2023 Spring Exhibition Catalogue

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Abbie Severn<br />

Moving to study in Birmingham in 2015 from coastal Wales, Abbie took an interest in the<br />

contrasting post-industrial environment of Digbeth.<br />

The piece exhibited is taken from 3-year documentary project 'The Digbeth Collection’<br />

recording the location rich in underground creative culture, and it's beginning of<br />

gentrification. A body of work created through mark making and on-site drawing,<br />

collecting a sensory record of the space. These then being refined into further detailed<br />

drawings and paintings, such as this one.<br />

Bordesley Street, Digbeth, 2019<br />

Edition of 24<br />

Screen print<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 81cm x 61cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 87cm x 67cm<br />

£385.00<br />

Positive image created with ink and etching on mark resist, then hand screen printed.<br />

Bordesley St, Digbeth, Birmingham, houses many post-industrial spaces synonymous<br />

for its street art, underground music scene and creatively repurposed warehouses. This<br />

is set for change with the new BBC studio and HS2 developments.<br />

Website: www.abbiesevern.com Instagram: @abbie7illustration<br />

Akinwumi Oluwaseyi<br />

Oluwaseyi Akinwumi was born in Lagos Nigeria. Since her childhood, she found great<br />

fulfilment in her creative passion. In 2012, she graduated from Warwick university,<br />

Coventry, where she studied supply chain and logistics.<br />

On getting back to Nigeria after studies in the UK, she decided to pursue her<br />

considerable talent, amongst the art community in Lagos. which afforded her the<br />

opportunity to rub elbows with artists, sculptures, and cross disciplinary works of art. It<br />

was an environment in which Seyi thrived. She continued to hone her skills, learning via<br />

intuition and experimentation.<br />

In late 2020, she decided to take a chance on herself by transitioning into; full -time<br />

studio art practice.<br />

Oluwaseyi Akinwumi’s work reference is deeply rooted in exploring memories within<br />

herself, immediate environment, and observation from her native Nigeria. She adopts<br />

fluid ink, watercolour, collage texture, vibrant colours of acrylic, charcoal, and crayons;<br />

as well as other environmentally friendly materials; weaving them together to showcase<br />

snippets of her most intimate moments to the audience. Her titles likewise describe the

interactions within the paintings themselves; at the same time alludes to external<br />

associations.<br />

Helm of Affairs, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Mixed medium on cotton<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 31cm x 22cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 39.5cm x 32cm<br />

£600.00<br />

I captured a moment of anguish and frustration in my home country- Nigeria and its<br />

current state. Despite its vast natural resources and manpower, the country is going<br />

through constant upheavals such as shortage in cash flow, fuel scarcity, violence, and<br />

corruption from its political class. My medium of choice is a mixed medium (acrylic, spray<br />

paint, collage, ink, crayons, and watercolour).<br />

I used familiar or relatable symbols, like cash and fuel can, colours of the national flag,<br />

collage images of political leaders to buttress the idea behind my work, in this context a<br />

failed government, reforms and social power.<br />

Alexandra Ghimishi<br />

Alexandra completed her BA degree at the National University of Arts, Bucharest,<br />

Romania in 2008. Alexandra brings her imagination to life through semi-abstract floral<br />

and landscape paintings in acrylic. Sharing her world, she is evoking emotion in each<br />

stroke. The use of colour often becomes a very emotional response to the subject. She<br />

uses vivid colours to excite the imagination, allowing viewers to explore their own<br />

experiences, shifting from dark to light as a metaphor for optimism and hope.<br />

We Are All Beautiful, 2022<br />

Edition of 1<br />

Acrylic on Canvas<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 60cm x 70cm<br />

£600.00<br />

"We Are All Beautiful" is a celebration of the diversity and vibrancy of life. The painting<br />

metaphorically embodies the beauty found within people and encourages viewers to<br />

embrace their unique qualities with confidence and pride.<br />

Website: alexart.uk Instagram: @alexandra.ghimisi.art

Angela Dierks<br />

Angela is a German artist based in London. Having studied literature first followed by a<br />

degree in psychotherapy she had been exploring different forms of expression - beyond<br />

language - for several years. The world of therapy opened an exploration of the<br />

unconscious processes that painting helped her to access. Her work is process driven<br />

leaving room for chance and error. Rather than specific imagery, the work develops<br />

through movement and gesture on the canvas.<br />

Everything is Possible, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Pigments, acrylic, pencil<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 100cm x 100cm<br />

£1400.00<br />

This vibrant, large abstract painting grew out of a slow process; it was built over many<br />

layers of paint creating a beautiful deep texture. The starting point for this piece has<br />

been the colour scheme of strong reds and subtle blue. Painted at the beginning of the<br />

year the painting attempts to capture a mood of hopefulness and possibilities.<br />

I enjoyed bold brush strokes, palette knife work and more detailed mark making in this<br />

piece. I mixed my own paint with many different hues of whites, red, pink, and blue.<br />

Website: https://angeladierkspaintings.com/ Instagram: @angeladierkspaintings<br />

Annie Trevorah<br />

Annie Trevorah completed her MA (sculpture) at the RCA. Taking a panoptic and<br />

cinematic approach, she uses a wide range of materials and colours. Trevorah's multidisciplinary<br />

practice communicates the socio-dynamic interplay between humans and<br />

nature with an emphasis on connectivity, entanglement, and mutation. This year saw<br />

her first London solo show ('Symbiosis') and she has exhibited internationally winning<br />

the Chianciano Biennale Prize for Photography/Digital Art in 2022. She recently<br />

exhibited at the Chiaya awards and Aesthetica Art Prize shows.<br />

Tomb, 2022<br />

Edition of 10<br />

Photography/Print<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 42cm x 59.4cm x 4cm<br />

£2000.00<br />

Layered photographs of nature, architectural structures, reflections, and bodily elements<br />

printed onto acrylic, UV printed cement blocks (stand)<br />

Website: annietrevorah.com Instagram: @annietrevorahsculptor

Avneet Cheema<br />

Roe Deer Scratching Herself, 2022<br />

Wire, Clay, Pup & Bark<br />

£750.00<br />

Barbara Nati<br />

Born 1980, Barbara is an Italian artist living and working between Britain and Italy. She<br />

attended Parson School of Design in New York. She has since established an<br />

international reputation for her complex compositions-hybrids. She was awarded the<br />

John Hurt Art Prize, she was the runner-up to the Hari Art Prize, she won the Victoria<br />

place art project award, the Ingram collection purchase Prize, the Bridgeman Studio<br />

Award, the Ashurst Art Prize award, the Andrea Mantegna Prize, and the Renaissance<br />

Art Prize.<br />

Briny Chronicles #5, 2022<br />

Edition of 7<br />

Digital Collage<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 100cm x 70cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 106cm x 76cm<br />

£1800.00<br />

An increase of carbon dioxide in the waters of the oceans has resulted in a decrease of<br />

pH and the subsequent dissolution of calcium carbonate structures such as shells and<br />

molluscs, plankton, and corals. As a result, entire coral reefs have died, and others<br />

have suffered a developmental setback; the variety of shapes and colours of these<br />

natural structures has been replaced by white, translucent, ghostly outlines. The same<br />

outcome seems to have occurred to human structures in Barbara Nati’s digital<br />

elaborations: buildings transmuted into evanescent constructions.<br />

Website: www.barbaranati.com Instagram: @barbaranativisualartist<br />

Cathleen Loh<br />

The artist brings together written and visual art through painting in books. There are<br />

often layers of connections between the reader, the writer, and the storyline, which<br />

