South & Canal Winchester Messenger - May 21st, 2023

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<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

<strong>South</strong> & <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

<strong>May</strong> 21 - June 10, <strong>2023</strong> www.columbusmessenger.com Vol. XLIV, No. 7<br />

Neighborhood Realtor<br />

Diane Todd<br />

580 Main St.<br />

Groveport, OH 43125<br />

(614) 570-0803<br />

dianetodd@howardhanna.com<br />

The Marylee Bendig Team<br />

CW mayor’s salary set<br />

By Linda Dillman<br />

Staff Writer<br />

After months of discussion, <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> City Council moved forward<br />

with setting the mayor’s salary after previously<br />

approving the city administrator’s<br />

position.<br />

During the <strong>May</strong> 15 work session, council<br />

debated the merits and problems with<br />

establishing a salary range, not including<br />

benefits, from $20,000 to $50,000.<br />

“If we did a $3,000 car allowance (currently<br />

$6,000), single rate insurance at<br />

$13,500 and $10,000 PERS (Public<br />

Employees Retirement System) pickup–<br />

that’s if we go with a $40,000 salary–<br />

that’s a total of $65,500 with salary and<br />

benefits,” said Councilwoman Jill Amos.<br />

Councilman Steve Buskirk said he still<br />

felt like council was making a charter<br />

change by reducing the mayor’s salary so<br />

much. While he was in favor of reducing<br />

the salary, he still wanted the action done<br />

as part of a charter change.<br />

Council President Chuck Milliken said<br />

he felt more comfortable moving forward<br />

with salary changes after another charter<br />

review was conducted.<br />

“We’re not changing the mayor’ position<br />

or obligations,” said Amos. “We’re not<br />

changing anything with the city administrator.”<br />

Councilman Patrick Shea then moved<br />

sending one untabled resolution and an<br />

amended version forward, one for a<br />

$40,000 and another for a $50,000 salary,<br />

<strong>South</strong>ern Gallery<br />

Barber Salon<br />

Men’s Walk-ins<br />

614-239-1976<br />

3889 Great <strong>South</strong>ern Court<br />

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with ad<br />

for full council action following the work<br />

session.<br />

Subsequently, the $40,000 salary–<br />

which is in effect from Jan. 1, 2024, to Dec.<br />

31, 2025–along with the full $500 per<br />

month auto allowance, single coverage<br />

health insurance and PERS pick up, was<br />

approved during the <strong>May</strong> 15 regular session.<br />

However, the vote was split with<br />

Buskirk and Milliken voting against the<br />

resolution and Amos, Laurie Amick,<br />

Patrick Shea, Mike Walker, and Bob Clark<br />

voting for the resolution.<br />

Township police report<br />

In his April report to the council,<br />

Madison Township Police Chief Gary York<br />

said there were 270 calls for service within<br />

the <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> city limits, with a<br />

year-to-date total of 1,364 calls.<br />

Department officers made 104 business<br />

checks in April, responded to 14 stationary<br />

traffic enforcement calls, made 23 traffic<br />

stops, and wrote three tickets in <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong>.<br />

Council meetings<br />

Council meets the first and third<br />

Monday of every month at 7 p.m. Council<br />

meets in work session at 6 p.m. prior to<br />

each council meeting to discuss legislative<br />

items and other issues of the city prior to<br />

being included on a city council agenda.<br />

The first work session of the month focuses<br />

on finance/economic development items<br />

and the second monthly work session<br />

focuses on service/safety items.<br />

Railroad crossing project<br />

The Ohio Rail Development<br />

Commission is planning a railroad crossing<br />

reconstruction project at Alum Creek Drive<br />

in Obetz. The purpose of the project is to<br />

improve the roadway surface of the railroad<br />

crossing for the benefit of the traveling<br />

public. The project is projected to take<br />

place as soon as fall of <strong>2023</strong>. Alum Creek<br />

Drive at the CSXT railroad crossing will be<br />

closed for up to 10 days while reconstruction<br />

work is completed. Send comments to:<br />

Tim Brown, ORDC Environmental<br />

Coordinator timothy.brown@dot.ohio.gov;<br />

Michael Corbitt, Obetz City Engineer<br />

mcorbitt@obetz.oh.us.<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photos by Linda Dillman<br />

Tea time<br />

Lockbourne celebrated spring, the<br />

Kentucky Derby, and fancy hats with<br />

high tea in the village’s Historical Hall,<br />

a renovated late 1800s former schoolhouse.<br />

In the spirit of the 149th<br />

Kentucky Derby, prizes were awarded<br />

for the fanciest hat. Enjoying the <strong>May</strong> 6<br />

event, from left to right, are Angel<br />

Howell, Jane McJunkin and Connie<br />

Callendar. McJunkin placed second in<br />

the hat contest.<br />

Lockbourne resident and village<br />

Deputy Administrator Kendall Collins<br />

serves tea to Karen Carter during High<br />

Tea. Carter’s daughter, Rebecca,<br />

placed first in the fanciest hat contest<br />

during the morning session of the tea.<br />

Christine Henne was selected to have<br />

the fanciest hat in the afternoon session.<br />

Proceeds from the event and a<br />

silent auction raised more than $1,000<br />

for Rediscover Lockbourne, an organization<br />

that provides support in improving<br />

the village community.<br />

Roger L. Weaver<br />

Dustin J. Weaver<br />

Attorneys at Law<br />

www.weaver-law.com<br />

“A name you know, Experience you can trust”<br />

Office: (614) 834-1750<br />

Facsimile: (614) 834-9480<br />

25 E. Waterloo St.<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong>, Ohio 43110

PAGE 2 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>May</strong> 21, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Madison Township Police statistics<br />

April crime statistics from the Madison Township Police: 0<br />

assaults, 7 auto accidents with injuries, 14 auto accidents noninjuries,<br />

12 animal complaints, 82 Brobst Park security checks, 2<br />

burglaries, 5 burglaries in progress, 15 domestic complaints, 5<br />

drunk, 4 fights, 0 impaired driving arrest, 15 juvenile complaints,<br />

1 larceny/theft, 8 missing persons, 3 narcotics complaints, 29<br />

parking violations, 1 person with gun, 1 person with knife, 3 sex<br />

offenses, 3 shots fired in area, 2 stolen vehicles, 5 suicide<br />

attempts, 58 suspicious persons/vehicles 13 threats or harassment,<br />

70 tickets issued, 2 vandalism.<br />

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Hospice & Palliative Care • Respite Care<br />

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6725 Thrush Dr., Ca nal <strong>Winchester</strong>, OH 43110<br />

CW@AltercareOnline.net<br />

AltercareOnline.com<br />


www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Obetz’s capital improvements<br />

