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I t k e e p s y o u ‘ a w a k e ’

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This magazine carries both

formal and informal material

and substance; and is made to be

as interesting as possible. So it

may sometimes carry itself as a

comic or artistic expression and

sometimes as a formal report.

Such flow would ensure that the

readers get what they are

looking for. Such flow would

ensure that the readers get what

they are looking for. However, it

may always have a lot in

between the lines.

The Spirit of True Fantasy is the Reality

Fantasy-Real …


Background Abstract

The four main foundations of the magazine in ascending order are:

1. Philosophy

2. Metaphysics

3. Meta-Metaphysics

4. Spirituality

Complex Adaptive System (CAS)

The driving force behind this magazine is the modification and implementation of

the Vroom’s Expectancy Theory as Self-Expectancy. Victor Harold Vroom created

the Expectancy theory of motivation in 1964. Equation of Vroom’s Expectancy

Theory is:

Motivational Force (MF) = Expectancy(E) x Instrumentality(I) x Valence (V)

• Expectancy is the belief that effort (performance) will result in a certain result

• Instrumentality is the belief that the result would lead to the desired reward

• Valence is the valuation of the reward by the individual

In Self-Expectancy the Motivational Force is the belief that there is the oneness of

knowledge. The Theory of Self-Expectancy has the quality of belief embedded in

the normal Expectancy Theory that even when all other variables in the Expectancy

equation may be deemed zero, valance (valuation of reward) however, may act

independently of outcome and may by enough for a considerable motivational

force. Valence stands at infinity and whenever we may multiply any number with

infinity it becomes infinity while multiplying it with zero gives the result

‘undefined’. This magazine is dedicated to the bizarre in the truth. The greatest

development in human civilization is the human thought and the ‘undefined’

bizarre understanding of the world completes it … we live in a complex universal

ecosystem (CAS).

Dedicated to the

in the Truth

The Truth-Autonomous …


Fusion of Reality and the Inner-Worlds of the Individual

Each person is a universe in himself or herself. The university-of-soul

becomes active when the ‘musk’ (pleasant feelings of forbearance)

increases on the face of increasing scarcity (the need to know the self).

The Bizarre in the Truth is the outward-physical representation of the

inner-self at higher level of critical and paradoxical achievements.

Life is sensational when the outer world represents the scenic inner-self.

The science of Barakaat (less becoming too much) is found on the

phenomenon of being pleased with yourself and the God Al-Mighty.

Barakaat: little or few resources becomes enough and infinite. A person

can live a happy and content life alone with the inner-dimensions being

open provided that the basic necessities of life are met and sometimes

even without these basic necessities life can still be pleasant.

The aim of this magazine is to provide the individual of today with the

opening of the self and the development of the inner-human-dimensions

and then fusing them with the often harsh social and economic realities of

the prevalent world through the development of knowledge. The

assumption is that at the inner core, all humans are good and they can be

brought to higher level of self-realization if they are able to find their way

in this world through their inner-self – the inside-out intelligence of



Please note that icons are taken from the Spectrum of Intelligences and

States from the end of the magazine and are used in the whole magazine

to denote the type of intelligence or state being used in the paragraph.

Please note that all content of the magazine is subject to Copyright Law ©


Yes! You guessed it right this is a constant unorthodox approach to

knowledge. Here with our muscles of knowledge we try to prove it to the

world the worth of knowledge and what it is really capable of doing. Here

with the parallel run of the spirit and blood of knowledge we come to

the paradoxical approach of reaching what lies beyond.

Here we take a refreshing look at what we can achieve with knowledge.

How we can look at this distinct phenomenon which challenges us to the

best of our intellect. We try to comprehend the vast phenomenon of

knowledge – how it comprehends us and what the one can do with the

knowledge one comprehends.

The phenomenon of Challenge keeps us moving!

The breath-taking intensity that lies in the thinking brain comes from the

challenges imposed by the knowledge that exists.

The battle is On! Join in.


The Biological Brain produces thoughts that cannot be touched

physically but can be understood logically, comprehended emotionally,

learned intuitively and then worked upon instinctually.

The Biological Brain as termed above would represent a character from

one of the comics which will show it as alive and with humongous

intelligence. It would be amazing to see all the soft skills of the Biological

Brain at one single point: “one realm of imagination” which is consciously

awake constantly streamlining itself to know concepts which are yet


If critical thinking can give me paradoxical mindset in my imagination,

then my imagination which keeps itself on a constant change to keep

itself awake; tells me that even a higher thought pattern is possible. Our

physical existence tells us that whatever we may imagine or come to

know we are still being governed by some Higher Knowledge which

corrects us upon our false imaginations and controls our efforts

channeling them in the right way.

This life is so apparent and real but yet so deep and mysterious that we

may not be able to understand it fully. If the scientific methodology was

discovered in the absence of itself then how much scientific it really is?

A question I repeat to myself when I see the materialistic progress of the

human race compared to the moral, psychological, emotional and

spiritual developments. It would be problematic to see materialistic

wellbeing on one side at the expense of the delicate human natures we


Abstractly, critically, paradoxically, imaginatively and sometimes

pointlessly we try to reach where we belong. And I believe it is a run

worth it.


With each challenge comes an adventure and with each adventure

comes an embracement.


(Picture: Symbolizing the care of Parents and the Self-Satisfied Inert-Being as we grow up)

Parent’s Concern: Early Childhood Development – The Inert-Being

This section is about our Inert-Being which is the same Inner-Self (Inner

Child – Carl Jung) we proclaim in the discipline of Psychology. However,

Inert-Being here means the ‘inner-self’ of the new born which can be

termed as the first-inner-self. This Inert-Being is responsible for the

‘positive-materialism-based’ inspiration that we need to move forward

in life with; with the same ‘motherly-cuteness’ (biological representation

of parents with your own ‘cuteness’ – cuteness here means the first

understanding of things) that which we had once we started to

understand and experience the very first instance of the very nature of

existence. If this Inert-Being is intact and conscious in the adult human,

then for sure that human would experience the world as a constant

realm of the very first instance of the very nature of existence. Now,


currently we are in the womb of the universe – getting ready to be born


This very first instance of the very nature of existence remains intact in

us throughout our lives whether we want to acknowledge it to ourselves

or not. Strong-emotional-joy and playfulness of life should always remain

as the core of development from infancy onwards.

