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We have all the details<br />

of what to expect at the<br />

Budapest show.<br />

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How to get the best from<br />

trading with Australia and<br />

New Zealand. PAGE 32<br />



$1,837 MILLION IN 10 YEARS<br />

Growth in angling<br />

caused by the Covid-19<br />

pandemic, rise in the<br />

popularity of niche sectors<br />

and continued government<br />

initiatives backing fishing will<br />

help push the rod sector to new<br />

heights over the next decade.<br />

That’s the bold claim from<br />

a global market research and<br />

business intelligence firm, which<br />

forecasts that sector alone<br />

will be worth an estimated<br />

US$1,837.28 million by 2033,<br />

a significant rise on its current<br />

valuation of US$1,149.64<br />

million.<br />

According to Fact.MR,<br />

the rising adoption of fishing<br />

as a recreational activity among<br />

the people of various age groups<br />

in countries including the UK,<br />

Japan and Australia will propel<br />

this growth during the forecast<br />

period.<br />

It reported a Compound<br />

Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)<br />

for the sector of 2.5 per cent<br />

between 2018 and 2022 and<br />

expects year-on-year growth<br />

of 4 per cent by the end of this<br />

year.<br />

Specifically, it detailed how<br />

the North American and Asia<br />

Pacific rod markets would beat<br />

this trend, showing 4.7 per<br />

cent and 4.6 per cent CAGR<br />

respectively.<br />

It said: “Over time, fishing<br />

has gained popularity,<br />

attributed to its ability to train<br />

the practitioner in terms of<br />

improving patience as a key<br />

skill.<br />

“Knowledge about rods,<br />

hooks and baits, along with<br />

the arrangement of rigs and<br />

knots, acts as a combination of<br />

science and art, which has been<br />

challenging as well as creative<br />

for the individuals.”<br />

Intriguingly, the report<br />

highlights several key factors<br />

that could drive this growth,<br />

including a rise in the<br />

popularity of ice fishing in many<br />

countries but most notably in<br />

Norway, Bulgaria, France and<br />

Canada, which it says boast<br />

a large number of lakes and<br />

freezing climatic conditions.<br />

This is further boosted by<br />

contests held in different parts<br />

of the world and it cited the<br />

Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing<br />

Extravaganza in Minnesota,<br />

which sees more than 15,000<br />

anglers participate.<br />

• Continued on page 8<br />

S E N T T O M O R E T H A N 1 8 , 5 0 0 T A C K L E I N D U S T R Y<br />


JUNE<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

04<br />

<strong>Tackle</strong><strong>Trade</strong><br />

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China: Robert Li<br />

Li Ziwei<br />

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Li Ziwei (Robert) has been working as news<br />

editor for over 20 years. He founded the most<br />

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him to devote his entire life to the exchanges<br />

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Our headline story this month<br />

focuses on the potential size and<br />

growth of the fishing rod sector,<br />

which forecasters predict will be worth a<br />

cool US$1,837 million by 2033.<br />

It’s a bold claim, especially given<br />

the traditional ups and downs of our<br />

industry so I am really looking forward<br />

to hearing what you, the tackle trade,<br />

thinks of these figures.<br />

The research has been conducted by<br />

a highly experienced organisation, Fact.<br />

MR, which, as I understand it, produces<br />

around 1,000 reports on varying<br />

industries and sectors every year.<br />

However, this has its downside – its<br />

team are not necessarily specialists in<br />

individual fields.<br />

So, for example, its companion report<br />

on the wider fishing tackle market –<br />

which we’ll bring you more details of<br />

shortly – does, as you would expect,<br />

consider data from names like Pure<br />

Fishing, Shimano and Rapala VMC<br />

Corporation, Mustad and Globeride<br />

(Daiwa), but also focuses on names like<br />

Eagle Claw, AFTCO and FishBrain.<br />

It also features comments and<br />

information on what it terms “recent<br />

start-ups” but these are retailers with<br />

their feet very firmly in the US, albeit<br />

with an online presence and one is<br />

more of an outdoor adventure site than<br />

specifically fishing.<br />

So it’s a strange mixture of evidence<br />

gathering, which is what leads me to<br />

make the comment about not necessarily<br />

having specialist knowledge of the tackle<br />

market. But perhaps I am wrong.<br />

Its claim that the tackle industry is<br />

on the up in key territories like the<br />

3,511<br />

6,466<br />

UK really isn’t being borne out by the<br />

current data – indeed many in the UK<br />

are currently despairing of the reduction<br />

in rod licence holders in England and<br />

Wales and the seeming reluctance to buy<br />

tackle or even go fishing.<br />

Either way, it will be interesting to see<br />

what the key players in the trade make<br />

of its assertions and forecasts.<br />


This edition also sees a preview of<br />

the long-awaited return of EFTTEX,<br />

scheduled for <strong>June</strong> 15th to 17th in<br />

Budapest, Hungary.<br />

The number of exhibitors seems<br />

to have been growing steadily but it<br />

remains to be seen how many buyers<br />

and key visitors it can attract to make<br />

the exhibitors’ time in the HungExpo<br />

worthwhile. I do, however, wish the<br />

organisers and all who attend, well and<br />

truly hope they have a successful show.<br />

That said, a clash of schedules means<br />

I won’t be at EFTTEX; however, my<br />

fantastic colleague Guido – who many<br />

of you know – WILL be there and<br />

he’ll be visiting as many booths as he<br />

can to chat about how we can make<br />

your presence at EFTTEX even more<br />

worthwhile and provide the necessary<br />

support for your brands and new gear<br />

throughout the coming year, long after<br />

the show itself has closed its doors.<br />

I know you will make him welcome<br />

– he is there to help you reach more<br />

buyers and sell more products. Good<br />

luck to all attending!<br />

John Hunter<br />


lineaeffe.it<br />

happIness<br />

is a FIshing day!<br />

ANGLER: Daniele “Maio” Maioriello<br />

@maio_nomura_angler_official<br />


<strong>2023</strong> ON WWW.LINEAEFFE.IT<br />


Lineaeffe S.p.a - Via Massumatico, 3689 - 40018 S. Pietro in Casale (BO) - ITALY - info@lineaeffe.it

JUNE<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

28<br />

16<br />

26<br />

22<br />

Contents<br />

24<br />

40<br />

8 NEWS<br />

The US Confluence fly trade event looks set<br />

for success, EFTTA backs an EU restoration<br />

law and we’ve got all the details of some<br />

key personnel changes, including the new<br />

CEO of Pure Fishing.<br />


If you are heading to Budapest this month<br />

(<strong>June</strong>), either as an exhibitor or visitor,<br />

here’s how to make the most of your time<br />

at EFTTEX.<br />


Caring for the environment takes many<br />

forms. For Energofish it is as much about<br />

products and their development as how<br />

the business is run.<br />


Wiley X is known for its protective<br />

eyewear but its CAPTIVATE technology<br />

also enhances its reputation as innovative<br />

pioneers for anglers.<br />


Buoyed by the lifting of Covid restrictions,<br />

the popular CGC China (Weihai) event was<br />

enjoyed by locals and overseas companies<br />

alike<br />


Without bait, you will struggle to catch fish.<br />

But it’s a sector that’s so varied it can be<br />

difficult to know where to start. We have<br />

some pointers.<br />

30 SHOP WINDOW<br />

Which baits and brands should you be<br />

stocking in your retail outlet?<br />



Home to some superb fishing as well as<br />

some great brands, the lands ‘Down Under’<br />

are a great place to do business.<br />

36 GOT YOUR ’SPACE’ FOR ICAST <strong>2023</strong>?<br />

Former NASA astronaut Mike Massimino is<br />

swapping Earth’s orbit for the State Of The<br />

Industry Breakfast at ICAST in Orlando.<br />


More products from global suppliers that<br />

will be worth stocking in your outlet over<br />

the coming months.<br />



MORE (Mediterranean Outdoor<br />

Recreational Equipment) is not just a<br />

rod component expert, it’s also a social<br />

enterprise in Tunisia.<br />


Completely re-engineered and expanded,<br />

St Croix’s Legend Tournament Inshore<br />

Series rods are said to be lighter, stronger<br />

and easier to fish with.<br />



Chinese manufacturer HDL Fishing <strong>Tackle</strong><br />

has been making lures for the last 14 years<br />

and has a philosophy of integrity and<br />

innovation.<br />

06 www.tackletradeworld.com

Super<br />

Heat Dissipation<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Super<br />

Low-Friction<br />

Super<br />

Hardness<br />

Super<br />


Fishing rod market could be<br />

worth $1,837 million in 10 years<br />

• Continued from page 3<br />

The report continued: “These<br />

factors have prompted the<br />

fishing rod manufacturers to<br />

broaden their product range to<br />

incorporate rods suitable for<br />

fishing during extreme weather.”<br />

The keynote report also<br />

highlighted factors such as<br />

support for recreational fishing<br />

initiatives from governments<br />

of various countries, with<br />

rising participation in fishing<br />

competitions expected to push<br />

the rod market harder and<br />

further.<br />

Fact.MR also says that the<br />

increasing use of social media<br />

allows rod manufacturers to<br />

promote their goods through a<br />

wide variety of platforms to a<br />

EFTTA backs<br />

strong EU Nature<br />

rEstoration Law<br />

The European Fishing<br />

<strong>Tackle</strong> <strong>Trade</strong> Association<br />

has joined 30 other<br />

prominent businesses and<br />

associations to produce<br />

a statement in support<br />

of the EU Commission’s<br />

proposed Nature<br />

Restoration Law.<br />

EFTTA members’<br />

businesses depend on<br />

healthy fish stocks and<br />

anglers’ access to fishing.<br />

The proposed nature<br />

restoration law can<br />

provide more of that if the<br />

European Parliament and<br />

Council agree to the high<br />

ambition level set by the<br />

EU Commission.<br />

Objectives include the<br />

identification and removal<br />

of barriers that prevent<br />

the connectivity of surface<br />

waters, so that at least<br />

25,000 km of rivers are<br />

restored to a free-flowing<br />

state by 2030.<br />

Those in support of<br />

the law include Coca<br />

Cola Europe, Camelbak,<br />

Spar, CEMEX and Remy<br />

Cointreau, among others.<br />

The Commission’s<br />

impact assessment for<br />

its proposed EU Nature<br />

Restoration Law found<br />

that for every €1 invested<br />

in nature restoration, €8<br />

08 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

to €38 is gained thanks to<br />

climate change mitigation,<br />

prevention and reduction<br />

of natural disasters,<br />

improved water quality,<br />

cleaner air, healthier soils<br />

and boosting people’s<br />

overall wellbeing.<br />

The statement said: “In<br />

our seas, restored areas<br />

have seen fish species on<br />

the brink of collapse come<br />

back in such bountiful<br />

numbers that seafood<br />

catches increased in<br />

nearby waters, creating<br />

additional jobs and<br />

revenue in EU blue<br />

economy sectors.<br />

“For inland waters,<br />

restored free-flowing<br />

rivers help regulate<br />

the temperature of the<br />

land and sea, transport<br />

nutrients and minerals<br />

and keep nature and<br />

people healthy and safe<br />

by dissolving pollutants<br />

and ensuring sediment<br />

transport.<br />

“The EU Nature<br />

Restoration law is a<br />

generation’s opportunity<br />

to take concrete and<br />

effective action to reverse<br />

the biodiversity and<br />

climate crises by restoring<br />

EU land and sea areas at<br />

large scale.”<br />

truly global audience.<br />

Meanwhile, an effective and<br />

efficient e-commerce strategy is<br />

also allowing these companies to<br />

maximise sales.<br />

A Fact.MR analyst added:<br />

“Manufacturers further foresee<br />

an opportunity in the near term,<br />

owing to significant growth in<br />

the number of anglers, globally.<br />

Confluence heading<br />

in right direction<br />

kenneth.andres@affta.org<br />

www.affta.org<br />

This is anticipated to result in<br />

increased demand for fishing<br />

rods, during the forecast period.”<br />

Among the examples used in<br />

the study were the August 2022<br />

launch of Penn’s Mariner III rod<br />

series, seen as reliable generalpurpose<br />

setup for most saltwater<br />

species and Daiwa’s Tatula XT<br />

blanks.<br />

With so many changes in fly fishing in recent years and new expectations<br />

on business, AFFTA’s Confluence event in September is promising a fresh<br />

campaign to get more retail buyers and media to the show, said to be a more<br />

curated experience to match the times.<br />

“Retailers and media are as important as our manufacturers are to the<br />

success of what are doing at the Confluence,” says Kenneth Andres, the<br />

American Fly Fishing <strong>Trade</strong> Association’s event director.<br />

“In previous years, success was based solely on manufacturers and sales reps<br />

to bring their buyers to the show. This year we are making the appeal directly<br />

to the buyer and giving them more in return than just expecting them to<br />

bring their chequebook. We are changing the product we are delivering and<br />

those attending should feel the new vibe.”<br />

AFFTA’s partnership with TrackFly will reveal important data and<br />

analytics at the Confluence on September 26th to 28th at the Salt Palace<br />

Convention Center in Salt Lake City.<br />

Stephen Baird of TrackFly will present the data in multiple seminars over<br />

the three-day event to bring industry members to the show. He said: “The<br />

idea is to not only present the data but also to educate both retailers and<br />

manufacturers on how to use it to improve their business.”<br />

Thought leadership remains at the centre of this year’s event, with peerto-peer<br />

seminars focused on improving retailer business. Chris Frangiosa<br />

of TCO Fly Shop will facilitate seminars to engage retailers in thoughtprovoking<br />

discussions.<br />

The Outdoor Experience at the Confluence is designed to bring the<br />

business of the show outside where event goers will feel less confined.<br />

Kenneth added: “This is uncharted territory to bring the show outside. Many<br />

exhibitors expressed interest in demoing their product because we will be<br />

outside. We will have a casting area at Pioneer Park with live music, food,<br />

drink and contests throughout the day to challenge our industry members.”<br />

Lucas Bissett, AFFTA’s executive director sees the evolution of the<br />

Confluence as an opportunity to show the changesAFFTA has gone<br />

through: “The world is changing and so is AFFTA. Our board and<br />

committee members are committed to improving the industry. How we do<br />

business, how we stay connected and how we see the future of fly fishing<br />

is an ongoing conversation among our members. The Confluence gives us<br />

the opportunity to bring all segments of the industry together to have that<br />

discussion and showcase all the brands that make fly fishing a great industry.”

