Natural Awakenings Twin Cities May 2023

Read the May 2023 edition of Natural Awakenings Twin Cities magazine. This is our annual Women's Health Issue which features articles on taking care of our hormones, motherhood, signs of menopause, environmental causes of women's compromised health, solving stress, biological dentistry, earth-friendly delights for mom, benefits of water immersion during birth, light therapy for Autoimmune symptoms, reversing Type 2 diabetes, and so much more! Be sure to check out our local content, including News Brief announcements, Community Resource Guide with providers throughout the metro who can meet your individual wellness needs, and all the happenings in the Calendar of Events. There is additional online-only content that can be found at NATwinCities.com.

Read the May 2023 edition of Natural Awakenings Twin Cities magazine. This is our annual Women's Health Issue which features articles on taking care of our hormones, motherhood, signs of menopause, environmental causes of women's compromised health, solving stress, biological dentistry, earth-friendly delights for mom, benefits of water immersion during birth, light therapy for Autoimmune symptoms, reversing Type 2 diabetes, and so much more!

Be sure to check out our local content, including News Brief announcements, Community Resource Guide with providers throughout the metro who can meet your individual wellness needs, and all the happenings in the Calendar of Events. There is additional online-only content that can be found at NATwinCities.com.


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MAY <strong>2023</strong>


Alan Christianson, NMD<br />

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Overcoming the<br />

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Christopher Smith<br />

How to Show up as a<br />

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<strong>May</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />



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<strong>May</strong> is <strong>Natural</strong><br />

<strong>Awakenings</strong>’ annual<br />

Women’s Wellness<br />

month, and we celebrate all<br />

the people who have accepted<br />

the nurturing role of a mother.<br />

In the early days of Mother’s<br />

Day, the idea was to honor the<br />

sacrifices that mothers made for their children. Though this sounds like a noble sentiment, it<br />

can set us up for unrealistic expectations and resentments.<br />

If you are someone who was not blessed with a nurturing maternal person in your<br />

life, this day can leave you feeling lonely and hurt. Perhaps you are a mother who, God<br />

forbid, has lost one or more children or is distanced from them, leaving a void where love<br />

should be. Rather than a day of celebration, we are faced with a day of sadness.<br />

Instead, we can all take this day as a reminder of the person we want to be and the life we<br />

want to live. It is the perfect time for a reset from the New Year’s resolutions we made, and the<br />

upcoming long, sunny days are the best incentive to focus on our well-being.<br />

• Take time for self-care. As a mother, it’s easy to put the needs of others first, but<br />

it’s essential to prioritize your own well-being. Schedule time for exercise, meditation<br />

or hobbies that bring you joy and fulfillment.<br />

• Pursue your dreams. Don’t let the responsibilities of motherhood hold you<br />

back from pursuing your passions and goals. Whether it’s starting a new career,<br />

taking a class or traveling to a new destination, show your children that it’s possible<br />

to find purpose and joy outside of our everyday life.<br />

• Set a positive example. By prioritizing your own well-being and happiness,<br />

you are setting a positive example for your children. You are teaching them that<br />

self-care and pursuing one’s dreams are important parts of a fulfilling life.<br />

• Embrace joy. Let go of the idea that sacrifice is necessary for motherhood. Instead,<br />

embrace joy and all that life has to offer. Show your children that having a family<br />

and a life that brings you purpose and joy is not only possible, but necessary.<br />

Inside these pages are articles to help you on your wellness journey, with more<br />

online-only content at <strong>Natural</strong><strong>Twin</strong><strong>Cities</strong>.com. There are suggestions for exercise, healthy<br />

eating, stress reduction and other self-care practices that can be incorporated into your<br />

busy life. Additionally, local advertisers offer excellent gift ideas for services and products<br />

that also help focus on your loved one’s well-being.<br />

Remember, taking care of yourself is not selfish—it’s essential. By prioritizing your<br />

own health and happiness, you are better able to care for your loved ones and live a wholly<br />

fulfilling life. So, let’s toss out sacrifice and make room for all the joy we deserve!<br />

Wishing you wellness,<br />

<strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong><br />

Magazine is ranked<br />

5th Nationally in<br />

CISION’S ® 2016<br />

Top 10 Health &<br />

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<strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong> is a network of natural lifestyle<br />

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healthier lives on a healthy planet.<br />

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How to Resolve Vaginal Dryness<br />





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Courtesy of The National Center for Appropriate Technology<br />

news briefs<br />

AgriSolar Partnerships Bloom in Minnesota<br />

Minnesota energy companies,<br />

solar developers,<br />

farmers and chefs are<br />

partnering in innovative<br />

ways to grow food, renewable<br />

energy and pollinator habitat,<br />

all within the same piece of<br />

land. The National Center<br />

for Appropriate Technology’s<br />

(NCAT) AgriSolar Clearinghouse<br />

has released its short<br />

film, Dive into the Prairie,<br />

which takes viewers on a short tour of Minnesota’s agrivoltaic success stories.<br />

AgriSolar or agrivoltaic partnerships are growing across solar-appropriate farmland<br />

in the U.S., providing a new revenue source for farmers, clean energy for surrounding<br />

communities and myriad benefits to crops, livestock and pollinators.<br />

Chef Mateo Mackbee uses solar-grown foods at his St. Joseph restaurant. Everything<br />

from salad greens grown under or around solar panels to the honey that sweetens his salad<br />

dressing, “Agrivoltaics is a big thing for me to see what can be grown, grazed or raised in<br />

and around solar arrays,” shares Mackbee. “AgriSolar is the future, for sure.”<br />

Mackbee sources solar-grown honey from Bare Honey, in Minneapolis, which<br />

partners with energy companies and solar developers to place his commercial beekeeping<br />

boxes on the same land as the solar panels and pollinator habitat. “Pollination is a huge part<br />

of what commercial beekeeping is,” states Bare Honey Founder Dustin Vanasse. “We have<br />

our co-located honeybees and those, combined with the native pollinators on these sites,<br />

will provide pollination to the farms that are around the site.”<br />

NCAT’s AgriSolar Clearinghouse is connecting businesses, land managers and researchers<br />

with trusted resources to support the growth of co-located solar and sustainable<br />

agriculture. “The partnerships blossoming in Minnesota show a real-world example of<br />

how it can work for several industries that share common goals,” explains NCAT Energy<br />

Director Stacie Peterson, Ph.D. “Land is finite, and AgriSolar partnerships mean we can<br />

maximize our resources for the benefit of communities, the environment and businesses.”<br />

To learn more, visit ncat.org.<br />

Are you ready for your<br />

Coaching for those ready for<br />

their next chapter of life:<br />

Follow your dreams<br />

Start a business<br />

Become the person you<br />

were destined to be<br />

Call (763) 270-8604 today<br />

I t ' s T i m e t o L i v e feeeeaaarrrlleeeesssslly<br />

6 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com<br />

Brrraaavveeee Endeeeeaaavvorrr?<br />

for a free Discovery Session<br />

Lime Relaunches<br />

E-Scooters in <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong><br />

Lime, the world’s largest shared electric<br />

vehicle company, has relaunched a fleet<br />

of 650 industry-leading Gen4 e-scooters in<br />

Minneapolis, with an additional 150 at the<br />

University of Minnesota, as well as a full fleet<br />

in St. Paul—one of the company’s longest<br />

running markets. To add something new<br />

this year, Lime has also launched a fleet of<br />

1,000 of its industry-leading Gen4 e-bikes<br />

for the first time in Minneapolis. Lime’s<br />

introduction of e-bikes ensures Minneapolis<br />

residents will have continued access to<br />

bikeshare service following the loss of Nice<br />

Ride. The Gen4 e-bike pairs perfectly with<br />

its e-scooter counterpart to provide different<br />

options for various types of trips.<br />

In its ongoing effort to prioritize safety<br />

and equity in the <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong>, Lime’s discounted<br />

rides program, Lime Access, offers<br />

significant discounts for riders receiving<br />

public assistance. Eligible riders can sign up<br />

for “Lime Access” on the website. To further<br />

bolster this program, Lime will offer automatic<br />

discounts in the city’s Equity Distribution<br />

Areas, regardless if users are signed up<br />

for Lime Access.<br />

“Lime takes pride in our continued<br />

partnership with Minneapolis, a city that<br />

is able to rely on us to provide sustainable<br />

transportation options that are safe, affordable<br />

and emissions-free. We know the<br />

keys to success in Minneapolis are safety<br />

and equity, which is why we’ll continue our<br />

proactive safety outreach and ensure shared<br />

vehicles are available to all riders, regardless<br />

of ZIP code or income,” shares LeAaron<br />

Foley, director of Government Relations<br />

at Lime. “We look forward to working to<br />

increase ridership among folks underserved<br />

by traditional transportation options while<br />

strengthening connections to Metro Transit<br />

buses and light rail,” further explains Foley.<br />

To learn more, visit Li.me.<br />

Courtesy of Lime

Men’s Wellness Series<br />

Join <strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong> and KnoWEwell for a life-changing series entitled The<br />

Healthy Man each Tuesday in June at 5 p.m. PDT/8 p.m. EDT.<br />

TOPICS<br />

n Lifestyle choices that add years to a man’s life and life to his years<br />

n Tips to maintain youthful energy, a desired weight and a healthy libido<br />

n Strategies for optimal eye health<br />

n Good posture techniques for peak human performance and pain-free aging<br />

n Habits that create resilient kids and a lasting legacy<br />


n Ben Greenfield, human performance consultant and author of 17 books<br />

including Boundless Parenting<br />

n Dr. Eric Plasker, chiropractor and author of The 100 Year Lifestyle<br />

n Dr. Tracy Gapin, board-certified urologist and author of Male 2.0 and<br />

Codes of Longevity<br />

n Dr. Krista Burns, chiropractor, founder of the American Posture Institute<br />

and author of The Posture Principles<br />

n Christopher Smith, co-founder of Family Brand and the Campfire Effect,<br />

creating leaders at home and in business<br />

n Dr. Bryce Appelbaum, board-certified optometrist and pioneer<br />

in neuro-optometry<br />

n Dr. Tarin Forbes, board-certified integrative doctor specializing in<br />

anti-aging and metabolic medicine<br />

n Dr. Alan Christianson, naturopathic endocrinologist specializing in<br />

thyroid disease and author of The Metabolism Reset Diet and The Thyroid Reset Diet<br />

Admission is $59, which includes all Tuesday evening sessions and a<br />

one-year membership to KnoWEwell. To learn more and register, visit<br />

Tinyurl.com/KWWmen or scan the QR Code.<br />

We have a secret in our culture,<br />

and it’s not that birth is painful.<br />

It’s that women are strong.<br />

~Laura Stavoe Harm<br />

Silver Fillings:<br />

Just ugly?<br />

Or harmful too?<br />

This is a picture<br />

of a “Silver”<br />

or “Amalgam”<br />

filling. It is 50 -<br />

52% MERCURY!<br />

If the mercury in<br />

this filling were spilled in a school,<br />

it would be evacuated....<br />

This is a picture<br />

of a “light cured”<br />

composite filling.<br />

They can last as<br />

long or longer<br />

than mercury<br />

fillings with no danger of releasing<br />

harmful heavy metals.<br />

As noted on Dr. Mercola,<br />

Dr. Oz, and 60 Minutes...<br />

Mercury fillings may have a<br />

significant negative impact on your<br />

overall health.<br />

Make <strong>2023</strong> 2017 YOUR year<br />

for healthy choices!<br />

Dr. Madelyn Pearson is the<br />

current president of the<br />

Holistic Dental Association and<br />

has advanced training in safe<br />

mercury removal.<br />

Call or visit our website for<br />

more info: (651) 483-9800<br />

www.<strong>Natural</strong>SmilesDental.com<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


news briefs<br />

Cowles Center Presents Full<br />

Season of Shows<br />

The Cowles Center for Dance<br />

& the Performing Arts, Minnesota’s<br />

hub for dance, presents<br />

a stellar 11-production season of<br />

shared performances, new work<br />

commissions, mainstage debuts,<br />

co-productions, world premieres<br />

and a returning holiday tradition.<br />

The full season of evening-length<br />

productions includes productions<br />

by Rhythm Street Movement,<br />

Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre, Crash Dance Productions, Arena<br />

