The Crimson White: Horizons Summer 2023

Welcome to the Capstone. The Crimson White is the University of Alabama’s student newspaper, and Horizons is your guide to life on campus. Learn about notable Alabama alumni, important campus landmarks, how to tackle your move-in day and more.

Welcome to the Capstone. The Crimson White is the University of Alabama’s student newspaper, and Horizons is your guide to life on campus. Learn about notable Alabama alumni, important campus landmarks, how to tackle your move-in day and more.


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Our View<br />


<strong>The</strong> <strong>Crimson</strong> <strong>White</strong><br />

Editorial Board<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>2023</strong>-2024 school year is just<br />

around the corner.<br />

This time is jam-packed with orientation,<br />

shopping for school supplies and even<br />

figuring out game day outfits for football.<br />

But, as you embark on this new journey,<br />

it’s important to know that you have more<br />

power than you think. It’s easy, on a campus<br />

as large as this, to feel overwhelmed<br />

and to not know how you can make a lasting<br />

impact on the University.<br />

As new students, you’ll be almost immediately<br />

immersed into a dozen new experiences,<br />

some you never saw coming. Some<br />

will be stellar, others not so much.<br />

That’s where <strong>The</strong> <strong>Crimson</strong> <strong>White</strong> comes<br />

in. <strong>The</strong> CW’s purpose is to inform students<br />

and to engage them with parts of the University<br />

they may not have known about.<br />

Your story is just as important as the thousands<br />

of stories that have come before<br />

yours. Don’t be afraid to begin sharing it.<br />

When times get tough on campus, remember<br />

that you have the power to do<br />

You have the power, use it<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Crimson</strong> <strong>White</strong> Editorial Board consists of Editor-in-Chief Ashlee Woods;<br />

Managing Editor Carson Lott; Engagement Editor Ronni Rowan;<br />

Opinions Editor Victor Hagan; and DEI Chairperson Jeffrey Kelly.<br />

something about any problem you may<br />

come across. Challenge the status quo and<br />

become the change you want to see.<br />

With that being said, we know enacting<br />

change is easier said than done. <strong>The</strong>re are<br />

so many students on this campus who<br />

seek its betterment but lack the resources<br />

or community to make it happen. <strong>The</strong> CW<br />

is here to help fill in those gaps in information<br />

and support those students through<br />

our reporting.<br />

However, if we as a newspaper publish<br />

something you don’t agree with; speak up.<br />

It’s your First Amendment right to do so.<br />

<strong>The</strong> CW represents the student body, so it<br />

is our job to ensure we’re telling readers<br />

complete and accurate information.<br />

<strong>The</strong> CW is a medium for rigorous debate<br />

and factual reporting on our surroundings.<br />

We seek the truth in all things, and in doing<br />

so, <strong>The</strong> CW hopes to connect students,<br />

both new and returning, to the ever-evolving<br />

Tuscaloosa and University communities.<br />

It’s essential to note that while striving<br />

to connect with other students and<br />

the Tuscaloosa community or working to<br />

make a change on campus, your overall<br />

well-being is just as important.<br />

We at the CW understand just how hard<br />

it is to step into a new environment. You<br />

can’t fill from an empty cup, so don’t try<br />

to. Take the steps necessary to protect your<br />

peace, find your people and who you are as<br />

you navigate this new chapter.<br />

Your first year at the Capstone is going<br />

to be packed with information, events, fun<br />

and even some homework too. Don’t be<br />

afraid to make the most of even the most<br />

mundane things. Those can be the memories<br />

that last you a lifetime.<br />

Welcome to the University, class of 2027.<br />

We can’t wait to see what you do with your<br />

newfound power and freedom.<br />

To read the complete version, please visit<br />

thecrimsonwhite.com.<br />

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As a student at <strong>The</strong> University of Alabama,<br />