New England sales<br />

role for St Croix<br />

St Croix Rod has announced<br />

that Justin Sterner and the<br />

team at Outdoors East will be<br />

taking over sales representation<br />

throughout New England in<br />

the USA for both conventional<br />

rods and fly fishing.<br />

As well as handling Maine,<br />

New Hampshire, Vermont,<br />

Connecticut, Massachusetts<br />

and Rhode Island, the<br />

agency is also being tapped<br />

to represent the company’s<br />

expanding fly fishing product<br />

lines throughout the entire<br />

Northeast, specifically, in New<br />

York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey,<br />

Maryland, Delaware, Virginia<br />

and West Virginia.<br />

Sterner, a 23-year sales rep<br />

veteran and principal owner of<br />

Outdoors East since 2009, is<br />

excited to be representing the<br />

well-established family-owned<br />

St Croix brand.<br />

He said: “I live in Vermont<br />

but my roots are in northern<br />

Wisconsin. My family has<br />

spent our summers there for<br />

five generations; it’s where all<br />

of us developed our passion<br />

for multispecies angling. I’ve<br />

always owned St Croix rods<br />

and have a deep affinity for the<br />

brand; whether we were out<br />

fishing for walleyes, bass or<br />

muskies, we were always fishing<br />

with the ‘best rods on Earth’.”<br />

St Croix regional sales<br />

manager, Alex Smay, added:<br />

“Justin and his team all live<br />

the lifestyles of the dealers<br />

and anglers they serve, with a<br />

serious passion for inshore, surf,<br />

freshwater and fly fishing. Some<br />

of the best conventional tackle<br />

shops in the country call New<br />

England home and Outdoors<br />

East already has a proven track<br />

record of expanding business<br />

opportunities with categoryleading<br />

brands with these<br />

retailers.<br />

“The team at Outdoors East<br />

is in a very unique position to<br />

serve both our conventional<br />

and fly partners in both salt and<br />

fresh waters at a high level.”<br />

TrAdE body bAcks cALL<br />

For TrAdiTionAL TAckLE<br />

A law to safeguard the use of traditional tackle and ammunition<br />

including lead on US federal land has been supported by<br />

industry body the American Sportfishing Association.<br />

If enacted, the Protecting Access for Hunters and Anglers<br />

Act would prohibit federal land management agencies, such<br />

as the US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Forest Service and<br />

Bureau of Land Management, from banning the use of such<br />

tackle and ammunition on public lands unless it is supported by<br />

the best available science and state fish and wildlife agencies.<br />

The bill ensures that anglers throughout the US can depend<br />

on the performance and affordability of lead. Protecting<br />

traditional tackle is crucial for ensuring that anglers can<br />

continue to enjoy the sport. The bill was introduced in response<br />

to a recent Fish and Wildlife Service rule that would prevent<br />

the use of traditional tackle on some National Wildlife Refuges.<br />

ASA president Glenn Hughes said: “Decisions about the<br />

tackle anglers are allowed to use must be based on science, not<br />

emotion. This bill will uphold state fish and wildlife agencies<br />

as the proper authorities to make science-based determinations<br />

around lead fishing tackle.”<br />

Hughes added that this legislation is important in ensuring<br />

that ASA achieves its goal of ensuring that America’s public<br />

lands remain open and accessible for generations to come.<br />


We currently offer 16 Foamanizer<br />

options, all of which have been designed<br />

to adjust to any fly tyer's workspace.<br />

Over 13,000+<br />

products available<br />

for your fly tying<br />




American bait brand Fishbites, otherwise<br />

known as Carr Specialty Baits, has formed<br />

a partnership with Bite Fishing (Proline<br />

Products) to serve retailers throughout New<br />

Zealand.<br />

The official distribution deal will see the<br />

Bite Fishing team, best known for their<br />

rigs, jigs, and terminal tackle, responsible<br />

for bringing new retailers on board and<br />

ensuring they are always stocked with<br />

Fishbites throughout the country.<br />

The Florida-based company is known<br />

for its artificial baits for surf, inshore,<br />

offshore and freshwater fishing that have<br />

successfully caught quality fish worldwide.<br />

Fishbites has proven its efficacy in New<br />

Zealand with many anglers in the country<br />

calling it a “miracle bait”. To date, New<br />

Zealand anglers have caught over 54 species<br />

of fish with the brand’s baits.<br />

Terry Dillinger, president and CEO<br />

of Carr Specialty Baits, Inc, said: “New<br />

Zealand is an exciting market for us. We<br />

knew that once we got our product into the<br />

hands of anglers, it would be huge for the<br />

fishing industry there.<br />

“Our strategic partnership with Bite<br />

Fishing will allow us to reach new anglers<br />

and continue to bring effective, innovative<br />

baits to fishing families around the world.”<br />

Bite Fishing is proud to be New Zealand<br />

owned and operated providing high-quality<br />

fishing tackle to recreational fishermen,<br />

including rigs and jigs for all species.<br />

Founder and owner Brent Mossman<br />

added: “We are extremely excited to bring<br />

Fishbites to our local retailers and anglers.<br />

Fishing is a huge part of our lifestyle<br />

here and these products are going to<br />

revolutionise how anglers fish here and<br />

make them more successful.<br />

sales@prolineproducts.co.nz<br />

FUJI ® ULTRA-Poly ®<br />

Wrapping Thread<br />



it’s not just good, it’s FUJI ® good.<br />

Preferred by the best custom rod builders and<br />

factories worldwide. ULTRA-Poly ® is a colorfast<br />

polyester guide<br />

wrapping thread made<br />

exclusively for FUJI ®<br />

to wrap smooth,<br />

burnish without<br />

fuzzies and resist<br />

fading. You’ll enjoy<br />

intense color that<br />

gets better with<br />

every coat of finish.<br />

Contact info@<br />

anglersresource.<br />

net for more information.<br />

Carded<br />

product available<br />

for retail.<br />

Exclusive FUJI Agent North America<br />

Foley, Alabama USA • info@anglersresource.net<br />

www.anglersresource.net<br />

Things are looking bright<br />

for US marine electronics<br />

supplier Wintron after it<br />

struck a distribution deal<br />

with commercial-grade<br />

lighting system supplier<br />

DuraBrite.<br />

The deal means<br />

the New York-based<br />

manufacturer will have its<br />

products made available<br />

through Wintron’s large<br />

network of resellers,<br />

dealers, service yards and<br />

installers.<br />

DuraBrite’s lighting<br />

solutions for defence,<br />

law enforcement and<br />

commercial fishing,<br />

among other areas, use<br />

military-grade materials<br />

and high-end technology.<br />

Wintron electronics<br />

president Edward Winder<br />

said: “Our customers were<br />

asking for the product.<br />

The brand is a leader<br />

in the industry and our<br />

customers demand the<br />

best.”<br />

He added: “Lighting<br />

has been a large segment<br />

of our business… with<br />

the addition of the<br />

DuraBrigte brand, we<br />

expect our share in this<br />

segment to flourish.<br />

“When you align<br />

yourself with a quality<br />

product run by a well-run<br />

manufacturer, you just<br />

can’t go wrong.”<br />

www.wintronelectronics.com<br />

Thread ad for TTW.indd 1<br />

5/9/22 9:41 AM

A trusted supplier of<br />

3,000-plus products<br />

For 45 years Bhagwati has been a<br />

trusted manufacturer of a wide range<br />

of fishing tackle accessories, with<br />

more than 3,000 product offerings.<br />

The Indian firm – and director<br />

Kailash Tibrewal – have been<br />

a regular attendee at shows like<br />

EFTTEX for much of that time and<br />

they are set to return to EFTTEX<br />

<strong>2023</strong> in Budapest, Hungary next<br />

month ( <strong>June</strong>).<br />

The firm is understood to be<br />

the largest fishing tackle manufacturer in India and its latest <strong>2023</strong><br />

catalogue boasts products across a wide variety of disciplines including<br />

feeder, match, carp, pole, fly and sea fishing.<br />

One of its strongest line-ups is for feeder fishing, with more than<br />

30 different types of feeders, booms, links, feeder rests, arms and larger<br />

accessories such as a complete range of seat box fittings.<br />

At EFTTEX in Budapest on stand 505/A it will also display many<br />

new products for pole fishing.<br />

Kailash Tibrewal has been working in fishing industry for more<br />

than 45 years and specialises in new product development, always<br />

looking forward to develop new ideas and the latest items.<br />

Exhibiting at EFTTEX has always been an important part of its<br />

marketing, as he can discuss product ideas for future development<br />

while getting to know old and new customers alike. And, as the<br />

company looks forward to further expansion, Kailash is also keen to<br />

find new distributors for his products.<br />

To make an appointment for EFTTEX, contact Kailash on<br />

+91 933 0048 700 or e-mail bhagwatical@gmail.com<br />



Daiwa’s famous spider, the<br />

Tatula brand, has been crawling<br />

into rod lockers for a decade.<br />

Tatula means “spider” in<br />

Japanese and it’s no surprise that<br />

it has crept into the industry and<br />

spun a web around bass fishing.<br />

After much success in the<br />

sector during the 1980s and key<br />

tackle developments during the<br />

following decade, it was in the<br />

2000s that Daiwa felt in need of<br />

a rejuvenation.<br />

Daiwa US’ marketing<br />

manager Marc Mills explained:<br />

“Daiwa wanted the excitement<br />

back so it set out to recruit<br />

new bass fishing pros – fresh<br />

and relevant faces with strong<br />

marketing minds.”<br />

As part of this Daiwa<br />

launched Project T. Anchored<br />

by YouTube, the successful video<br />

series documented the building<br />

of a brand and products that fell<br />

under the Tatula name.<br />

Marc added: “Randy Howell’s<br />

2014 Bassmaster Classic win<br />

really put Tatula on the map.<br />

The bass fishing universe paid<br />

attention and it was quickly<br />

reflected in consumer demand<br />

for Tatula products.”<br />

Today, that name is<br />

synonymous with a range of<br />

reels and rods championing<br />

innovation and technology<br />

allied to affordability and value<br />

for money.<br />

Tatula launched with the<br />

tagline “We Have Your Bass<br />

Covered.” And evidenced by<br />

past achievements plus new<br />

Tatula models launched recently<br />

at the Bassmaster Classic, that<br />

coverage is a promise kept.


Yamaha motors on<br />

Marine sustainability and<br />

regulatory affairs will be a key<br />

focus for Yamaha’s Martin Peters<br />

after he was named director of<br />

marine external affairs for the<br />

company.<br />

He will continue to lead and<br />

execute legislative strategies that<br />

help shape and protect the future<br />

of the marine industry.<br />

Shot for<br />

Gunpowder<br />

Leading enthusiast lifestyle<br />

agency Gunpowder Inc has<br />

unveiled a newly formed executive<br />

leadership team.<br />

The move promotes Carie<br />

Breunig to chief operating officer,<br />

Leah Berg to president and Caitlin<br />

Conley to vice-president of finance.<br />

Agency founder Ryan Chuckel will<br />

remain in the CEO role.<br />

Key client brands include Pure<br />

Fishing, Johnson Outdoors, SITKA<br />

Gear, Academy Sports + Outdoors<br />

plus Uncharted Supply Co.<br />

Major store<br />

opening<br />

Outdoor recreation giant Academy<br />

Sports + Outdoor has opened a<br />

60,000 sq ft outlet in Lafeyette,<br />

Louisiana, USA – the first in <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