Dances and more.<br />

“What’s so special about this season particularly is that it showcases<br />

the progression of those who engage with the Cowles Center,”<br />

remarks co-director Joseph Bingham. “We have a Generating Room<br />

artist making their Cowles debut, a 2021 MERGE artist now sharing<br />

the stage for the Fall Forward Festival, two artists from last year’s Fall<br />

Forward Festival presenting full-scaled productions, reimagined pieces<br />

featured at other venues and, of course, a returning holiday tradition.”<br />

The season begins October 21 with the second annual Fall Forward<br />

Festival, a three-week festival of shared evening performances<br />

that uplifts the incredibly robust dance community and connects a<br />

variety of artists with one another and new audiences. Then, back<br />

for the holiday season is Rhythm Street Movement’s Who Brought<br />

the Humbug? What has quickly become a holiday favorite, the fun,<br />

funky, hilarious show pairs live music with amazing tap dance for a<br />

unique mix of comedy, drama and mystery that’s sure to be a memorable<br />

evening for the whole family.<br />

“Presenting stellar dance productions is at the forefront of our<br />

work, but so is professional and artistic development, and this season<br />

perfectly represents that momentum-building,” adds co-director Jessi<br />

Fett. “We’re proud of the steppingstones we’ve built into our programming<br />

and will continue to be supportive players in accelerating<br />

the careers of artists throughout the state.”<br />

Cost: $30-$45. Sunday matinee is pay as you are. Location: 528<br />

Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis. To learn more, visit TheCowlesCenter.<br />

org/season.<br />

Myofascial Release Bodywork<br />

Barb Ryan, CMT<br />

612-922-2389<br />

“Years of pain now diminished...”<br />

~R.S.<br />

“The doctors didn’t help; this did.”<br />

~L.H.<br />

Bhakti Wellness Center in Edina<br />

barb@wisdomsisterstudio.com<br />

8 NA Edition/Location website address<br />

Photo by Bill Cameron<br />

Lauren Gaffney and Alina Hornfeldt<br />

Mastel’s Health Foods to Live<br />

on Through New Owners<br />

Mastel’s Health Foods, a local, independently owned health<br />

food store, is now owned by two of its current employees.<br />

After years of dedicated service to the store, General Manager<br />

Lauren Gaffney and Marketing Manager Alina Hornfeldt have<br />

purchased the store from Founder John Mastel. They are eager to<br />

continue providing the community with healthy, natural supplements<br />

and organic food options.<br />

“We are thrilled to take the helm of this beloved community<br />

institution and build upon its legacy,” states Gaffney. “Our goal is<br />

to continue offering the same commitment to quality and wellness<br />

while exploring new and innovative ways to serve our customers.”<br />

Founded 55 years ago, the store is renowned for its knowledgeable<br />

staff, dedicated to helping customers make informed decisions<br />

about their health and wellness.<br />

“We are passionate about the wellness industry and are dedicated<br />

to providing our customers with the highest quality products and<br />

services,” shares Hornfeldt. “We believe in the power of supplements<br />

to improve health and well-being and are committed to helping our<br />

community live their healthiest lives.”<br />

Under the new ownership, Mastel’s Health Foods will continue<br />

to offer the same high-quality products and exceptional customer<br />

service that customers have come to know and love. The store will<br />

also expand its offerings to include new products and services to<br />

meet the community’s changing needs.<br />

“We are excited for the future of Mastel’s and look forward to<br />

serving our community for many years to come,” Gaffney states. “We<br />

have been a part of this store for years, and we are passionate about<br />

its mission to help people lead healthier lives,” explains Hornfeldt.<br />

“We are grateful for the opportunity to carry on this important work<br />

and positively impact our community.”<br />

Mastel’s Health Foods is a locally owned health food store offering<br />

a wide selection of supplements, organic food and personal care<br />

products. The store is dedicated to helping customers make informed<br />

decisions about their health and wellness. The new owners are eager<br />

to continue serving the community and to provide a welcoming and<br />

educational environment for all customers.<br />

Location: 1526 St. Clair Ave., St. Paul. For more information, visit<br />

Mastels.com. See ad, page 25.<br />

Courtesy of Mastels

Courtesy of KookaburraMeets<br />

Friendship Building Events<br />

for Minnesota Women<br />

Erica Schulte-King, founder of Kookaburra Meets, announces<br />

the schedule of spring/early summer events coordinated specifically<br />

to encourage friendship among Minnesota women. At 10<br />

a.m., on <strong>May</strong> 7, interested parties can join for a leisurely 2.8-mile<br />

walk around Lake Harriet, in Minneapolis.<br />

“Everyone is welcome,” shares Schulte-King. “Even if you<br />

are not interested or able to make the walk, I encourage you to<br />

come. There will be others who will want to leisurely stroll closer<br />

to the bandshell or just sit and visit.”<br />

Wanting to provide access to as many women as possible,<br />

Schulte-King has scheduled a special evening event, from 6 to 9<br />

p.m., on <strong>May</strong> 18, at Camp Bar, in St. Paul. A hike at the Murphy-Hanrehan<br />

Park Reserve, at 9 a.m., on <strong>May</strong> 20, rounds out the<br />

<strong>May</strong> events.<br />

Kookaburra Meets began after an impulsive TikTok video in<br />

which Schulte-King shared how difficult it was to make friends in<br />

Minnesota. She heard from hundreds of women sharing their own<br />

struggles with making friends, so an idea was birthed to connect<br />

women seeking friendships. She boldly stated that she would be<br />

at Lake Harriet one Saturday morning in November and invited<br />

others to join her.<br />

Women from all over the country shared how they wished<br />

they could be there, confirming her belief that many felt disconnected<br />

and lonely. Not knowing if anyone would indeed show<br />

up, Schulte-King got to the bandstand early and held up a sign<br />

with the TikTok logo and her channel #eckadoo. She hoped that<br />

at least one or two people would show up and, instead, welcomed<br />

over 100 women at that first event. Following this success, Kookaburra<br />

Meets, a company dedicated to connecting women of all<br />

backgrounds, was born.<br />

Additional events this summer will include a Stillwater<br />

Riverboat Cruise in June and an evening event at the Northland<br />

Country Club in Duluth in July, with more events being planned<br />

for later in the year.<br />

Cost: Free-$54, depending on event. For more information, visit<br />

KookaburraMeets.com.<br />




Learn with expert herbalists<br />

Isla Burgess & Linda Conroy, MSS, MSLP<br />



LEARN MORE &<br />

SIgN UP TOdAy.<br />


JOIN<br />



A FREE<br />


Annette Rugolo,<br />

Soul Coach<br />

AnnetteRugolo.com<br />

612-394-3736<br />






GAIN JOY<br />




CALL OR TEXT: 763-222-8600<br />

7801 E BUSH LAKE RD, #240, BLOOMINGTON<br />


Are You Ready for<br />

Greater Success?<br />

Remove blocks preventing you<br />

from achieving greater success<br />

in any area of your life.<br />

Book Your Session Now!<br />

https://annetterugolo.com/activating-your-success-session/<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


health briefs<br />

Light Therapy for<br />

Autoimmune Symptoms<br />

Fatigue is often reported<br />

as the most disabling<br />

symptom for people with<br />

autoimmune disorders,<br />

significantly impairing their<br />

physical, mental and social<br />

quality of life. Autoimmune<br />

researchers in Denmark,<br />

Fran.Vila/ShutterStock.com<br />

noting previous studies<br />

wherein bright light therapy<br />

significantly reduced<br />

fatigue related to traumatic brain injury and cancer, devised<br />

a study involving multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. The study<br />

was conducted as a randomized, sham-controlled trial of<br />

26 people with MS that reported a Fatigue Severity Scale<br />

(FSS) score greater than 36. Participants received either<br />

bright light therapy or a dim red light sham intervention for<br />

30 minutes each morning for two weeks. The bright light<br />

therapy decreased FSS scores over the course of the study.<br />

However, this benefit occurred in the sham control group as<br />

well, highlighting the need for more research on the effects<br />

of light therapy on fatigue.<br />

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes<br />

With Diet<br />

A Type 2 diabetes (T2D) diagnosis is often regarded as a<br />

lifelong sentence and typically treated as such, requiring<br />

an increasing number of drugs. However, sustained remission<br />

of T2D is now well established.<br />

In a recent primary care-based cohort study published<br />

in BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health, advice on a<br />

lower-carbohydrate diet and weight loss protocols was<br />

offered routinely to 9,800 patients with T2D between<br />

2013 and 2021. Overall, remission was achieved in 51<br />

percent of the patients that adopted a low-carb lifestyle,<br />

with individuals diagnosed with T2D within the previous<br />

year more likely to achieve remission (77 percent) than<br />

those that had been diagnosed for longer (20 percent<br />

for patients with a T2D duration greater than 15 years).<br />

Additionally, about 97 percent of the patients experienced<br />

improvements in blood glycemic control. Average<br />

low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and systolic blood<br />

pressure decreased, and there were also significant<br />

financial savings on drugs.<br />

A low-carb diet may give hope to those with T2D as a<br />

practical, manageable way to achieve remission, as well<br />

as substantial health and financial benefits. Even for those<br />

with poorly controlled T2D that may not achieve remission,<br />

improvements in diabetic control may be within reach.<br />

Grow Your Business with Our<br />

Team of Virtual Assistants<br />

Let us help you with:<br />

Administrative tasks<br />

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WordPress, Squarespace, Woo Commerce<br />

and more!<br />

PartneringUpVA.com<br />

10 NA Edition/Location website address

Benefits of Water Immersion<br />

During Birth<br />

Water immersion during labor is an increasingly popular<br />

birthing option for healthy women that experience a<br />

straightforward pregnancy, labor spontaneously at full<br />

term and plan to give birth in a midwifery-led care setting.<br />

The process involves immersion in a birth pool to achieve<br />

relaxation and pain relief during the first and possibly part<br />

of the second stage of labor. The mother exits the pool<br />

for the actual birth, allowing the infant to emerge outside<br />

of the water. This method is different from a water birth,<br />

during which the woman remains in the pool as the infant<br />

emerges into the water and is then brought to the surface<br />

to initiate breathing.<br />

In a new systematic review and meta-analysis published<br />

in BMJ Open, researchers compared the interventions<br />

and outcomes of water immersion, water birth and<br />

no-water-immersion births. After reviewing 36 studies<br />

encompassing the experiences of about 150,000 women,<br />

researchers found that water immersion significantly<br />

reduced the use of epidurals, injected opioids, episiotomy,<br />

maternal pain and postpartum hemorrhage. There was<br />

also an increase in maternal satisfaction and improved<br />

odds of an intact perineum with water immersion. Water<br />

births were associated with increased odds of the tearing<br />

of the umbilical cord from the placenta, making delivery of<br />

the placenta difficult, although the absolute risk remained<br />

low (4.3 versus 1.3 per 1,000). There were no differences<br />

in any other identified neonatal outcomes.<br />

Ground Picture/ShutterStock.com<br />

Seniors Avoid the Hospital<br />

With Nature<br />

New research has found<br />

that exposure to natural<br />

environments may reduce<br />

the risk of hospitalization<br />

for older adults with Alzheimer’s<br />

disease, related<br />

dementias and Parkinson’s<br />

disease. The cohort study<br />

included approximately 62<br />

million Medicare beneficiaries<br />

aged 65 years or older<br />

Ruslan Huzau/ShutterStock.com<br />

that lived in the contiguous<br />

United States from 2000 to<br />

2016. Researchers looked at ZIP-Code-level greenness,<br />

percentages of park cover and blue space (water) cover,<br />

as well as hospitalizations. They found that exposure to<br />

greenness, park cover and blue space cover reduced hospitalizations<br />

for patients with Parkinson’s. Greenness—but<br />

not park or blue space cover—was associated with a lower<br />

risk of hospitalization due to Alzheimer’s disease and<br />

related dementias.<br />

Ashwagandha <strong>May</strong> Improve<br />

Women’s Sexual Experience<br />

Poor sexual function<br />

affects about 40 percent<br />

of women and may worsen<br />

their quality of life. Ashwagandha<br />

(Withania somnifera)<br />

is a known adaptogenic<br />

herb that has been<br />

reported to improve sexual<br />

satisfaction, sleep and<br />

quality of life in women.<br />

Researchers in Mumbai set<br />

Indian Food Images/ShutterStock.com<br />

out to evaluate the efficacy<br />

and safety of standardized<br />

ashwagandha root extract in improving sexual function in<br />

healthy females.<br />

A randomized, placebo-controlled study of 80 women<br />

between the ages of 18 and 50 with hypoactive sexual desire<br />

disorder and no other hormonal imbalances were given<br />

either 300 milligrams of ashwagandha root extract<br />

twice daily or a placebo for eight weeks. Sexual function,<br />

quality of life and safety were assessed. In comparison to<br />

the control group, the ashwagandha participants experienced<br />

statistically significant improvements in sexual<br />

desire, arousal and satisfaction; improved lubrication and<br />

orgasm; and less pain.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


global briefs<br />

Scientists Invent Battery Made of Paper<br />

Scientists have developed a<br />

water-activated, disposable,<br />

paper battery, according to a<br />

proof-of-concept study published<br />

in Scientific Reports.<br />

The developers believe<br />

that their invention could<br />

be used to power a variety<br />

of low-power, single-use<br />

electronics, such as smart<br />

packaging, environmental<br />

sensors and medical diagnostic<br />

devices, thereby reducing<br />

their environmental impact.<br />

The single-cell battery consists<br />

of one square centimeter of paper treated with salts. One side is printed with ink containing graphite flakes, which<br />

serves as the positive terminal, and the other side is printed with ink containing zinc powder to create the negative terminal.<br />

