, many<br />

take an interdisciplinary approach in their extracurricular<br />

studies. As well as fostering the talents<br />

of many chart stars – Katie Melua, Imogen Heap,<br />

Floetry, Lynden David Hall and Athlete’s Joel Pott<br />

are all alumni – <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> School has provided<br />

an in-road into many other aspects of the music<br />

industry, such as production, theatre and media.<br />

Go to www.brit.croydon.sch.uk to learn more<br />

Nordoff-Robbins<br />

Music <strong>The</strong>rapy<br />

<strong>The</strong> therapy given in Nordoff-Robbins centres is<br />

recognised as a tremendous aid to the development<br />

of people <strong>with</strong> communication problems.<br />

Techniques originally pioneered in the 1960s by<br />

Paul Nordoff and Clive Robbins are now practised<br />

in specialist centres worldwide.<br />

In the UK, Nordoff-Robbins Music <strong>The</strong>rapy<br />

centres complement the work of the NHS. Those<br />

most likely to benefit from the centres’ work often<br />

have mild or severe learning difficulties, brain<br />

damage, or suffer from one of the many autistic<br />

spectrum disorders. However, despite the high<br />

value of their work, Nordoff-Robbins centres<br />

receive no public funding whatsoever and must<br />

survive on charity donations alone. Approximately<br />

£1.25million a year is needed for work to<br />

continue.<br />

Go to www.nordoff-robbins.org.uk to learn more<br />

Last year the <strong>BRIT</strong>s organisers gave a special<br />

donation to Save the Children of £500,000 to<br />

be used for a two year project, helping the young<br />

survivors of the devastating Asian tsunami.<br />

This gift is being used to support a number of<br />

projects to rehabilitate children’s lives, including<br />

ensuring that children were protected in the<br />

aftermath of the tsunami, restoring their families’<br />

livelihoods and returning children to school.<br />

More specifically, three schools in Sri Lanka<br />

will be rebuilt after suffering significant damage,<br />

which will enable children to regain some sense<br />

of normality by returning to school as well as<br />

gaining from an improved learning environment.<br />

In addition, these schools will receive a variety<br />

of western and eastern musical instruments<br />

which will improve the quality<br />

and breadth of the children’s<br />

education, inspire them to learn<br />

how to play musical instruments<br />

and, more immediately, help<br />

them to move on from the trauma<br />

that they have faced.<br />

Recipients of <strong>BRIT</strong>s money over the years include: <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> Trust Nordoff-Robbins Music <strong>The</strong>rapy Access to Music Arts & Kids/London Sinfonietta Avenues Youth Project Black Arts Alliance Blackheath Halls Blantyre<br />

Music Project, Glasgow British Performing Arts Medicine Trust Canford Summer School Charterhouse in Southwark Chicken Shed Community Music Commission for Racial Equality Community Music East Drugscope Global Rock Challenge<br />

Heart’n’Soul Heathfield Community College Irene Taylor Trust (Music In Prisons) Lenton Community Association LIPA Making Music Mencap Music & Sound Experience, Wales Musicians’ Benevolent Fund Musicians’ In Focus Musicians Union<br />

National Foundation for Youth Music National Music Day Pimlico School Portishead Youth Princes’ Trust Raphael Walters Release Rock School Roundhouse Trust Royal Commonwealth Society St. David’s Hall, Cardiff St. Lukes School Terence<br />

Higgins Trust Tim Macbeth Two Moors Festival West Lothian College Young Persons Concert Foundation<br />