The firm, which sells brands<br />

including Nike, Adidas, Columbia,<br />

Yeti plus exclusive private label<br />

brand, plans to open up to 15 more<br />

outlets this year, with the goal of<br />

running up to 140 stores by the<br />

end of 2027.<br />



Rome Specialty Company<br />

Inc., the oldest and largest<br />

manufacturer of terminal<br />

tackle in the United States,<br />

has unveiled the creation of<br />

its American Made Partner<br />

(AMP) Program and award.<br />

The award will be<br />

presented to retailers that<br />

carry ROSCO, SAMPO,<br />

and DONNMAR products,<br />

which are all proudly made<br />

in the USA.<br />

Rome Specialty Company,<br />

manufacturing terminal<br />

fishing tackle in Rome, NY<br />

since 1926, takes pride in<br />

Jack Butts<br />

its high-quality, Americanmade<br />

products and has<br />

a history of customer<br />

satisfaction dating back almost 100 years.<br />

The company has withstood the Great<br />

Depression, a <strong>World</strong> War and everincreasing<br />

foreign competition strictly<br />

because of the quality of products that it<br />

produces.<br />

It is because of its long-standing<br />

American-made dedication that RSC has<br />

created the<br />

American<br />

Made Partner<br />

(AMP)<br />

Program and<br />

Award.<br />

Inferior<br />

foreign and<br />

imported<br />

fishing<br />

products<br />

saturate the<br />

fishing tackle<br />

industry,<br />

according to the company; as a result,<br />

domestic manufacturers need to keep<br />

producing the highest quality tackle in<br />

the world, retailers and wholesalers need<br />

to keep stocking and supplying it and<br />

the American fishing consumer needs to<br />

demand that its fishing tackle is ‘Made In<br />

The USA’.<br />

Company president Jack Butts explained:<br />

“At Rome Speciality Company we stand<br />

behind products that are American-made<br />

and the retailers that sell those products.<br />

“We developed the AMP Program<br />

and Award to recognise retailers that are<br />

committed to supporting our country and<br />

manufacturers that work hard every day to<br />

supply jobs to people in our communities<br />

and products that are made in America.”<br />

Each Retailer who signs up will receive<br />

promotional material to display in their<br />

store and qualify to win an AMP award.<br />


Jobs boost with Yamaha<br />

innovation centre<br />



(L to R) Kim Speciale, Ben Speciale (president, US Marine<br />

Business Unit), Brian Kemp (Georgia Governor), First Lady<br />

Marty Kemp, Mike Chrzanowski (president, Yamaha Motor<br />

Corporation, USA), Kennesaw Mayor Derek Easterling.<br />

Recreational boating giant<br />

Yamaha US Marine Business<br />

Unit has formally opened it<br />

Marine Innovation Center in<br />

the USA, bringing new job<br />

opportunities and a wider<br />

Yamaha presence in the state of<br />

Georgia.<br />

Governor Brian Kemp, First<br />

Lady Marty Kemp and Mayor<br />

Derek Easterling of Kennesaw<br />

attended the ribbon cutting<br />

ceremony for the 75,280 sq ft<br />

facility, which now houses the<br />

Yamaha Marine Connected<br />

Division as well as its US<br />

Marine Development, Marine<br />

Product Management and<br />

Marine Technical Marketing.<br />

Ben Speciale, president of<br />

Yamaha US Marine Business<br />

Unit, said: “We believe<br />

Georgia is an exceptional<br />

location for business growth<br />

and development. The Marine<br />

Innovation Centre represents<br />

the fourth major Yamaha<br />

facility in the state.<br />

“Yamaha employs<br />

approximately 2,300 team<br />

members in Georgia. We plan<br />

to add more as we partner with<br />

local education institutions<br />

to hire engineers for our new<br />

facility in Kennesaw, where<br />

we’re developing exciting,<br />

innovative products that will<br />

deliver more exceptional<br />

experiences for Yamaha<br />

customers across the globe.”<br />

Products currently under<br />

development within the centre<br />

include DockPoint, the newest<br />

feature of Helm Master EX<br />

Full Maneuverability, which<br />

automatically docks a properly<br />

equipped boat at the touch of<br />

a finger, in addition to Siren<br />

Marine products, which allow<br />

customers to monitor and<br />

control the functionality of their<br />

boats from mobile devices, as<br />

well as new Yamaha WaterCraft<br />

vehicles and accessories.<br />

www.yamaha-motor.com<br />

English tackle distributor and wholesaler St George Sporting has<br />

acquired the Vac-Rac rod mount business, securing its position as<br />

a UK-based brand.<br />

St George Sporting had always been a distributor of the<br />

vacuum rod racks and mounts but when company owner Patrick<br />

Laverty decided to sell up, the Northamptonshire-based firm<br />

stepped in to ensure it stayed in its home country.<br />

Gareth Headland, St George Sporting’s managing director,<br />

explained: “Going forward, any customers who have bought direct<br />

from Vac-Rac will be able to continue to do so, mostly. We will<br />

continue to handle smaller amounts of Vac-Rac from here.”<br />

www.stgeorgesporting.co.uk<br />

Top fly gear honoured<br />

Anglers from across the globe<br />

have named the product winners<br />

of the annual Consumer<br />

Choice Awards, backed by The<br />

Fly Fishing Show, Fly Fusion<br />

Magazine, Angling <strong>Trade</strong> and<br />

Fly Fishing Journeys.<br />

More than 17,000 votes came<br />

from both Fly Fishing Show<br />

attendees and electronically from<br />

15 nations for 183 products in<br />

41 categories, ranging from rods<br />

and reels to boots and polarised<br />

sunglasses.<br />

Big winners included Ross<br />

Reels, with its Evolution model,<br />

while Scientific Anglers took<br />

top honours for freshwater and<br />

saltwater fly lines with its<br />

Amplitude Smooth MPX and<br />

Amplitude Smooth Grand Slam,<br />

respectively. Umpqua’s Thunder<br />

Grasshopper was the winning<br />

freshwater fly pattern.<br />

SA’s Danger Muffin Crab<br />

claimed top spot for saltwater<br />

fly with fly fishing industry<br />

newcomer Skwala winning the<br />

outerwear and wader categories,<br />

while Simms Fishing Products<br />

took top honours in nine other<br />




The world’s largest tackle company,<br />

Pure Fishing, has unveiled Dave Allen<br />

as its Chief Executive Officer, replacing<br />

Harlan Kent who is stepping back from<br />

day-to-day operations.<br />

Harlan will move into a new role as<br />

a member of the company’s board of<br />

directors and an advisor on a number of<br />

special projects.<br />

He led the company for the last four<br />

years, during a transformative period.<br />

Under his leadership, the company<br />

established itself as an independent<br />

business and made a number of strategic<br />

acquisitions, including PLANO/Frabill<br />

and Svendsen Sport, to position Pure<br />

Fishing for continued growth around the<br />

globe.<br />

Harlan said: “It has been my great<br />

honour and pleasure to lead Pure<br />

Fishing during my tenure as CEO and<br />

I am proud of the work we have done<br />

to establish this company as an industry<br />

leader over the last few years.<br />

“The future continues to be very<br />

bright for Pure Fishing and our brands,<br />

and I am excited to see what the future<br />

holds under Dave’s leadership.”<br />

Dave, meanwhile, is taking the reins<br />

at Pure Fishing to lead the company<br />

into an exciting next phase, bringing<br />

with him more than 30 years of relevant<br />

leadership experience, including over a<br />

decade in the outdoor recreation space.<br />

He was most recently president and<br />

CEO of IGLOO, where he successfully<br />

led the re-imagination of the brand.<br />

Prior to that, he was the group president<br />

at Vista Outdoor with responsibility for<br />

more than 35 brands and president of<br />

Coleman. He spent the first 17 years of<br />

his career with Unilever.<br />

Dave added: “Pure Fishing has some<br />

of the most iconic brands in the space,<br />

and a talented team comprised of some<br />

of the industry’s brightest experts<br />

and innovators. There is so much<br />

opportunity ahead for the company<br />

and our people, and I’m excited to get<br />

started.”<br />

Raven Fishing flies again after deal<br />

Troubled European tackle<br />

retailer Raven Hengelsport<br />

has been saved from<br />

bankruptcy thanks to two of<br />

the Raven brothers and an<br />

online shopping firm.<br />

The family-owned tackle<br />

business – which had four<br />

large stores and a strong web<br />

presence – was on the verge<br />

of closure earlier this year but<br />

Dion and Iwan Raven and<br />

managing directors of the<br />

German Brubaker-Group,<br />

Hans-Jurgen and Klaus-Peter<br />

Eberhard, stepped in with a<br />

package to keep it afloat.<br />

The takeover is said to mark<br />

the start of new opportunities<br />

for the former company and<br />

several employees of the<br />

Raven team.<br />

The company will be<br />

focusing on expanding<br />

its online presence, while<br />

reopening two megastores in<br />

Lelystad and Steenwijk in The<br />

Netherlands. The<br />

stores will offer<br />

a wide range of<br />

fishing tackle and<br />

share their angling<br />

expertise with<br />

their customers.<br />

Raven Fishing<br />

has been active<br />

in the fishing<br />

tackle industry for<br />

almost 50 years<br />

and the company<br />

said: “The<br />

Brubaker-Group<br />

and the two Raven<br />

brothers are<br />

excited to be part<br />

of this historic<br />

moment and are<br />

looking forward<br />

to continuing the company’s<br />

legacy of providing quality<br />

fishing tackle and exceptional<br />

customer service.”<br />

It was back in January<br />

that the Court of Central<br />

Netherlands began the process<br />

of winding the firm up<br />

while administrators looked<br />

for a potential way to save<br />

the business. Many of the<br />

company’s financial problems<br />

were said to be caused by the<br />

high costs of importing goods<br />

from Asia.<br />

Raven Hengelsport also<br />

had two more megastores in<br />

Almelo and Rijen, which are<br />

currently not scheduled to<br />

reopen.<br />

14 www.tackletradeworld.com

Online registration and hotel<br />

reservations close <strong>June</strong> 19. Avoid<br />

the registration lines onsite!<br />


July 11-14 | Orlando, FL<br />

Orange County Convention Center<br />



EFTTEX <strong>2023</strong> BECOMES A<br />



The European Fishing <strong>Tackle</strong> <strong>Trade</strong> Exhibition (EFTTEX) is back after four long years.<br />

The industry can meet in person once more. So what can you expect from this year’s show in<br />

Budapest in <strong>June</strong>?<br />

Ever since 1982, EFTTEX has<br />

been the meeting place for not<br />

just the European fishing tackle<br />

trade but the industry around the<br />

world to meet and do business.<br />

But the Covid-19 pandemic meant the<br />

last EFTTEX was staged in Brussels in<br />

2019. Now, with the world opened up<br />

once more – and despite a late cancellation<br />

last year – EFTTEX will finally take<br />

place again, from <strong>June</strong> 15th to 17th at the<br />

HungExpo in the beautiful city of Budapest,<br />

Hungary.<br />

Last year’s Digital Best New Product<br />

Showcase will be held in person on the<br />

show floor and the organisers have promised<br />

a string of changes from the old format<br />

to revitalise and re-energise the event and<br />

make it fresh and relevant for <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

So what will be happening and how can<br />

16 www.tackletradeworld.com

EFTTEX <strong>2023</strong><br />


you make the most of your attendance,<br />

whether you are an exhibitor or a visitor?<br />

Here’s what you need to know…<br />


European companies will receive up to<br />

three FREE badges to attend the show.<br />

Those outside Europe will still need to<br />

pay a registration fee but the organisers<br />

are keen to bring as many European<br />

buyers to the event as possible.<br />

After all, it’s been four long years since<br />

the trade was all together in one place.<br />


Getting back together is cause for<br />

celebration and the EFTTEX gala dinner<br />

was always a favourite.<br />

The great news is that it is back for<br />

<strong>2023</strong> but with a few extra twists.<br />

The organisers say it will be a more<br />

leisurely, more friendly event, with live<br />

music and additional show elements. Of<br />

course, the Best New Product Showcase<br />

will still be at the centre of the second<br />

evening.<br />


EFTTEX <strong>2023</strong> will also be a celebration<br />

of new products – the lifeblood of the<br />

industry.<br />

The Digital Best New Product<br />

Showcase was a success when it was held<br />

online last September but now everyone<br />

can get together in person, the popular<br />

venture will be bigger and better than<br />

ever.<br />

Alongside an expanded range of<br />

categories increasing the opportunities<br />

to earn a coveted EFTTEX Best New<br />

Product Award, there will be a special<br />

‘Green Booster’ applied to new products<br />

which show their environmentally<br />

conscious side.<br />

There will also be special Angler’s<br />

Choice honours. More details will be<br />

announced before the show itself but the<br />

plan includes influencers and vloggers<br />

helping to find Europe’s best angler video<br />

as a way of bringing the industry closer to<br />

the public.<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />




Green and environmental concerns are<br />

at the forefront of EFTTEX like never<br />

before.<br />

Alongside the ‘Green Booster’ in the<br />

BNP Showcase the exhibition itself will<br />

be the greenest ever!<br />

Thanks to the online and digital<br />

booking system and much more,<br />

EFTTEX says it has saved a lot of<br />

paperwork, boosting its green credentials<br />

further.<br />

As if that wasn’t enough, all visitors<br />

will be able to order green eco-friendly<br />

bags from EFTTEX to help their shops.<br />

These bags are recyclable and personal<br />

orders placed at the show will also allow<br />

you to take advantage of a huge discount<br />

– but only for those who visit EFTTEX<br />

<strong>2023</strong> in Budapest.<br />


Visiting companies can easily register<br />

themselves – or get support from<br />

exhibitors to make the process even easier.<br />

Each registered European company will<br />

have three contacts allocated with FREE<br />

badges for each.<br />

Visitors from outside Europe will<br />

simply pay 100EUR per badge.<br />

Logged in and registered users can<br />

arrange meetings with exhibitors,<br />

selecting potential partners by filtering<br />

the product range. Special offers uploaded<br />

by exhibitors will be available through the<br />

EFTTEX portal too. It’s a great way to<br />

18 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

optimise your meetings and organise your<br />

time, both at the show and in advance.<br />


Puskás beer, Tokaji wine and goulash are<br />

the first things that come to mind when<br />

you think of Hungarian food and drink.<br />

So, naturally, all of these will be part<br />

of EFTTEX <strong>2023</strong> so now, alongside<br />

business, you can discover the beauty of<br />

Hungarian hospitality!<br />

And what better way to enjoy this than<br />

with a Happy Hour on the Thursday<br />

afternoon, complete with finger food<br />

and free beer to guarantee a fantastic<br />

atmosphere.<br />

At the same time, the top 15 European<br />

angler videos will play in background and<br />

then the best video award winners will be<br />

announced.<br />

This is your chance to rub shoulders<br />

with industry influencers and other<br />

experts.<br />


Innovation has always been a key part of<br />

the tackle trade. The organisers say they<br />

intend to present as many applications at<br />

the expo as possible.<br />

A new way of life brings the online<br />

world to you much faster and more<br />

efficiently. Discover together how we<br />

can use new devices, software and<br />

applications for our aims in the industry<br />


Interested in what’s happening in<br />

associated industries, such as packaging,<br />

logistics or marketing? Another new idea<br />

is to showcase how other industries can<br />

support the tackle trade.<br />

Continued on page 20



EFTTEX <strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>June</strong> 15th to 17th, <strong>2023</strong><br />