By Katelyn Sattler<br />

Staff Writer<br />

Obetz City Administrator Rod Davisson presented<br />

the revised Capital Improvement Plan at the <strong>May</strong> 8<br />

Obetz City Council meeting.<br />

“It’s an amalgam of ideas from the community,<br />

council members, the mayor, and staff members,” said<br />

Davisson. “I have sorted for you the ones that I think<br />

we are likely to either accomplish or get a very good<br />

start on this year.”<br />

Some are multi-year projects include:<br />

•Continue the street sign upgrades.<br />

•The kayak vending machine at Dixon Quarry.<br />

•Add a kiln at the Obetz Community Center for pottery<br />

classes and finish the community center remodel.<br />

•Install Walnut Creek sign next to the hospital at<br />

the Walnut Creek Development.<br />

•Veterans Park curbs.<br />

•Upgrade front entrance to Area 51 disk golf course<br />

for better aesthetics.<br />

•Demolish some of the city-owned Collins property.<br />

•Finish Mulberry connector to ensure access in case<br />

the other access gets shut down.<br />

•Paving roads. The city has 100 lane miles of road.<br />

•Add dog park parking lines and striping out the<br />

side of the street near the park. .<br />

•Start paving some of the path system. Davisson<br />

said it is seven miles as designed right now, but with<br />

Buckstone, it is approximately 15 miles.<br />

•Rebuild Casey Neff playground.<br />

•General beautification - generally adding mulch<br />

beds around town.<br />

•City building signage.<br />

“Again, signs are expensive,” said Davisson. “The<br />

city never spent money on them because everybody<br />

kind of knew where everything was. But, we're getting<br />

so big now with enough buildings to probably to start<br />

labeling them.”<br />

•Fix drainage problem in Area 51 city disk golf<br />

course..<br />

•Resurface the Obetz Community Center court.<br />

“It’s tennis at the OCC, pickleball at Lancaster<br />

Park, and basketball out at the Fortress,” said<br />

Davisson.<br />

•Significantly redesign Lancaster Park and rename<br />

it.<br />

“Add some pickleball courts, add some paving, put<br />

in an enclosure - something that's removable or movable<br />

over top of the ice rink/splash pad, to be used for<br />

multiple seasons to be opened for splash pad days and<br />

closed for ice or for roller skating in the fall or spring,”<br />

said Davisson. “Curb and sidewalk repair. Finish<br />

fence. This is probably a multi-year project, but we'd<br />

like to get some of started this year.”<br />

•Recreation Trail lighting.<br />

“The city has the street lights go on Recreation<br />

Trail, but as the snow is plowed over the years and salt<br />

is kicked on the bottom of those, they rust it out,” said<br />

Davisson. “And so they’re about done. They break all<br />

the time. Because of the electric wiring, the heads are<br />

getting old. So those need to be replaced. The city is<br />

looking at way finding lights instead of street lights.”<br />

•Two electronic signs have been purchased to be<br />

deployed this year. Two tentative locations are on<br />

Alum Creek in front of the Obetz Administrative<br />

Offices and replace the white analog sign where Obetz<br />

Avenue dead-ends into Groveport Road.<br />

•Install some blow up anchors for the Christmas<br />

blow ups that the city does to avoid dragging the big<br />

Jersey barriers where they’re needed.<br />

•Make website improvements, including the city’s<br />

main website.<br />

“The Multimedia Communications Specialist has a<br />

suite of mirrors and pictures and cameras and drones<br />

that are needed to upgrade our ability to put out both<br />

photos and video of the city’s stuff,” said Davisson. “It’s<br />

quite an investment, including a cinematic drone. The<br />

chief and the police need stuff going every year. They<br />

need new cruisers, new ballistic vests.”<br />

Davisson added that together and based on rough<br />

estimates, the improvements should cost about $3.4<br />

million.<br />

He said, outside of that, the city is looking at purchasing<br />

some property.<br />

“We are seriously considering a northern swimming<br />

pool and a southern swimming pool,” said Davisson.<br />

“We’re still in the development stage for those. But<br />

there’s no chance it’s going to start this year. The planning<br />

and design of that could very well start this year<br />

for the northern pool, the concept being we’d get a pool<br />

(in the northern part of the city sooner). And then (in<br />

the south) at Buckstone, as Buckstone comes online.”<br />

He said grass was planted for the additional four<br />

baseball fields at McClish <strong>South</strong>.<br />

“We don’t know if that’s ultimately where they land<br />

or not. And I might have a better deal in the baseball<br />

fields to go in there,” said Davisson. “There are a number<br />

of things on this list that are in <strong>2023</strong> that quite<br />

frankly are just going have to move. Because you don’t<br />

have as much money as you would like to. I think if you<br />

added up all the things, add <strong>2023</strong> next to them, it ends<br />

up being some ridiculous amount of money that we just<br />

don’t have to spend right now. So the rest of those, I’ve<br />

moved into 2024, 2025, or later.”<br />

Obetz Zucchinifest<br />

The Obetz Zucchinifest will be held Sept. 1 to Sept.<br />

4 at Fortress Obetz, 2015 Recreation Trail, Obetz.<br />

The event features the Zucchini Parade, Zucchini<br />

Car Show, and free concerts showcasing live music<br />

from both local and national artists. All this while<br />

indulging in delicious zucchini-inspired dishes offered<br />

by our diverse food vendors. There will also be rides<br />

and games throughout the event.<br />

Friday’s hours will be 5-11 p.m. The car show registration<br />

is Friday when the gates open, with the car<br />

show and awards finishing up before the concert gates<br />

open.<br />

Saturday’s Zucchinifest hours will be 11 a.m.<br />

through 11 p.m. Concert gates open at 6 p.m. and<br />

Vanilla Ice, Tone Loc, and All 4 One will take the stage<br />

at 8:30 p.m.<br />

Sunday’s Zucchinifest hours will be 11 a.m. through<br />

11 p.m. The parade will begin shortly after opening.<br />

There will be other entertainment before concert gates<br />

open at 6 p.m. TikTok-famous Matt Schuster will take<br />

the stage at 7 p.m. and American country rock singer<br />

and songwriter Brantley Gilbert will perform at 8:30<br />

p.m.<br />

Monday’s Zucchinifest hours will be noon through 6<br />

p.m. More activities and entertainment and will be<br />

announced at a later date. Admission is free and no<br />

tickets are required.<br />

For information following the Zucchinifest on social<br />

media at @obetzzucchinifest and the website at obetzzucchinifest.com.<br />

Obetz City Council meetings<br />

The Obetz Council meets the second and fourth<br />

Mondays of each month at 6 p.m. in the Council<br />

Chambers at 4175 Alum Creek Drive, Obetz, to review<br />

and pass legislation and hear concerns from the residents.<br />

If the meeting date occurs on a holiday, the regular<br />

meeting is held on the next Tuesday following the<br />

holiday. Call (614) 491-1080.

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Helping folks get around<br />

By Linda Dillman<br />

Staff Writer<br />

Getting from here to there is a lot easier<br />

for senior citizens of <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> and<br />

Lithopolis with a free transportation service<br />

to doctor appointments, the grocery<br />

store and more in Franklin and Fairfield<br />

counties.<br />

In 2022, <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Human<br />

Services received funding from the village<br />

of Lithopolis to expand services to<br />

Lithopolis residents.<br />

“Lithopolis <strong>May</strong>or (Eric) Sandine and I<br />

met to discuss offering our transportation<br />

services to the residents of Lithopolis,” said<br />

Human Services Director Aletha Mullins.<br />

“I am happy to report after our pilot year,<br />

the village of Lithopolis deemed this service<br />

valuable to its elderly residents thus<br />

continuing our partnership in <strong>2023</strong>. We<br />

know there is a growing need for transportation<br />

amongst our senior population.<br />

We are fortunate to be able to provide this<br />

free service to our residents in the <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> School District and the village<br />

of Lithopolis.”<br />

Sandine said the village wanted to<br />

increase support and outreach to at-risk<br />

residents, specifically those with food insecurity<br />

and seniors with transportation difficulties.<br />

The village has partnered with<br />

Lancaster-Fairfield Public Transport for<br />

over a decade, but realized there was an<br />

area where residents were not provided<br />

services.<br />

“We reached out to Aletha to see if they<br />

could help us,” said Sandine. “Not only<br />

does our partnership provide our residents<br />

with access to senior transportation and<br />

the food pantry, but we get all the additional<br />

benefits as well, such as the Tools-For-<br />

Schools, the Senior Fun trips and the<br />

Senior Prom. In addition, during the pandemic<br />

we sub-granted some of our COVID<br />

relief funding to Aletha to administer<br />

rent/mortgage relief and utility assistance<br />

to Lithopolis residents on the village’s<br />

behalf.”<br />

The program accommodates medical<br />

appointments anywhere in Franklin<br />

County and 20 miles into Fairfield County.<br />

Non-medical appointments must be within<br />

10 miles or less of 80 Covenant Way, <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong>. On average, senior transportation<br />

currently provides 355 one-way<br />

trips per month. Medical appointments<br />

take priority.<br />

Twice a week, a group grocery trip alternating<br />

between Meijer, Walmart, Aldi, and<br />

Kroger is provided. Monthly group trips<br />

include an Out to Lunch Bunch and fun<br />

trips to various places, all of which help<br />

Obetz Farmers Market<br />

The Obetz Farmers Market will take<br />

place on the second Wednesday of each<br />

month from June to September between 4-<br />

7 p.m. It will be held across from the Obetz<br />

Hardware Store located at 4256 Groveport<br />

Road, Obetz.<br />

keep seniors sociable and less isolated<br />

throughout the year.<br />

Participants must be age 60 or older<br />

and a permanent resident in the <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> School District or village of<br />

