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U.S. Seeks to Head Off - Red Bank Register Archive

U.S. Seeks to Head Off - Red Bank Register Archive

12—Fnitf, Nw. 24,

12—Fnitf, Nw. 24, 19fi7 THK DAILY REGISTER Cypress Inn Robbery FREEHOLD — John S. Fite- , patrick of Wall Township was Mntenced to three to five years Evening Sessions Set For Guidance Office RED BANK — The Red Bank High' School guidance office will be open Thursday evenings, 7:30 to 9 p.m., starting Nov. 30, according to Mrs. Ruth King, coordinator of guidance. Mrs. King said the evening hours will extend service to working parents and others who cannot make daytime appointments. Four guidance counselors will alternate, each serving one night a month. Mrs. King asked that appointments be made 48 hours in advance. Atm^fZ Draws Prison T«rm in state prison on chs/ges of anj|ied robbery of Cypress Inn, Rt. 35, Ocean Township. Superior Court Judge Clarkson S. Fisher Wednesday directed that Fitzpatrick serve three to five years on robbery charges and two to three for armed robbery. Both are to run concurently, but consecutively to a five to seven year state prison sentence he is serving, Fitzpatrick and four others were charged with robbing Cypress Inn Sept. 19, 1966, and taking $4,070.73. Your easy way to renting vacancies: Classified Ads! Dial 741-6500 today. Club Sponsors Garden Center A7XANTJC HJOHlANfJE — ;ing pr'Mtms. A question \/it. hss New garden eeotw program u\\i\&i fatftn y\ts*A \n the library the local Garden Club is now in irA anyone desiring information effect at the public librae OD Ocean Blvd. Each Tuesday, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m., members of the club are on duty to help with garden- Medicare Discussed LONG BRANCH — Questions relating to Medicare were discussed at a meeting of the Monmouth County Medical assistants here in Monmouth Medical Center. Speakers were Phillip Armato of the Prudential Insurance Co. and Herbert Laycock of Blue Shield of New Jersey. At a Christmas party Dec. 6 gifts for children will be collected for distribution by the Family and Children's Service. relating to gardens or house plants may leave questions with name and phone number. A number of books, magazines and pamphlets on propagation, weed control, house plants and other subjects will be available. On Tuesday, Mrs. Matthew Stevenson, a consultant in her husband's lawn care business, will answer questions pertaining to lawns. PROMOTED Sgt. John M. Ashley of 55 Country Club Road, Eatontown,- has been promoted to the grade of sergeant first class at Ft. Monmouth. Sgt. Ashley work3 in the Test Operations Center, SAT- COM. PresentBridge Trophy Present Life Membps Memberships EH&USHTOV/H - The En- mm, Mrs. Doris Ouzi, MJst Toni MAT/.WAM _ M,e, Cfcarltsj The Mp. loumtmmt ij pla/med tfithtam Ch«pwr 'A lUdmish k»ry, Mis«