HungExpo, Budapest<br />


Hungarian hospitality is renowned and<br />

Budapest has earned a reputation over<br />

centuries as a fantastic place to be. What<br />

should you look out for?<br />

THE CITY<br />

Budapest has a long and fascinating<br />

history, dating to back to the joining of<br />

Buda and Pest – on opposite sides of the<br />

mighty Danube river – along with the<br />

Obuda area in 1873.<br />

It boasts a wide range of impressive<br />

architecture, covering everything from<br />

Gothic to Art Nouveau styles.<br />

Key sights to explore while you are<br />

in the city include Buda Castle and<br />

St Matthias Church and Fisherman’s<br />

Bastion, Parliament, St Stephen’s<br />

Basilica, the Opera House, Chain Bridge,<br />

Heroes’ Square and great Market Hall,<br />

among the popular attractions.<br />

It has many superb viewpoints from<br />

20 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

which to overlook the city or the river or<br />

why not check out the thermal spas for<br />

which the city is famed.<br />

Food and drink are integral to<br />

Hungary and to Budapest. From goulash<br />

and langos to Hungarian wine and<br />

Palinka, there is something for every<br />

taste.<br />

And the wide array of restaurants and<br />

cafes are perfect places to try out some<br />

local delicacies while watching the world<br />

go by.<br />

With almost 200 museums and<br />

galleries, 40 theatres, the opera house and<br />

seven concert halls, culture is never far<br />

away while Budapest’s nightlife is equally<br />

famous for its fun and variety.<br />

If you want to take more time out<br />

and escape the hustle and bustle then<br />

Margaret Island and City Park are great<br />

spots to head for while Normafa in the<br />

Buda hills is a favourite place for hiking.<br />


Budapest’s HungExpo centre is located<br />

five kilometres from the city centre.<br />

It boasts two halls, covering almost<br />

13,000 sq m between them.<br />

On show days there will be several<br />

catering points to keep you fed and<br />

watered and WiFi will be available during<br />

the event – just look for the boards<br />

confirming the access details, which will<br />

be at registration and throughout the<br />

halls.<br />


Take Metro 2 (M2) to the “Örs vezér tér”<br />

and then Bus 10, which stops at each gate.<br />

By Tram no. 37 from the “Blaha Lujza<br />

tér” to “Kőbánya felső vasútállomás”<br />

By car from “Kerepesi út” – from the<br />

direction of the city centre<br />

EFTTEX<br />



The amazing thing with our CAPTIVATE lenses<br />

is that they filter out the confusing light between<br />

the blue, green, and red wavelengths and make<br />

the color spectrum clearer for the eye to see,<br />

giving the user a redefined color experience.<br />


Wiley X has proudly won the award for “Best<br />

New Product” four years in a row.<br />

Awards season 2017-18<br />

WILEYX.EU | +45 96 93 00 45 | © <strong>2023</strong> Wiley X


Energofish<br />




In the 21st century, it is fundamental for companies working in the<br />

fishing industry to be more environmentally conscious regarding not<br />

only their operation but product development as well.<br />

Taking a closer look at what<br />

has been happening in the<br />

last few years, it is clear that<br />

Energofish could be among<br />

those mentioned as an outstanding<br />

example for the rest of the industry, as<br />

the Hungarian company aims to become<br />

more ‘green’ year by year.<br />

The company’s Go Green brand<br />

features only environmentally friendly<br />

equipment, such as weights from zinc<br />

alloy, eco-friendly shopping bags, maggot<br />

boxes manufactured from recycled paper<br />

and, now, a complete assortment of<br />

monofilament fishing line.<br />


Of course, the product itself, the<br />

monofilament fishing line, cannot really<br />

be environmentally friendly now, but its<br />

22 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

packaging absolutely can!<br />

One part of this line’s packaging is<br />

made of recycled paper, which has nearly<br />

zero environmental impact. Furthermore,<br />

the white spool of Go Green Invisible<br />

Line is also special.<br />

The spool itself is made of a modern,<br />

compostable, fast-degradable plastic,<br />

making the product outstandingly ecofriendly.<br />

So, after putting the line on to<br />

the reel, the only thing to do with the<br />

spool is to take it to the garden and put it<br />

into the compost. Nature will do the rest!<br />

Aside from this, the line itself is a<br />

professional, transparent, Japanese line<br />

designed for everyone who is looking for<br />

high-quality fishing equipment.<br />

Packed in 150m spools, it is ideal for<br />

both feeder and match anglers. The line is<br />

available in 10 different diameters, from<br />

0.12mm to 0.30mm. Thanks to this wide<br />

variety, Go Green Invisible Line offers a<br />

great solution for nearly all the situations<br />

a feeder or a match angler might be faced<br />

with.<br />

All the sizes of the line have an<br />

optimal tensile strength and a good knot<br />

tolerance. Thanks to its invisibility, it<br />

can also be used as a hook link because<br />

fish cannot see this, even in crystal clear<br />

waters.<br />

Taking everything into account, Go<br />

Green Invisible Line is the ideal fishing<br />

line for those who prefer high-quality<br />

tackle coupled with an environmentally<br />

conscious solutions. That is the future of<br />

fishing.<br />




Wiley X<br />



COLOUR-<br />



Eyewear specialist Wiley X is known for its uncompromising level of protection but with<br />

the CAPTIVATE technology it also enhances its reputation as innovative pioneers and the<br />

preferred choice for anglers worldwide.<br />

Pro angler Adam Orre is a<br />

huge fan of CAPTIVATE<br />

technology and explained: “I<br />

use the CAPTIVATE lenses<br />

when I want a sharp, eagle-eyed fishing<br />

experience.<br />

“The difference between a regular lens<br />

and a CAPTIVATE lens is enormous, as<br />

it really gets the colour separation with a<br />

glass-clear sharpness through the water.”<br />


CAPTIVATE has many benefits to<br />

anglers. With this lens technology, Wiley<br />

X has meticulously engineered a filter<br />

24 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

that sorts out harmful blue light (HEV)<br />

and elevates the user’s visual performance<br />

by increasing clarity and definition with<br />

vibrant contrast and vivid details.<br />

In short, CAPTIVATE is all about<br />

visualising the light spectrum and it<br />

is especially where the blue, green and<br />

red wavelengths meet that the eye gets<br />

confused and instead perceives the world<br />

with less clarity.<br />

The amazing thing with CAPTIVATE<br />

is that it filters out the confusing light<br />

between these wavelengths and makes<br />

the colour spectrum clearer for the eye<br />

to see, giving the user a redefined colour<br />

experience.<br />

But it is not only the amazing colour<br />

perception that makes CAPTIVATE<br />

lenses ideal lenses for any angler.<br />

Wiley X has also chosen to cover all<br />

CAPTIVATE lenses with the greatest<br />

coating of all – the oleophobic coating.<br />

With it, the angler gets a smoother<br />

surface that helps in keeping dust, dirt,<br />

oil and water from sticking to the lenses<br />

– it’s an amazing feature for any angler’s<br />

long day on or by the water.<br />


We all know that accuracy and a reliance<br />

on top nudge gear is alpha and omega to<br />

any angler – you always want the highest<br />

performance from your gear.<br />

To Wiley X, the outdoor market and<br />

especially anglers have become a growing<br />

focal area. This is also clear with its entry<br />

into the Best New Sunglasses category at<br />

EFTTEX this year.<br />

To accommodate the wishes and<br />

demands of European anglers, it has<br />

taken two popular models – the WX<br />

Aspect and WX Kingpin – and fitted<br />

them with polarised CAPTIVATE lenses.<br />

It was a decision made, according to<br />

retail segment manager Nils Kjeldsen,<br />

“[to] give the anglers the best possible<br />

tools, when chasing that dream catch.”<br />

If you want to see just how amazing<br />

Wiley X’s CAPTIVATE lenses are, then<br />

stop by its booth at this year’s EFTTEX<br />

exhibition and experience the innovative<br />

and superior lens technology for yourself.<br />

WILEY X<br />

www.wileyx.eu<br />

info@wileyx.eu<br />

Instagram: @wileyxemea<br />



CGC<br />

Return of China show<br />

hailed as success<br />

Buoyed by the lifting of Covid restrictions across the country, the popular CGC China (Weihai)<br />

Fishing Gear Manufacturing Expo was enjoyed by locals and overseas companies alike.<br />

Although the show has always<br />

been open for the domestic<br />

fishing tackle market, with<br />

about 300 exhibitors prior to<br />

the pandemic in 2020, the reopening of<br />

China energised the market and brought<br />

in both Chinese and overseas businesses.<br />

There were 525 tackle exhibitors from<br />

17 provinces and municipalities all<br />

through China, and one from Korea – an<br />

increase of 73 per cent on the last show.<br />

These were mainly manufacturers of<br />

rods, lures, lines, reels, nets, boats and<br />

yachts, paddles, fishing accessories,<br />

terminal tackle and apparels.<br />

Meanwhile, 1,208 buyers registered for<br />

the show – 1,106 Chinese buyers from<br />

505 companies and 102 overseas buyers<br />

from 66 companies, 28 countries and<br />

regions.<br />

Before Covid, registered Chinese buyers<br />

numbered 988, with just 31 overseas<br />

registered buyers.<br />

Open to all<br />

Interestingly, the show still provided<br />

a Video Connection Service for those<br />

unable to visit in person. Instead, they<br />

could connect via video link and chat to<br />

show staff who could walk them round<br />

26 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

their booths, highlighting key products.<br />

One Croatian buyer said: “I would<br />

like to express my heartfelt thanks for<br />

the great experience I had at the CGC<br />

SHOW <strong>2023</strong>. Thanks for allowing me a<br />

video connection to the fair. Cheers Hsu<br />

guided me through the entire event.<br />

“She spent three hours walking to<br />

make me feel like I was there. With her<br />

help, I was able to find over 20 potential<br />

suppliers and secured their contacts. I<br />

had the opportunity to meet suppliers I<br />

already work with. I would like to point<br />

out that you should definitely continue to<br />

use the services.”<br />

Back at the in-person event, there was a<br />

large Boat and Watersport Testing Pool in<br />

front of the exhibition centre.<br />

Both exhibitors and buyers were busy<br />

throughout the show and it was deemed<br />

such a success that many exhibitors were<br />

keen to rebook for 2024 before they left as<br />

well as registering interest for China Fish<br />

2024.<br />

lOOking ahead<br />

Mr. Li Jiang, president of China<br />

Fish, said, “I think we are in an age of<br />

uncertainty, no matter whether it is on<br />

politics, economy, technology or the<br />

environment. But we have no choice but<br />

to try our best to do what we can do as<br />

well as we can for now and for the future<br />

not far, and with an optimistic mind.”<br />

These events are the key channels<br />

and platforms for the Chinese fishing<br />

tackle manufacturing companies and the<br />

overseas buyers.<br />

Weihai is a fishing tackle manufacturing<br />

base, with more than 1,000 enterprises in<br />

this field. It is a complete industrial chain<br />

from raw materials, accessories, designs,<br />

manufacturing and packaging through to<br />

shipping, meeting almost all the purchase<br />

needs of small to medium buyers.<br />

Although the internet is everywhere<br />

in our lives, it is still hard to make<br />

global standards for fishing tackle due to<br />

different disciplines, skills and cultures.<br />

Face-to-face communication regarding<br />

products and the need for buyers to see<br />

these items in person mean there will<br />

always be a place for events like the CGC<br />

Show and Expo, which are the connection<br />

platforms for Chinese suppliers and<br />

international buyers alike.<br />

CGC<br />

Lijiang@chinafish.cn<br />




READY TO<br />


Asian tackle manufacturer FirstDart is excited to be back exhibiting at the returning EFTTEX<br />

show in Budapest and can’t wait to meet partners old and new, as the team explains…<br />

