UMSOM 17th Annual Student Awards Ceremony & Dinner

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Welcomes you to the<br />

<strong>17th</strong> <strong>Annual</strong><br />

<strong>Student</strong> <strong>Awards</strong> <strong>Ceremony</strong> & <strong>Dinner</strong><br />

Wednesday, May 17, 2023<br />

6:00 p.m.<br />

<br />

Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor at Camden Yards<br />

Baltimore, Maryland

Program<br />

Welcome<br />

Kerri A. Thom, MD, MS<br />

<strong>Dinner</strong> Service<br />

Please inform your server of any dietary needs you may have<br />

First Course: Tossed Field Greens Salad with Raspberries, Blueberries, Candied<br />

Walnuts and Crumbled Goat Cheese served with a Red Wine Vinaigrette<br />

Entrée Course: French Chicken Breast Herb Marinated, Crispy Pan Seared<br />

Chicken Breast with Risotto Cake, French-Style Green Beans and Root Carrots<br />

served with Lemon Herb Sauce OR Vegan Couscous with a Seasonal Root<br />

Vegetable Mélange served with a Pesto Sauce<br />

Remarks<br />

Mark T. Gladwin, MD<br />

Olivia Nora Uddin ’23<br />

Donna L. Parker, MD ’86<br />

Kerri A. Thom, MD, MS<br />

<strong>Awards</strong><br />

Carolyn J. Pass, MD ’66 and Richard M. Susel, MD ’66 <strong>Awards</strong><br />

Recognitions<br />

Course Directors<br />

Content Leads<br />

<strong>Awards</strong><br />

Humanism <strong>Awards</strong><br />

<strong>Student</strong> <strong>Awards</strong><br />

Recognition<br />

Undergraduate Medical Education<br />

<strong>Awards</strong><br />

Department <strong>Awards</strong><br />

Coffee and Dessert<br />

Served in the foyer, following the program.

Medical <strong>Student</strong>s, Family, Friends, Faculty Members,<br />

and Alumni,<br />

Welcome to the 2023 <strong>Student</strong> <strong>Awards</strong> <strong>Ceremony</strong> and<br />

<strong>Dinner</strong> and thank you for being here.<br />

Congratulations to our exceptional students being<br />

honored this evening! They were chosen for their<br />

outstanding academic and humanistic achievements.<br />

They represent notable promise to fulfill the<br />

University of Maryland School of Medicine’s ideal as<br />

Renaissance Physicians – life-long learners who are<br />

clinically excellent and possess humanism, professionalism, scholarship, leadership,<br />

critical thinking, and are committed to social justice and health care equity.<br />

The generational challenges our physicians- and physician-scientists in training will<br />

address in their careers are significant. These challenges include the constancy of<br />

emerging pandemics, climate medicine, and the “epidemics” of poverty, obesity,<br />

addiction, age, and violence. Together, in academic medicine, we embrace a leadership<br />

role in addressing these generational challenges. Our students’ intelligence, vigor,<br />

dedication to learning and self-improvement, innovation and, above all, teamwork, and<br />

servant leadership, will help them confront these issues head-on. I am extremely proud of<br />

these students and the drive they have demonstrated that will lead to them making a real<br />

difference in people’s lives.<br />

I want to thank our very generous donors who have made these awards possible. I also<br />

want to thank the family and friends gathered today: your support, mentorship, and<br />

encouragement played a huge role in getting these students this far.<br />

I’m honored to help recognize our students from the Class of 2023 at the University of<br />

Maryland School of Medicine who have gone above and beyond – congratulations and<br />

thank you for all you have done and will continue to do!<br />

With enthusiasm and commitment,<br />

Mark T. Gladwin, MD<br />

Dean, University of Maryland School of Medicine<br />

Vice President for Medical Affairs, University of Maryland, Baltimore<br />

John Z. and Akiko K. Bowers Distinguished Professor

In Memory of Richard M. Susel, MD, FAAO, ’66<br />

Richard M. Susel, ’66, a Baltimore ophthalmologist,<br />

University of Maryland clinical assistant professor, class<br />

captain, and philanthropist died on December 13, 2022.<br />

Born in Baltimore, Susel graduated high school at Baltimore<br />

City College and received a BS from the University of<br />

Maryland College Park. He married classmate Carolyn Pass<br />

after their second year of medical school. Upon graduation,<br />

he received training with the U.S. Public Health Service,<br />

interning in Baltimore with residency training that included<br />

time at the Gallup Indian Medical Center in New Mexico.<br />

From 1970 to 1971, Susel was a part-time fellow in ophthalmic pathology at the Wilmer<br />

Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins. It was during this time that he began his private practice<br />

with Physicians Eye Care Center.<br />

Appointments included president of the medical staff as well as chief of the section of<br />

ophthalmology at St. Agnes Hospital, clinical assistant professor at the University of<br />

Maryland, and instructor and lecturer at the Wilmer Institute. Susel served as medical<br />

director and board member for Tissue Bank International. He authored several<br />

publications on corneal preservation and keratoplasty evaluation.<br />

Drs. Susel and Pass served as alumni captains for the class of 1966, organizing their<br />

reunions every five years and volunteering for the alumni phonathon in Davidge Hall. In<br />

2008, they established the Pass & Susel Academy of Medical Excellence at the University<br />

of Maryland to promote and reward superlative teaching. In 2011, the Medical Alumni<br />

Association (MAA) honored them as co-recipients of the Distinguished Service Award for<br />

their service to the school and MAA. In 2013 they established the Pass and Susel Medical<br />

Education Tool Chest Fund and the Pass and Susel <strong>Student</strong> Teaching Fellows fund to<br />

support individual projects designed to augment student education and medical students<br />

at University of Maryland School of Medicine (<strong>UMSOM</strong>). Lastly in 2019, they<br />

established the Carolyn J. Pass, MD ’66 and Richard Susel, MD ’66 Leadership Training<br />

and Innovation Endowment that establishes and sustains a program to provide<br />

educational leadership training for faculty at <strong>UMSOM</strong>. Drs. Pass and Susel were among<br />

the School of Medicine’s first donors to the medical education program and were<br />

members of the John Beale Davidge Alliance 1807 Circle. They have lead the way by<br />

example for other alumni and friends to invest in our medical students, faculty, and<br />

medical education program.

Carolyn J. Pass, MD ’66 and<br />

Richard M. Susel, MD ’66<br />

<strong>Awards</strong><br />

Presented by<br />

Mark T. Gladwin, MD<br />

Dean, University of Maryland School of Medicine<br />

Vice President for Medical Affairs, University of Maryland, Baltimore<br />

John Z. and Akiko K. Bowers Distinguished Professor<br />

and<br />

Donna L. Parker, MD, FACP ’86<br />

Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education<br />

Professor, Department of Medicine<br />

Carolyn J. Pass, MD ’66 and Richard M. Susel, MD ’66 Academy<br />

<strong>Student</strong> Teaching Fellows Award<br />

Grace Oh Lee<br />

Carolyn J. Pass, MD ’66 Award for Outstanding<br />

Clinical Performance in Dermatology<br />

Jacqueline Hwang<br />

Richard M. Susel, MD ’66 Award for Outstanding Clinical<br />

Performance in Ophthalmology<br />

Caroline Louise Simon<br />

I. Earl Pass Memorial Award for Exceptional Proficiency<br />

in Internal Medicine<br />

Madison Anna Parks

Humanism <strong>Awards</strong><br />

Presented by<br />

Nidhi Goel, MD, MHS ’06<br />

Assistant Professor, Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics<br />

Director, Medicine Clerkship<br />

and<br />

Moran Roni Levin, MD<br />

Associate Professor, Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences and Pediatrics<br />

