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U.S. Seeks to Head Off - Red Bank Register Archive

U.S. Seeks to Head Off - Red Bank Register Archive

3 Variances Are Refused

3 Variances Are Refused MATAWAN TOWNSHIP - The Zoning Board of Adjustmem Wednesday night denied variances to three applicants. Mrs. Asunto Bruno, Cliffwood Committee Will Pay 186 Cestone Bill 14—Fn-iey, ?>V,y. 24, THE DAILY REGISTER of the FafW Is Discussion Topic HAZLET - Howard Yeke Raritan Township school psj County Plan chologist, will speak at a meel HOLMDEL — Meeting in an Alfred C. Poole, who was a sub- ing of the Parent and Fami adjourned session Wednesday contractor on the project unti Chief Talks Life Discussion Group, sponsor night, the Township Committee he withdrew a few weeks ago to by the Sycamore Drive Paren reversed an earlier decision and fill prior commitments. Teacher Association Tuesday Ave., was denied a variance to voted, 4-0, with one abstention, to To Red Cross The payment of the voucher 8:15 p.m. at 20 Galewood Driv construct a one-family dwelling pay a $65,186 voucher to the L. had been defeated at the regular SHREWSBURY — Charles M Mr. Yekell'6 topic will be "Ro: en her four-acre property lo- Cestone Company for work on a committee meeting Monday night Pike, director of the Monmouth of the Father." Mrs. Lou: cated in a light industrial zone. ewer project. At that time, Mayor Edward County Planning Board, was theMonte is chairman of the mee The property has on it a frame Abstaining was Committeeman Liebenow and Commiteeman guest speaker at a meeting of building which houses a small ing. James H. Ackerson voted for pay- the Objectives and goals commit- business and her residence above Women to Visit ment, William H. Menges voted tee of the Monmouth County Red the store. no and Mr. Poole abstained. Com- Cross Chapter. Richard Lewis, of First Canteen Dance The board stipulated that the Municipal Court mitteeman Wallace A. Taylor, Asbury Park, chairman, explained property could be put to better HA2LET - Members of the absent Monday, voted for paythat objectives are the achieve- This Sunday Night use. education department of the ment at the second meeting. ments hoped for in five to 10 UNION BEACH — The newl Philip Gumbs and Joseph Woman's Club will attend a ses- years, goals are stepping stones formed Teenage Canteen will ho! Reversing his earier stand, Grimaldi were in favor of the sion of Municipal Court Monday to be activated quickly to help the its first dance Sunday from tommitteeman Menges also variance.- at 7 p.m. chapter toward its objectives. until 10 p.m. in Memorial Schoi joined the ayes Wednesday be- Patsy Listo, president of LCL Mrs. Raymond Mitchell, de- Auditorium. Live entertainme ause, he said, "an investigation Mr. Pike told of the expecta- Realty, Garwood, was denied a partment chairman, said Judge and refreshments will be pr as supplied me with answers to variance to construct an indus- Harold Stern will meet the deions for Monmouth County by vided. questions" he has had about the trial park of 10 undersized lots on partment members for a dis- 1985. He described the outward Dress is casual, and admissio project. County Rd. cussion following court. Refresh- msh of population and industry is open only to high school stu The board said too many variments will be served at the home The Cestone Company has been Torn the metropolitan centers dents living in Union Beach. Mem ances would be needed for theif Mrs. Francis Kiley, 33 Cornell the prime contractor on the town- and predicted a doubling of popu- bership cards to join the Can individual lots as well as the Drive. ship's sewer project. The vouchlation in the county, primarily teen may be obtained at thi er sum not paid represents more door. park. The board ruled that any TO SPEAK TUESDAY along the