We, at FirstDart, have<br />

been eagerly awaiting<br />

<strong>2023</strong> in hope that the<br />

period of restrictions<br />

and uncertainty associated with the<br />

Covid pandemic would finally come to<br />

an end… it did in some ways but other<br />

circumstances have presented us with new<br />

challenges.<br />

We cannot complain that the previous<br />

years were only full of problems since<br />

they were successful for us as well.<br />

We were very busy in production to<br />

satisfy all of the requests we received but<br />

what we missed most was the personal<br />

contact with our customers.<br />

There are details that cannot be<br />

communicated effectively through a<br />

virtual meeting and you will never get<br />

that kind of interaction you get face-toface.<br />


We are very happy that this ‘impersonal’<br />

period is behind us and that EFTTEX<br />

will return this year after a long pause<br />

and in a different location from what was<br />

originally planned.<br />

We can’t wait to see all our friends<br />

from all over the world in one place again<br />

while also meeting new ones.<br />

Last but not least, we will have the<br />

opportunity to present – for the first time<br />

– the improvements we have made in<br />

those intervening three years.<br />

First of all, after a great deal of<br />

time and effort, we managed to finish<br />

the development of our new HALS<br />

monofilament.<br />

Several European customers have been<br />

asking us for this type of line for many<br />

years but it was only at the end of last<br />

year, after many attempts, we managed<br />

to produce a line that not only has<br />

excellent abrasion resistance (four times<br />

higher than the conventional type), but<br />

above all very low stretch, which you will<br />

appreciate if you want to know what is<br />

happening underwater far away from you.<br />

Another key breakthrough, which<br />

is really a new technology since our<br />

production is fully customised, is the<br />

latest generation of our Premium fly line<br />

coating and cores.<br />

We are sure every angler around<br />

the world, with whatever fly fishing<br />

style or situation, will find the correct<br />

combination of different stretch levels<br />

and slick coatings – all of which are<br />

available in different stiffness levels.<br />

If you are as excited as we are, we are<br />

looking forward to welcoming you in our<br />

booth, 306G, at the EFTTEX show in<br />

Budapest from <strong>June</strong> 15th to 17th.<br />


www. firstdart.com<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />



BAIT<br />


BAIT<br />

In its most basic terms, a fishing bait is a man-made<br />

or natural food that anglers use on their hook to catch<br />

fish. Sounds simple, doesn’t it…<br />

Ever since humans became<br />

anglers, they have had to use<br />

a bait to catch a fish. Almost<br />

everything that could go on<br />

a hook has probably been tried at some<br />

point, and anglers have always had a<br />

fascination with trying to achieve the<br />

ultimate bait. Even way back in 1653,<br />

Izaak Walton wrote in ‘The Compleat<br />

Angler’ that “as for pastes, there are<br />

almost as many sorts as there are<br />

medicines for the toothache.”<br />

And which fish was he referring to?<br />

None other than carp, which still today<br />

must account for the most different<br />

flavours and bait types in the whole of<br />

fishing. He goes on to list recipes for baits<br />

and groundbaits for every species of fish<br />

to be caught (in England at the time),<br />

which could be seen to be the seeds of<br />

today’s huge bait industry worldwide.<br />

It is probably true to say that bait –<br />

natural or man-made – is used mostly in<br />

freshwater fishing and in certain parts of<br />

the world, and for many species artificials<br />

rule and bait is hardly ever used. But in<br />

the pursuit of many fish, having the right<br />

bait and fishing it in the right manner is<br />

the key to success.<br />

You could fill to overflowing an entire<br />

tackle store with bait from just one or<br />

two of the world’s manufacturers and still<br />

need more space, but here’s a look at just<br />

a few types of popular fishing baits.<br />

There are plenty of baits that can<br />

be bought off the supermarket shelves<br />

– sweetcorn, bread and meat to name<br />

just a few – but the tackle shop holds<br />

the ace when it comes to selling staple<br />

live baits such as maggots, casters and<br />

worms for both freshwater and sea<br />

fishing plus frozen deadbaits. However,<br />

it is manufactured baits that are of<br />

interest here, and the great thing about<br />

bait is that anglers buy it, throw it in<br />

the water and ultimately need to buy<br />

some more in order to go fishing again.<br />

Every tackle store should carry a good<br />

selection, although what you stock will<br />

largely depend upon where and how your<br />

customers fish and what they fish for.<br />

Starting with groundbait, this is used<br />

primarily as an attractant to entice the<br />

fish into your swim where it will then eat<br />

the bait that carries your hook. The basic<br />

form of groundbait for many years was<br />

simply crumbed up dried bread and, while<br />

this can still be used, it is nowadays often<br />

simply added to more expensive blended<br />

ingredients to “bulk” out the volume<br />

and sometimes to tone down the strong<br />

flavours. Fishmeal flavours are often<br />

seen as best for carp and bream, while<br />

sweet flavours are better for roach. More<br />

expensive and scientific groundbaits are<br />

species-specific and contain a variety of<br />

flavours, attractants, particles and colours.<br />

In Continental Europe particularly,<br />

the make-up of groundbait is seen as<br />

something of a science, and successful<br />

recipes are kept very secret.<br />

In recent years, since the dawn of the<br />

age of carp fishing in commercial fisheries<br />

or carpodromes, pellets have assumed the<br />

mantle of the number-one bait, for feed<br />

and for using on the hook. As these are<br />

fed to the carp that are stocked into these<br />

fisheries this is no surprise, but there are<br />

many more varieties and sizes of pellets<br />

than you could shake a stick, or rod, at<br />

nowadays. Easy to use, easy to keep and<br />

very effective and popular with many<br />

different species – many pleasure anglers<br />

use nothing else.<br />

Boilies are the go-to bait for serious<br />

carp anglers; their popularity is huge and<br />

they form part of the staple diet of fish<br />

on most carp lakes. They are available in<br />

a vast multitude of different sizes, colours<br />

and flavours and have been responsible<br />

for many record captures. Again, easy to<br />

use and keep, and highly effective.<br />

Additives and flavours are great items<br />

for retailers to stock, as all baits can be<br />

boosted with these hugely attractive<br />

additives. They are available in a huge<br />

variety of colours and flavours in powder,<br />

liquid, gel and spray forms.<br />

By stocking products from the solid<br />

and successful big bait companies out<br />

there you will not go far wrong in trying<br />

to please your customers. There are,<br />

however, a growing number of smaller<br />

companies who produce high quality<br />

bait made from premium ingredients.<br />

Offering a large choice of bait is going<br />

to serve any retailer well; however, it’s<br />

important to ensure that all species are<br />

covered and also that you have products<br />

at various price points to look after your<br />

whole customer base.<br />

We’ve shown just a few varieties on the<br />

following pages, which ones take your<br />

fancy?<br />

28 www.tackletradeworld.com


BAIT<br />



Sweetcorn is one of the best carp baits<br />

of all time, so Spotted Fin has utilised its<br />

awesome attractive power and put it into a<br />

range of baits, using real maize products and<br />

with a lovely deep sweetcorn flavour.<br />

These yellow pellets are made with<br />

natural fish-friendly ingredients, and the<br />

yellow colour holds well in the water and<br />

stands out from the rest. They are loaded<br />

with the Classic Corn aroma and attractors,<br />

which are well known for their carp pulling<br />

power. Whether pinging 8mms out by<br />

catapult, stuffing them into a PVA bag or on<br />

a Method feeder, they are nice and robust<br />

and very attractive to fish. Useful for both<br />

carp and match fishing scenarios.<br />

www.spottedfin.com<br />

PEG NO1<br />


One of a range of powerful bait liquids from<br />

Peg No1, the super-sweet Choca Mocha Pellet<br />

Transforma Liquid does what it says on the<br />

label and gives pellets, meat and paste hook<br />

baits and feed a new colour and flavour that is<br />

highly attractive to carp and F1s. Smells good<br />

to us and presumably the fish too, and is great<br />

for flavouring micro pellets to go on a Method<br />

feeder.<br />

www.copdockangling.co.uk<br />



The Natural Boosters range<br />

is a mix of carefully selected<br />

liquid attractants, utilising<br />

proven natural feed stimulants<br />

and flavours designed to boost your levels<br />

of attraction with pure natural pulling power!<br />

Mussel Blend is a blend of three whole<br />

mussel species, including the ever popular<br />

green lipped mussel, that creates a highly<br />

versatile protein packed additive. Perfect for<br />

use with stick mixes, groundbaits, particles,<br />

pellets and boilies. One of carp god Alan<br />

Blair’s favourites, he simply calls it “Carp in a<br />

bottle”.<br />

www.nashtackle.co.uk<br />



A must-have for all Method style feeder or<br />

PVA bag users where big carp and specimen<br />

fish are the target! Salted Caramel Haze is the<br />

latest addition to the popular Haze liquid range,<br />

developed to be used as a feed stimulant by<br />

adding an enticing trail of attraction around<br />

your bait helping to draw fish to your bait.<br />

Bait Booster can be added to groundbait or<br />

pellets to give an instant boost of flavour or<br />

used as a glug for hook baits, feeders or PVA<br />

bags for an intense hit of flavour before the cast.<br />

www.sonubaits.com<br />

PEG NO1<br />



When summer<br />

arrives and things<br />

are getting warmer, these 6mm and 8mm<br />

pellets make the perfect feed and hook<br />

baits on carp-filled commercials as the fish<br />

gravitate towards the surface to feed.<br />

The premium low oil commercial pellets<br />

are infused with a unique blend of potent<br />

attraction that will give a definite edge in any<br />

match. Their consistency of size and weight<br />

makes them easy to fire out accurately via a<br />

catapult, and they fall at a slow rate making<br />

them ideal for pellet waggler tactics, as well<br />

as the bomb on the bottom.<br />

www.copdockmill.co.uk<br />



These 5mm hook baits are designed for<br />

Method feeder, bomb, waggler or pole<br />

fishing and are ideal for carp, F1s, tench and<br />

bream.<br />

They are easy to spike, hair rig, or band for<br />

perfect presentation when a small, critically<br />

balanced hook bait is required. Already<br />

available in six flavours, these new Duos<br />

bring three great fish-attracting flavour<br />

combinations to the table in Chocolate<br />

Orange, Strawberry’s & Cream and Rubarb<br />

& Custard.<br />

www.bait-tech.com<br />

30 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />



Designed for commercial carp fishing for<br />

big fish down the edge this Margin mix<br />

complements the specialist Match range,<br />

and Swim Stim technology has been<br />

combined with Dynamite’s specimen carp<br />

knowledge to create a mix loved by those<br />

big margin carp!<br />

www.dynamitebaits.com<br />

FJUKA<br />


As used by ex-<strong>World</strong> Champ Tommy Pickering,<br />

these 6mm Hookable Wafters are a great bait<br />

when fishing the Method feeder or bomb, or<br />

on the pole when feeding hard pellets.<br />

You can hook them direct, hair rig them,<br />

band them or break into smaller hook baits.<br />

They are semi-buoyant and easily sucked up<br />

by carp, F1s, bream and all coarse fish. Laced<br />

with Sensate quick-release fish attractant you<br />

can choose the neutral-natural colour to blend<br />

in, or four fluoro colours in pink, orange, white<br />

and yellow, all available in one pot.<br />



BAIT<br />



With its beautiful golden colour and that<br />

‘crunch’, not to mention its sweet taste, corn<br />

is like a magnet for so many species, but<br />

especially carp. Anglers continue to place<br />

their trust in this bait and there is no better<br />

example than Carp Expert Canned Bait Corn.<br />

While it’s perhaps best used on a pole it<br />

can also be good choice for feeder fishing<br />

if you would like to make your groundbait<br />

more effective. And, naturally, it can be good<br />

option for carp anglers too.<br />

www.energofish.com<br />



Available as Method Mix<br />

and Margin Mix these two<br />

dark red groundbaits capture<br />

the essence of the popular and<br />

iconic Haith’s Robin Red with its spicy flavour<br />

and smell.<br />

Containing crushed pellets in a fairly<br />

coarse mix, the Method Mix is ideal for<br />

Method feeder fishing in shallow and deep<br />

swims alike, while the Margin Mix is packed<br />

with larger coarse pellet particles that quickly<br />

absorb water and stand out on the lake bed,<br />

appealing to bigger margin match carp.<br />

www.dynamitebaits.com<br />

CC MOORE<br />


These new yellow 14mm pop-ups expand<br />

the range of alternative hook baits for the<br />

CC Moore boilie ranges, delivering visual<br />

attraction from the sweetcorn yellow<br />

coloration, plus the flavour profiles of<br />

either Pacific Tuna, Odyssey XXX or Live<br />

System. Unlike the ‘in your face’ yellow<br />

of a Fluoro, the coloration used for these<br />

pop-ups is much subtler and more likely<br />

to draw interest without spooking<br />

the carp.<br />

Like all the CC Moore pop-ups,<br />

these are perfectly round and extremely<br />

buoyant too, making them suitable for all<br />

modern presentations.<br />

www.ccmoore.com<br />



Banoffee smells delicious and it’s safe to<br />

say that the carp agree! Part of Outlaw Pro’s<br />

boilie range, these are a high quality and<br />

nutritious bait, that is bursting with flavour<br />

to maximise their impact once in the water.<br />

Not only that, but they are also available at a<br />

very reasonable price!<br />

www.outlawpro.co.uk<br />



A brand new range of high attraction baits,<br />

each Soluble Boilie will begin to break<br />

down within 15 minutes of entering the<br />

water and will be fully broken down after<br />

two to six hours, creating a bed of highly<br />

attractive feed, emitting food signals and<br />

attraction throughout the area and the<br />

water column.<br />

Perfect for spod mixes or loose feed,<br />

stringers or PVA mesh bags of boilies,<br />

having a bait that breaks down in a short<br />

amount of time is far more advantageous<br />

when trying to nick a quick bite.<br />

www.nutrabaits.net<br />

DT BAITS<br />


New to the market for <strong>2023</strong>, Crustazia is a<br />

true crustacean-based bait, containing no<br />

fishmeal. This stick mix perfectly complements<br />

the boilie and contains particles of mixed<br />

buoyancy to begin working through the<br />

column. The mix is a fine crumb ensuring<br />

it cannot mask your hook point and like DT<br />

Bait’s other stick mixes, contains a very small<br />

amount of an all-season, ultra-refined nut oil<br />

to ensure that they can be used straight from<br />

the bag. However, the Stick Mix will still take<br />

on plenty more additional liquid foods and<br />

flavourings as required.<br />

www.dtbaits.co.uk<br />



Introduced in 2012, the Krill has become<br />

a modern day legend in the bait scene,<br />

accounting for an incredible number of big<br />

carp worldwide. Then, in 2020, came Krill<br />

Active – a Krill freezer boilie surrounded by a<br />

sticky layer of highly active paste.<br />

Obviously, such a bait wouldn’t be complete<br />

without matching hook baits and the aptly<br />

named Tuff Ones are hardened bottom baits<br />

that are needle friendly but also extremely<br />

robust at the core. Use them as a match the<br />

hatch bottom bait or combine it with a popup<br />

for added visual attraction over a bed of<br />

bait.<br />

Also available are the Krill Active Wafters<br />

– by negating the weight of the hook, these<br />

hook baits will help to fool the most pressured<br />

of carp throughout the spring, summer and<br />

autumn months.<br />

www.stickybaits.com<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />


DBW...<br />

AustrALiA &<br />

new ZeALAnd<br />

d O i n G B u s i n e s s w i t H . . .<br />



Known together as Australasia and linked by the tasman sea, the<br />

two countries of Australia and new Zealand offer a combined angling<br />

market worth billions. now that’s got to be worth exploring…<br />

A<br />

ustralia is the smallest<br />

continent and one of the<br />

largest countries on Earth,<br />

lying between the Pacific<br />

and Indian oceans in the<br />

Southern Hemisphere. It has<br />

21,262 miles of coastline and<br />

covers an area of 2,969,907<br />

square miles.<br />

By contrast, New Zealand<br />

is an island country in the<br />

South Pacific Ocean, the<br />

southwesternmost part of<br />

Polynesia; a remote land<br />

lying more than 1,000 miles<br />

southeast of Australia, its<br />