Best British Group<br />

Best British Breakthrough Act<br />

Best British Live Act<br />

Best British Album<br />

Best British Rock Act<br />

If ever there was a life in the fast<br />

lane, McFly live it. 2004 saw them<br />

shoot to stardom and seize Busted’s<br />

crown as Britain’s most successful<br />

young pop combo.<br />

A No.1 debut album and two No.1<br />

singles led to the Best Pop Act award<br />

and a champagne soaked celebration<br />

at last year’s <strong>BRIT</strong>s – but the rest of<br />

2005 was even better – and busier.<br />

Says guitarist Tom, “I remember<br />

the week of Live 8, we played the<br />

Tokyo show on Saturday, came<br />

back Sunday and flew straight to<br />

Edinburgh for the show there. We<br />

were exhausted, and Tokyo was the<br />

most nervous I’ve ever been – I was<br />

shaking. But Tokyo was the first show<br />

to go out, so we opened Live 8! It was<br />

incredible.”<br />

Playing at Sir Bob’s big charity<br />

shows had special meaning for<br />

McFly, thanks to a visit to Africa on<br />

behalf of Comic Relief earlier in the<br />

year. “We made friends <strong>with</strong> so many<br />

brilliant kids out there,” remembers<br />

Tom. “We met a girl who was dying<br />

of AIDs and she was only 20, my age,<br />

but she looked 90. <strong>The</strong> nurses told<br />

us that three out of five of the kids<br />

we’d met would die the same way. It<br />

was like hell. It really hit home.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> trip threw everything into<br />

perspective, so when McFly returned<br />

to work – on the set of the Lindsay<br />

Lohan movie, Just My Luck, it was<br />

hard to adjust to the celeb life again.<br />

“We were treated like kings,” explains<br />

Tom, “waited on hand and foot. It<br />

makes you realise how pointless<br />

fame and celebrity can be.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> band were more at home on<br />

their autumn arena tour. “Playing<br />

live,” gushes swaggering frontman<br />

Danny Jones, “is like having a day<br />

off. We love touring.” And that’s<br />

despite the band’s tourbus. “It’s<br />

got magazines everywhere, loads of<br />

paper, crisp wrappers, dirty old socks<br />

and sweaty clothes from the gig. It’s<br />

just like home…”<br />

Despite the band’s success (2005<br />

brought two more No.1 singles and<br />

another chart topping album), Tom<br />

says, “a lot of people still think we’re<br />

a stereotypical boyband, like Westlife<br />

or Backstreet Boys.” In fact, McFly<br />

write all their own songs. And play all<br />

the instruments? Yep, it’s really them.<br />

“Just because we’re playing pop, it<br />

doesn’t make us less credible than<br />

the Kaiser Chiefs.”<br />

Perhaps it just makes you busier.<br />

“We’re going to America in <strong>2006</strong><br />

to, promote the movie,” says Tom.<br />

“And we’re doing new songs for the<br />

American album right now.”<br />

“<strong>The</strong>n after that,” he continues,<br />

“we’ll be overseas a lot; Europe,<br />

China and Japan. And there’s a tour<br />

planned towards the end of the year.<br />

But we’re not sure if there’ll be a new<br />

album…” <strong>The</strong> band’s tour manger<br />

shuffles in to remind the boys they’re<br />

due back in the studio. “When would<br />

we have time to write one?”<br />

Offical website: www.mcflyofficial.com<br />

NOmiNees<br />

Band member not included<br />

Contents may<br />

settle in a Transit<br />

Judges’ perks<br />

B-of good cheer<br />

www.kaiserchiefs.co.uk<br />

<strong>The</strong> goods<br />

includes<br />


OH MY GOD<br />




Left to right:<br />

Danny Jones,<br />

Dougie Poynter,<br />

Tom fletcher,<br />

Harry Judd<br />

mcfly<br />

McFlying High<br />



maria carey<br />

Carey On<br />

Singing<br />

nOminees<br />

<strong>2006</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> AWARD NOMINATION<br />



T H E E M A N C I P A T I O N O F M I M I<br />







ABOUT US<br />

Nominations<br />

internatiOnal<br />

female<br />

sOlO artist<br />

2005 saw a return to form for one of<br />

the all-time great female performers,<br />

putting Mariah Carey right back<br />

where she belongs – at the top.<br />

Mariah has been thrilling<br />

audiences <strong>with</strong> her acrobatic, five–<br />

octave voice for more than 15 years.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Long Island native broke free of a<br />