Cathleen uncovers. In her artwork ‘I Play Our Conversations in My Mind’, the artist<br />

recalls reuniting with a friend at a Parisian bookshop after six years apart. She<br />

reminisces over the last time they saw each other as the protagonist, Harry Morgan,<br />

bids his final farewell to his wife, on the opposite page.<br />

I Play Our Conversations in My Mind (Shakespeare and Company), 2022<br />

Acrylic and ink<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 26cm x 19cm

Dimensions Framed: 37cm x 31cm<br />

£450.00<br />

The artwork depicts the Shakespeare and Company bookshop in Paris painted on<br />

Ernest Hemingway’s book ‘To Have and Have Not’.<br />

Colin Page<br />

I have been interested and practicing photography from the age of<br />

around 15. In another life I spent time as a professional dark room manager. Many<br />

things inspire me to take photos, music, books, dreams. I strive for simple, dynamic,<br />

powerful pictures.<br />

Urban Jungle, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Edition of 20<br />

Digital Photo Print<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 29.7cm x 42cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 51cm x 40cm<br />

£165.00<br />

Using various techniques in photo editing software to blur the buildings as to show the<br />

speed of which they are being built and the bird being dwarfed by the concrete urban<br />

jungle.<br />

Isle of Dogs, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Edition of 20<br />

Digital Photo Print<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 29.7cm x 42cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 51cm x 40cm<br />

£165.00<br />

Isle of Dogs was taken using in camera movement technique, moving the camera while<br />

taking the picture.<br />

Ellie Redfern<br />

Based in south-east London, Ellie Redfern designs and hand-crafts ceramics that draw<br />

inspiration from organic forms found in the natural world. From rustic mugs and<br />

dinnerware to abstract décor and vases, her aim is to create objects that bring elements<br />

of nature into the home.<br />

Ionic Vase, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Ceramic<br />

Dimensions: 12cm (Height)<br />

£250.00<br />

Instagram: @ellieredfern

Emily Davidson-Brett<br />

My Fine Art background leans my work towards the philosophy of conceptual craft. My<br />

work is inspired by the elements and nature which are reflected in the shapes and<br />

glazes. I create wheel-thrown vessels that are heavy and bold with colours, creating<br />

bright surfaces with a celebration of the raw clay body and in the deep foot underneath.<br />

The white clay visible on the unglazed pieces represent the purity of our Earth as it is.<br />

The triskele is a Celtic symbol of harmony between earth, air and water and denotes my<br />

Irish heritage. My work is a celebration and representation of the wild and encapsulating<br />

cacophony of color and texture that is Mother Earth.<br />

Chasing the Sun Vase<br />

Ceramic Terracotta,<br />

Multicoloured Glaze<br />

£280.00<br />

Air Vase<br />

Ceramic Stoneware,<br />

Light Blue Glaze<br />

£80.00<br />

Groovy Kind Of Loving<br />

Large bowl<br />

Ceramic Stoneware,<br />

Multicoloured Glaze<br />

£340.00<br />

Water Vase<br />

Ceramic Stoneware,<br />

Blue Cobalt Glaze<br />

£80.00<br />

Little Orb<br />

Ceramic Terracotta,<br />

Green Glaze<br />

£65.00<br />

Raw Earth<br />

Large bowl<br />

Ceramic Stoneware,<br />

Red Iron Glaze<br />


Earth Orb<br />

Large Vase<br />

Ceramic Stoneware,<br />

Red Iron Glaze<br />

£300.00<br />

Woodland Vase<br />

Ceramic Stoneware,<br />

Mixed Glaze<br />

£300.00<br />

Orange Bowl #1<br />

Ceramic Terracotta,<br />

Glaze<br />

£75.00<br />

Orange Bowl #2<br />

Ceramic Terracotta,<br />

Glaze<br />

£82.00<br />

Green Bowl #1<br />

Ceramic Terracotta,<br />

Glaze<br />

£75.00<br />

Green Bowl #2<br />

Ceramic Terracotta,<br />

Glaze<br />

£82.00<br />

Instagram: @a.piece.of.our.earth<br />

Eunice Bossman-Okai<br />

Eunice Bossman-Okai’s brand name is Meitam London. Bossman-Okai is an artist who<br />

situates her practice between conceptual and abstract art. The ideology behind her art<br />

practice has a strong contemporary presence due to its dynamic combination of<br />

materials, methods and concepts that challenge her and her audience’s boundaries.<br />

Bossman-Okai’s work brings an awareness to the values and morals rooted in her<br />

spiritual beliefs which are influenced by her culture, nature, and spirituality.<br />

Selfish<br />

Mixed media digital print on canvas<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 100cm x 60cm

£1500.00<br />

Selfish is part of a series called character traits. It is a mixed media digital print on<br />

canvas which is made from Kolanut and African natural sponge, covered in copper,<br />

oxidized, and then digitally manipulated.<br />

Website: www.meitamlondon.com Instagram: @meitam_londonart<br />

Evgeniya Strygina<br />

Evgeniya Strygina is a London-based contemporary artist who specialises in landscape<br />

and architecture photography. She completed two courses at the Fine Art Photography<br />

School and a course on contemporary art theory and practice at the Moscow Museum<br />

of Modern Art. Evgeniya took part in at least a dozen group exhibitions, including two<br />

shows at the MMOMA, art fairs, biennales, and festivals, including the Festival of Visual,<br />

Sound and Performing Arts in Brindisi, Italy. In 2022 she relocated to the UK<br />

Pendulum, 2016<br />

Edition of 10<br />

Photography<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 50cm x 70cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 52.5cm x 72.5cm<br />

£850.00<br />

Megacities face limits on expansion. Smaller cities have resources to grow<br />

economically, but they turn into bedroom suburbs with little employment. People live as<br />

a pendulum, daily commuting to work from the outskirts. Homes become temporary<br />

shelters with no identity.<br />

Living Nature, 2017<br />

Edition of 10<br />

Photography<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 50cm x 70cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 52.5cm x 72.5cm<br />

£750.00<br />

Explore spaces beyond possibility, where the world is broken down into its primordial<br />

elements and devoid of any geographical features. Outline a world existing in reality and<br />

imagination, at the confluence of conscious and unconscious, through patterns, lines,<br />

and spots.<br />

Website: https://www.soul-editor.com Instagram: @souleditor<br />

Francesco Conti

I grew up in Rome, Italy, and now live in London. I paint with oil and acrylic. My work<br />

deals with alienation and decay in the urban environment, while also exploring political<br />

and social themes by merging public figures with icons from religious iconography.<br />

I have exhibited in several shows, including the ING Discerning Eye <strong>Exhibition</strong> in<br />

London, the C24 Gallery New York, and the 508 Gallery in Chelsea.<br />

Papillion, 2022<br />

Oil on board<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 40cm x 50cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 41cm x 51cm<br />

£850.00<br />

I named this piece ‘Papillon’, after a classic movie with Steve McQueen about a prison<br />

escape and freedom, because of the symbolism I perceived in the closed gate, with<br />

barbed wire, making what’s behind it forever out of reach.<br />

Website: www.francjs.com Instagram: @francjs_art<br />

Gracie Hawkins<br />

Gracie Hawkins is an Irish artist and writer who specialises in illustration and visual art.<br />

Her picture book The Midnight Hound Series has been highly commended by<br />

organisations such as The National College of Ireland and As I Am Ireland. When she’s<br />

not illustrating, she’s also working as a visual artist and having her paintings displayed<br />

in galleries around Ireland and the UK.<br />

Her painting work focuses deeply on her unique view of the world, and how she feels it<br />

as someone on the autism spectrum.<br />

A Portrait of Lady Elaine, 2022<br />

Acrylic on frame<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 20cm x 30cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 20cm x 30cm<br />

