European Bamboo Expo 2023

A key focus of the European Bamboo Expo 2024 Magazine is to highlight all our sponsors, supporters, and media sponsors who play a crucial role in making this event a success. These sponsors drive innovation and growth in the bamboo industry, ensuring that the Expo remains a leading event for professionals and stakeholders in the European bamboo industry. Scheduled for May 16th to 18th at the Dietrich-Keuning-Haus in Dortmund, the European Bamboo Expo 2024 will explore bamboo's role in the circular economy and new regulations for building with bamboo. This year's Expo provides an invaluable platform for showcasing the latest products, technologies, and services. The event is open to the public and is designed to bring together industry experts, business leaders, and government officials. The Expo will feature educational lectures and panel discussions, covering topics like integrating bamboo into carbon markets, EU regulatory standards for imports and exports, and bamboo's contribution to environmental sustainability. These sessions are crucial for professionals seeking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving bamboo industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with industry leaders, explore new business opportunities, and gain insights into the latest trends in the European bamboo industry. This magazine is dedicated to the future of bamboo, offering a comprehensive look at what to expect from the Expo. It serves as a guide for attendees and a tribute to the sponsors, supporters, and media sponsors who make this event possible. With the Expo exploring key topics like bamboo in the circular economy, building regulations, and sustainable architecture, it's a must-attend event for anyone in the bamboo industry. #europeanbambooexpo

A key focus of the European Bamboo Expo 2024 Magazine is to highlight all our sponsors, supporters, and media sponsors who play a crucial role in making this event a success. These sponsors drive innovation and growth in the bamboo industry, ensuring that the Expo remains a leading event for professionals and stakeholders in the European bamboo industry.

Scheduled for May 16th to 18th at the Dietrich-Keuning-Haus in Dortmund, the European Bamboo Expo 2024 will explore bamboo's role in the circular economy and new regulations for building with bamboo. This year's Expo provides an invaluable platform for showcasing the latest products, technologies, and services. The event is open to the public and is designed to bring together industry experts, business leaders, and government officials.

The Expo will feature educational lectures and panel discussions, covering topics like integrating bamboo into carbon markets, EU regulatory standards for imports and exports, and bamboo's contribution to environmental sustainability. These sessions are crucial for professionals seeking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving bamboo industry.

Attendees will have the opportunity to network with industry leaders, explore new business opportunities, and gain insights into the latest trends in the European bamboo industry.

This magazine is dedicated to the future of bamboo, offering a comprehensive look at what to expect from the Expo. It serves as a guide for attendees and a tribute to the sponsors, supporters, and media sponsors who make this event possible. With the Expo exploring key topics like bamboo in the circular economy, building regulations, and sustainable architecture, it's a must-attend event for anyone in the bamboo industry. #europeanbambooexpo


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June 2 - 3, 2023

Exhibitors list

Programme / Schedule

Sponsors & Supporters

Stategic partners & Media Partners

Friday, 2nd June

Bamboo Music Night | Live concert

Bamboo Music Night

Live concert

with Stephanie Bosch and Hindol Deb

Together Stephanie Bosch and Hindol Deb will present compositions

and improvisations from Indian classical music.

Experience the magic of Indian Classical music with the Bansuri and Sitar! Join us for an evening of

soulful melodies and intricate improvisations as we showcase two of the most beautiful instruments

from India. Hear the haunting notes of the Bansuri, a transverse alto flute made from bamboo, and the

mesmerizing plucks of the Sitar, a North Indian classical music lute. Let the music transport you to the

heart of India and immerse you in the rich cultural heritage of this ancient art form. Don’t miss out on

this unique opportunity to witness the beauty of Indian Classical music firsthand!

Entrance fee 20 Euro

10 Euro ONLY for students

*Proof of student status is required.

Friday, June 2, 2023

8:00 - 9:30pm CEST

Dietrich-Keuning-Haus (DKH) Leopoldstraße 50-58 44147 Dortmund Germany


European Bamboo Expo Magazine

June 2023

This magazine is produced by

Weproductions https://weproductions.net/

Art direction and design by

purple / Vicky Xinou www.purpledesign.gr

Cover photo by: Andrés Bäppler

Printed by: www.diedruckerei.de


All images provided by all Sponsors,

Supporters, Partners, and Educational

institutions are protected

of copyright. Any further publication of

content, photos, or texts requires the

written approval of the publisher.


Weproductions / Iraklis Kalamenios

Neuer Weg 10, Kürten 51515

Email: iraklis@weproductions.net

Mobile phone: 016099066675

Dear friends of bamboo,

dear exhibitors, speakers, visitors, universities, and students!

With the EUROPEAN BAMBOO EXPO 2023, we would like to

offer you a global communication platform on which sustainably

effective projects can be created. In the following pages, we

have summarised the contributions of the active participants in a

compact form.

What has already been recognized and implemented in many

parts of the world should now also be given an appropriate

status here in Europe and make a contribution to the world

climate and global cooperation. We want to pave the way for

research, global reforestation, fair business models, material

developments, building structures and new, as yet unknown


We are pleased that you are standing by our side to make a

valuable contribution to saving our environment and preserving

the quality of life.

Your European Bamboo Expo organizers

Ulla Schuch Iraklis Kalamenios Andrés Bäppler

afiz.de weproductions.net bambooAge.de



Akademie für Internationale Zusammenarbeit e.V.

(Academy for International Cooperation Foundation)

“We believe that a lot can be achieved with more awareness, more networking

and more cooperation!” That is our credo at AFIZ, the Academy for International

Cooperation Foundation. Since our foundation in 2014, we have been promoting

education, research, projects and networks around the topic of international

cooperation and sustainability.

Our project World Knowledge BAMBUS is particularly close to our hearts.

Because the potential of this giant grass is so incredibly great and can make

a significant contribution to almost all 17 Sustainable Development Goals

worldwide! And that is exactly what the EUROPEAN BAMBOO EXPO 2023 is

all about: We want to create awareness for the potential of this plant and bring

together the right stakeholders so that the potential can unfold and take effect.

Since our two digital “German Bamboo Days” in October 2021 and 2022, we

have been pioneers with our commitment to bamboo. The two project leaders

Iraklis Kalamenios (weproductions.net) and Andrés Bäppler (bambooAge.de)

have made this commitment possible as well as the many volunteers and our

sponsors. THANK YOU for that!

Also use the digital follow-up event DEUTSCHE BAMBUSTAGE 2023 to deepen

initial contacts and concretely start cooperation. “Coming together is a beginning,

staying together is progress, working together is success.” Henry Ford

More on Project World Knowledge BAMBUS


More about the next events at https://www.afiz.de/blog/

and https://deutsche-bambustage.de

Donation account AFIZ: Taunussparkasse, DE41 5125 0000 0055 0130 47


Iraklis Kalamenios is a globally-minded individual

who has lived in the United States, Greece, and

currently resides in Germany. With a diverse

background and family ties in Greece, Germany,

Colombia and the USA, he is deeply passionate

about environmental causes. As an independent

event producer and marketing specialist, Iraklis has significantly

contributed to sustainability. Notable among these are his

production of the Art Ecology Festival in Greece from 2004 to

2007, which aimed to promote sustainability through arts and

culture, and the organization of the Recycling Energy Forum in

Miami from 2012 to 2015, which focused on recycling and energy.

