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ISSUE # 28<br />

WINTER 2023<br />

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2023<br />

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COVER PHOTO: Finn Bilous in action: “This image was taken in Laax,<br />

Switzerland during a spring session in their Halfpipe. My good friend and<br />

multi-talented skier/photographer Daniel Loosli hung himself over the<br />

coping of the halfpipe to get all up in my business, whilst I did this pole<br />

plant blunt flair. As a pro skier himself, I’ve always enjoyed shooting with<br />

Dani as he’s got such a depth of knowledge for tricks and can compose<br />

images that’ll highlight both the trick and the spot best.” (Finn)<br />

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Love the one you’re with<br />

There is a giant pimple in the middle of<br />

an island in the South Pacific, it really<br />

shouldn’t be there. Is it a freak of nature,<br />

or is it a gift? Mt Ruapehu is 2,797 meters<br />

of volcanic rock, complete with lahars, a<br />

steaming crater lake (Te Wai ā-moe) and<br />

controversy as imposing as the mountain<br />

itself.<br />

Many of us grew up skiing those<br />

windblown icy slopes, yet, on reflection,<br />

we recall perfect uncrowded snow,<br />

sunshine and skiing till exhaustion. But<br />

this year, 2023, as we go to print, there<br />

is still a shroud of cloud hanging over the<br />

very existence of what we know as skiing<br />

on Whakapapa and Turoa.<br />

Sure, there are a range of groups who<br />

are looking to take over from RAL; from<br />

overseas investors, private buyers, and<br />

government buyouts, but these are all at<br />

this stage, wishful thinking, rumours and<br />

speculation. But the simple truth is there<br />

is a lack of clarification; will there be a ski<br />

season in 2023 in the North Island, or<br />

will this be the year the mountain closes,<br />

never to re-open? What happens to a<br />

community that has a strong foundation in<br />

skiing and snow sports? It would be like<br />

telling the community of Whangamata<br />

that they can no longer swim in the sea<br />

or Kaikoura residents not to watch the<br />

whales.<br />

The Central Plateau has a huge amount<br />

to offer apart from skiing, but there is a lot<br />

built around the resorts of Whakapapa<br />

and Turoa. Regardless of the issues<br />

that RAL (Ruapehu Alpine Lifts) faces,<br />

whether internal or external, there is no<br />

denying the impact of covid, tourism (lack<br />

of it), climate change, DoC and Iwi, and<br />

now the result is that mountain use is in<br />

a state of change, and not one that was<br />

really unexpected.<br />

The impact of the last three years of what<br />

seems like constant changes outside<br />

of our control, the concept of no more<br />

skiing on Ruapehu now seems like a<br />

possibility. It is not likely, but what it will<br />

look like is hard for anyone to say. Will<br />

they have limited terrain open, will it be<br />

astronomically expensive? 2023 saw the<br />

most expensive day pass ticket rate ever<br />

in <strong>Snow</strong>bowl, north of Flagstaff in Arizona,<br />

where a ski pass is $309usd, (that is,<br />

$503nzd), that is not for a season pass or<br />

even a multi-day ticket that is for a singleday<br />

pass!<br />

There is a message here, which is also the<br />

title of our Canadian feature, and that is to<br />

‘Love the one you’re with’. Enjoy every<br />

moment of what you have when you<br />

have it and do not waste a moment, for<br />

tomorrow it may be gone or, at best, be in<br />

jeopardy. For those of us who complained,<br />

and I was one, about the difficulty of car<br />

parking at Ruapehu, or the price of pies,<br />

or the 20-minute queue times, oh, how we<br />

now long for those snow beers in the sun,<br />

in the car park, after a good day skiing,<br />

looking up at those slopes in the afternoon<br />

light, knowing you can do it all again<br />

tomorrow. But maybe, just maybe, those<br />

days are gone, let us hope not!<br />

So, make the most out of this winter<br />

wherever you are, whatever your activity.<br />

Enjoy every second, and when the wind<br />

is a little strong, or the temperature a little<br />

too cold, the queue a little longer or the<br />

car park a little full, remember how quickly<br />

things can change and ‘love the one you<br />

are with’.<br />

Cheers, Steve Dickinson (Editor)<br />

M-CROSS 88<br />

THIS SKI<br />



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f inn<br />

bilous<br />

Interview with Finn Bilous - Images as stated<br />

Finn Bilous is not just a skier; he surfs, he mountain-bikes,<br />

runs marathons, a few years back now he came second in the<br />

Queenstown half marathon for his age group. At the age of 13 he<br />

won the inaugural Junior World Heli Challenge.<br />

Two-time Winter Olympian Finn Bilous this year has joined the<br />

prestigious 2023 Freeride World Tour roster as a season wildcard.<br />

Bilous, who has competed at the top of the free ski game for the last<br />

six years, is looking forward to transitioning into a different discipline<br />

this coming Northern Hemisphere winter.<br />

Finn explained, “Following on from competing in freeride contests<br />

in my younger years, I have prioritised Slopestyle and Big Air over<br />

the last two Winter Olympic cycles. I am grateful to have been given<br />

this opportunity to put more energy back into freeride. I am looking<br />

forward to staying true to myself and my skiing, taking my slopestyle<br />

and big air tricks to a backcountry setting.”<br />

Amongst the training, skiing, and travelling we caught up with<br />

him briefly and asked some of those question we all want to ask<br />

professional skiers.<br />

At what point did you decide that you wanted to be a<br />

professional skier – was it a decision or something you simply<br />

fell into? I remember idolizing pro skiers from such a young age,<br />

maybe around 6 or 7 years old. However, watching ski films is what<br />

really got me hooked on the sport and the associated lifestyle that<br />

all the pros were living.<br />

If you have to name three attributes that make a good<br />

professional free skier, they would be? Adaptable, motivated,<br />

and resourceful.<br />

What would a younger Finn tell his older self in terms of life as<br />

a professional skier? Stay true to what you believe in, work hard,<br />

and prioritize what’s most important to you.<br />

4// S K I A N DSNOW.CO.NZ<br />

“i remember<br />

watching ski<br />

f ilms is what<br />

really got<br />

me hooked<br />

on the sport<br />

and the<br />

associated<br />

lifestyle<br />

that all the<br />

pros were<br />

living.”<br />

Finn at the Swatch Nines 2023 presented by Falken -<br />

Image by Theo Acworth

Best thing about being a professional free<br />

skier? Not being tied to a 9-5 schedule and<br />

getting to do what you love every day. The older<br />

I get, the more I realize how much of a luxury<br />

that is. We’re super lucky to have so much<br />

autonomy but with that comes responsibility to<br />

make sure you’re still getting things done.<br />

The worst? The perks definitely outweigh the<br />

negatives in my opinion. However, living on<br />

the road for 6-8 months of the year comes with<br />

its challenges not to mention the huge carbon<br />

footprint associated with all the travel. Also,<br />

the roller coaster of competitions can be quite<br />

testing on one's mental state but it’s also what<br />

makes it so rewarding when things do work out.<br />

Is there a point where the fun of skiing just<br />

becomes like every other job? I can’t say it<br />

has for me. Like everything in life, it has its ups<br />

and downs but skiing has always been such<br />

a consistent outlet for me to express myself<br />

creatively and to be productive.<br />

Do you miss tan lines? Haha, I don’t miss tan<br />

lines but I definitely miss surfing throughout the<br />

winters.<br />

Finn at the Swatch Nines 2023 presented by Falken -<br />

Image by Theo Acworth

The new trend of innovative ski competitions - Finn Bilous at the Redbull Playstreets 23 in Bad<br />

Gastein, Austria on February 9, 2023 // Alexander Papis / Red Bull Content Pool<br />

“there’s<br />

a global<br />

community of<br />

like-minded,<br />

easy-going<br />

people.”<br />

Is there comradery between free skiers or is it all<br />

competitions? There’s definitely lots of comradery<br />

between riders. People feed off each other’s riding<br />

which ultimately progresses the sport as a whole. It’s<br />

one of my favourite parts about this industry, there's a<br />

global community of like-minded, easy-going people<br />

that are always willing to help you out when needed.<br />

With the more out-there events like Playstreets<br />

23 in Bad Gastein, Austria, and the Nines – is that<br />

more challenging or more fun? Would you like<br />

to see more events like these? I really like being a<br />

part of these types of events and would be hyped to<br />

see more. I think there’s a real appetite throughout the<br />

industry for something new within the contest space.<br />

Celebrating at the Swatch Nines 2023 presented by Falken - Image by Klaus Polzer<br />

These independent events are all so different and you<br />

never really know what to expect on arrival. Especially<br />

compared to the FIS World Cup circuit which follows far<br />

more of a structure in how the events are run.<br />

What does 2023 hold for Finn Bilous? I’m currently<br />

on my way up to Sweden for Kimbo Sessions and<br />

to wrap up the 22/23 Northern Hemi Winter. Usually,<br />

I return back to NZ around this time of year (April/<br />

May) but instead, I’m going to switch things up and<br />

be based in California, USA for a few months before<br />

flying home. Once returning back to NZ, I’m looking<br />

forward to spending even more time in the backcountry<br />

with friends/family, working on new projects with my<br />

sponsors, and exploring some new zones I’ve wanted<br />

to ski in NZ for a while.<br />



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Zoi in action in Alaska_Credit Natural Selection Tour - Image by Chad Chomlack<br />

season recap<br />

Words by Britt Hawes\<strong>Snow</strong> Sport NZ<br />

NZ_SKIER_POW_DREW_AD.indd 1<br />

P O W G L O V E S . C O M / @ P O W G L O V E S / V E R T E X G T X © G L O V E<br />

D R E W J O L O W I C Z P : D y l a n R o b i n s o n<br />

4/27/21 4:29 PM<br />

Kiwi snow sports athletes have continued their momentum from their<br />

phenomenal 2022 season, continuing to put New Zealand on the global<br />

snow sports map across multiple disciplines. Kiwis had considerable<br />

success at the top levels of the sport, while also producing incredible<br />

results at North American Cup and European Cup level, showing just<br />

how deep the talent runs in Kiwi snow sports. Check out some of the<br />

epic results below!<br />

<strong>Snow</strong>boarding<br />

Zoi Sadowski-Synnott continued her utter dominance of women's<br />

snowboarding, once again finishing on the podium at every event she<br />

dropped into this season.<br />

Zoi won the LAAX <strong>Snow</strong>board Slopestyle Open for the first time in her<br />

decorated career, a dream of hers since she first started competing.<br />

The following week Zoi successfully defended her Aspen X Games<br />

slopestyle gold medal, marking her fourth X Games slopestyle gold<br />

medal and her eighth X Games medal, a phenomenal achievement.<br />

After taking the win at both scored events (Revelstoke and Alaska) of the<br />

2023 Natural Selection Tour, Zoi was crowned the overall 2023 Natural<br />

Selection Tour Champion, as well as the winner of each individual stop.<br />

Zoi also claimed the snowboard slopestyle silver medal at the FIS Park<br />

& Pipe World Championships, silver at the FIS <strong>Snow</strong>board Big Air<br />

World Cup in Kreischberg and silver in Big Air at the Aspen X Games.<br />

The future of New Zealand snowboarding continues to look exceptionally<br />

bright, with junior athletes Cam Melville Ives, Txema Mazet-Brown,<br />

Lucia Georgalli and Ava Beer all securing podium finishes across<br />

European Cup events and World Rookie Tour finals in Slopestyle, Big<br />

Air and Halfpipe.<br />

Freeskiing<br />

18-year-old freeskier Ruby Star<br />

Andrews burst onto the World Cup<br />

Slopestyle scene this year, claiming the<br />

first World Cup podium of her career.<br />

Ruby finished in third place at the FIS<br />

Slopestyle World Cup held at Mammoth<br />

Mountain. She also achieved a career<br />

best result at the FIS Park and Pipe<br />

World Championships, finishing in 6th<br />

place in the Freeski Slopestyle.<br />

Luca Harrington had a breakthrough<br />

season, claiming career best World<br />

Cup and World Championships results.<br />

Luca finished in fourth place at the<br />

Ruby Star Andrews and Team in<br />

Mammoth Mountain - Image by<br />

<strong>Snow</strong> Sports NZ<br />

heavily stacked FIS Freeski Slopestyle World Cup in Silvaplana and in<br />

fifth place in Big Air at the FIS Park & Pipe World Championships held<br />

in Georgia.<br />

Luca's older brother Ben Harrington also achieved a career best World<br />

Champs finish, with a fifth place in the Freeski Halfpipe as well as<br />

finishing in fifth place at the invite only Dew Tour the week prior.<br />

In the Freeski Development space, Fin Melville Ives (16) and Gustav<br />

Legnavsky (17) both had career best Halfpipe World Cup finishes, with<br />

two sixth place finishes for Fin and a seventh place finish for Gustav.<br />

14-year-old Luke Harrold had a fantastic season at the North American<br />

Cup and European Cup level, claiming the win at both the Freeski<br />

Halfpipe European Cup Premium in LAAX and Aspen Open Freeski<br />

Halfpipe competitions.<br />

J U N E 2 023// 11


Luke Harrold training in LAAX - Image by Elie Babin<br />

© Photo : Théo Ledru<br />

0°<br />

20°<br />

30°<br />

40°<br />

50°<br />

60°<br />

70°<br />

70°+<br />

Ben Harrington at World Champs - Image by FIS Freestyle / Chad<br />

Para Alpine <strong>Ski</strong> Racing<br />

Adam Hall had yet another successful season on the Para Alpine World Cup circuit, with his top<br />

result a third-place finish at the FIS Para Alpine Slalom World Cup held in St. Moritz.<br />

Adam also secured podium finishes at the Slalom European Cup Finals in Fageralm Forstau<br />

(2nd place) and the Slalom European Cup in Wildschoenau (3rd place).<br />

The Para Alpine Development team had a successful season, with podiums achieved across<br />

Slalom, Giant Slalom and Super G at Nationals and FIS level races.<br />

Alpine <strong>Ski</strong> Racing<br />

Alice Robinson proved she is back on form with a string of top 10 finishes at World Cup and<br />

World Championship events. Her top finish position was seventh, which she achieved twice in<br />

Giant Slalom and once in Super G.<br />

Kiwi speedskier Tawny Wagstaff, obliterated New Zealand's speed skiing world record, clocking<br />

a phenomenal 248.610kph at the World Championships held in France in March.<br />

Tawny in fact broke the NZ record twice over four days, initially breaking the twenty-year-old NZ<br />

record on the 20th of March with a speed of 233kph, then subsequently topping his own record<br />

with a speed of 248.610kph on the 22nd of March. Tawny is now the 11th fastest person in the<br />

world of all time.<br />

Finn Bilous at the Swatch Nines 2023 presented by<br />

Falken - Image by Theo Acworth<br />

Freeride<br />

Finn Bilous had an epic debut season on the<br />

Freeride World Tour, securing both a fourth<br />

and fifth finish at the Kicking Horse and Ordino<br />

Arcalís stops respectively.<br />

Despite all the Kiwis on Tour giving it everything<br />

they had, Finn was the only athlete to make it<br />

through the cut to the final two stops on the<br />

Tour this year.<br />

A huge congratulations to Blake Marshall and<br />

Ben Richards, who due to their fantastic results<br />

on the Freeride World Qualifier, have secured<br />

their spots on the 2024 Freeride World Tour.<br />

With Winter Games NZ delivering an extensive<br />

Park & Pipe, Alpine and Freeride programme<br />

during the 2023 New Zealand winter we look<br />

forward to watching the Kiwis in action on<br />

home snow!<br />

With FORZA, commitment and precision<br />

are the key words. These skis are a perfect<br />

blend of elegance and power. Carving<br />

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12// S K I A N DSNOW.CO.NZ<br />