£250.00<br />

A portrait of Lady Elaine is a piece that looks into the societal expectations and beauty<br />

standards put on women. The piece is to capture the essence of an old portrait, back in<br />

the day when the lengths women would go to, to be symbols of beauty, seemed so<br />

extreme to us. Nowadays these beauty standards have not changed but evolved into a<br />

different look. The Portrait of Lady Elaine is accompanied by a poem by the artist to give<br />

it a sense of a cautionary tale about a Lady who is obsessed with being an idol of<br />

beauty.<br />

Website: iigracie.com Instagram: @iigracie

Grant Conboy<br />

Grant Conboy (b.1987) is an artist hailing from Rochester, New York, and currently<br />

based in Los Angeles. After earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from the<br />

Rhode Island School of Design, he went on to complete his Master of Fine Arts in<br />

Painting at the Academy of Art Architecture and Design in Prague. Though he straddles<br />

two worlds- his native United States and his adopted home of Turkey- he is deeply<br />

connected to the interwoven global cultural narrative that he explores in his work. He is<br />

recognized for his unique perspective and innovative approach, which has been<br />

exhibited internationally.<br />

Paracosmic Divination, 2022<br />

Oil On Canvas<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 244cm x 183cm<br />

£3200.00<br />

Paracosmic Divination, 2022 is the second painting of the series entitled “Paracosm.”<br />

Being the largest of the series, it commands attention, and is meant to draw the viewer<br />

into a trance-like state. The central arch motif can be seen in many of the series and is<br />

meant as an entrance- as well as a reference to one of the artist’s favourite works by<br />

Piero della Francesca - “The Baptism.” The smaller arch to the left is a reference to the<br />

byzantine representation of the tiers of heaven. It is a work, like<br />

the rest of the series, that celebrates layers and a hidden history. Throughout the work,<br />

references to anatolian tribal textile patterns can be found. These symbols carry secret<br />

messages, as well as represent the timeless sacred power of human visual storytelling.<br />

Entrance, 2021<br />

Oil On Canvas<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 122cm x 183cm<br />

£1562.00<br />

The title for this work is a heteronym. Pronounce it in two different ways and you’d be<br />

right both times. The purpose of the painting is to welcome the viewer to a parallel<br />

universe. It is the entrance to the paracosm. The bands that arch across the entirety of<br />

the work are also representing the movement of the sun. Written just underneath the<br />

surface is a message just for the artist’s wife. You can also see lines of perspective<br />

drawn in pastel; these were used in a class taught by the artist to his high school<br />

students. Overall, like many of the series, it is a collage of moments and ideas that live<br />

suspended in oil and canvas.<br />

Dog & Cat, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Oil & Gold Leaf on Canvas<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 122cm x 91cm<br />


Dog & Cat is a painting of just that. The circle to the left, deep ultramarine blue fading<br />

out to light represents the artist’s dog’s eye. To balance out the work, to the right the<br />

golden circle is a representation of the artist’s cat’s eye. It is a play between hot and<br />

cold. The textiles mimic a cosy arrangement of blankets and pillows, overall attempting<br />

to create a calming composition. It is a portrait of home, and the balance and peace that<br />

the artist finds there.<br />

Website: grantconboy.com Instagram: @grantconboy<br />

Ian Felton<br />

Switching from a career in extreme sports, Felton launched his art career in 2004 with<br />

an exhibition in Soho, London. In 2005 he set up an arts collective in Greenwich before<br />

re-locating to his current base in East London. Here he founded ‘Trinity Art Studios’ by<br />

the rivers Lea & Thames at Trinity Buoy Wharf. Running parallel to his practice of<br />

painting & drawing, Felton is an independent art consultant and curator. Other creative<br />

interests include sculpture, literature & musical composition.<br />

Choros, 2018/2021<br />

Oil On Linen<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 120cm x 120cm x 5cm<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 130cm x 130cm x 6cm<br />

£3600.00<br />

‘Chorus’ is a technical study of picture making in oil paint. Geometry, craftsmanship &<br />

colour theory are employed in this is multi-layered piece. Light, shade & reflection are<br />

considered, while the viewer is invited to interpret the painting’s deeper meaning.<br />

Website: http://ianrobertfelton.com/ Instagram: @ianrobertfelton<br />

Jacqui Cooke<br />

Jacqui Cooke is a visual artist born of Jamaican heritage in London. I am a portraiture<br />

and figurative artist, motivated to create bound by my emotive response to both<br />

historical and present experiences of individuals of African descent. I have participated<br />

in several group and individual exhibitions locally and internationally, since 2018.<br />

Let’s go, 2022<br />

Oil on linen canvas<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 60cm x 70cm<br />

£1750.00<br />

Many Caribbeans said “Let’s Go” to the motherland, when the British called. Holding on<br />

to what they felt precious, some inadvertently “Let Go” of precious family left behind.<br />

“Barrel children” left with Grandparents - waited endlessly, to follow their parents.

Website: www.jacookeart.co.uk<br />

Jane Wu<br />

Born in Shanghai (2001) and currently a second-year undergraduate student at the<br />

Slade School of Fine Art, UCL. Having studied in the UK for the past eleven years, I<br />

have developed a hybrid identity that is concerned with the dislocation of the body<br />

through rebuilding and playing with materials. These experiments develop into<br />

ephemeral installations through assemblages that occupy different architectural spaces<br />

which our bodies inhabit.<br />

Halloween 2022, 2022<br />

Oil on canvas<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 119cm x 95cm<br />

£1500.00<br />

A self-portrait from Halloween recreates a ghostly image from the spooky season. There<br />

are multiple eyes referencing fragmentation of oneself, thoughts about possible<br />

discoveries of the third eye, and feelings of needing to bilocate during the process of<br />

looking.<br />

Instagram: @camerawuman<br />

Jo Aidoo<br />

Born in Ghana, living in London, sewing since the age of seven, Jo progressed through<br />

dressmaking to creating patchwork designs until the day seriously ill with Covid, she<br />

looked in a mirror and, in a moment of inspiration, saw her face as a patchwork. A new<br />

creative idea was born. Jo’s Ghanian heritage is the source illustrating the vibrancy of<br />

African textiles and fabrics, juxtaposing colour and materials to create her amazing<br />

portraits and landscapes with an imaginative and African twist.<br />

Rebellion (Self-Portrait), 2022<br />

Textile patchwork<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 41cm x 51cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 52cm x 62cm<br />

£1510.00<br />

Her second self-portrait, this represents Jo post-covid, rebelling against her dark world<br />

of serious illness and fighting with determination to reach a better place, a place of light<br />

and colour.<br />

Beyonce, 2022<br />

Textile Patchwork<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 51cm x 71cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 62cm x 82cm<br />


Jo wanted to create a portrait of an icon from the world of entertainment, one which<br />

would appeal to a younger audience and which they could relate to.<br />

African Sunset, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Textile Patchwork<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 50cm x 70cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 61cm x 81cm<br />

£2590.00<br />

Website: joaidoo.wixsite.com/joaidoo Instagram: @joaidoo<br />

Jo Lovelock<br />

Jo is a mixed media artist. After a ten-year career in graphic design, she studied art<br />

textiles at the University for the Creative Arts earning an MA with distinction in 2016.<br />

Jo has shown work in group exhibitions both nationally and internationally. In 2017 she<br />

had a joint exhibition with the artist Naoya Doi at the prestigious Gallery in Kyoto,<br />

Japan, and in 2022 had pieces selected for the RSA Annual <strong>Exhibition</strong> and the RA<br />

Summer <strong>Exhibition</strong>.<br />

ST16, 2022<br />

Acrylic<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 20cm x 25cm<br />

£300.00<br />

GL50, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Acrylic<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 25cm x 25cm<br />