you will grow accustomed<br />

to using Dining Dollars and Bama Cash,<br />

which are funds intended to supplement<br />

the dining needs of the students<br />

on campus.<br />

Both accounts are available on your<br />

electronic ACT Card, making purchases<br />

on campus as simple as tapping your<br />

phone. Although new students frequently<br />

conflate them, the two funds can each<br />

be used in quite different ways.<br />

Dining Dollars are automatic, mandatory<br />

funds charged to student accounts<br />

for all students enrolled in nine or more<br />

credit hours. At the beginning of the fall<br />

and spring semesters, students receive<br />

$350, while summer students receive<br />

$100.<br />

Dining Dollars are not reloadable; if<br />

the money runs out before the end of<br />

the semester, there’s no way to add more<br />

until it is reloaded next semester.<br />

This money can be spent at any of the<br />

Bama Dining options on campus as well<br />

News<br />

as on-campus vending machines. <strong>The</strong>re<br />

are a growing number of off-campus<br />

dining options that accept Dining Dollars,<br />

but they’re fewer than those that<br />

accept Bama Cash.<br />


A guide to Bama Cash and Dining Dollars<br />

Makayla Maxwell<br />

Contributing Writer<br />

Raelee Sents<br />

Staff Reporter<br />

CW/ Shelby West<br />

For students at <strong>The</strong> University of Alabama<br />

who own cars, purchasing a<br />

parking permit is often high on their to-do<br />

list before arriving on campus.<br />

Students registered for the fall semester<br />

will receive their registration time and date<br />

via their <strong>Crimson</strong> email. Those who registered<br />

prior to July 15 will have to wait until<br />

their registration window to purchase a<br />

parking permit.<br />

Students who registered for the fall semester<br />

after July 15 are required only to<br />

wait 24 hours after registration to purchase<br />

their permit.<br />

To register for a parking permit, students<br />

can log into their myBama account and go<br />

to “Campus Services” in the “Student” tab.<br />

Students will be prompted to enter an<br />

address or choose to have their permit<br />

mailed to the Transportation Services office.<br />

Students who opt to have their permit<br />

mailed to the Transportation Services<br />

office will receive a notification via their<br />

<strong>Crimson</strong> email when their permit has arrived.<br />

Payment for a student’s parking permit<br />

will be billed to the individual’s student account,<br />

accessible via myBama.<br />

Residential permits purchased in the fall<br />

cost $400. Students may also purchase permits<br />

at a lower rate in the spring and summer.<br />

Each type grants access to different<br />

zones for the entire academic year.<br />

Students may receive a full refund for<br />

purchased permits if it’s returned to Parking<br />

Services within ten business days of<br />

the purchase date. Permits purchased before<br />

Aug. 17 must be returned within ten<br />

business days of the first day of class.<br />

Students living on campus have the option<br />

of purchasing a yellow, orange, silver<br />

or tan residential permit. <strong>The</strong> color of your<br />

permit corresponds to the area a student is<br />

living for the school year.<br />

A full interactive map of student parking<br />

zones can be found on the University’s<br />

If you do not spend all $350 during the<br />

fall semester, the remaining funds will<br />

roll over into the spring semester. At the<br />

end of the spring semester, you may request<br />

a refund of any remaining Dining<br />

Dollars. Otherwise, the remaining funds<br />

will transfer into your Bama Cash account.<br />

Bama Cash is more flexible than Dining<br />

Dollars. Unlike Dining Dollars, it is<br />

optional, and you or an authorized user<br />

on your account can add money to this<br />

account through the eAccounts app or<br />

website throughout the semester for you<br />

to use at many restaurants and other<br />

businesses around Tuscaloosa.<br />

All businesses that accept Dining Dollars<br />

will accept Bama Cash, so if you run<br />

out of the former, you can pay in Bama<br />

Cash instead.<br />

But it’s not just for food; from grocery<br />

stores to mail services, over 100 locations<br />

around the city and campus will<br />

accept Bama Cash as payment. One of<br />

the most important uses is the laundry<br />

facilities in residence halls, which accept<br />

payment only in Bama Cash.<br />

Like Dining Dollars, your Bama Cash<br />

balance at the end of the semester will<br />

roll over into the next.<br />

Refund request forms are available for<br />

unused funds in either account. Dining<br />

Dollar exemption requests are also available<br />

for students who wish to opt out.<br />

To read the complete version, please visit<br />

thecrimsonwhite.com.<br />

Solving UA’s parking puzzle<br />

CW / Riley Thompson<br />

website.<br />

With a residential permit, students may<br />

also park in the Student Center, Campus<br />

Drive, Capstone, Magnolia, Stadium<br />

Drive and North ten Hoor parking decks<br />

between 4:30 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. Monday<br />

through Friday.<br />

Students who are certified by the state<br />

of Alabama or their state of residence for<br />

accessible parking receive blue permits.<br />

Individuals must bring the necessary<br />

state-issued documentation to the Transportation<br />

Services office to obtain an Accessible<br />

Permit.<br />

Aside from the reserved lots and Stadium<br />

Drive reserved deck, accessible parking<br />

spaces are located in all parking decks<br />

and in front of certain residence halls like<br />

Ridgecrest West and East<br />

On game days, students with valid permits<br />

can park in certain designated areas<br />

on campus.<br />

Certain lots, such as the triangle lot<br />

across from Tutwiler, must be cleared out<br />

by 5:00 p.m. on Thursdays before home<br />

games.<br />

To read the complete version, please visit<br />

thecrimsonwhite.com.<br />



Maven Navarro<br />

Assistant News Editor<br />

News<br />

Bama businesses every student should know<br />

Shopping<br />

Pants Store<br />

A popular stop for girls going through<br />

Sorority Recruitment, this store has you<br />

covered for any clothing you need. Pants<br />

Store also has a large men’s selection.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y are known for carrying brands<br />

such as Hoka, Queen of Sparkles, Capri<br />

Blue and Old Row. <strong>The</strong> store also boasts<br />

a large selection of game day attire.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re are six storefront locations across<br />

Alabama.<br />

Ernest and Hadley Booksellers<br />

Ernest and Hadley Booksellers is known<br />

as “Tuscaloosa’s Indie Bookstore.” Located<br />

in the heart of downtown in a historic<br />

house, Ernest and Hadley is a go-to<br />

spot for everybody’s reading needs. <strong>The</strong><br />

shop also frequently hosts authors to<br />

do readings and book signings.<br />

Restaurants<br />

Buffalo Phil’s<br />

Buffalo Phil’s is a popular restaurant<br />

among students, partially because of<br />

its location on the Strip within walking<br />

distance from campus. It takes Dining<br />

Dollars and Bama Cash. Some must-try<br />

menu items are the buffalo chicken dip,<br />

mac and cheese bites, and wings.<br />

Dreamland<br />

Dreamland BBQ was first built in Tuscaloosa<br />

in 1958. Since then, it has opened<br />

11 locations across the South. <strong>The</strong><br />

restaurant is known for its famous ribs<br />

but also has multiple side and dessert<br />

options that are sure to leave you satisfied.<br />

Coffee<br />

Strange Brew<br />

Although it started in Starkville, Mississippi,<br />

Strange Brew has quickly become<br />

a favorite for students at the University.<br />

With hours from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.,<br />

students can get much-needed coffee<br />

for their late-night and early-morning<br />

studying all in one place.<br />

Turbo (2010 8th St.)<br />

Turbo is known for its specialty drinks,<br />

such as the cinnamon toast latte and<br />

the cocoa puff latte. For those who are<br />

not coffee lovers, Turbo also serves inhouse<br />

cold-pressed juices, açaí bowls<br />

and superfood smoothies.<br />

Heritage House<br />

Started in 1993, Heritage House was<br />

the first coffeehouse to come to Tuscaloosa.<br />

While Heritage House has<br />

multiple roasts of coffee from all over<br />

the world, it also serves breakfast and<br />

lunch, which students at the Capstone<br />

frequently rave about.<br />

To read the complete version, please visit<br />

thecrimsonwhite.com.<br />

Strange Brew Coffeehouse, a relatively new business in Tuscaloosa, is one<br />

of the many businesses that sit along <strong>The</strong> Strip. (CW / Natalie Teat)

Jacob Ritondo<br />

Assistant News Editor<br />

News<br />


Say hello to the Capstone’s newest deans<br />

<strong>The</strong> start of the <strong>2023</strong>-2024 academic year marks the arrival of new deans to three colleges.<br />