nearest neighbour, with about<br />

9,300 miles of coastline and<br />

a total land area of 103,500<br />

square miles. The country<br />

comprises two main islands<br />

– the North and the South<br />

Island – and a number of<br />

small islands, some of them<br />

hundreds of miles from the<br />

main group.<br />

Australia and New Zealand<br />

are natural allies; prior<br />

to Covid-related border<br />

restrictions, hundreds of<br />

thousands of Australians<br />

and New Zealanders (Kiwis)<br />

crossed the Tasman Sea<br />

each year as tourists, for<br />

business purposes, or to<br />

visit family members. Since<br />

April 2022, Australians<br />

and New Zealanders have<br />

enjoyed quarantine-free travel<br />

between the two countries.<br />

Australia and New Zealand<br />

cooperate closely in global<br />

32 www.tackletradeworld.com


Capital: Canberra<br />

Population: 26.334 million<br />

Prime minister: Anthony Albanese<br />

Official language: English<br />

Currency: Australian dollar<br />

Internet domain: .au<br />

DBW...<br />

AustrALiA &<br />

new ZeALAnd<br />

eCOnOMy FOCus<br />

$1.553 trillion GDP (USD)<br />

$60,443 GDP per capita (USD)<br />

2.2% GDP growth rate<br />

3.5% Unemployment rate<br />

Top export partners:<br />

- China us$103.9 billion<br />

- Japan us$49 billion<br />

- south Korea us$24.1 billion<br />

- india us$14.8 billion<br />

- usA us$13.7 billion<br />

Top import partners:<br />

- China us$70 billion<br />

- usA us$25.7 billion<br />

- Japan us$15.3 billion<br />

- thailand us$12.1 billion<br />

- Germany us$11.6 billion<br />


Capital: Wellington<br />

Population: 5.123 million<br />

Prime minister: Chris Hipkins<br />

Official languages: English, Maori, NZ Sign Language<br />

Currency: NZ dollar<br />

Internet domain: .nz<br />

eCOnOMy FOCus<br />

$249.9 billion GDP (USD)<br />

$48,781.03 GDP per capita (USD)<br />

3.7% GDP growth rate<br />

3.4% Unemployment rate<br />

Top export partners:<br />

- China us$12.7 billion<br />

- Australia us$4.9 billion<br />

- usA us$4.8 billion<br />

- Japan us$2.6 billion<br />

- south Korea us$1.6 billion<br />

Top import partners:<br />

- China us$10.2 billion<br />

- Australia us$6.7 billion<br />

- usA us$3.22 billion<br />

- Japan us$2.87 billion<br />

- thailand us$2.11 billion<br />

and regional forums and<br />

have a proud history of<br />

joint deployments dating<br />

back to the Australian and<br />

New Zealand Army Corps<br />

(ANZAC) at Gallipoli in<br />

1915.<br />

The value of recreational<br />

fishing to the Australian<br />

economy is more than<br />

A$11.5 billon and supports<br />

around 100,000 jobs. A<br />

recent National Social<br />

and Economic Survey<br />

of Recreational Fishers<br />

details the role the sport<br />

plays in conservation<br />

and, importantly, how it<br />

contributes to society in<br />

terms of wellbeing. A total<br />

of 4.2 million – or one in<br />

five adult Australians – were<br />

estimated to participate<br />

in recreational fishing and<br />

Australians were estimated to<br />

spend 28 million days fishing<br />

each year with 79 per cent of<br />

adults considering it to be an<br />

acceptable activity.<br />

Over in New Zealand,<br />

recreational angling also<br />

generates an industry of<br />

activity and value to the<br />

economy, with a recent<br />

report for the New Zealand<br />

Marine Research Foundation<br />

defining the significant<br />

contribution that recreational<br />

fishing makes to the New<br />

Zealand economy.<br />

About 600,000 Kiwis<br />

fish in the sea annually<br />

with the country receiving<br />

around $136 million in GST<br />

revenues. More than 100,000<br />

international tourists fish in<br />

New Zealand waters each<br />

year, spending $89 million<br />

on marine-fishing activities.<br />

Saltwater fishing is one of<br />

the most popular outdoor<br />

activities in New Zealand.<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />


DBW...<br />



i n d u s t r y v i e w s<br />

Stephen Pratt, Owner, CTS|MAVEN, New Zealand<br />

CTS is New Zealand’s rod<br />

company. We design and<br />

manufacture premium carbon<br />

fibre and fibreglass fishing rod<br />

blanks for all applications – from<br />

fly rods to surf and game. CTS<br />

also builds stunning vintagestyled<br />

rods under its MAVEN<br />

brand (mavenfishing.com).<br />

Our modern manufacturing<br />

facility is located in one of the<br />

world’s most beautiful fishing<br />

cities – Auckland, New Zealand.<br />

NZ is an amazing test lab for<br />

our products, as we have a vast<br />

array of fishing opportunities<br />

on our doorstep. Auckland also<br />

has New Zealand’s largest and<br />

busiest airport, which keeps<br />

us well connected in terms of<br />

both air freight and travel for<br />

international shows and expos.<br />

Over 90 per cent of our products<br />

are exported, with our main<br />

markets being the United States<br />

and Europe.<br />

Established in 1999, CTS<br />

constantly strives to develop<br />

new manufacturing techniques,<br />

materials and tooling profiles. We<br />

have a significant investment in<br />

design and production tools, with<br />

much of our in-house machinery<br />

being custom built in order to<br />

cater for the ever-increasing<br />

demand for stronger, lighter and<br />

more highly refined blanks.<br />

We missed travelling to<br />

our regular international<br />

trade shows during the Covid<br />

lockdowns, when the New<br />

Zealand borders were closed.<br />

In February <strong>2023</strong> we were<br />

delighted to be back at one of<br />

our favourite shows in North<br />

Carolina.<br />

While we had challenges<br />

with ensuring adequate staffing<br />

during lockdowns, we benefited<br />

from the fact that we were able<br />

to continue production when<br />

much of the world was still<br />

under more severe restrictions.<br />

We picked up many new<br />

customers who were having<br />

difficulty sourcing blanks from<br />

other manufacturers, and we<br />

maintained our strong focus on<br />

R&D.<br />

Our supply lines over the past<br />

few years have been a bit harder<br />

to manage with high freight costs<br />

and longer lead times. We’ve had<br />

to counter this with carrying<br />

around twice the amount of<br />

carbon and glass fibre than in<br />

previous years.<br />

The future focus for CTS is<br />

to continue to grow our house<br />

brands CTS and MAVEN, while<br />

developing new niche product<br />

lines.<br />


Australia’s fish-filled waters<br />

offer several types of fishing<br />

for anglers, from big-game sea<br />

fishing to casting a fly on a river,<br />

lure fishing on a mangrove-lined<br />

creek or baitcasting on a lake.<br />

The mix of angling species in<br />

Australia’s warm and temperate<br />

seas includes pink snapper,<br />

bream, whiting and flathead,<br />

barramundi, mangrove jacks,<br />

golden snapper, coral trout and<br />

a host of fast-swimming pelagic<br />

varieties such as tuna, trevally,<br />

34 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />


queenfish, mackerel and cobia.<br />

Plenty of giant black marlin over<br />

1,000lb are hooked every year,<br />

along with many more in the<br />

100lb to 900lb range.<br />

The waters also hold sailfish,<br />

wahoo, mahi-mahi, barracuda<br />

and grouper. In the south, the<br />

ocean currents bring billfish,<br />

tuna, kingfish, sharks and many<br />

other heavyweights to the foodrich<br />

offshore grounds. Australian<br />

waters also have a reputation<br />

when it comes to targeting<br />

the highly prized broadbill<br />

swordfish.<br />

Australia has some of the best<br />

fly fishing anywhere, and not just<br />

confined to its trout waters. The<br />

Murray cod, saratoga and bass<br />

all provide excellent fly fishing<br />

opportunities, as does the highly<br />

prized barramundi, which is<br />

found in both fresh and saltwater<br />

environments across the north of<br />

the continent.<br />

Australia’s northern coastal<br />

waters are home to the “big<br />

three” of tropical flats’ fishing:<br />

permit, bonefish and tarpon.<br />

Add golden, diamond and<br />

giant trevally, barramundi and<br />

barracuda and you can see the<br />

quality of shallow water, inshore<br />

fly fishing on offer around the<br />

north of the country.<br />

The cooler southern seas also<br />

hold fish that can be targeted on<br />

the fly, including tuna, mahimahi<br />

or dolphin fish and the<br />

powerful southern yellowtail<br />

kingfish.<br />


(With thanks to Mathew Hewetson, publisher of Fishing in Godzone)<br />

For Kiwi anglers landing a 20lb<br />

snapper is a dream fish and one<br />

that most want to achieve as a<br />

bucket list fish in New Zealand.<br />

Growing to over 30lb and found<br />

widespread in inshore waters<br />

throughout the North Island and<br />

top of the South Island, they are<br />

targeted by shore casting, kayaks,<br />

kontikis or drones and boats<br />

throughout the country. Bait and<br />

berley are traditionally used, but<br />

the popularity and effectiveness<br />

of jigs and softbaits have seen<br />

Kiwi anglers take up lure fishing<br />

as a key method for catching<br />

snapper, which fight hard on<br />

medium to light tackle and are<br />

caught year-round.<br />

The tough street fighting<br />

kingfish is next up on the bucket<br />

list. Growing to an impressive<br />

52kg, kingfish require heavier<br />

gear to target them. Live<br />

baiting is a proven method,<br />

but mechanical jigging and<br />

top water (stick baiting) are<br />

also popular. Found inshore<br />

in shallow harbours and out<br />

to deep water reefs, kingfish<br />

are also predominately located<br />

throughout the North Island,<br />

with pockets of good fishing at<br />

the top of the South.<br />

Striped marlin are the most<br />

commonly caught billfish in New<br />

Zealand waters from December<br />

to April. They grow exceptionally<br />

large, with the All <strong>Tackle</strong> Record<br />

a huge 224.1kg (494lb) stripey<br />

caught off Tutukaka, Northland<br />

in 1986.<br />

Trolling with lures is the most<br />

common method, but deploying<br />

live baits such as kahawai or<br />

bonito to slowly troll is another<br />

effective tactic. In order to help<br />

keep the fishery healthy, all<br />

NZ game fishing clubs educate<br />

anglers to tag and release most<br />

fish, with over 60 per cent tagged<br />

every season.

DBW...<br />



Dominic Wiseman, Marketing Manager, Frogleys Offshore, Australia<br />

Frogleys Offshore specialises<br />

in distributing quality fishing<br />

equipment to tackle stores and<br />

retail outlets across Australia, with<br />

recent strides being made across the<br />

globe into international markets.<br />

The company was founded in<br />

1981 and has established itself as a<br />

supplier of world class and category<br />

leading fishing gear.<br />

It is also the largest distributor<br />

of rod building equipment in<br />

Australia. Frogleys Offshore<br />

has built partnerships with<br />

leading fishing equipment brands<br />

worldwide, allowing them to offer<br />

a broad range of products that<br />

cater to the diverse needs of their<br />

customers. The company has also<br />

invested in developing its own<br />

range of quality fishing products<br />

under the Atomic and Samurai<br />

brands.<br />

We are committed to expanding<br />

our reach and providing quality<br />

fishing gear to anglers across the<br />

globe. The company has established<br />

partnerships globally and has plans<br />

to expand its operations further in<br />

the future. With its continued focus<br />

on innovation and growth, it is set<br />

to remain a leader in the fishing<br />

equipment industry for years to<br />

come.<br />

The company has a diverse<br />

customer base, with 500<br />

independent stores and around<br />

250 chain stores, as well as a few<br />

hundred rod builder accounts. We<br />

focus on the mid to high end of the<br />

market and do not service cheaper<br />

chains. Heading into <strong>2023</strong>, trade<br />

has been slowing down, as was<br />

expected, but remains stronger<br />

than pre-Covid. More people<br />

have been introduced to fishing<br />

during Covid, and participation<br />

has increased across the board. This<br />

has led to more days on the water<br />

per person and more people in the<br />

sport, resulting in maintained<br />

strong sales.<br />

While global issues will affect<br />

our market, it will not be to the<br />

degree of other countries. Australia<br />

is in the mid to end of the rate<br />

increase cycle, and Australians<br />

are still doing well. The Reserve<br />

Bank is already slowing down rate<br />

hikes, banks are predicting rates to<br />

start dropping towards the end of<br />

this year. If the Reserve Bank acts<br />

smartly, the market will remain<br />

strong, the country will not go into<br />

recession and leisure spending will<br />

be maintained and fishing is a<br />

beneficiary of this.<br />

Australia is predominantly a<br />

bait fishing market, with over<br />

90 per cent focused on coastal<br />

fishing. After floods in recent years<br />

across most of Australia, inland<br />

waterways have not recovered to<br />

reach the stock levels experienced<br />

pre-floods while saltwater and<br />

inshore fishing remain strong.<br />

The market in Australia is very<br />

divergent. The trend, particularly<br />

in high end fishing, is to follow<br />

the Japanese experience. Frogleys<br />

Offshore keeps a keen eye on<br />

this market as a result. To date,<br />

the Japanese market has been<br />

stale with not much new being<br />

launched and driving the market.<br />

On this front we expect more of<br />

the same. In the mid to low end of<br />

the market, Australians use more<br />

European and US products.<br />

The Australia market is unique<br />

in that we have strong brands<br />

from all country bases; we have<br />

US, European and Asian fishing<br />

styles and products, so there is a<br />

large amount of competition in<br />

Australia in the general market.<br />

Looking ahead, we expect the<br />

market needs more high-end<br />

products and growth in the cool kid<br />

social media area to push the new<br />

trends they see.<br />

Billy Parsons, General Manager, JM Gillies, Australia<br />

With such a vast landscape of<br />

both fishing and fishing tackle<br />

retailers in Australia there are<br />

year-round opportunities to<br />

both fish and sell fishing related<br />

products.<br />

Stores big and small have<br />

become more than just outlets for<br />

tackle and bait, they now offer<br />

a wide variety of accessories<br />

and clothing that anglers must<br />

have but this hasn’t come at the<br />

expense of their core business.<br />

Stores now squeeze in more<br />

diverse products ranges than<br />

ever before and the ones that do<br />

it best are thriving.<br />

From Tasmania in the south<br />

where trout are prolific to<br />

Darwin in the north where our<br />

famous Australian barramundi<br />

is sought after, the seasons and<br />

angling opportunities are as<br />

far opposed as anything on the<br />

planet.<br />

At JM Gillies we have built<br />

and continue to build a business<br />

that services all regions of<br />

our country and as a planned<br />

by-product we now have a<br />

very healthy and growing<br />

international business. You will<br />

find distributors in around 30<br />

countries selling JM Gillies lures<br />

and other products.<br />

We specialise in lures, line, fly<br />

fishing, lifejackets, and storage.<br />

We have a mixture of our<br />

own brands like Tassie Devil,<br />

Stumpjumper, Classic lures, Sea<br />

Dog and Response lifejackets<br />

and some exceptional distributor<br />

brands like Sage, RIO, Maxima,<br />

Scotty and Pradco brands.<br />

Australia is made up<br />

of around 500 specialist<br />

independent tackle stores and<br />

around 250 large format chain<br />

stores that service a population<br />

of 26 million. Much of the<br />

Australian population lives<br />

within close proximity to our<br />

coastline, but we also have<br />

exceptional freshwater fishing.<br />

The average angler in Australia<br />

is equally comfortable fishing<br />

both freshwater and saltwater,<br />

therefore we are a diverse,<br />

species rich angling population.<br />

This level of access to fishing<br />

results in more than one in five<br />

of the population fishing at least<br />

once a year.<br />

The past three years from<br />

Pre to now Post Covid have<br />

provided some immense supply<br />

and logistics challenges. Overall,<br />

the industry in both the retail<br />

and wholesale sector did well<br />

navigating the issues and<br />

business was strong. We may see<br />

business slow coming into our<br />

Southern Hemisphere winter<br />

as inflation and interest rate<br />

pressures become challenging to<br />

the cost of living but generally<br />

fishing is resilient when our<br />

economy slows.<br />

Overall Australia has a strong<br />

and resilient tackle industry<br />

with some strong home grown<br />

brands and a population that<br />

has a love for fishing and the<br />

outdoors.<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />



ICAST<br />

ICAST <strong>2023</strong> IS READY<br />


An out of this world keynote speaker and an exciting fly fishing expansion are headlining<br />

sportfishing’s largest trade show this year, ICAST <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Just over a decade ago, Mike<br />