nico porteous<br />

Simply, Nico Porteous is a freeskier. He is New<br />

Zealand’s youngest Olympic Games medallist,<br />

having won a bronze medal at the 2018 Winter<br />

Olympics at the tender age of 16. He became New<br />

Zealand’s second Winter Olympic gold medalist<br />

and first male, with his win in the men’s halfpipe at<br />

the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.<br />

He was introduced to skiing by his parents and<br />

learned to ski in France when he was three. He<br />

has had a professional coach since he was six<br />

years old. By the time he was 14, he became the<br />

youngest person in the world to land the triple cork<br />

1440 (upside down three times and four full spins).<br />

He competed at the 2018 Winter Olympics, making<br />

him the second-youngest Winter Olympian in<br />

the nation’s history. In the men’s halfpipe, he won<br />

the bronze medal, becoming only the third New<br />

Zealander to win a medal at a Winter Olympics.<br />

At age 16 years 91 days, Porteous became New<br />

Zealand’s youngest Olympic Games medallist,<br />

breaking the previous record of 16 years and 353<br />

days set by Zoi Sadowski-Synnott earlier the same<br />

day, who had in turn broken the record of 17 years<br />

100 days<br />

In 2021, Porteous claimed his first X Games gold<br />

medal in the Superpipe event. In January 2022,<br />

Porteous won a gold medal in the freeski halfpipe<br />

event at the U.S. Grand Prix World Cup event in<br />

California, USA. During the 2022 X Games in<br />

Aspen, USA, Porteous defended his title by winning<br />

gold in superpipe on the final run of the competition.<br />

February 2022, Porteous won the gold medal in<br />

the men’s halfpipe event at the Beijing 2022 Winter<br />

Olympics. Then for good measure, to top it off in<br />

the 2023 New Year Honours, he was appointed<br />

a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit, for<br />

services to snow sports. This list of achievements<br />

by any standard is staggering and you get an<br />

ongoing feeling it is just the beginning. We caught<br />

up with Nico between the event and training and<br />

in his normal unassuming manner we had a chat!<br />

Since the Olympics – what’s changed, or is<br />

it just a comp like every other comp? To be<br />

honest, not much has really changed since the<br />

Olympics. There’s been a few sponsorship requests<br />

come through and a few events that I’ve attended<br />

but other than that I’ve tried to keep it pretty low<br />

key, obviously with the knee injury and rehab over<br />

the past year it’s made it quite easy to do so, I just<br />

knuckle down and go to the gym. So not much has<br />

changed, it’s pretty normal life still.<br />

Where is your gold medal? Does your mum<br />

have it on the fridge, do you wear it out when<br />

you go clubbing? My gold medal is actually just<br />

sitting in my wardrobe, it doesn’t really come out that<br />

often. It just sort of chills in its box, sometimes it will<br />

butmost of the time it’s just sitting there. I definitely<br />

don’t wear it when I go out to the pub that’s for sure.<br />

As athletes push the boundaries and do<br />

more and more, moves that were considered<br />

undoable a few years back, are the events going<br />

to get to a point of saturation, too demanding,<br />

too dangerous? Or will they continue to<br />

evolve? That’s a really good question… I think<br />

halfpipe will get to a certain point of saturation. I<br />

don’t think it will be in the level of tricks, I think how it<br />

will happen will be in repetitive nature of a halfpipe.<br />

At the moment there is not alot of creative stuff<br />

happening and lots of really big tricks that are hard<br />

for the viewer to understand. I think they’ll be some<br />

stuff that will happen in the next wee while that will<br />

hopefully change that staleness of halfpipe and<br />

could potentially bring new light to it. I know there’s<br />

some people, including myself, that are super keen<br />

to make that happen. We should be coming into a<br />

really exciting time of half pipe skiing.<br />

Imgae courtsey instagram #nicoporteous<br />

“We<br />

should<br />

be coming<br />

into a<br />

really<br />

exciting<br />

time of<br />

half pipe<br />

skiing.”<br />

14// S K I A N DSNOW.CO.NZ J U N E 2 023// 15

“these creative<br />

events are exactly<br />

what free skiing needs.”<br />

Movement towards youths seems to be a<br />

new phenomenon – like with skate boarding,<br />

surfing, the new superstars coming through<br />

are younger and younger, do you think we will<br />

see that in free skiing? For sure. We’ll definitely<br />

see an influx of young phenomenon coming up.<br />

In our generation these days there’s one by the<br />

name of Walker Woodring, he’s a little 12-year-old<br />

kid, a pretty incredible skier, he’s definitely better as<br />

slopestyle than I am haha. I think we will see it being<br />

a more common occurrence, but I don’t think it will<br />

be as young as it is in surfing and skating. We’ve<br />

already seen the average competition age of come<br />

down from 23-24 and it’s now down to 18-21.<br />

There now seem to be also the development<br />

of the more ‘creative events’ like the Nines<br />

and Playstreets in Bad Gastein. What’s you<br />

feedback on those? Bad Gastein looked like a<br />

great spectator event? Are the events moving<br />

away from the athlete focus to the spectators?<br />

I think these creative events are exactly what free<br />

skiing needs. They’re the perfect event where a<br />

bunch of the world’s best skiers come and express<br />

themselves on a creative and really cool course<br />

that’s easy to access for spectators. Those event<br />

like Playstreets and 9s are such amazing events,<br />

but I think the really important ones these days<br />

are Jib League, which started this season. Its an<br />

event created by James Woods, Øystein Bråten<br />

and Ferdanand Dahl, it’s an alternative comp that’s<br />

contributing massively to the skiing community<br />

giving us an identity after slighgtly losing it over the<br />

past few years. It’s building back up the community<br />

and taking it to the next level. I think those sort of<br />

events are really really important.<br />

Some events are definitely moving away from<br />

athlete focus and just want to be viral and to have<br />

the biggest crowd they can. But in saying that<br />

there’s events like Jib league, bulldoze invitational<br />

and Slvsh Cup that give the opportunity for the<br />

skier to showcase themselves in and amongst the<br />

community and I think that’s really special and what<br />

we need as a community right now.<br />

What is next for Nico? Getting sick of back-toback<br />

winters or just getting started? Next for me<br />

– I’ve filmed a solo video part with a friend of mine,<br />

Gavin Rudy, this past season. It’ll be my first full<br />

length project. I also have a movie coming out that<br />

I filmed with my brother Miguel and a friend of ours<br />

Felix Klein, over in Japan. So, it’s been a busy year<br />

for me with video parts and movie premiers but it’s<br />

been really fun mixing it up a bit and experiencing<br />

some different sides to skiing. The plan for next<br />

year will be to get back in the halfpipe for a bit and<br />

start training and see how I’m going and where<br />

I’m at. Then take it from there, hopefully do a few<br />

competitions such as X-Games and a some World<br />

cups<br />


“Let<br />

your<br />

skiing<br />

do the<br />

talking.”<br />

Without showing your hand what are you looking at<br />

working on for 2023 -2024? Tricky question – without<br />

showing my hand, what it comes down to and what I’m<br />

planning for the next year is to try and be more creative in<br />

the half pipe and do some things that maybe people don’t<br />

expect. I’m pretty excited to get back into Halfpipe and see<br />

what I can come up with.<br />

Any big events that you are focused on and how do<br />

you go about that? The big events I’m focused on in the<br />

future is the X Games this next year. With the knee injury and<br />

taking the year off competing to film I’d like to come back into<br />

the half pipe and really showcase some new skiing as well<br />

as a different type of skiing so X-Games is definitely the No1<br />

focus for me at the moment, its’ all about just working hard<br />

and enjoying yourself really.<br />

You have been doing this for a while now – what advise<br />

would you give your younger self now? I’m constantly<br />

still trying to search for advice for myself, but the biggest<br />

advice I would give to myself at 17, 18, 19 would be just<br />

to focus on skiing. Don’t worry about all the other stuff and<br />

don’t let that drag you down, or that pressure get in the way<br />

of things. Let your skiing do the talking.<br />

Earning your turns;<br />

about to ski off<br />

Mt Rolleston, Arthur’s<br />

Pass National Park,<br />

New Zealand.<br />

Photo by Tom Hoyle.<br />

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life is’nt<br />

fair, but<br />

just how<br />

unfair is it?<br />

Erika Vikander voices<br />

her concerns over<br />

women's place in<br />

snow sports<br />

Erika Vikander is a professional freeride<br />

snowboarder who has been competing on the<br />

FREERIDE WORLD TOUR for the last 6 seasons.<br />

She recently experienced some ‘poor’ treatment<br />

and discrimination on the FWT, because, as<br />

she sees it ‘for simply being a woman’. She has<br />

chosen to share her story in the hope of inspiring<br />

systemic change within the organization. She<br />

is well aware that by openly criticising the major<br />

organisation, she puts the future of her own career<br />

at risk. However, as she states ‘I hope that this<br />

will help pave the way for other women to have<br />

a fair chance at being successful in the world of<br />

professional athletics’. This is her story:<br />

When I was a little girl, I always dreamt of doing something<br />

impactful with my life. I had hoped it would be through my talent<br />

as a snowboarder and not by having to fight for the right for<br />

women to be seen as equals in this day and age. It’s clear now<br />

that this will be the most important thing I do thus far in my life,<br />

not only for me, but for all women, and the future generations<br />

of this sport.<br />

I have spent the last 6 years of my life competing on the<br />

Freeride World Tour earning 19 medals for the USA and being<br />

one of the longest consecutively re-qualifed North American<br />

snowboarders the tour has ever had. Only to feel less than.<br />

Less than valued, less than appreciated, less than respected,<br />

less than heard, less than seen, less than my male counterparts<br />

whom I shouldn’t be compared to or competing against. I am<br />

constantly reminded that I am a female, a snowboarder, and<br />

a North American, which at one point in my life, I viewed as<br />

assets instead of faults. To be constantly reminded from a<br />

patriarchal system that you are not worthy really wears down<br />

the soul and I’ve finally reached my breaking point.<br />

As many of you know the FWT is an elite<br />

competition series that features the best<br />

freeriders in the world. It is incredibly hard to<br />

earn a spot on the tour, nonetheless maintain<br />

it (Unless you’re handed a wildcard, which<br />

we will get to later.) Especially for those of us<br />

who aren’t from Europe. The bias starts at<br />

the top and trickles all the way down through<br />

the qualifying events and even into the junior<br />

series. I have watched many talented riders<br />

come and go each season because there is a<br />

harsh cut to make it to finals and prequalify for<br />

the tour the following season.<br />

The snowboard women are the smallest<br />

category with only 6 total athletes from both<br />

regions. That number gets shrunk by 50%<br />

after the 3rd stop so there are only 3 women<br />

in the final 2 events. That number used to be<br />

shrunk to 4 until 2 seasons ago when they<br />

changed the rules and created 2 final events<br />

instead of 1. We are told that number is so<br />

small because “there are just not enough<br />

good female snowboarders out there.” Which<br />

is simply untrue. Every year there are more<br />

women trying to get into these events yet<br />

there continues to be less and less spots for<br />

them.<br />

Throughout all of the series we have the least<br />

spots available for newcomers to showcase<br />

their skills and try to make it onto the Freeride<br />

World Tour. I know personally there are dozens<br />

of women vying to get into the Freeride World<br />

Qualifying events where they also are given<br />

the smallest number of chances to qualify and<br />

then the cut for finals sometimes only leaves<br />

2-6 women in the field. This also happens on<br />

the Freeride World Junior events where at a<br />

s recent competition they cut a field of 4 to 2<br />

in finals. There are 3 spots on a podium, so<br />

why would you cut the field so small you can’t<br />

even have a competitor in each spot? On top<br />

of that, unlike every other category that takes<br />

the top 2-3 riders from each of the 2 regions,<br />

we only take the top 1. That only gives 2<br />

new women a chance to make the tour each<br />

season.<br />

Now imagine that you are on the qualifying<br />

series, you have a great season, make it<br />

to the “challenger finals” only to see that 3<br />

women from the Freeride World Tour can<br />

automatically come straight into the finals and<br />

don’t have to go through an entire season of<br />

qualifying like you did. It’s very discouraging,<br />

it hurts the progression of the sport and takes<br />

away spots from women who have earned<br />

their spots there by participating in the event<br />

series all season and help build the series<br />

by paying into the entry fees and events<br />

themselves.<br />

20// S K I A N DSNOW.CO.NZ J U N E 2 023// 21

22// S K I A N DSNOW.CO.NZ<br />

“We have<br />

to ride<br />

the same<br />

mountain,<br />

in the same<br />

conditions,<br />

spend<br />

the same<br />

amount<br />

of time,<br />

energy, and<br />

money to<br />

travel and<br />

compete<br />

on these<br />

venues.”<br />

This could be easily solved by increasing the<br />

number of women throughout all of the feeder<br />

events and especially on the FWT to at least<br />

the same amount as the ski women (10) or<br />

snowboard men(9). The fact that there are<br />

23 ski men on the FWT shows how much<br />

more priority that category has if it wasn’t clear<br />

by the amount of promotion they get on the<br />

tours social channels, sharing of content, and<br />

preferential drop times to ensure the most<br />

people tune into the livestream when the ski<br />

men drop.<br />

We have to ride the same mountain, in the<br />

same conditions, spend the same amount<br />

of time, energy, and money to travel and<br />

compete on these venues. Most of the time<br />

these venues are downright unsafe and far<br />

below the standard of what a professional<br />

Freeride contest should be held on. Due to<br />

multi year contracts that they sign with these<br />

resorts we are stuck continually going back<br />

to places that have less and less snow every<br />

year. Yet we keep going back and pushing our<br />

luck. We are fortunate there have been no<br />

fatalities yet.<br />

I’ve personally watched a lot of friends get hurt<br />

by hitting rocks that didn’t used to be showing in<br />

February. Or simply getting unlucky by getting<br />

hung up on a takeoff for a cliff or hitting variable<br />

punchy snow on a landing that they were in<br />

the perfect position to land. The problem is that<br />

the livestream seems to be more important<br />

than our safety at this point. A perfect example<br />

would be at the first event in Spain this season<br />

after a forerunner set off a sizeable avalanche<br />

on the face and exposed more rocks than<br />

before, the snowboard women category (who<br />

8 of 10 times has to go first) were pushed into<br />

helicopters before having a full debrief of the<br />

situation where we all had major concerns<br />

regarding our safety. Instead of listening to our<br />

concerns we were told we had to get in the<br />

helicopters “right now” so they could start the<br />

livestream on time. When we arrived at the<br />

top none of us were checked for safety gear<br />

or had our transceivers checked to be on and<br />

working properly. That is unacceptable and<br />

not our job when we are trying to shake off<br />

the nerves after what we just witnessed and<br />

weren’t given time to digest.<br />

As a member of the Pro Freeriders Board,<br />

which consists of 2 members (one from<br />

each region) in each category, I am a voice<br />

for my category and any other athlete who<br />

has concerns. Unfortunately my European<br />

counterpart pulled out this year due to injury so<br />

I was left to stand up for my category against<br />

the men who run this, alone. When voicing<br />

my concerns that were shared by my male<br />

counterparts on the board I was silenced, told<br />

this isn’t about me, or my category and to not<br />

make it personal.<br />

However, the only experience that I have is my<br />

own, and when I’m asked for an opinion, who<br />

else’s view am I supposed to give? I know that<br />

all of the snowboard women past and current<br />

share the same feeling as I do towards this<br />

organization. The lack of effort put in towards<br />

helping us feel valued, expanding our careers<br />

by creating new brand partnerships, and<br />

helping us leverage our time on the FWT<br />

into more lucrative sponsorships and filming<br />

opportunities is almost nonexistent. Since<br />

there is so little reward for the women on this<br />

tour and most people use this as a stepping<br />

stone to hopefully move to the next parts of<br />

their career, most are afraid to stand up to this<br />

organization, because they still need to get<br />

something out of their time and efforts there.<br />

It took until 2020 for women to finally receive<br />

equal pay after the sponsors of the Freeride<br />

World Tour firmly stated that was a requirement<br />

for their support to continue. Not because it’s

Warm,<br />

whatever<br />

the<br />

weather.<br />

Bravada 2 Thermo Demi Waterproof<br />

the right thing to do or that they believed in it,<br />

which was directly related to us by the CEO<br />

of the FWT. What kind of message does that<br />

send to the female athletes, that we are not<br />

worthy in their eyes? While having equal<br />

pay is much appreciated, it shouldn’t have<br />

even been an argument in the first place.<br />

The first female judge was only brought on<br />

last season (2022), and until then all of the<br />

female athletes had been judged by a panel<br />

of 4-5 men. Would this ever be accepted<br />

if the roles were reversed and we had 4-5<br />

women judging all men? NO.<br />

The fact that there is a gender equity board<br />

that was created a couple of years ago,<br />

shows again that there is some serious bias<br />

happening and that this is their attempt to<br />

make it “seem” like they are doing something<br />

to change it. However, after speaking with<br />

women who work for the tour, athletes, and<br />

spectators its clear we all feel the same<br />

patriarchal system holding us down while<br />

telling us that we should be happy to be<br />

there. Why should we be happy with the<br />

scraps that are thrown our way while the<br />

male athletes on this tour don’t have to deal<br />

with the bias that is directed at us every day?<br />

Then, layer in on top of that being from North<br />

America. North American athletes (male and<br />

female) come in at a huge disadvantage.<br />

Not only how the qualifying tour is set up,<br />

but once you arrive at the FWT the blatant<br />

favoritism towards the European riders is<br />

truly a slap in your face. It’s tough for any<br />

North American to come from the Freeride<br />

World Qualifying tour (where they never do<br />

visual inspection) and then debut on the<br />

FWT, where you only do visual inspection,<br />

putting you at a serious disadvantage<br />

compared to the riders who come from the<br />

European qualifying tour. In addition, the<br />

amount of wildcards that are handed to<br />

European riders over North American riders<br />

is staggering, and wildly unfair.<br />

I personally got a firsthand taste of this<br />

recently. After earning my spot on this tour<br />

for the last 6 seasons I had planned to retire<br />

from the FWT after this season to pursue<br />

film projects with my sponsors and other<br />

things. But I didn’t want to get removed from<br />

the FWT by default because they changed<br />

the date of the first stop which was supposed<br />

to be in Kicking Horse, BC January 13-18th.<br />

We received the official invite for the FWT 23<br />

and the dates for the 5 contests on July 14,<br />

2022. The original dates left about a month<br />

gap between stop 3 which took place before<br />

the official weather window began and the<br />

final stops which start the second week of<br />

March. During that time myself and many<br />

other athletes schedule things with our<br />

sponsors such as film trips, photoshoots,<br />

or in my case guiding tours in Japan with<br />

people who have committed to spending<br />

thousands of dollars to go snowboarding<br />

with you months in advance. When I found<br />

out that they were going to reschedule the<br />

Kicking Horse contest due to lack of snow<br />

during the exact time I was meant to be in<br />

Japan, it left me and many others in a very<br />

tough situation.<br />

Since I am an adult who follows through with<br />

their commitments I told the FWT as soon<br />

as they cancelled that contest less than a<br />

month out on 12/21/22 that I wouldn’t be<br />

able to attend that stop therefore giving me<br />

an unfair chance to defend my win there last<br />

year and also to qualify for finals. I asked<br />

to be considered for a wildcard since I had<br />

proven myself the previous 5 seasons<br />

always making it to finals and finishing in<br />

the top 3 overall the last 3 seasons. I was<br />

told that they “never give wildcards for finals”<br />

and that I would not receive one. That really<br />

hurt, as I have seen them hand out multiple<br />

wildcards for final events to European riders,<br />

just not North Americans. This year in fact,<br />

they have already promised wildcards to<br />

multiple European riders, and last year they<br />

gave wildcards to 2 Europeans who were<br />

not freeride competitors.<br />

It’s one thing when the same rules apply to<br />

everyone. But they clearly don’t and that is<br />

what is so upsetting. This blatant disregard<br />

for respecting all athletes the same whether<br />

they are male, female, ski, snowboard, North<br />

American, or European is baffling and to be<br />

continually told that it is “one way” when it<br />

clearly is not is extremely discouraging and<br />

downright infuriating. We are adults who<br />

are putting our bodies and sometimes lives<br />

on the line for entertainment and their profit<br />

and to be treated fairly should be the bare<br />

minimum.<br />

I am tired of settling for the bare minimum<br />

and it bothers me that future generations<br />

of young women who want to pursue this<br />

career will still have to fight these battles that<br />

my predecessors have fought, and that I am<br />

fighting right now. It’s time to do better not<br />

because you are threatened, but because<br />

it’s the right thing to do.<br />

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Don’t go it alone<br />

Fifty-two steps. That’s all it took from the bottom<br />

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mulled wine at my ski-in, ski-out accommodation.<br />

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Typically, the northern hemisphere’s ski<br />

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snowfalls, but they weren’t the only ones<br />

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Rob & Sheree (Canada)<br />

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The Northern Lights, the one sight we managed to miss<br />

love the one<br />

You’re with Words by Lynne Dickinson<br />

When Stephen Stills wrote his homage to free<br />

love, “Love the one you’re with”, many things<br />

we take for granted today didn’t exist. The<br />

world wide web would not be known for another<br />

20 years, facebook 30 years and instagram<br />

almost 40 years. With the development<br />

of the internet came an incredible base of<br />

knowledge and a connectability never before<br />

experienced. However, it also brought high<br />

levels of dissatisfaction. Viewing the world<br />

online it appeared like everyone else was<br />

having more fun somewhere else, and in 2013<br />

FoMO (fear of missing out) was introduced into<br />

the Oxford dictionary to describe the pervasive<br />

apprehension that others might be having more<br />

rewarding experiences than you.<br />

The flight from Vancouver to Kelowna - the reason Canada is such a great ski destination is obvious<br />

As adventurers, FoMO can really spoil your<br />

experience. Instead of enjoying where we are<br />

at that moment, we are often distracted by<br />

wondering if somewhere else is better: Is the<br />

snow better on the next run? The lines shorter?<br />

The surf better at the next break? Are there less<br />

people on the other mountain bike trail? etc etc.<br />

We forget to live in the moment. We have to<br />

take a leaf from Stephen Still’s book, not about<br />

free love, but about loving the one you’re with.<br />

So we flew to Canada with Fiji Airways and<br />

headed out on our ski road trip from Kelowna,<br />

BC to Anchorage, Alaska stopping at 5 ski<br />

resorts along the way, we were determined to<br />

live in the moment, to be present and to “love<br />

the one you’re with”.<br />

Sunshine Village, Banff - Image by Reuben Krabbe<br />

J U N E 2 023// 29

By the numbers...<br />

centimetres of snow that<br />

750The falls at the resort annually.<br />

“It’s the <strong>Snow</strong>” is Big White’s motto for a reason! Every<br />

year, the resort sees over 7.5 metres of beautiful, dry fluffy<br />

snow – known to the locals as “Okanagan Champagne<br />

Powder.” Due to the climate in the Okanagan, the snow<br />

that layers Big White is dry, light and oh so good. It’s<br />

also what’s responsible for Big White’s world-famous<br />

snow ghosts, the snow covered trees that dot the alpine<br />

and provide the perfect photo backdrop to make all your<br />

friends back home jealous.<br />

0The amount of snow that Big White<br />

makes each season.<br />

That’s right! Big White <strong>Ski</strong> Resort relies solely on Mother<br />

Nature to coat its slopes with the most sublime, fluffy<br />

powder. Occasionally, the resort will pull out the snow<br />

maker but only for building terrain park features in time<br />

for events in early season.<br />

16<br />

The number of lifts, including<br />

gondolas and magic carpets.<br />

Big White is home to Canada’s second largest lifting<br />

system, meaning you can spend less time in line and<br />

more time on the slopes. Plus, there’s a green run from<br />

every lift, meaning the entire family, regardless of ability,<br />

can explore the mountain together.<br />

7,355<br />

The acreage of the<br />

entire resort.<br />

That’s larger than Australia’s 5 largest ski resorts<br />

combined! Within that 7,355 acres is 2,765 acres of<br />

patrolled terrain, including 119 named runs of varying<br />

difficulty – 18% beginners, 54% intermediate, 22% expert<br />

and 6% extreme.<br />

length, in kilometres, of Big<br />

7.2The White’s longest run.<br />

Ready to make those ski legs shake? Around the World is<br />

the longest run at Big White… but how do you get there?<br />

Take the Alpine T-Bar to the top of the alpine, jump onto<br />

Whitefoot Trail, to Powder Bowl, to Blue Sapphire, to Ogo<br />

Slow and you’ll arrive at the base of Gem Lake!<br />

acreage of night skiing terrain.<br />

38The<br />

Big White is home to Western Canada’s largest night<br />

skiing area – with three lifts in operation, including the<br />

TELUS Park terrain park chairlift.<br />

Big White <strong>Snow</strong> Ghosts - Image by Andrew Jay<br />

Village’s height above<br />

1,755The sea level in metres.<br />

The average elevation of New Zealand is 388 meters<br />

above sea level – meaning Big White is nearly 5 times<br />

higher! And, you can still eat sushi, go for a skate or a<br />

tube or a dog sled, all while your heads are literally in the<br />

clouds.<br />

average daily temperature in<br />

-5The Celsius.<br />

Yes, you can enjoy all that snow without freezing your<br />

nose off! Of course, there are days when the temperature<br />

is quite a bit colder, so be sure to pack lots of layers just in<br />

case that -5C has an extra digit added to it! If you’re lucky,<br />

you may be treated to an inversion when you visit. This<br />

is when a layer of cold air becomes tucked under a layer<br />

of warm air, resulting in breathtaking cloud formations –<br />

normally visible from higher up on the mountain. Under<br />

normal circumstances, air temperature decreases as<br />

elevation increases – but inversions are a beautiful<br />

inconsistency.<br />

big white<br />

The first “one we were with” was Big White <strong>Ski</strong> Resort and we couldn’t have asked for a<br />

better reintroduction to skiing in Canada. It is a picturesque place (as are all the Canadian<br />

<strong>Ski</strong> fields) and it was just made all the more perfect by the snow falling steadily as we<br />

arrived early in the evening.<br />

The following day, due to an arctic blast blowing through central BC, we were greeted with a<br />

very cold -18 degrees. The upside of the arctic blast was a dumping of fresh snow and clear<br />

blue skies. Big White and the resort area covers a huge 7,355 acres. It is big, so with only<br />

two days to spare we did our best effort to cover as much as we could. <strong>Snow</strong> hosts were<br />

available to give you complimentary Mountain tours, but we were lucky enough to have our<br />

nephew working there so he took a couple of days off to show us around.<br />

With such a large terrain, the scenery and snow conditions changed depending on where<br />

we were skiing, from wide open runs to tree clad glades and high alpine slopes covered in<br />

alien-like mini snow ghosts. We originally thought that the trees had been stunted due to<br />

the high altitude but later discovered it was just the tops sticking out from under the huge<br />

depths of snow.<br />

Despite the fact that it was the weekend and the sun was shining we<br />

felt like we had the mountain to ourselves. Big White, as the name<br />

suggests, is a big mountain and has a lot to offer, not just for the<br />

hardcore skier or snowboarder but for families and beginners. The<br />

mountain seems like a maze of runs and connecting paths but they<br />

have been cleverly devised so that the beginner can take a green run,<br />

intermediate a blue and the more extreme a black and in most cases<br />

all meet up back at the same spot.<br />

Big White <strong>Ski</strong> Resort prides itself on being a family friendly village, but<br />

that doesn’t mean that’s their only focus. The restaurants and bars<br />

were alive with people of all ages and stages of life who regularly return<br />

to Big White year after year. There were plenty of activities outside of<br />

skiing; tubing, dogsledding etc, but with only a few days to spare we<br />

spent the weekend exploring the expanse of the mountain.<br />


• The pasta dish at The Woods Restaurant. To die for…<br />

• Arancini Balls from The Globe Tapas Bar<br />

• The snow ghosts - Big White <strong>Ski</strong> Resort is home to the snow<br />

ghosts and snow laden trees. Incredible.<br />

• Our accommodation at White Crystal Inn, right in the heart of the<br />

town and super close to everything. Can thoroughly recommend.<br />

• Favourite run: Born To Run - a picturesque blue run that<br />

meandered through the trees and also the name of one of my<br />

all-time favourite songs.<br />

• Other activities: Dog sledding, snow shoeing, fat biking, tubing,<br />

ice skating, cross-country skiing, sleigh rides, hockey, night skiing.<br />

• Thanks to Andrew and the team at Big White <strong>Ski</strong> Resort for<br />

allowing us to experience your mountain.<br />

30// S K I A N DSNOW.CO.NZ J U N E 2 023// 31

Silver Star Resort - Image by Blake Jorgenson;<br />

Just a few hours away by shuttle our next stop was SilverStar<br />

Mountain Resort. Walking through SilverStar village feels like<br />

you are on the set of an old western movie. Modelled from the<br />

time when the mountain was home to the old silver mines, they<br />

have managed to keep the mountain feeling really authentic<br />

and the village is charming.<br />

The first morning we headed out with one of the mountain<br />

hosts, Roy, something I would thoroughly recommend anyone<br />

to do who is new to the mountain. The hosts meet each<br />

morning at the village centre and take people out to explore the<br />

mountain (all free of charge). It was a great way to reacquaint<br />

ourselves with what SilverStar had to offer and allowed us to<br />

get our bearings and learn more about where we were.<br />

The frontside of the mountain offers something for everyone,<br />

with all runs leading back eventually to the main village.<br />

However, what I’d remembered most about SilverStar was<br />

the backside, sometimes referred to as “the dark side” due<br />

to its deep powder and numerous black and double black<br />

runs. When we had visited SilverStar many years ago it had<br />

been opening day at Putman Creek (the backside) and we<br />

had waited at the arches that lead to that side with the excited<br />

crew of skiers and boarders all itching to get a taste of the<br />

untouched runs.<br />

SilverStar<br />

By the<br />

numbers...<br />

700<br />

The annual snowfall in cm.<br />

3,282<br />

Acres of skiable terrain<br />

132<br />

The number of named runs<br />

15% beginners | 40% intermediate |<br />

35% expert | 10% extreme<br />

12<br />

The number of lifts<br />

Sometimes the snowghosts are your only companion - Image by SilverStar Mountain Resort<br />

So after a quick tour of the frontside of the mountain, Roy<br />

took us back to Putnam Creek. <strong>Snow</strong> had been gently falling<br />

most of the night and had dusted the mountain with a few<br />

centimeters of fresh snow. Nothing by Canadian standards,<br />

but enough to keep these two Kiwis’ happy.<br />

By day two we were skiing in 6cm of fresh snow which meant<br />

we could pretty much ski anywhere. One of the things I loved<br />

about SilverStar were the woods and glades. With no trees on<br />

our mountains back home, they create a unique experience<br />

and once amongst the trees you feel like you are really<br />

exploring. If you are a tree lover, head to either Deer Park or<br />

Silver Woods Express Chair, you can pretty much take any<br />

line and you’ll find yourself at the bottom of a chair.<br />

8The length, in kilometres,<br />

of longest run<br />

1,609<br />

The height of the village<br />

above sea level in metres<br />

760<br />

The vertical drop in metres<br />

If you need a break from skiing<br />

there’s plenty else to keep you<br />

occupied in the outdoors including<br />

ice skating, tubing, Nordic skiing<br />

and snowshoeing. You can hire<br />

snowshoes in the village and<br />

simply walk the numerous trails,<br />

however we were fortunate enough<br />

to be taken out by a couple of local<br />

volunteers, Lily and Kim, who turned<br />

what we thought would be a bit of a<br />

boring walk through the woods into a<br />

fun and challenging experience.<br />


• The village itself is unique and compact with<br />

a great range of restaurants, bars and shops.<br />

• Any baking from Bugaloos, can thoroughly<br />

recommend the cinnamon buns!<br />

• Long Johns Pub has a really cool vibe,<br />

cute and unique with great pub food. Can<br />

thoroughly recommend the Butchers Block<br />

Beef Salad!<br />

• The newest restaurant in SilverStar is<br />

D’Argento, where we experienced their home<br />

made gnocchi and beet salad, delicious.<br />

• Our accomodation right in the village at<br />

<strong>Snow</strong>bird. We had an apartment with views<br />

out to the gondola from our private spa pool<br />

and easy access to the restaurants and bars<br />

in the village, exceptional.<br />

• Thanks to Chantelle and the team at<br />

SilverStar for such a wonderful experience.<br />

• Other Activities: Ice skating, tubing, fat<br />

biking, cross-country skiing, snow shoeing,<br />

snowmobiling, hockey games, Paradise<br />

Camp dinner tours, night skiing.<br />

• Favourite Run: There were a lot to choose<br />

from but Deer Park down to Lower Deer Park<br />

had to be the winner, a black run through<br />

perfectly spaced trees.<br />

32// S K I A N DSNOW.CO.NZ J U N E 2 023// 33

Sunpeaks<br />

The main access to Sun Peaks is via the airport at<br />

Kamloops but we were roadtripping from Kelowna and<br />

were now free to drive ourselves east towards Calgary<br />

and anywhere else we chose in between. There are<br />

copious ski fields to choose from along the snowcovered<br />

road, and Sun Peaks was one to remember!<br />

Sun Peaks is the second largest ski area behind<br />

Whistler, with a sprawling 4,270 skiable acres (that is<br />

1728 hectares). With nine major hotels and over twenty<br />

restaurants, it still manages to retain a feeling of a quaint<br />

mountain village. Sun Peaks has a real family-friendly<br />

intimate feel about it.<br />

We had spent two weeks in Sun Peaks just before the<br />

world was shut down from the global pandemic and we<br />

experienced two weeks of excellent skiing and loads of<br />

sunshine.<br />

The resort is made up of three mountain peaks.<br />

Sundance offers more mellow-groomed runs for<br />

beginners and intermediate skiers whereas Todd<br />

Mountain has more advanced terrain with open bowls,<br />

gladed runs and long groomers. Mt Morrisey faces<br />

north (the cold side in the northern hemisphere) so this<br />

offers great skiing during spring as the snow holds well<br />

during the warmer months.<br />

What is memorable about Sun Peaks is the longgroomed<br />

runs and the fact that no matter where you<br />

are on the mountain, there was always a green, blue or<br />

black line down. There is a green run called “5 mile” (5<br />

miles) that is so perfectly groomed you could ski it with<br />

your eyes closed. As wide as the length of a football<br />

field, it seems to go on forever. Sun Peaks caters for<br />

everyone, from advanced to beginners and the way<br />

the mountain has been laid out with consideration for<br />

all levels of ability, those with differing capability can ski<br />

together all day.<br />

By the<br />

numbers...<br />

600<br />

The annual snowfall in cm.<br />

4,270<br />

Acres of skiable terrain<br />

138<br />

The number of named runs<br />

10% beginners | 58% intermediate |<br />

32% expert / extreme<br />

13<br />

The number of lifts<br />

8The length, in kilometres,<br />

of longest run<br />

1,255<br />

The height of the village<br />

above sea level in metres<br />

882<br />

The vertical drop in metres<br />

Above and below: The many faces of Sun Peaks - images supplied<br />


• Sun Peaks fondue night, is something not to be<br />

missed. Once (or sometimes twice) per week you<br />

can take the Sunburst Chair to the Sunburst Bar<br />

and eatery. Dressed in your ski gear you enjoy<br />

a delicous fondue experience, before you get to<br />

ski or snowboard down, in the dark. The freshly<br />

groomed 5 Mile run is the way down, with the help<br />

of a head torch and a guide. Or simply turn off the<br />

head torch and let the moonlight guide you down.<br />

• This seems odd, and I am not a foody, but once<br />

you have tasted the cinnamon buns at Sunburst<br />

Bar and eatery, you will be spoilt. They are ready<br />

each morning and you can tell when by the length<br />

of the queue. They are truly to die for. Whether it’s<br />

the quality of the baking or simply the location, they<br />

are truly unique.<br />

Nancy Greene, a Sun Peaks icon<br />

• An Icon of Sun Peaks is Nancy Greene,<br />

Nancy was Director of <strong>Ski</strong>ing at Sun<br />

Peaks Resort for over 25 years and<br />

continues to assist with guest relations as<br />

an Ambassador for Tourism Sun Peaks.<br />

Olympic Gold and Silver medalist, she skis<br />

better than anyone you know and is happy<br />

to meet with guests each day and tour the<br />

mountain that she calls home. She is a<br />

wealth of information and will even give a<br />

little unique instruction on how to improve<br />

your skiing.<br />

• Other Activities: <strong>Snow</strong>shoeing, dog<br />

sledding, ice fishing, fat biking, ice skating,<br />

snowmobiling, hockey and more.<br />

• Favourite Run: If you are looking for<br />

perfect grooming it’s hard to look past 5<br />

mile. However, with two weeks of sunshine,<br />

we kept returning to CC Riders on Morrisey,<br />

it offered great snow conditions and an<br />

entertaining terrain.<br />

Below: The crew in Sun Peaks, 2019, with<br />

Morrisey visable in the background<br />

34// S K I A N DSNOW.CO.NZ J U N E 2 023// 35

Leave the the crowds behind.<br />

Sun Peaks. Where you belong.<br />

Canada’s 2nd 2nd Largest <strong>Ski</strong> <strong>Ski</strong> Area Area<br />