Strong limitation of the sensory experience (strong-emotional-joy) can

decrease disruption and increase the quality of life such that there is

more soul to the material content than just the metaphysical; or even

the just reasonable materialistic experience of life – the experience then

becomes larger-than-life. The de-emergent (progressively hidden)

properties of the Complex Adaptive System (CAS) into the individual’s

‘other’ worlds must be recognized and presumably admired by the

limitation seeking ‘infant-mind’ of the Inert-Being. Sensory experience

starts to limit while the non-sensory experience starts to increase where

the Inert-Being’s foundations have been the feelings of completeness in

the biological foundations of parents while the interactions of the self,

becomes the soul that continuously resides in the very first instance of

the very nature of existence. The phenomenon becomes the one of Self-


Determination is the effect, caused by the Inert-Being’s self-proclaimed

limitation of the very self. Abundance of sensory-limitation leads to the

constructive but spiritual and metaphysical narrowing of the

determination (spiritual-metaphysical concentration with physical

limitation). Self-limitation to the core of the very first instance of the very

nature of existence and being, preserves the world around the individual

to the classic realm (original realm) of the living-and-developing-self. An


ever-enduring medium for the developing-self. A self-preserving

determination as means of doing work (self-indulgence) is borne out. The

intrinsic interrelation, integration and interdependence increases to

make a greater whole of the unique individual.

Limitation-of-the-self here would mean cleansing of the self from the

disruptions of the material-world and emphasizing and focusing upon

the core of the needs-of-being (needs of wellbeing). These needs of

being which are not material richness, power or fame but to reside in the

home of the perpetual-spiritual-self from the very first instance of the

very nature of existence and then being a human of higher values.

Preserving the misunderstood change to itself would simply mean

reducing the depleting of resources by the disruptive and depreciating

misunderstandings of life’s crucial facts. Limiting oneself to the very first

instances of the very nature of existence and then residing within the first

adult-understanding of the most-inner-self as the Inert-Being, would

help us in preserving the adult-self back to one’s own origin of the very

self. The adult-self would recognize the Precognition of the Self as a

limiting but spiritually rewarding experience.

The matter of Pre-cognition leads to the matter of before-and-beyond

determination and before-and-beyond motivation giving one the ability

to see extraordinary in the ordinary and having the ability to work

beyond motivation and determination. The sensory limitations have

resulted in achieving the limitations of the ever-beyond – this would have

never been possible in the just physical-worldly oriented mindset. One

with limitation become boundless and the inner-world has more to offer

than the outside world. The environment and atmosphere have always

been the precondition of the existence in precognition.


Recognizing the pleasant nature of things that surround us is at the

center of the Inert-Being because truly things are by nature beautiful and

Kindness remains as the highest form of Moral Intelligence.

(Picture symbolizing the warmth of the Moral Intelligence as lantern and Precognition the

Coolness that surrounds it)

Having high spirits without much reason can describe heroes and

heroines but ultimately this phenomenon describes the love of a parent.

Bringing up children with high morality should be the cornerstone of

parental sacrifices and efforts. After all character ensures that which

conventional intelligence does not and what could be better to see one’s

own child to become successful in the personal and professional life due

to the incredible moral intelligence he or she holds. The cultivation of a

high moral character starts from home. The leaders of tomorrow need

moral nourishment today and home should be the center of excellence

in carrying out this delicate task.


By many pioneering individuals of the corporate and academic world;

moral intelligence can enhance business leadership and leadership


(Picture symbolizing the developing-adult-self)

Limiting oneself to Precognition and to the very first instance of the very

nature of existence and being may enable the simple joys (extraordinary

experiences) of life which may continue as a nurturing development of

the developing-adult-self. Once the motherly-cute-love will sustain in the

wisdom of an adult – people instead of exploiting each other would try

to preserve each other – now that would be the true development of the

human psychology and the spiritual-socio-economic development of the

human civilization.



In this course we will be learning the concept and limitation of Intrinsic

Value Investment Analysis. The course delves deep into value

investment starting from simple lay man explanations to advanced

understanding of the investment analysis. A unique course as it

integrates several otherwise distinct and separate investment

concepts. The course brings further value to the learner through:

• Cumulative Analysis through joining Fundamental and

Technical Analysis (Elliott Wave Analysis)

• Fraud Examination Techniques for Investment Analysis

• Adhered to Self-Development

• The course includes analysis of pioneering consulting, research

and development companies as examples.

Course Outcomes:

• Learn to confidently and comfortably invest in stocks

• Understand the nature of investment risk and the

relationship between Intrinsic Value and the Analyst

• Ability to invest under economic swings

• Learn to do Distressed Investing

You can reach us at:

• Carry out financial analysis of a company zohaib.habib83@gmail.com

• Carry out comparative analysis

WA: +971-556146110

• Learn Fraud Examination techniques

• Carry out Value Investing globally

• Understand the interrelation and interdependence of

various investment concepts for a cumulative



(Picture Symbolizing: The ‘Alien’ nature of this world as to the real human nature)

Student’s Counselling: The Developing Future and Professionalism

Only a Relaxed Mindset can lead a life of Full-Potential. Working at your

Full-Potential would mean that you see all problems as challenges.

Having Full-Potential would mean to be able to work with high

inspirations at broad and intense level to bring out the best from one’s

endeavors. The capacity of Full-Potential starts to see the extraordinary

with the inspiration it carries to delve into concepts, theories and

practice in a refreshing and rejuvenating manner. This capacity of being

at Full-Potential at most of the times, or being constantly at Full-Potential

means that a person is able to perform at the fullest with the least of

effort, time and predominantly discomfort – it is the perpetual

motivation of a person.

The mere broadness of the Full-Potential based Education has the

tendency to change and describe the future; rather than working for the


future, it makes the future. Now that is a unique-developing-future for a

student of learning and understanding. Being beyond future-ready is the

norm at the Full-Potential Mindset. Full-Potential Mindset is all about

having the most relaxed mindset while at the same time performing at

the fullest. Such attitude is change-oriented such that disruption

becomes the positive attitude of the changing future itself. Such attitude

is the harmony, conduciveness, coherence and philosophy of change


Recognizing one’s own alien nature to the bizarreness of reality, makes

it evident that we have to keep our human nature intact and the

recognition and realization that we can actually lose our human side of

ourselves assigns us the important task of using the discomforts of the

life itself as a means to keep our delicate human natures flourishing and

developing. Recognizing one’s own alien nature on the face of the


bizarreness of reality assures us that we must fundamentally be spiritual

beings on a higher level. In other words, bizarreness becomes the tool of

evaluation of the sustainability of human behaviour, spirituality and


To be able to change the future with the underlying phenomenon that is

carrying change itself is to recognize, that we can be the change itself

that the future needs, if we can complement our alien natures to the

higher meanings of life (spirituality) and existence. Beyond Materialism

lies Philosophy beyond that lies Meta-meta Physics and beyond that is

Spirituality. Knowing yourself from deep within shall help in endeavoring

the change required to bring your inner-self’s constant with the constant

of change itself.

The idea is to become a Universal Receiver of Knowledge like an open

signal-receiving-telecommunication-dish which receives information

and knowledge from all corners of the universe.

