Information Technology and Automation in Jena/Germany

Information Technology and Automation in Jena/Germany

Application Process

Applications have to be sent directly to the International


The complete application has to consist of the following


• completely filled and signed application form for

exchange students

• student dormitory - application form

• application form for the student card THOSKA

• registration form for the tutoring programme

• Learning Agreement

• copy of the passport

The complete application documents have to be handed

in by 31st December.

After successful aplication you will be sent a study admission

for a temporary stay at UAS Jena. For applicants

out of Non-UE-states the study admission is basis for


See you in Jena!

© Detlef Redlich


Prof. Peter Dittrich

Department ET/IT

Tel: +49 (0)3641 205716


International Office

Fachhochschule Jena

Carl-Zeiss-Promenade 2

D - 07745 Jena

tel.: +49-(0)3641/ 205 135

fax: +49-(0)3641/ 205 136



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Technology and

Automation in


Courses for

Exchange Students 2012

© Jan-Peter Kasper

Department of Electrical Engineering

and Information Technology

Courses for Exchange Students Summer Semester 2012

The lectures including lab sessions and a research project are worth 18 credits and are held in

English. Additionally you can take part in a German language course. The courses are offered

during the summer semester each year, which starts at the end of March and finishes with the

examination period in July.

Lecture Microprocessor technology with lab session

Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Burkhardt Voss

Content: General design of freely programmable hardware and

abstraction onto a programming model

Design procedure using Assembler programming

Objectives: Assembler programming of microcomputers

Cooperation of hardware and software

© Rainer Herzer

Design, simulation and implementation of microprocessor based applications

exemplified by a toy robot

Evaluation and selection of microprocessor architectures according to required


Development of practical skills for systematic software design

Credits: 6

Lecture Optoelectronics with lab session

Lecturer: Prof. Alexander Richter

Content: Theoretical fundamentals in semiconductor physics to

understand the concepts of optoelectronics

Design, functionality and application of optoelectronic devices

Introduction to optical fiber transmission technology

Photonic networks

© Rainer Herzer

Photonic applications in automation technology

Objectives: Development of proficiencies and skills for design and application of

optoelec tronic systems in the fields of photonic communication networks and

automation technology

Impart knowledge of different technologies, applications and physical back


Credits: 6

Research Project

Content: In the department EEIT there are a lot of different alternatives to work in

projects: information and communication technology, electronics and

optoelectronics, electrical drives and the whole area of automation systems.

The exchange student has the possibility for an own choice.

Credits: 6

German Language Course

Credits: 3

Jena and the University of Applied Sciences

You find us in the middle of Europe: Jena is situated in Thuringia, the “Green Heart” of Germany.

The traditional old university town is a well-known center of high technology and, moreover, it is

situated in a unique, charming landscape

with lots of possibilities for different sporting

and cultural activites. About 100.000 people,

among them 26.000 students, live here.

Situated in Jena’s southwest, the University of

Applied Sciences is within easy reach of the

city centre. In fact, there are hardly any long

distances in Jena. The Campus at Jena’s Carl-

Zeiss-Promenade gets talked about, not only

because of its charming architectural design.

The Campus comprises all departments, administration,

the central library (which holds © FH Jena

240.000 volumes and offers patent search

services), all lecture halls, many seminar rooms and 124 superbly furnished laboratories, as well as

leisure-time facilities such as a gymnasium and exercise rooms. The list is completed by a cafeteria,

a new canteen and a hall of residence run by the Thuringian Student Services Association. In short,

the Campus offers everything needed for student life. The Jena University of Applied Sciences

currently has 4.901 students.

It was founded on 1st October 1991 as one of the first institutions of higher education of its kind

in the newly founded federal states of Germany. Short periods of studying and a practical orientation

complement the education at traditional universities and technical universities perfectly well.

Currently, the eight departments of the Jena University of Applied Sciences offer 36 Bachelor and

Master programs.

In the interest of a scientifically profound and practically oriented education, the university cooperates

with universities in Europe and beyond. There is also an intensive cooperation with the

industry: world-famous companies like Zeiss, Jenoptik, Siemens,

Bosch, and the industrial research institutions in Jena

represent modern technology, up-to-date management

and scientific innovation.

The Department of Electrical Engineering and Information

Technology of UAS Jena runs bachelor programmes in

Electrical Engineering / Automation Engineering, Communication

and Media Technology, Computer Engineering, Automation

Engineering / Information Engineering International

as well as the master programmes in System Design and

Space Electronics (in German). At the moment, nearly 450

students are enrolled in these programmes. In addition to

that, a mechatronics programme is offered jointly with the

© Sebastian Reuter

Department of Mechanical Engineering.

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