Image courtesy of BC Tourism<br />

Revelstoke<br />

Revelstoke offers a unique experience<br />

compared to the other fields we visited<br />

this time. Unlike many other destinations,<br />

Revelstoke Mountain Resort only offers<br />

one ski-in/ski-out option. Most of the<br />

accommodation can be found in town,<br />

which is only a short 8-minute drive away,<br />

so they are almost one and the same.<br />

This time we opted for a couple of nights<br />

in the town of Revelstoke. It had that old<br />

school vibe, somewhat reminiscent of<br />

Wanaka back in the day before it became<br />

a higher-end destination.<br />

The day we arrived the snow was falling,<br />

creating a picturesque bustling town<br />

full of restaurants, bars, shops, and all<br />

the essentials for day-to-day life. The<br />

overnight snow deposited 12cm of fresh<br />

powder on the slopes which created a<br />

buzz with locals and visitors alike. It was<br />

here we witnessed our first crowds, a rare<br />

occurrence in Revelstoke but still nothing<br />

by NZ standards.<br />

When researching the fast facts, I thought<br />

I’d got them wrong as it was hard to believe<br />

their stats. Revelstoke is a big and steep<br />

mountain, boasting a vertical drop that is<br />

1000m greater than almost all the other<br />

ski fields we visited. The gondola ride to<br />

the top was a bit intimidating (watch for<br />

the infamous Kill The Banker Run on your<br />

way up), but it provided a stunning view of<br />

the terrain and some of the most extreme<br />

skiing we’ve seen so far. But don’t let that<br />

deter you, there are plenty of slopes for<br />

intermediate skiers too, and we had a<br />

great time exploring them.<br />

We met passionate locals who had a<br />

deep attachment and love for Revelstoke.<br />

It was heartwarming to see their sense of<br />

community and pride in their mountain.<br />

Favourite Run: It was challenging to pick<br />

a favorite run on such a vast mountain,<br />

but we always thoroughly enjoyed our top<br />

to bottom run, The Last Spike. We also<br />

received excellent advice from the locals:<br />

head to the gondola when the lift lines<br />

get a little busy, you’re less likely to find<br />

queues.<br />

Overall, Revelstoke provided us with a<br />

unique experience that we thoroughly<br />

enjoyed, and we would recommend it<br />

to anyone looking for a ski resort with a<br />

small-town charm and a big mountain<br />

feel.<br />

By the<br />

numbers...<br />

1050<br />

The annual snowfall in cm.<br />

3,121<br />

Acres of skiable terrain<br />

75<br />

Named runs<br />

12% beginners | 43% intermediate |<br />

45% expert/extreme<br />

15.2<br />

The length, in kilometres,<br />

of our favourite run, The<br />

Last Spike<br />

1,710<br />

The vertical drop in metres<br />


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lite<br />

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Priority boarding<br />


historic facts...<br />

73<br />

The number of meters Nels<br />

Nelsen jumped in 1925<br />

Revelstoke might be famous for its downhill<br />

snowsports now, but once upon a time it was<br />

the place to be for ski jumping. <strong>Ski</strong> jumping was<br />

a craze brought to Revelstoke by the Norwegians<br />

who settled here in the late 1800s and early 1900s.<br />

5 world records were set on the jump before it fell<br />

out of use in the 1970s, including a staggering 73m<br />

jump by Nels Nelsen in 1925<br />

of snow<br />

2,447Centimetres that fell in 1972<br />

In 1972, 2,447 centimetres (80 feet) of snow falls on<br />

Mount Copeland outside of Revelstoke. This is the<br />

Canadian record for snowiest single winter. <strong>Snow</strong><br />

levels were higher than many roofs.<br />

Heli-<strong>Ski</strong>ing & Cat-<strong>Ski</strong>ing, Kootenays Revelstoke - Image courtesy of BC Tourism<br />

Most vertical in North America - Image courtesy of BC Tourism

Our next stop was Panorama Mountain Resort. The<br />

3.5 hour drive took us through Glacier National Park<br />

and Rogers Pass, the high mountain pass through<br />

the Selkirk Mountains, and along the valley between<br />

the Kootenay Mountain and the Purcell Mountain<br />

Ranges. The scenery along the way was simply<br />

stunning.<br />

We had visited Panorama four years previously<br />

with my brother and his family. There were 8 of us<br />

in total and everything about the few weeks we had<br />

were perfect. The weather, the snow, the runs, the<br />

scenery, the accommodation and the company all<br />

made for one of life’s highlights, so we were pretty<br />

excited to be returning.<br />

Once again Panorama did not disappoint. I think it<br />

really helps when you know a mountain well, you<br />

are able to ski with ease, knowing what’s around<br />

the next bend or behind the next tree. The first<br />

day we experienced some firmer conditions as we<br />

re-explored the mountain; the locals were eagerly<br />

awaiting some fresh snow, which fortunately for us<br />

arrived that night.<br />

Panorama offers quite a variety of trails from perfectly<br />

groomed, super wide runs with hardly anyone on<br />

them, through to the glades and bowls of Sun Bowl,<br />

to the double blacks of Taynton Bowl. We spent a<br />

lot of time in Sun Bowl but were fortunate enough to<br />

experience Taynton Bowl with a little help from the<br />

Monster X passenger snowcat.<br />

Although the double black terrain was outside of our<br />

skiable ability, we caught the Monster X cat up to the<br />

top of the “Monster” terrain. We lucked on a calm<br />

clear day where just being there was an experience<br />

in itself. Although feeling slightly fraudulent being out<br />

in double black terrain without the credentials to get<br />

ourselves safely out, we soaked up everything about<br />

the experience before skiing back in the tree line<br />

next to the cat track.<br />

Panorama is situated in the Purcell Mountains and<br />

really is embraced by them. Unlike some of the other<br />

resorts where you look out and see mountains in<br />

the distance, at Panorama you are the mountains,<br />

that’s all you can see. There’s a run from the very top<br />

called “View of 1000 Peaks” and no lie, that’s what<br />

you can see on a clear day.<br />

Since we were last in Panorama a few things had<br />

changed; there had been major upgrades to the Alto<br />

Restaurant and a huge development of the Nordic<br />

Centre with the inclusion of fat bike hire and multi use<br />

Nordic trails so we decided to head into the trails on<br />

the fat bikes. I had always thought Kiwis’ were pretty<br />

active people but nothing seems to compare with<br />

the Canadians who chose to live in the mountains.<br />

When they are not downhill skiing, you’ll find them<br />

snow shoeing, cross country skiing or fat biking. We<br />

headed onto the Creek Trail on the advice of a local<br />

cross country skier, and biked alongside Toby Creek<br />

that runs through Panorama, another memorable<br />

experience.<br />

Image by Steve Dickinson<br />

Panorama<br />

By the<br />

numbers...<br />

520<br />

The annual snowfall in cm.<br />

2,975<br />

Acres of skiable terrain<br />

135<br />

The number of named runs<br />

20% beginners | 55% intermediate |<br />

25% expert/extreme<br />

10<br />

The number of lifts<br />

6.5<br />

The length, in kilometres,<br />

of longest run<br />

1,150<br />

The height of the village<br />

above sea level in metres<br />

1,300<br />

The vertical drop in metres<br />

Images by Steve Dickinson<br />

The views from every run in Panorama are spectacular - Image by Lynne Dickinson<br />

Images supplied by BC Tourism<br />

The town of Invermere is only 20 minutes<br />

drive away from the Resort and a shuttle runs<br />

down to the town regularly if you feel like a<br />

change in scene. It’s an arty little town on the<br />

edge of Lake Windermere, which itself offers<br />

another range of outdoor activities including<br />

the Lake Windermere Whiteway. This is the<br />

world's longest ice skating trail which runs for<br />

over 20km onto the frozen lake where you’ll<br />

see people ice fishing, and skating and biking<br />

along the Whiteway. Most Friday nights during<br />

winter you can head into town to watch the local<br />

hockey team in action, which is something I<br />

would thoroughly recommend.<br />


• Monster X <strong>Snow</strong>cat to the back of Taynton Bowl. Even if you can’t ski the double blacks,<br />

it’s worth the $20 to catch the cat to the top and experience the serenity and incredible<br />

views.<br />

• Hockey game in Invermere - a must do! Thanks to Mark and Lisa for a great night.<br />

• Dinner at newly renovated Alto Bar was fantastic<br />

• Chilli at The Shack on the edge of Greywolf Golf course, easily accessible from the base<br />

of the Sunbird Chair, perfect with a beer around the outside firepit.<br />

• Huge thanks to Jamie, Clarissa and the team from Panorama for hosting us and for<br />

sharing your beautiful ski field.<br />

• Other Activities: Heli skiing, fat biking, tandem paragliding, alpine skiing, skating,<br />

snowmobiling, snowshoeing.<br />

• Favourite Run: Anything in Sun Bowl - the area makes for some great tree skiing and<br />

the snow seems to always hold well.<br />

42// S K I A N DSNOW.CO.NZ J U N E 2 023// 43

IT’S TIME TO<br />


WINGS<br />

Images courtesy of BC Tourism<br />

Norquay <strong>Ski</strong> Resort - Image by Reuben Krabb<br />

Banff<br />

One of the great things about being able to<br />

do this part of the trip with our own cars were<br />

the places we were able to stop on the way.<br />

Once you got your head around driving on the<br />

wrong side of the road and the lack of clear<br />

road markings due to the snow, driving was<br />

pretty easy. We lucked on a super clear day<br />

on our drive between Panorama and Banff<br />

and were rewarded with spectacular views the<br />

whole way.<br />

Banff National Park is one of five National<br />

Parks in the Canadian Rockies and Canada’s<br />

first National Park. With 6,641 square km of<br />

mountain ranges, lakes and rivers, there are<br />

over 1600km of hiking trails, 3 ski resorts, over<br />

2,400 campsites and more than 1000 glaciers.<br />

On the southern arm of the National Park you’ll<br />

find the town of Banff.<br />

Banff makes a great base for exploring the<br />

National Park so we decided to stop off for the<br />

night on our way to Calgary. It was strange to<br />

be back in “civilisation” after weeks of ski resort<br />

living. The town was bustling with people with<br />

restaurants and shops filling the streets.<br />

Needing a bit of solitude we decided to visit<br />

Johnson Canyon approximately half an hour’s<br />

drive from Banff. The canyon is an easy walk<br />

for anyone wanting to visit, but this time of the<br />

year it’s wise to take crampons as the trail is<br />

often covered in snow and ice. These can be<br />

hired in town or you can join a tour, which we<br />

decided to do.<br />

Discover Banff Tours picked us up from a<br />

central location in Banff and with the running<br />

commentary of our guide, we learnt loads<br />

about the area on our journey out to the<br />

canyon. We donned our crampons and<br />

started the gentle walk to the lower falls before<br />

heading up further to the upper falls, a location<br />

popular with ice climbers due to the 30m ice<br />

pillars formed this time of the year. After hot<br />

chocolates and cookies we made the decent<br />

back to the bus and back into Banff.<br />

We checked into Canalta Lodge for the night,<br />

(thoroughly recommend) before heading<br />

to Three Bears Brewery for an early dinner.<br />

With hundreds of restaurants to choose from<br />

we were glad to get a recommendation to<br />

the Brewery. The locals, tourists and a group<br />

celebrating a hen’s party, made for a lively and<br />

vibrant dinner venue and the food and wine<br />

lived up to the hype.<br />

A great way to get your bearings in Banff is<br />

to head up Sulphur Mountain on the Banff<br />

Gondola. From the top you can see six<br />

mountain ranges, the Bow Valley and the<br />

town of Banff. Unfortunately by the time<br />

we got to the top the sun had long set and<br />

the mountains were just a distant shadow<br />

in the night sky. We were lucky enough to<br />

experience the Nightrise, a new initiative<br />

that transforms Sulphur Mountain into an<br />

immersive, interactive experience after dark<br />

through dynamic lights, projections, original<br />

soundscapes and more.<br />

You’ll feel right at home at Panorama, BC. The difference? The<br />

mountain is bigger, the snow is deeper, the weather is better<br />

and you sleep just steps away from the lifts.<br />

SAVE UP TO<br />

50% OFF<br />


17 & under ski free!<br />

See PanoramaResort.com/NZ<br />

for Ts & Cs.<br />


Images courtesy Alyeska Resort, Alaska<br />

Alyeska<br />

Next stop, @Alyeksa Resort, Alaska.<br />

We have been brought up on clips of extreme<br />

skiers on remote peaks and movies of a wild<br />

country, so we were surprised how accessible<br />

Alaska was, a direct flight to Anchorage and a<br />

short drive and we were in Alyeska.<br />

Alyeska Resort is a 40 minute drive from<br />

Anchorage. Due to the snowfall we decided<br />

to give ourselves extra time and were glad we<br />

did. The snow did not slow down our trip but<br />

the scenery certainly did. From Anchorage we<br />

drove along Turnagain Arm with the Cook Inlet<br />

laden with moving icebergs on one side and the<br />

Chugach Mountains on the other. It was truly<br />

majestic.<br />

Alyeska Resort is on the edge of the town of<br />

Girdwood, a picturesque mountain town only 5<br />

minutes drive from the ski fields and located in<br />

Chugach State Park. It has built its reputation on<br />

steep terrain and deep snowpack and incredible<br />

views and is open all year round.<br />

Mid-February, Alaska gains around 5 minutes<br />

of daylight each day (over 30 minutes a week)<br />

and while we were there the lifts opened from<br />

10.30am till 5.30pm which made for a very<br />

relaxed start to the day. Staying at the Alyeska<br />

Hotel, right at the base of the tram to the top, we<br />

were perfectly positioned ready to go when the<br />

lifts opened.<br />

We couldn’t have planned our visit more perfectly<br />

as the week’s previous snowfall created the best<br />

snow conditions we had experienced during our<br />

three weeks travels. The snow continued to fall<br />

throughout the day creating somewhat limited<br />

visibility but excellent snow conditions. With<br />

limited knowledge of the mountain we decided to<br />

work our way up from the bottom.<br />

Expert skiers love Mount Alyeska for its long<br />

double black runs, and boasts North America’s<br />

longest continuous double black run, the North<br />

Face. We watched from the safety of the Bore<br />

Tide Deli & Bar at the top of the aerial tram as<br />

people dropped off the side of the mountain into<br />

the tree filled runs of Pandora and Banjo.<br />

46// S K I A N DSNOW.CO.NZ<br />

By the<br />

numbers...<br />

170<br />

The annual snowfall in cm.<br />

1,610<br />

Acres of skiable terrain<br />

76<br />

The number of named runs<br />

11% beginners | 52% intermediate |<br />

37% expert/extreme<br />

7The number of lifts<br />

3.5<br />

The length, in kilometres,<br />

of longest run<br />

The North Face, North America’s<br />

longest continuous double black<br />

run.<br />

975<br />

The vertical drop in metres<br />

From the top of the Glacier Bowl Express lift, the big<br />

bowls of Alyeska are accessible. The lack of trees at<br />

this height reminded us a little of skiing at home, just<br />

on a grander scale. The recent and continual snowfall<br />

made for excellent skiing, however with the snow<br />

came limited visibility and we were forced to follow the<br />

treelines further down so we could see better.<br />

We skied all day before heading to the Alyeska Nordic<br />

Spa located at the bottom of the tram, right next to our<br />

hotel. Can throughout recommend!<br />

We’d been told that Girdwood and surrounds made<br />

an excellent location to view the Northern Lights, but<br />

as we went to bed that night the clouds had settled in<br />

and obscured our view of the mountains so we slept<br />

soundly. You can imagine the feeling the following<br />

morning when someone asked if we had seen the<br />

Northern Lights the night before!<br />

One of the great things about Alyeska is that there’s<br />

plenty to do when you are not skiing. Fat bike rental<br />

is available and the shuttle runs around the resort as<br />

well as down to the town of Girdwood which is a great<br />

base for snowmobiling, helisking and exploring the<br />

numerous glaciers.<br />


• Hydrotherapy at the Alyeska Nordic Spa<br />

• Favourite Run: Tanaka Hill, a black run on the far<br />

side of Lower Bowl provided excellent untouched<br />

skiing.<br />

• Other Activities: Fat biking, snow shoeing,<br />

snowmobiling, Northern Lights viewing, ATV<br />

tours, aerial tram rides, hiking, and during<br />

summer, river rafting/float trips, sea kayaking,<br />

ziplining and more.<br />


Revelstoke Mountain Resort<br />

As our trip came to an end I was asked once<br />

more which had been my favourite resort. I<br />

explained my philosophy of “loving the one<br />

you’re with” but people’s response often still<br />

was, “but where had the best snow?” “where<br />

had the best runs?” I however, had come to<br />

realise something far more important. There<br />

didn’t have to be 20cm of fresh powder, the<br />

longest runs, the steepest terrain, or the<br />

greatest weather to have the best experience.<br />

We need to alter our mindset and go out each<br />

day and love whatever is thrown our way. As<br />

Guy Paulsen from Panorama said, “a bad<br />

day on the mountain is better than a good day<br />

anywhere else.” And we couldn’t agree more!<br />

love<br />

the<br />

one<br />

You’re<br />

with<br />


• We drove from Kelowna to Calgary, which during<br />

winter meant we drove through some sketchy<br />

conditions by NZ standards. If you are driving,<br />

check driveBC before you leave for an update on<br />

weather and road conditions.<br />

• If you are not confident driving you could still have<br />

done the trip as each field offers a shuttle system<br />

to get you to and from the closest airports.<br />

• Driving in Alaska was another story. With the<br />

amount of snow falling while we were there it’s<br />

advisable to get a shuttle to the ski field and other<br />

activities unless you are familiar with driving in<br />

heavy snow.<br />

www.HelloBC.com/ski | www.fijiairways.com<br />





Experts at adventure travel since 2000<br />

"where clients become friends"<br />

Lake Louise <strong>Ski</strong> Resort - courtesy of Banff Tourism<br />

The wonders of skiing Banff<br />

I have had mixed feelings about Banff for<br />

many years. The first time I went there it was<br />

snowing, a lot, which meant the weather was<br />

terrible but the skiing epic. The second time<br />

it was incredibly cold. The third time it was<br />

spring, the snow was incredible and we had<br />

multiple bluebird days, third time lucky I guess.<br />

Just 2 hours from Calgary airport Banff is a<br />

mix of mad castles, picturesque chateaus,<br />

epic mountains, wildlife, retail therapy and<br />

three completely different ski resorts, Banff<br />

has character in spades!<br />

<strong>Ski</strong> Big Three provides a ski pass which<br />

covers all three of the mountains as well as<br />

shuttle transport. All within 40 minutes’ drive<br />

of Banff the resorts all have distinctly different<br />

characters.<br />

Norquay is the closest mountain to Banff and<br />

features steep fall line skiing. It is a racers delight<br />

with fast blue and black runs and a dedicated<br />

race course off the Mystic chair. If you like bump<br />

runs and steep black terrain head to the North<br />

America chair where you will find plenty! In bad<br />

weather the resort is sheltered by the trees<br />

and has amazing steep powder runs. Its not all<br />

skiing at Norquay either, this resort boasts tube<br />

runs and a large terrain park walking distance<br />

from the base. The resort has 503 metres of<br />

vertical drop with 60 runs.<br />

Sunshine – With Banff’s only ski in, ski out<br />

accommodation Sunshine is an epic place to<br />

50// S K I A N DSNOW.CO.NZ<br />

By Phil Clark<br />

wake up in the morning. The recently renovated<br />

hotel is right in the heart of the resort on an<br />

alpine plateau. A truly huge resort, Sunshine<br />

has alpine powder bowls, steeps, trees and<br />

incredible views of the Canadian rockies.<br />

See if you can spot the Goats Eye, explore<br />

Lookout mountain and Mount Standish and<br />

try not to get lost in the plethora or runs and<br />

terrain that make up Sunshine. The skiing is<br />

mainly alpine in nature with trees on the lower<br />

sections. When the weather is bad, stay low<br />

or head to the other resorts, when its bluebird<br />

Sunshine is truly spectacular. Sunshine has<br />

1070 metres of vertical drop with 145 runs .<br />

Lake Louise – The largest resort in Banff<br />

with a huge range of terrain over four<br />

separate mountain faces. Lake Louise has<br />

an abundance of powder bowls, steep fall line<br />

skiing, trees and terrain parks. The other great<br />

thing about Lake Louise is that it has its own<br />

town close to the base of the hill so you can<br />

choose to stay close to the resort if you want.<br />

Staying in Banff or Lake Louise is a very<br />

special experience, wildlife can be seen<br />

right in the villages, there are loads of walks,<br />

shopping and the food is devine. I have been<br />

lucky enough to experience both the Fairmont<br />

Chateau Lake Louise and the Fairmont Banff<br />

Springs. These beautiful hotels offer an olde<br />

world experience rarely seen today. Perched<br />

on the edge of the lake and surrounded by<br />

lofty peaks The Chateau Lake Louise has<br />

a feminine charm with flower scenes on the<br />

doors and delicate décor, as a complete<br />

contrast The Fairmont Banff Springs is like<br />

a mad Hogwarts castle. Raw stone, suits of<br />

armour and medieval decorations dominate.<br />

Even if you just go for a cocktail at the bar<br />

make sure you experience these wonderful<br />

properties.<br />

If the Fairmonts are a bit rich for your tastes (or<br />

budget) Banff and Lake Louise have ample<br />

other accommodation. Just a few minutes<br />

from the centre of Banff are a range of good<br />

hotels including Ptarmigan Inn, The Fox<br />

Hotel and the Moose. These have a range of<br />

facilities including rooms with kitchens etc. On<br />

Tunnel mountain 10 minutes from Banff there<br />

are resort style hotels more suited to larger<br />

groups and families. These properties have<br />

larger condo style rooms and are set in the<br />

forest where sightings of moose and deer are<br />

common.<br />

Lake Louise village is the other place you<br />

can stay. Just 5 minutes from Lake Louise<br />

resort the village has accommodation, a deli,<br />

grocery store and a bakery as well as a couple<br />

of sporting good stores. The Lake Louise Inn<br />

offers a range of room types right up to condo<br />

style one bedroom suites.<br />

At Mad about Travel we suggest you combine<br />

a week in Banff with a week in a ski in, ski out<br />

resort like Panorama, Kicking Horse or Fernie<br />

to get the best of what Canadian skiing has to<br />

offer. Book early to get the best deals!<br />

"We live what we sell"<br />

0800 623 872<br />

info@madabouttravel.co.nz<br />


<strong>Ski</strong>-in, <strong>Ski</strong>-out Resorts –<br />

You’re Definitely Worth the Flight.<br />

Gear up! Canada is calling. With its allure of<br />

big snow and increased flights for the winter<br />

season, it’s little wonder that Canada, and its<br />

slope-side and ski-in, ski-out charm is an ideal<br />

winter and ski holiday destination.<br />

visit friends and relatives in North America,”<br />

says Naughton. “We expect that demand<br />

to only intensify this year as more New<br />

Zealand travellers seize the opportunity to visit<br />

Canada’s world class winter attractions.”<br />

many times, and can provide the best holiday<br />

ideas, tips, and itineraries when it comes to<br />

a ski holiday in Canada. All the details taken<br />

care of from flights, to airport transfers and the<br />

perfect ski resort.<br />

Lake Louise, Image by Travis Rousseau<br />

Same-Day <strong>Snow</strong><br />

Be on the slopes of some of British Columbia’s<br />

world-class ski fields on the day you arrive.<br />

Air Canada is offering non-stop B787 Dreamliner flights between<br />

Auckland and Vancouver from October 2023 to March 2024,<br />

with passengers enjoying an award-winning three-cabin service.<br />

Sun Peaks / Sam Egan<br />

Call a <strong>Ski</strong> Travel Expert to book your ski/board holiday to Canada<br />