£325.00<br />

MK40, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Acrylic<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 25cm x 25cm<br />

£325.00<br />

Woven paper map mounted on board.<br />

Website: www.jolovelock.com Instagram: @jolovelockartist<br />

Julia Hardy<br />

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, Jules the Sculptor's art reflects the<br />

polarity and eccentricity of her experience. Grounded by nature, Jules escapes to the<br />

mountains or desert whenever possible, accompanied by her partner and their two<br />


Seaside, 2022<br />

Sculpture<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 48.5cm x 40cm x 10.8cm<br />

£550.00<br />

Love burns in perpetuity, disregarding the passage of time. She’d rather waste away<br />

than admit loss. You’ll find her seaside, waiting. (Sculpture, cast in resin, painted with<br />

acrylics, framed.)<br />

Instagram: @jules_the_sculptor<br />

Katie Clare Evans<br />

Katie Evans is a local abstract artist who likes to create art using acrylics and other<br />

mediums. She is particularly drawn to metallics, which are featured heavily in her work,<br />

often in the form of gold leaf and she enjoys experimenting with different textures. She<br />

is an emerging artist, only taking her passion seriously during the first lockdown;<br />

creating statement pieces for her home to tie into her colour scheme and has now<br />

branched out by selling to the local community.<br />

Himalayan Sunset, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Mixed with gold leaf and acrylic glass beads.<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 100cm x 100cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 103cm x 103cm.<br />

£595.00<br />

Belt of Venus, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Acrylic<br />

Dimensions Framed: 53cm x 73cm.<br />

£245.00<br />

Instagram: @katieclareevans<br />

Kevin Kane<br />

Kevin Kane is a figurative artist who works using multiple media to create work from the<br />

dual perspectives of both a scientist and an artist. Kane enjoys this juxtaposition<br />

between the traditional and the contemporary, influenced by the art of both Chuck<br />

Close, Lucien Freud, Stanley Spencer and David Hockney. Kane's works traverse the<br />

use of both traditional materials and techniques such as paint and canvas; digital,<br />

working with an iPad with limitless possibilities using his programming background.<br />

Felipe, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Edition of 20<br />

Linocut<br />

Dimensions Framed: 40cm x 49cm<br />

Price Unframed: £450.00

Price Framed: £600.00<br />

Lino print on Japanese Hosho Select 80gsm paper. The print features a portrait of the<br />

talented artist Felipe Chavez, his face and body rendered in bold, sweeping strokes that<br />

convey a sense of raw emotion and vulnerability.<br />

Crystal, 2022<br />

Edition of 10<br />

Giclée print of digital drawing printed on Hahnemühle German Etching paper<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 50.8cm x 71.5cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 72cm x 87cm (1 x Gilded frame) OR 60 x 80 plain black frame<br />

Price Unframed: £400.00<br />

Price Framed: £600.00<br />

Gilded Frame: £1200.00<br />

This is a digital drawing that features Crystal from Ru Paul Drag Race UK (season 1)<br />

appearing both as masculine and feminine forms, using hand drawn swirling marks that<br />

are inspired by Chuck Close’s pixelated portraits.<br />

Website: www.kevinkaneartist.com Instagram: @kevin.kane.art<br />

KV Duong<br />

KV Duong (b.1980 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam) is a London-based artist who examines the<br />

complexities of the Vietnamese queer identity through painting, performance, and<br />

installation. Duong grew up in Canada to Chinese Vietnamese parents displaced by the<br />

Vietnam War. He explores themes of migration and cultural assimilation through the<br />

lens of his personal and familial history.<br />

Duong is a self-taught artist with a Master’s in Structural Engineering. He presented his<br />

first institutional solo exhibition at the Migration Museum in 2022.<br />

Searching for Solace 1, 2021<br />

Acrylic on paper<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 42cm x 30cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 52cm x 42cm<br />

£495.00<br />

Process. Reflection. Solitude. Grateful.<br />

These are the thoughts going through my mind in a post covid society. Whether we’re<br />

living in a densely populated city, or isolated in the countryside, we all yearn for human<br />

connection and community.<br />

Searching for Solace 3, 2021<br />

Acrylic on paper<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 42cm x 30cm

Dimensions Framed: 52cm x 42cm<br />

£495.00<br />

Website: https://www.kvduong.com/ Instagram: @kvduongart<br />

Lilly Hodgkinson<br />

My practice as a textile-based artist involves cutting and resewing fabric to create<br />

layered wall hangings, with details of embroidery and painting. My works evolve<br />

naturally as I use my intuition and do little to no planning before personal pieces, a bit<br />

like a puzzle.<br />

We are always surrounded in fabric as we sleep and as we live. Without realising it,<br />

fabric is one of the main representations of ourselves.<br />

Stained Fabric Window, 2022<br />

Mixed fabric, embroidery, bleach, beads, and machine stitch<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 177cm x 110cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 177cm x 110cm<br />

£900.00<br />

A figure pressing their hands against a cold window, perhaps a place of worship.<br />

Website: https://lilyghodgkinsonart.myportfolio.com/ Instagram: @lilyhodgkinsonart<br />

Linda Chapman<br />

I am an abstract photographic artist from London. First working as a commercial<br />

photographer until about 5 years ago when I decided to concentrate full time on my art.<br />

Since then, I have been awarded Fujifilm Photo Yearbook 2020, exhibited with ING<br />

Discerning Eye at the Mall galleries, OtherArt Fair and Saatchiart, Roys Art Fair,<br />

Talented Art Fair, Candid Arts, 508 Gallery Chelsea, D Contemporary gallery Mayfair,<br />

Crypt gallery, Flux Greenwich plus exhibitions in New York, Vienna and Paris.<br />

Outside in, 2018<br />

Edition of 5<br />

Photography on aluminium<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 51cm x 76cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 52cm x 77cm<br />

£995.00<br />

My artworks are a visual representation of how my mind naturally interprets things into<br />

complex colourful stories, with abstract hidden detail. Using only natural light,<br />

reflections, and refraction without manipulation. The results are reflected layers,<br />

abstracted from everyday life.

Website: lindachapmanart.co.uk Instagram: @lindachapman_art<br />

Louis Szabo<br />

Louis is predominately a landscape oil painter currently living in the UK and hasbeen<br />

painting realistic landscapes since the age of 16. In my work I try to express my love<br />

and fascination with nature by romanticising the natural world, portraying all that it has<br />

to offer.<br />

This addiction originated after I learned to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of the<br />

Earth, starting with my dad’s home country, Slovakia, a source of my inspiration due to<br />

its magnificent biodiversity.<br />

Rieka, 2022<br />

Oil Paint<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 30cm x 40cm<br />

£500.00<br />

This painting is of the national park “Tatry” which sits on the border of North Slovakia<br />

and South Poland. The calming yet mysterious atmosphere this painting radiates makes<br />

it one of my proudest and most popular pieces.<br />

Website: www.lrspaintings.com Instagram: @lrs.paintings<br />

Maduka Emmanuel Onyebuchi<br />

Maduka is a hyper realism ballpoint pen artist based in Nigeria. He started his journey<br />

as an artist when he was 9 years old. He chose ballpoint pen as a medium because he<br />

feels that pen is a medium of writing stories. He has a passion in illustrating stories in<br />

relation to human portraiture and figures, blending stories and unspeakable feelings in<br />

pictures.<br />

In Her Watch, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Ball pen on paper<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 76.2cm x 101.6cm<br />

£4031.00<br />

“In Her Watch” is a piece talking about women in power.<br />

Inside Out, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Ball pen on paper<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 50.8cm x 60.9cm<br />