Lithopolis.<br />

“Feedback from users has been overwhelming<br />

positive, but the most poignant<br />

comments have been from residents that<br />

haven’t used or don’t need the assistance,<br />

saying that it’s comforting to know it’s<br />

there and that the village cares enough to<br />

seek out these services for residents that<br />

do need them,” said Sandine. “Our partnership<br />

with <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Human<br />

Services allows us to work with a professional<br />

and well-run organization to provide<br />

a service that we wouldn’t otherwise be<br />

able to deliver.”<br />

The senior transportation program<br />

started in the early 2000s and is a partnership<br />

between <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Human<br />

Services and the city.<br />

“When I started in 2012, there were<br />

three part-time drivers on staff,” said<br />

Mullins. “Today we have six part-time<br />

drivers on staff and are looking to hire a<br />

seventh. This is due to the increased<br />

demand for our services because of<br />

increased fuel costs and everyday living<br />

expenses. Our drivers are amazing and<br />

really go out of their way to take care of our<br />

clients. We are blessed to have such caring<br />

drivers and we couldn’t provide this wonderful<br />

free service without them.”<br />

With the increase in transportation<br />

requests, Humans Services is in the<br />

process of hiring a seventh part-time driver.<br />

Resumes can be sent to<br />

aletha.mullins@cwhumanservices or call<br />

614-834-4700. Information on signing up<br />

for senior transportation is available at<br />

www.cwhumanservices.org or by calling<br />

614-834-4700.<br />

“We are blessed beyond measure to have<br />

wonderful partners who support our program<br />

and make it possible for us to serve<br />

our senior community,” Mullins said. “I<br />

often wonder if we were not here to provide<br />

transportation how would ‘Sally’ get to her<br />

cancer treatment or what would ‘Fred’ do if<br />

he couldn’t get to his weekly dialysis<br />

appointments. This program doesn’t just<br />

meet medical and non-medical needs but<br />

allows us to connect on another level with<br />

our elderly clients. This connection gives<br />

us the opportunity to be an ear to listen,<br />

someone to share a laugh with, or merely<br />

just another person checking in on our residents.<br />

I am grateful to my staff and drivers<br />

who make this program what it is<br />

today.”<br />

CW Farmers Market<br />

The <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Farmers’ Market<br />

starts <strong>May</strong> 27 and will run on Saturdays<br />

through Sept.30 from 9 a.m. to noon. For<br />

information visit www.thecwfm.com or call<br />

614-270-5053. Go to the <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

Farmers Market Facebook page.<br />

<strong>May</strong> 21, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 3<br />

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<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong>, OH 43110<br />

614-382-8133<br />

(614)-491-0812<br />

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PAGE 4 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>May</strong> 21, <strong>2023</strong><br />

DestinationOutlets.com<br />

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www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Students help food pantry<br />

By Linda Dillman<br />

Staff Writer<br />

If you live in <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> and happen<br />

to find a grocery sack on your doorstep<br />

June 8, do not be surprised, but take a few<br />

moments to fill it up with boxed and<br />

canned goods and put it back out on June 9<br />

for the annual Brock Walk.<br />

“The Brock Walk is our biggest food<br />

drive of the year,” said <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

Human Services Director Aletha Mullins.<br />

“This drive provides much needed food for<br />

the summer months and into fall. Due to<br />

the rising cost of food, we have seen our<br />

numbers increase at The Community Food<br />

Panty. This food drive will help fulfill that<br />

need. Since 2014, this food drive has<br />

brought in just over 140,000 items.<br />

Volunteers canvass the city on June 8<br />

with the bags and then return on June 9 to<br />

pick up donations.<br />

The Brock Walk (named in memory of<br />

student Brock Johnson) began as a 4H<br />

project–the <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Middle<br />

School Pantry Project - in 2014 when a<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> student and her mother<br />

saw an ongoing need. Middle school teachers<br />

turned the drive into a learning experience<br />

for students, who now collect money<br />

to purchase food items.<br />

“In 2015, our former superintendent<br />

challenged our team of sixth grade students<br />

to find a real-world problem in our<br />

community and solve it by the end of the<br />

school year,” said teacher Kelly Best.<br />

“After looking at various local issues, our<br />

students settled on helping the food pantry<br />

because we learned through research that<br />

the pantry was running out of food during<br />

the summer when students weren't receiving<br />

breakfast and lunch at school, creating<br />

an even greater demand for food assistance<br />

in our town. It was the most logical choice<br />

because this was a problem directly<br />

impacting our students and their peers.”<br />

In 2016, the BrockStrong Foundation<br />

joined forces with the middle school’s sixth<br />

grade class and Human Services to aid in<br />

the fight against hunger in the local community.<br />

Best said the project evolved over the<br />

years to include various aspects of learning<br />

for students. As part of the project, students<br />

create the special donation bags that<br />

are placed on as many doors as possible in<br />

the <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> area.<br />

A flyer on the front of the bag asks the<br />

resident to fill the bag with food items if<br />

they can, and then place the bag outside<br />

the next morning when a volunteer returns<br />

to pick it up. Best said organizers wanted<br />

to make donating easy– “Here's a bag, fill<br />

it up, place it outside, and we'll come get<br />

it.”<br />

Donations are taken directly to the food<br />

pantry where volunteers wait to unbag,<br />

count, sort, and box everything up. In the<br />

beginning, 2,500 donation bags were<br />

placed at doorsteps and 6,000 items were<br />

collected. Now it is nearly 6,000 bags and<br />

in 2022, over 24,000 items were collected.<br />

“Each year, <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Human<br />

Services speaks to the students about The<br />

Community Food Panty and its current<br />

needs,” said Mullins. “This conversation,<br />

along with a field trip to Mid-Ohio Food<br />

Collective brings awareness to the students<br />

as to why this project is so important.<br />

Students are broken up into groups<br />

and have a budget that they must follow<br />

when shopping at Meijer.”<br />

Students and teachers work throughout<br />

the year on raising money from fall and<br />

spring flower sales. Profits from the sales<br />

enable students to go on the shopping<br />

trips.<br />

This year, students have $6,000 to<br />

spend at the grocery store and must adhere<br />

to a pre-established budget. They track<br />

and calculate their spending while in store<br />

to make the most of their funds.<br />

Volunteers are needed on both days so<br />

they can place bags on designated routes<br />

and return to that same route to collect<br />

donations left outside. For information,<br />

visit the Brockstrong Foundation Facebook<br />

page. Since this is a student project, signup<br />

is released to students first and then to<br />

the public a week later.<br />

“This event is important on so many levels,”<br />

said Best. “It teaches our students<br />

vital lessons about compassion and giving<br />

that are far more impactful than any lesson<br />

we can teach from a textbook and they<br />

learn firsthand the result of what happens<br />

when everyone comes together for an<br />

important cause.”<br />

According to Best, students also learn<br />

life skills such as shopping on a tight budget<br />

and having to make impromptu changes<br />

to a shopping list when something is out of<br />

stock or the price has unexpectedly<br />

increased.<br />

“What started as a project focused on<br />

filling the pantry shelves for the summer<br />

has grown to filling the shelves for many<br />

months after that,” said Best. “Our teachers<br />

didn't intend for this to be an annual<br />

event and we never really expected to be<br />

doing the same project nine years later, but<br />

to see what it has become and how many<br />

students and volunteers show up to make<br />

it happen, makes the Brock Walk something<br />

we simply can’t replace.”<br />

CW school board meetings<br />

The <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Board of<br />

Education meets on the third Monday of<br />

each month at 7 p.m. in the <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> Education Center, 100<br />

Washington St. on the second floor in room<br />

204/206. The public is welcome to attend.<br />

Hamilton school board<br />

Hamilton Local Board of Education<br />

meetings are held at 6 p.m. on Mondays<br />

(unless otherwise noted) at the Hamilton<br />

Local Education Center, 775 Rathmell<br />

Road, Columbus. For information on meeting<br />

dates visit www.hamiltonlocal.k12.oh.us.