0800 555 035<br />

Panorama<br />

Revelstoke / Ian Houghton<br />

Whistler Blackcomb / Tourism Whistler<br />

Post-Covid, Kiwis have been looking to<br />

embark on their bucket list snow holiday. With<br />

a favourable Canada exchange rate combined<br />

with increased flights between Auckland and<br />

Vancouver, Canada is a compelling offering<br />

for Kiwi travellers.<br />

The 2022/23 Northern Hemisphere ski season<br />

has kept everyone happy with Canadian ski<br />

resorts welcoming back more international<br />

visitors. Resorts across Canada received<br />

between 3-14 metres of snow – and this<br />

season had more than a flurry of late season<br />

snow. Alberta’s Lake Louise <strong>Ski</strong> Resort<br />

received an impressive top up of late snow in<br />

April 2023.<br />

Looking ahead to the next ski season, one<br />

airline aims to stand out to Kiwi travellers. Air<br />

Canada, Canada’s largest airline, is providing<br />

the New Zealand traveller more options when<br />

it comes to choosing a flight. So much so, the<br />

airline is increasing its Auckland to Vancouver<br />

service from three flights per week to a record<br />

five flights per week from December 2023.<br />

Air Canada’s General Manager Australia and<br />

New Zealand Vic Naughton says the increase<br />

in frequency reflects the success of last<br />

season’s flights.<br />

“Last year we saw extraordinarily high demand<br />

for seats, driven in part by a desire for Kiwis to<br />

What does this really mean? It means<br />

getting to Canada and the many ski slopes<br />

just got easier. Plus, an extra bonus is that<br />

Air Canada’s service arrives in Vancouver in<br />

the early morning. And yes, this means Kiwis<br />

have the option to be on the slopes of some of<br />

British Columbia’s world-famous ski-fields on<br />

the day they arrive.<br />

For skiers and boarders, the Canadian<br />

mountains beckon with unparalleled vertical,<br />

spectacular scenery and massive terrain.<br />

From the world-famous slopes of Whistler<br />

Blackcomb to the Champagne powder of the<br />

Interior and the steep chutes and long runs<br />

of the Powder Highway, the variety of alpine<br />

landscape is staggering.<br />

Canada is a powerhouse when it comes<br />

to après ski activities, including bucketlist<br />

experiences; think dogsled tours,<br />

snowmobiling, ice canyon walks, ice fishing<br />

and snow tubing. This is also a destination that<br />

is well tuned to the family ski experience with<br />

everything from kids' ski lessons, hot pools to<br />

tailored childcare activities. Just look at the<br />

other pages in this issue to see what Canada<br />

has to offer.<br />

Make life even easier: <strong>Ski</strong> holiday travel<br />

experts travel&co. have all the right<br />

connections, have skied the Canadian resorts<br />

Choose What Suits You: Award-winning<br />

three-cabin services. 30 Signature Service<br />

lie-flat seat suites, 21 Premium Economy<br />

and 247 Economy Class seats.<br />

Five Times Weekly: Air Canada will operate<br />

more direct northern winter flights from New<br />

Zealand than ever before; starting with three<br />

a week in November and moving to a record<br />

five flights a week December through March.<br />

A state-of-the-art Boeing 787-9 aircraft will<br />

operate the Auckland-Vancouver service.<br />

Same Day <strong>Snow</strong>: Air Canada’s non-stop<br />

flights from Auckland arrive in Vancouver in<br />

the early morning. Be on the slopes of some<br />

of British Columbia’s world-class ski fields on<br />

the day you arrive.<br />

0800 555 035 www.travelandco.nz/canada www.travelandco.nz/enquire-now/skiboard-enquiries/<br />

Signature Class<br />

J U N E 2 023// 53

Hassle-free <strong>Ski</strong>ing<br />

Above and below: Club Med Kiroro, Images supplied<br />

Discover More<br />

There is a lot of ‘hassle’ attached to a family ski holiday,<br />

from finding the right location, the gear, the transfers,<br />

and all the unseen costs. There is one company that<br />

takes care of all of that and has done so for generations;<br />

Club Med offers all-inclusive packages in some of the<br />

most exclusive snow locations on earth.<br />

Club Med anticipates the needs and expectations<br />

of skiers and provides a smoother, more enjoyable,<br />

and more relaxing experience for whole families.<br />

From accommodation to all-day gourmet dining and<br />

beverages, lift passes, group ski lessons, Kids Clubs,<br />

relaxation, and après-ski activities, they have thought of<br />

every detail so you don’t have to.<br />

For 60 years, Club Med has been a pioneer in<br />

all-inclusive mountain holidays, offering holiday<br />

experiences in more than 20 resorts globally throughout<br />

Canada, Europe, and Asia. So where should you go?<br />

Club Med Kiroro, Japan<br />

Discover the ultimate Japanese snow experience at Club Med Kiroro, where<br />

two existing properties have been transformed into an integrated snow resort,<br />

offering two distinct buildings with easy access to the Kiroro ski domain. With its<br />

exceptional location in one of Japan's best snow destinations, guests can access<br />

to some of the best powder snow in the world and long ski seasons until May –<br />

their only mountain resort in Asia to offer spring skiing.<br />

Club Med Kiroro Peak offers a multitude of facilities and activities including the<br />

brand’s first traditional Japanese onsen, distinctive restaurant and bar concepts,<br />

a full-service spa and wellness space and modern event spaces. Boasting<br />

216-rooms, the resort is designed for couples and families with teenagers and<br />

has a minimum age access of 12 years old.<br />

The new Club Med Kiroro Grand, set to open in December 2023, promises<br />

a new chapter of elevated mountain holidays, offering direct access to 23 ski<br />

courses. Families will feel right at home with a host of family-friendly activities and<br />

amenities, including a dedicated Kids Club for children aged 2 to 17, as well as<br />

the award-winning Amazing Family! Programme.<br />

J U N E 2 023// 55

Club Med Tignes, Image by Mountain Legacy<br />

Club Med Tomamu, Japan<br />

Escape to Japan’s powder paradise Club Med<br />

Tomamu Hokkaido, just one and a half hours<br />

away from New Chitose Airport. The nearby<br />

Ice Village offers a unique experience, with<br />

ice skating, ice slides and an ice restaurant.<br />

And for those seeking relaxation, there’s the<br />

Kirin-no Yu outdoor Japanese public bath.<br />

Savour the Flavours of Hokkaido at the<br />

speciality restaurant, Haku, where premium<br />

beef cuts and seafood options. Guests<br />

can indulge in guided tastings of premium<br />

Japanese whiskies and sakes while enjoying<br />

light bites. And to cap off the day, visit the<br />

resort's dynamic main bar, Unkai, for an<br />

intoxicating mix of majestic views, lush beats,<br />

and artisanal cocktails.<br />

Club Med Tignes, France<br />

Club Med Tignes is the most contemporary<br />

Club Med in the Alps following its renovation<br />

which was unveiled in December 2022.<br />

The resort boasts 430 rooms, 25 Exclusive<br />

Collection suites, two restaurants, the largest<br />

pool in the Alps, a full spa and wellness<br />

salt wall, a full childcare programme and<br />

300km of ski slopes suitable for every level.<br />

Perched high on the hillside, the Exclusive<br />

Collection Space known as 'Le Sommet'<br />

provides views of the snow-covered peaks,<br />

while Equinoxe Bar offers a welcoming<br />

atmosphere for families to get together.<br />

The resort is the perfect place to enjoy the<br />

mountain experience to the fullest.<br />

Club Med Alpe d’Huez, France<br />

Club Med Alpe d’Huez, an upscale ski-in,<br />

ski-out resort nestled in the French Alps,<br />

offers chic accommodations, authentic<br />

dining options, and a wide range of ski and<br />

snowboard experiences with panoramic<br />

views. Surrounded by the L’Alpe d’Huez<br />

Grand Domaine, France’s second-largest<br />

ski area, guests can enjoy over 250km of<br />

ski runs. Families can opt for two-bedroom<br />

accommodations with private terraces<br />

overlooking the valley. Adults can choose to<br />

unwind at La Bulle, an adult-exclusive wellness<br />

lounge with calm music, comfy seating areas,<br />

and yoga and meditation classes. The resort’s<br />

main restaurant, Le Pic Blanc, features three<br />

dining halls, while Les Alpages offers all-youcare-to-eat<br />

gourmet meals with live music.<br />

A NEW WAY TO<br />



ENGINE<br />

IN-FIELD<br />



CARRY<br />




Image by Julian Love<br />

Image supplied by Club Med<br />

What exactly is on offer at Club Med?<br />

<strong>Ski</strong>ing and snowboarding become a breeze when lift passes and<br />

group ski lessons are all part of the package. Lessons are tailored<br />

to different age groups and skill levels and guided by accredited<br />

instructors. Equipment and facilities are primed and ready for your<br />

arrival, so there's no waiting in line or faffing about with gear.<br />

Beyond skiing, Club Med offers an array of après-ski activities, dining<br />

experiences, and entertainment to keep guests engaged throughout<br />

their stay. <strong>Snow</strong>shoe trekking or Nordic skiing, tobogganing even<br />

sleigh rides around the mountain.<br />

Everyone loves spending some time with the kids on the snow, but<br />

when you’re ready for a break Club Med offers supervision for children<br />

aged 2 to 17 years old, with dedicated GOs (Gentils Organisateurs)<br />

and instructors providing activities and courses such as the <strong>Ski</strong><br />

Kindergarten and the Junior Club Med for teenagers aged 11 to 17<br />

years old. The Mini Club provides an exciting space for kids ages 4-10<br />

years to explore and make new friends.<br />

Image supplied<br />

Club Med's Amazing Family! programme provides areas designed<br />

with families in mind, giving them the chance to spend quality time<br />

together. Club Med's resorts also provide entertainment for the whole<br />

family, including parties and live performances.<br />

Above all, Club Med's snow resorts are a unique place to unwind and<br />

recharge batteries. Think Zen Zones with its indoor pools and wellness<br />

areas for adults only. Club Med's Spa by Sothys is also the ideal retreat<br />

to escape to after a long day on the slopes.<br />

With a complete fitness program, including cardio-training, spinning,<br />

swimming, and Vibhava Yoga, Club Med provides energising<br />

treatments, moments of relaxation, tranquillity, and well-being. Club<br />

Med pulls out all the stops to make sure every family member has a<br />

ball and leaves with unforgettable memories.<br />

For more information or to book your next dream all-inclusive snow<br />

holiday, visit www.clubmed.co.nz or speak to one of their travel<br />

advisors at 0800 258 263.<br />

New for 2023, the BCA Float E2 Airbag Pack comes equipped<br />

with the Alpride E2 supercapacitor inflation system that’s<br />

fully rechargeable and<br />

approved for airline travel.<br />

www.backcountryaccess.com<br />

Featuring our innovative Side Stash pocket<br />

and Back Stash zip that makes it easier to<br />

travel on snow without stopping to hydrate,<br />

swap hat/gloves/eyewear, or even skins—<br />

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Find us on the <strong>Ski</strong> Fields This Season<br />

central plateau<br />

North Island’s playground<br />

The Central Plateau is New Zealand’s<br />

adventure playground. There are kilometers of<br />

virgin national park, forests, rivers, lakes and<br />

to top it off three major ski areas, Whakapapa,<br />

Tūroa and Tokino. These ski areas are all<br />

nestled uniquely on a volcano, which makes<br />

for exceptional terrain and lends itself to<br />

natural bowls, long steep slopes and a snow<br />

playground in the middle of the South Pacific.<br />

Whakapapa has the gondola, the Sky Waka.<br />

The $25 million gondola travels 1.8 km’s<br />

through the most rugged and spectacular<br />

landscapes, past waterfalls (in winter frozen), a<br />

Lord of the Rings landscapes. Whakapapa is<br />

New Zealand’s largest ski region with over 550<br />

hectares of challenging terrain: wide groomed<br />

trails, huge snow-filled basins, steep chutes &<br />

secret powder stashes. A fully self-contained<br />

learners’ area, Happy Valley, boasts a café,<br />

rental complex, and ski school meeting area.<br />

The gentle slope has easy-to-use with carpet<br />

lifts and a slow-moving chairlift for beginners.<br />

On the other side of the mountain is Tūroa.<br />

Tūroa rests on the southwestern slopes of Mt<br />

Ruapehu and is a 25 minute drive up from the<br />

township of Ohakune.Tūroa boast the nation’s<br />

longest vertical drop at 722m and the High<br />

Noon Express' 6-seater chairlift reaches the<br />

highest lifted point in New Zealand, where you'll<br />

enjoy panoramic views of North Island. Turoa<br />

can be exposed and cold, but it holds its snow<br />

throughout the season, the drive up through<br />

the snow-covered bush line is worth the price<br />

of admission alone.<br />

There’s more to do in Central Plateau than just skiing<br />

Tukino: Like the quiet baby sister Tukino is huddled on the eastern slopes of Mt<br />

Ruapehu. The small, local skifield offers the rare combination of adventure and<br />

lack of crowds. Tukino is a family-friendly ski field with activities for everyone, with<br />

the friendliness and a lack of fuss that’s only found on club-operated fields. Tukino<br />

has 170 hectares of ski area, over 300m of vertical drop, and great conditions<br />

sheltered from Westerly winds.<br />

WHERE TO STAY: Ohakune is the closest town to Tūroa and has a range of<br />

great accommodation options. Ohakune provides the quintessential ski town<br />

experience.<br />

Nestled into the lower slopes on the western side of Mount Ruapehu, Whakapapa<br />

Village marks the base of the Bruce road and only 10 minutes to the Whakapapa<br />

ski field.<br />

National Park Village is only 20 minutes from Whakapapa. Here you will find a<br />

range of accommodations and friendly local pubs with warm fireplaces ready for<br />

après.<br />

Taupo and Turangi offer a ‘big’ town option with Turangi only 45 mins from the Top<br />

of the Bruce (Whakapapa) and Taupo only an additional 40 minutes on top of that.<br />

J U N E 2 023// 59

#KnowYourStuff<br />

Looking for the perfect base<br />

to stay and play in the<br />

Ruapehu Region?<br />

With us, you can be sure you will find the perfect size, style<br />

and location of accommodation to suit your needs.<br />

Largest variety of holiday homes in Ohakune. Locally owned and operated.<br />

e: info@ruapehu.co.nz | p: 06 385 8149<br />

www.ruapehu.co.nz<br />


AW21 SNOW & SKI PACK<br />








INDOOR<br />



OPEN DAILY 9AM - 8PM<br />








4 Findlay Street, National Park Park 3948<br />

nat.park.backpackers@xtra.co.nz<br />

07 892 2870 www.npbp.co.nz<br />

For many, National Park Village has been<br />

a part of countless unforgettable ski holidays<br />

to Mt Ruapehu - where the lure and life force<br />

of the magic mountain rings true. Where the<br />

natural environment is so majestic, there is<br />

a palpable rhythm that you can sense in this<br />

living landscape of sacred peaks, ancient<br />

rainforests, alpine valleys, and otherworldly<br />

volcanic vistas. Bordered by the UNESCO<br />

Dual World Heritage site of Tongariro National<br />

Park to the east and Whanganui National<br />

Park to the west, National Park Village has a<br />

population of around 200 permanent residents<br />

so a very close-knit community proud to call<br />

this place home. With its wide-open spaces,<br />

friendly locals, and unrushed pace of life, this<br />

is your invitation to winter well in Ruapehu’s<br />

Greater Outdoors.<br />

Easy access right in the heart of it all: At the<br />

junction of the Adventure Highway on State<br />

Highway 4 and the Volcanic Loop Highway<br />

on State Highway 47, National Park Village<br />

is the perfect base for your winter holidays.<br />

Halfway between Auckland and Wellington in<br />

the Central North Island, it’s easy for friends<br />

and families to meet in the middle, ideal for<br />

mid-week or weekend getaways. You can also<br />

arrive by scenic trail journey on the Northern<br />

Explorer with three stops in Ruapehu including<br />

Taumarunui, National Park and Ohakune.<br />

On the mountain fun<br />

Whakapapa: With National Park Village as<br />

your base, you can wake up with the mountains<br />

at your doorstep and take advantage of the<br />

mountain shuttles transporting visitors up<br />

to Mt Ruapehu. Whakapapa ski area on Mt<br />

Ruapehu is just 20 kms up the road for an<br />

epic winter’s day on the mountain. Home to<br />

NZ’s premier beginner’s facility, Happy Valley<br />

offers a fully self-contained learner’s area with<br />

experienced, passionate instructors to help<br />

you progress your skiing or snowboarding<br />

skills. With 550 hectares to explore ancient<br />

lava flows, epic bowls, and exhilarating chutes<br />

there is a good mix of terrain for different<br />

abilities with 30% beginners, 45% intermediate<br />

and 25% advanced.<br />

There are also two rental stores for gear<br />

hire and a designated tobogganing area<br />

for snow play the whole family can enjoy.<br />

For visitors who love the snow and want to<br />

enjoy some spectacular sightseeing, the Sky<br />

Waka gondola ride at Whakapapa delivers<br />

breathtaking views as you journey 1.8 km<br />

above the unique volcanic terrain of Tongariro<br />

National Park and its snow-covered landscape<br />

painting a magnificent winter’s dream. Arrive<br />

at the award-winning Knoll Ridge Chalet 2020<br />

m above sea level, grab a hot beverage and<br />

a meal, and soak up the ambience at NZ’s<br />

highest dining experience.<br />

Tūroa: But wait, the fun doesn’t stop there.<br />

On the southwestern slopes of Mt Ruapehu<br />

lies Tūroa ski area. Season passes cover<br />

both sides of the mountain for double the<br />

fun and two ski areas to discover. It’s about a<br />

45-minute drive to Tūroa from National Park<br />

Village as you wind your way down along<br />

the Adventure Highway with a few iconic<br />

landmarks to take in along the way such as the<br />

engineering marvel of Makatote Viaduct which<br />

takes the North Island Main Trunk railway<br />

line above the deep gorge of the Makatote<br />

River. There’s also the giant 7.5 metre tall<br />

Ohakune Carrot as an ode to the rich farming<br />

history and market gardening in the area, also<br />

known as the carrot capital of NZ. As for other<br />

edible, unforgettable attractions, don’t miss the<br />

world-famous chocolate eclairs from Johnny<br />

Nation’s in Ohakune.<br />

Mountain shuttles to Tūroa ski area are also<br />

available from Thames Street in Ohakune for<br />

a short 16 km journey up Ohakune Mountain<br />

Road to the ski area. Tūroa is a mighty<br />

playground to explore with plenty of wide-open<br />

space and features NZ’s highest lifted point<br />

at 2322 m and the country’s biggest vertical<br />

descent of 722 m. With 20% beginners,<br />

50% intermediate and 25% advanced terrain<br />

there’s options for all levels to enjoy world class<br />

skiing and boarding. There’s also a rental store<br />

for all your gear hires as well as two licensed<br />

cafes so you have everything you need for an<br />

awesome way on the mountain at Tūroa.<br />

Off the mountain adventures: If you’re<br />

looking for some winter adventures<br />

mountainside, there is plenty on offer in and<br />

around National Park Village. With easy<br />

access to the pristine natural environment of<br />

Tongariro National Park, NZ’s oldest national<br />

park, it’s no wonder a nature escape to<br />

Ruapehu is good for the soul all year-round.<br />

Breathe in that fresh mountain air, stand still<br />

beneath awe-inspiring mountain views, and<br />

linger a little longer under darky starry skies.<br />

For four wheeling fun, you can hop on a quad<br />

bike (or buggy rides for those under 16 years<br />

of age) with Ruapehu Adventure Rides. Or go<br />

pedal powered by exploring the network of<br />

cycle tracks in the area including Fishers Track<br />

as well as Marton Sash and Door Tramway –<br />

a fascinating grade 3 ride for most ages and<br />

abilities, this 16 km loop track takes you back<br />

in time to the local logging history via a bush<br />

tramway and is a great winter ride. Both rides<br />

are part of the Mountains to Sea Ngā Ara<br />

Tuhono Cycle Trails with e-bikes available at<br />

The Alpine Centre for half day or full day hires.<br />

From family friendly, accessible nature walks<br />

to hikes to hidden lagoons and enchanting<br />

waterfalls, you’ll also be spoiled for choice<br />

with world-class walking and hiking tracks in<br />

the area that range from short strolls, half day<br />

adventures to full day alpine expeditions.<br />

A bucket-list for many is the guided Tongariro<br />

Alpine Crossing over the winter season with a<br />

local expert to guide you on the day. National<br />

Park Village also offers a fantastic indoor rockclimbing<br />

facility with an 8 metres high climbing<br />

hall offering 55 different climbs from beginner<br />

to advanced. Just next door is Schnapps Bar<br />

Mini Golf – an impressive 18-hole, Ruapehu<br />

themed course complete with chairlifts that’s<br />

challenging and fun for friends and family<br />

to enjoy before or after a great meal at the<br />

restaurant of course.<br />

Stay and play, there’s something for<br />

everyone: From family friendly stays, cosy<br />

lodges, to boutique bed and breakfasts, there’s<br />

a fantastic range of unique accommodation<br />

options to enjoy mountain side in Ruapehu.<br />

For more info to plan your Central North Island<br />

winter getaway, go to<br />

www.visitruapehu.com or<br />

www.nationalpark.co.nz<br />

www.tongariroalpinecrossing.org.nz<br />

J U N E 2 023// 61

Plateau Lodge<br />

Escape to the Wilderness<br />


Expert advice and service | <strong>Ski</strong> & snowboard hire | <strong>Ski</strong> & board tuning | Shop online<br />

<strong>Ski</strong> Biz – RENTAL<br />

• You get tuned equipment every time you rent gear. After every rental<br />

we tune all our snowboards and skis so you always get equipment<br />

that slides and turns like it should.<br />

• Our helpful & friendly staff will ensure you are fitted out with the right<br />

gear in no time. Or you can book online and have gear set aside<br />

for you to try when you arrive, and our computerised rental system<br />

retains the details so you can book the same gear again.<br />

• We continuously replace our rental equipment, and have included<br />

a new targeted Intermediate skier rental program, with a range of<br />

Intermediate performance rental skis which can also be purchased<br />

through the shop for special discounted prices.<br />

• All our snowboard boots have Boa Fit Lace systems, we use Burton<br />

rental bindings and have a range of boards from K2, Never Summer,<br />

Rossignol, Burton, and Arbour.<br />

• We do cater for everyone from beginners, Intermediate to Advanced<br />

<strong>Ski</strong>ers, and rental clothing for tiny tots to 6XL<br />

• Our extensive opening hours ensure you have time to get rentals<br />

without wasting valuable mountain time.<br />

<strong>Snow</strong>zone - SHOP<br />

• Our shop is stocked with all the snow store essentials.<br />

• Products are competitively priced, and the selection is vast with<br />

goggles ranging from $50-$500, helmets from $89 and waterproof<br />

snow gloves starting at only $20<br />

• Our professional boot fitters will ensure you are fitted in the right<br />

boot for your ability, fitness and physique, and we have all the boot<br />

fitting tools and tricks like customer foot beds, heat mouldable liners<br />

and shells, boot shell stretching<br />

• We have ski and binding packages starting from $699<br />

<strong>Snow</strong>zone - WORKSHOP<br />

• Our Wintersteiger tuning centre has all the machinery to ensure<br />

your skis or boards are serviced to such a high standard they are<br />

like new again.<br />

• Our experienced ski technician has been tuning equipment for more<br />

than 10 years and will be providing overnight tuning for skis and<br />

snowboards on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.<br />

• Drop your gear in any day for Edging and Waxing.<br />

E-BIKES<br />

• We have expanded our e-bike rental fleet with new Whyte E-Bikes.<br />

With dropper post seats and 4 assistance modes, you’re guaranteed<br />

an enjoyable ride.<br />

• When you need a day off from the mountain, rent a bike for one of our<br />

local Mountains to Sea Trails; Marton Sash & Door, or Fishers Track.<br />


• Monday – Friday: 7.30am to 7pm & till midnight on Fridays<br />

• Saturday – Sunday: 7am to 7pm<br />

The Alpine Centre team all share a passion for having fun on the snow, and are keen to help and ensure everyone who comes into our stores is<br />

equipped with the gear they need to have the best possible and memorable snow experience! Our motto is Providing Friendly and Helpful Service!<br />