This piece talks about things happening inside the human body and its effect on the<br />

outer body or our character. Having the red coloured body as the bad or hurt side of our<br />

being and the blue coloured as the positive side of ourselves.<br />

Wear Yourself, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Ball pen on paper<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 76.2 cm x 88.9cm<br />

£3225.00<br />

“Wear yourself” is an idiomatic expression that shows self-respect and selfidentification,<br />

exhibiting the originality in oneself, no matter the location or the version of<br />

yourself.<br />

Martin Derek White<br />

Every piece I create is filled with dozens of my complicated emotions and 99% of my pieces<br />

are influenced by my mood at the time, whether I’m missing a girlfriend, had a hard day, or<br />

just simply want to express my appreciation for the fact that I’ve been given the ability to<br />

create. This piece comes from a place of love and loss and I am grateful to be sharing it with<br />

people who will appreciate my work.<br />

With All My Heart & All My Love, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Ink and Watercolour<br />

Dimensions Framed: 45cm x 33.5cm<br />

£300.00<br />

Maryam Sandjari Hashemi<br />

Maryam Sandjari Hashemi is a multidisciplinary artist and a Spiritual coach.<br />

Her art practice includes Visual Art, Performance and Textile. She has been a painter<br />

for over two decades and her work is rooted in her upbringing in Iran and her colourful<br />

life. She believes her works are like psychedelic journeys and can act as mirrors<br />

reflecting deep parts of the viewer back at them. She often uses her paintings as a tool<br />

for self-development in her spiritual practice.<br />

The Bridge Over the River of Time, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Acrylic on Canvas<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 101 x 81cm<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 103 x 83cm<br />


The river of time passes through, like the sharpest blade splicing through dimensions,<br />

weaving the droplets of blood and tears. Under the bridge she is scrying silently, deep in<br />

the ripples, counting the rhythms, the sparkling new dawn rising,<br />

Website: www.maryamhashemi.com Instagram: @marhashem<br />

Matthew Richard Cooke<br />

Matricco (Matthew Richard Cook) was born and grew up in east London and now lives<br />

in Ely near Cambridge. He worked for many years as a nurse in the NHS, then in health<br />

promotion and in the charity sector. Having gained a crafts/art degree in Brighton when<br />

younger, the need to create remained throughout, and in 2022 he changed his life<br />

completely and relocated in order to dedicate himself to painting.<br />

214 Configuration Street, 2022<br />

Eco-friendly paint on board<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 80cm x 112cm x 2cm<br />

£950.00<br />

15c Interaction Place, 2022<br />

Eco-friendly paint on board<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 94cm x 85cm x 2cm<br />

£900.00<br />

Matricco plays with geometric elements from contemporary architecture to create bold<br />

and dynamic abstract images, which become material objects in their own right by<br />

breaking free from the traditional frame. He works in eco-friendly paint on cut and<br />

shaped board.<br />

Instagram: @matricco.art<br />

Maya Land<br />

Maya Land is a London-based surreal collage artist whose stunning and thoughtprovoking<br />

works explore contemporary society's social and political issues. Her<br />

artworks, made by hand using vintage imagery, have been sold all over the world and<br />

exhibited in some of the most prestigious galleries in Europe, including the Saatchi<br />

Gallery in London. Maya's recent works include larger pieces that combine painting and<br />

collaging on canvas, and she has been shortlisted four times for the Royal Academy's<br />

Summer <strong>Exhibition</strong>.<br />

Red Room, 2018<br />

Original Collage - Handmade<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 16cm x 21.5cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 22 x 5cm x 28cm<br />


The Red Room of Love collage is a romantic piece that features a couple walking<br />

through a room filled with red and pink flowers. In the background, two doves can be<br />

seen flying, adding to the romantic atmosphere of the artwork.<br />

The use of vintage imagery and collage techniques creates a dream-like quality,<br />

drawing the viewer into a world of love and passion. The rich red tones of the room and<br />

flowers evoke feelings of warmth and intensity, while the doves symbolise peace and<br />

unity.<br />

Women and Sheep, 2018<br />

Original Collage - Handmade<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 24cm x 18cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 31cm x 25 x 5cm<br />

£1000.00<br />

The Women and Sheep collage artwork by Maya Land is a stunning and thoughtprovoking<br />

piece that explores complex social and political themes.<br />

The artwork challenges the idea of class division by highlighting the stark differences<br />

between the well-dressed, upper-class women and the humble, grazing sheep. It also<br />

challenges the traditional gender roles by placing women in a position of power and<br />

authority, which is not typically seen in contemporary society.<br />

Art Is Nature & Nature Is Art, 2018<br />

Original Collage - Handmade<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 16.5cm x 19.5cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 24cm x 2cm x 27 x 5cm<br />

£1000.00<br />

This artwork is part of Inside Outside series and explores the concept of searching for<br />

balance between the need to spend time inside but also to go outside. The red room<br />

represents the interior, a private and protected space, while the beach scene<br />

symbolises the outside world, open and free. This artwork has been shortlisted this year<br />

for Summer <strong>Exhibition</strong> at Royal Academy.<br />

The Swimming Pool Room, 2018<br />

Original Collage - Handmade<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 18.5cm x 15.7cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 26.5cm x 23 x 4cm<br />

£1000.00<br />

The room filled with books represents the interior, a private and intellectual space, while<br />

the swimming pool and people symbolise the exterior, a social and physical space.

The contrast between the two spaces creates a tension that challenges the traditional<br />

notion of space and invites the viewer to reflect on the interplay between these two<br />

worlds.<br />

Website: www.artisticsideoflife.com Instagram: @artisticsideoflife<br />

Megan Daly<br />

Whilst studying a Fine Art degree, I homed in on printmaking. Following this I completed<br />

a Masters in ‘Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking’ at the University of the West of England.<br />

My practice combines microbiology and printmaking. I experiment with the aesthetics of<br />

microbiology; playing with pattern, scale and texture; looking beyond the surface.<br />

Whilst Completing My masters I took part in various residencies, in the biology labs, as<br />

well as teaching bacteria cultivation workshops. This allowed me to gather first hand<br />

imagery.<br />

Exemption, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Edition of 15<br />

Screen Print<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 42cm x 59.4cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 42cm x 59.4cm<br />

£450.00<br />

‘Exemption’ is imagined- created using collage, found imagery and hand drawn<br />

elements. “Exemption’ was created before Covid spread throughout the world, this<br />

reflects what I thought it could look like on a microbiological level and how it could<br />

potentially spread.<br />

Website: https://thatartistmegan.square.site/ Instagram: @ hat.artist.megan<br />

Melissa Hartley<br />

Melissa Hartley (1996) London-based British abstract painter and muralist, graduated from<br />

Central Saint Martins with BA Fine Art in 2019. She paints to portray emotions through a visual<br />

sense, typically using colour to control the energy and direct the eye. Her work is based on<br />

geometric abstraction that explores the relationships between space, shape, colour and light,<br />

while blurring the boundaries between painting and sculpture.<br />

Irradiate No.2, 2022<br />

Acrylic paint on birch ply<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 122cm x 57cm<br />


Irradiate No.2 embodies a geometric style that explores the relationship between colour<br />

and reflection. It highlights how different hues of blue can be layered and flow together<br />

while having a contrasting pink glow to add another dimension to the work.<br />

Layered, 2022<br />

Acrylic paint on canvas<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 60cm x 50cm<br />

£650.00<br />

Layered is a hardedge painting exploring geometric abstraction, showing how colours<br />

can be layered and blended using gradients and iridescent paint to allow the painting to<br />

change depending on where the viewer is standing.<br />

Website: www.melissahartleyart.com Instagram: @melissahartleyart<br />

Michael Echekoba<br />

Michael Echekoba was born in East Dulwich, London and raised in Nigeria where he<br />

had most of his education.<br />

His style is mostly based on the subject, concept, and message he wishes to convey. In<br />

recent times has evolved in style and content and seem to explore narratives that touch<br />

on social-political events of present times all over the world. Michael also enjoys<br />

experimenting with unconventional techniques to create stylised suggestive imagery.<br />