Another layer of ink containing graphite flakes and carbon black is applied over that, linking the battery’s positive<br />

and negative ends to two wires secured by wax.<br />

When a few drops of water are added to the paper, the salts dissolve, releasing charged ions that spread across the<br />

paper to activate the battery. In tests, researchers were able to reach a stable 1.2 volts. (The voltage of a standard AA<br />

alkaline battery is 1.5 volts.) The battery’s performance decreased significantly after an hour when the paper dried. However,<br />

after two more drops of water were added, the battery maintained 0.5 volts for an additional hour.<br />

Exploring the ‘Doomsday Glacier’<br />

Roughly equivalent to the<br />

size of Florida, the Thwaites<br />

Glacier is one of the<br />

most rapidly melting ice<br />

formations in Antarctica,<br />

having retreated more<br />

than eight miles since the<br />

1990s. Scientists refer to it<br />

as the “doomsday glacier”<br />

due to concerns about<br />

its collapse, which could<br />

raise global sea levels by<br />

more than a meter, causing<br />

devastation along coastal<br />

cities and communities.<br />

According to two papers<br />

published in the journal<br />

Nature, researchers are learning more about the driving forces behind the glacier’s rapid retreat, thanks in part to a robot<br />

deployed through a 600-meter-deep borehole in the glacier. Although melting has increased beneath the ice shelf, the<br />

current melt rate is slower than many computer models had estimated. A layer of fresh water between the bottom of the<br />

ice shelf and the ocean below slows the rate of melting along flat parts of the shelf.<br />

Scientists discovered that the melting had produced a stepped topography across the bottom of the ice shelf,<br />

resembling a staircase, as well as cracks in the ice where rapid melting was taking place. “Our results are a surprise,<br />

but the glacier is still in trouble,” says Dr. Peter Davis, oceanographer at the British Antarctic Survey and lead author<br />

of one of the papers.<br />

12 NA Edition/Location website address<br />

photo courtesy of newatlas<br />

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Sulfur Shortage Predicted<br />

According to a study in The Geographical Journal led by<br />

University College London, a shift away from fossil fuels<br />

and an increase in agricultural demand will cause the demand<br />

for sulfuric acid to increase considerably from 246<br />

to 400 million metric tons by 2040. The result is an annual<br />

supply shortfall of between 100 and 320 million metric<br />

tons, or between 40 and 130 percent of the current supply.<br />

Sulfur is a byproduct of processing crude oil and natural<br />

gas. As the world decarbonizes in response to climate<br />

change, there will be a diminished supply of both fossil<br />

fuels and sulfur. Sulfuric acid is required for the manufacture<br />

of phosphorus fertilizers used in global food production<br />

and for the extraction of rare metals from ores crucial<br />

to the transition to a green economy, such as cobalt and<br />

nickel used in batteries.<br />

Unless action is taken to reduce the need for this chemical,<br />

the study authors warn, environmentally damaging<br />

mining will be required to fill the shortfall.<br />

erome LABOUYRIEShutterStock.com<br />

Fir Trees Die in<br />

Record Numbers<br />

According to unpublished<br />

research by the U.S. Forest<br />

Service reported by Columbia<br />

Insight, fir trees in<br />

Oregon and Washington<br />

died in record-breaking<br />

numbers in 2022. Labeled<br />

“Firmageddon” by<br />

researchers, the event involved<br />

more than 1.23 million<br />

acres across the two<br />

states, with Oregon being<br />

hardest hit. In some areas,<br />

an estimated 50 percent or<br />

more of fir trees died.<br />

Surveys of more than 69<br />

million forest acres (over<br />

100,000 square miles) in<br />

Tomasz Klejdysz/ShutterStock.com<br />

Oregon, Washington, and<br />

small sections of California<br />

and Idaho were conducted using a combination of fixedwing<br />

aircraft, helicopters, drones and satellite imagery.<br />

Although fir die-offs have been recorded as far back<br />

as 1952, when surveys began, Firmageddon dwarfs all<br />

previous accounts. The causes are believed to be drought<br />

compounded by insects and fungal diseases working together<br />

to weaken and kill trees. Extreme heat, including a<br />

record-breaking heat dome, is also being investigated as<br />

a possible factor. The dead fir trees pose a major fire risk,<br />

especially during the next two years while the trees hold<br />

onto their dried-out needles.<br />

Using Algae for Industrial<br />

Carbon Capture, Food, Fuel and Plastic<br />

In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, Honda is experimenting<br />

with the Chlamydomonas reinhardtii class of algae<br />

they have nicknamed “Dreamo”, which can eat twice its<br />

weight in carbon dioxide in three to five days, depending<br />

on the time of year. Developers are growing Dreamo on the<br />

roof of a car factory in Tochigi, Japan, where it can absorb<br />

CO 2<br />

emissions from manufacturing. It has been genetically<br />

modified to grow hardier and five times faster than<br />

ordinary microalgae, allowing the growth solution to last<br />

lazaalaexa/ShutterStock.com<br />

months instead of weeks.<br />

The development team is also exploring additional uses<br />

for Dreamo. After serving its pollution-fighting role, the algae can be harvested, dried and turned into food, fuel or plastic.<br />

Depending upon the amount of nitrogen applied to the algae, its cellular composition can be modified to be either<br />

predominantly carbohydrate- or protein-based. When the algae is mostly protein, an enzyme can be added to easily<br />

extract the starch to be used as food or as a raw material in animal food, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals. When the algae<br />

is mostly carbohydrate, it can be extracted as glucose and ethanol to be converted into plastic resin or jet fuel.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


Courtesy of Hope Academy<br />

business spotlight<br />

Hope Academy: Fostering<br />

Emotional and Spiritual Health<br />

Through Community<br />

Seeking a healthy lifestyle means far more than eating the right<br />

foods and exercising; it calls for pursuing wellness in all areas of<br />

life: mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Many women, particularly<br />

mothers, face countless demands on their time as they struggle to<br />

juggle jobs, childcare, school, family relationships, sports, lessons,<br />

family dynamics and more. We have come to understand, as a society,<br />

we are uniquely built for community—to find support, share<br />

our resources and know we are not alone.<br />

Yet, in a digital world, the opportunities to connect in real life can<br />

be difficult to find. Where neighborhoods, community centers and<br />

churches were once the hub for connection, more and more people are<br />

isolating and engaging through digital means. The results are feelings<br />

of isolation and loneliness, mounting stress and feeling overwhelmed.<br />

What a Community Can Offer<br />

No one can do it all. That is why churches, schools and community<br />

centers offer support groups, resources and the opportunity<br />

to connect with others in a similar life stage and experience. Hope<br />

Academy, a local Minneapolis K-12 school, actively seeks to not only<br />

offer a quality Christian education to its students, but to also support<br />

parents and families emotionally and spiritually.<br />

“Hope Academy has been my rock. They show me that they’re<br />

not just a school, they’re like a family; there’s a light at the end of the<br />

tunnel and you’re not alone,” one parent shares. “The teachers<br />

have let me know that they are always there whenever I need<br />

help with homework or just with my own life. I was introduced<br />

to Emerge Mothers Academy, a partner organization<br />

to Hope Academy. They are onsite to meet with families<br />

to provide social support. Emerge has helped me with job<br />

resources, resume writing, clothes and food. They also help<br />

me with the financial literacy part of after you get the job and<br />

getting out of debt.”<br />

Spiritual and Financial Support<br />

Our wellness goes beyond just our health and immediate<br />

needs. We also need a sense of purpose and the ability to<br />

pursue our dreams. “Hope Academy has supported me as a single<br />

mother,” shares a Minneapolis parent. “I knew that if I needed<br />

anything, I could call out on them, and they would help me. The<br />

financial support that Hope has offered me has been very helpful<br />

and very affordable and came into my life at a time that I really<br />

needed it. To know that Hope Academy is right here centered in<br />

the middle of Minneapolis—to help us pull out from all the sadness<br />

and tragedies that are going on here—it’s nice to know that Hope<br />

Academy is right here.”<br />

Finding Hope<br />

To embody wellness, women need to seek a community where they<br />

can be known and supported and where people listen; where they<br />

can prioritize self-care and soul-care, and build trustworthy relationships—most<br />

importantly, where they can experience unconditional<br />

love. Hope Academy is a resource for local families, providing a<br />

God-centered, remarkable education for students and an admissions<br />

team focused on supporting women and families. Learn how<br />

this community can help one make connections, receive solutions<br />

to common barriers and provide an education affordable for all by<br />

visiting their campus for a tour. Use this opportunity to experience<br />

how together, with community support, there is Hope.<br />

Location: 2300 Chicago Ave. S., Minneapolis. For more information<br />

and to set up a tour, contact the Admissions Team at 612-489-5154<br />

or visit HopeSchool.org/tour. Applications for the <strong>2023</strong>-2024 school<br />

year can be completed at HopeSchool.org/apply. See ad, page 3.<br />

14 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com

eco tip<br />

Earth-Friendly<br />

Delights for Mom<br />

by Marlaina Donato<br />

This year, consider putting an ecological spin on Mother’s<br />

Day by showering her with gifts that honor Mother Earth.<br />

Here are some sustainable gifting ideas.<br />

Flower Power<br />

Lavish her with an eco-friendly bouquet. Conventional<br />

blooms that are flown in from South America can be<br />

riddled with fungicides, carcinogen-laden floral foams,<br />

sheens and other hazardous chemicals, not to mention the<br />

huge carbon footprint required to bring them here. Locally<br />

grown, organic flowers at farmers markets, sustainable<br />

florists and small-business greenhouses are produced<br />

with fewer or no chemicals, support pollinators and require<br />

no jet fuel to get to mom’s doorstep.<br />

Choice Chocolates<br />

Satisfy mama’s sweet tooth with organic, fair-trade<br />

chocolate that helps cocoa farmers earn a living wage and<br />

does not promote deforestation. Opting to buy ethical<br />

chocolate prevents child and slave labor and provides<br />

women equal pay as well as opportunities to own a business.<br />

Look for certified, fair-trade labels as well as non-<br />

GMO and organic certifications.<br />

Bling Blessings<br />

Adorn her with ethically sourced and sustainable jewelry<br />

created from recycled precious metals, Fairmined<br />

Ecological gold and conflict-free gemstones. Beautiful, one-of-a-kind creations can be found at local artisan fairs or<br />

online from eco-conscious jewelers. Look for sellers with sustainable jewelry certifications and those that use recycled,<br />

upcycled or reclaimed materials.<br />

Climate Café<br />

Fill her cup with bird-friendly, shade-grown, fair-trade coffees and teas that offer a healthier caffeine fix while protecting<br />

bird populations and canopy cover. Choosing products labeled Rainforest Alliance Certified or Bird Friendly helps to<br />

ensure the habitat for 40 species of migratory songbirds that winter in plantations.<br />

Local Luxuries<br />

Natalia/AdobeStock.com<br />

There are so many ways to support the local economy while treating mom to an unforgettable experience that makes her<br />

feel extra-special. Give her a gift certificate for a massage, aromatherapy session or makeover at an organic salon. Treat<br />

her to a fabulous dinner at a vegan restaurant. Subscribe her to receive a monthly produce box from a community-supported<br />

agriculture outlet. Pack a healthy picnic and spend the afternoon together at the park. Create a gift basket of<br />

goods made by local artisans, including beeswax candles, pottery or body treats like handmade soaps and lotions.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