Close access to the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, Whakapapa ski field<br />

and numerous cycle trails<br />

www.plateaulodge.co.nz | Tongariro National Park<br />

17 Carroll Street, National Park Village<br />

Ruapehu<br />

Ph: 07 892 2993<br />

Whirlpool Suites | Double Spa Rooms | Queen & King Size Beds |<br />

2 x Conference Rooms | Breakfast Restaurant | Free Wireless<br />

Broadband | Air-Con/Heat Pumps in all Units | Gym<br />

Dual Heritage Tongariro<br />

National Park<br />

cafes - accommodation - activities<br />


National Park<br />

Villages<br />

<strong>Ski</strong> Biz and <strong>Snow</strong>zone @ The Alpine Centre | 10 Carroll Street, National Park Village<br />

Ph 07 892 2717 | www.thealpinecentre.co.nz<br />

www.nationalpark.co.nz<br />


accommodation<br />

activities<br />

THE PARK<br />

Independent 80 room 3 star tourist hotel with<br />

stunning views of Mounts Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe<br />

& Tongariro. Cosy lodge style restaurant &<br />

bar. National Park Village location right next to<br />

Tongariro National Park. Flexible group and set<br />

menu options, Conference and meeting facilities.<br />

Ideal for Tongariro Crossing, Whakapapa & Turoa<br />

snow resorts.<br />

www.the-park.co.nz |<br />

bookings@the-park.co.nz<br />


Ruapehu’s oldest post office is a bespoke historic<br />

Holiday Home able to be reserved as: •Opulent<br />

1-4 Bdr West-Wing incl sumptuous lounge,<br />

beautiful kitchen, gorgeous bedrooms, and<br />

back-deck with Sauna cabin, Spa-Pool & Fire-pit<br />

•Elegant 1-3 Bdr East-Wing with kitchen-dining<br />

•Entire 7-Bdr Bungalow (accom up to 17 guests)<br />

with six Queen/Double.<br />

Fantastic location for exploring many top hiking<br />

treks, top cycle trails, Forgotten Highway, worldclass<br />

Fly-Fishing, the mighty Whanganui River,<br />

Bridge to Nowhere, & NZ’s largest ski-field.<br />

www.theoldpostofficelodge.co.nz<br />

info@theoldpostofficelodge.co.nz<br />


Plateau Lodge is nestled in Ruapehu region with<br />

the backdrop of the Tongariro volcanos! Why stay<br />

with us? Tongariro Alpine Crossing -#1 tourist<br />

attraction summer or winter - Mt. Ruapehu -<br />

Cycle Trails at our doorstep- Timber Trail & Old<br />

Coach Road & Mountains to Sea. Our Lodge<br />

specialises in these activities, with packages<br />

& shuttles to suit your budget and timeframe.<br />

Plateau Lodge is the ideal stop for couples,<br />

families and small tour groups wanting to explore<br />

the Dual Heritage Tongariro National Park.<br />

We offer two bedroom apartments, king studio<br />

pods with outside baths and private lodge room<br />

with communal spaces. Onsite is a massage<br />

room, drying room, bike & wash down area, and<br />

breakfast.<br />

www.plateaulodge.co.nz<br />


Taupō is a place of extraordinary natural beauty –<br />

a vast, sparkling lake, trout-filled rivers, steaming<br />

geothermal zones and towering snow-blanketed<br />

mountains. No matter what attraction is drawing<br />

your clients into the region, there are activities<br />

and accommodation to suit them all. From<br />

relaxed, cultural experiences to adrenaline-fueled<br />

excitement, there is something for everyone, right<br />

in the heart of Aotearoa’s North Island.<br />

www.lovetaupo.com<br />


Tongariro Suites is a premium, boutique<br />

accommodation in Ruapehu located just 15<br />

minutes’ drive from Ohakune. This eco-focussed,<br />

adults only property offers 5 gorgeous suites<br />

with magnificent mountain views, contemporary<br />

furnishings, as well generous living areas and full<br />

bathrooms with access to an outdoor hot tub and<br />

private deck.<br />

The Nightsky Cottage Experience is a one-of-akind<br />

eco-retreat into New Zealand native bush<br />

situated on the edge of Tongariro National Park.<br />

Unwind in side-by-side bathtubs, enjoy a private<br />

picnic, or relax in front of the log burner beneath<br />

the sky lights for in-house stargazing. Awarded<br />

Qualmark’s 5-star Gold Sustainable Tourism<br />

Business Award in 2020 and the 2021 100%<br />

Pure New Zealand Experience for its zero-waste<br />

journey and commitment to sustainability.<br />

www.tongarirosuites.co.nz<br />


Deep in the heart of Aotearoa’s North Island,<br />

right in the middle of nowhere, is a very special<br />

place. The Timber Trail Lodge, at the midpoint<br />

of New Zealand’s best two-day cycle trail,<br />

is nestled on the edge of a stunning native<br />

podocarp forest in the historic Pureora Forest<br />

Park. The lodge offers boutique, fully- serviced<br />

accommodation, and our transport service<br />

offers seamless, high quality transport and bike<br />

hire.Since opening in 2017 Timber Trail Lodge<br />

has been receiving wide praise for its quality<br />

service and commitment to sustainable tourism.<br />

www.timbertraillodge.co.nz<br />

stay@timbertraillodge.co.nz<br />


Tongariro Lodge was established in 1982 and<br />

has earned an excellent reputation for gourmet<br />

dining, the finest accommodation, quality<br />

outdoor activities and the most experienced flyfishing<br />

guides in New Zealand. Tongariro Lodge<br />

is a world class, year-round centre of outdoor<br />

adventure and extraordinary fly-fishing. For<br />

over 40 years Tongariro Lodge has welcomed<br />

discerning guests from throughout the world.<br />

Perfectly set on the banks of the Tongariro River,<br />

close to magnificent Lake Taupō, the Lodge<br />

edges Tongariro National Park - home of three<br />

magnificent volcanoes and premier winter ski<br />

resort.<br />

www.tongarirolodge.co.nz<br />


Kings is a historic hotel dating back to 1913,<br />

originally built to accommodate passengers<br />

travelling by train, we have 25 ensuite rooms<br />

with outside entry. There is an onsite restaurant<br />

and bar adorned with images of the area over<br />

the years illustrating its rich history. The bar<br />

also boasts a large deck with spectacular<br />

mountain views, a pool table and darts board.<br />

We have a smaller private dining room, perfect<br />

for breakfasts. Guests can also take advantage<br />

of one of 2 complimentary hot pools onsite. We<br />

look forward to welcoming you to Kings!<br />

www.kingohakune.co.nz<br />

info@kingsohakune.co.nz<br />


Bradley’s Garden is a unique experience<br />

with a luxury boutique bed and breakfast<br />

set amidst a 5-star garden of National<br />

Significance. Bradley’s Garden offers a range<br />

of activities including garden tours, a 9 hole<br />

mischievous miniputt golf course, outdoor<br />

chess and a gorgeous Devonshire Tea in the<br />

bespoke garden gazebo complete with fine<br />

china. Located just 3 km from Taumarunui<br />

and 1km off the Forgotten World Highway,<br />

Bradley’s Garden is a hidden gem of peace<br />

and tranquility that will surprise and delight...<br />

an experience to remember.<br />

www.bradleysgarden.co.nz<br />


Huka Lodge has enjoyed a location of great<br />

natural beauty, on the banks of the mighty<br />

Waikato River, since it was founded as a<br />

very simple trout fishing camp, in 1924. This<br />

legendary retreat continues to define absolute<br />

style, while offering privacy and relaxation,<br />

with authentic outdoor adventure, for those<br />

who appreciate exquisite cuisine, personal<br />

service and unique experiences. With just<br />

25 guest suites, including two superb private<br />

cottages, within 17-acres of magnificent<br />

grounds, this is truly an exclusive experience.<br />

Huka Lodge proudly takes its place amongst<br />

the world’s best retreats<br />

www.hukalodge.com<br />


We have an exclusive collection of Lakeside<br />

accommodation located beside the beautiful<br />

fresh water of Lake Taupō. Hospitality is at the<br />

centre of everything we do. We offer quality<br />

self-contained properties and pride ourselves<br />

on excellent service. We work with you to<br />

create the best experience possible while<br />

you’re here in Taupō. With over 65 properties<br />

on our portfolio we have something to suit<br />

everyone from couples to groups to corporate<br />

stays and multi generational family groups.<br />

www.llat.co.nz<br />


Experience the sights on a fully guided tour,<br />

either by Rail Cart down the Forgotten World<br />

railway or by Jet Boat on the Whanganui River.<br />

Hear the heritage stories of hardy pioneers<br />

and off the beaten path communities in one<br />

of New Zealand’s most stunning North Island<br />

destinations. Explore the epic landscapes and<br />

changing scenery of New Zealand’s Forgotten<br />

World.<br />

www.forgottenworldadventures.co.nz<br />


Come and visit our freshwater centre where you<br />

can feed our beautiful rainbow trout, learn about<br />

conservation and our native fish and maybe see a<br />

Kereru, Tui or a Whio on the Tongariro River<br />

View one of New Zealand’s best collections of<br />

native freshwater fish. Our aquarium has Giant<br />

Kokopu, Koura, Tuna and Koaro to name a few<br />

species endemic to Aotearoa.<br />

Learn about the history of Trout and Fly fishing on<br />

the Tongariro River, one of the best fishing rivers in<br />

the World.<br />

www.troutcentre.com<br />


New Zealand is home to 23 Great Rides, each<br />

one unique and offering cyclists an opportunity to<br />

experience “wheely” special parts of the country.<br />

The Waikato and Ruapehu regions are home<br />

to a number of connected rides, and feature the<br />

Timber Trail - at the heart of Pureora and its special<br />

ecologically precious native forest, and Mountains<br />

to Sea - Ngā Ara Tūhono - the connected pathways<br />

taking you on a journey from Tūroa to the Tasman<br />

Sea. Over 500km’s of cycle trail supported with<br />

accommodation, logistics, bike hire and more.<br />

Create unbelievable memories on Great Rides<br />

someplace different.<br />

www.mountainstosea.nz<br />

www.timbertrail.nz<br />


An off the beaten track destination with world-class<br />

activities and unique accommodation options,<br />

Ruapehu is a must-discover destination that<br />

connects people to place through meaningful,<br />

enriching experiences. Hike the Tongariro Alpine<br />

Crossing, ride the iconic Timber Trail, visit the<br />

National Army Museum Te Mata Toa, rail cart with<br />

Forgotten World Adventures, explore Blue Duck<br />

Station, picnic at NZ’s largest alpaca farm and<br />

canoe, fly fish, or jetboat to the Bridge to Nowhere<br />

on the Whanganui River.<br />

www.visitruapehu.com<br />


Explore the magnificent snow-covered<br />

landscape of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing<br />

and Mt Ruapehu on a guided walk with Adrift<br />

Tongariro. Prices from $260 per person. No<br />

outdoor experience is necessary, all training<br />

and tuition is given on the day. Crampons and<br />

ice-axes are supplied by Adrift Tongariro for a<br />

fantastic alpine experience. Relax and unwind<br />

after your guided walk while taking in the<br />

spectacular views of the mountains at Alpine<br />

Chalets. 50% off your second night when you<br />

book a Cheeky Midweeky Deal.<br />

www.adriftnz.co.nz<br />

bookings@adriftnz.co.nz<br />

0800 462 374<br />


Blazing Paddles offer outdoor adventures in the<br />

remote wilderness and spectacular scenery of<br />

the Whanganui River. Operating in Taumarunui<br />

since 1998. Canoe Hire or full-service Guided<br />

Canoe Tours from daytrips to multi-night<br />

camping experiences. Jet Boat Tours to local<br />

attractions, Lauren’s Lavender Farm, off-grid<br />

glamping at Posh Pioneers, or historic Blue<br />

Duck Station. Fly Fishing with expert Peter Scott<br />

on the Whanganui, host to the<br />

2009 World Flyfishing Championships.<br />

Exclusive Jet Boat Fly Fishing Tours available<br />

on request. Sister company Aotearoa Safaris<br />

provide unique, fair chase or wild and free<br />

hunting experiences in spectacular scenic<br />

terrain, across New Zealand and in Australia.<br />

www.blazingpaddles.co.nz<br />

nfo@blazingpaddles.co.nz<br />


Nevalea Alpacas, the largest alpaca farm in<br />

New Zealand. We offer visitors ‘The Ultimate<br />

Alpaca Experience’ an opportunity to get up<br />

close to the alpacas, hand feed them and feel<br />

just how soft and cuddly they are. We operate<br />

alpaca treks & walks, visitors can walk an<br />

alpaca around the farm and see hundreds<br />

of alpacas come greet them in the hills,<br />

spectacular views surrounded by alpacas. We<br />

have baby alpacas all year-round, visitors can<br />

have a cuddle with them. Great up close and<br />

personal experiences and chances for amazing<br />

photos. We host “Picnics with our alpacas’ a<br />

relaxing option for visitors to enjoy. We have an<br />

alpaca shop on the farm with alpaca knitwear<br />

that’s made onsite for sale.<br />

www.nevaleaalpacas.co.nz<br />

sales@nevaleaalpacas.co.nz<br />


FourB Bike Hire and Tours incorporates its<br />

hire shop with a large fleet of performance<br />

Electric and normal bikes, shuttles and expert<br />

qualified local guides and staff to offer Electric<br />

bike and hike tours from 3 hours to 5 days.<br />

Supported all inclusive Multi day tours include<br />

some or all of: Great Lake Trail, Timber Trail<br />

and The Tongariro crossing. We offer shorter<br />

guided Electric bike tours on the Huka falls<br />

Geothermal loop trail (3 Hours). Bespoke<br />

private tours are no problem. Riders will<br />

need to be confident on a bike & trail riding<br />

experience is preferred but not compulsory.<br />

Ideal tour group sizes are 2 - 10 people but we<br />

can accommodate more.<br />

www.fourb.nz<br />

info@fourb.nz<br />


Operating since 1992, we’ve skydived over<br />

200,000 tandems. We have the best priced<br />

skydive in New Zealand and some of the<br />

most epic views. Cruise up to 18,500 feet and<br />

soak up the scenery that makes skydiving<br />

over Lake Taupō so unique. <strong>Snow</strong> cappedvolcanoes,<br />

blue skies, and pristine waters are<br />

just some of the incredible views you will see.<br />

Reaching speeds of up to 200km per hour,<br />

experiencing the thrill of free fall is something<br />

you’ll never forget. After an amazing freefall<br />

experience, you’ll float back towards earth<br />

with a relaxing parachute ride before landing<br />

back at the dropzone.<br />

www.taupotandemskydiving.com<br />


A now Taupō institution, Chris Jolly Outdoors<br />

was founded in 1980 by its namesake, Chris<br />

Jolly and his wife Sue. The team has always<br />

had a love of the great outdoors in Taupō,<br />

New Zealand and sharing that with people like<br />

you has been a dream realised for Chris and<br />

Sue. Chris Jolly Outdoors boasts an array of<br />

offerings, from scenic cruises on Lake Taupō,<br />

private charters & corporate events, fishing<br />

trips, and hiking & biking trips with some of<br />

the region’s most experienced and passionate<br />

guides.<br />

www.chrisjolly.co.nz<br />

bookings@chrisjolly.co.nz<br />

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canterbury<br />

Porters Alpine Resort - Image supplied<br />

central south island<br />

getting the most from canterbury<br />

By Rahana Jarvis<br />

Broken River - Image by Claire Newell<br />

Canterbury’s ski areas put on a smorgasbord<br />

for skiers and boarders who enjoy indulging<br />

in high adrenaline runs as well as those who<br />

prefer to take their time and to chew through<br />

cruisier scenic slopes. Explore this menu of<br />

central southern fields and taste-test a terrain<br />

less travelled. Cruise the blues and work your<br />

way down the country with us as we search<br />

for the smooth, wide-open grooming and easy<br />

access with chairlifts or T-bars.<br />

Northern most and generously sprinkled in<br />

late Winter sun, Mt Lyford is a family-run<br />

ski resort with terrain for all levels. Great<br />

for groups of mixed abilities, this field offers<br />

‘Learner Lift Passes’ easily upgraded to an ‘All<br />

Lifts’ pass when confident. <strong>Ski</strong>ers stick right of<br />

the Cloudy T-Bar 'Back Run' for the wide-open<br />

ridge face that drops back down to the T-Bar<br />

for another ride up. Don’t forget to nab that<br />

selfie at the iconic yellow truck.<br />

Only one hour from Christchurch, discover<br />

Porters Alpine Resort. Porters has a<br />

combination of a chairlift and T-Bars. From<br />

the base facility you can look up to two<br />

exciting slopes, both accessible from the top<br />

T-Bar. Big Mama sits to the south and is<br />

north east facing. It’s an impressive vertical<br />

drop of 620 metres and an open face for big<br />

turns. The other slope is Bluff Face which is<br />

southeast facing and can sit in the shade early<br />

in the season, so the snow remains cold and<br />

inviting. On a good day the snow can fill in as<br />

you ski, soft and wind-blown and you can track<br />

out a number of runs. Beginners can take to<br />

the well-groomed and very popular Sundance<br />

Basin. For an easy ride from top to bottom<br />

take the Sundance T-Bar. For an even longer<br />

run to the bottom follow the 'cat track' through<br />

to McNulty's Basin.<br />

.<br />

Another Cantabrian club field is Broken<br />

River. <strong>Ski</strong> the wide open Broken River Basin<br />

through the middle of the ski area to Palmer<br />

lodge. Often the snow is easy going and the<br />

terrain encouraging. A word of warning, if you<br />

want to enjoy BR (as it’s known to the locals)<br />

you’ll need to have mastered the rope tow for<br />

full enjoyment.<br />

Second closest to Otautahi is Cheeseman: a<br />

self-professed family fun environment with two<br />

T-bars and well-groomed terrain. <strong>Ski</strong>ers and<br />

snowboarders hang right of the Main T-Bar<br />

through to the bottom. Don’t forget to stop at<br />

the top of the Ridge T-Bar and Tarn Basin for<br />

fresh powder and views of the backcountry.<br />

Mt Hutt, should need no introduction. Voted<br />

NZ’s best ski resort 2015-2021, head straight<br />

to the top of the Summit Six chairlift and drop<br />

into Morning Glory off the cat track, far skiers<br />

right. Go out to Broadway, the wide groom<br />

here is perfect for fast laps all the way to the<br />

base area. Pull up at the top of the mountain<br />

for views back over the Canterbury Plains and<br />

out to the Pacific Ocean on a typical bluebird<br />

day. The easy rides continue with breathtaking<br />

views further south in the Mackenzie<br />

district.<br />

Temple Basin is on the Main Divide and your<br />

ultimate big mountain experience. Hiking and<br />

skiing off the peaks has been a big part of<br />

many keen locals and visitors' exploits with<br />

a long history of thrill seekers making the<br />

pilgrimage. From the top of Temple Col, just<br />

above the top tow, is the wide-open terrain<br />

of the upper Mingha Valley – a must-do ski<br />

adventure paradise. With views abounding,<br />

don’t forget to take in the stunning scenery<br />

with the majestic backdrop of Mt Rolleston.<br />

Craigieburn Valley <strong>Ski</strong> Area is described as<br />

a fully serviced backcountry experience and<br />

holds the tagline ‘<strong>Ski</strong> the Big One’. <strong>Ski</strong>ing off<br />

Middle Basin chutes through to Big Bend is a<br />

massive run with 600 metres of vertical descent.<br />

The chutes are steep and tight, opening up to a<br />

fast-flowing basin, and as you get to the lower<br />

part there is a collection of rolling troughs and<br />

mini valleys to excite the weary legs. There is<br />

also great hiking out to North Peak when the<br />

snow conditions allow.<br />

Famous for its ski-in, ski-out lodging, test<br />

your mettle in the playground of the god’s<br />

at Mt Olympus. This field is best known for<br />

its sheltered aspect and spring skiing while<br />

other fields may have shut up shop. Proud<br />

of it’s ‘groomer free’ moniker and embracing<br />

what Mother Nature provides, this quiet field<br />

can regularly provide fresh runs all day. Four<br />

nutcrackers and steep terrain do a good job of<br />

thinning out the crowds.<br />

Back down in Mackenzie at the top of the Two<br />

Thumb range, lies little-known Fox Peak. A<br />

sheer delight for those looking for uncrowded<br />

fields, take one for four rope or the platter to find<br />

easy skiing down Happy Valley with the South<br />

Canterbury plains in the background.<br />

Off-piste at Mt Lyford<br />

Craigieburn Easy Bowl<br />

66// S K I A N DSNOW.CO.NZ J U N E 2 023// 67

Your powder<br />

playground<br />

awaits<br />


Strategically located only one hour<br />

from Christchurch airport and just<br />

25 minutes away from the Mt Hutt<br />

access road, we’re the ideal base for<br />

your thrilling winter activities. Spend<br />

your days carving up the slopes<br />

before returning to the warmth and<br />

comfort of your villa.<br />


Experience a truly one-of-a-kind getaway at Fable<br />

Terrace Downs Resort, the high-country addition to<br />

Fable Hotels and Resorts' portfolio of exceptional<br />

accommodations. Surrounded by magnificent<br />

mountain ranges, this high-country resort offers the<br />

perfect balance of relaxation and adventure.<br />

Located only an hour's drive from Christchurch<br />

International Airport and a 25-minute drive to the<br />

access road of Mt Hutt, Fable Terrace Downs Resort is<br />

the perfect place to base yourself for your next winter<br />

getaway.<br />

Self-contained villas overlook alpine scenery from<br />

your balcony. The spacious open plan living allows for<br />

a home away from home feel, surrounded by some<br />

of the South’s most breath-taking views. Fitted with<br />

comfortable beds, luxury linen and high-quality guest<br />

amenities, your stay allows for ultimate comfort. The<br />

best part? Enjoy a long soak in your raised spa bath<br />

after a long day on mountain.<br />

The resort's one, two, and three-bedroom villas cater<br />

to all traveller types. Whether guests are visiting for a<br />

romantic getaway, family vacation or friend-group ski<br />

trips, the versatility of the resort is unmatched. Whether<br />

you’re staying for one night or ten, your fully equipped<br />

kitchen and comfortable furnishings make staying for<br />

an extended amount of time easy!<br />

activity on a calm day.<br />

In addition to golf, the resort offers a range of other<br />

weather-permitting outdoor activities that are enhanced<br />

by the beautiful landscape. Visitors can try their hand<br />

at tennis, claybird shooting, archery, fly fishing, and<br />

more. Don’t worry – bad weather means you get to<br />

spend the day dining at The Clubhouse, sitting fireside<br />

with a mulled wine, or simply cosying up in your warm<br />

villa! There's something to cater to everyone's interests<br />

and positions the resort as a captivating year-round<br />

destination.<br />

The Clubhouse Restaurant and Bar offers an<br />

exceptional culinary journey, offering a delicious a la<br />

carte menu that showcases how our talented chef’s<br />

bring together the best of the regions flavours of<br />

produce. Savour the stunning vistas from your table<br />

or bask in the warm glow of the fireplace during chilly<br />

weather. Furthermore, guests can partake in the<br />

enticing drinks menu with ease, as a complimentary<br />

shuttle service is available to assist with transportation<br />

back to their villas.<br />

Service is attentive yet unobtrusive, the benefit of only<br />

having a handful of guests is the maximised experience!<br />

Whether it's being served up your preferred drink or<br />

recommended local activities and establishments that<br />

are to your taste, the staff are clearly passionate about<br />

their work.<br />

If you don't feel like hitting the slopes, there's a myriad<br />

of activities visitors can try their hand at. One of the<br />

resorts most outstanding features is the championship<br />

18-hole golf course, ranked as one of the top 50 golf<br />

courses in New Zealand by Australia Golf magazine.<br />

Set amongst breath-taking alpine scenery, the green<br />

is reason enough to stay and provides for the perfect<br />

Staying at Fable Terrace Downs Resort is an<br />

experience in itself, far beyond just finding a lastminute<br />

room for a night. The natural surroundings will<br />

leave you breathless and you'll find yourself wanting<br />

to extend your stay indefinitely. Whether you seek<br />

adventure, relaxation, or a bit of both, venture and see<br />

the best of what New Zealand has to offer.<br />

Book now<br />

fablehotelsandresorts.com | 03 318 6943<br />

623 Coleridge Road, Canterbury 7572<br />

J U N E 2 023// 69

mackenzie<br />


One of New Zealand’s best kept secrets is the<br />

magical area known as the Mackenzie region.<br />

Smack in the middle between Christchurch and<br />

Queenstown you’ll find a relaxed, uncrowded<br />

layback alternative to the busy neighbouring<br />

regions.<br />

<strong>Snow</strong> shoeing with Alpine Recreation<br />

Scenically the Mackenzie region boast some of NZ<br />

most impressive scenery, including Aoraki/Mount<br />

Cook, Tekapo, Twizel and Fairlie and nestled<br />

amongst this beautiful backdrop are three familyowned<br />

and operated ski fields with breath-taking<br />

views, incredible ski adventures and epic offmountain<br />

experiences. This, blanketed with both<br />

plenty of snow and a relaxed atmosphere, makes<br />

the Mackenzie region a must for your bucket list.<br />

The Mackenzie region has enjoyed some of the<br />

best powder conditions over the past few years<br />

and the fact that the everything is close by you can<br />

always find the best conditions on the day.<br />

There’s also heaps of off-mountain nature based<br />

activities, from hot pools and tubs to ice skating<br />

and tubing to walking and cycling trails, stargazing,<br />

astronomy experiences and more. The region is<br />

home to the world’s largest dark sky reserve and<br />

winter is the best time to explore the night sky.<br />

Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park offers hiking for<br />

every ability and there’s plenty of ways to explore<br />

the Tasman Glacier.<br />

J U N E 2 023// 71


Roundhill <strong>Ski</strong> Area is approximately 35<br />

minutes drive from Tekapo and has one<br />

of the country’s easiest access roads<br />

which offers spectacular views over Lake<br />

Tekapo and towards Aoraki/Mount Cook<br />

and the Southern Alps.<br />

Roundhill offers plenty for skiers and<br />

boarders of all levels and is known for<br />

its relaxed family -friendly atmosphere.<br />

There’s a large learners area next to<br />

the carpark and you’ll often find parents<br />

preparing a barbeque at their car whilst<br />

watching the kids.<br />

For the intermediate skier there’s plenty of runs and the von Brown Bar, which<br />

overlooks Lake Tekapo is the perfect spot for a break when your legs start burning.<br />