troubled family life to burst onto the<br />

world music stage for the first time<br />

back in 1990. Her self–titled debut LP<br />

sold more than nine million copies<br />

and delivered a string of timeless pop<br />

hits – including the trademark Carey<br />

ballad, Vision Of Love.<br />

A decade and a half later, 2005<br />

saw the release of Mariah’s tenth<br />

studio album, <strong>The</strong> Emancipation<br />

Of Mimi. Critically acclaimed – and<br />

another multi-million seller – the Def<br />

Jam release began yet another new<br />

chapter in Mariah’s amazing career.<br />

<strong>The</strong> album’s title is a play on the<br />

star’s childhood nickname, the tracks<br />

inside designed, says Mariah, to give<br />

fans a candid look into, “the free side<br />

of who I am.”<br />

In between those two releases,<br />

a succession of big ballads brought<br />

worldwide fame and fortune before<br />

circumstances threatened to derail<br />

Mariah’s hitherto unstoppable<br />

rise. Perhaps her world record $80<br />

million move from Sony to Virgin<br />

put too much pressure on the singer,<br />

perhaps the many years of global<br />

success had simply taken its toll.<br />

But a period of exhaustion, coupled<br />

<strong>with</strong> a lukewarm reception for the<br />

star’s film debut Glitter and album<br />

Charmbracelet meant Mariah’s<br />

future, for the first time, looked less<br />

than certain.<br />

Mimi, however, has changed all<br />

that, and the singer has bloomed<br />

once more.<br />

Already one of the biggest selling<br />

female artists of all time, Mariah’s<br />

new, self-penned album’s urban feel<br />

has won her a whole new generation<br />

of fans and produced four UK hit<br />

singles for the 35 year old star, It’s<br />

Like That, We Belong Together, Get<br />

Your Number/Shake It Off and Don’t<br />

Forget About Us.<br />

Mariah has – surprisingly<br />

– never won a <strong>BRIT</strong> award, but <strong>with</strong><br />

a nomination in the International<br />

Female category, she’s hoping to<br />

end that record this year. And there’s<br />

another record she’s got her eye on,<br />

too. Right now Mariah Carey is the<br />

runner–up for the most weeks spent<br />

at US number one.<br />

Elvis currently holds the record,<br />

but for how long? Mariah Carey is<br />

still going strong…<br />

Offical website: www.mariahcarey.com<br />


Bjork<br />

“I gave my <strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong><br />

to my mum to look after!”<br />

Simon Webbe<br />

“I keep mine at home<br />

on the mantelpiece.<br />

That way, if my solo<br />

career doesn’t take off,<br />

I can look at my <strong>BRIT</strong>s<br />

from Blue and still<br />

have great memories!”<br />

Where’s your Brit aWWard?<br />

Taboo,<br />

Black Eyed Peas<br />

“I just moved house and I<br />

put my award - and all my<br />

other awards - on top of<br />

the fireplace in the den.”<br />

Dido<br />

“I keep my <strong>BRIT</strong>s in the<br />

bathroom. Its the only free<br />

space on a shelf I have!”<br />

Will Young<br />

“I’ve got one for Breakthrough<br />

Act, and Best Single<br />

too. I keep them both in my<br />

bedroom, on either side of<br />

the mantelpiece. I can see<br />

them when I wake up!”<br />

Nick Rhodes,<br />

Duran Duran<br />

“My <strong>BRIT</strong>? It’s in a zinclined<br />

underground bunker<br />

protected by armed<br />

guards, ha ha!”<br />

Where Do You Keep Your <strong>BRIT</strong>?<br />

Prince<br />

“I keep mine in a special<br />

studio, marked ‘awards’.”<br />

Lemar<br />

“It’s right by my TV. Every<br />

now and then my gaze<br />

moves and I find myself<br />

staring at the <strong>BRIT</strong> award<br />

instead!”<br />

Natalie Imbruglia<br />

“My <strong>BRIT</strong>s are downstairs<br />

in my office – so I don’t<br />

see them! I don’t like to<br />

look at awards, they make<br />

me feel strange.”<br />

Tom, McFly<br />

“Our Pop Act award?<br />

it’s wrapped in layers of<br />

bubble wrap, because<br />

we’re moving house. It’s<br />

usually on top of the piano<br />

though, so I can see it<br />

when I’m writing songs.”<br />

Photo: John Marshall/jmenternational.com<br />

Heidi Range,<br />

Sugababes<br />

“I put mine on top of the<br />

TV – it’s been sitting there<br />

among my Christmas cards!”<br />

Alex Kapranos,<br />

Franz Ferdnand<br />

“We keep our <strong>BRIT</strong><br />

statuettes at our rehearsal<br />

space in Glasgow. It’s<br />

good to have an audience<br />

when we play!”<br />

Robbie Williams<br />

“I keep all my <strong>BRIT</strong> awards<br />

in a special cupboard!”<br />

Basement Jaxx<br />

“One’s definitely in the<br />

studio and there’s another<br />

one, er, somewhere...”<br />

Tom Jones<br />

“<strong>The</strong>y’re on my dining<br />

room sideboard, at<br />

home...”<br />

66<br />


Celebrating 50 years of the<br />

Official UK Albums Chart<br />

brits school<br />

50 Cent (1) Abba (9) ABC (1) AC/DC (1) Ace Of Base (1) Adam & <strong>The</strong> Ants (1) Akon (1) Alanis Morissette (1) Alice Cooper (1) Alison<br />

