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"In many cultures, a branch of a<br />

tree is loaded with symbolic values<br />

related to nature and spirituality.<br />

The idea of transforming a branch<br />

into a light source arises from<br />

the desire to amplify this positive<br />

value and create a functional<br />

object that can also serve as a<br />

stimulus for the soul."<br />

004<br />

006<br />

008<br />

030<br />

036<br />

— Marcantonio —<br />

ver 2 — 31.01.2023<br />

2 | 3

Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba was born in Massa Lombarda in<br />

1976. He att<strong>en</strong>ded the Institute of Art and the Academy of Fine<br />

Arts. After graduating, he began working in the theatre sc<strong>en</strong>e and<br />

collaborating with architects. He soon began to create unique design<br />

pieces alongside his artistic production, but gradually the two careers<br />

began to merge. As a result, his design became <strong>en</strong>riched with artistic<br />

concepts.<br />

For more than 10 years he has be<strong>en</strong> working on private and public<br />

projects, and the relationship betwe<strong>en</strong> man and nature is his<br />

favourite subject; he interprets both the dynamics and the beauty of<br />

nature, showing how man's attitude alters the original.<br />

He likes to think of his work as a direct continuation of what he did as<br />

a child, playing with everything he found and creating what his mind<br />

imagined. In reality, wh<strong>en</strong> he explores the aesthetic and the concept,<br />

he takes the ideas from the same sources that he created while<br />

playing and dreaming with everything that normally surrounds him.<br />

He learned from art how an idea can be elegant, so he is always<br />

looking for pure concepts and synthesis.<br />

www.marcantonio.it<br />

4 | 5

<strong>Aira</strong><br />

HORM / Marcantonio, 2023<br />

6 | 7

The infinity symbol and the number 8 have a<br />

common relationship that goes beyond their<br />

simple graphical repres<strong>en</strong>tation. 8 repres<strong>en</strong>ts<br />

complet<strong>en</strong>ess while infinity repres<strong>en</strong>ts eternity<br />

and the vastness of the universe. For this reason,<br />

they are oft<strong>en</strong> used as symbols of good wishes<br />

and auspiciousness, 8 for its perfection and<br />

infinity for its lasting nature.<br />

8 is also the number of lamps signed by the artist<br />

and collected in the <strong>Aira</strong> Limited Edition, an<br />

exclusive collection that serves as a prelude to<br />

the serial production of <strong>Aira</strong> in both floor and<br />

susp<strong>en</strong>sion versions.<br />

VIDEO<br />

8 | 9

01<br />

Limited Edition<br />

Blu Sodalite<br />

10 | 11

Blue Sodalite is an int<strong>en</strong>sely colored stone with white or<br />

gray streaks. Associated with the throat chakra, it is believed<br />

to promote verbal and writt<strong>en</strong> communication, promoting<br />

clarity and auth<strong>en</strong>ticity in expressing thoughts and feelings.<br />

It is also believed to have healing properties such as reducing<br />

stress, improving sleep, and supporting the immune system.<br />

It is used in jewelry and in art and home decoration for<br />

its unique beauty. In addition to its spiritual and healing<br />

properties, it is also admired for its beauty and originality: a<br />

fascinating gemstone with profound meanings and b<strong>en</strong>efits<br />

for physical and m<strong>en</strong>tal well-being.<br />

12 | 13

02<br />

Limited Edition<br />

Iranian Pink Onyx<br />

14 | 15

Iranian Pink Onyx is a highly sought-after gemstone for<br />

its unique beauty and rarity. This precious stone has be<strong>en</strong><br />

extracted from Iranian mines for thousands of years and has<br />

a rich and anci<strong>en</strong>t history. Known for its distinctive pink hue,<br />

it is oft<strong>en</strong> used to create elegant jewelry, thanks to its natural<br />

shine and unmistakable beauty.<br />

Iranian Pink Onyx is associated with many healing and<br />

b<strong>en</strong>eficial properties, including the ability to promote<br />

m<strong>en</strong>tal and physical health. It is said that this stone protects<br />

from negative <strong>en</strong>ergy and gives str<strong>en</strong>gth and resili<strong>en</strong>ce to<br />

individuals. A natural gemstone like no other, with a unique<br />

hue and extraordinary elegance.<br />

16 | 17

03/06<br />

Limited Edition<br />

Azul Macaubas v1 & v2<br />

18 | 19

Azul Macaubas is a high-quality natural stone from Brazil.<br />

This wonderful stone was formed by nature over millions of<br />

years and is famous for its beauty and elegance.<br />

Azul Macaubas, the color of the sky in a warm summer,<br />

a pure and attractive blue that makes the heart beat and<br />

<strong>en</strong>chants the soul.<br />

Every single vein of this marble is a gift, a delicate<br />

embroidery that gives an artistic appeal to every piece<br />

made. The final effect is that of a natural spectacle that<br />

<strong>en</strong>capsulates the ess<strong>en</strong>ce of the ocean and blue skies.<br />