Julie Sanford William Brewbaker III Tiffany Sippial<br />

Julie Sanford will become the dean of<br />

the Capstone College of Nursing on Aug. 1.<br />

Sanford served as a dean and teacher at the<br />

School of Nursing at the University of Mississippi<br />

Medical Center in Jackson for four<br />

years.<br />

According to Jim Dalton, executive vice<br />

president and provost for <strong>The</strong> University of<br />

Alabama, research funding for the Mississippi<br />

college quadrupled and enrollment<br />

increased 35% during Sanford’s tenure.<br />

Replacing former School of Law Dean<br />

Mark Brandon is William Brewbaker III.<br />

Brewbaker brings years of law experience<br />

to his new position. He practiced law in Birmingham<br />

from 1986 to 1992 and has taught<br />

at the UA School of Law full-time since<br />

1993, Dalton said.<br />

He will begin his tenure July 10.<br />

Photos / UA News<br />

Tiffany Sippial will begin serving as the<br />

dean of the Honors College on July 5, nearly<br />

a year after Tara Williams resigned.<br />

Sippial served as director of the Honors<br />

College at Auburn University for five years.<br />

In 2019, Sippial received membership in the<br />

Auburn University Global Teaching Academy.<br />

In April, Sippial earned the university’s<br />

Inclusive Excellence Award for her efforts in<br />

diversity, equity and inclusion.<br />




STUFF.<br />


OF STUFF.<br />

For all the things you wish you had and all the<br />

things you forgot, we’re Tuscaloosa’s go-to place for<br />

shopping.<br />

Shop Belk Women, Belk Men, Kids and<br />

Home, JCPenney, Café Court and the best<br />

selection of specialty stores, all under one<br />

roof!<br />

1701 McFarland Blvd East<br />

Shop Mon-Thurs 10am-7pm, Fri-Sat 10am-8pm,<br />

Sunday 1pm-5:30pm<br />



CAMPUS<br />

MAIL<br />


Your hub for sending and receiving<br />

student mail.<br />



• Ship packages as early as June 1 but no later than July 22<br />

• We accept trackable packages from DHL, FedEx, UPS and the<br />

US Postal Service<br />

• We do not accept freight shipments, Shipt, local same-day<br />

delivery drops off or non-trackable packages<br />

• Combine shipments whenever possible<br />

• Students must present their ACT card when picking up movein<br />

packages, which they will transport to their residence<br />


• How to address packages to<br />

ensure deliverability<br />

• What carriers we accept<br />

• Package size restrictions<br />

• Other move-in tips<br />


Student Center,<br />

directly across<br />

from Supe Store<br />


Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.<br />

(Except during University closings and holidays)<br />

campusmail.ua.edu | studentmail@ua.edu | 205-348-7807

Orry Cantrell<br />

Contributing Writer<br />

he University of Alabama is widely<br />

Tknown for having one of the most<br />

dedicated fan bases in the country. As Alabama<br />

fans know best, their passion for the<br />

Tide is part of who they are, from head to<br />

toe.<br />

Alabama fans feel optimistic toward<br />

their teams, and in almost every sport,<br />

anything but a win is a letdown. In recent<br />

years, the success of the <strong>Crimson</strong> Tide in a<br />

variety of sports has raised the standard to<br />

a tremendously high level.<br />

“We have gotten to a point now where<br />

winning is expected,” said Nick Ballard, a<br />

UA senior majoring in kinesiology and lifelong<br />

<strong>Crimson</strong> Tide fan. “Anything less than<br />

a championship [is] ridiculed.”<br />

This expectation to win means no<br />

off-season for Alabama fans. Even when<br />

their teams are taking time off, the fan<br />

base is still locked in. As soon as the season<br />

ends, fans are looking at potential recruits<br />

and lineups as excitement begins to<br />

build for what the future may hold.<br />

<strong>The</strong> fans’ high standards for their teams<br />

are all out of love for the <strong>Crimson</strong> Tide.<br />

Sports<br />

What makes an Alabama fan?<br />

When it comes to college fan bases, the<br />

loyalty of Alabama fans stands tall above<br />

the rest. Supporting their team is more<br />

than just a hobby or pastime; it’s a lifestyle.<br />

ESPN’s famous “Roll Tide” commercial in<br />

2010 was meant to satirize how often Alabama<br />

fans utter the famous phrase. However,<br />

anyone who has lived in Alabama or<br />

spent time in Tuscaloosa knows that the<br />

commercial is not too far from reality.<br />

Whether they’re from the Yellowhammer<br />

State, a Southern neighbor, or even<br />

the North, Alabama fans everywhere know<br />

Tuscaloosa is a special place. Being born<br />

and raised in Alabama, though, can cause<br />

it to happen at a very early age.<br />

CW / Shelby West<br />


“For me, it was growing up and watching<br />

my team win,” said Walter Junkin, a<br />

senior marketing major and Alabama<br />

native.<br />

However, as many out-of-state students<br />

and fans around the world will attest, the<br />

culture and atmosphere that surround <strong>The</strong><br />

University of Alabama are infectious. For<br />

people like Jasmine Johnson, a UA alumna<br />

who studied public relations and an Oklahoma<br />

native, the love that they develop for<br />

the <strong>Crimson</strong> Tide and the University stays<br />

with them, no matter where they go.<br />

“It’s hard being back home because people<br />

don’t understand how truly special<br />

game days in Tuscaloosa are,” she said.<br />

According to Sports Illustrated, Alabama<br />

has the eighth-largest fan base in the<br />

country, with around 5.34 million people<br />

making up the <strong>Crimson</strong> Tide faithful. This<br />

large fan base shows up for their team, no<br />

matter the destination.<br />

If the Tide were scheduled to play on<br />

Mars, crimson and white rockets would be<br />

making the trip.<br />

To read the complete version, please visit<br />

thecrimsonwhite.com.<br />


BOOTS,<br />

& HATS<br />

Welcome to<br />

Tuscaloosa!<br />



220 MCFARLAND N BLVD 205 752-2075<br />

Scan for a Visitors Guide and to learn all things<br />

Tuscaloosa! Places to eat, outdoors to explore,<br />

history to learn, and a legendary sports scene<br />

unlike any other. VisitTuscaloosa.com


Ivan Pelley<br />

Contributing Writer<br />

<strong>Crimson</strong> Tide. Roll tide. Bama.<br />

T<strong>The</strong>se phrases all conjure up images<br />

of a single team: Alabama football. <strong>The</strong><br />

University of Alabama has 18 national titles<br />

which is among the most in the nation.<br />

As the fall semester quickly approaches,<br />

however, no fan should turn a blind eye to<br />

the other fall sports at the University, as<br />

well as many club sports.<br />

Soccer<br />

Alabama’s soccer team has achieved<br />

great success over the course of the past<br />

year. Under head coach Wes Hart, the team<br />

saw a national tournament run that ended<br />

in a Final Four defeat to No. 1 UCLA. With<br />

playoff experience under its belt, the team<br />

is looking forward to next season, especially<br />

with standout freshman star Gianna<br />

Paul entering her sophomore season and<br />

award-winning Hart having recently inked<br />

a contract extension.<br />

<strong>The</strong> University of Alabama is a football<br />

school, now by both the American and the<br />

European meaning of the word. With free<br />

admission, the Alabama Soccer Stadium is<br />

Sports<br />

Sports to watch in the fall<br />

a great place for any student to catch a fall<br />

game.<br />

Volleyball<br />

Aside from soccer, the other immediate<br />

draw for sports fans in the fall semester<br />

is the <strong>Crimson</strong> Tide’s volleyball team.<br />

Last year, the team ended the season with<br />

a record of 10-20, but many of the losses<br />

came while the team was playing away<br />

from home. <strong>The</strong> atmosphere in Tuscaloosa<br />

made all the difference: <strong>The</strong> Tide finished<br />

with a 6-6 record at home.<br />

Seeing a match in Foster Auditorium<br />

is a must because, as expected, Alabama<br />

sports fans show up in force for any team<br />

the school has. What’s more, the team’s future<br />

is looking bright. This past season saw<br />

freshman Micah Gryniewicz go down with<br />

an injury early on, but when she did play,<br />

she was exceptional.<br />

Swim and Dive<br />

Alabama’s swimming and diving team<br />

boasts yet another roster filled to the brim<br />

with talent. As the year wrapped up, 11<br />

members of the <strong>Crimson</strong> Tide’s swimming<br />

and diving team (men and women)<br />

were awarded All-SEC honors, and 16 received<br />

All-American recognitions. What’s<br />

more, multiple swimmers received the<br />

national title in their individual competition.<br />

It’s rare to find that much talent at a<br />

single school.<br />

Cross Country<br />

In recent months, Alabama’s cross country<br />

and track team has had a penchant for<br />

record breaking. Over the course of the<br />

past season, multiple athletes have broken<br />

old team records in events ranging from<br />

the hammer to the 200 meter. With such<br />

momentum now, the odds are solid that<br />

any spectator has a chance at seeing history<br />

be made— which is not something that<br />

every college fan can say.<br />

To read the complete version, please visit<br />

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CW / Natalie Teat<br />


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Sports<br />


What to know before your first football game<br />

Dean Harrell<br />

Contributing Writer<br />

CW / Natalie Teat<br />

It’s almost that time of year again in<br />

Tuscaloosa. As the <strong>2023</strong>-2024 football<br />

season approaches, excitement and anticipation<br />

are in the air. As Saturdays at the<br />

Capstone begin to get more hectic, here’s<br />

what to know before setting foot in Bryant-Denny<br />

Stadium.<br />