Nikola Tesla on receiving knowledge:

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which

we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated

into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”

This universal reading of knowledge from the universe translates into a

high level of Instinctual Intelligence. With Instinctual Intelligence we can

act upon the always limited information and knowledge we have. When

we have a higher or highest amount of information and knowledge we

can act in the most precise, deterministic and proficient manner.

The lavish Mercy of God must be fully felt. Mercy of God comes up with

only a great character and the soundness of heart. It is only with the


Mercy of God that so many intelligences become available to the

culpable mind.

In such a realm complexity becomes the tool of reason – The Biological

Brain (See Section: Leisure Time: Some Knock-Out Practical Education).

Realization of the Mercy of God as Eternal Peace translates to the

Serenity (which can be disturbed or disrupted) that then surrounds us in

this world. The idea becomes to actually serve the world by developing

it from the change within the change.

The world deserves Servant Leadership in ‘reconnaissance’ with the

greatest needs of the individuals. The question is no longer how to

achieve it as per the above discussion, but how to achieve it while making

it a larger-than-life experience.

The idea is to provide the youth with the ways and means of prepreforming

the world. The idea is of a cumulative leadership style where

Servant Leadership is in response to Cause Leadership and vice versa and

at the same time both result in Transformation Leadership - leading to

the Zenith of Human Civilization.


(Photo: Invisible rainbow that is generated by a jet of helium atoms. Courtesy: Max Born Institute)

(Photo: Symbolizing the ability to see the invisible)

Nerds In Focus: Why do we factorize?

We will often see nerds passionately absorbed and in inspiration for

scientific discovery. They would be keen in finding answers to questions

yet unknown and are keenly obsessed with the idea of knowledge and

moving in a realm of their own. However, few would take the hassle to

go behind and beyond the basics to find the roots of things or go behind

the process and reinvent their own ‘nerdism’. So let us get stated …

The power of the zero is large in Mathematics. It is one of the strangest

phenomena of the Mathematical world where zero or nothingness has

greater strength in describing things than the numbers themselves. One

such basic example of the power of zero is in the method of factorization


where we use zero-product property to answer for x or the roots of

equations as the x-intercept(s).

(x - 2) (x - 1) = 0

x - 2 = 0 => x = 2 (first making the factor (x -2) equal to zero)

x - 1 = 0 => x = 1 (then making (x – 1) equal to zero)

The power of zero defines the two values for the root of x. We are able

to define the ‘discrete’ factors of the equation, separately finding them

with the help of zero i.e., where y = 0.

Zero has a paradoxical nature here as it gives two answers for the same

x. In other words, zero becomes the receiver of knowledge but then

dissipating its origin to the factors themselves rather than crediting itself.

Afterall first there was nothingness which then received the Big Bang.

We should consider that factorization is not just about finding the

answer of x but also to recognize the help of zero. Afterall the zeroproduct

property remains with zero only. More deeply it is the

characteristics of zero and not just a characteristic of zero.

Another quality of zero is that it changes the nature of multiplication of

numbers greater than 1 and lower than 1 (zero based decimal numbers).

Let us see in the example below:

2 x 2 = 4 (multiplication increases)

0.5 x 0.5 = 0.25 (multiplication decreases)

Even though the above multiplication is self-explanatory in themselves

such that if we take 0.5 out of 0.5 it would be 0.25 and if we double 2

then it would be 4. However, we can also see the same phenomenon in


the way that numbers in decimals tends to move towards zero while

numbers greater than 1 tends to move away from zero. Part-numbers

representing parts of 1 when multiplied by each other produces things

away from 1 and towards zero and part-numbers representing greater

parts of 1 tend to move away from 1. Multiplication overall implicitly

defines its own changing nature over the amount multiplied and also

implicitly defining the number 1 with the help of zero (decimals) and nonzero

(numbers greater than 1) dominance. 1 explains the nature intrinsic

nature of multiplication while multiplication defines the 1 as the number

which differentiates the nature of multiplication. However, the sanctity

of 1 is always kept when anything is divided by itself even the negative

numbers except for zero which when divided by itself remains undefined

as such showing its dynamic properties of being something of an

unknown nature yet still being described as nothing.

The power of zero and its paradoxical nature is also seen at other places

in Mathematics for example in differentiation (calculus); where we limit

the difference to zero giving us the answer of the gradient function. This

would be discussed in detail in a later article – however, mentioned here

for emphasis and significance of zero.

Blackholes bring the passage of time to zero so that it can possibly divide

it in to its own higher dimension from time-space to space-time.

Truly, we factorize because often nothingness gives us the strength to

know the unknown. There is a thin line between nothingness and the

unknown – they can change their behavior depending upon the


Nothingness makes the unknown discovered while the unknown makes

it incumbent upon the thinking mind to be one with nothingness. Human


Civilization would never be able to achieve its Zenith until and unless it

changes its mindset from considering nothingness as just nothingness. It

is the quality of the oneness of knowledge that guides the thinking mind

through nothingness to knowing the unknown and the significance of

nothingness for curious mind is large.

(Photo of Bioluminescence: Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism.

Courtesy: Image: Colourbox/P. Grebenkin)

(Photo Smbolizing: The inability of human advancement to benefit from nature)

Even though the idea has been to see the focus of the nerds but

eventually it has become to be the ‘nerding of the nerd’s focus’ to the

higher needs of being. Afterall, it is in Abstraction and Imagination that

creativity prospers as innovation in the physical realm.

The separate world of the nerds makes it compulsory that the

edutainment mindset moves in to the realm of unorthodox scientific

education. A world full of the thinking-space-time for the endeavors

within the medium of the scarcity of knowledge – enabling the discovery


of such knowledge that may apparently due to its passiveness cum

broadmindedness may preclude the scientific discovery initially but

eventually would lead to the scientific discovery which otherwise may

never become discovered. However, such Abstraction and Imagination

leads to what lies beyond and not just what was needed. The value

addition principle of the competition-mine phenomenon would simply

mean breaking the limits of one’s own many times over.


The Great Jugar is autonomous in nature. It is the greatest subtle run to

autonomously join and interrelate all concepts together on a very

physically achievable level. It is passive and active such that it tries to

have the greatest outreach as a definite answer to the problems we face

– no matter what the problem may be. It is an ideology which tries to

guide keeping the best possible idealistic approach possible.

Autonomous because everyone is unique and faces unique conditions.