THE ftafLY MCIBITO rakr, »w, 24,19*7-13 The Riot Battleground Judge Writes About Municipalities County Arts, Crafts Winners Are Named LOTS OP LOX — Red Sink Mayor John P. Arnone tlicet Nova Scotia salmon at tha grand opening of Norman't Delicatessen, 126 Broad St., as owner Norman Seigel ad- ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS - expression and communica- A study of such disturbances, "Riots are said to be a cry for tion ..." Mr. Zeichner said, has shown help which municipalities cannot This lack of communication, that they tend to occur more fre- ignore and which they alone can- Judge Zeichner said, prompts the quently in the North, in big cities net answer." intensification of racism and and in summer months. They al- So wrote Municipal Court leads to a polarization of so tend to be localized in the Jidge Irving B. Zeichner, Atlan- America into white and black. ghetto itself and are often tic Highlands, in an article on He writes: "What do they Bparked by minor incidents. disturbances written for want?" the white man asks. To many ghetto Negroes, he N'> w Jersey Municipalities maga- "Don't they know they hurt their said, the police have come to ne. own cause?" symbolize "the status quo" and They can, however, foster "Get Whitey," cries the Negro. have become the targejs of their mutual respect and better com- "Burn, baby, burn." wrath. munications between the police Concerned whites and Negroes, Many police, he added, have he added, are required at this and all elements in the commu- had prejudices reinforced by the point to face the extent of pernity he added. crime and degradation they ensonal damage racism has Inflictcounter dally in the slums. Con- Judge Zeichner, attorney, writed on both. sequently, activists view them er and contributing editor of Law Enforcement magazine, cited the elements which stimulate and Symposium Next Week precipitate racial strife and "long hot summers." FT. MONMOUTH — The 16th He says there are no easy an- annual Wire and Cable Symposswers to problems spawned in ium, sponsored by the Army the ghetto. Known facts about Electronics Command and indus- riots, however, should be retry, will be in Atlantic City viewed, he said. next week. The Negro protest of today, he Chairmen of the meeting are said, has produced no major race Milton Tenzer, West End, chief riots. A race riot, he adds, is a of the Electronic Parts and Ma- clash between members of two terials Division in the com- ethnic groups In which the peomand's Electronic Components ple on both sides are attacked Laboratory, and Jack Spergel, solely because of their ethnic West Long Branch, chief of the identification. division's Electro-Mechanical He said outbreaks of recent Branch. summers might be described as A major feature of the sym- unilateral acts by a lawless miposium will be a special panel nority y of the Negro g community. discussion on wire communica- y tions in Southeast Asia, which They were directed, he said, es- seirtially ill against i property t and d ^gHJ* mires his technique. The new store features a wide selection of smoked fish, salads, imported gourmet items and home made frozen soups and specialty foods, as well as wood paneling and wall to wall carpets. (Register Staff Photo)' 8 " 1 at 9 am as an hostile element and police LINCROFT — The Monmouth second; Ann Clark, St. Rose of action may bring about violent County Arts and Crafts Exhibit Belmar, third. reaction. for grammar school children in Judges were Donald Vorhees, "What Is lost sight of," Mr. the fifth through eighth grades, this place; Louis Cooper, Shrews- Zeichner continues, "Is the fact inclusive, and art exhibit of bury, and Raymond Maher, Free- that the police produced neither works by high school students hold. Entries from the above win- the slums nor the ghetto." Also was held in St. Leo The Great ners will be, forwarded to the not being responsible for segre- School. diocesan CYO for judging. The gation or discrimination, he The event was under the spon- art exhibit of work's by high adds, police are caught In a sorship of the Monmouth County school students will be held Nov. crossfire between militant oppo- Catholic Youth Organization. 