Director of Medical <strong>Student</strong> Education in Ophthalmology<br />

Joanne M. Hatem, MD Memorial Prize for Caring and<br />

Compassion Toward Patients<br />

Maria Novitskaya<br />

William D. Kaplan, MD Award for Humanism<br />

in the Practice of Medicine<br />

Aaron Donald D’Amore<br />

Robert R. R. Roberts, MD Memorial Prize in Medicine<br />

Ash Fonjungo<br />

The Robert S. Katz, MD ’70 Endowed Award for Compassion<br />

Demonstrated by Medical <strong>Student</strong>s<br />

Grace Oh Lee

<strong>Student</strong> <strong>Awards</strong><br />

Presented by<br />

Kerri A. Thom, MD, MS<br />

Associate Dean for <strong>Student</strong> Affairs<br />

Professor, Departments of Epidemiology & Public Health and Medicine<br />

Kristin Powell Reavis, MD ’09<br />

Assistant Dean for <strong>Student</strong> Diversity & Inclusion,<br />

Residency Program Director<br />

Assistant Professor, Department of Family & Community Medicine<br />

Elizabeth M. Lamos, MD ’07<br />

Assistant Dean for <strong>Student</strong> Affairs<br />

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine<br />

Gregory B. Carey, PhD<br />

Assistant Dean for <strong>Student</strong> Research & Education<br />

Executive Director of <strong>Student</strong> Research and Community Outreach<br />

Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology and Immunology<br />

Harry C. Knipp, MD ’76 Award for Graduating Seniors<br />

Elisabeth Fassas<br />

Dr. James and Carolyn Frenkil Award<br />

Amrita Sarkar<br />

<strong>Student</strong> National Medical Association Service Award<br />

Rachel Osayi Edoror<br />

United States Public Health Service Excellence in Public Health Award<br />

Sydney Rose Feldman<br />

Dean’s Award for Excellence in Clinical and Applied Research<br />

Rohan Singh<br />

Dean’s Award for Excellence in Biomedical Research<br />

Alyssa Schledwitz

Department Award Presenters<br />

John C. Allen, MD ’14<br />

Assistant Dean for <strong>Student</strong> Affairs<br />

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine<br />

Marissa A. Flaherty, MD ’14<br />

Director, Office of <strong>Student</strong> Affairs<br />

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry<br />

Constance N. Lacap, DO<br />

Assistant Dean for Assessment<br />

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry<br />

Elizabeth M. Lamos, MD ’07<br />

Assistant Dean for <strong>Student</strong> Affairs<br />

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine<br />

Joseph P. Martinez, MD ’98<br />

Associate Dean for Medical Education and <strong>Student</strong> Experience<br />