African Queen No.2, 2016<br />

Acrylic on canvas<br />

Dimensions Framed: 89cm x 63.5cm<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 79cm x 53.5cm<br />

£3500.00<br />

Artist attempt to depict the beauty and elegance of African Woman.<br />

The piece is a metaphor for amplifier beauty from African perspective and the role<br />

Women play in our community. Historical impact made by female Warriors and<br />

Motherhood. The slightly elongated neck is intentionally to show poise and<br />

sophistication and sensuality without provocation.<br />

Beckoning of the “god”, 2004<br />

Acrylic on canvas<br />

Dimensions Framed: 55cm x 75cm.<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 50cm x 70cm<br />


“Beckoning of the gods” is a depiction of African relationship with the gods through<br />

instrumentality and cultural and love of dancing and communal living.<br />

Music and dancing are an integral part of who we are and brings comfort through good<br />

and bad times. The Artist has used stylisation of the figures to suggest Mystical<br />

affiliation with gods, while deploying bright colours to suggest Happy spirit associated<br />

with Africa.<br />

Celebration, 2004<br />

Acrylic on canvas paper<br />

Dimensions Framed: 55cm x 75cm.<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 50cm x 70cm<br />

£1500.00<br />

Celebration is Artist attempt to capture his cultural heritage through dancing and<br />

communal living. Music and dancing are an integral part of who we are and brings<br />

comfort through good and bad times. Already the content is African, but the cubism and<br />

colours give a Contemporary feel.<br />

Mingzhang Sun<br />

Mingzhang Sun is a Chinese-born artist based in London. He graduated from the<br />

Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and the University of the Arts in London. Driven<br />

and inspired by his surroundings, Mingzhang explores and translates his experiences<br />

into visual art through paintings, drawings, sculpture, clothes, performance, and videos.<br />

As an artist Ming’s central concerns are time, space, and being, which he explores<br />

using inspiration from his memories and the experiences of his surroundings.<br />

Three Lotus leaves, 2019<br />

Oil on canvas<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 120cm x 76cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 126cm x 82cm.<br />

£4500.00<br />

Where I grow up, lotuses are part of agriculture instead of being appreciated, they are growing<br />

on the lotus farm for the future market, from the flowers to leaves, to roots, and the seeds. This<br />

always makes me curious, besides the commercial uses, what else remains for us as a people?<br />

It says that after three generations you won't know who they are anymore, even though their<br />

blood is similar. Lotus have its own time of blossoming and fading, not something we can<br />


Puberty, 2019<br />

Oil on canvas<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 120 x 90cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 126 x 96cm.<br />

£5200.00<br />

How does it feel to go through your puberty? I do feel it was a bit salty, and there were a<br />

few unhappy things that happened. I am sure it still affects some of my thinking. When I<br />

slow down my steps and start to call back all of the memories and try to find the hint of<br />

me as I became me, I do notice there is always a bit of filthy taste from the years I spent<br />

discovering the world with a new sense of desire through my veins. It was the time of<br />

shame and excitement, hate and joy all mixed into the drops of “that” explosion.<br />

I got driven by my body and mood quite often after I discovered the change in my<br />

chemistry. It is still happening, this sense of longing and desire. And I am glad that at<br />

least something has not changed since the breakdown. At least something continues to<br />

defy oblivion.<br />

Ladder Night, 2019<br />

Oil on canvas<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 60cm x 76cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 66cm x 82cm.<br />

£2500.00<br />

One hot summer night, when I was a little boy, my family climbed a ladder in our home<br />

in order to reach an outdoor area to escape the oppressive heat. All of us had made it<br />

up except my mother and baby sister. For some reason, as they were climbing the<br />

ladder fell and the baby suffered head injuries. That night forever changed our family.<br />

For the rest of my childhood, all the focus of the money and attention had to go towards<br />

helping my sister recover.<br />

I recently saw a picture of a child playing in the entryway at the Tate Museum. The light<br />

from the windows above fell onto the concrete floor in stripes, like a fallen ladder. Or<br />

prison bars.<br />

I thought of my own childhood, playing in the prison of that fallen ladder. Never able to<br />

get free.<br />

Which made me think of other fallen ladders. My daily pillbox. Not a ladder that ever<br />

leads up to a higher place. Only an endless horizontal climb from Sunday to Saturday<br />

and then repeat.<br />

But it is not all sadness. In the painting, my own children are playing in the Tate. Not the<br />

children of my flesh, but the children of my soul, my paintings. Someday I hope they will<br />

get the chance to play there.

My present self is also there, carrying half of a dragonfish. Dragonfish are con- sidered<br />

lucky. They will give their life to save the life of their master. And, like the pills that keep<br />

me alive, I do feel that some lucky charm, has kept me from death. But only halfway. I<br />

still lack the other half of the fish, the part it uses to move forward.<br />

My parents are also in the picture in the back corner slinking around in the back of my<br />

mind offering judgment but never love.<br />

This painting was just my reaction to a picture of a child playing. There are many other<br />

things going on, possibly things I don’t even see yet. Someday, when I do reach the<br />

next stage, I will look back and maybe be able to fully see that it was all just a little bad<br />

luck, no one was fully to blame and then we can put the ladder back up again, and this<br />

time, climb all the way to safety.<br />

Those that seem connected still have a gap in between, those that seem to match still<br />

have opposing gears. After all we are here, after all we were here.<br />

Website: www.mingzhangsun.com Instagram: @themingzhangsun<br />

Myke Vainauskas<br />

I create bold and expressive paintings on canvas, exploring the complexities of the<br />

human mind, perception, memory, and dreams. I experiment with different materials<br />

such as acrylic paint, oil sticks and spray paint, layering them to create rich textures and<br />

depth. By incorporating data visualisations and scientific elements, I explore the<br />

contrast between the natural world and anthropogenic processes; using data and<br />

geometric shapes to create a sense of order and balance within the chaotic<br />

compositions.<br />

The Great Smog of London, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Acrylic, oil stick, spray paint, and collage on canvas<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 100cm x 100cm<br />

£1500.00<br />

This painting explores the events and consequences of the Great Smog of London, a<br />

severe air pollution event that happened in 1952.<br />

Untitled, 2021<br />

Acrylic and spray paint on canvas<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 81cm x 102cm<br />

£1400.00<br />

This painting deconstructs the space and objects in my bedroom; objects are<br />

rearranged and juxtaposed against free-flowing, abstract spaces of paint.<br />

Instagram: @mykevainauskas

Patrick Bremer<br />

Brighton-born collage artist Patrick Bremer received his BFA from Wimbledon School of<br />

Art. Cut from old magazines and books, his work is focused on creating intimate and<br />

multi-layered representations of his subjects, pushing the portrait into abstraction.<br />

Patrick has exhibited throughout Europe, USA, and South Korea, and worked with<br />

clients such as Cadillac, Google, and Andy Murray Tennis. Previously a school teacher,<br />

he has led collage workshops at the Victoria & Albert Museum and from his studio in<br />

rural Somerset.<br />

Through the Canopy, 2020<br />

Cut paper on canvas<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 70cm x 100cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 77cm x 107cm<br />

£3250.00<br />

As humans we observe and are part of nature. I wanted the piece to be a portrait and a<br />

still life, with natural elements and foliage intertwining through the piece. The shapes<br />

are stolen with enthusiasm from Matisse’s cut outs.<br />

Halo, 2021<br />

Cut paper on canvas<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 40cm x 50cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 47cm x 57cm<br />

