Wooden Houses - Meiberger Holzbau


Wooden Houses - Meiberger Holzbau

Space for tomorrow´s


Living space with wood.

Modern wooden houses


Location, Lofer: Wood has a special

tradition in the Pinzgau region. Competent

design today will meet the requirements of


Consultation, planning, craftsmanship

and high-tech.

Good ideas and fine craftsmanship will

pass the test of time.

Yesterday, today and for the future.

[Image: Berghotel Gertraud / Loferer Alm,

built ca. 1930 by the founder Sebastian Meiberger Snr.]

Wooden Houses

Construction implies enhancing the quality of living and the value of a property. Meiberger Holzbau

is the culmination of three generations of experience in timber construction and a passion for wood.

The company prides itself on its reputation for innovation, elegant design and superior quality - from

adding walkways and bridges inside caves to erecting modern multi-story residential buildings and

unique wooden houses.

Even if the methods of timber construction have changed, we will always remain true to the three

pillars of our work: the material wood, success through passion and innovation, and engaging our

building expertise to create livingSPACE.

WOOD. Building and living with wood creates an unparalleled quality of living. We

combine this great building material to ensure that the final result satisfies the

customer’s wishes: with natural insulation, exquisite details, and other materials such as

metal or glass. Each material is incorporated in such a way as to capitalise on the best use

of its features.

INNOVATION. In addition to our unequalled craftsmanship, our success lies in our

passion and the joys of a new challenge. Our customers - architects, public and private

sector clients and developers – appreciate our dedication to perfection: we offer an

exceptional service for new and exciting projects. This has been reflected in the

numerous awards we have received such as craftsmanship awards, energy awards,

national and international timber construction awards, architecture awards and a State


PASSION. Whatever we build, we build with passion. Our team consists of 30 experienced

craftsmen from the Pinzgau region and a flexible staff in our planning and

organisation department. We will be there for you from the beginning to the end of your

project: Consultation, planning, construction, from the shell to your turnkey house.

Worldwide experience with a personalised service.

Yours Sincerely,

Walter Meiberger

Owner & Business Manager




Natural shade

with deep window jamb

Cladding of the nogging piece

on the ground floor with

natural stone.

Façade in larch:

Oiled rhomboid slats,

open and ventilated.

Conscious use of materials,

experience and know-how

to implement each detail

exactly as specified,

harmony with the environment

and your budget: this all

requires a certain skill, detailed

knowledge and experience.

Living concepts that complement

lifestyle. On projects like

this, e.g. in northern Czech

Republic, we collaborate with the

architecture firm, Burian.

There are no borders for good

ideas and service.

Arch. A. Burian, Czech Republic.

“My success lies in

taking the unorthodox route.

Even in selecting partners.”




There are situations in life,

where things must happen

quickly. It does not really matter

on the type of situation, whether

you need to make a quick decision

on living together, starting a family,

finding a new home or even for an

entirely different reason - in such

cases, it is good to have a partner

by your side to offer you good advice.

Meiberger Holzbau offers guidance

and planning, as well as partner

architects for those looking for a new

home. And within a few weeks you

will be able to move into your new

Meiberger Holzhaus wooden home.

Meiberger Holzbau works with wood in all its forms: for example

from larch planks for cladding, to 10 - 25 cm thick solid wood

elements, to 25 m long laminated wood planks for extreme spans:

there are variants for each project and every idea. Meiberger has the

skill and experience to offer customers the best combination, but

also works with suppliers that provide the best products.



Borders and distance

lose their meaning. Even

in the world of timber

construction. Those who

appreciate quality will

obtain it wherever it is

guaranteed. Therefore, it

is no surprise that builders

and architects from far away

come to Meiberger Holzhaus

to have their house built. Our

houses are manufactured in the

heart of the province of Salzburg

and delivered and erected

even far beyond the borders of



The harmonious use of

existing resources not

only benefits the environment,

but also offers long-term savings

on utility costs. Meiberger

Holzhaus has received several

awards in this field: the

company’s projects have won

a number of Salzburg Province

Energy Awards, as well as other

national and international

timber construction awards,

architecture awards and a State


Arch. Simon Speigner (Thalgau):

“Ultimately, it’s only the work that counts.

Behind it lies the cooperation of SPS-

Architekten and Meiberger Holzbau, who offer

openness to new ideas and the trust from

working together on many successful joint

projects. These include the OH Project 123,

which received the Salzburg Province Energy Award in 2004

and the Samermösl residential complex in Salzburg, which

among other awards was honoured with a State Award.”


Even if the space available is limited - a good concept can meet

the needs of a challenging property or existing building, for the

demands of today and tomorrow. A good floor plan, for interior

and exterior, conscious use of materials and design for living in

and around your new home.



Space and optical

separation of the absolute

Recreation areas (sauna, etc.)

for a vitalised living space.

A new property arises in the heart of nature, a harmonious presence. Traditional materials with a new

layout and design for living. Thus, the desire for one’s own four walls becomes an oasis for relaxation,

social gatherings, fun and even a place to escape the daily grind.

Protected space under a

flat roof, grassy terrace

with access to the sauna and

living room.


Light & warmth: Living area

facing south

Façade: Larch.

Low-cost and chemical-free

wood preservation.


Meiberger Holzhaus responds to today´s

requirements. Housing needs have changed.

Today single, tomorrow in a relationship

means eventually additional space will be

required for children or work: if

space is flexible, it´s occupants can

enjoy the property for a long time.

Espace Mobile Home is a living concept that

meets the requirements of our time:

flexible, personalised, cost-effective

and even mobile, because ”Espace Mobile“

can even be transported from one

place to another.




at 1.113 m above sea level

Project Aufberg 1113 from Prof. Meck (Munich) is a classic example of

a successful symbiosis of tradition and modernity.