The most complete map listing

of bamboo experts, suppliers,

nurseries, associations, and

businesses around the world.



Green Harvest, Golden Returns:

Invest in Bamboo, Invest in Greece.


In addition to his professional pursuits, Iraklis has a strong

affinity for bamboo. His connection to this material stems from

his surname, Kalamenios, which translates to “made from reed

or bamboo” in Greek. His passion for music further deepened

this connection, particularly by playing the bamboo flute. Now

considering himself a bamboo ambassador, Iraklis has initiated

the “German Bamboo Days” and the “European Bamboo Expo”

alongside architect Andrés Bäppler. He aims to raise awareness

about the sustainability and beneficial properties of bamboo

through exhibitions, workshops, seminars, and music concerts.

Weproductions is a comprehensive PR, marketing, and event

agency that has been operating since 2002 across the United

States, Germany, and Greece. With over 20 years of experience in

networking and communication, Weproductions offers specialized

PR advice, text design, content creation, SEO, media presence,

and event planning services. Their expertise extends to

marketing and media services such as corporate design,

motion graphics, video production, social media, print,

internet marketing, and web development.

For more information about Iraklis Kalamenios,

his bamboo initiatives, and the services offered by

Weproductions, please visit the following website:


Unlock Growth: Trade, Learn, Network, Innovate at the

European Bamboo Expo



Andrés Bäppler

Architect, author, and pioneer in building with bamboo


• Extraordinary Member of the BUND DEUTSCHER

ARCHITEKTEN (Association of German Architects)

• Development of educational projects and architecture

with bamboo for the GERMAN FEDERAL MINISTRY OF


in Colombia



Winner for his Pioneer Work in Building with Bamboo

• Founder of the NGOs Schule fürs Leben e.V. in Germany

and Escuela para la Vida in Colombia

• Director of 3 international Congresses VIVA GUADUA.

FESTIVAL DE BAMBOO 2011, 2013, 2015.

• Co-Director of 2 international digital Conferences


• Co-Director of EUROPEAN BAMBOO EXPO 2023

• Work report GUADUA, THE



volumes each approx. 220 pages

in German, English and Spanish

Purchase link: amazon.de

Reading sample German:




Pre-order at the trade fair conditions, keyword EXPO, under

Email: andres@andresbaeppler.de

Andrés Bäppler is German-Colombian and lives with his

family in Frankfurt. Since 2018, he has been sharing his

many years of excellent expertise in building with bamboo

in lectures, seminars, workshops, and summer schools at

universities in Germany, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Austria,

India, and Switzerland. As well as in the form of interactive

lectures at international symposia, architecture centers,

and universities.

The 4-volume and

trilingual work

report GUADUA,



WITH BAMBOO shows the interactive and process-oriented

creation of bamboo buildings in Colombia. Commissioned

by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation

and Development, social education projects such as school

buildings, training workshops, libraries, and learning forests

were created there under the direction of Andrés Bäppler.

During this time, Andrés got to know and appreciate the local

bamboo called ‘’Guadua’’ as a building material.

Andrés’ work is shaped by his architectural education

and many years of project work in Germany. Since his

development cooperation in his home country of origin,

Colombia, self-efficacy, sustainable development, and

appreciative cooperation has always been at the center of

what he does.

He strives to use local, easily available, and renewable

building materials and to process them in a domestic

and innovative architectural language. In his opinion,

independence from external materials, systems and design

concepts creates great degrees of freedom for local people

and also the chance for their own identity in an increasingly

uniform, globalized world.

Andrés Bäppler sees the outstanding CO2 balance of

bamboo as a reason to be active in research. Under the right

conditions, he sees innovative building materials made of

bamboo as a very valuable alternative to steel, concrete, and

wood in some areas.

For Andrés, it is a particular concern to bring together actors

from the most diverse fields, topics, countries, and disciplines

and to encourage them to work together. Since 2011, he has

been organizing festivals, conferences, symposia, and now

the European Bamboo Expo. “Learning from each other and

moving forward together to create meaningful solutions for

the environment and improve our quality of life is what I am

all about,” says Andrés Bäppler.



Exhibitors list

A big thank you to the exhibitors:



Vivai OnlyMoso di Fabrizio Pecci

PLATINUM SPONSOR https://onlymoso.it/

Asia Bamboo Society GOLD SPONSOR


International Bamboo and Rattan

Organization (INBAR) Ethiopia GOLD SPONSOR


International Bamboo and Rattan

Organization (INBAR) Kenya GOLD SPONSOR


International Bamboo and Rattan

Organization (INBAR) Uganda GOLD SPONSOR


Bambusbasis GOLD SPONSOR








bkvv architects SUPPORTER




Vista Verde https://vista-verde.eu/

Wübu-PermaGuate https://www.wububamboo.com/

my Boo GmbH https://www.my-boo.de/

101bambusolution https://www.101bambusolution.com/

GROW Colourful Ghana e.V.


Smart Grass Bicycles https://smartgrassbicycles.com/

European Bamboo Society Sektion Deutschland e.V.


Blue Temple https://www.blue-temple.com/

BluoVerda Deutschland e.V. https://www.bluoverda.org/en/

Studio Cardenas Conscious Design


Plant Select https://www.plantselect.be/

Asociación Ibérica del Bambú https://asibambu.org/en/

Pring Studio www.pring-studio.com

Roman Kreuzer https://www.growing-prototype.com/

RheinMain University of Applied Sciences


University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern


Hochschule Mainz Institute of Real Estate and Construction

Management – Mainz (IREC)


BASEhabitat Kunstuniversität Linz


Bamboo World Map https://bambooworldmap.net/

Bamboogreece https://bamboogreece.com/

Andrés Bäppler / BambooAge https://www.bamboo-age.com

TH Zürich / Pavillon de l’Arsenal: center of Urbanism and

architecture from Paris and parisian metropole



Programme / Schedule Day 1

Friday, June 2, 2023

Block 1. (10.00 – 12.15) Together! The future lies in collaboration

At AFIZ (Academy for International Cooperation e.V.), we believe that more awareness, more

connection and more collaboration can make a difference! But how and why should we work

together across five continents? Doesn’t it make more sense if everyone thinks of themselves

first? And what does Europe have to do with bamboo? Is Europe a natural habitat for the

giant grass? What can a good cooperation look like and what could be the next steps? And

what use is an international competition and exhibition about grasses?

10.00 - 10.05: Ulla Schuch, AFIZ, Academy for International Cooperation: Welcoming words

10.05 - 10.20: Iraklis Kalamenios & Andrés Bäppler: Goals and motivation for the European

Bamboo Expo

10.20 - 10.50: Dr. Hans Friederich, Co-owner of BambooLogic: Bamboo in Europe, the

next steps

10.50 - 11.10: Lorena Nolte, Architect: A global vision of the positioning of bamboo in Latin

America and Europe

11.10 - 11.30: Dominique Gauzin-Müller, Architect: BAMBOO ARCHITECTURES OF TODAY

Inspiring examples of FIBRA and TERRA+FIBRA Award

11.30 - 12.00: Kjell Tahon, Co-owner of BambooLogic: European Low footprint bamboo, good for

agriculture, climate, and economy

12.00: Panel discussion

Block 2. (12.30 – 02.45) Bamboo forest! The world is becoming greener and fairer

What are the effects of reforestation with bamboo? Who and where and how is already

reforesting bamboo? Are there actually countries that digitally document every bamboo

afforestation? What is the development status of young plant rearing and planting? And what

effects does farming with bamboo have on social life and housing?