Massimino found himself tethered<br />

to the side of a space telescope<br />

orbiting the blue Earth below.<br />

From space, the former NASA<br />

astronaut could see the rippling<br />

reflections of the planet’s oceans, rivers<br />

and lakes that draw millions of anglers<br />

to their surface each year, connecting<br />

outdoor lovers with the sources of so<br />

much of the planet’s life.<br />

In July, Massimino will enthrall<br />

show attendees as ICAST’s State<br />

of the Industry Breakfast keynote<br />

speaker, sponsored by the Recreational<br />

Boating & Fishing Foundation. The<br />

annual recreational fishing industry’s<br />

trade show, produced by the American<br />

Sportfishing Association in Orlando,<br />

Fla. is an extravaganza of fishing tackle<br />

and lifestyle products that help shape an<br />

angler’s day on the water.<br />

This year’s show is set to take place at<br />

Orlando’s Orange County Convention<br />

Center from July 11th to 14th, beginning<br />

with a Super Tuesday packed with<br />

activities from the ICAST Cup bass<br />

fishing tournament to On The Water<br />

Product Demo Day to the New Product<br />

Showcase Preview Reception.<br />

“FLY”ING HIGHER IN <strong>2023</strong><br />

While ICAST has long been regarded as<br />

the standard bearer for traditional fishing<br />

tackle, this year the show will spotlight a<br />

wider variety of fishing tackle than ever<br />

before. The all-new ICAST Fly Shop<br />

booth is making its debut alongside the<br />

FlyCASTing Pond. Designed to replicate<br />

the experience of a top tier, real world<br />

fly fishing store, the ICAST Fly Shop<br />

will house groundbreaking products from<br />

some of the most innovative brands in fly<br />

fishing.<br />

To complement the shop’s debut, the<br />

ASA has expanded ICAST’s prestigious<br />

New Product Showcase – where the best<br />

of the best brand new products compete<br />

for the overall Best in Show Award – to<br />

include six new fly fishing categories.<br />

“We are excited to point an even<br />

36 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

Michael Massimino<br />

brighter spotlight on fly fishing,” said<br />

ASA <strong>Trade</strong> Show and Membership<br />

VP Blake Swango. “The fly industry<br />

has always been a part of ICAST but<br />

the displays and activities in this year’s<br />

enhanced fly fishing area are a real<br />

red carpet for the remarkable products<br />

inside.”<br />



An award-winning astronaut isn’t the<br />

only noteworthy speaker at ICAST. On<br />

Wednesday and Thursday, the show’s<br />

Lunch & Learn business seminars,<br />

sponsored by Waypoint, deliver boat loads<br />

of value to attendees via complimentary<br />

seminars on the show floor. Topics<br />

range from growing and retaining your<br />

customer base to the role of artificial<br />

intelligence in recreational fishing.<br />

“These seminars are simply outstanding<br />

value,” said Swango. “If attendees signed<br />

up for these courses individually, they<br />

might cost thousands of dollars. However,<br />

we offer them free of charge to all badged<br />

ICAST attendees.”<br />


Expert knowledge isn’t the only value<br />

added opportunity for dealers at ICAST.<br />

According to Swango, more than 100<br />

exhibitors are set to offer show specials to<br />

attendees that place orders during show<br />

week. Those specials include discounts<br />

on products and services, cash back, free<br />

shipping, baker’s dozen offers and much<br />

more.<br />

Just for writing orders at the show, buyers<br />

are eligible to win daily cash prizes leading<br />

up to the grand prize: a trip for two to one<br />

of the world’s best fishing destinations,<br />

Crocodile Bay Resort in Costa Rica.<br />

Registration for ICAST <strong>2023</strong> is ongoing<br />

and with nonstop flights from 141 cities in<br />

22 countries available to Orlando, it’s never<br />

been easier for international dealers to make<br />

their way to the show.<br />

ICAST<br />


Your B2B<br />



From rod repair to OEM components<br />

and fully built rods, we are the #1 b2b<br />

product supplier in the industry!<br />

YOUR RODS.<br />

YOUR WAY.<br />

MUDHOLE.COM/wholesale<br />

STOPPIONI s.n.c. Firenze Italy<br />

Tel.+39 0558739615 -Fax +39 0558739648 stonfo@stonfo.com<br />

MEMBER<br />

Art.738<br />


Tools to make very small loops ideal for<br />

hooklengths and hair rigs.<br />

The small size allows you to tie 4 mm<br />

loops, while the large 6 mm.<br />

4 mm 6 mm<br />

1 2 3<br />

4<br />

1 or 2x<br />

5 6<br />

7 8<br />


MAKING<br />


Making Contact<br />

1<br />

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Want your products to<br />

be seen by thousands of<br />

potential buyers… FREE<br />

of charge? Then get in<br />

touch, we’d love to hear<br />

from you.<br />

1 DAIWA<br />

STEEZ A 100 REEL<br />



3 OKUMA<br />


3<br />


+44 7990 542958<br />

john.hunter@dhpub.co.uk<br />


david.haynes@dhpub.co.uk<br />

Contact John or David directly<br />

for details of how to send your<br />

product and a short description to<br />

<strong>Tackle</strong> <strong>Trade</strong> <strong>World</strong>’s office.<br />

The latest addition to the highend,<br />

tournament-proven STEEZ<br />

baitcaster family, the A 100<br />

boasts a Hyper Drive Design for<br />

smooth and powerful retrieves<br />

and winding, Magforce-Z Boost to<br />

improve long-casting performance<br />

and a G1 Duralumin Mag-Z Boost<br />

Spool to reduce weight and<br />

enhance casts.<br />

Meanwhile, Daiwa’s Automatic<br />

Tournament Drag uses an<br />

improved drag grease to reduce<br />

initial drag start-up inertia for a<br />

a smoother drag from the initial<br />

hook-up.<br />

Daiwa says the STEEZ A 100<br />

continues to push the limits of<br />

what is possible in a baitcasting<br />

reel.<br />

www.daiwa.us<br />

Do you often lose control of<br />

spooled wire?<br />

UNI Products UNI-Strap has<br />

been introduced to solve the<br />

problem. The UNI-Strap keeps the<br />

wire in place and ready to use<br />

when you need it.<br />

The small textile elastic slides<br />

easily on the spool while pulling<br />

off a length of wire and the small<br />

hole keeps the end ready for use.<br />

Once you try the UNI-Strap, you<br />

will want one for all your wire<br />

spools.<br />

www.uniproducts.com<br />

This big-pit reel is made for<br />

serious carp anglers fishing big<br />

waters. With a lightweight C-40X<br />

carbon frame and side plates, an<br />

ultra-light screw-in handle and<br />

ultra-light spool, it weighs in at<br />

just 520g.<br />

The fast progressive (PFV) drag<br />

system switches from free spool to<br />

fully locked in just half a turn.<br />

It comes with a spare spool and<br />

is available in 8000, 12000 and<br />

15000 sizes.<br />

www.okumafishing.com<br />

38 www.tackletradeworld.com

Make A<br />

Splash<br />

The TiForged Family of guides are requested more by rod designers than any other guide train<br />

in the world. With the versitility of double foot, single foot, ceramic rings, and sizes the TiForged<br />

Snagless guides are the perfect choice for any rod builder, designer,<br />

or brand looking to have the best guides on thier rods.<br />

www.americantackle.us<br />

Panther Martin ® InLine SWIVEL <br />

So different! So unique!<br />

State-of-the-Art InLine SWIVEL attached directly to the wire shaft eliminates line twist & the<br />

need to tie on a swivel while also reducing weed snags. Offers the same great, tried & true fishing<br />

action & profile Panther Martin® is known for.<br />

Panther Martin® InLine SWIVEL<br />

Awarded Best New Freshwater Lure<br />

<strong>2023</strong> Big Rock Sports Outdoor Expo<br />

No double eyelet swivels needed! The InLine SWIVEL spinners save<br />

you time and money. Just tie one to your line and cast away...or<br />

should we say catch away because you’ll be reelin’ in fish after fish!<br />

Regular Holographic Spotted<br />

Regular<br />

Fly<br />

Great for Trout, Walleye, Pike, Bass, & Much More!<br />

Available in 10 Popular Colors & 3 Popular Sizes<br />

800-524-4742 • Dept TT063L


MORE<br />


MORE FOR<br />

YOUR ROD<br />


MORE (Mediterranean Outdoor Recreational Equipment)<br />

is a social enterprise located in Tabarka, Tunisia, that<br />

has been making waves in the outdoor recreational<br />

equipment industry since its founding in 2015.<br />

MORE was started by two<br />

American engineers who<br />

wanted to use their 50-<br />

plus years of combined<br />

engineering and manufacturing experience<br />

to provide benefit to their North African<br />

community.<br />

Although they manufacture a wide<br />

range of products from a vast selection of<br />

materials, MORE’s speciality is the design<br />

and volume manufacturing of premier grips<br />

made from carbon fibre and other advanced<br />

composites.<br />

MORE grips are said to be the perfect<br />

addition to the highest performing fishing<br />

rods and other performance outdoor<br />

equipment.<br />

Its top-selling grip is made of woven<br />

carbon fibre braid that may be hybridised<br />

with other composite materials such as<br />

fibreglass or Kevlar and then laminated to<br />

a rigid foam core with a marine certified<br />

epoxy system.<br />

These grips have a distinctive carbon<br />

texture on the surface that minimises<br />

slippage and the carbon fibre/fibreglass<br />

hybrids can be colour-matched to provide<br />

the perfect aesthetic for the most discerning<br />

customers.<br />

MORE carbon grips are said to offer<br />

unmatched strength and sensitivity<br />

while being light and durable, capable of<br />

transferring the smallest vibration from the<br />

rod blank to the angler’s hand so are used by<br />

some of the most elite rod manufacturers.<br />


MORE is committed to innovation and<br />

pushing the limits of grip technology, which<br />

is evident in its latest offering, a composite<br />

grip with a two-material core.<br />

This innovative design features a rigid<br />

foam centre, with a second flexible foam<br />

layer allowing the carbon layer to flex. The<br />

result is a grip with increased comfort while<br />

still maintaining its light weight, strength<br />

and sensitivity.<br />

In addition, MORE offers “XT” versions,<br />

made with multiple composite<br />

layers, “HD” versions, using stronger,<br />

more dense foam as well as multi-material<br />

hybrid grips incorporating materials such<br />

as EVA or cork, so they can provide grips<br />

optimised for any application.<br />

Thanks to its expertise and established<br />

supply chain, it can produce a full range<br />

of grips made from any of these materials,<br />

making it a one-stop shop for any<br />

manufacturer or distributor.<br />

MORE maintains on-site American<br />

management and engineering, ensuring<br />

dedication, quality, precision, innovation<br />

and of course, its core value of being easy to<br />

work with.<br />

The manufacturing site houses a variety of<br />

customised CNC machines with supporting<br />

CAD/CAM technologies as well as<br />

numerous speciality/proprietary machines<br />

developed in-house.<br />

These capabilities, coupled with a<br />

strategic Mediterranean location, allows<br />

MORE to provide complete custom grip<br />

solutions for global customers and its<br />

innovative manufacturing processes mean<br />

custom-configured grips with relatively<br />

low minimum order quantities and rapid<br />

turnaround times.<br />


MORE is not just a typical manufacturing<br />

company, however, but a social enterprise<br />

with a mission to create social value by using<br />

innovative business solutions.<br />

It’s passionate about providing<br />

exceptional quality and value to customers,<br />

while also caring for its employees and<br />

community.<br />

One of the most notable aspects is<br />

its commitment to creating gainful<br />

employment opportunities for people<br />

in Tabarka. MORE understands that<br />

providing employment is not just about<br />

putting food on the table but also about<br />

empowering individuals and their families<br />

to be self-sufficient, improve their standard<br />

of living and make a positive impact on their<br />

community. Through this social enterprise,<br />

it aims to create a sustainable business<br />

model that supports the local economy<br />

and provides opportunities for growth and<br />

development.<br />

By creating gainful employment<br />

opportunities and providing highquality<br />

products that excite elite anglers<br />

worldwide, MORE has become a leader<br />

in the fishing grip industry, supplying<br />

grips to some of the world’s top brands<br />

and distributors while enhancing the local<br />

community.<br />

MORE<br />

www.moretn.com<br />

40 www.tackletradeworld.com




The world’s best-known saltwater anglers trust in PACBAY’s fishing tackle components and accessories for their<br />

reliable and faultless performance. With a view to preserving its valued reputation, PACBAY has maintained a strict<br />

program of quality control in the making of each and every product with the PACBAY name carved on it.<br />

In the same spirit as always, PACBAY has now launched its brand-new Charonosaurus roller guides.<br />

- Aluminum openwork construction reduces weight but doesn’t reduce strength - Deeply embedded roller design restricts line from cramming between<br />

roller and frame - Inbuilt Teflon tube bearing to diminish friction and heat - Tube bearing treated with TEFLON for performance and constant lubrication<br />