Prostock-studioAdobeStock.com<br />



by Linda Sechrist<br />

16 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com

Medicine is changing as a new class of doctors endeavors<br />

to treat the whole person rather than the symptoms<br />

of disease, helping their patients achieve optimal<br />

health with lifestyle changes, medicine, herbs, supplements and<br />

modalities tailored to the individual. No longer reaching for a prescription<br />

pad as often, these functional and integrative physicians<br />

are spending an average of 45 minutes per office visit. Using their<br />

sleuthing skills and innovative skillsets, they ask probing questions<br />

about a patient’s current lifestyle and history, pinpoint the<br />

root cause of a problem and craft customized solutions.<br />

To help someone manage stress, a functional or integrative<br />

doctor may suggest a daily dose of herbal tea, nightly entries in a<br />

gratitude journal, a visualization practice, brisk walks, gardening,<br />

art therapy, mindful meditation, a nutrient-rich diet that reduces<br />

food allergies, yoga poses and regular sessions of qigong or tai chi.<br />

Armed with an extensive list of better-for-you choices than addictive,<br />

prescription sleeping pills or tranquilizers, individuals are<br />

empowered to improve their health and eliminate stress. Studies<br />

suggest that 75 to 90 percent of illnesses are stress related. Getting<br />

to the root cause before it escalates into cardiovascular disease, depression<br />

or diabetes is what curious and compassionate doctors do.<br />

“Because sleep is a great resolution to almost anything, it’s one<br />

of the first things I consider,” says Carrie Jones, a functional and<br />

naturopathic doctor in Portland, Oregon. “Stress can be physiological,<br />

caused by parasites, viruses, bacteria and toxins, as well as<br />

blood sugar imbalances. Not getting enough sleep, or poor sleep,<br />

is stressful to the body, which is on alert all the time.”<br />

According to Jones, finding ways to coax the body into feeling<br />

safe can help people relieve stress and get a good night’s sleep.<br />

“People rarely realize that basic things such as joy, play, laughter<br />

and a community of supportive people have anything to do with<br />

feeling safe enough to sleep deeply. It’s why I inquire about those<br />

things,” she explains.<br />

Tips for Sounder Slumber<br />

n Turn the thermostat down in the bedroom. A cool temperature<br />

combats insomnia.<br />

n Snuggle under a weighted blanket. The gentle pressure signals<br />

the autonomic nervous system to go into rest mode.<br />

n Install blackout shades. Light decreases melatonin, the<br />

sleep hormone.<br />

n Avoid alcohol before bed, as it can disrupt the sleep cycle.<br />

n Stop using electronics, including social media, television and<br />

phones, two hours before getting under the covers. The blue<br />

light emitted by screens restrains the production of melatonin.<br />

Connecting and spending quality social time with friends helps to<br />

alleviate stress. Anna Cabeca, a triple board-certified obstetrician<br />

and gynecologist, advises, “Every day, stress causes the stress hormone<br />

cortisol to go up and oxytocin, the connecting hormone, to go down,<br />

lessening the desire to connect. It’s a double whammy for women in<br />

perimenopause and menopause, because hormones are declining, and<br />

stress overloads the already overtaxed endocrine system.”<br />

Rebecca Hunton, personalized medicine doctor and founder<br />

of Radiantly Healthy MD, in Melbourne, Florida, coaches her<br />

patients to modify unhelpful habits. “I’m always looking for that<br />

one thing that patients can easily change. Sometimes it’s teaching<br />

them the difference between stress resilience and stress avoidance.<br />

A stress avoidance activity is spending two hours playing a game on<br />

your phone that leaves you beating yourself up and feeling like, ‘Why<br />

did I waste all that time?’ If, on the other hand, an activity leaves<br />

you feeling energized and wanting to tackle the other things on<br />

your to-do list, you just did a stress resilience activity,” says Hunton.<br />

Stress Resilience Activities<br />

n Meditation<br />

n Prayer<br />

n Chanting a mantra<br />

n Expressing creativity, such as cooking or painting<br />

Carol Penn is a dual board-certified physician and movement<br />

coach in New Jersey. While observing her 87-year-old father<br />

practicing qigong, a form of meditation in motion, she had an<br />

epiphany and saw a powerful life lesson occurring before her<br />

eyes. “Moving with strength and grace through his practice<br />

so close to the end of his life, it occurred to me that he was<br />

role-modeling what it would be like for me to be kind to my<br />

future self. I teach my patients from this perspective, visualizing<br />

their future selves full of health, vitality, wonder and awe,” says<br />

the author of Meditation in a Time of Madness.<br />

Qigong has psychological and physical components, regulating<br />

the mind, body movement, breath and posture. “It balances and<br />

calms the autonomic, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous<br />

systems so that you feel less stress upon completion of the<br />

practice. Movements are designed to build longevity on a cellular<br />

level,” Penn explains.<br />

According to Lorraine Maita, a board-certified functional and<br />

integrative doctor in New Jersey, “The body sends out hormonal<br />

fight-or-flight signals when it’s distressed. In the initial stages,<br />

there’s a release of adrenaline, followed by cortisol, keeping your<br />

body on high alert. To most people, stress is just worry, and<br />

they’re thinking they’re handling it, but stress can be like a viral<br />

program running in the background all the time. It’s still there<br />

whether you’re reacting to it or not, whether you’re stuffing it<br />

under the surface or not. It’s why you go to therapy with mental<br />

stress, or why you need someone to talk to for processing it.”<br />

Maita is a proponent of alternative modalities that help people<br />

modulate the stress response. “I recommend HeartMath to my<br />

patients, which is self-regulation technology based on more than<br />

32 years of scientific research on the psychophysiology of stress,<br />

resilience and the interactions between the heart and brain,”<br />

says the author of Vibrance for Life: How to Live Younger<br />

and Healthier.<br />

Jaquel Patterson, a naturopathic physician and medical director<br />

of Fairfield Family Health, in Connecticut, might determine if her<br />

patient is suffering from chronic stress by testing their saliva for<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


cortisol levels in the morning and evening.<br />

Noting that her favorite teas for sleep and<br />

relaxation are chamomile and passionflower,<br />

she explains that passionflower is for someone<br />

that can’t fall asleep because there’s a<br />

radio playing in their head. “For dealing with<br />

stress, I like adaptogens, such as Siberian<br />

ginseng, rhodiola rosea, ashwagandha, holy<br />

basil and L-theanine. The stress response<br />

requires a lot of B vitamins, along with magnesium<br />

and vitamin C,” she says.<br />

Citing Hal Elrod’s book The Miracle<br />

Morning, Patterson recommends starting<br />

every day with a set of stress-relieving<br />

rituals Elrod calls “Life S.A.V.E.R.S.” She<br />

explains, “S is for silence, like meditation. A<br />

is for affirmations. V is for visualization, so<br />

you can visualize how your day is going to<br />

be. E is for exercise. R is for reading, and S<br />

is for scribing, writing things in a journal.”<br />

Pointing out the differences between<br />

stress and anxiety, Patterson notes that<br />

anxiety is a continual rumination of<br />

thoughts, second-guessing and overthinking.<br />

Anxiety can cause stress, but<br />

stress can occur without anxiety. People<br />

with high anxiety sometimes have heart<br />

palpitations. Some stress is good for us.<br />

Without any stressors, Patterson cautions,<br />

we are unmotivated, lethargic and lacking<br />

in enthusiasm.<br />

Technological Solutions to<br />

Quiet the Anxious Mind<br />

n Reflect Orb: This handheld biofeedback<br />

device can help an individual<br />

self-monitor their body’s physiology<br />

and learn to control the involuntary<br />

body-mind connection.<br />

n Meditation apps: Insight Timer, Calm<br />

and similar apps offer guided meditations,<br />

relaxing music videos and<br />

meditation instruction for newbies and<br />

experienced practitioners.<br />

n YouTube videos: Look for musical<br />

compositions with energy frequencies<br />

and binaural beats that encourage<br />

relaxation, promote positivity and<br />

decrease anxiety.<br />

Linda Sechrist has been a contributing writer<br />

to <strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong> publications for<br />

almost 20 years.<br />

Taking Charge of Health<br />

Through Biological Dentistry<br />

by Holly Thompson<br />

Americans are clearly getting sicker in epic proportions. Let us begin with a few<br />

startling statistical facts. Since 1990, chronic fatigue syndrome has gone up<br />

11,027 percent, bipolar disease in youth 10,833 percent, fibromyalgia 7,272<br />

percent, autism 2,094 percent, celiac disease 1,111 percent, attention deficit hyperactivity<br />

disorder 819 percent, hypothyroidism 702 percent, osteoarthritis 449 percent and sleep<br />

apnea 430 percent. The list goes on. Various changes have occurred over the past 30 years<br />

that resulted in these alarming trends.<br />

For instance, common sense is not so common anymore. Today, healthcare providers<br />

seem to forget that everything is connected. They understand that humans begin life<br />

as a single cell, and that after many cell divisions that first cell has been turned into the<br />

trillion cells that make up the body.<br />

The childhood song that proclaimed “ … the foot bone is connected to the ankle<br />

bone, the ankle bone is connected to the leg bone,” somehow got lost in medical and<br />

dental training. Let’s shed light on the facts we can no longer ignore.<br />

Dentists see things far sooner in the mouth than a medical doctor. Just looking at<br />

the tongue, a well-trained holistic biological dentist can see it as a condensed map of the<br />

entire body for diagnostic purposes. This has been proven for centuries by Chinese medicine<br />

to be accurate and effective. Unlike modern Western medicine, Chinese medicine<br />

can attest to centuries of effectiveness.<br />

Dentists also know common medications like proton pump inhibitors such as<br />

Prevacid and Prilosec, used for treating acid reflux, address the symptoms in the opposite<br />

way of what is needed to cure or treat. People with acid reflux need more acid—not<br />

less, yet it is treated by decreasing acid. This causes the entire systemic pH to drop to an<br />

acidic level. The drop in body pH has devastating consequences that easily show up in<br />

the mouth and can be detected sooner by dentists when they see things like unexplained<br />

bone loss around teeth and impaired bone healing. The reason for this is calcium and<br />

phosphorus get pulled from the bones and teeth to try to reduce the acidic pH levels.<br />

This further leads to a domino effect of other health issues like kidney disease, infections,<br />

mineral deficiency, dementia, pneumonia, liver disease, CVD, RA, adverse pregnancy<br />

outcomes, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and cancer.<br />

©BalanceFormCreative<br />

18 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com

There are far more effective ways to<br />

correctly treat acid reflux that will not<br />

have detrimental long-term health effects.<br />

Again, if one system is treated by a drug<br />

in which that drug did not consider the<br />

connections to all the other systems of the<br />

body, then the patient will get sicker and<br />

sicker without knowing why.<br />

When a dentist recommends a night<br />

guard to prevent the wear caused by<br />

grinding of teeth, it’s important to understand<br />

the underlying cause. Although<br />

stress is commonly blamed, clenching<br />

and grinding may be a sign of an airway<br />

deficiency. This can be caused by factors<br />

such as a tongue tie or oversized tonsils<br />

or inflamed tonsils and can lead to the<br />

narrowing of the airway. Tooth grinding<br />

has also been associated with elevated<br />

cortisol levels. Interestingly, heavy meals<br />

at dinner and evening indoor activities<br />

like watching TV and using phones or<br />

computers can drastically increase cortisol<br />

levels.<br />

In addition, dentists have been putting<br />

toxic materials into patients’ mouths<br />

which ultimately affect all the human body<br />

systems. For instance, mustard gas, used in<br />

past warfare, is the same substance that is<br />

released in our bodies if we have “mummified<br />

teeth” resulting from root canal<br />

treatment. A root canal tooth is a dead<br />

organ that has been shown to release this<br />

toxin gas into our bodily systems because<br />

it becomes more gangrenous and toxic the<br />

longer it is in the body. Imagine, the only<br />

place in our body where we leave a dead<br />

organ is in our mouth.<br />

Dentists have also been removing<br />

teeth without properly cleaning the socket<br />

and replacing it with healing/growth factors<br />

to allow the bone to fill in. This leads<br />

to dead, infected bone that is as dangerous<br />

and unhealthy as leaving a dead, infected<br />

bone in the body. These areas of poor<br />

bone healing are called ‘cavitations’ which<br />

release toxins into the body over time.<br />

Cavitations and tooth infections have been<br />

linked to insomnia, poor digestion, suicidal<br />

tendencies, trigeminal neuralgia, cancer,<br />

chronic sinusitis—the list goes on.<br />

Dentists have been putting mercury<br />

fillings into the mouth that they cannot<br />

even flush down the drain or throw away<br />

because they require special hazardous<br />

waste removal. Yet they somehow think<br />

putting it into a patient’s tooth with which<br />

they chew every day, releasing mercury into<br />

their body with each bite, is acceptable.<br />

Titanium implants are commonly placed into jaws even though they are not 100<br />

percent titanium. These implants have a percentage of mixed metals, including aluminum<br />

and nickel, to which many people are highly sensitive—so much so that they are<br />

unable to wear earrings made of these metals without getting a rash. Imagine what it is<br />

doing to the body when placed into bone.<br />

Titanium has been the solution to replacing missing teeth for years. It was<br />

effective for some, but we must remember it is a metal in a wet environment in the<br />

mouth. This moisture leads to corrosion, which attracts bacteria on the titanium<br />

implant, and acts as a battery in the head. In a world of electromagnetic fields where<br />

5G wi-fi is growing, this will have significant effects and cause unexplained ailments<br />

like tinnitus, headaches, and general sensitivity to the environment that patients battle<br />

every day. Thankfully, today’s patients have access to zirconia implants, a much<br />

better non-metal solution.<br />

In today’s toxic world, we must be our own advocates for our health. While modern<br />

medicine is effective for emergency acute care, it is not suitable for treating chronic<br />

diseases. Relying on quick fixes may ultimately worsen one’s condition.<br />

There is hope. Biological dentistry and functional medicine are growing every<br />

year. There are practitioners in the <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> who understand that everything truly is<br />

connected. They realize that when treating chronic disease, that “common sense” fact is<br />

crucial to understand. It takes courage to step out of what has become the “normal but<br />

not-so-common sense” way of doing and thinking in American health care. Take a few<br />

steps out of the mainstream to start drastically reversing the disease statistics that have<br />

occurred in the past 30 years.<br />

Holly Thompson, DDS, NMD, HHP, is a biological dentist who specializes<br />

in zirconia dental implant placement at <strong>Natural</strong> Smiles Dental Care, in<br />