12.30 - 12.55: Mrs.Caroline Kariuki, Founder and CEO, GreenPot Enterprises Limited, Nairobi,

Kenya: Realizing the potential of bamboo resources: contribution of Bamboo Green

Pot Enterprises in Kenya

12.55 - 13.20: Mr. Thomas Quirynen, Founder and CEO, Bamboo Uganda Limited, Kampala,

Uganda: A step toward realizing the potential of bamboo resources: The Bamboo

Uganda Limited

13.20 - 13.50: Juan Pablo Martínez Mansilla, Wübu-PermaGuate: Sustainable rural development

and climate action with bamboo

13.50 - 14.20: Johan Gielis, engineer, scientist, mathematician, and entrepreneur: Revisiting

Bamboo for Europe

14.20 - 14.30: Iraklis Kalamenios, Bamboogreece: The milestones of the bamboo research center

in Greece.

14.30: Panel discussion


Programme / Schedule Day 1

Block 3. (15.00 – 17.00) Eco booster! Bamboo as a climate saver and CO2 killer

What is the CO2 comparison between bamboo and common timber? What makes bamboo

a CO2 killer and climate saver? Should the bamboo stay where it naturally grows? What is

the ecological footprint of bamboo in Europe? How can bamboo be used in the construction

industry? How can an educational institution strategically contribute to rethinking?

15.00 - 15.15: Jaouad Talbi, Energy and sustainability consultant: Sustainability of bamboo as

a future construction material.

15.15 - 15.45: Sanne Eekel and Robert van Kats, bkvv architects: Working with bamboo

in Uganda.

15.45 - 16.15: Paulino Botao, Environment, and sustainable development consultant:

Plant bamboo & save the planet. Bamboo as a strategic solution in climate change

mitigation and sustainable development.

16.15 - 16.45: Vivai OnlyMoso di Fabrizio Pecci: Bamboo and Environment.

16.45: Panel discussion

Block 4. (17.30 – 19.40) Innovation with bamboo! The future has begun

Can you make more out of bamboo than breakfast boards and socks? Where in the world

and how does bamboo accompany everyday life? Has bamboo arrived in interior design and

trade fair construction? How can bamboo be used structurally for large spans? Bamboo and

concrete – do they get along? What do the building standards in Germany say about building

with bamboo?

17.30 - 17.55: Mr. Kerso Adane Berhe, Founder and Managing Director of Adal Bamboo PLC,

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: An endeavor to exploit bamboo resources: Adal Bamboo

Private Limited Company in Ethiopia.

17.55 - 16.15: Vincent Awotwe-Pratt, ABC Ghana, Advocates for Biodiversity Conservation:

Bamboo Training Center in Ghana.

18.15 - 18.45: Dr. Shao ChangZhuan, Architect: Bamboo – An Asian Solution to Climate Change.

18.45 - 19.00: Joscha Stahl, Bachelor-Thesis: Concrete with bamboo reinforcement.

19.00 - 19.15: Andres Cordoba Tejada from Löffler Schmeling Klimagerechte Architektur:

Sustainable Building and Bamboo Application.

19.15 - 19.30: Luisa Molari, Associate Professor Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental,

and Materials Engineering: Italian bamboo for innovative structural applications:

research conducted at the University of Bologna

19.30: Panel discussion

20.00 - 21.00: Music concert with Stepanie Bosch and Hindol Dep


Programme / Schedule Day 2

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Block 5. (10.00 – 12.00) Architecture with bamboo. built realities

Building a new village in a disaster area in a week – nonsense or an example for the world?

What do you build with bamboo in Europe? Climate-smart building with bamboo, how does it

work? How are bamboo schools built?

10.00 - 10.20: Maria Cristina Latorre & Manuel Pallares: Building with bamboo for catastrophe

regions in Ecuador.

10.20 - 10.50: Mauricio Cardenas Laverde, Italian Design Ambassador 2020 Architect –

Founder, Studio Cardenas Conscious Design: European Bamboo Architecture, in

Europe and from Europe.

10.50 - 11.20: Tono Aguilar, CASSA Central America: Building a climate-smart 21st-century with


11.20 - 11.50: Andrés Bäppler, Honorary BDA Architect: Building with bamboo. Between

tradition and high-tech.

11.50: Panel discussion

Block 6. (12.30 – 14.30) World Knowledge Bamboo! learning and teaching

Where do we learn to integrate bamboo into our construction methods? What does

Wiesbaden have to do with Ghana? What does Kaiserslautern or Zurich want in the

Philippines? What do Altmünster and Linz want with bamboo? Can you learn about bamboo

near Freiburg and go for a walk in the bamboo forest? Who wants to digitize and multiply

their knowledge about bamboo?

12.30 - 12.50: Sascha Luippold, RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Department of

Climate-Friendly Building: Bamboo Training Center in Ghana.

12.50 - 13.10: Sarah Rust, Student / University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern: HABITAT

FOR HUMANITY | Community Centre in the Philippines.

13.10 - 13.30: Uwe Geigele, Pioneer planter of bamboo in Germany: 30 Years of experience in

planting bamboo in Germany. Successes and challenges.

13.30 - 13.50: Dr. Edwin Zea, Senior Assistant at the Chair for Sustainable Construction ETH

Zürich in Switzerland: Carbon offsetting potential of bamboo-based construction.

13.50 - 14.10: BASEhabitat, University of Art and Design Linz, Department of Architecture:

BASEhabitat teaching between university and construction site.

14.10 - 14.20: Ulla Schuch & Silvia Streifel: Deutsche Gartenakademie, Grüner geht immer.

Online-Courses. Multiply Your knowledge.

14.20: Panel discussion


Programme / Schedule Day 2

Block 7. (15.00 – 17.00) Green money! Business models around bamboo

Can you make a living from a bamboo business? How do CO2 certificates work? How to

promote the cultivation of bamboo? Which agricultural products help the farmer and the

environment? What is a business model for fighting poverty supposed to be? Unleashing

Australia’s bamboo potential – a sci-fi movie title or reality? Is it true that there are 1000

bamboo farmers organized in Europe? Who benefits from a green tech marketplace from


15.00 - 15.30: Vivai OnlyMoso di Fabrizio Pecci: Italian Bamboo Consortium.

15.30 - 15.50: Fred Hornaday, Bamboo Consultant: Tropical bamboo and biochar for climate

relief and economic stimulus in the Global South.

15.50 - 16.15: Dr Selim Reza, Regional Programme Manager, International Bamboo and Rattan

Organization, East Africa Regional Office, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia:

Pro-poor Bamboo Enterprise Development to Improve Livelihoods and

Environmental Management in East Africa.