Subtle as it tries to relate all to reach greatest creativity – passive

because it is continuous in nature and eventually becomes an

unconscious process however creativity demands consciousness in the

realm of subtlety so is an active approach. It has the greatest outreach

as it can be passed from one generation to the other as a means of living

the life. So, the Great Jugar becomes a unique selling proposition which


has Diligent Scarcity. However, we have to remember that Diligent

Scarcity is more than just two words together. Great Jugar recognizes the

capacity of Diligent Scarcity while it also recognizes that scarcity is means

of discomfort enough to determine a man’s will to self-directed well

balanced progression. We did recognize in the article upon Diligent

Scarcity that Diligent Scarcity as a concept can take other words and

concepts as a part of itself. However, as said before we explore through

critical analysis and sum up through paradoxical analysis.

Great Jugar is a single sword against all the intellectual, social, financial

and economic challenges being faced. Great Jugar is a passive and active

means of addressing problems and at the same time is an Ideological set.

This ideological set comes into being as a special value system when

critical and paradoxical analysis runs against each other.

Great Jugar is a value system that tries to solve the problem of universal

scarcity by recognizing that scarcity is a necessary component that needs

to exist as without it knowledge will cease to exist. No matter how hard

we try scarcity will never be solved because it is never meant to be.

When the paradoxical analysis and critical analysis are joined by their

extreme ends concentration (paradoxical analysis) and exploration

(critical thinking) then what we have as result is the Great Jugar just like

in differentiation in calculus where letting the difference between two

points approach zero helps to come up with the instantaneous rate of

change rather than equaling the difference to zero. However, we still

come up with the mathematically correct answer. Reducing the

difference to an infinitely small amount – we manage to work out the

problem – we were able to work out the gradient for a given function.

Similarly in our venture of the Great Jugar we limit our paradoxical and


critical analysis to come with the answer to the problem at hand. Let us

say that the limitation of mathematics (critical analysis) such that we

have no answer to zero divided by zero let us to find a way around this

mathematical limitation through paradoxical limitation such that

difference approaches zero and never equals zero. However, the

example of differentiation over here is just an example to understand

the concept of the Great Jugar to a certain level because the Great Jugar

does not takes the process of finding an answer as important but rather

the means and the methods to overcome limitations of knowledge

wherever one may face it. Predominantly the Great Jugar is a continuous

continuum of the competitive run between paradoxical and critical

analysis. Critical analysis explores and may expand the problem in all

directions while the paradoxical analysis sums all known knowledge back

to the single point of the problem, ultimately in order to solve it, while

still knowing the problem in a new way.

The distinguishing characteristic of the Great Jugar is that at the center

of this intelligence lies a belief that the Idealism (Value System) leads to

solutions of all problems. Just like hope is better than being hopeless and

being brave rather than giving up. This idealism (value system) ensures

that the critical versus paradoxical run brings the highest level of

ideological run – the ideal situation to solve a problem would be to keep

the problem intact while progressing upon it continuously – it ultimately

ensures that you may never run out the resource of scarcity.

Great Jugar could be one of the greatest phenomena of subtle

intelligence – subtlety – that the concept deals with each person on its

own level like competition mine (from the article Diligent Scarcity), Great

Jugar (using the inside-out intelligence) lets each person know that their

very behaviour is the means to economic, financial and social ends – in


fact all ends. Great Jugar ensures that once the human behaviour is

brought to an ideal state of run, what we would achieve would be an

economy without recessions, a universe in harmony which is a constraint

to itself while a success for itself.

The only thing constant is change because there is change within change.

So, actually there has always been a concept within a concept that is why

we talk to ourselves as two – inner thinking. That is also the reason why

the same phenomenon talks differently to different people. Because

there is change as the ultimate constant that means the universe has

been thinking upon matters and this could mean in our language as fate.

There has been a concept within the other concept because ultimately

change brings them into an ever-changing relation. This ever-changing

intelligence embedded in the universe is the inside-out intelligence

which is so subtle but amazingly powerful. The Great Jugar keeps the

Idealistic System in between the run of the paradoxical and critical

thinking while it subtly realizes that solutions are already present

because its belief is based upon idealism. Because it knows of the

invention before it occurs it is affirmative of its direction never losing its

determination and interest. The set of knowledge that tries to convey its

idea is so complex due to its usage of different sorts of intelligences that

its idea can best be understood by grasping and feeling.


(Photo: signifying and symbolizing the state of the society - frozen bubbles are capsules of highly

flammable methane gas – beautiful but very dangerous)

Bazooka: Society’s Behavior

The culture of consumption will lead us to the survival dynamics of the

unreal. However, these unreal dynamics of survival may lead us to the

culture of Subtle Intelligence as a mode of survival. In such a paradigm

we try to moderate a world of consumption-based-scarcity while it

would remain as a means of mirage-living. Everything would always

seem so near but would always be so distant and only Subtle Intelligence

would be able to make sense of things when on the larger scale they are

being intentionally and conclusively misunderstood and represented.


In times of today the society bears the burden of its misdirection. Strongemotional-joy

of life (See Section: Parent’s Concern Early Childhood

Development – The Inert-Being) should remain as the core of

development from infancy. There is a direct connection between the

Inert-Being, the very first instance of the very nature of existence and the

Preservation of the two as the adult-developing-self. The society has

been deteriorating at such a fast pace or has not reached its zenith

because the Precognition of society is near to dead – it is only surviving

because we have the new-borns which are consistently elevating the

society’s behavior to the recognition of love, peace, serenity, tranquility,

forbearance and innocence. Innocence might be the greatest tool for a

society to practice Wisdom in a human-values-depreciatingenvironment.

The Basic-Unit-of-Life (family) is in an increasing threat in

this unreal environment. The world economic system as the global

ecosystem should in fact be assisting in safeguarding the delicacies of the

Basic-Unit-of-Life (Family) but instead slowly and gradually it has been

acting as a tool of discarding the Basic-Unit-of-Life to the now

standardized norm of livable-discord.


(Photo - Death Valley in California: Symbolizing humans unknown and

bizarre movements as an outcome of the ‘alien’-mindset)

The Precognition of the livable-discord leads to the understanding of the

mishaps, misfortunes and exploitations that the world is experiencing

per unit of time. The world-society has entered its own turmoil in many

shapes and is progressing fast-forward to almost unreturnable and

unreversible extents. The global citizenship is getting extinct. The global

ecosystem is siding with the dulling of itself on a hypertensive level so

that it can reduce it movement and speed into the expanding livablediscord

– buying time before it is deemed perished as it crosses beyond

the point of complete preservation (where damage becomes

permanent). It is only with determination that preservation can be

performed. This dulling-effect of things refers to the systematic and


automatic (autonomous, reflexive and natural) means of a person or

society in safeguarding itself from going self-destructive and astray.

The Precognition wants to enhance to the dulling-effect because it wants

to save and preserve itself. It has become lethargic to the circumstances

it has been provided; circumstances completely deceptive, limited in

living and enjoying the life and resulting in the destruction of every soft

aspect of human existence. Without a well sustainable value-system;

standardization is the new law of world economics. Human system is

moving towards last resorts before it finds its very human nature extinct

on the face of ‘competition’ and ‘materialistic-wellbeing’.