Shoreview. She has fellowships with The International Dental Implant<br />

Association and The Zirconia Implant Society, and is currently in the<br />

Naturopathic Physician training program though the American College of<br />

Integrative Medicine & Dentistry.<br />

At <strong>Natural</strong> Smiles Dental Care, the team includes patients, dentists and healthcare<br />

practitioners collectively paving the way for a healthier tomorrow. Thompson is optimistic<br />

that dentistry and medicine can finally truly unite and work together to understand<br />

how the teeth and jaw are tied to overall health. Location: 3434 Lexington Ave.<br />

N., Ste. 700, Shoreview. For more information or to make an appointment, call 651-<br />

483-9800 or visit <strong>Natural</strong>SmilesDental.com. See ad, page 7.<br />

Kari Seaverson DDS<br />

John Seaverson DDS<br />

Tooth by the Lake<br />


Experience healthier dentistry<br />

1401 Mainstreet<br />

Hopkins, MN 55343<br />

952-475-1101<br />

ToothByTheLake.net<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


conscious eating<br />

Taking Control of Our Hormones<br />


by Sheila Julson<br />

Artem Varnitsin/AdobeStock.com<br />

Think of hormones as the body’s messengers, sending<br />

signals that affect a host of functions. Produced by<br />

the pancreas, thyroid and other endocrine glands and<br />

organs, hormones drive our metabolism, impact mood,<br />

regulate blood pressure, manage our sleep cycles,<br />

influence sexual function and more. Key players<br />

are insulin, cortisol, thyroid and growth hormones,<br />

adrenaline, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.<br />

20 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com

cabe/Courtesy of Random House<br />

Igisheva Maria/ShutterStock.com<br />

Keeping these hormones in proper balance<br />

is critical for health, and imbalances can<br />

lead to a wide range of effects, including<br />

diabetes, thyroid disease, unintended<br />

weight fluctuations, skin problems, fatigue,<br />

mood swings and infertility. While inactivity,<br />

stress, age and genetics impact hormone<br />

production, our food choices can significantly<br />

tip the scales.<br />

Dr. Ann Lee is a naturopathic doctor<br />

and licensed acupuncturist based in Lancaster,<br />

Pennsylvania. When treating hormonal,<br />

thyroid and adrenal imbalances,<br />

she says it is important to focus on foods<br />

that provide the minerals and vitamins<br />

that support those systems. For women of<br />

all ages, she recommends blueberries, asparagus,<br />

lettuce, celery and papaya. Teens<br />

and women in their 20s can also benefit<br />

from apples, bananas, mangoes, avocados,<br />

cauliflower, broccoli, cucumbers, sweet<br />

potatoes and most lettuce varieties. The<br />

nutrients in these vegetables and fruits<br />

become even more important as women<br />

reach 30 and for those dealing with menopause,<br />

so Lee recommends more frequent<br />

consumption of these fresh, whole foods<br />

to support the adrenal and thyroid glands.<br />

According to Lee, it is equally important<br />

to avoid foods that interfere with hormonal<br />

nutrition. She advises women over 50 to<br />

lower their caffeine intake. Dairy products<br />

contain naturally occurring hormones<br />

that can impede human hormone balance<br />

and should be eaten in moderation. “The<br />

less external hormonal exposure you have,<br />

the easier it is for your own hormones to<br />

balance,” Lee explains.<br />

Despite the popularity of intermittent<br />

fasting, Lee believes that the trendy eating<br />

pattern can deny the body the vitamins<br />

and minerals it needs, causing it to produce<br />

more adrenalin and cortisol to make<br />

up for the loss. “People do intermittent<br />

fasting because it might feel good to have<br />

more adrenalin, and thus more energy, but<br />

it does come at a price—your hormones,”<br />

she says.<br />

Most of the foods Lee recommends are<br />

low in calories. “In order to curb hunger,<br />

you have to eat them regularly, and that<br />

goes against intermittent fasting. People<br />

that do intermittent fasting often focus on<br />


In this yummy, low-carb taco recipe,<br />

cabbage leaves substitute for the tortillas<br />

and are filled with a mixture of protein-packed<br />

tempeh, veggies and lots of<br />

great spices. Compounds in tempeh called<br />

isoflavones serve as a natural remedy for<br />

menopausal relief.<br />


1 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil<br />

1 small onion, chopped<br />

2 garlic cloves, chopped<br />

4 oz tempeh, cubed<br />

½ tsp sea salt or more, to taste<br />

½ tsp black pepper or more, to taste<br />

½ tsp ground cumin<br />

½ tsp chili powder<br />

¼ tsp paprika<br />

¼ tsp cayenne<br />

¼ cup vegetable broth<br />

2 cups stemmed and chopped fresh kale<br />

4 to 6 large, green cabbage leaves, dipped<br />

for 30 seconds into hot water to soften<br />

½ avocado, sliced<br />

1 radish, sliced<br />

¼ cup chopped fresh cilantro<br />

½ lime, cut into wedges<br />

Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high<br />

heat. Add the onion, garlic and<br />

tempeh and cook for 2 to 3 minutes until<br />

the onion softens and becomes translucent.<br />

Add the salt, pepper, cumin, chili powder,<br />

paprika and cayenne, stir, then add the<br />

broth and kale. Stir again to combine and<br />

cook until the broth thickens and reduces<br />

by at least one-half. Taste and adjust the<br />

salt and pepper as needed.<br />

Spread the cabbage leaves open on a large<br />

plate. Spoon the kale mixture into the center<br />

of the leaves. Add some of the avocado,<br />

radish slices and cilantro, then fold in the<br />

sides like a taco.<br />

Serve with lime wedges.<br />

Adapted from MenuPause. Copyright ©<br />

2022 by Dr. Anna Cabeca. Used by permission<br />

of Rodale Books, an imprint of Random<br />

House, a division of Penguin Random<br />

House LLC, New York. All rights reserved.<br />

No part of this excerpt may be reproduced<br />

or reprinted without permission in writing<br />

from the publisher.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


proteins and fats, so they don’t have to eat<br />

for a long time, but that can cause adrenal<br />

burnout because the body is not getting<br />

what it needs,” she explains, noting that<br />

avocados and potatoes tend to help people<br />

feel full longer.<br />

While inactivity, stress,<br />

age and genetics impact<br />

hormone production,<br />

our food choices can<br />

significantly tip the scales.<br />

Jaclyn Downs is a functional nutrigenomics<br />

practitioner in Lancaster, Pennsylvania,<br />

and author of Enhancing Fertility<br />

Through Functional Medicine: Using<br />

Nutrigenomics to Solve ‘Unexplained’<br />

Infertility. She notes that for hormones<br />

to be produced by the body, nutritional cofactors<br />

or “helper nutrients” are required.<br />

“Magnesium, zinc and B vitamins are a<br />

few of the spark plugs that move these<br />

processes and keep the wheels spinning,”<br />

she emphasizes. “Grass-fed beef liver or<br />

capsules contain all of these.”<br />

According to Downs, menstrual problems<br />

can be an indicator of eventual fertility<br />

issues. To support female reproductive<br />

hormones, she recommends cruciferous<br />

vegetables like broccoli, broccoli sprouts,<br />

cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. These<br />

foods also support liver detoxification<br />

pathways due to their high concentrations<br />

of vitamins and sulfur. “The liver helps<br />

clear used or ‘dirty’ hormones,” she notes.<br />

Downs also recommends pomegranates,<br />

which are rich in antioxidants and fight<br />

inflammation-producing free radicals.<br />

Healthy fats from cold-water, wild-caught<br />

fish support pregnant women and growing<br />

fetuses. “Folate is often emphasized as a<br />

nutrient for pregnant women, but choline<br />

is just as important for everybody, regardless<br />

of life stage or gender,” Downs notes.<br />

Choline is found in egg yolks, sunflower<br />

lecithin and shiitake mushrooms. For<br />

50-plus women, Downs prescribes fish or<br />

high-quality fish oil, which can benefit<br />

brain, liver and hormonal health.<br />

Sheila Julson is a freelance writer and contributor<br />

to <strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong>.<br />



A great dessert or breakfast treat, a scone<br />

is a baked good usually made with wheat<br />

flour and butter. This recipe calls for<br />

almond flour instead to reduce the carbs<br />

and increase the nutrition. The pastry has<br />

been enjoyed in Scotland since 1513, and<br />

its name probably derives from the Dutch<br />

word for bread. Figs and pistachios sweeten<br />

the scones and give them a bit of crunch.<br />

YIELD: 6 TO 8 SCONES<br />

2½ cups almond flour<br />

½ tsp sea salt<br />

½ tsp baking soda<br />

⅓ cup coconut oil, melted<br />

¼ cup honey<br />

2 large eggs<br />

1 tsp vanilla extract<br />

½ cup chopped dried figs, plus some<br />

for garnish<br />

½ cup pistachios, roughly chopped<br />

Preheat the oven to 350° F. Line a large<br />

baking sheet with parchment paper.<br />

In a large bowl, combine the almond flour,<br />

salt and baking soda. In a medium bowl,<br />

whisk together the oil, honey, eggs and<br />

vanilla. Stir the wet ingredients into the dry<br />

until thoroughly combined. Fold in the ½<br />

cup of figs and the pistachios.<br />

Place the dough on the baking sheet and<br />

shape into a rectangle about 1 inch thick.<br />

Cut into squares and then cut the squares<br />

diagonally into triangular wedges. Separate<br />

the wedges so they are about 1 inch apart<br />

to allow for even cooking. Press a few pieces<br />

of fig into the top of each wedge.<br />

Bake for 12 to 17 minutes until golden<br />

brown and a toothpick inserted in a scone<br />

comes out clean. Let cool for 30 minutes<br />

on the baking sheet, then serve.<br />

Adapted from MenuPause. Copyright<br />

© 2022 by Dr. Anna Cabeca. Used by<br />

permission of Rodale Books, an imprint<br />

of Random House, a division of Penguin<br />

Random House LLC, New York. All rights<br />

reserved. No part of this excerpt may be<br />

reproduced or reprinted without permission<br />

in writing from the publisher.<br />

Photo courtesy of Dr. Anna Cabeca<br />

22 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com

inspiration<br />

The Divine Messiness<br />

of Motherhood by Marlaina Donato<br />

The pitter-patter of little feet is one of life’s most beautiful blessings, but motherhood<br />

has always been a challenging role. In today’s world, the calling is more complicated<br />

than ever, and the average Mama Bear has a lot on her many plates. Despite support<br />

systems, juggling it all is often an obstacle course moms navigate behind closed doors.<br />

It’s okay to not be okay. Society tends to impose unnecessary guilt upon mothers for<br />

voicing what most parents feel at one time or another. Feelings are human, and so too is<br />

being overwhelmed. Self-care enables us to nurture others, and it begins by being gentle<br />

with ourselves as we weave a tapestry of work, soccer games, homework and bedtime<br />

baths. Even when the threads are haphazard and tangled, it is healing to surrender to the<br />

realization that sometimes we cannot do it all, and it is not a sign of failure. Showing only<br />

the good days on social media or going on autopilot can add pressure, instead of peace.<br />

“There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one,” says author<br />

Jill Churchill. Being a good mother begins by being good to ourselves, and it doesn’t require<br />

a miracle to make it happen. A few minor routine adjustments can renew sanity and energy:<br />

n Take one minute to run comfortably hot water over your hands and relax into the<br />

stream. Hot water helps the body release dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible<br />

for inducing joyful feelings, lessening pain and lifting anxiety.<br />

n Instead of scrolling through social media, take 10 or 15 minutes to do nothing.<br />

Lie down on the floor, close your eyes and just breathe. Surrender completely to<br />

letting go; begin by relaxing facial muscles and work your way down to your toes.<br />

n Play a favorite song and dance with your kids.<br />

n Avoid overscheduling and “shoulds”.<br />

Marlaina Donato is an author, painter and composer. Connect at WildflowerLady.com.<br />

Dentistry: Are You Missing Vital Information?<br />

Avoid Putting Toxic Materials In Your Mouth / Body!<br />

Doctors have said, “99% of Disease Starts In The Mouth,” How Is Your Oral Health?<br />

Holistic Dentistry is an<br />

important component in ANY<br />

health & wellness program<br />

An approach to dentistry that<br />

promotes health and wellness instead<br />

of only treating “dis”ease.<br />

Call or visit our website for more info: (715) 426-7777<br />

Beaunitta V W/peopleimages.com/AdobeStock.com<br />

Dr. Laughlin has spent thousands of hours in continuing<br />

education over his 45+ years in practice. His knowledge,<br />

combined with advanced technologies, provide the best<br />

chance to improve your oral health and positively impact<br />

your overall wellbeing.<br />

Dr. Musser is passionate about Holistic Dentistry.<br />

He has a deep understanding of the importance of oral health<br />

as it relates to overall health and a wide knowledge base in the<br />

field of Biological Dentistry.<br />

www.Health Centered Dentistry.com<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


healing ways<br />

First Signs of Menopause<br />


by Linda Sechrist<br />

auremarAdobeStock.com<br />

Let's Talk <strong>Natural</strong> Wellness<br />

In-depth interviews with natural health<br />

professionals who share the latest<br />

information for you to lead a<br />

healthier, happier life.<br />

Sundays from 10-11 am<br />

Podcasts available at AM950Radio.com<br />

When The New York Times and<br />

National Geographic cover the<br />

subject of menopause in the<br />

same calendar year, perhaps it’s a sign that the<br />

inevitable phase of a woman’s life that ushers<br />

in vaginal dryness, irregular periods, hot flashes,<br />

brain fog, mood swings, night sweats, sleep<br />

problems, decreased sex drive and weight gain<br />

is finally getting the attention it deserves.<br />

Solutions for women experiencing perimenopause,<br />

menopause and post-menopause are<br />

not covered in medical school. Instead, they<br />

stem from the work of pioneers like Dr. Pamela<br />

Wartian Smith, author of What You Must<br />

Know About Women’s Hormones: Your Guide<br />

to <strong>Natural</strong> Hormone Treatments for PMS,<br />

Menopause, Osteoporosis, PCOS, and More,<br />

and Dr. Christiane Northrup, who wrote<br />

24 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom: Creating Physical and Emotional<br />