Associate Professor, Departments of Emergency Medicine and Medicine<br />

Sandra M. Quezada, MD, MS ’06<br />

Associate Dean for Medical School Admissions<br />

Associate Dean for Faculty Diversity and Inclusion<br />

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine<br />

Kristin Powell Reavis, MD ’09<br />

Assistant Dean for <strong>Student</strong> Diversity & Inclusion,<br />

Residency Program Director<br />

Assistant Professor, Department of Family & Community Medicine<br />

Norman F. Retener, MD<br />

Assistant Dean for Longitudinal Undergraduate Medical Education<br />

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine<br />

Nirav G. Shah, MD, FCCP, ATSF<br />

Assistant Dean for Curriculum<br />

Professor, Department of Medicine

Department <strong>Awards</strong><br />


(founded in 1956)<br />

Represented by Peter Rock, MD, MBA<br />

Dr. Martin Helrich Chair, Department of Anesthesiology<br />

Professor, Department of Anesthesiology<br />

Martin Helrich Prize for Excellence in Anesthesiology<br />

Seongjoon Pyun<br />

Dr. Jeremy Hallisey Prize for Compassion and<br />

Humanistic Qualities in Anesthesiology<br />

Elise Janet Bonin<br />



(founded in 1807 as the Department of Chemistry)<br />

Represented by Richard B. Thompson, PhD<br />

Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology<br />

Giuseppe Inesi, MD Prize in Cell and Molecular Biology<br />

Samantha Anne Menegas<br />

Elijah Adams Award for Excellence in Biological Chemistry<br />

Lucy Churchill Murnane<br />


(founded in 1992)<br />

Represented by Jason J. Rose, MD, MBA<br />

Associate Professor and Acting Chair, Department of Dermatology<br />

Associate Dean, Innovation & Physician Science<br />

Eugene Sydney Bereston Award for Excellence in Dermatology<br />

Louis Joseph Born



(founded in 1900 as the Department of Roentgenology)<br />

Represented by Elias R. Melhem, MD<br />

Dean John M. Dennis Chair of Radiology<br />

Professor, Department of Diagnostic Radiology & Nuclear Medicine<br />

Joseph E. Whitley Memorial Award for<br />

Academic Excellence in Radiology<br />

Jocelyn Wu<br />


(founded in 2006)<br />

Represented by Michael E. Winters, MD, MBA, FACEP, FAAEM<br />

Professor and Vice Chair for Clinical and Administrative Affairs,<br />

Department of Emergency Medicine<br />

American College of Emergency Physicians<br />

Medical <strong>Student</strong> Professionalism and Leadership Award<br />

Aaron Donald D’Amore<br />

The Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Award<br />

for Excellence in Emergency Medicine<br />

Nikita Salker



(founded in 1833)<br />

Represented by Anthony D. Harris, MD, MPH<br />

Professor, Departments of Epidemiology & Public Health and Medicine<br />

Robley Dunglison Award for Excellence in Preventive Medicine<br />

Sydney Rose Feldman<br />

Abraham Lilienfeld Award for Excellence in<br />

Epidemiology and Biostatistics<br />

Carson Klasner<br />


(founded in 1972)<br />

Represented by Katherine J. Jacobson, MD<br />

Clinical Assistant Professor Department, of Family and Community Medicine<br />

Director of Medical <strong>Student</strong> Education,<br />

Department of Family and Community Medicine<br />

Family Medicine Clerkship Director<br />

Edward J. Kowalewski Award for Excellence in<br />

Education and Training in Family Medicine<br />

Jessica Elizabeth Miller<br />

Drs. Harry and George Knipp Award in Family Medicine<br />

Courtney Davidson Pharr


(founded in 1807 as the Department of the Theory and Practice of Medicine)<br />

Represented by Stephen N. Davis, MBBS<br />

Dr. Theodore E. Woodward Chair of Medicine<br />

Professor, Department of Medicine<br />

Milton S. Sacks Award in Hematology<br />

Sampada Koshatwar<br />

Theodore E. Woodward Prize in Internal Medicine<br />

Melissa Nicholas<br />

Louis, Ida, and Samuel Cohen Award for Personal Attributes of<br />

Scholarship, Ability, and Compassion for Patients<br />

Jacob Miller<br />

Theodore E. Woodward Award in Physical Diagnosis<br />

Matthew Taylor Chrencik<br />

Leonard M. Hummel Memorial Award for<br />

Excellence in Internal Medicine<br />

Samantha Anne Menegas<br />

Milford M. Foxwell, Jr., MD Award in Internal Medicine<br />

Alyssar R. Habib


(founded in 1807 as the Department of Anatomy & Physiology)<br />

Represented by Adam C. Puche, PhD<br />

Professor and Vice-Chair, Department of Neurobiology<br />

Uhlenhuth Award for Excellence in the Anatomical Sciences<br />

Michael Panagos<br />

Anderson Award for Excellence in Applied Anatomy<br />

Carson Klasner<br />

Marshall L. Rennels Award for Excellence in Neuroscience<br />

Nahom Seyoum<br />


(founded in 1963)<br />

Represented by Peter B. Crino, MD, PhD<br />

Dr. Richard and Kathryn Taylor Endowed Professor of Neurology<br />

Chair, Department of Neurology<br />

William Alexander Hammond Award for Excellence in Neurology<br />

Alex Marie Casella<br />

American Academy of Neurology Medical <strong>Student</strong> Prize<br />

for Excellence in Neurology<br />

Nicholas James Fioravante<br />


(founded in 1996)<br />

Represented by Charles A. Sansur, MD<br />

Professor, Department of Neurosurgery<br />

William H. Mosberg, Jr., MD Award for Neurosurgery<br />

Serban Negoita



(founded in 1807)<br />

Represented by Irina Burd, MD, PhD<br />

Professor and Chair, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences<br />

Louis Harriman Douglass Award for Excellence in<br />

Obstetrics and Gynecology<br />

Carson Klasner<br />



(founded in 1873)<br />

Represented by Lisa S. Schocket, MD<br />

Associate Professor and Interim Chair, Department of Ophthalmology<br />

& Visual Sciences<br />

Chief, Vitreoretinal Surgery<br />

Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs<br />

George Frick, MD Award for Outstanding Research<br />

in Ophthalmology<br />

Eric Lai<br />


(founded in 2004)<br />

Represented by R. Frank Henn, III, MD<br />

Professor and Interim Chair, Department of Orthopaedics<br />

Residency Program Director of Orthopaedics<br />

Director, Program in Sports Medicine<br />

Thomas E. Gillespie Award for Excellence in Orthopaedics<br />

Matthew Taylor Chrencik



(founded in 2005)<br />

Represented by Kalpesh T. Vakharia, MD, MS<br />

Associate Professor, Department of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery<br />