16.15 - 16.35: Jennifer Snyders, BScArch and Chief Executive Officer of House of Bamboo:

The Story from Down Under: Unleashing Australia’s Bamboo Potential.

16.35 - 16.45: Jana Skokan – Co-founder & Director – frogeex: Green Tech Marketplace,


16.45 - 17.05: Mesa Sectorial Cadena de la Guadua

17.05: Panel discussion

Block 8. (17.45 – 18.35) Why and where? The bamboo age has begun

How is the bamboo world connected? Where are we going on our journey together? Has the

Bamboo Age Begun? What does INBAR, the International Bamboo and Rattan Organization,

offer us? Why and where will the WBO World Bamboo Organization hold its next event? What

will the German Bamboo Day bring us on November 23?

17.45 - 17.55: International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

17.55 - 18.10: Susanne Lucas – Executive Director – World Bamboo Foundation: The World

Bamboo Exchange: A bamboo bridge.

18.10 - 18.20: The City of Dortmund. City of sustainability.

18.20 - 18.30: Iraklis Kalamenios: German Bamboo Days & European Bamboo Expo 2024.

18.30 - 18.35: Tobias Jost (AFIZ): Closing words from the organizers.





on a mission for biobased materials

and the climate

BambooLogic is a Dutch company with head office in Nijmegen.

Shareholders are the key management team of the company and Hive

Energy, a U.K. based global renewable energy project developer and

circular economy investor. With over £1.3 billion capital expenditure

in green energy projects, Hive Energy is saving more than 2.000.000

tonnes of CO 2

each year.

Bamboologic is establishing bamboo fields in Europe to meet the fast

growing demand for bamboo and bio-based alternatives for steel, PVC,

hardwood, composite materials and cotton. The goal? Delivering raw

and semi-processed bamboo to the European industry and by that

supporting the transition towards biobased materials, catalysing climate

actions and helping the European agricultural sector to revive.

Over the next coming years we will establish a few thousands

hectares of bamboo in Europe, good for the removal of more than

1.000.000 tonnes of CO 2

out of the atmosphere and the regeneration

of agricultural land.

Bamboologic joins forces

with European growers

Bamboologic is planting bamboo throughout Europe on own

fields and fields of partner growers. By that we are ensuring

the volumes needed for industrial processing. The demand

for our product is already exceeding the supply many times;

future offtake is secured.

World renowned experts in-house

Our team of world renowned propagation specialists select the

best species according to geographical location and processing

purpose. We establish the pre-processing of bamboo in Europe

assuring that the raw product can be converted to a product

suitable for industrial processing.

Plants, advice and offtake

We are offering high-quality planting material, advice and

offtake for our partner growers. Throughout Europe market

players in different sectors are waiting for our future supply of

European low-footprint bamboo as an alternative for imported

bamboo or less durable materials.


Get to know our team members

on the European Bamboo Expo



Establishing a new bamboo industry in Europe is disruptive and requires vision,

experience, and determination.

Our diversified international team holds a cumulative experience of more than

120 years in bamboo, agri business & project management. We have bamboo

propagation and cultivation specialists in-house who cooperated in more than

25.000 hectares of bamboo fields worldwide.

Jan Oprins

Jan holds more than 30 years of experience as one of

the largest European commercial bamboo growers. He is

also a renowned bamboo author, international consultant

and world leading bamboo propagation specialist.

Runs successful bamboo plantations & nurseries in

Indonesia, South-Africa & Spain.

Jan advises on planting and maintenance of the

Bamboologic bamboo fields as well as the fields from

our partner out growers.

Dr. Hans Friederich

Hans is an internationally-respected Ambassador

of the World Bamboo Organisation, change-maker,

and sustainability specialist. From 2014 to 2019 he

was director of the Bamboo and Rattan Organisation

(INBAR), Observer to the United Nations General

Assembly (UNGA) and ambassador of the World Bamboo

Organisation. Hans was also active for the International

Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) for 24 years.

Hans has the holistic view, experience and international

network to advocate European bamboo and helping

Bamboologic to create a European bamboo market.

Jan Detavernier

Jan is a nature and bamboo enthusiast at heart.

He has a Bachelor of Technology and science and

Master in Industrial Design, which he also lectured at

Ghent University.

Jan is responsible for the R&D, set-up and management

of technical processes, from harvesting to primary


Jan has extensive experience in building with wood

and bamboo. Starting in 2007, Jan spent several years

in Brazil where he built public buildings in bamboo and

educated local communities with the aim of poverty

reduction. With his bamboo decoration company Baboom

and his artist studio, Jan primarily brings people closer

to nature through unique geometric installations and

practically oriented constructions in wood and bamboo.

At the Bamboologic stand on the European Bamboo

Expo, you can discover the Wave, a bamboo based

seating experience.




Our activities

Grow Process Sell

Bamboo fields,

an excellent carbon sink

We are well aware that investing in bamboo fields is

capital intensive and takes quite some years before

revenues are on cruising speed. We finance the

certification of carbon removal credits for partner

growers. Those credits can be sold to minimize the

investment in the bamboo plants.

As the fastest growing plant, bamboo is an excellent

carbon sink with a lot of co-benefits such as

regeneration of degraded land, boost for biodiversity,

water retention in the soil, job creation and many more.

European regulation in the make stresses the

importance of carbon removal credits to be able

to attain our climate goals. This market is expected

to grow very fast in the next coming years. More

and more buyers are in search for European carbon

removal credits.





Fabrizio Pecci is the founder of the Consorzio Bambù Italia,

established in 2014 to promote bamboo cultivation in Italy for

commercial, industrial and environmental reclamation purposes.

• Protects the interests of all members of the bamboo field,

from producer to final consumer;

• Develops technical studies and scientific research;

• Provides services for its members and their customers

(currently over 1,000);

• Carries out the blockchain certification service of the bamboo

groves included in the BambooPro Project dedicated to CO 2

capture and storage.

Three companies are part of the consortium: Vivai OnlyMoso,

CBI Spa and BambooPro Srl: Vivai OnlyMoso is the nursery

company, based in Italy, Faenza (RA), leader in Europe for the

production of bamboo mother plants for professional plantations and

environmental projects. https://onlymoso.it/

• 20 hectares and 400 greenhouses guarantee a production

capacity of several million plants per year.

• In-house Research Department, in collaboration with leading

national and international experts, enables the design of

innovative products and the development of increasingly

high-performance cultivation protocols.




CBI s.p.a. is the trading company, based in Tavullia (PU),

Italy, dedicated to the valorisation and commercialisation of

bamboo in the Italian food and non-food market.


• Guarantees the collection of agricultural products

(shoots and canes) from OnlyMoso bamboo groves.

• Markets sprouts and canes under the OnlyMoso brand,

guaranteeing the made-in-Italy chain of bamboo.

• Establishes contacts with the most advanced industries

in the various sectors of interest (feed, textiles, agri-food,


• Generates and markets BambooPro Environmental


BambooPro s.r.l. is the most recent company of the group,

born about 1 year ago, which carries out environmental

projects in Italy and France dedicated to the absorption of

CO 2

through giant bamboo plantations OnlyMoso.



These represent a sustainable strategy to rebalance CO 2

emissions through the creation of international environmental

and climate protection projects.