Society’s behavior is like that of a ‘Bazooka’ destroying itself by all means

and costs so that the false notion of progress (materialistic and downhill)

can be ritualized. The whole phenomenon results in the ‘dulling and

heavying of things’ (Dulling-Paradigm Effect) as a means of safeguarding,

preservation and moving forward. Such last resort measures (Dulling-

Paradigm Effect) leads to the warmful static-ness (the cherished change)

of things and as a means of safety to maneuver in a better way in a

disruptive and depreciating environment. In fact, ‘Dulling and heaving of

things’ even though by nature passive becomes the means to be

proactive and becomes, the cutting and leading edge, within the

bleeding edge of knowledge innovation. Getting ‘drunk with knowledge’

is better than otherwise.

The Dulling-Paradigm Effect ultimately preserves the means of change

itself resulting in creation of the Subtle Intelligence. Thus, the Dulling-

Paradigm Effect becomes a means of practicing refreshing-spirituality

from the livable-discord to back to naturalism of life.


It is now only at the subtle ends of things that the process of the

rehabilitation of the society can be encouraged such that the human

civilization reverse backs to its origin of true social prosperity and

equitable economic wellbeing. Hence, we have the Diligent Scarcity (See

Section: Diligent Scarcity – The Very Fabric of Economics and Business)

naturally at work at all times to preserve the very fabric of true

economics and the prevention of the global society from unreturnable


Using the dysfunction of the society as the means in correcting the

dysfunction of the society itself is the intelligent precognition of the

Economics of Diligent-Scarcity; repairing and preserving the Whole

Society to its Higher-Self. Society’s misdirected behavior leads to the

origin of Subtle Intelligence and the profoundness of Diligent Scarcity as

a means of the rehabilitation of the society to the Greater-Self. Being a

community in oneself has been the characteristic of the prophets (peace

be upon them all).

Everything would remain unreal until and unless the correct faith and

belief of the oneness of knowledge endorses it as the true manifestation

of the human existence. The imperfection of the world leads to the

Divine inspiration bringing perfection to the imperfect world. Absolute

Perfection lies with God Al-Mighty Himself.

People after getting hind-sighted and almost blind of what they really

seek or what they really want to seek; get into the traps of consumptionpath

which subdues them more than it provides for them. In other

words, less or more they will get consumed in the process of consuming

themselves. Out of the survival of the fittest principle there is no place


left for the weak and the weakest; in fact, they are mostly the targets of

unlawful exploitations.

The world is getting indefinitely scarce in the ability to uphold the sacred

values of the human existence which are very soft, sensitive and delicate

in nature. Hence, the survival and nurturing of the weakest becomes the

inspiration and self-sufficiency of the God-fearing. True Economics

predominantly resides with the weakest in the society – this is its unique

quality. When Economics becomes based upon Servant Leadership it is

able to see its own shortcomings. Siding with the weakest and being kind

is the easiest way of acquiring and practicing Wisdom and Moral



Brand O Brands: Making Our Universe

Becoming Autonomous is the branding of all brands. Such governance

comes from being the change or embracing the culture of change.

Afterall it is from ‘Nothingness’ that we become. ‘Nothingness’ has

defined everything in the first place because it is the changing-change

(the indefinite change within change) of the physically observable

change. In other words, true knowledge is independent of observation

and rules – it is infinitely dynamic – a meta-metaphysics in consideration.

‘Nothingness’ remains undefined but defines everything else – the

Autonomous nature of change and brands is alike. Branding is all about

something that cannot be fully defined but practically is autonomous in

nature by the very definition of defining the change itself and connects


deep beyond the developing perceptions of human – largely a tangible


Self-Expectancy is about that each individual reaches his or her Full-

Potential becoming an autonomous body in himself or herself. Akin to

becoming a brand like Nike, Under Armour, Gucci or Prada. A complete

personality which he or she can be as a sign of his or her innercompassion

and dignity. Al Maarij as a super-disposition of Self-

Expectancy tries to fill the gap of unique individual autonomous needs.

Al Maarij tries to support indirectly an individual in reaching his or her

Full-Potential. Always reaching what lies beyond – success is one thing

but beyond success is yet another. Courage, is one thing but beyond

belief is the miraculous nature of existence.

Fulfilling the autonomous needs of my own self-individual - I am a

constant unorthodox to myself. This gives me the ability to accept all

others the way they are and also more essentially accept my own

changing-self - the typical non-typical.

I am a constant unorthodox to myself because the knowledge is dynamic

and imagination is an alive entity bringing Subtle Intelligence to the

mental plane of not just thinking but eventually to the ‘mental plane’ of

existence itself. Leading to personalized professionalism. Hence,

Abstraction becomes the point-extraction of knowledge.

Because it breaks the narrow mindedness of war-oriented living and

motivation and leads to accepting yourself as they way you are and

hence also others - overall embracing the core of change itself – peace



Al Maarij gives the ability to define everything as a whole and the

inability to define nothing on its own. Undefined borders of Knowledge

and then the completely known knowledge hence then defines precision

in infinite abstraction. This ability is the ability of the Islamic Scientific

Methodology. A realistic utopia where differences is the fuel to self and

wholesome propagation. Imagine a world where the US and Russia work

together because of their differences to solve issues surrounding

naturalism as war would become extinct as an idea. Because change has

been embraced; institutions and specialization of the personal-self

comes out in a single cumulative dynamic state.

Incredible paradoxical analysis may provide with infinite passiveness

with incredible pro-active precision. Enemy would be enemy mine;

competition will be self-based as competition-mine and micro standards

will be at a macro level intrinsically defining themselves.

Sooner or later Professionalism will be

described with the zenith of individual

personalism as the most unique

qualities of individuals. Economics will

enhance to the self-expression of the

fullest in its self-propelling state.

“Idealistic professionalism demands the greatest of personalism.”

Abstraction would become the medium of communication. Arts would

become the language of communication. Working would be refreshing

and relaxing instead of being consuming and tiring – everything would

be a lifestyle. To delve in Abstraction would be to delve in reason and

abstraction itself would act as the objective precision needed.


Abstraction ultimately leads to the nurturing-warmth of a dreamworld

which is the realm of the fantasy-real (See Section: Businessman’s

Concerns – Using the Non-Intelligence of the Global Ecosystem). In the

extension of the branding of Self-Expectancy as the highest form of

branding is then portrayed as Abstraction which then further transforms

to the nurturing-warmth of a manifesting dreamworld. When the

paradigm of fantasy-real is developed what comes after that is just the

subtle but the manifesting truths of highly valuable brands which then

leads to the materialistic completeness of things after connecting a

tangible softness to things of touch. Aesthetic but at the same time

durable and strong and act as the symbols of autonomous dignity and

pride. What it ultimately leads to is the pressurized-core of higher

wrapping of space-time as the singularity of substantiation of good

values. Something like a blackhole takes space while stopping time.