transportation cor- than the normal 10 per cent with- subsequent application will have MATAWAN TOWNSHIP — Mrs. held by the township of each ridors formed by the Garden to be made to the Planning PLAN SKATE PARTY Melvon Schiloni will speak at thepayment made on large contracts State Parkway and Rt. 35 in the Board. HOLMDEL — Plans wen Sisterhood of Temple Beth Ahm as a form of insurance to the eastern part of the county and formulated for an Ice skatini The board denied Arnold Tan- meeting Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. inmunicipality. long Rt. 9 in the western part. party sponsored by the St. Beni nenbaum, 197 Fordham Road, the Oak Shades fire house, Lower According to Mayor Liebenow, He also said that much in- diets' Catholic Youth Organiza permission to erect a profession- Main St. Mrs. Schiloni will dis- the 10 per cent withheld from dustrial growth can be expected, tion Dec. 2 from 7 p.m. to mil al sign on his front lawn advercuss books by Sholom Alecheim the Cestone company now mostly in light industry and elec- night at the Ice Palace, Bricl tising his part-time insurance ind Shalom Asch, in commemo- amounts to between $25,000 and tronics, which will produce mamy Township. Candy Sihler and Pa business. atlon of Jewish Book Month. $30,000. opportunities for employment. 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(One Mile North of Asbury Circle) 531-4949 rhthxH-Hi-H+H-H WOOLWORTITS HO TRAIN & ACCESSORIES SALE COMPLETE HO TRAIN SET MDT SWITCHER M40-A $444 SALE BL-2 DIESEL RI9. SI.M SUE DOCKSIDE LOCO 610 SHIFTER LOCO 50HA SALE ' 1 2 " MBIfc-MMMMMT-IK. HUDSON LOCO *18 8B CAC FORWARD LOCO IEO. 543.95 JAIE KRAUSS MAFFEI JOJOA »>» Oioni Talk Car, OsnJolo, I-Wh..l C

Yti, they male* quite a i X J k d i J Jiir- XtuJk*y,dm quality. Y«i — Pay Less for Brand Names with "BIG W" Discount Prices I Off Until Monday FREEHOLD — Trial in the suit against the New Jersey Natural Gas Company will resume Mon day. No testimony was heard Wednesday because Nathan Baker of Hoboken, representing the city of Asbury Park, was ill. Asbury Park and 17 concessionaires are seeking $2 million in damages from the firm as a result of two summer fires along the boardwalk in 1963. The case, before Superior Court Judge Clarkson S. Fisher, will go into its fourth week Monday. Home Buyer School Due To Expand Asbury Yule Tree Will Be Lighted ASBURY PARK - Mayor Frank H. Rowland in a ceremony in Railroad Square at S o'clock today will throw the switch to light the city's Christmas tree. The Rev. William Powell of St Stephen's AME Zipn Church.wjl offer the invocation and a Christmas message will be given by MaJ. Stanley Wright of the Salvation Army. The local high school band will play seasonal tunes. Marlboro Planners Seek Car Hits $15,44)0 budget for 1968Fire Hydrant THE DAILY REGISTER Fri4*y, Nov. 24, 1987-15. Car Jumps Corfe, 2 Soldiers Injured RED BAMKr-Two Fort ty*>-\ JfotpitaJiztd were Ozan Man- mouth BoMierj were tafceo to Pat- drake and U C. Catholic Church Willed terson Army Hospital early yes- Robert L. Gillford, the driver, terday after a car in which they MARLBORO — Backed up by $15,000 for this year, but coun SEA BRIGHT - Leo Rosse of were riding skidded at Harding told police his car skidded on the House and Its Contents court order, the township Plan- cil majority refused to grant it Memorial Pkwy., Atlantic High- Road and Hudson Ave. and wet roadway. The vehicle dam- FREEHOLD - Miss Norma C. Bright, who died June 10, left ning Board is seeking a $15,400 unless certain conditions were POINT PLEASANT — So suc- and?, was hospitalized Wedneslumped a curb. aged a "no parking" sign. Stuhr, who died May 21, left her budget for 1968. 