Moyet (2) All Saints (1) Anastacia (1) Andy Williams (3) Annie Lennox (2) Ash (2) Athlete (1) Atomic Kitten (2) Avril Lavigne (2) Barbra<br />

Streisand (5) Barry Manilow (1) Basement Jaxx (1) Bay City Rollers (2) Beach Boys (2) Beastie Boys (1) Beatles (15) Beautiful South<br />

(3) Bee Gees (1) Belinda Carlisle (1) Bert Weedon (1) Beyonce (1) Big Country (1) Bill Haley & His Comets (1) Black Grape (1) Black<br />

Sabbath (1) Blind Faith (1) Blondie (2) Blue (3) Bluetones (1) Blur (5) Bob Dylan (6) Bob Marley & <strong>The</strong> Wailers (1) Bon Jovi (5) Boney<br />

M (3) Bonnie Tyler (1) Boo Radleys (1) Boyzone (4) Bread (1) Bruce Springsteen (6) Bryan Adams (3) Bryan Ferry (1) Bryan Ferry &<br />

Roxy Music (1) Buddy Holly & <strong>The</strong> Crickets (2) Carpenters (3) Carreras, Domingo, Pavarotti (2) Carter - <strong>The</strong> Unstoppable Sex Machine<br />

(1) Catatonia (2) Celine Dion (5) Chaka Demus & Pliers (1) Charlatans (3) Chemical Brothers (4) Cher (2) Chris De Burgh (2) Chris<br />

Rea (2) Christians (1) Cliff Richard (3) Cliff Richard & <strong>The</strong> Shadows (4) Coldplay (3) Connie Francis (1) Coral (1) Corrs (2) Craig David<br />

(1) Cranberries (1) Cream (1) Creedance Clearwater Revival (1) Crowded House (1) Cult (1) Culture Club (1) Cure (1) Curiosity Killed<br />

<strong>The</strong> Cat (1) D12 (1) David Bowie (8) David Cassidy (1) David Gray (3) Deacon Blue (2) Deep Purple (3) Def Leppard (2) Depeche<br />

Mode (2) Destiny's Child (1) Diana Ross (1) Diana Ross & <strong>The</strong> Supremes (2) Diana Ross & <strong>The</strong> Supremes With <strong>The</strong> Temptations (1)<br />

Dido (2) Dire Straits (4) Doves (2) Dr. Feelgood (1) Duran Duran (1) East 17 (1) Elastica (1) Electric Light Orchestra (2) Elton John (6)<br />

Elvis Presley (10) Embrace (2) Emerson, Lake & Palmer (1) Eminem (4) Engelbert Humperdinck (1) Enigma (2) Enrique Iglesias (1)<br />

Enya (1) Erasure (5) Eric Clapton (1) Eurythmics (3) Eva Cassidy (3) Evanescence (1) Faces (1) Faithless (2) Farm (1) Fatboy Slim<br />

(1) Fine Young Cannibals (1) Five (1) Five Star (1) Fleetwood Mac (4) Foo Fighters (1) Foreigner (1) Four Tops (1) Frank Sinatra (4)<br />

Frankie Goes To Hollywood (1) Franz Ferdinand (1) Freddy Cannon (1) G4 (1) Gabrielle (1) Garbage (1) Gary Barlow (1) Gary Numan<br />

(2) Genesis (6) George Benson (1) George Harrison & Friends (1) George Michael (5) George Mitchell Minstrels (3) Gilbert O'Sullivan<br />

(1) Glen Campbell (1) Gloria Estefan (1) Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine (1) Gorillaz (1) Green Day (1) Guns 'N' Roses (2)<br />

Hanson (1) Hear'Say (1) Hollies (1) Holly Johnson (1) Hot Chocolate (2) Howard Jones (1) Human League (1) Il Divo (2) INXS (1)<br />

Iron Maiden (3) Jam (1) James (1) James Blunt (1) James Horner (1) Jamiroquai (3) Jane McDonald (1) Janet Jackson (1) Jason<br />