Roundhill also boasts the world longest and steepest rope tow for the more<br />

adventurous skiers. The vertical drop of 783m offers super long natural half-pipes<br />

and chutes making for skiing and riding at its best.<br />

www.roundhill.co.nz<br />


Ōhau <strong>Snow</strong> Field is less than an hours<br />

drive from Twizel and overlooks the<br />

spectacular Lake Ōhau and out to Aoraki<br />

/ Mount Cook and the Southern Alps.<br />

Ohau is a mountain for all abilities and<br />

has a dedicated learners area where<br />

you can develop your skills. The double<br />

chair lift takes you to the wide flat slopes<br />

at the top of the mountain which enables<br />

intermediate skiers to access and cruise<br />

down the Boulevard.<br />

For the more expert and advanced skiers, theres plenty of off-piste terrain on offer,<br />

all with exceptional views. If you are keen to hike from the top you’ll find some of the<br />

best powder snow and once again the views are magnificent.<br />

When you’ve finished your day on the slopes, a stop at the Lake Ōhau Lodge is a<br />

must. The relaxed, old school lodge oozes kiwi charm. Sit by the fire, grab a wine, a<br />

meal and enjoy some genuine kiwi hospitality. www.ohau.co.nz<br />

snowfields | lake Ōhau lodge<br />

@roundhillnz<br />

roundhill ski area<br />

www.roundhill.co.nz<br />

reservations@ohau.co.nz or (03) 4389 885 | www.ohau.co.nz


Mount Dobson is nestled in a sun-soaked<br />

basin and its great powder conditions<br />

make it a favourite with the locals. Just a<br />

short drive from Fairlie and Lake Tekapo,<br />

Dobbo (as it’s affectionally known by<br />

locals) offers uncrowded runs with plenty<br />

of variety. There’s a large learners area<br />

for the beginners and expansive skiable<br />

terrain for the rest, offering impressive<br />

elevations and dry, fluffy snow.<br />

As with all ski spots in the Mackenzie region, the views are epic and the atmosphere<br />

relaxed.<br />

Don’t forget to stop off at the Silvestream Heritage Pub in Kimbell when visiting Mt<br />

Dobson. It offers great food and brews coupled with true kiwi hospitality. The country<br />

pub is the place to head after a day on the slopes and during the weekend you’ll find it<br />

a great spot to listen to some local music. www.mtdobson.co.nz<br />

Luxury possum fur products,<br />

custom-made with passion<br />

and care in Whakatane, NZ<br />


Almost any level of skier can ski the Tasman<br />

glacier. It’s the ultimate entry-leve backcountry<br />

ski experience. The Tasman Glacier is New<br />

Zealand’s largest and sits right next to Aoraki/<br />

Mount Cook. The runs are easy – moderate<br />

blue/greens and each run is approximately<br />

8-10km long. You will also get to explore<br />

blue ice caves, incredible ice formations<br />

and learn about glacial terrain and seracs<br />

from experienced and knowledgable guides.<br />

Access is via helicopter or ski plane and the<br />

flight over the Southern Alps is as memorable<br />

as the day skiing. It’s the ultimate poder<br />

experience and an unbeatable ski adventure<br />

to share with family and friends.<br />

www.skithetasman.co.nz<br />

www.mtcookskiplanes.com<br />

www.mtcook.com<br />



The Mackenzie’s natural alpine environment is<br />

the perfect place to explorer and there’s a range<br />

of hut based and hut to hut guided experiences<br />

available. Explore glaciated terrain, remote valleys<br />

and spectacular high country stations as you head<br />

backcountry. For those wanting to get into ski touring,<br />

check out one of the instruction courses to develop<br />

your skills so you can go further, safely.<br />

Tasman Glacier Heli <strong>Ski</strong>ing<br />

with<br />

Southern Alps Guiding<br />

Aoraki Mt Cook<br />

“The only operator licensed to heliski the Tasman Glacier”<br />


Clothing | Hats | Socks | Cushions | Accessories & more<br />

e: info@bearcottage.co.nz | p: 07 308 9994<br />

www.bearcottage.co.nz<br />

Call today to make your winter booking<br />

0274 342277 / www.aorakimtcook.com


This is one of New Zealand’s<br />

largest heli-ski areas, a wilderness<br />

of ancient glaciers, azure lakes<br />

and endless runs. It’s home to New<br />

Zealand’s highest peak and offers<br />

some of the most exhilarating ski and<br />

snowboarding terrain.<br />

The small group guided experiences<br />

offer the best in true Kiwi hospitality<br />

and the highest regard for safety with<br />

runs to suit all levels of heli-ski ability.<br />

www.thehelicopterline.co.nz,<br />

www.heliworks.co.nz,<br />

www.mtcook.com,<br />

www.mtcookskiplanes.com<br />

Recommended Stays:<br />

• The Musterers, Fairlie<br />

• Peppers Bluewater, Lake Tekapo<br />

• Lakestone Lodge, Lake Pūkaki<br />

• The Hermitage, Aoraki<br />

• Skyscape, Twizel<br />

Recommended Eats:<br />

• Silverstream Hotel, Kimbell<br />

• Mount Cook Lakeside Retreat dining<br />

experience, Lake Pūkaki<br />

• Mint Folk & Co, Twizel<br />

• Kohan, Lake Tekapo<br />

• Carnegies, Fairlie<br />

Recommended Do:<br />

• Tekapo Springs (hot pools, ice skating, snow<br />

tubing, stargazing)<br />

• Hooker Valley Track<br />

• Dark Sky Project stargazing or astronomy tour<br />

• Omarama Clay Cliffs<br />

• High Country Salmon<br />

the ultimate mountain experience<br />

If you're seeking an unforgettable adventure<br />

amidst the breath-taking landscapes of New<br />

Zealand's Aoraki/Mount Cook, look no further<br />

than the thrilling combination of a ski plane<br />

and helicopter combo with Mount Cook <strong>Ski</strong><br />

Planes & Helicopters, a testament to the<br />

ingenuity of aviation pioneer Sir Harry Wigley.<br />

Sir Wigley, a New Zealand aviation enthusiast,<br />

invented the retractable ski plane in the<br />

1950s, a specialised aircraft designed to land<br />

on snow, ice and tarmac runway, making it<br />

ideal for navigating the mountainous terrain of<br />

Aoraki/Mount Cook. Sir Wigley revolutionised<br />

aviation in New Zealand and founded Mount<br />

Cook <strong>Ski</strong> Planes in 1955. .<br />

This unique experience allows you to take to<br />

the skies in two different aircraft on the same<br />

day, offering unparalleled views and a chance<br />

to land on the majestic Tasman Glacier for a<br />

truly awe-inspiring adventure. The ski plane,<br />

with its specially designed skis, enables you<br />

to access remote areas and land on pristine<br />

snowfields, giving you the opportunity to<br />

step out and explore the awe-inspiring<br />

alpine environment in a way that was once<br />

unimaginable.<br />

As you embark on this breath-taking<br />

adventure, you'll be captivated by the<br />

panoramic views that unfold before<br />

you. From the ski plane windows, you'll<br />

witness the stunning blue glacier lake, the<br />

Hochstetter Icefall, and the cloud-piercing<br />

Aoraki/Mount Cook, all while soaring above<br />

the Tasman Valley. The ski plane's versatility<br />

and maneuverability allow you to navigate<br />

through the valleys and glaciers with ease,<br />

offering an exhilarating experience.<br />

But it's not just about the thrill of flying in a ski<br />

plane; it's also about the history and legacy<br />

of this pioneering aircraft. Harry Wigley's<br />

invention of the ski plane revolutionized<br />

aviation in New Zealand, opening up new<br />

possibilities for exploring the remote and<br />

rugged landscapes of Aoraki/Mount Cook. His<br />

ingenuity and innovation continue to inspire<br />

aviation enthusiasts and adventurers to this<br />

day, as they embark on the same journey he<br />

once pioneered.<br />

After the ski plane adventure, you'll swap<br />

aircraft and continue your journey with a<br />

helicopter ride, adding a new dimension to<br />

your Alpine adventure. The helicopter allows<br />

you to soar high and get up-close-andpersonal<br />

with the towering peaks, glaciers,<br />

and valleys, offering a different perspective<br />

of the awe-inspiring landscapes below.<br />

The helicopter ride adds an extra level of<br />

excitement and adrenaline to your adventure,<br />

as you manoeuvre through the valleys and<br />

soar above the majestic peaks, creating a<br />

truly unforgettable experience.<br />

The combination of the ski plane and<br />

helicopter combo offers a comprehensive<br />

and thrilling experience you cant do anywhere<br />

else in the world. Mount Cook <strong>Ski</strong> Planes &<br />

Helicopters is the only <strong>Ski</strong> Plane & Helicopter<br />

operator in the world which lands on a glacier<br />

year-round.<br />

This experience is designed so you can<br />

appreciate the true beauty of the Aoraki Mt<br />

Cook National Park including sights such<br />

as the Aoraki Mount Cook, Tasman Glacier,<br />

Tasman Terminal Lake, the rugged Grand<br />

Plateau, and the imposing Hochstetter Icefall,<br />

all while learning about the natural history,<br />

Maori legends, and cultural significance of the<br />

region from your knowledgeable pilot guide..<br />

This unique experience is a tribute to the<br />

pioneering spirit of aviation in New Zealand.<br />

The combination of a ski plane and helicopter<br />

combo in Aoraki/Mount Cook offers an<br />

unparalleled adventure that allows you to<br />

explore the pristine wilderness of this aweinspiring<br />

region from above.<br />

J U N E 2 023// 77

Want to go Backcountry?<br />

Join New Zealand’s specialists in<br />

ski touring & ski mountaineering<br />

avalanche skills & backcountry courses<br />

hut-to-hut ski & split-board tours<br />

glacier skiing & split-boarding<br />

ski mountaineering<br />

heated private huts<br />

IFMGA & NZMGA ski guides<br />

0800 006 096<br />

www.alpinerecreation.com<br />

alpine recreation<br />

Alpine Recreation has over 40 years of experience guiding in the Tekapo<br />

backcountry, Aoraki Mount Cook National Park and Southern Alps. Family<br />

owned and operated, Alpine Recreation offers unique year-round alpine<br />

adventures with exclusive access to the most stunning backcountry<br />

locations in the Southern Alps.<br />

Edelweiss Lodge – Tekapo Accommodation<br />

Edelweiss Lodge in Tekapo Village provides the perfect starting point for<br />

their Tekapo and Aoraki Mount Cook based adventures. Alpine Recreation<br />

also has two private and remote mountain huts Rex Simpson Hut in the Two<br />

Thumb Range and Caroline Hut in the Mount Cook Range<br />

<strong>Ski</strong> & Split-board Touring<br />

Alpine Recreation offers ski touring and splitboarding trips and backcountry<br />

instruction courses in New Zealand’s most spectacular winter wilderness<br />

locations. With two private, heated huts and a choice of many other venues,<br />

Alpine Recreation provides a wide range of touring options to cater for<br />

various ski and boarding abilities, fitness levels and personal objectives.<br />

Backcountry and Avalanche <strong>Ski</strong>lls Courses<br />

Instruction courses based at their private huts and lodge, catering to<br />

complete beginners, through to experienced skiers and boarders wanting to<br />

refresh their skills. Professional IFMGA / NZMGA qualified mountain guides.<br />

Glacier <strong>Ski</strong> & Split-board Touring<br />

Backcountry <strong>Ski</strong> & Split-board Touring amongst the glaciers of the Mount<br />

Cook and Westland National Parks. Typically based at Kelman, Tasman<br />

Saddle, Centennial, Pioneer or Plateau Huts.<br />

Symphony on <strong>Ski</strong>s<br />

New Zealand’s ultimate trans-alpine backcountry ski tour!<br />

Linking together New Zealand’s 4 main glaciers and traversing the Southern<br />

Alps from east to west, the “Symphony on <strong>Ski</strong>s” is New Zealand’s ultimate<br />

multi-day trans-alpine ski tour.<br />

For more information visit www.alpinerecreation.com

coronet peak • the remarkables<br />

southern lakes<br />

We’ve got you covered when the snow is epic<br />

and when you’re wanting some backcountry adventure!<br />

0800 GO SNOW +64 3 442 5958<br />

37 Shotover Street infosnow.co.nz<br />

Clockwork from top left: Remarkables / Cardrona / Treble Cone / Coronet Peak<br />

the southern lakes<br />

‘The Southern Lakes’ is a broad term that<br />

encompasses a wide mountainous region,<br />

studded with majestic lakes, (the largest of<br />

which are Wakatipu in Queenstown and Lake<br />

Wanaka on which the township of Wanaka<br />

is nestled). The Southern Lakes is not<br />

exactly and regional label, but it has become<br />

synonymous with some of the best ski resorts<br />

in the world.<br />

Queenstown and Wanaka have developed a<br />

reputation for quality of world renown. There<br />

are five commercial ski resorts to choose from<br />

which are some of the best places to ski in<br />

New Zealand.<br />

The Remarkables rises sharply from the<br />

eastern shores of Lake Wakatipu and offers<br />

great skiing and exceptional views. It is also<br />

part of NZ<strong>Ski</strong> and the NZ Superpass can be<br />

used here.<br />

*NZ Superpass allows you to ride between<br />

The Remarkables, Coronet Peak and Mt Hutt<br />

Coronet Peak is the closest to Queenstown<br />

and the sealed road makes for easier access.<br />

There’s 280 hectares of skiable terrain and a<br />

vertical drop of 462 metres. Also part of the NZ<br />

Superpass.<br />

Cardrona’s closest town is Wanaka, although<br />

the Cardrona Valley is slowly developing with<br />

accommodation and food options close by.<br />

Cardrona is a great family location but also<br />

provides great a terrain park for the free-skiers<br />

and boarders and plenty of off-piste areas for<br />

the more advanced skiers.<br />

Treble Cone is known for its steep expansive<br />

terrain and low crowds. It’s only a short drive<br />

from Wanaka and has one of the longest<br />

vertical drops in NZ at 700m.<br />

<strong>Snow</strong> Farm is a dedicated cross country<br />

ski area that also offers a range snow based<br />

alternatives to the main ski fields such as<br />

snow shoeing and tubing.<br />

Over the last few years, a range of other<br />

options in the region has developed to<br />

experience fresh, untouched powder, you<br />

head to Soho Basin, a vast private ski area<br />

with snowcats instead of chairlifts, or book<br />

on a heliskiing or snow plane ski adventures,<br />

which are numerous and affordable.<br />

Accommodation and facilities is as varied<br />

from backpackers and Air BnB to five-star<br />

resorts. From world-famous takeaways (like<br />

Fergs Bergers (that’s the one with the neverending<br />

queue outside) to amazing lakeside<br />

fine dining.<br />

Also, should the mountain be closed, as<br />

one of the major adventure regions of New<br />

Zealand, there is a multitude of things to do<br />

and experience, mountain biking, wine tours,<br />

bungee, jet boat the list is never-ending.<br />

J U N E 2 023// 81


bigger and better!<br />

Winter Games NZ is the Southern<br />

Hemisphere’s biggest snow sports event,<br />

and we are thrilled to be back with our most<br />

extensive programme ever in 2023.<br />

The 2023 Winter Games NZ features the<br />

2023 FIS Park and Pipe Junior World<br />

Championships at Cardrona Alpine Resort, six<br />

FIS Australia New Zealand Cup (ANC) alpine<br />

ski races at Coronet Peak and The North Face<br />

Frontier freeride event at The Remarkables.<br />

In addition to this stacked schedule, we<br />

are stoked to announce that we will also be<br />

holding the inaugural International Obsidian<br />

Challenge.<br />

The world’s best freeskiers and snowboarders<br />

aged 15-18 will be battling it out for the<br />

prestigious FIS Junior World Champion titles<br />

in slopestyle, big air and halfpipe and the<br />

chance to secure a nation spot for the 2024<br />

Youth Olympic Winter Games to be held<br />

in Korea in January 2024. Don’t be fooled<br />

by the fact they are juniors, eligible athletes<br />

include reigning Junior World Champions and<br />

World Champions and 2022 Beijing Winter<br />

Olympians - the talent runs deep and we can’t<br />

wait to see them in action.<br />

Before we get into more exciting details about<br />

2023, let’s recap the 2022 Winter Games<br />

NZ, where after a brief hiatus we were back<br />

showcasing New Zealand snow sports to the<br />

world!<br />

Winter Games NZ 2022 kicked off with the<br />

high octane FIS ANC Super G alpine ski<br />

races at Coronet Peak. The high speed Super<br />

G courses were set on The Hurdle, with its<br />

steep pitch and natural rollers making for<br />

exciting racing. Enthusiastic spectators lined<br />

the course, with many there to get a glimpse<br />

of local ski racing superstars Alice Robinson<br />

and Willis Feasey competing against a mix of<br />

World Cup racers and some exciting up and<br />

coming talent.<br />

Two Giant Slalom races were next on the<br />

schedule, with over 80 athletes from 13 nations<br />

tackling The Hurdle. In the second Giant<br />

Slalom race, Queenstown’s Alice Robinson<br />

claimed the win in the women’s field, in front of<br />

a supportive home crowd.<br />

We then made the move across the Crown<br />

Range to Cardrona Alpine Resort. Despite the<br />

perfectly manicured slopestyle and halfpipe<br />

courses, the FIS ANC Freeski and <strong>Snow</strong>board<br />

events struck challenging weather.<br />

Cardrona STOMP Big Air presented by La Roche Posay<br />

Image by Winter Games NZ/Neil Kerr<br />

The athletes weren’t deterred, giving it<br />

everything they had in the qualification round<br />

for each event, which ultimately ended up<br />

determining the podium.<br />

Homegrown athlete’s Gustav Legnavsky<br />

(Halfpipe), Luca Harrington and Ruby Star<br />

Andrews (Slopestyle) all secured a gold<br />

medal finish in their respective disciplines to<br />

the delight of the home crowd.<br />

Chaeun Lee of Korea, who came into Winter<br />

Games NZ as the current <strong>Snow</strong>board Halfpipe<br />

Junior World Champion, claimed the top spot<br />

in the men’s snowboard halfpipe competition.<br />

Chaeun has since gone on to have an<br />

incredible 2023 season, and although he is<br />

still just 16 years of age, he was crowned the<br />

overall snowboard halfpipe World Champion<br />

in 2023.<br />

Next on the packed schedule was the much<br />

anticipated The North Face Frontier 2* and<br />

4* events at The Remarkables. Up first was<br />

The North Face Frontier 2*, where challenging<br />

snow conditions required the riders to bring<br />

their A Game. There was plenty of action, with<br />

epic runs and inevitable spills that come with<br />

Freeride competition.<br />

Right: The North Face Frontier<br />

Image by Winter Games NZ/Neil Kerr<br />

82// S K I A N DSNOW.CO.NZ J U N E 2 023// 83

It was the perfect prelude to The North Face Frontier 4*, where the<br />

50-strong start list, which featured some of the world’s best skiers and<br />

snowboarders, threw down on the steep and exposed terrain of the Alta<br />

Chutes. 2022 Freeride World Champion, Kiwi Jess Hotter, lead the starstudded<br />

field.<br />

The North Face Frontier 4* has been a launching platform for many<br />

phenomenal Freeride athletes and a prime example of this in 2022 was<br />

Canadian Justine Dufour-Lapointe, who after a decorated moguls career,<br />

including two Winter Olympic medals and a World Championship title,<br />

made the switch to Freeride.<br />

Justine’s first foray into Freeride was The North Face Frontier 4* where<br />

she impressed the judges and spectators alike with her strong skiing and<br />

a huge backflip. Fast forward nine months and a successful season on<br />

the Freeride World Tour, Justine is the 2023 Freeride World Champion.<br />

The Cardrona STOMP Big Air presented by La Roche-Posay was the<br />

first of two STOMP events, with skiers and snowboarders throwing down<br />

on the massive Cardrona Big Air jump. With perfect weather conditions<br />

and a start list, featuring World Champions, World Cup, X Games and<br />

Winter Olympic Games medallists, the stage was set for a heavy-hitting<br />

competition.<br />

The 2022 Winter Games NZ wrapped up in style with the Cardrona<br />

STOMP Park Jam presented by La Roche-Posay. Vibes were high as<br />

the field of world-class freeskiers and snowboarders dropped into the<br />

purpose-built rail garden looking to showcase their most stylish and<br />

creative tricks.<br />

With the opportunity to hit the course plenty of times, we saw incredibly<br />

creative riding with the athletes pushing the boundaries and progression<br />

of their sport.<br />

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On<br />

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back Massage<br />

perfect on track 30<br />

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Cardrona STOMP Big Air presented by La Roche Posay Image by Winter Games NZ/Neil Kerr<br />

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OPENING HOURS Little Street<br />

Lakeside MANICURES Road & PEDICURES<br />

Aromatic Facial & an hour long massage of your choice.<br />

Monday 15 mins, to Saturday 30 mins, 9am 60 mins, - late 75 (please mins enquire on the day)<br />