Director of Medical <strong>Student</strong> Education,<br />

Department of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery<br />

William C. Gray, MD Award in Otorhinolaryngology-<br />

Head and Neck Surgery<br />

Pragnya Dontu<br />


(founded in 1915)<br />

Represented by Olga B. Ioffe, MD<br />

Professor, Department of Pathology<br />

Associate Chair for Education<br />

Dr. Francis Donaldson Prize for Excellence in Pathology<br />

Wendy Sun<br />

Justine Ruth Yu<br />


(founded in 1949)<br />

Represented by Steven J. Czinn, MD<br />

Drs. Rouben and Violet Jiji Endowed Professor of Pediatrics<br />

Chair, Department of Pediatrics<br />

J. Edmund and Kathryn S. Bradley Award for<br />

Excellence in Pediatrics<br />

Laura Elizabeth Arvin<br />

Murray M. Kappelman Award for<br />

Excellence in Ambulatory Pediatrics<br />

Jacob Miller


(founded in 1807 as the Department of Materia Medical)<br />

Represented by Alexandros Poulopoulos, PhD<br />

Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology<br />

Curriculum Content Lead, Department of Pharmacology<br />

C. Jelleff Carr Award for Excellence in Pharmacology<br />

Samantha Anne Menegas<br />


(founded in 1807 as the Department of Anatomy & Physiology)<br />

Represented by Donald R. Matteson, PhD<br />

Associate Dean for <strong>Student</strong> Research Education & Dual Degree Programs<br />

Associate Professor, Department of Physiology<br />

Sheldon E. Greisman, MD Prize in Medical Physiology<br />

Samantha Anne Menegas<br />


(founded in 1952)<br />

Represented by Mark Ehrenreich, MD<br />

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry<br />

Chief of Education, Department of Psychiatry<br />

Dr. Jacob E. Finesinger Memorial Award for Excellence in Psychiatry<br />

Brian Edward Extein<br />

Dr. Eugene B. Brody Award for Excellence in Psychotherapy<br />

Deborah Yun Jee Choi<br />

Kenneth L. Malinow, MD Memorial Prize for Excellence in Psychiatry<br />

Elizabeth Marie Olson


(founded in 1911)<br />

Represented by William F. Regine, MD, FACR, FASTRO, FACRO<br />

Isadore & Fannie Schneider Foxman Chair and Professor, Department of<br />

Radiation Oncology<br />

Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs,<br />

Executive Director, Maryland Proton Treatment Center,<br />

Interim President, University of Maryland Faculty Physicians, Inc<br />

Radiation Oncology Medical <strong>Student</strong> Graduation Award<br />

Danielle Arons<br />


(founded in 1807)<br />

Represented by Christine Lau, MD, MBA<br />

Dr. Robert W. Buxton Chair of Surgery<br />

Professor, Department of Surgery<br />

Wayne W. Babcock Award for Excellence in Surgery<br />

Katherine Marie Coburn<br />

Dr. Hans R. Wilhelmsen Award for Excellence in Surgery<br />

Francia Yuyan Fang<br />

Dr. A. Bradley Gaither Memorial Prize for Excellence in Genitourinary<br />

Surgery<br />

Michael Panagos<br />

William I. Wolff, MD Humanism Prize in Surgery<br />

Amrita Sarkar<br />

Special thanks to the<br />

Medical Alumni Association of the University of Maryland, Inc.<br />

for providing the award certificate holders for this evening.

Thank You to Our Donors!<br />

We are grateful to the many alumni,<br />

faculty, and friends who have<br />

generously contributed to scholarships<br />

and awards at the<br />

University of Maryland School of<br />

Medicine. Your generosity opens the<br />

doors of possibility for the most<br />

capable students who represent the<br />

diversity of our state and nation, and<br />

gives them the opportunity to pursue<br />

careers in all fields of medicine that will<br />

benefit humankind.

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