Many large “green energy” schemes generate useful actions

but do not produce effects to reduce total CO 2

; for example,

producing energy from a wind turbine or a solar panel is

certainly better than producing energy from coal, but it will

never be carbon neutral.

Encouraging the use of electric cars, electric trams, etc... is

certainly a good choice but all of this does not allow CO 2


be absorbed.

How can we do then? Choosing the only strategy that Nature

makes available to us: CREATE NEW FORESTS.

Why Bamboo? Because 1 hectare of bamboo absorbs a

quantity of CO 2

16 times greater than a hectare of coniferous


Since 2014, more than 2,000 hectares

have been cultivated with OnlyMoso bamboo

in Italy;



Thanks to the experience gained in the field,

we can therefore boast a capillary network of

OnlyMoso-branded bamboo producers, thanks

to whom we can guarantee a 100% controlled

bamboo supply chain made in Italy.

Since 2018, France has also launched the

bamboo market with the first OnlyMoso

cultivations: we count more than 100

hectares to date.

Below are the main environmental and

socio-economic benefits produced by

OnlyMoso giant bamboo cultivations:

• CO 2

absorption and storage both in the

soil and in the biomass produced;

• Green lungs that allow the release of

oxygen throughout the year (evergreen);

• Regeneration of polluted soils and soils

depleted and parched by decades of

intensive agriculture;

• Climate mitigation;

• Ability to retain fine dust due to dense

evergreen foliage;

• Formation of real windbreaks;

• Environmentally friendly

cultivation practices:

- no pesticides,

- from year 3 / 4 reduced irrigation

management possible,

- minimal mechanical operations;

• Greening and landscape improvement

of the land;

• Protection of resident and

migratory wildlife;

• Support and development of the

agricultural and rural economy;

• Production of raw material from

renewable plantations for industry,

construction, handicrafts for the

production of sustainable and

environmentally friendly products.




International Bamboo and

Rattan Organization (INBAR)

The International Bamboo and Rattan Organization (INBAR)

was established in 1997, with the mission "to improve

the well-being of producers and users of bamboo and

rattan within the context of a sustainable bamboo and

rattan resource base, by consolidating, coordinating

and supporting strategic and adaptive research and

development." It is an intergovernmental development

organization and is currently made up of 50 Members

States. In addition to its Secretariat Headquarters in China,

INABR has five Regional Offices in Cameroon, Ecuador,

Ethiopia, Ghana and India. Since its inception, it has been

making a real difference in the lives of millions of people

and environments around the world, with achievements in

areas such as raising standards, promoting safe, resilient

bamboo construction, restoring degraded land, capacitybuilding,

and informing green policy and Sustainable

Development Goal objectives.

INBAR Dutch-Sino East Africa Bamboo Development


At present, East Africa's bamboo sector remains largely

untapped, despite the region having sub-Saharan Africa's

largest bamboo forests and accounting for around 3-4%

of the world's total known bamboo coverage. Low-value

products and a lack of capacity to adhere to international

standards have resulted in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda's

exclusion from the global market.

In response to this challenge, International Bamboo and

Rattan Organization have been implementing the Dutch-

Sino-East Africa Bamboo Development Program(Phase-

II) since 2020 in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda; the

program supported by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and

Development Cooperation, Kingdom of the Netherlands and

the National Forestry and Grassland Administration, The

Peoples Republic of China. The Dutch-Sino-East Africa,

Bamboo Development Project, aims to transfer knowledge,

technologies, and policy experiences from Europe and

Asia to Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda, to enhance the

bamboo sector development of these countries. The

overall objective of the program is to enhance climate

change mitigation and adaptation benefits by developing

inclusive and sustainable industrial and SME bamboo value

chains resulting in enhanced livelihood opportunities, food

security, and environment management in East Africa.

As a result of the Dutch-Sino program interventions, the

Governments of the beneficiary countries have prioritized




bamboo as a planting material on degraded lands due

to its rapid growth and negative environmental impact.

Kenya's government has recently adopted the national

bamboo policy. Bamboo strategy and action plans that

have been adopted by Ethiopia and Uganda have created

an enabling environment for bamboo sector development

in the countries. The program developed the capacity for

the community members, extension workers, smallholders,

women, and youth on bamboo resource development that

includes propagation techniques, nursery management,

plantation establishment, maintenance, and sustainable

management. Moreover, the program has also been

working on clean household energy by strengthening

the capacity of bamboo charcoal briquette enterprises,

which sustains the livelihood of rural households. Bamboo

plantation has been made on degraded lands, sustainable

harvesting and management methods were adopted,

and energy-efficient cook stoves were introduced that

resulted in the sequestration of CO2. In addition, women

are assuming roles of leadership in bamboo value chains,

which has helped them launch microenterprises and

contribute to green growth and economic development.

For more information, please visit:


or email to us : info@inbar.int or earo@inbar.int




The Heart Together Bridge

Location: ChongQing China

Principal Architect: Dr.Shao Changzhuang

The Asia Bamboo Society has been established in 2019 as

a not-for-profit, independent and professional international

organization. Committed to promoting and demonstrating

the practicality and economy of bamboo to the public, and

striving to promote sustainable bamboo industry solutions

to address the challenges of global climate change and

promote the progress and development of the bamboo

industry worldwide, exchange bamboo culture between

the East and the West, and contribute to the business,

environmental protection, poverty alleviation and other fields.

The headquarters of the Asia Bamboo Society is located in

Hong Kong.

Becoming a member of the Asian Bamboo Society means

that you will join a network of business leaders and industry

experts in the bamboo industry. Companies join our

membership program, enjoy free merchandise exhibitions

and marketing campaigns, network with experienced peers,

develop expansion strategies, and contribute to policy


As a non-profit organization, the Asian Bamboo Society

does not want to set high membership fees to hinder the

development of the bamboo industry. Therefore, the Asian

Bamboo Society will provide lifelong free membership

services for enterprises with appropriate conditions.

Join us to create a green world full of bamboo.

Why Bamboo:

As a fast-growing, renewable natural resource, bamboo can

help solve a range of global challenges and play an important

role in eradicating poverty, developing a green economy,

tackling climate change, building disaster-resistant buildings

and protecting the environment.

As a commodity, bamboo products have high value and wide

uses. As a material, bamboo is light, linear and easy to work

with. As a plant, bamboo needs less soil environment, less

input and fast growth. These characteristics make bamboo

an important resource for upgrading and eradicating poverty.

As the fastest growing plant, bamboo can be used as a green

alternative to wood or other building materials. Bamboo

products maintain low or even zero levels of carbon footprint

throughout the product life cycle. The use of bamboo can


reduce the pressure of forest area decline. As a new green

building material, bamboo can replace cement and plastic,

used for drainage pipes, home decoration, storage facilities

material selection; Bamboo can also be used to build

earthquake-proof building structures.

Why Asia:

The Asia Pacific Bamboo Region is the largest bamboo

region in the world. It extends to New Zealand in the south, to

the central Sakhalin Island in the north, to the Pacific Islands

in the east, and to the southwest of the Indian Ocean in the

west. There are about 50 genera and more than 900 species

of bamboo in total. Among them, there are about 100 kinds of

economic value.

