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Everything You Need to Know About Multiple Sclerosis

Sinopsis :

Everything You Need To Know About Multiple SclerosisFor

MS Warriors, their Family, Friends and Care GiversIf you are

newly diagnosed with MS, know someone who is, or if you are

a partner or caregiver of someone with MS, you probably have

questions. Everything You Need to Know About Multiple

Sclerosis has answers. It answers questions about what MS is,

different types of MS, MS symptoms and medication, MS and

diet, exercise, smoking (cigarettes and marijuana), drinking,

relationships, sex, pregnancy... In addition, several partners of

MS Warriors write about their experiences. In short while this

book may not have everything, this is a comprehensive book

about MS.So what's in the book?1 / Introduction2 / What Is

MS?3 / Types of MS4 / Why Is MS?5 / First Inklings of MS6 /

Doctors &ampDiagnosis7 / MS Symptoms8 / MS and

Medication9 / Grazing in the Grass10 / To MRI or Not To

MRI?11 / Living with MS12 / Life Hacks and MS13 / MS and

Exercise14 / MS and Diet15 / MS and Depression16 /

Communicating about MS17 / Healthy Partners of MS

Warriors18 / Sex and Pregnancy19 / MS and Me20 / Two

Other Warriors Write20 / Missing Aspects of Life20 / MS Is Not

A Death Sentence21 / Epilogue21 / List of Online MS


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