Health and Healing.<br />

Today, integrative and functional doctors, researchers and continuing<br />

education instructors are leading the charge to provide innovative<br />

and customized answers for women experiencing vaginal dryness and<br />

other hormone-related symptoms.<br />

The earliest sign of changes occurs between the ages of 40 to 44,<br />

during perimenopause, and according to Dr. Lindsey Berkson, author<br />

of Safe Hormones, Smart Women, vaginal dryness is the flashing red<br />

light. “A sign of insufficient hormone signaling, vaginal dryness is the<br />

body’s warning that bones are beginning to thin; the brain’s structure,<br />

activity and neuron connectivity are beginning to decline; and the<br />

aging process has begun,” she explains.<br />

A continuing-education instructor for doctors and pharmacists,<br />

Berkson notes, “The vagina doesn’t exist alone. Treating only the<br />

vagina is minimized medicine. It’s so important to find a doctor who<br />

practices functional medicine, has completed continuing-education<br />

hours in hormone replacement therapy and nutrition, and has<br />

experience in these areas.”<br />

Dr. Meena Malhotra, a double board-certified internist practicing<br />

functional and integrative medicine for 27 years, understands<br />

that vaginal tissue is hormone-dependent, and dryness left<br />

untreated can lead to urinary tract infections that can progress to<br />

kidney infections. “Atrophic vaginitis with dryness, itching and<br />

burning doesn’t happen overnight; it happens gradually. Many<br />

women who are not seeing a gynecologist regularly for checkups<br />

are unaware of the gradual decrease of their progesterone and<br />

estrogen,” advises the founder of the Heal n Cure Medical Wellness<br />

Center, in Glenview, Illinois.<br />

“Women generally self-treat sexual discomfort from dryness first<br />

with self-prescribed, over-the-counter gels, suppositories and creams,<br />

which are temporary fixes,” Malhotra says. “Functional medicine,<br />

which allows for longer appointments, in-depth intake and more<br />

intimate conversations, can determine the root cause of vaginal dryness,<br />

which can be treated early with FormaV, a non-surgical, painless<br />

rejuvenation procedure which tightens loose labia, improves vaginal<br />

health and makes sexual intimacy desirable again.”<br />

Known as “the girlfriend doctor”, triple board-certified obstetrician<br />

and gynecologist Anna Cabeca has been in practice for 23 years and is<br />

the author of The Hormone Fix: Burn Fat <strong>Natural</strong>ly, Boost Energy, Sleep<br />

Better, and Stop Hot Flashes, the Keto-Green Way. Recognizing that<br />

many over-the-counter lubricants perpetuate dryness and create damage<br />

to the tissue, she formulated her own products. “Inflammation<br />

can happen because of a reaction to the ingredients in the lubricant. I<br />

tell my patients that they can make their own lubricant using organic<br />

coconut oil mixed with aloe vera gel and a few drops of an essential oil<br />

that turns their partner on. They can also strengthen the pelvic floor<br />

with Kegel exercises and eat a keto-green diet,” Cabeca suggests.<br />

Dr. Rebecca Hunton, the founder of Radiantly Healthy MD, in<br />

Melbourne, Florida, believes that treating the changes in a woman’s<br />

body is a form of personalized medicine. “Every woman’s journey is<br />

different, but generally before vaginal dryness comes progesterone<br />

deficiency. Symptoms include trouble falling asleep, anxiousness and<br />

moodiness,” she says, adding that not all vaginal dryness is hormone-related,<br />

as an autoimmune disorder could also be a cause.<br />

Hunton recommends, “Starting early with a transdermal progesterone<br />

cream can mitigate some dryness, but at a certain point,<br />

progesterone won’t suffice. There are nonsurgical treatments such<br />

as MonaLisa Touch, a laser treatment that brings the tissue in the<br />

vagina to a more youthful state. It needs to be repeated every 18<br />

months to two years.”<br />

These doctors all agree that women no longer have to power<br />

through the changes. There are answers. As Cabeca asserts, “This<br />

is a time that heralds a second spring of our lives and should be a<br />

beautiful journey.”<br />

Linda Sechrist is a senior writer for <strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong>.<br />

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Mastel’s<br />


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©Juliaap<br />

Environmental<br />

Causes of Women’s<br />

Compromised Health<br />

by Joyce Sobotta<br />

There are 100,000 chemicals that have an estrogen effect on<br />

the body (xenoestrogens). Eighty-five percent of all breast<br />

cancer is caused by factors other than heredity. The big<br />

causes are environmental toxins, bad eating habits and stress.<br />

Chemicals in sunscreen and personal care products can be<br />

estrogenic. Other examples include chlorine, auto exhaust, pesticides,<br />

herbicides, parabens and petroleum-based products such as<br />

mineral oil. GMOs, radiated food, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics,<br />

sugar and simple carbohydrates all contribute to an unhealthy body,<br />

providing a place for disease to grow.<br />

Clutter and noise are culprits of a peaceful life and are<br />

considered toxic in our environment. The more things that take<br />

up space in our mind, the more anxiety, agitation and anxiousness<br />

created. Noise is everywhere: music in the car, while shopping for<br />

groceries and filling up at gas stations, as well as having the TV on<br />

for background noise in the home. The World Health Organization<br />

called noise a “modern plague” and reported that environmental<br />

noise has adverse effects on our health.<br />

Noise pollution has been found to lead to high blood pressure<br />

and heart attacks, as well as impairing hearing and overall health.<br />

Loud noises raise stress levels by activating the brain’s amygdala<br />

and causing the release of the stress hormone cortisol. Studies have<br />

shown silence relieves stress and tension. A study published in the<br />

journal Heart found that two minutes of silence are more beneficially<br />

relaxing than listening to relaxing music.<br />

Silence can regenerate brain cells. A study published in the<br />

journal Brain Structure and Function found that two hours of silence<br />

a day led to the development of new cells in the hippocampus, a key<br />

brain region associated with learning, memory and emotion. These<br />

findings suggest that silence could be therapeutic for conditions like<br />

depression and Alzheimer’s disease.<br />

Silence replenishes our mental resources. Walking in the<br />

quiet stillness of nature can help clear the brain to process more<br />

meaning from each experience, be more creative, and reflect on<br />

mental and emotional states. In contrast, TV news and commercials<br />

are told from angles designed to prey on emotions.<br />

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) are a type of non-ionizing<br />

radiation that emits low-frequency radiation and are caused by<br />

electromagnetic fields. EMFs come from cell phones, wi-fi and cell<br />

phone towers, to name a few of its sources. The cumulative effect of<br />

radiation from exposure to cell phones, microwaves, body scanners<br />

and mammogram tests are a concern. Other problematic devices<br />

women often use every day include blow dryers, electric toothbrushes,<br />

microwaves, laptops, tablets, smart TVs and smart meters.<br />

Millions of people are wearing fitness tracking devices and<br />

smart watches that emit EMF radiation. Manufacturers deny the<br />

harm coming from them, saying that the amount or EMFs is insignificant,<br />

but when the body is bombarded by so many sources, it is<br />

concerning. Studies have shown that cell phone towers with the new<br />

5G emit the highest amounts of EMFs. These toxins and carcinogens<br />

add up in the body’s system over time and it is difficult to excrete<br />

them and heal the damage they cause. Make small changes every<br />

day; choose healthier options and allow the body time to detoxify.<br />

Finally, make sure to spend time outside in nature.<br />

Excerpted from Breast Health is In Your Hands, Tips for<br />

Breast Vitality and Sensuality, chapter on Environmental<br />

Factors, authored by Joyce Sobotta. Founder of<br />

Healthy Girls Breast Oil, a unique and effective essential<br />

oil blend for breast health, Sobotta offers consultations on<br />

natural breast health. For more information, visit<br />

AromatherapyNaturesWay.com.<br />

26 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com

calendar of events<br />

featured event<br />

Discover Your Highest<br />

Purpose<br />

Sri Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader<br />

of Eckankar, shares wisdom through<br />

stories and spiritual insights that bring<br />

meaning, connection and humor to the<br />

workings of Spirit in everyday life.<br />


Honoree Visitors Welcomed – You are invited<br />

to come and learn more about the Hope Academy<br />

community with an in-person tour scheduled at<br />

your convenience during regular school hours. Call<br />

612-540-2092 or RSVP at HopeSchool.org/inquire.<br />

VIERNES, MAYO 5, 12, 19, 26<br />

Spanish Bible Study (Jesús y las Mujeres) – 10 am<br />

a 12 pm. Todos los viernes y un sábado al mes. Son<br />

siete semanas y luego tendremos nuestro banquete<br />

de latinas en diciembre. Inscribase con Gloria Reyes<br />

enlace de padres latinos al 612-540-2039.<br />

SUNDAY, MAY 7<br />

Fridays at 7pm<br />

Watch on Channel 6 or via MCN6.org<br />

For more information, visit Eckankar.org,<br />

TempleOfECK.org or<br />

Facebook.com/Eckankar.<br />

Lake Harriet Walk – 10am. Join other Minnesota<br />

women for a 2.8-mile leisurely walk around Lake<br />

Harriet while building authentic and lasting friendships.<br />

Free. Lake Harriet Bandshell, 4135 W Lake<br />

Harriet Pkwy, Minneapolis. KookaburraMeets.com.<br />

Grief Ceremony – 5-6:30pm. Let’s gather in community,<br />

tend to our grief, remember and honors our<br />

loved ones together in this Grief Ceremony. $22. 5701<br />

Kentucky Ave N, Crystal. CollectiveDimensions.com.<br />

MONDAY, MAY 8<br />

Green Seniors: Morning on the Farm – 10-11am.<br />

Tour Dodge’s barn, chicken coop and pastures to<br />

meet our animals and learn about their role in sustainable<br />

food production. Get up close to the newest<br />

arrivals on the farm: lambs, chicks and piglets! $5.<br />

Main Property, Farm Entrance 3, 1701 Charlton<br />

Street, West St. Paul. DodgeNatureCenter.org/event.<br />

Keystone FoodMobile Distribution – 10am-12pm.<br />

The Keystone Community Services FoodMobile will<br />

be distributing free groceries in the parking lot at the<br />

Ramsey County Library in Roseville on the second<br />

Monday of every month. This service is available<br />

to anyone in need. Free. 2180 North Hamline Ave.,<br />

Roseville. RCLReads.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

TUESDAY, MAY 9<br />

Lactation Lounge with Ramsey County Health<br />

– 10am-12pm. Come share tips and socialize with<br />

other expecting, breastfeeding/chestfeeding and<br />

pumping families. Free. Highland Park, 1974<br />

Ford Parkway, Saint Paul. Sppl.BiblioCommons.<br />

com/events.<br />

AAPI Heritage Month Class Series: Okinawan<br />

Cooking – 5:30-7pm. A cooking and lecture class<br />

series highlighting the food, traditions, and cultures of<br />

the <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong>’ Asian American and Pacific Islander<br />