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Engineering pre-apprentice<br />

program and CW Schools<br />

Ohio’s first state-approved engineering<br />

pre-apprenticeship program has found its<br />

home in central Ohio, where two <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> students gained work-based<br />

learning experience at Nifco America this<br />

school year.<br />

“We are a firm believer in providing<br />

opportunities for young people to get<br />

exposed to the workforce,” said Nifco NA<br />

CEO Michael Rodenberg. “I was extremely<br />

impressed with the students and look forward<br />

to continuing our partnership in this<br />

program.”<br />

In 2022, Nifco America, <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> High School, and the<br />

Education Service Center of Central Ohio<br />

came together to create a work-based<br />

learning plan and a pre-apprenticeship<br />

program for students in the Engineering<br />

pathway. This is the first engineeringfocused<br />

pre-apprenticeship program to<br />

receive approval from the state. The program’s<br />

first two students, Ryan Dunlap<br />

and Ryan Storts, were selected for the<br />

state-registered Pre-Apprenticeship program<br />

in the fall of 2022. The program<br />

offers the students the opportunity to gain<br />

valuable work-based knowledge on-site at<br />

Nifco America Headquarters in <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> while receiving school credit.<br />

“Opportunities like this create futures<br />

for our students,” said Kristin Ankrom,<br />

Work-Based Learning Coordinator at<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> High School. “We are<br />

excited to continue partnering with Nifco<br />

and to build more industry partnerships<br />

using this program as a model to expand<br />

access to work-based learning opportunities<br />

to more students.”<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> High School offers<br />

partnership opportunities for local businesses<br />

and industry and engages regularly<br />

with an active Business Advisory Council<br />

to grow partnerships and better understand<br />

the needs of local employers.<br />

Aligning with the students’ Project Lead<br />

the Way Engineering curriculum taught by<br />

Douglas Harmon and Benjamin Wyatt at<br />

CWHS, Nifco offers hands-on, real-world<br />

experiences for students. Located in the<br />

R&D/Design Department, the students<br />

have their own cubical office space where<br />

they can work independently. These young<br />

professionals gained knowledge and valuable<br />

skills that will help advance them in<br />

college and their careers, from 3D modeling<br />

in Catia to designing functional display<br />

fixtures with breadboard and soldering<br />

wires to learning plastic injection molding<br />

in the automotive industry. Students can<br />

earn high school credit by completing 250<br />

hours in the program.<br />

“Their eagerness to learn is inspiring,<br />

and they have not backed down from any<br />

technical challenge thrown their way,” said<br />

Chris Bulger, Nifco Engineering Mentor.<br />

“The students will excel in college and having<br />

them back for co-op/internship would<br />

be an honor. CWHS has done a great job<br />

preparing the students, and we appreciate<br />

their enthusiasm for the program.”<br />

Howard’s academic honors<br />

Alexandrea Howard was named a valedictorian<br />

at <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> High School<br />

and was also awarded the National Merit<br />

Finalist, which honors the top high schoolers<br />

in the country based upon PSAT scores.<br />

She will attend Vanderbilt University and<br />

was awarded the Cornelius Vanderbilt<br />

scholarship, which is a full tuition merit<br />

scholarship worth over $240,000 as well as<br />

Vanderbilt’s National Merit scholarship for<br />

an additional $2,000 per year.<br />

SkillsUSA Nationals<br />

Throughout April, more than 5,000 competitors,<br />

business partners, instructors,<br />

and vendors gathered to compete in over<br />

100 contests at the SkillsUSA Nationals.<br />

The month-long series of contests came<br />

together on April 25-26 for state-wide competitions.<br />

Eastland-Fairfield sent nine students<br />

from four different programs to the<br />

SkillsUSA national conference following a<br />

series of medal-winning performances at<br />

the state competition. Five representatives<br />

come from Eastland Career Center while<br />

two students are from the Cyber Security<br />

satellite program at New Albany High<br />

School. Fourteen students between the district’s<br />

three SkillsUSA chapters earned a<br />

silver or bronze medal, while an additional<br />

seven left the Greater Columbus<br />

Convention Center having placed inside<br />

the top five. The nine students who placed<br />

first in their respective events will prepare<br />

for the SkillsUSA National Leadership and<br />

Skills Conference, to be held June 19-23, in<br />

Atlanta, Ga. Local student results:<br />

•Ayden Cuckler (Jr., Groveport<br />

Madison, Aviation) - Drone Competition,<br />

Bronze;<br />

•Sarah Spencer (Sr., Hamilton Twp.,<br />

Pre-Dental) - Dental Assisting, Bronze;<br />

•Charles Neville (Sr., <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong>, Electrical) - Electrical<br />

Construction Wiring, Bronze;<br />

•Massar Yade (Sr., Groveport Madison,<br />

Pharmacy) - Medical Math, Silver;<br />

•Iromy Mendoza Lopez (Sr., <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong>, Pre-Nursing) - Nurse<br />

Assisting, Bronze.<br />

<strong>South</strong> High Library<br />

The Columbus Metropolitan Library’s<br />

<strong>South</strong> High Branch is located at 3540 S.<br />

High St., Columbus. Visit www.columbuslibrary.org<br />

or call 614-645-2275.<br />

Wagnalls Memorial Library<br />

Wagnalls Memorial Library is located<br />

at 150 E. Columbus St., Lithopolis. For<br />

information call (614) 837-4765 or visit<br />

www.wagnalls.org.<br />

<strong>South</strong>east Library<br />

The <strong>South</strong>east Branch of the Columbus<br />

Metropolitan Library is located at 3980 S.<br />

Hamilton Road, Groveport. For information<br />

visit www.columbuslibrary.org or call<br />

614-645-2275.<br />

<strong>May</strong> 21, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 5

PAGE 6 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>May</strong> 21, <strong>2023</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photo<br />

by Linda Dillman<br />

Preserving<br />

the past<br />

AEP rate increase,<br />

stay in the know<br />

Last month, I launched a new podcast<br />

called D3 Live to share resources I<br />

learned about that impact District 3 residents.<br />

My guest this month was Angie<br />

Rybalt, AEP’s Director of Customer Experience.<br />

In this episode, we addressed frequently<br />

asked questions about AEP’s<br />

rate changes, how to read your bill, and<br />

what you need to know about the impending<br />

changes.<br />

In case you missed it, effective June<br />

<strong>2023</strong>, AEP plans to implement a rate increase<br />

averaging approximately 28% for<br />

its customers in Columbus, Ohio. According<br />

to the AEP website, global demand,<br />

global supply chain issues,<br />

economic uncertainty, and the continued<br />

war in Ukraine have impacted electricity<br />

production costs. These expenses<br />

have necessitated the rate adjustment<br />

to ensure continued reliability and sustainability<br />

of the electric grid.<br />

While the specific impact will depend<br />

on individual usage patterns, the average<br />

household can expect to see an increase<br />

of up to $40 per month. Small<br />

businesses and commercial establishments<br />

may face higher costs, potentially<br />

impacting their bottom line and overall<br />

competitiveness.<br />

To mitigate the rate increase's impact,<br />

Columbus consumers can explore various<br />

strategies. These include adopting<br />

energy-efficient practices, such as using<br />

LED bulbs, optimizing heating and cooling<br />

systems, and minimizing energy<br />

consumption during peak hours. Additionally,<br />

shopping around for alternative<br />

energy providers or considering solar<br />

panel installations could offer long-term<br />

cost-saving benefits.<br />

Results Matter, so act now to get prepared.<br />

Stay tuned for the next episode,<br />

and follow my official Facebook page to<br />

subscribe.<br />

Paid Advertisement<br />

City of <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

and state representatives,<br />

project architects, and<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Area<br />

Historical Society<br />

President Bruna Brundige<br />

(center in red) toss the<br />

first shovel fulls of dirt in<br />

a <strong>May</strong> 6 groundbreaking<br />

ceremony at the society’s<br />

O.P. Chaney Grain<br />

Elevator, located at the<br />

historical complex at Oak<br />

and North High streets.<br />

The $4 million restoration<br />

project will add an event<br />

center to the complex,<br />

along with renovations of<br />

the 1880s-era structure.<br />

Brundige said the society<br />

received a $300,000 grant<br />

from the state and is hoping<br />

to secure federal<br />

grants as well. Those who participated in the groundbreaking ceremony were: Congressman Mike Carey, State Senator<br />

Michele Reynolds, <strong>May</strong>or Mike Ebert, Councilman Chuck Milliken, CWAHS President Bruna Brundige, Project Architect John<br />

Oney of Archall Architects, and project supporters Bob Wood and Todd Weiser.<br />

CW Library Branch<br />

The <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan<br />

Library, 115 Franklin St., is located in the rear portion of the former<br />

school at 100 Washington St. For information visit<br />

www.columbuslibrary.org or call 614-645-2275.<br />

Dr. Hobbs<br />

3700 Parsons Ave.<br />

Columbus, OH 43207<br />

New Patients & Emergencies Always Welcome<br />

(614) 491-5511<br />

www.ScottAKellyDDS.com<br />

Dr. Kelly<br />


Having a beautiful smile is real<br />

attribute and improving one’s<br />

looks is a very good reason to<br />

consider having teeth straightened,<br />

but there are other reasons<br />

as well.<br />

Poorly arranged teeth receive a<br />

great deal of strain and are more<br />

likely to break. They also tend to<br />

trap food particles that cause<br />

tooth decay and gum disease.<br />

What’s more, they can interfere<br />

with your ability to chew, which<br />

can prevent you from digesting<br />

food properly. Poor digestion can<br />

be bad for your overall health.<br />

Sometimes a malocclusion can<br />

even cause a speech problem.<br />

Fortunately, orthodontics can<br />

usually solve these problems. Also<br />

known as dentofacial orthopedics,<br />

orthodontics is a special<br />

branch of dentistry that deals<br />

with straightening teeth and altering<br />

bone growth. The dentist<br />

uses specially fitted appliances to<br />

put constant pressure on the<br />

teeth. This pressure gently and<br />

gradually guides the teeth into<br />

their proper positions, solving a<br />

host of problems.<br />

Prepared as a public service<br />

to promote better dental health.<br />

From the office of:<br />

SCOTT A. KELLY, D.D.S.<br />

Phone 614-491-5511<br />

Fries earns certification<br />

Ashton Fries of Hamilton Township High School was one of<br />

nine students enrolled in the Eastland-Fairfield Career &<br />

Technical Schools Cyber Security satellite program who earned<br />

their CompTIA Security+ certification, which is one of two different<br />

industry-related credentials offered through the career-technical<br />

program. The other eight students were from New Albany<br />

High School. The certification validates that an individual has the<br />

skills required to proactively battle cyber threats after testing<br />

their knowledge in attacks, threats, and vulnerabilities, security<br />

architecture and design, system implementation, operation and<br />

incident response, and well as governance, risk and compliance.<br />


Your Affordable Alternative<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> Newspapers<br />