Natural materials and warm colours coupled with a simple

architecture in the midst of the Hohe Tauern mountains create a

special relaxingSPACE. The unrestricted views alone offer a new vista

of life.




Anyone who decides to have a wooden home built will have an

opportunity to see all of his or her ideas realised, down to the last

detail: a Meiberger Holzhaus does not only consist of four walls,

it offers much more – with complete equipment on request. From

lighting design to elegant flooring, designer stairs to a personalised

designer colour concept for your walls – are just a few examples of

the things we can do for you.




Ideas and visions are realised

to create a truly pleasant

living space.

And it may - as with this

construction project – serve

as a small reminder of the

past. Where the pool now

stands, inviting you to take a

refreshing dip, was the former

site of the cellar. The rest

is a Meiberger Holzhaus: perfect

planning for room layout,

minimalist features, the joy of

inconspicuousness, and yet

practical details.

Arch. Andreas Volker

(Zell am See):

“Excellent knowledge of

materials, clever solutions,

perfect preparation and the

finest quality of building work

by Meiberger Holzbau gives me

the guarantee, as an architect, of

a 100% execution of the design



What was regarded as special a few years ago may today seem the norm:

Low energy houses are standard at Meiberger Holzbau. But the 3-litre house and passive house are

becoming increasingly popular. This is a very logical development - from the manufacturer’s perspective

as well as that of the client. A cost-benefit calculation quickly reveals that investing in an optimal energy

concept will amortise within a very short time: dramatic reduction in utility costs, increased facilitation

and the best quality of living.




Living with wood is comfortable. Even if the natural material is not

always visible - it changes and improves the room´s atmosphere.

It breathes. Regenerates. It lives. And it creates space for the

realisation of ideas for the home: in the materials, in the design, in

the processing, in the surfaces and colours.


Meiberger Holzbau is situated

in the heart of the

province of Salzburg.

However this does not

imply that all of the

company’s projects adhere

to the tradition of the region.

In fact, the opposite is true: the

company’s growth is based on

reaching out to new regions and

integrating. What was up until

recently considered unthinkable

may today seem the norm. Life,

as well as the art of building and

living, constantly evolves.




Guestroom: somewhat

secluded and yet a guest

in your own home.

Outdoor seating: well

protected in any weather.

Ideal for long evenings

on the terrace.

There is a lot of energy involved in the creation of a wooden house: the growth of the tree

(an irreplaceable source of energy for our environment); the energy of our craftsmen until the tree

becomes the finished component for assembly; the energy of our engineers, who plan and optimise

energy balance; the owners, who have been with the project from day one - and also Meiberger Holzbau

who have received several awards for the optimal and sustainable use of energy: 1st and 2nd place at

the Salzburg Province Energy Awards 2003, or the construction of the largest passive house residential

complex in Austria (Samermösl residential complex, 62 residential units, built 2005).

Full-length glass front

over three bedrooms.

Fixed and variable elements.

Shade without having

to completely do without

the warming rays of the sun:

roofing with open larch slats


Ideas &



Ideas can become reality this fast:







as required

1 st plan Detailed-


Cost plan,




work plan


on site

Decision Production of

finished elements

SPACE & time

Move into your

new home

Interior finish


Space is used for many

purposes: if a home provides

space for many, then the space

should also be designed so that

it offers the ideal conditions for

all users.

A carefully planned utilisation

concept can save costs, as well

as cater to different needs and

interests. This applies, in

particular, to a home for several

generations of the same family,

as well as for the separation of

private and professional space,

or for the renting of property.



Arch. Oswald Hundegger/Lofer: “A high level of professional competence, timely

execution, openness to innovative solutions and excellent consultation are just

some of the characteristics of Meiberger Holzbau.

Highly qualified employees with a great sense of responsibility ensure the work

is carried out. Detailed preparation and a high level of prefabrication guarantee

that short construction times can be achieved, an increasingly important factor

for architects and clients. Also, an accurate work plan for planners and clients

makes the coordination with other artisans much easier.”

Meiberger Holzbau are always

glad to take up a challenge of

an experimental, well

conceived design. Innovations

are welcome, as well as any

barriers you may need to

overcome. Because there are

many ways to achieve one’s

goal. Technical expertise,

craftsmanship, logistics,

constructive know-how,

local authority regulations,

conceptual ideas and

budgets. “These are the

things that bring people

together.” And this is how

ideas are realised.



Meiberger Holzhaus

LivingSPACE with wood

Meiberger Holzhaus

freeSPACE with wood

Classic wooden houses


Commercial/public wooden houses


Meiberger Holzbau Ges.m.b.H. & Co. KG

A-5090 Lofer

Land Salzburg

Tel.: ++43 (0) 65 88 / 83 06-0

Fax: ++43 (0) 65 88 / 83 06-17

e-mail: office@holzbau-meiberger.at


Would you like to see more of our projects?

Please visit us at www.holzbau-meiberger.at,

you can also call us to arrange an appointment or simply request

one of our brochures:

Meiberger Holzbau – passive houses

Meiberger Holzbau - Classic wooden houses

Meiberger Holzbau – Commercial, public and private wooden


Höchste Energieeffizienz, thermische

Behaglichkeit, gute Raumluftqualität,

passivRAUM in Holz

passivRAUM = Klimaschutz

holzhaus / passiv

Ideen von heute.

Klassiker von morgen.

freiRAUM in Holz.

holzhaus / classic

ÖffentlicherRAUM – ArbeitsRAUM –

RAUMerhaltung – RAUMerschließung –

RAUMgewinn – GastRAUM – LebensRAUM

Meiberger Holzbau freiRAUM in holz

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