Al Maarij can also be seen as the Consonance between all the leading

brands themselves as it defines a dreamworld of an enduring and eternal

natural. The deep perceptions and amicable beliefs of the brands form

as a place of pointing out the tangible intangibles.

God Himself always remains undefined – there is always more that you

can come to know – the problem becomes the solution itself - The

Abstraction Divine.

Where change is the only thing static then inspiration becomes

cumulative and dynamic. Abstraction becomes the medium of

inspiration. The ability to see extraordinary in the ordinary is a

remarkable achievement of the constant inspiration. Passion of

persuasion and influence prevail in the seeming nothingness of the

unconscious mind. Overall, each individual is able to make a unique


value-based system based on the most unique qualities one intrinsically


Subjectivity and objectivity would lose themselves to each other because

of the harmonious nature of the scientific methodology and what would

be left would be the precision of a persuading Abstraction.

Metaphorically, the world would exist only inwardly and there would be

no outside world. Each person would have a unique version of the world

with themselves which would be in complete harmony with the versions

of every other being whether dead or alive (due to the expanded

knowledge one would have). Subtlety would be the norm of knowing.

The science of art would become the art of science – the great

conscience of existence itself shall prevail. From survival of the fittest we

would move towards the survival of the best and better oneself.


Scarcity is the single most important reason that we acquire knowledge.

Without scarcity a mother’s love would mean nothing and we would

have never known the words such as knowledge, love, sacrifice and

eternity. We would also never have the chance to experience feelings

such as courage, bravery and determination. In other words, Scarcity is

the link to Spirituality. Strangely enough the thing that kills a man in a

desert of thirst known as scarcity is the fountain that defines life as well.

Scarcity if managed well is the most satisfying feeling in the worldly

matters; being efficient is good but being effective is better. Becoming

the best means you have reached the ceiling but becoming better is

being self-competitive and being self-competitive means having no

ceiling – no limit that describes where to stop.

Intelligence indeed is a self-critical mechanism and if we add belief to it

which is self-guiding or self-destructive; then one day or the next,

intelligence will guide belief and belief will guide the intelligence. Two

not necessarily conflicting attributes of human existence but still

paradoxical in nature can guide the balance of one’s character to become

self-indulging yet knowing what lies beyond – the “inside out

intelligence” – this is how we know that minus two multiplied by minus

two is plus four.

Scarcity is typical in nature; it can guide you to a zero-sum game yet it

can still guide to a non-zero-sum game; this is where the belief plays its

part. An idealist would always think of a non-zero-sum game while a

realist would necessitate a zero-sum game but striking a balance in


between would be self-indulging yet would be the quest to know what

lies beyond. So, scarcity by nature is diligent – in other words it exactly

knows what to do with whom.

It might get sometimes hard to grasp what I am saying; is it a comic or a

philosophy but actually a bit of both; it (my writing) indulges the most

but yet a contrary perspective becomes known (we are coming to

scarcity but only subtly while we try to understand everything but

scarcity - indeed a very distant but large scope having the capacity to

fully describe scarcity). Trying to know everything but scarcity, ultimately

leads us to know, what scarcity is on a precision unimaginable. This is

subtle intelligence, when the concept of scarcity itself speaks to you

through all the knowledge in the universe – you do not need to

investigate it or critically analyse it, but it speaks to you on its own

because you have taken such a great effort to know it. Specialisation in

generalisation is one thing but generalising while specialising to

generalise is another. Intelligence which is not self-reliant is the

knowledge of such intelligence that the concept becomes an entity

between two men not knowing who started the concept. Exactly in the

way that scarcity guides knowledge but it was knowledge in the first

place which defined scarcity; I am losing my mind here or was it the other

way around. So, if things are so paradoxical then knowledge is

intelligence and intelligence is scarcity. If three different words are trying

to communicate the same idea then the idea largely has been to

communicate with the self on a higher level. If critical analysis helps us

explore and understand knowledge then paradoxical analysis sums up

concepts to behave as one but still distinctive. These three words feel

like three black holes at different places in the universe joined by a

wormhole common to them. If time is a scarce resource but it is non-


existent in a black hole. If black holes go for ultimate unity so does seems

to be the behaviour of paradoxical analysis. So, paradoxical analysis deals

with the conscious mind as the black hole deals with the physical


Diligent scarcity proposes that competition largely remains with the self

even when the knowledge that pre-exists dominates the person; the

endeavour of competition remains with the self. The “inside out

intelligence” makes sure that diligent scarcity defines competition as

with the self and through the self to everything else – we may describe

it as Competition Mine.

The “inside out intelligence” ensures that competition with the world

remains a competition with the self because what any person perceives

is his reality so what a person experiences is within him and not outside

of him. Even nothingness exists because one’s conscience is present

there to describe it then of course each concept or the existence of the

concept exists because there is someone to describe it and believe in it;

after all there was first nothingness and then there was a Big Bang. The

art of perception is a subjective intelligence just like plus two multiplied

by plus two and minus two multiplied by minus two gives only plus four

in the same subjectively no matter how you want to reach plus four –

objectively it will be correct.

If critical analysis says that √4=±2 then we know that √4 paradoxically

sums up plus two multiplied plus two and minus two multiplied with

minus two. Proving that even we use different subjective means

(perception) of getting to an answer we can still arrive at the same

correct answer.


One of the things to consider is that if zero describes nothingness and

our concise describes nothingness then our conscience is zero that is why

when we divide zero with two we get zero but when we divide two with

zero we have no answer. If zero is nothingness and minus one is the place

where conscience is not present then minus one is our belief because it

is beyond zero – beyond our conscience.

In other words Diligent Scarcity which causes the problem of economics

to exist becomes the means of solving all economic problems. So, it is

not just scarcity but diligent scarcity which solves itself while keeping its

existence and pushes to drive out the economic prosperity.


Businessman’s Concerns: Using the Non-Intelligence of the Global Ecosystem

(Picture symbolizing the aura around a person)

The Dulling-Paradigm Effect (See Section: Bazooka – Society’s Behaviour)

and the very first instance of existence and infant development (See

Section: Parents Concern - Early Childhood Development – The Inert

Being) takes a whole new meaning when they cumulatively join to form

the idea of profiting from business activity. This leads to the true

meaning of Higher-Dimensional Living and the Preserving Dominance.

Truly Dominant is the one with the Higher and Better Mindset. Dominant

Intelligent is the one which uses the Non-Intelligence of the Global

Ecosystem to preserve itself. In other words, if we provide a soft enough

framework for a problem then it would start to solve itself.

