The Parish Magazine June 2023

Serving the communities of Charvil, Sonning, and Sonning Eye since 1869

Serving the communities of Charvil, Sonning, and Sonning Eye since 1869


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<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong> 9<br />

STAY Easter Activities — Continued …<br />

STAY on Friday<br />

Our weekly youth club continues to welcome high numbers of youth with<br />

around 60 each week. As the summer approaches we’ve been able to get the<br />

very popular volleyball net out as well as football and other outdoor games.<br />

STAY and Emmanuel Youth Sunday Social<br />

As we prepare to spend the week away camping at Satellites youth festival with the<br />

Emmanuel Youth, we meet after each Sunday at Six service for a social with games,<br />

food, discussion and prayer. It’s been a great way to meet new people, have fun,<br />

deepen faith and make new friends ahead of the summer camp.<br />

STAY in Schools<br />

We have had the privilege of delivering assemblies at two of the local primary<br />

schools on British Laws and why rules are good to have in place.<br />

.....We have also continued our mentoring with 28 students across the two local<br />

secondary schools, many of whom are finishing year 11 this year. Prayers are with all<br />

those taking their GCSE’s & A-Levels this summer!<br />

Thank you to all the parents and volunteers who make STAY<br />

activities happen! email or text me for ideas, a chat or to<br />

encourage what we are doing — Westy:<br />

youthminister@sonningparish.org.uk 0794 622 4306<br />

As well as the Easter Saturday fun day at <strong>The</strong> Ark<br />

we had several other fun activities with the youth.<br />

Thorpe Park and Laser Quest being two of them, with<br />

a crazy 40 minutes of hail the size of frozen peas!

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