Donovan (1) Jesus Jones (1) Jethro Tull (1) Jim Reeves (2) John Lennon (1) John Lennon & <strong>The</strong> Plastic Ono Band With <strong>The</strong> Flux<br />

Fiddlers (1) John Lennon & Yoko Ono (1) Johnny Hates Jazz (1) Johnny Mathis (1) Joss Stone (1) Justin Timberlake (1) Kate Bush<br />

(3) Katie Melua (2) Keane (1) Kelly Rowland (1) Kenny Ball, Chris Barber & Acker Bilk (1) Kids From "Fame" (1) Kula Shaker (1) Kylie<br />

Minogue (4) Led Zeppelin (8) Leftfield (1) Lenny Kravitz (1) Leo Sayer (1) Levellers (1) Limp Bizkit (1) Lindisfarne (1) Linkin Park (1)<br />

Lionel Richie (2) Little Angels (1) Luciano Pavarotti (2) Luther Vandross (1) Macy Gray (1) Madness (2) Madonna & Various Artists<br />

(1) Madonna (8) Manic Street Preachers (1) Mansun (1) Mariah Carey (2) Marillion (1) Maroon 5 (1) Massive Attack (2) Max Boyce<br />

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Michael Parkinson meets some<br />

future chat show guests…<br />

Parky Visits<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> School<br />

Michael Parkinson - chat show<br />

legend, jazz buff, Radio 2 stalwart<br />

and, according to Q magazine, the<br />

92 nd most powerful man in music -<br />

visited <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> school in December.<br />

As the man credited <strong>with</strong><br />

launching many aspiring musicians’<br />

careers, through both his radio and<br />

tv shows, it was fitting he should<br />

visit the school to meet some of<br />

the stars of the future. Katie Melua,<br />

<strong>BRIT</strong> school graduate and one of<br />

this year’s Pop Act nominees, knows<br />

all about the power of Parky – her<br />

manager, Mike Batt claims that<br />

knowing that the Radio 2 DJ had the<br />

power to break an act almost singlehandedly<br />

was a factor in his signing<br />

Katie in the first place.<br />

2004’s Outstanding<br />

Contribution winners Duran<br />

Duran visit <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> School<br />

Parky took time out to chat to<br />

some of the school’s students, and<br />

swapped jazz notes <strong>with</strong> fellow<br />

Stephan Grappelli fan Fred Smith,<br />

even promising to send him some<br />

CDs. “True to his word, a couple of<br />

weeks later I was sent 12 amazing<br />

jazz CDs and a Grappelli DVD,”<br />

remembers Smith.<br />

Parky is just the latest in a long<br />

line of celebs who have visited the<br />

Croydon establishment. Recent<br />

years have seen such music biz<br />

luminaries – and <strong>BRIT</strong>s Outstanding<br />

Contribution Award winners - as<br />

Duran Duran and Tom Jones show<br />

their support for <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> School.<br />

Find out more at: www.brit.croydon.sch.uk<br />

<strong>BRIT</strong>s students<br />

bag bursary<br />

Fred Smith and Ben Thomas<br />

were the first recipients of the<br />

£3,000 Accenture Bursary,<br />

awarded for high quality performance.<br />

<strong>The</strong> pair performed at<br />

last November’s Music Industry<br />

Trust <strong>Awards</strong> fundraising dinner,<br />

where Michael Parkinson<br />

was presented <strong>with</strong> the Trust’s<br />

coveted award.<br />

the brit school, by the people<br />

who know it best…<br />

“Everyone at <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> School was really<br />

supportive and there was a good creative<br />

energy.” Lynden David Hall<br />

“I loved the whole vibe of the place. I<br />

will always be eternally grateful for my<br />

experience at <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> school.”<br />

Wayne Williams<br />

“Be prepared to work hard at <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong><br />

School. If you’re disciplined you can do<br />

really well.” Katie Melua<br />

“I absolutely loved <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> School and<br />

I’d tell anyone to go there!”<br />

Marcia Ambrosius, Floetry<br />

“<strong>The</strong>re’s a nice atmosphere there, <strong>with</strong><br />

lots of people heading down to Croydon<br />

to see their mates play.” Imogen Heap<br />

“I was thinking and writing and<br />

performing all the time, because the<br />

school recognised my spirit and let me<br />

turn my energy to the good.”<br />

Natalie Stewart, Floetry<br />


WIN!<br />

<strong>BRIT</strong>s goodie bag<br />

worth over £4,500!<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong>s <strong>2006</strong> Celebrity Goodie Bag<br />