Looking at Azul Macaubas, one cannot help but think of<br />

its unique and wild origin: an exceptional natural stone,<br />

characterized by a unique color and extraordinary beauty.<br />

20 | 21

04<br />

Limited Edition<br />

Port Laur<strong>en</strong>t<br />

22 | 23

Port Laur<strong>en</strong>t is one of the most precious and interesting<br />

materials used for the creation of artistic and architectural<br />

works. A rare type of marble, extracted exclusively from the<br />

quarry of Port Laur<strong>en</strong>t du Var, in France.<br />

It is a precious rock that <strong>en</strong>chants for its elegance. Its ess<strong>en</strong>ce<br />

is unique: it's hard not to fall in love with this marble, which<br />

with its warm colors and light veins, knows how to conquer<br />

hearts and minds. But it is not just its beauty that attracts, it is<br />

its history, its purity, its symbolism: Port Laur<strong>en</strong>t is the symbol<br />

of harmony and perfection, of str<strong>en</strong>gth and resistance, it is<br />

the materialization of t<strong>en</strong>acity, dedication and passion for<br />

beauty.<br />

24 | 25

05/07<br />

Limited Edition<br />

White Onyx v1 & v2<br />

26 | 27

White Onyx is a precious stone with a unique and<br />

unmistakable charm. Its bright and luminous color is<br />

capable of captivating the gaze and stirring the soul, arousing<br />

thoughts of purity and ser<strong>en</strong>ity.<br />

Looking at White Onyx, one feels like standing in front of<br />

a precious treasure, capable of radiating an int<strong>en</strong>se and<br />

crystalline light that seems to illuminate every corner of<br />

the soul. White Onyx is a stone capable of giving us great<br />

spiritual str<strong>en</strong>gth, but also of inspiring us with deep emotion.<br />

Looking at its perfect lines and the nuances of light and<br />

shadow that run through it, we cannot help but feel a<br />

wonderful s<strong>en</strong>se of gratitude for the beauty that surrounds<br />

us.<br />

28 | 29

08<br />

Limited Edition<br />

Roman Travertine<br />

30 | 31

Travertine is a natural limestone rock that has be<strong>en</strong> used<br />

as a building material since anci<strong>en</strong>t times due to its beauty<br />

and durability. It is extracted from various parts of the world,<br />

but the most famous quarries are located in Italy, in the<br />

Lazio region near Rome. It has be<strong>en</strong> used for important<br />

constructions since anci<strong>en</strong>t times, such as the Colosseum<br />

and the Pantheon.<br />

But travertine is not just a beautiful material to look at and<br />

touch: it has a history that brings to mind anci<strong>en</strong>t Rome, with<br />

all its building feats and artistic masterpieces. Travertine is<br />

one of the symbols of that greatness, and wh<strong>en</strong> you observe<br />

it, it's like you can hear the noise of the anci<strong>en</strong>t constructions<br />

that it made possible.<br />

32 | 33

Building on the exclusivity of the Limited Edition series, <strong>Aira</strong><br />

Serial Edition has be<strong>en</strong> designed with the same meticulous<br />

att<strong>en</strong>tion to detail and exquisite craftsmanship that our<br />

customers have come to expect from us.<br />

Crafted from the finest quality of Carrara and Marquinia<br />

marble, <strong>Aira</strong> embodies our passion for innovation and<br />

quality. Each lamp is a true masterpiece, reflecting<br />

our commitm<strong>en</strong>t to timeless design and exceptional<br />

functionality. Whether you are looking to <strong>en</strong>hance your<br />

home, office, or commercial space, <strong>Aira</strong> provides the perfect<br />

solution.<br />

Serial<br />


Serial Edition<br />

Carrara Marble<br />

36 | 37

Serial Edition<br />

Marquina Marble<br />

38 | 39

Serial Edition<br />

Susp<strong>en</strong>sion Lamp<br />

40 | 41

42 | 43

Dim<strong>en</strong>sions<br />

60<br />

23.6"<br />


198<br />

77.9"<br />


181<br />

71.2"<br />

86.5<br />

34"<br />


140<br />

55.1"<br />

58<br />

22.8"<br />

All products illustrated<br />

in this catalogue<br />

are Made in Italy.<br />

Number<br />

of LED<br />

Luminous<br />

flux[lm]<br />

Input<br />

power [W]<br />

Luminous<br />

efficacy [lm/W]<br />

CCT<br />

[K]<br />

Beam<br />

angle [°]<br />

FLOOR LAMP 70 1740 12 145 2800 120 90 YES<br />

SUSPENSION LAMP SMALL 210 5230 36 145 2800 120 90 YES<br />

SUSPENSION LAMP LARGE 224 5580 38,4 145 2800 120 90 YES<br />

CRI<br />

Dimmable<br />

Horm Italia Srl<br />

via Antonio Carp<strong>en</strong>è, 17<br />

33070 Brugnera (PN), Italy<br />

horm.it<br />

Photos<br />

Gianni Antoniali<br />

/ Ikon Productions


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