On-line & In Print<br />

Your notice will be published on-line Monday through Friday<br />

the day after we receive them. We will provide you with your<br />

low on-line and print costs:<br />

SAMPLE<br />

On-Line $ 45.00<br />

1-Paper Print 2x5=10 @12.90/in $129.00<br />

$174.00<br />

Tell your funeral director to send your notices to<br />

pdmessenger5422@gmail.com<br />

or Call<br />

Columbus <strong>Messenger</strong> at 614-272-5422

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>May</strong> 21, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 7

PAGE 8 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>May</strong> 21, <strong>2023</strong><br />

We are the BEST<br />

community newspaper!<br />

Need advertising?<br />

Call 614-272-5422.<br />



I am Andrew B. Nimely, and I am running for Madison Township Trustee this<br />

November 7. I have lived in the township for over a decade.<br />

I am married to a woman who honors God’s standards, my beautiful wife<br />

Lombeh D. Nimely. We are blessed with seven children.<br />

The four adult children are all graduates of Groveport Madison High School<br />

with one of our children, serving in the Army Reserve.<br />

I own and operate two small businesses for over a decade that provides healthcare<br />

services for developmentally challenged individuals and an accountant<br />

firm that provides accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation and planning, payroll management, and consultant<br />

services throughout the United States.<br />

My background focuses on managerial development, accounting, and healthcare experience that reflect a philosophy<br />

through coaching via detail-oriented interpersonal personnel strategy. I have brought about the latest<br />

ideas, suggestions, and problem-solving techniques that have produced successful results.<br />

I am proficient in strategic planning through accountability, internal control system design, and client retention<br />

from a broad perspective especially in a customer relationship era where business tasks involve inspiring people<br />

to attain organizational goals, and retain patrons.<br />

I have been an adjunct faculty since January 2015 at Columbus State Community College in the Information<br />

Technology Department. I have over 2 decades of practical working experience using Windows, Microsoft Office<br />

Applications, IT & Database Fundamentals, QuickBooks, and Tax Applications software.<br />

I have provided employment to more than 150 Franklin County residents so far via my healthcare agency.<br />

My mother, Esther G. Wesseh, a single, uneducated, and devoted Christian, taught me to see every person in<br />

the image of Jesus Christ. She instilled in me hard-work, humbleness, respect, and gratitude for EVERYONE.<br />

My father, the late Bishop N. Nimely, was a firefighter, a kind man, and Christian who got baptized at an early<br />

age as a practicing Catholic.<br />


✓ By creating a listening & participation Bi-Monthly gathering with residents of the township.<br />

✓ Residents of the township deserve a trustee who is an outsider, a private sector Business<br />

Executive with over two decades of managerial experience to be at the table in finding<br />

answers to the most critical issues facing the township with respect to hiring.<br />

✓ Trustworthiness and confidentiality record keeping is part of my moral value as a business<br />

owner; I will be accountable to the residents of the township when you give me the<br />


✓ I believe in supporting our police, firefighters, & road crew; I believe in the FIRST<br />

AMENDAMENT such as religious freedom; I strongly believe in the SECOND AMENDAMENT<br />

such as the right to own a gun (I am a concealed hand gun carrier).<br />

When elected as your Trustee, you will have an individual who is humble and grateful to God.<br />

When elected; I will work hard to achieve these points<br />

We Care. We Learn. We Act.<br />

I ask for your financial support, endorsement, volunteer effort, and placing signs in yard.<br />

Below are contact media to the campaign:<br />

Phone: (614) 446-8324<br />

Email: animelycandidate@gmail.com<br />

Facebook: facebook.com/NimelyUS2<br />

Twitter: @NimelyUS1<br />

I am grateful to our township for the level of opportunity with regard to a safe community or neighbor my<br />

family continue to enjoy since making Groveport, Ohio, my hometown especially coming from Monrovia,<br />

Liberia, West Africa, without a college education, by achieving the American dream almost 23 years ago with<br />

ONLY a high school diploma.<br />

I attend Groveport United Methodist Church, serving as Co-Chair of the finance committee. I am a Lay Speaker<br />

within the West Ohio United Methodist Church, serving as a supplementary pastor.<br />

I serve as a volunteer Board of Director member at Greater Groveport Food Pantry.<br />

I enjoy spending time with my family; going to church and serving; Bible studies, devotions; watching movies<br />

at home; watching a variety of sports notably The Ohio State University football games; and vacationing.<br />

Former community leader for all Liberians within Central Ohio.<br />

I graduated from Columbus State Community College with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Accounting<br />

in 2005; Franklin University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Forensic Accounting, Magna Cum<br />

Laude, in 2007; and Ohio University with a Master of Business Administration in 2011.<br />

CW celebrates 101 years<br />

of Labor Day festivities<br />

The 101st annual <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

Labor Day Festival, presented by Diley<br />

Ridge Medical Center, will fill the streets<br />

of historic downtown <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

over Labor Day weekend.<br />

Opening ceremonies will take place on<br />

the festival main stage on Sept. 2 at noon.<br />

The fun continues Sept. 2 until 11 p.m.,<br />

Sept. 3 from 10:30 a.m. to 11 p.m., and<br />

Sept. 4 from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.<br />

“The <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Labor Day<br />

Festival is celebrating over a century of<br />

family-friendly activities in our downtown<br />

during the Labor Day weekend,” said<br />

Carolyn Ebert, Labor Day Festival Board<br />

President. “With so many food vendors,<br />

arts and crafts vendors, rides, games, free<br />

entertainment, a car show, and our<br />

renowned parade, there is something sure<br />

to please everyone in the family.”<br />

Although the full schedule is still being<br />

finalized, the Labor Day Festival<br />

Committee promises to deliver the fun,<br />

family-friendly festival that the community<br />

has grown to love. Midway rides and<br />

games return to the historic downtown all<br />

weekend long, and kids will ride for free<br />

from noon to 4 p.m. as part of Free Ride<br />

Saturday, courtesy of Wright-Patt Credit<br />

Union, Inc.<br />

Free festival entertainment will fill the<br />

streets with sounds all weekend long.<br />

American country singer-songwriter and<br />

Ohio native Rayne Johnson will headline<br />

the main stage Sept. 2 at 9 p.m. Silver<br />

Springs, the Sept. 3 night headliner, will<br />

have guests doing double-takes as the band<br />

covers over four decades of the best<br />

Fleetwood Mac songs.<br />

For those over 21, the Ugly Mug Beer<br />

Pavilion will be located near Stradley<br />

Park. This is the first year that the<br />

Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area<br />

(DORA) will be in place, so visitors may<br />

sip, stroll, shop, and explore the festival<br />

grounds from noon to close as well.<br />

The Labor Day Festival will again<br />

become a showplace for some of the finest<br />

hot-rods and classic cars in central Ohio on<br />

Sept. 3. In past years, over 200 antique,<br />

muscle, and classic cars have been on display.<br />

The cruise-in, hosted by C-Town<br />

Cruisers, will start at 10 a.m. and will<br />

wrap up at 4 p.m. with trophy presentations.<br />

Registration is just $15 per car and<br />

begins downtown at 9 a.m. on West<br />

Waterloo Street.<br />

On Sept. 4, enjoy the festival’s annual<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Labor Day Parade, presented<br />

by Kelly Abbott & the “A” Team,<br />

Howard Hanna Realtors. The parade steps<br />

off from <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> High School at 1<br />

p.m. and makes its way through the city’s<br />

historic downtown.<br />

Since 1920, the <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Labor<br />