12% shares, each of his estate to met, and they were not. cessful have been the seven house at 25 Poplar Ave., Fair Miss Margery Warren and Miss The board this year had a zero day night after his car went out home buyer schools presented by But for 1968, the planners know Haven, and all Its contents to Na- Jane Chase. He left 15 shares to budget except for $1,000 for its of control on Ocean Ave. and the N. J, Shore Builders Asso- they'll be getting more than the tivity Catholic Church, Fair Ha- clerk's wages. It wanted about Mrs. Jack Hansen and to Edgar ciation, along with N. J. Natural $1,000. Superior Court Judge El- struck a fire hydrant. ven. Fay, 25 to Mrs. Mildred Hayes Gas Company, Jersey Central vin R. Simmill ruled Nov. 3 that Police Chief Gerald Cranmer Miss Stuhr, owner and opera- and 20 to William West. His will Power and Light Company and 2 Fined $1,000 council must provide funds for said the man was driving south tor of the N. Stuhr Printing Com- was dated Aug. 24, 1964. Oil Heat Council of N. J., that the board and if it didn't, the when his car jumped the curb pany, Red Bank, left the balance Mary De Lisa, Middletown, who next year two schools will be For Bookmaking court would. on the west side of the street, of her estate to her friend Mary died Aug. 6, directed that a J3,- held in the spring. Included in the 1968 figure are crossed the road and stopped FREEHOLD — Two Allenhurst E. Jones of Fair Haven. She was000 mortgage against Rina and The announcement was made appropriations of $2,400 each as against the hydrant. barbers were given suspended 60 when she died. Her will was Tony Caprioni for property on today by John L. Fitzgerald, retainers for an engineer and at- one-to-two year state prison A spokesman for Monmouth dated Jan. 30, 1965. Valley Drive and Ave. D, Middle- president-elect of the NJSBA. torney; $3,500 for an official map; terms, placed on probation for The following 12 wills also were town, be canceled. She divided 13,500 for an engineering study ol Medical Center, Long Branch, to- The first school will be held two years and fined $1,000 for probated in the office of Surro- the balance of her estate equally local water use; $2,000 for addiday said the man's condition is at Monmouth College March 4 bookmaking in their barbershop. gate Donald J. Cunningham. among her children, John and tional engineering and legal fees fair. 11, 18 and 27 and April 1. Marjorle E. Behlmer, Long Patsy De Lisa and Rina Caprioni. The sentences were made for site plan and subdivision re The second will be in Ocean Patrolman Louis Schuff inves Branch, who died Nov. 8, left her Her will was dated July 1, 1958 Wednesday by Superior Court view« $J,200 for board clerk County College, Toms River, tigated. home at 43 Slocum Place, Long Judge Elvin R. Simmill. salary^'$1,000 for a planning con Lawrence Glichrist, Keyport, April 16, 23 and 30, May 7 and Branch, and her car and real and who died Oct. 13, left two-thirds 14. Convicted were Gerardo Rus- sultant, and $600 for other ex- personal property to her mother, interest in a. house at 24 Second somanno, 64, of Cedar Ave., Alpenses and supplies. Prison Term N. J. Natural Gas Company Alice A. Worthley of Long St., Matawan, to Cassie J. Tucklenhurst, for bookmaking be- will again co-sponsor the en- Council majority had stripped Branch. Her will was dated Apri er, and one-third to Mildred Giltween Sept. 13 and Sept. 26, 1966, larged schools. The company co- the board's budget after it be For Pechillo 15, 1959. christ He left his home at 45 and his partner, Carlo Parcesponsored this year's attendance gan a solicitation of funds cam- FREEHOLD — Joseph A. Pe- Helen Conford, Long Branch Fulton Ave., Keyport, to his wife, sepe, 57, of Darlene Ave., Wana- record-breaking school at Mon paign to retain its own engineer chillo, 20, of Maplewood Ave. who died Oct. 9, directed thai Marie Gilchrist. The balance of massa, between Aug. 2 and Sept. mouth College last