You may have just selected your first<br />

ticket package and noticed that you are<br />

getting a ticket for only three or four of the<br />

home games. Never fear — you can still get<br />

tickets for the games not included in your<br />

package.<br />

“As a freshman, you’re only able to get a<br />

ticket for about half of the games,” sophomore<br />

mechanical engineering major Brody<br />

Bell said. “<strong>The</strong> ticket lottery gives you the<br />

opportunity to go to games you don’t get<br />

tickets to and release tickets for games<br />

that you’re not able to go to, in order to give<br />

other students the chance to go.”<br />

In your myBama account, “myTickets”<br />

houses the ticket lottery and gives you the<br />

option to request a donated ticket. Students<br />

who do not plan on attending the<br />

game can donate their tickets back into<br />

the ticket pool, and they can be picked up<br />

by those who request to have one. Also<br />

within myTickets, you can trade your tickets<br />

or transfer them to other students.<br />

Football is not only a major part of the<br />

culture at <strong>The</strong> University of Alabama, but<br />

in the South in general. Incoming out-ofstate<br />

students, who may be unfamiliar<br />

with SEC football, may be in for a culture<br />

shock.<br />

“Football was definitely bigger here than<br />

where I am from,” junior marketing major<br />

and Maryland native Reagan Powers said.<br />

“I was more into it once I was around people<br />

who were always talking about it and<br />

excited about it.”<br />

Most students from the South agree that<br />

summer weather can be brutal, especially<br />

in August and September.<br />

Fortunately, the stadium allows students<br />

to bring in empty water bottles that can be<br />

filled by cooling stations throughout the<br />

stadium. With temperatures often rising<br />

over 90 degrees, staying hydrated is key, especially<br />

for 11 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. kickoffs.<br />

Getting the entire crowd involved in the<br />

game is what makes being inside the stadium<br />

such an immersive experience despite<br />

the heat.<br />

Whether you get the chance to witness<br />

your first Third Saturday in October game<br />

against Tennessee, participate in singing<br />

“Dixieland Delight,” or stick around for<br />

your first “Rammer Jammer” postgame<br />

chant with the student section, attending<br />

an Alabama football game will stick with<br />

you throughout your entire college experience<br />

at the Capstone.<br />

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Sports<br />

Athletes to watch in <strong>2023</strong>-2024<br />

Ashlee Woods<br />

Editor-in-Chief<br />

<strong>The</strong>re have been some special<br />

athletes that have represented<br />

the crimson and white. But who<br />

should fans keep an eye on this upcoming<br />

year? Here are some names<br />

you need to know as you cheer on<br />

the <strong>Crimson</strong> Tide.<br />

Baseball: Colby Shelton<br />

Infielder Colby Shelton has made<br />

waves in his first year at the Capstone.<br />

Shelton leads the <strong>Crimson</strong><br />

Tide in doubles with 10 on the season<br />

and slugging percentage at .678. <strong>The</strong><br />

Lithia, Florida, product has also hit<br />

16 home runs, which is the freshman<br />

single-season record at the University.<br />

Shelton has also earned the honors<br />

of SEC Freshman of the Week, College<br />

Baseball Newspaper National Player<br />

of the Week and SEC Extra Player of<br />

the Week.<br />

Men’s Basketball: Rylan Griffen<br />

<strong>The</strong> men’s basketball team had its<br />

fair share of impactful freshmen in<br />

the 2022-23 season, and guard Rylan<br />

Griffen was one of those. Griffen,<br />

who is originally from Dallas, Texas,<br />

appeared in all 37 games Alabama<br />

played this past season. Coming off<br />

the bench, Griffen averaged 5.9 points<br />

and 2.6 rebounds per game. Griffen<br />

scored in double figures eight times<br />

last season.<br />

Women’s Basketball: Essence Cody<br />

Incoming forward Essence Cody<br />

has big shoes to fill after former center<br />

Jada Rice graduated this spring.<br />

However, the Valdosta, Georgia, native<br />

adds some much-needed depth to the<br />

forward position. Cody was named the<br />

No. 1 post player in Georgia in 2022<br />

and is a five-star recruit, according to<br />

ESPNW. She is also a <strong>2023</strong> McDonald’s<br />

All-American.<br />

Football: Malachi Moore<br />

Defensive back Malachi Moore has<br />

been a staple in the <strong>Crimson</strong> Tide’s defense<br />

since his freshman year in 2020.<br />

<strong>The</strong> senior from Trussville, Alabama,<br />

recorded 31 tackles and 1.5 sacks<br />

during the 2022 season. He earned the<br />

Dixie Howell Memorial award, given<br />

to the MVP of the A-Day game, this<br />

past spring. During the annual A-Day<br />

Game, he recorded nine tackles, three<br />

tackles for loss and one pass breakup.<br />

Gymnastics: Luisa Blanco<br />

Luisa Blanco — one of the most talented<br />

gymnasts to wear the crimson<br />

and white — will return for her fifth<br />

season in Coleman Coliseum. Blanco<br />

was the cornerstone of the gymnastics<br />

team in <strong>2023</strong>, earning several<br />

accolades. <strong>The</strong> Dallas, Texas, native<br />

finished second at the NCAA championships<br />

in April on the uneven bars.<br />

Blanco also has the most perfect 10s<br />

on the balance beam in program history,<br />

with four. She also made her third<br />

consecutive All-SEC team in <strong>2023</strong> and<br />

was a second-team All-American in<br />

the all-around as well.<br />

Soccer: Gianna Paul<br />

<strong>The</strong> 2022 Alabama soccer team included<br />

some of the most talented<br />

players the program has ever seen.<br />

Among those players is forward Gianna<br />

Paul. During her first season,<br />

Paul finished 10th in the nation in<br />

goals scored by freshmen with eight<br />

goals. One of those goals was the<br />

game-winning goal against then-No. 8<br />

BYU, which began a run of 16 straight<br />

wins. Paul was named the 2022 SEC<br />

Freshman of the Year and was named<br />

to the All-SEC team and the SEC’s<br />

All-Freshman team.<br />

Softball: Kenleigh Cahalan<br />

<strong>The</strong> 2022 Alabama Miss Softball<br />

has been one of the most consistent<br />

hitters on the Alabama softball<br />

team. Kenleigh Cahalan started all 55<br />

games, mainly at the shortstop position,<br />

in her first season in Tuscaloosa.<br />

Cahalan began her career with the<br />

<strong>Crimson</strong> Tide on a 14-game hitting<br />

streak, which is the longest streak<br />

from a freshman.<br />

Women’s Swimming: Avery Wiseman<br />

Avery Wiseman finished a freshman<br />

campaign full of accolades in 2022.<br />

Wiseman was a part of the 200-medley<br />

relay team that won gold at the 2022<br />

SEC championship. That team also set<br />

an SEC and SEC championship record<br />

with a time of 1:33.94. Wiseman also<br />

broke program records in the 100 and<br />

200 breaststroke.<br />

Photos / CW Archive<br />



Beyond<br />

a home away from home.<br />

We know that there’s more to student accounts than just<br />

convenience- Bryant Bank is here to help guide students<br />

through their financial journey. Not only do we offer mobile<br />

banking and person to person payments, when our students<br />

need a little extra guidance, we’re always here when they<br />

need us.<br />

That’s who we are – focused on your individual needs and<br />

committed to success through strong personal relationships.<br />

That kind of one-to-one connection might not be what you’d<br />

expect from a bank, but it’s exactly what you can expect from<br />

us. Banking beyond expectation.<br />



Culture<br />

A student signs up to join one of the many clubs offered at UA at Get On Board Day. (CW/ Caroline Simmons)<br />

Finding your people: clubs anyone can join<br />

McKenzie Knight and<br />

Gabriella Puccio-Johnson<br />

Contributing Writers<br />

on a campus as large as this, it can<br />

be difficult to find a place to belong.<br />

Luckily for UA students, the University<br />

offers many resources students can use<br />

to find the club they are looking for.<br />

mySOURCE is a website with information<br />

on all registered student organizations<br />

at the University. <strong>The</strong> database is<br />

in alphabetical order and organizations<br />

must update their information every<br />

year.<br />

On Aug. 31, over 600 student organizations<br />

will set up tables on the Quad<br />

for Get On Board Day, an event where<br />

students can peruse different clubs and<br />

snag free merchandise from their tables.<br />

At the University, students can get involved<br />

in a wide variety of clubs.<br />

Academic Organizations<br />

If you are on the hunt for academic<br />

organizations, you are in luck. <strong>The</strong> University<br />

offers over 100 academic clubs.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re are freshman honor societies<br />

such as Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda<br />

Delta, and the National Society of Collegiate<br />

Scholars.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re are also societies for certain<br />

majors like Tau Beta Pi, an engineering<br />

honors society; Sigma Tau Delta, the international<br />

English honors society; and<br />

Alpha Phi Sigma, a criminal justice honors<br />

society.<br />

14<br />

Recreational Clubs<br />

If you are looking to try something<br />

new and fun, there are plenty of recreational<br />

clubs here at the University.<br />

<strong>Crimson</strong> Clay is focused on bringing students<br />

together to appreciate ceramics,<br />

while the <strong>Crimson</strong> Car Club welcomes<br />

all car enthusiasts.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re are a few dance clubs, ranging<br />