26. nents and proponents of social Winners were announced by Mrs. change. Neither camp, he said, Eugene Caffrey, cultural chair- ia about to undergo mass conman. Northern MLS version. Art—fifth and sixth grades— Sets Yule Party To disregard signs of hostility Mary Connell, St. Leo's, first; between the police and the po- ieotfrey Sharpe, St. Rose oi RED BANK — Realtor memliced, he points out, is to pos- Lima, Freehold, second; Bud bers of Northern Monmouth Mulsibly set a collision course for a Smock, St. Denis, Manasquan, tiple Listing Service will hold long, hot summer. third. Art — seventh and their annual Christmas party Sat- Citing the need for proper com- eighth grades—Jill Modigan, St. urday evening, Dec. 2, at Holm- Mr. Spergel will be the moderamunication, Judge Zeichner cited Leo's, first; Pat Daly, St. Leo's, del Motor Inn, Route 35, Frank tor. a quote from an FBI police man- second; Veronic Kroemer, St. F. Kirwan Jr., president, an- A total of two dozen papers ual: ". . . The most effective Leo's, third; Barbara Nevwirth, nounced today. will bs presented, Including a re- method of preventing riot and St. Denis, honorable mention. The 1968 officers, who will be mob situations is to eliminate the installed, are J. Donald Roche, port by Morton Pomerantz, West Crafts— Fifth and Sixth grades conditions which lead to friction Colts Neck, president; John R. Long Branch, of the Electronics —Mary DeGiovanni, St. Leo's, and misunderstanding and, ulti- Fiorino, Matawan, vice pres- Command on development of a first; Pat McCarron, St. Leo's, mately, to violence and lawlessident; Carl F. Zellers, Holmdel. cable assembly for Army area second; Karen Bunevitch, St. ness." secretary, and Joseph S. Lang, Agnes. Atlantic Highlands, third. communications systems. Anoth- Holmdel, treasurer. er paper, by E. F. Goodwin, The aftermath of such riots, the 'rafts, seventh and eighth The event will start with cock- Shrewsbury, of the Command and attorney said, can acquaint citi- grades, James Kelly, St. Agnes, tails at 6 p.m., followed by din- Walter Rigling of Martin-Marietzens with their responsibility to first; Donna Bauer, St. Rose of ner, a brief business meeting and ta Corp. deals with design and maintain law and order and can Lima, second; Lou Drogul, St. dancing to the music of Ace evaluation of tactical cables. encourage a greater awareness Leo's, third; Steven Sheehan and Unger and his Night Owls, with on the part of the individual po- Donna Askin, St. Rose of Lima, specialty dancing by Mrs. Zellice officer of his role in com- honorable mention. lers. Of course Ifs easier to find an munity-police relations. Winners of the high school art apartment with Classified Adsl "But the municipalities, too, contest included Bruce Galligher, Make money! Sell toys you Turn to "Apartments for Rent!" need help," he concluded. "For it. Rose of Belmar, first; James don't need with Classified Ads. - Thursday. they are the battlegrounds." Leitner, St. Benedict's, Hazlet, Dial 741-6900 today. only incidentally against white persons, principally police. Mr. Zeichner quotes Dean Alex Rosen, New York University School of Social Work: ". .. The central fact about a race riot is that it represents an explosion of feeling from a festering discontent that could find no other, more acceptable avenue of •IF ITS 0UAUTY YOU'RE LOOKING FOR Friday andSaturday Only! i 2 LB. SIZE IN METAL GIFT CONTAINER SPECIALLY PRICED QUANTITIES LAST Our Own "Brookdale" LONG SLEEVE SPORT SHIRTS FOR BOYS Sizes 6 to 16 Reg. 2.49 NOW ONLY Choose from plaids or solids In no-Iron perm- • pr*M fabric. 65% Dacron polyester, 35% I combed cotton. Downtown Red Bank WOMEN'S SLIPPERS YOUR CHOICE GOLD OR SILVER REGULAR T.99 3 DAYS ONLY OPEN WED. and FRIDAY EVENINGS 'TIL 9 acrylla Nbtrby Monsanto As seen in House Beautiful, House & Garden, Better Homes & Gardens and McCall's. This is Cabin Crafts' Velvet Treasure ... a smooth, velvet textured carpet made of long life Acrilan* acrylic fiber... Elegant enough for even the most formal room, yet its quality styling lends a decorator touch to the informal .. . Easy to care for ... resists soiling, cleans easily, won't fade. Double jute backing. Comes in 22 striking colors. Shop at Home 449-5900 741.6272 SHEHflbi The Finest in Rug Cleaning by Rug Men Route 35 — Sea Girt Route 35 (Juti North ol MantHQuon Clrclft) Optn Dally »:0o A.M. to S:M P.M. - Will. • Fit. EVM. 'til f P.M. that makes the home. Shrewsbury (Nixt to Foil OHIn) Optn Dally 10 A.M. to J:30 P.M. - Frl. Bv« 4:10 'til » 9 95 -A 7 sq. yd. EASY TO REACH DIRECTIONS PARKWAY exn FOR SEA GIRT STORE LOCATION

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