- Perfectly shaped guide feet to fit blanks with tip size - The structure of the arch-bridge design reduces weight as well as reducing the restrain between<br />

blank and guide - Structure designed to accommodate knots and connection of wind-on leader – line never gets stuck<br />

- PACBAY roller tip-tops (model # ERT,EMRT,EJRT) are an excellent match for these guides - All products patented.<br />

Build Great Fishing Rods<br />

info@fishpacbay.com<br />

www.fishpacbay.com<br />

UNI PRODUCTS J.G. Cote Inc.<br />

1004 Principale<br />

Ste-Melanie, QC. Canada JOK 3AO<br />

Tel: 450-889-8054<br />

Toll-Free: 1-877-889-8054<br />

Fax: 450-889-5887<br />

Email: info@uniproducts.com<br />




Look to UNI for the best in spooled fly-tying materials!<br />


<strong>2023</strong> FISH TALES CUP<br />


Start registration, welcome to sponsor us<br />

Dates: 13-17 August <strong>2023</strong><br />

Location: Yunbing, Pahang, Malaysia<br />

VENUE:Kuala Rompin,Pahang,Malaysia<br />


<strong>2023</strong> China Lure Hero Challenge (Tianjin)<br />

After a lapse of three years, the "Hero Challenge" series of<br />

events directed by CRAA is ready to start again. On the<br />

afternoon of April 9th, the <strong>2023</strong> "Wu Yu Sieg" China Lure<br />

Hero Challenge Tianjin Station ended successfully at the<br />

Tianjin Water Town Garden Lure Experience Field. This<br />

highly anticipated lure event has officially returned to the<br />

public eye.<br />

In recent years, the lure movement has developed rapidly<br />

and tends to be younger. JD Sports data shows that during<br />

the four years from 2019 to <strong>2023</strong>, the number of people<br />

under the age of 26 has increased by 4 times, and the sales of lure scenes have also increased by more than 50% yearon-year<br />

in the past four years, and the growth rate is much higher than other fishing scenes.<br />

The number of participants in the Tianjin station of the <strong>2023</strong> "Wu Yu Xige" China Lure Hero Challenge is limited to<br />

50 people. Once the registration channel is opened, the registration is full in an instant, which shows the popularity.<br />

After 3 hours of fierce competition, 50 lucky contestants from around the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region decided the<br />

final ranking. No. 19 contestant Sun Bingquan won the championship with 17 tails in total, No. 2 contestant Gao<br />

Hongbo came in second with 1 tail, and No. 43 contestant Wang Junlei caught 10 tails and won the third place. At the<br />

same time, these three players also qualified for the finals. In addition, all contestants will also receive the ranking<br />

points or participation points corresponding to the three types of competitions of the Leisure Fishing Association.<br />

In addition to wonderful competitions, there are also activities such as "throwing skills game" for awards at the<br />

opening ceremony. Xiaohongshu sends event notes to check in to receive gifts, Xiaohongshu sends topic notes to<br />

receive personal field photos and other activities. In addition to competitive fishing, players also experience to casual<br />

fun.<br />

In the <strong>2023</strong> season, the China Lure Hero Challenge will hold 40 promotion games and 1 finals in at least 15 highquality<br />

fishing grounds across the country, with a total of 41 games. Over the past three years, we have united as one<br />

and fought against the epidemic together, in exchange for today's strong recovery. We look forward to working with<br />

more high-quality fishing grounds, fishing gear brands and lure enthusiasts to jointly create the most extensive and<br />

most participated national lure brand event in China, and create a new pattern of national leisure fishing.

The 23rd "Macao Return Cup" (Fujian Xiapu) Leisure<br />

Fishing Competition<br />

Fishing alongside the reefs and dancing with the<br />

waves, casting the fishing rod and experiencing<br />

endless fun. On April 14th, the 23rd "Macao Return<br />

Cup" (Fujian Xiapu) Leisure Fishing Competition<br />

opened in the Hai Dao Township of Xiapu County.<br />

156 fishing enthusiasts, including those from Macau<br />

and Taiwan, gathered on the island to compete.<br />

Guests attending the opening ceremony included<br />

Wei Baozhen, President of China Leisure Fishing<br />

Association, and Li Zhihong, Chairman of China<br />

Macau Outdoor and Leisure Sports Association.<br />

Since its inception in 1999, the "Macao Return Cup" Leisure Fishing Competition has successfully held 22<br />

consecutive sessions, attracting an impressive number of participants and gaining recognition from professional<br />

anglers both at home and abroad.<br />

"After twenty years of development, the event has become a strong brand with patriotic and pro-Macao core values<br />

that promotes cultural exchange and communication with foreign countries, promotes green living, and advocates<br />

ocean conservation among fishing enthusiasts," said Li Zhihong, Chairman of China Macau Outdoor and Leisure<br />

Sports Association.<br />

It is reported that the "Macao Return Cup" Leisure Fishing Competition was held in Xiapu for the first time. The<br />

competition had four categories: team and individual results in float rock fishing (porgies), individual catch weight in<br />

float rock fishing (porgies), individual catch weight in float rock fishing for non-porgies, and individual catch weight<br />

for various fish in float rock fishing in total. During the three-day competition, fishing enthusiasts from all over the<br />

country engaged in communication and exchange on the blue rocky reefs, forming friendships through fishing.

For the first time participating in a competition in<br />

Fujian, contestant Guan Jinbao of Qionghai City, Hainan<br />

Province, was deeply impressed by Xiapu's beautiful<br />

scenery and abundant fishing resources. "After returning<br />

home, I will definitely recommend Xiapu to my fishing<br />

buddies in Hainan for tourism, sightseeing, and leisure<br />

fishing," said Guan Jinbao.<br />

Hai Dao Township of Xiapu County is the only<br />

township in China named after an island. It consists<br />

of 161 islands, including Xiyang, Fuying, and Siling,<br />

with a sea area of nearly 1,200 square kilometers and<br />

a coastline of 104.5 kilometers. Abundant fishery<br />

resources have created the charm of the "magnificent<br />

island chain" and nurtured unique marine culture. In<br />

2016, the Siling Island group in Hai Dao Township<br />

was awarded the titles of "China Major Fishing Base",<br />

"China Leisure Fishing Association Fishing Base", and<br />

"International Fishing Base for <strong>World</strong> Chinese Fishing<br />

Competition", becoming the only fishing base in Fujian<br />

province.<br />

"In recent years, Hai Dao Township has fully<br />

leveraged its advantages in 'blue ocean, red culture, and<br />

green ecology' and implemented the 'fishery-tourism<br />

integration' development strategy, adhering to the path of<br />

tourism development with island characteristics. Since<br />

2010, Hai Dao Township has successfully hosted nine<br />

national fishing competitions in the surrounding waters<br />

of the Siling Island group. By continuously hosting such<br />

national fishing competitions, we hope to fully unleash<br />

the 'brand effect' of quality events, push forward the<br />

construction of leisure fishing bases and the integration<br />

of coastal tourism and fishery port economy in the<br />

'fishing plus industry' mode, and create a fishing-themed<br />

town with unique island charm," said Ye Linmao,<br />

Secretary of the Hai Dao Township Party Committee.


St Croix<br />




Completely reengineered and greatly expanded, St Croix’s<br />

Legend Tournament Inshore Series rods are said to be simply<br />

lighter, stronger and easier to fish with than others on the<br />

market. We find out why…<br />

St Croix’s Legend Tournament<br />

Inshore Series has always been a<br />

winner.<br />

Voted Best Saltwater Rod<br />

upon its release at ICAST in 2017, the<br />

hyper-performing inshore series blended<br />

extremely light and sensitive SCIV carbon<br />

with top St Croix technologies and<br />

premium saltwater components to make<br />

it a standout, winning choice for inshore<br />

anglers chasing their passions along any<br />

coast.<br />

For <strong>2023</strong>, St Croix engineers and<br />

rodcrafters used a brand-new material<br />

– SCIV+ hybrid carbon fibre – to push<br />

the limits of how light an inshore rod<br />

can be without under any circumstances<br />

sacrificing strength or durability. While<br />

they were at it, they collaborated with its<br />

expert staff of inshore anglers to create<br />

all-new handle designs that further<br />

advance balance, comfort and control,<br />

while also improving reel seats and finetuning<br />

guide trains.<br />

The result? An expanded series of 19<br />

all-new Legend Tournament Inshore<br />

casting and spinning rods that are said<br />

to check every box, delivering technical<br />

excellence and even purer performance<br />

from the cast to the retrieve to the fight<br />

without compromise.<br />

These legendary blue rods are more<br />

capable, assertive and masterful in more<br />

inshore presentations than ever before…<br />

worthy of the Legend name.<br />

Want to see more? Check out this video:<br />

www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTx7be60e9E<br />

ST CROIX<br />

www.stcroixrods.com<br />


• 19 distinct light through<br />

extra-heavy power models<br />

to support any inshore<br />

presentation<br />

• Next-generation techniquespecific<br />

hybrid carbon fibre<br />

SCIV+ blanks<br />

• Fortified Resin System (FRS)<br />

technology<br />

• Advanced Reinforcing<br />

Technology (ART)<br />

• Integrated Poly Curve (IPC)<br />

mandrel technology<br />

• K-Style stainless-steel tanglefree<br />

guides with Alconite rings<br />

• Ergonomic full-grip supergrade<br />

cork handles with<br />

integrated nylon reel seat<br />

• Precision-machined aluminium<br />

reel seat locking nut<br />

• Model-specific hook keepers<br />

• 15-year transferable warranty<br />

backed by St Croix Superstar<br />

Service<br />

• Designed and handcraed<br />

in Park Falls, USA for inshore<br />

saltwater anglers worldwide<br />

Interested in becoming a St Croix<br />

dealer? Email dealersupport@<br />

stcroixrods.com.<br />

48 www.tackletradeworld.com

Classifieds<br />


PLIERS<br />



The EASIEST... The FASTEST...<br />

The BESTEST...<br />

for changing hooks or spinner blades<br />

visit www.Texas<strong>Tackle</strong>.com for demo video<br />


4 Sizes<br />

www.Texas<strong>Tackle</strong>.com<br />

RIGS !!!!<br />




T: +1 914 722 7601<br />

E: bartalm@optonline.net<br />

REST of WORLD<br />


T: +39 347 503 6436<br />

E: guido.knegt@dhpub.co.uk<br />

COMING UP…<br />

AUGUST <strong>2023</strong><br />

Ad Copy: <strong>June</strong> 23rd, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Mailed: July 12th, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Special issue: Predator Fishing<br />

Spotlight: Hooks<br />

Doing Business With: Hungary<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong><br />


Ad Copy: July 21st, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Mailed: August 9th, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Spotlight: Apparel/Clothing<br />

Doing Business With: Japan<br />

OCTOBER <strong>2023</strong><br />

Ad Copy: August 18th, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Mailed: September 6th, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Special issue: Destination Fishing /<br />

Grand Slam<br />

Spotlight: Line<br />

Doing Business With: Rocky<br />

Mountains<br />

To submit news or editorial for<br />

any of these issues, contact:<br />

To advertise or discuss a marketing campaign in any of these editions,<br />

contact our business development team:<br />

EDITOR<br />


T: + 44 (0)7990 542958<br />

E: john.hunter@dhpub.co.uk<br />



T: +1 914 722 7601<br />

E: bartalm@optonline.net<br />

REST of WORLD<br />


T: +39 347 503 6436<br />

E: guido.knegt@dhpub.co.uk


HDL Fishing <strong>Tackle</strong><br />



Chinese manufacturer HDL Fishing <strong>Tackle</strong> has been making lures for the last 14<br />

years and has a philosophy of integrity and innovation.<br />

HDL Fishing <strong>Tackle</strong> was<br />

established in July 2009,<br />

with a manufacturing plant<br />

of some 9,000 sq m and a<br />

lure and bait testing facility extending to<br />

around 30,000 sq m.<br />

HDL Fishing <strong>Tackle</strong> is an enterprise<br />

specialising in the production and<br />

operation of lure baits and trolling baits.<br />

It has the comprehensive strengths of<br />

design, research and development and<br />

production.<br />

At present, many hundreds of products<br />

have been developed, such as lead jig head<br />

series, Bucktail jig series, zinc alloy series<br />

and trolling bait ranges.<br />

HDL’s bait series is available in more<br />

than 150 cities in China while also being<br />

exported to more than 30 countries<br />

around the world, including the United<br />

States, South Korea, Japan and Australia.<br />

Whether it is product appearance or<br />

quality, it is well received and recognised<br />

by customers.<br />


The company has an independent<br />

R&D team, professional manufacturing<br />

technology, 3D printing team, CNC mould<br />

processing centre and strong after-sales<br />

service.<br />

It serves every new and old customer<br />

wholeheartedly and strives to create a wellknown<br />

brand in the fishing gear industry.<br />

Perhaps most importantly, HDL Fishing<br />

<strong>Tackle</strong> adheres to the business philosophy<br />

of “integrity, standardisation, innovation,<br />

and mutual benefit.”<br />

It welcomes both domestic customers<br />

and those from abroad to visit the company<br />

to inspect its facility and discuss the wide<br />

range of lures on offer, helping partners<br />

jointly expand into the fishing tackle<br />

market.<br />

Company boss Qiang Liu said: “I<br />

often go fishing and spend some time on<br />

research while doing so. I am very serious<br />

about making baits and often develop new<br />

products. When new products appear,<br />

I will test them as soon as possible and<br />

make timely adjustments if there are any<br />

shortcomings.<br />

“Since we have been producing bait for<br />

several years, we can assure customers that<br />

we are a trustworthy manufacturer.”<br />


+86 139 567 886 55<br />

www.hdlfishing.com<br />

Zinc Material<br />

50 www.tackletradeworld.com

Carp Expert’s<br />

monofilaments with<br />

300 m or 1000 m<br />

length.<br />

SMOKE<br />



Partners Wanted!<br />

Energofish Ltd. is looking for new Partners<br />

all over the <strong>World</strong>. Free delivery on orders<br />

over €300. Registration and other details:<br />




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