The development of Framework starts from recruiting the risks of Non-

Intelligence and not just from the ad-hoc formations of ideas on their

own; rather the ideas are mostly self-inspired to problem solving. Using

the malfunctions of the Global Society as a means of correcting itself is


as much as an art as much as it is a science. This is a very lucrative and

constructive means of forming the Framework which solves problems by

first using the problems themselves while connecting, interrelating,

integrating it with the other developed ideas and other problems.

Leading to an unbeatable model of working things out and as a means

which shall never depreciate in its wholesome-tendency to accumulate

problems on a higher level of naturalistic self-solving.

Framework creates the paradigm shift of the naturalistic scientist to

acquire incredible tendencies and potentials. This Framework more

appropriately can be called the Framework-Dominance is an everencompassing

yet the softest, broadest and most conclusive of all

methodologies of aligning materialism with Spiritual-Precognition.

Framework-Dominance method of working out things is borne out of the

meta-metaphysics of the ever-encompassing belief of the oneness of

knowledge (all knowledge is interconnected). Ad-hoc then are also part

of the means to achieving and functioning the Framework.

The dominant is the one with the greatest flexibility. Movement-in-

Stillness is the dynamic state of understanding the static change. Being

Foolish-Enough to succeed in innovating knowledge has been the will of

the wise (such as Benjamin Graham the teacher of Warren E. Buffett). In

the midst of intense wars, autonomous peace shall prevail.

Broadmindedness with curiosity for developing knowledge can be

termed as the white soft aura of motivation acting as the connecting

medium between the standards of the world and spirituality – totally an

individual’s approach to living the life of his or her choice.

Broadmindedness becomes the spiritual-metaphysical realm of the

individual. Such aura-based-management of work is an approach best


understood as an individual’s sufficiently recognized way towards a

healthy and wholesome lifestyle. Aura-based means of work leads to

phenomenon of Auratic Development.

It is evident by the Value Investment discipline (Benjamin Graham and

Warren E. Buffett) that patience is indeed a virtue yet another aura of its

own kind. The ‘moat’ of Value Investment methodology itself. Selfdiscipline

and a sound character is by far the greatest education a person

would ever achieve.

When Abstraction develops the Art of Approximation (Intrinsic Value

Investment Analysis) it almost develops into a Dreamworld of Hope. At

other places the paradoxes of the higher parts of sciences such as

Mathematics develops a different idea of the manifestation of the

physical world – a different realism. The paradoxical reality portrayed by


the higher parts of the sciences and by the Art of Approximation defines

reality as the fantasy-real and as a tool of seeing oneself differently.

Simply making it viable that the human process can have a spiritual

standardisation of some sort. The ‘puffs of wheat’ (intrinsic motivation)

is all what a man needs to eat to live a healthy and wholesome life.

Motivation is a unique trait and remains always intact in the intrinsic

paradigm of the existing-being until it becomes corrupted with the

inherent lower traits of the same existence. Good by virtue would remain

more motivated than the bad due to the reason that the former is

intrinsic in nature and the later may be categorised as apparently


Objectivity of the sciences is one thing but the subjective-objectivity of

sciences is yet another means of conveying the idea of the human

existence as a larger-than-life experience. Subjunctively, a person dares

to dream himself as more than just the ordinary – unique as an entity

with a soul. Self-branding where fantasy and realism meets brings down

the creativity of cognition within the scrutiny of the eye of the perfect

storm (critics). The divine inspiration is felt when self-multitudes are felt

within. Belief in the oneness of God Al-Mighty becomes the reflection of

belief in the oneness of the knowledge and predominantly the

uniqueness of the self. Illumination of the Noor of the motherly love of

God Al-Mighty becomes known. The passion in the non-sensory world is

the untold story of the spirit capable of creating a sanctuary with the self

for the self – an art of multitudes. Breakthrough upon breakthrough, may

just not be ground breaking but it very well be heaven opening as well.


(Photo: The Intrinsically Connected World)

Self-Expectancy changes problems into challenges. However, at the

highest level of practicality Deep Instinctual Intelligence and Analysis

(DIIA) may pave the way for untapping the power of the unconscious

mind. DIIA paves the way for paradoxical but effective means of doing

things which can be at least partially self-sustaining if not completely.

The DIIA may reveal the deep underlying nature of human as Haya.

To use one’s deep instincts to find ways in the unchartered territories is

the unique quality of making the science of art while making the art of

science in other words objectivity and subjectivity collide due to the

paradox sometimes truth holds. True economics is as much hidden as

much as it is obvious (and would remain as such). Human beings have

the capability to make irrational decisions and sometimes there is no

reason which can explain this. In other words, knowledge is autonomous


– it has the capacity to change itself which makes us believe that the

universe whole is an ecosystem.

Emotional intelligence can make us bear pressure to an extent that the

‘pressurized core’ (the self) has the capacity to perform explosively. This

soft-explosive nature which can reveal core-hardness is the quality of

only the few which are ready to do anything and everything to

substantiate naturalism of justice.

Deep instincts can reveal that all evil has existed only to elevate good

otherwise how would goodness develop to its zenith. In the same way

disbelief can always be overcome by belief and singularity of

substantiation can be achieved. Let us understand this phenomenon by

the quotation below:

“Not even all the infinitely paradoxical events put together can explain

my belief in One God (Allah (SWT) because it belongs to a state higher …

much higher …”.

All knowledge confirms each other even the paradoxical ones. Irrational

and complex numbers exist because paradox is itself self-confirming

proving that source could only be one - One God. In other words, there

has always been a multiverse in an omniverse. Mathematical

differentiation works with limit as it tends to zero – being at those limits

but not exactly. Newton found his way in the unchartered territory of the

unconscious but yet it is a profound scientific discovery.

The philosophy of Complex Adaptive Systems has Emergence as the main

idea while the philosophy of Discrete Mathematics has the concept of

Isolation at its center. Both philosophies can complement each other and

we can have a much more developed scientific methodology as an inert


scientific methodology which does really caters to the problems of

human beings near the zenith of absoluteness – at least that is the idea.

Without a single source of knowledge resilience is a futile idea as we can

lose hope of creativity and innovation even before it may be considered.

Without a single source of knowledge all knowledge becomes useless as

then there will be no knowledge which would be absolute. Greatest tool

of Economics remains to be the scientific methodology and even more

importantly sincerity of a person. A methodology which shall never come

to know itself completely. Knowledge becomes an endless journey of

self-discovery and the constant reminder that God Al-Mighty does exist.