The main bamboo producing countries include China,

India, Myanmar, Thailand, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam,

Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, Sri

Lanka, etc. The rich bamboo resources in the Asia Pacific

bamboo region provide convenient basic conditions for the

development of the bamboo industry in the Asia Pacific

region, while the opportunities for contact, cooperation, and

win-win results among the bamboo industries are constantly


The Asia Bamboo Society is committed to promoting the

development of the bamboo industry in Asia and the world,

establishing an open network of business leaders and

industry experts in the bamboo industry, and promoting the

supply and demand chain of the bamboo industry.

Why Society:

The Asia Bamboo Society realized that a single existence

could not drive the development of the bamboo industry as

a whole,so we hope to unite our efforts to form a bamboo

industry alliance. The Asia Bamboo Society will cooperate

with governments, enterprises, NGOs, research institutes,

universities, and other parties to promote and coordinate

the interconnection and talent cultivation among the global

bamboo industry, and utilize bamboo resources to maximize

the well-being of people around the world.




Nocenco cafe

Location: Vinh city, Nghe An, Vietnam

Principal Architect: Vo Trong Nghia,

Nguyen Tat Dat

Yibin International Bamboo Products

Trading Center

Location: Yi Bin China

Principal Architect: Dr.Shao Changzhuang




Bamboo meets stainless steel

The award-winning way of setting boundaries

Functional, aesthetic, sustainable, and with a social

conscience: The stylish Modul5 fence element of

Bambusbasis combines the renewable raw material bamboo

with the durability of absolutely high-quality stainless steel

variants. Exclusive, individual, and made to measure.

Material, labor, claim

The bamboo used by the Rhinelanders grows on the

Indonesian island of Java. There it is beaten according to old

tradition by bamboo farmers and dried on the edges of the

rice fields.

Module5 / The bamboo base

Modul5 is the perfect symbiosis of steel and bamboo.

It doesn't matter whether you use it as a fence, privacy

screen, or as a striking expression of an individual way of

life: outside, in the natural environment, Modul5 integrates

perfectly. Because of its elementary materials, it is itself

part of nature. And because nature has no standardized

terrain forms or fixed sizes, the same is true of the modules:

Each order is made individually and by hand according to

specifications. From a manufactory that already bears its

core competence in its name: Bambusbasis

(www.bambusbasis.de). In the Cologne area, Bambusbasis

manufactures in a team with regional craft businesses

according to German quality standards.


Advantage: The bamboo is much less stressed in its

structure, is more durable, and of higher quality. The natural

bamboo retains its natural shape as it grows - and that is

exactly what is part of the style and the environmentally

friendly self-image of the base: bamboo is natural and

should remain natural. A beneficial approach that stands

out. Because in the broad market, bamboo cultivation

and processing are mostly subject to the conditions of

standardized, industrial mass production.

The stainless steel or Corten steel of the base comes from

selected specialist companies in the Cologne area, where it

is cut to the required length and shape by professionals. All

in all, the Cologne-based company manufactures a privacy

screen with Modul5, which many experts work together to

bring to the highest level.



Incidentally, this joint teamwork means more to the

people of Bambusbasis than just earning a living. In her

eyes, it is just such an instrument of self-discovery and

social integration. Based on this idea, they also work

hand in hand with a local sheltered workshop to make

their contribution to society. In addition to the high

demands on material, work, and the resulting product

quality, these social standards have certainly also

contributed to the fact that Modul5 is not only loved by

customers: It has also been officially awarded.


The Plus x Award, the renowned innovation prize

for products from the areas of technology, sport and

lifestyle, recognized the potential of the fence element

and awarded it in the categories Design and High

Quality in 2015. The bamboo fence of the small Cologne

manufactory was suddenly on a par with numerous wellknown

national and international brands.

One thing that still makes managing director Tanja Blank

proud: “We are really happy that our development is so

well received. We know that as a manufacturer we deliver

high quality. And if we weren't 100% convinced of our

fence, we wouldn't sell it either. Nevertheless, we were

skeptical as to whether we would even have a chance

at the Plus X Award. After all, we were sometimes

competing against large corporations that put immense

effort into product design and, above all, marketing.”

An effort that is obviously not always necessary. Instead

of designing big marketing strategies, Bamboobasis

prefers to concentrate on its strengths: the renewable

raw material bamboo combined with the durability of

absolutely high-quality steel variants.

However, the work of the Cologne-based company is

not limited to the technical components of the desired

deliveries. On request, they also support gardeners or

end customers in the planning and calculation of the

fences. A great service for a convincing product. The

response is accordingly positive: The bamboo base

supplies its fence elements far beyond the German

borders. Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Luxembourg...

The Rhinelanders even export their Modul5

to Mallorca.

Bambusbasis also have other things related to bamboo

in the program besides the fence element Under the

brand "Bamboona," they also sell prefabricated parts and

accessories from the Far East. Produced directly by local

manufacturers, guaranteed to be free of child labor. The

online shop can be found at www.bamboona.de





At ThinkBamboo, we focus on two key aspects:

(A) bamboo as an ecosystem service provider and

(B) its versatile uses as a raw material for value-added

products, creating a positive impact for people, the planet,

and economic growth.

Ecosystem Service Provider:

Bamboo is an ally in combating climate change,

nature conservation, and biodiversity loss.

Its rapid growth and extensive root systems

aid in soil stabilization, erosion prevention,

and water conservation, fostering a

sustainable environment.

Raw Material for Value-Added Products:

Bamboo's versatility extends to construction

materials, furniture, textiles, paper, and more.

Recognizing and utilizing its potential

unlocks economic growth and empowers

communities through sustainable livelihoods

and bamboo-based industries.




Comprehensive Solutions:

We tackle environmental, economic, and societal challenges such

as climate change, nature conservation, biodiversity preservation,

development aid, education, and mindset transformation.

Through programs, awareness, training, and partnerships,

we inspire sustainable practices for a better future.


We collaborate with stakeholders across sectors to

comprehensively address these acute challenges.

That’s why we’re calling on individuals, organizations

and campuses to join us in this exciting journey.





Natbam is a reputable company that specializes

in the production and distribution of sustainable

bamboo products for the gastronomy industry.

With a strong commitment to reducing plastic

waste, Natbam offers a wide range of eco-friendly

alternatives such as tableware, spoons, and

knives made from high-quality bamboo. These

one-way use products provide a convenient and

environmentally conscious option for businesses

in the food industry.

In addition to their tableware line, Natbam also

offers various types of bamboo panels suitable

for both outdoor and indoor applications. Whether

it’s for terrace construction or interior design,

their bamboo panels provide a natural and stylish

solution. Natbam ensures that their panels are

durable, weather-resistant, and sourced from

sustainable bamboo plantations, promoting the use

of renewable resources.




With over 15 years of experience, Natbam has established itself as a trusted bamboo consulting company. Their expertise

in the field allows them to provide valuable guidance and insights to businesses and individuals seeking to incorporate

bamboo products into their operations. From design and sourcing to production and distribution, Natbam offers

comprehensive consulting services tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients.

Natbam’s dedication to sustainability, coupled with their extensive experience in the bamboo industry, makes them a

reliable partner for businesses and individuals looking to make eco-conscious choices. By choosing Natbam, customers

can contribute to a greener future while enjoying the beauty and functionality of bamboo products.