from K-pop to hip-hop. Some host<br />

classes for students to engage in different<br />

dance styles, while others are more<br />

competitive and allow students to compete<br />

outside of the University.<br />

With such a variety of clubs for students<br />

of all ages to join, it is easy to find<br />

a community on this campus.<br />

University Programs<br />

University Programs has an Instagram<br />

account that advertises fun events for<br />

students, especially freshmen, to meet<br />

one another. Previously, University Programs<br />

has brought concerts to campus,<br />

such as the singer-songwriter Daya last<br />

fall, hosted movie nights, held networking<br />

events and much more.<br />

Regardless of your academic or recreational<br />

interests, there will be something<br />

for you to engage in at the University.<br />

Just keep an open mind and an<br />

enthusiasm to try new things. Having a<br />

support system, however large or small,<br />

will help make the transition between<br />

high school and college much easier.<br />

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thecrimsonwhite.com.<br />


Alabama<br />

Concrete<br />

Canoe<br />

Club<br />

UA<br />

Democrats<br />

National<br />

Society of<br />

Black<br />

Engineers<br />

<strong>Crimson</strong><br />

Clay<br />

Tide<br />

Against<br />

Time<br />

Phi<br />

Eta<br />

Sigma<br />

Black<br />

Student<br />

Union<br />

UA<br />

Republicans<br />

<strong>Crimson</strong><br />

Car<br />

Club<br />

CW / Natalie Marburger

Culture<br />


<strong>The</strong> CW’s favorite restaurants in Tuscaloosa<br />

CW Staff<br />

Photos by Natalie Teat<br />

With the fall semester<br />

right around<br />

the corner, new students<br />

can look forward<br />

to exploring Tuscaloosa<br />

and enjoying all it has to<br />

offer. With various local<br />

businesses, shops, bars<br />

and restaurants, there<br />

are places for everyone<br />

to check out. <strong>The</strong> <strong>Crimson</strong><br />

<strong>White</strong>’s editorial<br />

staff has compiled a list<br />

of our favorite restaurants<br />

in Tuscaloosa for<br />

new students, so we<br />

have a guide to some of<br />

the best spots to eat in<br />

town.<br />

Moe’s Original BBQ Sitar of India Pyros<br />

Moe’s Original BBQ is a staple<br />

in downtown Tuscaloosa.<br />

Not only does the restaurant<br />

offer delicious BBQ and<br />

all the sides, but it also doubles<br />

as a local bar at night.<br />

This food chain was originally<br />

founded by three Alabama<br />

alumni. <strong>The</strong>ir website<br />

states that the founders “instantly<br />

became friends and<br />

had a mutual interest in all<br />

things Southern: BBQ, blues,<br />

college football, and whiskey.”<br />

Moe’s Original BBQ is a<br />

great spot for dinner and a<br />

fun night out.<br />

Savannah Ichikawa<br />

Culture Editor<br />

Sitar of India is a quaint<br />

and cozy Indian restaurant<br />

on 15th Street, close<br />

to Midtown Village. It features<br />

some fantastic Indian<br />

curries, biryani and<br />

some amazing house-baked<br />

breads, all with the freshest<br />

ingredients. In addition to<br />

the wide range of entrees,<br />

Sitar of India also offers authentic<br />

Madras<br />

chicory coffee, chai and<br />

sweet desserts.<br />

Carson Lott<br />

Managing Editor<br />

Pyros is a build-yourown<br />

pizza restaurant that<br />

also offers incredible already-styled<br />

options. Originally<br />

from Memphis, the<br />

restaurant has become a<br />

Tuscaloosa favorite thanks<br />

to its barbecue, Sun &<br />

Shade, and Honey It’s Hot<br />

pizzas. While you’re there,<br />

don’t forget to try the sweet<br />

bites for dessert.<br />

Abby McCreary<br />

Sports Editor<br />

Swen<br />

Glory Bound<br />

Gyro Co.<br />

Antojitos Izcalli<br />

Taco Mama<br />

Swen is the one of the best<br />

Chinese restaurants in town.<br />

Located on the Strip, it features<br />

classic Chinese dishes<br />

and a few house specials.<br />

It’s the perfect place to go<br />

for a nice quiet evening with<br />

friends, not to mention the<br />

fact that it accepts both Dining<br />

Dollars and Bama Cash.<br />

Victor Hagan<br />

Opinions Editor<br />

Glory Bound Gyro Co. is the<br />

perfect spot for lunch or dinner,<br />

and with its location right<br />

on the strip, you can’t miss it.<br />

With a wide-ranging menu of<br />

gyros, pizzas, salads, and craft<br />

beers and drinks, there is<br />

something for everyone. Not<br />

only is it a delicious place to<br />

eat but it also accepts Dining<br />

Dollars, Bama Cash and features<br />

weekly specials, making<br />

it even easier for UA students<br />

to afford.<br />

Savannah Ichikawa<br />

Culture Editor<br />

Antojitos Izcalli, which lies<br />

off Hargrove Road East near<br />

Snow Hinton Park, offers a<br />

wide variety of authentic<br />

Mexican cuisine. Diners can<br />

try tortas, tacos, different<br />

types of aguas frescas, and<br />

more. It also sits next door<br />

to a store that sells fresh<br />

produce, Mexican grocery<br />

products, and paletas to<br />

take home with you.<br />

Ethan Henry<br />

News Editor<br />

Taco Mama is located on University<br />

Boulevard between<br />

the Strip and downtown<br />

Tuscaloosa. <strong>The</strong> restaurant<br />

features outdoor and indoor<br />

seating and is known for<br />

having the best tacos and<br />

margaritas. <strong>The</strong>ir menu is extensive<br />

and offers burritos,<br />

tacos, nachos and bowls with<br />

options for unlimited toppings.<br />

With its prime location<br />

and unique atmosphere, Taco<br />

Mama is a classic in Tuscaloosa<br />

that does not disappoint.<br />

Savannah Ichikawa<br />

Culture Editor<br />



Culture<br />

Understanding SGA<br />

Zara Morgan<br />

Staff Reporter<br />

<strong>The</strong> SGA office is located on the second floor of the UA Student Center. (CW Archive)<br />

Founded in 1914, the Student Government<br />

Association exists to<br />

advocate for students and represent<br />

students in University decisions. SGA<br />

is split up into three branches: the<br />

Senate, Executive Council and Student<br />

Judiciary.<br />

“SGA is charged with bettering campus<br />

life; we are entrusted by the campus<br />

body to listen and strive honestly<br />

as their representation,” Abby Morthland,<br />

the upcoming Chief Justice, said.<br />

“This means that we can and should<br />

work to give each campus member a<br />

safe and enjoyable experience, which<br />

is the goal.”<br />

Judicial Board<br />

<strong>The</strong> Judicial Board exercises the<br />

SGA’s judicial powers and is led by a<br />

chief justice.<br />

According to the SGA Constitution,<br />

the Judicial Board oversees decisions<br />

ranging from parking regulations to<br />

impeachments.<br />

In relation to the rest of student<br />

government and the administration,<br />

the judicial board works on increasing<br />

collaboration within the branches<br />

of student government in addition to<br />

serving as a liaison between advisers.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Judicial Board consists of<br />