£2250.00<br />

One eye peeks though the foliage, the rest of the portrait is fragmented and lost in the<br />

wilderness. It’s not immediately clear at first, and hints at the hidden connections and<br />

tensions that exist within each individual.<br />

Moonrise, 2021<br />

Cut paper on canvas<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 40cm x 50cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 47cm x 57cm<br />

£2250.00<br />

Collage is a way to explore the relationship between the individual and collective. Hints<br />

of words, shapes and patterns are layered on top of each other, leaves spiral behind<br />

and through the portrait; and colour is celebrated.<br />

Website: www.patrickbremer.co.uk Instagram: @patbremer<br />

Paul Elmes

Paul’s practice consists of using collages of found elements, usually paper. This<br />

developed as the re-working of sections of lino cut and screen prints that he had made,<br />

which were used as a ground for painting on. Having previously used found material<br />

from magazines, Paul now also uses found material from advertising hoardings, hence<br />

the series ‘Outdoor’. Paul exhibited work in a group show at the London Lighthouse<br />

Gallery in 2021.<br />

Outdoor 2, 2022<br />

Paper Collage on Paper<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 40cm x 40cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 53.5cm x 53.5cm<br />

£475.00<br />

Part of a series of collage works using found material from outdoor advertising<br />

hoardings.<br />

Outdoor 3, 2022<br />

Paper Collage on Board<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 50cm x 50cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 53.5cm x 53.5cm<br />

£575.00<br />

Instagram: @paul.elmes<br />

Paul Flanders<br />

Paul Flanders was born in 1970 in Greenwich, London and studied graphic design and<br />

sculpture in his 20’s. Currently he paints plein air in oils and his subjects are mainly<br />

urban scenes of South London at night. He is influenced by artists such as Edward<br />

Hopper, photographers such as Ernst Haas and Saul Leiter, and neo-noir films. His<br />

work has been exhibited at numerous venues including the Mall Galleries, D-<br />

Contemporary Gallery and the Shard.<br />

Stand out Barbers, New Cross 8.30pm, 2022<br />

Oil On Gesso Board<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 30.5cm x 61cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 31cm x 61.5cm<br />

£1050.00<br />

This artwork portrays a common scene in New Cross during the evenings. Painted for<br />

the most part en plein-air, it represents how barber shops and hairdressers are part of<br />

the commercial and social life of the area.<br />

Bus Stop, New Cross 8.30pm, 2021

Oil On Gesso Board<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 61cm x 91.4cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 63cm x 93.4cm<br />

£1750.00<br />

This painting of the evening commute in New Cross Road was inspired by neo noir films<br />

and theatre stage lighting. The bus shelter light highlights a central figure, their solitary<br />

aspect emphasized by rendering the surrounding figures as silhouettes.<br />

Website: www.paulflandersartist.com Instagram: @paulflandersartist<br />

Pauline Maddocks<br />

Hertfordshire based artist Pauline Maddocks gained a BA Hons from St Martin’s<br />

London. Upon moving to the Chilterns, she has rekindled her love of painting and now<br />

paints the natural world in an abstract manner. She has exhibited and sold at several<br />

contemporary art fairs as well as galleries in London and the Home Counties. Clients<br />

who collect her work have commented “Pauline’s work is wonderfully abstracted,<br />

colourful and totally free”.<br />

Beauty and the Beast, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Acrylic and inks on canvas<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 100cm x 100cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 104cm x 104cm<br />

£1400.00<br />

The peony and hydrangea are endeavouring to reach out to save themselves from<br />

being destroyed. Particles from each are joining the universe, what will happen … who<br />

knows?<br />

Show Me, 2022<br />

Acrylic and alcohol ink on canvas<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 60cm x 60cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 64cm x 64cm<br />

£695.00<br />

The leaves are breaking free from the comfort of the earth to find solace in the sun. The<br />

plant’s ecosystem has been damaged by pollution.<br />

Phil Höhn<br />

Phil Höhn is a German artist based in Frankfurt and Berlin. Having obtained an MSc in<br />

Psychology from LSE, he sought a way to merge psychology and creativity, and autodidactically<br />

obtained the skills of artistic practice. He gained experience as a designer in furniture and art

efore joining Studio Olafur Eliasson in Berlin as developer and project leader of artworks. He<br />

then set up his own art practice, of which he is now showing his initial body of work.<br />

Golden Youth, 2021<br />

Mixed media<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 70cm x 100cm<br />

£4000.00<br />

The work explores themes inherent to life cycles: origins, growth, competition, and glorification.<br />

The materials of withered palm tree bark and soil suggest opposite ends of life, where new life is<br />

glorified by turning golden.<br />

Instagram: @phlhhn<br />

Philip Verhoeven<br />

Philip specialises mainly in painting “Still Life.” His paintings are characterised by the<br />

use of bright colours and the combination of different styles. He gets his inspiration from<br />

various art movements such as pop art, figurative art, graffiti, and graphic design. In<br />

addition to his passion for art, he also has a great love for history, literature, and music.<br />

The Pioneers, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Acrylic and inks on canvas<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 100cm x 100cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 104cm x 104cm<br />

£3250.00<br />

20000 Leagues Under The Sea, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Acrylic and inks on canvas<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 100cm x 100cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 104cm x 104cm<br />

£3250.00<br />

Instagram: @philipv13<br />

Ruby Khan<br />

Ruby Khan is a London-based contemporary artist who envisions celebrating; the<br />

physical and emotional journey she has undertaken throughout her life. Born, raised,<br />

and working in London, Ruby studied Art and Design at Uxbridge College; graduated<br />

with a degree in Fine Arts BA from the University of East London. Ruby is intrigued by<br />

German expressionism to evoke power through abstraction using intuitive for bright,<br />

optimistic colours and shapes, her diverse art practices in printmaking, painting,<br />

photography, sculpture and installation.<br />

Melancholic Journey, 2019<br />

Screenprint on fabriano

Dimensions Unframed: 63cm x 85cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 60cm x 80cm<br />

£850.00<br />

Ruby uses deconstruction line art that reforms the city's architectural landscape to reflect its<br />

mental atmosphere surrounded by tall buildings of London. Her artwork triggers an expression<br />

encompassing language recovery, childhood sensation memories, diversity, and the history of<br />

London.<br />

Website: https://rubykhanart.wixsite.com/rubykhan Instagram: @rubykhansartlife<br />

Sara Rawlinson<br />

Sara Rawlinson is an award-winning photographer specialising in both abstract fine art<br />

and heritage architecture. She has had a camera in her hands most days since she was<br />

six years old.<br />

A decade in geoscience preceded her return to photography in 2013, so those years still<br />

heavily influence her photography. Recent work showcases textures, landscapes,<br />

geological features, and geological current events e.g. sea level rise and volcanic<br />

eruptions.<br />

Her works are held in private and public collections around the world.<br />

The Deceit of Water 0, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Edition of 5<br />

Archival pigment print on 100% cotton paper<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 55cm x 35cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 55cm x 77cm<br />

£650.00<br />

Number 3/20 in ‘The Deceit of Water’ series which presents the concept of sea level<br />

rise along the Amalfi coast, Italy. Single exposure photograph made with intentional<br />

camera movement.<br />

Hope, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Edition of 5<br />

Archival pigment print on 100% cotton paper<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 55cm x 28cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 76cm x 49cm<br />

£650.00<br />

The setting sun and pastel sea showcase beauty and clarity amidst the destructive<br />

potential of sea level rise. Single exposure photograph made with intentional camera<br />

movement in Amalfi, Italy. Part of a new series about sea level rise.<br />

Resilience, <strong>2023</strong>

Edition of 5<br />

Archival pigment print on 100% cotton paper<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 55cm x 28cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 76cm x 49cm<br />