Vinc Math

Bamboo Consultant | Design and Construction Consultant |

Fine Woodworking

German-born carpenter Vinc(e) Math has a passion for woodworking, which has been his

lifelong pursuit. His eagerness to learn about new materials and techniques led him to explore

the world of bamboo. With guidance from the world-renowned bamboo architect Jörg Stamm,

Vinc seized the opportunity to expand his knowledge and skills in this field, with the intention of

sharing his expertise with other like-minded visionaries across the globe.

Vinc’s work in bamboo extends beyond designing and constructing structures, as he is also

passionate about teaching local craftsmen the skills to treat and build with bamboo. His bamboo

consultancy focuses on innovative construction solutions and educational workshops, aimed at

promoting sustainable design practices.

Vinc’s involvement in the bamboo industry has been extensive and diverse. He has worked on

various projects, including refugee shelters in Somalia, non-profit learning centers in Cambodia,

luxury villas in Bali, the Ecolodge Restaurant in Sumatra, the award-winning ZCB Bamboo

Pavilion in Hong Kong and Resplendent Ceylon’s Wild Coast Tented Lodge.

Through his work, Vinc has been able to create innovative solutions for his clients that have

a positive impact on both the environment and the local communities where the projects are

located. He has made a name for himself in the industry as a skilled craftsman and educator,

inspiring others to explore the possibilities of bamboo in construction.

If you would like to know more or collaborate on a project please reach out!



+1 (646) 920 0137







Working with Bamboo

© Eppo Karsijns - Red Pixl Media

To design and build climate friendly buildings is our mission. In our design

process bkvv architects focuses on using smart natural principles (physics)

to create buildings that are efficient in their energy consumption and enable a

comfortable way of living. The natural environment has a central role in every

project. The materials we work with, have, as much as possible, a natural

origin, like wood, clay, stones, and bamboo. If we as architects, want to design

buildings that are climate friendly, the materials that we use must have a

positive impact on their environment of their own.

To be able to use bamboo in the built environment as a strong reliable

construction material we collaborate with engineers, farmers, and researchers

in the value chain from bamboo seedling to bamboo building elements.

You could compare our approach with a top-chef of a fine restaurant that

grows its own fresh biological herbs and vegetables. By growing our own

bamboo and process them following international high standards into reliable

building materials we ensure our clients of a building that is built with high

quality locally grown natural materials that have a positive impact on its


Over the past few years bkvv architects has been executing several (award

winning) projects. We have shared our holistic view on building climate

friendly with locally grown natural materials and created an expanding

community with a similar green goal.

Together with other partners bkvv architects is co-founder of Bamboo Uganda.

We work on all levels from seedlings to building materials to establish a strong

value chain for bamboo in the country.

We invite you to work together with us to design and build your next climate

friendly building.

Sanne Eekel and Robert van Kats, bkvv architects

Sanne@bkvv.nl, Robert@bkvv.nl

bkvv architects

Asterweg 15a

1031 HL Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 422 72 33


© Sanne Eekel

© Eppo Karsijns - Red Pixl Media

© Eppo Karsijns - Red Pixl Media

we design, engineer,

and supervise

the realisation of climate

friendly buildings.


© Eppo Karsijns - Red Pixl Media


A new era has already begun

Construction, one of the world’s largest industries and leading causes

of climate change, stands on the verge of profound transformation.

Carbon-negative biofibers will replace the emission-intensive

construction materials of today. Among the structural biofibers,

bamboo is king.

At CASSA (www.cassa.com.gt/en), we use this amazing material

to build homes, schools, temples, clinics and even shopping malls -

for different budgets, tastes and microclimates. We’ve also helped

climate vulnerable communities establish bamboo plantations, training

them in harvesting and construction - a wonderful experience that earned CASSA the honor

of hosting the 2023 World Bamboo Workshop in October (www.worldbambooworkshop.com)

CASSA Clima, an affiliate, is creating world’s highest-quality nature-based carbon offsets,

allowing companies and individuals to reach Net-Zero goals, while investing in the resilience

and development of climate-smart communities in Central America. Our carbon offsets are:

• Compliant with Core Carbon Principles from the ICVCM

• Community-owned agroforestry bamboo plantations (Asper, Guadua, Verticillata)

on degraded lands

• Fully-transparent and verifiable on-demand through cutting-edge dMRV

• SDG-centric, contributing powerfully to biodiversity, gender equality, food security

and job creation

• Opportunity for future-purchase contracts of the raw material once it matures.

Europe is already leading the way, showing the world the great potential of engineered biofibers

in construction. Central America is perfectly suited to become the world’s biofiber basket.

The best time to plant bamboo was 5 years ago. The second best time is right now.

Contact us at clima@cassa.com.gt and let's build the future together.



National Bamboo is triple bottom line company focused on un-locking the value of timber bamboo in America.

Based out of North Carolina, the company offers a range of products that cater to a variety of markets and end

uses including engineered woods, tissue paper, food products and now living soils featuring bamboo biochar.

National Bamboo owns the largest production supply of Phyllotachys Nigra Henon “Giant Gray” plantlets from

tissue culture for industrial cultivation. The company also offers agricultural consulting and planting services,

bamboo harvesting and brokering, and land brokerage services for investors interested in starting their own

bamboo plantations.

Additionally, National Bamboo has a strong focus on agritourism, eco-retreats, and experiential education.

The company hosts workshops, tours, and events that showcase the benefits of bamboo and regenerative

agriculture practices. Overall, National Bamboo is a company that stands out in its commitment to

sustainability and regenerative practices. Its closed-loop business model, range of products and services, and

focus on education and community engagement make it an exciting and innovative player in the agriculture

and eco-tourism industries in the United States.




Dortmund 2030: circular economy for the global common good

The project “Dortmund 2030: circular economy for the

global common good” (DoCircular2030) was initiated by

the Economic Development Agency Dortmund. The project

aims to create new partnerships and structures to transform

the local economy in Dortmund from a linear into a circular

economy according to the principles of Doughnut Economics.

In cooperation with partners from science, industry, civil

society and politics DoCircular2030 will create a vision

for this transformation. The concept will focus on three

value chains: circular buildings, circular food and circular

electronics. Each value chain will be looked at from various

R-perspectives: rethink, reduce, reuse, repair and recycle.

The project aims to involve a wide target audience: from

private and public businesses, consumers, academia, to

public services. At the end of the first phase DoCircular2030

will define work packages for the three value chains which

will include tangible indicators and measures for circularity

in Dortmund. The concept will address the Sustainable

Development Goals (SDGs) and the Germany Sustainability

Strategy (DNS).

Associated partners of DoCircular2030 are the registered

association “Bewusst wie e.V”, the Chamber of Commerce

in Dortmund, the UNESCO chair of the TU Dortmund and

the registered association “Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie Ennepe,

Ruhr & Wupper e.V. (Regionalgruppe Dortmund)”.

DoCircular2030 was started at the behest of the Federal

Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action of

Germany as part of the funding programme “Zukunft


For more information:

DoZirkulär2030 | Wirtschaftsförderung Dortmund




Monetize your knowledge

with interactive online-teaching

Ulla and Silvia are deeply devoted to EMPOWER PEOPLE to spread their knowledge and monetize their wisdom - for the

benefit of all Stakeholders & Nature!