one justice for every 1,200 students<br />

enrolled at <strong>The</strong> University of Alabama.<br />

It has a minimum of 15 justices and<br />

up to one clerk for 6,000 enrolled students.<br />

Per the SGA Constitution, the<br />

preset number of associate justices<br />

and clerks will be decided by the Office<br />

of Student Conduct before the<br />

selections processes open.<br />

Executive branch<br />

<strong>The</strong> executive branch is composed of<br />

the president, executive vice president,<br />

executive secretary, vice president for<br />

academic affairs, vice president for external<br />

affairs, vice president for student<br />

affairs, vice president for diversity, equity<br />

and inclusion and vice president<br />

for financial affairs.<br />

Some of the responsibilities of the<br />

SGA president include leading the Executive<br />

Council and the SGA in completing<br />

objectives of the constitution,<br />

notifying the Senate of vacancies in<br />

the Executive Council or the Executive<br />

Cabinet and delivering the “State<br />

of the School” address. <strong>The</strong> president<br />

also leads the executive branch and<br />

presides over the Executive Council.<br />

It enforces the constitution and legislation,<br />

nominates replacements for<br />

vacancies, and delegates duties to the<br />

vice president as necessary.<br />

Under the president, there is an<br />

Executive Cabinet of five vice presidents.<br />

Each vice president has their<br />

own cabinets. <strong>The</strong> Executive Cabinet<br />

also has an executive secretary.<br />

<strong>The</strong> remaining positions include<br />

chief administrative officer, chief adviser,<br />

director of programming and advancement,<br />

director of engagement,<br />

director of environmental affairs, director<br />

of communications, director of<br />

IT and webmaster, director of strategic<br />

initiatives, press secretary, chief<br />

justice, speaker of the Senate, and<br />

deputy chief of staff.<br />

Senate<br />

<strong>The</strong> Senate is made up of 50 student<br />

members, with each college at the<br />

University represented by at least two<br />

Senate seats each, according to to the<br />

SGA’s Constitution.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Senate holds special sessions<br />

when the SGA president deems necessary<br />

or when two-thirds of the<br />

Senate votes to hold one. <strong>The</strong>se sessions<br />

range from electronic voting<br />

bills to resolutions that encourage<br />

the University to increase student<br />

wages. <strong>The</strong> Senate can also be a liaison<br />

for change, as they were when<br />

trying to rename Graves Hall to Autherine<br />

Lucy Hall.<br />

To read the complete version, please<br />

visit thecrimsonwhite.com<br />



Academic<br />

Coaching<br />

Student<br />

Support<br />

Services<br />

TRIO<br />

Legacy<br />

Scholars<br />

Alabama<br />

REACH<br />

Undergraduate<br />

Research<br />

OUR<br />

<strong>Crimson</strong><br />

Edge &<br />

Exploring<br />

4 Success<br />

Tutoring<br />

Student<br />

Academic<br />

Engagement<br />

and Advocacy<br />

First Year<br />

Experience<br />

R U S S E L L H A L L<br />

the road to success starts here<br />

Freshman Forum<br />

Open to all students looking to unleash their inner leader.<br />

Apply by September 4 at 11:59pm!<br />

New View<br />

Get connected to a regional small group, mentor, and social<br />

events by signing up at fye.ua.edu/newview.<br />

Legacy Scholars<br />

A community for all students who are the first in their families<br />

to go to college. Join us August 29 at 5:30pm in Russell Hall 323!<br />

Learning Commons<br />

Creating learning opportunities through tutoring, coaching, and<br />

study spaces on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Russell Hall.<br />

success.ua.edu @successua @uasuccessstory


ollege is the time when you begin<br />

Ctaking your health decisions into<br />

your own hands.<br />

<strong>The</strong> University of Alabama offers a wide<br />

variety of programs to help students with<br />

their health and wellness both on campus<br />

and off.<br />

On campus<br />

<strong>The</strong> Student Health Center, located near<br />

the University of Alabama Recreation<br />

Center, provides a wide range of health<br />

resources for students to tap into whether<br />

they’re well or sick. Students can create<br />

appointments by either visiting the SHCP<br />

patient portal located on the myBama student<br />

page or calling them at 205-348-2778.<br />

Students have access to services such as<br />

X-rays, anonymous HIV testing, testing for<br />

illnesses such as strep throat and mononucleosis,<br />

and travel medications. <strong>The</strong> SHC<br />

also provides resources by appointment<br />

for currently enrolled students with ADHD<br />

including referrals and medication.<br />

For students approved by the SHC, the<br />

allergy clinic can provide allergy injections<br />

by appointment. Additionally, for students<br />

Culture<br />

Mental and physical health resources<br />

Zara Morgan<br />

Staff Reporter<br />

with food allergies, speaking with a medical<br />

practitioner in the nutrition clinic may<br />

help a student receive dining accommodations<br />

from the dining halls.<br />

Students can also schedule appointments<br />

for women’s health. <strong>The</strong> SHC has<br />

two full-time nurse practitioners for women’s<br />

health and provides various services<br />

including routine annual exams, pelvic exams,<br />

breast exams and contraception.<br />

Another great resource for student<br />

health and well-being resources is the<br />

Women and Gender Resource Center, located<br />

near the DCH Foundation and East<br />

Edge Apartments. According to the WGRC<br />

website, they offer free, confidential and<br />

voluntary counseling services to “survivors<br />

of interpersonal violence,” as well as<br />

those who have been “impacted by abuse”<br />

or have been victimized on <strong>The</strong> University<br />

of Alabama’s campus, regardless of whether<br />

an individual is currently enrolled as a<br />

student at the University.<br />

For additional mental health resources,<br />

the University also has the Counseling<br />

Center, where students can make scheduled<br />

appointments, group appointments<br />

and join support groups. Additionally, they<br />

offer same-day single session phone consultation<br />

appointments with a therapist.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Counseling Center offers free resources<br />