MANICURES Our moist popular & PEDICURES spa package.<br />

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Ardmore Street<br />

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Little Street<br />

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Lakeside Road<br />

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Ph: + treatments.<br />

Enjoy 64 3 some 443 5051 well earned E: feelfab@aspectswanakaspa.co.nz<br />

relaxation to look and stunning www.aspectswanakaspa.co.nz<br />

after Ardmore one of Street our manicure or pedicure<br />

treatments.<br />

Brownston Street<br />

Brownston Street<br />

Hedditch Street<br />

Hedditch Street<br />

Hedditch Street<br />


Monday to Saturday 9am - late (please enquire on the day)<br />

Sunday open per seasonal demand.<br />


Monday to Saturday 9am - late (please enquire on the day)<br />

38 Ardmore Street, Wanaka<br />

Sunday open per seasonal demand.<br />

Ph: + 64 3 443 5051 E: feelfab@aspectswanakaspa.co.nz<br />

www.aspectswanakaspa.co.nz<br />

38 Ardmore Street, Wanaka<br />

Ph: + 64 3 443 5051 E: feelfab@aspectswanakaspa.co.nz<br />

www.aspectswanakaspa.co.nz<br />

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Photo: Florian Monot<br />



RRP:$1,499.95<br />

Category: Freerider /All Terrain<br />

Lengths: 168.1, 174.2, 180.4,<br />

186.5cm<br />

Widths: 97mm<br />

Weight: 3650g/pair @180<br />

The unbeatable Camox ski is<br />

known for its forgiveness and<br />

playfulness. The progressive flex<br />

allows for progression and the<br />

long edge gives stability and grip<br />

at high speed.<br />


RRP:$1,699.95<br />

Category: Big Mountain<br />

Lengths: 172.1, 178.4, 184.3,<br />

190.2cm<br />

Widths: 105mm<br />

Weight: 3600g<br />

The iconic Black Crows big<br />

mountain ski and refined for<br />

2023, gaining more accessibility<br />

and versatility for powder skiers.<br />

A stable and powerful ski which<br />

performs well at high speed.<br />


RRP:$1,799.95<br />

Category: All Terrain<br />

Lengths: 171.3, 177.4, 183.1,<br />

189.3cm<br />

Widths: 100mm<br />

Weight: 4400g/pair @183<br />

An all-terrain ski to charge over<br />

the crud with a double titanium<br />

plate for a committed ride, a front<br />

progressive rocker and light back<br />

rocker for control, and classic<br />

camber providing stability.<br />


RRP:$1,699.95<br />

Category: Resort / Freestyle<br />

Lengths: 168.3, 173.2, 178.0,<br />

184.2cm<br />

Widths: 87mm<br />

Weight: 3600g/pair @178<br />

Designed to achieve an alliance<br />

between freestyle and on-piste<br />

skiing, the Mirus Cor has a<br />

long rocker and tail split for<br />

manoeuvrability and control,<br />

whilst carving and/or terrain<br />

freestyle skiing.<br />


RRP: $1499.00 (includes<br />

Look Konect NX 12<br />

binding)<br />

Category: Groomer<br />

Lengths: 158, 166, 174,<br />

182cm<br />

Widths: 124-75-109 cm<br />

Radius: 15m<br />

Weight: 3.9kg<br />

Engage the edge and feel<br />

the energy. The Speed 763<br />

balances a powerful edge<br />

with a smooth ride for a<br />

race inspired carve. The<br />

full-length power transfer<br />

of V-Tech design and<br />

vibration-absorbing ride<br />

of our Hybrid Core let you<br />

focus on your line. Embrace<br />

the fall line.<br />

DYNASTAR//E-PRO 90<br />

RRP:$1299.00 (ski only)<br />

Category: Freeride / Big<br />

Mountain (Women Specific)<br />

Lengths: 154, 162, 170 cm<br />

Widths: 119-89-109 mm<br />

Radius: 16m<br />

Weight: 3.3kg<br />

Both stable and energetic,<br />

the new E-PRO 90 is a<br />

versatile freeride ski. Its<br />

dimensions promise superb<br />

lift in deep snow and on<br />

more compact snow, its<br />

Hybrid Core construction<br />

with a Titanal plate<br />

withstands high-speed<br />

turns and committed<br />

landings, perfect for all<br />

outings in deep snow.<br />


RRP:$1449.00 (includes Look NX<br />

12 Konect binding)<br />

Category: Groomers (Women’s<br />

Specific)<br />

Lengths: 149, 158, 166 cm<br />

Widths: 124-75-109 mm<br />

Radius: 13m<br />

Weight: 3.8kg<br />

Lean into your carving game. The<br />

Dynastar E-Lite 8 ski balances<br />

a powerful edge with a smooth<br />

ride that absorbs vibration and<br />

terrain variations for controlled<br />

carving by advanced skiers.<br />

V-Tech design transfers power<br />

to the edges and reduces swing<br />

weight for an agile feel.<br />


RRP: $1399.00 (ski only)<br />

Category: All Mountain<br />

Lengths: 171, 176, 184 cm<br />

Widths: 135-88-117 mm.<br />

Radius: 14m<br />

Weight: 3.6 kg<br />

Carve, explore and charge<br />

around the whole mountain.<br />

The Dynastar M-Cross 88<br />

skis let advanced and expert<br />

skiers turn up their skiing.<br />

They offer a wider platform<br />

for charging the piste while<br />

channeling the all-mountain<br />

feel of a freeride ski for<br />

exploring new terrain.<br />

J U N E 2 023// 91

ARMADA//<br />








102 TI<br />

RRP: $1,449.99<br />

Category: Freeride, All-<br />

Mountain<br />

Lengths: 172, 180, 188cm<br />

Width: 135 - 102 - 125<br />

Weight: 1950g (180)<br />

A hard-charging all-mtn<br />

ski, the Declivity 102Ti took<br />

the full-throttle thought<br />

process of the Declivity X<br />

and applied it to a versatile<br />

chassis, specifically built to<br />

conquer mixed conditions.<br />

AR100 Sidewall, Caruba<br />

Core, EST Freeride Rocker,<br />

Comp Series Base, 2.5 Impact<br />

Edge, Articulated Titanal<br />

Banding<br />



92 TI<br />

RRP: $1,349.99<br />

Category: All-Mountain<br />

Lengths:172, 180, 188cm<br />

Width: 132 - 92 - 118<br />

Weight: 1825g (180)<br />

Built off a platform that<br />

excels in any condition,<br />

the Declivity 92 Ti screams<br />

versatility from ripping<br />

high-speed groomers to<br />

charging chopped-up<br />

powder.<br />

AR100 Sidewall, Caruba<br />

Core, EST All Mountain<br />

Rocker, Comp Series Base,<br />

2.1 All Mountain Edge,<br />

Articulated Titanal Banding<br />



92 TI<br />

RRP: $1,349.99<br />

Category: All Mountain<br />

Lengths: 156, 164, 172cm<br />

Width: 130 - 92 - 116<br />

Weight: 1625g (164)<br />

When you don’t know<br />

what the mountain is going<br />

to throw your way, reach<br />

for the Reliance 92 Ti. Six<br />

inches of fresh overnight?<br />

It’s ready. Bulletproof<br />

groomers? No sweat.<br />

AR100 Sidewall, Caruba<br />

Core, EST All Mountain<br />

Rocker, Comp Series Base,<br />

2.1 All Mountain Edge,<br />

Articulated Titanal Banding<br />


RRP: $1,349.99<br />

Category: All Mountain<br />

Everything<br />

Lengths: 172, 180cm<br />

Width: 138 - 100 - 120<br />

Weight: 2100g (180)<br />

A ski that you can take<br />

to the groomers on an<br />

average day with friends,<br />

carve hard, trick around<br />

on, laugh and have a good<br />

time.<br />

AR75 Sidewall, Poplar Ash<br />

Core, AR Freestyle Rocker,<br />

S7 Base, 2.2 Impact Edge,<br />

Springboard Tail, Edgeless<br />

Tip<br />


BASALT<br />

RRP: $ 1,499.99<br />

Category: All-Mountain<br />

Lengths: 160, 168, 176, 184cm<br />

Width: 127-82-115<br />

A lightweight build and the<br />

predictable edge control of full<br />

sidewall construction for all-resort<br />

skiing. A paulownia wood core<br />

reduces overall weight, while<br />

basalt layers absorb vibration for a<br />

smooth ride.<br />


Topsheet-15%, Edges-100%,<br />

Base-30%<br />


86 BASALT<br />

RRP: $ 1,599.99<br />

Category: All-Mountain<br />

Lengths: 158, 167, 176, 185cm<br />

Width: 132-86-120<br />

An 86mm waist adds versatility<br />

and stability across changing<br />

snow conditions. The all trail<br />

sidecut and full sidewall<br />

construction provide a smooth<br />

turn initiation and a powerful<br />

edge through the entire turn.<br />

A 100% ECO-DESIGNED<br />

RANGE. Topsheet-15%,<br />

Edges-100%, Base-30%<br />


BASALT W<br />

RRP: $1,299.99<br />

Category: All-Mountain<br />

Lengths: 143, 151, 159cm<br />

Width: 127 - 82 - 115<br />

Explore more. An 82mm waist<br />

balances a quick feel edge to<br />

edge with the width to handle<br />

varied conditions. Paulownia<br />

Wood Core reduces weight by<br />

30% for enhanced agility and<br />

maneuverability<br />


Topsheet-15%, Edges-100%,<br />

Base-30%<br />


86 BASALT W<br />

RRP: $1,399.99<br />

Category: All-Mountain<br />

Lengths: 148, 157, 166cm<br />

Width: 132-86-120<br />

An all Trail Sidecut delivers a<br />

responsive feel with quick edge<br />

engagement and powerful,<br />

consistent carving. Boost Flex<br />

profile is adapted to the needs<br />

of advanced skiers seeking<br />

more aggressive performance.<br />

A 100% ECO-DESIGNED<br />

RANGE. Topsheet-15%,<br />

Edges-100%, Base-30%<br />

92// S K I A N DSNOW.CO.NZ J U N E 2 023// 93

LANGE//<br />


New RS<br />

New blue New blood<br />

Photo: Florian Monot<br />

The RS boots, designed for speed, embody the<br />

“racing” DNA of this now iconic brand. The<br />

distinctive Lange blue unites those who<br />

perpetuate the brand’s original passion for<br />

downhill racing. In 2022, the brand will<br />

be injecting new blood into its racing<br />

collection. Increasingly driven by bold<br />

innovation, it is reworking its colour<br />

range with this new blue which<br />

expresses the concentrated<br />

technology encapsulated in the<br />

heart of the new RS range.<br />

True<br />

Blue<br />

Team<br />


LANGE//RS 130<br />

RRP: $1,199.00<br />

Category: Groomers / Race<br />

Length: 24.0 – 31.5<br />

Width: L.V 97mm / M.V 100mm<br />

Weight: 2175 g<br />

Power and Precision. The new RS 130 is<br />

the result of our deep understanding of<br />

foot mechanics, fit, and ski boot behavior.<br />

Featuring our new, race-developed Dual<br />

Core construction, RS supplies incredible<br />

energy and flex control, becoming a<br />

natural extension of your body for total<br />

control through the turn. Alpine Sole.<br />

LANGE//XT3 115 W<br />

RRP: $1,299.00<br />

Category: Freeride / Tour<br />

Length: 22.0 – 27.5<br />

Width: L.V 97mm M.V 100mm<br />

Weight: 1607 g<br />

Engineered to go UP, built to ski DOWN.<br />

The all-new XT3 115 W is Freeride the<br />

way it was meant to be. Featuring our<br />

new Active Power V-Lock and Friction<br />

Free Hinge, XT3 offers effortless mobility<br />

and range-of-motion on the way up.<br />

Then lock it down for the descent and<br />

unleash the rock-solid power and<br />

precision of Lange’s innovative Dual<br />

Core construction. Purpose-built for<br />

the modern freeride skier, XT3 is a new<br />

benchmark for free touring. Dynafit<br />

Inserts, Grip Walk Sole.<br />

LANGE//LX LX 120 HV GW<br />

RRP: $899.00<br />

Category: Groomers / All Mountain<br />

Length: 24.0 – 31.5<br />

Width: HV 102mm<br />

Weight: 1860 g<br />

Lange’s legendary performance<br />

concentrated in a more comfortable,<br />

wider boot. Based on the “choose your<br />

fit” concept, the new LX 120 HV GW ski /<br />

all mountain boot now offers a new width<br />

of 102 mm at the front of the foot. If you<br />

have wide feet and are looking for high<br />

performance in a comfortable ski boot,<br />

then the LX is the right choice for you.<br />

Grip Walk Sole.<br />

LANGE//LX LX 95 W<br />

RRP: $899.00<br />

Category: Groomers / All Mountain<br />

Length: 22.0 – 27.5<br />

Width: HV 102mm<br />

Arguably the best-selling women’s boot<br />

on the market just got more comfortable<br />

with the addition of “Shin Control” and<br />

Thinsulate insulation for extra warmth.<br />

Grip Walk Sole. Dual Core.<br />

J U N E 2 023// 95




ANON//<br />




RRP:$219.00<br />


RRP:$219.00<br />

Featuring out-of-this-world dome protection.<br />

GALACTIC MIPS® comes equipped with a durable ABS shell and is outfitted<br />

with the MIPS® Brain Protection System, removable washable earpads, and<br />

two removable brims so that you can customize your style.<br />


RRP:$449.00<br />

The low-profile lens delivers crystal<br />

clear distorition-free optics, while<br />

our revolutionary Happy lens<br />

tech boosts mood and alertness and<br />

enhances colour and contrast.<br />

SPY//+ LEGACY SE<br />

RRP:$379.00<br />

The compact Legacy SE packs all<br />

the punch of the Legacy; wide<br />

peripherals, a low-profile frame, and<br />

the ultra-quick Lock Steady 2 lens<br />

change system.<br />


HELMET<br />

RRP: $299.99<br />

Anon’s Windham WaveCel Helmet<br />

pairs everyday hardshell durability<br />

with the advanced impact protection<br />

of WaveCel technology. WaveCel is a<br />

collapsible cellular structure that lines<br />

the inside of the helmet.<br />


RRP: $349.99<br />

The Anon Oslo WaveCel Helmet pairs<br />

3D cellular protection with an in-mold<br />

construction featuring a lightweight<br />

shell with an EPS and WaveCel liner<br />

designed in a sleek, low-profile style.<br />


RRP: $429.99<br />

The Anon M4S Toric Goggles feature<br />

the same high-end performance of<br />

the M4 Goggles in a frame scaled<br />

for medium-sized faces. They offer<br />

a precise helmet-to-goggle fit with<br />

the wide field of view and enhanced<br />

peripheral vision of a toric lens a frame<br />

scaled to fit smaller faces.<br />


RRP: $349.99<br />

The Anon WM3 Goggles bring the<br />

wide field of view and low-profile<br />

style of a modern cylindrical lens to a<br />

sleek new women’s-specific frame to fit<br />

smaller faces.<br />



NEVADA SPORT// (03) 347 9566<br />


Unmatched<br />

quality & design<br />



RRP: $399.00<br />

Blending the warmth of<br />

responsibily sourced goose down<br />

with synthetic fibres, featuring<br />

innovative BackVent technology<br />

for winter comfort and increased<br />

breathability for those moving<br />

adventures.<br />



RRP: $299.00<br />

Get all-day comfort with the same outof-the-box<br />

fit you expect from Moab. This<br />

chelsea boot delivers a lifestyle look, an<br />

insulated layer for winter warmth, waterproof<br />

lining to stay dry, and traction you<br />

can trust.<br />



RRP: $299.00<br />

Winter capable and weather ready. This<br />

women’s specific boot fits like a sneaker,<br />

waterproof lined and with 100 grams of<br />

insulation. Comfortable underfoot, made<br />

with recycled materials and has a sticky<br />

rubber sole for grip on wintery surfaces.<br />



RRP: $349.00<br />

Stay warm and comfortable in this styled<br />

longer length parka. Made with 100%<br />

recycled nylon outer fabric that beads<br />

off water with its DWR finish and filled<br />

with 160 grams of synthetic insulation to<br />

provide winter warmth even when wet.<br />

100% pure, natural wool<br />

indoor and outdoor slippers<br />

Ultimate comfort since 1993<br />

glerups.co.nz<br />

Find us online and at a stockist near you









2<br />

RRP: $139.00<br />

The original Southern Divide baselayer.<br />

A high performing long sleeve<br />

crewe made from 100% NZ Merino<br />

for maximum comfort on the coldest<br />

of days.<br />

*18.9 microns of pure softness<br />

*Streamline fit<br />

*Flatlock seam construction<br />

*Built in droptail.<br />



RRP: $139.00<br />

Crafted with our intelligent layering<br />

system. Wear this 100% NZ Merino<br />

crewe as a mid-layer when the<br />

temperature drops, or base-layer on<br />

those warmer spring days.<br />

*Supersoft jersey knit<br />

*Streamline fit<br />

*Flatlock seam construction<br />

*Built in droptail.<br />


MID-LAYER 320GM2<br />

RRP: $229.00<br />

Engineered for maximum warmth, this<br />

is the perfect addition to our layering<br />

system. Built in thumb-loops, extended<br />

droptail and made from 100% NZ<br />

Merino.<br />

*19.1 microns with Ponte finish<br />

*No-snow-go collar<br />

*Streamline fit<br />

*Integrated windbreaker for zip<br />



RRP: $299.00<br />

Constructed for mountains. This 100%<br />

NZ Merino Hoodie is the ultimate midlayer,<br />

designed to keep you warm when<br />

the temperature really plummets.<br />

*Internal Brushed Merino<br />

*2 x waist pockets<br />

*Streamline fit<br />

*Integrated windbreaker for zip<br />

*Built in droptail.<br />


PANT<br />

RRP: $399.99<br />

This pant means business, offering 20K<br />

waterproof and breathability storm<br />

level protection. Made with recycled<br />

polyester fill and includes RECCO<br />

avalanche rescue system.<br />


PANT<br />

RRP: $229.99<br />

A slim flared style snow pant with<br />

10k waterproof and breathability<br />

protection for moderate weather<br />

conditions. Features comfortable<br />

stretch construction, with a durable<br />

water repellent finish.<br />


RRP: $549.99<br />

A powerful puffer with 20k waterproof<br />

and breathability storm level<br />

protection, the perfect jacket for the<br />

mountain fashionistas who mean<br />

business on the black runs.<br />


JACKET<br />

RRP: $599.99<br />

Slimline style with ultimate 20k<br />

waterproof and breathability<br />

protection, for the performance level<br />

skiers and snowboarders. Made with<br />

recycled polyester fill and includes<br />

RECCO avalanche rescue system.