£650.00<br />

The sun perseveres atop the cliffs of Amalfi Italy, punctuating the water’s calm. Single<br />

exposure photograph made with intentional camera movement. Part of a new series<br />

related to the concept of sea level rise.<br />

Website: sararawlinson.com Instagram: @rawlinsonphoto<br />

Sarah James<br />

Brighton-based contemporary painter, Sarah James is best known for her unique<br />

portraits and subversive themes, using a surreal and neo-expressionist style. Inspired<br />

by horror and colour (two of her favourite things) she creates work that is both playful<br />

and curious, using mainly acrylic on canvas, wood, and clay.<br />

She has exhibited in several galleries and open exhibitions including most recently<br />

‘Oxmarket Open 2022’, and ‘Glitter in my Wounds’, a group exhibition inspired by a<br />

CAConrad poem about stereotypes and homosexuality.<br />

Leaving, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Acrylic on linen canvas<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 40cm x 40cm<br />

£400.00<br />

A woman decides to leave and puts on her coat. Energy is conveyed in the ripples of<br />

fabric and layers of cool greens painted with bold strokes. The square form shows a<br />

snapshot in time, much like a Polaroid picture.<br />

Website: https://www.sarahjamesartist.com Instagram: @sarahjamesart<br />

Sophie Lewis

Sophy Lewis, a London-based portrait artist, works primarily with acrylics. Although she<br />

didn't study fine art, her history degree sparked a fascination with how art shapes<br />

societies and can be a powerful political tool. Her self-portraits explore themes of<br />

stability and inner strength, using vulnerability to evoke solidarity. Her work invites<br />

viewers to form their own personal responses and ask their own questions. Rather than<br />

curating their feelings, Sophy purposefully leaves room for interpretation, resulting in<br />

powerful and thought-provoking pieces.<br />

Insomnia, 2020<br />

Acrylic on canvas<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 60cm x 90cm<br />

£350.00<br />

Insomnia, a self-portrait painted during lockdown, captures the anxiety-ridden<br />

atmosphere of uncertainty and instability. Through a penetrating gaze and intense<br />

colours, the painting asks viewers to ponder the cause of the subjects sleeplessness,<br />

evoking discomfort and introspection.<br />

Website: sophylewis.com<br />

Stella Jane Yarrow<br />

I am a fine art printmaker. My prints reflect my passion for the natural environment. I<br />

specialise in lino cut and etched lino. I also combine lino print with other techniques<br />

such as monoprint. I make my prints by hand, using a traditional etching press, at the<br />

Art Academy in London, where I am a Print Associate and a part-time print tutor. I<br />

exhibit regularly in London and elsewhere in the UK.<br />

You See The Foam, Not The Ocean, 2022<br />

Edition of 20<br />

Etched lino and lino cut print<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 39.7cm x 27cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 54cm x 42.2cm<br />

£315.00 (Framed)<br />

£225.00 (Unframed)<br />

This print was inspired by the windy sky and sea of North Wales. It combines the<br />

techniques of lino etching and lino cut and was printed by hand on a traditional etching<br />

press. One of a series of three seascapes.<br />

Then to the Elements be Free, 2022<br />

Edition of 20<br />

Etched lino print<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 40.2cm x 29.6cm

Dimensions Framed: 54cm x 45cm<br />

£315.00 (Framed)<br />

£225.00 (Unframed)<br />

This print was inspired by the windy sky and sea of North Wales. It was made with the<br />

technique of lino etching and was printed by hand on a traditional etching press. One of<br />

a series of three seascapes.<br />

The Sea Turns Itself and Foams, 2022<br />

Edition of 20<br />

Etched lino, lino cut and monoprint<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 40.3cm x 25.7cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 54cm x 40cm<br />

£315.00 (Framed)<br />

£225.00 (Unframed)<br />

This print was inspired by the windy sky and sea of North Wales. It combines the<br />

techniques of lino etching, lino cut and monoprint and was printed by hand on a<br />

traditional etching press. One of a series of three seascapes.<br />

Website: https://www.stellayarrowprints.com/ Instagram: @stellayarrow2018<br />

Valya Korabelnikova<br />

Valya concentrates on seeing the spiritual in the ordinary in her works. She explores<br />

how our daily life is connected with our subconscious and dreams, how reality and<br />

fiction are inseparable from each other.<br />

In the persistent uniformity and indifference of the modern world, Valya values reflecting<br />

what is personal and sincere in every project. Each is a result of a careful choice from a<br />

variety of different photographic techniques, rare lenses, and hand-printing techniques,<br />

that are selected to reflect the projects' unique nature and atmosphere.<br />

City Spririt, 2022<br />

Edition of 7<br />

Photography<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 29.9cm x 44.8cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 43cm x 53cm<br />

£250.00<br />

London has an underlining dark spirit, which I strive to palpate in these series. I wanted<br />

not to picture the reality, but to use my camera in the way that an expressionistic painter<br />

uses his brush, distorting the reality to make it expressive of the artist's inner feelings in<br />

the moment of interaction with it.

Conversation With Spirit, 2021<br />

Edition of 7<br />

Photography, C-type print, Fujy Pearl<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 60.9cm x 40.6cm<br />

£450.00<br />

When I was developing this series of photographs with a mask, I thought about Indian<br />

and Japanese beliefs, where spirits from the afterlife, creepy and scary at first glance,<br />

end up as friends, simply speaking their own, very specific language.<br />

Website: https://www.valya.photography/ Instagram: @valya_korabelnikova<br />

Wowser Ng<br />

Wowser Ng (b.1998), is a China-born, London-based visual artist. Wowser is known for<br />

his digital paintings, in which bright colors, and fashionable products, Asian queers have<br />

developed a unique painting language. Wowser opens a new perspective on the<br />

possibilities of contemporary painting through a digital painting that combines abstract<br />

and figurative. Defining his practice as a challenge to pop culture, he appropriates<br />

fashion products to form unique visual narratives and uses stylized abstract images in<br />

his research.<br />

The Great Escape, 2022<br />

Edition of 15<br />

Digital Painting<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 37.4cm x 50cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 50cm x 63cm<br />

£500.00<br />

Inspired by marketing theories, this painting is based on the understanding of the<br />

relationship between fashion, art, and the market. This painting explores issues of<br />

Generation Z by appropriating commodities to form context from the perspective of<br />

Asian queers.<br />

Blessing, 2022<br />

Edition of 15<br />

Digital Painting<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 37.4cm x 50cm<br />

Dimensions Framed: 50cm x 63cm<br />

£500.00<br />

Website: https://www.wowserng.com/ Instagram: @wowser_ng<br />

Yuen Ying Chan<br />

I am a Hong Kongese painter currently living and working in London. My practice<br />

primarily consists of abstract-surrealistic drawings and paintings. The themes of my

work revolve around the visualisation of complex emotions, exploration of the mindbody<br />

connection and representation of my cultural heritage. They all reflect a<br />

sophisticated analysis of my mixed identity through a distinctive visual language.<br />

Mother, 2022<br />

Oil on canvas<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 150cm x 200cm<br />

£2250.00<br />

Father, 2022<br />

Oil on canvas<br />

Dimensions Unframed: 150cm x 200cm<br />

£2250.00<br />

“Mother” and “Father” is a diptych representing the bittersweet feeling of the transition<br />

from childhood to adulthood. They portray particular psychological states one goes<br />

through when beginning to recognise our parents as individuals outside their roles as<br />

mother and father.<br />

Website: https://junechan.cargo.site/ Instagram: @junes_arty

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