While the awards celebrate the<br />

great and good in British music,<br />

it’s a <strong>BRIT</strong>s tradition that the<br />

exclusive goodie bag, given to all<br />

the night’s winners, performers<br />

and presenters, celebrates<br />

other areas of British style and<br />

innovation.<br />

This year, our exquisite Globe-<br />

Trotter vanity case is stuffed full of<br />

treats hand-picked for our guests’<br />

delectation. This unique collection<br />

includes some of the year’s most<br />

sought after labels; a sumptuous<br />

collection of decadent luxuries.<br />

But it’s not only the celebs<br />

who’ll be getting their hands on<br />

one of these distinctly A-list bags<br />

of money-can’t-buy gifts. All you<br />

need to do for a chance to get your<br />

paws on one is go to brits.co.uk<br />

and answer this simple question:<br />

Which star has won more <strong>BRIT</strong><br />

awards than any other?<br />

a) Sir Cliff Richard<br />

b) Madonna<br />

c) Robbie Williams<br />

Game Boy Micro<br />

<strong>The</strong> Game Boy Micro is thinner than a<br />

mobile phone, as chic as an MP3 player<br />

and as much fun as a Game Boy. Perfect<br />

for those long nights on the road.<br />

http://micro.gameboy.com<br />

Aspinal passport holder<br />

Aspinal have created the ideal accessory<br />

for our jet-setting celebs. This leather<br />

passport holder will guarantee they’re fast<br />

tracked straight to their first class seat!<br />

www.aspinaloflondon.com<br />

Alice and Astrid undies<br />

With stores in London, Paris, New York<br />

and Hong Kong, Alice and Astrid’s lingerie<br />

has a style and elegance that every<br />

girl can appreciate. <strong>The</strong>se knickers are<br />

an essential if you’re planning a naughty<br />

weekend away!<br />

GOODIE GoodieBAG<br />

www.aliceandastrid.com<br />

Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses<br />

Oliver Goldsmith was the first fashion<br />

label to introduce customised winter sunglasses<br />

in 1965. Pioneering the concept<br />

that sunglasses are necessary all year<br />

round, these stylish shades are perfect<br />

for dashing from hotel to limo!<br />

Danziger Gold Liqueur<br />

In ancient times Gold Leaf was added<br />

to food to denote wealth and bring good<br />

luck. Years later the biggest names in<br />

Hollywood can be spotted enjoying a<br />

tipple (or two!) of gold leaf liqueur.<br />

www.danzigergold.com<br />

Cashmere hot water bottle<br />

<strong>The</strong> perfect accompaniment for a long<br />

stint on a tour bus, our stars can snuggle<br />

up to this gorgeously soft hot water bottle<br />

and be transported to their next destination<br />

in stylish bliss.<br />

www.purecollection.com<br />

Globe-Trotter case<br />

With a client list ranging from Winston<br />

Churchill to Ronnie Wood, it seems a<br />

hand-crafted Globe Trotter case has<br />

always been the luggage choice of the<br />

stars. This classic British brand will make<br />

any celeb look stylish as they jet off to<br />

their next exotic location…<br />

www.globe-trotterltd.com<br />

Yuroll face massager<br />

A Yuroll face massager is the hottest new<br />

accessory amongst the A-list. Made from<br />

solid jade, it cleanses toxins from the system<br />

as well as reducing fine lines around<br />

the eyes! Ideal for smoothing away those<br />

pre-<strong>BRIT</strong>s jitters!<br />

www.yuroll.com<br />

Godiva truffles<br />

Naughty, but irresistibly scrumptious;<br />

Godiva’s new collection not only revolutionises<br />

the truffle, but it’s incredibly<br />

tasty too. A perfect combination!<br />

Useful chick kit!<br />

<strong>The</strong> Useful Chick Stuff company and<br />

Clippy Kit have put together a fab SOS<br />

package for women. Whatever the fashion<br />

crisis may be, we’ve got what you need!<br />

www.usefulchickstuff.co.uk<br />

www.clippykit.co.uk<br />

Lucia Cowan clutch bag<br />

We are delighted that designer Lucia<br />

Cowan has created this limited edition<br />

<strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong> Clutch bag. <strong>The</strong> London<br />