Day Festival has proudly partnered with<br />

the local government and nearby businesses<br />

to host the festival. Labor Day Festival<br />

organizers recognize all festival supporters,<br />

with special thanks to the city of <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> and the festival’s presenting<br />

sponsor, Diley Ridge Medical Center. For<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

all Labor Day Festival details, including<br />

those to come, visit www.cwlaborday.org.<br />

CW Labor Day Parade<br />

celebrates educators<br />

The <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> community<br />

announced it will celebrate teachers as the<br />

grand marshal of this year’s <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> Labor Day Parade.<br />

The parade theme recognizes <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> Schools teachers by celebrating<br />

the work these “everyday superheroes” do<br />

for the children of the community.<br />

This year’s Labor Day Parade will take<br />

place on Sept. 4 at 1 p.m.<br />

Other school groups will also participate<br />

with floats and marchers in the parade.<br />

“Labor Day is all about celebrating the<br />

American worker, and we couldn’t think of<br />

a more honorable grand marshal than the<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Local School District<br />

educators,” said Marie Gibbons, Parade<br />

Chair for the Labor Day Festival.<br />

The Labor Day committee selected the<br />

“Superheroes” theme and invited the CW<br />

Schools staff to be part of the celebration.<br />

“We are so thankful to the parade committee<br />

for recognizing the labor of the<br />

teachers who are here to make a difference<br />

in the lives of <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> students,”<br />

said <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Schools<br />

Superintendent Kiya Hunt. “When<br />

prospective employees ask us about the<br />

district, we always tell them how lucky we<br />

are to have an incredible and supportive<br />

community. This is yet another example of<br />

the strength of our community when we all<br />

come together to make <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> a<br />

great place to live, learn, and work.”<br />

CW Pool opens <strong>May</strong> 26<br />

The city of <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> invites you<br />

to cool off this summer at the <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> Municipal Swimming Pool.<br />

The pool season begins <strong>May</strong> 26 and will<br />

run through Sept. 3.<br />

The pool will be open to members only<br />

from <strong>May</strong> 26 through June 1. During this<br />

time, only individuals who have completed<br />

purchasing a membership will be able to<br />

enter the pool. Daily admission passes can<br />

be purchased at the pool by members only<br />

for additional guests outside of the membership.<br />

Members will be responsible for<br />

all guests brought in to the pool; failure to<br />

abide by the rules may result in loss of<br />

membership.<br />

Seasonal memberships and a number of<br />

other pass options will be available this<br />

year. If space is available, reduced-price<br />

membership opportunities will open after<br />

July 5.<br />

Seasonal Membership Passes<br />

Those wishing to purchase a<br />

Sunbather’s Pass (seasonal membership)<br />

will need to pre-register online. In-person<br />

verification of residency and household<br />

members (if applicable) will be required<br />

prior to the membership being issued. All<br />

pass holders will also have their photo<br />

taken. Memberships will not be sold at the<br />

pool.<br />

See POOL, page 9

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

POOL<br />

Continued from page 8<br />

To purchase a membership:<br />

•Visit https://bit.ly/CWAccount and select “Create<br />

Account”, or “Log In” if you have used the program<br />

before.<br />

•Add all household members to your account that<br />

you intend on placing on the membership. More information<br />

on what constitutes a household and eligibility<br />

can be found on the website.<br />

•Attend an open house session (listed below) to<br />

complete the verification process. All members included<br />

on the pass must be verified and have their photo<br />

taken before their pass will be issued; we recommend<br />

all household members attend the open house, if possible.<br />

Valid forms of verification include, but are not limited<br />

to, a valid driver’s license or other photo ID; bill or<br />

lease with name and address; tax return; school registration<br />

form; health insurance card.<br />

•Have photo taken, pay for the membership, and<br />

receive physical pass.<br />

Vacationer’s Passes<br />

Those interested in purchasing a Vacationer’s Pass<br />

(good for 10 visits, any day; must be used by the same<br />

person) will need to preregister online. Vacationer's<br />

Passes will not be sold at the pool.<br />

To purchase a Vacationer's Pass:<br />

•Visit https://bit.ly/CWAccount and select “Create<br />

Account”, or “Log In” if you have used the program<br />

before.<br />

•Add the individual who will be using the pass to<br />

your account.<br />

•Attend an open house session (listed below) to<br />

have the passholder photo taken, pay for the pass, and<br />

receive physical pass.<br />

Daily Admission Passes<br />

Daily admission passes may be purchased at the<br />

pool on the day of your visit. The same rate applies to<br />

residents and non-residents. Discounts are available<br />

for senior citizens and registered daycares. More information<br />

and specific rates are available online.<br />

Open House Sessions for Processing<br />

Complete the process of purchasing a Sunbather’s<br />

Pass or Vacationer’s Pass by attending one of the following<br />

open house sessions, held at City Hall (45 E.<br />

Waterloo St.):<br />

•<strong>May</strong> 10 from 5—7 p.m.<br />

•<strong>May</strong> 13 from 12:30—3 p.m.<br />

•<strong>May</strong> 16 from 5-7 p.m.<br />

•<strong>May</strong> 21 from 3:30—5:30 p.m.<br />

Anyone unable to attend an open house may have<br />

their pass issued at City Hall between <strong>May</strong> 22-25.<br />

Staff will be available to assist between the hours of 8<br />

a.m. and 4 p.m.; no appointment necessary. Sales will<br />

pause beginning <strong>May</strong> 25 and will not resume until<br />

<strong>May</strong> 29. When sales reopen, anyone interested in purchasing<br />

a Sunbather’s Pass or Vacationer's Pass can<br />

visit City Hall between 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Mondays -<br />

Fridays to complete the process.<br />

Pool Rental<br />

The pool is available to rent for parties on designated<br />

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings throughout<br />

the season. Dates may be booked on a first come, first<br />

served basis, and must be booked 2 weeks in advance.<br />

Rental opportunities will open for booking on <strong>May</strong> 15<br />

at 8 a.m. Check the city’s website for complete details,<br />

including rental fees and available times.<br />

Visit www.canalwinchesterohio.gov for information.<br />

<strong>May</strong> 21, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 9<br />

Ebright Road closure<br />

Ebright Road, between Bixby Road and U.S. Route 33, will be<br />

closed beginning <strong>May</strong> 15, for bridge improvements over the Coble-<br />

Bowman Ditch. This closure is expected to last 21 days, according<br />

to the Franklin County Engineer’s Office. The estimated cost for<br />

the project is $101,654.<br />

“The Ebright Road bridge over Coble-Bowman Ditch is rated in<br />

fair condition and was identified as a bridge that could be rehabilitated<br />

by Franklin County Bridge Maintenance Crews,” said<br />

Franklin County Enginner’s Office Director of<br />

Communications Carla Marable. “Performing this work allows us<br />

to rehabilitate the bridge before if falls into disrepair and becomes<br />

a full replacement project, which is more expensive and requires<br />

a longer road closure. This project will involve removing the existing<br />

deteriorating deck slab and replacing it with new precast<br />

slabs built by the Franklin County Engineer’s Bridge<br />

Maintenance Crews.”<br />

Medicare Annual Open Enrollment Period (AEP)<br />

is over for <strong>2023</strong>, but maybe you still have<br />

<br />

- will I have to pay a penalty if I keep working<br />

after I turn 65, and decide to keep my group<br />

plan?<br />

- are there any 5 Star Medicare rated plans in<br />

my county, that I can enroll into throughout the<br />

year?<br />

-<br />

meet with a local representative, and review<br />

more than 2 or 3 plan options.<br />

Terri Curcio Call today 614-460-0601<br />

$0 fee or $0 Consultation cost<br />

Be confident in your plan selection, keep your<br />

doctors, and find the lowest copays for your<br />

medications.<br />

Come meet me at the Clippers vs. Louisville Bats<br />

game June 8 th @12:05 PM<br />

- I need help in paying my Rx copays, any<br />

assistance available?<br />

<br />

area. Any information we provide is limited to<br />

those plans we do offer in your area. Please<br />

contact Medicare.gov or 1-800-MEDICARE<br />

to get information on all of

PAGE 10 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>May</strong> 21, <strong>2023</strong><br />