Self-Expectancy help us to discover the mechanism and tool of Resilient

Economics. It may be a shocking and stunning revelation here that

Faqeerey and its components may very well be the backbone of a

Resilient Economy. The first effect of this inert scientific methodology –

Self-Expectancy, is the extraordinary self-strictness, self-restrain, selfcorrection

and self-discipline. This leads to the seven inert reactions (or

can be termed as the Ideals) and the pressurized-core due to Haya or the

Universal Religion every person holds. The below can also be seen as

distinct seven parts of Haya:

1. Constant-Compromisation: Constant acceptance of all knowledge

as everything around a person through humbling oneself. Becoming

humble enough to accept what is there by compromising upon

what one has and then moving forward with all what one has got.

Constant Compromisation acts as a means of attraction towards

the self for the believer in (due to) the existence of the oneness of

knowledge. Even though apparently the practice may be a selfweakening

exercise but in essence is a hidden self-strengthening

exercise. This may lead to Abdaliat i.e., being the Change itself.


2. Constant Self-Ashamedness: Constantly feeling self-ashamed out of

one’s lacking to combine all knowledge witnessed in Constant

Compromisation as a singularity of knowledge. This leads to

humility and as a means of stability as well. To recognize the

oneness of knowledge and to feel ashamed due to the inability

borne out of one’s own lacking in making sense out of everything

in a single moment in time i.e., to achieve the singularity of

knowledge which is being constantly unachievable. This may lead

to Qalandarey – specialising in the unique materialistic quality of

the self.

3. Eternal-Fight: Recognizing that understanding the singularity of

knowledge at per unit of time is impossible, the person tries

eternally and constantly to bring all knowledge and everything

together through the strength of the belief in the oneness of

knowledge. Trying to do the impossible with belief being the force.

This indirectly leads to the manifestation of the ideas of Jalandarey,

Faqeerey-e-Azam, Ghaus-e-Azam, Mujadedey and Kataybeen.

4. Constructive-Misery (Faqeerey/Scarcity): The endeavour of Eternal

Fight leads to the feelings of self-contempt and overwhelmed with

the constant demands of life which helps in understanding the

nature of knowledge as intrinsic-scarcity which comes out of its

dependence upon a single source. The phenomenon of the

recognition of intrinsic-scarcity of knowledge leads to constructivemisery

as means to all ends – the human behaviour as a means to

all ends. This is the true nature of economics. This leads to the

manifestation of the idea of Faqeerey.

5. Great Severity: It is the ever-expanding domain recognized by the

higher self (soul) on a spiritual level. Recognition of the increasing

cumulativeness of the oneness of knowledge leads to the


understanding of the Oneness of God. This leads to the idea of

Walayat and Boozorgey.

6. The Hidden (Batin): An even greater expansion of the

understanding of the ever-expanse of knowledge leads to know

that all hidden and unknown is related to God - Himself. He is the

source of all knowledge that exists. This leads to the manifestation

of Kataybeeniyat.

7. Especial Knowledge of the Hidden and Unknown-Self (the near

Ghaib): To forecast the world with approximate precision – to use

abstraction as a means to all ends. To not know first but then to

know the future or the near hidden or the required hidden and the

unknown on a subliminal level. This leads to the formation of the


The exercise of Self-Expectancy leads to the exercise of the Inner-Haya

of the Self and the constant struggle to reach an ever-greater

understanding of the Oneness of God Al-Mighty. Haya becomes the

required knowledge. This striving and struggle may lead one in reaching

the ideals of understanding the Oneness of the God Al-Mighty. The idea

over here is not that a person may be Wali of Allah (SWT) but rather that

he may be touching upon and may be Wali and or Qalandar let say

around 5% of his time. In the same way he might be 50% doctor or

engineer of his time We may see the ideals in a person along with his

‘worldly-occupation’ as follows:




Walayat 5%

Abdaliat 7%

Qalandarey 15%

Doctor or Engineer 70%

Spirit 3%

Total 100%

There has never been such a thing as a Doctor, Engineer or Teacher there

has always been a Wali + Qalandar + Doctor, Engineer or Teacher. Where

the worldly occupation may make a person specified to the norms or

standards of the world at the same time the practice of ideals may lead

a person to better attainment of a greater and more immersive

experience of life overall, for example, Abdaliat (a person being change

himself) may innovate while being in his profession. In the same way

practice of Qaladandery or the idea of touching upon the concept may

help a person specialize in his profession’s hardest of branches

intrinsically such that the practice of that profession becomes his part of

nature. Walayat can be understood as the practice of one’s profession

with the idea of Worshipping Allah (SWT) and taking out or feeling the

spiritual satisfaction out of one’s profession. Working then becomes a

part of life or becomes the lifestyle a person wants to develop – overall

a life one really wants to live. This spectrum of Self-Expectancy and Ideals

may lead a person to a greater achievement of life for example,

understanding the value of parents, developing a culture of Haya in

society and many more benefits.

Self-Expectancy would desirably lead to constructive-misery as the

central point of extraordinary-self-discipline; self-limitation would stop a


person to react to problems and things as outwardly as people would

normally would react e.g., instead of anger the reaction would be to

corner oneself from others and to remain quiet. However, then this

anger would be incumbent in a person as dismay, regret and sometimes

as deep sorrow. The idea largely would be to still remain as in oneself. In

the end to know and realize that you are someone really special i.e., you

do not want to hurt or get angry upon someone who has or want to hurt

you. Life hence becomes a journey of self-discovery. The whole innerlying

philosophy of Al Maarij becomes to be the joy of self-innocence and

solving all outwardly problems inwardly. Carrying out conflict

management from the inside and progressing it outwards.

In the presence of the self-best even God becomes pleased with such a

person and opens His ways for such a being. Strangely enough the joy of

the innocence of the self becomes the greatest resilience of socioeconomics.

Alternate-Power (the strength from within the self) leads to the

resilience of the innocent-self – a self in seclusion and in total solitude. A

person who is well pleased with himself would be the only one who

would be well pleased with his God Al-Mighty. Hence, only with such a

person God Himself will be pleased. Pleased upon pleased – light upon

light. Hence, the greatest joy of life becomes the innocence of the self.

When self-innocence is secured, progress can be made. It is at the culture

of safety that everyone performs their very best.

Resilience of the innocent-self can be portrayed as the Heavy-Subliminal-

Warmth of the self, for the self and everyone else. From this emanates

wisdom and subtle intelligence. When the innocence of the self solidifies


it becomes the core and propulsion of the very fabric of diligent-scarcityeconomics.

(Photo Demonstration: The Collective Unconscious and the ‘Collectivity’

of Things)





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geographies. The readers of this magazine are students, parents, critics,

explorers and life long learners. If you want to advertise in this magazine,

you can connect us with on the author’s e-mail address


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The team at Al Maarij is always looking forward to meeting with likeminded

enthusiast – please feel free to drop your reviews, feedbacks and

willingness to work or contribute to the magazine at



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