based designer’s much coveted hand<br />

made items are a favourite among the<br />

rich and stylish.<br />

www.luciacowan.com<br />

Timberland boots<br />

Swap the high heels for a pair of sturdy<br />

Timberland boots, just like our celebs<br />

after the show.<br />

www.timberland.com<br />

GHD hair irons<br />

What more can a girl ask for other than<br />

a Good Hair Day? Thanks to GHD that’s<br />

guaranteed every day <strong>with</strong> these fabulous<br />

new handbag-sized slim hair irons.<br />

www.ghdhair.com<br />

Joules pyjamas<br />

‘Night wear is the new day wear’ – apparently<br />

– and these pj’s are ideal whether<br />

you’re skipping around plush hotels at<br />

midnight or curling up in front of a fire<br />

<strong>with</strong> a hot mug of cocoa.<br />

Habitat shot glass<br />

If our celebs fancy unwinding after a<br />

hectic <strong>BRIT</strong>s night, perhaps they could<br />

pair this beatiful shot glass <strong>with</strong> the<br />

Gold Liqueur – they make the perfect<br />

rock’n’roll double act!<br />

www.habitat.net<br />

Motorola ROKR phone<br />

<strong>The</strong> Motorola ROKR – the first mobile<br />

phone <strong>with</strong> iTunes built in – is the official<br />

phone of <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong> <strong>2006</strong>.<br />

This revolutionary product allows you to<br />

transfer up to 100 tracks from your PC or<br />

Mac straight to your mobile.<br />

www.hellomoto.com<br />

David Linley compass key ring.<br />

We’re thrilled that furniture design/manufacturing<br />

genius David Linley has given<br />

us this compass key ring, the perfect<br />

thing for city-slicker stars lost in the wild!<br />

www.davidlinley.com<br />

Estee Lauder make-up kit<br />

Estee Lauder counts many of the world’s<br />

most beautiful women among her fans.<br />

And she’s given us this gorgeous make-up<br />

kit that includes everything a girl could<br />

possibly wish for!<br />

* Champneys break<br />

Champneys are offering<br />

all our Winners and<br />

presenters a weekend<br />

break featuring massages,<br />

facials and ultimate relaxation.<br />

Just what the doctor<br />

ordered after a whirlwind<br />

night at <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong>s.<br />

www.champneys.com<br />

www.olivergoldsmith.com<br />

Dihn Van jewels<br />

Since the early 1960’s, French jewellery<br />

designer Dinh Van has proved that<br />

minimalism can also be luxurious; freeing<br />

jewellery from the constraints of gaudiness<br />

and ostentation, to create a new,<br />

clean style.<br />

www.dinhvan.com<br />

Temperley for Penhaligon’s<br />

Penhaligons collaboration <strong>with</strong> Temperley<br />

London represents the synergy of two<br />

quintessentially English brands. Now you<br />

can take home comforts on your travels.<br />

www.penhaligons.co.uk<br />

Frangi cuff links<br />

How cool will our celebs look jumping<br />

around the stage wearing this fabulous<br />

set from top Italian designer Frangi?<br />

<strong>The</strong>se gorgeous cuff links can be worn by<br />

men and women alike and are seriously<br />

rock ‘n’ roll when accessorized <strong>with</strong> the<br />

skinny tie and braces!<br />

www.tie-rack.co.uk<br />

Kipling bag<br />

With one sold around the world every<br />

thirty seconds, Kipling’s irresistible wash<br />

bags are perfect for a short break away.<br />

www.kipling.com<br />

Mawi necklace<br />

<strong>The</strong>se gorgeous Mawi necklaces are a<br />

must-have for our bling-loving celebs. A<br />

gorgeous accessory for day or night.<br />

www.mawi.co.uk<br />

Storm watches<br />

Fashionably late? More like fashionably<br />

early <strong>with</strong> these gorgeous Storm watches;<br />

they make it easy to be on time!<br />

www.godiva.be<br />

www.joulesclothing.com<br />

www.esteelauder.co.uk<br />

www.stormwatches.com<br />

70<br />


MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office. <strong>The</strong> Bluetooth trademarks are owned by their<br />

proprietor and used by Motorola, Inc. under license. © Motorola, Inc. <strong>2006</strong>. All screen images simulated. <strong>The</strong> iTunes Trademark is owned by<br />