How Should We<br />

Be Able to<br />

Amend Our Ohio<br />

Constitution?<br />

This past week the Ohio General Assembly placed<br />

a measure on the ballot that, if approved by<br />

voters, will require a 60% majority to ratify future<br />

Ohio constitutional amendments. By a margin of<br />

of 62-37 in the House and 26-7 in the Senate, the<br />

General Assembly approved SJR 2 (Senate Joint<br />

Resolution 2) that will ask voters to decide the<br />

issue at a special election on August 8.<br />

SJR 2 further will require that petitions for future<br />

citizen-initiated constitutional amendments be<br />

signed by at least 5% of the electors in each Ohio<br />

county, rather than the current requirement of<br />

half of all counties. The proposal also eliminates<br />

the ten-day cure period to gather additional<br />

signatures for such a petition.<br />

SJR 2 only applies to constitutional amendments<br />

and does not affect in any way people’s rights to<br />

an initiative petition for a new law or a citizen referendum<br />

of an existing law. (For example, many<br />

of us remember the successful referendum of SB5<br />

in 2012 that repealed a law that placed restrictions<br />

on public employee collective bargaining<br />

rights.) The process and vote margins on these direct<br />

democracy provisions will remain unchanged.<br />

Both sides of this issue have articulated pronounced<br />

and compelling arguments. Those who<br />

favor the vote want any changes in the Ohio Constitution<br />

to be a genuine movement as opposed<br />

to a political whim. Constitutional changes should<br />

have overwhelming support; simple laws can require<br />

a majority vote only, making them easier to<br />

alter when appropriate. Supporters also point out<br />

that this will minimize the ability for outside special<br />

interests to seek to change the Ohio Constitution<br />

for their own benefit. Ohio will remain one<br />

of only 18 states that allow citizen-led efforts to<br />

amend the state constitution. Finally, it preserves<br />

the ability for all of Ohio’s communities to determine<br />

what issues make it to the ballot.<br />

Those against the measure feel that the threshold<br />

of 60% voter approval to change the Ohio Constitution<br />

is too high, the 88-county requirement for<br />

petition signatures will make it too difficult for<br />

proposals to get to the ballot, and that holding a<br />

special election devoted solely to a single issue<br />

may not bring a representative population of voters<br />

to the polls that day.<br />

I encourage all voters to study the issue, decide<br />

for themselves the most appropriate direction,<br />

and vote with their best judgment on August 8.<br />

(Dave Dobos represents the 10th District in the<br />

Ohio House of Representatives, which consists of<br />

parts of West, <strong>South</strong>west, and <strong>South</strong> Columbus,<br />

Grove City, Urbancrest, and most of Franklin<br />

Township. He reports regularly on his activities in<br />

this position and his campaign has paid for this<br />

communication with you.)<br />

Paid Advertisement<br />

Eastland-Fairfield’s new superintendent<br />

The Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools Board of<br />

Education approved Shelley Groves to serve as the district’s next<br />

superintendent/CEO.<br />

Groves has spent her 26-year education career in various roles<br />

within the district and currently serves as the district’s assistant<br />

superintendent, a post she has held since 2018. Groves will<br />

assume her duties as Eastland-Fairfield Superintendent/CEO on<br />

Aug. 1.<br />

“I am incredibly excited and humbled to continue the work that<br />

the entire district has dedicated itself to, now as superintendent,”<br />

said Groves. “Thank you to the board of education for trusting me<br />

with this incredible responsibility and opportunity, and to Dr. Kim<br />

(Pietsch) Miller for her support and mentorship.”<br />

She succeeds Dr. Kimberly Pietsch Miller, who announced her<br />

retirement in January following a 34-year career in public education.<br />

Memorial Day in <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

In remembrance of fallen veterans, VFW Post #10523 will host<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong>’s annual Memorial Day ceremony on <strong>May</strong> 29 at<br />

Union Grove Cemetery, 400 <strong>Winchester</strong> Cemetery Road, beginning<br />

at 10:30 a.m.<br />

The ceremony will feature keynote speaker Air Force Chief<br />

Master Sgt.Troy R. Taylor, the Command Chief Master Sergeant<br />

for the Ohio Air National Guard.<br />

Other ceremony participants will include Boy Scouts Troop 103,<br />

Cub Scouts Troop 103, and the <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> High School<br />

Band.<br />

Immediately following the <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Memorial Day<br />

Ceremony, the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts will host a flag retirement<br />

ceremony on the cemetery grounds.<br />

The public is invited to attend both ceremonies. Lawn chairs or<br />

blankets are encouraged for seating.<br />

Lockbourne Memorial Day<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Lockbourne’s annual Memorial Day Parade and Celebration<br />

will be held <strong>May</strong> 29, to honor veterans and to celebrate the history<br />

of Lockbourne / Rickenbacker Air Force Base.<br />

This special even begins at noon with a parade through the village<br />

followed by a ceremony at Lockbourne Veterans Park.<br />

“We anticipate a strong presence of veterans from the area,”<br />

said Lockbourne <strong>May</strong>or Christie Ward. “This event is a central<br />

part of the village, Hamilton Township, and the surrounding communities.”<br />

If you would like to participate in the parade, contact Kendall<br />

Collins at deputy.admin@lockbourneohio.us or (614) 491-3161.<br />

Columbus Air Show<br />

The Columbus Air Show Presented<br />

by Scotts will be held at Rickenbacker<br />

International Airport, 2241 John<br />

Circle Drive, Columbus, on June 16-<br />

18 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.<br />

Performers and attractions at the<br />

air show include: the United States<br />

Navy Blue Angels; the United States<br />

Air Force F-22 Raptor; Ohio Air<br />

National Guard; the United States<br />

Marine Corps C-130 “Fat Albert”; the<br />

B-17 “Yankee Lady from the Yankee Air Museum; an F-5 Tiger;<br />

the C-47 “Hairless Joe from the Yankee Air Museum; the B-25<br />

“Rosie’s Reply” from the Yankee Air Museum; the P-51 Mustang<br />

“Old Crow” based in Central Ohio; and more.<br />

There will also be ground displays, air racing, exhibits, civilian<br />

superstars, vintage aircraft, and other experiences.<br />

All tickets and parking passes for the air show are available<br />

online at www.ColumbusAirShow.com. Visit<br />

www.ColumbusAirShow.com for information and follow the show<br />

on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.<br />

columbusmessenger.com<br />

Letters policy<br />

The <strong>Messenger</strong> welcomes letters to the<br />

editor. Letters cannot be libelous. Letters that<br />

do not have a signature, address, and telephone<br />

number, or are signed with a pseudonym,<br />

will be rejected.The <strong>Messenger</strong><br />

reserves the right to edit or refuse publication<br />

of any letter for any reason. Opinions<br />

expressed in the letters are not necessarily<br />

the views of the <strong>Messenger</strong>. Mail letters to:<br />

<strong>South</strong>/<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> <strong>Messenger</strong>, 3500<br />

Sullivant Avenue, Columbus, OH 43204; or<br />

email southeast@columbusmessenger.com.<br />

southeast<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

(Distribution: 10,000)<br />

Rick Palsgrove................................<strong>South</strong> & CW Editor<br />

southeast@columbusmessenger.com<br />

Published every other Sunday by<br />

The Columbus <strong>Messenger</strong> Co.<br />

3500 Sullivant Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43204-1887<br />

(614) 272-5422<br />

Keep tabs on the news in CW,<br />

Obetz, and Hamilton Twp.<br />

Look for <strong>South</strong> & CW <strong>Messenger</strong> on<br />

Become a fan!