online to educate students on mental<br />

health. <strong>The</strong> Counseling Center offers educational<br />

resources in the form of videos<br />

and written information on items including<br />

anxiety and anger management. Additionally,<br />

the University provides mental<br />

health resources such as WellTrack, a wellness<br />

tracking app; and free online mental<br />

health screenings.<br />

Tide Against Suicide is an initiative that<br />

aims to end suicide among college students<br />

and offers resources including prevention<br />

training, emergency numbers and<br />

more.<br />

<strong>The</strong> University also provides resources<br />

for individuals dealing with substance issues.<br />

Collegiate Recovery and Intervention<br />

Services offers a safe and engaging environment<br />

for students who are suffering<br />

from substance abuse or would like to be<br />

educated on the topic.<br />

To read the complete version, please visit<br />

thecrimsonwhite.com.<br />


Carson Lott<br />

Managing Editor<br />

ll summer, you’re likely buzzing with<br />

Anerves as you anticipate moving into<br />

your home for the next four years at <strong>The</strong><br />

University of Alabama.<br />

With careful planning, move-in day can<br />

easily become a memorable start to your<br />

future at the University.<br />

Planning your move<br />

1. <strong>The</strong>re are several move-in dates, ranging<br />

from the beginning of August for sorority<br />

recruitment, Million Dollar Band tryouts<br />

and other programs that begin before<br />

classes start. Sign-up for move-in dates<br />

opens in June, so plan ahead to ensure you<br />

have an idea of when you’re moving.<br />

2. Make a list of items you think you need<br />

and items you want to bring. Compare this<br />

list with the list provided by UA Housing<br />

and Residential Communities and make<br />

necessary cuts and adjustments.<br />

3. Coordinate with your roommates<br />

on shared items, like furniture or a water<br />

filter, to prevent bringing duplicates.<br />

Culture<br />

How to tackle move-in day<br />

Making the move<br />

1. Pack your belongings in an efficient<br />

manner. Investing in boxes or large containers<br />

will save you plenty of time and<br />

hassle.<br />

2. If necessary, you can mail items to<br />

the Student Center Mail Center for pickup<br />

upon arrival. <strong>The</strong> Mail Center recommends<br />

shipping items as early as June 1 and no<br />

later than July 22.<br />

3. Print the labels provided by HRC and<br />

label everything. Include your full name,<br />

residential building, room number and<br />

phone number.<br />

Arriving at the University<br />

1. Review the move-in map provided by<br />

the University for your residential building.<br />

Knowing this map will keep you on<br />

track as you make your way to campus.<br />

2. Follow the schedule closely. <strong>The</strong> schedule<br />

is designed to prevent traffic backup on<br />

the roads and inside the buildings. Do your<br />

best to arrive at your designated move-in<br />

time.<br />

3. Upon your arrival, volunteers and HRC<br />

staff will begin unloading your belongings<br />

into a moving cart. <strong>The</strong>y will use the labels<br />

to locate your room.<br />


4. While they are moving your belongings,<br />

you will begin the process of checking<br />

in. Have your Action Card and CWID ready<br />

to receive your keys.<br />

Unpacking and settling in<br />

1. After you check in, all of your belongings<br />

should be in your room. You will be<br />

instructed on any necessary paperwork or<br />

work orders by a volunteer upon checking<br />

in.<br />

2. Be patient with yourself and others.<br />

Everyone is going to be hot and exhausted,<br />

so be kind and remember that everything<br />

will work out at the end.<br />

3. Stay hydrated and fed!<br />

To read the complete version, please visit<br />

thecrimsonwhite.com.<br />

CW / Archive<br />

Join a community of out-of-state, first-year<br />

women making UA home away from home.<br />

learn more at fye.ua.edu/newview


Carson Lott<br />

Managing Editor<br />

Culture<br />

Important landmarks to know<br />

<strong>The</strong> UA Student<br />

Center is the hub for<br />

all things student life.<br />

Here, students can<br />

grab a meal, attend a<br />

meeting, collect their<br />

mail and more.<br />

Built in 1929,<br />

Denny Chimes is an<br />

iconic UA landmark.<br />

<strong>The</strong> 115-foot bell<br />

tower rings every<br />

15 minutes and is<br />

surrounded by the<br />

Walk of Fame.<br />

CW / Archive<br />

As the campus’s central<br />

library, Amelia<br />

Gayle Gorgas Library<br />

serves as a perfect<br />

spot for focusing on<br />

academics. Gorgas<br />

houses the Sanford<br />

Media Center, unparalleled<br />

research<br />

collections and Java<br />

City Coffee.<br />

CW / Archive<br />

Believed to be one of<br />

the biggest elephant<br />

statues in the world,<br />

the Tuska statue<br />

was installed at the<br />

corner of Wallace<br />

Wade Avenue and<br />

University Boulevard<br />

in April 2021.<br />

CW / Natalie Marburger<br />

CW / Archive

Ashlee Woods<br />

Editor-in-Chief<br />

Culture<br />

Notable Alabama alumni<br />

<strong>The</strong> campus of <strong>The</strong> University of Alabama has been home to some notable people across many<br />

professions. Here’s a small sampling of the University’s decorated alumni list.<br />


Photo / Public Domain<br />

Jalen Hurts sprang into mainstream<br />

notoriety during the 2022 NFL season.<br />

Hurts graduated from the University<br />

with a bachelor’s degree in communications<br />

and information sciences in<br />

2018. He has a career record of 26-2 as<br />

a starter for the <strong>Crimson</strong> Tide. In his<br />

second season as the starting quarterback<br />

for the Philadelphia Eagles, Hurts<br />

recorded 35 touchdowns and just six<br />

interceptions.<br />

CW / Archive<br />

Kaitlan Collins graduated from the University<br />

in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree<br />

in journalism. After graduating, Collins<br />

began working for <strong>The</strong> Daily Caller as<br />

an entertainment reporter before working<br />

as the outlet’s <strong>White</strong> House correspondent.<br />

In 2017, Collins was hired by<br />

CNN. Collins became CNN’s chief <strong>White</strong><br />

House correspondent in 2021. In 2022,<br />

she was named a co-anchor of “CNN<br />

This Morning.”<br />

CW / Caroline Simmons<br />

Victor Luckerson is an author and<br />

journalist who has been featured in<br />

<strong>The</strong> New Yorker, <strong>The</strong> New York Times<br />

and Time magazine. He served as<br />

the editor-in-chief of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Crimson</strong><br />

<strong>White</strong> from 2010-2012. He was the<br />

second Black person to hold that<br />

position.<br />

<strong>The</strong> late Autherine Lucy Foster was<br />

the first-ever African American<br />

student to attend <strong>The</strong> University of<br />

Alabama. She was expelled three<br />

days after enrolling, but was later<br />

allowed to return in 1988 to earn<br />

her master’s degree in education. In<br />

2022, Bibb Graves Hall was renamed<br />

to solely incorporate her name.<br />

CW / Archive

Alex Jobin<br />

Contributing Columnist<br />

As a somewhat insular community,<br />

<strong>The</strong> University of Alabama<br />

has some unspoken norms. We are a<br />

diverse school with students from all<br />

over the country, and even from across<br />

the globe, but when you set foot onto<br />

the Capstone, you gain another identity<br />

as part of the <strong>Crimson</strong> Tide.<br />

Some of these traditions are what<br />

make this place so special. I encourage<br />

you to visit a Rama Jama’s crawfish boil,<br />

tailgate on the Quad before a game day,<br />

and sing along to the fight song at the<br />

top of your lungs. However, not every<br />

norm is meant to be embraced; this is<br />

meant to be a place where you expand<br />

your horizons, not where you confine<br />

yourself or bend to fit the status quo.<br />

Besides cheering on the Tide every<br />

Saturday in the fall, you may find yourself<br />

pressured to mirror other norms<br />

you will encounter at the University.<br />

From fashion trends and beauty standards<br />

to Greek life and party culture,<br />

Opinion<br />

Break the status quo at UA<br />

there are a myriad of stereotypes and<br />

silhouettes that this environment<br />

knowingly or unknowingly tries to<br />

squeeze you into.<br />

Some norms at the Capstone are even<br />

downright problematic. <strong>The</strong> consistent<br />

platforming of ideals not reflected in<br />

the Capstone Creed may not be listed<br />

on the brochure you received, but these<br />

are unfortunate realities that stain an<br />

otherwise incredible campus.<br />

“Tradition” is no excuse for perpetuating<br />

norms of bigotry and misconduct.<br />

Instead, such traditions should be challenged<br />

so that new trails can be blazed.<br />

It may sound corny, but you — yes,<br />

you — can be the change here at the<br />

University. You do not need to accept<br />

these cultural pitfalls as inevitable or<br />

unbreakable. It takes a collective acceptance<br />

of the status quo to maintain<br />

these unseemly traditions, and every<br />

freshman class — yours included —<br />

has the option to rewrite the norms<br />

at this University.<br />

Choose to call out “the Machine” for<br />

what it is, choose to fight back against<br />


bigotry on campus, and choose to elect<br />

people to student government who<br />

will do the same. Real change will only<br />

come to this campus when new students<br />

decide that they want something<br />

different, that they want progress.<br />

Here at <strong>The</strong> <strong>Crimson</strong> <strong>White</strong>, it feels<br />