c.<br />







PAT_W23_PowderTown_<strong>Ski</strong>&SNow_PrintAd_FP_215x300mm.indd 1<br />

21/4/2023 10:40 am<br />



RRP:$129.95 (AUD)<br />

The Ultimate Leggings are made from<br />

the same material as the awardwinning<br />

Heatrub Ultimate baselayer.<br />

The leggings are comparable to fleece<br />

lined overtrousers, but with the added<br />

benefit of ease of movement.<br />



RRP:$49.95 (AUD)<br />

The Neck Warmer uses the same ‘heat<br />

threads’ that feature in the awardwinning<br />

Ultimate baselayer, which<br />

has been independently proven to be<br />

five times warmer than a standard<br />

product.<br />


RRP:$109.95 (AUD)<br />

The Move features a 45%<br />

polypropylene inner / hollow<br />

polyester shell that work in tandem<br />

to regulate body temperature, so as<br />

you work harder for longer, you don’t<br />

overheat in the conditions.<br />


RRP:$129.95 (AUD)<br />

The award-winning Heatrub Ultimate<br />

is best-in-class baselayer that uses<br />

enhanced Heat Threads inside the<br />

garment that are activated through<br />

movement, gently brushing against<br />

the skin to generate positive warmth<br />

instantly.<br />


BIBS<br />

RRP: $519.99<br />

Fully PFC-free, plus featured for<br />

versatility and mobility, with<br />

an articulated fit for freedom of<br />

movement.<br />


PANTS<br />

RRP: $629.99<br />

Fair Trade Certified sewn with a<br />

warm and wicking liner for lasting<br />

storm protection and comfort.<br />


JACKET<br />

RRP: $799.99<br />

Waterproof, windproof and made of<br />

fully PFC-free GORE-TEX material<br />

— meaning it does not contain<br />

perfluorinated chemicals.<br />


RRP: $519.99<br />

Lightweight, breathable and quickdrying<br />

technical fleece for highexertion.<br />

Made of 100% recycled<br />



FEATURES: All-terrain/freestyle ski with a double rocker, medium<br />

camber underfoot, slightly straight sidecut. W: 97mm, W: 3450g,<br />

Radius: 20m<br />


DYNASTAR//763 (ALL MOUNTAIN) $1,599.00 (BINDING<br />


FEATURES: S.C 130-82-112. R16m (179cm) Hybrid Paulownia / PU<br />

Core, Titanal Insert, 3D Profile Fiberglass sandwich, Full Sidewall.<br />

Lengths; 164-171-179-185cm<br />



FEATURES: On/off-piste carving ski, progressive front rocker, light<br />

rear rocker, classic camber, double titanal plate underfoot. W: 93mm,<br />

W: 3450g, Radius: 20m<br />




FEATURES: S.C125-74-110. R12m (156cm) Poplar-Fiberglass Core,<br />

Cap construction, Xpress 11 Binding, Lengths;142-149-156-163cm<br />



$1,799.95<br />

FEATURES: A powerful all-terrain ski aimed at wider adventures.<br />

Front rocker, classic camber, double titanal plates, aluminium tail<br />

insert. W: 100mm, W: 3450g, Radius: 20m<br />



$1,399.00 (SKI ONLY)<br />

FEATURES: S.C 128-99-120. R17m (179) Hybrid poplar / PU core,<br />

Fiberglass Torsion box, Sandwich, Full Sidewall.<br />

Lengths; 171-179-185cm.<br />



FEATURES: High performance, freestyle/carving resort ski, double<br />

rocker with split tail, medium camber and mono titanal plate. W:<br />

87mm, W: 3600g, Radius: 13m<br />



$1,299.00 (SKI ONLY)<br />

FEATURES: S.C 119-89-109. R16m (170), Hybrid Poplar / PU core,<br />

Titanal Rocket Frame, Fiberglass Torsion Box, Sandwich, full<br />

Sidewall. Lengths; 154-162-170cm.<br />



$1,699.95<br />

FEATURES: Versatile big mountain ski, double rocker, medium<br />

camber, slightly straight sidecut, progressive tip flotation and a firm<br />

flex. W: 105mm, W: 3600g, Radius: 19m<br />



10 BINDING)<br />

FEATURES: 118-90-108. R20m (170), Poplar Wood Core, Tip and Tail<br />

Rocker, Fiberglass Sandwich, Central Sidewall. Lengths; 130-140-150-<br />

160-170-180cm. WWW.BOBO.CO.NZ<br />


HEAD//ABSOLUT ABSOLUT JOY $1,199.00 inc binding<br />

FEATURES: Length: 143/148/153/158/163/168<br />

Radius: 13,2 @ Length 163 - Sidecut: 131/79/109 @ Length 163<br />

Plate: JOY SLR PRO Base<br />

Bindings: JOY 9 GW SLR BRAKE 85 [H] s.wh WWW.HEADSNOW.CO.NZ<br />

HEAD//KORE 93 $1,899.00 inc binding<br />

FEATURES: Length: 156/163/170/177/184/191<br />

radius: 16,4 @ Length 177 - Sidecut: 133/93/115 @ Length 177<br />

Binding: ATTACK_ 11 GW Brake 100 [A]<br />


HEAD//SUPERSHAPE E-RALLY $1,999.00 inc binding<br />

FEATURES: Length: 156/163/170/177<br />

Radius: 14,0 @ Length 170 - Sidecut: 132/78/114 @ Length 170<br />

Plate: Superflex PR Base low - Binding: PRD 12 GW BRAKE 85 [F]<br />


HEAD//SHAPE E-V8 $1,699.00 inc binding<br />

FEATURES: Length: 149/156/163/170/177<br />

Radius: 13,2 @ Length 170 - Sidecut: 130/75/112 @ Length 170<br />

Plate: All Mountain PR Base - Binding: PR 11 GW BRAKE 85 [G]<br />



SPECIFIC) $1,299.00 (SKI WITH LOOK XPRESS W 11)<br />

FEATURES: S.C 130-82-11. R13m (164). Hybrid Paulownia Wood PU<br />

Core, Titanal Insert, Powerdrive 3 Sidewalls, 3D Profile, Basalt Fiber-<br />

Sandwich, Full Sidewall, Tip Rocker. Lengths; 156-164-171cm.<br />


ARMADA//ARW ARW 94 $1,099.99<br />

FEATURES: An incredibly versatile all-mountain freestyle ski. Park,<br />

pipe, piste and even some pow. WWW.ARMADASKIS.COM<br />

ARMADA//ARV ARV 94 $1,099.99<br />

FEATURES: The ultimate all-rounder, there isn’t a part of the mountain<br />

this ski isn’t happy in. WWW.ARMADASKIS.COM<br />


SPECS: Designed for passionate racing fans and on-trail skiers. An<br />

intuitive, accessible and solid carving tool.<br />



HEAD//SUPER JOY $1,649.00 inc binding<br />

FEATURES: Length: 143/148/153/158/163/168<br />

Radius: 12,2 @ Length 163 - Sidecut: 129/75/108 @ Length 163<br />

Plate: JOY SLR PRO Base - Bindings: 100867<br />



SPECS: Confidence-inspiring stability at speed and nimble when you<br />

want to relax, delivered in a versatile width.<br />


HEAD//TOTAL JOY $1,799.00 inc binding<br />

FEATURES: Length: 148/153/158/163/168<br />

Radius: 13,8 @ Length 163 - Sidecut: 134/85/113 @ Length 163<br />

Plate: JOY SLR PRO Base<br />

Bindings: JOY 11 GW SLR BRAKE 90 [H] d.rd WWW.HEADSNOW.CO.NZ<br />


SPECS: An athlete-driven, legacy-infused big mountain weapon to free<br />

your wildest ambitions.<br />


LINE//BLADE OPTIC $1,399.99<br />

FEATURES: Equipped with our Gas Pedal Metal Overdive tech,<br />

harness the power of an innovative layup of titanal to feel enhanced<br />

edge grip, stability, and control under your feet. WWW.LINESKIS.COM<br />

ROSSIGNOL//FORZA 70-V-TI $1,849.99 SKI ONLY<br />

SPECS: FORZA is carving in its purest form: Maximum angulation<br />

and no speed limits..<br />


K2//K2 MINDBENDER 89TI 104 $1,199.99<br />

FEATURES: All-Terrain Rocker profile & Titanal Y-Beam construction<br />

equals a ski with the precise edge hold needed to dominate hardpack<br />

yet wide enough for forays into the ungroomed. WWW K2SNOW.COM<br />

ROSSIGNOL//BLACK OPS 98 $1,299.99 SKI ONLY<br />

SPECS: Rail turns, slash pow, smear and pop off park jumps or sidehits.<br />

Unmatched versatility.<br />


ELAN//RIPSTICK 96 BLACK EDITION $1,999.00 inc Attack 14 binding<br />

FEATURES: 136/96/120mm. No sales blurb on this. Check out the<br />

reviews on youtube. WWW.ELANSKIS.COM<br />

ELAN//PLAYMAKER 91 $1,299.00<br />

FEATURES: 122/91/116mm. Goes full send by blending the<br />

personality of a freestyle twin and the trusted capabilities of a<br />

directional freeride ski. WWW.ELANSKIS.COM<br />

ELAN//RIPSTICK 96 MENS $1,899.00 inc Attack 14 binding<br />

FEATURES: 136/96/120mm. The ultimate freeride ski in all snow<br />

conditions. WWW.ELANSKIS.COM<br />

ELAN//WINGMAN 86CTI $1,799.00 inc Attack 14 binding<br />

FEATURES: 129/86/114mm. The 86CTi blends the finesse to tackle off<br />

piste terrain with powerful carving capability. WWW.ELANSKIS.COM<br />

ELAN//RIPSTICK 94 WOMENS $1,699.00 inc Attack 11 binding<br />

FEATURES: 136/94/110mm. The ladies adventure ski. Frontside,<br />

backside. You can trust this is the right choice, no matter the<br />

conditions. WWW.ELANSKIS.COM<br />

ELAN//WINGMAN 82TI $1,299.00 inc Attack 11 binding<br />

FEATURES: 129/82/112mm. Ideal for effortless all mountain carving<br />

and cruising. Push your limits without a punishing feel.<br />


ELAN//RIPSTICK 88 MENS $1,599.00 inc Attack 11 binding<br />

FEATURES: 130/88/105mm. The perfect combination of versatility,<br />

agility and performance for every condition the mountain can dish<br />


ELAN//WILDCAT 86CX $1,599.00 inc ELW 11 binding<br />

FEATURES: 128/86/114mm. The best of both worlds. Take on<br />

groomers at speed or the soft , deeper snow in the back bowls.<br />


ELAN//RIPSTICK 88 WOMENS $1,599.00 inc Attack 11 binding<br />

FEATURES: 130/88/105mm. For women looking for versatility and<br />

progression on groomers or the back bowls. WWW.ELANSKIS.COM<br />

ELAN//WILDCAT 82 C $1,299.00 inc ELW 9 binding<br />

FEATURES: 129/82/112mm. Nimble and quick. Carve on piste or<br />

smoothly navigate ungroomed snow with confidence.<br />



GW BOOT<br />

RRP:$999.00<br />

Flex tuning<br />

Cuff Alignment<br />

Extended Toe Box<br />

Rear support tuning<br />

Foam wedge<br />


K2//RECON 120 BOA<br />

RRP:$1,399.99<br />

BOA® ski boots? It’s the biggest boot<br />

fitting advancement in sixty years. A<br />

redesigned shell delivers better “wrap,”<br />

and more even pressure distribution<br />

across the foot.<br />


K2//BFC<br />

RRP:$899.99<br />

Medium-flexing BFC 100 is ideal for<br />

skiers who prioritize comfort but still<br />

need a supportive boot that won’t hold<br />

them back.<br />



PRO 100 W<br />

RRP:$799.99<br />

Flex 100, Last 100mm<br />

Ideal for all-mountain resort skiing and<br />

hiking with the option for touring at the<br />

flick of a switch.<br />



GW<br />

RRP:$899.99<br />

Flex 130, Last 104mm<br />

A trustworthy workhorse. <strong>Ski</strong>ers<br />

looking for a generous last and all<br />

day comfort without sacrificing<br />

performance.<br />



RRP:$899.99<br />

Flex 100, Last 100mm<br />

A fully thermoformable liner lets you<br />

customize the fit. Merino wool insulation<br />

for all-day warmth.<br />





RRP:$999.00<br />

Women’s double adjustable cuff<br />

Flex tuning<br />

Cuff Alignment<br />

Extended Toe Box<br />

Rear support tuning<br />

Foam wedge<br />

Interchangeable toe and heel<br />


LANGE//RX 120 GW<br />

RRP:$999.00<br />

Flex 120, Last MV100mm & LV 97mm.<br />

Dual Core, Polyurethane Shell / Cuff,<br />

Dual Screw Canting Dual 3-D Liner,<br />

Reactive Boost Tongue 45mm Velcro<br />

Power Strap.<br />

Sizes 24.0-31.5<br />




RRP:$1,399.00<br />

Sensitivity, precision and sustainability<br />

come together in the 4-QUATTRO XT to<br />

make it the perfect all-day boot, both on<br />

and off piste. A low stand height and flex<br />

index of 130 provide incredible impulse<br />

transmission and performance, making this<br />

boot ideal for expert skiers.<br />


LANGE//XT3 130<br />

RRP:$1,499.00<br />

Flex130, Last MV100mm & LV97mm.<br />

Polyether Shell / Lyfran Cuff, Friction<br />

Free Hinge, Active Power V Lock, 53° ROM.<br />

Dynafit Inserts, Gripwalk Sole.<br />

Sizes; 24.0-29.5<br />




RRP:$1,399.00<br />

Sensitivity, precision and sustainability<br />

come together in the 4-QUATTRO XT<br />

to make it the perfect all-day boot, both<br />

on and off piste. A low stand height and<br />

flex index of 130 provide incredible impulse<br />

transmission and performance, making this<br />

boot ideal for expert skiers.<br />


LANGE//LX LX 130 HV GW<br />

RRP:$999.00<br />

Flex 130, Last 102mm.Polyurethne<br />

Shell / Lyfran Cuff, External<br />

Screw Canting, 45mm Power Strap.<br />

Gripwalk® Sole.<br />

Sizes 24.0 – 31.5<br />


LANGE//RX 90 WOMEN’S.<br />

RRP:$899.00<br />

Flex 90, Last MV100mm & LV97mm Last,<br />

Polyurethane Shell & Cuff. Dual Screw<br />

Canting. Dual 3-D Pro liner. Shin Control,<br />

Thinsulate® Insulation. Gripwalk® Sole.<br />

Sizes 22.0 - 27.5<br />


LINE//BOOTIE 2.0<br />

RRP:$199.00<br />

Intuition foam footbeds make these<br />

insanely comfortable, and they will even<br />

mold to your feet! Paired with grippy<br />

Michelin outsoles and you’ve got the<br />

Apres Bootie 2.0<br />



(JUNIOR)<br />

RRP:$319.00<br />

Flex 60, Last, Junior Fit. Lyfran Shell &<br />

Cuff, Junior Liner, 30mm Power Strap, 4<br />

Alu Buckles, Mono Material Alpine Sole.<br />

Sizes 19.0 – 27.5<br />




RRP: $289.00 SPECS: Winter capable and weather<br />

ready. This women’s specific boot fits like a sneaker,<br />

waterproof lined,100grams of insulation and grippy<br />

on wintery surfaces.<br />



130 CARBON MV GW<br />

RRP:$1,099.99<br />

Flex 130, Last 100mm<br />

On-trail performance personified. The<br />

ultimate in precision and total control<br />

through every turn.<br />




RRP: $359.00 SPECS: Familiar Moab comfort featuring<br />

full grain leather upper for greater durability and a<br />

waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry.<br />





SOCKS<br />

RRP: $38.00 SPECS: 50% Merino Wool,<br />

40% Possum Fur, 10% Nylon/Lycra<br />

Short calf length | Energy bands<br />

Terry loop pile foot to catch and retain<br />

the body heat escaping from your body.<br />

Specially designed heel and toe,<br />

eliminating any bulky fabric around the<br />

toe and heel areas.<br />



BLACK<br />

RRP: $169.00 SPECS: Super-light, ultra-comfy, 10%<br />

BLOOM algae in the foam and a nylon ripstop<br />

quilted upper, for adventures well beyond the hut.<br />


LENZ//HEAT SOCK 6.1<br />

RRP: $229.00 (Battery Pack<br />

Additional) SPECS: Polyamid 55%,<br />

Merino 35%, Elastane 10%, Full Toe<br />

Cap Heat Filament. Sizes 35-38,<br />

39-41, 42-44, 45-47.<br />




RRP: $55.00 SPECS: No cushion. All<br />

performance. Our thinnest Merino<br />

socks. Offering you the all day<br />

comfort you need to stay out longer.<br />




RRP: $55.00 SPECS: Targeted<br />

cushioning and mesh zones<br />

placed for maximum comfort and<br />

breathability in any boot. Natural<br />

performance of Merino wool.<br />




RRP: $60.00 SPECS: For maximum<br />

cushioning this pair of Merino<br />

wool socks help keep things<br />

warm, but breathable.<br />




RRP: $55.00 SPECS: The perfect<br />

mix of design and performance.<br />

Featuring our most advanced<br />

Indestructawool technology for<br />

enhanced durability.<br />




RRP: $60.00 SPECS: Natural comfort<br />

and performance of Merino<br />

wool. Prioritising breathability,<br />

durability and fit.<br />





RRP: $55.00 SPECS: Featuring our<br />

most advanced Indestructawool<br />

technology for enhanced<br />

durability and 4 Degree elite<br />

fit system for an unmatched<br />

performance fit.<br />




RRP: $40.00 SPECS: Keep your little<br />

ones warm and cosy all day on the<br />

slops. With the warmth of Merino<br />

wool, even the smallest skiers can<br />

go far and feel good.<br />





RRP: $40.00 SPECS: Merino socks<br />

featuring fill cushion and a flat knit<br />

toe seam for additional comfort.<br />

Keeping your little ones warm<br />

all day.<br />



RRP:$349.99 SPECS: Micro-adjustable fit,<br />

fleece-lined warmth, and a lightweight<br />

feel with the latest impact-absorbing safety<br />

technology. WWW.ANONOPTICS.COM<br />


RRP:$299.99 SPECS: Leading safety features,<br />

a durable hardshell design, and one-hand<br />

fit adjustability for distraction-free comfort.<br />



RRP:$499.99 SPECS: The Merak WaveCel is<br />

fully loaded with 19 ventilation channels,<br />

WaveCel protection, and premium comfort<br />

and fit features in a durable hybrid molded<br />

construction. WWW.ANONOPTICS.COM<br />


X (MEN)<br />

RRP:$299.00 SPECS: MIPS Equipped. In<br />

Mold Shell, Haelo Antimicrobial EPS, Direct<br />

Ventilation, Low profile / Light Weight.<br />

X-Static liner, Fidlock magnetic buckle, Audio<br />

ready. Detachable ear covers<br />



RRP: $219.00 SPECS: Featuring out-of-this-world<br />

dome protection. GALACTIC MIPS skate inspired<br />

helmet comes equipped with a durable ABS shell and<br />

is outfitted with the MIPS Brain Protection System,<br />

removable washable earpads, and two removable brims<br />

so that you can customize your style.<br />


SPY//LIL<br />


RRP: $219.00 SPECS: Featuring out-of-this-world dome<br />

protection for the young shredders. Lil GALACTIC<br />

MIPS comes equipped with a durable ABS shell and<br />

is outfitted with the MIPS Brain Protection System,<br />

removable washable earpads, and two removable brims<br />

so that you can customize your style.<br />


ANON//RAIDER 3<br />

RRP:$149.99 SPECS: A classic shape equipped<br />

with everyday durability and hassle-free fit.<br />



RRP: $459.99 SPECS: MIPS and zonal<br />

Koroyd® safety innovations with a<br />

lightweight design for all-mountain use.<br />

An integrated visor simplifies goggle wear<br />

and offers the terrain-defining clarity of<br />

ChromaPop.<br />



RRP:$399.00 SPECS: MIPS Equipped. In Mold Shell,<br />

Optimized Impact Protection, Haelo Antimicrobial<br />

EPS, Adjustable Ventilation, Low profile / Light<br />

Weight. X-Static liner, Fidlock magnetic buckle,<br />

Audio ready. Detachable ear covers.<br />


Merino made<br />

for more time<br />

on the mountain<br />


RRP:$335.00 SPECS: Developed with freeride legend<br />

Jeremy Jones and in support of Protect Our Winters,<br />

the Fornix MIPS POW JJ gives ultimate protection in<br />

the backcountry.<br />



RRP:$390.00 SPECS: With a design taken from one of<br />

Hedvig’s own paintings and inspired by Norway’s<br />

national mountain Stetind, the ski helmet balances<br />

both inspiration and protection.<br />




RRP:$189.00 SPECS: For those long skiing or<br />

snowboarding adventures, it’s a snow goggle that<br />

combines huge vents and a free bonus lens to keep<br />

the fog-fighting air flowing while making sure you<br />

have the right lens to find the real treasures hidden<br />

in those mountains.<br />



RRP:$449.00 SPECS: The low-profile lens delivers<br />

crystal clear distortion-free optics, while our<br />

revolutionary Happy lens tech boosts mood and<br />

alertness and enhances colour and contrast.<br />



RRP:$379.00 SPECS: With the lowest profile and widest<br />

peripheral view of any Spy goggle, the Legacy featured<br />

our world renowned Happy Lens tech and fingerprint<br />

free lock steady 2 quick change lens system. This is the<br />

snow goggle your eyes and helmet have been waiting for.<br />



RRP:$229.00 SPECS: The Quick Draw lens change<br />

system puts the midsize Ace at the top of the deck.<br />

In volatile conditions, you can easily slide a high<br />

visibility lens into place and quickly return to<br />

the action, without losing time to mother natures<br />

wicked ways.<br />



RRP:$99.00 SPECS: Crush everything from steep<br />

chutes to stacked pillow lines with this feature<br />

packed goggle. High performance without the high<br />

price. Mid size with anti fog dual lens, anti scratch,<br />

triple layer face foam and 100% UV protection.<br />



RRP:$99.00 SPECS: There are a lot of epic skiers<br />

and riders out there of smaller stature. For them,<br />

the Crusher Elite Jr fits just right. Packing SPY<br />

performance into a grom friendly frame that’s<br />

perfect for smaller faces.<br />



DRAGON//R1 R1 OTG<br />

RRP:$250.00 SPECS: Taking design inspiration from the RVX<br />

Mag OTG, the R1 is perfect for those seeking a simple, clean,<br />

& polished look. As the namesake implies, the R1 is OTG<br />

(Over The Glasses) compatible, featuring several premium<br />

features such as armoured venting, silicone strap backing,<br />

200% Super Anti-Fog coating, and of course, Dragon’s very<br />

own LUMALENS® Colour Optimised Technology.<br />



RRP:$400.00 (AUD) SPECS: Utilising the all-new, one-sided<br />

Swiftlock 2.0, combined with magnet lens anchors, the RVX<br />

MAG contains our most secure and quick lens changing<br />

system to date. Add in OTG compatibility, the expansive<br />

LUMALENS® Colour optimised technology, Dragon’s<br />

Patented Frameless Design, and you’ve got one heck of a pair<br />

of goggles.<br />


ANON//M4S<br />

RRP:$429.99 SPECS: Precise fit, maximum glare protection,<br />

and our sharpest, widest field of view in a frame scaled for<br />

smaller faces. WWW.ANONOPTICS.COM<br />

ANON//SYNC<br />

RRP:$279.99 SPECS: The terrain-defining clarity of PERCEIVE<br />

optics and the simplicity of M-Fusion for fast, easy lens<br />

changes. WWW.ANONOPTICS.COM<br />

ANON//WM3<br />

RRP:$349.99 SPECS: See more with the wide field of view of a<br />

modern cylindrical lens and easy swap MAGNA-TECH® lens<br />


ANON//M3<br />

RRP:$349.99 SPECS: Low-profile cylindrical-style goggles<br />

featuring magnetic lens change simplicity and the glarecutting<br />

clarity of a polarized lens.. WWW.ANONOPTICS.COM<br />



RRP:$129.00 SPECS: Our<br />

most popular power<br />

bank: 16,000mAh Battery,<br />

356-grams, LED Flashlight,<br />

1-Watt Solar Panel<br />


ANON//M4<br />

RRP:$429.99 SPECS: Precise helmet-to-goggle fit with our<br />

widest field of vision, highest contrast lenses, and the<br />

unprecedented versatility to easily switch between toric and<br />

cylindrical lenses. WWW.ANONOPTICS.COM<br />


RRP:$89.99 SPECS: Youth-sized goggles with the bonus of<br />

MFI® compatibility for seamless face mask coverage.<br />



RRP:$399.99 SPECS: Smith MAG interchangeable system<br />

features six magnetic contact points and two locking<br />

mechanisms, a simple push lever allows a quick Chromapop<br />

lens swap anytime, anywhere. WWW.SMITHOPTICS.COM<br />


RRP:$459.99 SPECS: Goggle-like coverage with the airflow<br />

and easy-to-wear feel of sunglasses that perform while you’re<br />

climbing and descending, with removable nose guard and<br />

magnetic side shields. WWW.SMITHOPTICS.COM<br />


RRP:75g Bars $4.95| 40g Bites $3.20 SPECS: Lovingly<br />

crafted in Christchurch, the Crafty Weka Bar makes<br />

100% delicious wholefoods bars with 0% nasties.<br />

Cradled in fully compostable packaging, this<br />

adventure-proof snack will keep you going all. day.<br />


SUNSAVER //10K<br />

RRP:$99.00 SPECS:The ultimate<br />

lightweight power bank:<br />

10,000mAh Battery, 255-grams,<br />

USB Type-C, LED Flashlight,<br />

1-Watt Solar Panel<br />



RRP:$199.99 SPECS: For unbeatable function<br />

and style look no further. Guaranteed to<br />

keep you dry. WWW.POWGLOVES.COM<br />


RRP: $339.95 SPECS: The Khroma Freeride<br />

GTX Gloves offer the ultimate combination of<br />

warmth, dryness, protection and flexibility.<br />



GLOVE<br />

RRP:$239.99 SPECS: All the best<br />

materials for the ultimate in warmth<br />

and countless days on the hill.<br />




RRP: $399.00 (Battery Pack Additional)<br />

SPECS: 52% Goat leather outer. Full<br />

Finger wrap heat element. Sizes XS (6),<br />

S (7), M (8), L (9)<br />




RRP: $189.99 SPECS: Modular insulated<br />

GORE-TEX® protection with warm and<br />

wicking removable merino wool liners.<br />

Updated with a leather palm, and complete<br />

with a waterproof insert.<br />




GLOVES<br />

RRP: $29.00 SPECS: A unique and<br />

luxurious blend of NZ possum fur and<br />

pure NZ merino lambswool.<br />

35% Possum Fur, 55% Merino<br />

Lambswool, 10% Mulberry Silk.<br />



RRP: $399.00 SPECS: Battery Pack (2 Batteries)<br />

Power Supply up to 20 hours compatible with<br />

Gloves, Socks and Mitts. Blue Tooth control and<br />

Manual operation. (1200 Battery Pack $349.00)<br />




RRP: $209.99 SPECS: 10K breathability and<br />

waterproof, for lighter conditions. Durable<br />

water repellent.<br />



RRP: $199.99 SPECS: These best-sellers are designed to<br />

contour the body and naturally flex with you, allowing<br />

maximum comfort whatever the activity. Not too heavy,<br />

not too light, icebreaker’s versatile Oasis top is made with<br />

100% merino wool, making it your go-to natural fibre base<br />

layer for year-round layering and everyday comfort.<br />



RRP: $249.99 SPECS: High-performance natural fibre base<br />

layers with engineered body mapping technology to regulate<br />

your body temperature and let your skin breathe naturally<br />

during high intensity activity. Combining 100% merino wool<br />

with strategically placed mesh panels for active ventilation,<br />

the ZoneKnit baselayers are the high-performing natural<br />

alternative to synthetics next to your skin.<br />



WOMEN’S<br />

RRP: $139.00 SPECS: Let It <strong>Snow</strong>! Join the Merrell<br />

crew in this eye-catching <strong>Snow</strong> Smile fleece with<br />

original graphic artwork.<br />



RRP: $229.00 SPECS: All about cozy comfort. Made<br />

with 100% recycled polyester and double sided<br />

brushed sherpa fleece with 2-way stretch.<br />



RRP: $159.00 SPECS: Up the intensity in a grid-back<br />

balaclava style pullover fleece that wicks moisture.<br />



RRP: $549.99 SPECS: 215K waterproof<br />

and breathability. Recycled polyester<br />

fill. Removable skirt. Durable water<br />

repellent.<br />



RRP: $259.99 SPECS: 5K breathability. 8K waterproof.<br />

Durable water repellent.<br />



WOMEN’S<br />

RRP: $349.00 SPECS: Take adventure by storm in our<br />

100% recycled nylon waterproof shell with 60grams of<br />

insulation.<br />



RRP: $899.99 SPECS: A bomber 3-layer shell built to blend<br />

both the movement of four-way stretch with the ultimate<br />

protection of BD.dry while touring or ducking the rope, the<br />

Recon Stretch Pro Shell seals out moisture on storm days but<br />

keeps you dry on the skintrack without sacrificing durability.<br />

Reinforced forearms, elbows and hips add protection in<br />

high-wear areas.<br />




RRP: $599.99 SPECS: Fully seam-taped waterproof, stretchy snow<br />

and ski jacket built with environmentally-friendly VerticalX ECO<br />

insulation.<br />



RRP: $699.99 SPECS: A lightweight, durable workhorse shell, the Recon<br />

Stretch LT Shell features 3 layers of dependable protection. It combines<br />

our BD.dry waterproof/breathable solution with a lightweight ripstop<br />

fabric for a best-in-class combo of durability, protection, and minimal<br />

weight. Men’s and Women’s available.<br />



RRP: $799.95 SPECS: Lightweight, stretchy and<br />

highly breathable, the Khroma Kinetic built with<br />

Proflex fabric offers the protection of a hardshell<br />

but with the comfort of a softshell.<br />



JACKET<br />

RRP: $999.99 SPECS: icebreaker’s<br />

first ever 100% natural outer<br />

layer that’s water repellent and<br />

wind resistant. Made entirely<br />

from natural fibres that are prestretched,<br />

woven together, and<br />

then released to create a super<br />

dense fabric, Shell+ is a natural<br />

alternative to synthetic jackets that<br />

helps keep you protected from the<br />

elements. WWW.ICEBREAKER.CO.NZ<br />


RRP: $499.99 SPECS: Winner of SKI <strong>Magazine</strong>’s Gear of<br />

the Year Award, this ride and ski jacket was built to<br />

adapt anywhere. This Pertex® waterproof shell is ideal<br />

for backcountry.<br />



WOMEN’S<br />

RRP: $239.00 SPECS: Made with 100% recycled<br />

nylon outer fabric, DWR finish, with 160grams<br />

synthetic insulation to provide winter warmth.<br />



RRP: $599.99 SPECS: The new natural alternative to the<br />

puffer jacket. Using natural merino wool insulation,<br />

MerinoLoft offers a high warmth-to-weight ratio to<br />

help keep you warm during cold-weather activities.<br />

New for AW23, MerinoLoft styles feature a Shell+ outer<br />

layer, offering a more natural water repellent and wind<br />

resistant puffer jacket. Best of all, it’s machine washable<br />

for easy care.<br />



RRP: $599.99 SPECS: 20K waterproof and breathability.<br />

Recycled polyester fill. RECCO avalanche rescue<br />

system.<br />



RRP: $799.99 SPECS: Waterproof, windproof and made<br />

of fully PFC-free GORE-TEX material — meaning it<br />

does not contain perfluorinated chemicals.<br />



WOMEN’S<br />

RRP: $309.00 SPECS: Made with 100% recycled nylon outer<br />

fabric, DWR finish, with 160 grams synthetic insulation to<br />

provide winter warmth even when wet.<br />




PANT<br />

RRP: $379.99 SPECS: 20K waterproof<br />

and breathability. Recycled polyester<br />

fill. RECCO avalanche rescue system.<br />




RRP: $1,199.99 SPECS: 3-layer<br />

GORE-TEX® Pro and full<br />

mobility with 3-layer GORE-<br />

TEX® Pro Stretch panels where<br />

you need them - on the knees,<br />

lower back and crotch gusset.<br />

Features include top to bottom<br />

zips, adjustable venting and cuff<br />

size adjustments to fit climbing<br />

or ski touring boots.<br />




RRP: $929.99 SPECS: A burly<br />

3-layer bib built for deep days in<br />

the backcountry, the Recon Stretch<br />

Pro Bib combines a breathable<br />

stretch racerback upper bib with a<br />

reinforced seat and knees for added<br />

protection in the backcountry.<br />



RRP: $629.99 SPECS: A lightweight workhorse in the<br />

mountains, the Recon Stretch LT Pants are built to provide<br />

dependable protection for skiers and riders looking to<br />

hit either side of the rope. Featuring a slimmed down fit,<br />

the Recon Stretch LT Pants combine BD.dry waterproof/<br />

breathable solution with a lightweight ripstop fabric for a<br />

best-in-class three-layer combo of durability, protection, and<br />

minimal weight. Men’s and Women’s available.<br />



PANT<br />

RRP: $449.99 SPECS: 15K<br />

waterproof and breathability,<br />

for moderate rain and snow.<br />

Recycled polyester fill.<br />




RRP: $499.99 SPECS: Winner of<br />

SKI <strong>Magazine</strong>’s Gear of the Year<br />

Award. Balancing protection and<br />

weight, this Pertex® waterproof<br />

shell is ideal for backcountry<br />

versatility; easy layering for cold<br />

backcountry tours and warm<br />

spring skiing.<br />


A digital currency<br />

designed for everyday<br />

payments<br />

qoin.world<br />


RRP: $699.95 SPECS: Built for ski<br />

touring and mountaineering when<br />

mobility, weight and breathability are<br />

the highest priority.<br />


Available to download on<br />




RRP: $399.99 SPECS: 20K<br />

waterproof and breathability.<br />

Recycled polyester fill. RECCO<br />

avalanche rescue system.<br />





RRP: $229.99 SPECS: 10K<br />

breathability and waterproof,<br />

for lighter conditions. Durable<br />

water repellent. Stretch fabric<br />

construction.<br />




RRP: $349.99 SPECS: Fully<br />

seam-taped waterproof, stretchy<br />

snow and ski pants built with<br />

environmentally-friendly<br />

VerticalX ECO insulation.<br />



PANTS RRP: $629.99 SPECS: Fair<br />

Trade Certified sewn with a<br />

warm and wicking liner for lasting<br />

storm protection and comfort.<br />







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