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>May</strong> 21, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 11<br />

Now Open in<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong>!<br />

Your NEW neighborhood Wright-Patt Credit Union<br />

Member Center is now open, featuring:<br />

• Convenient drive-thru services<br />

• Dialogue stations for side by side extraordinary<br />

personal service<br />

• Complimentary coin machine for members<br />

Stop by to open an account, meet with one of our friendly<br />

Financial Coaches and see how we can help you through<br />

your Financial Flexibility and Freedom ® journey to live the<br />

life you want to live.<br />

If you live or work in <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong>,<br />

we look forward to seeing you soon!<br />

We’ll Get There. Together.<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

Member Center<br />

655 W. Waterloo St.<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong>, OH 43110<br />

Claudia E.,<br />

Member Since 2015<br />

TM<br />

Save Better. Borrow Smarter. Learn A Lot! | WPCU.coop | (800) 762-0047<br />

Federally Insured by NCUA Equal Housing Opportunity

PAGE 12 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>May</strong> 21, <strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

<strong>South</strong> & <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

ONLY $65.00<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Light Ohio Blue honors law enforcement<br />

By Rick Palsgrove<br />

Managing Editor<br />

A caravan of police cruisers was a highlight<br />

of Light Ohio Blue week.<br />

Light Ohio Blue week, which was held<br />

this year during National Police Week from<br />

<strong>May</strong> 14-20, began in 2016. The purpose of<br />

the campaign is to honor and pay respects to<br />

the law enforcement officers who have died<br />

in the line of duty as well as law enforcement<br />

personnel currently serving as sworn and<br />

civilian staff. It is held in coordination with<br />

National Peace Officers Memorial Day on<br />

<strong>May</strong> 15. As part of the week’s events, a caravan<br />

of dozens of police cruisers, with their<br />

lights flashing, passed through central Ohio<br />

the evening of <strong>May</strong> 17.<br />

According to Obetz Police Chief Mike<br />

Confer, the Light Ohio Blue caravan began<br />

at the Statehouse in Columbus and concluded<br />

its journey at the Ohio Law Enforcement<br />

Officers Memorial Wall in London, Ohio,<br />

where a special ceremony will be held to<br />

honor the fallen officers.<br />

The caravan also passed through<br />

Pickerington, Kirkersville, Hebron, Heath,<br />

Newark, Granville, Pataskala, and downtown<br />

Columbus in that order.<br />

“We encouraged the public to line the<br />

route in remembrance of our fallen officers<br />

and support of our currently serving officers,”<br />

said Groveport Police Officer Ernie<br />

Bell<br />

“Light Ohio Blue is an annual campaign<br />

to show support and solidarity for law enforcement<br />

professionals and the role they play in our communities,<br />

day in and day out,” said Madison Township<br />

Police Chief Gary York. “But, more importantly, it is<br />

an opportunity for Ohioans to come together and lift<br />

up the families, friends, and departments who have<br />

lost a brother or sister in blue over the last year.”<br />

“Light Ohio Blue is an important event as it helps<br />

to create awareness and show support for the law<br />

enforcement officers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice<br />

in the line of duty,” said Confer. “It also serves as<br />

an opportunity for communities to express their gratitude<br />

to current officers who work tirelessly to ensure<br />

public safety. The event fosters a sense of unity and<br />

appreciation, strengthening the bond between law<br />

enforcement and the community they serve.”<br />

Added Bell, “Light Ohio Blue is an organization<br />

that honors fallen police officers and keeps their memory<br />

alive and encourages a positive relationship<br />

between Law Enforcement and the public. The organization<br />

was started right here in central Ohio by a gentleman<br />

by the name of Bill Swank, he is an agent for<br />

Homeland Security. It has expanded rapidly to include<br />

the entire state of Ohio.”<br />

According to Light Ohio Blue officials, this year and<br />

last, Ohio has lost six law enforcement officers in the<br />

line of duty.<br />

“We can never remove the grief and trauma that<br />

these many families and agencies experience, but we<br />

can vow to never forget the officers and their families’<br />

extreme sacrifice to their communities and to our state<br />

and nation,” according to a statement from Light Ohio<br />

Blue.<br />

Citizens participated in Light Ohio Blue by placing<br />

a blue light bulb in their exterior porch lights; wrapping<br />

blue Christmas lights around homes and businesses;<br />

lighting up homes and businesses with blue<br />

flood lights; placing blue ribbons on mailboxes, nearby<br />

Obetz Police cruiser and motorcycle.<br />

“The simple act of lighting a blue porch<br />

light conveys a message of gratitude and<br />

respect for the officers' dedication and sacrifice<br />

in their line of work.”<br />

- Mike Confer<br />

Obetz Police Chief<br />

columns, or posts; and wearing blue on <strong>May</strong> 15.<br />

“The blue porch lights, the folks who stand outside<br />

their homes to wave Thin Blue Line flags and cheer on<br />

the caravan, and the words and actions of support from<br />

strangers all carry such a positive affirmation for our<br />

men and women who don the badge every day,” said<br />

York. “Especially in today’s world, where law enforcement<br />

officers are often unfairly demonized, it has<br />

become imperative to respond to that negativity with<br />

integrity and professional, positive interactions.”<br />

Confer said when officers see blue porch lights on<br />

people’s homes, it serves as a powerful visual reminder<br />

of the support they have from the community.<br />

“This gesture of solidarity means a great deal to<br />

officers, providing a morale boost and a sense of<br />

encouragement during challenging times,” said<br />

Confer. “The simple act of lighting a blue porch light<br />

conveys a message of gratitude and respect for the officers'<br />

dedication and sacrifice in their line of work.”<br />

Bell said the blue lights remind the patrol officers<br />

that the public they serve supports and appreciates<br />

them.<br />

“We have some homes that use blue lights all year<br />

round, not just during Police Month,” said Bell.<br />

“We hope you will join in supporting us by lighting<br />

up your porch with a blue light during the campaign,”<br />

said Confer.<br />

For information visit LightOhioBlue.org, or find<br />

Light Ohio Blue on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

BPA<br />

Nationals<br />

Students from multiple<br />

Eastland-<br />

Fairfield Career &<br />

Technical School<br />

programs traveled<br />

to Anaheim, Calif.,<br />

recently to compete<br />

in their respective<br />

events as a part of<br />

the <strong>2023</strong> Business<br />

Professionals of<br />

America national<br />

conference. Six different<br />

teams or<br />

individuals finished<br />

fifth, or better,<br />

in the country,<br />

highlighting an<br />

incredibly successful<br />

trip.<br />

Local student<br />

results<br />

•The team of<br />

Slimane Ait Raiss<br />

(Jr., Groveport<br />

Madison), Jack Gill<br />

(Jr., Teays Valley),<br />

Paige Ingram (Jr.,<br />

Bexley), and Caden<br />

Mesina (Jr., Teays<br />

Valley) placed fifth<br />

overall in software<br />

engineering. Adam<br />

Offord (Sr.,<br />

Gahanna Lincoln)<br />

took home the<br />

school’s highest<br />

individual placement,<br />

claiming<br />

third place in the<br />

C# (C-sharp)<br />

Programming<br />

event.<br />

•Receiving recognition<br />

for earning<br />

industry certifications<br />

was<br />

Groveport Madison<br />

senior, Hannah<br />

Green (Microsoft<br />

Office Specialist,<br />

2019 Word<br />

Certification).<br />

Collectively,<br />

Eastland-Fairfield<br />

featured four<br />

teams and two<br />

individuals to finish<br />

inside the top-<br />

5, in their respective<br />

categories.<br />

Lockbourne<br />

Council<br />

Lockbourne Village<br />

Council meets the<br />

second and fourth<br />

Mondays of each<br />

month at 7 p.m. at<br />

85 Commerce St.,<br />

Lockbourne.<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

BEST COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER in <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

FREE<br />

Pick-Up At These Locations:<br />

Walgreen’s - Gender & <strong>Winchester</strong> Blvd.<br />

BP Gas Station - Gender Rd. & Freeway<br />

Aldi - Gender Rd. & Freeway (behind BP Station)<br />

Kroger - <strong>Winchester</strong> Square<br />

The Wigwam Restaurant - 4 <strong>South</strong> High St.<br />

Marie Scramblers - 6402 <strong>Winchester</strong> Blvd.<br />

Shade on the <strong>Canal</strong> - 19 <strong>South</strong> High St.<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Library - 115 Franklin St.<br />

CW City Hall and Community Center – 45 E. Waterloo St.<br />

Harvest Moon - 7 N. High St.<br />

Rex Barber Shop - 1 W. Waterloo<br />

Sunoco Gas Station - 501 W. Waterloo St.<br />

Panera - 685 W. Waterloo St.<br />

Save & Smoke - 6211 <strong>Winchester</strong> Blvd.<br />

Firestone - 38 W. Waterloo St.<br />

Kroger - 3588 Gender Rd.<br />

Speedway - 6399 Refugee Rd.<br />

READ US ONLINE: www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

<strong>South</strong><br />


FREE<br />

At These<br />

Locations:<br />

Ponderosa Steak House - 3875 S. High St.<br />

Turkey Hill - 3900 S. High St.<br />

Dollar Tree - 3754 S. High St.<br />

Speedway Gas Stattion - 3860 S. High St.<br />

Columbus Library - High St. & Highview<br />

CVS Pharmacy - High St. & Williams Rd.<br />

Walgreen’s - High St. & Williams Rd.<br />

Kelly’s Market - 3453 Parsons Ave.<br />

K & M Market - 4305 Andy Groom Blvd.<br />

Stoney’s Market - 3517 Lockbourne Rd.<br />

Kroger - S. High St.<br />

READ US ONLINE: www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>May</strong> 21, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 13

PAGE 16 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>May</strong> 21, <strong>2023</strong><br />


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