Apple Computer and any use of such marks by Motorola, Inc. is under license.<br />

Last year, the excitement all got a bit<br />

much for Franz Ferdinand.<br />

If only they’d prepared for their big night by logging on to brits.co.uk<br />

- the number one source for <strong>BRIT</strong>s news, info and gossip<br />

THE <strong>BRIT</strong> AWARDS <strong>2006</strong> IN ASSOCIATION WITH MASTERCARD<br />

Photo: John Marshall/jmenternational.com<br />

Committee<br />

Chairman: Peter Jamieson<br />

Rita Broe (MasterCard) Maggie Crowe (BPI)<br />

Bernard Doherty (LD Communications)<br />

Ged Doherty (Sony BMG), Terry Felgate (EMI)<br />

Nick Gatfield (Island) David Joseph (Polydor)<br />

Gary Kemp Korda Marshall (Warner Music)<br />

Amelia Mauldon (MasterCard) Richard Park<br />

Simon Peck (HMV) Steve Redmond (BPI)<br />

Richard Russell (XL Recordings)<br />

Sarah Sinclair (BAL) David Steele (V2)<br />

Helen Terry (<strong>BRIT</strong>s TV) Jon Webster (BPI)<br />

Keith Wozencroft (Capitol)<br />

For the BPI/<strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong>/OCC<br />

Catherine Briggs, Adrian Carter, Paul Clifford,<br />

Giuseppe De Cristofano, Andrew Ellis, Lydia Fairfax,<br />

Emma Fanning, Roz Groome, Chris Hammond,<br />

Lauren Lunn-Farrow, Omar Maskatiya, Steve Redmond,<br />

Jade Smithers, Sarah Stuart, Paul Want<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> Event and Show<br />

TV Producer: Helen Terry<br />

BAL Event Director: Maggie Crowe<br />

Sponsorship and Marketing Consultant: Sarah Sinclair<br />

Television Show: Produced by <strong>BRIT</strong>s TV<br />

<strong>with</strong> Granada Productions<br />

ITV: Nigel Pickard, Claudia Rosencrantz, Simon Shaps,<br />

Mark Wells<br />

Stage Production: MJK Productions Ltd<br />

Media and Public Relations: LD Communications<br />

National TV & Radio Promotion: Scream Promotions<br />

International and UK Radio syndication: Somethin’ Else<br />

International TV sales: Eagle Rock<br />

Compilation Album: Sony BMG<br />

Ticket sales: Steve Clements and Steve Robson<br />

Party: Bruce French and MJK Productions Ltd<br />

Catering: Payne & Gunter<br />

Legal Representation: Emma Fanning, Lydia Fairfax<br />

Design, website and photography: JM Enternational<br />

With thanks to<br />

MasterCard, ITV, BBC Radio One, BBC Radio Two, MTV,<br />

BARD, CD:UK, Kerrang!, <strong>The</strong> Sun, Commercial Radio<br />

Companies Association, O2, Motorola, Earls Court<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong> <strong>2006</strong> magazine<br />

Website/magazine editorial:<br />

Helen Lamont (editor),<br />

John Hindmarch (associate editor),<br />

Chris Morris (art editor), Ian Larkin (design)<br />

Paul Sexton (contributor),<br />

Consultant Advertising Director: Kathy Leppard<br />

Printer: New Jarrold Printing Ltd<br />

Publisher: JM Enternational<br />

Distribution: BARD<br />

Trophy designed by John Marshall and sculpted by<br />

Robert Glover for <strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong> Ltd.<br />

Please be reminded that you are not permitted to record<br />

or film any part of <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong> <strong>2006</strong> event <strong>with</strong>out<br />

a specific licence from <strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong> Ltd.<br />

Get the official handset of <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong> <strong>2006</strong>, and pack in 100 of your<br />

favourite songs from your iTunes library or CDs. Pick up yours from O2 stores or<br />

buy online at www.o2.co.uk/shop and receive a FREE exclusive music pack.<br />

See hellomoto.com for more information on <strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong> <strong>Awards</strong> <strong>2006</strong>, and the<br />

Motorola ROKR.<br />

<strong>The</strong> official<br />

handset of<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>BRIT</strong><br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>2006</strong><br />


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