as though we cycle through the same<br />

stories of bigotry and corruption at<br />

the Capstone every year. Even though<br />

many of us continue to advocate for<br />

something new, something different,<br />

those efforts fail to stick as norms remain<br />

in place and new students step in<br />

to fill the roles that their predecessors<br />

left behind.<br />

You have the choice, and you have the<br />

ability — the ability to affect culture,<br />

reputation, and the status quo. You are<br />

the next leaders of this university, and<br />

you can change it for the better if you<br />

so desire. I believe you can, and I hope<br />

you do.<br />

To read the complete version, please visit<br />



Garrett Marchand<br />

Contributing Columnist<br />

Because incoming students are all experiencing<br />

a taste of newfound freedom<br />

for the first time, we often fall prey<br />

to making bad decisions for ourselves.<br />

Among the most detrimental choices we<br />

make is choosing the wrong food to eat.<br />

According to the National Library of<br />

Medicine, college students gain between<br />

or 3.5-6.6 pounds over four years of college<br />

education.<br />

This study found frequent snacking,<br />

fried food consumption and low daily intake<br />

of fruits and vegetables were common<br />

among college-age students. This<br />

is no surprise, as it is hard, if not nearly<br />

impossible, to make healthy food for ourselves<br />

while living in a dorm. We have few<br />

options but to rely on Bama Dining or fast<br />

food for our daily calories.<br />

From my experience at <strong>The</strong> University of<br />

Alabama, I have found it difficult to go even<br />

a day without eating out and consuming<br />

fried food. Like many incoming students,<br />

this is because I purchased an unlimited<br />

Culture<br />

Prioritize living a healthy lifestyle<br />

meal plan at the start of the year.<br />

This choice caused me to feel a constant<br />

compulsion to use my VIP meal every day<br />

of the week on one of the many dine-out<br />

options around campus. Unfortunately,<br />

most of these options are not good choices<br />

for one’s health.<br />

Healthier options do exist for new students.<br />

<strong>The</strong> dining halls, while not always as<br />

tasty as the foods available via VIP meals,<br />

CW/ Reagan Christian<br />

offer wide varieties of non-fried options for<br />

each meal. But even there, one must not be<br />

tempted by the sweets, sodas, baked goods<br />

and the endless supply of pizza.<br />

Simply having the option of grabbing<br />

fruits and vegetables is not all that is necessary<br />

to say that we are provided healthy<br />

options. More must be done to make the<br />

transition easier. Students should not be<br />

forced to seek out healthy food. It should<br />

be just as available — if not more so —<br />

than unhealthy food.<br />

While all the options at the University<br />

aren’t healthy, there are ways students can<br />

maintain a healthy lifestyle in their first<br />

year.<br />

Avoid purchasing fried food daily. Use<br />

your dining dollars or VIP plan to purchase<br />

healthier meals. Familiarize yourself with<br />

the nutritional information provided by<br />

Bama Dining in the dining halls.<br />

It’s up to you to take the steps necessary<br />

to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.<br />

To read the complete version, please visit<br />

thecrimsonwhite.com.<br />

FALL<br />


NOW OPEN!<br />

Visit sheltonstate.edu to apply and register!<br />

It is the policy of the Alabama Community College System Board of<br />

Trustees and Shelton State Community College, a postsecondary<br />

institution under its control, that no person shall, on the grounds of race,<br />

color, national origin, religion, marital status, disability, gender, age, or any<br />

other protected class as defined by federal and state law, be excluded<br />

from participation, denied benefits, or subjected to discrimination under<br />

any program, activity, or employment.


Activity<br />

C W S B T R B I G A L A E T M<br />

N H C A U N Y J R W G S D U I<br />

S I E C C N G W D Q C P C U L<br />

I T Z D P A F W D Z A O R N L<br />

V E U B E K D D E L K R I C O<br />

Q V E D F N T E M O P T M T Y<br />

E Y F R E Y N G M U G S S U D<br />

F E N R E N Z Y Y I L Z O S C<br />

O M Q A E Y T R C O C S N C W<br />

O F U L N S J C O H T S T A T<br />

T M O A X P H R E J I J T L A<br />

B R Y B B E K M P N I M X O C<br />

A J E A I M I O A T T Q E O G<br />

L T K M W S B A K N S E O S Q<br />

L K A A Q G X N V C Z V R A W<br />



LLOYD<br />



BIG AL<br />



SPORTS<br />



WHITE<br />

30<br />

CW / Natalie Marburger and Carson Lott

Activity<br />


1<br />

2<br />

3<br />

4<br />

5<br />

6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

Down:<br />

1. <strong>The</strong> summer orientation<br />

2. Dorms with North, West, and East Locations<br />

3. Two dorms in a village<br />

4. Students serving students<br />

Across:<br />

5. You should say it everyday<br />

6. <strong>The</strong> main library on campus<br />

7. <strong>The</strong> name of this edition<br />

8. <strong>The</strong> student newspaper<br />

9. <strong>The</strong> freshman dining hall<br />

CW / Natalie Marburger and Carson Lott<br />



Ashlee Woods<br />

Editor-in-Chief<br />

Letter from the Editor<br />

Don’t let fear rule you. Embrace change.<br />

remember when I first set foot in<br />

I Tuscaloosa back in August of 2018.<br />

I was 16 hours away from everyone and<br />

everything I knew. I took a step out of<br />

the small world of Delaware and into<br />

the large, complex world of Alabama.<br />

On the outside, I had a big smile.<br />

But on the inside, I was terrified.<br />

This was the first time in my life I<br />

wasn’t near my family or friends.<br />

Nothing in Tuscaloosa was familiar to<br />

me. Everyone already had their groups,<br />

leaving me to find mine.<br />

I remember when I was forced to<br />

take a yearlong break from school back<br />

in 2020. I felt like a failure. Most of my<br />

friends were cruising to their junior<br />

year of school, while I was struggling<br />

in so many aspects of my life. Again, I<br />

found myself afraid of the new chapter<br />

of my life that I was beginning.<br />

I remember when I first submitted<br />

an article to <strong>The</strong> <strong>Crimson</strong> <strong>White</strong>. I was<br />

scared that my work was going to get<br />

ripped to shreds. I was scared to put an<br />

aspect of myself — my love for writing<br />

and sports — on full display for people<br />

to see.<br />

That feeling of fear some of you may<br />

feel is a very real emotion. It’s also OK<br />

to feel scared. Many of you are leaving<br />

your home state behind. Some of you<br />

have never lived in the South. Most of<br />

you don’t know what to expect from<br />

your four years here at the Capstone.<br />

<strong>The</strong> University of Alabama is a large<br />

campus with stories around every<br />

corner. Some of your classmates may<br />

have everything figured out and you<br />

may feel behind. Remember that everyone’s<br />

collegiate journey isn’t the<br />

same. That’s not how it’s supposed to<br />

be.<br />

If I could go back in time, I would tell<br />

myself to embrace change. College is<br />

designed to challenge you in ways you<br />

would’ve never thought possible. Yes,<br />

there are highs, but there are also lows.<br />

Never feel ashamed for struggling and<br />

never feel ashamed for asking for help.<br />

Freshman year is a time for discovery.<br />

It’s a time to find out your likes<br />

and dislikes, goals and aspirations.<br />

Find our community, but also spend<br />

time reflecting on who you want to<br />

Courtesy of Tyler Hogan. 1956 Magazine<br />

be. So much of the world around you<br />

is created to fit a certain aesthetic or<br />

vibe. Make sure the people around you<br />

match the energy you want to have in<br />

your life.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re are so many things I wish<br />

I could tell you about my freshman<br />

year, but I’ll leave you with this. Don’t<br />

let fear rule your first year at the Capstone.<br />

Embrace the change. You might<br />

just like the person you’ll become.<br />



APPLY BY<br />

SEPT. 4, <strong>2023</strong><br />




Activity Key<br />

C W S B T R B I G A L A E T M<br />

N H C A U N Y J R W G S D U I<br />

S I E C C N G W D Q C P C U L<br />

I T Z D P A F W D Z A O R N L<br />

V E U B E K D D E L K R I C O<br />

Q V E D F N T E M O P T M T Y<br />

E Y F R E Y N G M U G S S U D<br />

F E N R E N Z Y Y I L Z O S C<br />

O M Q A E Y T R C O C S N C W<br />

O F U L N S J C O H T S T A T<br />

T M O A X P H R E J I J T L A<br />

B R Y B B E K M P N I M X O C<br />

A J E A I M I O A T T Q E O G<br />

L T K M W S B A K N S E O S Q<br />

L K A A Q G X N V C Z V R A W<br />

R<br />

I<br />

V<br />

E<br />

R<br />

S<br />

I<br />

D<br />

E<br />

B<br />

A<br />

M<br />

O L L T I<br />

P<br />

R<br />

D E<br />

S<br />

G<br />

A<br />

B<br />

O<br />

U<br />

R<br />

S<br />

G<br />

A<br />

A S<br />

H O R I<br />

D<br />

Z O N<br />

D<br />

S<br />

C<br />

E<br />

R I M S O N W H I T E<br />

L A K<br />

T<br />

E S I<br />

A<br />

L<br />

D<br />

E<br />

CW / Natalie Marburger and Carson Lott<br />


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