spring. and attorney. The governing body Keansburg, was sentenced to one $1,000 be left to her granddaugh the estate was left to his niece, 3, 1966. The school is produced by Jack wanted the board to use the town to two years in state prison on ters, Carole Stein and Marylin Cassie J. Tucker. His will was B. Little, NJSBA executive vice Both were convicted by a jury ship engineer. charges of contributing to the Stein. She also left $1,000 In trus dated July 13, 1967. president. before Superior Court Judge Planning Board chairman Ger- delinquency of two minor girls. tor her grandson, Michael Rins- Uoyd B. Gruman, Ocean Town- Clarkson S, Fisher on Oct. 31. ald A. Bauman Jr. maintains Superior Court Judge Clarkler. She left jewelry to her daugh- ship, who died Oct. 29, left $1,000 that the board's budget request son S. Fisher Wednesday di- ' ter-in-law, Belle Stein; pnd to herto his son, Lloyd B. Gruman Jr. No Quorum, 'Homecoming' Ends is a very minimum amount for rected that the sentence is to daughter, Evelyn RinsTer. The and the balance of his estate to what is needed in the township. These enchanting letters will bring the wonder of Santa Claus balance of her estate was divided Tomorrow at School run concurrently with a three-to- his wife, Marguerite Gruman equally between her son, Sidney His will was dated Jan. 10, 1967. No Decisions five year term Pechillo is serving to the little boys and girls in your life. They will know the letter RED BANK - Homecoming Radios, Portable TVs 'or other charges. is from Santa because Stein, and her daughter, Evelyn Dorothy Hensler, Red Bank, NEW SHREWSBURY — No Weekend at Red Bank High Rinsler, in her will of Feb. 24who died Nov. 5, left her estate decisions could be made Wednes- School ends tomorrow night with Stolen From Store Pechillo was convicted by a THE PROOF IS IN THE POSTMARK 1959. jury Oct. 31 of giving wine and to her daughter, Janet Pfuhler, day night at the Planning Board a dance Visit any Monmouth Shopping Center itore. Select m u,e scn00| g!/lnnasmm FREEHOLD - An undeter- Frederick A. Degnan, Sea marihuana to two girls, ages 14 in her will of Oct. 14, 1959. meeting due to the lack of a mined number of radios and por- one of our gay colorful letters and envelopes, FREE! and the announcement of the and 18, March 27, 1966, in Walter E. Johnston, Freehold, quorum. table TVs were reported stolen Address, stamp and mail it in our special mail box. homecoming queen. Keansburg. who died Nov. 9, left 10 per cent At the meeting were A. John early Wednesday morning from We will have it postmarked from Santa Claus, Turn-around of his estate to Adelaide H. Neu. Erlacher, chairman, board mem- Candidates for the honor are the Freehold Radio and Tele- Defense attorney William Him- Indiana. This is our way of saying Merry Christmas wirth, 45 per cent to Ethel L. bers Herbert L. Willett 3d, KenAbbie Close, Nancy Johnson, vision Center, 30 South St. melman of Red Bank said that to children of all ages. Is Approved Flaherty and 45 per cent to Myra neth Hiltbrunner and Justin Hen- Barrie Montigros, Judy Siderman The theft was discovered by all of Pechillo's crimes were J. Comstock, in his will of Jan. shell, and attorney Milton A. Patrolman Barton Callahan Jr. caused because of his use of and Earlene Webster. RUMSON — Borough Counci: 29, 1964. Mausner. while on routine patrol. Entry narcotics. Wednesday night adopted an ordi Harvey I. Mason, Long Branch The board conducted informa The Marlboro Street Blues wil was gained into the store by rip- nance vacating a small sliver ol who died Oct. 28, left his estate discussions of applications sched- provide music for the affair, ping a plywood panel off a stair- Fill jobs fast with Classified Holly Tree Lane. to Irma Spencer in his will of uled for hearing, but no de- which is sponsored by the Student well. The store's cash register Ads. For an ad-writer, dial RT. 35 or EATONTOWN CIRCLE EATONTOWN The measure permits the road April 4, 1966. cisions could be adopted. Some Council. also was stolen. 