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Cash Advance Contacts

Cash Advance Contacts

Have you heard about

Have you heard about herdMASTER On Farm Livestock Management Software �� Approved for funding through VBP �� Quick data entry �� Continually evolving management software at forefront of industry standards �� CCIA age verification �� Record health records �� Record movements �� Monitor performance �� Integrate with electronic tag readers and scales �� Purebred and commercial versions available �� In Canada support and training available �� Contact us for a free 45 day trial Phone: 403-668-5251 Email: Website: Address: Box 1060, Crossfield, AB T0M 0S0 At MNP, we know agriculture is more than your livelihood, it’s your life. As a proud supporter of the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association, we understand the unique challenges you face. Working with you one-on-one, we provide customized solutions from a local perspective that helps your operation prosper. It’s knowing your vision, your business and you. To find out what we can do for you, call Dean Klippenstine, Regional Ag Leader at 1.877.500.0780. Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors 1.877.500.0780 ©Beef Business September 2009 29

Analysis and Opinion Size Doesn’t Always Matter by Roy Rutledge pound than not quite as fancy 700 pound calves that bring 80 cents per pound. As a rule of thumb it costs more to produce a 700 pound calf. As we work day in and day out in the sale ring there are things that we’ve noticed that may not be apparent to others. One thing we’ve discovered is the cattle raisers or producers that pay attention to quality tend to fare much better price wise in a tough market than those concerned only with weight. Pounds are not as important as hair coat/thriftiness, the ability to gain efficiently, the ability to marble and yield well when finished. It is not an exact science but an experienced eye can see all of that in a 400 to 600 pound calf. Feedlot people are willing to pay more for these traits because of the pay back. You can go to purebred bull sales and hear the block man carrying on with the worn out clichés “If you sell your calves by the pound this is the bull for you” or “The calves of this bull will really press the scale down”. But what about quality and eye appeal at sale time? Yes, pounds are important but not at the expense of quality. If the bull just leaves you big plain calves you’d be better off financially to have bought a bull that leaves fancy calves. And if fancy calves are the goal, fancy still pays better than weight alone. I would rather have fancy 500 pound calves bring $1.15 per Often when we are looking at cattle with their owner or weighing and grading calves in the ring we will hear the comment “That’s my best calf.” Lots of times it isn’t his best calf. It is merely his biggest calf. Most times his lighter calves bring more dollars per head on sale day and isn’t that what it’s all about? At the end of the day we’re all looking for ways to increase income. There are several big companies that have invested a lot of money exploring DNA testing for favorable traits in beef and dairy cattle. They can identify genes that predict milking ability, feed efficiency, yield, tenderness and marbling (which they have found is not the same gene) hair coat and a whole lot more. Yes, it is more scientific than eyeballing. It is not widely used in the beef industry here in Canada yet but it is coming. In the meantime eyeballing is still amazingly accurate and is still the most frequently used method of determining quality and price. Saskatchewan in general is a great source for high quality cattle with the largest amount of gradeability and efficiency that you’ll find on the continent. This can be attributed to our astute purebred bull raisers as well as the auction market sorters and graders who recognize quality and separate the cattle accordingly. To make a long story shorter: pay attention to quality because that’s where the profits are. � 30 ©Beef Business September 2009 btt_saskatchewan_stockgrowers_ad.indd 1 8/6/09 8:00:36 PM

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