“We are optimists by profession! We believe that many small steps by many small people can make a huge difference. We

empower one client at a time. And then the online courses and the internet are the multiplication lever with enormous

efficiency. Simplicity, joy and appreciation are our strategy and core values for success and for a happy everyday life.”

Ulla and Silvia believe that the informal knowledge of the smart and experienced practitioners all over the world is badly

needed to let the necessary changes happen. And that those practitioners should earn the credits for their wisdom, not the

foreigners. This is why they started their offer.

The bundle of these two successful and dedicated women offers a step-by-step process for interested clients. This allows

practitioners to find out, if online-courses are right for them, if they have the skills to get started and how to fund the

process from start to first online sale.

Silvia Streifel

• Founder of the Podcast „GRÜNER GEHT IMMER“

• Natural Scientist

• Expert for Adult Education with strong Competencies in

Communication, Methodology and Didactics.

• Expert for Online Marketing.

Ulla Schuch

• Founder of the German Garden Academy, Experts in

Design, Sustainability and Education.

• Former Professor for Urban Open Spaces in the

International Master Program ‘Urban Agglomerations’

at the University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt

• Certified E-Learning Expert from the Goethe University


• Project Financing and Development of Social Education

Projects and Voluntary Services on behalf of the

German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and


• Founder and Board Member of the NGO AFIZ Academy

for International Cooperation; Sponsor/Organizer of the

European Bamboo Expo


Contact: ulla@deutschegartenakademie.de deutschegartenakademie.de silvia-streifel.de



The print magazine forum

Nachhaltig Wirtschaften is

read by executives in business

and politics.

Together with the online

platform www.forum-csr.net

it is the standard source of

information on sustainability

and corporate responsibility in

the German-speaking world.

Take advantage of the reach

and high standards of forum.

Just scan QR code for

your free copy of our


We support you with forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften as a strong and competent media partner and offer

attractive packages and special conditions for a successful promotion of your events. We can support you

with a German version of our print magazine (quarterly; circulation 25,000) as well as with our online portal

www.forum-csr.net (over 20,000 visitors per month) and our weekly newsletter (8,800 subscribers) and in

our social media channels.

From "save the date" to "last minute"-reminders, we can respond to your wishes at any time. Our spectrum

ranges from entries in our online schedule and banners to inserts and advertisements in our print magazine.

In addition, we offer services such as offprints, program booklet, moderation of your event or keynotes and

lectures. Within the framework of a partnership, we provide you with free magazines for your participants in

print or digital.

Fritz Lietsch

Social entrepreneur with foresight

Consultant and moderator with insight

Publisher with a perspective

„Let us transform our visions for a

change of society‘s values into reality.“

Contact: email: fritz.lietsch@forum-csr.net, phone: +49 (0) 89 / 74 66 12 41, mobile: +49 (0) 171 211 88 84




World Bamboo Organization

The World Bamboo Organization is a diverse group consisting of

individual people, commercial businesses, non-profit associations,

institutions, and allied trade companies that all share a common interest:

bamboo. The purpose of the WBO is to improve and promote this

common interest, as well as the conditions affecting, and the industry

surrounding, this common interest. We are dedicated to promoting the

sustainable use of bamboo and bamboo products for the sake of the

environment and economies.

The WBO believes the world needs to plant bamboo to clean the air,

reduce erosion, build soil, store carbon, mitigate climate change,

provide jobs to reduce poverty, and provide nutritious food to reduce

hunger. We believe the world

needs to plant bamboo to

yield fiber and timber to

create sustainable products

and cities, for clean energy,



WBO is a non-profit, nongovernmental


headquartered in the United

States. Membership is

free; everyone is welcome!

The only requirement for

membership is signing up

to receive e-news. The

WBO Corporate Partnership

program is open to

companies who share our

mission. The cost is minimal.

The benefits include website

linkage, collaboration and

being a part of the larger

global community.

Join the World Bamboo

Organization and help us

promote bamboo globally.

Celebrate World Bamboo

Day on 18 September, be

in Guatemala for hands- on

learning and building at

the 5th World Bamboo

Workshop this coming

October and participate in an

amazing event in Taiwan in

April 2023: the 12th World

Bamboo Congress!





Fred Hornaday has been an active player in

the bamboo industry for more than 15 years.

From 2006 until 2020, he owned and operated

California’s first all-bamboo boutique, Bambu Batu.

For the last three years, Fred has been working

with bamboo growers and producers all around

the world to help promote the cultivation and

utilization of bamboo for all its many benefits. He

also works for Planboo, a Swedish-based company

that specializes in carbon removal through tropical

biochar production and carbon credit financing.





Our environment is changing. This challenge holds a massive opportunity to improve the

lives of millions of people. Not only do buildings account for over 35% of all greenhouse gas

emissions. Energy inefficiency of buildings, poor waste and water management is adding

to the problem. We believe in climate action by Design. The Design of Everything. From

a brick to complete infrastructure elements and Climate Compatible Architecture, like the

one designed by our partner Löffler Schmeling Architekten, is a major part.

Historically we focused on the footprint of operating buildings, however, projections show

that we cannot build resilience without addressing embodied carbon, the energy and

also resources we use to produce things. Repurposing space, materials, adaptive and

reuse strategies and also extending the life of existing structures by easy renovation and

retrofitting is an important part, as over two-thirds of the buildings that exist today will still

be in use in 2050.

© frogeex,

Löffler Schmeling Architekten and


Being Connected to Nature, means for us using Natural Resources

most Efficiently & Wisely. We are all part of One Interconnected

Ecosystem. Whether it is your Home, Business, City or Community.

We help stakeholders discover and access efficient and eco-logical

solutions and partners locally and internationally to realize their ideas

or to get the right information, so their business becomes sustainable

and viable for the future.

Frogeex is the marketplace that brings tradition and innovation

together. One such exciting discovery is the remarkable potential

of bamboo, an ecological material excellent for Hybrid or Complete

Buildings, offering alternatives to conventional materials and a range

of positive environmental impacts.

Explore our community of experts with solutions all around

green construction, resources, efficiency, materials, biodiversity,

regeneration and many more areas enabling a thriving livelihood on

this planet.

Would you like join our network or you got curious about what is

out there?

Get more details at www.frogeex.com

© frogeex,

Löffler Schmeling Architekten and


© frogeex,

Löffler Schmeling Architekten and


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Epilogue by the ORGANISERS

Were you able to perceive the enthusiasm of those involved? Did you take away

positive impulses, ideas or new perspectives? What is your personal conclusion?

Do you want to participate in or helping to shape the European Bamboo Expo 2024?

We look forward to receiving your feedback at iraklis@weproductions.net

The digital follow-up event DEUTSCHE BAMBUSTAGE 2023 will take place as usual

in digital form and in English in autumn 2023. Here we will give you and all those

who could not attend this Expo time and space to get to know each other, to

exchange ideas, and to initiate cooperation.

Planning for the next EUROPEAN BAMBOO EXPO 2024 is also already in progress.

Thank you very much for your enriching visit!

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