741-6900 today. to be extended slightly. An edg< 15 members of the public attend- of the turn-around at its end was Rosariella Pagano, Long ed. conveyed to a home owner in Branch, who died Feb. 6, divided It was informally stated, "Wi exchange for enough land to build her estate equally among her sis- should not have met the nigh a new turn-around at the newters, Philomena and Elvira Pizza, before Thanksgiving." terminus. and her brother, Jerry Ritchelli, • Council also voted to return a in her will of Nov. 19, I960. bond in the amount of $ 10,090 to Morris Poland, Keyport, who Flag Raising Henry Elliott, who subdivided died Sept. 26, left 90 shares in land at Rumson Road and Belle- Keyport Wine and Liquor Co., vue Ave. Inc., to his grandchildren, Rosa- This Sunday The bond had been required lind Poland and Larry Poland. Hi MARLBORO — Mayor Walter pending the removal of several left half of his estate to his wife, outbuildings in accordance with Rebecca Poland, and half was diC. Grubb Jr. will be the principal a Planning Board stipulation to vided among his daughter, Doro- speaker Sunday at a flag raising the subdivision. thy P. Trubitz, and his sons, Wil- ceremony at 1 p.m. at the municliam Poland and Samuel Poland ipal offices, Rt. 79. His will was dated Aug. 11, 1953. Also participating in the dedi- Helen Taka, Union Beach, who cation ceremony will be Patty died July 2, left $100 each to herEmmons, an eighth grade student grandchild Dale R. Bareis, and at the Central School, who will Anna and George Miskar. The give a historical sketch of the balance of her estate was divided township. among her children, Michael J. The event, sponsored by Town- Taka, Mary G. Bareis, Anna M. ship Council, will feature the Fort Horton and Julia A. Evans. Her will was dated Aug. 10, 1951. Monmouth Band, the local 4-H Famous club on horseback and Boy Scouts Gas Firm Trial and Girl Scouts. Names Mrs. Clarence Burke, Hudson St., is chairman. Christmas Toy Bonanza Save $ 1 NOW EARN ON YOUR CHRISTMAS CLUB EATONTOWN Member Federal Deposit Insurance Croup EATONTOWN NATIONAL BANK OFFERS THE HIGHEST INTEREST IN THE STATE! NEW CLUB NOW IN PROGRESS It makes a big difference. Your Club payments earn more toward a Happier Christmas '68. Inquire about our variety of Christmas Club Plans now. Stop in or call 542-4600. MAIN OFFICE Hwy. 35 and Wyckoff Rd., Earontown • BRANCH OFFICE Monmaurii Shopping C«nt«i\ Eafontown Clrcla, Eatonrowa Sat>e2.18,..Reg.9.95 CHILD'S 10* VELOCIPEDE sale 7 77 Adjustable metal saddle seat and chrome plated handlebars, white wheels. Save *2...Reg. 11.99 rOLDINO TABLE, CHAIR SET sale 9" Table 'with patterned pUsttc top. steel legs. 2 chairs with padded turquoise vinyl seats. Save W...Reg. 5.95 H&DIO MISSILE WAOOIC sale 4 88 For outdoor play and even Bgljt ttuling around the house] Steel body, rubber tires, red enamel. Sttve59c...Reg.347 DOLL CIIADLES AND BEDS sale 2 88 Hocking or swinging cradles, and cozy beds. Walnut printed* wood" with white basket-weave sides, hoods. DOWNTOWN RED BANK BIG BLACKBOARD FEATURES CLOCK/ MICKEY MOUSE sale 5 88 Regularly &88 Not a teal dock, of course, but one with movable hands to teach tots to tell time. There's an alphabet^ too, and Mickey Mouse and friends...all on the green side. Swing the board around and the plain, strictly business side comes up. Sturdy wood ftame, steel stand and legs. V i " l i h ITS SO ESSY1O SIT "CURSE IT" sale 3.88 STREAMLINER TABLE TOP POOL BOARD FOR GIFTING Jt*0. 4.88. Hardwood base frame with return ball tray and alley. 16 balls, triangle, 2 cue sticks. 25Mxl5V4x3'/

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