community. Free. Online. MSMarket.coop/event.<br />

TUESDAYS, MAY 9, 16, 18, 23, 30<br />

Community Resource Advocates – 1-3pm. Social<br />

workers, advocates and county navigators will be<br />

available to help individuals and families with questions.<br />

Obtain information relating to housing resources,<br />

shelter, accessing benefits, food assistance, mental<br />

health, youth services and more. Free. 3001 White<br />

Bear Avenue, Saint Paul. RCLReads.BiblioCommons.<br />

com/events.<br />


Virtual Class – Budget Cooking: Caramelized<br />

Fennel & Meatballs Over Couscous – 5:30-7pm.<br />

This virtual Budget Cooking class features a savory<br />

caramelized fennel and meatballs recipe that can feed<br />

four people for less than $15 and can be adapted based<br />

on what is in your pantry. Free. Online. MSMarket.<br />

coop/event.<br />

WEDNESDAYS, MAY 10, 17, 24, 31<br />

Moms’ English Bible Studies – 10am-12pm. Come<br />

join other moms for a wonderful time of Christ-centered<br />

learning, growing and fellowship. Light breakfast<br />

& childcare provided. Free. First Care/Odam<br />

Clinic Building, 2015 Chicago Ave., Minneapolis.<br />

HopeSchool.org/family-ministry/family-resources.<br />

Crafternoon – 2-4pm. Join us for a different craft<br />

each session or bring your own knitting, beading,<br />

felting or other craft project to work on. Meet other<br />

local crafters and share in the joy of making cool<br />

things. Drop in or stay the entire time. Free. 620 Rice<br />

St., Wayzata. Hclib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

THURSDAYS, MAY 11, 18, 25<br />

Virtual Citizenship Workshop – 1-2:30pm. Drop<br />

into our online study sessions to practice for your<br />

citizenship interview. Work in small groups or individually.<br />

Study English vocabulary, reading, writing<br />

and civics. Free. Online. Hclib.BiblioCommons.<br />

com/events.<br />

Knitting for Good – 6:30-7:30pm. Do you love<br />

to knit (or crochet or quilt or sew)? Join us for this<br />

unique opportunity to gather with your crafty neighbors<br />

as we Knit for Good! Free. 4560 Victoria St., N.,<br />

Shoreview. RCLReads.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

FRIDAYS, MAY 12, 19, 26<br />

Black-African American Basic Computer Class<br />

– 3:30-5pm. Community members who identify as<br />

Black American can learn basic computer skills using<br />

the Northstar curriculum. In this class, attendees will<br />

learn basic computer skills, email navigation, and<br />

internet essentials Free. Rondo Community Library,<br />

461 N. Dale St., Saint Paul. Sppl.BiblioCommons.<br />

com/events.<br />

SATURDAY, MAY 13<br />

Arts Roseville Featured Artist: Bola Koleosho –<br />

11am-12pm. Bola Koleosho is a Nigerian-American<br />

actress with extensive experience in stage theater, including<br />

performances at the Guthrie Theater. Koleosho<br />

can currently be seen in a recurring role on Dear White<br />

People on Netflix. Free. 2180 North Hamline Ave.,<br />

Roseville. RCLReads.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

Fix-It Clinic – 12-4pm. Bring your broken household<br />

items to a free Fix-It Clinic and work together<br />

with friendly, skilled volunteers to diagnose, troubleshoot<br />

and fix your item. We can help you with<br />

small appliances, clothing that is clean, electronics,<br />

mobile devices and more. Free. 12601 Ridgedale Dr.,<br />

Minnetonka. Hclib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

TUESDAY, MAY 16<br />

Small Business Consultations – 10:30am-12:30pm.<br />

Bring your small business idea/problem and experienced<br />

SCORE counselors will offer free, one-on-one<br />

confidential counseling on all aspects of small business<br />

start-up and management. Free. 300 Nicollet Mall,<br />

Minneapolis. Hclib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

Wild Cooking – 6-7:30pm. Experience the change<br />

of seasons through cooking with wild, native edibles.<br />

Guided by a naturalist, you’ll forage a few of these<br />

emerging plants and prepare them to eat in a kitchen.<br />

$10. Main Property, Farm Entrance 3, 1701 Charlton<br />

Street, West St. Paul. DodgeNatureCenter.org/event.<br />


Muscle Test Your Family – 6:15-7pm. Understand<br />

the basics of muscle testing and learn how you can<br />

test your family at home. Must bring a testing partner.<br />

RSVP 651-771-1703. Free. 6993 35th St N #2,<br />

Oakdale. NutritionChiropractic.com/events.<br />

THURSDAY, MAY 18<br />

Spanish Club – 1-2:30pm. Meet with other adults<br />

for friendly conversation, games and activities while<br />

speaking in Spanish. For native speakers or anyone<br />

interested in learning, speaking, or practicing their<br />

Spanish skills. Free. Online. Hclib.BiblioCommons.<br />

com/events.<br />

Camp Bar Social & Nosh and Gather – 6-9pm.<br />

Minnesota Women! Join us for a social and make new<br />

friends. The event includes entry, one drink<br />

featured event<br />

Hope Academy Spring<br />

Musical “Annie”<br />

Enjoy an evening of entertainment<br />

and support the talents of Minneapolis<br />

students. With equal measures<br />

of pluck and positivity, little orphan<br />

Annie charms everyone’s hearts despite<br />

a next-to-nothing start in 1930s New<br />

York City. Annie is determined to find<br />

the parents who abandoned her years<br />

ago on the doorstep of an orphanage<br />

run by the cruel Miss Hannigan.<br />

Friday, <strong>May</strong> 19 at 7pm<br />

Saturday, <strong>May</strong> 20 at 5:30pm<br />

Cost: Adults $10, children $8.<br />

Folwell Community School,<br />

3611 20th Ave S, Minneapolis.<br />

HopeSchool.org/Spring-Musical-Annie-Jr.<br />

See ad, page 3.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


ticket and appetizers catered by Nosh & Gather. $50.<br />

490 Robert St. N., St. Paul. KookaburraMeets.com.<br />

THURSDAYS, MAY 18, 25<br />

Knitting, Knatters, & Crafts Circle – 6:30-7:45pm.<br />

Join us for fun and relaxation with people who want<br />

to learn how to knit and those who want to bring their<br />

own knitting or other crafts. A knitting instructor<br />

will run the circle and provide materials as well as<br />

instruction. Free. 1974 Ford Parkway, Saint Paul.<br />

Sppl.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

Guided Chi Practice – 8-8:30pm. Experience a<br />

simple moving meditation to tap into universal life<br />

force energy. A Chi Do practice helps to move energy<br />

and support overall well-being. Utilizing your breath<br />

and simple movements for deeper relaxation and increased<br />

energy. All experience levels welcome. Free.<br />

Online. ModernMysterySchoolMSP.com.<br />

SATURDAY, MAY 20<br />

Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve Hike – 9am.<br />

Calling Minnesota Women to join us for a morning<br />

of fun, friendship and laughter while enjoying the<br />

fresh air and physical activity. Free. 15501 Murphy<br />

Lake Blvd, Savage. KookaburraMeets.com.<br />

TUESDAY, MAY 23<br />

Campaign Town Hall: Farm Animals – 3-4pm . The<br />

Nourishing Everyone’s Need for Nature Campaign is a<br />

$40 million fundraising effort to expand the access, sustainability,<br />

and legacy of Dodge into the next 50 years.<br />

Free. Main Property, Farm Entrance 3, 1701 Charlton<br />

Street, West St. Paul. DodgeNatureCenter.org/event.<br />

AAPI Heritage Month Class Series: Vegetarian<br />

Bibimbap – 5:30-6:30pm. Learn how to make the<br />

delicious, fun, Korean dish Bibimbap. This vegetarian<br />

version is a rice bowl with a variety of colorful,<br />

flavorful vegetables, drizzled with a delicious Gochujang<br />

sauce and topped with an over-easy egg.<br />

Free. Online. MSMarket.coop/event.<br />

East Lake Vegan Recipe Club – 6:30-7:30pm. If<br />

you are curious about vegan cooking, this virtual<br />

club is for you. Each month participants make recipes<br />

from popular cookbooks prior to meeting, then<br />

share their reflections with the group. Free. Online.<br />

HCLib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


AAPI Heritage Month Class Series: Japanese<br />

Cooking –Family Recipes – 5:30-6:30pm. A<br />

cooking and lecture class series highlighting the<br />

food, traditions, and cultures of the <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong>’<br />

Asian American and Pacific Islander community.<br />

Free. Online. MSMarket.coop/event.<br />


TUESDAY, MAY 9<br />

Sleepy Stories – 6:30-7pm. Children ages newborn-5<br />

years and their caregivers are invited for bedtime stories,<br />

songs and fun. Free. Penn Lake Library, 8800 Penn Ave.<br />

S., Bloomington. Hclib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

Nature After Dinner: Spring Chickens – 6:30-<br />

7:30pm. Some people like cows—others like<br />

horses—but everyone loves chickens. Learn about<br />

these feathery friends as you get up close with hens,<br />

roosters, and baby chicks. $5. 365 Marie Ave W,<br />

West St. Paul. DodgeNatureCenter.org/event.<br />

Teens Know Best – 6:30-8pm. TKB is for teens,<br />

ages 12-18, who want to read and review Young<br />

Adult (YAA) books that are not available to the<br />

public yet. YA publishers read TKB reviews and use<br />

them to influence the future of the publishing industry.<br />

Free. 2576 Mounds View Boulevard, Mounds<br />

View. RCLReads.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

TUESDAYS, MAY 9, 23<br />

Level Up! Dungeons and Dragons– 3-5pm. Join a<br />

professional Game Master as you learn how to build<br />

a Dungeons and Dragons character, and then set out<br />

on your Adventures. Free. 90 West 4th St., Saint<br />

Paul. Sppl.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

Teen Tech Workshop – 4-5pm. K-grade 12. Come<br />

explore with Brookdale Library’s Teen Tech Squad.<br />

Get creative and experiment with makey-makeys,<br />

mini drones, sphereos, slime, catapults and other<br />

fun projects using both high- and low-tech tools.<br />

Free. 6125 Shingle Creek Pkwy., Brooklyn Center.<br />

Hclib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

TUESDAYS, MAY 9, 16, 23<br />

Childrens’ Book Week: Joyce Sidman – 6-6:45pm.<br />

Join us for an evening with Minnesota author Joyce<br />

Sidman, who will read from her new book, We Are<br />

Branches. Free. 4560 Victoria St., N. Shoreview.<br />

RCLReads.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

TUESDAYS, MAY 9, 16, 23, 30<br />

Preschool Storytime in the Gym – 10:30-11am.<br />

Join us in the gym for stories, songs, rhymes, and<br />

fun. Following story time, stay for Tot Time, which<br />

runs until noon. Free. 1200 Payne Avenue, Saint<br />

Paul. Sppl.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Kids Chess Club – 4-5:30pm. Play for fun and to<br />

learn chess basics. Open to all children in grades<br />

K-6. All levels are encouraged to attend, and new<br />

players will be offered help to learn the rules and<br />

get started! Free. 8500 W. Broadway Ave., Brooklyn<br />

Park. Hclib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

WEDNESDAYS, MAY 10, 17, 24<br />

Maker Kids – 4:30-5:30pm. Create. Think.<br />

Craft. Tinker. Build. Learn. A new activity each<br />

week. A tutor will be on hand to help keep you on<br />

track. Free. 2180 North Hamline Ave., Roseville.<br />

RCLReads.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

WEDNESDAYS, MAY 10, 17, 24, 31<br />

Anime Club – 6:30-8pm. Join the Franklin<br />

Library’s Anime Club for grades 6-12! Watch<br />

anime, read manga, discuss and participate in<br />

a variety of other fun activities. Free. 1314<br />

E. Franklin Ave., Minneapolis. Hclib.Biblio<br />

Commons.com/events.<br />

THURSDAYS, MAY 11, 18, 25<br />

Createch – 3:30-5pm. Explore technology, games,<br />

music and art in a drop-in setting. For ages 12-18.<br />

Free. Rondo Community Library, 461 N Dale St.,<br />

Saint Paul. Sppl.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

FRIDAYS, MAY 12, 19, 26<br />

Baby Meet-Up – 10-11am. A special time set<br />

aside for babies and their caregivers to meet up<br />

for weekly play at the library. Free. New Brighton<br />

Library, 400 10th St. N.W., New Brighton.<br />

RCLReads.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

Shake Your Sillies Out – 10:30-11:30am. Designed<br />

for children ages 2-5 and includes a story, stretching,<br />

movement, and lots of fun. Little ones can jump,<br />

crawl, balance, and twirl with these specially designed<br />

activities. Free. 2245 Como Avenue, Saint<br />

Paul. Sppl.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

SATURDAYS, MAY 13, 20<br />

Paws to Read with Duke or Trevor – 10-11:30am.<br />

Work on your reading skills in a low-stress environment<br />

with Duke or Trevor, licensed therapy<br />

dogs who welcome school-aged readers who need<br />

that extra practice to participate in this special program.<br />

Free. 2180 North Hamline Ave., Roseville.<br />

RCLReads.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

SATURDAYS, MAY 13, 20, 27<br />

Warrior Cats Adventure – 10:30-11:30am. If you are<br />

a fan of the Warrior Cat books, join us for an hour of<br />

fun adventure gaming. Continue the adventure through<br />

a role playing game and create your own cat character.<br />

Free. 2576 Mounds View Boulevard, Mounds View.<br />

RCLReads.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

Dayton’s Bluff Fun Lab – 2-4pm. We do all sorts<br />

of activities together from Perler Beads to origami<br />

to candy making, there is something different<br />

each week. Free. 645 E. 7th St., Saint Paul. Sppl.<br />

BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

TUESDAY, MAY 16<br />

LEGO® Lab – 1:30-3:30pm. Calling all future<br />

engineers and architects! We’ve got the bricks,<br />

but we need you to bring your imagination. We’ll<br />

also have DUPLOS ® , so all ages are welcome.<br />

Free. 4440 Humboldt Ave. N., Minneapolis. Hclib.<br />

BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

The Youth Restorative Circle Movie Night – 4:30-<br />

6pm. Play Nintendo Switch on the big screen, try out<br />

virtual reality games, and make arts & crafts with<br />

your friends. Free. 347 E. 36th St., Minneapolis,<br />

Hclib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Paw Pals: Read with Diaga the Dog – 3-4:15pm. Read<br />

to a friendly dog who loves to sit and listen to stories<br />

For young readers ages 6-12. Free. 1974 Ford Parkway,<br />

Saint Paul. Sppl.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

WEDNESDAYS, MAY 24, 31<br />

Storytime – 10:30-11am. Join an interactive learning<br />

opportunity where kids of all ages enjoy stories,<br />

rhymes, songs and fun with our Children’s Specialists<br />

to help your kids develop love for books and literature<br />

while making friends. Free. 461 N. Dale St., Saint<br />

Paul. Sppl.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

28 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com

community resource<br />

guide<br />

Connecting you to the leaders in natural<br />

health care and green living in our<br />

community. To find out how you can be<br />

included in the Community Resource<br />

Guide, email Publisher@NAtwincities.<br />

com to request our media kit.<br />




Barb Ryan, CMT, CSD • 612-922-2389<br />

Bhakti Wellness Center<br />

7550 France Avenue S, #220, Edina<br />

WisdomSisterStudio.com<br />

Specializing in persistent and<br />

chronic pain and mysteries of the<br />

body. Also for people seeking the<br />

experience of deep relaxation<br />

and increased self-connection.<br />

Skilled and compassionate care.<br />

See ad, page 8.<br />



Soul Coach, Author and Teacher<br />

AnnetteRugolo.com<br />

We are in a time of fast evolution<br />

and we have the opportunity to release<br />

deeply held emotional and<br />

mental patterns along with karmic<br />

lifetimes that are keeping us stuck.<br />

The tools I have acquired and honed<br />

for more than 20 years will help you<br />

move beyond the stuck places in<br />

your life and help you align with the light of your soul.<br />

You will receive tools of empowerment that will help<br />

you continue on your life’s path and soul’s journey.<br />

See ad, page 9.<br />


Candi Broeffle, MBA, CPC<br />

Candi@ComposureCoaching.com<br />

763-270-8604<br />

ComposureCoaching.com<br />

Master your business so you can<br />

practice your passion. Business<br />

coaching for purpose-driven entrepreneurs<br />

to clarify your vision,<br />

build your confidence and create<br />

a soul-centered strategy. Call today<br />

for a free Discovery Session<br />

and get on your path to business<br />

success. See ad, page 6.<br />




Nea Clare<br />

NeaClare.com • Nea@NeaClare.com<br />

Would you like to say “YES”<br />

and make your dreams come<br />

true? If so, I can help! Book a<br />

strategy call with me today. I<br />

work exclusively for extraordinary<br />

women who are tired of<br />

waiting on the right time or<br />

circumstances before pursuing<br />

their dream career path – we’ll<br />

explore how life coaching has tremendous transformative<br />

power in strengthening self-confidence<br />

while also giving one unshakeable faith in your capability<br />

to achieve your goals. What you want is on<br />

the other side of your hesitation. If it is time to<br />

breakthrough, schedule a call today at 612-227-3854<br />

or email Nea@NeaClare.com. See ad, page 25.<br />



N7915-902 St<br />

River Falls, WI • 715-426-7777<br />

HealthCenteredDentistry.com<br />

Whole Person Dentistry observes<br />

and deals with the mind,<br />

body and spirit, not just your<br />

teeth. This approach to dentistry<br />

encompasses both modern<br />

science and knowledge drawn<br />

from the world’s great traditions<br />

in natural healing. See ad, page 23.<br />


3434 Lexington Ave. N., Suite 700<br />

Shoreview • 651-483-9800<br />

<strong>Natural</strong>SmilesDental.com<br />

We’re an integrative<br />

practice committed to<br />

promoting dental wellness<br />

and overall assistance to<br />

the whole person. We<br />

desire to participate in the<br />

creation of healthier lives,<br />

while being sensitive to physical, philosophical,<br />

emotional and financial concerns. See ad, page 7.<br />


Dr. Amy Ha Truong<br />

6230 10th St. N., Ste 520, Oakdale<br />

651-731-3064 • PureDentalMN.com<br />

Pure Dental offers integrative,<br />

holistic, alternative and biological<br />

dentistry for your dental health.<br />

We take pride in providing<br />

quality, holistic dental care and<br />

service for our patients. See ad,<br />

page 26.<br />



1815 Suburban Ave, St. Paul<br />

ToothBuilder.com • 651-735-4661<br />

We are a holistic dental practice<br />

devoted to restoring and enhancing<br />

the natural beauty of your smile<br />

using conservative, state-of-the-art<br />

dental procedures that result in<br />

beautiful, long-lasting smiles! We<br />

specialize in safe removal of<br />

infected teeth as well as placing<br />

ceramic implants and restorations. See ad, page 14.<br />


1401 Main St, Hopkins<br />

952-475-1101 • ToothByTheLake.net<br />

We build a foundation of trust<br />

by treating our patients as<br />

individuals. Understanding<br />

how uneasy some patients<br />

may feel about their dental<br />

visits, we make a difference<br />

by providing a relaxing and<br />

positive experience. See ad, page 19.<br />



2300 Chicago Ave. S.,<br />

Minneapolis, MN 55404<br />

612.489.5154 • HopeSchool.org<br />

Hope Academy is a private,<br />

Christ-centered opportunityequalizer<br />

education for<br />

inner-city youths. Currently<br />

we serve 550 students in<br />

grades K-12, with a vision<br />

of growing to 700 students. We encourage your<br />

questions and welcome your presence. Contact us<br />

today! See ad, page 3.<br />



Master Hong<br />

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner<br />

11012 Cedar Lake Rd., Minnetonka<br />

952-513-7285 or 914-708-9463<br />

Chronic pain? Suffering from<br />

emotions? Relationship problems?<br />

Life not going as planned? The<br />

Emotion Code is a tool I use to<br />

help you break through any<br />

emotional and spiritual blocks so<br />

you can live your best life. Trial<br />

session only $35.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />




Mary Rice<br />

YourHealingConnection.com<br />

YourHealingConnection@gmail.com<br />

Mary uses The Body Code* to<br />

transform the lives of her clients.<br />

This comprehensive energetic<br />

healing method, developed by Dr.<br />

Bradley Nelson, allows her to<br />

quickly and easily identify specific<br />

imbalances that can underlie<br />

chronic ill health, pain and<br />

discomfort, dysfunction, and stress. Dr. Nelson<br />

discovered that you can access the wisdom of the<br />

subconscious to identify and address the energetic<br />

imbalances that cause health problems. The “hidden”<br />

root causes of disease and dysfunction are these<br />

emotional and physical imbalances that can drain<br />

energy and prevent healing, leaving you unable to live<br />

the life you deserve. The best part is, you can do this<br />

from the comfort of your own home via phone or<br />

Zoom. Set up a free 20-minute consultation today!<br />



Master Dowser<br />

AnnetteRugolo.com<br />

Is the energy of your home depleting<br />

you or supporting you? If you<br />

feel like you are hitting your head<br />

against a brick wall, it may be the<br />

wall of dense energy in your home.<br />

To more easily expand into our<br />

light and our soul purpose, it is<br />

important that the spaces we live<br />

energetically support us. Contact<br />

me for more information on dowsing, environmental<br />

healing and space clearing. See ad, page 9.<br />



Sara Shrode, Graphic Designer<br />

612-554-6304 • CampfireStudio.net<br />

Sara@CampfireStudio.net<br />

Ignite the possibilities of<br />

your next project by<br />

having Campfire Studio<br />

design it! Innovative, fullservice<br />

graphic design studio that takes the essence<br />

of a campfire—warmth, stories, community—and<br />

infuses it into every design project we do.<br />



1526 St Clair Ave, St Paul<br />

Mastels.com • 651-690-1692<br />

Mastel’s Health Foods is Minnesota’s<br />

oldest health and wellness<br />

store. We carry a full line of vitamins,<br />

minerals, supplements, herbs<br />

and more. We emphasize organic,<br />

biodynamic, biodegradable, holistic<br />

and hypoallergenic products and<br />

pride ourselves on stocking hardto-find<br />

items. See ad, page 25.<br />



AprilJonesND.com<br />

Info@AprilJonesND.com • 952-373-1173<br />

Dr. Jones is a registered naturopathic<br />

doctor providing virtual<br />

naturopathic medicine and holistic<br />

nutrition appointments.<br />

She works alongside patients to<br />

identify the root cause of health<br />

concerns while supporting them<br />

in becoming the healthiest version<br />

of themselves. Dr. Jones’<br />

clinical areas of focus include health optimization,<br />

disease prevention, preconception and postpartum<br />

care, gastrointestinal health, and natural support<br />

for anxiety. Schedule a free introductory call to<br />

learn more.TH<br />


7801 East Bush Lake Rd., Suite 240,<br />

Bloomington<br />

763-222-8600 • GenevieveWachutka.com<br />

Genevieve specializes in the<br />

practical application of time-tested<br />

tools and metaphysical wisdom<br />

to embody more of your<br />

potential, and experience greater<br />

clarity, joy, and purpose in life.<br />

Benefits include increased intuition<br />

and clarity; upleveled daily<br />

baseline of joy; peace within<br />

your heart and mind; improved relationship with<br />

self; and the ability to navigate a path of self-mastery<br />

to realize your greatness. Text 763-222-8600 or<br />

email Hello@GenevieveWachutka.com to schedule<br />

a complimentary discovery session. See ad, page 9.<br />




NAtwincities.com/Pages/Advertise<br />

763-270-8604<br />

Multiple advertising<br />

opportunities allow you to<br />

build and maintain your<br />

brand’s presence within your target market of healthconscious<br />

individuals. Through cutting-edge,<br />

inspiring print content and dynamic online presence,<br />

<strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong> helps you get connected and stay<br />

effective. Online advertising is also very attractive,<br />

with great rates and opportunities to promote your<br />

business. Maximize your visibility and take advantage<br />

of unique opportunities to promote your business.<br />




PartneringUpVa.com • 763-270-8604<br />

As a business owner, you’re<br />

expected to be available 24<br />

hours a day, seven days a<br />

week to run your business,<br />

leaving you little time to<br />

focus on what you do best; strategize for growth, market<br />

your services and serve your clients. Partnering Up takes<br />

pride in helping small business owners outsource their<br />

tasks to our top notch, trained and highly skilled Virtual<br />

and Marketing Assistants that can help you automate<br />

your business.<br />



BarbBarb Ryan, CSD • 612-922-2389<br />

Wisdom Listening<br />

WisdomSisterStudio.com<br />

Longing for someone who will<br />

listen without judgment? Facing<br />

a tough decision and need a<br />

space to explore possibilities?<br />

Have some secrets corroding<br />

your being? Need a place to vent<br />

about loved ones without repercussions?<br />

Wisdom Listening can<br />

help. It’s not therapy or coaching.<br />

My sole objective is to provide a safe and<br />

supportive space for you to unburden and explore<br />

your mind, heart, and soul. Book your virtual session<br />

now. See ad, page 25.<br />




AM950Radio.com<br />

The only Progressive Talk Radio<br />

station in Minnesota. We strive to<br />

provide the best progressive<br />

programming available and<br />

feature national talkers Thom<br />

Hartmann, Stephanie Miller, Mike<br />

Crute and Brad Friedman. We are<br />

also dedicated to local programming that creates a<br />

community forum for important Minnesota Progressive<br />

issues. See ad, page 32.<br />



7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen<br />

952-380-2200 • Eckankar.org<br />

Are you looking for the<br />

personal experience of<br />

God? Eckankar can help<br />

you fulfill your dream. We<br />

offer ways to explore your<br />

own unique and natural<br />

relationship with the Divine<br />

through personalized study to apply in your<br />

everyday life.<br />

30 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com


Anna Cabeca<br />


Stress and Libido<br />

Jaquel Patterson, ND, IFMCP<br />

Sleep, Cortisol and Its<br />

Relation to Stress<br />

Arti Chandra, MD, MPH<br />

Healing Your Gut<br />

Carol Penn, DO<br />

Aging Gracefully<br />

Join these Top Women in<br />

Wellness as they share their<br />

expert tips to empower<br />

you to reduce your stress<br />

and inspire you to achieve<br />

WELLthier Living!<br />

Carrie Jones, MD, FAAP<br />

Stress and Your Thyroid<br />

Trevor Cates, ND<br />

Stress Impact on Skin<br />

Scan the QR code to<br />


ONLINE<br />

Every Tuesday in<br />

<strong>May</strong> at 8pm EDT<br />

Jaclyn Chasse, ND<br />

Stress and Fertility<br />

Jyl Steinbeck<br />

Women’s Health and Homeopathy<br />

Kela Smith, PhD, DNM<br />

Stress and Fertility<br />

Anne Marie Fine, ND<br />

Cracking the Beauty Code<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


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